Chu Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Lost Novels Chapter 061-070

Based on the original novel 11 agents princes 

by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua

Hi Readers I am beginning to translate the 50 chapters or lost novels of Chu Qiao Chuan biography, meaning there were some omitted parts on the drama that can only be read in the novel for us to understand what really transpired in some of the events. This is exciting, so brace yourself and keep reading. Thank you. – AC

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CHAPTER 061  Dinner Banquet is set (raw)


The weather is clear and full bloom but at noon is white snow falling. The empire’s dignitaries are still immersed to Yan Xun, The world to marry the most noble of the lineage Princess Chun. There were all kinds of speculation in the Imperial city and all kinds of speculation won the secret camp.

However, in this chaotic time, no one noticed that the Green Army defenders who changed their camps one hour in advance, and that the corner of Xicheng men was opened earlier than usual.

Upon receiving this news, Yan Xun is drinking tea in the flower hall, on his light robe slowly looking with pleasure. The gallery’s musician is playing a West Ship night, a melodious tune, and a hundred thousand people would not turn back to hear it.

Yan Xun’s face show his mouth a light pull with a faint smile. A’Jing stood beside him and waited quietly for the instructions of Yan Xun, but Yan Xun just waved his hand gently and ordered him to go down and pull out the music box next to him and throw it away.

The music played and suddenly the musicians stopped. Those aged palace musician picked up the music box at the floor, slightly glanced, looking slightly surprised in a moment. Immediately, full of killing sounds were heard and the sound suddenly sounded, voices, such as broken tone.

Yan Xun laugh out loud, co-wrote the sound of the beat, recite aloud: “Drunken by killing of the sword, cut the enemy eight hundred times, the whole body drunk like a tin can on the air, holding red funeral.”

Chu Qiao stood outside, fingers slightly cold, looked up the sky above and the snow were flying and a black hawk circling high above the head.

How fast is turmoil coming? It seems grasslands is in autumn, a rapid fire spread after shedding a monstrous hunting game.

In the afternoon, after the early snow storm, a memorial news from a small note forwarded that serve as a reminder in the ministry and handed over to the Senate’s desk. It was mentioned that insufficient food and clothing was provided by the ministry and an unpaid salary from the birthday banquet proceeds provided a relief to Zhong zhou’s disaster relief grain. Astounding and countless wounded, some people secretly exchanged bad fortunes with soldiers at the Great Battalion on the east side, causing some to be poisoned. Some of the 41st army mutinied and the death toll reached over 10,000. Family clan of wolf mouth were embarrassed with their pockets full of stolen goods. This is an example of a series of frightening figures.

A stone aroused in a Melaleuca waves, all of the empire are stormy and serves as a reminders of this small household grain department.

Followed by an alarming thorough investigation and deployment of fast action, the Elders Shrine order is in chaos, the military’s hot essay followed, the words of blood and tears, clamor sentence, the major clan wind run their activities in a crane. An hour later, an astonishing conclusion was presented to the stage: Zhongzhou disaster relief, administered by the capital city of Yin, Zhao Qi took office before, has been led by Muhe Xi Feng. The grain regiment’s commissariat is related to the fact that Song Duan, the general director of the grain department, is in charge of the capital. No one in the capital knows that the Song dynasty was the favorite petty grandson of Muhe Yun pavilion, eldest son. The Empire capital of Yin in deficit up to eight hundred thousand two hundred gold, followed by the grain department empty with twenty million gold.

The Elder’s Shrine was decisisve on the table Sanctuary of God, Muhe homeowners Muhe Yun has been kneeling long in the Palace requesting the Emperor to be merciful and to prevent further damage pointed out that a little reminder they are Wei Valve party, the data written in the letter are false and inadequate.

Surprisingly, the Golden Temple, to eight princess and Yanbei of North relatives was in the name of making a closure of the main hall of the Palace bu there some missing people. However, Muhe Yun kneeling in the dark at night, a secret order was quietly heard entered the Zijin dry door: Muhe in a moment of embezzlement, dereliction of duty, check the Muhe Prefecture, arrest the prisoner, if there is resistance, kill it on the spot!

All of a sudden, the wind and thunder vibration, a slump.

This is the famous imperial capital of the afterlife bleeding at night.

Zhao Qi with Green Camp soldiers and horses stole to Mu He’s family horse secretly while they are still at private Square attending the banquet feast of the dignitaries, Yan Xun standing in the hall, respectfully taking at private Square Courteous officials, on top of it are generous gifts, his entourage will play reward.

Sarawak (here means A series of Chinese ceramics dated from the 8th to 13th century AD was uncovered at the archaeological site of Santubong. The coastal regions of Sarawak came under the influence of the Bruneian Empire in the 16th century.) dedicated a Po Lo (means Amber person’s) clothing, world-renowned Su Jin blind (means Chinese Embroidery) embroidery, python dragon entrenched, five-claw hideous and fierce looking, Guanghua (means glossy) bright thread embroidered thread section on its outline, and those who are looking at it have their facial features resurrected from the dead. Chu Qiao squatted her body, she has buckle for the swaddling and embrace the Jin (means gold) jade belt, strong and shouted even towards piercing her nasal discharge, even the breath is no longer smooth.

The room is very quiet, the people have been dispersed, Chu Qiao’s figure under the lights seemed a bit weak, graceful and beautiful white neck, cute white ear, slightly bulging chest, one cannot say she is like tomboy. 

Yan Xun gently exhaled, slowly asked: “A’Chu, when is your birthday?”

Chu Qiao stood behind him, finishing the back of the shoulder strap for him, heard the words replied: “I cannot remember.”

Yan Xun surprised a moment, thought she was unwilling to say: “You are about sixteen years old, but is also in the thin line of the rod of the ceremony.”

Chu Qiao shook her head: “I want those who pay attention to know what to do.”

Yan Xun suddenly paused, opened his mouth to say something, but do not know how to speak.

Chu Qiao from his opposite is frowning in front of Qinghai Cloud green map, at its upper corner, there is long thread through the wire, I do not know what’s on the top that we can invetsigate or get interested, or we can do unintentional negligence.

“Take it off, I will hook the thread back.”

Yan Xun stunned: “You will use this?”

Chu Qiao slightlt raised her eyebrows, looked at him: “Who makes and sew your childhood clothes?”

Sit under the lights, an eyebrows wrinkled and irritated by the smoke.

Yan Xun thoughts seem to drift away all of a sudden on how to forget those snowy night, the house air leakage, cold and gloomy, the girl sitting in charcoal brazier, on the weak candlelight, Court ladies with a little embroidered clothes on their Kam Pai ( bottoms up, or drink up to the dry glass, a japanese word), to please those lazy Shang Yi (means upper outer garment) board slaves, like they won a little bit of food and beverage as they raise the greed in the air.

He also remembered her posture, bending over, her body is small, sometimes sleepy eyes but really they are open, lying on her knees and a little sleep for a while. The side of her face is very quiet and no trace of complaints.

Over the years, he has worked hard to restrain himself from recalling the past, the fear of those things that seems to make his hatred deceive his reasons. So he actually forgot those alone in the time of trek, in front of the girl, how to support themselves survive. She cooks, sew for him, and she looks out for the whistle for him, and she seeks medical advice for her. She lets him throw empty shelves that showcased his martial arts, teaches her to fight closely, teaches her the practical knife and stick method, and she writes military tactics for him, she was willing to be swallowed in this huge cage, beaten by the bullies but has never said a word.

The girl is thin and powerless but one of the strongest hearts in the world, and when his entire world collapsed, she carried his broken skies with her own thin shoulders. His life propped up a living space.

“Well,” the girl stood up and walked in front of him and said: “Give it another try.

A low sigh suddenly issued from the man’s mouth, he opened his arms, suddenly the girl in his arms, chin resting on her head, exhaled softly call: “Achu.”

Chu Qiao after a moment of surprise, her whole body for a time became stiff, she gently fell on Yan Xun’s arm: “What happened to you? What happened?

“Do not move,” Yan Xun said softly: “Let me hold it for a while.”

Chu Qiao’s body gradually softened down, she also slowly extended his hand, encircled Yan Xun’s waist, her forehead arrived in the man’s chest, no longer speak.

“A’Chu, do not blame me.”

Yan Xun whispered softly with a deep husky voice, as if like the autumn in the wind and hibiscus flowers falling.

“I have done a lot of things you do not like all these years and you are cold on the surface and you are never slamming a knife, but I know that the truth that you are an evil person in your heart. Boss, wonderful scenery of rice grain business, as well as those who do not obey order of Yanbei members … .. My hands are bloody and heavy ah. “

“I just do not want to be like the old days, watching people around being bullied but cannot do anything, but now, I know it is so hard and I have done so much, but to those who is still around, unable to comply with their own minds, cannot keep you as my command. “

Chu Qiao’s eyes slightly flashing, slowly raised her mouth, some warm flow slowly over his heart, with those inexplicable moment, cannot say clearly what is the mood, like ants, generally pecking at her mind, she did not understand. She still shook her head and said: “You know it all and know that you do not have to worry about me, those soldiers at Xiaoqi camp may not be able to discover what I did.”

Yan Xun cannot see the girl’s expression, only to hear her words, swallow Yan Xun suddenly surprised a moment, suddenly on his cold release.

She still did not understand and did not mind it.

Yan Xun nodded silently: “Well, then you be careful.”

Chu Qiao also nodded: “Do not worry, I will not go with you in the banquet, you go alone, in everything be careful.”

Chu Qiao turned around to go out, Yan Xun  suddenly in his low voice, hint in the back sigh: “Achu.”

The woman surprised a moment, stopped.

“Anyone can betray me, you cannot, anyone can leave me, but you cannot.”

Chu Qiao did not answer, standing silently, then opened the door, lift her foot to leave.

Yan Xun slowly closed his eyes, leaning on the back of the chair, murmured to himself: “If you leave, I have nothing.”

Snow fallin in the shallow court, a woman on her pale gown, hand-held Yan Xun’s white fur fox, long hair was rolled up by the slightest breeze. Looking back at the silhouette of the window silently, long time did not leave.

The cold is different from here, outside the Yingge hospital at this time, the chamber filled with festivals and colorful glass front jade placed in front, on the row side by side to the Eight Princess Zhao Chun at Duanmu Pavilion. Zhu Jin shop in the snow, colorful women on both sides of the palace show the color lights, highly burning.

When it began the crowd gathered at Duanmu Pavilion, the Emperor in person, the guests are all in exchange of hustle and blessings of the Music. From the side of the direction of curling wood, a cold and lonely one on the road, riding a horse stand silently, the woman a rode with the strong Battalion military of batons, gave her outer approval of the Green cloak, already far at her back, she looked at the glittering lights, pale, calm and self-sustaining.

Lonely night, long wind and cold, a solitude between heaven and earth, wandering lonely, cold wind blowing her front forehead hair, the more it seems a little face thin and sad.

This road is my own choice for myself, from the land of no turning  back, only to go forward.

Life has never given me the right to regret, and I will never allow useless thoughts to stop you from moving forward. Big hatred did not report, the North Korea is unpredictable, why children become more private?

Yan Xun, I will be with you, waiting for you to accomplish the sword world at the moment, cowardly talented to sentimental, incompetent people will complain but I will not, I do not hurt, never.

Huge bells sounded from time to time, the sky filled with fireworks in the high ceremonial rose into bloom, Sizzler accompanied by the sound lively voices come from Duanmu Pavilion, a huge company celebrate this solemn moment of joy .


Cold, the thin girl suddenly raised the whip, warhorse soon as tight mouth, rushed and gallop away.

Cold night but desolate on the lively hall, swaddling long standing, looking at the dark sky outside the hall, a long time silent.

Cold and lonely Yingge hospital, a small boudoir ( french word means sulking place) , snow white fox quiet and she saw something at the table, dusty and clean as new.

You and I have been in contact for eight years, and we have all the same things we have done in the past. Now everything is going to pass. When we return to Yanbei, we will …”

We will …

Let’s get married, let’s be together, and we will never separate.

Those unspeakable words and unspeakable things are covered in the dust of the years after all, and fall into the dust, never seeing the shadow of the past. Fate is a fire, in many cases, the chance is only once, missed, is for many years.

Xiaoqian camp outside the city gate, the girl holding the token given by the Queen gave the Camp openly into the most valiant army of the empire.

Armor passwords, vigorous military songs, the army before the big account, a soldier carefully wake up the general sleep.

Zhao Che Carapace! (means the hard upper shell of a turtle, crustacean, or arachnid), his brow gently picked, coldly said: “Chu Qiao?”

“Let her in!”

Resonant tone has just fallen, the true northwest corner of the city of sky, suddenly came to a burst of open fight and screams!

Zhao Che thoroughly surprised, did not have time to even put on his boots, quickly ran out of the big account, saw the sky in the northwest corner, flames, shout loudly, chaos like a plague-like crash hit, had long been out of the city Chi Road Of the Green Army troops and horses quickly swarm to Xiaoqidang camp, where blades are cold, dense soldiers armor.

A big event!

Cho Qiao raised her brow, on both sides of the mains snapped: “Let the snow come!”

“and many more!”

Suddenly a cold voice sounded, outside waiting for summon Chu Qiao hold  Zhao Che’s wrist, calmly said: “you cannot go.”

In her voice, there was a great deal of confidence and strength in her voice that Zhao Che did not realize for a moment that this untouchable clutching her own wrist, instead she whispered: “Why?”

“Look, whose mansion is there?”

Zhao Che surprised a moment, desperate and wanted to go, but suddenly remembered something and do not want to think of the last name.

Muhe together!

“If you go, the entire Xiaoqingshan Camp should be recklessly buried for you, and I do not want to be implicated on the first day,” the woman gently let it go, coldly said: “Besides, the event has been set, you are now rushed to go, it does not work anymore.”

A shock killed the west, suddenly, the whole city alerted, only the magnificent Sanctuary, still immersed in the joy of erosion.



CHAPTER 062  Punch Prince (raw)


“Now you just walked out of the big camp, you are suicidal.”

The woman’s tone clearly said, leisurely sitting in the cavalry Camp Army with an  expression of ease, without any color of panic.

Zhao Che had already put on the armor. If it was not an emergency, he might really want to severely punish the anti-patriarchy of this disrespectful damn woman. However, the sound outside more harsh, and needs more urgent the situation. Although he has no feelings or even unspeakable dislike to Muhe’s, his fate and Muhe’s are now inextricably linked and his lips can not be ignored.

“When I come back make sure you are clean up again.” Zhao Che coldly looked at the woman, hand on the hilt, facing deputy deputy Cheng Yu silent said: “Rectify the soldiers and horses, then follow me.”

“Shua” a crisp sound heard, Zhao Che’s quick hand, suddenly side dodge, saw a white light hit, bang slam on the pillar, the strength is great, leaving a deep impression.

Zhao Che’s soldier saw a sudden panic, snapped: “bold Assassin! A foreigner! Protect Your Highness!”

Suddenly the soldiers rushed in, their war swords in uniform brushed to pull out their sheaths, the cold air blew, reflecting the interior of the candlelight, shaking people sore eyes.

Zhao Che frowned, a pair of dark and thick Jianmei (means healthy and beautiful) raised gently, coldly said: “Hello big courage.”

Chu Qiao tilted her head, eyes sweeping and looking over the soldiers in the house and staring at Zhao Che on his mouth an ironically smile, it is natural to get up, go to the corner of the big tent, pick up the things on the ground, actually a piece of broken silver, blowing dust in her mouth the girl beautiful face said: “is this also a hidden weapon?”

Zhao Che face looking slightly embarrassed about the low slave, he said loudly: “All out.”

The crowds all of a sudden like a tide back off, Chu Qiao looked up at the tall Zhao Che not changing in her color: “I said it before, you did not hear clearly?

Zhao Che on chill, coldly a hum: “Is my Barracks like a heavy land? Why do you say this woman’s share? Let’s go!”

His voice faded, and he saw a petite woman all of a sudden on her swfitness like a leopard suddenly jumped in place, probe forward, change wrist, into the claw, in response to all to catch Zhao Che’s throat.

In the face of her so quick skill, no one will doubt this woman in the end there is no doubt she will cut off the strength of others neck.

Chu Qiao smiled and said: “You are my boss, so I do not have a knife, only with your gestures.”

“Do you know what you are doing?” Zhao Che’s voice was cold, almost gnashing every word he said.

“Of course I know,” Chu Qiao smiled. “I’m saving you.”

“help me?”

“Yes,” the woman looked up, her eyes bright, her mouth with a trace of confident smile: “If you walk out now from this gate of the Valiant Camp, there is no doubt that no one in this family can live to see the sun of tomorrow.”

Zhao Che like asking heard a cold smile: “With them?”

“It’s good, they are alone.”

Chu Qiao eyes a squint, coldly said: “Mu He’s embezzlement of their murder cases, Muhe Yun last night kneeling in front of the Shen Jin Palace and in the afternoon refused to be summon, why? A sudden incident report was passed on to the Elders Shrine to review the implementation of guilty and it was done half day without prior arrangement, who would believe? The eight princess Zhao Chun scheduled tonight, so in the feast why they did not invite you to enter the palace, even if you and the Queen are not pro, His Higness Zhao Chun is your own sister. Why is this hapeening? Mu He’s main government was besieged. Your mother knows you are heavily armed and should be controlled in advance, but when they were surrounded by soldiers with your troops that are completely out of proportion, you cannot fight at all? What are they waiting for? Did you not understand? “

Zhao Che suddenly surprised a moment and at the edge of his eyes is a surge constantly flashing, a divinely said: “You mean, is the father emperor … …”

“That’s not necessarily about it,” Chu Qiao gently smiled and dropped his hand: “The emperor left you in Xiaoqi camp, perhaps just to tempt you to see you in the end is surnamed Zhao or surnamed Mu. As for those outside, it may not be The emperor who arranged everything, but the one who wants to see you die. “

Zhao Che with this smart girl, just a moment of anger let him lose sense of propriety, at the moment carefully recalled, all things suddenly mastered, could not help but come to a cold sweat.

“That person is to let you take it lightly, deliberately surrounded by a few people Xiaoqiang camp, but as soon as you step out of the cavalry camp immediately you become a rebel party, when to kill you, not just beyond this point of the people.

Zhao Che frowned, after a long time just quietly asked: “Why do you want to save me?”

“Because I am now a member of a valiant camp, if you die, I do not end my life.” Having said that, the girl courageously kissed one of his knee, in a low voice, whispered: “The see the end of General Chu Qiao, a striker Camp Arrow Teacher.”

Zhao Che watched the girl’s face, looking calm, long time did not speak.

Three more hours, the momentum of the northwestern did not weakened, but intensified. The girl wrote the letters, lifted the curtain, turned her finger in and entered the door, blowing a loud son, and the dark, eagle fell to the ground, vigorous and weird. In this intense and uneasy night, nobody was found.

A short while, the eagles fly high, towards the magnificent palace, far away.

All the way to the white, men’s silk clothing, looking slightly black, but a pair of eyes is still bright. Suddenly heard a loud whistle, he looked up a refined song from his arm, the goshawk fell on it.

Unfolded letters, fierce handwriting suddenly greeted: Double Star Yaogeng Bureau must be sworn to cast the forbidden palace in deep, needs to be careful.

A mouth of a man in his gentle smile, distant eyes, to the northwest hopes to go home.

After the whole night, the turmoil is not over, the real people of the city of Huang Cheng’s on a silent home, no one dared to go out to watch. Shouting and a cry from the middle of the night has been ringing to the bright sky has been cut off, the flames glaring and black smoke rolling.

Muhe’s opposition has been expected, even if they have not realized that this matter will be so serious, did not realize that this is the famine disaster, did not think the emperor will be ruthless, Wei valve and the Zhao royal family will put them on this road to ruin.

At a time when all the family forces are unprepared, the family monarchy of the past century has made Mu Hussein, the temple minister in power, more of a mess. As a result of their respective battles, the Imperial Army has eaten them up cleanly and without any power to fight back.

Dawn of war, the war has come to an end, Muhe Xi , Mu Hsi Xili, Mu together in the sky were punished on the spot, the family soldier put up two thousand people dead and wounded, Muhe Yun that night was arrested and imprisoned. Muhe’s family counted to ninety families in total, regardless of men, women and children. All custody is up to Mu He Yun’s the mother of the empire, all of a sudden crowded Imperial Palace.

At the same time, the imperial capital was tightly sealed, restricting all people from going out of the cities and walking around. The emperor Zhao Song, accompanied by his family’s token and Chongwen Pavilion’s imitation letters, went to the Twenty-three Tung Choi Army the Twenty-Sixth Army and the southeast Field Army, Southeast Marine Navy 16th Army, Mu He Yun conveyed at night its critical information. Urgency Muhe Xi Fang pool, Muhe Xi Xing, Muhe Xi Yu, as well as Mu He Yun that night taking all hard scenes immediately returned to Beijing to discuss the next leader of the family.

However, as soon as the chief commander of the chief military officer of the Quartet stepped into true Huangcheng City, it was won by the imperial troops and Muhe’s final hope was put to a loss.

However, just in the evening, the grandson Song Duan of Muhe Yun escaped out of the heavily guarded Tian, ran and escaped from the Zhen City Gate all the way to the east.

Mu He family people on their thunderous applause while Muhe Yun Yan that night was stunned, after a long time, he slowly closed his eyes cloudy, shouted apologies to his ancestors, shed two lines of clear tears on his face.

Three days later, General Meng Zhan, one of the Mongolian generals, went all the way to the east with Meng’s army, and attacked Huai’dong, Song Duan who followed Muhe’s conspiracy to rebel. Soaring wind and sullen Song Duan, their family leader decisive, Mu He Yun at night’s Mu together Minglan and Song Duan daughter were  tied with flowers and was sent to the front army of Meng Tai Suo Li.

Who knows Mengmu refused to pay, after a round of arrows, the army continued to open up, not after five days, to break the Huai-Dong’s as their first etiquette act to the door at Song’s Duan.

Suddenly, the two families were brutally slaughtered. On March 28, before the absolute beginning of trowel at Jiuyou, more than 4,000 heads of the two families , Muhe and Song, were dropped. Muhe’s ancestors and grandchildren of the Five Dynasties, in addition to the Queen Mu He Yun, some were spared, even Ting Fei Mu and Xiang Fei Mu on their  road to the west, were poisoned together putting some orchid in the incense while drinking liquor.

Nine quiet stage were  presented and beheaded that day, the entire true Huangcheng people are to watch, for a time the city of thousands became empty lanes, and at the execution ground, the atmosphere are lively and can be compared to the New Year’s day.

A generation of Golden Gate valve, the prosperity of the past, the prosperous, pettiness, giants crowded, it was so deeply buried in the soil, into the fields of the soil, dissipated in the turbulent years, as empire turns to another victims. The former Queen Mu He Yun wearing gold and silver, pearl covered its noble head, and finally deep down, in the Imperial were jagged with trowel before spraying a full blood on the ground.

