Chu Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Chapter 191 to 1-10 Epilogues

Based on the original novel 11 agents princess 

by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua

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Edited by AC, 17 April 2019

The fragrance of the rose dissipated in the night wind, and there was no sound. She stood on the high wall and looked through the layers of the cold armor and parked on the man. The torrent of years passed away from her ear, and the sound of the sound, like the hurricane in the wilderness, roared like a mountain eagle.

The darkness of the flag of the Yankee’s head is in the wind, the dark night is like a group of thick ink, the sky is low, the stars and moons are dull, thousands of torches are burning and burning, and the face seems to be covered with blood. The gold chariot where  Yan Shi Zi stands, holding a hand-held gold bow, wearing ink-colored robes, double-blade swords, slanting into the shackles, he slightly looks up. The slender eyes, quietly watching the memory of a familiar figure.

The whole battlefield was dead, everyone was holding their breath, only the sound of the drums, in the heart of the earth, a bit knocking on the spine of the people, let the blood of the blood, be boiled.

Time is so solid, they look at each other silently, their eyes are interlaced, in the condense of thin air.

Finally, the tide-like army rushed up, and a battle between life and death finally began.

In an instant, the cavalry brushed out the bow and arrow, the sharp wind of the armies, the arrows emptied, and the heads of the soldier heads poured like raindrops. Countless people rushed up, and the beginning of the campaign showed terrible cruelty and back to coldness.

Screams, mourning, and commanding sounds heard.

The horses were arrogant, the rolling stones were like thunder, the swords were bright, the dark clouds covered the cold moon, and even the heavens and the earth closed their eyes for this cruel battle.

After a day and night of fighting, the east gate suddenly opened wide, and the beautiful army who fought hard for one night smashed the Yanbei Army’s opportunity to change the military array to rush out of the city. All the way to the river side of the railway line, the road here is narrow, and it is unbearable for the army to attack. The Yanbei Army had to abandon the horse and rushed past, but when they chased the river, they saw the soldiers of the beauty army propped up the sheepskin scorpion. Now it crosses from the water rush of the river.

“Adults are careful!”

“Keep your attention!”

Almost at the same time, Yan Xun and Chu Qiao bowed to each other, the arrow pierced the void in between them and went to the other side. The two sounds simultaneously went on air and the arrows did not shoot, which attracted a burst of exclamation from the surrounding guards.

Above the river, Chu Qiao stood on the raft, looking far away at Yan Xun.

She knows that this battle is just a look, and Yan Xun can’t really stop her.

Yan Xun and Jing’An Wang Hao are allies, and they have to guard the water for her, but once Emperor Jing’an really attacked Tang Jing and let the descendants of Jing An Wang reach the throne, then his back will be a place for him. Broken, this is why he can’t win, but he can’t lose.

He also needs to drag the civil war between the Sui and Tang Dynasties to leave the gateway to Tang’s customs.

A row of torches spread across the river. The darkness before dawn was like a devil. The human claws were inserted into the eyes of the people. The sky and the earth were blood red. The wind blew and raised the flames of the sky…

Yan Xun rides on the horse’s back, the horse is uneasy and hoofed, his back is still tall and straight, and his body is full of emperors’ majesty, like the god of the dark world. His eyes were sharp and long, and he crossed the wide river and stood oppositely of the thin but always strong figure. The night wind blew, raising the head of her horns, and the blood-stained armor flashed with a gleaming glow. She rode the battle immediately, looking at him silently through the river, the raging fire.

At that moment, YanBei’s recollected ice suddenly cracked a seam. He could even hear the subtle sounds. Some messy pictures were so sly, they emerged from the raging water.

How far is long ago? For too long, it seems like something in his past life that he could hardly remember.

This is in the middle of the night, but there is also silence after this strangling, but also the same pair of eyes, across the pulsing river, quietly looking at her. The fires of the city of Zhen Huang is raging, and endless screaming and screaming are echoing resolutely on the wilderness. The young, each of them will definitely turn back to their own direction and do what they feel right.

Maybe, long ago, everything had been doomed. They were like two meteors gliding north and south, even if they had a short period of interweaving for many reasons, they would eventually embark on separate paths and follow their respective tracks farther.

Chu Qiao stood on the river embankment with a knife and watched the last army through the drowning water. The vast river surface was like a sinking ship. They segregated them on the east and west sides, and millions of lives and souls sank into the river. For the melting pot, everything is sulfur and carbon, and the burning of fire is the blood and hope of innumerable people and their opposed beliefs. She looked at Yan Xun, and all the thoughts of thousands of moments were attributed to the dust. The 100,000 armored armies disappeared into sight, leaving only the man in a black robe standing between the heavens and the earth, looking like a wolf. Many years ago, he climbed up one step from the nine secluded benches. Even though there was no one behind him, he had enough to destroy heaven and earth.

“grown ups!”

Ping’An is in a mess, red-eyes ran up and raised his head and said: “In this war, we have died more than 6,000 brethren.”

Chu Qiao lowered her head and saw blood on the young man’s face. The child who had lived in a peaceful environment for many years had grown up. Having experienced this blood baptism, his eyes were no longer pure.

“Peace, any accomplishment of the goal is to pay the price.”

The generals of the beauty forces sat on horseback and silently watched the long fire with long torches. They came over for a long time before they said in a deep voice: “Real peace must always be obtained through war.”

Ping An seems to understand and frown, murmured: “The real peace?”

“Yes, I can’t see it. Maybe you can’t see it, but after all, someone will see it.”

Chu Qiao heads up and finally looks toward the side of the drowning water. The fire has gradually extinguished. The river is rolling with layers of blue smoke. There is a faint glow of gold underneath the far eastern horizon. The man dressed in black armor and the cloak behind him fluttered in the night wind. Although he could not see clearly, she could clearly imagine his expression and outline. As in the afternoon of many years ago, he sat and shot stone at once, and he saved her life. She stayed with him for ten years.

She reached out and held her right arm. There, there was an arm guard made of black iron. Even a pickaxe could not shoot.

It was a gift given to her by Zhao Che. She had one pair and she gave him one.

She turned her head back in desperation, slammed into the ranks of the rolling army, raised her whip, and never looked back.

West of Shandong (Surabaya County), Yan Xun turned around the horse’s head, and his generals ran up and asked, “Your Majesty, do you not chase it?”

Yan Xun did not say a word, straight across his side, only after a long way to say lightly: “Retreat.”

The army went like a tide, and the rising sun rises above the horizon. A glow is soaring on the earth. The two armies that ran away from one another eventually drifted away.

In the open account, a general armored man was kneeling down on the ground. He had been lying there for a long time. The sun was gradually falling. The darkness came here. The large account was dark, and only the golden suede that inlaid the eastern pearl. There is a faint light on it that vaguely illuminates the outline of that person, like a mountain.

The man never spoke. After returning from the Iron River, he had been sitting there as if he had forgotten everything around him. The green grass outside the account swayed gently, beckoning the taste of hope in the night breeze. The Sui and Tang dynasties in May were already full summer. There was a crisp and melodious buzzing in the night. The grass on the wilderness grew more than half a man. I do not know the insects in the name hung in midair, and their wings had a faint glow of phosphorescence (light emitted by a substance without combustion or perceptible heat.)

The big account was too quiet, and the generals wearing armor did not dare to move. They did not even dare to breathe, and they did not even dare to turn on the lights. He is not the original veteran of the Yanbei Army, and it is not the old part of the Yan Emperor. Actually, there were no more than a few old divisions that had started to receive Yan Xun’s soldiers. Now, these people in the army are fighting back and forth… Although his majesty is gloomy and unpredictable, rewards and penalties are very clear, and he has extremely heavy military abilities. As long as you dare to kill and dare to fight, you are not afraid of not having a chance to succeed.

The general’s surname is Mu, and the ancestor is also the scholar’s ​​leader. Although his generation has declined, he is also literate and never breaks the word. Relying on this experience, he rose step by step. In just a few years, he has become the second-ranking general of the Yanbei Army.

Unlike others, the general felt that His Majesty was not as rude as rumored. Yes, he once killed his own teacher, killed his sister, and killed a group of people who assisted him for many years. But what about it? People who may be in it may feel that they are ungrateful and will take away their ambitions. However, these ordinary people see it clearly. Datong will fail to understand the military affairs and do not understand the affairs of the government. They are entrenched in internal affairs and compete for power with each other. The internal fighting faction is extremely serious and they occupy Yanbei. How many years and there was no achievement, there was dog infestation in the north, and in the east, there was control of the Great Summer. They were unable to protect Yanbei subjects, but it was imperative to dictate to the government. For such people, if the majesty does not use the thunderbolt to shock and suppress, it will only once again support the chaos of Datong’s regime in the Yanbei region.

What are the killers of a big event?

The power struggle since ancient times, which time did blood di not flow into the river?

The difference between a successful emperor and an ordinary person is how they see the angle of the problem. Is it the overall situation or the private situation?

Therefore, for the former beauty general, General Mu did not have any good feelings. According to his idea, women are hard to achieve the great cause.

“General Mu Wen,” the low voice suddenly sounded, the big account was empty, and the tail sounded with a hint of echo. General Mu Wen heard the words, and quickly straightened up, listened to the above people and continued: “Call the letter to Cheng Yuan, let him split the Songyuan Ferry, strictly guard, since the beauty army wants to go in, let them go in,  The king of Jingan army is still waiting inside.”


“In addition, tell him not to attack Zhao Yang’s army and attack Zhao Che in full force. It is necessary to destroy Zhao Che’s grain, no matter how much it costs.”

General Mu quickly replied: “Subordinate, send this letter to the people of Baijianguan.”

Yan Xun shook his head and could not see his face in the darkness: “It is no longer necessary. If you go tomorrow morning, do not worry.”

The slight smell of Genera Mu Wen describes the military situation like on fire, how can we not worry? However, Yan Xun said this, he did not dare to refute, just quietly linger there, dare not speak.

“Come on and have a drink with me.”

Yan Xun slightly bowed, bowed down the wine, weak pearl seems a bit decadent extension. Mu Wen was flattered and quickly got up and took a small step forward, took the glass and dared not sit.

Yan Xun said with a finger to the side of the seat, said: “Sit, do not lie there.”

Mu Wen sits down cautiously, dying: “Thank you for your gift.”

Yan Xun also looked up and drunk. Mu Wen quickly poured wine for him and listened to him: “I haven’t been with me for drinking for a long time. I used to be forced by the environment. I can’t drink alcohol. Now I have a good environment and I can drink with people. It’s all gone.”

Mu Wen hand gently flicked, he was a wise man, from the night Yan Xun ordered to stop killing the beautiful army, he felt a little wrong, at the moment listening to Yan Xun, he increasingly felt he should not listen to the words.


Yan Xun said very casually and even picked up the glass and slammed it against Mu’s glass. The mellow red wine poured in between his fingers. He didn’t pay much attention. The big fists had a large capacity. He always drank, and soon after, a pot of wine had been drunk for the most part.

Yan Xun had many words tonight. It seems that there are more words now than in the past month. He asked the Mu Wen’s army food and asked him if he had a few people in his family. Whether his parents are still healthy or not, there are several children. he used to study, married a few wives, and even smiled and asked him that the prostitute in the military camp was not beautiful.

Mu Wen’s heart was shocked. He had no chance to see Yan Xun like this before. Everything he knew was heard. Now he is so approachable to him. The more he feels that his original choice is not wrong, the woman who dared to betray her and succumb to Sui and Tang Dynasties don’t know how to be good.

This chat came to the middle of the night, the drums rang three times, Yan Xun seems to have been a little drunk, half on the couch, lazy to say some gossip, gradually not snoring. Mu Wen thought that he was asleep, picked up the brocade on the side and covered him. He carefully withdrew from the big account.

The big account was quiet again. He could hear the Yanbei long tone that the military personnel sang in the distance. It was so melodiously reverberating in the night sky, with a cold taste, surrounded by a circle. The man in the dark opened his eyes, and the dark scorpions were sober with water, and there was a hint of drunkenness.

There is only oneself left.

All around were empty and cold, no one, the wind blowing outside, obviously warm, but blowing into the account, I do not know why, but there is a hint of cold. He lay alone on a wide soft couch, in a gold shackle, jade pillows and the fragrant incense in the incense burner swelled in layers, and the light and the pleasant aroma filled the account, sucking into the nose, and having a calming effect…

However, such a gorgeous high-bed soft couch, so quiet and warm spring night, but after all, he is alone. It was like the night of many years ago, she was taken away, riding a huge boat, all the way south, he stood on the north floor of the city, looking at the white original pile of snow, the river like iron, she finally left his Master.

In fact, when he was still very young, he had already anticipated the situation in the future.

She has always been just and kind, no matter what the crisis and the predicament, even if it is full of pain, she will never give up her expectations and hopes for the future. In the beginning, he kept encouraging her, but gradually, she became supportive of her. She described his future for him. She told him her ideas and ambitions. She told her about her political views and hopes. No matter what the dangers, she can always find a solution to it, teach him the skills of the sword and teach him the military strategy, Wu Dao Ya is his teacher in name, but he learned from her, but far much more than from elsewhere.

She is his mentor and friend, relying on his loved ones, the only woman he has ever loved in his life.

However, the more so, the more he feels uneasy, the more he is worried. I don’t know when it started, he suddenly realized that maybe one day they would part ways, and one day she would leave him for herself. 

When did it start?

Perhaps when she sympathizes with slaves, perhaps when her relationship with Zhao Yu is getting closer, maybe she will explain to him the stability and prosperity of the future society. Maybe he can’t remember it earlier. He only knows faintly, maybe one day in the future, he will eventually let her down, he will eventually hurt her, he will eventually break that precious trust and dependence.

So, he tried to crowd out her, trying to get her out of the military, not wanting her to see her bloody hands, and not wanting her to see her unscrupulous and cruel.

He was not a hunter who had broken the wings of a white eagle, but a nightingale who was doomed to walk in the darkness. When the long night passed, the world began to have black and white, and he began to fear.

