Chu Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Chapter 031-040

Based on the original novel

11 agents princess by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua  

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Chapter 031 Escape from birthday

“what are you doing?”

Word by word slowly said with a low voice like hell dipped in the blood of the ghosts and with deep disappointment, Zhuge Yue wearing a red long fur, covered with snow, followed by a large number of Castle Peak Hill guards. She looked dreary her child hands full of blood. 

Chu Qiao looked up, a pair of Xiu Mei (means attractive and beautiful) eyes slowly wrinkled up, why is the master Zhuge Yue here?

The child looked at him calmly, in a crisp voice with a faint smile: “As you can see, I killed this evil enough to forgive the bad old man.”

Zhuge Yue in a desolate face in his eyes like a dark clouds flip: “Those things were in the past, what can it do for you today?”

“A lot!” The child grinned, so sweet and pure in such an environment that is so improper, her hand was holding a broken palm, smiling said: “Unfortunately, you are too late and maybe you still want to go back first to explain and think how to face the Zhuge family members with all the interrogation of it. After all, I was your in your courtyard and in command of your people before Zhuge Xi died and the biggest beneficiary is under your pulse.

“Come!” Zhuge Yue divinely said: “I will win them later!”

“Think of all the Zhuge family after but for now, star child first!” Zhuge Yue speaking in military terms his guards came forward but did not do anything yet.

The child scoffed and with straight brow she waved and shouted: “hidden weapon!”

Aoyama courtyard of the people suddenly burst of panic, when another skillful child came out immediately to the crowd while Zhuge Yue was surrounded with his guards, the small kid came to attack him and her skill is undeniably good. Quickly, she took from the waist of one of his guards and suddenly the long sword is out. She danced in the wind and swept away after round of white light all of a sudden in the front, and splashing of ice water.

“Sheik” small and soft sound heard, suddenly hit the long sword on Zhu Qi, having a blood line drawn from sky everyone looked down to see it was actually a bloody broken wound on his palm.

Outside the window, sounded the cold child Li li (means powerful and beautiful) voice: “Zhuge Yue, I am sorry but tonight is not our time yet!”

Under the moonlight are petite and exquisite bodies, instantly hidden in the boundless of the night.

The youngster looking in his sad eyes flushed standing in place, Zhu Cheng looked at him carefully, anxious to other attendants shouted: “Are you silly or stupid, what are you looking for? Go chase after her!”

Everyone wake up, catch the child, go catch her!

Among the flowers of the other courtyard, the children’s dexterous body is like a petite cats and runs quickly on a winding trail. At this point, the front footsteps reveals someone is  approaching, as if there are many people running quickly. The child sense it and looked coldly, suddenly stopped the pace.

“Aha! It is you!” To see the identity of this people, the boy quickly ran up to: “haven’t you caught the thief yet?”

The boy who is ahead and leading saw the crying little slave girl who frowned at him and coldly said: “Get out of our way!” “You are a delay, do not block!” Then grabbed the boy’s shoulder to push and they continued to walk fast.

Back to the mansion a messenger is talking and said: “To Zhuge Xi mansion came an assassin and many were killed and they claimed to be that it is done by the young master of the Aoyama (Castle Peak) courtyard person and I came out to be the messenger.”

“What?” The man suddenly shocked and said: “It is almost nonsense, there are also thieves outside the government, about three hundred people, sneaky, looking at your own Zhuge family this will be unacceptable to the brothers and won’t be able to carry, I came back to save the soldiers.

Meanwhile, the two girl slaves is softly whispering: “outside this mansion is it still Zhuge Yue’s followers? Chu Qiao frowned but calmly said: “They are Ye’s followers, there is no way out than to go to the other side it will harm you more. Okay? So you hide here, if there are surprise attack, we are not prepared. I will let them wander first then look after you later.” 

Back to the man he said: “The heart of this little slaves really have little guts. Well, after things are done, I will report this matter in complete details.”

And on the Chu Qiao still on the hide, softly responded in a whisper: “Well, as long as we can escape tonight and take off our slave status.”

After a moment, the people under the Qing Shan (means verdant hills) people  were in busy chase of the children and ordered them not to speak to anyone about what happened. And the entire Zhuge household became cold and dark and as if they do not know each other.  Zhu Qi who saw a horse approaching and a prominent man said: “Who are you? All Zhuge household under tight security and surveillance. Zhu Qi identified himself and said: “I am fourth young master’s personal bodyguard!”

“Go back to your grandmother!” A dominant Shu Ye Son expressed to mock him a way to introduce himself. I am one of the Sheng Jin Gong with troops of soldiers from the Icy Wei borders, my brothers are you with me!”

Crackling sound of banding was heard while the child’s footsteps gradually away from the Zhuge Xi’s mansion.

Soon, outside of the wall, the child frowned, surveyed around and looked for the climbing tool. Then coming from behind a sudden burst of storms, Chu Qiao skillfully had a quick response, immediately turned to dish out a rope out of her crossbow, it is necessary so as not to be grand at sight.

“Ah!” cried the child, Chu Qiao was trapped and picked up so neat before she takes off, she has been on top of the wall.

“Hey, really this is not cute, if you move, it will rip you.”

Yan Xun in a white big Qiu (means big circle of sphere), striking black hair, his lips with a trace of cynical smile. Zhuge House on sight everywhere is at its peak alarm, high-burning torches and noisy crowd, the House was like set on fire and everyone thrown to an angry mob. The prince shouting constantly when they passed over the Zhuge Xi mansion. Yan Xun looked around, shaking his head and sighed: “Look at you, so little child, yet created so big trouble. Who will be the next person? Zhuge household will really hunt you down for cutting off their harmony from its eight generations.

Chu Qiao cold, humming,  soon struggling and said: “Put me..!”

The young prince ​​grinned and was not afraid of being found, smiling and Coushang (means bring together at the above horizontally) to come and said: “little girl, you do not abide to my contract that is waiting for you to be fulfilled. Now, this little stars owes me so many favors, how do you want to repay his highness world of Yan?”

“Who wants you to help the world? Self – righteous guy!

“Yan Xun cold and humming in the moment laughed:” But it does not matter, the world is happy, the little stars is alive and able to percieve, do not move and then do not go let go. You do not want yourself to get burned, hold it!

Then, boy jumped from the wall to jump down. Chu Qiao was surprised and she cursed a fool as she hold her hands and feet suddenly tightly climbing Yan Xun’s body. Then she said on air, I hope this world really becomes legendary brilliant power, otherwise the world is such a waste.

Bang bang, sound of dropping bodies to the saddle of the horses suddenly hurdles as it cries running fast, his eyes like droopy, a smirk and a grin Yan Xun said: “if the world will have to wait for the little stars for a long time then I will be a waste.”

Yan Xun sitting on the horse, his sword eyebrows, with a jade star band on his head, with his robe, laugh out loud and said: “Then let’s go.”

Behind shouting and shaking Chu Qiao, the fire rolling, to the Yanbei of North. Subtle horse whips and they quickly disappeared at the end of the long street.

Almost at the same time, Wei Shu and Zhuge Huai also received a paper snow letters (some sort of secret letter), the lights flashing, the two younger generation of the outstanding look dignified, and then in a brief command of few words, each of the two master’s took out the gate of their households.

Over the horizon are amass cloud of  scruples, snow filled cold month but faints according to fate declared by heaven to earth.

afterthoughts – the original title of this chapter is Escape from birthday because at the beginning of the previous chapter 030 we can see that an hour glass fell and the old master in kneeling position. In Chinese culture, it is a taboo to give clocks, pocket watches or wrist watch as a birthday gift. Because it represents time is running out and sending clock as a gift means a funeral ritual is about to begin. It also means that it is the end of the relationship. It seems that Chu Qiao gave an hour glass to the Old Zhuge Yue to let him warn of his impending death at her hands. And to the child she just attended a birthday party in its opposite sense of funeral ritual for the old master. Happy for her but sad for Zhuge Yue. 


Chapter 032 Warsong Songs


Snow on the trail, a wagon of yellow pear paladin is pulled by eight prime horses running on the road to the Western deserts of Yanbei and from each side the paladin creates the carriage trace of snow. The driver is wearing a thick cotton coat made of leather, his eyebrows covered with frost, cheeks and eyes cold red, it seems that the terrible weather has gotten under its skin.

Mr. Wu opened the window at the corner and slightly touched the curtain and put it on its side, his narrow eyes half-squinting and met the whistling north wind that rolled up the snow everywhere and on the ground he called in a name of his driver to turn. Li Xian course is hold on to the side then he is shouting loudly, but that sound is like small insect in general, its passenger inside is unaware.

“Sir!” Li Xian shouted: “snow is too dense, kindly go back inside the paladin.

Mr. Wu holding on his jaw deeply thinking, shook his head, the young face seemed a bit heavy, he looked up and exclaimed: “how long?”

“Two hours more or less.”

Looking at Urumqi (means a beautiful pastureland) his brow locked, and an imminent dark forewarning is shadowing slowly rising from the bottom of his heart, before the master said the words once again it echoed in his mind. As if the master said, Yan Wang Ye, a hunch, this may be a brewing disaster.

“Li Xian,” Mr. Wu, coldly said: “You take first Yan Shiba (a code name of the road map for Yan Shi Zi grid coordinates location) of Wei Zhao road, be sure to pass the message to the Shi Zi government, if things cannot happen the way it is supposed to be. Do not recklessly think of ways to contact the feather girl lurking down waiting for me to come in the city, be sure to watch the master’s the whereabouts of the world (Yan Shi Zi), to ensure that the world is safe and sound.

“Go it!” Li Xian promised like he wanted to cry and said: “Mr. Wu, also be careful, under the first step.

Having said that, facing the Yan Shiba of Wei Zhao road, he waved, on the horse whistling away.

Mr. Wu looked at the back of Li Xian as he faded from his eyes on the snowy trail. He put down the curtain, leaning on the back of the paladin and exhaled a deep seated breath.

Mr. Wu hopes everything is not too late and Li Xian to arrive just in time.

At this moment Li Xian passed by a white willow temple next to the martial arts field, the Shi Zi government’s shadow guard Yan Shiqi (17th Yan)  just stopped Yan Xun’s horses, looking anxiously said: “The former city of the little prince, riding the army of the Song will bring troops that will be beseige in the Shi Zi manor, Zhuge family’s grandfather Zhuge Huo Yao also with Zhuge family pro-army rushed to the other Zhuge households, now on their horses, all of them is travelling to come here.

Yan Xun frowned, coldy said: “Xiaoqi camp followed by what? Do the Zhuge family also  informed the elders of the shrine?

“Heroes!” a dormant shout and horseshoe sounded quickly from the rear and to the little child looking somewhat in panic, anxiously said: “Behind the people catch up!”

Yan Xun looked calm, turned and asked: “how many people, did any of it are of Zhuge Yue people?”

“No,” the child’s hood is full of snow, speaking in a buzz, the hat on the snow, flopped and soon fell: “People from Wei, I saw the team captain is Wei Shu Yuo.”

“Wei Jia (means family)?” Yan Xun eyebrows locked, coldly said: “When did Wei and Zhuge House breathing the same air here? Moreover, in a span of  short time, how could the news so quickly sent to Wei Jiajun (means family saint or ruler)?”

He looked down to sit in front of their own bench to Chu Qiao, frown and said: “star girl, did you provoke the people of Wei?”

Chu Qiao eyebrows locked, little face intense, thinking, then certainly shook her head and said: “Not that I know of.”

“Hmm..strange.” Yan Xun murmured, looking quiet, clinging on his thoughts.

Chu Qiao turned around and looked at the youngster’s stiff eyebrows and said: “One person doing things, when this is my own thing, Yan Xun, you do not need to interfere.

Yan Xun surprised a moment, saw the child obviously having that funny child’s face, but a hint of her tone and that solemn look, so calm, the crown prince could not help but to call some of the gods, and in his donkey lips did not answer but he said: “star girl, am just curious, I cannot bear to let you be taken away and may need to sharpen the worlds axe and swords today if the world cannot control the chopping of heads later, so you tell me the truth now while we still have time.”

Chu Qiao raised her brow and in a calm tone, said: “Castle Peak does not change, long flowing, we always have to meet again like today. Moreover, they want to catch me and is not so easy, I am a loner, the target small. You better not be dragged out of it, but you are here, I do not want you to be involved.