The so-called blessed and prosperous Rongsheng (born on military affairs) are only dust into the wind.

On the fourteenth day, Zhao Che stayed in the camp and did not take a step, but the news has been passed, these are not the secret of Zhao Che, he is more cruel to understand, that these messages will stimulate, He forced him out of camp bait. Although his eyes did not open, however, they had already seen the cold knife outside the Ji Yu.

On the second day of April, the Sanctuary of the Golden Temple issued a commendation order: Commendation of Zhao Che’s thorough, righteous patriotism, special thanks to two thousand two hundred gold, promoted to General East Road. Although this rank does not have the real power now, but once the emperor Yu Jia pro-levys, he is a close general, showing the emperor’s satisfaction and trust in him.

Suddenly, the news that the seventh princes, Zhao Che, gained solemn prestige, spread throughout the Great Xia Dynasty, countless pairs of eyes on it, secretly envied.

Received the imperial decree of the night, Zhao Che of Xiaoqi camp, an outstanding martial arts camp, he is quietly standing on a long time without a word. He could hate Muhe’s, disgust at their domineering attitude, hate them regardless of their inferiority and their disgractivity.

However, he has to admit that he can stand among the many princes for many years, but also thanks to this powerful mother’s gift. Now that Muhe’s collapsed, in the face of the bloodthirsty wolf royal family, How should he base himself?

A full five days, Xiao riding camp are immersed in a dark, tough family members, have bought through the military department, quietly transferred from the Xiaoqi camp to Green Cam. The rest of the people can not transfer away and were also known as the disease retreat, returned home. Zhao Che did not stop them, after all, these aristocratic children all understand they want to stay in Great Summer, in addition to the three district in Shandong have a strong military stregnth reserve.

Between the 5th, Xiaoqi camp staff to streamline two-thirds, the rest is not many years to follow Zhao Che’s faithful deployment, that is, rising up from the border up is a cold play.

Today, the more violent snow, Zhao Che on his ink leather armor, naturally waved the teaser camp curtains.

Just then, a white light suddenly hit the pillar above, Zhao Che twinkling his eyes so he heard something like a bite sound, the white light suddenly inserted something in the pillar above, he turned around and looked at it, was actually a sharp dagger!

“What are you doing?” Zhao Che became outrageous: ” do you want to live?”

Voice just faded, the Great Summer dynasty seventh prince suddenly turns his face red, given his years of military career exposed under the wind and the sun, his skin is not like the capital of these families as white as jade, with a bit healthy dark and calm frost color. However, at this moment, he was still a little stunned. After a long time, he said in an angry voice, “What are you doing?”

All of a sudden the women’s waist and jade shoulder, lotus arms and legs, body no plume, only holding a piece of leather that covers its front, revealing thin and fragrant shoulders and slender legs, looking angry although embarrassing, but no other woman-like in panic, generously standing in place, word for word coldly said: “I’m changing clothes.”

Zhao Che embarrassed to turn around and said in anger: “What kind of clothes you should have for the daytime, hurry up.”

Behind the sound of the armor came Pau Shuo sound collision, uncompromising Zhao Che, his eyes in chaos, suddenly saw his side there was a huge bronze mirror, the graceful figure of a woman in bronze mirror suddenly concealed. A man’s eyes suddenly wide open, unable to control under the eyes. Just then, a sharp eyes was suddenly shot, looking straight to the bronze mirror. Women dressed in personal clothes, but more and more look graceful, looking angry, cold eyes.

Zhao Che blushing, but suddenly staring eyes more fierce look back in the past, as if he is confidently normal.

Chu Qiao coldly holding her mouth, while looking at him wearing her clothes, black tight night clothes, her waist wrapped around the homemade hook lock as a belt, leggings inserted with two flying knives, a dagger, an arm care also inserted a sharp knife, and then wearing a night gown outer armor, her waist wear a long sword, while a standby small folding crossbow arrow, bright quiver arrows neatly stays at her back.

Zhao Che’s brow wrinkled more tight, and finally could not help but said: “You are so fully armed to go?”

Chu Qiao looked at him coldly, coldly said: “I am used to it.”

Zhao Che ridiculed: “Are you really a slave in this life or always thinking of running away.”

The woman heard but not angry, just continue to organize his boots, Zhao Che see her not nibbling, but a little more boring.

“I do not know why the generals to do this?”

Zhao Che surprised a moment, about to say some words: “yes ah, what to do to their camp account, it seems that before I think of what, at the moment but remembered. The young prince sank, very annoyed at Chu Qiao who asked this embarrassing issue, simply sit down and picked up the case of the hip flask to take a sip.

Barracks rooms are equipped with jugs, the weight is small, only to warm up in the winter and use. Chu Qiao raised her brow, coldly said: “You come to me, not just for drinking.”

Zhao Che beauitiful and healthy he said: “No way?”

“No problem, of course,” the woman said with a smile: “This is your site, and even if you go to the stables, the toilet and drinking, no one has control over you.”

Zhao Che suddenly on his coldness: “crooked mouth, sooner or later die on this mouth.”

“You, at least not die under your knife.” on a low tone voice Chu Qiao said.

The man drink and looked up and said: “Do not think that even if you helped me once that I won’t kill you.”

“Do I dare to have such a wish?” Chu Qiao said: “The seventh princes is murderous but then  he cares about the lives of others, all these years, the one thousand eight hundred slaves in your hands, how would you pity my type under a small life?

So provocative, Zhao Che got irritated, instead asked: “Why are you wearing a Night coat?

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, did not think he would suddenly asked this topic, she replied: “I am used to sleeping, running up and convenient.”

The young general rare no exaggeration, quietly nodded and quietly drinking.

At this time, a sudden burst of applause came off the books, Zhao Che frowned, stood up and walked out. Chu Qiao’s eyes turned and followed him out.

An experienced green army soldier, went straight to the army’s large account, sees Zhao Che did not put down the letter and turned away. Zhao Che looking far came but pretended he had not seen, stand up and get rid of the dust away.

Zhao Che gradually dimmed his eyes, but did not speak. Cheng Fu hand over the letter, frowning said: “His Royal Highness, Sanhedrin dispatched the Ministry of War issued a briefing, saying that the deployment of Xiao Ching Ying out of the city, one hundred and thirty miles away of Yucheng build Chi Road, Prince of Bian Tang is convenient to drive Forward.”

Zhao Che did not receive the letter, but slowly clenched his fist, his arm veins, blood bloat.

Half a month ago, the three princes Zhao Qi had personally asked to move out of the city to build Chi Road, but Mu He’s case proved that Zhao Qi had never left the Imperial City and the Green Army had been lurking outside the city for a long time. Mu He’s now being eradicated in the Wei valve dominance, he also received all the praise and love of the people on the road but with Zhao Chivalry Xiao Ching Camp out of the city to cultivate, is this the contempt of the strong? Or the victor’s bullying?

Zhao Che’s eyes turned vicious, his fists firmly gripped, Chu Qiao stood beside him, for the first time the seventh prince is not so damn nasty, she whispered and softly said: “Grandmother, you, just forbear. “

Zhao Che on his cold smile, suddenly turned around, looking at the magnificent San Gai Temple that looks like a sharp knife.

Chu Qiao knows that the hatred of contempt has already budded in his heart and will only grow up over time.

The next day, Xiao Qing camp out of the army, went to Yucheng, built Chi Road to meet Li Ce the Bian Tang  Prince.


Bian Tang is not far away from the Great Summer Country, fast horses in January will be enough, if the carriage can be slow to walk in February but can also be reached. Only the prince actually gave birth to life on the road four months in advance, and now cannot see even the shadow in the distance.

Most of summer princes, have experience of garrison, followed by the army grassland wasteland mountain stream wherever you go. However, this Bian Tang’s guests, across the river need to take the bridge, but also must be riding a horse on a solid stone bridge, every grassland need to open up wasteland. The Great Summer Emperor said its name cannot pollute Bian Tang Jinma horse’s horseshoe. If the mountain does not go, desert do not go, no one lives 50 miles from the town, cannot live in tents, if the water is not from a spring cannot drink, if tea leaves are not fresh cannot drink, if its not a home grown wine does not drink, its food all coming from Bian Tang have been saddled up all the way to travel with this expensive trip. The carriage is full of provisions where there are more than 200 carriages which were is the control, all by the hands of men will not touch anything, in order to feed the only Miao (means clever and wonderful) Bian Tang emperor can be described as hollowing out of its mind to eat rice, fruits and vegetables cultivated on their harem. Yhey opened up a fertile soil and selected civil outstanding farmers, and then taught them by the court after young girls personally cultivated it before the Bian Tang Prince swallows it.

After learning all of this, Chu Qiao secretly became speechless, to meet such a powerful character, the big summer royal even sent Zhao Che, but also with a lot of soldiers riding Xiaoqi camp, it is not intended to make things difficult?

In short, the Xiaoqi camp warriors who opened up a snow-capped trail of snow for ten days, and finally will pack everything up, is waiting for the Prince Bian Tang’s great visit. Suddenly came, the news in front: The Prince that night was kicked, harmed the cold, has turned its back.

Zhao Che heard, his nose almost airy and crooked, launched the troops and roared away, Chu Qiao looked at Zhao Che left att his figure, slightly sighed. But her heart did not know why gave birth to a trace of heart of fear, this Prince of  Bian Tang, if not a real absurd, must know how to hide this terrible master.

In the evening, Zhao Che sent people back the message. The great prince, who was a great shelf, finally agreed to temporarily stop and rest their body, but refused to enter the barracks. And, pass the messages on striker Camp Arrow Chu Qiao disciples to follow, on their own went to the former camp.

Chu Qiao raised her brow and puzzled with the inquiry.

The half of the soldiers hesitated for a long time before he whispered: “The Prince refused to see His Royal Highness, and said His Highness was too overbathing to make his condition aggravate. All these words are conveyed by the little maid beside the Prince of Bian Tang.”

Listening to everyone, his big head boarded, this Prince of Bian Tang is still not willing to talk to men?

Soldiers specifically asked Chu Qiao must wear womens dress, hurriedly dressed, then she immediately hit on the road.

God works for the Great Summer Dynasty, the past few days without heavy snow, or before only small effort to trail with the white vastness of snow. Chu Qiao and the four kinsmen bolted, a flamboyant although its male are not like models, they were gorgeous as well. The more lining of dress she have, the more she looks picturesque, her skin white like snow.

Between the two is not far away, but the two hour trip, who just left less than an hour, the face of a carriage slowly came, inlaid with gold, horses fluttering on air, but the white horse pulled by the cart while riding together, for a time actually a chill are blocked tightly.

Chu Qiao raised the tip of her brows, hold the horse, saw the opposite driving was actually two young girls, one wearing a white marten fur coat following a water pink cotton skirt, the other have a green innerwear and a cloak, a small face reddish flushed, but from time to time looking back to the carriage with the people joking, crisp voice, distant wearing like matured man and far.

“Wow, Sister, is there anyone in front?”

Chu Qiao stopped in front of five girls, girl in green underwear eyes light up and they  said:”back off.”

“Whis is it?” Charming voice suddenly sounded: “male or female?”

Girls bit their lips to eat a smile, no one else said: “four men and a woman.”

“Oh?” The voice inside paused and continued: “The son asked you, what about the woman’s age? How old?”

Chu Qiao girls looked up and down for a while, then shouted on her mouth and said: “Yes, sixteen-year-old, but also better than I do not see where to go, and is comparable with big Sister.”

Suddenly heard a burst of laughter inside, before on top of that voice is laughing, said: “The son said, let your green children say such things, then she must be stunning, the man put it to the woman, left the son to ask questions. “

The girl feeling uncomfortable snorted, a few people said to Chu Qiao: “Did you hear the words of sister? Let the men go, the woman to stay.”

Several people suddenly surprised a moment, then four of the soldiers is even more furious, this royal body is not unusual on the look of their dress, no matter who these few women should not be so bold in front of them.

Chu Qiao has secretly left the heart of many large summer house, acting mostly outrageous, extreme luxury not to say, the family’s juvenile master is even more lawless. These few people do not know which is the big family, need to be careful not to offend.

Who knows they have not spoken, the girl was anxious, angrily exclaimed: “I said the words, you did not hear it? Really stupid dead.” Speaking, took out two gold, readily thrown to the ground, proudly said: “I see no jade belt, and that you are not from the noble clan, a cold woman to sell this price is good, even there are many of you, go quickly.”

A small soldier raged, snapped: “Where’s the yellow hair girl, dare … …”

Words have not finished, I saw a whip suddenly hit, the little maid looks young, skill is good, that soldier actually was attacked by her anger, a Shua! hit in the face, leaving a sparkling whip marks, braided pumping in the eyes, I do not know how the injury happened, then the soldier suddenly dropped his horse, clutching his eyes screamed aloud.

“Well! I do not know the dog’s life and death stuff!” Little Maid coldly pumping again on her horse. Chu Qiao saw her so rude, unwittingly also moved between the real anger, hurriedly approached, split hands and grasp the hair braids, clever way of slightly snatching over.

“Do not be deceived too much.”

Woman’s cold voice, looking at the small maidservants.

“Gee!” Another soldier suddenly shouted, Chu Qiao bowed her head and saw the soldiers were just pumped out of the palm of her hand full of blood are actually out flow from the eyes, obviously the eyes cannot hold.

“Hmm!” The little green house named Lv Ling Ran fearless, disdain snorted: “What a great thing, but a Dalit Fool, big deal I lose you … … ah!”

Voice hardly ever finsihed when suddenly a whip fly out, Shua! soon as it smoothed on her tender white cheeks, under that force more adequate, the blood flowed down the cheek, the girl screams and covered her cheek looking furious.

“What a great sway but wicked beast, I blind you to play with one eye, a big deal to pay you silver.

Chu Qiao learned the tone she had just coldy said and the whip have drawn back.

The girl poured hard, is not called, just gnashing at her, eyes extremely venomous color, said in anger: “dead girl, just let go!

“Who wants you to let go?” Chu Qiao half squinted, asked: “You just did not mean to buy me? Now look at your ability.”

Speaking, a knife suddenly played like a lightning rushed forward, rushed in the horse’s hips, the horses stunned, Yang hoop, whistling and running away.

“Help him get started, go!”

Chu Qiao looking so cold, said to its subsidence. The first four horses behind immediately came up.

Just a moment ago, she noticed that there were not only a few of them, but also numerous cautious footsteps in the jungle covered by snow on both sides, and she suddenly knew it was not good. This seemingly single-minded carriage, in fact, there are nearly 100 skilled guards on the side, once the conflict, they absolutely can not discuss the benefits. I can only prejudice, then attack its unprepared.

Sure enough, not a moment later, immediately rumbled the sound of hoofs. Chu Qiao whipping horse, snapped: “fast!”

Five first, go quickly.

Just then, a whistling arrow rain suddenly came, shooting a horse does not shoot people, four kin soldiers immediately dropped the horse.

“Do not stop?”

A sound of evil charm suddenly sounded in her ears, the whole body of white horse foal like Mercedes-Benz in the side, immediately the red man ink hair flying, flirtatious, actually like a woman in general, his face is like an evil charm, one hand reins, one hand sword , kept his pace with Chu Qiao, like a wolf when he laughs.

“Peng!” soon as Chu Qiao suddenly kick fiercely in the man’s horse belly, the white horse whistled, but still did not back down. The man surprised a moment, then laughed: “a fierce woman, Ye Hao (means caraway –  white-flowered Mediterranean plant which bears caraway seeds), since you do not like it, let’s not let it disturb you and I like a duo.”

Having said that, the man on his stature suddenly jumped up from the saddle, Chu Qiao on a stable ride on the back of the horse, ring around the girl’s waist, breathing warm, strands of spray in the girl’s ears, ambiguous voice said: “The body is fragrant, such as blue, skin Sheng Xue (means vigorous in the snow), Red River also had a beautiful woman above the original, this small girl is really ignorant.”

Chu Qiao on her coldness soon back elbow to hit him, the man laughed and attempt to  hold her tightly in his arms, sticking out his tongue on Chu Qiao’s back gently licked and laughed: “slippery as creamy, fragrant such as snow lotus, it really is the beauty of snow.”

Chu Qiao whole body of a cold, goose bumps suddenly emerge, almost she wants to vomit out, furious, saw the silhouette sideways, obviously he has been surrounded by evil to the gall bladder students. Fist, elbow, push the palm, suddenly hit the man’s shoulders, legs, under pressure, elbows severely hit the abdomen of a man, then the body side, suddenly slipped under the horse back, only a grip to the horse’s belly legs, grabbed the man’s leg, force a tear to come out.

That person who thought her skills actually so agile, caught off guard, Peng! cry is issued on air, extremely and awkwardly fell on the snow. Head down, direct the snow, with his head planted on the snow and the body on upside down. Where there is a shred of wind instrument and tolerance?

The woman then jumped, kneeling on one knee fiercely on the man’s back, hit him in the with stars around his eyes, clap a slap in the face, a crisp light immediately hit the man’s face.

Take advantage of the chase, even with the band hit, Chu Qiao, such as the tiger-like man’s head, to show the potential like her chest of Wing Chun boxing, crackling the punch down, the beauty of the boat smash the bridge tactics, tiger tail palm, exposing the hand, an endless stream, to do everything possible to open up, all fell on the man’s head and face above!

A huge pumping sound constantly sounded all around, the girls fists like a tiger in the wind, quickly as lightning,  fast like raindrops, straightly came to see the dazzling. Everyone sunned looking at the girls sitting on the man’s body, fist old spirited, skilled, for a time they really do not know what to do on how to respond.

“Ah, a bunch of idiot, save the Prince!”

The sharp voice of the woman sounded suddenly, Chu Qiao heart followed by a loud cry: Prince?

The banging hoofs sounded, the snow and fog rolling, horse whistling, the dark Xiaoqi Yanying army under the leadership of Zhao Che like a thunder, however, to see the immediate scene, but no one is not alarmed, looking waxy.

Zhao Che beautiful handomse and healthy prince in front, topped immediately, snapped: “Chu Qiao, what are you doing?”

Chu Qiao suddenly hid her hand, and the man she was riding under his head also raised his head confused, looking up at a blushing face and blankly face of people, a pair of black eyes swollen, one does not know if he can see clearly see the scene.

Zhao Che clang loudly stand up and down, strode and come forward, facing the man on the ground politely: “Your Royal Highness Prince of Bian Tang, the king under the Royal is lax, offended you.”

Speaking, he grabbed Chu Qiao’s arm, will still ride on Prince Tang who pull her down and pulled behind him.

The girl has been stunned, looking at Bian Tang messengers crying tears run to the royal figure, only one of the first two was big.

This is the Bian Tang royal family, thrown to the wind and basked in snow rain is unreasonably in good color, and prince Li Ce on it?

She is really crazy.


CHAPTER 063  Needy Prince (raw)

Chu Qiao knew that this time she got into trouble.

Too many things to worry about, murder Prince Bian Tang? Conspiracy to undermine the diplomatic relations between the two countries? Do not honor the following to make the following?

Any one of the charges pressed down enough to put her to death, her life seems to have never been so impulsive regardless of the consequences, which in the end what went wrong, why do they seem to be ghostly mind?

She had not dared to see Zhao Che’s face, the noise of several women across the street enough to break the big tent in the army, she stood behind Zhao Che, carefully remembered the cause and effect of the incident, but could not find any one tiny details to excuse themselves. Now, she can only hope that this incident will not be detrimental to the swallows (Yan Xun’s camp), will not let him back up for this sinful crime.

“How many of you said enough?”

The cold voice sounded suddenly low but intonation is cold, with a strong evil spirits. Several bright girl suddenly surprised a moment, she saw Zhao Che on his one armor, looking like iron, his eyes looked like a few people, word by word coldly said: “When finish give it to me!

“You!” A woman in a yellow-brown dress suddenly pointed at Zhao Che, but was stopped by another slightly older woman: “Little E, do not be rude to Your Highness.”

“Sister Sister … …”

“Since His Highness has official business to be busy, then we will not disturb the first, but we will never let go of this matter, we have sent a messenger, our country will immediately send envoys to come true to coordinate the matter … As for the girl … “The woman’s eyes slowly turned around Chu Qiao body, said lightly:” Your Highness refused to hand in, we are helpless. Please leave, His Royal Highness is temporarily for our custody for the time being, and then we do not care about.”

After speaking, she turn left the big account, the other women also coldly walked away.

Zhao Che stood quietly in the big account, looking at the wind fluttering the curtain, a long time without saying a word.

Chu Qiao stood behind him, cannot see his expression, but her  heart can imagine how angry he was. To Zhao Che, the best solution to this issue was to cut her the treacherous woman on the spot and to punish him for being unlucky. However, he now detained himself and refused to hand over to Bian Tang’s messenger. What is this all about?

Chu Qiao vowed that if he is now her own fist, she will not fight back.

Suddenly, Chu Qiao’s back gently startled, as if there is anything to say, but hard to endure not to say. Her forehead slowly sweating, palms damp, slightly dilated pupils.

He, what exactly? Can I take this opportunity to climb the gang? The emperor has been looking for the wrong place Yan Yan, the good except for the fast, so now, will they become an excuse?

The girls slowly hold their fists, unconsciously to explore the dagger at the thigh.

Zhao Che turn around, looked weird, eyes looking at Chu Qiao, but suddenly, his mouth slowly grinning, and then …

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Huge laughter immediately sounded, deputy chief will be several other Xiaoqidang generals came in, one by one crying loudly laughter, Zhao Che reach to her on the shoulder, thumbs up and sighed: “a good kind! Well done!”

What is the status?

Chu Qiao suddenly shocked, unknown, so widened his eyes.

“This young boy Li Ce, it has long been the repair.”

“What kind of Prince Bian Tang is, like a pussy, dressed in red and green all day, looking at my old Dong (means landlord) disgusting.”

“When there are so many problems, somebody should kill and kill him.”

“Little girl, you are doing well, who dare to deal with you, we first do not agree!”

Chu Qiao stunned for a long while unable to speak, for a long time, was carefully cautious cough loudly: “Your Highness, this matter, it seems not so sloppy. Although I do not know who not to offend, but after all, I hit the Prince of Bian Tang, not to mention people or to the big royal birthday, even worse, we must sincerely apologize, right? “

“Did you beat him?” Zhao Che on his maleficent brow, turned to the crowd: “Who saw it? Did you see it?”

The crowd said: “I did not look under it.”

Someone boarded, unknown to Zhao Che looked.

Zhao Che sighed and shook his head: “But you’re really stupid to talk about, you have to beat him to find a chance to start ah.”

“Yes!” Dong bearded 38 on the front said: “Your Highness to discuss with us, and so on this guy on the road, no chance to find a man put on a sack to beat him out in the air, not let him blush to really not a surprise, you did not expect you to start faster than us, and we actually have long been, from afar to see you beat him, that is, did not show up.