There was deep laughter in the darkness. His eyes were faintly fascinated. He suddenly remembered when he was young, the innocent teenager asked over and over again:

“Will you be with me forever?”

The girl smiled brilliantly and raised her head and asked him, “Can you bully me?”

The girl smiled brilliantly and raised her head and asked him, “Can you bully me?”

Will you bully me? Will you bully me? Do you know?

In the darkness, a crisp sound suddenly sounded, and Yan Xun untied the buckle of his right arm. The silver black armor fell off and fell off the ground. The faint bead shined on it, with a glazed brilliance.

That was given to her by Zhao Che. There were a total of one pair. She gave him one, which was more than ten years old.

“When I decided to start, I knew that your life is destined to belong to me. You are born for the light, but I have too many bloody ideals, so I want you to surrender to me and take orders. I have followed me all my life. Unfortunately, I still failed.”

He smiled silently in the dark.

Any purpose is achieved, and he has to pay the price, and he has already paid for it.

“Nobody wants mediocrity in life. The problem is, when an opportunity is in front of you, do you really want it.”

In the darkness, the man’s voice is low and hoarse, like the old man who has experienced the reincarnation of several generations. He is lying on the golden suede couch, and the mellow wine syrup spills the table and makes the intoxicating aroma. His robes are dressed in a dark voice, and the smile is like a simple child.

“Zhuge Yue, do you dare to?”

“I cannot do it.”

Zhuge Yue looked at the man in front of him, his eyes tough and his voice calm and silent.

Zhuge Muqing is full of white flowers, crane chicken skin, just a few years, it has already consumed all the youth of this old man, he is like dead water, no more life, just with the madness behind, binocular Blood staring at his son.

“Zhao Che has been defeated, Zhao Yang can not persist for a long time, now the entire Daxia territory, only you can turn things around. As long as my Zhuge family is now abandoning Zhao Yang, he will certainly defeat the collapse, when you shake your arms, the world is gathering and responding. When you are the first person in the summer, after ten years, Zhuge Yue’s will be able to defeat the Yanbei and mount the Jiuding (means words of enormous weight) Supreme!”

Zhuge Muqing’s eyes were red, like a mad beast, staring straight at his son. He grasped Zhuge’s shoulders with both hands and shouted, “Yue Er, the future and destiny of Daxia, the future of Zhuge’s. All between your thoughts!” 

Zhuge Yue quietly looked at his father and he did not speak for a long time.

My father is old. It is no longer the family leader who is far-sighted. He becomes vanity, becomes stupid, and becomes crazy.

In this life, he never seemed to get close to his father. From a very young age, he lost his mother. On his young days, he walked alone in the vast Zhuge House, quiet and like the shadow of a tree. Until he grew up, gradually relying on his own efforts to excel in his peers, let this father who has too many women too many sons to look at more.

But later, he fell, was injured, and survived nine deaths. The family rejected him with no mercy.

Until he took power again and brought glory to the family, yet they still chose his brother to predict his death. This is his family, his loved ones.

However, he still can not completely resent them.

As Wei Shu Ye said, even if they are disgusted and repelled, they will eventually be the children of gatekeepers. Since childhood, they have enjoyed all the glory brought by the gate valves. Similarly, they also have to bear the responsibility of the gate valve.

After all, he was his father, a father who gave birth to him, taught him, was happy with his performance, and was happy for his progress. Although he was once absolutely unruly, he still gave him a peaceful and wealthy childhood. When he was young and unable to protect himself, he stood in front of him, protecting him and protecting the entire family.

“Father, I can’t do it.”

Zhuge Yue stepped back and bowed his head to his father and cast a deep dedication.

“The human hand is only so big but it can’t hold everything.”

The candlelight creaked and the light of fire shone on his face, with a pale golden glow. He calmly looked at his father and said quietly, “I am grateful for my father’s grace, but I cannot do this…”

“Big Summer hasn’t killed me. There are other generals. My father does not only have me. There are other sons, and if Xing’er hasn’t got me, there is no hope.”

He bent down again, facing his father who raised him and gave up on him to kill him. His eyes were calm and his face was calm.

“Father, you take care.”

Zhuge Yue turned away and the candlelight shone on his back, which seemed to be tall and tough. Zhuge Muqing looked at his dull son, his eyes were dead, his lips half open, his hands still holding his shoulders.

At this moment he suddenly realized that perhaps from today on, he would lose this son forever.

Losing this was favored by him, and he had high hopes for him, but he had repeatedly failed his expectations, was whipped by him, abandoned by him, he was expelled from the house, and he was sent to assassinate his son.

The annual rings flowed between the father and the son, and the wind blew from behind the tent. He raised his gray hair and blew over the back of his cockroach. He suddenly became so old that he could only reach out in vain. However, it is not possible to return to the time that was gone without mercy.

Zhuge Yue was slow to go step by step. He knew that when he turned around, he would never return. Out of this door, everything will be caught in blood and bones and a fierce fire. The flesh and bones will be separated, the love will be separated, the family will be destroyed, and the overlord will be overthrown, but he will continue to move on without hesitation. He wants to tell all the blood of this world to tell her what he cares about.

It’s not the Emperor’s dominance, it’s not a history of staying in the past, it’s not to look down on the singularity of the lonely family.

All he wants is that she is alive, and the place he sees is alive.

Because there is something I want to guard, I have to tell myself that I have to be strong, but if I don’t want to guard anything, what is the meaning of everything he does?

In his life, he will never do anything that he regrets.

The curtains of the big account were opened and his feet were in the military camp enveloped in the moonlight. Cold wind blew on his face, causing him to suddenly have a clear awakening.

The world can be discarded and recaptured. The army can collapse the reorganization, and people die, but thet do not regenerate.

Before Zhao Che’s departure, he once again echoed his ear: “Know what you really want and live for yourself.”

His friends, after being betrayed by their brothers, suffered an attack on their backs and bounds, but they still managed to meet him on such occasions. Only to say that this is not a big picture.

After the army outside the camp had been assembled and everyone was ready to go, Zhuge Yue took a deep breath and strode forward, turning over to the horse.

“set off!”

The grass is flying high and the sound of horses and hoofs is moving toward the distant ancient Sui and Tang dynasties.

Reign on the rivers and mountains and the Imperial Power are all in sight.

He is not afraid but he does not want to.

The last level of the Northland, even though it was May, was still covered by heavy snow, and the sturdy north wind blew on the man’s face like a cold knife.

“Let’s go.”

Zhao Che smiled at Wei Shu Ye, even in such a dilemma, he was still filled with confidence.

Wei Shu Ye described the weight of the loss. He looked up at Zhao Che who was still full of confidence and could not help but be puzzled.

Yan Xun madly robbed the grain and used the tactics of the sea to consume the troops. Zhao Yang did not have much force to consume in the battle against Yanbei. Instead, he was attacked by the lard at this time to attack Zhao Che’s army and blocked Zhuge Yue’s grain road, causing Zhao Che to fall into crisis. A great loss, lost 13 provinces.

By the time they raised their forces to prepare for a counterattack, they had already fallen into a situation of being surrounded by all sides and could no longer return to heaven.

On that day, Zhao Che stood on the ruins of the ruins for a long time. The emperor of the war suddenly put down the sword and returned to him and said, “We lost.”

On that day, all the generals who followed him were crying. Even him, the doorkeeper who had always been on the high door, also shed tears of resentment.

It is not that there is no chance of victory, not the strength of the recovery, they are fighting all the way, and they have fought in a decadent land. They have the determination and courage to die generously whenever and wherever they go.

However, they still failed.

Not defeated on the battlefield against the enemy, but defeated in the darkroom of the same room toward Zhuge Yue.

They encountered the most powerful enemies in history, but they also face the most declining motherland in a century.

The young prince looked up, his horses were uneasy and his hooves were uneasily shaken, the gates of the northland were silver, and the heavens and the earth were covered with snow. After this pass, it was no longer the land of the great summer. There is no big summer banner.

He looked at the sky and quietly said: “Zhao will not die. As long as the sun rises, there will be descendants of Zhao.”

He whipped on horses, followed thousands of troops on the side, the mountains are closed, and the snow is like silver.

Zhao Che’s fists are like iron, his eyes are like a knife, his lips are slightly moving, but he is silent but firmly said: I will return.

“grown ups!”

He Xiao suddenly yelled and said with red eyes: “I don’t agree.”

“He Xiao is the commander, this is an order!”

Tang Jing closed, Chu Qiao was in armor, watching this self-trusted subordinate, said a word of silence.

“Adults, you go and escort Tang Emperor out of the city and let his people stay.”

Shouting and killing sounds at the foot, thunderous horseshoes heard, Jingan Wang Wei led the subordinates ten times their strength, thousands of cavalry rushed, and again and again to Tang Jing. Like a tsunami, it is unstoppable.

Chu Qiao whispered: “Can you do it?”

He Xiao brows a wrinkle, suddenly said: “The swearer swears…”

“Even if you are dead, you can’t do it.”

Chu Qiao suddenly said fiercely, He Xiao’s face suddenly became iron and blue, and he wanted to speak, but he listened to Chu Qiao: “Now Tang Jing is trapped on all sides, and there are hundreds of thousands of troops on the periphery of the Yanbian’s second-level blockade. The army of the Sui and Tang Dynasties has been scared. No one will help us. The only country in the country is the crusade against the army. All the eyes of the enemy must be on my body. As long as I am still in the tower, they will not dare to chase. And once I leave, they will give up attacking Tang Jing and go all out to catch up. At that time, we don’t have a city to defend, there are Yanbei Army in the front, and noble Jing’An in the future, it will die!”

“He Xiao, I beg you, take them out and escape. I have been deeply convinced by Li Ce in this life. I can’t believe that today, I can’t keep his country, but at least, I can keep his blood…”

He Xiao looked desolate, his eyes fixed on Chu Qiao, and suddenly he said: “Adult, let others go, let me stay with you to protect you.”

Chu Qiao shook her head and said softly: “Others? I can’t believe it.”

How many years of life and death together, how many years of side by side, they spend more time than anyone. And the feelings that have sprouted, as time goes by, gradually deteriorate, like a loved one.

The woman in front of her, she is strong, she is brave, she is kind, she is sincere, of course, she will be timid, will be confused, and will cry in his arms. They are comrades-in-arms, friends, and relatives. She is both his master and his sister. (aw He Xiao is so sweet, like a real brother and true family to Chu Qiao)

The blazing fire reflected their faces, and He Xiao suddenly reached out and hugged her, his voice was low, like chewing blood: “take care!”

“You also take care!”

The soldiers turned to jump on the horses and Li Xiuyi shouted to Chu Qiao: “Aunt! Aunt!”

He Xiao took his child in his arms and never looked at her again. He took a group of elite troops and rushed down the side gate to the south. At the same time, both the east and west gates were also smooth, and there were soldiers all the way out of the gates, and they fought against the enemy in one place.

“Archer ready!”

He Xiao shouted: “Let it go!”

The vast wilderness is like a meat grinder, relentlessly absorbing the life of the soldiers, spears and sabers shining with bloodthirsty light, thousands of horseshoe-like roaring thunder, rolling in between heaven and earth.

Chu Qiao stood on the tower and watched the battle of death. All memories flashed in his head.

She has done many things for two people. She has met many people. Something is done right. Some have done something wrong. Some people have missed it. Some people have failed. However, no matter what, what is the situation? She never abandoned her beliefs.

Life became more and more clear at this moment. She closed her eyes, and the figures she had walked through showed flashes of light. She had loved, hated, betrayed, hurt, and eventually condensed into a figure of Qing army. In the bow, the clothes were rustling, and they were cold and rainy. They looked back lightly and looked cold but with a deep attachment.

“I love you.”

She said quietly that the wind was so big and her hair was blowing. The world was blood-red, and the armies that were flowing like tides whistled and hit the ancient gates again and again with a deafening sound…

She stroked her hand on her lower abdomen, where it had slightly raised, with the hope of life, has been supporting her, and she has the courage to stand here, not afraid, not weak, strong to be a mother.

The road is so far away. He must not hear it.

She smiled and raised her face, looking at the clear sky: “I love you -“

However, I can’t stay with you after all.

The sky was so blue, her eyes were sour, and a line of tears flowed down her eyes, plunging into her cold helmet and immersing her thick head.

She pulled out the sword, and all the enemy troops rushed in her direction. The hero of He Xiao had already smothered out from the flanks. The deafening shouting sound was like rolling thunder, the red cloud of the white flag was flying overhead, the bright red color. Rolling yellow sand is particularly eye-catching, like a round of hopeful red days.

She turned her head back and looked at the young soldiers one by one.

These are the world-renowned beauty forces, but now it is almost impossible to see the original faces. Over the years, this iron-clad army fought with her to the north and the south and across the entire XImeng continent. They followed her and never retreated or shy away.

The Battle of Zhenhuang, the Battle of the Northwest, the Battle of Chidu, the Battle of Beibei, the Battle of Qianzhang Lake, the Battle of the Fire, the Battle of the Dragon, the Battle of Tang Jing, the Battle of Bailuguan, the Battle of the Iron Line… …

In the past seven years, this army has proved their loyalty to the entire Ximeng, with a record of ambiguity. Regardless of the country, regardless of faction, they do not fight for anyone, only for her, for their own conscience.

A group of people have fallen, but there are still many people struggling to move forward. Even if they don’t have any deep feelings for the country they guard, even if his hometown is thousands of miles away, even if they don’t know what kind of fate they are waiting for. However, as long as one reason is enough, as long as one person’s order is enough, as long as the person stands in front, their loyalty will be like the cold iron under the ice lake. Even if the mountain river collapses and the blood becomes gray, it will not waver.

There was no inspiring speech, no need to encourage morale. The young woman took off her helmet and raised her eyes. As the morning star, she smiled at her soldiers and raised her hand.

“Fighting for freedom!”

Two thousand soldiers of the beauty forces shouted out their slogans.

“Bang” sounded blunt as if the thunder had sounded on the earth, followed by countless cheers.

The thousands of years of Tang Jing’s gates have finally fallen.

