Chua Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Chapter 011-020

Based on the original novel

11 agents princess by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua  

Chapter 001-010

CHAPTER 011 Yan Xun Shi Zi

Edited by Angel Chua 04 June 2019

Jin Jiao has been in uneasy mind these days, every time she sees the child Chu Qiao she cannot suppress the chill from herself. She cannot even eat rice or drink tea as if stuck to her throat. The morning weather was fine, teeming in the snow found in the courtyard, the people started to work every day.

While the royal meal is being prepared, suddenly someone from the red mountain side came and informed that Lingnan Mu Household and Mu small male grandchildren understood the seal of the Emperor, Seventh (7th) His Royal Highness Zhao Che, Eightth (8th) His Royal Highness Zhao Jue, (13th) His Royal Highness Zhao Song.  In the Red Glass Hall, the crown prince of Yanbei Yan Wang Fu is present as well are the young masters accompanied by the third (3rd) young master and fifth (5th) young master have rushed to ask the fourth young master Zhuge Yue if his health is getting better, good and alive.

Back at Zhuge Yue household, Zhuge Yue find it odd that few of his brothers who were working with the government are not walking today as their favorite hang-out place is at Castle Peak courtyard. Usually, he sees them reading, eating snacks or fruit, no flying eagles blazing in the heat on the stream if it is not too much cruel. At this point, he was lying on the bed, after hearing the news of the servant and said he was not feeling well and cannot attend their meeting today.

Chu Qiao stood in front of the incense burner and gently fan its incense. She raised her brow gently, the face is pale and reserved. After a while, the food is set out in the table and Chu Qiao sent back the food tray to the kitchen while maids and went out next to them.

Jin Jiao eyebrows sinking slightly forms a secret in mind, while her effort was short she also finds out the gap.

Glass hall is called the Red hall but in reality, the structure is more of a Pavillion. It is located in the middle of the Red Mountain Hall, an octagonal mountain to be exact in the description. Usually, sky blue on summer and now its winter season the lake is frozen, vast snowfall on both sides of the red and white mountain, Merlin looks silvery cold in full bloom, bright and eye-catching.

Merlin is owned by Zhuge Happy Home Valley. A huge hill on the slope of the Zhuge household was moved to follow the protocol of the Imperial on the basis that its location is good for hunting, dedicated to pasture and breed those good blood horse. This place is barely populated and next to it is an area that has no entrance to people and is very remote. Chu Qiao is small but smart avoided guards attention into the Happy Valley when she climbed and slipped to the slope. Thankfully she was not caught.

Jing Yuer’s little body is also good and bad she thought. For example, now, she wants to move a pot of potted plants, it is necessary to have a bigger body to waste a great effort.

Before leaving the place, her eyes were drawn to the mountainside at the end and finds a stealthy figure. Chu Qiao is curious, she swings in carefully to lower her body to come closer and the man left but slowly approaching. She saw a tree on the mountainside with a dark horse tied to it. She sees a tall body without a trace of Soke (means man) and Chu Qiao did not respond. Chu Qiao’s feeling went strange, her mind racing that such a good horse should not be prepared if the person is a student. She looked down and sure enough, there is a small horse saddle but the horse did not eat the buckwheat. Chu Qiao tiptoes, pulled the horse head, carefully looked for a long while, gently wrinkled her brow and winked.

Chu Qiao is about to leave, turn around and see the body of the horse where it stood first stood she finds dozens of white feathers and arrow, a silver arrow, a small Yan Shi Zi pen force engraved on the top.

Meanwhile, the princes of the government are in the glass hall to eat the plum, Jin Jiao along with the remote octagonal cliffs trail ran over, put the pot of fire vine placed in the cliff on the trail, from the side of a bag poured out several snakes.

“I know you’re a ghost!”

A sharp voice suddenly sounded, Chu Qiao turned around and saw Jin Jiao is standing behind her, triumphantly looked at her and said: “Don’t worry I won’t tell the fourth young master or else you are dead again.”

“Really?” Chu Qiao tilted her head, with her smart mouth, ear micro-movement, listened to the footsteps like some sort of limit was taken, she shook her head and said: “That is not necessary!.” Without warning, a body was already falling off the cliff then suddenly flip down!

“Ouch!” A virgin voice almost at the same time sounded, Jin Jiao had no time to exclaim, exposed in the public and buckled on the ground.

Zhu Shun’s cold eyes were watching the girl with hatred and scratch his head, coldly said: “Jin Jiao, now people saw and come and get you, do you have anything to say.

Jin Jiao looking shocked and quickly said: “not me, it is the Jing Yu’er, I just followed her!”

“Nonsense, I saw you sneak to Zhu Shun’s housekeeper and stole a pot of rattan angle and then framed also others!”

A crisp sound suddenly said, Jin Jiao turned her head and saw a little girl with Zhu Shun’s side, looks really very familiar, her mind like flashes of light and suddenly figured out the whole picture, exclaimed: “She and Jing Yu’er is part of the group from Zhu housekeeper, I cannot believe it’s really her!

Zhu Shun sitting on a soft chair, carried by four young men. A few days before the twenty slashes in the big board were whipped to him. Now Zhu Shun’s ass is swollen, pressed his hands but frowned, down with his voice he said: “You say you are followed by Jing Yu’er and what happened to the Xing’er child?

“She jumped off from the cliff.”

What?” Zhu Shun suddenly furious, snapped: “when did it happen you idiot? You mean the Jing Yu’er girl in order to trap you, she even jump from the cliff to death?


“You are useless!” Zhu Shun angrily said: “You have four or five years into the government service and I have been waiting for you since then. You and Jin Chen is also your house inside the Castle Peak. Why is this bitter dirty water poured into my head? Do you want to do what you want now? Do you want to offer my head and see your master‘s face?

“Zhu Shun, you have to believe me.”

“Come on! Give me a tough fight!”

Harsh screams suddenly heard from a distance, Chu Qiao clutching the rope ready in advance of a swing, she got into a small cave. This octagonal mountain with ink rock piled together, every spring, the ink will be on the breeding of purple moss, this moss is extremely rare, dry and baked after its unique aroma, elegant and suitable for meditation, Zhuge household has been living under the people household of every spring. Information is passed and collected in the cliff moss, how many people is needed and it will take for a long time to dig out a high hole. Chu Qiao has been hanging out all day long in the garrison backyard, she is familiar to the hole for a long time, she clawed a few panes of grass and then carefully fell to the ground. While she slowly recovered with the use of the rope with a hook lock, she quietly waited for the crowd to be dispersed.

At this time, a warm breath softly caressed her ears, with a few silky, funny male voice whispered: “You little girl, why is your heart so vicious?

Chu Qiao surprised and switched to her violent move back to the rush between the one side, did not forget to grab a rope from the hook, facing each other’s neck was fiercely inserted down.

“I have seen countless shrews, you are the shrewdest from all of them. It is hard to imagine, you are still under the age of ten.” Yan Xun said.

The other hand with his quickness tightly grasped Chu Qiao’s little hand, sound waves of a splash, she was pinned to the ground.

Chu Qiao small body was one hand pressure down on the ground, but stubbornly looked up, suddenly surprised, eyebrows frowned and coldly said: “who are you?”

The man seems to be surprised a moment, carefully looked at the glances of a child, then to his delight, he laughed: “I said who are you really and do you mind if I ask the same question to you?” And…

Yan Xun’s eyes grow bigger while staring at her with his handsome smile he said:

I saw a little girl training to fly, he said. His face features high nose, eyes dark as ink, gentle but concealed a few dots like a sharp blade, impressively is the guest of today’s feast – Yanbei land in Beijing for the prestige of the Yan Shi Zi.

Chu Qiao stubbornly looked up with her cold voice and said: “How did you find this place? What do you want?

Yan Xun chuckles: “I should be the one asking you, right?”

Chu Qiao’s heart is fighting and she repeatedly thought to push the man down the cliff to have a few layers of grasp and the trick would be fatal while thinking she is touching the dagger at her waist. But Yan Xun put up his fingers, whispered: “If you do not want to be found, on the security of some, try me, do not to break the idea of ​​a small child, how vicious and brave little girl.

Chu Qiao raised her brow: “Excuse me! Speaking of vicious, why are you here? This is not a place for you to play, you hid here, right? Presumably, you are not doing anything good, you and I are not a child, did you not see I am bigger than before? Help yourself!!

Yan Xun heard this, suddenly stood up, to ask Pao Wen (means shillyshally, trifle or mess around) and then a Humilis (bird species of China called lesser fish eagle) fly above them then he looks up and cried: “What is it birds of Happy Valley?”

Chu Qiao shocked and wanted to stop him but has been too late. Think of their own exposure, Chu Qiao also set no luck, suddenly pulled out the dagger, toward the Yan Xun’s vest on the stabbed away.

Yan Xun like a chic hook covered Chu Qiao’s mouth then held her tightly in his arms. At this time, someone in the above came with the voice of inquiry, Yan Xun from the hole looks stuck and loudly he said: “This is a world to enjoy the plum, you, in the above are called ghost or what?

Zhu Shun who was carried to the cliff saw Yan Xun, suddenly his power and prestige lost in the wind nodded his head repeatedly and send its servants to leave quickly.

Yan Xun smiled and let go of her arm, turned his head to Chu Qiao and he smiled so handsomely, said: “Tell me, you owe me a big favor, right?

Chu Qia’so small head, standing in front of Yan Xun relaxed unto his shoulder, at the side of her ear listening for a while, sees the above, really, there is no movement. She used her hand as a hook-like a monkey to climb up but the walls are too scruffy.

Yan Xun eyes squinting at her, to see her skill is more agile, but it is not like martial arts look, she is only bold, cautious and neat in action. The cave is one meter far above, Yan Xun turns to use his hands to climb the rock wall while his face chuckles and attempting to jump up but failed as he did it intentionally.

While Chu Qiao seems sarcastic towards his funny playmate, she took a good look around to hook her hands and she got out. She determines the security then turned to leave. Hearing the voice of Yan Xun, saying: “Come back you lucky girl”  Chu Qiao went back looking calmly but cold said: “I do not want to owe you a favor, will be back when you pay attention to your horse!” She chuckles then went on her way!”

Yan Xun with his mixed emotions of surprise, angst, and laugh, until he realized his playmate did not come and looks as if the child’s figure has gone far. She left him like a puppy in the rugged path, climbing up and down, looking like a stupid hamster inside the hole.

Now, 13-year-old Yan Shi Zi’s eyes narrowed, gently smiled, said: “interesting.”

Chaoyang (means the morning sun) rising, vast snowfall stands in the lake above the octagonal fountain in the sunshine. It seems a different kind of beauty.


ACs Afterthoughts

Imagining what Merlin looks like?


CHAPTER 012  The Law of Survival

Under the octagonal mountain were built with lots of traps, tricks and strategem into the Merlin passed on to Zhuge household from generation to generation.

Today the great family of the lavish son gathered Zhuge household. Merlin generation was strictly guarded and very peaceful and reserved. The small child Chu Qiao is walking in the Merlin, to harvest plum from time to time and there and never been a day that she did enjoy doing this kind of job.

“Hey! Come here!”

A loud voice she heard, sounds like childish and overbearing tone. Chu Qiao looked up and encountered a small child almost 10-years-old today. He is wearing a green robe, fine skirt on the golden spine line, refined sewing whole body in white duffle coat with mink silky tail, surrounded by his bright and clean jade face, strong little nose slightly wrinkled, a pair of eyes staring at her and shouted: “I am calling for you!”

Chu Qiao frowned and thinking not to stir up trouble today she bend politely and coldly said: “Slaves always do something, please, I cannot stay for a long time.” Then she left.

