Chua Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Chapter 021-030

Based on the original novel

11 agents princess by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua  

 Chapter 001-010

 Chapter 011-020 

CHAPTER 021 Crooked


“Star child,” the man with flattering smile full of concealment of worries and embarrassment, eight-year-old girl standing on the hillside, a white fox small vest, eyes shiny, looking Jiaoqiao (means pleasing maid like every men’s desire) and lovely.

“Please choose which horse you want.”

Chu Qiao looked at the front of more than a dozen horses and saw all of the pony and none of them is sure-footed and tractable, the coats are clean and their color reveals that they were kept indoors more than they are exposed outdoors. The child put her foot in the snow and drawing some circles in the deep shallow ice, playing and shaking the whip, pretending her tantrums said: “I do not want any of the pony, I want a real big horse.”

Zhu Cheng was a bit flustered. Quickly Song Lian stepped forward to speak as he nodded and said: “Star girl to ride in a real horse, it is a small matter. “Pssst! You riders, bring her a real horse, there are few good ones I know, remember a “big” horse.

Song Lian emphasized the word “big” in his accent and two of the horse stable nursing homes suddenly realized what he meant was, a kung fu, brought five tall horses and pull it out. Chu Qiao went to see and making some childish face indicating her disapproval. This group of horses are of their old age and won’t be able to race. She turned to Song Lian and said: “these horses look sturdy and I am still just a kid and not good as you yet to ride them, I should practice first, I know your horse stable nursing homes have some first time horse that is perfect for first timers like me. So please bring me an eye-opener trainable horse.”

Song Lian tightly frowned, his face collapsed like he wanted to spank a child, Zhu Cheng puzzled urging: “Come, these are good horses and you don’t like it? Earlier you are just rushing to come and see them?”

Song Lian’s heart turned bitter and was speechless, he wasn’t able to say that to his ancestors and if he did they would kill him if he did not come. Feeling humiliated, his hand touched the old horse drowsy head and hold its neck, he patted it twice, and then carefully stepped on the pedal to ride its back, as if the horse is like a thin paper for fear that a small lapse will cause him to fall and collapse against his body.

With its strength standing still and not falling down, Song Lian was somewhat relieved, smiled and said: “Today, snowfall is still thick and you star child girl is still small, first day is done and we are not in a hurry to learn so go back and let’s ride again tomorrow. ”

Zhu Cheng nodded about to agree to Song Lian when Chu Qiao suddenly stepped forward, dauntlessly facing the horse butt suddenly slapped it, she gave a mischievous smile and an excited voice said: “You said too much, run! first round, I watch and learn!”

The horse was extremely surprised when its butt were slapped, it did not run but lifted its hoof as high as its chest, its hoof slipped and was out balanced. Song Lian who was caught on surprise and horror fell to the snowy ground. Without warning Song Lian body was thrown to ice as horse was planted down, one head into the snow, and exposed only two boots on top.

There were bystanders and horse trainers near and suddenly went on emergency call, they ran up, Zhu Cheng frowned looking at Song Lian lying on the snow with his boots up and he is little bit annoyed, he said: “Oh I see, is this how you show fourth young master best horses? Are you serious in keeping the master’s order?”

“A slave shouldn’t dare to be here,” Song Lian was rolling to climb up, quickly said: “small child absolutely have no idea, but even if she is a star child she is still young girl at age, we dare not pull the elite warrior horses.”

Zhu Cheng nodded his head and said: “This is also true, star child, you are still small, on your first ride try pony first, alright?

“Zhu Cheng star child’s big brother said you will be riding a pony.” The child raised her head, pink face, a pair of eyes twinkled, very cute.

Zhu Cheng clever and know how to command like his big brother, turned around and directed at Song Lian glanced his eyes: “Stand up and pull the pony faster!”

Song Lian still limping he pulled the pony horse, Zhu Cheng once again turned his attention to the voice of Chu Qiao on the horse, the child bowed his head, smiling and said: “Big brother, Song Lian won’t be able to ride, let ‘s walk around, here, hold the reins.”

Song Lian quickly nodded with his head down. This pony is very well-behaved, followed by Song Lian slowly walked behind. After a while, the effort of the two were already more than a hundred steps away, Song Lian looked up and laughed: “Star child girl, this horse is not bad. Not so long before, the Seventh Miss told me that if someone would like to ride this pony I should not give it to anybody else except her.

“Oh this is the favorite pony of the Seventh Miss, how can you let star child ride on it? This is not right.”

Song Lian suddenly a wide grin on his teeth, laughed: What the girl said: “Seventh Miss although she is the general’s daughter her status between the fourth young master is not comparable. But in your case, star child girl status is like between heaven and earth without fourth young putting you as VIP, still if you compare your status with Seventh Miss, they are more noble. ”

“Is that so?” The child smiled and said, “I don’t know I have such a high regard from the fourth young master, but earlier did you forgot what you did was to fool me and told the people I am done today.” 

Song Lian’s face suddenly turned pale, Chu Qiao’s eyes became cold, on one of his sleeves he took an arrow with lightning speed bitterly inserted in the pony’s butt went on shock, it jolted with a long hissing pain, the pony kicked the chains of Song Lian and rushed away to run fast!

The child suddenly startled, she shouted: “Song Lian! What have you done?

Zhu Cheng and others far from view were surprised that pony was on the fast run, everyone was on red alert, they ran up fast and they yelled to catch up the pony but four legged beast is unbelievably running fast.

“Come on, get rid of the stars!” Zhu Cheng commanded on the star child code name.

More than a dozen horses flying swiftly, Chu Qiao pretended on panic mode her eyes are waiting to see and looking for a safe foothold.

At this time, a rider with brown-yellow to grey-red horse fell from the sky, instantly. A not so familiar white handsome face, eyes such in tension looked chinky,  a trace of a shiny lips, a dark purple embroidered flowery robe, rushed, to catch up the pony horse like a lightning bolt. He took out a sword and flagrantly pointed it in between the eyes of pony. When pony’s attention was caught, it stopped almost a sudden, then a Yang (means masculine) figure Kaida (means came in to brawl) and looked Li (means powerfully) shaking his head in crazy rejection!

Almost an instant, is a flying whip swoop the child’s little waist and whole people rolled down!

“Yan Xun in his color lake green pants inside a flowery robe, face looking handsome and showing his white beautiful teeth with Chu Qiao still with the tamed pony on his side, looking at her with devious eyes and still in his excitement he said: “Its such a rush,you dumbfound colt!”


Meanwhile, from a snowy cold distance was Zhuge Yue pulling out the pony’s sleeve arrows  then thrown a cold look to the Song Lian, a servant on his side he ordered: “drag him down, send it to the palm of the hand to Seventh Zhu. (which is Yue Qi)

Two guards suddenly rushed forward, with ropes they tied the hands of Song Lian wrestled: “fourth young master, I did not… …”

Momentarily, a green light robe is approaching and with Yan Xun’s madness unstoppable moved to give a flying kick to Song Lian while he is begging his life with Zhuge Yue.  Song Lian caught in surprised, vomited a mouthful of blood and his yellow teeth fell to the ground. Zhuge Yue brow slightly wrinkled, turned his head, and gave a narrowed eyes to Yan Xun.

The crown prince was so full of fury but still lacking some seriousness he said: “If this is the kind of slave in Yan, his hands were already been axed by now” Yan Xun sweetly smiled and said: “The fourth young master is exceedingly patient and to his palm where he buries and sharpens the axes before chopping it off” said Yan Xun to frighten and add more injury to Song Lian and to teach everyone a lesson not to repeat the incident. He also told the fourth young master: I assume fourth young master will be more compassionate but said it a voice that is sarcastically the opposite meaning. 

Zhuge Yue Qingheng (means in a neutral tone) affirms in a soft loud voice he said: “Where can you find Yan Shi Zi skill, and maybe true, I am too compassionate now that it is really awkward to roll heads here.”

Yan Xun waved, smiled and said: “Hey look at me I am just intruder here, in comparison with fourth young master who knows how to give orders to his marshals given he is still young.

Zhuge Yue meaninglessly nodded, waved with the sight of Song Lian mouthful of bleeding as his servants dragged the scamp to the palm.

“Yan Shi Zi, thank you for your assistance when you sent lost horse back to the government, but after such things is the servants duty, why should the trouble of this world be on the crown prince. If not too busy, I want to send an invite to the prince for a meal.” Yue is not too pressing.

Yan Xun smiled as if he didn’t bother at Yue’s advance call invitation, turned to leave, but before leaving with Chu Qiao on his side, he whispered: “cruel little girl, you let Yue chop a head today.” and left with his king horse Blast, marching.

Chu Qiao startled a moment, looked up, surprised to see Yan Xun nothing like the way before, posture tall and straight, on his good graces looks like a real king and not anymore like a hippie, rascal prince of Yan. She’s wondering where is that bully face of him came from?

“Star child,” in low voice behind her back saw Zhuge Yue looking ugly, eyes like a knife over her body, slowly said: “Come back with me.”

Chu Qiao slightly sighed, another both lucky and unlucky day for her. She must first think how to explain this to her master just in case the foxy master is going to ask her.

Eight-year-old child was pulled down behind Zhuge Yue, being absent minded at the moment, she began to quickly compile her tragic bullying past years, she missed Zhuge Yue eyes on her but catch a glimpse of it and it felt like her esteem went up but she doesn’t know why she feels this way. She thought what is this all about?


afterthoughts – Talking about bromance, heads will roll, thrill and knowing more about Zhuge Yue’s character and Yan Shi Zi is so much fun. In this chapter ,all three of them were portrayed. The author really giggled my heart and brought me back to puppy love days where Zhuge Yue is having a green eyed monster moments, seriousness, still cold but became loud on this chapter while Yan Shi Zi is the scampy, rascal, bully, savior prince and Chu qiao the clever and smarty girl. Zhuge Yue took Chu Qiao’s attention back to him when she was mesmerizing the back of Yan Xun. I was thrilled. The novel even says Yuwen Yue is throwing an eye to chu qiao like a knife what a funny day for the three of them.**

Chapter 022 Slightly suspicious


For a long time the room was quiet and the wind gently blowing outside. The flower pots expends some misty fragrance like fog and hushed her faint hair.