Enemies flooded in.

The wind blew, shouting and killing, and Chu Qiaolang said: “You will go first, then I will come.”

“Adult! In the end, you will take a step!”

A general man laughed and jumped on the horse, waving his sword and shouting: “Fighting for freedom!”

He held up the saber and stood up in front of him. The soldiers of the Beauty Army rushed behind him with a huge array of enemies, like a giant under the age, challenge a giant. ‘

“kill!!!” The harsh shouting sound filled the whole world.

Sunset, wilderness, iron riding, swords, and mountains. The desolated wind blew through and the unyielding warriors raised their sabers and rushed toward the torrents.

The entire Tang Jing city is shrouded in endless wars. A hundred years ago, Datang’s rose battle flag once covered all the land on the mainland. It is universally defined and the territory is vast. The will of Datang was once the master of the world. Today, however, Chu Qiao looked at the battlefield, the broken armor, the dying war flags, the majestic palace shrouded in layers of smoke, the breath of death engulfed the gorgeous long streets, and the ears filled with the mourning of war horses. The crying number….

She looked up and looked at the end of the west, a bright red sunset, slowed down.

Those soldiers who died generously, those who never coagulated, those whose names were not even recorded, even if they were dead. They slept on this vast expanse of land, and despite all their efforts, they still could not block the decline of the empire.

The glory and glory of history, the glories, and dreams of thousands of years, are here today. She will witness first-hand the complete decline of this great empire and its complete destruction.

The setting sun reflected her pale face. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes slowly. She flashed past the fox-like eyes again.

Li Ce, I tried my best.

In this world, perhaps not everything you did was absolutely correct, but at the time, you had no other choice.

Zhuge Yue, goodbye.

Another round of rope ladders was erected. Numerous enemy forces climbed up like locusts. Chu Qiao threw away the scabbard and rushed forward with a knife.

“Protect adults!”

The soldiers of the beauty forces rushed in and stopped in front of Chu Qiao.

The underworld’s beautiful troops wore black armor and flattened swords like clouds. They lined up as an attacker’s approach and fled toward the enemy’s fearless impact. As the sky was darkened, the sun gradually fell down the mountain, and the blood-red light shrouded the earth and reflected on the faces of the warriors with the light of the demon. Blood soaked the earth, shouting deafeningly, all eyes wide open, struggling with a knife.

The iron cavalry flooded the entire city, and the black-pressed army was like a mountain river. Its horseshoe was banging, and the earth was trembling. The red-eyed soldiers were like a dazzling mountain, and they were a miraculous army. Once, under the city of Beibei, they took a few wins, and the millions of coalition forces that faced the great summer still cling to the city gates and did not take a step back. Under Longxuanguan, they stood side by side in a row, resisting Zhao Xi’s iron cavalry.


The thunderous roars of the heavens drowned out all the sounds, the screams of the horses and horses, the paralysis of weapons, and the crowds of people who came to the sea, came in and strangled with this group of desperate fighters. Armor covers the earth, wolf smoke ignites, swords cut, splashes of flesh and limbs fly like a typhoon over a straw. The large body of the young man fell down. The hard armor was trampled by the warhorse. Thousands of horseshoes stepped past, like a slush.

The dark mass of arrowheads covered the last rays of light, and the soldiers in the front row of the enemy had no time to scream. They were shot by the whole person. The screams, blood, death, broken limbs, and flustered people trampled on each other. Whining, but can not hide the forest cold spear. Death was full of death. Bloodthirsty swords dangled from the red of the monsters. The soldiers killed their eyes and they forgot everything. Only one action was remembered, that is, cut, then cut, kill one, and kill two. Everyone earned. People screamed and mourned. The wounded fell to the ground. Before they could get up, they were crushed by the back of the horse. Blood spattered and brains flowed.

This is a terrible nightmare. Everyone is in the net and no one can break free.

The city was broken, and the enemy forces failed to rush in. There was a fierce fight in front of the city gate and the bodies were piled up, forming a natural city gate. Chu Qiao stood in the crowd with a knife. Her blood was stained by her armor. Her breathing was heavy, but her blade was sharper.

Dragging, dragging for a moment, He Xiao can run farther.

As the sky became darker and darker, the night was completely shrouded, and all directions were shouting. Chu Qiao was suddenly so tired that her movements were not flexible and her attacking power was greatly reduced.

Yes, she is a mother. Even if she knows that she has no life today, she is still trying to protect her stomach.

An enemy saw her weakness and secretly approached her from the side. Suddenly she saw her delicate face and different armor by the fire. When the soldier saw it, he immediately knew her identity. He suddenly opened his mouth and looked as if he were calling out loud.


 Long scream suddenly sounded, and the blood splattered. The man couldn’t even do the action of avoiding it. The knife light was on the head, the speed was fast, the strength was great, and people could not believe their eyes. In the next second, the body weight fell heavily, split from the right shoulder into two, adding to the artificial city gate.

The enemy troops outside the city gate were shocked. They stood there and looked at Chu Qiao.

Chu Qiao stood there with a knife in her hand. At the moment, her ears were suddenly as sensitive. She could hear the sound of the wind, heard the sound of blood flowing out, and heard the fear of breathing. Hear the earth’s vibrations in a moment.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!”

She is so tired, tired to close her eyes, and overwhelming darkness comes from all directions.

Let’s fall, don’t hang it hard.

He Xiao should be running away. He will take Emperor Tang to find Sun Di who moves to save the enemy to protect Li Ce’s bloodline.

Useless, do not insist, sleep for a while, enough.

Feelings were weak and her head was drowsy.

However, at this moment, the enemy’s offensive suddenly retreated like a tidal wave, and there was a squealing noise from the opposing array. The screaming soldiers yelled loudly, but they were too far away. They could not hear. The bright torches kept waving and it seemed to convey something.

Panic! Very panic!

“grown ups?”

The surviving soldier looked puzzled at Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao spent a moment. Suddenly, she seemed to understand something and said nothing. She turned to pick up her leg and ran upstairs.

“Adults! There are reinforcements!”

Before he ran to the city wall, a messenger rushed down and slammed into the face of Chu Qiao. He was excited and flushed and shouted, “There are reinforcements!”

Chu Qiao did not care for him, and he rushed to the tower in a few steps. The tower was awkward. Everyone was high-fiving. They huddled together and made thunderous cheers.

Under the horizon, an iron-gray long dragon emerged, like a faint stream, but in an instant, the stream expanded, rushing out of the horizon and turning into a vast sea. Numerous soldiers, armed with wolf-sharp knives, wore crickets and came in turbulent winds. Thousands of them were in a storm.


“It is the Blue Navy!”

Do not know who snores first, followed by everyone, surrounded by all, countless soldiers cried and cried, the soldiers escaping from the dead cheered loudly at the reinforcements in the distance. The Blue Navy should be with them and also send a deafening charge.

“Adults, we have saved! Datang is  saved!”

The commander of the wolf army rushed up with blood and excitedly shouted at Chu Qiao: “The King of Qinghai brought people!”

However, Chu Qiao did not respond to him. In the flames, a dusty woman stood quietly. His sword fell on the side of the knife. She could not move, only tears, and she fell quietly.

Xui Xui River.

Even if it was so far away, Yanbei soldiers could still hear the smashing that was coming from the East.

Mu Wen trod up and said to Yan Xun sitting on the horse: “Your Majesty, we should start.”

Yan Xun nodded silently, but his figure did not move. He stared long into the sky in the east and his expression was unpredictable.

After all, he still came. I do not know why, my heart’s high hanging string suddenly broke, with a quiet echo, empty.

Perhaps, subconsciously, I don’t want her to die.

However, he did not want him to come after all.

River and mountain beauties have been difficult choices since ancient times.

What he could not put away, others could still lay down.

“Your Majesty, after the departure of Zhuge Yue, our army launched an impact on Yanmingguan, and now General Lu has already breached the pass.”

“Your Majesty, Zhao Che defeated a retired soldier and he has already gone out of the North Pass. General Cheng Yuan pursued victory and has occupied eight provinces in the Northeast.”

“Your Majesty, there is only one Zhao Yang army left in Daxia. It is currently near Fangshan.”

“His Majesty……”

Suddenly, Yan Xun couldn’t hear anything. The ear repeatedly echoed the crisp sounds of many years ago. The girl looked at him with a smile, and picked up her feet, licking her white fingers and looking at his chest. Laughing and asking: “Will you bully me?”

Will you bully me?

Do you know?

The wind whistled, and the two war eagle whirl around the head, making a sharp tweet.

He turned his head back and his mind was stunned.

Someone else has already made a choice. He should also follow the path he has long established. No matter what kind of fate he is in front of him, after all, it is the path he has chosen for himself.

One hundred years of life, such as day-to-day exasperation, tolerating children’s longevity, no tolerance, no tolerance, no reluctance, no regrets

His heart repeated the Yan Xun’s ancestral training over and over again, thinking of his parents were expelled from the clan genealogy many years ago. His father and brother were killed on the northern plateau of Yan.

From then on, on the 8 million lands of Daxia, the Eagle Flag will be inserted all over the Yantai. The common people will be subordinated to my feet. My will cover the whole earth. I will be the new generation of this land. The king. How can a woman be able to compare her power? I don’t regret it and never regret it!

Yan Xun immediately went ahead and walked in the forefront of the army, and thousands of troops followed him behind him like a raging ocean.

Mu Wen stood far behind him and watched the king of Yanbei, who had gone. Suddenly, this young general thought that their knees were so lonely that the darkness swallowed all the light around him, leaving only the rest. His strong back is like a sharp gun.

In the city of Tang Jing, there was a cheer.

Chu Qiao stood in front of the city gate, behind which countless people and soldiers.

Zhuge Yue jumped off the horse and got dusty. The navy blue cloak was full of blood and black.

“What are you doing?”

“Come and get back what belongs to me.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes gradually became red and swollen. She picked up her mouth and held back the sour eyes. She stepped forward and gave a fist and hammered his chest. He said softly: “Fool.”

Zhuge Yue stretched out his arm and held her in her arms and said with a smile: “Xinger, come back to Qinghai with me.”

Chu Qiao whispered in his arms, tears fell line by line, his clothes now wet.

The bones of the morning sun were numb, and he held her hand tight and warm and firm as if he would not let go of his life.

Her tears slammed down and he nodded hard in his arms.

She stood on tiptoe and fell in his ear. The voice was so small, but with so much joy.

“Zhuge Yue, I’m pregnant.”

Heaven and Earth are so vast, time is so hurried, the end of it is over, and in the future, there is still endless glory. Even if the road is unpredictable, but in the end at the moment, all the time, the smile is always warm, and everything is born.

(End of the article)

The Real Outcome: Continued 1: Yan Hong Volume, Continued 2: Defending Simon

(Xiao Xiang Donger wrote in the renewal – after defending Ximeng: This is the final outcome, 11 completely finished, thank you for your support all the way.)



Epilogue 1: Purple Magnolia · One

Edited by AC 28 April 2019

That little cold moon night, I thought I was drunk.

The autumn moon is fascinating, and the pool of lotus ponds has long lost its vitality. This year, I lost the leisure time of the extradition hot springs. The dilapidated wind chime that has been hanging over the window for more than a decade has disappeared, and my heart is only a faint slap. Those hoarse ringtones, those smiles that have never bloomed for me are so in my heart.

You sleep peacefully on the bed, and I gently put the short jade finger in your forehead. Then, stare at you in the same quiet gesture. I suddenly thought of the dragon’s face, the fact that you slept in my arms, in this night. You are such a heartfelt woman. Oh, if you are awake at the moment, and I am so emotional, I must blame me for how ruthless it is. However, isn’t it? Even in such a quiet night, you are slightly wrinkled with these delicate eyebrows in your sleep. The moon’s white eyes are gently turning under the eyelids. It must be a dream. Jojo, what did you dream of? Is the dead kid Yan Xun, or the mad boy Zhuge Yue, or is it the great emperor of Yushu? Jojo, you must not know, in fact, you are beautiful, very beautiful, let me feel that every moment you appear in front of my eyes is so unreal. In fact, I hope that you dream of me, I am no better than the two stinky boys, isn’t it? At least, I won’t bother you. Maybe it is, my existence is like the air. However, I can always be at your side to support you wherever you go. So, it is really a pleasure.

Just when I was thinking about it, you suddenly woke up, and when you were alert, you sat up and did not change. Just so good, falling into my arms. And I, so instinctively, or in my heart, have been holding you tightly for a long time. Fortunately, you are not struggling, and I am so pleased that I feel a bit sad. Only for a moment, I seem to see the thin clouds hanging over the crescent moon. You gently reach out and shoot my back, I think I am hurting you. For a time, I finally realized my gaffe and slowly released my hand. The night is fascinating, your moon-like face faintly glaring at the moisture in my eyes. The wine is pouring up, and the breath is full of intoxicating and sultry gas.

You look at the moon-like blurred eyes, and the words that whispered out loud made me unable to help myself: “Lee, do you regard me like her?” The tone is a little pressing. At that moment, I stumbled, and almost did not respond to what you said. I looked at you fixedly, saw that you suddenly felt uneasy, and heard you carefully and whispered: “I heard what people said. In the past, Princess Fu lived here.” When I finally slowed down, when I was in front of the situation, I just laughed weakly. “Oh-“, “Fu’er’s figure is much better than you.” At this moment, I finally returned to reality and played the role of Lee Cecilia the fox prince in your eyes.

It turned out that I was so awake. I am so drunk but so awake.

After thinking about it, I really felt my own urgency and my words said such a sentence. It’s a tragedy. I really haven’t studied it alone, you and her body. My heart bleeds, a shyness that has been discovered by bad things, so I hurried away from the hustle and bustle, and escaped from this incredibly repressed home filled with the grand memories of you and her. Just out of the hall, I heard you shouting at the window: “Li Fox! Your finger!” Fool, that is what I sent to you. I turned around and smiled at you with a smile: “Spring is worth a thousand dollars, I will come back tomorrow!” The quick answer from the mouth added me another repression.

