The Evolution of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography

by: udn joint news network (2017/10/14 3:47)

In recent years, China’s TV drama market is unusually hot, “Chu Qiao Biography”, “that year spent a month round” and many other TV series set off ratings frenzy, the role of the script contributed Coincidentally, the two hit drama drama Yang Tao, Chen Lan, Su Xiaoyuan are from Sichuan. In addition to them, there are a number of Sichuan female writers active in the film and television circles, like “double thorn” screenwriter Joe, “Langya list” screenwriter and other sea banquet.
Su Xiaoyuan read college, crazy reading novels, also joined the school drama club, and create a life of the first script, got the first prize of college students art festival. After graduating from the Chinese Department of Sichuan Normal University, Su Xiaoyuan has been committed to literature, film and television writers. Since 1996, 20 years, she has created dozens of film and television works, which by “where no romantic”, “Mulan legend”, “marriage time difference” and other works have repeatedly won the provincial and municipal spiritual civilization ” Five one project “award and other awards.
Yang Tao is the backbone of Fudan Opera Society, when the director is also the director of the all-round active elements.

Chen Lan is the national college students speech contest leader. Yang Tao and Chen Lan is the girlfriend for many years, one is Sichuan TV reporter, one is the Sichuan TV host and director. In the years of work on television, she wrote more than a hundred items a year to see more than 100 scripts and samples. This process, monasteries, to strengthen their script appreciation. Yang Tao in 2010, began to write TV drama script, and to encourage Chen Lan transformation of the script creation, “Chu Qiao Biography” is Chen Lan’s screenwriter debut.

“I remember when I was in school, my language was the best, and the physics and chemistry did not work.” In 1986, I also published some articles in the army’s newspapers and magazines. In 2001, it was a chance to move to the Chengdu Military District Television Art Center , Gradually began to embark on the writers of the road. “” Double thorn “screenwriter Joe also shared her story.

Screenwriter is a text worker, need to continue to knit the plot in the writing, build the story. So, when writing or screenwriter, where are they from the main place to get inspiration? In fact, these women writers have a striking similar characteristics, that is, in life are love to listen to gossip. In this regard, Qiao Bing explained, “I think most writers have a gossip heart, which is essential in the creation.”

“I like to always listen to gossip. I think a writer must be very gossip. My friends now have a habit, with fun things must first tell me to listen to.” Su Xiaoyuan revealed.

Because of this, they can often read from the book, seen people, experience, inner surging tangled to find inspiration. Yang Tao said, “writing time, the equivalent of another experience of life, into someone else’s life, dominate the fate of others, or sad or hi are sustenance of their love and hate, such as the creation of TV drama” guardian ” Of course, as a mother, I must converge my own control, but I can dominate the fate of the role. ”

Of course, a professional screenwriter is not relying on the survival of inspiration, but also rely on the accumulation of life and repeated practice. Chen Lan said, “Whether it is historical themes, or the reality of the theme of the drama, the screenwriter from the daily life to learn a lot of nutrition.To be good at observing life, for example, in the subway to observe the two little girls to speak, can become a writer material.”

These screenwriters are out-of-the-way “Chuanmei Zi”, they have said that their own creation and Chengdu deep cultural atmosphere inseparable.

Screenwriter Su Xiaoyuan early creation of “hibiscus flowers”, “Chengdu past” and other scripts, are talking about their own story of Sichuan. In Su Xiaoyuan view, Sichuan outstanding, Bashu culture calm and heavy, nourish a lot of Shu Junjie. “Before, there are film and television company CEOs to Sichuan to say, feeling this place in Chengdu can make people calm down, threw himself into the creation, I think this is one of the reasons for the performance of Sichuan screenwriter eye-catching.” Chen Lan also recognized this view.

“Sichuan is an outstanding place in this place, and the Sichuan people themselves have a sense of indecision, and they are particularly tolerant, and these are career attitudes that the screenwriter needs.” The writers added. Screenwriter Yang Tao believes that Sichuan has always been a deep heritage of the land, is a live color of the place, imagination depends on beauty beauty food nourish.

Chengdu has a lot of cultural landmarks, such as Wuhou Temple, Du Fu Cottage, etc., Yang Tao is to enjoy such a cultural atmosphere, she said, “I was away from home near the park is Wangjiang Lou Park, here know the couplets, fell in love All kinds of Xiuzhu, admired the girls school book Xue Tao, and my heart hidden a talented woman dream. Later, Wu Hou Temple and cottage has been neighbors, the nearest place is the favorite place to visit, especially the daughter of childhood in Wuhou ancestral “For me, these places are more of a collection of years.”

Su Xiaoyuan does not like to go to these iconic attractions, usually like to go to the place of fireworks. “I like to go to the square, dam and other places, because those places are particularly lively, there is life of smoke and fire. Occasionally, Chengdu has a new place to open my love, you can feel Chengdu international, modern side ”

Screenwriter is the core of the entire film or TV series and soul, according to Chen Lan introduced, now the TV drama creation market, the source of the script is generally divided into two channels. Part of the IP has been published to be edited, part of the writer is written by the original, made by their original.

