Chu Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Chapter 161-170

Based on the original novel 11 agents princess 

by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua



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After the completion of the Bailu Guan (Bailu means White Dew and Guan means mountain) Pass, it was the land of Daxia. Although this time it is winter, Xianyang was located in the southwest and had a mild climate. When Chu Qiao left the country, it was still raining.

The light blue mountains cover the white rain and the fog, the distant river is like a chain, the ripples flow, the dusk on the wilderness is beautiful, the Wujin is heavy, the earth is paved with gold, the cold moon has already risen slightly, the grass is flourishing, and the grass is high. Swaying, flush with the horse’s back, between the strong winds, the hidden grass, such as the red gold microwave, rushed from the vast sky.

The initial excitement gradually disappeared, and the cooling mind was fiercely collided. If it was true, what kind of identity is he and how can he have something to do with her, she has been killed several times. Now, do you have to destroy all of this in your eyes? And if she thinks everything is wrong, Li Ce said, but Yan Xun compassionately let her go, then, what should she do?

And now she has no courage to open her mouth.

She lived in the city of Xianyang, renting a small house, a single-family house, located in a remote place, with two weeping willows in front of the door, at this time bare and yellow.

In the twinkling of an eye, after seven or eight days, the year has passed, and the lights in the city of Xianyang are full of joy. The neighbor next door sees her as a single young woman living alone here, and she invites her to celebrate the New Year twice. She refused.

After another three days, the first year of the Shangyuan (means Ghost) Lantern Festival, there was a clear snow in the early morning, but the snow had melted before it landed. Instead, the tree was covered with a thin layer, which looked far away. In the distance, the mountains are vast and white, clear and green, and the city is full of many trees.

The landlord is a fat woman in her thirties. She is very kind and has a pair of sons and daughters at her knees. Her husband is a private school teacher. She is also a well-to-do family. The girl seemed to like Chu Qiao. When she passed by the door, she would stretch her neck to look inside. Her brother saw her curiosity. Sometimes she held her underneath and asked her to kneel down on the green wall.

In the evening, Chu Qiao feared that the landlord would get out of her house and would call her to eat.

It’s not dark yet, and the city hasn’t opened yet, but the street is already very lively. There are bustling crowds everywhere. Various food stalls are placed around the street in a row. The merchants selling roasted boiled tobacco and play rouge objects. While the Xianyang street is full, Chu Qiao seems to avoid it by making herself busy.

Because it is a festival, the ladies of the big family who do not go out on weekdays have also come out of the house. There are several people in the street wearing a soft chair carriage, and a carriage passed by Chu Qiao’s house. Occasionally there are few waves of laughter heard. The warm and smoked wind blowing from the far lake brings a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Compared to the bright red green eyes, Chu Qiao is very plain. However, after all, it was the Sui and Bian Tang Imperial Palace. In the end, it was more beautiful than the ordinary folk costumes. It was made of thin and long silk, light blue and white. It was embroidered with a very pale silk thread, a faint magnolia flower. In addition, she calmed the temperament of Qing Wen (means gentle culture) and walked alone on the long and quiet streets of the Wutong (means Chinese parasol tree). The scholars of the past were all attracted to her attention. Some occasions they wanted to come walked forward to talk to her but were slightly awkward. She felt that her cold and soothing temper is not like the usual ordinary women insistence. But she did not put this heavy figure in her eyes. She was already far away when she was hesitant.

The sky is getting darker, the twilight is closed, the heavens are beautiful, and the moon is round tonight, the stars are falling, the faint moonlight is sifted by the leaves of the trees or the sparse, broken into a small light, and falls on her shoulders…

This is not the first time she has come to Xianyang City. Three years ago, she took the soldiers out of the city of Zhenhuang. On the way, Zhao Yu’s brother-in-law and sister, who was killed and chased after Zhao’s escort. Together with Liang Shaoqing, she is disguised as a boy. She was captured as a slave and then sold to Zhan Ziyu Family, where she found her three Jing sisters.

After the years of the embarrassment, such as the fleeting like that of a whitewater, there is a news blackout for Zhao Yu’er for many years. Then the king of heaven and earth announced that, presumably because of the hidden body disease, Zhao Yu’er fades out of the Great Summer game. Zhao Yu’er is now a piece of mud, step by step drifting into the grimy area of ​​the dirty and quiet place, it is scattered. I do not know where she is. While Jing Zhi Su is the soul of returning to Huangquan (means the equivalent of Hades or Hell, the Yellow Springs the underworld of Chinese mythology), and has become a ghost of no one’s compassion in troubled times.

Chu Qiao pulled her mouth then a faint smile, that smile is so thin, did not even reach her entire face then disappeared. She looks like she inside a cage with a light smoke, sad and scattered in the cold wind.

Perhaps, only Liang Shaoqing can really live a few days. If this world is clear, you may say that people are always unhappy.

In the distance, there was a huge floodlight, red and green, golden and dark powder, seen through the glasses. The sound of firecrackers and bamboos, the jubilant laughter of children, the shouting of merchants, and the shyness of the girls, from the lakeshore. From her listening ears, sounds like cold fire, warm and bright. But in reality, there is no warmth, as if it came from another world.

Shangyuan Lantern Festival has been a long absence.

She looked up and looking through her eyes, faintly penetrated time. On the first day, Zhu Hong pony, a white child, carrying a white rabbit lamp, behind the boy, the man turned back. The eyes are cool and calm. She always thought that it was cold and ruthless cruel. It was a cold without temperature. Like there is mirror was set up in the eyes. No matter what eyes looked at, it was a cold reflection, never looking down. But when it looks down, there is always such contempt for the mortal beings below.

However, once again she recalls that at the very beginning, she seemed to be able to clearly see his eyes. She saw a hint of potential and longevity in the pair of long sleeves and bright eyes, but she was held back to death and could not be captured.

If there were no lanterns on the day, and the child’s pony has not been shocked with a piece of bamboo, she should have not been allowed to run outside the city where she wanders around and found the youngster Yan Xun. Then should have not trekked in the snow overnight. Will there be the slightest change?

Maybe not. Perhaps the clasped hand is still clinging. The raised sword is still being lifted. The betrayal vows are still betrayed. Everything will move slowly in accordance with the process laid down by God. No one can jump out of this Reincarnation of fate.

However, at least, if there is no such loss, then today I think of the Shangyuan Lantern Festival about him, not only a blurred back but also a warm candlelight.

Unconsciously, they have gone very far. A large Banyan tree stands thick and tall on the edge of the lake. It is estimated that it is thirty or forty years old. It is covered with red cloth and various paper-cuts in the countryside. There is a superstition that people believe, there are immortals in it. The more sturdy and long-lasting the trees, the more they can pass through the gods. Through the passage of time, people who have encountered difficulties often come to worship and pray for a smooth mind and peace.

Chu Qiao stood under the tree. An inexplicable emotion rose from the bottom of her heart. She did not know what was on the tree. She just looked back silently, staring long, half-eyed, unhappy, and sad. Lines of sight penetrate the dusty days, like a clear lake.

She didn’t know that when she was bought by Zhan Ziyu family in the place three years ago, there was also a man riding a horse here. The sun was shining on that day. His clothes were bleak and he stood silently under the tree. He passed by.

Reaching out his arms, but only touched one side of the jade, Chu Qiao holding the jade, suddenly lost it.

This was when she was arrested at the backyard of Pengcheng City, together with Zhuge Yue, and she was robbed at night. Afterward, she pretended to be a family member. He also asked her for help. She was still angry and said: Throw it to the lake. It became a busy night for the servants of Tian Cheng, digging the lake to divert water, but in the end, did not found it.

On the day she left Yanbei, she did not bring anything, only the ghost whom she brought it to God.

When the photoelectric transfer, memories such as a cold jade posted in the heart, looking up, is a bitter water.

After all, it is the face that separates people from each other. Even though mountains and rivers are not there, the years are twists and turns, and yin and yang are not separated. But there is still entanglement between the family and enmity to block them. Moreover, she is so physically and mentally, how come close to the qualifications and courage.

Closed her eyes and wave her hand to giving respect, it is only a moment. There are thousands of thoughts pouring into her mind, playing with her, she and him, after all, nothing.

Turning to leave, behind the ear, it suddenly heard a “beep,” a cry, like a slender finger gently pick up the strings of the guqin, the sound is long and sweet, instantly penetrates through the backbone. In a hurry, she looked back when two brightly shining jade fell from the Banyan tree, fell into both of her hands without hesitation.

Clear and white, warm and smooth, both style and fineness are exactly the same, actually a pair of twin jade.

Suddenly, Chu Qiao was stunned. Her heart suddenly filled with blood. The thoughts came rushing, climbed from the backbone with a bit of bitterness lingered in the throat. If the lava was hot, there was a gap, and she wanted to spray it out. She closed her eyes feel exhausted. With all her strength, she would swallow the sour and strong Chu Qiao.

Vaguely, her thoughts went back, remembered the shadows of the mountains and rivers with her silky memories. The man’s clothes fluttered, and the eyebrows were eye-catching. What kind of thoughts, a man thrown up the jade, and then the horse turned back. One step at a time left the tree, full of wish and peace.

The eyes were sour, but there were no tears. She stood silently. I don’t know how long it took. A row of lights burned here. There were countless flower boats floating on the lake, and the children laughed and passed her side. She is not aware of it. It was not until a peddler selling lanterns passed by. Now, she was sober.

The lantern is still pleasing, and it looks like it was the one she once had. She watched quietly and could barely move her eyes. The peddler was in a hurry, frowning and asked, “Girl, do you like to buy it?”

With her money, she bought the lantern. Carrying the lantern on the road, her back is thin, like a child.

The flow of people gradually came over, and she walked with the crowd, and all the way was warm and cheerful laughter. The drums were loud as if it screamed at the sky. There were big families who were setting fireworks. The five colors in the sky were full of colors, and the fragrance was strong everywhere. The aroma of the barbecue, the fragrance of the lady’s body, the fragrant scent of the body, the fragrant plum blossoms, the lanterns, the riddles, the people drinking, the people eating, the people watching juggling, some singing songs, this evening. Everything seems to be alive, happy and resounding around, she looks straight ahead, and walks silently alone, carefully carrying the lanterns in her hands, careful not to be hurt.

The bright lights are shining on her face. It looks so thin. The back is so lonely and solitary. It is out of tune with the surrounding enthusiasm.

Some people saw her, but some did not pay attention. She just walked quietly through many people’s attention and ignorance. She went forward alone and did not know where to go.

Finally, the candle gradually burned, only the faint light came out, she went to the lake, carefully picked up the lantern. Her skirt was somewhat soaked in the green lake but did not mind. The branches of the weeping willow on the shore is bright yellow. On her side tickles and entangles, like a fatal lock, gently sweeping her shoulders.

Zhuge Yue, I owe you a lifetime. If the next life, if we meet again, we will meet each other at the right time.

The pale fingers gently pushed and the rabbit lantern fluttered away. The lake was rippling. The lanterns were like small ships. Floated lightly in the surface of the lake. As the wave slowly melted into the funeral night, they were blazed. A gentle cruising on the lake.

Chu Qiao stood up and kept looking at it all the way. The night breeze blew on her face. In coldness, she trembled. It was like a razor-sharp arrow. It fluttered across her heart, the world was full of light and colors, her heart was like the lamp that was getting far away, fluttering anytime can go. She made the decision and crushed her own hope. The world silently collapsed on her hand, and the radiantly decorated building was rotted into ash, green and white, and her life had long been abandoned by her. What she had left was only the pale grayness. An endless dimness.

Suddenly, a star of fine waves strikes the small lantern, and a dragon boat appeared that leads the way. The water splashed from its paddle and splashes on the rabbit lantern. The lantern light flashes and almost goes off. The lamp body is turned sideways. Almost sinking into the lake.

Not knowing why Chu Qiao cooled this numb heart but suddenly tightened. She unconsciously stepped forward, slightly frowning, seems to worry about the small lantern that follows the tide.

At this moment, a larger lantern floated. The silk thread on the top was tangled with Chu Qiao’s filament and he took a few spins in place. However, she accidentally saved the thread, lest the small lantern would be overwhelmed. Took off most of the flowers scattered around and the flower boat drifted slowly to the side of the quiet waters cruising with the small rabbit lantern. With the white jade rabbit pattern, one large and one small bonded together. It was actually a different kind of gentle harmony. With the block of the larger rabbit lantern, the lights of the small rabbit lantern lit up again. gradually becoming gentle, warm and shining in the surrounding waters. 

Chu Qiao slightly relieved, although it will always be extinguished, it will always be good to shine again.

She slowly loosened her eyebrows, she lifted her breath and inadvertently lifted her eyes. On the other side of Bihu (means gecko) lake, an awkward figure that had been asleep for a long time appeared in front of her face!

Her whole body was shocked, quietly lingered there. She seemed to gaze at him again. It was just like the Runya (in Chinese it means artificial Bamboo flower sticks) style instrument, a white shirt with a bleak, pale silk cloak, a half-masked covering, and a lip like Zhu (means like God), an eye like a cold lake, just a quiet glimpse, has taken away thousands of lights in her world to the beautiful Guanghua (means magnificence, splendor, brilliance)

The dragon boat sailed past the lake and the shadows blocked their sight. The red satin and happy crowd were like many dots in the night. Through the thinly dispersed gap, two pairs of eyes finally crossed the barriers of thousands of miles. In a flash, time passed. Rotation, overturning the water, the memory of the cold lake and the silent eyes of the woman, a  lonely man standing in front of her overlapped, like a shadow, like a flower, like a fog.

He also looked at her quietly, holding a crossbar of a lantern in his hands like hers. While her distant eyes penetrated time, joys and sorrows. It was also shocked and turned to a complicated and incomprehensible situation. The lake solidified in this gorgeous moment.

In an instant, the two people ignited thousands of beautiful fireworks behind them, and the bright fire reflected their entangled eyes.

Chu Qiao looked at him. It was a kind of look that he had never seen before. He didn’t even know what to say. It is as if a traveler in the desert is looking at a mirage, like a kid who has been abandoned, finally found the homeland of his dreams. If he can’t believe the illusion, he cannot bear to look away and long for it. He knows that he can’t get it anyway. It was the promise of more than six hundred nights, but it hoped to break it all at the moment of dawn. (See I am quiet, i promise not to write any reactions on this chapters, like I am watching the part 2 of Princess Agents. I think I cannot hold it anymore to feel the happiness and the all the love inside this two lovebirds. LOL)

Her mouth formed a half-opened her lips and seemed to want to say something, but she couldn’t open her mouth at all. Her lips were trembling, a little bit enlarged, spurred, stunned, and a bit broken, but after all, she burst into a smile, and she still had no smile. To the bottom of the eyes, the two lines of tears have fallen, followed by trembling smiles, followed by a trembling smile, rolling a pointed face, and the brilliance of alternation shift of things.

When the dragon boat dissipated, she suddenly ran wildly. She avoided it all her life. She retired, stayed away, pushed away. After the death of her heart, she suddenly collapses in a confused state. Will it be just an instant illusion and light and shadow? As long as you touch it, it will collapse like a broken dream?

Suddenly she saw herself in a trance, a young girl was running so eagerly, and the pedestrians along the way cast a strange glimpse of her, but she did not care so much. The clothes were like the distant lotus, flying with her running, her knees were weak, her ears banged, crossed the lake, crossed Meilin, crossed the stone bridge, crossed the weeping willow branches, and finally panted. Going back to the real moment, she is standing there, she felt that everything is like a cloud, and she is not in a confused state.

Zhuge Yue still looks at her, his eyes are still, his eyes are intertwined, and there is a hint of hidden pity.

The bustling crowd suddenly came and rushed to them.

Suddenly, Chu Qiao was so scared. Unlike death, unlike life, she was strong in her life and had a firm mind. For only a dozen years, she was only twice afraid. The first time was when he fell into the deep lake. The second time was now. 

She desperately reached out and grabbed his clothes, letting the crowd around surround him, but he did not let go.

The back of the hand was covered with a layer of warmth, and one hand held her tightly.

The lights diffused and she leaned over to him. He used his arms to open up a quiet space for her. The figure was floating and the waves were horizontal. She was as close to him as she could smell his breath. Looking at him with his eyes, he seemed to want to dig out two holes from his face. (LOL, I want to dig out two holes in Zhuge Yue’s face!)

The tears overflowed, and she was calm, but she couldn’t help but stretch out her trembling hand, as if to touch his figure, she is dying inside with happiness and fear.

This is an eyebrow, slender, slightly picking, but never the real eye above the top without watching the fireworks, this is the eye, cold and quiet, but never let her in the water without going back, this is the mouth, fewer words, indescribable. However, he has never been so arrogant and indifferent as he was before.

The answer she had been pursuing was in front of her eyes. She felt that her knee was sore and weak, and her throat was covered with a depressing sound, and her body was soft and she fell to one side.

His hands scowled at her waist, and the moment he touched the body, if there were a large number of years of altered shift of things, they could only pass by them. Her long-suppressed cries could no longer endure, finally spits it out. He surrounded her and her tears fell on his chest, moistening his clothes and breaking into his heart and lungs layer by layer. (This is wow! layer by layer is the killer here)

“Why deceive me? Why don’t you come to see me? I thought you were dead–“

She groaned and cried, her body shook slightly, and said over and over again: “I thought you were dead–“

Zhuge Yue did not speak with his lips in the immediately became tight. He did not come to see her from a thousand miles but hopes to be closer to her without being bothered.

The ancient city of Xianyang is the last city in Daxia is close to the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties.

He opened his lips a few times. After all, he didn’t know how to deal with this kind of woman. The hands and feet were almost helpless. After all, he pressed down those complicated thoughts., stroke her back to maintain his consistent appearance, and a sound of a clear voice, pretending to be impatient, Zhuge Yue said: “Don’t cry, I did not die yet.” (This is so funny response! Why are you crying? Did I die?LOL)

“If you are not dead, then why do you not know how to come to me!”

Chu Qiao pushed him away, eyes full of tears: “You do not know how to send a letter?”

She never cried so much in front of him and seemed to have stood still. Suddenly, her past lives and dying days became faint, and those who were chased and killed were desperately faded away. In the past two years, the escape of several deaths over the past two years seems to be insignificant.

He held out his hand and yelled at her: “Come here.”

She wiped away her tears and for the first time in her life, she no longer wanted to confront him. She put himself into his arms and cried, crying, “You are a madman!”

Thousands of miles away from the mountains and rivers, block the barrier between home and country, enmity and opposition, across life and death, suddenly look back, but the two people are in dim lights.



CHAPTER 162 It is good to be alive


This night she slept too hard, like soaking in warm water.

She seems to have returned to the warm dormitory of the military office and lived with the Xiao Shi. In the morning, heavy snow fell. She was lazy and didn’t want to get up. Xiao Shi stretched out a cold hand and patted her face gently to get her up. She frowned and hid in her quilt. Xiao Shi’s a bad girl screamed and opened her quilt, then stood next to her and laughed. Keenly sitting beside the dressing table, while making a call for their breakfast.

The sky was so blue at the time. They were still so young. The years of life were like fish that had just been fished out of the sea, and they were tumbling.

The shyness finally came back a little, her face was cold, she slowly opened her eyes until she saw him standing in front of her. Fresh looking, only one face stinks, frowns and says: “Do you know what time it is?”

For a moment, she almost thought that she had spent her eyes, her head was not very light, and she looked at him with certainty, and frowned slightly, and looked very serious.

Her solemn appearance suddenly made Zhuge Yue swallow the words in his mouth, He turned and wanted to go somewhere else, but he felt that his clothes were tight and he looked down. A small white hand quietly glared at his clothes and shook his hand. Very hard, the knuckles are slightly white.

The memory of last night gradually came back, her face suddenly is flushed, and she let go of her hand and sat up to look outside. She couldn’t help but stay away and said: “is it still dark?”

Zhuge Yue looked at her more fiercely and turned to point another candlestick.

She is still asking him?

After returning to the museum last night, Zhuge Yue quietly came but did not stay in his official residence. Instead, he stayed in a private residence around the area. After going back to sleep all night, he waited until the next morning but he waited until he left. He was mad, but he didn’t look for her and she didn’t come to see him. Until the sun rose in the west, she is standing cold and still in front of the door and finally, she couldn’t stand it. Zhuge Yue didn’t take his followers and went alone to her door. When he pushed the door, he saw Xinger slumbering and dreaming. How can she know the time and let him be upset whether it is day or night?

How come Chu Qiao knows his thoughts? She sat straight, rubbed her eyes and on her forehead swayed her hair slightly.  Although she was shy, she said bluntly: “What are you doing?”

When the voice just fell, the room was in a short silence. Chu Qiao knew that she had made a mistake and lowered her head in silence.

It seems that no one knows how to face such a very different relationship and how to answer it.

The moonlight outside the window is extremely bright, like mercury, like a layer of snow.

“What are you doing in Xianyang?”

