Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 341-360 (unedited)

Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 341-360 (unedited)

By Xiao Xiang Dong’Er, translated and arranged by Angel Chua


Li Qingrong also woke up, the child stared at a pair of black lacquered eyes, quietly looking at a few people in the room, and suddenly saw his little brother crying, but also opened his mouth, wow a cry out.

The milkmaid rushed in from the outside, did not dare to say more, just picked up Rong King and went outside to feed.

The candlelight on the main hall creaked, and the shadow of the phoenix tree in front of the window was swaying. The night was so quiet, she could not hear anything except the cry of the child.

“What four young masters?”

A small face of Li Xiuyi suddenly became frosty, with a few suffocating suffocation, pushing Chu Qiao, and ran to the bed to pick up the sword of Chu Qiao, and slammed out the sword that was almost as tall as him. The murderous shouted: “I am going to kill him and let him grab my aunt with me!”


Chu Qiao grabbed the sword and yelled: “What are you doing?”

The child snorted and rolled his tears from the bottom of his eyes and cried: “My aunt doesn’t want me, I know, you have to go, you don’t want me!”

Chu Qiao squatted on the ground, holding the child tightly in his arms, but the heartache was too late, and he couldn’t speak.

“Auntie don’t go.”

The child stretched out his hand and hugged her back. Wow, he cried: “The instrument will grow up soon. I will protect my aunt like my father. My aunt will not leave.”

At this moment, a beautiful girl like a white jade suddenly came out of the door, wearing a small scorpion, stupidly standing at the door, a small face was white and fat, his eyes were black and lacquered, like two nurturing Grapes in the water.

Li Xiuyi saw her, ran out of Chu Qiao’s arms, ran to the little girl’s hand in a few steps, sobbing and said: “I will give my aunt a hoe, and my aunt will not leave.”

The little girl is Li Ce’s daughter. It’s only four years old this year. Because of the recent inconsistency in the palace, Chu Qiao brought all three of them to the residence of the 宓荷居, but they used to sleep with the nursing mother, so they slept not far. Outside.

I stopped, and I didn’t know if I didn’t understand my brother’s words. I stood still.

Li Xiuyi was angry and shouted: “Let you kneel down! Didn’t you hear?”

Wow, I burst into tears, and I squatted down. Two little hands were holding the ground, and I kept licking my head. I whispered and cried and said indiscriminately: “I don’t dare to make trouble, I don’t dare, my aunt,呜——”

Chu Qiao grabbed Li Xiuyi, who had to squat down the hoe, and held him in his arms together. The sourness in his heart was like a sea of ​​blue water, and there was no end to it.

“My aunt won’t go, my aunt won’t go.”

She said in a word, the two children rushed into her arms, and then I was afraid of crying, and the voice echoed in the empty Jinu Palace, and together with the leaking drum, passed it to the deep autumn of this grief.

Mei Xiang looked at the figure of the three people, and a heart sank so much. She sat there, slightly turned her head, and pressed her lips tightly. A line of tears slipped from the bottom of the eye and fell into the mouth. So oh.

“It’s all life.”

She helplessly pulled out a smile, like the aging of Huanglian.

On the second day, when Sun Di came, Chu Qiao had been groomed, dressed in a dignified red-gold brocade, and the golden silk lily was draped over the chest and looked magnificent.

Sun Di looked at Chu Qiao and seemed to be slightly embarrassed. After a while, a sudden burst of laughter appeared on his lips. He said quietly: “It seems that the girl is trying to figure it out.”

The woman sat in the main hall of the main hall, and the morning sun shone on her body, with a light that people dared not to look at. Wearing such a Chinese costume, her sharpness in her eyebrows did not reduce a few points, but she looked even more gloomy. She fixedly looked at Sun Di, her voice was cold, and she slowly said: “Fortunately, I am not called Sun Daren.” Disappointed.”

Sun Di’s mind was suddenly stunned, but he still calmly bowed: “The girl is heavy.”

Chu Qiao also no longer talks, coldly waved: “It is estimated that there are already many people in the heart, how to handle it, I will give it to you.”

“Yes, the minister is not responsible.”

In the blink of an eye, the title has changed. Chu Qiao turned his head and even felt sneer.

Sun Di said, and then he tentatively said: “After three days, it is Huang Daoji.”

“Three days?” Chu Qiao raised his eyebrows slightly: “Not too fast?”

“No matter, the minister will urge the Ministry of Rites and the Ministry of Industry to step up preparations.”

“What should I do with the sacred and the sacred book?”

Sun Di smiled slightly and said it was very self-satisfied: “Is the girl forgotten? The emperor gave the girl’s county secretary a book that has not yet filled in the honor. If you make a slight modification, you can do it. There is no error in time. After all, it is the first emperor’s home. The book, the ministers will be more convinced, plus the girl’s current power, I think no one dares to speak out.”

“Oh, you think about it.”

Chu Qiao said not coldly, but Sun Di’s back was suddenly cold, and he said with a deep voice: “The courtier is going to prepare.”


Chu Qiao nodded faintly, looking quite tired, Sun Di hurriedly turned away, just when he was about to step out of the door, a very light voice suddenly came, the woman said faintly: “This is the last time. ”

When Sun Di’s feet suddenly stagnate, he turned his head and saw that Chu Qiao had already entered the inner hall.

Is it auditory hallucination?

He frowned slightly.

Autumn is high, and the sky is clear. Sun Di suddenly smiles freely, raises his face and looks at the sky. Vaguely, he seems to have seen the man who is also a friend of Yijun smiling at him.

“I am doing this, you must be happy too, even if you have a virgin and inviolable sense of justice on your face, I am expected to have fun.”

Sun Di took a deep breath and closed his eyes quietly.

It’s no problem to hate me. As long as you keep the blood of Li Tang, everything is worth it.

On the fifth day of October, Jinwu Palace issued the will of the emperor, and the beautiful general Chu Chu was the emperor, and he was in charge of the palace, and promised the world. As long as he gave birth to the emperor in the future, he would be the queen of the Tang Dynasty.

Because the time of the payment was three months ago, when Li Ce was still alive, Chu Qiao became the only woman who had just been crowned and crowned the Emperor, and everyone in the world knew what kind of marriage it was. It is impossible for a beautiful emperor to be pregnant with Li Ce’s child for the rest of her life, so in this life, she can only be a royal emperor.

After the three-day ceremony, the Tang Dynasty city was full of black shackles, and the ritual department also rushed to make the first black robes from the Tang Dynasty for thousands of years. All local officials were rushed to prepare for the ceremony, and the martyrdom was full of rushing horses. The direction of the city is far away.

Everyone is waiting for the marriage in three days. The eyes of all countries are condensed together. Tianda is once again alarmed by this woman, because everyone knows that this is not just a royal prince, but a big tang The true master of the next decade, the great summer woman who was born in the past, finally climbed the peak of power step by step with the legendary encounter.

When Yan Xun knew the news, he was banqueting guests in the palace. The wind came quietly and fell in his ear, whispering a few words. His face suddenly changed, and the wine in his hand was smashed, and the wine was half-scented, and it was sprinkled on the black robes.

The rough guest smiled and asked, “What happened to the king?”

Yan Xun smiled and shook his head: “It is really embarrassing that an old horse that has been raised for many years has just died and is disturbed.”

“It turned out to be a horse.” The guest laughed happily: “Yanbei is a big thing, if the king will attack the big summer in the future, the world will be in the master’s grasp, and there is nothing. But since the king loves the horse, then I immediately send it. People go back and send a thousand horses to the king, and wish the king a smooth start, and the flag will win!”

Lang Lang’s laughter suddenly came out of the Fangfang Palace and resurfaced far and wide on the Yanbei Plateau.

The vastness between heaven and earth, the fate is really like a forehead arrow, as long as it is shot, there is no room for turning back.

That night, Yan Xun took the entourage to the Nata Palace in the sunset, and the palace was like a cloud. He sat in the deep pool of Yunhai-like palace for a long time, and the sun fell a little bit. The sunset was a red and bright red, like the flame safflower on the fire thunder.

The spirits slid over the scorpion, and the line of sight was blurred little by little. His eyes were no longer sharp, and there was a little emptyness. There was no one around him. He could allow his thoughts to temporarily put a fake.

“Achu, marry me.”


“I will always be good to you.”

“I will always believe in you.”

“Achu, when the war in the east is over, let’s get married.”

“Achu, all the storms have passed, and we are still together.”

Whoever will change, we will not change.

We will not change…

A low-slack sneer came out of the Yunhai Palace, and the wind glimpsed a little, and turned to the side, but only smelled the scent of wine. In the past, I never drunk, and since that person left, the wine has become a must-have item.

Thinking of that person, the wind suddenly became sour.

After all, it is two sad people, scattered world, living on the tip of the knife, no one can be truly peaceful.

The wind in Yanbei is getting colder, and winter is coming soon.

At this moment, a group of people at the ferry crossing in Xianyang had just landed on the shore. Several men with the face of the frosty color took a few horses and said: “The news came from the family. No one knows that the young master is not there. Say that the young master is doing his own thing, and rushing back within ten days, don’t worry.”

The purple man frowned slightly, his face was handsome, his lips were red, and his eyes were like deep ponds and deep wells.

He was neat on a horse, with a hint of dust and dust on his face.

“This is going to Tang Jing. If you take a short trip, you only need three days. There are no big towns along the way. It is a bit bumpy.”

“Time is rushing, or take a short walk.”


A follower turned to the purple man and said: “Young master, do you want to prepare a carriage, you have not slept for many days.”

“No, no.” The man shook his head and said in a deep voice: “Can there be news in Tang Jing?”

“After the girl defeated Zhan Ziyu in one fell swoop, the ruling and the opposition calmed down. It was only a little embarrassing about the issue of who was supporting the government in the near future. It was just that it was not related to the girl. It was the internal affairs of the Sui and Tang dynasties.”

The man nodded and said, “Let’s go.”

Everyone followed him behind him, and the horseshoe splashed, and disappeared into the ancient road of Xianyang. After a while, he went out of the Xicheng Gate and went along the remote road.

After an hour, the royal messenger entered the city of Xianyang, read the sacred decree of Chu Qiao as a beautiful emperor, and the sacred pilgrimage of the sacred city, and then quickly returned to the house, and the rich households who organized the yangyang began to prepare. Congratulations to the congratulations of the new master.

After a long time, it is already overwhelming and people are all right.

Years are like a rush, between rushes, it is looming for ten years. Vaguely, it is no longer a coveted child of the past, nor a stubborn boy of the past. The years have drawn countless boundaries among them. Family hate, national hatred, ****, war, vain, displacement, life and death. After all, after all, friendship and deficiencies are also appearing one by one, just like the prosperous long-sleeved silk satin, no matter how to pull, can not finish the endless thread.

The long wind blows from the far north of Yanbei, smashing through the vast land of the great summer, blowing into the depths of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, slightly into the Song Dynasty, like the brocade flowers, facing the vast sea of ​​the extreme east, submerged in the white waves.

“The road has not gone to the end, maybe there will be other variables, are you afraid?”

“I’m not afraid.”

“Remember, I am waiting for you.”

The night is cold and the moonlight is shining, all over the ancient road Hualin.

The warm fragments of the memory, after all, were washed away by the endless bloody hurricane, swords and swords, and the original happy and bright expectations and lead, only the facts are cold, the past expectations and the current situation are clearly clear. And clearly.

The horseshoes are rolling, staying up all night, and the long-lost Tangjing Ancient City is in sight.

The news that the beautiful general Chu Qiao was to be enshrined as a beggar spread throughout the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and Shennan, Daixi, Yuelin, Yunqian and other places collectively opposed. An King, Duan Qing King, and Huayang Dagong successively started their troops.

These LuoKing soldiers changed their fashions to be able to stand up. When the Zhan brothers and sisters were dictatorial and dictatorship, the royal clans who were able to raise their ancestors suddenly leaped like thunder, and they were led by the Qingjun side and the demon woman. They led the 180,000 southern army, all the way. Swaying toward Kyoto, all the way to the official county and county to send the door, no one dared to come forward to block.

Sun Di had expected that there would be such a thing, and the 200,000 East Army was transferred in advance. Xu Su led the block on the banks of the Lishui River. The 100,000 wolf defensive imperial capitals were all guarded. The emperor is like an iron bucket, and the sword and the sword are bright and bright, waiting for the Southland Tiger Division.

Everything is ready, only the east wind, everything is ready to stop, only wait for the three-day policy.

The autumn wind chilled, because the preparations for the Fengyoutai ceremony, the entire Tang Jingcheng had imposed a curfew a few days ago. At this moment, the long street is empty and empty, and the autumn wind is rolling with leaves and sweeping over the black scorpion sapling Gaomu, like a group of yellow butterflies flying around the night.

On Sun’s Sikong House, a man in the court’s cloak was kneeling on the ground, saying with a pointed voice inside the insider: “The Chu people had a quarrel with Meixiang girl last night, and they were alarmed by Xiaoxuan and Princess Sissi. Listening to the adults, I promised that I will not leave Da Tang.”

Sun Yimei slightly picked and asked: “Can you hear it clearly?”

“Clearly and clearly, Mei Xiang girl cried a lot, and the young man also pulled out the sword. The Chu people also burned the letters of the great Xia Sima.”

“What time did Mei Xiang leave this morning?”

“The sky is gone, and the young man named Dorje sent her away. Chu said, she said that she went back to school.”

Sun Di nodded. After a long time, he said with a deep voice: “When she left, stay here, always in the way.”

The man was long and his eyes were cold, and he took out two gold bars on the table: “Go back and do a good job, I will not treat you badly.”

“Thank you for your grandchildren!”

After the servant retired, Sun Di recruited a relative and thought for a long while, and then slowly said: “You immediately take people out of the city, looking for the whereabouts of Chu’s personal maid Mei Xiang. If she returns to the school town, you will escort her back. If she went to other places in the opposite direction, you know what to do.”

The man’s voice was low and he immediately replied: “Subordinates obey.”

After that, he turned and went out. After a while, a sound of horses rang out of the door and disappeared into the long street.

Sun Di pushed open the window and saw a hook on the moon’s bend, like the eyebrows on the woman’s forehead.

“I hope… everything goes well.”

After two days of calm and calm, Wu Baiguan, who was above the ruling and opposition, was silent at the same time. Apart from the initial fierce opposition from the scholars of the Hanlin Academy and the censorship of more than 20 Yushitai, the rest were silent. Not succumbing to Sun Di’s official prestige, he is afraid of Chu Qiao who is now holding military power. For those stubborn veterans, Sun Di originally wanted to personally take them away. Who knows that the beauty army is the first step to take those People are locked into prison.

When Sun Di knew it, he was slightly worried. Although these people were stubborn, they were really loyal to the Tang Dynasty. The Beauty Army respected Chu Qiao and did not know what sins these people would suffer.

For this reason, he had privately entered the palace, hoping to persuade the future supervising country to be too embarrassed, but ended up eating a closed door. He knew that what he had done before might have been known by Chu Qiao, and he did not dare to be too radical. He could only secretly entrust the officials of the Shangli Institute to take care of the veterans.

Tonight is destined to be a night that can’t sleep, because tomorrow is Chu Qiao’s strategy, and the first royal family since the founding of Da Tang. The ritual department is working hard all night, and is still trying to improve the construction of Fengyoutai. The other hundred officials are sitting in the house with their hearts and minds. No one knows what kind of direction Da Tang will be after tomorrow. This woman who is inextricably linked with the powers of all countries will lead Da Tang to one. How is the future, whether she is a loyal minister, or a thief who steals the country, is she to maintain the original social system, or to follow the example of establishing a new Datong regime in Yanbei? Nobody knows.

After tomorrow, will Da Tang still surname Li?

This night, countless people are thinking like this.

The beautiful military camp was quiet, and the soldiers did not have any doubts and shakes because of the various voices of the outside world. The Qinghui’s Qinghui was sprinkled in the vast military camp, and the open space drilled on weekdays was silent.

He Xiao’s big curtain was slightly moved, and a figure wearing a black cloak and a hood completely covering his head came in.

He Xiao is drinking in front of the case, wearing an ordinary brown shirt, his hair is scattered, his front is slightly open, revealing half of the bronze skin, with a rare fall and rough. Seeing the arrival, the brows were slightly wrinkled, but they did not make a sound.

A plucked man took off his hood and revealed a beautiful face. He smiled and said: “Drinking in the military camp late at night, I remember being a military squad.”

He Xiao met her and didn’t talk, just bowed his head and continued to drink.

Chu Qiao stepped forward and sat down on his opposite side. He leaned his head and said, “Don’t you have a drink?”

“桄榔” (guāng láng or sugar plum), He Xiao lost a bowl of wine and did not give her down. Chu Qiao was not annoyed, calmly poured a bowl, looked up and drank, only felt that the entrance was spicy, like a fire of charcoal into the scorpion.

She frowned slightly and said, “Good wine.”

Seeing He Xiao or not talking, she said a little bit: “Is not coming to see you, you will never come to see me again.”

He Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly, his eyes turned around her face, and suddenly the voice said lowly: “I am really surprised, can you still laugh now?”

“What is there, isn’t it better than we were defending Beibei?”

He Xiao decided to look at her, suddenly a sun, turned his head and said: “Yes, much better, the power is in the grip, once in the upper position, it is indeed much better.”

Chu Qiao slightly in front of his body, his eyes as a dark star, coldly said: “He Xiao, do you think about me?”

Although the heart knows what it is, but the fire can not keep going, He Xiao and her eyes look straight, the face is very cold, with a bit of anger, but there is a bit of anger and disappointment.

Chu Qiao half-squatted, and the body leaned over the small person in front of him, squatting in the man’s ear and whispered a word.

He Xiao didn’t care too much at the beginning, but in a flash, his face changed dramatically, and he raised his head fiercely, staring at the daring woman in front of him.

“He Xiao,” Chu Qiao looked at him with a smile, but the voice was unprecedented and calm.

“You are willing to help me?”

The young general was silent for a long time, and finally his mouth gradually revealed a smile, reaching out, like many years of so many times, the two slammed and then clenched a fist.

The night was cold, and on the desolate road outside Tangjing, a team of people was rushing. Suddenly there was a rider’s shadow in front of him, and it seemed that he was coming to his own side.

The head of the purple man suddenly fell in love with the horse. I saw that the horse was flying fast. The person who was on the horse was rushing, and suddenly he saw him. His face changed suddenly, and he was surprised, delighted, unbelievable, and so on. After all, he snorted. Jumping from the horse back, kneeling on the ground and crying: “Four young masters!”

This evening, it is not destined to be a good night for sleep. Countless planning games in the dark night, you push me to stop, waiting for the ceremony of tomorrow.


Night, so long.

The rooster was dawning, and the sky was rising in the red sky, shining through the world.

On the hall of the son of the country, the white-haired singer of the South Anhui dialect read the remains of the emperor, and the tremulous worship fell on the jade steps of the hall.

Chu Qiao is wearing a golden brocade with a golden brocade and a phoenix phoenix. The head is inserted with 18 red gold phoenix crowns, and the waist is wrapped around the gold zither jasper belt. Because it is a marriage, the kimono is dominated by black. Xuanqing, dark purple, dark green, iron red, black gold, sandalwood, dark blue, cold orange, silver are embroidered lines, embroidered with ink and phoenix, embossed with gold-grained clouds and small patterns, and also with inkstone, sapphire, moonstone, Hetian jade is the main decoration. The whole person looks solemn and quaint, and it is a bit heavy and oppressive, which makes people dare not look at it.

Qifeng car started from the Guozi Hall, and all the way out of Zhangyu Square, Tourmaline Tiantai, Rose Main Road, Anhuamen, Qionghuamen, Taiqingmen, Taianmen, and Jinwu Palace, entered the inner city giants Qingyun Road, then went up to Tianjing Street in Tangjing, all the way to the Fengyoutai in front of the Taimiao Temple.

The people along the way crouched on the ground, seeing the car and driving all the thousand years old, those foreheads buried deep in the ground, the dust splashed, like a grayish storm.

The autumn leaves are silent, the black scorpion wraps the entire Tang Jingcheng, the sky is high and blue, the sun is vast and distant, everything is like a thick ink landscape, the prosperity of the world is like dust and earth, and the layers are covered with the past. A few bloody.

The carriage stopped, Fengyoutai was cast by the 366-step Baiyu steps, standing nearly 100 feet high, standing on top, overlooking the entire Tangjing City, together with the solemn Jinwu Palace, seems to step on the foot.

“Guoer Chu’s, Xiu’s famous door, Xiang Zhong Shide, Zhishu Xiaoli, Gongshun Qianhe. Bing Deyou and Wen Shi Shu, knowing the ancient and modern sex, Shu Hui’an and progress, there is this metaphor, Jin Xi Rongfeng is a royal emperor, and he is a supervisor of the state.

The solemn voice echoed in the blue sky, and a golden phoenix crown made of barefoot gold was placed on the square of the front ancestral temple. The phoenix, Zhu pen, jade and other objects were placed one by one. The golden jade authority that the world is looking for, as long as it is stepped forward and held in the palm of the hand, no one can easily hurt her in this heaven and earth.

She stood on the high phoenix platform. Below is a thousand crouching figure. Among those looking up, there are hatred, grievances, fear, fear, hesitation, guilt, and a trace. I hope for it, but there is nothing that makes her feel warm.

The jade steps at the foot are so cold, and the sun in the sky is also cold.

The ritual Shangshu was in front of her, with a gold seal in her hand. The seven-year-old minister lowered her head and her old knees shivered slightly.

The wind whizzed past, the sky flew over the hordes of hordes, and she looked up and saw the towering gates of Tang Jing, the red walls of the red, the towering towers, the ancient city that has been through thousands of years of wind and rain. It seems that she is also looking at her, waiting for this historic scene.

As long as it is taken over, as long as it is taken over, one quarter of this world will be in her hands.

At that moment, she suddenly saw the eyes, cold, but hot, his pen is clear, with a sharp light, Long Feifeng wrote: I have to wait for me!

Cut it! wait for me!

The slogan of the book was suddenly played, like the tens of thousands of rhinoceros shouting at the same time.

Outside the Tangjing North City, a horse riding a horse is far away from the bridgehead, and the yellow autumn grass is swaying in the wind. The rising sun rises and sprinkles thousands of golden lights on the wasteland.

He has a purple robe, a jade bouquet, a handsome eyebrow, a pair of eyes like a deep lake, can not see a little wave and water waves.

A gust of wind blew through, and a small wind blew into a string of bells hanging on the neck, slamming, raising a small, twirling voice.

“Remember, I am waiting for you.”

I am waiting for you… I am waiting for you…

The sun breaks through the clouds, and thousands of ray of light come to light, and Vientiane is updated, and it is beautiful!


