Chu Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Chapter 181-190

Based on the original novel 11 agents princess 

by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua




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When it rained late at night, it was raining on the boat, slamming on the ship’s board, and wandering around the waters of the mountains. We could hear the sound of winds, and the deep autumn rain, a trace of quiet rivers.

Chu Qiao woke up late at night, the blue silk scattered on the neck, cheeks red, sleepy eyes, skin like white satin, lying heavy embroidered, stretched out slender arm, and then touched, but it was cold.

She was shocked, and she was completely sleepy. She suddenly got up and saw that the room was empty, only she was alone. The window is still dark, I don’t know when it started to rain.

She suddenly felt a little flustered, and she got out of bed when she climbed the mountain. However, when the tip of the toe had just hit the ground, her knees suddenly became soft and her body had faint pain. Her body clearly transmitted it. It also seems to remind her that everything in the world has changed.

Wearing a blue dress, embroidered with light white flowers and flourishing leaves, embroidered silk thread, with peach as the core, a stroke of a sketch of the slim waist, light skirt, and a cloud of water sleeves. She picked up a bamboo umbrella and opened the door. She walked out.

It was cold and rainy outside. It was like the primal rain in the early spring. It was slanted by the wind. Even with an umbrella, it was still rainy and naughty to hit the skirt of the dress, under the night wind. A lightweight roundabout. She hurried across the empty deck, the skirt was wet, her posture was as light as ever, and the darkness on all sides rushed over. The peaks on both sides of the bank towered high and occasionally she heard the whisper.

He just stood on the bow of the wind, as if he had stood for a long time, a white long gown, upright and handsome, among the twilight shadows, faint hint of depression. When he heard the footsteps, he looked back and saw her. She was not surprised. She just reached out and said quietly, “Come here.”

Chu Qiao quickly ran over and put an umbrella on top of his head. Although this rain was small, it would get wet when he stood for a long time. His clothes had been in the hot, cold water vapor, and she frowned and said, “Didn’t you see it is raining?”

The mountain breeze choked between them and the wide sleeves of the gown swelled slightly by the wind. He held her hand, and her phalanx (means a bone of the finger or toe) was clear, long and strong. He suddenly held her in her arms and said nothing, just holding it quietly, not hard, but it seemed to have the strength of steel bars to hold her up, so she did not dare to have a little action.

“What are you doing?”

Time passed quietly, and she whispered to him: “What happened to you?”

“It’s nothing.”

His voice is very calm, like a quiet lake. Not seen in a few years. The old man who appeared to have escaped from his eyes seemed to grow up. His eyes were quiet, and there was an occasional flash of coldness.  They were all vicissitudes of worldly experience. They had peace in their voices, but they always had dark ice and darkness. Hidden in it, anger and indifference do not appear to be colored, and people cannot see what he is thinking.

“Xinger, you are wronged.”

Suddenly after he said that Chu Qiao frowned suspiciously: “What did you say?”

“I owe you,” said Zhuge Yue lips, and he smiled in silence as if he were a child. He patted her cheeks gently and said, “I will certainly compensate you in the future.”

“What are you doing, Zhuge Yue?”

Chu Qiao was a little nervous, grabbing Zhuge Yue’s sleeves and looking up, asked: “I have no grievances. I’m willing to do it myself.”

Zhuge Yue smiled, still such an imperial elegance, he stretched out to hold her in his arms, his chin arrived on top of her head, he just held her, and he did not use force. It seemed to be carrying a piece of porcelain.

Some words he did not say, so it followed the breathing in the veins of the river winds. (oh Zhuge Yue…what are those words, come on I am dying to hear!)

He always thought that he was much better than Yan Xun, and Chu Qiao had only his side to get real happiness and protection.

However, in this matter, he was not that person. He stayed for ten years. Yan Xun was indeed a gentleman, but he had his own selfishness.

But what can we do?

For her, he has never been confident, cautious, and always walking on thin ice.

The closer he is to happiness, the more afraid he is. So he wants to own more, a little more, and more.

Sometimes, he also laughed at himself. Didn’t expect Zhuge Yue all will have you today?

However, often afterward, his heart is more affected. She is such a free and easy person, imperial figure tyrants, Jiangshan (means country or rivers and mountains) wealth, are nothing but a gamble, but she is the chess game that he can never afford.

Chu Qiao still murmured in his arms, seemingly widening his heart, repeatedly saying: “Nothing, I do it myself.”

He grabbed her mouth and then picked her up and walked toward the cabin.

Chu Qiao “Yah” screamed, the bamboo umbrella fell to the ground, drizzle hit the cheeks, cold and cold, she buried his arms in a low voice protest: “Let me down, they are seen by Mei Xiang Oops!”

Zhuge Yue bowed his head and said she is overbearing: “Shut up.”

Chu Qiao brow wrinkled, the same stress also replied: “I prefer not!”

Zhuge smiled, still his usual appearance, but his mouth was retracted, but he did not say anything. When he lowered his head, he put her lips in the mouth and smashed it, and stood in front of the cabin, standing under the night, and like an imperial kissing her mouth sweet, so long, until Chu Qiao was out of force, panting, only let go of her bondage.

He stared at her with a grin, faintly provocative with a few sly words: “What I have is a way to shut you up.”

Chu Qiao quickly stretched out both hands to cover the swollen mouth, waiting for a pair of black eyes, glaring at him and silently protesting.

Zhuge Yue smiled and held her back to the room. Fortunately, it is already late at night and everyone has fallen asleep. No one has ever encountered it along the way.

Just arrived in the room, Chu Qiao quickly jumped down and made a defensive posture, staring at him. Seeing that he was comfortable with his clothes, he could not help but flush his face.

Zhuge Yue suddenly leaned forward, warm breath sprayed in her ear and said softly: “does it still hurt?”

Chu Qiao’s blush, she always like this, obviously can kill the enemy and command the generals of the army, but when faced with these things, her face turns like a big girl who has not been out. Just a word, it will make her feel at a loss.

Zhuge Yue embraced her from behind and his hands were not honestly sliding down. Chu Qiao was shocked. He pressed his restless hand and firmly attached it to her hot belly.

“Well?” asked Zhuge Yue: “I asked you what? Did it still hurt?”

Chu Qiao shouted and shook his head carelessly, like a panicked rabbit.

Zhuge Yue smiled, his face crossed a faint expression, and deliberately whispered in her ear: “Is it really hurting?”

She nodded quickly.

“Then let’s continue.”

“Ah?” Chu Qiao was shocked, her mouth can be stuffed with an egg.

Zhuge Yue laughed and held her up and put it on the bed. Chu Qiao does not know how he is, and how does it go? What about martial arts? Sensitive action? Why didn’t the body feel any piece of strength when he is close? (hahaha, why is it the body does not feel any peice of strength when he is close)

She watched silly as his face zoomed in front of her eyes. Her nose was sharp, her thin lips, her evil eyes, her smooth skin, and her slight smile. She had a beautiful appearance that inverts all sentient beings. (lol, she had a beautiful appearance that stimulates a man as cold as ice!)

She was so stunned, she let him occupied her lips, a trembling numbness rose from the spinal cord, like a hot electric shock, the shell-like teeth were smashed open, the tip of the tongue is dexterous. His kiss turned from gentle to fierce, and she gradually began to try to cater for the beginning of her stunned life. Her body was trembling slightly and her breathing disorder was short. She finally lost her in the other’s flirting means. In his arms, if the spring water that has been disrupted by the lake is lingering, no one can control it. (can you imagine and handle this? lol)

The clothes were not known when they had been shed, leaving only short blouses with slender legs and white arm.

He smiled and pulled up a quilt, wrapped her inside, then kissed her in her face and reached out and held her in her arms. The blind man was slightly dumb and said with a smile: “Well, go to sleep.”

Chu Qiao, some did not respond, stupidly asked: “Sleep?”

“How?” Zhuge Yue supported her head with one hand and looked sideways at her flushed face. She smiled and said, “You don’t want to sleep?”

“Think!” Chu Qiao said in an exaggerated voice, and yawned, saying that she was really sleepy and sleepy.

Zhuge Yue lay down and looked at her. He had never thought about it. Chu Qiao was the first time. He could not bear the second round of wind and rain so quickly. But just before he almost could not stop, he had to close his eyes: “Then sleep.”

But someone in his arms has gradually become restless.

She will move her arm one after the other and will change her position, like a restless puppy, arching arches in the west, hairy and sneezing.

Zhuge Yan frowned slightly, and the fire in the chamber went arched up and down. He tried to restrain himself, but he could not suppress it.. (stupid man! hahaha)

He frowned and said: “What are you doing?”

“You, don’t you go back to your room?”

Chu Qiao looked up and pitifully stared at him, his face red and said: “What if they are seen by Mei Xiang in the morning? How safe are they? They are still young, or are they children?”

Zhuge Yue still frowned: “How old are they, and are they children? You forgot, when you were grown up to be a big girl and were in the Docking station in Pengcheng, you almost raped me.”

“What did I do?” Related to personal reputation, Chu Qiao suddenly retorted: “You are bloody!”

“Not yet?” Zhuge Yue said: “You pretend to be the slut of the singer who was given to me by Narita, and You are swaying in front of me without clothes, don’t you want to take advantage of me?”

“Zhuge Yue this–“

“You can make a big noise again. Then don’t have to be tomorrow morning. After the meeting, they will all know.”

Chu Qiao quickly lowered her voice and looked at him fiercely, gritted her his teeth and said, “I was there to save people. Who knows that you will be there. You know the cause and effect, and less with me.”


Zhuge Yue glanced at her impatiently, and the expression seemed to say “I know you will be so arguing”.

Chu Qiao did not speak to him and he was panting for a moment before he pushed her again and said, “Hey! Come back to your own room. The bed is so small that I can’t sleep well.”

Is this bed small? Four people lying side by side will not be too squeezing. Zhuge Yue can’t hear it and keep sleeping with his eyes closed.

“Hey! Come back to your own room. What’s the matter if you depend on me?”

See Zhuge Yue is not moving like a mountain, Chu Qiao angry to sit up, holding her own clothes will go. But as soon as she was about to climb over Zhuge Yue, she was caught in a waist-dwelling elbow, and suddenly she lost her strength. Then she fell on Zhuge Yue’s chest.

The man’s eyes flashed with a few flames. The Yin put a test measure crack in his hands. He looked at her obliquely and said coldly: “I think you are very energetic and you don’t want to sleep.” 

“No! Nothing!”

Even if Li Qingrong knows how to look at his face, Chu Qiao, a big living person, naturally knows the heights.

Sure enough, she soon learned that all protests and escapes were unrealistic. So she quickly collapsed back to her original place and turned her back to Zhuge Yue. She didn’t say anything at all, breathing calmly, as if she was really asleep.

Everything was still and everything was still dark in all directions. The rain seemed to be a little bigger, and it was pounding on the board and making a crisp sound.

A hand came from behind and caught her waist. The man’s breath blew softly behind her ear and her neck was numbed. He hugs her and kisses her ear softly. The tone is low and said: “Xinger, I think I can hold it every night. You, don’t always drive me away.”

Her heart suddenly went so soft, like clear, clear water.

It’s hard to imagine people like him talking to her in such a way. She feels sad, reaches out and grabs his fingers. It’s a bit cool, a little bit of a squat, it’s on his lips, and then he kisses her head. A kiss.

The night was still so long that she slept like this and lay in his arms. She seemed to see the clear sky, the green lake, the green grassland, and a group of children in white dresses stood on a broad lawn. Dancing, singing warmly in the mouth:

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.”

“You make me happy when skies are gray”

“You never know dear how much I love you”

“Please don’t take my sunshine away”

Zhuge Yue, you are mine, and I can never escape the sunshine.

It’s almost certain that it will be late in the morning.

After a strong voice, she opened her eyes in panic and saw that Zhuge Yue had been standing neatly in front of the window with a pale blue milky-white light skirt in her hand and said with a smile: Mei Xiang is calling a few times. If you don’t get up again, she will rush in.”

Chu Qiao almost wore clothes and then moved, moved to the door, reached out, opened the door with a small gap, and poked his head out, silly smile: “Hey, Mei Xiang, Good morning.”

“Miss, it’s already noon, and after a while, I will be on the beach in a few minutes.”

Meixiang station entrance, very imposing fork, Jingjing holding Li Ce’s youngest son, is trying hard to probe the brain, seems to suddenly have an interest in Chu Qiao’s room. Rong Er stretched out a small fat hand, glaring at the face of Jing Jing, screaming, not knowing what to say.

“Ah? Is it?” Chu Qiao snorted: “Oh, I am too tired, I have overslept, it is strange, haha.”

“Yeah, it’s weird,” Jingjing smirked a little elf ghost.

“Miss, what are you doing here, I have washed my face, are you not washing?”

Chu Qiao raised the bucket on the ground, and Dayi said sharply: “I will come by myself.”

Mei Xiang frowned: “Miss, what happened to you?”

“I am very good, I am watching you are too tired, you will go to the break first.”

Mei Xiang is very loyal and continues to say: “I want to clean up the room for you.”

“No need to use it, I am in good spirits today, I can clean up myself.” After that, I will not wait for Mei Xiang to say anything. She will enter the house with the water and shut the door. Then, like a thief, put the ear on the door and listen carefully to the outside movement.

It was hard to wait until Mei Xiang and Jing Jing left. Chu Qiao took a long breath.

Zhuge Yue lying on the bed very leisurely said: “Look at you, like a thief.”

Chu Qiao gave him a look, came to pull his arm: “With no one there, you quickly back to his room.”

“Do not.” Zhuge Yue very simply refused: “Unless you wait for me to wash your face.”

Chu Qiao squinted her eyes: “Why?”

“I won’t go back if you don’t do it.”

“Zhuge Yue this–“

Chu Qiao gnashed his teeth for a long time, and finally went to the basin, poured the water, washed the face towel, and then walked to him, revealing his arms and sleeves, the posture is not like to wipe the face, live off A pair of people who want to work with others.

She rubbed him in front of him and rubbed his face hard. He frowned slightly, but he said nothing, still smiling. Chu Qiao suddenly fell a bit, and she sighed and the movement was gentle.

The sun shines through the open window and shines on the bodies of the two. The time seems to have gone backward for more than ten years. Still, in the courtyard of Castle Peak Court, she started early every day, carrying a washbasin that was soaked in water, waiting for him to get up, waiting for him to wash his face, waiting for him to dress and wear shoes, waiting for him to eat and drink tea.

“Look at it, I spent so much energy, and finally I went back to my old business.”

Chu Qiao opened her mouth and said gloomily.

Zhuge Yue smiled and said: “There is a saying, Skynet is magnificent, sparse and not leaking, you are born to be my people, and you can’t run away.”

Chu Qiao stared at him and yelled, “What is the metaphor?”

Brush your teeth and wear it neatly.

Chu Qiao pushed Zhuge Yue’s arm and pushed it all the way to the door: “Come on, let’s go!”

Zhuge Yue looked back and took her eyes and stared at her: “Dead woman, a couple hundred days of grace overnight, but you turn your face the next day!”

“Let’s go! Let’s go! Go back to your own room!”


A sudden and pleasant voice suddenly came in. Chu Qiao scared the three souls and went to Yue Qi. He suddenly turned around but saw the Yue Qi smiling and standing outside the window, saw her, and greeted her with a smile: “I went to the young master’s room this morning. I saw the young master is not inside, I guess the young master was in the girl’s room last night.”

Ping’An is standing behind Yue Qi and there seems to be a lot of people behind. There is no way to know who he is talking to, but there is a faint sound of joy: “My sister can be married, I don’t have to listen to my sister again.” Oh.”

At this time, the door was cracked and opened. Mei Xiang came in with Jing Jing and others. When she met Zhuge Yue, she first went to court. She politely called his fourth young masters, and she went to Chu Qiao’s bed and walked on to pack things up.

Chu Qiao suddenly remembered how the blood on the bed could meet people and was trying to stop him. But she saw Jing Jing brought a soup bowl over and whispered in her ear: “Ms. Mei Xiang specially told people to stop the bleeding and her sister. Drink it quickly.”

Chu Qiao had black eyes and red cheeks seemed to bleed.

Zhuge Yue came over and took the medicine bowl and handed it to Chu Qiao’s lips. There was a smile in his mouth. “Sure enough, it’s a good thing, Xing Er, drink it soon.”

In the afternoon of the same day, the ship landed in Lanling County and refueled the food on board. Two more days later, he finally arrived in Hu County.

Although everyone was on the shore, although it was already in the territory of the Greater DaXia, the defense of Zhuge Yue with Yue Qi was obviously more strict. Upon arrival at the ferry, there were about five hundred security guards who were there. The women’s siblings were all changed to men’s clothes, and they were mixed in the carriage and were very careful.


Most of the people in Chu Qiao’s team who saw Zhuge Yue were tattooed. They knew that most of them were originally guilty of being exiled to Qinghai. They were relieved.

Most of these people are the culprits of ancestors. They don’t have much sense of belonging to Ximeng. They live in the Qinghai countryside for a long time, they are good-tempered, and they are loyal to Zhuge Yue. With their presence, Zhuge Yue’s safety is not a problem.

When he arrived in Baolin County, the 3,000-year-old Navy Guards were clearly there. One thousand of them were wearing navy blue pelicans. They looked aggressive, sharp and sharp, and they were full of tough colors. The temples were raised and they looked all at once. It is a man who has practiced martial arts.

Yue Qi proudly introduced to her that these were his subordinates and the most elite seventh division in Qinghai. This is only a small part of it. Most of the teams are still in Cuiwei and Zhenhuang.

In the evening, he took a one-night rest in Baolin and set off on the second day to return to Zhenhuang. On the evening of that day, they finally saw the towering city.

The earth is vast and bleak. The wilderness is rolling, and the withered grass winds.

It is still the summer weather. It is the wind of the summer. It is the autumn of the summer. Chu Qiao drove the curtain of the carriage and looked at the towering city gate in front of him. The iron city wall under the setting sun reflected the tragic and bloody color.

She also remembered those younger days, she and Yan Xun lived in that huge prison cage, hated everything here, and waited for a flood to rush all the prosperity into fly ash. They worked hard to kill a bloody road and rushed out of this fence that had imprisoned them for eight years.

Today, however, she must be willing to step into this place again and enter this stifling city gate.

Six years ago, she left this place for a man. Six years later, she returned again for another man.

The fantastic and bizarre destiny is always between the thousands of turns, stepping out. You don’t know what kind of result the front waiting for you will be. The only thing that can be done is just to continue.

Her fingertips were a bit cool, her ears blew over the wind, and her voice shrieked.

Suddenly one hand came from behind and wrapped her in her arms.

Zhuge Yue’s voice sounded behind her ear, very light, with a peaceful taste.

“Don’t be afraid, you have me.”

Chu Qiao smiled. He always seemed to say this. She leaned back in her arms and took a deep breath of his taste, then slowly closed her eyes.

Just holding his hand, so tight, it will never seem to release again.

Today’s real city is no longer the prosperous year of the year, and it is still dark. The people walking on the streets are already scarce. Seeing the carriage and driving of Zhuge Yue, it is even more difficult for everyone to avoid the shadow of the Lantern Festival.

The carriage bypassed Xuanhua Street and turned into Baiwei Road, heading towards the west of the city. Chu Qiao slightly surprised, said: “Do not return Zhuge Yue government?”

Zhuge Yue smiled: “I am the Sima of the Military Department of Daxia. I naturally live in my own Sima.”

Chu Qiao heard and her heart suddenly loose, the face of an involuntary smile.

Zhuge Yue laughed at her: “This kind of hilarity is shaped in color, how deserves to be the title of the beautiful king?”

“What else is in front of you?”

Chu Qiao said naturally, Zhuge Yue was slightly surprised, then grabbed her and praised: “Say it well.”

There were few people on the street, and the carriage took a little faster. In less than half an hour, it was already at Sima, located on the bank of Lake Biliu in the west of the city.

This house Chu Qiao had seen before, is a royal house, built magnificently, with strong and honest. The carriage did not stop and he entered the door all the way to the house. The soldiers and soldiers went one after another. Chu Qiao followed Zhuge and drove off the carriage.

At first glance, I saw a red eye with a pair of eyes standing in the distance. When I saw her, my tears fell off.

Although it was not the yard of the past, people are still people. Chu Qiao’s heart is also a bit sour. He slightly reaches out and the baby rushes over and picks up her knees.

Chu Qiao quickly reached for her hand, but Zhuge Yan pulled her and said, “You are the mother of the family in the future. They should give you a head and it should be.”

In this way, the people under the squatting of the government have already given her a slap in the face, and screamed: “Give me a little lady.”

Chu Qiao raised her nephew and she had not seen it for many years. Her appearance was somewhat changed. She was long and sultry, and now she has become a big brother on the Zhuge House. He is under the control of one hundred and eighty small beggars.

The nephew said while crying with tears, “The slave man knows that his wife will come back sooner or later, and his wife’s room will be cleaned up. These years have been for you.”

Chu Qiao was yelled by one of his ladies and was slightly embarrassed. Zhuge Ruan was at ease and joined the way: “The room is empty, and she will move her things directly into my room.”

Everyone immediately realized that the deaf children quickly commanded us to carry luggage for Chu Qiao, Mei Xiang and Jing Jing also joined in, a group of people doing fiery.


Zhuge Yue said in her ear, and then she took her hand without saying anything.

Twilight is a quadrangle, and the night is boundless. It hangs on the horizon at a crescent moon, giving out a faint glow. The lights on both sides were ignited and shone on the blue cloak of Zhugeyu. His hands were warm and he did not speak. He just walked silently. On both sides of the wind came, with the cold water of the lake, but there are some fresh night, his cuffed arrow marks dense, from time to time wipe Chu Qiao white cloak, issued a buzzing sound.

There was a very light aroma that hit the head and it wasn’t intense, but it was everywhere. It is a good herbaceous vanilla herb with a hint of Duo’s (means flower) fragrance.

Zhuge Yue has always been a person who knows how to live. Perhaps it is the riches brought by his bones. The accumulation of wealth for hundreds of years has made these wealthy families different from ordinary upstarts. Almost every inch of soil and every plant has a bit of rareness.

Pushing through the hollow carving of Xihai Nanmu Gate is strikingly an elegant temple, not so magnificent, but it is exquisite comfort to let even more discerning people have nothing to say. Soft and thick carpets are laid on the floor, and there is a kind of buzzing stork, bookcase coffee table, antique calligraphy and paintings, and the whole house is elegant, with a sort of extravagant ancient simplicity. The eighteenth-day silk Bairong gauze is hooked with the Zijin Fangfang bird hook, and it stretches all the way to the inner room.


He stood before her, looked down at her and whispered.

Chu Qiao shook her head and said to her stomach: “It’s so hungry.”

On the side, a little girl wearing red clothes quickly said: “The food will be good, and will the younger man and his wife go to the dining room now?”

Zhuge Yue shook his head and said to Chu Qiao: “I still have things that I can’t eat with you.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “If you have anything, go ahead and do it.”

“The next person is preparing for the horse and wait for a while.”

To put it, he hugged Chu Qiao, and the moiré embroidered on his chest clothes touched Chu Qiao’s face and it was itchy.

His voice came from the body, some sullen: “Xinger, you are finally here.”

Chu Qiao smiled and hugged him. The bottom of his heart was an indescribable satisfaction. He was lazy and didn’t want to talk.

The house is smoked with good spices, which makes people sleepy. I want to close my eyes and have a good night’s sleep.

“Tonight, you are waiting for me.”

Chu Qiao’s cheeks were red, and she looked up and smiled at Zhuge: “Then you have to come back soon.”

Chu Qiao nodded.

At this time, the horse is ready, Zhuge Yue said: “I went to the lower court to see a trip, you eat, rest early.”

“Well.” Chu Qiao picked up her toes, and her mouth sighed a little, her cheeks red and said: “Be careful on the road.”

A trace of joy blew out from the eyes of Zhuge Yue, and he took Chu Qiao hard and turned and went out.

Chu Qiao walked to the door with him, the wind was a little big, blowing her white cloak, she looked at Zhuge Yue disappeared into the dark night, smiling on the door frame.

In fact, really beautiful, not as terrible as she imagined.

Far away, there were voices of Jingjing and Ping An, and they didn’t know what happened. A group of people laughed. Chu Qiao’s mouth is also involuntarily hooked up, very good, here is really good.

After eating the meal, she took a shower under the service of the maid.

Mei Xiang and others are also tired all the way, Ronger cannot be separated from people, Mei Xiang with two milk mothers to take care of children. People don’t know, but thought that it was a child born outside Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao, and they were very caring for them.

The bathroom of Zhuge’s family is very large. It is made of Putian white jade. It is inlaid with several pearls. With just one candle, you can make the whole house bright and bright. The water is the underground hot spring of Cangshan Mountain. It is blended with flower buds, with royal powder, and the aroma is attacking. The bottom of the pool is made of non-slip, which is extremely luxurious. and the large rose flower is carved into a flower.

My nephew said that when the emperor gave him a house, he himself looked at it in advance and said after reading it: “When you leave, the house can buy a good price.”

Chu Qiao listened to a slight smile, it seems that the vampire Sima on the outside the rumor is not fake.

She took a shower, dressed in a white silk quilt, and returned to the temple with bare feet.

At the beginning of his childhood, he was still somewhat cramped. Gradually, when he saw Chu Qiao, he relaxed his mind and dared to call up Xinger. She repeatedly took Zhuge Yue’s trifles over the past few years to say something, but to say it was all good things. In a word, to sum up, that is, Xing Er knows to go back and forth,  it is wise to return to the young master in time. The Buddha of Heaven will swear at you.

Chu Qiao smiled and listened to him and said that Zhuge Yue had been self-satisfied in the past few years. He was not close to how beautiful women were, and how they made the family ladies regret their intestines and looked through their eyes. After listening to him, he said that Zhuge Yue thought of her daily, how he remembered her, whenever he heard her news, received her letter, how happy he was, how he got excited, how he could not sleep at night, and how to eat more few bowls of soup. After listening to her, how was the bleakness of Zhuge Yue’s years before, how he practiced, and how physically weak he was, and how he had no place in the family.

Gradually, Xiao Xuan cried, and while he was smashing and thinking about Zhuge Yue, he said sadly and starving, you must never leave the young master. The young master really likes you.

The room smelled of good incense, Chu Qiao sat on a soft bed, listening to a pile of past events, only that past time like the mountains and rivers in the eyes before passing.

Look, he likes her. It’s known all over the world. Even a blind man sees it so clearly. But it was her that it would take so long for so many years to realize this.

After a while, someone gently knocked on the door, and the next people came to report that it was the wife of the General Seventh Yue.

The nephew quickly jumped up and ran out, and soon afterward, an eye-catching woman walked in, her eyebrows clear, and she was dressed in a yellow goose dress, which looked elegant and light. There were two small dimples laughing, holding a teenager in his hand, and when she met her, she would bow down and salute.

Chu Qiao quickly grabbed her and said with a smile: “I didn’t expect that luck is so good on Yue Qi and find such a beautiful wife.”

Xiao Fei smiled and revealed two cute little tiger teeth and said to the child: “Moe, call the mother.”

The child looked up at Chu Qiao and squatted for a while. He suddenly hugged his arms and hugged Chu Qiao’s leg and shouted: “Sister, come see me!”

Chu Qiao awkwardly looked down and looked at it carefully. I saw that the child was beautiful and lovely. He wore a loose green and small armor. His eyes sparkled and he glared at her. He said, “Sister, you don’t know me. I am Mo.”

Chu Qiao suddenly remembered that this was the Ouyang Moe that she and Zhuge Yue had together on the way to Tang Jing. It has been more than six years since the flash. The old ones have grown so big today.

She hurriedly embraced the child and said pleasantly, “I’m so impressed that I can’t recognize it.”

Intimately, Moe stared at her and said, “Where’s my sister? Haven’t you been jealous of me for so many years? If your father talks about you often, Moe must forget his sister.”


Chu Qiao frowned and looked puzzled at the two men next to him.

Xiao Fei said to the child: “You can’t scream. You must call your mother-in-law.”

Moe looked to Chu Qiao and asked, “Is my sister married to my father?”

“Who is your father?”

“My father was Sima in the military department of Daxia. Didn’t you know your sister?”

The nephew quickly explained one side: “When the young man came back, he took Master Moe as a son.”

Chu Qiao was shocked by this, and Mo Xiao Er was not talking for a while. Only then did he know that Xiao Fei had already given birth to two children Yue Qi. The character of this woman and Yue Qi is completely dissimilar, and she is always very embarrassed. She will blush when she says a few words, and she particularly likes people.

Since Chu Qiao returned to the government only today, they didn’t care much and they talked for a while. Xiao Fei took Mo Er. Before leaving, Mo Er repeatedly asked Chu Qiao to ensure that he had time to look at him as if she were afraid she would turn and leave.

After people were gone, Zhuge Yue had not returned. Chu Qiao was a little tired and retired and went to bed.

Chu Qiao’s body has been bad for several years. She has been running all the way in the past few days, and her spirit is slightly unhelpful.

The bed was warm and soft, and Chu Qiao lay down and closed her eyes and slept.

Do not know how long, she stumbled on feeling that someone was kissing her, she was stubborn do not want to wake up, lazy hum, then went to bed deep.

A cold arm suddenly hugged her, warm breath sprayed in her ear, seems to be laughing.

Between the neck and the inch, she frowned and opened her eyes, and saw Zhuge Yue wearing a lavender robe and lying on her bed. The black eyes stared at her and said with a smile: “This kind of vigilance..I don’t know if you have taken advantage of it, or is it the Xinger I know?”

Chu Qiao smiled and reached out, grabbed his neck and said: “It’s a good thief who has a good hand and always comes to a shadowless place. I can’t catch any traces of him.”

Zhuge Yue chuckled and kissed her with a low head and asked, “How can I sleep?”


Chu Qiao leaned in his arms and said naughtily: “If you don’t come back I will sleep better.”

Zhuge Yue smiled and said: “If you don’t fight in three days, you will be able to get a taste of the family law.”

After talking about it, he raised his hand, Chu Qiao scared suddenly closed her eyes, but waited for a while, did not see the so-called family law fell. When she opened her eyes, she saw Zhuge Yue staring at her exactly as she looked at her. She could not help but ask, “Is it not to implement family law? How can I not do it?”

Zhuge Yue hugged her, bowed her neck and kissed her neck, her arms slightly moved, the ribbon around her waist was picked up, and the clothes slipped down the shoulders, revealing a white skin.

Zhuge Yue’s strength on his arm was slightly increased, his body gradually covered, and his voice was slow and slowly: “Where am I willing?”

On the candlesticks of the two cranes and lychee, a pair of red candles are burning quietly, and the red lanterns cover the candles, and only the faint red light is hidden.

After a long night of silence, Chu Qiao returned to the first night of the city of Zhenhuang, in such a warm lingering moment, slowly passing.


CHAPTER 182 Reunion Reunion


This autumn, the sweetness and joy of this kindness slowly went, and although the autumn leaves were scattered, Jinju was a group of grandeur, and it was decorated with a splendid Sima house. The days passed away, like the spring lake in March, a glimpse of the lingering from the fingers, but leaving the sweetness and hope of the spring, not long gone.

On the day of the autumn festival, Chu Qiao came out of the palace with Zhuge Yue, and went to the Xiangzhi Mountain outside 30 miles away. He went to visit the Anyuan Temple in the mountains.

Although Chu Qiao had lived in Zhenhuang City for seven or eight years, she has never been to some places of interest around the Imperial City. As soon as the identity was not allowed, the second did not have this state of mind. However, now that the vicissitudes of life have changed, everything is not as good as it used to be, and she will let go of her arms. The weather on that day was excellent, and the weather was fine, although there was a cool breeze, it was refreshing. Chu Qiao wore a long white pleated satin dress, draped in a long-satin satin cloak, and a group of people who heard that they wanted to go out to play, and a group of people went on the road.

Xiangzhi Mountain is located in the south of Zhenhuang. A plain is set off in the plains. The top of the mountain is snow-scarred and does not change all the year round. The mountainside is full of maple trees, and now it looks like a blush, and the scenery is beautiful. Today is the autumn festival, the rich households in the city of Zhenhuang are all traveling together, and visitors full of laughter, lively and extraordinary.

Came all the way to the Balsam Hill, and stay in the red maple forest. The scenery is beautiful and the beauty is very beautiful. Jing Jing and Ping An lead the way with Qian Mo, yelling at you and chasing me. He Zuoduji and the guardian of the public guards around him. On the seventh month of the month, he brings them to the right and wrong, taking advantage of the festival and letting this wife and mother A holiday.

All the way to the Xiangzhi Mountain, placed in the layer of forest red maple, the scenery is eye-catching, beautiful. Jingjing and Ping An took the lead in front of the Mo Er, yelling at him to chase them. He Xiao, Duoji and a group of guards around the Yue guards, where Yue Qi also brought a small son, holding the festival, but also let this good wife and mother put up this holiday.

Zhuge Yue took Chu Qiao’s hand and went up all the way. From time to time, he and everyone cited the classics. The young master is so happy and easy-going, everyone is happy to make fun of it, and they will be the guardian of the stars and the moon, and occasionally there are tourists passing by. All of them look at it, and I don’t know which one is traveling.

Zhuge Yue has always been very busy. He is the Sima of the military department in Daxia, and is the king of Qinghai. He is now even more faintly a member of Zhuge’s family. He has several positions, and the military and political affairs must be integrated. It is necessary to guard against Zhao Yang and Yan North inside and outside the attack. These days, although he returned to the government on time every day,  he accompanied Chu Qiao to eat and chat, and rest with her, but every time Chu Qiao wakes up late at night, she can not see him on her side, push open the window, it can be seen that the study room is burning all night. The lights are on.

At this time, she always pretended not to know, went to bed and sleep peacefully, until the next morning, and then smiled and asked him to sleep well, watching him with a blue eyes and smiling and replied that she said that she was very good.

His body is not as good as he showed. He was so badly injured in the past, and when he was swimming for a long time, it was already a life of death. It was only a god to open his eyes. Now that the weather is getting cold, the more obvious his illness is.

Autumn rain is like a game. Whenever it rains on cloudy days, his face will be very poor. When he wakes up at midnight, he can hear his low, repressed breathing. He can see the cold sweat on the back of his neck. The wet clothes on the back are wet and softly attached to his spine.

At this time, she can’t always say anything. She just widens her eyes in the dark and looks at the shimmering Pearl ceiling. She holds both fists and her lips are blue and white. Little by little, it’s leakier. Sand, quietly waiting for the dawn. Then on the second day desperately went to the house to the brazier. She even directed the craftsmen to spend more than ten days heating up and made a bedroom like a fire room.