Zhuge Yue suddenly asked Chu Qiao threw a slight glimpse, her heart suddenly in a little panic. For all these years, there have been very few things that put her into a panic. In front of the Great Summer blade, she can remain calm. But facing this face, her calmness seems to be missing, her heart is like a restless rabbit.

“I…” Chu Qiao coughed to pretend she is calm and said: “I will do something.” 

“Can it be done?”

“Not good, almost.”

“When are you going?”

Chu Qiao had to continue saying: “In one or two days.”

“One or two days? Is it tomorrow or the next day?”

Chu Qiao was a little angry and said poorly: “Tomorrow.”


Zhuge Yue nodded and sat down at the table and poured half a cup of cold tea. Instead of drinking it, he shakes it gently in his hand.

Chu Qiao provoked him and asked, “How about you?”

“Me? What about me?”

“Why are you in Xianyang? When will you go?”

Zhuge Yue smiled faintly, but this smile, she did not see it for two years. It seemed that the little fox had become more and more treacherous. He quietly nodded and said, “I am here to play, but it takes more days to go.”

To sum up, he stood up and walked out, saying: “Since you are about to go tomorrow, I will not bother you. Let’s take a rest.”


Chu Qiao surprised and quickly stood up, unconsciously shouted: “Stay.”

Zhuge Yue looked back and said calmly, “What else is there?”

He must be deliberate!

Chu Qiao glared at him, his eyes were like two black grapes. After a long time, she lowered her head slightly and said in a very small voice: “In fact, I am not in a hurry to go.”

It seems that she is afraid of misunderstandings. She quickly added another sentence: “In any case, there is no urgent need to return.”

“Oh.” Zhuge Yue nodded meaningfully, picked up the robe on his side and handed it to her. His face was slightly touched with a smile: “Quickly, today is the Shangyuan Festival, and it is more lively than yesterday.”

I don’t know if it is true or not, or my mind has changed. In short, Chu Qiao really feels that today’s market is more lively than yesterday.

The famous flowers are in the wind, and Jiamu is thriving. The cool breeze on both sides of the lake is full of lush water vapor, which makes people feel good and happy. The jugglers on the streets seem to be a lot better than yesterday. On the road, she met a beggar child. Chu Qiao gave him a ten-dollar gold compassion. The little boy called Hanako with money and stupidly stayed. This money, if it is used by ordinary people, is enough to spend it in ten years. It is.

Zhuge Yue sighed at the side: “This is a big deal.”

Chu Qiao glanced back at him and mocked: “The more money people have, the harder they become good.  I am in a good mood.”

Although he knew that he was laughing at him, Zhuge Yue heard it and was in a good mood. Why is it good? He happily came forward, then took out a silver ticket, which was marked with the prints of Chen’s money bank and two hundred gold in white and black.

“Don’t be awkward. Buy a manor outside.”

To sum up, Chu Qiao and the little boy horrified eyes went away.

Chu Qiao hurriedly chased him from behind and looked at him suspiciously. Zhuge glanced at her and said, “What are you looking at?”

“I didn’t expect that when you a conscience, why? Is it too much money?”

Zhuge Yue said: “There are still many things you didn’t think of.”

Just two steps away, Chu Qiao’s stomach began to scream and she was sad. She had not eaten all day.

Zhuge Yue seems to be very familiar with this Xianyang City. For example, several families of the local newspapers have the names of several restaurants, but Chu Qiao smells the street stalls and walks.

Zhuge is naturally reluctant and has not had time to speak out, Chu Qiao has sat down. Xinger ran forward the table, asked for two bowls of onion noodles, half a patty of beef, a dish of peanuts, and a small bottle of wine under the introduction of Xinger. I did not expect that the wine had a very elegant name. West Moon Cream.

Zhuge Yue stared at her strangely and asked, “Since when did you learn to drink?”

Chu Qiao’s hand holding the chopsticks was slightly lag, and then she smiled and said: “I used to be afraid of drinking, and now I’m an idle person. I didn’t pay attention that much.”

Zhuge Yue brow wrinkled and reached out to grab her cup. He said, “Don’t drink.”

Chu Qiao did not feel any force, shrugged her shoulders and whispered: “Then don’t.”

The second meal quickly arrived. The wine is really not a good wine. Just smell it and know that it is a kind of rice wine mixed with water. It is specially used to deceive the arty layman. The food is also average, but the amount of the face is very good. Chu Qiao is so hungry, eats a small half bowl she cannot even swallow.

They stood up and saw a group of street kids staring at the remaining half of the bowl, and the saliva was flowing down. Zhuge Yu turned back and threw the money at the store and said, “Give them a bowl.”

The store quickly smiled and promised, Chu Qiao stared at him doubtfully, and asked him full-heartedly: “Are you a fan of a Bodhisattva now?”

A 12-year-old boy saw that the two of them had a good dress and looked very good. They smiled and came together and said to Zhuge Yue: “The grandfather is enjoying the drink.”

Zhuge Yue looked at the child with interest and turned to give the store some more money. He said, “Give him an altar and don’t mix water. If he can’t finish drinking, do not let him request further and slap him then send him to see me.”

The child’s eyebrows opened his eyes and smiled happily.

Chu Qiao whispered: “How could a little boy drink an altar?”

“You don’t let him try. He never knows what it is.” Zhuge Yue said faintly: “After eating a loss, you can only remember something later.”

Chu Qiao heard a slight glimpse, and his foot was slow. She fell behind him. Zhuge Yue took two steps to see if she didn’t follow up and then he turned and frowned and said, “Go ahead and think of something?”

Chu Qiao came over and quickly stepped up to catch up.

Eat a loss, you can only remember later.

But Zhuge Yue, how many times did you lose? Why is it not memorable?

I was thinking of a sudden burning sensation on the cheek, and the sound of the firecrackers slamming on the cheeks. Chu Qiao was shocked and was about to turn around and look at it, but felt a strong and vigorous attack from the front. Zhuge took a hand on her hand and held her in her arms in a neat manner. After a few steps back, a pair of slender sharp eyes picked up slightly and filled with deep anger.

“How is it? Is it hurt?”

Chu Qiao looked up and saw that it was a restaurant. On the second floor, there was a firecracker. Didn’t pay attention to whether there were people walking below. In addition to her, there were several people who had been hit by the firecracker. At this moment, many people were screaming downstairs, but they were all The sound of firecrackers covered up.

Zhuge Yue pulled down Chu Qiao’s hand and saw only a little red spot, and there were two reddening spots. His complexion could not help but look ugly.

“This is nothing, no pain.”

Chu Qiao was still not used to his gaze, and he tried to pull out the hand that he held. But he was not moving, his palm was a little warm, and he could feel the fierce lines and scorpions.

“It’s okay,” she said awkwardly. “It didn’t break.”

“How important is a woman’s face is, but you don’t care about it.” Zhuge Yue notoriously said something, although the tone is bad, the meaning is still good. Chu Qiao did not care about him, who knows he then added another sentence: “But your face is not a big deal.”

Chu Qiao stunned, did not expect three sentences less than his old mistakes, but Zhuge Yue also said: “Hello, I look like a god.”

Zhuge Yue was in the same position as he should, and turned and walked toward the store. Chu Qiao was worried that he would fight with such a small thing and hurt people. Who knows that he stood for a while and turned back, they went together. Go and ask: “What have you done in the past?” 

“Remember the name.” (People you are so going to regret this! LOL)

Chu Qiao swears: “You are so enemies!” (hahaha this is a giveaway! funny moments)

Zhuge Yue raised his eyebrows: “What do you think? I smell the wine inside and I plan to come to dinner tomorrow.”

Chu Qiao is very disappointed. It wasn’t like this before. Why do you talk to him every time you fall into the air? She followed behind him with a frown but did not see a glimmer of gentleness rising from the eyes of the man in front of him. (LOL, Chu Qiao followed an angry man hahaha)

The night was quiet and the traders on both sides came to sell their goods. From time to time, the little girl ran over and praised Chu Qiao’s beauty and lobbied Zhuge Yue to buy flowers for his wife.

Zhuge Yue reluctantly received all the misunderstandings and even bought three flower baskets along the way, but all of them were held by Chu Qiao. He walked in front of him in a relaxed way, and Chu Qiao was like a little girl. With the back, the passing pedestrians are all less noticed, and the little gimmicks who are selling flowers are not coming over. Presumably, she has already fallen from the position of Zhuge Yue’s wife and to follow-up, all surrounding arguments are now floating in the ears of Chu Qiao:

“Look at that son, it’s really a talent. Even the ones you carry with you are eye-catching!”

Chu Qiao’s disappointed frown, she is like a beggar? More than ten years have passed, how is it still his embarrassment?

The wind on the lakeshore was a bit big. They walked along the riverbank. It was very quiet. There is no except them, their footsteps went slower and slower, but no one spoke. It seemed that they could not bear to break this rare calmness. From last night to the present, none of them went to mention the two years of separation, life suddenly let them meet here, away from the big summer, away from Yanbei, no right to fight, no swindle, life here is calm, birds and flowers, even the air is rare, their spirits are relaxed, and no one wants to mention the things of the bad guys.

The breeze swaying on the lake, the moonlight is faint, such as the glow of the morning light.

Unknowingly, he went under the thick old Banyan tree. Zhuge Yue’s foot stopped involuntarily. He looked back at the large canopy, and he swept his head in his mind over the years. After she tumbled, she did not expect to return to this place.

Chu Qiao looked at him and saw the man’s upright posture and handsome appearance, but his facial expressions were not the cold and arrogant pride of his eyes. He replaced the calm and elegant appearance of the present, and his eyelids lingered with the slightest turnaround of life. Already impressive.

After dying for a lifetime, he escaped from the danger spot and was abandoned by his home country. He was forced to succumb to the evil land. After two years of smashing such a foundation, how could it be as easy as his sentence, “I am not dead yet?”

These days, she gradually heard about the situation of the day.

After she returned to the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties with Li Ce, Da Xia sent letters to Sui and Bian Tang seven times and asked Li Ce to surrender Chu Qiao. Yan Xun also attacked Sui and Bian Tang dynasty with swords. He besieged the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties on the northwest border. A few miles. Finally, Wei Guang. Wei Guang personally came forward with a new series of southwestern forces to the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties to exert pressure on Li Ce. Although it is known all over the world that Daxia is afraid to have a real military conflict with the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties, at this time, the Sui and Tang dynasties have been extremely dissatisfied with what Li Ce have done. Some people even wanted to rush to the palace several times. Misfortunes are handed over. (Misfortunes are handed over? My gad, Li Ce broke some necks just for Chu Qiao)

At that time, Li Ce, even if he could survive Chu Qiao, was absolutely inseparable from the beauty forces unless he wanted to break open with Daxia.

At this time, the king of Qinghai, located outside of Ximeng,  suddenly unexpectedly played the banner of Daxia, dispatched the messenger, and took the Eight Thousand Miles to the Royal Court. Until then, the talents of the world knew that the Qinghai King, who was originally named Simon. It was Zhuge Yue, the fourth young master of the Zhuge family who died in Yanbei two years ago.

Afterwards, it was only natural that Zhuge Yue returned to the imperial capital. With strong military support and support from Zhuge Valve, he overtook Wei Guang and took the chief elders and replaced it. He became the great military officer of Daxia, naturally under pressure. Under the military strategy of the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

She has been reluctant to think about how many bloody hurricanes are hidden under this short-term market talk. They are all people who come out of the right path and know how deep the water is, even if they look on the surface. To calm down, there are many more violent waves underneath.

The remnant was full of lakes and colored like gold, Chu Qiao looked up, eyes with a hint of a touch of sourness, she looked at Zhuge Yue, calmly said:  “I heard that the banyan tree is able to pass the gods, and the more the years passed. The more the old tree is more effective, as long as you donate the precious gifts of the cherished things given, you can protect your relatives and friends safely, and you don’t know if it is true.”

Zhuge Yue still stood quietly without speaking.

“Do you believe?”

Chu Qiao whispered.

Zhuge Yue slender eyes slowly picked up, slowly said: “Do not believe.”

Chu Qiao looked at him, smiled at his mouth, couldn’t tell whether it was happy or sad, You don’t?

Slowly reaching out, the long, white palms slowly unfolded. Her eyes were bright and the eyes were a little bit of pain. I whispered, “Do you not really believe it?”

Zhuge Yue lowered his head and saw at a glance the two bright and white jade jewels. They passed through the years and suddenly nailed his figure to the spot.

“Zhuge Yue, I thought I had no chance.”

Chu Qiao smiled warmly, her eyes low, but there were a bit of tear flashing in it, lips slightly trembling: “I thought I never had the opportunity to repay your kindness in this life.”

The night is deep, Zhuge Yue’s back was so heavy that he couldn’t breathe. His eyes looked straight at her. His eyes were dark and unfathomable. He didn’t speak and looked straight. Like It’s going to penetrate her and see it e Yuelsewhere.

Suddenly, Zhuge Yue sighed heavily, stretched out his arms and wrapped her shoulders, and said quietly: “Who wants you back?”

Chu Qiao’s tears fell like that, and she obediently leaned in his arms. Many inexplicable emotions lingered in her heart. On his chest, her body floating faintly with the familiar aroma, warm warmth spread throughout the body, she quietly closed her eyes, the night wind blew on them, the distance is a beaming crowd. For the first time in my, I feel that those joys are so close to myself, close enough to breathe, that they can touch the taste of joy.

“Zhuge Yue,” Chu Qiao suddenly raised her head, and pearly rain brought then fell, laughing and saying: “It’s good to be alive.”

Zhuge Yue heard a pain in his heart, but no one else in the world could understand the meaning of these five words better than they did. He gently lowered his head and kissed her on the side of her face, mumbled repeatedly: “Indeed, it’s good to be alive.”

In the distance, there is a glass of light, and the new year of Xianyang City is near. In this new year, everything is new.


CHAPTER 163 The dream of Emperor Xia


On the first day of the first lunar month, at the beginning of the Spring Festival Banquet, there was a splendid glory on the purple curtain, with a variety of delicacies and dancing sleeves.

Zhao Yang wore a black brocade, embroidered gold dragon, accompanied by the sun and the moon colored Jinyun (means weapon), wearing a green jade nine gold crown, brave hair, sword eyebrows, smiled sitting in the throne under the first seat and hospitality of its civil and military officials of Manchu Dynasty.

Today is the summer feast of Daxia.

In spite of the chilly weather outside winter and the colorful snow, the northwest war has not stopped, and there are aliens in the northeast who are going to stand on their own feet. The food is poor, the river is flooding, and the lord of the ruling army is attacking, but it still does not reduce the extravagance and prosperity of the entire empire. The delicacies, the beauty of the face are like jade, the waist is like a willow, the wine is tilted down, the fragrance is like honey, and the hall of thousands of white cowhide lamps is brightly lit. Bailu, Xiliao, Chaoge, Yao, Beihai, Dongjin and other major military areas, as well as the town of Yuzhen, the defending generals, the ruling army, the family of the family, all together, this has always been a peaceful holiday, the same day. Another spring of “windy rain”. Another summer of “better weather and good weather” in Daxia.

No one today will mention the defeated wars and the competition between the ruling and the wilderness. The wine will go to the hustle and bustle. The deadly enemies on weekdays will sit back and shoulder together, drinking and making fun of the beautiful flowers, and singing and dancing in the hall. From time to time, the empire’s dignitaries raised their wine glasses and turned their heads to the throne, but they were not the main ones, but they were distantly attached to the 14th prince, who is young and held the power.

If it was three years ago, perhaps no one would have thought that there would be such a day. Even Wei families, an old fox Wei Guang who has always been known for his sinful eyes, did not expect that in just three years, a former muddy water would struggle. The young man, step into the sky and sit in this position.

However, now that the imperial family withered in the Great summer, Zhao Qi died and Zhao Che was reprimanded. Zhao Song was disabled and only the 14th prince stood alone in the dynasty. Therefore, even if it was a respectable statue, it had to be worshipped here. Under the door of the emperor, he wholeheartedly assisted his upper position.

Zhao Yang sat on the high hall and approached Ge’s general toast. He made a subtle toast and wine in his throat. Zhao Ge’s generals showed his respect and loyalty to Zhao Yang. Finally, he slightly nodded his movements. I am very happy to step back.

Light and shadow filled, a group of singers came to the temple, the sleeves were high, and the naked waist was soft like a water snake, which immediately attracted the attention of everyone.

Zhao Yang in the shadow, slightly smacked the corners of his mouth, pulling out a sneer that is not easy to detect.

He still remembered the general, but four years ago, also in this hall. He was placed in the following seat because of his low status. The general accidentally stepped on his robe on the way to Zhao Qi’s Cup toast. The wine poured over him and fell over him. He fell over him, and the general at that time just frowned at him, and then he snorted with a sigh of relief, and he left.

However, in four years, the general has been so polite and polite.

The change of human nature is truly breathtaking.

Zhao Yang turned his head slightly, his eyes gently slammed into the throne of the hidden shadow. He looked at it for a long time, and the light was shining on his face. He looked a few times at a time. Now he is sitting here, his eyes are full. A canopy, listening to both ears is not the singer’s triumph, he suddenly felt that the distance that he once seemed so far is now at your fingertips.

At the moment after the song and dance stopped, he turned his head decisively and continued his expression and manners. The moonlight outside penetrated the threshold of the main hall, accompanied by the gentle wind, and picked up a gentle curtain of gauze. The discreet guard gently smoked his nose and said to the guards on the side, “How to smoke?” What does it taste like?”

The guards also smelled, but shook their heads blankly: “You smell it wrong.”

“is it wrong?”

The guards did not dare to speak out. This is the Imperial Court, the main hall spring banquet, who would dare to fire in the vicinity?

The moonlight passed through the main hall and all the way into the deep palace door with the wind. After years of binding, the Cheng Guang ancestral temple ignited a piece of ash, the dust of dust, and the remnants of the old heavy ash, like a pale silk, cold wind. Together, they were torn into pieces.

Deep in the dark hall, the jewels of the jewels in the emperor are like the streamers in the dark night, sharply dispelling the deadness of the land, but the fluttering dust is like a sorrowful soul that is unwilling to disperse. Hovering.

The Zhengde Emperor, who was supposed to sit on the Purple Temple, was sitting alone at the Cheng Guang Ancestral Temple in the air and cold. At the opposite side, he was a tall and magnificent mourning hall. The top was densely covered with a secluded spiritual position. So high, so dense. , has been standing up to the roof, like a pair of secluded eyes, staring at him quietly. The years came from the return of the market, all the way with the wind of Huang Quan, through the spiritual position, the sound of the sound, like low depression.

The sudden crash of “啪” (means bang!) suddenly surprised the silence of the hall. A glass in the hands of the emperor fell to the ground and was broken into seven or eight and a half. The bright red wine pulp inside was dumped on the ground. There was something strange about it. Incense, along with the lines of incense, all the way to flow.

The emperor who was leaning against the chair was awakened, and he opened his eyes openly, his mouth overflowing with an old smile, with a light tone, whispered: “Come on again.”

The sound of warmth, even with a hint of laughter, but it sounds strange and cool in such an environment. The little eunuch at the gatekeeper trembled slightly, squinted and carefully, but he was kicked by the old woman.

“Stay outside.”

The old eunuchs said without a word, the eunuch quickly slammed on the floor, scared to the atmosphere and did not dare to breathe. Soon he would step backward and climb out.

The old eunuch took the water from the side, slowly went forward, put a few on the throne, and filled the emperor with a cup. The eunuch’s unique feminine voice said: “The Emperor, the Empress is playing with you again.” ?”

“Yeah.” The emperor smiled and turned: “You know, she is fond of nonsense, her temper is out of the question, where is the style of the world?”

The old eunuch did not laugh, but replied in his usual voice: “The Emperor said this, and the Empress gave her an annoyance.”

The Emperor chuckled and shook his head. Then he changed his posture in a comfortable posture and leaned against the large dragon chair. He said gently, “I’m going to see if she’s annoyed.”

Then, close your eyes.

In the past few years, the court changed. The Empress of Mu together had already died and was left behind. Before the Empress of Mu He, the emperor also made several empresses, and he did not know what he called “her” at that time. One.

The old eunuch lowered his head, and the broken glass on the ground did not go smashing. Instead, he picked up a small grass stem from the wine pulp, carefully put it into a gold box, and then stood back in the dark shadow and stood. The blue robes were embedded in the dark nights of burial as if they were breaking into the boundless Black Sea and disappeared.

The time of the spring banquet is coming, the palace of the lanterns passes through the palace gate, and all the lights are ignited in one by one. The brilliance of the brilliance breaks through the lonely deep palace and dazzles the palace of this splendid structure. A twinkling pearl. The lively laughter came from the front hall, such as heavy heavy waves, the sound of the emperor’s greetings pierced the tranquility of the night, the bells ringing, and the thousands of tidal waves went down from the purple temple to the continuous The Yundao spread the whole royal court. The sound of the mountains and the longevity of the mountains shook the night of the true Huang. The crows who had nights flew over the sky. The young guards did not know, and they cried on the head and called the “crow”. The guard of the side kicked a kick.

