Chu Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Chapter 191-Epilogues

Based on the original novel 11 agents princess 

by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua

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The fragrance of the rose dissipated in the night wind, and there was no sound. She stood on the high wall and looked through the layers of the cold armor and parked on the man. The torrent of years passed away from her ear, and the sound of the sound, like the hurricane in the wilderness, roared like a mountain eagle.

The darkness of the flag of the Yankee’s head is in the wind, the dark night is like a group of thick ink, the sky is low, the stars and moons are dull, thousands of torches are burning and burning, and the face seems to be covered with blood. On the chariot of the gold building of Yanzi Station, hand-held gold bow, ink-colored robes, double-browed swords, slanting into the shackles, slightly looking up, slender eyes, quietly watching the familiar figure of the memory.

The whole battlefield was dead, everyone was holding their breath, only the sound of the drums, like the heart of the earth, a bit, knocking on the spine of the people, let the blood of the blood, also boiled.

Time is so solid, they look at each other silently, their eyes are interlaced, and they condense in the air.

Finally, the tide-like army rushed up, and a battle between life and death finally began.

In an instant, the cavalry brushed out the bow and arrow, the sharp wind of the cockroach, the arrows emptied, and the heads of the soldiers poured like raindrops. Countless people rushed up, and the beginning of the campaign showed terrible cruelty and cool back.

Screams, mourning, and commanding sounds,

The horses were arrogant, the rolling stones were like thunder, the swords were bright, the dark clouds covered the cold moon, and even the heavens and the earth closed their eyes for this cruel battle.

After a day and night of fighting, the east gate suddenly opened wide, and the beautiful army who fought hard for one night smashed the Yanbei Army’s opportunity to change the military array to rush out of the city. All the way to the river side of the railway line, the road here is narrow, and it is unbearable for the army to attack. The Yanbei Army had to abandon the horse and rushed past, but when they chased the river, they saw the soldiers of the beauty army propped up the sheepskin scorpion. Cross the river from the rush of the river.

“Adults are careful!”

“Keep your attention!”

Almost at the same time, Yan Xun and Chu Qiao each bowed, the arrow pierced the void and went to the other side. The two sounds simultaneously and the arrows did not shoot, which attracted a burst of exclamation from the surrounding guards.

Above the river, Chu Qiao stood on the raft, looking far away at Yan Xun.

She knows that this battle is just a look, and Yan Xun can’t really stop her.

Yan Xun and Jing’An Wang Hao are allies, and they have to guard the water for her, but once Emperor Jing’an really attacked Tang Jing and let the descendants of Jing An Wang reach the throne, then his back will be a place for him. Broken, this is why he can’t win, but he can’t lose.

He also needs to drag the civil war between the Sui and Tang Dynasties to leave the gateway to Tang’s customs.

A row of torches spread across the river. The darkness before dawn was like a devil. The human claws were inserted into the eyes of the people. The sky and the earth were blood red. The wind blew and raised the flames of the sky…

Yan Xun rides on the horse’s back, the horse is uneasy and hoofed, his back is still tall and straight, and his body is full of emperors’ majesty, like the god of the dark world. His eyes were sharp and long, and he crossed the wide river and stood opposite the thin but always strong figure. The night wind blew, raising the head of her horns, and the blood-stained armor flashed with a gleaming glow. She rode the battle immediately, looking at him silently through the river, the raging fire.

At that moment, Yan Bei’s recollected ice suddenly cracked a seam. He could even hear the subtle sounds. Some messy pictures were so sly, they emerged from the raging water.

How long ago? For too long, it seems like something in his past life that he could hardly remember.

This is also the night, but also the silence after this strangling, but also the same pair of eyes, across the pulsing river, quietly looking at her. The fires of the city of Zhen Huang is raging, and endless screaming and screaming are echoing resolutely on the wilderness. The young, each of them will definitely turn back to their own direction and do what they feel right.

Maybe, long ago and long ago, everything had been doomed. They were like two meteors gliding north and south, even if they had had a short period of interweaving for many reasons, they would eventually embark on separate paths and follow their respective tracks farther.

Chu Qiao stood on the river embankment with a knife and watched the last army through the drowning water. The vast river surface was like a sinking. They segregated them on the east and west sides, and millions of lives and souls sank into the river. For the melting pot, everything is a salary carbon, and the burning of fire is the blood and hope of innumerable Lebanese people, and their diametrically opposed beliefs. She looked at Yan, and all the thoughts of thousands of moments were attributed to the dust. The 100,000 armored armies disappeared into sight, leaving only the man in a black robe standing between the heavens and the earth, looking like a wolf. Many years ago, he climbed up one step from the nine secluded benches. Even though there was no one behind him, he had enough to destroy heaven and earth.

“grown ups!”

Peace was a messy, red-eyed ran up and raised his head and said: “In this war, we have died more than 6,000 brethren.”

