Chu Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Lost Novels Chapter 051-060

Based on the original novel

11 agents princess by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua 

Hi Readers I am beginning to translate the 50 chapters or lost novels of Chu Qiao Chuan biography, meaning there were some omitted parts on the drama that can only be read in the novel for us to understand what really transpired in some of the events. This is exciting, so brace yourself and keep reading. Thank you. – AC

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CHAPTER 051  Solemn Little Prince (raw)

Under the full moonlight is the sound of song and dance constantly hunting around at the side of their home.

The Da Xia (Wei State) clan did not forget this warlike, sturdy folk style in order to commemorate the nomadic spirit of their ancestors. Great summer dynasty celebrates field hunting twice a year and it is very important part of their culture.

It is still early spring, in Hong Chuan snow is non-stop in less than five or six months each year, summer is extremely short and have a very long winter season. Not far from the woods there are sparse voices, Chu Qiao know that it is the soldiers looking for cat, winter tiger and bear, to rule out the danger for tomorrow’s hunting.

She is wearing a white mink with tail feather small jacket, outside the snow is Xueqing (means lilac color) fur, a pair of small white boots, darker eyes, hair color black like an ink. Count it seriously, Jing Yue’Er this little face can be considered a little beauty, not yet fully grown but covered with a body that cannot hide the delicate good looking youngster.

A brazier was burning in the tent with some warmth, she felt a bit stifling but does not know why. When she walked to the northwestern corner of the camp, she listened to the evergreen music in the distance, but she was gradually fretful. Some of the conflicting emotions little by little made her heard arched a  bit. She looked up, took a long breath, then swallowed everything and worked harder to calm down and stop thinking.

Night sky is dark, suddenly a white pigeon fell on the snow, Chu Qiao is far looking at it and she tilted her head, and came closer step by step.

This is a wild pigeon, not a domestic pigeon, but also a bit scary. It must have seen this girl sitting here for so long but always curious, want to bet on the animals sees. Chu Qiao looked and noticed the bird, she smiled and went into her pocket and pulled out a carry-on wheat and sprinkled it on the ground.

Heavy snowfall, foraging difficulties, the pigeons suddenly saw and cried happily, fluttering then flew towards the direction of Chu Qiao.

However, at this moment, two sharp arrows suddenly shot from afar, both fiercely inserted inside the pigeons’ chest and abdomen. The brush washes and the blood was sprinkled over the plum flowers on the snowy ground.

Roaring horseshoe suddenly sounded, the two fast horses take the lead behind the crowd, one red and the other one is black, sturdy and eye-catching. The man running a red horse is twenty-five years old, his domineering assertiveness saw the teenager sitting on the snow, and before she can react the bow and arrow whizzed towards Chu Qiao’s heart and burst out!

Suddenly the girl who looked like sobbing in the white snow, suddenly like cheetah leaped  into the air, with her one hand propped swinging, the flow of action is peerless, her right hand firmly grasp the palm of the other hand. The wind is blowing, the girl’s long fur blowing in the air flying like white eagle, her eyes is fierce cold as ice and snow, looking toward the man in the red horse.

“Who are you, why are you wandering the hunting ground late at night?”

Cold voice from the red horse man’s lips coldly uttered, the man harming for no reason at the moment but there is no sign of repentance. A very northern deep snow wearing a mink fur coat, graceful, but faintly exudes unspeakable coldness and gloom.

“Bang” soon as the man on the black horse jumped off the horse, also the age of twenty-five years old, his eyes like a copper bell, dark complexion, a few steps went in front of the pigeons and probe raised his hand: How is this calculated?

The man in the red horse saw Chu Qiao coldly, then turned to the man in black horse and said: “Zaru, my arrow shot in the throat, of course, I won.”

Man frowned, angrily: “How do you know your arrow shot in the throat, we have no use of engraved arrows.”

“I know for myself the arrow that my own hand fired.”

“Well, no,” Zaru said: “It’s a new one.”

Muhe Xi Feng raised the tip of his brow to nitpick: “How do you want this to be settled?”

“Then, just for her.” Zaru pointed at Chu Qiao and said: “Is this not an already-made slave?

Chu Qiao brow wrinkled slowly and diagonally looking at Zaru. Zaru did not notice, he turned and climbed back to its horseback then directed his eyes on her, urging he said: “You run, run a little further.”

Chu Qiao looking up and down at the two and glances at them on her eyebrows locked, and then facing the Mu, she bashed with him and whispered: “I am not a slave.”

Muhe Xi Feng heard then he raised his eyebrows, it seems quite interested and said: “So what?”

Yeah, what happened? Even if you are not a slave, these aristocrats are free to kill you for no apparent reason when they are excited.

Chu Qiao did no longer speak she turned to the direction of Yan Ying tent camp, then suddenly whizzed and a sharp ring suddenly sounded, a forced arrow close to her heel inserted in the snow, Zaru shouted: “Call you quickly run, have not you heard? “

Frosty wind, the girl suddenly turned back, her eyes were dark, sharp eyes across Zaru’s face, a typical northwest territories looks, Zaru’s main heart so cold together with a curse of words in the air.

“If I ride, can the two masters shoot?”

Muhe Xi Feng mouth gently raised his brows and did not speak, Zaru angrily: “Give her a horse.”

An all-black horse was taken in front of the girl, Chu Qiao patted the horse, and then looked back at the two. Windy night rolled the snow on the ground, like a small sand hit her face and it hurts.

Suddenly, the girl suddenly unshackles the horse, out of her waist a small dagger, without hesitation into the horse side she inserted and the horse is relentless. She whispered war on the horse, with lightning speed suddenly ran, before the other people can react, it has disappeared in the sight of the two.

Zaru stunned, a pair of eyes staring like bull’s eye, for a long time, turned around and said to Muhe Xi Feng: “She is just gone, what happened?”

Muhe Xi Feng turned his horse toward the direction of the voices as if nothing had happened and coldly said: “Then what do you think?

Zaru raged and on his loud voice suddenly came at the back of Muhe Xi Feng and raised his eyebrows, his eyes flashed a sharp edge.

Not close to the camp, a team of horses ran from the opposite ranch, Chu Qiao looked at the horses and frowned, she saw the shadow closer and closer, and then realized it is Yan Xun and A’Jing one of his bodyguard.

“Achu!” Yan looking for her, she met Chu Qiao, Yan Xun holding his horse caught Chu Qiao’s eyes and said: “Are you all right?”

“This is nothing,” Chu Qiao shook her head and asked, “Did the night hunting end? Why did you come back so soon?”

Yan Xun looking up and down to the girl’s chest ups and downs looks like she is panting a bit, he shook his head and said: “The back to the camp bar first.”

Yan Xun seems very tired this night and went back to the tent, the two separate their return to their rooms. During their going out they accidentally met a few fine soldiers that escorted several children they led into the camp. Chu Qiao surprised for a moment, went to them to ask.

A’Jing respectfully said: “Girl, the world (Yan Shi Zi) bought back this children from the night hunting ground.”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, she raised her voice and said: “What? Did Yan Xun to bought them back from the night hunting ground?”

Tonight’s hunters, Prince Yan Xun said he drank too much wine and will not participate in King hunting adventure but the King refused, and the king’s prince have few kids  persuaded that the child are helpless and proposed to buy only their own children in the cage, one hundred gold each so Yan Xun bought them.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded. “You’re all right. I’ll go back first.”

The girl turned looking calm, the night wind is cool, wind blowing in her body, a curtain opened the tent, which was warm and comfortable, but do not feel boring. The girl took off her big fur, sitting on the couch, for a long time, lips suddenly overflowed a smile, like a gorgeous sunset.


CHAPTER 052 Revenge Begins (raw)

The next day, is the big summer royal family hunting conference.

Those who are eligible to participate in the large summer field hunts, in addition to royal families, princes and ministers, family members and relatives, as well as the pilgrims near the fiefs. Therefore, the scene is very grand hunting, less than the autumn hunting, I saw the hunting ground, snow-capped, pine forests, all the children of all households dressed in costumes, big fur coat at their back carrying a crossbow, fierce and valiant.

Looking at the Big summer atmosphere, not less than the Song and Tang Dynasties is  looking ahead, the woman’s figure like a red card nutmeg, went with the horse, so Chu Qiao looks like it will go swallow what is on her side, it does not seem to go unexpected with the others looking at her.

“Achu,” Yan Xun mostly looked back and looked at Chu Qiao small red face and asked: “Is it cold?”

“Not cold,” Chu Qiao looked up and said: “It’s been a long time since I got up so early and the air is good.”

Yan Xun smiled and was about to speak when suddenly he saw a team of people quickly approached, Muhe Xi Feng wearing a sable long fur, outstandingly handsome, all the way attracted many eyes.

“Yan Shi Zi, long time no see, do not come unhurt.”

Yan Xun turned his head, his eyes slightly squinted, looked up and down to Muhe Xi Feng then gave him a faint smile: “Mu, had been leading all year round his son, you and I really long time no see.”

“Yes ah,” Muhe Xi Feng gently smiled: “Recently in Yanbei, a small groups of people are in chaos after swallowing what is good in life, they went to the imperial capital to hide their leisure and said I am not born to toil.”

Yan Xun and Chu Qiao’s smile unchanged, nodded and said: “To those who work hard, everything is for the summer’s hunting delight, Mu’s son should do what the people in the world can see.”

Muhe Xi Feng gave a ​​smile: “Then you fasten your horses.”

After speaking and driving his horse, he turned around but he is stopped by Chu Qiao’s who is on the side, looked at her more than one glance, said with a strange smile: “The girl looks very familiar.”

Chu Qiao gave a respectful salute: “Master Mu together with all of you I don’t want you to make a mistake, Chu Qiao the Deputy Commander in-Chief, had no blessing to see the young master not after today.”

“Outstanding people, Chu Qiao, that is a good name.”

Mu Xi Feng hold the martingale of the horse, laughed, turned and rushed, quickly left.

At this moment, the drums suddenly jumped up and down. They were short and long, suddenly trifling. Only a few miles away, Xia Wang (ruler of Wei or the emperor) and Mu He like a cloud surrounded by their bodyguards slowly climbed up their platform. Tens of thousands of guards separated on both sides, the people outside the barrier of its thick gold curtain did not see the Xia Wang’s  (ruler of Wei or the emperor) facial features, only to feel the warmth from the back of the curtain slowly scattered out.

The audience awe-inspiring, shouted in unison of may long live the Emperor, kneeling on the ground and doing a kowtow (kneel and touch the ground with the forehead in worship or submission as part of Chinese custom).

Tens of thousands of years in the field hunting team shouted in unison with its amazing momentum the long-awaited summer hunting, finally slowly kicked off.

From afar, they saw the Chishui coast flag-like sea and the silhouette of East side standing beside Yan Xun is Chu Qiao, looking at the military deployments below tens of miles from the military camp, their eyes could not help but slightly squint up.

The large Great Summer army Granville is really extraordinary. Even if today is just a royal hunting, such a large array of battle spread on cloth, can you just imagine, if there is a real fight against the enemy, it will define who mighty. 

 The king Zhang household at the center, the Xia people were put on the plains to kill the most offensive ring camps such as Guards Army, Green Camp, Xiaoqi camp, the Beijing cavalry to the southeast along the four directions arranged longitudinally, end to end. Wings set up a high platform, located above the high slope, was a square, arch guard center big Zhang household.

Behold the four armies of northeast, northwest and southeast, set a serpentine array, guarding the Central Military outflanking, set up communication soldiers every thirty steps, hundred steps to lay hundreds of defensive steps. Outside the four corners of the camp, each of the thousands of field were legionnaires who stood as a guard, defensively making drip leaks without any gaps.

A long gust of wind came, the horses chanted their heads, and the flag blossomed. The look as if they would swallow forward their faces and their faces remained unchanged. They said slowly: “A’Chu, go back and take a break.”

Chu Qiao turned around and looked Yan Xun’s face, her heart suddenly understood she nodded and said quietly. “You, be careful.”

Yan Xun turn around and gave a faint smile: “This chance is hard to find once in a lifetime, A’chu, trust me, this will be a good news.”

Throughout the afternoon, the atmosphere within the Yandu Daying Camp was in a state of tense. Chu Qiao sits in a large battalion, wearing black robes and looks at first glance.

She painted the last stroke on the map, looked up and said quietly: “Do not be cautious and do not show your feet.”

Crowd nodded: “Chu girl assured!”

In the afternoon of that year, the best Muheji generation of the younger generation of the Muhe family had disappeared among the northwest jungle. Muheji’s entire army sent out a large number of troops for search and did not find the slightest trace. Muhe Xi Feng  is the nephew of Muhe Nayun is the big summer Xia country mother. He wanted to use her cavalry to send troops to find someone by himself. However, Zhao Chuan-Yi, now in charge of the cavalry camp, was the ruling Chief. Both mother and son broke up in displeasure, but at this moment, Zhao Che, did not think of this move today that would bring him much scourge in the future.

In addition to Muhe’s pulse, the remaining major families and royal relatives, all immersed in the festivals of hunting Tian. Secretly happy under the desecration, no one will have the slightest sympathy for this matter. Mu Xi Feng enduring in the border guard, publicity domineering, cold cruel, long unpopular. And everyone thinks that he is just a lost road in the jungle. After all, there is no one in such a tight blockade to prevent them to come close to the emperor’s empire.

Of course, this is just what they think.

At this moment, in a hidden cave in the northwest jungle, Yan Xun  watched the bloody mutilated body covered Mu Xi Feng, his mouth a cold glance, voice slowly said: “Mu Xi Feng son, are you okay? “

Mu Xi Feng suddenly looked up, a pair of eyes like a ferocious wolf, his eyes sharp and keenly stared Yan Xun, uttered words from a cold voice said: “Yan Xun, given today must be the same day to repay any debts. One day, I want you to regret you were born in this world.

Yan Xun smiling, with a hint of funny ridicule.

Mu Xi Feng gnash his teeth, hoarse voice under pressure, his eyes with a crazy light, deeply and coldly said: “You wait for me, I will not let go of you. I have put your sister to sleep so that in the future, the woman will not be under my pressure.

“Yan North has died, your family has been like a dog cut the same head, leaving you this weak and incompetent hybrid, linger on life. Do you dare to kill me? You dare, as long as I am dead, the entire field hunting ceremony will be interrupted, everyone will start the investigation, we Muhe will not let you go, you do not even live in the last few months. You do not quite like that little slave, then, you only can take her to the hell’s house to reunite with your family, you can only … “

The vicious words have not finished, Mu Xi Feng’s pupil suddenly expanded, a bloody sky, along his pale neck sliding down.

Yan Xun’s eyes despised by Muhe Xi Feng frightened face, dismissive of the faint said: “Has been reduced to prisoners of war still unspeakable, you are as son of a bitch! 

Bang! soon as the body of Mu Xi Feng suddenly collapsed, Yan Xun wiped and rubbed his dagger on his clothes are bloodstains, facing next to the man said: “A’Jing, take this to feed some to the tigers, leaving no clues, mislead the Mu He family not to come here”

“The girl is ready to fraudulently attack Zhao Che and Wei Shu You, should it be implemented?”

Yan Xun nodded and out of the cave stood up and said: “As she said, so it shall be done.” After speaking, he turned to hit the camp to go.

“Girl,” the family went into the tent, his sonorous voice said: “The Son of Heaven is back.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “Is the back-off plan things had been handled well?”

“Everything according to the girl’s instructions, there will be no mistakes.”

“That’s fine,” Chu Qiao nodded and said: “You all can rest.”


On the camp tent curtain suddenly, Yan Xun on his snowbound figire came in full, Chu Qiu stepped forward for her to swept away the snow on the hood of the Prince, while doing at his side she asked: “Everything did go well?”

“Perfect revenge done.” Yan Xun took off his robe, sitting in the brazier roasted fire: “Tomorrow morning, our fear is chaos.”

“What’s going on.” Chu Qiao shook his head: “There is a kind of person in this world, and if he is dead, no one can be sure who is the next hand, because he has done too many evil things. First to say that we are not superficially on the surface, that we have not done in Beijing for seven years, why in this troublesome fall under such strict precautions to take the risk? And Zhao and Wei Shu You, they all just returned to Beijing. Compared with Zhao Che and his grievances, the hatred of Wei and Muheshi is too far-fetched to say that it is our hand. “

Yan Xun glanced on the side of her face, gently smiled and said: “He bullied you last night?”

Chou Qiao surprised a moment, shaking his head and smiled: “No, when was I bullied.”

Yan Xun nodded and smiling: “Oh, can I remember even once?”

Swirling snow outside the window, Yan Xun pick up a yellow-white paper, heavily wipe out Mu Xi Feng’s name. Yan North’s blood, another one less.


CHAPTER 053 Fox Fur Warmth (raw)

On the second day of the spring hunt, Muhe’s younger generation, Muhe  Xi Feng, died in the West Bailin. The body was eaten by the tiger, his stomach was broken and the chest was broken. When he was found, the body had been largely incomplete. If not for the mother presence of Muhe Xi Feng, no one may be able to identify the pile of fuzzy flesh and blood on the ground, a daily expensive publicity Mu’s son.

The field hunting atmosphere all of a sudden, fall into freezing point, Mu Xi Feng cooperation year-round led his troops out of superior martial arts, unusual thirty or fifty people can get too close, a tiger is impossible to his death. And the scene without any trace of fight, Mu and the Western style of the sword did not even took out the scabbard, under suspicious circumstances, Mu’s family and the westerners uncles, cousins ​​met on the long table suddenly the Emperor asked the Court to still accept the case because one insisted Muhe Xi Feng are killed.

From the beginning, the situation is already uncontrollable. Muhe’s hand now has a clear view of the sky and the suspect are the masters most of the forces in the North. The Elders of the Shrine, Lingnan Mu has never been involved in the struggle of the imperial capital, Zhuge’s one pulse has been kept low-key, Shen Shi family began to decline from the previous generation, already a foil from the Elders Shrine, Dongyue Shangshi sects started, the impact on the government was not large, while the northern Batuha family entrenched in the northwest and the thin power in Beijing has always been attached to Muhe’s survival. Right now, only Wei valve that can fight Muhe’s faction has made another big mistake. Wei Shu You was deprived of his office in the capital, and the remaining Muhe who had come out of the throne of the Queen took for granted today’s world’s most popular family.

Nine towns of Jing (family) are stationed in hunting grounds, investigation and sampling, inventory all. West White Forest was blocked, outsiders are strictly prohibited. Even access to the letters should be closely monitored, so as to avoid inmates lurking and perching people. The great summer royal family expressed great sympathy and protection to the mourning pain of Muhe’s family and supported them in their efforts to find out the murderers and to seize the guilty of criminals. As a result, hunting was cut off.

Located in the camp is the swan in the southwest of the hunting ground, it has now plunged into the quiet night. A thick beige curtain lifts off and a cold wind blows in through the doorway. The book case of the flashing lights, a man in white robes looked up, his eyes so dark and eyes so deep.

“Son, isn’t it that the girl was here?”

A’Jing eyes turn in the camp in a circle, and then turned around to quit. Yan Xun always beautiful brilliant man said: “What’s the matter?”

“The girl sent to this place by His Highness the Thirteenth.”