The moonlight is so fascinating, and the annoying smog once again obscures the winding moon, which is smirking, and the world is dark. A trace of chill was born from the soles of the feet. I looked back and looked at the palace in the haze, and my heart was filled with sadness.

Jojo, I am so drunk but so awake, how can I treat you like her? Stupid JoJo, you really don’t have a little hope or realize that now I live in my heart is not the old man who died. I always thought that the thing I care about most is Fu’er, but under your whispering question, I once again dumbfounded that I was no longer determined. Oh, I never knew myself. It turned out to be such a thin person. Or, as you said, installing a stupid costume for a long time will really become a fool. I have a lot of fun, and it has really become a lover. In this way, it is considered to be a favored person.


Epilogue 2: Purple Magnolia · Two

Edited by AC 28 April 2019

The lights of the Jinwu Temple shook my eyes. Suddenly I feel very tired, and my body and mind are exhausted.

It’s a little goblin, so I can’t hold it. It was a little goblin, and it happened to be the right time.

Blood sputum rushed out of my chest, and I couldn’t feel a trace of pain. I think I am really exhausted, numb like a dead body. Today, I have no vigilance. It is a huge robbery to make the gods walk into this temple. I still vaguely remember the madness of the old eunuch holding the dagger, the sneak peeks and stunned of the woman’s brow. Everything happens only in the right place, why I feel like there is a sea of ​​change. If it weren’t for the busy people around me, like a ghost, I wouldn’t be sure if my soul is still there.

“Through the I am the grandson,” I calmed the heavy breath and whispered the will. A drop of cold sweat slipped from the corner of my eye, and I was so salty that I could barely open my eyes. One thought was fleeting, and I blurted out unconsciously. “And JoJo, I want to see her.”

The hall is impenetrable and full of heavy medicinal taste. Sun Di like a  dead boy, is still swearing his face. What I can confess to him is to take a closer look at the words that have been repeated thousands of times. Tonight, how can I be so upset and uneasy, and the conversation with Sun Di seems to be telling the last words. This dead kid always picks me up with some sad topics. It seems that I am really prepared to send my daughter to sleep in the future. However, this kid is so cumbersome, and her daughter must be very difficult to see in the future.

After Sun Di left, the hall was dull, and this dullness made me almost suffocate. Suddenly I began to feel that it was very vain and powerless. I thought that the sudden silence of this empty hall made me feel so guilty and weak. I leaned my eyes and leaned on my back, and the spirit began to be too concentrated.

The yellow figure of the goose came suddenly and fell like a flying flower in front of my eyes. I saw a flustered flash in your eyes, and there was such a hint of excitement in my heart. I am complicated and returning to you with a weak and gratifying smile. It is easy to make you feel at ease: “Scared you.” I heard my voice hoarse like the dilapidated wind chime that disappeared.

“Li Ce–” you shuddered, looking at the knife in my chest with a look of fright, I saw this expression on your face for the first time. You do not sneer at me on a weekday, it is a seemingly dull sadness, and now I don’t know how to deal with you. In fact, you are like a girl. Girls are too strong to marry. I thought that I had already practiced the joy of screaming and screaming to the point where the fire was pure and easy. I did not expect that I was always confused before you.

I saw your fingers tremble in the air, but just repeated: “It’s okay, slowly raise.”

“Originally,” my heart was a feeling of sorrow and joy, I had to try to find some easy topics to comfort you, but I found that I am saddened by the present day when I talked to you about this topic that I have talked about many times. I’m so sad that I don’t know how to find the words on it: “I originally wanted to prepare a dowry for you in the past few days. Now, I’m going to be a cheap guy, I don’t know, I don’t know if he will be corrupt.”

Your smile is stubborn, floating on your lips: “You can rest assured, I will look at him.”

“Yeah.” Weakness and powerlessness once again came to the forefront. I spent a long time and only squeezed out such a word. Consciousness is gradually blurred, I am so tired, tired to say a word to become an expression has become a luxury. I work hard to clear my mind and try to remember your most feminine face today.

“You should sleep first, don’t talk anymore.” When you throw this sentence, my consciousness suddenly becomes like water.

“Jojo, stay with me.” Stay with me, don’t go, let me see you? In the middle of it, I seem to hear the answer I want, so happy, and once again, my consciousness is blurred and my head is heavy. Let me sleep for a while, only for a little while.

Only for a little while. I am, really tired.

I am like a fish that is about to be smashed. The water was dark and I could barely see a glimmer of light. I even suspect that the knife is not in my heart, but in my lungs, they are mine, hehe.

I know that I am in a dream, I have never been so awake, I can’t sleep well. I know that only with this kind of sleep, you can stay with me. I know that I shouldn’t be so skinny, but I am really tired. This time, let me really care about it once. I guess I’m very successful because your breath has been haunting me. I greedily and cowardly, deliberately not calculating how long I have been lying. It seems like a thousand years, but it seems to be just a should not be missed.


Epilogue 3: Purple Magnolia · Three

Edited by AC 28 April 2019

I know that I am tired of dreams. Because I saw the broken silhouette of those people.

I saw Princess Fu’ers bright smile, laughed and avoided my catch-up; I saw the man wearing a green shirt and gently rolled up A’Fus hand. Then, I saw that Fu’er was wearing a red robe and hanged on the three-footed white scorpion. In fact, Fu’er did not know, she was wearing the body that I personally supervised and woven, how to fit it is, how beautiful it looks like a red rose that is so full of my eyes that I dare not look straight. However, she finally chose to bloom in a stalk of white stalks, red and white, such as a pool of never-drying blood spilled on a cluster of thin white snow, blooming the cruelest and beautiful face. It was not easy to see snow in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, but when it was as bright as the spring afternoon, she set off such heavy snow for me, which made me overwhelmed.

Light and shadow, I saw you. I saw the reluctant look of deja vu and saw the most brilliant one-meter sunshine on the plateau. From the first sight, I know that you are the biggest robbery in my life. Because I saw in your eyes the glory that made me feel lost and unable to extricate myself. At that time you were as bright as the light, the man who gave you faith in your eyes made me feel awe and jealous. You firmly yell at me and say that I want to live a day when pigs and dogs are inferior. At that moment, I saw the eyes of Fuer’s resentment. I know that love can’t be pleading and reluctant. I have to personally eliminate the distractions that should not be implemented. From that moment on, I decided not to repeat the same mistakes, I want to give you the happiness you want, I will personally prepare the most beautiful wedding dress for you, and witness you step into the hall of happiness. But now it seems that fear is a bit difficult. How old is not to see me, it takes you away from the side of a man and into the arms of another man. I comfort myself, as long as you are happy, but I also humbled that you can look back at me in the process. Nowadays, I have already done so. I don’t blink, but I can feel your company. Let me be selfish for a while, and I promise not to play such a childish trick again next time.

Finally, I saw my father who liked to pretend to be considerate, and… my mother, she was still so simple and plain, sitting in a pastel palace dress, sitting peacefully in a splendid crape myrtle, my eyes were indifferent and far-reaching.

I struggled in the deep pool of dreams and could hardly breathe. Like a fish to be shackled, in the most familiar environment, there is nothing to do, and the mood is disordered. I took the old heart and looked at it carefully, only to find that it was already riddled with holes.

There were a hustle and bustle that woke my ears, and there was a glare that plunged into the cold water. At that moment, I was stung got almost suffocated.

I saw that the woman was shaking like a sifting hand holding a dripping dagger. Her pale face was full of red blood, and she looked so stern, standing like a devil, standing at the window and screaming: “I Kill you! I killed you! I have to avenge Luo’er!”

In the blink of an eye, I suddenly saw the icy purple phoenix dragon and phoenix lights at the age of eight. The fireworks of the Shangyuan Festival were grand, and I sent the scattered palace people to the mother’s palace afterward, only to show you the Eight Treasures of the Father. When the palace man sent it, he said that it was specially donated by Huai Song and his ambassador. It’s gorgeous enough to watch it alone, but there will be gorgeous dynamic movies after the merger. What the father gave me was a glimpse of the dragon. I guess the other must be behind the mother, so I can’t wait to ask the mother to see the gorgeous scenery after the merger of the two lights. The lamp is really big, I have some asthma all the way. Just as I sneaked into the courtyard to give you a surprise, I heard your gentle voice “Luo’er”. Yes, it is Luo, not a child. In fact, at that moment, I forgot for a moment, most of you just called me with a cold “prince”. Then, I saw that the name is my uncle, but in fact, my brother’s eyebrows are also looking at you gently, holding the Phoenix lamp that matches me: “The mother is not going to the womb today. “You smiled lightly and shook your head gently: “He has a lot of people to accompany him.” I was full of grievances for a time, but the boy had a smile that was not flat: “Take this lamp to His Royal Highness, It’s fun to have a mother-in-law.” Your eyes show the praise and satisfaction that I have never received before, and the radiance of fireworks illuminates the entire dark night. I have a cold bone in my heart. The scalp is numb, and I am like a voyeuristic thief who quietly comes.

I don’t remember how I got back to my bedroom. I only remember that my legs were as hot as lead. After the mother, don’t you know that the children can do nothing, as long as you give me a smile and spend a New Year with me. When the palace man sent the Phoenix lamp, I was so overwhelmed that I was overwhelmed. The noisy reminders of the palace people made me realize that I really “have a lot of people to accompany.” I pulled out one of the biggest smiles and lit the two colored lights. At that moment, I was so happy that I was so twitching, and I watched my tears slammed into the colorful scenes of the lanterns, and the beautiful scenery of the dragon and the Phoenix was extinguished like a shower. I am happy to bow down to the ground, full of tears: “Children’s praise to the mother after the reward.” Thank you, thank you for letting me enjoy such a beautiful and splendid scene. I am unforgettable in this life.


Epilogue 4: Purple Magnolia · Four

Edited by AC 05 May 2019

I have always been stupid and don’t care about your indifference to me, but is it because of this that you are more disappointed and more indifferent to me?

Hehe, Prince Luo Er, in your eyes, perhaps he is only your son. Then, have you really missed me? I don’t know, in the eyes of your mother, I am just a killer who killed your son. In the end, I still can’t win your smiling face.

Prince Li Luo’Er, how lucky you are, Fu’er regards you as a life, and so does the mother. They must be laughing and yelling at you on the banks of the Lishui River. I am finally worse than you.

Why is God so so sweet to me, how the people I love always worry about me. The heart is as gray as it is, but it is just me.

The mother’s shirt has been stained with blood, the pale face is full of madness, the eyes are bright and sly, and they are not struggling after being restrained. Then I heard the hateful voice echoing coldly: “You are all beasts, damn it, I killed him, kill you now, I will avenge my husband and son.”

It turns out that we are all beasts. Oh, why are you so obsessed with your father? After the mother, only they are the sons of your husband. We are all animals. Animals and beasts. Then I am as good as your wish, and it is also filial piety. The life of the child is given by you, you regret it, you can take it back. I am Li Ce, always, very generous.

The color of blood climbed on my cousin, and my mother and I were like two blood-colored crape myrtle flowers that bloomed in this sunny afternoon.

Just as I turned around, you slid into my eyes like a spring breeze. You look pale and look at me fixedly, I think, you are scared. It’s a little girl, and I’m not on the battlefield. I’m so quick to teach me that I can’t recognize it. There are countless figures in front of my eyes, but I still can’t stop the deepest eyes you cast on me.

You screamed, and flew back, and flew to me like a healthy pony. “Catch her!” There are guards and palace people trying to block, really do not know the current affairs, disturbing such a romantic moment, look back and pick you up.

“Let her go.” When I opened my lips, I only made such a low voice, my mouth was dry, my lips were sticky, and I suddenly opened my mouth, and there was a slight tear. I heard my voice sullen like dilapidated bellows blew by the wind. But this does not affect my half-lifting, pointing your finger at you. I pointed so seriously, but it was so laborious, I can’t let people stop you from rushing to me.

However, just with such a gentle movement, my body is unconsciously dumping forward, and blood splatters out of my mouth, like a koi (fish) being torn open, from there. What blooms in the crack is the flower of the death of a bloody red fairy. I suddenly felt that there was a deep cold that climbed up from the back, and I couldn’t help myself if I fell into an ice cave. The door is closed and the sun is screened through the panes into a mottled shadow. Finally, the darkness swallowed the brilliance, and I couldn’t see your face for a while.

The Yixin Temple was so quiet. After Sun Di retired, I lay quietly and calmly. I feel my heavy breathing, a light heartbeat, and a blank in my head. I seem to have merged with this dead hall.

A gust of wind blew, I can guess that at this time of the moon and night, the tree shadow of the mother-in-law must be like a ghostly dance. The layers of curtains are rubbing against each other, I know that you are here. There is a cold touch that touches my arm, and a layer of warmth is like the hot spring that was extradited in the lotus pond that year. Your breathing is so light, and the sound is like a butterfly wing that flies away in a blink of an eye. “Li Ce, I am coming to see you.” Yes, I know, you come to see me. I know, you will definitely come to see me.

I slowly opened my eyes and I didn’t know how to answer. Then, I mobilized all my conscious minds and tried my best to make it easy to use an action to prove that I am good. Don’t worry about me. I reached out with a hard hand and made a move for you. I smacked an ugly smile, “Jojo”. At this moment, only the two words that make me feel warm are echoed in my head. However, I think that I must be too emotional, your tears will come out, and fall like autumn leaves will accumulate in my heart. I put out my fingers and wiped your cold cheeks, sorry and smiled dimly: “Don’t cry, blame me.” But this pale comfort obviously didn’t work, because I saw your tears still lingering, getting more and more urgent. : “I promised that I will stay with you all the time. I shouldn’t go out.” Oh, silly girl, I still can’t change the bad habit of taking responsibility for yourself.