Su Xiaoyuan’s works “that year is full of flowers,” Yang Tao’s “guardian beauty”, Joe’s “double thorn” are the original standard drama. Among them, the “double thorn” script creation lasted two years before all polished. And by Chen Lan, Yang Tao as the screenwriter of the script “Chu Qiao Biography” is born out of “11 agents Royal Princess”, and then adapted from them.

For the IP adaptation of the heat, as the “Chu Qiao Biography” screenwriter, Chen Lan and Yang Tao are that “no sincerity of the works are generally not far away.Application of IP is often mature and even well-known writers writing, of course, the ability of writers and The main team to play a comprehensive play, determines the texture of a drama. “Joe is that, since the existence of this phenomenon there is its rationality, not a stick killed, there are many good IP adaptation of the work is also a lot of viewers Recognized works of excellence.

They are resistant to loneliness / hundreds of thousands of words of enthusiasm

Now many young people want to enter the film and television creation of this industry, want to be a screenwriter, for these eager young people, four writers have some advice, although the screenwriter sounds very bright, but it is a “chore” Lonely, eat bitter

“This is not so bright, Down to earth, but also heart firm.Now people, it is easy to be impatient things around the coerced, can not hold on the self.

Chen Lan is revealed the writers of the daily work of the state, “engaged in the screenwriter industry, you must have enough love, have to persevere endurance. A few hundred thousand words of work, from access to information, experience life to input And even repeated changes, at least a year’s time.Moreover, in the creation, most of the time you are lonely, and sometimes even painful, you have to endure these. “Yang Tao concise,” love, common sense and talent, three “(Chinese news group finishing)

More about Zhen Huan Biography

Author: Chen Haoxian Release Date: 2017-09-19 09:00

[Legend of the moon] Zhao Liying Chen Xiao reorganization of the most lining of the new drama Zuozai like “Zhen Huan Biography”

Zhao Liying starred in the “Chu Qiao Biography”, set the wisdom and beauty of the incarnation, won the fans to join in, so that her popularity has been high, as the darling of the mainland TV series, but also because there are more drama in hand, so Zhao Liying has made it clear Will not shoot “Chu Qiao Chuan” sequel, that is, fans can not see the “star Yue match”, it is inevitable a little disappointed. “Chu Qiao Biography” after the broadcast, recently another mainland drama “that year is full of flowers,” also set off a pot of drama boom, and the male Chen Xiaoqian seeds of the image of the stars move, sucking female fans eyeball , Two drama series have joined hands, but the most fans regret is Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao had had a situation, but eventually failed to become a pair.
Zhao Liying is the “Chu Qiao Biography”, played star child won the fans love, popular hot.

Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao two broadcast in 2013, “Lu Zhen legend”, fake play really made of lovers, but in the end this golden couple did not come to the end, broke up, and Chen later again with the “god carving Heroes “of the partner, played the little dragon girl Chen Yan Xi tart, to 2016 more pull the skylight. Chen Xiaoying now has a family, with Zhao Liying, of course not possible, but the fans can still be in the drama, see them walk together, recently came two cooperation in the Qing court drama “moon legend” will be in the year Before the broadcast, in the play and then continue to lead.
Chen Xiao in the “flower that month is round” as Shen Xing move, infatuated with the image of the people.

“Legend of the moon” is regarded as “Lu Zhen legend” sequel, the story about Zhao Liying played the girl Wang Mingyue, mistakenly hit into the Wang Ye House, met 17 Prince Yin Li (Chen Xiao decorated), two cases Card is not scandal, by the grudge of the enemy into a lovers, then the moon was Yongzheng Emperor elected into the harem as a concubine, and Yin Li to fight with the emperor wife, can be said to be bloody, and at any time get into the disaster, great love How can fear of external obstruction, the moon after a series of escape plan, and finally out of the palace, once again with the 17 princes to go together, but whether the final reunion ending, we should wait for the audience slowly chase.
“Lu Zhen legend” Zhao Liying with Chen Xiao became a pair, and “moon legend” was regarded as the sequel.

Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao is also in the clean drama “Palace lock bead curtain” cooperation, Chen was then played as the prince Yin Jubilee, and Zhao Liying is the brothel woman lily, but the two did not feelings line. However, “Legend of the Moon” also plagiarism “Zhen Huan Biography” is suspected, because Yin Li is the play of the king of the king, he will compete with the Yongzheng Emperor Zhen Huan, into a triangular romance, listen to fall with the “moon legend” story Outline is very similar, but the current fans on Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao’s blitz, I believe they do not mind, the most important to Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao on the CP, continue to give everyone unlimited fantasy space.
Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao had fake play really made as a lover, but finally broke up the end, and Chen Xiao Chen Yan was married last year.

Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying in the Qing Dynasty drama “Palace lock bead curtain” had cooperation, but the two did not have feelings line.