The little son was surprised for a moment, did not expect this slave could do this to him. His small nose wrinkled then he waved his hands of the whip and shouted at her: “dog slave!

Chu Qiao still listening in a distance changed her mood and then she turned around, stretched out her pair of white hands as if ready to receive the whip but she throws a ridicule attitude to the boy as Chu Qiao seemed to be entertained at the moment.

The little Zhuge son thinks of this Zhuge small maidservant is so sturdy but he is already engaged now so it is hard to pull back and his pull did not actually drag Chu Qiao not even a an inch, he pointed his whip stick to Chu Qiao’s lips and said angrily: “Are you scared of death? I will cut you!”

Chu Qiao coldly smiled and smirked at him and looked straight to the boy then she grabbed the boy’s whip’s hand and did a smart turn and the whip of the boy suddenly slide and fell to the hands of Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao still looks like less than eight years old, petite although she is not 10 years old at the moment her small face with her cheeks so pink and tender but her eyes have no hint of any childish attitude.

She looked calmly and walked step by step with her voice said flatly: “whip is used to catch the horse, is not used to hit people.

Then, Chu Qiao whip the horse of the little Zhuge son and the horse slowly walked to leave with his child master riding on it.

Zhuge little son observed this little girl though small than him, but full of momentum, skill is also very flexible, actually he remembered someone close to his heart. He turned and saw her left and he became somewhat anxious but he cannot pull the next good words so he was angry he whipped his horse towards her and stop in front of her he exclaimed: “You are serving in Zhuge home which yard under the name of what you? Do you know who I am? I believe we have not met before.”

Chu Qiao looked up to faintly Zhuge little son and push his arm with contemptuous eyebrows: “beat someone else’s not me or I will find someone to know what are your abilities, your identity, I….” then Chu Qiao cut him by saying: “there is no interest in knowing me at all. “

Zhuge little son stood and shaking with his anger because he cannot get simple answers from Chu Qiao. He had his final look at the small body of Chu Qiao and went his way until he is hidden at the end of Merlin with some daze he is gone.

Back to the Castle Peak, Chu Qiao around with people heard voices of greetings straight into the Xuan hall. Zhuge Yue leaning against the soft couch had a lazy look. Zhuge Yue saw Chu Qiao but did not lift his head but glimpse on her eyes, he stole a glance at her.

Chu Qiao went to a green jade vase to put in fresh plum blossoms she picked from Merlin earlier. After the flower finish, she went to Zhuge Yue’s side, squatting in a small incense burner, the plum fresh pick from the snow white and blue incense mixed in one place, and then carefully laid it into the incense burner. She took a small fan and fans it gently. The mood of the room suddenly freshens up. All the time Zhuge Yue was just observing Chu Qiao, how careful and delicate her hands are, her hand gestures makes him drawn and finesse touch finds delights in his eyes. The aroma went to Zhuge Yue’s nostrils and his mood became more relaxed he gradually closed his eyes.

Time passed, Zhuge Yue’s seems to have fallen asleep like a baby for a while, then suddenly came a burst of sound outside, the young master was just slipping to the dream world when he felt impatient and opened his eyes and frowned.

“Fourth young master, someone from Zhuge Huai household sent this information courtesy of Zhu Shun’s housekeeper that in the octagonal mountain they caught Jin Jiao girl carrying a pot of rattan angle with lots of snakes stole from people.

Zhuge Yue eyes narrowed slightly, slowly said: “Jin Jiao though domineering but timid she would dare to carry a snake? Do you have something to say?

“Jin Jiao said … …” under low voice suddenly she fell down, she hesitated another maindservant’s glance of eyes quietly sitting in the corner of Chu Qiao and whispered to her: “She said she was followed by the star child and that star child framed her and the candle bearer Jin Chen and the purpose is to revenge those Jingjia children who died before in Zhuge Huai household.

“Star child,” Zhuge Yue paused for long said in a disappointing but soft voice: “explain yourself.”

Chu Qiao kneel on the ground, her voice calmly replied: “back to the fourth young master, star child did not do it.

“Where did you go?” Zhuge Yue is looking at her but still gives her the benefit of doubt.

“Star child went to pick fresh plum blossoms for the master’s incense burner.”

“Do you have a witness?”  Zhuge Yue was probing her.

The child tilted her head, and thought for a moment, said: “Star child in the garden met a Zhuge little master, because he is little maybe he is not working with the government almost ten years old, wearing a green robe, skirt on a white mink tail, and I do not know his name.

“Well,” Zhuge Yue nodded his head, facing the source of the servant said: “You go on.”

That next person slightly surprised a moment, careful puzzled and said: “That Jin Jiao girl?”

Zhuge Yue on half  open eyes looked up then he closed his eyes, sat on the couch, slowly said: “In this case if a servant is at fault, you know my rules, take her to the place to receive the punishment.”

The servant understood the order and carried it out.The room returned to its tranquil mood, only incense fragrance a drift, like a mass of clouds.

“Star child, do you hate the household that killed your loved ones?” Zhuge Yue confronted her but his voice was a trace of unexplained sadness.

Chu Qiao on her head down and well-behaved back: “Master, star child does not have rights to answer your questions as I am a slave in your household. Because of fourth young master, star child can sleep in the warm kang bed, eat hot dishes, can wear warm clothes, star child was still small when loved ones departed this world, my heart cannot fit so many things yet so I cannot fathom or remember its weight. Star child just wanted to serve the young master and live well.

“Well,” Zhuge Yue nodded his head, “truly you are right, you are young and you can work safe. After the Xuan hall to receive your reward.” This is the second time Zhuge Yue gave her a reward.

“Yes, thank you fourth young master.” The child respectfully bowed her head down, for a long time and before she left she told her master: “Master do you believe that sister Jin Jiao framed candle sister Jin Chen?

Zhuge Yue did Qingqi (means girls beautiful eyes like an autumn waters) on Chu Qiao and said: “Jin Jiao can have much courage, even if she has, she cannot think of such a plan. Zhu Shun is the old man in the government and does all kinds of wrong like suffer a fight, face to make life difficult, he wants to give it to yourself but I do not accept. There is some limit he should have not done, he should not pour dirty water into my Aoyama(Castle peak) courtyard, and make a false impression of the how fool my servants are to wash away his own. Do not forget what I just told you today.

“Why did not fourth young master help big sister? The painful clasp of your office would kill her.

“If she did not do it, I will save her, she is so easy to be in someone else ‘s trap, showing that her mind is fool, would such person still deserves to stay in my Aoyama garden and what is the use of it?

Noon sun glares and leaks its light to the window edge with plum’s fresh taste, Chu Qiao is sitting on a small stool and her pair of eyes slightly narrowed.

Time is slipping from her and does not want to waste it.


CHAPTER 013  Has just began

Zhuge household was long established for more than decades while Zhu Shun is just more than a year old living in Zhuge Huai household.

Although Jin Jiao has been identified, for the first time Chu Qiao’s heart felt an unwarranted care for her big sister Jin Jiao and candle holder Jin Chen too, but too late for the latter. She figured out Zhu Shun’s plan was to implicate to his master and bring his master’s own disaster inside. Chu Qiao is thinking if she shared this to Zhuge Yue, the young master may not really believe, but misunderstood her in order to take away the crime that was obviously framed by Zhu Shun. Zhuge Yue knows this very well so he commissioned a third-party source to quietly gather the facts and investigate first, and hold off the palm (means axe, pain, punishment) from his office and waited until tomorrow when young master’s third-party source is done and pass their reports to him.

At night, like the site of a dead girl, inside the dark firewood room, Jin Jiao whole body flesh shows a sight full of  no more than 30 whip marks. With her thin body it look like it received a heavy punishment. Chu Qiao stood in front of her and scoop up water for her to drink but to her surprise the weakling still have some strength left to resent her. She shouted at her face.

Jin Jiao humming in pain slowly wake up and sees Chu Qiao, she went desperately cried: “Little slut! Don’t you dare see me!”

Chu Qiao looked quietly in front of her and listening to the girl’s loud curse for a long time after she heard it all she lightly said: “If you really want to die, you can continue to what you are doing.”

Jin Jiao clothes is stained with blood, pale face, chest ups and downs, eyes full of resentment.

Chu Qiao shook his head, slowly said: I have long warned you, but you have repeatedly go against me, today if you did not track me down you would not have end this way. Everything is your own to fault and you only have yourself to blame.

“I don’t want to see your face!”

Chu Qiao sighed and said, “Do you really want to die?”

Jin Jiao, Chu Qiao continued: “I did not harm your heart, today everything was fine until you followed me. I just want to give you a lesson. Unfortunately, fourth young master refused to save you, it seems you can only go to Tinghu (means west) like a dead end and end up like Jin Chen. “

Voice faded, Jin Jiao’s face turn pale white, she looked at Chu Qiao implying her eyes suddenly showing a trace of desire to survive. She tightly stared at Chu Qiao and painfully said: “Star child, sorry for bringing you in and to accuse you for the recent hatred, sorry, death for the young master is the idea of ​​Jin Chen and Zhu Shun. I just told you the truth, can you come near me and  save me. I beg you, save me from fourth young master for I do not want to die! “

Then Jin Jiao could not help but to tremble and sob. Chu Qiao sigh, put back the parcel, and coldy said: “Do not cry, did you think I came here tonight just to tell you’re old and have to die? You do not die, since you already know how it hurts you today. This way, I will let you go, put this dress on, I’ll send you out immediately.

Chu Qiao untied her roped and help her stand up.

Jin Jiao, quickly said: “Can I go out safe? These guards are impossible to escape.”

“Do not worry, I bought the back door for you and guards like blind did not see you today, the master is not yet at home so no one will pursue little maidservant, as long as you escaped from the government, they won’t hunt you and you will be able to keep your life.”

Jin Jiao with Chu Qiao behind, the two turned out the window, after the red hill trick paths, suddenly they listened to the distant footsteps. The footsteps are coming from the inventory of the nursing home Jia Ding. The two was bit surprised, squatting on the ground they did not dare to go. Then Chu Qiao turned around as she will be a burden to Jin Jiao and coldly said: “I will meet those people to open your way out then you are to approach the backyard at the West Gate where the gatekeepers are blind, today you are good to go, just say my name and they will let you leave. Here are some clothing from my previous Ju Xiang sister, I am not sure if these would fit you but better have than never. I do not have much money I can only help you with these and after you go out it will be easy.

Then Jin Jiao turned away from the other side quitely, and Chu Qiao walked the other side where the patrol of the nursing home heard, suddenly followed Chu Qiao.

Jin Jiao opened the parcel and see inside a few copper not even to buy a roast goose is not enough, could not help but frowned. She also saw the pieces of clothing is not broken, dirty nor ugly but has strange smell out of calm heart. She once thought of her old life as one of Zhuge Yue maidservant but right now she is on her own with no clear life direction. What Chu Qiao did to her is the last resort she could think of and expected the last person to help. She cannot believe she would become a trickster if she would turn her back she will lose face.

There were only few copper she took it out to unload her back she threw the parcel and took with her what is necessary. Her escape is like no other if she is found it may bring trouble to Chu Qiao as she help her get out.

Cold wind blowing and frost starts to buildup in her clothes but shed a bright future.

At this moment, Zhu Shun’s room, a man’s heavy breathing and the woman’s Jiao Yin listening from her ears constantly heard some kind of evil spirits.

In a cold winter night, the guards have long been lazy to find a warm place to take a nap’ Chu Qiao quietly sneaked into the front of Zhu Shun’s room quietly and did not sense her slightest movement.

Finding a good position, Chu Qiao squatting Zhu Shun’s door side, dark night, a pair of eyes like a dark gem, flashing wisdom and calm glory. Suddenly, the man is cheerful and humming sound heard some sounds of rustling of clothes. Chu Qiao holding a stone, facing the door her favorite spot is established and slingshot the door to divert his attention down.

