Novel bites from Chu Qiao Chuan Biography

Chapter 1

Military Court

“In August 2007, MI7 provided intelligence, MI 9 came forward, I and MI9 Colonel Lee jointly planned ‘sea salt plan’, successfully obtained three hundred tons of uranium ore. In 2007 November, 11 and outside 6 cooperation in the implementation of the trap strategy, captured the so-called Mika two mouse treason generals, destroyed the F country’s nuclear reactor. In 2008 April, plans to control the E country’s ability to recapture the central bank’s loopholes. In 2008 of June, with the help of X, with 11 plans, the ability to help 9 agents 003-based Simo action forming the result of successful production of HK47 drawings.

“The judge, I and agent 003 are subject to national training of highly qualified soldiers, we understand what can be said, what we cannot say, so, for your questioning words without words to talk about, I think it is the quality of our professional disregard that has been heroic for the national interests of the martyrs sacrificed the greatest disrespect.”

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Princess Agents Season 2 Article Translations

“Chu Qiao Chuan” is going to be the second one, Zhao Liying is no longer starring, the woman is her!

In recent years, there have been many outstanding works in the TV drama industry, such as the Chu Cho, which is very good. In particular, the performance of several starring roles has added a lot to this drama.At that time, many viewers expected that the two main characters in the play could come together. The result naturally disappointed the audience. The original female host had already left the single state in advance, and now she is pregnant. The forest dog is still the original forest dog.

After the film was released, it was well received by many viewers, and the producer also said that it would continue to sequel. But time has passed for a long time but it has not come out. Just when the audience felt sorry, the exact news came out, and the second part had a new movement.


Informed sources revealed that this time the heroine was changed, which also made many of her fans feel sad. After all, Zhao Liying wants to have a value for her, she has acting skills, and there are many people who like her.

However, when the drama party announced the name of the new woman, some of the lost hearts of the audience have fluctuated, because the new woman’s candidate is also a heavyweight beauty, or a beauty, she is Wang Likun.

Many viewers may have heard that she and Lin update also had an affair. This time, the two played a show together. It is still a relationship. Some netizens have made up their minds, even if they fall on the road of watching the night and night!

In fact, the first part left a lot of burdens to the audience at the end, did Yu Wenzhen die? What happened after Yan Yan? There are also many powerful supporting roles. What kind of interpretation? These also always attract the attention of the audience. With such ups and downs of the plot and relationship, Xiao Bian believes that even if the starring role is replaced, there will be many loyal audiences to pursue this wonderful story alone.

The original female leader is getting better and better. It is no longer the first girl who was born in the first place. Plus, she is now thinking about raising a baby at home. It is normal to quit this starring role. After all, there are still many things that are more important than work, but this time Wang Likun joined, I believe this regret can still be filled.



“Chu Qiao Chuan 2” will be attacked, the crew will be the original class, Zhao Liying hesitated because of this.

         “Chu Qiao Chuan 2” will be attacked, the crew will be the original class, Zhao Liying has hesitated because of this point has closed comments

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