Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 400-411 (unedited)

Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 401-411 (unedited)

By Xiao Xiang Dong’Er, translated and arranged by Angel Chua


“What happened? Tang Shuiguan was attacked on September 16. Why don’t we know anything?”

Cheng Yuan stood up and asked with anger.

The communicationsman’s fearful return: “All the officers and men are trapped inside the customs. The enemy is fierce and will be attacked by several surrounding counties. We have no time to report.”

“The officials and people in other counties near the southwest will not be ignorant. How can they delay the war report to this point?”

The communications officer carefully raised his eyes and quietly looked at Yan Xun. After a long time, he whispered: “The southwestern part is Shangshen Plateau. Let’s not say that there are ten rooms and nine empty spaces. Even if the people left behind, I heard that the enemy outside is to save the Chu adults, it is not bad to help hide. No one has reported it. The local officials have been tied up by the people. ”

“What?” Cheng Yuan said with great anger: “What do they want to do? Rebel? Army? Soldier? Are you dead? Seeing that their chief is tied up by the fools?”

“This, this, and the subordinates have heard that the local army has secretly assisted the enemy to attack Tang Shuiguan. It also provides detailed insider and war reports. Otherwise, the straits like Tang Shui will not be easily broken.”

“It’s just that!”

“How is it now?” The low voice suddenly sounded, and Cheng Yuan quickly turned his head, but he saw Yan Xun’s faceless expression slowly: “Tang Shuiguan was broken, how is it now?”

The communications soldier was sweating and squatting on the ground and said: “When the news was received, I heard that the Sui Tang Shuijun did not know why he got the news. He had already been outside Tangshuiguan, and opened the city gate. They abandoned the ship and landed, and now they have gone to the dragon.”

“Who is the soldier?”

“Yes, it is the Sui and Tang Dynasties.”

“How many people are there?”

“No less than 200,000.”

So close to this, Yan Xun could even hear the shock of Cheng Yuan’s shock. His eyes slowly picked up and restored the emperor’s prestige, as if the person who had looked at the night sky on the top of the mountain was not his.

“Li Ce? Have you come in person?”

“I will immediately reorganize the army, and the second army of the First Army will be assembled. Let me go to Long Yaoguan!”

After three hours, the army quickly returned to the mountain to integrate, returning to the edge of Shang Shen, only half a day away from Tang Shuiguan, not far from Longyuguan, Yan Xun riding sitting right away, a black big wind with the wind Hunting and flying, Cheng Yuan followed him, whispered: “Your Majesty, September 16th attacking the pass, is the Sui and Tang people?”


Yan Xun shook his head and looked deep. He said with a deep voice: “The Sui and Tang Dynasties are far away from Yanbei Road. Even if Achu and I were in conflict on the fire thunder, Li Ce got the news, and it was impossible to catch it on the 16th. To Tang Shui, presumably, there was another group of forces who got the news in time, secretly informed the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and took the lead in attacking Tang Shuiguan, so as to open the way to the later Sui and Tang Dynasties.”

Cheng Yuan frowned and said: “Who would it be? Big summer? Impossible.”

“Who?” Yan Xun’s eyes were cold and he spoke slowly: “Who can easily appear in my Yanbei territory?”

Cheng Yuan suddenly became shocked and shouted: “Qinghai Wang?”

“Qinghai Wang.” Swallowing these three short words between the lips and lips, faintly said: “I have to meet.”

The morning star is rising and the sky is bright.

“Your Majesty!” The long news came from far away. A soldier rushed and screamed loudly: “In the ten miles ahead, I found an unknown enemy.”

“how many people?”

“The enemy from the south to the north blocked the front road of our army. It was ten miles long, 13 divisions of the infantry, eight divisions of the cavalry, seventeen military units of the heavy armor, and another archer’s knife and axe shield. The hand is unknown, and the estimated number is about 150,000.”

For a time, everyone couldn’t help but utter an exclamation. Such a huge strength appeared in the Yanbei territory quietly. If it was not hitting them today, what would be terrible?

Yan Xun did not have such concerns. He knew that the other party appeared here to block his army, so that Li Ce would leave a way back. Vaguely, he seems to have guessed the identity of the other party. Although he was unwilling and surprised, he still felt a little pleasure. Well, for a while, he has already counted that there will be this step today. If it is an enemy, he should stand up with a knife and a gun. His people, he can put it, but he can not allow others to save!

The morning fog was fascinated, slowly covering the dark soil, and in a mist, the stunned army quietly revealed a head and horn, like a black ocean.

Yan Xun’s black robe screamed, his eyebrows were silent, and he slowly rode forward from the army. In the military array of the other side, there was also a slender figure of Qing Jun.

Even though it was so far away, he recognized the identity of the other party for the first time. In an instant, the two men’s eyes were in the air in one place. Yan Xun smiled and raised his eyebrows. Shen Sheng said: “Long time no see Hey.”

Chu Qiao was awakened in a snoring sound, the horseshoe sound came as fast as the thunder in the fire, and it was already on the ear.

Three days without rice, coupled with the cold in the snow, she is already at the end of the strong, she rushed out of the knife in the rush, the footsteps of vain, the body is hot, the eyes are full of vague torches, a bright light, almost Burned red half the sky. The horse’s hooves rolled, like the thunder of the sky rolling over the earth, the ears were noisy, and it seemed that someone was rushing towards her.

She heard someone shouting at her, turned her head, and saw the eyes of He Xiaotonghong. His mouth was one by one, and he was fighting with people. His body was blood, and he was not injured. Chu Choo’s The head creaked and didn’t know what she was thinking. She wanted to listen to He Xiao’s words carefully, but she couldn’t hear it.

This is Zhao Yi’s fourth robbery today. Da Xia gradually lost patience with them. The ears are killing, and the soldiers who guard her are falling down one by one. More and more people are rushing over, soldiers. They are fighting each other, the front line has been completely torn open, and the army of Daxia is like a flood of water. A sharp arrow is shot, and a guard is thrown up. The arrow penetrates the forehead of the warrior. The popping out, the arrow pointed directly at Chu’s nose, and the blood bleeds down, one drop at a time.

“Protect adults!”

Someone shouted in such a loud voice, but the soldiers in the distance could not be washed out. There were corpses everywhere. There was a bright red in front of them, and the wind was blowing, and the snow was still filled. Chu Qiao thought that there was no retreat. That’s it. She nodded slightly, and the scorpion said hoarsely, just like this, just like this.

A row of sturdy shackles was set up, and the densely swaying bows pierced the cold wind and screamed, and Chu Qiao looked up and looked at the arrows that came from the air in the air. The mind had a time of embarrassment.

She thought, maybe she was going to die, and the time seemed to be static. She remembered her life for a lifetime. She was selected by the state from less than an orphanage. She had more than ten years of hard training, then she was admitted to the military academy, and then joined. The military department, assassination, lurking, and finally sacrifice for the country, came to this chaotic world, once again experienced a decade of death-like reincarnation, she suddenly felt that she was so tired, tired so far, the wind blows from the opposite side, she is faint Give up all the persistence and struggle. Over the years, no matter what kind of dilemma she faced, she never gave up hope of surviving, but now she suddenly does not want to continue to fight, she thinks, she is too tired, just like this, in this way It is also good to rest.

“grown ups!”

He Xiaomu was stunned. He looked at Chu Qiao standing in the same place. Looking up at the arrow in the air, he couldn’t avoid it, like an icy icicle.

He felt that his heart was torn apart. He screamed madly, and the lightning-like blade slammed a white light in the air. The two heads flew at the same time, and the blood splashed with He Xiao, but the tide-like enemy When it came up, he couldn’t escape, couldn’t open, and could only watch the arrow approaching her figure.

The Yanbei Army on the Dragon’s Gate also saw this scene with their eyes open. A young soldier looked pale and his knees were soft. He suddenly fell to the ground and looked at the pale woman in the raging fire. Road: “Chu Daren!”

He was also a soldier from Shang Shen. Both parents and sisters were rescued from the slave camp by Chu Qiao. They were separated from the slaves and divided the land. But he was a courageous man. He did not dare when the beauty army fought outside. He made a sound, when he robbed the camp again and again, he did not dare to speak out. When the snow and snow raged over the barracks, he did not dare to speak out. When the people were crying under the city, he did not dare to speak. Until this moment, the mother’s words once again Resounding in the heart, the old man with white hair shouted and cried in the land he had for the first time in his life. He said to him: “The people are counted in the millennium, and the Chu people are our benefactors.”

There was a noisy cry on the tower, the tall grass on the wasteland creaked, the snow flew, and the color of the sky.

In the past two months, the entire Yanbei witnessed the loyalty of an army. At this moment, the whole world witnessed the bitterness of a woman.

The arrow flies high, rises, rises, rises to the apex, then falls, draws a half arc, with a rapid force.

Everyone’s eyes were so big that Chu Qiao’s clothes were blown up by the wind. She narrowed her eyes slightly. The hair in front of her forehead was provoked by sharpness, and the scalp was aching. Her mind was blank and slipped through. A pair of eyes, he looked at her, slowly said: Live and live.

She smiled slightly, her smile was thin and foggy.

After all, I still can’t keep going. I will come to you, will you?


Suddenly, a sharp burst of wind suddenly came. I saw a black lacquered shadow on the west side of the dragon’s cloak. The black lacquered shadow jumped like a scorpion. They held long cables and descended from the sky. Hundreds of scimitars flew out, and they were as if they were miraculously hitting the top of the sky.

During the time, the audience screamed, and the black shadows quickly slid down from the snow peaks. Everyone wore dark blue skins, and the posture was strong and vigorous, jumping and tumbling, like a jungle beast, under the fire, I saw everyone. There are dark red tattoos on his face, his eyes are wolves, he is brave, and he will come to the slaughtering summer army.

I haven’t waited for Xia Bing to react. The southwest suddenly came a long time, and the snow and fog came up against the wind. The horseshoes of thousands of horses trampled on the ground, like a rumbling drum. The front row of elite cavalry rushed into the camp. Cut, the move is fierce, the official army is charged, murderous, fast-moving, silver armor, is actually a sergeant of Sui and Tang Dynasties.

The silver-white armor rushed into the big camp, and the young emperor suddenly slammed her whole person, and the fierce strength seemed to crush her. His armor was cold as a knife, and his breath was heavy. He brought a large amount of white gas, and the sound of shouting gradually faded away. The quiet needles around him could smell, and thousands of bright torches were shining on them, like warm noon in June. The sun.

The wind went away, the rumbling roll over the surface, Li Ce’s voice was low and calm, but there was such a hint of horror revealed, he said softly, over and over again: “Nothing, nothing, nothing… …”

Chu Qiao didn’t want to cry. The bottom of her heart was a large piece of vast scorpion. It seemed that everything was not true, but her tears fell a little bit. She rolled down the lines of Li Zhe’s chest armor and rolled all the way. She closed. With the eyes on it, it seems as if thousands of mountains and rivers are splashing and smashing, the stars are falling into ash, the burning of the raging flames descends from the sky, the raging fire that ignites in the sea, boils and falls into the abyss that never bottoms out.

She wants to talk, there are a lot of words to say, but she opens her mouth, but she can only make a dumb snoring.

Li Ce, do you know? Mr. Wu died, Yu girl died, many people are dead, Yan Xun killed a lot of people, you said, he will kill me?

Li Ce, Zhuge Yu is also dead, I killed him, you know, I killed him.

Li Ce, you are right, Yanbei is really cold, people are frozen to death, and even vows, they all form ice.

The world suddenly became so empty, Chu Qiao slowly slept, leaning against Li Cehuai, tired and crawling over her face, Li Ce lowered her head, only that she was so pale and thin, he thought, he was really crazy When he remembered the sky that he had just seen when he arrived, he was afraid of going crazy. If he was late, he would take another step!

The wind blew on them, and he took off his big sister and wrapped Chu Cho in his arms. She was so thin and shrunk into a small group, like a young child.

He looked up and looked at the heavy snow, watching the murderous Da Xia Xiong, looking at the towering dragons, his heart was filled with irresistible anger.

Yan Xun, why are you patient?

How can you bear it?

“Shang Shang, Da Xia sent a question to ask me why the Tang Dynasty should intervene in the summer of the big summer, how should I respond?”

The guards rushed forward and Li Ce held Chu Qiao. His face was cold and faint: “Tell Zhao Wei, people are taken away by Li Ce. If I want, I am waiting in Tang Jing.”

“Sacred, people brought.”

Iron came forward and followed by a middle-aged man with a tattoo. He was the leader of the group who had just rescued Chu Qiao from the snow peak.

Li Ce’s face eased a few points and nodded: “Thanks to you.”

The man with the tattooed head bowed back and said: “We have fewer people. If it is not the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty, the Chu people are in danger.”

“In short, you will be rescued in time, and this piece of Ende is remembered. If he has the opportunity, he will repay.”

“Don’t dare, it is also ordered to act.”

Li Ce’s eyebrows were gently picked, and the temptation asked: “Your master?”

“My master has stopped the Yanbei army and arranged for the various gates to leave. The Tang Emperor will go on the road soon, we will break it for you.”

Li Ce slowly nodded, his eyes deep, Shen Sheng: “Da En does not say thank you, you take care.”

After all, the people of the Sui and Tang Dynasties and the Beauty Army quickly went away. The Long Yu Guan Shoujun is now less than 60,000. Looking at Li Ce with nearly 200,000 grand princes, he did not know whether he should go out of the city for a time. The generals of the defenders weighed each other for a long while, and finally gritted their teeth and said, “Come, go and ask for your majesty.”

The soldiers took a long breath and it was so good. After the instructions came back, the comets should have disappeared.

Less than half an hour, the team went to Kawaguchi, and a team of about two thousand people was waiting quietly. After Li Ce’s men had negotiated a few words in the past, the group left a carriage and turned away.

Iron said from the back: “It’s still the group who said that they have prepared horses and food for us in the first 20 miles, and left a carriage, saying that Yanbei is cold and can drive under the arm.”

When I opened the curtain, I saw that there was a lot of space inside, soft brocade, iron plate under the high bed, two braziers under the iron plate, the car was warm as spring, and there was a small stove, the medicine on the top After the white gas, after opening, it is a steaming ginseng chicken soup.

“Your Majesty, this Qinghai King, is it sacred? Is he really so eager to sell people, really just want to sell us a Sui and Tang people?”

Li Ce quietly looked at the chicken soup, and for a long time did not speak, Chu Qiao was lying in the car, the little face was pale and pitiful, it seems to feel the warmth, she slowly spit out a breath, then quietly shrunk on the bed, quiet Like a sleeping rabbit.

“Iron, if it is you, who will do these things for you?”

Iron was a glimpse, and after thinking for a long time, he said slowly: “I am afraid that only my aging mother, my daughter-in-law will not work.”

Li Ze’s mouth was pulled up and he smiled slightly: “Yes, there are not many people like this.”

“Your Majesty, do you know who it is?”

“Know it,” Li Ce nodded and turned his head to look at the distant mountains hidden in the snow. The voice was a little faint: “If I was only skeptical before, then I can already Guarantee.”

There are many fates and doubts. Everyone is surrounded by silk threads. Walking on his own established track, why should he unveil the prelude in advance when he can’t get away?

Li Ce smiled slightly, his mouth was gentle, with a bit of vicissitudes and calm.

Zhuge, I am not as good as you.

Before dawn dawned, the heavy snow finally stopped, the sun had not yet revealed its head, and the earth was still immersed in a bleak darkness.

On the high mountain, the man fell into the green robe, and the snow fluttered his wings from a distance. He extended his arm. The most fierce bird on the Qinghai Plain fell docilely on his arm, white. Only three red feathers grow on the tail, and the bright looks like blood.

Unpacking the letter, the ugly handwriting that did not die but did not grow forward came into view: the Tang Emperor brought the soldiers back to Tang Shuiguan, innocent, do not read.

The man’s face is calm and his eyes are still always cold. He naturally hears the ridicule of his subordinates. Who is innocent? Who are you not reading?

Give the pen a reply: don’t have to withdraw, die there.

When the young general received the letter, he smiled happily and revealed a white tooth. He waved his hand and said the soldiers who were screaming at the end of the day: “Withdrew, and went home.”

“Seven generals, want to marry a woman?”

A man in his forties was laughing. He had an arrow in his shoulder. He had just wrapped it up. At the moment, it was like nothing. He laughed and his face was shaking like a sly snake. .

“Roll! You are an old bachelor, I wish you never have to suffer from this love for a lifetime.”

“Fuck, this Yanbei scorpion is too fierce!”

A 30-year-old soldier came in. The cold day was covered with half a shoulder, and a white cloth was wrapped around his chest.

“I haven’t robbed their daughter-in-law, and his grandmother has played with Laozi.”

The seven generals smiled and said: “You have not robbed their daughter-in-law, but the master has robbed it. Let’s go, let’s not come to war, and tell the cousin to arrange the evacuation route. Everyone is ready to go.”

The general, who was called the old bachelor of the Seven Generals, stood up and said, “I feel that the main son is not suitable for the assault. I saw that the wife did not see the wife and let others take it away. Let’s take it. It’s not that you can’t beat them, it’s too bad.”

The people in the big account gradually left, and the seven generals stood in the same place. After listening to the words of the man for a while, they meditated for a long while, and said softly: “The young master can’t afford this risk!”

Yes, once the battles are held together, the time is prolonged. There are three long and two shorts on the other side. Even if it is a victory, what is the point?

The seven generals remembered the man who had seen on the battlefield before, and a pair of young eyes gently picked up and brought out a few faint hatreds. This account was to be liquidated sooner or later.

When Li Ce and Chu Qiao boarded the ship at Tangshuiguan, it was the dawn of three days later. The sun rose from the horizon, and the golden light was shining brightly. The sky was so high, clear and clear. Tangshui is close to the southwest, the climate is very mild, and the rivers are veined and green.

The big ship was opened and the sound of thundering sounded from the sky. Thousands of large ships were anchored. The waves were surrounded by all directions, like an avalanche. The sky was a bright blue glazed glazed, masts, and a pole. Raised the white sail of the exhibition.


The iron was screaming loudly, the sound was so long, with a few delightful breaths.

Li Ce stood at the stern, a pine-green brocade suit, a brow-eyed evil charm, and a handsome man. He looked up slightly and looked at the tall Cuiwei Mountain, faintly visible on the hillside above Xiao Xiao.



The tides of the sea and the change of the seasons, the wind on the river blows from the mountains, bringing the fragrance of the scent, as if stimulating the pain of the tiny numbness in the bone marrow, all the thoughts are unprecedentedly clear.

Li Ce suddenly smiled, laughing like a fox, happy to reveal a white tooth, and then in all his horrified eyes, made a passionate kiss against the high mountains.

Ten thousand people are squatting, and the iron asked by depression: “Look, see the village girl who is playing wood on the mountain?”

Li Ce replied with a surprise: “Yeah! How do you know?”

Everyone sighs helplessly: Your Majesty, who doesn’t know?

The river is like a chain, the ship is smashing, the rising sun is rising, everything is perfect.

Above the foothills, the man stood quietly. He clearly saw the provocative action of Li Ce. His eyebrows wrinkled slightly, but he did not turn around and leave.

The ship was gradually gone, but he stood there for a long time, and his heart was silent like a mountain breeze, no sorrow, no fatigue. Xiao Xiaoshan wind blows through his back, the shadow cast on the ground, with a faint and clear glow, the smell of dust and water vapor mixed between the mountains, facing the face, is unusually mild.

He remembered her eyes in the meantime, as if following the ridiculous weeds in memory, he suddenly saw a tall tree, his face was mild, and he lost his cold direction.

He never needed her to know. If he could, he would like to lie on his way and send her to peace and quiet.

It was September 29, 1987. It was the season when the Tang Jing Chrysanthemum was in full bloom. The Fan San Xiao Xiao passed through the city and sprinkled the golden color under the blue sky.

The ship went south and slowly sailed into the extravagant sweetness.

The late autumn has passed, the winter is approaching, but in the warm country of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the autumn and winter points are not so obvious. The chrysanthemum has been defeated, and the black lacquered ones are clinging to the branches. The wind is coming late, the yellow flowers are piled up, and the light scattered all over the place.

Chu Qiao is dreaming again, faintly, his feet are still on the wasteland, the sun is the ultimate red, the long wind is blowing from the end of the sky, the hula la is rolling up the grass everywhere, a wave of rolling, It is like a yellow sea wave. In the wilderness of the sundial, the young man is happy and galloping, the smile on his face is as always, the first appearance in her memory, the red fire cloud blooms in the blood-stained soil, and the swaying under the snowy horseshoe, she listens When the boy’s hearty laughter came, he smiled and said: Achu, come on!

Then she chased behind her, the sun was hot and full of her body, the wind blew in the ear, the future is full of bright yellow hope, just like her fantasy in the past eight years.

But just as she was about to hold his hand, the time in heaven and earth became pale, and the snow covered all the goodness and desire. The hearty boy grew up in an instant, standing in front of her with a cold face, countless behind her. Yanbei soldiers wearing black armor. The soldiers stood with cold arrows and pointed to her back. She turned back and looked at the big bloody flowers on the man’s body. The ice was defeated and the cold water spread. She then jumped deep and deep. The lake finally saw the lonely eyes. He kissed her lips gently. The cold mouth swept her hair. The palm was so big and powerful. She dragged her bit by bit. The hope of life is delivered to her hand.

The sun is glaring, and the palm is like a fire, as if the word is deeply engraved on it.

Blood filled her eyes, thousands of mountains and rivers collapsed in front of her eyes, and wild waste grass grew in her memory, and the earth cracked a huge gap. The sea spewed out, and she was left alone, standing in the wilderness of the fire, watching the avalanche of the sky and the sea in the east raging, burying her whole person.

She was very tired, exhausted and weak, and she closed her eyes and sank a little bit toward the dark and cold cemetery.

When I woke up, the drizzle just stopped, the moonlight drew out of the clouds, and the white light was softly sprinkled on the bed of the 宓荷居. The autumn was stunned, and the dew drops on the broad and thick phoenix leaves, making a crisp sound. .

The hall was empty and cold, and it was like time. It was like everything in this world was dead. Only she was left. She slowly sat up and her body was like a blisters. The sweat came out, the wind blew, the dryness was cold. It seems to penetrate the dead body, so that she is clearly aware that she is still alive.

In the temple of Johor, there was a sound of silk and bamboo. It was Li Ce’s dinner at night. Every night at this time, there will be grand songs and dances to embellish this court of dazzling dance.

When Chu Qiaogang was rescued, the entire ruling and opposition field was a fierce impeachment. The civil and military officials were crying all the time and squatting on the shackles. Li Ce squinted with them for more than ten days and finally became annoyed. One foot flipped over the throne, and the anger screamed that he would not be an emperor. Who would love to do it.

The hundred officials were stunned by the embarrassment. They spent two days outside the Changxin Palace before they took the emperor who had just strangled seven or eight times in a few years. Since then, no one has ever dared to mention Chu Qiao half a word.

Fortunately, Li’s performance after the event also made everyone put their hearts back in their stomachs. In addition to the previous few days of consultation, he was particularly careful. Afterwards, he looked like a big shopkeeper and resumed his romanticism. Make a mess. Two days a small feast, three days a big feast, the officers finally got a little relieved, secretly, it seems that this harmless Yanbei fox has not much charm, the emperor to save her, may be as a whim Let’s go.

When Li Ce came in, Chu Qiao did not say anything. He thought that she was still asleep. She deliberately made a small thief look like a small thief, and attracted the little hoes outside to cover their mouths and snicker, licking their stomachs. I dare not laugh out loud.

Opening the bead curtain and seeing Chu Qiao sitting on the couch, Li Ce gave a slight glimpse, then walked in with a smile, carrying a delicate basket, said like a treasure: “Someone sent a pomegranate, want to eat ?”

Chu Qiao did not speak, his eyes were awkward, and he did not seem to be awake from his sleep.

Li Ce sat next to her, watching her still pale and thin face, her eyebrows wrinkled gently and slowly relaxed. He took out a pomegranate and opened it with his own hands, revealing a grain of red pearl inside. He leaned over and looked at Chu Qiao, smiled and sent it to Chu Qiao’s mouth, opened his mouth and made a gesture of eating, saying: “Jojo, open your mouth, like me, ah—”

“Li Ce, my illness is good.”

Her voice is as light as water and calm. Li Ce looked at her. Many times there was such an illusion. I felt that everything was still three years ago. She was injured and lived in Jinwu Palace, and nothing changed. But soon he will find that it is actually different. She will never be confident enough to tell her about her ideals and ambitions. She will never talk about the man with hope, no longer will The future is full of hope and yearning. Even those eyes will no longer have the glory of the past, like a faint light shrouded in a layer of fog.

“Well, it’s good.”

“I wanna go.”

Li Ce is not surprised that she will say this sentence. He smiled with great interest and asked: “Where do you want to go?”

Chu Qiao shook his head in a shock, very honestly said: “I don’t know, but the world is so big, there is always my place to go. If it doesn’t work, I will go outside.”

“Where are you going outside, what is the difference between staying here?”

“Li Ce, Da Xia will not let me go, you stay here, I will bring you a big disaster sooner or later, I killed Xia Bing countless, twice let their Northern Expedition go back, and also killed the three emperors Zhao Qi, Daxia has no war with the Sui and Tang Dynasties. When they are vacant, you will have trouble.”

Li Ce did not answer, but looked at her quietly. The cynicism in his eyes gradually receded, became calm, calmed down, and became calm. After a long time, he whispered: “You are in order to Jingjia The child and the Zhuge family are enemies. In order to repay the Yan’s kindness, you will struggle with the eight-year slavery in the Holy Golden Palace. In order to protect the Yanbei people’s life and death several times, you are against the southwestern town government and Yan Xun. You have been escaping for two years for Zhuge, and you have completely broken for the big colleague and Yan Xun. Now, do you have to go far outside without being tired of me?”

The man’s voice was low and cold, with a bit of exhaustion, and he said quietly: “Jojo, when can you think about yourself in your life?”

Chu Qiao was so stunned, the night wind passed by, blowing on her hairsuit, Li Ce gently wrapped her shoulder, pressed her hand with her hand, so naturally surrounded her, no With a hint of lust. He sighed a sigh of relief and said softly: “Jojo, there are many ways to live in this world. The poor is also alive, the prosperity is also alive, the inaction is also alive, the wine is extravagant and live, why do you always Is it necessary to choose the most difficult living method for yourself? You are like this, it is better to be the ordinary people of the city, and it is better to be so tired.”

Li Ce’s voice slowly came, and he got into his ear. Chu Qiao leaned in his arms, and his thoughts were solidified and stiff. She thought, why not? If it is really the people in the ordinary market, I don’t think there will be such a heavy relationship. There will be no such deep connection. Even if there will be betrayal and disappointment, deception and abandonment, it will not tear as it is now. Heart cracked lungs, bloody dripping.

The moonlight came in quietly and sprinkled on him and her shoulders. Chu Qiao was so tired, but Li Ce, I spent eleven years climbing a mountain. Someone told me that there was a snow lotus on the mountain. However, when I tried my best to climb up, I found that the top of the mountain was bare and there was nothing. The mountain is so high, I climbed up for a lifetime, and after disappointment, how should I come down?



“Jojo, hope is in your own hands, you don’t let yourself go, no one can save you.”

The days went by, the winter came, but the Sui and Tang Dynasties did not have a trace of winter. Chu Qiao finally stayed in Jinwu Palace. Although there was no name, the most indispensable part of this court was the unnamed woman. And with her previous reputation, no one dares to provoke her.

The persecution and revenge of the imaginary summer did not come. It seems that they also believed that Chu Qiao was already a waste. The previous grievances were all written off, and even a questioning messenger was not sent.

Chu Qiao thought, this is very abnormal. Her current identity is almost equivalent to the Japanese prisoners of war. Why is it so easy to give up this opportunity to beat the dog?

She went to ask Mei Xiang, Mei Xiang said with great words: “They dare to come, and they called He Tongling to knock down their heads one by one.”

Li Ting’s little girl, Qiu Qiu, smiled and put a bowl of good Sydney, and said proudly: “May Xiangjie said, let’s say, Your Majesty is so good to the girl, who dares not to know how to yell? ”

Chu Qiao shook his head, and there was a bit of worry in his heart. It should not be so simple. Is it because Li Ce was forced to agree to what conditions for the big summer?

My nephew said: “I have heard that it is a big horse in the big summer that is mainly repaired with our Sui and Tang Dynasties. It is not a problem for Da Xia to find a girl.”

Big Sima?

Chu Qiao slightly frowned, Da Xia’s big Sima is the chief veteran of the Presbyterian Church. Is it because Wei Guang let himself go?

She hasn’t inquired about the outside world for a long time, and she is groggy all day long. She doesn’t see any outsiders in this house. It really has become the inaction and life that Li Ce said.

She was tied to Yan Xun in this half-life, walked through the darkness, walked through the bloody hurricane, walked through the sword and shadow, and now finally walked to the future without a road, went to the end of the water, and could not go any further.

Later, she asked Li Ce da Xia why she didn’t come to her for trouble. Li Ce was eager to show her a picture of this year’s draft. The words raised her head and cast a wink at her, a rogue The smile of the phase said: “It may be that Xia Huang still has illusions about me.”

Even if the current state of mind is not suitable, Chu Qiao couldn’t help but sneer, accompanied him to look at the three-foot-high beauty scroll, watching the elegant style of the girls who are almost the same age as her. I only think that the eyes are from another world.

Before leaving, Li Ce stood at the door and suddenly turned back and said to her with a smile: “Jojo, you think about it, who else in the world will be so good to you, willing to give up a lot of things for you, born and died for you. For you to make the best of your family, to forsake everything for you, to save you from danger and death, but not to tell you. There are not many people like this, you have to think about it, tell me after thinking about it, I will buy it for you. A dowry, then marry you out.”

Outside the window, the phoenix tree is red and yellow, covering the sun, and the sky shines through the gaps of the leaves, and a golden paper is drunk.

She stood in the quiet hall, thinking carefully about the words before Li Ce’s departure, carefully scrutinizing the last battle in Yanbei, when to attack, when to defend, where to retreat, who to cover, how to fight Attack, a few roads to block, who can deliver the message in time, who can see the thunder in the territory, and Li Ce said, who will be so good to her.

The dusty thoughts are drilled out bit by bit, like a vine, entangled her body, the moon rises, the moon is west, the moon bends over the treetops, the moon falls, the sun rises, and again A beautiful day.

She has been standing like this for a whole night, and she is repeatedly scrutinizing the amazing thoughts of her own. Her eyes are gradually pouring out intense light, with crystal tears falling on her chest and big drops coming out. There was no sad sadness. She was surprised and hoped to live. The body could not stop shaking. At that moment, the golden sunlight shone through the window and sprinkled on her pale face. She laughed. Like a carefree child, tears burst into laughter.

On the day when Chu Qiao left the palace, the sky was still raining. She did not say hello to him. She just took a simple bag and rode the horse out of Zhengyangmen. The drizzle was on her shoulder, but it looked like that. Brilliant life.

Li Ce is still the emperor who is doing his own thing. He is sitting at the top of the temple hall of the Guozi Hall at the moment. He is wearing a dark red gown and sitting on a high-flying cornice. His Royal Highness is a minister who is worried about crying and roaring. He did not seem to see it, with a fragrant smoke blowing on his cloak, raising the pattern of the sleeves inside, he looked at the far away on the Royal Road, the girl was wearing a yellow cloak, riding on the white horse, two The side is a continuous phoenix tree, and the eye-catching color is like a beautiful painting.

Four months, it is enough.

He smiled slightly, and the flute played a cheerful song to send her away. The flute was clear, like a swaying lark, piercing the extravagance of the court, following her figure, and coming out one heavy one. Gongmen, crossed the threshold of gold, the high corridor, the dark red palace wall, went to a vast world.

Meishan mutual protection, solitary ride to the meeting, was suppressed by the family, and almost ruined a good future in the dusty land.

Lost Yuegong, nine deaths, shaped like a rabbit, but there are no three caves, and the death of the land and the retreat of nowhere, the home country abandoned, into the ranks of small and small, was reviled by thousands of people, can not enter the Zongmiao genealogy, eventually become the Empire A traitor.

The Jedi is different, and the power of the Qinghai in the world is reversed by one person. The prestige of Wei He is fascinated by Simon. The time is not yet mature, but the troops are marching eastward, only to save the red face in the first line.

Da Xia Modao Huo Huo wants to map the Tang and Tang Dynasties. Yanbei sends troops to the east to report the hatred of his wife. He is willing to throw away the prominent foundation to return to his homeland, and to gamble with the army of millions, and finally get a meager wish.

Zhuge, I always thought that I was the craziest person in the world, but when I faced you, I knew my own shallow arrogance.

Li Ce smiled in the heart, and a madman, how to fight?

We are all chess pieces that have been handpicked by the gods. I can’t make up, Yan Xun can’t make up, only you, have the courage to break free and escape again and again, and have the courage to jump into the whirlpool again and again, I will lose to you after all. , lose the heart and take it orally.

The tunes were unusually brisk, and the heavy crying of the hundreds of officials seemed so funny. Sun Yan stood under the palace and looked at the figure that looked like a big rebellion. He listened to the joyful tune of the ear, but felt very lonely.

The roads of the palace are long and cold, and the high walls of the palaces on both sides are faintly smelling the sweet aroma of the palace.

Under such a bright warm day, whoever’s heart picked up a layer of light shackles, smashing the lonely smog of every midnight, and disturbing the shallow jade in the silent Jingong.

He has always been like this, with a drunken eye to see through all the waking things in this world.

As night fell, the officials were crying, and a few old ministers had gone crazy. They had already been lifted early.

The entire court was concealed under an extravagant light, and the glory of the palace lanterns passed through the windows and doors of the palaces of Jinwu Palace, quietly shining the night of Jinwu Palace. The memory is confusing, like a filament pulled from the cloth, and a glance, the whole gorgeous crepe is scattered, leaving a piece of extravagant red.

Li Ce climbed down step by step from the ladder, and the hundred officials cried and climbed over, yelling at the knees to pay attention to the body, do not want to be arrogant.

“The princes are really loyal to their loyalties. Today, I have already wanted to understand, and I love you all.”

Everyone suddenly fell into the rain, and the emperor finally realized the epiphany.

“In order to carefully reflect on what I said and what I said, I decided that after three days, everyone will go home and think about it and study the path of the rich and the rich.”

After all, he went away in the eyes of many ministers. Before he left the Guozi Temple, he couldn’t wait to say to the insider: “With three days of dinner, bring all the selected girls to the Johor Bahru. Come.”

The people were speechless, and the emperor smirked away.

We are all floating in the fate of life, and between rushes, it is looming for decades.

Jojo, I hope you can walk.

After the Bailuguan, it was the land of Daxia. Although it was a winter, Yangyang was located in the southwest and the climate was mild. Chuqiao was still raining when he was out.

The pale blue mountains are covered in the rain and fog of the white mountains. The distant rivers are like chains, flowing through the mountains, the dusks in the wilderness are beautiful, the black gold is heavy, the earth is paved with gold, and the cold moon has already risen slightly, and the grass is flourishing. Swinging high, flush with the horse’s back, between the strong winds, the hidden grass, such as the red gold microwave, rushed from the vast sky.

Standing on the official road outside the city of Xianyang, she suddenly stunned. I don’t know if I should walk in. The eleven years of her life is a sly painting. The first eight years are the dark night reflections of the cold moon and ice. In the last three years, it was a bloody and intertwined pen and knife mark. Now it suddenly throws away the shackles of fate, but she does not know where to go.

The initial excitement gradually disappeared, and the cooling mind was violently collided in my mind. If it was true, what kind of identity is he now, and how can he have something to do with her, she has killed him several times. Now, do you have to personally destroy all of this? And if she thinks everything is wrong, Li Ce said, but Yan Xun’s compassionate release of her, then, what should she do?

And now she has not had the courage to ask a word.

She lived in the city of Xianyang, renting a small house, a single-family house, located in a remote, two weeping willows in front of the door, at this time bare, yellow.


“Jojo, hope is in your own hands, you don’t let yourself go, no one can save you.”

The days went by, the winter came, but the Sui and Tang Dynasties did not have a trace of winter. Chu Qiao finally stayed in Jinwu Palace. Although there was no name, the most indispensable part of this court was the unnamed woman. And with her previous reputation, no one dares to provoke her.

The persecution and revenge of the imaginary summer did not come. It seems that they also believed that Chu Qiao was already a waste. The previous grievances were all written off, and even a questioning messenger was not sent.

Chu Qiao thought, this is very abnormal. Her current identity is almost equivalent to the Japanese prisoners of war. Why is it so easy to give up this opportunity to beat the dog?

She went to ask Mei Xiang, Mei Xiang said with great words: “They dare to come, and they called He Tongling to knock down their heads one by one.”

Li Ting’s little girl, Qiu Qiu, smiled and put a bowl of good Sydney, and said proudly: “May Xiangjie said, let’s say, Your Majesty is so good to the girl, who dares not to know how to yell? ”

Chu Qiao shook his head, and there was a bit of worry in his heart. It should not be so simple. Is it because Li Ce was forced to agree to what conditions for the big summer?

My nephew said: “I have heard that it is a big horse in the big summer that is mainly repaired with our Sui and Tang Dynasties. It is not a problem for Da Xia to find a girl.”

Big Sima?

Chu Qiao slightly frowned, Da Xia’s big Sima is the chief veteran of the Presbyterian Church. Is it because Wei Guang let himself go?

She hasn’t inquired about the outside world for a long time, and she is groggy all day long. She doesn’t see any outsiders in this house. It really has become the inaction and life that Li Ce said.

She was tied to Yan Xun in this half-life, walked through the darkness, walked through the bloody hurricane, walked through the sword and shadow, and now finally walked to the future without a road, went to the end of the water, and could not go any further.

Later, she asked Li Ce da Xia why she didn’t come to her for trouble. Li Ce was eager to show her a picture of this year’s draft. The words raised her head and cast a wink at her, a rogue The smile of the phase said: “It may be that Xia Huang still has illusions about me.”

Even if the current state of mind is not suitable, Chu Qiao couldn’t help but sneer, accompanied him to look at the three-foot-high beauty scroll, watching the elegant style of the girls who are almost the same age as her. I only think that the eyes are from another world.

Before leaving, Li Ce stood at the door and suddenly turned back and said to her with a smile: “Jojo, you think about it, who else in the world will be so good to you, willing to give up a lot of things for you, born and died for you. For you to make the best of your family, to forsake everything for you, to save you from danger and death, but not to tell you. There are not many people like this, you have to think about it, tell me after thinking about it, I will buy it for you. A dowry, then marry you out.”

Outside the window, the phoenix tree is red and yellow, covering the sun, and the sky shines through the gaps of the leaves, and a golden paper is drunk.

She stood in the quiet hall, thinking carefully about the words before Li Ce’s departure, carefully scrutinizing the last battle in Yanbei, when to attack, when to defend, where to retreat, who to cover, how to fight Attack, a few roads to block, who can deliver the message in time, who can see the thunder in the territory, and Li Ce said, who will be so good to her.

The dusty thoughts are drilled out bit by bit, like a vine, entangled her body, the moon rises, the moon is west, the moon bends over the treetops, the moon falls, the sun rises, and again A beautiful day.

She has been standing like this for a whole night, and she is repeatedly scrutinizing the amazing thoughts of her own. Her eyes are gradually pouring out intense light, with crystal tears falling on her chest and big drops coming out. There was no sad sadness. She was surprised and hoped to live. The body could not stop shaking. At that moment, the golden sunlight shone through the window and sprinkled on her pale face. She laughed. Like a carefree child, tears burst into laughter.

On the day when Chu Qiao left the palace, the sky was still raining. She did not say hello to him. She just took a simple bag and rode the horse out of Zhengyangmen. The drizzle was on her shoulder, but it looked like that. Brilliant life.

Li Ce is still the emperor who is doing his own thing. He is sitting at the top of the temple hall of the Guozi Hall at the moment. He is wearing a dark red gown and sitting on a high-flying cornice. His Royal Highness is a minister who is worried about crying and roaring. He did not seem to see it, with a fragrant smoke blowing on his cloak, raising the pattern of the sleeves inside, he looked at the far away on the Royal Road, the girl was wearing a yellow cloak, riding on the white horse, two The side is a continuous phoenix tree, and the eye-catching color is like a beautiful painting.

Four months, it is enough.

He smiled slightly, and the flute played a cheerful song to send her away. The flute was clear, like a swaying lark, piercing the extravagance of the court, following her figure, and coming out one heavy one. Gongmen, crossed the threshold of gold, the high corridor, the dark red palace wall, went to a vast world.

Meishan mutual protection, solitary ride to the meeting, was suppressed by the family, and almost ruined a good future in the dusty land.

Lost Yuegong, nine deaths, shaped like a rabbit, but there are no three caves, and the death of the land and the retreat of nowhere, the home country abandoned, into the ranks of small and small, was reviled by thousands of people, can not enter the Zongmiao genealogy, eventually become the Empire A traitor.

The Jedi is different, and the power of the Qinghai in the world is reversed by one person. The prestige of Wei He is fascinated by Simon. The time is not yet mature, but the troops are marching eastward, only to save the red face in the first line.

Da Xia Modao Huo Huo wants to map the Tang and Tang Dynasties. Yanbei sends troops to the east to report the hatred of his wife. He is willing to throw away the prominent foundation to return to his homeland, and to gamble with the army of millions, and finally get a meager wish.

Zhuge, I always thought that I was the craziest person in the world, but when I faced you, I knew my own shallow arrogance.

Li Ce smiled in the heart, and a madman, how to fight?

We are all chess pieces that have been handpicked by the gods. I can’t make up, Yan Xun can’t make up, only you, have the courage to break free and escape again and again, and have the courage to jump into the whirlpool again and again, I will lose to you after all. , lose the heart and take it orally.

The tunes were unusually brisk, and the heavy crying of the hundreds of officials seemed so funny. Sun Yan stood under the palace and looked at the figure that looked like a big rebellion. He listened to the joyful tune of the ear, but felt very lonely.

The roads of the palace are long and cold, and the high walls of the palaces on both sides are faintly smelling the sweet aroma of the palace.

Under such a bright warm day, whoever’s heart picked up a layer of light shackles, smashing the lonely smog of every midnight, and disturbing the shallow jade in the silent Jingong.

He has always been like this, with a drunken eye to see through all the waking things in this world.

As night fell, the officials were crying, and a few old ministers had gone crazy. They had already been lifted early.

The entire court was concealed under an extravagant light, and the glory of the palace lanterns passed through the windows and doors of the palaces of Jinwu Palace, quietly shining the night of Jinwu Palace. The memory is confusing, like a filament pulled from the cloth, and a glance, the whole gorgeous crepe is scattered, leaving a piece of extravagant red.

Li Ce climbed down step by step from the ladder, and the hundred officials cried and climbed over, yelling at the knees to pay attention to the body, do not want to be arrogant.

“The princes are really loyal to their loyalties. Today, I have already wanted to understand, and I love you all.”

Everyone suddenly fell into the rain, and the emperor finally realized the epiphany.

“In order to carefully reflect on what I said and what I said, I decided that after three days, everyone will go home and think about it and study the path of the rich and the rich.”

After all, he went away in the eyes of many ministers. Before he left the Guozi Temple, he couldn’t wait to say to the insider: “With three days of dinner, bring all the selected girls to the Johor Bahru. Come.”

The people were speechless, and the emperor smirked away.

We are all floating in the fate of life, and between rushes, it is looming for decades.

Jojo, I hope you can walk.

After the Bailuguan, it was the land of Daxia. Although it was a winter, Yangyang was located in the southwest and the climate was mild. Chuqiao was still raining when he was out.

The pale blue mountains are covered in the rain and fog of the white mountains. The distant rivers are like chains, flowing through the mountains, the dusks in the wilderness are beautiful, the black gold is heavy, the earth is paved with gold, and the cold moon has already risen slightly, and the grass is flourishing. Swinging high, flush with the horse’s back, between the strong winds, the hidden grass, such as the red gold microwave, rushed from the vast sky.

Standing on the official road outside the city of Xianyang, she suddenly stunned. I don’t know if I should walk in. The eleven years of her life is a sly painting. The first eight years are the dark night reflections of the cold moon and ice. In the last three years, it was a bloody and intertwined pen and knife mark. Now it suddenly throws away the shackles of fate, but she does not know where to go.

The initial excitement gradually disappeared, and the cooling mind was violently collided in my mind. If it was true, what kind of identity is he now, and how can he have something to do with her, she has killed him several times. Now, do you have to personally destroy all of this? And if she thinks everything is wrong, Li Ce said, but Yan Xun’s compassionate release of her, then, what should she do?

And now she has not had the courage to ask a word.

She lived in the city of Xianyang, renting a small house, a single-family house, located in a remote, two weeping willows in front of the door, at this time bare, yellow.



In the twinkling of an eye, after seven or eight days, the year has passed, and the lights in the city of Xianyang are full of joy. The neighbor next door sees her a single young woman living alone here, and she invites her to celebrate the New Year twice. She was rejected by her.

After another three days, the annual Shangyuan Festival arrived, and there was a clear snow in the early morning, but the snow had melted before it landed. Instead, the tree was covered with a thin layer and looked from afar. In the distance, there is a piece of white mountains and mountains, and the mountains and the waters of the mountains are covered with water.

The landlord is a fat woman in her thirties. She is very kind and has a pair of children under her knees. Her husband is a private teacher in the city, and he is also a well-off family. The girl seems to like Chu Qiao very much. Every day she walks through the door, she stretches her neck and looks inside. Her brother sees her curiosity. Sometimes she is holding her underneath and let her kneel on the green wall.

In the evening, Chu Qiao feared that the landlord would call her again to eat.

The day is still not dark, the lights market has not yet opened, but the street is already very lively, there are bustling crowds everywhere, a variety of food stalls around the street lined up, selling hawkers of boiled tobacco and rouge playthings Full of the main street of Xianyang, Chu Qiao is too busy here, just avoid it.

Because it is a festival, the ladies of the big family who do not go out on weekdays have also come out of the house. There are several people in the street wearing a soft chair carriage, and a car passing by Chu Qiao, occasionally a few laughs And the warm and smoked wind from the far lake, a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Compared with the red-green and green of the eyes, Chu Qiao is very clean. But after all, it is the thing of the Sui and Tang Dynasties. In the end, it is more gorgeous than the ordinary people’s clothing. The twilight cloud is thin, the light blue and white long Luo skirt, embroidered with a very pale silk thread, a faint magnolia, looking from afar. Such as the fresh and new. In addition, she calmly calms the temperament of Qingwen, walking alone in the long street of Wutong’s deep, the past scholars and sons are all competing, and occasionally want to come forward to talk, and walked to her but slightly awkward, only Feeling her cold and soothing temper is not like the usual woman’s arrogance, but she does not put this heavy figure in her eyes. She is already far away when she is hesitant.

The sky is getting darker, the twilight is closed, the heavens are beautiful, and the moon is round tonight, the stars are falling, the faint moonlight is sifted by the leaves of the trees or the sparse, and it is broken into small light, and it falls into her On the shoulders.

This is not the first time she has come to Xianyang City. Three years ago, she took the soldiers to escape from the city of Zhenhuang. On the way to Zhao Wei’s brother-in-law, who was killed, she was chased after Zhao’s escort. It was here and Liang Shaoqing. Together they were captured as slaves and then sold to Zhan, thus finding the three sisters of Jingshen.

Years of the embarrassment, such as the flow of white water, Zhao Yu has no news for many years, when the wind and the rain of gold and jade full of the Tianjia Emperor, presumably already because of the physical and mental illness and faded out of the contest of the big summer, and Zhao Yuer is even more muddy, step by step I entered the dirty and quiet place, and now I am scattered, I don’t know where I am, and Jing Zisu is the soul of Huang Quan, and it has become a ghost of no one in the chaos.

Chu Qiao mouth pulled a faint smile, the smile is so thin, has not slipped to the side of the face has disappeared, looks like a cage of faint smoke, sadness scattered in the cold wind.

Perhaps, only Liang Shaoqing can really live a few days of day, this world, too clear people are always unhappy.

In the distance, there were a large number of bright lights, red, green and green, golden dark powder, and a glass of glass. The sound of firecrackers, the joyful smile of children, the hawker’s screaming, the girl’s petite, the wind coming from the lakeshore, heard in her ears, like a warm cold fire, warm and bright But there is no warmth, as if it came from another world.

The Shangyuan Lantern Festival has been a long absence.

She looked up and looked at her eyes, faintly penetrating the time, fixed on the first day, Zhu Hong pony, white child, carrying a white rabbit lamp, behind the boy, the man turned back, The eyes are cool and quiet. She always thought that it was cold and ruthless cruelty. It was cold without temperature. A mirror was set up in the eyes. No matter what kind of gaze looked, it was cold and cold, and it was raised high. Stop, disdain overlooking the mortal beings below.

However, once again, when she thinks about it at the beginning, she seems to have clearly seen his eyes. She saw a glimpse of the potential of the pair of long-sleeved scorpions, but they were suppressed by death and could not be rushed out.

If there were no lanterns on the day, and no children’s guns surprised her pony, did not let her run outside the city, and swallowed in the snow for a night, then will everything change a little differently?

Maybe not, maybe the clenched hand is still clenched, the raised sword is still lifted, the vow of betrayal is still betrayed, everything will follow the process set by the heavens, and no one can jump out of this destiny. Reincarnation.

However, at the very least, if there is no such loss, then today I think of the Shangyuan Lantern Festival about him, not only a blurred back, but also a warm candlelight.

Unconsciously, I have already gone a long way. A large banyan tree stands thick and tall on the lake. It is estimated to be thirty or forty years old. It is covered with red cloth and various paper-cuts. It is the countryside. The superstitions of the people, they believe that the sacred trees live in the immortals, the more sturdy and long-lasting trees, the more able to pass the gods. Over time, the people who encounter difficulties often come here to pray, and pray for peace of mind, so people are safe.

Chu Qiao stood under the tree, an inexplicable emotion rose from the bottom of her heart. She didn’t know what was on the tree. She just looked up quietly, looking at her for a long time, half-squinting, no joy, no sadness. The line of sight penetrated the dusty years, and it was like a clear lake.

She didn’t know that when she was bought here by Zhan in the place three years ago, there was also a man riding a horse here. The sun was blue and white. He was dressed in a sorrow, quietly standing under the tree, and it was a little worse than her. Pass by.

Reaching out his arms, but only touched one side of the jade, Chu Qiao holding jade, suddenly lost God.

This was the day she was robbed at the Tiancheng Shoufu in the city of Pengcheng and the Zhuge 玥 at night. She was arrested after she pretended to be a family. He also asked her for help. She was still angry at the time. Throw it into the lake in the house. The next person in the Tiancheng Shoufu was busy for a night, digging the lake to divert water, but eventually returned without success.

On the day of leaving Yanbei, she did not bring anything, only the ghost brought it to God.

When the photoelectric is turned, the memory is like a cold jade sticking to the heart, and looking up at the head, it is already a bitter and bitter water.

Going around, after all, it is a person’s face. Even if the mountains and rivers are not there, the years are twists and turns, the yin and yang are not separated, but there are still entanglements between the family and the hatred of the family. Moreover, she is so physically and mentally, how come the qualifications and courage to come close. .

Close your eyes and wave your hand to throw Pei Yu, it is only a moment, but there are thousands of thoughts pouring into your mind, playing with her, she and him, after all, nothing.

Turning around is about to leave, but suddenly there is a crisp sound of “叮”, like a slender finger gently picking up the strings of the Guqin, the sound is long and sweet, and instantly penetrates the spinal cord. She looked back at the emperor, and the two swaying jade light fell from the banyan tree, and fell into her hands without bias.

The white and clear, gentle and smooth, both style and color are exactly the same, it is a pair of twin jade.

Chu Qiao suddenly stopped, and his blood was boiling. The thought of rushing from the spine climbed into the cavity, and a bitter bitterness in the throat. If the lava was hot, there was a slight gap, and she wanted to spray it out. She closed her eyes and exhausted her. All the strength, will swallow the silk and sour.

Vaguely, my thoughts are traced back, and I remembered the shadows of the mountains and rivers with my silky memories. The man’s clothes fluttered and the eyebrows were smeared. What kind of thoughts thrown up the jade, and then the horse turned back, one step One step left the tree full of peace and wish.

The eyes were sour, but there was no tears. She stood silently. I don’t know how long it took. A row of lights burned here. There were countless flower boats on the lake, and the children laughed and walked around her. She is not aware of it. It was not until a hawker selling the lights passed, she was sober.

The lantern is still the same, and the eyebrows are dear, as if she was the one she used to. She looked at it quietly and could barely open her eyes. The hawker was anxious, frowning and asked: “I said the girl, did you pick it up?”

She paid the money, and stood on the road with the lantern. The back was thin, like a child.

The flow of people gradually came over. She followed the crowd and walked along the road. All the way was warm and joyful laughter, and the drums and the sky were full of fireworks. The big families were setting fireworks. The sky was colorful and colorful, full of aroma, strong wine, barbecue. The fragrance, the fragrance of the lady, the fragrant fragrance of the body, and the fragrant plum blossoms, some people have lanterns, some guess riddles, some people drink, some people eat, some people juggling, some people sing songs, this night, everything It seems to be alive, happy and resounding around, she looks straight ahead, and walks silently alone, carefully carrying the lights in her hand, so as not to be hurt.

The brightly lit lights illuminate her face, seemingly thin, and the back is so lonely, solitary, and incomprehensible with the surrounding enthusiasm.

Someone saw her, but some people didn’t pay attention. She walked quietly, crossed so many people’s attention and ignored them, and went forward alone, but I don’t know where I am going.

Finally, the candle gradually burned out, only the faint light came out. She went to the lake and carefully picked up the lantern. The green lake wet her skirt, but she didn’t care. The weeping willow on the shore. The yellow branches fell on her face, tickle, entangled, like a fatal lock, gently sweeping over her shoulder.



Zhuge, I have to owe you in this life. If you can, next life, we will meet at a right time.

The pale fingers pushed gently, the bunny lights fluttered away, the lake was rippling, the lanterns were like a small boat, fluttering, and the waves of waves gradually merged into the funeral night, in the light of the lights A gentle recreation on the lake.

Chu Qiao stood up and looked at it all the time. The night wind blew on her face. The coldness of the shudder was like a sharp arrow. It fluttered across her heart, the world was full of light and colored, but her heart was like The lamp that is gradually away from it, the lights are erratic, and will be extinguished. She made the decision and crushed her own hopes. The world collapsed silently in her hands. The carved beams were decayed into gray, and the pearls and jade were dried up. The life had already abandoned her, leaving only the gray of the sky. And endless dim.

Suddenly, a star of fine waves hit a small lamp, a dragon boat approached the boat and took the lead. The water splashed by the paddle was splashed on the lamppost. The lights flashed and almost extinguished. The lamp body was turned to the side. It is about to fall into the water.

I do not know why, Chu Qiao has cooled the numb heart but suddenly tightened, she unconsciously stepped forward, slightly frowning, seems to be worried about the small lights that follow the tide.

At this moment, a larger lantern floated, and the top thread and Chuo’s filament were wrapped around in a place, and a few spins were made in place, but unexpectedly saved the small light to be overwhelmed. I went to the big half-flower of the flower boat, and with the small lights gradually drifted to the quiet waters of the side, the snow-white jade rabbit pattern, one big and one small, together, is a different kind of gentle harmony. With the blocking of the lamp, the light of the small lamp lit up slightly, gradually becoming gentle, warm and shining in the surrounding waters.

Chu Qiao slightly relieved, although it will always be extinguished, but it will always be good to shine again.

She slowly loosened the tight eyebrows, and took a breath, inadvertently carrying it up. On the other side of Bihu, a long-awaited figure in the dream of a dream came true!

Her whole person was shocked and quietly squatting there. She seemed to see him again, just like the elegant style of the year, a sorrowful white shirt, a light silk cloak, a half-covering of the ink, a bit like a bit of Zhu, if the eyes The cold lake, just a quiet glimpse, has taken away the thousands of lights in her world to the beautiful Guanghua.

The dragon boat blows through the lake, and the shadows block their sights. The red satin and the happy crowd are dotted around this night. Through the sparse gaps, the four eyes finally cross the barriers of thousands of miles, in an instant, time Rotation, water backtracking, the memory of the cold pool of the clear eyes and the eyes of the lonely and silent man overlap in one place, like a shadow, like a flower like a fog.

He also looked at her quietly, holding a crossbar with a lantern in her hand. The long-eyed eyes pierced the pulse, the joys and sorrows, and the shocked, turned to complicated and difficult, finally quiet. The docking, solidified in this brightly lit moment.

In an instant, the two people ignited thousands of beautiful fireworks behind them, and the bright fire reflected their entangled eyes.

Chu Qiao looked at him, the gaze he had never seen before, he did not even know what words to use to describe. It is like a traveler in the desert looking up at the mirage, like a child who has been abandoned and a dream in his hometown. If he is an unbelievable illusion, he is reluctant to look away, longing, but knows that he can’t get it anyway. It was the hope of more than six hundred nights, but it was hoped that the whole day would be broken at the moment of the dawn of the sky.

She half-opened her lips and seemed to want to say something, but she couldn’t open her mouth. The lips of her lips were trembling, a little bit enlarged, spurred, stunned, and a bit of desire, but after all, she burst into a smile, and her smile did not rise. To the bottom of my eyes, the two lines of tears have fallen, along with the trembling smile, the lines of the pointed face, the brows between the eyebrows and the vicissitudes of vicissitudes.

When the dragon boat dissipated, she suddenly ran wildly. She had been escaping for the rest of her life. She retired, stayed away, and pushed away. After her death, she suddenly collapsed with flusteredness. It would be just a moment of illusion and light and shadow. As long as you touch it, it will be like a broken dream.

The girl was as anxious as running, and the pedestrians along the way cast a strange glimpse of her, but she did not care so much. The clothes were like the distant lotus, flying with her running, her knees were weak, her ears banged, crossed the lake, Merlin crossed, crossed the stone bridge, crossed the willow branches, and finally panted. Standing there, but only feeling that everything is like a cloud, it is not really flustered.

Zhu Gezhen still looked at her, his eyes were quiet, his eyes were intertwined, and there was a hint of hidden pity.

The bustling crowd suddenly came and rushed to them.

Chu Qiao suddenly was such a fear, different from death, different from the flow, she was strong in life, and her mind was firm. For more than a decade, she was only so scared twice. The first time, the moment he fell into the deep lake, the second time, now.

She desperately reached out and took his clothes, letting the crowd around him crowd, but he did not let go.

The back of the hand was covered with a layer of warmth, and one hand held her tightly.

The lights were scattered, and she leaned back to him. He used his arms to open a quiet space for her. The silhouette of the person floated and the water wave traversed. She was as close to him, and she could smell his breath, black. Looking at him with his eyes, he seemed to want to dig two holes from his face.

The tears overflowed, she was calm, but she couldn’t help but stretch out her trembling hands, as if to touch his figure.

This is an eyebrow, slender, slightly picking, but never really eyes above the top without eating fireworks, this is the eye, cold and quiet, but never let her in the water and fire without reviewing, this is the mouth, less words However, he has never been so arrogant and indifferent as he has shown.

The answer she had been pursuing was just in front of her. She felt that her knees were sore and weak, and there was a slight repression in her throat. When the body was soft, she fell to one side.

He grabbed her waist with a quick eye, and the moment the body touched, if there were a lot of vicissitudes of time, they only saw through the shuttle, her long-squeezed crying couldn’t stand it anymore, and finally spit out his lips, he Surrounded by her, her tears fell on his chest, moistened his clothes, and layered into the heart and lungs.

“Why lie to me? Why don’t you come to see me? I thought you were dead-”

She cried sobbing, her body was shaking slightly, saying over and over again: “I thought you were dead -”

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The ancient city of Xianyang is the last city in the Daxia area near the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

He opened his lips several times. After all, he did not know how to face such a woman. His hands and feet were almost useless. After all, he pressed down the complicated thoughts, stroked her back, and maintained his consistent appearance with a clear voice. I pretend to be impatient: “Don’t cry, I haven’t died yet.”

“Don’t die, don’t know to come to me!”

Chu Qiao pushed him away and cried in tears: “Don’t know if you want to send a letter?”

She never cried like this in front of him. It seems that she has not stood still. Suddenly, his past lives and dying have become faint, and those who are chased and killed are desperate and hard. After several years of escape, it seems that it is so insignificant.

He reached out and arrogantly greeted her: “Come here.”

She wiped away the tears, and for the first time in her life, she no longer wanted to be against him. She put it into his arms and cried and said, “You are a madman!”

Thousands of mountains and thousands of mountains are separated, and the country’s hatreds and sorrows are crossed, and life and death are crossed. When I look back, the man is in a dim light.

She slept too much this night, like in the warm water.

In the middle of the room, she seems to have returned to the warm dormitory of the military office. They lived with the little cats and they had heavy snow in the morning. She was lazy and didn’t want to get up. The little poem stretched out the cold hand and gently patted her face and told her to get up. She frowned and hid in the quilt. The cat’s bad girl screamed and opened her quilt, then stood next to him and laughed. A keen sitting on the side of the dressing table, making a call while calling breakfast.

At that time, the sky was so blue, they were still so young, and the years of life were like fish that had just been fished out of the sea.

The sleepyness finally retreated a little. Her face was cold and cold, and she slowly opened her eyes and saw him standing in front of her in a refreshing manner. Only one face stinks, frowning and said: “Do you know what time is it?”

For a moment, she almost thought that she had spent her eyes, her head was not very light, and she looked at him with certainty, and she frowned slightly and looked very serious.

Her serious appearance suddenly let Zhuge phary swallowed the words in his mouth. He turned and wanted to go somewhere else, but he felt that his clothes were tight and he looked down. A little white hand quietly glared at his clothes. Very hard, the knuckles are slightly white.

The memory of last night gradually came back, her face suddenly reddened, and she loosened her hand and sat up to look out. She couldn’t help but stay awkward and said: “How is it dark?”

Zhuge Wei looked at her more fiercely and turned to point another candlestick.

She is still asking him?

After returning to the museum last night, he was quietly coming, so he did not live in the official residence, but he was a private house here. After going back to sleep all night, I waited until the next morning, but I waited until I left. He was mad, I didn’t go looking for her, she didn’t come to see me, but until the sun turned west, she was still cold in front of the door, and finally she couldn’t stand it, and she didn’t take her follower and went alone to her door. However, when I pushed the door, I saw her slumbering and dreaming. How can I not let him be upset and angered by the day and night?



Where did Chu Qiao know his mind, sat up and rubbed his eyes, and gathered the broken hair on the forehead. Although he was embarrassed, he said bluntly: “What are you doing?”

When the voice just fell, the room was in a short silence. Chu Qiao knew that he had made a mistake and lowered his head and silently.

It seems that no one knows how to face such a very different relationship and how to answer it.

The moonlight outside the window is very clear, like a mercury leaking to the ground, like a layer of clear snow.

“What are you doing in Xianyang?”

Zhuge Yu suddenly asked, Chu Qiao a slight glimpse, the heart suddenly a little panic, these years, there have been very few things that make her panic, even in the face of the big summer blade, she can calmly remain calm, only face He, her calmness seems to be missing, and her heart is like a restless rabbit.

“I…” Chu Qiaoqiang coughed from the calm, and said calmly: “I will do something.”

“Can it be done?”

“Poor, almost.”

“When is it going?”

Chu Qiao had to continue to say: “On this two days.”

“A day or two? Is that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?”

Chu Qiao was a little angry and said in a bad tone: “Tomorrow.”


Zhuge nodded and sat down at the table and poured a half cup of cold tea, not drinking, just shaking gently in his hand.

Chu Qiao raised his eyebrows and asked, “What about you?”

“I? What am I?”

“What are you doing in Xianyang? When are you going?”

Zhuge Wei smiled a little. After two years of disappearing, it seemed that the little fox had become more and more stunned. He nodded quietly and said, “I am here to play, but it will take more days to go.”

After all, he stood up and walked outside. He said as he walked: “Since I am going tomorrow, I will not bother you. Take a rest.”


Chu Qiao was shocked and quickly stood up and shouted unconsciously: “Stop.”

Zhuge Yu looked back and asked calmly: “What else?”

He must be deliberate!

Chu Qiao glared at him, his eyes were like two black grapes. After a long time, she lowered her head slightly and said in a very small voice: “Actually, I am not very anxious to go.”

It seems that she was afraid of Zhuge’s misunderstanding. She quickly added another sentence: “There is no urgent matter to go back temporarily.”

“Oh.” Zhuge 玥 nodded meaningfully, picked up the robe on the side and handed it to her. His face was slightly touched with a smile: “Quickly, today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, and it is more lively than yesterday.”

I don’t know if it is true or not, but my mood has changed. In short, Chu Qiao really feels that today’s market is more lively than yesterday.

The famous flowers are blowing in the wind, and Jiamu is thriving. The cool breeze on both sides of the lake is full of lush water vapor, which makes people feel good and happy. The juggling on the street seems to be much better than yesterday. On the road, I met a child who was begging for food. Chu Qiao gave mercy to the ten-dollar gold plant, and Xiaohua Hanzi took the money and stupidly stunned. If the ordinary people saved some money, it would be enough for the food and clothing to spend ten years. .

Zhuge Yu sighed at the side of the yin and yang: “A big handwriting.”

Chu Qiao turned his back and glanced at him: “The more rich people are, the more they are, the girl I am in a good mood.”

Although I know that I am laughing at him, but Zhuge Wei feels comfortable and in a good mood? Why is it so good? He happily walked up, and then took out a silver ticket with the stamp of Chen Yu Qian Zhuang, black and white two hundred and two gold.

“Don’t be awkward, buy a manor outside.”

After all, it was in the eyes of Chu Qiao and Xiao Yu’s horror.

Chu Qiao hurriedly chased him from behind, and looked at him suspiciously. Zhuge glanced at her and said, “What are you looking at?”

“I didn’t expect that when you found your conscience, why? Is it too much money?”

Zhuge said: “There are more things you didn’t think of.”

Just two steps away, Chu Qiao’s stomach began to scream, and she was saddened that she had not eaten all day.

Zhuge Yu seems to be very familiar with this Xianyang City. For example, several Jane’s newspapers have the names of several restaurants, but Chu Qiao smells the street and walks away.

Zhuge is naturally reluctant, and has not had time to speak out, Chu Qiao has sat down. Xiao Er was eager to run up, asked for two bowls of onion noodles, half a catty of beef, a dish of peanuts, and a bottle of wine under the introduction of Xiao Er. I didn’t expect the wine to have a very elegant name.曰 June West Cream.

Zhuge groaned strangely at her and asked, “Are you not drinking?”

Chu Qiao’s hand holding the chopsticks was slightly stagnation, and then he smiled and said: “I used to be afraid of drinking, but now I’m a free person. I’m not so much.”

Zhuge’s brow wrinkled and reached out to grab her cup. He said, “Don’t drink.”

Chu Qiao did not force, shrugged his shoulders and whispered: “False.”

The second meal of the second is coming up soon. The wine is really not a good wine. Just smell it and know that it is a kind of rice wine mixed with water. It is specially used to deceive the arty layman. The food is also average, but the amount given is really very good, Chu Qiao is so hungry, just eat a small half bowl can not swallow.

They stood up and saw a group of ghostly little nephews staring at the remaining half of the bowl, and the saliva would flow down. Zhuge 玥 turned back and threw the money at the store and said, “Give them a bowl.”

The store quickly smiled and promised, Chu Qiao was puzzled by him, and asked him with satiated food: “Is it a fun addiction to Bodhisattva?”

A 12-year-old boy saw that the two of them had a good dress and looked very good. They smiled and came together and said to Zhuge Yu: “The big man is going to drink it.”

Zhuge Wei was interested in seeing the child, turned to the store and gave the store some money, said: “Give him an altar, do not mix water, if he can not finish, this meal is not my request, you Just slap him a meal and send him to see him.”

The child’s eyebrows opened his eyes and smiled happily.

Chu Qiao whispered: “How can a small child drink an altar?”

“You don’t let him try, he never knows what it is.” Zhuge 玥 faintly said: “After eating a loss, you can only remember later.”

Chu Qiao heard a slight glimpse, and his foot was slow, and he was behind him. Zhuge took two steps and saw that she didn’t keep up and went back and frowned. “Go, what do you think?”

Chu Qiao swayed, and quickly stepped up to catch up.

Eat a loss, you can only remember later.

But Zhuge, how many times have you suffered a loss? Why is it still not long-term memory?

I was thinking, my cheeks suddenly burst into a burning pain, and the sound of the firecrackers followed, and it sounded right on Chu Qiao’s head. Chu Qiao was shocked and was about to turn around and look at it, but felt a strong attack from the front. Come, Zhuge 玥 grabbed her hand, and she took her to her arms with a neat glimpse. After a few steps back, a pair of slender sharp eyes picked up slightly, full of deep anger.

“How? Is it hurt?”

Chu Qiao looked up and saw that it was a restaurant. He was laying a gun on the second floor. He did not pay attention to whether anyone walked below. In addition to her, there were several people who had been hit by the fish. At this moment, many people are screaming downstairs, but both It was covered up by firecrackers.

Zhuge 玥 pulled Chu Qiao’s face and his hand, only slightly red, faintly two more red, the face can not help but some ugly.

“Nothing, no pain.”

Chu Qiao is still not used to his gaze, slightly force, want to pull out the hand he is holding, but he does not move, the palm of the hand is a little warm, vaguely can feel the fierce lines and scorpions.

“It’s okay,” she said awkwardly. “It didn’t break.”

“How important is the woman’s face, but you don’t care.” Zhuge said that he was not cold or not, although the tone was bad, the meaning was good, Chu Qiao did not care with him, who knows that he added another sentence. Dao: “But your face is not a big deal.”

Chu Qiao stunned, did not expect three sentences less than his old mistakes, and also said: “I look good.”

Zhuge Yi, a deserved appearance, turned and walked toward the store. Chu Qiao was worried that he would fight with such a small thing and people. Who knows that he stood for a while and turned back, she got together. Go and ask: “What have you done in the past?”

“Remember the name.”

Chu Qiao swears: “You are so enemies!”

Zhuge Yi raised his eyebrows: “What do you think? I smell the wine inside and I plan to come to dinner tomorrow.”

Chu Qiao is very depressed. It used to be different. How do you talk to him every time? She frowned and followed behind him, but she did not see the triumph of the man’s eyes rising in front of him.

The night wind is quiet, the vendors on both sides come forward from time to time to sell commercial goods, and the little girl who sells flowers from time to time ran over to praise the beauty of Chu Qiao, lobbying Zhuge to buy flowers for his wife.

Zhuge Yu’s acquaintance received the misunderstanding of the people. He even bought three flower baskets along the way, but all of them were given to Chu Qiao. He walked easily in front of him, and Chu Qiao was like a small donkey. Followed by the past, the pedestrians have been paying attention, and the little gimmicks who are selling flowers are not coming over. Presumably, she has already fallen from her wife’s position to follow-up, and the surrounding arguments are floating in the ears of Chu Qiao. in:

“Look at that son, it’s a talent, and even the shackles that you carry are all beautiful!”

Chu Qiao’s depressed frown, she is like a beggar? More than ten years have passed, how is it still his embarrassment?

The wind on the lakeshore was a bit big. They walked along the lake embankment. It was very quiet. No one, their footsteps went slower and slower, but no one spoke. It seemed that they could not bear to break this rare calm. From last night to the present, none of them have mentioned the two years of separation. Life suddenly makes them meet here, away from the big summer, away from Yanbei, without the right to fight, no swindle, life here is calm, birds and flowers are fragrant, Even the air is rare and fresh, their spirits are lax, and no one wants to mention the things of the bad guys.



The breeze on the lake is swaying, and the moonlight is so light, such as the morning glow of the sun.

Unconsciously, he went to the thick old banyan tree. Zhuge’s footsteps stopped involuntarily, looking up at the broad canopy, and the years passed by in the past few years. After, stumbled, I did not expect to return to this place.

Chu Qiao looked at him, only to see the man’s posture is tall and straight, looks handsome, but the eyebrows are not the original cold and arrogant, put on the elegant style of the current calm, the glimpse of the vicissitudes of the eyes, look carefully, Already touching.

Nine deaths escaped from the Jedi in his life, and he was abandoned by his home country and carried a bad name. He fell into a bad land. After two years of fighting for such a foundation, how could it be as easy as his sentence, “I am still dead?”

These days, she gradually heard about the situation of the day.

After she returned to the Sui and Tang Dynasties with Li Ce, Da Xia had sent a letter to the Sui and Tang Dynasties seven times, asking Li Ce to hand over Chu Qiao. Yan Xun also sharpened the knife and smashed the sword against the Tang Dynasty. He fought on the northwest border and the Sui and Tang Dynasties. How many. Finally Wei Wei Wei personally came forward and took the newly-edited Southwest Army to the Sui and Tang Dynasties to exert pressure on Li Ce. Although all the world knows that Daxia is not willing to have a real military conflict with the Sui and Tang Dynasties at this time, but the Sui and Tang Dynasties are extremely dissatisfied with Li Ce’s actions, and even some people want to rush into the palace several times. The disaster is handed over.

At that time, Li Ce, even if the toughness could protect Chu Qiao, he would never be able to protect the beauty army unless he wanted to break with the big summer.

At this time, Qinghai Wang, who was located outside of Simon, suddenly unexpectedly played the banner of Daxia, dispatched the messenger, and took the Eight Thousand Miles to try to rely on Wang Ting. Until then, the talents of the world knew that the Qinghai King, who was originally named Simon. It was Zhuge, the fourth master of the Zhuge family who died in Yanbei two years ago.

The latter thing is very natural. Zhuge Yu returned to the Imperial Capital, with the support of powerful military forces and Zhuge Valve, overwhelming Wei Guang, taking the chief elder and replacing it, became the big Sima in the summer, and naturally under the pressure The military strategy for the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

She has been reluctant to think about how many bloody hurricanes are hidden under the short-term market talks. They are all people who have come out of the blood of the right, knowing how deep the water is, even if they look on the surface. Going to calm, there are many fierce waves underneath.

The residual light is full of lakes, and the color is like gold. Chu Qiao looked up, her eyes with a touch of faint sorrow and grief. She looked at Zhuge, and said: “I heard that the banyan tree is able to pass the gods, the more it has passed through the years. The more the old tree is the more effective, as long as the gift of the cherished things is given, you can protect your relatives and friends safely, and you don’t know if it is true.”

Zhuge Wei still stood still and did not speak.

“Do you believe?”

Chu Qiao whispered.

Zhuge’s slender eyes slowly picked up and said slowly: “Do not believe.”

Chu Qiao looked at him, his mouth smiled a little, couldn’t tell if it was hi or sad, don’t you believe it?

Slowly reaching out, the long, white palms slowly unfolded. Her eyes were bright and the eyes were a little bit of pain. I whispered, “Do you really believe it?”

Zhuge Yue bowed his head and saw the two white and clear jade at a glance. The years passed and he nailed his figure to the place.

“Zhu Ge, I thought I had no chance anymore.”

Chu Qiao smiled gently, his eyes bent, but a little bit of tears flashed in it, his lips twitched slightly: “I thought that I would never have the chance to repay your kindness in my life.”

The night is thick, and the back of Zhuge’s eyes is so heavy, forcing people to breathe. His eyes are looking straight at her, and a pair of black people are unfathomable. He doesn’t talk, so he looks straight, like It is going to penetrate her to see somewhere else.

Suddenly, Zhuge sighed heavily, stretched out his arms and wrapped her shoulders, and said quietly: “Who wants you back?”

Chu Qiao’s tears fell like that. She obeyed in his arms, and many inexplicable emotions lingered in my heart. She stuck on his chest, his body faintly floating with familiar aroma, warm warmth spread throughout the body, she quietly closed her eyes, the night wind boasted on them, in the distance is a beaming crowd, life Once, I feel that those joys are so close to me, close to each other, and between breaths, I can touch the taste of joy.

“Zhu Ge,” Chu Qiao suddenly raised his head, and Pear took the rain and raised his mouth to him. He smiled and said: “It’s good to be alive.”

Zhuge Yu heard a pain in his heart, but no one else in the world could understand the meaning of these four words more than they did. He gently lowered his head and kissed her face, muttering repeatedly: “Yes Ah, it’s good to be alive.”

In the distance, a glass of light is shining, and the New Year of Xianyang City is near. This New Year, everything is new.

On the first day of the first month, the Lichun night banquet, a splendid light on the temple of Zi Yan, is full of rarity, and the sleeves are like clouds.

Zhao Wei is wearing a black brocade, embroidered with gold-colored dragons, accompanied by sun and moon five-color Jinyun, wearing a jade bag with gold and nine high crowns, a heroic hair, a sword and a brow, a smile on the left hand of the emperor. One seat, entertaining the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty.

Today is the spring feast of the big summer.

Despite the chilly winter and the heavy snow, the northwest war has not stopped yet. There are aliens in the northeast who are arrogant to stand on their own feet. The food is poor, the river is flooding, and the Chinese and Japanese military ministers attack and invade, but they still do not reduce the extravagance and prosperity of the surface. The delicacies of delicacies, the beauty of the face are like jade, the thin waist is like a willow, the wine is tilted down, the fragrance is like honey, and the hall of thousands of white cowhide lamps is brightly lit. Bailu, Xiliao, Chaoge, Yao, Beihai, Dongjin and other leaders of the major arsenal, as well as the squatting king, the defending generals, the ruling and the martial arts, and the family of the family, all in one, in this traditionally luxurious holiday, Tongqing Another spring of the summer “windy rain”.

No one today will mention the defeated wars and the competition between the ruling and the wilderness. The wine will go to the hustle and bustle. The deadly enemies of the weekdays sit back and shoulder together, drinking and making fun of the beautiful flowers in the arms, and singing and dancing in the hall. From time to time, the dignitaries of the empire raised their glasses and turned to look at the throne, but they were not the Lord, but they respected the fourteen princes who were in power.

If it was three years ago, perhaps no one would have thought that there would be such a day, even Wei Wei, an old fox who has always been known for his sinister eyes, did not expect that in just three years, one would be able to make a former muddy water. Young people struggling to roll, take this position in one step.

However, nowadays the Daxia royal family is dying, Zhao Qi Zhao Wei is dead, Zhao Che is shackled, Zhao Wei is broken and disabled, but the fourteen emperors are left alone, so even if they are Wei Wei, they have to worship here. Under the door of the emperor, he wholeheartedly assisted his upper position.

Zhao Wei sat on the high hall and went to the generals of Ge’s toast. He faintly nodded his toast, drunk into the throat, and looked at Zhao’s admiration and loyalty to the general of Ge’s general. Finally, he nodded slightly. Next, I am going back to the stage.

The light and shadow filled, a group of singers came to the temple, the sleeves were high, and the naked waist was soft like a water snake, which immediately attracted the attention of everyone.

Zhao Yu in the shadow, slightly smacked the corners of his mouth, pulling a sneer that is not easy to notice.

He still remembers the general, but four years ago, it was also in this hall. Because of his low status, he was placed in the seat below. The general accidentally stepped on his robe on the way to Zhao Qi toast. The wine was poured, and he was covered. The general at that time just frowned at him, and then he snorted with a sigh of relief.

However, in four years, the general has been so polite and polite.

The change of human nature is really amazing.

Zhao Wei turned his head slightly, his eyes gently slammed into the throne that was hidden in the heavy shadows. He looked at him for a long time, and the light was shining on his face. He looked a few times at a time, and now he is sitting here. The eyes were seen with a canopy, and the ears were not listening to the praise of the song. He suddenly felt that the distance that seemed to him so far was now within reach.

At the last moment of the song and dance stop, he turned his head decisively and continued his expression and manners. The moonlight outside penetrated the threshold of the hall, accompanied by a gentle wind, and picked up a soft curtain at the corner. The discreet guard gently smoked his nose and whispered to the guard at the side: “How is there a smoky smell?” ”

The guard also smelled it, but shook his head in a blank voice: “You smell it wrong.”

“is it wrong?”

The guards did not dare to speak out. This is the royal inner court, the main hall spring banquet. Who dares to ignite nearby?

The moonlight passed through the main hall, and all the way drifted into the deep palace gate. The Chengguangzu Temple, which was locked up in the year, ignited a piece of ash, dusty and sinister. The thick ash of the old years was like a pale satin, cold wind. Together, they are torn into pieces.

In the depths of the dimly lit hall, the jewels of the gem in the emperor are like the streamers in the dark night, sharply dispelling the deadness of the land, but the fluttering dust is like a ghost that does not want to disperse. Surrounded by messy circles.

The Zhengde Emperor, who was supposed to be sitting in the Purple Temple, was sitting alone at the empty and ruthless Chengguangzu Temple. On his opposite side, it was a tall and magnificent mourning hall. The top was densely covered with a secluded spiritual position, so high. So dense, always standing on the roof, like a pair of faint eyes, staring at him quietly. The years came from the return of the market, all the way with the wind of Huang Quan, through the spiritual position, making a creaking sound, like low depression.

The slamming sound of “啪” suddenly shocked the death of the hall. A glass in the hands of the emperor fell to the ground and shattered into seven or eight and a half. The bright red wine slurry poured on the ground was strange. Fragrant, along the lines of the fragrant gray, all the way to the flow.



The emperor who was leaning against the chair was awakened, and he opened his eyes openly, his mouth overflowing with an old smile, with a light tone, whispered: “Come on again.”

The sound is warm and even with a smile, but in such an environment, it sounds so strange and cold. The small eunuch of the gatekeeper trembled slightly, squinting his eyes and carefully squatting inside, but he was stunned by the old eunuch.

“Let’s stay outside.”

The old eunuch said without hesitation, the little eunuch hurried to the ground, scared the atmosphere and did not dare to breathe. After a while, he went backwards and climbed out.

The old eunuch took the water from the side, slowly went forward, placed on the side of the throne, and filled the emperor with a cup. The eunuch’s unique feminine voice said: “The emperor, the queen is playing with you.” Already?”

“Yeah.” The emperor smiled and said: “You know, she just loves to make trouble, and the temper is also out of pick. Where is the style of the mother-in-law?”

The old eunuch did not laugh, but he replied in his usual voice: “The emperor said this, let the Queen Empress listen, and be annoyed with you.”

The emperor smiled and shook his head, then changed his comfortable posture, leaning against the large dragon chair and gently said: “I went to see her annoyed.”

Then, I closed my eyes.

In the past few years, the court changed, and the emperor Muhe had already passed away. The latter was empty. Before the emperor Muhe, the emperor also booked several queens. I don’t know his “her” at this time. One.

The old eunuch lowered his head, and the broken glass on the ground did not go to the shackles. He just picked up a small grass stem in the wine, carefully placed it in a gold box, and then stood back in the shadow of the side, Xuan. The blue robes were incorporated into the dark night of funeral, which seemed to break into the boundless Black Sea and disappeared.

The time of the spring banquet is coming, the palace of the lanterns passes through the palace gate, and all the lights are ignited. The brilliance of the brilliance breaks through the lonely deep palace, and the palace of this splendid building is even more dazzling. Like a shining pearl. The lively laughter came from the front hall, such as heavy heavy waves, the sound of the emperor’s greetings pierced the tranquility of the night, the bells ringing, and the thousands of Wenwu tides went down from the purple temple to the continuous cloud. The road spread the whole royal court. The sound of the mountains and the longevity of the mountains shook the night of the true Huang. The crows who had nights flew over the sky. The young guards did not know, and they yelled at the “crow”, but they were on the sidelines. The guardian kicked a kick.

“What do you know? That is magpie!”

On that day, in the city of Zhenhuang, there was another heavy snowfall. Guanshan was like iron. The emperor frowned slightly in his sleep and whispered: “Anfu, who is outside, let them whisper.”

The old eunuch promised in the shadow and said softly: “The emperor, that is the ministers who will give you peace at the Purple Temple.”

“Are you please your father?”

The emperor seemed to be drunk, muttering: “Tell the world, I will wait for a while.”

The old eunuch nodded: “Yes.”

It was many years ago, and the emperor forgot how many years.

The emperor was not an emperor at the time, but an unbeaten emperor. His mother was a beautiful woman from Qingqiu. However, since she gave birth to a child, she seems to have been forgotten by her husband. He and his mother are quiet in the palace. Quietly alive, like a meek cat, no one cares about it, so that his father even forgot to give him a name.

It was not until he was seven years old that the royal family finally remembered his existence. He remembered that when the chief eunuch reported to the father of the day, the father was sleeping in the sleepy palace of Hua Tuo, who was the most powerful at the time, he and his mother. I could only kneel on the cool gold stone floor and stayed for more than two hours before I waited for the father to wake up. The father was lying in the snowy arms of the Hua Tuo Niang Niang, and frowned slightly. Looking through the curtains, she looked at the strange mother and child outside. She seemed to be trying to think about their appearance. Finally, she still chuckled: “Just Call it.”

After leaving the door, the little eunuch continued to congratulate the mother: 煦通旭, is the meaning of Chaoyang, it seems that the Holy One is very fond of His Royal Highness.

The mother lost her tears and took out her own meager silver money to reward the greedy palace people. He was quietly thinking, swearing through Xu, slowly moving slowly, did the father empathy say that he was a late son?

He has been growing up very quietly. Until the age of nine, my mother finally died on a rainy night. She coughed and cried her mouth, for fear that the sound would be too loud to disturb the sleep outside. In the palace, perennial No pets and no scorpions in the background are equal to the dirt on the roadside. Anyone can step on their feet. In this palace where the emperor is flourishing, his status is not necessarily higher. In these few days, they The mother and child have been licked several times because of this.

The mother is still dead. When she was discovered the next morning, her body was already hard. He stood alone in the flower porch and watched his mother be lifted out by a white cloth. The morning wind was a bit cold, and the white cloth on the forehead of his mother’s forehead was blown off. The face under the cloth was pale and white, like a roll. Rice paper.

He turned his head back, tears fell down the little face, and flowed into the neck. He quickly wiped away the tears. Although the mother gave birth to him, but because of his low status, there is no share, it is not his. On the mother’s roster, his mother is the queen of Zhaoyang Palace. A woman who has no position is dead. He can’t be sad.

He was then taken to the Zhaoyang Palace, and the three sons of the Queen grew up to go to the palace to build the government. When the mother died, he had the opportunity to be raised by the Queen. The eunuch palace ladies who used to look down on him were busy congratulating him. They said that they have long been the dragon among the people, the image of the rich and the rich, and now they are running, it is a big joy, too happy.

He squatted in the Fengming Temple of Zhaoyang Palace in the congratulations of everyone, and he was very serious. He thought that his mother was dead. This is really a happy thing, then he laughed, and the tears of laughter flowed fast. Come out, bitter in the mouth.

The queen frowned and looked at him for a while, and said that he would take him down. He wouldn’t have to come to him every day. The child smiled and looked uncomfortable.

That afternoon, he met the city, he is the child of the Second Emperor Yanbei Wang, then Yanbei Wang is not surnamed Yan, or surnamed Zhao, but the land is in Yanbei. When the city saw him, he jumped up happily and shouted: I have also eaten the milk of Shu and Beauty!

After that day, the city was bothering him all day, no matter whether he was eating or sleeping, who would dare to give him a face, and the city would wrestle with others. Although he was young, he was very strong, even the emperor Bucuri. The wrestling kings were all thrown by him, and since then, no one has dared to provoke the nine emperors.

But he still thinks he is annoying. He doesn’t like the smile on his face. He thinks that the smile is too fake. It is not like the people in the palace. It is faint. Even if you smile, you can feel it. The chill in the smile. But when the city smiled, it was too pure. He couldn’t see a little darkness. He told himself that this person is too embarrassed and needs to be far away.

Once, he was troubled by the entanglement, and he lied to him that he would meet at the ice cave at night, and he would not see it. The city was happy to pat the chest, saying that Yanbei’s man did not lie, but also sprinkled blood to swear. Stop, he does not feel bad about him, but as a prince, he is also punished for self-injury.

On the second day, the city was really gone. Yanbei Shizi disappeared in the palace. The whole palace was mad. Everyone rummaged through the box and almost dug every inch of soil. Even the queen and the father were alarmed. The guards ran in the vast palace. All day long, the footsteps of the hustle and bustle were like rumbling drums, and they were close to him step by step.

He was terrified. He knew where the city was, but he did not dare to say it. Frozen in the hail for a day and a night, I must have died long ago, but he is also afraid, afraid that he is still alive, if others know that he is going to the world, then he will be in a big disaster.

On the evening of the same day, the palace lady who had taken the ice finally found the Yan Shizi who had been frozen into a group. The doctors came in and out and said that Yan Shizi was afraid that it was not good. Please inform His Royal Highness.

He was hiding behind the pillars of the main hall at the time, quietly thinking: Let’s die soon, don’t live.

But the city is still not dead. After more than a month, he is finally getting better. After Yan Wang knew it, he laughed and said that the climate in Yanbei is cold, and the city can soak in the snow when it is very small. This cold is still acceptable.

He was very scared during that time. He was awakened by nightmares every day. He was afraid that he would be carried out of the palace like a mother.

But after the World City was good, he quietly came to him and squinted and asked: What happened to you that day? Why didn’t you come?

He was embarrassed at the time. In fact, he had thought of so many excuses and reasons for the seamlessness, but at that moment, he couldn’t think of a blank word. He whispered for a long time before he whispered: I forgot It is.

The city laughed and said that I knew that you were not intentional. After I finished speaking, I suddenly remembered something, and quickly lowered my voice and said quietly, don’t let others know, or you will have a big disaster.

At that time, the city was only seven years old, like a calf in the northwest. His eyes were sparkling and he could get his feet when he picked up his feet.

Many years later, he asked the world, are you not angry? Haven’t doubted me?

Yan Shicheng, already a teenager, looked at him strangely, frowning and saying why I suspected my brother, we grew up eating a mother’s milk!

Yes, the city was born in the capital that year, and Yan Wang’s milk was not enough. It happened that his mother’s second birth was a dead child. He was taken to Shu and Mei for a few days, but only It’s only a few days.



The years are so fast, they are like two white poplars growing shoulder to shoulder, seeing the wind is long, and in a blink of an eye, they all grow into a strong young man. The days began to brighten up. They martial arts together, riding horses together, archery together, pushing the military law together, and accompanying the horses and the army, the two are inseparable, his temper is gradually becoming more cheerful, and occasionally he can also be jokes with the shackles. . Until that year, with Wuhuangshu down south, on the Qingshui side of Yashan, met the person who changed their life, the fate was like a rapid stream of river water, and when he slammed, he turned a big bend.

He still remembers that day, he and the world city are still obscured, quietly left the museum and went to the local attractions to play. The sky in the sky was blue and clear, the weather was excellent, the sun was warm and hanged on the top, the girl was holding a awning boat, a green dress in the lake, beautiful face, eyes like the most beautiful beads, she stood barefoot The bow of the ship, showing a small white sleek shank, smiled at the three of them beckoning, the voice shouted crisply: “Hey! You three big men, are you going to board?”

It has been so many years, many times, he thought he was about to forget, forgot the time, forgot the place, and forgot the smile of the year. But the voice, but his eternal life can not be forgotten, he looked at the girl’s models close, the palm of his hand sweating, seems to have returned to childhood, want to say something, but open his mouth.

At this time, I listened to the world city and laughed at the side: Hey, little girl, your boat is so small, can you hold us three people?

With a bang, the long river of the years was cast a stone, which sparked a small white wave. Perhaps many things decided the future direction at the beginning.

When the war broke out, he was finally forced to the edge of life and death. He walked up and down on that road step by step. Someone stopped him, died, someone guarded him, and died. Someone was unarmed and did nothing. However, with the speeding of the sword, all of them died in the war of change of power.

The World City took the Yanbei Army and followed him all the way. Even now, whenever he closes his eyes, he can still hear the youthful voice of the youngsters ringing in the ear:

Hey, I am coming!

Hey, don’t be afraid of them, you can’t do it.

Brother, you must live anyway, only you can live to avenge the dead brothers.

My brother, the trip to the road is good for the people. As long as you remember this sentence, I am worthy of death.

Hey brother, who dares not to be loyal to you, I will cut him!

Brother, brother, brother…

The crowd like the tide squatted in front of him. The long lived king finally rang in the ear. The bright yellow on his body was like a lake of gold water, flashing with the sly light. On that day, he took over at the Chengguangzu Temple. The throne of summer. On the side of the back, wrapped in the robes of the phoenix robe, it is only a jade that has not been able to be sent out. It is the relic of the mother. It is very shabby, just like his meager courage.

Deep in the dark hall, there was a swirling wind, and the emperor was cold and slowly opened his eyes.

The old eunuch came up from behind and put on a cloak for him. He was thrown on the ground childishly, frowning and said: “Why didn’t the kidnap of Yanzi still call?”

The old eunuch has long been eccentric, saying: “The emperor, Yan Wang is still outside Yanming.”

“I really can’t do it. If the city is a city, it has already broken through the gate. Now the children are really not good.”

The emperor shook his head and stood up, a pair of very sorry.

“Auntie doesn’t believe that I didn’t kill the kid. I have to call him to see the aunt.”

The emperor’s back camel, whispered softly, and the cup on the small one was hollowed out. There was a kind of grass in the red wine called Huang Qi. It was hard to find a thousand gold. According to legend, as long as it is a little, it can make people feel sorrowful and do one. The dream of Huang Hao is only too expensive. It takes so much money for a dream, it is expensive and difficult to pay. But this kind of grass is in the palace, but it is visible every day.

“Anfu, you said that this emperor is tired, how can they always grab it?”

The emperor suddenly turned back and asked, the old eunuch silently bowed his head, the emperor did not want to get his answer, turned and went far away, the corner of a blaze, under the reflection of the moonlight, burning white.

The emperor, that’s because they haven’t done it, they don’t know, but even if you, after Huang Hao, isn’t it the same to keep this miles?

Life is like a chessboard. Everyone is a chess piece above. Who can jump out between the vertical and horizontal?

The wind from the outside blew up, and the snow that had blown up the ground was getting farther away.

The weather that stopped early after the snow was the most cold, and the wind was wormwood, and the ground was a bright red.

The clouds were densely covered, the cold wind was strong, and the Liuhe white snow on the ground was rolled up, and it fell on the newly completed Fangfang Palace.

Today is the winter hunting day of Yanbei. The war in the east temporarily stops, the northern barking dog is also repelled, and the soldiers have returned to the customs. It seems that they have prepared a rare new year.

Early in the morning, the shops on both sides of Wuyi Street were all closed. The long streets were covered with fine yellow sand to prevent the palace horses from slipping. From afar, it was golden, like a red gold paving, and the roads were erected on both sides. The high gold bottoms, the civilians have retreated, the civil and military officials are on both sides, the various ceremonies slowly proceed, the array is clear, for a time, the Huagai car Ma Ruyun, the Jinpao cloud sleeves cover the sky.

Today is the day of the winter hunting in Yanbei. The old man with good memory recalls the last winter hunting, which is already twelve years ago.

The Mid-Levels West is the hunting ground of the Yanbei Kings in the past. It is located in the center of the setting sun, back to the south peak, a white wilderness, the land is reddish, I do not know whether it is originally this color, or is soaked with blood.

The swallows lie on the high throne with a heavy squat, and the shadows in front of the building are full of people, and the snow is filled in the distance, like two black lacquered wings. The squadrons of the squadrons were under the shackles of Wang Hao. They did not dare to look up. The knees were cold and painful. Only Ah Jing quietly raised his face, but he could not see Yan Xun’s face.

“Zhuang adults.”

The cold voice came from above. A veteran in his fifties suddenly trembled. His muscles trembled slightly. He slowly stood up and went to the center. He said in a cheerful voice: “What is your command?”

“Nothing, just recently got a new fun thing, I want to invite Zhuang adults to enjoy together.”

Yan Xun’s voice is clear with a smile, like a sloppy child looking forward to a kind of mischief.

Zhuang Daren was kneeling on the ground, his fingers were white, his eyebrows were tight, but he still kept his head down and said quietly: “Thank you for thinking about the old minister.”

Yan Xun smiled, his eyes with a few tricks, a wave of lazy, said: “Bring up.”

A rustling sound slowly sounded, and a carriage came into the scene. The car was covered with black coarse cloth. It was faintly heard in the middle of the sound, and everyone turned around and looked at the carriage, and the scene was dead. Forced people can’t breathe.

The sound of “啪” suddenly sounded, and the people in silence were shocked. It turned out that Yan Xun was sitting on the throne with boring, and hitting the golden seat with the whip handle.

“Hey, hey, hehe…”

Everyone was relieved, no one dared to speak, a 30-year-old guard went to the first carriage, then raised his hand and slammed the black cloth on the carriage.


The low exclamation sounded like a sea, and the water ripples spread to the audience. Everyone was a little scared, but no one dared to question the sound.

I saw the carriage above it. It was a group of 16-year-old young girls. Everyone was very beautiful. It was only in such a cold weather that they were not in a position to be in a position, and everyone looked pale. The arms are tied and nothing is in the body.

Zhuang Daren only glanced at him, and suddenly he was in the same place. Even if the weather was so cold, his forehead still had a big sweat.

Yan Xun’s laughter sounded behind him. He seemed to say the usual remarks of eating and drinking. He said: “Zhuang Daren is the cornerstone of Yanbei. For many years, he has had a good encounter. Today’s first arrow, Just ask the adults to start.”

The cage on the carriage was opened, and the soldiers rudely walked up, kicking and kicking the girls down from the carriage. They are all barefoot, suddenly stepping on the cold snow, stirring up a pinkish red.

“Run! Run!”

The soldiers opened their whip, smashed, and the bloody red whip suddenly cut through the flesh and blood, and the sly marks were printed on the white backs of the sheep’s fat, and the harsh screams began to sound. They were let go of their hands and feet, and they could only cover the scars on their bodies indiscriminately, and they fled.