Its really been a while and the child is still standing still and she thought people may have forgotten her or may have fallen asleep. Curious about the situation she carefully sneaked and took a stolen glance to the room only to meet a pair of darker eyes than hers.

Chu Qiao cannot turn back, so she bit her lips, hushed and called: “Fourth young master..”

“Tell me, will you lie to me?”

The young master is sitting at the side of tea light candle, slowly drinking tea, said in a husky light voice.

Indeed, Chu Qiao is only a child, her heart cold but stable, her face was somewhat scared when she approach the young master she quickly said: “Star child dare not lie.”

“Really?” Zhuge Yue looked down and said: “Then I am all ears.”

“On the fourth day of  the last month, the princes and a group of small female slaves was taken by young master Zhuge Huai at the hunting field. When the incense turned to ashes, an arrow was shot signaling the hunting game is over. Only one child was left standing that day. Star child got worst injuries and may have died but it survived like the grass and stayed at the Hongshan courtyard where star child found her relatives, but her relatives were killed, star child came back very afraid so to take advantage of the time  she packed up and fled.” Jing Yuer child (Chu Qiao) reminisced the past with a dagger in her heart  and was bleeding at the moment. 

“Did you really runaway?” Zhuge Yue slightly raised his eyebrows: “You grew up in Zhuge  household just a few years ago but three years ago, Jingjia children were put to ashes. Am I right to think you have no more relatives inside left? You are young and did you try to escape earlier?”

Slightly surprised a moment, she gazed on Zhuge yue then on small child voice said: “Star child have one small Xiao Ba left, I just do not want to stay there and die so I left her. Young master may feel star child is questionable, but a person can only live once, star child’s life in the eyes of others are worthless, but in the eyes of star child it is priceless.”

“Star child did not escape where she found Song Lian nursing horse stable. On the contrary, Song Lian humiliated me today, he met me for once but dislike me and showed he can harm me at any moment. I did not retaliate in spite of what he did but what I am sure of, his vicious character was found out today.”

“Yes, it is, back to the palm he is really in trouble for days.” Zhuge Yue drank tea, his voice is flat slowly said: “Then will you forget that he played you out?”

Chu Qiao stunned, saw Zhuge Yue eyes sharp, like a snake, suddenly bowed her head and said: “Master, to be honest star child memory may not forget because the incident was not a long time ago, it just happened recently.”

“Your memory is sharp,” Zhuge Yue nodded his head and said: “So, will you not forget that someone encouraged me to kill a child or will you not forget that Zhu Shun sent your family to Jile Pavilion or will you remember someone who killed your sister?

Chu Qiao’s heart skipped a bit, but instead of reasoning out she did not raise her head but doing the kowtow gesture and cried bitterly said, “Master, star child remembers it all and may never forget,  but star child clearly aware of her identity and her status as slave, she knows what can the masters do and don’t have the ability to fight.

“did you mean patience is a virtue, if that ability comes to you one day you will pursue your avenge, right?”

Suddenly the child gazed up, frightened and exclaimed: “fourth young master!”

“You do not have to deny. The first time I saw you, I knew that you were definitely an unusual child, and there was a lot of things in your eyes that I could see.”

Star child welling in tears, did not dare to say upfront and instead she said: “Young master what would star child do. Will star child should go to kill in the name of Jingjia sisters and settle for a revenge? Star child is  still young, even if the heart occasionally hate, but also know what to do and should not do.  The Jing household was annihilated where thousand of people died in just one night of fight. Star child was not a daughter of the lowest servant but belonged from the noble one, now turned into a slave, if I should hate who I am now, then I would have to hate Golden Palace of the emperor or should I walk into the shoes of  hatred from the Presbyter elders and hate the home of the Huang Tian Army? Master, star child do not have such ability. I just want to live well, those things are too heavy for a child to bear. As a slave, I have work to do so I cannot afford to spend time on thinking of hatred thoughts.

The child kowtow on the ground, her small spine straight, firmly hanging head, but that thin shoulders cannot hide its trembling, she seems very afraid that she wanted to wail in front of her master but held back her grief to herself.

Zhuge Yue’s eyes looked back and forth in the child’s body, eyes are sharp, and finally the child let go of her grief she softly whispered and bitterly sobbing her face down to the mat of the floor. Zhuge Yue put down the tea lamp, leaning on the soft couch, he bent down and touched her delicate face then slowly said: “You may get up.”

The child still trembling and bit her lips, her eyes wide open, flushed with tears.

Zhuge Yue saw the eyes of the child, see her little, pink face, small fist tightly twitching and withholding as if he also wanted to share her grief but maintained his hard look and composure. Jing Yuer looks like a grievous little beast, very poor, the young master could not help but sigh as this moment of illegal channels may hear out the young master of their own experience and is more than intrigues now, it is really a cup that casts a shadow for knowing the truth of this child.

“Well, count me, I wronged you, so you are allowed to cry now.”

This has been regarded as a disguised apology, and Zhuge Yue’s is the young master who is not known for being polite, but the child is still stubborn standing on the same place, gazing on his disguised eyes that cannot hide its woe, her eyes refuses to drop a tear.

Zhuge Yue his usual self of irritability did not show this time but instead he waved and said: “Go on, do not stand in this eye.”

Chu Qiao a bit annoyed turned around without saying a word as she just wanted to go back.


afterthoughts- although a cliff-hanger chapter I cried on the part that  she was giving details to Zhuge Yue about her past. And to admit it in front of his master is both risky and emotional. But it seems that Zhuge Yue knows it all before he confronted Chu Qiao, and just wants to hear it with her own voice. Understanding what illegal channels are all about, normally a young master in the noble clans in ancient China always have company inside their rooms who watches and guards for them. Meaning nothing is done or said in secret or the popular cliche: The walls have ears. In this chapter, Zhuge Yue waited for right time in purpose that is why Chu Qiao just stood still in his room for quite sometime. Maybe the timing was in a deep night which it is usually midnight and illegal channels are not active they were able to talk freely and openly. I would like to think that Zhuge Yue already expected this to happen, thus, he already made himself ready before Chu Qiao does. Zhuge Yue seems to have been looking at Chu Qiao’s eyes very often or watching her closely as the author revealed this side of Yue – … and there was a lot of things in your eyes that I could see.” Zhuge Yue was somewhat  afraid of being spotted on his soft side as it may be taken for abuse so he is maintaining a poker face but a disguised apology already made him reveal his soft spot to Chu Qiao thus stirring some kind of annoying to her because he is not that usually polite. In this chapter the author also revelaed that Jing Jia Yuer child (Chu Qiao) originally did not came from descendants of slave but of noble origin. She counted herself not an adopted one but one of the real Jing blood sister which to me another different angle from the drama series.


Chapter 023 To heal the wounds

Zhuge Yue commanded her. The child heard and stopped but did not turn around.

Zhuge Yue on  his boots with the soft bear skin in the carpet slowly walked quietly from the side of the drawer and took out a small celadon (a jade green color ware) bottle. Then he reached out to the child’s shoulder because he wants to face him, but his fingers feel a bit stubborn then hang on air he hesitated to come near to the child. Zhuge Yue raised his brow and he said: I saw a child who is as hard as the wall with her body, and she does not want to turn around.

Older than Chu Qiao, Zhuge Yue with a little force, he finally stretched his two arms to pull the child’s shoulder.

On his sight, is a little bit full of tears and grief show in the eyes of Chu Qiao, on her sight is red eyes that met his, and when the tears stopped the more fierce she look like.

“Well, do not cry,” he said in a few words. The youngster frowned and said: “No one is perfect including you, so everybody have their own mistakes, isn’t it?

“The only mistake she made is the young master let her learn how to ride its horse and I should have learned well and she should not let anyone be provoked .” The child finally made a humor, she said it while sobbing and talking back confidently to his master that she almost have her nose spilling common colds on her mouth. 

Zhuge Yue slightly frowned, took out his handkerchief and in a gentleman’s way, he rubbed the child’s face of her tears and while rubbing he said: “You have reason, you lost my horse, and today you almost risked your life to a good desert snow horse, and are you saying they were right?

“No, not the people who rode to their horses to catch me but maybe Yan Shizi, Yan Shi Zi has lost his horse and then now its back, he made up things to deceive me about his horse is lost I am feeling guilty and I have all listened to his words .” The child was silly, tears falling down making Zhuge Yue handkerchief wet. Zhuge Yue just wanted to comfort the child, he found himself patting the hands of the child and facing the child wiping her stuffy nose mixed in tears.

Zhuge Yue was somewhat stunned looking at the dirty sticky thing coming from the stuffy nose of the child, but as if he didn’t mind and being in the mood to listen: “Even now I am alive and so is the horse, instead I ask, why should the young master to kill their own servants for it.

“Well, you are being justified.”

Child head down, unconvinced murmured: “what people say is true.”

The sun came from the corner, spread on the shoulders of two people, the child is still very small, even if she stands straight to the youngster’s shoulder. Her face is glowing like there are two big red apples on her cheeks.

“Here take this,” said Zhuge Yue, putting the celadon small bottle in her hand and said, “Go back and apply these.”

The child’s attention went back to the small bottle, Zhuge Yue’s heart was hurting watching the child holding the bottle, puzzled and she said: “What is this?”

“A balm to heal your wounds.”