Yan Xun eyes like torch, bright and thrown a piercing look at her, Chu Qiao neatly turned down, did not want to bother because of her small sister and have any inconvenience, she dismounted, looked up and said: “Yan Xun, I should go. You and I are different status, but you have helped me several times, this friendship I will keep in mind, if there is future and a good chance, I say I must repay.”

Yan Xun lightly laugh without a word, Chu Qiao sees him looking strange, although some suspicious, but did not think about it. But if Zhuge Yue out of his cave then alerted the Wei valve and Xiaoqi camp troops and its horses it is a little bit shockingly outrageous. In such a huge city, she was still inside the city, but the nice thing about being inside the city, Chu Qiao is sure to hide from its security.

The child squatted on her body, tightly fit dress on her body, and finally looked at Yan Xun wearing plainly his elegant upper garment and nice pressed pants, not in his usual majestic robes, then they quickly turned toward the open street and went.

The horses hooves suddenly sounded behind, not enough time to look back, Chu Qiao small body slightly lifted. Yan Xun’s laughter behind her, warmly sounded: “I do not believe I cannot protect you little star girl, come here, we go back to Yanbei tonight, I’d like to see Wei valve and Xiaoqi contingent camp generals and how are they doing!”

Having said that, they were ruthlessly pumping then whipping the horse and ran fast toward the direction of the gate.

“The world!” Feng Shuijiao and Yan Shiqi surprised they cheered out loud.

“Yan Shiqi, go back to rectify the troops and horses, \the world is riding out of the city.”

Over the horizon, the north wind whistling, more than a hundred riding horse in the long street hissing. The sound woke up most of the Huang Cheng people from their sleepy dreams. But no one cares about what happened this evening, they just carefully shut the doors and windows afraid of the upcoming events may entail the fishes to entagle at their mesh.

Yan Xun coercing with his horse, he gave vertical hand sign to prevent the action behind the Yan Shiba of Wei Zhao road. His small chin, cold handsome eyes looking at the opposite of the officers and men. Yan Shiqi before his horse, loudly shouted: “We are from Yanbei descent shouting from the other side why is the road blocked?”

“I am the small lieutenant general of the Northern army corps and was ordered to seal the road.”

A lively voice sounded in the opposite, Yan Xun brows wrinkled, loudly said: “The world is blessed by the heavens, Sheng Yu of Sheng Jin Gong who would stop me to go?”

“It was a coincidence,” slightly like a feminine voice slowly sounded, the sound is not big in such a quiet night most likely can go unnoticed but the tone is harsh and cold. A man of blue and white pants, a white band of jade with Qi qiu(air on a big cricle sphere) precious stone slowly came out from the crowd after turning around on his white horse like snow in high fuel torch, the man gently smiled and slowly said: “Yan Shizi, today is unfortunate, I also have the Feng Sheng (means to make it happen and to get better)  circular letter. This evening the offenders cannot go out of town.”

Yan’s men deliberately paused, eyes on Yan Xun who played a turn, then faint smile, spit out three words: “kill, no amnesty.”

“Is Wei Shu on tour?” Yan Xun (trying to sway them from the first matter and uttered those words to downplay the encounter) raised his brow, the sound is not consciously a raised tone. Behind him the horse of Chu Qiao where her brows locked, could not help but come into picture so immediately she steps forward. Yan Xun holding the whip’s hand did not leak traces of his star girl, blocking the child’s way forward, she was annoyingly making faces at the back. Wearing a Yan Wei clothing Chu Qiao her heart is blood-warmed, she looked up to Yan Xun tall and straight back, though she is not able to see directly at the youngster’s back as it was blocked by several troops there is a trace of warm feeling slowly stealing the coldness of such late night that somehow became more precious feeling to her.

“Moreover, if I remember correctly, the world sacred circular letter, is out of the city tomorrow morning.”

Yan Xun chuckled then beautifully said: “The world misses the worlds mother and tonight she will be out of the city.”

“Isn’t the worlds duty to honor his familial ties, and seems the world was supposed to be bothered at this moment?”

“Seriously?” Wei Gongzi (means son of nobility) should allow Yan Xun the whimsical youngster to fulfill filial duty and should not be asked to do things immediately or to sleep well without giving honor to the worlds forbearer.”

“Is it?” Wei Shu on his feminine tone, gently smile: “That being the case, Yan Shizi tonight may have to sleep here.”

“Stop saying right from where you are, even if we usually can pass at any time and be out of town for hunting who dare to block the second part of the day, Wei master here in parallel road with Yan Shiba Wei Zhao road would not likely to meet, where is the potential and what happened to picking your battles that results into a bloody one?”

“The battle is Sheng Jin Gong’s potential!” A low voice suddenly sounded behind, Yan Xun and others suddenly turned around and saw the two teams who came in mightitly with General Ma Hao.  Wei Shu Ye in his green fur, coldly looking at him. Zhuge Huai on its side, his face with no sunny smile, like ice in general and did not reveal any sense of friendliness.

“Feng Sheng circular letter, Yan Bei Kang prince (means the stubborn crown prince Yan Shi Zi is now nicknamed as “kang prince” because he won’t leave the road and will sleep there if  needed)  together with his troops who are still vigilant, bad intentions on the air, conspiracy, rebellion, special forces of northern Wei army corps, Wei Shu Ye Major General, Zhuge Huai as the head of the court present, the Kang Prince squatted his body in Zen (meditative rest) at the middle of the battle road.  The Wei generals cannot bear to arrest Yan by the court of custody of Zhuge Huai.

Voice faded, at the road a silver suddenly lit up, countless goose bumps, a sound of rapid swords in a caddy approaching, Yan and Wei looking surprised, but it went for the first time to get around and rushed to protect the front of Yan Xun.

“Hi!” Chu Qiao pull out from her waist her crossbow, came forward, near the right side of Yan Xun: “It seems they are all here to fetch you.”

Yan Xun frightened expression gradually dispersed, making him angryly restrained but cool on the outside. Even if he heard the star girl forwarding, he did not turn around to see the child, still tightly staring at the front, coldly said: “I’m sorry, you are involved.”

“Oh, glad to hear that you admit it just now” Chu Qiao gently smile: “tomorrow a newspaper is a newspaper, finished this battle then we, two, clear it.”

On this stale night, the road turned to bloodbath. Turning to Jiuwei main street once again another fight. And after the bloody taste, slowly escaped away.

North wind called and sealed this snowy night and by the sword, blood dripped again from its fight.


Chapter 033 The blessings and the outright


A moment of throwback from its relentless wind is blowing across the entire main street, from the direction of the chilly hills as the spring is drawing near, rolling up the boys and their drifting clothes, fanning their black and long hair having wings to fly and like a dead moths all over. The layer of clouds stacked on the sky, a black giant bird flew over with its wings fluttering. Moving accross are the cotton flowers flaked like snow that spread a long clear anguish in the ground. The breath of the horses and people of Jiuwei in the main street are grim, there are bloodthirsty beast lurking and looking around for some feast. A long sword is flashing seemingly at the bright light like broken moon star, reflecting the torch of red blood resembling the ancient assassin’s creed.

Left the homeland to protect the descendants of the Yanbei’s tough soldiers who fought with Wei gradually fell in the sky like flying bees in general, the main weapon is at its arrows, Yan Shiqi’s shoulder was bloodstained, struggling to split the flow of space to a desired outcome, even on his wounded back he shouted: “to protect the world lay a siege to breakthrough!

Several tough Wei soldiers broke their promises into peices, their swords dance into a full moon. The crown prince Yan Xun in the middle of a powerful clashes he harshly shouted: “Seventeen (Yan Shiqi), we meet at the bridge!”

Bang a loud noise, three small blowers was moved to the front where the ice boulders are wallopping to break down the Yan Wei road and the bodies that surrounded the prince formed a protection circle. All of a sudden, Yan North soldiers were overthrown to bloodbath, the body like catkin flowers of a willow tree were hit then flew and fell to the ground that kindled huge snow fogs.

“Are you escaping again?” Yan Xun pulled the child from the crowd to get outside the killing rush. The child with a crossbow in her hands seems thin because of his tight fitting clothes she is deceiving everybody that she does not have any defense, the youngster was troubled for a moment and grabbed her arms to his side to secure her and said:”Do you want to live or die?” 

“Let go of my arms!” the child struggled to stay away from the young prince and her eyes in the crowd across anxiously looking back and forth, trying to get rid of Yan Xun’s superiority.

Yan Xun went furious, a sword split flying sharp arrow shot at them, a strong and healthy beautiful figure stood and coldly said: “You aren’t going to escape, you will meet your end at the hands of the world”

“Now there is a chance to rush out,” Chu Qiao turned around, her face is somewhat mad so she snapped: “Do you want me to standby here and accompany you to live or die?

The youngster surprised for a moment, even in the state of exigency, when he heard the child he cannot help himself but to gently flick. He nodded with his eyes on fire seemed a bit cheerless, low voice, in a trace of child’s offended ego: “Nothing to worry, whatever the outcome, whether I live or die, it won’t hurt you.”

Chu Qiao raised her brow out of her madness, knowing that the prince in his distress misunderstood what she meant but she does not want to explain further so she turned around and grumbles.

“ Yan Shisan (13th Yan ), Shiqi (17th Yan ),” Yan Xun shouted: “out of this mob, take the cavaliers and rush the child to watch and keep her to the fortress of Yan, you know what I am saying?!”

“The world!”

Yan Shisan frowned, rebutted: “My duty is to protect the world!”

“Your duty is to obey worlds order!” Yan Shi Zi shouted in anger.

Chu Qiao pout looked at a few people and sees Yan Xun did not pay attention. Shisan draged her with some of his men to escape. Tall and thin, riding in the horse, she is very flexible then all of a sudden she escaped from his men who took her to escape.

“Hey you!” Yan Xun in his dominance he shouted as he was startled, he is all eyes to the little tigress approaching at the same time looking after himself and the little child’s body.

Chu Qiao is a shockingly a horse roughrider as if she was running like a tiger. After the fast run back to the long street on one round occasion she pulled two sharp daggers from his men catching her then she turned around and holding the ropes tight with the right maneuver, the horse went like a stonewall evading side to side directions of arrows shooting at her. Due to the lack of light in the night, those soaring arrows were not able to aim at her.

“Move! Armor on her!” Yan Xun holding white feather arrows he let go and lushed them away, whizzed double-double to triple shots through a bow upon his crossbow garment on his right hand, his archery skills is undeniably superior and his martial arts, a pro.

Tack, taka tack…the sound of hoofs is moving closer to the front troops of the enemy. The child maybe small but her inner strength is like titan. She let go one arrow from her crossbow, the point of shot is extremely tricky, eye-catching, to the discerning eye it is easy to guess she did not learn anything about archery but despite this idea, the small win is bold, and the crowd went crazy. The child cut the dagger and split it into two, and then the dagger were thrown and did not even touched her hair. She went to the other side to grab it before the attack. In a blink of an eye, the weapon pierced a Wei Jun’s (means saint or ruler) throat.

It happened in public all Yan, Wei, everyone saw the little child so fearless, accurate and bold, could not help but raise the Yan soldier’s morale, Yan Shiqi suddenly sees things can be done, he snapped and shouted: “for Yan, fire!”

The fate flipped just like that. Those who surround Yan men scattered and scuttled. “I am not seeing any defeat today!” Wei Shu, his eyes on tour, looking like a saint and still at ease soon raised his crossbow and on his hand sign, sets free the troops arrows, where those special hand crafted silvery arrows suddenly in time, as if a meteor shower, lushed away.

Wind whistling, but its too late to elude not many options are avail at the moment the child moved to her side and soon faced those silvery arrows, her body slanted and suddenly fell from her horse.

“Star girl!” Yan Xun eyes were red as he exclaimed then soon his eyes went back to Wei Shu Yuo. Yan Xun’s eyes on fire, like it will burn people alive.

Wei Shu You in a cold smile, loudly said: “Yan Shi Zi, stubborness does not respect, the public will be all ears, we are here just to fetch you, it is a simple thing not even a matter of life and death!”