The guards came to bow for the Zhuang Daren, and Yan Xun rushed behind him: “Zhuang Daren, fast.”

Zhuang Daren looks pale, his lips are bloodless, he slowly arrows, slowly bows, his fingers are shaking and shaking.

The girls ran on the snowfield, the young body had a bright light in the sun, they seemed to feel the crisis, they panicked back and saw him holding the arrow, suddenly they stopped It is.


A sharp arrow suddenly shot, but there was no strength, only a short section of the road, and it fell on the ground.

“Zhuang Daren, this is not like your ability.”

Yan Xun said slowly, the slender eye tip slightly provoked, and looked at Zhuang Daren’s body lightly, but it seemed to look into his heart through his skin.

Zhuang Daren stood in the same place and wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say it after all. He was shaking all the time. The following officials whispered: “I heard that there are a group of palace ladies in the palace a few days ago. Is this all?”



“Cheng Yuan, since Zhuang Daren is old, you are coming.”

“Thank you for your love.”

A general who was coming forward came forward, steadily bowing, only listening to the bang, the arrow was like a long eye, and it was firmly nailed to the farthest girl who ran. The short screams sounded in the wilderness, and the girl’s heart burst into a large bloody flower, sprinkled on the white snow, and the glaring red.

The rest of the girls met, and they were shocked. A girl who had been sitting in the ground crying suddenly screamed like a crash. He was going to climb to the throne and cried when he climbed: “Mr. save me! Save me! Mr. Zhuang, I am… ah!”

The harsh screams followed, and a girl who was not far from her suddenly jumped up and grabbed her throat. When her hands were wrong, she broke the neck of the crying girl.

“Death is dead, how can you pity your enemies, waste!”

The girl stood in the same place, her cheeks were pale, her eyes were bright as stars, she looked coldly at the top, and she was indifferent, but she did not hide her vulgarity. The cold voice said: “We are believers in Datong, you are small. People, betrayed Datong, will die without a place of burial!”

After all, one hit the stone steps under Wang Hao, the body was stiff, and the blood flowed like a note, that is, it did not move.

Suddenly, all the people did not react. When the woman was killed, the rest of the soldiers rushed forward. A soldier explored and went back and said: “The emperor, this person is still angry.”

Yan Xun sighed, did not say how to punish, I do not know why, the girl’s eyes just made him feel very familiar, many memories of the daytime, he frowned and looked at the blood in the field, suddenly lost Interesting, just a wave of hands, the guards behind them went forward, and for a time, only heard the whole scene screaming like thunder, and after a while, there is no one living.

“The hunt begins, these people are dragging down to feed the dog.”

Yan Xun faintly told the guard, the guards gave a slight glimpse, and asked: “What about this living?”


Yan Xun’s gaze flashed slightly, and the picture slid through the mind. The child’s stubborn eyes passed through his memory. It seems that he still looks at him straight away, making him feel a bit cold.

“His Majesty?”

Cheng Yuan screamed in a low voice. Yan Xun looked up and saw that the audience was staring at him. His brow could not help but wrinkle, and said coldly: “Put down together.”

After all, the ups and downs of the station will come and leave.


Zhuang adults suddenly shouted, and when they rushed down to Wang Hao, they sat next to the girl who was hitting the head. The cries of the crash cried: “Children! It hurts you!”

Yan Xun back to him, his mouth overflowed with a chilly smile, the guards rushed forward to take Zhuang adults, the rest of the girl dragged the girl’s body to the wild dog room, the white snow Was dragged out a long blood mark.

“Yan Xun! You are a wolf! I will not let you go to a ghost! You must not die!”

The roar of the heartbreaking lungs rang in the back, the guards saw it, and flew up a foot, smashing the mouthful of silver teeth of Zhuang adults.

Yan Xun walked indefinitely, and behind him were countless civil and military officials who were still battling on the ground. He disdainfully opened his mouth and slipped out a cold, cold smile.

Students should not be born, but also care about what is good?

The wind blew his cockroaches, like two heavy wings, and screamed and stunned the eagle flying over the sky.

The north is empty and the sky is coming, and the Spring Festival is approaching. This winter seems to be extraordinarily long.

The wind outside blew, bringing the sound of the soldiers of the North Mantle, and rushing all the way into the depths of the Fangfang Palace along the Golden Purple Gate.

The empty water of the temple is dead, the column is like ink, the cocoon flies, the lights flash, and the wind blows out the blockbuster, but no one dares to come forward to ignite.

A man in a robes sits in the shadow of the lights, holding his forehead with one hand, seems to have slept, the face is quiet, the outline is deep, looks very young, but under the lights, the hair of the horns is slightly different. The white spots, occasionally backlit, have a silvery luster.

The huge dining table is the size of the usual bedroom, filled with delicacies. Eight treasures wild duck, phoenix shark’s fin, red plum beads, Gongbao hare, milk juice corner, Xianglong double fly, fried rice chicken, cockroach pigeon, bergamot gold roll, golden silk freckle, fried guinea fowl, milk fillet , lianlianfu sea cucumber, raw roast meat, lotus tofu, straw mushroom broccoli.

The table full of dishes did not move a chopsticks, even the oiled hot soup has become cold, butter solidified together, the fragrance is exhausted, leaving only the cold color.

Two Donghu’s dancers wore honey-colored silk, and their necks and wrists were all with silver bells and blue-eyed skin. They were surprisingly beautiful and beautiful, but they shivered and squatted on the floor. I dare not carry it, it has been more than three hours.

Today is a spring banquet, which is also known as the folk song of the New Year. Unlike the hustle and bustle of the Daxia Palace, the palace is immersed in the silence of silence. The chefs have tried their best to taste the dishes, only the night. The wind occasionally took away a little aroma and dissipated in the cold night.

When A Jing came in, the footsteps were slightly heavier, and he woke up the man sitting alone.

Yan Xun’s brow tipped gently, and slowly opened his eyes, the lights in the hall flashed, the man’s face appeared a bit gray in the shadow, but even more eyes black and ink, cold halo.

“Your Majesty,” A fine squatted on the ground, said with a deep voice: “Wind’s letter.”

Yan Xun seems to have drank the wine, the wine glass fell, sprinkled on the clothes, a dripping wine.

He took the letter and looked quietly, his eyebrows wrinkled as always, his eyes calm.

A chair was placed across the Yanxun, and a set of cutlery was clean and tidy. Ah Jing knows who he is waiting for, and he knows that that person may never return.

The more leaking sand and the drop of star powder, Yan Xun slowly raised his head, just a few dozen words, but he looked very slow and slow, it seems that every word is deep in my heart.

After a long time, he put the letter on the table, pressed it with a jug, picked up the silver enamel, and began to eat slowly.

“Your Majesty,” Ah Jing frowned and said: “The food is already cold, and the subordinates are asking someone to change the table for you.”

Yan Xun did not speak, just waved his hand quietly and motioned for him to go down.

Ah Jing continued to worry a little. “My Majesty is not in good health recently. The doctor said, it is not advisable to eat cold food.”

Yan Xun didn’t look up. He took a slow meal. Every one of the dishes was very serious. The dancers lying on the ground stood up, and they fell awkwardly, but they hurriedly left for him. The dishes are rotated in the past. The tears of the candle fell down like a blood, and the wind chimes outside made a crisp sound, and the bells were very sweet.

He sat there and sat quietly eating, and it was rare that the dishes handed down by the dancers were eaten clean. The candle lit up on him, casting a long shadow on the polished obsidian floor, a thin, slender one.

Ah Jing suddenly felt a little bit sad. He remembered that two years ago, in the other courtyard of Yunbicheng, Chuqiao’s first meal after waking up was the same calm and cold, the same taste and chewing wax. Toasting a room is a sorrow and sorrow.

A fine eye blemishes, sour and sore. He didn’t understand why so many difficult days came over. So much suffering and hard work came over, but he had to retreat when the goal was reached. Why did he go to the situation like today?

But he didn’t dare to ask, he could only stand quietly, like a fool.

“Cough -”

The man in the main position suddenly began to cough, but at first it was still very light, but gradually the voice grew louder and louder, echoing in the empty hall, with such a deep exhaustion.

The dancer Ji was frightened, and hurriedly took out the passer and handed it over. Another dancer, shaking his hands with his hands, shook the water, and looked at it carefully, but it was full of wine.

Yan Xun took the scorpion and coughed his mouth. His body bent down like a shrimp on the back of a bow.

A dance screamed suddenly, “Ah,” Yan Xun squinted and turned his head. His eyes were extremely cold. The dancer’s neck narrowed and he lowered his head and never looked up again. He gave a glance.

“Your Majesty, are you suffering from the cold, this is called the doctor.”

“No need.”

Yan Xun’s voice was a little tired, but it was still his usual appearance, cold and clear, and even a superfluous sentence would not say much.

“Pour the wine.”

He faintly told him that another little girl who was a little farther raised his head nervously, his voice almost trembled, but he still bravely said with enthusiasm: “The emperor is suffering from the cold, or, don’t drink alcohol.”

Yan Xun slightly turned his head, his eyes were very interesting to look at her, with two chills in between.

The dance squatting on the ground was afraid of her eyes, for fear that her boldness would be tired of herself.

The dancer was staring at him and shivering, but he still boldly said: “The emperor, drinking, drinking and hurting.”

– “Drinking and hurting, but also a mistake, only those who are useless will use alcohol to eliminate.”

A string of crisp sounds suddenly echoed in my mind, Yan Xun slightly stunned, thoughts drifted far and far for a long time, along the time back up, saw the white waves of Jiangshui, he thought, slowly Nodded and said: “Well, then you go to tea.”

Maiji is only 16 or 17 years old this year. She is happy and nodded. The honey-colored waist is exposed outside, like a soft and smooth fish, and she ran to the tea room.

Once again, the hall was quiet, and Yan Xun said to A Jing, “Let’s go first.”



A fine whispered, whispered: “Do you really have to ask the doctor to come over and see?”

“No need to.”

Yan Xun shook his head quietly, and his look was calm, as if nothing had happened.

A fine eye gently licked the letter on the table, a few words jumped into the eye, he was slightly surprised, and quickly bent down, whispered: “Your kneeling early rest.”

No more voices came, Ah Jing turned and walked up and walked in the empty and empty hall. The yarn accounts on both sides fluttered gently. The black pillars were engraved with colorful auspicious birds, and the birds were sitting on the backs. The woman, one person fluttering, big belly, it is obviously pregnant; another person holding a battle axe, sharp eyebrows, is actually the double god of Yanbei.

“The emperor, drink some tea, yeah!”

Suddenly behind the girl’s exclamation, there was a hint of crying: “The slave is damned, the letter is wet, and the slave is damned.”

“Nothing,” the low voice quietly sounded: “Take it and throw it.”

“…I lived in Zhuge’s hospital in Xianyang…I can’t monitor it, I have a big loss…”

A silent thought of the words that were accidentally sighted, the cold taste of Sen came from the distant Yinyang, all the way into the Yanfang Palace in Yanbei.

The heavy temple door was opened by the servant. He slowly went out and the night was cold and quiet. The people of Yanbei had lost the feeling of celebrating the festival this year. The war, taxes, servitude, death, blood, almost filled the plateau. The departure of Mr. Wu and the beauty generals made the iron-and-blood regime seem even colder. Death has paralyzed people’s nerves. They can only live with care and deeply suppress those promises and thoughts.

I walked to the door of the Nine Palaces and got my own sword.

The ground in front of the door was bloody, and several bodies were randomly placed on the side of the corner of the palace. The body was full of gun marks and was shot and smashed.

The guards of the palace are carrying the other two bodies to the car and said to the guards who drove the car: “Hurry and take it away, and the ministers will come to the office when the day is bright.”

“What happened?” asked A Jing.

“It is the embers of Datong.” A soldier who had also been born in Datong said without hesitation: “It is already the second wave tonight. After Zhuang’s death, they are more and more embarrassed. Rushing in.”

Ah Jing slowly wrinkled his eyebrows, and it must not be a jealousy, but a desperate suicide. Datong’s qualified chiefs have been killed by the majesty, and hundreds of years of old-fashioned organizations, no one can really destroy them for so many years, I did not expect to end up on their birthplace.

“Be careful.”

“The general will be relieved.”

A guard said with a smile: “We used to teach the Chu people personally. There are a few of us, and a mosquito doesn’t want to fly in quietly.”

When the words were finished, the man suddenly realized that he had made a mistake. Chu Qiao had already rebelled Yanshan. How can he still be called an adult?

“General, small… small…”

Ah Jing did not speak, turned away and quietly left, the moon shines on him, with a pale light.

The whole Yanbei is missing her, not the only one.

Destiny is always like this, like an arrow from the string, shot out, there is really no room for turning back.

A fine shook his head slightly, and the thick shackles were put on his shoulders, warm and warm.

The red leaves were awakened by the sound of the rain at dawn. On the empty and lonely hall, she sat alone on the couch. A blue-and-blue satin palace was covered with a little bit of moist sweat. The cold wind blew and climbed from the back. From the cold, the sweat that was soaked in the cold climbed up a little. A small star of chestnut was born on the skin. She gently rubbed it, but found that her fingertips were cold.

On the other side of the bed, a white letter was quietly placed, and it was already broken. It was seen that it had been rubbed several times.

Her eyes were a little cold, the rain fell, the wind chimes of the window made a crisp sound, and the cockroaches on the hall fluttered gently, like the soft waist of the dancer.

“The situation is critical, and the younger brother has three ways out. First, take Nalan’s instead, use the young emperor, the prostitute princess, kill the Jinjiang king, and control the Huai Song military power with lightning speed. Second, seek help. The princess, in the name of the regent king, confronts the Jinjiang king, abandons the eastern provinces, and protects the land of Beijing. Third, the rescue of the big summer, and marriage, but must not be contaminated by the big Xia royal family, in order to prevent the country name change. Need to hold the military power, the age is quite, from the Daxia family, the background is strong, the position is high, and it is bogey by the Daxia dynasty. Once the marriage book is announced, Jinjiang Wang will not dare to send troops to Song Jing, only to wait for the spring, Jiang The first generation of troops sent to the East, this crisis must be solved.”

Without looking at the lights, everything is already familiar. The red leaves are quietly resting on the bedside, and their eyes are like Gubo deep wells. In fact, there is still a way, that is, Yanbei and Huai Song marriage, you can solve the danger of Jinjiang Wang rebellion, but also add weight to the Yanxia battle, one east and one west to attack the big summer, mutual support.

However, he still refused, even if he didn’t even think about it.

He holds the military power, is quite old, and was born in the Daxia family. He has a strong background and is bogey for the Daxia dynasty.

How many people are there in this world?

The red leaves slightly raised their lips and pulled out an indifferent smile.

Brother, you can’t put it down after all.

Da Xia is fighting with Yanbei, and there are also alien rebellions in the northeast. The domestic party and the party are fighting for power, and the royal family is obviously unable to do so. Huai Song and Da Xia have no wars for many years, and the relationship is more moderate than that of Sui and Tang Dynasties. Moreover, Huai Song is a big trading country, and the national treasury is rich. Da Xia will never give up this great opportunity to win the Song Dynasty.

However, this one of the palms is a heavy soldier, and he is also a high-ranking Xia Sima high. He has a huge family power. How can the innocent king of Qinghai be easily manipulated?

After the two Yanbei wars, who in the world did not know Zhuge four less to the beauty of the generals?

Perhaps in the eyes of ordinary people, there will be a contest between Jiangshan and the beauty, and it will be guessed what choice Zhuge will face in the face of such temptation. But she knows that this and her parents are not going to succeed, not because she knows Zhuge, but because she knows too much about Yan.

How can you sit on the enemy and have the help of Song, becoming the regent of Huai Song? If you have such a suggestion, you must have already determined in your heart that the person will not be at your mercy.

The result of this kind of work is nothing more than a temporary delay in the War of Song and Song Dynasties, and the relationship between Zhuge and the Daxia dynasty, and pushed him to a cusp, plainly offending the Da Xia dynasty and the Huai Song group. Not only that, if Zhuge Wei dared to openly refuse marriage, then all the economic trade of Zhuge and his family in Huai Song will be monopolized and attacked by the royal family of Huai Song, so that Zhu Ge’s status in the family will plummet, even if he It is also the only real power figure in Daxia who is a veteran of the elders and a king of the earth.

The result of the centrifugation of Qinghai and Daxia is the Yanbei Center, which is a good time to defeat the two sides.

This kind of joint, she has already figured out, but it has not made any indication for a long time.

The brothers were really different, and a few words of a thousand and a thousand pounds, set off a heavy rain in the summer, and the only thing he did not count was his Xuan Moxian brother, it is her long-song Princess Nalan Hongye.

In the darkness, she slightly narrowed her eyes, and there were faint waves flowing in the beautiful eyes.

All thoughts and thoughts are rushing in my mind. She repeatedly thinks that he does not know that Xuan Mo is both a red leaf. If he knows, he will not regard himself as a flag.

But in the midst of it, there is also a bitter bitterness.

After all, he is asking himself to marry someone.

The brother-in-law is so high-minded that he has been intersected for twelve years, but he is so careless. This mysterious ink is not a mysterious ink. Have you never seen it?

The fingers slammed hard, and the white fingertips clenched the letterhead, and a low voice slowly spit out:

“Since the brother has this intention, the younger brother helps you, what’s the matter?”

Zhen Huang suddenly got messed up, like a boiling water, how can I not see what is inside.

After the Huai Song and the pro-instrument were issued, the entire imperial city set off a huge wave between the moments.

It is not without history in the history of a princess of a country to marry another country’s courtiers. However, it is an expedient measure in the absence of a suitable age prince in other countries. Nowadays, there are many unmarried emperors in the summer, and Zhao Che Zhao is a young talent, especially Zhao Wei. The status is more stable and the power is in the grip. It is the first person in the summer.

And Huai Song is also different in the past, Nalan and the young age, Nalan Hongye has been in power for many years, named Princess, is the Queen of Huai Song, this object of the pro is not only a relative and a relative, it is very likely to become Huai Song Regent King, under such circumstances, this should not be cited as the country’s forces stationed, but the Huai Song is in chaos, the ruling and opposition is unstable, and the forces outside are urgently required to station in the deterrent. As a result, everything seems more reasonable.

However, when the Huai Song envoys reported Zhuge’s name on the Daxia Chaotang, the entire ruling and opposition field shook again.

Two years ago, Zhuge’s death was passed back. Yan Ming’s death was defeated by Xia Jun, and his reputation fell to the bottom. I don’t want to be two years later, this person has risen rapidly in Qinghai, and returned to the country with a heavy soldier. He became the most powerful person in the civil and military affairs of the Manchu Dynasty. It was Zhao Wei and he also gave him three points of courtesy. Nowadays, Princess Huai Song is automatically sent to the door. Once Zhuge Yu becomes the Hummer of the Princess of Huai Song, then the forces of Zhuge Valve will surely have another terrible leap, holding the local land, Qinghai military power, and the wealth of the country. Huai Song is helping, no one will suspect that Zhuge Valve will not become the next Muhe, and Zhuge Yu will also become the first power of Daxia.



However, despite so many terrible consequences, the Zhao royal family could not refuse this hot potato.

Not to mention the domestic economic situation and the war in the northwest, it depends on the previous several northern expeditions. There is a certain potential connection between Yanbei and Huai-Song and Sui and Tang Dynasties. Now the beauty army Chu Qiao left Yanbei, the relationship between the Sui and Tang Dynasties is shattered, then what about the Song Dynasty? If Daxia is going to fight Yanbei again, what kind of attitude will Huai Song have? And if the long princess of Huai Song marries Zhuge, will this situation be reversed?

Even if he knew that the front was a puzzle that could not be seen, Da Xia had to walk in. After all, all the problems that are currently worried are not a problem in the face of the northwest war. For more than a month, the ice and snow will melt, and the Yanbei army will have to turn off.

In the afternoon of the same day, the emperor’s imperial edict, the family’s secret letter, and Zhuge’s personal intelligence news, the three-way messenger left the ancient city of Zhenhuang and went to the warm waters together.

Zhao Wei sat in the hall drinking tea. The sun shone in from the outside and sprinkled on his young and handsome cheeks. It looked very heroic.

Zhao Xiang, the 16th emperor, sat on the side and was teasing a talking parrot. The bird jumped up and down, and from time to time scorned the rice in Zhao Xiang’s palm, but he did not obey the words. Zhao Xiang, who is angry, screamed it from time to time.

“Sixteen brothers, what do you think of this?”

Zhao Wei suddenly asked, Zhao Xiang did not look back, the hall was warm and mellow, the ground was thick leather carpet, the incense burner was smoked with good spices, and the sixteen emperors lazyly asked: “Which thing? ?”

“The Princess of Huai Song and the pro.”

When Zhao Xiang heard his words, he turned his head and said with anger: “Zhu Ge’s old four luck is very good. After he died, he brought back hundreds of thousands of dead loyal troops. Now he has such a ridiculous peach blossom, and he is mad at himself. ”

Zhao Wei is not angry, he said quietly: “Is it just luck?”

Zhao Xiang did not hear the meaning of his brother’s words. Shen Sheng said: “Accordingly, if Princess Huai Song wants to be a pro, it is reasonable to choose fourteen brothers, and then it is also the old seven. How can it be the turn of Zhuge? Qinghai is called Qinghai Wang. As I see it, it will not be long before he will become the regent of Huai Song. In the future, the emperor of Huai Song may have surnamed Zhuge, 14 brothers. Can we count the merger of Huai-Song and Das in the summer?”

Zhao Yu said with a smile and said: “This unified law is also enough, and I am afraid that the future Zhuge Song Emperor Binaran Song Emperor will be more troublesome.”

Zhao Xiang thought for a moment and said: “But I can see that Zhuge is yin and yang, but people are not bad, but they are also loyal and patriotic.”

“Zhongjun patriotism?” Zhao Wei looked at Zhao Xiang with his eyes obliquely. Shen Sheng said: “Do you see him like this?”

“I used to spend time with his classmates in Shangwutang. This person is mentally tough, not in the same stream as the average family, and he is very insightful. I think he is the talent of Wang Zuo.”

“Wang Zuozhi?”

Zhao Wei shook his head and said: “Is he a squatter under the people? But even if he is loyal and patriotic, loyalty is not yours and me.”

Zhao Xiang reveals the color of confusion and looks at Zhao Wei.

Zhao Wei did not explain it, just faintly said: “This matter will never be so simple. There must be a master behind it, but -”

He suddenly sneered: “Everyone thought that this is the pie that fell from the sky. Zhuge Wei may not think so. Some people dare to reveal his scale. I want to see, this Qinghai Wang will do this.” How to react.”

At the end of Qingping, perhaps a storm is coming.

The days seem to be stolen.

When no one is there, Chu Qiao will always go away from time to time. She quietly watched the sun rise and fall, the night falls again and again, the New Year is coming, the New Year is gone, and the time is quietly flowing from the fingers. Even seeing the rushing veins, like clear water.

The excitement at the beginning gradually receded, and life began to turn again. She looked at the sky, the birds fluttered from the north, the wings swam through the high sky, the sliding past or the traces of blue or white, she thought They are probably going home.

She lived in the other house of Zhuge Yu and Yin Yang. There was no excuse and reason. Zhuge Wei just asked her if she would like to spend the New Year with him. When she thought about it, she agreed.

This is a very simple new year.

There is no extravagant court song and dance, no swaying monks and long notes, no splendid food, but there is a rare quiet, a true peace of mind.

In the past few days, she and Zhuge have gone to many places, walked through the long and cold alleys, walked through the old and dilapidated short temples, ate street snacks, and entered the crowded temple fair, together on the New Year’s night. Put a long time of firecrackers.

The firecrackers creaked, just like the night two years ago, she stood on the street where people came and went, full of fireworks,

A long-lost joy quietly surrounded her, surrounded by lights, he stood in front of the crowd, blocking the crowds of people for her, and occasionally frowned and turned back to swear at her, like an awkward child.

The fireworks bloomed in the sky above his head, colorful, and the light reflected on his cheek, very beautiful.

Yes, it is very beautiful.

Chu Qiao’s poetry can’t think of other adjectives to describe everything she saw. She seems to be suddenly caught in the strange world by the wind from the battlefield. She saw the sunshine, the warm lake, the happy crowd, and the removal of all the struggles and defenses of Zhuge, who once looked at her and looked at her, and helped her repeatedly. For the man who went to Huangquan for her risk, he stood alive in front of her at the moment, frowning and repriming her like a dumpling. She suddenly felt that time was stolen from her, every second, it was so precious.

The world is full of fire and silver flowers, her eyes, but only the next person.

Like deep sea water, it emerged from the bottom of the heart after the ice, warming her cooled limbs and numb brain.

Life is on the road to the gorgeous flowers, colorful on the decaying trees, she stood on the other side of Huangquan, watching, she thought, perhaps, that is something called a new life.

Although, even if I watched it, I felt so far away.

The door was half open. He stood in the yard. The blue and purple clothes were embroidered with a beautiful golden brocade. The brilliance of the moon shines on his body, with a bright brilliance.

He looked at her and seemed to want to say something, but he didn’t speak for a long time.

There is some fascination in the moonlight. There are still a lot of lively gongs and drums coming from the square in a few streets. Ping-pong, so festive, even if you can’t see it, Chu Qiao can imagine the ordinary people’s happy dance. .

Time seems to have been going on for a long time, but it seems that after only a short moment, he said: “Go and sleep.”

Chu Qiao nodded and smiled calmly: “You are also.”

The door was closed a little, and even the moonlight outside was blocked. One, one line, one trace, finally, it was dark.

She stood at the door, her fingers pressed against the threshold, and the people outside had not left for a long time. The wind was a little cold, the wind was blowing, the shadows outside the window were shaking, and the shadow of the swaying was cast on the window.

The time that leaked a little bit passed away. Finally, the footsteps of the rustling sounded, very slow, but it was gradually farther and farther.

The wind outside the window suddenly became big, and even the door couldn’t stop it. The cold wind was blowing in the doorway. Chu Qiao put his head on the threshold. In the darkness, she slowly closed her eyes.

When Zhuge returned, he had just received a book from Xiaofei on the seventh day of the month. Now he is already full of smiles for the young guards of the generals, and he happily put the letters in his sleeves.

On the 7th of the month, I was in a good mood and stood outside the door. It was difficult to see the joy of the face when I saw the master.

“Is it a small letter?”

“Well,” he said with a smile on the seventh month, “The sea is full moon.”

After years of fighting side by side, between Zhuge and the seventh month, the name was the master servant. In fact, it was almost the same as that of the brothers. I remembered that before the departure, Xiao Fei just had the next birthday of Lin Qi, and could not help but smile: “Wait for me to go back. Your son is preparing a big gift.”

Yueqi said with a smile: “Thank you for the young master.”

“Is the ink good?”

“it is good.”

On the seventh month of the month, she replied crisply. Ouyang Mo, who was brought back by Zhuge Yu, is now raised by Xiao Fei. For such a child who has lost all his loved ones, perhaps this is the best choice for him.

“Following the white acupuncture, the talent is extremely high.”

“Master,” Fang Wei walked in from the outside. After the 7th out of the army, Fang Hao became the personal bodyguard of Zhuge. He was born in Qinghai, and his parents were sinners who had made mistakes and were thrown out of Simon by their ancestors. After being taken over by Zhuge, they returned to Daxia. They were silent people, but their character was tough, not a mediocrity. The seventh month also looked at him differently.

“General Feng wrote a letter.”

The letter was painted on fire, and Zhuge’s face was not changed. Then he was handed over to the seventh month. When he finished watching Shen Sheng, he said, “What do you think?”

“Zhao Wei will not be so good. Once the seven descendants return home and the young masters join hands, the forces he has built over the past two years will be loose. Wei Guang is already dying, and Wei Shuzhen is a different mind. He can’t help but defend. “”

Zhuge Yu nodded faintly and said softly: “This person knows the most about the time, and he is born with a heart, and he has been blinded. This time he still has such a plan.”

“what should we do?”

“According to the original plan, I told Xu Yang to leave more snacks. At this time, he couldn’t turn any waves. Instead of worrying about him, it would be better to pay more attention to Yanbei’s movements.”

At noon at seven o’clock, Zhuge Yu asked: “How is the progress of extradition?”

“The young master is assured that all the business of Chenchen is in urgent operation. Mr. Zhao Minggong and Mr. Liang have secretly recruited a large number of talents from all walks of life. The Emperor of Sui and Tang Dynasties is very concerned about what we have asked, and personally sent Sun Daren to assist. Moreover, this year’s grain harvest will not have to be attached to the inland.”



Zhuge nodded nodded. “Is the family okay?”

Qinghai’s current principal is Fang Guangqian, Fang Guangqian is Fang’s uncle and uncle, and Zhuge’s subordinate in Qinghai’s subordinates. Fang’s faceless expression: “Uncle’s letter yesterday said that everything is fine, everyone is waiting for the owner to go back. “”

“Well.” Zhuge snorted silently and said: “Tell everyone to speed up their hands and feet. We don’t have much time. Once things happen here, we will go back.”

Fang Hao nodded and bowed down. Seeing Fang Yi left, he only slightly frowned on the seventh month of the month: “Young master, his subordinates do not understand.”

“I know what you want to say.”

The moonlight is quiet, and the bright light is sprinkled softly on his shoulders. The man’s face is a little cold, his eyes are narrow and long, but he flies when he is young, sinking like a well, microwave, calm and calm.

“You want to say, why don’t you worry about the big summer chaos, the door is exhausted, and there is a good time to have a strong enemy to rise up, control the family, and then take Zhao and replace it, right?”

When he was shocked by the moon, he suddenly squatted on the ground, but he said bluntly: “It’s bold, but it’s really like this. The big summer is not good for us, the family is not right for us, and the young master has been humiliated for two years. Why should we help them at this time? If we are not big, we will go back to Qinghai. Anyway, the girl is here now, we are not afraid of their threats. Qinghai is a big thing, even if Simon is unified, we may not be afraid of them.”

After the end of the month of the seventh month, but for a long time did not hear the sound of Zhuge, he boldly looked up, I saw Zhuge 玥 looked up at the sky, the original Qing Jun’s face has been covered with a layer of tired shadow, between the eyebrows The vertical lines are deep, full of vicissitudes of time.

“May 7th, the family is not good anymore. It is always where you and I are when we are young. It’s not good for the big summer. It’s always our homeland. Now, the domestic worry and the external troubles are strong, and you and I have the heart to rekindle on the devastated country. Wolf smoke?”

On the seventh month of the news, suddenly stopped, but listened to Zhuge Yu continued: “Not to mention Zhao Che to me, is not the grace of dripping.”

After Zhu Gezhen finished speaking, he left, but the remaining seven months of standing in the same place, carefully thinking about Zhuge’s words.

He didn’t know what it was like in his heart. In the subconscious, he knew that the young master was right, but when he remembered the experience of the past two years, a grief and indignation was suffocated and he could not be dismissed. Isn’t the young master, he really doesn’t care?

Zhuge Hao certainly cares.

In the dark bedroom, a short chuckle sounded.

How can you not care, when the child is like a dog and a dog in the family to survive? How can I not care, again and again, but I am finally frustrated by the defeat? How can you not care, when the death of the nine deaths, the oncoming saliva and shame?

Can’t forget, death can’t be forgotten.

He didn’t want to think about the feelings just now. The words that spit out on the seventh day of the month set off a fierce wave in his heart.

The man is dying, and he is running around for a lifetime. Why is he asking for it? Isn’t it a meritorious service? Not a head start? It’s not that you’ve been on the Wansheng Respect, you’re calling for the rain, and you’re all right?

It is a deadly temptation, for any man, marijuana that can never be undone.

When he escaped from such a Jedi death, there was no warmth on his face. He was notoriously abandoned and was abandoned by his home country. He instantly became the public enemy of Daxia. He is not a saint, how can he have no hate in his heart?

Perhaps as Chu Qiao said in the grave, when he saw that Da Xia had repeatedly defeated Yanbei’s offensive, his heart would also inexplicably rise a little comfort. When the interior of Daxia was decaying and there was more and more collapse, he also thought about marching eastward, taking the summer and replacing it with a tough force to look down on those who had stepped on him. The dirty face above the head.

But when he really got out of that step, he retreated.

The eyes of the Qinghai Plain who still have not eaten and are not warm are looking at him eagerly. Those who have no way to go and have generously taken him are still waiting for him to bring them a winter without death.

Yes, he couldn’t go to the seventh month and said that he couldn’t go to the subordinates who had been following him. They would look at him with a round of eyes and then ask him: Master, do you want to give up for a few green sea buns? Capture the bustling Simon?

Yes, it is just the descendants of the death row of some ancestors who have been stalking in prison. But it is a kind of earthen buns that cannot be sacred by the saints. If it was once, he would think so. And scornful and disdainful, the husband has a choice, when the aspirations are high, not the sorrow of the woman. But after all, something changed him. When his life was abandoned by the world, someone opened a warm door for him. Although the door was worn and the house leaked, he was sitting there and drinking. The warmest bite of porridge in my life.

At that time, he suddenly understood Chu Qiao and understood that the girl who always looked tough and waited for him to wait.

He thanked God. Without such an opportunity, he might never know her and would not understand the joy of creation and guardianship. He was surprised to find that the joy was not weaker than conquest and destruction.

As for the big summer, as for enmity, as for the hegemony of Simon…

He slowly closed his eyes and said to himself, I know what is most important.

Yes, he still needs to fight, to go round and use his ability to defend and fight. He still has to play games with those who care about the people in the ruling and opposition, or to confront the different political figures on the battlefield.

Even though he is not eager to capture the summer, he does not want to sit down and see it decay and fall into the hands of others.

Moreover, nowadays, he can no longer retreat. When he took the soldiers to kill Cuiweiguan, when he took over as the Sima Warrior Sima, when he blocked the great summer battle against the Sui and Tang Dynasties, everything It is a foregone conclusion.

He remembered the vows that he and Zhao Che made on the east of Hu Han under the end of the year, and his eyes slightly raised a cold edge.

At this time, a pair of calm eyes suddenly looked through the dark mist, the eyes were so gentle, but there was a hint of sadness that could not be concealed.

He closed his eyes quietly, his fingers rubbing against the white wall.

He smiled slightly, smiled bitterly, like cold snow.

After everything started, they always did this, they met in an untimely manner, and they left in an untimely manner. Destiny pushed them to walk a path that could not be seen, stumbled and rubbed shoulders.

The room was dark, and the moon outside the window came in through the window, and it was cold on him. After all, he is only a young man in his twenties. Although he has experienced so many twists and turns and hardships, he sometimes does such a dream. The heroes return home and set up a heroic battle. Everything is held in front of the people you like, and the swearing side says: Give, it’s yours!

However, after all, it can only be a dream.

He leaned back in his chair, his mouth slightly twitched, and he smiled softly like a big child.

That night, Zhuge slept very late. When the sky was bright, he leaned on the soft couch, and his mind fluttered away, faintly, as if he had returned to the nightmare and saw something that he had forgotten.

In the midst of it, he seems to see countless lights and shadows flowing around, cold water, and he seems to be frozen all over the body.

A dead green hand clutched him, desperately carrying him forward, the scarlet blood rushed out and fainted in the ice water.

On the 9th of the month, the eyelids were red, and he was struggling to draw water. The sun shone through the ice. It was a dark and faint light. He vaguely heard the sound coming from above. It was so big that his ear drums swayed through the current. It is very clear:

Long live Long live Long live–!

He knew that they thought he was dead, and that the soldiers of Yanbei were worshipping Yan.

The voice is getting higher and higher like the tide. Except for that voice, he can’t hear anything. He lost to others, from small to big. He never lost so miserable. Now, he is afraid that he will kill. Take it here.

The sound is getting farther away, his body has long lost its temperature, the blood seems to be running out, and there is no strength in the limbs.

Suddenly, a loud bang slammed into the ear. He looked up, but it was the month of the 9th struggling to hit, using his head, a moment, hit the ice above.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!”

The sound was like a thunder, and it was knocking on his heart, and the blood flowed down the cheeks of the young guards, but it quickly melted into the water.

The face of the month is whiter than the snow, and the lips have no color, like a ghost who just climbed out of the grave. He stroked hard, his hands and feet were stiff, but he kept repeating the action, so powerful, one, another, another…


At that moment, it seemed that a layer of dark clouds had opened a gap, and a bright sun pierced his heart. He suddenly woke up. It was his men. He had entered his house since he was four years old. They are all right for him to die, and he never felt that something was wrong with this. But at that moment, he remembered the words that the girl had said to him a long time ago. The woman looked beautiful and looked at him coldly. She said with a word of words: “No one is born to be a slave. ”

No one is born to be a slave –

“砰”, a burst of blood suddenly splashed, even in the water, he can still feel the hot bloody smell.

His body suddenly filled with strength, and suddenly swam up, pushing the bloody month of the nine, holding the Chuo’s dagger, and rubbing hard.

“I can’t die!”

He said to himself in a low voice.



“I can’t die, I still have a lot of wishes not finished.”

The lungs seem to be blown up, the body is already frozen, and the wounds are rolled up with flesh and blood, but he is still mechanically fighting for survival.

I can’t die! I can’t die! I can’t die! boom!

The ice layer was broken and the huge buoyancy suddenly dragged his whole person up. The sun was glaring, and the fresh air rushed to the front. He breathed in a big mouth and wanted to pull out the lungs.

“May 9!”

He shouted loudly: “We are saved!”

He looked around and saw the figure of the moon nine. He sneaked into the water and became deeper and deeper. He finally found the body of the moon nine at the bottom of the lake.

The young swordsman was wounded all over the body. His face was blue and his eyes were wide, his hair was scattered, and his blood was full. He laboriously dragged the moon nine, and then pressed the guard’s chest hard, rubbing his face and shouting, shouting: “Wake up! I command you! Wake up!”

In Zhuge’s life, he never cried so arrogantly, but on that day, he cried for a slave. In the vast wilderness, he cried like a wolf.

Three days later, he finally met the seventh month of the disaster.

The loyal guards with the residual moon guard lurking in Yanbei have been looking for him for three days near Chishui, because there are more than 20 guards who have been frozen to death in the search for the lake.

Then, they sent him to Wolongshan. After half a year, he finally got a good job, but he waited for a fragmented future.

That morning, he sat facing the information handed back by the Seventh and Others for a long time. From the beginning of the sun to the sun, the teacher came in and looked at the Simon map hanging in front of him. He asked faintly: Where are you going?”

This has not happened for many years. He looked up and said with amazement: “Teacher, I have no way to go.”

The old man who had to be white-haired smiled kindly, then stretched out his slender hand and crushed the Simon’s mainland on the map. He quietly said: “If there is no way, open up a road for yourself.”

He was puzzled, Daxia, Yanbei, Sui and Tang Dynasties, Huai Song, all under the teacher’s hand, the map was turned into an empty hole, leaving only the bark outside the plug, southeastern The sea, and the vastness of the West.

“Children, there are people outside, there are days outside, how do you know that this map can only be painted so big?”

Early the next morning, he received another news. Meng Feng was finally tried by the Dali Academy last month. Now that the crime has been finalized, he has been sent out to Qinghai for exile. Now I am afraid I have already reached Cuiweiguan.

The light and shadow of the years turned into a luxury in the road ahead. On those dark and cold days, the machete in his hand kept waving, sending out a strong and fierce arc, toward the throat of fate, once and for a time, tenacious struggle, Wen The hot blood covered his eyes, but he saw the true meaning of life from the thick blood.

…… The next morning, suddenly there was a real Huang rushed into the other house of Zhuge, the face of the soldiers was full of running wind, the lips were cracked, the cloak was shaking, they were full of yellow sand. .

Everyone’s face was not good-looking. Chu Qiao suddenly understood something. She stood up quietly and left the dining room.

After half an hour, Zhuge Yu will leave.

Chu Qiao all the way to him on the ramp outside the North Gate, the sky is a little cold, Chu Qiao wearing a blue cloak, a circle of white mane surrounded by her smooth white face, looks clean and elegant, very beautiful .

When I arrived at Shili Pavilion, the rest of the month and other people retired, leaving only two of them. Zhuge 下 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

“I’m leaving.”

Zhuge Yue turned around and looked at her quietly, his voice said very lightly.

“Oh.” Chu Qiao nodded: “Be careful on the road.”

Zhuge’s brows wrinkled slightly. They always seemed to be like this. After the reunion of the first reunion, it became more alienated and cold. It seems that no one knows how to get along with each other. Very useless scenes.

“Where are you going after I am gone?”

“I? Maybe, let’s go to Sui and Tang.”

“and then?”

“And then?” Chu Qiao’s brows scorned, thinking for a long time, only suddenly smiled: “I don’t know, maybe I will walk around, where things are delicious, where the scenery looks good, stop and live for a while, Who knows.”

A gust of wind blew, and the bell rang, and Chu Qiao and Zhuge 抬 looked up at the same time. I saw that there was still a string of wind chimes on the dilapidated pavilion. It was blown away by the wind all the year round, but it has faded. The sound is still crisp and sweet, and the wind is over, it is a string of bells.

“You, will you go to Yanbei?”

Chu Qiao quietly smiled: “I have lived in that place for many years. The scenery I saw is almost the same. Besides, my body is not good now. I may not be able to stand the cold in the north. Even the great summer is really beautiful. Maybe I dare not go.”

Zhuge nodded and seemed to understand something. His movements were a bit stiff, and some of them couldn’t spit out if they were in the heart.

These days like flowers on the sea, after all, are a dreamy mirage. When time passes, it will be broken. Everything is out of date, and even standing here at this moment is a kind of helplessness. Everything is doomed, like the fine sand in the hand, the harder you want to hold, the faster you lose.

He is going to go outside, his face is still consistently lonely and cold, and he is no longer willing to say more.

“Zhu Gehao!”

The woman’s rushing voice suddenly sounded behind her back. Her hand was so small, cold and cool, and grabbed his clothes corner hard. It was very familiar and stubborn.

“thank you,”

She whispered that there was a hint of guilt in the voice, but it was still coherent.

“I thought that I would never have the chance to tell you in my life. God bless you, you are safe.”

Chu Qiao’s mouth slightly smiled: “Zhu Gewei, I have been awkward in my life, I am doing a lot of things, I have done a lot of things, I have gone a lot, some are wrong, some are wrong, but I never regret it, I can see clearly. Your own heart, no loss to anyone. But only you, I owe you too much, can not be repaid. Now you return safely, I should have been around you, use your life to return your kindness, but now I, It’s not the original me. I have experienced all kinds of things. I have no courage to get involved in it. Yanbei’s battle, the beauty general is dead, and the only one who lost her dream is the ordinary woman who lost her dream. I don’t have the ability to stand by your side. It is.”

The wind chimes are still ringing in the ear, time is solid at this moment, and the fate of the fate is like a mocking face, sneering at the inability of the next world.

Chu Qiao suddenly opened his arms, approaching from behind, his fingers crossed the man’s arms, the white skin slipped through his soft satin, the embroidery of the gold thread rubbed her white wrist, the wind was quiet, her hand was a little bit The close, tightened in front of him, then stepped forward, his cheeks slowly attached to his back.

A drop of tears fell from the corner of his eye and landed on his navy blue shirt, creating a moist pattern.

“Zhu Ge, I am sorry.”

The voice was so low, like a crying child in the north wind.

Suddenly there was a clear snow in the sky. It had melted before it landed, but it fell on their shoulders, but it piled up quietly.

The skin is close to each other and the breath is audible. This is the first time she has actively embraced him. The years flowed from them like water. So many pictures came quietly and disappeared quietly. After they had a joke with them, after many twists and turns, they reached this distance today. The dust of the years covered their faces, and the bloody hurricane had already left, but there were still fatelocks locked on them.

Flying through the pale birds in the sky, the wings swept across the end of the sky, rowed up and rowed, all the way south, flying away, and no longer see the traces of flying.

The hug finally let go, Chu Qiao’s hand, a little pull back, his clothes are very cold, cool her fingers, his back is still straight, as if everything in this world can not beat him, he is still the same Handsome and straight, the back reveals a cold breath, almost freezing the front of the surrounding air.

Suddenly the arms were empty, and Chu Qiao licked his lips and pulled a faint smile.

” Take care.”

With a cry, there was a sudden wind blowing in the distance, the wind chimes swaying, and the hustle and bustle of the Dangdang.

Zhuge 玥 stepped out of Shili Pavilion, the expensive boots stepped on the yellow sedge, the grass clippings were broken, softly squatting on the ground, and the wind blew, and the roots were broken.

He jumped on the horse’s back, and the moon guards raised their whip and screamed at the sound of the horse. The horseshoe flew up and shattered the serenity of the martyrdom. The long cloak rallied, like a battle flag, facing the hustle and challenge. The north, whistling away.

He never looked back. He was still so handsome and proud. His back was straight and straight, sitting on the horse’s back, his youthful embroidered, black hair and ink, and he rushed into the cold wind, gradually drifting away, all the way. After all, it was hidden in the rolling yellow sand, and no longer see the shadow.

The mist in the morning has not yet dissipated. At the end of the road is a white misty, the hay on both sides is rolled up by the wind, spinning on the ground, and I don’t know where to blow.

Chu Qiao suddenly remembered a long time ago, on the Yanbei Plateau, she and the Beauty Army were framed by Cheng Yuan and fell into the encirclement of the Great Summer.

That night, she also watched his back so quietly, watching him disappear into the snowfield little by little, and that time, he did not look back, but he walked slowly, holding the horse, wearing The heavy scorpion, the sky is full of heavy snow, falling on his own eyelashes, the weather is so cold, cold people want to cry.



In a blink of an eye, it has been so many years.

The sun’s worn morning fog gradually rose, and the country’s hawkers and the rushing pedestrians continually passed through, sipping long tones and selling all kinds of lovable little objects.

Gradually, the sun rose to the middle, there was a team of people passing by, there was a car driver who went out to ask the gods to worship the Buddha, a walking dartsman who walked the rivers and lakes, and a white knight who often saw in martial arts novels, saw standing In the pavilion, she even came up to say hello to the love affairs on the rivers and lakes.

But she couldn’t see it all. She just stood there quietly, and she became more and more awkward and colder. The sun rises, the sun sets, and the cold moon is like a silver hook, like the face of a mother’s compassion.

There was only one person left in the world, and her hands and feet were already numb. The sky was getting darker and darker, and nothing could be seen. Only one Wang Qinghui was on the grass, it was pale, what was the return journey and the way forward. , all disappeared.

She took a deep breath, lowered her head, and shook her stiff neck. The hard work was turned into a sigh, but it didn’t come out, just in my heart, swallowing heavily.

The breeze blew through the wilderness, and the grass waves made a loud noise. Her heart was so empty. Many of them passed through their minds. Everything was far away from her. There was only one white land, ten years of life and death, everything. All are fascinating, such as the wind over the fingertips, can not catch, are in vain.

In the midst of it, she suddenly recalled the words of many years and years ago.

“Keen, you so many men, which one to look at?”

Keen is manicuring, and he has a slight eyebrow: “I? I know, let me know which one deserves me?”

“Little poem, what about you? Is this life mixed with your postdoctoral fellow?”

The little poem came up with her own dinner, a gentle smile, very sweet and said: “Yes.”

“You are careful, you are going to school for him, be careful that he will marry you in the future!”

“No,” the little poem hesitated to look at the cat: “What about you? If you like someone you like in the future, what do you do?”

“He dares?” The cat stood on the sofa, screaming at Fang’s anger: “If he dares me, he will marry him, then he will violently scream the fox.”

A keen and disdainful coldness: “Is it by you? Who can you violently?”

“Look at me? I will sell you to the brothel tonight.”

“Okay,” keenly lazy and stretched out: “I am going to go to Amsterdam to take a professional certificate, you have to convince my father.”

“Chu Qiao?” The little poem forked a piece of freshly baked bread and leaned over. With a shoulder on top of her, he smiled and asked: “What if Chu Qiao likes a person?”

She was sorting out the action information for the next mission, and heard a slight glimpse, then smiled: “I don’t know.”

“How come you don’t know?”

The cat grabbed the cake on the small poem, and muttered, “I don’t want to be perfunctory, let’s play with us? Hey!”

“I?” Chu Qiaomo thought for a moment, then gently smiled: “I may, will be good to him.”

“How good?”

The outside was dark, and the young Chu Qiao turned to look at the dark night, squinting for a moment, and whispered a long time later:

“very good.”

very good……

Turned around and pulled the stables.

The horse docilely leaned over and gently brushed Chu Qiao’s cheek, looking at her with distressed worry.

“Ha ha.”

Chu Qiao feels a little itchy, this is a meteor, has been raised by Zhuge for many years, and now returned to her, still the same close.

She reached out and pushed it, and the voice was still hoarse. She whispered, “Meteor, don’t make trouble.”

However, in the detective, the back of the hand accidentally wiped his face, but it was already blown by the wind and covered with tears.

She suddenly became awkward, and she turned to look at the meteor. The horse turned hard to the north and snorted at her, as if she wanted to take her to chase someone.

“Good meteor.”

She touched her head gently, her face pressed against her neck, and the horse was a little old, just like her heart, it was already riddled with scars.

“Let’s go.”

She straightened up, took the horse, and walked silently toward the south.

The moon shines on her body, dragging a long shadow on the pale ground.

The jackdaws that were staying overnight were stunned, fluttering over the ramp, and the girl’s figure gradually drifted away, finally forming a pale shadow.

Perhaps the arrival of any storm will start in an unusually quiet way.

On the seventh day of the first month, the New Year has just left, and the whole city of Zhenhuang is still immersed in a joyful laughter. A heavy snow covered the silver of the city’s decoration. Under the ice, I saw a team of people rushing into the city gate quickly, and the heavily guarded city guards stood guarding the army until the horseshoe disappeared into the long street. At the end.

Zhuge Yu was admitted to the government by the back door. All the people who came to listen to the news were all blocked. The slaves of Qingshanyuan were ready for many days in advance. Zhuge’s face did not change color and stepped into the yard, and threw the big cockroaches behind it. In the hands of the nephew, Shen Sheng said: “What about people?”

“In the inside, I have been waiting for the young master for a long time.”

The door was pushed open, and there was a good sandalwood fragrance. The man in the ink robe stood tall, handsome and with a tough outline. His eyes were like sharp swords, and the power was restrained, but he did not lose grace.

The two eyes met, slightly stunned, Zhuge 玥 has always been indifferent, such as the frosty mouth suddenly overflowed with a touch of smile, step forward, the two shot each other’s shoulders, so hard, then, came a man Hug.

“Is it going on the road?”

Zhuge took off his waist sword and sat in a chair. He took a sip on the man’s teacup and asked.

Zhao Cheyi smiled, many years of experience in the border customs, several ups and downs of ups and downs, has let him give birth to a few points of the extension of the chic, temperament calm, deep-eyed, and then not the original imperial empire.

“Fortunately, it is not suitable for the fat powder of Zhenhuang. Just after picking up the flower garden, I even hit a few sneezes.”

Zhuge Yu smiled and said: “This is what I listen to, change someone else, I want to slap you.”

Zhao Che grabbed his cup and slanted his eyes and looked at him. He said faintly: “At this time, I can still talk and laugh like this. It seems that you really don’t put Yanbei’s means on this heart.”

Zhuge Wei is drinking tea and raising his eyebrows slightly: “Do you think that there is something going on?”

“It is clear.”

Zhao Che sneered: “The first Northern Expedition, Huai Song was secretly supporting the military needs of Yanbei Grain and Grass. With the help of the South Xinjiang Waterway of Sui and Tang Dynasties, the northwest bypassed. The second Northern Expedition, Huai Song repeatedly cooperated with Yanbei in China. Military exercises in the east have attracted our attention. Yanbei and Huai Song have absolutely unknown secret links, but I don’t know who is the one who can say that Princess Nalan’s princess has come forward to cooperate with Yan Bei’s double-spring. ”

“You don’t need to know who it is, as long as you know their true intentions, it’s easy.”

Zhuge Wei said faintly, it seems that he did not want to waste time on this topic. He turned his head and asked: “How is the situation in the northeast, how are you going to prepare?”

Speaking of the situation in the northeast, Zhao Che’s face involuntarily brought a bit of pride. He said: “You don’t have to worry, the Northeast is now a piece of iron in my jurisdiction. The Roland Business Road has been opened. The first generation, Woye Wanli, countless fields, simple people, and folk customs. We have been secretly building for two years. Now Donghu’s vast land is under my command. With your business support, it has begun to flourish. I believe there will be another three or five. The merits of the year, Donghu generation, will not be inferior to my big summer.”

“You secretly transferred the people, did you find it?”

“Thanks to Wei Shuzhen, he has been working for me in the ruling and opposition. In addition, Donghu is too far away, and there is a barrier to Baicangshan. The people there are mixed with each other, and they have never caused the above attention.”

Zhuge nodded and said, “It would be good.”

Zhao Chechang sighed and patted his shoulder. His eyes were quite vicissitudes. He smiled and said: “You can do your best for Donghu. If you have time, you may wish to check it out. You and Arou, I haven’t seen it for a long time.”

Zhuge 玥 言 言 言 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 言 言 言 言 言 言 言 言 言 言 言 言 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也Mildew.”

Zhao Che heard a haha ​​and said: “You are doing evil, you should have this retribution.”

Charcoal fire, the room is warm, the time is like pouring water, two years of time passing by quickly, once had nothing, the two people who have been blinded by the world once again gathered here, could not help but give birth to a feeling of life and dreams.

When Zhao Yu was defeated in the Northern Expedition, Zhao Qi was tragically killed. Zhu Gezhen and Zhao Che were resolutely thrown into the battlefield when the Imperial Army was ruined. The defeated soldiers who had just lost the battle were all rushed to Yanmingguan for the second time. The Northern Expedition counterattacks.

In a year’s time, let them know from each other’s incompetent political enemies that they only know the intrigue, and gradually develop into a courageous alliance comrades, one after another, a bloody battle, watering the strong steel-like between men. Friendship, and finally forged the most solid alliance of interests on Simon’s continent. The two people who have experienced the ups and downs have reached a consensus easily. From the beginning of the temptation, speculation, and preparedness, to the surprise, appreciation, and trust, there have been too many storms and blood, and they have experienced too many lives and deaths.

It was not until Zhuge’s defeated Yuegong, life and death were unknown, and Zhao Che was cut back to the real power, and they temporarily broke contact.



After returning to Zhenhuang, Zhao Che did not immediately cleanse the relationship with Zhuge, but instead hosted his own horse-like search and rescue operation in Yanbei, and tried his best to restore his reputation in the ruling and opposition. However, all of this, after all, angered the Manchu martial arts, in the case of the entire ruling and opposition to hit the water dog, Zhao Che was also affected, was sent to the northeast bitter cold and barren land, guarding the frontier.

The fleeting cold and warm feelings once again let Zhao Che see the dirty face covered by the decaying dynasty in the summer. Both parents and brothers can abandon him and kill him. He is on the road with disappointment, but when he is about to reach his destination, he meets Zhuge, who is chasing after Wanli.

Two aristocrats who also lost everything, in the ice and snow of the north wind, issued a vow to save the country.

In this regard, they went north and west, and actively rushed in the corners where no one noticed. They supported each other and struggled for the blood of the country. However, Zhao Che knows that the reason why Zhu Gezhen has always supported the big summer, has repeatedly helped the big summer to overcome the difficulties in the battles of Yanbei and Daxia, mainly because of his kindness to him.

He is a cold-hearted person, even if he has received a little favor from others, he will remember it in his heart.

“How is the disease of the emperor?”

Zhao Che couldn’t help but pick it up lightly. He said faintly: “I am sick and I want to come and support it soon.”

Zhuge Wei frowned slightly and said: “We still need some time.”

Zhao Che nodded and immediately chuckled: “But it is not certain. Many years ago, there were doctors who said that he was ill, and there was not much time, but after so many years, it was not alive longer than anyone else. It won’t die so easily.”

Zhuge Yue turned his head and frowned and said: “He is your father after all.”

“Forget it, I am afraid that it is only the father and son, the love of the monarch and the minister. If it wasn’t for Wei Shuzheng’s pleading, I might not even have the chance to be sent. I was directly shackled on the Jiuyi stage. Everyone is a heart. It’s really disgusting to know that it’s a worry.

Two years of wind and sand outside the Sai, so that Zhao Che’s body was a little more prominent. He looked at Zhuge Wei quietly: “You, this time, how to deal with this matter?”

Zhuge looked up at him: “What do you say?”

“If you want me to say, you can’t agree directly with the Princess of Huai Song and see how they react. They are not sure that you will refuse to marry, but they are not as good as their wishes.”

Zhuge 玥 frowned slightly, this is indeed the best way to change the law, but his lips slightly smiled, his look was faint, but did not answer.

“The so-called children’s love, heroic shortness, I am afraid that you are like this. Now, you still don’t give up?”

Zhuge evaded and refused to answer, saying: “It is not the only way. If they want to play, I will accompany them to have fun, just to attract attention and create an opportunity for you.”

Zhao Cheshen said: “They are coming to the forefront. Do you have any time to drill?”

“Is there no space?” Zhuge’s mouth was pulled up, and he smiled coldly: “Then make a void.”

Zhao Che nodded, and hung up and stood up, holding the hilt, an ink-colored robes with great pressure and power. His tone slowly said: “The intrigue of the intrigue is meaningless. In the end, it still has to We rely on the sword to speak. The fourth, we are not before, if things can’t be done, don’t have to endure, show strength, no one dares to force you.”

Zhuge Xiao smiled and said: “I seem to be a weak woman who is forced by people. Your kindness is my heart. You should be careful when you go into the city like this.”

Zhao Chedao: “How can I come to see you?”

Someone outside the door knocked on the door carefully, and said on the seventh day of the month: “Young master, the master knows that you are back, and the palace also sent people to invite you into the palace.”

Zhao Che picked up the big cockroach and wore it on his body. The black hood was completely invisible. He said, “I should go, you should be careful.”

“You too, go from the secret road, and take care of everything.”

The two nodded, and Zhao Che opened the door, and accompanied by a few people, he walked into the snow.

“Young Master.”

When I walked in on the seventh month, I saw Zhuge Wei standing in the room, his body was slender, his face was quiet, and he didn’t know what he was thinking for a while.

It feels good to have friends.

Zhuge is so lonely, even with family and brothers, there is no feeling.

Nowadays, Zhao Qing can still take the risk to see him. In this case, he can’t help but move him.

“Young master? Time is not early.”

The seventh reminder.

Zhuge Lang smiled and said, “The car.”

One month at the end of the month: “Where is the young master going?”


“Going up to the DPRK?” asked the seven-year-old month: “Do you need to bathe and change clothes for the young master? Besides, the young master is Sima, the military commander cannot take the car, and should ride a horse.”

Zhuge 玥 玥 , , , , , , , , , , , , 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸Wang, this, I think they are almost forgotten.”

The sun pierced the clouds in the sky, and Zhuge took a big step out of the door. Fang Wei followed the Wujin Dawei on his shoulder. The eighteen doors inside and outside the Zhuge Mansion opened at the same time, and the light sprinkled. Such as Guan Yu, lips are red, the back of the spine straight out of the door of Zhuge home. An official gathered at the door saw him out, and immediately swarmed forward, but was opened by the moon, separated from the one on the side of Zhuge.

Zhuge’s eyes don’t squint, stepping on the top of the Ma Shi stone and boarding the magnificent eight-riding car, quietly said: “Go.”

“Where is the young master going?”

The driver turned and asked.

The square face is sinking, and the sound is calm and returning: “Holy Golden Palace.”

The cold wind blows into the car, and Zhuge’s face is quiet and slowly leans against the soft chair.

He never lacks the ability to confuse water. If this is the case, let the situation become more confusing. No one wants to be alone, and no one wants to watch the fire.

As the night fell, the banquet outside had not been withdrawn, and the feast inside was spread out. Even if the Sui and Tang dynasties are warm, but the cold winter of the first month is still a bit cold, the night wind blows, even if it is covered with a cloak, it feels a trace of coldness coming from the foot, and the cold person’s spine is cold.

There was a light rain at noon, and it was not until the evening that it stopped. It added a bit of chill to the dark night.

However, the Huafu Yunfu people still calmly exposed the chest of frosty snow, the eyes are like silk, the jade arms are vertical and horizontal, and occasionally the bold lady walks up to toast, and if not careful, it will reveal a small piece of smooth and exquisite. Calf.

Li Ce drank a lot of wine, squinting against the soft chair, and the door of the temple of the soft blessings was wide open. In front of it was a splendid chandelier lamp. The musicians carrying the playing music played in the heart of the lake, soft and luxurious. The tunes blew into the hall along the cold wind of the night.

The water-snake-like wavy limbs danced flexibly in front of the eyes. A pair of slender legs danced from time to time, and the honey-colored skin was sweating. A bold dancer danced gently and lay down. In the arms of Li Ce, the eye is slightly picking, with the gold powder flowing down the corner of the eye to depict the swirling moiré, the lips are plump, the neck is slender, and the rounded **** is wrapped under the thin fabric, through the silk Cloth, you can even see the pink inside.

The dancers picked up a glass of mellow grape wine, and the white arms raised high, then the wrists turned over and suddenly poured out. Follow her swan-like neck and slide down all the way into the two snowy hills.

“The emperor, are you drunk?”

Sure enough, it is a rare stunner. The lips are light and the voice is lingering. If the dance is soft and boneless, with a bare shoulder on Li Ce’s chest, he will slide in his slightly open placket, a white tender hand. Down, it stopped at a critical moment, and the eye was picky and looked provocatively at him.

This is the son of the priest who has been sacred in the Jinwu Palace in the past year. Li Ce is very romantic. He rarely loves a woman for January, and the wife of the lonely aristocrat is very popular. In the year, it can be seen that it has its own unique charm.

Li Ce’s drunken eyes looked faintly, a gorgeous blue-violet brocade with a black ink on the neckline, and the collar was slightly open, revealing a crevice, and the body of the man was under the lights of confusion. Apparently a bit tempted, he habitually picked up his eyes, there is a playful scorn in the eyebrows, quiet streamer in the depths of the eye, like a fox thinking.

The young dancers in the temple still danced fiercely. They danced the dance of Donghu, bold and bold, only approved a piece of gauze on the body, **** sewing a few small pieces of leather, breast hip pendulum , sweaty and dripping.

“The emperor, you have not entered the Johor Temple for half a month, so soon, will you forget the slave?”

Mrs. Ziyi gently leaned up, her eyes waved like water, and she stared softly at Li Ce, like a greasy fairy.

Li Ce’s eyes were drunk, and he seemed to be drunk with his hands and feet, but his eyebrows were always awake and stopped.

The woman’s scarlet nails climbed from his lower abdomen, squatting in his brows all the way, exhaling like a blue ear in his ear, said in a long tone: “The emperor is not happy, who is it?”

Li Ze’s mouth was pulled, and she smiled quietly. She grabbed her waist and touched the intoxicating slippery face. She smiled lightly: “You are a little goblin.”

“Will the emperor be so worried tonight, let the children stay alone?”

Li Ce’s look instantly appeared in two shackles, and a figure appeared quietly in his mind. He frowned at his annoyance, and his state of mind could not maintain the usual peace.



Already crazy for half a month, still going crazy?

He turned his head and looked at the charming face of Mrs. Zi’s wife. A filthy sigh rose from the bottom of my heart. It seemed to suppress something. It seemed to be bitter, and it seemed to be a longing. There was no more mood and nostalgia in my heart. It was only evil. The charm of the smile, restored his usual normal, sneer: “When isn’t it a pity?”


A calm voice suddenly sounded outside the hall. Li Ce looked up and saw the iron standing outside the door. He smiled and greeted him, and the escort of a leather armor led the sword to the temple, regardless of the expression of the women around. He snorted in the ground and said: “The emperor, Chu girl is back.”

Li Ceyi, the face is not moving, but the wine in the cup is gently swayed, almost spilling out.

In the distance, there was a singing voice, and the tone was long, like a melodious song. The wind on the lake is cool, with a hint of astringent aroma. Li Ce has a slender figure and a thick ink, standing in a brilliant light and handsome.

“When did this happen?”


“Where is it now?”

“It’s already back to the hustle and bustle.”


Li Ce stood up and walked out. Iron was asked, and he quickly asked: “Where is the emperor going?”


Far away, Li Ce’s voice was scattered in the extravagant night of the golden powder, and the iron was quickly followed by the guards.

Mrs. Ziwei slowly stood up, and a soft gauze was quietly placed in the night wind, but there was no more than just a variety of styles. Her eyes looked faintly at the shadow of Li Ce, and her eyes were cold and unhappy. No sadness.


A maid came over carefully. She took a cloak and put it on her shoulder. She waved her hand quietly: “Scattered.”

The palace people dissipated like water, and among the scent of the Ding Zhilan, only the monks who left the lake were still singing melodiously.

The flowers on the lotus pond have already been defeated. The phoenix tree in front of the door is also a twilight. The moon is just a hook of the bend, caged with glory, and quietly sprinkled on the white stone steps.

The bead curtains touched each other and made a small sound. The autumn spikes of the outer house vigil were awakened. Li Ce made a squeaking gesture. Xiao Yan quickly lowered his head and squatted on the ground, no longer dare to speak.

The weather was cold, the window was closed, but there was still a faint moonlight shining through the white window paper. Chu Qiao is sleeping, the moon white brocade is covered on the body, only revealing a small head, the brow is very clear, and the look is also rare with a trace of serenity, Li Ce leans on the door frame, slightly tilted his head, for a time, Then stand there and it doesn’t move.

Presumably, that person is really her best choice.

There is no such deep burden and responsibility, and there is no such heavy hatred and obsession. You can talk freely and leave.

He stared at her, his eyes were smooth and greasy, and the surroundings were so quiet. The meager light fell on the hair of her horns, with a bright and cool luster. The wind passed through the outside, faintly seeing the shadows outside the window, like a woman’s lingering hand, gently touching the cold palace.

“The girl fell asleep when she came back. It seems to be very tired.”

Qiu Sui whispered to the iron outside, and the sound was fine, but it was still in Li Ce’s ear.

Li Ce stood there, and seemed to understand what it was. The charcoal fire in the corner made a faint heat, and the nightingale that perched on the tree made a scream, and the sound was very sweet.

“No matter what, if you are tired, just rest.”

Then, when the man turned and walked out of the hall, the footsteps of the empty hall echoed his footsteps, so empty.

Hey, hey, hey –

As the night cools, Chu Qiao slowly opens his eyes. In the darkness, her eyes are like dark stones, and the white fingers grab the quilts, so hard.

After a while, the song and dance of the Johor Temple was ringing again, even bigger than the previous one.

The night was as cold as water, she slowly closed her eyes and was really tired.

Three days later, she decided to leave Tang Jing, did not alarm anyone, just took Mei Xiang and greeted Li Ce.

When Li Ce started, she did not say that she would send her. Only when her carriage came out of the gate of Tangjing City, far away from the phoenix forest, one side of the tea was clean and fresh, and Li Ce stood behind him and others, Seeing her coming, a few people laughed and said hello.

The crowd dissipated, Li Ce and Chu Qiao sat in the tea pot and finally started the first conversation after returning.

“Where to?”

“do not know.”

Seeing Li’s skeptical eyes, Chu Qiao suddenly smiled: “Don’t look at me like this, I am not perfunctory, but I really don’t know where to go?”

“Is that still going?”

“I want to go out and have a look.” Chu Qiao took a deep breath and looked at the beautiful scenery around with a smile. The voice said crisply: “You see, the weather is warming up, Simon is so big, I have never If you don’t feel relaxed, this time, you should give yourself a vacation.”

Li Ce was very serious in cooking tea and skillful. He said, “How long do you plan to put?”

“I don’t know, look at the mood. Maybe someday I am poor and stumbled, I will come back to find you to eat, so you have to be an emperor, don’t wait for me to return home.”

Li Ce heard the words, quickly picked up the envelope on the table, took out a silver ticket inside, took a large part of it and took it to his arms. He muttered: “I will come back when I am poor? Can you give me more money, or who knows? When I came back, was it an old lady with no teeth?”

Chu Qiao dumbfounded: “You see your virtue, where is it like an emperor?”

“Who stipulates that the emperor will not be slammed? You don’t know how hard my life is. I want to spend more money. The old man will cry with me all day. I said that the east side of the drought is starving to the west. I can’t wait. Every day, I don’t have a good thing, but I don’t have a good thing. I saved it from my teeth. You don’t know the Thanksgiving pictogram, but still joke me here?”

The sky in Sui and Tang dynasties is extremely sunny, cloudless, and the sun shines on the eyes of Li Ce Fox, which looks even more awkward.

She sighed instead of the Tang dynasty Manchu martial arts: “I met you like an emperor, I don’t know if they have fallen for a few years.”

Li Ce shook his head with a sigh: “Jojo is so worried, you are leaving without a word, He Xiao will be desperate with me.”

When he mentioned He Xiao, Chu Qiao suddenly stopped some. After thinking for a long time, she slowly said: “Li Ce, the soldiers of the Beauty Army, will be entrusted to you.”

“They are all men, what are you entrusting to me?”

Chu Qiao ignored his troubles and continued: “In the past few months, I have been thinking, is it right? I am too naive. I thought I could change this society and build a relatively civilized. The social system. It’s not like the big peers say that the world is the public. I just want the poor to have a meal, not to be a slave, I hope that those in power can make a law for those people in the lower classes, no matter what. People, don’t kill people casually. I know that society does not make rapid progress across the sex, but there are always people who try to guide it to take a small step, as long as a small step, a small step, sooner or later A big step.

When I first started, there was no such great ideal. I just wanted to escape and live my life well. But I met Yan Xun, listened to him talking about Yanbei, my heart gradually came to life, I think, I came to this world, maybe also valuable, perhaps also in my own instinct. However, my wish is still shattered because I am too arrogant. I think that my strength is great, I can change a lot, I can protect a lot of people, but in the end, I discovered that my strength is very small, my My loved ones and friends have left me one by one. I can not only protect them, but also kill many people. ”

Li Ce frowned and wanted to talk, but was stopped by Chu Qiao. She looked at him and said quietly: “Li Ce, I am not a good leader. The soldiers of the Beauty Army have no faith. Their belief is Believe me. But my existence has caused them to fall into danger and war again and again, let them bleed and die, and the system and life that I promised is something I can’t achieve. I just saved them once, I It shouldn’t be so selfish to let them charge with me, and I’m scarred. I think now, if I obeyed Yan Xun and disbanded the Beauty Army, then many of them would not die, they would marry and have children, they would live well. “”

Chu Qiao’s voice was a little sobbing. She licked her lips and her eyes were slightly red, but she smiled and said: “If you are alive, you don’t have to make any big business. Let’s have a wife, have a baby, be happy. It’s a way to get old. It’s a pity that I’m too late to wake up. They’re dead. Anyway, they’ll never be able to survive. I’m full of blood and can’t be cleaned.”

“Jojo?” Li Ze’s eyebrows are tight and he said: “These are not your fault.”

“But I have the responsibility to shirk.”

Chu Qiao whispered: “They believe me, follow me, but I can’t protect them. They die one by one. I can’t even bury their corpse capital. Do you know? Every night, I can listen.” When they cry in the cold wind, they say they want to go home, want to see their elderly parents, they are still so young, some are only fifteen or six years old, they should be spoiled in front of their parents, but they are For me, I died on the ridiculous ice sheet.”

There was no more joke on Li Ce’s face. He looked at her worriedly and his heart hurt.

“Li Ce, help me, take care of them. If you don’t feel relieved, but break them up, give them some leisure work, let them marry and have children on your land, live well. Don’t go to the battlefield again, For the soldiers, there is no victory on the battlefield. The victory belongs to the generals. It belongs to the soldiers. It is only killing and dying.”



Li Ce nodded in a difficult way. He looked at the pale and thin woman, and whispered, “What about you? Do you still hate Yan Xun? Will you come back to him?”

“I don’t hate it.”

Chu Qiao shook his head slightly, smiling very calmly, like the breeze on the edge of the lake in March.

“In fact, you don’t know, he is the one who is the most bitter. I have seen his hatred and pain with his own eyes. I have seen the humiliation he has suffered. Those things are not something that bystanders can understand. There are in his heart. How much hate is that I can’t measure. Now that he has reached this step, even though the way is wrong, it is the fate that forced him to this step. Everyone has the right to choose the path he wants to go, that is his way, I Although I can’t agree with it, I respect his choice. In this world, who can do the right thing, who can say who is completely wrong? We just have our own persistence and bottom line, we can’t go together, but also Does not mean that you must fight against the road.”

“What about Zhuge? Why don’t you be with him, he is so much for you? Don’t you love him?”

“Love? Maybe.”

Chu Qiao chuckled: “In fact, I don’t know what is true love, but love does not necessarily have to be together. Sometimes, letting go is also a kind of love.”

Chu Qiao looked up slightly and the wind blew on her smooth forehead. At that moment, Li Ce seemed to see a magnificent light flashing through her calm eyes, so dazzling and fascinating.

“He is, after all, the elder Sima of Daxia. It is equivalent to the Minister of Defense. How can he be with someone like me?”

She murmured: “I know that as long as I am willing, he will abandon all these glory for me. But Li Ce, if so, is it really good? He suffered all the hardships, and after all the hardships, finally broke those imposed. The shame on his head has got everything today. He is different from me. Even if the country is corrupt and the family is cold, he always has a family and a country. I understand the sense of responsibility, the kind that is above ****. The burden above freedom. If it is just for me now, let him abandon all of this. With me, I feel that he will be happy in the future? No, he is a man, a man should have his own sky. As he matures and grows older, he will understand all this and be grateful for today’s choice.”

“Besides, I am tired too.”

Chu Qiao bowed his head and smiled at Li Ce. “I have worked hard for more than ten years. I have no courage to continue to walk a path that I can’t see clearly. I am also a woman, and I also want to rest.”


Li Ce sighed and said helplessly: “I can’t stop you, are you? You are determined to leave, are you?”


Chu Qiao said very seriously: “Don’t worry about me, I will live very well. This world is not only a royal family and a nobleman who can hold the power. I will be a civilian, have no burden, and have no responsibility to live.” The days will be very easy. I can do whatever I want to do. I can go where I want to go. I have been looking forward to life for many years.”

“Then you will come back? Occasionally come back to see me?”

“Of course.” Chu Qiao laughed and said of course: “You are my most important friend.”

Li Ce smiled bitterly, reached out and licked her hair in a random way, and smiled bitterly: “You guy, I feel sad.”

Chu Qiao stood up and walked to Li Ce. Li Ce also stood up. Chu Qiao hugged him with open arms and said softly: “Li Ce, I am gone, the situation in Simon is getting more and more chaotic, you have to be good. Don’t worry me.”

Li Ce is very blocked, but still said in a tone: “What can I do? I am a great monk in the Tang Dynasty. Who can take me? I am so handsome and handsome. Who dares to temper the bullying? I, you are not aware of the goods all over the world.”

Chu Qiao could not help but smile: “Well, your Fengshen Yulang is handsome, Leonardo sees you will be ashamed to commit suicide.”

“Who is Leonardo? A strange name, a fan?”

Li Ce asked with a frown.

Chu Qiao couldn’t help but laugh: “It’s a fan, a very handsome fan.”

“Compared with the Fans, I am not in a system.”

Chu Qiao ha ha laughed, laughter echoed in the chest, echoing back and forth.

“It’s not early, I am leaving.”

Chu Qiao no longer rides a horse, but rents a carriage with Mei Xiang.

Li Ce smiled and stood under the phoenix tree, a red robes, and it looked as if he had said that the other kind of Fengshen Yulang was handsome.

“Jojo, be careful on the road, you can come back to me if you can’t get married before the age of thirty.”

Chu Qiao got on the carriage and opened the curtain and waved to him: “Become you, I must marry myself before the age of thirty.”

The carriage gradually drifted away, and the blue curtains finally closed, gradually disappearing at the end of a dying Wutong Road.

“The emperor, do you need to send someone to protect the Chu girl?”

Sun Hao was indulging in the side for a long while, and he asked quietly.

“no need.”

Li Ce slowly shook his head and turned to walk in the direction of the city gate.

Everyone has the right to choose the life they want, Jojo, let’s go.

“The Dujiang River campaign lasted 42 days and captured major cities such as Nanjing, Shanghai and Wuhan, as well as Jiangsu and Anhui provinces and most of Zhejiang Province, and Jiangxi, Hubei, Fujian and other provinces, for the subsequent liberation of East China. And created important conditions for marching into southern and southwestern regions.”

The sun at dusk shines in the yard, and the fire on the horizon burns red and red, and the ground is fiery, and even the old banyan tree is crossed with a red light.

It’s already June, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Even if the house is facing the Kaling Lake, it’s still difficult to get a day off.

“Well, let’s talk dry, you guys, you know the entangled lady.”

Mei Xiang came out with a blue-and-white porcelain pot and wore a cool dress. The cuffs were pulled over her arms. While walking, she greeted: “Is the icy sour plum soup, who wants to drink?”

Jingjing heard the words, and suddenly patted her hands and cheered, “Oh! There is sour plum soup!” After that, he rushed to the kitchen to help the spoon.

“Miss, I used the ice in the clams to get through. It’s very refreshing, you can taste it.”

After Tang Jing, Chu Qiao would not let Mei Xiang call her an adult again. She originally wanted sisters to be commensurate, but Mei Xiang did not agree with her life and death, so she had to call the young lady.

The evening sun is very warm, Chu Qiao is not as hot as Mei Xiang and others, compared to the summer of the 21st century, it is considered to be the Spring and Autumn. However, Mei Xiang’s sour plum soup is indeed a good thing, so don’t drink it.

“Sister, is there a plane in that place? Why not fly directly? Should you cross the river by boat?”

A butterfly flew over and circled around the kaffir in the small garden. Chu Qiao sat under the banyan tree, a light blue floral shackle, and a beige skirt underneath, very elegant and casual. She said while drinking soup: “Duoji, explain to Ping An.”

Dorje wrinkled his eyebrows and thought about it, then put down the bowl. It was very old. “I think that the plane should be a rare thing, very precious. Chiang Kai-shek has the support of the Western powers, there is an air force, and Mao Yuanshuai has neither. The support of foreign forces is also a year-round battle. There is no fixed big city to be a base area. It is normal for military equipment to be underdeveloped, so there should be no aircraft or an air force.”

Chu Qiao drank the sour plum soup in the bowl, and a coolness broke into the heart and lungs, it was very cool. She smiled and said: “Duoji said it was right. At that time, the social productivity was not developed. Mao Yuanshuai did not have his own air force, which was also an important reason for the loss of large casualties in the early days of the war.”

Ping An suddenly shook his head and sighed: “Sister, you said China, it is really amazing, just like the mythology. You can fly to the sky, and you can blow up the cannon of a house. If they come to beat us, maybe As long as an artillery unit is dispatched, we can all defeat us. What the big summer iron armies and the Yanbei Black Hawks are all not opponents.”

“Sisters have said that it is a story,” Jingjing said with a small mouth and red mouth, while drinking soup, “Where is there such a terrible thing in the world?”

Chu Qiao did not speak, just smiled quietly, Mei Xiang gave her a bowl, but she couldn’t drink it, just in her hand, the feeling of cool silk spread through the fingertips, very comfortable.

“That’s not necessarily.”

Dorje shook his head, and some doubts said: “Three hundred years ago, we still had no big ships, no land in the sea, no sea battle. But now, our caravans can sail to the far-flung country. Besides ironware, five hundred years ago, our ancestors used bronzes to fight, and the sword was very fragile. At that time, people would think that we can forge a three-foot-long iron sword today? If you don’t say anything, say paper and Buchan, the former people used bamboo carvings to make books and used animal skins to make clothes, but now? So, technology is constantly evolving, maybe hundreds of years, thousands of years, there will be a lady. It’s not known that the plane that can fly to the sky can blow up the cannon of a house.”

Chu Qiao heard a moment of joy, praised and looked at Dorje, and said with a smile: “It’s still a lot of good thinking.”

Doji is like a little adult, but when faced with Chu Qiao, it is a bit embarrassing. He scratched his head and smiled and said, “Miss, there are a few places, I am a bit confused.”

Chu Qiao looked at him with interest: “Let’s talk about it.”

“First of all, I think the principle of the cannon is similar to that of your sister who made a fire bomb in Yanbei that year. It is similar to the firecrackers we bought on the market. I don’t know if there is any relationship between them?”



Chu Qiao was more and more surprised. She nodded and smiled. “Duoji is very heartfelt. It does have something in common. The firecracker is the lowest gunpowder device. The fireball is actually the same, just with the help of the explosion. The power of crushed ice will be even more powerful. If you want to reach the level of the cannon, you need more advanced and sophisticated technology. With the current iron forging technology, it is difficult to achieve.”

Ping An and Jing Jing are plausible listening, obviously do not understand, but also nodded. Dorje did think for a while, then frowned and said: “These weapons that Miss said are not like the story of the compilation, they should be justified, but I still don’t understand how it is back. thing.”

He frowned, a bitter and deep hatred, like a little old man.

Suddenly asked: “Miss, you asked us to go back yesterday, the reasons for the failure and victory of Jiang Yuanshuai and Mao Yuanshuai, I thought about it, I don’t know if it is right?”

Chu Qiao encouraged him: “You said it to me.”

Doji thought for a long time, seemed hesitant and drummed up with great courage, and said: “I think that the main reason for Mao’s victory will depend on the support of the people.”

When the voice just fell, Ping An immediately objected: “Is not right, I think that the Chiang Kai-shek is too stupid, and all the people under his heart are thinking about each other. So many of their own troops have been torn apart. In the end, they all rebelled, or not. Will lose.”

Chu Qiao turned to look at the peace, quietly asked: “Have you ever thought about why Jiang Yuanshuai’s men will betrayed?”

“Because,” Ping An gave a slight glimpse. He wanted to say that Jiang Yuanshuai was too stupid, but he thought it was wrong. He muttered for a long time and said: “Because the strength of Mao Yuanshuai is so great, they are afraid, and they will betray.”

“Why is the strength of Marshal Marshal so big? You know, at the beginning of the war, their numbers and armament ratios are very different.”

Ping An suddenly was speechless, scratching his head for a long time, and he could not give me any reason.

Dorje said at the side of the interface: “I think that Mao Yuanshuai has a few things and is very wise.”

He analyzed very seriously: “This Mao Yuanshuai’s fighting thought is very clever. In the early days of the battle, he gave up the city, entered the village, and implemented land reform to distribute the land to the people. In this way, the people naturally support He, I hope that he can be an emperor, all of whom rush to join the army. His army is getting more and more, and Jiang Yuanshuai is getting less and less. Even if his weapons and equipment are backward, but people are more powerful and time-consuming, naturally In addition, Mao Yuanshuai’s military discipline is strict, he does not commit crimes against the people, and the military unites in unity and unity. In contrast, Jiang’s subordinates are representatives of the big corrupt officials. Potential, people’s turmoil, their army may have a certain advantage in the early days of the war, relying on advanced armaments and the number of troops, but as the war deepens, they will fail sooner or later.”

After Duoji finished, he saw that Chu Qiao did not speak. He suddenly felt worried. He thought that he had made a mistake. He quickly said: “I feel that the confrontation between the two armies is the confrontation between the two kinds of thoughts and the confrontation between the two forces. One is the aristocratic official class, the other is the ordinary people’s class, and the peace with the great peers and Yan Wang.

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly realized that he had made a mistake. Mei Xiang was originally peeling the lotus seeds. He listened quickly and turned his head to hint at him.

However, the safety on the side was not heard, and the interface asked: “So why did Mr. Wu lose?”

Chu Qiao looked at Dorje, slightly awkward, she always knew that the child was smart, but did not expect him to be so smart to the point that she just told a story to him, but he could see through the essence of war. She nodded in surprise and said to Dorje: “Although it is not comprehensive, it is not easy for you to think about this layer on the head.”

She did not care about Yan Xun in Duoji, but seriously explained: “The various tactics and fighting ideologies are also in line with the current situation and productivity. The big peers will not be better than Mao Yuanshuai’s military regime, Datong has no A firm leadership organization, no perfect internal system, unclear political thinking, lack of superb military skills and war strategy. Moreover, Yanbei is different from China, productivity is low, and there is no war that has been completely invaded by aliens. Internal regime And the social system has not completely collapsed, and it is still under the original social system. Moreover, the people’s wisdom is not open, the people do not know what the revolution is, and they do not know how to stand up against the oppression of the head. Naturally, they will not make complete military Supported. Dorje said very well. The war in the story is ostensibly a battle for the two leaders to fight for leadership. In fact, it is a confrontation between two kinds of thoughts. I ask Yanbei, the thought of freedom is not even Can be conveyed to the ears of the people, then how can Datong use the power of the people to fight against Yan Wang? Therefore, the ending of failure is already doomed. . ”

The three men nodded in a row, although Jingjing and Ping An might not understand what she was talking about at all.

Doji thought for a long time and seemed to remember all of Chu Qiao’s words in his heart. After a long time, he suddenly felt a little frustrated, and his face was very blank. “Miss, like you said, that system is simply not suitable for our current society?”


“The ones I think of are all in the mirror.”

Seeing the child’s frustration, Chu Qiaowei smiled and said very gently: “Not all is, the transmission of thoughts is not a one-off event. Everything needs a guide. Today you may not be able to mobilize people all over the world. You can get together to do this, but you can try to influence some people and pass this thought out slowly, just like a fire, a little spread, one day, it will become a puppet.”

When Dorje was slightly stunned, he suddenly said, “Miss, what do you say, can you write a book?”

Chu Qiao smiled and took a picture of the child’s head and said: “The scorpion can teach.”

Dorje happy cheers, he rarely has such childish behavior, very excited to say: “I understand that a thorough war is based on thought, the revolution needs the soil of theory, the society wants to progress, first need to pass The person who thinks.”

Mei Xiang stepped forward to give him a bowl of sour plum soup, frowning and said: “Look at you happy, full of sweat. Don’t be busy with the thoughts, first drink my soup, wait for the heat, in vain I have a lot of hard work.”

Everyone heard the words and laughed out loudly. The face of Duo Jijun’s pretty face was slightly red, and he was very embarrassed to sit down.

The sky was getting late, Chu Qiao returned to the room, a few children clamored for a while, and they all went back to sleep.

It was raining in the night, Chu Qiao was at the window, watching the rain outside, I saw the lights in the Dorje room still lit, could not help but smile.

In a blink of an eye, it has been a year and a half.

After leaving Tang Jing on the same day, I didn’t go far, and I was caught up by these children who lived in the same house. I had to take them with them.

Because there are children around, Chu Qiao gave up his dream of drifting around, but went to the south of Sui and Tang Dynasties and found a small town with a relatively quiet and beautiful scenery. The climate here is mild and the life is quiet, because it is very close to the Mt. Therefore, law and order has always been good, and there are few bandits.

And this place is the hometown of Mr. Silent White of Sui and Tang Dynasties. The ancestral home of Mr. Shen is also here. The academic atmosphere is very strong. Students who are going to take the test often come to see Mr. Shen and take a tour of the landscapes of this small town.

After a long time, this city is called the school city.

After Chu Qiao came with a few people, he bought an inn in Linhu.

In order to hide people’s eyes and ears, after all, a single woman with a slap in the face of three children doing nothing is really eye-catching, and secondly, I really want to find something for myself. If I eat and sleep all day, It is also boring enough.

Although not for the purpose of making money, but because of Chu Qiao’s novel management system and excellent sanitary conditions, coupled with the geographical location, this “student inn” has gradually become famous in the local. Anyone who comes to this place will use this inn as their first choice. During the spring and autumn examinations, the staff is always full and the business is very prosperous.

Time flies, and when I wake up early, Chu Qiao suddenly finds a silver hair on the horn. Mei Xiang whispered because she didn’t eat well and didn’t sleep well. Chu Qiao smiled slightly, turned around, but saw the other side of the hair, and there were a few silver.

This body is unstoppable, and although she is only 21 years old, she has been rushing and fighting for many years. She has been wandering in the snow and ice, and the suffering she suffered when she was young, so that her young body is prematurely dyed. There are many illnesses. Those old wounds of old age, the pain of the bones in the rainy weather, the joints like the knees are filled with snow, always cold, the corners of the eyes begin to have fine crow’s feet, the spirit is getting worse, a little When you are tired, you will be tired and want to sleep.

She turned out to be a medicine jar, as if all the parts of the body had problems, and the typhoid fever would visit her almost every month. Many times lying in bed, suffering from the disease, she even suspects that this body is still not her, she feels like a puppet being broken, it will fall apart.

Fortunately, life has finally calmed down, no longer a bloody war, no cruel death, no more unpredictable game calculations, her heart finally calmed down, like a lake, not shocked.



For more than a year, she rarely went to find out the situation outside. But because it is an inn, people come and go, plus children are interested, she will always hear a variety of news.

For example, the marriage of Zhugejia Sigongzi and Huai Songnalan Princess, it is said that after Zhuge玥 returned to the summer, he readily nodded and promised this marriage. However, when Daxia Qunchen slaps the palm of his hand, Master Zhuge has taken out a wedding sticker, claiming that he has a wife in the Qinghai village, and inherits the ancestral training of the wife who is ruined, and the Princess Nalan is married. You can only do it. If you have a child, you may be able to help your wife.

It’s a stone that stirs up a thousand waves, and the Song Dynasty messenger’s time is like a thunder, and this event, which would have provoked a huge wave in Simon, is also sinking into the water like a stone under the brilliant political hand of Zhuge. Even a blisters didn’t provoke, and it was calm.

Then, the seven emperors Zhao Che returned from the northern Xinjiang with the full support of Zhuge Sima, and brought back more than 500,000 northern Xinjiang fine cavalry, opened up a vast territory of the border, and settled the border rebellion. Mutual support with Zhuge 玥 sings and sings, and leaps and breaks Zhao’s unique political model, and the court resists the Daxia dynasty.

The days in Yanbei are not so good. The Sui and Tang Dynasties closed the waterways in southern Xinjiang. The economic exchanges between Yanbei and Huai-Song were blocked, while Yanbei was temporarily unable to fight with the Sui and Tang Dynasties. After all, Qinghai and Daxia The two sides of the attack have already made Yanbei miserable.

Fortunately, Zhao Wei is now busy with Zhao Che, and his investment in Yan Ming Guan is much worse than in the past. In a year and a half, the larger-scale attack campaign was organized only once, but only under the dragon After two days, the gold was released, obviously a water-filled show.

The situation is different and unpredictable.

Presumably, Zhao Wei also understands that if there is no such threat from Yanbei, Zhuge’s Qinghai army will directly cross the Long Yaoguan and enter the Daxia Emperor. At that time, only his southwestern army could not cooperate with Zhao Che Zhu. The two confronted.

Therefore, to a certain extent, he and Yan Xun became allies.

The world is really incredible.

However, the most literary singer to relish, but it is the luxury marriage of Yanbei Wang Yanxi.

One year ago, on the occasion of the New Year, Yan Xun held a grand wedding in the Fangfang Palace. One of the 18 daughters of the ministers was married at one time. All of them were married in the ancestral hall, and they built up the palace and enriched the harem. The wedding banquet took place on the 18th, and the entire Yanbei people took turns to go to the side to worship, and the grand occasion was unprecedented. It was amazing.

On the second day of the big marriage, the Nada Palace on the sunset mountain was finally completed. Those who had the privilege of visiting the palace in Yanbei would describe the wonders they had seen thousands of times. The literati singers also wrote poems and songs to praise the beautiful palace.

It is said that the Nada Palace on the sunset mountain is built in midair, embedded in the cliffs, with warm water from the bottom to the upper stream, a colorful garden floating in the air, a scented wine river with a fragrant scent. The gold carved silver wall of the sun. It is a miraculous building. Even the Jinwu Palace, which has a thousand years of history in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, cannot be compared.

Everyone in the world knows that this palace was once built by Yan Wang as a beautiful general of his lover. However, since the beauty general and Yan Wang broke down on the fire thunder four years ago, this one has risen from a slave and has repeatedly triggered The legendary woman of the Yanbei Yanwang, the Daxia Army Sima, and the Sui and Tang Dynasties launched the Battle of the Three Kingdoms completely lost the news and withdrew from Simon’s political map.

Some people say that she was married to the Sui and Tang dynasty royal family, and changed her name to be accompanied by the Sui and Tang Dynasties. It is also said that she is the wife of Dasha Sima Zhuge, and she is currently leading the army in Qinghai. Others said that she has returned to Yanbei, and now lives in the palatial Nada Palace.

However, all the rumors are just speculations. No one will know that the legendary woman is now running a small inn in a small town in the southern end of Sui and Tang Dynasties. Every morning and evening, I will go for a walk on the shore of Jialing Lake and spend some time chatting with some old people playing chess.

Life suddenly became simple, and she was reluctant to think about many things. However, sometimes she would remember the story that she had told the teenager in the dilapidated courtyard many years ago.

“The king built an aerial loft for the beloved woman, where there is a fountain from the bottom to the upper, warm water, a colorful garden floating in the air, a scented wine river with a fragrant scent, and a gold-plated silver wall with a sun. The sky garden finally became a world-famous world heritage, symbolizing the love that the king will never change for his lover.”

Half-life drifted past, some people stopped, some passed, some people forgot their own way, some people could not find the way forward, even if there was occasional memory in the memories, how can they save the lost friendship .

It’s a sleepless night when the rain hits the plantain in front of the window.

Chu Qiao only slept when the sky was bright, and when he woke up, he was already in the air. Mei Xiang is now a big manager of the inn, always busy, and Wu Auntie’s son-in-law today is not in the yard.

Pushing open the window, I saw the sky clear, the sky was blue without a cloud, and the two yellow owls stood on the banyan tree in the yard, and the screaming joy.

Chu Qiao wore a white-colored pair of small shirts, and the bottom was a lavender flower-length dress. The hair was loose and pulled, and it looked fresh and elegant. When I opened the door, I saw that Dorje was sitting on the stone table in the yard and writing something. Jingjing was playing with a fan, sleepy, and her eyes could not be opened. Peace is as good as ever, and I don’t know where to go and play.

Dorje is 18 years old this year. His body is slender and handsome. Unlike the Yanbei grassland people, it seems to be like a scholarly student who is very passionate about Jiangnan. At this age, this age is already the age of his wife and children.

Jingjing is also fifteen years old. Xiao Shantou is very clear-minded. He is behind a man’s butt all day, like a small follower.


When I heard the sound, Jingjing suddenly opened her eyes and screamed happily.

“The lady woke up.”

Dorje stood up and quickly picked up the things on the stone table, and some embarrassed to take a step back.

Chu Qiao knew what he was doing, and did not say anything. He just came over and sorted out some messy clothes in front of him. He frowned and said: “It is not a day or two to learn. What time did you sleep last night? So early?”

Dorje was a little embarrassed. The 18-year-old young man looked down like a child, and the black-eyed scorpion born out of sleep was like a giant panda.


Jingjing followed closely with the complaint: “Sit and write every day, don’t accompany me to play.”

“Jingjing Duoji!”

Ping An screamed and rushed into the city, and saw Chu Qiao quickly and cheerfully said: “Sister, today is the Lotus Festival, it can be lively outside, Chun Hetang, the lotus is open all night, don’t you go see it? ?”

Jingjing heard a moment of joy, and the color of the face was full of joy, but turned to look at Dorje, but see how Doji did not care, obviously not very want to go.

Chu Qiao met and chuckled: “Okay, let’s go and join in the fun.”

Dorje listened, and frowned and said: “There must be a lot of people on the street, and the lady is not good.”

“Dorge! It’s rare for my sister to go out and distract, don’t disappoint.”

Jingjing pushed his arm and said with a pout.

Dorje said with no help: “Miss wait a minute, I will change clothes and go with you.”

Jingjing and Ping An’s happy high-five, also like two children who did not grow up.

Four people quickly went out, and Dorje was put on a white-colored student gown, which looked handsome and handsome.

He covered a bamboo umbrella on the top of Chu Qiao, so that the sun would not hurt her. The two people walked together like people in the painting. Jingjing has a small basket filled with herbal tea and pastries, like a small donkey.

She frowned and looked at Dorje and Chu Qiao, and suddenly said loudly: “Sister, I will not comb my eyes anymore.”

A few people are walking, suddenly listening to her saying that this suddenly glimpses.

“I am like a child, I am fifteen, and I should grow up.”

Chu Qiao couldn’t help but smile. He wouldn’t know her mind. He smiled slightly: “Yes, Jingjing grew up and can marry.”

Ping An replied with a sigh of relief, shaved his face with his index finger and said, “No harm.”

The two children suddenly made a noise and ran wildly.

Nowadays, at the time of the festival, the lotus flowers on the spring lotus pond are all open, pink and green, the breeze is everywhere, the fragrance is fragrant, sweet and fragrant, the ten miles of wind and the lotus are hidden under the blue sky, the wind and fog floor, the red Juan shadow, a gorgeous blue wave .

Chu Qiao is in a very good mood today, simply renting a boat, Jingjing Ping is of course happy, and Duoji can’t bear to sweep Chu Qiao’s prosperity. The four people got on the boat, and Dorje stood at the stern and forced the boat to slowly leave the shore, and crossed the lotus leaf to the sky.

The water is swaying, Jingjing sits on the bow of the boat and separates the lotus leaves by hand. The boat passes by, the duckweed floats, the boat passes, the complex is closed again, the water is shallow and shallow, and the sporadic words of several people drift into the breeze. Flying feathers, lightly sweeping the earlobe.

He has a lot of picking lotuses. He doesn’t like to eat lotus seeds. He is as busy as stealing money. After a while, the boat is full of lotus and green.

Chu Qiao’s mood widened, taking a deep breath, only feeling that the lungs in the lungs were spit out with breathing, and the body was lighter.

“Ah! There are fish!”

Jingjing suddenly screamed, and Pingan quickly looked at the camera, only to hear a bang, a red koi leaped out of the water, slipped through a curved arc, splashing a large splash of water on the faces of several people.



