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Hi Agent readers, I have migrated the fan fiction story at my homepage site for better reading interface. Also, I won’t close this page, instead I will update this page to provide the link of a finished chapter. Thank you for following and reading my own version of Princess Agents part two. I hope you enjoy it and please drop any comments if you have some questions and I will get back to you soon as possible.

I wanted also to inform everyone that I write in realtime, this means you will read both unedited and edited version of AC’s fanfic. To my readers, you may have to read and go over again to those chapters I will tag as raw-for editing, because it means I am not yet done polishing to finish the chapter and may have added some photo’s, conversations and some interesting storylines that was not included at my first edit. Other times if I wanted to go back to a certain chapter and do some tweaks or spin, I will tag it as Edited. This means that I may have changed some lines, corrected some spelling or changed/removed some phrases. It is best to peek at them so you know there is new chapter to catch on then you may reserve your reading at your next freetime after I remove the raw-for editing tag. Hope this helps for everyone who loves Princess Agents like me. Have a good one.

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01: A life in the snowy spring of water

Excerpt: Yuwen Yue’s survival from the frozen lake and Chu Qiao’s redemption of her powers.

 02: Crepuscular light

Excerpt: Chu Qiao’s intro to her journey of the underworld and transformation with the help of Viper

 ♥ 03: Ruins of the past came to life again

Excerpt: Intro to Chu Jing Palace and history of the secret princess indigo scarf

04: Towards the East winds

Excerpt: Journey of Yuwen Yue towards the eastern territories, supporting himself and fateful fight with black ninja.

 05: Ghost in the past

Excerpt: Intro to Yuwen Yue’s must feel of his former bodyguard Yue Qi as doppleganger of Zuo Zong, and finding Yuwen parrot.

06: An Unexpected Visitor

Excerpt: Yuwen Yue’s visit at the Shaolin temple, his fight with Zuo Zong at the cliff and Zuo Zong ambush visit to Yuwen Yue

07: Report from the West

Excerpt: Princess Chuner punishment, stripping off of her status and reducing it to a slave and meeting Yuwen Huai at the forest

08: Learning the ropes

Excerpt: Update about Chun’er and Yuwen Huai’s revelation of his feelings towars the ex-princess of Wei. Yuan Song controlling Eyes of God in secret.

09: Future King of the West

Excerpt: Yuan Song’s preparation to become a king, a visit from Yuan Che and discovering dark secrets of the Wei empire

10: Sleeping Dragon of the North

Excerpt: Journey of Yan Xun to Longji mountain to meet Mr. Wu and throwback of Yanbei pinnacle wars during and after Prince Yan Xun stay in Chang’an

11: Flower of Paradise

Excerpt: The story of Chu Qiao’s flower tattoo ‘Higanbana’ and and an intro to Feng Yun Faling (wind and cloud decree)

12: The Master’s Sword♥ 

Excerpt: The story of Chu Qiao recognizing the owner of Po Yue Jian sword and discovering about the dark history of chu Jing and Qinghai empire.

13: Little moon of the Sun

Excerpt: Story of Lady Yue Shen and its baby prince, Qinghai King and its Queen. Also Xie household the blacksmiths who hold the secrets of the Po Yue Jian and Canhong swords.

14: Master of the eyes of God

Excerpt: Story about Yuwen Hao and how did baby Yuwen Yue came to Green Hills  Courtyard

15: Master Ice cube

Excerpt: The story of Tai Furen and Tai Shen and toddler stage of Yuwen Yue with his father Yuwen Hao, grandfather Gao and his aristocratic grandmother

16: The Budding Moon 

Excerpt: Snapshots of Yuwen Yue’s upbringring inside the greenhills courtyard and the secrets behind bing arrows (snow ice arrows)

17: Seventh Yue 

Excerpt: Yue Qi’s story on how he came to Green hills courtyard

18: The Blackguards 

Excerpt: Bathuja Family background and its blackguard spies

19: Lost but not yet found 

Excerpt: Yuwen household after year of search for the master of the Eyes of God.

20: South Winds of change 

Excerpt:  Liang Prince Xiao Ce’s plan of actions and throwback of the past.

21: Its time to Act 

Excerpt:  How Xiao ce saved Yue Qi and Zao Baocung the shop keeper healing powers

22: Band of brothers 

Excerpt:  Yuwen Yue accepts Zuo Zong together with the savage warriors and became band of brothers

23: Mountain Pass 

Excerpt:  Yuwen Yue’s smart moves on the First Mountain Pass and first person to meet after a year of hibernation

24: Suddenly its here 

Excerpt:  Yuwen Yue’s glimpse of Xinger and Xinger’s first encounter with Yuwen Yue after the icy lake and Poe Yue Jian sword back to its owner.