“What do you know? It’s a magpie!”

On that day, there was a continuous snowfall in the city of True Brightness. Guan Shan was like iron. The emperor frowned slightly in his sleep and whispered, “An Fu, who is noisy outside, makes them whisper.”

The old eunuch promised in the shadows and whispered, “The emperor, it is the ministers who will be here to serve you in the palace.”

“Are you pleased father?”

The emperor seemed to be drunk, muttering: “Tell the world, wait for me to wait for a while.”

The old eunuch nodded: “Yes.”

It was many years ago, and the emperor forgot how many years

The emperor was not an emperor at the time. He was just an unfettered prince. His mother was a beautiful woman sent from Qingqiu. But since she gave birth to children, she seemed to have been forgotten by her husband. He and his mother were quiet in the palace. Quietly alive, like a docile cat, ignorant of self-destruction, so that his father even forgot to give him a name.

It was not until he was seven years old that the royal family finally remembered his existence. He still remembered that when the eunuch reported to the father on that day, the paternal priest fell asleep in the most prestigious Huanyi palace, he and his mother. Only on the cold and cool stone floor, I stayed for more than two hours until I came to the father to wake up. His Father, lying in the snow-clad arms of Huaying Empress, frowned slightly and looked at the strange mother and son outside through the curtains. He seemed to be trying hard to think of their appearance. Finally, he chuckled and said: Just say it.”

After leaving the door, the little eunuch continued to congratulate the mother: 煦通旭, is the meaning of Chaoyang, it seems that the Holy One is very fond of His Royal Highness.

The mother lost her tears happily and took out her own meager silver money to reward the greedy palace people. He quietly thought, swearing through Xu, slowly moving, is the father emperor saying that he is a late son?

He grew up in a quiet and quiet manner until the age of nine. The mother finally died on a rainy night. She coughed while covering her mouth, fearing that too loud would bother the sleeping crickets outside, in the palace, for many years. The blind who has no pets and no background behind is equivalent to the dirt on the side of the road. Whoever can step on his feet, and in the prosperous palace of the prince, his status is not necessarily higher. These days, he and his mother, as a child have already been beaten several times because of this.

The mother is still dead. When she was born the next morning, her body was already hard. He was wearing a single dress standing under the flower gallery, watching his mother being lifted out by a single white cloth. The morning wind was a bit cold, and the white cloth on the forehead of the mother’s forehead was blown off. The face under the cloth was pale and white, like a roll of good rice paper.

He turned his head back, tears fell down the little face, and flowed into the neck. He quickly wiped away the tears. Although the mother gave birth to him, but because of his low status, there is no share, it is not his. On the mother’s roster, his mother is the queen of Zhaoyang Palace. A woman who has no position is dead. He can’t be sad.

He was then taken to the Zhaoyang Palace, and the three sons of the Queen grew up to go to the palace to build the government. When the mother died, he had the opportunity to be raised by the Queen. The eunuchs who used to look down on him were busy congratulating him. They said that they were the dragon of the people, the image of the rich, and now they are running, it is a big joy, too happy.

The congratulations from all of them echoed the Fengming Temple in Zhaoyang Palace. He was very serious. He thought that his mother was dead. This is really a happy thing. Then he smiled and the tears of laughter flowed out quickly. It’s bitter in his mouth.

The Queen frowned and looked at him for a while, Shen Sheng said that he would take him down. If there is nothing to do, he will not have to come to him every day. The child smiles and looks uncomfortable.

That afternoon, he met the original Yan ShiZi the World (Yan Schicheng) City. He was the child of the Northern King of the Second Emperor and Uncle Yan. At that time, the Northern Yan Dynasty was still not named Yan, or surnamed Zhao, but the seal was only in Yanbei. The World City saw him, jumped up happily and shouted: I I have also eaten the milk of Shu and Beauty!

After that day, Yan Schicheng bore him with all day long. He had no choice but to eat and sleep behind him. Whoever dared to face him, Yan Schicheng wrestled with others. Although he was young, he was very strong, even call him the Emperor’s butcher. The wrestling king was thrown by him for a big battle. Since then, no one has ever dared to mess with the 9th princes.

But he still feels he is annoying. He doesn’t like the smile on his face. He thinks that laughter is too fake. It is not like the person in the palace. It is light, even if it is a smile, it can make you feel the chill inside that smile. But when Yan Schicheng smiled, it was too pure. He could not see a little darkness. He told himself that this man was too embarrassed and needs to be far away.

Once, he was troubled by the entanglement, and he lied to him that at night the ice cave met and disappeared. The city was happy to pat the chest, saying that Yanbei’s man did not lie, but also sprinkled blood as an oath. However, he does not feel bad about him, but as a prince, he is also punished for self-injury.

On the second day, the city was really gone. Yanbei Shizi Palace disappeared, the entire palace was mad, everyone looking through the box, almost every inch of soil was dug up, even the queen and the father were alarmed, the guards ran a long day in the palace The footsteps of the hustle and bustle are like rumbling drums, and they are close to him step by step.

He was terrified. He knew the city, but he didn’t dare to say it. The hail was frozen for a day and a night, and I must have died long ago, but he was also afraid, afraid that he was still alive. If others knew that he was going to Yan Schicheng, then he would be in a big disaster.

That night, finally, the maidens who took the ice discovered the Yanshizi, who had been frozen into a mass. The imperialists entered and went out. It was said that Yan Shizi was afraid that it was not good, and he would immediately inform the Royal Highness of Yan.

He was hiding behind the pillars of the main hall, and thought quietly: “I’ll die soon, don’t live.”

But Yan Schicheng still didn’t die. After more than a month, he was finally well. When Emperor Yan knew it, he laughed and said that the climate in the northern part of Yanbei was cold and the city was able to make an hour in the snow from a very young moment. This cold was still acceptable.

In those days, he was terrified. He was awakened by nightmares every day. He was afraid that he would be lifted out of the palace like a mother.

But after the world was better, he quietly came to him and opened his eyes to ask: What did you do that day? Why didn’t you come?

He was paralyzed at that time. In fact, he had thought so many good excuse and reason. However, at that moment, he couldn’t think of a blank word. He squashed for a long time before he whispered: I forgot. Now.

Yan Schicheng laughed and said I knew you were not intentional. After talking about it, it seemed that I suddenly remembered something. He quickly lowered my voice and said quietly that no one else should know it, otherwise you would be in trouble.

At that time, Yan Schicheng was only seven years old. It was like a calf in the northwest. His eyes were shining and he could only reach his ears with his feet.

Many years later, he asked Yan Schicheng, are you not angry? Did you doubt me?

Yan Schicheng, a young boy, looked at him strangely and frowned and said why I suspected Brother. We were eating a mother’s milk and grew up!

Yes, Yan Schicheng was born in the capital. Yan Wang’s milk was not enough. It happened that his mother’s second child was stillborn then died. He was taken to Shu for a few days, but only just for a few days.

The years are so swift, they are like two poplars growing on par with each other, seeing the wind is long, in a blink of an eye, they all grow into a sturdy young man. The days began to become brighter. They took the martial arts together, rode together, and together they took the archery, and jointly devised the art of war. Together they took the horses and joined the army. The two were inseparable. His temperament was also gradually cheerful. Occasionally he was able to make fun of the banter with his companions… Until that year, as the Five Emperors descended southward, on the Qingshui side of Yashan, they met the one who changed their lives. The destiny was like a rapid river. When he was awkward, he turned a big bend.

He still remembers that day, he and the Yan Schicheng were still ignorant, quietly left the museum and went to the local attractions to play. The sky was blue and clear, and the weather was excellent. The sun was warm and hung on the top. The girl was holding an awning boat, lake green dress, beautiful face, eyes like a bead. She stood barefooted. On the bow of the boat, a small, white, smooth shank was revealed, and they beckoned at them with three smiles. The voice shouted, “Hey! You three big men, are you going to board?”

After many years, many times, he thought he was about to forget, forgot the time, forgot about the place, and forgot his face and smile. But that voice, but he can never forget the eternal life, he looked at the girl closely, the palm of his hand sweating seems to have returned to childhood, want to say something, but can not open his mouth.

At this time, she heard the Yan Schicheng laughing and saying:  Hello, little girl, your boat is so small, can you hold us, three people?

With a bang, the long river of years cast on the stone, which sparked a small white wave. Perhaps many things were already decided of the future direction from the beginning.

As the war started to rise, he was finally forced to live on the verge of life and death. He stepped up one step at a time. Someone stopped him. He died. He was escorted and he died. Someone was unarmed and did nothing. However, with the speed of the sword, all of them died in the war of rights.

With the Yanbei Army, Yan Schicheng followed him all the way. Even now, whenever he closes his eyes, he can still hear the young voice of the teenager constantly ringing in his ear:

Brother, I’m coming!

Brother, we are not afraid of them.

Brother, you have to live anyway. Only when you are alive can you revenge your dead brothers.

Brother, the line of the road is good for the people, as long as you remember this sentence, I am even worth the death.

My brother, who dared not be true to you, I cut him!

Brother, brother, brother…

As if it was like a tide, the crowd bowed down in front of him, the long-lived King words finally rang in the side of his ear. The bright yellow on his body was like a lake of golden water, flashing with a ray of light. On that day, he took over the position at the Cheng Guang Temple. The throne of Great Summer. On the side of the back, the Phoenix robe is only in the deep robes of the phoenix robe. It is only the jade that the party has not had time to send it out. It is the relic of the mother. It is very shabby, just like his meager courage.

Deep in the dimly lit hall, with swirling winds blowing, the emperor was cold and slowly opened his eyes.

The old eunuch came up from behind and put on a cloak for him. He was childishly thrown to the ground and frowned and said, “Why did you not get the Yan Shi Zi boy?”

The old eunuch had already wondered and said: “The emperor, Yan Xun is still outside the Yanming Guan (means mountain).”

“It is not enough. If Yan Schicheng is here, it will break the mark long ago. Now the child is.”

The emperor shook his head and stood up, a very sorry look.

“Auntie doesn’t believe that I didn’t kill the kid. I’ll have to call him to see Aunt.”

The emperor’s back was slightly hunchbacked and muttered softly. The cup on the small was hollowed out. There was a kind of grass in the red wine. It was called Huang Xi.  It was hard to find a thousand gold. According to legend, as long as it is a little bit, you can make people feel awkward and do a Huang Wei’s dream is just too expensive. It’s too expensive for a dream, and it’s hard to pay. However, the palace of this grass is visible every day.

“Anfu, you said that this emperor is tired, how can they always grab it?”

The emperor suddenly turned back and asked, the old eunuch silently bowed his head, the emperor did not want to get his answer, turned and went far away. The horn was covered with frost, and under the reflection of the moonlight, the whiteness was shining.

The emperor, that’s because they haven’t done it, they don’t know, but even if you, after Huang Hao, isn’t it the same to keep these miles?

Life is like a chessboard. Everyone is a chess piece above. Who can jump out between the vertical and horizontal?

The wind blowing from outside, blowing snow cleared the ground, and the figure gradually drifted away.



CHAPTER 164 Pulses


The weather that first stopped after the snow was cold and intolerable. The wind blew with wormwood and the ground was a red ochre.

Clouds were thick, and the cold winds were fierce. The white snow on the ground was rolled up, and the flutter fell on the newly completed Palace.

Today is the day of the winter hunting in Yanbei. The fighting in the east has temporarily stopped. The Northern barking dogs have also been repulsed. The soldiers have returned to the area and they seem to have prepared a rare New Year.

Early in the morning, the shops on both sides of Wuyi Street were all closed. The long streets were covered with fine yellow sand to prevent the palace horses from slipping. From afar, it was golden, like the red gold paving, and the sides of the road were erected high. With the high gold deposits, the civilians have retreated, the military officials on both sides, all kinds of ceremonies slowly, lined up clearly, for a time. Various ceremonial vessels move slowly, forming a clear array. For a time, Flower carriages are like a cloud that covers the sky.

Today is the day of the winter hunting in Yanbei. The old man with good memory recalls the last winter hunting, which is already twelve years ago.

Qiusi is the hunting ground of the Yanbei Kings in the past. It is located in the heart of the setting sun, back to the south peak, a white wilderness, the land is reddish, I do not know whether this is the original color, or was soaked with blood.

Yan Xun sat heavily on the high throne, dressed in heavy shadow, and the shadows in front of the building were full of people, and the snow and snow filled the distance, like two black lacquered wings. Under the shackles of the warlords, the officials did not dare to look up. The knees were cold and painful. Only A’Jing quietly raised his face, but he could not see Yan Xin’s face.

“Zhuang Daren.” (Daren means Adults)

The cold voice came from above. A fifties old man suddenly shuddered, and his muscles trembled slightly. He slowly stood up and ran to the center. He said in a polite voice:  “What is your command?”

“Nothing just got a fun thing and wanted to invite Zhuang adults to enjoy it together.”

Yan Xun’s voice is clear with a hint of laughter, like an innocent child looking forward to some kind of mischief.

Zhuang adult squatted on the ground, his fingers were white, his eyebrows were tight, but he still kept his head down and said quietly: “Thank you for thinking about the old minister.”

Yan Xun smiled, looking with a hint of play, a lazy wave and said, “Take it.”

A rustling noise rang slowly. A carriage entered the field, and the carriage was covered with black rags. The subtle noises could be heard in it. Everyone turned to see the carriage in a strange silence. It is difficult to force people to breathe.

The sound of “bang” suddenly sounded, and the silent people were shocked. It turned out that Yan Xun is sitting on the throne boring, and hitting the golden seat with the whip handle.

“Hey, hey, he he…”

Everyone was content and no one dared to speak. A 30-year-old bodyguard walked in front of the first carriage, then raised his hand and slammed the black cloth on the carriage.


The low-pitched sound of exclamation was like a sea. The splashes of water spread across the court. Everyone looked a little panicked, but no one dared to question the sound.

When I saw the carriage above, it was a group of young girls of 16 or 17 years old. Everyone was very beautiful. It was only in such cold weather that they were actually leaning against one another, and everyone was pale. Arms are tied and there is nothing on the body.

Zhuang Daren only looked at it, and suddenly he was still there. Even though the weather was so cold, his forehead was still dripping with sweat.

Yan Xun’s laughter sounded behind him. He seemed to be talking about eating and drinking as usual. Lightly said, “Zhuang Daren is the cornerstone of Yanbei. He has met with Yan for many years. Today’s first arrow, Please adults start.”

The cage on the wagon was opened and the soldier walked rudely, kicking and kicking the young girls from the carriage. They are all bare feet, suddenly stepping on the icy snow, provoked a matte crimson.

“Run! Run!”

The soldiers slammed the whip, smashed, and the blood-red whip marks suddenly cut through the flesh and blood, and the sly marks were printed on the white as the back of the sheep’s fat, and the sounds of screaming heard. They were let go of their hands and feet, and they could only cover the scars on their bodies indiscriminately and flee.

The guards came to bow for the Zhuang Daren, and Yan Xun rushed behind him: “Zhuang Daren, fast.”

Zhuang’s face was blue and green, and his lips were bloodless. He slowly took the arrow, slowly bent his bow, and his fingers trembled with trepidation.

The girls run on the snowy captains, the young body has a bright light in the sun, they seem to feel the crisis, they panicked back and saw his figure holding the arrow, suddenly they stunned.


A sharp arrow suddenly shot, but there was no strength, only a short section of the road, it fell to the ground.

“Zhuang Daren, this is not like your ability.”

Yan Xun said slowly, the slender eye tip slightly provoked, and looked at Zhuang Daren’s body lightly, but it seemed to look into his heart through his skin.

Zhuang Daren stood in the same place and wanted to say something, but he couldn’t tell it after all. He was trembling slightly. Here are the officials who whispered: “In the past few days, I heard that there was a group of princes who had stabbed the emperor. Are these all?”

“Cheng Yuan, since Zhuang Daren is old, you come.”

“Thank you for the love.”

A general of Qingyi stepped forward and took a steady bow. He only heard a squeak. The arrow was like a long eye, and it was nailed firmly to the furthest girl who ran. Short bursts of screams rang in the wilderness. The girl’s heart burst with blood and spattered on the white snow.

The rest of the girls met and were shocked. A girl who had been sitting in tears burst into tears. When she was about to crawl to the throne, she scrambled and said, “Mr. save me! Mr. save. Save me! Mr. Zhuang, I am… ah!”

The harsh screams followed, and a young girl not far from her suddenly jumped forward. She grabbed her throat and took a mistake and broke the neck of the weeping girl.

“When death is dead, how can we pity the enemy, waste!”

The girl stood in the field, her cheeks were pale, her eyes were bright as stars, and she looked at it coldly at him, but she did not hide her vulgarity. The cold voice said: “We are believers in Datong, you villain. betrayed Datong, will die without a place of burial!”

To put it bluntly, on the stone steps under the shackles of the king, the body is stiff and the blood flow is like a note, that is, it does not move.

Suddenly, the people did not react. When the woman was seen, the rest of the soldiers rushed forward. A soldier explored his hand and went back and said: “The emperor, this person is still angry.”

Yan Xun sighed, did not say how to punish, he does not know why the girl’s eyes just made him feel very familiar, many memories of the daytime, he frowned and looked at the bloody man. Suddenly he lost his interest, just a wave his hands, the guards behind him went forward. For a time, Yan Xun listening to the whole scene screaming like thunder, not a moment of effort, and there is no one to call alive. there is no one living.

“The hunt begins, these people are dragging down to feed the dog.”

Yan Xun faintly told the guard, the guards gave a slight glimpse, and asked: “What about this living?”


Yan Xun’s eyes flashed slightly, and the picture flicked through his mind. The child’s reluctant eyes passed through his memory. It still seemed that he was still watching him straight from where he was. It made him feel a bit cold.

“His Majesty?”

Cheng Yuan gave a whispered cry and Yan Xun looked up and saw everyone in the audience staring at him. His brows couldn’t help but wrinkle and whispered: “Drag it together.”

Speaking of it, the humble and motivated stand up and leave.


Zhuang Daren suddenly shouted, and when he rushed down to the Emperor of Yan, he sat next to the girl who was hitting the head. The cries of the crash cried: “Child! It ‘ll harm you!”

Yan Xun back at him, the corner of his mouth overflowed with a cold smile, the guards rushed forward to take Zhuang adults, the rest of the people dragged the girl’s body to the wild dog room, the white snow was dragged with a long bloody mark.

“Yan Xun! You are a wolf! I will not let you go to be a ghost! You must not die!”

Behind the roar of the heartbreaking, the guards met, and flew up, smashing the mouthful of silver teeth of Zhuang adults.

Yan Xn walked quietly, and behind him were countless military officers who were still fighting on the ground. He disdainfully opened his mouth and slipped out a cold smile that could not be cold again.

Students should not be born, but also care about what is good?

The wind blew his ripples, like e two heavy wings, and screamed and stunned the eagle flying over the sky.

The north is empty and the sky is coming, and the Spring Festival is approaching. This winter seems to be extraordinarily long.


The wind blew outside, bringing the voice of the Northland squadron’s soldiers, and blew into the depths of the Palace along the Golden Purple Gate.

The empty water in the hall was dead, the pillars were like ink, the coffins were flying, the lights flickered, and the wind was blown out, but no one dared to step forward and ignite.

A man in a robes sits in the shadow of the lights, holding his forehead with one hand, seems to have gone to sleep, the face is quiet, the outline is deep, looks very young, but under the light, the silk of the horns is slightly different. It is white, occasionally looking back, with a silvery luster.

The huge dining table is the size of a normal family’s bedroom, filled with delicacies. Eight treasures wild duck, phoenix shark’s fin, red plum beads, Gongbao hare, milk juice horn, Xianglong Shuangfei, fried fried pheasant, Gongbao Hare, Nai (means crab apple) jiaojiao( clear and bright), bergamot gold roll, golden silk freckle, fried guinea fowl, milk fillet, dry sea cucumber, raw roast meat, lotus tofu, straw mushroom broccoli.

The table full of dishes did not move a chopstick, even if the hot oil soup has become cold, butter solidified, the aroma cleared, leaving only the cold colors.

The two Donghu dancers wore light-colored silk-silk, silver bells on their ankles, and blue-eyed snow skin. They were surprisingly beautiful, but they shook their knees and shivered. Do not dare to lift, it has been more than three hours.

Today is the spring feast, which is also known as the folk New Year. Unlike the dazzling hustle and bustle of the Grand Summer Palace, the Imperial Palace is immersed in a quiet silence. The chefs have tried their best to make the dishes without anyone’s taste. Only the night is. The wind occasionally took away aroma and drifted towards the cold night.

A’Jing came in with a little heavier footsteps and woke up the man sitting alone.

Yan Xun’s brow tipped gently and slowly opened her eyes. The light flashed in the main hall. The man’s face looked a little gray in the shadows, but it was even more dark with eyes and ink.

“Your Majesty,” Ah Jing said on the ground, divinely said: “Feng Mian’s letter.”