Dorje turned back and watched the two laugh and laugh at the bow. Xu Xuan stroked the oars, the slender figure reflected in the lake, the clothes fluttering, the plains and wide sleeves, leisurely posture, is already a dashing son.

Chu Qiao looked at him and smiled softly.

They are all grown up, and only they always think of them as children.

“Duoji, you have been out for almost two years, don’t want to go back to the country to see?”

Dorje heard a slight glimpse, and then some unnatural smiles: “Let’s go some time.”

Chu Qiao nodded, thoughtfully said: “Also, today’s border wars are complicated, walking is indeed inconvenient.”

“Well.” Duoji nodded. “There is no war in the Yanbei area. They have been living in the mountains for decades. They have been safe and disaster-free. I am very relieved. It’s just that the young lady is safe with them. I live here alone. If I am Going away, how can you let it go?”

Chu Qiao suddenly stunned, could not help but smile: “Do you have anything to worry about us?”

Dorje shook his head, not to mention the reason, just muttered: “I don’t worry.”

“Haha, grab it!”

Suddenly, I only listened to Jingjing’s happy laughter. I took off a lotus flower with a flower disk and stood up. I turned and said to Chu Qiao: “Sister, look good?”

Say, you have to run here.

Chu Qiao was shocked and quickly called out: “Cericate carefully!”

However, the voice just fell and the boat suddenly missed.

“Jingjing sits down!”

Peace yelled, the hull was shaking more and more, and Jingjing panicked and screamed. At this time, I saw the hull suddenly fell to the side, Dorje put aside the oars, and rushed toward Chu Qiao, pulling her, but listening to the other side, Jingjing finally fell into the lake.


The white water splashed, and the safety jumped into the lake, and the Jingjing was caught.

“Peace, swim over.”

Dorje reached out and joined the peace with the confession of Jingjing, and the little girl was scared and turned white. He leaned into Chu’s arms and bit his lip for a while.

“so stupid!”

Peaceful martyrdom.

Jingjing listened and cried with a grin.

“Peace, don’t say it.”

Dorje reprimanded him: “The Jingjing is still small.”

Chu Qiao patted the back of Jingjing, and said with a smile: “Stupid girl, isn’t it going to swim? Why are you still crying?”

Jingjing heard the words suddenly, and even forgot to forget, after a while, suddenly embarrassed smile, said: “I forgot.”

The scream of peace can not stand: “Stupid death is stupid!”

Fortunately, the clothes worn in the summer are thin, and it is almost done on a circle on the lake. However, after being so troubled, several people lost their interest and went to the shore and planned to go home.

Who knows that just got off the shore, five or six men in their twenties and full face suddenly came over. After Chu Qiao, one person suddenly ate the ambition of the leopard and reached out to Chu Qiao’s cheek.

Chu Qiao is what he is, how can it be easily made by him, the body flashes sensitively, let the man rush.

“Hey?” The man was wearing a white and white student robes, but his voice was sloppy and frivolous. He smiled at the other people and said, “The little lady is slippery!”

Everyone heard the words and laughed in unison.

Chu Qiao brows slightly wrinkled, and he saw Jing Jing suddenly step forward, said with a anger: “Don’t face! You are looking for death!”

The man didn’t notice the Jingjing before. At this moment, see a younger little girl who came out and was even more happy. He laughed and said: “This is also a good color. Although it is tender, it is enough.”


The peaceful little face turned red and turned to look at her.

Chu Qiao reluctantly sighed and said, “Come on, don’t make trouble.”

Peaceful cheers, and then they did not wait for the opposite person to react, just like a little tiger rushed up.

Just listening to the “咔嚓” sound, the pain hit, the young man suddenly like a sandbag, the chest was hit hard, the whole person flew out.

Jingjing saw his brother move his hand, throwing away the small basket in his hand and rushing forward. A few men followed more than a dozen guards, and when the master was bullied, he rushed forward. The Jingjing turned around and swept two people. The hands were misplaced, one man’s arms were tied, fastened, and then turned to a shoulder-slung, the moment the arm dislocated, the pig-like screams sounded.

He kicked peacefully on the waist of a man, walked up the mountain and jumped up, and locked his man’s chin with his feet. He snorted and saw the whole person flying up and fell to the ground like a dead dog. .

More and more people, after all, Jingjing is the first time to really start with people, and gradually become somewhat stretched, but fortunately, he is safe and healthy, and he is invincible and even kicks. After a while, it has already fallen five or six people, all of which lost their fighting power.

At this moment, some people noticed that Chu Qiao and Duo Ji, who stood on the sidelines, were sneaking in the sneaky and cheap way. However, before they got close, I saw a shadow disappearing suddenly in front of my eyes!

Shot! Buckle! Take the wrist!

Dorje was ragged and stood still, even if the standing position did not change, and the sound of the wrong bones suddenly sounded. The wrists were pushed and pushed, and the strong man suddenly slammed on the ground, his hands bent and twisted, and the heartbreaking screams shouted.


A squeaky sound, Jingjing a standard vacant side kick, a man who is attacking peace was kicked, and suddenly squatted on the ground, can no longer climb.

With the fall of the last person, only a small street, a dozen people fell to the ground, no one can climb up intact.

Jingjing proudly clap his hands and shouted: “Live it! Give you a long-term lesson, and see if you dare not do bad things in the future.”

The onlookers immediately greeted the cheers, and the peace was very good. However, in the blink of an eye, Chu Qiao had already turned away with Dorje, and he quickly caught up with Jingjing.

People looked at the faces of several people, leaving amazement.

Under the lake willow tree, a 26-year-old young son in a white gown, quietly looking at the direction of several people leaving, far-sighted, has not left for a long time.

After returning home, I saw Mei Xiang standing at the door, watching the anxiously, and saw a few of them, and quickly ran up and ran up, and it was a series of long beggars.

Doji danced to tell her about the achievements of several people today, scared Mei Xiang Qiao face white for a while, and screaming at peace and Jingjing is a curse.

Dinner four dishes and one soup, there are a lot of people, sitting around together. Wu Mama is not there, Mei Xiang is rare to cook, Chu Qiao was forced to eat a bowl of rice before doing the number.

In the evening, a few people sat under the tree to cool down, Chu Qiao was a little tired today, and there was no one to listen to, and did not stand.

Mei Xiang said while embroidering: “There is a miracle today. The flower mother-in-law of Dongjie ran to me to talk about the media, saying that it was necessary to protect the media of Mr. Song’s only son for the private city of Nancheng. I gave it a pass.”

Jingjing heard a sudden smile: “Haha, I want to eat swan meat, what is their family, and dare to call my sister’s idea.”

Mei Xiang looked up at her strangely and said, “When did I say that they came to ask Miss?”

“Ah? Did they see Mei sister?”

Mei Xiang reached out and took a look at the head of Jingjing, saying: “Little fool, people are watching you, to give you a match.”

The voice just fell, Jingjing’s face suddenly red, and quickly shouted: “Bastard bastard! Look at the next time I met Song Laotou’s son, do not interrupt his legs!”

“It’s good for people to be able to see you, and still be there.”

Ping An is eating an apple, and he muttered.

Mei Xiang shook his head: “In fact, Mr. Song’s son is also good, but also a well-known person. On weekdays, he is very gentle. He heard that he will take the exam this fall. But I don’t think it is good. Now, when Jingjing is next year, it’s time to do something good.”

When the words came out, everyone suddenly saw a moment, and the face of Jingjing was redder at this time. It was just a low head, but there was no refutation as before.

Dorjee frowned slightly, and some uncomfortable said: “Mr. Mei, who said that I want to get married with Jingjing?”

Mei Xiang’s eyebrows sighed and said, “Is this still used? Who doesn’t know?”

Dorje stood up and said, “I don’t know.”

After that, I turned back and went back to the room.

A few people are all embarrassed and do not know what to say, even the peace is silly and open mouth.

The Jingjing eyelids became red, and suddenly stood up and ran into his room.

“I, what am I saying wrong?”

Mei Xiang was stunned and quickly stood up and went to Jingjing’s room.

“Sister, what’s the matter?”

Chu Qiao opened his eyes and looked at the empty yard faintly, and did not speak.

The night wind is warm, the sound of the sound is loud, and the people who call it are so upset.

In the evening, suddenly someone gently knocked Chu Qiao’s door, Chu Qiao did not sleep, put on clothes to open the door, but it was a tearful Jingjing standing at the door.

When I saw Chu Qiao, the little girl suddenly cried and threw herself into Chu Qiao’s arms, so she was not sad.

Chu Qiao took her into the room, so that a comfort, Jingjing has been crying and not talking. After about an hour or so, I finally stopped and took a ride.

“Okay, don’t cry, Dorje is just a joke.”

Jingjing stood up and shook his tears and said: “Not a joke.”

Chu Qiao naturally understood, but she could not bear to hurt her heart, still comforting her: “Don’t think too much.”

“I actually know.”

Jingjing said with a low head: “Duoji doesn’t like me, and Dorje likes her sister.”

Chu Qiao heard a moment, and frowned: “What are you talking about?”



“I didn’t talk nonsense.” Jingjing raised her head, and the small face of the big face looked very pitiful. She said stubbornly: “I saw Doji secretly painting his sister’s portrait and hiding it under the pillow.”

Chu Qiao’s brows wrinkled deeper and deeper, and he did not speak for a long time.

“But I also know that my sister doesn’t like Dorje, and the one that my sister likes is the one who sent her sister Yupei.”

After the little girl said that she had wiped a tear away, she walked out of the door. The moon outside the window was big and round, and she came in through the window, a white piece.

A white snow jade is quietly placed next to the pillow, brilliance, warm and jade.

One night without sleep, on the second day, someone knocked on the door of the small courtyard. The Tsing Yi book boy stood at the door with respect and courtesy. He said very politely: “Is there anyone at home? My family has something to ask for.”

The tent was picked up, and in addition to the dazzling sunlight and the aroma of roast bacon, Jingjing frowned and turned his eyes, and suddenly opened his eyes, apparently not fully awake. In the morning breeze with a hint of refreshing sweetness, suddenly dispelled the strong smell of the tent.

Chu Qiao did not look up, holding his forehead with one hand, and a black agate piece between the index finger and the middle finger of the other hand, constantly tapping on the white jade board, making a crisp sound, frequent and monotonous, and there was some boring annoyance. However, she did not feel it, the latitude and longitude of the board was full and vertical, and she was hesitant. She could not rest for a long time.

“Miss, everyone is ready.”

Dorje stood at the door and said quietly.

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows slightly turned into a Sichuan word, and Dorje’s voice quietly echoed in the air, but she did not respond. Just when Doki thought she hadn’t heard it again, she suddenly shook the game and turned her head and said, “To tell everyone, starting today, we have to be on the road, ready for the day and night. Let’s go.”

Chu Qiao and others left the school town yesterday. Now they are on their way to Tang Jing.

Half a month ago, the only son of Sui and Tang Dynasties, who was silent and white, suddenly went to visit and pointed out that he would see Chu.

Chu Lin is the name of Dongji of Dorje, which he took himself. His surname is Chu Qiao’s surname, and he is called back to the mountain.

It’s not a big deal to see Duoji in the sinking. After all, Dorje’s name in the school year has been far-reaching in the school year. However, what happened later made Chu Qiao vigilant.

According to Dorje, when Shen Yu saw the way he had been writing recently, he paid great attention to it, even wrote a letter to his father overnight, and the silence that was in Meishan was returned to the school city on the third day. Dorje was strong in the government for three days. In his tone, there was a faint intention to recruit him.

Originally, this is nothing. An old man who loves talents likes a talented younger person who wants to carry it one or two is not a surprise. However, just half a month later, Silent White introduced one person to Doji, and Chu Qiao finally realized the crisis.

Young, gentle, and mysterious, even scholars such as Silent White are respectful and courteous, and with Doji’s description of her appearance, she has to vaguely think of a person who has only seen one side. Recalling some of the recent news, Chu Qiao felt more and more nervous about the rain. After three days, she decided to go north. It is necessary to see Li Ce, in order to resolve the worry.

On the second day, the team came to the ridge, and the high-lying stream along the way, the grass and trees flourished, the Qingsong scorpion, if it was not the mood discomfort, it would be a good trip.

However, a heavy rain on the third day of the evening blocked the journey of Chu Qiao and others.

The mountain road was difficult, the muddy sag, the fourth day of the afternoon, I finally walked to the Qingheng River, but found that after the heavy rain, the water broke the only bridge. One seems to be crossing the river team is repairing, but the number is only three More than a dozen people, the progress is slow.

There are only two roads in front of us, or we can turn around and take the road to Huaisong, so at least we have to delay more than ten days. Or, just wait for the bridge to be repaired before crossing the river.

Chu Qiao added ten silver coins to each of the hired mafu guards. These honest Pakistani people joined the team building the bridge in front of them.

After a while, Dorje went to the carriage and said: “Miss, the other party sent someone to thank us.”

Chu Qiao saw that the other party did not personally come to talk, but also happy to idle, faintly nodded: “When you go back, you say that everyone goes along the road, have to cross the river, do not thank.”

The sky soon darkened, the thunder of the sky was rumble, the weather was extremely hot, and Chu Qiao slightly picked up the curtains of the window, only to see the clouds in the west, I am afraid that it will be a heavy rain.

Mei Xiang took a few people to cook the meat porridge. Chu Qiao saw that the team on the side of the ferry was quiet. All the people were repairing the bridge. Only a simple Qingbu carriage stopped quietly in a pine. under. Under the red light of the evening, the carriage seems to be dyed with a layer of red, the breeze is over, the curtain roll is slightly turned, and a white thorny gold boots reveal a splendid, quiet and indifferent, awesome.

Mei Xiang called her own guard and greeted everyone to eat porridge. When Chu Qiao met, she told her to send the extra porridge to the people opposite. When I didn’t want Mei Xiang to come back, I held a large bag of oil paper bags in my hand. After opening, it was all good pastry shortbread, and there were two large pieces of dried beef.

“It’s really a person who knows how to report.”

Mei Xiang smiled and picked up a piece of cake, and sniffed it into the nose and said: “It seems to be the layer of crispy white fish.” Miss, you smell it, and it is not like the goods in our store from Baishui?”

Chu Qiao frowned and looked at it for a while, quietly said: “Not the same, we bought a mid-range pastry, not so crisp. Such a pastry can not afford to travel long distances, can not do Business, I think the other party is just buying it on the road.”

Mei Xiang listened to a slight sigh. Although she had been worried about her food and clothing for a long time, she was bitterly born. She murmured: “It’s really rich and rich, so expensive snacks are given.”

Jingjing had a small illness in these days, and she always fell asleep. This smelled the fragrance and opened her eyes. She didn’t see what it was. She called Mei Xiang: “Mei sister, I want to eat.”

“The heart of the defense is indispensable. The people of this group are unknown. Be careful. Mei Xiang, throw these things in a place and throw them away. Don’t eat.”

Mei Xiang gave a slight glimpse, but immediately nodded: “The lady said.”

After a long while, the wind blew for a long time, but it disappeared at night. When the sky was completely dark, the wooden bridge was finally built.

The group seems to be in a hurry, and when they come over and say hello to Dorje, they will leave first.

Chu Qiao is not willing to delay the time. After the group crossed the river, they also crossed the river.

However, when I arrived at the ferry, I saw that the porcelain pot that Mei Xiang sent to the meat porridge was placed in one of the weeds. The meat porridge was intact, but it was not moving. A few wild babies squatted on the side of the basin and were screaming.

Chu Qiao put down the curtain of the window, quietly leaning on the cushion, his eyebrows slowly wrinkled.

At midnight, I finally figured out that the mountainous area came to a flat grassland. The guide said that this place is a long time. From here, it is the Xizhao Mountain. Over the mountain, the front is the first city in the southwest. It is transited by Qiufeng City, Tangjing is to the east, Baishuiguan is to the north, and Baishuiguan has passed, which is the land of Daxia.

In the past few days, I have been trekking in the wilderness of the mountains. At this moment, I saw the plains, and everyone’s hearts suddenly opened up.

It has always been the case on the plains. Looking at a tree from afar, it doesn’t look far, but I have to go, but I have to run for a whole day.

After two days on the raft, I finally got to the so-called Xizhao Mountain.

The name of this mountain is very beautiful and the scenery is excellent. I saw a few peaks standing in the opposite direction. The pines and cypresses were green and the flowers were interspersed. A white waterfall poured down from the top of the mountain, forming a white practice and the water mist rising like a fairyland.

Because it is adjacent to the autumn wind city, the mountain road here is extremely open, and the two carriages are still not crowded.

The setting sun is shining, the setting sun is red, and a beautiful color is sprinkled. The pine and cypress rain forest is a blush, the flowers are brocade, the birds and flowers are fragrant, and the perfect scenery is beautiful, and it really does not mean the eve of the sun.

In the evening, Chu Qiao ordered a camp in a valley. The people listened to the collective cheers, and the roads that have been sleeping for a few days have really made everyone look tired.

However, he has not fallen asleep, but the roar of the wolf has come and gone. The voice is fierce and the person who is called is creepy.

The scared face of Jingjing was pale, shrunk in the tent, and closed her eyes in the arms of Mei Xiang, but she could not sleep.

Chu Qiao also has some concerns. The southwestern generation of hungry wolves have long heard of them. Nowadays, they are rare, and most of them are ordinary guards and coaches hired. There are women and children in the ranks. Once they encounter wolves, the consequences are unimaginable. She called Doge and Ping An, and told me a few words, telling everyone to be prepared, this will put a little snack.

However, in the latter half of the night, the wolf sounded even more vigorous, and there were men’s voices in the room.

Chu Qiao went out of the door, put on a windbreaker, and told him to take a few people to guard the camp. With Doji and more than a dozen guards, he went to the source of the sound.

However, it was a turn, and a stinky bloody smell came. Everyone took a careful look and saw a low-lying valley. About a hundred wolves were attacking a team of people. The number of the group was not enough, but they were strong, and they were arrogant and arrogant. At first glance, it is not a good match. The wolves are fierce, and the white teeth are stunned, and they are not afraid of each other.

Blood splatter, stench, screams and screams, and the back is cold.


Doji frowned, and said in a deep voice: “There are many wolves, and if this group is not strong, we are also difficult to support.”



Chu Qiao nodded and said: “Everyone is ready.”

A group of guards and chauffeurs are also the people of the rivers and lakes who walked all the year round. Although they did not belong to the regular army, they were extremely courageous. Pulling on the bow and arrow and setting the posture, Duoji looks cold and screams: “Put!”

A row of rockets burning with pine oil spurted out, and at the time, the wolves were attacked, and more than a dozen wolves suddenly screamed to the ground.

The wolves were furious and turned their heads to rush to them. It was like a flash of lightning, and it was amazingly amazing. Several ups and downs had already arrived.

Duoji’s hand was quick, and he lifted a bucket of tung oil. The slamming sound was in front, the torch was thrown, and a fire wall suddenly ignited in front of the mountain. The fire tongue was as high as three feet. A few hungry wolves couldn’t stop rushing, and they slammed into the fire and suddenly made a harsh scream.

The wolves were timid and the chaos was in chaos. The group of people saw some help, and the momentum was even stronger. The heads of the people rushed up and slashed, and chased after victory.

The group of hungry wolves were fierce, so they fought for more than an hour, and they retired. There were a few rumors of protests before leaving, and there was a hint of revenge.

The wolves are everywhere, and they stink.

The next person in the valley shouted: “Which friend is helping me, my master thank you for your deeds!”

Dorje heard a slight glimpse, the probe looked, but because the trees were blocked, the night was dark and the ink could not be seen clearly, just shouted: “But is Cao Big Brother? We met at the Qingheng River.”

The other party was silent for a moment and suddenly laughed: “It turned out to be Ji Xiaoge. I am inconvenienced now. I will definitely come back to thank you for your good brother.”

Duoji said busyly: “Cao Da Ge does not have to be polite, but I don’t know if I am injured? Is there a gold sore medicine?”

“Small injuries, not enough to hang on, the little brother is bothered.”

Chu Qiao heard a tone of caution from the other party’s tone, gently pulled Ladoji’s sleeves and gestured to his camp.

Dorje was willing to pay attention and said: “The younger brother left first, and Cao Dabao took care.”

When I returned to the camp, Ping An was anxious to jump up and down. I saw Chu Qiao ran up and asked: “Sister, can you be injured?”

“Nothing.” Chu Qiao shook his head and said to Duoji and others: “Let’s sleep more tonight, the torch is burning all night, ready for the rocket and sulphur tung oil. The wolves will report, be careful to seek revenge. ”

The crowd nodded and Chu Qiao returned to the tent and saw Jingjing had fallen asleep.

Mei Xiang took off her cloak and said softly: “Let Doji go, why should Miss go in person?”

Chu Qiao shook his head, his eyebrows locked, and whispered: “I have been restless for a few days, and I don’t know if there will be any accident.”

“Miss is worried about the Emperor of the Tang Emperor, you can rest assured that the Tang Emperor is so smart, where will make the younger generation easily succeed.”

Chu Qiao softly sighed, holding a cup of ginseng tea handed over by Mei Xiang, hot, but how can not warm her cold hands.

“I hope so.”

Somehow, she suddenly remembered the team of people just under the valley, a heart somehow had some concerns. Involuntarily said: “Mei Xiang, the last time I bought the golden sore medicine from Xinglintang?”

Mei Xiang suddenly stunned and asked anxiously: “Who is injured? Miss you injured?”

“No,” Chu Qiao shook his head and said: “No one is hurt.”

She was a little annoyed on the felt, Mei Xiangxin looked up and down her, seemingly suspecting she was cheating on herself.

What’s going on here?

Chu Qiao frowned slightly.

Early the next morning, Chu Qiao and others had just gone far, and they saw a group of people in front of them quietly parked there, apparently the group of people last night.

A middle-aged man in his thirties came over and said a few words with Dorje. When he was polite, he went to Chu Qiao’s carriage and said, “My family’s thank you, Miss’s help, this should not be It’s rude and abrupt, but it’s necessary to be remembered in the heart. It’s a bold name to ask the lady, and please ask the lady for forgiveness.”

Chu Qiao frowned slightly, and said with a deep voice: “The road is not flat, it should be helpful, you don’t have to be polite.”

The man heard a little glimpse and said again: “I don’t know the lady’s name.”

“You guys are so strange, your host only sent you to come. Obviously, I don’t want to be self-identified. Why do you want to ask me about my origins? It’s normal for everyone to meet each other and be wary of each other. Since they don’t trust each other and have something to do. In the body, why not hurry up, do not feel bored here?”

The man suddenly stunned, did not expect to be robbed by Chu Qiao, after the retreat.

After a while, the team ahead will leave.

Jingjing swearing tongue: “Sister is really amazing!”

Chu Qiao sighed and leaned on the cushion.

What awesome, just not willing to waste time with them, the more anxious the more worried, and the opposite group also gave her a sense of depression, she clearly felt that the other party is not ordinary people At this moment, it is better to have more than one thing, or be careful.

However, after less than half a day, another sudden incident stopped their footsteps. At this time, even if they were dull, such as peace, they were aware of a slight flaw.

On a slightly narrow mountain road, several large trees and a pile of silt stone traversed the road, and there were more than half a person, which blocked the road. Everything is obvious. It is probably the landslide and mudslide caused by the heavy rain a few days ago. However, after many coincidences, no one wants to believe this simple reason.

The team stood in front of the horse, watching the late Chuo and others, and did not hide the hostility of the eyes.

And Dorje and Ping An also frowned, and the hand naturally fell on one side, but the fingertips slowly rubbed the handle of the hilt.

The sky is blue and white, the birds are singing, and the sun is warmly shining underneath. In such a fine weather, the atmosphere is very different, and the sword is arrogant. No one is going to clean up the rock and mud on the road. Instead, it looks at the eyes and looks at it for a long time. step.

“It’s a coincidence.”

The man surnamed Cao sneered and said slowly.

A healthy eyebrow pick, but was dragged by Dorje. The young man’s eyebrows are slightly stunned and faintly smiled: “It’s very clever, and I’ve been in trouble with Cao’s brother for several days. Even my unbelievers have to say that God’s will is unpredictable.”

“In my opinion, it is not God’s will, I am afraid that some people will devil.”

Ping An suddenly angered: “Who are you talking about?”

Cao’s brother sighed coldly: “Who are you? Draw the way!”

“I don’t think you are like a good person!”

He screamed with a sigh of relief, and he slammed his knife out. The cold light flashed. He stepped forward and he had to start.

When the other party saw it, he suddenly got a knife. At this moment, I saw a silver light suddenly lit up, and a slamming sound hit the safe hilt. The sword was smashed, and a slamming sound fell to the ground. A clear female voice said faintly: “Peace, not reckless.”

It is like a pool of cold water suddenly poured into the boiling hot water, and the atmosphere calms down.

The whole scene was quiet, and even the breathing of the people was almost clear and audible.

Breeze, sweeping through the eyebrows of the people, the pines swaying in the distance, the blue waves and the waves, the birds circling in the air, screaming.


A subtle voice suddenly came. It seemed to be the rustling of the boots on the stones. The wind blew the curtains of the blue cloth. The man named Cao and others suddenly surprised and said: “Master?”

The man did not say a word and walked straight toward Chu’s carriage.

Doji’s eyebrows picked it up and suddenly said: “Stop!”

The man did not care, Dorje hand held the hilt, the eyebrows erected, and suddenly the sword was drawn.

However, the sword was only halfway through, and only a blunt sound suddenly sounded. The man’s skill was very different. In a blink of an eye, the sword of Dorje was removed and thrown on the ground.

Dorje’s face was red, and when he roared, he rushed forward. The man was not afraid. He walked quickly to the Chu Qiaoma, and reached for her curtain.

“Call”, the fresh wind suddenly blew in, the noon sun shimmering glare, Chu Qiao holding a small arrow, the arrow facing the door, but at the moment the sun penetrated the pupil.

Dorje rushed forward from the back, and the five fingers became claws, and they grabbed the man’s neck. With him more than three years to master Chu Qiao’s skills, this moment, can definitely make the enemy die.

However, the man did not evade, wearing a moon-white moiré gown, a sword eyebrow star, a clear and handsome, standing in the same place, his eyes staring at her lightly, for a time, it was difficult to distinguish the mood, if Deep pool, cold lake is quiet.


The arrow was off the string, passing through the man’s ear, and rubbing the arm of the Dorje shot, as fast as the peak, with a fierce murderous, instantly frozen everyone’s movements.

“Duoji, retreat.”

Chu Qiao said quietly, there is no anger, but there is a deterrent that cannot be doubted.

Doji’s eyebrows were picked and called: “Miss?”

Chu Qiao’s eyes were slightly picky, and he didn’t talk. He just turned his head and looked at him faintly.

When Dodgeton was stunned, he slowly retreated, but his eyes were still obsessed with the man in front of the carriage.

The smoke is so drunk, the weather is good, and people are flustered. A row of brightly colored oriole falls on the branches not far away, screaming out the sound of twirling. The trees stretched, like the newly-painted Emei, and the jungle on the side was lush, with beautiful flowers in the middle, beautiful and beautiful, as in the painting.

When the wind passes, the man’s clothes are gently blown up. There is no incense of the young and noble sons of ordinary wealthy people. It is a light and unique Zhilan gas. The temperament is clear and handsome, and if you hold a clear snow.


Jingjing, who was sitting behind Chuo, suddenly reached out and pointed at the man’s waist and shouted: “His jade is the same as his sister!”

The white and bright, round and transparent, the man was set up by the wind, one side of the jade hanging in his waist, flashing faint brilliance.

Chu Qiao’s look gradually eased. When everyone was quiet and silent, she suddenly reached out and put on the man’s shoulder. She jumped out of the carriage and gave a gentle smile to Ping Duoji and others: “Don’ Kneeling, hurry up the road ahead.”



“Ah?” Ping An widened his eyes, looked at Chu Qiao, and looked at the man. Finally, he asked sillyly: “Sister, do you know?”


Chu Qiao looked nodded easily, and it seems that there is still a hint of joy.

Ping An would like to ask who this person is, who knows what the words have not yet opened, and sees the man’s eyes drifting away, not how strict, but it is like the cold indifference, it seems very unwilling to hear this silly stupid The young man in the brain is chattering.

When Cao and his brother met, they suddenly lowered their heads and stepped down. When they took out the tools, they began to clear the passage.

Chu Qiao turned to the man and said: “You come with me.”

After that, go back.


Dorje quickly rushed forward and stopped in front of Chu Qiao. He said, “What are you doing?”

Chu Qiao said: “Duoji, don’t worry, this is my friend.”

Doji looked at the man with doubts, but saw that the person slightly frowned, and faintly swept him, his eyes as if the mirror lake was frozen, and the indifference was abnormal.

It is by no means a general indifference and coldness, but a high in the bones that can be practiced in the past and can be practiced in the upper ranks. Dojid felt like a basin of cold water pouring from the top of his head, the back could not help but a cold, Chu, and the man has gone far.

The sky was very good on this day. It was as clear as a lake and clear water. When the sun was shining, the two of them went on and on, and after a short while, they walked into a secluded hill, where a waterfall fell from the foothills. Falling into the cold pool, splashing a large splash of water, the granules are clarified, reflecting the bright daylight, colorful and dazzling.

Chu Qiao looked back and looked at the man in front of him. He hadn’t seen it for more than a year. He didn’t seem to change it. It’s still like this. She wants to say something, a thousand words condense on her lips, but she doesn’t know how to What to say, after all, it turns into a little smile, overflowing the lips, and I don’t know whether I am laughing at myself or laughing at others.

“What are you laughing at?”

Zhuge Yu is still the same look, her eyebrows are slightly picked up, it seems very impatient and she is standing here.

“Nothing.” Chu Qiao shook his head, still laughing and said: “It seems that every time I see you is very strange.”

Zhuge Yu turned his head and looked away, still familiar with the twist.

“What are you doing here?”

Zhuge gave her an incomparably accurate but ambiguous answer: “Do things.”

“Oh.” Chu Qiao nodded and said: “Is going back now?”


Then the two stood in the same place and no one spoke.

In a blink of an eye, it’s almost two years. In the past two years, he has been calling for the rain in the hall, and he has become one of the most powerful people on the mainland. Chu Qiao in a remote place, occasionally hearing his news, there will be a strange feeling of guilt. Sometimes she even suspects that the person she knows, and the men who are rumored to be ruthless and determined to be bold and courageous?

She also heard some rumors from Qinghai.

It is rumored that although it is nominally affiliated with the Great Summer, it implements the self-selected bureaucrats, not elected from the clan, but is selected through scientific research, even for civilians. It is rumored that a new law has been enacted to encourage farming to build water conservancy and protect industry and commerce. The courageous businessmen in the Mainland have already traveled to Qinghai to do business. Rumor has it that abolished slavery, clan rich families can buy slaves, but as long as the slaves are willing to pay for the redemption, they can be separated from slavery. And even if it is a slave, you can’t kill it at will, or you will be severely punished by the law. It is rumored that there is no such thing as the desolate fall of the legend, but the vast territory, and the vastness of the population, the population is flourishing. Nowadays, there are many rich and prosperous towns…

There are also rumors that Qinghai Wang is now notoriously popular, known as the thief Sima. In the morning hall, they robbed money and rushed grain, and vyed for various materials in various names, and they were continuously transported to Qinghai. Every month in Qinghai, it is necessary to report the catastrophic floods and floods. The people there are not covered in food, and they are strongly urged to pay for the court to save the refugees.

However, those materials will flow into the market as soon as they come out, in exchange for a large amount of real money and silver, and then blatantly transported to Qinghai headquarters. Nowadays, most of Yanbei’s strength has been hampered by Qinghai. Daxia simply did not dare to turn his face with him, so he had to let him do anything.

It is rumored that this man was called a monarch by the people of Qinghai, and was called a robber by the people of Simon. He was called a vampire by the officials of Daxia. Even his good friend and good ally, Zhao Cheqi, was imperiously persuaded: Just fine, you have to eat meat, you have to let them have a soup.

It is rumored that the people of Simon even hate him, but now they are quietly preparing to move. Every day, Cuiweiguan is full of people, full of people who want to sneak into the home.

The elders of the great summer will anger him for intent to indulge the Cuiwei Guanshou army to slacken and deportation, and put the people in the mainland of Inner Mongolia into Qinghai.

He is very innocent, and Yanbei is too powerful. We don’t have any extra strength. If we want to effectively limit these incidents, we urgently need the Ministry of Housing to immediately allocate 100,000 gold to Qinghai to expand the Qinghai Navy…

There are so many rumors, but Chu Qiao saw him at the moment, and the rumors suddenly disappeared from his mind like a cloud of smoke.

He is still him, not the Qinghai King Sima, not the brilliant Qinghaijun, not the shameless summer vampire, he is still the man who is indifferent and aloof, but also slightly awkward and wayward, is that and She has died many times and died, and she rescued her master Zhuge in distress several times.

A few sighs suddenly rose in my heart, gradually pressing the excitement and joy of the first sight. She looked at him. Although she was still handsome, she was still cold and like a piece of ice, but the corner of her eye had already taken a trace of the line. Look carefully. Go, there are some tired and tired eyes.

She quietly licked her lips and whispered: “You haven’t seen it for more than a year, and you are old.”

Zhuge Yue heard a sudden sigh, and the silky wind in his eyes was removed. He looked down at her and saw her face still, but she was even thinner.

He is only 26 years old this year. In any case, he can’t be called this old word. However, these years of hard work, those in the rough years of the game, the bloody killings that splashed in the corners of the eyebrows, with this old word, like a tidal wave, flowing through his vicissitudes of eyes.

After being surrounded by various scenery, it is a nightless light that is never sleepy. It is a solitary shadow of the window of the cold moon. It is the night of the cold window, and it is the independence of Xiao Xiao.

Still still, my heart is tired.

How can it not be old, how can it not be old.

He looked at her, and the anger of the past year was suddenly gone. Even the childish willfulness was old in this simple sentence.

“You have been okay for more than a year.”

“Nothing is good, always alive.”

Zhuge faintly said that although the words are not good, but there is no such cold tone. Chu Qiao knew that he was not fighting with himself, but his true feelings. Maybe only people like them can understand it. Nothing is good, and it is good to be alive.

“I am also very good.”

Zhuge did not ask, Chu Qiao said: “I opened an inn, the days are very comfortable.”

“I know.”

The man replied faintly, but Chu Qiao looked at him and looked up at him: “Do you know?”

“I have lived there for three times.”

Chu Qiao was completely stunned, but he heard the sound of Zhuge Yu said: “A year, you can figure it out?”

“Thinking and thinking about what?”

The man slowly frowned, a pair of you can really wear garlic: “Do you really want to open a lifetime inn?”

Chu Qiao squinted and was speechless. In fact, she really thought so.

“Or are you going to find someone to marry before the age of 30?”

Chu Qiao said: “Who told you?”

“Who else?” Zhuge said: “Nature is Li Ce, don’t you know? The Chunyu Building opposite you is the one he opened. The four-sea inn behind the slope is my opening.”

Chu Qiao was shocked and speechless. She suddenly remembered the two innocent inns. Before that, she had always been very proud of herself, thinking that her inn had squeezed them without business, but they didn’t want to be these two. Supreme man’s handwriting.

In this way, Li Ce of the school city should be well aware of it, and he should have prepared for the actions of those people.

Suddenly remembered something, looked up and asked: “So you know our identity from the beginning?”

“I don’t know.” Zhuge said, see Chu Qiao unbelief, said impatiently: “I have been there, but I have not seen you.”

Yes, she has lived in the past for more than a year, and it is indeed rare to go out.

“What are you doing this time?”

Chu Qiao didn’t know what to say. After all, it was Li Ce’s state affairs, which was vague: “I went to Tang Jing.”


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“Young Master.”

The man named Cao said far away: “The road is dredged and can be gone.”

Zhuge Yu did not say anything, quietly stood for a long time, it seems that some are not resistant to such a depressed atmosphere, he turned and wanted to go.

“Zhu Gehao!”

Chu Qiao suddenly cried: “The next time I come to school, I can come and meet me.”

“I don’t have time to go.” Zhuge replied coldly, slowly turning around and said with a calm face: “I am going back to Qinghai. Are you going with me?”

He said this sentence like this, as if an acquaintance met and asked if you ate it. Naturally, Chu Qiao was stupidly stunned. She always did this. Everything can be calmly dealt with. Only face him. Will lose all wisdom. She stared at him, seemingly trying to see another mouth from Zhuge’s face to prove that what he said was not what he said.

“Li Ce said that you are a rib. At that time, it was changed, and I couldn’t figure it out. I advised you to give you more time.”



Zhuge said with a calm face: “Do you figure it out now? Don’t you follow me?”

“You, you are the military officer of the summer, Sima? And the family is…”

“Those don’t need you to control it.” Zhuge Yue frowned and said: “You just have to say it or not.”

A group of birds flew past, two birds flew past, many birds flew over the forest, and Chu Qiao still did not speak.

Zhuge was suddenly furious and said sharply: “Are you going to go?”

“I am going to go to me!”

Chu Qiao replied loudly, the two men blushing and yelling at the thick neck, and the echo echoed around, becoming more and more quiet.

“It’s good to meet you here, save me from talking to you again.” The man deliberately pretended not to care, as if everything was in his grasp, but he didn’t want to be like this. A multi-lingual character.

“Don’t run around, go back to your yard and wait for me to send someone to pick you up.”

After all, I am very handsome and turned away.

“If you go to Qinghai anyway, you can open the inn.”

A voice suddenly sounded in the back, and Zhuge slammed back and glared at her, a slap in the face.

The sky is white and the white clouds are fluttering. It seems strange that the birds are coming out from behind the leaves. This world cannot be ruled out by common sense.

When I returned to the carriage, Mei Xiang was waiting for her with a smile, but Jingjing was more happy, and the music was not close. Chu Qiao naturally knows her careful thoughts, but she is not willing to say it. Everything today is simply too ridiculous. Chu Qiao sits quietly, and the heart is still jumping.

Is she too impulsive?


Mei Xiang smiled and added a cushion to her. He said: “Everything in this world can’t be handled with reason. The slaves think that the lady used to be too calm, and occasionally impulsive, it is not necessarily a bad thing.”

Chu Qiao turned to look at her in surprise, surprised by the sharp insight of Mei Xiang.

Mei Xiang laughed happily: “Miss didn’t know, now you, but write everything on your face. Compared to the previous lady, Mei Xiang feels like you are more like.”

The carriage began to go, and Dorje frowned and said: “Miss, are we going to go with those people?”

“Go together, of course, go together!” Jingjing opened the curtain and cried: “I will go together, I will live together in the future, hehe!”

Say, just let go of the curtain.

Mei Xiang poured a cup of ginseng tea for Chu Qiao and said with a soft voice: “Miss, not everyone will wait for another person year after year. Some things, you don’t catch it at the time, if it happens again in the future What will happen, you will regret it.”

The warmth of the wind blows in with the slightly blurred curtains, like the mother’s gentle fingers, the sky is clear, the eagle with the high flying eagle is far away, through the clouds, away from the dust.

Chu Qiao sat on the stone steps and looked at the clouds in the sky. The flowers in the yard were very bright, and the red and yellow were very popular.

The younger sister of the inn sits on a small stool and is making tea very seriously. It was just a 13-year-old child. It was the age of younger and younger. Dorje and Ping An also sat on the side, chatting with him without a ride.

Chu Qiao listened to them about the scenery of the Qiuqiu Qiuqiu, talking about the ancient plank road in the southern hills, talking about the Tibetan swords in the summer, talking about the Raven Mountain in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and finally talking about the heavy snow in Yanbei, the topic is getting more and more lively. Up, Jingjing also came out of the room, eating a variety of candied fruit, while exploring his head and chatting with a few people.

Mei Xiang sat down on the side of the camphor tree, and was compiling a cockroach. The fingers fluttered like a butterfly, and the flexibility was dazzling.

The sky gradually darkened, and the lights in the yard were lighted up, and the heat gradually dissipated. Jingjing asked the kitchen for a few ice bowls, which contained a variety of fruits, which were very cool and looked very good.

In the end, it was the previous heavy rain that destroyed the suspension bridge in front of the autumn wind city. The journey of Chu Qiao and others was delayed. It took two days to stay north in the autumn wind city.

Today, they live in a small inn in the mountains and waters, the entire inn is built on the hillside, high and low ups and downs, patchwork, lush forest, looking from afar, like a forest.

Chu Qiao’s room is located on a high stone cliff facing the west. The boss wants to come to be an elegant person. Because it is adjacent to Xizhao Mountain, it is called Xizhaoyuan. Every evening, the sunset here is very beautiful. .

Zhuge Yu lived in the Guizang Building next to him. Yesterday afternoon, he sent his guards to help the government build the suspension bridge and the ferry. It is really urgent to get there. You need to go back immediately.

There was a rain in the daytime, and it stopped in the afternoon. The leaves were green and green, but the flowers were scattered, but more charming.

Chu Qiao was wearing a beige linen dress with an ebony scorpion on his head. The black long hair loosened a shackle and looked very refreshing and comfortable.

The moon tonight is very round, Chu Qiao quietly looked at the moon, suddenly remembered that it is about to pass the Mid-Autumn Festival, but this place is only the Mid-Autumn Festival.

This place is called Mid-Autumn Festival, which is derived from a song. Chu Qiao once heard this song in the army. The song sings a man riding a horse to go to war, playing for many years, from a small soldier to a long, from a long to a general, and finally he finally finished the battle and returned home, but found that the house has fallen The wife was also taken away by others. Both the parents and the sons were starved to death. The bones were turned into ash, and there was not even a grave.

She still remembers the last sentence in the song: The moon is shining on my soul, reminding you to return home.

Since then, the White Moon Festival has become a reunion festival, advising people to cherish their families, not to ignore the family for the sake of gains and losses, and to regret when they are irreparable.

The moon is shining on my soul, reminding you to return home soon…

“sounds so good.”

Mei Xiang stopped her hand and turned to look at Chu Qiao. She said with a smile: “I have never heard of a young lady singing.”

Chu Qiao gave a slight glimpse, only to find out that he sang loudly without knowing it.

“This is really a good song. Can Miss now understand the meaning of this song?”

Chu Qiao slightly side: “Mei Xiang recently likes to reason to others.”

“I haven’t read the book yet. I know the simplest truth. Is it better than the Miss Fu’s five-car?” Mei Xianghe smiled and said: “Sometimes, the more you know, the more chaotic your mind is.” Instead, it will ignore some very simple truths.”

“One day after another, every year on the beam, looking at the village head road, still do not see the husband. Fu Lang Bao borderland, outsiders door wall, children without clothes, mother-in-law hungry. Tiangao emperor far, the soldiers are not In the township, the village chief of the village is the king of the earth. The wind and rain are all traced, the cold snow piles up the house, and the moon shines on me, reminding you to return home.”

The smile on Mei Xiang’s face was very quiet. She sang quietly on the tree, and the petals fell down on the shackles of her hands. The white light of the moon fell on her fingers like a curved butterfly wing.

At this moment, there was a whistling sound in the distance. Separated too far, the sound of the flute is slightly ethereal, there is a lingering lingering, occasionally in the high place, but it does not lose the Qing Jun, three times nine turns, like a smoke, empty long, do not have a frank feeling.

Ping An and others were still chatting. When they heard the sound of the flute suddenly stopped, Doji sat up straight, his eyes with a few sighs of sighs, and even the people who did not pass the melody of Jingjing, listened to their ears, very Quiet look.

Mei Xiang stood up and turned back to the room. When she came out, she held a beige cloak and gently draped it over Chu’s shoulder. She smiled and said: “Miss has been rushing for these days and has been afraid. It’s time to rest now. The backyard of this inn has a great view, and the moonlight is just right tonight, Miss may wish to go out.”

Chu Qiao turned his head, but he saw Mei Xiang smile and looked at her faintly, with a hint of embarrassment and encouragement in his eyes.


Chu Qiao wants to say something, but after all, he can’t say it.

Mei Xiang said: “Miss, Mei Xiang doesn’t understand anything. I don’t understand what beliefs in the world are righteous. I just hope that the young lady can have a good time. You are a good person. That song should not be sung to you.”

The moonlight was on Chu Qiao’s face, she was slightly embarrassed, could not help but think of the second half of the song:

Qingshan has a few cold and hot weather, and the white snow is floating, and the king does not know the road, the heavens and the earth are vast. The baby died of the plague, and the mother-in-law had no rice soup, and she only sold herself for the living food. Fu Lang’s chest is aspiring, not to be poor and poor, and he is looking forward to returning to the village. The world is full of sorrows, the years are sloppy, not asking for wealth, and being a bed of poverty.

“Mei Xiang, go get the light green one.”

Mei Xiang gave a slight glimpse and looked at her with hesitation.

She suddenly smiled and stood up and said: “All day is not white or black, like a beggar.”

The moonlight shines all the way, she walks quietly, all the years passed by in her mind, like a flying egret, flying over the ink and wash paintings between heaven and earth. Those that are either intense or white or full of color or bleak, gradually settle down in the bottom of my heart, become a water, and gradually freeze into ice.

Complaints, jealousy, hatred, entanglement, help, hand in hand, life and death, reunion, struggle, joy, separation, stunned…

Every step of the way, there will be a picture and a scene in front of her eyes, each of which carries too much heavy things. There are national hatreds, personal grievances, guilty guilty, persistent attachments, years of repression and forbearance, and a few desires to break through the fierceness and circling.

So many emotions filled the bottom of my heart, and finally I was smashed by the lyrics that were straightforward, and spread fiercely along my fingertips.

She is a Wang Bihu, using a sense of reason and calmness to build a thin layer of ice for herself, suppressing all the emotions she feels wrong.



One year, two years, many years.

There is a small pavilion above a secluded pool in Houshan. The wooden pavilion has already fallen a bit. The boss has planted a few Duru and Wisteria under the pavilion. The small flowerbed climbs up the vine. The entanglement of the pillars in a circle, do not add a few elegant and quiet.

The faint moonlight shines in the deep pool of blue and green in front, and a round moon is sprinkled in the center of the water wave, a white round.

Zhuge 玥 玥 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 , , , , , , 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 淡紫色 His appearance is still very clear, holding a green bamboo flute in his hand, blowing a very pleasant tone. There is no sorrowful entanglement, no Lingyun’s ambition, just like the rural singer of ordinary teenagers playing, sometimes brisk, sometimes soothing, naughty Du Ruo aroma wandering beside him, like a stubborn child.

Chu Qiao stood there quietly, silent, the wind blew through her pale green cloak, and the tulle floated, like the willow branch in early spring.

She never seemed to have seen him so carefully. The years have been bumpy. For many years, she once complained about her own misfortunes, but now she wants to come, at least to be more fortunate than the generals who sang in that song. The house did not fall, the relatives did not die, and the person who loved, still standing in the same place, as long as she is willing to turn back, he can reach his hand.

Even if it is separated by water, the world will not allow it. He still walks steadily to this day, and with his rare willfulness and stubbornness, he breaks through the imprisonment again and again, and holds up the clear sky for her.

The strong ice smile in the bottom of her heart, she seems to have heard the rational building collapsed, she said to herself: Perhaps, I can be willful once.

After all, she has not been willful for many years.

The flute suddenly stopped, and the man leaned over the side and saw the green woman quietly standing under the laurel tree.

“How did you come?”

“Just let you come, don’t you let me come?”

Chuqiao smiled and walked over. He kicked and kicked Zhuge’s leg and said, “Let it go.”

The man retracted his leg and she sat down. The bright light of the deep pool is reflected in her face, like a broken pearl jade.

“Zhu Gewei, tomorrow, the suspension bridge has been repaired, you are going back to the big summer?”

Zhuge nodded and looked at her in a strange way. “What happened?”

“When are you coming to me?”

A trace of surprise flashed over the man’s eyes, but he was a bit strange, looking up and down her, as if she had any conspiracy.

“Is it necessary to wait for the Xia Emperor to die? Or do you have to wait for Zhao Che to reach the throne? At that time, can you return to the whole body?”

Chu Qiao knees on the stone steps, the hat after the cloak is pulled on the back, slightly raised, surrounded by her white neck. Her chin was on her knees, her eyes were on the pool in front of her, and she turned her head and said, “Zhu Ge, I will sing a song for you.”

The woman’s eyes are very clear, not the sorrow of the insight into the world. She quietly looks at him and smiles quietly, like many times in her dreams. There are no other impurities in her eyes. No one else. Shadow, only he is alone.

He forgot how he nodded, only to see her happy holding her hands with her hands, and the moonlight painted a beautiful curvature on her face. Her voice was very soft, like the fine sand of the waves, and it penetrated the silence of the night a little bit, and walked into his heart.

– A long time ago, you owned me, I have you, long time ago, you left me and went to the sky. The world outside is very exciting, the world outside is very helpless, when you feel that the world outside is very exciting, I will sincerely wish you here. Whenever the sun sets, I always look forward to you here. Although the sky is raining, I am still waiting for your return.

– A long time ago, you owned me, I have you, long time ago, you left me and went to the sky. The world outside is very exciting, the world outside is very helpless, when you feel that the outside world is helpless, I am still waiting patiently here. Whenever the sun sets, I always look forward to you here. Although the sky is raining, I am still waiting for your return.

The song followed the wind in the night, quietly echoing in the courtyard filled with Du Ruoxiang, Chu Qiao turned his head, his eyes clear. She reached out and was very careful and careful to slowly approach Zhuge’s hand. It wasn’t like any time in the past, just like the girl who was in love at first, the nervous fingertips were a little trembling, a little bit, a little bit. Touch the back of the man’s hand, then gently pinch his finger with his fingers, only to see it so cold, like the water of the secluded pool.

Zhuge 玥 turned to look at her, and the look was always stunned. The night wind blew between them, and the flowers and bones in the pavilion scented. They sat on the steps like little children, pulling their hands, and no one spoke first.

They are always opposites. Once they are in a straight line, they seem to be unclear about their position.

Zhuge Wei was a little bit smirking, but he felt that he could never laugh at this time. He frowned very seriously and his face was very intriguing.

Putting down the knot, Chu Qiao became very natural. She took his hand and opened her eyes and asked: “Zhu Ge, Qinghai?”

“Well?” The man snorted a little and said, “Alright.”

“Is that beautiful?”

Someone has no romantic cell back: “There are a few places that are not bad.”

“Is that Qinghai cold?”

“Summer is not cold, winter is cold.”

Chu Qiao is full of hope: “The people there must be very simple.”

“You are stupid, how many bad guys are there? The world crow is generally black, who has no selfishness?”

“Ah?” Chu Qiao finally frowned. “That Qinghai is not very good.”

“When did I say that place is good?”

Chu Qiao is speechless. Is this a man who wants to take a woman to run away?

“But there is one thing in that place.”

Chu Qiao asked: “What is it?”

Zhuge Yu smiled very proudly: “The place is that I have the final say.”

Zhuge玥 laughed twice and found that no one was holding his field. Some depressions lived.

“Star, when was it?”

Chu Qiao glimpsed, turned his head and asked, “What are you talking about?”

After a moment of silence, Zhuge’s silence seemed to be difficult to open, and the eyebrows slowly wrinkled. It took a long time to say: “When did you not hate me?”

“Who said no hate?”

Chu Qiao discouraged his fist with his fist and said, “I remember it here.”

Zhuge stunned her and dismissed her: “The mouth is wrong.”

The moon shines lightly on everything below. In fact, many things only need a few words, only a small movement, but it takes so many years to go.

The laurel tree swayed, and the man’s fingers were naturally held back, holding the woman’s cold fingers in the palm of his hand.

So many years of hard work, so many years of attachment, seems to only wait for this action.

He turned his head and opened his mouth happily at a point that no one else could see.

On the second day, the suspension bridge was finally repaired. They went out of the autumn wind city, crossed the waterway and crossed the Muling River, and then went ashore to Qiusha County, and they had to part ways.

The two teams stopped in the same place, Zhuge and Chuqiao stood at the forefront of the team, the weather was fine, and the blue was clear.

Zhuge Yu looked at the north coolly and said, “I am leaving.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded. “Go.”

“Let’s get confused with Li Ce, go back to your inn if you have nothing to do.”

“Who is a fool?” Chu Qiao frowned.


“Zhu Gewei, we have to be separated, they all converge and give the other side a good impression.”

Zhuge’s awkward voice: “I have never had a good impression of you.”

Chu Qiao went up and scolded him: “Are you still a human? Do you still have humanity? Who was crying and crying for me?”

Chu Qiaoqi is very painful, Zhuge Yu is also angry: “Where is Chu, when do I cry and cry for you?”

There’s none?

Chu Qiao thought about it, it seems that there is no.

But the action is almost the same. Why do you have to make such an indifferent attitude after you succeed? Moreover, now it is not a success, right?

She gave him a sly look: “You can pretend.”

After a small meeting in the Cold War, they screamed at each other, and the original singularity gradually faded.

After all, it’s finally a step closer, isn’t it?

At the very least, it is already natural to make a joke.

“I am serious.” Zhuge Yu suddenly said very seriously: “Less in Li Ce, mixed with the national affairs of Sui and Tang, I found that this woman is too much love for nosy.”

busy body?

Chu Qiao looked at him, very unhappy said: “I just wanted to give him a wake up.”

“What about now? What are you doing?”

Chu Qiao angered: “Don’t you go? I will say goodbye to him.”

it’s time to go? Where are you going?

Zhu Gezhen’s mood suddenly became a lot better. He unconsciously cleared his throat and said: “If you pay attention to it anyway, Li Ce’s mixed ball is not a good thing.”

Chu Qiao shook his head and said with emotion: “The so-called bridge is over the river. I am afraid that you are such a person.”

“what did you say?”

Zhuge Yu really wants to be angry and angry. Chu Qiao raised his hand and said that he did not want to be like him: “You still have to leave, it will be dark in a while, you will leave if you don’t leave.” ”

Zhuge smashed for a long time, suddenly took out a white jade bell from his arms, and it looked plain and plain. He said to her mouth: “The song you sang last night, sing it again.”

Chu Qiao asked, “Why?”

Zhuge’s face suddenly became red, and he was very cute. He frowned. “Why are there so many reasons, let you sing and sing.”



“Singing also needs a mood. I am in a bad mood now, I don’t want to sing.”

Zhu Gezhen glared at her with the murderous eyes that she had practiced for many years. She has not looked away for a long time.

Chu Qiao was somewhat guilty of his ignorance and said softly: “So many people watched it, I sang, they all listened, I still can’t be a man.”

Reluctantly accepted her explanation, Zhuge said: “Then you say something to it.”

“Say what?”

The man almost gnashed his teeth and said: “Whatever!”

Chu Qiao immediately shouted at the bell: “Zhu Ge is a bastard!”

The sound is loud, and even the following followers are the focus.

Zhuge was furious and turned around and left. Chu Qiao saw a big joke, and quickly caught up with the previous step, grabbed his hand and said to the little bell: “Remember, I am waiting for you.”

Just a word, he lowered the man’s anger. In fact, he is really a very good person.

“What is this?”

Chu Qiao Nai touched two times, only felt like stone is not stone, like jade non-jade, workmanship and fine, with bells as the shape, but inside is nine twists and turns, like human ears.

Zhuge Wei did not pay attention to her, just said: “Go ahead, grind.”

He still has reason?

The two went to the team and finally they were about to leave. Chu Qiao couldn’t help but be very serious: “Be careful.”

Zhuge 玥 looks like a very calm and slightly swinging hand, very calmly on the horse, looks lonely and proud, indifferent as water, a pair of high-looking appearance: “Remember what I said.”

After all, it was a big card that grew up in a crowd of guards.

The figure gradually went away, and Chu Qiao still stood still and did not react.

Jingjing came forward and looked obsessed. He murmured: “Sister, brother-in-law is so cold.”

Dorje frowned, and he didn’t like to listen. He said: “Jingjing, don’t talk.”

” Just say it!”

Jingjing looked back at him and screamed at the same time: “You are mad at you!”

“Duoji, do you know what this is?” Chu Qiao frowned and asked, describing the appearance of Zhuge’s little bell.

Duoji frowned slightly and meditated for a long while, saying: “Miss, if you are not mistaken, it should be the legendary bell. The ancient book records that it is one of the three treasures of the southwestern language family. The wind language tribe is exquisite in craftsmanship and proficient in mechanical secrets. This is known as the eighth generation of the wind language family. It is said that as long as you speak loudly at the bell, the sound will be preserved by the bell, once it is blown by the wind. The sound will be repeated, and the tone will not change. The wind language family has always been secretive. For many years, no one has heard of their news. The bell has long been lost. Where is the lady? Can you hear the bell when you arrive at this bell?”

Chu Qiao stunned slightly, and the horseshoe in the distance had already disappeared, leaving only one line of dust flying above the plank road.

“I know the bell?”

Zhuge abandoned the car and rode, and now he is close to the border of the Great Summer. The people who meet are in front, and they are no longer careful to hide.

The weather was warm and there was no wind, but the horse ran up, and there was a breeze blowing over the bell that was on his neck.

“Remember, I am waiting for you.”

The woman’s low whispered gentle and lingering, gently screaming in her ear, like a clear lake, quietly holding the dust like smoke. His mouth couldn’t help but gently swell, but the smile didn’t slip to the bottom of his eye, and another sound suddenly screamed:

Zhuge is a bastard!

The sound was so big, all the guards who were rushing to the horses were all shocked, and the horrified stop Malay Qiqi looked at him with confusion.

Zhuge’s face, how ugly it is, how ugly it is.

On the eastward ramp, among the Qingbu carriages, Chu Qiao is still working hard to meditate:

“Isn’t that like a tape recorder?”

“Sister, what is the recorder?”

Jingjing came together and asked with a squint. Since I saw Zhuge, the little girl was in a good mood, and the relationship with Chu Qiao immediately returned to her intimacy.

Chu Qiao heard the words, very warmly explained to her: “This recorder…”

Mei Xiang sat at the other end of the carriage and looked at Chu Qiao, who was explaining the principle of the recorder to Jing Jing, and could not help but smile.

In fact, many times in life, this is the case. Authors are fascinated, bystanders are clear, many things are not as complicated as imagined, just because of some obsessions in the heart, and stubbornly sticking to it, wasting a good time, even if it is a smart person, as long as things are It happens to you, and it will be awkward.

Sometimes, as long as you step out and everything in the future, there will be earth-shaking changes.

“The road has not gone to the end, maybe there will be other changes, are you afraid?”

The wind blew through the clear water of the secluded pool and set a shallow ripple.

Her head leaned gently against his shoulder, and Du Ruo’s fragrance slowly floated. Her voice was low, like breaking through all the hesitant obstacles in her heart, and gradually condensed into three short words: “I Not afraid.”

He smiled softly, reached for her waist, and sat down until dawn.

**** came without warning, like a pot of cold water, was suddenly heated to the point of hot, the people in the water have not reacted, they have been cooked.

When I went to Surabaya, the war had expanded. After a few rides, the city was destroyed and the home was burned. The former Woye Liangtian turned into decaying black ash, and the brocade was floating in the muddy yellow soup, along the road. It can be seen that the people of Limin who died in the chaos of the war, the prosperous era was completely destroyed, and the flesh and blood rusted in the summer night.

Luo Wang started his army in Meishan, and the people who did not want to become chaotic thieves came to the east with their mouths. However, when they arrived at Lishui, they discovered that the leader of the Shushuiguan was Luo Su’s partial brother Xu Su. The waterway ferry in the east was firmly blocked. The Sui and Tang sergeants in the west of Lishuiguan could not be seen at the head and tail. In the first battle of Hongcheng, they lost to Luowang, and the half of the Sui and Tang dynasties were swaying.

The journey of Chu Qiao and others was delayed, and the war was imminent. Even with her power, it is difficult to compete with such a situation.

The drowning generation, the people gathered, when the midsummer, the disease is popular, not half a month, the city began to popularize the plague. The large wealthy households all closed their doors and sent a large number of guards to guard the patrols. The hotel wine cellar was closed down, and you could not buy a grain of rice. Chu Qiao and others had to go to the suburbs. Fortunately, they had prepared for the long journey and the food tents were ready.

Day by day, all kinds of gossips came one after another, that is, Dorje Ping An and others ventured into the city to inquire, and they could not find any useful information.

There are rumors, and some say that Li Ce has reorganized 800,000 iron riding fines in the East, and is coming to the water. It is also said that Luo Wang had been playing the Nanhua Army in Junshan a few days ago. Jiang, Zhejiang, Philadelphia, Nanwang, Rest County, and Xizhao Mountain fell successively. The Imperial Army died and injured most of the time. The rest surrendered, and there were no more than five days. The army of Luo Wang will be stationed in Surabaya. Others said that the large southwestern households donated money to donate food, responded to the Luowang uprising, and played the banner of faint ignorance, sent family members to the Meishan army, and the number of Luowang troops was almost one million. It is even more ridiculous to say that Li Ce was not in Tangjing at the moment, but with the harem, he hid into the territory of Daxia, and the East China Sea Huai Song was helping him build a sea boat, he would flee to the sea.

The generation of people in Surabaya is stunned. Although the rumors are not entirely true, the army of Luo Wang is still close to Lishui one day.

Because there have been fewer and fewer refugees in recent days, this shows that the encirclement of Luo Wang is getting closer and closer, and he will join the army of Surabaya.

After another seven days, Luo Wang’s army finally drove to Qibaipo, which was more than 80 miles away from Surabaya. However, it unexpectedly stopped and did not make a meeting with General Xu Su’s general. The move, while drowning, did not have a clear statement to be loyal to Luo Wang.

The war was suddenly glued up.

At this time, the Imperial Xishujun was aware of the unusual events. General Xu Su was the general of the empire. He had followed Murong’s general in his early years. If he would stick to the righteousness and stand on the side of Li Ce, then the Sui and Tang dynasties would win. .

In this way, after watching the four days, the leader of the West Shu army, Lu Bing, rushed to the chess cypress slope with the 30,000 soldiers and horses, and a fierce battle with the Luo Wang army. Although the war was fierce, the Xishuo army suffered heavy casualties, but they bravely broke away the defense line of Luo Wang and rushed to the general of Xu Su, who was in Surabaya. It was self-evident that it was to defend the Sui and Tang Dynasties with the Lishui army. The emperor.

However, at this time, the drowning massacre that shocked the entire Simon continent did not begin with any warning.

Xu Su killed the 13,000 soldiers under Lu Bingkuan overnight, and the blood stained the Lishui River. Even in the lower reaches of the 30-mile, the red river can still be seen, and the dead bodies are almost formed. A large levee.

The drowning generation of the eagle circling all day long, and in the night, it was a fierce humming and whistling sound, and the fierce bird beast biting the rancid body, like a terrible nightmare.

After three days, I finally believed that Xu Su’s sincere sincerity, Luo Wang, took the 150,000 army into the Lishui camp. And on the second day, in the support of the military, Huang Pao added, worshipped the ancestors, and ascended the throne, the emblem Jing Heng.

Two days later, the Meishan Army’s 200,000 rushed to Surabaya, and with the 180,000 garrison of Xu Su’s Xu Su, the strength of Luo Wang had already reached 600,000.

In this regard, the Sui and Tang Dynasties appeared a funny situation in which the two emperors juxtaposed and ruled.

Ten days later, it seems that Li Ting, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty, who finally couldn’t stand such a disgraceful humiliation, finally issued a lawsuit, and his words were fierce. He personally took the lead and led the Central Army 90,000, the Southeast Army 110,000, and the Wolf Soldier 200,000. Take the trend of Mount Tai and rush to Surabaya.




The war is on the verge.

On the early ninth of August, Luo Wang ascended the ancestor to the balcony, burned the incense banner, and then, with his army, there were 150,000 Meishan troops crossing the river, leaving 50,000 Meishan Army and Xu Suzhen guarding the water. However, Li Ce’s army was slow to squash in the big camp and did not dare to fight. For five days, there were only a few battles of hundreds of people. It was said that the army was fighting, but it was better to say that the people were in groups. For a time, the name of Li Ce was in Sui and Tang Dynasties. The earth is a laughing stock. The Tang Emperor was afraid of Luo Wang, and the turtles were afraid to play in the camp. The world of communication is well known.

However, just when everyone thought that Li Ce was about to lose his way, Chu Qiao suddenly told Mei Xiang to pack up and prepare to go to Beijing.

Mei Xiang did not understand what it was, and asked bluntly.

Chu Qiao looked at the Xu Su camp in the east, his eyes became a little blurred. She remembered the night when the Xi Shujun was massacred on the same day. The screams rang out in the ear, all night long.

“This battle is coming to an end.”

On August 17th, the Datang army finally swept away the previous suffocation, and the army was dispatched to fight the battle between Hu Linlin and Luo Wang.

The soldiers fought bravely and the war lasted for one day and one night. No one had any concessions. They all know that this is a battle for imperial power. The winner will definitely be Jinyu, and the future will be beautiful, while the losing party will have to copy the door and not leave it.

At the crucial moment of the campaign, General Xu Su suddenly appeared on the battlefield.

Luo Wang’s army was thunderous, but before their laughter disappeared, Xu Su’s army suddenly held a sabre to the rear of the Luo’s army.

On August 20th, Luo Wang defeated and killed more than 40,000 people. The rest fell.

Under the guard of two thousand iron and blood guards, Luo Wang fled to Surabaya, but found that the 50,000 soldiers who had been under the army had all died. Surabaya soup, no boat to cross. Luo Wang has no way to go, and when he sighs on the bank of the Lishui River, he does not follow me.

At this point, this 11-day-old Jing Heng Emperor suddenly left the history book of Sui and Tang Dynasties, and everything disappeared invisible, as if he had never appeared before.

On August 21st, the Emperor’s army chased and killed the Luowang Yu party, killing more than 300 southwestern ethnic groups all the way, the women were filled as bureaucrats, and the men who were long over the whip were beheaded. Almost overnight, the entire southwestern clan was uprooted, and the hurricane passed by, and it was sorrowful.

On August 27th, the Tang Emperor’s class returned to the DPRK. General Xu Su, who made great contributions to this rebellion, continued to lead the troops to destroy the rebels. The blood was centered on the southwestern Meishan Mountain, and all the way through the entire Sui and Tang Dynasties. land.

On the fourth day of September, the Emperor issued a will to divide the materials collected from the southwestern clan by half, and distribute them equally to the various provinces and counties that were persecuted during the war, and reduced the five-year tax in the southwest. The place is recuperating. For a time, Li Ce’s reputation climbed to the apex. The people who lost their homes in the war and lost their loved ones suddenly knew that they could still live. They were all grateful for their glory and thanked the emperor’s grace.

On the early ninth of September, Chu Qiao took the road with Ping An Duoji and others, and took a boat ride over Lishui to Tangjing.

The Sui and Tang Dynasties are still Sui and Tang Dynasties. The sky is blue and white, and the smoke is still the same. Only those soldiers who have died on the battlefield can no longer see it.

On September 15th, the round of the moon outside the window was like a good jade plate. Between the phoenix trees outside the temple, there are countless streams of fireflies, sparkling with a slight blue light, gently circling back and forth.

The entire palace was cold and quiet, and the white cockroaches hung up and down, and the pale white candles replaced the past lanterns and gave a radiance of fullness.

She walked behind the guards and walked slowly. Jinwu Palace was still so big, but lost the songs of the songs and the waist of the jade. The palace suddenly disappeared. It is.

The arrow on the cuffs rubbed against the plackets on both sides, making a creaking sound. The night was too quiet. The crow flew over the top of the head and looked up, but only the town beasts lying on the high eaves. The twilight of the sky is like a mist, and the gloomy pines and cypresses burn the incense. Chu Qiao looks down and faintly hears the scriptures sung by the monks, as if they are coming from the other side of the sky, making people feel empty.

There was no change in the 宓荷居, the phoenix tree was continuous, the lotus pond was in the night, and the humming sounded a long sound. The faint moonlight passed through the white cotton window paper, but the few windows in the west were big, the humid wind was blowing in from the outside, with the damp water vapor, and the blue and white bills of the temple were fluttering. Only the dilapidated wind chime hangs in front of the window, and the sound of the bell ringing from time to time is still crisp, like the sound of ice-breaking songs.

Li Ce was sitting between the blue and white tabards, one ebony, two small futons, one green jade pot, and two white wines.

The gauze yarn danced with the wind, sweeping through the empty and silent hall from time to time, Li Cewu was scattered, a dark purple robes, embroidered with blue-green moiré, circling, layered, with royal unique The stitches are finely sewed, and the surface is like white jade, which sits in the moonlight and sits quietly like a still picture.

Chu Qiao stood at the door and held the green pillar with his hand. For a time, he did not know how to go forward.

The night wind blew the gauze, and Li Ce turned his head in the moonlight. His face was sloppy and his eyes were slightly lifted. He was still the smirk of the fox, and smiled softly at her: “You are here.”

The sound was very calm, but Chu Jiao was sore in her heart. She looked at him. She only thought that he was still the way he left, hippie smile, stubborn and messy, but he could see everything thoroughly.

The years are rushing away, so many things happen one after another, and it is almost time for her to return to God. She looks at him at this moment, and she feels a little strange, but she has some distressed.

Going forward, kneeling beside Li Ce, clenching his mouth and his eyes sore.

Li Ce smiled and rubbed her hair, still as usual, deliberately messed up her neat hair, and said with a smile: “What are you crying? I am not dead yet.”

The more he smiled like this, the more Chu Zhi felt sad, and she gave herself a smile and nodded her head and said, “Nothing is fine.”

The window was opened for a long while, and the last pool of clear water was hidden from the window.

Li Ce bowed his head and quietly groped for the complicated pattern on the wine cellar.

“He is a chaotic thief, can not enter the Imperial Tomb, I buried him on the Luofu Mountain.”

A breeze blew in, and the wind chimes on the window made a series of sounds. Looking up, I saw that the bell was carved with dense and delicate patterns, and the corners were decorated with hollow acacia flowers, depicting fine gold powder, even Years of wind and sun, the color is still bright.

Li Ce drank a shallow drink, his eyes were calm, and the tone was calm and faint: “Fuer is also buried there.”

He looked up, his mouth was light, his face was fascinating, his eyes were slightly bright with morning light.

“Life can’t be born, die in the same hole, and don’t blame him for finally fighting this water.”

After all, the hall was quiet, and Chu Qiao sat next to Li Ce, quietly accompanying him with a glass of drinking. She didn’t sit in the opposite position because she knew that it was not for her.

Lonely, he is waiting for someone who will never come again.

“I know he will be counter.”

Li Ce said from his own voice, Chu Qiao did not say anything, she knew that he does not need someone to answer now, all he needs is a quiet listener.

“I have been waiting for him for many years, but I also have a little hope. I hope he will not want to go against it.”

Li Ce laughed at himself and leaned down to drink a glass of water. He turned his head and smiled at Chu Qiao: “Do you know that Li Luo has not been smart since he was a child, and his military martial arts are not as good as me. Only poetry is better than me. When he was a child, he said that he hopes to grow up to be a scholar of the World Expo, find a beautiful place to open a house, and compile a most detailed history book of Simon.”

His eyebrows were slightly curled, and the moonlight leaked from the plain panes and sprinkled on his handsome cheek. He said quietly: “In fact, he didn’t know, I was on the day of the throne.” Since then, he has established a history museum for him in Anqing. Unfortunately, after Fuer’s death, he has no chance to tell him.”

His brows suddenly wrinkled, his voice was a little bit of dark hatred, so hard to squeeze out a few words from his teeth:

“You said that he must be countered?”

The wine cellar broke into two halves, sharp jade pierced into his tiger’s mouth, and the bright red blood spattered out like a blossoming sea otter.

Chu Qiao suddenly remembered that many years ago, under the palace, under the autumn night Wutong, a man in a green shirt stood there quietly, his eyes softly said to her: “I am Luo Wang.”

Vaguely, in the corner covered by dust, the wind gently blows the waves of the years. The time goes back many years and many years ago, three young children have been playing and running on this empty hall. Their Laughter is like the smoke of June, blowing through the thick fog of this cold and quiet palace, blowing through the speculative dark house of the emperor.

“Fuer, I said that I am a wife today, I was the day before yesterday. It is my turn today.”

“I do not want!”

“Why? You don’t count!”

“I don’t want it!”

“Hey, I told my father, I will take you through the door now.”

“I don’t want me not to want me not!”

“Ah! Dead girl, how do you bite?”

“Well, you two don’t bother, you should go to the study to go to class.”

“Luo Ge, the prince bullied me.”

“What brother? To call the uncle! Uncle, Fuer is sick, biting people, I have to go to the medical center to find a doctor, I can’t go to class today.”

The night is as cool as water, and the glitz and light shadows of the past are gradually dissipating, leaving only a shallow clear glow, cold moon like frost, flat ground picking up cold materials, such a hot summer, the skin stirs up a thin numbness, smooth Climbing up the back, after all, squatting in my mind, spreading a piece of extravagance.



Li Ce drank more wine, and his back was thin, and he walked out of the door of the house.

He seems to be thin, a little disappeared in the moonlight of the phoenix tree, Chu Qiao stood in front of the window, watching him gradually leave, only feel empty, like a broken ice lake.

The battle for imperial power has always been cruel and bloody. It is not that you die, but that I am dead.

Just like between Yanbei and Daxia, it is impossible to reconcile.

She suddenly remembered Yan Xun and remembered his feelings when he killed Mr. Wu and others.

Maybe the situation is a little different, but it is all a power struggle. Today, Li Ce will be saddened by the death of Luo Wang. Then the Yan Xun at this moment can regret the work of the day.

The desperate roar before the death and the last scream of the Xishuo army on the banks of the Lishui River blended together, like a sharp roar, in the minds of the river.

The building of power rises up a little bit. After all, only one person can embark on it. Before that, there must be thousands of people falling down and building the cornerstone of progress.

There are a few drops of faint water stains on the ebony, and there is no wine. Under the moonlight, the glittering color is shining.

“There is a wind chime there, and it is covered by dust. If the girl has time, let the palace people clean it. The autumn wind is cool and the ringing is crisp, it is very sweet.”

A light voice rang in my mind.

Chu Qiao walked slowly, reaching out and gently touching the wind chimes. Just listening to the bang, the wire hanging from the wind chime suddenly broke, the whole wind chime suddenly fell, and then fell into the Taiqing pool below, pulled out a white splash, and a circle of rolling cymbals.

On August 20, 70, the Luoshan Li Luobing of Meishan was defeated in Lishui. On September 11 of the same year, Li Luo’s three sons and two women were sinned in the Meishan Mountain, and the twenty-one powerful generals suffered from the shackles. The general, Xu Su, personally monitored, after a paper order was thrown away, it was dozens of ghosts without the Lord.

On that day, Mei Xiang came in from outside the temple, and there were a few white petals on her body, and her look was slightly guilty. Qiu Sui called her a few times, she only reacted, and said, “I just heard that Luo’s side was found by Xu.”

Xu? Xu Su’s sister Xu Yining?

Qiu Sui quickly patted his chest and said: “I can find it. I heard that General Xu Suda lost his father and his mother when he was a child. Only such a younger sister is very dependent on this sister. Now he has made such a great contribution to his majesty. If Miss Xu is miserable, it would be a pity.”

Mei Xiang slightly frowned, and the look was like a layer of faint green smoke. The arm-like thick high-backed candle glowed brightly, and her face was pale. She lowered her voice like a gale. The chicks of the weather, the voice is sharp and low: “I heard that it was found on Luofu Mountain, and it was hung on the dead tree of Luofu Mountain. Both legs were smashed by the wild wolf.”

Qiu Sui listened to the scream of “ah” and it was white when his face was stunned.

Chu Qiao’s heart suddenly cooled, and a chill of cold rushed from the bottom of his heart, like a white cigarette in the incense burner, swirling and swaying.

The moonlight is cold, and the song and dance in the far-flung Temple of the Soul is starting again. Mrs. Ziwei is now a soft-skinned woman. She became the most powerful woman in the ranks of Li Ce. She was diagnosed pregnant in the hospital a few days ago. In two days, she will go to the palace to raise her baby.

This long night, but in the middle of it, it is still dead. It is so long.

In this way, it took another half a month. After the summer and autumn, after a few cool showers, the air became cold and humid. Xiahe is falling, and there is a black lotus leaf on the Taiqing Pool. Nowadays, there is no one in Jinyu Palace that has the heart of the hot spring period.

The southwest experienced great chaos, and the school town was close to Meishan. The student inn that Chuqiao carefully managed was also destroyed in the flames of war. Mei Xiang Jing Jing and others couldn’t help but feel a little bit sad. Li Ce said that she could rebuild her, but Chu Qiao lost her interest. After all, this Simon, she will not live longer.

Chu Qiao lived in Jinwu Palace in this way. One day, watching the sleek windows of the day, waiting for another day.

She rarely saw Li Ce. After Luo Wang’s case, although the military strength of the Sui and Tang Dynasties was lost, the southwestern clan was eliminated, but the national treasury was full and prosperous. Li Ce seems to have turned a temper, and has become very busy, even the song and dance of the harem, it has not been heard for a long time.

Autumn is bleak, light and shadow are floating, and it is quietly gone in two months. Chu Qiao got up early in the morning and pushed open the window. I saw a thin snow outside. Some sycamore trees outside the window were covered with a layer of white trees. I lived in the school. I have never seen snow in a long time. Mei Xiang and others have seen it. They are very happy, Jingjing is going out to play with a group of small palace ladies, wearing a red satin cloak, looks cute and lovely.

Zhuge’s letter has arrived again. Over the past few months, due to the influence of the Sui and Tang dynasties, Li Ce’s pressure on the Daxia border has been greatly reduced, giving Zhao Wei a breather. Last month, Zhao Yu excused himself to drive the South Army to quietly stationed in the West Camp in the 30 miles outside the city. At that time, the northern Hudi happened to have encountered a snowstorm. Zhao Che went to Beihu, not in Kyoto. Zhuge took the opportunity to take 5,000 Qinghai escorts to the West Camp. He and Zhao Wei held more than three hours, if not Wei Shuzhen arrived in time, it is very likely that there will be a big mess.

However, when he wrote the letter, he did not mention it at all. Chu Qiao learned this from the mouth of the guardian. He remembered the danger of holding 30,000 troops to the 30,000-strong army. She only felt that the back of the ridge was cold and gave birth to a fine The sweat came.

Xia Huang is not much time, and has not been in the DPRK for more than two months. The dispute over the imperial power of Daxia has intensified. If he is not careful, there is danger of ruin. When Chu Qiao has nothing to do, he will go to the Buddhist temple and copy two volumes of peace through the Lancang Sutra. One can kill time and pass the time. Secondly, it also shows peace of mind, three, but because there is The person who wants to bless.

On the temple, on the sandalwood, through the smog of smoke, watching the solemn Buddha statue of Chu, Chu Qiao suddenly remembered the Queen of the Tang Dynasty with only one side. In the afternoon of that day, she woke up in her sleep. The gentle woman looked at her quietly. She quietly told her to ask her to persuade Li Ce, not to dismantle this temple for the Buddha.

At that time, Li Ce was still a big brother of the Tang Dynasty. Today, it is already the birth of the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty.

Qiu Sui is now the aunt of the squatting house. The little girl grew up in the palace since childhood. The ear is clear, the leaves are clear, and the time is doubtful. I look at Chu Qiao, frowning and whispering: “I have seen this time. Girl, I feel that the girl has more than the last time.”

Chu Qiao raised his eyebrows and asked, “Oh? What more?”

Qiu Sui smiled gently, holding the horn comb from top to bottom through Chu Qiaowu’s hair, quietly said: “The last girl returned from Yanbei, the whole person is like the end of summer, but now, it is winter. It is.”

“is it?”

Chu Qiao sideways, sallow fingers crossed the thick hair, the face of the mirror is like a lake in the cold winter, the color of the eyes is no longer, as if the past ten years, but a water moon mirror. Today, she lives in the Jinwu Palace, waiting for her heart, the years like water, after all, gave her a few peaceful times.

At the end of the year, she met He Xiao.

The winter breeze was sturdy. She wore a silver tipped cloak, and Mei Xiang passed through the Baizhe Pavilion of Shanglin Garden. She happened to meet He Xiao, who had just come out of Yixin Temple.

He is now the commander of the military unit of the Sui Tang Nanying, and the official residence of the three products, quite worthy of the weight of Li Ce. This is the harem, and it is also frequent.

Since Chu Qiao did not say goodbye, they were reunited for the first time. After they met, they were a bit embarrassed. He Xiao’s lips squirmed for a moment, and seemed to want to call an adult. After all, the words were still condensed on the lips, and the voice was low and shouted: “Chu girl.”

Retreating to the next person, only took Mei Xiang and went to Baizhe Pavilion.

He Xiao wore a navy blue suit, calm and handsome, and his face was trained to experience the hardships.

Mei Xiang stood outside the pavilion, and started the wind, blowing Chu Qiao’s cloak hem, fluttering, like a smoky smoke. She hasn’t spoken for a long time, but she is standing against the wind. The pavilion is very tall. Below is the water outlet of Taiqingchi. It has also been repaired into a living water. The water is flowing and squeaking. He Xiao’s voice rang in the back, quiet, and not shocked.

“The wind is big here, the girl is weak, or go back earlier.”

“The wind in Yanbei is not bigger?”

Chu Qiao looked back, his face was very calm, and his eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of light, which made people unable to see through.

“He Xiao, are you blaming me?”

He Xiaohang first said: “I don’t dare to belong.”

“You dare not dare, it is strange.” Chu Qiao bitterly smiled, smiles slipped through the corners of his mouth, and disappeared instantly: “Whether you believe it or not, you and I have been fighting side by side for many years, I always regard you as my best friend. I left, not to abandon you.”

“I know.”

He Xiao suddenly looked up and his eyes were as calm as ever. It was not as good as the prestige on the battlefield. He said quietly: “I have never blamed you. You just thought for us and arranged the best way for us.” These, I know all.”

This is the first time that He Xiao has been accommodating to you and Chu, and his eyes are quietly watching her. He said slowly: “In these years, I have been watching you step by step, the pain in your heart. I understand all. I sometimes think, maybe I was selfish at the beginning, and if I could figure it out, I would never let the situation force you to such a situation. Even if the southwestern town government made it a bandit and was annihilated, You shouldn’t let you take on this responsibility, fight against Yan Wang, and you will go to the field today.”

Chu Qiao shook his head. She wanted to say that she and Yan Xun had an irreconcilable contradiction. Even if there is no southwestern town government, there will be other reasons. The problem will sooner or later, but it will be delayed. The problem is gone.



He Xiao did not wait for her to finish, and said: “After all, you are just a young woman, but we were neglected at the time.”

He looked up and smiled very gently. Like an elder who looked at his descendants, he quietly said: “Your Majesty said that only when you completely forgotten the past can you get true peace. I will no longer call you an adult. It’s not grievances, but hope that you can let go of your burdens and live for yourself.”

The dew that was deposited on the leaves fell down and splashed on Chu Qiao’s soft white embroidered shoes. Her eyebrows were gently picked up, and a touch of emotion rose from the heart, so sour.

“Since the Sui and Tang Dynasties are warm, but now the climate is cold, the girl will go back earlier.”

After all, he let the body go to let Chu Qiao leave, Chu Qiao suddenly cried: “He brother.”

He Xiao looked at the whole person and looked up at her fiercely.

Chu Qiao quietly said: “You and I have been with each other for many years, and have died together with each other. You are like me, like a comrade-in-arms, more like a loved one.”

Xiao Xiao’s wind passed through the forest, and He Xiao’s eyes shook a little. For a long time, he still kept that position and quietly stepped back. He said, “I’m going to the southwest to go to work. Maybe, I’ve never had a chance to meet again. “”

He really knows it.

Chu Qiao’s fingertips were slightly cold, and he looked at He Xiao’s figure, only feeling a trace of sorrow and sorrow in his throat. She nodded quietly and said, “You take care,” turned and walked down the pavilion.

Just a few steps away, I heard a voice quietly behind me: “Little Joe, take care all the way.”

She suddenly looked back, but he saw that He Xiao still stood still in that position, the wind blew through his clothes, and the blue robes had a blue-and-green moire pattern and a pale blue waist. Dilapidated, still the belt in the beautiful army of the year. He stood so quietly, not even lifting his head, as if he had not said what he said.

Chu Qiaomo set a moment, after all, turned around and walked in a direction.

After a few turns, Shanglin Garden finally disappeared again. Chu Qiao looked up and found that he had inadvertently came to Fran Mountain outside the Temple of Johor. The name of the mountain is actually just a fake stone built on the ground. The surface is all carved with white jade carvings. It looks like a fluorescent light, which is called a golden scenery of Jinwu Palace. However, Chu Qiao looked at this white rockery at the moment, but only felt the coldness of his heart filled with a trace of coldness, like a long-handed insect, and she lived in a circle.


Mei Xiang called out with some concern.

Chu Qiao did not speak, his eyes slightly solidified, and looked at the few plums on the rockery, but it seemed to penetrate there and saw it far and far.

“Miss, everyone in this world has a different mind, but you have only one heart, and you can’t care for so many people.”

Mei Xiang’s words sounded in her ears, but Chu Qiao did not seem to hear clearly. The wind was so big, she suddenly felt a little sad.

“He Tong has been following you for so many years. In time, he will understand that the world is full of feasts, and you should not be too sad.”

Chu Qiao turned his head and suddenly reached out and hugged Mei Xiang’s shoulder and said softly: “Mei Xiang, if you want to go, let him go.”

Chu Qiao clearly felt that Mei Xiang’s body suddenly slammed, and his back was straight, like a rabbit that was alarmed. After a long time, a pair of arms slowly surrounded Chu Qiao’s back, Mei Xiang’s voice quietly in Chu Qiao’s ear: “I am reluctant to congratulate, but I am more reluctant to miss.”

The afternoon sun shone on the ground, the sky was so high that there was no cloud.

“Miss is no longer worried about others. Master Zhuge is not a perfect person, but he is the only person in the world who is single-minded for the sake of the lady. For the sake of the lady, he will kill and set fire to the devil, or put down the butcher knife to become a Buddha. Such a person can no longer find a second one with a lantern.”

Mei Xiang suddenly laughed: “As for He commander, he will always look at it. Like me, this kind of thing is barely coming. Every one of us will have its own cause.”

The freedom of the blue sea and the blue sky has been prayed for many years.

She looked up and faintly seemed to see the light eyes of the man. It was expected that the wind was cold and the summer sun was over the clouds. Can he still be alright? In the blink of an eye, the New Year has been repeated. This year, it has been repeated, perhaps to dilute the atmosphere after the war. Under the strong demands of Baiguan, Li Ce ordered a vigorous feast of the spring feast, which is extremely extravagant.

On the 27th of the twelfth lunar month, Li Ce banqueted the officials at the National Hall of the People’s Republic of China. He opened a year of testimony and expressed his appreciation for the outstanding achievements of this year. He gave the honor of three officials and more officials to eat in the same hall, and personally sat down. The first thousand autumn poems, ordered the insiders to copy and give each of the courtiers a pair.

The harem is also a lantern, and the feast is from the Yixin Temple all the way to the Shangqing Palace. The lanterns are constantly changing, and the lanterns are countless. The lanterns are decorated with colored silk lamps to form auspicious patterns such as Wanshou Wujiang and Jiangshan Yonggu. They are attached to the Zhu wall and the blue tiles. , Jinxiu Huadeng, singing and dancing, a splendid color.

Li Ce came to invite her to dinner together several times, but Chu Qiao did not like the grandiose excitement, faintly evaded. In his own house, he only took a group of palace ladies to clean up and prepare for the banquet.

On the 28th of the twelfth lunar month, a Qingbu carriage drove into the main entrance of Jinwu Palace. After the notification, all the way came to the house. However, after the carriage arrived, a box of things moved down, but it sensationalized the entire harem. All the ladies and women were rushing to the hustle and bustle to find out, even some unsettled ladies, but also Baba’s arrival. It is.

Twenty carts, two hundred boxes of large and small nanmu boxes, after opening the box, everyone’s eyes suddenly brightened, full of pearls. Emerald, grandmother stone, ruby, cat’s eye, white jade, Dongzhu, Jinxiu yarn, Su embroidery satin, precious fur, antiques, calligraphy and so on, all the luxury that the world can imagine, almost gathered. Not only that, but also some of the girls like Zhu Xi, 璎珞, palace clothes, jade shoes, jewelry, everything. Top-grade flowers, complete corals of up to three feet, rare bluegrass, screens inlaid with Dongzhu, jade self-lighting that can shine in the night, and some rare objects from overseas, such as matches, telescopes, glass ornaments, simple The self-sounding bells, the dresses of the Fan women, and the precious specialties of Hu Di, all kinds of medicines that are more expensive than gold, and so on.

What is even more ridiculous is that there are still a few boxes of very rough indigenous products, which look like sweet potatoes. Chu Qiao took a long time to study and realized that this is the Qinghai melon that he wrote to himself. The nose smelled a little, and there was a hint of aroma. My heart suddenly rose to the sweetness of the moon. I only thought that all the beads and jade together were not as good as these ugly melons.

Presumably, the locals have heard that Qinghai Wang wants this thing to do their best, not only is it very big, but also a red line is attached to each of the melons, which is wrapped in red and looks like a singularity.

A small letterhead was placed in the melon, and she picked it up, and the white fingers opened the gold thread, and I saw a large piece of paper written in the very thin and flying words.

He always does this. Even writing a letter is an awkward tone. From the weather to politics to the development of the local economy, I will talk about the cordial meeting of the two heads of state. Only at the end of the day, I will be careful to remind you: Portal, watch the windows and doors before going to bed, and guard against villains.

On one occasion, Li Ce saw the half-death of Zhuge’s letter of loyalty, and said that Zhuge was a veritable villain, and he was actually hurting others. Chu Qiao looked at the man who secretly dismantled other people’s letters but was very arrogant. He only thought that the two of them were not empty.

Today’s letterhead is not very long. After a brief beginning, the pen and ink seems to be a lot stronger. I think that the person is meditation for a long time, the ink is dry, and it is written again:

“There is something ridden, you can’t spend a spring banquet with you, and you will fulfill your promise next spring, waiting for me.”

Surrounded by a sigh of exclamation, Chu Qiao held a thin letterhead, but only felt calm and gentle around, the wind was silent, the screaming and screaming, the flowers and leaves were green, even though the winter was cold, the heart was still in the spring. Jing Ming.

On the evening of the same day, Chu Qiao and Mei Xiang, Jing Jing, Duo Ji, Ping An and Qiu Sui, and a number of palace ladies, Li Juli, Chu Qiao personally cook, although the cooking is general, but the modern cooking method will still be a guy Awkward. At the beginning, everyone was still somewhat restrained, and gradually let go. There are few men in this palace. Duoji Qingjun is gentle, but peace is a fangs. He keeps telling jokes for everyone, and he will make a lot of laughter. laugh.

At midnight, the fireworks suddenly appeared outside. Chu Qiao and the palace people ran to the courtyard, standing under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree and looking up at the sky, watching the silver flowers of the fire, the bright colors on the face, is a flying look.

Jingjing and Pingan people put the firecrackers with the little baboons, and the sound of the cymbals sounded on the ear side. Chu Qiao squinted at the ears and was crowded in the center. His face was red and he was wearing a furry new folder, like a Not growing up.

How many years have come here, this is the most happy New Year she has ever had.

Even though the people at the bottom of my heart are not around, the years are still quiet.

Outside is still a laughter, Chu Qiao squatting in front of the case, a few strokes, is the two vivid cartoon characters of the Q version, a small body with a big head, a smart and delicate, a serious awkward, two small Standing on the high hillside and staring at the front, there are a few silly cutes in front of them. In front of them, there is a vast grassland, cattle and sheep in groups, far away, and large movies. Green sea water.

She wrote two words at the end of the letterhead with a very serious handwriting: waiting for you.

No longer embarrassed, no longer inquiring about the inquiry, she thought, she must be completely selfish, and she must be serious and willful once again, but also believe once.



Putting down the letter, she ran out of the cloak and went out to find Meixiang. Who knows that she just walked out of the hall and took a white petal and looked like a full snow, spilling it on her body.

The crowd laughed in unison, and the sound penetrated the fire tree of the Jinwu Palace, and the smoke of the fluttering air spread. The winter of the Sui and Tang Dynasties is always very short, and it is March in a blink of an eye.

A few days ago, Huai Song came to the news that the Prince of the Song Dynasty, Jinjiang Wang, had a different body in the Song Dynasty. He led a part of the officials who supported him to ask the Tai Hospital to announce the physical condition of the emperor, but was rejected by Nalan Hongye, causing a mess. .

When Li Ce talked about this matter, he frowned slightly and said: “If it’s okay, why not plug those people’s mouths?”

Chu Qiao did not talk, she vaguely guessed something, presumably not only her, I am afraid that there are countless pairs of eyes on the bottom of the sky, and the woman who has propped up the Nalan’s building for many years At this moment, how should we deal with the dark arrows in the dark?

She couldn’t help but think of the slightly scrawled letter that she saw in Yanbei many years ago:

“There are branches of wood and eucalyptus, and I don’t know if I am happy.”

Even though the appearance looks tough as iron, after all, when there are injuries and sadness, who can always be as firm as ever?

On the early ninth of March, Li Ce’s second son, Li Qiao’an, died of typhoid fever, only three years old. Knowing this news, Li Ce was inspecting the dam in Xianghu and rushed back, but only had time to see the child’s body.

Li Ce now has two sons and one daughter. The eldest son is six years old and the daughter is four years old. The child who died is the son of Mrs. Nan Yun. After the child’s death, Mrs. Nan Yun’s sadness can’t afford to be sick. After three days, she will be left behind.

After all, the child was still small and could not enter the shackles. He only cremated in Nantian Temple and converge in the temple.

That night, Li Ce drank too much alcohol. Chu Qiao was the first to see Li Ce drunk. In the past, no matter when it was, he seemed to be awake, even if the road could not go, his eyes were still clear.

That night, he grabbed Chu Qiao’s hand and repeatedly asked: Is it too deep? Am I too devastating?

His strength is too great, Chu Qiao’s wrist is aching, the hall is very quiet, the cold wind is blowing in, the dust is rising, the frog is lingering in the willow, but it is more quiet, the copper crane top On the candlestick, a red drop of red candle tears, like a woman’s tears rolling over the rouge of the rouge, quietly low and silent.

On the second day, Li Ce chased Mrs. Nan Yun as Yunxiao and entered the Imperial Tomb, so that her family and fathers could enjoy mourning.

In the blink of an eye, in May, Mrs. Ziyi, who went to Huangzhuang’s fetus, returned to the palace to give birth to a son. Daqing, Li Ceci’s child named Qingrong, and the title of the title, Feng Rongwang, and Mrs. The head of the three scorpions, the title of the noble.

The palace ladies in the palace are talking about the noble lady in private, saying that she had a son so short when she entered the palace, and she climbed to the throne, and she was just around the corner.

However, some people say that she was born in the cold, the family has already fallen, her father is still a sinner, even if the brother is now gradually showing the edge in the hall, but in the end it is inconvenient to reach the high position. Without family support, it is difficult to make achievements.

For the courts of Li Ce, Chu Qiao did not want to inquire, and he paid little attention to it on weekdays. Suddenly remembered something, asked Qiu Sui: “Why didn’t you see the Empress Dowager in the royal seal?”

Qiu Sui replied: “After the death of the Emperor, the Queen Mother went to the An Yin Temple and has not returned to the palace for many years.”

Chu Qiao was so stunned that he couldn’t help but think of the life of the Queen Mother.

Just after April, the Sui and Tang dynasties are already a spring breeze. Zhuge 派 sent a pair of Hudi biplanebirds for her a few days ago. The long and very beautiful, brightly colored hairs are said to be twins. If one is dead, the other will never live alone.

Chu Qiao likes to feed himself in person every day, and renames them to be lovebirds. The female seems to have a good relationship with Chu Qiao. Gradually, even if she put out the cage, she wouldn’t fly far, just hovering in the hall, occasionally falling on Chu Qiao’s shoulder, rubbing her cheek with her neck, the male bird looked It’s always very hot, and the house is full of strange screams, and it’s so funny that everyone laughs.

Li Ce seems to like this pair of birds too, always teasing from time to time.

One night, Chu Qiao was sleeping. Suddenly, it seemed that someone was looking at her. She just opened her eyes and sat up in the darkness, and suddenly fell into a hard embrace.

The man’s breath is very familiar, breathing is a little low, and it is sprayed on her neck with a hint of alcohol. He held so tightly, like using all his strength, almost hurt her, she did not struggle, through the cold ice of the clothes, seems to be able to feel his loneliness and pain, she gently stretched Shot to pat his back.

Moonlight fans are shining on them. The men’s clothes embroidered the thin dragon lines with red lines. The silk is so thin, it seems to be melted into the heavy yellow, the vague veins, like blood seeping. Wrist.

Gradually, Li Ce let go of her, the wine was pouring up, and the breath was clear and fragrant.

Chu Qiao asked carefully: “Li Ce, do you regard me as her?”

Li Ceyi, turned his head and looked at her, raised his eyebrows slightly.

Chu Qiao suddenly had some cramps. He seemed to accidentally break the secret children. He whispered: “I heard what people said. In the past, Princess Fu had lived here.”

Li Ce was fixed to look at her, the eyes are so far-reaching, like a secluded ancient well, with a clear deep meaning, a turbid pulse. At that time, Chu Qiao, perhaps could not understand his eyes, she only felt that he was very uncomfortable to see, slightly worried.


Li Ce suddenly chuckled, then used the elongated tone to say lazily: “Fuer’s figure is much better than you.”

That night, Li Ce left the 宓荷居 and went to the 柔贵妃的柔福殿, he just walked out of the hall, Chu Qiao saw a few things on the light, it was Li Ce’s jade finger, she quickly ran to the window Cried: “Li Fox! Your finger!”

Li Ce looked back and smiled at her, and the smile in the moonlight was dazzling.

“Spring is worth a thousand dollars, I will come back tomorrow!”