Wei Shu Yuo shouted, and Xiaoqi camp soldiers rushed forward together. The archery warfare were at once set aside and marked the  change of combat to martial arts and sword fight. Yan Xun frigidly gave them a treat in his flying kick. In a cool breeze he landed about three feet in distance, a nearby caddy of swords is waiting to be picked up he rushed and cut two of the enemy and started to count. 

“Yan Xun are you defying, is this an act of rebellion!?” seeing the young prince madness Zhuge Huai loudly shouted. Zhuge Huai did not join the war situation, but led the Zhuge contingent soldiers standing outside the battle circle of war.

“To add to the crime, why not do more speech, Yan Xun never thought of rebellion, Wei valve relies too much on the elders. After the bloodbath the elders will find an escape goat and will frame Yan North’s men who are slaughtered like pig!”

“Arrogant boy,” Wei Shu with a piercing coldness of his voice immediately waved and said: “That being the case, do not blame me regardless of our friendship in the past.”

He was about to order an all out battle but all of a sudden he heard a sharp ring in his ears suddenly sounded. Wei Shu Ye surprised a moment, turned to see Xiaoqi camp of their North Army corps one of their soldiers body had fallen down. The man’s eyes wide open, forehead was pierced and his mouth is still anticipating a big battle, as if to say anything, but ultimately can not tell anymore.

And their small riding brigade stood in between Wei Shu Yuo’s troops and Wei Shu Ye’s bow and arrows ready to shoot, but then who is in command of their arrows and to where they should aim?

A burst of violent crisis suddenly hit the heart, Wei Shu Yuo swiftly turned Lieutenant General Ma Hao’s head, it is necessary to move forward, but at this time, the horse suddenly whine, two front legs was in a heavy blow then fell on the ground. Wei Shu Yuo cannot stop the drop he dismantled himself and did not climb up. But a sharp, cold and tight dagger was quickly pointed on his neck. Then above the child’s voice, cold and indifferent close to his ears, she ridiculed and teased: “Wei Da Gongzi (means the son of nobility), will you still provoke the world?”

“Give me a stop!” said the child to Wei Shu Yuo.

Winds upside down, snow flying, the child raised her thin little face, snapped: “Otherwise, Wei Shu Yuo ends tonight!


Chapter 034 Snow travels to the people

“Big Brother!” Wei Shu Ye shouted and raised his brow, driving his horse towards where Wei Shu Yuo is.

A whisper of sharp sound like a bolt from the blue sky, meteor-like flashing intake of Hanmang (means poised) arrows, very accurate and stable from Wei Shu Ye’s horse, aiming from his left eye he will shot using his right eye and the arrows were out to hunt for the budding blood, as his head burst out of fury mournful cries clamors the sky, Wei Shu Ye skillfully jumped, slightly awkward standing on the snow under the night sky.

The child squatted on the ground still on her left hand the dagger pointed on Wei Shu You’s neck, on her right hand holding the crossbow and slightly laid down on We Shu You’s shoulder pointed at Wei Shu Ye’s forehead. With her right hand she took an arrow at her back and loaded it in the crossbow using only her mouth her arm was so fast and good arrow is set. Her brows at ease, eyes look cold on Wei Shu Ye Major General she said: “for that random kindness you have shown at the carpe myrtle square, this good arrow won’t be aimed to kill you, to pay the debt I owe you once, but the next arrow will be unkind, I am afraid it will not only hit the horse so for your own good I tell you, do not force yourself to come near.

All eyes were directed at her and were astonished at what she did and what she said to the Wei Shu Ye Major General. With this horrid night filled with snow, seems all were frozen at the moment, thousands of Huang Cheng soldiers, most of it were elite fighters, the family of the king and their grandchildren, the empire of outstanding generals, all smirked and felt its suspense coming from this height less than three feet tall child. The child is wearing an obviously large soft leather armor, blue leather collar to protect her thin little face which is likely less than an adult size palm to slap, a pair of big eyes pitch black and white, small nose slightly like Alice of wonderland, her lips gently Duqi (means like angry), with her skinny arms a little force and can be twisted off. Her entire figure seems not an effective threat, even if she tries to cover up with matte powder, her appearance betrays her fragile face.

On her looks alone, one can judge it is just like a breeze of wind easy to blow away but the opposite happened. This child standing just below his waist took away Shu Ye’s breath as she stood and broke through the Wei’s fortified gates, and the mighty Wei’s elite forces block party was such a waste. With the child’s foxy mind exhausting the advantage of the other and use it against them, she just simply squatted there, fearless against thousands of soldiers, against the elders resolution, against the master of the Golden Palace, against the entire Great Summer empire, her face is cold and watching the enemies with their major general’s brother in hostage, everyone seems to be paralyzed.

This is the first time Chu Qiao went face to face against the rule of the Great Summer Dynasty, despite the great summer emperor vast armies and elite forces on the ground, her idea is very simple, she wants to escape with Yan Xun and the world to lead all of his men back to their families in Yanbei.

A short treaty was born in a short span of time were: “Put down your arms, open the gates, do not let me say it twice.” The child’s voice is low, eyes slowly passing in the crowd, her body turned, the top of the crossbows catapult on the bolt also followed. Like a foxy bloodthirsty eyes, slowly sliding over the crowd that held two of Wei’s ruler like pawn.

“Your hands!” Wei Shu Yuo’s raised his voice as he cannot tolerate that he was such a tool and used like a fool to breach the Wei’s valve and yield to the enemy in his own blood, the noble status of the noble dynasty, Wei Shu Yuo cannot withstand the threat of humiliation coming from a humble blood, in his stubbornness he raised his head, he did not fear the knife to scratch the skin on his neck then said: “Finish…!”

“Shak” a sharp sound, Wei Shu Yuo did not understand the rules of this game and he did not even get to finish his words when all of a sudden, two fingers were immediately cut off by the child, harsh screams freed itself in the night sky. Eversince the emperor sat on his throne and founded its government, not any of its young officials were on the news that their fingers were cut. On site, was heightened by the drama with blood dripping and splashing on snow.

“Castle Peak cannot cover, the east river flows, knowledge of the party’s side is wise, he must know how slim is his chance, Wei Da Gongzi (means son of nobility), your options are shut your mouth or your neck will be next.

The child looked up at the Wei Fu’s bodyguard, cold smile, slowly said: “Listening to instructions are important and you did not, you are willing to defy and take my words for granted or worst, intentionally disobey? Or, this other coach of the order should be next?” The child’s eyes went to Wei Shu Ye’s body, gently aim to hit a circle in his head and she sneered: “Given your superior is dead, you can just succeed your brother’s household when he is finished today, tell me Shu Ye Major and emperor elders, isn’t it nice to play by the rules or let this one die?”

“Untouchables!” Wei Shu Ye (speaking in military terms means Wei will comply to her terms and is voluntary submitting to her sweet treaty in exchange for Wei Shu Yuo’s life) swore hate on air and said: “We choose our brother, you do not have to be bothered from now on or to provoke the nobles!”

The child is suddenly on a sunny smile, her eyes on Wei Shu Ye’s eyes, the dagger in the Wei Shu neck was saved by the day accompanied with unforgettable smile of evil charm. This wasn’t like an eight-year-old child.

Next thing, the way Wei Shu Yuo’s tied, although skinny and her effort was not that much and it is done. But the means of her technique on rope knot is very clever, if eldest Wei Shu moves, he will self-inflict his end, hence, it is wiser to keep still. (lol, poor Wei Shu Yuo got in trouble with Chu Qiao)

“Off we go!” the child cold, indifferent and in happy mood like nothing happened she said: “Wei  Da Gongzi (means son of nobility), will trouble you for a while to send us a kiss of goodbye”

Skies heavy of thick clouds, but not the slightest starlight shines, even the cold moonlight hid its face to the unfortunate knight.

The child did not ride a horse but Wei Shu Yuo was taken alone, still confident and bold sitting in another horse and behind him two more horse with Yan men. Close to his back is holding a small crossbow, her eyes tightly staring at the front guy who is tied, ready to make the fatal blow whenever she catches a chance, she will steal it from time.

“Yan Xun, shall we.”

The crown prince did not turn his head but its sound echoed in the cold air. Yan Xun eyes narrowed, then suddenly he giggled like back to being a rascal bully, he laugh out loud, he lazily climb up the horse with his troops following behind him marched out straight forward. He did not care about  the enemies soldiers. Chu Qiao took the lead in the front with a chain of rope at Wei Shu Yuo’s neck, she looks too small, but that little body marched in the snowy Sen (means forest) in a cool atmosphere as if no one died or were taken. But she cannot be ignored, wherever she goes, the black and powerful of the defenders did avoid, like a dangerous low tide at any moment may raise flood.

The city residing at the north side is still on smoke and did not vanish, the war spread to thousands of Great Summer people. On every inch of the land there is blood everywhere. At the moment, back to the heart of the empire, they were obtaining full report of what happened and ascertain who is the head of its rebellion last night and was identified to be of the Yan Wang son, Yan Xun. It was disclosed that openly out of the Huangdi (Wei Valve), Yan Xun triumphantly  breached the northwest city gate. And the Great Summer dynasty, its most elite troops can only watch to disarm it, and cannot do any action that can restore the situation.

That night the history changed that arrived at this moment of truth, a tiger was released from the cage, no one ever thought he will become the northwest of a Xiaolong (means son, the sleeping dragon)

Zhuge Huai smiked and gave unpredictable faint smile.

For Zhuge home, whether Yan Shi Zi returns to Yanbei or not is not important. What is important to them is they were tasked by the Golden Palace to secure the Wei valve and have failed.

“There is no news that will be more fun than this.” Zhuge Huai’s heart under the thought of the side his attendants he said: “Inform the fourth young master Yue about what happened, immediately let us all go back home. I have something to discuss with him.”

Zhu Yong bend forward: “fourth young master Yue out of the city.”

“What?” Zhuge Huai was surprised for a moment, coldy said: “out of the city?”

“From the north gate he rode with his guards to catch on with his slaves who escaped.”

“slaves who escaped?” Zhuge Huai frowned: “Who are those slaves who escaped that he has to do go on field battle and do hands-on to chase?”

“It is not clear, but I can go ahead to double check.”

Zhuge Huai looked up, half – squinting, his eyes looked dark night and murmured: “I hope he won’t do something stupid, we are already in a bad shape.”

Half an hour later, trailing the desolate ancient timber road, on his white fur Yan Xun lightheartedly smiled and full of life, the crown prince ordered his men to release Wei Shu Yuo tie of rope in his neck then on a cold voice said: “Since it was promised not to put an end to your life, I show you mercy, you may go back to Wei, bring him his horse! ”

Wei Shu Yuo fiercely watched Yan Xun and his children behind him, then turned around, toward the direction of the Huang Cheng until he faded away.

“Setting him free is not part of the treaty earlier, why let him go?” the child ‘s voice behind was cold  then added: “Did you not see his eyes? Because you let him go , sooner or later he will come back with ten thousand fold vengence.”

Yan Xun shook his head and watched Wei Shu Yuo travelled far away and became thin little figure from snow, he slowly said: “Its easy to kill him, but Yan North will sit to respond for the conspiracy charges, I cannot allow such risk this time.

Finished talking, the youngster diverted the topic to her then look at the child and said: “What are you going to do? Zhuge Yue will not let you escape just like this, I know Zhuge Yue will follow me to the ends of Yanbei.

The child looked up to him, smiled and said, “Thank you for your kindness, but I have something to do.”

Yan Xun he chuckled and said: “You are just a child, is there anything you want to add to the show you directed earlier?”

Chu Qiao look at him with her gorgeous eyes and said to Yan Xun: “so for all this time, you still think of me as a child?”

Yan Xun surprised a moment, with open words to argue, but then he thought, this child was not like a child few hours ago. Yan Shi Zi frowned, his thoughts went for a while then his brow wrinkled breathe some air before he grabbed Chu Qiao’s hand then stubbornly said: “I will explain, look at this hands very tiny, so skinny arms, little head small forehead, everything about you even if you mask it, still looks like a child.

Chu Qiao a throw off Yan Xun’s hand, frowned and muttered: “shut up.”

“Hey!” Yan Xun still playing with her, immediately stopped, and in front of Chu Qiao: “Is this what you really want?

“I have to go.”