Yan Xun brow suddenly gently raised, put down the scroll in his hand and said: “Oh, that is the first place on it.”


A’Jing answered soon as, they retreat. The wind whistling outside the tent on the roof, encouraged a sound of whinning. Yan Xun looked fretting to the curtain, a long time no action, his brow was locked, eyes glanced to the baggage like a burden being quiet and without words.

Bulongdi (or Burundi is a country in East Africa, these Royal Drummers use drums made from hollowed tree trunks covered with animal skins) is playing drum of the Northern Zha Gu orchid. Its brocade embroidery at the end, the Moon as the white lotus, knotted both ends of the knot and one cannot see what’s inside.

Yan Xun glanced only as if nothing had happened turn to read, the house is very quiet, even the footsteps of soldiers outside can be hears clearly, but he does not know why in such a quiet environment, but suddenly some men with irritability cannot stand it anymore.

He stood up and walked to the side pouring a cup of tea. The fragrance of tea, Lingnan Mu gave the tribute tea to  Zhao Zhengde who does not like tea. The Emperor scattered it to the palace of the crowd. Lingnan’s rich silk tea is called the Red Girl, according to legend its dignified virginity appearance was picked with the tongue and it became very precious. Although the taste will not be better than normal tea but it will bring good feelings when you drink the tea.

The identity swallows the unprofitable nature to enjoy the tribute but no one knows that Lingnan Tea Zhuang behind its control is coming from the deep Yanbian world palace. Even the emperor and Mu Lingnan do not know.

Yan Xun carrying tea, back to the book before the fragrance of tea seems to make his emotions return to peace. Yan Xun eyes slightly squinting, looking pale, walking calm, but at the moment he sat down, suddenly dumping of the palm a cup of water poured down.

Puff sound, tea sprinkled on the cup like a burden, a rapid infiltration. The man looked calm, quietly watching the spread of tea a little by little, no panic, no color. For a long time, suddenly said to himself: “I am wet, it should be open to deal with.”

At midnight, when Chu Qiao came back and listened to A’Jing’s words, he came to the tent of Yan Xun and said, “Yan Xun, are you looking for me?”

“Oh,” Yan Xun put aside the scroll and got up. A moonlit white robe shone softly under the light: “You’re back, its cold outside.”

“Okay,” Chu Qiao walked to the edge of the brazier, took the fox warm skin, grilled in front of the charcoal fire and looked up: “What are you doing?

“Nothing, He Tian just came, testing some words to what I did yesterday.”

Chu Qiao cold smile: “They are now ants on the hot pan, He Tian for many years was ssent to North, from a little ginseng will start dry, Zhao Che to be sent to the border city and he also considered some years of friendship .If it is not Zhao Che, how could he follow the beast who ascended the throne? Now Zhao Che have a hard time, and he naturally wants to help set it apart, but I do not think Zhao Che directed him to come. “

Yan Xun nodded: “When he was in northern Xinjiang, my dad and his elder brother also counted some contacts.”

“He Tian is a villain, then to Beijing to provide topographic maps and so have betrayed Yanbian, and now come to see the wind to steal an angle, if you do not want to bother him, give it to me.”

“Well, I do not want to see him again.”

Chu Qiao moved her feet, near the brazier and said: “That is so easy to handle, as long as we find a suitable way to let Zhao know He Tian came to our camp tonight. To his suspicious personality, one must have an alert heart, will not go to ignore that He Tian came in. Such a thing, or do not want us to shoot.

“Well,” Yan Xun nodded: “You present the layout.”

“Yes Yan Xun,  do you find me attracting in this matter?”

“No,” Yan Xun stood up, went to the back account, remove a white jade box, said: “Wen Ting yesterday sent a piece of clothes, presumably anxious to take the wrong, was actually a female models like you. “

Chu Qiao took over, frowning and said: “Ji Wen Ting gave a gift to you all day long, how come this time you are so careless?

Chu QIao opened it and looked at it, could not help but shine, she saw the end is placed in the box, impressively is a white fox fur, not the whole piece of leather, but all continued on its mink tail, coats color is very smooth, no trace of variegated, whole body silky, made of a good silk. Snow cuffs decorated with snow-capped soaring chest wig, lapel skirt of light flower eye-catching, all bright Black East Pearl, the best of all fur she had seen in her life.

Chu Qiao could not help but surprised a moment, said: “Ji Wen Ting spent generous under it ah.”

Yan Xun swallows and did not respond, turned his back to the book case.

“I’ll go first then.”

“Oh, wait a minute.” As if suddenly thinking of something, Yan Xun handed over the heavy thing and said: “I almost forgot, Zhao Song just sent this to you.”

Chu Qiao took over the top of the a grain by his hand, suddenly know what it was then Chu Qiao did not bother to open it and just wanted to leave and did not even listening to Yan Xun, asked: “Will you not open to see it?

“It was a Shepherd’s snow coat, and Zhao Song told me the day before yesterday but she did not expect it to be delivered.”

“Oh,” Yan Xun  nodded and said: “The wise Lu You and my father had good relations early in that year, they had five or six counties in turmoil, although we are different in the style of dress we wear but our position is special, either you will like it or to avoid it. “

“I understand,” Chu Qaio nodded: “I had already thought of it. I just feel sorry for the enthusiastic face of thirteenth Prince. You know it.”

“Your work has always been safe, I am assured. Its late, go to rest.”

“Well, you sleep early too.”

Chu Qiao promised soon, turned around and went out, not a while, A’Jing on the run like in flames, facing Yan Xun said: “Son, that girl took away what Mr. Wu deliberately from the north was not able to find such as rare things, the world (Yan Shi Zi) is not going to give the wife of Dongyue as a birthday gift?

Yan Xun bowed reading, not even the eyes lift, light tone, he said: “no longer find one, if I cannot find one, I will not send it.”

A’Jing suddenly stunned, waiting for him to react, Yan Xun has left the book case, go back to sleep inside.

There are snow outside the house, this night, in addition to Yan Zhang camp, the spring hunt, no one can sleep.


Chapter 054 I do not know death (raw)

Although Muhe collapsed in the mainstay, but the big summer royal hunting competition is still in an orderly manner.

Located in the Hongchuan plain, is the Chishui river, a generation of vertical and horizontal endless magnanimous plain, extremely barren, is indeed a good place for race and hunting horses. Under the moon and stars, the vast snow field is full of bonfires and the number of campsites in the area stretches for a fiery red. God works beautiful, no wind and snow tonight, the temperature picked up the tens of thousands of big summer’s Chagui (means precious tea plant) scattered above the paddock, archery with their horse, lots of knife, drinking and dancingand the place is really crowded. Intricate dragging of long tails summer tune and the sound of pianoforte reaches the tip of the nose that makes the concoction of fragrance of a cooked hunting adventure.

Chu Qiao on her draped white snow-like fur, wearing her white boots, riding on the horse, long hair was simply beaming, wearing a ferret hat, only to reveal a delicate little face, his eyes brightly lit like the bright stars in the night, glistening and moving.

Yan Xun came back, looking faintly to Chu Qiao who stared so long at her, and then said with a smile: “A’Chu has also grown up.”

The girl’s brow raised on its tips, frowning at Yan Xun: “And are you more than like me or less in front of me looking like an old man.”

Yan Xun heard a smile about to speak when suddenly heard to the hoofs quickly approaching at them he looked up and saw Zhao Song on his loose green damask cape, like a speeding power came running over. his horse ran on their side and shouted: “A’Chu A’Chu ! “

Yan Xun frowned, how much with those voice like a wire he got irritated: “Why did he call you so?

Chu Qiao in a hum: “Did he not learn from you.”

Zhao Song with more than twenty people like a gust of wind came running, smiling and approached A’chu: “You are also ah…”

“Come to the Bonfire dinner, everyone is there.”

The sound of its swallows is still mild, but there is a touch of alienation from beyond a thousand miles. Chu Qiao looked puzzled turned to look at him, frowned gently and fortunately, Zhao Song got no feeling keep looking up and down to Chu Qiao then said: “A’Chu, why did not you wear the serpentine skin I sent you to be your snow Jacket, isn’t not that warm?”

Chu Qiao nodded her head threw him a warm smile and said: “It is warm and you see this night is not too cold, no need to wear it.”

“Oh,” Zhao Song suddenly realized he repeatedly nodded and praised: “But you wearing this big fur looks really good on you.”

“I heard A’Jing said, following the horse arrow, why don’t you go down to watch the thirteenth your highness and become his watchmaker.”

Yan Xun suddenly said at his side to open a conversation with Zhao Song surprised a moment, his face suddenly turned to some redness, how can he say he saw Chu Qiao so fast and suddenly is beside them now. Zhao Song speaking for a long time then said: “Those have no meaning, I am tired of playing, not as good as standing here to see the beauty of this frozen Miles, so come and take a break.”

“Is it?” Yan Xun suddenly laughed: “That’s unfortunate, we are going to make fun of it, originally wanted to call the Highness of the Thirteenth to go together, and now it seems there is no such opportunity.”

“Ah?” Zhao Song surprised a moment, his eyes suddenly staring at the boss, bluntly to Chu Qiao said: “You have to go ah?”

Chu Qiao heart angrily, secretly dragged under the sleeve drag Yan Xun’s cuffs. Who knows that this man has a backhand grip and where Chu Qiao’s hand tightly grasp the other hand holding the bridle, said with a smile: “In that case, do not disturb the quietness of His Highness the thirteenth.”

While still speaking, he was already pulling Chu Qiao to go horseback ride.

“Hey! Hey!” Zhao Song shouted twice in the back, but can only watch the two go.

“What are you doing?” As soon as the horse was off, Chu Qiao broke Yan Xun’s hand and said in anger.

Yan Xun did not speak, poking her mouth looking at her, and the appearance of some triumphant joy in Yan Xun’s face. Chu Qiao looked at it then her anger gradually disappeared.

Forget it, he has not been so childish and so happy for a long time.

The girl sighed, helplessly followed the back of Yan Xun.

At this time, crisp sound of horseshoe was heard again, Chu Qiao and Yan Xun 一 at the same time surprised a moment, both turned around and saw Zhao Song ran far with a ticket far and wide, so surprised to say: “Oh and you are here too? The wind is big, I want to grill  and roast some fire, since I met you, can we go together. “

Even if in his good demeanor Yan Xun also cannot help but look black. Chu Qiao is  whipping her horse and laughs out loud.

Zhao Song apparently also aware of his reasons for this too far-fetched. Yan Xun said: “Hey Hey” and twice he ran to come forward to guide the two.

The huge camp now has been plunged into laughter and bonfire everywhere, overflowing with meaty aroma in the air, three people walking among the crowd, followed by a few close relatives, does not seem on how they became visible.

Suddenly, just listen to distant voices, closer look, was actually more than twenty big guy took off his shirtless shirt wrestling in the snow, while throwing a loud shout. A red riding horse wearing a red fur coat girl riding right in front with her charming face, graceful posture, whizzing three Lee Arrow off the strings, all shot at 100 meters above the bull’s eye.

Crowd among the crowd, suddenly burst into loudly applauded, girls put down crossbow, triumphantly look around the seven families and the crowd. Suddenly the body like a projectile from immediately churning up, one foot on the shoulder of a big man, throwing the whip in his hand, whizzing pumping in the back of the other Han, laughed: “I told him You group together! “

“Zama?” Chu Qiao eyebrows immediately pounded, turned around and looked at Yan Xun.

Many years of tacit understanding Yan Xun quickly realized what she was worried about, he nodded, the two turned away at the same time.


Yan Xun and Chu Qiao suddenly came from above! to order the snake-like red whip throughput to an immediate flash. Chu Qiao got a handful of eyesight, she tightly grasp the whip, her backhand pulled few times wrapped around her arm, both ends immediately force at the same time and a slender whip pulled straight!

“Are you just going to flee, Yan Shi Zi, are you a turtle?”

The girls leaped, they jumped to the ground, the crowd immediately gave way, all the clan children are secretly gloating with a hilarious excitement out loud laughter, Northwest Batuha family and Yanbian Yan’s pulse has always been an enemy. This girl is the most favorite daughter of the old Batu. Since she was even more arrogant than Zaru in the northwest, she has always been domineering. The sparks come.

Zama, Yan Yan turned around, looking pale on his calm tone, said: “Long time no see.”

“Yes ah,” Zama proudly smile: “Since the death of Yanbian Duke, I never thought to see you again, I heard that you are in the Imperial Palace like a gold turtle can not shrink, but also thought that this life I have no more opportunity to see the Yan Shi Zi again, and today is really God meant for me to see the former Meijiang (means bueatiful commander in chief) North Yan of family descendants.

“Zama! You pay attention!” Zhao Song suddenly stepped forward coldy said: “When a girl speaks so harshly, is that how the Old Batu taught you?”

“How can my dad teach me that I cannot turn you over?” Do not think Wei valve gave me the courage to shout at me! “

“Sister, did anyone bully you?” A thick voice suddenly sounded behind him and Zaru strode forward like a hill, really hard to convince him that Zama was like mother.

“No,” Zama shouted in a loud voice: “With them, I cannot let them bully me.”


“Thirteenth His Royal Highness, do not bother them, we go.” Yan Xun and Chu Qiao spoke and halt to stop the hand rushed in the angry body Zhao Song, calm eyes, expressionless slowly said, turned around and wanted to leave.

“Want to go?” Zama suddenly sneered then snapped: “Also before you do, ask my arrow and they do not agree!”

Suddenly, a loud exclamation at the same time was heard, they saw Zama’s waist twists and turns holding her bow and arrow, her arrow like meteor shower all of a sudden, went straight Yan Xun’s vest!

He was too late at that time but he saw the girl at the side of the body of Yan Xun, she turned around her body. The huge white fur peaks in the wind and danced. Her hand exploded. Tail end, backhand threw out, action is exuberant, neat, not sloppy. Just listen to whizzing sound, soon a crisp sound, the only benefit arrow even died tightly inserted in Zama’s crossbow and the iron wood longbow went broke fragmented into half, popped and dropped to the ground.

All in the crowd was shocked, silence in the air, no one dared to speak.

The wind suddenly blew from the sky, the girl’s eyes are dark at the middle on white color, eyes without any temperature of the Northwest looked stunned like a Lord who commanded at them, very light tone, but enough to make the audience clearly hear what she was saying .

Chu Qiao looked at her coldly and then turned around, her voice drifting cold in the air along the north wind, leaving only four indifferent syllables: “I do not know death.”

“You, you stand!” Zama went furious, suddenly have to catch up.

“Sister,” Zaru clutched Zama, and deeply coldly said: “The party is over, and we’ll do it some other time or later.”

Distant lights, brilliant summer spring hunt first feast finally began.


Chapter 055 Seeing Zhuge Again (raw)

Night wind is cold and bonfires everywhere, the big summer chronicles covers an extremely wide area, to the northwest is a rare snow deer with red fur, brushed in the black sea gold powder, beads decorated fairly for the owner, embroidered and painted Panlong (means coiled dragon), eyes like the cruel winter, its mouth coated with cinnabar (bright red color), Claws is hideous and fierce looking. Two huge cylinder placed in front of the big door, the torch is flashing, dazzling, high banner streamers unveiled, imperial army guarding it for the meantime and march all around it, its presence is very distinctive. From afar, the bright yellow camp reports passively for the Big Battalion in the darkness of the East China Sea Dragon. It exudes a huge momentum and unparalleled majesty, the Royal dash set upon on it in the face of all the presumptuous joy around from the far barrier outside.

“Son of man,” said A’Jing quietly leaning forward against the ear almost swallowing it. He whispered, “Someone stalked the camp or does he have to move?”

At darkness, the man”s brow gently raised and puzzled deeply and coldly said: “What is it, is it a  person?”

A’Jing respectfully replied: “I do not know, but it does not look like Mu He’s people.

“Let me see,” said Chu Qiao, whispered.

Yan Xun nodded his head and in a low tone: “Be careful, if its unnecessary to use force, come to dinner immediately, I’ll wait for you.”

“Do not worry, it maybe Zaru’s people making  trouble here, I am going back.”

Finished with A’Jing, he went to the camp.

“Achu?” Seeing Chu Qiao leave, Zhao Song was a bit surprised a moment, suddenly cried out loud catching her for a few steps.

“Thirteenth Prince His Royal Highness,” Yan Shi Zi pull Zhao Song’s arm, smiled lightly and said: “A’chu just went up for something, she will be back, let’s go.”

Zhao Song reluctantly went with Yan Xun, swallowing his throat while walking away, still cannot help himself but to look back.

Cold wind mixed with snow, from a distance is the sound of horseshoe, flames on both sides of the torch gradually scarce, dark sky, the cold moon cuts like a knife, dispersed stars, the sky appears high and far on the darkest deep, occasionally goshawk wings crossed, issued a longing sound.

Like a blink of an eye, it has been eight years since she came to this unknown dynasty. Life has never given her the opportunity and the right to humankind. The bad environment, endless killings, bloody tragedies have been forcing her to stop fighting and escape. Too many unknown variables in front of too many uncontrollable conspiracy traps, she does not know where to hide, too many moments of desperation to arise and move forward but she could not just stop. She is not a born killer, not a born robber, she just wants to survive in the premise, to maintain the simple points of good and evil in the hearts of men.

A heartless world, everything for the dog. The end of the world’s edge is hanging up, but if picked up, perhaps she can overthrow of the world’s saber blade.

“heee!” Chu Qiao shouted with force and went alone in the open field of snow, speeding like she is being followed by ten more horses behind.

Another hoofs ran from afar, a black man riding alone in the vast snow-capped mountains. Chu Qiao like few people called for the reluctant war horses. A sharp brow wrinkled and coldly said: “Looks like a girl if I am not wrong, is heading towards our camp direction.”

Yan Wei took previous step, shouting to the people in a far distance: “Hey! Who are you?

Voice faded, not enough time to breathe, a sharp knife was detonated, suddenly under the lonely night sky, such as lightning with potential to shock, a sharp murderous thunderstruck yelled toward Yan Wei and he roared. 

“Ranting” soon, the sword hit each other in the dark bursting into a glaring sparks. A refined hand sword pulled and split the knife, bowed and snapped: “Who dares to come? So vicious!”

The man seemed to notice too many people in front and cunningly turn around,  westward. Chu Qiao saw it and she raised her brow in a whisperly shout: “chase!” The crowd loudly chasing behind.

Distant mountains dark dense forests, a huge snow-capped white beast, countless horseshoe riding on it, snow splashes, whistling flies.

Suddenly, in front of people, there seems to be a large number of troops that came. War horse silent, quiet, but tidy pace revealed unspeakable murder. Chu Qiao surprised, suddenly erected lightly, Le Ma stopped, but have not had time to speak, was defiled by the Yan Wei’s black men who were suddenly picked up a crossbow opposite the majestic laod away!


Storms suddenly sounded from a dark night, far away, for a time where you can see who is from across. The opposite of the horse was ambushed, actually Yan Wei who are in front of black men and allies to come together, scrape suddenly pull the swords and arrows emptied from each other’s counterattack and the reaction ability, was actually fast and amazing!