25: To road less traveled

Excerpt:  Yuwen Yue’s search for the Chu Jing Kingdom to save his band of brothers in captive but fate directed his feet to Qinghai Empire.

26: Arise and shine Qinghai 

Excerpt:  Yuwen Yue’s meeting of his brother and his evil step mother. Yuwen Yue’s first official  day as crown prince of Qinghai.

27: Crack of dawn

Excerpt:  Yuwen Yue’s meeting of the King of Qinghai, his father

28: Rebuilding an Empire

Excerpt:  Yuwen Yue’s discovering about the secret princess and Chu Qiao’s revelation of her past memories.

29: To A thousand caves

Excerpt:  Yuwen Yue visit and Chu Qiao’s journey to the thousand caves.

30: An Army of dry bones 

Excerpt:  Chu Qiao and Viper meeting a man hanged in a tree and Yuwen Yue and his underworld gang’s fun moments.

31: Back to the Frozen lake

Excerpt:  Chu Qiao back to the frozen lake and Yan Xun came to the lake to commemorate and brought appease offerings to the dead.

32: Iron bones meets dry bones 

Excerpt: Chu Qiao meets one of Xuili leuitenant officer

33: Survival of the Mounties 

Excerpt: Chu Qiao once again descended to the underworld and explains how she saves a soul going down to cross the forgotten river.

34: The Path of The World 

Excerpt: Yan Xun’s present situation and his plans of action

35: Summer fell in to Fall 

Excerpt: Chu Qiao, Viper and Yan Xun encounters

36: The World and The Star 

Excerpt: Yan Xun and Chu Qiao’s accidental revelation and reunion

37: Xiu Xiu Mountains

Excerpt: Yan Xun and Chu Qiao’s tour to the Xiu Xiu mountains to honor her long overdue promise when they were still at the Imperial Garrison in Wei state

38: Throne of Ember

Excerpt: Yan Xun revealing his feelings and Chu Qiao redeeming the Canhong sword

39: Breach of Chasm

Excerpt: The fine woman, an old lady and a man.

40: Buried in the snow

Excerpt: Post scenes of Chu Qiao after meeting the Prince of Yanbei and back to work duties to Xuili. Yuan Song, Yuan Che and Zaru’s emergency meeting.

41: Blind date

Excerpt: Old lady, fine woman, a healthy man, and the Lotus flower.

42: Tributary Hunt

Excerpt: Yuan Che , Yuan Song and the Black Prince

43: Dinner Engagement

Excerpt: Liang Palace on smoke, kitchen staff, Playboy Prince caught on surprise.

44: Iron Bone Encounters White Prince

Excerpt: Chu Qiao strategic Pass at Changan, Yuan Song’s revelation of Ghost Love, Chu Qiao trial and marriage proposals

45: Graveyard of Flowers

Excerpt: Xiao Ce’s expensive visit and revelation of Chu Qiao’s past and reason for her failed engagement in the West

46: Marriage in Crises and an Engagement not engaged

Excerpt: Yan Xun and Xiao Yu wedding day and Wei crown princess selection and Engagement to 13th Prince of Wei Yuan Song, a surprise dignitary from the desolate East, a Pandora’s box from the South

47: Ask for Wisdom

Excerpt: Yuwen Yue’s journey to Woolong mountains and his revelation of his feelings to the chef at the Kowloon noodle house

48: Broken Star

Excerpt: Chu Qiao double broken heart, Yan Xun’s crucial night, Yuwen Yue’s revelation of real and imposter Chu Qiao, another revelation of Fourth young master Uncle from Xie household, encounter of the old lady from souther Liang, Yuan Song’s first concubine

49: And it begins, late again

Excerpt: Chu Qiao visiting Xiao Ce, Yuwen Yue’s formal courtship began, Chu Qiao saving three kids, Yuwen Yue’s proposal and rush wedding to Chu Qiao

50: First Installment

Excerpt: Engagement ring for the wife, Fight scene from the Jewelry shop, Zuo’s intruder presence, Yuwen Yue’s revelation of Chu Qiao’s skills

What’s NEXT in The Secret Princess?

51: Fighting Beauties – raw

Excerpt: Xiao Yu found Chu Qiao and Ra Yue’s Lodge. Chu Qiao did not intend to let Yuwen Yue know about her close encounter fight, Yuwen Yue found the Canhong sword

52: Flip of cards ♥ – raw

Excerpt: Yuwen Yue’s seven pass plan to test his wife, Yuan Song’s struggle with the fake Chu Qiao, Intro to Xiao Chong the fake Wei crown princess, Intro to Yuan Yang the Third Prince of Wei, Zao Baocung flip of loyalty, Xiao Ce’s revelation, Yan Xun’s revenge to Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue’s eternal promise.