A loud noise suddenly came from the south gate, and even the temple was shaken.

Thousands of faint yellow dust rushed from the south sky, almost covering the rising sun in the sky, the sound of the police was spread throughout the king’s division, and the horse rushed to the ancestral temple altar, and immediately the soldier rushed to the throne: “Jing’an King Bing Lincheng! Xu Su The generals cast their enemies and demons! Jing’an King Bing is under the city! General Xu Suda will cast an enemy to change the festival!”

For a moment, the whole city was rushing, all the faces were earthy, and Sun Di stood under the stage, and his face turned pale.

The ritual Shangshu slammed down to the ground, and the phoenix seal in his hand fell on the stone steps of the white marble, giving a golden radiance.

Chu Qiao walked down step by step, standing in front of Sun Di, Sun Di looked up and looked at her fixedly. His eyes looked like a deep cold pool, with indescribable coldness, but with inexplicable fear. .

“Sun Daren,” Chu Qiao took out a letter, and the words on it were all the names of the juniors.

“This is the list of rebellious Kyoto ministers who secretly confessed to Jing AnKing during this time. Please also deal with it immediately.”

Chu Qiao’s voice just fell, and several of the ministers in the field suddenly became as earthy. Sun Di’s takeover and looked at her in confusion. It seems that until this moment, he really saw the woman in front of him.

“I am going to lead the army to meet Jingan King, the security of the city and the emperor, and I will entrust you.”

“The Gyeonggi garrison is only 150,000, but the number of enemies…”

Chu Qiao interrupted him: “We still have General Xu Da.”

“General Xu Da is not…”

“It is not the first time that General Xu Da has done this kind of thing.”

Sun Di suddenly stopped, and he looked at Chu Qiao and tore off his magnificent costume, revealing a silver-white close-fitting armor, and the head of Zhu Cui was also picked up by her, wrapped in a blue turban. After living in three thousand green silks, he immediately went to a horse brought by He Xiao and screamed with the soldiers of the beautiful army.

The 150,000-strong garrison inside and outside the imperial city has long been waiting, the girl is dressed up, and there is no such silence and indifference on her face. The brilliance of flying is like a phoenix reborn. She walked with her sword and stood up in the city. She shouted: “Open the gate!”

At that moment, if the first light of the beginning of the heavens and the earth, the beautiful people have the urge to cry.

Sun Di looked at the sly city door slowly opening, and thousands of horseshoes picked up thousands of mixed yellow smoke, and went to the battlefield ten miles away.

Heaven and earth are melting pots, everything is a salary carbon, and the world is long before the British, and she is the sword of all people.

The cold wind continued to pass through her ears, and she once again remembered the words that Li Ce said in her ear before her death:

“After I die, the ruling will be chaotic. The brothers and sisters of Zhan are just paper tigers. The royal family is a real wolf. Sun Di is a radical. If there is any change, you must not listen. Take the finger that I gave you to Surabaya. After Xu Su will see you, he will listen to you, and the Iron Army will listen to you.”

“Jojo, how long have you been in your life? If it is because of my death, once again holding your footsteps, then I will live under Jiuquan and will not close my eyes.”

“You, don’t let me down.”

The eyes are sour, Chu Qiao squats at the corners of his mouth and beats the horses. I saw that the two armies had already confronted each other in the wilderness. Xu Su was the first soldier. He was dressed like a sacred warrior. He held a big knife and stood behind him with a big flag: killing the rebels and swearing the traitors.


The Wolf Army issued a deafening scream, the heaven and earth Xuanhuang, the first **** after the reign of Emperor Tang of the Tang Dynasty, finally began.

“On the eighth day of October of the first year of Yongzheng, King was deliberately arrogant, and induced Jing’an, Duanqing, Huayang Dagong and other people to take up their troops and send troops to 180,000 to Lishuiguan. All the way from the gathering, Shennan banned camp deputy Fang Huaihai In the west, the Western Army general, Tian Yujia, Xi Zhao, deputy commander Liu Yubai, Huaicheng Shen, Zhu Xi, and Lishui General Xu Su were successively attributed to their majesty, and their strength expanded to more than 400,000, all the way to the ground, killing the capital. King Wen News, take off the clothes, wear armor, open Nanchangmen, lead the army to meet the enemy.

Fang Huaihai, Tian Yujia, Liu Yubai, Zhu Xi, Xu Su and others saw King Qi, suddenly erected a banner of traitors, and turned against the attack. The king controlled the sword and led the army to fight, killing the enemy for more than 30,000, and the rest were all down. Jingan King Zhouyun died under the sword of General Xu, fifty-seven years old.

Two days later, King hangs the phoenix in the palace gate, so that he does not dare to take the name of the woman’s body, and ask the emperor to recover his life before the temple. On the second day, the Emperor Yongzheng, the feeling of the king and the grace of Li Tang, specially allowed to play, to the name of the emperor of the emperor, to give the Tang Dynasty a hereditary seal of the king, to give the jade book, Jinbao, Yipin robe, the title is beautiful. ”

– “Tang Shu * Beauty King Chuan * 127 volumes”

Before the palace gate, Chu Qiao had a white cloak, quietly standing under the shadow of the palace gate, the sky would be smashing, the birds at dusk flying, her whole person was shrouded in a faint blush, it looked quiet and peaceful, and there was no point in the battlefield. The fierce and sharp edge.

Sun Di’s car and horse just went out of the palace and saw Chu Qiao, and suddenly stopped. He slowly got out of the car, and for a time, he didn’t know where to start. The title has been thought for a long time, looking at her fascinating look, and finally still hangs: “Chu Daren.”

“The beauty army is settled in Sui and Tang, and it is no longer my private army. I will entrust them to Sun Daren. I am no longer the commander of the Beauty Army. Again.”

Chu Qiao said faintly, the voice was very gentle, but Sun Di, who had seen her powerful, never dared to despise it as usual. He nodded: “The adults said it.”

Chu Qiao smiled faintly said: “The few adults who openly opposed my canonization should be released, and it is a good time to buy people’s hearts. This is not a good time to buy people. After I left, Sun Daren must not forget the few loyal ministers in the prison of Shangliyuan.”

Sun Di replied: “Chen me remember the adults.”


“Sun Daren, just now, is what Da Tang Xiong King said to you. Now, I have a few words that Chu Qiao wants to tell you.”

Sun Di suddenly slammed his head and slowly looked up. He saw the woman’s face beautiful and his face was faintly fascinating, and he nodded involuntarily: “Please speak.”

“You also know that the road of the emperor will never tolerate the woman’s benevolence. So whether I am the Emperor of Da Tang or the Prince of Da Tang, it will not affect the political inclination of Yanbei and Da Xia, once the time is right. Mature, the war is inevitable, and no one will be able to eliminate the process of reunification because of the personal relationship. Although all the rebel forces have been eliminated in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, you still can’t care, the battle between Da Xia and Yanbei. It is inevitable that the future trend of the world is going, you and I can’t speculate, we can only do our best to turn things around, protect Li Ce’s child blood and the Tang Dynasty’s foundation.”

Sun Di looked at Chu Qiao, his eyebrows picked up slightly, with a few traces of sorrow, and he asked: “Chu Daren, I am calculating you, why do you hand over the responsibility of the State to my hands?”

Chu Qiao smiled slightly and said indifferently: “There are three reasons: First, Tie You is in charge of the Wolf Army and the Gyeonggi Army. General Xu Su is in charge of the military and foreign troops. They are all loyal courtiers. You are just a civil servant, even if you have a senior government. Right, but there is no ability to mobilize troops, and there is no such thing as a royal family. You want to rebel, no real name, no military power, and will not succeed.”

The sunset shines on Chu Qiao’s cheek, as if wearing a layer of red satin sand, she continued: “Second, Tang Jing has just experienced several wars, the people need to recuperate, Luo King and Jingan King have fallen one after another, the royal voice Sheng Long, you It is not allowed to be popular, it is impossible to incite the people to change, and there is no time and paradox for arrogance.”

“As for the third,” Chu Qiao smiled slightly, his eyes screamed like a fox, and the light shook, smiled and said: “I believe in you.”

Sun Di’s heart stopped suddenly. He looked at Chu Qiao and seemed to have some untrustworthy ears.

“I believe in you, Li Ce also believes in you, although you are acting in a lonely and extreme way, but you are the most loyal courtier of the Tang Dynasty against Li. Li Ze said before you died that you are the first candidate for the auxiliary government. I deeply believe that “”

She took out two letters from her arms and handed it to Sun Didao: “This is a personal letter from Zhao Che and the Qinghai King Zhuge, the emperor of the Great Summer, and said that he is willing to become an ally with Da Tang. Your political status will be won by both parties. The absolute support of the forces, do not have to worry about the threat of domestic public opinion against you, I will fully support you, I believe that you will be able to raise the emperor to raise the adult.”

Sun Di’s fingers trembled slightly, and slowly took over the two letters, only to feel the mountains. He suddenly squatted in front of Chu Qiao and said in a deep voice: “The adults are assured that Sun Di will swear allegiance to Li Tang. If there is a mistake in Da Tang, I would like to die for death.”

“Sun Daren must not do this.”

Chu Qiao lifted him up and looked at him sincerely. He quietly said: “You are a friend of Li Ce, my friend, he believes in you, I believe in you.”

The sunset is like blood, and the original is like iron. Sun Di stood on the wall of the city, watching Chu Qiao go out of the city under the escort of He Xiaoping and others. A long shadow appeared on the golden wilderness, and the beautiful girl jumped into the whip, like an eagle jumping out of the imprisoned, white robe hunting and flying, like a huge pair of wings.

It was an eagle, and no one could break her wings. No one could force her to stay except herself.

At this moment, Sun Di suddenly understood the stubbornness of that friend for many years. There are such people in this world, which really makes the heavens and the earth add color.

He looked up and took a deep breath. He seemed to see the smile of his friend, and he looked at his ear in a wretched manner. He said with a smile: “You guess the skin of Miss San’s family has no face. White?”

The autumn wind is blowing, everything is falling, this is a year of chill, but it is also a season of harvest.

At the bridgehead, Zhuge is a robes, and the high ride sits on the horse.

Fang Hao said with a deep voice: “Master, Chu girl is coming.”

The voice just fell, a group of people suddenly appeared under the horizon, the head of the girl was wearing a white cloak, eyebrows and smiles, coming in the wind.


Mei Xiang originally sat on the stone and saw Chu Qiao suddenly happy to jump up, Dorje also happy to go up a few steps. Chu Qiao and others immediately came to the front, she jumped off the horse, and Mei Xiang was together, Mei Xiang said while crying: “Miss, I thought you lied to me, I thought you really did not come.”

Jing Jing Ping and others are also happy and Dorje rushed to a place to inquire about the experience. Peace is a portrayal of the battle of the day, and it is very proud. He Xiao has no family, and he is not willing to stay in Sui and Tang Dynasties. He also came with Chu Qiao. Although he and Yue Qi and others did not meet each other, they had already heard each other’s names, and they became familiar with it in a short time.

Only Zhuge’s face was standing in the same place, coldly watching Chu Jiao, who was warm and warm with Mei Xiang, and both rows of teeth were almost broken.

Finally, the inhuman eye stunned someone’s long-awaited reunion. She smiled and went forward. Zhuge’s move just started. She immediately raised her two hands and shouted: “Stop! Last time! I promise !”

Zhuge Yue stretched out her hand to ask her to give her some lessons, but after a long time, she did not know where to start. Looking at her shrinking neck and closing her eyes, some awkward anger: “Why don’t you fight back?”

Chu Qiao opened his eyes and pouted, looking very pitiful: “I admit mistakes.”

“Do you still know that you are wrong?” Zhuge squinted at her with slanting eyes, and regardless of the surrounding eyes of the subordinates, it was very unreasonable to reach out and grab the cheeks that Chu Qiao had, but he said: “Don’t give me a reply, can you be strong?”

“I don’t have time!” Chu Qiao bitterly defended himself.

“Is there a blank reply but I have a letter to burn my letter?”

Chu Qiao looked up and defended himself: “If I don’t make a bitter and deep hatred, Sun Di won’t believe it. He doesn’t believe that Jing’an King will not believe it.”

“So you even lied to Mei Xiang?” Zhuge glared at her, and he continued to ask sharply: “Are you sure that you really didn’t think so at the time? Are you sure that you didn’t discover the conscience and changed your mind?”

“how come?”

Chu Qiao’s grievance shouted: “I am a person who is not so determined?”

After all, she turned her head and looked around, only to find that her subordinates were all betrayed by her dog legs, nodding their heads, meaning: Do not doubt, you are!

Chu Qiao looked at them with a contempt, and quickly turned his head and said to his future ticket ticket, ticket, and other tickets: “Don’t believe them, my revolutionary will is the most determined of the whole army.”

Zhuge looked at her disdainfully, and said the glory: “I count you, otherwise I will bring the soldiers to Li Zhe, and I will see who you are.”

Just blow it.

Chu Qiao whispered in his heart, but on the surface he still said very well: “That is, how can I? I will count and count, no regrets.”

Zhuge is very stinky and his head is wide, and the self-respect of the big man is greatly satisfied.


The cry of a child suddenly came from a carriage that came with Chu Qiao. Zhuge Yue and others glimpsed. Chu Qiao ran quickly and opened the curtain of the carriage. I saw two bridesmaids holding a four. The five-month-old baby, who apparently just woke up, is doing a daily compulsory course: crying.

Chu Qiao quickly held the child in his arms, very skilled to pick it up.

“what is this?”

Zhuge’s face was gloomy and cold.

Chu Qiao looked at him strangely, very honest answer: “Child.”

“I know,” Zhuge’s anger is getting worse and worse, and he said: “Whose child is this.”

Chu Qiao thought that he had not explained it to everyone. He said: “This is Li Ce’s third son, Li Qingrong, but we may need to change his name in the future. His mother is Zhan Zikai, and Li Ce entrusted him before his death. Give it to me and say that I am afraid that this child will be persecuted in the palace in the future, so I will entrust him to take him out of the palace.”

“Li Ce’s son?”

Zhuge Yue frowned on his eyebrows, and saw the child’s lips and teeth white, a pair of dark eyes, is covering his mouth is very aggrieved to play with the heads of Chu Qiao windbreaker, small eyes in the roar of the roar, really like the deceased foxy emperor.

His heart was a bit desolate, and when he was about to talk, the child suddenly saw him, his black-painted eyes turned around, and suddenly he let go of the door and screamed and cried, his hands and feet screamed, apparently Uncomfortable to the extreme.

“What’s wrong? What are you crying?”

Chu Qiao Nai said, Mei Xiang also ran forward and asked the milk mother: “Is the child hungry?”

The milkmaid shook his head and said that he had just finished eating. Mei Xiang turned over the child’s cockroaches, and did not see the urine, Chu Qiao suddenly blessed the soul, turned to Zhuge said: “Children may hate you.”

Zhuge’s face was green and he said: “Why hate me?”

“Try it a little further, maybe it is.”

Someone really can’t accept it. He wrinkled a pair of swords and said: “Why? I didn’t beat him?”

“Some people are very unpopular, maybe you are like this.”

“Yeah, brother-in-law, you will go far, maybe Ronger will see you afraid.” Jingjing added oil and vinegar.

“Why?” The seventh month of the month was very weak and refuted. It was very loyal to support its master: “In fact, the young master looks very approachable and amiable…”

Unfortunately, he is not confident enough, the more the voice is smaller.

Finally, Zhuge Yue went far away from the crowd, and Li Qingrong suddenly stopped crying. Although he just cried too hard, there is still a little bit of time to get it back, sobbing in a whisper, but already Shallow smiles.


After a while, a group of people suddenly burst into a burst of laughter. It turned out that the little guy was playing with the hilt of the seventh month, and he was screaming at the shoulders of the seventh month.

Zhuge Yue was sitting on a large rock far away, watching the people in the distance, his heart groaning: dead scorpion, look like you.

Chu Qiao did not know when he ran over and sat next to him.

A group of people who are trembled in the world, are still busy with a baby. After a while, they will listen to Mei Xiang’s screaming at the wooden door. “Oh, the child is pulling, you are holding it first, oh my Let you hold you!”

Chu Qiao hugged Zhuge’s arm, put his face on his shoulder, leaned his head against him, and said with a sigh of relief: “It’s finally over.”


“Fortunately.” Chu Qiao closed his eyes, golden red light sprinkled on her face, with a layer of sly light: “Just fear that you are worried, always keep up with yourself and say hurry and hurry.”

Zhuge is still very resentful and continues to ask: “Why don’t you read my letter?”

“I don’t know if I can succeed,” she looked up slightly and smiled at Zhuge. “I didn’t have the confidence at the time. I was afraid that I would fail. I would die. I was afraid that I would read your letter and I would never continue.” The courage to persevere.”

Chu Qiao smiled like a flower, she seems to rarely laugh like this in her life, without any concern, without any burden, she smiled and said: “You are my weakness, will make me not willing to be strong.”

Zhuge Yue looked at her and his face gradually softened. He reached out and grabbed her waist. The voice was low and faint: “Beside me, you don’t have to be strong.”

After that, she bowed her lips.

“Oh! Shame!”

The scream of Jingjing suddenly sounded.

The vastness of the heavens and the earth, the season of the late autumn, a bright yellow splendid.

The wind blew from a distance, blowing through the bell, and a small voice whispered: Remember, I am waiting for you.

I am waiting for you, I am waiting for you, I am always waiting for you…

“Zhuge Yue, why don’t you go to the city, the clothes I wore when I was trying to be beautiful!”

“Wait, wait for me to give you more beautiful in the future.”

“Speak and count.”



Chu Qiao never saw Zhuge Yue sleep like this. When he got on the boat from Zhangzhou, he slept, and he didn’t blink for a day or night. Even Chu Qiao didn’t know when he entered the door. On the seventh day of the month, he said that he had not slept a good feeling since the day he started his journey. Since the road to the dry road from Xianyang, he has not even seen his eyes. At this moment, he must be tired.

Zhuge’s body is actually not very good. In the past few days, she has seen him eating a black-black pill in private. She went privately to ask for the seventh month, but he was vague. Dojiro passed some pharmacology. Later, he said to Chu Qiao that Zhuge Yue must have been overworked, lack of energy, and suffering from cold.

Excessive work, caused by cold –

Chu Qiao is sitting on a chair with his chin, the boat is very stable, the weather is good, there is no wind and no waves, the window is closed, but you can still see the green mountains and green waters that have gone outside through the window paper.

She remembered the time when Zhao was forced to flee to the Sui and Tang Dynasties. She and Liang Shudu were bought by the Zhan family as slaves. At that time, she was injured and Liang Shu ran out and happily cooked for her. She was lying alone in a small cabin, looking out through the only window, and it was raining heavily. She heard the sound of a meteor in her sleep. She rushed out and was taken by a big ship. Farther and farther, I can no longer see the rainy and lingering Jiangnan spring shore.

At that time, Zhan Ziyu’s Zhuangzi’s brothers and sisters were still unknown, and Li Ce was still alive. In the Tang Dynasty, he was a good-looking prince, and Mr. Wu’s girl and other people were still struggling for their ideals. Yan Xun is also a close friend and lover who grew up with her, and she is full of confidence in the future. She deeply believes that she can rely on her own strength and help her devastated people with the help of a group of like-minded friends. Power.

Unfortunately, time is still the most ruthless killing weapon in the world. Li Ce is gone, Mr. Wu was killed, and Yu girl died in her own arms. Zhan Ziyu killed all her relatives with her own ambitions. The like-minded friends she thought were actually not as loyal as I imagined. Second, before the rights and the emperor, many people gradually left her, even Yan Xun also went farther and farther with her, after all, strange.

Jiangshan fell, the hegemony was taken off, and the ideal became gray with the weather. Like the weeds in the late autumn, the leaves of the barren and yellow leaves sneered at the vows of the past.

Yes, who can stay the same, even if she is today, is it the same as before?

She gently turned her head back, and Zhuge was still sleeping quietly. He is really an awkward and stubborn person. Even if he sleeps, his brows are wrinkled. The two-way eyes are covered by eyelids, and the more prominent facial features are highlighted. The nose is tall, the lips are thin, and the outline is clear. .

I heard that people with such a face have always been indifferent. Only him, but he is so persistent, such a slap in the face, stubborn and sad.

Before Zhuge, she asked her if she had such an idea at the beginning, or did her last conscience find her mind changed? In fact, it is difficult for her to answer this question by now. The human heart is a very complicated thing. When facing one thing, you may have dozens of hundreds of ideas. Maybe this is still the case. It changed my mind for a moment.

She thinks that she has also changed. If it was once Chu Qiao, it would have been to stay in Tang Jing. Even if she could not really marry Li Ce, she would stay in Tang Palace to protect Li Ce’s child as a guest. Big adult.

However, after so much experience, she still has her own greed, and she can’t let go of things she can’t afford.

The Sui and Tang dynasties rushed into the wilderness, and the dynasty under the precipitation of the last millennium was not the sharp edge of the great summer and the Yanbei surface. It was a cold arrow that could not be seen in the waves. It was wrapped in layers of beautiful embroidery and warm smoke, inadvertently. You can kill people invisible.

She later learned from the mouth of the old hospital of Sui and Tang Tai Hospital that the death of Li Ce’s father was also due to Li Ce’s mother.

For so many years, she has been trying to kill the Tang Emperor, poison, assassination is all-in-one, and on several occasions almost almost succeeded, but the old emperor has always maintained her, do not promote the matter. He also angered and hated, with the king of Luo, and her maiden as a hostage, yelling at other shackles, banned her, and even plunged into the cold three times. However, in the end, she was still unable to rival her own heart. In his later years, he dismissed all of the palace, leaving only one of her, and she loved her passport, and she seemed to be influenced by him, giving him a few years of happiness. Days.

In the end, however, he still died in her hands, because he was mistaken for a while while feeding her medicine, and died of this poison.

At this time, he realized that she had already had a death record. Every meal she had eaten for many years was poisoned. She took the antidote in advance and made her body with all kinds of strange toxins. Fragmented, just waiting for him to carelessly return to the West.

After all, the Tang Emperor died, and died in the hands of his favorite woman in his life. Although he prevented her from guarding her for a lifetime, she was still not as patient and patient as her. However, he still couldn’t bear to kill her, but left her will and forced her to go out to the palace. This life must not enter the palace gate again. The outsiders only know the emperor and the empress, but they do not know that the emperor just wants to protect his only son before he dies.

However, the secret of such a court was still known to Zhan Ziyu through Zhan Guiyu. After Zhan Zikai’s assassination of Li Ce’s unsuccessful results, he privately took the Queen Mother out of the temple and secretly sent it to the palace. With the help of a woman who could not prevent it, he killed Li Ce and killed Li Tang Zhongxing. opportunity.