“Stop!” A’Jing My goodness! “We are not …”

The words have not been finished yet when a sharp arrow burst from the its bow, Chu Qiao with a handicapped eyesight, one hand on his horse, flying from the air kicked in his fine abdomen, the man ate its pain, his body in a bend. Just listen to the muffled sound of inserted arrows into the meat, although avoided the most important, but still fiercely inserted in his shoulder.

Chu Qiao brow suddenly locked, indiscriminate, do not find out things to kill killers, it is damn. Girl on a white fur immediately  played, stood up and jumped down, kneeling on one knee, holding a giant crossbow, her face is serious, eyes as cold as a leopard, like a dark snow across the opposite, auricle light, brow locked, cold wind blowing her hair in her forehead, the girl’s eyes like an electricity is flashing like sharp edge.


A strong arrow, suddenly left Chu Qiao a full bow, castration such as electricity, intimidating people, leaving only a bright white edge, almost to the sparks in the air, lasing into the night of funeral.

Almost at the same time, opposite to darkness, a bowstring sounded, an arrow away from the chord trailing Chu Qiao’s direction suddenly meets her.

Two lightning whistling along the same track, at an alarming rate, almost an instant, everyone were stunned, just listened to the crackling noise, arrows collide half-empty, at the same time folded in its fragmentation from the vast snow-capped mountains.

Suddenly, Chu Qiao doing amazing way, constantly changing position and its body to alternate the change of trajectory and strength of the arrows, shot seven arrows consecutively. The other is also doing the same ghostly means, one by one counterattacking.

Released on mid-air, one can only hear the the blow of the wind from the bowstring chord sound as the arrows hit, the sound of fragmentation is heard, tit for tat, a major shot!

Drastic voice suddenly disappear, Chu Qiao’s sharp eyes, slightly half-squinted, finger touch the last three arrows in the arrow pot, quietly waiting for the right time.

Suddenly the wind rose, everywhere is snow flying, all unconsciously blindfolded, covered with wind and sand. The three arrows darted out together and the burst out. However, only two of them burst into darkness at the same time. One after another lasing toward the front, like a meteor bursts into the shiny cold night. Poping and flapping sound the arrows folded, like scrambled into a mass of powder. The wind is blowing and the last arrow is just like a long eye in general. Sky snow witnesses from both directions which arrows pass by, with a slip of shiny glare of spark toward each other’s hiding place quickly coming!

Chu Qiao flashed like a beast of the moment, her whole body up and down full of violent explosive, her right hand on the ground lost her crossbow, she stood up evading the bullets, she got up by the force from her waist. However, only to hear the bang loud, hard arrows with fiery strength suddenly close and rubbed her neck, left a dark red bloodstain.

“Girl!” Yan Wei shocked, distressly catched up on her, then Chu Qiao stood up, reached over her hand began to leak blood on her neck, silent eyes looked far across the dark.

She knew that the opposite person, also escaped her kill arrow, but also with her in general, suffered minor injuries.

Far and silent, on the snow dark night through heavy darkness, she still can feel that cold sharp eyes she shot over on the far forest.

A whistling eagle suddenly crossed the sky over the top of the darkness between the two parties, a vigorous shadow suddenly rose from the ground up, had been lying on the ground provoking incident of the black people. Suddenly like a projectile in general, quickly bolted that one would want to escape from this right and wrong.

Almost at the same time, Chu Qiao and the opposite of the archery at the same time pull out the waist sword like a thunder threw out a running man, his eyes flicked and wide, not willing to bow his head, but can only see the chest body out of the two handle of the blade in his body, and then cry was heard, heavily falling in the snow.

Time passed by, both sides did not have the slightest sound, Yan Wei carefully stepped forward to see each other and did not respond, just exclaimed: “On the opposite friend, we seized thieves, its just a misunderstanding.”

Waiting for opposite to respond but in silence, no response. Yan Wei and Zuo Tang rode in front, after a while there are horses across ringing.

“Girl,” on her Kung Fu for a while, Zuo Tang ran back, dismounted and handed Chu Qiao’s sword and said, “Your sword.”

The girl’s raised the tip of her brows: “Who is that person backing the other one”?

“I do not know.” According to the facts, the left court reported: “The other side is wearing a black fur, and it is a very ordinary style. It has never seen before.”

Chu Qiao gave an indifferent sneer, nodded her head, took the sword, her brow was suddenly creased.

This is a rare sword, simple style, thin blade, faint red bloodstains, sharp knife edge, in the pale moonlight, a flash of brilliant light sleek and smooth, like the flow of mercury in general, hilt to gold silk surrounded by casting two ancient seal characters: broken moon.

Chu Qiao brows wrinkled, her fingers rubbing the hilt, coldly said: “This is not my sword.”

Zuo Tang surprised, quickly said: “take this and find them in exchange for it.”

Voice faded, the opposite sounded whistling hoofs, snow fog churn, disappear in a flash.

“You cannot catch up.”

Girl said slowly,  rustling sounds, using her backhand, the sword put back into the sheath, who knows that sword and her own scabbard actually is a full fit.

“Take the man’s body back, A’Jing back to camp healing, others go with me to the Royal Plaza.”

Resonant sounds turn the horses head and everyone were off.

They came to the square in front of the Royal Bank, as if she was entering another world, full of aroma and laughter of roasted meat, Chu Qiao on her unarmed blade to the guards, led by a half army, occupying a big account.

The huge accounts of the vast majority, opened thirty six (36) seats, then the rambling sound spread, divided into large accounts on both sides. When Chu Qiao came in, most of them had arrived at the scene. As the emperor had not arrived yet, the big-ticket was crowded and crowded together, so bustling.

Chu Qiao is just a pro-identity, naturally cannot arbitrarily move away, swept away, went straight to the few quiet place, and sure enough, saw Yan Xun on his white robe, handsome looking, calm face, quietly sitting and drinking tea, Zhao Song stood aside, scratching his head, with a heart-impatient appearance.


Chu Qiao went straight and get past them, had no time to speak and just listen to Zhao Song fussy cry: “Ah! A’Chu, what happened? Why are you wounded?”

Although only a bruise on the neck, but it bleeds out of blood, Chu Qiao shook his head and said without care: “Never mind and accidentally wiped a bit.

“Why are you so careless?” Zhao Song frowned and said: “I’ll go find a doctor and take care of it.”

“No,” Chu Qiao held him: “Only a small wound, you do not have to work hard.”

“What are we going to do about it?” Zhao Song frowned happily, but did not know what he had done, turned around and looked up to Yan Xun: “Yan Shi Zi, what do you say?”

Yan Xun’s eyebrows slightly tight, looking up at the girl on her slightly pale cheek, on their many years of understanding, she let him understand what is urging or not, but whispered: “Is it all right?”

Chu Qiao shook his head and said firmly: “Nothing.”

Zhao Song looked at the appearance of the two, suddenly feel that he was excluded from the outside, some are not the heart of deflated mouth, nothing to find and said: “Then I go get some gold medicine.” Finish, then turned away.

When Chu Qiao sat back in the back seat of the swan’s chair and leaned forward, she whispered: “It is Zaru’s people who stole the secret box in your camp and I killed them for it.

Yan Xun frowned and said: “That thing is useless, but the purpose of deceiving, what took you so hard and desperately?”

“Zaru people, do not have this ability.” Chu Qiao caress the wounds on his neck, snorted: “What happened was accidental, recently the master was in the capital, can you come back without any expert?”

“The master is in the capital?” Yan Xun raised his eyebrows, his expression suddenly some elusive: “That’s a lot of it.”


A coquettish (means flirty) voice is heard, looking at the crowd, a girl in the sassy dress surrounded by a crowd of girls running around laughing, but just closer look of his face suddenly disappeared, cold eyes sit behind the girl sitting Yan Xun, coldly said: “Why is she here?

Chu Qiao stood up, respectfully salute: “Eight Princess.”

Zhao Chun did not look at Chu Qiao, went straight and swallows then sat down, angrily said: “You do not come to me these days, is it because she is back?”

Yan Xun got up, standing beside Chu Qiao, said lightly: “Yan Xun out of fear, afraid to disturb the princess who is at rest.”

“Well, she called me back once she came back,” he said, chugging his fingers at Chu Qiao and saying coldly: “Who is going to grant you this humble slave?

The voice faded and swallows suddenly looked cold, his handsome brow wrinkled slowly: “princess like a dandy jade leaves, how can profanity come out of you, A’Chu is brought in and the princess would like to drive me out with it?

Zhao Chun deflated her mouth, her eyes suddenly red up, bitterly stomping, but does not answer the words of Yan Xun, just pointing to Chu Qiao she cried: “You wait for me!” Then she turned and ran away. A crowd along with her came to the royal daughter who stared Chu Qiao at a glance, to catch up on Zhao Chun.

Chu Qiao sighed, coldly said: “Why do you want to sin at her this time? I will just go out.”

Man’s low voice like a stream in the clear water of the mountain stream, word by word slowly said: “When I was a little boy, that’s because I have no other than patience. If now I still need to swallow this kind of thing , then my efforts over these years have no meaning. “

Swallows and sitting on the chair, slowly drank some wine, looking calm and handsome, wearing his white robes, and he is like painting.

Just then, a sudden burst of wind blowing into the door, so cold, all of them suddenly turned around and looked.

I saw the curtain motion of a curtain, purple robe white fur young man suddenly walked, majestic hair, eyebrows such as sword, eye if Hanxing, such as crown jade, the whole person is handsome tall and straight, like a handle out of the box sword, flashing and moving the intake sharp blade of the air. The tall and straight neck, are very uncoordinated there is a bruise of bloodstains. At the moment on his outward appearance with slightest bloodshot.

Chu Qiao’s pupil suddenly tightening, eyebrows, tightly wrinkled up.

“Fourth young master,” the seventh princes in public suddenly met, as if the spring breeze said: “Do not match to seventh prince, fourth young master style is more original ah!”

Zhuge Yue faint lips, smiled, one by one on his aristocratic demeanor, standing among the crowd laughing and no longer the paranoid eccentric paranoid. Seven years of experience, let him like a sword out of the box, no matter at any time, can exude their own brightness brilliantly.

The lights flashed, a jubilant big piece from all the entangled Zhuge Yue gazes in the crowd glancing around, and finally stared in the corner of the last seat.

Yan Xun quietly drinking, his head does not lift, posture upright an elegant manner, but that broad spine, the woman behind was completely blocked in front of the cold master continued to explore his eyes.

“Yan Shizi, do not come in unharmed.”

A deep voice sounded slowly overhead, Yan Xun looked up, laughing and standing long : “Zhuge brother, long time no see.”

Zhuge Yue lips pull up, harmonious charm, that cold smile, slightly put his head on the side looking at the woman from the back of Yan Xun, on a low voice Zhuge Yue slowly said: “Star child, do you not know me?

Time goes by, the years of churn, the ups and downs of the passage of time sketched the nothingness of time and space, the seven-year time was fast, once the relatives of the blade again stood on the balance of fate.

Chu Qiao looked up, looking calm, eyes indifferent, looking down on his old past, light joyful lips: “Zhuge fourth son of the world famous, who does not know him?


Chapter 056 Great Summer Banquet (raw)

Voice faded, a huge bell loudly rang, nine long rangs and five short rangs, a vigorous voice roaring in the yard over a stretch of more than ten yards.

Yan Xun and Zhuge Yue at the same time looking for a change saw the hustle and bustle of the big tent suddenly plunged to silence, everyone creeping on the ground and shouted out loud: “The king is here!”

Large curtain opened, the north wind blowing, the lights swaying, a silence, there are sounds of neat footsteps heard outside, a large number of troops around the Royal Bank, the armor brought by a cold metal instantly cover the rich barbecue aroma, Chu Qiao looked up carefully, but only to see a crowd of deerskin boots treads in the big bear skin on the carpet, led by a pair of ordinary size of people wearing white boots and embroidered with bright yellow dragon clouds, walking steadily, not anxious and very slowly.

“All of you get up.”

A low voice slowly heard above, not loud or harsh, and even slightly silly but there is a heavy wave of power, slowly covered the noise of the big event. Everyone got up, but no one dared to look up. Xia Wang’s (Great Summer Emperor) voice sank at the top: “All sit, the Banquet will now start.”

The 3rd Prince Zhao Qi respectfully replied: “Yes, father emperor.” And then stepped forward and said loudly: “This is the state banquet, please sit down.”

The sound of the bamboo musical instrument immediately played, and the channels on both sides drifted into a group of clothes exposing, graceful dancers, all wearing spring peach color, skin-like snow, throwing long sleeves, the charm of the dance in the presence of all kinds of delicacies were served plated on their seats, the spirit of the people are just relaxed, gradually some laughters slowly heard and expanded.

Zhuge Yue still stands with Yan Xun before they took a seat, his dark eyes, looking pale, he looked at the girl standing beside Yan Xun, watching the calm and indifferent revealed the familiar stubborn face, slowly nodded. Zhuge Yue did not say a word, turned away from the decisive move, driven by a large cold fur on the wind. Like a sharp sword is a general, across the royal table is a case of drinks and the water waves shake gently.

Chu Qiao’s fingers suddenly became cold, some emotions in her chest rise, her sword eyebrows deeply wrinkled together, the girl slowly closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then sat down.

Suddenly, a hand lay on her shoulder, and Chu Qiao looked up, facing Yan Xun’s black eyes.

Yan Xun did not speak, but she clearly understood what he meant to convey. For many years, at every frustration, at every hateful night, they were encouraging each other in such a way : “Wait, go on, always stand until one day you rise.”

Chu Qiao in silence she nodded, surrounded by vocal noises, she looked up towards the end of the large crowd and looked at the brightly lit, dazzling light almost impossible to see. The girl glared, looking at the man sitting in the middle of the light, too much light to cover him up, magnificent lights shine, his face is blurred, she can only see that treasure of embroidered dragon’s claws, like a sharp steel blade, pointing away from the big crowd of every heart-bound look.

Bang! a sharp ring, the big tent in front of the tabernacle were all opened, the cold wind suddenly rushed into the crowd, saw the huge square, filled with a raging fire, hitting their eyes are 300 seats not eligible to enter the main account of all sitting outside the crowd, round and round, empty appearance in a large open space, flourishing, compared to the imperial clan atmosphere is more expensive. The tent of the Lord’s account had just been set off, and there was a burst of cheers from outside.

At this moment, a crisp and rapid horseshoe suddenly sounded, people looked up and saw hundreds of sturdy horses riding from afar rapidly, with staggering speed, pre-eminent to surprise all of the owners. When a hundred white armored soldiers riding in the horse suddenly rushed out to form a team, they jumped volleyed and climbed galloping many men on their horseback, such a neat action, uniformed, crisp, not slough.

Onlookers and the nobility suddenly issued a thunderous applause, everyone saw the high ranking official driving to the scene, the left hand holding the right hand and the while holding a shield to control the horse with both legs, constantly put on a variety of fancy posture, the action goes smoothly , tidy and beautiful, but also both practicality of the battle, led by General Qingqi (means handsome and pleasing to the eyes) not old, wearing a darksteel helmet, one cannot see the face, on his Ruoding command, tall and straight posture, graceful and invincible.

At this moment, they suddenly saw all the soldiers at the same time received the swords, they left their shields on the horse and then took out the crossbow, bow and arrow, by ticking stirrup, who stood upside down, then released the arrow under the horse’s belly arms. Just listen to a burst of piercing sharp sound, a hundred arrows at the same time toward just one arrow away. Bang! A thick arrow is issuing a huge force crashing on the target, but did not fall, but eventually flew vertically, whistling like huge pines and suddenly were dead bodies. Hearts densely packed with the hundred arrows, many arrows are piercing the other end of the arrow stacked together.

Suddenly, the audience went to silence as they were dead, the soldiers sit back and take the lead as the generals dismounted their stand, picked off the head of their helmet, kneeling on one knee, then powerfully divinely said: “Zhao Che, I wish my parents great blessing in the heavenly realms, with this ten thousand armies, this is boundless hunting!”

Bang! the audience thunderous move, no one applaud this arrogant technique with arrogant applause.

“A few years of border experience, grew up to become a thorough children.” Xia Huang (the emperor) sat above the ground steadily but with a hint of relief: “Longquan sword is your reward, let the big summer blade begin hunting the Tu Da of Xinjiang, defending the homeland. “

“Thank you, father!”

Zhao Che loudly said with a heavy knock on the ground, the princes ministers who saw him at the same time loudly praised Zhao Che’s bravery.

Under the first seat swallows and drank the tea, looking indifferent, a pair of eyes slowly squint up.

“Seven younger brave boys came from the frontier to great summer to guard over the years it is indeed a rare handsome. Beijing has seven younger brother, the territory of worry-free can carry on.”

Three princes Zhao Qi slowly nodded, looking freely, no jealousy annoyed the color, whether it is genuine or hypocritical, worthy of the title of generation Yinxian.

When Zhao Che retired suddenly the atmosphere in the field gradually bustling up. Various warlord clans, have come up with a variety of martial arts demonstrations, horse and arrows, military dance training Jian blades, cuisine delicacies like water is running generally on the seats, all game barbecue, delicious and attractive aroma.

The northwestern Batuha family came all the way to hunt for the hunt. Apart from a few concubines, only Zaru and Zama had two children. At the moment, Zaru just led the family warrior to perform a unique northwest-style wrestling, applauded, Zama on the body with a body of Northwest girl into the field, performing superb equestrian perfoming a horseback riding skills.

Although their means are not excellent, but a young and noble girl will inevitably win a large number of acclaim, the summer king went happy, thanks to the 20 Huai Song tribute yarn, for a time, attracted another in the field climax.

Zama, with a smile on his face, wowed him and suddenly said, “Your Majesty, always acting meaningless, is allowed to compete in our northwest, dinner party. For the first time today, I came to truthfully  request to the Majesty to allow me to challenge a person? 

She is still a sixteen-year-old girl, not very young, when it comes to her expression looking at the group of Jiaohan (means maids pleasing to the eye), people listened with an uncomfortable smile. Xia Huang (the Emperor) sat on the bench, looking so dull, but with a touch of cheerful pleasure, said: “Then who are do you want to challenge?

“I heard Yan North Jian Zi martial arts superb, but we had no chance to be acquainted before, today we are all interested, it is better to play together.

Voice just faded, all eyes suddenly turned to sitting in the last seat of the Yan Xun’s lady guard. There are only few people who naturally understand the whole story and does not know Zama’s thoughts is deliberately provocative. After all, northwestern Batuha family and the northern part of Yanbei has always been hostile, Yan City did not die before, so to this open occasion has long been opposed to few things.

Xia Wang (Yan Shi Zi) did not speak, truly swallows and suddenly stood up, on his white robes, embroidered fine pattern of Moelian (a beautiful wild vine), ink as black as his eyes, face looking so jade white, a handsome son of the chic, talked like a book with a touch of dismissal, coldly said: “the slaves age is small, her martial arts is only a brief understanding like a fur, which do not dare to offer an ugly demonstration in front of His Majesty. While on Zama’s division, her main horsemanship has superb martial arts, for not so strong people it is difficult to lose.”

“Yan Shi Zi announced a fake concealment, however cheats to press indiscriminate charges. Moreover, Zama is also only 16 years old, she is a dignified princess and to fight a minion in a contest is a big face, you are to push three-four of them and admit you are not too unlucky?”