“Tell me, what can still be done that I haven’t done for you. Is there anyone bigger than me Yan Shi Zi who did all kinds of things just to keep you safe and stay longer on my side?  Yan Shi Zi is so mad, he asked loudly.

Chu Qiao turned her head to see the young crown prince clear facial features, took a deep breath, slowly and coldly said: “Yan Xun, you and I are not of the same class, we already took a long road together, maybe this is enough.”

Yan Xun sitting on the horse was speechless.

“You and I, who knows, would someday cross our paths again, what the future holds, is  unpredictable, and maybe the world is going to be a Great King someday.” The child not wanting to stay longer, left Yan Xun hanging on air with her low tone of voice as if more adavnced in years, she turned the head of the horse and whip it away.

Xingyue (means stars and moon) hid its light, under the dark sky and thick snow, the children alone went away on a solo ride little by little faded away on the vast snow field. Yan Xun still catching up with the moment, whipped the horse to catch up with Chu Qiao but marching in few steps, he realized it was too late. The crown prince on his white fur, sitting on horseback ride, facing where the childen went he shouted: “Hey! I swear! You will come to Yanbei to find me!”

Voice through the snow, in the vast night flew that resounded on the fullness of the night, already far from where they came out, dark, calm but cold biting.


Chapter 035 Depth of the Tiger

Out in the dark was a small shadow is rapidly walking at the east side on the path along the plains. A huge leather coat covered the child’s head and with small stature a saddlebag made of mink like a backpack, bulky and looks heavy.

The snow is getting heavier and almost all eyes of people hardly opened when the wind blows, their eyes hurts. The child continued to walk and never stopped as if there is a fierce beast going after the her.

And the wind fizzes and a crisp horseshoe sounded. It is still a bit far in the snow forest, a pure black horse quickly seen on site. Immediately the child’s  stature which is thin but looks seven or eight years old is wearing a Yanbei guards clothes. A pair of dark eyes in the night glanced, like a sharp eagle and sees a lonely walking bantam (or gnome small person often in a combative disposition) in front of the child, suddenly said:”Hi” then continued to walk. She whipped the horse to chase the bantam fast.

“Small eighth sister!” Chu Qiao shouted, the sky wind is buzzing, at the the moment her voice sounds broken, walking in front of the child, but she was ignored and still head down, quickly walked. Chu Qiao hit its horse and rushed forward, a few steps stopped in front of the child, frowned, coldly said: “small eight?”

“Hey hey,” on a husky laugh suddenly approaching her, a stature of the person looked up and fully reveals its face. Where is the young child, this is clearly a 40-year-old middle-aged Gnome!

Chua Qiao said it late but fast, a sleeve arrows from the Gnome’s cuff is wired, toward Chu Qiao’s face straight from its hand. The cold winds is still dense, its sharpness burning her skin, she was caught off guard listening to the child-like appearance across her, soon a small body fall down from its horseback.

The Gnome sneered and on husky voice on this cold night is especially strange, the gnome threw away the burden on its back, slowly walked and kicked on the child’s legs, sees the child dead, no general reaction, it just squatted its body to test its breathe.

“Lord Shu Ye Son is also very silly, he even sent me to deal with such a small hairy child.” The Gnome heard a sound of groan and the child lying on the ground turned up her body from the snow ground.

However, in the dark light between her fiery eyes, the child on the ground earlier who was down all of a sudden jumped to the sky and a pair of eyes is shining like a bright  star. The next scene was blown to full intensity, cold winds, killer instinct, in a blink of an eye, the gnome is subject to the child and about to be knocked down on Sen (means forest), a cold dagger fiercely at the top of the Gnome neck’s artery. And then like Winnie the Pooh the gnome cried. Chu Qiao grabbed its back then turned it down facing the snowy ground, in his mouth were dangling earrings, his sleeves and spear on the ground and began to fry him with questions.

“Where is the small eight?”

The voice of the child sounded cold as the dagger was pushed further into its neck, the blade cut the skin and bright red blood starts to drip.

“Who is small eight?” The troubled man suddenly lost that arrogant look, and the voice of fear was trembling, and said, “I do not know who is small eight, I just work for people.”

Chu Qiao on a calm voice, slowly said: “The owner of your backpack is small eight, where you posed and pretended to be her.”

“I, I do not know,” said the Gnome: “Ther fourth young master’s men found me, I am staying at Zhuge household. If you did not offend a person then hatred should not come to you.”

“How come you do not know?” The child frowned, looking sharp to the man who hardly can’t look into her eyes,  the gnome hustled to nod, and an enmity suddenly rose her heart. Under the pressure, she took him into the vertical position and slit his throat. The man’s eyes opened wide, stiff hands and feet and breathless with his neck an open wound.

“You are not suited for this job and not good enough to become a killer. If this is how you handle your missions sooner or later you may have died then it is better to do something good before death.” In the coldness of the night, the child looked at the Gnome’s body and then squatted for a while, she wiped  her dagger and picked her huge hood coat.

Tonight, real Huang Cheng, the city of destiny is not convenient for a sleepy night. Already  late at night still the light at the East Gate is tunred on. Back to the Zhuge Yue household fourth young master where he privately sits, asked the contingency force of their garrison and ordered them out half of its military and called in for their roll call. Although it is already late at night the Zhuge Yue household release its warrant of arrest for the slaves who escaped.

Several military ground movements  was deployed but came back with empty news.  Zhuge Yue patiently sitting  behind the East Gate but looking like a huge sleepy lion, under the timeless night. While the situation under  Zhuge Yue’s household, the people he left behind seems breathless, afraid to speak out, for fear that the rage of the tiger will be aroused and hard to turn off.

“Fourth young master!”

Zhu Cheng wearing a gray robe ran to meet his master, hatch the breaking news to Zhuge Yue’s ears he whispered: “fourth young master, a big young man was sent by someone from Zhuge family and brought the message for the fourth young master to immediately retract the militray movement and return to home base.”

Zhuge Yue’s memory was still fresh of what happened earlier he remained on a poker face, expressionless staring at the front of Zhu Cheng while reporting the details to his master: “Repoting to Major General Zhuge Yue; Yan Xun fled with his limited military army, together with an ironclad child forced their way out of the city. Wei’s valve were breached by their very leader Wei Shu Ye and Wei Shu Yuo fingers were cut by a child that became humor talk of the town. Not only his fingers were cut, he was also taken away and used as a collateral to pay for Yan’s liberty out of North Wei’s gate.

When Zhuge Yue heard the report he raised his brow somewhat amused but calmly went back to his deep thoughts. After a while, he frowned and said: “Yan Xun took what direction?

“Yes,” Zhu Cheng said: “took off  from the Prynne Temple down the Lagerstroemia (means Cape Myrtle) Square in the middle of that section is Jiuwei main street.”

Major General Zhuge Yue in a godly voice he said: “And Yan Xun they came from where before the Jiuwei main street?”

“It seems that they came from Chishui Lake.”

“Good Mind!” Zhuge Yue looking cold and steady. Soon, after the foxy insight was raised, he figured out why Wei Shu Ye arrived at Zhuge household and recalled why they stopped them from leaving and surrounded the north side where Zhuge Xi mansion on the foot with their soldiers but also that servant who went inside. Zhuge Yue’s brow locked, his eyes is as dark as pitch black, like looming a gigantic tornado, clenched the rope of his horse, coldly said: “Yan Xun to what direction did he took to run?

“The third young master ordered!” Zhu Cheng was shocked, he exclaimed: “The young master specially asked you, not to intervene into this matter, absolutely you cannot go further!”

Zhuge Yue eyebrows raised when he was about to speak suddenly just to his front are sounds of hoofs from a black horse, good looking, and familiar Yanbei military outfit flashed in the eyes of everyone. The stature looks thin wearing a huge hood beside the horse, returning not to his front but far, the thin body cried in the snow, the figure wearing a green leather armor, that looks obviously came from Yan Xun’s limited army.

Zhuge Yue eyes suddenly became busy looking in between the exposed veiw, having that solid beautiful look, he locked his eyes, the side of the servant shouted: “fourth young master, he came back.”

Zhuge Yue looked at the dead body and saw that the person’s thin body is stiff, face is unrecognizable, hair scattered, clothes mixed with mud and an overall impression that has died for a long time. Unrestrained anger rose his heart, Yue slowly raised his head, eyes looking sharp to the figure on a squat position beside the dead body, word by word, said: “You killed her?”

After hearing Yue’s voice, the person sitting was neatly turned down, dragging the person to bow down after the first two steps, a loud bang was heard, heavy kneeling on the ground, the sound is low and particularly difficult to distinguish from the north wind-like pig iron sounds, he resonantly said: “Young master, wasn’t it your command to kill her!? Consider it done!”

“Arrogant Gnome! When did I ever called somebody to kill her?” Zhuge Yue in uncontrolled outrage he went closer and whipped heavy pumping at the back of the person, angryly shouted: “You’re such a waste!”

“Master!” “Ah! There are assassins!”

A series of exclamation came out, and Zhuge Yue’s whip fell to the back of the person at that moment, the person squatting on the ground looked up, face tender, face as if like a lotus, where is the rough fur dwarf Killer?!  The child mocked by a whip, quick stature turned up like a fast leopard and fireworks into the sky,  a dagger came out swfitly across in Zhuge Yue’s throat before it cuts to peel its skin, Zhuge Yue timely reverse it use to suppress the person’s struggle.

“You have not died!?” Zhuge Yue’s eyes is flashing like a god, but still cold soft voice. At this moment, in such environment, no one can tell if his tone of voice was neither happy or angry.

“You are lucky to come back complete and  alive.” Yue said to Chu Qiao. On her coldness looked at Zhuge Yue and seeing his eyes like poisonous cold forest, Yue once again slowly said: “But I’m not sure how long you can live.”

“Where is my sister!” Chua Qiao asked Zhuge Yue. Buzzling wind blown in between them, Chu Qiao drank its coldness then snapped and said: “Otherwise, you and all of your Zhuge family like your old man will meet in hell!”


Chapter 036 Close mountain like iron


From the busy Yuan city covered in snow were people who travelled off from the mountain like iron, the north wind rolled the ground in feather-like snow while the people have numerous snow flakes sprinkled on their eyebrows. Eight-year-old child wearing an iron gray cloak, a huge hood to cover her delicate facial features, plain white hands holding the cold dagger, she standout among the army showing no fear and weakness.

God seems to have been insanely mad because for the last ten years, the city of Huang experience moderate snow fall unlike today, it is twice heavier than last year. As the whistling north wind passby the people then afterwards were frozen dry skin that turns to green, and a pair of eyes that it is difficult to sightsee.

Zhuge Yue gave her a cold smile, walking on the other side, with a slow voice said: “Will you really kill me?”

Snow blowing between the two and a night owl so hideous is howling, as if those who were victims of injustice, the mist appearing like souls in the darkness of the night permits its silent screams. Chu Qiao’s eyes suddenly became cold, that dilapidated Chai room, the child’s simple smile, a fragrant pork like its smell and taste is like a bomb that silently exploded in her heart, she slowly bowed his head , coldly looked at the fourth young master’s eyes, coldly said: “You can try.”

“Is it?” Zhuge Yue mouth pulled, eyes slightly half squintted in his light laugh: “Well.”

Having said that, the young master’s body was suddenly like out of control in general as he surprisingly bowed his head, toward the sharp blade and in suicide-like manner he came forward.

“Master!” “Master!” “Oh!”

All of a sudden, the situation turns to panic mode but time seems to be fixed in a second, a loud noise and suddenly they fell in the river together where the river created ripples and waves splashing. Chu Qiao was surprised, who would have thought out of all people this silent type youngster was so absolute and violent and would rather deceive her he wants to commit suicide and does not want to be threatened by his own. From those fast pacing moments, countless thoughts came to her mind that she wasn’t able to comprehend the meaning behind her action where at the same time the child’s swiftness retracted the dagger near its neck but too late as its sharp blade slightly scratched his neck up to his ears where there is a tiny bloodstain.  

Chu Qiao still holding in the knife when at the same time Zhuge Yue body swam like a smart loach fish in the pond and the was distracted to come forward, step by step, like flying out of the river he swept her on her feet.