Epilogue 5: Purple Magnolia · Five

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I pulled out a smile that made me unable to maintain myself. I looked at the complicated pattern on the top of the bed, embroidered with a golden shackle of longevity, and covered the entire dragon bed. My voice is as calm and desolated as my heart: “How can you blame you, that is my mother, who,” the sudden and fierce gasping makes my voice fragile and powerless, I am so weak to such a point, a powerless unknown. The feeling of drilling out can no longer be pressed. You are so scared that you are looking for a doctor, but I subconsciously hold your arm firmly, like a drowning man grabbing the last life-saving straw. Jojo, you are my biggest faith, you are the last sunshine of my life. “Who, who can think of it?” Don’t go, I can, I can, and have the strength to finish this sentence.The wind in the night passed through the eaves, blowing through the ears of the inner beasts of the horns, and making a loud noise. I suddenly didn’t want to hear anything and couldn’t hear it.

“I originally wanted to marry in person. Now, I am afraid I can’t.”

“No.” Your voice is so big, echoing in the empty hall, like a circle of leaves, with a hint of stubbornness: “You will not have anything!”

I watched you hold my hand hard, but I couldn’t feel the pain at all. That damn powerlessness and exhaustion came again in a choppy state. I tried my best to unfold a weak and weak smile, but in exchange for the more unstoppable panic, your tears spread throughout the face, such as the white lotus after the summer rain covered with the most crystal clear dew. “Li Ce, don’t go, don’t go! Well?” Swaying his arm like a lonely child: “If you are gone, what should I do? I am out, who will help me? I have no place to live.” Who will let me eat?”

“The original, Li Ce, is a big head.” suddenly smiled, this silly girl, how can I be willing to leave you. If you are willing to stay, I will be happy to sit down and hold this big head. However, at this moment, I only have a terrible instinct, perhaps this is a luxury idea that I will never fight for. However, I was once, I was no longer afraid to tremble as I used to. I think I am really tired.

“I have sent someone to inform Zhuge Yue, someone will send you to see him, you, just go with him.” I was surprised to find that this sentence should make me infinitely sad these words, I can use this a light tone to spit out. I want to come, today is really the day of my gorgeous curtain call: “In the future, don’t be reluctant, don’t make the child temper. The night is cool like the water in the pool, freezing my voice into ice. “

“Jojo, help me up.” I can’t just lie down like this. It is the emperor of Sui and Tang Dynasties. The people of Sui are still waiting for this emperor who often exhales. If there is no embarrassment, they will be lonely. And those beautiful people who are like flowers, if there is no jealousy, who will give them a better social status? The most important thing is, Jojo, I must be ugly when I lie down like this. It’s a failure. I really want to keep the image of Yushu’s wind in front of you. At least, it’s wiser than the man who is arrogant in foreign countries.

I feel the care of your fingertips, you lift me up, sitting on the wicker chair in front of the window. I put on my coat, the bright red bloody enchanting color, the embroidered dragon, the transverse warp, the vertical weft, the Zhang Yangli (means the chapter of the solar calendar) reveals the decadent bleakness, just like their original encounter.

“Jojo, my hair is messed up.” You promised, picked up the white king comb, break my hair, combed the shallows across the hair, and gathered its horns, a trace, another silk. Your hand is as light as a butterfly wing, like a spring breeze. I felt your hand tremble, but I am so overwhelmed that I had to pretend I didn’t know. I finally combed my head, and I smiled back and said: “Is it the spirit?”

The moonlight pours in your eyes like water, and you nodded with a smile: “Shuai stayed.” I glanced, didn’t respond to what you said: “Come to me?” You smiled nodding, your smiles are warm and bright…

“Li Ce” you whispered: “Do you have any wishes?

“I wish?” My heart is suddenly tight. In fact, I have a wish. That is my biggest wish, but I know that I can never achieve it.

Time flies like a windmill, I seem to have returned to the noodle restaurant, the little girl smiled like a flower.


Epilogue 6: Purple Magnolia · Six

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“Do you want to tell me a story?” The girl was so open-minded.

I held the tea and swallowed it, and replied with a funny smile: “I won’t talk, or you can say it.”

So, the girl once again pulled out the two ugly clay figurines and began her long-lasting story: “There was a big emperor…” Looking at the girl’s serious face, I saw it as if I had returned to it. With Jojo and the two people listening to this bizarre story like this, nothing has changed, just missing you.

When the little girl finally finished the story, I faintly said something that I was prepared to be despised: “This story, I have heard it.” Unexpectedly, the girl is calmer than me:” I know, I have seen you before. This time I will tell you a story.”

I thought about it for a while and finally decided not to offend the woman. Well, the little girl will develop into a woman in the future. I took the girl’s clay doll, frowned, and the more I saw it, the more I saw it. I had to send her two pretty clay figurines. Using this storytelling is too detrimental to my Jojo’s perfect image.

I raised a chopstick. “This is a little girl.” He raised another chopstick. “This is… the great emperor.”

Memories such as the tides rushing, my thoughts flew to the snowy snowfield: “On one occasion, the emperor came to other countries to meet this little girl, the little girl with martial arts, and the grand emperor smashed the meal. The great emperor was angry, had also wanted to hit her meal, but then, something happened, the great emperor fell in love with her. “then I deliberately stopped,” do you want to know what happened yet? “The female child glared at me with big eyes. There was a flying bird in the sky, and it disappeared in a flash. “One time they met the bad guys, the little girl was very kind and saved the emperor several times. The emperor thought, this little girl is really righteous, I want to take her home for a good life.”

“Unfortunately, the little girl doesn’t like the big emperor. She likes another person. Later, she followed the man.” I raised the silly little man holding a wooden stick in her hand.

“But that person is not good, he is overbearing, ugly, poor, and loves to bully people. Anyway, it is not a good thing. Later, when the little girl suddenly realized, she left this person.”

I picked up another little man who was equally ugly riding a broom: “I like this person again, but this person is not good. It is proud and self-righteous, and it is deceptive, ugly and ugly, secretly telling you that he may. But there is also the shackles of the sleeves. He is close to a prince in their country. Anyway, it may be a madman.”

The little girl sighed with relief and asked with sympathy: “And then?”

And then? Then… I smiled and continued the most satisfying ending in my heart: “Finally, the little girl grew into a big girl, and she finally realized her own mistake. So she resolutely left this person and came back to the big emperor, the big emperor is handsome, rich, and has a demeanor, but also good and dedicated one.” I paused and smiled. “It’s just as perfect as this son.” The girl stupidly squinted, I, The wretched vanity got a little satisfaction, and continued to swear shamelessly: “The big girl regrets not doing it, crying and crying to marry the great emperor, every day at the door of the emperor’s house, to be a wife.” The great emperor pities her, and he agreed to it.”

Finally, I ended the story like this: “Later, they became married, lived happily together, and gave birth to a large number of children. Men are as handsome as big emperors, and women are like big emperors. Beautiful. They are very happy until their hair is white, their teeth are gone, and finally, the gods in heaven know it, let them become immortals, and say that they will let them live together and never separate.”

Jojo, you know, this is my wish.

However, I also know that it can only be a wish.

“Nothing.” The memory waves rolled, and I was so overwhelmed that I was almost breathless. I was so sad that I almost fell into tears, and opened my mouth to suppress the sadness of my heart.

I suddenly remembered something and must explain: “After I die, the ruling will be chaotic. The brothers and sisters of Zhan are just paper tigers. The royal family is a real wolf. Sun Di is a radical person. If there is any change, you must not obey. I will give you the finger to go to Si Shui Country (Surabaya). After Xu Su will see you, he will listen to you, and the Iron Army will listen to you.”

“Jojo, how long have you been in your life, if it is because of my death, once again holding your footsteps, then I will live under Jiuquan (means the nine springs the underworld of Chinese mythology or Hades), and I will not close my eyes with peace of mind.”

We are all shackles of destiny and death, and between rushes, they are faintly hot for decades. Jojo, I can’t get out, I just hope you can go out.

“You, don’t let me down.”

My breathing suddenly rushed, and the sense of powerlessness and exhaustion of sin completely filled my body, screaming in my body and screaming at how they occupied the highlands. My consciousness is blurred quickly. I reach out and say softly: “Jojo, let me hug you.” Jojo, if you can, I want to be happy to snuggle in your arms waiting for the advent of death… Then, I will be very happy to follow him to find Li Luo and Fu Er, I will continue to destroy them. Oh, Jojo, am I really bad?

The wind outside suddenly became louder, blowing out the small open window, and the moon sprinkled pale on the hall, and the private light was bright. The autumn wind floated from a distance, and I actually smelled the aroma of Magnolia. I must be dreaming. The slender body of the woman warms my body, which is getting colder. I once again returned to the summer palace corridor, and the fireworks of the Babao  (means eight treasures) Palace lights were bright. You are like a goose-yellow rose fragrant to this chic summer night.

The magnolias on both sides of the courtyard have just been opened, half-open and half-closed, and very beautiful. I stepped on the soft, damp soil and carefully picked up a flower magenta, which was shaped like a little purple magnolia. Purple Magnolia is lightly pulled on the purple jade butterfly, so it complements each other. Lightly licking the hair, the magnolia is clear and blurred.

I took the girl and jumped on a horse. “Jojo, fast, don’t let them catch up.” The horse trembled, the cold night wind suddenly slammed into the face, accompanied by my most pleasant laughter mixed with the magnolia in the air with the most intense happiness.

The moonlight is so embarrassing, taking my breath. I muttered and heard that time stopped at this moment. (I cried a thousand rivers, goodbye Li Ce my love)


Epilogue 7: Chapter I – Desert City, Break of City

Edited by AC 05 May 2019

The light of the setting sun sprinkled, like the thick blood on the battlefield, from the Chengyi Palace all the way into the Cuixin Hall, the light and shadow lingering, shrouded the floating palace. The city suddenly jumped through a sharp scream and instantly pierced the white eardrum. She looked up to the west and looked at the setting sun. She sprinkled bloody red light on her porcelain white forehead, faintly chilling. Like this heavy night, people feel cold.

The palaces of the palace are all here, the palace gates are open, the golden jade vessels are scattered all over the place, and the pale blue slaps dance with the wind, just like the spirits that lead the soul. Gu Jinan holds the sword and stands on the neck of a palace lady. The Phoenix is ​​awkward and sinister. He said, “Hey, you really refuse?”

On the ground, there were more than ten female eunuchs lying down, all of them were the descendants of the Cui Xin Temple. The white face was pale, the cheeks were blue, and the hands under the sleeves trembled, but they still clenched their lips.

“Mother, the child is not afraid.” Tao Shu shook his head, the pale face squeezed a smile, regardless of the blood on the neck, leaning over a head and kneeling on the ground: “Can no longer serve the goddess, the goddesses, Take care.”

“嗡”, (means hum) a bloodline rises to the sky, the blade is pierced by the chest, and the small body of the peach apricot is gently swayed, and it falls to the ground.

It’s like a giant stick banging on the top of Guan Zi, and there is a dull pain in the chest. Just like a knife slamming into the heart, it’s slamming and turning, and the deadly smashing, smashing the internal organs. The throat is sweet, the eyes are congested, and it is almost impossible to see things.

Gu Jinan put down the knife, and the blood beads slipped down from the knife and landed on his boots. He stood in the depths of the main hall, dressed in green armor, black and black, and bloody on the armor. The twilight was cold and dark, and he fixed his gaze at her. There was no trace of warmth and elegance at the time, but with a smile on his lips. The smile asked: “Do you want these people to be buried with you?”

When he was free to draw a knife, he would count the number of courtesies behind him, and the smashing palaces were shocked. Meng Zhaoyi slammed on the ground and shouted: “The noble girl saved me!”

Ms. Shu also mourns and says: “The maiden is not pity, please be also compassionate to the blood of the emperor.

Jing and Emperor Ji shrink in her arms and cry, a small face is blue and white, the left hand is wounded by the streamer, the blood is flowing, but the biting lip does not dare to speak.

She was so sad that she looked at Jing and Di Ji’s young face. He seemed to understand what he was doing. He bit his lip and stretched out a pair of white hands, pulling her sleeves. : “The mother-in-law rescues the quiet child.”

In the incense burner, a white smoke faintly turned around, bypassing the carved beams and paintings, all the way to the dark sky. Qi Bai suddenly remembered that day, also in this room, she was sad and sad after small childbirth, he handed the thing to her hand and said to her: “The life of the beggar is the same as the lifeline of this country.” Give it to you, from now on, you not only want to protect yourself but also protect you.”

Breathing and coagulation, like a small knife blowing a pipe, she took a quiet hand, biting her tongue, almost vomiting. When the rebels were on the scene, some people came forward, and the sword plunged the night wind. The slammed blood vessels, and Shu Shu’s eyes looked at the silence of the head, and it made a fierce scream like a mother wolf. The voice is so fierce, like a devil who is dying, making him shudder.

Qi Gongyi exclaimed in unison, Changgui screamed and slammed his head and turned around and ran, but the soldiers who were guarded by the door smashed their legs and legs, and the blood was broken like a melon, splashed on the white skirt, bright red eyes, hot like boiling water…

Meng Zhaoyi was stunned, and his hands were licking his lips. He couldn’t believe everything in front of him. After climbing and rolling back, he madly muttered: “You are all crazy, you are crazy!”

“You are a vicious wife!” Yan Shuzhen’s eyes were red and bloody, and she climbed up. The blood-stained hands grabbed the white neck, and the arrogant man said: “You are still my child! You are still my child!”

Gu Jinan’s eyebrows were cold, and the swords were screaming. I only heard screams and screams, and both hands were broken. She lay on the ground and mourned, and everyone was stunned. Gu Jinan smashed the broken hands on the white neck and took white pus from the waist. The eyebrows gently wiped her and whispered in her ear: “No wonder you are not willing to save them. It turned out that they are so vicious to you.

Yeah, let me help you kill them all. ”

The sound of “啪” (means clatter) resounded through the hall, and the white-handed slap in the face of Gu Jinan.

Gu Jinan took a step back and was not angry. He just touched the side of the face being beaten and smiled coldly.

Li Guiren has been standing behind the people. At this moment, he finally can’t stand it anymore. He slams in front of Gu Jinan and swears: “The general is forgiving, I know where the soldiers are.”

Gu Jinan’s eyebrows raised: “Where?”