53: Serpent of the Day, Fox of the Night-raw

Excerpt: Details of Xiao Ce’s pandora box and in search for answers. Yue Qi coming out of Kong Sang mountain after two years, Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao’s sweet moments

54: The art of tresspassing-raw

Excerpt: Yuwen Yue’s wildest temptation and Yuwen Yue’s fetching from the well. Reunion of the past penpal, bestfriend, rival

55:  Temple of the heart – raw

Excerpt: Chu Qiao’s jealousy over Yuwen Yue’s mysterious woman, Chu Qiao note to Yuwen Yue before she left the lodge, Xiao Ce’s court hearings for breaking his protocols

56: Stalemate Marriage – raw

Excerpt: Yuwen Yue’s transformation and broken heart, Chu Qiao trailing back Master Xie Tai Shan house

57: Mysterious ways– raw

Excerpt: Yue Qi’s discovery of his brother Zuo Zong, Intro to Master Tai Shan’s life story

58: Watchers of the Night – raw

Excerpt: Reunion of Yue Qi, Zuo Zong, Yuwen Yue and Master Tai Shan, Chu Qiao’s redeeming her past memories and Viper’s display of poweR

59: Blacklisted Empire – raw

Excerpt: Recaps after a year, Chu Qiao and Viper back to Xuili army, Batuha family black seal and Prince Zaru’s condition

♥ 60: Phoenix Crown Empire

Excerpt: Intro to Prince Lou, Concubine of Emperor Tang, Empress Lu Zhi, and Xiao Ce’s early years

61: Beast of the day

Excerpt: Shen Jin Emperor and his Eunuch

62: One of the King’s arm

Excerpt: Qinghai King and Ra Yue’s tribal guests. Qi Hui one ofthe five masters of the underworld spies.

63:  Trickster Prince

Excerpt: Prince Lou and Xiao Ce’s met Blackguards of Wei state.

64:  Mother’s knows best

Excerpt:  Intro to A’Fu and Prince Lou’s tragic love story, Empress Yuan interferring with his son Prince Lou, Chu Qiao and Viper at Liang palace

65: Deposed Queen

Excerpt: Lu Zhi, Zhan Ziyu and Tai Shan’s fateful meet. Emperor Tang poisoned and dies. Xuili Army arrives at Liang Empire forcing their way out of Yanbei. Viper went to help He Xiao and Chu Qiao save Xuili army.

66: Lantern festival

Excerpt: Chu Qiao came to Wei to attend the Annual lantern festival and meets Yuwen Yue. Situation of Yan army and Wei troops led by Yuan Che. New military troops emerged that defended TangShui borders to help Xuili army cross its borders.

67:  Must you go to afterlife

Excerpt: Lu Zhi comes into the big picture in Liang. Xiao Ce dies and Chu Qiao stayed at Liang Empire. Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao post romantic scenes. Chuner’s fortune restored

68:  The Empress is impressed to the public

Excerpt: Chu Qiao ascended to the Liang Throne to marry Xiao Ce. The Lord of Qinghai arrived and left at the same time. The world and its Yan Queen. Xiao Ce dies for the second time. Unrest for the Liang empire

69:  Check the Pulse

Excerpt: Flashback of Ra Yue and his trips to Yanbei. Yuwen Yue will meet Xiao Yu for the second time. Xia Chong and Yuan Song secret meeting. Yuan Yang in action. Meng Feng and Yue Liu reunion with Yuwen Yue.

70:   Queen at day, concubine at night

Excerpt:  Empress Yuan’s power struggle to Liang Throne, Lu Zhi and Tai Shan’s taking care of the Xiao Ce’s sons. Yuwen Yue’s recovery, Flashbacks of wars, recaps of Prince Lou, Xiao Ba and Xiao Qi’s rescue story

71:  I can’t be your fairytale

Start of fantasy genre, an addition from original novel and prediction from the drama tv series

Excerpt: Yuwen Yue and Xinger second reunion, first reunion happened in Wei’s Annual Lantern Festival. Yuwen Yue waking up from the vivid dream of his past, meeting the Sifu, the Master in Woolong mountains, intro to one of the five realms-hellfrost. Looking forward for the Moon Kingdom and recaps of Chu Qiao and Yan Xun

72:  Empire of the God’s

Excerpt: Yuwen Yue’s walk through at Spring Valley, a side trip with forgotten river by Viper, Chu Qiao mirron in the sky travel, Xiao Ce’s one way trip to Moon Kingdom, skyshadow woman and Zao Baocung interference, revealing Qinghai Queen evil schemes

73:  Bulletproof weapon

Excerpt: intro to Lan Shuyi and Ra Zheng, Yuwen Huai’s reinstatement, recaps of Wei Empire.