Door slam was heard , it did not make any noise, but it is enough to let the people inside to listen clearly. Zhu Shun said: “Who is outside?”

Chu Qiao did not answer, but picked up a stone, and played hide and seek.

“Show yourself!” The man said irritably, “Who is the middle of the night?”

The door was opened, but not a shadow, Zhu Shun surprised and frowned and went outside and with just a lift of his heel was an invisible rope he tripped and came crashing to the ground.


Zhu Shun screams and words of curse uttered in the air, a dark bag on the pocket under the hood with a pitch black eyes. Man was shocked, and finally realized that something was wrong, shouting, reaching out to catch up on the random.

The night is strong as coldness pressing in, Chu Qiao holding a sharp dagger with keen a eyes and wintry breath facing his fat hand, like a shadow she twisted so quick until cracks was heard and blood spilled his clothes!

In a flashback, a familiar sound was heard and like a sound in the skies chanting: “Kill the pig!! Kill the pig!! Widespread screams scattered in the skies until the voices became gradually in mute, Zhu Shun holding his broken wrist, playing on the spot to roll. Chu Qiao had quick thought and said: “too easy, sorry not today!”  and toward the west she retreated to the flowers like a flash of light she disappeared.

Behind was nursing home guards came rushing with their noisy footsteps and the woman troubled she exclaimed:

“How can we help! Zhu housekeeper, what can people do?”

The woman ‘s on her night clothes and seems to be half dressed, looking panic and cried: “I did not see any adult person attacking us but the body is not tall, it seems…, seems to be a like child.

“Where did it go?”

“Heading to west.”

“Go get the intruder”

More than ten feet from her stance in front of her one by one passed, nobody noticed Chu Qiao whose trying to shrink her body, she squatted in the grass. When everything seemed to have passed by and quiet down the child patted the dust in her body and stood up, and comfortable to leave the right and wrong, she felt small justice was favored this night and sensed different kind of calmness afterwards.

Heading to the Hongshan courtyard of the Jile Pavilion lake are strategems, and sure enough to see her own small baggage was messy thrown on the ground. The child smirked and picked up her effects and went fast to the Castle Peak. She knows the paths and where are the traps and strategems located so carefully from the rear window into the room, she changed outfit with a white soft cotton gown as she enters the Zhuge Yue hospital, after few steps she walked in towards the garrison backyard. Finally reached Castle Peak home rooms. She practiced this few times and looking at her window at the distance Hongshan courtyard was running in chaos their noise is getting attention but nobody caught the outsider, moon is shining and illuminating half the sky.

Chu Qiao brushed her hair, rubbed her eyes, a pair of sleepy eyes likes to open the door, but she didn’t bother as she tired, she has fallen asleep while few small maidservants were outside

“What happened there?”

Several small maidservants are thirteen four years old, but no trace of Chu Qiao, one by one at a loss of shaking their heads. At this time,  Xuan hall sounded the alarm of the door as there are few people and more came as they hurriedly ran over.

Zhuge Yue looking overcast, looked at the head of the hair of Chu Qiao’s and the others then on the outside came are the guards said: “What happened? Why is so noisy?”

“Master, outside the station at Hongshan courtyard they were hunting the assassin who cut off’s the hand of Zhu housekeeper. There were reports that guards in the West Gate door caught but escaped Kamisha (means beautiful and careful) girl, and will be charged back to the palm (means axe, pain, punishment).

Zhuge Yue baffled a moment but cannot control himself to chuckle up a bit and said: “As the saying goes, the dog will jump the wall, did not expect Jin Jiao outlook was quite savage.”

That guards carefully looked at Chu Qiao, said: “Kamisha girl was arrested when she shouted and it was suspected that it was the star child forced her to do it or else star child threatened to harm Jin Jiao.

After what was said: all eyes turned to Chu Qiao’s body, Chu Qiao little face suddenly wrinkled, a pair of watery eyes grievances of blinking, almost to tears, turned to the poor. Watching Zhuge Yue sad said: “fourth young master, star child, star child has been sleeping in the room, I, I did not … …”

“Master, Star child has not been out in the room, we are with her.” A third maid suddenly came forward.”

Voice faded, several other maidservants also vouched for her.

Zhuge Yue satisfied with the answers, nodded his head and said to the servant: “tell the palm of the house, if the woman is nonsense, it is useless to have trial and should directly throw into the lake to feed the fish and shrimps. Star child how many more fingers point out to you? The master said in his mind.

Zhuge Yue dismissed his household quickly and after they bowed their heads to the young master, they moved back to their rooms and posts.

Zhuge Yue saw Chu Qiao and said, “You also go back to sleep with pity in his eyes and did not take much time to talk to her.” Then he turned into the Xuan hall.

Chu Qiao still looking oppressed standing in place, a few small maidservants to came towards her and pulled Chu Qiao’s hand, said: “Star child,  do not be afraid, we will stand for you because you are innocent.”

Chu Qiao acknowledged and smells pear rain (means fragrance in the air) said: “Thank you sisters.”

The night almost three to dawn, and harsh coldness blowing steadily outside and a reverie of the past comes to remind Chu Qiao of the present because today almost a year past since the slaughter of Jingjia children. And this evening has not even settled its blood price, not even paid in half full. 

afterthoughts-The Kamisha girl mentioned in this chapter by the author seems to be two person but did not disclose the other until the next chapter. The other one was captured while the other one escaped. It may seem that Chu Qiao got company other  than her sneaking to Zhu Shun’s place or may have mistakenly passed by Hongshan courtyard.


CHAPTER 014  Has nothing to do with it


The assassin incident was uprising and did not rest from dawn until the next day. Given Zhu Shun’s housekeeper broken one hand, Zhuge Huai’s household suffered heavy losses. With Zhu Shun’s outraged he asked his master  Zhuge Huai for justice and put all the blame to the Kamisha girl they arrested who turns to be Jin Jiao. Still on her wounds, Jin Jiao was dragged to the palm where she was wrapped in ropes and mat. She was thrown to the pavilion lake.

Zhuge Yue in deep thoughts and not on his typical temperament, it looks like his maidservants was one by one seized by death in more or less than 24 hours someone dies and lately his thoughts are about the little girl Chu Qiao who is the only one left. She is young, more or less than eight years old, looks immature, usually speaking in vain when he is in front of her, even if she has the capability, in the eyes of outsiders she still is somewhat unknown. In the mid-day, the news leaked to the entire family and all its government ties from top to bottom, it is not likely the profile of the fourth young master and how he runs the government but this afternoon it may have become an idle rumor as the fourth young master was quietly known and raised on the curtains of  the Yue masters of the old where they began to train up young girls and mold them into the character they want them to be in the future.

“This way please”, they regarded Chu Qiao in a more respectable manner.

Still in the middle of the day, Chu Qiao wearing a new dress of white sea Begonia skirt paired with white camel hair boots adorned her head with two green flowers jade. She jumped and hopped in the back garden of the lake, look Jiaohan (means stunning) lovely. She had just gone from Merlin where she usually pick various blossoms and she is drenched with fragrances. On her way to the bamboo forest, a shadow eventually showed in front of  her wearing a good smile and said: “I cannot believe I found you!

The Zhuge little son today wearing a navy blue robe sophisticatedly embroidered on his expensive clothes with colorful cavalry of birds, so colorful and admirable Chu Qiao impressed with his in style fashion, little son beamed a smile to Chu Qiao and said: “Where do you go? The weather is fine, let ‘s go fishing.”

Chu Qiao frowning, watching the little son excitedly, shaking his head and said: “Sorry I cannot come today, so busy and I have work to do, so more work, less company.” Then she went on her way.

“Hey hey, do not go.” The little son quickly hurried in front of her as he opened his arms in attempt to stop her then said: “I have been looking for you all this morning and finally found you here in the bamboo forest. Tell me your name, which yard do you go to, I am going to Zhuge Huai household will you come over and you just go back with me?”

Chu Qiao raised her brow, turned her head, looked up and said: “Do you really want me to go with you?”

The little son sincerely agreed: “Well of all the maidservants under Zhuge household, you seemed the most pleasing to the eye, what about if I offer you a new job and become one of my personal bodyguards, will you accept?

Chu Qiao looking amused she nodded and said: “Well, then I tell you my name, but you come to the young master and tell that you saw my skills and that we met again today, okay?.”

“Do not worry!” The little son, pat his chest, exclaimed: “I will tell I met this small maidservant today who is somewhat  maybe ten or eight years old ,  Zhuge Huai also truly believes me.

“Well, you listen well, they call me virtual, living in the Ukrainian courtyard who is the sinus gods under the small maidservants, I order the daily work to the young ladies who plays and pinch some clay figurines, you have to remember.” Chu Qiao is chuckling inside and is playing with this kid.

The little son ‘s eyes light up: “You pinch a clay figurine?”

“aha” Chu Qiao bubbled into laughter her first time in years and sees this child who is really cute. She could not help but to tiptoe to reach out pinched his soft cheeks, smiled and said: “I have more skills to show you but not yet today, the future will give it to me one by one. I have to go practice first, remember if you find the young master then tell him.”

“Well, you can be rest assured,” little son nodded and has that sincere smile: “You still have to go back to pick up some blossoms, for now I can let you go.”

Chu Qiao finally walk away and turn around and still sees that little son standing on a large stone looking and waving at her. Chu Qiao cannot hold back her laughter so she grinned at him, turn over the bamboo forest holding her amusement she went back to Castle Peak.

“A fake name, a foreign courtyard under the master who loves fumes, favored Duo men, under small maidservants playing clay figurines, let us see you if you are able to decode it.

A clear male voice suddenly sounded coming from the top, Chu Qiao startled, looked up and saw Yan Xun’s grand garment, more handsome but flirtatious, his star eyebrows, sitting on the tall pine branches, he mockingly chuckles as he looks at her.

This is not the first time Yan Xun showed his true sunny nature to Chu Qiao and now she can no longer disguise she coldly looked at him and sarcastically said: “climb so high, not afraid to fall to death.”

“Do not worry about your worry, you are vicious child, or should I worry about the weather, I see the dark clouds gathered in the sky, in a winter season it is impossible to have a  thunder and people can be scared sometimes but you, when did you got one.”

“You do not have a good thing,” said Chu Qiao, who was small and stood by the tree, and said, “you do not have a bad thing either but the friendly guilty conscience is following the mind of the princes all day long and so I wait for the day to beat it and free its guilt.”

“You are so bold,” Yan xun said the words harshly but with chuckle tone, the young prince sitting in the tree and facing and following the child said: “I purposely shot that day but with futile arrows, good to put you away, in order to save you , Even your young master out of the blue danced to joy, but the little child under the favored skies is not grateful but the opposite of evil, what is the reason?

“I have warned you not to haunt me anymore, and do not ever threaten me, if you dare to do it, you will regret it.”

After what she said Chu Qiao turned to speed up the pace and upon walking two steps, her forehead bumped into a hard rough surface and saw it is snowy pine tower, she slightly bowed her head out of shame. The girl went furious, then turned around throw a dagger look at Yan Yan and said: Are you provoking me?

“Wrong,” Yan Xun cannot help it but hold himself to laugh so he put on a show of smile and said: “not provocation, I was bullying you.”

Chu Qiao tilted her head standing under the tree, suddenly turned silent to leave. Yan Xun pretended to be deep half-closed eyes, wanted to wait for this child with his own theory, see her go, dips his heart bitterly. Who knows, at this time, a fist-sized stone suddenly pierced the sky, ran straight to the Yan Xun’s pine tree. Fortunately, Yan Xun learned martial arts with his flexible response he was able to evade and scatter. He was both amused and surprised, suddenly felt a burst of coldness in his neck, a dark call is not good he was about to fall, as he listens to the sound, a crash is evident all along. The whole tree went on mini-avalanche as the thick snow after his weight. To his shock, he found himself a bed of ice, snow sprinkled  all over his body.