When she had breakfast yesterday morning, Jing Jing and Ping An talked about the liveliness of the autumn festival. She merely casually attached two sentences. He wrote down. Nothing was said at the time. On the second day, everything was turned off. He shouted on the banner of uphill and worshipping Buddha.

For many years, he has always been a stubborn and proud person. He never believed in the deity, like a child-like rebellious self. Chu Qiao ridiculed that he actually turned to sexuality to worship the Buddha, but he smiled at her, and this handsome god secretly said: The Buddha cannot worship, but there is a Buddha who must worship.

When Chu Qiao and others entered the temple hall of Anyuan Temple, her cheeks could not help but be a little red. Jingjing and others laughed. Only Xiaofei was very serious about bowing his head and looking back at a group of disrespect. The junior of the gods.

The gods are fragrant, the hall is solemn, and the goddess Guanyin is sitting on the temple like a good-looking man. The light of noon is shot from outside the temple, penetrating through a layer of fine ash, sprinkling the empty hall. Zhuge’s voice was in the ear, with mellow warmth and smile, and whispered: “Blessing Buddha should be sincere.”

Chu Qiao looked back and saw him with bright eyes and a smile and stared at her with some serious but childish naughtiness.

When she smiled, she turned around and fell calmly, her hands clasped together, and she silently remembered the wish that thousands of women had promised. Then she put her hands on the futon and she bowed down sincerely.

At a glance, bless him to be in good health, and to be in a good position.

Second, bless us to live in peace, no more points.

Sancha, bless us to have a wish and have a healthy child.

She bowed down for a moment, so pious, her face was unprecedented satisfaction and peace.

Bodhisattva, you have blessed so many people, now, please keep me once.

Jingjing, Mo Er are a little behind, and Xiao Yan is persuading them to respect the gods. Yue Qi and He Xiao and others stand outside and gossip about their homes. When they talk about which army, the Shaolin Shanghualou was caught by his wife. When the street hit the anecdote, a lot of guards laughed and laughed.

The weather in the late autumn was a bit cool, the sky was shining, and she was there, looking up at the gods above. She just felt that her life was calm and peaceful. The bloody winds in her memory were long gone, and her state of mind was never as quiet as it is today.

Zhuge Yue lifted her up, her arms lightly wrapped around her waist, and the cold lips kissed lightly in her eyebrows, so she chuckled.

Jing Jing’s eye-tips, grabbed the little ones, kept saying: “Seven and seven beggars, you see, sister and brother-in-law are blasphemous gods!”

Everyone listened to a small snicker, but Zhuge Yue was confused. Chu Qiao’s cheeks were reddish and gently pushed away from his arms. It was just a pair of hands, but he held his arm tightly, no longer loose and open.

“Do you want to stay on the mountain to eat vegetarian food?”

Zhuge Yue asked, Chu Qiao had not returned, and she saw her peace and wink at her in the same moment. She said, “Still down the mountain, we are all carnivores, but don’t force ourselves to be arty.”

Mo Er silly grinned, happily rushed forward and ran forward to tell Zhuge Yue about Yue Qi’s taste of a certain dish, Jing Jing also echoed in the side. Zhuge Yue with a bang of chestnut and the head is in peace, smiled and said “silly boy”. It took everyone out of the solemn treasure hall.

After the lavender oil was shed, the monastery prepared a clean courtyard for them. While Yue Qi prepared the horses and horses. Only Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao sat among the maple leaves and tea.

Just sitting for a while, Xiao Fei was upset, Chu Qiao thought she was going to be a little embarrassed to say, then took her to the parade. Who knows that her face is red, and she thought for a long while that she said that there is a fortune teller in the Guanyin Temple. It is extremely accurate. The pills sold are also elixir. I have two sons because I have eaten the spirit of a fortune teller. Medicine cloud, but Yue Qi and the young master do not believe, this time, can only secretly buy.

Chu Qiao naturally can’t believe it. The heart is that you are pregnant and give birth. That is the merit of Yue Qi. What is the relationship with a street fortune teller? Just seeing her words and not accepting it, she greeted Zhuge Yue, and accompanied her to the fortune-telling booth on Fenglin Road outside the main hall.

The fortune teller had white hair and white mustache.

He saw Chu Qiao immediately said that she is a rich and wealthy person, just a matter of life, as long as she is sincere to Buddha, she owns the law of disaster. The small fans nodded and squinted at Chu Qiao, as if to say, how effective this gentleman is.

Chu Qiao knows that this is all words that must be said. Whoever has not had a few things to worry about in his life. As for the rich and noble, if you look at the wear of both of them, you will be able to guess that they are not apart…

Before the small stalls sat in the booth, it was a big deal to ask for good fortune. Chu Qiao stood idly by, and suddenly saw a very familiar figure in the distance flashed and suddenly he was still there.

After a while, bowing and groaning, he quietly followed up.

In a blink of an eye, it has been gone for six years.

The red maple is embroidered. He wears a white shirt and looks unpretentious. There is no such thing as a flying glory. The autumn wind blew, and the sleeves of the sleeves fluttered lightly, like the catkins without branches, and they floated softly.

“His Royal Highness, drink water?”

An 18-year-old attendant came forward and his voice was cold. Although he was a men’s wear, he could also hear that he was a young girl. He just turned his back to Chu Qiao and couldn’t see her face.

Zhao Chun’er turned around and once had a slight baby fat cheek because of carefreeness. Now she has lost weight like a knife. Although her posture is still tall and straight, she has already shown a few tired and thin, and her eyes are no longer in the past. The wave is like an old well, only 20 years old, but the two are already white.

She shook his head and said calmly: “I want to walk alone.”

The girl did not move, but she lowered her head slightly, holding a water bladder in her hand, blowing the breeze, blowing her side face, faintly with a touch of inexplicable familiarity. She suddenly looked up and looked at Zhao Chuner. She fixedly said: “Who is waiting for you?”

Zhao Chuner look was slightly unpleasant, and frowned: “What are you talking about?”

“How long have you not been out of the house? Why is it so interesting today?”

Zhao Chuner facial features became more and more unpleasant. She looked deep into her eyes and turned away. The young girl was surprised and quickly hurried forward to catch up. She pulled her sleeve and said in a grieving voice: “Her Royal Highness forgot what his 14th Highness said?”

Zhao Chuner was pulled on her sleeve and slowly turned her head. She looked like a deep pool and looked deep into the men’s clothing. She said quietly: “It’s not because everyone in this world owes you of your hate. Is it too long?”

Say it, turn it into the layers of maple forest.

The girl was standing back to Chu Qiao’s place, his back was swaying, and the green silk was like a willow. His stature was like a gust of wind that could be blown away. The loneliness, loneliness, loneliness, dripping from her fingertips, drifting layer by layer in the woods, she stood silently for a long time, and finally, she wiped her cheeks with her sleeves. Whatever it is, lift your feet and chase after the departure of Zhao Che.

The birds fluttered in the forest, squeaked and whispered. Chu Qiao seemed to see him many years ago. He wore a royal blue robe, embroidered with colorful birds on the clothes, and was full of colorful birds. With a golden whip, she said to her arrogantly, “I see you the most pleasing to the eyes of this Manchu government. I’ll let you be my goalkeeper general. How is it?”

A sudden gust of wind, she suddenly felt so cold.

Xiaofei’s voice is getting closer, she’s coming back, and she’s going back together with a good mother who has two children who are still not satisfied.

Everyone was tired for a long time, and the road down the mountain was sitting on the horse. The carriage was swaying, and Zhuge Yue saw that her interest was not high. She frowned and asked if she was tired. Chu Qiao nodded and said, relying on his shoulder, he closed his eyes in a groggy way, but she could not sleep.

Zhuge Yue took her hand, cold, and worried, and told Yue Qi to hurry.

“After a few days, Zhao Che is going to get married.”

Chu Qiao looked at him and looked up slightly. Zhuge Yue smiled and said: “He has had bad luck these years and he will soon become an old bachelor. You don’t know the bride, but you will probably like it. It’s the youngest daughter of the Donghu leader. Yan Rou, although the name has a soft character, it is not gentle at all, but it is a mad gimmick, but the heart is pure and kind. When she comes to Beijing, I will take you to meet.”

Chu Qiao nodded and thought of something, but did not say it after all.

After the autumn festival, the sky began to cold, the lake was frozen, a heavy snow fell, and the world was plain, the room was warm and warm all day, and people were lazy.

These days, people in Sima House come and go, Zhuge Yu seems to be particularly busy, even the seventh month has been gone for a long time. Listening to Xiaofei said that it was sent out by Zhuge, and it has already gone seven or eight days.

In the evening, Chu Qiao inadvertently asked Zhuge Yue, but he did not answer the trick but said that he would give her a surprise.

The surprise came very quickly. After three days, Sun Di sent someone from Sui and Tang to send her a private letter from the palace.

It turned out that the Sima Zhuge Yue of the Daxia Military Department sent people to go to the Sui and Tang Dynasties to ask for a kiss. To welcome the beautiful king of Tang, the first batch of gifts and gifts were sent to the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

When Chu Qiao received the news, Zhuge Yue was still not getting up, and a white satin cloth was white and clear. He held his head with one hand and squinted at her, like a smile, a lazy look.

Chu Qiao walked up to him and spread the letter and asked, “What happened?”

Zhuge Yue said calmly: “What is going on? The big man who marries a woman is a big man, and it’s very natural.”

Chu Qiao frowned: “But after all, my identity is flawed. With your current status, aren’t you afraid of the court?”

Zhuge Yue chuckled, very disdainful: “I Zhuge Yu married, others do not discuss with me why?”

Just like a hot water bottle was punctured, and the warm water flowed in the mouth, her smile couldn’t stop flowing and she squatted down and rested her head on his lap…

Zhuge Yue sat up and held her around, bent down and licked her hair and whispered: “I thought for so many years, how can I just let you silently enter my house? I’m going to tell the world. Tell everyone that you are mine.”

The following days were suddenly busy. Chu Qiao did not know what means and methods Zhuge Yue used to make the entire upper class of the real Zhenhuang seem to be able to pass through memory loss overnight. No one remembers that she had assisted Yan Xun to survive. Zhen Huang, no one remembers that she had twice shattered the battle of the Northern Expedition in Daxia, and no one even remembered that she had personally killed Zhao Qi, the 3rd prince of Daxia.

In the past few days, noble ladies of the gates successively came to the door, and colorful gifts flowed into the Sima Prefecture. Even some of the imperial court ministers not close to Zhuge Yue’s and Zhao Che sent gifts to their faces…

On the third day of December, the Holy Golden Palace suddenly heard a message saying that the emperor was in critical condition and was eager to recruit Zhuge to enter the palace.

It is reasonable to say that the emperor is seriously ill, except for the Prince of the Prince, it is not appropriate to recruit the minister to enter the palace. However, the emperor was dying, and he did not guarantee the day and night. No one knew what would happen in the next quarter of an hour. Jing Xiao Wang Ye, Lingnan Mu Gongye, and Wang Shizi from all over the world have entered the palace one after another. At this time, it is unwise for Zhao Che to stay in the palace. Zhu Gejun had to go to the table to ask for it. The emperor was sick. What opinions, Zhao Yang and others are not at ease at this time, let Zhuge squatting away, is a lively event in the Holy Golden Palace, and the forces of the entire summer are gathered.

However, on the evening of the day when the parties entered the palace, Dong Hujun, who was stationed in the west of the city, started to work with the guardian army brought by King Xiao Wang. Specifically, no one knows why, but when Chu Qiao was woken up, the whole western sky was red, shouting and killing the sound, and all the soldiers who entered the palace to report were blocked from the palace gate. Obviously Someone is interested in connivance.

After half an hour, the scale of the fight expanded, and the pro-infantry of Lingnan Mu Xiaogong also joined the battle circle. The local picket team of Zhenhuang was watching the fire across the bank. No matter how the city’s surname cried, they waited for the above command and they all blocked it. The outside of the station did not move, waiting for the fire of the two groups inside.

At this time, the large and small gangs and gangsters in the city of Zhenhuang took the opportunity to rob the fire. After a small fight, they were ignored and became more and more stunned. There is mourning in the southeast and northwest of Zhenhuang City. The civilians are hiding from the family and tremble, lest they get burned.

Chu Qiao told the soldiers in the government to take precautions and prevent the door from closing.

He Xiao and Zhuge Yu’s pro-weapons were responsible for the defense within the government. After a while, the outside of the house suddenly became brightly lit and seemed to be surrounded by a large number of people.

Yue Liu and other guards gnashed their teeth, and they pulled out the wolf knives, and they wanted to be desperate. Chu Qiao feels strange, let He Xiao go out to listen to the news.

He Xiao soon came back and smiled and said to Chu Qiao that he was the official inspector of the government and ordered the protection of Sima. Soon, the snoring in all directions was much smaller, and it was the so-called inspector who played the role. However, Chu Qiao asked Yue Liu but the young guards scratched their heads. It was doubtful that he had never heard of an inspector.

In the second half of the night, when the door suddenly smashed, Chu Qiao just took the door and saw Zhuge Yue, in a deep purple dragonfly robe, hurrying in and met her and asked, “Didn’t scare you?”

Chu Qiao laughed: “You think I’m paper-wrapped? When I was outside killing and setting fire,  you still don’t know which tires to behave.”

Zhuge Yue took a sip from the teacup and sat down with a smile.

Chu Qiao asked: “What is going on?”

Regarding Zhuge Yue’s affairs, Chu Qiao has always had a little question. It is not appropriate for her identity to know too much. Secondly, she has no more energy for this now. It was only tonight, but she was really worried.

Zhuge Yue looked up and looked at her worried look. She was slightly embarrassed. She took her cold hands and said, “It was Jing Wei who made trouble. The South Gate was under the control of Zhao Yang. I came out of the North Gate, so it was only a little late.”

“What is the good thing for them to do if they are troubled? In the event of a big disaster, the elders will send the border troops back to their respective territories. Isn’t that everyone can’t take advantage of it?”

Zhuge Yue smiled coldly and said: “They are playing this idea.”

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows twitched and he thought about the joints. He couldn’t help but sigh: “It’s good luck, thank you for coming out quickly.”

Zhuge took a picture of her cheek and said, “Don’t be afraid, I will not be counted by this means.”

Today, the confrontation between Zhao Che and Zhao Yang is basically the confrontation between the Southwest Army of the Great Xia and the East Hu Jun. Zhao Jing has Jing Yi and Mu Xiaogong as his arms, and Zhao Che also has Zhuge Yue’s Qing Navy. Now that the summer emperor is in critical condition, the roadside soldiers are almost always following the master to stay in Kyoto. The side-army guards the imperial capital and this is unworthy. Once trouble arises, he will be sent back to the land. However, whether Zhao Che or Zhuge Jing, their subordinates are local edge soldiers, only the hand of Zhao Yang still holds the Beijing-Bai camp. The 30,000-odd rides may be insignificant on the battlefield, but once the border troops are all repatriated, the 30,000 troops are the most powerful troops of the Royal Capital. At that time, if Zhao Che does not return to the North with Dong Hujun, he will certainly fall into Zhao Yang’s hand. Once he returns to the land, the candidate for the next summer emperor is basically settled.

In the year when the Xiahuang was in critical condition, a similar competition was played on almost the summer day. Chu Qiao was a person who had taken the soldiers and naturally knew that it was so powerful. She stepped forward to comfort Zhuge Yue and said: “You are careful, you don’t have to miss me. The soldiers are brave enough. Even if we have a 10,000-person attack, we can keep two hours. I don’t need to divide my troops to protect me next time.”

Zhuge Yue heard a word and asked: “When did I return to the government?”

Chu Qiao said: “The inspector of the government has just come and kept us for more than two hours.”

Zhuge Yue’s eyebrows wrinkled and thought for a long time before he shook his head: “That’s not my person.”

Chu Qiao looked at him with a puzzled look, and his face was full of solemn colors.

Zhuge Yue smiled and held her hand and said: “It doesn’t matter, they should be not malicious.”

“Is it Wei Shu Ye?”

“If I didn’t guess wrong, it should be Zhao Thirteen.”

It seemed like a handful of snow spilled over my heart, and when the time was cold, Zhuge Yue’s voice was slightly deep: “The emperor was critically ill and almost all the powerful people in the real city were in the palace. At this time, they were not in the palace and they had the ability to mobilize. Officials only have him.”

A faint color flashed through Zhuge Yue’s eyes, and he slowly said: “For so long, I really forgot him.”

In the main hall, the incense is burned, and the steam is warm so that people can only wear thin gauze. However, Chu Qiao stood there, still feeling cold, feeling cold and spreading from his fingers, climbing all the way to the spine and getting into her mind.

Zhao Song, Zhao Yang, was broken by Yan Xun, and his brother died in his own hands. The mother family was even punished by himself and Yan Xun. The most powerful prince in the real city of Huang was now forgotten to this point? Is it at this point? There is no share of his life in the palace.

The delicate fragrance on Zhuge Yue’s clothes pierced her nose. He held her in her arms, and when she saw her white lips and blue eyes, she felt slightly distressed and said softly: “Xinger, why don’t I send you back to Qinghai?”

Chu Qiao was in a trance and seemed to have not heard clearly until he said it again. He quickly shook his head, grabbed his sleeve tightly, and shouted, “I don’t want to!”

She looked up and looked at him reluctantly, like an unruly cub. Zhuge Yue reluctantly sighed and leaned over and hushed her and whispered, “It’s almost too soon.”

Yeah, it was fast. Every time the ministers and emperors saw the emperor’s appearance, they would say that when they returned home. To their subordinates, their relatives said so quickly. The time of the emperor is not much, and the days of fear will pass.

However, day after day, the emperor’s mouth groaned and the emperor lost consciousness. The emperor did not recognize the man, and the emperor could not eat…

It sounds like the emperor seemed to be hanging there only in one breath, as if the next moment, the emperor would be left alone and the soul would fly. However, with the arrival of a bit of cold winter, the snow closed the door, and the sky filled the sky. The Spring Festival is approaching, but the emperor is still rushing to the side of the day. Not only is it not dead, but it is also said that occasionally there are a few words that can be complete and occasionally open his eyes to take a few ginseng soups.

No one knows what the old and broken body is still insisting on. He seems to have no wish. He seems to be waiting for someone. Then he drags himself on a day, refuses to die, and refuses to close his eyes.

The atmosphere of the capital has also been tense because of him. Because no one had a firm grasp, so no one would dare to be the first to launch an action. ZhenHuang City seemed to be full of stringed bows and arrows. Even the newborn baby did not dare to cry in the night.

This morning, Zhuge Yue just went out to go to the morning and night, and someone came to visit.

The maiden, dressed in a pure white cloak of foxes, stood in snow-covered snow, dark eyes, red lips, and refined like a human being.

The light of winter is high and far, and it seems to be coming from another world. It is cold. Chu Qiao greeted the wind station door, wearing a Clay color cloak, suddenly stunned, so they looked at her, and did not move for a long time.

She smiled slightly, her smile was extremely weak, and she came forward slowly. Standing in front of Chu Qiao, she said with a smile: “Sister, you don’t recognize me? I am a little eight.”

Time suddenly went so fast, if it was a river of spring water, the east passed away, and no longer see the shadow.

The little child of the past, she licked her side, so small, thin like a little wolf who had never eaten milk, her cold moonlight gimmick, swearing to the dead brothers and sisters, Let them wait and see, waiting for her to avenge them.

In a blink of an eye, it has been fourteen years.

Chu Qiao remembered the execution on that day. She hid the crowd and listened to the child crying and shouting, calling her name and calling her to save her. However, she did not go out after all, but the night when the moon was covered by clouds, grabbed the broken body from the mouth of the wild dog, and then did not even have a straw mat, let her sink into the cold Bihu.

Fourteen years, fourteen years, she thought she was dead, she had dreamed of her reluctant tears countless times, she blamed for fourteen years, and because of this, hated Zhuge Yue so long.

Her eyes were hot, she would almost cry, and stood by the door, reaching out in her hand, her mouth laughing slightly, and bitter, but with the joy of restlessness for the rest of her life, like full of water, a slight spill came out.

Xiao Ba took her hand and smiled very lightly. “I’m very powerful. I’m still alive. I didn’t expect it.”

Her voice is familiar, light, always with a touch of detachment.

They entered the room together, and they walked very well in Xiao Ba’s room. Then they sat down on the soft couch and took a deep breath. They smiled and said: “Zhuge Yue is still like this habit, like the smoke in the room. .”

She looked around with a familiar gesture, and what she said was the living habits of Zhuge Yue, and then picked up a pomegranate and took it with her hands.

Chu Qiao looked at her, whispering a thousand words, but did not know where to ask.

Xiao Ba smiled at her and said: “Sisters don’t have to be surprised. The person who died on the day is not me. Just before and after the execution, your husband has replaced me and raised me for many years. I have a grudge with him. But I am not here today to force you to fulfill your promise of the day to avenge your family, because even myself, I have long abandoned the idea of ​​revenge.”

There was a sudden wind in the room, and the curtains of the corners of the corners were slightly rolled. Through the sunlight, the tiny dust was faintly visible in the air. Between Chu Qiao and Xiao Ba, the sun was so glaring that she had to squint her eyes, but she still couldn’t see Xiao Ba’s face.

Chu Qiao looked at her, a strangeness suddenly arises, she thought for a long time, still gently asked: “Little eight, you are good these years?”

“Come on a defensive line,” Xiao Ba casually said: “The Zhuge Yue is good to me. I think I may have touched your light. He later went to Mr. Wolong’s art and brought me to it. I followed reading. He only restricted my freedom and prevented me from leaving. I ran several times and was caught by him. It was so many years until…”

Speaking of this, Xiao Qi raised her eyelid and looked at her. She suddenly giggled and said, “Until him that he died in Yanbei, the Zhuge family drove him out of the gate, and those of us from Qingshanyuan were expelled from the house. I was free, but then I wandered outside, I was a girl, and I didn’t have any skills to make a living. Later I got into the wind and dust, and I ran around for more than a year in the blue building. I met my Highness the 13th Prince. Still want to drag six sisters for your blessing, because I look like you, and suddenly my highness fancies me and now my identity is the house slaves. Oh, mixed for so many years, or a slave, but the treatment is improved a little.”

Chu Qiao listened to her careless tone, listened to her mention Zhao Wei, remembered what she saw on the balsam mountain a few days ago, the woman wearing a men’s clothing could not help but slowly frown, she said quietly: “You already know I came to Zhenhuang, why didn’t you come to me?”

“What do I do for you?” Xiaoba’s eyes swept sharply, and a cold smile, the young face faintly disdainful and chilly, slowly said: “Sister is now noble, is the beauty of Yanbei The general, who is also the beauty king of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, will soon be the Sima Lady of Daxia. I am a small slave, rushing in, not to shame my sister?”

When Xiao Ba’s eyes went out with words “Mrs. Sima”, the eyes could almost spurt out the fire.

The incense sticks in the censer are lit up a bit, and a thin smoke line slowly rises. The light of the light gold is like sparse water. The layer of dripping water comes in, throwing a piece of ridiculously on the clean fragmented floor. In the silence of the room, Chu Xiao silently looked at her, and a hot heart went cold like that. When he reached his mouth, he swallowed his stomach, and he was mad at the heart. It’s a cold one.

She heard her ask in a plain voice: “What are you doing today?”

“His Highness is gone, I want you to give me a book to dismiss the royal slave, so that I can follow my Highness.”

Chu Qiao is a little surprised: “Where is Zhao Song going?”

“Where else can I go? I want to stop watching the horse farm, and when I say a big summer king, the Queen gave birth to the prince and I was devalued to guard the horse farm.”

Xiao Ba’s expressions became gloomy, her cold teeth said, the voice with a wave of great anger, almost no suppression.


“Why not? Why not because of you?” Xiao Ba turned away and said coldly: “His Royal Highness has been reclusive since he was cut off by a Yanbei dog, and he never ignored any ruling disputes. The princes are busy competing for power and no one pays attention to him, but a few days ago, he used the soldiers and horses of the government for you, and apparently showed his goodness to you. You thought that those under 14th Prince were able to let him reveal his identity left in the capital?”

Chu Qiao’s hand was extremely cold and his brain creaked. He only heard the sound of Xiao Ba’s voice screaming sharply. He said, “I don’t ask you to find a way to let His Royal Highness stay in Beijing. Just ask me to help me get a piece of it. The book, Your Highness refused to take me, I will go with myself, at least I can wait for the soup in the morning and evening, not to let him alone. The Highness has grace for me, I will not be as good as some, and will be ungrateful.”

After a long time, Chu Qiao looked up and fixedly looked at the small, picturesque face, faintly said: “Small eight, you must be divided into my life like this?”

“What is the sister talking about, what is your identity, and what is the identity of Xiao Ba? How can I dare to climb with you? What’s more…”

“If you talk like this again, leave me immediately, don’t ask me anything, I will be my sister without you!”

Chu Qiao suddenly said the sound of cold and anger, said that the small eight suddenly stunned, and stared at the angry Chu Qiao, unable to say a word at a time.

“What are you complaining about? What are you feeling? I can’t protect you, can’t I take you away? Or can’t I give you my revenge today, but also recognize the thief as a husband and commit her enemies?”

Chu Qiao said with angriness: “Over the years, you have worked hard. I don’t necessarily have a good time. I thought you were dead. I blamed myself for 14 years. Today, when you come to the door and cynically, this is you and is this what you call sister’s love?”

The light of the afternoon sun came in and a white light spot was sprinkled on the ground. Chu Qiao stood up and looked coldly at her: “It has been fourteen years. How many things have happened in this place? Your head is full of misfortune and sadness, and then blames others on others. I really doubt that you are still not the strong and courageous sister I knew that year. You name yourself unmotivated. Don’t you really have a heart?”

Xiao Ba was standing in the spot, his face was slightly pale, and Chu Qiao suddenly felt so tired, as if every part of his skin was screaming tired.

She slowly turned and said lightly: “Let’s go, I’ll deal with Zhao Yi.”

Then back to the house.

After a long time, Xiao Ba only left. Chu Qiao looked at her through the window paper and left Sima under the escort of Mei Xiang and others. She has a very thin back and white clothes as if it were to melt into the snow.

Chu Qiao looked at her and remembered her words. She was under house arrest, she was stray, and she fell into the dust…

She clenched her lips, and the more solemn her heart was, she sat alone until her twilight.

Zhuge Yue grabbed her from behind and the low voice sounded behind him with a shout of reproach: “Why did you not eat at night?”

Chu Qiao is so dependent on his arms, like a fish swimming into the water, then relax. She took his hand, so big, almost completely wrapped her little hand, she was so depressed that she didn’t want to talk, so she looked at his hand and counted the scorpion of his hand.

“Xiao Ba is coming?”

“Well,” Chu Qiao nodded. “You already knew why you didn’t tell me?”

“I always wanted to say, but I didn’t find the chance.”

Zhuge Yue smiled, quite helpless and said: “Whether you believe it or not, this matter has always been in my heart. It is also heart disease. After all, I was not very good to her after all these years. On several occasions, she fled, and I also played. After she passed out, Zhao Song eccentric and saved her and had been arresting her just because I didn’t want to let go. When I was feeling good, she was taught to read and practice martial arts. When I was in a bad mood, she felt suffering and always give me that face. Those years in the mountains, there is no maid beside me. It has always been her service, now  she is eccentric, and wants to come for this reason.”

“How long has she been with Zhao Song?”

“There is a two or three years now.” Zhuge Yue recalled: “I heard Zhao Song was very fond of her. She once lost her hand and killed a blind singer of Zhao Song. Zhao Song did not pursue her.”

Chu Qiao silent for a long time before slowly said: “She may be interested in Zhao Song.”

Zhuge Yue smiled and said, “Take care of whom she wants, as long as you don’t get angry with me.”

“What happened to Zhao Song?”

“You do not worry, Zhao Song wants to cover the sky with one hand, but also ask us if we don’t agree. It’s just that I don’t think there is anything wrong with Zhao Yang’s departure from Beijing. There will be chaos in the morning and evening in Real Zhenhuang City. For him, it’s better to leave than stay safe.”

In fact, Chu Qiao also thought of this layer, she frowned slightly: “What then?”

“I intend to let him go to Huhu, where he comes to the North and is within the sphere of influence of Zhao Che. Secondly, there is a gathering place for the monks, who live in abundance and have a mild coastal climate.”

Chu Qiao nodded and said, “Just do what you said.”

“Then I will schedule it tomorrow. Do you want to send him? See him.”

Chu Qiao thought for a long time, still shook his head: “He may not want to see me, or do not have much trouble.”

Zhuge Yue said: “I think you should go see him.”

Chu Qiao looked up and frowned and looked at him. Zhuge Yue smiled and said: “You don’t look at me that way. I don’t mean anything else. I just don’t want you to be such a grudge all day long. You can’t blame yourself on that day.”


Chu Qiao’s vision gradually became blurred, and his mind flashed on the balsam hill that day. The man stood upright, dancing, ink dyeing, and an empty sleeve, like a catkin without roots.

The memory has long been covered with dust. Today it is torn apart. The object is human, and only the red maple is dyed, as it was then.


CHAPTER 183 Life and Death


After a night’s snowfall, the entire city of Zhenhuang was shrouded in a vast white sky. The door was opened early in the morning, and the snow was more than a foot thick. It was not on the knees, and the plain snow drifted, and the white wind was blowing. No eyes open. The soldiers of the defending city yawned and opened the massive gates before the sun had risen. It seemed that vague light had a vague shadow in the vagueness. When they wanted to keep their eyes open to see clearly, they had been People waiting to enter the city at the gate of the city have swarmed.

A simple green buggy, an ebony door, a rut, rolling up the snow on the ground, rolling a deep rut on a long street. The carriage looked simple and unadorned, and there was no complaint behind the people standing in line. The defenders of the gates thought that this was by no means the elite of the real city, but also received a lot of money for the ride. And he sang and drank a few imposing manners.

After waiting for more than an hour, the carriage was out of the city of Zhenhuang. The sun rises lazily, and the white light comes out through the fog in the morning. The migratory birds have already flown away. The rest are cold-resistant hawks, shouting through the sky, their wings are white and occasionally fly into the clouds. It was hidden from the shadow, and it was only heard on its long whistling clear snow.

The carriage arrived at the Ximaling outside the city and saw a girl standing quietly on the Yangguan Bridge. She wore a white coat, a suede-colored little riding boots, and she looked like a cold wind. Her cheeks were red, and she was a little bit harsh and cold, and she had a rare warmth. When she saw the carriage coming, she smiled and stepped forward. The horse was cleverly behind, and the snow on the ground was squeaky.

The coachman was also a young man who was not a big boy. At most, he was only seventeen years old. When she saw her, she seemed a little surprised. She turned back and said something to the people in the carriage. A thin hand stretched out and slightly picked up the curtain of the carriage, revealing the man’s beautiful eyes and a pair of eyebrows that wrinkled tightly.

“How did you come?”

Zhao Song’s voice is no longer clear and sunny and has become slightly low. For many years, it has always been like a pool of stagnant water, not shocking.

But that is nothing. After all, when she first met him, he was like this, calm, gentle, and had no interest in everything. So he gradually retired from the political stage of the great summer, from an infinite royal scorpion to an embarrassment that today, even if it is equipped with a distant journey, no one is sent.

Perhaps, in addition to her, in the entire imperial city, no one will remember him anymore.

The Xiao Ba smiled quietly, and the corner of the mouth was still a bit of inertia. She took a step forward and it was natural to hand the horse to the boy in the car and said, “A’ Jiang, go and put the horse on.”

Zhao Song frowned slightly, divinely said: “What are you doing?”

Xiao Ba smiled at him, his eyes clear and Ling Ling (means tinkling), it is natural to say: “I naturally want to go with you.”

Zhao Song is still frowning, his face is slightly gloomy, and rare is a bit of impatience: “No heart, don’t mess around.”

Xiaoba nowadays is famous for its lack of heart and heartlessness.

There are countless different names in her life. When she was a child, she did not remember the days of the Jing family. Her impression of her loved ones was only a few regrets because she was young and she was not the child of Mrs. Jing Jiazhen. She was even young. Brothers and sisters have forgotten their names. They can only be sorted according to their ages after death. They are called small sevens and nines, just like other children. Like other children, they are called small seven small and eight small, like animals, just some cold numbers, not even as pure as a bloodline of War horse.

Later, she was rescued by Zhuge Yue. Together with him, he lived under Mr. Wolong’s life for almost seven years. In those years, she also had a name. This name was just another name that Zhuge Yue took in order to fear that people around her knew her identity. The purpose is nothing more than to protect the sister who lives in the Golden Palace.

At the moment when she heard of the death of Zhuge Yue, she actually cried. This is the most unforgivable thing she has done so many years.

She actually cried, for a man who killed her brother and sister, and imprisoned her for more than a decade.

She still clearly remembers that morning, the bad news passed into Zhugefu, and the 13th was dusty and rushed into the gate of Qingshanyuan. Followed by the people in the main courtyard, they had not had time to react. At that time, I will check the entire Qingshanyuan. Then, it is the official judge of the Shangluyuan. It is the inspector of the Great Temple. It is the inspector of the Old Shrine temple. Various crimes have detained the head of the man who has always been proud of the glory, dereliction of duty, enemies, delays in military affairs, and corruption causing major military mistakes in the military and even treason.

The Qingshan Academy, which once stood detached from the entire Zhuge government, has been turned into mud, and it has been thrown into a bottomless abyss. The guards rushed around and appealed to Zhuge Yue’s former gatekeepers, brothers and sisters, begging them to clean up their wrongs, asking them to send Yanbei, and ask them to continue to search for the Lord, even if it was just a dead body. However, in the face of the failure of the war, in the face of the attack and opposition of the whole country, in addition to the prince Zhao Che, who was also losing power because of this battle, no one is willing to extend a helping hand to them, even to Wei Shu You. Wei Shu Ye also hang a thank-you card for them and no longer see these old loyalists, loyal to Zhuge Yue.

At last, even Zhao Che was sent to the Northland. Zhuge Yue’s body was repulsed by Yanbei. Although a large amount of ransom was paid, Zhuge Valve expelled him from the house. Zhuge Muqing personally performed the ceremony in the Old Shrine temple in front of the city gate. Judgment, whipping up the dead body of his son, to show his determination to break with his son. After the death of Zhuge Yue, he was still unable to enter the ancestral temple and was thrown to death on the grave. He was thrown into the burial gang and was reviled by thousands of people and was removed from the army. And these former Qingshan courtyard female slaves were also driven out of the house, and they were sold to several rebellious sales, they finally fell into the dust.