From Yahoo China Article Yahoo懶人卡 (2017/10/12 18:14)

Do not rely on man support! “That year bloom”, “Lanka” girls super plight plot inventory drama

From 2011 onwards, “Zhen Huan Chuan” to the recent “Chu Bridge Biography”, “that year is very beautiful”, not only dazzling, each game is not a heroine, high-intensity palace fighting skills superb, girls in the past need to By the soft suit protection, today’s small CD-ROM five women is a land drama, to see it!

That year is full of flowers
In the “drama goddess” heat, Sun Lixin “full of flowers”, she was in the late Qing Dynasty Shaanxi women’s richest man Zhou Ying played the status of women’s attention, breaking the social atmosphere to achieve their own family life story, the party’s weak drama how to resist The fate of life, changing the appearance of a complete performance, the heroine’s indomitable spirit is a big surprise.


Langya list
By the Hugget and Liu Tao starred in the “Lanya list”, actress “Rex King” as commander, responsible for one hundred thousand border brigade commander, actress image deeply rooted in the heart, as the actor “the United States and the Soviet Union” Glorious identity, but do not rely on this person’s care, but become the most favorable left hand and backing, really do not love it!


Chu Qiao biography
From the “Chu Qiao Chuan” novel “11 secret princess”, the story describes the Chu Qiao female slaves, witnessed the tragic tragedy of death, vowed to save lives, save people to encounter, even if Zhu Qiao is often the actor to save, but he The character of determination and a high degree of fighting value, is still the hearts of many friends in the hearts of the best candidates.


Zhen Huan biography
Shanghai drama “Zhenuan biography”, even as early as 2011 broadcast, but even now, we talked about a bad hero, definitely not “Zhen Huan” can not, her 17-year-old palace never know things for girls, To fight “Huafei” Queen, into the palace to become a series of stories of the Queen Mother, stupid white sweet machine bit, Zhen is absolutely strong ah!



III Li Taohua
The story of the nine female villain “white”, for the apprentice to learn male dressed women, the times and the actors “China, the Chinese and foreign artists, the two films and drama, Zhao Tingting, Yang Mi starred in the TV series, Night “acquaintance fell in love, together with the Sansei III aesthetic story, once ruled once, but also because of domineering exposure, high-intensity martial arts to conquer a large number of friends.


From Yahoo china Article Chinese newsletter (press release) (2017/09/29 4:09)


The mainland drama “Chu Qiao Biography” is also welcomed by Russian youth. (From Sina microblogging @ TV drama Chu Qiao)

The mainland is closely related to Russia in recent years, and the Chinese became the fifth foreign language of the Russian National Examination this year, which has made the mainland TV drama a new favorite for young people. Young people turned to community platforms such as YouTube chanting, and in the largest social media VK gave birth to subtitles group, the opera lines into Russian, so that more Russians become a drama fan.

Russian girl Najia said, “the play is becoming a trend.” She said that before only want to learn Chinese or have a close relationship with the mainland people will see the land drama, but now most people will be online drama, breaking the previous domination by the Korean situation. Therefore, as the previous mainland famous subtitles group to the US drama into Chinese in general, VK has a lot of Chinese users to set up translation subtitles group, take the initiative to publish land drama information, subtitles, dubbing, operating fans and so on.

Update the notice at any time, the theme song

Many types of land drama, the Russian friends most like the costume drama, because “the screen looks better, more oriental style”, such as has been popular in the three places “step by step startling”, “Wu Mei Niang legend.” Local users that: “” Wu Mei Niang legend, “the color of the clothing bright, the heroine Fan Bingbing is really beautiful.” And therefore derived from the “Asian Dragon” in general, to translate the costume drama-based subtitles group.

21-year-old Anna is a student of the Russian National Humanities University, Chinese for many years, and sister, friends 2 years ago in VK set up “Asian Dragon” subtitles group, has translated more than 500 sets of mainland TV series and movies, including costume drama ” “In addition to the translation, Anna will also update the mainland drama at any time, as well as the drama” Happy Ode “, as well as the net drama” crazy days “,” thinking beauty “,” I am with your light years away ” Information and notice, theme song, and immediately translated.

Translation subtitles group, VK there are many similar series of drama, are like mainland film and television works of users to take the initiative to build, upload the source is from YouTube or mainland sites free download resources.

Spend thousands of bones Langya live rate is high

Interestingly, the land drama is not only in VK, Facebook and other social networking sites burst red, there are more to the theme of the site set up, users through these sites know what the mainland is playing video works, view the works of the network evaluation , Watch trailers, and even the whole play.

To green-, for example, has been hit in the mainland of the explosion works have, such as the film “four famous”, “Painted Skin”, “surprise”, the TV series “step by step startling”, “new On the beach “, 2015 the most popular topic drama” spend thousands of bone “,” Langya list “and” camouflage “and so is the users of the high rate of works, but also to the actor Hu Ge, Huo Jianhua become a lot of Russian women The idol.

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