Chu Qiao looked at a man with a glowing eyes, for a time really in tears.

“Do not worry,” Zhao Che took it very generously and patted her on the shoulder. “Although I used to think you were not very pleasing to the eye, now that you were also my own, I will not treat you badly.”

That day, the ice lake thaw, winter snow has been clear, the spring of the Great Summer Dynasty, and finally quietly arrived in the early summer’s tail.

At night, the camp in a quiet, only the eastern corner of the faint sizzle slowly came, and the barracks under the night seems very inconsistent. Recalling that Vice President Bian Tang will say that this is the habit of sleep when no song is difficult to sleep, and now he suffered such a big blow, the song played more and more sad, like a deep woman Sichun song.

Chu Qiao sitting on the snow, playing with the sword in his hand. Under the vast snowfields, countless lights flashing, frosty moonlight pouring in the camp is a quiet place, and occasionally patrol soldiers walked through, but this is not a battlefield, inevitably loose many, less a little nervous atmosphere. To continue the traces of desolation, Chu Qiao sigh: “The so-called Qianqian (means diligent, vigorous) but also so epic fail.”

“Zheng” sounded crisp, suddenly came, Chu Qiao bowed his head and saw that it was not yet the sheath of the sword, issued a loud voice. Her brow gently wrinkled, squeak, pull the sword out of the scabbard.

This sword forged a unique, a full four feet long, sword blade white, faint dark red lines above the waves, at first glance, thought it was not dry the snowfall like dust.

“Good sword!”

Exclaimed suddenly heard from behind, Chu Qiao looked back, but saw it is Zhao Che on his a black robe, step by step onto the snow slope, sat down beside her and said: “What is the name? “

Chu Qiao slightly surprised a moment, shook her head and said: “I do not know.”

“Do you know your own sword?”

The woman shook her head: “This sword is not mine.”

Zhao Che nodded, did not ask, his right hand carrying a hip flask, looked up and drank a hand, readily handed to Chu Qiao on his provocative impressive manly chin.

The woman shook her head and said, “You do not need to excite me. I never drink alcohol. I just drink accidentally, or worry more.”

Zhao Che was surprised to hear a moment, a long time later, whispered: “In the past my idea is the same as you, but then gradually came to think it is what the world really looks like.”

“Zhao Che, you are a little confused about what happened today.”

“Is it?” Zhao Che smiled, looked up to drink and did not answer.

Chu Qiao continued: “You insult the emperor in such a blatant manner in the face of all, and see me fight him without showing up. Afterwards, I tried hard to defend the emperor and made everyone know everything. Then trust those of your deployment?”

Zhao Che lazy laughed: “Then what should I do? Will you hand over to the law firm? I want to do something on my own, others do it for me, why should I be grateful?”

“You should not be like that.” The girl slowly shook her head: “Zhao Che, you are very different from what I imagined.”

“Then what should I be like? Like those in the Sanctuary of Gold?

“Shut up!” The woman snapped: “Do you know what you’re saying?”

“Of course I know,” Zhao Che suddenly got cold and his eyes farther into the distance, gloomy: “Sometimes, I really want to burn it all up.”

The man bowed his head and said slowly: “I’ve been tending others for more than a decade and have been calculating the interests since I spoke, until I was sent to the frontier to be truly idle, and sometimes I felt together with these children of the cold clan, far more comfortable than the Sanctuary, they are my brothers and sisters, but they are fierce to me more than the wild beasts.

“Chu Qiao, I just want to ask you tonight to ask you to come to Xiaoqian camp, in the end is prepared for the future of Yan Xun or if really want to be loyal to me.”

Chu Qiao calm, she looked at the man ‘s eyes, and finally firmly said: “I just want to live, all along, just like this.”

Zhao Che’s eyes quietly not moving but flashed in a fleeting moment, he nodded slowly, coldly said: “From now on, you have to follow me wholeheartedly, no one can hurt you again.”

The woman kneeling woman in the snow: “Thank you your Majesty!”

Scattered lights, stars desperate, back camp account, Chu Qiao covered almost all the clothes are soaked. Soak in the steaming tub, all the thoughts tossing up time.

Everyone in the real city is a master of acting, and likewise, she is also.

Xia Huang murdered Mu He, with the help of the emperor, the thirteenth prince son, and Wei valve forces, but he alone was excluded, and sent to try all kinds of caretaker, for any one person, why would you feel resentment?

A wise emperor, can accommodate the unhappy little temper son, but cannot tolerate a bitter all the bitterness in the bottom of my heart the opportunity to retaliate for revenge.

An imperial prince who tries to figure out the throne, the next incompetent brother who shows his anger on the surface, cannot tolerate a perfunctory competitor who tries his best to keep everything under his belt.

No one would really think that a little archer teacher dared to take the world’s crowning pride to beat the neighboring princes, who is behind the main messenger, almost at a glance.

She was there tonight just to wait for him. She did not believe Zhao Che did not send anyone to investigate her. As long as she had the heart, she would not have found nothing for her such a small slave of unknown origin. So, she took Zhuge Yue’s sword quietly waiting for the opportunity, broken moon sword, is the sword of the best, by the sword masters Feng Ya (means Elegant Wind) child cast, how did he Zhao Che know?

As long as he knows that he and Zhuge Yue with those entanglements, will find himself with the swallow is also a helpless move, because he killed the old man of Zhuge Xi, nowhere to go have to attach to that abjection of the world.

As long as he knows these things, it should be reasonable to think that the relationship between master and servant to himself and Yan Xun is only driven by profit. Only by holding such a thought can he try to buy himself for his use.

Eryu (means dragon river) cheat, bully, hiding, you secretly deceive me, when I know that I am not perfunctory and you, the winner, we have to look slowly.

“People?” The cold-looking woman hummed, slowly closing her eyes and leaning against the edge of the tub: “But it was, a must.”

Long hawk flutter, dominating the gate of the Golden Temple, Yan Xun started a correspondence: Fu Bian Tang’s inverse scale, the overall situation stable, only Wei pulse he need to worry, the Zhuge.

Palace lantern flashes, flames engulfed, watching the stationery was burned down, Xia Huang’s son-in-law, Yan North’s son issued an order: within three days, if sent from the Wei valve into the court memorial, all cut off.

A’Jing heard a surprise, the matter is of great importance, accidentally, it will be placed under the influence of a few years the full arrangement, could not help but questioning: “Son, such a price, will not be too big?

“Lost A’Chu, that is more costly.”


“A’Jing,” the man on his gently gown, his face made of jade, slightly raised his eyebrow: “You just remember that A’Chu’s life and death is more important than anything else, you can.”

A’Jing voice goes up: “heavier than Yan North?”

Yan Xun faint smile: “If she is not, do I want to go to Yanbei?”

A great panic, kneeling on the ground, coldly said: “The son is the son of Yan North, is the master of Datong, is the hope of the common people, how can we be wasted because of personal interest and not public?

Yan Xun coldy smile: “When I was hit into the area, Where is Yanbian? Where is Datong? Where is ommon people and who helped me? I have many years of hardships, burglary, one for revenge, two for the protection of value people, world common people in my case, but dirt dust.

Astringent frowning eyebrows, pique said: “In this case, why should the child let her fall into the hands of others, why not keep her under the wings?

Young man slowly looked up, eyes firmly said: “Because, I believe her.”

I believe she is the eagle above the sky, I believe she is a hundred non-bending blade, I believe she is the only person who can understand me, I will be able to stand with her and myself, side by side, fighting together.

“A’Jing, I hope your colleagues would get allegiance to her like your allegiance to me, and to protect her like I am, because I AM HER, I am the leader of your colleagues and the hope of common people in the world and well-being, if she is not, I will become a devil!

Ashen whole body startled, incredible look Yan Xun, look to this guild allegiance over the years man. They thought that he would surely be the prince of Yancheng City, loving the people and respecting Datong, but today he suddenly realized in his flashing study that all previous ideas were so wrong.

They are doing a gamble, bet monstrous, but may instantly subvert it!

“Do not have to panic,” Yan Xun faint smile: “I dare tell you, never afraid of Datong will be defeated Yan Xun is not Yan City, he does not play chess, not a puppet, only for their own heart of war.

A’Jing head down, the tone has been indifferently cold: “The world (yan Xun) so the other is under the chill.”

“No harm,” the window suddenly opened the corner, the cold wind blew swaddling his hair, his eyes looked far, the sound gradually misty, but a still firm word spread A’Jing in the ear:

“I want to be a man, not your Lord.”

Cold wind, such as iron, he seems to smell the soldier’s taste.

All in all, an hour later presented to the book of feather girl, summer park stood aside, frowning said: “girl, this woman is the weakness of Yan Shi Zi, sooner or later there will be a major event.”

“Yes,” Sangcang coldly said: “Who made a big deal, how can you be a girl, regardless of the overall situation?”

“Girl, do you want to report to the top or, in the first place, hold the woman in your hand.”

Feather girl looking indifferent, turned and looked to Xi Rui, slowly said: “What do you want to say? Is it in your hand, or kill to end by chance?

Xi Rui surprised a moment, suddenly head down and said: “It does not mean subordinates.”

Yu Leng girl soon said: “Do you know what is called a strong? Weaponry strong, but the enemy of 100 the trick is strong, but the enemy of thousands of people, the power of the strong, but also thousands of enemies. Is a strong heart, all-conquering, perseverance, and only have such a steel mind, can be all-sided and unfavorable, not afraid of any difficulties and dangers, and ultimately ascended the throne, reaching the world (Yan Xun) can not reach the height of what can be considered true. The heart is strong, ruthless and uninvited no fetters? Or faith is firm and never greedy heart? Not, everyone can privately read, the so-called white lotus festival, but in reality it is a fable. Actually for strong people, there must be Oath to guard the things.

The woman put down her letters and sighed with a sigh: “I finally have to worry about the Lord again. He has grown up, and you will do what he wants later. You do not need to ask me again.”

“Girl?” on the other side stored up a surprised moment, quickly cried.

“Fortunately,” the woman sighed with her eyes closed: “The prisoner’s career for many years has not completely obliterated his trust in humanity, and if he is a gloomy, hateful man with no sense of trust, no one in this group can live back to Yanbei. “

“This little girl named A’Chu is the hope and treasure God has given Datong!”


Originally thought that the Prince Bian Tang will not let go, Zhao Che and others have even done a good job fighting and protracted preparations here. Surprisingly, the next morning, Li Ce had argued that he would go to Zenith, and for a moment he should not stay in the military.

Although not afraid, but as a result, Chu Qiao secretly relieved. Regardless of how Li Ce would sue himself after being true to the truth, at least he is willing to walk on his own and lighten his own charges.

Three days later, Prince Bian Tang drove, and finally arrived at Xiaoqi camp Yingzhen really!

This is the first time in two years that the two countries dispatched their royal relatives to carry out such diplomatic relations. Great summer dynasty attaches great importance to the three princes Zhao Qi headed, led the Baiguan personally welcome to ten miles away.

Raise the flag along the way, percussion, the people have been out of the city to watch, armored military escort aside. Mighty, comparable to the emperor travel.

However, Bian Tang’s horse just rode to the place, I saw a paladin curtain lift, a Ming Huang Jinpao (means bright, yellow immersed) on his opaque yellow fur Prince Bian Tang, stride down the carriage, steady walking, high neck, if not against a blunt face, I believe everything will be more perfect.

Zhao Che and Chu Qiao on their relax face, all of a sudden turned to an ugly. Even the messengers of Bian Tang were miserable.

They never imagined, this Prince Bian Tang in this form also dare to come out to see people!

Zhao Qi and Xia summer civil and military officials felt pathetic, without any mental preparation, everyone looks thrilling and in panic. However, official veteran is indeed a veteran of the bureaucracy, the response of the people one by one faster, Wei Guang of Wei Vavlve, the owner of the first official sighed: “Long heard the prince Li Ce’s style, a romantic princes, handsome, today they saw the Prince gold who is really is brilliant, comparable to the sun and the moon.

Voice faded, everyone immediately scrambling to meet, civil servants who recite poetry, sing and harmony, straight Li Ce with the Zither music as the background boast that there is no heaven and earth, beyond the ancient and modern, is the first ever beauty. The military commanders did not spend so much on rhetoric, but also very much supported by the vertical thumbs combined with what they can think of words: beautiful, beautiful, too handsome.

Li Ce laughed then smiled and suddenly affect the mouth of the wound a sound of pain, while waving to everyone, repeatedly saying “good to say.” For a compliment, it is acceptable peace of mind.

I do not know if this is Bian Tang emperor, what do you think.

To say a bad example so that the life blood of the King Tang on the carriage, all the way trumpets playing, mighty walk to the true city of Huang. Surprisingly, just a few steps away, Prince Li Ce objected: “Why is the horn blowing like an expedition?”

Zhao Qi surprised a moment, his heart once again personally feel hesitated for himself. This horn music is a ritual sound, expedition song, triumph triumph triumph, emperors travel emperors special ceremonial, to meet the guests also have to play in accordance with each other’s grade. Now everything is unruly, Prince Bian Tang and what are not satisfied?

During most of the consultations, Da Xia had to make concessions, and in a flash, the sound of extravagant sounds will suddenly play. In a crowd of brightly dressed young women playing soft silky music, the army slowly darted away again and again.

Li Ce did not mean to hurt his face, but also kept tearing up the carriage curtain waved under the people below, smile, lovely, approachable.

This guy, is not only a wicked Fox, but is really a fool.

Chu Qiao secretly sighed, riding immediately followed Xiaoqi camp Prince Li Ce into the Golden Temple.

Zhao Che and Cheng Deputy accompanied into the palace. Chu Qiao with the return of all the soldiers back to the cavalry camp, just walked to the door, suddenly saw a black eagle circled over. A bow crossbowman met, out of the waist bow crossbow, bow to shoot out. Who knows an arrow after the hit about to hit his arrow.

Big Hawk saw the more arrogant, staggered straight, turn around the crowd for several laps, had just left their wings.

“Chu Qiao archer head! Why shoot my arrow?”

Chu Qiao glanced at the soldiers looked cold, soon hit the horse into the camp.

A few days of hard work, finally have time to rest, everyone just returned to the camp, in addition to standing sentry guard, all caught in sleep.

Chu Qiao wearing an ordinary casual wear, quietly walked out the side door.

The weather is getting warmer, Chishui Lake has been thawing, from afar, saw the lake shore, a man standing erect, dressed in white while the breeze is blowing, cannot tell the chic.

Chu Qiao smiled and said: “Who do you look in that pose?

Yan Xun turn around and gave a gentle smile, looked up and down to Chu Qiao and glances at her  he said: “are you scared?”

“No.” The woman gave him a sly smile: “I do not know how to write the word fear.”

“You lips is so hard to spell.” Yan Xun laughed: “The entire Imperial City know, you can be considered a man.”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment: “The entire Imperial City people know that? Nobody played it?”

“Zhao Che did not see you hit people, the whole cavalry camp uniform tone, and even that Prince Bian Tang do not admit taht he was hit by you, insisting that he fell. Also even the masters are not investigated, how can the emperor know the truth?”

Chu Qiao laughed: “I know, I should have hit him harder.”

“A’Chu, this military life, do you still use to live it?”

“Fortunately,” Chu Qiao nodded: “Zhao Che did not trust me, repeated temptations, but the situation is not bad, everything is still under control.”

Yan nodded silently, said slowly: “Well, be careful yourself, if things can not be, do not force.”

“I know, do not worry.”

“I do not leave you more, this token, can drive the staff of the collegiate guild will work for you, you are outside, may be worth it.”

Chuqiao took the wooden sign, saw the simple style, engraved with a huge sea east green, the back of a “same” word.

“I go first.”

“Yan Xun!”

Man turned his head, puzzled to see her, Chu Qiao also surprised at the moment of his gaffe, embarrassed smiled: “Be careful on the road.”

Yan Xun smiles like a warm spring, such as Willows of the spring breeze, his clothing is fluttering, said:” go ahead.”

Chu Qiao stood for a long time until his figure disappeared, the she slowly walked to Xiaoqi camp.

“Appeal” soon, Yan Xun stood up and jumped off the horse, facing the front of several people coldly said: “how is it?

A’Jing quickly replied: “Wei Shu sent overnight gathering about the news that a girl beating  the Prince of Bian Tang, and bought two soldiers Xiaoqiang camp as evidence, we must rushed to the Golden Palace.”

“Wei Shu You?”

Yan Xun stopped and slowly said the name.

“Son, what should we do? Although the Prince of Bian Tang fears shame and not to be held accountable, but once things are placed on the table, the girl is still at a loss.

Yan Xun turn to a cold eyes, coldly said: “The night, a group gathered to inform them to deal with.”

A’Jing surprised a moment, murmured: “The world went with it to?”

“Kill Wei Shu You.” The man’s eyes suddenly became fierce than like the jackal, where there is just a minute and a half soft, gloomy voice slowly said: “He has lived long enough.”

CHAPTER 064 Evil Heads (raw)


Night has been very deep, over the Sanctuary of Gold is still immersed in a string of bamboo sound of vocal music, cool distant moon hanging high in the air, emitting a bleak miserable glory. Zhen Huang although never in curfew, but after JuiWei Plaza is the Imperial City range, heavily guarded, a dead silence, especially this hour, basically few people walking, and this time can move around here is not what the ordinary people does.

On this night, hundreds of cavalry, in front of a narrow path into the shuttle-shaped, quiet long street only to hear some clatter. In the cold forest, many armors clamor for about half the time spent of an incense did not enter the imperial main road, but went into the city by the pavement, along the wall while they stay in line.

Walking in the central are numerous cavalry, both guards have high shield in hand, before and after were two lanterns, the team central completely into the dark, people cannot see them, but look at this arrangement, you won’t know who is at the center but it is guarded as an important character.

In front are the striker who are holding a weapon, spear fighters escape seven in a row, ready anytime there is an instant attack and defensive.

Twenty cavalry on both sides of the left and right, like two walls generally guard the ranks of the team, all armed with swords, toward on the outside, wearing heavy armor, their armor flashing in silver light. This is a look of weight Western Regions. A cast, even if someone on the wall or road sling shot, as long as not heavy crossbow, they are fearless.

This tight precaution can almost be described as dripped. Since the death of Mu He Sein and his wife, the aristocrats of the nirvana of the capital have immediately become perilous and plunged into a panic. Wei Shu Rong You royal front knife knight, on his own little life seems to treasure his own life

Sharp winds, the snow on the  very fragrant ground but also see the serious and austere atmosphere.

“Son.” A home slave immediately before the Li Ce, facing the man immediately coldly said: “Go forward to the north side of Yuananmen, quietly into it, it  will not be found by the owner. Waiting for us, as long as the surrender handed up, Yan Shi Zi and the little girl cannot run.

Wei Shu You nodded coldly, looks like a fierce wolf, cruel and bloodthirsty, curved corners of the mouth hard, gloomy and heavy.

Mid-sky clouds pile up, and covered the moon light.

A dark man in a black nightwear, his eyes slightly squint, standing above the high palace wall, a cold wind, swept his slender body, more and more seemed arrogant and fierce, drowned.

Thirty black men surrounded the sides, or squatting or ambush hidden in the layers of shadow, waiting for the arrival of time.

Suddenly, the direction of the palace loud music, faint drums and bells ringing sound. Men know that the time has come when musicians begin to cover their actions, with only a sweet smell.

A sharp scream suddenly scratched the quiet of night, disturbing those who go forward regularly with the horseshoe.

Wei soldiers suddenly horrified, panicked and looked up at both sides of the dark hole.

At this moment, the whizzing whistled and the thirties of crossbows at the top of the wall erupted. Arrows flashed, their heart and lungs were taken, and horses were not taken.

Wailing from the horse’s hurls, struggling to keep their feet, immediately soldiers starts to fell from the  horse and screaming. Wei Shu You by the people in the central protection, exasperated, angrily shouted: “how come?”

The man in a dark sneer, raised his hand of the golden crossbow, then whizzed away. However, the arrow has not yet arrived, his body has received leaps like lightning banfing in the high walls, and the heavenly descendant on his feet down, then thrown his hand at the hook lock, volley leaps, suddenly fell to the ground.

“Bang” sound muffled, man’s sword about fiercely inserted in the armor of the opposite soldier, another soldier rushed forward, who knows that by just taking one step, the golden arrows after the its first departure fiercely penetrated his throat!

Screams immediately rang at the entire Crape Myrtle!

Followed by someone hidden in the wall above the dead who have jumped, brazenly held a knife to kill.

Wei Shu You at this time has been fallen into stampede of most of the war horse screams, horseshoe in chaos, a lot of people who were hit with the crossbow shots, fell to the ground, but was kicked to death on foot, the team has long been chaotic on their burst formation, more than a hundred people the corps immediately defeated.

“Wei Valve traitor! Framed loyalty, eliminate dissidents, steal the country evil owl, Mu He came today for Heavens Road and to take your life!

Suddenly a mess of clutches in the distance, Wei Shu You knows the imperial city of the Ban Jun is heard the voice has come, suddenly changes his mindset, brave Yongshui: “Muhe dog thief, dying, it has the ability to it, despite this! “

Just then, suddenly a big net shed from the sky, the pocket will be tightly wrapped Wei Shu You, four black warriors in a neat swap position, tighten the giant net, then suddenly throw the hook, jumped high wall and brazenly left.

Suddenly heard a light whistle, the black warriors who have been summoned, although accounted for the absolute upper hand, but still not fought back to go, fragmented sword was thrown, two black men holding two casks. The inside of the liquid rushing poured out, and then dropped a torch, no longer glanced, a few leaps and bounds, disappeared between the buildings, towards the outer city, but the instant kung fu disappeared shadowless.

The whole action happened in half-incense time, all transient moment became quiet, while the direction of the Holy Golden Palace, there is no stop in the huge vocal music, still in the midst of a peace and prosperity.

Efficient attacks and explosive means left behind the imperial army only a Wei soldiers still  struggling and moaning in the sea of ​​fire.

The Imperial Guards General looked guarded, hurriedly said: “Wei eldest son was kidnapped, move fast! Going to inform the Shrine of the Elders! The others went to the outer city with me to pursue the murderer!”

In the imperial city of the Paramilitary went stormy to go to the outer city chasing those assassins, a team of black troops and horses without hesitation ran into the imperial city, official road next to the pine and cypress forest, more than a dozen of Tsing Yi bodyguard is quiet on guard. Beside a carriage, several people quickly rushed to the Wei network will be living in a giant net swim a fiercely thrown to the ground.

“you guys……”

“Bang” muffled, Wei Shu You to be open, it was kicked by one person, fiercely kicked his mouth. His teeth smashed immediately, Wei Shu You on a bored hum soon, could no longer speak.