Even if it had been so long, she could still remember the first days of laughter every night. Because of her impatience, the brothel’s boss found two strong men to open up for her. In the tattered woodshed, the two men giggled and pulled her pants. They were close to her, she could see their yellow teeth, and they could smell their mouth full of alcohol, their strength was so great, their palms were full of dark painters, and as soon as they stepped into the room they can’t wait to untie his trousers, so he pulls on his feet and lets out the ugly things.

All struggling and asking for help are superfluous, even though she had studied horseback riding martial arts with Zhuge Zeng. However, the few strokes learned under the full-hearted circumstances did not work. She could only watch them smashing her clothes and looking at their faces closer and closer. She was next door to Lan’er in the Qingshan Yard. She was next door to the daughter of Zhuge Yue’s mother, and all the cries were heard. The laughter is echoed. She thought that she had been numb and strong enough after so many changes that she thought she had enough courage and patience not to ask these shameless scum, but when the lower body was punctured, when the pain swept through the body. At that moment, when the tears of shame spread out of her eyes, she was still the same as the other servants of Castle Peak, crying and crying out the man’s name. (So sad story out there, this is unfortunate fate out of Yuwen Yue’s control and fall from the leadership..)

She cried and called Zhuge Yue to save her. She frantically cursed the two men and said that the master would take revenge for her. All of you would have to die.

However, those people just do not care laughing, and then cruelly told her that Zhuge Yue had long died in Yanbei. Now his body has been filled with a hound.

At that moment, she really desperately cried. She suddenly remembered a lot of past. He taught her to learn Chinese characters. He taught her to ride horses. He taught her to push the art of war. He taught her to practice self-defense. Sometimes he just called her to sit by her side. Nothing to do, no matter how ridiculous she was next to him, he wouldn’t ignore it. He would just drink quietly and occasionally impatiently glance at her.

He killed the plight. He killed the little seven. He imprisoned her for ten years. He beat her and beat her. He and she had no common hatred. However, he never insulted her. He rescued her several times from the brink of death, giving her a place to live in, even though her identity was so embarrassing, even though she knew who it was supposed to belong to. He really was protecting her. At her youngest age, in this dark year, when she was a child with nothing, he protected her for so many years.

When she suffered all the most shameful things in life, she instinctively called his name, and she hoped that he would come to save her.

However, he could not, he died, died for her sister, died in the ice and snow of Yanbei, and died under the iron hooves of the Yanbei army.

That night, she desperately burst into tears, like a cub that had lost a female wolf, lying on dirty ground, and breaking her voice like a bellows, which was chilling.

However, it was just that night, after that night, unlike the knowing of the self-denial, unlike the depressing end of Laner, she seemed to suddenly open the shackles, began to learn the chess and painting, learn how to seduce men, learn this and that. Everything you need to master in the local area. Since you can’t count on others, you can only rely on yourself. Since you are destined to live this life, you must find a way to make yourself better. If you want to do it, she will be a red girl.

So, two months later, she personally designed and framed the two men who had violated her. She watched them die in front of her eyes, and she couldn’t tell the happiness and madness.

She thought that her life would continue like this, like stinking sewage, it would continue to be dirty and dirty. However, she saw him.

On the day that Zhao Song was seen, she was escorting a wealthy business person to visit the lake. The fat man in his fifties was full of madness. He was tearing open her clothes under the eyes of the public on a flower boat. He accidentally scratched his face. In his fury, he actually threw her into the lake on the spot.

Zhen Huang is still very cold in May, the lake has just been opened, and the lake is extremely cold. She was dressed in heavy clothes, her hands and legs were cold, she couldn’t swim, and she just threw herself a few times. She let herself sink a little bit, and the sun gradually moved away from her. The world was dark and depressed, and I couldn’t see the sky. Cannot see the clouds, cold water from all directions, her breath getting slower, slower and slower, the moment she will die, she suddenly thought, do not know when Zhuge Yue died, is it right? Feeling, the surrounding is so cold, only the heart has a trace of heat, but now, even the slightest heat will gradually disperse.

However, just as she was about to die, someone hugged her waist. She was pulled up all the way up, all the way up, do not know how long, she suddenly broke the surface of the water, the sun shone on her body, she coughed with a big mouth and mouth, and the resurgence of death made her happy to cry. Zhao Song stood by her side and was talking to his drenched little book-boy. When she saw her, she just turned her head and looked at her with a very quiet look. She seemed to be a bit surprised and frowned slightly. Then she was surprised. The smile said: “It was a coincidence. You are very similar to a deceased person I know.”

At that time, he clearly said with a smile, but she clearly felt the lingering and sadness of his tone. It was like a goose who could not fly south due to illness in the winter season. His eyes were calm, but it seemed to grow a large ridiculously large area. Weeds, cool, sad.

She was thus taken away by him, even though it was a desolate prince, but in the end it  is still a royal family. She had a clear-cut identity and had liberty that she had been jealous for more than a decade. But in the end, she voluntarily entered the royal palace. After he knew it, he did not stop her. She just gave her a faint look and respected her choice.

It’s been so long, it’s been so many years.

She may not be able to tell her feelings for Zhuge Yue. Under the accumulation of years and months, under the friction of hatred and attachment, the emotions that have become deformed and broken which became too complicated. She does not understand, and she does not want to see it or even understand. However, she clearly knows her feelings for Zhao Song. It doesn’t matter how much she gratitudes. She just wants to be with him. She hopes that his eyes will see her and hopes that his heart will remember her. However, even this small wish cannot be satisfied.

She fell in love with two men in her life, but both men love another woman, and the woman is a sister who has had great favors for her.

Fate is really funny.

So, she will only stay there for a long time. There are so many complicated emotions in that memory that she is always strong, brave, and always has a tough shadow. So that at the moment she sees her, she can barely control herself or be at her reasonable mind.

However, those are all indifferent, everything has passed, she will follow him away, everything else has vanished.

What is the disparity in status? What about the lost flowers? What is his heart? She is going to follow him. Anybody can stop her from anything, but she cannot eliminate her determination to work hard.

She raised her head and, for the first time in four years, wore decent women clothes in front of him. For the first time, she used a well-prepared makeup to face the noble but already desolate prince. Her eyes are bright, her facial features are exquisite and beautiful, she opens her mouth and shines in the sun. She laughs and says: “I’m not upset. I just want to follow you.”

Zhao Song was sternly refused: “What are you doing with me? Go back quickly.”

Xiao Ba looked at him without a glance. He straightened the knife and gave him a knife. He said, “You kill me.”

Zhao Song frowned and told the book boy: “A’Jiang, drive her off.”

“Just casual.” Xiao Ba turned her head very simply and raised her hand. The voice was very hearty: “I have a full set of customs clearance anyway, I already have a legal walking bid, I have not then the slaves with limited mobility, I have the wrap and the horses and the grass, you can drive me away, but you can’t stop me from following you. I will follow you all the way to the hustle, you don’t want me, I will be around you. Looking for a place to live, although you are the emperor of Daxia, you can’t stop a law-abiding old man from going out to play.”

She looked at him calmly and looked very comfortable. She did not show any cramps and anxiety, nor did she feel any panic or helplessness. She just looked back at him and looked at him with a clear chin, a slight chin, with a bit of stubbornness, and a bit of negative pressure, like a pissed off child, but also like a wayward gambler.

Zhao Song suddenly felt a little sad, he looked at her, for so many years, it seems that for the first time the shadow of that person was lost, and actually saw the same stubborn and stubborn girl. His voice was a bit low, like an autumn breeze sweeping through dead leaves, with a faint depression and cold defeat, and said quietly: “I wonder if you know it or not. I’m not once a great Prince of the Great.”

Xiao Ba’s heart seemed to be suddenly cut by a knife, and she was looking at Zhao Song’s lovely face. There seemed to be a group of fire hunting in the chest. However, she did not show it, but it did not matter how cold, and said nothing: “Who is your relationship with me? Don’t let it fall, I will leave now, big deal, I will follow.” ”

Say, turn over and get off.

At this time, a slender hand suddenly grabbed her delicate white wrist. The man’s palms were clear, the fingers were long and powerful, slightly white, and the palm was full of scorpions. Although it was left-handed, it was exceptionally dexterous.

“Forget it.”

A deep voice quietly sounded, Zhao Song waved helplessly: “A’Jiang, go.”

A’Jiang suddenly paused and spoke for a long time. Xiao Ba hit a forehead and knocked on his forehead. He scorned, “Aren’t you going to leave? Wait for your master to repent of me?”

A’Jiang immediately smiled and whipped a whip on the horse. The carriage slowly began to move. The morning sun was golden, like a huge round, hung high above the sky.

Out of the real city, from the Great Xia State, he is no longer the Prince of the Great Summer. She is no longer a famous name of the capital, dust, dust, soil, thank God, in the storm. The moment before the advent gave them a chance and a new life.

Between a dense forest of Populus euphratica, a woman wearing a navy blue cloak made her horses. He Xiao stood behind her, and after several darts’ darts passed, a large amount of dust was raised on the ramp. She did not seem to see the same, still quietly looking at the carriage away, a long time without a word.

Goodbye, her friend. Goodbye, her sister. Goodbye, the two most sorry people in her life.

The sun rises gradually, and the north wind is still raging. Chu Qiao’s sight retracted from a distance and looked up silently.

This is Daxia. It is the taste of Daxia. It is the style of the summer. It is the past of Daxia and the deceased people of Daxia. The people who have left have left and the people left behind must continue to face the next life. Whether it is a difficult situation or an adversity, whether it is a rough or a twist, each of them has their own responsibilities and they need to wait and guard.

She turned away, facing the distant towering momentum thick walls, where there are numerous waterside pavilions, there are numerous temples Golden Palace, there are countless rights and ambitions, there are countless conspiracy and traps.

Once upon a time, she was so disgusted with everything here, but now, she willingly walked into this huge cage, just as her sister voluntarily became a slave. This is the path they chose for themselves. It was her battlefield, but she was not alone, because there was a man in the middle of the cage waiting for her.

No matter how long the world is, it will not be life or death.


Chu Qiao slammed a cold call and rushed towards the horse. The cold wind blew in from his ear and evaporated into the passing smoke cloud.



CHAPTER 184 There is no fear


In the blink of an eye, it has been the year of the year, and this year is not good weather and a happy year, but the surface of the true city is still a splendid and peaceful atmosphere. Near the spring banquet for half a month, the capital city Yin Yin canceled the imperial confinement of the imperial city, and under the authorization of the Old Shrine temple, the tax reduction during the merchant year was reduced, the merchant trade was encouraged, the imperial economy prospered, and the captain was proclaimed in the name of the emperor. Officials from other provinces went to Beijing to pay homage to the officials who had an outstanding performance this year.

In this way, no more than three days, Zhenhuang City has restored its former style. With the intentional connivance of the official government, this year’s New Year is particularly luxurious. Well-off families from all over the country have successively moved to Beijing. In the real city, there are ten prosperous cities, colorful satin trees, and songs and dances. Even if the situation outside is turbulent, what are the imminent battle of the border and the people of the imperial capital still immerse themselves in the majestic dreams of heaven?

The cold wind rushed through the city, and brought a smoked wind that was drunk and dreamy, and went northward.

However, the battles between the northwestern frontier and Yanbei have become tenser. Zhuge Yue’s sleep was getting more and more late, and many times he was almost awake all night. The candlelight of the study fell and he fell down. Red candle-like ripples piled up on the candlestick, reflecting his more and more ugly faces and still upright. The back of the spine is a stout javelin.

Three days ago, Chu Qiao finally saw Zhao Che again.

There was still heavy snow that day. Four days of snow had accumulated more than two feet thick. The action room had barely entered the thighs. Chu Qiao has been in poor health for these years. She was too lazy to go out and stayed in the room all day.

That evening, Zhuge Yue’s laughter came from afar. She was kneeling on the soft couch and frowning lightly. However, just as soon as she opened her eyes, she felt cold air on her face and she chilled. Pulled on the soft quilt, he straightened up. Then they saw Zhuge Yue smiled and opened the curtain and said to her: “Ah, see who is coming?”

After all, the person behind him entered the dormitory.

Zhao Che walked against the light, a black robe, without any embroiders and patterns on the body, low-key and quiet. He still looks like that. It seems to be taller, thinner, and his face hasn’t changed. However, his eyes are no longer slovenly and indecisive. He becomes deep and lonely, even if it is a deep lake. Laughing, there are also three points in the smile alienated and preparedness. He greeted her calmly, still the same way as before, slightly bowed, and then said with a chuckle: “Finally met again.”

The food in the kitchen was flowing like water. Zhao Che brought the Hu wine from the North to the place. It was very spicy. It just opened and a burst of strong wine scented on it.

Zhao Che and Zhuge Yue laughed at the drink and elaborated on the battles and situations in the past few days. Occasionally he would make up a slap and say a few jokes and scorn each other.

Zhuge Yue has few friends. People who can speak with him in this world may not have others but the person in front of them. Chu Qiao quietly sat on one side and drunk himself. He listened to them and talked about their past years. When they grew up, they were very anxious about each other. When they grew up, they also considered each other highly, until the fighting began and the field was rotted. As the wolf smoke fell everywhere and the imperial regime wandered, they gradually came together.

The same noble birth, identity, detachment, and the heart has the spirit of swallowing the moon, the latitude, and longitude of the talent. The same rebelliousness, youthfulness, and pride are not accepted by the family and are not accepted by the world. The same arrogant and extreme arrogance, stubbornness, stubbornness, being deviant in the eyes of the clan, was erected as an alien. Born in the same splendid embroidery, it fell in the beautiful embroidery, climbed up in the mud and stepped back to the center of power. However, although the heart is as hard as iron, after all, it is hard to hide the enthusiasm of a man. The friendship of a man is, in many cases, such an utterance.

Chu Qiao quietly sat side by side, rarely see Zhuge Yue such as the color of god flying, never seen Zhao Che like this kind of free and easy.

During the day, she seemed to see two storm-poplar poplar trees, shoulder by shoulder, slowly growing into a towering ancient wood.

Another shadow in the mind came out unconsciously, those dark young years, those ups and downs of dangerous days. When Zhao Che and Zhuge Yue stood side by side in this world of people, she had also been devastated with a person all the way, but after all, they failed to reach the same goal.

Zhuge Yue was drunk that night, and his drink was never very good. However, he has always been self-disciplined and informed. Today, when he meets his reunion friends, he has some unrefined expressions.

Chu Qiao knew that he was just too tired. On these days, a large number of snowstorms in the northwestern region, a poor harvest in the southwest, and a third of the Empire’s territory were devastated. The food and clothing decentralized by the emperor were exploited by local officials and ethnic groups, and they could not reach the hands of the people for a long time. Zhao Che was the master of the Western Empire’s real power, but he connived at the subordinates to openly greet the ink and express their indifference to the clan in order to win the support of the upper authorities. In less than half a month, Westerners had lost more than 200,000 people. Millions of people fled to the south, eastwards, and even to the northwest. A large number of unlucky refugees have gathered in front of the junctions of Yanmingguan, Tanghuguan, and Shaoguan. Hundreds of thousands of people are frozen and starved to death each day. However, the Royal City would rather spend a lot of money to repair the palace buildings. In preparation for the Spring Feast, it is not willing to send soldiers to send food to give the people living.

Zhuge Yue’s official script has written more than a dozen letters. However, apart from a few non-authorized officers, no one in Manchu, Wenwu, and the like is willing to support him. His memorial was ignored, his scriptures were high beamed, he was respectful in the opposition field, and the elders of the Old Shrine temple were like rotten locusts. Their eyes could only see a place in the palm of their hand, allowing local officials to sing praises, but turn a blind eye to the actual disaster.

He said that local disasters are serious and western people have already died more than 200,000. However, they said that the four great seas of the Great Summer were rising and the people lived in happiness. He was nonsense.

He said that Yanming, Tanghu and Shaoguan gathered hundreds of thousands of people who had fled the disaster. If they are not dredged, the people will change and become a disaster. However, they said that there are three barriers to each other and that they are outside the fertile fields. They are magnanimous. Residents do not lose their homes at night and cannot even find a thief.

He said that the overthrow of the Great Summer is the present and that the elders will deceive themselves and fall in love with each other. Local officials will be in vain, and will not punish them. However, they humiliated themselves by arrogating their soldiers and creating chaos in the ruling circles. They wanted to arbitrary dictatorship.

The saliva on the court is like a pot of porridge, but the people are dying everywhere. They took out meritorious umbrellas and 10,000-word books from the local peoples, praised the emperor’s kindness and fraternity, and the court purged Gaoyi, and Xia Xifu lingered. Then he repudiated that he had no evidence but he had no reason to criticize the court.


She heard him yelling at the few generals in the study, his angry cheeks were tinged, and his eyes were like a tumble of waves.

Refugees from other countries outside the Three Passers turned a blind eye. The vast number of mortal bodies on the western lands turned a blind eye. They were ignorant of the tragic heart-wrenching cry. Today, they held out a group of local rice bugs to give their own people umbrellas to deceive themselves. Then ironically ask him for evidence?

Before he went to bed that night, he was silent for a long time, and then he grimaced in her ear and said that he really could not wait to cut all the locusts with a knife.

He was so depressed and depressed that he let Chu Qiao’s spine creep into a layer of frost. She stretched out her hand to ring around his waist, touched his arm, only to feel his muscles tight, his fists clenched, and his skin was cold, like a cube of strong ice.

However, Chu Qiao knows that he can only talk about it. Even though he was in power, even though he had high status, even if he had the right to hold a military power, even though he and the family were already strangers. However, there are some things. Some people have some responsibilities but he cannot ignore them.

The summer days ago, when the emperor was dead and heavy, these days were gradually getting better and the mind was already clear. Occasionally, he would go to court.

For the emperor who had been in this position for many years and had not revealed himself, no one dared to give a little rest. For many years, he seemed to have always been like this. He was an unconcerned political player whenever and wherever he went. However, as long as there are people who dare to go beyond the half-step of Leichi (means weary and suffer), they will be devastated. Fourteen years ago, the full copy of the Lion King of Yanbei was a bloody example.

However, everybody thinks again that the emperor is old after all. He is not a god and will never die. Now Zhao Che and Zhao Yang are in a position to fight. Whoever can please the emperor, who will do more to emulate the emperor’s wishes, will win even more. Now, the emperor is obviously more happy with the umbrella of the people. At this time, who can take advantage of the scenery to carry out the southwest disaster to destroy the emperor’s feelings? Even Zhao Che also had to consider his own assessment of the wind in the eyes of the Western Hans.

At that time, Zhao Che was not in Zhenhuang, and Zhuge Yue was the only wood supporter. He took advantage of the money and grain from the grain department of the household department and the merchants of all ethnic groups and was continuously transported to the three customs areas. After all, it was a cup of water.

One time, Shaoguan soldiers will make a little mistake in allocating food. Because the food is inherently small, it is because rice porridge is very thin. When a soldier confronts the people, there is an important issue, and he even attracted local people. The refugees had a minor riot. The soldiers and civilians struck together. The soldiers killed more than 30 people. The people also killed more than 50 people and nearly 100 were injured.

Yue Qi and Zhuge Yue were in the study. For Zhuge Yue’s case, she never asked but occasionally met, Zhuge Yue also never carried her. She heard the words of the officials attacking him on this matter. He heard the blasphemers and complaints of the people outside the borders of Zhuge Yue, and he reported the original face Yue Qi on all occasions. Those people told him to greet him with grievances. It is a black-spirited dog officer who scolds the people and scolds him for breaking the child’s lungs.

He always listened to it. There was no other expression on his face. Just when he was reluctant to say anything to Yue Qi, he gestured with eyes to hide.

She never dared to come after the departure of Yue Qi. The sunshine of that afternoon was so cold and quietly spilling over his increasingly thin face. He sat in a chair and quietly drank tea as if nothing had happened before. However, Chu Qiao saw the base of the white jade teacup gradually leaking water, although he was in his hands, but a crack, but obviously spread across the glass wall.

Yes, they are going to die. They are hungry. Natural disasters and man-made disasters have come one after another. The people do not have a way to live. The government is still greedy and still collects money. They should be embarrassed. However, they did not know that the imperial court had already acquiesced in this matter. No one would care about the exploits of local officials. All disaster reports were forcibly suppressed. The answer given in the booklet is that all chores must be played after the Spring Feast.

Every porridge that they eat now is collected by Zhuge Yue and his industries in various places. He is so proud that even a person who is so proud to put down his body to win over the capital’s merchants wants them to join forces to help the people through this year.

He is too tired to be added. Therefore, he would drink and drunk. At the dinner table, the emperor was unfathomable. The imperial court had no way. The grandfather Zhao Wei was a two hundred and five, and he threatened to cut off his head tonight.

He is really drunk and drunk.

That night, Chu Qiao personally sent Zhao Che, who had also been half-intoxicated, to the palace. However, just after he stepped out of the gate, the seven princes at the foot of his feet suddenly straightened his waist and had no trace of drunkenness. He was very clear and said to her, “Go back and take good care of him.”

Chu Qiao looked at him and stood quietly without saying a word.

Zhao Che looked a little cold, and they stood opposite, faintly as if they had returned many years ago. At that time, Da Xia was strong and could be called the first of the three countries. He was the proudest of the prince. He was the most eye-catching emperor and she was handpicked. She stood under the canopy of the sky and faced the cries of indifference outside the barracks. Indifferent She said to him: “If you take a step in the camp today, you will die.”

The world is bizarre. At that time, they were hiding each other’s misfortunes and guarding against each other. How could one expect that one day they would stand in a trench and become comrades fighting side by side?

“The situation is like this, and I can do nothing about it. If I continue to do so, it is against the upper clan of the Grand Summer. We do not have this strength yet.”

Zhao Che said in a low tone, there was no wavering in his face.

Chu Qiao no longer looked at him, turned away and wanted to go, Zhao Che suddenly called her name behind the back. She looked back and saw him saying to her very seriously: “Zhuge Yue is a good person. Don’t let him down.”

Chu Qiao eyes gradually become a line, a few strands of sparkling light flashed like a sharp sword. Her faint mouth whispered: “You too.”

What she said was vague.

What are you, too? Are you a good person too?

No, Zhao Che knew very well what she was saying. But she did not wait for his answer. She turned and went away. She was thin, and she looked as light as a hurricane.

He is a good person, and you should not let him down.

The sky was dark, and the sky was full of sparks. The wind was blowing from a distance. He breathed deeply and could even smell the hungry smell from the West.

When Chu Qiao returned to the room, everything had been withdrawn, and Zhuge Yue, who was drunk on the bed, was no longer visible. She went all the way to the study, really pushed open the door, has seen his eyes clear after sitting in the book, is lying on the case, frustrated.

She stood silently for a long time. After he finished writing and sealed the lacquer, he slowly walked over and squatted in front of him. He grabbed one of his hands and quietly plunged on his knee. not talking.

The candlelight in the room burned silently, bursting with a candle from time to time. The scent in the censer rose and it was a fine smoke. His hand was dry and slender and gently brushed her long hair.


He whispered her name in a low voice, with a deep sense of fatigue and hard work. However, only a shout was made and there was no more.

Her cheeks were affixed to his lap, his breath was all his taste, her voice was like a soft layer of waves, and she quietly echoed in the room. She whispered: “I know everything.”

His knee was slightly shaken, and then, holding her hand tighter.

Yes, she understands it all. Understand his hard work, understand his tiredness, understand his disappointment in this country, and understand his deep disgust for everything around him.

The emperor was groggy, the emperor took advantage of the battle, and the officials in the ruling court were corrupted and impotent. The various institutions of the Empire tended to rot. Having experienced the hardships of the war, we have witnessed the hardships of the bottom-level people. He has turned away from the wilderness and how he can see the decay of the country and the ugly face of the officials.

However, he was still a part of this devastating war, but he once held the innocent idea of ​​Zhao Che’s resignation after taking the top position, but now, before taking everything away, he has to experience such a cold winter. He didn’t even know what was left of the world after they stood on the bones and defeated all enemies.

The civilization was destroyed, the people were slaughtered, the army was strangled, the country was destroyed, the rest, perhaps only they, faced with this raging smoke, the devastated land, let thousands of lives for this battle to be buried.

What is the right of the tactics and what is the right technique? After the struggle, we must destroy everything. At such a price, can they not afford to pay?

“Xinger, I’m really not a good person.”

That night, at the dawn of dawn, he said softly.

The next five days were a day of extreme darkness that shocked the entire Great Summer and even Ximeng as a whole.

Refugees from outside the tribe finally rioted. They captured the houses of large Western clan families and grabbed grain to steal money. Because of hunger, they begged, begging failed, they stole, theft could not be accomplished, they robbed, the robbery failed, and they finally rebelled.

Officials forced the people to oppose it, and the people had to oppose it.

Hundreds of thousands of unarmed civilians took wooden and stone blocks and opened the doors of large families. A dark fire was set on the thick soil of western Fujian. Numerous people died in this chaos. The officers and soldiers in the western Yunnan region seem to be Paper-bound, vulnerable to the victims like a piece of wheat. Although they repeatedly reported that the chaos of the militiamen was extremely strong and that there were seniors who commanded how to deal with them, no one believed them. All of them used them as their pretexts and sophistry.

The local officials and clan who had just appeared on the umbrella of the people were shocked and played, but how can the officials of the emperor dare to play their own mouths and play the court? He had to secretly dispatch the army and go to the place to be chaotic.

However, Sima Zhuge Yue, the great department of the Ministry of Military Affairs, asked: “The empire has risen in the world, and the surname of the western region has just been dedicated to the people’s merits. How can it be rebellious? It is simply a slip of the world.”

As a result, the issue of sending soldiers was dragged on and on again, and the fighting in Daixi became more and more urgent. On December 24, a horse was quickly driven into the capital. The soldiers were immediately covered in blood, and they were hand-held by Cao Changqing, the Governor of the Western Yunnan Province. He vomited blood and fell on the imperial edict.

Zhenhuang City was shocked and shocked. The emperor was guilty of being guilty of guilty on the spot, smashing the book order and Baiguan, and on the spot deprived Zhao Yang’s of Southwest Hou’s title. However, Zhao Che did not get any benefit from this turmoil. On the contrary, Zhao Yi, a 17th prince who has not been exposed to the mountains, led the southwestern military power and emerged in Beijing. However, Zhuge Yang, also because he did not immediately send troops into chaos, and was punished by the emperor at home in private, Zhao Che made several court admissions for his plea and was repulsed by the emperor.

However, Chu Qiao knew the origin of this turmoil. When Zhao Che came to his home, he saw Zhuge Yue’s fury and yelled that he was a madman. However, Zhuge Yue stunned and smiled. He said to me that I wanted to give you some capital to stay in the future. If all of them died, who would you tell the emperor to lead?

A civil rebellion in the western Yunnan Province has caused numerous deaths and injuries. The large family clan has destroyed 10 of 78. The people also have nearly 80,000 people killed in the war. However, as Zhuge Yue said, it is a death of 80,000, but it is not a matter of millions of deaths. This sale is really worth it.

Yes, it’s worth it. The southwestern clan did its best to destroy it. Lingnan Mu Xiaogong’s forces were greatly damaged. Jing Wei was also affected. Zhao Che was rebuked by the emperor and was deprived of military power. Although Zhao Che didn’t do any good, he did not make mistakes. Only he was banned and confined behind closed doors. For the time being, he withdrew from the political stage of Daxia.

Everything seemed to be walking in accordance with his established procedures. However, Chu Qiao clearly remembered that whenever the people were heard mass killings on those days, the rich people’s home was slaughtered, and where all the defenders were and the army was overwhelmed, and when the people fell for the news of a big crime, what kind of night he was unable to blasphemy and how worried it was. If everything is really wrong on that day, if the secret personnel he sends can’t restrain the chaos, if he can’t successfully avoid the local defenders, and he can’t tilt the rebellion of some sergeants, then the result will be bloody and noisy. The southwest into the boundless war, the consequences could be disastrous.

They are all right. He is really a crazy person.

She was worried that he would be disheartened and frustrated because he had been seized. He was comforting her that she could finally stay with her for a year.

The Spring Banquet finally arrived. Sima meeting, the Ministry of Military Affairs whose power had been poured into the past, was deserted. There was a rare laugher.

Although the news of the war in the southwest was transmitted to the capital, it did not affect the lively and prosperous life of the emperor during the spring banquet. The streets and alleys were noisy and noisy. The officials organized wealthy businessmen to set off fireworks on Lagerstroemia Square. The children’s laughter penetrated through the gates followed the gentle winds and passed into this towering government building…

Since the beginning of three days, Zhuge Yue has ordered a new dress in his house. The red lanterns are hung high along the gallery’s doorway. The window grilles are red, and the carefully crafted men cut out all sorts of things. The pattern is Donghai Shouxing. There are Xiling (Xiling district of Yichang city in Hubei) Shoulu (means to include to put together), there are eight Immortals crossing the sea, there are children sent to Goddess of Mercy, and there are thousands of blessing maps that are costly. A pot of flowers was put out, colorful, full of aromas everywhere, people have changed under the new clothes, red powder, one party joyous.

Zhuge Yue also restored the way of life and life at the Qingshan Yard many years ago. He has always been a very self-disciplined person, and he does not have the habit of flying eagles like ordinary wealthy children. Nowadays, I have a leisurely life. I take care of my body very seriously. I spend my free time reading and planting flowers. I was forced by Chu Qiao to work out in the early morning, every morning. The two learned their skills from each other. The people under the Manchus secretly wait and see. The long time to see Zhuge Yue has no response, it will be one by one courageous, and occasionally see them hit the highlights, but also applauded applause.

Days pass more quietly and peacefully as if the center of the storm is quiet and irritating.

The New Year came under such an atmosphere. She put on her new clothes and her bright red color was very bright. The faces of the people were also like the spring glow as if there were endless joys and hopes. Zhuge Yue stood behind her, dressed in a smoky blue gown, handsome and pressing, casually picking up a pearl and gold cymbals, skillfully took up her full black hair, inserted in her horns.

Chu Qiao looked at himself in the mirror, even though he was awkward for a moment. Such herself, she seems to have never seen it, it seems that from a very young age, she has been stubborn that women wearing red and green are very cheesy, and later wandering around for many years, there is no spirit of modification. However, wearing it today, she felt that there was a layer of waves of warmth and a little bit of warmth. Her cheeks were full of spring peaches, and her eyes were full of joy and warmth.

The original so-called tacky, but it was when she did not have such a state of mind of Bale.

Mei Xiang stood next to her with a smile, and her face was full of joy. Zhuge Hao came up lazily and smiled at the mirror and said, “It’s really a dumping country.”

Chu Qiao was embarrassed to push him, his ears were a little red, and said: “Which is so exaggerated, don’t talk nonsense.”

Zhuge Wei smiled and stared at her and said, “I mean myself, do you want more?”

Chu Qiao was furious and reached out to marry him. Zhuge Yu shunned and said to Mei Xiang: “Look at your lady, I don’t praise her, she is angry and angry.”

Mei Xiang smiled, but also did not reply, the sun outside the house is very warm, very far away, there are already sound of firecrackers rang.

This is a comfortable year that Chu Qiao has lived for so many years. She also personally cooks and teaches people to make dumplings. She wants to pull Zhuge Yue together. Someone who is extremely masculine despises her and give it away.

After dinner, bamboo shoots, hanging lanterns, and Zhuge Yue eat dumplings filled with red dates, people are coming to congratulate him on the New Year. He is in a good mood and rewards all the way. The city is full of excitement. The gates of the Zhuge House were closed and all the people on the door were kept out. Only at midnight, Zhao Che sent two cans of good wine. Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue drank together and Chu Qiao’s head was dizzy. A drunk woman he fell in the arms of Zhuge Yue.

People laid firecrackers on the outside, and the sound of crackling came in and was beaming. Chu Qiao stumbled into seeing Li Ze’s fox-like eyes. She reached out to get enough but took a vacancy.

She is really drunk, but her head is so clear. She remembered her own years, remembered a small poem, remembered a cat, remembered her keenness, remembered Li Yang, remembered her colleagues in the Military Intelligence Division, and remembered her gray-haired grandfather, thinking of these years of running back and forth. And hard work, I remembered several embarrassments and crises that were tethered to life and death. I remembered Mr. Wu. I remembered Miss Yu. I remembered Jing Zisu. I remembered so many dead or alive people. I remembered Li Ce. I remembered. Yan Xun…

Happiness comes so quickly that she feels lost and sick and thinks that everything is dreaming.

She buried herself in Zhuge Yue’s arms, and all the snorts were the sweet smell of Du (poison) Ruo (skin of bamboo) in his body. Her eyes were slightly wet. She looked up and looked at his handsome side face, suddenly eyes and bright said: ” Zhuge Yue, I love you.”

Zhuge stunned, bowed his head, surrounded by all the people, her voice was so big, even overwhelmed the sound of the smashing bamboo, everyone looked at her with horror, but she completely ignored, just loudly said: “Zhuge Yue, I am in love with you!”

The smoked wind passed by, some people snickered in a low voice, and the laughter of Jingjing and Mo Er’s voice passed in far. Her cheeks are red, her eyes seem to be close to the water, her eyes are straight, but for more than half a year. It seems to be back to the beautiful face of 17 or 18 years old, she just looked at him straight, smiled. The face is only written with a big word of happiness.

With a cry, the wind blew in the ear, she was suddenly swayed by someone, and then Zhuge Yue stunned everyone, filled the table and just ate a few mouthfuls of food, turned and went back to the dormitory.

The quilts on the bed are all clustered, all of which are big red with joy, embroidered with layers of embroidered on the top, there are slaps of water, there are cowherd and weavers, there are magpies and bridges, there are Guanyin to send the child, there is a warm and sweet honey everywhere…

His eyes were dark, revealing a raging fire, and he pulled open his collar and stared at her in a sly voice, saying: “The goblin will never give you any drink.”

Saying it, he bowed his head and kissed her lips. His breathing was rapid and fiery, like a thick flame. Wherever he went, he was numbly soft.

She smiled at her eyes and clasped his waist, responding enthusiastically.

The Romans hanged low, full of brocade, and froze all night. Outside, there was a burst of loud laughter.

There are too many unpredictable variables in life. You do not know when the storm will come, how big the waves are, and it will easily overturn everything that you have in front of you. Those feelings that have been bitterly suppressed, those words that have been hidden for many years, and those that have been forbearing for generations, have finally found an outlet for venting. Everything is unpredictable, all can be done, only cherish what is in front of us all.

Fairview covered her and fluttered. She lay in layers of luxury and climbed into his body. Fine sweat gushed out, and both body and mind were tired of satisfaction. She huddled in his arms, crossed his shoulders, looked into the window, and across the window of a window, faintly visible in the distant sky with brilliant fireworks, raging, wandering the sky.

What will happen in the future? She will never be afraid again.