When Guan Baibai was shocked, he listened to Li Guiren: “I have seen Rong Guifei take it in…”

The last bunch of sunlight suddenly came from the clouds. The eyes of the thorny people were sore, and the woman in the Minghuang robes slid on it and knocked Li Guiren over. The rebel army swarmed up, and the fists were hot. After a few moments, the woman kicked open, but she saw a phoenix in the throat of Li Guiren. She vomited and vomited, her eyes turned white, and she convulsed twice, and she died. .

The queen was kicked in the chest by the rebels, and blood came out from the corner of her mouth. She wiped it off with her sleeves and said coldly: “Useless waste, it will be clean after death.”

Several rebels rushed forward and grabbed her hair and brought her up. She swelled and said coldly: “This palace is the queen of the Great Yan Dynasty! Do you dare to do this to me?”

Xu is her imposing manner, the soldier actually loosened his hand, slightly stepped back, and then lost his face, raised his hand and put a hand on her face. The Queen’s teeth were knocked down, his cheeks were red and swollen, and he was still stubbornly leaning his head up. He said to the Guan Zi: “If you give him the soldier, I will not let you go!”

Guan Yan’s white eyes were hot, turning his head, only to feel the heat of the Queen’s eyes, like the hot sun of July to August, noon, the burning look on her, she tried to endure the sobs in the throat, coldly: ” You can rest assured, I will not.”

The emperor smiled and looked around at the many embarrassments in the temple. He said: “I have been fighting with you for the past few years. In the end, I only saw you pleasing to the eye. These weak people are plainly disgusting.

She turned her head and sneered at Gu Jinan: “Do you think you won?”

Gu Jinan’s brows were light and eager to speak, but he saw the queen slamming into the pillar behind him. The time was white and red, and it was a mess. Only her stern tail was still echoing in the temple. It was like a ghost. “Gu Jinan! You must Don’t die!”

The night wind blew in, scattered the blood of a room, Gu Jinan slightly waved, then someone came forward and held the palace of this room. Yu Bai only felt cold, and Zhou’s coldness broke into the bone marrow. Gu Jinan stood in the middle of the corpse of a place and smiled and said: “Hey, do you love him so much? Isn’t it even scared to die?”

The white light is dark and heavy, looking down at the tip of the shoe, and blood is spreading from the soles of the feet. Gu Jinan’s voice turned cold, with a few smirks: “When you love him so much, you are sure that he also loves you? The emperor’s feelings, how true is it, how many holidays?”

Yan Bai looked up and his eyes passed over his armored robes. The eyebrows were cold: “The king is defeated, and he says nothing, Gu Jinan, this palace will enter your hand this sunset, you have to kill and listen to you.” You want to get the battalion soldiers from this palace. This palace advises you to die this heart early.”

Gu Jinan laughed loudly and pushed her to the ground. She looked at her coldly and said: “Well, I won’t kill you, wait for me to pick him up and let you see him on the road.”

He took the knife into the sheath and strode over and walked toward the dark palace gate. In the middle of the night, the palace of the hustle and bustle broke into the sea of ​​fire, and there was a fire in the distance. Like a beast that was smashed from the ground, the raging swayed the night of the enchanting sorrow.

Guan Baibai sat in a pool of blood, and the rebels came over to bind her. She turned her head and saw that someone had dragged the Queen’s leg and walked all the way. The oldest woman still had her eyes wide open. The head is dirty, dust smashed her hair, pale gray, like an ash cream outside the plug.


Epilogue 8: Chapter II – Desert City, Prison

Edited by AC 05 May 2019

The night is cold and the water is cold, and the moon is full of shadows. It shines on the ground, like a white face.

Guan Baibai was in the corner of the cell. The moonlight came in from the narrow skylight, and it shined on her cheek. It was pale and gray. Her white robe was stained with blood, and the clothes on the back were broken. The whip marks were the scariest\. The humerus is pierced by a thin chain, and a little blood moves out of the purple blood. The chain was very delicate, the thickness of the thumb was thick, and the complex pattern was engraved on it, and the silver bell fell on it. When the bell was slightly moved, the bell rang and the bell rang, and the crisp echoed in this dead silence. In the cell.

Gu Jinan has been in for a long time, although it is raining outside, after all, it is in August, cold, but he is wearing a black big scorpion, buckskin rolling boots, if not the face is too pale, but also handsome and good skin.

He stood there like this, silently watching the Guan Zi, and the door was wide open. He was only a few steps away from her. It seems that as long as he reaches out, he can touch her clothes. For more than 20 years in this life, he has never approached her like this at the moment. The night wind blows in, with the unique moisture of the prison, and the hair is picked up, and more and more of his face is white and demon.

“It hurts?”

Guan Baibai didn’t look at him and didn’t talk. He took off his coat and walked slowly to her, draped over her shoulder, saw the chain at her cheekbone, a very light smile, gently squatting “On the day when Gu was destroyed, I was also chained like a dog. I climbed Changxing (county in Huzhou) and men like a dog and watched my family die under the knife. I know that it is very painful.”

Gu Jinan saw that Bai Bai refused to speak, smiled lightly, and hugged her gently, saying: “White, I don’t want to hurt you, but you are too stubborn, I can’t help.”

“I won’t give you the soldiers.” Guan Baibai was weak and sneer, faintly said: “You will die this heart.”

“Who said that I came to want that thing?”

Gu Jinan raised his eyebrows slightly, his fingers rubbed his lips and cracked his lips. He whispered, “I remember that when you were a child, you were most afraid of thunderstorms. Now it is thundering and raining outside. I am here to accompany you.”

He said, he bowed his head and kissed the white neck of the Guan Zi. He took the white and disgusting palm and went to hit him. Gu Jinan grabbed the chain on her cheekbone and gently pulled it. The pain is soft and screaming, and the sweat from the front of the forehead slides down. Gu Jinan kissed her lips and swallowed her pains. She pulled the chain with one hand and untied her clothes with her hand. She grasped her white chest and smiled and said: “Guan Baibai, is he kissing you like this?”


The Guan Zi was shouting and shouting, and the pain almost fainted, and the eyes were red, but still stubbornly refused to fall into tears.

Gu Jinan’s fingers twirled around her lower abdomen, finally gently picking up her skirt and looking down.

“He has so many women, how can you care for you? Who will hold you in such a thunderstorm night?”

When the cloth was broken, Gu Jinan chuckled and covered the soft, white body of the Guan Zi.

The lights flashed, the darkness of the dim, Gu Jinan eyes blood red, like a fierce beast, in the Guan Zi white body whip to ask for, the Guan Zi white is biting the lip, refused to make a sound, hands, and feet are dead The struggle, but how to break free, can only let more blood rush out, purple and black, like the crushed rose juice.

Like a nightmare, can’t describe, the sound of physical collisions screams in the air, and then, as soon as the lingering breaks the senses of the people, the resistance of the white is becoming weaker and the eyes begin to become hollow. Her long hair was smashed into the dirty soil, and the blood was stained with a salty taste.

I don’t know how long it took, Gu Jin’an’s mouth finally sounded happy. He kissed the white bloody lips in the ultimate happiness and smiled lowly: “Xiaobai, you are finally mine. Are you happy?”

Gu Jinan met her and kissed her. She took out a bottle of wound medicine and carefully placed her on the wound. She dressed her clothes and put the big man on her body. Then she sat down and chatted with her.

He said a lot, most of them were things when they were young. He talked about the weather at that time. At that time, friends at that time, some mischievous things were so cheerful, like a young man of seventeen or eight years old. Finally, he put her on the ground, pinched her nose, a petting look, said with a smile: “You wait for a second, wait for me to kill him, come to bring you home.”

Then he left, and finally left, the footsteps sounded farther than the sound, so far, and gradually could not hear, as if never will come again.

Guan Baibai still lay there quietly, did not move, did not speak, no response. It was so quiet in the four places, only the sound of the bells at the shoulder blades, the fluttering resounding, and the more and more seemingly empty.

She lay there as if she could not hear all the voices of the outside world. She only thought that this night was so long, and it seemed like a long time. She knew that there would be this day, as early as the day when the rebels broke the palace gate. Do you feel shame? Disgusting? Or is it dirty to die?

“Ha ha……”

Guan Yanbai sneered, but the voice was hoarse and horrible, like the eighty old men.

It was really dirty and dirty in the mud.

She closed her eyes, her eyes were burning, hot and hot, dry, and even tears could not flow. Just want to lie here like this, die here, let this dirty, disgusting, despicable and low-lying everything, buried in this muddy night!

She bit her lip, so hard, almost bite,

What if I changed someone else? Crying? Grief? Breaking the mouth? Still killing on the stone, like the Queen’s Empress, the death and death are clean and neat?

But she still can’t die.

He is still waiting for her. If she is dead, what should he do?

She moved the numb hand, and the wrist turned over. The cover of the hay was actually an unsheathed dagger. Looking at the moonlight, we could see a small “An” on the handle.

She sat up and took the dagger and sneered.

Guan Baibai walked to the front of the prison door, and the knife was cut on the chain. The door lock was broken and the end was cut iron.

Outside the door, the prison room was full of guards, and it was obviously a drug. How can a person like him be able to see his own scandals, sneering and sneering, and walked over, and no one woke up.

She leaned pale in front of the prison door and gasped, her throat sour, and her strong bloody smell made her sick and sick. She held her lower abdomen, and her face could not help but be gentle. When he just left, she found that she was pregnant. The battle in the palace was too much. She had already lost a child. This time, she became more careful, not to mention that he was not in the palace. In the same way as the empress, in order to protect herself and protect the child, she concealed all the news. Apart from a few confidants in her palace, she did not let anyone know, but she did not want to fall into this situation.

“Don’t be afraid,” she whispered. “The mother will protect you.”

The night wind blew, raising the black hair of the Guan Zi, she took a deep breath: “I will protect you.”


Epilogue 9: Chapter III – Desert City, Dreams

It rained in the evening, the raindrops were fine and dense, and they slammed on the glazed tiles. The night rain was cold and cold, and the air was also cold. Qiu Cheng took a hundred bat satin gowns embroidered with white fox fur on the cuffs. He also gave birth to a charcoal fire, but still could not drive the paleness of her face. Qiu Cheng sent it. When the man went to the small kitchen and took a bowl of ginger soup, he took it to her and said, “How much can the goddess drink a little, how good the face is so bad, and the emperor will have to feel distressed when he sees it.”

Meng Suxin lowered her head, and her expression was a bit bleak. She gently rubbed her forehead with her fingers and whispered: “I heard that the Queen died very badly, the skulls were broken, and the Changgui people were cut off. , Shu Shu broke his hands, even Jing and Di Ji also died, so the small children, but the body is different. Those people, really embarrassed.”

Qiu Cheng frowned: “Which is the blinded idiot and the maiden said such a thing, do not know that a maiden is a person with a body, it really should be the fall of it!”

Meng Suxin said: “There is only one palace in the palace. They don’t come to the palace. They are going to find out who they are going to say. It is not necessary to know how to go to the temple tomorrow.”

Qiu Cheng pulled up the blanket for Meng Suxin and said, “The goddess still thinks about these things. Doesn’t the doctor say that the goddess is too worried to cause the fetal gas to be unstable? The maiden is now pregnant with the prince, even if she does not plan for herself. It is also a plan for the child in the stomach. If the slaves are daring to say a big disrespect, then the Queen’s maiden is gone, the glory is missing, and the other scorpions are also injured and injured, even if they are good, 嫔, 娴The few of you are in good condition and have been imprisoned for so long. This body has long been unclear. They are also interrupted in the palace. The serious master of this palace now only has one girl, not to mention the godmother. With the pregnancy, the lord and the two grandfathers have made great contributions to this rebellion, just to say that the emperor has been with you for the past few years, and these good old days are still growing. The goddess has forgotten, you do At the time of the girl, the Ming Dynasty Zen master of the Guyun Temple said that you are a big blessing. Now it seems that the blessings of the goddess are all behind.”

Meng Suxin smiled low and whispered: “The emperor treats me, it is indeed good. If this is not the emperor secretly sent people to take me around, I am afraid it is difficult to escape.”

The night rain was fine, and the tree pear flower outside the court was destroyed. The room was ignited with a good fragrance, and the room was quiet and quiet. Her fingers stroked the arrow on the cuffs and said, “I don’t know where Ronggui went. She is the daughter of the door, and some martial arts are there. I really want to escape.”

“That is how to escape, but now the housekeeper has fallen, even if she is told to come back safely, with her temper, it is also unstoppable. Not to mention the rebel army entering the city at that time, the soldiers are in vain, depending on her, it is ultimately A weak woman, where can I escape. According to the slave, you are a very good temper, and you are arrogant and arrogant. In the past few years, we have not been less mad at her.”

Meng Suxin shook his head and said: “She was born in a famous house, and she was a long-term prostitute. It is also common for her to be arrogant. Moreover, she did not really bully me. The emperor favored her, but also to be a steward.”

Qiu Cheng smiled and said: “Other slaves don’t know. The slaves only know that the emperor pets her, in order to divert the attention of others, to protect the goddess, and how she is proud, these years are just an arch target. The emperor hurts the goddess. But it hurts to my heart.”

Meng Su hearted a smile, was about to train her slick tongue, and suddenly listened to the whip outside the temple, Qiu Chengteng jumped up and said: “The emperor is coming, the slaves are changing clothes to the goddess.”

The emperor was covered with a bright yellow cloak, and there was still rain on the top of the clothes. The smell of the body was heavy. Meng Suxin saw that his eyes were black, and he knew that he had not slept well last night. He couldn’t help but feel a little distressed. He reached out and touched his face. He whispered: “If you are busy with politics, you should pay attention to your body, the emperor. The eyes are green.”

The emperor took her thin fingers and said, “Why don’t you sleep so late?”

She lifted her eye and decided to look at him with a slight smile: “Chen Chen wants the emperor.”

The emperor smiled and reached out and hugged her: “I miss you too.”

