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I am Angel Chua or call me AC, I created and set up this page as a one-stop-corner to welcome all fans of Princess Agents in the entire world and to help all types of fans like

the ready to kill fans (because everyone would like to be kind and not kill the director and writers if they should just retain the original cast of the drama series and adapt the novel),

the dying fans (because the ending of the drama series was really a heartbreaker and fans died when Ywuen Yue died lol),

the forever heartbroken fans (because some of the character has to leave and cannot join in season two like Yue Qi, Wei Shuye and worst if Yuwen Yue really died? lol),

the moving on fans (if Yuwen Yue died then they can only hope for Yan xun or Prince Xiao Ce to continue the leading man role of Chu Qiao), 

the hyperactive fans (these fans cannot sleep or eat without sneaking updates for Princess agents or replaying the entire drama series),

the animal lovers fans (because they were only after for the part if Yuwen Parrot will still be part of Princess Agents season two since his master will no longer return to the green hills courtyard)

crybaby fans ( because they are selective and wants to remember the hardcore drama whose crying is the only thing that makes them feel alive in this world),

the extra mile fans ( because they already saved all drama videos, and they still sneak in to the casts profiles and fetch some photos and videos and replay to all over again, lol),

the bookworm fans ( because they re-read the entire novel again and still hungry for more and searches for different genre to satisfy their cravings, I registered in this club lol)

Did I forget other types of fans here? Shoot me a message lol

This is to understand what will be the coming updates to Princess Agents Season two as Princess Agents Season one was just completed. I also thought that since the ending was a cliff-hanger in a bloody ice lake, fans all over the world was left hanging and so I have created two “qubes” for it for those bookworm fans who would like to read the novel in the closest english translation possible. If I may call this “the NIV of Princess Agents” lol. Also it is also important to know that there are plots in the drama that were not included in the original novel as some character (not all) names were also changed in the drama series. I have also provided two qubes for the past and future recaps (courtesy of ddmcmc please visit her site) for those fans who would like to aide their hearts and what can they look forward for Princess Agents season two but then again, it only follows if the directors or screen writer’s would adapt to it. Sharing also my partner sites for Sue Lee’s spoiler’s and their Yuris Salvatorre alternative ending sites to provide another genre and do not get bored as you read the trilogy volume of Princess Agents. Videos for the character reviews are also available while you are reading you may play in duplicate tab, just don’t forget to unmute. Teasers and updates another qube and planning to put some fans corner’s and feature their favorite casts of Princess Agents. For those internationals, who would like for a copy of the translated novel in their language please do not hesistate. 

Everyday I add 1 chapter a day to give ample time to readers to chew the novel at its best. I have added a music background (Traditional chinese youtube video) to the Chu Qiao Chuan Biogrpahy novel, you may play it while reading. I also added afterthoughts for those readers who dropped me a message and asking some critical points in the novel, it will enlighten as much as teach us also a lesson. Lastly, I added a new qube for the “Novel bites” from each chapter. These qoutes can be good to reflect upon and your takeway after you read the novel. 

For the love of Princess Agents and an avid fan like you.

Many thanks, To’xia, Xie xie, Muchas gracias


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11 Agent’s Princess

Trilogy Novel

Author: Xiaoxiang Donger


“11 agent’s princess” (Chu Qiao Chuan novel) is an agent through overhead novels. Tells a story about love and beliefs, modern high-end special female soldiers to bear the blood of the King of Yan North descent. The king of Qinghai, the blood of such as iron Yan North King, tolerance refused to Princess Huai Song, cynical Bian Tang prince … … when the moral encounter of love and hatred and the choice of common people in search for peace and bring down the slavery system.

Adapted to the TV series ” princess agent Chu Qiao Chuan”, starring Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Dou Xiao, Li Qin in June 5, 2017 televised at Hunan Satellite TV “Diamond Theater” broadcast.