CHAPTER 185 Yan’s Yizhuang


On the Shangyuan Festival, there was a big feast in the Holy Palace. Perhaps it was to dilute the turmoil of the year before. The dinner tonight was especially luxurious. Even the sinners who had thought about it like Zhuge Yue also got invitations. If it is normal, he can also find some pretexts that he can’t get sick. However, if he does this, it will inevitably be attacked by the people. n the evening, Zhuge Yue was dressed in a costume and entered the palace. He was riding a light carriage and was very low-key.

Chu Qiao stayed in the room. In the most recent period, she was always sleepy. Her appetite was not very good. She slept and fell a little bit.

Suddenly there was a buzzing sound in the doorway, and then the door was pushed open. Ink walked in three steps back and walked around to Chu Qiao. He was slightly nervous and his nose was red.

“Mo Er, what are you doing?”

Mo Er hesitated for a moment, turned his head and looked at the door again. After a long time, he whispered, “Mother, can’t we go out today?”

Counting, Chu Qiao is only a little older than this child. In the beginning, he listened to his mother’s call all day, and he would not. But then she got used to it, and there was nothing.

She sat up straight and frowned and asked, “Go out? Where are you going?”

“Today is the Shangyuan Festival. There are temple fairs and lanterns outside.”

There was a flash of excitement in Mo’s eyes, and Chu Qiao turned his head and saw several probes in the door.

These days, Zhuge was forbidden, and the people in the house rarely went out. She took a look at Mo Er’s face and smiled and said, “Okay, let’s go.”

The size of Simon is very large. According to the modern counting method, there are more than 40 million square kilometers, which is equivalent to the size of five countries. This land has been inherited for many years, even though the war is chaotic, but the population has always flourished. As a national capital of the great summer, the city of Zhenghuang is also very dense.

Chu Qiao and other people walked down the street, only to see the surrounding lights bright, all kinds of lanterns vying for the glory, eye-catching. The surname of Zhenhuang City is not limited to men, women, and children, high and low, and all come together to celebrate the festive season. The play is the same, the orchestra is humming, and a bustling scene is bustling.

This year’s Shangyuan Festival is more lively than in previous years, and the voices are full of people.

The children were very happy, but it was just over an hour and suddenly the snow fell. When the north wind whistling, the white wind was blowing on the ground, and a colorful lantern was blown apart. A few of the Jingjing was squatting on the carriage, and the guards rushed to the house with a whip. However, the wind is getting bigger and bigger. Even the horse is not willing to go forward. When he walks to a quiet place, a horse suddenly loses control and breaks away from the horse.

In the thirteenth run, the snow is too big, or it is better to find a place to hide.

Chu Qiao nodded and agreed to see just a large mansion in front of the Yingyingdongdong building. He ran up and knocked on the door. However, when he came close to him, he discovered that it was actually the temple of the Lion King of Yanbei.

Although Yan Shicheng was born in the royal family, because the imperial country was detained by the name of the rebels, the corpse was not allowed to enter the temple. This mansion is nominally called Anshen Temple. It is actually a Yizhuang, not only the Yancheng City and its children’s coffins but also the coffins of some ordinary people in the vicinity. In the beginning, Daxia also sent troops to guard against it. However, since Yan Xun returned to Yanbei, no dying corps who had ever had a great fellow meeting tried to snatch it. Gradually, it became increasingly desolate and the empire was no longer willing to A pile of white bones took the trouble to send troops.

Chu Qiao and others entered the partial house, the guards found a candlestick and a torch, and the room gradually brightened. I saw a gloomy spirit on the gloomy hall, and there were more than twenty coffins, which were covered with pale white candlelight and looked horrible.

Jingjing face is white, seems a little scared, tightly hiding behind Douji, pulling his sleeves, no longer the usual embarrassment.

Mei Xiang laughed and said: “I didn’t expect Miss Jingjing to have something to fear. I thought you were a super-devil. No one in this world is afraid.”

Everyone listened to her and laughed at her. The atmosphere was a lot easier.

Now, Rong Er is about to turn one year old. He learns his teeth all the time and walks up and down, like a newborn duck. He was dressed in a big red blessing jacket and yawned with a fat little hand. He shrank in Chujo’s arms and changed to a comfortable posture to continue sleeping.

Chu Qiao stood up and handed Rong to Mei Xiang, whispering, “I am going out.”

“Miss, this cold day, where are you going?”

Chu Qiao mentioned the food box brought by Mei Xiang and said, “I will go next door and look at it, you don’t have to follow.”

As soon as it was said, it was out of the house.

The wind outside was amazing, Chu Qiao lived in Ximeng for fifteen years and has never seen such a big wind. The call of the lantern in his hand was blown, and Chu Qiao’s big sister was also picked up by the wind. The cold snow hit his face, and the pain of life was like a stone. Chu Qiao clung to the big collar of the sister-in-law, and walked hard. After walking for a while, he walked to a broken house, then reached out and slammed, slowly pushing open the door…

At that time, the long wind suddenly poured in, raising the thick dust everywhere. Chu Qiao coughed a few times and quickly closed the door and pulled a stool to hold the door.

Quiet and dead in the room seemed to be colder than outside, and several parts of the roof had been broken, and the wind blew inside. There were blacks that couldn’t reach out, but she seemed to be particularly familiar with the terrain here. She took out the flames and tried several times. Finally, she ignited all the candles around.

The faint candlelight ignited quietly and slowly illuminated the room. Four dark oaks were placed in it. There was no spiritual place, no candle, and even no signs. It was so freely placed there, weeds and rubbish all over the place, and a few chilly skulls. It can be seen that this place has long been occupied by wandering mobs.

Chu Qiao put the food box aside and started cleaning by picking up his sleeves. Her movements were quick. Although she had no handy tools, she quickly cleared the garbage on the ground. She used a straw to form a simple broom, sweeping the spider webs on the surface, and watching in the room. It’s clean and tidy. Then she took out the food in the food box one by one and placed it on the ground. Then she knelt down and worshipped several times.

Yes, in these four coffins, it is the father of Yan Xi, the two elder brothers and a sister. In those years, every day when the King of Yan died, she would secretly come and worship with Yan Yan. At that time, there were soldiers and guards. They wanted to spend a great amount of effort on coming. Today, even here, it is already desolate.

Since she returned to Zhenhuang, she has never thought of going to come here to worship. However, she did not expect that she would come to this place by mistake. This may be considered a fate.

If there is no incense, it will be replaced by incense, and if there is no paper money, it will be replaced by a cloth instead of a good wine. Only a pot of goat’s milk and two teas will be left.

My Royal Highness, I am coming to see you again.

She stood up and had a few stars of dust on her knees, slightly dirty. The snow fell from the roof and covered the lid of the coffin. She looked at the coffins quietly and tried to recall the fleshy heads she saw a long time ago. The heart was a desolation.

Before the snow disaster of the first generation of the West, Yanbei had already entered the disaster. The home of Li Min’s surname was destroyed, and the snow disaster of the Blue City generation was particularly serious. The thousands of cattle and sheep in the Shangshen area were frozen to death. The surname was not enough, and Yanbei was in danger.

However, when the Daxia Baiguan clapping and celebrating, Yanbei secretly mobilized 100,000 dragons and defenders. They leaped past the Lanhe plateau on foot and entered the Tang dynasty from an altitude of more than 6,000 meters. The Tang Hu pass was bypassed, suddenly attacked the Datang checkpoint, snatched more than 200,000 deniers of grain, and then returned to Yanbei with lightning speed. The entire operation took no more than four days. When Datang’s frontier battlefield was reported to Tang Jing, the Dragons’s garrison had already returned to the pass and had to fight with Xia armies, who wanted to take advantage of Yanbei’s catastrophic disaster…

When this happened, it was like a drop of water falling into the boiling oil, setting off a fierce wave of waves.

Daxia and the Sui and Tang Dynasties were furious, but they did not have a way to get Yan Xun. Daxia’s Yu Shi’s pen strokes were written with impatience. Da Yan’s (same as through Da Xia and Da Tang) YanBei was a robber and was born to be robbed and robbed. This is contrary to the way of saints. The old scholars of the Sui and Tang dynasties were even more suffocating and screaming at the world. They told the eight generations of Yan Shi Zi’s ancestors that they had made a rash of blood.

However, all they can do is only this way. The Dragons are solid and the Yanbei Army is like a tiger-wolf. The current situation, as long as they do not come out and provoke slogans, then they must burn high and fragrant. Who dares to come to provoke them?

When Chu Qiao heard this news, he couldn’t help but sneer. The so-called soft fear is hard, hard is not afraid of life, that is the case.

However, Zhuge Yue still looks displeased and ignores the voice of the unanimous war on the government. Everyone knows that Da Xia is now taking care of himself. Several princes have reached a stage of the fierce competition. At this time, there is time for anyone to go to war with the outside world. However, when he talks about it, if he really points Qi soldiers and horses to Yanming, those who are old The guys were afraid that they would be like the words of their memorials. Blood spattered three feet to death.

When he knew the news, he was only a little surprised and said that he did not expect Yan Xun to do such a thing.

In fact, it is more than him, I am afraid that the entire Simon, no one will think of this.

After all, once upon a time, he also used the whole Yanbei as a bet, with the Wanjun people as a bait, and led the Xia armies to enter the customs. And shortly afterward, eradicating dissidents and completely destroying the big peers who helped him to come on stage, even the head of his own teacher, also fell down.

In the face of such a person, I am afraid that no one will think that he will take such a big risk for the surname of Yanbei.

Even Chu Qiao did not figure out the joints in it.

However, the good keeper of Tanghuguan is the righteous son of King Tang of the Tang Dynasty. Although Jingan Wang’s timely loyalty after his death, he holds the military power and guards the important level of the empire. After all, it is still difficult to make people completely reassured. This time Yan Xun removed him, not a loss of Datang.

As for the grain and grass that Datang lost.

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows rose slightly, and my mind once again remembered living for many years. Shangshen Plateau returned to the snow-capped mountains, and there were simple herdsmen and surnames there.

Yan Xun means have become more and more powerful. He has ridden thousands of miles away and has acted swiftly. Tens of thousands of troops have been mobilized without ever losing a trace of the wind. The quasi-approach, the benefit of vision, and the courage of the world will be the only ones in the world. As long as he is on the same day, Da Xia does not want to break through the dragons and priests. Even if Zhao Che has personally shot and does not have a chance to win, he may be able to win tactics, military strength, intelligence, weapons, and logistic supplies. In terms of the enthusiasm of the means and the perseverance of the mind, there is absolutely no possibility of surpassing Yan Hao.

The terrible aspect of Yan Xun’s battlefield is that he can perfectly use everything that can be used around him as an aid to the victory of the war. And his thoughts about the human heart have also reached a stage where he has achieved ultimate success.

In this world, one can be short with him, perhaps only the best. Yan’s advantage lies in his embarrassment. Zhuge Yue’s advantage lies in his embarrassment. If two people can have a battlefield with no worries, they may really create a legend in war history.

She shook her head slightly, although she was tired of that kind of life, when she was idle, her mind could not help thinking about these things. Repeatedly splicing the heard message, a little bit of the general situation, and then deducting, calculating, and arranging, like a chess player who loves to play chess, even if he no longer plays chess, he will imagine various chess games in his mind. .

Only this time, she did not know which side she wished to win this game.

In fact, even if she and Yan Xun are not guilty, she does not want to see him fall.

Therefore, after knowing that Tang Huguan was successfully attacked by him, there would still be a little bit of sneak peek, completely disregarding her is the identity of Datang Beauty King.

She laughed at herself, even her, it is hard to avoid. The so-called grievances and hatreds, under the precipitation of time, there is only a vague back and a pair of cold eyes, and a powerful hand.

Who can live up to who, who is owed, can you really be clear?

Even if they can’t work together, they don’t have to be separated.

The wind suddenly rose outside, and the door made a snapping noise and pushed the stool against the door a little. She thought that it was the wind and she turned back to want to close the door. She knew that she had just walked to the door and the door was suddenly opened. A man dressed in a black cloak stood among the heavy snow, and there was only one Tsing Yi (means Bluish green color) worker behind him.

She couldn’t see his face. For a moment, she could only see a pair of black eyes that looked like abyss and shot straight on her.



CHAPTER 186 Yanfeng is approaching


For a moment, Chu Qiao even thought she saw Yan Xun again.

There was no light in the moonlight. Only the whispering wind and snow blew on people’s faces like a cold knife. The man stood there, wrapped in a cloak, and only had deep eyes, through the layers of the blizzard, determined to look at her. The candlelight in the room was all blown away by the wind at the moment the door was opened. Only the faint snow-white light flickered in the darkness of the night, and it reflected the vague figure heavy and depressing.

It seemed that after a long time, it was just like a moment, the man slowly lifted his foot, slightly lowered his head, and his legs ran awkwardly with a hint of exhaustion. A boneless hand clung to his mouth and coughed lightly.

The door was closed and the three stood narrow in the narrow cassock. The hunched Tsing Yi servants rekindled the white candlestick from their hands and feet, and the faint rays of light slowly illuminated the surroundings. It also illuminated the gray-white burst of hair under the man’s cloak and the fold beneath his robe. hand.

The squat stool that Chu Qiao had just used to reach the door was wiped clean by the servant. The man sat down while coughing and his back bent, revealing how fragile the body was hidden under the clothes.

Chu Qiao still stood there, and from the moment they came in, they did not speak. She even had some doubts, why such a sick and weak person would make her so shocked at first, even thought it was Yan Xun.

The servant stepped back and stood by the door. The whole body was hidden in the shadow of the lights, and his head was lowered, like a stone that could not speak.

The light of the blindfold casts softly, the wind is poured from the roof of Luwa, and the screaming, the candlelight is also swaying, as if it will be extinguished at any time. The man suddenly looked up and looked at her with a pair of deep scorpions. He said abruptly: “The snow tonight is really big.”

Chu Qiao was surprised, but I do not know why, in the face of this person, she actually had a hint of tension. It seemed that there was a tendency of low pressure to flow out of his body a little bit, and gradually filled the entire room, even breathing, and all became low.

“Yes, it’s really big.” She nodded and said quietly.

“We haven’t had such a large amount of snow for many years.” The man’s age should have been very big, and his voice was full of old and tiredness that could not be concealed: “It seems to be fifteen years ago in the winter, and it has been so big. The blizzard, even the old eucalyptus tree in front of the Yin gate of Kyoto Prefecture was blown.”

Fifteen years ago…

It was the year when Yan’s family had died. In that cold winter, they had shrunk in the ruined pavilion south of the city. They burned everything in the house and were frozen and covered with frostbite.

“This year’s Shangyuan Lantern will be lively?”

The person asked very naturally, as if they were friends who had known each other for a long time.

Chu Qiao slightly sideways, said: “The gods does not make beauty, stirred up a good lantern meeting. The old gentleman is also looking at the lights will be blocked by the wind and snow?”

The man whispered and said, “What kind of light will I see in my body?”

Chu Qiao slightly raised his eyebrows and asked in a deep voice: “So, is it a special trip to worship King Yan?”

He couldn’t see his face, but Chu Qiao could still imagine his silent smile.

Suddenly there was a long sound of bells and drums in the far distance. It was the eighteen drums of the Shangyuan Lantern Festival. On the Tiancheng Tower in the Golden Palace, hosted by the Qin Tianjian, the famous sorghum burned the incense Buddha. I am chanting the peace of mind and praying for the wind and rain, and the peace of the country.

Chu Qiao heard the voice and turned slightly, looking in the direction of the sound, some lost.

“This Yizhuang is so desolate, you are not afraid of a daughter’s house in this spiritual room?”

Chu Qiao turned to look at the old man. He who knew that he could easily walk into Yizhuang without being spotted by Yan Xun and others was by no means the average person. Several people who could come here this time filtered their hearts, but they always find such a figure, it will inevitably become more confused. But the face is not showing up, but just smirked and said: “If you are open-minded, you will have no fear. Compared with the hearts of the people, the so-called ghosts and ghosts do not know how many times to be kind.”

“The heart is frank?” The tone of the old man rose slightly and quietly smiled: “In this world, how many people can really afford these four words?”

“I feel that I can afford to be able to afford it.” Chu Qiao stood in place, a snow-white long lamp looked like beautiful, bright cheeks, with a halo of white, she said quietly: “Someone did a lifetime to clear the officials, to be loyal to the community, do not take the people’s points, two sleeves breeze, life is open. Some people live forever and work hard to support their families, but they do not commit crimes and are not guilty. They can also afford to be arrogant. The words of peace and peace of mind depend on oneself, not on achievement.”

The old man raised his eyebrows slightly, and a gust of wind blew up the dust on the ground. He fluttered over the hem of his robe. After a moment of contemplation, he smiled a little and said, “What you said it makes sense.”

“The snow is so big outside. The old gentleman missed the night, but was he worried?”

“When people are old, it’s easy to think of some old things.”

The hurricane picked up and rolled open the door. The candlelight in the squatter suddenly went out. The slave was surprised. Although he was old, he was very neat and skillful. He closed the door two times and wanted a lamp. The old man lifted his eyes and looked at the dark and deep row of coffins. Gradually, he smiled, and waved his hand and said, “This is it.”

The room was very quiet and I could only hear the wind whistling overhead. The eyes gradually adapted to the darkness around us. Through the snow outside the window, I could clearly see the figure.

The old man took off his cloak and said: “He may not want to see me.”

“I brought wine. You drink with me.”

I still haven’t waited for Chu Qiao to answer. The old slave behind him has come forward. The ground is covered with a layer of crepe, with two wine glasses on it, a white jade pot, and the darkness is slightly bright. The cup was full and the wine was full of fragrance. The old slaves offered Chu Qiao a glass of water, and Chu Qiao sniffed and said: “It is the green girl of Qingqiu.”

The old man smiled and applauded: “The nose of a good spirit.”

Chu Qiao smiled: “I’m not very good drinker.

After that, he took a silver spoon from his hair and plunged it into the cup. After a moment, he took it out and sniffed it. Then he assured him to drink it with his head up and praised, “Sure enough, it is a good wine.”

The old man saw that she was not annoyed when she was poisoned in front of herself. Instead, she was very interested in saying: “Let your nephew lend it to me.”

Chu Qiao gave a slight glimpse and asked: “Do you not feel at ease with wine?”

“Be careful, there is always no harm.”

The old man learned how Chu Qiao looked into the glass of silver, and then he took fire from his arms, ignited and looked at it for a long time before he looked up and drank.

Chu Qiao laughed: “You look like this, but it’s actually more insecure.”

The old man was slightly surprised and asked, “Why?”

“Not all the poisons can corrode the silverware. Moreover, just in the process that I handed you the dumplings, there are many ways to poison them. Even if you don’t use poison, you are so close to me, aren’t you afraid that I am an assassin? ?”

When the old man looked at her, she did not panic. Instead, she seriously asked, “Is that you?”

“I said no, would you believe it?”

The old man frowned, looking like he was thinking hard. After a long time, he said, “I don’t believe it.”

Chu Qiao laughed and said, “Yeah, the farmer wants to eat chicken today, so he doesn’t kill pigs, but it doesn’t mean he won’t kill pigs tomorrow.”

“You compare me to a pig?”

“No,” Chu Qiao said, shaking her head: “You like this person, like a wolf, a three-point like a snake, I can’t see the other four points, but it’s always not a good wait.”

The old man smiled and said to the old slave at the entrance: “Look at this skull’s mouth, which is comparable to the hundreds of poisonous pens in Yushitai.”

The old man seemed to be very happy and very relaxed to call Chu Qiao to sit and drink with him. The blizzard outside was getting bigger, Chu Qiao pulled a chair, wiped it clean and sat down, and he had a glass of drink.

It was dark in all directions and only a few rays of light were shining on the roof.

The wine has a tantalizing aroma. As long as you drink the first one, you will seduce, you want to drink a second one. Even if it is not poisonous, drinking too much is dazzling. Do not know how long, Chu Chuo’s head gradually dizzy, she fell on the chair, hand on the handrail, tilted her head, slowly closed her eyes. The old man did not have a good conversation. They seemed to say a lot, but she gradually couldn’t remember. Her heart was very quiet as if there was a large swath of white waves gliding across her white fingers and cheeks.

She seems to have returned to her childhood. Grandpa is holding her. She teaches her Taizu Changquan one by one. She teaches her battlefield to learn something, teaches her to attack the hole, teaches her to use various weapons and daggers, and takes her quotation from Chairman to her again and again. The recitation. Every morning, I had to take an oath under the emblem of the party. At that time she was only a few years old, but she also felt solemn and solemn. She stood still behind the grandfather, who was still tough, and said loudly over and over again: “Loyal to the chairman, loyal to the party, loyal to The people voluntarily give their lives when the country and the people need it…”

Then the picture turned and came to a cold deep palace. The big moon shone on their heads. The boy stood barely in front of her, watching her suffocating biting lips on her head, hating and not speaking. She was so scared that she quickly picked up her cockroaches and nervously yelled at him, saying that it was Zhao Song Thirteenth Prince of Wei who gave it to her. She didn’t like it at all. After a long time, I saw him tweaking and taking out an ugly cockroach in his hand. It seemed to be polished with copper bars. It was just a bare one without any decoration. His fingers were a little bit broken, and some of them had already bled, wrapped in a mess.

Subsequently, a pair of fox-like eyes emerged from the water waves, and the man wore a red Chinese costume, and the wind was blowing on the water pavilion. A group of flowers around the girl surrounded him, his eyes fascinated, like drinking two altar daughter red. He saw her far away, suddenly stood up and waved at her hard, shouting: “Jojo! Jojo! Come over~”

Then, as the picture turned, the waves of the sky followed, and the long smog of the smog swayed up. Light and shadow, fluttering, like drifting through the long life, became the man of the solitary HD, and the Lantern Festival three years ago, he and his own anger, because she did not want to go with him to Qinghai. He walked in front of her discouragedly, and ignored her. Before she left, she was a blind idiot. She squirmed a piece of clods and threw it from behind. He happened to lick his head. He was so angry that he turned his cheeks and looked back at her.

Then, the boat swayed, and the two of them embraced the rain of the hair. He whispered in her ear: “I am very happy, I have never been so happy…”

At this moment, a childish voice suddenly echoed to the ear: “After that, he died, he also died. She was sad, she left, and then died, leaving him alone.”

Yes, yes, she is dreaming. Li Ce is dead. She has been killed by her own mother and died in her arms. She saw his chest overflowing with a large swath of blood. Touching his cold body and closed eyes, he leaned on her shoulder and died. He would never laugh and call her name. She would never reach out and lick her cheek. The window jumped into her mortuary and she would no longer sneak through the letters that were given to her by Zhuge Yue. She would no longer look at her tenderly when she was sad, hold her in her arms, and tell her, don’t be afraid to fear, but also me, there is Zhuge Yue, even if Yan Xun is a kid, it will not really hurt you.

The heavens and the earth were all turbulent north winds. The red snow fell from the sky. She saw Zhuge Yue and Yan Xun holding the sand. She saw the spirits of thousands of people floating in the sky. She heard the wailing of the earth and heard the wind. The sternness and fierceness saw that there was a crack in the sky, and thick red blood dripping from the gap slowly fell on this fierce land. She saw Zhuge Li falling down and her back cracking. It was still the wound she had stabbed many years ago. Her cold sword came out through the body. She saw Yan Xun’s hand holding a three-foot blood sword. Above the bloody bodies, thousands of arrows were fired. Between heaven and earth, it was dark. He stood at the very top of the heavens and the earth, his feet constantly leaked bright red liquid, and his body was full of arrows, but he did not fall.

Thousands of troops swept across the country, all the pictures were broken, and the dog’s wolf-cutter slashed the landscape of Simon. She was lying on the ice-covered surface of the lake and watched heaven and earth collapsing in one instant, and his ears rang him again. All over low:

Live, live, live –

Her tears rushed out of the line, passing over the pointed chin and falling into the big white scorpion.

The old man stood in front of her, no longer smiling on her face, becoming indifferent and isolated. He turned to the old slave and said: “Is she?”

The old servant bent over, always the appearance of humility, whispered: “It is her.”

The old man smiled slightly, but there was no smile in his eyes: “I didn’t expect it to happen.”

The old servant fainted, but did not answer. The old man was indulging for a long while, suddenly reaching out his finger, his fingertips swept over Chu’s cheek, and touched a drop of cold ice. He suddenly slammed his fingertips, his tongue tipped slowly, and his mouth was salty.

“An Fu, is someone drinking shit and cry?”

The room was dark and the old slave did not seem to find that the woman in the chair was crying quietly. He ignited candlelight quickly, got in front of Chu Qiao’s body, looked closely, and for a moment, he was also shocked.

Tears fall in line and tears, and then they fall silently, like broken pearls.

Anfu’s voice was shocked with a few shocks. After a long time, he slowly said: “The slave has never heard of someone who drinks jaundice and will cry. This woman, there must be a lot of suffering in her heart.”

Having said this, An Fu frowned slightly, it seems a bit puzzled.

“Is there any pain in this noble status?”

When the old man heard the word, he smiled slightly and said lightly: “The more we feel that we have captured happiness, the more we are afraid that we will lose it. The child’s heart, I am afraid there is even a fear that she cannot control.”

“Your Majesty, the time is late. We should go back.”

The old man nodded, put on a cloak, walked to the door, and suddenly looked back and decided to look at a coffin placed in the ground.

“Yan City, do you say that Daxia has a few years of national defense?”

When the cold wind came, his figure was so thin that he suddenly coughed a few times. With a chuckle, he opened the door and left.

The stalks of a bean, emitting pale light, shaking in the wind, still did not extinguish.

The woman, dressed in white, leaned against the back of the chair and tilted her head slightly. Tears flowed out in a row, quiet, like a peaceful lake.

I don’t know how long it has been, someone seems to be talking around her. She frowns lightly. The bright lights are dazzling. Mei Xiang’s voice is ringing in her ear. It’s very cheerful and says, “Wake up, great.”

Chu Qiao frowned, I saw only Mei Xiang stood beside her, while a child stood with a lantern on the other side, all looked at her nervously.

“What’s wrong with you, miss?”

Chu Qiao looked around and had already lost the shadow of the old man. She couldn’t help but feel inattentive. She said in an understatement: “Nothing but just fell asleep.”

Mei Xiang suddenly complained: “It is so cold here, how can a young lady sleep here?”

“I see my wife is too tired. The snow and snow outside have been a lot smaller. Let’s go back to the government quickly.”

A group of people got on the carriage and Rong Er was still snoring and sleeping. The Mo Er boy also shrank in Jing Jing’s arms. His eyes could not open.

A blizzard smashed the lively Shangyuan Lantern Festival. All the way back, all over the place were broken pieces of broken lanterns. The streets were empty and desolate. She lifted the curtain of the carriage and looked out from the distance. I saw everywhere there was a cold, no trace of light. Only Yizhuang had a white lantern hanging in front of her door. It was intact and I didn’t know how it was. That survived the snow storm.

It was already late at night when I returned to the house. In front of the moon, I saw a few of them suddenly sighed. Going forward, Zhuge Yue has already returned, and has gone out to find her several times.

Chu Qiao quickly returned to the room, walked into the main hall, took off the big man and handed it to the next person, and crept into the dormitory.

Returning home from such a cold place, the warm breath rushed to the surface, the incense burner was burning with a good submerged scent, and the squat was erected and hovered straight. The room was quiet and there was no sound. She walked quietly and saw that his face was slightly flushed. So he was asleep on the bed, just frowning, as if he had a dream. The same thing about being angry.

His breathing is a bit heavy and he can smell strong alcohol. His amount of alcohol has never been very good. I must have drunk a lot of wine tonight.

On the mahogany bedpost, a delicate and compact lantern is hung, the eyes are red, and the ears are long. It is a vivid rabbit shape.

She took off her shoes, lay sideways beside him, smelled his taste, listened to his deep breath, and a cold heart warmed up.

She stretched out her hand around his waist and waved the desperate dream.

No, absolutely not.

They will be together and will live well. They will give birth to a child. They will leave together and start their lives in a brand new place.

It must be like this, it must be.

After the Spring Feast, the weakening of the Great Summer Dynasty became more prominent. People from all over the west of Fujian Province spread over the roads. People everywhere were able to eat and sell their wives and children. Although the court had already issued a locust plague. However, although Emperor Xia has tried his best to extract the gold and silver of the treasury, Daxia is now lacking in national strength. The war is like a beastly human beast. He has opened a bloody mob, and in a few short years, it will be a full-fledged empire. Dragged thinly.

However, Yanbei’s days are not easy, after all, although the winter harvest from the Sui and Tang dynasties temporarily crossed the cold winter, it is also a difficult day. Under such circumstances, there was no large-scale warfare at the border crossing at the beginning of the year. Whether it was the eastward advancement of Yanbei or the northern expedition in Daxia, they were all slowed down by this natural disaster.

On the first day of March, Xia Huang sealed the Beihu generation to Zhao Che as a fiefdom. Although everyone knows that Zhao Che is the lord of the Northland, after all, he did not have an official seal of the imperial court. Today, Emperor Xia’s eyes have made Zhao Che’s command not suffer much. After the plague of the Hu people, the ruling and opposition parties suddenly tried to figure out.

On March 7th, Da Sima Zhuge Yue finally ended his private day and returned to the Old Shrine Temple. The seventeen princes Zhao Qi also showed his goodness to Zhao Cui. At one time, the seven princes Zhao Che rose in Korea and his power was growing. Zhao Yang stayed in the palace all day long, and he was not treated on the court for two months.

However, on March 13th, a newspaper reported from Yanbei to the capital caused Chu Qiao to worry.

In fact, there is nothing in the main content, but Yan Xun wants to trade with Daxia on the border and exchange horses and iron ore for the food, tea, salt, and silk in Daxia.

This incident naturally caused a laugh at the Great Summer Hall. Officials in Daxia ridiculed Yan Bei for his mad eyes. He even thought he wanted to do business with Big Summer. Although they are also lacking war horses and iron ore, they can also trade with the Sui and Tang dynasties and the Song Dynasty. Unlike Yanbei, as long as the Sui and Tang Dynasties shut their checkpoints, there is only one way to go.

Da Xia naturally will not take care of Yanbei. Instead, it is the first time that the imperial history unit and the middle school book have joined forces. This is a piece of articles that are extremely ridiculous.

his matter is not a big deal for the two countries, but it clearly shows the defeat and embarrassment of Yanbei. Although the big summer is not much better, seeing the enemy’s appearance is even worse than their own, the summer officials are arrogant, and a group of Shilin mad people is screaming to wipe out Yanbei, the vice It’s not like a lifetime, as long as they wave their hands, Yanbei will disappear. Even some of the distant relatives, the royal family, wrote a letter to Zhuge, asking him to immediately take the soldiers into Yanbei and completely eliminate Yanbei’s Huanzi (means fruit of the Sapindus trees – used for Buddhist prayer beads).

Zhuge Yue stared coldly at the conditions of the wild dance on the rugby party and couldn’t help but sneer. In private, he ridiculed: “Yan Xun’s method is not smart, but he is really right, but just a few words, let the real Yin Huang wild up and down the collective made a crazy loss.”

When he said this, Chu Qiao only felt shocked. Zhuge Yue has already gone deeper than the ordinary people think. He knows that this is Yan Xun’s deliberate weakness and he wants to lead the Xia army to fight. However, Chu Qiao and Yan Xun lived together for many years, but he knew his disposition. Even if he died in battle, he would never show weakness to the enemy. He just paralyzed the enemy and wanted to make a battle. It really deserved him to do it. Is such a big sacrifice?

When winter came to spring, it was a year of spring flowers, but the cold wind on the side of the shade had not been able to go. If you open the window, you will still see the frozen ice.


CHAPTER 187 Meeting of affectionate enemies


Zhuge Yue went to the city business, has been going for half a month. Three days ago, Chu Qiao received a message that Zhuge Yue had started another battle outside Yanming, but only just more than 30 drunken soldiers rushed out of the crossing and went off to provoke the Yanbei Dragons, shot an arrow, and the Yanbei army died. Three of them received injuries but did not fight back.

When the news was transmitted to the city of Zhenhuang, it was ten days ago. When the memorial was surnamed, the gatekeepers would ask the court to send down the approval of script to attack Yanbei. They said that it was believed that Yanbei is now in a dilemma and lack of food. All kinds of military materials are depleting in stock. There are still large-scale riots in the country. It is the best time for the Northern Expedition. Once missed, the confrontation with Yanbei in the future will be extremely difficult.

Long before this, the voice of the main battle on the ruling court had been noisy and loud, and this seal was even more fueled at this moment, and it immediately mobilized the warfare of the Great Summer. From the ruling to the people, there is an upsurge of response to the war. The people of Daxia originated from the customs and they are originally a belligerent nation. At this moment, they are motivated by people who are determined to do so. Home is the sound of sharpening swords. Yu Shitai’s civil servants set up a battle station at Lagerstroemia Plaza to admit ordinary people who volunteered to join the army. A long list of names was written on the Wong list. It was so loudly posted in front of the crape myrtle that each name was followed by a blood fingerprint that looked chilly.

The public’s enthusiasm for combat was unprecedentedly high, and the Shen Jin Palace was slow to refuse to give up its will. The emperor had recovered in the past few days, and he had not been able to go to court on the 7th or 8th. With the intentional connivance of the Old Shrine temple, various civil activities were vigorously launched. There were even self-organized guards from all over the country.

Chu Qiao issued four letters to Zhuge Yue. However, she did not wait until his reply. Zhuge Yue, who had been in a long absence, came to visit and made Chu Qiao quite helpless.

Zhuge Huai was especially rushed from the family of Zhuge. Although Zhuge Muqing had driven the son out of the house when Zhuge was in trouble, after his glory, Zhuge Valve, and the collective selective amnesia. Together with this dissonant past has been thrown behind. Zhuge Huai, the brother who once repeatedly played against Zhuge Yue, was also abandoned by the family. He was far back to the territories and had been away from the emperor for three years.

And this time he came back, it turned out to be Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue’s wedding.

A month ago, Chu Qiao’s dowry went into the real city gates, and the carriages and horses stretched all the way. The defenders of Zhenhuang really calculated that there were more than four hundred carriage and as many as 50,000 escort personnel. The officials of the Sui and Tang dynasties were full of royal ceremonies.

All the way to joy, the road along the way, Zhu Hong brocade paving, all over the sky sprinkling gold silk flowers, red dragonfly Huaman, Jin Jinbao cover, 3,000 people dressed in palace people are currently leading the way, 20,000 beautiful army armor is ready, 20,000 wolves army followed by its security. The imposing manner is that the emperor is married, the queen is enshrined, and there is no such luxury.