Two people ate some night and night, and said the conversation, they took a break, and a small palace girl took the incense burner in the corner and was about to quit. The emperor suddenly fixed his foot and glanced at her. Meng Suxin saw that he looked different. He asked: “What is the emperor looking at?”

The emperor did not return to her, but asked the palace lady: “You used to be the lotus palace.”

The palace lady was shocked and hurried to the ground and replied: “If you return to the emperor, the slaves used to serve the emerald temple.”

The emperor looked at her silently, and the light was quiet, and there was a flash of an awning, and then he turned around and went into the account without saying anything. Meng Suxin bit his lower lip slightly, swung back and forth, followed him in. At this moment, suddenly heard a rush of footsteps outside the door, the eunuch Chang Xi shouted outside the door: “Emperor, Rong The chaise is back.”

With a bang, the emperor opened the account and strode out. A face was white, the interior was swaying, and there was orange warm light, but it was like a spring rain in his face. Cold water. He locked his eyebrows and said, “Where?”

“It’s just outside the palace.”

“She… can it be okay?”

Chang Xi bowed his head: “The noble lady, she is coming with a knife.”

The emperor was silent for a moment, coldly said: “Take her to the Cuixin Hall first, and tell me to stop, don’t hurt her.”

Chang Xi secretly glanced at Meng Suxin, who stood behind the emperor, and whispered: “The emperor, the noble lady, she is pregnant, the guards are afraid to go forward, and the fear of hurting her, the noble voice wants to see the emperor, refused to enter the palace.”

The emperor’s look changed abruptly: “Pregnant?”

Chang Xi naturally knows what he is asking and is busy saying: “Yes, the stomach is big, look like that, it will be six months.”

The emperor did not speak again, and he lifted his leg and went out of the palace gate. Qiu Cheng rushed forward and supported Meng Suxin’s hand.

“Let’s go and see.”


Meng Suxin took the cloak and put it on his body. He repeated: “I want to see her.”

The violent wind blew on the face, like a small knife. She fell on the horse’s back, and she controlled the reins. The hair was scattered, and the seaweed fluttered behind her head. The figure was thin and she ran wildly. The night wind is cold, and the vast square is dead, only the crisp hooves reverberate in the square wall. In front of the guards heard the sound, the horse rushed forward, holding a sword and said: “Who?”

When Guan Baibai had a cloak, he jumped off the horse’s back, and the fierce wind blew her hair out, revealing a pale face.

How could the guards of the palace not know her, and suddenly they were on the spot. She took out the knife and the knife was very heavy. She was dragged in her hand, like a cold iron, reflecting the chanting lantern. She walked very fast, and I didn’t know where it was hurt. The blood that grew up under my feet seemed to be shocking.

“You let it go.”

She said in a word, the voice was hoarse, the pale wrist was lifted flat, and the knife edge was sharp, like the teeth of the beast.

“Step aside!”

She repeated the low voice, and the insiders saw blood pouring from her legs, as if they would never flow, and they condensed into a purple beach on the ground. I couldn’t help but tremble and persuaded: “The niece is going back to the palace to go to the hospital. The emperor is now raising the heart of the temple. It will not be able to get out of the air for a while. The slaves have already been notified, and the goddess can’t follow it. I can’t get through.”

“嗖”, fireworks bloom in the night sky, colorful, and instantly decorate this night more beautiful. There was a tidal exhalation in the palace wall, and there was a deep joy in the tone as if the blood and killings here had never existed a few months ago.

Guan Baibai’s face suddenly became a bit whiter. She leaned her head and her pale neck was blue-streaked. She took a deep breath and dragged her knife to the Yangxin Temple. The guards who guarded the door stopped, and she screamed, and when the sword plucked, she slashed on one’s body, and the blood flow, and the man screamed back. The guards saw the Qiqi knife and threatened, but she was not able to hide at all, and she was desperately rushing forward. A guard was suddenly panicked. For five years, who did not know how much the emperor’s favor for the noble had arrived? Now she is coming from the knife, who dares to really hurt her?

He smashed the palace door with one foot and walked in with his feet up. I saw that her lower body was full of blood, and she had to shake a few points every step of the way, but she still dragged her knife and walked forward.

Gradually, the palace found her, and when she exclaimed, she came around. She didn’t look at it. She slashed her knife and cut a few people. The people were afraid to hide her far away. The organic spirit hurriedly ran into the palace to report, the announcement was a long Mongolian tone and all the way to the inner court. The lanterns of the palace, like a long dragon, hovered, and gradually everyone gathered, looking at the woman who came from a bloody coat, no one said anything.

“The noble lady, the emperor has a purpose, please go to the Cui Xin Hall to drive.”

There were a large number of guards who came around, and the black pressure was on the way, blocking the way. Guan Baibai stopped his footsteps, and the night wind blew on her, picking up her blood-stained skirt, like a white scented flower with cinnabar. She looked at everyone coldly, and spit out a word in a cold tone: ” roll!”

The guard leader took a step forward and respectfully said: “The goddess should not be embarrassed.”


The Guan Zi is white and angry, and the knife is going to go forward. The guardian leader’s eyebrows are wrinkled, the knife is not sheathed, and the sheath is blocked. It’s just that he has practiced some physical exercises. When it’s better than those of the military, the tiger’s mouth is shaking, and his body is shaking, almost falling to the ground. She was not discouraged, and she wanted to move around, but other soldiers greeted her and blocked her way.

The leader coldly said: “Yiang Niang, if you resist the purpose, you can only be rude.”

The Guan Zi smashed his teeth, as if he couldn’t hear it, he still rushed forward. The leader’s guard eyes were cold, and the scabbard hit her leg. She only snorted and slammed her on the ground. She had blood flow like a note, and it was even worse when she was born. Still holding the knife, I tried to hold it up.

“Meng Tong led, the emperor has ordered, cannot hurt people!”

The insider saw that the Guan Zi was injured and shouted loudly. Meng Tonglian frowned slightly. He remembered the sadness of his younger sister and the future honor and disgrace of Mengjia, and he couldn’t help but flash a sigh of relief, coldly said: The emperor’s order, holding the knife and the palace, and being the guardian of the garrison, had to offend.”

Guan Baibai did not speak, just biting his teeth, stubbornly stalking his neck, looking at the magnificent court in front of him, as if he had a nightmare, he could not feel the outside world.

“Send the noble lady to the palace.”

There were guards who came forward to catch the shackles, and the white screaming struggled, slashing and slashing, the soldiers were impatient, and holding her up, putting her pale cheeks on the dirty ground. Guan Baibai’s eyes were red, his legs were chaotic, and his legs were purple. Meng Tong took a look. The guards held her and dragged her to the direction of Cui Xin Temple.

“let me go!”

Guan Baibai was dragged with his arms and a dead dog, but she was still unwilling as if she was crazy. The eyes are so bright, so dazzling, almost burning her eyes. What do those people say? The emperor Yingming Shenwu had already expected that Sancha had a heart of inconsistency and that it was a hunting shogun. In fact, he secretly transferred troops to the army, and in one fell swoop, Gu Jinan and the three southwestern kings were eradicated. She escaped from the capital in her life and escaped into the mountains under the chase of Gu Jinan. After three months of escaping the mountain, she rushed to the camp but found that the camp had already gone to the building, and the soldiers in her hands were also fake.

When she returned to Beijing in a thousand years of hardship, she learned that her mother, her father who had been fighting for the life of Dayan, was detained with the crime of being intimate with the enemy, and the door was slaughtered!

And after three days, it is the Queen’s canonization ceremony!

Guan Baibai, you idiot! Do you think he really likes you? You open your eyes and look at it. Who is sitting next to him?

Who is sitting next to him?

who is it? who is it? His queen? Is the queen not dead? Just dying in front of her eyes, one hit the pillar, and the death was crisp and neat. Who is that? Who is his queen?

She only felt that her heart was as if she had been smothered by thousands of ants. It was so painful, so desperate, and she couldn’t wait to take out her heart and throw it away. It’s better than this kind of pain!

Everything in front of me suddenly became blurred. It was the same day. He stood on the square, behind the big black. He held her hand and said to her: “White, this world, I also Only you.”

He said that he only has her.

Yes, he only has her, she only has him, they meet each other to face everything, distress, hardship, hardship, desperation, they make an appointment to never betray each other, never give up each other, she flees for a lifetime, for the sake of Look at him again and be able to accompany him to the end. What did she do wrong? Is there any misunderstanding between them? What went wrong?

If not, if all this is true, then, at this moment, in the splendid court, who is standing next to him?

Who is it again!

The hands and feet are paralyzed, almost condensed into a sculpture, the throat is full of rust and sweet, her eyes are blood red, the scorpion seems to be stuffed with lead, sobbing, tight, finally, broken like a beast, like that desperate A fierce roar: “Yan Yan! You give me out!”

Just a cry, everyone will be stunned. She squirted blood, it seems that this sound exhausted all her power, she stared at the palace door, ink danced, breathing with blood, face white, like a ghost.

“Let her go.”

Epilogue 10: Chapter IV – Desert City, Broken jade

A voice rang quietly, at the far-reaching palace gate, where the lights were too strong and the eyes were dizzy. But the Guan Zi is white, but seems to instantly point of the hole, looked tightly, hidden in the big robe sleeves wrist trembling violently, like the death of the patient in general, no longer the slightest effort.

A glimpse of the yellow figure is more luxurious under the heavy lights. Dozens of palace guards are carefully waiting on both sides. The stars are surrounded by him, and they are straight and straight. On his side, a light pink figure stretched out, his fingers were white, and he was stunned and squinting at his sleeve.

It is like drowning to pull a floating wood, racking their brains, make every effort, finally held in the hand, but found that driftwood was actually a highly toxic water snake.

The fish is gurgling from the throat, but the consciousness is clear.

This woman, she is not ignorant, it seems that since the day of entering the palace, this person has already lived in the palace. The name is Meng Suxin. I heard that she is only a rough maid. It was a coincidence that she was a pet. It was just a very low position, and there was no more. Over the years, you have fought for me in the harem, and you have never noticed that this is a quiet woman who has no children, no title, no strong background, and no emperor.

There was a large piece of black lingering in front of me, but I couldn’t laugh.

Okay! good calculations!

The guards had been removed, leaving only one of them standing there, behind the dark palace wall, like a pinnacle of mountains, standing on it, like a sickle cut off all the thoughts of this life. She had already been stained with blood in her white coat, and her blood was smashed into a bundle of purple and black ink. It was the fetus she had been in June, and she finally left her on such a funny night. Her pale face is like a piece of paper, but her cheeks are sickly red, and the wounds at the cheekbones are cracked again, and blood is coming out. As if I couldn’t bear to look at this unbearable thing in front of her eyes, she extended her left hand to block her eyes, but there were big drops of tears rolling down between the fingers.

The love of these years lingering, after all, became a joke. All the vows, but also accurate to the ultimate calculation and use.

Pretty woman, pretty woman, these things in the present still not clear?

She sneered, a face pale and ghost, her eyes had a sultry light, and the smile of her lips gradually expanded. After all, she laughed loudly, her tears fell with laughter, laughing at her self-deception, laughing at her infatuation. Laughing at her stupidity!

“Yan Xun, how do I believe you?”

She was cold, her lips still laughed, voice dumb mourning like a ghost word: “how do I believe you?”

The emperor stood there, a pair of eyes like obsidian, deep as water, like transparent, but all the emotions are convergence, and even the slightest fluctuations are not clear. Once she was so obsessed with this pair of eyes, but now look, but only feel the bones of the cold, almost to the blood also frozen together. This handsome and beautiful man, she loved him for so many years in faith, so many years from all men!

“Life is like a chess, never falling without regret, if there is a pretty woman, you lose.”

The light and gentle sound are like the calm autumn water of a lake, so it quietly sounds on the night of this cold chill. Yan Xun stood there, watching the woman who was in the blood, said faintly.

If you are familiar with it, he will be happy with the game, whether it is the power of the court or the play in the boudoir. She learned hard, and when she was in her spare time, she always lost. She often lost when she lost. He always said to her gently, “No regrets, you lose.”

This is such a sweet memory, but at this moment, I have a knife-like pain. Guan Baibai looked at him with death, his eyes were red and bloody, biting his teeth and whispering: “Why?”

Yan Xun said: “The time is right, the location is right, and people are suitable.”

It is like a sickle that smashes all the vitality. At this moment, all the memories of the past are shattered and turned into thousands of sharp arrows, which will pierce the last stubborn moment. There is blood in the chest, and the sullen vomiting is not as good as a sledgehammer in the internal organs, so deep and deep dull pain.

It turned out to be the case, there was no reason, no conspiracy, but she appeared in front of him at the right place at the right time, and happened to make this suitable piece. Help the emperor to raise his shackles, balance the harem, let the outside think that he is stunned by the beauty, take it lightly, and attract all hostile eyes, protect his true beloved from the harem dispute, and safely wait for him to control the overall situation.

But this is the case, but it is.

“Why is it me?”

He was silent for a moment, faintly said: “The pipe is too big, and it is enough to check and balance with the family.”

Yes, before she entered the palace, the most favored part of the palace was Gu Jinan’s sister Gu Lanjin, who was the opposite sex king and had a heartless heart. After she entered the palace, she fought with Gu Lanjin. After all, she overturned her. Her father also helped him pull out the eyes of Gu.

It was a long time ago, and she would never remember it until she was a long time.

She clutching his chest, abdominal pain has been numb, it is her child, her heart obsessed with how many days and nights to drink the number of bitter medicine to wait for the child. She still remembers that her first child was also lost like this. It was the family who had lost. He did not kill Gu Lanjin, but only dropped her position. The woman was not reconciled. She pushed her down from the high steps at a small feast. She was very panicked, holding her stomach hard, rolling down from such a high step, her head smashed, blood Long flowing, she did not care. The sun on that day was very hot, and it was shining on the face. It was so warm, but she felt cold and trembled, surrounded by so many people, but no one could save her child.