After that, I went to the direction of the Johor Temple.

Chu Qiao held the finger and slammed the messy emperor. When he turned around, the toe accidentally kicked on a raised threshold. The cone hurt, and she frowned and sat down. I saw that a lot of blood was flowing, and the white nightdress was dyed red.

Her heart suddenly gave birth to a fluster.

About four days later, a sudden rush of footsteps came suddenly. Chu Qiao’s heart was a little uneasi, and he didn’t sleep. He sat up and got up. Just Mei Xiang and Qiu Sui rushed into the hall, and everyone looked pale, as if they were gray:

“The sire is assassinated!”


In the dark night, the white jade finger suddenly fell to the ground, but did not break, just smashed a corner, along the Guanghua floor, far away.

When I arrived at the Yixin Temple, there was a crying outside the entire hall. The entire hospital was waiting outside the palace. Several old doctors were gathered in it, and only a basin of blood was constantly being brought out. Like a sharp knife, it pierces the bone marrow deeply and hurts.

Qiu Sui said that Li Ce was stabbed at the time when he was staying at the temple. He was an elderly eunuch. He claimed that Luo Wangye was his benefactor. After he succeeded, he did not wait for the guards to ask questions.

Chu Qiao tightly held the fist. At this time, she could not enter the inner hall, and she did not even have the qualification to cry outside. She wrinkled her eyebrows with doubts. She did not say that the soft blessing hall was strictly guarded. Li Ce was a first-class guardian. How could an old eunuch of unknown origin mix into the inner hall and assassinate him? It is said that Li Ce’s own skills will never let strangers get close and feel nothing.

She looked far away and saw a small woman in front of the main hall in front of the main hall. A woman with a thin shirt was lying there alone, messing up, because she was facing her, so she could not see her face.

Qiu Sui said that it was 茗 妃 妃, and it has been there since the beginning.

At this moment, the door of the main hall suddenly opened, and Sun Hao greeted him with a number of loyal courtiers. He asked nervously: “What is the injury of His Majesty?”

The head of an old doctor wiped the sweat from the forehead and said: “The life is not a problem, but you still need to rest.”

When the words came out, those who were crying at the same time, they listened to the square, and the name of the noble man was soft and fainted to the ground.

“Sun Daren, Your Majesty wants to see you.”

The old doctor said, and then he turned his eyes and saw Chu Qiao suddenly said: “There is this girl.”

For a time, all the strange eyes were all condensed. Chu Qiao took a deep breath and walked forward calmly. He greeted Sun Hao and walked into the hall under the watchful eyes of everyone.

The hall is impenetrable and full of heavy medicinal taste. Sun Hao advanced, and it took a long time to come out and said to Chu Qiao: “The spirit of your majesty is not good, and you can make a long story short.”


Chu Qiao nodded and went into the inner hall, passing through the layers of the man, Li Ce lying on the dragon bed that can almost be called a huge.

His temperament is really bad. Chu Qiao has never seen him like this. His face is gray, his eyes are blue, his lips are almost bloodless. He is looking at her, his eyes seem to be a bit sluggish, just in Chu Qiao. At the beginning of the panic, he suddenly showed a weird smile, and the voice was hoarse and relaxed, saying: “Scare you.”

Back in time, the years passed by, and they seemed to return to the day when they first met. The young prince was kicked down from the horse immediately, and her nose and face were swollen. Looking at her with a weird smile, like a heartless penguin.



“Li Ce -”

She shouted, and saw a deep knife across his chest. As long as he was one inch away, he could pierce the heart. She looked at him with fear. The scalp was numb and wanted to catch him. The hand, but did not dare, just repeated: “Nothing, slowly raise.”

“Original,” Li Ce said intermittently: “I originally wanted to prepare a dowry for you in the past few days. Under this time, I have to be a cheap Sun Yan guy. I don’t know, I don’t know if he will be corrupt.”

Chu Qiao Qiang smiled and said softly: “You can rest assured, I will look at him.”


He seems to be very tired. He only said a few words on his face. Chu Qiao quickly said: “You should sleep first, don’t talk anymore.”

“Jojo, stay with me.”

“Good.” Chu Qiao quickly nodded: “I don’t go anywhere, I am here to accompany you.”

Li Ce slept in a deep sleep. During the period, the doctor had changed his medicine for a time. Chu Qiao saw the wound with his own eyes. The doubts about his injury were deeper, but it is not the time to deal with these things.

Three days later, Li Ce’s injury improved and his face looked good.

This morning, Chu Qiao was fanning him in the inner hall. He suddenly heard a groan from outside. She raised her eyebrows and saw Qiu Sui rushing in. She whispered to her ear and said, “The Queen Mother came back to the palace.”

Chu Qiao was shocked and quickly went out.

Not yet out of the heart, I saw the Queen of the Queen’s phoenix driving, she invited the Queen Mother, and followed all the way back to the Yixin Temple. The maid opened the curtain, and the Queen’s plain blue dress, Chu Qiao looked up and couldn’t help but be shocked, but it was not seen for a few years. The Queen Mother seemed to have changed herself, and the old one was not. Full of white hair, wrinkles deep, a pair of eyes almost recessed, red.

She just got off the car, and the tears flowed out. The sad voice said: “What about my policy? How is my strategy?”

“After the Empress Dowager, His Majesty is no problem, only need to rest.”

The Queen Mother cried with tears: “How do you serve these slaves? If the emperor has something, you will all be buried with me!”

After that, go to the Heart of the Temple.

The minions were all scared to the ground and did not dare to carry them.

No one dared to stop the Queen’s drive, Chu Qiao followed, and entered the Yixin Temple all the way. Li Ce was still asleep at this time. When he saw him in the Queen Mother, his tears fell and he trembled up and seemed to want to touch his face.

A palace lady next to the Queen Mother came to Chu Qiao and frowned. “Who are you? Why are you here? The Queen Mother will see the emperor, and other idlers will immediately avoid it.”

Mei Xiang frowned and wanted to talk. Chu Qiao stretched her sleeves and nodded. “Know it.”

After all, a few people with Mei Xiang left the Yixin Temple.

“Miss? It is the emperor who will accompany you.”

Chu Qiao sighed and said: “The mother is back, what reason do we still stay inside?”

Qiu Sui said on the side: “I didn’t expect the Queen to hurt the Emperor.”

At this time, the grandson Sun Yan came from the front and saw Chu Qiao a slight glimpse, asked: “Why is the girl not in the heart of the temple?”

Mei Xiang rushed and said: “The Queen Mother came back and drove our Miss!”

“The Queen Mother?”

When Sun Yan heard the words, he turned around and strode to the Yixin Temple. Shen Sheng said: “Who is coming back from the Queen? The news of the assassination of the Majesty does not know outside? How will the Queen Mother come back?”

At this moment, there was a sudden scream in the heart of the instrument, and Sun Hao and Chu Qiao slammed at the same time, and suddenly opened the door of the instrument hall and rushed in together!

I saw a hand in the back of the Queen holding a dagger. The pale face was full of red blood, and the look was fierce. Where is the gentle and kind woman, standing like a devil in front of the bed, screaming: “I Kill you! I killed you! I have to avenge Luoer!”

Chu Qiao’s mind was pale, like the wind in the north, whizzing past.

The afternoon sun came in from the door of Dachang, bright and bright, stabbing in front of a white flower, surrounded by chaos, some people are exclaiming, some people are screaming, some people rushed out to declare the doctor, the guards rushed forward, The bright knife flashed silvery mans, and painted a bright light on the ground.

She stood in the same place, her eyes seemed to be unable to withstand such bright light and shadow, hot and itchy. The sun is made of ice, and it shines cold and cold, as if it is immersed in cold water, the cold rises from the fingertips, and a trace of her hands and feet, waist, gradually covering the chest, heart pounding It was so powerful that it seemed to jump out of the cavity, and the throat was sour and awkward, and even the breathing became no longer smooth.

The Queen’s clothes have been stained with blood, and her pale face is climbing with two morbid madness. Her eyes are bright and sly, and she is not struggling after being restrained. She just said coldly with a hateful voice: You are all beasts, damn it, I killed him, kill you now, I will avenge my husband and son.”

At that moment, Chu Qiao saw his eyes.

For the first time in her life, she felt that she saw his heart through his eyes. It was not like the lightness of the past. It was not like the squats of the past. It was not like the turbulence of the past. At that moment, she clearly saw the joys, sorrows and sorrows through the secluded pools, and saw the deep and deep veins of the depression, and saw the bleakness of the snowy fields like the snow.

He lay there like that, the blood in the wound was like a sly spring, and his pale blue clothes were dyed red. He looked at his mother quietly, his eyes were not shocked, there was no hatred, only the tiredness of the bones swept over the sea, completely submerging his handsome face.

There was a whistling wind blowing outside the window, shaking the thin window paper. The bloody flow on the ground, the dense shadows rushed forward, he healed for him, and the sound of the palace people panicked again. Everything was like a silent mime. Chu Qiao looked at it. No, I couldn’t hear anything, just staring at his eyes, and the cold touch climbed on my skin one inch at a time, until my heart.

She suddenly remembered a hunting on the Yanbei Plateau many years ago. The snow was closed, and a female wolf was extremely hungry. She finally caught an elk and was screaming. Its children were shrunk, but quietly. Going over and taking a bite on the venison, the wolf suddenly became angry, and when he waved his paw, he grabbed the little wolf. The little wolf was scratched, and he was shrinking under the roots of the tree, looking at his mother, screaming, but dare not go forward again. Its eyes were so sad, like abandoned children.

Someone came to pull her, but she stubbornly refused to go, and her feet seemed to have rooted, and she refused to move one step.

She was so scared, her blood was cold, her fingers could not help but tremble. She didn’t want to go out. The blood tingles hurt her eyes. She was afraid to go out and then couldn’t walk in again.

More and more people are coming together, and some people say something loudly in her ear. The thin silk is not as strong as this pull, and it makes a loud bang. She suddenly screamed with a loud voice, and slid away from the crowd, and ran to the inner hall.

“Catch her!”

There are guards yelling, more and more palace people are coming to her, she nervously retreats, every inch of the body’s skin is cold and cold.

“Let her go -”

The low voice suddenly sounded, so hoarse, like a turbid wind blowing through the broken bellows, Li Ce half up, his chest is dripping blood, his fingers are white, pointing at her.

“Your Majesty! You can’t move around!”

A series of exclamations followed, and his figure was poured on the bed, and the blood of the mouth splattered from his mouth, like a koi koi being torn apart. She fell like an ice, so the deep cold climbed up from the back, the door was closed, the sun was isolated, the light passed through the window paper, and it was screened into a mottled shadow. She stood outside the crowd and could not see him. The eyebrows of the eyebrows, only a white hand hangs from the quilt, white miserable, no trace of blood.

The sun gradually rose to the center, and gradually fell to the west. A cold moon climbed the treetops, and a white light trail was sprinkled outside the hall of the heart of the instrument. The sand that leaked inside was even more sloppy, as if it were in the body. Life is like, slowly being pulled out.

A sigh of crying suddenly overflowed from the mouth of a white-haired old doctor. After the ethereal credit, the woman’s body image was a row of blue smoke, suddenly falling down, her eyes were turbid through the thick tabernacle. Clear, you can only see the swaying red candle in the faint.

When she woke up, she was still dead. She thought she was dreaming. However, when she saw Mei Xiang’s surprised face, her heart burst into pain, her shoes didn’t wear, and she jumped out of bed when she opened the quilt.

“What about Chu girl?”

Outside the man’s rushing voice, she ran out barefoot and looked pale like a ghost.

Sun Hao looked at her, and her look suddenly became so embarrassing. He quietly lowered his head and said softly: “Your Majesty wants to see you.”

The Yixin Temple became quiet for a long time, silent and silent. She walked in all the way, through the layers of curtains, until she walked to his dragon bed, vaguely felt that he seemed to be integrated with this empty hall. .

She crouched down on the couch, her fingers were cold, and she slowly extended her fingertips to his arm, but it shrank slightly, only feeling that his body was colder than himself, just like the Yanbei Plateau was not going all the year round. The snow, the glaciers that have never changed.

Her breathing is so light, and the sound is like a butterfly wing that flies away in a blink of an eye, quietly in the temple:

“Li Ce, I am coming to see you.”

His eyelashes moved slightly, then opened, his eyes widened, and he looked at her quietly. His eyes were so quiet. It seemed to contain so much faintness. He reached out and tried to recruit her. , a faint smile, whispered: “Jojo…”



Chu Qiao’s tears burst out and slowly grabbed his hand. Only a few days later, he actually lost weight like this. Her throat was full of strong sorrow and grief, and her voice could not be heard, and her tears rolled down.

His eyebrows picked up slightly, stretched out his fingers, gently swept her cold cheeks and smiled and said, “Don’t cry -”

“Blame me.”

Her tears fell line by line, her fingertips with a cold bleak: “I promised to stay with you all the time, I should not go out.”

Li Ce suddenly smiled. He lay flat on the bed and looked at the complicated pattern on the top of the bed. It was embroidered with a golden plaque of Wanshou, and it covered the entire dragon bed. His voice was calm and calm, without any grievances, quietly said: “How can you blame you, that is my mother, who…”

Suddenly, he suddenly gasped and his voice was fragile and powerless. Chu Qiao was so scared that he was looking for a doctor, but he was firmly grasped by him. The strength on his wrist was so big that it was almost impossible to imagine that it was a seriously injured person.

“Who, who can think of it?”

Yes, who can think of it?

The wind in the night passed through the eaves, blowing through the ears of the inner beasts of the horns, and making a loud noise. Far away, the women in the palace whispered their voices, and they fluttered very fine.

“I originally wanted to personally send you to marry, now… I am afraid I can’t.”

“No.” Chu Qiao said suddenly and stubbornly, the voice was so big, echoing on the empty hall, like a circle of leaves, she held his hand hard and seemed to be competing with someone. The same: “You won’t have anything!”

Li Ce looked at her, suddenly a weak smile, that smile suddenly like an awl into the heart of Chu Qiao, she was so panic, tears spread over the cheeks, flowing into the mouth, bitter and unbearable.

“Li Ce, don’t go, don’t you go well?”

She swayed his arm like a lonely child: “You are gone, what should I do? I have something wrong, who will help me? I have no place to live, who will let me eat white?”

Li Ce’s eyes flashed a strange smile, and he pretended to be angry and muttered: “It turns out that I am a big head.”

How many years have passed, the past years are like a clear spring, a trace of rolling through the lonely and lonely air, she looked at him incompetently, and her heart hurt like a knife. His voice is as light as the lake, quietly said: “I have sent people to inform Zhuge four, will, someone will send you to see him, you, just go with him.”

Chu Qiao bit his lower lip, he still said intermittently: “In the future, don’t be reluctant, don’t make children temper.”

The night is like the water of Taiqingchi, so cold, his eyebrows are locked, like a flame that is shocked by the wind, his eyes are invisible, and he is gazing at her. Suddenly, he said: “Jojo, help me up.”

Chu Qiao was shocked and shook his head quickly, but the words had not been said yet, and he saw his stubborn eyes, so firm.

Her heart hurts, carefully lifted him up and sat on the wicker chair in front of the window. He put on his coat, the bright red color, the embroidered dragon pattern, the transverse warp, the longitudinal latitude, and the Zhang Yangli revealing the decadent desolateness, just like their original encounter.

“Jojo, my hair is messed up.”

Chu Qiao “hmm”, picked up the white jade comb, broke his hair, combed his teeth shallowly across the hair, pale hands over his horns, a trace, another trace, seems to have passed them for so many years The acquaintance, her hand gradually trembled, but he did not seem to know, never looked back.

After combing his head, he turned his face and smiled and said to her: “Is spirit?”

His eyes were deep and silent, and the moonlight came in through the window of the gauze, shining on his face, the faint glimmer. He is still so handsome, slender eyes, tall nose, such as jade’s cheeks, faintly revealing the temperament of the king of heaven. Only the eyebrows were caged and dead, gradually spreading, and the face was pale, like a white jade.

Chu Qiaoqiang smiled and nodded: “Shuai stayed.”

Li Ce frowned and asked: “Do you praise me?”

Seeing Chu Qiao nodded, he smiled happily, like the original.

“Li Ce,” Chu Qiaoqiang held back the sadness in his heart and asked softly: “Do you have any wishes?”


Li Ce frowned, thoughtfully, for a long time before he chuckled: “No.”

His breathing suddenly rushed, facing her, reaching out in the distance, whispered: “Jojo, let me hug you.”

The wind outside the window suddenly became louder, blowing out the small open window, and the moon sprinkled the paleness of the ground on the empty hall. The four lights were shining brightly. The wind blew from the far Taiqing pool, bringing the wind of Qinghe. Chu Qiao’s throat seemed to be bitten by people, and the pain of sputum. She was kneeling on the floor, half a volt in his arms, tears slid down, and wet his clothes.

The breath on the top of the head faded a little, like the cherry blossoms that blow the veins from the breeze, and there was no more sound. The moonlight slanted on them, faintly, it seems that it was a young and frivolous many years ago, the evil man’s red hair, falling from the sky, exhaling and laughing behind her ear: “Never stop Next?”

The years are like a big dream, the prosperity is unloading, and the rest is just a thick pale.

Chu Qiao’s eyes were like burnt ash, cold and cold, her eyes were empty, and she stood up a little. Looking back, he still sat quietly, squinting his head, seemingly caught in a good dream.

The fragments of memory collapsed, and the magnificent men’s men unloaded the camouflage skins layer by layer. The old and beautiful Cui Liu, the splendid luxury, finally turned into today’s turbidity and loneliness, and finally reflected the afterglow of the sunset, blending into this Late night of funeral.

Huo Ran opened the palace gate, the cold moonlight was spilled on her body, and there was a thick ink in the distance. The front door of the temple was densely smashed by the harem of the high court.

Sun Yan looked at her with a trembling question in her eyes.

She looked at him with a sorrow, and her body was numb. After all, she was slow, slow, and nodded.

“The emperor died -”

The great weeping and tearing resounded at the same time. The palace was up and down, and there were sad cryes everywhere. The long mourning bell penetrated the smog at night.

Chu Qiao raised her face, the wind blew her thin clothes, and on the empty sky, she seemed to see a clear face, high nose and thin lips, slightly picking eyes, like a smiling fox…

A palace man ran along the deep palace and long lane, and came to the report of Xiao Yan in front of Sun Hao. They were too far away, and the voice was broken and messy by the wind, but there was still a word that fell into her ears.

“The mourning bell rang… I ran into the corner of the table… The blood was full, it was not alive… After all, it was the Queen Mother…”

If the moon is frosty, the blood is almost frozen, and a line of tears, finally silently slipping through, immersed in the deep palace of this blood that does not know how many people are contaminated.

The street scenery of Tang Jing is still the same. There is a cool wind blowing from the fresh aroma of the lotus on the lake. The willows on both sides of the road are swaying in the wind, and the branches are like a soft waist.

Under the twilight of the setting sun, the tired birds return to the forest, the red river red shadow, such as the blood-stained sky.

Sui and Tang dying, everyone dressed in plain singles, even the hanging lanterns are covered with white cloth, walking down the street, smelling depression and cold everywhere.

The sky is gradually darkening, and the round of the moon rises from the treetops and hangs brightly in the distant sky.

Today is the White Moon Festival. It has been a month since I passed away.

Zhuge was sent to her men and she wanted to pick her up. She stubbornly stayed. There was a thought supporting her, which made her unable to leave. Midnight dreams back, the forehead is dripping cold sweat, Li Ce left, took away all the songs and dances in Jinwu Palace, the big palace fell into a long dead, walking in the long Yong Lane, even can hear Her own heartbeat reminds her at all times, some people are gone, some are still alive, and some things, she has not done yet.

This road was once she and Li Ce walked together. That night, she woke up in a coma. He took her hand like a big child, ran wildly in the palace, and passed through the Jiugong Palace. Passing through the linden flowers, through the rockery, and out of the palace gate, they ride together. He sits in front of himself and laughs and guides her. From time to time, he has to go back and laugh at those like hot pots. The guards of the ants.

In a blink of an eye, things are human beings, everything is already different, and there is no such thing.

Today’s markets are no longer the same day, a depression, and only a few shops are also cold. During the national mourning, all the festivals were cancelled, the ordinary people were no longer going out, there was no passenger flow, and the vendors who set up the stalls would not come out. The originally crowded market is now empty, and the yellow leaves are scattered everywhere, from time to time on the white clothes.

After walking for a long time, I came to the booth where I had eaten the last time. I didn’t expect them to be there, but there was no guest. The male owner sat in a chair and was sleepy. Seeing her come in, suddenly slammed, jumped up, looked at her carefully, then wiped the stool for her, oh, arranged for her to sit down.

Still the proprietress, a few years of time did not seem to leave a trace on her face, or the white and clean temperament, went to Chu Qiao, eyes no focal length, but smiled and said: “Girl has not been a long time coming.”

Chu Qiao gave a slight glimpse and asked: “Do you remember me?”

“It was he who recognized it. Baba ran to tell me.”

The woman smiled and pointed at the husband standing behind her. The man’s face was red and he smiled awkwardly, revealing a row of white teeth.

“What about Dagongzi? I haven’t seen him for a while.”

The woman suddenly asked this way, her eyes bent like two curved moons. The wind blew from the end of the long street, and suddenly the flagpole outside the stall was picked up. The man quickly stepped forward and blocked the sand for his wife. The movement was so natural.



Chu Qiao looked a little embarrassed, just listened to the woman asked: “Girl? Girl?”

Chu Qiao returned to God and gently pulled out a smile and said: “He went out.”

“Oh.” The proprietress nodded. “When is it coming back?”

The leaves were piled up, the autumn wind sweeping the floor, Chu Qiao’s heart was cold and cold, and his face became paler and paler. There was also a few sputum in his throat. She thought about it and said softly: “He moved, maybe he will not come back.”

The proprietress couldn’t see Chu Qiao’s expression. I wanted to continue asking, but she was pulled by her husband. The bright woman suddenly turned her mind and turned away. After a while, the hot noodles were brought up, and there was a plate of beef, half-boiled shrimp dumplings, and the smell of acetic acid was smelled far away.

Pick up the chopsticks, rub the handkerchief around the waist and wipe it twice, then start eating it bit by bit.

The noodles are hot, topped with scallion and chopped green onion, very fragrant. Chu Qiao ate very slowly. She hadn’t eaten well for a long time. The stomach was constantly turning against sour water, thinking that she would spit it out.

“Shrimp dumplings will be cold for a while.”

A very crisp voice suddenly sounded next to it. Chu Qiao turned around and looked at it. It was a little girl in her teens. She was very familiar with her eyebrows. She looked up and looked at the boss wife over there, and immediately remembered the child, tempted to say : “Qianer?”

The child’s brow wrinkled and asked very seriously: “Do you know me?”

Chu Qiao smiled and didn’t speak. The child sat on his chair and said, “Have you been to my house before?”

“Well.” Chu Qiao nodded.

The child said, “Are you telling me a story?”

Chu Qiao couldn’t help but smile, reached out and rubbed his child’s hair and said, “You still like to hear stories.”

“Then I will tell you one.”

“I have heard your story.”

“It’s a new story.” The child counted his fingers and said, “I was greatly older than last month. I just learned.”

Chu Qiao nodded and nodded: “Then let’s talk.”

The child still pulled out two small clay dolls from his pocket, but no more than before, these two dolls were very delicate, with eyebrows visible, colorful and lifelike, comparable to the fine embroidered craftsmanship in the court. The child picked up a clay doll and said it solemnly: “He is the great emperor.”

The same opening remarks, but now the emperor has changed his face, a small yellow silk tailored vest, golden crown ink, eyebrows and handsome, like a real person.

The child picked up another clay doll and said, “This is a little girl.”

A woman’s clay doll in a cotton-white dress was held in her hand. The child said very seriously: “On one occasion, the emperor came out to other countries and met this little girl. The little girl would martial arts and smashed the emperor. meal, great emperor was angry, had also wanted to hit her meal, but then, something happened, the great emperor fell in love with her. ”

After a few years of disappearance, the level of children’s storytelling has obviously improved. She looked up and smiled and asked Chu Qiao: “Do you want to know what happened?”

Chu Qiao’s hand holding the chopsticks was cold, and she nodded slyly. The child said proudly: “One time they met the bad guys, the little girl was very kind, and saved the emperor several times. The great emperor thought that this little girl was really righteous, I want to take her home for a good life.”

“Unfortunately, the little girl doesn’t like the big emperor. She likes another person. Later, she followed the man.”

The child took out another clay doll. It was still the clay figurine she used to tell the story. It was ruined, and even the rags around her waist were gone, so she stood there with a light hand. Small wooden stick, stupid look.

“But that person is not good, he is overbearing, ugly, poor, and loves to bully. Anyway, it is not a good thing. Later, when the little girl suddenly realized, she left this person.”

At this time, the child took out another clay doll, still the former little man riding a broom.

“The little girl likes this person again, but this person is not good. It is also proud, self-righteous, and deceptive, and very ugly and ugly, secretly telling you that he may still have broken sleeves, he and them A prince of the country is close and close, and it may be a madman anyway.”

The little girl took a breath and said with a deep sigh: “Finally, the little girl grew into a big girl. She finally realized her mistake. So she decided to leave this person and come back to find the great emperor, the emperor and the handsome, and again Rich, people and demeanor, but also kind and dedicated, the girl regrets not, crying and crying to marry the emperor, every day at the door of the emperor’s house, to live and die to be a daughter-in-law. Finally, The great emperor pity her, and he agreed to it.”

Put the other two clay dolls into the pocket, and there are two well-made clay dolls on the table. The child smiled and said: “Later, they became married, live happily together, and gave birth to a big one. The children of the pile, the men are as handsome as the great emperor, and the women are as beautiful as the emperor. They are very happy, until their hair is white, their teeth are gone, and finally, the gods in heaven know, let them Became a fairy, saying that they should be born together, never separated.”

Layers of grief overturned into the heart, like a curved countercurrent, a pulse slipping, her eyes sore and painful, the voice seems not to be her own, asked: “This story, who told you.”

“It’s a big man who often comes to my house to eat and tell me. How do you like it?”

Suddenly the wind started, Chu Qiao covered his sleeves and turned his head slightly. The child asked with enthusiasm: “Have you lost your eyes?”

Chu Qiao did not make a sound, the child thought that he really lost his eyes and quickly said: “You wait, I will give you the vegetable oil.”

After that, turn around and jump off and run away.

When she came back, there was no one in the seat, and there was a bag of gold on the table, so sinking.

The road is very desolate, there are no pedestrians, no juggling, no hawkers, no singers, a quiet lake, not even a painting, on the empty street, only she is alone, like a touch of soul, walking lightly.

When she passed a candy shop, she squatted for a while, then walked in and bought a lot of snacks, which Li Ce had bought for her, including honey cube sugar, jujube, sweet-scented osmanthus cake, chestnuts, in a bag. Inside, eat while walking.

She chewed mechanically and repeatedly recalled the story that the child had just said. The tears flowed down and down into the mouth, swallowed together with the candy, and the taste was bitter and not good at all.

The memory is like a piece of flying, and the pieces reverberate in my mind.

“Then you really should thank me very much, the grace of life is extraordinary, or you should leave, leave it in the Sui and Tang Dynasties.”

Once upon a time, he once stood in front of her and laughed at her like this.

She was besieged by Zhao Wei. He came at a critical juncture. He was carrying a dusty wind and his armor was hard. The brow was locked in her arms. He said over and over again: Nothing, nothing.

When she was desperate, he came with a basket of pomegranate and slowly comforted her: Jojo, why not let him go?

In the cold night of the deep palace, he drunk, and embraced her with emotions. In the end, he still laughed: Fuer’s figure is much better than you.

She never knew that it was like a forbidden zone in the bottom of her heart. She never touched it. She didn’t know if she really didn’t know it. Or was she just deceiving herself?

The cold moon in the sky sprinkled the Qinghui on the ground, the sea otters on the roadside were still gorgeous, the red blush and the like, the wind blew, and fell on the clothes and hair of Chu Qiao.

“Li Fox, do you like other people?”

The sun was shining in the courtyard of the house, sitting side by side under the jellyfish tree that had been moved back to the palace from the street. She frowned and looked at Li Ce, who was actively picking up the portrait of this year’s show, asking with doubts.

“of course!”

Li Ce raised his eyebrows and said very seriously: “I liked the rain of the palace last night. The skin is like silk, especially a pair of long legs. It is comparable…”

“Shut up and shut up!” Chu Qiao frowned at him: “I mean, that kind of like, like, just like…”

Li Ce looked at her with squinting eyes and said with disdain: “Do you want to say that Zhuge four is like a bastard like you?”

Chu Qiao’s pretty face is red, and he said with anger: “Yes! That’s it! How?”

“How can I treat you?”

Li Ceyu snorted and bowed his head and continued to pick up the painting. After a while, suddenly “Hmm”.

Chu Qiao asked, “What are you doing?”

Li Ce said impatiently: “You are not asking if I like people like Zhuge IV? I am answering you.”

“Ah? You like it, why don’t I know?”

Li Ce Yang Tian is haha, very arrogant and said: “The Emperor’s mind can be easily seen by you. If it is easily seen by you, is this emperor not very faceless?”

Chu Qiao is very gossip and continues to ask: “What about the person you like?”

“Not very good.” Li Ce said: “The body is also general, the temper is not good, but also like to drill the horns, the most important thing is that she has someone else in my heart, did not look at me.”

“Ah?” Chu Qiao gave a slight glimpse and asked subconsciously: “Why don’t you tell her?”

Li Ce is very chic: “I like people to be in my heart, what do you say? And…”

His tone of voice turned, a slight stagnation, the wind blowing from the lake surface of Taiqingchi, blowing a trace of his horns, he looked up, looked at the lake, the eyes have a moment of confusion.

“In addition, I may not have the opportunity to tell her all my life.”

Chu Qiao looked at him quietly at that time, and seemed to see far and far through his eyes. At that time, the first thing she thought of was the princess who was hanged on the phoenix tree, who died for the king of Luo. Murong Fuer on the day of Li Ce’s wedding.



She thought without pity at the time: Maybe, if there is no such thing, this guy will be a serious person.

There was a hot and humid liquid flowing down the cheeks, and the wind blew over, so cold and so cold, the red and bright sea otter petals fell, and the sky was floating, like a flower rain, the wind blew through the city, under the sky Raise a red blood like a bloody red.

The black scorpion in the palace was replaced, and the white cotton yarn was hung. On the eve, the emperor died, and the empress of the emperor squatted. For seven or seventy-nine, the mourning bell in the palace rang, and the world mourned.

On the day when Li Ce was buried in the Imperial Tomb, Chu Qiao moved out of Jinwu Palace, and the autumn leaves were silent and vast. She wore a cotton-white soft skirt and stood on the high tower of Xilanmen. The mourning team that looked at the long and sturdy fascination gradually disappeared at the end of the martyrdom.

The setting sun sprinkled the golden color of the place, and the highland wormwood on the wilderness horse field outside Tang Jing, with the sorrowful autumn wind shaking back and forth, like a gold wave. The twilight is four-in-one, the bird is flying south, the sky is burning like a fire, and her figure is dragged by the old man, a thin one, reflected in the Tang Jingcheng floor of a hundred years of wind and rain.

Li Ce, forgive me for not being able to send you, go to Lu Yao, you take care all the way.

The sun gradually fell down the mountain, and a long moon climbed up the mountain. The cold moonlight sprinkled over her robes, and it was so empty that a star climbed pale and cheeks covered with frost. The air of the autumn night is sucked into the nose like a fine blade. A trace of sourness rises from the bottom of my heart. A curved climb climbs up to the back, and my heart is like a white snow, and it is endlessly cold.

Mei Xiang stepped forward and whispered: “Miss, let’s go.”

She finally glanced at the dusty martyrdom, and finally turned around in an inch, the shadow of the tower, like a fierce beast, smashing the mouth of the human mouth, will plunder her free freedom.

The dust fluttered gently under the feet, and there were big birds in the sky with black wings. She walked down step by step, and walked into the deep mud cave. Behind her is a deserted wilderness. Further away, it is the mountains of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the prosperous market, and then the continuous side of the city. At that end, it is the land of the great summer.

In the mountains and rivers, the country is beautiful, she will not escape the fence of the world.

A carriage stopped quietly under the city, and Sun Yi was wearing a green shirt. He was handsome and dusty, standing side by side. Seeing her coming over, whispered: “The girl please get on the bus.”

“I want to walk alone.”

Chu Qiao said quietly, his expression was very calm, and he couldn’t see a wave of ripples.

Mei Xiang was about to talk, but Sun Hao took a lantern and handed it to her hand. Shen Sheng said: “The night is hard, the girl goes back earlier.”

The good palace white paper wrapped the lantern and gave off the white miserable light. Chu Qiao nodded faintly, and turned the lantern and left. Mei Xiang was anxious to keep up, but was dragged by Sun Hao. The young man shook his head slightly, and the moon was shining in the sky, quietly shining on the woman’s body, as if a layer of smoke had been gathered. It is going to be in the night.

Today, Li Ce went out. There was no one on the road. Only the sea otters on both sides of the road swayed in the wind, and occasionally sprinkled a light flower petal.

“Jojo Jojo…”

Vaguely, she seems to hear a series of calls, the man raised his eyebrows, a pair of eyes like a sly fox, smiling at her.

The water mirror is like a illusion, sparkling, the clouds shrouded the man’s eyebrows, and gradually became pale and clear. Finally, he relied on the wicker chair against her weak smile, and opened his arms and gently called:

“Jojo, let me hug you.”

A tear came from the woman’s eyes, she did not wipe, just quietly continue to walk. The pale light in the lantern is like the moon in the sky.

For more than ten years, life and death have been cold and warm, and half of her life has been faltering. She has fallen like a duckweed in the rain. After all, she has reached the end of today’s road. She used to be trapped in love, how many embarrassed, passive helpless, stubborn, fragile, and dejected, and now, the incompetent woman finally died with this fateful fate.

Tears fell into the lanterns, and a gust of wind blew, and the candle slammed out, and only the smoky smoke circled all the way.

She took a deep breath and threw the lantern on the ground, straightening her back and walking forward.

She swears that this is the last tear of her life. From then on, even if she sheds the last drop of blood, she will not be able to weep.

The light in front is soaring, and from afar, a magnificent mansion is located in the red and green of the flowers, and the lights are brilliant and beautiful.

Sun Hao’s light robe was upright, standing in front of the door, holding a lantern in his hand, waiting for her to return.

“Can the girl think clearly?”

Chu Qiao looked at him, the moonlight was pouring like silver, and it was silvery. She nodded silently and said: “It’s clear.”

Sun Yi smiled and handed the lantern in his hand. He said with a smile: “The night road is difficult. This lantern will light the girl.”

“The candle can be extinguished by the wind, but the heart can’t.”

Chu Qiao crossed him and walked straight into the hustle and bustle of the mansion. He said: “Since then, my eyes are my lanterns, and my heart is the candle in the lamp.”

As soon as he stepped into Zhumen, the oncoming lights were so fierce that she almost burned her eyes in an instant. The front door was connected to a white marble road before the front hall. The pools carved on both sides were as clear as mirrors, and several pavilions were carved. The fragrant painted wall, the koi bead curtain, the warm jade paving, the gold inlaid for the bar, the thick scent is like the breeze in March, and the face is intoxicating.

Qiu Sui stepped forward and said with respectful resentment: “When the girl left, the Majesty set about repairing the mansion and repaired it for more than two years. Now it is finally great.”

More than two or more servants were kneeling on the ground, and they saw Chu Qiao coming together and shouting loudly.

Chu Qiao walked all the way, only to see the sandalwood in the temple as the top, the crystal is the lamp, the jade is agar, the sea is like a sea, and a huge night pearl is set on the lamp holder, sparkling, like a bright moon. The ostrich is engraved on the pillar of the temple, decorated with gold powder, shining under the illumination of the candle.

On the enameled red dragonfly, a few thin magnolias were painted, and the aroma came. It was the night that many years ago. He kidded the headgear of the palace lady and inserted it with her magnolia. Thick hair on the hair.

“Guoer Chu’s, Xiu’s famous door, Xiang Zhong Shide, Zhi Shu Xiaoli, Gongshun Qianhe. Bing Deyou and Wen Shi Shu, know the ancient and modern sex, especially this metaphor, Jin Xirong (), Hou Yi Yongfu.”

Below, it is Li Ce’s seal, but the seal behind the seal is not filled.

Sun Hao came forward and said, Shen Sheng said: “Your Majesty did not think about the title of the county owner to enter the seal on the same day, and negotiated for a long time. The Secretary of the Court also proposed several titles, but his Majesty is not satisfied, so it has been I was vacant. I originally wanted to wait until later on, and I didn’t want to delay it. I had no chance.”

Chu Qiao quietly stood up, the lights were like charm, faintly sprinkled on her pale cheeks, the lips were red, the fingers pressed hard on the sacred decree, the force of death, the knuckles were white.

I saw a splendour in the world, all kinds of rare treasures, it is the dowry he prepared for her, has been here for many years.

Her eyes were a little hot, and her eyebrows couldn’t help but wrinkle tightly. The sound was as deep as Bihu, and she said faintly: “Since it has not been squatted, the name of the county owner does not need to be mentioned.”

Sun Hao nodded. “The girl said very, the night is deep, the girl rests first, and she will leave.”

After that, turn around and go.

Zhumen slowly slammed, and the heavy voice was like the same thunderous thunder, and it rolled darkly across the ground.

Mei Xiang came over with a letter, her eyebrows whispered, and said softly: “Miss, Master Zhuge has written again.”

The look of Chu Qiao’s eyes was slightly moved. She took the letter and took it in her hand, but she did not take it apart. The sweat of the palm of her hand broke into the stationery, and there was a slight tide.

Mei Xiang frowned and said: “Miss, this is already the ninth. You don’t reply, Master Zhuge is in a hurry.”

Chu Qiao silently sat, did not speak, eyes fixedly looking at the candle in front of the window, long time back to God.

Yanbei and Daxia have fought again. Yanming has already played four games and the front line has expanded to the southern end of the Batuha territory. Zhao Wei and Lingnan Mushi, Jing Xiaowang Ye Jingtong colluded with one qi, and mastered the southwestern soldiers and horses. They opposed the northern male soldiers of Zhuge and Zhao Che, and they were in a crisis.

The emperor has been ill for a long time. He has not been in the early morning for a year. Wei Guang is ill and does not take politics. No one knows what the old fox is playing. The situation in the big summer has become a pot of boiling water, as long as a salary carbon is thrown in, it will immediately boil. At this time, no one can have the slightest intention and act rashly.

This point, she understands, and how can he not understand?

Mei Xiang could not help but ask: “Miss, what are we doing now?”

Chu Qiao’s eyes slowly looked over, his eyebrows were frosty, silent and cold, and his voice was low and he said slowly: “Wait.”

New Emperor Deng was held on the second day.

Guozi Hall, sitting on the top of the magnificent dragon chair with golden splendor, hangs the curtain behind the seat, and the two women in the beautiful embroidered dress sit behind them, the Queen Mother’s mother, Empress Dowager and Emperor. Too Jen.

On the spacious hall, Zhan Ziyu was sitting in the temple under the prince of the Taifu Regent, quietly embroidered with a six-stringed dragon, a high crown, and a quiet smile on his lips, like a cold moon, waves. Not shocked.

Li Ce’s backyard was suspended for many years, and there were no sisters and brothers. Now he is in a state of collapse. The Queen Mother is no longer there. For a time, the Minister of the DPRK can only follow the will of the Li Ce, the emperor’s eldest son, Li Xiuyi, as the emperor. It was the end of the court, and it was not qualified for the curtain to listen to the government. So the highest in the harem, the prince and the prince, became the emperor’s adoptive mother, accompanied by the auxiliary government.



The emperor was only six years old, and the empress was too embarrassed to listen to politics, and the imperial power naturally fell. However, Yuan’s absence of time was not in the palace. He was born in the palace, and there was no family and relatives. It was the time of the Sui and Tang dynasties. He immediately took control of the brothers and sisters of Zhan’s brother who had been expelled from the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

The change of the situation in the ruling and the wild is like the darkness flowing under the icy lake. It can’t see the slightest edge, but it is like a tidal wave. It can kill people invisible in the breath.

The former vassal ministers headed by Sun Wei were all suppressed, and they were all detained on the title of Luo Wang’s party feathers and were put into the Shangri Institute. On the same day, when Li Ceda went, all the palacemen who accompanied him were beheaded. All the ladies danced low. When he was driven out of the palace, he was sent to Foshan Anhua Temple to become a monk.

The New Emperor’s New Deal was vigorous and vigorous, and swept the entire Sui and Tang dynasties as the autumn wind sweeps the leaves. The cold sword hangs over the entire Tang Dynasty, and any unwilling voice will be ruthlessly eradicated.

Under such high-pressure politics, the old hesitants who were hesitant, also turned their backs. They gathered in front of the government gate of Zhan Ziyu, the regent, and shivered like a group of scavengers.

However, what happened to Chu Qiao is that under such circumstances, the first person who stood up against it was Liu Ge, who had repeatedly played against Li Ce.

On the first day of September, in front of the Jinwu Palace, Liu Ge’s old man in front of Zhan Ziyu’s car angered Zhan’s brother and sister as a chaotic thief, and also said that the emperor’s sorrow in the Kurofu Temple was a suspicion, but it was from Zhan’s brother and sister. The hand, Zhan Ziyu, Zhanzi, swears to stab the emperor, and sin. Then he crashed on the tip of Zhan Ziyu’s guard, and before he died, he called Li Ce’s king, and his blood splashed three feet and died on the spot.

Zhan Ziyu was sitting in the carriage at the time, and did not show up from beginning to end until Liu Ke’s old body was carried away. He then gave the car and took down the silver ticket of three hundred and two gold beads. Liu Jiazi, who took the corpse, asked them to bury their father.

When Chu Qiao heard the news, he was eating. Dorje told her carefully about this matter. Her hand was slightly stagnation, and the lotus soup in the spoon sprinkled for a long while, quietly contemplating for a long time.

In the evening, the lights in front of Chu Qiao’s window did not go out for a long time. Dorje sat on the slate in the yard, with a sheepskin sac hanging around his waist and sitting all night.

After the opening of the Tang Dynasty, Liu Ge’s old incident caused a wave of chaos. Students from all over the country gathered in Tang Jing. The angry students wrote tens of thousands of articles and passed through the people who had the way to the ruling and opposition. The three priests and the military department severely punish the murderer and the Qing Dynasty.

However, two days later, Zhan Ziyu sent a Central Army to crack down on the students. For a time, Shangliyuan’s Tiangong was overcrowded and filled with angry voices. The court of Shangliyuan judged Zhan Ziyu with a bitter face, and the young regent Wang Emei Gaoguan, faintly said: “Is there a place in Huangquanpo in the suburbs?”

The three-chamber courts with white hair were suddenly cold, and Huangquanpo in the suburbs was a mass grave. The regent king said that the meaning of the words was self-evident.

In the afternoon of the same day, the house of Shangliyuan accidentally caught fire and burned the cell in the middle of the house. The prisoner inside was killed and injured. A young body was thrown into Huangquanpo, and even the coffin was not there. It was exposed to the blue sky. Next, become the night and night of the wolf tiger and leopard. However, Shang Liyuan just surrendered two prisoners of drinking and dereliction of duty, and it was perfunctory.

September 27, strong winds, autumn deep.

Today’s early morning peace day is slightly different. It is entirely governed by the regent Wang Zhanyu. After the curtain, there is only one person. The royal doctor said that the emperor was affected by the cold, and today he could not go to the DPRK. The Queen Mother was also taking care of the emperor.

Not yet waiting for the reaction of the group of ministers, the insider was carried by a magnificent throne in the back of the temple, engraved on the nine-tailed Ming Huang Yulong, at first glance, almost exactly the same as the Dragon Throne.

The ambassador of the ambassador went to the front of Zhan Ziyu’s slogan, and then took out the emperor’s sacred decree, saying that this seat was created by the emperor himself, and pity the body of Zhan Ziyu, who can sit on it later. And the Jinwu Palace inside the Lingxiao Temple was given to the Regent King, to avoid suffering from the daily rush.

Zhan Ziyu shirked it, and finally sat down under the persuasion of the crowd. The group of ministers worshipped him and looked up. He only felt that the regent’s throne was almost equal to the throne, and Jin Guangzhen was extremely glaring.

On the evening of the same day, after Chu Qiao put down the letter of the letter, he took a deep breath and said to the iron man: “Go back to the palace to see the emperor, it is near.”

On the evening of the third day, a huge cockroach suddenly came from Jinwu Palace. All the people who were awake or asleep were alarmed. The senior officials and the people rushed out of the house and stood in the courtyards of each house. Looking towards the source of the sound. I saw the direction of Jinwu Palace was bright and the red shadow was filled. It seemed that there was a big fire, and the sound of shouting was constant, and it was so fierce.

Everyone was shocked by the earth on the eve. The timid man hurriedly ran into the house with his wife and children, and closed the doors and windows, fearing that he would suffer from the fish. Only some high-ranking officials in the rushing and stunned looked at the palace gate and muttered: “I am afraid that it will be changed again.”

At the third time, the palace gate was attacked. Lu Yunxi’s robes were full of blood, and the sword rushed out, followed by three thousand scorpion soldiers, and said to Chu Qiao in front of Tai’an’s door: “Girl, has already captured Ling Xiao Temple.”

Under the dark sky, Chu Qiao is a black robes, embroidered with gold pens, face like white jade, beautiful Ling Rui, behind the black pressure of 10,000 beauty army soldiers, He Xiao face calm, sitting on the battle immediately, tight The guard is on her side. The red cloud flag on the white background is advertised on the heads of the people. The night is black and windy, the clouds are dense, there is no star and no moon, and the blood red torch is reflected on Chu Qiao’s face. It is like a cold sword, and can’t see the slightest expression.

“Into the palace.”

The faint voice screamed coldly, like a knife slid over the matte, sharply piercing the eardrums of everyone.

The wind blew, blowing Chu Jiao’s flying corner, she raised her thin chin, her eyes slightly picked up, her feet slammed the horse’s belly, and drove the horse into the magnificent palace.

When the last guard of the Lingxiao Temple fell, the fire of the West Hall was extinguished. Du Pingan rushed forward with a group of soldiers. The young children’s eyes shone with a tough light, as if they had grown up overnight. .

Tens of thousands of guards stood behind Chu Qiao, and the bright torches illuminate the sky, reflecting the corpse of a mess.

Chu Qiaoze Ma all the way to the white jade steps, the Pingri Palace people do not dare to look up and face the regent palace plaque 匾 was fell to the ground, the horseshoe trampled up, making a sound of broken sound.

A court servant who was good at observing and eagerly rushed forward and squatted on the ground and said loudly to welcome the general. Chu Qiao looked at him with a cold eye, and then he actually stepped on his back and went down the horse, step by step to the majestic palace gate.

The gate of the palace gate was opened, and the cold wind with the sandal scented road came face to face. The black cloak of Chu Qiao was screamed, and the sword on the waist side was like the cold ice of the forest. The chilly pierced the deep bottom of the heart. On the empty and empty hall, Zhan Ziyu sat alone, faintly like the river bow of many years ago, the Tsing Yi man sat alone on a wooden wheelchair, facing the Lijiang River, caged with a clear moon, eyes clear and cold springs The voice is mellow and quiet: “Who is there?”

The wind entered the carved window, blowing down a bright yellow dragon-shaped rice paper, which was actually the royal object of the emperor’s drafting of the imperial edict.

Chu Qiao stepped into the hall, stepped on the sacred decree, looked at the shadows in the deep layers of indifferent eyes, and quietly said: “I will take your life.”

Zhan Ziyu smiled slightly, and the cloud said lightly: “I don’t think it will be you.”

“The wise man thinks a lot, there must be a loss. It is not easy for you to climb to such a high position in five years.”

Chu Qiao said calmly, his expression was calm, and he couldn’t see a slight wave.

Zhan Ziyu smiled and said: “Are you comforting me with this? It is not bad. It is not easy to be praised by the beautiful generals who are famous all over the world.”

Chu Qiao faintly said: “What are your wishes?”

A trace of desolate suddenly slipped over Zhan Ziyu’s face, and he frowned slightly, and then seemed to be very reluctant to say: “I can’t sit on the eight-riding horse, always unwilling.”

Chu Qiao heard the wisdom of a slight glimpse, she could not help but think of the joke that Zong Ziyu opened that year. At the time, the two chatted, Zhan Ziyu said that he couldn’t ride horses again. Chu Qiao could help him raise eight horses in order to solve him. At that time, Zhan Ziyu smiled and said that she was confused. Only the emperor could take eight horses. If he is sitting, isn’t he going to rebel?

Time is like running water, in the blink of an eye, everything is like a mirror of water, no longer in the past.

“General Chu, why can Li family sit on this river, I can’t? Isn’t this the world that Li Jia took from the front? Why are they the orthodox in the world, I am a chaotic thief?”

Zhan Ziyu’s eyebrows are faintly faintly visible. He looked up slightly and looked at the high roof. There is no trace of the faintness of the cockroach: “Why, the Li family owes me, I get it back, what is wrong? ?”

Chu Qiao was unmoved and said calmly: “That is the grudge between you and has nothing to do with me.”

She slowly stepped forward, her footsteps were like a leaking liquid, and she echoed the walls of the hall with an echo.

“You killed the person I cherish, I will kill you for revenge.”

The sharp sword is pulled out of the scabbard in an inch, and the cold light shimmers with the moonlight of the moonlight, like a sweltering starfire, coldly shining on the face, and painting a white light.

“What else do you say?”

“Let my sister, she is just a woman, everything she does is for me.”

Chu Qiao looked at him, for a long time no words, my heart was sour and slowly rising, the wind outside from the far distance, blowing the clothes of the two, like a black ink.



“Sorry, I can not do it.”

She spit out a few words coldly, then slammed the sword, and faintly, she remembered the night many years ago. Zhan Ziyu smiled and said to her, “You said it is also good, but in the bureau, often look I don’t know, I can’t help but try to try it.”

Try it…

A handful of blood suddenly spurted out, splashed on the clothes of Chu Qiao Xuan ink, quickly penetrated into it, condensed into a group of shadows.

Chu Qiao bent over to pick up the head of the ground, the man’s ink hair combed meticulously, his face white as jade, his eyebrows mild, just like asleep, just the blood on his neck is awkward.

“噗”, Chu Qiao threw the head into the arms of a guard, and said in a deep voice: “Hang the head on the palace door and look at the Central Army who attacked the door.”

After that, he walked out of the Lingxiao Temple, turned over and leaned on the horse, and said to the left and right: “Go to the Johor Bahru.”

The moon didn’t know when to drill out of the clouds, and sprinkled a bleak Qinghui. The Lingxiao Temple gradually became cold. The soldiers in armor rushed away, leaving a dead body, and the crows in the sky shouted. The black wings are like the coffin of death. On the empty hall, the headless body still sat quietly on the dragon’s golden seat, looking horrible.

The battle of the Johor Temple was over at this time, and the iron came from the Sun and the Sun. Both of them had blood on them, showing how fierce the war was.

Chu Qiao jumped out of Malay and said to Sun Wei: “Grieved you.”

Sun Hao smiled and said: “No problem, just the food in the prison is too bad, I am so hungry.”

“Girl, Zhan Taihao has been taken.”

Iron said by Shen Sheng, Chu Qiao slightly raised his eyebrows: “Is the emperor good?”

The iron was slightly stunned by the brow: “Nothing, just a little scared.”

“That’s good.” Chu Qiao sighed and asked: “Why is that frowning?”

“Mr. Yuan was stunned. When we rushed in, she thought it was Zhan Taizhen. Before we talked, she was killed.”

Chu Qiao heard the words suddenly frowning, and did not expect Yuan to actually come to this, so she tried her best to lay down this path for their mother and child, she actually died so silently.

“Girl,” Sun Yan came forward and said, “Shen’s brother and sister assassinated the emperor, joined the party and smuggled the emperor, and tried to slay the sin of the king. All of them were searched here, and the world will be announced tomorrow. Their crimes.”

Chu Qiao took it slowly, but a few sheets of paper, but she felt that it was more than a thousand pounds.

“Let me go out! You are a group of slaves! Let me go!”

A scream of heartbreaking screams suddenly came, and the splendid sacred hall of Furu is now in decline. The fire is burning, there are rubble dust everywhere, Zhan Ziyu is a red robes, and is struggling with two courts. Beaten, trying to run out of the temple, eyes red, and there is a trace of grace and glamour on the face.

Seeing Chu Qiao and Sun Hao and others, she suddenly fell down, her eyes staring at her, suddenly like she recognized her, screaming and laughing: “It turned out to be you!”

Chu Qiao did not speak, just looked at her quietly, and for many years, I didn’t want to reunite here today. At that time, the eagerly-tailed woman who had followed her brother had died. Now she is standing in front of herself, but she is a madman.

“What about my third brother?”

She suddenly asked sharply.

Chu Qiao’s face changed slowly: “Dead.”

Zhan Zikai suddenly stopped, as if it was expected that there would be this day. After a long time, she suddenly smiled and screamed, like a night eagle on the sky, her eyes were gray and full. Looking at Chu Qiao, he said: “You killed him?”


“Okay, okay, the person he looks at is really good. It’s no wonder that the palace has three thousand fat powders. He is only really sincere to you.”

Chu Qiao looked at this beautiful and crazy woman, looking vicissitudes and pity, seems to see the depths of her heart through her beautiful skin.

“How are you going to deal with Ronger?”

“He is not only your child, but also the child of Li Ce. I will treat him kindly.”

Zhan Zi nodded and smiled bitterly: “Well, I am full of blood, even he is hurt. If it is not for the third brother, I have already lost my life, you can do it.”

At that moment, Chu Qiao suddenly saw her riddled heart through her awkward smile. The admiration of her brother at an early age allowed her to follow all the arrangements of Zhan Ziyu. However, after entering the palace, she gradually fell in love with Li Ce. This love may not even realize that she did not know until she assassinated him according to plan. Only let her know her heart. Outside the hall of ceremonies, her grief is not like a fake. Unfortunately, the two men she loved in her life, one never loved her, one could not love her, she eventually became a joke of fate.

“Give Zhan too toxic wine white.”

Chu Qiao turned around and strode away from the temple. The outside wind blew, and the night was like a thick tide that spread her whole. Jinwu’s main entrance was brightly lit, but the sound of shouting was gradually reduced. A sharp sound of gold blew through the cold night sky, slowly collecting the smell of dust. The taste of thousands of killings, the taste of countless souls, and the instantaneous rains and clouds, surrounded her from all sides.

She wore a silver sword, and her ink robe was stained with blood. Behind her was a glaring fire. The black armor stood on her side, her eyes were as cold, and she was firmly watching the end of the heavens and the earth. Over there, it was the far north, rolling cold silence. Her eyes were not blinking for a moment. It seemed that she was watching someone, but after all, she was drowned in a market. There was no trace.

“Zhan Taihao -”

The eunuch hangs a long scorpion and shouts a string of swaying rituals.

At this moment, the sun pierced the black clouds, and the sky will be clear. This long night will eventually pass, but the blackness in my heart will need to be dispelled.

Destiny is like a ridiculous fire, burning her apart, those good wishes, expectations of the future, after all, with this fire. In this regard, she is going to strip all the weakness, compassion, kindness, kindness, and the longing for good things, really strong and strong, guarding everything that she cherishes.

Anyone who dares to invade an inch will pay a painful price for it.


A childish voice suddenly came, and the child’s little figure suddenly fell into Chu Qiao’s arms. The emperor cried and painted his face, his little face was red, and he cried and said: “Mother died! Aunt, the mother’s mother died. It!”

The child is still so small, and his eyebrows are handsome, but full of Li Ze’s shadow.

She crouched down and held the child tightly in her arms. Her body was cold, but there was a warm warmth in her heart.

This is Li Ce’s child, this is Li Ce’s Jiangshan, here is Li Ce’s home. He has guarded her for so many years, and now, change her to guard him.

“I am not afraid of the instrument, you have an aunt.”


Mei Xiang stood on one side and held a child in his hand. Chu Qiao stood up and walked slowly, only to see Li Zirong, the son of Zhan Zikai.

The child who was enshrined as the King of Rong at the moment was sleeping peacefully at the moment, and he did not know what kind of bloody hurricane had been turned up in this world because of his birth. His father and mother died one after another, leaving this devastated land and a stormy river.

“Miss, how good you are to sleep under the three halls.”

Mei Xiang likes children, laughing and holding Rong Wang to Chu Qiao.

Chu Qiao took over and the child was awakened, and he yawned impatiently, and his eyes looked at Chu Qiao half-heartedly. It looked like a full version of Li Ce.

Chu Qiao’s eyes were hot and almost fell into tears. She held the child tightly in her arms, her cheeks against his little face, and her heart was empty.

“Adult, Liu Yuan, the old son of Liu Ge, with the Minister of Civil and Military Affairs in front of Taian, asked what happened? Can the emperor still be well?”

Chu Qiao looked up and his eyes cooled down. He said to He Xiao Shen: “Tell everyone, the regent Wang Zhanzi and the Zhan Taijun murdered the emperor together, and plotted to marry. The Queen died in the chaos. The emperor was safe and innocent. Already in the air, you don’t have to worry about adults.”

He Xiao went, and after a while, a long lived sound of singing and singing was heard outside the palace gate. The guards came to report: Liu Yuanzong first expressed loyalty, and the Manchu martial arts were surrendered. The wars of the South Gate, the North Gate, and the Guangguangmen had been stopped. The rebel Central Army officers had already been captured, waiting for the adults to fall.

The palace gate opened wide, under the jade steps, the Manchu and the military were full of people, and the sky was rising in the red sky. According to the singularity, Chu Qiao held the glory, took the emperor and stepped onto the Baiyu Royal Road step by step. .

The long lived sound of my emperor resounded through the palace, the rising sun with a touch of gold, sprinkled on the clothes of her mysterious ink, the red and white clouds on the white flag, there are two watermark characters “beautiful”, the wind blows, the world It’s lonely and lonely.


The emperor was crying, pointing to the golden dragon chair opposite, slightly cringing, frowning and said: “I don’t want to sit there.”

Chu Qiao squatted down, gently touched his face, whispered: “Yi Er, that is the seat of thousands of people with blood and white bones, is your fateful land, your father and mother They all died for it. The Datang Jiangshan is on your shoulders. All the ancestors’ eyes are looking at you in the sky. It is your responsibility to allow you to retreat.”

The emperor was scared by her words, and she pulled her and asked, “What about the aunt? Doesn’t my aunt want me?”

Chu Qiao put him on the throne and said quietly: “Aunt will not leave, my aunt will stay with you.”

Chu Qiao turned around, Wenwu Baiguan and all the soldiers had a time to bow down, the long lived sound resounded through the ears, and shocked the birds in the sky.



The officials did not know, they did not know who they were at the moment, the young son of the throne, or the young woman holding the two military powers of the Wolf Army and the Beauty Army. All kinds of speculative minds turbulently flew in the ruling and opposition fields, just like thousands of years, without a moment of peace and calm.

The dust came to the market, and the dust settled. The chess has already been shot, and there is no room for remorse.

Li Ce, rest assured.

The autumn is getting colder, and even the wind that blows has the cool air of chrysanthemums. The lotus flower of Taiqing Pool has already been defeated. The leaves of Wutong fall over the lake embankment. The static on the main hall is like the transparent autumn water of a lake. The sound image is the lingering fragrance of the copper gilt Dading, quietly floating in the temple, more and more empty and silent.

“Yunkang Princess, Huayang Yipin Lady, Weinan Wangfu, Duanqing Wangxi, Jing’an Wangxi, have successively expressed their willingness to enter the palace to raise the emperor. Minnan Wang, Duanqing Wang, Jingan Wang, Situ General, Ann Hummer, Yunjun Ma, and also the scenes from the scene, the ruling and opposition are currently divided into two factions, the generals are mostly respected Jingan Wang, the civil servants are advocating that the three Wang Hao together raised the emperor, the three princes together with the state.

The breeze blew, the moon shadow of the flowers and trees shaking outside the window was broken, Chu Qiao sat on the soft seat, wearing a cotton-white interior robes, one hand on the window sill, holding the chin and quietly looking out the window of the phoenix tree On the moonlight night, the large sleeves sag slightly, revealing a white arm, his face is thin, his eyes are quiet, and he can’t see what he is thinking.

“The Ministry of Military and Military General Xie Xu took the Southern Army 70,000 to the Xizhao Mountain, and will arrive in the capital in a few days. Xie Xu used to be the slave of Jingan Wang. Now he has to fight, he has to guard, I have ordered Xu. General Su was fortified in Surabaya. If Xie Xu was to meet the banner of the new emperor, he could only cross the river alone and could not carry the soldiers.”

“Xie Xu?” Chu Qiao leaned against the window, his head did not turn, quietly said: “When the King Luo rebelled, he did not see him as loyal and patriotic, but now he is picking up.”

Sun Hao’s voice remained unchanged, and Shen Sheng said: “If the name is not correct, then the words are not smooth.

Chu Qiao slightly looked at his eyes and looked at Sun Hao. It seemed that he had already said what he wanted to say, but he did not say it afterwards. He did not give him a practical answer. He just turned his head quietly and looked out the window.粼粼Bibo, for a long time without words.

“In addition, Liu Yuan, the old son of Liu Ge, had privately looked for me. He said that at the right time, he would like to contact some of Liu’s old ministry to help the adults. However, there is still a need for a time and name.”

At this moment, a sudden rush of footsteps sounded outside the hall. The two men turned their heads and looked around. They saw the emperor wearing a small golden robes, bare feet, not even wearing boots, and running into the face with tears. The hall came, and one of them rushed into Chu’s arms and burst into tears. The two squats followed, and saw Chu Qiao and Sun Hao squatting on the ground.

The child is small, so soft, and both hands are holding Chu’s waist, crying and shouting: “Aunt! Mother came to me, my mother came to me!”

Chu Qiao pityed the little emperor, took out his handkerchief and wiped his tears, whispered: “Is the emperor dreaming again?”

The child snorted and cried: “The mother’s head is full of blood, and all of them are on me.”

Chu Qiao comforted him: “The emperor is not afraid, it is a dream, when it is not true. The Queen Mother likes you so much during his lifetime, how can you scare you?”

“Aunt -”

Li Xiuyi clung to Chu Qiao, how to let go.

Sun Hao looked at the emperor and said with regret: “The age of the emperor is still so small. If it is in the hands of people with ulterior motives, how much suffering do you still have to eat?”

Chu Qiao’s heart suddenly gave birth to a trace of boredom, and he did not look at Sun Hao. Immediately, the cold voice said: “The night is deep, and adults should not stay in the palace. Mei Xiang, drop off.”

Sun Hao was not angry, and politely prayed to Chu Qiao, Shi Shiran turned and left.

Mei Xiang took advantage of Sun Hao’s back, and there was some grievance between the eyebrows. When he left, he said, “Miss, I don’t want to listen to this person’s nonsense. If the big master is coming, let’s take the little squat.”

Chu Qiao has not spoken yet, but Li Xiuyi in her arms raised her head and asked: “Where is my aunt going?”

Chu Qiao bowed his head and looked at the child’s dark eyes. The vagueness seemed to see the shadow of another person through these eyes. At that time, the wind was so cold that the cold wind was like a knife. He ignored the opposition and questioning of the whole country. He rushed to the army and rescued her from the chaos. His armor was as cold as it was on her cheek. However, it seems to be a mountain that blocks the wind. It seems like a Huanghuang building, as if it will never fall.

She gathered her arms a little bit and held the child in her arms in her arms.

The white candle is burning, and the night of the deep palace is always so long.

The corner door next to the Taian Gate slowly opened, and Sun Hao was swayed in a light robe.

Iron was in the dark corner, seeing him coming out quietly. Sun Yan looked at him with a smile, and said nothing: “Is the iron commander looking for me to drink?”

“Is the Queen Mother Yuan killed?”

The iron was low by the sound, and the eyes were silent like water, and suddenly he said quietly.

Sun Hao was not shocked on the surface, and there was a hint of laughter in his mouth. Lang Lang said: “What is the meaning of the iron collar? Yuan Taihou touched the wall and died. All the palaces and the palaces have seen it. It is also what you see with your own eyes. ?”

Iron is frowned by his eyebrows, and his tone is unchanged: “When Qingyuan said that he forced the palace to be sent to the palace, you sent a secret letter from the prison. The name was given to Yuan Taihou. Yuan Taihou read your letter. After that, I went to the palace, and did not leave until the night of the palace. The maidservant who waited for the queen said that Queen Yuan cried all night and didn’t even eat. What did you say to her?”

“What can I say is nothing more than taking care of the Zhan brothers and sisters.”

The iron suddenly stepped forward two steps, eyes fixed on Sun Hao, Shen Sheng said: “Then why did you secretly kill a few small eunuchs who sent you letters, last night, in the name of the Qing Palace, the name of the palace? ”

Sun Hao’s face was also cold, and turned away, cold and cold: “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

After that, I want to go if I lift my foot.

“Sun Hao!” The iron shouted from the stunned, scared the distant guards Qi Qi to look over here, his chest ups and downs, lowered his voice and said slowly: “If you don’t know, unless you are doing it, Gongzhong Thousands of eyes are staring at you, do you think you can get seamless?”

The moonlight is cold, and the silver-white light is sprinkled on Sun’s back. The green shirt is simple and unpretentious, but the glory that can’t be said is floating from this young noble son.

He slowly turned around, his eyes quietly watching the iron, and the words of a word of silence said: “Iron, what is your origin, you will not remember.”

The iron was smashed by a glimpse, and the surface suddenly flashed a bit of unpleasantness. Cold and cold: “Iron is born from a people, and naturally cannot be compared with Sun Daren.”

“I am not asking you this.” Sun Yan said faintly, under the Qinghui’s Qinghui, his face was handsome and evil, and the man’s back was very stiff. The sleeves were stunned and quietly said: “I want to say, you will not Forgot to leave your grace to you and me?”

Iron was suddenly stunned, but in a flash he said coldly: “Killing the only mother-in-law of the younger brother, instigating the temper of the savage, is this the means to repay your grace?”

“How else? Let the squatting down, Yuan Taihou’s auxiliary government? Hey, if that’s not three years, this Tangshan Jiangshan will follow the Jingan Wang Zhou Yun surname.”

Sun Yu’s mouth has a sneer, young eyes are like foxes, the night wind is blowing, and the clothes are smashing, but they are not like human figures.

“It is true that before the death of the sire, it was expected that there would be such a situation, and the instructions and arrangements were made one by one. But I did not do that. I want to let the Tang Dynasty mess up this game. This chaotic thief died in the hands of the beauty general, so that she can make this merit. Even if Empress Dowager does not kill herself on the same day, I will kill her afterwards, but she is still smart, knowing that she has no such skill, early I made a choice and saved me a lot of trouble. The water in the ruling and the wild is my turmoil. Only by pushing the situation to this point, the Chu Daren will use it for me, and will not leave the Tang Dynasty with Zhuge.”

The iron was stunned by the sound, and the iron-red walls looked heavy and oppressive. The birds at night passed the high Jinu Palace and made a harsh tweet. Iron frowned and frowned, and after a long time, he said incredulously: “You are crazy!”

“No, it’s not me who is crazy.”

Sun Hao looked up, the clothes belt was windy, and the tall and straight figure was like a gun. He pointed to the distant northern night sky. His eyes were sharp and said: “You didn’t hear it? The drums in the north have already rang, and the geese are shut down. The corpse is a million, and the big summer has already fallen apart. Yanbei Yanyan is ambitious, and the soldiers are arrogant and arrogant. The reason why the summer is still able to compete with it is because Zhuge’s Qinghai army In the flank threat, once Zhuge Yu left, only relying on Zhao Che, how can he compete with Yanbei? And Daxia is intriguing in the country, the internal chaos is endless, the clan of each party is in power, and Zhao Yu is not willing to be a human being. When people break through, I will go to the barriers in the north of the Tang Dynasty. When there is Yanbei in the west, there is a threat from the southern Xinjiang waterway. In the north, there is a positive attack by the Yanbei army. In the east, there is a Nalan red leaf closely related to the Yankee. There is also Jingan Wang inside. When the heart of the speculators is dark, then, at that time, I can still survive in Datang?”

Iron was suddenly stunned by the whole person. He only listened to Sun Wei and continued to say: “Luo Wang won a battle, and the Tang Dynasty suffered heavy casualties. After the squatting, the domestic thief who wants to take the Li family will not die. Now if you keep this four In the branch, we still have a fight. Once the situation is broken, the big summer is in the hands of Yanbei, that is when my Tang Dynasty is destroyed. Your Majesty is very important to you and me, now he is no longer there. Can you sit and watch the Datang millennium industry destroyed?



“That, you shouldn’t kill Yuan Taihou. After all, she is a scorpion, a mother under the sire!” Iron was flushed and shouted.

“A useless woman.” Sun Hao said with a cold voice, said: “For the present, only to find ways to save the big summer, we can have a breathing space. Before Yanbei extinguished the big summer, If we can’t swallow Huai Song, then the future must fall into a heavy encirclement.”

After all, his gaze suddenly showed a madness. He turned and stared at the iron, and said: “As long as Chu is in my Tang Dynasty, Zhuge will not leave the summer. Returning to Qinghai, as long as he does not leave, Yan Xun can not ignore the Cui Weiguan and send all the troops to attack Yanmingguan. The big summer is not extinguished, we have the time and opportunity to recuperate. And the Chu Daren and the Yankee Zhuge and the two The relationship will inevitably usher in the political support of the two parties. If there is any change in the domestic forces, we must consider the attitudes of the other two countries. The emperor’s position will be stable and secure, and Jing’an Wang and others will intervene. Moreover, there will be some scruples. What’s more, the beauty army is extremely strong, loyal and loyal, and it is the best guarantee for the Wangshi. It is the best guarantee of the Wangshi. The Chu people themselves have great military and political talents, and they have won the remnants of the great peers. Admiration, can be a big task, and has a feelings for the sire, and there is no family member, as a woman, no ambition, such a political figure, in today’s world, can you find a second one?”

Iron was said to be dumb, and he could only look at his peers as if he didn’t know.

Sun Wei looked at him and said quietly: “If you want to watch the ruin of the Tang Dynasty, you want to be the sinner of the Tang Dynasty, you may wish to tell others what I said, and I will not blame you. Thin, just blame my mind can not be understood by the world.”

“But you want Chu, she is… You are not misplaced for life?”

Sun Hao shook his head and patted the shoulders of the iron man. He said: “I believe that Chu people have no ambitions, but I can’t help others. If Zhuge really smashes her in the future, do you want Qinghai? Will the wife of the king come to be the governor of my Datang?”

The moon in the sky, the silver floor, the man turned and headed away, the sound came from afar, with a few unspeakable bleak:

“Where is the road to the emperor, how can the woman be the benevolent? The hell is deep, no one dares to go, let me go alone…”

The shadow of the moon is tilted, the autumn wind is blowing, and the autumn leaves of the phoenix tree are everywhere.

宓荷居 is still the same deserted, but now it has become the most popular place in the entire Jinwu Palace, at least there are living people walking, and other places have heard that the birds at night are not willing to fly. .

Jinwu Palace is quiet at once, no more songs and dances, no more banquets, no more honey-colored skin blue eyes, Donghu dance Ji, no longer have the sound of singing all night.

The whole palace was lonely, and even the nightingales flew away from the silent palace. The palace suddenly became so quiet, and even heard the sound of breathing when walking. Everyone is quietly alive, seems to be a little louder, and will alarm the undead who have just died and have not yet dissipated. The white and white scorpion in the palace is like a white woman’s arm, faintly, and the eyes are shaking again. The splendid and bustling wines here are extravagant, but in an instant, the dust comes to the market and everything has disappeared.

Everything is missing that person, including the continuous sycamore and clear water blue waves here, as well as every flying dove arch, every garden rockery.

The emperor just fell asleep and was lying on Chu Qiao’s bed. The child witnessed Yuan Taihou’s self-sufficiency on the same day. There was no good feeling for many days. At this moment, the little brow is still wrinkled tightly. It seems that he is afraid in his sleep. Rong Wang was lying in the cradle of the side, but he slept very solidly, and his mouth was bent like a father.

Chu Qiao sat in front of the window, not a little bit sleepy, a white candle burning quietly, the candle tears drooping, there is a faint red light under the fire, if the woman’s beads tear down the rouge.

There was a thick stack of letters on the hand, the lacquer was intact, and all were unopened.

She just sat there like that, it has been more than two hours.

Sun Hao’s words could not help but reverberate in her mind. She slowly turned back and looked at the two young children, and my heart was empty.

Thirteen letters have been written, and he will be in a hurry. If it is not the situation in the summer, I am afraid that he has already come alone.

Chu Qiao’s mouth slid through a faint smile, imagining his angry look in his mind, his brows must be wrinkled, his eyes glaring at her, his lips smashing into a straight line, like a child with anger.

What will you write in this letter? Will you be angry with her? Resent her? Will you still marry her?

Maybe there will be, but she doesn’t want to see it. This road is so cold. She can’t turn her head to see the fire on other roads. Once she looks at it, she is afraid she will never have the courage to go forward.

The heat of the chest was cold, and it gradually became a sturdy ice. She remembered what he said to himself that night. When the laurel tree was lightly shaken and the moonlight was shining, he turned his head and looked at her. His eyes were as clear and clear, and he slowly asked: “The road has not yet gone, maybe There will be other variables, are you afraid?”

At that time, the wind was as soft as it was, the weather was warm and warm, and her sleeves were swollen by the wind, like a butterfly that was flying, she threw away all the knots, and quietly chuckled that she was not afraid. Then he smiled softly. It was very rare. There was no jealousy, no anger, no bickering, no disputes. He smiled at her from the heart, then slowly bowed his head under the moonlight. Her lips kissed softly, her powerful hands wrapped around her waist, her lips rubbing against her softness and aroma, absorbing the sweetness of years.

However, this dream has not yet begun and will be over.

Years in her, it is already a thousand sorrows of the lingering and split, the fate is nothing but the sky, like the burning wildfire of the wilderness, the endless, pouring, never quiet, no peace.

She slowly reached out and picked up the letter and placed it on top of the candle. The flames ignited and burned, and the envelopes were slightly curled, gradually yellowing, and the flames spread, eventually turning into black ash.


Mei Xiang walked in the night and night, and screamed with a sigh. He ran forward in a few steps and pushed the candlestick down. He asked with surprise: “What are you doing?”

Chu Qiao did not say anything, just quietly watching the letters that had burnt most of the time, the remaining half is also black and gray, broken, like a riddled spider web covered with black dust, under the lights, there are Blind light.

“Miss!” Mei Xiang surprised her eyes and suddenly grabbed her thin shoulders and asked with concern: “You won’t, will you not intend to listen to Sun’s words?”

Chu Qiao looked up at Mei Xiang so quietly, Mei Xiang suddenly felt that Chu Qiao’s eyes seemed to have died, turned into a piece of gray, not half angry. She nervously grabbed Chu Qiao’s hand and held it hard. She said in a hurry: “Miss, you can’t be stupid about this thing. This is a lifelong thing. Although the Tang Emperor is waiting for you, he is no longer there, you are just Why do you want a woman to take up the entire Tang Dynasty?”

Chu Qiao still doesn’t talk, Mei Xiang’s forehead sweats, tears in his eyes, and the voice trembles and says: “Miss, you can’t live up to the four young masters, you can’t promise, you wake up, you can’t be stupid!”

A gust of wind suddenly blew, and the scream of the floor blew up the letter of the earth, and a few pieces of the letter that had not been completely burned were turned over. There were a few literary words written by the lights in the light: I have to wait for me…

Waiting for you…

Chu Qiao’s eyes were a little fuzzy, but no tears fell, the lights climbed from her skirt, and the light was covered in an inch. Her heart was pumping pain, but she couldn’t speak.


Mei Xiang suddenly cried out, slamming on the floor, the child on the bed was awakened, and the sleepy eyes were sitting up, and I saw Mei Xiang crying and a little scared. He looked at Chu Qiao, opened a pair of small hands, light Shouted: “Aunt.”

The child’s voice shattered the silence in her heart. Chu Qiao stood up and went to see the child. But Mei Xiang grabbed the skirt, and the woman looked up at her with tears in her eyes. The voice was so mournful and sadly cried: “Miss, why do living people live for the dead?”

Chu Qiao’s footsteps suddenly stopped, and she squinted back and looked at Mei Xiang’s red eyes, and her white hands began to tremble unconsciously.

“Miss, you can’t live up to the four young masters, you can’t.” Mei Xiang tears down, and sadly said: “Have you forgotten the song? The moon shines on your soul, reminds you to return home, Miss, must Do you know that you regret it after losing it? You still have to owe the Emperor’s debt today, knowing that he will have a chance to compensate the four young masters? The deceased has been embarrassed. Is it necessary for the living to live in pain and sadness forever? ?”

Mei Xiang slammed his head on the ground and said loudly: “Miss, let’s go with the four young masters, Mei Xiang beg you, let’s go!”

“Bad man!”

Li Xiuyi suddenly jumped out of bed and slammed it on Mei Xiang. She knocked her down. The little child, like a little beast, tried hard to catch Mei Xiang’s hair and screamed and shouted: “Bad man! You are the bad guy! You have to take my aunt, you want my aunt to go! The bad guy! ”

Chu Qiao quickly held Li Xiuyi in his arms, the child was still struggling in her arms, a pair of eyes full of hate looked at Mei Xiang, like a wolf who lost the female wolf.

“Bad man! I have no father and mother, and I have to rob my aunt, the bad guy!”

The child’s voice is like a knife, sharply stabbed in Chu Qiao’s heart, that moment, like a blood condensed in the throat, a few want to spurt out.



Li Qingrong also woke up, the child stared at a pair of black lacquered eyes, quietly looking at a few people in the room, and suddenly saw his little brother crying, but also opened his mouth, wow a cry out.

The milkmaid rushed in from the outside, did not dare to say more, just picked up Rong Wang and went outside to feed.

The candlelight on the main hall creaked, and the shadow of the phoenix tree in front of the window was swaying. The night was so quiet, she could not hear anything except the cry of the child.

“What four young masters?”

A small face of Li Xiuyi suddenly became frosty, with a few suffocating suffocation, pushing Chu Qiao, and ran to the bed to pick up the sword of Chu Qiao, and slammed out the sword that was almost as tall as him. The murderous shouted: “I am going to kill him and let him grab my aunt with me!”


Chu Qiao grabbed the sword and yelled: “What are you doing?”

The child snorted and rolled his tears from the bottom of his eyes and cried: “My aunt doesn’t want me, I know, you have to go, you don’t want me!”

Chu Qiao squatted on the ground, holding the child tightly in his arms, but the heartache was too late, and he couldn’t speak.

“Auntie don’t go.”

The child stretched out his hand and hugged her back. Wow, he cried: “The instrument will grow up soon. I will protect my aunt like my father. My aunt will not leave.”

At this moment, a beautiful girl like a white jade suddenly came out of the door, wearing a small scorpion, stupidly standing at the door, a small face was white and fat, his eyes were black and lacquered, like two nurturing Grapes in the water.

Li Xiuyi saw her, ran out of Chu Qiao’s arms, ran to the little girl’s hand in a few steps, sobbing and said: “I will give my aunt a hoe, and my aunt will not leave.”

The little girl is Li Ce’s daughter. It’s only four years old this year. Because of the recent inconsistency in the palace, Chu Qiao brought all three of them to the residence of the 宓荷居, but they used to sleep with the nursing mother, so they slept not far. Outside.

I stopped, and I didn’t know if I didn’t understand my brother’s words. I stood still.

Li Xiuyi was angry and shouted: “Let you kneel down! Didn’t you hear?”

Wow, I burst into tears, and I squatted down. Two little hands were holding the ground, and I kept licking my head. I whispered and cried and said indiscriminately: “I don’t dare to make trouble, I don’t dare, my aunt,呜——”

Chu Qiao grabbed Li Xiuyi, who had to squat down the hoe, and held him in his arms together. The sourness in his heart was like a sea of ​​blue water, and there was no end to it.

“My aunt won’t go, my aunt won’t go.”

She said in a word, the two children rushed into her arms, and then I was afraid of crying, and the voice echoed in the empty Jinu Palace, and together with the leaking drum, passed it to the deep autumn of this grief.

Mei Xiang looked at the figure of the three people, and a heart sank so much. She sat there, slightly turned her head, and pressed her lips tightly. A line of tears slipped from the bottom of the eye and fell into the mouth. So oh.

“It’s all life.”

She helplessly pulled out a smile, like the aging of Huanglian.

On the second day, when Sun Hao came, Chu Qiao had been groomed, dressed in a dignified red-gold brocade, and the golden silk lily was draped over the chest and looked magnificent.

Sun Hao looked at Chu Qiao and seemed to be slightly embarrassed. After a while, a sudden burst of laughter appeared on his lips. He said quietly: “It seems that the girl is trying to figure it out.”

The woman sat in the main hall of the main hall, and the morning sun shone on her body, with a light that people dared not to look at. Wearing such a Chinese costume, her sharpness in her eyebrows did not reduce a few points, but she looked even more gloomy. She fixedly looked at Sun Hao, her voice was cold, and she slowly said: “Fortunately, I am not called Sun Daren.” Disappointed.”

Sun Hao’s mind was suddenly stunned, but he still calmly bowed: “The girl is heavy.”

Chu Qiao also no longer talks, coldly waved: “It is estimated that there are already many people in the heart, how to handle it, I will give it to you.”

“Yes, the minister is not responsible.”

In the blink of an eye, the title has changed. Chu Qiao turned his head and even felt sneer.

Sun Hao said, and then he tentatively said: “After three days, it is Huang Daoji.”

“Three days?” Chu Qiao raised his eyebrows slightly: “Not too fast?”

“No matter, the minister will urge the Ministry of Rites and the Ministry of Industry to step up preparations.”

“What should I do with the sacred and the sacred book?”

Sun Wei smiled slightly and said it was very self-satisfied: “Is the girl forgotten? The emperor gave the girl’s county secretary a book that has not yet filled in the honor. If you make a slight modification, you can do it. There is no error in time. After all, it is the first emperor’s home. The book, the ministers will be more convinced, plus the girl’s current power, I think no one dares to speak out.”

“Oh, you think about it.”

Chu Qiao said not coldly, but Sun Hao’s back was suddenly cold, and he said with a deep voice: “The courtier is going to prepare.”


Chu Qiao nodded faintly, looking quite tired, Sun Hao hurriedly turned away, just when he was about to step out of the door, a very light voice suddenly came, the woman said faintly: “This is the last time. ”

When Sun Hao’s feet suddenly stagnate, he turned his head and saw that Chu Qiao had already entered the inner hall.

Is it auditory hallucination?

He frowned slightly.

Autumn is high, and the sky is clear. Sun Hao suddenly smiles freely, raises his face and looks at the sky. Vaguely, he seems to have seen the man who is also a friend of Yijun smiling at him.

“I am doing this, you must be happy too, even if you have a virgin and inviolable sense of justice on your face, I am expected to have fun.”

Sun Hao took a deep breath and closed his eyes quietly.

It’s no problem to hate me. As long as you keep the blood of Li Tang, everything is worth it.

On the fifth day of October, Jinwu Palace issued the will of the emperor, and the beautiful general Chu Chu was the emperor, and he was in charge of the palace, and promised the world. As long as he gave birth to the emperor in the future, he would be the queen of the Tang Dynasty.

Because the time of the payment was three months ago, when Li Ce was still alive, Chu Qiao became the only woman who had just been crowned and crowned the Emperor, and everyone in the world knew what kind of marriage it was. It is impossible for a beautiful emperor to be pregnant with Li Ce’s child for the rest of her life, so in this life, she can only be a royal emperor.

After the three-day ceremony, the Tang Dynasty city was full of black shackles, and the ritual department also rushed to make the first black robes from the Tang Dynasty for thousands of years. All local officials were rushed to prepare for the ceremony, and the martyrdom was full of rushing horses. The direction of the city is far away.

Everyone is waiting for the marriage in three days. The eyes of all countries are condensed together. Tianda is once again alarmed by this woman, because everyone knows that this is not just a royal prince, but a big tang The true master of the next decade, the great summer woman who was born in the past, finally climbed the peak of power step by step with the legendary encounter.

When Yan Xun knew the news, he was banqueting guests in the palace. The wind came quietly and fell in his ear, whispering a few words. His face suddenly changed, and the wine in his hand was smashed, and the wine was half-scented, and it was sprinkled on the black robes.

The rough guest smiled and asked, “What happened to the king?”

Yan Xun smiled and shook his head: “It is really embarrassing that an old horse that has been raised for many years has just died and is disturbed.”

“It turned out to be a horse.” The guest laughed happily: “Yanbei is a big thing, if the king will attack the big summer in the future, the world will be in the master’s grasp, and there is nothing. But since the king loves the horse, then I immediately send it. People go back and send a thousand horses to the king, and wish the king a smooth start, and the flag will win!”

Lang Lang’s laughter suddenly came out of the Fangfang Palace and resurfaced far and wide on the Yanbei Plateau.

The vastness between heaven and earth, the fate is really like a forehead arrow, as long as it is shot, there is no room for turning back.

That night, Yan Xun took the entourage to the Nata Palace in the sunset, and the palace was like a cloud. He sat in the deep pool of Yunhai-like palace for a long time, and the sun fell a little bit. The sunset was a red and bright red, like the flame safflower on the fire thunder.

The spirits slid over the scorpion, and the line of sight was blurred little by little. His eyes were no longer sharp, and there was a little emptyness. There was no one around him. He could allow his thoughts to temporarily put a fake.

“Achu, marry me.”


“I will always be good to you.”

“I will always believe in you.”

“Achu, when the war in the east is over, let’s get married.”

“Achu, all the storms have passed, and we are still together.”

Whoever will change, we will not change.

We will not change…

A low-slack sneer came out of the Yunhai Palace, and the wind glimpsed a little, and turned to the side, but only smelled the scent of wine. In the past, I never drunk, and since that person left, the wine has become a must-have item.

Thinking of that person, the wind suddenly became sour.

After all, it is two sad people, scattered world, living on the tip of the knife, no one can be truly peaceful.

The wind in Yanbei is getting colder, and winter is coming soon.

At this moment, a group of people at the ferry crossing in Xianyang had just landed on the shore. Several men with the face of the frosty color took a few horses and said: “The news came from the family. No one knows that the young master is not there. Say that the young master is doing his own thing, and rushing back within ten days, don’t worry.”

The purple man frowned slightly, his face was handsome, his lips were red, and his eyes were like deep ponds and deep wells.

He was neat on a horse, with a hint of dust and dust on his face.

“This is going to Tang Jing. If you take a short trip, you only need three days. There are no big towns along the way. It is a bit bumpy.”

“Time is rushing, or take a short walk.”



A follower turned to the purple man and said: “Young master, do you want to prepare a carriage, you have not slept for many days.”

“No, no.” The man shook his head and said in a deep voice: “Can there be news in Tang Jing?”

“After the girl defeated Zhan Ziyu in one fell swoop, the ruling and the opposition calmed down. It was only a little embarrassing about the issue of who was supporting the government in the near future. It was just that it was not related to the girl. It was the internal affairs of the Sui and Tang dynasties.”

The man nodded and said, “Let’s go.”

Everyone followed him behind him, and the horseshoe splashed, and disappeared into the ancient road of Xianyang. After a while, he went out of the Xicheng Gate and went along the remote road.

After an hour, the royal messenger entered the city of Xianyang, read the sacred decree of Chu Qiao as a beautiful emperor, and the sacred pilgrimage of the sacred city, and then quickly returned to the house, and the rich households who organized the yangyang began to prepare. Congratulations to the congratulations of the new master.

After a long time, it is already overwhelming and people are all right.

Years are like a rush, between rushes, it is looming for ten years. Vaguely, it is no longer a coveted child of the past, nor a stubborn boy of the past. The years have drawn countless boundaries among them. Family hate, national hatred, ****, war, vain, displacement, life and death. After all, after all, friendship and deficiencies are also appearing one by one, just like the prosperous long-sleeved silk satin, no matter how to pull, can not finish the endless thread.

The long wind blows from the far north of Yanbei, smashing through the vast land of the great summer, blowing into the depths of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, slightly into the Song Dynasty, like the brocade flowers, facing the vast sea of ​​the extreme east, submerged in the white waves.

“The road has not gone to the end, maybe there will be other variables, are you afraid?”

“I’m not afraid.”

“Remember, I am waiting for you.”

The night is cold and the moonlight is shining, all over the ancient road Hualin.

The warm fragments of the memory, after all, were washed away by the endless bloody hurricane, swords and swords, and the original happy and bright expectations and lead, only the facts are cold, the past expectations and the current situation are clearly clear. And clearly.

The horseshoes are rolling, staying up all night, and the long-lost Tangjing Ancient City is in sight.

The news that the beautiful general Chu Qiao was to be enshrined as a beggar spread throughout the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and Shennan, Daixi, Yuelin, Yunqian and other places collectively opposed. An Wang, Duan Qing Wang, and Huayang Dagong successively started their troops.

These Luowang soldiers changed their fashions to be able to stand up. When the Zhan brothers and sisters were dictatorial and dictatorship, the royal clans who were able to raise their ancestors suddenly leaped like thunder, and they were led by the Qingjun side and the demon woman. They led the 180,000 southern army, all the way. Swaying toward Kyoto, all the way to the official county and county to send the door, no one dared to come forward to block.

Sun Hao had expected that there would be such a thing, and the 200,000 East Army was transferred in advance. Xu Su led the block on the banks of the Lishui River. The 100,000 wolf defensive imperial capitals were all guarded. The emperor is like an iron bucket, and the sword and the sword are bright and bright, waiting for the Southland Tiger Division.

Everything is ready, only the east wind, everything is ready to stop, only wait for the three-day policy.

The autumn wind chilled, because the preparations for the Fengyoutai ceremony, the entire Tang Jingcheng had imposed a curfew a few days ago. At this moment, the long street is empty and empty, and the autumn wind is rolling with leaves and sweeping over the black scorpion sapling Gaomu, like a group of yellow butterflies flying around the night.

On Sun’s Sikong House, a man in the court’s cloak was kneeling on the ground, saying with a pointed voice inside the insider: “The Chu people had a quarrel with Meixiang girl last night, and they were alarmed by Xiaoxuan and Princess Sissi. Listening to the adults, I promised that I will not leave Datang.”

Sun Yimei slightly picked and asked: “Can you hear it clearly?”

“Clearly and clearly, Mei Xiang girl cried a lot, and the young man also pulled out the sword. The Chu people also burned the letters of the great Xia Sima.”

“What time did Mei Xiang leave this morning?”

“The sky is gone, and the young man named Dorje sent her away. Chu said, she said that she went back to school.”

Sun Hao nodded. After a long time, he said with a deep voice: “When she left, stay here, always in the way.”

The man was long and his eyes were cold, and he took out two gold bars on the table: “Go back and do a good job, I will not treat you badly.”

“Thank you for your grandchildren!”

After the servant retired, Sun Hao recruited a relative and thought for a long while, and then slowly said: “You immediately take people out of the city, looking for the whereabouts of Chu’s personal maid Mei Xiang. If she returns to the school town, you will escort her back. If she went to other places in the opposite direction, you know what to do.”

The man’s voice was low and he immediately replied: “Subordinates obey.”

After that, he turned and went out. After a while, a sound of horses rang out of the door and disappeared into the long street.

Sun Hao pushed open the window and saw a hook on the moon’s bend, like the eyebrows on the woman’s forehead.

“I hope… everything goes well.”

After two days of calm and calm, Wu Baiguan, who was above the ruling and opposition, was silent at the same time. Apart from the initial fierce opposition from the scholars of the Hanlin Academy and the censorship of more than 20 Yushitai, the rest were silent. Not succumbing to Sun Wei’s official prestige, he is afraid of Chu Qiao who is now holding military power. For those stubborn veterans, Sun Hao originally wanted to personally take them away. Who knows that the beauty army is the first step to take those People are locked into prison.

When Sun Hao knew it, he was slightly worried. Although these people were stubborn, they were really loyal to the Tang Dynasty. The Beauty Army respected Chu Qiao and did not know what sins these people would suffer.

For this reason, he had privately entered the palace, hoping to persuade the future supervising country to be too embarrassed, but ended up eating a closed door. He knew that what he had done before might have been known by Chu Qiao, and he did not dare to be too radical. He could only secretly entrust the officials of the Shangli Institute to take care of the veterans.

Tonight is destined to be a night that can’t sleep, because tomorrow is Chu Qiao’s strategy, and the first royal family since the founding of Datang. The ritual department is working hard all night, and is still trying to improve the construction of Fengyoutai. The other hundred officials are sitting in the house with their hearts and minds. No one knows what kind of direction Datang will be after tomorrow. This woman who is inextricably linked with the powers of all countries will lead Datang to one. How is the future, whether she is a loyal minister, or a thief who steals the country, is she to maintain the original social system, or to follow the example of establishing a new Datong regime in Yanbei? Nobody knows.

After tomorrow, will Datang still surname Li?

This night, countless people are thinking like this.

The beautiful military camp was quiet, and the soldiers did not have any doubts and shakes because of the various voices of the outside world. The Qinghui’s Qinghui was sprinkled in the vast military camp, and the open space drilled on weekdays was silent.

He Xiao’s big curtain was slightly moved, and a figure wearing a black cloak and a hood completely covering his head came in.

He Xiao is drinking in front of the case, wearing an ordinary brown shirt, his hair is scattered, his front is slightly open, revealing half of the bronze skin, with a rare fall and rough. Seeing the arrival, the brows were slightly wrinkled, but they did not make a sound.

A plucked man took off his hood and revealed a beautiful face. He smiled and said: “Drinking in the military camp late at night, I remember being a military squad.”

He Xiao met her and didn’t talk, just bowed his head and continued to drink.

Chu Qiao stepped forward and sat down on his opposite side. He leaned his head and said, “Don’t you have a drink?”

“桄榔”, He Xiao lost a bowl of wine and did not give her down. Chu Qiao was not annoyed, calmly poured a bowl, looked up and drank, only felt that the entrance was spicy, like a fire of charcoal into the scorpion.

She frowned slightly and said, “Good wine.”

Seeing He Xiao or not talking, she said a little bit: “Is not coming to see you, you will never come to see me again.”

He Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly, his eyes turned around her face, and suddenly the voice said lowly: “I am really surprised, can you still laugh now?”

“What is there, isn’t it better than we were defending Beibei?”

He Xiao decided to look at her, suddenly a sun, turned his head and said: “Yes, much better, the power is in the grip, once in the upper position, it is indeed much better.”

Chu Qiao slightly in front of his body, his eyes as a dark star, coldly said: “He Xiao, do you think about me?”

Although the heart knows what it is, but the fire can not keep going, He Xiao and her eyes look straight, the face is very cold, with a bit of anger, but there is a bit of anger and disappointment.

Chu Qiao half-squatted, and the body leaned over the small person in front of him, squatting in the man’s ear and whispered a word.

He Xiao didn’t care too much at the beginning, but in a flash, his face changed dramatically, and he raised his head fiercely, staring at the daring woman in front of him.

“He Xiao,” Chu Qiao looked at him with a smile, but the voice was unprecedented and calm.

“You are willing to help me?”

The young general was silent for a long time, and finally his mouth gradually revealed a smile, reaching out, like many years of so many times, the two slammed and then clenched a fist.

The night was cold, and on the desolate road outside Tangjing, a team of people was rushing. Suddenly there was a rider’s shadow in front of him, and it seemed that he was coming to his own side.

The head of the purple man suddenly fell in love with the horse. I saw that the horse was flying fast. The person who was on the horse was rushing, and suddenly he saw him. His face changed suddenly, and he was surprised, delighted, unbelievable, and so on. After all, he snorted. Jumping from the horse back, kneeling on the ground and crying: “Four young masters!”

This evening, it is not destined to be a good night for sleep. Countless planning games in the dark night, you push me to stop, waiting for the ceremony of tomorrow.



Night, so long.

The rooster was dawning, and the sky was rising in the red sky, shining through the world.

On the hall of the son of the country, the white-haired singer of the South Anhui dialect read the remains of the emperor, and the tremulous worship fell on the jade steps of the hall.

Chu Qiao is wearing a golden brocade with a golden brocade and a phoenix phoenix. The head is inserted with 18 red gold phoenix crowns, and the waist is wrapped around the gold zither jasper belt. Because it is a marriage, the kimono is dominated by black. Xuanqing, dark purple, dark green, iron red, black gold, sandalwood, dark blue, cold orange, silver are embroidered lines, embroidered with ink and phoenix, embossed with gold-grained clouds and small patterns, and also with inkstone, sapphire, moonstone, Hetian jade is the main decoration. The whole person looks solemn and quaint, and it is a bit heavy and oppressive, which makes people dare not look at it.

Qifeng car started from the Guozi Hall, and all the way out of Zhangyu Square, Tourmaline Tiantai, Rose Main Road, Anhuamen, Qionghuamen, Taiqingmen, Taianmen, and Jinwu Palace, entered the inner city giants Qingyun Road, then went up to Tianjing Street in Tangjing, all the way to the Fengyoutai in front of the Taimiao Temple.

The people along the way crouched on the ground, seeing the car and driving all the thousand years old, those foreheads buried deep in the ground, the dust splashed, like a grayish storm.

The autumn leaves are silent, the black scorpion wraps the entire Tang Jingcheng, the sky is high and blue, the sun is vast and distant, everything is like a thick ink landscape, the prosperity of the world is like dust and earth, and the layers are covered with the past. A few bloody.

The carriage stopped, Fengyoutai was cast by the 366-step Baiyu steps, standing nearly 100 feet high, standing on top, overlooking the entire Tangjing City, together with the solemn Jinwu Palace, seems to step on the foot.