The surnames of Zhenhuang City collectively looked silly, and even the officials of Daxia were stunned. Li Ce has prepared a dowry for her for two years. She has performed extravagant feats and has given her the highest honor and beauty. Even if others are gone, Li Ce still supports her in this way. And do let her make people look at her as small.

The Zhuge family suddenly rose due to the marriage relationship with the Sui and Tang dynasties. Zhuge Mu Qing, who had been sick for a long time, also returned from the land, and graciously greeted the priests of the Sui and Tang dynasties. Li Ce didn’t know what method he used to bring together relatives who were unable to keep up with some of the Jing’s family. Even though Chu Qiao had never seen them, these old man with white hair still saw her. The face burst into tears and expressed deeply the feelings of nostalgia and love for her for years. ( I miss you Li Ce, there is no other man who loves Chu Qiao the way you do. So touch with this…)

Some old ladies of the Jing nationality were admitted to Sima. Although Chu Qiao did not have a good impression of them, Zhuge Yue still seriously told the next to take care of them. In the past few days, Chu Qiao didn’t have to go anywhere. She just sat in the room every day. She listened to her to teach her new rituals, taught her responsibility, and taught her what to do.

When the wedding approached, she became increasingly embarrassed. It was as though all the eyes of heaven and earth had come together. Only she couldn’t feel at ease. She always felt that under the luxuries of this sky, she hides the invisible edge and makes her sleepy.

Zhuge Yue comforted her and said that she was a happy silly woman. She also had to comfort herself so much. She hopes only the tension before marriage is not a bad sixth sense.

However, after Zhuge Yue’s fake death, her unrest became more and more obvious. Immediately afterward, the strange battle reports in Yanbei and the fierce militancy frenzy in the ruling and opposition fields made her more and more seduced. However, she did not know anything, but she had to be careful to prevent it. Quietly waiting for Zhuge Yue to come back and wait for their grand wedding.

She politely received Zhuge Huai, and the two were sitting in the hall, taking a few gossips, and listening to him talk about the landscape along the way. He talked about the interesting things about Zhuge Yue’s childhood and the kindness of his eldest brother.

On the second day of Zhuge Huailai, the daughters of the Zhuge family came to visit. Miss Zhuge Qing, the Miss Zhuge family, was born out of his wife and has always had some status. Now he is the wife of Liu Wenzhi, the assistant minister of the Ministry of Education. Liu’s scholarship has a place in the great Xia clan. Today, she came with her sisters who have not shown up and invited Chu Qi to return in the evening in the Zhuge House to meet his sisters.

Chu Qiao never thought that he would return to Zhuge’s home in such a state. She was led by Zhuge Qing and others. She saw the towering gates of Zhuge’s main house, solemn and solemn, and the ladies of Zhuge’s family were married. Zhuge Qing stood in the doorway, slipped into a row, and saw her down and saluted her.

After all, her current status is not only the daughter-in-law of Zhuge family but also the beauty of the Sui and Tang Dynasties. She enjoys the treatment of the Prince, has a property of lands, has military power, and has great financial power. In the eyes of outsiders, it is almost the second master of Datang… Throughout the ages, even if these giants have had the privilege of the Princess of the Royal Family, but where can someone go home to a foreign prince, it is no wonder that the people of Zhuge House are so frustrated.

The women on the court were full of pearls, dressed in mirrows, and looked at her with a smile. It was as if that part of the past years ago was nothing more than a great dream. It never happened.

The sun is shining and the sky is clear and bright. As the weather became warmer, Chu Qiao wore only full-colored moire sleeves and dark clothes. The clouds were low and the royal blue pearls were inserted in the hair. They looked simple but without losing their esteem.

Meetings, greetings, greetings, and banquets, everything is done like a good show beforehand. How to walk, what to say, what kind of expression to do, Chu Qiao explains it well. The party was very lively, and several of the Jing family girls were with Chu Qiao. Some of them were simply not named Jing. Some were just because a certain relative in the family and a certain person in the Jing family had incomprehensible marriages. He was also nicknamed Jing Ming and was accompanied by Chu Qiao as her family.

Most of the drinks were blocked by these mothers and daughters. After the feast, the princes went to the garden to drink tea. When the women became more, they became bustling. The ladies of these family are simply enjoying the flowers, tattoos, embroidery, and other kinds of entertainment on weekdays. Someone proposed that no one should be given a poem to meet today’s scene.

Chu Qiao, of course, knows that this is the lady of the Zhuge family who is giving him a horse. In the eyes of outsiders, she is a woman of slave origin. The door of her family has long since declined. It is nothing more than a coincidence that she has known some of the great men in the world and mixed it. Today’s situation has come. At this moment, let her the poems of the common people who came of age, naturally want to be seen as ugly.

Sure enough, most of the Jing family’s ladies were exposed, except for one father who had done a small county prefecture at the local government. The little girl’s heads in the Zhuge family looked straight and covered with gloating smiles.

If it is just here, Chuchao may have a few hearts and their hearts to win, but now, have experienced all kinds of life and death, I just feel that these high-end, large-scale, the means of daughters are poor and boring to the extreme. But after all, for the first time in such a capacity to come to Zhuge Yue’s home, do not want to give him too much shame, so as not to go back to his jokes. Had to casually pick up a few impressions that were not too exquisite poems and perfunctory.

A lady of Zhuge’s family smiled and looked at Chu Qiao. He said: “We have long heard that our future four-year-olds are talented women who are talented for civil and military talents. Today’s encounter was extraordinary.”

Chu Qiao lazily perfunctory: “Over the award.”

Another Zhuge’s lady waved her eyes and smiled and said: “It’s just that the names of the future four people are difficult to address. We have been talking for a long time. We don’t know if you should call Miss Jing or Miss Chu, or you. Once a member of the Yanbei Yanwang, now he is also the prince of the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Can she also bear the  surname Yan or surname Tang?”

As soon as this statement came out, the ladies on the side of the Jing family were not very good at seeing their faces. Now all the world knows that she changed her surname after leaving Zhuge family. Of course, she doesn’t care, but for Jingmen, the face is not very good. This kind of lady who didn’t know what Zhuge family said was talking about this. She also mentioned that she had been a slave to Yan family, obviously, but she did not become one of their family.

She was not bothered. She just smiled quietly and slowly said, “If Miss doesn’t know what to call, call me: my Royal Highness.” (Chu Qiao is really a bully, lol)

The young lady’s face was suddenly white, and Liu’s eyebrows were vertical and she wanted to talk. She was stopped by Zhuge Qing and quickly said: “The date of the wedding is not far away, we will call our Highness our fourth brother, so kind.”

At this time, the maid came up for tea and went for a few minutes. The crowd then chatted about some gossips. For example, when a young lady added a family to her family and the other was a big family, she thought it was a good marriage. She didn’t want to have just two months. The man even took a three-room house. For example, which of the ladies who missed her heart suddenly fell in love with a poor child, whose parents disagreed and even escaped shamelessly. So far, life and death are unknown.

Chu Qiao did not have a slight interest in their topic, but they had to listen to it with great interest. Suddenly, I did not know who brought Zhao Che, saying that he was a daughter of the Donghu patriarch and A’Hu of the North.

The young lady said indignantly that it was the fox-like method that the Hu female had used to confuse the Seventh Emperor, but it was a delusion to marry the royal family with her identity.

Zhao Che has been ups and downs for many years, and now he has finally gained power and is inextricably linked with Zhuge Valve. It is inevitable that these ladies will have some illusions about him. Chu Qiao listened to his ears, and there was no rebuttal. After all, the prejudice of this era was indeed iron law, and he could not commit to argue with them for such things. However, the former lady who was scorned by Chu Qiao said with yin and yang: “The seven halls are too heavy to kill, and there is a way to violate the principle of honesty. I heard that he was drinking blood in the north, and he was crazy, and his mother was guilty. Sin, I really don’t understand why my sisters admire him like this?”

Zhuge Yue and Zhao Che have made a good deal in this matter. Da Xia is well known. Everyone in the seat is not everyone who has a good impression of Zhao Che. This is nothing more than because of Chu Qiao. She jumped out and said this, obviously it was some way to find it.

Chu Qiao still did not speak, a girl named Zhuge Zhi on the side said: “The eight sisters said that the father often teaches us to be a good person. It is no wonder that when the Yanbei mutiny was changed, the older brother would rather retreat to the territory. I don’t want to be bloody and ruthless.”

“It is chilling to be guilty of militarism, slaying and killing. In the end, it is a matter of the martial arts. It is very chilling to have such an identity against the sage.

Chu Qiao heard a slight frown, his eyes were cold and clear, and the young lady was slanted. “Oh? I didn’t expect Miss Eight to study the sage’s kindness. I don’t know if it is going up and down the country.” As Miss Eight thinks, the enemy rushes into the capital and lifts the sword to your neck. How do you react?”

Miss Eight gave a slight glimpse, her face changed slightly, and immediately said: “I am a big powerful Xia, powerfully stubborn such as iron, how do thieves come in?”

“Is Miss Eight not advocating the path of benevolence? If the soldiers on the border can have such a realization of the lady, then the day of the great summer is not far away.”

Miss eight eyes squinted and angered: “How do you know how to teach a saint?”

“As the young lady said, knowing that the clan that the saints were cultivating is expensive, it is necessary to protect them by the cold-blooded young guards who drink blood.” A cold voice in the corner suddenly sounded, and the crowd turned away and saw that there was actually a county commander father. Miss Jing Jia, the woman’s face was cold, and she said with a caressing face: “What kind of path is being used, how is the situation now chaotic? The war in the northwest has been incessant for several years and the frontier warriors have been killed and wounded. There were no saints in the past when they were killed. His Highness stays true. Where are we today to enjoy the world of peace?”

The young girl was young and fierce, and she shocked all the ladies of the Zhuge family in a few words. No one could speak.

At this time, there are people outside the flower room knocking on the doorway: “Miss Miss, Miss Tai is here.”

Zhuge Qing surprised a moment, looking suddenly changed, and quickly stood up. When she was thinking of going out, she was held by the Miss Eight lady. Miss Eight proudly stood up and stepped up to meet her. She opened the door in person and took a woman’s wrist and stepped in.

The woman wore a moon-white beautiful skirt, elegant detached posture, Xu is outside the wind a little big, blowing her hair a little confused. She stretched her hand to the hair in front of her forehead and greeted the ladies in a row. She looked with respect, but there was no hint of humility.

Zhuge Qing looked a bit unpleasant. When she finished the ceremony, she would be allowed to go down. She did not want the Miss Eight to take her hand and walk to Chu Qiao. She smiled and said, “Sue Su, you haven’t seen this yet. This is the famous Yanbei beauty general, the beautiful Prince of the Sui and Tang dynasties, and the future of our fourth brother, she will be one of the  little ladies in Zhuge House, meet my fourth sister.”

The woman’s body, surnamed Su, suddenly trembled and raised her head fiercely. The half of the knee was so solidified that it could no longer bend.

The daughters of the surrounding ladies looked differently, worried, afraid, and gloated.

Chu Qiao did not know who the person was, but she also felt that something was wrong. She stood up and helped her: “There is no need to have more gifts.”

The woman took a step back subconsciously and did not let Chu Qiao’s hand touch her. The eyes gradually calmed down and said softly to Chu Qiao. “The wife Sue Su came to visit your Highness.”

“Sue Sister, He Lian family has already lost, and the fourth brother (this is Zhuge Yue) has also redeemed you from the bureaucratic slavery. He also said that what the people of the country are, ah, can’t say…” Ms. Eight’s eyes waved across Chu’s eyes and smiled. “Sue Sister will have one day in the future and she will be qualified for the four sisters.”

“You know, don’t talk!”

Zhuge Qing brows a pick, angered and said: “Miss Tai is rare to enter the government a trip, the distance is distant, must be tired, pottery books, with a watch lady to rest.”


Miss Eight took Sue Su’s hand and coldly said: “The Third Sister and Su Sister grew up with us. They also had a great friendship with the Fourth brother. Now the Fouth brothers is married. Our sisters met here with the fourth sisters. Is Sue Su Sister not qualified to participate?”

Zhuge Qing’s eyes were angry, and a slender, white hand clung tightly to the white pal.

“Fourth Sister (this is what Chu Qiao is called by Zhuge Qing, the sister fo Zhuge Yue), you still don’t know Sue Su’s sister. She is the relatives and daughters of Ernie Niang. She grew up with her fourth brother. If it wasn’t later directed to He Lian’s family, she will not be single for so many years. When Sue Su Sister married, the fourth brother also took the sedan carriage and took the bridegroom. This matter was already known as a story in the city of Zhen Huang. We all say that the elder brother was her lover since childhood..”

“Miss Eight, Miss Three, I have something to do, I will not bother you.”

Sue Su suddenly said loudly and turned away. Who knows that Miss Eight was holding her and angered: “I haven’t finished yet. Did I let you go?”

Sue Su clenched on the lower lip, tears in his eyes, and clamored: “Miss Eight–“

“Nothing is really good, so it’s no wonder that Helien’s family will lose so fast!”

The buzz of the “bang” suddenly sounded, and everyone was shocked on the spot. I saw a delicate swollen five-fingerprint printed on the face of Miss Eight. She looked down at her face, and she looked at Chu Qiao with a sharp look. The finger pointed at her and shouted: “Do you dare to hit me?”

“Don’t you dare?”

Chu Qiao finished and sat down calmly, holding a teacup, tea with a tea lid, and teasing the end of the tea she took a sip. She slanted her eyebrows obliquely and said quietly:  “Sister, I am Datang Princess, and a guest of Daxia, yelling in front of you and me is treating you with a disrespectful sin, why not? In private, I am your future fourth sister, you are in the face of the sisters in the room. I have to tell my own cousin that even if Zhuge Yue is coming, I am afraid I will give you a slap.”

Miss Eight was furious and shouted at Chu Qiao: “Jing Yueer! You don’t want to bully too much!”

“Do you believe that I dare to fold your fingers?”

Chu Qiao turned his head, the voice is very calm, but the eye is like a sharp knife, quietly licking the girl’s cheek.

Zhuge Qing quickly ran up and stopped at the center. She said in a continuous voice, “Your Highness, don’t be angry, you don’t know how to be young.”

Chu Qiao stood up and looked at Zhuge Qing with a faint look. Although she was not convinced by her face, she no longer dared to speak and turned to speak lightly in Zhuge Qing’s tone. “Since we know she is not sensible, then do not just put it out and shame it, so as not to damage the door of the Zhuge family.”

Then she took Sue Su’s hand and walked out of the room with a group of followers. Zhuge’s husbands heard that Sue Su entered the imperial court had already known that things were not good. At this moment, she rushed to see the back of Chu Qiao. A group of people even succumbed to the imperial court, and Chu Qiao let Sue Sus it down. The sedan chair turned over and jumped on the horse’s back, and everyone’s eyes were different.

When she returned to the imperial court, the sky was already dark. Chu Qiao sat next to the candlestick, and a circle of light shimmered her face with a pale golden light.

Mei Xiang cautiously walked in and whispered, “Miss, Miss Chu, how can we set it up?”

Chu Qiao did not speak, as if he had not heard the same, she looked at the lights at the table quietly and her eyes straightened.

Mei Xiang knew that she was in a bad mood. She just didn’t know if she was leaving because of Miss Sue Su. Suddenly listening to Chu Qiao said: “Let her stay in the house tonight and send her back to her place tomorrow. You send people to look at them carefully. Don’t let the people in the main imperial court side bully her.”

Mei Xiang nodded: “Yes, I wrote it down.”

“Mei Xiang, do you think I’m not much trouble?”

Mei Xiang asked, “What did you Miss Sue Su say?”

“This Miss Sue Su was an extremely important person for Zhuge Yue. The group of people in the Zhuge family run with me and I don’t feel anything. But when I bully her, I can’t stand it.” (Aw.. I get jealous here lol, Chu Qiao is jealous isn’t it? but since she is ZHuge Yue’s childhood lover, Chu Qiao is a little bit awkward to meet her.)

The candlelight was golden, and the room was burning with a subtle fragrance and shedding softly. She put her chin on her wrist and whispered, “They moved her out and wanted me to be jealous.”

Mei Xiang only thought that Chu Qiao left a sentence and right sentence, but she couldn’t get up. She asked, “Is Miss Chu jealous?”

Chu Qiao on one eyebrow, said: “for that kind of person?”

Mei Xiang quickly smiled: “Yes, I also think that people like Miss Sue Su, will not be angry for such a small thing.”

Chu Qiao looked at her and looked carefully for a long time. Numbed to her scalp that Mei Xiang looked at. Finally, she said, “I’m tired. Let’s take a rest.”

Mei Xiang quickly left, Chu Qiao is still sitting by the window, and there is no plan to go to bed.

Not jealous? how can that be possible?

But I can’t say anything sad, just a little uncomfortable.

(How many women feels the same. You cannot voice it out but you are sad, what you do is to stiffen your heart and make it callous. So you do not feel any jealous at all. When you meet the past love of your lover, this is a dagger that pierces the good heart and takes out the good from your relationship..sad, sad and angry, draining mixed emotions, this is how Chu Qiao feels)

Seeing this docile, elegant, small-eyed woman, I see the woman who is still pity, standing there so fragile, not to mention a man, even if it is a woman, I am afraid there will be a few strands to protect her Desire.

( I agree with the Author on this, that human instinct to protect your desire is what this all means..This is not jealousy nor insecurity…its the protection you wanted to cover for your loved one that makes it hard to deal with your loved ones past lovers)

Look at her skin, so smooth and delicate, not like me, from the military ups and downs, so many years, the skin has long been rough. There is her hand, I am afraid that this life has not been done a little rough, as white as the new peeling lotus, he himself, childhood is the life of slaves, but also practiced the gun to practice the sword, the number of nephews has grown up? And her chest… (there the comparison starts to creep her heart hahaha, crazy Chu Qiao and she is going to be a bitch! lol)

With this in mind, Chu Qiao suddenly stood up and ran to the bronze mirror that landed.

Well, fortunately, in the past few years my own chest has grown, even if not as proud as in modern times, but 34C always have it. Waist? The waist should not be thin. She recently seemed to be eating too much and was a little fat. However, her legs must not have grown up. Chu Qiao nodded with satisfaction. She was still very confident. This is a good point for Jing Yuer. She left her a pair of long legs. After so many years of exercise, she is in shape. It should be very fit.

She began to look at her face in the mirror. Her eyes were not too big, but she wasn’t small. Her nose was very good-looking. She was very pretty. What about her lip? A bit thin, not sexy enough. Teeth well, teeth are good, neat, also considered white, face, barely be a melon face, the overall fight should be no problem. (lol she began to assess herself, her assets versus Sue Su. Its like she is going to have a beauty pageant competition to fight!)

At this moment, a small burst of sound suddenly came out of the window. Chu Qiao frowned slightly and carefully approached the window. Then she opened the window and saw a young girl standing in front of her window. It was Zhuge Yue’s and he is at home today. The daughter of the county commander who spoke to her.

“What are you doing here?”

This Miss Jing was slightly surprised, but she instantly responded and said, “Your sister saved my father. My father was caught by the officials of the higher authorities, and he was already in the prison.”

Chu Qiao frowned and said quietly: “I can’t control the affairs of Da Xia. If you say it is true, then talk to Zhuge Yue. You can come back and I can help you talk to him.”

The girl was overjoyed and quickly said, “Thank you, my sister.”

“You get up, what’s your name?”

“My name is Yu.”

“What is your relationship with the Jing family?”

Yu Hao replied quickly: “The second bedroom of my grandfather’s elder brother-in-law is a witness to the daughter-in-law of Mr. Jing’s remote family.”

Chu Qiao listened to the scalp with numbness. What was the relationship between the secret passage and the aficionado? Not to mention the eight sons, even the eighteen blind man could not beat it. I really do not know where Li Ce was originally found out from, nor did she know how much effort it took.

Thinking about this, it is a bit lost. Until today, she understood what Li Ce meant for her to do more. If she did not have this status and did not have this dowry, she would not be able to walk straight into Zhuge House today. Even if she did not care, she could not help but she considers. With all this, it has reduced too much pressure on him and on her.

Li Ce, the man who always laughs.

“You go back first. I wrote it down.”

“Thank you, my sister.” Yu Hao gave a gift and turned and ran away. The pace was very brisk, like a sly swallow (means a kind of bird)

Just about to close the window and see a tree not far from here, a Sue Su woman is standing still, silent, clear-sighted, like a corner of the moon.

Chu Qiao’s heart move smiled slightly.

“Miss Sue Su, the wind is big outside, do you want to come in and sit?”

Sitting on the other side of Sue Su family, her posture is quiet. Now she looks at it from a close distance. She is not like a twenty-seven-year-old person. Her face is a good face, but her eyes have a few crow’s feet. It seems to add a few years. A divided charm.

She sat there and did not speak. Chu Qiao poured a cup of tea for her and smiled and sat in her place. She did not speak and the same thing with her guest.

Sue Su nourishing effort compared to Chu Qiao, finally, she still said: “Her Royal Highness…”

“Sue Su call me Chu Qiao. There is no need to call me Her Royal Highness.”

Sue Su retired and nodded, saying: “Chu Qiao, girl, with what happened earlier, I hope you do not mind.”

Chu Qiao raised his eyebrow and asked, “What is it for today?”

Sue Su’s cheeks were slightly red and he said, “It’s just… what Miss eight said about me and my fourth master.”

Chu Qiao smiled, it was easy to shake his head: “I don’t not mind at all.”

Chu Qiao said that Su Shi’s face was flushed, and she thought for a moment and said, “I grew up with Xiao Xiao from childhood. He was a rare good man, noble and sentimental. I was married at the time. Even the government office was helpless. He was young and stubborn. He would inevitably do something that was not appropriate. Over the years, I have also heard some of your affairs. This is what he was like, as long as he valued people. It was always a heartfelt enthusiasm. Helian’s family was defeated, he redeemed them for me, and I was arranged to live in his other homes. It was also to care for old feelings. It must not go to your heart.” 

(Not all past lovers will do what Miss Sue Su did to Chu Qiao. In this conversation, she is honest enought to give a security blanket over their past relatonship. I appeciate Miss Sue Su’s maturity. I hope she is real and Chu Qiao still be on guard towards her desire? I am being sarcastic here! It means I don’t appreciate this! Lol

Chu Qiao suddenly smiled. She was slightly surprised and raised her eyebrows and said, “Sue Su, you are a bit different from what I thought. You just advised me not to go to my heart. But how do I listen and I feel that you are worried about the past? What do I want to remember in my heart?

Sue Su surprised and quickly shook her head and denied: “No, it is not that.”

“Well, needless to say.” Chu Qiao interrupted her: “Actually, you don’t have to explain it to me. I and Zhuge Yue have been stormy for many years. If I don’t believe him, I won’t sit here today.” Talk to you. I understand your feelings, so please also understand me. You and I are inevitably awkward and embarrassed. But after all, it is the past that will not affect our future. You don’t have to worry about me. I have a word to say to you: When you shoot an arrow, you can’t look back. The world changes, not everyone will always stand by and wait for you.”

(See this, Chu Qiao with a high sense of herself did not confide with Sue Su but instead taught her a wisdom: “When you shoot an arrow, you can’t look back. The world changes, not everyone will always stand by and wait for you.”” What can you say? Awesome! The attack on her and her Zhuge Yue melted in her words of advise. Nailed it bitch! go girl! She can’t bite you but ate her alive! lol

Sue Su suddenly went silent. After a long time, she slowly nodded. “I understand.”

“Sue Su, forgive me for speaking so straight. I just think it’s better for you.” (And this should follow the slap in her face. Go bitch! Lol)

Sue Su nodded: “It does not matter, in fact, I understand that only occasionally there will be a little extravagant hope. Perhaps this is retribution, the original I left him because of power, and now destined to end up with nothing.” (and when people are honest and just throw your face to the mud, the other side will get up and tell it straight to their face the reason for their ambitious hearts! You bitch! That’s why Zhuge Yue will never be yours! Lol!)

Chu Qiao said with a smile: “Life is like a chess game. Even if you lose a piece of land under the wrong one, you may not find the taste of victory in other places. I have been frustrated with you more than you. The day of decadent death, but still a little insisted on coming.  Miss Sue Su, you are still young, there is no need to sentence yourself to a lifelong death penalty for one thing.” (Ouch! Does it hurt Sue Su? Its like I want to slap her face again! Lol)

Sue Su stood up and smiled quietly. “I would like to thank you for not worrying about me. You and your fourth master will have to marry, and you will have to take good care of him later.” (Talking about a withdrawal of flags! See you later bye!)

Chu Qiao nodded: “I will.”

Then Sue Su walked out of the room. She was a thin one, shadowed by a lamp, and fell on the ground. I do not know when the outside of the slightest spring rain, floating on her body, the willow branches full of frosty, gradually disappeared her figure.

Chu Qiao suddenly remembered the portrait he saw at Castle Peak many years ago. The girl was dressed in a goose-yellow dress, and her smile was as bright as a blooming peony.

She is talking about other people. In fact, she is not talking about herself.

When the arrow was shot, there was no room for turning back.

But since this is the way, Zhuge Yue gave her the opportunity to turn back many times?

Sue Su is unfortunate, and Chu Qiao is so lucky.

She leaned against the door frame and looked at the sky in the east, dark and darkness, one could not see a glimmer of light.

When will you be back?

She sighed helplessly, the night wind came, raised the hair of her horns, and brought a trace of moisture at night.

Back to the room, took a shower, spread her hair, barefooted and dressed in a white cloak to the quilt full of his scent, and suddenly saw the letter on the pillow. The above-detailed description of her views on Yan North’s warfare, eloquent.

This is to be sent to Zhuge Yue, but it has not yet been written.

Yan Xun is not a weak person. If he is very tough, then maybe he has a problem inside. If he is very weak, then really have to think about it, he is not to have any major action.


Chu Qiao frowns and ponders, hoping that he really does not have the power to fight a battle. He can confront Zhao Yang after Zhao Che’s ascendance.

I remembered the freak that night met and the terrible dream. Her head was slightly hurt.

Nothing will happen?

She thinks like this, but she feels her ideas are less and less decisive.

I hope not.


CHAPTER 187.1 The Great Summer Collpase


Zhu Lu (means pursued deer) carved, color tile Cheng Bi (means clear jade), the sun from the gap between the branches and leaves turned thousands of times, with old and simple shallow Jin Hui (means gold and splendor). The flower shadow was oblique, and the willows outside the spring dormitory were slightly parked, passing through the dim window, and the eyes of her eyes were flowing.

One party letter pinched between the fingers, faintly scented with the scent of the armor, the ink was dripping, and the paper was written through the back, and a few words, like a wave of lake water, fell silently in this warm spring in March.

Chu Qiao dressed in a white dress and leaned against the soft couch. A birdcage hung in front of the window. The cage door was open. A snow-white bird lazily slept inside and three red dragonflies on the tail. I can’t see a bit of awe-inspiring power on weekdays.

On the seventh month of the month, this is the snow owl that Zhuge raises. It is a fierce bird in Qinghai. It is extremely fast, claw-shaped and sharp, and smart.

Chu Qiao used chopsticks to stir up a good sauce of braised pork. The bird had almost no eyes. He took it one by one, chewed it twice, swallowed it, and continued to sleep. (aw so cute could just imagine it! lazy bird!)

Really a lazy bird, no one called out all day long.

Chu Qiao looked back at it, his fingers rubbed against the letter, and her heart was slightly warm and happy.

Although lazy, it is still very useful.

This letter once called a letter, is now called a book.

The wedding is near. In two days, he will return.

After that, she will wear Feng Guan Xia (this is the Feng Guan Xia crown not necessarily the Feng Guan Dowager’s crown), sit on the eight-shouldered sedan, and sing the joy of the drums and marry him into his home. In this regard, she is his right-handed wife, and Fang Jin Gengtie still puts her under the pillow, with the golden powder on the water, the flying bird, the flower in the wings, the left and right. The names of the two of them.

Chu Qiao thought that she may be the Qinghai snow coffin, faded sharply, eliminated the killing, lived in a gold-built house with peace of mind, and even though the cage was open, he did not want to go out again.

There are tens of millions of doors in this world. It is invisible forever to truly stop people’s footsteps.

He is the Sima of Daxia, but he is also the king of the monarchy, and she will marry in the princess’s ceremony. The dowry and the dowry are all piled up in a yard. The palace court clothing bureau cuts down the wedding dress for her, the royal family’s reward also slipped down, every big family wealthy gift list is long, will pile up a whole palace room to be full.

She also saw a little more interest, occasionally looking at those gifts with Jing Jing, Mei Xiang, and Xiao Yan . Occasionally she saw some wonderful gifts. Those women who haven’t seen too many wealthy women exaggerated their exaggerations. Like a group of rural dumplings into the city.

This evening, she will enter Zhuge Yue’s main house. The mother of the Zhuge family will prepare a pre-marital ritual for her. She does not have her own family. She can only live in Zhuge House before marriage and then marry into this magnificent courtyard from the courtyard where she once lived. Sima Prefecture.

The morning faints, the time is like the ripples of water, and the circle of fainting is far away.

After living in Zhuge Yue’s home, she did not see the long-room owner and mother but was accompanied by the Jing family. Chu Qiao took the girl named Yu Xuan beside her and occasionally lost her eyes. She was born to a small family. It will quietly ignite sumo. This scent is very familiar, faintly still a lot of years ago, when she was young, she learned the method of deployment in the Royal Pharmacy.

A sum of money Suzi, a money lily, a money Fang Gui, a money powder, two money Holly, two money rose foam, two money banana oil, two money … …

They are not the precious herbs of Jingui, but the taste of the formula is calming and nurturing, which can help those who are entangled in nightmares to sleep well.

Two days later, a man came in and said that Zhuge Yue had already returned to the city and went to the longhouse to meet his parents. However, he did not come to see her. When she heard the news, she was bathing and the hot water climbed along the smooth shoulders, warm and warm. The attendant handed her a family book. Her fingers were still wet. She was constantly dripping with water. The water stains soaked the stationery. The ink fainted. The water vapor was confusing and there was only one line of words. And the pen was clear and thin.

“I am back, pick you up after five days.”

Five days later, it was the day of their big marriage.

In the night, Chu Qiao stretched out a vine that was slightly dry in the sun in the daytime. There was a hint of white salt powder on his fingers. The water stains shed some hidden thoughts, and a trace of climbing up the layers. The vines of the vines.

A basin of salt water swayed in pale gold, and the bottom of the letterhead was cruising. There were shallow writings that faintly floated up, and the densely packed heads of the heads were written with a pen’s ventral sulcus.

Chu Qiao’s fingertips are white, and the sound of the former soldiers is echoing in his mind, like a beautiful wind.

“Adult, are you going with me?”

Chu Qiao shook her head and smiled lightly. “I want to stay here.”

He Xiao Xiao nodded and bowed. “Adults take care.”

The window was slightly dewy, and the moon was big and white at night. Chu Qiao looked at the quiet moonlight and murmured, “We must wind up.”

The Zhuge family sent three noble ladies who were all sent by Chu Qiao. The Jing family also had older women asking for it. Chu Qiao did not answer. In the end, Mei Xiang was still sent to the bedroom the night before she got married.

The strong Mei Xiang’s hands trembled a little, and she wore a golden silk enamel and a beautiful embroidered Yunji dress. She was gilded with golden enamel, and she was given a peony pattern, decorated with pebbles, Tian Cangyu, Baihetian, Purple blood jade, gold chapter purple 满, full head Zhu Cui, Jin Hao color wings, under the lights, it looks magnificent, a splendid.

Mei Xiang’s tears rolled from her eyes, but her mouth was raised high, and her smile was as bright as a cloud.

Chu Qiao reached out to erase her tears and then embraced the woman who had been following her for years. The blush on her cheeks, such as the maple red in September, had a dazzling brilliance.


Mei Xiang clinging to her, voice trembling, with an irrepressible crying.

“Miss, miss…”

She couldn’t speak, but she just held her and yelled at the young lady. Then she shed tears.

On the morning of the second day, Chu Qiao finally ushered in her wedding day.

Next to the ceremonial guards of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, they were completely in accordance with the etiquette of the princess. The car came out from the Zhuge Mansion and came to the courtyard of the Sui and Tang Dynasties. It first received the imperial edict of the Emperor Li Ce, and also received the gift of the Emperor Li Xiuyi of the Tang Emperor, and the Zhuang Yimen, the Qiankun Gate, the joy of the sky, the gongs and drums. Hung Hom Huaman, Zhu Jinru Chi, along the way gold foil frost and snow. Zhen Huang sent a large number of courtesy drivers, drums and sounds, are all pro-gifts.

The people are surrounded by dense mountains and seas. Eighty wedding enthusiasts sat in a small carriage, after the carriage, still Zhuge family sisters and ladies. Chu Qiao’s palm was wet and she seemed to have a good sweat. The red Xipa (means the bridal veil) covered his eyes and could only hear the sound of joy.

Chu Qiao’s heart was tense, and the team gradually drifted closer to Sima. The road is already familiar with the heart. Chu Qiao knows that if nothing unexpected happens, on the front of the Peacock Bridge, the Sui and Tang officials will deliver the sedan chair to the summer governor, who will pick her up at the Peacock Bridge.

However, just after walking to Yueliu Lake, the car stopped suddenly and it stopped.

Chu Qiao’s heart suddenly jumped, almost at the same time, a quaint long bell suddenly came from the direction of the holy palace, fourteen desolation and solemn bells echoed the wide long street, five lengths Unlike the sound of the emperor, which has been heard for a long time, the sound of the moment sounds solemn and sluggish. It seems that there is a wind in the wind, and the whistling wind has seen the land of this luxurious splendid.

All the walking, standing, looking and busy sounds were still at the same time. The sound between the heavens and the earth was silent. Even the birds in the sky seemed to stop flying. Do not know who was the first to respond, followed by everyone fell to the ground, to the direction of the Palatinate.

A huge cry of cries burst into the sky and passed from the direction of Lagerstroemia Square.

Chu Qiao pulled off the sedan chair, opened the curtain, and the breeze blew on her hair, shaking gently.

Until this moment, she suddenly realized something.

Emperor Xia died.

Daxia’s courtesy officers cried incessantly, and the companions in the Sui and Tang dynasties were stunned and did not know how to deal with such emergencies.

Zhuge Huai came from the back of the horse, and the commanding team with his solemn look returned.

The breeze blew over the curtains, and Chu Qiao looked far across the Peacock Bridge across the surface of Lake Bihu. The clutter of the bottom of the heart was like a tidal stream in the same lake. As the team got further away, the Peacock Bridge dimmed into a pier of smoke and was covered by layers of flowers and green willows. It was no longer clear.