All these actions have occurred in just a moment, like an electric light fire, she exclaimed in the end as Zhuge Yue did not abandon her, as if she had been kidnapped by the youngster and she had to get out. Although the method he applied is such a break, he is leaving her the impression that he is the head of the child who is opposite to him, out of his waist he draw his sword, distantly pointing to her locked eyebrows, in a cold voice he told her: “You cannot kill me.”

Blood from his neck leaking down, although the wound is not deep the blood is really visible at sight along his slightly pale skin and spread down into his thick long fur. Zhu Cheng saw his master and ran towards him in panic he shouted: “fourth young master, you are hurt, we need to go back home and send you to the hospital for an emergency care!”

Zhuge Yue eyes looked at Chu Qiaao coldly, as if he did not hear Zhu Cheng, he looked into his arms, took out a pure white Kam Pa (means gold handkerchief), the blood on the neck dripping and drops in the delicate handkerchief, little Yin Hong (means chinese black tea), one to two drops its effectivesness in such snow is in full bloom.

“Fast! Injury is on the fourth young master, you first sit down, let the slave give you a bandage, master!”

Pale teenager standing in a vast snow, his eyes, there is unpredictable edge slowly sliding over, he lifted his right hand seeing his wrist tightly holding blue veins appearred. But for a long time with full of wrinkle Kam Pa (means white gold handkerchief) he suddenly decides to release the hand. When the north wind buzzed and dusk falling into the night turned these two covered with snow, somehow the blood in the wound disappeared.

Who remembered that piece of white handkerchief his first time to wipe away the tears of someone, the youngter’s unpredictable heart, he is one of the few people who want to guard the child. Meanwhile, the wind is whistling again so harsh that all of them got scattered away, like watching in a play that is about to the end casting your bet who will outlast the play or who will fail.

“Won!” Zhuge Yue looking indifferent turned around, her sound was very cold and there ain’t no hint of any slightest feelings.

Zhuge family guards came together, Chu Qiao standing in the crowd, draw a long sword, the blade is shiny as well as sharp, reflecting the child’s cold iron eyes. Where there is calmness there is also hatred and a cautious view of the situation, there is no drastic determination, but alone without a trace of weakness and regret.

She always know how to survive, always know how to bear their own blood to those they hate, and always know how to repay people of their owed kindness. So Zhuge Yue, when he cut off the arm of her small nineth sister and were thrown to the Jile Pavilion, when in his family rod killed his small fifth brother and Ju Xiang her eldest sister, she always know that they have been destined to become opposing enemies. It is either Chu Qiao kills Zhuge Yue or Zhuge killed by her, there is no other way.

“Yahhhh!” her thirst for justice suddenly on display to the crowd, Zhuge family people no longer dare to despise this looks of a child. The hand of heroes gathered  together to attack. The blade cut and split, coldness flashing, crackling sound suddenly all of them listens and watch the child stature and dexterity, like civet cat, left leg stroll, right leg side kick, a spin to fly, long sword was soak in blood, right hand gorgeous like a hammer claw potentially catch several guard’s throat. To finish, with her fingers she striked its sub-ribs but missed the right bone, soon she cut it out and rushed to break the back of neck, man’s eyes bulged and smoothly sliding down.

The situation is dreadful, but no one retreated amidst of the its untoward fate, the handle of the thick back dagger were slashed down. Chu Qiao raised her brow, she lifted her arm to resist but went helpless due to her small force is weak, even if the angle is tricky, but still split again she stepped backwards, on her shoulder her clothes tore down gushing with blood, apparently this is her first battle and she was injured.

Zhuge family public guards seeing her injured they were thrilled, this child despite the wisdom of a hundred, flexible mind, all of her guts, but after all, is still less than eight years old child, how can these military guards try to scale her up and be their contender.

Aware of this, everyone swarmed, Zhuge Yue standing outside the war situation, eyes cold, his lips were pale blue, Zhu Cheng worried with no gauze to cover his wounds, sky and snow together on a desolate place.

“drive, Yah!”

At this time, soon as he asked the military to stand strong the fifes suddenly sounded under its messy hoofs coming from the north direction.

Everyone turned around and saw the distant north, hundreds of riding the sturdy horse and instantly, a horse was riding in the snow, fast runner like a meteor, the leading youngster with white fur and pitch black hair, armed with bolt, he loaded his bow double double meteor-like arrows for few Zhuge home guards, he is determined to shoot.

“Hi Little girl!” The warhorse raised its hoof  and kicked, instantly the crowd gazed on the unexpected figure, without warning, the youngster picked up the child and ride on the horse, eyes bright, laughed: “How many times do I have to do this, this time did you think how can you repay me?”

“Sheik” is heard, Chu Qiao put back her sword in its sheath then she gave a back glare at Yan Xun: “You crazy? You did not learn your lesson not to come back, you do not want to live?”

“If I did not come back, what could have happened to you?” Kind words is not enough to  sweep her feet, Yan Xun shoot her a glance: “hold tight!” Then on a fierce a whip they were pumping in the horse, horn hissing, on top of the crowd the horse leaped!

“Yan Xun!” Zhuge Yue became furious although looking downhearted and untidy in his dress he still snapped and shouted: “This is not your business!”

Yan North warrior called when they saw the world their leader of the band riding mightily with the star girl in front of him. Now who can block the plains, Yan Xun holding Chu Qiao, it is futile to go back, far from where they took off, he laughed then said loudly: “Zhuge Yue fourth son! Yan Xun appreciates your courtesy today, need not to worry there is always a next time, Castle Peak does not change, green hills will always flow, see you laters baby!” And just like that Zhuge Yue was teased like a baby, he choosed not to chase them and hold his few men left alive where others are  injured.

Then Yanbei soldiers rode on their horses towards the winds of the north.

“Zhuge fourth young master!” Zhu Cheng exclaimed, saw only seriously injured Zhuge Yue in anger became harsh and unreasonable they heard him say to one of the gurad to get rid of the Kam Pa (handkerchief) from its neck, frowned he climb to his horse back, seriously angry, he raised his whip, followed by a fast run.

“Fast, fast, keep up with the young master!”

Night wind, such as iron, Zhuge Yue and his company flatly rolling in an open vast of snow.


Chapter 037 Into the Cage

Yan Xun and Chu Qiao went on a ride, like VIP Mercedes-Benz in the open snow is a classic scene.

“Star girl, you ride with me to Yanbei!”


“No, no,” the boy said, laughing: “See where can you run this time.”

Horseshoe strides peacefully along the plains, the wind whistling swept the earth, thunderous hoofs behind rolling like the sky left a thunder. Chu Qiao blushed to catch Yan Xun’s arm, coldly said: “crazy, you followed someone who were chasing you?”

Yan Xun did not care about the sprinkling smile, said: “No harm, Yan North to the great is what matters forget about Wei valve, if you want travel with us, no big deal.”

Chu Qiao frowned, frequently looked back and saw, seeing Yan’s soldier forming lines, she only know a handful of its people, the child bit her lower lip, watching the terrain, angry said: “Are you crazy, you know that they all wanted your head, why did you dared to come back? ”

Yan Xun raised his sword brow when she is still the saying something: “Again, look, if I did not come back, maybe you are a dead meat by now.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes suddenly turned sour, she look at Yan Xun’s smooth jaw, he really is just a child, even the beard is not long, a dude all day and do not know what life and death means. Some children are really dumbfounded, Yan Xun met with a laugh, jokingly said: “how could you move your body like that a body of Xu (slowly and clam)? No, you are too young, who knows what you will be when grow into the future, or else, would you just follow the world (Yan Xun), let‘s see.”

“Yan North thief! Quickly dismount hand to capture!”

The ground suddenly burst like it got drunk suddenly sounded, Yan Xun laughing raised his brow, smiled and said: “Hey, it seems we’re in trouble.” Took a whip at his side as a reminder to horse, not to stop, but walking more and more rapid.

Dark armor in the night, especially in the hideous mountains, the rapid horseshoe sound like rolling muffled call sign approaching, thousands of snow waves rise, like the shore  of the avalanche, At the foot of the earth are trembling crazy, as if the ancient Xiongshou (assassin) woke up, to break through the surface, the dragon jump out.

“Mean face!” the youngster face suddenly became tough, such as iron, between his beautiful brows his eyes locked, clenched his horse, he strongly shouted, the horse immediately kicked and leaped, hissing very long in wonder as blast (name of Yan Xun’s horse) out in the cold, the horse ear sensed a sharp knife instantly passing, Blast speed is at its peak at the moment, far behind the chasers, were all thrown away.

“Haha!” Hearty laughter almost not heard, Yanbei soldiers laugh inside and did not put it on show they looked back at Wei still soldiers were shocked at their face. Are they sleeping or what? Then they laugh at them because the knife was not able to do damage to its subject they said: “The son of the world, but please, lets be kind to allow them to see these family members to meet the real Yan North horse.

Yan Xun looking like a wolf he laughed: “Well, give them an eye-opener.”

The voice soon faded, Yanbei cavalry is riding so fierce on air and came out so lively on their horse harness with some reflexes the platoon leaders put up the long whistle, crisp loud chanting resounding at a distance but in the crowd unknown to Yan Xun and others under the horses suddenly stopped stomping. The horse neck were taken a back and the horses were like a lion shouting and maunder, piercing the sky, with unparalleled power of the domineering king to be, the blood in his chest is rejecting the horses opposite power above his master. Not too far, the King of Yanbei riding on his horse looking like more of an emperor than the emperor itself and his vast soldiers is watchig at their horses seats, on their view sees a cavalry aproaching and the sound is somewhat crying, they know those four legged powerful beasts  were soften and  lying on the ground, any of those who served the king of the general knows  how to whip, but even then still  the horse refused to stand up.

Chu Qiao is heavily breathing, the small book thief Feng Shuigiao appeared, smiled and, happily explained: “Our Yanbei horses are the head of the mountain horses. They cannot be compared to those untamed and wild wolves who can rouse them in times of trouble and helps the royal family in the battlefield. The nobles raised these horses and give it to their sons. Not only they are fast footed on the battlefield but also help the families who raised the horse. Even those horses who did not taste the battlefield yet will not leave them, try to listen to their sound like fart and to scare us by chasing us, is simply whimsical.

North Yan soldiers cannot help but to laugh, in between chanting forwarding inspite of its unrest, Yan Xun wearing his big Qiu robe straighforward to north wind, hunting flies, after reaching a fair distance he said: “Go back to Yanbei!”

The soldiers laughed and replied: “back to Yanbei!”

Horseshoe rolling, snow fog somersault, dark sky, Yanbei soldiers on their horseback whipped and jumped then disappeared.

However, at this time, a sense of crisis suddenly hit the child’s heart looking at her many seasoned years involved in dangerous work, naturally give her the instinct to become alert. It is like interpreting an alarm issued without warning, the child had no time to think about it where did this sense of tension is coming from. A sharp wind suddenly pierced the night, with the momentum of the thunder from the distance warbling. She cannot wait to make any reaction, almost in her fingertips, Chu Qiao punch Yan Xun in the middle of the lower abdomen, Yan Xun in pain, covered his stomach from the unexpected blow, soon bent down, he just wanted to curse the dog bite act, rude and left him clueless to understand Chu Qiao. A rally suddenly from his left shoulder through the cross, from his back his body fell kicking him out of his horse, blood spewing, the intensity was strong, the younsgters body became like a busted kite, crashing from the horseback and fell on the cold snow. 

“Yan Xun!”

Chu Qiao screamed, one to keep the horse reins, but this horses in the rapid run even in the slightest reins of the pull, still do not listen to the command. The child was anxious, suddenly leaping, a small body suddenly jumped off the horse, her body rolled before she steadily squatting in the snow. 

“Yan Xun!” Quickly approached, like a fast little leopard, youngster at this time has been staggered to stand up, the child came forward to hold his shoulder, coldy said: “Are you okay?”

Youngster eyes were cold and frowned: “I did not die.”

“Whooshing Wind” is heard, a Jianshe (means sputtering) arrows was shot, Chu Qiao listened to the sound and an instant Yan branded dagger split ir hard. The arrows were very fast and  the blade was accompanied by a flinty eyes that flashed in the dark long night.

“Put down your weapon!”