“Guoer Chu’s, Xiu’s famous door, Xiang Zhong Shide, Zhishu Xiaoli, Gongshun Qianhe. Bing Deyou and Wen Shi Shu, knowing the ancient and modern sex, Shu Hui’an and progress, there is this metaphor, Jin Xi Rongfeng is a royal emperor, and he is a supervisor of the state.

The solemn voice echoed in the blue sky, and a golden phoenix crown made of barefoot gold was placed on the square of the front ancestral temple. The phoenix, Zhu pen, jade and other objects were placed one by one. The golden jade authority that the world is looking for, as long as it is stepped forward and held in the palm of the hand, no one can easily hurt her in this heaven and earth.

She stood on the high phoenix platform. Below is a thousand crouching figure. Among those looking up, there are hatred, grievances, fear, fear, hesitation, guilt, and a trace. I hope for it, but there is nothing that makes her feel warm.

The jade steps at the foot are so cold, and the sun in the sky is also cold.

The ritual Shangshu was in front of her, with a gold seal in her hand. The seven-year-old minister lowered her head and her old knees shivered slightly.

The wind whizzed past, the sky flew over the hordes of hordes, and she looked up and saw the towering gates of Tang Jing, the red walls of the red, the towering towers, the ancient city that has been through thousands of years of wind and rain. It seems that she is also looking at her, waiting for this historic scene.

As long as it is taken over, as long as it is taken over, one quarter of this world will be in her hands.

At that moment, she suddenly saw the eyes, cold, but hot, his pen is clear, with a sharp light, Long Feifeng wrote: I have to wait for me!

Cut it! wait for me!

The slogan of the book was suddenly played, like the tens of thousands of rhinoceros shouting at the same time.

Outside the Tangjing North City, a horse riding a horse is far away from the bridgehead, and the yellow autumn grass is swaying in the wind. The rising sun rises and sprinkles thousands of golden lights on the wasteland.

He has a purple robe, a jade bouquet, a handsome eyebrow, a pair of eyes like a deep lake, can not see a little wave and water waves.

A gust of wind blew through, and a small wind blew into a string of bells hanging on the neck, slamming, raising a small, twirling voice.

“Remember, I am waiting for you.”

I am waiting for you… I am waiting for you…

The sun breaks through the clouds, and thousands of ray of light come to light, and Vientiane is updated, and it is beautiful!


A loud noise suddenly came from the south gate, and even the temple was shaken.

Thousands of faint yellow dust rushed from the south sky, almost covering the rising sun in the sky, the sound of the police was spread throughout the king’s division, and the horse rushed to the ancestral temple altar, and immediately the soldier rushed to the throne: “Jing’an Wang Bing Lincheng! Xu Su The generals cast their enemies and demons! Jing’an Wang Bing is under the city! General Xu Suda will cast an enemy to change the festival!”

For a moment, the whole city was rushing, all the faces were earthy, and Sun Hao stood under the stage, and his face turned pale.

The ritual Shangshu slammed down to the ground, and the phoenix seal in his hand fell on the stone steps of the white marble, giving a golden radiance.

Chu Qiao walked down step by step, standing in front of Sun Hao, Sun Hao looked up and looked at her fixedly. His eyes looked like a deep cold pool, with indescribable coldness, but with inexplicable fear. .

“Sun Daren,” Chu Qiao took out a letter, and the words on it were all the names of the juniors.

“This is the list of rebellious Kyoto ministers who secretly confessed to Jing Anwang during this time. Please also deal with it immediately.”

Chu Qiao’s voice just fell, and several of the ministers in the field suddenly became as earthy. Sun Hao’s takeover and looked at her in confusion. It seems that until this moment, he really saw the woman in front of him.

“I am going to lead the army to meet Jingan Wang, the security of the city and the emperor, and I will entrust you.”

“The Gyeonggi garrison is only 150,000, but the number of enemies…”

Chu Qiao interrupted him: “We still have General Xu Da.”

“General Xu Da is not…”

“It is not the first time that General Xu Da has done this kind of thing.”

Sun Hao suddenly stopped, and he looked at Chu Qiao and tore off his magnificent costume, revealing a silver-white close-fitting armor, and the head of Zhu Cui was also picked up by her, wrapped in a blue turban. After living in three thousand green silks, he immediately went to a horse brought by He Xiao and screamed with the soldiers of the beautiful army.

The 150,000-strong garrison inside and outside the imperial city has long been waiting, the girl is dressed up, and there is no such silence and indifference on her face. The brilliance of flying is like a phoenix reborn. She walked with her sword and stood up in the city. She shouted: “Open the gate!”

At that moment, if the first light of the beginning of the heavens and the earth, the beautiful people have the urge to cry.

Sun Hao looked at the sly city door slowly opening, and thousands of horseshoes picked up thousands of mixed yellow smoke, and went to the battlefield ten miles away.

Heaven and earth are melting pots, everything is a salary carbon, and the world is long before the British, and she is the sword of all people.

The cold wind continued to pass through her ears, and she once again remembered the words that Li Ce said in her ear before her death:

“After I die, the ruling will be chaotic. The brothers and sisters of Zhan are just paper tigers. The royal family is a real wolf. Sun Hao is a radical. If there is any change, you must not listen. Take the finger that I gave you to Surabaya. After Xu Su will see you, he will listen to you, and the Iron Army will listen to you.”

“Jojo, how long have you been in your life? If it is because of my death, once again holding your footsteps, then I will live under Jiuquan and will not close my eyes.”

“You, don’t let me down.”

The eyes are sour, Chu Qiao squats at the corners of his mouth and beats the horses. I saw that the two armies had already confronted each other in the wilderness. Xu Su was the first soldier. He was dressed like a sacred warrior. He held a big knife and stood behind him with a big flag: killing the rebels and swearing the traitors.


The Wolf Army issued a deafening scream, the heaven and earth Xuanhuang, the first **** after the reign of Emperor Tang of the Tang Dynasty, finally began.

“On the eighth day of October of the first year of Yongzheng, Wang was deliberately arrogant, and induced Jing’an, Duanqing, Huayang Dagong and other people to take up their troops and send troops to 180,000 to Lishuiguan. All the way from the gathering, Shennan banned camp deputy Fang Huaihai In the west, the Western Army general, Tian Yujia, Xi Zhao, deputy commander Liu Yubai, Huaicheng Shen, Zhu Xi, and Lishui General Xu Su were successively attributed to their majesty, and their strength expanded to more than 400,000, all the way to the ground, killing the capital. Wang Wen News, take off the clothes, wear armor, open Nanchangmen, lead the army to meet the enemy.

Fang Huaihai, Tian Yujia, Liu Yubai, Zhu Xi, Xu Su and others saw Wang Qi, suddenly erected a banner of traitors, and turned against the attack. The king controlled the sword and led the army to fight, killing the enemy for more than 30,000, and the rest were all down. Jingan Wang Zhouyun died under the sword of General Xu, fifty-seven years old.

Two days later, Wang hangs the phoenix in the palace gate, so that he does not dare to take the name of the woman’s body, and ask the emperor to recover his life before the temple. On the second day, the Emperor Yongzheng, the feeling of the king and the grace of Li Tang, specially allowed to play, to the name of the emperor of the emperor, to give the Tang Dynasty a hereditary seal of the king, to give the jade book, Jinbao, Yipin robe, the title is beautiful. ”

– “Tang Shu * Beauty Wang Chuan * 127 volumes”

Before the palace gate, Chu Qiao had a white cloak, quietly standing under the shadow of the palace gate, the sky would be smashing, the birds at dusk flying, her whole person was shrouded in a faint blush, it looked quiet and peaceful, and there was no point in the battlefield. The fierce and sharp edge.

Sun Hao’s car and horse just went out of the palace and saw Chu Qiao, and suddenly stopped. He slowly got out of the car, and for a time, he didn’t know where to start. The title has been thought for a long time, looking at her fascinating look, and finally still hangs: “Chu Daren.”

“The beauty army is settled in Sui and Tang, and it is no longer my private army. I will entrust them to Sun Daren. I am no longer the commander of the Beauty Army. Again.”

Chu Qiao said faintly, the voice was very gentle, but Sun Hao, who had seen her powerful, never dared to despise it as usual. He nodded: “The adults said it.”

Chu Qiao smiled faintly said: “The few adults who openly opposed my canonization should be released, and it is a good time to buy people’s hearts. This is not a good time to buy people. After I left, Sun Daren must not forget the few loyal ministers in the prison of Shangliyuan.”

Sun Wei replied: “Chen me remember the adults.”



“Sun Daren, just now, is what Da Tang Xiong Wang said to you. Now, I have a few words that Chu Qiao wants to tell you.”

Sun Hao suddenly slammed his head and slowly looked up. He saw the woman’s face beautiful and his face was faintly fascinating, and he nodded involuntarily: “Please speak.”

“You also know that the road of the emperor will never tolerate the woman’s benevolence. So whether I am the Emperor of Datang or the Prince of Datang, it will not affect the political inclination of Yanbei and Daxia, once the time is right. Mature, the war is inevitable, and no one will be able to eliminate the process of reunification because of the personal relationship. Although all the rebel forces have been eliminated in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, you still can’t care, the battle between Daxia and Yanbei. It is inevitable that the future trend of the world is going, you and I can’t speculate, we can only do our best to turn things around, protect Li Ce’s child blood and the Tang Dynasty’s foundation.”

Sun Hao looked at Chu Qiao, his eyebrows picked up slightly, with a few traces of sorrow, and he asked: “Chu Daren, I am calculating you, why do you hand over the responsibility of the State to my hands?”

Chu Qiao smiled slightly and said indifferently: “There are three reasons: First, iron is in charge of the Wolf Army and the Gyeonggi Army. General Xu Su is in charge of the military and foreign troops. They are all loyal courtiers. You are just a civil servant, even if you have a senior government. Right, but there is no ability to mobilize troops, and there is no such thing as a royal family. You want to rebel, no real name, no military power, and will not succeed.”

The sunset shines on Chu Qiao’s cheek, as if wearing a layer of red satin sand, she continued: “Second, Tang Jing has just experienced several wars, the people need to recuperate, Luo Wang and Jingan Wang have fallen one after another, the royal voice Sheng Long, you It is not allowed to be popular, it is impossible to incite the people to change, and there is no time and paradox for arrogance.”

“As for the third,” Chu Qiao smiled slightly, his eyes screamed like a fox, and the light shook, smiled and said: “I believe in you.”

Sun Hao’s heart stopped suddenly. He looked at Chu Qiao and seemed to have some untrustworthy ears.

“I believe in you, Li Ce also believes in you, although you are acting in a lonely and extreme way, but you are the most loyal courtier of the Tang Dynasty against Li. Li Ze said before you died that you are the first candidate for the auxiliary government. I deeply believe that “”

She took out two letters from her arms and handed it to Sun Weidao: “This is a personal letter from Zhao Che and the Qinghai King Zhuge, the emperor of the Great Summer, and said that he is willing to become an ally with Datang. Your political status will be won by both parties. The absolute support of the forces, do not have to worry about the threat of domestic public opinion against you, I will fully support you, I believe that you will be able to raise the emperor to raise the adult.”

Sun Hao’s fingers trembled slightly, and slowly took over the two letters, only to feel the mountains. He suddenly squatted in front of Chu Qiao and said in a deep voice: “The adults are assured that Sun Hao will swear allegiance to Li Tang. If there is a mistake in Datang, I would like to die for death.”

“Sun Daren must not do this.”

Chu Qiao lifted him up and looked at him sincerely. He quietly said: “You are a friend of Li Ce, my friend, he believes in you, I believe in you.”

The sunset is like blood, and the original is like iron. Sun Yan stood on the wall of the city, watching Chu Qiao go out of the city under the escort of He Xiaoping and others. A long shadow appeared on the golden wilderness, and the beautiful girl jumped into the whip, like an eagle jumping out of the imprisoned, white robe hunting and flying, like a huge pair of wings.

It was an eagle, and no one could break her wings. No one could force her to stay except herself.

At this moment, Sun Hao suddenly understood the stubbornness of that friend for many years. There are such people in this world, which really makes the heavens and the earth add color.

He looked up and took a deep breath. He seemed to see the smile of his friend, and he looked at his ear in a wretched manner. He said with a smile: “You guess the skin of Miss San’s family has no face. White?”

The autumn wind is blowing, everything is falling, this is a year of chill, but it is also a season of harvest.

At the bridgehead, Zhuge is a robes, and the high ride sits on the horse.

Fang Hao said with a deep voice: “Master, Chu girl is coming.”

The voice just fell, a group of people suddenly appeared under the horizon, the head of the girl was wearing a white cloak, eyebrows and smiles, coming in the wind.


Mei Xiang originally sat on the stone and saw Chu Qiao suddenly happy to jump up, Dorje also happy to go up a few steps. Chu Qiao and others immediately came to the front, she jumped off the horse, and Mei Xiang was together, Mei Xiang said while crying: “Miss, I thought you lied to me, I thought you really did not come.”

Jing Jing Ping and others are also happy and Dorje rushed to a place to inquire about the experience. Peace is a portrayal of the battle of the day, and it is very proud. He Xiao has no family, and he is not willing to stay in Sui and Tang Dynasties. He also came with Chu Qiao. Although he and Yue Qi and others did not meet each other, they had already heard each other’s names, and they became familiar with it in a short time.

Only Zhuge’s face was standing in the same place, coldly watching Chu Jiao, who was warm and warm with Mei Xiang, and both rows of teeth were almost broken.

Finally, the inhuman eye stunned someone’s long-awaited reunion. She smiled and went forward. Zhuge’s move just started. She immediately raised her two hands and shouted: “Stop! Last time! I promise !”

Zhuge Yu stretched out her hand to ask her to give her some lessons, but after a long time, she did not know where to start. Looking at her shrinking neck and closing her eyes, some awkward anger: “Why don’t you fight back?”

Chu Qiao opened his eyes and pouted, looking very pitiful: “I admit mistakes.”

“Do you still know that you are wrong?” Zhuge squinted at her with slanting eyes, and regardless of the surrounding eyes of the subordinates, it was very unreasonable to reach out and grab the cheeks that Chu Qiao had, but he said: “Don’t give me a reply, can you be strong?”

“I don’t have time!” Chu Qiao bitterly defended himself.

“Is there a blank reply but I have a letter to burn my letter?”

Chu Qiao looked up and defended himself: “If I don’t make a bitter and deep hatred, Sun Hao won’t believe it. He doesn’t believe that Jing’an Wang will not believe it.”

“So you even lied to Mei Xiang?” Zhuge glared at her, and he continued to ask sharply: “Are you sure that you really didn’t think so at the time? Are you sure that you didn’t discover the conscience and changed your mind?”

“how come?”

Chu Qiao’s grievance shouted: “I am a person who is not so determined?”

After all, she turned her head and looked around, only to find that her subordinates were all betrayed by her dog legs, nodding their heads, meaning: Do not doubt, you are!

Chu Qiao looked at them with a contempt, and quickly turned his head and said to his future ticket ticket, ticket, and other tickets: “Don’t believe them, my revolutionary will is the most determined of the whole army.”

Zhuge looked at her disdainfully, and said the glory: “I count you, otherwise I will bring the soldiers to Li Zhe, and I will see who you are.”

Just blow it.

Chu Qiao whispered in his heart, but on the surface he still said very well: “That is, how can I? I will count and count, no regrets.”

Zhuge is very stinky and his head is wide, and the self-respect of the big man is greatly satisfied.


The cry of a child suddenly came from a carriage that came with Chu Qiao. Zhuge Yu and others glimpsed. Chu Qiao ran quickly and opened the curtain of the carriage. I saw two bridesmaids holding a four. The five-month-old baby, who apparently just woke up, is doing a daily compulsory course: crying.

Chu Qiao quickly held the child in his arms, very skilled to pick it up.

“what is this?”

Zhuge’s face was gloomy and cold.

Chu Qiao looked at him strangely, very honest answer: “Child.”

“I know,” Zhuge’s anger is getting worse and worse, and he said: “Whose child is this.”

Chu Qiao thought that he had not explained it to everyone. He said: “This is Li Ce’s third son, Li Qingrong, but we may need to change his name in the future. His mother is Zhan Zikai, and Li Ce entrusted him before his death. Give it to me and say that I am afraid that this child will be persecuted in the palace in the future, so I will entrust him to take him out of the palace.”

“Li Ce’s son?”

Zhuge 玥 玥 上 上 瞅 瞅 瞅 瞅 瞅 瞅 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸The old man who died.

His heart was a bit desolate, and when he was about to talk, the child suddenly saw him, his black-painted eyes turned around, and suddenly he let go of the door and screamed and cried, his hands and feet screamed, apparently Uncomfortable to the extreme.

“What’s wrong? What are you crying?”

Chu Qiao Nai said, Mei Xiang also ran forward and asked the milk mother: “Is the child hungry?”

The milkmaid shook his head and said that he had just finished eating. Mei Xiang turned over the child’s cockroaches, and did not see the urine, Chu Qiao suddenly blessed the soul, turned to Zhuge said: “Children may hate you.”

Zhuge’s face was green and he said: “Why hate me?”

“Try it a little further, maybe it is.”

Someone really can’t accept it. He wrinkled a pair of swords and said: “Why? I didn’t beat him?”

“Some people are very unpopular, maybe you are like this.”

“Yeah, brother-in-law, you will go far, maybe Ronger will see you afraid.” Jingjing added oil and vinegar.

“Why?” The seventh month of the month was very weak and refuted. It was very loyal to support its master: “In fact, the young master looks very approachable and amiable…”

Unfortunately, he is not confident enough, the more the voice is smaller.

Finally, Zhuge Wei went far away from the crowd, and Li Qingrong suddenly stopped crying. Although he just cried too hard, there is still a little bit of time to get it back, sobbing in a whisper, but already Shallow smiles.



Chapter 345

After a while, a group of people suddenly burst into a burst of laughter. It turned out that the little guy was playing with the hilt of the seventh month, and he was screaming at the shoulders of the seventh month.

Zhuge Yu was sitting on a large rock far away, watching the people in the distance, his heart groaning: dead scorpion, look like you.

Chu Qiao did not know when he ran over and sat next to him.

A group of people who are trembled in the world, are still busy with a baby. After a while, they will listen to Mei Xiang’s screaming at the wooden door. “Oh, the child is pulling, you are holding it first, oh my Let you hold you!”

Chu Qiao hugged Zhuge’s arm, put his face on his shoulder, leaned his head against him, and said with a sigh of relief: “It’s finally over.”


“Fortunately.” Chu Qiao closed his eyes, golden red light sprinkled on her face, with a layer of sly light: “Just fear that you are worried, always keep up with yourself and say hurry and hurry.”

Zhuge is still very resentful and continues to ask: “Why don’t you read my letter?”

“I don’t know if I can succeed,” she looked up slightly and smiled at Zhuge. “I didn’t have the confidence at the time. I was afraid that I would fail. I would die. I was afraid that I would read your letter and I would never continue.” The courage to persevere.”

Chu Qiao smiled like a flower, she seems to rarely laugh like this in her life, without any concern, without any burden, she smiled and said: “You are my weakness, will make me not willing to be strong.”

Zhuge Wei looked at her and his face gradually softened. He reached out and grabbed her waist. The voice was low and faint: “Beside me, you don’t have to be strong.”

After that, she bowed her lips.

“Oh! Shame!”

The scream of Jingjing suddenly sounded.

The vastness of the heavens and the earth, the season of the late autumn, a bright yellow splendid.

The wind blew from a distance, blowing through the bell, and a small voice whispered: Remember, I am waiting for you.

I am waiting for you, I am waiting for you, I am always waiting for you…

“Zhu Gewei, why don’t you go to the city, the clothes I wore when I was trying to be beautiful!”

“Wait, wait for me to give you more beautiful in the future.”

“Speak and count.”



Chu Qiao never saw Zhu Gezhen sleep like this. When he got on the boat from Zhangzhou, he slept, and he didn’t blink for a day or night. Even Chu Qiao didn’t know when he entered the door. On the seventh day of the month, he said that he had not slept a good feeling since the day he started his journey. Since the road to the dry road from Xianyang, he has not even seen his eyes. At this moment, he must be tired.

Zhuge’s body is actually not very good. In the past few days, she has seen him eating a black-black pill in private. She went privately to ask for the seventh month, but he was vague. Dojiro passed some pharmacology. Later, he said to Chu Qiao that Zhuge Yu must have been overworked, lack of energy, and suffering from cold.

Excessive work, caused by cold –

Chu Qiao is sitting on a chair with his chin, the boat is very stable, the weather is good, there is no wind and no waves, the window is closed, but you can still see the green mountains and green waters that have gone outside through the window paper.

She remembered the time when Zhao was forced to flee to the Sui and Tang Dynasties. She and Liang Shudu were bought by the Zhan family as slaves. At that time, she was injured and Liang Shu ran out and happily cooked for her. She was lying alone in a small cabin, looking out through the only window, and it was raining heavily. She heard the sound of a meteor in her sleep. She rushed out and was taken by a big ship. Farther and farther, I can no longer see the rainy and lingering Jiangnan spring shore.

At that time, Zhan Ziyu’s Zhuangzi’s brothers and sisters were still unknown, and Li Ce was still alive. In the Tang Dynasty, he was a good-looking prince, and Mr. Wu’s girl and other people were still struggling for their ideals. Yan Xun is also a close friend and lover who grew up with her, and she is full of confidence in the future. She deeply believes that she can rely on her own strength and help her devastated people with the help of a group of like-minded friends. Power.

Unfortunately, time is still the most ruthless killing weapon in the world. Li Ce is gone, Mr. Wu was killed, and Yu girl died in her own arms. Zhan Ziyu killed all her relatives with her own ambitions. The like-minded friends she thought were actually not as loyal as I imagined. Second, before the rights and the emperor, many people gradually left her, even Yan Xun also went farther and farther with her, after all, strange.

Jiangshan fell, the hegemony was taken off, and the ideal became gray with the weather. Like the weeds in the late autumn, the leaves of the barren and yellow leaves sneered at the vows of the past.

Yes, who can stay the same, even if she is today, is it the same as before?

She gently turned her head back, and Zhuge was still sleeping quietly. He is really an awkward and stubborn person. Even if he sleeps, his brows are wrinkled. The two-way eyes are covered by eyelids, and the more prominent facial features are highlighted. The nose is tall, the lips are thin, and the outline is clear. .

I heard that people with such a face have always been indifferent. Only him, but he is so persistent, such a slap in the face, stubborn and sad.

Before Zhuge, she asked her if she had such an idea at the beginning, or did her last conscience find her mind changed? In fact, it is difficult for her to answer this question by now. The human heart is a very complicated thing. When facing one thing, you may have dozens of hundreds of ideas. Maybe this is still the case. It changed my mind for a moment.

She thinks that she has also changed. If it was once Chu Qiao, it would have been to stay in Tang Jing. Even if she could not really marry Li Ce, she would stay in Tang Palace to protect Li Ce’s child as a guest. Big adult.

However, after so much experience, she still has her own greed, and she can’t let go of things she can’t afford.

The Sui and Tang dynasties rushed into the wilderness, and the dynasty under the precipitation of the last millennium was not the sharp edge of the great summer and the Yanbei surface. It was a cold arrow that could not be seen in the waves. It was wrapped in layers of beautiful embroidery and warm smoke, inadvertently. You can kill people invisible.

She later learned from the mouth of the old hospital of Sui and Tang Tai Hospital that the death of Li Ce’s father was also due to Li Ce’s mother.

For so many years, she has been trying to kill the Tang Emperor, poison, assassination is all-in-one, and on several occasions almost almost succeeded, but the old emperor has always maintained her, do not promote the matter. He also angered and hated, with the king of Luo, and her maiden as a hostage, yelling at other shackles, banned her, and even plunged into the cold three times. However, in the end, she was still unable to rival her own heart. In his later years, he dismissed all of the palace, leaving only one of her, and she loved her passport, and she seemed to be influenced by him, giving him a few years of happiness. Days.

In the end, however, he still died in her hands, because he was mistaken for a while while feeding her medicine, and died of this poison.

At this time, he realized that she had already had a death record. Every meal she had eaten for many years was poisoned. She took the antidote in advance and made her body with all kinds of strange toxins. Fragmented, just waiting for him to carelessly return to the West.

After all, the Tang Emperor died, and died in the hands of his favorite woman in his life. Although he prevented her from guarding her for a lifetime, she was still not as patient and patient as her. However, he still couldn’t bear to kill her, but left her will and forced her to go out to the palace. This life must not enter the palace gate again. The outsiders only know the emperor and the empress, but they do not know that the emperor just wants to protect his only son before he dies.

However, the secret of such a court was still known to Zhan Ziyu through Zhan Guiyu. After Zhan Zikai’s assassination of Li Ce’s unsuccessful results, he privately took the Queen Mother out of the temple and secretly sent it to the palace. With the help of a woman who could not prevent it, he killed Li Ce and killed Li Tang Zhongxing. opportunity.

After the hearing of Li Ce’s death, Mrs. Yao still committed suicide. Chu Qiao did not know what kind of mood she was at that time. Was it the joy and relief of the great hatred, or the great mistakes and helplessness? This is a stubborn and extreme woman. She has been obsessed with the blood debt of the year. She killed two men who love her the most in her life. At the last moment of her life, she will be free to laugh out loud.

Maybe not. After all, she reported another great hatred to her husband and son. She also killed another husband and son. For a period of enmity, she ruined a woman’s life from Huanhua to vicissitudes.

After the death of Emperor Yao, Yu Meishan and Emperor Zongzong were buried together. They were resentful when they were alive. They struggled, concealed, thorned, hated, and entangled for a whole life. In the end, they were in the cold and deep underground mausoleum, but they had to each other. Accompanying, no one, no power, can separate the two.

Chu Qiao didn’t know what happened in the past, and he didn’t understand why a person’s hatred was so terrible. However, sometimes she still thinks secretly. Maybe Queen Yao should have such a mother’s love for Li Ce in her heart. She still remembers that sunny afternoon, the gentle woman with a slight frowning said to her: “He wants to offer a happy Buddha in the palace. Hey, I am… If you have time, he will persuade him. He is the Prince of Datang, and he can’t be too noisy.”

However, the death of Luo Wang eventually destroyed the only remaining love. After all, she was swallowed up by the devil of the bottom of her heart and was killed in the royal family.

After the death of Li Ce, the political situation in the Sui and Tang Dynasties was unstable, and the internal authorities had a chaos. At that time, Chu Qiao could also eliminate the Central Army with the power of the Gyeonggi Supreme Army and the Beauty Army, and remove the Zang Ziyu brothers and sisters.

However, if so, Jingan Wang and others will never start a military, and this group of kings who support their own weight will be born sooner or later. The new emperor ascended the throne, and the most avoidable killing. Therefore, Chu Qiao will count on the plan, let Zhan Ziyu be arrogant, and then remove it by the thunder, and make the position of the position with the support of Sun Hao and other people, and give the Jingan Wang and others a banner. Then, through the arrangement of Li Ce before his death, many rebels will be taken down one by one to solve the civil unrest crisis in the 20 years of Datang once and for all. Twenty years later, Yier has grown up and has enough ability to cope with the wind and rain that will come.



However, at that time, she did not really have the idea of ​​staying behind the Sui and Tang Dynasties after the chaos.

That night, Jingjing baked her two toasts sent by Zhuhai, sent by Qinghai, and it tasted very fragrant. It was like a cloud of air that swept her heart.

Jingjing sat on a small stool outside, carefully plucked a skinned melon, and muttered, “The Qinghai must be very cold, how thick the skin is.”

Her heart suddenly burst into pain, and once again she remembered the cold ice lake of the day, the face of Zhuge, and the white face that he wrote over and over again in her hand: Live… Live…

The human heart is such a complicated thing, but no matter how many thousands of thoughts you have, there is only one decision that can be made in the end, no matter whether it will regret it in the future, but at the very least, she finally obeys her own mind.

A sudden burst of sound came, the window was gently pushed open by the wind, and the curtains of the river wind swayed gently, and Chu Qiao was awakened from his meditation. She turned her head back, but she saw that Zhuge玥 didn’t know when she was awake. She was leaning on the bedside, and she was wearing a white gown, and she was refreshed. She had no usual coldness on her face, but changed her face a few degrees. And oh.

Seeing her look, he gently waved and gestured to her past.

She walked over and poured a cup of tea for him and asked, “Is it a good night’s sleep?”

“Well.” He took a sip of tea and said: “If no one sneaked into my room and sighed, it would have been better.”

Chu Qiao’s face was red, he looked at him with his eyes open and asked, “Hungry?”

He nodded and said: “Just a bit, this will be much better.”

Chu Qiao stood up and said: “You have been sleeping for a day and night, have not eaten, of course, will be hungry, I told the kitchen to prepare food for you.”

“No.” Zhuge 玥 suddenly reached out and took her hand, took her to sit down at the bed and said: “You will sit with me for a while.”

Chu Qiao smiled and sat down.

“Look at you for a long time, what did you think?” Zhuge Yu naturally held her hand, palms warm, no more loose.

Chu Qiao shook his head and said: “Some old things that are irrelevant.”

Zhuge’s mouth was filled with a smile, very light, leaning against the bed and squinting at her, faintly said: “There is nothing to do with idleness, just listen to your old things that are irrelevant.”

Chu Qiao looked at him, his heart was a naughty, slightly frowning, his eyes staring straight at him and said slowly: “I have done a lot of wrong things, and I have repeatedly neglected to owe a person. Now I think of it, I feel sorry for him.”

Zhuge stunned, did not expect that Chu Qiao would say such words at this time, eyes staring at her, the look is also a bit serious.

Chu Qiao continued: “He has always been very good to me, but I have taken this kind of goodness as a reason, selfishly occupying the warmth and help he gave me. He saved me several times in life and death. I am in a dilemma, I will never give up on me, give me hope in desperation, I have gone through so many difficult days without asking me, and I never thought about what should be given to him, but He ignored him again and again.”

Zhuge Yu looked at her, and the corner of his mouth gradually overflowed with a smile. His palm had a call, and he rubbed Chu Qiao’s finger.

“Since I know that I regret it now, I will have a timely return.”

Chu Qiao looked at him, his eyes were misty and muttered: “But I am afraid he will blame me.”

Zhuge took her hand and gradually loosened it, slowly moving up, her eyes with a few pets and touches, her palms gently touching her cheek, and said with a smile: “Who is willing to blame you?”

“Really?” Chu Qiao’s eyes widened and he asked: “Do you think He Xiao will not blame me? He has followed me for so many years, I have also thrown him away, he is almost thirty. I don’t even have a wife and a wife…”

Chu Qiao said that the more she wanted to laugh, the more she finally laughed out, and Zhuge Yu knew that she had gotten it. She pulled her into her arms and glared at her chin. She said fiercely, “Dare to make it bad?”

Chu Qiao smiled: “Who makes you feel passionate.”

Zhuge slanted her to her eyes, her eyes were dark and black, with a few wolves to have a dangerous atmosphere, evil spirits smiled: “This is the woman who is trained, this is no rule?”

“Who is it? Isn’t it the Qingshanyuan of your master Zhuge?” Chu Qiao said with a smile: “Have you forgotten that you volunteered to teach me to write?”

“Oh?” Zhuge Yu deliberately extended his voice and nodded: “I have forgotten it. It seems that I will set a rule for you, lest you will not be big or small in the future.”

As soon as I finished, Zhuge Hao suddenly leaned closer, and the hot kiss suddenly covered her lips, with a smothered hot, unrelentingly twirling on her lips, and the arms across her waist were getting more and more Tight, the cold lips gradually warmed up, licking her lips and teeth, and an irresistible force slipped into her mouth, as clear as a sweet spring, but as hot as a charcoal fire.

He looked at her half-squinting, hiding invisible light in the depths of his eyes. Zhuge玥 suddenly pushed her up and pressed it on the bed. Chu Qiao’s “ah” exclaimed, and the tail was swallowed up. Between the lips and teeth.

“do you understand?”

Chu Qiao glared at him, rubbing his lips that had swollen and said: “This is your family law?”

“Not all.” Zhuge faint smiled, with a few arrogance, said with a chin on his back: “There is more intense, do you want to try?”

Chu Qiao narrowed his eyes and looked at the man who was so stinky in front of him. He suddenly went forward, his eyes hooked on him, and suddenly he put out his tongue and licked his lips. Zhuge was suddenly stunned and had not reacted. The woman had bitten a bite on his chin like a little beast.

Zhuge Yu suddenly snorted and explored, although there was no bleeding, but there was already a row of small teeth.

“Oh, don’t think I am afraid of you!”

Chu Qiao’s demonstration of waving his fist was very arrogant.

Zhu Gezhen took a moment to talk about his wrist and said: “Dead hoes, these years are getting more and more wild, really good to clean up and pack you.”

Just about to start, Chu Qiao took a quick step, and he jumped away from him with a flickering hand. He ran to the door in a few steps and smiled. “I am a fool? Bye, don’t send!”

After that, open the door.

At this moment, only a few “哎呦” sounds came suddenly, and a few people of Jingjing fell in and fell in, and even climbed up and crawled up, his face was red for a while, and he was screaming at them. call.

Chu Qiao, the long-changing general who commanded a million-strong army, was flushed and frowned, and looked at Jingjing and Ping An. She did not expect to follow her for a month. She said with anger: “May 7, they are both fools, you follow. join in the fun!”

“Oh, that, I am passing by, let you eat by the way, hehe…”

On the seventh month of the month, I got up and made a look that I was honest. I nodded and walked out, laughing and saying: “You continue, continue.”

After that, he turned and ran out. Before leaving, he raised his fist to Zhuge, and shouted: “Young Master! Come on!”

Go ahead and go.

The Jingjing hippie smiled and ran over, sweetly called “Sister-in-law”, Zhuge Yu was in a good mood, and he took out a small forged dagger, which was also inlaid with a few rubies, and he was very refreshed to appreciate this little nephew.

When I saw it safely, I also had a kind of learning. There was nothing around Zhuge, and I promised that after the true Huang, the horse in Ma Rong let him pick it at will.

The two happy couples screamed “Long live the brother-in-law”, Chu Qiao’s eyes caught fire, and secretly said, who said that Zhuge is an old-fashioned man, not the wind of the officialdom, this trick is very skilled.

The meal was done very quickly, because it was outside, and there were young children, so I placed a table at random and everyone sat down to eat. The seventh month and so on are inevitably restrained. Jingjing, Ping An, Mei Xiang and others are active members. He Xiao has been very familiar with the Seventh and Seventh in a few days. Only Duoji is still a cold-blooded look that is not a mind, Jingjing and him. If you say ten sentences, he can’t answer a sentence.

After the meal, the sky was dark. The seventh month said that this place is already Cangling. In two days, it will be docked in Hu County. Chu Qiao heard a little bit of awkwardness, Hu County, it is very close to Zhenhuang.

The wind in the evening was a bit big. She sat at the stern and the sunset was about to fall. Half of the face was exposed between the heavens and the earth, and the whole river was dyed in red.

Time flies so fast. In a blink of an eye, she has spent 14 heatstrokes here. Many times she thinks about her past life. She doesn’t know whether she is a modern person who travels through time and space, or an ancient person with modern memories. . The old things are like a dream, rushing in and rushing away.

She remembered that she could be reborn here after she died. Then, after Li Ce died, will he continue to live in other places? There are also Mr. Wu and Yu girl, Yan and Xiaohe. After they die, they will meet each other and remember each other? There is also Jingsu, I hope she can live in the age of the legal system, and have some happy and comfortable days.

She sat there with boundless thoughts, and gradually became broadened in her heart. She looked up at the sunset and seemed to see Li Ce squinting at her. She smiled and said: “To eat more meat, too tall. Worse.”

“What do you want?”

Zhuge’s voice suddenly came from behind, and Chu Qiao went back. He saw him in a purple robe and a small figure on the embroidered group. It’s very common clothes to wear on him, there is a unique temperament that looks extraordinary. Qing Jun is straight.

Chu Qiao glared at him with his eyes open, and Zhuge 玥 frowned slowly, quite uncomfortably said: “Look at what, idiots.”

After that, I sat down beside her.

The white waves swayed in the circle at the stern, the birds flew across the sky, the sunset was blood red, the river wind blew their clothes, and the cuffs were like a big butterfly fluttering.



“Xinger, why did you change your name to Chu Qiao?”

Zhu Gezhen asked, Chu Qiao turned his head and said with a smile: “Because I was not Jing Yueer, my real name is Chu Cho, then I died because of one thing, then, grace, how to say it, that is As you said, it is the ghost possessed, attached to Jing Yueer, so I later escaped and changed the name back.”

Zhuge did not expect that she would answer him like this, and she suddenly stopped, and her expression was very strange. After a while, he murmured: “Then I saw you for the first time?”

“At that time, I just had a few days of possession and I was planning to run away.”

Zhuge nodded and then bowed his head and seemed to be thinking about the true credibility of the matter.

“Hey, don’t you really believe it?”

This time it’s Chu Jiao’s turn, so that no one can believe it. She remembered that she once said to Yan Xun when she was a child. At that time, Yan Xun was still a young pimple. She thought that she had a fever and burned it. She took a bowl of soup and gave it to her. Since then, she has never Said it.

“I believe.”


Zhuge Wei looked at her very strangely, and her eyebrows twitched slightly: “Why don’t you believe? I have investigated you. People say that since the time the person hunted back, you changed your temperament. I thought you were scared. Now, it seems that your explanation is quite plausible.”

Master Zhuge was very unpredictable and accepted this more inscrutable reason. He nodded and said: “It turns out that I am strange. Even when I was seven or eight years old, it was impossible for you to have your heart and time. Means, you are not a child of seven or eight years old at all. Right, you will not be old and old before you die?”

Chu Qiao couldn’t keep up with his jumping thinking, and some of them were sullen: “I was two, twenty-seven.”

“Twenty-seven?” Zhuge 玥 frowned, and some unhappy said: “That is already very old, get married, can you have a baby?”

“No,” Chu Qiao honestly replied: “We, twenty-seven is not very old, we all advocate late marriage and late childbearing.”

“Where is your hometown? Sui Tang? Big Summer? You have such feelings for Yanbei, you will not be Yanbei people?” Speaking of this, Zhuge’s face suddenly changed, he asked nervously. “You won’t be the mother of Yan Xun? It’s not right, time is a bit too bad, she seems to be older.”

Chu Qiao wants to cry without tears: “We are another world, and you, this is not a time and space, it is a parallel space, it does not intersect, there is a distance in space, there is also a distance in time, it is impossible to reach, that, do you understand?”

Her hard work explained to Zhuge, and hoped that in a way he could understand, he wanted to give him a metaphor, but he could not find a suitable word. However, she apparently lost the understanding of Master Zhuge. The man frowned slightly and asked: “That is, like an apple tree, we are the leaves of spring, are you the fruits of autumn?”

Chu Qiao, I did not expect him to think of this layer, and quickly said happily: “There is half, but not all, because we are not only the distance of time, there is space, you understand? Space is… …”


Zhuge nodded and said casually: “We are the apple leaves in spring, you are the oranges of autumn, right.”

Chu Qiao gorgeous and stunned, she stayed for a long time, and finally nodded sillyly: “Yes.”

Then Zhuge Yu turned his head and continued to look at the Tang Tang River, silent. The setting sun sprinkled on his face, the golden beauty.

Chu Qiao couldn’t help but feel the power of people. It’s worth seeing people who have great wisdom in the world. How calm, how calm, and how curiosity is not like the old-fashioned hats in the novel. What “What about your people?” “Do you have a few eyes for your people?” Or “Is your person like a wild beast with a mane on his body?” The people in their world are long with two eyes and one nose, and the people outside must be covered with sputum and fangs to show their psychological superiority. This is the real calm and calm, this is the real Taishan collapse in front of the face and does not change color, this is the real not to be happy with things, not to be sad, this is the real humiliation, heart and soul…

“What do you guys look like?”

Chu Qiao:…

“How many eyes do you have?”

After a long silence, someone finally slowed down. I was very interested and asked: “Is your person like a beast with a mane on his body? I have seen such a person in southern Xinjiang. The behavior is very Strange, is it your distant relative?”

Chu Qiao took a deep breath and started his spirit, and began the basic knowledge enlightenment education in the new world.

The mouth is dry, the sun has already fallen, and a round of moon climbs up the mountain, and the bright light is sprinkled over a blue wave of mercury.

Jiang Feng learned, Chu Qiao went by boat, and suddenly gave birth to a poetic feeling, she said with deep affection: “The sea is bright and the moon, the end of the world.”

Zhuge Wei said coldly on the side: “It’s a little bit bleak, this is Jiang, not the sea.”

Chu Qiao frowned: “Then the river will be a bright moon.”

Zhuge looked at her in confusion and asked: “It should not be done by you, it is done by your people. Are you stealing it?”

Chu Qiao once again wants to cry without tears, suddenly screaming, cheeks red, look, this kind of thing is not good…


The two were silent for a long time, Zhuge Yu suddenly called her name, and she gave a sigh of stress, and she listened to Zhuge’s headless words: “I don’t care who you are.”

Chu Qiao still did not understand some of the beginning, think carefully, and suddenly understood her meaning. She nodded with a smile and said, “I know, I am always your star.”

Zhuge’s body was slightly shocked. He bowed his head and looked at her with a burning eyes. Chu Qiao had some regrets after she finished speaking. Two blushes climbed up on her cheek and wanted to bow her head, but she saw Zhuge’s two fingers sticking out. She was very skilled to pick up her chin and had a trace of her eyes. Laugh, said: “Say it again.”

Chu Qiao ducked his gaze, a little embarrassed vague: “What?”

“Just say the sentence you just said.”

Zhuge Wei said very firmly that his eyes were filled with two groups of warm and warm fires, not particularly hot, but they were devout.

“I am yours, you must be mine.”

Chu Qiao took courage and decided to say: “In my life, nothing can be sacrificed and paid, but only two things, no matter under what circumstances, will not be used as a bargaining chip. The first is my beliefs and principles. The second is my marriage and body. If you want all of me, you must give me all of you.”

Zhuge Yue raised his eyebrows and glared at her with sinful anger. He asked: “All?”

“Go to you,” Chu Qiao pushed his shoulder, don’t go too far: “Nothing serious.”

“Xinger,” Zhuge 玥 suddenly hugged her arms, her warm male temperament surrounded her, her arms hugged her shoulders, so tight.

“I am very happy,” he whispered. “I am really happy.”

Chu Qiao leaned in his arms and felt that it was an unprecedented peace of mind in the past few years. She turned and hugged him and said softly: “We don’t want to separate.”

Zhuge Wei asked: “Would you like me to go to Zhenhuang?”

“I am more afraid of being separated from you. Every time I separate, there will be a lot of things happening. Just like this time, I almost never see you again.”

The situation in Tang Jingcheng was a mess on the day. She was in a battle against the water. If she was on thin ice, she would fall into the palm of the enemy with carelessness. When Zhan Ziyu’s power was in the grip of Zhang Wei, the chaos of the battle of Tai’anmen, the killing of the empire that rushed into the imperial city every night after the news of the book was published, and the last battle of hundreds of thousands of people did not feel at the time. How, but now I think of it, but I am afraid of it when I am faint.

Zhuge Yu held her in her arms and said in a low voice: “I don’t have to worry about it in the future.”

The moonlight is very good, they have been sitting for a long time.

After returning to the room, Zhuge Yu sat on the bed and frowned for a long time. He felt that Chu Qiao was right. He should consider finding the right time for the two people to hand over all of them to each other.

Yes, this idea is really good. It’s inevitable that you will encounter ghosts when you walk in the night. If you sleep more, you will inevitably dream, and you should be clean and neat. You should cut into the key points immediately. It’s time to be open and honest… all… thorough… .

In the middle of the night, he suddenly stood up and turned two rounds in the house. He felt that today is a very good time.

Zhuge has always been a very planned person. Once he decides something, he will not be slow to do a comprehensive action plan, and then implement it step by step. No matter what happens, he can’t change his mind. .

So in the following time, he took a shower, changed his clothes, and took photos in front of the mirror. He only felt that the man in the mirror was star-studded, handsome, handsome, handsome and straight, and he felt very satisfied. Then he felt that he was a little nervous, just sat down and took a cup of tea.

The tea was already cold, and the wall of the white porcelain blue and white was pinched between his slender fingers, and the light seemed to penetrate the thin cup, like the ice that had just entered the winter.

He leaned back on the back of the chair, carefully calculating what he was going to say, what he was going to do, one sentence at a time, very careful, and then imagined a variety of situations to try to figure out how the other would answer, how should he respond? How to change the topic little by little, create a ambiguous atmosphere, take the initiative in your own hands, and make everything appear natural without leaving traces.



Ok, no problem.

He put up the cup and stood up. Who knows that the finger just touched the threshold and the door was pushed open.

Chu Qiao stood at the door, still in the beige dress, the warm light in the corridor shines on her little face, there is a warm light.

She was holding a bowl and was still braving the heat. She looked up at her head, and the black and white eyes looked up and down. She frowned slightly and asked, “What are you doing in the big night?” go with?”

What is the situation? Zhuge Wei’s slight glimpse seems to be beyond the plan.

However, Master Zhuge’s ability to change is still good. He immediately said in a serious way: “I have more sleep in the daytime, I am not sleepy at this moment, I want to go out and go.”

“The colder the weather is, the closer it is to the north, the wind is big at night, you wear so little, you don’t want to go around.”

Chu Qiao went straight into the room, put the soup bowl on the table, and greeted him: “See you haven’t eaten much before, come over and drink this porridge.”

Zhuge 玥 came over and saw a bowl of very ordinary porridge. She gave her a sigh of relief: “Take this kind of thing to fool me.”

Chu Qiao glared at him: “Some food is good, pick and choose.”

After all, he walked up to him and patted his head like a puppy. He said very seriously: “I have to go to bed early after dinner, and I am not allowed to go outside.”

Then, he turned and went away.

Zhuge Yu suddenly stopped, what is going on? His plan was interrupted, and the prey was sent to the door, but he let her go swaying?

What porridge do you still drink?

He stood up and walked out of the room.

Because this time to hide the whereabouts, the ship is not very large, the corridor is very narrow, only one person can walk. The light shines on his slender figure, and a white warm gauze dress looks like a handsome dust in the light.

He walked slowly slowly, and the hull swayed on the vast river. Like the spring rain many years ago, he stood on the river bank and looked at the ship that was getting farther and farther. The heavens and the earth are dim and cold. Only the fire on the side of the body, the hunting is burning, never extinguished, always condensing his sight, from childhood, to growing up, until today.

A sudden burst of song came, his footsteps slightly, and went to her door. The door was not closed, and there was warm light. He stood at the door and only heard the soft voice of the woman and the sound of the baby.

Under the two cages of orange lights, Chu Qiao’s white skirt was dragged to the ground, and the sleeves were pulled high. He was kneeling on an ebony basin and was taking a bath for Li Ce’s youngest son.

Rong is very fat, although it is still very small, but his eyebrows look like him, his eyes are bent, picking up slightly, the fox-like peach eyes, almost no white eyes can be laughed.

He was sitting in the ebony pot at the moment, holding a small bell in his hand, and the bell rang, very crisp. The child patted the water in the rhythm and splashed Chu Qiao. When Chu Qiaoqi hid, he smirked with a happy hand.

“Right, don’t make trouble.”

Chu Qiao tried to communicate with the child, but the child did not buy it, the two fat legs smashed, and a basin of water splashed out.

“You don’t want to be so skinny, your father is not as annoying as you are.”

Chu Qiao’s upper body was already wet, and the clothes were still dripping with water. Ronger looked up and yelled, as if to refute her.

“Do you see how you look like a prince?”

“Oh yeah oh oh oh @$ttakemysunshineaway.”

She suddenly reached out and hugged Zhuge’s waist. The dark image of the candlelight was a halo of circles, dancing in a corner of the room, a starry, swinging, sweeping through the window, the boat was Shaking and shaking on the water, the mountains and rivers on both sides of the river rushed away, faint, and seemed to be able to hear the sound of the wind.

“Xinger,” Zhuge玥 bowed his head and asked, “What does this song mean?”

Somehow, Chu Qiao suddenly blushes, she lowered her head and did not speak.

There was a warm breath on it, and his chest was slightly shocked. Chu Qiao knew that he was laughing and silent, but she knew.

“Good to hear.”

Zhuge squatted down and looked straight at her. He smiled and said, “I like it very much.”

Some Chu Jiao didn’t dare to face his eyes. He said, “How come you? It’s so late.”

“I want to be alone, let me not sleep at night.”

Suddenly he said such a thing, Chu Qiao a slight glimpse, suddenly lost the ability of language.

“The man is very beautiful, very cute, just a little stupid. If you look at it a little, you will hurt yourself, and it will be easy to get lost, easy to lose, easy to be taken away by others, so even if I am close to that person, I still can’t let go of it, but when I take a look, I can’t sleep.”

Chu Qiao’s face was red, and she looked like a thief and quietly looked up at Zhuge’s eyes and whispered, “Where is it as stupid as you said?”

“It’s more stupid than I said,” Zhuge’s eyes sparkled and smiled. “But I don’t know how Li Ce’s guy would give birth to such a lovable child, so I’m going to follow suit.”

Chu Qiao stunned, suddenly knowing that he was being played, he would hit him with his fist, but he was caught by Zhuge.

His hand was big and warm, tightly wrapped around her fist.

She never knew that his hand was so powerful and powerful that she couldn’t move her.

He slowly came forward and looked like a dark pool of darkness. He couldn’t see how the waves were undulating inside.

His voice was low and hoarse, and whispered in her ear: “This is punishment, making you bad during the day.”

After that, bow down and kiss her lips. She was suddenly nervous. Although she was a man of the two worlds, she did not have the experience of kissing. But somehow, she would still be nervous when she faced him. It seemed that she did not know where to put her hands and feet.

However, she waited for a long time with her eyes closed, and there was no movement. She opened her eyes cautiously, only opened a line, and saw someone glaring at her under the lamp, seeing her peek and coming in, the warm breath sprayed on her face and said: Are you waiting for me to kiss you?”

“Zhu Ge玥!” Chu Qiao irritated him: “You bully people!”

He suddenly hugged her, so unprepared, so strong, the quilts on her body and the cotton on the top of the head all flew.

He pulled her face and kissed it hard, hugging her to death, as tight as it seemed to break into the body. His kiss is cold, and her face is hot, his breath is low, his hand is holding her waist, the two bodies are tightly attached together, and the skin can even feel the other’s heartbeat.

Look, two times, three times…

“Chu Qiao,”

He looked at her and suddenly yelled at her name. It seemed to have a big fire in his eyes. He was stunned and said, “Dear to me.”

Chu Qiao suddenly stunned, and the lights shone on Zhuge’s face. His face was half bright and the other half was hidden in the shadow. It seemed to be unreal. Her ears seemed to be auditory, she was a little helpless, she wanted to say something, but she opened her mouth and didn’t know how to answer.

“Xinger,” he looked at her quietly, calling it again.

Her head was a little dizzy, and said: “Well?”

“I love you.”

Like a bomb that was blown over the head, Chu Qiao felt his face burning, his body was heating up rapidly, and his mind was like cement that had been added with water, and it solidified at once. She looked at him silly, and there was a pleasant but flustered thing in the chest that was struggling to jump. Chu Qiao squatted with his hand, as if he didn’t press it, it would jump out.

“I have been in love for a long time, do you know?”

He asked her so lightly, as if they were discussing other people’s affairs, there was no cramps and panic.

Chu Qiao nodded: “Know.”

“What about you?” His eyes were too bright, and Chu Qiao felt that he was going to suffocate and die.

She took the courage and whispered, “I am.”

He refused to let her go, smiled and asked: “What are you?”

The boat was really small, Chu Jo thought this time, why the room is so small, so hot, she has to breathe.

“Say.” He was very aggressive and leaned forward, gently pinching her pointed chin and said, “What are you?”

“Me too,” Chu Qiao gripped his fist hard, and many of the sub-pictures came from thousands of miles away: “I love you too.”

I love you too……

The voice was so light that it pierced the darkness of the night and illuminated the smile on his face. He kissed her forehead and asked, “When did you start?”


I don’t know, maybe it was the reunion under the Xizhao Mountain. Maybe it was the time when the Yinyang Lantern Festival was lightly stunned. Maybe it was the “slow” of the sound under the Qianzhang Lake.

Maybe, it’s been a long time ago, it’s the hug in the mausoleum of Meishan. It’s the misunderstanding of Dock Pengcheng’s mistake. It’s the tacit understanding and the mutual support of the side-by-side battle. It’s from the Tang Jingcheng. The tears that Zhao Yuer saved in his hands.

Or it was traced back to more than a decade ago, in a room full of bluegrass aroma, the stubborn teenager wiped her tears and snots with her white handkerchief, so the next, the next, the wayward, stubborn, barbaric Her heart.

Do not say hello, nor ask her if she is willing or not.

“do not know.”

She reached out and stroked his eyebrows, which was slightly wrinkled because of dissatisfaction: “Maybe it’s been a long time ago, I didn’t know it for a long time, I don’t know which one.”

She leaned in his arms and said softly: “Maybe many times, a little bit of accumulation, I can’t remember.”

“It’s a fool.”

He hugged her and suddenly smiled and said: “In fact, I don’t know.”



Yes, maybe that’s it. No one knows which time, love always comes quietly, and when you find it, it is already ingrained.

He bowed his head and kissed her, kissed her lips, cheeks, earlobe, neck, spread a little, and kissed the thin clavicle.

Chu Qiao’s body is getting softer and softer, a little bit of cuddling on his body, Zhuge’s body is hot, the waist’s hand is gradually moving up, a little spread, like a raging fire, gradually burning her The only reason left.


Chu Qiao suddenly exclaimed, and when he turned around, he was hugged and pressed across the bed.

The clothes have been wet most, and it’s not much to wear and not wear.

He just looked at her, his eyebrows whispered, seemingly thinking about something, but his eyes were burning.

The heavy breathing sounded on the ear side, the wet lips contained her small earlobe, and the electric shock-like numbness suddenly provoked, and the belt on the side of the placket was detached by the dexterity, revealing the small smock inside, which was beige. There is a goose yellow bird embroidered on it.

The rounded shoulders are naked* exposed in the air, slightly cold, and the slender fingers swept past, provoked a shuddery softness, traversing all the way, the little finger picks up, the neck straps are unfolding, and the clothes suddenly fall. Chu Qiao was shocked, instinctively pulled, but only replaced a short chuckle on the top of his head.


Chu Qiao tried hard to leave his arms, stupidly pointed at the candlelight at the foot of the bed, and the dumb voice was disappointing. He said pitifully: “Blow the lights.”

Zhuge Hao suddenly smiled happily, still his usual appearance, turned his head and did not say anything, but he could see the curvature of the corner of his mouth.

Silent and silent in the four times, I can only hear that there are occasional waterfowls across the river, flapping their wings.

He took her waist and whispered in her ear: “Don’t be afraid.”

The brocade was smooth, and the moment when his kiss fell, she gave her a moment of suffocation and suffocation. The skin provokes a layer of crispy chestnut, the body is getting hot, and the clothes are unloaded layer by layer, leaving the shy body.

Smooth, snow-white, like a jade of colored glass, carved with exquisite workmanship. This is a territory that has never been set foot, swaying young vitality and lingering, he gently covered it, the skin is close, like a hot fire, a trace of burning.

The breath was completely swallowed, her face was stuck on his shoulder, and the awkward wound was seen suddenly. Her body was cold, and she shuddered.

He felt it, quickly grabbed her eyes with his hand and whispered, “Don’t look.”

She opened his hand, but stretched out the trembling hand, wrapped around his shoulder, the soft skin of his cheeks clung to his wounds, tears flowing down the line, flowing in the black-red Scars.

Zhu Geyu silently took her into her arms and did not speak, just watching her crying quietly.

On the day when Li Ce was buried, she vowed never to cry again. But at the moment, looking at the scars on his body, looking at the place that was repeatedly stabbed by herself, she was still saddened. She hugged him tightly, as if she was afraid of letting go, he would disappear and disappear. It was like the ice lake a long time ago, she let go of her hand and couldn’t see him.

“Zhu Ge, I am sorry.”

She cried and said.


Zhuge Yue kissed her hair like a cloud and said with a chuckle: “I was broken by you, you have to be responsible for me.”

Chu Qiao knew that he was joking, and while he was sobbing, he replied: “Injury, shoulders, not… not counting.”

Zhuge whispered a smile, and if he was dark, he would not see the bottom, only to see her light shadow like a lotus. The soft lips gently kissed the tears on her cheeks and whispered, “No matter what, you are responsible.”

His arm is so powerful that it almost hurts her, but in the pain, she is so happy, like immersed in a huge ocean-like joy.

How good, there can be today, once upon a time, she thought that everything was so abruptly stopped, buried in the cold waters of the lake, everything has no room to look back.

The lingering is getting deeper and deeper, and there is fine sweat sliding from the forehead. The rivers are blue waves on all sides. I can’t hear the human voice. The time seems to be straight at this moment, and the wind stops blowing. Only they are left, in a group of beautiful embroidery. in. The lips can’t help but scream, the pain will bend the body, and the warm suffocating will fall from the legs, a little red, like cinnabar.

His movements suddenly solidified, and the eyebrows flashed a trace of incredulity. Immediately, he looked at her deeply, as if through the layers of fog, in the direction of the lights in the distance.

Her face was red and her lips were red and swollen. She was holding her bedding and nervously covering her chest. Seeing him look over, it’s so embarrassing, no sound.

He suddenly smiled, Chu Jo has never seen him laugh like this. At the beginning, I just opened my mouth slightly, but gradually laughed out the voice, and the voice grew louder and louder. I was so scared that Chu Qiao quickly extended a small hand and tried to cover his mouth.

He suddenly buried his head and buried it in her collar. He whispered, “Xinger, I am so happy.”

The arms are as thin as they are around his waist. His figure is so good, like a CK jeans model on TV. She opened her mouth in the darkness happily. The red candle was gradually extinguished, and the candle was tearful. She smiled and thought, this is my cave.

After so many people, so many things, for a long time, the national hate hate, life and death, time and space, in this life, step by step, or to today.

She buried her head on his shoulder and shed tears.

In the middle of the night, it rained, pounding on the ship’s board, squatting in the boat, swaying through the waters of the mountains and mountains, faintly able to hear the wind and the wind, and the deep autumn rain, playing in the quiet river Among them.

Chu Qiao woke up late at night, the blue silk scattered on the neck, the cheeks red, sleepy eyes, skin like white satin, lying in the heavy splendid, stretched out slender arm, and then touched it, but it was cold.

She was shocked and sleepy, and suddenly she got up and saw that the room was empty, only she was alone. The window is still dark, I don’t know when it started to rain.

Suddenly she was a little flustered. When she turned over the mountain, she got out of bed. However, the toe was just a little bit, and the knees were soft and the lower body had faint pain. It was so vividly transmitted to the whole body. It seems to remind her that everything has changed.

Put on a water-blue dress, embroidered with light white flowers and leaves, embroidered silk, with peach color as the core, a stroke of a slim waist, a plain skirt, and a cloud Sleeve shawl. She picked up a bamboo green umbrella, opened the hatch, and went out.

It’s cold outside, it’s drizzle like silk, it’s like the drizzle of the early spring, it’s slanted by the wind, even if it’s an umbrella, it’s still rainy and naughty on the skirt of the dress, under the night wind. Light maneuver. She hurriedly ran across the empty deck, the skirt was already wet, the figure was as light, and the black clouds on all sides rushed over, the peaks on both sides of the river towering high, and occasionally I could hear the hustle and bustle.

He stood on the bow of the wind like that. It seems that he has been standing for a long time. He is a white gown, and he is tall and straight. In the shadow of the twilight, there is a hint of depression. When he heard the footsteps, he turned around and saw her, and he was not surprised. He just reached out and said quietly, “Come here.”

Chu Qiao quickly ran over and covered the umbrella on the top of his head. Although the rain was small, it would be wet if it stood for a long time. His clothes were already in the tide, and the cold water was flooding. She frowned and said, “Isn’t it raining?”

The mountain wind whimpered through them, and the large robe sleeves were slightly bloated by the wind. He held her hand, and the phalanx was distinct, slender and powerful. He suddenly held her in his arms, and he did not say anything, but he did not use force, but it seemed to have the strength of steel bars to hold her back, so that she did not dare to have a little action.

“Zhu Ge?”

Time passed quietly, and she whispered to him: “What happened to you?”

“It’s nothing.”

His voice is calm, like a lake of calm water. After a few years, the man who had been escaping from the past seemed to grow up. His eyes were quiet and occasionally flashed a trace of coldness. They were all vicissitudes of worldly experience, with Ning He in the voice, but there were always dark ice and darkness. Hidden in it, the mood is not inconspicuous, making people unable to see what he is thinking.

“Star, you are wronged.”

He suddenly said this, Chu Qiao frowned and wondered: “What do you say?”

“I owe you.” Zhuge licked his mouth and smiled silently, like a child, gently patted her cheek and said: “I will compensate you in the future.”

“Zhu Ge, what happened to you?”

Chu Qiao was a little nervous, grabbed Zhuge’s sleeves and looked up and said: “I have no wrongs, I am willing.”

Zhuge smiled, still like that kind of glory, arms out holding her in her arms, chin on the top of her head, so hold, do not force, as if holding a piece of porcelain.

Some words he did not say, so he followed the breath in the river wind.

He always thought that he was much better than Yan Xun, and Chu Qiao was only by his side to get real happiness and care.

However, in this matter, he is not as good as that person. For ten years, Yan Xun is indeed a gentleman, but he has his own selfishness.

But what about that?

For her, he has never been confident, cautious, like a thin ice.

The closer he is, the more he is afraid, so he wants to have a little more selfishness, a little more, and a little more.

Sometimes, he is also laughing at himself. I didn’t expect Zhuge to have you today?



However, often afterwards, my heart is more suffering. He is such a free and easy person, the Emperor of the Emperor, the wealth of Jiangshan, is just a gamble between the fingers, but only her, is a game that he could not break in his life.

Chu Qiao still whispered in his arms, seemingly wide his heart, repeatedly said: “Nothing, I am willing.”

He grabbed her mouth, then slid her up and walked to the cabin.

Chu Qiao’s “Ye” screamed, the bamboo umbrella fell on the ground, the drizzle hit the cheek, the cold, and she buried the protest in his arms to suppress the voice: “Let me down, be Mei Xiang they It’s bad to see!”

Zhuge bowed his head and said, “I shut up.”

Chu Qiao’s brow wrinkles, the same resilience of stress: “Never!”

Zhuge smiled, still his usual appearance, but his mouth was retracted, but he did not say anything. When he lowered his head, he put her lips in the mouth, twirling and stalking, standing in front of the hatch, standing in the night. Next, the gentle kiss of her mouth sweet, so long, until Chu Qiao pulled out, panting, only let go of her bondage.

He smiled at her, vaguely with a few proud provocations: “I have a way to shut you up.”

Chu Qiao quickly extended his two hands to cover the already red mouth, waiting for a pair of big black eyes, screaming at him with anger, silently protesting.

Zhuge smiled and hugged her and went back to the room. Fortunately, it is late at night, everyone has fallen asleep, no one has ever encountered it along the way.

When he arrived at the room, Chu Qiao jumped down and made a defensive posture, staring at him. Seeing that he was very comfortable to undress, he could not help but face red.

Zhuge 玥 suddenly chuckled and leaned forward, the warm breath sprayed in her ear, whispered: “Is it still hurt?”

Chu Qiao’s face is even redder. She is always like this. It is obviously a general who can fight the enemy and command a million-strong army. But when faced with these things, it’s like a big girl who has never been out. In a word, she can make her feel at a loss.

Zhuge Yu hugged her from behind, her hands fell unsatisfactorily, and Chu Qiao was shocked, holding a hand that was restless, and firmly attached to her hot belly.

“Well?” Zhuge Wei asked: “I want to ask you something? Still hurt?”

Chu Qiao screamed, shaking his head in a random way, like a panicked rabbit.

Zhuge 玥he smiled, his face crossed a trace of evil spirits, deliberately whispered in her ear: “Is it really painful?”

She nodded quickly.

“Let’s continue.”

“Ah?” Chu Qiao was shocked, and his mouth could be stuffed into an egg.

Zhuge met with a big laugh, and picked her up and put it on the bed. Chu Qiao doesn’t know what happened to him, how about his skills? What about martial arts? What about sensitive movements? Why is the body soft and not a bit of strength when he approaches?

She looked at his face in a silly look, in front of her eyes, the nose of the British, the thin lips, the eyes of evil spirits, the smooth skin, a slight smile, and the splendid elegance of all beings.

She was so stunned, letting others occupy her lips, a shuddering numbness crawling from the spinal cord, like an electric shock, the bell-like teeth were opened and the tip of the tongue was dexterously penetrated. His kiss turned from gentle to fierce. She also began to cater to the beginning of the stagnation, and the body was shaking slightly, and the breathing was violent. She finally lost in the other party’s flirting means, soft and relying on it. In his arms, if the lake was disturbed by the spring water, no one could control it.

I don’t know when the clothes have been shed, only the short vests, revealing slender legs and white arms.

At this moment, he smiled and pulled up a quilt, wrapped her in it, then kissed her on her face, reached out and held her in her arms. The scorpion was slightly dumb and said with a smile: “Okay, Sleep.”

Chu Qiao, some did not respond, stupid asked: “Sleep?”

“How?” Zhuge squatted his head and looked at her flushed sideways. She smiled and said, “You don’t want to sleep?”

“Think!” Chu Qiao said loudly and exaggeratedly, and yawned, saying that he was really sleepy and sleepy.

When Zhuge lie down, she glared at her. He didn’t think about it. Chu Qiao was the first time, and he couldn’t bear the second round of wind and rain so soon. But he just had to stop, he had to close his eyes: “Let’s sleep.”

But someone is getting restless in his arms.

She will move her arms for a while, and will change her posture, like a restless puppy, the arch of the east arch, the hair is furry, and people want to sneeze.

Zhuge Wei frowned slightly, and the fire in the chamber arched up and down. He tried his best, but he could not suppress it.

He frowned and said, “What are you doing?”

“You, don’t you go back to your room?”

Chu Qiao looked up, pitifully staring at him, his face red and said: “What should I do if they are seen by Mei Xiang tomorrow morning? They are still small, still children.”

Zhuge Yu still frowned: “How old are they, and children? You forgot, when you were so big, you almost raped me in Dock Pengcheng.”

“Where do I have?” Related to personal reputation, Chu Qiao suddenly retorted: “You are bloody!”

“Not yet?” Zhuge said: “You pretend to be the slut of the singer who was given to me by Narita, and the clothes are not swaying in front of me, are you trying to take advantage of me?”

“Zhu Ge is yours -”

“You can make a big noise, then you don’t have to be tomorrow morning, they will all know it later.”

Chu Qiao quickly lowered his voice, glaring at him, gnashing his teeth and said: “I was trying to save people, who knows that you will be there, you know the cause and effect, and less with me.”


Zhuge’s impatient white gave her a look, and the expression seemed to say “I know you will be so arguing”.

Chu Qiao saw that he did not speak, panting for a while, then pushed her again and said: “Hey! Go back to your own room, this bed is so small, I can’t sleep well.”

Is this bed still small? Four people lying side by side will not be too crowded. Zhuge Wei couldn’t hear it and continued to sleep with his eyes closed.

“Hey! Go back to your own room, what are you doing with me?”

Seeing that Zhuge is really in the mountains, Chu Qiao sat up in an angry way, holding his own clothes and going. However, just as she was about to climb over from Zhuge, she was caught in the waist, and her elbow suddenly lost power, and she fell on Zhuge’s chest.

There were a few flames in the man’s eyes, and the sputum was measured as a seam, slanting at her, and said coldly: “I see you are very energetic, I don’t want to sleep.”

“No! Nothing!”

Even if Li Qingrong knows how to look at his face, Chu Qiao, a big living person, naturally knows the heights.

Sure enough, soon she knew that all protests and escapes were unrealistic. So she quickly lie back to the original place, back to Zhuge, no sound, breathing steady, as if she really fell asleep.

Everything is quiet, and there is a thick black ink in the air. The rain seems to be a little bigger, and the patter is pounding on the ship’s board, making a crisp sound.

A hand came from behind and grabbed her waist. The man’s breath was gently sprayed behind his ear, and his neck was a numbness. He held her and gently kissed her auricle. The tone was low and said: “Xinger, I want to hold it every night.” You, don’t always drive me away.”

Her heart suddenly went so soft, like a clear water, light and floating.

It’s hard to imagine someone like him who would talk to her in such a tone. She felt a little sad, reached out and held his finger, some cold, a little squatting, put it on her lips, then bowed her head. A kiss.

The night is still so long, she just went to sleep like this, lying in his arms, seemingly seeing the clear sky in the dream, the green lake, the green grassland, a group of children in white skirts standing on the wide lawn Dancing, singing in the warmth of the mouth.

Zhuge, you are my sunshine, the sunshine that I can never give up.

It will be almost certain that it will be late in the morning.

After a vigorous slam, she opened her eyes in panic, and saw that Zhuge was dressed neatly standing in front of the window, holding a light blue and white mixed dress in her hand, laughing and saying: “Meixiang I’ve called it a few times, and you won’t get up again, she will rush in.”

Chu Qiao almost wore clothes and then moved, moved to the door, reached out, opened the door with a small gap, and headed out, silly smile: “Oh, Mei Xiang, good morning.” what.”

“Miss, it’s already noon, and after a while I will be on the beach.”

Mei Xiang stood at the door, very imposing to the waist, Jing Jing holding Li Ce’s young son, is trying to probe the brain, seems to suddenly have an interest in Chu Qiao’s room. Rong Er stretched out a small fat hand, glaring at Jingjing’s face, screaming, not knowing what to say.

“Ah? Is it?” Chu Qiao snorted: “Oh, I am too tired recently, I have overslept, it’s weird, haha.”

“Yeah, it’s weird.” Jingjing smirked at the side, a pair of elf ghosts.

“Miss, what are you doing here, I have washed my face, are you not washing?”

Chu Qiao raised the bucket on the ground, and Dayi said sharply: “I will come by myself.”

Mei Xiang frowned: “Miss, what happened to you?”

“I am very good, I am watching you are too tired, you should go to the break first.”

Mei Xiang continued to be loyal and said: “I will also clean up the room for you.”



“No need to use it, I am in good spirits today, I can clean up myself.” After that, I will not wait for Mei Xiang to say anything. She will enter the house with the water and shut the door. Then put the ear on the door like a thief, listening carefully to the outside movement.

After waiting for Mei Xiang and Jing Jing to go, Chu Qiao took a breath.

Zhuge lie on the side of the bed, very leisurely said: “Look at you, like a thief.”

Chu Qiao glanced at him and came up to pull his arm: “No one is there, you go back to your room.”

“No.” Zhuge Wei simply refused: “Unless you wait for me to wash my face.”

Chu Qiao squinted: “Why?”

“If you don’t do me, I won’t go back.”

“Zhu Ge is yours -”

Chu Qiao gnashed his teeth for a long time, and finally went to the basin, poured water, washed his face, and then walked up to him, revealing his arms and sleeves, the posture is not like to wipe the face, live off a pair To be as dry as people.

She squatted in front of him and rubbed it hard on his face. He frowned slightly, but said nothing, still smiling. Chu Qiao suddenly did not go to the hand, she sighed, the movement was gentle.

The sun shines through the open window and shines on the two people. The time seems to have gone backwards for more than ten years. Still in the courtyard of Qingshanyuan, she had to start very early every day, carrying a washbasin that sank the sinking water, waiting for him to get up, waiting for him to wash his face, waiting for him to dress and wear shoes, waiting for him to eat and drink tea.

“Look, I have spent so much effort, and I finally got back to the old line.”

Chu Qiao grinned and said with a dejected look.

Zhuge smiled and said: “There is a saying that Skynet is restored, not leaking, you should be my own person, and you can’t run.”

Chu Qiao glared at him and said: “What breaks the metaphor.”

Brush your teeth and wear it neatly.

Chu Qiao pushed Zhuge’s arm and pushed it to the door: “Come on, let’s go!”

Zhuge 玥 turned back and took her eyes to her: “Dead woman, one night couples, you will turn your face every other day!”

“Come on, let’s go! Go back to your own room!”

“Young Master!”

A crisp and pleasant voice suddenly came, Chu Qiao scared the three souls to go to the Seven Miles, suddenly turned around, but saw the moon seven smiles standing outside the window, seeing her, but also laughed and greeted her: “I went to the young master in the morning Room, see the young master is not there, guess that the young master was in the girl’s room last night.”

Ping An stood behind the moon seven, there seems to be a lot of people behind, far away, I don’t know who he is talking to, but there is a vaguely happy voice coming over: “Sister can be married, I don’t have to listen to my sister again.” It’s awkward.”

At this time, the door was slammed open, Mei Xiang came in with Jingjing and others, and saw Zhuge 玥 first bowed a ceremony, very politely called the four young masters, then went to Chu Qiao’s bed, thinking To pack things up.

Chu Qiao suddenly remembered how the blood on the bed could see people, just want to stop, but see Jingjing end a soup bowl, whispered in her ear: “Mei Xiangjie specifically told people to stop, stop bleeding, qi, sister Let’s drink soon.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes were black and his cheeks seemed to bleed.

Zhuge Wei came over, took the medicine bowl and handed it to Chu Qiao’s lips. There was a smile in his mouth: “Sure enough, good thing, star, drink.”

In the afternoon, the boat was docked in Lanling County, and the food on board was replenished. After another two days, I finally arrived in Hu County.

Everyone went to the shore, although it was already in the territory of Daxia, but the defense of Zhuge Yu and others was obviously more strict. When I first arrived at the ferry, there were about 500 guards guarding the escorts. The accompanying son-in-laws were all changed into men’s clothes. They were mixed in the team and were very secretive.

Chu Qiao sees Zhuge’s people in this pair of guards with tattoos on the face, knowing that most of them were sinners who were exiled in Qinghai, and let go of their hearts.

Most of these people are sinners on their ancestors. They don’t have much sense of belonging to Simon, and they live in the wilderness of Qinghai all the year round. They are strong and loyal to Zhuge, and they are there. Zhuge’s safety is not a problem.

In Baolin County, the three thousand green navy armor is clearly guarded there, and one thousand of them are dressed in navy blue leather jackets. They look imposing, savage and fierce, full of toughness and frosty colors, and the temples are raised. It is a person who has practiced martial arts.

On the seventh day of the month, she said to her that those who are under his command are the most elite seventh division of Qinghai. This is only a small part of it, and most of the teams are still in Cuiweiguan and Zhenhuang City.

In the evening, I took a rest in Baolin County and returned to Zhenhuang on the second day. In the evening, they finally saw the hustle and bustle of the city.

The vastness of the earth, a bleak, the wilderness rolling, the grass with the wind.

It is still the weather of the big summer, the wind of the big summer, the autumn cool of the big summer. Chu Qiao opened the curtain of the carriage and looked at the sly city gate in front. The iron-red wall, under the setting of the setting sun, had a bloody and tragic color.

She faintly remembered those young days. She lived in the huge cage with Yan Xun, and hated everything here. She couldn’t wait for a flood to turn all the prosperity into fly ash. They worked hard to kill a bloody road and rushed out of the fence that had banned them for eight years.

But today, she willingly stepped on this place again and into this suffocating city gate.

Six years ago, she left the place for a man. Six years later, she returned again for another man.

The wonders of fate are always between thousands of turns, stepping out one step at a time. You don’t know what kind of results will be waiting for you. The only thing you can do is just keep going.

Her fingertips were a little cold, and the wind blew through her ears.

One hand suddenly came from behind and held her in her arms.

Zhuge’s voice sounded behind the ear, very light, with a calming taste.

“Don’t be afraid, have me.”

Chu Qiao smiled, he always seemed to say that she leaned back in his arms, took a deep breath of his body, and then slowly closed his eyes.

Just holding his hand, so tight, it seems that it will never be released again.

Today’s Zhenhuang City is no longer the prosperous splendour of the year, the sky is still not black, and the people walking on the street are already very rare. When I saw Zhuge’s car and driving, it was everyone’s refusal. There was no such thing as a crowd of people at the Lantern Festival.

The carriage bypassed Xuanhua Street, turned into Baiwei Road, and went all the way to the west of the city. Chu Qiao gave a slight glimpse and said: “Do you not return to Zhugefu?”

Zhuge smiled: “I am already the Sima of the Ministry of Military Affairs in Daxia. Naturally, I live in my own Sima House.”

Chu Qiao heard the words suddenly loose, and the face could not help but smile.

Zhuge smiled at her: “This kind of anger is in color, how can it be worthy of the title of Beauty King?”

“What better in front of you?”

Chu Qiao said very naturally, Zhuge Wei was slightly stunned, then immediately grabbed her and praised: “Say well.”

There were few people on the street, and the carriages went faster. Without a long while, they had already arrived at Sima House on the side of Biliu Lake in the west of the city.

This house Chu Choo had seen before, it is a royal hospital, built with grandeur and grandeur. The carriage didn’t stop, all the way into the door, until the inner house, the soldiers and brave went one after another, Chu Qiao followed Zhuge and took the carriage.

At a glance, I saw a pair of nephews standing in the distance with red eyes. When I saw her, the tears fell.

Although it is no longer the yard of the past, but people are still people, Chu Qiao also has a bit of sorrow and grief, slightly reaching out, the babies will rush to come over, pick up the skirt will give her a hoe to please.

Chu Qiao quickly reached out to help, Zhuge Yu took her and said: “You are the mother of the house in the future, they give you a head, it should be.”

In this way, the people under the squatting of the government have already given her a slap in the face, and cried in the mouth: “Give me a little lady.”

Chu Qiao helped the child, and she has not seen it for many years. Her appearance has also changed somewhat. The long and graceful appearance has now become a big man on the Zhuge Temple, with a hundred and eightty small beggars under her hand.

With a tear in his eyes, the nephew cried and said: “The slave knows that the lady will come back sooner or later, and the lady’s room slaves are all packed up, and they have been kept for you for years.”

Chu Qiao was called by a lady, a little embarrassed, but Zhuge Hao was calm, and said at the side: “That room is coming out, move her things directly into my room.”

When everyone heard it, they quickly instructed us to carry luggage for Chu Qiao. Mei Xiang and Jing Jing also joined in, and a group of people worked hot.


Zhuge said in her ear, and then she walked forward without holding her hand.

The twilight is four-in-one, the night is boundless, and a crescent moon hangs in the sky, sprinkling a faint glow. The lights on both sides ignited and shined on the cloak of Zhuge’s navy blue. His hands were warm and did not speak, just silently. The wind on both sides came over, with the wetness of the lake, but some of the night’s fresh, the arrow of his cuffs was dense, and from time to time, he wiped the cloak of Chu Qiao’s white, making a loud noise.

There is a very light aroma that hits it up, not strong, but it is everywhere. It is a good kind of ylang-ylang herb, and there is a hint of Du Ruo’s fragrance.

Zhuge has always been a person who knows how to live. Maybe it is the wealth brought out by the bones. The accumulation of wealth for hundreds of years makes these families different from the general nouveau riche. Almost every inch of soil and every plant has a rare and precious value.

Pushing open the hollowed-out Xihai Nanmu door, it is an elegant dormitory, which is not so magnificent, but it is exquisite and comfortable to let the more picky people have nothing to say. The soft and thick carpet is laid on the ground, and there is a kind of lightly floating plaque, a book coffee table, antique calligraphy and painting, the whole room is elegant, with a little extraordinary and simple. The eighteen-faced silk white brocade account is hooked by the purple gold must-have bird’s hook, and it stretches all the way to the inner room.





He stood in front of her and looked down at her and asked softly.

Chu Qiao shook his head and said, “I am so hungry.”

A little girl in red clothes quickly said, “The food will be ready soon. Should the young master and his wife go to the dining room now?”

Zhuge Yue shook his head and said to Chu Qiao: “I still have something to eat with you.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “If you have something, do something first.”

“The next man is preparing for the horse, wait a little longer.”

After all, he hugged Chu Qiao, the moiré embroidered on the chest shirt touched Chu Qiao’s face, and it was itchy.

His voice came from the body, some stuffy: “Star, you are finally here.”

Chu Qiao smiled and hugged him. The bottom of his heart was an indescribable satisfaction. He was lazy and didn’t want to talk.

The room is smoked with good spices, making people sleepy, want to close your eyes and take a good sleep.

“Tonight, you are waiting for me here.”

Chu Qiao’s cheeks were red, and she looked up and smiled at Zhuge: “Then you have to come back soon.”

Chu Qiao nodded.

At this time, the horse has been prepared, Zhuge said: “I went to the Seventh House to have a trip, you should eat first, rest early.”

“Well.” Chu Qiao picked up his toes and snorted on his mouth. His cheeks said red: “Be careful on the road.”

A glimmer of joy emerged from the eyes of Zhuge, and he took Chu Qiao hard and turned and went out.

Chu Qiao went to the door with him, the wind was a little big, blowing her white cloak, she looked at Zhuge 玥 disappeared in the thick night, smiling and leaning against the door frame.

In fact, Zhenhuang is not as terrible as she imagined.

Far away, there was a voice of Jingjing and Ping An, and they didn’t know what happened. A group of people laughed. Chu Qiao’s mouth is also involuntarily hooked up, very good, here is really good.

After eating the meal, she took a shower under the service of the maid.

Mei Xiang and others are also tired all the way, Ronger can not be separated from people, Mei Xiang with two milk mothers to take care of children. People don’t know, but thought that it was Zhuge and Chu Qiao who were born outside, and they were very caring for them.

The bath room of Zhuge’s family is very large. It is made of Putian white jade. It is inlaid with hundreds of pearls. With just one candle, you can make the whole room bright and bright. Water is the underground hot spring of Cangshan Mountain. It is blended with flower buds, with royal powder, and the aroma is attacking. The bottom of the pool is made of non-slip, and it also engraves a large flower of roses, which is extremely luxurious.

My nephew said that when the emperor gave him a house, he himself looked at it in advance and said after reading it: “When you leave, the house can buy a good price.”

Chu Qiao listened to a slight smile, it seems that the vampire Sima outside the rumor is not fake.

I took a shower, dressed in a white silk quilt, and returned to the temple with bare feet.

When the children started, there were some cramps. When they saw Chu Qiao’s dear, they let go of their minds and dared to call the stars. She repeatedly took out the chores of Zhuge 玥 over the past few years, but said that it is all good words. In short, in short, it is the star, you know that it is a shore, and it is wise to return to our young master in time. The gods of the heavens will marry you.

Chu Qiao smiled and listened to her. She said that Zhuge Wei’s self-cleaning in recent years, how not to be close to women, how to let those family ladies regret their intestines and look through their eyes. Listening to her, how do you miss her every day, how to remember her, how to hear her news, how to be happy when she receives her letter, how to jump, how can the night not be embarrassed, how to eat more A few bowls of soup. Listening to what she said about the years before Zhuge, how is it being practiced, how is the body weak, and how it has no status in the family.

Gradually, Xiao Yan cried, and while he was smashing and thinking about Zhuge, he said sadly and starvingly, you must never leave the young master. The young master really likes you.

The room was smoked with good fragrance, and Chu Qiao sat on a soft bed and listened to the past. He only felt that the past time passed by like a mountain.

Look, he likes her, knows all over the world, and even a sly look is so clear. It is her, it will take so long, so many years, to understand this.

After a while, someone gently knocked on the door, and the next people came to report that the wife of General Seventh was coming.

The nephew quickly jumped up and ran out. After a while, a woman with a clear eyebrows came in, her eyebrows were clear, and she was dressed in a goose-yellow dress, which looked elegant and light. I laughed at two small dimples, holding a child in my teens. When I saw her, I would go down and salute.

Chu Qiao quickly grabbed her and said with a smile: “I didn’t expect that luck is so good on the seventh month, I can find such a beautiful wife.”

Xiao Fei smiled and revealed two cute little tiger teeth and said to the child: “Ink, call my mother.”

The child looked up at Chu Qiao and squatted for a while. He suddenly hugged his arms and hugged Chu Qiao’s leg and shouted: “Sister, come see me!”

Chu Qiao awkwardly, looked down and looked at it carefully. I saw that the child was beautiful and lovely. He wore a loose green and small armor. His eyes sparkled and he glared at her. He said, “Sister, you don’t know me. Hello, I am Moh.”

Chu Qiao suddenly remembered, this is the Ouyang ink she had with Zhuge Yu on the way to Tang Jing. It’s been more than six years since I’ve been there. The old little ones have grown so big today.

She quickly hugged the child and said with surprise: “Mu has grown so high that I can’t recognize it.”

Ink kissed her intimately and said: “Where is my sister? I haven’t been jealous of me for so many years? If my father often talks about you, Moh must forget his sister.”


Chu Qiao frowned, and looked at the two people who were puzzled.

Xiao Fei quickly said to the child: “You can’t scream, you have to call your mother.”

Moo looked at Chu Qiao and asked: “Is my sister married to my father?”

“Who is your father?”

“My father is Sima, the military department of Daxia. Do you not know your sister?”

The nephew quickly explained to the side: “After the young master came back, he took the ink master and gave him a son.”

Chu Qiao was so stunned that he had talked with Mo Erxiao for a while, only to know that Xiao Fei had given birth to two children for the seventh month. This woman is completely different from the character of the seventh month. She is always very embarrassed. When she says a few words, she will be blushing, especially for people.

Because Chu Qiao was only returning to China today, they could not wait for more, and for a while, Xiao Fei took the ink to go. Before leaving, Moo repeatedly asked Chu Qiao to have time to see him, as if she was afraid of her turning and leaving.

After the people left, Zhuge Wei had not returned. When Chu Qiao was tired, he retired the next person and went to bed.

Chu Qiao’s body has been bad for a few years, and he has been running around for a few days. His spirit is slightly unhelpful.

The bed was warm and soft, Chu Cho lay down, and closed his eyes and fell asleep.

I don’t know how long it took, she stumbled that someone was kissing her, she stubbornly didn’t want to wake up, lazy and snorted, and went to the depths of the bed.

A cold arm suddenly hugged her, and a warm breath squirted in her ear, seemingly chuckling.

Itchy between the necks, she frowned and opened her eyes, and saw Zhuge wearing a lavender bedclothes, lying on the side of the bed, black eyes staring at her, laughing and said: “This kind of vigilance, being I don’t know if I’m cheap, or the star I know?”

Chu Qiao smiled and reached out and grabbed his neck and said: “There is a little thief’s skill is too good, always come without a trace, I can’t catch his traces.”

Zhuge snorted and kissed her with a bow and asked, “Is it good to sleep?”


Chu Qiao leaned in his arms and said naughtyly: “If you don’t come back, I will sleep better.”

Zhuge smiled and said: “If you don’t fight for three days, you will be able to give you a home.”

After saying it, he raised his hand, and Chu Qiao suddenly closed his eyes, but after waiting for a while, he did not see the so-called family law falling. She opened her eyes, but saw that Zhuge was looking at her with a sly look. She couldn’t help but ask: “Isn’t it necessary to implement family law? Why don’t you do it?”

Zhuge hugged her, bowed her head between her neck, her arms slightly moved, the ribbon around her waist was picked up, and the clothes slipped down the shoulders, revealing a white skin.

The strength of Zhuge’s arm was slightly aggravated, and the body slowly covered it. The voice was low and slowly said: “Where am I willing?”

On the candlesticks of the double cranes and lychee, a pair of red candles are burning in silence, and the red lanterns cover the candles, and only the faint red light is hidden.

Long night silence, Chu Qiao returned to the first night of the city of true, in such a warm lingering, slowly passing.

This autumn, slowly descending in such sweetness and joy, although the autumn leaves are scattered, the golden chrysanthemums are in a group, and the decoration of a golden embroidered Sima is more magnificent. The days passed away, like the spring lake in March, a glimpse of the lingering from the fingers, leaving the sweetness and hope of the spring in the palm of your hand, and it will not dissipate for a long time.

On the day of the autumn festival, Chu Qiao took out the house with Zhuge, went to the Xiangzhi Mountain where he was 30 miles away, and went to visit the Anyuan Temple on the mountain.

Although Chu Qiao lived in Zhenhuang City for seven or eight years, she has never been to some places of interest around the Imperial City. As soon as the identity was not allowed, the second did not have this state of mind. However, now that the vicissitudes of life have changed, everything is not as good as it used to be, and she will let go of her arms. The weather on that day was excellent, and the weather was fine, although there was a cool breeze, it was even more refreshing. Chu Qiao wore a month-old white pleated satin maxi dress, draped in a long-satin satin cloak, and a group of people who heard that they wanted to go out to play and sang a happy follow-up, a group of people on the road.



Xiangzhi Mountain is located in the south of Zhenhuang. It rises in a plain, and the top of the mountain is snow-scarred. It does not change all the year round, such as Wolong, and it is lonely. The mountainside is full of maple trees, and now it looks like a blush, and the scenery is beautiful. Today is the autumn festival, the rich people in the city of Zhenhuang are all traveling together, and visitors Linz, laughter and laughter, lively and extraordinary.

All the way up the Xiangzhi Mountain, placed in the red forest of the layer of forest, the scenery is eye-catching, beautiful. Jingjing and Ping An took the ink in front of the road, yelling at you to chase after me, He Xiao Duoji and a group of guards around the moon, the seventh month also brought a small fe, holding the festival, but also let this good wife and mother put A holiday.

Zhu Gezhen took Chu Qiao’s hand and went all the way up. From time to time, he and everyone cited the classics to laugh and laugh. The young master is so happy and easygoing, everyone is happy to make fun of it, and they will be guarded by the stars of the stars. Occasionally, there are tourists passing by, all of them are blind, and I don’t know which one is traveling.

Zhuge has always been very busy. He is the Sima of the Ministry of Military Affairs of the Great Summer, and is the leader of the Qinghai. He is now more faintly a sect of the Zhuge family. He has several positions, and the military and political affairs must be integrated. And Yanbei’s inside and outside attack. These days, although he returned to the government on time every day, accompanied Chu Qiao to eat and chat, and rest with her, but every time Chu Cho wakes up late at night, he can not see his side, push open the window, you can see the study room burning all night lights.

At this time, she always pretended not to know, went to bed and sleep peacefully, until the next morning, and then smiled and asked him if he slept well. He looked at him with a blue eyes and smiled and replied that she said that she was very sleepy. .

His body is not as good as he showed. He was so badly injured in the past, and he has been swimming in the water for a long time. It is already a life of nine deaths. It can only be regarded as an open-eyed one. Now that the weather is getting cold, his illness is becoming more and more obvious.

The autumn rain is like a cold, and every time it rains, his face will be very poor. Occasionally wake up at midnight, you can hear his low and depressed breathing, see the fine cold sweat on the back of the neck, the bedclothes on the back are wet, softly attached to his spine.

At this time, she can’t always say anything, just wide-eyed eyes in the darkness, looking at the jeweled pearl ceiling, holding her fists, her lips white, and counting the leaks even more. Sand, quietly waiting for the dawn. Then on the second day, she desperately went to the brazier in the room. She even directed the craftsmen to use more than ten days to build the heating and make a bedroom like a fire room.

When I had breakfast yesterday morning, Jingjing and Ping An talked about the excitement of the autumn festival. She just echoed two sentences and he wrote it down. I didn’t say anything at the time. On the second day, I pushed away all the things and took her to the banner of the Buddha.

For many years, he has always been a stubborn and proud person. He never believed in the Buddha, like a child-like rebellious self. Chu Jo laughed at him and turned his sexuality to worship Buddha. He smiled at her, and God said secretly. The Buddha can not worship, but there is a Buddha who must worship.

When Chu Qiao and others entered the temple hall of Anyuan Temple, her cheeks could not help but be a little red. Jingjing and others laughed. Only Xiaofei was very serious about bowing his head and looking back at a group of disrespect. The god of the junior.

The gods are fragrant, the hall is solemn, and the goddess Guanyin sits on the temple like a kind-hearted eye. The noon light shines from the outside of the temple, penetrates a layer of fine ash, and sprinkles it on the empty hall. Zhuge’s voice was in his ear, with mellow warmth and smile, and whispered, “Because you are sincere.”

Chu Qiao turned around and saw his eyes bright, smiling at her, with some serious, but somewhat childish naughty.

She turned around with a smile, and calmly groaned, hands clasped together, meditation on the wishes that thousands of women had promised, then put their hands on the futon and bowed down sincerely.

A dagger, bless him to be in good health, and when he is in trouble, he will be ruined.

The second dagger, bless us to live in peace, no more points.

Three daggers, bless us to have a wish, can have a healthy child.

She bowed down for a moment, so pious, her face was unprecedented satisfaction and peace.

Bodhisattva, you have blessed so many people, now, please keep me once.

A few Jingjing ink children are laughing and laughing in the back. Xiaofei is persuading them to respect the gods. The people of Yueqi and He Xiao are standing outside and gossip about their homes. They talk about which camp and the army’s lieutenant is on the flower building and is caught by his wife. When the street hits the anecdote, a lot of guards laughed and laughed.

The weather in late autumn is a bit cold, the sky is bright and bright, she is kneeling there, looking up at the god above, only feels that life is calm and peaceful, the bloody hurricane in the predecessor memory has long been far away, her state of mind has never As quiet as today.

Zhuge 玥 lifted her, gently wrapped her arms around her waist, and the cold lips faintly kissed her eyebrows, so she chuckled.

The eye of the Jingjing eyelet, holding a small non-stop, kept calling: “Seven 嫂 seven 嫂, you look, my sister and brother-in-law are blasphemy!”

Everyone listened to a small snicker, but Zhuge was confused. Chu Qiao’s cheeks were reddish and gently pushed away from his arms. It was just a pair of hands, but he held his arm tightly underneath. open.

“Do you want to stay in the mountains to eat vegetarian food?”

Zhu Gezhen asked, Chu Qiao did not return, he saw Ping An blinking at her side, and immediately said, “Let’s go down the mountain, we are all carnivores, or do not force ourselves to be arty.”

Ink smirked and laughed, and Ping An ran up and danced to Zhuge, saying how delicious the certain dish of Yue Yue was, and Jing Jing also echoed in the side. Zhuge 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥

After the big sesame oil money was sprinkled, the temple prepared a clean courtyard for them. The seventh month and other people went to prepare the horses and horses. Only Zhuge and Chuqiao were left in the sky and the maple leaves were in the sky.

Just sitting for a while, Xiao Fei was upset and worried, Chu Qiao thought she was going to be a little embarrassed to say, then took her to the parade. Who knows that her face is red, and she thought for a long while that she said that there is a fortune teller in the Guanyin Temple. It is extremely accurate. The pills sold are also elixir. I have two sons because I have eaten the spirit of fortune teller. Medicine cloud, but the seven months and the young master do not believe, this time, can only secretly buy.

Chu Qiao naturally will not believe, the heart of your pregnancy and childbirth, that is the merits of the month, and what is the relationship with a street fortune telling? Just seeing her words and not accepting it, she greeted Zhuge, and accompanied her to the fortune telling booth on Fenglin Road outside the main hall.

The fortune teller is white and white, thin and lonely, but there are a few cents.

I saw Chu Qiao immediately said that she is a rich and wealthy person, but only a lot of life, as long as the sincerity to the Buddha, own law of disaster. The little non-speaker nodded and squinted at Chu Qiao, as if to say, how effective this gentleman is.

Chu Qiao knows that this is the must-say for all the calculations. There are not a few troubles in his life. As for the rich and the rich, just look at the wear of both of them and you can guess that it’s not out of ten. .

Small non-sitting in front of the booth, drawing lots of divination and asking for good and bad, busy is not happy. Chu Qiao was bored and stood by, and suddenly saw a very familiar figure in the distance, suddenly squatting in place.

After a while, bowing down and saying nothing, I quietly followed.

In a blink of an eye, it has been gone for six years.

Among the red maples, he wore a white shirt, which looked unpretentious and no longer shines on the day. The autumn wind blew, and the sleeves of the sleeves fluttered lightly, like the catkins without branches, and they floated softly.

“His Royal Highness, drink water?”

An 18-year-old attendant came forward and his voice was cold. Although he was a men’s wear, he could also hear that he was a young girl. He just turned his back to Chu Qiao and couldn’t see her face.

Zhao Wei turned around and once had a slightly fat baby’s cheek because of his carelessness. Now he has lost weight as a knife. Although his posture is still tall and straight, he has already shown a few tired and thin, his eyes are no longer the gods, calm. No wave is like a hundred years old well, only 20 years old, but the two are already white.

He shook his head and said calmly: “I want to walk alone.”

The girl did not move, but she lowered her head slightly, holding a water bladder in her hand, blowing the breeze, blowing her side face, faintly with a touch of inexplicable familiarity. She suddenly looked up and looked at Zhao Wei. She fixedly said, “Who is your Highness waiting for you?”

Zhao Wei’s look was slightly unpleasant, and frowned: “What are you talking about?”

“How long has it not been left for the House of Lords? Why is it so interesting today?”

Zhao Yu’s eyebrows became more and more unpleasant, and she looked at her deeply and turned and left. The girl was shocked and hurried to catch up. She grabbed his sleeve and said sadly: “Did you forget what you said under His Highness?”

Zhao Wei was dragged by her sleeves and turned her head slowly. Her eyes looked like a deep pool. She stared deeply at the man in the dress, and said: “No heart, not everyone in this world owes you, your hate. Is it too long?”

After all, turning around did not enter the layer of maple forest.

The girl stood back to Chu Qiao’s standing in the same place, with her back and her eyes, and the blue silk like a willow. The shape of her body was as thin as a gust of wind. The lonely and lonely, from her fingertips that were opened slowly, drifted layer by layer in the forest, she stood silent for a long time, finally, still use a sleeve to wipe the cheeks, it seems to wipe away Whatever the same, lift your foot and chase in the direction of Zhao Wei’s departure.