The first seat was Wei Shu Yuo next to a young man said, this man is the rise of Wei valve preceeding the next generation of children, called Wei Qingchi, eloquence, good conversation, Yan Xun had several banquets and met his side, he does not want to dare to be so openly hit.

Qingxiong brother said, Guo Wang threw a small smile: Yan Shizi, the girl has the beauty of the Wei, a rare pearl of the northwest prairie is so elegant, you better expose her than tom ake her the Star God of rank and affluence, so that in the future the old Urdu generals will not see her strange and the real clans of Wei won’t bully this darling daughter. “

Jing Han was born in the Royal Park, King of the sea, is Zhao Zhengde’s uncle, more than 80 years old, the elderly have children, very much into talking between casual. He opened his mouth, suddenly someone interface loads, Xia Huang (The Emperor) nodded: “Pray Zama our governor.”

“Your Majesty,” Yan Shi Zi’s beautiful brows slightly raised and about to speak when Chu Qiao suddenly stood up from behind, holding Yan Jiao’s clothes, silently shook her head.

Yan Shi Zi looking gloomy but knows that arrows will be on their way, if we they do not participate, most likely they will be attacked by all, under the broad cuff, Yan Shi Zi’s hand tightly hold the palm of Chu Qiao and whispered : “be careful.”

Girl nodded with a smile: “Rest assured.”

Chu Qiao took off the long fur and went to the center of the venue, the first worship of the North first ceremony, then turned around and Zama’s polite team: “In that case, this is bold offense.”

All of a sudden, all eyes are gathered in the girl’s body, seven years ago, eight-year-old Chu Qiao and Yan Qiang help each other, Jiu Wei Street cut off three fingers, and escape so brilliant, and later in Jiuyou platform and the Ban Jun fight, almost ran away, these people still have fresh memories. An eight-year-old child had such a courage and strength so after a lapse of seven years, she will have what kind of unfathomable ability? Although this is only a small underemployed slave, but behind her is represented by the royal prince of northern Hebei.

The entire summer dynasty, everyone knows, although seven years had passed where Yan City died and Yan Wang pulse exhausted the implementation of more than 100 years of Yan North election officer policy, or let Yan a deep vein in the northwestern grasslands take root. As a result of years of continuous human Rao bribe done the summer did not have a shot to completely Yanbian exchange of blood, this is also the Xia Huang (the emperor) long shot cannot get rid of the main reason for it to swallow. What’s more, privately, there is such a mysterious force that secretly supports the economic and political affairs of Yanbian. When there was no complete control to eradicate it, its roots was still the nominal owner of Yanbei.

The long wind outside the account, playing in the young girl’s pale short fur above her, frowning, pitch black hair, her face a little thin, but the whole body up and down the shown out of the calm and courage, but enough to make any man look for it.

This is the first time that Chu Qiao stood before the Great Summer Royal Family, to accept the challenge of the Princess Zama, who is most prominent family in the Northwest versus as a slave girl.

Zama looked at the girl who made her a big ugly mouth slightly sneered, proudly said: “I just performed the equestrian, physical strength has not recovered, so the competition is not fair. So, I first send my slaves to compete you, if you win him, then you fight me. “

His remarks is full of authority, Zhao Song finally able to stand as well as Zhao Qi locked his brow, stood up and said: “Father Huang, this is not fair.”

“It is not appropriate to be a barbarian in Zama county, but it is not to be unfair to have a slave to a martial arts, not to mention just performing equestrian works. King Han laugh, full of indifference said.

Wei Shu Yuo’s mouth pulled open, looking gloomy eyes to Chu Qiao had a faint stare and, said: “Relax, the girl is a slave, this is fun.”

“you guys……”

“Thirteenth brother!” Zhao Qi shouted: “You sit down.”

Seeing Xia Huang (the Emperor) Zhao Song did not object, Zama look back to a big guy sitting in the back seat said: “Today, you come to play with this little girl.”

That Han fighter just got together, all of a sudden exclaimed loudly. This big guy is tall, actually a full seven feet high, his arms were like a bronze bells tangled, standing beside Chu Qiao is like an elephant and cat show. In general, not the slightest proportion.

At this point, everyone immediately understood the meaning of Zama as a ruler, this is not a contest, but a murder. However, nobody made the slightest disagreement, after all, in their eyes, as Wei Shu Yuo said: slaves, this is fun.

Chu Qiao looked up, looking calmly watching the Tu Da, she knew that today’s World War I related to the reputation of Yan North, which is the first time for many years Yan Xun appeared in the face of brigade officials, if defeated, Yan North Morale will be greatly stricken, and then its swallows now settle down for the foundation, that is, the unconditional allegiance of the soldiers in northern Hebei.

She took a deep breath, out of the royal account, came to the center of the yard, walked to the side of the weapons rack picked up a weapon, weigh in the hand a few times. Then turned and walked back, looking up and said: “What weapons do you use?”

Today hit his fist a few times, his voice shrill, triumphantly said: “My fist is my weapon.”

“No spears, then be careful.”

A burst of wind suddenly came toward Chu Qiao in the direction of head-on attack, the Tu Da received a loud-like mid-air bombed thunder! Suddenly the girl turned around, the fast pace of movement, just left the place, a huge fist hit the ground on the crash, and suddenly, snow and smoke filled a huge pothole that opened the ground.

The crowd uttered a cry, only to see the strength of the Han under is  the dead girl. There is no lack of young girls and ladies in the field whose eyes is scared and pale. All have covered their eyes afraid to watch.

Chu Qiao a provocateur (means a person who deliberately behaves controversially in order to provoke argument or other), but there is no opportunity to display the strength of the Tu Da Tatsu (means is a flying roller coaster with an utterly unique way to ride—face down. This mad twist puts you in a one-on-one stare-down with planet Earth, as you fly at speeds up to 62 miles per hour. The structure itself is 170 feet tall, but when combined with the height of the mountain it’s sitting on, you’re in for a 263-foot elevation) amazing skill is also very flexible, this time like a fierce tiger general, pressing harder and harder.

Zhao Song looking nervous, although know Chu Qiao is skilled, but how would such a big guy opponent, the young prince to set an idea, as long as the situation is not good, suddenly he take shots to save her.

Like a lightning, the two have passed a few strokes, but the thin girl has never been fighting back came around to avoid, and no positive conflict with the Tu Da. Just when everyone found she will lose in no doubt, suddenly heard territorial loud shout, fit to Chu Qiao flew still looking dumb harboring a grudge. The winds hit the high torch burning, crackling, all exclaimed in unison, all thinks Chu Qiao escaped this robbery, will inevitably eliminate jade incense. However, in the crowd, Yan Xun tightened his face. He was looking like sharp pine who clenched then grasped the glass in his hand, his lips looking indifferent, drank the glass and then release the hand, crisp sound suddenly rang, the glass broken into a few, messy scattered pieces.

Under the eyes of ten million gaze, all of a sudden dumbfounded, I saw before the runaway girl has suddenly turned around, the fast pace of the singular, flexible body, slender waist, with the waist force to turn the body volleys, spear suddenly dragged back like an anti-pistol flower, thunder brought the power to send out!

Puff sound muffled, blood splashed and screams issued on the air.

Gale whistling, blowing the young girls hair in front, they saw her single-handedly holding a spear, pointing Tatsu’s chest and planted it into the body half an inch, but did not penetrate, obviously intends to let him stay alive and do not want to rush to kill.

Whoosh, Chu Qiao regained the spear, and nodded: “Assigned.”

After she finished, she turned around and bowed his head to the head of the northern Yanbei.

The crowd of people suddenly burst into thunderous applause! The Big Summer’s heavy forces never saw such a young girl’s ability holding a spear and absolutely defeat like that of a big guy, no one complained and they all loudly shouted.

However, at this moment, just listen to a sudden Tuoda (means a white eyed wolf or ungrateful person) violent and loudly flushed, rushed to get up against the back Chu Qiao who fiercely hit it!

“Be careful!”

Zhao Song shouted loudly, rush out on the seat. Almost at the same time, they saw a sharp edge suddenly came out from behind the seats, just in the fist of Touda soon near Chu Qiao body when the crest rushed, shot into the head above the Han, opened its hindbrain and a big blood hole!

At this time, a head at the back of Chu Qiao, just knock on the ground.

Tatsu’s eyes wide open with an incredible stare, the nose and mouth spurt and finally crashing down, the blood gurgling out of the back of the head, compelling people.

“Bold!” Zama became furious, about to jump up from the seat, snapped: “this slave dared to carry weapons, Yan Xun! Do you want to rebel?”

The Prince of Yan swallows and sits leisurely on his seat, looking pale, the index finger and middle finger clutching a piece of porcelain, a touch of rhetorical question: “can a cup, be considered a weapon?

To their dismay everyone found out what Yan Xun just accused used to kill was actually a broken cup!

“Your majesty, one of Zama’s rule does not speak behind an attack, it is to kill.”

No sound above the throne, the guards met on both sides immediately responded, the body of Tu Da out of the net.

“Magistrate, can you not rest?” a calm girl turned, no slightest feeling of affection and looks at Zama uneasiness, coldly said: “If you still feel tired, you can call the other subordinates first and then let’s do this again.”

Large aristocrats in the instant turn their attention from the dead losers body transferred over and watched Zama, waiting for her her words.

Clear-minded people can see that Zama had never thought Chu Qiao hands expect to kill. Zama said before that Tu Da will be able to kill Chu Qiao, but now Tu Da dead is there any excuse for her to shrink. Then everyone can see she is timid and afraid to meet. She chose to take the initiative to challenge people, with the Northwest customs, timid than deserters battlefield will be contempt for all.

Zama bites her teeth, and when she sobs, she whips her whip and stands up and shouts. “I’m afraid you’re not an inferior servant at all.”

“Wait,” Zhao Qi suddenly got up laughed and said: “It has been a long time since I saw such a superb woman of martial arts. It seems that there have been no other women in the empire ever since Major Nan Feng expired. One game to test archery, can we see how?

His remark made her suddenly understand that the Batuha family dominates the northwest and is powerful. His old Ba Pitu King has a temper. If his own baby daughter is injured in the imperial capital, he must be furious and resentful. Coupled with this Zama ruler has always been known for superb archery , Zhao Qi said, but to restore the face of the Northwest nothing more.

She is a little slave girl, although the spear method is clever, arrow method is not necessarily superior, the crowd is waiting to watch the final  match cannot help but to become disappointed and helpless.

However, the seventh seat on the first, wearing his purple robe on his white fur, a  man slightly narrowed his eyes Zhuge Yue knows Chu Qiao’s exquisite archery, the man end up with his glass looked up and drank.

Sure enough, Zhuge Yue saw Zuma’s face suddenly a lot better, triumphantly took a hard work, walked coldly to the scene and said: “You first!”

“No, Princess first, please.”

Zama sneered, waved out of three dart arrow, bow, whine, three arrows at the same time. Lightning shot to the red arrow at a hundred paces outside the center, Lianzhu burst, the wind whistling. It means superb finish, suddenly caused a large piece of praise of the voice.

However, the thunderous applause has not stopped, they saw the girl suddenly one knee, pulling a little higher than her height on a huge crossbow, three arrows closely chasing Zima’s arrow away, whizzing.

The three arrows issued a crisp sound and shattered Zama’s arrows, piercing the three end of the tail. Almost at the same time she shot in the arrows above her heart!

Apparent skill, she breathe, stood up and sentenced it!

Almost everyone’s can not believe one’s eyes, loud cheers issued on air so long, and became endless claps heard.

“Let’s clap Zama’s division.”

Chu Qiao nodded lightly, and gave the big account.

Even the summer emperor also slightly moving, victoriously sighed: “This arrow technique has not seen for many years, you as a daughter of the Wei body is indeed not easy, so give it to easy from slavery. I command you to join Xiaoqi camp to be the Arrow Artistry head.

Chu Qiao raised her brows, but still heavily kneeling on the ground, coldly g said: “Thank you His Majesty Grace.”

Chu Qiao slowly retreated and came to Yan Xun’s side, around the warm atmosphere, this time there are stunning Dancers forwarded and dances, everyone’s eyes still attracted to the two. Yan Xun feeling victorious looked up to Chu Qiao with a glint of smile and sat down.

On the opposite seats, there is a far-sighted eye came over, with gloomy and unspeakable luster, secretly guess with a complex surging. Has always been indifferent girl suddenly appeared on the cheek bright smile, all of a sudden Akira (japanese term means clear, bright and intelligent) spent his eyes.

Wine goblets was prepared to pay into the other wrong room, Zhuge Yue brings a toast, drinking exhausted, looking calm, but lost in an indifferent elegance.

The grand royal feast was finally over, Chu Qiao and Yan Jiao back to the lowdown, with serious injury, left with vigilante company.

Yan Xun and Chu Qiao poured a pot of tea, sitting in a chair to drank tea, Chu Qiao sat next to the brazier, looked up and said: “Xia Huang tours to boast Chow Longquan sword, what do you think?

“It is clear that he is warning Muhe Shi and will not push the death of Muhe Xi feng over Zhao Che’s head.”

Chu Qiao frowned and nodded his head: “In this way, it would not be necessary for Wei to bear the black pot? He does not want to let Wei valve and Muhe’s in-fighting regarding this matter?”

“Well,” Yan Xun fiddles with his fingers and nodded: “Muhe Shi is too domineering, the more you hold the higher, the fall will be more miserable, just like the Eurasian territories thirty years ago.”

Chu Qiao sighed and suddenly felt very tired, too many things, too many people into the situation in a day, the relationship between the complicated and complicated. She rubbed her temple and said: “I’ll go back first and you’ll have a rest earlier.”

She just got up and left, Yan Xun’s voice suddenly sounded behind: “A’chu, just for that call of attack on you at the back of Tu Da, why did you not hide, with your ability, it is not impossible not to find.”

Chu Qiao came back, said it bland and boring: “Because you are behind it.”

Outside the wind suddenly came blowing, above the tent on slightest cool through the tent scratch sound came in, Yan Xun slightly surprised a moment, but soon his lips gently pull up, sincerely smile, said : “Yeah, I’m stupid.”

“Yan, I’m gone.” said Chu Qiao.

Curtain is lifted, the girl’s figure disappeared in the tent, a swallow, nibble, chuckle, the expression is very warm, an ice-like heart, and slowly melt, opened a gap, warm and humid wind gentle blowing came in.

“Because you are behind, all the rest assured that the most dangerous spine vacated without any preparedness.”

They are always the most trustworthy people in the other side, just as a child, Yan Xun can only close his eyes in front of her, and she can only sleep in peace before him.

Astrological moonlight, night long, young Yan North Prince slightly raised his head: “Achu, thank you, so I still have someone to believe.”

The Camp is warm, Chu Qiao took a bath, feel tired, she leans on the couch, she wants to close her eyes, closed moment, saw the handle on the bed of the sword.

Sit up, gently out of the blue Jianming (means simple and clear) under the lights of some flowing Guanghua (means splendor and magnificence), dark red sword pattern like a strange blood, gently flashing.

For seven years, she thought they would see each other again, but did not expect it, in such a way.

She knew that Zhuge Yue must have seen the wounds on her neck as well. They seemed to have always been that way. Opposition and dagger were fated enemies whenever and wherever they were.

The screams of the child seem to echo again in the ear, that broken arm, bleeding sacks, cold Lake Pavilion, like a movie in general, slowly sliding in front of her eyes. The piece of braised pork dressed in the darkness in the middle of the night when she was most helpless, was a sharp arrow and fiercely stuck in her heart.

“Moon children, do you believe in elders? I will protect you!”

Sour breath once again echoed in the chest, her eyes sharp, her ears sounded again and again the night voice of the nightmare, the small eight sister in the Wei Jiu Wei streets of the prison before the sound of death grievances completely entrenched her seven-year nightmare.

“My sister! Help me save me!”

She had gone to hell and night and she stole out of the Sanctuary of the Golden Temple and came to the market with her fighting for the broken corpses with the vicious dog, but could not find where it was Child’s head, where is the child’s hands and feet. She could not even bury her child’s body, leaving only those flesh and blood sinking into a lake of red water, dyed the pool of water that was covered with aristocratic rouge.

“Little eight, you’re lying here watching, waiting for me to take revenge on you.”

Those days, tears have dried up, only raging hatred entrenched in my heart, the child’s clenched fist, like a shy little beast, tightly bite the lower lip.

Like a flash, seven years have passed.

“Zhuge Yue, you are finally back.”

Among the darkness, a girl’s low breath sounded slowly.

“Do you know, I have been waiting for you long time.”

Sparse sky stars, the wind of Yan North with the bloody soreness, along the contours of Ximeng earth, far,  blew over.


Chapter 057 Enemies road is narrow (raw)

On first seven hundred and seventy-third year of the White Calendar on its early spring, the Red River Plateau is covered in winter and a vast blizzard from Xia Tang border to the true Huang Chi Road was blocked by heavy snow and created business barriers followed by the capital’s soaring prices. Merchants oddly hoarded items and took the opportunity to raise the price of oil and other essential necessities of tea. The residents who buys rice went up and the imperial order was thrown to chaos. On the sixth day of March, the Sanctuary of the Golden Temple called Muhe’s descendants Muhe Xi Feng denounced them to the post of Yin Mu, the capital of Muhe Xi. They were replaced by Zhao Qi, from the descendant of the third emperor. This is the third century since the empire, the first time in charge of the descendants of the Imperial Palace of Yumin (means a prefecture of Xinjiang) Yamen (means government office in feudal China), henceforth, true imperial capital of the escort of the Three Corps were now completely in the hands of the royal family.

After the death of Mu He Xi Feng, Zhao Qi  was declared superior then immediately Zhao Qi took over the Green Camp soldiers and horses, and went to establish re-integration of blood exchange. Zhao Qi Sheng mother and concubine Shu, becomes Wei Imperial mother, Zhao Qi’s various decrees, have been warmly welcomed by the Wei valve generals and it is necessary within three days, the Royal Park City Defense was in a new look. In the early waters of March, Zhao Qi led a green camp soldier to Zhenhuang City, and personally rescued the capital from passing for a time.

At this point, outside the city on the snow-capped wilderness, there is a riding fast horse suddenly overhead, with the wind and snow speeding, in front of a vast, deserted, heaven and earth are pale people who cannot distinguish between southeast and northwest.

Only separated by a slope, the other a vast piece of snow, Wudao Ya half squinted, wearing a blue hood, long eyebrows garnished with hoarfrost (means extremely cold or frost), his face was cold white, eyes are bright against its front face, looking dull and does not know what he is thinking.

“Sir,” the boy in the carriage behind ran down with a gray jacket and ran out with a large fur, saying, “Sir, do not wait, please do not go out.” The snow is too big, Liu Húzi said there is a big blizzard ahead, we should pay close attention and should hurry to arrive before dark at Imperial watchtower to pass Mount Yu.

Wudao Ya unmoved, as if did not hear the general, his eyes are still looking in front, not the slightest expression.

“Sir?” The child surprised a moment, pulled his Rajao Cliff clothing: “Sir?”

“Ming Húzi, you listen.” A man in a green robe suddenly opened his lips, slightly husky tone, a more pronounced at the whistling of north winds, such as the autumn wind hibiscus, said slowly.