Two Tsing Yi guards quickly approached, Wei Shu You closely tied up, seal their hands and mouth, and then opened the carriage of the lower, even put him in the usual bloom of charcoal.

Black men led by the carriage, took off the black night outfit, revealing dressed in white, pulled down masked, face Qing Jun, sharp eyes, such as stars.

“Son of man,” the black man in a good dress wore a blue guards uniform, hugging a brazier and said: “grilled hands, warm body.”

Yan Xun lightly nodded, the brazier took over, the curtain down, he took aside the black dress, threw it into, and then reached out, gently waved to the outside, the carriage immediately on the official road, toward the direction of forbidden palace slowly getting away from it.

Violent vigil immediately sounded behind a guard stepped forward, then snapped: “What people? Happy night in the palace, do not want to live it?

The man surprised a moment, sees someone came suddenly on the interface, said: “The original is Yan Shi Zi, Wei Gongzi attack on the purple Wei Road, I was ordered to rushed to the Royal Palace to report your majesty.”

“An attack?” The carriage curtain was lifted, Yan Xun brow is frivolous: “Who can catch the murderer, where is Wei Gongzi now, is he injured?”

“Yan Shi Zi, the murderer absconded and has escaped toward the outer city, the general led the way to chase as Wei Gongzi was kidnapped, as to where they are, so far I do not know.”

Yan Xun nodded then coldly said: “Then you go to inform.”


The war horse ran whistling away, swill back to the carriage, said to the outside coldly: “Continue to go to Lu Hua Temple.”

Just go out of the carriage, we will see Wei Guang with Wei valve several officials then hurriedly walked out from the Lu Hua Dian and went to the palace late.

Yan Xun draped in his white fur, handsome face, watched the Wei valve officials leave, slowly stepped into the main hall of Lu Hua.

Xia Huang (The Emperor) has been absent leaving only the Wei vavle ministers  because of Wei Shu You was abducted and was unconscious of it, Zhao Qi is in charge of the overall situation. In the meantime, the palace ladies in their colorful clothing went to a shuttle through the metropolis to provide food for everyone. The huge royal music teacher delegation revolves around the side of the main hall.

Prince Li Ce in a deep purple Beaulieu (means royal palace) Jinpao (golden gown), and all the people laughing and joking suddenly like a cup that went dry, unambiguous, but also from time to time to reach out and tease dancing Danji, a romantic celebrity, if not the face of the scenery is too over spectacular, presumably a turbulent romantic move.

On the atmosphere of the banquet, Baiguan (means White stork bird) drink about the same, the mood is high, constant laughter , a staggering greedy reign of a soveriegn emperor.

Yan Xun quiet on the side, looked up at the faint face of Li Ce that blush, pull of his mouth, raised the glass and shaking his head, chuckling.

“How did you come here?”

Zhao ChunEr, dress with a bunch of butterflies a tender powder color on her shirt, purple color under the gold dress, covered with beads, her cheeks like a milk powder, cherrycolor of her lips, Chun Er surging like a different type of light glossy jade.

Yan Xun looking at the models came around him sitting next to the girl, slightly bent his mouth, a touch of light: “nap for a while.”

“I thought you did not come again,” Zhao ChunEr looked like water, glanced to sit on top of the Prince Li Ce like a beep said: “That guy just asked someone’s name, really, I do not know is that is an etiquette.”

Yan Xun sprinkling smile, looking up and drinking, did not answer.

Zhao ChunEr idly looked up at him, did not mind that he ignored himself, after a long time, suddenly react, its little face turned to red, pulling his clothes and asked: “Look, this is  the new Yu tribute color of silk, looks good?

Yan Xun slightly surprised a moment, but just remembered the Chishui Lake, the woman’s eyes bright, eager to call his name, and then slightly on panic said: “careful on the road.”

Yan Xun showed a gentle face suddenly on his heartfelt sigh: “beautiful.”

Zhao ChunEr think it is their own happy time together, suddenly sobbed then sits, unable to live for the swaddle of food.

Soldiers quietly came in from the side door to report to Zhao Qi who looks blue, more ugly. Surrounde by officials have carefully noticed, and gradually convergent banquet momentum weakened, but only the Bain Tang Prince Li Ce is still drunk and beside Zhao Qi’s sleeve, was not able to speak, suddenly wobbling almost all the hands of the wine are spilled on Zhao Qi’s body.

Until two more square just scattered seats, drunk Li Ce in a mess, even lying on the few fell asleep and their sleeves have food stains.

Seventh Prince ordered him to be carried to Diaofang Hall, he did not return to Forbidden Palace, but directly out of the main hall, and they marched to the city.

Yan Xun standing in the dark square, on his white fox fur, stiff face, eyebrow fly into his temple, watching Zhao Qi left the figure who touch its lips.

A rustle of dark sky, jackdaws (means a glossy, black, European bird) fly, and its sound of noise heard.

“Hey brother,” Zhao ChunEr carefully pulled his sleeve, softly said: “It’s so cold, send ChunEr back to the Palace.”

Yan Xun moved up and down respectfully retrea3ted, took the gift, and like sudden alienation suddenly opened it politely and coldly said: “Yan Xun to his vindictive request, afraid to disturb the princess or go back on their own.”

Finished, turned on his own carriage.

The carriage gradually disappeared, Zhao ChunEr still standing in place, the palace people came up, put on her big fur, but accidentally fell on the ground, the big crimson was replaced by particularly striking like a beach Blood in the snow.

Zhao ChunEr stubborn lips biting, tears spinning in the eyes, but hard to let it fall.


Jade Ma Mo sighed, stepped forward to hold the little princess’s hand and said: “Go back.”

Zhao ChunEr tight mouth, obedient she nodded, followed by Jade Ma Mo in the carriage behind without saying a word, the cold wind, a drop of tears suddenly fell across her cheeks dripping in the pale snow.

“Ma Mo,” little princess’s voice is small, with a tearful cover: “Did ChunEr do something wrong?”

Jade Ma Mo sighed, gently touched Zhao ChunEr hair, but cannot say a word.

If wrong, we can only blame you wrong people who loves the wrong people, the poor child, the future of the road and how to go?

Carriage slowly going forward, hidden in a cold moonlight.

Yingge hospital chamber of secrets, A’Jing pulled one man blindfolded in black cloth.

Wei Shu You tightly frowned, so long ago adapted to such a bright light, looked up, but suddenly saw the man indifferent chuckle on its face.

“Swallow?(yan xun other code name)” Wei Shu You eyes suddenly wide open, unbelievable cried aloud.

Swallow sitting in a chair, is smelling the tea slightly looked up, put up a light smile said hello: “Wei Gongzi recently the elegant people are busy, see you in a long time, do not go unharmed.”

“Hello big courage!” Wei Shu You suddenly furious, snapped.

“My courage has always been small, Wei Gongzi should take the hint.”

Yan Xun, Wei valve will not let go of you, you will die without burial ground!

Yan Xun laughed, as if her heard a joke, slowly said: “I will not die without burial place that I do not know, but I’m sure you will absolutely die without burial.

“Do you still remember?” Yan Xun slightly probe the body before, smile Xiemei (means harmonious and graceful), soothing slowly said: “I said, you do not kill me that day, one day you will die to my knife, you cut a finger then I’ll cut you a head. “


Huge screams suddenly sounded, sharp blade, a broken hand suddenly fell to the ground, the blood of the wolf.

A few drops of blood splashed Yan Xun’s wrist, the man frowned slightly, disgusting pick up a white silk and wipe it hardly. Facing his subordinate said: “drag it down, cut it.”

Wei Shu You dying, angrily exclaimed: “Yanbei dog! My uncle will not forgive you!”

“Wei Guang?” Yan Xun sneer: “He is too old, his head is not enough, and only you Wei valve also for him as a god for the same now his decadent head, not necessarily in doubt who.”

“Wei Shu You, you are a fool!”

Yan Xun suddenly turned around and looked at him coldly, disgusted coldly said: “You had some time to live, but you should not irritate me, in particular, should not take my most care about people to threaten me. You think you can bring me down? Innocent, you are always an improper waste before. Now, after the original will be discarded, but unfortunately you will never have this opportunity.

One will be stained like white silk thrown to the ground, swallow(Yan Xun) to the other turned away, strode out, while walking and he said coldly: “drag it!

Murmur of curse and frightened Li Xiao suddenly sounded, Yan Xun on his back straight, gave a deaf ears.

He has embarked on the path of revenge, once humiliated him, hurt him will pay a devastating price. Since then, he will not allow anyone to take away his beloved things, not allowed!

Frosty night, cold night wind, tonight, but also a sleepless night.

On the second day, the entire true city of Huang was alarmed. Wei Shu’s eldest son, Wei Shu, was ambushed in the imperial city last night. One hundred soldiers and horses were annihilated and Wei Shu Yuo was abducted. The imperial army banned earlier, even the shadow of the murderer they did not see, search and found nothing, now probably afraid.

Because at that time, the Forbidden Army heard far behind the self-report of Mu He, so a series of large-scale massacres of the remnants of Muhe’s allegiance began again.

However, at this moment, in the main room of Wei’s mansion, Wei Guang handed over a letter to his most trusted deployment of Wei Nu coldly said: “It is imperative to say to Ye Er that Wei valve life or death is in an instant, His Majesty has started a Wei pulse, if he does not come back, Wei valve is the next Mu He’s.

Riding rapid horse rushed out of the true gates, to the north dust away.

A refined report when the swallow is drinking Langmu tea, heard a cool smile, said lightly: “The more lives, the better.”

Just a few words, but suddenly let A’Jing whole body up and down ina cold, he followed Yan Xun for three years, but found himself gradually seeing what kind of the master is this.

Xiaoqi camp on the school, came and wave after wave of thunderous applause, smiling bright girl standing in the middle of the school, seven arrows together, Lianzhu projectile shot one after another to the center of the bull’s eye .

“Chu teacher arrow head!”

Far from riding a horse quickly rushed to the scene, the young soldier wore a beige dagger, turned up and jumped off the horse, gasped and said: “Someone is looking for you.”

“Looking for me?” Chu Qiao surprised a moment, put down the crossbow, jumped from the arrow stage and asked: “Where are the people?”

“Chu arrow head!” Smile hearty guy waving a bow and shouted: “still better than ah?”

“Even the robes are lost to me, I still do not know repentance, sooner or later, you lose pants did not wear!” The girl turned her head, tone crisp shouted around the Xiaoqi camp soldiers who suddenly laughed out loud, have coaxed it named taller than arrows.

Correspondent also followed as the crowd smiles, exposing a white teeth, said: “I do not know, it seems Secretary Li Jians in prison, a lot of people.”

Chu Qiao’s brow wrinkled slowly, who will come to her? Yan Xun not to say that the matter of playing the Prince Li Ce on it? Will anyone come to find this little archery coach?

“Go and see for yourself.”

Chu Qiao stood up to jump on another horse, with the communications soldiers behind, toward the Camp in the direction of the camp rode away.

From afar, today’s Xiao Qiao Ying extraordinarily lively, Jinlong banners flag, Jinyi courtesy, a woman of graceful posture carrying a huge gold plate, Secretary Li Jian’s supervisors dressed in dadian clothes to wear, respectful Respect to follow in the back of rows of magnificent boxes placed before the camp, I do not know what is this filled with extraordinary treasure.

Zhao Qi frowned on the Deputy divinely and coldly said: “Seventh Prince nad His Royals? How did they come back.”

Cold Deputy forehead sweat and direct current, and now he did not know what happened in the end, lowered his voice replied: “It is fast, it has been sent to the community.”

Yes, the original barracks, but also do not have some scenery.”

A lazy voice sounded in the side, Zhao Qi smell suddenly headache, turned around and bitter smile: “Your Royal Highness Prince, I do not know you come to my brother here this time, in the end what is the matter?

“When you know you will know.” Li Ce in his big red Kam robes, clothing like fire, the hem is embroidered with a few 鸾 Luan (means mythical bird related to phoenix) Fengxiu dragon map, gold dazzling, fragrance coat, hood red fox, a pair of eyes evil charm, such as peach. The cold days are partial to life, shaking a folding fan, so mysterious look straight people who are like itchy roots.

Zhao Qi vowed that he really did not tolerate anymore.

The whole two days, he tossed around with the immediate presence of people, the first place where the sanctuary of the Holy Palace to sleep is not ventilated, busy for half a night at last he finally passed the wind ventilation was cold, the morning began to grow for the palace of the ladies he said they are too ugly and unwilling to eat, finally got some of the best things he did not find too good people does not talk like in poetry, eating is also picky, a tea that is not the last three days of new tea, will say that the guards boots outside did not had soft pads so when they walk in the outer city, will wake him up to sleep in his inner city. In short, full of endless tricks.

Zhao Qi a life almost to half, I feel and many brothers seem to struggle for many years without him with these two days hard, now do not know what to do, he is out of thoughts, consistently call a group of people to come to the barracks.

If before this, he still suspected this guy is playing hide and seek tiger hidden master, then now, he can be 100% sure, this guy is a pervert, without reason at all.

“Oh! Come here!”

Li Ce eyes suddenly give up light, Zhao Qi have not had time to look closely, it was a pull to the side of Li, Shua! soon closed the folding fan, the man is nervous and said: “How is my dress today? Tasted enough? You do not say cheesy? You see me this pair of boots, is the tribute to the Northwest Mohan Wang Need flower mink, but also what is the grade of it?

Zhao Qi sighed helplessly, nodded frequently: “Well, beautiful.”

Just stepped into the camp, Chu Qiao and Zhao Qi saw the Green Camp army horse, her brow gently, my heart secretly left a bit careful.

What happened after all, why Zhao Qi will personally come to find it? Will it be Yan Xun out of flaws?

At this moment, she was close to the crowd, and saw the officials of the chief eunuchs looking at her frowning one by one and did not seem to understand what had happened. She was a little relieved, if Yan Xun defeats Zhao Qi as long as the green camp with troops like, why take the Secretary Li Jian? Things must not be as bad as they themselves think.

“The end will be Chu Qiao, see three … …”

“Haha! See where you run this time!”

A flaming figure suddenly channeling out from behind, a stretch of arm her tightly in his arms, all of a sudden stunned, but they have not recovered, they saw the girl suddenly seemed to be attacked like a small beast. Thunder thumping in place, a cumbersome hand from the other side under the control of break out, a small catch followed, Kacha (a noise sound) two ring, on the counter-attack will be the main men on the ground!


Chu Qiao had a drink and coldly said.

Then, to see the big heart of Bian Tang like a humble baby looked up from the ground, still smiling his satyr expression, lazy tone said: “Really rude, is this how you treat me ah, you do not know me?

Suddenly, the officials of the big summer laughed, and they looked at Prince Li Ce Tang who was lying on the ground and turned around to see the three princes Zhao Qi with a black face. Then he went to see some dumbfounded girl Chu Qiao and others people stunned, do not know what to say.

On the contrary, Bian Tang’s messengers, but everyone sad expression, seems to have long been aware that things do not follow the direction of common sense.

Zhao Qi responded first, immediately step forward, facing Chu Qiao snapped: “Bold! How dare you to treat Prince Li Ce so rude, what a crime you deserve to die!

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, quickly let go, just want to please him. Suddenly saw a Prince Li Ce turning up neatly from the ground up, facing Zhao Qi very imposing shouted: “You bold! The prince is to marry is her, I brought the bride price, foreigner ah, lift it up!

Hundreds of huge boxes were lifted up, just opened, full of magnificent scenery, a dazzling eye-catching color, people could not help but exclaimed aloud.

Chu Qiao standing still, take a look at the foolish eyes of the big summer official, take a look at stunned Prince Zhao Qi, take a look at the prince Li Ce Tang triumphantly, finally frowned and cried.

Who can tell her, in front of all this, what is the situation?


CHAPTER 065  Bride Robbery (raw)

Winter has passed, earth is on rejuvenation.

Today an opened window early in the morning, we found that most of the melting snow outside, melt the ice, the lake flooded, the southern swallows have returned to the North, glimmering like a crown, their voice were crisp and sweet.

Yan Xun today’s have high spirits, a few days ago he had just hand-edge his enemies, with great liberation.

Wearing a lake green Jin Pao (golden gown) in his waist a diagonal tied with a same-colored clothing like white jade, eye like a cold star, elegant style, Jade clear suicide squad. At this moment, he is sitting in the heart of the lake pavilion tea, burning faint incense, very light aroma, vertical smoke, the air is not half silk in the wind, silky small gong sound from the distant East China Court came from afar. Dressed in blue and green rockery nestled between the rocks, like a vulgar picture scroll in general, there is no half silk human who displayed fireworks in the air.

Yan Xun stole half day of his life, he has not been so easy for a long time.

Afternoon, riding a gallop into the Sanctuary, all of a sudden smashed this rare quiet.

“Son of Heaven,” A’Jing went to the pavilion sweaty with several of the subordinates of the Yingge Theater and shouted in a loud voice to Yan Zan, who was walking outside the pavilion: “The big event was not good.”

Breezy flick, blowing Yan Xun fluttering of the clothes, the man turned around, looked at the delicate faint eyes, it seems that some of its resentment was because of  his reckless.

“Is there any panic?”

Yan Xun’s voice calm, quite a bit of Taishan collapsed in the face and the color does not change the temperament, A’Jing cannot learn to his transcendent, tone of urgency, said: “Prince Bian Dan just went to Xiaoqidang Camp, named the requirements Archery camp to marry Xiaoqi the archer coach head!

“Prince Bian Tang married and said I do?”

Yan Xun slightly picked his eyebrows, with his intonation leisurely spoke it, turned around to move on.

A’ Jing suddenly like stupid fellow with few companions have the same look, their heart suddenly raised a huge reverence and joy.

Is it, His Majesty the world finally understand everything to the overall interests, no longer tied to the pedicle of the child it? Chu Qiao and His Royal Highness grew up together, the feeling is extraordinary, His Royal Highness the world is so calm, not moving, what is a kind of huge self-control and self-control force? To what extent did he give up what he did not know for Datong’s conviction and ideals, how much sacrifice did he make?

However, a happy smile has not spread from his eyes to the mouth, a gust of wind suddenly scraped to the front of the original gentle man dough purple swollen tightly grasping his shoulder, snapped: “What are you saying? Who is the archer coach, he is going to marry?

A’Jing on his crying face, his heart all sorts of saddened: “Xiaoqi Camp archery coach, only girl is now a woman ah.”

“damn it!”

“damn it!”

“damn it!”

Long wind blowing over the true city of Huang, at this moment, there are three resentful voices at the same time sounded in different places, Yan Xun, Zhao Che and Zhao Song all of the three rushed out of their homes at the same time, stand up and march toward the east of the Cavalry rampage Come!

“Bian Tang Prince Li Ce?”

Meanwhile at the Zhuge House, among the plum garden, purple robe ink man slightly frowned his brows, coldly said: “He is again to stir what kind of game?

Zhu Cheng said with a smile: “Master, he is not a spoiler. The prince now has the star girl to see the emperor, ate the scales, and seems to insist that Aoyama is not going to be relieved.”

Zhuge Yue eyebrows, suddenly rustling, he stood up, put on his classic robe and went out.

“Hey, Master, what are you going to do?”

“Go and see …”

Far away, only a faint sound drifted over behind the Zhu Cheng did not hear, but Zhuge Yue’s figure has gone far, and suddenly, horses in their long cries, hoofs smashed plum clean Parks, Zhu Cheng shook his head, puzzled and exclaimed: “What is the young master thinking ah?”

Just as the swallows and other rushed to the cavalry camp when Prince Bian Tang’s wagon has left the jagged barracks, along the government offices around a large circle slowly toward the direction of the Golden Palace away.

Li Ce’s eyes laughed like a fox, just beaten just finished shortly before, orbital still blue, how much to make his peerless beauty lost some color. Chu Qiao sitting in the corner of a luxury carriage, she was looking so airy, brows and dark brown complexion, but despite the heart under the hatred, but had to act as a respectful hand over salute, said: “Prince Li Ce, the day Chu Qiao knew about the identity of His Royal Highness Prince of Bian Tang is more offended, but also ask you not to count villain adults and do not blame them. “

Li Ce pick his brows on his lazy smile, non-questioning said: “So you called Chu Qiao, I call you Xiao Qiao good? Or called you Joe child?”

Chu Qiao’s body suddenly in a cold, goose bumps out of snowy, frowning, said: “Chu Qiao’s identity is cheap and a cheap name is not enough for His Highness in their record of books.”

“Or I call you Jojo okay, so it sounds more cordial.”

The woman looked cold and patient but became scarier with the passage of time. She frowned and said: “If it is because of the offense of His Highness Chu Chiao that day to have such this move today, then Chu Jiao willing to accept the explicit punishment. “

Li Ce turned a deaf ear, still said with a smile: “Who else in your family, parents still?

“Your Highness, what do you want to do may wish to say directly, Chu Qiao like Cao Min, cannot afford your loved one so loved.”

“How old are you, how old are you? My birthday is in July, and I will turn 20 this year.”

“Your Highness, what are you trying to do? Can we speak normally?”

“Where is your ancestral home? You are so lovely, not like a northerner, but like a woman in our south, can you tell who is your father?”

“Prince Li Ce!”

“It’s so optimistic to launch anger and still she look so good!”

Half an hour later, Chu Qiao tried to exchange views with Li Ce again and again. She took her seriously and calmly said in a sincere manner: “What do you fancy, Your Royal Highness?

Li Ce on his gentle smile: “What you like, I like.”

Chu Qiao knew her own speech and shook her head: “In other words, what exactly do you want me to do? If you do not want to marry a big summer princess, you can have many ways, not to take me as a shield, I am just a small common people, no use of value.

“Jojo,” said Li Ce, frowning, and confused. “I am so overwhelmed at you that you misunderstood me so much and I am so sad.”

You will be very sad to blame?

Chu Qiao suddenly found that speaking to a normal person is actually a very happy thing. Even if that normal person is your enemy, nor is it the case that I am facing the enemies it’s enemies, I am not even able to find out the attitude of each other. She slowly gave her a breath and gave up the luxury she wanted to know from her lips, sitting quietly in the carriage and not even opening her eyes.

“Qiao Qiao,” Li Ce came forward with a smile, the sound of evil charm, frivolous tone, with a humble husky and charm: “I am cold.”

A long while quiet, then “Peng” soon as Prince Li Ce like an instant rolling ball, crashing out of the carriage, from many Bian Tang messenger and big bodyguard’s head, suddenly plunged down to the ground.


“Ah! Your Royal Highness Prince!”

“Assassin! Protect Your Highness!”

Messy whistle immediately sounded Zhao Qi pick his brows, and pull out his waist sword when it was just a few days the disappearance of Wei Shu You has been tight nerves suddenly he got nervous, greet the attendant next to the encircled big outrageous carriage.

“Misunderstood a misunderstanding!”

