11 Agent’s Princess Chapters

Hi Readers,
Thank you for your continued support for Princess Agents Site. I would like our redears to have a snapshot of how long this translation will run and we are not even half way yet. Not to mention the editorial job to do to polish this translation, so please bare with us. Also, please take note that this is an original project incollaboration with Sue Lee, Ddmcmc, and yours truly and found some translators along who have shared their effort and time to complete the translations too. Let us also express our gratitude for those translators for their kind hearts to deliver us of what we crave today. This is a continuing effort so please let me know if you see this translations can be improved or suggest any lines to edit. These translations are not yet final and after I am done, I will go back to proof read and see any grammar, punctuation or any english usage to correct without losing or altering the original pinyin language of the author.

Ddmcmc finished the recaps and can be read on this link
Sue Lee’s Translations are the sweetest and the project collaboration on this link
Several Translators have also the wonderful conclusion by Ninja Reflection on this link
While JT Rambles have the kind heart to translate the final Epilogues on this link
Spring breeze also translated the novel’s middle part, currently on-going on this link
And Pinaysunshine also translated some of the missing parts of the novel on this link

Here is your complete list of chapters in the original Xiao Xiang Dong’er cover
11 Agents Princess, composed of six arc volumes and two volumes of Epilogues.

Military prison
The Great Summer Dynasty
Real ancient capital
Bian Tang Fertile Land
Chapter 081: The Road to Huai Song and Bian Tang Dynasty
Chapter 082: Half Way Scholars
Chapter 083: Reentry into slavery
Chapter 084: Yinyang Street
Chapter 085: Li Ce’s Wedding
Chapter 086: Internal Disorder in Zhan House
Chapter 087: Zhan Fu Yang Wei
Chapter 088: Girl Huaichun
Chapter 089: Spring is boundless
Chapter 090: Meet the Departed Again
Chapter 091: Your family gathers
Chapter 092: Take the lead
Chapter 093: Horse mud
Chapter 094: The Huai Song and Bian Tang Dynasties
Chapter 095: This is so bad
Chapter 096: Spring Shower Room
Chapter 097: Owe you a fate
Chapter 098: Yan Xun robs
Chapter 099: Boudoir
Chapter 100: The Great Mistakes
Chapter 101: Fighting side by side
Chapter 102: Double Touch
Chapter 103: I look at you
Chapter 104: Lifelong Faith
Chapter 105: When Dang Ma
Chapter 106: The storm is coming
Chapter 107: Night Storm
Chapter 108: We can see Yan Xun
Chapter 109: I can’t do it
Chapter 110: Li Ze’s escape to marriage
Chapter 111: Night Tour Tang Jing
Chapter 112: Prince Edward is Passionate
Chapter 113: Star Lake Night
Chapter 114: Late Summer Warmth
Chapter 115: Obstruction
Chapter 116: Gathering the Ancient Capitals
Chapter 117: Cold Lake
Chapter 118: Deep Indus
Chapter 119: Li Ce’s Dialogue
Chapter 120: You are too tender
Chapter 121: Men Fight for Women
Chapter 122: Blood Wash Tang Jing
Chapter 123: Deadly Scholars
Chapter 124: The savior came
Chapter 125: Not Sorcery
Chapter 126: The Golden Mew
Yanbei War Songs
Chapter 127: Yan and Tonggui
Chapter 128: Modern Military
Chapter 129: The Wind of the North
Chapter 130: Awakening of Yanbei
Chapter 131: Deep Veining
Chapter 132: Hongyan Biography
Chapter 133: Past Events
Chapter 134: The beginning of the Northern Expedition
Chapter 135: The Battle of the Setting Sun
Chapter 136: Light in the Field
Chapter 137: Return of the King
Chapter 138: The end of the Northern Expedition
Chapter 139: I am back
Chapter 140: If Ruotuo Hetian
Chapter 141: Darkness
Chapter 142: Under the Moon
Chapter 143: Hearts
Chapter 144: What happened to you?
Chapter 145: Meet the enemy
Chapter 146: The Good Man’s Security
Chapter 147: You Take Care
Chapter 148: Hearts like Sangmo
Chapter 149: The War is Coming
Chapter 150: Hutch Convergence
Chapter 151: The Heart Is Dead
Chapter 152: Steps to the Yellow Spring
Chapter 153: Firecrackers
Chapter 154: Two moments
Chapter 155: Differences
Qinghai Sky
Chapter 156: Long live Liberty
Chapter 157: The Sky Elegy
Chapter 158: King of Qinghai
Chapter 159: Tide of the Sea
Chapter 160: Wishing You An
Chapter 161: Lights
Chapter 162: Living Alive
Chapter 163: The Dream of Huang Xia
Chapter 164: Pulses
Chapter 165: The Height of Temple Calculation
Chapter 166: Huai Song Dynasty
Chapter 167: North and South divergence
Chapter 168: Feng Qingping
Chapter 169: The Iraqis go far
Chapter 170: Back home
Chapter 171: Reunion again
Chapter 172: Waiting for you to come back
Chapter 173: Datang Fox Change
Chapter 173: Tiger poison
Chapter 175: Sea Bream Still
Chapter 176: Datang Rongji
Chapter 177: Beauty Princess
Chapter 178: Jiangshan gamble
Chapter 179: Openness
Chapter 180: The bridal chamber candle
Chapter 181: Jin Feng Yu Lu
Chapter 182: Reunion Reunion
Chapter 183: Life and death
Chapter 184: There is no fear
Chapter 185: Yan’s Yizhuang
Chapter 186: Yanfeng is approaching
Chapter 187: Meeting of Affection Enemies
Chapter 187.1: The Great Summer Collapse
Chapter 188: Wild Soldiers Frenzy
Chapter 189: Trouble-shooting
Chapter 190: Reuniting Again
Chapter 191: World Choice (Grand Finale)
Yan Hong
Qiu Si
Yin and Yang
Xuan Mo
Pear flowers (final)
Defending Ximeng
Counter Scale
Wolf Smoke
Reincarnation (End)
Poppy (Outside)

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