Yan Xun jumped off and covered with snow with a messy look , he saw the little girl standing on the white snow, she became even beautiful that he thought he saw the real snow white and he is the prince only fell down from the skies. He patted himself and genuinely had that handsome smile to her only to see her making faces and yes that middle finger. A demonstration of the general gesture, proud smile, then she turned far away.

Yan Xun not really got his nerves went on chuckle instead of hate but felt some numbness in his feet as the snow really feels cold. But quickly he snapped and wondering his head down when he realized he also put up the middle finger, thirteen-year-old Yanbei of the noble world puzzled, this is what? His gestures? Only thing Chu Qiao did not see and gone.

Eleven – year – old prince slept to the woods just to see her, ran up, claws and clamor he cried: “In the world, I went to catch her, so that young man to punish the pride of this humble girl.” 

“Did you catch her?” Yan Xun scoffed, pointing to the middle finger: “hey, what is this gesture, what does it means?”

“This,” prince slightly surprised a moment, but then precisely said: “should be the meaning of an apology, she also know that she does outrageous things, but the child is indeed sensible, she left you with an insult gesture instead. “

“Excuse me?” Yan Xun frowned: “Really? Its not like.

“Definitely, in the world, yes.” the prince said.

“is it?” Yan Xun looked so stupid and wondering. 

Zhuge small son arrived at Hongshan courtyard and inside the hall was Zhuge Huai and Zhao Che, who heard the words of the small son and after they listened, they laughed out loud and Zhao Che said: King little princes age is small, but it is not a ghost wizard, said with a mocking smile then turned to Zhuge Huai: “Huai, your home is full of such a clever maidservants, I would like to see and know them better.”

Zhuge Huai and Zhao Che said: “The servant is not that sensible, so they laughed again.”

“What’s the matter with you? What are you laughing?” The little son’s cheeks turned to red and anxious.

Zhao Zhe laughed: “sub – name, Wu Yuan, Dou Da Niang hand under the clay figurines play small maidservants, not just foolishness, did you play? 13th brother, my prince, people just told you a joke.”

hahaha . . . loud laughters heard even through the corridors.

Zhao Song’s little face flushed, stomping and bitter, turned and ran out.

afterthoughts- I thought Zhuge small son was a son from Zhuge household and small brother of Zhuge Huai and Zhuge Yue but after this chapter it is revealed he is Zhao Song the 13th Prince of Wei. I chuckled myself to death and Yan Xun looking stupid he did not know what a middle finger was all about. lol Remember Chu Qiao came from the future so this gesture was all natural to her and doing this in the ancient time is somewhere strange eh? lol


CHAPTER 015  GOlden Wind Yulu


“Rumbling!” Burst of festive guns sounded, blowing large tracts of white snowflakes, street lanes, countless children laughing, playing enjoying the fun, with the resounding noises they covered their ears. The sparks are grandiose and extravagant as the display of fireworks ascends in the skies.

The Great Summer Dynasty celebrates the twenty-fifth (25th) lantern festival and opened its festivities echoing like gun fires, majestic big show of drumbeats, fire dragon dancers and firecrackers up in the royal skies. The regal emperor ascended to the throne as it also celebrates the Emperor Zhao Zhengde’s fifty-seventh (57th birthday. The whole country was very lively with its man-made lantern festivals parade full of lights and colors, fanfare with the crowd, the military officials showcased their weaponry and showed their sword drills. They also dispense some firecrackers free of charge that looks like an artillery. The summit of this festive momentum was all about entering the Imperial fortress in the Wei palace that resembles the Kyoto Prefecture and were built hidden to protect the emperor. In the evening, upon emperor’s delight, he released an Imperial good news to award the creator of Wei fortress located at Royal Park where Wei Shu Ye let them pass through for the first time.

Display rumbling of fireworks at Zhuge household was also prepared for this important festival. On this day, Huang Cheng filled with snow and snowflakes like goose feathers and beyond. The city’s old man said: “this year looking at the city under snow is uncommon but in previous years it was all covered with frost”.

Chu Qiao wearing a new dress of light pink skirt, her coat was made of fox skin and her cloak gives coverage to hide her iconic face like a soft white jade seeming look of a white fox, natural pink cheeks, big round eyes, fluttering snowflakes fall in the tip of her nose, the child’s little nose gently wrinkled and looked so pretty.

“Star child, young master has called you.”

The new little maidservant ran so fast and on calling her she is gasping some air like a sheep, she spoke like she wanted to cry.

Chu Qiao slowly turned around, met the heart of the wind around, her half way done braided hair was scattered, it is natural to come forward to the child, on her tiptoe Chua Qiao stroke her own hair saying calmly: “Look at you, will you not slow down what is the matter?

Huan child is eleven years old but small in height, her face shows she is less than eight years old and always feels like a child. She bent over to let Chu Qiao’s ears and said: “Star child, you go must go, young master is waiting for you.”

Chu Qiao put down her hand as she finishes touches on her beautifully braided hair she nodded her head and said: “go.” Towards the direction of the main Xuan hall is eight steps, no reason to be hurry.

Alas, she pouted for a while, then shook her head and hurried on her feet.

Compared to Chu Qiao, Zhuge Yue is a slow child, she opened the Xuan hall door, she saw Zhuge Yue fourth young master is sitting on the couch playing a chess game, he sensed his star child on sight, he slightly frowned and gave her a hard look.

Chu Qiao was busy looking after the things they need to bring one by one she checks if the inventory is complete and she instructed the other attendants to make everything at ease, after she was done she went pouring a cup of tea and gently she put back the books his master left reading on the Zhuge Yue book case. She sat straight in the incense burner before holding her cheeks quietly waiting.

Time is so slow at the door of the attendants they have peruse his usual fancy dress and came in and out a lot of times, and finally wait until Zhuge Yue came out give the go signal to the attendants, he stood up and waiting, a careful maid came forward to let him fit and wear his expensive deerskin boots, Zhuge Yue is wearing a white and dark blue inner dress and a white robe, the outside inlaid design of the fire red fox made of large Qiu 球 (means sphere). His aura matches the thirteen year old boy but the children reveals he still looks young if he took out this robe.


Zhuge Yue whispered a cry, the young men standing at the door went react quickly. Zhuge Yue household already slip of a row of horses, due to the delay of Zhuge Yue, the other young men of his marshals already left first. A lay down slave kneeling on the ground, Zhuge Yue looked quietly, he went up, stepping on the back of the slave and turned on the horse.

He is about to go when Zhuge Yue suddenly turned to look at the door to send the Castle Peak maid, said: “Star child, come with me to the Lantern Festival?

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, quickly shook her head. Zhuge Yue nodded his head: “Come with me, I’ll take you.”

Chu Qiao froze for a moment while, only to understand Zhuge Yue said “up” refers to what? Her reaction is somewhat startled, she quickly said: “Master, this does not meet the rules.”

Zhuge Yue frowned and before he can say a thing, Chu Qiao suddenly stepped forward and said: “Star Child can ride her own.”

Zhuge Yue was puzzled for a while, he glared to her from top to bottom and looked Chu Qiao small body, and he suspected he took his word “a meaning” is very obvious.

“Master Zhuge Yue, to a Star Child a pony would be suitable since she said Star child will be able to ride.”

Zhuge Yue heard a smile, the pro-Zhu coldly nodded, and soon, a red pony was pulled out, small head, but compared to Chu Qiao the pony is smaller than her. Everyone was  all eyes at Chu Qiao who sees the pony legs are too short, some reactions are schadenfreude (means a feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people).

The child around the pony turned two laps, she highly raised her hand to be able to touch the pony’s horse. Zhuge Yue eyes glanced over her with a trace of funny feeling. He was about to help her hit it, suddenly see the children reach out the horse restraint and controls it, with her micro-force she turned to climb up. She made sure Zhuge Yue saw it in a slow motion, the action was surprisingly neat.

The crowd suddenly went crazy. Zhuge Yue was in awe and went back to his senses when he sees the child in white, in his eyes like a group of small snowballs, but the horse rise of its chest and signals his master horse is ready to follow his pony. He could not help but chuckle, turned and hit the horse away.

Chu Qiao, of course, will be riding, although the pony’s body is not so convenient fortunately this pony is very gentle, sees other horses go, but also very well-behaved when she went up to its back.

The curfew hours were suspended today as it is the most waited festival of the year the festival of lights. At the yuan corner, the street became more and more lively. The evening comes as the sky is getting dark, the place started the lights street and turned to a flashing lights of beauty. The fire trees Yinhua delightfully let go of its fragrant wind. Looking ahead, she saw it for the first time, the city through the Jiuwei Road, full of exquisite scenery. Road on both sides are two rows of long red-like lights and countless architecture was set to the stage. Singers and dancers, jugglers are present, drama, noisy music all gathered together at this place. Beautiful lanterns tied and lines up like a ceiling from the sky, fireworks bursting into the skies stirs the city of darkness and looked like the day, countless small business hawkers in the streets shouting to attract business. Selling boiled tobacco, tea, gems, ornaments, clothing, fruits and vegetables, home utensils, incense, flowers, powder fireworks, all the interesting material things, everything under the sun. The spirit of the night, such as a marvelous sight suddenly shaking the world can imagine the magnificent splendor of all the chaos dissolved for this night, roaming to a different turn into resistance, in the real city of north and south calls it the horizon of luxury.

Chu Qiao sat right away, her eyes wandering around, looking at this rare ancient night view.

Like a celebrity, Zhuge household reputation is known for its high power and authorities over the land, wherever she went, the people give way as a sign of respect for the higher powers passing. Like a red carpet she saw a stage with lots of colorful lanterns, strange styles and all kinds of pleasant animals, not to mention also fairy flowers, very novel and chic.

Stall holders sees Zhuge Yue stopped, suddenly he begged to hold a big dragon lantern. He gave some positive statement about the bright and fortunate lantern that Zhuge Yue is already making some scene in the public. Whatever he wants so he gets, pointing to a lantern on the high platform, said to his marshal: “You take that over.”

Stall holders look back, see this prestigious Zhuge family fourth young master son was actually after a white rabbit lantern, could not help but to give it away and hides in secret to gossip and chuckle for the young master.

He took the lantern in his hand, Zhuge Yue has always been a little indifferent in his face showing a trace of a rare smile. He handed over the lantern in front of Chu Qiao and said: “for you”

Chu Qiao slightly blushed a moment, subconsciously reach out like she was forced to receive in grace, so as not to make more scene she accepted but feels like awkward looking at his master’s face maybe insincere or indifferent that even a thank you are forgotten. Zhuge Yue looking calm, turned to fight the horse to move forward, as if nothing happened at that moment but to the attendants of the some strange eyes who sees Chu Qiao who is carefully passing, they secretly formed meaning of some kind of speculations.

Chu Qiao astounded, really put her as a child.

I saw the rabbit lanterns are very sophisticated, whole body white, a pair of red eyes, Chu Qiao out of her fingers gently point in the rabbit’s mouth, a pink color paper to do the little tongue suddenly stretched out, it scared her and thought it would hop.

When a sound of chuckles , Chu Qiao turned around, and it happens to be a team of lanterns just came in front of her, the line of sight blocked him to see Zhuge Yue. Jinlong Cai Fengyu the butterfly white fox fairy water gods, grass blue Gui everything, Akira eyes have some flowers, the bustling crowd was coming and going. Busy walking in the nine main street on top are the bright lights with jasper glare touch.