Li Ce on his side embarrassed, stood up, staggered to the carriage ran, stopped in front of all the raucous people, quickly said: “It is my own carelessness, did not sit firm, all right and nothing to worry.

Everyone locked his brow looked at each other, looking at the carriage without any movement, did not know what to say.

Not settled? This carriage is slower than people to run, what would not fly out from there?

“It does not matter, we are not to be nervous.”

Li Ce lifted his clothes hem, smiling and climbed the carriage, waved at the crowd repeatedly.

Zhao Qi looking pale, on his dull tone coldly said: “Your Royal Highness Prince sit tight, the road is difficult to ride so be careful.”

As soon as the curtains were laid down, Li immediately rubbed his arms with his teeth grinning at her, grudgingly watching Chu Qiao sitting coldly aside with his mouth tilted: “Jojo is too ruthless, so her future Husband will demand retribution. “

Chu Qiao half squinted, looked at him coldly, coldly said: “men and women are different, please Your Royal Highness.”

“Jojo, help me with the medicine.”

Li Ce holding a white jade porcelain pitifully came together to reach out bleeding his bleeding arm.

Chu Qiao pick her brows and no action.

“I’m good for you,” Li Ce said. “If someone else sees me getting hurt again, you’re bound to be implicated.”

Chu Qiao sighed, a victorious vase, rudely pulled his arm, as he took medicine.

Li Ce’s screams immediately came out, Zhao Qi and others walked outside, listening to the sound of howling owl insidet the carriage, the more brows were crumpled, looking pale.

Sky blue clouds, fresh air, warm afternoon sun, birds freely hovering in the air. On both sides of the government office post road, many civilians who were too late to avoid kneeling knees should look down and look honored, but they secretly picked their eyes when they heard the sound above.

Tonight, that is, the great summer emperor Zhao Zhengde, in order to greet the Bian Tang crown prince Li Ce and personally presided over the style banquet, by that time, Manchu civil and military, royal relatives will be present, and even rarely seen royal clan princess daughter who will also attend.

Named to meet Prince Cecilia Lee (Li Ce’s joke name from Wei princess), but in reality it is in preparation for his kin and kung fu.

After all, prince Li for many years loitering, has not married, once he selects it will become Bian Tang’s future Queen.

The great summer royal family will win a powerful foreign aid immediately, which will be immeasurable in the face of the clan and crowds full of people.

All of a sudden, the entire royal princess nervous, wonderful and beautiful dressing, like a painted body, rouge scented of Chishui River, an extravagant Fairview air.

However, no one of them knew that the woman who had been appointed just recently had slowly come to the Holy Palace under the control of the rogue’s perpetrators.


CHAPTER 066 Cure Water (raw)


Chimes, a clear lotus small candle lit the golden tower, bright light suddenly, glossy andbright, ambient light. Hong Zhong Dai on pitchpipe sang an ode, the sound penetrated the prehistoric mainland, stirring in the field like in rambles, spread throughout the West.

A huge fleet of vehicles stopped down, Li Ce pulled and open the curtain, quietly looking at the distant golden emerald tower, his towering eyes is clear, mouth indifferent, a pair of long narrow peachy squinting. At that moment, Chu Qiao has not been confirmed that this man will never go so lusty and unruly as what he has shown, because she sees in his eyes something different, throbbing, envious, unwilling, and even crazy.

But the next moment, Li Ce grinned and laughing very heartless, he said happily: “The shape of the light arrangement, really like a naked dance clothes of Kyi (name of clothing brand), graceful posture, ups and downs, Xia Wang really is too kind-hearted. “

Da Xia soldiers heard it spit it out and almost vomit of blood, that golden tower lights, the name is a five-legged entrenched dragon, why in the eyes of Li Ce became a undressed and dandy?

“Go ahead,” Li Ce curtured the curtain down impatiently: “After all, it does not mean anything.”

Zhao Qi suppressed his anger, told the soldiers to move on.

“Do you disguise yourself as such?”

Chu Qiao’s voice was heard, her voice indifferent, but with a few wires of deluded smile.

Li Ce strategy turned around, looked up and down the woman, suddenly reached out and grab her waist: “You guess it right, I am actually wise and entertaining, are you going to worship me now?”

The woman did not resist, his eyes flashed a glimmer of honey light, slightly half-squint, slowly said: “I heard that if people always pretend to be a fool, a long time, it will become a real fool.”

“Jojo, women are more cute if they just obey, why are you always so aggressive?” The Man in his evil charm of smile, charm of his tongue is out and necessary to lick in the woman’s neck.

Chu Qiao’s hand pushing Li  Ce’s chin, forcing him to shut up.

“Barking dogs are not called, eating tigers will not show their own minions all day.”

Li Ce gave his Hey smile, his warm breathing sprayed un Chu Qiao’s cheek: “Then you say, I am not called the dog, or hidden tiger?

“You are not,” the woman laughed slowly. “You are like a poisonous snake, covered with flowers and speckled in the grass, and you are not sure when it will pop out and bite.”

“Ha ha!” Li Ce suddenly laughed, seems to encounter what funny things in general, long time before intermittently said: “Jojo, you really are interesting, I feel more and more unique.”

“You will know exactly how unique your vision is.”

Li Ce’s voice hoarse, slowly rely on: “How fast?”

“very fast.”

“Kacha” sounded loudly, Chu Qiao on her scissors hand backhand twist, it put Li Ce’s an arm unloaded down, but not wait for Li Ce screams, but also a series of crisp sound sounded of that electric fire stone room Li Ce’s arm was picked up by her again.

“Tell you, I’m definitely not someone you can get into.”

Woman half kneeling in the carriage, one hand holding Li Ce’s hand pointing the nose, looking cold on her chill tone, slowly said: “I want to kill you, but the fingertips, will take me for you absolutely have Hundreds harm without benefit, you work best for yourself to leave a retreat, I am not willing to be used as one of your people.”

Lee Ci blinking his eyes, suddenly put a smile, said: “Jojo fierce ah, but it does not matter, I will impress you with my heart.”

Chu Qiao no longer speak, suddenly turned around to do a good job, said that she had finished, the soldiers will block the water to cover, to see what tricks this Prince Bian Tang want to play.

“Your Highness!”

Clear and concise voice suddenly heard outside, there are nervous guard suddenly approached shouted: “Who is on the Road?”

Zhao Qi suddenly interrupted the voice of the guards, step forward and hand over said: “It turned out to be Zhuge Master, oh no, now you should respect you as Zhuge command now made.”

“His Royal Highness said with a smile, the military department’s prose has not yet arrived, military command at the Whispering Whistler is still too early to say.

“All hope to the trend of the times that Zhuge young master is gifted, command to make a position where you are, or do not be too modest.”

Zhuge Yue riding on the horse on his dark purple clothing shirt, face like of that Qing army, look like lucky deputy, placid, calm without fear, quietly said: “On the back of Prince Bian Tang Li Ce carriage who is driving it?

Li Ce sat in the car, looking back, whispered with a smile: “Your old friend came to you.”

Chu Qiao slightly pick up her eyebrows: “Prince Bian Tang even the old age are so well known, how to make people believe that you are just a tempting unruly child?”

Li Ce surprised a moment, knew nothing of language was arrested a positive, then oh that joyful smile, did not explain, put aside the curtain shouted: “Master Zhuge, I heard you really sound like a roar and it is a must to change the day, can you open my eyesight?

Zhuge Yue stood in the shadow of the lights, alone solo, and did not follow suit. Long wind blowing from his side, with the ground dust and weeds scrolling forward scroll. The sky is dark, gray sky with large tracts of red clouds, in his back like a painting oil-like luster.

Men’s eyes are not sharp, a faint shot behind the back of Li Ce, the dim light and shadow, there are thin silhouettes of women, a soft one. Years of experience make him a restrained and low-key, once a young man’s euphoria seems to have been polished, the dagger into the sheath, but it does not mean that is a security, she is like a hidden tiger, you do not know when it will rush a knife sheath, a piercing knife.

“His Royal Highness Prince Li Ce won a prize, he had a chance, we must listen to His Highness Prince Bian Tang’s high art.”

“Haha,” Li Ce laughed loudly. “I’m good to say that my level is okay, not high above you.”

Zhao Qi frowned, seems to feel as long as the station and together with Li Ce to dishonor identities quickly, he said: “Lord Zhuge, the hour is late, the father is attending the banquet, we are still as early as possible.”

Zhuge Yue faint smile, let them pass and open the way: “The 3rd Prince His Royal Highness please to be next.”

“Thanks a lot.”

Rolling wheels, slowly forward, carriage and Zhuge Yue staggered moment, cold wind blowing the corner of the curtain, the men and women across the side of the face, but no one looked sideways.

Time is too fast, they are like two unrelated meteors, rubbing shoulders moment or even a word treasure that must go their own ways.

“Oh ah … …” Li Ce shaking his head on the side of sigh: “falling deliberately with the flow of water, helpless water inexplicably. The pleasing Chu Qiao, he is so aversion to see you, you are not even a smiling face, really too Solution style. “

Chu Qiao did not look at him, continue silent.

“Qiao Qiao,” Li Ce strategy suddenly smiled and said: “If I kill Zhuge Yue, how would  you react?”

Chu Qiao eyes closed, silent.

“So, what if I kill Zhao Song?”

“Kill you.” The woman said without hesitation.

“Hey, really cruel.” Li Ce sighed and continued: “So what if I kill Yan Shi Zi?”

Suddenly the woman opened her eyes and seemed cold to the man, saying in solemn tones: “In that case, I will have to spend my life to fight life then destroy Bian Tang, and let your pigs and dogs be inferior while they are alive. “

Prince Bian Tang suddenly stunned, the original one joke, but suddenly the air around them condensed.

Years later, when Lee Cecilia (Li Ce’s codename to Wei military army) once again remembered that moment, he suddenly realized why he would be overshadowed, not for the girl’s strong confidence, not for her firm tone, nor that year she really believed a little woman will be able to do this. Suddenly he was only a little sentimental, if it is his own death, can someone say so firmly?

Long robes plus man raised the jug up drink, confidante will always be the world’s most extravagant things, even if you sit in the world, one cannot get her.

Great head, left for the monarch, a cavity of blood, only to offer their friends.

Carriage slowly drive, toward the magnificent court went away.


Ting Wo stack earlier today to fight, the door closed, Yu girl spread the true city of Topographic map, watching a public, Shen Sheng said: “Do we all understand?

“Girl?” Xi Rui frowned: “Do we really want to do this?”

Yu pinned her head firmly: “Since we have followed the Lord, we must follow his command unconditionally.”

“But we do not even know what we’re doing!”

“Not every action, the above people have to tell us in detail why, we will find why.”

“Can you not even the girl beside him guess it?”

“Yes, I cannot figure it out.” The girl nodded, his voice lowing. “But I know that there will be something big tonight.”

“Peng” soon as, Zhao Che threw a wine light, coldly said: “Prepare to serve, the king to enter the palace.”

“Your Highness,”Vice Cheng came forward, said carefully: “Evening banquet strange and unpredictable, His Highness is not going to stay away before it?

Zhao Che gently frowned, slowly turned around, the tone of low said: “The king said he is now going to attend to the palace.”

Deputy lieutenant surprised a moment, then sonorous as soon as he knelt on the ground, replied: “Subordinate compliance.”

The night wind blows from the west and blows through the grass weeds that have just been sprouted outside the true city. A hundred years later, some people gently opened the passage of history full of dust, and could not help but softly feeling the superb political tactics of King Yun. This entire true city resembles a chessboard, a chaos, seemingly their own system, irrelevant, but he readily picked up a corner chess piece, the location of this chess is not obvious, but in the Suddenly disrupted the entire game, really brilliant city, in an instant surging up.

“Purple … gold … dry … the door … Prince Bian Tang to … …”

“Purple … Wei … pass … the way … Prince Bian Tang to … …”

“Purple … China … Cloud … Palace … Prince Bian Tang to … …”

The carriage arrived into the Golden Palace and were lights around the Zhu red door wide open, a row of eunuchs who took the water like throat, shouting loudly shouted, the sound penetrated the sky, stirring away.

This is the first time Chu Qiao walked into the Sanctuary from the main entrance of the main hall, her eyes closed. After sitting in the carriage, she could feel the sweet smell and the sweet smell in the air. Fate is a marvelous journey, she has been trying to help others get out of this sleepy rope, but do not want no major event, but they are wrapped in thread, gradually rolled into it.

Darkness swallowed the horizon of the last ray of light, the night falls, the far away lights looks divine and grand music ethereal.

Lee Cecilia(Li Ce’s codename to Wei military army) walked under the support of the palace carriage, and then summoned a smile to meet the woman, smile and beauty even with a bit confused.

“Jojo, come.”

Chu Qiao is still a light armor, did not look at him, did not hesitate to jump from the carriage, Li Ce smiled and patted his hand and said: “Jojo this is good skill!

Chu Qiao did not mind him. The long wind came from afar, blowing on her thin clothes, quite a bit cold, she looked up at the magnificent palace, only feel back chills and her whole body cold.

Suddenly, a warm gaze came in behind her, frowning, and her heart suddenly turning around.

Lights dim, crowded head, countless heavenly princes, princes Minister, Miss daughter, they walk in the huge square, the carriage of the horse, rub shoulders elbow, escort of Tsing Yi in the meantime, flowing shout healthy auspicious words. Eyes look like electricity, through that layers of silhouette, Chu Qiao suddenly saw him and her heart became warme. Heaven and earth in a moment have lost their voices.

Swallow a white, face like the Qing army, gentle eyes, such as March Spring Lake, his negative hand stand in the far side of the square, too many people from their side shuttle, as if one by one silhouette, Yan Shi Zi looked at her, light mouth, a gentle smile, then opened his mouth and said quietly: “Do not be afraid.”

Like a deep sea drifter suddenly saw the lighthouse, the woman laughed gently, eyes like a star, she tightened mouth, slowly nodded.

“Qiao Qiao?” Li Ce’s voice sounded behind, with a soft tone, Chu Qiao surprised a moment, then looked up and looked Yan Xun’s figure has been hidden in the sea, but she is no longer worried.

They are together, come together, will be together to leave. No matter what the other party is experiencing, the other person always stands behind him in the first place.

Chu Qiao turned around, suddenly, no fear.

“Jojo, come.” Li Ce smite evil charm and confusion, hoarseness, eyes floating: “Let me take you in.”

Let me take you in, into this golden cage, into this bright palace, into the center of the whirlpool of rights, you should have belonged there, this should not be dull life.

Let me show you and walk in.

Chu Qiao her face is calm, looked at Li Ce lifted his footsteps the first to go to that magnificent resplendent.

Drums in the distance in unison, chime bells, everything in the noise of the dream of death.

If I have no way back, then at least I can choose to move forward.

On this day, the most important day in Chu Qiao’s life, on this very day she entered the most honorable place of the Great Xia Dynasty with her status as a newly deposed servant and entered the way of much-anticipated attention Empire power among their attention.

Since then, the world will remember the name, her surnamed Chu Joe (another code name of Chu Qiao), twenty-eight years China, will in the near future, with the power of a common people, to reverse the world.


CHAPTER 067 Wulong disputes Shu (raw)


In front of the lights suddenly becomes a sound of chime bells repeatedly clinging like a command, sleeves slender swaying, golden pink fragrance floating, mellow wine exudes a tempting aroma, like marijuana, just suck in one, you can not wait to swallow.

Chu Qiao followed behind Li Ce, walked into the main entrance of the Ziyun Gong, a huge bell suddenly sounded, under the glass of red tiles, is a golden shining Jin Yudong, carved dragon and phoenix Kirin opera beads murals. On both sides of the main hall are two rows of huge golden candles. The red candles of the two are of high quality and are carved in bronze on the red candles of the two countries. At the end of the line of sight, they are the golden throne and the first two Side of a total of 80 seats, this time has been full of people, the original lively atmosphere because of a few people into Lee Cecilia (Li Ce’s codename to Wei military) suddenly a cold field of all eyes, all of a sudden all come together, envy, awe, speculation, there is no solution, but more, it is hard-won hostility and endless guessing.

This is the most noble place under the sun, jade food luxury silk clothing, how many people want to climb life in poverty, even if only a long way to go look at this life enough. But at this moment, Chu Qiao felt an unpressurized feeling of oppression suddenly blowing, co-filled room with the arrival of the fragrance, so that she is breathing poorly.

“Prince Li Ce is late, and I’ll fine you two cups later.”

Wei Guang who just lost of nephew, gave a smile, looking rosy, did not see the slightest decline in appearance.

Li Ce laughed and smiled at the same time strode forward: “Well! I’m afraid Wei adults like you last time, drinking on the deserter.”

Wei Guang spat a smile, said: “The old man, than Prince Li Ce’s prime of life, doing desertion thing, but also helpless.”

The crowd heard a high voice laugh, the emperor has not come, the atmosphere will inevitably be easier. Chu Qiao hit his eyes and saw a circle, I saw the original position always sat Muhe now occupied by Wei valve, and even next to the throne, today also set up two seats, the relative sitting, regardless of superiority. Obviously, in addition to the cloud of Queen Muhammad (Code name of Queen of Wei Mu He), Wei Shu Qi of Wei Valve will attend today.

“Who is this beautiful young lady and what is she looking at?”

Everyone in the field suddenly scolded one heart, a few days ago, Prince Li Ce’s lips seems to have not changed his mantra, as if he is familiar with the world beauty, it is true regardless of occasion regardless of location never change their true colors.

Wei Guang laughed then ​​smile, stood up, surrounded by a pink clothes girl Yingying, noodles if spring peach, eyes as autumn, body like weak willow, like Orchid, a natural of the best peerless beauty.

“Oh, this is a little girl Sumei (means again like the last time), His Royal Highness priest praised.”

“The right and same time wrong, on Miss Su Sin’s posture said: The Wei adults for many years to be kept in the purdah (he custom, found in some Muslim and Hindu cultures, of keeping women from being seen), but not willing to give outsiders to see it? The king is really blessed today.”

Everyone listened to Wei and Lee Cecilia’s (Li Ce’s codename from Wei amry) singing a song, suddenly wake them up, Wei valve has just pulled Muhe’s head, but Wei Guang being wily, not satisfied. Former Muheji is also the right to dump a moment, Mu He the Queen of the cloud is looking more expensive for the  Empress Dowager’s (means the Emperor’s mother position and title) eyes, the occasion like a fall is still a deadly wounding and exhausting, like arriving from the mountain down there and one finds no room or fire. Wei feeling light today moved and said: Is this how it looks like to compete with Xia Huang (Great Summer Emperor) Bian Tang’s son-in-law, to give yourself a bargaining chip?

Zhao Qi stood aside and once again was shocked by the powerful forces of his mother. Wei Guang might not be aggressive as Muhe Yun Ting, but his courage and his mind, his conscience and ambition are absolute will and would not be smaller than Muhe Yun Ting. Even if one day they can really ascend to the throne, waiting for their own what will it be? A Puppet manipulated by another puppet is still overhead? Zhao Qi took a deep breath and he had to pay more attention to this issue again.

Just then, Li Ce suddenly thought of something he snapped his forehead, a few steps back went to the hall in front pf everyone then pulled the girl who has been standing in the door since earlier, hurriedly Said: “Look at me and take this memory, I forgot to recommend Jojo to all of you.”

Finished speaking, Chu Qiao took the hand straight up to the crowd.

Wei Guang brow gently wrinkled, puzzled and looked at Zhao Qi, expressed his interest to know the identity of the woman, but Zhao Qi being absent minded, coldly looked at the throne, and did not look over to him.

Although Wei Guang is wily, but for a low-minded girl slave, he did not know the bottom line. Although the day in the hunting grounds also had a side, but remember it is not profound, in his eyes, the real enemy is Muhe’s, is the Royal Zhao, Zhuge is the other wealthy monarch just sitting on the four heterosexual feudal king, Yan Xun as one in their eyes may die anytime like a hesitate son, has long constituted no threat.

“Your Royal Highness, what is this?”

“She is Jojo,” said Li Ce, blinking consecutively, narrow peach eye and smiling: “It is the future wife of this king in front of you, and I will marry her.”

A stone aroused the Melaleuca ( a kind of small shrub from Australia aromatic leaves containing essensial oils) waves, whispered and exclaimed in the crowd suddenly heard, Chu Qiao’s dress at a glance would drop a hint  that she is not from a wealthy background, for such a bold blunder Li Ce stealing the  moment , even as old as Wei Guang, also been shocked.

“His Royal Highness is not kidding?”

Quietly for a long while, Wei Guang finally said these words completely, but seeing Li Ce’s color said: “Marriage event how can children play, the king today, is the hope that His Majesty the Great Summer Emperor will give Joe to me. “

Today, Li Ce’s silk clothes, although the hair of his eyes still little blue and swelling, can no longer withstand a colorful face that let him restore the past glory and self-confidence flying, smiling, coupled with the status of dignitaries, unmarried girl present at the golden palace are all staring at him tightly, do not want to suddenly come out to speak that such a civilian woman has been Prince Li Ce’s choice, which makes them ask, how is this happening?

“Oh, the original is the way.” Has been standing on the side of a sweet smile Wei Sumeng Ying came forward and took Chu Qiao’s hand, smiled and said: “I do not know what my sister surname is, Prince Li Ce can get the favor, Sister Congratulations here. “

She was older than Chu Qiao a year or two, but one sisters called so greasy and Chu Qiao pale, out of hand without a trace, coldly said: “My surname is Chu.”

“Oh, Yunnan Chu?”


“That is, bumping to the expensive Chu family, Mr. Chang Law, who is this girl?”

“I do not know, I am a civilian, not long ago I was once a slave under the Great Summer royal prince, and now I am used to be the Yanbian slave.”

Voice faded, a huge breath of air suddenly sounded, a small buzz resounded ears, Li Ce turned to look at Chu Qiao, but also saw the woman without fear even threw him a few silly provocative glance at him.

Wily Wei Guang sees Chu Qiao, and then turn a blind eye to see Li Ce, all of a sudden came to understand the overall situation, the old man faint smile, pulled Wei Sumeng Ying slowly retreated, said: “His Royal Highness people free and easy, always cannot give,surprise to people, there are princes in this world, life is really a lot more fun then that old lady is here wishing Prince Li Ce all wishes come true, you already got what you want.

Li Ce smiled and said: “Thanks Wei Guang and Sumeng Jiyu.

“When did she say she wanted to marry you?

“On our way here!”

Overthrowing voice suddenly shouted, Zhao Song loosen his green Kam (means gold) robe, while pulling away the neck of his cloak, throw behind his attendants, hurriedly walked in from the outside, into the cold room.

Zhao Qi surprised a moment, quickly walked, they want to stop Zhao Song following words. Only Zhao Song hands up, stopped Zhao Qi,coldly said: “Long heard Prince Bian Tang romantic unrest, act debauchery, today the King really is an eye-opener.”

“Thirtheenth brother! Not to become rude!”