Uniforms of the crestfallen were heard, countless people from the snow under the cold air. Thousand of people all dressed in white long fur, all fell on the snow, no wonder the horses actually did not see the slightest clue. Fiery forest daggers neatly aimed at the two, the cold sword everywhere, like having no wings difficult to fly. Not far away from where they stood were fierce fighting sounds. Too late to dismount the Yanbei soldiers as they have been caught in a heavy ambush and surrounded in the middle.

A view from the crowd is wearing a black long fur, young, full of character and military strategy wearing his gold big Qiu with an embroidered with gold dragon with a sharp hideous dragon claws design on his collar. The 7th Prince of Wei is holding a hunting brilliant torch . Zhao Che half squintted with his eyes and coldly grunted: “We know that Wei is excellent finishes the job no matter.”

A sharp knife was pointed to the two, on their neck limits them to move. The child’s eyes glanced and sees that the knife are imprinted on the Royal Palace of the unique Ziwei Jinhua, along with it is a look with its insurgency. An Emperor’s son seventh prince looked coldly at Yan Xun, then turned his eyes to the young Chu Qiao who turned around, facing the attendants coldly said: “take this two”

“Seventh Prince,” an attendant came forward, eyes drifting slightly in the distant battle of Yanbei soldiers, whispered asked: “And the rest of the people?”

Zhao raised his thick brow lightly, cold and unexpectedly he said: “When you disrespect the king, it is called treason highest form of crime in the land, what is the use of keeping them?

The servant took the hint, and shoutout to the distance: “Seventh Prince have ordered, treason is the crime, kill with no mercy!

The sound of whizzing cold arrows began and moved heaven and earth in a dense snow  with such as locust-like arrows sweep the Yan soldiers. Just after its passionate and cheerful hearty laugh, Yan North soldiers instantly turned into a pool of dead body, all were down in the cold snow. Chu Qiao went furious as her ears is listening to the small wind of anger came ot her, she cursed the Wei soldiers then a pair of fists tightly twitching, her cold eyes looking at the seventh Prince Zhao Che. Almost at the same time, the Sheng Jin Gong band of army came forward, the child slightly hustling to engage the prince’s eyes.

Zhao Che looked up and down her, slightly frowned, some familiar face he thought, but cannot remember where she has seen this child.

“The insignificant should be put aside.”

“Do not dare!” his voice full of blackness and threat, Yan Xun in a complete madness state, he held the child tightly in his arms, eyes cold, no fear of what will happen in the future or any care of his position as the Yan crown prince.

Zhao Che surprised a moment, mockingly smirked: “You really do not know what life and death means after what happened this time. Who can stop me now that I have Yan Shi Zi.

Yan Xun coldly said: “Zhao Che, if you dare to do it, I promise to make you regret later and make you pay for its blood.”

Zhao Che agreed, frowned and sneered: “I would like to see how this beast will make me regret, your hands!”

On both sides are his elite man, he suddenly grabbed the sword, “Shua’s” sound heard before they can come forward together to get the child. Then Yan Xun pulled out his dagger, aimed at his chest like a suicide like act, his eyes was like a blade of snow, full of stubborn rejection.

“Zhao Che suddenly surprised in the moment, incrediblely frowned, carefully looked at the child’s body, and coldly said:”Yan Xun, I’ll save your this face today, you may go together! ”

Weapons were paid, the two were pushed on a prisoner’s cage of children where the youngster prince holding on the child tightly in his arms, a pale little face close to his chest, Yan Xun left shoulder wounds continue to gush bright red blood, the blood flowing through her neck ran into the child’s clothes.

“Yan Xun,” Chu Qiao whispered: “Are you alright?”

His weak voice with the unspeakable apology: “Star girl, I am so tired of you.” Yan Xun still put up humor and sad smile despite the circumstances.

“Do not say that we will definitely … ..”

“Worry all you want!” Yan Xun suddenly cut the child’s tough voice then clearly said: “Cast your worries away, I am here to protect you.”

The child’s stiff body, suddenly shocked, went back to that dilapidated Chai room, his most precious fifth brother seriously told her the same words.

“Do not be afraid, I will protect you.”

Winds and whistling, Yan Xun had already too much blood loss, his body was cold and quivering. The child suddenly stretched out her thin arm, tightly clinging to the boy’s body, the head is biased to the left, not so far away, is a hill with its clouds scattered, the bleak moonlight shed down its light and saw a solitary warhorse. She is sitting where this young boy is holding a crossbow on its invisible arrows closely aiming  at Yan Xun’s wounded shoulder, thanks to this person who did not shoot it.

Although far from her distance, Chu Qiao clearly sees the youngster’s facial features and knows him very well. She clutched Yan Xun more feeling his cold body, she bite her lower lip and behind the boy, the child’s pair of small hands, twitched her palms.

The night is desolate, heavy clouds were cleared, moonlight over the cold water, Zhuge Yue slowly put down the crossbow and watched more Sheng Jin Gong prisoners. He just stayed there for a long time and did not leave.

This long night came to pass, and finally over.

Tianming (means mandated by heavens) time, the breaking news were sent to the Northwest Wei, is still vigilant, Yan crown prince was captured he is still subject to be charged back to Shengdu.

Empire ambiance was triumphant, the next day the sun took its place that brought an entire sunny day.


Chapter 038 Monthly

The King sun took its place, as high is the daylight and shining so bright, there are small dust constantly raised, gently floating in the air. A click sounded, the sound is unnoticeable, if you do not listen to it carefully you would have thought that a mouse crawled through the grass and produced that sound. The child was sitting on a wall, eyes closed, as if she had fallen asleep. But behind her, there was a hand slow moving, holding a small stone and what on earth  he is doing to the wall, look like it is grinding finely.

The sun rose then finished its job beautifully. On the outside, the hustle and bustle of guards gradually faded and this cold night finally calls to sleep its bustling Emperor. After their patrol the imperial jail warden looked back and forth, twice, and yawn back down on this hollow night a bit heavy on their duty due to its crown prince prisoner.  Then a sudden bang bang sound muffled, a large piece of tiles fell on the grass straws.

“Yan Xun … …”

Faint voice slowly sounded in the dead prison, it seemed so crisp, the child walked over to the eyes, looking to the next cell. She saw a young man wearing a white fur leaning against the opposite wall, very generous stretch of legs sitting in the dirty hay, eyes closed, seems to be sleeping.

“Yan Xun,” Chu Qiao down with her voice, cried cautiously.

Teenager eyelashes flicked, opened his eyes pratially confused looked in a circle, suddenly saw the child’s clear eyes and was overjoyed as if he wants to climb over, facing the girls mouth, he smiles: “girl, you really smart.”

“Fool!” Chu Qiao quickly whispered but still like a shout: “your mouth please, the walls have ears.”

“Oh,” said the boy looking around her  and then turned his head, silly smile, revealing a white teeth: “star girl, do not be afraid, my father will send someone to save us, this mob of guys, would not be able to do anything on us.

“Cool.” Chu Qiao faintly nodded his head, did not answer.

Yan Xun frowned: “Hey, you do not believe me?”

“How dare you?” Chu Qiao spit his tongue, twitch her mouth she said: “But your father is to save you and I do not have such qualified relatives.”

Yan Xun heard a smile, eyes sparkling, like the stars in the sky: “Do not worry, I will not leave you, regardless, if you follow me, I will protect you.”

Suddenly a feeling of warmness rushed over to the body of the eight – year – old child and she gently smiled, bright then nodded her head: “Then you go out to ask me to eat delicious food, I almost starved to death.”

“No problem,” the boy promised: “What do you want to eat, I will casually pick, as long as you say it, I get it.”

I do not know when the outside suddenly began to snow, snowflakes from the high daylight floating in, with cold wind, biting and sweeping in the cold cell. Chu Qiao was about to speak, suddenly her whole body shivers. Yan Xun saw it, and quickly he saw a face like the Minato city in Tokyo on winter. He saw the child’s clothes thin, pale face, lips have been frozen purple and tensed..

“Star girl, is it chilly in this place?”

“Sort of.”

“You wear so little and you will freeze to death.”

The youngster suddenly stood up, he leaned on the wall with his big fur on his body, squatted his body and as if the crown prince would like to plug himself from the hole, but unfortunately the big Qiu on his back is too thick, and even a sleeves are wide, however, Chu Qiao quickly pushed his clothes in the hole and she said: “Sentimentality, is not bad but it is if you push harder to this hole.”

“Is it possible to see you and how?” Yan Xun on a cold hum, “so if I go out, these people will pay for what they did today.”

“This is ruthless, so do you go out and say it.” The child mocked his sentence and she began to send her disdain look out of the micro hole.

Yan Xun amused for a moment as he cannot convince the disgruntled child: “You wait and see.”

Deep at night their prison cells became brutally cold. Yan Xun leaning on the edge of the hole, suddenly said: “star girl, give me your hand.”

“Ye..?” Chu Qiao surprised a moment, “Were you saying something?”

“Your hand,” Yan Xun said on its side gesture: “stretched your hand over to me.”

The child frowned. “Are you going to do something stupid again?”

“I am not asking again, it is an order!” Yan Xun ardently reasoned: “quick, you hands stretch it over.”

Chu Qiao grumbled and complained then stretched out her skinny arm, then soon Yan Xun found a very cold purple arm, she shooked her head and softly asked: “You! what is this you are asking me to do?”

Yan xun is holding her cold little hands, the youngster palm was slightly larger, while holding her hand, he borrowed the Kazaktans ancient practice, constantly rubbed his two palms and produced friction of heat back to the delicate hands and hold on it tightly, out of his warm breath he blowed on her hands. Her eyes brighten as the action is very clumsy and awkward, then on the hole , the Kazaktan’s model asked: “good point is it warmer now?”

The deeper the night the darker and colder that turn the cell into frost, with snowflakes outside one can be more anxious, there are numerous prisoners dragged down during the daylight but at night covered in the cold prison. But in the corner, a child is sitting suddenly became stunned, a pair of misty eyes was embittered she forcibly nodded her head, but suddenly remembered that person could not see her, so with a nasal voice, her eyes welled in tears.

“Yey,” Yan Xun back on his sunny nature he smiled and became cheerful then said; “Star girl, may I know your name? Back to Zhuge Yue household fourth young master calls your his star child, this is your real name?

“No,” replied the child, whispering like a warm lake and the arm suddently the blood steadily flowed as Yan Xun continues to blow his warm breath from his mouth to the cold, frozen, and delicated hands , she leaned against the wall and said softly, “They call me Chu Qiao.”

“Chu?” Yan Xun on his wrinkled brows, the action does not consciously stop: “You are not the daughther of former official of the Chu Jing Jingyi Code of the child?

“Stop asking,” the child’s voice is very low, but with a trace of unspeakable solemnly: “Yan Xun, the name I gave you no one knows, I only told you once and I never told anybody else, you have to remember, but promise me you will not tell to others ”

Yan Xun startled and relized in his heart may be this is Jing family’s secret, then he said:” I am afraid to run out of glory.” The prince spit out few words in his happy feeling he thought secretly that she even told her own secret, and treated him like no other people  he knocked his chest to assure her: “Well, you can count on me, even if I die not telling, a sceret is a secret.”

“Tell me, how do I call you?” The prince frowned, “I call you a little Chu?”

“Nope” Chu Qiao suddenly remembered the Three Kingdom period of the Soochow beauty, frowning against: “Don’t like to be called by that name.”

“Why?” Yan Xun puzzled and asked: “How about, A’Chu is it good?

“Well …” Chu Qiao thought for a moment, then nodded: “ok, deal.”

Yan Xun a music to his ears: “A’Chu!”



“heard it.”

“A’Chu! A’Chu!”

“Are we never going to finish?”

“A’chu A’Chu A’Chu A’Chu!”

“A’Chu, that hand.”

The child’s obediently retreated her one arm and stretched over her another skinny arm, Yan Xun holding the child’s arms and blowing from his breath, found her hand is very cold. The prince simply pulled from his chest his clothes and the child’s hand was stuffed with his clothes.

“Oh!” Chu Qiao whispered soon, suddenly wanted to back off.

“Haha,” Yan Xun a wide ​​grin, tightly clutching her arms and not letting go, “Your arms is secured in a deadbolt, and my heart to ensure the music, so you could feel it.”