Time went more slowly and seems very long but seems also very short because the light team slowly dispersed.  I saw the other side of the street, frozen Chishui Lake snow is vast, snow trees hanging like a willow tree drooping, black horse leisure standing on the side, pathetic youngsters hands on his chest, lazily leaning on the trunk, eyes bright towards her, his smile faint, black eyes Ruyu (means to be sent to prison).

Bang bang loudly sounded, all the people suddenly lifted and saw the first day, saw the sky fire tree Yinhua, fireworks bloom, like the days of women’s water sleeves dance, and like the Fairview sunset drunk, bright dazzling, the concept of smoked and drunk.

At this time, she does not know who is this naughty child who threw a whip to Chu Qiao’s pony, and for the first time the red horse went on shock, raised its hoofs and headed to southeast like racing like flying up eagle.

Zhuge household the people exclaimed, but unfortunately Chu Qiao in a large number of people, she feels at lost for the time being.

The youngster under the tree who met her whizzy eyes turned around and launched a male whip leap, towards the direction of chasing away Chu Qiao.

afterthoughts – imagining the pony’s horse. It is so adorable.

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CHAPTER 016  On the Yuan snow night


The horse quickly ran as cold wind whistling from its ear, the horse was noisy but gradually went away and the sound of horseshoe landing. Little red horse is small but its breed is so fine, the little horse running up like a lightning and cast an unstoppable horse power and Chu Qiao a pair of small hands clutching horse mane, low body volley on the horse. She calmly look around the terrain with her small head running quickly.

Jing Yue’er is still small body and won’t be able to withstand the pain of death if she throws herself into a rapid fall from the horse she must find other escape way.

At this point, behind the sudden rush of horseshoe, a youngster was quickly catching up with Chu Qiao leaving two of them laterally riding and running together.

“You beg me, I’ll save you!”

The youngster voice was like a cold wind blowing into pieces but still like a broken record reached Chu Qiao’s ears. The child turned white-like little face, fiercely stared at the schadenfreude (means a feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people) boy. Her eyes tough, and do not have any hint of slightest panic.

“Then you tell me what those gestures mean and I’ll save you!”

The night wind turn dreary, cold moonlight is a sharp and like a knife with the pony in deep knee snow running and slows down but no signs it will stop the trend. Missed the opportunity, Chu Qiao suddenly loosened her hand, her palm grip was not able to maneuver the pony. In a blink of an eye, the male youngster on her side made a quick jump over.

A pop sound was heard. The child whole body fluttered and the youngster hurried towards her and exclaimed: “Le Ma!” (means either way horse) but it was too late. Two people rolled in gourd, the other youngster male from the dark horse, fell on the soft snow, Gulu (means noisy like drinking sound) Lulu (a person with outstanding appearance) rolled a few laps as dark horse ran faster, did not mind its master still struggling to chase behind the little red horse they quickly disappeared into the night.

“Blast!” A teenager anxious shouted calling in his runaway horse, eyebrows erected, too late to beat the body of the snow, staggered to chase the horse in two steps but only in vain.

“You pull the horse back to cut it down, moved by hands and feet I do not know what’s your problem, and now even the owner is too ignorant to chase it, with both horses are gone we do not have anything to ride anymore!” Chu Qiao got up from the ground, patted the body from the soft snow, looked up and down to her body and no injuries found.

Yan Xun was fiercely staring Chu Qiao, said with anger: “Blast is my Father’s Wang (king) Gang (strong) horse, from the north of the mountain he hunted it just to own this horse and gave it to me as a present. The horse is less than half a month and are not familiar with these snowy forest trails. Yet you, boldly let go of my horse, what should be your crime?

Chu Qiao humming soon with dislike attitude said: “Did I told you to follow me, your own horse cannot see and is it my fault?”

“Do you dare to talk to me like this?”

Chu Qiao frowned and throw a contemptuous look at this grumbling youngster looking like a great Yan North King cold and disgruntled. She turned and walked toward the direction of the city.

Yan Xun startled and did not think she will brush him off like that he snapped himself to quickly catch up with her steps, said: “Where are you going?”

Chu Qiao eyes slightly twitched: “Of course, go back home, is there anything I should do here to stay overnight?”

Chu Qiao’s knee is planted in snow deep, and to her thighs are shallow places of snow. Yan Xun walk in the Chu Qiao’s side as he sees her struggling. Yan Xun is originally at lost because of his horse but his dull heart suddenly was again unlock by Chu Qiao’s scent and charming eyes, on his side view he secretly smiled to Chu Qiao. Walking together in a few steps, their music were very sad, at the loose of foot, not enough time to exclaim, both of their whole body suddenly fell.

A sound of breach was heard, Chu Qiao already conscious that they are in helpless situation, almost at the same time, the child instinct to reach out and grab Yan Xun’s arm but unfortunately the weight of Yan Xun is no too  much of what a child can bear.  In a loud bang, the two of them fell together into a big snow hole.

“Yan … … Hello, how are you?” Yan Xun from the snow hole turn up his head because the child Chu Qiao is covered with snow and was on top of him, he sees a white hand and he pulled Chu Qiao like a carrot trying to dig her way out. When she got out, Yan Xun shook her head and shouted, “You did not die?”

“Let go.” Said Chu Qiao. The young prince hurt by what she said, he frowned, when she is about to step away she felt her foot is somehow injured a bit and Yan Xun’s brow suddenly wrinkled more tight.

Yan Shi Zi with some worry: “You hurt?”

“Chu Qiao looked up and sees the height of the snow hole from the snow ground is not very high. She turned to Yan Xun and said:” Can you climb up?

Yan Xun watched the distance, then shook his head and said: “the snow here is soft, if this ground we can jump otherwsie we would only go deeper and deeper.”

“Then tonight we will be frozen to death.” Chu Qiao murmured she stood up then said: “You stepped on my shoulder to climb up, and then find someone to save me.”

Yan Xun shook his head: “I should first send you up, you go to someone who can save me.”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, looked up and down to Yan Xun one, then nodded and said: “Sure.”

After few tries, Chu Qiao sees the sky in the full moon after feeling like a life and death in general, she was lying on the snow cave, looking down still stuck in the hole, Yan Xun, loudly cried, “I am waiting, call me when you get back.”

Yan Xun smiled and waved: “Off you go!”

She walked some few steps and she just felt her ankle pain seems to have been twisted. She reluctantly walked a few steps and for the first time she thought of Yan Xun and suddenly the child unconsciously stopped the pace, her eyes narrowed slightly and the back to a burst of coldness.

If she turned away in this piece of remote wilderness, tonight, Yan Xun will die. If so then, she is already even with him? She’s thinking of the first day he met him, the hunting field on the cross-flow of blood, sharp arrows, young body, Chu Qiao’s heart is pumping quickly than usual. Although that day, those who killed the arrows mostly from Zhao’s two brothers, although Yan Shi Zi’s arrows are mostly targeted the wolf’s body, although afterwards he was Zhuge family brothers who laugh at the children’s dedication, though he is not that trustworthy but on his handsome smiles, she let herself overlook for a while.

The child stood in the pale wilderness, eyes dark as ink, sparkling with a sharp edge.

Bang bang, one of the tall dead branches were thrown into the snow cave that almost hit the head of Yan Xu, Chu Qiao not far from distance heard Yan Xan’s anger roar: “You want to kill ah!” he said it with flirtatious voice.

Chu Qiao cannot help herself she turned her eyes. “If I want to kill you I do not have to spend so much effort, come quickly.”

With Yan Xun’s sharp skill he climbed up, looked up and down on Chu Qiao eyes, showing his teeth, smiled and said: “I thought you just left me like what happened the last time, regardless, turned and walked away.

Chu Qiao looked at him coldly and said with a irritable voice: “I only blame myself because I am not cruel.”

Yan Xun chuckled and ​​smiles then he walk a few steps in front of her, he chuckled again and put his hands on his waist, said: “Come on, as you did not do cruelty to me today, name your prize and get it from me.”

Chu Qiao doubts and looked up and down on him: “So even if you lost your King horse because of me, you are still willing to reward me?

“The world is in a good mood.” Yan Xun said and grinned to Chu Qiao.

Chu Qiao in silence, Yan Xun thought she did not want to but when her back suddenly sank and about to fall, Yan Xun caught her. Yan Xun coming face to face with Chu Qiao she looks more fragile and has soft little body.

As white as snow frost reflection, white shining one for the first time in Yan Xun’s  life he felt his action was somewhat awkward. He feels like they are twisted and restless at the same time. Chu Qiao out of white tender little hand, facing his neck snapped a bit she said: “honestly, I want to fall. “

Yan Xun surprised a moment and she really is honest, he was carrying Chu Qiao at his back slowly walking in the wilderness of snow. So sweet and tender from this stolen moments, came like a stopover to Chu Qiao hearing the pumping fast beats in Yan Xun’s back of his chest.

“Hey, do you know how far we just got out?”

The child replied calmly: “less than a stick of incense, if you go back, like it took us about an hour.”

Yan Xun nodded: “They call you star child?”

“How do you know?”

“The last time on the cliff, I heard when a maidservant framed you,” Yan Xun said in a low manner voice.

This night Yan Shi Zi’s mood seems to be very good as Chu Qiao is not sarcastic, he continue to ask: “What is your name?”

Chu Qiao gently hum still on his back resting: “Why should I tell you?”

“Alright I don’t want to force you, do not say it,” Yan Xun with serious voice he said: “I do not want to listen to it, sooner or later one day you will cry and ask me to listen to you.”

“In your dreams, then you wait patiently if ever that day comes.”

Yan Xun frown: “You are a child, how come you speak  so old-fashioned?”

The child on his back twitching her mouth she said: “How about you, you are big nut but why do you act so hard?”

Yan Xun stunned, then laughed: “My lady, you are really unforgiving and full of revenge.”

The voice of the child is a little bit bleak, the voice turns cold, indifferent, said: “You do not hold a grudge, it is because you have not been pointed to the arrow.”

The snow wind is humming and blowing, Yan Xun suddenly felt cold, he would like to talk about it more and want to refute but he just kept it to himself that he conveyed to those who have been believed in many years about the slavery system of high and low levels, at the moment in front of the child seems to be some outdated. Some things, we all say is right, we naturally think it is right, even if sometimes your heart, in fact, is what we should really think it is. Cold moonlight shines on the snow, the two children figure is a bit thin as the young prince became a sturdy like the oak tree walking while gently carrying the little Chu Qiao at his back and between this life and death, Yan Xun his savior for the third time. 


CHAPTER 017  Parted Ways


North wind have been blowing the snow like forever and covered the pale moon that brings generally dense goose feathers that almost blinds the eyes.

Snow over the dark sky and from time to time came the night owl’s desolate howl with those huge black wings hovering over the sky. From the air is a breath taking view overlooking the pearly, bright and sparkling glaciers. At this moment, in the outer side of this pearly glaciers is group of campers of worn out yellow face people. Even if they are thin and flourishing with a dashing beauty, it does not promise an effortless or painless journey.

The biting north wind penetrates the ragged campers and the snowy air is like a  knife that cuts their purple frozen skins. When the wind suddenly whistles, the dwellers would have to struggle and withstand the wrench of cold winds. There are no walls to protect them in passing the Red Chuan plateau on winter season and many campers would not be able to last long. A cry of baby was heard from the campers, a tingling cry gradually expanding and spread to the group of campers.

“Whiz” whisper suddenly sounded and the convoy of riding generals looked bleak then came to mother of the baby and snapped: “baby shut up!”

But how can the baby who is not sensible obey his orders so the cry still continues, the one with the mask frowned, and quickly came to the crowd bent over from a young woman’s arms to grab and lifted the baby high and then bitterly fell to the ground!