Chu Qiao lowered her head and saw blood on the young man’s face. The child who had lived in a peaceful environment for many years had grown up. Having experienced this blood baptism, his eyes were no longer pure.

“Peace, any accomplishment of the goal is to pay the price.”

The generals of the beauty forces sat on horseback and silently watched the long fire with long torches. They came over for a long time before they said in a deep voice: “The real peace must always be obtained through war.”

Ping An seems to understand and frown, murmured: “The real peace?”

“Yes, I can’t see it. Maybe you can’t see it, but after all, someone will see it.”

Chu Qiao heads up and finally looks toward the side of the drowning water. The fire has gradually extinguished. The river is rolling with layers of blue smoke. There is a faint glow of gold underneath the far eastern horizon. The man dressed in black armor and the cloak behind him fluttered in the night wind. Although he could not see clearly, she could clearly imagine his expression and outline. As in the afternoon of many years ago, he sat and shot a stone at once, and he saved her life. She stayed with him for ten years.

She reached out and held her right arm. There, there was an arm guard made of black iron. Even a pickaxe could not shoot.

It was a gift given to her by Zhao Che. She had one pair and she gave him one.

She turned her head back in desperation, slammed into the ranks of the rolling army, raised her whip, and never looked back.

West of Shandong (Surabaya County), Yan Xun turned around the horse’s head, and his generals ran up and asked, “Your Majesty, do not chase it?”

Yan Xun did not say a word, straight across his side, only after a long way to say lightly: “Retreat.”

The army went like a tide, and the rising sun rises above the horizon. A glow is soaring on the earth. The two armies that ran away from one another eventually drifted away.

In the open account, a general armored man was kneeling down on the ground. He had been lying there for a long time. The sun was gradually falling. The darkness came here. The large account was dark, and only the golden suede that inlaid the eastern pearl. There is a faint light on it that vaguely illuminates the outline of that person, like a mountain.

The man never spoke. After returning from the Iron River, he had been sitting there as if he had forgotten everything around him. The green grass outside the account swayed gently, beckoning the taste of hope in the night breeze. The Sui and Tang dynasties in May were already full summer. There was a crisp and melodious buzzing in the night. The grass on the wilderness grew more than half a man. I do not know The insects in the name hung in midair, and their wings had a faint glow of phosphorescence.

The big account was too quiet, and the generals wearing armor did not dare to move. They did not even dare to breathe, and they did not even dare to turn on the lights. He is not the original veteran of the Yanbei Army, and it is not the old part of the Yan Emperor. Actually, there were no more than a few old divisions that had started to receive Yanhuang soldiers. Now, these people in the army are fighting back and forth… Although his majesty is gloomy and unpredictable, rewards and penalties are very clear, and he has extremely heavy military abilities. As long as you dare to kill and dare to fight, you are not afraid of not having a chance to succeed.

The general’s surname is Mu, and the ancestor is also the scholar’s ​​leader. Although his generation has declined, he is also literate and breaks the word. Relying on this experience, he rose step by step. In just a few years, he has become the second-ranking general of the Yanbei Army.

Unlike others, the general felt that His Majesty was not as rude as rumored. Yes, he once killed his own teacher, killed his sister, and killed a group of people who assisted him for many years. But what about it? People who may be in it may feel that they are ungrateful and will take away their ambitions. However, these ordinary people see it clearly. Datong will fail to understand the military affairs and do not understand the affairs of the government. They are entrenched in internal affairs and compete for power with each other. The internal fighting faction is extremely serious and they occupy Yanbei. How many years and there was no achievement, there was dog infestation in the north, and in the east, there was control of the Great Summer. They were unable to protect Yanbei subjects, but it was imperative to dictate to the government. For such people, if the majesty does not use the thunderbolt to shock and suppress, it will only once again support the chaos of Datong’s regime in the Yanbei region.

What are the killers of a big event?

The power struggle since ancient times, which time is not blood flow into the river?

The difference between a successful emperor and an ordinary person is that the angle of the problem is different. Is it the overall situation or the private situation?

Therefore, for the former beauty general, General Mu did not have any good feelings. According to his idea, women are hard to achieve great cause.

“Mu Wei,” the low voice suddenly sounded, the big account was empty, and the tail sounded with a hint of echo. Mu Hao heard the words, and quickly straightened up, listened to the above people and continued: “Call the letter to Cheng Yuan, let him split the Songyuan Ferry, strictly guard, since the beauty army wants to go in, let them go in, Jingan The army of the king is still waiting inside.”


“In addition, tell him not to attack Zhao Yang’s army and attack Zhao Che in full force. It is necessary to destroy Zhao Che’s grain, no matter how much it costs.”

General Mou quickly replied: “Subordinate this to send people to Baijianguan letter.”

Yan Hao shook his head and could not see his face in the darkness: “It is no longer necessary. If you go tomorrow morning, do not worry.”

The smell of Mu Wen slightly, the military situation is like a fire, how can we not worry? However, Yan Xun said this, he did not dare to refute, just quietly linger there, dare not speak.

