Chu Qiao Chuan Season 2 (coming soon) Princess Agents 2

Chu Qiao Chuan 2Director: Wu Jinyuan

Category: Continental / Costume / Drama / Ancient Legend

Release time: 2020

Set number: 60 episodes

Starring: Zhao Liying Lin updated

In the time of the Western Wei Dynasty, the war continued, the people were miserable, and countless slaves were the ones. The girl Chu Qiao was one of the thousands of slaves. She was born as a slave, and she was as a mustard in the eyes of the nobility as other slaves. When she became a plaything of entertainment in the aristocratic hunting grounds, it was fortunate that Xifeng Shizi’s Yan Yu was rescued before he was able to leave the bloody venue that was terrible. The nobles are indifferent, the slaves are thin, and Chu Qiao has witnessed the tragic death of his brothers and sisters, so he vowed that he would one day bring the only sister out of this terrible cage.

Yuwen, the door valve, has the right to blame, and there are countless slaves in the government. When Chu Qiao’s appearance caused Yu Wenzhao’s attention, when she was forced to accept the rigorous training of Yu Wen’s family, she and her husband’s hunting ground saved her Xiliang Shizi. Yan Yan also formed a profound friendship.

During the Western Wei Dynasty, the gate-valve struggle was fierce, and the Yankee family unfortunately fell victim to the battle of the door-to-door battle and was massacred. In the desperate situation, Chu Qiao will not leave, and live with his life and death, and help him escape the predicament. The ambitions of Yan and Yan in the sorrow and indignation are expanding, no longer holding the heart of compassion, and they are willing to take the hegemony of the people of the city. Regardless of Chu Qiao’s long-awaited call, he can’t turn his head back. In desperation, Chu Qiao and his grace are separated, and they are divided into ways, and they fight side by side with Yu Wenzhao, who aims at “the world is unified and the slaves are stopped”, and they resist the enemy. After Yan’s revenge plan was completely shattered, Chu Qiao also rewrote his destiny and became a general of the bandages. Yu Wentai, the minister of the dynasty, finally agreed to release the slaves under the painstaking advice of the tyrants. The guarantee that the smugglers who had been smuggling for hundreds of years was finally released. Since then, the world has gradually stabilized, and the people have finally been able to live and work in peace and enjoy peace.


“Chu Qiao Chuan” let countless fans remember Zhao Liying again after spending thousands of bones, and Lin update and Dou Yu have very good performances in the play. It can be said that this drama has reached a certain degree, but this one is The TV series adapted from the novel only shot the front part, and the latter part was not photographed at all. The director showed at the beginning that he would continue to shoot the second part. According to the latest exposure news of the Internet, “Chu Qiao Chuan 2” has been determined to start shooting, the cast is unchanged, Chu Qiao is still played by Zhao Liying, and Yu Wen Key is also played by Lin Update, which is expected to be broadcast in 2020…

Zhao Liying

Zhao LiyingplaysChu Qiao

Actor introductionZhao Liying, born on October 16, 1987 in Langfang City, Hebei Province, is a film and television actress in mainland China. In 2006, due to get Yahoo Star Search game Feng champion and showbiz; the same year, directed by Feng Xiaogang wide … Detail More

Zhao Liying TV series2019 new dramaZhao Liying movie collectionvariety show

Forest update

Lin updated toplayYuwen key

Actor introductionLin update, handsome and handsome, and the talented and powerful actor, is a good man who loves to do housework and caring for a good and lovely home. 2007 is still a student at the Shanghai Theater Academy, he starred in the first film … Detail More

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