“Listen?” The child frowned, raised his ear: “Sir, what are you listening to?”

“Horseshoe sound.”  Come closer said: “Here.”

“Hoof?” Ming Húzi listened for a long time, but in addition to the whirring wind he cannot hear anything, such a bad weather, even close to listening to each other’s speech is difficult, not to mention listening to the distant hoofs, Ming Húzi Said: “Sir, what the hell, you got it wrong, in my opinion, we still … …”

However, Ming Húzi’s words have not finished, a burst of rapid and clear horseshoe suddenly rang, the child surprised, suddenly looked up. I saw the vast white wilderness, a yellow horse riding slowly appear at the end of the horizon, the figure blurred immediately, more heavy snow falling from the sky, flying, getting people’s eyes more and more blurred. However, it can still be clearly seen that the figure on the horse is somewhat thin and blown away like a gust of wind.

“Sir,” Ming Húzi slightly speechless: “you’re a god!”

“Urge!” A crisp low sounded, the man immediately stand up and down, a few steps to run up. She wore a thick green surface wind robe, a huge cloak in her head and all of her face is covered and in the bottom of the hood a faint hint of a dark glimmer of black hair.

“Fortunately, time has come.” The woman took off the hood, exposing a thin little face, some lips blush, quickly pulled out from her arms a stack of rice paper, handed it to the hands of Wudao Ya on the Cliff, they trek in the cold wind with her horse, letting her do some effort, a slight gasping, she said: “Its good, you are here.”

Wudao Ya on the overhanging cliff, raised his brow and frowned, looking at the woman’s appearance, it seems a bit angry, frowning said: “Why did you not let others come? The winter is on its nineth, is your sickness gone and you are good to travel?”

The woman shook her head: “Who cannot come, Mu Xi Feng died, Muhe Xi Yun that idiot went down, the three princes are not good to deal with and will be broken in a row several brothers, I am a woman, they check, so sloppy. “

Zhao Qi Tao in so many years, did not expect there was such a big move up, Zhao Zhengde (name of big summer emperor) really gave birth to a group of good son.

“Do not say that much, you go. This task is very tight, come and go only less than a month’s time, the son of the current fame, there are pros and cons, if not at this time to stabilize the overall situation, it is likely to change halfway “

Wudao Ya nodded: “I know, you have to be careful.”

“Well,” the woman nodded, her face is pale and snowy, her eyes seemed deeper, and asked: “You too.”

Wudao Ya looked a bit gloomy, looking at the thin pale body of the woman, suddenly sighed helplessly, turned around and handed her a big hand in the dark, over the shoulders of woman, bowed his head, carefully fastening the tape, her slender fingers, gentle eyes, while step by step he whispered: “The weather is getting cold, you must be careful, this month, said not long, that is not short, the imperial capital is changing, you have to be cautious, you must not be recklesswith  impulses. Now we only have each other as brothers and sisters. A’Yu, I do not want you an accident.

A’Yu girl’s head down, silently mulling over some things in her heart like a broken flower in general, grew up fine, too many things entrenched in mind, but people like her do not know what to say.

“In the meeting, you have to make the same tradeoffs. The last rescue of Mrs. Fu did not cause any casualties, but exposed two of our secret contact stations. There will inevitably be some indignation. You can put up with it. Do not make any temper. “

“The imperial city inside the door let them fight alone, do not blend in. Our arrangement this time, just to be safe and secure the rescue of a child, the rest of it just ignored, should not be aggressive, do not get lost with that sense of propriety “

“Also,” Wudao Ya slowly looked up, his eyes calm, like the early winter frozen lake, do not see the waves and ripples, and even the sound is old-fashioned: “Your body is not good, pay attention to the nurse and make your health always a priority, do not be too painstaking. And after all this things here are in order, I’ll take you to live in Bian Tang, where the lakes and mountains, the mild climate, the most helpful to recover from your illness.

Fasten the last knot, Wudao Ya took back two steps, looked at the woman’s eyes, then turned away, while walking gently waved his hand: “Go back, be careful on the road.”

“Wu,” Yu girl suddenly looked up, looking a bit solemn.

“Well?” Wudao Ya got back, he raised his brows, softly asked: “Is there anything?”

Yu girl on her tight mouth, thought for a long while shook her head and said: “Nothing, someone is waiting for you to come back just saying it, you take care.”

Wudao Ya looked at the woman, she is not a beautiful woman, thin face, thin body, although only twenty-seven years old, but many years of fatigue, so that her eyes premature have some fine crow’s feet The skin is also unhealthy pale. But this is a face, to let him have so many other girls he is unwilling to care other than her.

Like today, this is not an important document, but he firmly believes that it will be sent personally, see him at the last side, though, his mouth still count her she did not know how to care for themselves.

Until now, he still seems to remember the first time they met. That day, he followed the master traveled to the real Huangdi, Xiao Yan Bridge in the West Temple Street, met by the owner to run away because of hideous girl. That year, she was only nine years old, thin and small, on a long-term malnutrition, her skin yellow, the whole person seems lifeless. However, only a pair of eyes, so big, so dark, so bright, full of indomitable resentment and never let go of the perseverance.

At that moment, he knew that this child will succeed, no matter how many times the failure, as long as she still lives, they will certainly be able to escape.

Sure enough, half a month later, at the door of a liquor store outside Runan, they again met the child who was still hungry and still unwilling to beg. The master took her and took her back all the way. Since then, a mountain more than a little sister and him as her brother, but also a lot of unforgiving care.

Seven days ago, Xihua died in the Zuo Lingyuan of Yanbei. The thirteen brothers and sisters who had originally come down from the mountains together finally left the two of them together.

Wudao Ya hands pat on the shoulders of Yu girl and its strength is heavy, wanted to say anything, but finally still pressure down: “is there is something, come back and talk about it, if none, I go first, be careful.”

“Well,” Feather girl nodded: “You too.”

Wudao Ya on the carriage, Liu HuZi wearing a dog fur coat, rubbed the hand, shout whipped off. Fighting horse cried long, da da dizzy hoofs, carriage off, a slip of white snow fog, it gradually hidden under the snow sky.

No matter what, you can come back to say it.

Yu girl gently sigh, cold snow hit in her face, let her think of Yanbian’s fire Lei Yuan.

Everything is about to end, as long as a few months, the successful rescue of a small Lord, she can successfully collapse. At that time, she can go to Bian Tang, where it is warm, unlike the Red River side, where most of the year is snowing, and by that time she can experience the scenes in the book and get through the night smell of incense.

A’Yu looked up, took a deep breath, however, the premise is to save the world (Yan Shi Zi) safely.

She straighten her spine, had a light drink, turn around and go.

They have waited for so many years and will certainly be able to keep going. Although some cannot say anything, they always say the same day. That day, the world of Datong Way, the people live in peace, the world no longer slaves, eliminate war.

The cold wind blows from a distance, blowing a small whirlwind on the ground. The snow is circling like a reincarnation of fate, rising up, falling again and again.

At this time in the Golden Temple, the girl slowly put down the instruments on the case, went to the window, looking at the clouds over the sky, coldly distracting.

Lu Liu carefully knock on the door, timidly opened the door then whispered: “girl, someone looking for you.”

Here, except for the swallows (metaphor used, small people emperor uses for political reasons), the rest were afraid of her because every man who went to Yinggeyuan had been closely scrutinized. Given her past life is a national intelligence officer, this life is often rolling on the brink of life and death, so she has all the strict vigilance and care.

Woman’s raised slightly her brows: “Who are these people?”

Guards did not say, “Lu Liu whispered:” It is the Song Dynasty Ginseng (it is their codename for Zhao Song) who personally informed. “

“Zhao Song?” Chu Qiao puzzled said, come to the identity is not simple, not only free access to the Sanctuary, but also to assign Zhao Song missing messenger to find her, who will it be?

“You go and tell Song Sen, I will come to the hospital.”

Dressed in fox fur coat, with a good self-defense dagger, Chu Qiao opened the door of the Yingge hospital. Song Sen lack of coldness for several years and one day suddenly show her face, the girls heart impolite as they does not understand the world of generals, no wonder when she was entering the palace before the gatekeepers and sees the girls until now still guarding the front door, no progress at all.

Seven river, she took eight rounds, even came to the harem garden Yumei Pavilion, where Zhao Song’s favorite place. As a child, she often quietly come here to accept Zhao Song’s assistance, but that was long time ago and did not come until today.

The woods are still the same, but the old plum trees are slightly thicker, and now it is a plum blossom in a good season, the entire garden fragrance floating, Song Sen is silent without a break, Chu Qiao went alone, did not walk a few steps, she saw the coming of the shadow.

“Star girl.”

A few years gone, Zhu Cheng gained some fat, round stomach, but still he smiles, not able to realize Chu Qiao the rebel of Zhuge family and then suddenly Zhu Cheng fall on his face.

Chu Qiao facial color unchanged, quiet voice said: “Zhu take note of this, My surname is Chu.”

Zhu Cheng quickly said with a smile: “Chu girl, I am looking for you, as the ife of young master has never been the same.”

“Master?” Chu Qiao on a cold a hum, but polite and said: “Whose young master?”

Zhu Cheng slightly surprised a moment, but still replied: “Zhuge Yue, Zhuge fourth young master.”

“What happened to him?”

“This is the young lady who ordered you to send the girl.” Long green cloth, wrapped in a slender sword, only to see the hilt, Chu Qiao knew that it was Zhuge Yue hunting that night used to shoot Zaru’s Sword.

“The young master said that your sword would still be given to you, and that means you will also return my young master’s sword.”

“I did not take it with me,” said Chu Qiao raised her brows coldly said: “You should tell me something in advance so that I can bring the sword.”

“Ah?” Zhu Cheng surprised a moment: “I told Song Sen for your to bring it?”

Chu Qiao head suddenly went black: you tell Song Sen, he did not tell me to bring your master’s sword, next time say it, go out and get a sword, then tell your master this: “I first get back the sword, then send it to Song Sen his sword  when I get back home.

“Chu girl,” Zhu Cheng face is embarrassed and blushed: “The young master said, both of you do not want to have anything to do with each other, things should be solved as soon as possible, do not drag on. So minions here waiting for you, if its a trouble for you go back and take a trip then let others send it to me.”

Do not want to have anything to do with each other?

Chu Qiao raised her brow, she hands to retrieve the sword,  coldly said: “Good.”

Then, Chu Qiao turned away.

Not allowed to bring weapons in the Sanctuary, although no one interrogated, but Chu Qiao or sword inside her big fur, walked slowly out of the Yingge hospital.

In a couple of days, she is going to Xiaoqi camp to go to office. Upong the Xia Huang’s appointment, so she will handle Manchu civil and military confusion for a long time.

The Great Summer Empire began to reuse people in Yanbei, which shows what? Explain the big king to let the old not to blame, let his peace of mind and permit Yan Xun back to become Yanbei’s succession, to make it stable the world (Yan Xun codename) heart to become its vassal (means slave)?

Obviously, this is impossible. Over the years, the sanctuary of the Golden Ring to blow against, crowding, infighting, Xia Huang (the Emperor) has always been blindfold and ignored it. Although he never personally shot, but as an emperors, indifferent attitude is to encourage other people with ulterior motives to swallow the swaddling of grass, if they do not swallow and Chu Qiao too cautious, may already died in round after round from the cold arrows are deliberately planned.

Xia Huang had been in the face of the swallows (metaphor used means bird, or small people the emperor uses) killing his parents and brothers, once in a while, will be knocked down to heaven and earth, a hell, then it is absolutely impossible to let the tiger back to swallow the north. He is not hands-on, but those who did not succeed in his hands nothing came of when is the date of the imminent return of Yan Xun, why would he fall short of Yanbei handed over to this full of resentment of the Jackal?

So, upon Xia Huang’s appointment, what is the intention? Almost no one really knows the entire true city, Chu Qiao is the strongest aid to the swaddling, the current less than 15-year-old girl in the past seven years, many times in the past to protect the Yan Shi Zi escape one after another life and death, she is tough, agile, martial arts superior. Is it true Xia Huang really like this outstanding girl, want to raise Amity training? Or, is to cut off the swallow wings (metaphor used means Chu Qiao’s ability to be cut off) , to prevent her hand from getting in the way?

No one knows why, all the speculation is floating on the surface, Chu Qiao know that things will not be so simple, but she has not figured out the key to the problem.

Around Chang Hsuan Street, is the Xuan Men Road, towering red walls on both sides, bright yellow tiles covered with snow.

A sudden burst of footsteps sounded, Chu Qiao frowned, do not remember its her own, and today there will be what?

Too late to think, can enter the Sanctuary of the Palace of the People’s Assembly, are officials above the third order, in her capacity, is to kneel or to avoid.

Chu Qiao walked to the corner of the wall, kneeling down against the wall, drooping headless, large fox Qiu cover her facial features, exposing only a white and smooth neck.

The footsteps approached, but approached her without leaving, with a low voice sounded overhead: “Look up.”

Chu Qiao frowned, slowly straightened up.

Fight narrow road, really bad luck today.


Chapter 058 Carduelis is in the post (raw)

The girl’s face is smooth, under the reflection of the white snow, white jade, her eyes dark as ink, thin body profile, but reveals the independence and stability of the fleshy temperament. Her age is young, her body has not yet grown, but a cold and plump like snow and ice-like temperament, infiltration from the inside out.

The man’s eyes slowly narrowed his right hand unconsciously clenched, blood red sunset light mirrors the snow turned to red, saw his middle ring finger and the little finger cut off a section of the gold finger cot, add a few strange lines.

“Call me.”

Deep voice suddenly echoed in the bleak wind, people already on both sides already gearing up suddenly surrounded by a powerful Han-wah waved palm-leaf slap in the face of the girl’s fierce face.

“Bang” soon as slap in the face of the girl and did not expect to hit, but instead she was shelved, Chu Qiao looked up, expressionless coldly asked: “Wei son, you are referring to Jia Ding casualties is this a reason to give me a slap? “

“Why?” Wei Shu You cold harch and unreasonable soon his lips gave a hint of a cold smile: “The reason is, you are a low-handed slave actually dared to disagree with my words.”

“Wei Gongzi, if you memory is not bad, you should remember last month on the hunting ground His Majesty has given me a free hand from the slave under the official residence of Xiao Qiguan camp archery, you and I now the same as the official for the Great Summer together. I respect you as the clan gatekeeper son to salute you, otherwise, to your current status, is not eligible to accept my knees. After all, you have just been removed from office, a common people, but also dare to become still arrogant in the Golden Palace?”

Maiden face as sharp as ice and snow, one opened the a wdie gap, took her two knees and stood up.

“I still have something to do, but I will not give up on you.”

“Great courage!” Wei Shu You unreasonable and harsh coldly said: “I’d like to see if I kill you today, the Xiaogan camp archery coach, who would dare you for redress?”


Voice faded, Wei Shu You behind the four guards suddenly jumped forward. Not waiting Chu Qiao hands, a security guard has pulled out a long knife in the waist, Chu Qiao’s head suddenly toward the chop!

Chu Qiu where want to get Wei Shu even today such a big guts, blatantly with a knife does not say, dare to attack in the Sanctuary. However, time waits for no man to emerge.

Shot! Claw claw! Take the wrist!

And no fancy moves, just listen to “Kacha” soon broken bone sound, fingertips, that guard has been deterred in the field, broken hands, screaming again and again.

Chu Qiao’s backhand won the long blade of the guard, and at the the same long-eyed girl, flying a beautiful kick, vacated them after another kick in the middle of the guard from its back to attack its chest. Full force like a muffled thunder that even the name of the escort screamed up to their mouth spit of the blood like crazy spray, swaying from side to side.

Followed by lightning shot, she hold another wrist of the guard, the other hand holding a knife out of the standard ninja surgery side of the cut, steady and ruthless hack, click sound constantly gave the the pain, and all of a sudden two escorts have fallen to the ground!

Almost all the movements occurred within a second, four skilled security guard has been defeated, all is a injured, no longer have any of its combat effectiveness.

Winds is blowing, Chu Qiao stood among the men in the middle, calm, tall and straight posture, a white long fur, more and more seem vulgar like an icy snow, as if from start to finish have not touched the same cold looking face of Wei Shu You’s hate, lightly said: “Let go.”

Wei Shu You looking pale, his finger who was cut off the enemy over the years continue to torment his mind, like a poisonous snake generally let him lose the usual calm and self-sustaining man.

“Kill me for her!”

Deep voice like hell to the innocent wind blowing through the mysterious doorway, crossing between the high walls on both sides, rolled up a large swirling snow.

More than a dozen escorts in Tsing Yi, Gordon came forward, one knee and half, squatting in front of Wei Shu Yuo, wrist exploration, even the same trick from the big Qiu removed a row of crossbows!

Chu Qiao eyebrows wrinkled, cautious back half step. Wei Shu You into the palace even carry a crossbow, which shows what? Is Zhao Qi power after the expansion of Wei valve, or that he is a special emperor that you can carry weapons into the palace?

Not enough time to think about it, a bolt of fire from the crossbows fired at close range of archery to make these crossbow power is huge, with a thunder-like momentum, roaring through the standing cold, trailing towards Chu Qiao!

Chu Qiao drowned voluntarily, a roll on the ground, came before the hand  she chopped earlier the guard in front of him, grabbed his collar, just listen to the ears rattling, splashes of blood, the Han even screams at no chance at all, they were shot into a sieve, covered with blood holes, cannot afford to fall.

Chu Qiu leveraging strength, kicked heavily in the body of the Han (means man) guard, the body of the man skyrocketing, bang, hit the crossbow in front of them disrupted their formation. Chu Qiao took the opportunity to do it like the flashes of lightning, fierce and peerless, her hands approaching the peak, a drag and drop, followed by a hit! Carpal fracture of the moment, a young girl buckle a big head, her body volleyed up, side kicked in front of another escort front chest, his body falls, bang, pull the man hair!

People have been foolhardy, cruel melee bows on their crossbows no chance of getting angry, the girl’s ruthless means a calm face like a nightmare roaring, wherever he goes it is a mess. Escort guards are also faster than her hands, strokes, crippling, in her behind, has been lying in full swing the twisted body of the guard, and so far, no one has encountered her A skirt.

Until this moment, all the people have a deep understanding of what it means to be a husband, and a thousand fun. Although at the moment, standing in front of them is just a slim and thin young girl.

The guards gradually got rid of the shots, cold bile, face blue, the other side of the professional fighting skills knows now what ruthless attack means, so that these weekdays of self-defense for the defensive players wrestling will not feel any courage anymore.

An instant look, Chu Qiao has killed men in front of Wei Shu You, and his eyes for the first time revealed a hint of unmasking panic, he hurriedly pumped his waist sword, but on the next second, Chu Qiao gave a flying kick in front of two escort, and exploration hand caught him.

Chu Qiao’s hands seem timid at the moment than the trowel, witnessed the powerful Wei subordinates instantaneous outbreak to their loyalty protector noble sentiments, two guards from behind to kill, she cut to their knife.

Incrediblely fast! Teenage instant spin back, volley jump, kick out, the middle of a Han’s neck, the strength of this foot force, the body flying from her back, all the way to hit the other escort body, roll the melon everywhere rolling around .