“Come on and have a drink with me.”

Yan Xun slightly bowed, bowed down the wine, weak pearl seems a bit decadent extension. Mu Wen was flattered and quickly got up and took a small step forward, took the glass and dared not sit.

Yan Xun said with a finger to the side of the seat, said: “Sit, do not lie there.”

Mu Wen sits down cautiously, dying: “Thank you for your gift.”

Yan Xun also looked up and drunk. Mu Wen quickly poured wine for him and listened to him: “I haven’t been with me for drinking for a long time. I used to be forced by the environment. I can’t drink alcohol. Now I have a good environment and I can drink with people. It’s all gone.”

Mu Wen hand gently flicked, he was a wise man, from the night Yan Xun ordered to stop killing the beautiful army, he felt a little wrong, at the moment listening to Yan Xun, he increasingly felt he should not listen to the words.


Yan Xun said very casually and even picked up the glass and slammed it against Mu’s glass. The mellow red wine poured in between his fingers. He didn’t pay much attention. The big fists had a large capacity. He always drank, and soon after, a pot of wine had been drunk for the most part.

Yan Xun had many words tonight. It seems that there are more words now than in the past month. He asked the Mu Wen’s army food and asked him if he had a few people in his family. Whether his parents are still healthy or not, there are several children. he used to study, married a few wives, and even smiled and asked him that the prostitute in the military camp was not beautiful.

Mu Wen’s heart was shocked. He had no chance to see Yan Xun like this before. Everything he knew was heard. Now he is so approachable to him. The more he feels that his original choice is not wrong, the woman who dared to betray her and succumb to Sui and Tang Dynasties don’t know how to be good.

This chat came to the middle of the night, the drums rang three times, Yan Xun seems to have been a little drunk, half on the couch, lazy to say some gossip, gradually not snoring. Mu Wen thought that he was asleep, picked up the brocade on the side and covered him. He carefully withdrew from the big account.

The big account was quiet again. He could hear the Yanbei long tone that the military personnel sang in the distance. It was so melodiously reverberating in the night sky, with a cold taste, surrounded by a circle. The man in the dark opened his eyes, and the dark scorpions were sober with water, and there was a hint of drunkenness.

There is only oneself left.

All around were empty and cold, no one, the wind blowing outside, obviously warm, but blowing into the account, I do not know why, but there is a hint of cold. He lay alone on a wide soft couch, in a gold shackle, jade pillows and the fragrant incense in the incense burner swelled in layers, and the light and pleasant aroma filled the account, sucking into the nose, and having a calming effect…

However, such a gorgeous high-bed soft couch, so quiet and warm spring night, but after all, he is alone. It was like the night of many years ago, she was taken away, riding a huge boat, all the way south, he stood on the north floor of the city, looking at the white practice, the original pile of snow, the river like iron, she finally left His mastery, leaving him.

In fact, when he was still very young, he had already anticipated the situation in the future.

She has always been just and kind, no matter what the crisis and the predicament, even if it is full of pain, she will never give up her expectations and hopes for the future. In the beginning, he kept encouraging her, but gradually, she became supportive of her. She described his future for him. She told him her ideas and ambitions. She told her about her political views and hopes. No matter what the dangers, she can always find a solution to it, teach him the skills of the sword and teach him the military strategy, Wu Dao Ya is his teacher in name, but he learned from her, but far Much more than from elsewhere.

She is his mentor and friend, relying on his loved ones, the only woman he has ever loved in his life.

However, the more so, the more he feels uneasy, the more he is worried. I don’t know when it started, he suddenly realized that maybe one day they would part ways, and one day she would leave herself. ,

When did it start?

Perhaps when she sympathizes with slaves, perhaps when her relationship with Zhao Yu is getting closer, maybe she will explain to him the stability and prosperity of the future society. Maybe he can’t remember it earlier. He only knows faintly, maybe one day in the future, he will eventually let her down, he will eventually hurt her, he will eventually break that precious trust and dependence.

So, he tried to crowd out her, trying to get her out of the military, not wanting her to see her bloody hands, and not wanting her to see her unscrupulous and cruel.

He was not a hunter who had broken the wings of a white eagle, but a nightingale who was doomed to walk in the darkness. When the long night passed, the world began to have black and white, and he began to fear.

There was deep laughter in the darkness. His eyes were faintly fascinated. He suddenly remembered when he was young, the innocent teenager asked over and over again:

“Will you be with me forever?”

The girl smiled brilliantly and raised her head and asked him, “Can you bully me?”

The girl smiled brilliantly and raised her head and asked him, “Can you bully me?”

Will you bully me? Will you bully me? Do you know?

In the darkness, a crisp sound suddenly sounded, and Yan Xun untied the buckle of his right arm. The silver black armor fell off and fell off the ground. The faint bead shined on it, with a glazed brilliance.

That was given to her by Zhao Che. There were a total of one pair. She gave him one, which was more than ten years old.