The child was still dead after all, she woke up in the rainy night, crying desperately. At that time, Gu Lanjin was pregnant, and the belly was about to come. The Queen Mother did not dispose of her but placed her in the cold palace. She knew that she was furious and took out her knife to go all the way to the cold palace. She had a knife. In this case, in addition to the escaped Gu Jinan, Gu’s door was slaughtered and one did not survive. The Queen Mother was furious after she knew that she was arrogant and arrogantly murdered the Emperor, and she was sent to the Clan House to be disposed of according to law. After receiving the news, he came from the court and took her out of the clan palace. He frowned at the time, tightened his lips, and hugged her, saying over and over again: we will have children. of.

We will have children too!

Yes, I finally got it, but he was left as bait and killed by himself!

Now I want to come, everything in the past is just an established drama. Gu Jia has been defeated, Gu Lanjin cannot stay, the child in her stomach can not stay, even if the child is also carrying his blood.

After she was born, she was weak and she went to the cold palace all the way. No one blocked it. Didn’t he borrow her hand to eradicate the evils in Gu Lanjin and her belly?

He is so embarrassed, even if it is against his wife’s own children.

Yes, after all, he has so many wives, and there are so many people who want to have children for him.

He spent five years setting up this bureau, first of all, except for the family, and then Guan Cun. In today’s shack, she is a chess piece. Gu Jin’an, the fish of the net, was also a chess piece. Located in the king. After this battle, the five kings of the world have gone to the third, and it is imperative to cut them. No one can stop his footsteps.

Heartache is numb, can you feel no pain? But why she still feels pain, hurts to want to learn the Queen, and can’t wait to crash into it.

She looked up and only thought that this life was very funny. Everything that she was obsessed with and everything she insisted on was actually wrong.

She crouched down and picked up the knife. The knife was too heavy. She staggered several times without success. The guards looked at her on alert, as if they were afraid that the woman who had only one breath would suddenly violently hurt their king.

With a gentle movement, more blood came out of her body, and the tip of the knife stroked on the ground to make a sharp scream. The guards came around nervously, separated her from the emperor, surrounded by red torches, as if to ignite the day, Mori’s cold blade lined up at her, as long as she The change can puncture her.

Meng Suxin was a little uneasy, his eyebrows were tight, his eyes were full of light, and he looked at her with a slight unbearable look. His fingers were slender and white, like the beautiful jade, gently rubbing the emperor’s sleeves, his fingertips trembled, and touched the emperor’s slenderness. Wrist.

The emperor turned his head and comforted and patted the back of her hand, then held her hand in the palm of her hand and stepped forward to keep her behind.

It was only a tiny movement, and it almost smashed the smashing of the white ones. It only felt that the large black shadows in front of the eyes flashed, and the dizziness almost fell. She bit her tongue, almost biting her tongue, stepping forward with blood and stepping forward, watching the swallows, and muttered, “I only ask you, all these years, Every day and night in the past, are all fake?”

Yan Xun’s eyebrows are slightly stunned, but his face is still calm. He stands there, behind the lights, the radiance is like a god, and the nobleness is as if everyone is in front of him. The end of the micro.

He was silent for a long time, finally nodded slightly, and spit out a word very lightly: “Yes.”

The white throat was sweet, and the blood rushed up. She tried to suppress it and swallowed the blood. It turned out to be fake. In the past five years of love and love, there has been no trace of sincerity. Wan Jian’s heart is just like this. Guan Baibai doesn’t want to say anything more. She looks up at the sky and only thinks that the night is cold.

“Xiaobai, if you want, you can still stay with you, you will not treat you because of your father’s business. You are still the master of this palace. It is a nobleman, you can still enter your position.” As long as you like.”

Yan Xun looked at her, looked a little slower, raised her wrist, slightly revealing a thin and slender phalanx, and stretched out to her, faintly with a glimmer of hope, and sneered at him, only that he was so funny. Her brows were lightly picked, and she pulled out a touch of Fanghua’s smile: “Into the position, what do the emperor want to give me? Huang Guigui? Or the Queen? If I am a queen, how should the emperor be on his own?”

“If you don’t want to stay in the palace, let’s go.” Yan Xun was deep and faint, and the neighbors seemed to be wrong. He wanted to persuade him but he was stopped: “You said that you don’t like the palace.” Hey, let’s go now.”

After Yan Xun said, he no longer looked after the white, turned and walked away and said: “Chang Xi, send her out of the palace.”

Chang Xi nodded and took people to come forward. Guan Baibai’s eyes were cold, and the knife greeted him. It was completely suicidal. He often told the guards not to hurt her, but she couldn’t help her.

The voices of the people are boiling, the knives of the soldiers are screaming, and the swords are like the forests under the cold moon. They are aligned with the most expensive woman. Meng Suxin looked back in horror, only to see that Guan Baibai was like crazy. Although she has been living in a simple way over the years, she has heard of her rumors. The legend is that she is savvy and clever, and she is so smart. road? She turned her head to see the emperor, only to see Yan Xun’s cold eyes, straight looking at the road ahead as if to turn a deaf ear to everything behind him, but he held her hand but it was so powerful, almost pinching her phalanx broken. This is what she is not familiar with, which makes her feel flustered and afraid. She gently calls him. He seems to be completely inaudible. He just takes her step by step and walks step by step onto the white marble barrier. The icy jade steps.

“God’s emblem! Don’t let yourself go!”

Chang Xi shouted, but she still heard where she was, she took the death slogan, the move became more and more fierce, the blade was like snow, and a few guards were injured under her knife in a moment. The guards were in a hurry, pulled out the knife and greeted them, and the blood suddenly splashed out.

I was so surprised that I was about to stop, and I heard screaming behind me. Some people roared: “Yan Xun! Come to life!”

Chang Xi turned his head and saw a blue shadow jumping out of the inner servant group. The sword light swallowed, like a dragon, going straight to the emperor’s door!


“Protect the emperor!”

Meng Tong’s collar was as earthy, and he rushed to the ground with a scream. Yan Brow’s brow wrinkled, and he fled to avoid the sharp edge. He explored the claws and pinched the Jianfeng. When he slammed, he broke the sharp blade and put the broken sword into the assassin’s chest. The assassin was also strong, and he did not scream, waving the half-cut sword and swooping in. This time, instead of taking Yan Xun, he went straight to Meng Suxin!

“Ah!” Meng Su was afraid of covering his eyes and fell to the ground, shouting: “The emperor saved me!”


Yan Xun was furious, and he was blocked by Meng Suxin.

At this moment, a few people in the inner-serving group jumped out, and none of them were clever and high-ranking, standing on the jade steps, blocking Meng Tongling and others. Guan Yan’s white eyes lit up, and he rushed to the jade steps with a few steps of chaos and slashed his knife to Yan Xun.

Another assassin rushed out and attacked Meng Suxin. Yan Xun couldn’t take care of it. He had suffered a knife wound on his arm. He was not afraid of it. He still sneered at the man who was headed. The assassin sneered and slammed into it. For a time, he did not evade the tricks of Yan Xun. He held a broken sword and stabbed him. He shouted: “Yan Xun! Go to hell!”


“His Majesty!”

“God’s emblem!”

For a time, all the sounds seemed to solidify. The Yanzi five fingers were like sharp edges, and the sly sneaked into the heart of the assassin, and he opened a big hole in his chest! The assassin seemed to feel no pain at all. He didn’t look at him. He just widened his eyes and looked at the woman in front of the emperor. His broken sword was inserted into the heart of the woman, and the blood poured out. The hot drops dripped on his wrist.

The lights illuminate the assassin’s face, and it is the escaped Gu Jinan. At this moment, his face was full of blood, his eyebrows were tight, his chest was flesh and blood, and he could almost see the beating heart. He took a step back and laughed without ridicule. The bloody hand pointed straight to the swallow, dumb channel. “You are doing this to you, are you going to save him?”

After all, the sky fell and there was no breath.

The broken sword was pulled out from the chest of the Guan Zi, and a spurt of blood. When her body was soft, she fell to the ground. Yan Xun grabbed her and held her into her arms.


His eyes were almost black into the night, and there was no trace of light. The white is also awkward. She is not a weak person. Although she reported her death, she also wished to kill him and vent his anger. When I rushed to him, the moment she lifted the knife, she even reported such an idea. However, when she saw Gu Jinan’s sword welcoming him, the body seemed to react before the mind. She was kneeling there, her hands and feet trembling, her pale face like a ghost, remorse, shame, anger, all kinds of emotions like the ghost’s claws clenching her neck tightly, she stayed for a long time, her eyes were red, want to say What, but fierce cough up, blood spray, smudge a face, if the hair is said, “You are like this… bullying… I lie to me, how can I let you die… other people’s hands on?”

The narrow eyes of Yan Xun picked up as if something had to jump out from the inside, but he was suppressed by his death. He was breathing heavily, his voice was even lower, and he was no longer indifferent to the sun. He was cold to the extreme: If you hate me, come kill me.”

Guan Baibai took a deep breath and punched his fist on his shoulder, but she was so badly injured, where there is a strength, the fist is light like cotton, the blood in her wounds is with her strength, however, she did not care, but she was still beating. It seemed that she finally realized that it was useless. She tried her best to prop up her body, climbed onto his shoulder, and opened his mouth and bit it on his left neck.

She bites so sly, so hard, a row of blood beads from his neck down, falling into her hair like a cloud.

Finally, she let go of her mouth, it seems that even this strength is gone.

“I am going to die… Yan Yan, I can’t kill you.”

Her voice whispered softly in his ear, her lips pale, and it squirmed slowly, just like the fine kisses of every day and night in the past five years. A very light smile was bitterly left on the lips, her wrists were weak. Hanging down, falling on the cold jade steps.

There was no silence in the square. For a long time, no one dared to say a word. Meng Suxin climbed up from the ground and walked to the emperor. His fingers trembled to touch his sleeves and shouted: “Imperial?”

“I am fine.”

He whispered that he used “I” to claim that Meng Suxin bowed his head and stepped back.

The clouds over the sky are scattered, and the moon is white, like a layer of cold frost, and the cold cover is on the palace door full of blood. Final article:

On the empty hall, the window is wide open, and the night is like the big dark wings of the Dapeng bird (means a giant mythological bird that transforms into a big fish). It slowly descends from the west. There is a clear pool in front of the temple. The pool reflects a lantern and forms a beautiful rainbow. More and more, the light in the depths of the hall is dim, and almost even the faces of people are unclear. The emperor sat there alone and was burying the first batch of eclipses. The temple burned Su Hexiang, and the aroma was faint. At this time, it was necessary to burn gold and musk, but the emperor said that Kim was difficult to make a few days ago. It took a long time and he told the House of Government to eliminate the offering of this incense. The Adult Yan Xun had frequent wars during this time. The three kings of Huai Song had made a reversal. Although they had calmed down, they were hurt, and the court was financially nervous. Even the emperor was harsh on his own food.

There was a palace lady who came in to worship the tea. Seeing that the emperor finally straightened up and licked his neck, he often whispered to the side: “The night is deep, the emperor should rest, and the queen’s niece’s niece said that the maiden blew the wind last night. It’s not so good to get up in the morning, I haven’t eaten a few mouthfuls of food all day, and you have to look over the emperor.”

The emperor silenced for a moment and said: “There are still some memorials to be dealt with. You call the doctor to give the queen a good sigh, and then tell the empress, let her rest well, and go to see her when she is free.”

“Yes.” Chang Xi promised, and then there was no more voice. The temple is a silent silence for a long time, as if there is no one, only to hear the cold wind blowing through the red maple leaves outside the temple, making a rustling sound. The emperor still buried himself in front of the case and did not want to rest and sleep. Changxi was the person who had served the former dynasty. From this point of view, the only thought that the emperor was like the emperor, and after the heavy lights, even the eyebrows is vague.

The temple door was slightly opened, and the little eunuch Fuzi cat ran in with a waist and whispered a few words in Changxi’s ear. Chang Xi waved him back, and stepped forward, whispering: “The emperor, the empress of the Queen sent a doctor to ask for help.”

The emperor didn’t even lift his head. It seemed that he didn’t hear it at all. Changxi said with boldness: “The wound on the neck of the emperor should be treated, and then he will die. I am afraid that it will fall scars.”

The moonlight leaked from the panes of the plain yarn, and Yiyi took the cold, the tea was gradually cold, and the palace lady went forward and changed a cup. Chang Xi out of the Yang Xin Dian, He Tai doctor is still in the gallery, this old doctor is serving the first emperor, very a bit tempered, it is often the leader of the Yang Xin Temple, the eunuch did not dare to offend, sent him It’s already three, and the darkness is like thick ink. The emperor finally got up and said that he was going to the Queen’s Palace. He often wanted to say that it was too late, and the Queen was afraid that he had already slept. But I thought that even if I was awakened, the Queen would like to see the emperor, and she received the sound.

The car squats through the narrow alley, the palace lanterns sway, and a swaying light and shadow are seen. The shadows on both sides are faintly awkward, and the jackdaws at night are stunned and fluttering. The night was deep, four times quieter, on the halfway of the road, the emperor suddenly stopped, the guards of the eunuchs were brushing the station, but did not hear anything in the car. Chang Xi looked up and saw that there was only a northwest side of the palace wall. It was a large palace complex. The pavilions were scattered and magnificent. Unfortunately, there was no light, and the quiet was like a huge mausoleum. There was no popularity.

It was the Cui Xin shop. It was called the Chu Temple in the former dynasty. It was the palace of the Emperor’s favorite pet, Chu Shuzhen, and in the present, only Ronggui lived. Both Chu Shuzhen and Ronggui were once the emperor’s favorite, but unfortunately the end is not very good, the new nephews feel that there is no temper, no one wants to live, the emperor and the queen did not say how to deal with it, the palace people I had to temporarily seal it up. I didn’t expect it to be so two months. It was already ruined.

“Imperial, still go to the Queen’s Palace?”

Chang Xi asked, half a sigh, the emperor whispered: “Don’t go, come back.”

The moonlight was drilled from the clouds and the white faint halo. There was a floating song in the far-reaching Yangge’s courtyard, like fireworks, softly echoing on the lake.





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