Taking advantage of this period of time, Wei Shu You under the escort in the two quickly went back, until Chu Qiao turned back when they have retreated two positions, Chu Qiao speeding so fast, her arm cannot wait for so long.

The rapid pace of footsteps popped up in the distance, presumably just some action has alerted the guard of the palace, the original magnificent Wei Shu Guang extermination game all of the sudden had been some shameful pleasure.

Then, at this moment, they saw a blue shadow suddenly appeared, blue cotton flying volleying, Wei Shu Yuo cold neck, a whole body blue and white suspended tie hurriedly stopped firmly in his throat!

Wind whistling under a heavy snow!

Girls on her white fox fur, hair as black as ink and flying. His eyes dark as ink, slightly drooping, slightly inclined eyes, cold looking dumb Wei valve Lord, facial features, are full of disguise and contempt.

“Stop!” Former City Gate Guard Song Quelled with troops and cool walked on, coldly said: “Within the Imperial City, who dares so presumptuous, all of you stop!”

Chu Qiao cold-looking glanced Wei Shu You, looking calm, his eyes with a hint of irony, coldly soon as, rustling backhand swords, head standing in place.

“Song Sen to explain,” Wei Shu You to calm his rapid gasp, coldly  said: “What is her identity, why can she carry weapons in the imperial city?

Song Sen lack of sight he did not say why in the Imperial City is not allowed to use force, but here are the entangled weapons, could not help but slowly frowned. However, although he is a stubborn man, he is not a fool. He wants to settle his life in the court of the imperial capital. How can he survive if he is a criminal against the family? Song Sen lacked the heart of  joy, turned around and looked to Chu Qiao, said: “Chu girl, should you explain why the armed forces are in the Imperial City?

Chu Qiao raised her brows, look at the sword in the hands of Wei Shu You and the crossbow, the meaning goes without saying: there, it was also with weapons.

Song Sen’s skin became red, did not speak, Wei Shu You coldly shouted: “What is your identity, but also dare to compete with me. You not only in the Imperial City with weapons, but also dare to act violently on this son, I see who else today dare to excuse you. Song Sen, how do you see this matter?

Miss Song frowned but did not dare to offend the shameful Wei Lord, who had changed her temperament since she broke her fingers, was about to speak when suddenly a clear voice sounded suddenly behind her.

“This sword, I let her take it.”

Dark horse, tall, slowly approaching.

Zhuge Yue wearing Sable long fur, looking gloomy, step by step came slowly, before coming to the crowd, but did not dismount, but high immediately, looking at the girl below, reaching out, coldly said: “You! How long do I have to wait? Give it to me. “

Chu Qiao did not say a word, looked at the Zhuge Yue’s indifferent eyes. Cold wind blew, along the eyes of the two blown away, like the ancient wind blowing time tracked those glances who doubted, those temptations, those hatred, are tracks across the bar, placed amd written in the stone, will never go away . As if after a long time, but actually only a moment, Chu Qiao reached out, slowly, like many years ago, in the Lantern Festival, the sword handed over to Zhuge Yue.

Song Sen will be able to explain, I just asked you to call her, just for this thing, I have a sword in the Yan and Ying House, just to find this maidservant fetch a Bale sword. “

Song Sen, respectfully nodded: “So it is, under the many things.”

Zhuge Yue gazed on the lying circles of the body of the men who turned round, the surface does not change its color slowly said: “You go to get the sword, you are here and Wei Gong son’s hands-on martial arts, is really lawless. Is this how you disciple your guards for their discipline to learn martial arts?

Wei Shu You face changed, suddenly angry, just to speak, suddenly see Zhuge Yue turned around, looking calmly at him, coldly said: “Wei Gongzi, this person I am taking away, this is because I am changing the time for my visit for another day.

Finished turned around and left.

“This matter has nothing to do with the Zhuge fourth young master, fourth young master forced him to embrace him in the end, and in the end what is the reason?”

Wei Shu You cold, dark looking said.

Zhuge Yue turned around, eyebrows slightly raised: ” Is Wei Gongzi saying that I have ulterior motives, something like personal?

“You just ascended into a knife with a knife, can you not wait to go with her crossbow in the Imperial City then walk? Wei Gongzi, your actions are also too fast.”

Wei Shu You blushed, but then the words have not been exported, Zhuge Yue continued: “Today’s business spread nothing to your advantage, Wei Gongzi, you were born wealthy, you should understand the powerful relationship among them, to distinguish between primary and secondary, Li Ming So heavy and reckless, presumably Wei adults here today, will not be happy.

Wei Shu You eyes turned red, blue lips, but no longer gave a speech.

How could he fail to understand the pros and cons of this one? Only with a breath of pressure in his heart for seven years, each time he meets his heart, he will not be patient.

“Let’s go.”

Zhuge Yue slowly said and the horse turned around. Miss Song in the back Shen Jen Gong, while Chu Qiao and Wei Shu You almost spit fire in their eyes, and then followed Zhuge Yue behind.

Sky snow, here is the sunset where night falls. Not so long on both sides of the doorway are Xuanmen guards, the snow continued to fame and fan, Chu Qiao with Zhuge Yue behind, gradually hidden in the flying snow.

Wei Shu You clenched his teeth, and then suddenly drinks anger, kicked in a lower abdomen and his the anger went away.

Faint blue lake, at the moment has been covered with snow, across the Strait of the scene like in the picture, a carved Gallery of Yushu (means abundant tree), snow hanging Yingbai (means white blossoms), an exquisite stone arch bridge across the lake, the distant lake leading to an octagonal gazebo.

At the Pavilion are two standing figures, a man in his Sable large fur, handsome face, gentle eyebrow, with his face a little trace of maleficent. However, women is fifteen or sixteen years old, wearing a white fox fur, more and more appear Zhong Ling Yuk Sau (means a familiar tinkling jade that promotes longevity or more like a defender), extraordinary and refined.

These two Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao, just left the road so mysterious.

“I did not want to save you, but your Saber was what I gave, and happened to see Wei Shu Yuo is not pleasing to the eye, you do not have to thank me.” Zhuge Yue said it with a calm voice.

The woman looked up, looking cold: “I did not want to thank you either just for letting you know the meaning as well.”

Zhuge Yue smiled: “Still so stubborn, seven years have passed, it seems Yan Xun did not teach you what is called smooth.”

“You too, it seems that the Sage on Wolong Mountain did not teach you what is stupid, is still so arrogant.”

Voice faded, Zhuge Yue picked his eyebrow, his body suddenly pulled up, backward with an anxious retreat. At the same time, the girl standing in place safely had rushed forward, the pace of strange, agile, a small catch, quick. Zhuge Yue stretched his arm blocked his hands caught the girl’s wrist. Chu Qiao flexible retraction, stand up and kick before, suddenly fell outside the pavilion, feet on the frozen lake above, snow all over the the sky had vacated.

A pull out the red cloth wrapped red sword, sharp blade, smoothly flashing, dragon-like sword go on his cape, strange play with a wide open and large moves, stirring the snowy sky lingering its dance.

Zhuge Yue hand did not hand the weapon instead  he easily fold the pavilion in full bloom on its plum branch, a plum is blossoming and suddenly their eyes met.

From afar, one can see the sky snow among the frozen Lake c, a vast silver snow two vigorous shadow fighting in one place, moves so fierce, but with unspeakable beauty. The winds swept the world and filled with snow and fog, plum blossom across the platform Strait, red and white, co-authored the snowfall, together with its flying entrenched in mid-air.

Chu Qiao’s white fox swinging in the windward, three feet of wind strong, powerful and long fight, for a time, Zhuge Yue inverted her like a bucket a considerable extent.

At this moment, no one knows why, suddenly a slipped foot, based on instability, the sword hit Zhuge Yue, but on his fast moves, time to fly away. Chu Qiao shocked, one hand on the ground, it is necessary to get up, do not want at the moment suddenly a “Kacha” crunch, vibration is too large, ice cracking, cold water is infiltrating the place. The girl surprised a moment, shouted, but want to turn around to run away already too late, her entire body shivered and went down.

Who said its too late at that time soon, Zhuge Yue looking at her, he sank, so fast his body like if Jinghong (means graceful), he hold Chu Qiao’s arm, tightly and suddenly with his force pulled it back.

“You’re still so stupid!”

Flashlight between the fire, a cold dagger arrived in Zhuge Yue’s throat, the girls look was so awful her mouth sneered: “You’ve been cheated in the past, now seven years have passed, or so did not grow up?”

Zhuge Yue’s cold smile, on his ridicule, curl one’s lip: “You this same person, must always be so confident?”

The same sharp dagger, holding the palm of Zhuge Yue, the blade arrived in tight at Chu Qiao’s vest, she had a little swallow, and about to slit her vest when suddenly..

Tit for tat! Evenly matched! It is such a victory or defeat!

Cold wind suddenly blew, mixed with cold snow blowing in the face of the two, they are close by, breathing the same skin, like a blind date, looked away, thought it was in the affectionate and mutual. So near and its just waiting to declare, even the plum tree on blizzard can feel it, that atmosphere is so rattling.

“Zhuge Yue, between you and me, like a sea of ​​hatred, never resolve, I will not kill you today, but just because I do not want to hurt the swallows, I put your head on your neck for as long as I live a day, it does not belong to you on the first. “

Zhuge Yue sniff: “With you?”

“Just me!” Chu Qiao voice clear and bright, word per word: “Jing children, will not be white dead.”

“Well!” Zhuge Yue released, swing back, pick up the red scarf on the ground, Zhuge Yue stood under the plum tree, coldly said: “I’ll wait for you, when you have this ability, take the sword again. “

Fierce northwestern cold winds swept up, Chu Qiao stood still, watching Zhuge Yue gradually away from the back, the palm of his body, gradually clenched.

Everything just now, but just acting.

This called now is Asymptotic (it means is a line that approaches a curve but never touches. A curve and a line that get closer but do not intersect.) how can there be time and disputes Zhuge Yue? Zhuge Yue had let go of their own, did not expose her identity, but made a small eight a death ghost, as the killer and the one who assassinated his God Grandpa died, then his return now is the beginning of the crisis.

Let him wait for it, waiting for revenge, as long as he does not take the initiative to attack, do not expose their identity, you can gain valuable time for Yan.

Believe it or not, it’s worth the risk.

A man so beaituful in full bloom such as blood so is the thin woman standing on the open lake, it seems so sluggish yet so strong.

Zhuge Yue did not look back, his brows locked, eyes deep, there is a fierce edge in the collision back and forth inside.

“This person, cannot stay.”

Out of the of the West, Zhuge young man is home, slowly raised his face, to endure as far as the eye can see the snow sprinkled on his cheeks.

Time is running out, he can no longer wait passively for someone to come, and he can not give others the time and opportunity for growth and development.

“Star child, do you think Zhuge Yue is still fourth young master seven years ago?”

Seven years of tempering, in the heart and cunning hard to survive, see more blood disputes between the clan, he would have the same be as credulity (means faith) as the years have passed?

“Master,” Zhu Cheng stepped forward and presented a sealed letter.

Zhuge Yue ripped the envelope, after reading, the fire ignited the son, the letter burned, coldly said: “What did he say?

“He said he would like to become an ally with the young master, as long as the success is not unfavorable to Zhuge.”

“Oh,” Zhuge Yue sneers loudly: “little wolf, still sitting in the mud ditch began to fantasize the flying God’s reward, I would rather hold Zhao Che, do not want to see him sit big.”

“However, we can use him to leave Zhao and Muhe’s.”

Zhuge Yue picked his eyebrows: “My father said so?”

Zhu Cheng nodded: “Yes.”

“Good.” Throw away the burnt paper ash, Zhuge Yue staring at the fly ash on the ground, muttered in reading: “Zhao Xun, Emperor Fourteen … …”

“Master,” Zhu Cheng called Zhuge Yue to stay and he turned to leave, whispered: “Star child she … …”

“Send your attention, if there is a change,” say a little, “Just act as originally planned.”

Finished, he move forward, Zhu Cheng stunned in place, the original plan, what is the original plan, to kill it?

At this moment, the person who just left stopped and suddenly turned around lowly and said: “Remember, keep her alive.”

Zhu Cheng was startled by his own thoughts and suddenly knelt down on the ground and shouted: “The slave has obeyed.”

Gale is flying, so when he looked up, the eyes of the people have disappeared.

Chu Qiao stood for a while, left the plum garden alone, the other side of the blue lake, flower trees shaking, pine and cypress forest, A refined and swallow figure slowly came out.

“‘A’Jing, have you ever discovered him when you brought Ge Yue to Xuanmen?”

“No,” replied A’Jing firmly and “very carefully.”

Yan Xun nodded his head, his voice slowly said: “That’s fine.”

The world,” A’Jing frown and frightening as the same time puzzled: “Why are you so sure Zhuge Yue will help the girl rescue it?”

“Oh,” Yan Xun gently smiled: “Presumably, he himself is also strange to this problem, why did he help A’Chu to rescue her?”

Yan Xun divinely said something that one cannot understand the words: “In this world, maybe only I am the only one who knows him alone and understands why he would do it.”

“A’Jing, you go after the energy is low, Zhuge home has been rolled in, the situation is more complicated, people vigil to increase twice, if found, the legislation was forgiven.”

A refined surprised moment: “kill the world, so is this it?”

“Do not worry, absolutely, because no one dares to sound out even if they die, and the deeper the chaos, the better it will be for us.”

Yan Xun looked up and looked at the gray sky, he muttered: “It is time to start.”


Chapter 059 Son of Heaven to confer a marriage (raw)

Back to Yingge hospital, the sky has been all black, palm lights Xiao Lizi leaning in front of the door, suddenly saw Chu Qiao and overjoyed the little one came to her running then said with a smile: “Girl, you came back.” 

Chu Qiao raised the tips of her brow: “What happened?”

Xiao Lizi replied: “It’s nothing, that is, before the world (Yan Xun’s codename) came back to ask about you, I heard he went out with A’Jing to find you.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded: “How long?”

“Maybe an hour.” Xiao Lizi replied who is attentively looking in the front of the lantern, suddenly saw Chu Qiao wants to go away in the direction of Lam Tin Huan, but Xiao Li stopped her in front, said: “girl, Lam Tin Hsien there there minions clearing the snow, let’s go from here. “

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, slowly looked up, peeking to the Xiao Lizi, quietly.

Xiao Lizi looking embarrassed, murmured: “That side of the road is not good to go.”

The girl sunk, a hand to open the Li’s arm, stride forward, just walked in front of the arch heard tender female voice came softly, together with the people under the rack cabinet sound.

The girls stopped, standing in front of the arch, looking calm and was silent for a long time, then said: “Who sent it?

“Northwest River official Wen Ting as marshal to the adults.”

Chu Qiao frowned, coldly said: “It is him again.”

Chu Qiao’s tone not sounding good, Xiao Lizi also fickle looking at her in vain, for fear that she really went in straight without regard into opposition.

“Shua!” A cry was heard, Chu Qiao suddenly turned around, walked to her own room. Silently said while walking: “Tell them all to shout and do not disturb me to rest.”

Xiao Lizi coldly looked at the direction of Chu Qiao and disappeared, but inside her brain response, however, here she is far from the Chu Qiao’s courtyard who is shouting loudly, they may not hear it.

At dinner time, she sent people and called in twice but did not see Chu Qiao come. Yan Shi Zi sighed on the outside, but his heart secretly raised some pride and becomes his own confidence suddenly saw Chu Qiao dressed in white came in. It is still a men’s dress, it seems that there has been no change after she is back from Yingge Hospital.

Yan Xun stunned then asked: “A’Chu, what are you doing?

Chu Qiao looked up so dull: “Before you approve Yunyang canal spring draft, there are several problems I want to discuss with you.”

A touch of disappointment suddenly in his mind, Yan Xun sat down: “first lets eat.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded: “Really, I am a bit hungry.”

The girl sit down, looking comfortable to eat, Yan Xun brow frivolous (means silly or trivial) seeing Chu Qiao did not mean to say nor see any annoyance or abnormal look, her heart like in the knot, give birth to a silly boredness.

Cold outside the house such as Hui (means dark), sparse stars, floating snow, finally the snow stopped.

“Mianyang Spring Festival must stepped up, and now replaced by the Governor of the river where the water transport not in good operation, time is running out, we have to make plans.”

Chu Qiao put down the chopsticks, the voice of the woman went cold, took out a piece of white paper from her arms while watching and said: “Licheng Salt Road Road to Taiwan last month, the newly appointed officials Wei’s offspring Wei Yan  andthe Wei adults reorganized after the arrival of salt in Licheng, salt merchants became uneasy. Yu’s letter said we should be thinking and careful with their people. After all, Licheng related to be taken by a deceit at Pengze (a county in Jiujiang China) there are two points, these rich households is the key and time will play a huge role. “

“Also, Xihua’s (a county in China) seat needs someone to take over, I am interested in Yu’s doorman He Qi, how do you see?”

Yan Xun read and nodded: “You look into it.”

Sees swaddling ill-fate, Chu Qiao raised her brow to the speaker  and asked: “tired?”

Seems there were no interest in discussing the man in front of her, lightly said: “okay.”

“Then you rest first.” Chu Qiao stood up and mentioned: “Prince Bian Tang will reach the imperial capital, Xia Wang’s birthday is approaching, the Huai Song messenger is also on the way, Zhen Huang will be bustling up. Keep it up.”

Yan Xun did not make any noise, sees Chu Qiao turned to go out, little maid Xiao Lizi chased behind her dressed in a robe, the two figure instantly disappeared in the long corridor at the end.

Yan Xun raised his brows and softly sighed, leaning on the back of the chair, gently rubbing his temples.

On this day, handling the secret messages from the guilds and dealing with the officials in the Chaotang Shrine, were the most gracious and diligent since the last rounds of hunting, and the royalty of the royal aristocrats, have not had such immediate hard work.

“A’Jing,” close at hand son a touch of open: “Send those women sent by Ji Wenting with it.”

“Who?” A’Jing surprised a moment, said: “Is this not something to do like to confuse the eyes of the elite? In doing so, I am afraid it will make Ji Wenting chill.”

Yan Xun shook his head and sighed: “Those who can really be confused by such superficial means are not afraid. People who should be valued will not be confused by this kind of play. In this way, it may be better to let people win their favor and become human beings.”

“Not to mention…,” the following words that Yan Xun were somewhat very vague, A’Jing did not hear clearly. He saw Yan Xun lips gently open, slowly closed his eyes: And A’Chu’s trust compared to Ji Wen Ting from Ho Chi Lu?”

Although, Yan Xun does not necessarily care.

Yan Xun hypnotic self-comforting words: “A’Chu, after all, is still a child ah.”

Although, her performance has never been like a child.

“Son of the world (Yan Shi Zi),” Xiao Lizi ran back and lightly handed a large volume of instruments, said: “This is what the girl just approved.”

Yan Xun flipped over and looked at the two eyes, just want to delay his look, suddenly his eyes like a bright light, out of a thick stack of instruments, said: “How were these pieces of fireworks did not open?”

The little maidservant scratched her head and said: “The girl said nothing more than flattering words. She told me to tell the servants to send messengers, let their masters think of something new next time.”

Yan Xun surprised a moment, then the surface suddenly showed a few happy face, his eyes with a smile, the letters readily available to A’Jing, said: “As A’Chu said.”