Yan Xun seems to have drank the wine, the wine glass fell, and sprinkled on the clothes, a dripping wine.

He took the letter and looked quietly, his eyebrows wrinkled as always, his eyes calm.

There was a chair opposite Yan Xun, a set of tableware neat and tidy. A’Jing knew who he was waiting for. He also knew that the man might never return.

Even though the missing sand had dropped a star of powder, Yan Xun slowly raised his head. In short dozens of words, he looked very slow and slower. It seemed that every word should be deeply engraved in his heart.

After a long time, he placed the letter on the table, squeezed it with a jug, and held up a silver cricket, and began to eat slowly.

“Your Majesty,” A’Jing said with a frown. “The food is cold, and someone wants to give you a table.”

Yan Xun did not speak, but waved quietly and motioned for him to go on.

A’Jing continued to worry anxiously: “Your Majesty has not been in good health recently. The doctor said, and you should not eat cold food.”

Yan Xun did not look up. He took a little slow to eat. Each dish was very serious. The dancer, who was kneeling on the floor, stood up and took a trip and almost fell, but he hurried for her. The dishes changed over. The tears of the candles fell down, like the blood of the crickets. The bells outside the bells made a crisp sound, and the bells were very sweet.

He just sat there and quietly ate, and it was rare that the dishes handed down by the dancers were eaten clean. The candle illuminates his body, casting a long shadow on the smooth obsidian floor, a thin, slender one.

A’Jing suddenly felt a little sad, he remembered two moments ago, in the other courtyard in Yunbi City, the first meal that Chu Qiao waked up after eating, was also the same calm and cold, the same flavor with the wax. There is sorrow over sorrow for the death of a toast.

A’Jing’s eye, sour and sore. He didn’t understand why so many difficult days came over. So many hardships over hardships came over, but when the goal was reached, it was time to retreat. Why did it go to the situation like today?

But he did not dare to ask, he could only stand quietly, like a fool.

“Cough -“

The man on the main stage suddenly began to cough, but it was still very light at first, but gradually the voice grew louder and louder, echoing in the empty hall, with a deep exhaustion.

The dancer was terrified, rushed out of the veil and handed it over. Another dancer, shaking her hands with water, looked at it carefully, but it was full of wine.

Yan Xun took the veil and coughed. His body bent down like a shrimp with a bow back.

A dancing girl suddenly called out “Ah,” Yan Xun turned his eyes to her eyes, and his eyes were extremely cold. The dancer’s neck narrowed and he lowered his head and never looked up again. He gave a look.

“Your Majesty, you are not caught in the cold, shall I bring a doctor?”

“No need.”

Yan’s voice was a little tired, but still his usual appearance, cold and clear, not even more than a word to say.

“Pour wine.”

He faintly told him that another little girl who was a little farther raised his head nervously, his voice almost trembled, but he still bravely said with enthusiasm: “The emperor was chilly, or still, do not drink.”

Yan Xun slightly turned his head, his eyes were very interesting to look at her, with two chills.

The dancers on the ground are afraid of her eyes, for fear that her boldness will be tired of herself.

The dancer was staring at him, but he still dared to say: “The emperor, drinking, drinking and hurting.”

“Drinking is hurtful, and it is also a mistake. Only those who are useless will use alcohol to eliminate it.”

A string of crisp voices suddenly echoed in my mind. Yan Xun slightly glimpsed and his thoughts drifted far and far. They traced back a long time and saw the white spray on the river. He thought about it. Nodded and said: “Well, then you go and drink tea.”

The dancer, who was only 16 or seven years old this year, nodded happily and her honey-colored waist was exposed outside, like a soft, sleek little fish, and she ran to the pantry.

Once again, the main hall sank, and Yan Xun said to A’Jing faintly, “You must go first.”

A’Jing slightly whispered: “Your Majesty really do not have to ask the doctor to come and see you?”

“No need.”

Yan Xun quietly shook his head, his face is calm as if nothing had happened.

A’Jings eye looked at the letter on the table, a few words jumped into the eye, he was slightly surprised, and quickly bent down, whispered: “Your kneeling early rest.”

No more voices came, A’Jing turned and went to the empty and empty hall. The yarn accounts on both sides fluttered gently. The black pillars were engraved with colorful auspicious birds. Two women were sitting on the backs of the birds. One person is fluttering, and the abdomen is convenient. It is obviously pregnant; the other person is armed with a battle axe and has a sharp eyebrow. It is actually the double god of Yanbei.

“The emperor, drink tea, right!”

Suddenly there came a voice of screaming of the girl behind her, and with a hint of weeping grief: “The slave is damned, the letter got wet, and the slave is damned.”

“It’s okay,” the deep voice murmured quietly. “Take it and throw it.”


“…into the other hospitals where Zhuge Yue was at Yin Xianyang…monitoring was not allowed, and he suffered a big loss…”

A silent thought of the words that were accidentally sighted, the cold taste of forest came from the distant Yinyang, all the way into the Yan Fang (means square) Palace in Yanbei.

The heavy door was pulled open by the inner chamber. He slowly walked out and was cold and quiet at night. The people of Yanbei lost their feelings for the festive season this year. Wars, taxes, military service, death, and blood almost filled the entire plateau. The departure of Mr. Wu and the general beauty has made this ironic regime even more icy. Death has paralyzed people’s nerves. They can only live cautiously and repress those expectations and ideas.

Until he reached the gate of the Jiuzhong Palace, he got his own sword.

The ground in front of the door was a little bloody, and several bodies were randomly slanted to the side of the palace door. The body was full of gun marks and was smashed by a mess.

The guards of the palace are carrying the other two bodies onto the car and said to the guards who drove the car: “Hurry and take it away, and the ministers will come to the office when the day is bright.”

“What happened?” asked A’Jing.

“It is the embers of Datong.” A soldier who had also been born in Datong said without hesitation: “It is already the second wave tonight. After Zhuang’s death, they will be more and more stunned. Rush in.”

A’Jing slowly wrinkled his eyebrows, but it must not be a jealousy, but a desperate suicide. Datong has a qualified leader who has been killed by a slap in the face, a few years of old-fashioned organizations, no one can really destroy them for so many years, I did not expect to end their own source.

“Be careful and guard.”

“The general is assured.”

One of the guards smiled and said: “When we were working in the Chu Dynasty, we were trained by our own brothers. A mosquito did not want to fly in without a sound.” ( In this statement, it is clear that Datong came from Chu Dynasty. I could conclude this is the dynasty where Chu Qiao came from a royal bloodline. I used this part to paint another story born in “The Secret Fanfiction I am currently working on.)

After the words were just finished, the man immediately realized that he had said something wrong. Chu Qiao had already rebelled from Yanbei. How can he still be called an adult of Yanbei?

“General, a small misunderstanding…”

AJing did not speak, turned away and quietly left, the moonlight shines on him, with a pale light.

The entire Yanbei miss her, and he is not alone.

The destiny is always like this, no way back, like an arrow from the string, shot out, really do not have room to look back.

A’Jing shook his head slightly and the thick shawl draped over his shoulders, getting warm and warmer.


CHAPTER 165 The height of temple calculation


The red leaves were awakened by the sound of the rain at dawn. On the empty and lonely hall, she sat alone on the couch. The blue satin palace was covered with a little bit of moist sweat. The cold wind blew and climbed from the back. From the cold, the sweat that was soaked in the cold climbed up a little. A tiny starburst was born on the skin, and she gently rubbed it, but now the fingertip is cold.

On the other side of the bed, a clean white letterhead was placed quietly. It was already broken and it was seen that it had been touched several times.

Some of her eyes were cold, rain fell on it, wind chimes on the window made a crisp sound, and the ripples on the main hall floated lightly, like the dancer’s soft waist.

The situation is critical, the younger brother has three ways. First, take Nalan Hongye’s instead, the young emperor, the soft banned princess, kill the Jinjiang king, take control of the Huai Song military power with lightning speed. Second, seek The princess, if it becomes the regent king, confronts the Jinjiang king, abandons the eastern provinces, and protects the land of Beijing. Third, the rescue of the big summer, and marriage, but must not be contaminated by the big Xia royal family, in order to prevent the country name change. People need to hold military power, they are quite old, and they are born in the Daxia family. They have a strong background, high weight, and are a ghost of the Daxia dynasty. (ghost here means, Nalan Hongye disguised herself as a boy when she once stayed in Daxia) Once the marriage book is published, the king of Jinjiang will not rashly send troops to Huai-Song, but will only wait for Chun Ye to pass by. The next generation sent troops to the East, and this crisis must be solved.”

Without looking at the lights, everything is already familiar. The red leaves rest quietly on the bedside, and their eyes are like ancient waves. In fact, there is still a way, that is, Yanbei and Huai Song marriage, you can solve the danger of King Jinjiang rebellion, but also add weight to the Yan and Daxia battle, one east and one west to attack the big summer, ether side there is no mutual support.

However, he still refused, and even thought about it.

He holds the military power, is quite old, and was born in the Daxia family. His background is strong and he is bogey for the Daxia dynasty.

How many people are there in this world?

The red leaves slightly raised their lips and pulled out an indifferent smile.

Brother, you can’t fit in after all.

Daxia is fighting with Yanbei, and there are alien rebellions in the northeast. The domestic party and the government are fighting for power and the royal family is obviously unable to do anything. Huai-Song and Daxia had no war for many years and the relationship was more gentle than the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. Huai-Song was also a major business and trade company, and the national treasury is rich. Daxia would never give up this great opportunity to win over the Huai-Song people.

However, this one of the palms is a heavy soldier, and he is also a high-ranking Xia Ximeng is high. He has a huge family power. How can the innocent king of Qinghai be easily manipulated?

After two Yanbei Wars, who in the world do not know Zhuge Yue’s infatuation of the beauty general? (Hmmm…everyone knows…including me and the whole world lol)

Perhaps in the eyes of ordinary people, there will be a contest between Jiangshan (rivers and mountains) and the beautiful people, and it will be guessed what choices Zhuge Yue will face in such temptation. However, she knew that this will not be doomed to success, not because of her understanding of Zhuge Yue, but because she knew too much about Yan Xun.

How can you sit in front of your rival and get help from Huai Song to become the Prince of Regent of the Huai Song? You have this kind of advice, and you must have already determined in your heart that the man will not be at your mercy.

The result of this was nothing but the temporary delay of the Huai-Song War and the separation of Zhuge Yue and the Great Summer dynasty. He pushed him to the cusp of a turbulent affair, plainly offending the Great Summer sergeant and the Huai Song group. Not only that, if Zhuge Yue dared to openly refuse to marry, then all the economic trade of Zhuge and Songzuo families will be monopolized and attacked by the royal family of Huai Song so that the status of the Zhuge Yue and its entire family will crash, even if he is stable. The only real person in Daxia who is the eldest of the elders and the king of the land will also be hard hit.

The result of the centrifugation of Qinghai and Daxia is the good opportunity for Yanbei to swim and to defeat the two sides.

This type of joint, she has long figured out, but it has not made any indication for a long time.

The elder brother is really extraordinary, a few words that drove a lot of pounds, set off a heavy rain in the big summer territory, and he only did not count on the presumably his Xuan Mo virgin brother, it is she, the Huai Song Changzhu (means eternalism) Nalan Hongye.

In the darkness, she slightly narrowed her eyes, and the beautiful eyes were faintly flowing.

All thoughts and thoughts are in the midst of thoughts. She repeatedly thinks that he does not know that Xuan Mo is both a red leaf. If he knows, he will not regard himself as a flag.

But there is a bitter sadness.

After all, he asked himself to marry someone else.

The elder brother’s so high-minded that he has been intersected for twelve years, but he is so careless. This mysterious ink is not mysterious after all. Have you never seen it? (the ink referred here is the penpal of Yan Xun in Huai Song, which he thinks it is Xuan Mo. In truth, she is the princess of Huai Song Nalan Hongye)

The fingers slammed hard, and the white fingertips clenched the letterhead, and a low voice slowly spit out:

“Since the brother has this intention, what if the younger brother helps you?”

Zhen Huang suddenly got messed up, like a boiling water, how can I not see what is going on inside.

After Huai Song’s deeds and relatives issued an article, the whole imperial city set off a huge wave in a moment.

The princess of a country marries another state official is not without history. It is only an expedient measure in other countries where there is no right-aged prince. Today, there are many unmarried emperors in the summer, and Zhao Che Zhao Yang is a young talent, especially Zhao Yang. His position is stable and he is the first person in the summer.

Huai Song is also different from the past. Nalan and the young have been young. Nalan Hongye has been in power for many years and is called a princess. She is actually a Queen of Huai Song. The object of this marriage is more than just a pro-husband, and it is very likely to become Huai Song’s, Regent King. The regent king, under such circumstances, should not have cited the power of the country to enter, but there is a chaos in the Huai Song, the ruling of the ruling and the opposition, the urgent need for the outside forces to station in the deterrent so that everything seems reasonable and reasonable.

However, when the envoys of Huai Song reciting Zhuge Yue’s name on the Great Summer Palace, the entire ruling party once again shook.

Two years ago, Zhuge Yue’s death was reported, and Yanmin Guan death was defeated Xia Monarch and his reputation also fell to the bottom which he did not want to become one. Two years later, this person unexpectedly rises quickly in Qinghai, carries the heavy army to return to the homeland with the smile. He has become the most powerful person in the Manchu civil and military, is Zhao Yang, also must give him three points of courtesy. Today, Princess Huai-Song is automatically sent to the door. Once Zhuge Yu becomes the Hummer of the Princess of Huai Song, then the forces of Zhuge Valve will surely make another terrible leap, holding the local land, Qinghai military power, and the wealth of the country. There is no support for Huai Song, no one will suspect that Zhuge Valve will not become the next Muhe, and Zhuge Yue will also become the first power of Daxia.

However, despite so many terrible consequences, Zhao’s royal family could not refuse this hot potato.

Not to mention the domestic economic situation and the war in the northwest, it depends on the previous several northern expeditions. It is obvious that there is a certain potential connection between Yanbei and Huai-Song and Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties. Now the beauty army Chu Qiao left Yanbei, the relationship between Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties is shattered, then what about Huai Song Dynasty? If Da Xia is going to fight Yanbei again, what kind of state will Huai Song have? And if the long princess of Huai Song marries Zhuge Yue, will this situation be reversed?

Even if he knows that the front is an incomprehensible puzzle, Big Summer has to walk in. After all, all the current concerns are not a problem in the face of the North-west War. In more than a month, the snow and ice melt, and the army of Yanbei must again pass through.

In the afternoon of the same day, the imperial decree of the emperor, the secret letter of the family, and the private intelligence news of Zhuge Yue, the three-way messengers left the ancient capital of Zhenhuang and went toward the warm waters.

Zhao Yang sat in the hall and drank tea. Sunlight shone in from the outside and sprinkled on his young handsome cheeks. He looked heroic.

Zhao Xiang, the 16th emperor, set aside and was teasing a talking parrot. The bird jumped up and down, and from time to time scorned the rice in Zhao Xiang’s palm, but he did not obey the words. Zhao Xiang, who is angry, screamed it from time to time.

“Sixteen brother, what do you think of this matter?”

Zhao Yang suddenly asked Zhao Xiang did not look back, the hall was warm and mellow, the ground was thick leather carpet, the incense burner smoked with good spices, the 16th Prince lazily asked: “Which thing? ”

“The Princess of Huai Song and the pro.”

Zhao Xiang heard that he turned his head at once and said anger: “The old fourth brother of Zhuge’s family were fortunate in their luck. They died and brought back hundreds of thousands of dead loyal soldiers. Now they have such an outrageous death. ”

Zhao Yang was not angry and said quietly: “Is only lucky?”

Zhao Xiang did not hear what he meant in his elder brother’s long words divinely said, “It is reasonable to say that if Princess Huai-Song wants to be with her relatives, she should choose your 14th brother( This Zhao Yang), and then you can’t help but also be the oldest. How can you turn to Zhuge Yue? Qinghai called him the King of Qinghai. According to my view, it will not be long before he will become the regent of Huai-Song. In the future, the emperor of Huai-Song may have surnamed Zhuge. Fourteen brothers, look into this: Did we consider Huai-Xia Dynasty to be merged and unified?”

Zhao Yang said with a smile and said: “This kind of unified law is also enough to use a dungeon. I’m afraid that the future of the Zhuge-Song Emperor is even more troublesome than the Nalan Hongye Empress.”

Zhao Xiang thought for a moment and said: “But I think that although Zhuge Yue is mad, there are still people who are not bad, and they can be considered loyal and patriotic.”

“Loyalty and patriotism?” Zhao Yang looked at Zhao Xiang with a squinted eye and divinely said: “You look at him like this?”

“I used to spend some time with his student at Shangwu Tang. This person is mentally tough and does not flow with the general family. He is extremely insightful. I think he is the best player of Wang Zuo.”

“Wang Zuozhi?”

Zhao Yang shook his head and said: “Is he a squatter under the people? But even if he is loyal and patriotic, he is not loyal to you.”

Zhao Xiang reveals the color of confusion and looks at Zhao Yang with doubts.

Zhao Yang did not explain it, just faintly said: “This matter will never be so simple. It must be behind the masters, but -“

He suddenly sneered, “Everyone thinks that this is a pie falling from the sky. But Zhuge Yue may not think so. After all, some people dare to reveal his inverse scale. I would like to see that the King of Qinghai will make this case. He responded.”

At the end of Qingping (means all the items on display screen), perhaps a storm is coming.


CHAPTER 166 Huai Song Dynasty


The days seem to be stolen.

When no one is there, Chu Qiao always looks away from time to time. She quietly watches the sun rise and fall, the night falls, again and again, the years come, the year goes again, and time flows quietly from her fingers. Even seeing the rushing veins, like clear water.

The excitement at the beginning gradually receded, life began to turn again, she looked at the sky, the birds flew from the north to fly, the wings flew over the far sky, the ripples rolled over or blue or white, she thought. They are probably going home.

She lived in the other house of Zhuge Yue hometown of Xianyang.  There was no excuse or reason. Zhuge Hao only asked her if she would like to spend the New Year with him.  When she thought about it, she agreed.

This is a very simple new year.

There is no extravagant court song and dance, there is no swaying monk long tune, no splendid delicacies, but there is a rare quiet, a true peace of mind.

In the past few days, she and Zhuge have gone to many places, walked through the long and cold alleys, walked through the old and dilapidated short temples, ate the snacks on the street, and entered the crowded temple fair together. A long time of firecrackers.

The firecrackers creaked, just like the night two years ago, she stood on the street where people came and went, full of fireworks,

A long-lost joy surrounded her quietly, and the lights around him were stunned. Before he stood in front of him, he blocked the crowds of people and occasionally frowned and turned back to swear at her like an awkward child.

The fireworks above his head are blooming, colorful, and the light shines on his cheeks, very beautiful.

Yes, it is very beautiful.

Chu Qiao’s poetry can’t think of other adjectives to describe everything she saw. She seems to be suddenly caught in the strange world by the wind from the battlefield. She saw the sunshine of the hustle and bustle, the warm lake, the happy crowd, and the removal of all the struggles and defenses of Zhuge Yue, who once looked at her and looked at her, facing her and helping her repeatedly. For the man who went to Huangquan for her risk, he stood alive in front of her at the moment, frowning and repriming her like a dumpling. She suddenly felt that time was stolen from her, every second, it was so precious.

The world is full of flowers and silver trees but her eyes are filled with only one person.

Like deep sea water, it rushes out from the bottom of the heart after freezing, warming her cooled limbs and numb brain.

The road to life has blossomed out of gorgeous flowers, colorful trees on the decaying trees. She stood on the other side of Huangquan and looked at it. She thought, maybe, that is something called life.

Although, even if I watched it, I felt so far away.

The door was half-open, and he stood in the yard. The blue-purple clothes were embroidered with a beautiful golden brocade, and the moon’s brilliance shined on his body, with a bright brilliance.

He looked at her and seemed to want to say something, but he didn’t speak for a long time.

The moonlight was a bit obsessed, and there were lively gongs and drums on the square after a few streets. The ping-pong ping pong festivities were so festive that even if they couldn’t be seen, Chu Qiao could imagine the ordinary people dancing in a happy way…

It seems like time has passed for a long time, but it seems that only a short time has passed. He says: “Go to sleep.”

Chu Qiao nodded and smiled calmly: “You too.”

The door was closed little by little, and even with the moonlight outside it was blocked out. Together, one line, one trace, and finally, it was dark.

She stood at the door, her fingers pressed against the threshold, and the people outside had not left for a long time. The wind was a little cold, the wind was blowing, the shadows outside the window were shaking, and the shadow of the swaying was cast on the window.

Even more, time was lost. Finally, there were rustling footsteps. It was slow, but it was still farther and farther.

The wind suddenly grew out of the window, unable to stop the door, and blew in coldly along the door. Chu Qiao put his head on the threshold. In the darkness, she slowly closed her eyes.


When Zhuge Yue returned, he had just received a book from Xiao Fei from Yue Qi. Now he is already full of smiles for the young guards of the generals, and he is happy to put the letters in his sleeves.