“Ahhhh!” Harsh screams on air the child’s mother exclaimed suddenly kneeling on the ground, clinging to the voiceless child, she held on her arms and burst into tears.

The eyes of the generals are sharp riding in front of the campers, no one dared to say a thing.

Under the dark skies, only the unfortunate young woman sad voice of dreadful cries is heard. The unhappy generals took out of the long sword and with no pity they cut off the woman’s spine, blood splashed and sprinkled in the pale snow.

Chu Qiao’s breathing stopped for a moment as she bit her lips, her hands full of force, she said must help them.

“Do you want to die?” The bright youngster clung to her tightly, and closer to her ear Yan Xun whispered: “They are the army of the Wei Imperial family, so do not act rashly.”

“It’s right here,” said the black-head generals, who said that the soldiers with the cold-iron helmet heard, descended and pulled out the sword on his waist, he also pulled out the ropes and tied the dwellers feet who were kneeling on the ground.

Generals eyes are sharp and knows no mercy, the thin lips sipped into a straight line, slowly with a cold voice he said the word: “kill!”

“Shuak” the swords in neat execution. The young soldiers looking like iron whose eyes are not blinking, heads were rolled, fell on the thick snow, the warm bodies spurts the blood from the cavity. Blood merged into the ice floor sites like a fishy hot stream, but the moment was frozen in cold air.

The child tightly biting her lower lip, hiding in the snow after watching the execution in close proximity of killing, her heart fiercely clenched. Her eyes are so bright, like the bright star, but they are the eyes who saw joy but eyes who kept still and burning in fury. Yan Xun’s hand though cold felt her outrage and so he doubled the effort of tightly holding her. But there is a kind of emotional flow in the blood, so he almost did not dare to turn to face the child’s eyes, as the arms under that little body exudes a kind of heat, almost burned his hand.

Yan Xun watched the rulers of the empire and generals repeatedly slain the head of the civilians. Those acts looked normal to him and with callous heart he didn’t mind until his heart became flesh that can now decipher the principles of good or bad, its callous peeled off layer by layer. He thinks that they were not cutting their heads, but their own beliefs.

Saber swings, cavity blood scattered, those outlander civilians looking calm, did not have the slightest fear of death. Chu Qiao clearly saw that she is not afraid of the ultimate numbness, not without hope or despair but more of self-abandonment, persistence coupled with hatred. Everyone is very quiet, no crying, no curse, even the arms of the children are very well-behaved, they open their eyes, watching the same family in the hands of the sword died one by one. The children left whose eyes are bright secretly hold the ripples of rage.

“Do you want to die?” The bright youngster clung to her tightly, and closer to her ear Yan Xun whispered: “They are the army of the Wei Imperial family, so do not act rashly.”

In a state of suppression was a heart of anger and hatred slowly bled, Chu Qiao’s fist twitched like she is ready for a kill to these bloodthirsty coyotes.

At this time, in a distance suddenly came a burst of rapid hoof, together with the sight of man anxious angry shouting: “stop!”

The white horse quickly approaching, the young man turned over and jumped, the general whip the sword on the wrist of the soldiers, block in front of the displaced, angry directed to the general shouted: “Mu He, what are you doing? ”

“Shu Ye Major General, I have a military order to slay these people.” General Mu He met his boss with his face frowned, but still did the gesture of dismal salute.

“Who is the authority, who gives you the right and allows you to do so?” Why do you pass the chaos to these people?

Mu He looks the same like a stubborn stone: “Major General, these people escaped under the Sheng Jin Gong rule. The decree was personally authorized by your uncle and entire Wei household agreed on it. It was personally delivered to us to execute and fulfill the decree. Please double check, we did not come here to no purpose. As you can see, even your brother from the old Wei courtyard  provided and instructed the Dili (means geography) and send us Fu (means good luck) yet Yin(means dark) fate with his personal approval. The red word was discussed by the entire family gathered together at Wei valve and we are under oath to follow orders and do not have the rights to meddle in their affairs.”

Shu Ye stunned, he turned around and was at lost, his eyes in the face of those who fled one by one. In the face of death these outlanders had no trace of fear but when they saw Shu Ye their faces no longer concealed their eyes where they kept their rage, then almost a sudden an old woman stood up, regardless if there are soldiers in front of her she cursed over: “You a liar! shameless messenger! God will punish you!”

In a split of seconds, a long sharp sword was drawn without a warning, cutting in the woman’s waist, blood from the blood of the sword came rushing from the woman’s waist and almost cut into two. The body unable to fall to the ground, but she still used her remaining strength to spit in Shu Ye’s white dress, grinning curse: “do not do … … do not … … put … … let go … …”

Shu Ye look haggard on sight from the mouth thick sticky phlegm hanging in the hem of his robe but he did not mind it. He is just silent and found himself in a lip of service looking at a messy corpse and countless pairs of eyes full of hatred.

“Major General,” Mu He sighed, came forward, coldy said: “The empire did not spare money to raise these people, the parsonage will not be funded for their construction of housing. You are Wei’s children and expected to respect the family will and we to safeguard the interests of the family.

His chest is beating so hard out of Shu Ye rampage, his eyes blood red but still restrained. Mu He frowned, the squad of soldiers, slightly nodded. The soldiers were ordered, suddenly raised their swords  and will continue to kill.

“A bad man!” A crisp voice shouted, Shy Ye looking at the the crowd finally, a small face raised from his mother’s arms, his face no tears, a pair of eyes is flushed, shouted: “Liar, you said to take us to the emperor and live in the house that does not leak, you said to let everyone eat and feed us warm, you said … …”

Sharp arrows instantly shot, Mu He general arrows are always precise, while still saying a blink of an eye arrow was aimed at the child’s eyes and from the mouth came out blood and the head is horrible in sight.

“Hands!” Mu He pull out the swords, angry shouted.


The young generals suddenly collapsed after child’s uttering words, desperate Shu Ye rushed forward, opened a two soldiers, he aimed. Mu He angrily: “to seize the Major General!” Several soldiers suddenly rushed forward to use the fighting techniques, Shu Ye buckled tightly.

The next thing was bloodbath with blood mixed with mud, the hawk in the sky screaming as they witness more horror of killing and whistling them to the brink of death. A huge pit was dug, thousands of lost lives and the bodies was thrown quickly filled in to the sand. The soldiers riding horses stomp back and forth and on the scene of  stampede, snowflakes continue to fall and as they fight one by one of them, taken down, the ice melts the blood turns to red, it was a total loss of human life of both soldiers and the civilians together sent in the deep burial.

The young and handsome Shu Ye who descended to this place came from prominent family, holding a high position in the Wei state and looks over the Wei valve, a Major General lost all his command in front of his subordinates who has mistaken this group of low-ranking vagabonds, these civilians lost their reason.

“Major General,” Mu He came forward, looking straight to his eyes and look at the snow of the man, coldly said: “You shouldn’t give in to this, they are indecent race who insulted your ancestors, who shed a humble blood. You should not fight your own generals but punish these people for their disobedience. Follow the ways of your Wei ancestors because your uncle have high expectations from you.  Without you, the Temple of the Wei Dong children will have no more disciple, we are waiting for you to come back.

The Major General did not respond, Mu He sighed, the brigade was retracted so as the horses move back from his distance. After a while, in the snow of wilderness, they retreated and let go of their Major General until all of their shadow faded to the distance.

A man standing there for a long time, sky full of snow where this years lantern festival is extremely cold.

Hidden behind in the snow are the two children who witnessed the whole bloodbath surprised to see the identity of the noble powerful Wei major general against the vast land suddenly kneel, toward the direction of those dead and his gesture of  heavy kowtow, and then turned and rode his horse away from the mass grave site.

For a long time, the snow is still falling and did not stop, the child moved the frozen hands and feet and she went forward but shaking.

“What are you doing?” Yan Xun to his suprise stunned and stood up.

The child turned his head, looking calm, eyes have sharp Hanmang (means poised) and flashing: “I am an indecent race, who shed a humble blood, you and I should not stand in this place, since we do not walk in the same road and are different in nobility. It is better to part ways.

Chu Qiao thoughts was cold and became aloof, the child’s figure is so young, but Yan Xun looked far behind, he felt that in due time this child is able to hold justice for the decadent fate of heaven and earth. Bright heavy snow , such as cotton, snow bed reveals two opposite footprints as they gradually went away straight towards the heart of the great empire.


CHAPTER 018  Wei’s Door Valve


The Zhu (means outstanding) door is built by flesh and blood but smells like wine and beyond, is a frozen road to death. The big summer empire constantly remind the foreigners that they do not have any money to support these people and threaten to kill them. However, in the inner city, these foreigners bask in the wine market, singing and dancing, enjoying fragrant flavors, a group of socialites ordering around confectioneries, infusions, decoction  and wine. Besides intoxicating beauty, are eye catching band hanging on their waist such as Lui (a gurl whose beauty looks like it could kill), shows a skin like Ruyu (a pleasant maid and every men’s desire), Jiao Qiao (means a maid who is professional and skillful) Mei (means beautiful) Xiao (means end-blow flute), a woman face that resembles like jade, women with snow white arms, full cleavage with hard nipple trace underneath. The big summer magistrates lavishes and throws themselves into these indulgence, squandering their fortunes, where they spend a dime to bare the women’s refined dress, lost in their senses and settle for their fleeting guilty pleasures, at the end of the day they look like wandering bones and still reluctant to leave the place.

Outside the snow is a tree hanging these silk sashes floating on air, the lanterns full of bright source of light decorates the skies. These is the festival of lights (lantern festival) regarded as a national celebration, not to mention where far-flung noble and low beautiful women meets and gathers. At this time, the sound of the rapid horseshoe suddenly run over Wei Yang a long beam of light that put up the entire city into a grand stage in the city of  dreams. With his white long robe to be still and clear the old man narrowed his pair of tiger look eyes, waved back in front until it reaches the back. More than a dozen woman in their dazzling cheeks and eyes, the women heard the ringing bell of the clothes, dropped to the ground and half kneeling as well as bowing their head and did not dare to look at who is passing.

Wei Guang, shining from a light coming from the beautiful lanterns took a deep breath and slowly leaned on the soft couch.

Incense burner aroma formed a spiral smoke on top of the round incense gently drift where it shaped like a dragon whirling into a vertical posture and across on the crowd who looked at him seems to be hazy like in a dream state and in a blurry.

Outside the door the subordinates respectful voice: “Elders, Shu Ye Son came.”

But the old man raised his fainted brow brow, Shu Ye Son came earlier than he expected looking like a wasted man. A low voice slowly said: “let him in.”

The side of the door was opened, with clean style, simple but almost like the nobility some of the elders wears a glimmering white robe that were bought from flower wine market from the first day of the lantern festival day. Shu Ye Major General came forward with a cheerless face and cried a thoughtless opening: “Why?”

Wei Guang, of course, knows what he refers to, his eyes slightly squint as if saying not to look at him slowly said: “Did you not see the elders and salute is forgotten, after all these years, this is how you pay us your courtesy?”

Wei Shu Ye Son slightly raised his tensed brow while the corner of the candle crackling and burst in sparks as he waited an answer and quietly took the passage of time, the young general finally bowed his head to go: “Uncle.”

“This is not everything in the world, the reasons must be clear to do it, this point, you have to be wise and Shu Ye Son should learn.”

Shu Ye Major General raise his brow and coldy said: “Then why did you choose to send me, I promised them … …”

“You are the first summer of the seven major gates of the Wei household and will be the next heir. The blood of the Wei ancestors of this empire is running in your veins, you are noble and you do not need a group of low-lying outlanders whom you have promised their life is also the right time to lose it. For the emperor’s devotion, you are not going to do any errors, no need to feel the guilt and there is no need to go here at this time to ask your uncle.”