Before the incident earlier, Chu Qiao’s palms were already worn since the other day, the child was reading in her mouth the label of the balm when she nodded her head and said: “fourth  young master, star child to go back to her room”

The youngster sat back to the chair, and did not lift her head, and reluctant to see her go he just waved his hand and commanded: “Go”

The child walk and was about to open the door when  Zhuge Yue out of nowhere said: “Star child, you saw Yan Shi Zi earlier, as much as possible do not go near him.”

The child tilted her head and a gazed at him looking like a crossword puzzle, Zhuge Yue got its looks and was annoyed, he frowned then shouted: “would you listen first to understand?”

“I perfectly understood!” The child answered loudly, and then turned to leave when a small body across the high threshold, she almost fell.

This child’s courage is abusing his kindness, Zhuge Yue face secretly turns to black as if he was just bashed to his face and is breathing heavy.

When she opened the door Zhu Cheng painted a worried face, he quickly ran up to see the star child face and saw some trace of tears he asked: “Is the young master still angry?

Chu Qiao looked at him, nodded her head then she went back to her room.

Zhu Cheng frightened, went into the room, seeing Zhuge Yue’s head down, he did not dare to speak, he stood on the side with his straight back and body.

After a while, a thing suddenly flew over his head. Zhu Cheng was shocked, did not dare to hide, secretly check if he is still alive and feeling something soft hit his head and did not hurt. he looked down and finds a dirty handkerchief, embroidered with a small Yue word above.

“Take it away.”

Thinking of Chu Qiao’s face dried tears earlier, Zhu Cheng likes to realize that.. and slightly amazed at the moment, he quickly snapped himself and said: “slaves obey orders.”

Zhu Cheng was about to go out, when he heard  Zhuge Yue voice: “Zhu you will come back, then Zhe Cheng bent over like a full slaves gesture awaiting for instructions.

The youngster’s white face was somewhat red, it has already been in a long paused but no words came out from his master.  Zhu Cheng curious, carefully raised his head and saw Zhuge Yue locked eyebrows, as if he is to make a major decision, peaceful days encounter big things exactly the same, suddenly his ears still on air, waiting for the master’s orders.

For a long time, just listen to the sound of like a majesty above: “or wash it clean and give it back to me.”

“Yes master!” Zhu Cheng little bit startled and his voice seemed like he shouted.

Zhuge Yue furious: “ah what duh! Do I have to repeat myself?”

“I understood, slaves obey orders.” Zhu Cheng said.

The door was shut, Zhuge Yue sitting in a chair, his breathing is now calm, he thinks of pouting like the children and his mouth like crying, he does not know why, maybe when he was left alone he felt a trace of boredom. He stood up and came to the Xuan hall, he saw the interior hall simple and clean, is facing the direction of a portrait hanging in a wall. The portrait was a face of a youngster girl, like an eleven-year-old look, glowing eyes, sweet smile, a yellow upper garment, wearing a light green lower garment, very tender and lovely.

Zhuge Yue slowly touched and stroking the corner of the portrait, for a very long time and no one can hear when he softly said: “I would like to believe again.”

Chu Qiao was seen walking in the corridor above the castle peak but her head is down. She passed by some people but she just ignored them when they greeted her because she thinks she is suffering from cursed look not like the a good one. Both sides of the people have speculated, watching the child back to the door of her room she raised her head, suddenly thet went back to do their own things and did no longer peep.

The child stretched out her little palm, pushed the door, and then went in.

The door has just been closed, the child’s face suddenly lost just a pair of pique kind of look, she looked quiet, eyes sharp, clutching her chest slowly sitting on the stool, pour a cup of tea in her hand but end up not drinking it.

What happened today came to pass and is finally over, no matter how much Zhuge Yue look at any angle, but finally there is no danger.

The back of her clothes have been all wet, cold wind blowing and chilly, her skirt is swayed by the wind then Chu Qiao drank a herbal tea. She calmed herself from her rapid breathing and closed her eyes took a deep breath.

Meanwhile, things must happen, again she thought..she has no time.

Cold wind like a knife, this winter is particularly cold


Chapter 024 The world and the stars


While the earth is sleeping, the darkness above of the sky, the bright stars shinning like a pair of many indifferent eyes, quietly overlooking the track of time and fate of the world. For the first time in forty-six years, the winter season in the land was filled with heavy snow and festival of lanterns celebrated in Yuan serves as a tribute to the Emperor and brought temporary joy after the first round of its crisis.

Frost covered the entire city, the Wei old courtyard and Sheng Jin Gong was full of paladin and carriages parked in the main streets and now are getting ready to flow like a river with its street lantern lights all night long. The history of Huang was the most excruciating and agonizing part of its history that was fortified with the blood of the nobles from the cloudy plateau of the Ganges ice water flowing down, throughout the Great Summer dynasty straight to the heart of the empire. The vagabonds the unsettled ones travels from one place to another like nomads and angered the nobles of the empire, the authority of Jagged (means a period of unrestrained activity) was questioned and violated, and another war was secretly brewing while truce has been agreed, but then someone had to pay the price for this failure, to maintain the dignity of the empire.

An imperial edict was issued from the Golden Palace, the palace messengers took it to deliver to its subject. After the ruling of the old Wei courtyard it is passed  to Lagerstroemia Square and Jiuwei Main Street then finally to Huang Cheng Tian or Huang Tian which is the Shrine of main gate of heaven and earth all the way to the borderline on a stormy quiet night while people are still quietly sleeping.

“Xiao Qi,”

You are too loud Xiao Ba it was Chu Qiao and to cover her lips, the girl’s eyes is wide open, looked around, then took out her arm bag and handed it to the hands of her Xiao Ba on her low voice she sank and said: If I would not be able to go with you, you should flee from the back door of the horse’s yard, and the guard’s attendants would see the gap tomorrow. There will be an hour before dinner where no one is defensive. This is some of the tangled gold, as well as forged statement you can use to get out of the city, do not forget about the walking grass standard (means that if a gardener in a certain garden caught you stepping off the grass, leave quickly), you leave and do not fret over me, if I do not come at all do not wait for me, promise me you would get out of the city .

Xiao Ba is now eager to seize Chu Qiao ‘s hand, hurriedly said:” What do you want to do and you still won’t come with me? Revenge? Xiao Ba can help you, I do not want to go alone.”

“Did you forget about obedience?” Chu Qiao’s hand is on the child’s head, coldly said: “There are only two of us left in Jingjia family, I am you older sister and you would want to listen to me. So long as we are both alive our Jing family descendants won’t die. If I am in any case accidentally dies, you may also take revenge for me.”

“Xiao Qi… …”

“Xiao Ba, listen to me, you are almost out of the city just go east to the Tang Dynasty border, you will have to remember this and pass by three of the cities, so I am looking at three days you wait for me. If  at some point I won’t be able to leave at once, take it as a sign to go on your own and be at peace. Be reassured that this is the only rule and policy I got and you can hold me for it that once I get out, my first step is to find and catch up with you.”

Xiao Ba eyes turned red, she bit her lips, suddenly stretched out her hand and hugged Chu Qiao’s waist tightly until Chu Qiao choked and said: “Xiao Qi I have no choice left but to trust that you are capable to runaway after me and would only believe in you.

Chu Qiao’s heart had a bit of sharp pain but this is good rather than stay here and die if your chances is not so good. Clinging to the child’s shoulders she gave her a bitter  smile: “rest assured, after this time, we leave this place, no one can dare to bully us.”

The cold westerly snow out in the window is such a hook and a bleak. 

The second day, Chu Qiao as usual, to Zhuge Yue room waiting, but was told, fourth young master had gone out of the door early and at the moment, he is not going to attend his usual duties in the government.

After Chu Qiao heard this illegal channels, it helped, turned to the direction of the main courtyard where she walked. Who would have thought, he just went to the castle peak before going to the green courtyard where she saw Seventh Zhuge Yue escort stopped, he is less than fifteen years old young guard, had that cold face who looked at Chu Qiao, a word once said: “Master told me, not the stars (her military code name in Yue’s bodyguards) and girls should be out of the Castle Peak gate”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, I do not know Zhuge Yue told you about that and what’s with your crazy hair, she raised her head to pose a lovely smile, said: “Hey big brother, who says I want to leave the courtyard, I just want to go to the kitchen to see new tea as yesterday is not fresh.” Then, she turned to the direction of the kitchen, and walked.

Yue Qi tightly staring at her back, walked in his casual military look in general and thought, what a good moment.

Meanwhile, the children from the kitchen came out and saw Yue Qi and came forward to them and said: “Did you saw the star child?

“She went to pick up tea leaves before us.”

Yue Qi frown: “she is now a star child and she still need to do such duty to live?”

“Well, is the star child should be like that of Jin Chen or Jin Jiao  who abused their power to lead the star children?” Little maidservants raised their eyebrows and looking at Yue Qi with disdain they said: “so airy here!”

As clouds shows the clear blue skies and formed thin white clouds, today seems to promise of a good weather.

After she plainly slips away to Yue Qi’s guard, Chu Qiao casually finds an excuse to leave the Castle Peak courtyard, toward the front and her former courtyard she briskly walked as she was afraid to be found. She went through the most secret paths then pass by Merlin and looks like a shadow suddenly ran out. Star child was startled, she frowned and saw this child again and his eyebrows was in fact very familiar to her.

“I do not have to panic, I am their son’s person of the royal family of Yan Shi Zi, today is a special trip to your courtyard to deliver this letter.”

“A letter?” Chu Qiao raised her brow, eyes up and down in the wind around and said: “how do you know, were you here waiting for me?”

Feng Shuijiao proudly smile and talking in codes names: “if the world (Yan Shi Zi) does not go into the Castle Peak, let me find a gateway to the most secretly hidden outside the house, as you can see you.