74:  Inside war 

Excerpt: An Intro to the 12 Hanshan underworld Elite spies, intro to Lou He, how Dingfangyi deceived the leader of wind and cloud decree, how Chu Qiao found out about her mother Lou He, Zhan Ziyu encounter of the kungfu of ice

75:  Seven Seas 

Excerpt: Yuwen Yue encountering the underworld assassins, and uniting with Yue Qi, Zao Baocung, Skyshadow, and Zuo Zong. Master of KungFu of ice death. Intro to underworld new characters Di Fu, Scarface and Tracker.

76:  Black Forest

Excerpt: Tracker and Yuwen Yue’s loyalty test. Ancient underworld tale, Gnome Country, an encounter with the dark lady (this is Viper who lost her memories taken by the Urshan)

77:  Barrels of Souls 

Excerpt: Confession of Tracker, Scarface intro story, Di Fu’s eternal punishment, death of Tracker and Cangwu bird. Yuwen Yue’s limited godly form and power revealed.

78:  Bring me out of the dark

Excerpt: Mystery of Plum blossoms, Cangwu bird restored to life, forcing the Urshan to turn into a godly being, seeing Tracker once more. Yuwen Yue’s struggle in the Ersatz realm lost himself into oblivion but finally met Chu Qiao once more.

79: Chain of memories

Excerpt: Chu Qiao meeting the peasant girl of the Moon Kingdom. Chu Qiao back to Xue Fu street, Ra Yue back to Qinghai and went for a state visit to Liang Empire. Master Xie Tai shan encounter and recaps about the Qinghai Empire. The appearance of Jianghu Spies. Zao Baocung’s defense

♥ 80:  Impossible to forget♥ – RAW

Excerpt: Yuwen Yue restored to the mortal realm. Chu Qiao and Cangwu bird. Yuwen Yue’s discoveries and inventories. Yuwen Yue’s acts of revenge to Yuwen household. Yan Xun and its Yan Generals. Zao Baocung revelation to Chu Qiao, Xiao Ce’s historic visit to Qinghai Empire.

♥ 81:  Discarded pawn♥ –RAW

Excerpt: A throwback: Yuwe Yue’s welcome to Beauty Emperor. Another throwback from Redhills courtyard Yuwen Huai’s execution to Xinger. Chu Qiao surprise to the Beauty Army.

♥ 82:  Beguiled King♥ – RAW

Excerpt: Yuwen Yue, Yuan Che and Yan Xun reunion

♥ 83:  Rolling in the deep♥

Excerpt: Datong Way

♥ 84:  Are we born enemies♥

Excerpt: Qinghai and Moon Kingdom events

♥ 85: Bleeding heart♥

Excerpt: All about pain and misery

♥ 86: Fish in the net♥

Excerpt: All about settlement and what freedom looks like

♥ 87:  The World’s power♥

Excerpt: Yan Xun expands his power meets and fights the Emperor of the south

♥ 88:  Snow white rook♥

Excerpt: Construction of the Snow White castle

♥ 89:  Broken clock♥

Excerpt: Chu Qiao’s time expires disappears found a way to save Zao Baocung. Transition chapter (expect this to be long chapter)

♥ 90:  Faraway star♥


♥ 91:  Appear incapable♥


♥ 92:  Pick your battles♥


♥ 93:  I do not know the word quit♥


♥ 94:  Meant to be♥

Excerpt: Yuwen Yue and Xinger’ bride chamber candle or in short grand wedding day

♥ 95:  Lover’s Moon♥

Excerpt: Yuwen Yue and Xinger’s honeymoon

♥ 96:  Fireworks♥

Excerpt: Everything is closer to its end

♥ 97:  Red Silk Road♥

Excerpt: Xiao Ce’s surprise announcement

♥ 98:  Triumphant Entry♥


♥ 99:  All is fair under the Sun♥


♥ 100:  After All, Its You♥

Excerpt: Yuwen Yue and Xinger’s daily family activities.


Readers Recap on Secret Princess

Chapter 15: Master Ice Cube

  1. It just gets better and better when you really delve into the historical background of the story. The fabric of the overall story is weaving its beautiful way through all the unanswered questions.

    It seems like Yuwen Hao is quite the gentleman and a doting father to his son, already he has set up the future for his sons well being and without any undue thought– Yuwen Yue will be the next heir to the Eyes of God– really remarkable indeed!

    So Yuwen Yue ‘s mother is caught up in a somewhat drugged induced state due to the scents huh. In the drama– I was really disgusted with his lack of humanity– and its like he was a sadistic cannibal. So I was glad he ended up being killed– though maybe if he got castrated and made to suffer that wouldve been good torture. That sicko was just not human!