An old man interrupted Shu Ye’s words and told him in the voice of low and resonant like a broken stone.

Shu Ye Son shook his head, frowned and said: “Uncle, this is not your way.”

“Because I was as naive as you, like your father you might die in the door of the rebellion.” Wei Guang opened his eyes, his old eyes looking up and down is fiercely flashing, he slowly turned his head and said: Come, firmly watching Shu Ye, word per word, the old man said: “the king is always a winner, the law of the jungle, welcome to this world.” Ye children in so many years, you never understood?

“Uncle,” once more he called out, Shu Ye look serious then he said: “The empire needs the people for the western reclamation, their family went together with all of their young people because they believed that I have gone to the west, why did the elders not take care of their families while I am away? Then they should all go back with me to the emperor, because you have promised me that they will be at the foot of the red river for them to build permanent room they give up their home, to give up the nature of being nomads, because I personally promise them!

Shu Ye looking annoyed and eager to pick up a small piece from Wei Guang table before the small incense, and spoke sharply: “You said the empire had no money to support them, but what is this? This is Huai Song’s fragrance, only one group arrived and paid them two hundred gold, enough to feed for the slaughtered families life to survive for ten years!

Wei Guang looking the same, quietly listening to Shu Ye vent’s to their own dissatisfaction, the air is swaggering, full of cold-shoulder angry young people, and was not able to respond for a long time, the old man smiled and slowly said: “Ye children, you and the point of the temple of the deer with the generals go out to supervise the Shang (means above) Shenmin (means clever gods deity) chaos is bleak and upon return, the deer was stripped of the rank of lie in the criminal hall. So far, life and death I do not know, but you can stand here with me all day being noisy, and tell me what is the reason.”

Shu Ye startled for a moment, angry and showing stiff expression in his face, at once speechless.

“You are still intact standing here, because your surname is Wei. I know you sympathize with those outlanders and now excluding us your family and yourself but even if you hate this identity, do not forget you are a descendant of Wei, you are the child of Wei Guang’s brother and therefore my nephew, everything you have enjoyed from the day you were born until today is provided at your the door. You get what you wanted to eat, have all the basic necessities, acquired your status,. And this is all due to your the family deserve your gratitude. Because of this, you should never change. You are not the man who is not qualified to hate or to curse it.

Wei Guang took a deep breath, leaning on the couch, the chest slightly shows heavy breathing in a low pitch of voice, slowly change its pace to remind him of the history of Wei family: “In the world of everything, there is the reason for its existence. Today is the anniversary of Wei family slaughter by the Bentra family. The Bentra family slaughtered its Wei people, because, Wei since the beginning of our ancestors has kept the interests of the family’s struggle for three hundred (300) years. Wei family protected the land from reclamation frontiers from numerous foreigner invaders. The Bentra people leisurely took all the horses and sheep. When the Wei’s children have begun to learn to ride their tactics, began to learn their ways and business, you can avoid the dark inside the cold arrow plot. So many years later, established Wei and the seven gate valve children. God is very fair, never partial to what people do, they will lose, because they pay is not enough. Because of their own weakness to curse those who strongly bully them, they don’t want to be killed and then only to gain more and become stronger. You are here today and showing compassion to them. I may have thought, if the descendants of Wei are like you, today all of them died in Huang outside the city. Do not forget today your brothers and sisters blood died in the hands of the foreigners who fought for you to survive.”

Shu Ye standing in place, frowning and staring in blank, unable to say anything, but feels his chest seems to be like a standing stone severely suppressed and worst speechless.

Wei Guang slowly stood up and reached on the shoulders of Wei Shu Ye: “Ye children, uncle is old, I cannot protect you that long, in the future uncle will have to leave, who will protect the family? Who will protect my child is not Wei Shu Ye? Who will kill my daughter so she is not being played? Who will protect them?

The door opened wide, noisy silk and bamboo began to sound leisurely as they pass in, fragrance intoxicated it and got even worse. The footsteps of the elderly gradually went away, Wei Shu Ye back to the Hall, feeling the same pain of what is hid put up to his shoulder on fire, where his spirit is crushed, he became like an invisible mountain, he tried to escape after all but cannot get rid of its burden.

In this dark night was also the dark fog of hovering in his heart, those invisible demons and monsters in the thought of walking, devouring his reason, struggling useless him after all sighed and settled into silence and reflects to what is right.

Some things are born to be and have been decided, as blood, as fate.

The man slumped to sit down, picked up the wine light, together with the full of stagnation and unwilling to do anything as he is drained in his spirit.

Chu Qiao just got back to the city gate, to see the people wearing the Zhuge family clothes. Under the people who are looking around the lanterns, they met her, they overjoyed and ran over.

“Star child, fourth young master let us wait for you here, let’s go back home quickly.”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, did not expect to Zhuge Yue that attitude to actually send someone to look and come for her. She nodded her head and went to the carriage.

The carriage rang its bell to go forward, looking at her window she saw the people still walking in the busy lively downtown, then the outside sound gradually became farther and quiet down. The child leaning against the inner wall of the carriage, eyes constantly echoed on the slain civilians, the soldiers cold-blooded eyes, disturbed people’s deep-seated hatred, and Wei Shu Ye’s unable to stop the slaughter.

In his capacity is still powerless, not to mention the small oneself. She just realized that to the individual’s ability to confront the entire dynasty it is undoubtedly hard to accomplish. What can she can do now is just be careful to live well, looking for opportunities to address hatred, and with Xiao Ba is the only thing left as her family. As for the other things, her ability is too small and therefore cannot expect to change anything yet.

Carriage wheel was drifting away, Chu Qiao she went back to her sanity from her soul spirit journey and suddenly opened the curtain, looked around, coldly said: “This is not the way back home, where are you taking me?

That kind of surprise, did not expect such a small child even remember the road, and often lost smile said: “Master in the other house, not in the government.

The child raised her brow then cautiously said: “Is it in hospital, which other house?”

“Lake West’s his other house, you do not know.”

Chu Qiao brow locked, for many years engaged in this dangerous work carefully and secretly reminded her something a bit strange, she tempted the driver and said: “Master, I have to let you know I have go home first to get something. I did not have time to take something with me, we first return home, and then go to another.

Then the man laughed and said: “Do not worry, the young master just said, you do not have to take anything, the fourth young master is waiting in the other hospital, let ‘s go, do not let young master worry so much and because he is so anxious.

The child slowly nodded his head, looking quiet, let go and put the curtains back. That driver was slightly relieved but his eyes glanced over a trace of mischief look, gently pull her pout, but she also smiled just to relax the moment, a handle of the cold dagger suddenly arrived on his neck and throat. Child became like a little barbarian at the moment, looking gloomy and cold voice said: “You are not from the fourth young master, who are you in the end?

“Hey hey,” hoarse pitch of voice like a night owl laugh suddenly sounded in the side, a gorgeous carriage slowed down from the trees after the turn around, a hat in his head but the gorgeous old man facing the side of the man nodded to laughter: Zhu Shun, you introduced this girl really good, little young temper is so stubborn, looks like, I am going to be a fan of yours.

Zhu Shun in his flattery laughed: “For like an old lady is the heart of the slave, is also like her servant, if the old man is to play this slave,  there is no way to obtain an opportunity of allegiance to this slave.”

The old man smiled, on the left and right side of his attendants he said: “This little girl won, return to the government.”


CHAPTER 019  Who is young?


At that moment, thousands of ideas flashed through her mind, Chu Qiao knew that she can use other’s contempt and effect, quickly wrestle and then escape. But if this is to happen, she will cause others to doubt that she is behind Zhun Shun broken one hand, even if its their luck to escape, Zhu Shun may use her Xiao Ba to be involved in the government.

But if they do not escape, they will fall into the master of the old man lusty pavilion, at this moment with her eight-year-old child’s ability, how can they stand to fight against the government of the Zhuge household guards?

Fight or flight

The child’s body became tight her thoughts are running in fast, might as well, she is counting to take advantage of this opportunity to remove this lusty old man?

Approaching are two military marshals and powerful Han holding light fires has been close to the front, it is necessary to remove the dagger from her hands.


A chilly rainmaker sound like a waterfall pouring suddenly sounded, all of a sudden turned around and saw the flat snowflakes scattered and in a white fog someone tumbled like one ready to assault. More than twenty dark horse horses quickly approaching, immediately a young one wearing white robe with fur, his face so handsome stroke the horse who roared to continue marching on.

Suddenly, the horse was hissing soon and people from the sky that came from nowhere like the wind, is breathing warm in the cold air, forming a misty smoke. Young guard eyes looked at the faint light of the people, the place was peaceful to meet the age of wisdom, calmly said: “Mr. Zhuge, long time no see.”

Zhuge Zhuo looking like an old woman with his shot eyes wide open, looked up and down the boy, with a wide smile, revealing a yellow teeth: “The original Yan Xun Shi Zi of Yanbei the night is pitch black, the world did not show its moon to enjoy the wind, where do you go? ”

Yan Xun slightly advanced and retreated with his horse, not overbearing slowly said: “Mr. Zhuo Zhuge do not bother, you are old of age and powerful, it is already late at night, how can you go out in the the world looking like an old hermit in your hood? 

“Oh?” Zhuge old man long eyebrows and with a skill he said: “That being the case, Yan Shi Zi continue your journey, the old lady is not blessed with.” Then, turned to his next subordinate said: “back to home.”

Yan Xun quickly hit his horse immediately before blocking the front of Zhuge general, lightly pointing to Chu Qiao then said: “The Zhuge Zhuo master and his servants can go, but leave this child to me. “”

The old man raised his brow gently: “Yan Shi Zi said what?”

“The child has just scared away “Blast”my horse, I want to catch her back to ask the crime”

The old man heard a smile, said: “That being the case, the old lady to accompany the world a good horse.” Zhuge Zhuo said.

“My family ‘s horse is the old prince from the Western desert just hunted back thousands of miles of horse, do you want to pay it?

“Zhanjia home is the imperial gate valve, Zhuge generals and the elders is one of the seven elders and are wealthy with big potential who controls it. Our royal family is also related to the emperor of the royal family.  It is difficult to keep it back, naturally we cannot afford to lose. Only the father and son knows, the horse is  owned by my father and personally tamed it for me, he hunted it thousands of miles away to the Huang Chuan, not the unusual horses, so things cannot be recklessly handled like this. Back to the horse, this child, I must take away.

“Yan Shi Zi …”

“Mr. Zhuge Zhuo no need to say,” Yan Xun immediately interrupted the old man, then said: “to Mr. Zhuo Zhuge as far I know your identity, it is not worthy of you to plead for a slave. I will inform Zhuge Yue fourth young master to account, servants!, sieze this child and take it away.”

Yan Wang Fu’s pro came forward, a tall man tall, Zhuge master followers pushed to stun them, one by one until they got the arms of Chu Qiao and said to her: “We must go.”

Zhu Shun sees Zhuge Zhuo purple veil, suddenly approached with flattery laughed at Yan Xun’s horse reins, smiled and said: “Yan Shi Zi, there are words to say … …”

“Yah” whipped with whistling was heard, Yan Xun after a whip followed by a kick, suddenly kicked in Zhu Shun’s chin and the man’s obese body thrown to the ground and screams as he spit a mouthful of blood, with his two yellow front teeth.

“What is your identity, you dare to face in front of me, you are simply ignorant!”

Yan Xun’s eyes were sharp and cold.

Zhu Shun shocked, quickly kneeling on the ground, panic-headed kowtow position. To know that in the big summer, royal massacre of a civilian is no need for any reason.