After the hearing of Li Ce’s death, Mrs. Yao still committed suicide. Chu Qiao did not know what kind of mood she was at that time. Was it the joy and relief of the great hatred, or the great mistakes and helplessness? This is a stubborn and extreme woman. She has been obsessed with the blood debt of the year. She killed two men who love her the most in her life. At the last moment of her life, she will be free to laugh out loud.

Maybe not. After all, she reported another great hatred to her husband and son. She also killed another husband and son. For a period of enmity, she ruined a woman’s life from Huanhua to vicissitudes.

After the death of Emperor Yao, Yu Meishan and Emperor Zongzong were buried together. They were resentful when they were alive. They struggled, concealed, thorned, hated, and entangled for a whole life. In the end, they were in the cold and deep underground mausoleum, but they had to each other. Accompanying, no one, no power, can separate the two.

Chu Qiao didn’t know what happened in the past, and he didn’t understand why a person’s hatred was so terrible. However, sometimes she still thinks secretly. Maybe Queen Yao should have such a mother’s love for Li Ce in her heart. She still remembers that sunny afternoon, the gentle woman with a slight frowning said to her: “He wants to offer a happy Buddha in the palace. Hey, I am… If you have time, he will persuade him. He is the Prince of Da Tang, and he can’t be too noisy.”

However, the death of Luo King eventually destroyed the only remaining love. After all, she was swallowed up by the devil of the bottom of her heart and was killed in the royal family.

After the death of Li Ce, the political situation in the Sui and Tang Dynasties was unstable, and the internal authorities had a chaos. At that time, Chu Qiao could also eliminate the Central Army with the power of the Gyeonggi Supreme Army and the Beauty Army, and remove the Zang Ziyu brothers and sisters.

However, if so, Jingan King and others will never start a military, and this group of kings who support their own weight will be born sooner or later. The new emperor ascended the throne, and the most avoidable killing. Therefore, Chu Qiao will count on the plan, let Zhan Ziyu be arrogant, and then remove it by the thunder, and make the position of the position with the support of Sun Di and other people, and give the Jingan King and others a banner. Then, through the arrangement of Li Ce before his death, many rebels will be taken down one by one to solve the civil unrest crisis in the 20 years of Da Tang once and for all. Twenty years later, Yier has grown up and has enough ability to cope with the wind and rain that will come.


However, at that time, she did not really have the idea of ​​staying behind the Sui and Tang Dynasties after the chaos.

That night, Jingjing baked her two toasts sent by Zhuhai, sent by Qinghai, and it tasted very fragrant. It was like a cloud of air that swept her heart.

Jingjing sat on a small stool outside, carefully plucked a skinned melon, and muttered, “The Qinghai must be very cold, how thick the skin is.”

Her heart suddenly burst into pain, and once again she remembered the cold ice lake of the day, the face of Zhuge, and the white face that he wrote over and over again in her hand: Live… Live…

The human heart is such a complicated thing, but no matter how many thousands of thoughts you have, there is only one decision that can be made in the end, no matter whether it will regret it in the future, but at the very least, she finally obeys her own mind.

A sudden burst of sound came, the window was gently pushed open by the wind, and the curtains of the river wind swayed gently, and Chu Qiao was awakened from his meditation. She turned her head back, but she saw that Zhuge Yuedidn’t know when she was awake. She was leaning on the bedside, and she was wearing a white gown, and she was refreshed. She had no usual coldness on her face, but changed her face a few degrees. And oh.

Seeing her look, he gently waved and gestured to her past.

She walked over and poured a cup of tea for him and asked, “Is it a good night’s sleep?”

“Well.” He took a sip of tea and said: “If no one sneaked into my room and sighed, it would have been better.”

Chu Qiao’s face was red, he looked at him with his eyes open and asked, “Hungry?”

He nodded and said: “Just a bit, this will be much better.”

Chu Qiao stood up and said: “You have been sleeping for a day and night, have not eaten, of course, will be hungry, I told the kitchen to prepare food for you.”

“No.” Zhuge Yuesuddenly reached out and took her hand, took her to sit down at the bed and said: “You will sit with me for a while.”

Chu Qiao smiled and sat down.

“Look at you for a long time, what did you think?” Zhuge Yue naturally held her hand, palms warm, no more loose.

Chu Qiao shook his head and said: “Some old things that are irrelevant.”

Zhuge’s mouth was filled with a smile, very light, leaning against the bed and squinting at her, faintly said: “There is nothing to do with idleness, just listen to your old things that are irrelevant.”

Chu Qiao looked at him, his heart was a naughty, slightly frowning, his eyes staring straight at him and said slowly: “I have done a lot of wrong things, and I have repeatedly neglected to owe a person. Now I think of it, I feel sorry for him.”

Zhuge stunned, did not expect that Chu Qiao would say such words at this time, eyes staring at her, the look is also a bit serious.

Chu Qiao continued: “He has always been very good to me, but I have taken this kind of goodness as a reason, selfishly occupying the warmth and help he gave me. He saved me several times in life and death. I am in a dilemma, I will never give up on me, give me hope in desperation, I have gone through so many difficult days without asking me, and I never thought about what should be given to him, but He ignored him again and again.”

Zhuge Yue looked at her, and the corner of his mouth gradually overflowed with a smile. His palm had a call, and he rubbed Chu Qiao’s finger.

“Since I know that I regret it now, I will have a timely return.”

Chu Qiao looked at him, his eyes were misty and muttered: “But I am afraid he will blame me.”

Zhuge took her hand and gradually loosened it, slowly moving up, her eyes with a few pets and touches, her palms gently touching her cheek, and said with a smile: “Who is willing to blame you?”

“Really?” Chu Qiao’s eyes widened and he asked: “Do you think He Xiao will not blame me? He has followed me for so many years, I have also thrown him away, he is almost thirty. I don’t even have a wife and a wife…”

Chu Qiao said that the more she wanted to laugh, the more she finally laughed out, and Zhuge Yue knew that she had gotten it. She pulled her into her arms and glared at her chin. She said fiercely, “Dare to make it bad?”

Chu Qiao smiled: “Who makes you feel passionate.”

Zhuge slanted her to her eyes, her eyes were dark and black, with a few wolves to have a dangerous atmosphere, evil spirits smiled: “This is the woman who is trained, this is no rule?”

“Who is it? Isn’t it the Qingshanyuan of your master Zhuge?” Chu Qiao said with a smile: “Have you forgotten that you volunteered to teach me to write?”

“Oh?” Zhuge Yue deliberately extended his voice and nodded: “I have forgotten it. It seems that I will set a rule for you, lest you will not be big or small in the future.”

As soon as I finished, Zhuge Hao suddenly leaned closer, and the hot kiss suddenly covered her lips, with a smothered hot, unrelentingly twirling on her lips, and the arms across her waist were getting more and more Tight, the cold lips gradually warmed up, licking her lips and teeth, and an irresistible force slipped into her mouth, as clear as a sweet spring, but as hot as a charcoal fire.

He looked at her half-squinting, hiding invisible light in the depths of his eyes. Zhuge Yuesuddenly pushed her up and pressed it on the bed. Chu Qiao’s “ah” exclaimed, and the tail was swallowed up. Between the lips and teeth.

“do you understand?”

Chu Qiao glared at him, rubbing his lips that had swollen and said: “This is your family law?”

“Not all.” Zhuge faint smiled, with a few arrogance, said with a chin on his back: “There is more intense, do you want to try?”

Chu Qiao narrowed his eyes and looked at the man who was so stinky in front of him. He suddenly went forward, his eyes hooked on him, and suddenly he put out his tongue and licked his lips. Zhuge was suddenly stunned and had not reacted. The woman had bitten a bite on his chin like a little beast.

Zhuge Yue suddenly snorted and explored, although there was no bleeding, but there was already a row of small teeth.

“Oh, don’t think I am afraid of you!”

Chu Qiao’s demonstration of waving his fist was very arrogant.

Zhuge Yue took a moment to talk about his wrist and said: “Dead hoes, these years are getting more and more wild, really good to clean up and pack you.”

Just about to start, Chu Qiao took a quick step, and he jumped away from him with a flickering hand. He ran to the door in a few steps and smiled. “I am a fool? Bye, don’t send!”

After that, open the door.

At this moment, only a few “哎呦” sounds came suddenly, and a few people of Jingjing fell in and fell in, and even climbed up and crawled up, his face was red for a while, and he was screaming at them. call.

Chu Qiao, the long-changing general who commanded a million-strong army, was flushed and frowned, and looked at Jingjing and Ping An. She did not expect to follow her for a month. She said with anger: “May 7, they are both fools, you follow. join in the fun!”

“Oh, that, I am passing by, let you eat by the way, hehe…”

On the seventh month of the month, I got up and made a look that I was honest. I nodded and walked out, laughing and saying: “You continue, continue.”

After that, he turned and ran out. Before leaving, he raised his fist to Zhuge, and shouted: “Young Master! Come on!”

Go ahead and go.

The Jingjing hippie smiled and ran over, sweetly called “Sister-in-law”, Zhuge Yue was in a good mood, and he took out a small forged dagger, which was also inlaid with a few rubies, and he was very refreshed to appreciate this little nephew.

When I saw it safely, I also had a kind of learning. There was nothing around Zhuge, and I promised that after the true Huang, the horse in Ma Rong let him pick it at will.

The two happy couples screamed “Long live the brother-in-law”, Chu Qiao’s eyes caught fire, and secretly said, who said that Zhuge is an old-fashioned man, not the wind of the officialdom, this trick is very skilled.

The meal was done very quickly, because it was outside, and there were young children, so I placed a table at random and everyone sat down to eat. The seventh month and so on are inevitably restrained. Jingjing, Ping An, Mei Xiang and others are active members. He Xiao has been very familiar with the Seventh and Seventh in a few days. Only Duoji is still a cold-blooded look that is not a mind, Jingjing and him. If you say ten sentences, he can’t answer a sentence.

After the meal, the sky was dark. The seventh month said that this place is already Cangling. In two days, it will be docked in Hu County. Chu Qiao heard a little bit of awkwardness, Hu County, it is very close to Zhen Huang.

The wind in the evening was a bit big. She sat at the stern and the sunset was about to fall. Half of the face was exposed between the heavens and the earth, and the whole river was dyed in red.

Time flies so fast. In a blink of an eye, she has spent 14 heatstrokes here. Many times she thinks about her past life. She doesn’t know whether she is a modern person who travels through time and space, or an ancient person with modern memories. . The old things are like a dream, rushing in and rushing away.

She remembered that she could be reborn here after she died. Then, after Li Ce died, will he continue to live in other places? There are also Mr. Wu and Yu girl, Yan and Xiaohe. After they die, they will meet each other and remember each other? There is also Jingsu, I hope she can live in the age of the legal system, and have some happy and comfortable days.

She sat there with boundless thoughts, and gradually became broadened in her heart. She looked up at the sunset and seemed to see Li Ce squinting at her. She smiled and said: “To eat more meat, too tall. Worse.”

“What do you want?”

Zhuge’s voice suddenly came from behind, and Chu Qiao went back. He saw him in a purple robe and a small figure on the embroidered group. It’s very common clothes to wear on him, there is a unique temperament that looks extraordinary. Qing Jun is straight.

Chu Qiao glared at him with his eyes open, and Zhuge Yuefrowned slowly, quite uncomfortably said: “Look at what, idiots.”

After that, I sat down beside her.

The white waves swayed in the circle at the stern, the birds flew across the sky, the sunset was blood red, the river wind blew their clothes, and the cuffs were like a big butterfly fluttering.


“Xinger, why did you change your name to Chu Qiao?”

Zhuge Yue asked, Chu Qiao turned his head and said with a smile: “Because I was not Jing Yueer, my real name is Chu Cho, then I died because of one thing, then, grace, how to say it, that is As you said, it is the ghost possessed, attached to Jing Yueer, so I later escaped and changed the name back.”

Zhuge did not expect that she would answer him like this, and she suddenly stopped, and her expression was very strange. After a while, he murmured: “Then I saw you for the first time?”

“At that time, I just had a few days of possession and I was planning to run away.”

Zhuge nodded and then bowed his head and seemed to be thinking about the true credibility of the matter.

“Hey, don’t you really believe it?”

This time it’s Chu Jiao’s turn, so that no one can believe it. She remembered that she once said to Yan Xun when she was a child. At that time, Yan Xun was still a young pimple. She thought that she had a fever and burned it. She took a bowl of soup and gave it to her. Since then, she has never Said it.

“I believe.”


Zhuge Yue looked at her very strangely, and her eyebrows twitched slightly: “Why don’t you believe? I have investigated you. People say that since the time the person hunted back, you changed your temperament. I thought you were scared. Now, it seems that your explanation is quite plausible.”

Master Zhuge was very unpredictable and accepted this more inscrutable reason. He nodded and said: “It turns out that I am strange. Even when I was seven or eight years old, it was impossible for you to have your heart and time. Means, you are not a child of seven or eight years old at all. Right, you will not be old and old before you die?”

Chu Qiao couldn’t keep up with his jumping thinking, and some of them were sullen: “I was two, twenty-seven.”

“Twenty-seven?” Zhuge Yue frowned, and some unhappy said: “That is already very old, get married, can you have a baby?”

“No,” Chu Qiao honestly replied: “We, twenty-seven is not very old, we all advocate late marriage and late childbearing.”

“Where is your hometown? Sui Tang? Big Summer? You have such feelings for Yanbei, you will not be Yanbei people?” Speaking of this, Zhuge’s face suddenly changed, he asked nervously. “You won’t be the mother of Yan Xun? It’s not right, time is a bit too bad, she seems to be older.”

Chu Qiao wants to cry without tears: “We are another world, and you, this is not a time and space, it is a parallel space, it does not intersect, there is a distance in space, there is also a distance in time, it is impossible to reach, that, do you understand?”

Her hard work explained to Zhuge, and hoped that in a way he could understand, he wanted to give him a metaphor, but he could not find a suitable word. However, she apparently lost the understanding of Master Zhuge. The man frowned slightly and asked: “That is, like an apple tree, we are the leaves of spring, are you the fruits of autumn?”

Chu Qiao, I did not expect him to think of this layer, and quickly said happily: “There is half, but not all, because we are not only the distance of time, there is space, you understand? Space is… …”


Zhuge nodded and said casually: “We are the apple leaves in spring, you are the oranges of autumn, right.”

Chu Qiao gorgeous and stunned, she stayed for a long time, and finally nodded sillyly: “Yes.”

Then Zhuge Yue turned his head and continued to look at the Tang Tang River, silent. The setting sun sprinkled on his face, the golden beauty.

Chu Qiao couldn’t help but feel the power of people. It’s worth seeing people who have great wisdom in the world. How calm, how calm, and how curiosity is not like the old-fashioned hats in the novel. What “What about your people?” “Do you have a few eyes for your people?” Or “Is your person like a wild beast with a mane on his body?” The people in their world are long with two eyes and one nose, and the people outside must be covered with sputum and fangs to show their psychological superiority. This is the real calm and calm, this is the real Taishan collapse in front of the face and does not change color, this is the real not to be happy with things, not to be sad, this is the real humiliation, heart and soul…

“What do you guys look like?”

Chu Qiao:…

“How many eyes do you have?”

After a long silence, someone finally slowed down. I was very interested and asked: “Is your person like a beast with a mane on his body? I have seen such a person in southern Xinjiang. The behavior is very Strange, is it your distant relative?”

Chu Qiao took a deep breath and started his spirit, and began the basic knowledge enlightenment education in the new world.

The mouth is dry, the sun has already fallen, and a round of moon climbs up the mountain, and the bright light is sprinkled over a blue wave of mercury.

Jiang Feng learned, Chu Qiao went by boat, and suddenly gave birth to a poetic feeling, she said with deep affection: “The sea is bright and the moon, the end of the world.”

Zhuge Yue said coldly on the side: “It’s a little bit bleak, this is Jiang, not the sea.”

Chu Qiao frowned: “Then the river will be a bright moon.”

Zhuge looked at her in confusion and asked: “It should not be done by you, it is done by your people. Are you stealing it?”

Chu Qiao once again wants to cry without tears, suddenly screaming, cheeks red, look, this kind of thing is not good…


The two were silent for a long time, Zhuge Yue suddenly called her name, and she gave a sigh of stress, and she listened to Zhuge’s headless words: “I don’t care who you are.”

Chu Qiao still did not understand some of the beginning, think carefully, and suddenly understood her meaning. She nodded with a smile and said, “I know, I am always your star.”

Zhuge’s body was slightly shocked. He bowed his head and looked at her with a burning eyes. Chu Qiao had some regrets after she finished speaking. Two blushes climbed up on her cheek and wanted to bow her head, but she saw Zhuge’s two fingers sticking out. She was very skilled to pick up her chin and had a trace of her eyes. Laugh, said: “Say it again.”

Chu Qiao ducked his gaze, a little embarrassed vague: “What?”

“Just say the sentence you just said.”

Zhuge Yue said very firmly that his eyes were filled with two groups of warm and warm fires, not particularly hot, but they were devout.

“I am yours, you must be mine.”

Chu Qiao took courage and decided to say: “In my life, nothing can be sacrificed and paid, but only two things, no matter under what circumstances, will not be used as a bargaining chip. The first is my beliefs and principles. The second is my marriage and body. If you want all of me, you must give me all of you.”

Zhuge Yue raised his eyebrows and glared at her with sinful anger. He asked: “All?”

“Go to you,” Chu Qiao pushed his shoulder, don’t go too far: “Nothing serious.”

“Xinger,” Zhuge Yuesuddenly hugged her arms, her warm male temperament surrounded her, her arms hugged her shoulders, so tight.

“I am very happy,” he whispered. “I am really happy.”

Chu Qiao leaned in his arms and felt that it was an unprecedented peace of mind in the past few years. She turned and hugged him and said softly: “We don’t want to separate.”

Zhuge Yue asked: “Would you like me to go to Zhen Huang?”

“I am more afraid of being separated from you. Every time I separate, there will be a lot of things happening. Just like this time, I almost never see you again.”

The situation in Tang Jingcheng was a mess on the day. She was in a battle against the water. If she was on thin ice, she would fall into the palm of the enemy with carelessness. When Zhan Ziyu’s power was in the grip of Zhang Wei, the chaos of the battle of Tai’anmen, the killing of the empire that rushed into the imperial city every night after the news of the book was published, and the last battle of hundreds of thousands of people did not feel at the time. How, but now I think of it, but I am afraid of it when I am faint.

Zhuge Yue held her in her arms and said in a low voice: “I don’t have to worry about it in the future.”

The moonlight is very good, they have been sitting for a long time.

After returning to the room, Zhuge Yue sat on the bed and frowned for a long time. He felt that Chu Qiao was right. He should consider finding the right time for the two people to hand over all of them to each other.

Yes, this idea is really good. It’s inevitable that you will encounter ghosts when you walk in the night. If you sleep more, you will inevitably dream, and you should be clean and neat. You should cut into the key points immediately. It’s time to be open and honest… all… thorough… .

In the middle of the night, he suddenly stood up and turned two rounds in the house. He felt that today is a very good time.

Zhuge has always been a very planned person. Once he decides something, he will not be slow to do a comprehensive action plan, and then implement it step by step. No matter what happens, he can’t change his mind. .

So in the following time, he took a shower, changed his clothes, and took photos in front of the mirror. He only felt that the man in the mirror was star-studded, handsome, handsome, handsome and straight, and he felt very satisfied. Then he felt that he was a little nervous, just sat down and took a cup of tea.

The tea was already cold, and the wall of the white porcelain blue and white was pinched between his slender fingers, and the light seemed to penetrate the thin cup, like the ice that had just entered the winter.

He leaned back on the back of the chair, carefully calculating what he was going to say, what he was going to do, one sentence at a time, very careful, and then imagined a variety of situations to try to figure out how the other would answer, how should he respond? How to change the topic little by little, create a ambiguous atmosphere, take the initiative in your own hands, and make everything appear natural without leaving traces.


Ok, no problem.

He put up the cup and stood up. Who knows that the finger just touched the threshold and the door was pushed open.

Chu Qiao stood at the door, still in the beige dress, the warm light in the corridor shines on her little face, there is a warm light.

She was holding a bowl and was still braving the heat. She looked up at her head, and the black and white eyes looked up and down. She frowned slightly and asked, “What are you doing in the big night?” go with?”

What is the situation? Zhuge Yue’s slight glimpse seems to be beyond the plan.

However, Master Zhuge’s ability to change is still good. He immediately said in a serious way: “I have more sleep in the daytime, I am not sleepy at this moment, I want to go out and go.”

“The colder the weather is, the closer it is to the north, the wind is big at night, you wear so little, you don’t want to go around.”

Chu Qiao went straight into the room, put the soup bowl on the table, and greeted him: “See you haven’t eaten much before, come over and drink this porridge.”

Zhuge Yuecame over and saw a bowl of very ordinary porridge. She gave her a sigh of relief: “Take this kind of thing to fool me.”

Chu Qiao glared at him: “Some food is good, pick and choose.”

After all, he walked up to him and patted his head like a puppy. He said very seriously: “I have to go to bed early after dinner, and I am not allowed to go outside.”

Then, he turned and went away.

Zhuge Yue suddenly stopped, what is going on? His plan was interrupted, and the prey was sent to the door, but he let her go swaying?

What porridge do you still drink?

He stood up and walked out of the room.

Because this time to hide the whereabouts, the ship is not very large, the corridor is very narrow, only one person can walk. The light shines on his slender figure, and a white warm gauze dress looks like a handsome dust in the light.

He walked slowly slowly, and the hull swayed on the vast river. Like the spring rain many years ago, he stood on the river bank and looked at the ship that was getting farther and farther. The heavens and the earth are dim and cold. Only the fire on the side of the body, the hunting is burning, never extinguished, always condensing his sight, from childhood, to growing up, until today.

A sudden burst of song came, his footsteps slightly, and went to her door. The door was not closed, and there was warm light. He stood at the door and only heard the soft voice of the woman and the sound of the baby.

Under the two cages of orange lights, Chu Qiao’s white skirt was dragged to the ground, and the sleeves were pulled high. He was kneeling on an ebony basin and was taking a bath for Li Ce’s youngest son.

Rong is very fat, although it is still very small, but his eyebrows look like him, his eyes are bent, picking up slightly, the fox-like peach eyes, almost no white eyes can be laughed.

He was sitting in the ebony pot at the moment, holding a small bell in his hand, and the bell rang, very crisp. The child patted the water in the rhythm and splashed Chu Qiao. When Chu Qiaoqi hid, he smirked with a happy hand.

“Right, don’t make trouble.”

Chu Qiao tried to communicate with the child, but the child did not buy it, the two fat legs smashed, and a basin of water splashed out.

“You don’t want to be so skinny, your father is not as annoying as you are.”