“Yan Xun!” Chu Qiao exclaimed humming awkwardly soon her little palm close to the Crown Prince chest.The night is so quiet, she can even feel Yan Xun’s heartbeat, so powerful, she thought what about it again he is Junior and is very thin, but recurring riding martial arts, the body is very strong if constantly in practice. His chest is the texture of the good muscles.

The youngster holding the child’s hand, leaning against the wall he sat down, on a gentle voice slowly said: “A’Chu, so if this night ended, what if I told you to come back with me in Yanbei, what are the things that worry you most, I think you have been overdoing things. In this world full of chaos, where would a little child like you go? If you meet bad guys, you do not have to be bullied by them, you do not see this good thing I offer you, adding to the benefits, you will avoid all kinds of evil. In case of meeting one, I am at your side to protect you and I promise you, you won’t have any time to suffer.

Chu Qiao leaning against the wall on her foot a dry straw, in front of the snow, a pair of eyes seemed staring awat very far, but it seems she’s only confined to the present that she wants to go, but maybe no, she does not know yet the answer to herself.

The Prince seems not geeting a response from Chu Qiao’s the he continued: “I do not know why, just want to help you. To be honest, the first time I met you in the hunting field what I felt about is, this child is very fun, obviously so small, but it happens to be so fierce, so relentless in my heart that is where it started, and I, in the capital for so many years lost to Zhao Che that bastard for the first time, if I think about it, it chokes me.

The sound of drums sounded three times from the distant streets looks like a band passed over. The youngster’s voice seems a bit misty, faint and sounded so distant: “A’Chu, Yan North is very beautiful, and have zero wars. If its summer, everywhere its grassland is green, my father and brother and other brothers often riding a horse and create bonfire’s and hunting wild horses. Then when I was small, like seven or eight years old and cannot ride Blast yet, my brother put the horse  aside and gave me a small horse bastard for me to ride, I was very angry because he looked down on me .In fact, later I gradually understand, he was just afraid to get me hurt. My third brother temper was mostly bad, always fights me, because I was angry he put so high, shouting and frightening me to fall to him, and then my sister will rush to use the whip to him, they fight until third brother although he is so much stronger, the second sister can beat like a man, but when I look down on him, now think about it, maybe he is not willing to start fighting with the second sister.

“On one winter, Yanbei will be more than a pile of one month of snow, we went to the North Shuo plateau, where there are back mountains side, high and steep, the mountains have many hot springs. Mother travels to Bian Tang, who cannot outlast the northern chill and her body cannot withstand, with her maids they are always living inside the palace spending time doing spa within six months exploring the hot their springs. With my father’s consent we ferry her to Bian Tang and my brothers and me secretly slipped out of school to see her, who knows the place after father has long been found to stay in front of us in the palace.”

The moonlight, shed a place of the Qinghui (this is one of the most beautiful garden in China existing until today, preserved from Qing dynasty),  his face suddenly become so gentle and Chu Qiao never have seen this warmth.

“A’Chu, my family is not like the Northwest emperor where father, son, brothers, sisters husband and wife can all become enemies, everywhere here are cold and their plots are like arrows, everywhere are greedy, full of rotten song and dance and starving people. In the land of Yanbei, there is little war, no displaced people, everyone can eat, slaves can live according to their own wishes. A’Chu, with you and me back to Yanbei, where you can live a better life, I can protect you, no one would dare to bully you, no one can take the arrow pointing to you. I can take you to the fire hunting of wild horses, I can take you back to the mountain to see my mother, she is a very gentle person, you must meet her.”

The prison cell is so quiet, only the crown prince words can tell the clothes to become warm, her thin clothes suddenly feel very warm and the child looked up, Yan Xun seems to see the said Yan North on its green grass, his thought on journey to the white crystal back to its mountain, saw the whistling wild horses, heard the young people on their hearty laughter and comfortable winds.

Her mouth slowly picked up, a touch of laughter, and then nodded heavily, softly said: “How about this, we go to Yan North.”

The night is still long cold and wet future emperor heavenly guarded in prison, two little children across a wall sitting in the cell, their hands penetrated the wall of barrier, tightly held together.

We go to Yan North, we will escape.


Chapter 039 Come from the wind


After night and snow storm are past, the sky turned into translucent.

Heavy footsteps approaching awakened the sleeping children, their two hands quickly back off, not opening the eyes to the moment and quickly  put back the piece of tile to close the open hole. Black cashmere cotton boots in a dusty prison, step by step, a crisp sound of keys continue to sound.

“Kacha (means breaking or snapping)” sound crisp sound towards the prison cell is a man wearing a light blue armor, the coat of yellow cloak of its soldiers came in, his party is composed of at least fifty people, they were assigned internal down to the external guard posts of the prison station full of Dangdang (means sound of striking Gong), the warden and jail carefully followed behind them and nooded with care. Chu Qiao sitting in the corner, cold eyes looking at these large company of guard, her heart sank.

Yan Xun sitting on the ground, turn his back to the door, eyes closed, unloaded with the body of guard in moderate intimidation, with a sharp edge of their own layers of the package armed up. The crown prince was like an old monk into the set, the new comers did not notice.

Guards head looked at the eyes of the Great summer royal gold blood of the Yan North descendants, a cold face but not the slightest compliment and respect, took out the imperial edict, according to the text of the discipline read: “Sheng Jin Gong So that with Yan North descendants, Yan Xun to attend Jiuhe (means gathering) in Taiwan (not the country but it means a platfrom in front of a great number of people) , the guards waited in the air to drop any sound.

Another bodyguard came forward, with disdain mouth he sneered: “Yan Shi Zi, please.”

The Yan Prince slowly opened his eyes but his eyes is surging, a glimpse of his eyes, let the guards cannot help their back to feel goose-bumps. He seems to understand what they just told him, but still keep the arrogance of the face in the air, he stubbornly stood up, the first to go outside the big door. A large group of internal guards holding the yoke prepared for him, thought for a long while, or on the back, left and right to make a wink, to go around neatly.

The white dust in the big sweep,  and its like  how many years the servants did not clean the future emperor of the heavenly skies, dirty dust fluttering and flying all over, fell on the crown prince white deerskin boots, that above, there are royal special claws dark line pattern embroidery on it, in the morning sunshine, the more they appear to be bright and dazzling, even in such dull environment, it is so out of the crowd. Seems to use this way to remind everyone, once upon a time, this is the Crown prince Yan of North pulse, but also a member of the Great summer royal family.

The wind, from the long dark corridor slowly blowing, bringing the outside fresh air, but also outside coldly cutting the skin like a knife.

One hand, suddenly from the cell’s fence stretched out, pale and thin, like a good porcelain, giving an illusion, it seems that as long as a little hard, you can easily break. But it is only a small hand, stopped the crowd of the way, grabbed the Yan Xun’s legs, tightly grabbed his trousers, stubborn refused to let go.

“Where are you going? Are you really insane?”

Yan Xun raised his brow, on his back a cold look at the face of the guard who is preventing him to go near, his eyes were brutally cold, then the soldiers following behind the back of the Prince, were pushed back when the prince suddenly squatted his body, holding the child’s thin fingers, slightly forced to pull open, fingertips suddenly became a stubborn, he was startled, frowned to the thin child, whispered Said: “A’Chu, do not do anything nonsense.”

“I cannot count on you!” The child was bright and stubborn, and looked up and said, “You said you will not leave me.”

Yan Xun frowned to see the moment of the big ban army, the long-term right in the center of the youngster is sensitive to the things that he cannot simply think of the direction of their own development, some uncontrolled things must be He did not know what occurred in the situation, and this is a blessing is difficult to plan, how can he take her only to risk her? The Prince eyebrows locked, whispered and snapped: “I will not leave you, you are here obediently wait for me to come back.

“I am not sure if I will believe you.” The child said stubbornly, but the strength of the hand was not lax: “Take me with you.”

The guards suddenly became furious, powerfully shouted: “bold slave!”

“Is the servant calling you?”

Yan Xun suddenly went back, his eyes looked sharp to the soldier, cold voice said: “When did the law of the empire allowed you to do pity in front of me shouting?”

The man’s face suddenly blushed and turned to red, both sides of the guards pulled the man, for fear that this VIP will be extremely angry. But Yan Xun ignored him and turned his head, watching the child small green face, frowned: “A’Chu, be obedient, I am here for you.

“Take me with you,” said Chu Qiao‘s head, clutching the boy’s trousers tightly, with stubbornness and repeatedly whispered: “Take me with you.”

Time quickly passed by, there is a low wind blowing in front of the two children, the youngster silently watching the child’s eyes, there is sharpness and resolute light flashing, he knew in her wisdom she knows the danger of this trip, the crown prince lips gently move and wants to say something but in the child’s stubborn eyes he was like ignored. Few moments passed, Yan Xun stood up, facing the back of the reception he ordered and coldly said: “open the door.”

“Yan Shizi, the only purpose of the call is you, one … ..”

That person‘s words have not finished, Yan Xun suddenly turned, after his cell taking big footstep, while walking coldly said: “carrying my body to Sheng Jin Gong call it.”

“Yan Shi Zi!” The ban of army went into a discussion a long while and before opening the prison of Chu Qiao.

After all, it’s just a little slave. 

The sunrise has long been bright, Yan Xun walked into the front, grab the child’s hand to her. He also instructed, do not tie any rope onto her little body. The Crown prince eyes are sharp and decisive, he looked at her shorter than his head, coldly asked: “afraid or not afraid?

Chu Qiao looked up, suddenly grinning her mouth beaming of a bee smile: “afraid of how to write?”

“Haha!” Yan Xun laugh soon, took Chu Qiao’s hand first then went out.

Tianzhang (means marching of the volunteer chief of armies) at the door, the soldiers armor Qi (this time means to rise or raise up and not air), flashing swords, the cold armor reflects the white snow everywhere, the people’s thorned eyes turned sour, the sergeant’s lined up in a row looking dignified. People are far from the outside in tiptoe sneaky watching those eyes, full of concealment, of curiosity and fear.

You can be out of Sheng Jin Gong Jin (this time means today and not gold) Wei was personally guarding what kind of character? The people was whispering in the crowd.

However, when the culmination of the black corridor at the end of a high and one low two children, all the eyes on them, a moment of dismay, the north wind blowing the eaves on the snow, there are numerous shed, as if under a heavy snow in general.

This morning, the Wei people of the city will never forget, when the latter, historian opened a roll of dusty history books, the historian can only hold back their mouth and be in awe, he raised his head and to his long mouth he paused.

No one knows why these two seemingly harmless sheep was forced to face this desperate Shen Jin Gong after which will suddenly turned into a ferocious tiger, the sharp claws fiercely into the heart of the empire? The time has changed from this moment, the magnificent picture is spread out, scattered in this trouble as the two children holding hands, destined to be under the fire in nine drums, shoulder to shoulder a blood to the side.

Long wind rolled up, the wings of the long eagle across the real city of the clouds, the clouds filled the sky suddenly issued a sharp cry, the people cannot wait and see what happens next at that moment, they seem to hear the collapse of the Empire State Building on its gigantic crisp sound.


Chapter 040 Eternal hate

There are only two roads for the Emperor of heaven and earth, each with two main road means blessing or death. In the east gate leading to the main street Jiuwei, is where prisoners were released and distribution must pass through but the west gate is a gateway to Jiujia (means notable former families) and where mostly where the reception of the execution of the death penalty happens.

Jiujing (plural, means a family or group of platform) Taiwan (not the country but it means a platfrom in front a great number of people) is at the back facing the cliff of Langshan (means wild mountains) and sitting on Xuanchuan (means dazzling body of water) Chishui lake of the Great Summer dynasty. The most sacred Sheng Jin Yonghe Palace, is also located in the cliffs, on its hillside.

There is no prisoners who did not experience the so-called censorship, criminal inquiry, check out the body, and in front of the door, a dark horse is waiting and ready, tall Jianjun (means a man holding double position in the chinese government in its military and same time ruler of the land) sees Yan Xun and ready to hit his nose, impressively, Yan Xun mounts and pushed back himself. The crown prince raised his eyebrows, his mouth gently pull out a touch of light laugh, Chu Qiao on the horse, he also turned over, straight on the Zhu Wu Street, following the brigade marching forward. All the way to clear the road, the people are all competing to see and avoid the Yan prince at the same time. They retreated to the road side, the people who will probe look at his head, then followed him in the back right away to the platform.