“When I decided to start, I knew that your life is destined to belong to me. You are born for the light, but I have too many bloody ideals, so I want you to surrender to me and take orders. I have followed me all my life. Unfortunately, I still failed.”

He smiled silently in the dark.

Any purpose is achieved, and he has to pay the price, and he has already paid for it.

“Nobody wants mediocrity in lifeThe problem is, when an opportunity is in front of you, do you really want it.”

In the darkness, the man’s voice is low and hoarse, like the old man who has experienced the reincarnation of several generations. He is lying on the golden suede couch, and the mellow wine syrup spills the table and makes the intoxicating aroma. His robes are dressed in a dark voice, and the smile is like a simple child.

“Zhuge Yue, do you dare to?”

“I cannot do it.”

Zhuge Yue looked at the man in front of him, his eyes tough and his voice calm and silent.

Zhuge Muqing is full of white flowers, crane chicken skin, just a few years, it has already consumed all the youth of this old man, he is like dead water, no more life, just with the madness behind, binocular Blood staring at his son.

“Zhao Che has been defeated, Zhao Yang can not persist for a long time, now the entire Daxia territory, only you can turn things around. As long as my Zhuge family is now abandoning Zhao Yang, he will certainly defeat the collapse, when you shake your arms, the world is gathering and responding. When you are the first person in the summer, after ten years, Zhuge Yue’s will be able to defeat the Yanbei and mount Jiuding Supreme!”

Zhuge Muqing’s eyes were red, like a mad beast, staring straight at his son. He grasped Zhuge’s shoulders with both hands and shouted, “Yao Er, the future and destiny of Daxia, the future of Zhuge’s. All between your thoughts!”

Zhuge Yue quietly looked at his father and he did not speak for a long time.

My father is old. It is no longer the family leader who is far-sighted and far-sighted. He becomes vanity, becomes stupid, and becomes crazy.

In this life, he never seemed to get close to his father. From a very young age, he lost his mother. On his young days, he walked alone in the vast Zhuge House, quiet and like the shadow of a tree. Until he grew up, gradually relying on his own efforts to excel in his peers, let this father who has too many women too many sons to look at more.

But later, he fell, was injured, and survived nine deaths. The family rejected him with no mercy.

Until he took power again and brought glory to the family, yet they still chose his brother to predict his death. This is his family, his loved ones.

However, he still can not completely resent them.

As Wei Shu Ye said, even if they are disgusted and repelled, they will eventually be the children of gatekeepers. Since childhood, they have enjoyed all the glory brought by the gate valves. Similarly, they also have to bear the responsibility of the gate valve.

After all, he was his father, a father who gave birth to him, taught him, was happy with his performance, and was happy for his progress. Although he was once absolutely unruly, he still gave him a peaceful and wealthy childhood. When he was young and unable to protect himself, he stood in front of him, protecting him and protecting the entire family.

“Father, I can’t do it.”

Zhuge Yue stepped back and bowed his head to his father and cast a deep dedication.

“The human hand is only so big that it can’t hold everything.”

The candlelight creaked and the light of fire shone on his face, with a pale golden glow. He calmly looked at his father and said quietly, “I am grateful for my father’s grace, but I cannot do this. .”

“Big Summer hasn’t killed me. There are other generals. My father hasn’t got me. There are other sons, and if Xinger hasn’t got me, there is no hope.”

He bent down again, facing his father who raised him and gave up on him to kill him. His eyes were calm and his face was calm.

“Father, you take care.”

Zhuge Yue turned away and the candlelight shone on his back, which seemed to be tall and tough. Zhuge Muqing looked at his dull son, his eyes were dead, his lips half open, his hands still holding his shoulders.

At this moment he suddenly realized that perhaps from today on, he would lose this son forever.

Losing this was favored by him, and he had high hopes for him, but he had repeatedly failed his expectations, was whipped by him, abandoned by him, he was expelled from the house, and he was sent to assassinate his son.

The annual rings flowed between the father and the son, and the wind blew from behind the tent. He raised his gray hair and blew over the back of his cockroach. He suddenly became so old that he could only reach out in vain. However, it is not possible to return to the time that was gone without mercy.

Zhuge Yue was slow to go step by step. He knew that when he turned around, he would never return. Out of this door, everything will be caught in blood and bones and a fierce fire. The flesh and bones will be separated, the love will be separated, the family will be destroyed, and the overlord will be overthrown, but he will continue to move on without hesitation. He wants to tell all the blood of this world to tell her what he cares about.

It’s not the Emperor’s dominance, it’s not a history of staying in the past, it’s not to look down on the singularity of the lonely family.

All he wants is that she is alive, and the place he sees is alive.

Because there is something I want to guard, I have to tell myself that I have to be strong, but if I don’t want to guard anything, what is the meaning of everything he does?

In his life, he will never do anything that he regrets.

The curtains of the big account were opened and his feet were in the military camp enveloped in the moonlight. Cold wind blew on his face, causing him to suddenly have a clear awakening.