Chu Qiao cold and showing some whining, she ridiculed and said: “You and the world  are of to something and him like a god.”

“Hey hey,” said the little boy Feng Shuijao, revealing a white teeth and responded, “the world is really wise.”

“What kind of message? Say it fast, I still have something to do.”

Feng Shuijiao quietly overwhelm on this illegal road, this little slave really knows and have a character, no wonder the world of Yan and Zhuge fourth son are so into the star child, he quickly said: ” the world told me to tell you that the world will return to Yanbei tomorrow morning, and at night the world would like to request your company and meet you at the same place you met him the other night.

“Back to North Yan?” Chu Qiao brow gently wrinkled, said: “You and the world in custody of the Golden Palace? What is going on with the world recalled back to Yanbei?

“I do not know the specific reasons, but our old princes  were sent to Beijing to recruit the world back, presumably there is an emergency, the Elders has approved, tomorrow morning, the world is inviting you and if you grant it, the world will take you to a trip to Yanbei.

Chu Qiao on her poker face nodded and said: “You tell the world that, I cannot easily sneak out of the house, say to the world to choose other maidservants not me to accompany him to his trip to North Yan and I do not have a relationship with the world or any reasons, I am a slave and not of social high status, so farewell of the world is not unnecessary.

Feng Shuijiao smiled then said: “the world said if you don’t want to go, no one can stop. As for your relationship, I cannot speak about it but the world himself. “this would definitely hurt the world he thought to himself and said: “I hope I am not a pest, please go” and Feng Shuijiao left as well”

Feng Shijiao who disguised himself a small boy like book thief and suddenly disappeared in the secret hideaways of Merlin. Chu Qiao could not help in the heart of the cold Zhuge House the defense is poor because they can let a child free to go.

All the way carefully stealth, about half an hour, she finally arrived to the front court of the side, Zhuge Huai’s foreign housekeeper Zhu Shun’s Hongshan courtyard, and there were no gatekeepers on guard.


Chapter 025 A borrowed knife

At this moment, the housekeeper  foreigner Zhu Shun looks sad holding a box, inside is his cut hand filled with a stinking smell and looks a bit disgusting in sight, a frozen green color.

At this time, there was a loud “bang” sound, he became somewhat paranoid, if a man once had a snake bite he is like anticipating to burn the tail of the rabbit. He grabbed the dagger on his bed, jumped up, staring eyes shouted: “Who is there?”

Time has passed and seems quiet where the only person around is no other than just himself. Zhu Shun turned his head, saw a white letter delivered on the ground, the letter is tied to the top of a string and above it, is a stone, the enclosure is also painted with white pear, its letterhead is elegant, emitting a far-off fragrance.

After he read the letter, his eyes suddenly issued filthy evil light, but turned to think, could not help but to throw the letter at his side and sit back to the chair. He did not dare to go out.

Meanwhile, from the window was another baggage with hand calligraphy note on it. Zhu Shun look on it to open and finds scarlet canvass, painted with a pair of sensual men and women that crossed each other, so obsessive in nature and likely to start a spark of flaming passion, hence making the whole body intensely hot.

He is looking like a thief stealing small guilty pleasure then he smiled, vigorously  leaned over, smell a bit of the canvass, his arms in his belly pocket muttered: “big day cannot wait, little Siba!” 

Having said that, he put on his robe and went out of the door.

Zhuge House, located in the Huang Cheng Tian, backed by Chishan Mountain, on the right Chishui Lake, sitting south, covering a very wide territory with its threefold trilateral government.The deep underground court have layers and layers of protection, outside the high angle hanging house, there are Zhuge guards and agents are in 24 hours non-stop monitoring defense where outside is four towers, all its corners, at the middle a small trench of fire. If a war is to breakout and is exposed, it is simply much like of a small city.

The house of Zhuge is a home to ladies and children that stays in the courtyard, planted in the safest red pine mountain. If one wants to go inside to reach Zhuge Huai bedchambers you will have to pass hardships for they are like are dungeons and stratagems not even the masters will live if they make a mistake, there is no possible way to escape. If this is the situation inside then it follows that it will be far harder to land in the outside. Simply, there is no possibility to breach the house of Zhuge.

It is noontime and its sunny, onsite are cliffs of the red pine mountain, a black shadow in a rapid slide to the bottom. Snowy flurry cliffs are covered with ice and projects glare under the reflection of snow, that little shadow is impossible to spot not even a telescope.

A trifling sound was heard, on the rope was a child swinging to the other side, feet finally landed, turned around to cautiously look and its a safe ground.

The side door opened and the gatekeeper of the nursing home said: “Hello, the original  Zhu Shun housekeeper, what brings you here?

“The other day, Asi said the Li Ranse (means pear dyed or stained house) courtyard has a leak, I went here to check the rooftop of the second floor where melted snow rundown in the stairs, I’ll take a look.”

The courtyard attendants on their flattery laughed: “how can this little leak trouble our Zhu Shun the housekeeper? Too small thing, this is maybe unnecessary.

Zhu Shun smile, shook his head: “I am also idle all day, is the young master went to his duty in the government?

“master (Huai) and fourth young master (Yue) were in the study hall to discuss things, all this morning, it seems almost half a day now and they are still inside.”

“Oh,” Zhu Shun nodded, “Well, I am going and never tell the master’s of this little kindness. Later in the afternoon, the old master is still asleep, do not disturb.

“We understood.”

Time is just right, the child hidden in the flower trees, eyes bright, with a wide grin gently laughed.

The Seventh Miss of the Chunhua (means prosperity of spring) courtyard went on Duanmu (means physical position training using curtains) had a Hua (means splendid and illustrious wood) Ning (means peaceful) drink, preparing to take a nap, she took off her shawl outside as if  dripping carelessly on a cloud, on her shoulder slips and bares her skin of satin color, her full bloom bosoms, slender waist, small round buttocks, elongated legs, her bare body steals all of these private moments, fingers tinted with cardamom red, to every side of her naked body is very charming Jiaoqiao (means pleasant maid and every men’s desire), enchantingly seductive, the maidservants serves to always open a Jin (means gold) silk was always used to cover the naked Seventh Miss on her sleep.

At this time, the tiles on the roof quietly stirred, but no one noticed, a small bag of things slowly put down, from the top and bag shows something like moving inside.

At this time, after covering the Seventh Miss, maidservants retreated, the house is very quiet, and gradually only Seventh Miss in on shallow breathing.

Puff sounded lightly, the bag fell on the pillow of Seventh Miss, the pink bag was also painted with a tender and beautiful pear.

Seventh Miss sleep is so sweet but feeling cheeky as if someone is licking her fragrant ears and ears, Seventh Miss just ask for little more sleep, feeling furry, thought it was a dream and did not open her eyes. The she felt her face a burst of pain, Seventh Miss rubbed her eyes, and startled from her dreamy sleep she screamed from her chest, and chaos  was suddenly called all throughout the Chunhua courtyard!

“Seventh Miss, Seventh Miss!” bunch of maidservant came to rescue her entered the room and went on shock as she screams constantly. Seventh Miss was surrounded by huge rats all over her body, one by one are dark in color, fat and big not afraid of the maidservants, few went on the expensive bed linen of Seventh Miss and nipping it.

“This is a nightmare!! I want them out! out ,out, out!” she cried.

This noon, the whole Chunhua courtyard called in a bureau of rodent pest control, Seventh Miss to send some more of the wood Hua Ning drink and drank ten cups of sedative tea while she is catching up her breathing her whole body shivers.

“Miss, we found this in your bed.” A guard took a pink bag and walked up.

Seventh Miss took the bag, looked at one, suddenly eyes stare, still on pain and shock she stood up and snapped: “Little slut! I know you! Come here or I will be at the Li Ranse courtyard, if you see me, make sure not to cry you little slut!

Chunhua courtyard under the mighty Seventh Miss intimidating the Li Ranse Courtyard. In a neglected corner, a small cabinet was slowly pushed open, exposing the child’s quiet face.

The fire has been lit, let it burn it. She said to herself while watching the Seventh Miss threatening the other courtyard.

Quickly returned to the withered tree from the edge, the entire Chunhua courtyard is making some trouble like all of the chicken feather is flying and Li Ranse courtyard like dog jumping back and forth, both venting out their bones of contention and is rowdy, Chu Qiao went back easily along the same trail she walked leaving the land of right and wrong.

Within the study hall, Zhuge Huai look dignified facing Zhuge Yue who looking like a god, a more colder face said: “Fourth younger brother, this time, how do you see it?

The room quietly, without the slightest voice, Zhuge Huai frowned and smirked and he raised his brow gauging a strange Zhuge Yue, Huai said : “fourth younger brother?

““Yup?” Zhuge Yue is absent minded looking up on Zhuge Huai with his face of a fleeting shame, short and quickly said: “Yan Wangfu in escape trouble, Yan Xun is in danger.”

“Likewise here.” Zhuge Huai nodded and said: “Yan Wangfu is a big tree and it is normal he will be a big move, this is the eyes of the big throttle, the Western fief (means an estate of land, especially one held on condition of feudal service) of the Batuja family coveted Yan for their Northern territories long time ago. The water is dirty, not ten not eight and not even nine times this will cost the crown prince Yan’s head, not to mention the master of Sheng Jin Gong who has always been believing that outsiders believe they are not really brothers.

All of a sudden the noise outside was getting their attention heard the voices like there is a riot. Zhuge Huai brow frowned, loudly said: “Zhu Yong, what happened, how come its loud outside.”

Back to big young master Zhu Yong said: “seems the loud noise is coming from Chunhua courtyard and Li Ranse courtyard, it seems that Seventh Miss and Li Ranse girls are fighting and Third Miss and fourth Miss have gone to rush in between.”