Chu Qiao’s upper body was already wet, and the clothes were still dripping with water. Ronger looked up and yelled, as if to refute her.

“Do you see how you look like a prince?”

“Oh yeah oh oh oh @$ttakemysunshineaway.”

She suddenly reached out and hugged Zhuge’s waist. The dark image of the candlelight was a halo of circles, dancing in a corner of the room, a starry, swinging, sweeping through the window, the boat was Shaking and shaking on the water, the mountains and rivers on both sides of the river rushed away, faint, and seemed to be able to hear the sound of the wind.

“Xinger,” Zhuge Yuebowed his head and asked, “What does this song mean?”

Somehow, Chu Qiao suddenly blushes, she lowered her head and did not speak.

There was a warm breath on it, and his chest was slightly shocked. Chu Qiao knew that he was laughing and silent, but she knew.

“Good to hear.”

Zhuge squatted down and looked straight at her. He smiled and said, “I like it very much.”

Some Chu Jiao didn’t dare to face his eyes. He said, “How come you? It’s so late.”

“I want to be alone, let me not sleep at night.”

Suddenly he said such a thing, Chu Qiao a slight glimpse, suddenly lost the ability of language.

“The man is very beautiful, very cute, just a little stupid. If you look at it a little, you will hurt yourself, and it will be easy to get lost, easy to lose, easy to be taken away by others, so even if I am close to that person, I still can’t let go of it, but when I take a look, I can’t sleep.”

Chu Qiao’s face was red, and she looked like a thief and quietly looked up at Zhuge’s eyes and whispered, “Where is it as stupid as you said?”

“It’s more stupid than I said,” Zhuge’s eyes sparkled and smiled. “But I don’t know how Li Ce’s guy would give birth to such a lovable child, so I’m going to follow suit.”

Chu Qiao stunned, suddenly knowing that he was being played, he would hit him with his fist, but he was caught by Zhuge.

His hand was big and warm, tightly wrapped around her fist.

She never knew that his hand was so powerful and powerful that she couldn’t move her.

He slowly came forward and looked like a dark pool of darkness. He couldn’t see how the waves were undulating inside.

His voice was low and hoarse, and whispered in her ear: “This is punishment, making you bad during the day.”

After that, bow down and kiss her lips. She was suddenly nervous. Although she was a man of the two worlds, she did not have the experience of kissing. But somehow, she would still be nervous when she faced him. It seemed that she did not know where to put her hands and feet.

However, she waited for a long time with her eyes closed, and there was no movement. She opened her eyes cautiously, only opened a line, and saw someone glaring at her under the lamp, seeing her peek and coming in, the warm breath sprayed on her face and said: Are you waiting for me to kiss you?”

“Zhuge玥!” Chu Qiao irritated him: “You bully people!”

He suddenly hugged her, so unprepared, so strong, the quilts on her body and the cotton on the top of the head all flew.

He pulled her face and kissed it hard, hugging her to death, as tight as it seemed to break into the body. His kiss is cold, and her face is hot, his breath is low, his hand is holding her waist, the two bodies are tightly attached together, and the skin can even feel the other’s heartbeat.

Look, two times, three times…

“Chu Qiao,”

He looked at her and suddenly yelled at her name. It seemed to have a big fire in his eyes. He was stunned and said, “Dear to me.”

Chu Qiao suddenly stunned, and the lights shone on Zhuge’s face. His face was half bright and the other half was hidden in the shadow. It seemed to be unreal. Her ears seemed to be auditory, she was a little helpless, she wanted to say something, but she opened her mouth and didn’t know how to answer.

“Xinger,” he looked at her quietly, calling it again.

Her head was a little dizzy, and said: “Well?”

“I love you.”

Like a bomb that was blown over the head, Chu Qiao felt his face burning, his body was heating up rapidly, and his mind was like cement that had been added with water, and it solidified at once. She looked at him silly, and there was a pleasant but flustered thing in the chest that was struggling to jump. Chu Qiao squatted with his hand, as if he didn’t press it, it would jump out.

“I have been in love for a long time, do you know?”

He asked her so lightly, as if they were discussing other people’s affairs, there was no cramps and panic.

Chu Qiao nodded: “Know.”

“What about you?” His eyes were too bright, and Chu Qiao felt that he was going to suffocate and die.

She took the courage and whispered, “I am.”

He refused to let her go, smiled and asked: “What are you?”

The boat was really small, Chu Jo thought this time, why the room is so small, so hot, she has to breathe.

“Say.” He was very aggressive and leaned forward, gently pinching her pointed chin and said, “What are you?”

“Me too,” Chu Qiao gripped his fist hard, and many of the sub-pictures came from thousands of miles away: “I love you too.”

I love you too……

The voice was so light that it pierced the darkness of the night and illuminated the smile on his face. He kissed her forehead and asked, “When did you start?”


I don’t know, maybe it was the reunion under the Xizhao Mountain. Maybe it was the time when the Yinyang Lantern Festival was lightly stunned. Maybe it was the “slow” of the sound under the Qianzhang Lake.

Maybe, it’s been a long time ago, it’s the hug in the mausoleum of Meishan. It’s the misunderstanding of Dock Pengcheng’s mistake. It’s the tacit understanding and the mutual support of the side-by-side battle. It’s from the Tang Jingcheng. The tears that Zhao Yuer saved in his hands.

Or it was traced back to more than a decade ago, in a room full of bluegrass aroma, the stubborn teenager wiped her tears and snots with her white handkerchief, so the next, the next, the wayward, stubborn, barbaric Her heart.

Do not say hello, nor ask her if she is willing or not.

“do not know.”

She reached out and stroked his eyebrows, which was slightly wrinkled because of dissatisfaction: “Maybe it’s been a long time ago, I didn’t know it for a long time, I don’t know which one.”

She leaned in his arms and said softly: “Maybe many times, a little bit of accumulation, I can’t remember.”

“It’s a fool.”

He hugged her and suddenly smiled and said: “In fact, I don’t know.”


Yes, maybe that’s it. No one knows which time, love always comes quietly, and when you find it, it is already ingrained.

He bowed his head and kissed her, kissed her lips, cheeks, earlobe, neck, spread a little, and kissed the thin clavicle.

Chu Qiao’s body is getting softer and softer, a little bit of cuddling on his body, Zhuge’s body is hot, the waist’s hand is gradually moving up, a little spread, like a raging fire, gradually burning her The only reason left.


Chu Qiao suddenly exclaimed, and when he turned around, he was hugged and pressed across the bed.

The clothes have been wet most, and it’s not much to wear and not wear.

He just looked at her, his eyebrows whispered, seemingly thinking about something, but his eyes were burning.

The heavy breathing sounded on the ear side, the wet lips contained her small earlobe, and the electric shock-like numbness suddenly provoked, and the belt on the side of the placket was detached by the dexterity, revealing the small smock inside, which was beige. There is a goose yellow bird embroidered on it.

The rounded shoulders are naked* exposed in the air, slightly cold, and the slender fingers swept past, provoked a shuddery softness, traversing all the way, the little finger picks up, the neck straps are unfolding, and the clothes suddenly fall. Chu Qiao was shocked, instinctively pulled, but only replaced a short chuckle on the top of his head.


Chu Qiao tried hard to leave his arms, stupidly pointed at the candlelight at the foot of the bed, and the dumb voice was disappointing. He said pitifully: “Blow the lights.”

Zhuge Hao suddenly smiled happily, still his usual appearance, turned his head and did not say anything, but he could see the curvature of the corner of his mouth.

Silent and silent in the four times, I can only hear that there are occasional waterfowls across the river, flapping their wings.

He took her waist and whispered in her ear: “Don’t be afraid.”

The brocade was smooth, and the moment when his kiss fell, she gave her a moment of suffocation and suffocation. The skin provokes a layer of crispy chestnut, the body is getting hot, and the clothes are unloaded layer by layer, leaving the shy body.

Smooth, snow-white, like a jade of colored glass, carved with exquisite workmanship. This is a territory that has never been set foot, swaying young vitality and lingering, he gently covered it, the skin is close, like a hot fire, a trace of burning.

The breath was completely swallowed, her face was stuck on his shoulder, and the awkward wound was seen suddenly. Her body was cold, and she shuddered.

He felt it, quickly grabbed her eyes with his hand and whispered, “Don’t look.”

She opened his hand, but stretched out the trembling hand, wrapped around his shoulder, the soft skin of his cheeks clung to his wounds, tears flowing down the line, flowing in the black-red Scars.

Zhugeyu silently took her into her arms and did not speak, just watching her crying quietly.

On the day when Li Ce was buried, she vowed never to cry again. But at the moment, looking at the scars on his body, looking at the place that was repeatedly stabbed by herself, she was still saddened. She hugged him tightly, as if she was afraid of letting go, he would disappear and disappear. It was like the ice lake a long time ago, she let go of her hand and couldn’t see him.

“Zhuge, I am sorry.”

She cried and said.


Zhuge Yue kissed her hair like a cloud and said with a chuckle: “I was broken by you, you have to be responsible for me.”

Chu Qiao knew that he was joking, and while he was sobbing, he replied: “Injury, shoulders, not… not counting.”

Zhuge whispered a smile, and if he was dark, he would not see the bottom, only to see her light shadow like a lotus. The soft lips gently kissed the tears on her cheeks and whispered, “No matter what, you are responsible.”

His arm is so powerful that it almost hurts her, but in the pain, she is so happy, like immersed in a huge ocean-like joy.

How good, there can be today, once upon a time, she thought that everything was so abruptly stopped, buried in the cold waters of the lake, everything has no room to look back.

The lingering is getting deeper and deeper, and there is fine sweat sliding from the forehead. The rivers are blue waves on all sides. I can’t hear the human voice. The time seems to be straight at this moment, and the wind stops blowing. Only they are left, in a group of beautiful embroidery. in. The lips can’t help but scream, the pain will bend the body, and the warm suffocating will fall from the legs, a little red, like cinnabar.

His movements suddenly solidified, and the eyebrows flashed a trace of incredulity. Immediately, he looked at her deeply, as if through the layers of fog, in the direction of the lights in the distance.

Her face was red and her lips were red and swollen. She was holding her bedding and nervously covering her chest. Seeing him look over, it’s so embarrassing, no sound.

He suddenly smiled, Chu Jo has never seen him laugh like this. At the beginning, I just opened my mouth slightly, but gradually laughed out the voice, and the voice grew louder and louder. I was so scared that Chu Qiao quickly extended a small hand and tried to cover his mouth.

He suddenly buried his head and buried it in her collar. He whispered, “Xinger, I am so happy.”

The arms are as thin as they are around his waist. His figure is so good, like a CK jeans model on TV. She opened her mouth in the darkness happily. The red candle was gradually extinguished, and the candle was tearful. She smiled and thought, this is my cave.

After so many people, so many things, for a long time, the national hate hate, life and death, time and space, in this life, step by step, or to today.

She buried her head on his shoulder and shed tears.

In the middle of the night, it rained, pounding on the ship’s board, squatting in the boat, swaying through the waters of the mountains and mountains, faintly able to hear the wind and the wind, and the deep autumn rain, playing in the quiet river Among them.

Chu Qiao woke up late at night, the blue silk scattered on the neck, the cheeks red, sleepy eyes, skin like white satin, lying in the heavy splendid, stretched out slender arm, and then touched it, but it was cold.

She was shocked and sleepy, and suddenly she got up and saw that the room was empty, only she was alone. The window is still dark, I don’t know when it started to rain.

Suddenly she was a little flustered. When she turned over the mountain, she got out of bed. However, the toe was just a little bit, and the knees were soft and the lower body had faint pain. It was so vividly transmitted to the whole body. It seems to remind her that everything has changed.

Put on a water-blue dress, embroidered with light white flowers and leaves, embroidered silk, with peach color as the core, a stroke of a slim waist, a plain skirt, and a cloud Sleeve shawl. She picked up a bamboo green umbrella, opened the hatch, and went out.

It’s cold outside, it’s drizzle like silk, it’s like the drizzle of the early spring, it’s slanted by the wind, even if it’s an umbrella, it’s still rainy and naughty on the skirt of the dress, under the night wind. Light maneuver. She hurriedly ran across the empty deck, the skirt was already wet, the figure was as light, and the black clouds on all sides rushed over, the peaks on both sides of the river towering high, and occasionally I could hear the hustle and bustle.

He stood on the bow of the wind like that. It seems that he has been standing for a long time. He is a white gown, and he is tall and straight. In the shadow of the twilight, there is a hint of depression. When he heard the footsteps, he turned around and saw her, and he was not surprised. He just reached out and said quietly, “Come here.”

Chu Qiao quickly ran over and covered the umbrella on the top of his head. Although the rain was small, it would be wet if it stood for a long time. His clothes were already in the tide, and the cold water was flooding. She frowned and said, “Isn’t it raining?”

The mountain wind whimpered through them, and the large robe sleeves were slightly bloated by the wind. He held her hand, and the phalanx was distinct, slender and powerful. He suddenly held her in his arms, and he did not say anything, but he did not use force, but it seemed to have the strength of steel bars to hold her back, so that she did not dare to have a little action.


Time passed quietly, and she whispered to him: “What happened to you?”

“It’s nothing.”

His voice is calm, like a lake of calm water. After a few years, the man who had been escaping from the past seemed to grow up. His eyes were quiet and occasionally flashed a trace of coldness. They were all vicissitudes of worldly experience, with Ning He in the voice, but there were always dark ice and darkness. Hidden in it, the mood is not inconspicuous, making people unable to see what he is thinking.

“Star, you are wronged.”

He suddenly said this, Chu Qiao frowned and wondered: “What do you say?”

“I owe you.” Zhuge licked his mouth and smiled silently, like a child, gently patted her cheek and said: “I will compensate you in the future.”

“Zhuge, what happened to you?”

Chu Qiao was a little nervous, grabbed Zhuge’s sleeves and looked up and said: “I have no wrongs, I am willing.”

Zhuge smiled, still like that kind of glory, arms out holding her in her arms, chin on the top of her head, so hold, do not force, as if holding a piece of porcelain.

Some words he did not say, so he followed the breath in the river wind.

He always thought that he was much better than Yan Xun, and Chu Qiao was only by his side to get real happiness and care.

However, in this matter, he is not as good as that person. For ten years, Yan Xun is indeed a gentleman, but he has his own selfishness.

But what about that?

For her, he has never been confident, cautious, like a thin ice.

The closer he is, the more he is afraid, so he wants to have a little more selfishness, a little more, and a little more.

Sometimes, he is also laughing at himself. I didn’t expect Zhuge to have you today?


However, often afterwards, my heart is more suffering. He is such a free and easy person, the Emperor of the Emperor, the wealth of Jiangshan, is just a gamble between the fingers, but only her, is a game that he could not break in his life.

Chu Qiao still whispered in his arms, seemingly wide his heart, repeatedly said: “Nothing, I am willing.”

He grabbed her mouth, then slid her up and walked to the cabin.

Chu Qiao’s “Ye” screamed, the bamboo umbrella fell on the ground, the drizzle hit the cheek, the cold, and she buried the protest in his arms to suppress the voice: “Let me down, be Mei Xiang they It’s bad to see!”

Zhuge bowed his head and said, “I shut up.”

Chu Qiao’s brow wrinkles, the same resilience of stress: “Never!”

Zhuge smiled, still his usual appearance, but his mouth was retracted, but he did not say anything. When he lowered his head, he put her lips in the mouth, twirling and stalking, standing in front of the hatch, standing in the night. Next, the gentle kiss of her mouth sweet, so long, until Chu Qiao pulled out, panting, only let go of her bondage.

He smiled at her, vaguely with a few proud provocations: “I have a way to shut you up.”

Chu Qiao quickly extended his two hands to cover the already red mouth, waiting for a pair of big black eyes, screaming at him with anger, silently protesting.

Zhuge smiled and hugged her and went back to the room. Fortunately, it is late at night, everyone has fallen asleep, no one has ever encountered it along the way.

When he arrived at the room, Chu Qiao jumped down and made a defensive posture, staring at him. Seeing that he was very comfortable to undress, he could not help but face red.

Zhuge Yuesuddenly chuckled and leaned forward, the warm breath sprayed in her ear, whispered: “Is it still hurt?”

Chu Qiao’s face is even redder. She is always like this. It is obviously a general who can fight the enemy and command a million-strong army. But when faced with these things, it’s like a big girl who has never been out. In a word, she can make her feel at a loss.

Zhuge Yue hugged her from behind, her hands fell unsatisfactorily, and Chu Qiao was shocked, holding a hand that was restless, and firmly attached to her hot belly.

“Well?” Zhuge Yue asked: “I want to ask you something? Still hurt?”

Chu Qiao screamed, shaking his head in a random way, like a panicked rabbit.

Zhuge 玥he smiled, his face crossed a trace of evil spirits, deliberately whispered in her ear: “Is it really painful?”

She nodded quickly.

“Let’s continue.”

“Ah?” Chu Qiao was shocked, and his mouth could be stuffed into an egg.

Zhuge met with a big laugh, and picked her up and put it on the bed. Chu Qiao doesn’t know what happened to him, how about his skills? What about martial arts? What about sensitive movements? Why is the body soft and not a bit of strength when he approaches?

She looked at his face in a silly look, in front of her eyes, the nose of the British, the thin lips, the eyes of evil spirits, the smooth skin, a slight smile, and the splendid elegance of all beings.

She was so stunned, letting others occupy her lips, a shuddering numbness crawling from the spinal cord, like an electric shock, the bell-like teeth were opened and the tip of the tongue was dexterously penetrated. His kiss turned from gentle to fierce. She also began to cater to the beginning of the stagnation, and the body was shaking slightly, and the breathing was violent. She finally lost in the other party’s flirting means, soft and relying on it. In his arms, if the lake was disturbed by the spring water, no one could control it.

I don’t know when the clothes have been shed, only the short vests, revealing slender legs and white arms.

At this moment, he smiled and pulled up a quilt, wrapped her in it, then kissed her on her face, reached out and held her in her arms. The scorpion was slightly dumb and said with a smile: “Okay, Sleep.”

Chu Qiao, some did not respond, stupid asked: “Sleep?”

“How?” Zhuge squatted his head and looked at her flushed sideways. She smiled and said, “You don’t want to sleep?”

“Think!” Chu Qiao said loudly and exaggeratedly, and yawned, saying that he was really sleepy and sleepy.

When Zhuge lie down, she glared at her. He didn’t think about it. Chu Qiao was the first time, and he couldn’t bear the second round of wind and rain so soon. But he just had to stop, he had to close his eyes: “Let’s sleep.”

But someone is getting restless in his arms.

She will move her arms for a while, and will change her posture, like a restless puppy, the arch of the east arch, the hair is furry, and people want to sneeze.

Zhuge Yue frowned slightly, and the fire in the chamber arched up and down. He tried his best, but he could not suppress it.

He frowned and said, “What are you doing?”

“You, don’t you go back to your room?”

Chu Qiao looked up, pitifully staring at him, his face red and said: “What should I do if they are seen by Mei Xiang tomorrow morning? They are still small, still children.”

Zhuge Yue still frowned: “How old are they, and children? You forgot, when you were so big, you almost raped me in Dock Pengcheng.”

“Where do I have?” Related to personal reputation, Chu Qiao suddenly retorted: “You are bloody!”

“Not yet?” Zhuge said: “You pretend to be the slut of the singer who was given to me by Narita, and the clothes are not swaying in front of me, are you trying to take advantage of me?”

“Zhuge is yours -”

“You can make a big noise, then you don’t have to be tomorrow morning, they will all know it later.”

Chu Qiao quickly lowered his voice, glaring at him, gnashing his teeth and said: “I was trying to save people, who knows that you will be there, you know the cause and effect, and less with me.”


Zhuge’s impatient white gave her a look, and the expression seemed to say “I know you will be so arguing”.

Chu Qiao saw that he did not speak, panting for a while, then pushed her again and said: “Hey! Go back to your own room, this bed is so small, I can’t sleep well.”

Is this bed still small? Four people lying side by side will not be too crowded. Zhuge Yue couldn’t hear it and continued to sleep with his eyes closed.

“Hey! Go back to your own room, what are you doing with me?”

Seeing that Zhuge is really in the mountains, Chu Qiao sat up in an angry way, holding his own clothes and going. However, just as she was about to climb over from Zhuge, she was caught in the waist, and her elbow suddenly lost power, and she fell on Zhuge’s chest.

There were a few flames in the man’s eyes, and the sputum was measured as a seam, slanting at her, and said coldly: “I see you are very energetic, I don’t want to sleep.”

“No! Nothing!”

Even if Li Qingrong knows how to look at his face, Chu Qiao, a big living person, naturally knows the heights.

Sure enough, soon she knew that all protests and escapes were unrealistic. So she quickly lie back to the original place, back to Zhuge, no sound, breathing steady, as if she really fell asleep.

Everything is quiet, and there is a thick black ink in the air. The rain seems to be a little bigger, and the patter is pounding on the ship’s board, making a crisp sound.

A hand came from behind and grabbed her waist. The man’s breath was gently sprayed behind his ear, and his neck was a numbness. He held her and gently kissed her auricle. The tone was low and said: “Xinger, I want to hold it every night.” You, don’t always drive me away.”

Her heart suddenly went so soft, like a clear water, light and floating.

It’s hard to imagine someone like him who would talk to her in such a tone. She felt a little sad, reached out and held his finger, some cold, a little squatting, put it on her lips, then bowed her head. A kiss.

The night is still so long, she just went to sleep like this, lying in his arms, seemingly seeing the clear sky in the dream, the green lake, the green grassland, a group of children in white skirts standing on the wide lawn Dancing, singing in the warmth of the mouth.

Zhuge, you are my sunshine, the sunshine that I can never give up.

It will be almost certain that it will be late in the morning.

After a vigorous slam, she opened her eyes in panic, and saw that Zhuge was dressed neatly standing in front of the window, holding a light blue and white mixed dress in her hand, laughing and saying: “Meixiang I’ve called it a few times, and you won’t get up again, she will rush in.”

Chu Qiao almost wore clothes and then moved, moved to the door, reached out, opened the door with a small gap, and headed out, silly smile: “Oh, Mei Xiang, good morning.” what.”

“Miss, it’s already noon, and after a while I will be on the beach.”

Mei Xiang stood at the door, very imposing to the waist, Jing Jing holding Li Ce’s young son, is trying to probe the brain, seems to suddenly have an interest in Chu Qiao’s room. Rong Er stretched out a small fat hand, glaring at Jingjing’s face, screaming, not knowing what to say.

“Ah? Is it?” Chu Qiao snorted: “Oh, I am too tired recently, I have overslept, it’s weird, haha.”

“Yeah, it’s weird.” Jingjing smirked at the side, a pair of elf ghosts.