    Cheering you forward……

    Liked by you

    • Thank you so much, your comments are my food, a lot of fragmented stories in the drama that can actually connect to the original however we have to branch it out and make the drama the focal point instead by also picking up the origianl novel’s characters. Yuwen hao was not actually part of the original novel but was in the drama so I have to pickup his story from there to paint a colorful meaningful past of the father who raised yuwen yue,though he turned out to be Chu Qiao’s last contender before she fell from the cliff where her memories suffered chibih (forgotten) and all her powers slept then later on we learned that Yuwen Hao was the father of Yuwen Yue and he is an adopted son. Though he became an antagonist with our protagonist Chu Qiao, looking at Yuwen Yue’s character somewhat aristocratic and with a soft spot it means their were some influences in his early life that might have contributed to who he is right now. And so I took the fragmented part of story and connect it to this chapter. While Tai Furen revealed she is from the Xie household. she also introduced the story of her niece the mother of Yuwen Yue that they were both in the Jile Pavilion that night and suffered in the hands of Yuwen Xi leaving her two feet disabled and his niece she did not really mention specifically what happened to her but Tai Furen said to Yuwen Yue, you should listen to stories more longer than this..and did not want to spill it all. Yuwen Yue thought she is already dead but after passing the stratagems crashing his own household he found the 3rd concubine locked up inside the Jile Pavilion and has not seen the sun eversince then, this left leaving Yuwen Huai angry at Yuwen Yue for such a rude tress passing his cousin should have never dared to try but Yuwen Yue did.

      there is one more angle in the drama that Yan Xun and Yuwen Yue are brothers, this was revealed when Yuwen Gao wrote a paper snow to Tai Furen and she wrote back to warn Yuwen Gao about their brotherhood. If we take this literally then maybe Yan Xun’s closeness and fondness to Yuwen Yue may have been because of their blood relatedness however it was not taken literally but it meant metaphorically that Yuwen Yue and Yan Xun became only brothers due to their childhood pact they cut their own skin and seal with their blood, I looked into the novel and I have not found that story, but in the drama it was shortly mentioned but not emphasized. Tai Furen warned Yuwen Gao that Yuwen Yue may bring disaster to Yuwen household if he is to show any favor over what the emperor has cut from its roots which the emperor smelled on Yuwen Yue and although its not Yuwen Yue’s job order to execute, he ordained them in addition to Yuwen Huai the head of the supreme court. But in the novel, although Yuwen Huai holds the supreme power of the courts he did not really participate in the execution unlike what is told in the drama which made it more painful as we watch Yuwen Yue disown his bestfriend but you cannot carry any grudge to Yuwen Yue because the more he disowned him, the better protection he gave to Yan Xun and that’s one thing Yan Xun did never understood so as Chu Qiao. I still remember that part where the yuwen parrot flew in that royal prison and said: Xinger, Xinger,Xinger. The bird announced that Yuwen Yue the master of the eyes of God personally and became their personal assassin to counter all assassins that night, the duty guard who came on his own to stay late at night far from the prison and exhausted himself and his crossbow weapons shooting all who came to the prison to assassinate the two. Then in the morning a breaking news came to the emperor that someone is protecting Yan Xun and he does not who is he not even suspecting Yuwen Yue. In this way, the two survived the night with their lives safe while Yuwen Yue may be put to danger at anytime and be found out…:) have a good one.


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  4. Wow… thats quite awesome if that angle was explored more… the brotherhood thingie. I also remembered that parrot coming during their prison stay.. and only Xinger saw it… I wonder if she understood that YY was outside standing guard. You are also right, YX did not think that YY was protecting HIM by not showing him any favors…. but YX was already in an emotional and psychological mess…. his brain wasnt functioning well so he took things at face value.

    I also wondered if a little bit of him resented YY because of Chu Qiao… like out of jealousy you know. He couldnt think past anything even when he was under house arrest and YY wanted to also help him escape…. he just straight wanted revenge and didnt care!


Chapter 14: Master of the Eyes of God

  1. Thank you again for this wonderful writing piece! I love all the backstory… seriously it makes the stories come to life and we can all look at it from different angles!

    I have somewhat caught up with some of the other writings, comments, some forums, post etc.. about this drama and one thing that stood out is that…. the directors and writers must be dimwits not to ride on the success of this drama and do a sequel. Im glad I actually discovered this drama late while everything was somewhat done. Your writing needs to be picked up by the production team— serious.. they need talents like yours to really give the story so much more. This is my second C-Drama … I also felt like it was umm for lack of better word… unfulfilled and deprived of that feeling of satisfaction. Nirvana in Fire was my first drama and though the ending was a bit sad, its like the main lead came fulfilled his promise and so when he left it was like…. “well done Lin Shu” he had honored his family and his men!!