Chapter 026 Who is faster than anyone else


Zhuge Huai locked in brows then coldly said: “I do not want to stop this discussion because of the noise outside. I really do not know to say the so – called sweet words. I only talk using my sword most of the time.”

Zhuge Yue long eyebrows like a light jade, laughs and said: “Big Brother, ever since when did you fear any noise? Why not move me out of the inner courtyard, does your eyes do not bother on it?

Zhuge Huai looked at ease, smiled and said: “I certainly imagine the same fourth younger brother, you can find a quiet place to hide, but the eldest brother as the eldest son, his father is not, I can only act on behalf of, it is helpless.”

Zhuge Yue smiles, did not bother, picked up a cup of tea to drink then slightly bow without a word.

“Big young master, Third Miss is here, sorry for the inconvenience, you and fourth young master should head to Li Ranse Courtyard, it is urgent for you to deal with.”

Zhuge Huai suddenly somewhat furious, said: “What can we do about it? Fourth younger brother tell them, I am empty with words but I have my best friend here, a very long sharp sword.”

Zhuge Yue put down the tea light, stood up and said: “Big Brother, lets go for a trip and maybe really in a hurry.”

Zhuge Huai sighed, as they walked out of the study hall.

When they arrive, cursing can be heard not far from where they stand, Li Ranse courtyard. Zhuge Huai laughed and said to Zhuge Yue is this what you call urgent and he gloat and chuckle: this will be confused by the master who do not know the Southeast culture of the small slut, and finally we have heard and seen it today.

Seventh Miss Li Xiang (means pear incense) arrogantly standing in the middle of the yard, facing the pear dyed girls in Li Ranse Courtyard messy and unkempt: “really I do not see any reason that we in Zhuge House should still keep this place after what you did today even if the master has always been with you and yet you return his kindness with rudeness, really shameless!”

Third Miss is wearing a fire mink, more than 30 years of age, well maintained with not so elegant color, her face with regret, said: “Li Xiang, when the master came back to us  after he went to your room , how can you make this kind of injustices, this is the reason why we  would not accommodate you today.

“Third sister what are you talking about? In my own thinking, Li Xiang did not kill or even did not get dirty here at Zhuge house.”

Third Miss Li Ranliao (means Pear dyed) her face turn into pale, her hands clenched kneeling on the ground, wearing only thin clothes, her eyes is full of doubt, her whole body kept trembling. From time to time her eyes glances next to a man, she is surprised to see the him shaking like a sieve chiffon, dough blue hair than she is.

Zhuge Yue and Huai arrived at Li Ranse courtyard on time to witness the chaotic scene, after listening, they invited Seventh Miss invited to give a general narrative, and all of a sudden his brows locked and his eyes flashing.

“Zhu Shun sees Zhuge Huai in a spur of the moment knows his involvement. He cried to his master and rushed forward towards him then on his nose and in tears he cried loudly: “She seduced me first, she sent me a letters and a canvass, let me come, I came in, she took off my clothes to seduce me. This slave remembers the master and young master, the lords of grace, I have pledged myself to serve only the Zhuge household until the day I die and not to put myself to death today why would I do such thing? This slave was in desperate resistance, I was unaware of this little slut’s hook. This slave used me to become a bait and I am so stupid not to know at all.

“You even borrowed another’s knife to kill! You have no shame, obviously you … …”

“Dare to dispute!” Snapped without thinking, Seventh Miss slapped the face of Third Miss then, sneered: “a brainless woman is always cheap,  you even dare to use the master’s servant to put me to death and today, you finally picked up the stone that will be smashed to your head, you can only blame yourself!

“Fourth younger brother! Why such in a hurry?” Zhuge Huai surprised for a moment, and saw Zhuge Yue turned away, immediately refused to take this head, quickly doubted and not his cup of tea.

“Big Brother, I have something urgent to do,  maybe later I would come back to find you.”

The young master of Zhuge House left Li Ranse courtyard, toward the direction of the Castle Hill he rushed away.

Loud knocks heard to open the door of the Castle Peak, a few small maidservants are in the yard sprinkling water to those lovely orchids in the garden who met Zhuge Yue quickly and they went aside with respectful bow. Zhuge Yue did not mind them, fast footsteps towards the rooms and while walking  he also asked: “Where did the star child went? Who looked after her?

“Star child said her body was uncomfortable and went back to the room.

A small maidservant said, next to the foot of the child afraid of Star child was fined, quickly said: “She picked us to gather new tea leaves, we just arrived.

Zhuge Yue looked gloomy, and big footsteps towards Chu Qiao‘s room, with Yue Qi in his side, whispered: “Star child is really busy in the kitchen today I did not see her go out.”

Bang bang, the door was hardly pushed, Zhuge Yue having formal face looking stupidly doubtful who almost broke the household door and about to sweep the star child when he saw the child lying pale in bed, as if really feeling sick.

Zhuge Yue slightly stunned, did not expect her really in the room, but he does not know why, to see her lying there means his heart is so relieved, as if a large stone was put down for a moment and like a bit inexplicable peace of mind.

“Fourth young master?” The child stunned holding the quilt blanket sat up, the sound also took a little wake up the tone: “Young master is there something wrong?”

Zhuge Yue surprised a moment, shook his head with some shame: “No, I heard from the the children that you are sick and told me to come and see you.” (But the come and see you part was not really there, it is Zhuge Yue’s volunteer move due to his doubts)

“Oh,” the child nodded, “the young master with so many people to see star child, star child thankful for young master’s visit.”

Zhuge Yue suddenly ears turned red, but flawless no blushing and became speechless do not know what to say and standing still he cleared his throat and did a little cough like expression.

Zhu Cheng sees Zhuge Yue embarrassing, quickly scrape together to play round the field: “Star child, young master to see you, do not get up quickly?”

Children surprised a moment, the surface of tension, nibble lips, but did not move.

Zhuge Yue eyes turned cold on suspicion. Today, the matter is a lot of trouble, The young master felt that she may have escape layers of  of dark whistle, if she sneaked she cannot quickly undress therefore might see wearing the clothes that leaves the trace of her escape,  if she she looks like this after she gets up from the quilt blanket, what happens under heaven on earth?

“Star child,” Zhuge Yue steps forward, eyes tightly staring at the child‘s face, coldly said: “give me a cup of tea.”

The child looked frightened, biting her lips and said: “The young master cannot go out, star child is willing to wait.

“I cannot,” Zhuge Yue went to her bed, slender fingers to seize the child who was covered with Jin (means gold) quilt. His dark cold eyes close to the child ‘s big eyes, word by word, said: “I will drink now.”

“Ah!” Exclaimed suddenly sounded, all the people suddenly stunned, Zhuge Yue calls come and go. I saw a small bed, the thin child tightly holding her knees, her face buried in the depths of her arm, her shoulders flick, black hair scattered on the shoulder, was actually barely naked.

Zhuge Yue quickly clutching the quilt and for the first time in a long time Zhuge Yue went on shock and he gazed on her a bit longer in a face like handsome king and ruler becomes red, he suddenly turned around, facing the big eyes of his servants and guards he was madly angry he shouted: “You, all of you get out!”

His guards have already turned around before he said I will drink now for Zhuge Yue is speaking in military terms and they understood what it meant but now they have to withdraw from the room shaking as the fourth young master was never been this mad before they were thinking some heads will roll today.

Zhuge Yue throw his own quilt to the body of Chu Qiao, tone is not like the past but calm and impatient, said: “fast clothes to wear!” and soon Zhuge Yue is bare.

Back to the star child quiet but silently weeping, Zhuge Yue eyebrows locked but do not know who is angry, but he is so mad when he said: “it is a command, are you deaf or something and still doing nothing but lying down?”

Then she quietly stride out of the room, the door was  loudly shut. The child in the room looked up, looking indifferent, eyes quiet, where there is a trace of sadness. She undressed Zhuge Yue’s quilt and dressed her body by getting her soil stained clothes under the mattress, there was no pity thrown on the ground.

Zhuge Yue surely caught enough surveillance, his line of sight is fast approaching her even if the time spent wearing her clothes is not.

But in her thoughts: beginning this afternoon, no one will have enough courage to enter her room as the effect of what happened today, so she has more time to do the next thing.

The child bowed her head and gently smiled at young master’s lookout face, she does not know why but they are as much as a little dark eyes of a god.

But also the time to do an account.


Chapter 027 Ruling fox heart

For a  good clothes she is ready to quietly leave but all of a sudden she heard a burst of noise in the yard, the child raised her brow, she could not help but stop walking.

Pounding the sound of the door, the child in the outside down the voice, quietly cried: “Star child, there is a good news!”

A door call and the heart of an excited small maidservant ran in, smiled and said: “Star child,do you want to hear this good news?

The child was small and sat on the chair a little funny, she poured a cup of tea, it was a dignified drink: “Well.”

“Star child!” Huaner’s little mouth pouting: “In the end you want to hear well.” The little maid excited to tell star child.

Star child chuckled: “You want to say, I myself said do not want to hear you will say.”

“Well, I do not care about you, but this is really good news ah.” Huaner laughed: “Foreigner housekeeper Zhu Shun and the girl from Li Ranse household, where Seventh Miss caught them and was positive on their suspicion. Third Miss and and young master are somewhat disturbed so they drenched the girl from Li Ranse courtyard in the well and Zhu Shun housekeeper was sent to palm and hit no more than thirty boards,  good news right?

The hands of the tea lamp suddenly slowdown, the child sitting in a chair, looking like a hundred years old well, peaceful, a pair of eyes like black ink, slowly squinted up, all of her emotions and edge are quietly covered, nod and coldly said: “Sure enough, that is a good news.”

Huaner angrily said: “That Zhu Shun dog always bully people. The slaves did not get him to payback yet. I remember the Jing children which he sent to the old man’s Jile Pavilion. Today is a lucky day, he was severely beaten, and it can be considered a payback day but for us slaves, out of our hearts are still a foul smell.