Zhao Qi quickly whispered, both sides of the royal relatives at the moment are staring eyes waiting for the lively, for a time even more than a hundred people’s hall actually silent, all eyes looking here.

Zhao Song standing in front of Li Ce, Chu Qiao who turned around in her eyes and then immediately returned to the body of Li Ce, slowly over his head, close to his ears, lowered his voice and slowly said: “No matter what you want to do, do not take advantage of her. “

Li Ce on his beautiful eye smile, near Zhao Song’s ear whispered: “I am willing, I hurt her too with my love but that will come later.”

Zhao Song eyes glaring, was about to speak, the bell of 95 men eventually heard, the sound of bell-ringing, the Great Summer Monarch finally came walking slowly.

But in the Zhao Song and Li Cecilia during this period, Yan Xun also quietly attended, looking ordinary, it seems like there is no sentiment or any of the slightest turmoil.

“See Da Huang, Wu Huang (means Royal Emperor) Long live long live long live!”

Loud voice sounded in the hall, under the bright yellow robes, Xia Huang (Great Summer Emperor) look amiable, a faint smile, waved and said: “Celebrate all levels and bodies.”

Greeting a few words, the banquet officially started, the sound of bamboo, dancing Gigi (means a girl that is too cool for all fools) seductive, the summer emperor smiled kindly facing Li Ce greetings: “Prince Li, tell me, in the past few days, are you satisfied?

Chu Qiao looked up to the shining throne, this is the first time she saw the real Xia Huang (Great Summer Emperor). His appearance is actually very common, facial features can only be regarded as correct, absolutely and beauty men hang on, not big eyes, narrow one, half squint, like a cat is nodding. The bridge of the nose is not high, there are several spots above the grain size, body is very thin, two slightly gullied white, if not wearing the clothes, and no difference between an ordinary man.

However, it is because it is too commonplace, it will make people under their heart. Think about it, for a few decades in a high place, thousands of people, in charge of the power of the world’s emperors, so many years to maintain such a calm ordinary temperament, it should be said that he was born mediocre inconspicuous? Or should it be said that his hidden kung fu has reached the level of perfection?

Chu Qiao know, only to see him eliminate Yanbian Zhu Mu means, is definitely not an ordinary person, so the specific reason is even more ready.

“Thank you, His Majesty the Great Xia Huang, Li Ce had a good time, better than at home, almost a little reluctant to leave.”

“Oh,” Xia Huang laughed out loud and then followed by a small smile, smile is calm, shook his head and said: “That being said, if you do not go back, Your Don King Tang is not looking so desperate now?”

All heard and laughed aloud, very much to join the audience in addition to the silent expression of Mu He Yun, a jubilant.

However, it is not seen in January. Muhe Yun is as old as 20-year-old, with gorgeous white hair that is hard to conceal even with bright makeup. Compared with the concubine of the other side of the emperor, her old age becomes more and more obvious.

“The emperor,” Wei Guang smiled and stood up and said: “Just the royal prince and the veterans said that to marry the Chu girl as his wife.”

Voice faded, princess who dressed on both sides immediately their looks change, looked to Chu Qiao and brush her like a sharp knife, with great anger and hostility. If today in front of summer royals and nobles, most princesses in front of Li Ce before they were  married were back to a low servant. Then the summer will certainly become the laughing stock of the world, and how do they became proud of these days?

Who knows Xia Huang smiled, did not mind, light said: “The husband and wife, four concubines, as usual, not to mention Prince Bian Tang. Wei Guang do not have to worry about the marriage of the two countries is a matter of future. As long as Prince Li Ce His Royal Highness will not be disappoint I and the King Tang. “

Lee Cecilia (Li Ce’s codename) looked sank, was about to speak, suddenly just listen to the Shu Concubine when she first said: “His Majesty right, future generations, imperative, Wei public need not worry.”

Wei Guang heard a moment surprised, then slowly sit down, after all, Shu Royal concubine to remind the meaning of this sentence has been very clear.

“Your Majesty is wrong,” Li Ce froze and suddenly said with a smile: “The king is interested for a concubine, but not a wife. From a royal point of view, it is Li Ce to take a princess.

“what did you say?”

Xia Huang’s voice suddenly became low, and he slowly looked at Li Ce, his eyes swept over one of his daughters, whispered: “Prince Li’s heart has been decided?”

“Yes,” Li Ce faint smile, nodded and said: “The mind has been decided.”

“Well,” Xia Wang nodded, suddenly stood, coldly shouted: “come ah! Pull this demon bewitching woman, cut off his hands, after seeing her dare to confuse others!

“Yes!” Tigers bear waist soldiers immediately burst into the hall, before seizing the woman’s arm to pull out.

Li Ce hurriedly stopped, coldly said: “Your Majesty, what are you doing?

“Her little servant, first of all to offend you, and to deceive you in the future, to seduce you, if not to punish me severely, what is the matter of the Great Summer Law and how about my face to your father?”

Li Ce explained: “I want to marry her then it is my business, it has nothing to do with her, My majesty how could my favorite people cut both of her hands?

Xia Huang said coldly: “First She is part of the Great Summer nationals and officials, before it followed your favorite person, Prince Li Ce, are you wanting to intervene in our internal affairs do you?

Li Ce surprised a moment, suddenly there was no language, both sides of the bodyguard rushed forward, Chu Qiao frowned, did not expect the change of things could be so swift and violent, her eyes eager to search Yan Xun figure in the hall, but only see his indifferent expression, placid, as if no observation. Just holding the glass of the finger and then gently point the table twice, then Chu Qiao, long time no movement.

“Father!” Zhao Song suddenly got up and shouted: “You are so unfair!”

Who knows he just want to speak, Xia Huang suddenly sneer: “A small slave, not only can lead his country’s princes favor, even my own sons is into to her negging at the mercy of me, what a troublesome water is this? With your hands, cut your head directly, and you will be better off!”

“Father Huang!” Zhao Song furious, Zhao Qi stepped forward to stop him,coldly said: “Thirteenth brother, shut up, do you want to command her death later?

“Pull it down!”

Soldiers on both sides immediately approached, Li Ce sighed several times, but did not plead for her, Chu Qiao looking calm, without fear, saw the swallow (Yan Xun’s another codename) gesture, suddenly gave up the idea that yan Xun wants to refute. She became obedient and was pulled out of the hall by the soldier, about to leave, suddenly a tall and straight figure stopped in front of the man, wearing a dark purple robe, a golden crown in its head, one pulled the woman’s arm, strode forward, calm sound he said: “Your Majesty, if we must put this person executed, can we give her a little tomb?”

Yan Xun saw the arrival of its people, finally looking for a change, turned up from his seat, but at the moment, no one noticed his move.

Xia Huang raised his brows gently, look at the man, said slowly: “You know her?”

“Yes Your Highness,” Zhuge Yue nodded slowly, turned around and looked at the girl, coldly said: “I know her.”


CHAPTER 068 Runs to Counter (raw)

Zhuge Yue dressed in his deep purple robe, his sword-brow flew obliquely, red lips tight, revealing an a dark strong aura, a pair of hands are pale like paper, his cold fingertips close to Chu Qiao’s arm, suddenly a robe kneeling on the ground, on his voice said: “Please as the emperor’s to retrack his words.”

“Retrack?” Xia Huang sounded cold, slowly said: “What are you saying?

“Please, I am asking the emperor to give this man to minister and give her a way of life.”

The first king gently smiled in his mouth, turning his eyes on Chu Qiao: “a big face.”

Zhuge Yue knees on the ground, with the direction of his eyes slightly at Yan Xun, his eyes slowly narrowed, revealing a trace of hard to conceal the Jingmang (means still and sharp). Yan Xun in his white dress, standing among the crowd, a cold wind blowing from behind him. Men’s eyes were half-empty, with bursts of invisible sparks in the bright hall.

This is a huge hunting ground. Only excellent hunting talents can return home. Since everyone is confident that they are excellent hunters, put them on the table to play!

“The emperor, Yan Xun believes imperialism is not strict, teaching no place, willing to lead sin.” Yan Xun stride forward, kneeling on the ground, coldly said.

Zhao Qi sneer, slowly said: “The hunting of the last month this woman has been separated from the slave to become the king’s father slaves, no longer Yan Shi Zi’s slave, Yan Shi Zi’s insist on the matter, I do not know what kind of heart do you have?

“According to third Prince Zhao Qi said, this month she is my subordinate, then her culprit today should be up to me to bear it?” Zhao Che was a black robe, came forward coldly said: “Father Huang, Lee Cecilia is a prodigal unruly Prince, even if the woman walking on the road may also be a glance at him, because of its likes and dislikes, someone should be executed under the minister’s son? Minister should refuse to accept.

“What do you mean by it Seventh Prince Zhao Che?” One of Bian Tang’s special envoy Yu Jing adult said: “The seven princes so rude and defame Prince Li Ce, is this is the kind the Great Summer’s hospitality?”

Zhao Che looked up and said: “Zhao Che did not have such an idea, but merely stated a fact and went all the way. Prince Li made a full four-month walk, and the carriage that brought the woman back to Tang Jing along the way was not cut off. The romantic style is arbitrarily informal and the world is well known. Is it because he thinks of a sudden idea that he should kill a person? Although the status of His Royal Highness is noble, the woman of the Great Summer is not a swine breeder, and he is free to butcher!”

“There is no such reason!” Yu Jing in his anger said: “It is the Greet Summer Emperor who wants to kill this woman and  not our royal highness Prince Li Ce, the seventh prince’s remark is too strong!”

Zhao Che sneer loudly: “The world is not blind, for all to see. Prince Li Ce confessed and encountered a favorite person, to marry a wife. However, when he heard the order of his father, he was not half sad, but he was excited. Can you ask your Royal Highness the protection of your loved ones? However, it is a place for liberation and nonsense, but you don’t think about it. Someone may lose your life between your thoughts.”

“The seventh brother is right,” Zhao said, saying, “Father, he is simply a spoiler!”

“Presumptuous!” Xia Huang suddenly suddenly cold divinely said.

“Father Huang!” Zhao Che kneeling on the ground before the step, a heavy knock down, divinely said: “I am Great Summer seventh Prince to establish the country, is to protect the family of young people from bullying outsiders. Hundreds of years My soldier, Xia Summer, has never retreated from the battlefield and has never ceded a point in the territory where our ancestors of the great summer started their own life and created this foundation. Can we today forget those ways or shall we lose our own homes today?”

“Getting this farther and farther, simply outrageous!” Shu Concubine took a cold drink, hurriedly said.

“Prince Lee Cecilia,” Yan Xun suddenly looked up and saw Li Ce carefully said: “If you really like A’Chu today, put her a way out, choose another woman of your same title, a Princess. A’Chus identity is humble, to much unbearable for the Prince. If you are just joking, please let her go, she is difficult to endure, her way is full of repeated twists and turns, please do not do this because in your time, will she will be put into a situation beyond your redemption!

“Sure enough, people can’t always be joke,” Li Ce shook his head and laughed. “Jokesay more, and no one wants to say the truth at all.”

The emperor squinted, thin face a few deep wrinkles, he looked at the thin girl but stubborn spine, roaring thoughts  suddenly put away, remembered so many died in the  past years, the old Emperor sighs slightly, saying no one did not understand the words: “It’s more like it is!”

The hall was quiet and the excitement had long since disappeared. Zheng De seemed suddenly lost his interest. He waved and no longer felt furious and whispered: “Go on.”

All the people looked at each other, and the hidden minds in the hidden darkness suddenly lost their focus. Zheng Dedi’s moody and dispassionate world had already spread out. He did not expect that he had become so fast.

Zhao Song fastest response, heard the words overjoyed, a knock on the ground, shouted: “Father Yingui!” Then stood up and ran to Chu Qiao, he pulled the woman’s wrist and said: “Achu, come with me.”

Zhuge Yue raised his brows, holding Chu Qiao’s hand in a force, at this time, another strength suddenly came from the side, Yan Xun smiled and stood beside him, patted him on the shoulder threw him a light laugh said : “Zhuge brother, care for a drink?”

The song, dance, and music of bamboo began to rise again, and the seats suddenly became lively. The summer banquet in Daxia has always been a relaxed atmosphere and can be moved around. Li Ce was on his frivolous. He was about to come forward, but he saw Zhao Che step forward and stop in front of him divinely said, “I’m really sorry that King Huang is in a military camp today.”

Just see the direction of the door, Chu Qiao and Zhao Song’s figure fleeting, Li Ce’s eyes turned to a stalemate, lifted the cup, said with a chuckle: “Well, today, no harm done, can enjoy the seven princes sharp word front, Li Ce’s worthy of a visit. ”

At night a dark, chill is blowing Chu Qiao’s clothes, she suddenly felt a bit cold. Zhao Song took off his robe wrapped in her body, concerned about the question: “Achu, are you cold?”

Chu Qiao shook her head and looked at Zhao Song bright eyes, smiled and said: “Zhao Song, thank you.”

“Do you still tell me this?” Zhao Song said unhappily: “Achu, please do not see me as a brother.”

Chu Qiao heart became warm, gently arms out Zhao Song shoulders she said: What?

After a pause she said with a smile: “We are brothers.”

“Zhao Qi.” Zhao Song greeted his frowning brother then laughed and shouted: “Achu, do not be afraid that Bian Tang rogue, I will help you.” 

Chu Qiao open arms backhand hugged Zhao Song.

Evening breeze, snow white robe danced in the wind, the moonlight bright, sprinkled on the side of a flower tree is a white man standing.

The struggle of a few young aristocrats for a young girl can only be regarded as a small wave in the dazzling summer dynastic politics and is considered a ridiculous affair after gossip. After the banquet guests have done what they like to do, Lee Cecilia tongue bud like a flowers, the royal princess ended with so much joy. Xia and Tang officials are in harmony, back to enjoying a good time.

At the very least, it looks like this.

Surprisingly, after the banquet, the emperor unexpectedly ordered that Chu Qiao should left the palace and be a female officer in Shangyi Square to be controlled by the prefectural government or internal affairs bureaucracy.

In this connection, Chu Qiao briefly formally declared the end of military career, regardless of Zhao Che is really made or do not have a purpose, things have ended completely. She is back to Xiao Qi camp to take her things  when Zhao Che did not see her, she was just outside and said Thanks to him as she turns and follows the courtesy officer from Shangyi Square she went away.

Regardless of how Zhao Che thought, on the main hall he actually stood out for himself. Those words still look like a tightrope on the cliff. If he does not care, it will lead to a huge bloody rain.

Yan Xuan and Zhao Song will save themselves in the plan, but for the idea of ​​Zhuge Yue, she has been reluctant to guess. She can only stubbornly believe that this man wants to recover himself and then humiliate and revenge.

She always knew exactly what to do and the rest she did not have time to think about.

The work of Shangyi Square is very simple. It is only a matter of dividing the book that is sent to school on a daily basis. It can then be sent to the hands of Dafu.

On this day, Chu Joo took a scroll to go to Tai Xue, just in time for the princes to go to school. When passing through the corridor, I saw a group of little children in a circle, laughing loudly. Through the crowd, she saw only one fifteen. The aged boy squatted on the slate’s slate, his neck straightened, his eyes wide, and his stubborn look.

“Sixteen eldest brother, go to the father emperor and tell it, the body is not able to read the blood of haggard reading the book from the East, the book cannot blame your back ah!”

The children suddenly laughed, a little prince with only 10 years old smiled and said: “16th brother should go back and talk to his mother do the dance, I heard that all men will jump the next time you try, then 16th Brother will not be punished just by dancing a dance to his father.”

The children’s ridicule and throwing continued, Chu Qiao threw only a faint glance, they turned and walked. She has seen too things like this in the magnificent palace. In the past few years, she and Yan Xun had been subjected to impolite insults and bullying. The survival of the strong is always the rule of survival here.

“Oh, sorry.”

At the beginning, a figure suddenly hit him and knocked all the books in her hands. The young man took a sound of humility, and he lowered his head to pick up the books that fell on the floor.

Chu Qiao, also crouching down, said: “It’s okay, it’s slavery and recklessness, and it’s good to be a slave.”

The boy’s sleeves were already a little whiter, but he could still see the tiny gold thread dragon. He was very thin and had a good smell of pine branches. He picked it up and sent it to Chu Qiao’s arms. The young man stood up and retreated slightly, giving him a position. After Chu Qiao thanked him, he saw the young man striding toward the crowd and said nothing. He was only saying that he did not say anything.

The children seemed to be afraid of him. When they saw him, their voices gradually subsided. After a short while, the effort was dispersed.

Chu Qiao looked at both as they entered the school too, bypassing the wall photos and five Qiming Gallery, just Zhao Song came across to see her face and threw a smile to welcome her: “A’Chu! You did you come to find me?”

Chu Qiao looks at book in her arms and says: “I came to Lu Tai Fu, is it in this book?”

Zhao Song on a disappointment hum: “Yes its in it, Achu, can you not say you came to find me?”

Chu Qiao chuckled and said: “Yes, I came to find you, by the way to send something.”

“Haha,” Zhao Song smiled happily. “Haha,” Zhao said, smiling. “For the first time in my life, I feel that the father’s decision is wise. It’s great that you stay in the palace. The guy I always think of is misguided by you.”

Zhao Song said while gesturing out on his “seven” finger, Chu Qiao hit him in his hand and said: “Do not talk nonsense.”

“I’m talking nonsense?” Zhao Yan lifted his neck: “Let’s walk, you’re still careful, Li Ze’s guy is always around the palace, do not mess with the madman, and so on after the father’s birthday was clean. I can’t stay with you. I still have to go to the mother’s side.”

“Oh, yes, what happened to me when I came down to the hall under the corridor of my house?”

“The father emperor came to inspect the test today. None of the eleven chapters were sent back and he was fined. He was punished all day and it was really a pig’s head.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded. “You’re going.”

Zhao Song greeted, turned away. Chu Qiao into the teaching of the Taoist school, but just met Lu Taifu nap, cannot go in to disturb, can only wait outside, waiting for more than two hours when the old man woke up from the sweet dream.

Out of the school, the sky has been dark, the outside began to float rain, the rain season is very cold, the air was a cold, Chu Qiao slightly a little thin clothes, out of school, the wind blowing immediately, her shoulder step by step through the corridor.

The storm hit, the crowd had already dispersed, far I saw two stubborn figure kneeling straight, faint, vague voice drifting along the rain, drilling Chu Qiao ears.

“What are you doing here? You learned it well, and the father did not punish you.”

A silence of repression, for a long time, was the voice of a young boy:

“I’m your brother.”

“My older brother is more,” said the reluctant teenager, whose voice was loud and loud and said: “They are all my brothers, but I would rather not have these brothers!”

“I’m your brother.”

The sky was dark, rain and rain, was difficult to hide, though low, but with so hard to conceal the heaviness too difficult to hide.

The tiles on the porch were shattered, and the cold rain drifted down the hole, exactly where the two boys were kneeling. Stubborn as they were, did not change place, still kneeling like a stone.

Chu Qiao’s heart suddenly some cold, it seems cold than the outside rain, her eyes looked at them, but it seems that they see through far away, saw a lot of years ago, the two children clothe the thin clothes, against each other resist the chill everywhere.


Zhao Xiang frowned puzzled, looked up and looked up, I saw a hole in the tile just did not know when even been replaced by people, and then no rain dripping, he looked up, puzzled and questions: “The fourteenth brother, no water?”

Zhao Yang brows became trivial, suddenly heard a burst of footsteps sounded, he looked up and saw the girl’s thin body, straight back, unlike the general maiden that always cautiously head down, nor like those who got a potential woman always head back to her, she was just a dull step, very quiet very calm, but a thin spine reveals an unexplained warmth.

“Fourteen brother?”

Zhao Xiang’s voice rang and Zhao Yang remained unheard of. He looked at the girls’ neat clothes, white shoes, and the skirts flew upwards. The soles of the shoes were stained with green silk.

Back to Shangyi Square is too late, a few women have been asleep, Chu Qiao pack up for a while back to the room, but after a while, the window gently open, a black figure quickly flashed few times then quickly disappeared in the courtyard.

At the edge of the lake, a blue-painted boat anchored to the shore, the woman opened the curtain, just to see the man’s bright eyes lift up and smiled at her.

“Here she comes.” Yan Xun smiled softly, reaching out and holding her, said: “a cup of hot tea, warm body.”

“I have heard that there is a half-month marriage between you and Zhao Lun. It is certain that you must have this tonight.”

Yan Xun nodded. “I’ve been waiting for you for three nights. If you don’t come yet, I’m going to study for you tomorrow.”

“That’s too dangerous,” Chu Qiao said, frowning. “The emperor is sending people to look at me just to guard against you. On the same day, he said that he was going to kill me to test your reaction. You must be careful.”

“I trust you to do things.” Yan Yan smiled and divinely said, “It’s time to clear the account.”

Chu Qiao said: “Ready?”

After fifteen days, the messengers of Huai Song will arrive in Zhen Huang, and the emperor will open a state banquet. By then, the messengers of Sui Tang and Huai-Song will enter the city of Zhen Huang, which is our good opportunity.”

“After fifteen days?” Chu Qiao frowned, and said quietly, “Isn’t it the day you marry the Emperor’s daughter Zhao Chun?

Yan Xun nodded: “It is.”

Chu Qiao suddenly speechless, frowning in silence.

“At that time, I will start from Duanmuge and A’meng will take charge of you and we will meet in a long time.” The musician attacked Prince Bian Tang in the main hall and by that time chaos is created. Members of the Grandpa’s Association will take the lead and attack the foreign guesthouse under the leadership of Miss Yu. Disguise Huaishen Herald, attacking Ximen.We are have exited from the East Gate of the palace, in the Red Bank West Bank and Mr. Wu will, and then by the Yanbian dead fool us out of the city gate from the four southeast northwest drawing to chase Xia Jun.To turn over the Longlang Mountain, from Hopeless Cliff into the Western Snowy Mountains, bypass the wilderness field and turn back to Yanbei, this time, the Yanbei Army will take the opportunity to attack Jialing Pass, Baishuiguan, and Wachengbao. In order to make the illusion that I have already returned to Yanbei, the strongholds along the way have already been arranged, and those dark positions established by you before Nishino were vigorous and will serve as approved personnel. There was a gunpowder, although the might was not as great as you said in accordance with your plan, but as long as the temple detonated, it would certainly cause great confusion.”

Chu Qiao a little daze, listened for a long while still did not speak.

Yan Xun smiled, joking her: “what happened? Happy speechless?”

Chu Qiao grinned, shook his head and said: “Some are like dreaming. Waiting for so many years and suddenly wishing to be in front of me, I can’t believe it.”

Yan Xun heart pain, stood up and bypassed a small number, came to Chu Qiao behind him, squatted down, and put her arms gently to her arms.

Chu Qiao’s body suddenly stiff, actually did not dare to move.