The world can be discarded and recaptured. The army can collapse the reorganization, and people die, but they cannot regenerate.

Before Zhao Che’s departure, he once again echoed his ear: “Know what you really want and live for yourself.”

His friends, after being betrayed by their brothers, suffered an attack on their backs and bounds, but they still managed to meet him on such occasions. Only to say that this is not a big picture.

After the army outside the camp had been assembled and everyone was ready to go, Zhuge Yue took a deep breath and strode forward, turning over to the horse.

“set off!”

The grass is flying high and the sound of horses and hoofs is moving toward the distant ancient Sui and Tang dynasties.

Reign on the rivers and mountains and the Imperial Power are all in sight.

He is not afraid but he does not want to.

The last level of the Northland, even though it was May, was still covered by heavy snow, and the sturdy north wind blew on the man’s face like a cold knife.

“Let’s go.”

Zhao Che smiled at Wei She Ye, even in such a dilemma, he was still filled with confidence.

Wei Shuyu described the weight loss. He looked up at Zhao Che who was still full of confidence and could not help but be puzzled.

Yan Xun madly robbed the grain and used the tactics of the sea to consume the troops. Zhao Yang did not have much force to consume in the battle against Yanbei. Instead, he was attacked by the lard at this time to attack Zhao Che’s army and blocked Zhuge Yue’s grain road, causing Zhao Che to fall into crisis. A great loss, lost 13 provinces.

By the time they raised their forces to prepare for a counterattack, they had already fallen into a situation of being surrounded by all sides and could no longer return to heaven.

On that day, Zhao Che stood on the ruins of the ruins for a long time. The emperor of the war suddenly put down the sword and returned to him and said, “We lost.”

On that day, all the generals who followed him were crying. Even him, the doorkeeper who had always been on the high door, also shed tears of resentment.

It is not that there is no chance of victory, not the strength of the recovery, they are fighting all the way, and they are fought in a decadent land. They have the determination and courage to die generously whenever and wherever they go.

However, they still failed.

Not defeated on the battlefield against the enemy, but defeated in the darkroom of the same room toward Zhuge Yue.

They encountered the most powerful enemies in history, but they also face the most declining motherland in a century.

The young prince looked up, his horses were uneasy and his hooves were uneasily shaken, the gates of the northland were silver, and the heavens and the earth were covered with snow. After this pass, it was no longer the land of the great summer. There is no big summer banner.

He looked at the sky and quietly said: “Zhao will not die. As long as the sun rises, there will be descendants of Zhao.”

He whipped on horses, followed thousands of troops on the side, the mountains are closed, and the snow is like silver.

Zhao Che’s fists are like iron, his eyes are like a knife, his lips are slightly moving, but he is silent but firmly said: I will return 

“grown ups!”

He Xiao suddenly yelled and said with red eyes: “I don’t agree.”

“He Xiao commander, this is an order!”

Tang Jing closed, Chu Qiao was in armor, watching this self-trusted subordinate, said a word of silence.

“Adults, you go and escort Tang Emperor out of the city and let his people stay.”

Shouting and killing sounds at the foot, thunderous horseshoes bang, Jingan Wang Wei led the subordinates ten times their strength, thousands of cavalry rushed, and again and again to Tang Jingcheng. Like a tsunami, it is unstoppable.

Chu Qiao whispered: “Can you do it?”

He Xiao brows a wrinkle, suddenly said: “The swearer swears…”

“Even if you are dead, you can’t do it.”

Chu Qiao suddenly said fiercely, He Xiao’s face suddenly became iron and blue, and he wanted to speak, but he listened to Chu Qiao: “Now Tang Jing is trapped on all sides, and there are hundreds of thousands of troops on the periphery of the Yanbian’s second-level blockade. The army of the Sui and Tang Dynasties has been scared. No one will help us. The only country in the country is the crusade against the army. All the eyes of the enemy must be on my body. As long as I am still in the tower, they will not dare to chase. And once I leave, they will give up attacking Tang Jing and go all out to catch up. At that time, we don’t have a city to defend, there are Yanbei Army in the front, and Jing Anjun in the future, it will die!”

“He Xiao, I beg you, take them out and escape. I have been deeply convinced by Li Ce in this life. I can’t believe that today, I can’t keep his country, but at least, I can keep his blood…”

He Xiao looked desolate, his eyes fixed on Chu Qiao, and suddenly he said: “Adult, let others go, let me stay with you to protect you.”

Chu Qiao shook her head and said softly: “Others, I can’t believe it.”

How many years of life and death together, how many years of side by side, they spend more time than anyone. And the feelings that have sprouted, as time goes by, gradually deteriorate, like a loved one.

The woman in front of her, she is strong, she is brave, she is kind, she is sincere, of course, she will be timid, will be confused, and will cry in his arms. They are comrades-in-arms, friends, and relatives. She is both his master and his sister.