The child looks the same but the sound is like a sweet music to her ears only that she is not convinced that justice was served. Li Ranse courtyard singer girl was secretly confused and have fallen to a wrong intimate relationship and Zhu Shun to receive no more than thirty board hits for such a crime is like winking to amuse oneself. It does not count.

“Who said no?” At the end of it Huaner said: “Seventh Miss went to the fourth young master to settle the dispute but unfortunately the reluctant fourth young master cleanse his hands and let the lady and the old master not in the government to settle, but in everything, whatever the big young master said Zhu Shun is his person, so there.

Chu Qiao nodded, slowly said: “At last I know, thank you for informing me.”

At the end, Huaner see the child’s face something wrong, the sound could not help but slow down, slightly cramped somewhat restless said: “Star child, are you feeling sick, I’ll find you a doctor okay?

“No,” Chu Qiao with her faint smile to relieve her: “Will just rest and this is gone.”

“Oh,” the lush child nodded and left the room. Door is closed, the child’s face suddenly sank.

So this time it did not put his head to roll.

Then, you can only personally shot. Little self talk to herself, Chu Qiao slowly biting her lips, sitting in a chair, it seems that all the plans need to be set up again.

Ever since the infiltrate plot she did, foreigner housekeeper Zhu Shun Hongshan courtyard yard securely tightened, but from time to time, you can still hear voices of men struggles to kill the pig in general. The people get passed on it and under sinking heads that no one dare to wait and see and the expression of schadenfreude (means a feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people) could not conceal, and their joy was the same of that payday on New year’s day.

Zhu Shun ass, lying on bed, he is wailing his wounds at his back while constantly cursing his drug and his two servants while applying the medicine.

“Your grandmother! You want to hurt me!”

One of the servants dripping with sweat, while accompanied by the other carefully turns him on his side could not help but said: “Zhu housekeeper, you have to endure the point, this flesh and pants together

The room east of the water, there are a few sparse shrubs, a sharp knife dagger inserted along the window into the crowd, taking advantage of the screams of men quietly pick the window tied, the child carrying a self-made folding crossbow, slowly stood up and aimed at the man’s head.

This crossbow is from South Africa, came out from a jungle tribe, the style is exquisite, can be demolished, folded, close, quiet and best of all it will accurately launch to aim the target. Chu Qiao has been preparing for a year to do when the latent mission and earned this weapon by herself. This crossbow has been used and submerged into a rigorous private party against firearms, and eventually killed the target figure. This crossbow is not only easy to carry and strongly lethal, a skilled hunter can rely on this crossbow to kill an adult tiger, showing its amazing killing spree. Coming from the family of cold weapons, this is specifically tailor-fit and the favorite weapon of assassins. Zhu Shun is very lucky, he will be the first to die in this cross-era super weapons under the hands of Chu Qiao.

At that moment, a man suddenly panicked ran in, shouted: “Zhu housekeeper, Zhu housekeeper!”

“What is it called?” Zhu Shun raised: “funeral? I have not died!”

Then the man quickly said: “Zhu housekeeper, the servants and guard of the old man came to tell you about the old master has to asked you. He asks: When will you send that little girl?

Zhu Shun surprised a moment, then on a high jump up, who does not know what words to say. Puff, the housekeeper landed on the wrong foot and lying on the ground, he cried and uttered curses of the child out of the extreme he got from his downfall. While on his side also said: “We are afraid that the child is not that easy to catch because she is the person of the fourth young master. He may not agree to release it. You tell the old master I have prepared and bought ten small slaves, you take them, off you go.

“Yes, we know.” The man promised to turn around and ran out.

Zhu Shun cried: “I remember with the old man said, I am seriously ill,  I will come soon and visit him and greet his old people.

The crossbow outside the window gradually put down, the child turned and said: “too easy if I will use this cold weapon.” And just like that she abandoned the mission when she a got better idea after what she has seen today.

Perhaps, you can use another way to get rid of these two people, hands do not touch the blood, clean and neat usual self talk of Chu Qiao.

The torture chambers just opened and an unpleasant smell of scouring blowing came to mention the other hospital officials frowned, holding his nose and said: “This is a gross thing and should we give it the old man? ”

Before the old master’s name, its people quickly nodded and said: “The other day there has been troubles in buying slaves and so we were not able to bought them for once. I heard if it is sold to our Zhuge Hous the price goes up and that is why, we are still after Zhu Guanjia racking their brains to find beautiful and young slaves. Rest assured we will wash and clean and absolutely all his preference should meet his criteria, makes sure that the old man meets a small beauty.

“Come on, do not speak nonsense, pull it out, I’m not empty handed and I don’t want to loiter around here.”

Inside the prisoner cell, all of the children has not seen the sunny day for a while. After they were bought they have been in a safe keep in this prisoner cell for quite sometime everyone is untidy with some panic look clutching their eyes. Like a group of small animals held on together tightly.

The other hospital steward looked at them and frown said: “I am buying only 10 of them but how come I am counting 11?”

“Yes?” The servant quickly counted it again, and then said: “to allow lets ask Zhu Guanjia might be wrong, I will ask him again”

“Well, do not ask, I do not have much spare time, I am buying it all!”

Several strong and powerful martial arts folks came, pushing in a child’s body, angry shouted: “all of you freeze!”

The children were afraid, and some people whispered crying.

“Whoever dares to cry again we will rip it off!

And then one of the child suddenly turned around, a bitterly bite in the man’s wrist, the man screams soon as the child was loosened, and then the child was set free ran up as fast and quick like a rabbit it fled. 

“Wow, this child ! Seize the child and give it back to me!”

Zhuge House of the next person saw the direction where the child ran, suddenly shocked, pulled the other hospital steward and shouted: “I don’t want to be involve in anything where the fourth young master of the Castle Hill governs except for the hospital concerns, no not me!

“But to catch a slave, I cannot do it?” I wish I am not a doctor then cried angrily then  pushed the hands of the next person pointing towards the child escape direction to chase it up.


Chapter 028 Bamboo horse plum


Aoyama(Castle Peak Hill) courtyard of the door was bang kicked open, Zhuge old man’s men who rushed like a tiger into the courtyard and other small maidservants are squatting in the gallery under the antique vase, hear the sound was shocked and jumped up at once.

Zhuge Yue has been summoned by Zhuge Huai and currently at the Red Hills Courtyard together with his guards Zhu Cheng and several other slave guard are also not in the Castle Peak at the moment. Zhuge Yue is really quiet, and left the yard with no one yet few people and its walking maidservants. Huaner is a maidservant slightly older than the rest, still scared and went pale, trembling she stepped forward and asked: “Who are you? How did you get in here with so much courage? Do you know where you are? This is the fourth master Green Hills Courtyard.

“We were chasing a slave girl who went to this direction and escaped, if offended, my apologies miss.”

“Catch a slave, how is that supposed to happen?” Huaner listened to each other’s tone fairly polite, brave and confidently said: “You are from what yard, are you aware of the rules of all the courtyard here?”

“We are from the outskirts of Zhuge Household and belongs to the old master’s house, if there disputes later from the fourth young master we will inform the old Zhuge master about the girl we are looking for escaped to this route and did not breach the Aoyama courytard.

I am familiar with the old Zhuge master since we are at one place of Zhuge home, the silent child, bold enough to say: “We did not see any slaves, make sure you do not mess around.

A servant said, “It escaped to that house and I saw her from the window.

“Ah,” Huaner cried, it is forbidden to go to that room unless it was the young master’s order,  you cannot go in.

We cannot go out either without the slave girl then coldly said: “go sieze the girl.”

“No, you cannot or else heads will roll!” She just stepped forward but was tightly grasped by a cold hand, watched everyone rushed like a tiger, the girl scared and screams with tears in her eyes.

“There she goes, it is her!” cried one of its servants

“Star child!” Shouted at her head, turned and exclaimed: “You saw the wrong child, this is our yard maidservants, not what you want, find the slave not her!

As much as Zhu Guanjia wanted to believe he brushed it off and coldly said: “I like how you covered the small slave but if you don’t turn her over and be honest you know the rules and will bring you trouble.” Zhu Guanjia said the same words she told him earlier and Chu Qiao was bound by the servants led by Zhu Guanjia .

“Star child!” Shouted only by her eyes as Huaner watch each and everyone leave  and had a glimpse with the last one of the Zhuge House family servant. She stepped forward to seize his hand and said: “You are not Zhu Shun steward slave, is it you who are taking them? You’re going to come back, I promise you, rules are rules!

That person under the head of the fog, he also watched the little slaves turned to jump into the room, did not expect this Castle Hill maidservants should be familiar with her, he warned her: “Do not bother, they are Zhu Guanjia set of slaves to the old man, you will be in trouble and you will be sent together.

A moment of effort, people went to the house empty, these small maidservants are sitting in the ground all afraid of shrinking standing behind and no one dare not to go forward.

Huaner suddenly stood up, touching the tears on her face, toward the direction of the Red Hills courtyard quickly ran and did not think about anything except to report to his master.

Zhuge Yue and Zhuge Huai in the study hall of the proceedings, suddenly listen to Zhu Cheng whispered: “Pardon, fourth young master, the head of the maidservants Huaner has just come to the send you a breaking news and it is very critical thing for you to see her.

Zhuge Yue frowned coldly said: “What’s is that matter that it cannot wait? This is getting out of control giving more and more without rules, let her go back and wait.

Suddenly silent outside the door, but who knows for a while, Zhu Cheng knocked on the door again, said: “fourth young master, its the star child girl, she was taken away by old man’s servants Zhu Guanjia.

All of a sudden the door was opened, Zhuge Yue eyebrows locked, looking ugly mad and coldly said: “Say that again?”