Yue Qi stood well outside the door, and it was difficult for the Master to hide the joy on his face.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Well,” said Yue Qi and then smile on Zhuge Yue and said: “the sea is full of moon.”

After years of fighting side by side, between Zhuge Yue and Yue Qi, they were called master servants. In fact, they were almost the same as their brothers. They thought that before the departure, Xiao Fei just had the next birthday of Lin Qi, and could not help but smile: “Wait for me to go back. Your son is preparing a big gift.”

Yue Qi said with a smile: “Thank you for the young master.”

“Is it Mo okay?”

“it is good.”

Yue Qi, the answer was Ouyang Mo, who had been brought back by Zhuge Yue, is now being raised by a young child. For such a child who has lost all his loved ones, perhaps this is the best choice for him.

“Following the white acupuncture, the talent is extremely high.”

“Master,” Fang Hao came in from the outside, and Yue Qi after he came out to lead the army, Fang Hao became the personal bodyguard of Zhuge Yue. When he was born in Qinghai, his parents were all sinners whose grandfathers had made mistakes and were relegated to Ximeng. After he was taken over by Zhuge Yue, he followed him back to Daxia.  They were silent people, but their character was tough, not a mediocrity. The Yue Qi also looked at him differently.

“General Feng wrote a letter.”

The letter was painted on fire, and Zhuge’s face was not changed. Then he was handed over to Yue Qi. When he finished watching the sound, he said, “What do you think?”

“Zhao Yang will not be so good. Once the Seventh Prince returns to the country and the young masters join hands, the forces he has built over the past two years will be loose. Wei Guang is already dying, and Wei Su Ye is a different mind. He can’t help but defend..”

Zhuge Yue nodded lightly and said softly: “This person is the most knowledgeable person and he has a heart of life, but he is also conceived. This time he also plans to do so.”

“what should we do?”

“According to the original plan, tell Xu Yang to stay for a short while. At this time, he couldn’t afford to turn up any waves. Instead of worrying about him, he couldn’t help but look at the movement of Yanbei.”

At noon at seven o’clock, Zhuge Yue asked again: “How is the extradition progress?”

“The young master is relieved that all of Chen’s business is an urgent operation. Zhao Ming’s Gonghe and Mr. Liang have secretly recruited a large number of talents from all walks of life. The Sui and Bian Tang emperors paid close attention to our trust and personally dispatched Sun Di to help this year’s grain harvest will not have to be attached to the inland.”

ZhugeYue  nodded: “Is the family okay?”

Qinghai’s current principal is Fang Guang Qian, Fang Guang Qian is Fang Hao’s uncle, and is also the subordinate of Zhuge Yue’s in Qinghai. Fang Yan’s expressionless face said: “Uncle, the letter yesterday said that everything is good at home, everyone is waiting for the owner to go back. ”

“Well.” Zhuge Yue snorted silently and said: “Tell everyone to speed up your hands and feet. We don’t have much time. Once this is the case, we will go back.”

Fang Hao nodded and bowed down. When Fang Hao left, she only slightly frowned on Yue Qi, and said: “Young Master, his subordinates do not understand.”

“I know what you want to say.”

The moonlight is quiet, and the bright light is sprinkled softly on his shoulders. The man’s face is a little cold, his eyes are narrow and long, but he flies when he is young, sinking like a well, microwave, calm and calm.

“You want to say, why don’t you worry about the big summer chaos, the door is exhausted, and the good opportunity to have a strong enemy is to rise up, control the family, and then take Zhao Yang and replace it, right?”

Yue Qi suddenly slammed on the ground, but he said bluntly: “It’s bold, but it’s true. Great summer is not good for us, the family is not right for us. The young master is humiliated for two years. Why do you still want this? After we help them, we will go back to Qinghai. Anyway, the girls are now ready, we are not afraid of their threats. Qinghai is a big thing, it is part of Ximeng, we are not afraid of them.”

After  Yue Qi finished speaking, he did not hear the voice of Zhuge Yue for a long time. He braced his head and looked up, and he saw Zhuge Yue lifting his head and looking up at the sky. The face of the original Qing Monarch was already covered with a layer of fatigued shadows. The vertical lines are deep and full of years of vicissitudes.

“Yue Qi, the family is no longer good. It is always where you and I settle down. It’s no good for the great summer. It is always our homeland. Nowadays, it is the domestic trouble, the toughness of the world, and how you and I have the heart to rekindle one side in the devastated land. Wolf smoke?”

When Yue Qi heard the news, he suddenly stopped, but listened to Zhuge Yue continued: “Not to mention Zhao Che to me, is not the grace of dripping.”

After Zhuge Yue finished speaking, he left and left and Yue Qi standing still, thinking carefully about Zhuge Yue’s words.

He didn’t know what it felt like in his heart. He knew that the young master was right in the subconscious, but when he remembered the experience of the past two years, a grief and indignation were suffocated and he could not be dismissed. Does the young master doesn’t really care?

Zhuge Yue certainly cares.

Inside the dark bedroom, a short chuckle rang.

How can you not care, when the child is like a dog and a dog like a family to survive? How can I not care, again and again, but I am finally frustrated by the defeat? How can we not care about the saliva and face humiliation when we die?

Can’t forget, death can’t be forgotten.

He did not want to think about what he had just felt. The words he spoke he told Yue Qi sparked a fierce wave in his heart.

The man is dying, and he is running around for a lifetime. What is the reason for asking? Isn’t it a meritorious service? Not a head start? It’s not that you’ve been on the Wansheng (means old) respect, you’re calling for rain, and you’re echoing?

It is a deadly temptation, for any man, it was a marijuana that can never be undone.

When he escaped in such a danger spot death, there was no trace of warmth on the face. He was infamous, abandoned by the family, and instantly became the public enemy of the Great Summer. He is not a saint. How can there be no hatred in his heart?

Perhaps as the case of Chu Qiao’s grave, when he saw the repeated defeats of Yanxia Yanbei’s offensive, his heart would also inexplicably rise a little comfort. When the interior of Daxia was decaying, the more it appeared, the more he had thought about the advancement of the army, taking the Great Summer and replacing it with a tough force, looking down on the filth that had trampled on his head. This is a dirty face.

But when he really wanted to get out of that step, he retreated.

The eyes of the Qinghai plains, which are still unappeased and eager to wear, eagerly look at him. Those who have no way to go and have generously accepted him, are still waiting for him to bring them a winter without dead.

Yes, he could not go to talk with Yue Qi and he could not go with those men who had followed him. They would have looked around and stared at him and asked him: Master, do you want to give up for several Qinghai rice dumplings? Seize the bustling Ximeng?

Yes, it is just the descendants of the death row of some ancestors who have been stalking the prisoners. However, there are some earthen buns that are not sacred by the saints. If ever, he would think so. And disdainfully disgusted with coldness, the man has a choice, when aspirations are high, rather than a mournful state of the woman. But after all, something changed him. When his life was abandoned by the world, someone opened a warm door for him. Even though the threshold was old and the house was leaking, he sat there and drank it. The warmest porridge in my life.

At that time, he suddenly understood Chu Qiao and understood that the girl who always looked tough and waited for him to wait.

He thanked God. Without such an opportunity, he might never know her and would not understand the joy of creation and guardianship. He was surprised that the joy was not weaker than conquest and destruction.

As for the summer, as for hatred and enmity, as for the hegemony of Ximeng…

He slowly closed his eyes and said to himself, “I know what is the most important thing.”

Yes, he still needs to fight, to deal with, to use his own ability to maintain the fight, he still has to play against the people in the opposition and the minds of each person to think, or on the battlefield and the people of different political views.

Although he does not want to win the Great Summer, he does not want to sit idly by its decline and fall into the hands of others.

Moreover, today, he has already been unable to retreat. When he led the troops to kill Cuiwei, when he took over as the Sima of the Daxia Armed Forces Department, when he tried to stop the battle against Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties. It is a foregone conclusion.

He remembered the vows that he and Zhao Che were up and down under the end of the road, and his eyes slightly raised a cold edge.

At this moment, a pair of calm eyes suddenly looked through the dark smog, the eyes were so gentle, but there was a hint of sadness that could not be concealed.

He closed his eyes quietly, his fingers rubbing against the white wall.

He smiled slightly, smiled bitterly, like cold snow.

After everything began to end, they were always like this, untimely encounters, untimely departures, fate pushing them on an unseen path, staggered and brushed all the way.

 room was dark, and the moon outside the window came in through the window and sprinkled coldly on his body. After all, he is still only a young man in his twenties. Although he has experienced so many twists and turns and hardships, he sometimes does such a dream. He returns to the heroic battle and sets up a heroic battle. Hold in front of the people you like, swearing Fang Hao saying: Give, all yours!

However, after all, it can only be a dream.

He leaned back in his chair and his mouth twitched slightly like a big child laughing gently.


CHAPTER 167 North and South Divergence


That night, Zhuge Yue sleeps very late. When the sky is bright, he leans against the soft couch, and he walks away with wisdom and flutters. Dim in, as if returning to the nightmare, he sees something that has been forgotten.

Indefinitely, he seemed to see countless light and shadows swirling around him, biting cold water, and he was as if his whole body had been frozen.

A dead-blue hand grabbed him and desperately took him forward. Scarlet blood rushed out and spread out in the ice.

Yue Jui, his eyes were flushed, and he was struggling to draw water. The sun shines through the ice. It is a dark and faint light. He vaguely heard the sound coming from above. It was so big that he swayed his ear drums through the current, exceptionally clear:

Long live Long live Long live–!

He knew that they thought he was dead and that the soldiers of Yanbei were worshipping Yan.

The voice is getting higher and higher like the tide. Except for that voice, he can’t hear anything. He lost to others in a defeated way. From small to big, he never lost so miserably. Now, he is afraid that he will also be killed. Take this.

The voice was getting far away. His body had already lost its temperature. The blood seemed to be drained, and there was no effort on the limbs.

Suddenly, a loud bang banged into his ears. He looked up and looked at it, but Yue Jui strove up and struggling upwards. He used his head to make a look and hit the ice.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!”

The sound was like a thunderous thunder, knocked in his heart, and the blood ran down the young guard’s cheeks, but soon it melted into the water.

The face of Yue Jui is whiter than the snow, and the lips have no color, like a ghost who just climbed out of the grave. He stroked hard, his hands and feet were stiff, but he kept repeating the action, so powerful, one, another, another…

砰 – 砰 – 砰 (means the sound of peng, peng, peng)

At that moment, it was as if a gap had been opened in the dark clouds, and a bright sunshine pierced his heart. He suddenly reawakened, and it was his subordinates who entered his house from the age of four. They are all right for him to die, and he never felt that something was wrong. But at that moment, he remembered the sentence that the girl had said to him a long time ago. The woman looked beautiful and cold, looked at him coldly, and said with a single voice: “No one is a born slave. ”

No one is born a slave –

With a bang, a handful of blood suddenly splashed. Even in the water, he could still feel the hot smell of blood.

Suddenly his body was full of strength, and he immediately swam and pushed open the bloody Yue Jui. He held Chu Qiao’s dagger and slammed it hard.

“I can’t die!”

He said to himself in a low voice.

“I can’t die. I still have a lot of wishes I didn’t finish.”

The lungs seemed to be blown up. The body was already frozen. The wounds rolled over the flesh. He was still mechanically struggling to survive.

I can’t die! I can’t die! I can’t die! boom!

The ice broke apart and the huge buoyant force dragged his entire person on. The sun was dazzling, and the fresh air rushed forward. He breathed with great enthusiasm and couldn’t wait to get out his lungs.

“Yue Jui!”

He shouted: “We have saved!”

He waited and watched, but he was not able to see the figure of the Yue Jui, and he dipped into the water again and deeper and deeper. He finally found the body of the Yue Jui at the bottom of the lake.

The young swordsman was wounded all over. A face was full of iron and blue eyes. His eyes were wide and his hair was scattered. All were bloody. He strenuously dragged the moon nine, and then pressed hard against the guard’s chest, rubbed his face and shouted for him, shouting: “Wake up! I command you! Wake up!”

In his life, Zhuge Yue never cried unbridled, but on that day he cried for a slave. In the wilderness, he cried like a wolf.

Three days later, he finally met the Yue Qi.

The loyal guards with the remaining Yue guards lurking in Yanbei have found him near Chishui for three days. The number of guards who were frozen to death in search of the lake has reached as many as 20 people.

Then, they sent him dying to Wolong Mountain. After half a year, he was finally good, but he waited for a fragmented career.

That morning, he sat facing the information handed back by the Seventh Yue (or Yue Qi) and others for a long time. From the beginning of the sun to the sunset, the teacher came in and looked at the Ximeng map hanging in front of him. He asked me faintly: “Where are you going?”

Not so many years, he looked up and said blankly: “Teacher, I have no way to go.”

The grey-haired old man smiled kindly, then extended his slender hand to crush the Ximeng mainland on the map and said quietly, “Since there is no way, open up a road for yourself.”

He looked puzzled. Daxia, Yanbei, Sui and Bian Tang dynasties, and Huai and Song dynasties were shattered by the teacher’s palm. The map became a hollow hole, leaving only the dogs outside the scorpion. In the sea, there is a vast sky in the West.

“Children, people are outside, there is a heaven outside, how do you know that this map can only be painted so big?”

The next morning, he received another news. Meng Feng was finally tried by the Dali House last month. He has now been convicted and has been sent to exile in Qinghai. I am afraid that he has already arrived at Cuiwei Guan (means mountain).

The light and shadow of the years turned into an extravagance on the road. On those dark and cold days, the machete in his hands kept swinging, giving off a powerful and sharp arc, moving toward the throat of destiny, and fighting tenaciously once and again. Hot blood covers his eyes, but he sees the true meaning of life from the thick blood.

…… The next morning, suddenly there was a carriage of Zhenhuang rushing into the other house of Zhuge, the face of the soldiers was full of running dust, the lip skin was cracked, the cloak was shaking, all were full of yellow sand…

Everyone’s face was not good-looking. Chu Qiao suddenly understood something. She stood up quietly and left the dining room.

After half an hour, Zhuge Yue will leave.

Chu Qiao all the way to him on the ramp outside the North Gate, the day is a little cold, Chu Qiao wearing a blue cloak, a circle of white mane surrounded by her bright and white face, looks clean and elegant, very beautiful.

When they arrived at Shili Pavilion, Yue Qi and others retreated, leaving only two of them. Zhuge Yue left the horse without a word. Chu Qiao followed. The long kiosk was full of scribbled grass. The pillars were lacquered and the plaques were sloppy. It looked bleak and declining.

“I gotta go.”

Zhuge Yue turned around and looked at her quietly, saying very lightly.

“Oh.” Chu Qiao nodded. “Be careful on the way.”

Zhuge Yue’s brows crease slightly. They always seem to be like this. After the excitement retreats at the beginning of reunion, they become more alienated and indifferent. It seems that no one knows how to get along with the other person and can only say something. Very useless scenes.

“Where are you going after I leave?”

“I am? Maybe first go to Sui and Bian Tang.”

“and then?”

“And then?” Chu Qiao brow contemptuously, thought for a long time before suddenly laughed: “I do not know, maybe I will walk around to see where things are delicious, where the scenery looks good, stop and live for some time, Who knows.”

A gust of wind blew, and the bell rang suddenly, and Chu Qiao and Zhuge 抬 looked up at the same time. I saw that there was still a string of wind chimes on the dilapidated pavilion. It was blown by the wind all the year round, but it has faded. The sound is still crisp and sweet, and the wind is over, it is a string of bells.

“You, will you go to Yanbei?”

Chu Qiao quietly smiled: “I have lived in that place for many years. The scenery I saw is almost the same. Besides, I am not in good health. I may not be able to stand the cold in the north. Even the great summer is really beautiful. Maybe I dare not go.”

Zhuge Yue nodded and seemed to understand something. His movements were a bit stiff, and some words that had long been entangled in the heart could not be spit out.

These days, such as flowers on the sea, after all, is a fantastic mirage. After time passes, it will break. Everything is out of place. Even standing here at the moment is a helpless choice. Everything is doomed, like the sand in his hands, the harder he tries to clench, the faster he loses.

He will have to go outside, and his face is still always aloof and cold, words are no longer willing to say one more thing.

“Zhuge Yue!”

The voice of the woman’s hurry suddenly rang behind his back. Her hands were so small, cold and grabbed his clothes, and she was very familiar with the stubbornness.

“thank you,”

She whispered that there was a trace of jealousy in the voice but it was still consistent.

“I thought I had never had a chance to say anything to you in this life. God bless you, you are safe.”

Chu Qiao smiled slightly: “Zhuge Yue, I’ve spent more time in my life and I’ve been bumpy. I’ve done a lot of things. I’ve gone a long way. Somewhat right. Somewhat wrong, but I’ve never regretted it. I can see it clearly. My own heart does not owe anyone, but only you, I owe you too much to pay off, and now when you return safely. I should have been with you, and I will use my life to return your kindness, but now I feel I am not the original me. I have experienced all sorts of things and I have no courage to get involved in it. In the battle of Yanbei, the beautiful general was dead and it’s just an ordinary woman who has lost her dreams… Its time is up.”

The wind chimes are still ringing in the ear, the time is frozen at this moment, the reincarnation of the fate is like a ridiculous face, smirking at the powerlessness of the next world.

Chu Qiao suddenly opened her arms, approaching from behind, her fingers crossed the man’s arms, the white skin slipped through his soft satin, the embroidery of the gold thread rubbed her white wrist, the wind was quiet, her hand was a little bit Closed, tightened in front of him, then stepped forward, her cheeks slowly leaned on his back.

A drop of tears slid down from the corner of his eye, dropping his navy blue shirt and making a moist pattern.

“I’m sorry, Zhuge Yue.”

The voice was as low as a crying child in the north wind.

There was a sudden snowfall in the sky. It had melted when it hadn’t landed, but it fell on their shoulders but it quietly piled up.

The skin is close to each other and the breath can be smelled. This is the first time she has taken the initiative to hug him. The years flow from them like water. So many pictures quietly come and disappear quietly. The destiny is in the beginning. A joke took place with them. After many twists and turns, they reached this distance today. Years of dust covered their faces and the bloody hurricane had already left, but there was still a fatal yoke locked on them.

Pale birds fly over the sky, wings sweeping across the sky at the end, row and row, all the way to fly south, gradually getting away, no longer see a trace of flying.

The hug finally let go, Chu Qiao’s hand, a little pullback,  His clothes were cold and her fingers were cooled. His back was still straight as if nothing in this world could beat him. He was still so. Handsome and upright, the back of the forest reveals a cold atmosphere, almost to the surrounding air front freezing.

Suddenly the arms were empty. Chu Qiao’s lips and pulled out a faint smile.

“Take care.”

With a loud cry, a sudden wind blows in the distance, and the wind chimes are swaying.

Zhuge Yue stepped out of the Shili pavilion, the precious boots stepped on the yellow sedge grass, grass clippings were broken, soft squatted on the ground, was blown by the wind, they broke the root.

He jumped to the back of the horse and the Yue guards raised a whip and yelled at the voice of the warhorse. Horseshoe flew up and broke the serene serenity. A long cloak beckoned to him, like a battle flag, full of impetuousness and challenge. The north whistled away.

He never looked back. He was still so handsome and proud. His back was straight and straight. He sat on the back of a horse. He was beautiful and full of dark hair, and he walked in a cold wind, drifted away, and galloped all the way. After all, it was hidden in the rolling sand and no shadow was visible.

The mist in the morning has not yet been dispersed. At the end of the road is a white misty sky. With the windbills on both sides being rolled up and spinning on the ground, they do not know where to be blown.

Chu Qiao suddenly remembered a long time ago, in the northern plateau of Yan, she and the beauty forces were framed by Cheng Yuan and fell into the encirclement of the summer.

That night, she also watched him quietly and watched him disappear little by little on the snow-capped plains. At that time, he did not turn back, but he walked slowly, led the horse, and wore The heavy hooligans, the sky was filled with snow and fell on their eyelashes. The weather was as cold as cold people wanted to cry.

In a flash, it has been so many years.

The morning sun that breaks through the sun rises gradually. There are the country’s peddler and bustling pedestrians constantly passing by, sipping a long tune and selling all kinds of pleasing small objects.

Gradually, the sun rose to the middle, and there was a team of men and women passing by. There was a chauffeur who asked God to worship the Buddha. There were walking dartmasters in the rivers and lakes, and the white knight who often saw in the martial arts novels, saw the station. In the pavilion, she even had to come up and say hello to some of the rivers and lakes.

But she couldn’t see it all at all. She just stood there quietly, getting more and more envious, and getting colder and quieter. As the sun rises and the sun goes down, the cold moon is like a silver hook, like the face of a mother’s compassion.

Between the world and the underworld, there is only one person left. Her hands and feet are already numb. The sky is getting darker and darker. Nothing can be seen. Only Wang Qinghui rushes on the rushing grass. It is pale and blank. What is the way back? All disappeared.