The sky piled up thick black clouds and continues to roll, as if it is pressuring the head of the people, he calmly stood up from the distant open road facing the two children, Yan Xun straigtened his body looking dignified, the most handsome of all the princes opened his large Qiu’s dress in  breast out position. The child’s small body wrapped in them, only to reveal a small head. Chu Qiao turned around to see the crown prince Ying (means hero) Ting’s (means graceful) eyes, his eyes was so clear, Xiu (handsome) stature, like water Yan Xun flowing in her, he bowed his head, facing her he gently smiled, his big fur where her two small hands, tightly shook up.

They do not know what kind of fate is waiting for them in front of the world, the wind is too big, they can only stumbled forward, waiting for the moment of the storm to come, the stubborn crown prince raised his face.

Bang a loud noise suddenly heard, the people walking in the street unconsciously  stopped looked up to the paramount in the East, on the Red River cliff of Cangshan. There, Sheng Jin Gong’s ancestral temple issued a heavy bell, a huge Canglang (means rustic jade-like) bell was clanging in Jinzhu (means like entering the garrison) percussion and looking around, the sound in the red earth on the fierce echo of thirty-six sound, followed by a whole drum beats of thirty-six sound.

Yan Xun’s face suddenly became pale, Chu Qiao obviously feel the hands of his hands trembling a bit, she raised her eyebrows, puzzled look Yan Xun, but the crown prince did not say a word.

The destiny of Emperor, nine drum rolls to respect, forty five toll means the death of emperor, and thirty-six ring sound means the death of its relatives, but it is the emperor of the country to grant an imperial decree when the protocol was passed to the number of all four bells is nine.

Many years ago, the blood of the Great Summer royal family died defending its people and its land which the Zhao’s royal family have worshiped the same ancestors of Yan. It has been a cold ridicule eversince then that they were brothers and they cannot afford to hide it.

All the way to Jiujing(plural, means  a family or group of platform) platform in front of great number of people where flags and banners everywhere, looked north, far can also see the towering solemn Zijin ( means suicide or kill) door, red wall gold tiles, thousands of momentum, the whole piece of black ink blue stone casts nine lull platforms that stands solemnly above the ground. The dark ground reflects the white snow and somber. Yan Xun turned to went down and about to go to the platform, a woman wearing a court dress together with the middle-aged man came forward, coldly said: “Yan Shi Zi, please come here.”

“Yan Tian general?” Yan Xun slightly raised his eyebrows, looking at the direction of the middle-aged man, said: “I should not be sitting there correct?”

“It is the Sheng Jin Palace order for Yan Shi Zi to take that seat there.”

Yan Xun looked at the platform and shows indignity at the opening door of the prison where the main subject lies, as if the people killed today was not their own equal and should be treated with such lowering of the royal morals and standards which are pro Zhao princes. 

“So, respectful but not enough to pay even if you offer your entire lifetime.”

The youngster coldly turned, in all his astonishment when he finally sees who was in the opening of the prison door with its prison officials about to sit down. Next to the elders are the court officials, the younster rulers and princes Jianmei (means healthy and beautiful) Ruofei (means seems sickly and weak and contributed wrong decisions), such as Guan Yu (to resist the imperial decree), Ling Ran (means did not see a spark of hope) is such like a flat snow and ice, you can’t see any trace of being tense or any sense of restrain.

Time slowed down but he has never seen a prisoner from Zhu Wu street over the past. At this time, the door slammed and the Zijin door opened. The elderly and the powerful home owners of the people, the general army of soldiers and its horses, the interior warrior officers have filed out, and even Zhuge Huai, Wei Shu Ye, who are in the crowd lately came in, with various homeowners on site took their position to sit down.

With the percussions and sounds of  base drums ongoing play, the place seemed horrible scene. Wei Shu Ye touch is slightly pale with his wrist in his large sleeves, you cannot see any trace of loss casting a look from his eyes like many knives on Yan Xun and behind was Chu Qiao who passed over. Yan Xun met, turned around and looked in the eyes of the young people in the air and hit it in his cold smile, then, as if all happen in general, his body looking calm.

On the sky was heavy cloud above and noon is near.

Ministry of Punishment is responsible for executing the sentence to Sima (means an open secret) where Huang Qi the head, is the old man sick on his rickets looking weak on his waist, came forward, pointing to Jiujing(plural, means a family or group of platform) platform center used to calculate the time of the day, Chung respectfully said: “Please, the time of execution of Yan Shizi has come.”

Yan Xun in his faint smile its soldiers went to block him off like a water to cover the soil in his big sleeves brush him: “Uncle Huang please let me.” Yan Xun said.

Huang Qi is trembling standing in front, the old man’s Adam’s apple went up and down, the voice far from the pass: “When the time has come, if guilty, an execution is passed!”

“Pass the execution!”

An amass voice all of a sudden sounded, Jiujing (plural, means a family or group of platform) platform under the golden wing square, on the pitch of three thousand, shouted in unison, the momentum is amazing, birds swings, rumbled and constantly ringing. The heavy Zijin door was opened, twenty men in uniform of the west levy soldiers, looking coldly holding a covered square shape box with white leaves of the tray slowly came forward, step by step on the dark like the skies above of Jiuyou (singular only one platform) high platform.

Wei Shu Xu suddenly stared blankly horizontally soon his mouth ridiculed and laughed, cold eyes toward the prison open door he look. Yan Xun brows tightly wrinkled together, a hint of fateful hunch hit his heart, holding his arm tightly grip until his blue veins collapse.

Counting twenty steps on his foot from where the emperor’s sits, he stood coldly standing on top of Jiujing platform. The empire’s first marshal Meng Tian went to the stage, facing the head of the soldiers coldy said: “the prisoner may now identify the heads”

The military’s face expressionless, eyes in front of the platform, heard a resonant reply: “a word from the imperial Marshal, it is not permitted!”

Meng Tian frowned: “why?”

“The imperial mashal spoke, no one can identify as per Sheng Jin Gong purpose, if you allow it today, You as the prison officer is held responsible for the matter.”

Meng Tian nodded his head, turned back to sitdown on his seat and looked at Yan Xun then loudly said: “Yan Shi Zi, it is forbidden now.”

Yan Xun on his tightly lips, eyebrows almost wrinkled together, so much anxiety and fear can not suppress the attack on his heart and he can no longer keep the usual calm and cool voice that even his answer is a bit difficult to speak. Chu Qiao stood behind him, seemed to be aware of what was happening, she stretched out her delicate hands, tightly holding the boy’s arm.

Kai (means open) the golden box, test me on this I am committed!”

Twenty large golden boxes were inside and the guards were rude and blant went up, all in their white uniform looking on ail opened. All look like luxurious treasure box, there is golden key to each of its keyhole and all of twenty keyholes click sound was heard. 

Everyone paused, while all the lid opened and in all things comes in full bloom under heavens!

Yan Xun’s eyes went large suddenly open wide his forehead on blue veins and is about to collapse, his throat moaned in beast-like growl manner, suddenly left, want to rush and did not mind the high-profile audience.

Both sides of the Imperial soldiers swiftly came to draw the sword, the sword from the sheath with its brush sound, sharp bright flicker under the mourning skies a fast action lightning came that anyone cannot resist. Almost at the same time, a vigorous figure suddenly stopped in front of everyone, just listen to the bite of a crisp sound, the child unloaded a military weapon, frowned, care only about in Yan Xun front not to let anyone approach him.

The wind issued a heavy warning, the world shook and everyone went dizzy, the sky clouds filled with fast rolling clouds, dark crows swept the tip of the wind, in the madness of the wind their wings flew in the cold piercing snow, all cannot help their blindfolded eyes with sleeves raised to block that unbridled wind.

But only then a few people, they are open eyes, eyes staring at the bloodthirsty high-profile officials, somewhere, there are heavenly Valkyrie (female figure who choose those who may die in battle and those who may live) in the above issued an arrogant laughter, a voice stirring people that swept away all the principles of the world (Yan Shi Zi’s military code name)

Meng Tian on his heavy arm, coldly said: “Yun Deng, now!”

“Aye!” A shoulder with embroidered with purple gold birds from the line of young generals came forward, his fingers holding the first golden box of blood clotted a messy head with resonant tone loudly said: “Yan North from the royal lineage of Fan Wang! Pay respect to the Fall of the Great Luo (means sunset, to fall or decline in power) twenty-four generations of the Sun! The Empire of the northwest soldiers and horse marshals! On this Sheng Jin Gong Cheng Guang ancestral temple of five hundred and seventy-six epitaph! Yanbei town West Wang Yan City, April 16, the head was cut in Yan North burn it!

Then, went to the second box before the continuation and coldly said: “Yan North of the hereditary sub-king! Pay respect to the Fallen Great Luo (means sunset, to fall or decline in power)  emperor from its twenty-fifth generation of the Sun! Imperial northwest town of Sheng! On this Sheng Jin Gong Cheng Guang ancestral fifth temple one hundred and seventy-seven epitaph! Yanbei town of Wang Yan City, the eldest son of Yan Ting, April 14, the head was cut in the north of Yan burn it!

“Yanbei of the hereditary sub-king, pay respect to the Fallen Great Luo (means sunset, to fall or decline in power)  of twenty-fifth generation of the Sun! Imperial Northwest town of the deputy! On this Sheng Jin Gong Cheng Guang ancestral temple of the fifth hundred and seventy-eighth epitaph! Yanbei Town West Wang Yancheng third son Yan Xiao, April 16, the head was cut in the north of Yan, burn it!

“Yan North of the hereditary Weng master, pay prespect to the Fallen Great Luo (means sunset to fall or decline in power)  emperor of its twenty-fifth generation of the Sun! On this Sheng Jin Gong Cheng Guang ancestral temple five hundred and seventy-nine epitaph! Yanbei town of Wang Yan Shi City long female Yan Hong raw silk, April 16 , was its end of the road, since the water to Honghu Lake! Burn it!

“Yan North of the hereditary sub-king, pay respect to the Fallen Great Luo (means sunset to fall or decline in power)  Twenty-four generations of Sun! Empire northwest soldiers and horses marshal! Sheng Jingong Chengguang ancestral temple five hundred and eighty tablets! Yanbei Town West Wang Yancheng family brother Yan Front, April 9th day, his head was cut in the Yan North still cave plateau! Burn it!

“Yanbei land hereditary … ..”

At last, the long woe songs finally ended, stirring the wind unscrupulous swept Jiuyou platform, Khotan (an ancient prefecture) standing on top of the tall stone, overlooking the prison door opening, the main subject Yan Xun they coldly said: “The song is completed, Yan Shi Zi now may testify!” 

Before anyone can say a word, a loud boom and unsual noise sounded, the wind suddenly rolled up, and broke Jiujing platfrom and brought it next to a towering old trees where the huge branches roared and flew in the golden winged square meeting it at the center. The skies issued an inexplicable hissing sounds, all of the strange eyes at the same time suddenly gathered to the prison station to glimpse the youngsters body!

Poly (means many) Kyushu (literally means nine provinces) iron, it is difficult to cast this hate!

Yan Xun slowly closed his eyes, and then opened, its bloody red!

afterthoughts- In ancient China with regards to the use of chimes and bells there were certain sequence assigned for each of its officials including its servants. The emperor configures its palaces for example by hanging on all four sides, for servants hanging on three sides leaving the south, for ministers hanging on two sides east and west leaving the north and south, for grand masters hanging on east side only. In the battlefield, drums is used to signal attack but gong is used to signal retreat. Ever wonder why some translators of chapter 040 of the original novel stopped right there or may have been hard translating? I am at that point. I have a lot of things to reserach things like bells drum rolls chimes etc but the original novel was more vivid than the drama. This is where I started to love Yan Xun and I cannot blame him for whatever cruelty he gave himself after his family reunion day seeing their heads and headless bodies imagining them in the mass grave…I am having difficulty to turn the page to chapter 041 but I am at page 4 and this is 5 pages of chapter 040 almost finished. I am like attending the most horrible eulogy and funeral with my Prince Yan Xun….cry cry cry..This is not for the faint hearts…this is for the strong and bold……

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