  2. Thank you! I enjoy reading it. love it! I really miss PA. Hoping for part 2 but until then, I will enjoy all these writings. :))))

    Liked by you

Chapter 12: The Master’s Sword


Before I carry on… just a side remark…. I AM A HUGE FAN OF ANYTHING REGARDING “King Arthurs Court”– His Knights of the Roundtable and of course Excaliber…. !!!

Okay as I reread this, I am under the impression that the Chu Kingdom and QingHai were/are allies. But the Chu Jing Kingdom is not as expansive as the QingHai? And also it seems like the Chu Kingdom operated more on the Underworld Alliance– where lots of supernatural things occur.

Keep up the great work… I am enjoying all the wonderful storytelling!!!

  • Angel Chua

    Once again Thank you for the recaps and your fantastic comments. Basically, the screen writing structure of the princess drama series is like an arc based on the its original novel Chu Qiao Chuan Biography the chapters were divided into three 180 degree arc. I call it growth, apex and death. First sowing seeds, then watch something grow, then watch something reach its peak and watch something die. the Wei is exhausted in the drama and Yanbei died and still recouping. In the original novel the author wrote Yanbei recovered and about the rise of Bian Tang which is the Liang state in the drama series but forgot to also include the story of Bathuja family however the author develop the story of Huai Song another state controlled by Liang state princess Nalan Hongye (Xiao Yu in the drama) under the rule of Xiao Ce. In my fan fic, I wanted to start another arc but a downward 180 degrees to make it wholistic 360 degree novel, so I wrote about Yuwen Yue’s past as told by the drama he is an adopted son while in the original he isn’t. Qinghai is set and located in the Ximeng Continent where Yuwen Yue has to start from scratch after his yuwen family disowened him after his icy lake tragedy. In the original novel Qinghai was described as a desolate full of criminals and savage fighters where yuwen yue recruited his army and set up a new empire Qinghai. I don’t think Yuwen yue has to start from scratch, so to pick up the story of his adoption I had to paint the picture of Qinghai and shine like the sun, an abandoned empire of his own that will make him very hard to get back to Chu Qiao as his princely duties starts to unfold. On the other side, in the drama Chu Qiao had a higanbana flower at her back and the leader of wind and cloud decree while in the original these were not included, so Chu Jing kingdom has to established and somehow a lesser power than Qinghai looking after the underworld spies and other darker things, You are right, Chu Jing will only play the part given they have to suppress an empire if their mortal power oppress the people until it was overly utilized by Qinghai and started to shatter to protect its Sun as Chu jing is its moon. So you are right. We have seen the eyes of God as taking care of the mortal realms as Wei depicts a more carnal world wherein fresh flesh and blood is real while underworld ruled by Chu Jing will take care of the spiritual realms and it will be patterned on the Ying- Yang school in the Legend of Qin who studies about divinity the heavens and the underworld but its difference lies on a more realistic and little bit touch of fantasy side. Its like when the mortal is strong the spiritual declines, but when the mortal world weakens, so is the spiritual realms will come to its strength. The main goal is to still show that Chu Qiao can achieve and bring back the peace by teaching the empires to reform their slavery system, respect those who are forgotten by time and those who were put to ashes must rise to take its place that would bring back the balance of the world leaving no one behind. The central figure is Chu Qiao with her faith his groom to be Yuwen Yue may come back and she can make things right but it wouldn’t be that easy this time and it be more difficult ahead involving lots of throwback in the past to connect its future. have a good one 🙂

  • Angel Chua

    To add more highlights – its like we have seen the heavens in part one now its time to see who rules the underworld for its part two. I really hope the directors and producers of Princess Agents would adapt my fan fic and maybe someone may show this to them and have them read? Just a wishful thinking 🙂



Chapter 13: Little moon of the  Sun

  1. I absolutely love your stories… filled with intrique and excitement and the whole nine yards. Thank you very much for writing from a different perspective. This is truly amazing. I am looking forward to the rest of the stories. Thank you once again!

    Liked by you

    • Thank you for your wonderful message, this is my food for today. Will give these two lovebirds the ending they deserve and for us fans who is looking for a variety that will not lose touch of the drama and the original, maybe this story will suffice and it will be nice if somebody in China will adapt, it will be a prize for a hadworking mind and passionate heart for Princess Agents part two.


  2. Thank you for your wonderful message, this is my food for today. Will give these two lovebirds the ending they deserve and for us fans who is looking for a variety that will not lose touch of the drama and the original, maybe this story will suffice and it will be nice if somebody in China will adapt, it will be a prize for a hadworking mind and passionate heart for Princess Agents part two.


  3. I absolutely agree with you. I applaud your writing skills especially imagination….it is quite splendid! All the visuals in my head as I read your stories is very rewarding. I totally love the path you have taken this story and anxiously await for more awesome writing. Thank you very much for sharing your delightful talents!