The blazing fire reflected their faces, and He Xiao suddenly reached out and hugged her, his voice was low, like chewing blood: “take care!”

“You also take care!”

The soldiers turned to jump on the horses and Li Xiuyi shouted to Chu Qiao: “Aunt! Aunt!”

He Xiao took his child in his arms and never looked at her again. He took a group of elite troops and rushed down the side gate to the south. At the same time, both the east and west gates were also smooth, and there were soldiers all the way out of the gates, and they fought against the enemy in one place.

“Archer ready!”

He Xiao shouted: “Let it go!”

The vast wilderness is like a meat grinder, relentlessly absorbing the life of the soldiers, spears and sabers shining with bloodthirsty light, thousands of horseshoe-like roaring thunder, rolling in between heaven and earth.

Chu Qiao stood on the tower and watched the battle of death. All memories flashed in his head.

She has done many things for two people. She has met many people. Something is done right. Some have done something wrong. Some people have missed it. Some people have failed. However, no matter what, what is the situation? She never abandoned her beliefs.

Life became more and more clear at this moment. She closed her eyes, and the figures she had walked through showed flashes of light. She had loved, hated, betrayed, hurt, and eventually condensed into a figure of Qing army. In the bow, the clothes were rustling, and they were cold and rainy. They looked back lightly and looked cold but with a deep attachment.

“I love you.”

She said quietly that the wind was so big and her hair was blowing. The world was blood-red, and the armies that were flowing like tides whistled and hit the ancient gates again and again with a deafening sound…

She stroked her hand on her lower abdomen, where it had slightly raised, with the hope of life, has been supporting her, and she has the courage to stand here, not afraid, not weak, strong to be a mother.

The road is so far away. He must not hear it.

She smiled and raised her face, looking at the clear sky: “I love you -“

However, I can’t stay with you after all.

The sky was so blue, her eyes were sour, and a line of tears flowed down her eyes, plunging into her cold helmet and immersing her thick head.

She pulled out the sword, and all the enemy troops rushed in her direction. The hero of He Xiao had already smothered out from the flanks. The deafening shouting sound was like rolling thunder, the red cloud of the white flag was flying overhead, the bright red color. Rolling yellow sand is particularly eye-catching, like a round of hopeful red days.

She turned her head back and looked at the young soldiers one by one.

These are the world-renowned beauty forces, but now it is almost impossible to see the original faces. Over the years, this iron-clad army fought with her to the north and the south and across the entire Simonian continent. They followed her and never retreated or shy.

The Battle of Zhenhuang, the Battle of the Northwest, the Battle of Chidu, the Battle of Beibei, the Battle of Qianzhang Lake, the Battle of the Fire, the Battle of the Dragon, the Battle of Tang Jing, the Battle of Bailuguan, the Battle of the Iron Line… …

In the past seven years, this army has proved their loyalty to the entire Simon, with a record of ambiguity. Regardless of the country, regardless of faction, they do not fight for anyone, only for her, for their own conscience.

A group of people have fallen, but there are still many people struggling to move forward. Even if they don’t have any deep feelings for the country they guard, even if his hometown is thousands of miles away, even if they don’t know what kind of fate they are waiting for. However, as long as one reason is enough, as long as one person’s order is enough, as long as the person stands in front, their loyalty will be like the cold iron under the ice lake. Even if the mountain river collapses and the blood becomes gray, it will not waver.

There was no inspiring speech, no need to encourage morale. The young woman took off her helmet and raised her eyes. As the morning star, she smiled at her soldiers and raised her hand.

“Fighting for freedom!”

Two thousand soldiers of the beauty forces shouted out their slogans.

“Bang” sounded blunt as if the thunder had sounded on the earth, followed by countless cheers.

The thousands of years of Tang Jing’s gates have finally fallen.

Enemies flooded in.

The wind blew, shouting and killing, and Chu Qiaolang said: “You will go first, then I will come.”

“Adult! In the end, you will take a step!”

A general man laughed and jumped on the horse, waving his sword and shouting: “Fighting for freedom!”

He held up the saber and stood up in front of him. The soldiers of the Beauty Army rushed behind him with a huge array of enemies, like a giant under the age challenge a giant. ‘

“kill!!!” The harsh shouting sound filled the whole world.

Sunset, wilderness, iron riding, swords, and mountains. The desolated wind blew through and the unyielding warriors raised their sabers and rushed toward the torrents.

The entire Tang Jing city is shrouded in endless wars. A hundred years ago, Datang’s rose battle flag once covered all the land on the mainland. It is universally defined and the territory is vast. The will of Datang was once the master of the world. Today, however, Chu Qiao looked at the battlefield, the broken armor, the dying war flags, the majestic palace shrouded in layers of smoke, the breath of death engulfed the gorgeous long streets, and the ears filled with the mourning of war horses. The crying number….

She looked up and looked at the end of the west, a bright red sunset, slowly down.