Finish, got up and went back to study, then the pace even a lot of light.

A puzzling look Yan Xun’s back, his eyes look at the letter, saw the cover, with a flowing Arial font wrote a big word”quarter”, and the paper fragrance issued a good smell to the air.

The second day, Xiaoqiding (ding here means “top”) camp Vice commander Cheng, sent someone a set of riding horses to shoot  in Hu (shortname for Shanghai place in China)  with Gòng (means General) Chu Qiao’s eyes with their official boots and crossbow.

Few young maids are very excited like dancing because in so many years, no woman was allowed to lead the Xiaoqiding (ding here means “top”) camp as a teacher,  and gossiping around and said: “I really do not know how things will go once those aristocratic children behaves when a 15-year-old girl  will be taught, what will be their mood?”

She heard what those group of lively people said, but Chu Qiao secretly left her  heart did not bother at them. Not to mention the profound meaning of what Xia Huang said, those eyes above the top of Imperial City garrison, can really listen to her a little woman will they contain it? Even if the big summer customs are open and the status of women is high, I am afraid that it is unrealistic. After all, when it was in the modern era, women were also discriminated against in the army. No matter how brave  they were, how much military power they had laid down, their promotion rate was far less than that of men.

Think of here, even if the woman who joins is as bright as her, cannot help but feel worried for taking the office after five days of being in the wild.

“A’Chu girl,” suddenly came out from the outside, said: “The son of the world (Yan Shi Zi) said tonight will come back late, you eat it first, do not wait for him.”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, in recent years, Yan Xun has always been a low profile, although the situation turned worse than before, but he never showed he was such the Son of capital roaming late at night.

“What is the matter?”

“Nothing,” A’Jing laughed, relieved: “The girl needs not to worry.”

Seeing him answer nothing, Chu Qiao did no longer ask.

This person, did not eat dinner, only pastries who were roasted in fire inside his room, being lazy do not want to move.

These two years, has been running outside, to cultivate the outside forces for the swallows (Yan Xun’s forming followers), have not enjoyed leisure in life.

Although the owner of the Sanctuary of Gold restricted the operation of the swallows, he was not allowed to leave the imperial capital, but the control over the swallows (Yan Xun’s forming followers) was not very strict. At this point, Chu Qiao also do not want to understand Xia Wang’s intentions this  far. Does he really ignore the forces of Yan Xun, in the dark to grow? Or what else breeding a killer?

Today, the Great Summer Empire, the separatist (means non sectarian or rebel) forces, far from the emperor can turn a word, he really has the ability to grasp?

Among the seven major clans, Lingnan Mu’s, Hei Lian’s, and Dongyue Shangshi have always been low-key and have remained neutral to factional fighting in the DPRK (literally means  Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) and China. Over the years, although there are also significant and empowered powers, one must stay safe. Especially in recent years, Muhe’s and Wei valve’s high profile, were quiete down. However, these families accumulate from generation to generation, the family forces are plagued by misunderstandings. Temporary affiliation does not mean that there is no power for contention. Once they have been given the opportunity, they will certainly fight back sharply and seek high ground. These people, the cold arrows lurking in the darkness, may not be able to shoot out at any time.

However, Muhe’s family, who have been flourishing all through the past decade, has been gradually decayed by the passing of the previous generatio and its  Muhe Yun Pavilion. Although these ethnic woman is expensive, Muhe Yun became even more expensive for today’s queen that gave birth to three sons, the emperor’s third son Zhao Qi, eight son Zhao Jue, as well as the youngest 19th son Zhao Shijui, but still they cannot make up for the low man’s talent and this is Muhe’s disadvantage. Prior to this, the Muhe vein always supported a more smooth and easier-to-control Zhao Jue’s debut in the hope that today’s emperor Muhe’s popularity will soon surpass the Elders. However, the wishful thinking has not yet started, Zhao Jue Xia was killed, Zhao Xun is still young, Mu He’s desperate choice was only to rebuild Zhao Toru. It is only the emperor with a firm and has the longitude of mind and latitude does not seem to buy his own mother’s family, nor does he have any objectionable attitude to his mother. (will explain this latitude and longitude of mind in my afterthoughts to this chapter, moving on.)

Several were happy, few are in worry, Murong’s gradual decline, is the most welcomed by the Wei valve heard the good news. Wei Guang is wily, and patient on his years of forbearance finally for today’s, its booming chance has accumulated enough strength. The powerful concubine of the Palace for many years to live in seclusion, though not how to get the emperor’s favorite, but it also has a degree of elegant grace, is now second only to the Mu’s clouds royals and that the royal concubine, the emperor’s son Zhao Qi and Thirteen Zhao Song has always been pleasing the summer emperor, especially Zhao Song, was even a young age, he was called the king, became the first following the priest Zhao Feng prince. Zhao Qi is now in charge of the empire, won the summer reliance, Wei valve plunged on this chance, rising to ride its momentum.

The northwestern Batuha family was an alien who rose up a century ago and was also a northwestern royal family. Later, when the family moved to Tai Xia, they received a seat from the Temple Shrine. However, after all, they are grassland barbarians, not the capital of the clan’s favorite, not very fundamental in the North Korea, has always been for the first time, and only to see Zaro brother and sister Zama to do the faction, we can see Batuha family’s mental ability. Try only to understand the force is quite strong, less than fear. Muhe’s down, Batuha building will be disposed.

In contrast, Zhuge household people cannot see, many people who are willing to beat Zhuge’s pulse and Lingnan Mu’s, Huaiyin was not even at par. But Chu Qiao knows that Zhuge household absolutely not so simple, hidden under the gentle cheek of Zhuge Mu Qing is unpredictable motivation and one cannot guess its calculation. The family has been established to a 300 years wealthy and flourishing fortunes, its inner absolutely will not be as docile as the what the surface looks like. Seeing only at Zhuge Yue and its brothers one cannot deny the truth.

General Meng Le, General Le Xing and other military generals, most of them choose to rely on the door Wei valve and imperial power cannot become a system.

Second, it is the vassal (means a holder of land by feudal tenure on conditions of homage and allegiance.) of the diaspora (means dispersed people).

Twenty years ago, the vassal kingdoms in the south of the Yangtze River were swarming and cracking down on the imperial clan. As a result, the clans collaborated to suppress it. Lingxi Ling, Wang King, King Yan Wang at Yan City, are survivors after that battle, when the original number of big king now has vanished, the royal family was massacred, now left from twenty-three to ten.

When the massacre of the Yan royal family happened in that year, Yan Wang Yan City had strongly turned the table court for courtship, it is also because of this incident, he did not set foot in which the king was cut, with this fan, expelled Zhao’s temple to be removed. To change Zhao when it was surnamed Yan, made Yanbei bitter cold, not allowed to return to Beijing.

Today, there are a few people who remembered that the Yanbian Yan Wang is also a big summer royal family pulse, and Zhao Zhengde (Xia emperor) drank the same mother’s milk where they grew up both?

Chu Qiao Chuan had an indifferent smile, Zhao Zhengde the emperor was really hard, since the founding of the Great Xia Dynasty (also known as Great Summer Dyanasty), the imperial power has been the next, compared to thousands of years of Chinese military and political power in one of the emperors, it is too sullen.

At this time, suddenly listening to the front yard open the door, girls glanced to the window, ears erect, quiet appearance.

“Girl, are you asleep?”

Xiao Liu’s voice sounded outside, Chu Qiao heard it loud and the little maidservant cautiously came in.

“A’Chu, the night is cool, here slaves bring you a brazier.”

Chu Qiao nodded, coldly asked: “But the world is not back yet?”

“Well,” Xiao Li replied: “I listened behind the plum door and the world (Yan Shi Zi) went to Military officer Xiao Lou and had a feast with few generals they ate at Xiaoqi camp, I also saw they sent him home yesterday on time and I saw them active and vigorous .”

Chu Qiao suddenly surprised a moment, looking at the red brazier and did no longer spoke.

“Girl?”Xiao Li a knot of hair on top of head frowned and shouted: “girl?”

“Well?” Chu Qiao looked up: “What happened?”

“Nothing, then slaves go first?”

Chu Qiao nodded: “Go on.”

“The girl had an early rest.” The little maidservant turned and closed the door and the wind outside suddenly heightened, blowing through the edge of the window and the sound of the front yard gradually became smaller and gradually became quiet.

In another five days, by no means, she would go to Xiaoqi, for them to comply to Yan Xun’s banquet and invigorate the generals Camp, whose purpose can be imagined.

They always say to each other that they must be honest and relative and never conceal their beliefs. However, with age, some things, or let them be not honest and say to each other. Such as her and Zhuge Yue’s grievances, her heart to the aristocrats do a lot of disgust and disagreement, as well as his appearance on the outside of the other, their smoothness that deceives other prodigal son’s face.

However, there are things that will not change and have a deep understanding of the heart. They will always make the best arrangements for each other silently and cooperatively. Although not able to say it, but facing the outside of their bizarre world, they will always be close comrades in arms, family through life and death.

Like many years ago, on a snowy night, she was looking for medicine and was hit severely, covered with scars, step by step she trekked the snow while embracing Yan Xun’s life-saving herbs, she fought for the last effort while she wants to rush back in the coldness at the Mori Park she saw the sick Yan Xun, his last day and dying, not strong enough to support his body, whispered shouting her name to find his own general. That day, the thin boy covered with illness but the scarred girl resolutely back to his side, her lips blue and pale, walked alone in the dark of the night. Even if she faltered, the expression is unusually firm.

On that day, he knelt before her bed, holding her hand, whispered word-by-word in front of the eyelids of the girl to be faint, saying that she would never be bullied again.

At that time, they did not even talk loudly that night. However, it is such an imposing promise, but deeply shocked her mind, let her luckily come to life, tied to his ambitious blade above.

The next day, Wei Shu You again brought people to persecute, the underrated Swallow boy was cut by his little finger, if Zhao Song did not arrived in time, may be the whole hand must have been cut under the Wei valve knife.

Chu Qiao cried at the Golden Temple that night, her first time and it shall be the last.

When she was undernourished, she did not shed tears. When she was bullied, she did not shed tears. When she was bruised she just widened her eyes and firmly remembered the enemy’s appearance without revealing a trace of being a coward. But that day, when Yan Xun was cut on his little finger same time that night thought she is stubborn and refused to show her wounds, she could no longer endure then she let go for a cry of grief.

She can endure hunger, endure pain, endure absurdity, and tolerate her own sufferings, because she knows that she will grow up and always escapes her predicament. She has always a sense of revenge and hatred. She has patience and some time.

However, what she cannot stand are the people around Yan Xun who hurt and just swallowed his fingers broken, who will cure him?

That night, she cried for a long time, crying over the swaddle, at last handing her clumsily and patting her sobbing back, holding her right hand to say that you saw only a break, no delay in holding the sword, no delay knife, do not delay eating, do not delay writing, its all right.

This is the first time after Chu Ch’ao came to this age, she cried out more than the stream of tears at Zhuge’s Chai House. It was long before she realized that she had no sense of belonging to him because she had always been alone, even when she was pardoned. But on the day Yan Xun broken its fingers, she suddenly found out that she also had relatives. So, she can let go of their emotional short-term weakness.

Both of them are lonely, in this world, apart from each other, are none.

Firelight shone on the woman’s face, the night became more and more hazy, from the window the drums heard along issued in the heavy wind at night. Chu Qiao looked up and looked at the swaying shadow outside, slowly shrinking in the soft couch, she did not eat that night. At this moment, someone is quietly waiting for someone to knock on the door.


Sure enough, after a long while, a mellow voice sounded outside: “Are you asleep?”

Slightly a girl’s mouth lead, actually a rare whisper smile. No sound outside, after a while, she jumped to the soft couch, barefoot ran to the door.

Door creaked open, no one outside the door, only a carved food box delivered quietly on the ground. Also attached to it is a note above, she picked it up and found the mellow sound’s handwriting and she is familiar with it.

“I know you sleep late, if you are hungry, eat a little, this is a duck from the west, cooked in fine oil, do not be afraid of fat.”

Chu Qiao looked up, saw the one floating among the snow, a green bamboo umbrella on his head, white fox fur under the cloak, pathetic sparse, clear body of a Lord, gradually hidden in the dark cloister in between. Snow whipped, and for some time she almost saw the boy who shouted beside Chishui Lake many years ago to help her once again not Yan Xun, rather than the man who was hidden in the dark all day and was dark in her eyes.

Perhaps, only in front of her, he will occasionally reveal the look of those years.

He is not without change, but because of her existence, only in the bottom of her heart left a soft boundary, others may not get involved, the walls around, the claustrophobia courtyard, alone for her.

Chu Qiao holding food containers standing coldly obsessed for the one who fell and drifts to the vastness of the snow.

Two days later, Eighth Princess Zhao Chun attended the pole ceremony. The eight princess and Zhao Che born with the same mother, is the most respected royal princess status at the present, her grand ceremony of the pole is under the solemn operation.

Because of the controversy surrounding the hunting day, Yan Xun’s patience of this unruly woman has gradually depleted. He sent A’Jing to send the gift carelessly.

When Chu Qiao looked at the gift list, Yan Xun was drinking tea in the hall, and she saw a few words of respectful politeness. Here is what’s in the note of the gift: two pairs of Wada wishfulness, four golden jade lion, eight Huai Song Yujin.

Not expensive, not shabby, it is in line with etiquette.

Chu Qiao shook her head, I do not know this Zhao Chun children receive gifts then do pass its impression. For so many years, Princess Chun’s love for the Yanbei Pekingese has spread in the upper-class circles of the capital. The Queen Mu-Yunna had intervened in this matter. However, Zhao Chun was unruly and naturally unnoticed except for Yan-Xun. Regardless of the policy of three, leaving more of this little princess did not take into account.

Guizhi Jiayuan (means homemade cinnamon), Cozy ding (means ancient cooking cauldron with two looped handles and three or four legs) Chushan (means to leave the mountain of hermit) , Achu, we have the opportunity to really go to Bian Tang to take a look, taste the Chushan wine, eat a Jiayuan pill.”

Chu Qiao looked up and looks at the sun showing very good, rare weather it did not snow. Early in the morning Yan Xun came and called to sit in the greenhouse, the two seemed like relatives sit one morning and to each one of them without words, she read a book, he drank tea and they are contented. Suddenly heard him say this, Chu Qiao nodded with a smile: “Well, have the opportunity to go together.”

Seeing her happy, Yan Xan threw her a smile: “When A’Chu grows up, it must be a generation of beautiful people.”

Chu Qiao laugh: “What did you eat today that your mouth became so sweet? Or is it accustomed to the glib tongue outside and then come back here and cannot take off this son of eleventh brother appearance?

Yan Xun heard and was suddenly surprised a moment, these life wisdom cannot speak. Chu Qiao self-knowledge on some things gave her some tacit understanding without experience or touch, but did not think those things or deep in her heart, it just unconsciously and awkward lifted out from her heart.

Chu Qiao nibbled her lower lip: “I’m sorry, I am outspoken.”

Yan Xun shook his head: “Achu is the best woman in the world and no other.”

The tone of his remark is very natural, as if to say that today’s delicious food in general, Chu Qiao hearing the words of Yan Xun is slightly surprised at the moment and her cheeks slightly blushed for him to reveal a trace of her fair state is rare. 

Although it is again intimate, it has never revealed its own feelings. It has been possible for many years to get along just like comrades in arms and relatives without any mention of the feelings of men and women. Suddenly heard Yan Xun to say, there have been two girls who experience this and one cannot help but be on some panic.

“Achu,” Yan Xun suddenly was in a serious mood, and she looked at her very seriously: “You and I have been in contact for eight years, during which we have all kinds of disasters, we have all the same, now everything is about to pass. Back to Yanbei, we … … “

Having not finished speaking, a sudden sigh of panic was heard at the door: “Son, you are being summoned in the holy place.”

All lingering emotions suddenly vanished, Chu Qiao suddenly stood up, the book of calligraphy in hand fell to the ground.

Yan Xun is surprised a moment, for seven years, Xia Huang (The Emperor) has never called him to summon only today, what, is this a blessing?

“What would I do?”

Chu Qiao suddenly changing her color and feeling heavy, she turned around, then coldly said.. but for a time…Yan Xun meditated for a long while, and finally said: “Do not panic, I should not be on trouble, I will go and see.”

“Yan Xun.”

Yan Xun just turned to go, suddenly Chu Qiao grabbed him. The girl ‘s hand slightly sweating, cold like snow, tightly pulling him, eyes worried, but with the toughness of jade burning: “Be careful, come back soon.”

“Do not worry.” Her Yasunari (japanese word means to become peaceful) heart became warm, then Yan Xun’s backhand patted her shoulder: “I’ll come back alive.”

Xioa Liu came, put a large fur at Yan Xun’s back, Yan Xun with few people, out of the Yingge hospital.

Chu Qiao seen restless all afternoon and cannot avoid to think something will happen. In the evening, A’ Jing suddenly returned and Chu Qiao rejoiced and walked quickly and coldly asked: “How about the world (Yan Xun)? Why did you just came back coming back now?”

A’Jing blushed and somewhat embarassed but still slowly said: “The world (Yan Xun) is fine, now, at the front hall who joined the feast.”

Chu Qiao took a deep breath and said with assurance: “It’s all right. What happened to the Emperor’s call to him?”

A’Jing looked around, see a few young maids who followed Chu Qiao around, all looking at him puzzled for a time actually waiting for his words to come out.

Chu Qiao brow slowly wrinkled, vaguely felt something unusual, coldly said: “What is going on in the end?”

“The emperor … …” A’Jing on his aphorism, and finally coldly said: “The emperor just summoned His Royal Highness, is to … … is to give His Royal Highness to marry, has been referred to just pass at the pole of the Princess Chun’er “

Young girls a bit surprised a moment, wants to say something, opened her mouth but cannot tell, she glanced around, eyebrows gradually locked, finally on a tight frown, low voice, asked: “thanks, to marriage.”

“Girl … …” A’Jing cried.

Chu Qiao nodded, murmured: “thanks to marriage.”

“Girl, I’m afraid of you, the world(Yan Xun) told me to come back and tell you soon, he said … …”

“I’m fine,” Chu Qiao shook her head and said: “The royal banquet too much edge, you quickly go back to him to protect him, and do not go wrong. I am just a little worried, afraid of the emperor against him, oh, I know.”

A refined face could not bear the color, whispered softly: “girl … …”

“I am going back to my room, off you go.” Chu Qiao turned around,her back straight, no sad color, just murmured: “I still have a lot to do, Xiao Liu should be sent to my room, I want to reply. “

Under the white snow, the woman wearing a yellow dress today, wearing a cloak of the same color, rare, showing a trace of her charming daughter’s, distant winds, roll up the snow on the ground then hit her back cloak, it flipped, then seems like cold wire on her spine.

The sunset in the distance slowly retreating westward like a painted flames of the sky, but then colorful, and finally wants to fall.


Chapter 060 Little warm deposit (raw)

Candlestick lights, little red tears.

Three more drums have been knocked over, Yan Xun still did not come back. The little maid holding a brazier carefully opened the door, saw a lamp and the thin figure of the woman in the house, still lying on the desk, then heard the sound but did not looked up, her brows is silly that it seems she is thinking of something.