She took a deep breath, lowered her head, shook her stiff neck, and all the hard work was turned into a sigh, but she didn’t give up, but in her heart, she swallowed.

The breeze blew through the wilderness, and the grass wave made a buzzing sound. Her heart was so empty that many smoked things crossed from the mind. Everything was far away from her, leaving only a piece of white land, ten years of life and death, everything. It is all in vain. It is all in vain if the wind is over the fingertips.

Indefinitely, she suddenly recalled the words many years ago many years ago.

“Perky, there are so many men. Which one did you fancy?”

Keenly working on her nails, she heard a slight raise: “I? I know, which one is worthy of me?”

“Xiao Shi Ren, what about you? Is this life mixed with your postdoctoral fellow?”

Xiao Shi Ren came up with her own dinner, a gentle smile, very sweet and said: “Yes.”

“You are careful, you are going to school for him, be careful that he will smash you in the future!”

“No,” Xiao Shi Ren hesitated to look at the Chu Qiao: “What about you? If you want someone in the future to marry you, what do you do?”

“He dared?” The Chu Qiao stood on the couch, yelling with exasperation. “If he dares me, he will marry him, then he will violently scream the fox.”

A keen disdain for the cold: “Just by you? Who can you be?”

“You look down on me? I’ll sell you to the brothel tonight.”

“Okay,” keenly lazy and stretched out: “I am trying to go to Amsterdam to take a professional certificate, you have to convince my father.”

“Chu Qiao?” Xiao Shi Ren leaned over with a fork on a freshly baked bun and put her up on her shoulders. She smiled and asked, “What if Chu Qiao likes someone? What happens?”

She was sorting out the action information for the next mission, and heard a slight glimpse, then smiled: “I don’t know.”

“How come you don’t know?”

The cat grabbed the cake on the small poem, and muttered, “I don’t want to perfunctory, let’s play with us? Hey!”

“I?” Chu Qiao thought for a moment, then gently smiled: “I may, it will be good to him.”

“How good?”

Out of darkness, the young Chu Qiao turned to see the dark night and stared for a moment. After a long time, he whispered:

“very good.”

very good……

Turn around and pull the stable.

The horse docilely explored his head, gently rubbed Chu Qiao’s cheek, and looked at her distressed and worried.

“Ha ha.”

Chu Qiao felt a bit itchy. This is Meteor (name of horse Zhuge Yue gave to Xinger). He has been raised by Zhuge for many years and is now returned to her. She is still the same.

She reached out and pushed it. Her voice was still a little husky. She whispered, “Meteor, don’t make trouble.”

However, between the probes, the back of his hand accidentally rubbed his face, even though he was already wounded by wind and tears.

Suddenly she was a bit paralyzed. She turned to look at the meteor. The horse turned hard north and shouted at her as if she wanted to chase her with someone.

“A good meteor.”

She touched her head tenderly and her face was close to her neck. The horse was already somewhat old. Like her heart, she was already full of holes and scars.

“Let’s go.”

She straightened up, pulled the horse and walked silently toward the south.

The moon shines upon her, dragging a long shadow over the pale ground.

Overnight the jackdaw was stunned and fluttered over the rampage. The girl’s figure gradually drifted away and she finally became a pale shadow.


CHAPTER 168 Feng Qingping


Perhaps any storm will begin with an unusually quiet way.

On the seventh day of the first lunar month, the New Year just left. The whole city of Zhenhuang was also immersed in a joyous laughter. A heavy snow shrouded the city with silver decoration. Under a thousand miles of ice, a team of horses quickly ran into the city gate. The and the heavily guarded city guards stood guarding the army until the horseshoe disappeared into the head of the street.

Zhuge Yue entered the government from the back door. All the people who came to listen to the news blocked the drive. The slaves at Green Hills Courtyard were ready many days in advance, and Zhuge Yue entered the yard without changing his face and tossed the big mob behind him. In the hands of the Zhi Zi, divinely said: “What about people?”

“Inside, I have waited for the Master for a long time.”

The door was pushed open, and there was a fine sandalwood drifting out. The man in an ink robe stood upright, with a handsome face and a tough, sharp look. His eyes were as sharp as the sword, but the power was restrained, yet he was graceful.

The eyes of the two people converged, and they made a slight pause. Zhuge Yue’s indifferent frosty mouth suddenly overflowed with a faint smile. Stepping forward, the two men patted each other’s shoulders, so hard, then came a man room. Hug.

Is the road going smoothly?”

Zhuge Yue took off his waist sword and sat on the chair. He took a sip on the man’s teacup and asked.

Zhao Cheyi smiled, and many years of experience in the border customs, a few ups and downs, has made him a little bit of the cool, temperament, deep eyes, not the original imperial empire.

Fortunately, it is not suitable for the fat powder of Zhenhuang. Just after picking up the flower garden, I even hit a few sneezes.”

Zhuge Yu smiled and said: “This is what I listen to, change someone else, I want to slap you for a meal.”

Zhao Che grabbed his teacup and looked at him with his squinting eyes. He said faintly: “At this time, you can talk and laugh like this. It seems that you really don’t worry about Yanbei’s this time.”

Zhuge is drinking tea and raising his eyebrows slightly: “Do you think it is doing something over there?”

“It is clear.”

Zhao Che sneered: “For the first time in the Northern Expedition, Huai-Song secretly supported the military requirements of the Yanbei Food and used the Nanjiang waterway of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties to bypass the Northwest. The second time the Northern Expedition, Huai-Song repeatedly cooperated with Yanbei in our country. The military exercises in the east have attracted our attention, and YanBei and Huai Song have absolutely unknown secret links, but I don’t know exactly who can say that Princess Nalan Hongye came forward to cooperate with YanBei to play this double. ”

“You don’t need to know who you are. If you know their true intentions, it will be easier.”

Zhuge Yue said faintly, but he didn’t seem to want to waste time on this topic. He turned his head and asked: “How is the situation in the northeast? How is your preparation?”

Speaking of the situation in the northeast, Zhao Che’s face could not help but take a look of pride. He said bluntly: “You don’t have to worry. The Northeast is now under my jurisdiction and it is a piece of iron. The Roulan Business Road has been opened. The generation, the fertile field, the numerous fields, the simple people, the folk customs. We have been secretly building for two years, and now we have a large area of ​​Donghu under my command. With your business support, it has begun to take off. I believe there will be another three. The achievements of the year, the Donghu generation, will not be inferior to my native land.”

“You secretly transferred your surname, did you not see it?”

“Thanks to Wei Shu Ye, he has been working for me in the ruling field. In addition to Donghu is too far away, and there is a barrier at Baicang Mountain, where the people are all mixed ethnic groups, so it has not caused the above attention.”

Zhuge Yue nodded and said, “That’s good.”

Zhao Che sighed and patted him on the shoulder. There were quite a few vicissitudes in his eyes. He smiled and said, “You can do your best to Donghu. If you have time, you may wish to go and have a look. You and Arou, I haven’t seen it for a long time.”

Zhuge Yue heard a few smiles in his mouth and quipped him: “That depends on your skill. If she meets me and yells and kills me, and she seeks me to take revenge, then I will not touch this. Moldy head.”

Zhao Che heard that with a smile, he said: “You have a lot of wickedness and you deserve to have retribution.”

Charcoal fire, room warmth, time, such as water pouring, two years time passing quickly, once had nothing, suffered the world’s cold-eyed two people once again gathered here, could not help but give birth to a dream of life.

When the Zhao Yang Northern Expedition lost, Zhao Qi died. Zhuge Yue and Zhao Che were resolutely thrown onto the battlefield when the imperial army was dethroned. With the remnants who had just defeated, they rushed to Yanmingguan for the second time. The Northern Expedition responded.

In a year’s time, let them look at each other’s political enemies who do not look pleasing to the eye, and gradually develop into intimate and close-knit alliance comrades, bloody battles one after another, watering the solid steel-like relationship between men. Friendship also eventually forged the most solid alliance of interests on Ximeng continent. It is easy to reach a consensus between two men and women who have experienced careers. From the beginning of temptation, speculation, and preparedness, we gradually became surprised, appreciative, and trustful. This has led to too many reigns and tragedies, as well as too many deaths.

Until Zhuge Yue defeated Yuegong, life and death were unknown, Zhao Che was cut back to from the military power, and they temporarily broke contact.

After returning to Zhenhuang, Zhao Che did not immediately clean up the relationship with Zhuge Yue. Instead, he managed to conduct his own search and rescue operations in Yanbei, and he tried his best to name him in the government and restore his reputation. However, all of this, in the end, angered the Manchus and the civil and military forces. Under the circumstances where the entire front and back were unanimously beaten and drowned, Zhao Che was also brutally affected. He was sent to the northeastern region with bitter cold and barren land and guarded the frontier.

With fleeting warmth, Zhao Che was once again allowed to see the filthy face hidden under the decadent dynasty of Daxia. Both his parents and brothers were able to abandon him and kill him. He became disillusioned, but when he was about to reach his destination, he met the brothers who were chasing after him.

The two aristocrats, who also lost everything, made a vow to save the nation through the ice and snow of the north wind.

In this regard, they traveled north and west and actively ran away in unattended corners. They supported each other and struggled for the enthusiasm of the country. However, Zhao Che knows that Zhuge Yue has always supported Daxia in this way, and he often helped Da Xia overcome obstacles in the battles of Yanbei and Da Xia, mainly because of his kindness to him. (Zhuge Yue’s main strength was that kindness wrapped in coldness…loving his actions here)

He is a cold in the outside, even if he has received a little blessing from others, he will remember it.

“What happened to the emperor’s illness?”

Zhao Che couldn’t help but pick it up lightly. He said faintly: “Still sick and I want to come and support it soon.”

Zhuge Yue frowned slightly and said: “We still need some time.”

Zhao Che nodded and then said with a chuckle: “But it can’t be said. Many years ago, the imperial doctor said that he was ill. There wasn’t much time. But after so many years, it wasn’t living longer than anyone else. The Old King will not die so easily.”

Zhuge Yue turned his head and frowned and said: “He is your father after all.”

“Forget it, I am afraid that it is only the father and son, the love of the monarch and the minister. If it wasn’t for Wei She Ye’s pleading at the beginning, maybe I didn’t even have the chance to be matched. I was directly stunned on the sill. It is disgusting to know what to do and what to worry about.

Two years of wind outside the sand, so that Zhao Che’s body was a little more prominent. He looked at Zhuge Yue quietly: “You, this time, how to deal with this matter?”

Zhuge looked up at him: “What did you say?”

“If I want to say, you should directly agree with the Princess Huai-Song to see how they react. They are not expecting that you will refuse to marry. They are not as good as they are.”

Zhuge Yue slightly frowned, this is indeed the best way to change without change, but his lips smiled slightly, his look faint, but did not answer.

“The so-called children’s love, heroic shortness, I am afraid that you are like this. Now, you still do not give up?”

Zhuge Yue evaded and refused to answer, saying: “It is not the only way. If they want to play, I will accompany them to have fun, just to attract attention and create an opportunity for you.”

Zhao Che replied: “They are coming aggressively. Do you have time to drill?”

“Is there no loopholes?” Zhuge Yue swears and chuckles. “Then create a loophole.”

Zhao Che nodded, huffed and stood up, holding a hilt. An ink-colored robe with great pressure and mighty power. He slowly lowered his tone and said: “The intrigue of the intrigue is meaningless, and finally, it still has to rely on the sword to speak. The fourth, we are not before, if things can’t be done, don’t have to endure, show strength, no one dares to force you.”

Zhuge Yue smiled and said: “I said that I was like a weak woman forced by others. Your kindness I received. If you go to the city regardless of your disregard for this time, you must be careful.”

Zhao Che said: “I have to come to see you.”

Someone knocked carefully outside the door and said Yue Qi: “Master, the old man knows that you are back, and the palace also sent someone to recruit you into the palace.”

Zhao Che took up the big awkward dress and put on a black hood. He couldn’t see his face at all. He said quietly, “I should go. You must be careful.”

“You too, walk from the secret road and take care of everything.”

The two nodded and Zhao Che opened the door, accompanied by a few children, and went into the sky of snow.


Yue Qi came in and saw Zhuge Yue standing in the room. It was slender and quiet, and they didn’t know what he was thinking for a while.

It feels good to have friends.

Zhuge is so lonely, even with family brothers, there is no feeling.

Nowadays, Zhao Qing can still take the risk to see him. In this case, he can’t help but move him.

“Young master? It is late.”

Reminder from Yue Qi.

Zhuge Yue smiled and divinely said, “Carriage is available.”

Yue Qi asked, he said: “Where is the young master going?”

“Upper court.”

“Upward?” asked the seven-year-old: “Do you need a bathing suit for the young master? Besides, the young master is Sima, the military commander cannot take the carriage, and should ride a horse.”

Zhuge Yue bowed his head and the cold Hanmang slowly came out of his slender eyes. He said with disdain: “I am not only Sima General of the great summer, but also a Qinghai nobility who is armed with half a million troops. This, I think they are almost forgotten.”

The sun punctured the clouds in the sky. Zhuge Yue strode out of the door, and Fang Hao followed him. Eighteen doors of Zhuge House opened at the same time. Such as crown jade, red lips, back straight up and out of Zhuge home. An official gathered at the door saw him out, and immediately swarmed forward, but was opened by the Yue guards, separating the one from the side of Zhuge.

Zhu Ge’s eyes did not look squinted and stepped onto the majestic eight-wheeled riding cart on the gallop stone and quietly said, “Go.”

“Where is the young master going?”

The driver turned and asked.

The square face is sinking, and the sound is calm and returning: “Holy Golden Palace.”

The cold wind blows into the car, and Zhuge Yue’s face is quiet and slowly rests on the soft chair.

He never lacked the ability to stir up the water. In that case, it made the situation even more confusing. No one would want to be alone. No one would want to see the fire across the shore.


CHAPTER 169 The Iraqis go far


As the night fell, the banquet outside had not yet been withdrawn, and the feast had spread out. Even though the Sui and Tang Dynasties were warm, the winter months of the first lunar month were a bit chilly. The night winds blew on them. Even if they were covered in cloaks, they felt the slightest coldness hit them from under their feet. The cold spine was cold.

There was a light rain at noon, and it took until late in the evening to add a bit of chill to the dark night.

However, the people of the cloudless husband still calmly exposed the snow on the chest of the pile of snow, flirtatious, jade arms and legs, and occasionally a bold lady stepped forward to toast, accidentally, will reveal a small smooth and exquisite calf.

Li Ce drank many wines, squinting with his eyes on a soft chair, and the temple of soft blessings was wide open. In front of him was a beautiful lantern, and the musicians playing in the music played in the heart of the lake, soft and extravagant. The tunes blew into the hall all the way through the cold wind of the night.

A snake-like swaying waist dances in front of her eyes, a pair of slender legs dance from time to time to lingering and provocative dances. The honey-stained skin is covered with a little sweat. A bold dancer gently rotates and lays down. Into Li Ce’s arms, his eyes are slightly picky, with gold powder tracing the corner of the eye upwards to paint a hovering moire, full lips, slender neck, round and crisp chest wrapped under a thin cloth, through the slightest cloth, you can even see the matte inside.

The dancer took a glass of wine with brilliant colors and bright colors. The white arm was lifted high, and then his wrists turned and suddenly poured out. Along her swan-like graceful neck, she slipped down the road and flowed into the greasy two hills.

“The emperor, are you drunk?”

Sure enough, it is a rare stunner. The lips are light and the voice is lingering. If the dance is soft and boneless, the shoulder of Li Xiang’s chest is gently slid, and he slides along his slightly open placket. A white tender hand goes all the way. Next, but the key moment stopped, the eye is picky, provocatively looking at him.

This is the daughter-in-law of the sage of the Jinwu Palace in the past year. Li Ce is very romantic. He rarely loves a woman for up to January, and the wife of the lonely aristocrat is very popular. In the year, it can be seen that it has a unique charm.

Li Ce’s drunken eyes looked faintly, a gorgeous blue-violet brocade with a black-black mane at the neckline, and the collar was slightly open, revealing a crack in the gap, and the man’s body-building body looked like a confused light. There was a bit of temptation. He habitually picked up his eyes, and there was a faint scorn in his eyebrows. The quiet streamer swelled in the depths, like a fox thinking.

The young dancers in the temple still danced fiercely. They danced the dance of Donghu, bold and unrestrained. They only approved a piece of gauze on their body, and sewed a few pieces of tiny leather in their private parts. The breasts and hips were scented and sweaty.

“The emperor, you have not entered the temple of Blessing for half a month. So fast, you forget the slaves?”

Mrs. Ziyi gently leaned up, her eyes waved like water, and she stared softly at Li Ce, like a greasy fairy.

Li Ce’s eyes are drunk, and it seems that he is drunk with his hands and feet, but his eyebrows are always awake and stopped.

The woman’s scarlet nails climbed from his lower abdomen, licking his eyebrows all the way, exhaling like a blue ear, and said in a long tone: “Is the emperor unhappy, who is it?”

Li Ce’s mouth was pulled in, and he smiled quietly, grabbed her waist, and touched the intoxicating creamy cheeks. He laughed, “You little goblin.”

“Will the emperor be so worried tonight, let the children stay alone?”

Li Ce’s look instantly appeared two traces of sorrow, a figure quietly emerged, his frowning annoyed, the state of mind can not maintain a consistent peace.

Has it been crazy for half a month, but will you continue to go crazy?

He turned his head and looked at the charming face of Mr. Ziyi’s wife. A filthy sigh rose from the bottom of my heart. It seems that I have suppressed anything. It seems to be bitter, and it seems to be a longing. There is no more mood and openness in my heart. It is only evil. The charm of the smile, restored his usual normal, sneer: “When isn’t it a pity?”


A calm voice suddenly sounded outside the hall. Li Ce looked up and saw the iron outside the station. He smiled and greeted him, and the escort of a leather armor led the sword to the temple, regardless of the expression of the women around him. Speaking in the ground, he said: “The emperor, Chu girl is back.”

Li Ce, the face is not moving, but the glass of wine is gently swayed, almost spilling out.

In the distance, there was a singing voice, and the tone was long, like a melodious song. The wind on the lake is cool, with a hint of astringent aroma. Li Ce is slender and thick, and the lights are brilliant and handsome.

“When did this happen?”


“Where is it?”

“It’s already back to the hustle and bustle.”


Li Ce stood up and walked out. Iron was asked, and he quickly asked: “Where is the emperor going?”

“宓荷居.” (Yi Heju, still a lotus resident)

Far away, Li Ce’s voice drifted into the night of gold powder. Tie Yuo quickly followed him with the guards.

Mrs. Ziyi slowly stood up and wrapped herself in a soft veil in the night breeze. However, she never looked back at the tens of thousands of styles. She looked faintly at Li Ce shadow and her eyes were cold and unhappy. No grief.


A maid came to her carelessly, and she took a cloak and put it on her shoulder. She waved her hand and quietly: “Dismiss it.”

As the palace man disappeared like water, among the scent and fragrance of the wine, the rest of the lake was still singing melodiously.

The flowers on the lotus pond have already been defeated. The phoenix tree in front of the door is also a twilight. The moon is just a hook of the bend, caged with glory, quietly sprinkled white stone steps.

The bead curtain touched together, and the sound of the shattered sound, the autumn spike of the outer house vigil was awakened, and Li Ce made a squeaking gesture. Qiu quickly dropped his head and slammed on the ground, no longer dare to make a sound.

The weather was cold, the window was closed, but there was still a faint moonlight shining through the white window paper. Chu Qiao is sleeping, the moon white brocade is covered, only a small head is exposed, the brow is very clear, and the look is also rare with a trace of serenity. Li Ce leans on the door frame, slightly tilting his head, for a time, then stand Then, it doesn’t move.

Presumably, that person is really her good choice.

There is not so much burden and responsibility, and there is not so much hatred and obsession. You can walk away and go.

He stared at her, eyes smooth, so quiet around him, thin light falling on the hair on her horns, with a bright and cool luster. As the wind passed through the outside, she watched the shadows of the trees swaying like a woman’s lingering hand and gently stroked the cold palace.

“When the girl came back to sleep, she seemed tired.”

Qiu close to another ear whispered to the Tie Yuo from outside, and his voice was fine, but they still reached Li Ce’s ears.

Li Ce stood there and seemed to understand something. The charcoal in Cape Point sent out a faint heat. The nightingale roaring out of the window gave a roar and the sound was crisp and sweet.

“Anyway, if you’re tired, just take a break.”

Then, the man turned and walked out of the main hall. His open footsteps echoed from the empty hall and were empty.

砰, 砰, 砰 – (means peng, peng, peng)

As the night cools off, Chu Qiao slowly opens her eyes. In the darkness, her eyes are like dark stones, and her bright fingers grasp the quilt, so hard.

Soon afterward, the song and dance of the Roufu Temple began to rise again, grander than it had just been.

When the night is cool, she slowly closes her eyes and is really tired.