“Miss, what are you doing here, I have washed my face, are you not washing?”

Chu Qiao raised the bucket on the ground, and Dayi said sharply: “I will come by myself.”

Mei Xiang frowned: “Miss, what happened to you?”

“I am very good, I am watching you are too tired, you should go to the break first.”

Mei Xiang continued to be loyal and said: “I will also clean up the room for you.”


“No need to use it, I am in good spirits today, I can clean up myself.” After that, I will not wait for Mei Xiang to say anything. She will enter the house with the water and shut the door. Then put the ear on the door like a thief, listening carefully to the outside movement.

After waiting for Mei Xiang and Jing Jing to go, Chu Qiao took a breath.

Zhuge lie on the side of the bed, very leisurely said: “Look at you, like a thief.”

Chu Qiao glanced at him and came up to pull his arm: “No one is there, you go back to your room.”

“No.” Zhuge Yue simply refused: “Unless you wait for me to wash my face.”

Chu Qiao squinted: “Why?”

“If you don’t do me, I won’t go back.”

“Zhuge is yours -”

Chu Qiao gnashed his teeth for a long time, and finally went to the basin, poured water, washed his face, and then walked up to him, revealing his arms and sleeves, the posture is not like to wipe the face, live off a pair To be as dry as people.

She squatted in front of him and rubbed it hard on his face. He frowned slightly, but said nothing, still smiling. Chu Qiao suddenly did not go to the hand, she sighed, the movement was gentle.

The sun shines through the open window and shines on the two people. The time seems to have gone backwards for more than ten years. Still in the courtyard of Qingshanyuan, she had to start very early every day, carrying a washbasin that sank the sinking water, waiting for him to get up, waiting for him to wash his face, waiting for him to dress and wear shoes, waiting for him to eat and drink tea.

“Look, I have spent so much effort, and I finally got back to the old line.”

Chu Qiao grinned and said with a dejected look.

Zhuge smiled and said: “There is a saying that Skynet is restored, not leaking, you should be my own person, and you can’t run.”

Chu Qiao glared at him and said: “What breaks the metaphor.”

Brush your teeth and wear it neatly.

Chu Qiao pushed Zhuge’s arm and pushed it to the door: “Come on, let’s go!”

Zhuge Yueturned back and took her eyes to her: “Dead woman, one night couples, you will turn your face every other day!”

“Come on, let’s go! Go back to your own room!”

“Young Master!”

A crisp and pleasant voice suddenly came, Chu Qiao scared the three souls to go to the Seven Miles, suddenly turned around, but saw the moon seven smiles standing outside the window, seeing her, but also laughed and greeted her: “I went to the young master in the morning Room, see the young master is not there, guess that the young master was in the girl’s room last night.”

Ping An stood behind the moon seven, there seems to be a lot of people behind, far away, I don’t know who he is talking to, but there is a vaguely happy voice coming over: “Sister can be married, I don’t have to listen to my sister again.” It’s awkward.”

At this time, the door was slammed open, Mei Xiang came in with Jingjing and others, and saw Zhuge Yuefirst bowed a ceremony, very politely called the four young masters, then went to Chu Qiao’s bed, thinking To pack things up.

Chu Qiao suddenly remembered how the blood on the bed could see people, just want to stop, but see Jingjing end a soup bowl, whispered in her ear: “Mei Xiangjie specifically told people to stop, stop bleeding, qi, sister Let’s drink soon.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes were black and his cheeks seemed to bleed.

Zhuge Yue came over, took the medicine bowl and handed it to Chu Qiao’s lips. There was a smile in his mouth: “Sure enough, good thing, star, drink.”

In the afternoon, the boat was docked in Lanling County, and the food on board was replenished. After another two days, I finally arrived in Hu County.

Everyone went to the shore, although it was already in the territory of Da Xia, but the defense of Zhuge Yue and others was obviously more strict. When I first arrived at the ferry, there were about 500 guards guarding the escorts. The accompanying son-in-laws were all changed into men’s clothes. They were mixed in the team and were very secretive.

Chu Qiao sees Zhuge’s people in this pair of guards with tattoos on the face, knowing that most of them were sinners who were exiled in Qinghai, and let go of their hearts.

Most of these people are sinners on their ancestors. They don’t have much sense of belonging to Ximeng, and they live in the wilderness of Qinghai all the year round. They are strong and loyal to Zhuge, and they are there. Zhuge’s safety is not a problem.

In Baolin County, the three thousand green navy armor is clearly guarded there, and one thousand of them are dressed in navy blue leather jackets. They look imposing, savage and fierce, full of toughness and frosty colors, and the temples are raised. It is a person who has practiced martial arts.

On the seventh day of the month, she said to her that those who are under his command are the most elite seventh division of Qinghai. This is only a small part of it, and most of the teams are still in Cuiweiguan and Zhen Huang City.

In the evening, I took a rest in Baolin County and returned to Zhen Huang on the second day. In the evening, they finally saw the hustle and bustle of the city.

The vastness of the earth, a bleak, the wilderness rolling, the grass with the wind.

It is still the weather of the big summer, the wind of the big summer, the autumn cool of the big summer. Chu Qiao opened the curtain of the carriage and looked at the sly city gate in front. The iron-red wall, under the setting of the setting sun, had a bloody and tragic color.

She faintly remembered those young days. She lived in the huge cage with Yan Xun, and hated everything here. She couldn’t wait for a flood to turn all the prosperity into fly ash. They worked hard to kill a bloody road and rushed out of the fence that had banned them for eight years.

But today, she willingly stepped on this place again and into this suffocating city gate.

Six years ago, she left the place for a man. Six years later, she returned again for another man.

The wonders of fate are always between thousands of turns, stepping out one step at a time. You don’t know what kind of results will be waiting for you. The only thing you can do is just keep going.

Her fingertips were a little cold, and the wind blew through her ears.

One hand suddenly came from behind and held her in her arms.

Zhuge’s voice sounded behind the ear, very light, with a calming taste.

“Don’t be afraid, have me.”

Chu Qiao smiled, he always seemed to say that she leaned back in his arms, took a deep breath of his body, and then slowly closed his eyes.

Just holding his hand, so tight, it seems that it will never be released again.

Today’s Zhen Huang City is no longer the prosperous splendour of the year, the sky is still not black, and the people walking on the street are already very rare. When I saw Zhuge’s car and driving, it was everyone’s refusal. There was no such thing as a crowd of people at the Lantern Festival.

The carriage bypassed Xuanhua Street, turned into Baiwei Road, and went all the way to the west of the city. Chu Qiao gave a slight glimpse and said: “Do you not return to Zhugefu?”

Zhuge smiled: “I am already the Sima of the Ministry of Military Affairs in Da Xia. Naturally, I live in my own Sima House.”

Chu Qiao heard the words suddenly loose, and the face could not help but smile.

Zhuge smiled at her: “This kind of anger is in color, how can it be worthy of the title of Beauty King?”

“What better in front of you?”

Chu Qiao said very naturally, Zhuge Yue was slightly stunned, then immediately grabbed her and praised: “Say well.”

There were few people on the street, and the carriages went faster. Without a long while, they had already arrived at Sima House on the side of Biliu Lake in the west of the city.

This house Chu Choo had seen before, it is a royal hospital, built with grandeur and grandeur. The carriage didn’t stop, all the way into the door, until the inner house, the soldiers and brave went one after another, Chu Qiao followed Zhuge and took the carriage.

At a glance, I saw a pair of nephews standing in the distance with red eyes. When I saw her, the tears fell.

Although it is no longer the yard of the past, but people are still people, Chu Qiao also has a bit of sorrow and grief, slightly reaching out, the babies will rush to come over, pick up the skirt will give her a hoe to please.

Chu Qiao quickly reached out to help, Zhuge Yue took her and said: “You are the mother of the house in the future, they give you a head, it should be.”

In this way, the people under the squatting of the government have already given her a slap in the face, and cried in the mouth: “Give me a little lady.”

Chu Qiao helped the child, and she has not seen it for many years. Her appearance has also changed somewhat. The long and graceful appearance has now become a big man on the Zhuge Temple, with a hundred and eightty small beggars under her hand.

With a tear in his eyes, the nephew cried and said: “The slave knows that the lady will come back sooner or later, and the lady’s room slaves are all packed up, and they have been kept for you for years.”

Chu Qiao was called by a lady, a little embarrassed, but Zhuge Hao was calm, and said at the side: “That room is coming out, move her things directly into my room.”

When everyone heard it, they quickly instructed us to carry luggage for Chu Qiao. Mei Xiang and Jing Jing also joined in, and a group of people worked hot.


Zhuge said in her ear, and then she walked forward without holding her hand.

The twilight is four-in-one, the night is boundless, and a crescent moon hangs in the sky, sprinkling a faint glow. The lights on both sides ignited and shined on the cloak of Zhuge’s navy blue. His hands were warm and did not speak, just silently. The wind on both sides came over, with the wetness of the lake, but some of the night’s fresh, the arrow of his cuffs was dense, and from time to time, he wiped the cloak of Chu Qiao’s white, making a loud noise.

There is a very light aroma that hits it up, not strong, but it is everywhere. It is a good kind of ylang-ylang herb, and there is a hint of Du Ruo’s fragrance.

Zhuge has always been a person who knows how to live. Maybe it is the wealth brought out by the bones. The accumulation of wealth for hundreds of years makes these families different from the general nouveau riche. Almost every inch of soil and every plant has a rare and precious value.

Pushing open the hollowed-out Xihai Nanmu door, it is an elegant dormitory, which is not so magnificent, but it is exquisite and comfortable to let the more picky people have nothing to say. The soft and thick carpet is laid on the ground, and there is a kind of lightly floating plaque, a book coffee table, antique calligraphy and painting, the whole room is elegant, with a little extraordinary and simple. The eighteen-faced silk white brocade account is hooked by the purple gold must-have bird’s hook, and it stretches all the way to the inner room.



He stood in front of her and looked down at her and asked softly.

Chu Qiao shook his head and said, “I am so hungry.”

A little girl in red clothes quickly said, “The food will be ready soon. Should the young master and his wife go to the dining room now?”

Zhuge Yue shook his head and said to Chu Qiao: “I still have something to eat with you.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “If you have something, do something first.”

“The next man is preparing for the horse, wait a little longer.”

After all, he hugged Chu Qiao, the moiré embroidered on the chest shirt touched Chu Qiao’s face, and it was itchy.

His voice came from the body, some stuffy: “Star, you are finally here.”

Chu Qiao smiled and hugged him. The bottom of his heart was an indescribable satisfaction. He was lazy and didn’t want to talk.

The room is smoked with good spices, making people sleepy, want to close your eyes and take a good sleep.

“Tonight, you are waiting for me here.”

Chu Qiao’s cheeks were red, and she looked up and smiled at Zhuge: “Then you have to come back soon.”

Chu Qiao nodded.

At this time, the horse has been prepared, Zhuge said: “I went to the Seventh House to have a trip, you should eat first, rest early.”

“Well.” Chu Qiao picked up his toes and snorted on his mouth. His cheeks said red: “Be careful on the road.”

A glimmer of joy emerged from the eyes of Zhuge, and he took Chu Qiao hard and turned and went out.

Chu Qiao went to the door with him, the wind was a little big, blowing her white cloak, she looked at Zhuge Yuedisappeared in the thick night, smiling and leaning against the door frame.

In fact, Zhen Huang is not as terrible as she imagined.

Far away, there was a voice of Jingjing and Ping An, and they didn’t know what happened. A group of people laughed. Chu Qiao’s mouth is also involuntarily hooked up, very good, here is really good.

After eating the meal, she took a shower under the service of the maid.

Mei Xiang and others are also tired all the way, Ronger can not be separated from people, Mei Xiang with two milk mothers to take care of children. People don’t know, but thought that it was Zhuge and Chu Qiao who were born outside, and they were very caring for them.

The bath room of Zhuge’s family is very large. It is made of Putian white jade. It is inlaid with hundreds of pearls. With just one candle, you can make the whole room bright and bright. Water is the underground hot spring of Cangshan Mountain. It is blended with flower buds, with royal powder, and the aroma is attacking. The bottom of the pool is made of non-slip, and it also engraves a large flower of roses, which is extremely luxurious.

My nephew said that when the emperor gave him a house, he himself looked at it in advance and said after reading it: “When you leave, the house can buy a good price.”

Chu Qiao listened to a slight smile, it seems that the vampire Sima outside the rumor is not fake.

I took a shower, dressed in a white silk quilt, and returned to the temple with bare feet.

When the children started, there were some cramps. When they saw Chu Qiao’s dear, they let go of their minds and dared to call the stars. She repeatedly took out the chores of Zhuge Yueover the past few years, but said that it is all good words. In short, in short, it is the star, you know that it is a shore, and it is wise to return to our young master in time. The gods of the heavens will marry you.

Chu Qiao smiled and listened to her. She said that Zhuge Yue’s self-cleaning in recent years, how not to be close to women, how to let those family ladies regret their intestines and look through their eyes. Listening to her, how do you miss her every day, how to remember her, how to hear her news, how to be happy when she receives her letter, how to jump, how can the night not be embarrassed, how to eat more A few bowls of soup. Listening to what she said about the years before Zhuge, how is it being practiced, how is the body weak, and how it has no status in the family.

Gradually, Xiao Yan cried, and while he was smashing and thinking about Zhuge, he said sadly and starvingly, you must never leave the young master. The young master really likes you.

The room was smoked with good fragrance, and Chu Qiao sat on a soft bed and listened to the past. He only felt that the past time passed by like a mountain.

Look, he likes her, knows all over the world, and even a sly look is so clear. It is her, it will take so long, so many years, to understand this.

After a while, someone gently knocked on the door, and the next people came to report that the wife of General Seventh was coming.

The nephew quickly jumped up and ran out. After a while, a woman with a clear eyebrows came in, her eyebrows were clear, and she was dressed in a goose-yellow dress, which looked elegant and light. I laughed at two small dimples, holding a child in my teens. When I saw her, I would go down and salute.

Chu Qiao quickly grabbed her and said with a smile: “I didn’t expect that luck is so good on the seventh month, I can find such a beautiful wife.”

Xiao Fei smiled and revealed two cute little tiger teeth and said to the child: “Mo’Er, call my mother.”

The child looked up at Chu Qiao and squatted for a while. He suddenly hugged his arms and hugged Chu Qiao’s leg and shouted: “Sister, come see me!”

Chu Qiao awkwardly, looked down and looked at it carefully. I saw that the child was beautiful and lovely. He wore a loose green and small armor. His eyes sparkled and he glared at her. He said, “Sister, you don’t know me. Hello, I am Moh.”

Chu Qiao suddenly remembered, this is the Ouyang Mo’Er she had with Zhuge Yue on the way to Tang Jing. It’s been more than six years since I’ve been there. The old little ones have grown so big today.

She quickly hugged the child and said with surprise: “Mu has grown so high that I can’t recognize it.”

Mo’Er kissed her intimately and said: “Where is my sister? I haven’t been jealous of me for so many years? If my father often talks about you, Moh must forget his sister.”


Chu Qiao frowned, and looked at the two people who were puzzled.

Xiao Fei quickly said to the child: “You can’t scream, you have to call your mother.”

Moo looked at Chu Qiao and asked: “Is my sister married to my father?”

“Who is your father?”

“My father is Sima, the military department of Da Xia. Do you not know your sister?”

The nephew quickly explained to the side: “After the young master came back, he took the Mo’Er master and gave him a son.”

Chu Qiao was so stunned that he had talked with Mo Erxiao for a while, only to know that Xiao Fei had given birth to two children for the seventh month. This woman is completely different from the character of the seventh month. She is always very embarrassed. When she says a few words, she will be blushing, especially for people.

Because Chu Qiao was only returning to China today, they could not wait for more, and for a while, Xiao Fei took the Mo’Er to go. Before leaving, Moo repeatedly asked Chu Qiao to have time to see him, as if she was afraid of her turning and leaving.

After the people left, Zhuge Yue had not returned. When Chu Qiao was tired, he retired the next person and went to bed.

Chu Qiao’s body has been bad for a few years, and he has been running around for a few days. His spirit is slightly unhelpful.

The bed was warm and soft, Chu Cho lay down, and closed his eyes and fell asleep.

I don’t know how long it took, she stumbled that someone was kissing her, she stubbornly didn’t want to wake up, lazy and snorted, and went to the depths of the bed.

A cold arm suddenly hugged her, and a warm breath squirted in her ear, seemingly chuckling.

Itchy between the necks, she frowned and opened her eyes, and saw Zhuge wearing a lavender bedclothes, lying on the side of the bed, black eyes staring at her, laughing and said: “This kind of vigilance, being I don’t know if I’m cheap, or the star I know?”

Chu Qiao smiled and reached out and grabbed his neck and said: “There is a little thief’s skill is too good, always come without a trace, I can’t catch his traces.”

Zhuge snorted and kissed her with a bow and asked, “Is it good to sleep?”


Chu Qiao leaned in his arms and said naughtyly: “If you don’t come back, I will sleep better.”

Zhuge smiled and said: “If you don’t fight for three days, you will be able to give you a home.”

After saying it, he raised his hand, and Chu Qiao suddenly closed his eyes, but after waiting for a while, he did not see the so-called family law falling. She opened her eyes, but saw that Zhuge was looking at her with a sly look. She couldn’t help but ask: “Isn’t it necessary to implement family law? Why don’t you do it?”

Zhuge hugged her, bowed her head between her neck, her arms slightly moved, the ribbon around her waist was picked up, and the clothes slipped down the shoulders, revealing a white skin.

The strength of Zhuge’s arm was slightly aggravated, and the body slowly covered it. The voice was low and slowly said: “Where am I willing?”

On the candlesticks of the double cranes and lychee, a pair of red candles are burning in silence, and the red lanterns cover the candles, and only the faint red light is hidden.

Long night silence, Chu Qiao returned to the first night of the city of true, in such a warm lingering, slowly passing.

This autumn, slowly descending in such sweetness and joy, although the autumn leaves are scattered, the golden chrysanthemums are in a group, and the decoration of a golden embroidered Sima is more magnificent. The days passed away, like the spring lake in March, a glimpse of the lingering from the fingers, leaving the sweetness and hope of the spring in the palm of your hand, and it will not dissipate for a long time.

On the day of the autumn festival, Chu Qiao took out the house with Zhuge, went to the Xiangzhi Mountain where he was 30 miles away, and went to visit the Anyuan Temple on the mountain.

Although Chu Qiao lived in Zhen Huang City for seven or eight years, she has never been to some places of interest around the Imperial City. As soon as the identity was not allowed, the second did not have this state of mind. However, now that the vicissitudes of life have changed, everything is not as good as it used to be, and she will let go of her arms. The weather on that day was excellent, and the weather was fine, although there was a cool breeze, it was even more refreshing. Chu Qiao wore a month-old white pleated satin maxi dress, draped in a long-satin satin cloak, and a group of people who heard that they wanted to go out to play and sang a happy follow-up, a group of people on the road.


Xiangzhi Mountain is located in the south of Zhen Huang. It rises in a plain, and the top of the mountain is snow-scarred. It does not change all the year round, such as Wolong, and it is lonely. The mountainside is full of maple trees, and now it looks like a blush, and the scenery is beautiful. Today is the autumn festival, the rich people in the city of Zhen Huang are all traveling together, and visitors Linz, laughter and laughter, lively and extraordinary.

All the way up the Xiangzhi Mountain, placed in the red forest of the layer of forest, the scenery is eye-catching, beautiful. Jingjing and Ping An took the Mo’Er in front of the road, yelling at you to chase after me, He Xiao Duoji and a group of guards around the moon, the seventh month also brought a small fe, holding the festival, but also let this good wife and mother put A holiday.

Zhuge Yue took Chu Qiao’s hand and went all the way up. From time to time, he and everyone cited the classics to laugh and laugh. The young master is so happy and easygoing, everyone is happy to make fun of it, and they will be guarded by the stars of the stars. Occasionally, there are tourists passing by, all of them are blind, and I don’t know which one is traveling.

Zhuge has always been very busy. He is the Sima of the Ministry of Military Affairs of the Great Summer, and is the leader of the Qinghai. He is now more faintly a sect of the Zhuge family. He has several positions, and the military and political affairs must be integrated. And Yanbei’s inside and outside attack. These days, although he returned to the government on time every day, accompanied Chu Qiao to eat and chat, and rest with her, but every time Chu Cho wakes up late at night, he can not see his side, push open the window, you can see the study room burning all night lights.

At this time, she always pretended not to know, went to bed and sleep peacefully, until the next morning, and then smiled and asked him if he slept well. He looked at him with a blue eyes and smiled and replied that she said that she was very sleepy. .

His body is not as good as he showed. He was so badly injured in the past, and he has been swimming in the water for a long time. It is already a life of nine deaths. It can only be regarded as an open-eyed one. Now that the weather is getting cold, his illness is becoming more and more obvious.

The autumn rain is like a cold, and every time it rains, his face will be very poor. Occasionally wake up at midnight, you can hear his low and depressed breathing, see the fine cold sweat on the back of the neck, the bedclothes on the back are wet, softly attached to his spine.

At this time, she can’t always say anything, just wide-eyed eyes in the darkness, looking at the jeweled pearl ceiling, holding her fists, her lips white, and counting the leaks even more. Sand, quietly waiting for the dawn. Then on the second day, she desperately went to the brazier in the room. She even directed the craftsmen to use more than ten days to build the heating and make a bedroom like a fire room.

When I had breakfast yesterday morning, Jingjing and Ping An talked about the excitement of the autumn festival. She just echoed two sentences and he wrote it down. I didn’t say anything at the time. On the second day, I pushed away all the things and took her to the banner of the Buddha.

For many years, he has always been a stubborn and proud person. He never believed in the Buddha, like a child-like rebellious self. Chu Jo laughed at him and turned his sexuality to worship Buddha. He smiled at her, and God said secretly. The Buddha can not worship, but there is a Buddha who must worship.

When Chu Qiao and others entered the temple hall of Anyuan Temple, her cheeks could not help but be a little red. Jingjing and others laughed. Only Xiaofei was very serious about bowing his head and looking back at a group of disrespect. The god of the junior.

The gods are fragrant, the hall is solemn, and the goddess Guanyin sits on the temple like a kind-hearted eye. The noon light shines from the outside of the temple, penetrates a layer of fine ash, and sprinkles it on the empty hall. Zhuge’s voice was in his ear, with mellow warmth and smile, and whispered, “Because you are sincere.”

Chu Qiao turned around and saw his eyes bright, smiling at her, with some serious, but somewhat childish naughty.

She turned around with a smile, and calmly groaned, hands clasped together, meditation on the wishes that thousands of women had promised, then put their hands on the futon and bowed down sincerely.