Yan Hao did not use force, but he had a steady stream of heat from his body. The man’s voice was low, with unspeakable husky and depressing: “A Chu, not a dream, we finally have to come out. I will take you back to Yanbei and no one will be able to bully you anymore. No one will be able to steal you from me.”

Chu Qiao Suddenly, she did not expect Yan Xun will be so natural to say, she suddenly had some shameful tension, past life together a full four-year-old she was like a small 15-year-old Girl in general, face the general heat up. Then, a cold kiss, slowly falling in her back neck.

“A Chu,” Yan Hao’s voice was husky and low, like a rolling sea, and said softly: “I never said to you. I only said these words once. You have to listen well. I want to thank you, thank you. In hell for so many years, thank you for the dark days of my life did not abandon me, thank you always stand next to me, if you do not have, Yan He is nothing, he had already died eight years ago in the snow. A Chu, these words I will not say again later, I will use a lifetime to make up, some words, we do not have to say, we should understand each other.A Chu is my Yan, but I am alone, I will protect You took you away. I took your hand eight years ago, I never intended to let go.”

Chu Qiao slowly closed her eyes, the evening wind like a rustling silkworm, heart, such as mulberry leaves, was gently pecking at a bit.

Yan North, the original mine fire, back to the mountains ……

“Yan Xun, I have never had my hometown, because I have your hometown as my hometown.”

Man took a deep breath, and then slowly tighten his arms, the heart is a large tracts of lakes, warm as spring.

“Achu, believe me.”

Man on his gentle sigh, he did not say what she believed him, but Achu understand that she said to myself, believe him, do not believe he can trust who? In this world, they only have each other.

At that time, they may still be too young to know what is in the world, what is human nature, what are the interests and what is the future, what are the future prospects, what are the ups and downs on the road, and they know nothing about it. They are like two young hedgehogs, snow and ice outside, and they snuggle together to keep warm. But do not know that with the passage of time, they will eventually grow a sharp thorn.

Those hidden dark winds and snows are finally approaching silently, and will destroy everything in due course on a suitable day.

“Achu,” said the man in a velvet dress, looking back in the gust of rainy night and whispering.

Chu Qiao facial color slightly flushed, bright eyes like a star, tight lips, his nose was high, and he was somewhat British.

“Go back and have a good rest, wait for my news.”

Chu Qiao smiled and nodded heavily:  “Your Grace.”

The prospects have fallen into turmoil in the month of May, the summer has passed, everything is gradually recovering, along with those hidden in the heart of the mind.

Men and women, a south to north, runs counter to the faint dark night.


CHAPTER 069 Hunting Field Distress (raw)


At this moment, the true city of Cheng Yuan Qian Road, towering Zhuge mansion, there is a deep roar unwilling sounded. Several white-bearded doctors kneeling on the ground, looking pale, covered in trembling like chaff. They looked blue and shivering.

“Four young masters,” Xiao Yan’s face was pale, and the day’s time was soaked in blood and water. She was lying on the ground and his forehead was full of cold sweat. His tears flowed and trembled and said, “Master, let the medical officer. Look.”

Zhuge Yan had little blood on a green robe, and his arm was torn open by a big wound. His injuries were serious and his blood was spewing. But he seemed to be completely unaware of it. He held a whip with an iron hook, and looked at the cage and cage. The animals are facing each other.

There, actually an adult speckled tiger! Tail stout, claws sharp, the lower part of the body was broken, and the blood was dripping. His eyes were filled with grievances. The man was in danger of being injured, but he had no fear or beg for mercy.

Half a month ago, the tiger Daxia contributions, now has gone out of shape.

“Here’s the master.”

I do not know who called out soon, the room suddenly quiet down. Zhuge Mu Qing slowly entered the room, a blue dress has not had time for change, looked at the messy animal room, gently raised his brow, and finally waved, said: “Go on.”

People in case of amnesty, one after another to step down, while the world is crying they were trying to pack Zhuge Yue’s arm, and then wiped his tears out of the door.

The door of the room was closed slowly outside, Zhuge Yue looking the same, still stubborn in standing in place, his eyes looking at the cage, quietly silent.

“Are you not convinced?”

Suddenly the voice of the elderly sounded, Zhu Ge Yue body straight, long time no talk.

“Four children, all these years, Mr. Yue Qiu taught you what?”

Zhuge Yue silent for a long while, divinely said: “Patrolling the way, doing things the official way.”

“Fortunately,” the old man nodded, slowly said: “Fortunately, he did not turn to you as a King.”

“Father?” Zhuge Yue suddenly looked up, voice low, with a few frightened.

“Four children, for many children of the Father, you are a savvy one, juvenile stable, careful. But when you are bad is too stubborn, you remember when you were young, old Batu pays homage to the emperor. A big brother, you saw it like it, and you just wanted to get the method. You only spent more than two months on this kung fu. There were countless injuries. It’s hard to tamper with, but you told the next man to kill it and stew it. When the father asked you why, how did you respond?”

Zhuge Yue frowned, silent for a long time before whispering: “My father said his son liked to get and tame the process, not the dog.”

“Yes,” Zhuge Muqing said with a faint smile divinely said: “This is the phrase when your grandfather passed away. He told me after listening to him that this child must be my hope be my Zhuge pulse. In these years, I’ve been convinced, but now I’m beginning to doubt it.”

“Father?” Zhuge Yue looked up, his brow wrinkled tightly: “son … …”

“Four children, for that slave, you even did not hesitate to start working with your big brother. Later, it was to steal the dragon and turn the phoenix to cover up the facts. You did a very clever and secretive thing. But you really thought that your father believed you completely. Isn’t that what your big brother says?”

Zhuge Mu Qing’s facial expression suddenly severe, coldly said: “I thought you would have been Wolong seven years in Wolong, I did not expect such impulsive or misconduct, regardless of the consequences, you know some of that night will bring What kind of resistance and disaster will bring to your future career?

Bang cry!  Zhuge Yue suddenly kneeling on the ground, bowed his head and said: “this son is reckless.”

“You really reckless!” Zhuge Muqing looked up, coldly said: “Mu Hyuk downfall, the northwestern Batuha family is not as good as before,  Wei Shu You  was brutally poisoned, so far the whereabouts of unknown, God knows who will turn next If the home and the Elders Shrine do not unite, they will surely be swallowed up cleanly. We, the monarchs and families, must not only guard against each other but also depend on each other. This is the eternal iron rule and the prosperity of our family. The only way this time, how can you distract from anything else, to the great cause of the family?

Zhuge Yue bowed, could not see how the color, only to hear his voice slowly said: “Your son got it wrong.”

Zhuge Muqing did not speak. He walked to the side of the cage and watched the tigers who had come into the offerings. The narrow, narrow eyes slowly picked up. Suddenly, the old man slams and draws a long knife on an armored frame. The snarling situation slammed into the iron cage, and the long knife cut the iron like mud. When the time passed into the tiger’s neck, he saw a blood line rising from the sky. The tiger slammed and twitched a few times, and he stopped moving.

Zhuge Yue turned back, looking at the eyebrows locked in a mess of blood, but did not say a word exit.

“Children, animals, and animals are also different, like dogs, they can tame their own use, like tigers, they can only be killed so as not to hurt themselves, your forest has grown for many years, this truth, for the father wants you to understand .”

The cold winds of the night were cold, and there was a heavy smell of blood in the house.

“This time the Shrine Elders must join hands in order to avoid this catastrophe, you prepare for it.”

Zhuge Yue still kneeling on the ground, and heard that he raised his head and said quietly, “Whose who sent the Wei valve?”

“Who else can they send?” Zhuge Mu Qing sneer: “Wei valve really have no successor.”

With thin moon stars and raining silks hanging on the sides, an army of clothes and clothes with yellow muscles and thin skins explained that for a long time it was still impossible to enter the imperial city. They had to camp outside the city and wait for it to enter the city early tomorrow morning. . Looking at the city tower full of suspicion, staring at his own city garrison, the soldiers finally could no longer suppress the anger filled with complaints.

“What is it called?”

When a soldier had just entered the tent, his belly shouted loudly. He could not help throwing a helmet on the ground and said in angrily.

“Oh, whisper, be careful to be heard by Major General.”

“What about hearing it? We are a dignified real-life ministry, but now it has fallen to this point. Wearing this tattered dress and not even holding a token can’t enter the city. I haven’t had a full meal for ten days. Rice, even the Northwest Army is better than ours!”

“Yes!” Another soldier said: “Generally he pity the people, he can take his own lofty and sent it, they have not sit in lotus position on this beautiful land under heaven, ​​build a year of congee field frying pan to fill and eat abalone bird’s nest is more than enough, why let us also Come along with me and come back on this road and send it again. I have no food to eat. Even the warm clothes are given to the untouchables. You look at me and it’s still swollen.

“Whose feet did not swell, my legs still swollen, what I hated the most is even the military prostitute camp are dissolved, with Major General Shu Ye out these two years, really Nanshan Temple is also tough.”

“Tell the truth, the Major General is not bad, treat everyone equally, but it is too good for a woman. On his official things to do, Yu Zhan County at war, we clearly lead the fourteen Army for almost half an hour, he happens but to bypass Baishanling for fear that the army stepped on the people’s crops, or how credit will go to fourteen army  if its snatched? No wonder his family status martial arts plan are not lost to the Mu family of the young priest, but the military’s promotion rate is far less than others.

“It is …”

“Shut up!” I heard loudly suddenly came in, Yelu Deputy lieutenant, posture tall and straight, tone cold, cold voice said: “Do not hurry to go to sleep, what time is it?”

Suddenly quietly inside, Yelu research frown, looking at the big tent billowing in the distance in silence.

Two years, then I finally came back.

Three days later, it was the day when the messengers of Huai Song arrived in Zhen Huang City. The special envoy of Huai Song was still the same as usual, and was led by Nalai Hong Yeh, the long princess of Huai Song.

Huai Song Nalan’s and Bian Tang Li Ce’s family of the same period came from  Han nationality inheritance, time can be traced for thousands of years, as early as the Dazhao Dynasty where some of Nalan’s officials came from. Particularly famous is Nalan’s ancestor Naran Jie, who repulsed the grassland cavalry outside Yao’s pass and led his troops to kill three thousand miles. He thoroughly invaded the invaders of the Helan Tianshan Mountains in the depths of the desert. That war was the first victory of the East against the Prairie. Since then, the cavalry has been sluggish. Until the great summer of 300 years ago,  ancestor Pei Luohuang was able to restore the dignity of the cavalry. Although soon after the Peugeot clan changed crest clan’s surname after entering the Central Plains, completely eliminating the fact that they also came from the grasslands.

From time to time after the millennium, the Nalan royalties sparsely populated, to the hands of Emperor Nalan Liedi, he had only one son and one daughter. Nalan Liedi in southern Xinjiang battle with a play, the younger son Nalan Hong Yu ascended the throne, the Empress Dowager frail and not good at handling government affairs, Nalan Hong Yu’s eldest sister Nalan Hongye became the Empress assistant.

In the past five years, the power of Huaisong was greatly enhanced. The prosperous business and trade, the peace and prosperity of the people of Thailand, Nara’s sister and brother also won great respect in the country. Nalan Hongye was the long princess of Huai-Song, and her  prestige status was almost equal to that of the emperor. No one noticed, however, that the princess of this day was still under the age of 21 this year, and that she was barely behind the pole when she was on the verge of death.

Talented, gentle breeze, opened the door of the academy, saw Prince Li Ce like a flower standing under the gallery, smiling, his eyes narrowed in line to see her happy and waving his hand.

The girl dressed in a turquoise palace, as if did not see this person, turned around and went to Shangyi Square.

Qiao Qiao, sticky person’s voice sounded behind, Li Ce dressed in a loose green Python robe, tied with the same color jade belt at his waist,he became very handsome. He strode to catch up, stopped in front of Chu Qiao, laughing bent his eyes and said: “angry?

Chu Qiao stepped back a bit, and the gallery was a curved lake. The weather was warm, and there were already small fish swaying quietly, crystal clear, and plants floating.

“Jojo, I do not mean to ignore you, I know someone will be appearing for you, and I want to see how charming Jojo is.

“Prince Lee, here is the Palace Grand Court. Please also pay attention to it.”

Li Ce frowned and hurt his face. “Jo Joe, do you have to refuse people thousands of miles away?”

“Li Ce,” Chu Qiao frowned slowly, and Shen Sheng said: “You are a very unappealing person.”

Li Ce smiled and opened the fan. He smiled and said, “This is the first time this Prince was heard.”

“Yes?” Chu Qiao cold smile: “The person who dares to tell the truth is really scarce, then I speak with you once and for all today.  I hate you, hate you all day wear red and green in front of me swinging like a monkey, I hate you for speaking a fake accent, hate your foxy eyes, hate your acquaintance, hate your honey mouth and then after it the world is chaos. Since we are doomed to be enemies, please do not pretend like an old friend that looks like porcelain. I do not have the kung fu and you play with your nonsense. You either put on your prince shelf, and I meet an upright to give you a good tidy ceremony, otherwise, we do not do any more on each and every road, I am an untouchable one who cannot afford the favors and love of His Royal Highness. What are your tricks and thoughts? Please select another woman to play with you.”

Finished, the woman walked forward to go.

“Hey! Do not go!”

Li Ce was anxious, behind the back he pulled the woman’s clothes, Chu Qiao brow wrinkled, a strange step flashed, and you can only listen to the cry, Li Ce body suddenly like a crooked, fell into the frozen blue lake .

“Come on!”

In the distance, people suddenly exclaimed: “Prince fell into the water!”

In the afternoon, Chu Qiao sat in the porch of Shangyi Square, surrounded by flowers and trees, willow branches and buds, and the sun shone warmly on her body. It was warm.

uddenly, there was a dark shadow behind him. He was breathing slowly, cautiously leaned back in. The pace was gentle, and his pace was evasive and revealing a hint of calm. Obviously he had practiced martial arts, but he did not get home.

Chu Qiao is wiping a pottery, listening to the sound of quietly put down the baby slowly, quietly waiting for the opportunity.

A dark shadow, slowly patted on the shoulders of Chu Qiao, said that when it was too late, the woman suddenly short, elbows, wrists, shoulders!

Only heard a loud noise, together with a man’s howl, a shiny man fell on his back and then fell in the yard, where the land has just been Chu Qiao poured water, at the moment all mud, rolling a man.

Li Ce’s grimace raised up, depressed frowning: “Jo Joe, people just changed clothes!”

Chu Qiao looked at him coldly, and he knelt down and continued to wipe the pottery.

Li Ce came limping, crouched beside Chu Qiao and said: “Jojo, in the afternoon, Princess Huai Songchang enters the city in the afternoon. did you see it?”

“Slave status is cheap, not qualified to greet Huai Song Yu’s jade leaves.”

Li Ce sat down with a good deal of understanding. He just occupied Chu Qiao’s half bench. “You don’t go? I don’t go. Let’s go out of town. I’ve heard that Daxia’s hunting ground covers an extremely large area. Just after the winter, the cat winter bears are awake.”

Chu Qiao frowned, his voice cold: “No.”

Li Ce holding his chin, frowning: “Where do we go? I’m not familiar with this place. This Palace is really boring, Xia Huang things very authentic, Zhao Qi guy has not seen a shadow for three days, and they sent a Heap of old man with me, I just yawned they were scared trembling, uncomfortable.

“Ah! is this His Royal Highness Prince Li Ce, rude to slaves!”

Several Shangyi Square, the female officer came over, suddenly saw Li Ce, everyone was shocked, scared hurriedly knelt down salute.

“It’s all right and it’s all right, get up.” Li Ce smiled at the waves directed at several small palace ladies, looks very dear, a pair of eyes almost narrowed into a seam.

Chu Qiao looked like Li Ce but the more frown brows became tight, just think of that all words this morning talking like nonsense, their conservation is getting worse, even with other  person will really angry.

“You are busy. I will sit here for a while.”

Li Ce few shelves and chatting with a few women, all without the slightest appearance of prince.

“Jojo, let’s go hunting in the city!”

Chu Qiao did not say anything, stood up, carrying the basin went to the room.

Li Ce got up to catch up and walked and said: “What do you think? Jojo, let’s go?”

Chu Qiao still did not speak, began to pack books.

Li Ce on the sideways, perseveringly asked: “Jo Joe, let’s go, okay?”

Chu Qiao said to myself, I must not ignore him, and then continue to calm down, nothing busy looking for work, is not a word.

“Jojo, let’s go, okay?”

“Jojo, you did not talk to me when you agreed.”

“Qiao Qiao, do you actually want to go in your heart, that is to say, can’t you face it?”

“Qiao Qiao, you really want to go, and I know you won’t really be angry with me. You see, you pushed me into the cold lake and I didn’t get angry with you.”

“Qiao Qiao,how have you not changed your clothes? When will we be out of the city? Wait a little longer and it will be dark…”

Chu Qiao did not know how crazy she is, even really went out of town with him.

This is Chu Qiao for the first time to get out of the real city when there is no snow, huge hunting ground all green, it is beautiful. Li Ce wearing an exaggerated red robes, peony embroidered with big flowers on it is very tacky, but there is a sense of elegance in his body.

The man rode a very pull the white horse, horse neck tied a purple rose silk flowers, like a bridegroom married to a wife in general.

Standing about half an hour, Chu Qiao finally reluctantly asked the first sentence: “Is it not to hunt it? Why not?”

“How can I do such a cruel thing?” Li Cezhao’s eyes widened in amazement. Soon he joined Chu Qi’s ear and whispered: “I don’t like the great summer people who blew their blood and drink, treats life like no respect at all “

The woman brows a pick: “Then you come to hunt?”

“Hey,” Li Ce tactfully opened the fan, a successful actress said, smiling: “I just want to find a chance to be alone with Qiao Qiao.

Chu Qiao has immunity to his insane language, raising the whip and said: “You just said that the Xia people do not respect life?

“Yeah,” said Li Ce. “I’ve heard that they have a hunt that hunts people too much. It’s too extinct.”

Chu Qiao heard a heartbeat and looked up and said, “How, isn’t the royal family in Sui and Tang Dynasties? How did you deal with slaves?”

“We Bian Tang thing,” Lee strategically shook his head and said: “Summer advocating the destruction of life, we Bian Tang advocate to create life.”

“Create a life?”

The woman frowned, puzzled softly asked.

Li Ce suddenly on his he..he..he.. smile, husky couch over: “Li Ce smiled suddenly and scratched his head. “Jojo wants to try it? The Prince’s good bloodlines are free for you.”

Immediately aware of what it means to create life, Chu Qiao glanced at him coldly and said quietly, “The dog can’t change it!”

Talking alone walked forward, Li Celeidian Britain followed in the back followed by a large number of escort master, since the Mu He Xi Feng and Wei Shu You have been killed, had been tense because of Xia Huang’s birthday. Full of string, full of urgency, it is almost breathless. The elites have to carry out a large number of guards to go in and out. Even Li Ce is no exception.

From this we can see how powerful the Swallows (Yan Xun’s codename) hide in the darkness. Perhaps Chu Chuo, one of the only people in the true city, knows that these imperialist elites with their brains and intestines will sooner or later have a day of hatred and regret.

“Joe, wait for me, I’m not used to riding this horse.”

Li Ce shouted again, Chu Qiao reluctantly sighed, and turned to see Li Ce riding on awkward twisted body, the horse is standing still, barely shitty.

Chu Qiao frowned, said: “We met you on the first day that riding is not a good ride? Do not dare to move on horseback, equestrian exquisite ah.”

“That one,” Li Ce embarrassed smile: “That was the thoroughbred horse that was burned and tribute in southern Xinjiang. I grew up with it and the horse listened to me. I just followed the horse division and learned only one trick from the move. Those trick, I feel more chic to use.

Why don’t you ride that one today?”

Li Ce replied naturally: “You ride a pure black nose tip of a white hair, I naturally want to find a pure white nose with a black hair, you did not see it? Strenuous bent over, will be blocked in the nose of the rose flowers pulled aside, exposing a black hair, it is very British.

Chu Qiao suddenly felt feeble, looked at Li Cecilia’s peach-like face, just think what to say is superfluous. She shook her head and shouted. “Li Ce, if you really dress up with ulterior motives and the faction is fake, your line of action is really too deep.”

Li Ce smirked: “The prince came to the true Huang is a ulterior motive secretly spoiler. But my job is really true. This Prince is the same, no matter what the situation is. Merry and unrestrained.”

Chu Qiao reluctantly sighed, her eyes swept away, her heart suddenly filled with intense anxiety!

Fengchi stepped on the grassland, only a moment, the woman immediately flew up, a fluttering Li Ce’s body, he hit the horse!

“Qiao Qiao! How did you cast your arms so rude? You …”

“You shut up!”

The girl burst into anger almost at the same time as a raging stream of arrow grain lashes. Suddenly, there were countless enemies pouring out of the high slope of the distance. Everyone armed with a crossbow, the bowstring kept on sounding. In front of more than a dozen security guards fell into the horseshoes, unprofessional horse whistles, and Chu Qiao pulled Li Ce rolling to escape that white horse huge body, countless bow and arrow inserted in the body of white horse, the arrow flashing faint light. At a glance, they all knew that they were quenched.

“Are you kidding?”

Li Ce is also blind, shouted: “I find myself ambushed myself?”


At the same time, the sound of killing everyone! On the high grasslands, countless enemies were emptied out of thin air. Everyone armed with heavy-backed swords and civilian clothes rushed to scream and kill.

“Preserve Your Highness!” Li Ce’s men’s number one, Meng Jiao, slammed and rushed forward with a few pro-weapons. Fortunately, they came out hunting. Everyone was armed with bows and arrows. The annihilation of the entire army is unlucky.

Chu Qiao handed off a few flowers, see Li Ce stood behind her, a look of panic suddenly furious, shouted: “You really do martial arts?”

Li Ce strategically nodded: “Joe Joe, you want to protect me.”

“Idiot!” The girl suddenly fired and kicked Li on his knees. The man slammed into a drowsy body and escaped a flying arrow.

“Do not panic, meet the enemy in front, cover up with archery, and draw horses at the rear, ready to break through!” The girl grabbed a bow and ran counter-attack while running. Arrows seemed to have long eyes and no arrows. There was a scream of sternness in one arrow.

All in all directions are murderous,arrows are emptying, shouting, and the other party’s horses are rushing in endlessly. There are more than a thousand people, and the guards around Li Ce are only left at this time. When one does not, everyone suffers injuries and there is no way to fight against it. Chu Qiao pulled Li Cexiong and ran away. The sight of the dense forest was not far away. Suddenly, he shouted, “Retreat to the forest!”

Sharp blade oncoming, Li Ce panic cry, Chu Qiao speed kicked one foot kicked heavily in the men lower body, the pig-like screams suddenly sounded, but not yet the sound of the people stretched, Chu Qiu waved the knife, the sword cut the man’s half head!