Suddenly, Chu Qiao panicked and for a moment she did not know where she was. It seemed that he had returned to the winter of Qianzhang Lake. The two men gradually drifted away and were eventually covered in snow and covered with snow.

She picked up her skirt and pushed the carriage door open.

“His Royal Highness!”

A pair of lean hands suddenly gripped her, and Yu Xi shocked Chu Qiao who was about to jump. She panicked: “What is it your Highness?”

At this moment, one person in front turned his head, and his long eyes were like a cold and deep pool. It was similar to Zhuge Yue’s three points. It was Zhuge Yue’s brother Zhuge Huai.

Chu Qiao’s movement gradually solidified, facing the thousands of soldiers, she slowly closed the door. Then lean on the back of the chair and silence.

Chu Qiao was taken back to the Sui and Tang Dynasties Hall. Throughout the day, she did not step out in the room. In the evening, Ping An came to the newspaper, saying that the troops and horses outside the city were frequently mobilized. The death of the emperor has not yet been announced in the Shen Jin Palace. The surnames are hiding from home and the city people are heartbroken.

After the sky was completely dark, the Sui and Tang dynasties had been completely surrounded by people. Even Ping An and Douji could not go out to explore the news.

On the top of the moon, there was a loud noise outside the hall, as if a large number of people were surrounded by the pavilion. Dorje ran out to negotiate but only ushered in a slender man.

Zhuge Huai stood in the doorway, still humbling and laughing, but his attitude was already worse than before.

“In the chaos of the city, please stay here for His Highness the Crown Prince. Don’t walk around.”

Chu Qiao nodded her head, very gentle answer: “I understand, big brother assured.”

Zhuge Huai with a faint smile did not say anything, turned and went out.

At midnight, the direction of the Palatinate suddenly burst into a rush of smashing, bowing, screaming, blinding people, but even more cluttered drums, mixed together.

Ping An anxiously ran in and shouted: “Sister, we are surrounded!”

Chu Qiao is still a wedding gown, sitting in the main position, holding a teapot in her hand, and hearing the motionless, only the brow slightly wrinkled, proving that she heard what the child said.

“Sister! We protect you from killing!”

Jing Jing put on a samurai suit and carried a small bow and arrow. Several elderly Sui Tang officials stood in a panic and panicked.

Chu Qiao shook her head, her eyes staring at the door, half-fisted fists, a dazzling red kimono under the candlelight like a bloody monster.

“Miss, Zhuge Huai is not a good person. He is under house arrest.”

Mei Xiang also came forward to say.

Two more, outside the cries of death gradually stopped, Zhuge Huai once again came to the door, this time is no longer doing the slightest cover, calmly said: “Please walk with me.”

“Where is Rong Er?”

“You can rest assured that I and Li Ce have no hatred. As long as you are willing to cooperate, I promise that the kid is okay.”

Chu Qiao stood up and said very readily: “I’ll go with you.”

Zhuge Huai took a look at her and applauded: “The fourth child’s eyes are not bad.”

“Do you betray the family, are you afraid of being retribution?”

Zhuge Huai haha ​​smiled, for many years of forbearance, I must have been able to vent today, and smiled: “Betray the family? How do you know that the family did not abandon him?”

Chu Qiao’s eyes suddenly converged, contemplating for a moment, and finally nodded: “I understand.”

“Sure enough, it’s a smart person. It’s a pass.”

Chu Qiao asked: “What benefits do Zhao Yang can give Zhuge Valve? It is worth you’re taking such a big risk?”

“Nothing good.” Zhuge Huai said lightly: “It’s just Zhao Yang’s position. If the summer is big, the gate valve is still the gate valve. If Zhao Che is in the top position, the big summer will turn into Qinghai and become Donghu, where would the gate valve will go. I can’t be sure.”


Chu Qiao nodded, no longer answer.

“The fourth master has been encircled in the square of Lagerstroemia. The only three soldiers who are with him are under the command. The other soldiers are outside the city. The Gyeonggi Army, the Ride Camp, and his surrender, I can still save him a life.”

Chu Qiao raised his eyebrows and fixedly looked at him and asked, “What do you say is true?”

Zhuge Huai smiled: “There is no falsehood.”

“Well, the king is defeated, there is nothing to say, the road ahead.”

Zhuge Huai said: “That will grieve you.”

Chu Qiao reached out and said, “Come on.”

Two Sabre Guards stepped forward and took ropes to tie Chu Qiao.

The room was brightly lit and the outside shouted. Chu Qiao was a jewel and looked very well. Two cunning men stood beside her, holding her arms one by one. Zhuge Huai stood opposite her and followed four close guards.

The flames, the sound of the wind, indefinable, seems to have passed through the time and heard the teachings of former instructors.

To be quick to release, to be quasi-approved, to be stable, to be effective…

In the instant of rope knotting, Chu Qiao flashed, and the whole man was low, disorienting the guard’s hand. She took a quick shot, threw two Dao’s saber into her hands like a thunderbolt, and forced a horizontal cross to the inside. Red light is now!

Two screams did not penetrate the eardrum, and the two-handle steel knife had been pulled out. It penetrated the heart of two guards who rushed forward. Chu Qiao took advantage of the situation and reached for his wrist. She grabbed a man’s neck, fell over his shoulders, buckled his wrist, and groaned and groaned. The man’s body fell to the ground in a strange posture.

Seeing that Zhuge Huai turned to run under the guard of the only remaining guard, Chu Qiao pulled down Yu Xi and waved away. He took advantage of the spot and took off, grabbed the guard’s hair, pulled a hand, tore off a large piece of bloody scalp, circled the man’s neck, and forced a twist. The man struggled twice and suddenly rolled his eyes.

Everything was born for a moment, Chu Qiao got a guard, and slowly walked to the side of Zhuge Huai, who was inserted in the neck, and took a slap from the boots. The expression said quietly: “The king is defeated.” What else do you want to say?”

Zhuge Huai’s eyes widened and struggled. Chu Qiao’s blade slammed down and a blood line suddenly picked up.

The gate was opened and the wind was blowing at night, and the call sign rolled up the yellow sand leaves.

At the same time, the soldiers of the yard looked up and saw a woman in the cold red uniform standing in front of the cold station. The hand was holding the head of Zhuge Huai, her eyes were cold, and she threw the head on the ground.

Outside the library, the horse shouted and large torches came together. The guards panicked and looked back. However, on a white background, the Hongyun Banner hunted and fluttered in the sky torch and wrote beautiful words. He Xiao entered the door and held in her arms. A child more than one year old said in an earnest voice: “Adult, fortunately not humiliating!”

Chu Qiao walked into the crowd without fear. A general who was dressed as a senior officer reacted and shouted, “Brothers! Take revenge for the young master! Kill this…”

However, his words have not yet been spoken, and a sharp arrow strikes him, accurately penetrating his throat, and brings a dark red in the dark night.

He Xiao’s face was expressionless, followed by countless black sergeants. Everyone held a smashing arrow, like a group of stones that couldn’t talk, and looked at the crowd coldly.

The low atmosphere wafted in the field. Chu Qiao was dressed in red jifu (flesh color) and was embroidered with a golden enamel pattern. She picked up a sword from the ground and turned to jump on the horses brought by He Xiao. His eyes swept over all the people on the court. Wherever he went, the pressure was low, like a layer of cold water.

“Adults, where are we going?”

Chu Qiao stayed in the stables and slowly turned around, saying lightly: “Come on to the North Gate of the camp.”

He Xiao whispered a little, and asked strangely: “Don’t go to Ziwei Square to save the four young masters?”

Chu Qiao smiled and said with confidence: “Reassured, he will come and meet with us.”

After all, when the first horse came out of the hall.

At the northern city gate, there were more than 40,000 defenders in the camp and all were fully equipped. This army, which was once led by Zhao Che, has now become Zhao Yang’s pro-arms completely, following Zhao Yang’s levy. To discuss the North, the loyalty is no less than Chu Qiao’s beautiful army.

At this moment, they were scornfully looking at the team of less than a thousand people. The guardian He Qian stood upstairs and sneered, and then ordered the subordinates to order: “Get them done.”

The walls are tall and thick, and there are also a large number of defense tools. Generally speaking, attacking the gates of the great summer capital, there are no three or five times the enemy’s troops can not do it. However, Chu Qiao has only brought less than 1,000 people and is braving enough to attack the army of thousands of people who are sitting on the border. It is tantamount to destroying himself.

Xia armies sent a soldier who was very large, first to Chu Qiao and said that she saw no response for a long time. She began to shout at Zhuge Huai as a thief, and he murdered Xia with the seventh Emperor Zhao Che. He is now surrounded by the city. Wings are hard to fly, and they will die without burial ground.

Chu Qiao listened quietly and there was no response. However, after a while, suddenly the soldiers said that the more outrageous they were, they even said that Zhuge Yue and Zhao Che had a problem, how could they get rid of their troubles in their sleeves, and they couldn’t help but get angry. The bootman said to He Xiao, “The bow.”

He Xiao did not speak and handed Chu Qiao a bow.

Chu Qiao bowed the arrow, and the arrow rushed away like a flash of lightning. The soldier was also a winner. Presumably, the number of times before the squadron had been more than a few years ago, he had already defended himself. See Chu Qiao’s arrow. Turn over and jump off the horse. Who knows that people have not yet landed, an arrow suddenly looks like a ghost, and suddenly comes from below. An arrow strikes his mouth, and he wears it through the back of the head.

He Qian was furious and he immediately issued an attack order. Arrows evacuated for a time, and the black pressure came from the mountains and seas. Xia armies charge rang through the world.

Compared to Xia amires squad, the beauty forces were quiet on this side. They did not stand within the range of the bow and arrow. Occasionally, there were several powerful soldiers who could shoot the bows, but they were already exhausted. The warriors of the beauty forces plucked their bows and arrows with one knife and the other.

He Qian is the gatekeeper of the city and should guard the gate. But now Chu Qiao’s people are just around them and not attacking, then this can’t be beaten, is it necessary for his soldiers to go down with the cavalry to stab the knife? Seeing that other colleagues are rushing to the front, helping the fourteenth Emperor of the temple to fight the mountains and rivers, but they can only guard here, finally came to a group of enemies, but also ground the station that refused to do it, He Qian is really angry that could raise the fire to the seventh smokes. At this moment, suddenly there was a cavalry on the opposite side of the shield and ran outside the land of one arrow, shouting at himself.

When He Qian made a noise, he ordered the entire army to be quiet. He was a little older, and his ears were not very good. He asked the guards around him: “What did the man say?”

The guard’s face was ugly. After thinking about it for a long time, they whispered: “General, does the man ask you to refuse to surrender? If he says that if you don’t believe it again, will they destroy us?”

He Qian suddenly burst into fury, destroy him?

He has 40,000 troops and the other side has less than a thousand people. Although I heard that the beauty of the king’s art of war has always been more successful than before, she was basically a defender on the side of the city, taking advantage of the city’s archery, and was able to barely defend. Now she takes a thousand cavalry soldiers to attack the city gates. It is simply wishful thinking.

When General He Qian ranted, a bright yellow fireworks suddenly exploded in the eastern sky.

Chu Qiao looked back at the East. After a long time, he calmly said, “Well, open the gates.”

Ping An listened at the same time, and suddenly he wanted to speak, but he saw He Xiao serious and asked, “Can you wipe out the other party?”

Chu Qiao frowned slightly, weighed and said: “Look at them dare to resist it.”

PingAn almost listened to his eyes and he was about to ask if they were mad. He suddenly heard He Xiao slam. A group of soldiers wearing armored suits played straight ahead, two rows in front and behind, for a total of 40 people. Everyone holds a bow and arrow. There is an oil-paper bag on the arrow in the front row. The rocket is behind the row.

“Target, North Gate, first shot in the upper left corner, second shot in the lower left corner, the third shot in the upper right corner, fourth shot in the lower right corner, fifth shot in the middle, ready, one, two, put!”

At the end of the day, the arrows in the first row rushed out to the massive gates. Immediately afterward, the second row of rockets followed, and the arrows in the first row were inserted on the gates. At that moment, a rocket was placed on each oil-paper packet. With the strong wind, the fire ignited.

He Qian stunned, and then laughed: “Is the beauty Royal Highness intending to burn my city gate? Haha, that’s not enough for the fire!”

However, his voice just fell, only to hear a loud noise, a huge explosion sounded in the city gate, the entire wall is shaking violently, like an earthquake, black smoke sky, in the dark night. It seems that thousands of troops are coming together.

Afterwards, He Qian stunned and watched the real city gates he had guarded for more than two decades. In a blaze of smoke, it shattered, and together with the half of the city wall, it turned into a ruin.

It was hailed as being proud of the great summer, claiming that the real city gates, where millions of troops were also difficult to break, fell completely into the undefeated history of three hundred years at this moment.

“Sixth to tenth group preparations, goals, east section walls, sixth group…”

He Xiao’s voice rang again. Immediately afterward, a string of strong explosives blew up the eastern section of the city wall. Three times in a row, the entire north gate collapsed. Before the beauty forces, it was already a horse.

“The opposite person listens!”

Before the ten commanding officers and soldiers made their decisions, each person took a simple sound device and shouted: “Immediately put down my weapon, immediately put down my weapon, and put my head to my knees. We accept your surrender and spare you no death. The opposite person listened and immediately put down the weapon…”

He Qian’s face was black and grey and he was stunned. He couldn’t understand how he would have lost the 40,000 people so easily and even fought with a sword. Why did he just put a few guns and put his own gates? Bombing? Why is there such terrible artillery in the world? How could he have never heard of it?

Chu Qiao came over to scold and looked at General He Qian who fell down from the tower in a commanding position. He nodded lightly and said quietly: “General He Qian, Give up.”

At the time, He Qian was depressed and almost vomited blood.

At this moment, when the East suddenly burst into dusty dust, Zhuge Yue with three thousand men and his thunderous roar came and saw everything in front of him and was slightly shocked until he saw Chu Qiao’s unharmed toned figure.

On a turbulent battlefield, the two of them were separated from each other and sat on horseback. They looked across the layers of people and looked at each other in a starry night sky.

Chu Qiao opened her mouth and smiled. At this moment, she still wore a red Kyrgyzstan dress, a phoenix Feng guan crown, a splendid silk pattern, an eyebrow heart with eight treasures of chicken blood, and high-rise hair, all of which were royal rituals. system. In such an embarrassing night, it looked dignified, noble and strong.

Zhuge Yue hit the horse immediately and asked her, “How are you?”

Chu Qiao smiled: “Fortunately.”

Yes, fortunately, I received your letter, knowing that some people will be married on this day, but they did not expect that they would have such courage. Nothing went wrong, just worrying about you, but you have to insist on it. Just a little worried, no injuries, no humiliation, everything is fine, all good.

Zhuge Yue turned to He Qian and the 40,000 Green Battalion: “Your Majesty is not a victim of me and His Highness the Seventh, and the rebellious one is the one who is equivalent to loyalty. Now that the foreign enemies are swaying and the internal chaos is endless, we do not want to dig this summer. Go back and tell Zhao Yang that we really don’t care about this real city and we give it to him.”

Saying that, with a long arm stretched out, he will hold Chu Qiao on his horse with a pro-follow, and follow the open door, sweeping away from the wind.

Zhuge Tao did not say big things. This Zhenhuang city was indeed handed over by Zhao Yang and Zhao Che.

Before the early marriage, they had already noticed that Zhao Yang would change. He instructed Yanming to guard the army, privately indulged under the indulgence, and publicized the Yanbei’s no-war argument, provoking the Presbyterian and the militant The wind. Later, through the excuses of Yanbei warfare, through the hands of the Presbyterian Church, the army of Zhuge’s hand was mobilized. Through the promise, the support of the Wei Valve, Zhuge Valve, and other gates were obtained, and the military rights of Zhao Che and Zhuge Yue were dispersed everywhere, with temptation as an excuse, during the marriage, temporarily weakened their strength.

When Zhuge was married, he had to return to Beijing to become a relative. The city’s training was not completed yet, so Zhao Che must stay in the city. Zhao Yang’s plan is to take advantage of this opportunity to eradicate Zhuge Yue’s cockroaches and then buckle the traitor’s hat on Zhao Che’s head. When he is alone, he will be left alone and Zhao Yang will be killed.

However, he did not expect to rely on the hands of the Green Army Troops, the Cavalry, and the Beijing-Taiwan Army, and Zhuge Huai’s family army to host Chu Qiao as a hostage.

Zhuge Yue’s people marched into the east town, and all the blue navy that had stationed in Zhenhuang had already arrived. There were more than 110,000, plus some troops loyal to Zhuge Yue and Zhao Che, and the force was approaching twenty-five million.

At this time, Zhao Che has also taken 170,000 East Hu Jun, firmly held in the city, and Zhuge Yue north and west each other into a horn, the real city is firmly in control.

No more than three days, various princes have changed, Yicheng, Xuanhua, Daliao, and Qingcheng, and there have been four-way rebel forces. In the name of killing rebellion, the banner of the real imperial power approached Zhenhuang, and Zhao Yang played with ping-pong. stand up. These people are not loyal to Zhao Che and Zhuge Yue. Just because of civil strife, local princes want to share a share, and Zhao Che, who occupies Kyoto, naturally becomes a fat piece in the eyes of everyone. Some of the princes who had no brains and no force were naturally unable to bear the patience of their lives. With their mighty horses, they also began to dream of the emperor.

This is the reason why Zhuge Yue gave up Zhenhuang before. The civil unrest in Daxia couldn’t be avoided. Give everyone who has lost his heart a stage for them to stand up. At this time, whoever occupies ZhenHuang is the target of public criticism.

On the face of the Great Xia National Borders, all of a sudden, there was a scream of screaming.

Zhuge Yue and Zhao Che took the opportunity to open two gateways in Qinghai and Donghu and dispatched a large number of military guards to conduct investigations. The people across the country who were in the midst of the war heard the tune and hugged their homes like the northwest and north, and in less than three days, only Qinghai. At one point, nearly 400,000 people passed through the border. Qinghai officials prepared for more than three months in advance. They were still busy with the sudden refugee madness.

The local princes played ping pong under the city of Zhenhuang for more than ten days. Many of the princes who were already holding the crowds and looked at the bargaining psychology were also angered by Zhao Yang. They all waited for Zhao Che to send troops, and they were also happy. In front of the master, former scribes have a good reputation for loyalty and patriotism.

On the third and third of April, Zhao Che announced that he had sent troops to seek rebellion against Zhao Yang. In the afternoon of that day, Zhuge Yue spoke with Jing Kang and took more than 200,000 troops to go to Zhenhuang.

On the same day, Zhao Yang’s pro-independence army’s southwestern army, led by some senior generals, rushed to the true Huang from the southwest canal, and the seventh emperor Zhao Che was overhead, 150,000 military power, once again fell into Zhao Yang. hand.

As a result, Shuanglong has been brewing for many years to win the battle, and finally in this season of melting snow and ice, vigorously launched.

In the beginning, the war fully demonstrated its cruelty. In order to prevent Chu Qiao from destroying the wall again, Zhao Yang gave up the towering city wall, dispatched a large number of troops to intercept and intercept the thirties outside the city, and required extra troops. Zhao Che and Zhuge Yue two fields. In fact, Chu Qiao has only developed a small number of explosives in private over the past years. To prevent this super-era weapon from causing a large number of casualties, Chu Qiao has never transmitted the formula of gunpowder.

The people who died were like grasses in the fall, and a group of them fell on crisp, verdant grasslands. The sturdy horns reverberated all day in the sky of the Great Summer. The scene was like hell and the soil was full of blood. The soaked hernia, every day after the war, the medical teams of the various armed forces carried the stretcher and ran up to the battlefield. The most they did was not to rescue them, but to the injured wounded dying, they were given a knife and they were relieved.

Chu Qiao is also a person who has experienced the battlefield. It is still chilling to see such a scene.

She also asked Zhuge Yue privately. Must I do this? Do you have to let the soldiers of Daxia kill each other?

Zhuge Yue looked at her with a demon-like beauty beside the tough face. He said that the civil war was unavoidable. Zhao Yang took power for too long and the Korean forces entrenched, especially in the military. It is impossible for him to want to let the wind and Zhao Che, who is willing to be willing, and Zhao Che and his time of returning to China are still short. It is even more difficult for him to try to aerialize or split his forces. This battle cannot escape. Today, it is the best time for the outbreak of the civil war to buckle the death of Emperor Xia on his head and let all the princes wear out his forces in advance.

In fact, Chu Qiao always wanted to ask whether Emperor Xia really died. Who exactly was the moving hand? Is Zhao Che? Or he Zhuge Yue?

But in the end, she still couldn’t ask for an exit. On the contrary, Zhuge Yue actively told her.

Say it is God, a medical pharmacy is a corruption fraud, secretly into a number of moldy drugs, but why the disease was repeated several times by Emperor Xia, secretly told the trusty doctor for a prescription, but also afraid of the government to know his condition is aggravated. It has not been publicized. Unfortunately, in the batch of moldy medicine, there is an indiscriminate medicine that must be eaten by the Emperor Xia new Drug. This is the first thing Zhao Xi learned. He is the general responsible for the Jing-Jin Army. Several pro-confidants were placed in his early years. Among the imperial pharmacies, it was news in time. However, he did not know that Zhao Che had also placed pro-communists with him in his side, so the news he knew changed hands to Zhao Che’s hands, but he did not know it.

In this way, Emperor Xia was eating a new drug on that day. His personal medical officer was only responsible for prescribing the drug, and the eunuch who was on the test drug was healthy and had not been killed by the drug. The frail Emperor Xia finally died on the day of Zhuge Yue’s wedding.

Emperor Xia  has been careful for a lifetime, and may not think that he will die in the hands of a corrupt doctor. And his two sons knew this thing, but no one thought about saving him.

After Chu Qiao knew that, he had been silent for a long time, but he couldn’t help but think of Yan Xun, and she had a few sad desolations.

In Yan Xun’s life, the biggest wish was to kill the EmpeXia for revenge for his parents’ loved ones. Now, he is in power and strength, but his enemies have died on the sleeping couch under the scour of years. Didn’t know what he thought when he heard the news? Is it a happy laugh, or crying with grief? Maybe not. Maybe he will only sit quietly and put all his emotions at the bottom of my heart. Then on the second day, he will continue the continuation.

The horn of the gong rang and Zhao Yang sent another three cavalry corps to kill him from the flanks. Zhuge Yue ordered four auxiliary soldiers to greet him and attacked Zhao Yang’s army from the side.

The war has lasted for two days and two nights. It has not stopped for a moment and various tactics have taken turns. Zhao Yang and Zhuge Yue are the first-class talents in the world. This time they are quite strong and hard, and nobody occupies obvious advantages.

Chu Qiao’s beauty forces also participated in the war three times. In conjunction with the Qing Navy’s attack on Zhao Wei’s right wing, He Xiao’s people had twice ripped the enemy’s gap, but they were all quickly blocked by the enemy.

Everyone knows that this is a royal battle. The victors will aspire to the world, the losers are destined to die without burial, and their followers will face the same destiny. Without any retreat, even if the last drop of blood is done, they will die on the battlefield.

On the third day early in the morning, Zhuge Yue dressed up and sat down on the stage. There were no exciting speeches. He just pulled out the sword and said to his men: “This is the last day. After this battle, we will surely be loading history.”

“Kill the enemy! Kill the enemy!”

Tens of thousands of stout scorpions shouted together. After standing in the crowd, Chu Qiao half-opened his eyes and looked up at the man surrounded by thousands and thousands of horses. He smiled slightly and revealed white teeth.

Finally … a war!

A faint black shadow appeared in the open field, accompanied by the low sound of the thunderous thunder in the sky. On the endless grassland, Zhuge Yue’s army finally officially encountered Zhao Yang’s main force. The hard work of the two days has caused both sides to suffer heavy losses, but they are still stationed here with high morale, and there is no retreat.

The rapid expansion of the shadows is like a cloud of dark clouds that spreads in the sky and can’t be seen at a glance. Under the sun’s rays, large tumultuous dust was brought in. With a densely charged formation, Zhuge Yue’s army was staring far and wide.

Two hundred feet, one hundred and fifty, fifty feet…

Getting closer and closer, the two sides can almost smell the warm breathing from the other horse’s nose.

The breath of death echoed on the battlefield, and the rotten crow hovered over and over from time to time.

The rumbling drums rang, thousands of horseshoes moved uneasy, and the earth could not stop shaking. The sound rose from the bottom of the human foot, and all the way into the bone marrow, it made people feel cold.

In the fierce battle, everyone held their breath and held the handle with their hands, as if they wanted to get the knife out of the water.


Zhuge Yue lifted his head and gave an understated command of the attack. Just as he issued the attack order, Zhao Yan’s army also delivered the same order.

The front cavalry took out a knife, and the uniform drawing of the knife was spread all over the earth for a time, neatly like a sneeze. The chilling winds blew on the plains, and the vastness of heaven and earth, the dignified blood slipped over the blade, and they pointed far away and waited for a battle of life and death.

However, at this moment, a series of heavy hoofs suddenly rang on the far-off ancient road, and they blew into the vast battlefield along the sharp north wind.

Three thousand miles to speed up the battle report! The southwest wishes the generals like the emperor for help! Three thousand miles to speed up the battle report! The southwest wishes the general like the emperor for help!”

The young newsboy rushed into the battlefield with his head full of dirt, leaping on the battlefield. Under the frightened eyes of everyone, he jumped off the horse and yelled: “General! His Highness! Don’t fight anymore! Southwestern News! Battle report!”

Hundreds of thousands of people were silent at the same time, and no one responded to this timid soldier until he suddenly ran to the battlefield.

“what are you saying?”

A low voice sounded slow. Zhao Che was the president of the southwestern region. His soldiers were all born in the southwest China. They heard a step forward and asked in a loud voice.

“His Royal Highness, His Highness helps!”

When the soldier met Zhao Yang, he immediately rejoiced and quickly said: “Yan Xun took the army 400,000, broke the pass, and entered China. It swept through 19 provinces in two days. The southwestern generation has now become scorched earth.”

“Dark words confuse the public!” Yue Qi, they held swords and knives. They sat on the back of a horse and heard the words: “Yanming Gatekeepers will be as many as 300,000. How can they let Yan Xun enter the southwest quietly? territory?”

All the people heard that the chorus should be, Chu Qiao deterred the shock of the heart, but also feel that there is no reason. Even if the country is in the civil war, but everyone knows the importance of Yanmingguan, knowing the threat of Yanbei, whether Zhao Yang or Zhao Che, have not drawn a soldier from Yanmingguan, but in a few days, How can Yan Xun break the Yanming Pass and kill it in the great summer hinterland?

“Sima adults, Yanbei is not attacking Yanmingguan, it is Baiyuguan!”

The Information Army said in a tragedy: “In the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the king of Jingan rebelled with the flag and contacted the old part of the Jing’an King. He secretly opened the Tang household gate and put the Yan army into the Sui and Tang dynasties. The capital of the country is in danger, Yanbei and Sui and Tang dynasties, and the army of Huai-Song troops, attacking our army Baiyuguan. The southwest defenders of Baiyuguan were all transferred away. Today, the number of mercenaries is less than 10,000. They were also destroyed by the spies of Feng Mian in the city. Taiwan, the news could not be delivered, so it was less than two days.

In time, the audience fell awake, the north wind was bleak and quietly blowing over the petrochemical battlefield.

On the April 6, 198 calendar, a joke-like message shook everyone like a blue sky:

“On the third day of April, Yan Xun led the 400,000 Yanbei Army. He took the Sui and Tang Dynasties and attacked the Great Summer. The southwestern country fell across the entire territory, and about 40,000 people became slaves.”


CHAPTER 188 Wild Soldier Frenzy


Wei Shu Ye looked up and the red sun caught in sight. The rising red was like bright blood, the grass was bleak, and the chill was shaking. Rumble drums roared in the side of the ears, and thousands of soldiers rushed to him. Iron gray shadows were like overwhelming tides, covering the entire battlefield a little.

He was covered in blood, and his delicate face was already full of blood, his hair tangled, his bloody stench of blood stank, and his sword fell apart, and his knees trembled with both legs and was already overwhelmed.

The enemy invaded, the southwestern country fell, and the deadly enemy of Daxia opened the country and ravaged the imperial mountains with the army of tigers and wolves. However, except for the few defenders in the southwest, the entire Daxia border, all the clan gates, only he led the soldiers. Go south and fight against the enemy.

Along the way, he saw too many families and large families leading a family army to flee northwards. The stream of people who couldn’t see the same side was like a long queue, and they continued to flow northwards. They drove the carriages, dressed in Chinese costumes, carrying large amounts of gold and silver jewelry and pro-military guards, and even some provincial officials fled to Zhenhuang with their local guards in a hurry, waving whips and spears. The civilians who had stopped the way rushed to the side and panicked in their faces, not seeing the nobleness of the day.

Wei Shu Ye also tried to organize these troops. He even ordered the commander to block the road, and the nobility of the escaping officials faced each other. However, those people gave him full reasons to defend the capital, retreat strategy, go to the capital to stop the civil war, preserve the elite strength of the empire in the hope of fighting the enemy, and so on. All in all, they would rather do it themselves, nor willing to go back and fight with Yanbei armies.

Some people shouted arrogantly, saying that there is no one in the regular garrison in the southwest. They were transferred back to the civil war by the princes. The royal family members do not want this country. Why should they go to war?

In the face of these noisy voices, Wei Shu Ye was speechless.

In just two days, more than 200,000 chaotic people gathered on the Songjiang plank road. This, there are nobles, there are gates, there are soldiers, there are surnames, the southwest has fallen, they fled here, the wind and the servant, like a group of hungry wolves, watching the soldiers blocking the road.

The roadblock was demolished, and the 20,000 troops in the district could not stop such a frenzy. In front of a team of deputy officers, the voice screamed and screamed, mobilizing people to go back and continue fighting, but no one cares about him. Wei Su Ye rides on horses and looks at the people who look like each other through his side, like a group of straws that have lost their lives.

After all the people have left, only a dozen or fewer children are still standing. Some of them are 14 or 5, some are 11 or 2. They are all boys. They met in awe-inspiring voices in front of their voice-shaking deputy generals, raised their hands and said they were willing to join the army. The deputy will be greatly shaken, thinking that his own rhetoric was finally effective. He quickly asked why the youngsters were in the army but realized that they would sacrifice their lives for the country at the time of the crisis. However, the child said that his dry food had been taken away by the soldiers who had fled, and it was better for them to die if they left.

The tens of thousands of soldiers, the more than a dozen thin and young teenagers, were collectively silent. Wei Shuzheng ordered the quartermasters to give them dry food and clear water, and then watched them leave with joy. The sunset was like the seeds of these empire, like the roots are pulled out of the soil of the artemisia.

After entering the southwest, the situation was even more confusing. After passing through a small town, the entire town was not half-hearted. The team seemed to be walking in the dead city and could only hear their own footsteps. It was heavy, and it was again and again. However, when they walked to the small square in the town, they stayed together on the spot. This was simply a Shura field with all sorts of bizarre punishments. There were dozens of nudity hanging on a towering banyan tree. The bodies of the male body of the body, and how many high dead bodies on the ground, have been burned into coke. There are also a large number of nude women who, at first glance, know how brutally they died.

The whole team was dead. They were all veterans who had been on the battlefield. They had bloody heads and killed countless people throughout their lives.

However, at this moment, people still sobbed silently and fell into tears from men.

Born as a soldier, you can’t defend your country, you can’t protect your own surname, and they still have the value of survival.

Homes were destroyed, houses were flattened, fertile fields became scorched earth, bustling became ruins, and the formerly rich and prosperous town became a dead city without human beings. The once-living life became unperverted carrion, stench, an eagle. Surrounding it, this is a terrible disaster and a dream that cannot be awakened.

Wei Shu Ye cannot imagine why the Yanbei Army will be brutal if this happens. Huge grief struck in the chest, he gripped the blade, and the young spine looked like a tall and straight gun.

However, the battles that followed him consecutively, the exaggerated play and the unarranged soldier made him a little bit clear.

It turned out that the first batch entering the border of the Great Xia State was not the Yanbei Army. Yan Xun opened the White Pass and eliminated several barracks along the way. He withdrew from the summer and occupied the pass. He did not put a pawn into the territory of Daxia. Instead, he made a wide text and invited him to live in the Yanbei plateau and south. The robbers and horse thieves on the deserted lands, the Helan Mountains, and the northwestern deserts shared the great summer.

Batch after batch of horse thief flocked to the land of the great summer. They are cruel and brutal, and come and go like the wind. They have absolutely no attachment to the land. What they are passionate about is killing and looting. What they have gone through is a messy process. Burning, looting, and murdering women, they can’t do anything the military can do. Cruel bloody spurs soldiers and aristocrats who would have wanted to resist. The terrible rumors of the enemy’s militia spread throughout the southwest. The panic of war spread throughout the land of Daxia in a few days. As a result, the soldiers gave up their resistance, the nobles gave up and the people began to flee. Thus, just a few days later, the entire southwest fell into an opponent, and the follow-up troops of the Yanbei Army did not even face a formal fight!

That is a madman!

In the dark night, Wei Shu Ye smelled the pungent smell and said secretly.

He opened the gates of Daxia and opened up the way for those devils to turn everything into a hunting ground.

He did not come to occupy but to destroy. Let this be a great creature of the great summer and be a sacrifice to the north of Yanbei.

The grief and indignation of the 20,000 Xia Jun encountered the first formal Yanbei Army in the Moon City. Twenty thousand cavalry soldiers were heavy to the 30,000 heavy armor. Wei Shu Ye’s army defeated the Yanbei Army with a trembling tone. The angry Xia armies brutally killed all the wounded and the captives. Wei Shu Ye did not stop it, because, in his own heart, it was also such an expectation. With.

He hated, hated the invaders, hated Yanbei, hated Yan Shi Zi, and hated those brutal horse thief.

However, he even hated the royal family, hated the aristocrats who had done a good job and hated those soldiers who had fled in jeopardy but feared that they were fleeing. He hated Zhao Yang for all the southwestern troops for hating the civil war, hated the gates, hated the clan, and even hated himself.

Uncle’s letter was shredded by one of his letters. The family elders angered him and said that he was crazy. He even entered the southwest with his family’s children at this time, saying that he was a sinner of the family and a rebellion of Wei.

However, this time, no matter how severe the rebuke, he can not let him turn back.

The enemy was attacking, the empire was trembling, the country was in the civil war, the nobility was running away, and the people were mourning.

He is a fighter of the empire. He cannot return.

After the war in the Moon City, this indifferent lonely army caught the attention of Yanbei. In two days, nearly 70,000 troops surrounded them. After a day and night of suffocation, they finally exhausted.