A dagger, bless him to be in good health, and when he is in trouble, he will be ruined.

The second dagger, bless us to live in peace, no more points.

Three daggers, bless us to have a wish, can have a healthy child.

She bowed down for a moment, so pious, her face was unprecedented satisfaction and peace.

Bodhisattva, you have blessed so many people, now, please keep me once.

A few Jingjing Mo’Er children are laughing and laughing in the back. Xiaofei is persuading them to respect the gods. The people of Yueqi and He Xiao are standing outside and gossip about their homes. They talk about which camp and the army’s lieutenant is on the flower building and is caught by his wife. When the street hits the anecdote, a lot of guards laughed and laughed.

The weather in late autumn is a bit cold, the sky is bright and bright, she is kneeling there, looking up at the god above, only feels that life is calm and peaceful, the bloody hurricane in the predecessor memory has long been far away, her state of mind has never As quiet as today.

Zhuge Yue lifted her, gently wrapped her arms around her waist, and the cold lips faintly kissed her eyebrows, so she chuckled.

The eye of the Jingjing eyelet, holding a small non-stop, kept calling: “Seven 嫂 seven 嫂, you look, my sister and brother-in-law are blasphemy!”

Everyone listened to a small snicker, but Zhuge was confused. Chu Qiao’s cheeks were reddish and gently pushed away from his arms. It was just a pair of hands, but he held his arm tightly underneath. open.

“Do you want to stay in the mountains to eat vegetarian food?”

Zhuge Yue asked, Chu Qiao did not return, he saw Ping An blinking at her side, and immediately said, “Let’s go down the mountain, we are all carnivores, or do not force ourselves to be arty.”

Mo’Er smirked and laughed, and Ping An ran up and danced to tell Zhuge Yue about Yue Qi’s taste of a certain dish, Jing Jing also echoed in the side. Zhuge Yue with a bang of chestnut and the head is in peace, smiled and said “silly boy”. It took everyone out of the solemn treasure hall.

After the big sesame oil money was sprinkled, the temple prepared a clean courtyard for them. The seventh month and other people went to prepare the horses and horses. Only Zhuge and Chu Qiao were left in the sky and the maple leaves were in the sky.

Just sitting for a while, Xiao Fei was upset and worried, Chu Qiao thought she was going to be a little embarrassed to say, then took her to the parade. Who knows that her face is red, and she thought for a long while that she said that there is a fortune teller in the Guanyin Temple. It is extremely accurate. The pills sold are also elixir. I have two sons because I have eaten the spirit of fortune teller. Medicine cloud, but the seven months and the young master do not believe, this time, can only secretly buy.

Chu Qiao naturally will not believe, the heart of your pregnancy and childbirth, that is the merits of the month, and what is the relationship with a street fortune telling? Just seeing her words and not accepting it, she greeted Zhuge, and accompanied her to the fortune telling booth on Fenglin Road outside the main hall.

The fortune teller is white and white, thin and lonely, but there are a few cents.

I saw Chu Qiao immediately said that she is a rich and wealthy person, but only a lot of life, as long as the sincerity to the Buddha, own law of disaster. The little non-speaker nodded and squinted at Chu Qiao, as if to say, how effective this gentleman is.

Chu Qiao knows that this is the must-say for all the calculations. There are not a few troubles in his life. As for the rich and the rich, just look at the wear of both of them and you can guess that it’s not out of ten. .

Small non-sitting in front of the booth, drawing lots of divination and asking for good and bad, busy is not happy. Chu Qiao was bored and stood by, and suddenly saw a very familiar figure in the distance, suddenly squatting in place.

After a while, bowing down and saying nothing, I quietly followed.

In a blink of an eye, it has been gone for six years.

Among the red maples, he wore a white shirt, which looked unpretentious and no longer shines on the day. The autumn wind blew, and the sleeves of the sleeves fluttered lightly, like the catkins without branches, and they floated softly.

“His Royal Highness, drink water?”

An 18-year-old attendant came forward and his voice was cold. Although he was a men’s wear, he could also hear that he was a young girl. He just turned his back to Chu Qiao and couldn’t see her face.

Zhao Wei turned around and once had a slightly fat baby’s cheek because of his carelessness. Now he has lost weight as a knife. Although his posture is still tall and straight, he has already shown a few tired and thin, his eyes are no longer the gods, calm. No wave is like a hundred years old well, only 20 years old, but the two are already white.

He shook his head and said calmly: “I want to walk alone.”

The girl did not move, but she lowered her head slightly, holding a water bladder in her hand, blowing the breeze, blowing her side face, faintly with a touch of inexplicable familiarity. She suddenly looked up and looked at Zhao Wei. She fixedly said, “Who is your Highness waiting for you?”

Zhao Wei’s look was slightly unpleasant, and frowned: “What are you talking about?”

“How long has it not been left for the House of Lords? Why is it so interesting today?”

Zhao Yu’s eyebrows became more and more unpleasant, and she looked at her deeply and turned and left. The girl was shocked and hurried to catch up. She grabbed his sleeve and said sadly: “Did you forget what you said under His Highness?”

Zhao Wei was dragged by her sleeves and turned her head slowly. Her eyes looked like a deep pool. She stared deeply at the man in the dress, and said: “No heart, not everyone in this world owes you, your hate. Is it too long?”

After all, turning around did not enter the layer of maple forest.

The girl stood back to Chu Qiao’s standing in the same place, with her back and her eyes, and the blue silk like a willow. The shape of her body was as thin as a gust of wind. The lonely and lonely, from her fingertips that were opened slowly, drifted layer by layer in the forest, she stood silent for a long time, finally, still use a sleeve to wipe the cheeks, it seems to wipe away Whatever the same, lift your foot and chase in the direction of Zhao Wei’s departure.

The birds in the forest flutter, humming, and faintly, Chu Qiao seems to have seen it for many years. He wore a small blue robes, embroidered with colorful birds on the clothes, beautiful and colorful, hands-on Holding a golden little whip, she said to her proudly: “This is the most pleasing to the eye, I see you as the most pleasing to the eye, how can I seal you as my goalkeeper general?”


A gust of wind blew, she suddenly felt so cold.

Xiaofei’s voice is getting closer, she’s coming back, and she’s going back together with a good mother who has two children who are still not satisfied.

Everyone was tired for a long time, and the road down the mountain was sitting on the horse. The carriage swayed, and Zhuge saw her interest is not high, she frowned and asked if she was tired. Chu Qiao nodded and said, leaning on his shoulder, stunned and closed his eyes, but could not sleep.

Zhuge took her hand, cold, and worried, and told her to hurry.

“After a few days, Zhao Che is going to get married.”

Chu Qiao awkwardly, slightly raised his head, Zhuge Xiao smiled and said: “He has been a bad luck for many years, and he has become an old bachelor. You don’t know the bride, but I will probably like it. It is the little daughter of Donghu’s leader. Yan Rou, although the name has a soft word, but it is not gentle at all, it is a mad gimmick, but the heart is pure and kind. When she enters Beijing, I will take you to see you.”

Chu Qiao nodded and thought of something, but did not say it after all.

After the autumn festival, the sky began to cold, the lake was frozen, a heavy snow fell, and the world was plain, the room was warm and warm all day, and people were lazy.

These days, people from Sima House come and go, Zhuge Yue seems to be very busy, even the seventh month has been gone for a long time. Listening to Xiaofei said that it was sent out by Zhuge, and it has already gone seven or eight days.

That night, Chu Qiao inadvertently asked Zhuge a sentence, but he did not answer the mystery, just said to give her a surprise.

The surprise came very quickly. After three days, Sun Di sent someone from Sui and Tang to send her a private letter and a palace official document.

It turned out that the Sima Zhuge of the Da Xia Military Department sent people to go to the Sui and Tang Dynasties to ask for a kiss. To welcome the beautiful king of Tang, the first batch of hiring and gift money had been sent to the Sui and Tang dynasty.

When Chu Qiao received the news, Zhuge Yue was still not in the bed, and his white satin bedclothes were white and clear. He held his head with one hand and squinted at her, like a smile, a lazy look.

Chu Qiao walked up to him and spread the letter and asked, “What happened?”

Zhugejun said calmly: “What is going on? Men’s marriage is a big marriage, and it’s very natural.”

Chu Qiao frowned: “But my identity is awkward. After your status, are you not afraid of the court?”

Zhuge Yue chuckled, very disdainful: “I Zhuge Yu married, others do not discuss with me why?”

It seems that a hot water bottle has been punctured, and the warm water is flowing in my heart. Her smile can’t help but slowly squirt out, squatting down and leaning her head on his leg, so it doesn’t move. .

Zhuge Yue sat up and hugged her, bent down and licked her hair, whispered: “I thought for so many years, how can you let me quietly enter my home, I will tell the world Tell everyone, you are mine.”

The following days suddenly became busy. Chu Qiao didn’t know what methods and methods Zhuge used. It made the entire upper-class society seem to have lost memory all night. No one remembers that she helped Yan Xun to kill. Zhen Huang, no one remembers that she had smashed the Northern Expedition of Da Xia twice, and no one even remembered that she had personally killed Zhao Xi, the three emperors of Da Xia.

In the past few days, the nobles of the aristocrats of the various gates have come to the door one after another, and all kinds of rare gifts have been sent to Sima House, and even the royal ministers who are not close to Zhuge Zhao and Zhao Che have also presented gifts to face. .

On the third day of December, the Holy Golden Palace suddenly heard a message saying that the emperor was in critical condition and was eager to recruit Zhuge to enter the palace.

It is reasonable to say that the emperor is seriously ill, except for the Prince of the Prince, it is not appropriate to recruit the minister into the palace. However, the emperor was dying, and he did not guarantee the day and night. No one knew what would happen in the next quarter of an hour. Jing Xiao King Ye, Ling Nan Mu Gongye, and King Shizi from all over the world have entered the palace. It is unwise to let Zhao Che stay in the palace at this time. Zhugejun has to go to the table, the emperor is in the disease. If there is any opinion, Zhao Wei and others are not at ease. At this time, Zhuge Yue was so far away. It was a lively event in the Shengjin Palace. The forces of the whole summer gathered together.

However, on the evening of the day when the parties entered the palace, Donghu Jun, who was stationed in the west of the city, started to work with the guardian army brought by King Xiao King. Specifically, no one knows why, but when Chu Qiao was woken up, the entire west sky was red, shouting and killing the sound, and all the soldiers in the palace were blocked outside the palace gate. Obviously someone is interested in connivance.

After half an hour, the scale of the fight expanded, and the pro-infantry of Lingnan Mu Xiaogong also joined the battle circle. The local picket team of Zhen Huang was watching the fire across the bank. No matter how the people in the west of the city cried, they waited for the above orders and they were all blocked. Standing on the periphery, you can’t move, waiting for the fire between the two groups.

At this time, the big gangs and the gangsters in the city of Zhen Huang took the opportunity to rob the fire. After a small fight, they found that they were ignored and became more and more stunned. There is a mourning in the southeast and northwest of Zhen Huang City. The civilians are shivering at home, but they are afraid of getting burned.

Chu Qiao ordered the troops in the government to be brave and guarded, and the door was closed, never going out.

He Xiao and Zhuge Yue’s pro-weapons were responsible for the defense within the government on the 6th of the month. After a while, the outside of the house suddenly became brightly lit and seemed to be surrounded by a large number of people.

On the 6th of the month, the guards gnawed their teeth, and they pulled out the wolf knives, and they wanted to be desperate. Chu Qiao felt strange, let He Xiao go out to listen to the news.

He Xiao soon came back and smiled and said to Chu Qiao that he was the official inspector of the government and ordered the protection of Sima. Soon, the buzz in all directions was a lot smaller, and it was thought that this so-called inspector army played a role. However, Chu Qiao asked about the sixth month, but the young guards scratched their heads. It was doubtful that he had never heard of any inspector.

At the second time, the door suddenly burst into awkwardness. Chu Qiao just stepped out of the door and saw Zhuge’s deep purple rushing in. He met her and asked, “Don’t scare you?”

Chu Qiao smiled and said: “Do you think that I am a paper? When I murder outside and set fire, you still don’t know where to reincarnate.”

Zhuge took a sip from the teacup and sat down with a smile.

Chu Qiao asked: “What is going on?”

Regarding Zhuge’s affairs, Chu Qiao has always had little question. It is not appropriate for her identity to know too much. Second, she has no more energy for this now. It was only tonight, but she was really worried.

Zhugeyan looked up and saw her worried look. She was slightly awkward. She took her cold hand and said, “It’s Jingyu, they are making trouble, the south gate is controlled by Zhao Wei’s people. I came out from the north gate. So it was a little late.”

“What good is the trouble for them? If the troubles are too big, the Presbyterian will rush back to the territories. Isn’t that everyone can’t take advantage of it?”

Zhuge Yue smiled coldly and said: “They are playing this idea.”

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows twitched and he thought about the joints. He couldn’t help but sigh: “Good luck, thank you for coming out quickly.”

Zhuge took a picture of her cheek and said, “Don’t be afraid, I will not be counted by this means.”

Nowadays, the confrontation between Zhao Che and Zhao Wei is basically the confrontation between the Southwestern Army of the Great Summer and the Donghu Army. Zhao Wei has Jing Hao and Mu Xiaogong as the arms, and Zhao Che also has the Qinghai Navy. Now that the Xia Emperor is in jeopardy, almost all the roadside troops have followed the master to stay in Kyoto, and the side army is in the imperial capital. This is not a rule. Once something happens, it will be sent back to the territory. However, whether it is Zhao Che or Zhuge Yuejing, their subordinates are local side-runners. Only Zhao Wei still holds the Jing-Ji-Ji. These 30,000-foot-riding camps may be insignificant on the battlefield, but once the frontiers are all repatriated, the 30,000 troops are the most powerful forces of the Imperial Army. At that time, Zhao Cheruo did not return to the North with the Donghu Army, and must fall into Zhao’s Hand, and once he returns to the territories, then the next candidate for the Xia Emperor will be basically determined.

In the year when Xia Huang was in critical condition, he played a similar game on almost every summer day. Chu Qiao was a person who had taken the soldiers and naturally knew that it was very powerful. She stepped forward to comfort Zhuge and said: “You are careful, you don’t have to miss me. The troops are brave enough. Even if a 10,000-person attack is over, we can keep two hours. I don’t need to divide the soldiers to protect me next time.”

Zhuge Yue heard a word and asked: “When did I return to the government?”

Chu Qiao said: “The inspector of the government has just been there, and we have kept us for more than two hours.”

Zhuge’s eyebrows wrinkled and thought for a long time before he shook his head: “That’s not my person.”

Chu Qiao looked at him with a puzzled look, and his face was full of solemn colors.

Zhuge smiled and held her hand and said: “It doesn’t matter, they should be not malicious.”

“Is it Wei Shuzhen?”

“If I didn’t guess wrong, it should be Zhao Thirteen.”

It’s like holding a snow in my heart, and the time is cold. Zhuge’s voice is slightly low: “The emperor is in critical condition. Almost all the powerful people in the city are in the palace. At this time, they are not in the palace, and they still have the ability to mobilize. The only person in the government is him.”

A faint color flashed through Zhuge’s eyes, and he slowly said: “For so long, I really forgot him.”

In the main hall, the incense is burned, and the steam is warm, so that people can only wear thin gauze. However, Chu Qiao stood there, still feeling cold, feeling cold and spreading from his fingers, climbing all the way to the spine and getting into his mind.

Zhao XIII, Zhao Wei, was broken by Yan Xun, and his elder brother died in his own hands. The mother was even smashed by himself and Yan Xun. The emperor who was the most powerful in the city of Zhen Huang was now Was it forgotten to this point? There is no share for him to join the palace.


The fragrance of Zhuge’s clothes pierced into the air. He held her in his arms and saw her face with a slight white pain. He said softly, “Singer, why don’t I send you back to Qinghai first?”

Chu Qiao was worried, but he didn’t seem to hear it until he said it again, and he quickly shook his head and grabbed his sleeve nervously. He even shouted: “I don’t want it!”

She looked up at him and looked at him reluctantly. Like an unruly little lion, Zhuge sighed helplessly, sighed and hugged her, whispered: “It’s fast.”

Yes, it’s fast. Every time the ministers see the emperor, they will say this when they return home. To their subordinates, their relatives said this, it’s almost faster, the emperor is not much, and the days of fear are about to pass.

However, day after day, the emperor’s mouth was smashed, and the emperor’s mind was unclear. The emperor did not recognize the person, and the emperor could not afford to eat…

It sounds like the emperor seems to be hanging there only in one breath, as if the next moment, the emperor will let go of the crowd and fly away. However, the arrival of a little winter, the snow seals the door, the sky is full of silver, the Spring Festival is approaching, but the emperor is still coming day by day, not only is not dead, it is said that occasionally can say a few complete words, and occasionally 睁Open your eyes and drink a few mouthfuls of ginseng.

No one knows what the old and broken body is still insisting on. He seems to have any wish. He seems to be waiting for someone, so he drags on a day and refuses to die. He refuses to close his eyes.

The atmosphere of the capital has been tightened because of him. Because no one has the perfect grasp, then no one dares to act as the first priest. The tension in the city is like a bow and arrow full of strings. If you scream at the edge of a street, you will be shocked. Even the newborn baby did not dare to cry in the night. This morning, Zhuge Yue just went out to go to the early morning, and someone came to visit.

The girl is dressed in a pure white fox cloak, standing in the snow covered with silver, her eyes are dark, her lips are red, and she is as beautiful as a painting.

The light of winter is high and far, and it seems to be coming from another world. It is cold on the body. Chu Qiao stood in front of the wind, wearing a su-Clay cloak, suddenly stunned, so she looked at her, and did not move for a long time.

She smiled slightly, her smile was extremely weak, and she came forward slowly, standing in front of Chu Qiao, and said with a smile: “Six sisters, you don’t recognize me? I am a small eight.”

Time suddenly went so fast, if it was a river of spring, the east passed away, and the shadow could no longer be seen.

The little child of the past, she was kneeling beside her, her body was so small, she was like a little wolf who had never eaten milk. She hoeed her head in the cold moonlight, facing the brothers and sisters who had died. Swear, let them wait and see, waiting for her to avenge them.

In a blink of an eye, it has been fourteen years.

Chu Qiao remembered the execution on that day. She hid in the crowd, listening to the child crying and shouting, calling her name and calling her to save her. However, she did not go out after all, only on the night when the moon was covered by clouds, grabbed the broken corpse from the wild dog’s mouth, and then did not even have a straw mat, let her sink into the cold Bihu. in.

Fourteen years, fourteen years, she thought she was dead, she had dreamed of her reluctant tears countless times, she blamed for fourteen years, and because of this, hated Zhuge Yueso long.

In her eyes, she almost fell into tears, standing by the door, reaching out in the distance, but laughing slightly at the corner of her mouth, so bitter, but with the joy of the rest of her life, like full of water, A trace of overflowing out.

Xiao Ba took her hand and said a very light smile. “I am very good, still alive, I didn’t expect it.”

The voice of her voice is very familiar, fluttering, always with a touch of alienation.

They entered the room together. Xiaoba walked around in the room very well. Then he sat down on the soft couch and took a deep breath. He smiled and said: “Zhuge is still like this, like to smoke in the room. Shen Shuixiang.”

She looked around with a familiar gesture, and what she said was the living habits of Zhuge, and then picked up a pomegranate and took it in her hands.

Chu Qiao looked at her, a thousand words condensed in his mouth, but did not know where to ask.

Xiao Ba smiled at her and said: “The six sisters don’t have to be surprised. The person who died on the same day is not me. At the last moment before the execution, your husband has replaced me and raised me for many years. I have grace with him. There are complaints, but I am not here today to force you to fulfill your promise of the day to avenge your family, because even myself, I have long abandoned the idea of ​​revenge.”

There was a sudden wind in the room, and the curtains of the corners of the corners were slightly rolled. Through the sunlight, tiny dust was visible in the air. Between Chu Qiao and Xiaoba, the sun was so glaring that she had to squint her eyes, but she still couldn’t see Xiaoba’s face.

Chu Qiao looked at her, a strange feeling suddenly arises, she thought for a long time, still gently asked: “Little eight, how many years are you good?”

“Small,” Xiao Ba said casually: “Zhuge four is not bad for me. I think I may have been immersed in your light. He went to Mr. Wolong’s art and brought me to go. I followed the book. But he only restricted my freedom, let me go, I ran several times, and I was caught by him. It’s been like this for many years until…”

Speaking of this, Xiao Ba raised her eyelids and glanced at her. She suddenly smiled and said: “Until outside, he died in Yanbei, and the Zhuge family expelled him from the gate. Our people in Qingshanyuan were also driven out of the house. I was able to be free. Later I wandered outside, I was a girl, and I didn’t know how to make a living. Then I broke into the dust and wandered almost in the broth for more than a year. I met my thirteenth. Still have to drag the six sisters of your blessing, because I look like you, I was immediately seen by my Highness, and now my identity is the slave of the palace. Oh, mixed for so many years, still a slave, but the treatment has improved a little.”

Chu Qiao listened to her careless tone, listened to her mention Zhao Wei, remembered what she saw on the night of the balsam mountain, the woman wearing a men’s clothing, could not help but slowly frown, she asked: “You have long been I know that I am coming to Zhen Huang, why not come to me?”

“What do I do for you?” Xiaoba’s eyes swept sharply, a cold smile, and the young face was faintly disdainful and chilly. He said slowly: “Six sisters are now noble, both Yanbei The beauty general, and the beauty king of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, will soon be the Sima Lady of Da Xia. I am a small slave, rushing to come, not to shame the six sisters?”

The little eight eyes are cold, especially when the words “Mrs. Sima” are used, the eyes can almost spurt fire.

The incense in the incense burner ignited a little bit, and a thin smoke line slowly rose. The light gold light was like sparse water, and the layers rushed in, casting a patchy surface on the smooth floor. Fragmented. There was silence in the room. Chu Qiao looked at her silently. A hot heart was so cold that it was so cold. When it came to the mouth, after all, it swallowed his stomach, and his heart was so obsessed with it. It is cold.

She heard her asking in a dull voice: “What are you doing today?”

“His Royal Highness is gone. I want you to give me a document to dismiss the royal slaves so that I can follow my Highness.”

Chu Qiao is slightly surprised: “Where is Zhao Wei going?”

“Where can I go? I am going to guard the horse farm, and I am a great summer prince. The queen who was born by the emperor was taken to the guardian horse.”

Xiao Ba’s expression became gloomy. She said with a cold voice that her teeth were gnashing her teeth. The voice was so angry that she could hardly suppress it.