The birds in the forest flutter, humming, and faintly, Chu Qiao seems to have seen it for many years. He wore a small blue robes, embroidered with colorful birds on the clothes, beautiful and colorful, hands-on Holding a golden little whip, she said to her proudly: “This is the most pleasing to the eye, I see you as the most pleasing to the eye, how can I seal you as my goalkeeper general?”



A gust of wind blew, she suddenly felt so cold.

Xiaofei’s voice is getting closer, she’s coming back, and she’s going back together with a good mother who has two children who are still not satisfied.

Everyone was tired for a long time, and the road down the mountain was sitting on the horse. The carriage swayed, and Zhuge saw her interest is not high, she frowned and asked if she was tired. Chu Qiao nodded and said, leaning on his shoulder, stunned and closed his eyes, but could not sleep.

Zhuge took her hand, cold, and worried, and told her to hurry.

“After a few days, Zhao Che is going to get married.”

Chu Qiao awkwardly, slightly raised his head, Zhuge Xiao smiled and said: “He has been a bad luck for many years, and he has become an old bachelor. You don’t know the bride, but I will probably like it. It is the little daughter of Donghu’s leader. Yan Rou, although the name has a soft word, but it is not gentle at all, it is a mad gimmick, but the heart is pure and kind. When she enters Beijing, I will take you to see you.”

Chu Qiao nodded and thought of something, but did not say it after all.

After the autumn festival, the sky began to cold, the lake was frozen, a heavy snow fell, and the world was plain, the room was warm and warm all day, and people were lazy.

These days, people from Sima House come and go, Zhuge Yu seems to be very busy, even the seventh month has been gone for a long time. Listening to Xiaofei said that it was sent out by Zhuge, and it has already gone seven or eight days.

That night, Chu Qiao inadvertently asked Zhuge a sentence, but he did not answer the mystery, just said to give her a surprise.

The surprise came very quickly. After three days, Sun Hao sent someone from Sui and Tang to send her a private letter and a palace official document.

It turned out that the Sima Zhuge of the Daxia Military Department sent people to go to the Sui and Tang Dynasties to ask for a kiss. To welcome the beautiful king of Tang, the first batch of hiring and gift money had been sent to the Sui and Tang dynasty.

When Chu Qiao received the news, Zhuge Wei was still not in the bed, and his white satin bedclothes were white and clear. He held his head with one hand and squinted at her, like a smile, a lazy look.

Chu Qiao walked up to him and spread the letter and asked, “What happened?”

Zhu Gejun said calmly: “What is going on? Men’s marriage is a big marriage, and it’s very natural.”

Chu Qiao frowned: “But my identity is awkward. After your status, are you not afraid of the court?”

Zhuge 玥 玥 , , , , , 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥

It seems that a hot water bottle has been punctured, and the warm water is flowing in my heart. Her smile can’t help but slowly squirt out, squatting down and leaning her head on his leg, so it doesn’t move. .

Zhu Gezhen sat up and hugged her, bent down and licked her hair, whispered: “I thought for so many years, how can you let me quietly enter my home, I will tell the world Tell everyone, you are mine.”

The following days suddenly became busy. Chu Qiao didn’t know what methods and methods Zhuge used. It made the entire upper-class society seem to have lost memory all night. No one remembers that she helped Yan Xun to kill. Zhenhuang, no one remembers that she had smashed the Northern Expedition of Daxia twice, and no one even remembered that she had personally killed Zhao Xi, the three emperors of Daxia.

In the past few days, the nobles of the aristocrats of the various gates have come to the door one after another, and all kinds of rare gifts have been sent to Sima House, and even the royal ministers who are not close to Zhuge Zhao and Zhao Che have also presented gifts to face. .

On the third day of December, the Holy Golden Palace suddenly heard a message saying that the emperor was in critical condition and was eager to recruit Zhuge to enter the palace.

It is reasonable to say that the emperor is seriously ill, except for the Prince of the Prince, it is not appropriate to recruit the minister into the palace. However, the emperor was dying, and he did not guarantee the day and night. No one knew what would happen in the next quarter of an hour. Jing Xiao Wang Ye, Ling Nan Mu Gongye, and Wang Shizi from all over the world have entered the palace. It is unwise to let Zhao Che stay in the palace at this time. Zhu Gejun has to go to the table, the emperor is in the disease. If there is any opinion, Zhao Wei and others are not at ease. At this time, Zhuge Yu was so far away. It was a lively event in the Shengjin Palace. The forces of the whole summer gathered together.

However, on the evening of the day when the parties entered the palace, Donghu Jun, who was stationed in the west of the city, started to work with the guardian army brought by King Xiao Wang. Specifically, no one knows why, but when Chu Qiao was woken up, the entire west sky was red, shouting and killing the sound, and all the soldiers in the palace were blocked outside the palace gate. Obviously someone is interested in connivance.

After half an hour, the scale of the fight expanded, and the pro-infantry of Lingnan Mu Xiaogong also joined the battle circle. The local picket team of Zhenhuang was watching the fire across the bank. No matter how the people in the west of the city cried, they waited for the above orders and they were all blocked. Standing on the periphery, you can’t move, waiting for the fire between the two groups.

At this time, the big gangs and the gangsters in the city of Zhenhuang took the opportunity to rob the fire. After a small fight, they found that they were ignored and became more and more stunned. There is a mourning in the southeast and northwest of Zhenhuang City. The civilians are shivering at home, but they are afraid of getting burned.

Chu Qiao ordered the troops in the government to be brave and guarded, and the door was closed, never going out.

He Xiao and Zhuge Yu’s pro-weapons were responsible for the defense within the government on the 6th of the month. After a while, the outside of the house suddenly became brightly lit and seemed to be surrounded by a large number of people.

On the 6th of the month, the guards gnawed their teeth, and they pulled out the wolf knives, and they wanted to be desperate. Chu Qiao felt strange, let He Xiao go out to listen to the news.

He Xiao soon came back and smiled and said to Chu Qiao that he was the official inspector of the government and ordered the protection of Sima. Soon, the buzz in all directions was a lot smaller, and it was thought that this so-called inspector army played a role. However, Chu Qiao asked about the sixth month, but the young guards scratched their heads. It was doubtful that he had never heard of any inspector.

At the second time, the door suddenly burst into awkwardness. Chu Qiao just stepped out of the door and saw Zhuge’s deep purple rushing in. He met her and asked, “Don’t scare you?”

Chu Qiao smiled and said: “Do you think that I am a paper? When I murder outside and set fire, you still don’t know where to reincarnate.”

Zhuge took a sip from the teacup and sat down with a smile.

Chu Qiao asked: “What is going on?”

Regarding Zhuge’s affairs, Chu Qiao has always had little question. It is not appropriate for her identity to know too much. Second, she has no more energy for this now. It was only tonight, but she was really worried.

Zhu Geyan looked up and saw her worried look. She was slightly awkward. She took her cold hand and said, “It’s Jingyu, they are making trouble, the south gate is controlled by Zhao Wei’s people. I came out from the north gate. So it was a little late.”

“What good is the trouble for them? If the troubles are too big, the Presbyterian will rush back to the territories. Isn’t that everyone can’t take advantage of it?”

Zhuge Yue smiled coldly and said: “They are playing this idea.”

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows twitched and he thought about the joints. He couldn’t help but sigh: “Good luck, thank you for coming out quickly.”

Zhuge took a picture of her cheek and said, “Don’t be afraid, I will not be counted by this means.”

Nowadays, the confrontation between Zhao Che and Zhao Wei is basically the confrontation between the Southwestern Army of the Great Summer and the Donghu Army. Zhao Wei has Jing Hao and Mu Xiaogong as the arms, and Zhao Che also has the Qinghai Navy. Now that the Xia Emperor is in jeopardy, almost all the roadside troops have followed the master to stay in Kyoto, and the side army is in the imperial capital. This is not a rule. Once something happens, it will be sent back to the territory. However, whether it is Zhao Che or Zhuge Yujing, their subordinates are local side-runners. Only Zhao Wei still holds the Jing-Ji-Ji. These 30,000-foot-riding camps may be insignificant on the battlefield, but once the frontiers are all repatriated, the 30,000 troops are the most powerful forces of the Imperial Army. At that time, Zhao Cheruo did not return to the North with the Donghu Army, and must fall into Zhao’s Hand, and once he returns to the territories, then the next candidate for the Xia Emperor will be basically determined.

In the year when Xia Huang was in critical condition, he played a similar game on almost every summer day. Chu Qiao was a person who had taken the soldiers and naturally knew that it was very powerful. She stepped forward to comfort Zhuge and said: “You are careful, you don’t have to miss me. The troops are brave enough. Even if a 10,000-person attack is over, we can keep two hours. I don’t need to divide the soldiers to protect me next time.”

Zhuge Yue heard a word and asked: “When did I return to the government?”

Chu Qiao said: “The inspector of the government has just been there, and we have kept us for more than two hours.”

Zhuge’s eyebrows wrinkled and thought for a long time before he shook his head: “That’s not my person.”

Chu Qiao looked at him with a puzzled look, and his face was full of solemn colors.

Zhuge smiled and held her hand and said: “It doesn’t matter, they should be not malicious.”

“Is it Wei Shuzhen?”

“If I didn’t guess wrong, it should be Zhao Thirteen.”

It’s like holding a snow in my heart, and the time is cold. Zhuge’s voice is slightly low: “The emperor is in critical condition. Almost all the powerful people in the city are in the palace. At this time, they are not in the palace, and they still have the ability to mobilize. The only person in the government is him.”

A faint color flashed through Zhuge’s eyes, and he slowly said: “For so long, I really forgot him.”

In the main hall, the incense is burned, and the steam is warm, so that people can only wear thin gauze. However, Chu Qiao stood there, still feeling cold, feeling cold and spreading from his fingers, climbing all the way to the spine and getting into his mind.

Zhao XIII, Zhao Wei, was broken by Yan Xun, and his elder brother died in his own hands. The mother was even smashed by himself and Yan Xun. The emperor who was the most powerful in the city of Zhenhuang was now Was it forgotten to this point? There is no share for him to join the palace.



The fragrance of Zhuge’s clothes pierced into the air. He held her in his arms and saw her face with a slight white pain. He said softly, “Singer, why don’t I send you back to Qinghai first?”

Chu Qiao was worried, but he didn’t seem to hear it until he said it again, and he quickly shook his head and grabbed his sleeve nervously. He even shouted: “I don’t want it!”

She looked up at him and looked at him reluctantly. Like an unruly little lion, Zhuge sighed helplessly, sighed and hugged her, whispered: “It’s fast.”

Yes, it’s fast. Every time the ministers see the emperor, they will say this when they return home. To their subordinates, their relatives said this, it’s almost faster, the emperor is not much, and the days of fear are about to pass.

However, day after day, the emperor’s mouth was smashed, and the emperor’s mind was unclear. The emperor did not recognize the person, and the emperor could not afford to eat…

It sounds like the emperor seems to be hanging there only in one breath, as if the next moment, the emperor will let go of the crowd and fly away. However, the arrival of a little winter, the snow seals the door, the sky is full of silver, the Spring Festival is approaching, but the emperor is still coming day by day, not only is not dead, it is said that occasionally can say a few complete words, and occasionally 睁Open your eyes and drink a few mouthfuls of ginseng.

No one knows what the old and broken body is still insisting on. He seems to have any wish. He seems to be waiting for someone, so he drags on a day and refuses to die. He refuses to close his eyes.

The atmosphere of the capital has been tightened because of him. Because no one has the perfect grasp, then no one dares to act as the first priest. The tension in the city is like a bow and arrow full of strings. If you scream at the edge of a street, you will be shocked. Even the newborn baby did not dare to cry in the night. This morning, Zhuge Wei just went out to go to the early morning, and someone came to visit.

The girl is dressed in a pure white fox cloak, standing in the snow covered with silver, her eyes are dark, her lips are red, and she is as beautiful as a painting.

The light of winter is high and far, and it seems to be coming from another world. It is cold on the body. Chu Qiao stood in front of the wind, wearing a su-Clay cloak, suddenly stunned, so she looked at her, and did not move for a long time.

She smiled slightly, her smile was extremely weak, and she came forward slowly, standing in front of Chu Qiao, and said with a smile: “Six sisters, you don’t recognize me? I am a small eight.”

Time suddenly went so fast, if it was a river of spring, the east passed away, and the shadow could no longer be seen.

The little child of the past, she was kneeling beside her, her body was so small, she was like a little wolf who had never eaten milk. She hoeed her head in the cold moonlight, facing the brothers and sisters who had died. Swear, let them wait and see, waiting for her to avenge them.

In a blink of an eye, it has been fourteen years.

Chu Qiao remembered the execution on that day. She hid in the crowd, listening to the child crying and shouting, calling her name and calling her to save her. However, she did not go out after all, only on the night when the moon was covered by clouds, grabbed the broken corpse from the wild dog’s mouth, and then did not even have a straw mat, let her sink into the cold Bihu. in.

Fourteen years, fourteen years, she thought she was dead, she had dreamed of her reluctant tears countless times, she blamed for fourteen years, and because of this, hated Zhuge 玥 so long.

In her eyes, she almost fell into tears, standing by the door, reaching out in the distance, but laughing slightly at the corner of her mouth, so bitter, but with the joy of the rest of her life, like full of water, A trace of overflowing out.

Xiao Ba took her hand and said a very light smile. “I am very good, still alive, I didn’t expect it.”

The voice of her voice is very familiar, fluttering, always with a touch of alienation.

They entered the room together. Xiaoba walked around in the room very well. Then he sat down on the soft couch and took a deep breath. He smiled and said: “Zhuge is still like this, like to smoke in the room. Shen Shuixiang.”

She looked around with a familiar gesture, and what she said was the living habits of Zhuge, and then picked up a pomegranate and took it in her hands.

Chu Qiao looked at her, a thousand words condensed in his mouth, but did not know where to ask.

Xiao Ba smiled at her and said: “The six sisters don’t have to be surprised. The person who died on the same day is not me. At the last moment before the execution, your husband has replaced me and raised me for many years. I have grace with him. There are complaints, but I am not here today to force you to fulfill your promise of the day to avenge your family, because even myself, I have long abandoned the idea of ​​revenge.”

There was a sudden wind in the room, and the curtains of the corners of the corners were slightly rolled. Through the sunlight, tiny dust was visible in the air. Between Chu Qiao and Xiaoba, the sun was so glaring that she had to squint her eyes, but she still couldn’t see Xiaoba’s face.

Chu Qiao looked at her, a strange feeling suddenly arises, she thought for a long time, still gently asked: “Little eight, how many years are you good?”

“Small,” Xiao Ba said casually: “Zhuge four is not bad for me. I think I may have been immersed in your light. He went to Mr. Wolong’s art and brought me to go. I followed the book. But he only restricted my freedom, let me go, I ran several times, and I was caught by him. It’s been like this for many years until…”

Speaking of this, Xiao Ba raised her eyelids and glanced at her. She suddenly smiled and said: “Until outside, he died in Yanbei, and the Zhuge family expelled him from the gate. Our people in Qingshanyuan were also driven out of the house. I was able to be free. Later I wandered outside, I was a girl, and I didn’t know how to make a living. Then I broke into the dust and wandered almost in the broth for more than a year. I met my thirteenth. Still have to drag the six sisters of your blessing, because I look like you, I was immediately seen by my Highness, and now my identity is the slave of the palace. Oh, mixed for so many years, still a slave, but the treatment has improved a little.”

Chu Qiao listened to her careless tone, listened to her mention Zhao Wei, remembered what she saw on the night of the balsam mountain, the woman wearing a men’s clothing, could not help but slowly frown, she asked: “You have long been I know that I am coming to Zhenhuang, why not come to me?”

“What do I do for you?” Xiaoba’s eyes swept sharply, a cold smile, and the young face was faintly disdainful and chilly. He said slowly: “Six sisters are now noble, both Yanbei The beauty general, and the beauty king of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, will soon be the Sima Lady of Daxia. I am a small slave, rushing to come, not to shame the six sisters?”

The little eight eyes are cold, especially when the words “Mrs. Sima” are used, the eyes can almost spurt fire.

The incense in the incense burner ignited a little bit, and a thin smoke line slowly rose. The light gold light was like sparse water, and the layers rushed in, casting a patchy surface on the smooth floor. Fragmented. There was silence in the room. Chu Qiao looked at her silently. A hot heart was so cold that it was so cold. When it came to the mouth, after all, it swallowed his stomach, and his heart was so obsessed with it. It is cold.

She heard her asking in a dull voice: “What are you doing today?”

“His Royal Highness is gone. I want you to give me a document to dismiss the royal slaves so that I can follow my Highness.”

Chu Qiao is slightly surprised: “Where is Zhao Wei going?”

“Where can I go? I am going to guard the horse farm, and I am a great summer prince. The queen who was born by the emperor was taken to the guardian horse.”

Xiao Ba’s expression became gloomy. She said with a cold voice that her teeth were gnashing her teeth. The voice was so angry that she could hardly suppress it.


“Why can you? Is it because of you?” Xiaoba turned his head and said coldly: “Since His Highness has been cut off by Yanbei dog, he has been living in a simple way. He never ignored any conflicts between the ruling and the wild. The emperors were busy fighting for power and no one paid attention to him. However, a few days ago, he used the official soldiers and horses for you, and obviously showed you good things. You thought that those who were under the Fourteenth can still let him Is this identity left in the capital?”

Chu Qiao’s hand was extremely cold, and his brain creaked. He only heard the sound of Xiao Ba’s voice screaming in his ear. He said, “I don’t ask you to find a way to keep your high school in the capital. Just ask me to help me. Get a paperwork, Your Highness will not take me, I will go with myself. At the very least, I can wait for the soup in the morning and evening. I don’t want him to be alone. My Highness has grace for me. I will not be as good as some. ,ungrateful.”

After a long time, Chu Qiao looked up and decided to look at the small, picturesque face, faintly said: “Small eight, you must be divided into my life like this?”

“What is the six sisters saying, what is your identity, and what is the identity of Xiao Ba, how can I dare to climb with you? Not to mention…”

“If you talk like this again, give me away immediately, don’t have to ask for anything, I will be when I don’t have your sister!”

Chu Qiao suddenly said the sound of cold and anger, said that the small eight suddenly stopped, and stared at the angry Chuo, unable to say a word at a time.

“What are you complaining about? What are you mad at? I can’t protect you at first, can’t take you away? Or can I not avenge the revenge of the juice Xiangxiang today, but also recognize the thief as a husband and commit to the enemy?”

Chu Qiao said with anger: “Over the years, you have worked hard, I may not have had a good time. I thought you were dead. I have complained for 14 years. Today, you come to the door, sneer, this is your sister. Love?”



The light of the sun came in and sprinkled a piece of white light on the ground. Chu Qiao stood up and looked at her coldly: “It has been fourteen years, how many things have happened in the middle? You are thinking about your own misfortune and sorrow, and then blaming everything on others, I I really doubt that you are still the strong and brave sister I met in the past. You have named yourself as unintentional. Is there really no heart?”

Xiao Ba stood in the same place, his face was slightly pale, but Chu Qiao suddenly felt so tired, as if every skin on the whole body was screaming and tired.

She slowly turned around and said faintly: “Let’s go, I will deal with Zhao’s things.”

Then I went back to the room.

After a long time, Xiao Ba was gone, Chu Qiao looked through the window paper and she left Sima House under the escort of Mei Xiang and others. Her back was very thin and her clothes were white, as if she were to be integrated into the heavy snow.

Chu Qiao looked at her, remembered her words, was placed under house arrest, one person wandered, broke into the dust…

She clenched her lips, and her heart became more and more sorrowful. She sat alone until the twilight.

Zhuge Yu grabbed her from behind, and the low voice rang in the back, with a hint of reprimand: “Why didn’t you eat at night?”

Chu Qiao is so close to his arms, like a fish swimming into the water, then relax. She took his hand, so big, almost completely wrapped her little hand, she was so depressed that she didn’t want to talk, so she looked at his hand and counted the scorpion in his hand.

“Small eight is coming?”

“Well,” Chu Qiao nodded. “You already knew why you didn’t tell me?”

“I always wanted to say, but I didn’t find the opportunity.”

Zhuge smiled and said quite helplessly: “Whether you believe it or not, this matter has been pressing on my heart. It is also a heart disease. After all, I was not very good to her in those years. Several times she escaped, I also played. After her, I was eccentric in my life. After she saved her, she has been detaining her. She just doesn’t want to let go. When she is in a good mood, she teaches her to read and write martial arts. When she is in a bad mood, she feels like she is long and gives her a pose. Looked at the face. Those years in the mountains, there are no maids around, she has been serving her side, she is now eccentric, and it is also my reason.”

“How long has she been with Zhao Wei?”

“It’s been two or three years.” Zhuge玥 recalled: “I heard that Zhao Wei is very fond of her. She once lost her hand and killed a singer of Zhao Wei. Zhao Wei did not pursue her.”

Chu Qiao was silent for a long time before he slowly said: “She may be interested in Zhao Wei.”

Zhuge smiled and said: “I care who she cares about, as long as you are not angry with me.”

“What about Zhao Wei?”

“You can rest assured that Zhao Wei wants to cover the sky with one hand, but also asks us if we can’t agree. But I don’t think there is anything wrong with Zhao Wei’s departure from Beijing. There will be a big chaos in the morning and evening. For him, it is better than leaving. Staying safer.”

Chu Qiao actually thought of this layer, she frowned slightly: “What should I do?”

“I intend to let him go to the hustle and bustle. When I come to the north, I am within the scope of Zhao Che’s sphere of influence. Secondly, there is a gathering place for monks. The life is rich and the coastal climate is mild.”

Chu Qiao nodded and said: “Let’s do what you said.”

“Then I will arrange it tomorrow, if you want to send him, see him.”

Chu Qiao thought for a long time, or shook his head: “He may not want to see me, or do not want to do anything.”

Zhuge said: “I feel that you should go see him.”

Chu Qiao looked up and frowned at him. Zhuge Yu smiled and said, “You don’t look at me like this. I don’t mean anything else. I just don’t want you to blame yourself all the time. The things of the year can’t be blamed on you.”


Chu Qiao’s line of sight gradually became empty, and his mind flashed on the day of the balsam mountain. The man stood tall, his clothes were light, the ink was frosted, and an empty sleeve, like a rootless catkin.

The memory has long been dust-sealed, and now it is torn apart. The object is human and the only one, only the red maple layer is dyed, just like the year.

After a night of snow, the whole city of Zhenhuang was shrouded in a vast white, and the door was opened in the early morning. The snow was more than a foot thick, and it didn’t go into the knees. The white snow fluttered and the white hair was blowing. Do not open your eyes. The soldiers in the defending city yawned and opened the heavy gates before the sun had risen. There seemed to be a vague shadow in the faint light. When they wanted to open their eyes and look carefully, they kept The people waiting to enter the city at the gate of the city have already swarmed.

A simple green cloth carriage, ebony door sills, the sound of the car slamming, rolling up the white snow on the flat, rolling a deep rut on the long street. The carriage looks plain and unremarkable, and there is no complaint behind the people who line up in the queue. The defenders of the city gate should think that this is not the privilege of the city of Zhenghuang, and that it should have received a lot of money. And he screamed and drank a few prestige.

After waiting for more than an hour, the carriage was out of the city of Zhenhuang. The sun rises lazily, and the white light is emitted through the fog in the morning. The migratory birds have already flew away. The rest are cold-resistant hawks, screaming through the end of the sky, their wings are white, and occasionally fly in. There was no shadow in the clouds, only to hear its long whistling sound echoing on the snowfield.

The carriage arrived at the Humaling outside the city, and saw a girl standing quietly on the Yangguan Bridge. She wore a white coat, a suede-colored little riding boots, and she looked like a long time in the cold wind. Her cheeks were red, and she was a little bit harsh and cold in the weekdays. Warm. When she saw the carriage coming, she smiled and stepped forward. The horse cleverly followed, and the snow on the ground was squeaky.

The coachman was also a young man who was not a big boy. At most, he was only sixteen or seven years old. When she saw her, she seemed a little surprised. She turned back and said something to the people in the carriage. A thin hand stretched out and slightly picked up the curtain of the carriage, revealing the man’s beautiful eyes and a pair of eyebrows that wrinkled tightly.

“How did you come?”

Zhao Wei’s voice is no longer clear and sunny, and has become a little low. For many years, it has always been like a pool of stagnant water, not shocking.

But that is nothing. After all, when she first met him, he was like this, calm, gentle, and uninterested in everything. So he gradually retired from the political stage of the great summer, from an infinite royal scorpion to an embarrassment that has not been sent by anyone who has been sent to the world today.

Maybe, except for her, no one in the entire imperial city will remember him anymore.

Xiaoba quietly smiled, and the corner of his mouth was still a little bit of inertia. She stepped forward and it was natural to hand the horse to the teenager in the car and said, “Ajiang, go and put the horse on.”

Zhao Wei frowned slightly and said: “What are you doing?”

Xiao Ba smiled at him, his eyes clear and Ling Ling, it is natural to say: “I naturally want to go with you.”

Zhao Wei is still frowning, his face is slightly gloomy, and it is rare to bring a bit of intolerance: “No heart, don’t mess around.”

Xiaoba is now called unintentional, unintentional, and unintentional.

In her life, there are countless different names. When she was a child, she couldn’t remember her in the Jing family. Her loved ones were just a few of them. Because she was young, she was not the child of Mrs. Jing’s wife. She was even the same age. Brothers and sisters have forgotten their names. They can only be sorted according to the age of their escapes. Like other children, they are called small seven small eight small nines. Like animals, they are just some cold numbers, not even as good as one. Pure horse of the bloodline.

Later, she was saved by Zhuge, and lived with him for nearly seven years under Mr. Wolong. In those years, she also had a name, just the name, which was taken by Zhuge to fear the people around her know her identity. The purpose is nothing more than to protect the sister who lives in the Holy Palace.

At the moment when she heard the death of Zhuge, she actually cried. This is one of the things she has been unable to forgive herself for so many years.

She actually cried, for a man who killed her brothers and sisters and imprisoned her for more than a decade.

She still clearly remembers that morning, the bad news passed into Zhugefu, and the 13th was dusty and rushed into the gate of Qingshanyuan, followed by the people in the main courtyard, before they had time to react. At the time, the entire Castle Peak Court was searched. Then, it was the official judge of the Shang Lawyers. It was the squad of the Great Temple. It was the inspector of the Presbyterian Church. Various crimes were detained on the head of the man who had always been proud of the glory, dereliction of duty, enemies, delays in military affairs. Destroy the military discipline, cause major military mistakes in the military, and even treason.

In the past, the status of the Qingshan Academy in Zhugefu was suddenly turned into mud, and it was broken into the bottomless abyss. The moon guards ran around and asked the friends and brothers and sisters of Zhuge, who asked them to cleanse their grievances and ask them to send Yanbei, asking them to continue to search for the Lord, even if it was just a corpse. However, in the face of the failure of the war, in the face of the national attack and opposition, in addition to the Zhao Chuan seven princes who also lost because of this battle, no one is willing to lend a helping hand to them, even Wei Wei Wei Shuzhen also hanged a thank-you card for them and no longer saw these old loyalists.

Finally, even Zhao Che was also sent to the North, Zhuge’s body was retreated by Yanbei. Although he paid a lot of ransom, Zhuge Valve drove him out of the house. Zhuge Muqing personally performed the elders in front of the city gate. Trial, whipping the corpse of his son to show his determination to break with his son. After Zhuge’s death, he could not enter the ancestral temple. He was thrown into the burial gang and was reviled by thousands of people and was removed from the army. And these former Qingshanyuan female slaves were also driven out of the house, and after several rebellious sales, they finally fell into the dust.



Even after it has passed, every night, she can still remember the first days of laughing. Because her death was not good, the owner of the brothel found two strong men to plead for her. In the broken wood house, the two men laughed and pulled her pants. They are so close to her, she can see their yellow teeth, they can smell their mouthful of alcohol, their strength is so big, the palms are all black and lacquered, just step into the room, they will Unable to untie the trouser pocket, just pull it at the foot and let the ugly thing be exposed.

All struggles and helplessness are superfluous. Even though she once studied horse riding martial arts with Zhuge, there are a few tricks that she learned under the circumstance of full of enthusiasm. She could only watch them smashed her clothes and looked at their faces closer and closer. Her next door was the Laner of Qingshanyuan, and next door was the daughter of Zhuge’s daughter, all crying. And the laughter echoed in my ear. She thought that after so many changes, she was already numb and strong enough. She thought she had enough courage and strength to ask for these shameless scum, but when the lower body was punctured, when the pain swept the whole body At that moment, when the tears of shame spread out of the eye, she was still like the other slaves of Qingshanyuan, crying and shouting out the name of the man.

She cried and called Zhuge to save me. She cursed the two men madly, saying that the young master would avenge me. You will not die well.

However, those people just did not care about laughing, and then cruelly told her that Zhuge had died long ago and died in Yanbei. Now his body has been filled with a hound.

At that moment, she really cried in despair. She suddenly remembered a lot of past. He taught her to read characters. He taught her to ride horses. He taught her to practice the art of war. He taught her to practice martial arts. Sometimes he just told her to sit by her side. Nothing to do, no matter how ridiculous she is next to him, he ignores it, just silently drinking, and occasionally impatiently glances at her.

He killed the cherished, he killed Xiaoqi, he imprisoned her for ten years, he beat her through her, he and her have no share of the enemy. However, he never insulted her like this. He rescued her from the edge of death several times and gave her a place to settle down, even though her identity was so embarrassing, even though she knew who it should belong to, but He is indeed protecting her. At the earliest years of her life, in this deep year, when she was a child with nothing, he protected her for so many years.

When she suffered the most shameful thing in her life, she instinctively called his name, and hoped that he could come to save her.

However, he could not, after all, he died, died for her sister, died on the ice and snow of Yanbei, and died under the iron hoof of the Yanbei army.

That night, she burst into tears in desperation, like a cub who lost her wolf, squatting on the dirty ground, and her voice was broken like a bellows, which made people feel chilly.

However, it was just that night, after that night, unlike the knowing of self-destruction, unlike the depressing end of Laner, she seemed to suddenly open the shackles, began to learn the chess and painting, learn how to seduce men, learn in All the knowledge and skills to be mastered in this place. Since you can’t count on others, you can only rely on yourself. Since you are destined to live here for a lifetime, you must find a way to make yourself better. If you want to do it, she will be the most red girl.

So, two months later, she personally designed and framed the two men who had invaded her. She watched them die in front of her eyes, and the heart could not tell the joy and madness.

She thought that her life would continue like this, like a stinking sewage, it would continue to be dirty and dirty. However, she saw him.

On the day of seeing Zhao Wei, she was accompanying a wealthy businessman to swim in the lake. The fat man who was in his fifties was born to be a madman. He was on the flower boat and tore her clothes under the eyes of the public. Inadvertently scratching his face, he was furious and threw her into the lake on the spot.

The true Huang in May is still very cold, the lake has just opened, and the lake is extremely cold. She was wearing a heavy blouse, her hands and feet were cold, and she couldn’t swim. She could only slam a few times, let her sink a little bit, the sun gradually moved away from her, the heavens and the earth were dim and depressed, and the sky could not be seen. I can’t see the clouds, the cold water is coming from all directions, her breathing is getting slower and slower, and it’s getting slower and slower. At the moment she will die, she suddenly thinks, I don’t know if Zhuge died, is it also like this? Feeling, the surroundings are so cold, only the heart has a hint of heat, but now, even the slightest heat has gradually dispersed.

However, just as she was about to die, someone hugged her waist. She was pulled all the way up, all the way up, I don’t know how long it took, she suddenly broke out of the water, the sun shone on her body, she coughed with a big mouth, and the resurgence of death made her happy. cry. Zhao Wei stood by her side and was talking to his soaked little book boy. Seeing her, she just turned her head and looked at her very quietly. It seemed to be a little surprised, slightly frowning, and then weird. A smile said: “It’s a coincidence, you are very similar to an old person I know.”

He was laughing at the time, but she clearly felt the desolateness and sadness in his tone. It was like a geese who could not fly south due to illness in the winter season. His eyes were calm, but it seemed to grow a large blockbuster. The ridiculous weeds are cool and sad.

She was taken away by him, even though it was a lonely prince, but in the end it was a royal family. She had a clear and innocent identity, and she had a free time she had been married for more than ten years, but in the end, she voluntarily entered the royal family’s slavery. After he knew it, he did not stop her. He only looked at her faintly and respected her choice.

A dazzling moment, it has been so many years.

She may not be able to tell her about her feelings for Zhuge, who, under the accumulation of years and years, under the friction of hatred and attachment, has become deformed and broken. The emotions are too complicated, she does not understand, and does not want to see understand. However, she clearly knows her feelings about Zhao Wei, she does not care about retribution, no gratitude, she just wants to be with him, I hope his eyes can see her, I hope his heart can remember her. But even this little wish cannot be satisfied.

She has fallen in love with two men in her life, but both men love another woman, and that woman is a sister who has had great grace for her.

Destiny is really funny.

Therefore, she will be strong and brave in that memory for a long time, always with so many complex emotions in the shadow of her face, so that when she saw her, she could hardly control her own. reason.

However, those do not matter, everything has passed, she will follow him, and everything else has vanished.

What about the disparity in identity? What about the residual flower? What about his heart? She just wants to follow him. Anyone can stop her, but she can’t annihilate her determination to work hard.

She raised her head and dressed for the first time in front of him in four years. For the first time, she faced the noble but degraded prince with a well-dressed makeup. Her eyes are so bright, the facial features are exquisite and beautiful, she opens her mouth, shines in the sun, and smiles and says: “I am not making trouble, I just want to follow you.”

Zhao Wei refused coldly: “What are you doing with me? Go back soon.”

Xiao Ba didn’t look at him. He straightened his knife and gave him a knife. He said, “You slaughtered me.”

Zhao Yan frowned and said to the book boy: “A Jiang, catch her off.”

“It’s casual.” Xiao Ba turned his head very simply and raised the literary hand in his hand. The voice was very hearty: “I have a full set of customs clearances anyway, I already have a legal walking bid, I have No longer a slave with limited mobility. I have a wrap and a horse. You can drive me away, but you can’t stop me from following you. I will follow you all the way, you don’t want me, I am in you. I am looking for a place to live around. Although you are the emperor of Daxia, you can’t stop a law-abiding small people from going out to play.”

She looked at him calmly, her expression was very comfortable, there was no crampiness and uneasiness, and there was no panic and no worries. She looked up at him so sharply, her eyes were clear, and her small chin was slightly swaying, with a bit of reluctance, and a bit of anger, like a child with anger, like a wayward gambler.

Zhao Wei suddenly had a bit of sadness. He looked at her. For the first time in many years, it seemed that he had swept the shadow of that person for the first time, and he actually saw this equally stubborn girl. His voice was a bit low, like the autumn wind sweeping through the dead leaves, with a faint depression and cold defeat, quietly saying: “You know if you know, then go, I am no longer the Prince of the Great Summer.”

Xiao Ba’s heart seemed to be suddenly cut by a knife, and she was looking at Zhao’s lonely face. There seemed to be a fire in the chest burning in the hunting. However, she did not show it, but it did not matter how coldly, and did not care much about it: “Who is your relationship with me? Don’t let it fall, I will leave now, big deal, I am following behind.” ”

After that, turn around and jump off the bus.

At this time, a slender hand suddenly grabbed her delicate white wrist. The man’s phalanx was clear, the fingers were long and powerful, slightly white, and the palm was full of scorpions. Although it was left-handed, it was exceptionally dexterous.



“Forget it.”

A low voice quietly sounded, and Zhao Wei waved helplessly: “A Jiang, let’s go.”

A Jiang suddenly stunned and opened his mouth for a long time. Xiao Ba went up and knocked on his forehead and snorted: “Isn’t it too fast? Waiting for your master to repent and drive me away?”

A Jiang Li smiled and waved his whip and slammed on the horse. The carriage slowed down, and the morning sun was golden, like a huge disc, hanging high above the sky.

Out of the true city, away from the great summer country, in this regard, he is no longer the scorpion prince of the big summer, she is no longer a smash hit in the capital, the dust, the soil, the earth, thanks to the heavens, in the storm The moment before the arrival, they gave them a chance to start a new life.

Between a dense forest of Populus euphratica, a woman wearing a navy blue cloak came out. He Xiao stood behind her, and several darts teams passed by, and they raised a large amount of dust on the ramp. But she did not seem to see it. She still looked at the carriage that was quietly away, for a long time.

Goodbye, her friend. Goodbye, her sister. Goodbye, the two most sorry people in her life.

The sun is rising, and the north wind is still raging. Chu Qiao’s gaze was taken back from a distance and he looked up silently.

This is the big summer, the taste of the big summer, the wind of the big summer, the old man of the great summer and the old man of the big summer. The people who have left have already left, but the people left behind will continue to face the next life. Whether it is a difficult situation or an adversity, whether it is a bump or a twist, each of them has their own responsibilities, and they also have to wait and guard.

She turned and faced the heavy wall in the distance. There were countless pavilions, numerous palaces, and countless rights and ambitions, as well as countless conspiracy and traps.

Once upon a time, she was so disgusted with everything here, but now she is willingly walked into this huge cage, just as her sister volunteered to be a slave, this is the path they chose for themselves. It was her battlefield, but she was not alone, because in the middle of the cage, there was a man waiting for her.

Everything is wrong, and life and death are no longer there.


Chu Qiao snorted coldly, and the horse rushed, and the cold wind blew from the ear, and turned into a passing cloud, and passed away.

In the blink of an eye, it has been the year to go, although this year is really not a good weather and a happy year, but the surface of the true city is still a splendid and peaceful atmosphere. Near the spring banquet for half a month, the capital city Yin Yin canceled the imperial city curfew, and under the authorization of the Presbyterian Church, reduced the taxation of merchants during the New Year period, encouraged trade with merchants, prospered the economy of the emperor, and promulgated the captain in the name of the emperor. Officials from Xuanwai Province went to Beijing to pay homage to the officials who had outstanding performance this year.

In this way, within three days, Zhenhuang City has restored its former style. Under the intentional connivance of the government, this year’s New Year is particularly luxurious, and rich families from all over the world have successively entered Beijing. In the city of Zhenhuang, there are ten miles of prosperity, and the satin is wrapped in trees, and the songs and dances are flat. No matter how confusing the situation is outside, how is the war in the borders imminent, and the people of the emperor are still immersed in the majestic dreams of the heavens.

The cold wind rushed through the city, and brought a smoked wind that was drunk and dreamy, and went northward.

However, the war between the northwest border and Yanbei has become more and more tense. Zhuge sleeps more and more late, and often sleeps almost all night, the tears of the study’s tears roll down, and piles of red waves on the candlestick, reflecting his increasingly ugly face and still tall and straight. The back ridge is like a strong javelin.

Three days ago, Chu Qiao finally saw Zhao Che again.

It was still snowing that day, and the snow accumulated for two days and four months thick, and the action room almost did not enter the thigh. Chu Qiao has been in poor health all these years. If he is not cold, he is too lazy to go out and sleep in the room all day.

That evening, Zhuge’s laughter came from far away. She squatted on the soft couch and frowned slightly. However, as soon as she opened her eyes, she felt a cold breeze, and she gently shuddered. Pulled the soft quilt on the body and straightened up. Then I saw Zhuge smiled and opened the curtain and said to her: “Star, see who is coming?”

After all, the person behind him entered the dormitory.

Zhao Che came in against the light, a black robes, no embroidered and pattern on his body, low-key and quiet. He still looks like that. It seems to be taller and thinner. His face has not changed. However, his eyes are no longer awkward and inferior. They become so deep and cold, even if they are cold lakes, even if they are Laughing, there is also a three-point alienation and defense in the smile. He greeted her very peacefully, still the same as the original, slightly decapitated, and then smiled: “I finally met again.”

The kitchen’s meals were put up in the water. Zhao Che brought the glutinous wine of the Northland. It was very spicy. As soon as it opened, a strong scent of wine came from the nose.

He talked with Zhuge Wei about drinking and talking about the wars and situations in the past few days. He occasionally inserted a war, said a few jokes, and despised each other.

Zhuge has few friends, and the people who can talk to him in this heaven and earth may have no one other than the one in front of him. Chu Qiao quietly sat on the side, drinking to the hustle and bustle, listening to them talking about the past years, the young people in the martial arts are not pleasing to each other, and they grow up very self-esteem, until the war is up, the ruling is decaying, The wolf smokes everywhere and the imperial regime drifted away, and they gradually came together.

The same origin is noble, the identity is transcendent, and the heart has the ambition of swallowing the sun. The same unruly, young and proud, but not for the home country, not for the world. The same arrogance and arrogance, stubborn and stubborn, deviant in the eyes of the clan, was erected. The same was born in Jinxiu, falling in the splendid embroidery, climbing in the mud, and walking back to the power center step by step. However, although the heart is as hard as iron, it is difficult to conceal a passion, men’s friendship, in many cases, it is so needless to say.

Chu Qiao quietly sat aside, rarely seeing Zhuge 玥 such a colorful flying, never seen Zhao Che’s so free and easy.

In the meantime, she seems to have seen two poplar trees that have experienced wind and rain, shoulders shoulders, and slowly grow into towering ancient trees.

Another shadow in my mind came out unconsciously, those dark years and years, those sinister days. When Zhao Che and Zhu Gezhen were sitting side by side in this world of people, she also had a thorn with a person, but after all, they did not have the same goal.

Zhuge Yu was drunk that night. His alcohol consumption has never been very good, but he has always been self-disciplined, but today, in the face of reunion friends, he is a bit free and easy to forget.

Chu Qiao knew that he was just too tired. These days, there were large snowstorms in the northwest, poor harvests in the southwest, and one-third of the land of the empire. The grain and clothing devolved by the emperor were exploited by local officials and the family of the family. They could not reach the hands of the people for a long time. Zhao Wei is the master of the real power of the imperial western, but condone his subordinates to publicly greedy the ink, and indulge in the clan of the clan to win the support of the upper-level institutions. Within half a month, the Western people died more than 200,000, millions of people fled the country, south, east, and even people heading northwest. Before the gates of Yanmingguan, Tanghuguan and Shaoguan, there were a large number of refugees who could not eat enough. Every day, hundreds of people died of starvation, but the emperor would rather spend a lot of money to repair the palace buildings. In preparation for the spring banquet, it is not willing to send troops to send food to give the people a way to live.

Zhuge’s edict has been written more than ten, but with the exception of a few untitled officials, no one in Manchu and Wenwu is willing to support him. His memorial was ignored, his script was overwhelmed by the towers, and the ruling and obedient voices were pleasing to the enjoyment. The elders of the Presbyterian Church were like a group of decaying locusts, and their eyes could only see a place in the palm of their hand, allowing local officials to sing praises. And turn a blind eye to the actual disaster.

He said that the local disaster was serious and the Western people had died more than 200,000. They said that the summer was flat and the people lived in peace. He was a nonsense.

He said that Yanming, Tanghu and Shaoguan gathered hundreds of thousands of people who had fled the country. If they did not divert them, the people would change and they would become a disaster. They said that the three customs are solid, and the wilderness is a thousand miles away. The residents are not closed at night, and even a thief can’t find it.

He said that the survival of the great summer is at the moment, the elders will deceive themselves, the ruling and the ruling, the local officials will be innocent, and will not be punished, and the chaos will start. Instead, they succumbed to his own self-respect, created chaos in the ruling and opposition, and dictated dictatorship.

The saliva on the court is like a pot of porridge, but the folks are dead at any time and place. They took out the merits and umbrellas of the local people and the Wanyanshu, praised the emperor’s kindness and love, the court Qingping Gaoyi, the great summer blessings stretched, and then blamed him for not having evidence but ignoring the court.


She heard that he was very angry and sullen in the study room, and his cheeks were blue and his eyes were like a pool of waves.

The black-pressed refugees outside the three customs turned a blind eye to them. There were countless messy bodies on the western land. They turned a blind eye to the horrible tears of the earth, and now they hold a group of local rice worms to fool themselves. Then ridiculed to ask him for evidence?

Before going to sleep that night, he was silent for a long time, then biting his teeth in her ear and saying that he really hated to cut all the mites with a knife.

The low depression he said, let Chu Qiao’s back secluded and climbed a layer of frost. She reached out and wrapped around his waist and touched his arm. He felt his muscles tense, his fists clenched, and his skin was cold, as if he had smashed the ice.



However, Chu Qiao knows that he can only talk about it after all. Even though he has the right to be in a hurry, even though he is in a good position, even though he holds the military power, even though he and the family are already strangers. But there are some things, some people, some responsibilities, but he can’t ignore them.

Xia Huang was a dead man a while ago, but these days he was getting better, his mind was already clear, and he was occasionally able to go to politics.

For this emperor who has been in office for many years and has not been exposed, no one dares to give a little bit of a nap. For many years, he seems to have always been like this, anytime, anywhere is a kind of unintentional politics, but as long as some people dare to cross the half-step Leichi, they will be devastated. Fourteen years ago, the full copy of the Lion King of Yanbei was a bloody example.

However, everyone is thinking this way again. The emperor is old after all. He is not a god and will never die. Now that Zhao Che and Zhao Wei are in a position to fight, who can better please the emperor, whoever does more emperor’s mind, whoever wins a little more. Now, the emperor is obviously more happy about the umbrella of the people. At this time, who can still take the scenery to carry out the disaster in the southwest to ruin the emperor’s mood? Even Zhao Che, he has to take into account his own style of appreciation in the eyes of Westerners.

At that time, Zhao Che was not in the real Huang, Zhuge was supported by a single tree. From the households of the Ministry of Food and the merchants of the major families, the silver and the grain were forced to be transported to the Sanguan Pass. However, after all, it was a drop in the bucket.

Once, the Shaoguan soldiers will make a small mistake in the distribution of food, because the food is originally small, the rice porridge is very thin, and a soldier confronts the people’s complaints and utters a heavy word, which leads to the local The refugees had a small-scale riot. The soldiers and civilians fought together, the soldiers died more than 30 people, the people also killed more than 50 people, and nearly 100 people were injured.

At the time of the seventh month of the month, Zhuge was in the study room, and Chu Qiao was also in the same place. She never asked her about Zhuge, but she met occasionally, and Zhuge was never carrying her. It was because she heard the words of the officials who had attacked him on this matter, and heard the slanders and complaints of the people outside of Shaoguan, and the black-faced original report of the month of the seventh month, those people who slandered him and slandered the grass and smashed him. It is a dog officer who is black-hearted and blood-sucking. He is murdering the people, and he will definitely break his son.

He has been listening so much, there is no other expression on his face, but when he is not willing to say it again on the seventh month, he will not be able to hide his eyes.

After leaving the seventh month, she never dared to come over. The afternoon sun was so cold, quietly sprinkled on his face that was getting thinner. He sat in a chair and quietly drank tea, as if nothing had happened before. However, Chu Qiao saw that the base of the white jade tea cup gradually oozes water. Although he was held in his hand, a crack suddenly spread across the wall.

Yes, they are dying, they are hungry, natural disasters and man-made disasters have come one after another, the people have no way to live, the government is still greedy and still collecting money, they should be jealous. However, they did not know that the court had already acquiesced in this matter. No one would pay attention to the exploitation of officials everywhere, and all the disaster reports were forcibly suppressed. The answer given in the book order is that all the chores will not be played until after the spring banquet.

And every porridge and every meal they eat now is the result of Zhuge’s sale of his industry in various places. He is such a proud person, even to put down his body to win the merchants of the capital and ask them Join hands to help the people through this wilderness.

He is too tired and tired to attach. Therefore, it will be drunk and drunk, at the table, the emperor is stupid, the court is incompetent, and Zhao Zhao is a hundred and five, threatening to cut his head tonight.

He was really drunk, and he was drunk.

That night, Chu Qiao personally sent Zhao Che, who was already half drunk. However, just out of the door, the seven emperors who had been kneeling at the foot suddenly straightened their waists, and there was no more drunkenness in the eyes. They said to her soberly: “Go back, take care of him.”

Chu Qiao looked at him, standing quietly, without saying a word.

Zhao Che’s face was a bit cold, and they stood opposite, faintly as if they had returned to many years ago. At that time, Da Xia Guoli was strong, and he was the first of the three countries. He was the most proud emperor. She was the most eye-catching emperor and she was appointed as a female teacher. She stood under the dark sky and faced the shouting of the military camp. Said to him: “If you step out of the camp today, you will die.”

The world is bizarre. At that time, they were hiding their grief and defending each other. How can they expect to stand in a trench and become a comrade who fights side by side?

“The situation is already the case, and I can’t do anything about it. If I go on like this, it will be against the entire upper summer clan. We don’t have this strength yet.”

Zhao Cheyu said in a low voice that there was no swaying on his face.

Chu Qiao no longer looked at him, turned and wanted to leave, Zhao Che suddenly called her name behind her. She turned her head and saw him seriously telling her: “The fourth is a good man, don’t let him down.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes gradually became a line, a few waves of light faintly flashed past, like a sharp sword. Her faint opening, whispered: “You too.”

What she said is so vague.

You are, what is it? Are you also a good person?

No, Zhao Che understood what she was talking about, but she did not wait for his answer. She turned and went, her body was thin, and she looked like a hurricane that could be blown away.

He is a good person, and you should not let him down.

It was dark in the sky, the sky was full of sparks, and the wind was blowing from a distance. He breathed deeply and could even smell the hunger that came from the West.

When Chu Qiao returned to the room, everything had already been withdrawn, and Zhuge, who had been drunk on the bed, had disappeared. She went all the way to the study room, and she opened the door. After seeing his eyes clear, he sat on the case and was eager to write.

She stood silently for a long time. After seeing him finish writing and sealing the lacquer, he slowly walked over, kneeling in front of him, pulling one of his hands, and then quietly resting on his knees. not talking.

The candle in the room was burning silently, and a burst of candlesticks rang from time to time. The aroma in the incense burner rose and became a fine smoke. His hands were dry and slender, and gently licked her long hair.


He whispered her name, his voice with a lot of tiredness and hard work. But it was just a cry, there is no following.

Her cheeks were stuck on his lap, and the breath was all about his body. Her voice was like a layer of gentle waves, quietly echoing in the room. She whispered, “I understand.”

His knees shook slightly, then he held her hand tighter.

Yes, she all understands. Understand his hard work, understand his fatigue, understand his disappointment with this country, and understand his deep dislike of everything around him.

The emperor was groggy, the emperor smashed the battle, the ruling and opposition officials were decadent and incompetent, and the various institutions of the empire were dying. After experiencing the hardships of war, I have witnessed the hard work of the people at the bottom, and how can he see the ugly face of the country and the ugly face of the official.

However, he is still a part of this battle, but he used to hold over all the innocent thoughts when he was in possession of Zhao Che, but now, before taking everything, he has to experience such a cold winter. He didn’t even know what was left in the world when they stood on the bones of the skeleton and knocked down all the enemies?

Civilization was destroyed, the people were slaughtered, the army was strangled, the country was destroyed, and the rest, perhaps only them, faced the smoldering, devastated land, and let thousands of lives be buried for this battle.

Right of power, what is power, after the battle, but to destroy everything, at such a price, they can not afford to pay?

“Xinger, I am really not a good person.”

That night, he said softly at the moment of dawn.

The next five days were a very dark day that shocked the entire summer and even the whole of Simon.

The refugees outside the three customs finally rioted. They captured the house of the Western clan and robbed the grain and robbed the money. Because of hunger, they beg, beggars, they steal, they can’t steal, they rob, they rob, they finally rebel.

The officials forced the people to oppose, and the people had to counter.

Hundreds of thousands of unarmed people took the wood and stone to open the door of the big family, and ignited a dark bonfire on the thick soil of western Yunnan. Countless people died in this chaos. The officers and men in the western Yunnan area seemed to be The paper paste is as fragile as a piece of wheat in front of the victims. Despite repeated reports, they said that the chaotic forces were extremely strong, and there were high-ranking people who commanded how to deal with them, but no one believed that they all used these as their pretexts and sophistry.

The local officials and clan who had just appeared on the umbrella of the people were shocked and played, but how can the officials of the Imperial Capital dare to play the court and play the court at this time? I had to secretly dispatch the army and go to the place to be chaotic.

However, Sima Zhuge, the great department of the Ministry of Military Affairs, asked: “The empire has risen in the world, and the people in the western part of the country have just contributed to the umbrella of the people. How can it be rebellious? It is simply a slip of the world.”

As a result, the issue of sending troops was delayed, and the war in Daisy became more and more urgent. On December 24, a horse quickly entered the capital, and the soldiers immediately were covered with blood. They held the newspaper of the Daisy Governor, and the blood spit on the Ronghua Imperial Road.

The city of Zhenhuang was shocked. The emperor was mad at the head of the scene, and the book was ordered and the officials were deprived of the title of Zhao Wei’s southwestern residence. However, Zhao Che did not get any benefit in this ****. Instead, the seventeen emperor Zhao Yi, who has never been exposed to the mountains, has led the southwest military power and went out of Beijing. Zhuge, because there was no immediate dispatch of troops, but the emperor was punished for private use at home, Zhao Che several times into the palace to plead for him, were repulsed by the emperor.



However, Chu Qiao knew the origin of this ****. When Zhao Che went to the house, he saw that Zhuge was furious and roared that he was a madman. Zhuge Yu smiled, and said to him that I wanted to leave you some capital in the future. If all died, who would you go to lead the emperor?

In a civil strife in the western Yunnan region, countless deaths and injuries, large family clan ruined seven or eight, and nearly 80,000 people died in war. But as Zhuge said, the opposite is to die 80,000, but not to kill millions, this sale is really worth it.

Yes, it’s worth it. The southwest clan was destroyed, the Lingnan Mu Xiaogong’s power was greatly damaged, and the Jingyu was also affected. Zhao Wei was angered by the emperor and was cut off. Although Zhao Che didn’t have any good benefits, he was not at fault. Only he was forbidden to take a closed door and thought about it. For the time being, he withdrew from the political stage of Daxia.

Everything seems to be walking in accordance with his established procedures. However, Chu Qiao clearly remembers that whenever the people who heard it were massacred in those few days, where the rich and the rich were full of massacres, where the defenders were all When the army was overwhelmed, and when the people fell into the grass as a savage big news, what kind of night he couldn’t be embarrassed, what kind of worry was burning. Everything on the day, if there is a slight deviation, if the people he secretly sent can not restrain the chaos, can not successfully avoid the local defenders, can not incite some sergeant rebellion, then the result will be bloody and noisy, the whole The southwest broke into the boundless war, and the consequences were unimaginable.

They are right, he is really a crazy person.

She was worried that he would be disheartened and hurt because he was taken away. He was comforting her and could finally accompany her for a year.

The spring banquet finally arrived. In the past, the Simamenting of the Ministry of Military Affairs, who had been arrogant in the past, was left out, but it was a rare laughter.

Although the news of the southwest war was passed into the capital, it did not affect the excitement and prosperity of the emperor’s day. The streets and alleys were noisy, and the government organized wealthy businessmen to set off fireworks in Ziwei Square. The laughter of the children penetrated the heavy wall and blew in along the gentle wind and passed into the towering mansion. .

Three days ago, Zhuge Wei ordered a new round of dressing in the palace. The red lanterns were hung up along the corridor door, and the window flowers were red and beautiful. We carefully cut out all kinds of things. The pattern, there are Donghai Shouxing, there is Xiling Shoulu, there are eight immortals crossing the sea, there is a goddess of Guanyin, and there is a thousand blessings of hard work. A pot of potted flowers was put out, colorful, full of extravagant aromas, people changed new clothes, red powder, a party of joy.

Zhuge Yu also restored the way of life and work in Qingshanyuan many years ago. He has always been a very self-disciplined person, and there is no such thing as a flying eagle. Now I am free, my days are more leisurely, I am very careful to adjust my body, I am reading and planting flowers at my leisure time, and I am forced to exercise in the morning every morning by Chu Qiao. The two men will learn from each other, and the swords and sticks will always attract The people of Manchu are secretly watching. When I saw it for a long time, I didn’t have any reaction. I also came up with courage, and occasionally I saw them hit the wonderful place, and they applauded.

The days are getting more and more quiet and smooth, and the center of the storm is quiet and flustered.

The New Year is quietly in such an atmosphere. She put on a new dress, and the bright red color is bright and beautiful. The face of the person who shines is like the spring of the Sanchun. It seems that there is endless joy and hope that the silk will overflow. Zhuge Yue stood behind her, dressed in a smoky blue gown, handsome and arrogant, picking up a pearl jewel at random, skillfully rolling up her full of green silk, inserted in her hair.

Chu Qiao looked at himself in the mirror, and for a time he was a little embarrassed. Such a self, she seems to have never seen, it seems that from a very young age, she has always stubbornly felt that women wearing red and green is very tacky, and then many years of rushing, but there is no spirit of grooming. But wearing it today, I feel that there is a layer of waves like the warmth of a little bit, her cheeks are like a spring peach, if the autumn water, even the brows of the eyebrows, are disguise of joy and warmth.

The original so-called tacky, but she did not have that kind of mood at the time.

Mei Xiang stood on the side and smiled at her, her face full of joy, Zhuge Hao came up lazily, smiled at the mirror and said: “It is a dumping of the country.”

Chu Qiao was embarrassed to push him, his ears were a little red, and said: “Which is so exaggerated, don’t talk nonsense.”

Zhuge Wei smiled and stared at her and said, “I am talking about myself. Do you want more?”

Chu Qiao was furious and reached out to marry him. Zhuge 玥 玥 避 , , , , , , 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸

Mei Xiang smiled, and did not return the mouth. The sunshine outside the house was extremely warm. At a great distance, there was already a sound of firecrackers.

This is the most comfortable New Year that Chu Qiao has lived for so many years. She also personally cooks and teaches people to make dumplings. She wants to pull Zhuge together. Someone who is extremely masculine despise her and give it away.

Eat New Year’s Eve, put the firecrackers, hang the lanterns, Zhuge 玥 ate the dumplings wrapped in red dates, the people come to congratulate him for the New Year, he is in a good mood, all the way to the rewards, the full house is excited Xie Ensheng. The gates of Zhugefu were closed, and all the people at the door were blocked. Only at midnight, Zhao Che sent two cans of good wine. Chu Qiao and Zhuge Biao drank together, and Chu Qiao’s mind was dizzy. The drunkenness fell in the arms of Zhuge.

The people put out firecrackers outside, and the sound of screaming came in, and they were beaming. Chu Qiao seems to have seen Li Cexiao’s eyes like a fox. She reached out and grabbed it.

She is really drunk, but her head is so clear. She remembered her own years, remembered the little poem, remembered the cat, remembered the keenness, remembered Li Yang, remembered the colleague of the military department, remembered the white-haired grandfather, and remembered the years of running. And hard work, remembered several times the embarrassment and crisis of life and death, remembered Mr. Wu, remembered the girl, remembered the osmanthus, remembered so many dead or alive people, also remembered Li Ce, remembered Yan Xun…

Happiness comes so fast that she feels that she is suffering and she feels that everything is dreaming.

She was buried in the arms of Zhuge, and the breath was all the good smell of Du Ruo in his body. The eyes were slightly wet. She looked up and looked at his handsome side face. Suddenly her eyes brightly said: Zhuge, I love you.”

Zhuge stunned, bowed his head, surrounded by all the people, her voice was so big, even overwhelmed the sound of the blasting fire, everyone looked at her with horror, but she completely ignored it, just said loudly : “Zhu Ge, I am falling in love with you!”

The smoked wind passed by, some people snickered in a low voice, and the laughter of Jingjing and Moer’s voice passed in far. Her cheeks are red, her eyes seem to be close to the water, her eyes are straight, but for more than half a year, it seems to have returned to the seventeen-year-old beauty, she just looked at him straight, smiled, The face is only written with a big word of happiness.

With a cry, the wind blew in the ear, she was suddenly swayed by someone, and then Zhuge 玥 was in the stunned eyes of everyone, put a few mouthfuls of food at the table, turned back and went back to bed room.

The quilts on the bed are all new, all are happy red, embroidered with layers of splendid embroidery, there are slaps of water, there are cowherd and weavers, there are magpies, there are Guanyin to send the child, there is a warm and sweet honey everywhere. .

His eyes were dark, revealing a raging fire, and he pulled open his collar and stared at her, said with a dumb voice: “The little goblin, no longer gives you a drink.”

After all, she bowed her lips to her lips. His breath was so hot and hot, like a strong flame, wherever he went, it was a soft and numb.

She smiled and hugged his waist and responded enthusiastically.

Romance is drooping, full of damask, long nights, and outside, it is a lively laughter.

There are too many unpredictable variables in life. You don’t know when the storm will come, how big the waves are, and whether you will easily overturn everything you have. Those feelings that have been bitterly suppressed, those words that have been hidden for many years, those who have been forbearing, have finally found a catharsis exit, everything is unpredictable, all can be done, only cherish the eyes everything of.

The splendid cover, flying, she lies in the layers of luxury, climbing his body. The fine sweat poured out, and the body and mind were all tired of satisfaction. She shrank in his arms, crossed his shoulders, looked at the window, separated by a window paper, and faintly visible in the far-reaching sky, there were beautiful fireworks, raging Wandering across the sky.

What will happen in the future, she will not be afraid anymore.

On the Shangyuan Festival, there was a big feast in the Holy Palace. Perhaps it was to dilute the **** that year ago. The dinner tonight was especially luxurious. Even the sinners who had thought about it like Zhuge, also got invitations. If he is in peacetime, he can still find some pretexts that he can’t get sick. However, if he does this, it will inevitably be attacked by someone with a heart. In the evening, Zhuge Wei dressed in a suit and entered the palace, lightly riding a simple ride, very low-key.

Chu Qiao stayed in the room. She was always sleepy for a while, and her appetite was not very good. She ate and slept, but it was a bit more rhyme.

Suddenly there was a groaning sound at the door, and then the door was pushed open. The ink came in one step at a time and walked over to Chu Qiao. He was slightly nervous and his nose was frozen.

“Ink, what are you doing?”



Moo hesitated for a while, turned his head and looked at the door. After a while, he whispered, “Mother, can’t we go out today?”

Counting, Chu Qiao is only a little older than this child. At the beginning, listening to his mother’s call all day, it will be uncomfortable. But then I got used to it, and it was nothing.

She sat up straight and frowned and asked, “Go out? Where are you going?”

“Today is the Shangyuan Festival. There are temple fairs and lanterns outside.”

There was a flash of excitement in Mo’s eyes. Chu Qiao turned his head and saw several probes in the door.

These days, Zhuge was forbidden, and the people in the house rarely went out. She took a look at Mo’s face and smiled and said, “Okay, let’s go.”

The size of Simon is huge. According to the modern counting method, there are more than 40 million square kilometers, which is equivalent to the size of five China. This land has been inherited for many years. Even though the war is chaotic, the population has always flourished. As a national capital of the great summer, the city of Zhenghuang is also very dense.

Chu Qiao and other pedestrians walked down the street, only to see the surrounding lights bright, all kinds of lanterns vying for beauty, eye-catching. The people of Zhenhuang City, regardless of gender, young and old, are noble and noble, and all come together to celebrate the festive season. The hundred plays are the same, the orchestras are ringing, and there is a bustling scene.

This year’s Shangyuan Festival is more lively than in previous years, and the voices are full of people.

The children were very happy, but it was just over an hour and suddenly it was snowing. When the north wind whistling, the white hair was blown on the ground, and a colorful lantern was blown apart. A few of the Jingjing were on the carriage, and the guards rushed to the house with a whip. However, the wind is getting bigger and bigger. Even the horse is not willing to go forward. When he walks to a secluded place, a horse suddenly loses control and breaks away from the horse.

In the thirteenth run, the snow is too big, or it is better to find a place to hide.

Chu Qiao nodded and agreed, just to see a shadow in the shadow of the building, and ran up and knocked on the door, but when I walked close, I found out that this was actually the Temple of the Angel of Yanbei.

Although Yan Shicheng was born into the royal family, but because of the name of the traitor, the corpse could not enter the ancestral temple. The name of this mansion is called the Temple of Peace, and it is actually a Yizhuang. It is not only the coffin of Yanshi City and its children, but also the coffins of some ordinary people nearby. At the beginning, Da Xia also sent troops to guard against it. However, since Yan Xun returned to Yanbei, there were no more dead fighters trying to come to snatch. Gradually, the more bleak here, the empire is no longer willing to A bunch of bones and painstakingly dispatched troops.

Chu Qiao and others entered the partial house, the guards found a candlestick and a torch, and the room gradually brightened. I saw a gloomy spirit on the gloomy hall, and there were more than twenty coffins, shrouded in pale white candlelight, which looked horrible.

Jingjing’s face was white and seemed to be a little scared. He hid behind Dorje, and pulled his sleeves, and there was no such thing as a weekday.

Mei Xiang laughed and said: “I didn’t expect our Miss Jingjing to have something to fear. I thought you were a mixed king. No one in this world is afraid.”

Everyone listened to Qiqi’s joke, and the atmosphere was a lot easier.

Ronger is now one year old, and he is learning the language all the time, walking and swaying like a newborn duckling. He wore a big red group of small cotton jackets, yawned with a fat little hand, and shrank in Chu Qiao’s arms, and changed to a comfortable position to continue to sleep.

Chu Qiao stood up and handed Rong to Mei Xiang and said softly: “I am going out.”

“Miss, this cold day, where are you going?”

Chuqiao mentioned the food box brought by Mei Xiang and said, “I will go next door and look at it, you don’t have to follow.”

After that, I went out of the house.

The wind outside is amazing, Chu Qiao lived in Simon for fifteen years, and has never seen such a big wind. The lantern in his hand was blown away, and Chu Qiao’s big cockroaches were also picked up by the wind. The cold snow hit the face, and the pain of life was like a stone. Chu Qiao tightly grabbed the collar of Dagu, walked hard and walked for a while before he walked to a broken house, then reached out and slammed and slowly pushed open the door.

During the time, the long wind suddenly poured in and raised the thick dust everywhere. Chu Qiao coughed a few times, quickly closed the door, and pulled a stool to hold the door.

The same quietness in the room seems to be colder than the outside. There are several places on the roof that have been broken, and the wind is blowing in the air. There were blacks everywhere, but she seemed to be particularly familiar with the terrain here. She tried out several times and tried several times to finally ignite all the candles around.

The faint candlelight ignited quietly, and the room was slowly illuminated. Four dark coffins were placed in it. There was no spiritual position, no candlesticks, and even no signs. It’s so free to put it there, there are weeds and rubbish everywhere, and a few pieces of chilly steamed buns. It can be seen that this place has long been occupied by wandering shackles on weekdays.

Chu Qiao put the food box aside and picked up the sleeves and began to clean. Her movements were very fast. Although there was no handy tool, she quickly cleared the rubbish on the ground. She used straw to make a simple broom and swept the spider web on the bright side. It was clean and tidy. Then she took out the food in the food box one by one, placed it on the ground, then knelt down and worshiped a few deep.

Yes, these four coffins are the father of Yan Xun, two brothers and one sister. In those years, every time she went to Yan Wang’s jealousy day, she would come to worship with Yan Xun secretly. At that time, there were still officers and soldiers guarding them. They wanted to come and pay for it once. Nowadays, even here is already a desolate place.

Ever since she returned to Zhenhuang, she never thought about coming to worship here. However, I did not expect that I would go to this place by mistake today. Perhaps this is a fate.

If there is no incense stick, it will be replaced by incense. If there is no paper money, it will be replaced by crepe. There is no good wine, only one pot of goat milk and two teas.

My Royal Highness, I am coming to see you again.

She stood up and had a few stars of dust on her knees, slightly dirty. The snow fell from the roof and covered the lid of the coffin. She looked at the coffins quietly and tried to think back to the fleshy heads that I saw a long time ago. The heart was a desolation.

Before the snowstorm in the Daixi generation, Yanbei had already entered the catastrophe. The homes of the people of Limin were destroyed, and the snow disaster in the blue city was particularly serious. The thousands of cattle and sheep in the Shenshen family were frozen and died. The people could not eat food and the Yanbei was in danger.

However, when Daxia Baiguan clap his hands, Yanbei secretly mobilized 100,000 dragons and squadrons, jumped over the Lanhe Plateau, and entered the Tang Dynasty from more than 6,000 meters above sea level. Bypassing Tang’s customs, he suddenly attacked the Tangshan checkpoint, robbed more than 200,000 hectares of grain, and then returned to Yanbei with lightning speed. The whole operation took less than four days. When the border war report of Datang was transmitted to Tang Jingcheng, the defender of Longyuguan had already returned to the gate, and he had two battles with the Xia Jun who wanted to take advantage of the Yanbei disaster to rob him. .

When the matter came out, it was like a drop of water falling into the boiling oil and setting off a fierce wave.

Da Xia and Sui and Tang Dynasties were furious, but there was no way to take Yan Xun. Da Xia’s Yu Shitai pens were hard-pressed, and Yan Xun was born as a robber. He was born to burn and kill, and violated the way of saints. The old scholars of the Sui and Tang Dynasties were even more screaming at the fire. They clamored for the world, and they smashed the ancestors of the Yan ancestors for eight generations, and they said that they were greatly whipped and excited.

However, the only thing they can do is this. Long Yu Guan Gu Ruo Jin Tang, Yan Bei Jun is like a tiger wolf, the current situation, as long as they do not come out to challenge and fight, then they must burn high incense, who dares to come to the door to provoke them?

When Chu Qiao heard these news, he couldn’t help but sneer. The so-called soft fear is hard, hard is not afraid of life, that’s it.

Zhuge Wei is still a disapproving look, and he ignores the sound of unanimous battles in the ruling and opposition. Everyone knows that Daxia is now self-sufficient, and several emperors have reached a stage of white-hot. At this time, who has time to go to war, but to talk about it, if he really wants to go to Yanming, those old The guys are afraid that they will be as ridiculous as they are, and the blood will splash three feet to death.

When he knew the news, he was only slightly surprised, saying that he did not expect Yan Xun to do such a thing.

In fact, it is more than him, I am afraid that the entire Simon, no one will think of this.

After all, once upon a time, he also used the entire Yanbei as a bet, with millions of soldiers and civilians as bait, and led the Xia Army to enter the customs. And in the near future, eradicating dissidents and completely destroying the big peers who helped him to come on stage, even the head of his own teacher, also fell down.

In the face of such a person, I am afraid that no one will think that he will take such a big risk for the people of Yanbei.

Even Chu Qiao did not figure out the joints inside.

However, fortunately, the defender of Tanghuguan is the son of King Tang of the Tang Dynasty. Although Jing’an Wang Yutai was promptly loyal to his loyalty, he held the military power and guarded the important level of the empire. After all, it is still difficult to make people completely rest assured. This time Yan Xun removed him, not a loss of Datang.

As for the grain and grass that Datang lost.

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows rose slightly, and once again, I remembered living for many years. Shangshen Plateau returned to the snow-capped mountains, and there were simple herdsmen and people there…

The means of Yan Xun has become more and more powerful. It has been hidden for thousands of miles, and the action has been rapid. The tens of thousands of troops have been mobilized without leaking a whistle of wind. The standard of the means, the benefit of the eyes, the great courage, can be called the first class in the world. As long as he is in a day, Da Xia would like to break through the dragon, even if Zhao Che personally did not have a chance to win, he may be able to slightly better in tactics, strength, intelligence, weapons, logistics, etc., but if On the hotness of the means and the tenacity of the mind, there is absolutely no possibility of surpassing Yan Xun.



The terrible thing about Yan Xun on the battlefield is that he can make perfect use of everything that can be used around him as an aid to the victory of the war. And his attempt to figure out the human heart has already reached a realm of peaking.

In this world, it can be a long and short one, maybe only Zhuge. The advantage of Yan Xun is his embarrassment. The advantage of Zhuge Yu is his embarrassment. If two people can have a battlefield without worries, they may really create a legend in the history of war.

She shook her head slightly, although she was tired of that kind of life, but when she was idle, her mind could not help thinking about these things. Repeatedly splicing the heard message, a little bit of the general situation, and then deducting, calculating, and arranging, like a chess player who loves to play chess, even if he no longer plays chess, he will imagine various chess games in his mind. .

Only this time, she did not know which side she wished to win this game.

In fact, even if she and Yan Xun did not end up, she did not want to see him fall.

Therefore, after knowing that Tang Huguan was successfully attacked by him, there would still be a little bit of hilarity, completely disregarding her is the identity of Datang Beauty.

She laughed at herself, even her, it is hard to avoid it. The so-called grievances and hatreds, under the precipitation of time, only a vague back and a pair of cold eyes, and a powerful hand.

Who can live up to who, who is owed, can you really be clear?

Even if they can’t work together, they don’t have to be separated.

The wind outside suddenly became louder, and the door squeaked a crack, pushing the stool to the door a little. She thought it was the wind, and she went back and wanted to close the door. Who knows that she had just walked to the door, and the door was suddenly opened. A man in a black cloak stood in the vast snow, and there was only one Tsing Yi behind him.

She couldn’t see his face. For a time, she could only see a pair of black, abyss-like eyes, and she shot straight on her.

For a moment, Chu Qiao even thought she saw Yan Xun again.

There is no moonlight outside, only the snow that whispers in the sky, blowing on people’s faces, like cold knives. The man stood there, the cloak wrapped him, only revealing a pair of deep eyes, through the layers of snow, and fixedly watching her. The candlelight in the room was all blown out by the wind at the moment of opening the door. Only the faint white snow flashed in the dark night, and the blurred figure was more and more heavy and depressed.

It seems that after a long time, it seems to be just a moment, the man slowly lifted his foot, slightly lowered his head, faintly revealing a few tired, a thin and thin hand to the mouth, gently coughing.

The door was closed, and the three people stood a little narrow in the narrow hall. The hunched Tsing Yi servant re-ignited the white candle with his hands and feet, and the faint light slowly illuminates the surroundings. It also illuminates the white hair that hangs down under the cloak of the man and the folds under his robes. hand.

The low stool that Chu Qiao used to reach the door was wiped clean by the servant. The man sat down while coughing, his back bent, and it was faintly visible how weak the body hidden under the clothes.

Chu Qiao still stood there, and did not speak from the moment they came in. She even had some doubts, why such a sick and weak person would make her so shocked at the beginning, even thought it was Yan Xun.

The servant stepped back and stood by the door. The whole body was hidden in the shadow of the lights, and his head was lowered, like a stone that could not speak.

The light of the blindfold casts softly, and the wind is poured from the roof of Luwa, and the screaming, the candlelight is also swaying, as if it will be extinguished at any time. The man suddenly looked up, and a pair of deep scorpions looked at her and said abruptly: “The snow tonight is really big.”

Chu Qiao stunned, but somehow, in the face of this person, she had a hint of tension. It seems that there is a low-pressure momentum that has flowed out of his body a little bit, gradually filling the whole room, and even breathing, has become low.

“Yes, it’s really big.” She nodded and said quietly.

“There has been no such big snow for many years.” The age of the man should have been very large, and the voice is full of old and exhausted: “It seems that it was still 15 years ago, and it has been so big.” The blizzard, even the old banyan tree in front of the Yinmen Gate of Kyoto Prefecture was blown off.”

Fifteen years ago…

It was the year when the Yan family broke down. In the cold winter, they also shrank in the ruined hall of the south of the city, burned everything in the house, or was frozen and covered with frostbite.

“This year’s Shangyuan Lantern will be lively?”

The person asked very naturally, as if they were friends who had known each other for a long time.

Chu Qiao slightly sideways, said: “Tiangong does not make beauty, stirred up a good lantern meeting. The old gentleman is also to see the lights will be blocked by the wind and snow?”

The man whispered and said, “What kind of light will I see in my body?”

Chu Qiao slightly raised his eyebrows and asked in a deep voice: “So, is it a special trip to worship Yan Lao Wang?”

Although he couldn’t see his face, Chu Qiao could still imagine his silent smile.

Suddenly there was a long sound of bells and drums in the far distance. It was the 18th drum of the Shangyuan Lantern Festival. It was on the Tiancheng Tower in the Holy Palace, hosted by the Qin Tianjian, and burned by the famous stilts. Li Buddha, chanting the peace scriptures, praying for the wind and rain in the next year, Guotai Min’an.

Chu Qiao heard the sound and turned slightly, looking in the direction of the sound, some lost.

“This Yizhuang is so desolate, you are a daughter’s house in this room, are you not afraid?”

Chu Qiao turned to look at the old man, knowing that people who can easily walk into Yizhuang without being noticed by the 13th and other people are not ordinary people. Several people who can come here at this time filter in their hearts, but always If you can’t find such a character, you will be more confused. However, the face does not show up, but just smiles and says: “If you are open-minded, you will have no fear. Compared with the heart, the so-called ghosts and ghosts do not know how many times to be kind.”

“The heart is frank?” The tone of the old man rose slightly and quietly smiled: “In this world, how many people can really afford these four words?”

“I feel that I can afford it.” Chu Qiao stood in the same place, and the snow-white long scorpion looked pretty clear under the lights, his cheeks were clean and clear, and he had a halo-white aperture. She said quietly: “Someone did I have been loyal to the community for a lifetime, loyal to the community, not taking the people’s points, the two sleeves breeze, and the life is open. Some people have lived forever, and worked hard to support their families, but they did not commit crimes, but they did not owe their debts. Two words. The peace of mind depends on oneself, not on achievement.”

The old man raised his eyebrows slightly, and a gust of wind rolled up the ash on the ground, and fluttered down on the hem of his robes. He meditated for a moment, then smiled and said: “What you said makes sense.”

“The outside wind is so big, the old gentleman is coming out of the night, but is the heart tied?”

“When people are old, it is inevitable to think of some old things.”

The wind swelled and the door was opened, and the candle in the squatting room was extinguished. The slave was shocked. Although his age was already big, his skills were very neat. He closed the door twice and wanted to set the lights. The old man raised his eyes and looked at the dark and deep rows of coffins. The smile was a little swayed and he said: “That’s it.”

The room was very quiet, and I could only hear the wind whistling through my head. The eyes gradually adapted to the darkness around me. Through the snow outside the window, I was able to see the figure clearly.

The old man took off his cloak and said: “He may not want to see me.”

“I brought wine, you can have a drink with me.”

I still haven’t waited for Chu Qiao to answer, the old slave behind him has come forward, laying a layer of crepe on the ground, with two wine glasses on it, a white jade pot, shining slightly in the darkness. The cup was full and the wine was full of fragrance. The old slaves offered Chu Bao a glass of water. Chu Qiao smelled in the air and said: “It is the green girl of Qingqiu.”

The old man smiled and applauded: “The nose of a good spirit.”

Chu Qiao smiled: “I don’t drink much, but I only know how to drink wine.”

After that, I took a silver plaque from the hair room, plunged it into the cup, took it out after a while, sniffed it in the breath, and then immediately poured my drink on the head and praised it: “It really is good wine.”

When the old man saw her, he was so annoyed that he was poisoned in front of himself. Instead, he was very interested in saying: “Let your nephew lend it to me.”

Chu Qiao gave a slight glimpse and asked: “Do you not feel at ease with wine?”

“Be careful, there is always no harm.”

The old man learned how Chu Qiao looked into the wine glass, and then found a fire in his arms. After igniting, he looked at it for a long time before he looked up and drank.

Chu Qiao laughed: “You are like this, but it is actually more insecure.”

The old man was slightly surprised and asked, “Why?”

“Not all poisons can corrode silverware, and in the process of handing me your nephew, there are many ways to poison. Even if you don’t use poison, you are so close to me, aren’t you afraid that I am an assassin? ?”

The old man looked at her and didn’t panic. Instead, he asked very seriously: “So, are you?”

“I said no, would you believe it?”

The old man frowned, seemingly trying to think about it. After a while, he said, “I don’t believe it.”

Chu Qiaohe laughed and said: “Yes, the farmer wants to eat chicken today, so he doesn’t kill the pig, but it doesn’t mean he won’t kill the pig tomorrow.”

“You compare me to a pig?”

“No,” Chu Qiao shook his head. “A person like you, three points like a wolf, a three-pointer like a snake, I can’t see the other four points, but it’s not always good to serve.”



The old man smiled and said to the old slave at the door: “Look at the mouth of this girl, comparable to the hundreds of poison pens of Yushitai.”

The old man seems to be very happy, very relaxed and greeted Chu Joe sitting and drinking with him. The wind outside was getting bigger and bigger. Chu Cho pulled a chair and sat down to clean it. He drank a glass of wine.

It was dark in all directions, only a few rays of light were exposed on the roof.

The wine has a tempting aroma. If you drink the first bite, you will be tempted to drink a second. Even if there is no poisonous wine, drinking too much will be dazzling. I don’t know how long it took, Chu Qiao’s head gradually dizzy, she fell on the chair, hands on the armrests, rubbing her head, slowly closing her eyes. There was a lot of talk with the old man. They seemed to say a lot, but she gradually couldn’t remember it. Her heart was very quiet, as if a large, large, white wave had passed over, gently sweeping her white fingers and cheeks.

She seems to have returned to her childhood. Grandpa is holding her. She teaches her Taizu Changquan, teaches her to fight in the field, teaches her to attack the acupuncture point, teaches her to use various weapons to beheaded, and holds the president’s quotation to let her go over and over again. Reciting. Every morning, I still have to stand under the party emblem to swear. She was only a few years old, but she also felt solemn and solemn. She stood behind the old but still tough grandfather and said loudly over and over again: “Loyal to the chairman, loyal to the party, loyal to The people voluntarily give their lives when the country and the people need it…”

Then the picture turned, and it came to a cold deep palace. The big moon shone on their heads. The boy stood barely in front of her, watching the new suffocating biting lips on her head, hateful. Not willing to speak. She was so scared that she quickly took off her hair and nervously yelled at him, saying that it was Zhao Thirteen who gave it to her. She didn’t like it at all. After a long time, I saw him tweaking and taking out an ugly bun in the palm of his hand. It seemed to be polished with copper bars. It was just a bare one without any decoration. His fingers were a little bit broken, and some of them had already bleed, wrapped in a mess.

Then, a pair of fox-like eyes emerged from the waves, and the man wore a red dress, sitting on the water pavilion and blowing the wind. A group of flowers surrounded by girls surrounded him, eyes fascinated, like drinking two altar daughter red. He saw her from afar, suddenly stood up and waved at her hard, shouting: “Jojo! Jojo! Come over~”

Then, as the picture turned, the waves of the sky followed, and a group of smoke swayed in the long ancient road. Light and shadow, fluttering, like drifting through the long life, became the man of the solitary HD, and the Lantern Festival three years ago, he and his own anger, because she did not want to go with him to Qinghai. He walked in front of her discouragedly, and ignored her. Before she left, she was a blind idiot. She squirmed a piece of clods and threw it from behind. It happened to be on his head. He was so angry that he turned his cheeks and looked back at her.

Then, the boat swayed, and the two embraced the fine rain of the hair. He muttered in her ear: “I am very happy, I have never been so happy…”

Just then, a childish voice suddenly echoed in his ear: “In the end, he died, and he died. She was sad, she left, and finally died, leaving him alone.”

Yes, yes, she is dreaming, Li Ce is dead, has been killed by her own mother, and died in her arms, she saw his chest overflowing a large expanse of red blood, she Touching his cold body and tight eyes, he leaned on her shoulder and died, never smiled and called her name, never reached her cheek again, never turned back at night. The window jumped into her bedroom and never sneaked through the letters that Zhuge had given her. She would never look at her gently when she was sad, hold her in her arms, and then tell her, don’t I am afraid not to be afraid, there is me, and Zhuge four, even if Yanzi’s kid, it will not really hurt you.

The heavens and the earth are meandering north winds, and the reddish snow falls from the sky. She saw Zhuge and Yan Xun on the sand field. She saw the soul of thousands of people floating in the sky. She heard the whining of the earth and heard the wind. The savage, seeing the sky cracked, the damp and deep red blood slowly overflowed from the gap, and landed on this fleshy and fuzzy land. She saw that Zhuge fell and her spine split. It was still the wound that she stabbed many years ago. She had a cold sword and she saw the Yankee holding a three-footed sword. On the top of the bloody body, thousands of arrows were shot, and the heavens and the earth were dark. He stood at the top of the heavens and the earth, and the red liquid was oozing out under his feet. The body was full of sharp arrows, but he did not fall.

Thousands of horses and horses swept through, all the pictures were broken, and the canine’s wolf knife chopped the map of Simon. She was kneeling on the ice sheet of Qianzhang Lake, watching the world collapse in an instant, and he heard him again. Hovering over:

Live, live, live –

Her tears rushed line by line, across the pointed chin, and dripped into the white shackles.

The old man stood in front of her, and there was no smile on his face, and he became indifferent and lonely. He turned his head and said to the old slave: “Is she?”

The old servant bent over and was always in a humble appearance. He whispered, “It is her.”

The old man smiled slightly, but there was no smile in the bottom of his eyes: “I didn’t expect it, I met here.”

The old servant fainted, but did not answer. The old man was indulging for a long while, suddenly reaching out his fingers, his fingertips swept over Chu’s cheek, and touched a drop of cold ice. He suddenly slammed his fingertips in his mouth, his tongue tipped slowly, and a piece of salty .

“Anfu, someone will cry when they drink sassafras?”

The room was dim, and the old slave did not seem to find that the woman sitting in the chair was crying quietly. He quickly ignited a candle, and leaned in front of Chu Qiao, looking carefully, for a time, it was also stunned.

The tears fell in a row, so they rolled silently, like broken pearls.

Anfu’s voice was shocked with a few shocks. After a long time, he slowly said: “The slave has never heard of someone who drinks jaundice and will cry. This woman must have a lot of pain in her heart.”

After saying this, Anfu slightly frowned, and seemed to be somewhat puzzled.

“Do you have such a distinguished identity, will you have any pain?”

The old man heard a little smile, faintly said: “The more you think you have caught happiness, the more you fear that there will be a lost day. The child’s heart. I am afraid there is fear that she can’t control herself.”

“Your Majesty, time is not early, we should go back.”

The old man nodded, put on the cloak, walked to the door, and suddenly turned back, and fixedly looked at a coffin placed in the ground.

“Shicheng, do you say that there are still a few years in the summer?”

The cold wind blew, his figure looked so thin, and he suddenly coughed a few times. While chuckling, he opened the door and went out.

The residual lamp, a bean, emits a pale light, swaying in the wind, and still not extinguished.

The woman was dressed in white, leaning against the back of the chair, slightly rubbing her head, tears flowing out in a row, quiet, like a comfortable lake.

I don’t know how long it took. Someone seemed to be talking. She frowned slightly, the bright lights were a bit glaring, and Mei Xiang’s voice rang in her ear. It was very cheerful to say: “Wake up, it’s great.”

Chu Qiao frowned, only to see Mei Xiang standing beside her, her nephew carrying a lantern standing on the other side, very nervous looking at her.

“Miss, what happened to you?”

Chu Qiao looked around in a circle, and she had already lost the shadow of the old man. It was inevitable that she was a little lost. She said in an understatement: “Nothing, just accidentally fell asleep.”

Mei Xiang suddenly complained: “Here is so cold, how can the young lady sleep here?”

“I think the lady is too tired. The snow outside is a lot smaller. Let’s go back to the house.”

A group of people got on the carriage, Ronger was still asleep, and Moh was also in the arms of Jingjing, and his eyes could not be opened.

A blizzard will stir up the lively Shangyuan Lantern. All the way back, I saw all the broken pieces of lanterns everywhere, and the streets were empty and desolate. She opened the curtain of the carriage and looked out in the distance. I saw that there was a cold everywhere. There was no light. Only a white lantern hung in front of Yizhuang’s door, intact, I don’t know how it was just The wind and snow survived.

It was already late at night when I returned to the house. The six months were in front of the door, and I saw a few of them suddenly sighed. Going forward, Zhuge Yu has already returned, and has gone out to find her several times.

Chu Qiao quickly returned to the room, walked into the main hall, took off the big man and handed it to the next person, and crept into the dormitory.

Returning to the home from such a cold place, the warm breath rushed to the surface, and the incense burner was ignited with a good submerged scent, and the squat was erected and hovered straight. The room was quiet and there was no sound. She walked quietly and saw that his face was slightly flushed. So he was lying on the bed with his clothes. He was already asleep, just frowning, as if in his sleep. There is also something angry about it.

His breathing is a bit heavy and he can smell a strong alcohol. His amount of alcohol has never been very good. I must have drunk a lot of wine tonight, so I will sleep like this.

On the mahogany bedpost, a delicate and compact lantern is hung, the eyes are red, and the ears are long. It is a vivid rabbit shape.

She took off her shoes and lay on his side, smelling the smell of his body, listening to his low breathing, and a cold heart gradually warmed up.



She reached out and wrapped his hand around his waist and waved the desperate dream.

No, absolutely not.

They will be together, they will live a good life, they will give birth to a child, they will leave together and start their lives in a new place.

It must be like this, it must be.

After the spring banquet, the weakness of the Daxia Dynasty became more and more prominent. The victims in the west of Yunnan Province were all over the country. They walked on the ramps. People everywhere who sold their wives and children, and the court had already issued disaster relief articles. However, although Xia Huang has tried his best to draw the treasury gold and silver, but after all, the summer is not enough national strength, the war is like a beastly beast, opened a bloody mouth, in just a few years, will be a full-fledged empire It’s so thin.

However, the days in Yanbei are not good after all. Although the grain and grass that was robbed from the Sui and Tang dynasties temporarily passed through the winter, it is still difficult today. Under such circumstances, there was no large-scale war at the border crossing at the beginning of the year. Whether it was the eastward advance of Yanbei or the northern expedition of Daxia, it was slowed down by this natural disaster.

On the first day of March, Xia Huang sealed the Beihu generation to Zhao Che to seal the land. Although everyone knows that Zhao Che is the lord of the North, but there is no clear text of the imperial court, and now Xia Huang has not suffered from the big command at this festival. The disaster-hit Hu people, once again and again, were fiercely trying to figure out.

On the seventh day of March, Grand Sima Zhuge finally ended his private day at home and returned to the Presbyterian Church. The seventeen emperor Zhao Qi also showed good to Zhao Che. For a time, the seven emperors Zhao Che went up in the middle of the DPRK and the power was growing. Zhao Wei stayed in the palace for the whole day and was arguing for the disease. He did not go to politics for two months.

However, on March 13th, a report from Yanbei to the capital city made Chuqiao worry.

In fact, the main content is nothing, but Yan Xun wants to trade with Daxia on the border, and exchange horses and iron ore for food, tea, salt, and satin in the summer.

This incident naturally caused a laughter in the Great Summer Palace. The officials of the Big Summer laughed at Yanbei’s madness and thought that he would want to do business with Daxia. Although they also lack war horses and iron ore, they can also trade with Sui and Tang and Huai Song. Unlike Yanbei, as long as the Sui and Tang Dynasties plug the checkpoints, only Daxia has such a path.

The nature of the big summer is not going to take care of Yanbei. On the contrary, it is the first time that Yu Shitai and the Chinese book order have joined forces, and they have made a great article about the ridicule of the ridicule, and they are ignorant and ignorant.

This matter is not a big deal for the two countries, but it clearly shows the defeat and embarrassment of Yanbei. Although the big summer is not much better, but seeing the enemy’s appearance is even worse than their own, the summer officials are arrogant, and a group of Shilin madmen are screaming to wipe out Yanbei, the vice It’s not like a lifetime, as long as they wave their hands, Yanbei will disappear. Even some of the distant relatives of the royal family, Guifei, wrote to Zhuge, asking him to immediately take the soldiers into Yanbei and completely eliminate Yanbei’s Huanzi.

Zhuge 玥 玥 看着 看着 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸Crazy.”

When he said this, Chu Qiao only felt terrified. Zhuge has been deeper than ordinary people think. It is known that Yan Xun deliberately weakened and wanted to lead the Xia Army to fight. However, Chu Qiao and Yan Xun have lived together for many years, but they know his nature. Even if he is dead, he will never show weakness to the enemy. It is just a paralysis of the enemy. It is really worthwhile to do it. Is there such a big sacrifice?

Winter is coming to spring, and it is spring blossoming in a year, but the cold wind on the yin side is not going to go, pushing open the window, still seeing the ice.

This winter seems to be particularly long.

Zhuge Wei went to the city for business, and has been going for half a month. Three days ago, Chu Qiao received a message saying that Yan Ming was outside the war, but only more than 30 drunken soldiers rushed out of the gate, went to the Yanbei Longsong to provoke a shot, shot a round of arrows, Yanbei Army died. Three injuries, but did not fight back.

When the news reached the city of Zhenhuang, it was already ten days ago. On the other hand, the Guanshou will ask the imperial court to issue a slogan against Yanbei, and vowed to say that Yanbei is now lacking in food and resources. Military materials have been warned, and there are large-scale people in the country. It is the best time for the Northern Expedition. Once you miss it, the confrontation with Yanbei will be difficult.

As early as before, the voice of the main battle in the ruling and opposition has been noisy, and this melody is even more fueling the fire, and instantly mobilizes the war of the great summer. From the ruling to the people, there is a rush of war in response to the war. The people of Daxia originated from Guanwai. They were originally a militant nation. At this moment, under the support of the people, it is even more embarrassing. Once in the night, the city of Zhenhuang The home is the sound of sharpening the knife. The official of Yushitai set up a battle platform in Ziwei Square, which is specially used to accept ordinary people who volunteered to join the army. Long strings of names were written on the emperor’s list, so they were posted in front of Ziwei, and each name was followed by a blood fingerprint. It looked like a cold back.

The public’s enthusiasm for combat was unprecedentedly high, and the Holy Ghosts were slow to give up their will. The emperor had relapsed in the past few days and had not been able to go up on the 7th and 8th. Under the intentional connivance of the Presbyterian Church, the various activities of the people were even more vigorous, and even the self-organized guards from all over the country rushed to the capital with all the way.

Chu Qiao sent four letters to Zhuge, but he did not wait for his reply. The long-lost Zhuge Huai went to visit and let Chu Qiao feel quite awkward.

Zhuge Huai was specially rushed from the family of Zhuge. Although Zhuge Muqing had driven the son out of the house when Zhuge was in trouble, but after his glory, Zhuge Valve had collectively lost memory. Together, this disharmonious past has been left behind. Zhuge Huai, the brother who had repeatedly played against Zhuge Yu, was also abandoned by the family. He was far from the territorial land and had been away from the emperor for three years.

And this time he came back, it was for the big marriage of Chu Qiao and Zhuge.

A month ago, Chu Qiao’s dowry entered the city of Zhenhuang, and the horses and horses stretched all the way, and they could not see the side. The rough calculation of the Zhenhuang garrison, there are more than four hundred cars, escorts up to 50,000, the sects of the Sui and Tang dynasties, the robes are completely royal ceremonies.

All the way to joy, the road along the way, Zhu Hong brocade paving the road, all over the sky sprinkling gold silk flowers, red dragonfly Huaman, Jin Jinbao cover, 3,000 people dressed in palace people are currently leading the way, 20,000 beautiful military armor is ready, 20,000 wolves army then guard Exalted, it is the emperor’s wife, the queen’s book, and there is no such luxury.

The people of Zhenhuang City collectively looked silly, and even the officials of Daxia were stunned. Li Ce prepared for her two years of dowry, and she was extremely extravagant. She gave her supreme honor and scenery. Even if others are no longer there, she still supports her in this way. She is not told that she is being People look down.

Zhugejia suddenly rose because of his in-law relationship with Sui and Tang Dynasties. Zhuge Muqing, who had been ill for a long time, also returned from his subordinates. He was very kind to the sentimental officials of the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Li Ce did not know what method was used to bring together the relatives of the Jing family who couldn’t beat the gossip. Although Chu Qiao had never seen them, these old-fashioned husbands still saw her. The face was crying and crying deeply, expressing profoundly that she had not seen her mourning and affection for many years.

Some of the old ladies of the Jing ethnic group lived in Sima, although Chu Qiao did not have a good impression on them, but Zhuge Wei still very seriously told the next person to entertain. In the past few days, Chu Qiao did not need to go anywhere, but was sitting in the room every day, listening to them teaching her new marriage, teaching her responsibility and teaching her what to do and what not to do.

When the new marriage is approaching, she has become increasingly embarrassed, as if all the eyes of the heavens and the earth have come together. Only she can’t feel at ease. She always feels that under the luxuriance of the sky, she hides the invisible edge and makes her sleepy. .

Zhuge Wei comforted her and said that she was a stupid joy. She had to comfort herself so much. I hope that it is just the tension before marriage, not the unfortunate sixth sense.

However, after Zhuge’s departure, her uneasiness became more and more obvious. Followed by the strange war report of Yanbei, the fierce warlike frenzy in the ruling and the wild, the more she made her feel like a needle. However, she didn’t know anything. She could only guard carefully, waiting quietly for Zhuge to come back and wait for their grand wedding.

She was very polite to receive Zhuge Huai, the two were sitting in the church in a dangerous place, gossip about a few words, listen to him talk about the landscape along the way, talk about Zhuge Yu’s childhood fun, a pair of brothers like the father’s kindness.

On the second day of Zhuge Huailai, the daughters of Zhugejia’s daughters came to visit. The three ladies of Zhugejia, Zhuge Qing, were born by the great lady and have always had some status. Nowadays, it is already the wife of Liu Wen, the ambassador of the Ministry of Housing. Liu’s generation is very popular among the Daxia clan. Today, she brought a few unspoken sisters and came together to invite Chu Qiao back in the evening. Zhuge House, meet with sisters and sisters.

Chu Qiao never thought that he would return to Zhugejia in such a position one day. She was under the umbrella of Zhuge Qing and others, and she saw the towering gates of Zhuge’s main house towering, solemn and strict, and the ladies of Zhuge’s house Standing at the door, they slid into a row, saw her down, and bowed to her.