    Liked by you

  4. This is just my thoughts on a tagent. I came across this drama about a week ago. I honestly skipped thru some of the parts and did not really get into it until the end. It was only when I came across the online post and forums that I began to divulge into the story. Then I went back to some of the episodes I had skipped thru and watched it again.

    Your stories here however are a delight to read because I love the vivid descriptions you portray. As I read about YX, in here it seems like he is slowly redeeming himself esp when he goes to visit Mr. Wu. His character really reminds me of Darth Vadar, in Star Wars. When you think of it, he left his parents at a young age, therefore he did not have the solid foundation of a good upbringing to really root itself. So when he was faced with all these tradegies, everything was based on emotions-powerful raw emotions. He had no outlet except to fume internally until it consumed him to the point that he saw, his own personal vengence as a platform to rage war on everyone even his own people. His love for A’Chu is beautiful- in the beginning. Towards the end, its more like a possession that he MUST have. Of course Mr. Wu with his cryptic self ask YX if he will recognize her if he sees her. Unbeknownst to YX, his A’Chu is definitely going through a major transformation herself with discovering her powers and everything that comes with it– her memories, heritage, responsibilities, bloodline, history etc.. I am DEFINITELY excited for this reveal because YX doesnt know much about it. I wonder how he will react to it– I have no doubt, he is going to want her more than ever.

    As for our pretty boy Yuwen Yue( haha) I prefer his rugged handsome looks with that shadow beard he is sporting. I love the fact that he is wandering the streets and witnessing first hand the devastation of poverty, human cruelty and the oppression of the common people. I am glad his long suffering is bringing more of his compassionate side and striping away his pride. I always thought more of his character as a NORTH STAR, very steady and unwavering. Even when he was raised under the rule of his grandfather, I never got the sense he was cruel to others by his own nature. I get the sense that Yuwen Yue more nurturing side was dormat because he had to put on a facade for the sake of survival . Even with the hunting of slaves, yes he did not overtly go against it, nor was he for it, it was more of a impassive attitude. It was only when his Xinger came along and challenged his beliefs and way of thinking that began to understand lots of things thru trials of hardships. This is why I equate his character to a north star, because as he grows into his own, his character is more defined in terms of his innate sense of goodness. You witness the transformation— his integrity was always present.

    And our heroine, I wonder on this journey, whom will she encounter first. I am thinking perhaps YX because he is after all the Prince of Yanbei and soon to be King– so it wont be hard to get in touch with him. But after all that has happened, I dont know if she will go see him. Now that she knows about QingHai I wonder if she will put two and two together and see that the son is Yuwen Yue. She seems to have lost her memory of YY, but the heart knows what the heart knows and how will she go about tracking him. It also seems the underworld spy network is more powerful than the Eyes of God network– or perhaps they function differently? Like the Underworld network is more into mystical whereas the Eyes of God is more into the mortal realm.

    Anyways thanks once again and keep up the great work!

    Liked by you

    • If I can only rate your comments to a six or seven star I would definitely say you did a recap for this 13 chapters of ACs fanfic. I love the words you used, how you used the exact adjectives that readers would want more to look forward and even do read backwards.

      In my outline, I have been delving myself if Chu Qiao should see first Yan Xun and have short tea date under the Xiu Xiu mountains where Yan xun promised to tour her when they were at a time of having their heads chop off from the executioner Yuwen Huai. but it seems I would like to start first to introduce Yuwen Yue’s journey to the Woolong mountains and finally arrives at Qinghai with his band of his own army and like a prodigal son and a father and son reunion only to be meet him for a while and then thats it. Not to mention his revenge for what the Queen had done for the empire and to torture his father that the Qinghai King dull and set up to fail plans..While Yuwen Yue is heading towards his abandoned dynasty, Chu Qiao is heading south (just like what is in the original) and work with Xiao Ce where the playboy prince will portray his sentimental side by bringing a reunion to her sister’s and his Xuili army that was totally forsaken by Yan Xun and even go as far as looking for Yuwen Yue and have their greatest reunion ever adding of drama of his charm dying on site but will live after Chu Qiao uses its powers. Yan Xun expand his power and true to what was in the oracle he will become the dragon king where Yuan Song will be his one of hard to beat opponent as he begins to unfold his good leadership better than his father. Yuan Song will have some difficulty at first with yuan che as Yuan che also have other interests for himself but will later join his little brother, Yuan Chun to marry Xiao Ce as it was the last wish of his father and Yuwen Huai suffer in the hands of Princess Zama as she pushes Yuan Chunner to marry Xiao Ce. Yan Xun also marries Xiao Yu sister of Xiao Ce but only for expanding his territories and to establish a new spy network for Yanbei that will soon be counter and destroy by mr. wu and zhong yu as this is not the Datong way. Etc, etc, stay tune for me and please continue your recaps for this fan fic it may help others to catch up as I plan to have this at least 50-100 chapters depending on the reactions of the readers. Thank you so much I appreciate your comment recaps Xie Xie. 😊


  5. I absolutely love your touch on the history/legend of the swords. It is totally fascinating– Its so magical and mystical how the draw of the sword is. I find it very compelling that they did not expound more on the legend of the swords in the drama! It is indeed very poetic!