“Why can you? Is it because of you?” Xiaoba turned his head and said coldly: “Since His Highness has been cut off by Yanbei dog, he has been living in a simple way. He never ignored any conflicts between the ruling and the wild. The emperors were busy fighting for power and no one paid attention to him. However, a few days ago, he used the official soldiers and horses for you, and obviously showed you good things. You thought that those who were under the Fourteenth can still let him Is this identity left in the capital?”

Chu Qiao’s hand was extremely cold, and his brain creaked. He only heard the sound of Xiao Ba’s voice screaming in his ear. He said, “I don’t ask you to find a way to keep your high school in the capital. Just ask me to help me. Get a paperwork, Your Highness will not take me, I will go with myself. At the very least, I can wait for the soup in the morning and evening. I don’t want him to be alone. My Highness has grace for me. I will not be as good as some. ,ungrateful.”

After a long time, Chu Qiao looked up and decided to look at the small, picturesque face, faintly said: “Small eight, you must be divided into my life like this?”

“What is the six sisters saying, what is your identity, and what is the identity of Xiao Ba, how can I dare to climb with you? Not to mention…”

“If you talk like this again, give me away immediately, don’t have to ask for anything, I will be when I don’t have your sister!”

Chu Qiao suddenly said the sound of cold and anger, said that the small eight suddenly stopped, and stared at the angry Chuo, unable to say a word at a time.

“What are you complaining about? What are you mad at? I can’t protect you at first, can’t take you away? Or can I not avenge the revenge of the juice Xiangxiang today, but also recognize the thief as a husband and commit to the enemy?”

Chu Qiao said with anger: “Over the years, you have worked hard, I may not have had a good time. I thought you were dead. I have complained for 14 years. Today, you come to the door, sneer, this is your sister. Love?”


The light of the sun came in and sprinkled a piece of white light on the ground. Chu Qiao stood up and looked at her coldly: “It has been fourteen years, how many things have happened in the middle? You are thinking about your own misfortune and sorrow, and then blaming everything on others, I I really doubt that you are still the strong and brave sister I met in the past. You have named yourself as unintentional. Is there really no heart?”

Xiao Ba stood in the same place, his face was slightly pale, but Chu Qiao suddenly felt so tired, as if every skin on the whole body was screaming and tired.

She slowly turned around and said faintly: “Let’s go, I will deal with Zhao’s things.”

Then I went back to the room.

After a long time, Xiao Ba was gone, Chu Qiao looked through the window paper and she left Sima House under the escort of Mei Xiang and others. Her back was very thin and her clothes were white, as if she were to be integrated into the heavy snow.

Chu Qiao looked at her, remembered her words, was placed under house arrest, one person wandered, broke into the dust…

She clenched her lips, and her heart became more and more sorrowful. She sat alone until the twilight.

Zhuge Yue grabbed her from behind, and the low voice rang in the back, with a hint of reprimand: “Why didn’t you eat at night?”

Chu Qiao is so close to his arms, like a fish swimming into the water, then relax. She took his hand, so big, almost completely wrapped her little hand, she was so depressed that she didn’t want to talk, so she looked at his hand and counted the scorpion in his hand.

“Small eight is coming?”

“Well,” Chu Qiao nodded. “You already knew why you didn’t tell me?”

“I always wanted to say, but I didn’t find the opportunity.”

Zhuge smiled and said quite helplessly: “Whether you believe it or not, this matter has been pressing on my heart. It is also a heart disease. After all, I was not very good to her in those years. Several times she escaped, I also played. After her, I was eccentric in my life. After she saved her, she has been detaining her. She just doesn’t want to let go. When she is in a good mood, she teaches her to read and write martial arts. When she is in a bad mood, she feels like she is long and gives her a pose. Looked at the face. Those years in the mountains, there are no maids around, she has been serving her side, she is now eccentric, and it is also my reason.”

“How long has she been with Zhao Wei?”

“It’s been two or three years.” Zhuge Yuerecalled: “I heard that Zhao Wei is very fond of her. She once lost her hand and killed a singer of Zhao Wei. Zhao Wei did not pursue her.”

Chu Qiao was silent for a long time before he slowly said: “She may be interested in Zhao Wei.”

Zhuge smiled and said: “I care who she cares about, as long as you are not angry with me.”

“What about Zhao Wei?”

“You can rest assured that Zhao Wei wants to cover the sky with one hand, but also asks us if we can’t agree. But I don’t think there is anything wrong with Zhao Wei’s departure from Beijing. There will be a big chaos in the morning and evening. For him, it is better than leaving. Staying safer.”

Chu Qiao actually thought of this layer, she frowned slightly: “What should I do?”

“I intend to let him go to the hustle and bustle. When I come to the north, I am within the scope of Zhao Che’s sphere of influence. Secondly, there is a gathering place for monks. The life is rich and the coastal climate is mild.”

Chu Qiao nodded and said: “Let’s do what you said.”

“Then I will arrange it tomorrow, if you want to send him, see him.”

Chu Qiao thought for a long time, or shook his head: “He may not want to see me, or do not want to do anything.”

Zhuge said: “I feel that you should go see him.”

Chu Qiao looked up and frowned at him. Zhuge Yue smiled and said, “You don’t look at me like this. I don’t mean anything else. I just don’t want you to blame yourself all the time. The things of the year can’t be blamed on you.”


Chu Qiao’s line of sight gradually became empty, and his mind flashed on the day of the balsam mountain. The man stood tall, his clothes were light, the Mo’Er was frosted, and an empty sleeve, like a rootless catkin.

The memory has long been dust-sealed, and now it is torn apart. The object is human and the only one, only the red maple layer is dyed, just like the year.

After a night of snow, the whole city of Zhen Huang was shrouded in a vast white, and the door was opened in the early morning. The snow was more than a foot thick, and it didn’t go into the knees. The white snow fluttered and the white hair was blowing. Do not open your eyes. The soldiers in the defending city yawned and opened the heavy gates before the sun had risen. There seemed to be a vague shadow in the faint light. When they wanted to open their eyes and look carefully, they kept The people waiting to enter the city at the gate of the city have already swarmed.

A simple green cloth carriage, ebony door sills, the sound of the car slamming, rolling up the white snow on the flat, rolling a deep rut on the long street. The carriage looks plain and unremarkable, and there is no complaint behind the people who line up in the queue. The defenders of the city gate should think that this is not the privilege of the city of Zhenghuang, and that it should have received a lot of money. And he screamed and drank a few prestige.

After waiting for more than an hour, the carriage was out of the city of Zhen Huang. The sun rises lazily, and the white light is emitted through the fog in the morning. The migratory birds have already flew away. The rest are cold-resistant hawks, screaming through the end of the sky, their wings are white, and occasionally fly in. There was no shadow in the clouds, only to hear its long whistling sound echoing on the snowfield.

The carriage arrived at the Humaling outside the city, and saw a girl standing quietly on the Yangguan Bridge. She wore a white coat, a suede-colored little riding boots, and she looked like a long time in the cold wind. Her cheeks were red, and she was a little bit harsh and cold in the weekdays. Warm. When she saw the carriage coming, she smiled and stepped forward. The horse cleverly followed, and the snow on the ground was squeaky.

The coachman was also a young man who was not a big boy. At most, he was only sixteen or seven years old. When she saw her, she seemed a little surprised. She turned back and said something to the people in the carriage. A thin hand stretched out and slightly picked up the curtain of the carriage, revealing the man’s beautiful eyes and a pair of eyebrows that wrinkled tightly.

“How did you come?”

Zhao Wei’s voice is no longer clear and sunny, and has become a little low. For many years, it has always been like a pool of stagnant water, not shocking.

But that is nothing. After all, when she first met him, he was like this, calm, gentle, and uninterested in everything. So he gradually retired from the political stage of the great summer, from an infinite royal scorpion to an embarrassment that has not been sent by anyone who has been sent to the world today.

Maybe, except for her, no one in the entire imperial city will remember him anymore.

Xiaoba quietly smiled, and the corner of his mouth was still a little bit of inertia. She stepped forward and it was natural to hand the horse to the teenager in the car and said, “Ajiang, go and put the horse on.”

Zhao Wei frowned slightly and said: “What are you doing?”

Xiao Ba smiled at him, his eyes clear and Ling Ling, it is natural to say: “I naturally want to go with you.”

Zhao Wei is still frowning, his face is slightly gloomy, and it is rare to bring a bit of intolerance: “No heart, don’t mess around.”

Xiaoba is now called unintentional, unintentional, and unintentional.

In her life, there are countless different names. When she was a child, she couldn’t remember her in the Jing family. Her loved ones were just a few of them. Because she was young, she was not the child of Mrs. Jing’s wife. She was even the same age. Brothers and sisters have forgotten their names. They can only be sorted according to the age of their escapes. Like other children, they are called small seven small eight small nines. Like animals, they are just some cold numbers, not even as good as one. Pure horse of the bloodline.

Later, she was saved by Zhuge, and lived with him for nearly seven years under Mr. Wolong. In those years, she also had a name, just the name, which was taken by Zhuge to fear the people around her know her identity. The purpose is nothing more than to protect the sister who lives in the Holy Palace.

At the moment when she heard the death of Zhuge, she actually cried. This is one of the things she has been unable to forgive herself for so many years.

She actually cried, for a man who killed her brothers and sisters and imprisoned her for more than a decade.

She still clearly remembers that morning, the bad news passed into Zhugefu, and the 13th was dusty and rushed into the gate of Qingshanyuan, followed by the people in the main courtyard, before they had time to react. At the time, the entire Castle Peak Court was searched. Then, it was the official judge of the Shang Lawyers. It was the squad of the Great Temple. It was the inspector of the Presbyterian Church. Various crimes were detained on the head of the man who had always been proud of the glory, dereliction of duty, enemies, delays in military affairs. Destroy the military discipline, cause major military mistakes in the military, and even treason.

In the past, the status of the Qingshan Academy in Zhugefu was suddenly turned into mud, and it was broken into the bottomless abyss. The moon guards ran around and asked the friends and brothers and sisters of Zhuge, who asked them to cleanse their grievances and ask them to send Yanbei, asking them to continue to search for the Lord, even if it was just a corpse. However, in the face of the failure of the war, in the face of the national attack and opposition, in addition to the Zhao Chuan seven princes who also lost because of this battle, no one is willing to lend a helping hand to them, even Wei Wei Wei Shu Yealso hanged a thank-you card for them and no longer saw these old loyalists.

Finally, even Zhao Che was also sent to the North, Zhuge’s body was retreated by Yanbei. Although he paid a lot of ransom, Zhuge Valve drove him out of the house. Zhuge Muqing personally performed the elders in front of the city gate. Trial, whipping the corpse of his son to show his determination to break with his son. After Zhuge’s death, he could not enter the ancestral temple. He was thrown into the burial gang and was reviled by thousands of people and was removed from the army. And these former Qingshanyuan female slaves were also driven out of the house, and after several rebellious sales, they finally fell into the dust.


Even after it has passed, every night, she can still remember the first days of laughing. Because her death was not good, the owner of the brothel found two strong men to plead for her. In the broken wood house, the two men laughed and pulled her pants. They are so close to her, she can see their yellow teeth, they can smell their mouthful of alcohol, their strength is so big, the palms are all black and lacquered, just step into the room, they will Unable to untie the trouser pocket, just pull it at the foot and let the ugly thing be exposed.

All struggles and helplessness are superfluous. Even though she once studied horse riding martial arts with Zhuge, there are a few tricks that she learned under the circumstance of full of enthusiasm. She could only watch them smashed her clothes and looked at their faces closer and closer. Her next door was the Laner of Qingshanyuan, and next door was the daughter of Zhuge’s daughter, all crying. And the laughter echoed in my ear. She thought that after so many changes, she was already numb and strong enough. She thought she had enough courage and strength to ask for these shameless scum, but when the lower body was punctured, when the pain swept the whole body At that moment, when the tears of shame spread out of the eye, she was still like the other slaves of Qingshanyuan, crying and shouting out the name of the man.

She cried and called Zhuge to save me. She cursed the two men madly, saying that the young master would avenge me. You will not die well.

However, those people just did not care about laughing, and then cruelly told her that Zhuge had died long ago and died in Yanbei. Now his body has been filled with a hound.

At that moment, she really cried in despair. She suddenly remembered a lot of past. He taught her to read characters. He taught her to ride horses. He taught her to practice the art of war. He taught her to practice martial arts. Sometimes he just told her to sit by her side. Nothing to do, no matter how ridiculous she is next to him, he ignores it, just silently drinking, and occasionally impatiently glances at her.

He killed the cherished, he killed Xiaoqi, he imprisoned her for ten years, he beat her through her, he and her have no share of the enemy. However, he never insulted her like this. He rescued her from the edge of death several times and gave her a place to settle down, even though her identity was so embarrassing, even though she knew who it should belong to, but He is indeed protecting her. At the earliest years of her life, in this deep year, when she was a child with nothing, he protected her for so many years.

When she suffered the most shameful thing in her life, she instinctively called his name, and hoped that he could come to save her.

However, he could not, after all, he died, died for her sister, died on the ice and snow of Yanbei, and died under the iron hoof of the Yanbei army.

That night, she burst into tears in desperation, like a cub who lost her wolf, squatting on the dirty ground, and her voice was broken like a bellows, which made people feel chilly.

However, it was just that night, after that night, unlike the knowing of self-destruction, unlike the depressing end of Laner, she seemed to suddenly open the shackles, began to learn the chess and painting, learn how to seduce men, learn in All the knowledge and skills to be mastered in this place. Since you can’t count on others, you can only rely on yourself. Since you are destined to live here for a lifetime, you must find a way to make yourself better. If you want to do it, she will be the most red girl.

So, two months later, she personally designed and framed the two men who had invaded her. She watched them die in front of her eyes, and the heart could not tell the joy and madness.

She thought that her life would continue like this, like a stinking sewage, it would continue to be dirty and dirty. However, she saw him.

On the day of seeing Zhao Wei, she was accompanying a wealthy businessman to swim in the lake. The fat man who was in his fifties was born to be a madman. He was on the flower boat and tore her clothes under the eyes of the public. Inadvertently scratching his face, he was furious and threw her into the lake on the spot.

The true Huang in May is still very cold, the lake has just opened, and the lake is extremely cold. She was wearing a heavy blouse, her hands and feet were cold, and she couldn’t swim. She could only slam a few times, let her sink a little bit, the sun gradually moved away from her, the heavens and the earth were dim and depressed, and the sky could not be seen. I can’t see the clouds, the cold water is coming from all directions, her breathing is getting slower and slower, and it’s getting slower and slower. At the moment she will die, she suddenly thinks, I don’t know if Zhuge died, is it also like this? Feeling, the surroundings are so cold, only the heart has a hint of heat, but now, even the slightest heat has gradually dispersed.

However, just as she was about to die, someone hugged her waist. She was pulled all the way up, all the way up, I don’t know how long it took, she suddenly broke out of the water, the sun shone on her body, she coughed with a big mouth, and the resurgence of death made her happy. cry. Zhao Wei stood by her side and was talking to his soaked little book boy. Seeing her, she just turned her head and looked at her very quietly. It seemed to be a little surprised, slightly frowning, and then weird. A smile said: “It’s a coincidence, you are very similar to an old person I know.”

He was laughing at the time, but she clearly felt the desolateness and sadness in his tone. It was like a geese who could not fly south due to illness in the winter season. His eyes were calm, but it seemed to grow a large blockbuster. The ridiculous weeds are cool and sad.

She was taken away by him, even though it was a lonely prince, but in the end it was a royal family. She had a clear and innocent identity, and she had a free time she had been married for more than ten years, but in the end, she voluntarily entered the royal family’s slavery. After he knew it, he did not stop her. He only looked at her faintly and respected her choice.

A dazzling moment, it has been so many years.

She may not be able to tell her about her feelings for Zhuge, who, under the accumulation of years and years, under the friction of hatred and attachment, has become deformed and broken. The emotions are too complicated, she does not understand, and does not want to see understand. However, she clearly knows her feelings about Zhao Wei, she does not care about retribution, no gratitude, she just wants to be with him, I hope his eyes can see her, I hope his heart can remember her. But even this little wish cannot be satisfied.

She has fallen in love with two men in her life, but both men love another woman, and that woman is a sister who has had great grace for her.

Destiny is really funny.

Therefore, she will be strong and brave in that memory for a long time, always with so many complex emotions in the shadow of her face, so that when she saw her, she could hardly control her own. reason.

However, those do not matter, everything has passed, she will follow him, and everything else has vanished.

What about the disparity in identity? What about the residual flower? What about his heart? She just wants to follow him. Anyone can stop her, but she can’t annihilate her determination to work hard.

She raised her head and dressed for the first time in front of him in four years. For the first time, she faced the noble but degraded prince with a well-dressed makeup. Her eyes are so bright, the facial features are exquisite and beautiful, she opens her mouth, shines in the sun, and smiles and says: “I am not making trouble, I just want to follow you.”

Zhao Wei refused coldly: “What are you doing with me? Go back soon.”

Xiao Ba didn’t look at him. He straightened his knife and gave him a knife. He said, “You slaughtered me.”

Zhao Yan frowned and said to the book boy: “A Jiang, catch her off.”

“It’s casual.” Xiao Ba turned his head very simply and raised the literary hand in his hand. The voice was very hearty: “I have a full set of customs clearances anyway, I already have a legal walking bid, I have No longer a slave with limited mobility. I have a wrap and a horse. You can drive me away, but you can’t stop me from following you. I will follow you all the way, you don’t want me, I am in you. I am looking for a place to live around. Although you are the emperor of Da Xia, you can’t stop a law-abiding small people from going out to play.”

She looked at him calmly, her expression was very comfortable, there was no crampiness and uneasiness, and there was no panic and no worries. She looked up at him so sharply, her eyes were clear, and her small chin was slightly swaying, with a bit of reluctance, and a bit of anger, like a child with anger, like a wayward gambler.

Zhao Wei suddenly had a bit of sadness. He looked at her. For the first time in many years, it seemed that he had swept the shadow of that person for the first time, and he actually saw this equally stubborn girl. His voice was a bit low, like the autumn wind sweeping through the dead leaves, with a faint depression and cold defeat, quietly saying: “You know if you know, then go, I am no longer the Prince of the Great Summer.”

Xiao Ba’s heart seemed to be suddenly cut by a knife, and she was looking at Zhao’s lonely face. There seemed to be a fire in the chest burning in the hunting. However, she did not show it, but it did not matter how coldly, and did not care much about it: “Who is your relationship with me? Don’t let it fall, I will leave now, big deal, I am following behind.” ”

After that, turn around and jump off the bus.

At this time, a slender hand suddenly grabbed her delicate white wrist. The man’s phalanx was clear, the fingers were long and powerful, slightly white, and the palm was full of scorpions. Although it was left-handed, it was exceptionally dexterous.


“Forget it.”

A low voice quietly sounded, and Zhao Wei waved helplessly: “A Jiang, let’s go.”

A Jiang suddenly stunned and opened his mouth for a long time. Xiao Ba went up and knocked on his forehead and snorted: “Isn’t it too fast? Waiting for your master to repent and drive me away?”

A Jiang Li smiled and waved his whip and slammed on the horse. The carriage slowed down, and the morning sun was golden, like a huge disc, hanging high above the sky.

Out of the true city, away from the great summer country, in this regard, he is no longer the scorpion prince of the big summer, she is no longer a smash hit in the capital, the dust, the soil, the earth, thanks to the heavens, in the storm The moment before the arrival, they gave them a chance to start a new life.

Between a dense forest of Populus euphratica, a woman wearing a navy blue cloak came out. He Xiao stood behind her, and several darts teams passed by, and they raised a large amount of dust on the ramp. But she did not seem to see it. She still looked at the carriage that was quietly away, for a long time.

Goodbye, her friend. Goodbye, her sister. Goodbye, the two most sorry people in her life.

The sun is rising, and the north wind is still raging. Chu Qiao’s gaze was taken back from a distance and he looked up silently.

This is the big summer, the taste of the big summer, the wind of the big summer, the old man of the great summer and the old man of the big summer. The people who have left have already left, but the people left behind will continue to face the next life. Whether it is a difficult situation or an adversity, whether it is a bump or a twist, each of them has their own responsibilities, and they also have to wait and guard.

She turned and faced the heavy wall in the distance. There were countless pavilions, numerous palaces, and countless rights and ambitions, as well as countless conspiracy and traps.

Once upon a time, she was so disgusted with everything here, but now she is willingly walked into this huge cage, just as her sister volunteered to be a slave, this is the path they chose for themselves. It was her battlefield, but she was not alone, because in the middle of the cage, there was a man waiting for her.

Everything is wrong, and life and death are no longer there.


Chu Qiao snorted coldly, and the horse rushed, and the cold wind blew from the ear, and turned into a passing cloud, and passed away.

In the blink of an eye, it has been the year to go, although this year is really not a good weather and a happy year, but the surface of the true city is still a splendid and peaceful atmosphere. Near the spring banquet for half a month, the capital city Yin Yin canceled the imperial city curfew, and under the authorization of the Presbyterian Church, reduced the taxation of merchants during the New Year period, encouraged trade with merchants, prospered the economy of the emperor, and promulgated the captain in the name of the emperor. Officials from Xuanwai Province went to Beijing to pay homage to the officials who had outstanding performance this year.

In this way, within three days, Zhen Huang City has restored its former style. Under the intentional connivance of the government, this year’s New Year is particularly luxurious, and rich families from all over the world have successively entered Beijing. In the city of Zhen Huang, there are ten miles of prosperity, and the satin is wrapped in trees, and the songs and dances are flat. No matter how confusing the situation is outside, how is the war in the borders imminent, and the people of the emperor are still immersed in the majestic dreams of the heavens.

The cold wind rushed through the city, and brought a smoked wind that was drunk and dreamy, and went northward.

However, the war between the northwest border and Yanbei has become more and more tense. Zhuge sleeps more and more late, and often sleeps almost all night, the tears of the study’s tears roll down, and piles of red waves on the candlestick, reflecting his increasingly ugly face and still tall and straight. The back ridge is like a strong javelin.

Three days ago, Chu Qiao finally saw Zhao Che again.

It was still snowing that day, and the snow accumulated for two days and four months thick, and the action room almost did not enter the thigh. Chu Qiao has been in poor health all these years. If he is not cold, he is too lazy to go out and sleep in the room all day.

That evening, Zhuge’s laughter came from far away. She squatted on the soft couch and frowned slightly. However, as soon as she opened her eyes, she felt a cold breeze, and she gently shuddered. Pulled the soft quilt on the body and straightened up. Then I saw Zhuge smiled and opened the curtain and said to her: “Star, see who is coming?”

After all, the person behind him entered the dormitory.