All of a sudden the blood was sprayed out of Li Ce’s face, and the man was in a sudden startled. He even took a piece of Kampa (means handkerchief) from the skirt and wiped it hard against his clothes.

“Idiot! What time is it?” Pulling the man’s hand, Chu Qiao pulls him into the woods, and the arrow rain behind him is immediately blocked by the dense forest. Only a few arrows will rush in, but the force is also Great as before.

The enemy saw them hide in the woods, act decisively to give up crossbow, then waved the knife to come.

I saw all enemies in all directions, as if the locusts are generally dense, Chu Qiao took a Jian sword and amazing block invincibly, took the lead Li Ce strategy, Meng Jiao and others chasing behind, now only less than 50 people, and people are bloody, seriously injured, no longer have the power to fight again.

Chu Qiao’s brains quickly run through the imaginary position of the enemy’s enveloping nets. He is extremely aggressive and kills seven people. The martial experience of the two generations combined with many years of hard training has finally played a huge advantage in this jungle warfare. Her figure is small. , but it can use the terrain, and no one in the jungle can beat it.

“Jojo! Jojo!”

Li Ce suddenly shouted and Chu Qiao looked back. He saw a big Han knife approaching him, and Meng Jiao was bloody and crumbling. It was evident that he had not been able to support him for a long time.

Chu Qiao fly into the sky, kicked in that big man’s shoulder, when the empty sword split down, breaking the moon sword (Canhong sword) Dragons heard, along the Han’s diagonal cleave to the shoulder. She heard only that the man screamed and fell down. On the ground, the skull is fragmented and bloody.

The sword sounded loudly, far behind in the mountain ready to catch the man suddenly surprised a moment, frowning brow, looked up to the direction of the distant hunting ground.

Chu Qiao is also surprised, did not expect this broken moon (Canhong) sword is really a sword, actually sent such a sarcastic squeal, but this time she had no time to consider this matter, a sudden burst of hot left shoulder pain. The girl pick an eyebrow, left hand backhand feel out of the dagger, suddenly thrust into the eyes of the attacker. Right hand wrist flick, hold the right to a rifle, taking advantage of each other jump stagger back when the sword flower stabbed, flying up, kicked his right foot chain above the man head and face, the sword followed suit, piercing the man heart chest.

“Qiao Qiao!” Li Ce was shocked, one approached Chu Qiao: “You are injured!”

“Do not mind me! Meng Jiao, take your master to run west!”

“No! I cannot leave you!”

Li Ze stubbornly stood in the same place and picked up a long sword on the floor. He played with the flowers and gestured twice. He shouted, “The little ones! Come!”

Chu Qiao heard, but suddenly a cold heart.

She did not want to suffer this innocent disaster. With her ability, she wanted to escape from the jungle and go and see the world. No one could stop her. In today’s situation, the other side is looking at Li Ce. It will be safe as long as he leaves him. However, when he heard this, she suddenly could not speak. The man might have ulterior motives. Maybe he was not correct, maybe deceitful, but at the moment, she couldn’t see what he could do. She can professionally say that this is by no means a show. If she did not save her hand several times, Li Ce has already died without a burial ground.

“Snapped” soon, Li Ce’s sword has not stabbed the enemy, first planted to his sleeve, one instability fell to the ground.

“Fool!” Chu Jo glared, took his hand and shouted at Meng Jiao and others. “Come with me!”

Broken moon sword flawlessly sharp, cut iron, muddy sound, the enemy’s sword only a short section, the man was taken aback Mengjia suburban knife split, covered in bloody pour On the ground.

Inspired by the body of the enemy, Chu Qiao ran quickly, the crowd boarded her with a high slope, I saw the river below the rapid, spray blossoming, which seems to be carrying an ice cream, was actually just Kaihua, a river.


Chu Qiao Jiao Yan, kicked an assassin’s lower abdomen and shouted at the crowd.

“Ah?” Li Ce stood behind Chu Qiao, stretching her neck and looking down, frowning and said: “Jo Jo, will be frozen to death!”

“If you want to die, leave it!”

Li Ce hesitated to stand on a high slope, and he had not got enough of a few suspense. Suddenly he saw a man wielding a knife from the high slope and attacking the girl who was facing the enemy from the side. The pampered Sui and Tang dynasty did not know from wherever he came, he picked up a big stone and went to the man’s head. Just whistling, the man smashed the blood on time, and the gourd rolled down.

“Haha!” Li Ce hit succeeded, very proud, continue bouldering enemy.

When everyone saw the great divinity of the Prince, they also learned something like this. At one time, the enemy’s momentum was suppressed.

“Come on!” Chu Qiao turned to Li Ce, who was happily playing, and dragged him down the slope. He only listened to the groan. Everyone entered the water, and the biting cold rushed into the water. Joe and Li Ce suddenly sink into the bottom.

Chu Qiao mentally calm, quickly upstream, but no matter how the force still can not go up. Looked down suddenly furious, I saw both hands cling to Li Ce, is tightly holding a rock, like holding a brick in general.

On the back of the man’s fist, he grabbed the stone and grabbed it. However, he had not yet had time to go up. Suddenly he heard only a burst of intensive rain from the arrow. The screams came from both sides. It was apparent that Meng Jiao and others had water. Under the trick. Chu Qiao unannounced a silly fool, pulling Li Ce to go away.

The water speed was extremely fast. After a long while, the two men exposed their heads, and the enemies on both sides were still chasing behind, but they were already gone.

Chu Qiao’s lips were white and blue, her blood was on her shoulders, and her strength was gradually falling short.

“Qiao Qiao, Qiao Qiao?” Li Ce’s voice becomes more and more obscure, Chu Qiao effortlessly turned around, saw Li Ce’s is effortlessly paddling, see her looked quickly aloud said: “You must hold on. We must Out of danger.”

This is the first time that Li Ce talked to her with such seriousness. His face was a little green, his lips were pale and bloodless, and his eyes were not ridiculed on weekdays. He was so serious. The temperament of the whole man seems to be not the same.

Chu Qiao said to him: “Do not put any more slap in the face afterwards, but you have opened your mouth several times but failed to speak. Whole body shivering, too much blood let her whole body weakness.

The river was dark red, and the cries of the enemies came from behind. There was a steady stream of them. Gradually, there were other campfires on the other hills. It seems that as long as they leave the city, they will be poisoned, no matter which direction they go. The scale of the assassination of the enemy is extremely large, and there are many people who are dispatched. It is unimaginable.

There is no guardian voice on the side of the body, the sound of water is getting louder and louder, and the sky is getting darker. The river is cold and bitter, the water splashes high, and the castration speeds up. Chu Qiao and Li Ce exclaimed, and then went down a small waterfall at a rapid rate. The sky was spinning and Li Ce suddenly clinging to the girl. The two fell from high altitude together. On a stone, the sight of a black eye lost consciousness.


CHAPTER 070 Hell Means


Although marching through the jungles of the wilderness is already very mature, each time you climb up, you can still see the torches of the large number of hunters, as if you are chasing the tails, as if they are chasing souls, so that they do not have time to rest and choose to escape routes. Can rush towards the thick jungle and the inexorable mountains.

When they finally got rid of those people for the time being, the sky was totally dark, and they finally lost their way and could not identify the true direction.

The night was cold and heavy. At the middle of the night, there was a light rain and the temperature dropped rapidly. Chu Qiao and Li Ce both sat on a dense bush, and the thin young girl sat down under the tree trunk. The bones were almost scattered. Many wounds in the body constantly bleed through the bleeding water. The pain on the shoulders was particularly severe. Excessive movement will cause heartbreak, and she will feel a great deal of difficulty and powerlessness as she loses too much blood. She almost wants to fall to bed and fall asleep.

However, many years of training and experience made her aware that this time is an important moment to escape. Once it falls, it may never give up again.

“Qiao Qiao?” Li Ce’s voice sounded in the ear, a robe draped over the girl’s shoulders, Chu Qiao brow wrinkled, looked up, saw the man squatting on his side, is still smiling and said: “My clothes are dry.”

Li Ce’s clothes had no scent and was soaked in river water for half a day. They escaped in the jungle and wrinkled like a rag. Their red clothes were full of dark red prints, and they did not know which of the unfortunate killer’s blood was.

Chu Qiao gently moved, the blood in his shoulder suddenly exuded, Li Ce surprised, his pale face no longer smiled, rushed on the wounds of Chu Qiao, quickly said: “It’s bleeding again, what do you want me to do?”

“Nothing,” Chu Qiao frowned, torn off the tip of her clothes, cuffed for a moment, and said quietly, “Sit first.”

“Ah?” Li Ce wide-eyed, puzzled and questioning.

“Sit down first!” The woman frowned, impatiently. Her voice was weak but full of momentum: “We don’t have much time, take the time to rest.”

“Oh,” Li Ce sat down and honestly thought and asked his question: “Jojo, who are those people? Do you know?”

“If you are so spirited, you may be able to run a few more paces, and then dare to clamor to rest. I will kill you first, lest you drag me down.”

Bian Tang Prince crooked, shrinking neck sat on the ground, a pair of eyes is not restless like chaos returns.

Of course, she also wants to know who did it!

But the goal is too large, For a time, she really can’t hold her head and made her some clumsy.

If Li Ce was assassinated outside Zhen Huang City, Bian Tang would inevitably be the first to attack. The war between Great Xia and Bian Tang was inevitable. Once the two major powers started their war, the first thing they would benefit from the overall situation of the country was the coastal Huaisong, is located in the southern great wilderness, and northwest Xinjiang inhumane. In particular, Huai-Song, their prosperous trade and abundant food reserves will soon become the objects of the two countries’ strong draws. Huai-Song will also start from a military weak country and occupy a strong strategic position.

From an internal political point of view, if Li Ce died, this Bian Tang royal successor, under the ancestral temple next to blood relatives will get the chance to stand. Several brothers Tang Yuan Zong will naturally become the heir to the successor, in the vast territory of Bian Tang share.

From Bian Tang point of view, there is strength to do this, in addition to the great summer royal family is the major clan family, after all, now Muhe’s just downfall, Yan Qiong and borrowing knife has eradicated Muhe Xi Feng and Wei Shu You, the family will inevitably produce emotional cold rabbit dead fox emotions. The stability of the Great Xia regime has always come from the balance between the imperial power and the family power. If one party is overweight, it will inevitably lead to a series of bloody coup. With Wei Guang, Zhuge Mu Qing and others are crafty, will not see the crisis hidden under the family prosperity coat, preemptive provoked the war, so that Xia Huang had to rely on family forces, took the opportunity to take back military power, such things are not impossible to do.

However, Chu Qiao most worried about, but it is the matter is dominated by Yan Xun, sent by the Great Peer Association contributed. If this is the case, then her situation at this time will be quite awkward.

Perhaps the whole true city, onlyChu Qiao really understands Yan Xun strength. From Yan Xun’s point of view, getting rid of Lee Ce will be a good strategic solution. If Li Ce died in the real city, it will be a sudden chaos. The trust of the great families and the imperial family shattered instantly. The Swordsmen and the Great Xia attacked the swordsmen. The Huai Song Great Wilderness took advantage of the incident. Will be caught in a chaos of war, then Xia Huang will not move at this time to deal with Yan Xun, and may even rely on Yanbei troops against the northern dog. Yan Xun will be invincible and take full initiative.

If things are really done by Yan Hao, should she not immediately think of ways to expose her possessions and try to kill Li Ce? Did she not cleverly lead the dirty water to the heads of major families?

If it wasn’t for Yan Xun’s work, then she had already seen the benefits of this event on Yan’s North. Looking at the whole situation, should she be able to count on the plan and push the boat?

At any time, the special agents should take the overall situation into consideration, at the expense of any price, in the best interest of one’s own own.

The girl’s palms slowly clenched, the chilly cold awns of the ribs slamming out of the cold, almost piercing her skin, she does not want to think about how he just fell asleep after a coma, do not want to think of Li Ce carrying their own He walked away from the side of the jungle and didn’t want to think about his eagerness and worry over and over again.

If there is no me, he must have assassinated before he died.

A report was also reported, God is fair.

Chu Qiao slowly narrowed his eyes, fingers sliding to the ribs under the ribs, a calm mind quickly erased her previous unrealistic emotions, she always knew what to do, it is like a task, like this For years, she has been obsessed with returning to Yanbei, and everything else is no longer important.

Obscure printing, cold iron to build, knife thin and light, wrapped in cotton, with the current iron forging technology point of view, is the epoch-making high-tech products. Chu Qiao touched the moment of the weapon, all of a sudden clear-minded mind, all emotions that should not exist disappeared, suddenly restored as a qualified Jagged agents.

Hold the middle finger and index finger blade, knife, rotation, grip, shot!

Everything happened in a flash, I saw Li Ce’s body suddenly crashing into the air, looking with panic shouted: “Jo Jo careful!”

A huge hound suddenly came from behind Chu Qiao, and the electric light and stone fired a bite on the wrist of Li Ce in front of Chu Qiao, and Li Ce’s body lifted off. An enormous hound jumped out of it. In the same direction as Forest cold, he plunged into the neck arteries of the hound, thrusting, rotating, and pulling horizontally!

Blood light splash! Wailing

Turn around and kick in the waist of another hound, the hound suddenly screams, fell to the side!

Six black people covered with facial tissues flashed from the woods, eyes fierce, steady pace, a look is the martial arts on the master. Chu Qiao slowly one step forward, will be out of breath endured the pain did not cry out of Lee Cecilia, slowly pulled out his broken moon sword, eyes cold looking at the opposite of the six people.

The master strokes, the speed is always approaching the peak, the buzzing sound suddenly sounds, and under the reflection of the cold moon, the two human figures near the left front suddenly jump into the sky and plop, the momentum is full. Pounce on the petite girl. The moment the body rises above, the sword of the hand is suddenly drawn down with two strange arcs.

Chu Qiao body half bow, the standard Japanese-style sideways, single-handedly guarding Li Ce one-handedly lifted the sword, but the moment the other side’s knife shrouded her head, the girl suddenly stood up, the two sides of the body quickly staggered high, breaking The month of swords is like a broken sword, instantly splitting the knife of the two men, reaching the top of a man’s shoulders, his right foot follows, kicking the man’s lower body, clawing his left hand, and holding him tightly on its neck.

When the sound of crisp bones stuttered, the man had fallen to the ground softly before screaming and turned into a corpse.

In an instant, one death and one injury, fighting power is super combat.

At this time, the other four people have already met in an instant. The two attacked Chu Qiao, and the two men and women went to besiege Li Ce.

Chu Qiao quickly turned around and wanted to go forward to protect Li Ce. He was able to avoid the slashing of his body. When he and the other two were intertwined, Chu Qiao peered and saw an assassin waving a knife to Li Ce. She suddenly brows. A wrinkle, a thrown moon sword, sword roaring away, with thunder wind. Vacated his hands quickly a point, suddenly ghostly touch the two assassin’s brain, suddenly a beat!

In the blink of an eye, the sound of a huge bone cracked and the rapid and fierce attack came in a flash. The two assassins had not yet responded, and the black time was a bit dark. The blood spattered, the brains chapped, and the body rushed down. It was just a brief twitch. A few times, they can no longer move.

At the same time, a scream suddenly came in front of Li Ce, and the man who was attacking him with a knife saw that he would succeed. A sharp sword hit him suddenly, piercing his chest and dripping blood from his heart. Penetration came out, Jianfeng pointed forward sharply, and Li Ce stopped calmly in front of him.

Li Ce looked white, not scared, not enough time to scream, the only one killer left suddenly rushed to come forward.

Between the stone and the fire, the man with a sword on his face hadn’t had time to fall. The girl’s body suddenly turned ilike a whirlwind, and he pulled out a broken sword on the man’s body body staggered, sliding open, staggered blade, almost to the peak!

Assassin fighters of professional killers will always be so short moments, when the swords meet, sparks pump! Take a shot, take a wrist, and cut the sword diagonally!

Broken wrist, reverse, broken elbow, take the knife, turn around and cut belly!

The action is quick and smooth. The next second, the already assassin is already full-bodied. The knife in the lower abdomen is huge, bloody, and it’s banged down!

At this moment, the girl just turned back from the jumping position, the cold wind slowly blew from her body, hair stained with blood, and dropping down one by one splashing.

From the other side’s sneak attack to now it is just a blink of an eye, but the test is the courage, eyesight, speed and skill of both parties. It is clear that facts have proved that, on this point, the 21st-century super agent Chu Qiao is slightly better.

“Jojo!” Li Ce hurried forward, one clinging to her, shouting excitedly: “You are fantastic!”

Chu Qiao quietly, slowly pushed him away, looking cold eyes deep in the jungle, cold voice said: “All out!”

Li Ce surprised a moment, his face suddenly cooled down, turned around and saw the same four black dressed people slowly came out from the jungle, the sword has not yet scabbard, apparently just arrived.

The four people looked at the thin young girl and only felt numbness. They were only a few dozen steps away from the person in front of him. It was just such a short and dozens of steps that they had already suffered five fatalities and injuries. This seemingly a gust of wind could blow down. What is the power of the girl’s fighting?

Chu Qiao looked arrogantly, looked at the opposite of the four coldly, looked contemptuously, suddenly coldly cry, coldly said: “Is one on one, or come together?”

Several people did not speak cautiously, but slowly pulled out the sword, they leaned forward but did not dare to recklessly attack.

Chu Qiao gave a cold cry and threw out his broken moon sword and said coldly: “To deal with you a few, you can count the girls as bullying you.”

Four people were immediately surprised, and then four pairs of eyes burst into ecstasy. The underground channel was blown by the girl’s belly. The brain was faint and wanted to deal with several people. It was simply life and death. She had seen fools. She had never seen such a stupid person. Everyone is an assassin, and she doesn’t have to say anything. Immediately, she was afraid that she had lost her chance and her enemy was bluntly rushing!

Blade sharp knife pressing, cold mans eyes almost approached Chu Qiao’s pores, but the girl is still standing cold, looking calm, mouth sneer, it seems that few people will not look down.

The four men immediately happily rehearsed the opportunity to set up this number one battle, and then rushed forward without hesitation. The momentum was astonishing and burst like thunder.

However, at this time, Chu Qiao suddenly had the action, saw her wrist flick, the four sharp flying knives suddenly juggle out of the air, the blade smooth, smooth and clean, like a work of art in general.

However, the four assassins did not appreciate the leisurely feelings of art at the moment. Their face suddenly changed dramatically. Their eyes suddenly panic and amazed. They were quicker than the swords, and no one was in front of the killing weapon. There will be no worries and fears. But it is too late to go backwards. They saw the girl’s wrists flick, and she immediately swings out. The four flying knives are just like a savior and suddenly attacked. Now there is nowhere to be taken at close range. Hiding, the four flying knives seemed to have long eyes, and the uniform brushed into the throats of the four people. The blood was spewing, and the voice was husky. Even the words “who was fooled” shouted.

Seeing that all four assassins blinked on their eyes, Li did not look back at him for a long time. He was stunned for a long time before he could utter a complete sentence:

“Jojo, you’re so mean!”

It is also not clear whether this sentence is praise or satire. Chu Qiao glanced at him coldly. Suddenly she felt her body was weak and she fell down.

“Oh! Your wound is bleeding again!”

Chuchao was no longer able to ignore him and looked at a wounded black assassin who was still standing in the distance. He told a man who was not physically diligent: “Go and kill him.”


Li Ce said lightly and quickly, and touched the land for a long time. Afterwards, he picked up a stone and ran to the bloodless savage assassin.

“Well, I dare to attack the prince, the prince now send you to the West.” After speaking, Li Ce immediately raised his hand, holding a stone toward the man, hit to go.

“Ah!” A scream suddenly sounded, Chu Qiao eyebrows locked, Li Ce also looks not good-looking, she saw his confident blow not only did not kill the man, but people wake up. Assassin felt pain, screaming loudly scream, the sound came straight away, she believe those enemies who are miles away will hear these screams to summon them and they are over.

Chu Qiao’s eyes can no longer be described with anger. Li Ce hurriedly tried to catch the assassin’s mouth. The other hand shook the big stone, and soon the assassin’s head became a paste, miserable, can no longer discern.

Chu Qiao could not help but feel worthless for this assassin, he is also considered martial arts extraordinary, did not expect it to die in such an idiot’s hands, but still in such a tragic way.

“Qiao Qiao,” Li Ce rubbed his hands, embarrassed to go back and pleasing to say: “Can you still go?”

Chu Qiao looked at him coldly, stood up with scabbard.

The sound of waterfalls and diarrhea came from the ears, and the sky was full of fire. All directions were enemies. The emperor’s rescue staff do not know in what direction, everything looks like paralyzed.

“Jojo, you were too aggressive right now. Can you teach me later?”

“Qiao Qiao, you said just a few people were just killed by a flying knife or you are mad? I think there are two dead eyes closed, it definitely died.”

“Jojo …”

“To shut up!”

The woman’s bad voice shouted angrily, convergence mind in front of careful pathfinder, she seems to have forgotten his idea of ​​a fragrant incense, the idea of ​​wanting to die Li Ce was temporarily deferred. She remembered just the hound, Li Ce’s wrist is still an inch long wound.

Forget it, when it is interest, let him live longer.

Right now at the moment behind the Li Ce did not realize that the hound saved his life, he was very angry looking at his white wrists wound, depressed muttering: “I have a large group in my palace. Dogs, just let out one of them and hit ten of them.”

Foggy night, unpredictable future, and the rugged rocks are left behind the Mountain of Xun, Li Ce carefully followed behind the girl, had never eaten bitter but Prince Bian depressed frowned: “Xia Huang will send people to help us ah?

The woman did not speak, Li Ce did not expect her to chat with her, for a while will continue to muttering Hongchuan Plateau is too cold weather is not the place to stay.


Low but sure voice suddenly sounded, Li Ce surprised a moment, looked up puzzled and asked: “What did you say?

Those who do not know themselves, are not the same people, then Yan Xun truly now, must come to rescue their own way.

“It will be.” Chu Qiao in a deep voice said, eyes firmly, flashing bright light.

At that time, Li Ce, perhaps still do not understand the name of this light, and wait until many years later he finally understood, but now he has forever lost the opportunity to get this look.

There is a kind of matter the good times and adversities, whether it is wind or rain, or whether it is a sea of ​​mountains or trees, it will not be grinded by the world and will not be polluted by time. Its name is called trust.


A’Jing stayed on the horse and looked at the man in front of the black man in front of him. He said worriedly: “Isn’t it worthwhile to take care of the horse camp and green camp army?”

“Driving!” Men silent, swing their whips pumping in the horse shares its clothes fluttering, cape flying. The Yanbei family who had never left the city alone in eight years was now taking the unfair advantage of the world out of the real city. Rushed into the endless grassland.

“A’Chu is waiting for me.”

In darkness, the man’s voice was low and slowly said: “I must rush.”


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