“Girl,” the little maidservant face could not bear the color of her face, although only 12-year-old age, but also ignorant to understand what’s the point, she carefully went towards the solemn master then whispered softly: “time is late, you have to go to bed early. “

Chu Qiao did not speak, but slightly raised her hand, indicating her to get out.

Xiao Li replaced the brazier, walked out of the door and suddenly turned back and said: “If the world is back, slaves will call you.”

The slender woman slowly looked up, her eyes slightly raised then touched of Xiao Li the voice slowly said: “Are you not so busy?

Little maid was surprised a moment, suddenly knelt on the ground, quickly said: “slaves in trouble, please do not blame the girl.”

“Go on.”

A clear voice suddenly heard, the girl did not speak, just bowed her head and continued to look at the letter, Xiao Liu shunned head bowed out and closed the the door and the house suddenly went quiet.

Firelight flames, from time to time burst a flash of sparks and the shadow of the candle girl was dragged on a very long, slender one with dimly visible contours.

There is no other kind of act, as usual busy, as usual thinking, even the tone of the reply, there is no slightest change. Just that Chief Yan Xun white rice paper in deep ink, thoroughly written at the back.

Winter night long, five more hours and then the front yard door sound came to open, on her writing brush moment, Chu Qiao listened for a while then stood up, all the lights in the room lit.

Light suddenly like truimph on every other distance can see, Chu Qiao stood in front of the window, raised the corner of the window, the night wind blowing down the edge of window, blowing her long black ink hair, the girl’s eyes in quiet silence.

She was waiting for a result and on one glance, she knew she had not slept, knowing that she was waiting for him. If you come over, it shows that there is room for change, otherwise, that is, she has made up his mind and will not change.

The passage of time at  the front yard of the lights has not moved the man wearing a silver fox fur cape, with his hood half covering his polite face. A’Jing stood behind him, on a green bamboo umbrellas, covered his head with snow have been fluttering above the umbrella.The wind blowing from afar, rolled up the snow on the ground, turn in the corner circling, forming a small whirlpool, sweeping his white boots and big fur clothes.

“Son of man,” the little priest bowed and came forward, looking down the hallway all the way ot its end, where there was a bright light pouring far behind Merlin(part of the Zhuge household), after the rockery of stones was entrenched.

“A girl should not fall asleep.”

Yan Xun reminding us of scenes not heard, just quietly standing, he knew that heavy housing, bamboo curtain before, there must be a figure standing silently. Between them, separated by three corridors, two Zhu (cast metal) door, a pool of spring, plum garden, someone just blink an eye.

However, the heavy sense of powerlessness has gradually risen up. Why in this seemingly short course of time thought close yet it seems so far?

His eyes calm looking leisurely like as of that water, did not speak, just quietly looking, eyes penetrating the inch of time, through the years of joys and sorrows, the past, such as dreamlike, affliction and misfortune of him is dependent.

Steep winds, A’ Jing lifter the bamboo umbrella then it was blown away. Suddenly, the young escort turned to chase the bamboo umbrella, while the heavy snow fell on the swallow’s (another code name of Yan Xun) shoulder, even though wearing a thick fur coat still felt so cold.


A short word spit out from the man’s mouth, a plum, suddenly lead the way in front, walked and said: “The girl must have not slept, son … …”

If you have not finished talking, you will see Yan Xun with A’Jing actually went in the opposite direction. Xiao Li surprised a moment, carrying a lantern, at a loss and do not know what to do.

“Puff” a light sound, Chu Qiao gently let down the window, slowly take off the robes, wearing her uniform then went to the four corners of the lantern, one by one blown it out on her slow movement but looking calm.

Finally, the last lantern was blown off with a soft and the candlelight on the book was blown out. All of a sudden, the house was plunged into the darkness of chaos.

She groped and came to her bed, opened the quilt, and sleep in. Wind is very quiet at  darkness, the girl’s eyes widely opened, cold month quietly circled dumping the coldness, dim, cool eyes without tears, but there are some things she doed not know gradually sank in her, layer by layer, like a long stretch of sand and waves.

The next morning, Chu Qiao routinely came to the front yard to eat breakfast as early as today’s Yingge hospital was quiet, it seems that everyone is careful not to make their own voice. Chu Qiao and Yan Xun on the corner relatively sitting to each other, still the same  as their own meal they occasionally looked up then tell some gossip.

No exception to the masters, as calm as nothing happened. A’Jing and Xiao Li and other people gave a confused look, eventually a helpless sigh: “maybe, really is wrong.”

After breakfast, everything tends to be calm, we all perform their duties, looks in between, it seems that also revealed a bit festive.

After all, from then on, in this huge palace, Yingge people no longer had to look at the faces of others.

At noon, Yan Xun open the door to the greenhouse and saw Chu Qiao quietly resting on the railing, a waiting for a long time appearance.

“My blood-Tiran!” Yan Xun with grief, quickly ran up, Chu Qiao surprised a moment, looked back then saw behind their own, Yan Xub holding a cut off a rhizome bluegrass, looking annoyed exclaimed: “My blood-Tiran!”

“It’s not me.”

The girls suddenly raised their hands to stay out: “I did not rely on that.”

“Did not you see the ropes between the stands?”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, look carefully still is the case, shrugged: “Even if I’m good, this is so big deal and then I have to pay you a pot.”

Yan Xun nodded and shook his head, put the flower pot aside, sitting in a chair, in a daze and said: “On this thing, what do you think?

Chu on the end of term thought for a long while, then said: “The emperor is killing you.”

Yan Xun faint smile, mouth lightly telling: “If He will kill me it is not more than a day or two.”

“This time is different,” Chu Qiao shook her head, coldly said: “He did not really want to be with you, but to block the world’s (Yan Xun’s codename) long lead, find yourself a step to ease, it is necessary to get rid of you, you have to stay out of trouble. “

The Maiden looked dignified, well-structured analysis: “Now the clan is huge, vast territory, the emperor in addition to the army in Gyeonggi Province, almost no military power. Military financial power are in the hands of the Elders of the Shrine and dispersed in the family, Zhao Zhengde want to recover the monarchy. In addition to relying on the Mongolian Le Xing and a handful of generals imperialists, we can only hope that the princess seal in the margins. Hence, he must not blatantly kill you, a fear of causing Yanbei restless, inspired by the great fellow. After all, the clans are waiting for the initiation of the princes of various royal families, so as to seize the opportunity to compete for the fiefs and expand the family forces. Once the princes have been eroded by their clans, the royal family will have more difficulty recovering the imperial power. “

Yan Xun nodded his agreement, the girl continued: “So he wants to kill you, you must take the falsehood of others, to be deceptive and then blame others, put themselves out of the matter, but now as long as you die, all over the world the spearhead will point to him, so he chose to marry his daughter at this time, to make the illusion of wanting to let go of tolerance, to let the world (Yan Xun codename) thinks he really want to let you back to Yanbei, the past things are not going to hold on, and then personally shot, until you die. If you die, his most beloved daughter became a widow, then naturally no one will doubt him.

Yan Xun gently smile, drank his tea then said: “You are right.”

The flower room is very warm, swaddled by love indigo plant, a room of Frankincense fragrance, warmth, like airing to get drunk.

Yan Xun beautifully raised the tip of his brow, slightly up, softly asked: “Let A’Chu thought, how should I do.”

“Your mind already care about, why come ask me?” Chu Qiao slightly raised her eyebrows, coldly said: “marry Zhao Chun, he will kill a curse on the day you will not marry her, but it is against the imperial edict. Refuse to marry the enemy of the daughter and the world’s heart of treason inversely exposed and it is the moment of imminent disaster. Who is such a clever man, how can we not weigh the pros and cons of this one?

Having said that, Chu Qiao smiled and slowly said: “The past seven years, how much insult and difficulties you have survived, not to mention is now a woman in the district? Oh, the emperor is looking for him to retreat for cover, we What is not a delay in time, poor silly child Zhao Chun child always being trampled.

Yan Xun looking slant, indifference and brought loneliness and hard, slowly said: “This is your true idea? You have already planned for me.

“You and I have done well over the years for a long time, life and death, honor and disgrace have long been one. I naturally planned for you.” Chu Qiao said quietly: “Moreover, even if I do not say, you will make the same decision. You already told me.”

Yan Xun heard and for a moment surprised, then a faint smile: “A’Chu really knows the world most.”

Chu Qiao stood up and smiled, patted Yan Xun’s shoulder and said: “Of course, we grew up together and know the meaning of life and death, which will never change.”

Yan Xun looked at Chu Qiao relaxed smile, nodded and said: “yes, never change.”

“I’ll go first, and soon I will go to Xiaoqi Camp, go ahead and say hello to Zhao Song.”

Yan nodded and stood up and said: “On behalf of me, say hello to him.”

Chu Qiao turned to go out, just walked to the door, and then stopped, slowly hold her fist, and then release, repeated three times, but still did not go out. Yan Xun seems to know that she has something to say but he did not ask, he is just quietly standing.

“Yan Xun, out of  love will inevitably heroic shortness of life. You still have a lot of wish is not completed, this is big event.”

Yan Xun’s heart turned cold, he did not say anything, just looking at the girl’s back gradually hidden in the flower shop layers of green, long time no movement.

A’Chu, my gracious drip with you, you have reported me to use and pass on. So, in the face of your monstrous grace, how should I repay?

Sunny afternoon , but suddenly, Yan Xun thinks everything is so glaring.



Suddenly she heard a brief light drink, Chu Qiao surprised, looked down, she saw a bridge under the stone bridge stuck a head, the crown crest, two Jianmei (means healthy and beautiful) dark and thick, tall nose, eyes angry some swelling on his forehead, it seems it was smashed with a hard object in general.

Chu Qiao’s heart whispered, her brow immediately crinkled and thought: illegal channels really bad luck today, dismissed the idea of ​​turning around and escaped, stood up to her commanding salute: “Chu Qiao to participate in the seventh highness command,  I do not know His Royal Highness under the bridge, if I offend you in some way, please forgive me. “

Zhao Che on his azure (purplish-blue) robes, purple gold ribbon jade belt hanging on his waist with blue jade blocks, good color, the whole aura is handsome and outstanding, and in his week days dress very different. If his expression is too angry and appears in such a snowy landscape this is a rewarding pleasure to see him.

“Is it you?” Zhao Che’s rushed his brow, looked up at the bridge on Chu Qiao, under a gloomy expression coldly said: “Your mean I appeared not on time and should not stay in the bridge, is it not? “

“Seventh Prince made the following remarks, the king all over the world is not a mud that frequently travels to the other side of the coast to visit its old monarch, the whole world is looking at the royal family, where His Royal Highness should love and naturally willing to turn around.”

Zhao Che surprised a moment, he murmured then repeated “the king all over the world is not a mud that frequently travels to the other side of the coast to visit its old monarch,” its quite a word, he thought.

At this time do you still want to go then?

Chu Qiao  realized and coldly said: “His Highness did not bother to rest, its your retreat.”

“Stop!” Clear voice suddenly sounded, Chu Qiao paused and her step is like a life and death, Zhao Che turned around a big circle, from the end of the ice to the other side of the lake to climb up, went as far. The Great summer prince slightly panting, Yuan Chun shouted all the way across the old bridge: “silly you who is standing there, what are you doing there? Come!”

Chu Qiao heart sighed, and then have to be another, she tries to make some evil thoughts, this is not good mood even worse, looking depressed, slowly off the stone bridge.

Both sides of the branches withered, a lukewarm, snow-capped, edge of the lake frozen, Qi Yue Bridge across the lake, white and transparent, from afar, actually like a ribbon generally magnificent and eye-catching.

Chu Qiao left the Yingge hospital, and did not go to Zhao Song, but came alone to the Royal Garden. She wants to be quiet, to think of something. Xia State summer time is extremely short, winter is cold, this Royal Garden is boring and decaying, has always been a small number of people smoke. She does not want to throw a stone from the bridge, but actually hit Zhao Che.

“What do you mean by your self-professed subordinates, who do not call slaves?”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, did not think what he had to ask is turned out to be same matter, she quickly replied: “On the day of the Hunting ceremony, the emperor honored, and personally gave me Xiaoqiaying camp archery position. Xiao Qi riding camp commander, although not formally known, but also you are also my boss. “

Zhao Che raised his brow and coldly said: “Xiao Qi camp archery teacher? You?”

He was surprised, Chu Qiao was even more surprised, frown asked: “Your Highness, I wasn’t aware you don’t know about it. No one told you?”

Zhao Che thoroughly raised his brow suddenly wrinkled, slightly angered, looked at Chu Qiao coldly and did not answer.

Just such a short period of two sentences, but virtually revealed to Chu Qiao too much information, the heart of the vibration almost speechless for a time, too many thoughts have been summarized, now she feels dizzy. The same day, Zhao Cheng Yun retreated, did not have time to watch her and Zama what the two girls did in the battle and they did not actually tell him afterwards?

Is this how Muhe’s relationship with Zhao Che has already broken up and arrived at this point? The Emperor’s original favorite son is not also intimate with him? Zhao Che in Beijing cannot survive without a spy, then who is hoping to hide from him? Swallows (Yan Xun another coadename) are under the command of military commanders and such a big event he was not informed which in turn shows what’s the problem on it.

Just looking at the gods, all of a sudden his eyes, Chu Qiao suddenly surprised, she pinted at Zhao Che’s forehead, feeling embarrassed she said: “Seventh Prince, His Royal Highness, you … …”

Zhao Cheng frowned, wondering: “What’s up?” Then touched his forehead, suddenly some streaks of blood in his hand.

“Do not move.” Chu Qiao quickly stepped forward, she pulled out a white veil from her arms, irregardless of respect, she touched Zhao Che’s forehead.

“Stop!” Zhao Che is in disgust, never abandon the slave, self-identity of the imperial seventh prince, his brow frowned and coldly snapped Chu Qiao: “Who allowed you to touch the king?”

Chu Qiao heard, and she went into a moment of surprise, suddenly stopped what she was doing and stepped back on one side, looked down at the top of the Quanzi (means circle) of blood of the seventh prince, she faintly said: “Since His Highness is not allowed to be helped under his order, but from here is a far away distance from the main hall. Some people smoke from the harem also have two incense time, to His Royal Highness who is clearly injured, were not able to do the estimates and have died out of blood loss.

“ShuShu!” Zhao Che distracted by the rapid loss of blood so he was a little dizzy, almost standing instability, Chu Qiao dropped before the stones hit, but slightly painful, and no bleeding, do not want now Blood flow more than. But in spite of this, the seventh Prince is still stubborn coldly said: “did you dare to hurt the king, I will punish your people nine times!”

Chu Qiao gave a cold smile, disagreed, said: “This indigenous person has long been your best, now only me can save your trouble, but your highness if you do not let me help, you may not even tell others to help you and this chance of revenge is gone. “

Finished speaking, Chu Qiao came to him already with a small packet of gold sores drug, went forward.

“Step aside!”

“You give me a honest point!” Quickly Yan’s servant girl shouted, a small catch with a bloody dizziness is like a painting under the arc of the bridge for big summer Prince and the tone of the nurse coldly said: “You think I am willing to save you, I just do not want to be implicated because of your death.”

For the first time in Zhao Che’s life encountered such brave and provoking girl that in this moment of surprised he forget he is struggling.

Chu Qiao grabbed a handful of snow, click on the wound in the Zhao Che and he went like dumbfounded prince suddenly screamed he shouted: “What are you doing?

Chu Qiao in a cold hum, but also think what kind of tough guy he is and call this pain. While thinking of it, while quickly brushing the snow, pour gold sore drug, and then covered with a handkerchief, pulled a handful of Zhao Che’s golden gown, took out a dagger 一 soon pulled off a cloth, the seven princes raging a roar while being bandaged up.

“Bold minions,” Zhao Che sat on the snow, bitterly whispered: “Unauthorized tear royal robes, you know what crime?

Chu Qiao frowning at him, slowly shook her head, her face gave birth to a few pity mercy. Count this time, but also this is her sixth meeting with Zhao Che. For the first time, came the first day of this era, when Zhao Che was still a child. He was cruel and innocent. Several times, he pointed forward to her and pointedly wanted her to take her life. The second time, it was with the swallows captured the night of the night, Zhao Che troops ambush outside the snow field, beating them in one fell swoop, and their suffering is also starting here. At that time, he was lonely and full of conceit. Thirdly, on the day when Zhao was leaving Beijing, he and Yan Tu secretly hid in the corner of Imperial City and witnessed the moment when the child was introduced to the palace gate. That is the first time for himself and Yan Xun shot the royal family, when the main target is not Zhao Toru, just to cause Zhao Che and Wei valve of the grudges, by Wei valve removed Zhao Toru, and then by Zhao Tong Going to Mu Wei’s hatred of Wei valve to limit Wei Shu tour, so as to win the power of respite. Subsequently, is his recent several times, in the imperial corridor and once in the paddock.

This man, each meeting gives people a different feeling, people can not ignore, before her, is deeply afraid of this person, but now, she felt a little funny, looking at his clothes bloody blue and white but still from bitterly look, a heart of distress, but also gradually relaxed.

“I’m offended enough today, you tore my clothing so badly.”

The girl on her faint smile, sitting down by the trees down, white big fur covered in the shoulders, like Empty Valley Orchids under the wilderness of tobacco trees.

Zhao Che heard then ask if like he is surprised at this moment looking puzzled he raised his eyebrows: “I see it, you are not really afraid of death.”

“No, I am afraid of death.” Chu Qiao shook her head: “I just do not believe you will kill me.”

Zhao Che coldly asked: “Why?”

Chu Chiao said: “Those who truly takes revenge, will first be mindful in their heart, I save them, and then when they are saved after, I kill you for a revenge. And this person though some arrogance, self-righteousness, eyes above the top not to mention bloodthirsty, but there is still a little strength and conscience, so you will not come to me after for the revenge. “

This gold sore drug really so that for a while, even stopped the blood, Zhao Che heard then asked her coldly, he said: “Do you know just by this time you insult the royal family, it is enough to kill You ten times. “

Chu Qiao smiled and stood up: “No harm, anyway, I have even hit the prince today, nor worse than insult two.”

“Bold!” Zhao Che suddenly stood up, looking furious.

“Do not come.” Chu Qiao is also a cold one: “You should know that I am not a physical force of the ordinary woman, you are not my opponent at full time but also be apart, not to mention you are now seriously injured. I do not want to punish you and hate you for hating me.”

Zhao Che showing some teeth he said: “a bold woman.”

“Thanks for your compliment.”

Chu Qiao smiled and turned to stone bridge, loudly said: “If I was wrong with you, you are really kind of unlucky and bad bully, then I advise you best not to send someone to catch me because I am not at will to be recognized, maybe in the crucial moment will bite you, if I remember correctly, this is the place where the Princess Empress voted in for me, in front of the lake, if Queen empress would know about this event, what do you think? “

The woman’s voice crisp far came, standing on the shores of the Lake, Zhao Che fiercely looking Chu Qiao left  ta his the back, his eyes almost like a jet on fire.

That day the sun is very good, a rare sunny winter and in the afternoon, good weather on its gentle cold breeze.




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