Those soldiers who died generously, those who never coagulated, those whose names were not even recorded, even if they were dead. They slept on this vast expanse of land, and despite all their efforts, they still could not block the decline of the empire.

The glory and glory of history, the glories, and dreams of thousands of years, are here today. She will witness first-hand the complete decline of this great empire and its complete destruction.

The setting sun reflected her pale face. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes slowly. She flashed past the fox-like eyes again.

Li Ce, I tried my best.

In this world, perhaps not everything you did was absolutely correct, but at the time, you had no other choice.

Zhuge Yue, goodbye.

Another round of rope ladders was erected. Numerous enemy forces climbed up like locusts. Chu Qiao threw away the scabbard and rushed forward with a knife.

“Protect adults!”

The soldiers of the beauty forces rushed in and stopped in front of Chu Qiao.

The underworld’s beautiful troops wore black armor and flattened swords like clouds. They lined up as an attacker’s approach and fled toward the enemy’s fearless impact. As the sky was darkened, the sun gradually fell down the mountain, and the blood-red light shrouded the earth and reflected on the faces of the warriors with the light of the demon. Blood soaked the earth, shouting deafeningly, all eyes wide open, struggling with a knife.

The iron cavalry flooded the entire city, and the black-pressed army was like a mountain river. Its horseshoe was banging, and the earth was trembling. The red-eyed soldiers were like a dazzling mountain, and they were a miraculous army. Once, under the city of Beibei, they took a few wins, and the millions of coalition forces that faced the great summer still cling to the city gates and did not take a step back. Under Longxuanguan, they stood side by side in a row, resisting Zhao Xi’s iron cavalry.


The thunderous roars of the heavens drowned out all the sounds, the screams of the horses and horses, the paralysis of weapons, and the crowds of people who came to the sea, came in and strangled with this group of desperate fighters. Armor covers the earth, wolf smoke ignites, swords cut, splashes of flesh and limbs fly like a typhoon over a straw. The large body of the young man fell down. The hard armor was trampled by the warhorse. Thousands of horseshoes stepped past, like a slush.

The dark mass of arrowheads covered the last rays of light, and the soldiers in the front row of the enemy had no time to scream. They were shot by the whole person. The screams, blood, death, broken limbs, and flustered people trampled on each other. Whining, but can not hide the forest cold spear. Death was full of death. Bloodthirsty swords dangled from the red of the monsters. The soldiers killed their eyes and they forgot everything. Only one action was remembered, that is, cut, then cut, kill one, and kill two. Everyone earned. People screamed and mourned. The wounded fell to the ground. Before they could get up, they were crushed by the back of the horse. Blood spattered and brains flowed.

This is a terrible nightmare. Everyone is in the net and no one can break free.

The city was broken, and the enemy forces failed to rush in. There was a fierce fight in front of the city gate and the bodies were piled up, forming a natural city gate. Chu Qiao stood in the crowd with a knife. Her blood was stained by her armor. Her breathing was heavy, but her blade was sharper.

Dragging, dragging for a moment, He Xiao can run farther.

As the sky became darker and darker, the night was completely shrouded, and all directions were shouting. Chujo was suddenly so tired that her movements were not flexible and her attacking power was greatly reduced.

Yes, she is a mother. Even if she knows that she has no life today, she is still trying to protect her stomach.

An enemy saw her weakness and secretly approached her from the side. Suddenly she saw her delicate face and different armor by the fire. When the soldier saw it, he immediately knew her identity. He suddenly opened his mouth and looked as if he were calling out loud.


 Long scream suddenly sounded, and the blood splattered. The man couldn’t even do the action of avoiding it. The knife light was on the head, the speed was fast, the strength was great, and people could not believe their eyes. In the next second, the body weight fell heavily, split from the right shoulder into two, adding to the artificial city gate.

The enemy troops outside the city gate were shocked. They stood there and looked at Chu Qiao.

Chu Qiao stood there with a knife in her hand. At the moment, her ears were suddenly as sensitive. She could hear the sound of the wind, heard the sound of blood flowing out, and heard the fear of breathing. Hear the earth’s vibrations in a moment.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!”

She is so tired, tired to close her eyes, and overwhelming darkness comes from all directions.

Let’s fall, don’t hang it hard.

He Xiao should be running away. He will take Emperor Tang to find Sun Di who moves to save the enemy to protect Li Ce’s bloodline.

Useless, do not insist, sleep for a while, enough.

Feelings were weak and her head was drowsy.

However, at this moment, the enemy’s offensive suddenly retreated like a tidal wave, and there was a squealing noise from the opposing array. The screaming soldiers yelled loudly, but they were too far away. They could not hear. The bright torches kept waving and it seemed to convey something.

Panic! Very panic!

“grown ups?”

The surviving soldier looked puzzled at Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao spent a moment. Suddenly, she seemed to understand something and said nothing. She turned to pick up her leg and ran upstairs.

“Adults! There are reinforcements!”