Zhao Che came in against the light, a black robes, no embroidered and pattern on his body, low-key and quiet. He still looks like that. It seems to be taller and thinner. His face has not changed. However, his eyes are no longer awkward and inferior. They become so deep and cold, even if they are cold lakes, even if they are Laughing, there is also a three-point alienation and defense in the smile. He greeted her very peacefully, still the same as the original, slightly decapitated, and then smiled: “I finally met again.”

The kitchen’s meals were put up in the water. Zhao Che brought the glutinous wine of the Northland. It was very spicy. As soon as it opened, a strong scent of wine came from the nose.

He talked with Zhuge Yue about drinking and talking about the wars and situations in the past few days. He occasionally inserted a war, said a few jokes, and despised each other.

Zhuge has few friends, and the people who can talk to him in this heaven and earth may have no one other than the one in front of him. Chu Qiao quietly sat on the side, drinking to the hustle and bustle, listening to them talking about the past years, the young people in the martial arts are not pleasing to each other, and they grow up very self-esteem, until the war is up, the ruling is decaying, The wolf smokes everywhere and the imperial regime drifted away, and they gradually came together.

The same origin is noble, the identity is transcendent, and the heart has the ambition of swallowing the sun. The same unruly, young and proud, but not for the home country, not for the world. The same arrogance and arrogance, stubborn and stubborn, deviant in the eyes of the clan, was erected. The same was born in Jinxiu, falling in the splendid embroidery, climbing in the mud, and walking back to the power center step by step. However, although the heart is as hard as iron, it is difficult to conceal a passion, men’s friendship, in many cases, it is so needless to say.

Chu Qiao quietly sat aside, rarely seeing Zhuge Yuesuch a colorful flying, never seen Zhao Che’s so free and easy.

In the meantime, she seems to have seen two poplar trees that have experienced wind and rain, shoulders, and slowly grow into towering ancient trees.

Another shadow in my mind came out unconsciously, those dark years and years, those sinister days. When Zhao Che and Zhuge Yue were sitting side by side in this world of people, she also had a thorn with a person, but after all, they did not have the same goal.

Zhuge Yue was drunk that night. His alcohol consumption has never been very good, but he has always been self-disciplined, but today, in the face of reunion friends, he is a bit free and easy to forget.

Chu Qiao knew that he was just too tired. These days, there were large snowstorms in the northwest, poor harvests in the southwest, and one-third of the land of the empire. The grain and clothing devolved by the emperor were exploited by local officials and the family of the family. They could not reach the hands of the people for a long time. Zhao Wei is the master of the real power of the imperial western, but condone his subordinates to publicly greedy the Mo’Er, and indulge in the clan of the clan to win the support of the upper-level institutions. Within half a month, the Western people died more than 200,000, millions of people fled the country, south, east, and even people heading northwest. Before the gates of Yanmingguan, Tanghuguan and Shaoguan, there were a large number of refugees who could not eat enough. Every day, hundreds of people died of starvation, but the emperor would rather spend a lot of money to repair the palace buildings. In preparation for the spring banquet, it is not willing to send troops to send food to give the people a way to live.

Zhuge’s edict has been written more than ten, but with the exception of a few untitled officials, no one in Manchu and Wenwu is willing to support him. His memorial was ignored, his script was overwhelmed by the towers, and the ruling and obedient voices were pleasing to the enjoyment. The elders of the Presbyterian Church were like a group of decaying locusts, and their eyes could only see a place in the palm of their hand, allowing local officials to sing praises. And turn a blind eye to the actual disaster.

He said that the local disaster was serious and the Western people had died more than 200,000. They said that the summer was flat and the people lived in peace. He was a nonsense.

He said that Yanming, Tanghu and Shaoguan gathered hundreds of thousands of people who had fled the country. If they did not divert them, the people would change and they would become a disaster. They said that the three customs are solid, and the wilderness is a thousand miles away. The residents are not closed at night, and even a thief can’t find it.

He said that the survival of the great summer is at the moment, the elders will deceive themselves, the ruling and the ruling, the local officials will be innocent, and will not be punished, and the chaos will start. Instead, they succumbed to his own self-respect, created chaos in the ruling and opposition, and dictated dictatorship.

The saliva on the court is like a pot of porridge, but the folks are dead at any time and place. They took out the merits and umbrellas of the local people and the Wanyanshu, praised the emperor’s kindness and love, the court Qingping Gaoyi, the great summer blessings stretched, and then blamed him for not having evidence but ignoring the court.


She heard that he was very angry and sullen in the study room, and his cheeks were blue and his eyes were like a pool of waves.

The black-pressed refugees outside the three customs turned a blind eye to them. There were countless messy bodies on the western land. They turned a blind eye to the horrible tears of the earth, and now they hold a group of local rice worms to fool themselves. Then ridiculed to ask him for evidence?

Before going to sleep that night, he was silent for a long time, then biting his teeth in her ear and saying that he really hated to cut all the mites with a knife.

The low depression he said, let Chu Qiao’s back secluded and climbed a layer of frost. She reached out and wrapped around his waist and touched his arm. He felt his muscles tense, his fists clenched, and his skin was cold, as if he had smashed the ice.


However, Chu Qiao knows that he can only talk about it after all. Even though he has the right to be in a hurry, even though he is in a good position, even though he holds the military power, even though he and the family are already strangers. But there are some things, some people, some responsibilities, but he can’t ignore them.

Xia Huang was a dead man a while ago, but these days he was getting better, his mind was already clear, and he was occasionally able to go to politics.

For this emperor who has been in office for many years and has not been exposed, no one dares to give a little bit of a nap. For many years, he seems to have always been like this, anytime, anywhere is a kind of unintentional politics, but as long as some people dare to cross the half-step Leichi, they will be devastated. Fourteen years ago, the full copy of the Lion King of Yanbei was a bloody example.

However, everyone is thinking this way again. The emperor is old after all. He is not a god and will never die. Now that Zhao Che and Zhao Wei are in a position to fight, who can better please the emperor, whoever does more emperor’s mind, whoever wins a little more. Now, the emperor is obviously more happy about the umbrella of the people. At this time, who can still take the scenery to carry out the disaster in the southwest to ruin the emperor’s mood? Even Zhao Che, he has to take into account his own style of appreciation in the eyes of Westerners.

At that time, Zhao Che was not in the real Huang, Zhuge was supported by a single tree. From the households of the Ministry of Food and the merchants of the major families, the silver and the grain were forced to be transported to the Sanguan Pass. However, after all, it was a drop in the bucket.

Once, the Shaoguan soldiers will make a small mistake in the distribution of food, because the food is originally small, the rice porridge is very thin, and a soldier confronts the people’s complaints and utters a heavy word, which leads to the local The refugees had a small-scale riot. The soldiers and civilians fought together, the soldiers died more than 30 people, the people also killed more than 50 people, and nearly 100 people were injured.

At the time of the seventh month of the month, Zhuge was in the study room, and Chu Qiao was also in the same place. She never asked her about Zhuge, but she met occasionally, and Zhuge was never carrying her. It was because she heard the words of the officials who had attacked him on this matter, and heard the slanders and complaints of the people outside of Shaoguan, and the black-faced original report of the month of the seventh month, those people who slandered him and slandered the grass and smashed him. It is a dog officer who is black-hearted and blood-sucking. He is murdering the people, and he will definitely break his son.

He has been listening so much, there is no other expression on his face, but when he is not willing to say it again on the seventh month, he will not be able to hide his eyes.

After leaving the seventh month, she never dared to come over. The afternoon sun was so cold, quietly sprinkled on his face that was getting thinner. He sat in a chair and quietly drank tea, as if nothing had happened before. However, Chu Qiao saw that the base of the white jade tea cup gradually oozes water. Although he was held in his hand, a crack suddenly spread across the wall.

Yes, they are dying, they are hungry, natural disasters and man-made disasters have come one after another, the people have no way to live, the government is still greedy and still collecting money, they should be jealous. However, they did not know that the court had already acquiesced in this matter. No one would pay attention to the exploitation of officials everywhere, and all the disaster reports were forcibly suppressed. The answer given in the book order is that all the chores will not be played until after the spring banquet.

And every porridge and every meal they eat now is the result of Zhuge’s sale of his industry in various places. He is such a proud person, even to put down his body to win the merchants of the capital and ask them Join hands to help the people through this wilderness.

He is too tired and tired to attach. Therefore, it will be drunk and drunk, at the table, the emperor is stupid, the court is incompetent, and Zhao Zhao is a hundred and five, threatening to cut his head tonight.

He was really drunk, and he was drunk.

That night, Chu Qiao personally sent Zhao Che, who was already half drunk. However, just out of the door, the seven emperors who had been kneeling at the foot suddenly straightened their waists, and there was no more drunkenness in the eyes. They said to her soberly: “Go back, take care of him.”

Chu Qiao looked at him, standing quietly, without saying a word.

Zhao Che’s face was a bit cold, and they stood opposite, faintly as if they had returned to many years ago. At that time, Da Xia Guoli was strong, and he was the first of the three countries. He was the most proud emperor. She was the most eye-catching emperor and she was appointed as a female teacher. She stood under the dark sky and faced the shouting of the military camp. Said to him: “If you step out of the camp today, you will die.”

The world is bizarre. At that time, they were hiding their grief and defending each other. How can they expect to stand in a trench and become a comrade who fights side by side?

“The situation is already the case, and I can’t do anything about it. If I go on like this, it will be against the entire upper summer clan. We don’t have this strength yet.”

Zhao Cheyu said in a low voice that there was no swaying on his face.

Chu Qiao no longer looked at him, turned and wanted to leave, Zhao Che suddenly called her name behind her. She turned her head and saw him seriously telling her: “The fourth is a good man, don’t let him down.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes gradually became a line, a few waves of light faintly flashed past, like a sharp sword. Her faint opening, whispered: “You too.”

What she said is so vague.

You are, what is it? Are you also a good person?

No, Zhao Che understood what she was talking about, but she did not wait for his answer. She turned and went, her body was thin, and she looked like a hurricane that could be blown away.

He is a good person, and you should not let him down.

It was dark in the sky, the sky was full of sparks, and the wind was blowing from a distance. He breathed deeply and could even smell the hunger that came from the West.

When Chu Qiao returned to the room, everything had already been withdrawn, and Zhuge, who had been drunk on the bed, had disappeared. She went all the way to the study room, and she opened the door. After seeing his eyes clear, he sat on the case and was eager to write.

She stood silently for a long time. After seeing him finish writing and sealing the lacquer, he slowly walked over, kneeling in front of him, pulling one of his hands, and then quietly resting on his knees. not talking.

The candle in the room was burning silently, and a burst of candlesticks rang from time to time. The aroma in the incense burner rose and became a fine smoke. His hands were dry and slender, and gently licked her long hair.


He whispered her name, his voice with a lot of tiredness and hard work. But it was just a cry, there is no following.

Her cheeks were stuck on his lap, and the breath was all about his body. Her voice was like a layer of gentle waves, quietly echoing in the room. She whispered, “I understand.”

His knees shook slightly, then he held her hand tighter.

Yes, she all understands. Understand his hard work, understand his fatigue, understand his disappointment with this country, and understand his deep dislike of everything around him.

The emperor was groggy, the emperor smashed the battle, the ruling and opposition officials were decadent and incompetent, and the various institutions of the empire were dying. After experiencing the hardships of war, I have witnessed the hard work of the people at the bottom, and how can he see the ugly face of the country and the ugly face of the official.

However, he is still a part of this battle, but he used to hold over all the innocent thoughts when he was in possession of Zhao Che, but now, before taking everything, he has to experience such a cold winter. He didn’t even know what was left in the world when they stood on the bones of the skeleton and knocked down all the enemies?

Civilization was destroyed, the people were slaughtered, the army was strangled, the country was destroyed, and the rest, perhaps only them, faced the smoldering, devastated land, and let thousands of lives be buried for this battle.

Right of power, what is power, after the battle, but to destroy everything, at such a price, they can not afford to pay?

“Xinger, I am really not a good person.”

That night, he said softly at the moment of dawn.

The next five days were a very dark day that shocked the entire summer and even the whole of Ximeng.

The refugees outside the three customs finally rioted. They captured the house of the Western clan and robbed the grain and robbed the money. Because of hunger, they beg, beggars, they steal, they can’t steal, they rob, they rob, they finally rebel.

The officials forced the people to oppose, and the people had to counter.

Hundreds of thousands of unarmed people took the wood and stone to open the door of the big family, and ignited a dark bonfire on the thick soil of western Yunnan. Countless people died in this chaos. The officers and men in the western Yunnan area seemed to be The paper paste is as fragile as a piece of wheat in front of the victims. Despite repeated reports, they said that the chaotic forces were extremely strong, and there were high-ranking people who commanded how to deal with them, but no one believed that they all used these as their pretexts and sophistry.

The local officials and clan who had just appeared on the umbrella of the people were shocked and played, but how can the officials of the Imperial Capital dare to play the court and play the court at this time? I had to secretly dispatch the army and go to the place to be chaotic.

However, Sima Zhuge, the great department of the Ministry of Military Affairs, asked: “The empire has risen in the world, and the people in the western part of the country have just contributed to the umbrella of the people. How can it be rebellious? It is simply a slip of the world.”

As a result, the issue of sending troops was delayed, and the war in Daisy became more and more urgent. On December 24, a horse quickly entered the capital, and the soldiers immediately were covered with blood. They held the newspaper of the Daisy Governor, and the blood spit on the Ronghua Imperial Road.

The city of Zhen Huang was shocked. The emperor was mad at the head of the scene, and the book was ordered and the officials were deprived of the title of Zhao Wei’s southwestern residence. However, Zhao Che did not get any benefit in this ****. Instead, the seventeen emperor Zhao Yi, who has never been exposed to the mountains, has led the southwest military power and went out of Beijing. Zhuge, because there was no immediate dispatch of troops, but the emperor was punished for private use at home, Zhao Che several times into the palace to plead for him, were repulsed by the emperor.


However, Chu Qiao knew the origin of this ****. When Zhao Che went to the house, he saw that Zhuge was furious and roared that he was a madman. Zhuge Yue smiled, and said to him that I wanted to leave you some capital in the future. If all died, who would you go to lead the emperor?

In a civil strife in the western Yunnan region, countless deaths and injuries, large family clan ruined seven or eight, and nearly 80,000 people died in war. But as Zhuge said, the opposite is to die 80,000, but not to kill millions, this sale is really worth it.

Yes, it’s worth it. The southwest clan was destroyed, the Lingnan Mu Xiaogong’s power was greatly damaged, and the Jingyu was also affected. Zhao Wei was angered by the emperor and was cut off. Although Zhao Che didn’t have any good benefits, he was not at fault. Only he was forbidden to take a closed door and thought about it. For the time being, he withdrew from the political stage of Da Xia.

Everything seems to be walking in accordance with his established procedures. However, Chu Qiao clearly remembers that whenever the people who heard it were massacred in those few days, where the rich and the rich were full of massacres, where the defenders were all When the army was overwhelmed, and when the people fell into the grass as a savage big news, what kind of night he couldn’t be embarrassed, what kind of worry was burning. Everything on the day, if there is a slight deviation, if the people he secretly sent can not restrain the chaos, can not successfully avoid the local defenders, can not incite some sergeant rebellion, then the result will be bloody and noisy, the whole The southwest broke into the boundless war, and the consequences were unimaginable.

They are right, he is really a crazy person.

She was worried that he would be disheartened and hurt because he was taken away. He was comforting her and could finally accompany her for a year.

The spring banquet finally arrived. In the past, the Simamenting of the Ministry of Military Affairs, who had been arrogant in the past, was left out, but it was a rare laughter.

Although the news of the southwest war was passed into the capital, it did not affect the excitement and prosperity of the emperor’s day. The streets and alleys were noisy, and the government organized wealthy businessmen to set off fireworks in Ziwei Square. The laughter of the children penetrated the heavy wall and blew in along the gentle wind and passed into the towering mansion. .

Three days ago, Zhuge Yue ordered a new round of dressing in the palace. The red lanterns were hung up along the corridor door, and the window flowers were red and beautiful. We carefully cut out all kinds of things. The pattern, there are Donghai Shouxing, there is Xiling Shoulu, there are eight immortals crossing the sea, there is a goddess of Guanyin, and there is a thousand blessings of hard work. A pot of potted flowers was put out, colorful, full of extravagant aromas, people changed new clothes, red powder, a party of joy.

Zhuge Yue also restored the way of life and work in Qingshanyuan many years ago. He has always been a very self-disciplined person, and there is no such thing as a flying eagle. Now I am free, my days are more leisurely, I am very careful to adjust my body, I am reading and planting flowers at my leisure time, and I am forced to exercise in the morning every morning by Chu Qiao. The two men will learn from each other, and the swords and sticks will always attract The people of Manchu are secretly watching. When I saw it for a long time, I didn’t have any reaction. I also came up with courage, and occasionally I saw them hit the wonderful place, and they applauded.

The days are getting more and more quiet and smooth, and the center of the storm is quiet and flustered.

The New Year is quietly in such an atmosphere. She put on a new dress, and the bright red color is bright and beautiful. The face of the person who shines is like the spring of the Sanchun. It seems that there is endless joy and hope that the silk will overflow. Zhuge Yue stood behind her, dressed in a smoky blue gown, handsome and arrogant, picking up a pearl jewel at random, skillfully rolling up her full of green silk, inserted in her hair.

Chu Qiao looked at himself in the mirror, and for a time he was a little embarrassed. Such a self, she seems to have never seen, it seems that from a very young age, she has always stubbornly felt that women wearing red and green is very tacky, and then many years of rushing, but there is no spirit of grooming. But wearing it today, I feel that there is a layer of waves like the warmth of a little bit, her cheeks are like a spring peach, if the autumn water, even the brows of the eyebrows, are disguise of joy and warmth.

The original so-called tacky, but she did not have that kind of mood at the time.

Mei Xiang stood on the side and smiled at her, her face full of joy, Zhuge Hao came up lazily, smiled at the mirror and said: “It is a dumping of the country.”

Chu Qiao was embarrassed to push him, his ears were a little red, and said: “Which is so exaggerated, don’t talk nonsense.”

Zhuge Yue smiled and stared at her and said, “I am talking about myself. Do you want more?”

Chu Qiao was furious and reached out to marry him. Zhuge Yu shunned and said to Mei Xiang: “Look at your lady, I don’t praise her, she is angry and angry.”

Mei Xiang smiled, and did not return the mouth. The sunshine outside the house was extremely warm. At a great distance, there was already a sound of firecrackers.

This is the most comfortable New Year that Chu Qiao has lived for so many years. She also personally cooks and teaches people to make dumplings. She wants to pull Zhuge together. Someone who is extremely masculine despise her and give it away.

Eat New Year’s Eve, put the firecrackers, hang the lanterns, Zhuge Yueate the dumplings wrapped in red dates, the people come to congratulate him for the New Year, he is in a good mood, all the way to the rewards, the full house is excited Xie Ensheng. The gates of Zhugefu were closed, and all the people at the door were blocked. Only at midnight, Zhao Che sent two cans of good wine. Chu Qiao and Zhuge Biao drank together, and Chu Qiao’s mind was dizzy. The drunkenness fell in the arms of Zhuge.

The people put out firecrackers outside, and the sound of screaming came in, and they were beaming. Chu Qiao seems to have seen Li Ce small eyes like a fox. She reached out and grabbed it.

She is really drunk, but her head is so clear. She remembered her own years, remembered the Xiao Shi, remembered the cat, remembered the keenness, remembered Li Yang, remembered the colleague of the military department, remembered the white-haired grandfather, and remembered the years of running. And hard work, remembered several times the embarrassment and crisis of life and death, remembered Mr. Wu, remembered the girl, remembered the osmanthus, remembered so many dead or alive people, also remembered Li Ce, remembered Yan Xun…

Happiness comes so fast that she feels that she is suffering and she feels that everything is dreaming.

She was buried in the arms of Zhuge, and the breath was all the good smell of Du Ruo in his body. The eyes were slightly wet. She looked up and looked at his handsome side face. Suddenly her eyes brightly said: Zhuge, I love you.”

Zhuge stunned, bowed his head, surrounded by all the people, her voice was so big, even overwhelmed the sound of the blasting fire, everyone looked at her with horror, but she completely ignored it, just said loudly : “Zhuge, I am falling in love with you!”

The smoked wind passed by, some people snickered in a low voice, and the laughter of Jingjing and Moer’s voice passed in far. Her cheeks are red, her eyes seem to be close to the water, her eyes are straight, but for more than half a year, it seems to have returned to the seventeen-year-old beauty, she just looked at him straight, smiled, The face is only written with a big word of happiness.

With a cry, the wind blew in the ear, she was suddenly swayed by someone, and then Zhuge Yuewas in the stunned eyes of everyone, put a few mouthfuls of food at the table, turned back and went back to bed room.

The quilts on the bed are all new, all are happy red, embroidered with layers of splendid embroidery, there are slaps of water, there are cowherd and weavers, there are magpies, there are Guanyin to send the child, there is a warm and sweet honey everywhere. .

His eyes were dark, revealing a raging fire, and he pulled open his collar and stared at her, said with a dumb voice: “The little goblin, no longer gives you a drink.”

After all, she bowed her lips to her lips. His breath was so hot and hot, like a strong flame, wherever he went, it was a soft and numb.

She smiled and hugged his waist and responded enthusiastically.

Romance is drooping, full of damask, long nights, and outside, it is a lively laughter.

There are too many unpredictable variables in life. You don’t know when the storm will come, how big the waves are, and whether you will easily overturn everything you have. Those feelings that have been bitterly suppressed, those words that have been hidden for many years, those who have been forbearing, have finally found a catharsis exit, everything is unpredictable, all can be done, only cherish the eyes everything of.

The splendid cover, flying, she lies in the layers of luxury, climbing his body. The fine sweat poured out, and the body and mind were all tired of satisfaction. She shrank in his arms, crossed his shoulders, looked at the window, separated by a window paper, and faintly visible in the far-reaching sky, there were beautiful fireworks, raging Wandering across the sky.

What will happen in the future, she will not be afraid anymore.

On the Shangyuan Festival, there was a big feast in the Holy Palace. Perhaps it was to dilute the **** that year ago. The dinner tonight was especially luxurious. Even the sinners who had thought about it like Zhuge, also got invitations. If he is in peacetime, he can still find some pretexts that he can’t get sick. However, if he does this, it will inevitably be attacked by someone with a heart. In the evening, Zhuge Yue dressed in a suit and entered the palace, lightly riding a simple ride, very low-key.

Chu Qiao stayed in the room. She was always sleepy for a while, and her appetite was not very good. She ate and slept, but it was a bit more rhyme.

Suddenly there was a groaning sound at the door, and then the door was pushed open. The Mo’Er came in one step at a time and walked over to Chu Qiao. He was slightly nervous and his nose was frozen.

“Mo’Er, what are you doing?”


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