Three days later, she decided to leave Tang Jing. She did not disturb anyone. She just took Mei Xiang and greeted Li Ce.

When Li Ce started, he did not say that he would send her. Just when her carriage drove out of the gate of Tang Jing, far away from the Indus (means Phoenix) forests, one party was clean and refreshed. Li Ce and others stood behind him. When she saw her, several people greeted each other with a smile.

The crowd dispersed, Li Ce and Chu Qiao were sitting in the tea pot and finally began their first dialogue after returning.

“Where to start?”

“do not know.”

Seeing Li’s skeptical eyes, Chu Qiao suddenly smiled: “Don’t look at me like this, I am not perfunctory, but I really don’t know where to go?”

“Is that still going?”

“I want to go out to see it.” Chu Qiao took a deep breath and looked at the beautiful scenery around him with a smile. The voice said crisply: “You see, the weather must be warm, Ximeng is so big, but I never If you don’t feel relaxed, this time, it’s time to give yourself a vacation.”

Li Ce was very serious about cooking tea and had a good command of the action. He asked, “How long does it take?”

“I don’t know, look at it. Maybe I’ll be destitute and down the next day. I’ll come back and find you cheating. So you have to be an emperor. Don’t wait for me to come home and lose.”

Li Ce heard that he quickly picked up an envelope on the table and took out a silver ticket. He took a large part and picked it up to his bosom. He muttered, “Is it too poor to come back? Can we give you more money? Otherwise, who knows? Was it a toothless old lady when I came back?”

Chu Qiao laughed dumbly: “Look at your virtue, where is it like an emperor?”

“Who prescribed that the emperor would not allow me to speak? You don’t know how hard my life is. I want to spend a little more money. The old man cries poorly all day long with me. He said that the east side of the east side was starving to death and waited. I haven’t got a good thing every day, and I haven’t got a good thing, but I saved it from my teeth. You don’t know about Thanksgiving. Still laughing at me here?”

The sky in the Sui and Tang Dynasties is extremely sunny, cloudless, and the sun shines on the eyes of the foxes and looks like a crown.

She sighed instead of the Sui and Tang dynasties: “I met you like an emperor, and I don’t know if they have fallen for a few years.”

Li Ce sighed and shook his head: “JoJo is so jealous, you are leaving without a word,  and He Xiao will fight hard with me.”

When he mentioned He Xiao, Chu Qiao suddenly stopped some. After thinking for a long time, she slowly said: “Li Ce, the soldiers of the Beauty Army, will be entrusted to you.”

“They are all men. What are you entrusted to me?” (LOL, Li Ce does not like men, as an escort always choose women)

Chu Qiao ignored his nonsense and continued: “In the past few months, I have been wondering if I was wrong. I was so naive. I thought I could change this society and build a relatively civilized society. The social system is not the same as what the big counterparts said is the world. I just want the poor to have a meal and not have to be a slave. I hope that you, the authorities, can make a set of laws for those people in the lower classes. No matter what People do not kill people casually.I know that society will not leapfrog ahead, but there are always people trying to steer it to a small step, as long as you walk in small steps, sooner or later you will cross a big step.

When I first started, there was no such great idea. I just wanted to escape and live my life well. But I met Yan Xun and listened to him talking about Yanbei. My heart gradually came to life. I think that I came to this world, perhaps it is also valuable. Perhaps it is also my own God. However, my wish was still dashed because I was too arrogant. I thought my strength was so great that I could change a lot and protect a lot of people. But in the end, I discovered that my strength was very small. My loved ones and my friends left me one by one. I could not only protect them but also killed many people. ”

Li Ce frowned and wanted to talk, but was stopped by Chu Qiao. She looked at him and said quietly: “Li Ce, I’m not a good leader. The warriors of the Beauty Army have no faith. Their belief is that the Believe me, but my existence made them fall into danger and war again and again, causing them to bleed and die. The kind of system and life I promised could not be realized. I just saved them once and I shouldn’t be so selfish and let them crash into battle with me. I now think that if I obey Yanbei and dissolve the beauty forces, then perhaps many of them will not die, they will get married and have children, they will live well. .”

Chu Qiao’s voice was a little sobbing. She licked her lips and her eyes were slightly red, but she smiled and said: “If you are alive, you don’t have to make any big business. Let’s have a wife, have a baby, be happy. It’s a way to get old. It’s a pity that I’m too late to wake up. They’re dead. Anyway, they’ll never be able to survive. I’m full of blood and can’t be cleaned.”

“Jojo?” Li Ce’s eyebrows are tight and he said: “These are not your fault.”

“But I have the responsibility to shirk.”

Chu Qiao whispered: “They believe me, follow me, and I cannot protect them. They die one by one, and I cannot even bury their dead bodies in the capital. Do you know? Every night, I can listen. When they cried in the cold, they said they wanted to go home and wanted to meet their aging parents. They were still young. Some were only fifteen or six. They should have been spoiled by their parents. But they did. For me, I die on the absurd ice.”

There was no more joke on Li Ce’s face. He looked at her worriedly and his heart hurt.

“Li Ce, help me, take good care of them. If you do not trust, but break them up, give them some free time, let them have a wife and children on your land, live a good life. Do not go to the battlefield. For soldiers, there are no victories on the battlefield. Victories belong to the generals. They belong to the soldiers, but they kill and die.”

Li Ce nodded hard. He looked at the pale and thin woman, and whispered, “What about you? Do you still hate Yan Xun? Will you come back to him?”

“I don’t hate it.”

Chu Qiao shook her head slightly and smiled calmly, like the breeze on the lake in March.

“Actually, you don’t know. He’s the bitterest person. I have witnessed his hatred and pain. I’ve seen the humiliations he’s suffered. Those things are not what the bystanders can realize. In his heart, How much hate I can’t measure. Now that he has come to this step, despite the wrong way, it is also the fate that forced him to this step. Everyone has the right to choose the way they want to go, that is his way, I Although I can’t agree with him, I respect his choice. In this world, who can really be right and who can say who is completely wrong? It’s just that we all have our own persistence and bottom line. We can’t walk, but also It does not mean that we must revenge.”

“What about Zhuge Yue? Why are you not with him, he is so much for you? Don’t you love him?”

“Love? Maybe.”

Chu Qiao said with a chuckle: “In fact, I do not know what is considered true love, but love does not necessarily have to be together, and sometimes, letting go is a kind of love.”

Chu Qiao slightly tilted her head and the wind blew on her smooth forehead. At that moment, Li Ce seemed to see a magnificent light flashing over her calm eyes, so dazzling and fascinating.

“He is, after all, the elders of the great summer, Sima, ah, it is equivalent to the Minister of Defense. How can I be with people like me?”

She mumbled and said, “I know that if I want to, he will abandon all these honors for me. But Li Ce, if so, is it really okay? He suffered all the hardship, tried hard, and finally broke those imposing shame on his head has got everything today. He is different from me. Even if the country is corrupt and the family is cold, he always has a family and a country. I understand the sense of responsibility that is above the freedom of love. If it is only for me now, let him abandon all this, and follow me on the horizon, do you think that his future will really be happy? No, he is a man, a man should have his own sky. When he Gradually mature and getting old, he will understand this and feel fortunate for today’s choice.”

“In addition, I am also tired.”

Chu Qiao looked down and smiled and looked at Li Ce. “I have been working hard for more than a decade. I have no courage to continue on a path I cannot see. I am also a woman and I want to rest.”


Li Ce sighed and said helplessly: “I can’t stop you, is it? You are determined to leave, right?”


Chu Qiao said very seriously: “Don’t worry about me, I will live well. This world is not only the royal family and the nobles who are in power. I will be a civilian and live without any burden and responsibility. The days will be easy, I want to do what I can do, where I want to go, and I have been looking forward to this kind of life for many years.”

“Then you will come back? Come back to see me occasionally?”

“Of course.” Chu Qiao laughed and took it for granted: “You are my most important friend.”

Li Ce bitterly smiled and rubbed her hair out of random hands and smiled. “You guys made me sad.”

Chu Qiao stood up and walked to Li Ce’s side. Li Ce also stood up. Chu Qiao embraced him with open arms and said softly: “Li Ce, I’m gone, Ximeng’s situation is getting messier and you have to be good. Don’t worry me.”

Li Ce is very blocked, but still said in a tone of voice: “What can I do? I am a great handsome monk in the Tang Dynasty. Who can take me? How can I be so handsome and handsome? Who dares to violently bully? I, you are not aware of the goods all over the world.” I, you will not be able to understand the goods all day.”

Chu Qiao could not help but smile: “Fortunately, you great handsome monk, if Leonardo sees you will be ashamed to commit suicide.”

“Who is Leonardo? A strange name, a fan?”

Li Ce asked with a frown.

Chu Qiao could not help but laugh: “Fan, very handsome Fan people.”

“Comparing with me, taking the Fan people, you are simply not in the system.”

Chu Qiao ha ha smiled, laughter echoed in the chest, echoing back and forth.

“It’s not early, I am leaving.”

Chu Qiao no longer rides horses, but rents a carriage with Mei Xiang.

Li Ce, standing under the plane tree with a smile and a red robe, looked as if he had said it himself. A different kind of Fengshen Yulang (means great monk) is handsome.

“Jo Jo, be careful on the way. You can come back to me before you get married before you are 30.”

Chu Qiao got into the carriage and opened the curtain and waved to him: “Be your best, I must marry myself before the age of thirty.”

As the carriage drifted further and further away, the curtains of the green cloth finally closed and gradually disappeared at the end of a dying road at Indus.

“Is the emperor needed to send someone to protect Chu girl?”

Sun Di sank aside for a long while, only then asked in a quiet voice.

“no need.”

Li Ce shook his head slowly and turned to walk in the direction of the city gate.

Everyone has the right to choose the life they want. Jo Jo, let’s go.


CHAPTER 170 Back Home


“The Dujiang (means crossing the river) Campaign lasted for 42 days and captured major cities such as Nanjing, Shanghai and Wuhan, as well as Jiangsu and Anhui provinces and most of Zhejiang Province, Jiangxi Province, Hubei Province, and Fujian Province. It then liberated the whole of East China. It has created important conditions for entering the south and southwest regions.”

The evening sun shines in the yard, and the sky is burning red, and the ground is red, and even the old banyan tree has been put on a layer of red light.

It is already June and the weather is getting hotter. Even if this house is next to Jialing Lake, it is still difficult to eliminate the heat of the day.

“Well, let’s talk dry, you guys, you know the entangled lady.”

Mei Xiang walked out with a blue and white porcelain bowl, dressed in a cool dress, rolled his arms to the arm and walked and said, “Why should you drink in the iced sour plum soup?”

Jingjing heard the words, and suddenly patted her hands and cheered, “Oh! There is sour plum soup!” After that, he rushed to the kitchen to help the spoon.

“Miss, I used the ice in the clam to get through. It’s very refreshing, you can taste it.”

After Tang Jing came out, Chu Qiao would not allow Mei Xiang to call her grown-up again. Originally she wanted to match her sisters, but Mei Xiang did not agree with her life and she called the young lady to be neither fish nor fowl.

The evening sun is very warm, and Chu Qiao is not as afraid of heat as Mei Xiang and others. Compared to the summer of the 21st century, this place is considered to be nothing but spring and autumn. However, Mei Xiang’s sour plum soup is indeed a good thing.

“Sister, isn’t there a plane in that place? Why don’t you just fly over? Would you like to drive a boat across the river?”

A butterfly flew over and circling around the Clivia in the small garden. Chu Qiao was sitting under a Banyan (willow) tree. It was a light blue floral pipa. The following is a beige dress that was very elegant and casual. She said while she was eating soup: “Duoji, explain to Ping An.”

Duoji frowned and thought, and then put down the bowl, it was very old and said: “I think that the plane should be a rare thing, very precious.  Marshal Jiang has the support of Western powers, there is the Air Force, and Marshal Mao is neither the support of foreign forces is a year-long battle. It is normal that there is no fixed big city as a base area and that military equipment is underdeveloped. Therefore, there should be no aircraft and no own air force.”

Chu Qiao drank the bowl of plum juice, a cool feeling into the heart and lungs, it is cool. She smiled and said: “Duoji was quite right. At that time, the social productivity was underdeveloped. Mao Marshal did not have his own air force. This was also an important cause of the greater casualties in the early stages of the war.”

Ping An suddenly shook his head and sighed: “Sister, the country you said is really amazing, just like the mythology. You can fly to the sky, and you can blow up the cannon of a house. If they come to beat us, maybe As long as an artillery unit is dispatched, we can all defeat us. What the big summer iron armies and the Yanbei Black Hawks are all not opponents.”

“My sister said that it was a story,” Jingjing said with a small mouth and red soup. “When is there such a terrible thing in the world?”

Chu Qiao did not speak, just smiled quietly, Mei Xiang gave her a bowl, but she couldn’t drink it, but she was holding it in her hand. The feeling of cool silk spread through the fingertips, it was very comfortable.

“That’s not necessarily.”

However, Duoji shook his head and said with some doubt: “Three hundred years ago, we in Ximeng did not have a big ship. There was no sea battle in the land of Hainan. But now, our caravans can sail to far-flung country far away. Besides ironware, f five years ago, our ancestors used bronze wares to fight, and the sword was very fragile. The sword was very fragile. When did the people think that we could forge a three-foot-long iron sword today? Others did not say, say paper. In the past, people used stone carving to use bamboo sticks to make books and use animal skins to make clothes. But now it is? Therefore, technology is constantly evolving. Maybe in a few hundred years or thousands of years, the lady will really appear. It is not known that the aircraft that can fly up to the sky can blow up the cannon of a house.”

Chu Qiao heard a moment of joy, praised and looked at Duoji, and said with a smile: “It’s still a lot of good thinking.”

Duoji is like a little adult, but when faced with Chu Qiao, it is a bit embarrassing. He scratched his head and smiled and said, “Miss, there are several places, I am a bit confused.”

Chu Qiao looked at him with interest: “Let’s talk about it.”

“First of all, I think the principle of the cannon is similar to that of the fireball made by your sister when you were in Yanbei. It is similar to the artillery and bamboo that we bought on the market. I don’t know if there is any relationship between them.”

Chu Qiao felt more and more pleasantly surprised. She nodded and smiled and said: “Duoji is very eager. There is indeed something in common. Cannon and firecrackers are the lowest gunpowder devices. The same is true of the fireball. It is only due to explosions and cracks. The power of crushed ice will be greater, and if it is to achieve the level of artillery, more advanced and more sophisticated technologies are needed. With current iron forging techniques, it is also difficult to achieve.”

Ping An and Jing Jing are plausible listeners. Obviously, they do not understand, and they nod along. But Dorje silently thought for a moment, and then frowned and said: “The Miss said these weapons, I do not think it is like a story, all should be reasonable, but I still do not want to understand how to return thing.”

He frowned, a bitter and deep hatred, like a little old man.

Suddenly asked: “Miss, you asked us to go back yesterday, marshal Jiang and marshal Mao failed and won the reason, I thought about it, I don’t know if it is right?”

Chu Qiao encouraged him: “You said it to me.”

Duoji thought very much for a long time. He seemed to be very hesitant and had great courage before he began to say, “I think that the main reason that Marshal Mao will win will depend on the support of the people.”

When the voice just fell, Ping An immediately objected: “Is not right, I think that the Chiang Kai-shek is too stupid, and all the people under his heart are worried. So many of their own troops have been torn apart, and all have been rebellious, or else.” Will not lose.”

Chu Qiao turned to look at the peace and quietly asked: “Have you ever wondered why Marshal Jiang men will be betrayed?”

“Because,” Ping’An said slightly, he wanted to say that Marshal Jiang was too stupid, but he didn’t think right. He muttered for a long time before he said: “Because Marshal Mao’s strength is great, they are afraid and will be rebelled.”

“Why is the strength of Marshal Mao’s strength soaring? We must know that at the beginning of the war, the ratio of their numbers and their armaments was very disparate.”

Peaceful and silent, he scratched his head for a long time, and he did not show any reason.

Duoji joined the way: “I think Marshal Mao has a few things and is very wise.”

He analyzed very seriously: “This Marshal Mao’s fighting ideology is very brilliant. In the early stages of the fighting, he gave up the city, entered the countryside, and implemented land reforms to distribute the land to the people. In doing so, the people naturally embraced it. He hoped that he would become an emperor and all ran to join the army. His army was getting more and more, but Marshal Jiang was less and less. Even if his weaponry was backward, but many people were powerful and long time, naturally. In addition, Marshal Mao’s army is strictly disciplined and disciplined, and he does not commit any crimes against the people in the fall, and the unity of the army is united in a concerted effort to achieve success. On the other hand, Jiang Xiaoshuai’s men are representatives of great corrupt officials, and are not strict in discipline, are under chaos, and have internal conflicts. The situation may be turbulent, and their armed forces may rely on advanced armaments and military forces to occupy certain advantages in the early stages of the war. However, as the war deepens, they will fail sooner or later.”

After Duoji finished speaking, he saw Chu Qiao did not speak. He suddenly felt a little worried and thought he was wrong. He quickly said, “I think that the confrontation between the two armies is a confrontation between two kinds of ideas and is also a confrontation between the two forces. One is an aristocratic official class, one is an ordinary people class, and the same will be the same as that of the Great War.

As soon as he finished talking, he suddenly realized that he had made a mistake and said that Mei Xiang was peeling lotus seeds and he quickly turned to hint at him.

However, the peace on the side did not hear it, but the interface also asked: “Why did Mr. Wu lose?”

Chu Qiao looked at Duoji, slightly a bit stunned, she always knew that the child was smart, but did not expect him to be so smart to the point that she just told a story to him, but he could see through the essence of war. She nodded in surprise and said to Duoji: “Although it is not comprehensive, it is not easy for you to think about this layer on the head.”

She did not care about Yan Xun but Duoji, she seriously explained: “All kinds of different tactics and fighting ideologies are also necessary to adapt to the times and productivity. The big counterparts will not be better than Mao’s military regime. The firm leadership organization does not have a sound internal system, political ideology is not clear, superb military skills and war strategies are lacking, and Yanbei is different from Huaxia, it does not speak of low productivity, nor has it experienced a war of complete aggression by aliens. The social system has not been completely disintegrated, it is still under the original social system, and the people’s wisdom is not open. The people do not know what the revolution is, and they do not know how to stand up against the oppression on the top of the head. Naturally, they will not make complete plans for the military. Supported, Dorje said very well, and the war in the story was ostensibly a battle between the two parties to fight for leadership. In reality, it was a confrontation between two kinds of ideas. If you ask Yanbei, the idea of ​​freedom is not even It can be conveyed to the people’s ears, so how does Datong use the power of the people to fight against the king of Yan? Therefore, the outcome of defeat is already doomed… “

The three people repeatedly nodded, although Jing Jing and Ping An may not understand what she is saying at all.

Duoji thought for a long time and seemed to remember Chu’s words in his heart. After a long time, he suddenly felt a little frustrated and said: “Miss, like you said, the system is simply not suitable for our present society?”


“Then I think of these, it’s a matter of months.”

Seeing the child’s frustration, Chu Qiao smiled and said very mildly: “Not all of it, the passing of thoughts is not an overnight event. Everything needs a guide, and today you may not be able to mobilize people from all over the world. You can get up together to complete this matter, but you can try to influence some people and slowly pass this kind of thought out, like a kind of fire, a bit of dissemination, and one day it will become a trend.”

Duoji gave a brief glimpse and said suddenly: “Miss, what are you talking about, can you write a book?”

Chu Qiao smiled and took a picture of the child’s head and said, “They can teach.”

Duoji was very happy and cheered. He very excitedly said: “I understand that a thorough war is based on thought. The revolution needs the soil of the theory. If the society wants to progress, it needs to be passed first. Thinking people.”

Mei Xiang stepped forward and told him to give him a bowl of sour plum soup. He said, frowning, “Look at you happy and sweat a lot. Don’t try to pass on thoughts before. Let’s drink my soup first, and it will be hot and in vain. I have a lot of effort.”

Everyone heard the sound of laughter and laughter. Duoji’s handsome face was slightly red and she was embarrassed to sit down.

The sky was getting late, Chu Qiao returned to the room, a few children stunned for a while and went back to bed.

The rain began to patter at night. Chu Qiao squatted by the window and looked at the continuous rain. When he saw the light of Duoji’s room, he could not help but smile.

In an instant, it has been a year and a half.

After leaving Tang Jing that day, how far did they go, they were caught up by these same children who lived in the House of Habitat. They had to take them with them.

Because of the children around him, Chu Qiao gave up her dream of drifting everywhere. He came to the south of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties and found a small town with a relatively quiet and beautiful scenery. The climate here is mild and the life is quiet because it is close to the imperial crown of the Sui and Tang dynasties. Therefore, law and order have always been very good and there are few bandits.

And this place is the hometown of Mr. Silent White of Sui and Tang Dynasties. The ancestral home of Mr. Shen is also here. The academic atmosphere is very strong. Students who are going to take the test often come to see Mr. Shen and take a tour of the landscapes of this small town.