After all, her current status is not only the daughter-in-law of Zhuge, but also the beauty of the Sui and Tang Dynasties. She enjoys the treatment of the Prince, has a land, has military power, and is rich in wealth. In the eyes of outsiders, it is almost the second of Datang. master. Throughout the ages, even if these giants have had the privilege of the Princess of the Royal Family, but where can someone go home to a foreign prince, it is no wonder that the people of Zhuge House are so arrogant.



The women present were all beautiful and embroidered, dressed in Jurassic, looking at her with a smile, as if the past years were just a big dream, never happened.

The sun is shining and the sky is clear and sloppy. Because the weather is getting warmer, Chu Qiao only wears a pair of water-colored moiré and wide-sleeved dresses. The clouds are low and low, and a royal blue jade is inserted between them. It looks simple and simple, yet it is noble.

Meeting, greetings, greetings, banquets, everything is done like a pre-planned show, how to walk, what to say, what kind of expression to make, Chu Qiao interpretation is very good. The banquet room was very lively, and a few Jingjia girls were next to Chu Qiao. Some of them were not surnamed at all. Some were just because a relative of the family and a certain person of Jingjia had an in-laws that could not be beaten by the gossip. He was also crowned with Jing, accompanied by Chu Qiao as her mother.

Most of the drinks were blocked by these mothers and relatives. After the feast, the people went to the flower room to drink tea. When the woman was more, it was full of fun. These young family ladies are nothing more than a pastime of flowers, thorns and embroidery. It is inevitable that they are sitting at the moment. It has been suggested that no one will assign a poem to the present day.

Chu Qiao certainly knows that this is the Zhuge family’s ladies who are giving themselves a horse. In the eyes of outsiders, she is a slave-born woman, and her family has long since fallen. It is nothing more than a coincidence, knowing some big men in the world, only to mix. Come to the situation today. At this moment, it is natural for her to be a poet in the world.

Sure enough, the ladies of Jing family mostly showed up, except for a girl whose father was in a small county magistrate, and the other ones were unreasonable. The little gimmicks of Zhuge’s family looked at the slap in the face, and the eyes were full of gloating smiles.

If it is just here, Chu Qiao may still have some points to compete with them, but nowadays, after all kinds of life and death, I feel that these high-ranking people are so boring and boring. However, after all, it was the first time that I came to Zhuge’s home in such a position, and I didn’t want to throw him too much, so as not to go back and be jokes. I had no choice but to pick a few poems that were not too subtle. I was perfunctory.

A young Zhuge family smiled and looked at Chu Qiao and said: “I have heard that our future four-year-old is a talented woman of civil and military talents. Today I saw it is extraordinary.”

Chu Qiao’s lazy perfunctory: “There is a prize.”

Another Miss Zhuge’s lady turned her eyes and said with a smile: “It’s just hard to call the names of the four scorpions in the future. We have been discussing them for a long time. I don’t know if you should call Miss Jing or Miss Chu, or you It used to be the vassal of Yanbei Yanwang, and now it is the prince of Sui and Tang Dynasties. Can it be surnamed Yan or surnamed Tang?”

As soon as this statement came out, the ladies on the side of the Jing family were not very good at seeing their faces. Now all the world knows that she changed her surname after leaving Zhugefu. Of course, she doesn’t care. But for Jingmen, the face is not very good. This young lady who didn’t know what Zhuge said was talking about this on such an occasion. She also mentioned that she had been a slave to Yan Xun. It is obvious that she would not come to Taiwan.

She is not annoyed, just smiles quietly and slowly says: “If Miss does not know what to call, let me call my Royal Highness.”

The young lady’s face was suddenly white, and Liu’s eyebrows were vertical and she wanted to talk. She was stopped by Zhuge Qing and quickly said: “The date of the wedding is not far away, we will call our Highness four, so kind.”

At this time, a maid came up to add tea and went for a few minutes. The crowd then talked about some gossip, such as the lady who added a family before the family, the other giants, thought it was a good marriage, do not want to just two months, the man even had a three-bedroom Xiaoyan. For example, which family of the young lady, lost heart and madness to see a cold child, the parents did not agree, even did not know the shame of the escape, and so far life and death is unknown.

Chu Qiao did not have a slight interest in their topic, but they had to listen to it with great interest. Suddenly, I did not know who brought Zhao Che, saying that he was a daughter of the Donghu patriarch and a Hu of the North.

The young lady said indignantly that it was the virgins that the Hu female had shown to confuse the Seven Emperors, but it was a delusion to marry the royal family with her identity.

Zhao Che has been ups and downs for many years, and now he has finally gained power and is inextricably linked with Zhuge Valve. It is inevitable that these ladies will have some illusions about him. Chu Qiao listened in his ear, and there was no rebuttal. After all, the prejudice of this era was indeed the iron law, and he could not commit to argue with them for such things. However, the former lady who was scorned by Chu Qiao said with yin and yang: “The seven halls are too heavy to kill, and there is a way to violate the principle of honesty. I heard that he was drinking blood in the north, and he was crazy, and his mother was a criminal. If you are guilty, I really don’t understand why my sisters admire him like this?”

Zhu Gezhen and Zhao Che have made good things in Daxia. Everyone in the room is not everyone who has a good impression of Zhao Che. This is nothing more than because Chu Cho is here. She jumped out and said this, obviously it was a bit of a find.

Chu Qiao still did not speak, a girl named Zhuge embroidery on the side said: “What the eight sisters said is that the father often teaches us to be a good person. It is no wonder that when the Yanbei mutiny was changed, the older brother would rather retreat to the territory. I don’t want to get bloody and ruthless.”

“Poverty and arrogance, killing and killing, in the end is the matter of the Hanwuwu people. It is really chilling to make such a disobedience to the saints.”

Chu Qiao heard a slight frown, his eyes were cold and clear, and the young lady was slanting. “Oh? I didn’t expect Miss Eight to study the sage’s kindness. I don’t know if it is going up and down the country.” As Miss thinks, the enemy rushes into the capital and puts the sword on your neck. What should you do?”

Miss Eight gave a slight glimpse, her face changed slightly, and immediately said: “I am a big Xia Xiong soldier, and Xiong Guan is like iron. How do thieves come in?”

“Is Miss Eight not advocating the path of benevolence? If the soldiers in the border can have such a realization of the lady, then the day of the great summer is not far away.”

Miss Eight’s eyes screamed and said: “The younger brother, how can I know how to teach the saints!”

“As Miss Zhao said, the clan who knows the sage’s education is expensive, but it is protected by the cold-blooded children who are drinking blood.” A cold voice suddenly sounded in the corner. The people turned their heads and saw that there was a county magistrate. Miss Jingjia, the woman’s face is cold, and she doesn’t care. She said: “What kind of honesty is the situation, how is the situation now chaotic, the northwest war is not stopped for a few years, the border soldiers are dead and wounded. Killing together, how come the saints educated? If there were no seven My Royal Highness is a true glory. Why are we here today to enjoy the peace of the world?”

The young girl was young and her mouth was very sharp. In a few words, all the ladies of Zhuge’s family were shocked, and no one dared to speak.

Just then, there were people outside the flower house knocking on the doorway: “Miss Miss, Miss Table is here.”

When Zhuge Qing was awkward, his face suddenly changed and he quickly stood up. I was about to go out, but I was held down by the Miss Eight. Miss Ba proudly stood up and greeted her in a few steps. She personally came to open the door and pulled a woman’s wrist and walked in.

The woman was wearing a white-white dress, and her posture was elegant and transcendent. Xu was that the wind outside was a bit big, and her hair was a little messy. She reached for the broken hair in front of her forehead, and bowed to the ladies, and looked pleasing, but there was no humble color.

Zhuge Qing’s face was a little unpleasant. She would let her go after she saw her, and she didn’t want the Miss Eight to take her hand and walk to Chu Qiao. She said with a smile: “Sister Su, you haven’t seen it yet. This is the famous Yanbei Beauty General, the Sisters of Sui and Tang Dynasties, the future of the four young ladies in Zhugefu, my four.”

The woman’s body, surnamed Su, suddenly trembled and raised her head fiercely. The half of the knee was so solidified that it could not bend anymore.

The surrounding Qianjin ladies have different looks, fears, fears, and gloating.

Chu Qiao didn’t know who this person was, but he also felt that there was something wrong. He stood up and helped her: “You don’t have to be polite.”

The woman took a step back subconsciously, did not let Chu Qiao’s hand touch her, her eyes gradually calmed down, and whispered to Chu Qiao: “Mr. Su Shi, seeing His Royal Highness.”

“Sister Sue, He Lian’s family has already been defeated. The fourth brother also redeemed you from the official slavery. He also said what the woman is, not sure…” Miss Ba’s eyes crossed Chu’s eyes and smiled and said: “Sister Sue will have a qualification in the future, which is commensurate with the four sisters.”

“Hey, don’t talk nonsense!”

Zhuge Qing’s eyebrows were picked and angered: “Miss Zhang is very rare to enter the government. The road is far away, it must be tired. Tao Shu, take the table lady to rest.”


Miss Ba took Su Shi’s hand and said in a deep voice: “Three sisters, Sister Su grew up with us from a young age, and she is more sympathetic with her fourth brother. Now that the fourth brother is married, our sisters are here to see the four sisters. Isn’t Sister Su not eligible to participate?”

Zhuge Qing’s eyes were annoyed, and a slender, white hand clung to the white pan.

“Four, you don’t know Sister Su, she is the relatives of Ernie Niang. She grew up with her four brothers. If she was not assigned to the Helian family, she would not be alone for so many years. When I thought that my sister Sue was married, the fourth brother also took the person to stop the wedding car and hit the bridegroom. This incident has already become a good story in the city of Zhenghuang. Everyone said that the fourth brother was a kind of girl since childhood. “”

“Miss Eight, Miss Three, I still have things, I will not bother you.”



Su Shi suddenly said loudly and turned away. Who knows that Miss Eight has pulled her and angered: “I haven’t finished talking yet, have I let you go?”

Su Shi clenched her lower lip, tears in her eyes, and asked for mercy: “Miss Eight -”

“It’s really no good, no wonder Helen’s family will be so fast!”

The sound of “啪” suddenly sounded, and everyone shocked everyone on the spot. I saw a red and five-finger print on the face of Miss Ba’s face. She squinted and looked at Chu Qiao with ecstasy. The finger pointed at her and shouted: “Do you dare to hit me?”

“What are you afraid of?”

Chu Qiao finished the man, calmly sat down, holding a teacup, using the tea cover to dial the tea leaves in the tea pot, slanting eyebrows, quietly said: “Yu Gong, I am Datang Prince, is the guest of Daxia, you yell in front of me, cure you a disrespectful sin, why not? In private, I am your future four, you are in the face of the sisters and sisters I’m going to slap on my cousin, even if it’s Zhuge’s grandfather, I’m afraid I’ll give you a slap.”

Miss Eight was furious and shouted at Chu Qiao: “Jing Yueer! You don’t want to bully too much!”

“Do you believe that I dare to fold your fingers?”

Chu Qiao turned his head and the voice was very calm, but the eye was like a sharp knife, quietly lying on the girl’s cheek.

Zhuge Qing rushed forward and stopped in the center. He said in a row: “Your Highness, don’t be angry, you don’t know how to be young.”

Chu Qiao stood up, his eyes faintly sweeping through Zhuge, seeing her face is not convinced, but she did not dare to speak again, turned to the Zhuge Qing tone and said: “If you know that she is not sensible, don’t Just let go of the shame, so as not to ruin the doorstep of Zhuge.”

Then he took Su Shi’s hand and walked out of the room with a group of followers. Zhuge’s husbands heard that Su Shi’s government had already known that things were not good. At this moment, he hurriedly rushed to see Chu’s back. A group of people even pleaded with the government. Chu Qiao let Su Shi sit down. The sedan chair, turned over and jumped on the horse’s back, and in the eyes of all the different people, the horse grew up.

When I returned to the government, the sky was already dark. Chu Qiao was sitting next to the candlestick, and a circle of light shone on her face, with a pale golden light.

Mei Xiang walked in carefully and whispered, “Miss, Miss Su, how should we resettle?”

Chu Qiao did not speak, as if he did not hear it, so he quietly looked at the lights at the table and his eyes straightened.

Mei Xiang knows that she is in a bad mood, but she does not know if it is because Miss Su is about to quit. Suddenly I heard Chu Qiao said: “Let her live in the house tonight, and send her back to her residence tomorrow. You should send more people to look at it, don’t let the people in the main house bully her.”

Mei Xiang nodded: “Yes, I wrote down.”

“Mei Xiang, do you say that I am not a problem?”

Mei Xiangyi asked, “What do you say about Miss?”

“This Miss Su, for him, is a very important person. The group of Zhuge’s family took the words to run against me. I don’t feel anything, but I bully her, I can’t stand it.”

The candle was golden, the room was filled with submerged water, and it floated softly. She put her chin on her wrist and whispered, “They moved her out and wanted me to be jealous.”

Mei Xiang only thought that Chu Qiao’s left sentence was right, and he couldn’t get it. He asked, “Miss, are you jealous?”

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows picked and said: “Is that kind of person?”

Mei Xiang quickly smiled: “Yes, I also think that people like Miss will not be angry for such a small thing.”

Chu Qiao looked at her, looked carefully for a long time, numb the scalp that Mei Xiang looked at, and finally said: “I am tired, you take a break.”

Mei Xiang quickly left, Chu Qiao still sitting at the window, and did not mean to go to bed.

Not jealous? how can that be possible?

But I can’t say anything sad, just a little uncomfortable.

Seeing this docile, elegant, little bird, I see the woman who is still pity, so I can’t help but stand in the wind, let alone a man, even if it’s a woman, I’m afraid I will give birth to a few lines to protect her. Desire.

Look at her skin, so smooth and delicate, unlike her own, the wind and rain from the army battle, so many years, the skin has long been rough. And her hand, I am afraid that this life has not been done a little rough, like the new stripped lotus roots, white, self, from a young age is a slave, and practice guns and swords, how many have the scorpions grow? And her chest…

Thinking of this, Chu Qiao suddenly stood up and ran to the bronze mirror on the ground.

Well, fortunately, my chest has grown longer in recent years, even if it is not as proud as modern times, but 34C always has it. waist? The waist should not be thin, she seems to have eaten too much recently, a little fat. However, her legs must not have her own length, Chu Qiao nodded with satisfaction, she is still very confident, Jing Yueer this is good, left a long leg for himself, and after so many years of exercise, his body It should be very fit.

She started to look at her face in the mirror, her eyes are not too big, but it is not small, the nose is pretty, very pretty, lips? A little thin, not sexy enough, teeth, teeth are not bad, neat, white, face, barely a melon face, the overall playing eighty should be no problem.

Just then, a small sound suddenly appeared outside the window, Chu Qiao frowned slightly, carefully walked to the window, then opened the window, saw a girl standing in front of her window, it is today’s Zhugejia The daughter of the county magistrate who helped her.

“What are you doing here?”

The Miss Jing was slightly surprised, but she responded in a flash. She slammed on the floor and said, “Please ask my sister to save my father. My father was slain by the superiors and was now in prison.” “”

Chu Qiao frowned and said, “I can’t control the political affairs of Daxia. If you are telling the truth, I can help you talk to him when Zhuge is back.”

The girl suddenly rejoiced and said quickly: “Thank you, my sister.”

“Get up, what is your name.”

“My name is Yu Hehe.”

“Your last name? What do you have to do with the Jing family?”

Yu Weihe quickly replied: “The second room of my grandfather’s elder brother is a daughter-in-law of a distant family brother.”

Chu Qiao’s scalp is numb, and the secret is what it is. Don’t say gossip, even if it’s eighteen, you can’t beat it. I really don’t know where Li Ce found out from all of them, and I don’t know how much it cost.

Thinking of this, it is inevitable that there will be some loss. Until today, she realized what Li Ze did for her. If she didn’t have this identity and didn’t have this dowry, she couldn’t walk straight into Zhuge House today, even if she didn’t care, but she couldn’t help but He considered. With all of this, both him and her have reduced too much pressure.

Li Ce, the man who always laughs and plays.

“You go back first, I have written down this matter.”

“Thank you, my sister.” Yu Yuhe gave a gift, turned and ran away, the pace was very brisk, like a sly swallow.

Just about to close the window, I saw a tree not far away, a plain woman standing quietly, no sound, clear eyes, like a faint moon.

Chu Qiao’s heart moved and smiled slightly.

“Su girl, the wind is big outside, do you want to come in and sit?”

Su Shi sat on the other side of the little one, and her posture was quiet. Now she looks at it from a close distance. She is not like a 27-year-old person. Her face is good, but her eyes are slightly crowded. A bit of charm.

She sat there and didn’t talk. Chu Qiao poured a cup of tea for her and smiled and sat in her position. She didn’t talk, and she didn’t say anything.

Su Shi’s nourishing qigong is better than that of Chu Chuqiao, and finally he said: “His Royal Highness…”

“Sue girl called me Chu Qiao, no need to call His Royal Highness.”

Su Shi was as good as a flow, nodded: “Chu Qiao girl, today’s business, I hope you don’t mind.”

Chu Qiao raised his eyebrows and asked: “What is today?”

Su Shi’s cheeks were slightly red and said: “That is… what Miss Biao said, I am with Xiaosi.”

Chu Qiao smiled, very easily shaking his head: “I did not mind.”

Chu Qiao said that Su Shi’s face was redder. She thought about it and said, “I grew up with Xiao Si. He is a rare good man. He is born noble and affectionate. I was married to He. Even the government is helpless. He was young and stubborn, and he will inevitably make things that are not suitable. Over the years, I have also heard some of your things. He is like this, as long as he values ​​it. Always always enthusiasm. He Lian’s family is defeated, he redeems for me, arranges me to live in his other hospital, is also concerned about the old feelings, you must not go to the heart.”

Chu Qiao suddenly smiled, she was slightly surprised, raised her eyebrows and said: “Su girl, you are a little different from what I imagined. You just advised me not to go to my heart, but how do I listen, I feel that you are I hope that I will remember more in my heart?”

Su Shi was shocked and shook his head and denied: “No, no.”

“Okay, don’t have to say it.” Chu Qiao interrupted her: “In fact, you don’t have to explain it to me. I have been with Zhuge for many years. If I don’t believe him, I won’t sit here today. I am talking to you. I understand your feelings, so please understand me. Your identity is inevitably awkward, but those are things that are in the past and will not affect our future. You don’t have to worry about me, but I have a word to tell you that when the arrow is shot, you can’t go back. The world changes, not everyone will always stand in the same way waiting for you.”



Su Shi suddenly silenced. After a long time, she slowly nodded: “I understand.”

“Su girl, forgive me for speaking so straight, I just think it is better for you.”

Su Shi nodded: “It doesn’t matter. Actually, I understand that there is only a little extravagance. Occasionally, this is retribution. I left him because of power. Now I am destined to end up with nothing.”

Chu Qiao said with a smile: “Life is like a chess game. Although it is wrong to lose a piece of territory, it is not necessarily impossible to find the taste of victory in other places. I have been more frustrated than you, more than you. The days of ruin, but still a little bit insisted on coming. Sue girl, you are still young, there is no need to sentence yourself to lifelong death penalty for one thing.”

Su Shi stood up and smiled quietly. He said, “Thank you, don’t worry about me. You and Xiaosi are going to get married. You have to take care of him in the future.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “I will.”

Then Su Shi walked out of the room, her thin back, illuminated by the light, faintly hanging on the ground. I don’t know when it’s going to be a spring rain, and it’s floating on her body. The willow branches in the garden are like frost stains, and she gradually disappears.

Chu Qiao suddenly remembered the portrait that he saw in Qingshanyuan many years ago. The girl was dressed in a goose-yellow dress, and her smile was as bright as a blooming peony.

She is talking about others, in fact, why not say herself.

When the arrow was shot, there was no room for turning back.

But since this road, how many times did Zhuge gave her a chance to look back?

Su Shi is unfortunate, and she is so lucky.

She leaned against the door frame and looked at the sky in the east, a dark darkness, and could not see a glimmer of light.

When will you be back?

She sighed helplessly, the night wind blew, raising the hair of her horns, bringing a trace of moisture in the night.

Going back to the room, taking a shower, spreading my hair, wearing a white bed with bare feet and drilling into the quilt full of his smell, suddenly saw the letter on the pillow. The above detailed description of her views on the Yanbei war, a large spill.

This is to be sent to Zhuge, but it has not yet been written.

Yan Xun is not a weak person. If he is very tough, then maybe his inside is really a problem. If he is very weak, then he really has to think about whether he has any big moves.


Chu Qiao frowned and thought, he hoped that he really did not have the power of a battle, can compete with Da Xia after Zhao Che was elected.

Thinking of the geek that I met that night, and the terrible dream, her head hurts a little.

Nothing will happen?

She thought so, but she felt that her ideas were getting more and more ruthless.

I hope not.

Zhu Lu carved, color tile Cheng Bi, the sun from the gap between the branches of the leaves turned back thousands of times, with old and simple shallow Jin Hui. The shadow of the flower was sloping. On the spring day, it was slightly stopped above the willows outside the bedroom, passing through the dim window, and the flowing lingering in her eyes.

One letter is pinched between the fingers, and there is a faint smell of armor and bonfire on the top. The ink is dripping, and the paper is back, and a few words, like a wave of lake water, quietly shed in the bedroom of this warm spring March.

Chu Qiao was wearing a white veil on the soft couch. A bird cage was hung in front of the window. The cage door was open. A white bird slept in it, three red dragonflies on the tail. I can’t see a little prestige in the weekdays.

The seventh month said that this is the snow owl that Zhuge raised, the most fierce bird in Qinghai, the speed is very fast, the claws are sharp and sharp, and smart.

Chu Qiao picked up a trace of good braised pork with chopsticks. The bird had almost no eyes, and took it away. He chewed it twice and swallowed it, and continued to sleep with his head down.

It’s just a lazy bird, and it’s not called out all day long.

Chu Qiao looked up at it, his fingers rubbing against the letter, and his heart rose slightly warmly.

Although lazy, it is still very useful.

This letter, once called a letter, is now called a family book.

The marriage is near, and two days later, he will be back.

After that, she will wear Feng Guan Xia, sit on the eight-lifted sedan, and marry into his home in the joy of drumming. In this regard, she is his righteous wife, and Fang Jin Gengtie is still placed under her pillow, with gold powder on the water, the wings of the birds, the flowers in the wings, the inside and the right The names of the two of them.

Chu Qiao thought, she might be the Qinghai snow owl, faded away, and smashed the killing, and lived in the house built by gold in peace. Even if the door was wide, she would not go out.

There are thousands of kinds of doors in the world, and those who can really block people’s footsteps are always invisible.

He is the Sima of Daxia, but he is also the king of the title, and she is also married by the politeness of the princess. The dowry and the dowry are piled up in a yard, and all kinds of jewels are made into mountains. The court Shangyi Bureau cut her wedding dress for her, and the royal family’s rewards also slid down. The grand menus of the great families were prosperous, and the entire temple was full.

She is also rare and a bit more interested, occasionally with Jingjing Meixiang and nephew, looking at the gifts together, and occasionally see some rare, these women who have not seen too many rich worlds will exaggerate exclaim , like a group of rural buns in the countryside.

Tonight, she will live in Zhuge’s main house. The mother of Zhuge’s mother will prepare her pre-marriage system. She has no family, she can only live in Zhugefu before marriage, and then marry this magnificent in the courtyard where she lived in a few days. Sima House.

The morning faints, the time is like the ripples in the water, the circle of fainting, far away.

After living in Zhugejia, I did not see the long-term mother and mother, but accompanied by the Jing family, Chu Qiao took the girl named Yu Hehe with her side, occasionally fascinated, this born in a small door The woman will quietly ignite a sumo. This scent is very familiar, faintly still many years ago, at a young age, she learned the method of deployment in the Royal Pharmacy.

One money Suzi, one money lily, one money Fanggui, one money gold powder, two money lotus, two money rose foam, two money banana oil, two money…

They are not the precious herbs of Jingui, but the taste of the formula is calming and nurturing. It can best help those who are entangled in nightmares to sleep well.

Two days later, some people came in and said that Zhuge has returned to the city. He went to the long room to meet his parents, but he could not come to see her. She was taking a bath when she heard the news, and the hot water climbed up along the smooth shoulders, and the heat was warm. A waiter handed her a book to her, her fingers were still wet, and the water was dripping constantly. The water stains soaked the letter paper, and the ink was fainted. In the water vapor, there was only one line of words, and the pen was clear and researched. thin.

“I am back, pick you up after five days.”

Five days later, it was the day of their marriage.

At night, Chu Qiao stretched out a vine that was sun-dried by the sun in the day, with a hint of white salt powder on his fingers, water stains, some potential emotions, and a trace of climbing up the layers. Mango vines.

A basin of salt water swayed in pale gold, and the letterhead floated at the bottom. There was a shallow handwriting floating up, and the densely-flying head was small, and the paragraph was written with a pen in the abdomen.

Chu Qiao’s fingertips are white, and the voice of the former soldiers is echoing in his mind, like a beautiful music.

“Adult, are you going with me?”

Chu Qiao shook his head and smiled: “I want to stay here.”

He Xiao nodded and bowed: “Adults take care.”

There was a little dew on the window, and the moon in the night was big and white. Chu Qiao looked at the quiet moonlight night and muttered: “It is going to wind up.”

Zhugejia sent three women who were sent by Chu, and they were sent by Chu Qiao. The Jing family also had an elderly woman to ask for it. Chu Qiao did not answer. In the end, it was still Mei Xiang, who was sent to the bedroom the night before she was married.

The strong Mei Xiang’s hands trembled a little, and she wore a gold silk embroidered silk brocade for her. She was gilded with a golden plaque, and she was given a peony pattern, decorated with peony, celestial, white, and purple. Blood jade, gold medals, purple enamel, full of beads, gold enamel color wings, under the blaze of lights, it looks magnificent, a splendid.

Mei Xiang’s tears rolled from the eyelids, but the corners of his mouth rose high, and his smile was as bright as a cloud.

Chu Qiao reached out to wipe her tears, and then embraced the woman who had been following her for many years. The rouge on her cheeks, like the maple red in September, had a brilliant brilliance.


Mei Xiang hugged her, her voice trembled, and she could not help but cry.

“Miss, miss…”

She couldn’t speak, just holding her, screaming at the lady, and then shed tears.

Early on the second day, Chu Qiao finally ushered in her wedding day.

The ceremonial guards of the Sui and Tang dynasties were next to each other, and they were completely in accordance with the etiquette of the princess. The car departed from the Zhuge Mansion and came to the Sui and Tang Dynasties in the courtyard of Zhenhuang. It first received the imperial edict of the emperor Li Ce, and also received the gift of the Emperor Li Xiuyi of the Tang Emperor, the Zhuang Yimen, the Qiankun Gate, the joy of the sky, the drums Qi Ming, Hung Hom Hua Man, Zhu Jin Ru Chi, gold foil frost and snow along the way, Zhen Huang sent a large number of ceremonies to accompany the car, the sound of drums, are the kiss.

The people are crowded, dense and dense like mountains and seas. Eighty Xi Xiiang sat in a small car, and after the car, it was still a sister and a lady of Zhuge. Chu Qiao’s palms are very wet, and it seems that there is a lot of sweat. The red Xipa covers his eyes and can only hear the sound of the drums of joy.

Chu Qiao’s heart was tense and nervous, and the team gradually approached and gradually approached Sima. The road is already familiar with the heart. Chu Qiao knows that if there is no accident, it will be on the front of the Peacock Bridge. The sergeant of the Sui and Tang Dynasties will hand over the Xijia to the ceremonial officer of Daxia, and Zhuge will pick up the peacock bridge.



However, just after walking to Yueliu Lake, the car suddenly stopped and stopped.

Chu Qiao’s heart suddenly jumped, almost at the same time, a quaint long bell suddenly came from the direction of the Holy Palace, fourteen desolation and solemn bells echoed in the wide long street. Five long and nine short, different from the nine-long and five-short emperor’s voice that I have heard, the sound at this moment sounds solemn and depressing. It seems that there is a gust of wind, and the whistling sees the land of this luxurious splendid.

All walking, standing, looking, busy voices are still at the same time, and the heavens and the earth are silent, even the birds in the sky seem to stop flying. I don’t know who was the first to react, and then everyone fell to the ground and admired the direction of the Holy Palace.

The huge crying screams rose from the sky and passed from the direction of Ziwei Square.

Chu Qiao pulled down the Xipa, opened the curtain, the breeze blowing on her hair, gently shaking.

Until this moment, she suddenly understood one thing.

Xia Huang, died –

The ceremonies of Daxia were crying in anger, and the accompanying officials of Sui and Tang Dynasties were stunned and wondered how to deal with such emergencies.

Zhuge Huai came from the post, and the solemn commanding team returned.

The breeze blew through the curtain, and Chu Qiao looked far away from the Peacock Bridge across the blue lake. The mess at the bottom of the heart was like the tide of the same lake, and it was rolled over. As the team gradually moved away, the Peacock Bridge became a stone pier with smoke, and it was covered by layers of red and green, and it was no longer clear.

Chu Qiao suddenly flustered, and for a time I did not know where I was, as if I had returned to the winter of Qianzhang Lake, the two gradually drifted away, after all, covered with snow, the sky was innocent.

She picked up the skirt and pushed the door of the brakes.

“His Royal Highness!”

A pair of thin hands suddenly clasped her, and Yu Qihe was shocked to see Chu Qiao who was about to jump, and cried in a panic: “What is Your Highness going to do?”

At this moment, one person in front turned his head, and his long eyes were like a cold and deep pool. It was similar to Zhuge’s three points. It was Zhuge’s brother Zhuge Huai.

Chu Qiao’s movement gradually solidified, facing the thousands of soldiers, she slowly closed the door. Then sit on the back of the chair and silence.

Chu Qiao was taken back to the Sui and Tang Dynasties Hall. Throughout the day, she sat in the room and did not step out. In the evening, Ping An came to report that the troops and horses outside the city were frequently mobilized. The death of the emperor has not yet been announced in the Holy Palace. The people are hiding at home, and the people in the city are worried.

After the sky was completely dark, the Sui and Tang Dynasties had been completely surrounded, and even Ping An and Dorje could not go out to listen to the news.

On the top of the moon, a noisy footstep suddenly sounded outside the hall, as if a large number of people were surrounded by the pavilion. Dorje ran out to negotiate, but only ushered in a slender man.

Zhuge Huai stood at the door, still modest and faint, but his attitude was not as good as before.

“There are chaos in the city, and please ask the Royal Highness Princess to stay here. Don’t walk around.”

Chu Qiao nodded, very gentle answer: “I understand, big brother assured.”

Zhuge Huai smiled lightly, did not make a sound, turned and went out.

At midnight, the direction of the Holy Palace suddenly sounded a burst of screaming, bow screams, screams, but the eyes and ears of the more discreet gongs and drums, mixed together.

Ping An anxiously ran in and shouted: “Sister, we are surrounded by people!”

Chu Qiao is still a wedding dress, sitting on the main seat, holding a tea pot in his hand, the words are motionless, only the brows are slightly wrinkled, proving that she heard what the child said.

“Sister! We are guarding you to kill!”

Jingjing was put on a samurai costume, carrying a small bow and arrow, and several elderly Sui and Tang priests stood in a panic, scared to pale.

Chu Qiao shook his head, her eyes looked out the door, holding a fist in half, and a red kimono under the candlelight was like blood.

“Miss, that Zhuge Huai is not a good person, he is under house arrest.”

Mei Xiang also said that.

Second, the outside shouting and killing gradually stopped, Zhuge Huai came back again, this time has no longer made a cover, said calmly: “Please take me with me.”

“What happened to Ronger?”

“You can rest assured that I and Li Ce have no enmity, as long as you are willing to cooperate, I guarantee that the kid is fine.”

Chu Qiao stood up and said very refreshingly: “I am going with you.”

Zhuge Huai took a look at her and applauded: “The fourth child’s vision is not bad.”

“Do you betray the family, are you afraid of being retribution?”

Zhuge Huai haha ​​smiled, for many years of forbearance, it must have been vented today, and smiled: “Betray the family? How do you know that the family has abandoned him?”

Chu Qiao’s eyes suddenly converge, meditation for a moment, and finally nodded: “I understand.”

“Sure enough, it’s a smart person, it’s a point.”

Chu Qiao asked: “What benefits does Zhao Wei give to Zhuge Valve? Is it worth your risk?”

“Nothing is good.” Zhuge Huai said faintly: “Just if Zhao Wei is in the upper position, Da Xia is still a big summer, the door valve is still a door valve. If Zhao Che is in the upper position, Da Xia will become Qinghai and become Dong Hu. Where will the gate valve go? I am not sure.”


Chu Qiao nodded and stopped talking.

“The fourth child has been surrounded by Ziwei Square. There are only three thousand soldiers who are with him. The other soldiers are outside the city. The Beijing-Jiangsu Army, the Qiqiying Camp, and the Green Army are all our people. Now Zhao Chu’s Donghu Jun has already left the city. Escaped, he already has no return to heaven, and it is also a dead end. If you can persuade him to surrender, I can still save him a life.”

Chu Qiao raised his eyebrows and fixedly looked at him and asked: “What do you say is true?”

Zhuge Huai smiled: “There is no falsehood.”

“Okay, the king is defeated, there is nothing to say, lead the way ahead.”

Zhuge Huai said: “That will grieve you.”

Chu Qiao reached out and said, “Come on.”

Two sabre guards came forward and took the ropes, and they would tie Chu Qiao.

The room was brightly lit, and the outside shouted and killed. Chu Qiao was a good-looking man, and he looked free. Two big-shaped big men stood by her side, one by one and held her arm, Zhuge Huai stood opposite her, followed by four close guards.

The candle is burning, the wind is so loud, and it seems that I have passed through the time and heard the teachings of the past instructors.

It’s quick to shoot, to be accurate, to be steady, to be strong…

Just at the moment of the knot of the rope, Chu Qiao’s figure flashed, the whole person was degraded, and the hand of the guard was staggered, and the shot was extremely fast. The two men’s sabre were pulled out with the thunder of both hands, and the force was turned to the inside. , red light is now!

The two screams did not penetrate the eardrum, and the two steel knives had been pulled out and thrown, and they penetrated the hearts of the two rushing guards. Chu Qiao took advantage of the situation, reached for his wrist, grabbed a man’s neck, over his shoulders, buckled his wrist, screamed, and snorted, and the man’s body fell to the ground in a strange posture.

Seeing that Zhuge Huai turned and ran under the guard of only one of the remaining guards, Chu Qiao pulled down a Zhu Xi and waved away. The intriguing place jumped, grabbed the guard’s hair, dragged a hand, pulled off a large bloody scalp, wrapped around the man’s neck, and forced it to twist. The man struggled twice and suddenly rolled his eyes.

Everything happened in an instant. Chu Qiao got the last guard, and slowly walked to the side of Zhuge Huai, who was surrounded by Zhu Xi, and took a dagger from his boots. He said quietly: “The king is defeated.” Hey, what else do you want to say?”

Zhuge Huai’s eyes widened and struggled, and Chu Qiao’s blade slammed down, and a blood line suddenly picked up.

The gate was opened and the wind was blowing at night, and the call sign rolled up the yellow sand.

The soldiers in the yard looked up at the same time, and saw a woman with a big red kimono standing coldly in front of the door, holding the head of Zhuge Huai, her eyes cold, throwing her head on the ground.

Outside the museum, the horses screamed, and a large number of torches came together. The guards panicked back, but they saw a red cloud flag on the white background. They hunted and hunted in the sky, and they wrote a beautiful book. He Xiaoze Ma entered the door and held it in his arms. A child over one year old said, “Adult, fortunately, not to be insulted!”

Chu Qiao walked into the crowd without fear. A general who was dressed in a senior officer responded and shouted: “Brothers! Revenge for the young master! Kill this…”

However, his words have not been finished yet, and a sharp arrow slammed over, accurately penetrated his throat, and brought a faint red in the dark night.

He Xiao’s face was expressionless, followed by countless black sergeants. Everyone held a smashing arrow, like a group of stones that couldn’t talk, and looked coldly at everyone in the field.

The low atmosphere floated in the field, Chu Qiao was wearing a red kimono, and embroidered a piece of Wang Jinjin 鸾 pattern, she picked up a sword from the ground, jumped over and jumped on the horse brought by He Xiao, eyes sweeping across the field, Wherever it goes, the air pressure is low, like a layer of cold sea water.

“Adult, where are we going?”

Chu Qiaoler lived in the stables and slowly turned around, faintly said: “Go to the North Gate of the camp.”

He Xiao whispered a little, and asked strangely: “Don’t go to Ziwei Square to save the four young masters?”

Chu Qiao smiled and said with confidence: “Reassured, he will come and meet with us.”

After all, when the first time, the horse was out.

At the North Gate, there are more than 40,000 people in the squadron of the squadron, and everyone has a complete armor. This army, once ruled by Zhao Che, has now become the patriarch of Zhao Wei. North, the level of loyalty is no less than the beauty of Chu Qiao.

At this moment, they were scornfully looking at the team with less than a thousand people on the opposite side. The guardian He Qian stood on the tower and sneered, and then ordered the subordinates to order: “Get them dry.”

The city walls are tall and thick, and there are a large number of defensive tools. Generally speaking, it is impossible to attack the gates of the big summer capital city without three or five times the enemy’s strength. However, Chu Qiao currently only took less than a thousand people, and dare to attack the 10,000-strong army sitting in the Xiongguan, it is tantamount to self-destruction.



Xia Jun sent a soldier from Tuen Mun, first advised Chu Qiao, and said that she had no reaction after seeing her for a long time. She began to swear by Zhuge, a chaotic thief, and murdered Xia Huang with the Seven King Zhao Che, who is now surrounded by the city. It’s hard to fly, and you’re going to die without a place to die.

Chu Qiao listened quietly, and there was no response. However, after a while, I heard that the soldiers said that the more outrageous, even said that Zhuge and Zhao Che were afflicted, how to break the sleeves, how can they not help but heart-to-heart, the hand said to He Xiao: “Bow.”

He Xiao did not speak, and handed Chu Qi a bow.

Chu Qiao bent his bow and the arrow suddenly screamed like a lightning bolt. The soldier was also a good one. I thought that the number of times before the squad was over, and I had already guarded my hand. I saw Chu’s arrow. Jump over and jump off the horse. Who knows that people have not yet landed, but an arrow is like a ghost, and it is instantaneously coming from below. A arrow hits his mouth and comes through the back of his head.

He Qian was furious and immediately issued an attack command. At one time, the arrow was empty, and the black pressure came like a mountain. The charge of the Xia Jun resounded through the heavens and the earth.

Compared with Xia Jun’s voice, the beauty army is quiet. They are not within the range of the bow and arrow. Only occasionally a few powerful soldiers can shoot the bow and arrow, but they have already exhausted. The soldiers of the Beauty Army randomly used the knife to dial twice, and they put the bow and arrow aside.

He Qian is the gatekeeper of the city and should guard the gate. But now that Chu Qiao’s people are just around them and not attacking, then this can’t be beaten. Is it necessary for his soldiers to fight with the cavalry? Seeing that other colleagues are in the assault, helping the fourteenth house of the temple to fight the mountains and rivers, but they can only be guarded here, finally came to a group of enemies, but also grinded and stood still that they refused to do it, He Qian is really angry with the seven cigarettes. At this moment, suddenly there was a cavalry on the opposite side of the shield and ran outside the land of an arrow, shouting at himself.

When He Qian was awkward, he ordered the whole army to be quiet. He was a little older and his ears were not very good. He asked the guards around him: “What does that person say?”

The guard’s face was very difficult to read. After thinking for a long time, he whispered: “General, who asked you if you would not surrender? He said that if you are obsessed, they will destroy us?”

He Qian was furious and destroyed him?

He has 40,000 troops, and the other party has less than a thousand. Although I heard that this beautiful Wang Bingfa is superb, I can often win more and less, but in the past she was basically a defending city, taking advantage of the city’s high profits and being able to defend her defense. Now she has a thousand cavalry to attack the city gate. It’s simply a delusion.

Just when General He Qian was roaring, a bright yellow fireworks suddenly exploded in the sky in the east, and the fireworks were beautiful.

Chu Qiao looked up at the East, and after a long time, he said very calmly: “Well, open the city gate.”

Ping An listened at the side, suddenly stunned, just want to talk, but he said that He Xiaoyi was serious and said: “Can you destroy all the other parties?”

Chu Qiao frowned slightly and weighed and said: “Look at them dare not resist.”

Peace almost listened to the eyes straight, he was trying to ask if they were crazy, and suddenly heard He Xiao Shen screamed, a team of soldiers wearing armor all the way to the front, two rows before and after, a total of forty people. Everyone holds a bow and arrow, and a pencil bag is inserted in the arrow on the front row, but a rocket in the back row.

“Target, North City Gate, the first group shoots the upper left corner, the second group shoots the lower left corner, the third group shoots the upper right corner, the fourth group shoots the lower right corner, the fifth group shoots the lower right corner, the fifth group shoots the middle, prepares, one, two, put!”

At this time, the arrows in the first row flew out and rushed toward the heavy city gate. Immediately afterwards, the second row of rockets greeted, and the arrows in the first row were inserted on the gate. At that moment, every rocket paper bag was inserted with a rocket. Together with the strong wind, the fire ignited.

He Qianyi stunned and immediately laughed: “Is it necessary to burn my city gate?” Haha, then this ignition is not enough!”

However, his voice just fell, only listening to a loud bang, a huge explosion sounded on the city gate, the entire city wall was shaking violently, like an earthquake, black smoke vacated, in the dark night, It’s like Wanma Qianjun’s rushing.

Later, He Qian stunned and watched the true Huangcheng gate, which he had guarded for more than 20 years, in a smoky smog, shattered, and together with half of the city wall, turned into ruins.

It was proud of Daxia, and the true Huangcheng Gate, which claimed that millions of troops were also difficult to break, broke into the unbeaten history of three hundred years at this moment.

“Sixth to Tenth Group Preparation, Goal, Eastern Wall, Sixth Group…”

He Xiao’s voice rang again, followed by a series of fierce explosives that blew up the eastern section of the city wall. After three consecutive times, the entire North Gate collapsed, and the beautiful army was in front of it.

“The opposite person listens!”

Ten commanders immediately beforehand, each hand took a simple sounder and shouted: “I will immediately put down my arms, immediately put down my arms, and hold my head on the ground with both hands. We accept your surrender, and you will not die.” The opposite person listened and immediately put down the weapon…”

He Qian was dark and stunned. He couldn’t understand how he could lose so 40,000 people, and even fight a sword. Why did the other party just put a few guns and put their own gates? Blasted? Why is there such a terrible weapon in this world? How has he never heard of it?

Chu Qiaozema came over and looked down at He Qian, who fell from the tower, and nodded faintly. He said quietly: “He General, the inheritance.”

At the time, He Qian was depressed and almost vomited blood.

At this moment, the East suddenly burst into dust, Zhuge 玥 with three thousand subordinates, the thunder whistling, seeing everything in front of me was slightly shocked, until I saw Chu Qiao’s innocent figure, slowly loosened. Tone.

On top of a messy battlefield, they were separated from each other, sitting on horseback, gazing through the layers of the crowd, quietly watching under the starless night sky.

Chu Qiao opened his mouth and smiled slightly. Until now, she was still wearing a red kimono, a phoenix crown, a beautiful embroidered pattern, a brow heart with eight bloody chickens, and a high-profile hair, all of which were royal gifts. system. In such awkward night, it looks dignified and quiet, noble and fierce.

Before Zhuge’s fight, she asked her, “How are you?”

Chu Qiao smiled: “It’s okay.”

Yes, fortunately, I received a letter from you, knowing that someone will change on the big day, but I didn’t expect them to have such courage. Nothing went wrong, just worried about you, but you have to persist in your forbearance. Just a little worried, no injuries, no humiliation, everything is fine, all good.

Zhuge Yu turned his head and said to He Qian and the 40,000 Green Battalion Army: “Your Majesty is not the victim of me and the Seventh House. The rebel is the equivalent of the loyal. Now the foreign enemies are on the sidelines, the internal chaos is endless, we don’t want to dig the Daxia portal at this time. Go back and tell Zhao Wei, we are not rare in this beautiful city, white gave him.”

After all, when the long arm stretched out, Chu Qiao was hugged to his horseback, and with all the people, along the door opened by the hole, the wind swept away.

Zhuge Yu did not say a big word, this true city, it is indeed he and Zhao Che handed to Zhao Wei.

As early as before the big marriage, they have already noticed that Zhao will have a change. He instructed Yanming to guard the army, privately indulged under the indulgence, and publicized the argument of Yanbei in the country, provoking the Presbyterian Church and the ruling and opposition. The belligerent wind. Later, through the excuses of Yanbei warfare, through the hands of the Presbyterian Church to mobilize the army in the hands of Zhuge, and through the promise, they got the support of the Weimen, Zhuge Valve and other gates, and the military power of Zhao Che and Zhu Gezhen. Dispersed everywhere, with temptation as an excuse, temporarily weakened their strength during the wedding.

When Zhuge was married, he had to return to Beijing to become a relative. The city’s training was not completed yet, so Zhao Che must stay in the city. Zhao Wei’s plan is to take advantage of this opportunity to eradicate Zhuge’s cockroaches and then buckle the traitor’s hat on Zhao’s head. When he is alone, he will be left alone.

However, he did not expect to rely on the hands of the Green Army, the 骁 营 camp and the Gyeonggi Army three-way army, and Zhuge Huai took the family army, taking Chu Qiao as a hostage, or let Zhuge smashed a blow, resulting in a failure.

Zhuge’s people went to Dongpu City, and all the Qinghai navies stationed in Zhenhuang had arrived, with a total of more than 110,000. Together with some troops loyal to Zhuge and Zhao Che, the troops approached twenty-five. Million.

At this time, Zhao Che has also taken 170,000 Donghu Jun, firmly in the industry city, and Zhuge Yu, one north and one west, forming a corner, and the true city is firmly in the palm of the hand.

Within three days, the princes of various roads changed, Yicheng, Xuanhua, Daliao, Qingcheng, and there were four roads of the Rebels, killing and rebelling, the banner of the imperial power approaching Zhenhuang, and playing with Zhao Wei ping-pong. stand up. These people are not loyal to Zhao Che and Zhuge, but because of the civil strife, everyone in the localities wants to share a piece of cake, and Zhao Wei, who occupies Kyoto, has naturally become a piece of fat in the eyes of everyone. Some princes who have no brains and no force are naturally unable to withstand, with the mighty people, and also the dream of the emperor.

This is the reason why Zhuge Wei gave up the true Huang before, and the big summer chaos could not be avoided. Then give a stage to all those who have indiscriminate hearts and let them stand up. At this time, whoever is the true one, who is the target of the public.

On the top of the Daxia border, there was a rush of time and a shout of silence.

Zhuge Yu and Zhao Cheyi opened up the two gates of Qinghai and Donghu, sent a large number of troops to guard the inventory, and the people in various wars in the war heard the news and dragged their families to the northwest. In less than three days, only Qinghai At the first level, nearly 400,000 people passed the customs. Officials in Qinghai prepared for more than three months in advance, and they were still busy with the sudden refugee frenzy.




The princes from all over the country played ping-pong for more than ten days in the city of Zhenhuang. Many of the princes who were originally watching the lively and cheap psychology were also beaten by Zhao Wei. They were all waiting for Zhao Che to send troops, but also in the new In front of the master, he has a good reputation for loyalty and patriotism.

On the third day of April, Zhao Che announced the dispatch of soldiers to recruit the rebel Chen Hao. In the afternoon, Zhuge Yujing, with more than 200,000 troops, went to Zhenhuang.

On the same day, Zhao Wei’s pro-independence army southwestern army was also led by some senior generals. The southwest canal was rushed to Zhenhuang, and the seventeen emperor Zhao Yi was overhead, and 150,000 military powers fell into Zhao Wei again. Hand.

As a result, the battle for the Ssangyong, which has been brewing for many years, has finally started in this season of ice and snow.

At the beginning, the war fully demonstrated its cruelty. In order to prevent Chu Qiao from using the same method to destroy the city wall, Zhao Wei gave up the towering city wall and sent a large number of troops to set up a squad for 30 miles outside the city. Zhao Che Zhuge and two people field battle. In fact, Chu Qiao has only developed a small amount of explosives in private over the years. In order to prevent such a super-era weapon from causing large-scale casualties, Chu Qiao has never transmitted the formula of gunpowder.

The dead people, such as the hay in the autumn, a group of people fell on the crispy green grassland, the stern horns echoed in the sky of the summer, the scene is like hell, the soil is full of blood. The soaking suffocating gas, after the war, the medical teams of various armies carried the stretchers and ran to the battlefield. The most done was not the rescue, but the wounded people who were seriously injured and dying, so that they could be relieved.

Chu Qiao is also a person who has experienced the battlefield. When he sees such a scene, he still feels chilling.

She has also asked Zhuge in private, must this be the case? Must the soldiers of Daxia kill each other?

Zhuge Wei looked at her, and there was a fascinating beauty beside the tough face. He said that the civil war was inevitable. Zhao Wei had been in power for too long, and the central forces were entrenched, especially in the military. It is impossible to give him the willingness to worship Zhao Che, but Zhao Che and his return to China are still short. It is even more difficult to evade him or split his forces. This battle cannot be avoided. It is now the best time for the civil war to break out of the death of Xia Huang on his head and let the various princes wear his power beforehand.

In fact, Chu Qiao always wanted to ask if Xia Huang was really dead. Who is the hand, is Zhao Wei? Is Zhao Che? Or is he Zhuge?

However, she still couldn’t ask for the exit. Instead, Zhuge took the initiative to tell her.

Speaking of it, it is also God’s will. A doctor in the Royal Pharmacy is cheating and fraudulently. He has entered a batch of mold medicines privately. However, the Xia Emperor’s condition has been repeated for a few days. He secretly told the trusted doctor to change the prescription, and he was afraid that the ruling and the opposition would know that his condition was aggravated. It has not been publicized. Coincidentally, in the mold, there is a medicine that Xiahuang’s new medicine must eat. Zhao Wei is the first to know about this. He is the general of the Gyeonggi Army. He has inserted several cronies in his early years. In the Royal Pharmacy, I got the news in time. However, he did not know that Zhao Che also had a close confidant in his side, so the news he knew changed hands to Zhao Che’s hands, but he did not know.

In this way, Xia Huang ate a new drug every day, his personal medical officer was only responsible for prescribing medicine, and the eunuch of the test drug was in good health and had not been killed by the mold. The frail Xia Huang finally died on the day when Zhuge was married.

Xia Huang was cautious for a lifetime, and may not think that he would die in the hands of a corrupt doctor. And his two sons knew this thing, but no one thought about saving him.

After Chu Qiao knew it, he had been silent for a long time, and he couldn’t help but think of Yan Xun, and he had a few sad memories in his heart.

In Yansheng’s life, the biggest wish is to kill Xia Huang’s revenge for his parents and relatives. Now, he is in power and strong, but his enemies are dying under the guise of the years. I don’t know what he thought when he heard the news. Is it a happy laugh, or a cry of grief? Maybe not, maybe he will just sit quietly, hold all his emotions in his heart, and then continue on the second day.

The horn of “呜呜呜” sounded, and Zhao Wei sent three cavalry regiments to kill him from the flanks. Zhuge Wei ordered four auxiliary regiments to meet and attacked Zhao’s army from the side.

The war has lasted for two days and two nights, and there is no moment to stop, and various tactics are rounded up. Both Zhao Wei and Zhu Gezhen are first-class handsome talents. This time, the strength is quite, and under hard pressure, no one is obviously cheap.

Chu Qiao’s beautiful army also participated in the war three times. In conjunction with the Qinghai Navy’s attack on Zhao’s right wing, He Xiao brought two people to tear open the gap of the enemy, but they were quickly blocked by the enemy.

Everyone knows that this is a battle for imperial power. The victors will win the world, the losers are destined to die without burial, and these followers will face the same fate, so no one will retreat, even if they shed the last drop of blood, they will die on the battlefield.

On the third morning, Zhuge was dressed in a suit and sat on the stage. There was no exciting speech. He just pulled out the sword and said to his men. “This is the last day. After this battle, we will be Loading history.”

“kill the enemy! Kill the enemy!”

Thousands of stout scorpions shouted together, Chu Qiao stood behind the crowd, half squinting, looking at the man surrounded by thousands of horses against the light, smiled slightly, revealing a white tooth.

Finally… a battle!

A faint shadow appeared in the open field, accompanied by a low sound like the thunder of the sky. On the endless grassland, Zhuge’s army finally officially met the main force of Zhao Wei. The two-day hard battles have caused both sides to suffer heavy losses, but they are still standing here with great morale, and there is no retreat.

The shadow is rapidly expanding, like a black cloud, spreading in the sky and not seeing it at first glance. Under the light of the sun, a large tumbling dust was brought up, and in an intensive rushing formation, the arrogant army of Zhuge was gazing at it.

Two hundred feet, one hundred feet, fifty feet…

Getting closer and closer, the two sides can almost smell the warm breathing from the other horse’s nose.

The breath of death echoed on the battlefield, and the rotten crow hovered over the sky, occasionally making an unpleasant scream.

The rumbling drums rang, thousands of horseshoes moved uneasy, and the earth could not stop shaking. The sound rose from the bottom of the human foot, and all the way into the bone marrow, making people feel cold.

As soon as the fierce battle was over, everyone held their breath and held the handle with their hands, as if they wanted to get the knife out of the water.


Zhuge 玥 looked up and understated the command of the offensive. And just as he issued the attack command, Zhao Wei’s army also had the same command passed down.

The front cavalry took out the sword, and the uniform knife-knives spread all over the earth for a time, neatly like a god sneeze. The chilling wind blows up on the plains, the heavens and the earth are vast, the damp blood slid over the blade, and the distant pointing to the other side, waiting for a battle between life and death.

However, at this moment, on the far-reaching ancient road, a series of heavy hooves suddenly sounded, and along the fierce north wind, it blew into this vast battlefield.

“Three thousand miles to speed up the battle report! The southwest wishes the generals like the emperor for help! Three thousand miles to speed up the battle report! The southwest wishes the generals like the emperor for help!”

The young Xun soldiers were full of ash, and rushed into the battlefield. Under the horror of everyone, they jumped off the horse and shouted: “General! Your Highness! Don’t fight again! Southwest Report! Battle report!”

Hundreds of thousands of people were silent at the same time, and no one responded to this small soldier who suddenly ran to the battlefield.

“what are you saying?”

A low voice slowly rang, Zhao Wei was the leader of the Southwestern President, and all the soldiers were born in the southwestern country. He heard the words step forward and asked.

“His Royal Highness! Your Highness! Help!”

The little soldier saw Zhao Wei, and suddenly he was overjoyed. He quickly said: “Yan Xun took the army with 400,000 troops, broke through the gate, and rushed into China. In two days, he swept through 19 provinces. The southwestern generation has now become a scorched earth.”

“The demon confuses the public!” The seven-handed hand-held sword, sitting on the horse’s back in an armored costume, said coldly: “Yanming Guanshou will be as many as 300,000, how can Yan Xun quietly enter the southwest territory?”

Everyone heard the words in unison, Chu Qiaoqiang suppressed the shock of his heart, and felt that this matter did not make sense. Even if the country is in civil war, but everyone knows the importance of Yanmingguan, knowing the threat of Yanbei, whether it is Zhao Wei or Zhao Che, no one has been transferred from Yanmingguan, but within a few days, How can Yan Xun break through Yan Mingguan and kill the hinterland?

“Sima Daren, Yanbei is not attacking Yanmingguan, it is Bailuguan!”

The soldier’s sad voice said: “In the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the country’s chaos, Jing’an Wang’s flag was rebellious, contacted the old department of Jing’an Wang, and privately led the soldiers to open the Tang Dynasty Pass, and the Yanbei Army entered the Sui and Tang Dynasties. The country is in danger, Yanbei took the Sui and Tang Dynasties, joined the Huai Song army, attacked our army Bai Yuguan. The southwest defenders of Bailuguan were all transferred away. Today, the mercenaries are less than 10,000, and they are also smashed by the scorpions of the city’s Fengsiye. Taiwan, the news could not be delivered, in less than two days, the entire southwestern country has fallen!”

During the time, the whole field was smothered, the north wind was bleak, and the petrochemical battlefield was quietly blown.

On the 6th of April 882, a news like a joke, shocked everyone like a blue sky:

“On the third day of April, Yan Xun led the 400,000 Yanbei Army. He took the Sui and Tang Dynasties and attacked the Great Summer. The southwestern country fell across the entire territory, and about four million people became slaves.”



Wei Shuzhen looked up, the fiery sun came into view, the rising red was like bright blood, the grass was bleak, and the swaying was swaying. The rumbling drums roared on the side of the ear, and thousands of soldiers came to him. The iron-gray shadow was like the overwhelming tide, covering the entire battlefield a little.

He was bathed in blood, his delicate face was full of blood, his hair was tangled, and he was covered with stinky plasma. The knife had collapsed, and his horse’s legs trembled, and he was already overwhelmed.

The enemy invaded, the southwestern country fell, and the deadly enemy of Daxia opened the country and ravaged the imperial mountains with the army of tigers and wolves. However, except for the few defenders in the southwest, the entire Daxia border, all the clan gates, only him alone Take the soldiers south and fight against the enemy.

Along the way, he saw too many family members led the family army to flee north, and the flow of people who could not see the side was like a long dragon, and it continued to flow northward. They drove the carriage, dressed in Chinese costumes, with a lot of gold and silver jewels and guards, and even some local provincial officials fled to the real with the local Guards, they waved whip and spears, they will The civilians who had blocked the roads rushed to the side, panicked with their faces, and could not see the nobleness of the weekdays.

Wei Shuzheng also tried to organize these troops. He even ordered the subordinates to block the road and confront the aristocrats who escaped. However, those people have given him sufficient reasons to defend the emperor, to retreat strategically, to rush to the capital to stop the civil war, to preserve the elite strength of the empire in order to fight with the enemy, and so on. In short, they would rather do it with themselves. Willing to go back and fight with the Yanbei Army.

Some people yelled and said that there is no more than one of the southwestern regular defenders. They were all transferred back to the civil war by the princes. The royal family members did not want this country. Why should they go to war?

In the face of these noisy voices, Wei Shuyu was speechless.

In just two days, more than 200,000 chaotic people gathered on the Songjiang plank road. Among them, there are nobles, there are gates, there are soldiers, there are people, the southwest has fallen, they have fled here, and they are like a group of hungry wolves, watching the soldiers who are blocking the road.

The roadblock was demolished, and the 20,000 troops in the district could not stop such a frenzy. A deputy will stand in front of the team, screaming in a hoarse voice, mobilizing people to go back and continue fighting, but no one cares about him. Wei Shuzhen rides on the horse and looks at the people who look like each other through his side, like a group of straws that have lost their lives.

After everyone left, only a dozen or so children still stood in the same place. They were 14 or 5 years old and some 11 or 2 years old. They were all boys. They walked into the hoarse deputy generals and raised their hands and said they were willing to join the army. The deputy was greatly shocked, thinking that his rhetoric finally had an effect. He quickly asked the teenagers why they were from the army, but realized that they had to sacrifice for the country at the critical moment of the crisis. However, the child said that his dry food was taken away by the soldiers who fled together. They went to die and died. It is better to be a soldier.

The 20,000 soldiers were collectively silenced in front of these dozens of young and thin teenagers. Wei Shuzheng ordered the quartermasters to give them dry food and clear water, and then watched them leave with joy, the sun shining on the seeds of these empire, like a The roots are pulled out of the soil of the artemisia.

After entering the southwest, the situation is even more chaotic. When passing through a small town, there was no half-hearted smoke in the entire town. The team seemed to be walking in the dead city, only to hear their own footsteps, so heavy, one after another. However, when they walked to the small square of the town, they were collectively staying on the spot. This is just a Shura field, with all kinds of strange and ridiculous punishments. On a towering banyan tree, there are dozens of naked * The body of the male corpse, there are two tall piles of corpses on the ground, have been burnt into coke, and a large number of naked women, at first glance, know how to die under cruel means.

The whole team was dead, they were all veterans who had been through the battlefield, and they were bloody and murdered in countless lives.

But at this moment, someone is still crying silently, and the tears of the man are falling.

Born as a soldier, you can’t defend your country, you can’t protect your people, and they still have the value of survival.

The home was destroyed, the house was flattened, the fertile land became a scorched earth, the prosperity became ruins, and the formerly prosperous and prosperous town became a dead city without people. The once-lived life became a carrion without perception, stinking, eagle Around it, this is a terrible disaster and a dream that cannot be woken up.

Wei Shuzhen can’t imagine why the Yanbei Army would be brutally ruined. Huge grief and anger in the chest, he clenched the blade, the young backbone is like a tall and straight gun.

However, following the successive battles, the exaggerated play and the unruly pawn gave him a bit of a point.

It turned out that the first batch of people entering the Daxia border was not the Yanbei Army. Yan Xun opened the Bailuguan, destroyed several military camps along the way, and then withdrew from the summer, occupied the gate, and did not put a soldier into the Daxia territory, but the Guangfa essay, invited to be active in the Yanbei Plateau, South The land of the wilderness, the Helan Mountains, the robbers on the northwestern desert, and the horse thief shared the summer.

A batch of horse thieves poured into the land of the big summer, they were cruel, coming and going like the wind. They have no attachment to the land at all. They are only keen on killing and looting. They are in ruins, burned and looted, raped and swindled women, and the military can’t do anything they can do. The cruel bloody spurred the soldiers and nobles who wanted to resist. The horrible rumors about the enemy were spread throughout the southwest, and the panic of war spread throughout the days of the West. As a result, the soldiers gave up the resistance, the nobles gave up and stood by, and the people began to flee. So, in just a few days, the entire southwest fell into the enemy, and the follow-up troops of the Yanbei Army did not even encounter a formal fight!

That is a madman!

In the dark night, Wei Shu smelled a pungent stench, secretly said.

He opened the door of the great summer, opened the way for the devils, and turned everything into a hunting ground.

He did not come to the occupation, but to destroy, let the thousands of souls of the great summer, to be the sacrifice of his Yanbei.

The sorrowful 20,000 Xia Jun encountered the first regular Yanbei Army in the Moon City, and the 20,000 cavalry against the 30,000 heavy armor was completely a bloody hard battle. Wei Shuzhen’s army defeated the Yanbei Army with the sorrow of the squad, and the angry Xiajun killed all the wounded and the captives cruelly. Wei Shuzhen did not stop, because in his own heart, he also looked forward to it. With.

He hates, hates the invaders, hates Yanbei, hates Yan Xun, and hates those ferocious horse thieves.

However, he hates the royal family more, hates the nobles who are good fortune, hates the soldiers who are enshrined but fleeing, and hates Zhao Wei, who hates all the southwestern troops for the civil war, hates the gates, hates the clan, and even hates himself.

The uncle’s letter was shredded by one of his letters. The family elders angered him and said that he was crazy. He even entered the southwest with his family’s soldiers at this time, saying that he was a family sinner and a rebellious Wei valve.

However, this time, no matter how severe the reprimand can not let him go back.

The enemy is attacking, the empire is shaking, the country is in civil war, the nobles are running away, and the people are mourning.

He is a warrior of the empire, he can’t retire.

After the Battle of Moon City, this in-depth army led to the attention of Yanbei. Within two days, nearly 70,000 troops surrounded them. After a day and night of killing, they finally exhausted.

The bows and arrows warned that the wounds were exhausted, the grain and grass were running out, the swords and guns were all wounded, and the soldiers had not been able to sleep for a long time. Many times, they could even fight in the fight, and occasionally they were awakened by the pain. Find out where you are.

The morning sun was once again shining. Wei Shuyu looked up at the sun in the air and squinted slightly. He told himself that this might be the last sunrise in his life.

The deputy rushed forward, and a long, deep knife on his cheek seemed to be terrifying. His nephew was already hoarse, but he still shouted to him: “General! Can’t stand it, the enemy sent three reinforcements, and quickly withdraw!”

Wei Shuzhen did not speak, he just looked at the man who was older than himself. He is a comrade-in-arms who follow his own Nanzheng North. He has played more than himself, his art of war is better than himself, and he is fierce on his own battlefield and more popular than himself. However, because he is a civilian, no matter how many military achievements he has made, he cannot be promoted. If he is not under his own shackles, he may still be only a small leader.

However, because he had such a little support for him, he was loyal to himself. Every time he rushed to the front and blocked his sword, but he knew where he often looked down on them. of. They should enjoy their merits as they should, and stand by them as they wait for the outcome of the war. What is the difference between him and the wealthy aristocrats who fled? They fled for their own lives, but they themselves ruined the lives of others for their own reputation.

For a time, thousands of thoughts poured into my heart.

Wei Shuzhen knows that today is the last battle, there will be no reinforcements, there will be no turning point, Zhao Wei is still fighting with Zhuge, it is impossible to save him. And he also knows that even if he is not fighting, he will not come under such circumstances. They are destined to be a team to be abandoned and to sleep in the chaos of war.

Wei Shuyu pulled out the sword and showed a hint of tenacity on his face. He immediately went to the soldiers who were covered with scars.



“Warriors, today will be our last battle.”

The low voice echoed above the battlefield, and thousands of bloody faces rose and looked at their coaches.

“Soldiers, the enemy invaded, the land fell, everyone is retreating, only you are brave. In just ten days, you have experienced thirteen battles, field battles eleven times, two battles, long-distance travel to the motherland. Half-page, you are worthy of the title of the military, and you are worthy of the military uniform on your body. The great summer people of the next generation will be proud of what you are doing today!”

“Today, maybe we will sleep here, maybe we will fail, but we will use the knife in our hands to tell the aggressors and tell them that the summer will not yield, our blood will not solidify, and all those who trample on our dignity, All will pay a heavy price for this!”

The gentle general has suddenly shouted loudly, pointing at the enemy who rushed up with the black pressure, and screamed: “Long live the Empire!”

“Long live the big summer!”

Thousands of broken knives pointed to the sky, and the soldiers were boiling. Wei Shuyi rushed out of the camp and screamed to kill the enemy, followed by thousands of squatting warriors, like a group of crazy bison.

The fierce wind blew from the ear, Wei Shuzhen’s eyes were blown to hurt, the horses galloped, he could not see everything around him, but the instinct of the more and more heavy swords.

Life became clear at this moment. He remembered a lot of things, carefully growing in the door valve, and fighting for the family again and again under the guidance of his uncle. In the richness of the golden jade, he gradually had a pair. Turbid eyes.

“I don’t want to be such a weak person, grow up in accordance with the order of the Empire Iron, gradually aging, and gradually die. One day, I will break through the cage, throw away everything that the door valve brings to me, use my only life. Completing a feat, even if it is insignificant to others, I can tell myself before I die, I am finally brave.”

He sneered at his mouth, slashed his knife, took his army, and smothered it, smashing bloody red waves in an iron-grey ocean.

Not far from the levee of the Weihe River, a whistling smoke was ignited. The generals of the ink-colored armor looked coldly at the battlefield in the field and suddenly ordered: “All the troops are ready.”

“His Royal Highness!”

The curtain frowned: “That is the army of Wei Shuzhen, the private army of Wei valve, they are the loyalty to the 14th.”

The generals raised their eyebrows and looked back. Their eyes were deep and their voices were low. They said slowly: “I don’t care what the valve, I only know that those people are our fellow comrades, they are defending my country.”

Immediately after the curtain, he replied: “I understand it.”

The general pulled out the sword and held it high: “The whole army listens! Let me rush!”

“kill the enemy!”

The huge assault sounded suddenly, like a thundering thunder, rolling in!

“There are a lot of cavalry in the north!”

“It’s very fast! It’s coming to us!”

“The enemy and the friends are difficult to distinguish! The number of the other party is large, and it seems that there are more than a hundred thousand horses!”

I don’t know who started the first call, but soon everyone noticed the difference in the northeast.

The color of the navy blue cloak, the horses roaring and screaming, the smashing loess dust, and even the number of the other party. Countless horseshoes are like raging sea water. The waves are rolling over the waves. The heavens and the earth are a bright yellow color. The dust rises high and spreads over the towering dams. It looks like a winding mountain.

“Look at the flag! It is Dong Hujun!”

A pleasant surprise suddenly sounded. In an instant, everyone was shocked. They looked at them with amazement, and their faces were red with excitement.

“It is Dong Hujun! It is Dong Hujun!”

“It is the army of His Highness seven! It is our people!”

“Long live! Long live the Seventh House! Long live the big summer!”

Wei Shuzhen stayed on horseback. He never thought that at this moment, Zhao Che, who was supposed to attack Zhenhuang City, suddenly appeared here.

After he turned his back on his friendship, followed the family arrangement and supported Zhao Wei’s appointment, at this critical juncture, the family abandoned him, Zhao Wei gave up him, the empire abandoned him, but the one who was abandoned by him, Wanli Hey, save him in the Jedi.

He gritted his teeth and screamed, slashing an enemy’s skull with a knife.

“kill the enemy!”

The assault sounded again, accompanied by boiling blood, and watered on the man’s war.

On a battlefield, a twilight sunset, shouting and stopping, the wind blew through, and brought a bloody stench.

Zhao Che was dressed in a long position, standing on the bank of the river, looking at the battlefield.

Wei Shuzhen stood in the distance behind him, looking at his figure from the distance, faintly, it seems to have returned to many years ago, the defeated emperor wolf returned to China, kneeling in Ziwei Square to plead guilty. He also stood so far, watching his strong back and his fists clenched forever.

After so many years, I have experienced life and death, experienced ups and downs, experienced twists and turns, experienced loyalty and betrayal, and all eyes and hearts have gone vicissitudes. Zhao Wei became ambitious, Zhao Wei became disheartened, Zhao Qi was already dead on the land of Yanbei, Yan Xun changed to kill and cold, Zhuge Yu also opened his eyes from paranoia, but only He, from beginning to end, is still the tough and courageous appearance, never changed, not fragile, and even never had a slight softness.

This person is a born soldier and a natural guardian.

He slowly walked over and stood behind him and said, “Thank you for saving.”

Zhao Che didn’t turn his head. It seems that he knew that he was standing behind him. The calm voice came over: “I just don’t want to live up to my last name.”

Yes, he is the son of Pedro the Great. He is carrying the blood of noble gold. He is only guarding his country and his people. He has nothing to do with his position.

“You see, how beautiful.”

Zhao Che suddenly reached out and pointed the scabbard to the vast plain below. As the sun sets, thousands of red lights are sprinkled on the ridiculous weeds. As the wind rises and falls, like the blood in the gold, it looks magnificent and gorgeous.

“The world has never seen a truly broad world, because it has not yet been created. One day, from the Shangshen Plateau in Yanbei to the East Cliff and the Bohai Sea in Huai Song, from the Adu Wilderness in the West Desert to the Nine in the South. The mountains of the mountains will be surrendered to the feet of the empire, and all of this will be kicked off with my sword.”

He turned around and looked at Wei Shuzhen with a gaze, smiled confidently, then raised a fist and said firmly: “The big summer will not die.”

Wei Shuzhen looked at him and quieted for a long time. Finally, he also showed a smile, and his smile gradually expanded and merged into the eyes full of vitality.

“The big summer will not die!”

He waved his fist and slammed into Zhao’s fist.

The northwest sky, a gorgeous sunset, slowly falls.

The army that had been dying for a day had a temporary rest. The whole army began to cook and cook, and then hurry to sleep, because they only had two hours of time. When the time came, they would continue to rush to the southwest.

After Zhuge Wei visited the entire army, he just returned to the camp, and he saw that Chu Qiao had already done a good job, and a pair was waiting for his arrival.

Zhu Gezhen stood at the door and looked at her silently. He had not spoken for a long time.

The wind in the spring was a little big, and the curtains of the tents were shaken, and the bright red light came in and sprinkled on them, like a film covered with blood.

“You decided?”

The low voice sounded slowly, and I couldn’t hear the anger, just calmly asked.

Chu Qiao nodded and said very seriously: “Well, I decided.”

Zhuge Yu turned and walked away and said, “I am going to prepare you for the war horse.”

“Zhu Gehao!”

Chu Qiao ran up to grab his hand, and some embarrassed shouts.

The atmosphere in the tent was very low, Chu Qiao lowered his head, his eyebrows were tight, his palms were cold, like a piece of ice.

Finally, the man in front turned his head and looked at her seriously. After a long time, he sighed helplessly, took off the sword on her waist, hung her sword, and then squatted down, tied a sharp dagger next to her leggings, and walked in again. Inside the account, take out a tough inner soft armor, take off her cloak and put on her. He has not spoken, just quietly busy, polishing her sword, checking her luggage, bringing her wounds and medicine…

Chu Qiao’s eyes were sore, his lips were tightened, and he was busy with his head down.

“All right.”

The man did everything, stood in front of her and said: “Be prepared to eat, there will be another hour to part ways, I can only send you here.”

Chu Qiao nodded, and felt a little sad, some helpless, a little embarrassed, and even a little scared.

She hasn’t been so scared for a long time. Sure enough, people can’t have too much. Once they feel that they are very happy, they will suffer from the fear of loss.

“Xinger, promise me, come back to see me in good condition.”

Chu Qiao nodded quickly, looked up at him and asked: “Are you not angry with me?”

Zhuge smiled: “I am angry, can’t you go?”

Chu Qiao suddenly hangs his head, for this matter, they have been arguing several times, and now parting soon, she does not want to continue this dangerous topic.

“Since you can’t stop you anyway, it’s better to send you away.”

Zhu Gezhen suddenly held her arms wide open, her chin against her forehead, whispered: “Xinger, Zhao Che took the soldiers into the southwest, the situation is critical, I must go to the match. Now the southwest all the way is occupied by Yanbei Army, Sui and Tang Dynasties The road between Daxia and Daxia is blocked. I will not be able to help you in time. What is the domestic situation in Sui and Tang, you and I are not aware of it, you must do what you can, once it is found that things are not feasible, then To go back immediately, don’t take risks.”



Chu Qiaofu in his arms, nodded again and again, but did not say anything.

Zhuge sighed and continued: “If the situation in Sui and Tang Dynasties is critical, the situation cannot be reversed, and you will take the people to Qinghai. I have returned to Cuiweiguan on the 7th of the month, and he will arrange for people to be ready to meet you.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes were slightly wet, and she took a sniff and just nodded.

“Well, since you have decided to go, don’t do this. If you are leading the battle, the most important thing is the momentum. If you leave like this, how can I rest assured?”

Chu Qiao looked up and smiled at him, his voice slightly choked and said: “You can rest assured, I will not have anything.”

Zhuge took her face and kissed her gently on her lips. Then she smiled and said: “This is the momentum that my Zhuge woman should have.”

Chu Qiao was amused by him and looked up and said: “You have to be careful. This situation is critical. It is not only the Yanbei army, but even Zhao Yu and the princes of various roads. You must be careful. The Daxiashan River is broken and the enemy is foreign. Invading the country, the world is turbulent, we must be careful.”

“I understand.” Zhuge nodded. “I have been fighting for so many years, and I still seldom suffer big losses. You must believe that your husband is.”

Chu Qiao was dressed in a cute, cute look, and his face was slightly red, and he smiled and said: “Who are you? I have worshipped the world with you?”

Zhuge’s disdainful glimpse: “You have already entered my home, and you have refused to admit it.”

After all, the eye wave suddenly softened and said: “Xinger, I still owe you a grand wedding.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes screamed at the microwave and whispered: “I don’t want any wedding, as long as you are there, I will be enough.”

Suddenly, there was a loud sound of the military squad, which penetrated the wilderness and echoed between the heavens and the earth. All around, I was empty, and Chu Qiao closed her eyes, picked up her toes, kissed on Zhuge’s lips, and cloves crossed and linger.

“Zhu Ge, we can’t do anything.”

“Well.” Zhuge slammed her waist.

“I am still waiting for you to enter the house.”

The ridiculous plank road stretches all the way, Chu Qiao and He Xiao and others ride on the horse back, looking at the figure of Gao Jun, the subsidiary of Qinghai University, staring for a long time.

“Zhu Ge玥! I am leaving!”

The wind blew up and raised the dust of the land. Chu Qiao’s cloak was raised high, revealing the pure white tough inner armor.

Zhuge’s eyes were as light as electricity, and his expression was quiet. He said loudly: “Ma is successful!”

Chu Qiao raised the whip in his hand and echoed loudly: “Ma is successful!”

The rumbling drums and the military horn sounded, and Chu Qiao whipped on the horse stocks, turned the horse’s head and shouted: “Drive!”

The horseshoe is flying, the woman wearing silver ki, the bright red scorpion is like a beating flame, which is so eye-catching in the sky.

Immediately before the two battles, there was no comfort, no tweaking of the woman. If you are successful, you can use four words, and that’s it.

They all know what the other party wants. In the troubled times, life is like duckweed. Only faith can never be extinguished.

“Young Master,”

On the sixth month of frowning, I continued to ask: “Just let the girl go, how dangerous the Sui and Tang Dynasties, how can the son not stop?”

Zhuge Yue turned his head and raised his eyebrows: “If she doesn’t go, is she still her?”

The hooves are getting farther away, and the dust is gone. Zhuge is looking far away, and his heart is an unexported word.

What I love, isn’t she like this? How can she be imprisoned and then ruined after she gets it?

He laughed and turned and said to the men who were ready to go: “Go!”

In early April 882, Yanbei launched a full-scale attack on Daxia. They joined forces with the Tang Dynasty Jing’an Wang Yuqiu to enter the Sui and Tang Dynasties from the opening of the Tang Dynasty in Jing’an, and they beat the Meishan at the speed of thunder. The Sui and Tang dynasty troops in the west opened up the way for the army of King Jing. Then, before the outbreak of the civil war in Sui and Tang Dynasties, the troops were quickly removed and the Da Xia Bai Yu Guan was returned.

Because of the outbreak of the Civil War in the Great Summer, the 14th Emperor Zhao Wei had adjusted the 80% of the Southwest Army in order to fight against the Qinghai and Donghu forces led by Zhuge and Zhao Che. Moreover, because there have been no wars in Baiyuguan for many years, there are currently no ones in this area. There are only a few hundred veterans guarding the gates. Therefore, in the face of Yanbei’s tiger wolf division, Bai Yuguan is as fragile as a window paper.

Later, after removing some of the troops that resisted tenacity, Yan Xun opened the gate and let the horse thieves and robbers who were outside the tiger enter the customs. In this regard, it brought a nightmare killing frenzy to the southwestern people.

Simon’s area is vast, the country’s factions are numerous, there are many unmanned areas between the borders, and the number of thieves is rampant. The number is impressive and cruel. Many big-name thieves can even fight against small-scale national army.

Relying on the brutal means of these people and the reputation of being chilly, the family in the southwestern region have shunned, the people fled to the disaster, the army was unwilling to fight, and more than 100,000 local defenders fled without a fight. The land of the vast southwestern region was handed over to the iron-and-blood soldiers from the Yanbei continent. In this way, Yan Xun has achieved the greatest benefit at the least cost.

In mid-April, Zhao Che led the army into the southwest, and met Wei Shuyu, who first entered the southwestern hinterland. This was after the outbreak of the war, the first large group of Daxia against the army, including 50,000 cavalry, 60,000 infantry, 80,000 heavy armor, plus Wei Shuzhen’s 10,000 light cavalry, just 200,000 troops. Three days later, a logistics supply line from the mainland to the southwest was established under the coordination of Zhuge, and at the same time, Zhuge Yue also led the troops to Shengjing, where he personally sat in the southwest Shengjing camp, and the south could support Zhao Che, North. It can be seen by Zhao Wei, Xi can monitor Yanmingguan, and can coordinate the operation of the country’s grain and grass. In an instant, it has become the political center of the country.

On April 15th, the Yanbei Army finally completed its first meeting in the lower reaches of the Weihe River. The Yanbei Second Army, the Sixth Army, the Ninth Army, the Thirteenth Army, and the Black Hawk Army were present. The commander of Cheng Yuan was the master of the army, and the Yanbei army quickly assembled. The follow-up troops are still coming in continuously, the total number of people. As many as 200,000.

However, Yanbei did not have a direct confrontation with Daxia, just as Zhao Che was concentrating and preparing to fight with Yanbei. Yan Xun suddenly heard a military order from the rear, ordered the various regiments to disperse, and along the footsteps of the horse thieves, marched toward the hinterland of northern Daxia.

In the blink of an eye, intelligence surged from the front, and Yanbei split the road and attacked it in all directions. The military staff was blinded by the battle report of the waiting army. It was “blocked” and “worry” everywhere. “Being surrounded” and “unable to contact”, all kinds of bad news are falling like snowflakes.

Zhuge’s powerful general Meng Feng returned to his homeland from the hinterland of Qinghai. He saw wars everywhere, wars everywhere, and young women would be dumbfounded. In the end, I was only surprised to ask: “Is Yan Xun crazy? He wants to go with us?”

Zhuge looked at the maps with various colors and thought for a long time. Finally, he came to the military staff and pressed the map on the table. He whispered: “I think, I know what he is going to do. “”

“I think, I have guessed what he is going to do?”

In the dense jungle on the border of Xia and Tang Dynasties, Chu Qiao and He Xiao have just reunited with the Sui and Tang Dynasties’ marrying teams. Fortunately, they were blocked by the war and have not returned to the Sui and Tang Dynasties before they were saved in such a chaotic situation. strength.

You know, there are 20,000 elite wolves here. Coupled with Chu Qiao’s 20,000 beauty army, she currently has 40,000 troops.

40,000, complete line of soldiers. With this army, as long as the command is right, Chu Qiao has the confidence to face three times with her enemies.

Under the candlelight in the small tent, Chu Qiao was wearing a soft armor, holding a helmet in one hand and pointing at the map on the table: “He is going to attack Yanmingguan.”

“Attacking Yanmingguan?”

He Xiao’s younger brother, He Qi, frowned and asked: “Adults, they have already occupied Bailuguan, why are they still struggling to attack Yanmingguan?”

“You don’t know him.”

Chu Qiao shook his head: “How can Yan Xun be subject to people? He now borrows the Taoist Tang, and the back road is in the hands of Jingan Wang Yu. Once Jing An Wang Yan turns his face, or the Sui Tang royal family counterattacks, Yanbei will definitely fall. When the enemy is in trouble, and the back road is stuck, it is very stressful on the army. Therefore, Yan Xun must attack Yanmingguan in the established time and open the northern portal. At this time, it is Yanbei and Da The timing of the summer battle.”

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows are tightly locked. She took a deep breath and sat cross-legged on the ground. In fact, she had long thought of it. Yan Xun had been forbearing before, and she was deliberately exposed to fatigue, making the summer paralyzed. Later, he took the risk of attacking the grain and grass in Sui and Tang Dynasties. In fact, the looting of grain and grass is a fake. The captives of the Tang Dynasty will be true. Through this person, they will contact the Jingan Wang Yu, who has long been reluctant, and then sneak into the summer of the Great Summer Civil War. Southwest, this game, he set a long time.

“The strength of Yanbei is definitely not only manifested on the surface, but hidden in Yanmingguan is the real power of Yanbei.”

“Adult, do we want to inform Zhuge Sima?”

Chu Qiao shook his head: “I can think of it, he can’t think of it?”

She rolled back the map and spread the map of Sui and Tang Dynasties. Shen Sheng said: “The battle between Yanbei and Daxia cannot be avoided. We can’t stop it. Our current task is to get back to Sui and Tang as soon as possible and get the first battle of Sui and Tang Dynasties. First-hand information, see how you can help.”

The deputy commander of the Wolf Army was named Guan Song, and Wen Yan nodded and said: “Adults, our scouts have been sent out for two days, and it is estimated that they will return tomorrow morning.”

Chu Qiao is about to talk, and suddenly the soldiers outside report: “Adult, scouting the soldiers back.”

At the door, He Xiaowen said that he opened the curtain and saw three bloody soldiers swaying down the horse. One of them said: “The big man, the military crisis in Sui and Tang Dynasties, the rebels broke through the water. Fang Huaihai, deputy general of the Shennan ban camp, and Tian Yujia, the sergeant of the Western Army, were captured by the traitors. The generals of Xu Suda were betrayed by the traitors, and the squadron was completely defeated. The rebel forces were prosperous. 200,000, now surrounded by the capital city.”



During the time, all the seats were shocked, Chu Qiao sat on the ground, his eyebrows were tightly locked, his fists slowly gripped a few times, and he loosened a little more.

“Who is the enemy coach?”

“It is Jing’an Wang.”

“Can you identify this person?”

“I found out that this person entered Jing’an Wangfu four years ago and started to be just a dancer who was sold by human teeth. But after being favored by Jingan Wang several times, she was pregnant and born. A son. Jing’an Wang is always a child, she loves her a lot, and she is a beggar. She doesn’t want to have a son after a year. When Jing An Wang is happy, she sets her up.”

He Xiao asked: “Can slaves do the right thing?”

“This subordinate does not know, but later Jing’an Wangfu is not peaceful, and several things have happened continuously. Lao Wang and two sons have passed away. From then on, she became a mistress. Jingan Wang Bing failed. Afterwards, she smashed through the door, and she escaped under the guard of a group of loyalists who were loyal to Jing’an Wang. I didn’t want to get into Tangjiaguan and survived under the care of the Tang dynasty. This is said to be Wang Xihe. The son of Jing’an Wang has a traitor.”

Chu Qiao looked gloomy and said: “What is her name?”

“This subordinate does not know, just know that her maiden name is hatred.”

“Name of the enemy?”

Chu Qiao whispered.

Guan Song was anxious to be surrounded by Kyoto and said: “Adult, Tang Jing is surrounded, we have to go back and save!”

Chu Qiao’s eyes are deep and he is looking at the Bailu Pass, which is firmly occupied by Yanbei. The gate is the land of Sui and Tang Dynasties.

She nodded and said faintly: “Yes, we should go back.”

Throughout her life, she has never seen real snow.

In the fall of the stars, the moon is particularly dazzling, and the white light is sprinkled on the ground, like a wave of water, like a piece of white snow.

She stood at the top of the white pagoda, dressed in a large robes, and the wind rolled from the end of the sky, blowing her sleeves like two eagle fluttering wings, raising her wings and her long hair. Was blown away by the wind, flying behind the back, like thousands of cobwebs, the big palace is heavy and heavy, shrouded in the dark night, in the far side of the black stone square, standing a figure, can not see the face, only Can guess from the tall back, it is a soldier, and still very young.

She just stood still, it has been a long time.

Xuan Mo has not made a sound, he looked at her, the moonlight quietly shines on her body, with a white brilliance. The night was so quiet, everything around it disappeared, and there was silence between heaven and earth. Only the wind blew through her robes, making a squeaking voice, with the aroma of the white orchid slowly lingering between his breath.

For a time, he seemed to have returned to many years ago. At that time, he was still a child. He followed his father to stand in the field hunting field. He won the praise of the audience with a good arrow and made his debut in the royal family. However, she was dressed in a bright yellow palace costume and rushed into the racecourse. She hit the heart with three arrows and then looked back. She looked at him proudly and said to him: “If you are not convinced, come out and make a plan?”

On that day, the emperor sat on the throne and laughed, saying that his daughter did not lose to the man!

Other Wang Gonggui also praised the princess’s skill. Only he stood quietly there, looking up and looking at the little girl sitting on the horse. The sun was warm and windy that day. It was so gentle, the sun shone on her delicate face, a pair of eyes gleam, the heat of his chest, the arrow of the cuffs rubbing the skin of the wrist, and some itchiness.

He said nothing, standing in front of her beautiful, he seems to have lost his ability to speak. In a blink of an eye, after so many years, he has long been used to looking up at the dazzling figure, watching her grow up from afar, watching her grow stronger, watching her fall, watching her climb and look at her Step by step on the peak of power.

Time flies so fast, the years are like the water of the fingertips, and it is easy to drown the young and stubborn, and the thoughts that have been hidden in my heart for many years, have forever lost the opportunity to spit out, the fateful yellow Sand covered, always buried in the rolling dust.

“Xuan Mo,”

Nalan suddenly whispered, the white tower was too empty, her voice sounded a little ethereal, she did not look back, her eyes still looked at the glory of the lights below, whispered: “I really did wrong. Yet?”

“There is nothing wrong with His Highness.”

Nalan smiled softly and shook her head indifferently: “I am afraid it is wrong. Cao Taifu may be right. I opened the door and hacked, and sooner or later I will ruin the foundation of Huai Song.”

“If the emperor is seriously ill, Nalan has no blood, and he has no power to pass on.”

“Who said that it is powerless to inherit?” Nalan’s mouth contains a hint of calm indifference, stating: “Jinjiang Wang, An Li Wang, Jianghuai Wang, are not all eligible for succession?”

Nalan said that the truth is that when the royal incense is unsustainable, the royal branch is qualified to inherit the throne, just…

Xuan Mo did not speak again. The white tower was quiet. There was wind blowing in the ramp, with damp moisture, even in the summer, it was still a bit cold.

“In the end, it is my selfishness. In my heart, I always have a home before I have a country.”

Nalan seems to be in meditation. Her eyes are deep and ethereal. She has been in high position for many years. She has already worn away the so-called innocence and pureness in her bones. Even if there is occasional impulse and willfulness, It is also no match for inner persistence and paranoia.

Thinking of the recent period, the faces and actions of the royal clans, her eyes flashed a little cold and sullen.

Naran’s founding for hundreds of years, the ancestors threw their blood for this Wanli Mountain River, killed the battlefield, and defended the country. This Jiangshan is made by Nalan’s bone blood. It has been her painstaking care for so many years, and those people are just some of the locusts who have to enjoy it. Why should they come to sit in this world?

“This country was built by my father, and it was also my father’s ancestors who used blood to protect them. Even if they want to end, they can only end in the hands of my Nalan children. Others, they are not worthy.”

The low voice sounded slowly, the moonlight was pale, and it was sprinkled on her bright yellow clothes, and it looked cold and chilly.

She said quietly: “I inform Yan Xun through the formal channels. I agree with his proposal. I also ask him to abide by his promises and treat the people of Song Dynasty in good faith. In the future, he will inherit the Datong, it must be my son, and I want to be peaceful. The head of the king.”

A cloud drifted over, gently covering the moon, revealing a faint glow. The earth was caught in the darkness, silently, there seemed to be something broken in an instant, and then scattered all over the place, with the wind of the rise, went to the corner of the sea.

Xuan Mo nodded and said in the dark: “Subordinates obey.”

Nalan was silent for a moment and suddenly said: “Notify Simayan, reorganize the three armies, and be ready to cooperate with Yanbei and send troops to the summer.”

The man in the darkness suddenly looked up, his eyes fixed on her, with a few shocks, and seemed to be a little unbelievable.

Nalan breathed calmly and seemed to have not noticed his emotional fluctuations at all. Instead, he said calmly: “Xuan Mo, the East China Sea has a rogue invasion. This time, it is up to you to defend Dongjiang for me.”

For a time, the white tower was silent, and Xuan ink was tall and straight. Like a poplar, he looked at her. His eyes passed through the past ten years. After all, he became the silent silence at this moment. .

Juvenile playmate, he made her personal guard with the prince of the Prince, watching her young and innocent, beautiful.

The emperor died, he squatted in front of his father three days and three nights, and painstakingly persuaded his father to give up the idea of ​​rebellion, and then assisted the younger brother and her as a long princess.

For many years, he has been standing behind her, obeying all her orders, being her most loyal courtier and the most trustworthy, even if she is married to a powerful minister, she has not refuted.

Nowadays, the emperor is in danger, and the Great Song Dynasty is worried. Yanbei Iron is riding, but at this time, she is going to put him in the East China Sea.

However, just for a moment, he figured out the joints. His gaze gradually calmed down, and he resumed his usual appearance. Calm and calm, he bent down and said, “The minister is obeying.”

For a moment, Nalan’s heart was hovering until he was quietly kneeling until he said in his consistently calm voice that “the micro-command obeyed”, and she suddenly let go of the clenched fist, she returned. Come, the unparalleled face is beautiful and picturesque, the corner of the eye is painted with gold powder, with the dazzling and dignified. She felt it necessary to explain one sentence and said: “There must be a fierce battle between Yanbei and Daxia. The battlefield is so fierce. You are the only person I can believe. I don’t want to see you have three long and two short.”

Xuan Mo still bowed his head and said calmly: “WeChat understands.”

Nalan took a deep breath and chuckled and said, “Okay, get up, you and me, don’t have to be polite.”

Xuan Mo did not get up. He was there, his head was like a moonlight of silver. There was a faint fluttering his wings and flying over the silent sky. The night wind blew his robes and the embroidered nine dragons. The pattern of the extreme man is like a knife with a cold face, lying across his hand, can hurt people, but also hurt himself.

He slowly took out a few things from his arms, one by one on the white jade steps, Nalan saw a wrinkle, was trying to talk, but listened to Xuan Mo quietly said: “Wei Chen went here, I do not know what day Can return, the military power of the Gyeonggi Army and the Xuanzi Army will be returned to His Royal Highness.”

Narendon wanted to quit, but when she touched the two tokens, she had a slight whistle. This Gyeonggi Army originally belonged to the Ministry of War. When she and Xuan Mo jointly defeated the Shangshu Shangshu, they took the Gyeonggi Army into the bag. They have been led by Xuan Mo over the years. As for the Xuan Zijun, it is the pro of Xuan Mo. The Guards, with strong fighting power, can be regarded as the first-class army of Huai Song. When the ghost made a difference, she actually came forward and smiled and raised Xuan Mo. She said, “Well, I will collect it for you first. When you come back, I will return it to you.”



Xuan ink is tall and straight, standing in front of Nalan, taller than her. His slender eyes are like a cold lake, so she looks at her quietly, without disrespect, but she is also somewhat bold.

Nalan looked up and her pointed chin had a soft curvature. She smiled at him, her eyes glaring, and there was a wave of light.

“Since the Taiping King has defected, but Jinjiang Wang and others are not easy to live with, after the micro-committee, His Royal Highness must be self-respecting.”

Nalan smiled and said: “Xuan Mo, how many years have you known me? I am not worried about it?”

Xuan Mo hangs his head: “Your Majesty is a wizard, and the minister has lost his words.”

“Well, you don’t have to be polite, you and I have known each other for many years, all the way to support, and the monarchs are also friends. I promise you, no matter what fate he will face in the Song Dynasty, as long as I have one day, I will give you the Xuan Wangfu Manmenrong. Pet.”

The fingertips were slightly cool, and the night dew slowly climbed the cloak of the clothes and wet the dragon’s claws. Xuan Mo said: “Thank you for your highness, and the night is deep. If nothing happens, Weichen will leave.”

Nalanben still wants to marry him a few words, but the words come here, but I don’t know what to say. She nodded and said: “The night is black, let the next person hit a lantern.”

“Yes, the minister has remembered.”

After all, Xuan Mo gave a gift to Nalan, and turned and walked toward the ramp. The moonlight shines through the lattice on the channel, and a white mark is sprinkled. The back of the black ink is straight and the footsteps are steady, step by step and appear in the light and shadow. A long time later, he finally got off the white tower, walked on the big square, the night was like a thick fog, wrapped his figure in it, Nalan stood on the tower and only saw a vague shadow.

The night wind was very big, blowing Nalan’s hair, she stood so, like a white jade statue, has not moved half a minute for a long time.

She remembered the pirates in the East China Sea when she was very young. Her father-in-law personally led the army. At that time, the empire was strong, and the troops were full, and the sea was full of wealth. She did not understand how to guard such an army. Why did the father want to go to the battlefield personally? The young girl took her father’s sleeves and asked confusedly: Father, why do you want to go out in person?

At that moment, the eyes of the father were like vast oceans, and people could not see the margin at a glance. He patted her head in a pampering manner and said quietly: “There is no reason, because there are things that you don’t bear, no one will bear it.”

At that time, she did not understand the words of the father, but now she suddenly understood.

In this world, everyone has their own helplessness, and everyone has their own compulsion.

Her carelessness allowed Taiping Wang’s party to get a hand and poisoned the deaf little emperor. This poor child is not only a scorpion, but also has been poisoned for a long time. Once the emperor died, Huai Song must be in chaos. Jinjiang Wang, Huai’an Wang and others were all eager to move. At that time, her Nalan pulse would be absolutely between heaven and earth.

She is not reconciled. Over the years, she has worked hard to deal with the political affairs, and she has been eagerly assisted by the young masters. The royal family members are looking forward to her death every day. Her ancestors fight in the sand, is it to give others Wedding dress, she has been working hard for many years, how can we let Jiangshan sever in the hands of those scum?

Yanbei’s dominance has become a foregone conclusion. In the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the Song Dynasty was in chaos, and the big summer was a mess. At this time, instead of waiting until the Qing Dynasty died, the Jiangshan was handed over to the imperial clan of the heart, not as good as Jiangshan. In exchange for the security of the Huai Song people and the preservation of her Nalan. After all, she also has a seriously ill mother, her nephew has three young daughters, and a group of loyal veterans who are loyal to the royal family…

It is better to agree with his proposal. In this way, Nalan’s honor is not diminished. The two countries form an alliance and plan for a great cause. They can fulfill her ambitions. What is more, this desire is not what she hoped for for many years?

The nine-fold palace gate opened wide, and the shadow of Xuan Mo gradually disappeared into the boundless darkness.

She suddenly felt a little flustered, as if something had left, dissipated in this night, quietly disappeared.

For sending Xuan Mo to Dongjiang, she is also helpless. The mood in the army against this war is too great. If the power of the Thunder is not used, it is hard to shock, and Xuan Mo is a generous and difficult to complete this task. If he is there, he will only slap Simayan, so that he can’t clean up the whole army and cooperate with Yanbei.

What’s more, the rebellion of the Taiping King also made her see the importance of military power. The prestige of Xuan Mo in the army is far from what she can compare. In the world of peace, she can still control him by relying on the power of the ruling and opposition. Now the situation is so chaotic, she has to guard against it.