Yan Xun lifted Zhu Shun against the whip, said coldly: “Today to see the face of old Mr. Zhuge Zhuo temporarily save your life so go back to your horse, if one day comes and if there is no such rules, even if I see Zhuge generals in person, I will take your head dog slave. ”

Then, do not look at the old man look at Prince Yan Xun, facing behind him coldly shouted: “go!”

A team of people suddenly jump to horse and whip, rolling waves after the waves, they hid at the end of the street.

Zhuge old man face skin turns red and his left hand are some trembling. Zhu Shun kneeling to climb up, pulled Zhuge old man’s feet, said: “old man smashed fire, slaves … …”

“Roll!” Old man furious, kicked in the chest of Zhu Shun, cried: “useless waste!

Immediately, on their horses tap to leave.

Snow is still falling, silence of the long street is still quiet but the main street still in bustling spirit. Dark seeds are buried under the snow, Zhu Shun complained at the end of the long street, where there is Chu Qiao and others disappear in the direction.

The horses stopped at Chishui Lake and the dignified young prince looking so handsome with his white fur robe smiled and came back slightly poke Chu Qiao’s little shoulder, then said: “little girl, you owe me a favor.”

The child slightly raised her eyes, although did not speak, but the meaning is very obvious: “I did not ask you to come.”

Yan Xun refused to accept the grumble of the child he murmured and with a flirty voice he whispered: “Say soft words or you die?”

Yan Xun refused to accept the grumble of the child he murmured and with a flirty voice he whispered: “Say soft words or you die?”

Chu Qiao stared at him, turned to leave.

Yan Xun surprised a moment, hurried to stop  her: “What are you going to do?”

The child raised her brow: “Of course it’ s going home.”

“You have to go back?” the youngster frowned: “The dog slaves will not let you, and Zhuge home that old man, in Huang Cheng they will post your name, do you want to go back to death?

Chu Qiao opened to him: “You do not need to control.”

Yan Xun don’t want to let go, still clutching her tightly and cried: “What is wrong with you? It is rare in this world to get a good heart to save you, but you are so cold with your words, Zhuge Yue that yin and yang guy what good do you get out of it and so worthy of you that would you like to come back to them? ”

Chu Qiao looked up, desperate to get rid of Zhuge old lusty pavilion, her entire plan was reset and for that she was a little annoyed, she was impatient to throw off Yan Xun’s hand, looked up and said: “I have to cry to ask you to save I can’t afford to put away your compassion.” She said with an annoying voice and to dismiss the childish prince.

Yan Xun eyes flushed and filled with life, watching Chu Qiao farther and farther until she is little in figure, suddenly childishly shouted: “inexplicable, you deserve to be bullied, I won’t go near to save you again or I do not belong to the Yan clan!”

The child did not even turn her head back, a long while she disappeared in the surging crowd. Feng Shuijiao quietly came forward and carefully looked at his one little master, see his eyes were red, it seems that Yan Xun was holding back its tears when the little child left him.

Back to Yan sleeping quarters, slightly surprised a moment, the empire sent the feudal lord to sit in the empire borderline, guarding the emperor, but in order to limit them, they will have to go first to the feudal lords to collect the income in Beijing for the hostages and buy their own freedom from King Xiao Wang. These children live in the center of the whirlpool of rights but due to the exposure they experience early aging and their appearance became mature.

Tired and joyful, the young prince slept like a baby and Feng Shuijiao sees his fierce looks same time like an ordinary child.

“We are also going back home?”

“Yan!” Yan Xun still closed eyes, cold and groaned, the voice still with anger. He turned and launch back to the borders of Yanbei.

“Feng Shuijiao,” had just gone two steps, Yan Xun went back to the little boy then said: “You go to Zhuge Yue House, tell him to find my Blast, so that they do not find fault to the girl.

“Ah?” Feng Shuijiao still feeling sleepy, silly stare eyes, said: “what in the world, did you just said earlier not to help her or your surname is not Yan and you just do it once more?

Yan Xun recalled what he said to Chu Qiao and went annoyed as Feng Shuijiao teased him, he slightly kicked his legs and cried: “are you bullying or teasing me, try to say it again.”

Feng Shuijiao exclaimed; Ouch! twice and turn to his horse headed to Zhuge household and did not dare to tease his master again.

Yan Xun humming in his voice for a while and saw the subordinates are looking at him, suddenly shouted: “how the in world that love and hate is in the air? You, how do you like the music playing!

Everyone quickly turned around and looked at each other and did not dare to stare at Yan Xun’s eyes. After all, he was only 13 years old, occasionally may do immature things that ends up to nothing.


CHAPTER 020 Learning to ride the horse


It is already late at night when Chu Qiao Arrived at Zhuge Yue household. The gatekeepers were startled when they saw Chu Qiao. They know that she is one of the favored servant of the Castle Peak so she is not to have too much trouble they quickly gave the child a lantern to lighten her way. 

The night is a bit cold at Zhuge Yue household and it is quiet like dark cage during the day but with some humming birds that flies in its sky, the scenery becomes lively. Occasionally, there are few fluttering crows that fly by but soon as the fourth young master takes a hundred steps to wear his bow and arrow, they are shot down.

The courtyard should always be harmonious, especially if the fourth young master is sleeping, any kind of noise is not allowed.

From the blue mountains outside is the high red wall where Chu Qiao heard a burst of silent sobs, seems a little slave was beaten to cry hiding at the back, sitting at the base of the wall.

The child suddenly heard some footsteps, above is the radiant moon hung in the sky, a pale shadow casts a little figure on the red wall . She was somewhat confused as her sight shows a tall, slender figure and she has somehow seen some scenes in those years of the tall figure, she unknowingly reach out, little by little close to her fingertips but only touch a cold wind.

Her heart suddenly filled with a burst of sadness and emptiness, perhaps, in between the moment of sleepiness and consciousness she felt that everything is just a big dream, as long as she wakes up, all things never happened. Those who fall, the corpses, bloodbath, and those sad tears … …

From the opposite of the wall a child’s cry is heard and still lingers but what she can do she is still small, she simply turned her back from the wall and left. How could she comfort when her own self is cold, how can she warm others? Just as those who were buried in the snow, her pain, to no avail.

It was accidentally pushed, one of the doors of Castle Peak courtyard, Chu Qiao slightly surprised to see the Chai room is unlocked, she didn’t think that a servant missed to lock this yard and very timely she thought this is where she planned to spend an overnight. Zhuge Yue is a very healthy person, he is not too classy if he goes out to his affairs, in the courtyard he cuts flower out of the blue, he pours tea by himself, burns incense before he goes to sleep. His requirements of his sleep is not that high, unlike the other masters in the government that needs some fancy beautiful lads and accompanies them all night long.

Carefully into the yard, a lantern is quickly approaching, then hurriedly pulled Chu Qiao’s hand with a low voice cried: “Oh, my little one, where did you go where? I have to wait for you all day and all night. ”

Chu Qiao blushed a bit and said: “My horse ran and both of us got lost from the woods but I came back, the young master how is he and is the Xuan hall locked?

“You are lucky in chanting,” the left side of the white skimmer, smiling and said: “Young master is in the room his usual reading hobby where he does it most of the night, he did not command to lock, do not sleep yet,  he might inquire or waiting for you ”

Chu Qiao nodded: “we should go to Zhuge Yue room”  but the hustle of children quickly pulled her and said: “When the young master came back earlier, his face is not nice, the people do not know what made him so angry. ” Its late, maybe tomorrow we will know it, as the young master did not tell you to come back to the Xuan hall, you go to rest, I will let him know you are sleeping now.

Chu Qiao nodded her head and said: “Better she said” Turned to go and walk into her room.

The door is open, so quickly she ran into the Xuan hall, she saw some taller maidservants were getting out of the hall, she went to the door but did not open it. A room next to the main hospital, she sees behind the room lights is on and then suddenly went off.

Chu Qiao slightly stunned her hand on the door knob suddenly shifted back to see Zhuge Yue room direction. She stared for it a long time before entering the door.

In her room, still lit then went off and the entire Castle Peak  courtyard is quiet.

The next morning, she went to see Zhuge Yue but the fourth young master is not in the room. Chu Qiao lost a red horse, she knows she will have to give him an account. She is trying to ask people and suddenly she saw Zhuge Yue wearing a black and gold robe, holding a sword, his posture neat, followed by his guards into the courtyard. Chu Qiao never saw her master this way before. Zhu Cheng bent over his arm with a cloak and walk briskly following his master’s back.

Alas, the other maidservants rushed to come at Zhuge Yue’s side where there is tea water and incense as he dips his feet to the water to bathe.

Chu Qiao came forward to the door and sees Zhuge Yue sat down, approaching him few steps and and said: “fourth young master, I lost a red horse.”

“Well noted.” Zhuge Yue in nuetral tone said,  took the tea prepared by the children and drank then on the side of his servant he said: “Go fetch what Mu sent yesterday from the kitchen and bring two pots, means Zhuge You’s censor is withdrawn and Chu Qiao knows this well.

The people quickly promised and retreated. Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao only two people left, sees Zhuge Yue did not want to punish her but what is also interesting, the young master is no longer bothered. Chu Qiao politely wants to go out quietly when Zhuge Yue put down the bowl, pointing to her: “Star child, you wait for a while.”

Chu Qiao heart is surprisingly beating fast and soon went speechless, she is actually concerned of the illegal channels to come or must have been listening to them, but Zhuge Yue snapped and said: “You will go down with Zhu Cheng to find a competent horse back riding homes and teach you to ride a horse.

“Ah?” Chu Qiao holding back her breathe together with Zhu Cheng finally breathe and without a thought they were about to say something at the same time when..

Zhuge Yue raised his eyebrows and gently wrinkled, his eyes impatient with a poker face he said: “Is there any problem?

“No problem young master,” Zhu Cheng assured. This year Zhu Cheng who is seventeen years old is playing the small Zhuge Yue’s pro. He naturally know the master well then he said the same personality, quickly begged: “This slave here, star girl is going.”

Zhuge Yue puzzled looked up, frowning to Zhu Cheng then said: “Star child is just eight years old, who is that star girl here?”

“Apologies young master, yes, not a star girl yet but a Star child… bring the star child… …” Zhu Cheng was at lost with his words but clever still as he cannot find the right name to call this child and for the first time almost slipped with the right words to say to the young master. He is still wondering and cannot believe of himself of what had just happened.

Zhuge Yue impatiently waved and said: “got it, roll it down, on his waist he straighten up to walk, do not let outsiders think that we are keeping unrefined slaves here.”

“Yes young master.”

Chu Qiao small head standing in place, wearing a light yellow small skirt, above is a fox leather vest, pink and lovely. Seeing Zhuge Yue in the a ceremony, the servant echoed to all: “Star children be grateful to the fourth young master.”

Zhuge Yue did not lift his head but just gently waved.

Chu Qiao and Zhu Cheng out of the Xuan hall, Zhu Cheng suspiciously looked up and down the child and sees Chu Qiao looked up at him, suddenly with his smiling face said: “Star girl, let’s go?”

Chu Qiao smiled and also ignore him the same time. This is the first time she went out of the Aoyama courtyard.

“Star girl, this is what I choose for you, they are a good ride for a good player, you choose one from the lodge.”

Chu Qiao and Zhu Cheng and others standing under the mountain of Happy Valley, the eight-year-old child slightly raised her head, looking at her front are amateur horse back riders. On regular weekdays, these small slaves who curse Zhuge household all day has a sudden shift of being joyful and positive in perspective, that some kind of respect of which people do not usually give them is now somehow being acknowledged.

The child walked in small steps, out of all men who walked in front of her suddenly, her eyes caught on someone, throws her a meaningful look, her mouth with the slight smile, pointing to one of the crowd, the man in panic, she lightly laugh “I’ll have him.”


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