The bows and arrows warned, the wounds had been exhausted, and the foodstuffs were still running out. The swords and guns had already been wounded. The soldiers had not been able to sleep for a long time. Many times they could even fight in the fight and were awakened by the pain. Discover where you are.

The morning sun was shining again. Wei Shu Ye looked up at the sun in the air and opened his eyes slightly. He told himself that this may be the last sunrise he saw in his life.

The assistant will rush forward, and a long, deep sword will appear on his cheek, looking terrifying. His nephew was already husky and he shouted to him, “General! Can’t stand up, and the enemy has sent three reinforcements to retire!”

Wei Shuzhen did not speak, he just looked at the man who was older than himself. He is a comrade-in-arms who followed his own Nanzheng North. He played more than himself, and his art of war was more skillful than himself. He was fierce on his own battlefield and he was better than himself. However, because he is a civilian, no matter how many military achievements he has made, he cannot be promoted. If he is not his own, he may still be only a small leader.

However, just because he had such a little support for him, he was loyal to himself. Every time he fought in front of him, he blocked his sword for himself. But where did he know that he often looked down on them as civilians? of. They should enjoy their merits as they should, and stand by them as they are waiting for the outcome of the war. What is the difference between him and the wealthy aristocrats who fled? They fled for their own lives, but they themselves ruined the lives of others for their own reputation.

For a time, thousands of thoughts poured into his heart.

Wei Shu Ye knew that today is the last battle. There will be no reinforcements and there will be no turning point. Zhao Yang is still fighting with Zhuge Yue and it is impossible to rescue him. And he also knew that even if he was not fighting, he would not come under such circumstances. They were destined to be abandoned by a team and rested in the flames of troubled times.

Wei Shu Ye pulled out a sword and showed a trace of toughness on his face. He immediately approached and walked to the wounded soldiers.

“Warriors, today will be our last battle.”

The deep voice echoed above the battlefield. Thousands of bloody faces were raised and they looked to their coach.

oldiers, the enemy invaded, the land fell, everyone backed down, only you bravely marched forward. In just 10 days, you experienced thirteen battles, field battles eleven times, two battles, and long-distance strikes half of the motherland. Zhang Tu, you are worthy of the title of the military, innocent of the military uniforms, the generations of the great summer people will be proud of what you are doing today!”

“Today, maybe we will sleep here, maybe we will fail, but we will use the knife in our hands to tell the aggressors and tell them that the summer will not yield, our blood will not solidify, and all those who trample on our dignity, All will pay a heavy price for this!”

The gentle general has suddenly shouted loudly, pointing at the enemy who rushed up with the black pressure, and screamed: “Long live the Empire!”

“Long live the big summer!!!”

Thousands of broken knives pointed to the sky, and the soldiers were boiling. Wei Shu Ye rushed out of the camp and screamed to kill the enemy, followed by thousands of squatting warriors, like a group of crazy bison.

The fierce wind blew from the ear, Wei Shu Ye’s eyes were blown to hurt, the horses galloped, he could not see everything around him, but only instinct flicked out more and more heavy swords.

The moment of life became clear, he remembered a lot of things, the door valve grows cautiously, and the uncle’s teachings are going to fight for the family again and again, and the richness of the golden jade is gradually having a pair of muddy eyes.

“I don’t want to be such a weak person, grow up in accordance with the order of the Imperial Iron, gradually aging, and gradually die. One day, I will break through the cage, throw away everything that the Wei valve brings to me, use my only life. Completing a feat, even if it is insignificant to others, I can tell myself before I die, I am finally brave once.”

He sneered at the corner of his mouth, slashing his knife, carrying his army, smothering and killing, a piece of iron-grey ocean, picking up blood red waves.


Not far from the levee of the Weihe River, a whistling smoke was set up. A general of the ink-colored armor looked coldly at the battlefield and suddenly ordered: “All the troops are ready.”

“His Royal Highness!”

The curtain frowned: “That is the army of Wei Shu Ye, the private army of Wei valve, they are the loyalty to the 14th Emperor.”

The general looked forward with a brow, eyes deep, deep into his voice, and slowly said: “I don’t care what gates, I only know that those people are our fellow countrymen and they are defending my country.”

The staff answered and said: “Understand.”

The general pulled out his sword and lifted it high: “All the troops listened! Let me rush!”

“Kill the enemy!!!”

The huge charge suddenly sounded, like thunderous thunder, rolling!


“There is a lot of cavalry on the north!”

“It’s very fast! It’s coming to us!”

“Different friends! The number of opponents is large, and it seems that there are more than 100,000 men!”

I do not know who first started shouting, but soon, everyone noticed the strange northeast.

The navy blue cloak of the people came, the horses whistled, the lofty dust, and even the number of the opponents. Numerous horseshoe is like turbulent seawater, wave after wave of vast scrolls, a bright yellow color between heaven and earth, dust rises high, spreads over the towering embankment, looks like a sturdy mountain and river.

“Look at that banner! It’s Dong Hujun!”

Suddenly, the cheers of a surprise sounded. In a flash, everyone was shocked. They looked strangely, and their excited faces were red.

“It’s Donghu Jun! It’s Donghu Jun!”

“It is the army of His Highness! It is our people!”

“Long live! Seven long lives in your Highness! Long live the summer!”


Wei Shu Ye stayed on horseback. He never expected that, at this moment, Zhao Che, who was supposed to attack Zhenhuang City, suddenly appeared here.

He turned his back on his friendship, followed the family arrangement, and supported Zhao Yang’s position. After the crisis, the family abandoned him. Zhao Yang gave him up. The empire abandoned him, but he was the one who was abandoned by him. Save him in the danger spot.

He clenched his teeth and barked with a knife and chopped off an enemy’s skull.

“Kill the enemy!”

Charges sounded again, accompanied by boiling hot blood, watering the men’s war.


On a turbulent battlefield, dusk and sunset, the swift cries, the wind blowing across the sky, brought a bloody stench.

Zhao Che was dressed up and stood far above the river embankment, looking out at this messy battlefield.

Wei Shu Ye stood behind him not far away, looking at his figure from the distance, faintly, it seems to have returned to many years ago, the defeated emperor wolf returned to China, Lagerstroemia square to plead guilty. He also stood so far, watching his strong back and his fists clenched forever.

After so many years, I have experienced life and death, experienced ups and downs, experienced twists and turns, experienced loyalty and betrayal, and all eyes and hearts have gone vicissitudes. Zhao Yang became ambitious, Zhao Wei became disheartened, Zhao Qi was already dead on the land of Yanbei, Yan Xun changed to kill and cold Zhuge Yue also opened his eyes from paranoia, but only him, From the beginning to the end, it is still the look of the tough and courageous, never changed, not fragile, and even never had a slight softness.

This man is a natural soldier and a natural guardian.

He slowly walked over and stood behind him, saying: “Thank you for saving.”

Zhao Che did not turn around. He seemed to have known that he was standing behind him. The calm voice came: “I just don’t want to disappoint my surname.”

Yes, he was the son of Pei Yu the Great. He had nourished the blood of noble gold. He was just guarding his country and his people. He had nothing to do with his position.

“You see, how beautiful.”Zhao Che suddenly reached out and pointed at the vast plain below. Under the setting sun, thousands of red light sprinkled on the deserted weeds. As the winds rise and fall like gold in the blood, it looks magnificent and gorgeous.

“The world has never seen a truly extensive world because it has not yet been created. It will one day come from the Shangshen Plateau in Yanbei to the East Cliff and the Bohai Sea in Huai-Song, from the Aboriginal Wasteland in the West Desert to the nine in southern Xinjiang. The mountains will be surrendered to the feet of the empire, and all these will be kicked off with my sword.”

He turned and looked at Wei Shu Ye with a glance and smiled confidently. Then he put up a fist and said firmly: “Big summer will not die.”

Wei Shu Ye looked at him and silently for a long time. Finally, he also showed a slight smile. His smile gradually expanded and he was immersed in the eyes full of vitality.

“Big summer will not die!”

He waved his fist and crashed heavily against Zhao’s fist.


The northwest sky, a gorgeous sunset, slowly fell.

The army, which had suffered a day, was temporarily rehabilitated. The whole army began to set fire to cooking, and then seized the time to sleep because they had only two hours of time. When the time was up, they would continue to go southwest.

After Zhuge Yue inspected the entire army, he had just returned to the camp and saw Chu Qiao had already done a good job. He was waiting for him to come.

Zhuge Yue stood in the doorway and looked at her silently. She did not speak for a long time.

The spring breeze was a bit large. The curtains of the tent were shaken and the bright red light came in and sprinkled on their bodies as if covered in a hazy film.

“You decided?”

The low voice sounded slow, and I couldn’t hear the anger. I was just asking quietly.

Chu Qiao nodded and said very seriously: “Well, I decided.”

Zhuge Yue turned around and said: “I’m going to prepare you for a war horse.”

“Zhuge Yue!”

Chu Qiao suddenly ran up and grabbed his hand, and some embarrassed shouts.

The atmosphere in the tent was very low, Chu Qiao lowered her head, her eyebrows were tight, her palms were cold, like a piece of ice.

Finally, the man in front turned his head and looked at her seriously. After a long time, he sighed helplessly, unloaded the sword on her waist, hung her sword, and then squatted down, tied a sharp shackle next to her leggings, and walked inside. Account, take out a tough inner soft armor, take off her cloak and put on her. He has not spoken, just quietly busy, polishing her sword, checking her luggage, bringing her wounds and medicine…

Chu Qiao’s eyes were sour, her lips tightened, her head lowered and she was busy.

“All right.”

The man did everything, stood in front of her and said: “Be prepared to eat, there will be another hour to part ways, I can only send you here.”

Chu Qiao nodded, and felt a little sad, some helpless, a little embarrassed, and even a little scared.

She hasn’t been so scared for a long time. Sure enough, people can’t have too much. Once they feel that they are very happy, they will suffer from the fear of loss.

“Xinger, promise me, come back to see me in good condition.”

Chu Qiao nodded quickly, looked up at him and asked: “You are not angry with me?”

Zhuge smiled: “I am angry, can’t you go?”

Chu Qiao suddenly hangs her head. For this matter, they have been arguing several times. Now parting, she does not want to continue this dangerous topic.

“Since you can’t stop you anyway, it’s better to send you away.”

Zhuge Yue suddenly held her arms wide open, her chin against her forehead, whispered: “Xinger, Zhao Che led troops into the southwest, the situation is critical, I must go to meet. Now the southwest all the way is occupied by Yanbei Army, Sui and Tang Dynasties The road between Daxia and Daxia is blocked. I will not be able to help you in time. What is the domestic situation in Sui and Tang, you and I are not aware of it, you must do what you can, once the current situation is not feasible, then To go back immediately, don’t take risks.”

Chu Qiao whispered in his arms, nodded, but did not say anything.

Zhuge sighed and continued: “If the situation in the Sui and Tang dynasties is critical and the situation cannot be reversed, then you will bring people and horses to Qinghai. I have returned to Cuiweiguan on the seventh day of the month and he will arrange for people to be ready to answer you.”

Chu Qiao’s eyelids gave a hint of wetness. She sniffed and just nodded.

“Well, since we have already decided to go, we should stop doing such a stance. The most important thing is to lead the troops and fight. If you leave like this, how can I be assured?”

Chu Qiao looked up and smiled at him. His voice shook slightly and said, “You can rest assured that I will not be involved.”

Zhuge Yue took hold of her face, a gentle kiss on her lips, and then smiled: “This is the momentum that my Zhuge woman should have.”

Chu Qiao was amused by his smile and said to his head: “You must be careful. This is a critical situation. It is not only the Yanbei army but also Zhao Yang and all the other princes. You must be prepared to guard against it. The Daxiashan River is broken and the enemy is foreign. Invading the country, the world is turbulent, and you must be careful.”

“I understand.” Zhuge Yue nodded. “I have marched in the battle for so many years. I seldom suffer a lot of losses. You have to trust your husband.”

Chu Qiao dressed in an outfit, looked lovely and lovely, and heard a slightly red face, smiled and said: “Who are you? husband? I’ve passed the world with you?”

Zhuge Yue disdained a sip: “You have entered my house long ago, partial to a small mouth refused to admit it.”

Saying that, the wave suddenly rose and said: “Xinger, I still owe you a grand wedding.”

Chu Qiao watched the microwave rippling and whispered: “I don’t want any weddings. As long as you are there, it will be enough.”

Suddenly, there was a loud sound of the military squad, which penetrated the wilderness and echoed between the heavens and the earth. All around it was empty and Chu Qiao closed her eyes, picked up her toes, and kissed the lips of Zhuge Yue, and the cloves crossed and linger.

“Zhuge Yue, we can’t do anything.”

“Well.” Zhuge Yue slammed her waist.

“I am still waiting for you to enter the house.”


The ridiculous plank road stretched all the way, Chu Qiao took He Xiao and others to ride on the horseback, looking at the figure of Gao armies, the subsidiary of Qinghai University, staring for a long time.

“Zhuge Yue! I am leaving!”

The wind blew up and raised the dust of a place. Chu Qiao’s cloak was raised high and exposed a pure white inner armor.

Zhuge Yue looks like electricity, his expression is calm, and he says in a loud voice, “The horse has succeeded!”

Chu Qiao raised the whip in his hand and replied in a loud voice: “The horse has succeeded!”

The rumble drums and bugle sounded suddenly. Chu Qiao whipped on the horse stocks, turned his head and shouted: “Drive!”

The horseshoe is flying, the woman wearing silver ki, the bright red scorpion is like a beating flame, and the sky between the sky looks so conspicuous.

That is, before the two battles, there was no comfort, no tweaking of the woman. If you are successful, you can use four words, and that’s it.

They all know what the other person wants. In times of trouble, life is like duckweed. Only faith can never be extinguished.


Yue Liu,  frowned and continued to ask: “So let the girl go, how dangerous the Sui and Tang Dynasties, how can the son not stop?”

Zhuge Yue turned his head and raised his eyebrows: “If she doesn’t go, is she still her?”

The sound of hoofs drifted away, and the dust flew away. Zhuge Yue looked into the distance and his heart like an unspoken word.

Isn’t that what she loves? How can she be confined to such a woman and then destroyed?

He laughed and turned to the subordinates and said: “Start!”


In early April of 882, Yanbei launched a full-scale attack on the Great Summer. They joined forces with the Tang Dynasty Jingan Wang Yuqiu to enter the Sui and Tang Dynasties from the opening of the Tang Dynasty in Jing’an Wangxi, and they fought quickly with the thunder. The Sui and Tang dynasty guarding the west of Meishan opened up the way for the army of Jing’an. Then, before the Sui and Tang Dynasties civil war broke out, they quickly pulled away from the troops and returned to the Da Xia Bai Yuguan.

Because of the explosion of the civil war in the summer, the fourteen emperor Zhao Yang took the 80th Southwest Army in order to fight against the Qinghai and Donghu forces led by Zhuge and Zhao Che. Since Bai Yuguan has had no war for many years, there are currently no ones in this area. There are only a few veterans in the gate. Therefore, in the face of Yanbei’s tiger wolf division, Bai Yuguan is as fragile as a window paper.

Later, after Yan Xun removed some of the stubbornly resistant troops, he opened the gate and put the horses and robbers who were regarded by the Tigers. In this connection, it brought a nightmare killing frenzy to the people in the southwest.

Ximeng has a vast geographical area, numerous national factions, and numerous no-man’s lands along the border. Thieves are rampant and the number is high and brutal. Many prominent thieves can even fight against the small-scale national army.

Relying on the cruel methods of these people and the reputation of being chilling back, the families of the southwest have evaded and the people have fled in vain. The army has no intention of responding. More than 100,000 local defenders have fled without fighting. The land of the southwest vast land was handed over to the iron-clad soldiers from the Yanbei mainland. Yan Xun also achieved the greatest benefit at the small price.

In April, Zhao Che led the army into the southwest and met with Wei She Ye’s armies, who first entered the southwestern hinterland. This was the first big group of Daxia to fight the army after the war broke out. It included 50,000 cavalry, 10,000 soldiers, and 80,000 soldiers. Together with Wei Shu Ye’s 10,000 light cavalry, it was just 200,000 troops. Three days later, a logistics supply line from the mainland to the southwest was established under the coordination of Zhuge Yue. At the same time, Zhuge Yue also led the troops to Shengjing, sitting in the southwest Shengjing camp, and supporting Zhao Che in the south. Zhao Yang, on the west, can monitor Yanming Guan, can coordinate the country’s grain and grass operations, for a moment, became the national political pivot.

On April 15, Yanbei armies finally completed his first meeting at the lower reaches of the Weihe River. At the scene, there were the Second Army, the Sixth Army, the Ninth Army, the Thirteenth Army, and the Black Hawk Army. They were led by Cheng Yuan. The Yanbei Army quickly assembled and follow-up troops continued to come. Up to 200,000.

However, Yanbei did not face head-to-head conflict with Daxia, and Zhao Che rallied all his strength to prepare for a battle with Yanbei. Yan Xun suddenly sent a military order from the rear and ordered the various military units to be dispersed. He followed the horse thief’s footsteps and marched toward the hinterland of the northern part of Daxia.

In an instant, the information flowed from the frontline like a flood. Yanbei split up its way to the enemy and attacked in all directions. The military staff was blinded by the scouts’ demonstrations. They were all “blocked”, “heavily lost”, and “fallen.” “Being surrounded” and “Unable to contact”, all kinds of bad news have fallen like snowflakes.

Zhuge Yue’s ability to lead Meng Feng from returning to mainland China all the way from Qinghai, seeing war everywhere, war everywhere, young women will be stunned. In the end it was just a strange question: “Is Yan Xun crazy? He wants to die with us?”

Zhuge Yue looked at the maps with various colors and thought for a long time. Finally, he came to the military staff and pressed the map onto the table and whispered, “I think, I know what he is going to do.”


“I think I already guessed what he was going to do?”

In a dense jungle on the border of Xia and Tang Dynasties, Chu Qiao and He Xiao have just reunited with the Sui and Tang Dynasties’ marrying teams. They have been blocked by the war and have not returned to the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

You know, there are 20,000 elite wolf troops here. Together with Chu Qiao’s 20,000 beauty forces, her current strength is already 40,000.

40,000, a complete line of elite soldiers. With this army, as long as the proper command, Chu Qiao has the confidence to face three times her enemies.

Under the candlelight in the small tent, Chu Qiao was wearing a soft armor, holding a helmet in one hand, and pointing his finger at the map on the table: “He is going to attack Yanmingguan.”

“Fighting Yanmingguan?”

He Xiao’s younger brother, He Qi, frowned and asked: “Adults, they have already occupied Baiyuguan. Why are they still trying to attack Yanmingguan?”

“You don’t know him.”

Chu Qiao shook his head: “How can Yan Xun be controlled by people? He now takes the Sui and Tang dynasties. The back road is all in the hands of Wang Jing, Jing’an. Once the king of Jing’an turns over, or the royal court of the Sui and Tang dynasties counterattacks, the Yanbei Army will fall. When it comes to the predicament of the enemy, and if the back road is stuck, the pressure on the army is very heavy. Therefore, Yan Xi must attack the Yanmingguan at a given time and open up the northern portal. At this time, it is Yanbei and Datong. The timing of the summer battle.”

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows were tight, she took a deep breath, and sat cross-legged on the ground. In fact, these she had long thought of, Yan Yan had been forbearing before and did not send, but also deliberately exposed a few times tired, making the Great Summer wild numbness. Later, willingly taking the risk of attacking Sui Tang and Liang Cao, in fact, plundering grain and food is false, and the captured prisoner Tang Huguan will be true. Through this person, he has contacted Wang Jing, an anti-Italian prince, and then sneaked into the Civil War. Southwest, this game, he set up a long time.

“Yanbei’s strength is definitely more than what is shown on the surface. It is the true power of Yanbei that is hidden outside Yanmingguan.”

“Adults, do we want to inform Zhuge Yue Sima about these?”

Chu Qiao shook her head: “I can think of it. Will, he not think of it?”

She backhand rolled up the map and spread out the Sui and Tang maps coldly said: “Yanbei and Daxia were inescapable and we couldn’t stop it. Our current task is to get back to Sui and Tang Dynasties as soon as possible to get the first battle of the Sui and Tang dynasties. First-hand information to see how you can help him.”

The deputy leader of the wolf army, Guan Song, heard that he nodded and said: “My dear, our scouts have been sent out for two days, and it is estimated that they should return at the latest tomorrow morning.”

Chu Qiao was about to speak and suddenly heard the soldiers outside: “Adult, scouts are back.”

At the entrance, He Xiao heard that he opened the curtain and saw three blood-sucked soldiers jumping swaying off the horseback. One of them said: “When you are an adult, the Sui and Tang forces are in crisis, and the rebels break through the Shushui Pass. In the past, Fang Huaihai, the deputy of the Shennan imprisonment camp, and Tian Yijia, the general of the West Yunnan Army, were taken, prisoner. The general Xu Su was sold by the traitor and he died in a savage battle. The sanghae army was completely defeated. 200,000 people have now surrounded the capital.”

In time, full of surprise, Chu Qiao sat on the floor, her eyebrows locked, her fist slowly clenched, and then a little bit lose.

“Who is the enemy’s coach?”

“It is Jing’an Princess.”

“I found out that this person entered King of Jing’an four years ago. At the beginning, she was only a dancer who was sold by human teeth. But after being favored by King of Jing’an several times, she was pregnant and born a son. King Jing’an is old and has a love for her, and she is a beggar. She doesn’t want to have a son after a year. When King Jing An was happy, she established her as a righteous wife.”

He Xiao asked: “Can slaves do the right thing?”

“This subordinate did not know, but later the Jing’an palace was not peaceful. Several times in a row, Lao Wang and two sons passed away. From then on, she became the mistress. Jingan Wang’s mutiny failed. Afterwards, the door was copied and she escaped under the guard of a group of loyalists loyal to the King of Jing’an, but she didn’t want to get into Tang’s Hukou and survived under the watchful guard of Tang Hu’s guardian. The son of King Jing’an has traitors.”

Chu Qiao looked gloomy and said, “What is her name?”

“I don’t know about this subordinate, just knowing her maiden name.”

“Secret name?”

Chu Qiao whispered silently.

Guan Song was anxious to be surrounded by Kyoto and said: “Adult, Tang Jing is surrounded, we have to go back and save!”

Chu Qiao’s eyes are deep, and he looks at the white-crowned pass that is firmly occupied by Yanbei. The side of the gate is the land of the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

She nodded and said faintly: “Yes, we should go back.”


CHAPTER 189 Trouble-Shooting


For a lifetime, she has never seen real snow.

In the fall of the stars, the moon is particularly dazzling, and the white light shines on the ground, like a torrent of water, like a piece of white snow.

She stood at the top of the white tower and wore large robes. The wind rolled from the sky and blew her sleeves like two eagle-winging eagles, raising her wings and swaying her wings. The wind blows away, the flying behind it, like a thousand spider webs, the big palace is heavy and heavy, under the dark night, the black stone door in the distance stands a figure, can’t see the face, can only stand up from it. The back ridge speculates that it is a soldier and still very young.

She just stood still, it has been a long time.

Xuan Mo has not made a sound, he looked at her, the moonlight quietly took care of her body, with a white brilliance. The night was so quiet, everything around it disappeared, and there was silence between heaven and earth. Only the wind blew through her robes, and the sound of the singer, with the aroma of the white orchid, slowly lingered between his breath.

For a time, he seemed to have returned to many years ago. At that time, he was still a child. He followed his father to the field hunting field. He won the praise of the audience with a good hand and made his debut in the royal family. However, she was dressed in a bright yellow palace uniform and rushed into the racecourse. She repeatedly looked at her heart and then looked back at him. She looked at him proudly and said to him: “If you are not convinced, come out and make a plan?”

On that day, the emperor laughed on the throne and said that his daughter did not lose to the man!

The other princes and nobles also praised the princess’s skill. Only he stood quietly there, looking up and looking at the little girl sitting on the horse. The sun was warm that day and the wind was so gentle. The sun shines on her delicate face, her eyes are shining, the heat of his chest is hot, the arrow of the cuff is rubbing the skin of the wrist, and some itchy and itchy.

He said nothing, standing in front of her beautiful, he seems to have lost the ability of language since then. A blink of an eye, after so many years, he has long been used to looking up at the dazzling figure, watching her grow up from afar, watching her grow stronger, watching her fall, watching her climb, watching her step by step on the pinnacle of power.

Time flies so fast, the years are like the water of the fingertips, and it is easy to drown the young and stubborn, and the thoughts that have hidden in my heart for many years, have forever lost the opportunity to spit out, the yellow sand of destiny covered by forever buried in the wind and dust.

“Xuan Mo”

Nalan Hongye suddenly whispered, the white tower was too empty, her voice sounded a bit ethereal, she did not look back, her eyes still looked at the glory of the lights below, whispered: “I really did wrong. Yet?”

“There is nothing wrong with His Highness.”

Nalan smiled softly and shook his head indifferently: “I am afraid it is wrong. Cao Taifu may be right. I opened the door and hacked, and sooner or later I will ruin the foundation of Huai Song.”

“If the emperor is seriously ill, Nalan Hongye has no blood, and he has no power to pass on.”

“Who said that he could not pass on it?” Nalan Hongye’s mouth contained a hint of calm indifference. He stated: “Jinjiang Wang, Wang Anli, Jianghuai Wang, are not all eligible for succession?”

What Nalan said was true. When the imperial incense was unsustainable, the royal branch had the qualification to inherit the throne, but…

Xuan Mo did not speak anymore. The white tower was quiet. There was wind blowing in the ramp, with damp moisture, even in the summer, it was still a bit cold.

“In the end, it is my selfishness. In my heart, I always have a home before I have a country.”

Nalan seemed to be immersed in meditation. Her eyes were deep and ethereal. She had lived in high positions for many years and had already worn away the so-called innocence and purity of her bones.  Even if there is occasional impulse and willfulness, it is also an enemy. But the inner persistence and paranoia of the heart.

Recalling the recent generations of royal family members, their eyes and actions were involuntarily flashed by her eyes.

During the hundred years of Nalan’s founding, his ancestors used their blood to throw blood on the mountains and rivers, died in the battlefield, and defended the country. This country, it is their Nalan’s bone blood cast, she has been painstaking care for so many years, and those people, but some of them become a locust, why should they come to sit in this world?

“This country was established by my Nalan’s, and my father’s grandparents have used their blood to protect them from generation to generation. Even if they are to end, they can only end in the hands of my Nalan descendants. Others, they are unworthy.”

The low voice sounded slowly, and the moonlight was pale and sprinkled on her bright yellow clothes. It looked cold and awkward.

She quietly said: “I informed Yan Xun through official channels. I agree with his proposal. He also asked him to keep his promise and treat the people of Song Dynasty well.  In the future, he will inherit the Datong. It must be the son of me. Also, I want to be peaceful. The head of the king.”

A cloud drifts over, gently covering the full moon, revealing only a faint glory. The earth was trapped into the darkness. In silence, it seemed that something was broken in an instant, and then it was scattered over the ground. With the wind, the slightest touch went to the End of the World.

Xuan Mo nodded and said in the dark: “Subordinates obey.”

Nalan was silent for a moment and suddenly said: “Notify Sima Yang, reorganize the three armed forces, and be ready to cooperate with Yanbei and send troops to the summer.”

The dark man suddenly looked up, his eyes fixed on her, with a few shocks, and with a few lines of disbelief.

Nalan breathed calmly and seemed to have not noticed his emotional fluctuations at all. Instead, he calmly said: “Xuan Mo, the East China Sea has a rogue invasion. This time, it is up to you to defend Dongjiang for me.”

For a time, the white tower was silent and silent. Xuan Mo was tall and straight, like a poplar tree. He looked at her so much. His eyes passed through the past ten years, and finally, he became the silent silence at the moment.

As a young playmate, he made her personal guard with the respect of the king’s son and watched her young and childlike.

The emperor died and he squatted in front of his father for three days and three nights. He tried hard to persuade his father to give up the idea of ​​a rebellious ascendant, and to assist young immigrants and her as the princess.

For so many years, he has been standing behind her, obeying all her orders, being her most loyal courtier and most trustworthy men, even if she is married to the powerful minister’s daughter, she has not refuted this.

Now that the emperor is in danger, the great state of the Song Dynasty is worried, and Yanbei’s iron cavalry strikes. At this time, she must release him in the East China Sea.

However, just for a moment, he figured out the joints. His gaze gradually calmed down, and he resumed his usual appearance. Calm and calm, he bent down and said, “The minister is obeying.”

For a moment, Nalan’s heart was hovering until he was quietly kneeling until he said in his consistently calm voice that “the micro minister obeyed”, and she suddenly let go of the clenched fist, she returned. Come, the unparalleled face is beautiful and picturesque, the corners of the eyes are painted with gold powder, with dazzling and dignified people who dare not look at it. She felt it necessary to explain one sentence and said: “There must be a fierce battle between Yanbei and Daxia. The battlefield is so fierce. You are the only person I can believe. I don’t want to see you have three lengths and two shorts.”

Xuan ink still bowed his head and said calmly: “Weichen understands.”

Nalan took a deep breath and chuckled and said, “Okay, get up, you and me don’t have to be polite.”

Xuan Mo did not get up, he squatted there, the moonlight like silver, the faint crow flapped his wings and flew over the silent sky, the night wind blew his robes, and the embroidered dragons pattern is like a knife with a cold face. It can hurt people and hurt others.

He slowly took out a few things from his arms. On the white jade steps, Nalan saw a wrinkle and wanted to talk, but he listened to Xuan Mo quietly saying: “We are going to go, I don’t know what day. Return, the military power of the Gyeonggi Army and the Xuanzi Army will be returned to His Royal Highness.”

Nalan wanted to quit, but when she touched the two tokens, she had a slight whistle. This Gyeonggi Army originally belonged to the Ministry of War. When she and Xuan Mo jointly defeated the Ministry of Military Affairs, they won the Gyeonggi Army in the sac. They have been led by Xuan Mo over the years. As for the Xuan Zijun, it is the pro-armor of Xuan Mo. It is extremely powerful and can be regarded as the first-class army of Huai Song. Ghost makes God worse, she actually came forward, smiled and raised Xuan Mo, said: “Well, I will collect it for you first, and when you come back, I will return it to you.”

Xuan Mo was tall and straight, standing in front of Nalan, he is taller than her. His slender eyes are like a cold lake, so she looks at her quietly, no disrespect, but she is also somewhat bold.

Nalan looked up, his pointed chin with soft curvature, and she looked at him with a slight smile.

“Although the Taiping King has defected, King Jinjiang and others are not easy to follow. After the Honorable Minister has gone, his Royal Highness must also treasure himself.”

Nalan smiled and said: “How many years have you known me? Why are you not sure about me?”

Xuan Mo sighed: “Your Majesty is a genius, and the minister has lost his words.”

“Well, I don’t have to be delinquent, you and I have known each other for many years, supported all the way, and you are also good friends. I promise you, no matter what destiny he will bring to Huai Song, as long as I still have one day’s right to talk, you will be granted your Xuan Wang Fu Man Rong. Pets.”

The fingertips were cool, the night dew slowly climbed into the clothes corner, and the dragon’s claws were wet. Xuan Mo said, “I would like to thank your Highness. At night, if nothing happened, Wei Chen left.”

Nalan wanted to whisper a few words to him, but when the words came, he did not know what to say. She nodded and said, “It’s dark at night and tells people to play more lanterns.”

“Yes, Minister remembers.”

To sum up, Xuan Mo cast a ceremony on Nalan and turned to go to the ramparts. Moonlight through the channel or on the grid, sprinkled with a trace of white marks, black ink back upright, steady pace, step by step looming in the spotlight. After a long time, he finally got off the White Tower and walked on the vast square. The darkness was like a thick fog. He wrapped his figure in it. Nalan stood on the tower and could only see a vague shadow.

The night breeze was strong, and when Nalan’s hair was blown, she stood still, like a white jade statue. She hadn’t moved half a minute for a long time.

She remembered when the pirates in the East China Sea had disturbed the edge when she was very young. Her father Emperor personally led the army to go out. At that time, the imperial power was strong, the troops were adequate, and the four seas were rich. She did not understand how to guard such an army. Why did her father emperor go personally on the battlefield? When she was young, she took up her father’s sleeve and asked him confusingly, “Father, why do you want to go on your own?”

At that moment, the eyes of the father were like vast oceans, and people could not see the margin at a glance. He patted her head in a pampering manner and said quietly: “There is no reason, because there are things that you don’t bear, no one will bear it.”

At that time, she did not understand the words of the father, but now she suddenly understood.

In this world, everyone has their own helplessness, and everyone has their own compulsion.

Her carelessness allowed Taiping Wang’s party to get a hand and poisoned the deaf little emperor. This poor child is not only a blind man, so he has not had much time. Once the emperor died, Huai Song must be in chaos, and Jinjiang Wang, Huai’an Wang and others were all eager to move. At that time, her Nalan pulse would have to be between heaven and earth.

She cannot be reconciled. Over the years, she has worked hard to deal with the affairs of the imperial court. She has been diligently assisting the young owners, and the royal clan members are expecting her to die every single day. Her ancestors are fighting on the battlefield to help others. She has been working hard for so many years. How can she let Jiangshan leave in the hands of those people?

The tendency of Yanbei to dominate has become a foregone conclusion. The civil strife in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the chaos in Huai and Song Dynasties, and the great summer were a mess. At this time, instead of waiting until Qing Er died, the country was handed over to the imperial family. In exchange for the peace of the people of Huai-Song and the preservation of her Nalan ancestors. After all, she also had a seriously ill mother. She had three young daughters and a loyal old lady, loyal to the royal family…

It is better to agree with his proposal. In this way, Nalan’s honor is not diminished. The two countries form an alliance and plan for a great cause. They can fulfill her heart’s ambition. Moreover, this wish is not what she expected for many years?

The heavy palace door opened, and the shadow of Xuan Mo gradually disappeared from the boundless darkness.

She suddenly felt a little flustered, as if something had left, dissipated in the night, quietly disappeared.

For Xuan Mo to go to the east, she is also helpless. The army’s opposition to this war is too much. If the power of the Thunder is not used, it is hard to shock, and Xuan Mo’s pawn is generous and it is difficult to complete this task. With him, he would only slap Simayan, so that he could not clean up the whole army and cooperate with Yanbei.

Moreover, the rebellion of the Taiping King also made her see the importance of military power. The prestige of Xuan Mo armies is far from what she can compare. In the world of peace, she can still control him by relying on the power of the ruling and opposition. Now the situation is so chaotic, she has to guard against it.

I hope he will not blame her.