Zhu Cheng forehead in cold sweat meeting the dark eyes of his master, looked at the inside of the skeptical Zhuge Huai, licked his lips, slowly said: “Zhu Guanjia housekeeper from the old master’s house one of their child slave escaped and went to Castle Peak, it is hard to say that the star child escaped and she is one of the slaves but they forced our head maidservant to turn her over and they took her away from the Castle Peak.

“Took away who?

“Yes, they took away star child and was sent to the old house of the old master.

For a time, Zhuge Yue’s face were very ugly and look like a mad fox.

“Yue Qi and Zhuge Huai came forward, but Zhuge Huai patted the shoulders of Zhuge Yue and lightly said: “Fourth young brother, this is your second brother advising you, since it is the old master of the government who took it, consider it lost but I will personally choose and replace your precious maidservant  and make sure that later I will pick only clever small child servants sent to your yard as compensation, to ensure that you will not suffer.

“Zhuge Huai was like doing a monologue to himself. As diplomatic as it seems Zhuge Yue was suddenly was out of this world and his dark, cold, dangerous eyes…could kill at any moment, his eyes staring sharply at Zhu Cheng, the voice of low, his breath chilly like eternal ice and as if Zhuge Yue wanted to freeze the air around and everyone dies at the moment his star child is gone. He asked: “how long she’s been gone?”

“It‘s about half an hour. Zhu Cheng responded.

“Bang” sound muffled, Zhuge Yue opened the door halfway, he walked like the wind, big footsteps on the rush, Zhu Cheng and Aoyama courtyard people expected him to arrive early. Even at Zhuge Huai’s ceremony he did not have proper courtesies and gestures to excuse himself. He just went away as if running like a child.

Zhuge Huai slightly surprised a moment, Hongshan courtyard Zhu Yong (Huai’s personal attendant) quietly standing on the side, even the head did not lift, like a quiet wood.

“Zhu Yong, what’s going on tell me, how do you see this?”

The man more than 30 years old of age who stayed in the Red Hills courtyard pretty knows more about his Zhuge younger masters more than anyone else, compared to Zhu Cheng Zhu Shun and others must look old, low voice, looking calm, slowly said: “Master I must say that fourth young master is always cold and calm, seemingly indifferent yet at sometime in the past most thoughtful. But then now, I don’t even seem to know him at all, when this child slave was  taken away it seems that his person became mad, went to his darker side and somewhat irrational.

Zhuge Huai gave him a faint smile, the wind lightly shook his head, turned back to the room and said: “puberty storms, childhood crush, or Oh, puppy love, a little guess, is a good thing!”

Zhuge Huai to his amusement on his younger brother’s bizarre behavior slightly raised his eyebrows and concealed something in there, he smirked on his mouth and ordered Zhu Yong: “I want a background check to this Yue’s star child, everything about her gather it and send it to me, it maybe important to for me and useful after all or else my younger brother won’t be acting like that.”

Zhu Yong promised soon as to go out. While Zhuge Yue momentarily neglected his actions earlier and pondered in the end, is this the kind of girl he likes and have crush on her? Why not others it can be younger at age, but this is the youngest, that even in the site of his older brother forgot to cover up.

Which he will about to discover that the mouth of his bamboo horse plum, was actually just a child eight years of age.

Its getting late and the weather is cold as the north wind blows, Zhuge Huai still on his thoughts of the star child and with a faint smile he uttered: “Star child … …”


Chapter 029 Chaos will start


On February 7th, where the Siruis star is brightest seen in the sky, the ice is thick as the winter season at its peak. It is considered a celestial wolf of Venus orbiting its purple edge position , when broken it may mean chaos can start to happen.

Not so long, from his sources of information Zhuge Yue tracked where is Chu Qiao and was dragged to the old master Zhuge Xi’s mansion. Meanwhile, at the Wei’s long door within the ancestral hall, Wei Guang is holding a gold arrow and handed it to Wei Shu Ye’s hands. The old man is looking solemn, low tone, slowly said: “Shu Ye, do not let uncle be disappointed, do not let Wei’s ancestors be put to shame.”

Wei Shu Ye lifted his hands, looking at the golden arrow, eyes rolling with an intense edge. He opened his mouth as if he wants to tell something like a fish with its mouth open he moved his lips but soundless.

“Ye’s child, Wei’s ancestors is looking at you, your father is watching you, if he is here your father will be glad at you.”

Wei Shu Ye frowned, for a long time, only slowly nodded: “Who?”

Wei Guang throws a light faint smile, his fingers dip in the tea light, and then slowly wrote a word on the incense table.

Wei Shu Ye’s eyes got bigger when he saw what is written in the incense table, frowning, not sure where to look at, is it the word written at the table or his Uncle seeking for an answer.

“This is the meaning of the owner of Sheng Jin Gong. Now child, go, you do not need to know the reason but remember you are doing this for the Wei clan. Our history will prove yourself  and will soon know the legacy of our ancestors, that is all.

 The sunset is along the Wei’s big open door as  day breaks the sun rays puts a layer color of blood in ancestral hall. Wei Shu walked from the back of the hall and came out to the elderly side giving a respectful salute: “Uncle.”

“Are you ready?”

“Uncle, rest assured that everything has been properly arranged.”

“Then the grace of the ancestors go with you.” The old man slightly put his head down, turned his head, facing their ancestors  spirit tablet and spirit incense, his luxurious robes dragged and touched the ground as the lump of ashes and smoky incense fills Wei’s ancestors temple. 

Wei Shu Yuo  looks very stable and older than Wei Shu Ye, upon seeing the old man Wei Guang he got up and quickly stepped forward to hold his arms, his tone is faint, as if inadvertently gossip: “Uncle do you have any idea about what is happening in the north?”

“Oh … …” The old man whispered, laughter is not ironic means: “no idea.”

Wei Shu Yuo frowned and puzzled: “North Yanbei covers a very wide area, the stalwart of the people, although the climate is so bitter cold, but the connection to the Western regions led its booming business. Also the recent North Yanbei election gave a positive effect not only to its old princes but also good influence to their people. Indeed their government was full of talents and won the hearts and love many northern people and not necessarily through fights

Both powerhouse male of the Wei clan wrinkled their faces together. Wei Guang looking light took a deep breath and said softly: “Everyone is not only guilty but entering Huabi (means painted wall) is a crime. What do you think about the master of the Golden Palace who plotted to get rid of him? Mind you, if a person does not make mistakes for too long, that itself is a wrong thing. The right way is focusing on the balance, Sheng Jin Gong is very bad, weak and complex. Yan Wang Ye is flourishing, strong, and becoming righteous. One is failing and the other one is shining, it is not surprise to know that when envy creeps in it kills all good things that blocks its path. 

Wei Guang turned around and looked at the door to the child at whom he is most proud of and  earnestly said: “Shu Yuo was about to leave when he heard: people will say that the elder’s right is being oppressed by the Great Summer dynasty but the truth is, seven of its families are appointed as ministers in the government. Do not forget that once your uncle told you and do not forget too who is the real master of the Great Summer dynasty.

Wei Shu Yuo rarely see such a positive light to what was said, quickly he bowed his head, and gave his promise not to forget.

Wei Guang Chang took a deep breath, slowly said: “The reasons of Yan Princes have slim to no chance of winning at all because he as if they were saying they never wanted to participate on anything, ha, ha.”

It is sunset and strange, in the streets of Yuan city, the people caught with their attention were disturbed and stunned the others who are walking and passing by, everyone looked up and saw the distant horizon, without a warning, a bloody red star flashed so bright then completely went dark above the sky, smoothly descending, strange but remarkable.

Outside the door of Zhuge Huai household, having known that the star child was dragged,  Zhu Shun was carried out and ran out to see Zhuge Yue riding at the moment, he suddenly forgot all of his pain, howling to catch up and pulled Zhuge Yue‘s legs, sadly cried: “fourth young master, please let me explain, this is a misunderstanding!

“Shaak” swift and sharp sound is heard, without a warning  blood gushing out and Zhu Shun screaming in cruel pain, and in his side blood dripping and soon realized his ears fell on the ground.

“Keep your life until I come back.” 

The young master’s face is pitch black and ignored his explanation. Zhuge Yue eyes is dark, so cold. He turned to the horse and went away, the guards thrown a sympathetic look to Zhu Shun but then left him and followed their master.

A few days ago, this man lying on the ground lost his hands, while rolling at the side wailing someone from his past, that the so-called confidant passed by and did not dare to go to help him.

It is supper but the sky began to float in the snow, Chishui Lake covered with silvery ice, wearing a white dink fur with a hood holding the horse standing on the lake, looking indifferent and his eyes from afar. You are looking at almost a man but young on his luxury robe, handsome face, his eyes is calm reflecting to the frozen lake. The crown prince was actually a different kind of chic suave and graceful.

Back to Wei State, sunset hid to the mountains, at the Sheng Jin Gong direction, is an endless years of bright lights that never run dry like the whale oil lamp in a distance glittering, Yan Xun turned away. His eyes hardened looking at the direction of the palace.

“Young Prince!” from a far distance Feng Shujiao  rans on his direction, panting to Yan Xun loudly said : “You won’t be nice after this!”

Yan Xun raised his brow and said: “What happened?”

“That star girl, was captured and dragged to the old mater of Zhuge Xi mansion.

“No way!” Yan Xun a pair of eyebrows suddenly wrinkled, coldly said: “When did you hear this matter? Is your source reliable?

“I listened to Zhuge Household maidservants and heard many rules was broken including the what they call “star child” was forced to leave Castle Peak. All were worried and are in trouble due to what happened.