I hope he will not blame her. On the empty Imperial Road, Xuan Mo walked quietly. His personal attendant Jiang Wu carefully followed one side, and the carriage left behind, making a buzzing sound.

The princess trusts Xuan Wang. Xuan Wangfu is very close to the palace. Before he even went to the government, he saw a few lanterns in front of the door. It was all red and warm, so people could see it.

“Wang Ye is back.”

Wang Yuyu, dressed in a white-colored dress, looks elegant and bleak under the light. She took the lantern in the hands of Xuan Mo and asked strangely: “Why did the prince carry a lantern that was not lit?”

Xuan Mo slightly glimpsed, looked down, I saw that the Yubai Palace lights did not ignite, the thin jade looks like a glass under other lights, it seems like a light touch, it will be broken.

He whispered: “Forgot.”

Say, go to the palace first. Yushu took a cloak and tried to put it on his shoulder. He accidentally touched his hand and could not help but exclaimed: “How is the hand of Wang Ye so ice?”

Xuan Mo did not care: “Nothing.”

Say, go straight in the direction of the study.

Yushu stood in the same place and watched his back disappear into the garden with a few turning points. The soft white cloak was in his hand, like a kite, blown by the wind, and lifted up in a fluttering manner.


Standing close to the side, slightly awkward, whispered: “The wind is big at night, go back to the house first.”

Yushu nodded. She nodded very slowly. Then she turned and looked like a gentle look. The smile said shallowly: “Wang Ye must be hungry so late, you go to the kitchen and tell the cook to do a few light things. Small dish.”

丫鬟 helpless nodded: “Yes, slaves go, Wang Hao is still going to rest early, your body is not good, can not stay up late.”

Yushu did not answer, but urged: “You are going.”

When I went, Yushu looked back and saw the candlelight lit up in the study room on the cloister. A very thin figure stood in front of the window, and the light and shadow flickered.

Yushu looked at it and suddenly smiled. She picked up her mouth and took a few trips to the tea room. There were a few boxes of good tea, and I could give him a try.

In the study room, Xuan Mo spread a good Lanling rice paper, filled the ink with ink, and the brush strokes were suspended, but it was not written for a long time.

With a bang, a drop of ink fell, and the rice paper fainted a big ink point, but he did not notice what he seemed to be thinking.

Jiang Wu stood by and said carefully: “Wang Ye, will you change a piece of paper for you?”

Xuan Mo looked down and looked at the paper and left it on the floor.

Jiang Wu couldn’t help but shrink his neck. He has been waiting for Xuan Mo for seven or eight years. He knows the temper of the boy who is indifferent to color. Seeing him like this, he knows that his mood at the moment must be very very Not good.

When Xuan Mo threw the paper, he pulled another piece of paper and stared at the blank rice paper for a long while. He lowered his head and began to write.

He wrote very fast, just for a moment, he wrote a large piece of paper, and then handed it over to Jiang Wu, saying: “Ming was sent to the Ministry of Rites in the morning and handed it to the adults, let him send people to Bailuguan, personally. Hand over to Yan Xun.”

Jiang Wuyi, a drum under his heart, nodded and said: “Subordinates obey.”

After all, seeing that the master has nothing to do, he quietly retired.

The envelope has been sealed, and of course he dare not open it at will. Thinking while walking, it is said that the royal family intends to marry Yanbei, will it be true? If this is the case, then after that, is Huai Song, is it Nalan, or surnamed Yan? Is it true that the Taiping Wangxing thorn was really successful in the past few days?

The minds of those big men, of course, are not people like him who can guess at random. Jiang Wu thought for a while, and he didn’t want to, and was attracted by the smell of the kitchen, and ran to be lazy.

Xuan Mo sat in the study room, leaning against the back of the Nanmu chair in the Kowloon pattern, slowly closing his eyes.

The news of Yanbei and Huai Song and pro was soon spread to the land of Simon. In this troubled autumn, this marriage obviously formed an alliance between the two countries. Soon, the Huai Song Shuijun Chen Binghuang was in the sea, and he saw the big summer. A pair of gestures that will advance and retreat with Yanbei at any time.

This evening, the entire Baijiguan was immersed in a cold silence. Since the Yanbei Army took over the gate, there has never been a bustling life here.

At two more points, a group of black camouflage uniforms, the oil-painted army on the face slowly appeared under the gate.

Chu Qiao stood in the middle of the team and repeated the rules of this action once again.

First, there is no difference in killing. For anyone who may pose a threat or may issue an alarm, the most neat and savage must be given. Second, the first team created chaos in the city, and the second team drove the horses in the northeast, causing panic in the city’s defenders and creating the illusion of a large-scale summer army. Third, other people are waiting outside the city, ready to meet their companions and go through the chaos.

At the moment when the time was one minute and one second, the third day was even more drumming. Heqi took the first team member and went to the group of ghosts and quickly went to the Baiguanguan Pass.

At the same time, the second team also set off, and the horse team that had already prepared for the Northeast had gone.



In the darkness, He Qi marched with the elite soldiers of the Beauty Army and soon disappeared into sight. Chu Qiao took a few guards and waited in the jungle. She sat quietly, repeatedly rethinking the whole plan in her mind, looking for flaws and loopholes.

Once, twice, three times.

Ok, no problem. She took a deep breath and waited quietly for the echo.

About half an hour later, the northeast suddenly sounded a thunderous horseshoe, the horseshoes were like thunder, and the anger of the soldiers was mixed in between. The smoke raised by the branches tied to the horsetail covered the moon in the sky. At first glance, it seems that hundreds of thousands of people are roaring. The city of Bailuguan suddenly became awkward, and everyone’s attention was drawn to the northeast.

Soon, the northeast side of the city was opened, and the two teams scouted out quietly, but they had not waited for them to come close, and the beauty army outside the city gate had already quickly lost their results.

After another half hour, the fire in the city picked up, Chu Qiao suddenly stood up and said, “The time is up, go!”

On the bank of the Chishui River, the pontoon that had already been prepared was pushed to the surface. Chu Qiao took a group of people down the raft and went all the way along the waterway to the Sui and Tang dynasties.

The Yanbei Army is composed of cavalry and heavy armored forces. There is no half-water army. In a hurry to indirectly control the white shackles, it is certainly impossible to completely defend such vast waters, and there are enemies inside and outside. At this moment, this Chishui waterway is the best passage to the Sui and Tang dynasties.

However, when I just walked away from a fragrant time, I heard the sound of the water in front of me. Chu Qiao pulled up the strong bow and instantly filled it. I only heard a bang, and a scream suddenly sounded in the darkness, followed by it. After that, hundreds of torches suddenly lit up, and about 500 warships appeared in the darkness of the night.

A series of rushes, dozens of rifles stabbed in all directions, a Yanbei officer stood at the bow of the ship, holding a knife and shouting: “The traitor is dead!”

Thousands of rows of arrows were on the line, and the arrow of Senran was aimed at Chu Qiao and others. The officers slammed the sword and the soldiers took off the trigger of the machine. A row of bows suddenly came.


He Xiao suddenly slammed, and in the next second, the beauty army collectively jumped into the vast red water, smashing arrows, densely tied to the small boat pontoon, but did not leave a trace of blood.

“Command, they jumped over the river!”

Someone was yelling, but soon, there were soldiers yelling: “General! The ship is leaking!”

Immediately afterwards, countless sounds came and went, many bilges were smashed, and the river screamed in. In the blink of an eye, there were three small ships sank, and those Yanbei warriors who could not drink water held the driftwood in the river. Struggling, screaming screams echoed on the river, the torch creaked, and there was chaos.

“They are below!”

The general was furious and shouted: “Use stone machines, use spears, kill them! Kill them!”

“General, no, there are people in the river.”


The pro-brother was angered and wanted to yell, but was pulled aside by his peers. The man said indignantly: “But his Majesty said that he must be alive!”

Others are busy saying: “Are you living? You can’t catch it, you still live?”

The torch is reflected in the sky and the boulder is empty.

The general screamed, and the men quickly installed the stone machine, and the rows of spearmen ran up. In the next second, I only heard the rumble sounding through the ears. The huge stones fell into the water. The spears were like arrows and rain, and they were sharply inserted into the red water. The river surface suddenly burst into a wave of red mist, bloody and tumbling, and there was a red cloud. .

After a round of attacks, the river calmed down. The rafts of Chu Qiao and others were all smashed. The debris of nearly a thousand rafts formed a floating pontoon that rushed under the ship of the Yanbei warship. Together.

The screaming killing gradually stopped, and the Yanbei soldiers who had rushed into the water army looked at the calm river with doubts. They frowned: “Is it dead? Why don’t you still float up?”


I don’t know who suddenly shouted, and everyone looked at the sound. I saw it in the back of my own, far away from the river, and countless human heads floated up. I saw those people floating on the water while taking off their tops. Several people gathered together. After a while, everyone floated up and followed the water and quickly went.

The general stunned his eyes wide open and asked with anger: “What is that?”

The well-informed veteran wondered: “It seems to be a sheepskin scorpion.”

“Fast chase!”

“General, those broken wood blocked the road, and the ship could not go.”

The general stayed in the same place, he did not expect that he occupied the advantage of such a fight, the ship is strong and profitable, occupying the defensive location, and finally let these people grow up under their own eyes. Nearly 60,000 water troops of the Yanbei Army stood on a huge battleship, watching the figure of those people gradually disappearing into the thick night, and they could not return to God for a long time.

After meeting with He Qi and others, Chu Qiao counted the number of people and found that more than 3,000 people died in the battle just now. Two thousand of them died in Yanbei’s stone machine and Under the spear.

However, at such a price, it is already an unimaginable victory for all the members to pass the White Pass. However, this is not the end. Although they left Bailuguan, they also succeeded in attracting the attention of the Yanbei Army. The large territory after the Bailuguan is still under the control of the Yanbei Army.

Chu Qiao took the initiative and led the army into the forest. Two days later, he encountered the enemy’s first blockade. Within two days, the two sides fought more than 20 times, mostly ending with the victory of the Beauty Army. After all, compared to the good manner of cavalry. Yanbei Army, the beauty army is better at field and close-knit attacks. Under the leadership of Chu Qiao’s military theory, their team ran and ran, quickly approaching the area under the jurisdiction of the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

However, just when they were about to go out of the mountain forest and enter the realm of drowning, Yanbei suddenly set fire to the mountain. The fire burned for four days and spread throughout the autumn and mountainous areas. Many villagers in the mountainous area were affected, and died. countless.

Chu Qiao had no choice but to take the army out of the mountain in advance, because the forest was on fire, they lost their way, and when they came out, they deviated more than three hundred miles from the road. Despite the veterans of the Wolf Army who were familiar with the terrain, they met the Yanbei Army again on the second morning.

In the first battle of Li Kang, both sides suffered heavy casualties. Chu Qiao took three thousand soldiers to attack the enemy army. The enemy’s coach was unfortunately hit by a stream in the battle, and his life and death were not clear. However, the Yanbei Army is not the first-class iron army in the mainland. In the case of the coach’s injury, it is still not chaotic, and the war is retreating, and the resistance is very tenacious.

The large units were poorly maneuverable. Fortunately, they robbed a large number of horses in several battles. After Li Kang’s battle, Chu Qiao divided the army into ten small teams of 4,000 people each with less than two teams. In the ground, in a fan-shaped way, go to the water.

However, just after going to the south to leave the county, Chu Qiao suddenly fell ill. In fact, she felt the discomfort of the body as early as five days ago. Her abdominal pain was like a knife, but she was hot, dizzy, retching, weak hands and feet. . Just because the war was urgent, she stubbornly persisted with tenacious perseverance. But now, for the time being, I have got rid of the pursuit of the Yanbei army, and her spirit has become increasingly unhelpful. In spite of her opposition, He Xiao placed her subordinates outside the city and took her to the south to leave the city.

Despite the civil war initiated by the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Yanbei also took the place, but the degree of domestic destruction is far less than that of the great summer. Some large cities have maintained their original prosperity. Apart from the influence of the war, some prices have been lifted very high, and the rest have little effect.

He Xiao sent people to go out to find a doctor. The originally sleepy Chu Qiao couldn’t sleep at the moment. She was lying on a clean bed, quietly looking at her stunned, her thoughts like the clouds in the sky, drifting for a long time.

When the Yanbei soldiers were chasing them, they screamed at the traitors, that is to say, they knew her identity. Indeed, with the wisdom of Yan Xun, it should be guessed that at this time, it is possible to take the lead, and only she is the beauty queen of Li Ce.

That is to say, Yan Xun is killing her.

Also, now that Yan Xun and Jing An Wang Hao form an alliance, she has to bring troops to help Li Xiuyi. As the leader of Bai Yuguan, he naturally wants to help his allies block her at the gate. There is no father or son in the battlefield, let alone them?

These, she understands.

Yan Xun, he has more and more power of hegemony, killing and decisive, bold and courageous, bold and meticulous means, today, he is not the child who was huddled in the holy palace more than ten years ago, no longer need to look at anyone’s face It is.

The doctor soon came, He Xiao stood behind the doctor, nervously watching the doctor to diagnose her.

The white-bearded old man was stunned for a long while, and suddenly smiled and said: “Congratulations to this husband, your wife is happy.”

When He Xiao was suddenly stunned, he immediately turned red and quickly said to the doctor: “Hugh to be nonsense, this is my wife, I am just a guard.”

The doctor quickly apologized and smiled and said that he was so nervous, mistaken him as the father of the child, and hope to forgive me.

He Xiao and the doctor are talking to you on the side. Chu Qiao is stunned by the whole person. It seems that he has been smashed into the bone marrow. She has a slightly open mouth and can’t say a word for a long time.

what did he say? Have a happy? She is pregnant?

She looked at the old doctor incredulously and asked incredulously: “What do you say? You say it again?”

“This lady, you are too careless. You have been pregnant for almost three months. How can you not know it at all? And your body is very poor, the pulse is very chaotic. If you can’t rest assured, you have this baby. It can be dangerously tight.”

Three months?

Chu Qiao bowed his head and looked at his still flat belly. How could it be? Is she pregnant? While she was waiting to marry, when she moved to the north and south, when she was soaking in the river and riding a gun in the rain, she still had a child in her stomach?



“I will give you a prescription for blood and nourishment. You have to take it well, and then you can rest assured that you will not be able to travel long distances.”

The old lady comforted her a few words and went out with He Xiao. Chu Qiao sat on the bed, still in a dull state, these days frequent consumption, the war is up, everything is like a huge wave, waved to her. But I did not expect that in this environment, she was pregnant.

She stretched out her trembling hand and gently licked her lower abdomen. It seemed to be able to hear the child’s weak heartbeat.

A line of tears suddenly slipped from the corner of her eye. She bite her lower lip, and there was a trace of sputum in her throat. So she fell silently.

Zhuge, I am pregnant with your child.

I have children.

As the night gradually came, He Xiao lit a candle in the room. He called some bloody meals and soup, went to Chu Qiao’s bed, and quietly asked: “Adult, let’s go to Tang Jing?” Is it better to go straight back to Qinghai?”

Chu Qiao looked up at him, his eyes straight and he did not speak.

“Adult, your body, is not suitable for continuing to lead the army, you do not think for yourself, but also for the four young masters, for the children in your stomach.”

Chu Qiao heard a shock, she looked down at her stomach and continued to be silent. After a long time, she looked up and said softly: “He Xiao, I have cheated him once.”

He Xiaoyi, who did not know who she was talking about, asked: “What do you say about adults?”

“I have lied to him once.” Chu Qiao’s eyes were quiet and quiet, and he looked at the candlelight quietly: “I told him that he would stay with him to protect him, not let others bully him, but I I can’t do it. He has no parents, I think for my children, who is going to think about him?”

He Xiaoyan, knowing that she is talking about Emperor Li Xiuyi, he frowned and said: “Adults, things are now, the situation is not the power of you alone, even if you stayed in Sui and Tang, you may not be able to put an end to today’s business. Ah. You are in poor health, don’t think too much, don’t take anything on yourself.”

Chu Qiao looked up and took a deep breath.

“He Xiao, there are some responsibilities in this world, it is impossible to escape.”

She opened her mouth and said quietly: “I have been treated by Li Ce, and I have been treated by the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Now it is time to repay. I think if I put the child at risk, I will look down on my child in the future. mine.”

She sat up, went to the ground to wear shoes, went to the table to start eating, and after eating the meal, she took the medicine honestly.

Under the light, she looks thin and weak. Where can I see that she is a mother who is pregnant in March?

“You can rest assured that there will be nothing.”

He Xiao looked at her, and for a time she didn’t know who she was talking about, she was herself, or the child in her stomach, or the Tang Emperor.

The wind in the night was a bit cold, blowing the willow branches outside the window.

The landscape of the Sui and Tang dynasties is still the same, but the pace of the war is approaching.

At the same time, in the Bailuguan big account, Yan Xun was wearing a black robes and sitting on the couch. Below are more than a dozen young beautiful businessmen who have just sent them. They are all dressed in gauze, half-naked and looks delicate. Seductive.

From time to time, the daring girl looked up and secretly glanced at the man who had the right to the world. Unfortunately, his gaze has never been bet on this side for a while.

“Your Majesty, we have already laid out our strength, and we must make sure that the beautiful army will be exhausted in the Shushuiguan.”

“Come on!”

Yan Xun suddenly raised his head and waved outside, and the pro-god came in.

“Take him down and hit the 20th Army Stick!”

The subordinates’ guards suddenly set up the staff officer and went out. The man didn’t know where he said the wrong words and quickly pleaded guilty, but he did not dare to ask for mercy. After a while, the screams rang, those The girl who was lying on the ground was scared and her face was white, and no one dared to look up again.

“One net is exhausted…”

Yan Xun repeated these four words in a faint manner, and couldn’t hear any emotions. The candlelight shone on his face, as if a layer of faint gold paper was caged.

He lay lazily on the couch, so he slept on his side, letting so many charming grooms, and after a while, fell asleep.

This night, they are thousands of miles apart, but they said the same sentence at the same time.

“I hope, don’t meet him (her).”

Vaguely, many years ago, under the dilapidated eaves, the girl was wearing a light pink folder, blushing her face, sitting under the lights and sewing clothes, and sewed back and said to the boy: “There is no father and son in the battlefield. Everything is for the benefit of the country, that is, the brothers are on the battlefield, and they can’t back down. I am not telling you about the Tang dynasty. I am talking about Tang history. It is a play, this is the official history, and I listened carefully to you. ”

“What is the history? Why haven’t I heard of it?”

“Anyway, if you listen well, you are right, and study hard.”

“For you, Li Shimin, do you kill your older brother?”

“Of course kill, don’t you keep him to kill me? Didn’t you tell me, they didn’t have any feelings later. Right, then you, don’t you kill?”

The young man meditated for a moment and suddenly said: “I changed it for me. When I beat Liu Wuzhou, I would kill him.”

The girl glanced and gave a thumbs up: “You are very cattle.”

The night of the funeral stalks the heavens and the earth, and even the waves of water with memories are all backed up together, and no sound can be heard.

On the second day, some people in the Baishaoguan secretly went out, and all the way to the drowning, where there are now 100,000 troops, all of Yanbei’s elite troops, one to help Jingan Wang Hao, the second is also guarding the other’s lifeline, guarding Your own back road.

On the same day, Chu Qiao came to the south to leave the county and other soldiers of the beautiful army and the wolf army. 40,000 people gathered in the wild, and the black-pressed sword was lifted up like a flamboyant forest.

“Lishui is the only way for Tang Jing to go northwest. If you don’t break the water, you can’t solve the danger of being trapped by Tang Jing.”

Chu Qiao’s white fingers point on the map, draw a circle at the sweat gate, and he said: “The battle to decide life and death is coming.”

The gray sky, the torrential rain continues.

The sedge of the sedge near the Lishui River is full of people. The thunder rumbling over the river, from west to east, followed by a squat, and cut off a hundred-year-old banyan tree in Lishuiguan, two on duty. The Yanbei Army guards were injured. A house in the east of the city was cut off from the beam. The seven people in the house were all killed in their sleep, the flesh and blood were blurred, and the brain was splashed.

This is the first bloodshed in the battle of Lishuiguan. Even if there is no killing, there is no slashing, but it is enough to push the atmosphere of solidification to the brink of collapse. The people in Lishuiguan were hiding at home all day. Even during the day, no one dared to go out. The heavy rain poured on the empty long street, and there was no half-person smoke. Only some yellow grass was blown by the wind, and the wet fly. Not too far away, just looking up, it was smashed by the rain.

The heavy rain has been going on for 11 days in a row. The water level in Surabaya is rising wildly, the weather is abnormal, and the birds are flying north. Every night, they can faintly hear the roar of the lone wolf on the wilderness, like the death knell of the death. The well-informed old man said that in the summer of the seven years of Emperor Xiaozong’s emperor, the same torrential rain continued to thunder. In that year, the general of the Sui and Tang Dynasties Xue Li took a large army of 400,000 to attack the summer, just under such weather. After crossing the drowning water, all the way to the north, the situation is like a broken bamboo, breaking the Bailuguan, has been hit the summer hinterland. However, in the whole Sui and Tang Dynasties, I thought that when Datang was going to recover the lost ground, the Yanbei Lion King suddenly sent troops, defeated the Tang army, and personally killed the Changsheng General Xue Li, once again shattered. Datang’s dominance of ambition.

That year, the blood was red and red, and all the way along the Chishui River into the muddy water. The corpses floating on the river stretched for dozens of miles. The wild dog wolf jumped into the river and stood on the top of the corpse without sinking. , eat red eyes.

Decades have passed, but the fierce battle has yet reverberated in the minds of the old people. Nowadays, the Yanbei Lion King has already died for many years. The tomb of General Xue Li is also covered with moss and grass. The Sui and Tang Dynasties are weak, and the interior of the summer is also endless. The object is the human being, and the Eagle Flag of Yanbei is once again. Wandering in the sky above Bailuguan, and all the way, inserted in the city of Lishui.

On the seventh day of May, Yan Xun should be invited by the Tang Dynasty King of the Tang Dynasty. He personally took the soldiers to sit in the water and fight against the beautiful army that Wanli came to help to protect the superior situation of the east of Lishuiguan. Just one day later, Chu Qiao’s beauty army appeared in Wei Liao County on the west side of Lishui Guan. Wei Liao County, a small town that was once unattended, quickly became famous, condensing the eyes of the entire Sui and Tang Dynasties and even the entire Simon, the dwarf tower. On the white background, the red cloud battle flag was erected. Chu Qiao personally put on the armor of the armor, and the Tang army heard the news that the loyalty to the royal family was also escorted before the grain. After coming to the reinforcements, in less than three days, the beauty army’s people were expanded to 90,000, and it is still growing.

This is the first flag of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, which was officially erected since the reign of Jing’an Wang Shuo, and is still facing the powerful ally of Jing’an Wang Hao, Yan Beijun.

An unprecedentedly powerful war was at hand, and everyone held their breath and waited for the arrival of the storm.

On May 14th, the rainstorm stopped and the water level of the Lishui River stopped at a very striking scale. For six consecutive days, the patience of both sides reached a dangerous critical point, even though the generals of both sides knew this. The necessity of a kind of confrontation, but sitting hundreds of thousands of troops in such a close distance, but always do not move, they all know that this is a very dangerous behavior, the tense atmosphere echoes over the military camps of both sides, a little careless, there is The possibility of metamorphosis.

Although Chu Qiao and Yan Xun were fully prepared, the scouts of the two sides shuttled through the wind, and various combat plans were changed and changed. They also finally set the direction and action location of the war. But the arrival of the first battle still gave them a moment of confusion.



On the afternoon of the 14th, Wuling County Taishou Moxu had just crossed the Heyuan Plain. He escorted 50,000 hectares of grain and grass, over the mountains and over the mountains, carefully crossed the layers of the fire line, and came to Chuqiao’s Wei Liao Base Camp.

He was born and raised in the Tang Dynasty. His ancestors had followed the first generation of the Tang Dynasty and were awarded high positions. The ancestors also had great figures who had worshipped Hou worship, but they were passed down from generation to generation. Today’s Mo family has no longer seen the past. However, at this moment, facing the dangers of the country, Mo Taishou, who is over 70 years old, personally took the troops to escort the grain and wanted to do his best for the Guangfu Army led by Chu Qiao.

However, just when they arrived near the railway line, they accidentally encountered a small road embankment worker in Yanbei. The iron line river is a tributary of the Lishui River. The dyke is unstable. It is the Yankee who sent 3,000 infantry. Repair the dam of this place to avoid destroying the downstream headquarters. I didn’t expect Mo’s to be cautious and careful, but it hit the guns of this group. The war was on the verge of a blow, and the screaming and screaming squadrons and squadrons were waiting for the soldiers. After half an hour, the two sides’ troops came one after another, and the battle was chaotic. .

When Chu Qiao received the news, he was planning a strategic route for tomorrow in the staff camp. When he received this message, even if she was as calm as her, she could not help but have a moment of scorn.

A general of the Tang army frowned: “His Royal Highness, or immediately send people to accept them to withdraw, we did not make any preparations, the Iron Line River is also close to the Yanbei Army Base Camp, and has to be prevented.”

Chu Qiao heard the words but shook his head. She said in a deep voice: “We are not prepared, Yanbei is ready? From the intelligence point of view, this battle is completely an emergency, neither we nor Yanbei, there is no ready.”


“He Qi, you immediately took 20,000 infantrymen to the Iron Line River. The first battle of our army was started by you.”

He Qi suddenly paused and asked: “Twenty thousand infantry?”

Chu Qiao nodded: “Yes.”

“But adults, most of our men are cavalry and heavy armor, and the number of infantry is less than 8,000.”

“Then abandon the horse, remember that each person must have at least three more knives, take off the heavy armor, and wear only the light armor.”

He Qi frowned, but see Chu Qiao did not make a joke, or nod should be, slammed the knife and went out.

The Tang army will see He Qi went and asked: “His Royal Highness, is 20,000 enough? Why don’t you send more people? After all, the Iron Line River is close to the Yanbei Army Camp. They are sending more troops than we are. “”

Chu Qiao slowly shook his head, his eyes deep and sharp, quietly said: “No, 20,000 is enough.”

The thundering hoof came, the earth was shaking slightly, and the huge squares were assembled in an instant. Before they were seen clearly, they had already pulled out the sword and wolf.

A few days of torrential rain poured a piece of the land of the bumpy land, and the mud greatly restricted the action of the horse. The two sides were rushing in one place, the front soldiers’ bodies were noisy, the swords were arrogant, and the slamming sounds like a flat land. Thunder.

At the end of the seventy-year-old, Mo Taishou was sitting on the horse’s back, his face was red, and he was holding a sword. His pro-brother took his stable and shouted “too fast,” but he was beaten by a fist. Ground. The old lady is holding a big knife and shouting “killing the enemy to serve the country”, rushing to the horse, taking the lead, and still not retreating more than ten arrows in his body, his men are behind him, including his son, he The grandson in his thirties, and the grandson who is less than sixteen years old.

When He Qi brought people to come, the war was nearing the end. The officers and men of Wuling County were motivated by the courage of their generals. The thousands of people in the area resisted the tens of thousands of cavalry. At this moment, it was the end of the strong. He Qi did not say anything, and he took it in. After the previous battle, the railway line has become a half-mud, and the horses are deeply immersed in it. The heavy armored soldiers in Yanbei can only jump off the horses and Heqi led the infantry to fight the sword, but the advantage of the heavy armored cavalry was to kill the horse on the plain, so that the heavy armor on the muddy ground greatly limited their flexibility.

The people turned upside down, shouting killing sounds and screams mixed together, the scene is like a porridge boiled in the same pot, the knife is bright, murderous, the clouds cover the sun, the birds whisper, a bloody red light between heaven and earth.

The Yanbei Army finally realized its limitations. There were smart soldiers who wanted to take off their heavy armor. But it was so urgent that there was no distraction. Before he took off his cloak, the fate of the blade had been cut off. His neck.

Yan Xun was sitting in the big army account, because the Iron Line River was very close to his big camp, and his men were the first to get the news of the Battle of the Iron Line River. However, it is precisely because of this that when the Yankee got the battle report, some of the outside garrison troops heard the killing sound, and thought that someone had attacked the camp and had quickly sent troops to support it.

When he wanted to recover those cavalry, the two sides had already fought in one place.

At the beginning, the generals of the camp also mocked the beauty of the army, but soon, as the report came back one by one, their faces became more and more ugly. Someone asked for war and sent troops to support the light armor, but Yan Xun shook his head coldly.

It’s already late. The Iridian River is a small river and an alluvial raft. Only one place, but now it’s gathering nearly 50,000 people. It’s already crowded, and now it’s only a squad.

However, this can’t be justified. This battle is the first battle of Lishui. If it is lost, the impact on morale will be extremely serious, and it will have a direct impact on the future situation.

Yan Xun immediately issued an order, the whole army prepared, sent Wei Li, ready for a frontal attack.

In the middle of the night, a red moon rose from behind a bare hillside, and the water vapor was shrouded in the water. A young Yanbei army staff member went into the battle several times and said that he was the defensive side, as long as he was stationed. Water can be closed, it should not take the initiative to attack, costing military power.

When Yan Xun started, he didn’t pay attention to him. Later, he was really stunned. He directly ordered his subordinates to tie him up and shut him in the cellar. Without this annoying voice, he finally calmed down and looked at it quietly. It is not a majestic gateway.

The staff member did not understand, and many people did not understand. Even many of the generals who followed him to the north and the north might not understand his current intentions.

Indeed, the beauty army came from the banner of defending the imperial capital. They wanted to rush to Tangjing and defeat the Jing’an Princess who was besieged in Kyoto. Then it shows that as long as you guard the Guanshui Pass, there will be an opportunity to fight the Beauty Army. As a defensive party, the price paid is far less than the attacking party.

But now he has led the army to take the initiative to become the offensive side, which may be confusing for many people.

However, only he understands his current situation. The Shui Shuiuan is the first city in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. It is also the most populous city in the western part of the country. It covers a vast area and has millions of people in the city. It is easy to occupy this place. I did not encounter any resistance. First, because the horse thief entered the summer, the reputation of cruelty and indiscriminateness came out. Second, because the Yanbei Army has not yet failed, and they have personally taken the seat, they will be these people. Shocked down. He knows that with the power of him and Jing’an Wang Hao, it is impossible to completely defeat the armed forces of the Sui and Tang Dynasties. At the beginning, the Meishan Luowang had been planning for more than ten years, but he lost to Li Ce. Now he is alone. How can he kill a thousand? Old country. He clearly understood that there are still dozens of roads in the west of Surabaya, and they are waiting quietly. They are all waiting for this matchup between themselves and the Beauty Army. Once they are tired, they will flock to it.

Therefore, the Iron Line River battle is crucial, although it is not large, but it is a failure to defend. At this time, only a larger battle to cover up, and to lead the army to take the initiative to fight, can also show the strength of the Yanbei Army.

“Achu, the Iron Line River battle, although it is unintentional, but in the end is your skill.”

Under the night, Yan Xun was sitting on the chariot of Wang Hao. In front of him was eight pure black Yanbei war horses. He was wearing an ink-colored robes, slightly picking up his chin and squinting at the tower hidden in the darkness. . A skinny flower like a silky dancer is half-squatting on the rut. The smooth back is like a white lamb. She leans her head and holds a glass of good wine in her hand. She is lifted up high. Laughing and said: “I wish the Dawang flag to win, and the scorpion in the city will be smashed and smashed, and I will be famous for Yanbei.”

Yan Xun looked down, quietly looked at her, his mouth raised a touch of laughter, casually said: “You are my Yanbei people?”

The dancer, a glimpse, immediately said: “The slave is a drowning person, but the admiration of the king has long been known. Now, beside the king, it is the king of the king. Naturally, it is Yanbei.”

Yan Xun smiled deeper and said: “Your country has been captured by me. My compatriots have been slaughtered by me. You also said that you are my person. It seems that you are very loyal to me.”

Wu Ji saw him happy, suddenly overjoyed, and quickly hit the railway: “The slave is naturally the king’s person, as long as the king is willing, the slave is willing to do anything for the king.”

“Anything?” Yan Xun raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Yes.” The dance eye is like water, and the lips are full. It seems to be able to pull out the honey. The full chest is attached to the legs of the swallows, twisting the waist of the water snake, biting the lower lip, gently Spit: “Anything.”

Yan Xun laughed and said to the guards on both sides: “She said that she can do anything for me, then she will fulfill her, and will attack Wei Liaocheng and let her rush to the front.”

After all, the guards on both sides suddenly set off the dance, and the woman’s face was pale and hurriedly shouted: “The king! The king is forgiving! The slave is a weak woman. How can I fight the enemy! The king is forgiving!”



Dance Ji struggled to be taken away. Yan Xun leaned back on the back of the chair and quietly shook the wine in his hand. He said to himself: “Anything?”

He couldn’t help but sneer.

At this moment, in Wei Liaocheng, there is also a weak woman, wearing a battle armor, standing on the high tower, overlooking the continuous military array below. There is a strip of light shining under the horizon, and only a torch will brighten the night.

She knows that Yan Xun is among the thousands of torches. One year, today, it was their first reunion.

Perhaps, it is expected that there will be today, fate is like a naughty child, like to set up a variety of dog blood collision.

She stood on the high tower and slowly looked up. The night wind blew through her body, raising the hair of her horns. The torch ignited the sky, as many years ago, they shouldered shoulders. The knife in the hand swayed out, and broke the cage of the imprisonment, killing a bloody road.

If they are expected to have today, will they join hands on the same day?

She slowly closed her eyes, her face was tough, her eyes were like frost, and the world was like a tumbling tide. No one expected the next wave to come.

She clenched the sword, and the man with the wolf-like eyes came out of the memory of the retreat, standing in front of her through the Golden Ge knife, the wind raging, the night was smashing, and the pomegranate was like a rocket. Yaru Lin’s chilling season.

A loud bang came suddenly, and in the fiery red light, a shirtless man stood on a high platform and was gongs and drums. The drums were drilled into the man’s chamber, as if the earth was shaking with the drums.

He Xiao took up the shackles, pulled the bow, and let go of the string. The arrow suddenly went like a meteor, but at this moment, there was also a sharp arrow coming in the opposing army, and the arrow came faster. The arrow of He Xiao quickly slammed into one place, and then the arrow of He Xiao was smashed from it, and the whistling of the coming momentum continued.

Chu Qiao met, and found a flying knife, and let go, the flying knife hit the arrow, both fell.

There was a cheer in the two armies at the same time.

Yan Xun put down his bow, and in the army, he slowly raised his head.

The fragrance of the rose dissipated in the night wind, and there was no sound. She stood on the high wall and looked through the layers of the cold armor and parked on the man. The torrent of years passed away from her ear, making a creaking sound, like a hurricane in the wilderness, roaring like a mountain eagle.

The dark battle flag is on the top of the swallow’s head in the wind, the dark night is like a group of thick ink, the sky is low, the stars and the moon are dull, thousands of torches are burning and burning, squatting on the face, it seems to be covered with a layer of blood. Light. Yan Xun stood on the chariot of gold, hand-carrying the golden bow, an ink-colored robes, double-browed swords, flying into the squat, slightly looking up, slender eyes, quietly watching the familiar figure in the memory. .

The whole battlefield was dead, and everyone held their breath. Only the sound of the drums, like the heart of the earth, clicked on the spine of the human body, letting the blood in the blood stream boil.

Time is so solid, they look at each other silently, their eyes are interlaced, and they condense in the air.

Finally, the tide-like army rushed up, and a battle between life and death finally began.

In an instant, the cavalry brushed out the bow and arrow, and in the sharp wind, the arrows were empty and poured like raindrops on the heads of the soldiers. Countless people rushed up, and the battle showed terrible cruelty at first, which made the back cool.

Screams, mourning, and commanding sounds,

The horses are arrogant, the rolling stones are like thunder, the swords are bright, the dark clouds cover the cold moon, and even the heavens and the earth close their eyes for this cruel battle.

After a day and night of fighting, the east gate suddenly opened wide, and the beautiful army who fought hard for one night smashed the opportunity of the Yanbei Army to change the military array and rushed out of the city. All the way to the riverside of the railway line, the road here is narrow, can not withstand the impact of the army, Yanbei Army had to abandon the horse to rush, but when they chased to the river, they saw the soldiers of the beauty army propped up the sheepskin scorpion, actually Cross the river from the most urgent part of the river.

“Adults are careful!”

“Be careful!”

Almost at the same time, Yan Xun and Chu Qiao each bowed, the arrow pierced the void, and went to the other side, the two sounds simultaneously, the arrows did not shoot, attracted a burst of exclamation around the guards. .

Above the river, Chu Qiao stood on the raft, looking far away at Yan Xun.

She knew that this battle was just a look, and Yan Xun could not really stop her.

Yan Xun and Jing An Wang Hao are allies, and they have to guard the water for her, but once Jingan Wang Hao really attacked Tang Jing and let the descendants of Jing An Wang reach the throne, his back road will be broken. With this, he can’t win, but he can’t lose it.

He also needs to drag himself into this Sui and Tang civil war to leave him a gateway to Tangjiaguan.

Rows of fires spread over the river. The darkness before dawn was like a devil. The human claws were inserted into the eyes of the people. The world was blood red, and the wind blew and raised the flames of the sky.

Yan Xun rides on the horse’s back, the horse is uncomfortable with his hooves, his back is still tall and straight, and his body is full of emperors’ ceremonies, like the gods of the dark world. His eyes were sharp and far-reaching, and he crossed the wide river and stood opposite the thin but always strong figure. The night wind blew, raising her horns of hair, blood-stained armor flashing in the fire, she was riding in the battle, across the river, raging fire, watching him silently.

At that moment, the ice surface recalled by Yan Xun suddenly cracked a slit. He could even hear the subtle sounds. Some messy pictures were so embarrassing, and they came out from the raging water.

How long ago? It’s been a long time, like the things of my life, I can’t remember it for a long time.

It is also such a night, and it is also the death after the killing. It is also the same pair of eyes, looking at him quietly across the river. The fire of Zhenhuang City is abusing, and the endless shouting and screaming echoes on the wasteland. The young ones are determined to turn back and do what they feel right.

Maybe, a long time ago, everything was already doomed. They are like two meteors that are diverging from north to south. Even though there have been short interlacings for many reasons, they still have to embark on separate paths and follow their own tracks. ,Farther.

Chu Qiao stood on the river embankment with his knife and watched the last army cross the drowning water. The vast river surface was like a scorpio. They were isolated on both sides of the east and west. Thousands of lives and souls sank into the river. The furnace, everything is the salary of carbon, calcined on the fire, is the blood and hope of countless people, and their opposite belief. She looked at Yan Xun, and for a time, thousands of thoughts were all returned to the dust. The 100,000 iron armor disappeared into sight. Only the man with a black robe stood alone between the heavens and the earth. It seems that many years ago he climbed up from a sneak peek in a bloody print. Even though there is no one behind him, there is a chill that is enough to destroy the heavens and the earth.

“grown ups!”

He was safe and stunned, and he ran up and said, “In this battle, we have killed more than 6,000 brothers.”

Chu Qiao bowed his head and saw that there were still blood on the face of young people. The children who lived in a peaceful environment for many years have grown up. After experiencing the baptism of this blood, his eyes are no longer pure.

“Peace, the achievement of any purpose is a price.”

The General of the Beauty Army sat on the horse’s back and silently looked at the long dragon with the torch. After a long time, he said with a low voice: “Real peace is always obtained through war.”

Peaceful and unclear, frowning, muttering: “Real peace?”

“Yes, I can’t see it, maybe you can’t see it, but after all, someone will see it.”

Chu Qiao looked up and finally looked at the side of the drowning water. The fire had gradually extinguished. The river was rolling with layers of blue smoke. Under the far horizon of the eastern horizon, there was a hint of golden glow. The man was wearing an ink-colored armor, and the cloak behind him was hunting in the night wind. Although she couldn’t see her eyebrows, she could clearly imagine his expression and outline, just like the afternoon of many years ago, he sat. She immediately shot an arrow at her, and he saved her life. She accompanied him for ten years.

She reached out and held her right arm, where there was a armor made of black iron, which could not be worn even by a broken arrow.

That was the gift that Zhao Wei gave her, a couple, and she gave him one.

She resolutely turned her head and fell into the middle of the army. She hurled her horse and never looked at it again.

To the west of Lishui, Yan Xun turned the horse’s head, and the generals of the army ran up and asked: “Your Majesty, don’t you chase?”

Yan Xun said nothing, and crossed his side straight away. After walking a long distance, he said faintly: “Retreat.”

The army rushed away, and the rising sun under the horizon rose, and a cloud of light was quietly spread on the earth. The two-way army that ran away from it, after all, gradually drifted away.

In the empty account, a general of armor was on the ground. He had been here for a long time. The sun gradually fell, the night came, and the big account was dark, only the golden suede inlaid with Dongzhu. With a faint light, faintly illuminating the silhouette of that person, like a mountain.

The man has not spoken, and since he returned from the Iron Line River, he has been sitting there, as if he had forgotten everything around him. The grass outside the account swayed gently, and the taste of hope was swayed in the night wind. The Sui and Tang dynasties in May were full of summer, and there was a crisp and sweet sing in the night. The grass on the wasteland was half as tall. I don’t know. The famous worm swam in the air, and there was a weak phosphorescence on the wings, and the stars shone brightly.




The big account was too quiet, and the generals wearing armor did not dare to move. Even the atmosphere did not dare to breathe, and even dared not to light. He is not the original veteran of the Yanbei Army, nor is it the old part of the Yanhuang. In fact, there are not many left in the old department that followed the Yanhuang army. Now the people in the army are fighting together. of. Although your majesty is unpredictable, but rewards and punishments are clear, and extremely heavy military strength, as long as you dare to fight and dare to kill, you are not afraid of no chance to show.

The general’s surname is Mu, and the ancestors are also the scholarly sect. Although he has fallen into his generation, he is also literary and literary. Thanks to this insight, he step by step, and in just a few years, he has become the leading general in the Yanbei Army.

Unlike other people, the general felt that his majesty was not as violent as the rumors. Yes, he once killed his own teacher, killed his sister, and killed a group of people who had assisted him for many years, but what about it? Perhaps the people in them will feel that they are ungrateful and willing to succumb to the ambitions of the wolves, but they ordinary people can see clearly. The big peers will not understand the military and do not understand the government affairs. The internals are intertwined and compete for power. The infighting factions are extremely serious. They occupy Yan. In the north, there have been no achievements in the past, there are dogs and dogs in the north, and there are large summer controls in the east. They are unable to protect the Yanbei subjects, but they are forced to dictate in the political affairs. For such a person, if his majesty does not use the Thunder to shock and suppress, he will only once again foster a chaotic Datong regime on the land of Yanbei.

What are the killers of a big event?

The power struggle since ancient times, which time is not blood flow into the river?

The difference between a successful emperor and an ordinary person is that the angle of view of the problem is different. Is it the overall situation or the private situation?

Therefore, for the former beauty general, General Mu did not have any good feelings. According to his idea, women are really difficult to achieve great cause.

“Mu Wei,” the low voice suddenly sounded, the big account was empty, and the tail sounded with a hint of echo. Mu Hao heard the words, and quickly straightened up, and listened to the above people to continue: “Call the letter to Cheng Yuan, let him split the Songyuan Ferry, strictly guard, since the beauty army wants to go in, let them go in, Jingan Wang’s The army is still waiting inside.”


“In addition, tell him not to attack Zhao Wei’s army and attack Zhao Chao. It is necessary to destroy Zhao Che’s grain, no matter how much it costs.”


Mu Hao quickly replied: “This is the next person who sends a letter to Bai Yuguan.”

Yan Xun shook his head and could not see his face in the dark: “No, go ahead tomorrow morning, don’t worry.”

Mu Wei’s slight glimpse, the military situation is like a fire, how can he not worry? However, Yan Xun said this, he did not dare to refute, just quietly squatting there, afraid to speak.

“Come, come with me for a drink.”

Yan Xun slightly bowed his waist, bowed his head and poured wine. Under the weak pearly light, there seemed to be a bit of a sudden fall. Mu Hao was flattered, and quickly got up and walked up to the small step, took the glass and did not dare to sit.

Yan Xun said with his finger on the side of the seat, “Sit down, don’t lie there.”

Mu Hao sat down carefully, and said with a drink: “Thank you for giving me a drink.”

Yan Xun also leaned down and drank. Mu Hao quickly poured wine for him. He listened to him with a smile: “I haven’t been drinking with me for a long time. I used to be forced by the environment. I can’t drink alcohol. Now the environment is good, I can drink with me. People are not there.”

Mu Hao gently trembled with his hand. He was a wise man. From last night, Yan Xun ordered to stop chasing the beauty army. He felt that something was wrong. At this moment, listening to Yan Xun’s words, he felt more and more that he had heard what he should not listen to. It is.


Yan Xun said very casually, and even took a glass of wine on the Mu’s wine glass and slammed it on the finger. The mellow wine was poured on the finger. He didn’t care. The big fistula had a large capacity. He always drank it down, and after a while, a pot of wine was already drunk.

Yan Xun’s words tonight are many. It seems that there are more words than in the past month. He asked the Muji army’s food and asked him if he had a few people in his family. Whether his parents are still alive or not, there are several children who have studied. I married a few wives and even smiled and asked him if the prostitute in the military camp was not beautiful.

Mu Zhen’s heart was shocked. He had no chance to see Yan Xun before. Everything he knew was heard. Now he is so approachable to him. He feels that his original choice is not wrong. As for the woman who dared to betray her and succumb to the Sui and Tang Dynasties, I don’t know what to do.

This chat came to the middle of the night, and the drums rang three times. Yan Xun seemed to be a little drunk, half leaning on the couch, lazy to say some gossip, and gradually disappeared. Mu Zhen thought that he was asleep, picked up the brocade on the side and covered him. He carefully withdrew from the big account.

The big account was quiet again. Quietly able to hear the Yanbei long tune that the soldiers in the far distance sang softly, it was so melodious in the night sky, with a cold taste, surrounded by a circle. The man in the dark opened his eyes, the dark scorpions were sober as water, and there was a hint of drunkenness.

There is only oneself left.

All around were empty and cold, no one, the wind blowing outside, obviously warm, but blowing into the account, I do not know why, but a few traces of cold. He was lying alone on the wide soft couch, the brocade was Hua Tuo, the jade pillow bead, the fragrant incense in the incense burner layered up and down, the light and pleasant aroma filled the account, sucked into the nose, with people The effect of soothe the nerves.

However, such a gorgeous high-bed soft couch, such a quiet warm spring night, but after all, he is alone. It was like the night of many years ago, she was taken away, riding a huge boat, all the way south, he stood on the north floor of the city, looking at the white practice, the original pile of snow, the river like iron, she finally Leaving his mastery and leaving him.

In fact, as early as when he was still very young, he had already anticipated the situation in the future.

She has always been just and kind, no matter what the crisis and predicament, even if it is full of pain, she will never give up her expectations and hopes for the future. At the beginning, he kept encouraging her, but gradually, she became supporting her. She described his future for him. She told him her ideals and ambitions. She told her about her political views. And hope, no matter what the dangers, she can always find a solution to the problem, teach him the skills of the sword, teach him military strategy, Wu Daoya is his teacher in name, but he learned from her But far more than from elsewhere.

She is his mentor and friend, relying on his loved ones, and the only woman he has ever loved in his life.

However, the more so, the more he feels uneasy, the more he is worried about fear. I don’t know when it started, he suddenly realized that maybe one day they will part ways, and finally there will be a **** away from themselves. ,

When did it start?

Perhaps when she sympathized with the slaves, perhaps when her relationship with Zhao Yu became increasingly close, perhaps when she explained the stability and prosperity of the future society, perhaps earlier, he could not remember. He only knows faintly. Maybe one day in the future, he will let her down. He will eventually hurt her. He will eventually break that precious trust and dependence.

So, he tried to crowd out her, trying to get her out of the military, not wanting her to see her bloody hands, and not wanting her to see her unscrupulous and cruel.

He was not a hunter who broke the wings of the white eagle, but a nightingale destined to walk in the dark night. When the long night passed, the world began to have black and white, and he began to be afraid.

There was a low laugh in the darkness, his eyes faintly intoxicated, and he suddenly remembered that when he was a child, the insecure teenager asked him over and over again:

“Will you be with me forever?”

The girl smiled brightly and asked him with his head up: “Do you bully me?”

Will you bully me? Will you bully me? Do you know……

Close your eyes, the crisp sound is like a rolling wave, coming from all directions.

I want to give you the best.

But the things I think are the best, but not what you want.

In the darkness, a crisp sound suddenly sounded, and Yan Xun untied the buckle of his right arm. The silver black armor fell off and fell to the ground. The weak beads were shining on it, with a glazed brilliance.

That was given to her by Zhao Wei. There was a couple. She gave him one, and it was more than ten years.

“When I decided to start, I knew that your life is destined to belong to me. You are born for the light, but I have too many bloody ideals, so I want you to surrender to me and take orders. I have followed me all my life. Unfortunately, I still failed.”

He smiled silently in the dark.

Any purpose is achieved, and he has to pay the price, and he has already paid for it.

“No one wants to live a life. The problem is, when an opportunity is in front of you, do you really want it.”

In the darkness, the man’s voice is low and hoarse, like the old man who has experienced the reincarnation of several generations. He is lying on the golden suede couch, and the mellow wine slurry spills the table and gives off the intoxicating aroma. His robes and robes are silently cracked in the darkness, and the smile is like a simple child.

“Zhu Ge, do you dare to ask?”

“I can not do it.”

Zhu Gezhen looked at the man in front of him, his eyes were tenacious, and his voice was quiet and quiet.

Zhuge Muqing is full of white flowers, cranes and chicken skin, but in just a few years, it has already consumed all the youth of this old man. He is like a dead water in the same pool, no longer a little bit of life, just with the last madness, double Staring at his son.

“Zhao Che has been defeated, Zhao Wei can not persist for a long time, now the entire Daxia territory, only you can turn things around. As long as my Zhuge family is now abandoning Zhao Wei, he will certainly defeat the collapse, when you shake your arms, the world Gathering the response, you will be the first person in the summer, and ten years later, Zhuge will be able to defeat Yanbei and climb the Jiuding Respect!”




Zhuge Muqing’s eyes were red, like a mad beast, staring straight at his son, grabbing Zhuge’s shoulder with both hands and shouting: “Hey, the future and life of Daxia, the future of Zhuge’s It’s all in your mind!”

Zhuge Wei looked at his father quietly, and did not speak for a long time.

When his father was old, he was no longer the family leader who was far-sighted and far-sighted. He became vain, became stupid, and became crazy.

In this life, he seems to have never been close to his father. From a very young age, he lost his mother. In his young days, he walked alone in the vast Zhuge Mansion, quiet like a tree shadow. Until he grew up, he gradually relied on his own efforts to excel in his peers, so that the father who had too many women and too many sons would look a little more.

But later, he fell, was injured, and survived his life, but the family abandoned him without any enthusiasm.

Until he took power again, bringing glory to the family, but they still chose his brother, wanting to die. This is his family, his loved ones.

However, he still can’t completely resent them.

As Wei Shuzhen said, even if there is disgust and rejection, they are the children of the door valves. They enjoy all the glory brought by the door valves since childhood. Similarly, they also need to bear the responsibility of the gate valve.

After all, he was his father, a father who gave birth to him, taught him, happy for his achievements, and happy for his progress. Although he was once ruthless, he still gave him a peaceful and prosperous childhood. When he was still young and unable to protect himself, he stood in front of him, protecting him and protecting the whole family.

“Father, I can’t do it.”

Zhuge took a step back and bowed his head to his father.

“The human hand is only so big that you can’t hold everything.”

The candle creaked, the fire shone on his face, and there was a pale golden glow. He calmly looked at his father and said quietly: “Grateful for the father’s upbringing, but this thing, I can’t do it. “”

“The big summer didn’t have me, there were other generals, my father didn’t have me, there were other sons, and if Stars didn’t have me, there would be no hope.”

He bent over again, facing his father who gave him up and gave up his killing, his eyes calm and calm.

“Father, take care.”

Zhuge 玥 turned and went, and the candlelight shone on his back, which seemed so tall and tough. Zhuge Muqing stared at his son, his eyes were gray, his lips were half-open, his hands still holding his shoulders.

At this moment he suddenly realized that perhaps from today, he will lose this son forever.

Losing this was optimistic about him, and he had high hopes, but he repeatedly disappointed his expectations, was whipped by him, abandoned by him, and he was driven out of his home, and he was sent to assassinate son.

The annual rings flowed between the father and the son, and the wind blew from the account, raising his white hair and blowing his back. He suddenly became so old, only in vain. But can’t pull back the time that ruthlessly passed away.

Zhuge was walking slowly step by step. He knew that when he turned around, he could never go back. Out of this door, everything will fall into the flesh and blood and the fire, the flesh and blood are separated, the love is separated, the family is broken, the hegemony is overturned, but he still has to go on without hesitation. He wants to let the world know all the blood to tell her, what is he concerned about?

It’s not Wang Tu’s tyrants, it’s not a history of staying in the past, it’s not to look down on the singularity of the lonely family.

All he wants is that she is alive, living in a place he can see.

Because there is something I want to guard, I have repeatedly told myself to be strong, but if the things I want to guard are not there, what is the meaning of everything he does?

In his life, he will never do anything that he regrets.

The curtain of the big account was opened, his feet were in the military camp shrouded in moonlight, and the cold wind blew on his face, causing him to suddenly be awake as never before.

The world can be discarded and regained. The army can collapse and reorganize, but when people die, they cannot resurrect.

The words before Zhao Che’s departure once again echoed in his ear:

“Know what you really want and live for yourself.”

After his friend was betrayed by his brother, he was defeated by the enemy, but he was still in such a situation. He was still seeing him in this situation, just to say that such a sentence has nothing to do with the overall situation.

The army outside the camp has been assembled, and everyone has been ready to go. Zhuge took a deep breath and strode forward to jump over the horse.

“set off!”

The grass is flying, the sound of horseshoes, and moving toward the distant ancient Sui and Tang Dynasties.

Wanli Jiangshan, Hehe Imperial Power, everything is in front of you.

He is not afraid, but not willing.

The final checkpoint of the Northland, even in May, is still covered by heavy snow, and the savage north wind blows and blows on people’s faces, like a cold knife.


Zhao Che smiled at Wei Shuyu, even in such a dilemma, still full of confidence.

Wei Shuzhen described the weight loss. He looked up at Zhao Che, who was still full of confidence, and could not help but wonder.

Yan Xun went crazy to plunder the grain and grass, and used the tactics of the sea to madly consume the troops. Zhao Wei did not have much force to consume in the fight against Yanbei. Instead, he was attacked by the lard at this time to attack Zhao Che’s army and blocked Zhuge’s grain road, causing Zhao Che to fall into danger. The force was greatly damaged and the thirteen provinces in the middle were lost.

By the time they raised their forces to prepare for a counterattack, they had already fallen into a four-faced situation and could no longer return to heaven.

On that day, Zhao Che stood silent on the ruins of the wreck for a long time. The generals of the empire of the war broke down the sword and returned to him and said, “We lost.”

On that day, all the generals who followed him were crying. Even him, the doorkeeper who had always been high, also shed tears of resentment.

It is not the chance of no victory, not the strength of recovery. They fight all the way and fight in a decadent and depressed country. They have the determination and courage to go to death anytime and anywhere.

However, they are still defeated.

It is not defeated in the battlefield against the enemy, but in the darkness of the same room.

They have encountered the most powerful enemy in history, but they also face the most declining motherland in a hundred years.

The young prince looked up and the horse was uneasy. The gates of the Northland were silver and white, and the heavens and the earth were covered with heavy snow. When this level was over, it was no longer the land of the big summer, and the wind and sand were rolling, and the outside world was gone. There is no big summer flag.

He looked at the sky and said quietly: “Zhao will not die. As long as there is a place where the sun rises, there are descendants of Zhao.”

He slammed the horses and whip, and the thousands of horses followed him on the side, and the mountains were covered with snow.

Zhao Che’s fists are like iron, his eyes are like a knife, his lips are slightly moving, but he is silent but firmly said: I will return –

“grown ups!”

He Xiao suddenly yelled and said with a red eyes: “The subordinates do not agree.”

“He commanded, this is the order.”

Tang Jingxiong shut down, Chu Qiao was in armor, looking at this most trusted subordinate, said a word of silence.

“Adult, you go to escort the Tang Emperor out of the city, let the subordinates stay.”

Shouting and killing sounds are at the foot, thunderous horseshoes bang, Jingan Wang Hao led the subordinates ten times their strength, thousands of cavalry rushed, and once again launched a charge to Tang Jingcheng. Like a tsunami, it is unstoppable.

Chu Qiao whispered: “Can you do it?”

He Xiao brows a wrinkle, suddenly whispered: “The swearing to die…”

“Even if you are dead, you can’t do it.”

Chu Qiao suddenly said sharply, He Xiaowen’s face suddenly became iron and blue, and he wanted to speak, but he listened to Chu Qiao: “Now Tang Jing is trapped on all sides, and there are hundreds of thousands of troops on the periphery and the second layer of blockade The army of Sui and Tang Dynasties has been scared. No one will help us. The only country in the country is the crusade against the army. All the eyes of the enemy must be on me. As long as I am still on this tower, they will not dare. After the soldiers chase, and they leave, they will give up attacking Tang Jing and go all out to catch up. At that time, we have no city to guard, there are Yanbei Army in the front, and Jing Anjun in the future, it will die even worse! ”

He couldn’t think of this layer of He Xiao. He frowned and listened, biting his teeth, and said nothing.

“He Xiao, I beg you, take them out and escape. I have been deeply convinced by Li Ce, I can’t believe that today, I can’t keep his country, but at least, I can keep his blood.” “”

He Xiao looked desolate, his eyes fixed on Chu Qiao, and suddenly he said: “Adult, let others go, let me stay with you to protect you.”

Chu Qiao shook his head and said softly: “Others, I can’t believe it.”

He Xiao Chu Chu, his eyes are hot, like a flame lava.

How many years of life and death, and how many years of companionship, they spend more time than anyone. And the feelings that have sprouted, as time goes by, gradually deteriorate, like a loved one.

The woman in front of her, she is strong, she is brave, she is kind, she is sincere, of course she will be timid, will be confused, and will fragile in his arms and cry. They are comrades-in-arms, friends, and relatives. She is both his master and his sister.

The blazing fire reflected on their faces, and He Xiao suddenly reached out and hugged her, his voice was low, like chewing blood: “take care!”

“You take care too!”

The warrior turned over and jumped on the horse. Li Xiuyi shouted at Chu Qiao: “Aunt! Aunt!”

He Xiao kept the child in his arms and never looked at her again. With an elite force, he rushed out along the southern gate. At the same time, the two things are also smooth, and each soldier has rushed out of the city gate and fought with the enemy.



“Archer ready!”

He Qi shouted: “Let!”

The broad wasteland is like a meat grinder. It ruthlessly absorbs the lives of the soldiers. The spears and sabers are shining with bloodthirsty light. Thousands of horseshoes are like roaring thunder, rolling through the heavens and the earth.

Chu Qiao stood on the tower and watched the battle of death. All the memories flashed in my mind.

She has been a man, has done a lot of things, has met many people, some things have done the right thing, some have done something wrong, some people have missed it, some people have failed, but no matter what, no matter what the situation She never gave up her beliefs.

Life became more and more clear at this moment, she closed her eyes, and the figures that passed by flashed, she loved, hated, disappointed, hurt, and finally, condensed into a clear figure, standing In the bow, the clothes were sorrowful, lightly rained, and faintly turned back, the eyes were cold, but with deep love.

“I love you.”

She whispered that the wind was so big, blowing her hair, the world was blood red, and the rushing armies roared, once and for all, hitting the ancient city gate and making a deafening sound. .

Her hand caressed on her lower abdomen, where there has been a slight uplift, with hope of life, has been supporting her, let her have the courage to stand here, not afraid, not weak, strong to be a mother.

The road is so far away, he must not hear it.

She smiled and raised her face, looking at the clear sky: “I love you -”

However, I can’t stay with you after all.

The sky was so blue, her eyes were sore, and a line of tears flowed down the corner of her eye. She fell into her cold helmet and dipped into her thick hair.

She pulled out the sword, and all the enemy troops rushed in her direction. The people of He Xiao had already smothered out from the flanks. The deafening shouts were like rolling screaming, and the red cloud battle flag flew overhead, the bright red The color is particularly striking in the rolling yellow sand, like a round of hopeful red days.

She turned her head back and looked at the young soldiers one by one.

These are the beautiful soldiers who are famous all over the world, but it is almost impossible to see the original faces now. Over the years, this iron-blooded army followed her to the north and south, across the entire Simon, and they followed her, never shrinking and timid.

The Battle of Zhenhuang, the Battle of the Northwest, the Battle of Chidu, the Battle of Beibei, the Battle of Qianzhang Lake, the Battle of the Fire, the Battle of the Dragon, the Battle of Tang Jing, the Battle of Baiyuguan, the Battle of the Iron Line… …

In the past seven years, this army has proved their loyalty to the entire Simon, with a record of ambiguity. Regardless of the country, regardless of faction, they do not fight for anyone, only for her, for their own conscience.

A group of people have fallen, but there are still more people who are struggling to move forward. Even if they don’t have deep feelings about the country they guard, even if his hometown is thousands of miles away, even if they don’t know what kind of fate they are waiting for. However, as long as one reason is enough, as long as one person’s order is enough, as long as the person stands in front, their loyalty will be like the cold iron under the icy ice lake. Even if the mountain river collapses and the blood becomes gray, it will not shake.

There was no inspiring speech, no need to encourage morale. The young woman took off her helmet and raised her eyes. As the morning star, she smiled at her soldiers and raised the sword in her hand.

“Fighting for freedom!”

The 2,000 officers of the Beauty Army shouted their slogans.

“Bang” sounded bluntly, as if the thunder hit on the ground, followed by countless people crazy cheers.

The Tang Jingcheng Gate, which stood still for thousands of years, finally fell.

The enemy flooded into the tide.

The wind blew, and the sound of shouting was close at hand. Chu Qiaolang said: “You will go first, then I will come.”

“Adult! At the end, you will take a step!”

A general man laughed and jumped on the horse, waving his sword and shouting: “Fighting for freedom!”

He held up the saber and stood up in front of him. The soldiers of the Beauty Army rushed behind him with a huge array of enemies, like a giant under the age of a young man challenging a giant. ‘


The harsh shouting sound filled the whole world.

Sunset, wilderness, iron rides, swords like mountains. The desolation of the wind blew, the unyielding soldiers raised their sabers, and went forward and rushed toward the torrent.

The entire Tang Jingcheng is shrouded in endless wars. A hundred years ago, the banner of the Rose of Datang once covered all the land on the mainland. The four seas were unified and the territory was vast. The will of Datang was once the master of the world. Today, however, Chu Qiao looked at the battlefield, the broken armor, the dying flag, the majestic palace over the layers of smoke, the breath of death engulfed the gorgeous long street, the ears filled with the screams of the horses, the people The crying…

She looked up and looked at the end of the west, a bright red sunset, slowly descending.

The soldiers who died generously, the blood that never condensed, the men who died, the names will not be seen in the annals, will sleep in this vast land, even though they have exhausted their efforts, they still can’t stop it. The pace of the decline of the empire.

The glory and magnificence of history, the glory and dreams of thousands of years, today, here, she will witness the complete decline of this great empire and completely disappear.

The setting sun reflected her pale face, and she took a deep breath, slowly closing her eyes, and flashing the fox-like eyes again.

Li Ce, I tried my best.

In this world, perhaps not everything you do is absolutely correct, but at the time, you have no other choice.

Zhuge, goodbye.

Another round of rope ladders was set up, and countless enemy troops climbed up like locusts. Chu Qiao dropped the scabbard and rushed forward with a knife.

“Protect adults!”

The soldiers of the Beauty Army rushed over and blocked in front of Chu.

The beautiful army under the city wore a black armor, and a sword like a cloud, arranged in a square of attacks, and went to the enemy’s fearless impact. The sky was dim, and the sun gradually fell down the mountain. The blood-red light shrouded the earth, and the faces of the soldiers reflected the fascinating light. The blood soaked the earth, and the shouting sound was deafening. Everyone widened their eyes and struggled to slash.

The iron rushing flooded the entire city, the black-pressed army collapsed like a mountain, the horseshoe was banging, the earth was shaking, and the red-eyed soldiers were like the mountains of the mountains. They were an army that was longer than a miracle. Once, under the Beijiao City, they won more than a few, and the million-strong coalition forces facing the big summer still do not take a step back. Under the dragon’s squatting, they stood side by side in a row, resisting Zhao’s iron rider.


The roar of the tremors drowned all the sounds, the screams of the horses, the shackles of the weapons, the people who came to the sea, and the soldiers who died like this were strangled in one place. The armor covered the earth, the wolf smoke ignited, the sword slashed, the flesh and body of the splash fluttered like a typhoon rolling over the straw. The young body fell in large chunks, the hard armor was trampled by the horses, and thousands of horseshoes stepped on it, like a mass of mud.

The black-pressed arrow rain covered the last rays of light, and the soldiers in the front row of the enemy did not even have a scream to be shot by the whole person. The screams, blood, death, broken limbs, and flustered people trampled on each other. Wheezing, but I can’t hide the chilling spear that is everywhere. Death, death everywhere, bloodthirsty swords swaying the demon red, the soldiers killed their eyes, they forgot everything, just remember an action, that is, slash, then slash, kill one enough, kill two One earned, people were screaming, mourning, the wounded fell to the ground, and before they could get up, they were smashed by the back horses, blood splashed, and brains flowed.

This is a terrible nightmare, where everyone is netted and no one can break free.

The city broke, but the enemy did not rush in. The fierce fight was carried out in front of the gate, and the bodies were piled up to form a natural gate. Chu Qiao stood in the crowd with a knife, blood stained her armor, her breathing is heavy, the knife is more and more fierce.

Dragging, dragging for a moment, He Xiao can run farther.

The sky is getting darker and darker, the night is completely shrouded, and the sound is shouting in all directions. Chu Qiao is so tired suddenly, her movements are no longer flexible, and even the attack power is greatly reduced.

Yes, she is a mother, even if she knows that there are no deaths today, but when she started, she still tried to protect her stomach.

An enemy saw her weakness and sneaked close to her from the side, suddenly seeing her delicate face and different armor by the fire. The soldier glimpsed and immediately knew her identity. He suddenly opened his mouth and seemed to be calling people loudly.


A long scream suddenly sounded, and the blood was splashing. The man couldn’t even do the action of avoiding it. The knife light was on the head, the speed was fast, the strength was great, and people could not believe their eyes. In the next second, the body weight fell heavily, split from the right shoulder into two, adding to the artificial city gate.

The enemy troops outside the city gate were shocked. They stood there and looked at Chu Qiao.

Chu Qiao stood there, holding a sword in one hand. At this moment, her ears suddenly became so sensitive. She could hear the sound of the wind, hear the sound of blood flowing out, listen to the breathing of those people, and hear the earth. In the moment of a shock.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!”

She is so tired, tired and wants to close her eyes, and the overwhelming darkness comes from all directions.

Fall down, don’t force it anymore.

He Xiao should run far, and he will take the Tang Emperor to find Sun Wei who went out to rescue the soldiers and protect Li Ce’s blood.



No use, don’t stick to it, sleep for a while, enough.

The footsteps are soft and the head begins to faint.

However, at this moment, the enemy’s offensive suddenly plunged away, and there was a rush of screams in the opposite army. The soldiers were screaming loudly, but they were too far away to hear. The bright torches are constantly waving, and it seems to be transmitting information.

Panic! Very flustered!

“grown ups?”

The surviving soldier looked at Chu Qiao with a puzzled look. Chu Qiao took a moment. Suddenly, she seemed to understand something and said nothing. She turned and ran to the tower.

“Adult! There are reinforcements!”

Before he even ran up the city wall, a communications soldier rushed down and slammed in front of Chu Qiao. He was excited and flushed and shouted: “There are reinforcements!”

Chu Qiao also couldn’t take care of him. He rushed to the tower in a few steps. The tower was smashed. Everyone was in high-five, and they clung together and thunderous cheers.

Under the horizon, there was a long, iron-gray dragon, like a faint stream, but in a flash, the stream expanded and rushed out of the horizon, forming a vast ocean. Countless soldiers armed with wolf knives, dressed in green scorpions, rushing through the sea, thousands of thousands of people, like a storm.


“It is the Qinghai!”

I don’t know who snorted first, followed by everyone, and all the people were crowded together. Countless soldiers cried and cried, and the soldiers who escaped from the dead cheered loudly at the reinforcements in the distance. The Qinghai Navy should be with them and also issued a deafening assault.

“Adult! We are saved! Datang is saved!”

The commander of the Wolf Army rushed up with blood, and shouted excitedly to Chu Qiao: “Qinghai Wang brought people!”

However, Chu Qiao did not respond to his words. In the fire, a woman with a dusty wind stood still, and the sword fell to the side, motionless, only tears, and quietly fell.

The banks of the Lishui River.

Even if it is so far away, Yanbei’s soldiers can still hear the screaming sound that is constantly coming from the East.

Mu Hao ran forward and said to Yan Xun, who was sitting on horseback: “Your Majesty, we should set off.”

Yan Xun nodded silently, but his body shape did not move. He stared at the raging fire of the East for a long time, and his expression was unpredictable.

He still came after all.

Somehow, the high-hanging string in the bottom of my heart suddenly burst, with a quiet echo, empty.

Perhaps, in the subconscious, I don’t want her to die.

However, after all, I don’t want him to come.

Jiangshan and the beauty have been an intractable choice since ancient times.

What he can’t let go, others can still let go.

“Your Majesty, after Zhuge’s departure, our army launched an attack on Yanmingguan, and now General Lu has broken the pass.”

“Your Majesty, Zhao Che will have a North Gate with a defeated soldier. General Cheng Yuan has won the victory and has already occupied 18 provinces in the Northeast.”

“Your Majesty, there is only one army left in the territory of Daxia, and it is currently near Fangcheng Mountain.”

“His Majesty……”

Suddenly, Yan Xun couldn’t hear anything. The ear repeatedly echoed the crisp sounds of many years ago. The girl looked at him with a smile, and picked up her feet, licking her white fingers and licking his chest. Smiled and asked: “Will you bully me?”

Will you bully me?

Do you know?

The wind whistled, and two war hawks hovered over their heads, making a sharp tweet.

He turned his back and his mind was stunned.

Others have made a choice, and he should follow the path he has long established. No matter what fate is in front, after all, he is the path he chose for himself.

A hundred years of life, such as the white shackles, can not tolerate the love of children, can not tolerate, can not hesitate, can not regret to look back……

He repeated Yan’s ancestral training over and over again, thinking that many years ago his parents were expelled from the Zhao family tree, and his father and brother were brutally killed on the Yanbei Plateau.

From then on, the eight million national land of the great summer will be inserted into the Yanbei eagle flag, and the world will surrender to my feet. My will will cover the whole land. I will be the new land. A generation of kings. So how can a woman compare, how can I compare, I do not regret, never regret.

Before Yan Xun’s policy, he walked in front of the army, and the army and the horses followed him behind him, like a raging ocean.

Muhamh stood behind him and looked at the king of Yanbei, who was gradually disappearing. Suddenly, the young general felt that his majesty was so lonely, and the darkness swallowed all the light around him, leaving only His strong back is like a sharp gun.

In the city of Tang Jing, there was a cheer.

Chu Qiao stood in front of the gate, behind numerous countless people and soldiers.

Zhuge 玥 jumped off the horse, a dusty, navy blue cloak filled with blood, black and black.

“What are you doing?”

“Come and get back what belongs to me.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes gradually became red and swollen. She picked up her lips and held back the sour eyes. She stepped forward and gave a fist and hammered his chest. He said softly: “A fool.”

Zhuge Yu stretched out his arm and held her in his arms. He smiled and said: “Xinger, come back to Qinghai with me.”

Chu Qiao fell in his arms, tears and lines fell, and wet his clothes.

In the morning, the sun-baked man’s bones were numb, and he held her hand, warm and firm, as if he would not let go of his life.

Her tears slid down, and in his arms, nodded hard.

She tiptoed her feet and fell in his ear, the voice was so small, but with so much joy.

“Zhu Ge, I am pregnant.”

The heavens and the earth are so vast, the time is so fast, the end of the end is over, and the future is still shining in front of the endless brilliance. Even if the road is unpredictable, but after all, at the moment, the smile is like three springs, and everything is born.

[End of the text]

The rain outside the curtain is thick, and it is the autumn season. The ruts of the palace car are wet by the rain, and the squatting comes from the deep alley. The light rain is like the cold tears. The palace door squats, looks from afar, like a Ink and ink, light ink and light color, falling pens.

The curtain of the carriage was opened, revealing a slender hand, the phalanx was soft and white, the nails were red and red, and a purple gold bracelet was worn on the wrist, which more lining the skin like jade.


An old palace man squatted on the side of the road and whispered to the smooth car curtain: “Sun Tai doctor is asking for help inside.”

When the curtain was moving, the woman in a light blue palace dress slowly got off the bus, her eyes were clear and her face was peaceful.

The two squats came up from behind to support her. The woman in her early thirties was holding a six- or seven-year-old child. Although the child was still young, she looked very handsome and saw her grin and said. : “My mother, I am going to school.”

Yushu smiled slightly and reached out to caress the broken hair in front of the child’s forehead: “Go to the Queen’s Mother with the mother.”

The child frowned slightly, and seemed to be reluctant. He said with a grin, “Is Yonger waiting for the mother to do it here?”

“No,” Yushu is coloring and shaking his head: “Yonger is a child of Renxiao. The Queen’s body is unhappy, you have to be obedient.”

The child meditated for a moment, and finally nodded helplessly: “That’s alright.”

It’s just a look, but it’s still a bit unwilling.

Four years ago, the long princess married Jiangshan. In the time of Chen Bingguan, the 800,000-strong army of Yanbei, Huai Song, who was weak for many years of civil strife, won a vassal of the princes. He left the warm country and took the boat all the way. North, along the north of Chishui, finally entered this true city. And these royal clans, who followed the princess, stayed away from their homeland and lived in Zhenhuang.

The Daxia Kingdom has been destroyed for several years. Today, the 18th state of Hongchuan has been renamed as “Yan”. The new Yanhuang repairs the government, expands the Shengjin Palace on the original basis, and opens up the southeastern land for the Princess of the Song Dynasty. Gong Kaifu, known as the southeast hall, and allowed the empress to participate in politics, commanding the size of the Huai Song vassal state government, Huai Song officials have three products below the transfer without going through the court, the foreign court also called the southeast hall for the Song Dynasty.

Only in the past two years, as the body of the princess has gone from bad to worse, the southeast hall has become more and more deserted.

Yushu’s father used to be the old part of Huai Song. At the beginning of his reign, he was still the pillar of the southeastern temple. However, in the past few years, the old Huai Song’s old minister gradually integrated into the Chaotang, and the emperor’s policy of inclusiveness gradually disappeared. The alert of these foreign ministers. Now come to this southeastern temple, it is already quiet to hear the sound of autumn snoring.

“Xuan Wang is coming.”

Aunt Yun has been in his 60s this year. In recent years, he has become more and more old, full of silver and crane skin. She smiled and walked over, bent down to tease Yongwang, and said with a smile: “Yongwang’s Highness is getting more and more handsome. When he grows up, he must be a beautiful man like Xuan Wangye.”

Aunt Yun followed the empress for many years and had a great position in the palace. Even Yushu, who has always respected her, said with a smile: “Aunt’s recent physical condition?”

“Okay, good, drag the blessing of the king.”

“What happened to the Queen?”

“Hey, it’s not the same.” Yun Aunt sighed. When people were older, they were some sluts. They said to Yushu: “There are very few meals, and they don’t like medicine. So big people, still Like a child.”

“Yonger is not afraid to take medicine!”

On the side of Yongwang Wenyan suddenly said loudly, Yun Aunt listened to a piece of music, touched the head of Yong Wang and smiled: “Yuan Wang is a man, will go in to persuade the Queen Empress, do you know?”

“The Queen Mother woke up and asked who is outside?”

A servant suddenly came out, Yushu heard the words and nodded to Yun Aunt, and took Yong Wang into the Zhaoyang Temple.

The Zhaoyang Temple is still the same, even though it is magnificent, but Yushu always feels that the space is here, and when he walks, he can hear the echo of the footsteps.

The Queen is a quiet person, and there are always very few people around him. Even in this palace, only a few slaves are on the sidelines.



Two second-class Hui people opened the Dongzhu rain curtain for Yushu, and the bright beads hit together and made a crisp sound. Yushu walked in with Yong Wang, squatting outside the warming room, whispered: “Chen Chen sees Empress.”

After a while, a peaceful voice sounded slowly, and I heard a little bit of unhealed asthma: “Yeshu, come in.”

There was some coolness in the hall, and a marble screen was engraved with alpine water, which added a bit of tranquility to this empty temple. The queen wore a bright yellow robes and squatted on the couch. The hair was combed meticulously. There was not much Zhu Xi. There was only one emerald green field scorpion, and the eyebrows were adorned with a large bloodstone.

“Wen Yuan, give a seat.”

A first-class lady officer came forward and took a seat for Yushu. Yushu thanked him and sat down. He asked the queen to ask: “Is the family happy?”

Yushu replied respectfully: “Everything is fine.”

“I heard that the emperors changed their new husbands, can’t Yong’s homework keep up?”

“Yong’s young age, talents can’t catch up with the emperors, but Chen Hao invited him to the two in the government, and now he can barely keep up.”

The queen suddenly coughed a little and looked pale and sick. He said: “You are the first person of the scholarly family. Naturally, you know how to discipline your child. Just don’t be too anxious. The child must be still small. Children, don’t force him. Too tight.”

Then the two began to gossip, the relationship between Yushu and the Queen has always been very strange, although on the surface it seems that the Queen has a lot to their royal family, but when they talk, they are always separated by several layers, even though she is three If you are not at five o’clock, please take your child and ask for it. It is nothing more than a few things.

When I talked about the time of tea, I suddenly screamed three times outside, and Yushu was shocked. I quickly took my son and stood up. The bead curtain was picked up. The emperor had a bright yellow robes. The color was dazzling and striding. Come in.

“Chen Chen gave the emperor peace, and the emperor lived long live.”

“Yonger is pleased to the emperor, and the emperor is long lived.”

The emperor raised his hand slightly, his tone was low, and he said quietly: “Straight.”

“Thank the emperor.”

The emperor sat on the couch casually. The queen was sick, just blessed in bed, and smiled and asked: “How is the emperor so free today?”

The emperor said: “Listen to Dr. Sun said that you are not very good recently, just come and see.”

“The emperor has a lot of opportunities, and he still remembers the body of the courtiers. It really makes the courtiers feel uncomfortable.”

Yushu sat down on his chair and listened to the scenes of the emperor and the queen. He felt that there were a few twists in his heart. He didn’t talk at the moment, just pulling the child beside him, so he was very willing to put on it. Listening.

When the emperor and the empress said a few words, they turned their heads and said to her: “How is your family recently?”

“Take the blessing of the emperor, everything is fine.”

“The princes have changed their teachers. Is Yongle young and his homework still up?”

Yushu glimpsed a little, and thought it was the couple, and nodded busyly: “Thank you for your concern, but you can barely keep up.”

The emperor nodded and asked something else. Suddenly he said to the insider Cao Qiu: “Bring the bow of the Franco tribute, Yongle is eight years old, and he should enter the military. When Xuan Mo is there I love guns and guns. The bows and arrows are especially familiar. The tiger father has no dogs. I believe that Yonger will not let you down.”

Cao Qiu quickly bent over and ran up and sent a box. Yushu quickly got up and thanked, but his heart was slightly worried. The emperor said that he was looking at the Queen’s body, but why did he carry a bow and arrow? Does he know that I am going to the palace with Yongle?

In these years, the emperor was indeed good to them, and the various rewards never dropped them. They did not have a slight scorn for them because they did not have a male owner. This point has already provoked many people in the ruling and opposition to think about it, and every time the emperor talks about the Xuan Wang, it is a very familiar tone. According to Yushu, the emperor and Xuan Mo have never seen each other.

For a time, many thoughts flashed through the mind, Yushu took the box, and the eternal child next to him was happy. He also smashed two heads and said with a smile: “The emperor is really good for Yonger.”

The emperor’s rare smile came out and stood up and said: “There are still some political issues that need to be dealt with. I will go there temporarily. You can chat with the empress here.”

After all, it was left in the voice of the people.

When the emperor went, the empress began to cough up, and the spirit was slightly inferior.

Wen Yuan whispered a question, then took off the outer dress for the queen and put on a plain dress. The Queen and Yushu had a conversation without a ride. When the Queen was obviously tired, Yushu got up and retired. The empress did not leave them, but told the next man to give him the ready reward, and the maid sent them out of the palace.

In the narrow red alley, Yushu was sitting on the carriage with Yonger, the carriage slowed down, and the autumn rain hit the curtain on the curtain. Yushu’s thoughts are also a bit embarrassing. She thought about it carefully. It seems that she has met the emperor in recent times. Every time the emperor went to visit the empress when they entered the palace, it is reasonable to say that she is like this. Should not meet the emperor.

Suddenly she felt a little uneasy. She remembered the expression of the emperor when she talked about the husband, and could not help but wonder.

She suddenly opened the door and said to Jiang Wu: “Jiang Wu, is His Highness good at bows and arrows?”

Jiang Wu gave a slight glimpse, but she did not expect that she suddenly mentioned this matter, and quickly replied: “His Royal Highness is naturally familiar with the bow, but the sword of the Highness makes it the best. No one knows it in Beijing. When it comes to the bow and arrow, the Queen’s Highness It is also very good at it.”

Yushu frowned, and a thought flashed through her mind, but it was just a flash so she couldn’t catch her tail.

She nodded and closed the door.

When Yushu just left, Nalan coughed up. Several hospitals in the hospital were rushing into the Zhaoyang Temple. They had been busy for more than two hours.

There was a strong soup smell everywhere in the hall, and Nalan was lying on the bed, still breathing. This half-day toss, more and more her face is bloodless.

“Queen Empress, I heard that the emperor stayed at the Qinglu Temple tonight, and there was no master to serve.”

Nalan’s hand licked her chest, and her breath was a little weak. She asked: “Isn’t Cheng Hao in Qinglu Temple?”

“No, Cheng Hao’s moon is coming, and she is avoiding red in the Red Square.”

Nalan nodded and meditated for a moment, saying: “The weather is getting colder and colder. You are going to tell Cao Qiu to let their slaves be careful, be careful not to let the cold down.”


When Wen Yuan was about to go, Nalan suddenly shouted: “Forget it, still don’t have to go.”

After that, turn around and lie inside, the voice is very light and lightly passed: “The dinner does not have to be called, the palace should sleep.”

“Yes, the goddess.”

It has been five years since the Yan dynasty was established. Like many emperors of the dynasties, this harem has gradually become more and more lively. Countless young and beautiful women flooded into the palace. They were charming, some were cold, some were full of poetry, some were cute and lovely. It seems that the flowers of this world are all in full bloom in this lonely deep palace, and the flowers are blooming all day long.

Unfortunately, even though she has been in the palace for four years, Nalan has not been able to give birth to a son and a half daughter. Instead, other nephews have been happy again and again. Cheng Hao’s sister, Cheng Hao, has given birth to a pair of Liner’s status in the harem. Already forced her to be the queen who died of illness.

And he, for a long time, has not set foot in the Zhaoyang Temple.

Today, if Yushu does not come with Yonger, I am afraid he will not come.

The sun gradually fell, the moon climbed up the treetops, and a pair of red candles ignited and flashed brightly. Nalan is very thin now, shrinking in the quilt, like a thin bird, she coughs from time to time.

Perhaps, I have long since ignored it.

On the day when the League was closed six years ago, the news of the birth of Xiaoshizi in Qinghai spread throughout the mainland of Simon. The small child was suffering from a cold and bumpy in his mother’s womb. His health was not good. He died just after birth. Qinghai Wangfu was born after birth. Weakness is also at stake. Qinghai Wang values ​​his wife and children in the world, and he will be able to give up his wife and Yan Xun in the same year, especially today.

Qinghai immediately issued a notice, rewarded Wanjin, and sought the world-famous doctor. He heard that Mr. Maozhu Qingzhu’s medical skills were brilliant, but he was old and old, and Qinghai was not willing to move. When Qinghai Wang dared to form a victory in Yanbei and Huai Song, he only took three thousand fine rides out of Cuiweiguan, and rushed to Maoling all the way. He took Mr. Qingzhu and finally saved Xiaoshizi and beauty. The life of the king.

The day when the news came, it was the day of her and Yan Xun’s hiring, Shu and Jintie, Dahong, everything has smashed her long-cherished wish.

She opened the gold post, and at the top was the name of the two people he wrote.


Just then side by side, one stroke, one horizontal and one fold, seems to outline her long life. Her fingers slid over the white-headed phoenix, the double-red gold placard, and the hot stamping slogan, and stopped at the eight fascinating handwritings:

“Watching and companionship, forever concentric.”

It is clearly the simplest eight words, but her eyes are a little moist.

In the evening, the two of them sat in the hall of the Huanhuan to have a double wedding feast. Apricot tree outside the court opened the glamorous, like a fire, Yunxia, ​​the wind blew, the fall of the colorful, the sky is full of red powder, like a rain.

He sat in front of himself, his face was calm, full of diplomatic rhetoric, and there were not many words, but he did not leak, and he did not appear rude, but he was not too close.

Nalan wanted to say a few times that she had been hiding for a long time, but she was blocked by his indifferent expression. Seeing that it was getting late, he was about to leave. She couldn’t help but be anxious. She was about to say that his bodyguard suddenly said that there was an urgent military report.




Qinghai Wang is almost approaching Maoling, and these talents will report this important news.

Yan Xun has always been calm and indifferent, but at that time it changed his face. He told the army near Maoling to assemble on the spot. At any cost, it is necessary to keep Qinghai King in Guanzhong.

But the guard did not go out, he yelled at the guard, and the evening sun shone on his face, with a blind light, his hand stretched out, keeping a posture, seeming to say something, but again Did not say it. The apricot flowers in the courtyard fluttered, and they fell down and sprinkled on the ground.

“Still forget it.”

He lowered his hand and resumed his calmness.

“Forget it?”

The guards glimpsed a little and unconsciously asked. Yan Xun heard a little raise his eyebrows, did not speak, but his eyes turned around in the face of the guard, like a cold water.

The guards frightened and slammed into the ground, and retired and retired.

The sky gradually darkened, and Yan Xun turned her head. It was natural to smile at Nalan. She clipped a piece of green bamboo shoots for her. She said: “Let’s eat more bamboo shoots, it’s good for the body.”

Nalan’s half-life has risen and fallen, and she has already developed a purely natural gas-raising technique.

She also smiled and nodded: “Thank you for your Royal Highness.”

This is just a very small episode. All the people who accompany the waiter have forgotten this irrelevant thing. Only her, remembered it.

That evening, in the glory of the setting sun, she seemed to recognize one thing, but she has refused to admit it for so many years.

There was a low cough in the hall, and Wenyuan, who was in the outer hall, grabbed a su and incense in the incense burner, and his eyebrows wrinkled gently.

The moonlight outside the window is graceful, the shadow of the tree is shining, and the winter of the true beauty is coming again.

Yushu slept in the day and went to sleep at night.

She wore a silver fox cloak and a lantern to go to Yonger’s room. Yonger was very embarrassed without kicking the quilt, slept very well, and muttered his mouth as if he was dreaming of something to eat.

Yushu sat down beside his bed, the wind in the night was so quiet, and the scent of the corner of the circle spiraled straight up, circle and circle, like the smoke of the countryside. Yushu reached out and tried to touch his son’s face, but he was afraid that he would bring cold air outside. He only made a slight sham on his forehead, and opened his mouth and smiled slightly.

Unconsciously, the three more drums came from far away, and the voice of the husband was also long. Yushu was full of peace at the moment, and even the sound of the fire candle sounded exceptionally peaceful.

She stood up and went out, closed the door for the child, and wanted to turn back to the room, but looked back at the candle in the room.

Suddenly, she was so stunned.

Like the thousands of times these years, she was standing there, so she stared at it quietly.

It has been five years since the stone statues of the East China Sea were filled with dust. The Qingliu officials of the ruling and the wild have also forgotten the famous name. Even the coastal people who once prayed for him day and night, I am afraid that they have already removed his Soul brand and replaced it. Parents and relatives of their own family.

Everyone gradually forgot the man, forgot his merits, forgot his efforts, forgot his voice and smile, and forgot what he had paid for this country for this land.

However, only her, this silly woman, does not forget to smoke a room in his study room when night falls.

She didn’t dare to approach, just as he did before his life, he even had a good soup, and he could only let the maids send her.

He said that he had to be busy with government affairs and could not be disturbed by others. She believed.

He said that he had an urgent military situation, and that no one was allowed to approach, she believed.

He said that he was going to be busy late tonight, and he lived in the study room, so that she would not wait, she also believed.

She is such a silly woman, no matter what her man said, she believes. But sometimes, she also wants to say something, just a few simple words, such as she is just like the next person, send a bowl of soup to come out, will not bother him. For example, she is his wife, maybe not a casual person. For example, in fact, she sleeps very late every night, he is too busy to be late, do not have to be afraid to wake her up.

However, she still dare not say, perhaps, just feel a little shy, can not say a bit.

So she squatted on the window day and night, looking at the lights in the study, until the lights went out, she could climb into the bed and close her eyes with peace of mind.

She sometimes thinks, isn’t it a sleep?

But just after such a thought, she was already blushing.

Every time I go back to her family, my sister will quietly tell her that your family prince has a heart. Every time she hears, she will be very angry. What kind of person is Wang Ye, how can they use this kind of mind to destroy him?

However, her eloquence is really bad. She argued a few times and said that her sisters. Gradually, she lost even her family.

She knows that she has the best husband in the world. He is honest, kind, and talented. His paintings are full of praises. His words are a must in Beijing. His poems are widely circulated. He never drinks at home. Sometimes he is socializing outside, and he is never drunk. He does not care for him. He is not involved in the dusty fireworks. He is the famous Xuan Xianwang in the middle of the DPRK, and he is the most famous general in the army.

Although he sometimes neglects her because of the busy government, what about it? Compared with her mother, she is already too lucky compared to the ladies who fight against the ladies in the house all day long.

He is her husband, her god, her whole world.

Doesn’t she just believe in him, take care of him, wait for him?

How can there be doubts, suspicions, defamation, and grievances that hurt the spring and fall?

What’s more, even if he is not there, she still enjoys the merits he left behind during his lifetime, and the most precious child he left for her.

Nothing is unsatisfactory.

She smiled slightly, her smile was clear and simple, she pulled the collar of the cloak and silently read:

“Tomorrow, I have to buy window papers. It’s cold, and the window paper in the study room should be changed.”

Under the faint skylight, she seems to see the shadow of that person again.

The spring is like the sea, the pear is like snow, the young boy is standing under the pear tree, wearing a royal blue robe, the purple jade belt, the sun shining through the treetops, sprinkling on his eyes, falling through the eyelashes at the bridge of the nose, making a small The fan-like shadow, the teenager looked at her from afar, and laughed loudly and asked: “Hey! Waiting for you for a long time!”

Suddenly, the sparks in front of her eyes were broken. She saw the eager face of Wen Yuan in a blind light. Wen Yuan’s mouth opened and closed, but she could not hear what she was saying.

She knew that she might be sick again. Surrounded by people, some people were pulling her arm, swaying eagerly, and she was hurting a little.

She frowned, a little angry, wanting to reprimand these unintelligible people, but the blind man did not seem to listen, she tried to open her mouth, but like the fish on the bottom of the sea, silent opening and closing, no breath.

Wenyuan was anxious, and he scolded the little eunuch on the side: “How come the emperor hasn’t come yet? Is it notified?”

The little eunuch was pale and his voice was crying. He squatted on the floor and said: “The slave’s legs are all broken. The news has already been passed in, but Cheng Hao’s mother said that the emperor is taking a nap. What is the matter waiting for the emperor to wake up? Come and talk.”

“There is no reason for this!” Wenyuan angered: “Cheng Wei is so courageous, is this kind of thing she can afford?”

Wenyuan had been with Nalan for a long time, and she was more and more prestigious. All of them saw her anger, and all of them were afraid to speak on the ground.

Nalan thought, Wenyuan’s courage is really bigger and bigger, and this kind of words dare to say it. If it is passed to Cheng Hao’s ear, it is a storm.

Since she couldn’t speak for a while, she continued to close her eyes and let her ants, such as those on the hot pot.

Cheng Hao did not seem to be like a word. Taking advantage of her mother and two princes, she became more and more unscrupulous, but she did not know what to do with the blessings of the future. The reliance on today is the scourge of the Ming Dynasty. It seems that when the body is good, it needs to be beaten and beaten. Otherwise, the big harem will not give her the smoldering smoke.

She sighed exhaustedly, only feeling a little sleepy, lazy and no longer want to talk, the surrounding cockroaches gradually drifted away, and once again fell into a dark dream.

Cheng Hao, also known as Cheng Rongrong, is the cousin of the great general Cheng Yuan. After the big Yan Ding is really beautiful, in order to enrich the harem and also to win the powers, Cheng Hao and several other ladies of the middle and middle ministers entered the palace together. Because my brother’s power in the DPRK and his own beauty, he entered the seal several times, and he was very happy. And she did indeed struggle very much, and soon she gave birth to a pair of Liner, and became the head of the three scorpions, second only to the Queen.

She is a smart woman who knows how to advance and retreat. It is a pity that she has been added to her glory in recent years. She has become more and more worried about her behavior, and she has made some extra rashes in her speech.

This feeling, Yan Xun sleepd for a long time, until the evening sunset red, the fragrance of the imperial room filled the corner of the Holy Palace, he slowly woke up.

Last night, the end of the rush, Yan Xun wanted to sleep, and still a little dizzy at the moment.

Cheng Hao was half-squatting on his feet, wearing a soft yellow gauze, and offering a cup of flower tea to Yan Xun, and licking some interesting things about the palaces.

Yan Xun listened absently, and coped with a few sentences from time to time. Suddenly, a broken word floated into his ear. He bowed slightly and asked: “What are you talking about?”

Cheng Hao’s heart was shocked, calm and calm, and the smile was not reduced: “At the beginning of the afternoon, the small straight son of the southeast hall was unhappy, and the courtiers watched the emperor sleep well, and did not dare to wake the emperor. It’s true that the next person is not sensible, and the big problem is big. The Queen’s body has not been very good. This is a well-known thing. The maiden itself is not willing to disturb the emperor with such a thing. This time she must be ignorant, if she knows, How to punish the next person, I will not ask him to disturb the emperor.”



Yan Xun sat on the couch and didn’t talk for a while. He quietly cleans his hands, wipes his face, drinks tea, wears boots, his eyes are deep, his expression is calm, and he doesn’t know what he is thinking.

Cheng Hao’s heart was happy. After busy, he washed and changed clothes for Yan Xun. Who knows that Yan Xun had put on his clothes and went away. Cheng Hao was anxious and busy saying: “Is the emperor not leaving dinner?”

Yan Xun slowly turned around, the sun shining on his face, with a touch of golden light, more and more eyes look deep and deep. He looked at Cheng Hao so quietly, and did not show any anger, but it was a cold back and cold body.

Cheng Hao suddenly went down, the flower is eclipsed, and the emperor’s favorite Yuan Shilan’s end appeared in the past, and she almost shivered with fear.

The temple was quiet, I don’t know how long it took, and the maid whispered in her ear: “The goddess, the emperor is gone.”

She slowly looked up, only feeling that the forehead was all cold sweat, standing up weakly, but almost fell. The maid exclaimed to hold her and let her sit on the soft couch.

She rubbed her hand on her chest, her face pale, and she didn’t speak for a long time.

She knew that although the emperor did not say anything, but just that moment, she was really close to death.

The sky was getting darker and darker, and she thought about it in silence. She finally took a deep breath and said to the next man: “Take the little Dengzi who is guarding the door today to play the 30th board, and then prepare a gift, and go to the palace gate of the Queen’s wife tomorrow. If you sin, you can say that the concierge is lazy and misunderstood.”

The maid promised, though afraid, but did not dare to question. After a while, there was a scream of a loud voice from Xiao Dengzi.

After all, being able to climb to this position is by no means a woman who is simply ignorant. She knows how to advance and retreat, knowing how to measure, even if there is occasional forgetting, but once there is a wind, she will wake up quickly.

Today’s alarm is enough for her to understand.

“Copper, preparing incense sticks and scriptures, starting tomorrow, the palace will go to the Buddhist temple every day to copy the scriptures and pray for me.”


This time temptation is enough.

Cheng Rongrong sighed and touched the quilt that Yan Xun had just slid, only feeling cold.

When the Yankee went to the southeast hall, the sky was completely dark.

The southeast hall was lit up, the doctors had already retired, and the inner officer saw him busy, and was about to pass, but he was interrupted. He walked in all the way, all the servants of the palace were kneeling on the ground, the black pressed head was hanging down, all the way, and continued to the cold palace door.

She has already slept, lying in the layers of the splendid, pale, silky mess, thin and weak.

Wen Yuan was full of joy, laying a cushion on his couch, but he pulled a chair by himself, so he sat across from Nalan.

The maids all retreated, leaving him and her, he sat quietly, and she was sleeping.

It seems that she has never seen her like this. The Nalan red leaves in memory are always dignified and graceful. They are dressed in noble Chinese costumes, painted with elegant makeup, and their words and deeds are never wrong. The face is always detached. The smile is filled with the royal atmosphere that has accumulated over the years.

Even on the wedding night, between the beds, the elegance of a country’s princess is lost.

It’s never like this, it’s messy, embarrassing, and skinny.

She is really thin, and now she looks at her, he can hardly associate her with the lon