For a long time, this city is known as the academic city.

After Chu Qiao came in with a few people, he bought a hotel in Linhu.

In order to hide from searching eyes, after all, a single woman who lives with a child with three children doing nothing is really dazzling. Secondly, she really wants to find something for himself. If she eats and sleeps all day long, It’s boring enough.

Although not enough to make money, but because of Chu Qiao’s novel management system and excellent health conditions, coupled with the superior geographical location, this “student Inn” even gradually became famous in the local. However, all visitors who come here will use this Inn as their first choice. Every spring and fall exam is always full of people and business is booming.

Time flies, and when she gets up early, Chu Qiao suddenly discovers that there is more silver hair in the temple. Mei Xiang mumbled that because she did not eat well and did not sleep seriously, Chu Qiao smiled, turned around, but see the other side of the hair, but also a few silver light.

This is the body’s irrepressible aging. Although she is only twenty-one years old, her many years of running and fighting, her repeated drifting in the ice and snow, and the pain she suffered when she was young, have caused her young body to prematurely stain her. There are many illnesses. Those aged old wounds will be painful in rainy weather. Knees and other joints will be filled with snow. They are always cold. The eyes begin to have thin crow’s feet and the spirit is getting worse and worse. Tired to sleep.

She turned out to be a jar of medicine as if all parts of her body had problems, and her typhoid fever had visited her almost every month. Many times she was lying in bed and endured the illness. She even suspected that the body was still not her. She felt like a puppet that had been torn apart, and she would have to leave.

Fortunately, life has finally calmed down, there is no longer a bloody war, there is no cruel death, there is no longer a strange and unpredictable game plan, her heart finally calmed down, like a lake, placid.

This year, she seldom asked about the situation outside. But because of the opening of the inn, people coming and going, plus children interested, she will always hear a variety of news.

For example, the marriage of the four sons of the Zhuge family and the long princess of Huai Song Nalan Hongye. It is said that after Zhuge Yue returned to the summer, he readily agreed to the marriage. However, when the great summer champs celebrated, Master Zhuge took out a party and posted a message, claiming that he had passed through his wife’s door in Qinghai, claiming that he has a wife in the Qinghai village, and adhering to the ancestral training of the spoiled wife, the Princess Nalan Hongye can only marry. If you have a baby, you may have the possibility to help your wife.

It was a stone that stirred a thousand layers of waves, and the Huai Song messengers sputtered in time. This event, which would have triggered a huge wave in Ximeng, was also sinking into the water like a stone beneath Zhuge Yue’s brilliant political wrist. Even if the blisters did not excite them, they passed calmly.

Then, the seventh princes, Zhao Che, returned from the northern Xinjiang with the full support of Sima Zhuge Yue, and brought back more than half a million Northern Qijiang cavalrymen. They opened up vast borders and settled the frontier rebellion. The mutual support of Zhuge Yue’s sing and leaps and breaks Zhao Yang’s unique political model, and the court resists the Daxia dynasty.

The Yanbei days were not so good. The Sui and Bian Tang dynasties closed the Nanjiang Waterway. The economic exchange between Yanbei and Huai-Song was interrupted. However, Yanbei was temporarily unable to compete with the Sui and Tang dynasties. After all, Qinghai and Great Summer are two sides of the attack that have already made Yan Bei miserable.

Fortunately, nowadays Zhao Yang is busy competing with Zhao Che, and the military investment in Yanming Guan(mountain) is much lower than it used to be. In a year and a half, the larger-scale attack campaign was organized only once, but it only stayed at Longyi (means Dragon) Guan (mountain). In two days, he quitted the gold and withdrew. It was obviously a show full of water.

The situation is unpredictable and has been devastated.

Presumably Zhao Hao also understands that if there is no threat of Yanbei, Zhuge Yue’s Qinghai army will directly cross the Dragons Pass to kill the Queen of the Great Summer. At that time, his Southwest Army alone could not and Zhao Jie’s Zhuge Ge’s. The two will be in deep confrontation.

So, to a certain extent, Zhao Yang even became an ally with Yan Xun.

Things in the world are really incredible.

However, the most literary and poetry relished, but it is still a luxury marriage of the King Yanbei Yan Xun. 

One year ago, on the occasion of the New Year, Yan Xun held a grand wedding ceremony in the Palatine Palace. He had a total of 18 female ministers, and all of them married in a position of honor. They built a large building after the palace and enriched the harem. The wedding banquet was held on the 18th, and the entire Yanbei people moved to the side to pay homage to the whole party. It was an amazing event.

On the second day of the wedding, the Nada Palace on the sunset was finally completed. Those who had the privilege to visit the palace in Yanbei would describe the spectacle they had seen hundreds of times. The literati and poets also wrote poems and lyrics that were full of sweat cows to praise the beautiful palace.

It is said that the Nada Palace on the Mount of Sunset is built in mid-air and is set on top of a cliff with warm water from the fountain up and down, a colorful garden floating in the air, and a river of wine in the sky. The sun’s gold-carved silver walls. It is a miraculous building. Even the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties, which have thousands of years of history, can’t be compared.

People all over the world know that this palace was once built by King of Yanbei for the beauty General, his only lover. However, since the beautiful general and King Yan Xun broke up on the fire thunder four years ago, this one got up from a slave and repeatedly caused. The legendary woman of the king, the great summer army of Sima, the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and the Three Kingdoms battle completely lost the news and withdrew from Ximeng’s political map.

Some people say that she was married to the royal family in the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. She changed her name and changed her name to stay with the emperor. Some people also said that she is the wife of Daxia’s Sima Zhuge Yue. He is currently leading troops in Qinghai. Others said that she had returned to Yanbei and now lived in the magnificent Nada Palace.

However, all the rumors are just speculations. No one will know that the legendary woman now runs a small inn in the small town on the southern tip of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. Every morning and evening, she will go for a walk along the shore of Lake Jialing and chat with some old people who are playing chess.

Suddenly, life suddenly became simple. In many cases, she was reluctant to think about it again. However, sometimes she still remembered the story told to the teenager many years ago in that dilapidated courtyard.

“The king built an air penthouse for his beloved woman, where there is a fountain of warm water flowing from the bottom up, a colorful garden floating in the air, a river of mellow blue wine, and a golden silver wall of the sun. The Sky Garden finally became a world heritage attraction, symbolizing the king’s never-changing love for the lover.”

Halfway through life, someone stopped and someone passed by. Someone forgot their own way. Some people couldn’t find the direction of advancement. Even if there were occasional reminiscences in the memories, how could they recover the feeling that had passed away?

It’s a sleepless night when the rain hits the plantain in front of the window.

Chu Qiao was only asleep when the sky was very bright, and he had already gone up three times when he woke up. Mei Xiang is now the instinct of the inn, and she is always busy. Today’s son Wu’s wife is not in the yard.

When we opened the window, we saw the sky was clear, and there was no cloud in the blue sky. Two yellow baboons stood on the banyan tree in the yard, and the screaming was cheerful.

Chu Qiao wore a white, moon-white pair of blouses. Below was a lavender flowering dress. Her hair was loose and she looked refreshed and elegant. When she opened the door, she saw that Duoji was sitting on the stone desk in the yard and wrote something. Jingjing fanned on the side of him and was lethargic. His eyes were still open and he kept insisting. As always, Ping’Ans is not at home, nor does he know where to go and play.

Duoji is 18 years old this year. He is tall and handsome and looks different from the grasslands of Yanbei. He looks like a scholar with a very heavy book in Jiangnan. This age is already old enough to have a wife and children.

Jingjing has also been fifteen years old. The little girl is very clear-minded and follows the back of other people’s buttocks like a little heeler.


When he heard the sound, Jingjing opened his eyes and cried with joy.

“Miss woke up.”

Duoji stood up and quickly took things off the stone table, a bit embarrassed to step back.

Chu Qiao knew what he was doing, and he did not say anything. He just came and arranged for him some disorganized clothes. She frowned and said: “Learning is not a matter of two days. What time did you sleep last night? So early?”

Duoji is a bit embarrassed. The 18-year-old young man is head down like a child. The lack of enough sleep gives birth to black eyes like a giant panda.

“It is!”

Jing Jing followed the complaint afterwards: “Every day he sat writing and writing, he  would not go out to play with me.”

“Jingjing Duoji!”

Ping’An rushed to the city while yelling, and saw Chu Qiao hurriedly and cheerfully: “My sister, today is the Lotus Festival. The outside is lively. The lotus pond is open all night long. Don’t you go and see it?”

Jingjing heard a happy moment, the color of the excited face, but turned to look at Duoji, but see Duoji not too concerned about the appearance, obviously not very much want to go.

Chu Qiao met and chuckled: “Okay, let’s go and join in the fun.”

Dorje listened, frowning said: “There must be a lot of people on the street, and the lady is not good.”

“Dorge! It’s rare for my sister to go out and distract, don’t disappoint.”

Jingjing pushed his arm and said with a pout.

Duoji said with no help: “Miss wait a minute, I will change clothes and go with you.”

Jingjing and Ping An’s happy high-five, also like two children who did not grow up.

Four people soon out of the door, Duoji put on a white student gown, looks handsome, very handsome.

He covered a bamboo umbrella over the top of Chu Qiao to prevent the sun from hurting her. The two walked together as if they were people in the painting. Jingjing carrying a small basket filled with herbal tea and cakes, like a small bowl.

She frowned at Doji and Chu Qiao and suddenly said loudly, “Sister, I don’t have to comb my eyes again.”

A few people are walking and suddenly heard her say this suddenly.

“As a child, I am fifteen and I should grow up.”

Chu Qiao could not help but smile, which would not know her thoughts, smiled slightly: “Yes ah, Jingjing grew up, you can marry.”

He retched with a fork, squeezing his face with his index finger, and said: “It is not harmful.”

The two children suddenly ran in one place and ran up insanely.

At the time of the day, the Lotus on the spring lotus pond was all open. The green and white patches of pink and white were everywhere. The breeze passed away, the fragrance was sweet, the sweet smells and the ten winds and lotuses were hidden under the blue sky and clear water. The wind and fog towers, the shadows of Hongjuan (means great and beautiful), and the gorgeous blue waters…

Chu Qiao is in a good mood today and simply rents a boat. Of course, Jingjing is very happy, and Duoji can’t bear to sweep Chu’s interest. The four people got on the boat, and the Duoji Station stood on the stern, and the boat slowly left the shore, and went to the lotus leaf that took over the sky.

Flowing water swaying, Jing Jing sitting on the bow happy to separate the lotus leaves by hand, boat passing, duckweed floating, the boat over, complex and close together, the water picked up from shallow to shallow, several people’s sporadic floating into the breeze, with a burst of flying hair, it swept her earlobe lightly.

He has a lot of picking lotuses. He doesn’t like to eat lotus seeds. He is as busy as stealing money. After a while, the boat is full of lotus and green.

Chu Qiao’s mood widened, taking a deep breath, only feeling that the lungs in the lungs were spit out with breathing, and the body was lighter.

“Ah! There are fish!”

Jing Jing suddenly called out loudly, and Ping’An quickly probed to see the past, only to hear a bang, a red koi jumped out of the water, slipped through a curved arc, splashed a large number of splashes in the face of several people.

Duoji returned and watched the two laughing and joking in the bow. Slowly paddling oars, slender figure reflected in the lake, clothes fluttering, the plains and wide sleeves, relaxed posture, is already a handsome chic son.

Chu Qiao looked at him and smiled softly.

They are all grown up, and only they always treat them as children.

“Duoji, you have been out for almost two years, don’t want to go back to the country to see?”

Duoji heard a slight glimpse, and then some unnatural smiles: “After a while.”

Chu Qiao nodded, thoughtfully: “Yes, now that the border battles are complicated, walking is indeed inconvenient.”

“Ye.” Duoji nodded. “There is no war in the northern part of Yanbei. They lived back to the mountains for several decades. They have been safe and sound. He was very relieved. It was only the young lady who lived here with her peace. If I were After leaving, how can I put my heart down?”

Chu Qiao suddenly stunned, could not help but smile: “Do you have anything to worry about us?”

Douji shook his head, not to mention the reason, but murmured: “I don’t worry.”

“Haha, grab it!”

Suddenly, only Jingjing laughed loudly and picked up a pink lotus flower bowl and stood up. He turned to Chu Qiao and said, “Sister, is it beautiful?”

Saying, we must run here.

Chu Qiao was shocked and quickly shouted: “Be careful!”

However, the voice just fell and the boat suddenly turned.

“Jing jing sit down!”

Ping’An shouted, the hull shook more and more powerful, Jing Jing panicked and cried. At this time, I saw the hull suddenly fall to the side. Dodge opened the paddle and rushed toward Chu Qiao. One pulled her and listened to the other, and Jing Jing finally fell into the lake.


The snow-white water splashed into the sky, and the safety jumped into the lake immediately afterwards.

“Ping’An, swim over.”

Duoji reached out and pulled the white Jingjing with the peace. The little girl was scared and white, and she leaned into Chu’s arms and bit her lip for a while.

“so stupid!”

Duoji shouts.

Jingjing listened and cried with a grin.

“Duoji, don’t say it.”

Duoji reprimanded him: “Jingjing is still young.”

Chu Qiao patted Jing Jing’s back and said with a smile: “Silly girl, can’t I swim? Why are you still crying?”

Jingjing heard the words immediately and even cried and forgot, and after a while, suddenly embarrassed smile, said: “I forgot.”

Ping’An can not stand shouting: “Stupidly dead stupid death!

Fortunately, the clothes she wore in the summer were thin, and even after doing a round trip on the lake, they were almost all dry. However, when this happened, several people lost their interest and went to shore. They planned to go home.

Who knows that he just walked ashore, and the man in his 20s and more than 20 years old suddenly faced him, and when he passed by Chu Qiao, one person suddenly ate an ambitious leopard and reached out and reached out to Chu Qiao’s cheek.

What kind of skill Chu Qiao, how can easily be his wish, a quick flash of a body, let the man rushed empty.

“Huh?” The man was dressed in a white and pink robe of students and said that the discourse was frivolous. He smiled and said to some other people, “The little lady is slippery enough!”

Everyone heard it and shouted with laughter.

Chu Qiao’s brow furrowed slightly, and he saw Jing Jing suddenly stepping forward and said in angrily: “Shameless! You’re looking for death!”

The man hadn’t noticed Jing Jing before. At the moment, he saw a younger girl who was younger. Happy, he laughed and said, “This is a good figure. Although it’s tender, it’s enough.”


Ping’Ans little face flushed and turned to look at her.

Chu Qiao reluctantly sighed and said, “Come on, don’t make trouble.”

The cheers rang out in peace, and then they did not wait for the other people to respond. It was like a tiger.

Just listened to the sound of a bang and the pain struck. The young man suddenly felt like a sandbag. His chest was hit hard and the entire man flew out.

Jing Jing met with his brother and moved his hand to throw away the small basket in his hand and rushed forward. Several men also followed more than a dozen guards and saw that the master was hurriedly rushed forward under the bully. Jing Jing swung in and swept one by one and knocked them over. The wrong hands, a man holding a man’s arms, clasped, and then turned over a shoulder fell, the moment the arm dislocated, the pig-like screams sounded.

He kicked a man’s waist on his back, and walked up the mountaineering step and jumped up. His feet locked a man’s chin and snorted. He saw the whole person flying and fell to the ground like a dead dog…

More and more people, after all, Jingjing is the first time to really start with people, and gradually become somewhat stretched, so that they are safe and healthy, they are invincible, and they are hit and kicked. After a while, five people have already fallen, and all have lost their fighting power.

At this time, some people noticed that Chu Qiao and DuoJi, who stood by and watched the battle, sneaked in with a cheap psychology. However, before they got close, they saw a shadow disappearing suddenly!

Shot! Buckle! Take the wrist!

Duoji squatted, standing quietly, even if the standing position did not change, the sound of the wrong bones suddenly sounded. The wrists were pushed and pushed, and the strong man suddenly screamed, his hands and bones were twisted and twisted, and the heartbreaking screams shouted.


A squeaky sound, Jingjing a standard vacant sidekick, a man who was attacking Ping’an was kicked, and suddenly slammed on the ground, can no longer climb.

With the fall of the latter person, I saw only a small street, a dozen people fell to the ground, no one could climb up intact.

Jingjing proudly clap his hands and shouted: “Live it! Give you a long-term lesson, and see if you dare not do bad things in the future.”

The onlookers’ surnames immediately praised the cheers, and the peace was very good. However, in the blink of an eye, Chu Qiao had already turned away with the company’s company, and he quickly caught up with Jingjing.

People looked at the figure of a few people, leaving amazement.

Under the lake willow tree, a 27-year-old young man was wearing a white gown and quietly looked at the direction of several people leaving. His eyes were far-reaching and he had not left for a long time.

After returning home, I saw Mei Xiangzheng standing at the door, anxiously watching and watching, and saw a few of them, and quickly ran up and ran up, but also a series of long beggars.

Dorje told her to report to her today’s record, scared Mei Xiang Qiao face white and bursts of red, straight to the Ping’An and Jingjing is to blame.

Dinner four dishes and one soup, there are a lot of people, sitting together. Wu mother does not, Mei Xiang is rare to cook, Chu Qiao was forced to eat a bowl of rice before doing the number.

In the evening, a few people sat down under the tree to cool down. Chu Qiao was a little tired today, and there was a ride that didn’t take a ride.

Mei Xiang said while embroidering: “There is a miracle today. The flower mother-in-law of Dongjie ran to me to talk about the media, saying that it was necessary to protect the media for Mr. Song’s only son in Nancheng. I gave it a pass.”

Jingjing heard a smile and said: “Haha, I want to eat swan meat, what is their family, and dare to call my sister’s idea.”

Mei Xiang looked up at her strangely and said, “When did I say that they came to ask Miss?”

“Ah? Did they see Mei sister?”

Mei Xiang reached out and took a look at the head of Jingjing, saying: “Little fool, people are watching you, to give you a match.”

The voice just fell, Jingjing’s face suddenly red, and quickly shouted: “Bastard bastard! Look at the next time I met Song Laotou’s son, do not interrupt his legs!”

“People can look good on you, and they are still hypocritical.”

Ping An is eating an apple and said mumblingly.

Mei Xiang shook his head and said: “In fact, Mr. Song’s son is also good, but also a meritorious person, ordinary gentle, I heard that this fall will participate in the entrance examination. However, it is not enough to think of Jing Jingjing, Dodge this year also eighteen If you wait until next year, you will have a happy event.”

When this statement came out, everyone suddenly saw a glimpse of the face of Jingjing, but it was just a low head, but there was no refutation as before.

Duoji frowned slightly, and some said uncomfortably: “Mei Xiang, who said that I want to get married with Jingjing?”

Mei Xiang’s eyebrows sighed and said, “Is this still used? Who doesn’t know?”

Duoji got up and said unpleasantly: “I don’t know.”

Say, turn and return to the room.

Several people are all scolded and do not know what to say, and even Ping’An is silly.

Jing Jing eyes red, suddenly stood up and ran into his room.

“I, what am I saying wrong?”

Mei Xiang was stunned and quickly stood up and went to Jing Jing’s room.

“What’s the matter with my sister?”

Chu Qiao opened her eyes and looked at the empty courtyard lightly. She did not speak.

The night wind was warm, and the cry of the cries sounded, and the calling people were so upset.

In the evening, when suddenly someone knocked on the door of Chu Qiao, Chu Qiao had not slept. She put on his clothes to open the door, but Jing Jing stood in the doorway with tears on his face.

When I saw Chu Qiao, the little girl suddenly cried and threw herself into Chu Qiao’s arms, so she was not sad.

Chu Qiao took her into the room, so that a comfort, Jingjing has been crying and not talking. After about an hour or so, I finally stopped and took a ride.

“Okay, don’t cry, Duoji is just a joke.”

Jing Jing stood up and wiped his head and shook his head: “It’s not a joke.”

Chu Qiao naturally understands but does not bear to hurt her heart, still comforted her: “Do not think too much.”

“I actually knew it.”

Jing Jing lowered his head and muttered, “Duoji does not like me, and Duoji likes her sister.”

Chu Qiao heard a sudden embarrassment and frowned. “What are you talking about?”

“I didn’t talk nonsense.” Jing Jing raised his head and his little face was a big one. He looked very pathetic. She said obstinately: “I saw Duoji secretly painting the portrait of her sister and hiding under the pillow.”

Chu Qiao’s brow wrinkled deeper and he did not speak for a long time.

“But I also know that my elder sister is not fond of the odds. The elder sister likes people and is the person who sent her sister Yu Pei.”

The little girl finished her tears and walked out of the room. The moon outside the window was big and round. She came in through the window and was bright.

A whole body of white Yupei quietly placed next to the pillow, bright, bright jade.

Sleepless nights, on the second day, someone knocked on the door of the small courtyard. The Tsing Yi book boy respectfully and politely stood in the doorway and said politely: “Is there someone at home? My son has something to ask for.”


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