On the empty Imperial Road, Xuan Mo walked quietly. His body was carefully followed by Jiang Wu from the side, and the carriage went behind and there was a snoring sound.

The princess trusts Xuan Wang. Xuan Wangfu is very close to the palace. Before he came to the government, he saw a few lanterns in front of the door. It was all red and warm, so people could see it.

“The prince is back.”

Wang Shuyu, dressed in a moon-white Ru (means beautiful) skirt, looked elegant and dim under the lights. She took the lantern from Xuan Mo and asked strangely, “Why did the princes carry a lantern that was not lit?”

Xuan Mo slightly bowed, looked down and saw that the white jade lantern did not ignite, and the thin jade skull looked like a glass under the other lights, as if it were touched, it would be broken.

He whispered: “Forget it.”

After that, I will go to the palace first. Yushu took a cloak and wanted to wear his shoulder. He accidentally touched his hand and could not help but exclaimed: “How is the hand of Wang Ye is so like ice?”

Xuan Mo did not care: “Nothing.”

Say, go straight in the direction of the study.

Yushu stood there and watched his backs disappear into the garden after a few turns. The soft, white cloak was in his hand, like a kite. He was blown by the wind and lifted up.


Standing close to him, the squatter was slightly awkward and whispered, “If the wind is big at night, return to the room first.”

Yushu nodded, and she nodded slowly, then turned back, and it was a gentle look. She smiled shallowly and said: “The prince is so hungry to come back so late, and you go to the kitchen and tell the cook to do something light. The side dishes.”

He reluctantly nodded and said, “Yeah, this is where the slaves go. Wang Hao will go to rest early. Your body is not good. You can no longer stay up late.”

Yushu does not answer, but urges: “You’re going.”

After the trip, Yushu looked back and saw the candlelight lit in the study hall across the corridor. A very lean figure stood in front of the window, and the light and shadow flickered and the dust escaped.

Yushu looked at it and suddenly smiled. She pursed her lips and took a few nieces to the tea room. There were a few boxes of good tea in there, and they could be brewed for him to taste.

In the study room, Xuan Mo spread a good Lanling rice paper, filled the ink with ink, and the brush strokes were suspended, but there was no pen writing for a long time.

With a bang, a drop of ink fell, and the rice paper fainted a big ink point, but he didn’t feel it, he seemed to think about it.

Jiang Wu stood aside and said carefully: “Wang Ye, is it for you to change a piece of paper?”

Xuan ink looked down and looked at the paper, and the paper was piled up and thrown on the ground.

Jiang Wu couldn’t help but shrink his neck. He has been waiting for Xuan Mo for seven or eight years. He knows the temper of the boy who is indifferent to the color. Seeing him like this, he knows that his mood at the moment must be very very Not good.

When Xuan Mo threw the paper, he pulled another piece of paper and stared at the blank rice paper for a long while. He lowered his head and began to write.

He wrote very fast, just for a moment, he wrote a large piece of paper, and then handed it over to Jiang Wu, saying: “Ming was sent to the Ministry of Rites in the morning and handed it to the adults, let him send people to Bailuguan. Hand it over to Yan Xun.”

Jiang Wu Yi Yi, under the heart of a drum, then nodded: “Subordinate to obey.”

After all, seeing that the master has nothing to do, he quietly retired.

The envelope was sealed. Of course, he did not dare to open it. While walking, I think that it is not true that the royal family intends to marry Yanbei. If this is the case, then this Huai-Song, is the surname Nalan, or surnamed Yan? Is it true that King Taiping was successful in the previous few days?

The minds of those great people are certainly not people like him who can guess freely. Jiang Wu thought for a moment and he did not want to. He was attracted by the aroma of the kitchen and ran away to be lazy.

Xuan Mo sat in the study room and leaned against the back of the Nangmu chair in the Kowloon pattern and slowly closed his eyes.

The news of Yanbei and Huai-Song and their relatives quickly spread throughout the land of Ximeng. At this time of trouble, the marriage clearly marked an alliance between the two countries. Soon, the Huai-Song army, Chen Bing Huang military, the Bohei Sea military, and the imperial conspiracy, made great efforts for the summer. A gesture of retreat and retreat from Yanbei at any time.

This evening, the entire Baijiguan was immersed in a cold and dead silence. Since the Yanbei Army took over the gate, there has never been a bustling place here.

At two o’clock, a group of black camouflage uniforms, the oil-painted army on the face slowly appeared under the gate.

Chu Qiao station team, once again repeated the rules of this action.

First, there is no difference between killing and killing anyone who may pose a threat or may raise an alarm. Second, the first team created chaos in the city. The second team drove the horses in the northeast direction, causing panic in the city’s defenders and creating the illusion of a large-scale Xia army attack. Third, other people, including horses, are outside the city and are ready to meet their peers at any time.

As time went by, the third time the drum was ringing, the He Qi with the first team members was a group of ghosts, and quickly went to the Bailuguan Pass.

At the same time, the second team also set off, and the horse team that had already prepared for the Northeast had gone.

In the darkness, He Qi took the elite soldiers of the beautiful army and marched forward, and soon disappeared. Chu Qiao took a few guards and other secrets, and she sat quietly, repeatedly rethinking the whole plan, looking for flaws and loopholes.

Once, twice, three times.

Ok, no problem. She took a deep breath and waited quietly for the echo.

About half an hour later, the northeast suddenly sounded a thunderous horseshoe, the horseshoe was like thunder, mixed with the anger of the soldiers, and the smoke raised by the branches tied to the ponytail covered the moon in the sky. At first glance, it seems that hundreds of thousands of people are roaring. The city of Bailuguan suddenly became awkward, and everyone’s attention was drawn to the northeast.

Soon, the northeastern side of Bailuguan opened the gates and the two teams of scouts quietly rushed out, but before they had even approached, the beauty forces outside the gates had quickly lost their results.

After another half hour, the fire in the city picked up, Chu Jo suddenly stood up and said, “The time is up, go!”

On the bank of the Chishui River, the pontoon that had already been prepared was pushed to the surface. Chu Qiao took a group of people down the raft and went all the way along the waterway to the Sui and Tang dynasties.

The Yanbei Army is composed of cavalry and heavy armored forces. There is no half-water army. In a hurry to indirectly control the white shackles, it is certainly impossible to completely defend such vast waters, and there are enemies inside and outside. At this moment, this Chishui waterway is a good passage to the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

However, when I just walked away from a fragrant time, I heard the sound of the water in front of me. Chu Qiao pulled up the strong bow and immediately filled it. I only heard a bang, and a scream suddenly sounded dark, followed by Several fires suddenly lit up, and about five warships came out in the dark night.

A series of rushes, dozens of rifles stabbed in all directions, a Yanbei military officer station bow, holding a knife and shouting: “The traitor is dead!”

Tens rows of sharp arrows were wounded, and the arrow of Senran was aimed at Chu Qiao and others. The officers slammed the sword and the soldiers pulled off the trigger of the machine. The rows of bows suddenly spurred.


He Xiao suddenly slammed, and in the next second, the beauty army collectively jumped into the vast red water, smashing arrows, densely tying those small boat pontoons, but did not leave a trace of blood.

“Command, they jumped over the river!”

Someone yelled, but soon, there were soldiers yelling: “General! The ship is leaking!”

Immediately afterwards, countless voices came and went, many bilges were smashed, and the river screamed in. In the blink of an eye, three small ships sank, and those Yanbei warriors who could not drink were struggling with the driftwood. The fierce screams echoed on the river, the torch creaked, and there was chaos in the four.

“They are below!”

The general was furious and shouted: “Use stone machines, use spears, kill them! Kill them!”

“General, no, there are our people in the river.”


The pro-military soldier was reprimanded and wanted to shout, but he was pulled aside by his peers. The man said indignantly: “But the majesty said to live!”

Others were busy and said: “Even if you live  or die, you won’t be able to catch it, and if you catch it, will you be still alive?”

The torch is reflected in the sky and the boulder is empty.

The general screamed, and the men quickly loaded the stone machine, and the rows of spearmen ran up. The next second, listening to the rumble sounded through the ears, a huge stone into the water, a spear like an arrow rain, sharply inserted into the red water, the river suddenly appeared a wave of red fog, bloody rolling, there are red clouds.

After a round of attacks, the river calmed down. The rafts of Chu Qiao and others were all smashed. The debris of nearly a thousand rafts formed a floating pontoon that rushed under the ship of the Yanbei warship and piled up together. .

The screaming killing gradually stopped, and the Yanbei soldiers who had rushed into the water army looked at the calm river with doubts. They frowned: “Is it dead? Why it doesn’t still float?”


Do not know who suddenly shouted, the people looked down at that voice, only to see in their own rear, very far on the river, countless people floating densely. I saw those people floating on the water while taking off his coat, a few people surrounded together, a moment later, everyone even floated, follow the water, quickly go.

The general’s wide-eyed, wide-eyed anger rang and asked: “What is that?”

An experienced veteran doubted: “It seems to be a sheepskin louse.”

“Fast recovery!”

“General, those pieces of wood are blocking the road, and the ship will not be able to walk for a while.”

The generals stayed in their place. He did not expect that he would take advantage of such a fight. The ship was able to take advantage of the arrow and take advantage of the defensive position. In the end, these people were allowed to grow under their own eyes. Nearly 60,000 water troops of the Yanbei Army stood on a huge battleship and watched the shadows of those people disappear into the thick darkness.

After meeting with the He Qi and others, Chu Qiao counted the number of people and found that more than 3,000 people died in the just-in-time battle. Among them, 2,000 were dead in the stone machine and Yanbei. Under the spear.

However, at such a price, it is an unimaginable victory for all the members to pass the White Gate. However, this is not the end. Although they left Bailuguan, they also succeeded in attracting the attention of the Yanbei Army. The large territory after the Bailuguan is still under the control of the Yanbei Army.

Chu Qiao took the initiative and led the army into the forest. Two days later, she encountered the first blockade of the enemy. Within two days, the two sides fought more than 20 times, mostly ending with the victory of the beauty army. After all, compared to the method of fighting the cavalry. Yanbei Army said that the beauty army is good at field and close-knit attacks. Under the leadership of Chu Qiao’s military theory, their team ran and ran, and quickly approached the area under the jurisdiction of the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

However, as soon as they were about to leave the mountain forest and enter the realm of drowning, Yanbei suddenly set fire to the mountain. The fire burned for four days and spread throughout the autumn and mountainous areas. Many villages with surnames in the mountain area were affected, and countless deaths and injuries…

Chu Qiao had no choice but to take the army out of the mountain in advance. Because the forest was on fire, they lost their way. When they came out, they deviated from the road more than three miles. There are veterans of the wolf army who are familiar with the terrain, but the next morning, they once again meet the Yanbei Army.

In the battle of Li Kang, both sides suffered heavy casualties. Chu Qiao took three thousand soldiers to attack the enemy camp. The enemy’s coach was unfortunately hit by a stream of arrows, life and death. However, the Yanbei Army is not the first-class iron army in the mainland. When the coach is injured, he still has no chaos, and the war is retreating. The resistance is very tenacious.

The large units have poor mobility. Fortunately, they seized a large number of war horses in several battles. After the battle of Li Kang, Chu Qiao divided the army into ten small teams of 4,000 people each with less than two teams. In the area, it is fan-shaped and goes to Shandong (surabaya county).

However, just arrived in the south from the county, Chu Qiao suddenly fell ill. In fact, as early as five days ago, she noticed the physical discomfort, she did not say if she had abdominal pain, she was still hot, dizzy and retching, and her hands and feet were weak… Only because of the urgency of the war, she stubbornly persisted with tenacious perseverance. But now, temporarily getting rid of the Yanbei army’s hunt, her spirit becomes even worse. He Xiao ignored her objections and placed her subordinates outside the city to take her to the south and leave the city.

Although the Sui and Tang Dynasties initiated a civil war, Yanbei also took the road here, but the degree of domestic destruction is far worse than the tragic summer. Some large cities still maintain their original prosperity. In addition to the influence of the fighting, some prices have been lifted high, and the rest has almost no effect.

He Xiao sent people out to find a doctor. The originally sleepy Chu Qiao could not sleep at the moment. She was lying on a clean bed and stared at her in a daze. Her thoughts were like the clouds in the sky, and her drift was long.

When the Yanbei soldiers hunted them, they clamored for the rebels. That is, they knew her identity. Indeed, with the wisdom of Yan Xun, it should be guessed that at this time, the only one who could lead to death was the beauty king whom she had secretly sealed.

That is to say, Yan Xun was killing her.

Yeah, now Yan Xun and Jing’an Wang Zhen form an alliance. She wants to bring troops to help Li Xiuyi. As the leader of the Baiyuguan, he naturally has to help her allies shut her up at the crossing point. There is no father or son on the battlefield, let alone them.

These, she understands.

Yan Xun has more and more overbearing power, and he is determined to be bold and ambitious. Today, he is no longer the child who was trapped in the Golden Palace more than ten years ago. He does not have to look at anyone’s face anymore. Now.

The doctor soon came, He Xiao stood behind the doctor, nervously watching the doctor diagnosed for her.

The white-bearded old man was stunned for a long while, and suddenly smiled and said: “Congratulations to this husband, your wife is happy.”

When He Xiao was suddenly stunned, he immediately turned red and quickly said to the doctor: “Do not talk nonsense, she is not my wife, I am just her chief guard.”

The doctor immediately apologized and smiled and said that he was so nervous that he had mistaken him as the child’s father. He also hoped to forgive him.

When He Xiao and the doctor spoke to you on the side, Chu Qiao was astonished by the whole person, as if he had been stabbed in the bone marrow. She opened her mouth slightly and could not say a word for a long time.

What did he say? Are you happy? She is pregnant?

She looked at the old doctor incredibly and dared to ask: “What do you say? Do you say it again?”

“This lady, you are too careless. You have been pregnant for almost three months. How can you not know it at all? And your body is very poor, the pulse is very chaotic. If you can’t rest assured, you have this baby. It can be dangerously tight.”

Three months?

Chu Qiao looked down and looked at his still flat stomach, how could it be? Was she pregnant? When she was waiting to get married when she moved to the north and the south, when she soaked up the river and wore bullets, she had a child in her stomach.

“I will open a prescription for your blood and nourish your stomach. You have to take it well, and then you can rest assured that you will not be able to travel long distances.”

The old doctor comforted her a few words and went out with He Xiao. Chu Qiao sat still on the bed. He was still stunned. The news was frequently heard on these days. The battles were up and down. Everything was like a huge wave. He waved to her. But did not expect that in this environment, she was actually pregnant.

She stretched out her trembling hand and gently licked her lower abdomen. It seemed to be able to hear the child’s weak heartbeat.

A line of tears suddenly slipped down from the corner of the eye. She bit her lower lip, and there was a trace of phlegm in her throat, and she fell silently into tears.

Zhuge Yue, I have pregnant with your child.

I have children.

As the night fell on, He Xiao lit candlelight in the room. He called some bloody food and soup and went to Chu Qiao’s bedside. Quietly asked, “Adult, do we still go to Tang Jing? Not as good as a direct transfer to Qinghai?”

Chu Qiao looked up at him, his eyes straightened, and he did not speak.

“Adults, your body, is not suitable for continuing to lead soldiers. You do not think for yourself, but also for the fourth young master, and the baby inside you.”

Chu Qiao heard a shock, she looked down at her stomach and continued to be silent. After a long time, she looked up and whispered: “He Xiao, I have lied to him once.”

He Xiao, wondering who she was talking about, asked, “What do you say to an adult?”

“I have fooled him once.” Chu Qiao’s eyes were quiet and ethereal. He looked at the candlelight silently. “I told him that I would stay by his side to protect him from letting others bully him. But I I can’t do it. He has no parents. I think of my children. Who will think of him?”

He Xiao was shocked to know that she was referring to Emperor of Tang and Li Xiuyi. He frowned and said: “Adults, nowadays, the situation is not your power to reverse. Even if you stay in Sui and Tang, you may not be able to prevent today’s events. Ah, you are not in good health. Don’t think too much about it and don’t put everything on yourself.”

Chu Qiao looked up and took a deep breath.

“He Xiao, there are some responsibilities in this world that cannot escape.”

Her mouth widened and said quietly: “I’ve had Li Ce’s great grace, and I have been treated well by the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Now it is time to repay. I think if I put the child in danger, I will look down on my child in the future of mine.”

She got up and went down to wear shoes. She went to the table to start eating. After eating the meal, she drank medicine honestly.

Under the lights, she looks thin and weak. Where can I see it as a pregnant mother in March?

“You can rest assured that nothing will happen.”

He Xiao looked at her, and for a time she didn’t know who she was talking about, she was herself, or the child in her stomach, or the Tang Emperor.

The wind in the night was a bit cold, blowing the willow branches outside the window.

The landscape of the Sui and Tang dynasties is still the same, but the pace of the war is approaching.

At the same time, in the Bailuguan big account, Yan Xun was wearing black robes and sitting on the couch. Below are more than a dozen young beautiful businessmen who have just sent them. They are all dressed in gauze, half-naked, and look tender and attractive. people.

From time to time, the daring girl looked up and secretly glanced at the man who had the right to the world. Unfortunately, his gaze has never been bet on this side for a while.

“Your Majesty, we have already deployed our troops, and we must make a beautiful net.”

“Come on!”

Yan Xun suddenly raised his head and waved outside, and the pro-god came in.

“Take him down and hit the 20th Army with the Stick!”

The subordinates’ guards suddenly set up the staff officer and went out. The man didn’t know where he was wrong, and he immediately pleaded guilty, but he did not dare to ask for mercy. After a while, the screams rang and those screams The girl on the ground was scared, and no one dared to look up again.

“One night fight…”

Yan Xun faintly repeated these three words and couldn’t hear any anger and anger. The candlelight shined on his face like a light golden paper.

He lazily lay on the couch, just lying on his side and letting him sleep underneath so many charming and charming women. After a moment, he fell asleep.

This night, they were thousands of miles apart, but they said the same thing at the same time.

“I hope, I don’t meet her.”

Indifferently, many years ago, under the shabby roof, the girl was dressed in a pale pink folder, blushed with a red face, and sewed her clothes under the lights, sew back and said to the boy, “There is no father or son on the battlefield. Everything is for the benefit of the country, that is, if you have brothers on the battlefield, you can’t shrink back. I’m not talking about Sui and Tang Kingdoms.I’m talking about Tang History. It’s a play. This is a formal history. Listen carefully to you. ”

“What kind of history? How can I not hear it?”

“Anyway, you’re right and you’re learning.”

“If you changed Li Shimin, would you kill your older brother?”

“Of course kill, don’t you keep him to kill me? Didn’t you tell you, they didn’t have any feelings later. Right, then you, don’t you kill?”

The young man meditated for a moment and suddenly said: “If it is me, when I fight Liu Wuzhou, I will kill him.”

The girl glanced and gave a thumbs up: “You are very cattle.”


The night of the funeral stalks the heavens and the earth, and even the waves of water with memories are all backed up together, without a half-filament sound.

On the second day, there were secretly exiting customs in Bailuguan, and they went all the way to Zhashui. They are now stationed with 100,000 troops. They are all elite troops of Yanbei. They are the first to assist Wang Jing in Jing’an and the second guards the other’s lifeline. Your own way.

On the same day, Chu Qiao came to the county to wait for the other soldiers of the Militia Army and the Wolf Army. Forty thousand people gathered outside the wilderness. The dark and pressured swords were lifted up, like a forest of publicity.

“Xui Xui Pass is the only way for Tang Jing to go to the northwest. Without breaking the water, it is impossible to solve the danger of Tang Jing being trapped.”

Chu Qiao’s white finger points on the map and draws a circle at the sweat crossing. Shen Sheng said: “A war that decides on life and death is coming.”


CHAPTER 190 Reuniting Again


Gray sky, heavy rain continued.

The height of the sedge near the drowning water was more than one person high. The thunder rumbling across the river surface, from west to east, followed by a squat, cut off a hundred-year eucalyptus tree in the Xui Xui Pass, two on duty. Yanbei military guards were injured and a house in the east of the city was cut off. The seven people in the family were all drowned in their sleep. The blood and brains were splashed.

This was the first bloodshed in the battle of Xui Xui Pass. Even if there is no killing, there is no slashing, but it is enough to push the atmosphere of solidification to the brink of collapse. The surnames in Quishui Mountain have been hiding from home all day. Even during the day, no one dares to go out. The heavy rain is pouring over the empty streets, and there is no half-personal smoke. Only some yellow grass is blown by the wind, and the wet fly does not fly. Far, just looking up, it was smashed by the rain.

The heavy rain has been underway for eleven days. The water level in Shandong (Surabaya county) has risen madly. The weather is unusual. The flock of birds flies north. Every night they can vaguely hear the lone wolf roar on the wilderness, like a death knell. The well-informed old man said that in the summer of the 7th year of the Emperor Xiaozong the same torrential rain continued to thunder. In that year, Sui and Tang generals Xue Li attacked Daxia with an army of 400,000. It was in such weather. After surviving to drown, all the way to the north, the situation is like a crack, breaking the Baiyuguan, has hit the hinterland of the Great Summer. However, when the whole of the Sui and Tang dynasty was waiting to be considered and Datang was about to regain its lost ground, the Lion King of Yanbei suddenly sent troops and defeated Tang armies, and killed the permanent general Xue Li, and shattered it again. Datang’s dominant ambition.

In that year, the blood became red with Chishui, and all the way along this river flowed into the drowning water. The corpses that floated on the river stretched for tens of miles. The wild dog leaped into the river and stood on top of the layers of dead bodies and did not sink down showing red eyes.

Decades have passed, but the tragic battle has so far echoed in the minds of the old people. Nowadays, the Lion King of Yanbei has already died for many years. General Xue Li’s tomb is also covered with moss and grass. The Sui and Tang Dynasties are weak, and during the summer, there are endless disputes. Floating in the sky over the sky, and all the way, plugged in the city of Shandong (Surabaya County).

In the seventh month of May, Yan Xun asked Emperor Jing, the king of the Tang Dynasty, to personally lead troops to take a seat in Shandong (Surabaya County), resisting the beautiful troops that had been aided by thousands of miles, and protecting the superior situation in the east of Qinshui Mountain. Just one day later, Chu Qiao’s beautiful army appeared in Wei Liao County on the west side of Quishui, and Wei Liao County, a small town that had not been concerned about in the past, quickly became famous, condensing the eyes of the entire Sui and Tang Dynasties and even the entire Ximeng, and erected on the dwarf tower. On the white background, a red cloud battle flag was erected. Chu Qiao personally put on his armor and read the army’s vows. Tang Jun’s news scattered all over the west of Qinshui Pass came. All the princes loyal to the royal family escorted the forages. No more than three days to help the military, the troops of the beauty forces were expanded to 90,000, and they are still growing.

This is the first rebellion flag in the Sui and Tang Dynasties since Jingan Wang’s revolt with lightning speed and is still facing such a powerful ally of Jing’an Wang’s army – the Yanbei Army.

A war of unprecedented magnitude and strength was in sight. All of them held their breath and waited for the coming of a bloody storm.

On May 14th, the rainstorm stopped, and the water level of the Qishui River stopped on a very amazing scale. The confrontation of the day continued so that the patience of both sides reached a dangerous critical point. The generals of both sides knew this pair. The necessity of holding, but sitting hundreds of thousands of troops in such a close distance, but always do not move, they all know that this is very dangerous behavior, the tense atmosphere echoes the sky above the military camps, a little careless, there is the possibility of transformation.

Although both Chu Qiao and Yan Xun were fully prepared and the two sides scolded the expedition for the smooth flow of the horses, various operational plans were changed and changed, and they eventually set the direction and location of operations invariably. However, the arrival of the first battle still made them have a moment of panic.

On the afternoon of the 14th, Wuling County Taishou Moxu had just crossed the Heyuan Plain. He escorted 50,000 hectares of grain and grass, over the mountains and over the mountains, carefully crossed the layers of the fire line, and came to Chu Qiao’s Wei Liao Base Camp.

He was born and raised in the Tang Dynasty. His ancestors had followed the first generation of the Tang Dynasty and were awarded high positions. The ancestors also had great figures who had worshipped Hou worship, but they were passed down from generation to generation. Today, the Mo family has no longer seen the past. However, at this moment, facing the dangers of the country, Mo Taishou, who is over 70 years old, personally took the troops to escort the grain and wanted to give a heart to the Guangfu Army led by Chu Qiao.

However, just before the arrival of the Xianwei River, they accidentally encountered a small road in Yanbei to build dike workers. The Wei Xian River is a tributary of Quishui, and the dam is unstable. It was Yan Xun who sent 3,000 infantrymen. Repair the dams in this area so as not to wash down the main camp downstream. I didn’t expect Mutsh to be cautious, but he crashed into the gang’s guns. The war quickly hit the target and shouted a few words of reproach and excitement about the killings. In less than half an hour, the nearby armies came one after another and the war was chaotic…

When Chu Qiao received the news, she was planning a plan to plan tomorrow’s strategic route. When she received this message, even if she was as calm as her, she could not help but have a moment of scorn.

A general of the Tang army frowned: “His Royal Highness, or immediately sent people to accept them to withdraw, we did not make any preparations, the Iron Line River is also close to the Yanbei Army Base Camp, and has to be prevented.”

Chu Qiao shook her head but she said with a shrill voice: “We haven’t prepared. Is Yanbei ready? From an intelligence point of view, this battle is absolutely an emergency. No matter we or Yanbei, none of the other side is ready.”


“He Qi, you will immediately bring 20,000 infantry soldiers to the Iron River. The first battle of our army depends on you.”

He Qi suddenly asked and asked: “Twenty thousand infantry?”

Chu Qiao nodded: “Yes.”

“But it is an adult. Most of our men and women are cavalry and heavy armor. There is less than 8,000 infantry.”

“Then discard the horse. Remember that each person must have at least three or more knives, take off the heavy armor, and wear only light armor.”

He Qi frowned, but to see Chu Qiao did not joke, or nodded should be, smashed on the knife and went out.

When the Tang army general met with the He Qi, he asked, “Is Your Highness enough to be 20,000 people? Why don’t you send more troops? The Iron River is close to the Yanbei Army Camp after all, and they’ve added more troops than we do…”

Chu Qiao slowly shook his head, eyes deep and sharp, quietly said: “No, 20,000 is enough.”

The thunderous hoofs came, and the earth was trembling slightly. A huge array of squares was assembled in an instant. It was not yet clear to see that it had already drawn out like a wolf.

A few days of torrential rain poured a mess on the bumpy land. Silt greatly limited the action of the warhorse. Both sides were rushing in one place. The soldiers in front were noisy, the swords were raging, and the sound of slams went on like a flat ground like thunder.

At the end of the seventy-year-old, Mo Tai was on the horse’s back, his face was red, and he was holding a sword. His pro-brother took his stable and shouted “too fast,” but he was beaten by a fist. . The old lady is holding a big knife and shouting “killing the enemy to serve the country”, rushing to the horse, taking the lead, and still not retreating more than ten arrows. His men are behind him, and this has his son, he is thirty. His grandson, who is over a year old, has a grandson who is less than ten years old.

When He Qi brought people to come, the war was nearing the end. The officers and men of Wuling County were motivated by the courage of their generals. With thousands of people in the area resisting the tens of thousands of cavalry, it was already the end of the battle. He Qi said nothing, and he took it in. After the previous battle, the railway line has become a half-mud, and the horses are deeply immersed in it. The heavy cavalry of Yanbei can only jump off the horse and congratulate. The infantry led by the flag fights the sword. However, the advantage of the heavy armor is that the horses are rushed on the plains so that the mud on the ground is cut, and the heavy armor of the body greatly limits their flexibility.

People turned horses, shouted screams of killings and screams. The scene was like a pot of porridge that had been boiled. The knife was bright and sleek, murderous, and dark, the bird was wailing, and there was a red light between heaven and earth.

Yan Bei army finally realized his own limitations. There are smart soldiers who want to take off their heavy armor. How can they be distracted when they are so urgent? Before he can take off his cloak, the terrible blade his neck has already been cut off. 

Yan Xun sat in the Chinese Grand Army because the Iron River was very close to his large camp. His men were the first to receive news of the Battle of the Iron River. However, it was precisely because of this that during the battle of Yan Biao, some of the guards of the Great Battalion outside heard smashing and thought it was someone attacking the camp and had quickly sent troops to support it.

When he wanted to recover those cavalries, both men and women had already fought to one place.

At the beginning of the camp, the generals also ridiculed the incommensurate force of the beauty forces. But soon, with the return of the battle reports one by one, their faces became increasingly ugly. Some people sent troops to fight with the support of the light infantry corps. Yan Xun shook his head coldly.

It’s already late. The Iridian River is a small river alluvial. There is only one place, but now there are nearly 50,000 people. It’s already crowded, and now it’s more troops. It’s just a sacrifice.

However, this cannot be the case. This battle is the first battle of Lishui. If it is lost, the impact on morale will be extremely serious and will have a direct impact on the future situation.

Yan Xun immediately issued an order, and the entire army prepared and sent Wei Liao to prepare for a frontal attack.

Late at night, a red moon rose from behind a bare hillside. The misty water vapor shrouded in muddy water. A young Yan Beijun staff made several incursions and said that he was on the defensive side as long as he was stationed. Water can be off, it should not take the initiative and consume military power.

When Yan Xun did not pay attention to him when he started, he immediately commanded the subordinate guards to tie him up and locked it in the cellar. Without this annoying voice, he finally calmed down and looked at it quietly. The seat is not a majestic pass.

The name of the staff officer did not understand. Many people did not understand that even a lot of generals who followed him to the north might not understand his current intentions.

Indeed, the beauty forces came under the banner of defending the imperial capital. They wanted to arrive at Tang Jing and beat Wang Jing, the besieged priest in Kyoto, to pass through. It also shows that as long as they guard the Shushui Pass, it is bound to have the opportunity to battle with the beauty forces. As a side of the defense, the price paid is far less than that of the attacker.

But now he led the army to take the initiative and become a part of the offensive. This point, many people may find it difficult to understand.

However, only he himself understands the current situation. Yushui Gate is the most important city in the Sui and Tang dynasties. It is the most populous city in the western part of mainland China. It occupies a vast area and has as many as one million people in the city. There was no resistance, first because the horse thief was allowed to enter the summer and the reputation for brutal and indiscriminate killing came out. Second, because the Yanbei Army has not yet tasted a defeat so far, and they have personally taken up the town, they will only be able to Shocked down. He knew that with the power of him and the king of Jing’an, it was impossible to completely defeat the Sui and Tang dynasties’ armed forces. In the beginning, Meishan Luowang had planned for more than a decade and lost to Li Ce. Now that he is alone, how can he destroy one thousand? Old country. He clearly understands that there are still dozens of roads in the west of Shandong (Surabaya County). They are watching quietly. They are all waiting for the duel between themselves and the beauty forces. Once they are tired, they will surely swarm.

Therefore, the Battle of Iron River became a crucial battle. Although it was not large in size, it was an uncontested failure. At this time, only with a greater campaign to cover up, and their own initiative to go against the customs can also show the strength of the Yanbei Army.

“A’Chu, the Battle of the Iron River, although it is unintentional, in the end, it is your skill.”

Under the night, Yan Xun sat on top of the chariot of the Emperor. In front of eight pure black Yanbei horses, he was dressed in an ink robe and raised his chin slightly. He stared at the watchtower hidden in the darkness… A glamorous dancer with a skin like honey squatted on the rim of a rut. The clean back was like a white lamb. She looked up with a good glass of wine in her hand and lifted it high. With a smile, he said: “I wish the king will win the victory, put the mortals in that city in pieces, and raise my reputation in the north.”

Yan Xun looked down, looked at her quietly, and raised a touch of laughter at the corner of her mouth. I casually said, “You are the people of Yanbei.”

The dancer was surprised and said: “The slave family was a drowning man, but he respected the king for a long time. Now, besides the king, he is the king’s man. Naturally, he is Yanbei’s man.”

Yan Xun smiled deeper and said: “Your country was taken by me. My compatriots were murdered by me. You said you were my person. It seems that you are really loyal to me.”

When the dancers saw him happy, they immediately rejoiced and quickly rushed to the railroad: “The slave is naturally the king’s person, as long as the king is willing, the slave is willing to do anything for the king.”

“Anything?” Yan Xun raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Yes.” The dance eyes are like water, and the lips are full. It seems to be able to pull out the honey. The legs of the full breasts and swallows twitch the waist of the water snake, bite the lower lip, and gently sigh. : “anything.”

Yan Yan laughed and said to the guards on both sides: “She said that she can do anything for me, then she will fulfill her, and will attack Wei Liaocheng and let her rush ahead.”

To sum up, the guards on both sides immediately set up the dancers. The woman’s face paled and she hurriedly shouted: “The king! The king is merciful! The slave is a weak woman. How can she fight the enemy! The king will spare his life!”

The dancer, struggling to be pulled away, leaned against the back of the chair and quietly shaken the wine in his hand and said to himself: “Anything?”

He could not help but sneer.

At this moment, in the city of Wei Liao, there is also a weak woman, dressed in armor, standing on a high tower overlooking the rolling military array below. A band of light shines under the horizon. Tens of torches will shine like nights.

She knew that Yan Xun was among the thousands of fire torches. It was the first time that they were reunited.

Maybe, it is expected that there will be today, fate is like a naughty child like to set a variety of dog blood collision.

She stood on the high tower and slowly tilted her head up. The night wind blew over her body and lifted the hair from her horns. The torch turned the sky into a red glow. Like many years ago, they shouldered shoulder to shoulder. In the hand, the knife was brushed and beaten, breaking the prison cage and killing a bloody road.

If you expect to have today, will they join hands on that day?

She slowly closed her eyes, her face was tough, her eyes were like frost, and the world was like a tumbling tide. Who wouldn’t expect the next wave to come?

She clenched the sword, and the man with the wolf-like eyes came out of the memory of the retreat. Standing in front of her in front of the Golden Ge knife, the wind raged, the night was smashing, and the pomegranate was like a rocket. Yaru Lin’s chilling season.

A loud bang came suddenly, and the flaming light, a shirtless big man standing on the high platform, was gongs and drums. The drums were drilled into the man’s cavity as if the earth was shaking with the drums.

He shook up his strength, pulled up the bow and tossed his hands away. The arrow suddenly went off like a meteor. However, at this moment, there was also a sharp arrow coming from the other side of the military. The arrow came faster. And He Xiao’s arrows quickly hit one place, and then he smashed He Qi’s arrows and shattered them, still whizzing.

Chu Qiao met with a hand-painted flying knife and threw it away. The knife hit the arrow and both fell.

There was a burst of cheers in both armies.

Yan Xun put down the bow and slowly lifted his head among the 10,000 soldiers.


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