The youngster frowned, pondered for a long while, suddenly turned to jump on the horse, said: “Feng Shuijiao, we have work to do! off we go to Zhuge Mansion”

“Ah?” Feng Shuijiao stunned and cried: “the world, really wants to go eh? Are we allowed to abandon at this time? What will happen to this fanfare? 

Yan Xun shook his head: “If we are banned because of this, its not a big deal.”

“What kind of place do we go to?”

Yan Xun eyes turned and exclaimed: “It is in my schedule to visit the Zhuge master before leaving, no harm done, off we go.”

The rolling hoofs raised large snow fogs. Not far from the west direction, there were three hundred troops quietly waiting, the advance party soon came back, quickly rushed to meet their commander in chief and facing their troop leader he reported: “permission to speak sir, we are confirming that Yan Shi Zi and his person is running towards Zhuge Mansion direction and not in the courtyard. As for the reason, it is unclear and unknown.”

“Zhuge Xi Mansion?”

Wei Shu Ye frowned and puzzled, coldly said: “ What would Yan Xun and Zhuge do? Does Zhuge household want to arbitrate? As far I know, Zhuge Mujing (meaning eye piece) did not participate in the elder’s parsonage as they intend to avoid this matter?

“Major General,” Mu He Zhang rushed forward and with a respectful salute he said: “I am under the impression that Zhuge eyes of god (Muqing) has always been good to the Batuja family, this is because they cannot leave the body of the east army fiefs. Thought it might be just a coincidence.”

Wei Shu Ye nodded and said: “If it is, things it will be much easier to manage.”

Under the cold moon, Sheng Jin Gong suddenly sounded a loud fanfare of drums, Wei Shu Ye looked up, slowly said: “It is time.”

From the Zhuge household heard the beats of the drums and like a signal the Zhuge house is at its second troop in charge, triggered and Zhuge Xi Mansion suppose to respond.

The stars of the sky flashing, the fate of the remnant is a give away and open. While the youngsters do not know how this night will have greater impact on their lives, the fog covered road and forgot to see clear stars for their track and direction. But somewhere, the gate of fate has been opened, magnificent epic, a new beginning looming from its end.


Chapter 030 Heads off

Zhuge Yue, Yan Xun, Wei Shu Ye riding on a fast horse whip quickly to the Zhuge Xi Mansion. His mansion was never out of sounds and voices of young ladies or children but some of them caught in a lonely death.

Blood slowly fall from the tip of the sharp dagger while in the western room there is a carpet made of white camel hair fibers, the design has rapid penetration into a circle of bright red pattern. The night wind is blowing from the corner of the window and dissipated a cool extravagant aroma in the room. Zhuge Xi mansion is brightly lit, an old face in panic grabbed its neck, it is strange for him to see a tall child on her shoulders, as the hour glass sand slowly passing, all of a sudden fell on the carpet and the old man kneeling heavy on the ground.

“You ask me to put your what?” The child’s voice is very light, she slightly put her head down her eyes glanced at the old man’s face but her stomach churned and felt like sickening and she almost wanted to blow at his sight that night. She recollected how Ju Xiang and others have to deal with this old master like a corpse but tonight she is like a thousand blade as her heart’s anger is on fire . The child slowly leaned over and whispered: “There have been many child who begged you to let go of them, is mercy not enough to set them free?”

Zhuge Xi lying on the carpet, his neck is on fountain of blood and surfaces, still pampered but the child can sense the fear of the aristocratic master was scared to death and like shaking. He constantly stretched out the blood in his arm to climb forward and wanted to stay away from this brutal child. Messy blood in the carpet was dragged out a long bloodstains, so gross, so graphic.

“You have been living for too long, but tonight its payback time. If heavens do not accept you, I am sure hell is waiting for you!” Shuak! A crisp sound, the dagger came across his collar bones, neatly cut off, the cavity of the blood suddenly gushed out like a dark red purple stench.

Chu Qiao hands is holding Zhuge Xi’s wasted head, his face expressionless thrown on the ground. She went back toward the cringing corner of the ten little female slave and they walked. The children looked at her in horror, squeezed their eyes while she is untying  their ropes that bounded them. This night is like a kill and bill Zhuge Xi master as the child is simply drench in madness and anger who descended in hell that put an end to the evil spirits. If the child wasn’t there, then all of them may have not lasted the night, in bloodbath ravaged in a den of brutal master.

She pulled a youngster who is a pretty girl but was scared of Chu Qiao her face turned white, lips trembling, even her words are faltering. Chu Qiao looked down, the sound was cold, faintly asked: “afraid?”

The youngster  straight hair was trembling and constantly nodded for fear that she will soon become the second headless body, tears run through her nose but is silent in tears.

“Since you are afraid, then let it out it..”

They are the children belonged to the poor families, whose age is small, but sensible, the child quickly shook her head and cried: “I am a good girl, I pretend I did not see anything, I beg you to let me go.”

Chu Qiao impatiently frowned: “Did I not say it clearly? Let it out!.”

“I am asking you,” the child confused cry: “let me, I do cattle horse … … ah!

Chu Qiao suddenly raised her dagger, facing the child’s neck and about to demonstrate the act in the child’s neck, while the afraid child begged and she thought she was already headless. But the sharp dagger along her neck was fiercely  inserted in the pillars behind her, the child went on shock but unharmed.

“What happened? Master, what … … ah! Assassins!” Loud screams was heard from the door, suddenly the attendants entered the room and found the head, then saw Zhuge Xi’s body covered with blood lying On the ground. The young Xiao Si’s soul withered, sitting on the ground she screamed and awkwardly got up, staggering and ran out. Chu Qiao quickly hid the dagger and in silence she counted the time, it is estimated that the whole government’s security have been alerted activating the stratagems, only flying swords, arrows shot, a hundred paces of daggers, piercing the back and forehead of the servants to exhaust the infiltration of the assassins.

Quick footsteps can be heard from their distance fast but hastened, the children sit back starting from small to the tallest child slaves when they saw more than twenty guards fiercely rushed into the room to see Zhuge Xi’s head and its corpse, their faces scared and turned to ashes.

“what the hell happened!?”

The troop leader of the guards was furious, snapped and asked the little slaves in the room.

“Killed by a…!” Eight-year-old child in front of everyone loudly spoke, tears falling in her small cheeks she panicked and cried: “kill people, woo … … kill Zhuge master, but also killed …. So terrible, woo … ”

The child’s nose were sticky due to tears, she continued to cry, her little face was scared and pale, stuttered, and cannot utter a straight phrase or words to answer the furious leader of the troop and angrily asked: “where did they run?”

“There!” The child points to the south open window: “They ran.. over there!”

“Some guards stay, others, chase with me!”

Soon the guards searched the whole area and chased the children like Qi (means air). They went out of the room, leaving only three people guarding the prodigal Zhuge old man’s body.

The other children are all frightened when she came out from hiding. Chu Qiao saw the other Zhuge guards was deceived by the eight year old child that Chu Qiao spooked earlier, holding a crossbow, her face no longer afraid or that trembling expression, her mouth chuckled and stared at the master Zhuge body and to the few guards who stayed. She stood in front and hissed in mockingly voice she said: “Hey! You seem so busy!?.”

All three who left turned around, suddenly startled, but not enough time to shout, saw three crossbow arrows suddenly shot at them like a meteor chasing the moon in general on Qi (on air) whizzed shot into the head of three guards in dismay, blood drops rushing to flow. Three corpses fell to the ground all at the same time. For the price of loyalty they followed their Zhuge Xi’s master classic death.

“A little slave suddenly screamed, Chu Qiao’s hand quickly covered the child’s mouth, she warned her mouth and said:” when I ask you to scream, you did not, now do not add anymore injuries to a killing spree situation. ”

The children face were pale and constantly crying, Chu Qiao sighed and slowly said: “following words is very important, you have to listen carefully, it can save lives you know!?”

The children stopped crying and stared at her.

“I do, I am a slave at Zhu Shun housekeeper house, this man is not human in many ways, always scourge the the child slaves, if I see him once again, I want to kill him for the people he harmed. You do not want to leak what happened here especially to Zhu housekeeper or whoever of the Zhuge household people because beginning today everyone here sees you as criminal, you are not allowed to say to Zhu housekeeper, he will never save you, make sure to never forget alright?

The children nodded quickly, as if they were a frightened rabbit.

Chu Qiao with faint smile, the net has been spread, just wait for the fish to drill into. Even if these children can really become righteousness and willing to endure the punishment and swear not to let her words out, or even say, Zhuge House people may not believe, but the whole Aoyama courtyard of the people saw Zhu Shun’s people took her out of the Zhuge Yue’s house. Trapped on this, he cannot get away with death and it has become a necessity now. But she will have to make sure to see what kind of death will Zhu Shun get?

Looked at the hourly hourglass, time just right, but also had time to quietly slip back to the back door to escape the Xiao Ba.

Everything is done too well.

About to leave at the main entrance, a hand suddenly tightly grasped the child’s ankle, Chu Qiao looked down and saw a bodyguard still alive.

“Draw the crossbow like the tiger, then kill!” Chu Qiao’s eyes rushed like the color of cold sand then pulled out the arrows from the man’s forehead and his dead body twitched a few times, no longer move. Chu Qiao doing too much effort in removing his hand from her ankle, she tried several times but her foot is stuck to the dead hand. There is no other way than to pull out the guards waist long sword, a pop sound heard and his palm was cut off.

“what are you doing?”


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Disclaimer: all translations done in this page was created out of the love for Princess Agents original novel to help readers may appreciate or may understand the beauty of novel in English language. The translator does not claim all of the translations are all correct and as accurate as it was from the original but tried best effort to choose the closest translation possible from its original and does not imply the readers to follow it. If there are any instances of  deviation from the original novel is not the translator's liability nor appears to be her/his responsibility. Indeed, readers will have to manage their expectations and are encouraged to read and obtain for the original novel written in Chinese language.

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