    Ive not read the book just tidbits here and there. I am a huge fan of Nirvana in Fire(NIF) and as I was watching this series (PA) I noticed some similarities– in terms of their tragic storyline. Lin Shu (NIF) was just absolutely brilliant in how he took his revenge and planning and his execution was flawless, that genius mind of his working to eradict such a cruel monarchy and put in place someone that would rule with justice for the people. Whereas our YX, his circumstances were very similar to Lin Shu but how he carried our his vengence was ,everyone was expendable and collateral damage. He did not care for the general welfare of his people. So in this sense– I feel the moral of the story is: Decisions determine Destiny.

    As I watched the scene at the of the Jiu You Platform then later in the prison, I was struck by the immaturity of both YX and Chu Qiao. YX is a very emotional guy, whereas Chu Qiao is very implusive. Chu Qiao rushes into situations without assessing the situations first, she does her planning AS she is in the heat of the moment. YX for a guy who was very carefree and somehow limited in his situation, he sure was very UNplanned about alot of things– even tries to brush off about the paranoia of the King towards his father.

    As I mentioned earlier, Yuwen Yue is really the more mature one, briliant mind, military strategist, espionage, very detailed in his planning. He was always steps ahead, He had so much against him and at times he did lose his cool but ever the pragmatic one– got back into his game and excuted his plans. He was content to let YX and Chu Qiao escape, as long as they do not hurt the people– but once again, YX being who he is after the brutal killings of his family, he was just fueled by hatred at this point. Chu Qiao for all her powers, I believe she is an incurable optimist, she believes in the goodness of all people and the rights of all should never be trampled on.

    Liked by you

    • I couldn’t agree more with you said, Yuwen Yue was one of the guys who led and works in ways that the two does not get. That’s why it hurts to see Yuwen Yue receiving all Yan Xun fury because he thought Yuwen Yue did not protected him at the platform. He told Yuwen Yue they were friends for 10 years and yet he was involved in the execution and Yan Xun was not informed. That is one thing that Yuwen Yue was not able to address..


  6. Before I get carried away with some thoughts– just wanted to once again THANK YOU for all your dedication to your craft– writing! It is truly enjoyable to read.

    I was moved at the platform when the mother came that she will verify the corpses of her family– this was truly a noble emotional martry. The short glance she gave to Yuwen Yue, acknowledging the predicament he was in and its like she “understood” his inner turmoil and acknowledged it. Even though his cousin was the head executioner, she addressed it to Yue and was granted that request. That moment YX asked his mom “why”? It was that of a little boy wanting to understand what is happening? How can this be real? Why is this happening to our family? His family has much to blame for their part because how can they have not taken preemptive measures for themselves… helloooo? They are after all a military family and they KNEW from the onslaught the moment the King had wanted all the sons of the noble families to be at the palace as hostage prince…. yeah that wouldve sent a warning bell for his early indication of major paranoia.

    I mention Nirvana in Fire again because the Emperor is of the same character– killing off their best friends and their entire families, killing off thousands because of pyschotic breakdown. What was mentioned in NIF was– good men come into the throne, its the lure of the throne that messes up the mind– pyschologically, mentally, emotionally and physically! The Absolutel Power and obsessive need to hold on to it.

    Yuwen Yue, silently standing outside the tower and shooting any assassins that dares enters, then in the morning, gets his people to look through scrolls and eliminate those prospect that will be chosen by the king to be the Duke of Yanbei– HE THINKS WAY IN ADVANCE– and then ask the Princess for help in her part while he strategically maneuvers the chess piece so YX can live longer. This is why Yuwen Yue for me is more intriquing because of his brilliant mind. Chu Qiao is smart, but not on the level that our loverboy is– and YX is all raw emotions– even towards the end of the episodes, he doesnt possess that level of intelligence. Its more like his character is “what you see is what you get”. In all honesty, I was more annoyed with his character, his revenge to me was unfulling, he didnt take out the major players, he focused on the surfice but did not root out the evil. That part where he wanted to kill all the students at the academics because they were sons of noble, that to me was just all the more telling of his very shallow planning. His revenge was all over the place– thats why I felt like it was unfullfilling to me.


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