Before he ran to the city wall, a messenger rushed down and slammed into the face of Chu Qiao. He was excited and flushed and shouted, “There are reinforcements!”

Chu Qiao did not care for him, and he rushed to the tower in a few steps. The tower was awkward. Everyone was high-fiving. They huddled together and made thunderous cheers.

Under the horizon, an iron-gray long dragon emerged, like a faint stream, but in an instant, the stream expanded, rushing out of the horizon and turning into a vast sea. Numerous soldiers, armed with wolf-sharp knives, wore crickets and came in turbulent winds. Thousands of them were in a storm.


“It is the Blue Navy!”

Do not know who snore first, followed by everyone, surrounded by all, countless soldiers cried and cried, the soldiers escaping from the dead cheered loudly at the reinforcements in the distance. The Blue Navy should be with them and also send a deafening charge.

“Adults, we have saved! Datang has saved!”

The commander of the wolf army rushed up with blood and excitedly shouted at Chu Shuqiao: “The King of Qinghai brought people!”

However, Chu Qiao did not respond to him. In the flames, a dusty woman stood quietly. His sword fell on the side of the knife. She could not move, only tears, and she fell quietly.

Xui Xui River.

Even if it was so far away, Yanbei soldiers could still hear the smashing that was coming from the East.

Mu Wen trod up and said to Yan Xun sitting on the horse: “Your Majesty, we should start.”

Yan Xun nodded silently, but his figure did not move. He stared long into the sky in the east and his expression was unpredictable.

After all, he still came. I do not know why, my heart’s high hanging string suddenly broke, with a quiet echo, empty.

Perhaps, subconsciously, I don’t want her to die.

However, he did not want him to come after all.

River and mountain beauties have been difficult choices since ancient times.

What he could not put away, others could still lay down.

“Your Majesty, after the departure of Zhuge Yue, our army launched an impact on Yanmingguan, and now General Lu has already breached the pass.”

“Your Majesty, Zhao Che defeated a retired soldier and he has already gone out of the North Pass. General Cheng Yuan pursued victory and has occupied eight provinces in the Northeast.”

“Your Majesty, there is only one Zhao Yang army left in Daxia. It is currently near Fangshan.”

“His Majesty……”

Suddenly, Yan Xun couldn’t hear anything. The ear repeatedly echoed the crisp sounds of many years ago. The girl looked at him with a smile, and picked up her feet, licking her white fingers and licking his chest. Laughing and asking: “Will you bully me?”

Will you bully me?

Do you know?

The wind whistled, and the two war eagle whirl around the head, making a sharp tweet.

He turned his head back and his mind was stunned.

Someone else has already made a choice. He should also follow the path he has long established. No matter what kind of fate he is in front of him, after all, it is the path he has chosen for himself.

One hundred years of life, such as day-to-day exasperation, tolerating children’s longevity, no tolerance, no tolerance, no reluctance, no regrets

His heart repeated the Yan’s ancestral training over and over again, thinking of his parents being expelled from the clan genealogy many years ago. His father and brother were killed on the northern plateau of Yan.

From then on, on the 8 million lands of Daxia, the Eagle Flag will be inserted all over the Yantai. The common people will be subordinated to my feet. My will cover the whole earth. I will be the new generation of this land. The king. How can a woman be able to compare her power? I don’t regret it and never regret it!

Yan Xun immediately went ahead and walked in the forefront of the army, and thousands of troops followed him behind him like a raging ocean.

Mu Wen stood far behind him and watched the king of Yanbei, who had gone. Suddenly, this young general thought that their knees were so lonely that the darkness swallowed all the light around him, leaving only the rest. His strong back is like a sharp gun.

In the city of Tang Jing, there was a cheer.

Chu Qiao stood in front of the city gate, behind which countless people and soldiers.

Zhuge Yue jumped off the horse and got dusty. The navy blue cloak was full of blood and black.

“What are you doing?”

“Come and get back what belongs to me.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes gradually became red and swollen. She picked up her mouth and held back the sour eyes. She stepped forward and gave a fist and hammered his chest. He said softly: “Fool.”

Zhuge Yan stretched out his arm and held her in her arms and said with a smile: “Xinger, come back to Qinghai with me.”

Chu Qiao whispered in his arms, tears fell line by line, his clothes now wet.

The bones of the morning sun were numb, and he held her hand tight and warm and firm as if he would not let go of his life.

Her tears slammed down and he nodded hard in his arms.

She stood on tiptoe and fell in his ear. The voice was so small, but with so much joy.

“Zhuge Yue, I’m pregnant.”

Heaven and Earth are so vast, time is so hurried, the end of it is over, and in the future, there is still endless glory. Even if the road is unpredictable, but in the end at the moment, all the time, the smile is always warm, and everything is born.

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The Real Outcome: Continued 1: Yan Hong Volume, Continued 2: Defending Simon

(Xiao Xiangdonger wrote in the renewal – after defending Simon: This is the final outcome, 11 completely finished, thank you for your support all the way.)



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