Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 321-340 (unedited)

Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 321-340 (unedited)

By Xiao Xiang Dong’Er, translated and arranged by Angel Chua


For more than a year, she rarely went to find out the situation outside. But because it is an inn, people come and go, plus children are interested, she will always hear a variety of news.

For example, the marriage of Zhugejia Sigongzi and Huai Songnalan Princess, it is said that after Zhuge Yue returned to the summer, he readily nodded and promised this marriage. However, when Da Xia Qunchen slaps the palm of his hand, Master Zhuge has taken out a wedding sticker, claiming that he has a wife in the Qinghai village, and inherits the ancestral training of the wife who is ruined, and the Princess Nalan is married. You can only do it. If you have a child, you may be able to help your wife.

It’s a stone that stirs up a thousand waves, and the Song Dynasty messenger’s time is like a thunder, and this event, which would have provoked a huge wave in Ximeng, is also sinking into the water like a stone under the brilliant political hand of Zhuge. Even a blisters didn’t provoke, and it was calm.

Then, the seven emperors Zhao Che returned from the northern Xinjiang with the full support of Zhuge Sima, and brought back more than 500,000 northern Xinjiang fine cavalry, opened up a vast territory of the border, and settled the border rebellion. Mutual support with Zhuge Yuesings and sings, and leaps and breaks Zhao’s unique political model, and the court resists the Da Xia dynasty.

The days in Yanbei are not so good. The Sui and Tang Dynasties closed the waterways in southern Xinjiang. The economic exchanges between Yanbei and Huai-Song were blocked, while Yanbei was temporarily unable to fight with the Sui and Tang Dynasties. After all, Qinghai and Da Xia The two sides of the attack have already made Yanbei miserable.

Fortunately, Zhao Wei is now busy with Zhao Che, and his investment in Yan Ming Guan is much worse than in the past. In a year and a half, the larger-scale attack campaign was organized only once, but only under the dragon After two days, the gold was released, obviously a water-filled show.

The situation is different and unpredictable.

Presumably, Zhao Wei also understands that if there is no such threat from Yanbei, Zhuge’s Qinghai army will directly cross the Long Yaoguan and enter the Da Xia Emperor. At that time, only his southwestern army could not cooperate with Zhao Che Zhu. The two confronted.

Therefore, to a certain extent, he and Yan Xun became allies.

The world is really incredible.

However, the most literary singer to relish, but it is the luxury marriage of Yanbei King Yanxi.

One year ago, on the occasion of the New Year, Yan Xun held a grand wedding in the Fangfang Palace. One of the 18 daughters of the ministers was married at one time. All of them were married in the ancestral hall, and they built up the palace and enriched the harem. The wedding banquet took place on the 18th, and the entire Yanbei people took turns to go to the side to worship, and the grand occasion was unprecedented. It was amazing.

On the second day of the big marriage, the Nada Palace on the sunset mountain was finally completed. Those who had the privilege of visiting the palace in Yanbei would describe the wonders they had seen thousands of times. The literati singers also wrote poems and songs to praise the beautiful palace.

It is said that the Nada Palace on the sunset mountain is built in midair, embedded in the cliffs, with warm water from the bottom to the upper stream, a colorful garden floating in the air, a scented wine river with a fragrant scent. The gold carved silver wall of the sun. It is a miraculous building. Even the Jinwu Palace, which has a thousand years of history in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, cannot be compared.

Everyone in the world knows that this palace was once built by Yan King as a beautiful general of his lover. However, since the beauty general and Yan King broke down on the fire thunder four years ago, this one has risen from a slave and has repeatedly triggered The legendary woman of the Yanbei YanKing, the Da Xia Army Sima, and the Sui and Tang Dynasties launched the Battle of the Three Kingdoms completely lost the news and withdrew from Ximeng’s political map.

Some people say that she was married to the Sui and Tang dynasty royal family, and changed her name to be accompanied by the Sui and Tang Dynasties. It is also said that she is the wife of Dasha Sima Zhuge, and she is currently leading the army in Qinghai. Others said that she has returned to Yanbei, and now lives in the palatial Nada Palace.

However, all the rumors are just speculations. No one will know that the legendary woman is now running a small inn in a small town in the southern end of Sui and Tang Dynasties. Every morning and evening, I will go for a walk on the shore of Jialing Lake and spend some time chatting with some old people playing chess.

Life suddenly became simple, and she was reluctant to think about many things. However, sometimes she would remember the story that she had told the teenager in the dilapidated courtyard many years ago.

“The king built an aerial loft for the beloved woman, where there is a fountain from the bottom to the upper, warm water, a colorful garden floating in the air, a scented wine river with a fragrant scent, and a gold-plated silver wall with a sun. The sky garden finally became a world-famous world heritage, symbolizing the love that the king will never change for his lover.”

Half-life drifted past, some people stopped, some passed, some people forgot their own way, some people could not find the way forward, even if there was occasional memory in the memories, how can they save the lost friendship .

It’s a sleepless night when the rain hits the plantain in front of the window.

Chu Qiao only slept when the sky was bright, and when he woke up, he was already in the air. Mei Xiang is now a big manager of the inn, always busy, and Wu Auntie’s son-in-law today is not in the yard.

Pushing open the window, I saw the sky clear, the sky was blue without a cloud, and the two yellow owls stood on the banyan tree in the yard, and the screaming joy.

Chu Qiao wore a white-colored pair of small shirts, and the bottom was a lavender flower-length dress. The hair was loose and pulled, and it looked fresh and elegant. When I opened the door, I saw that Dorje was sitting on the stone table in the yard and writing something. Jingjing was playing with a fan, sleepy, and her eyes could not be opened. Peace is as good as ever, and I don’t know where to go and play.

Dorje is 18 years old this year. His body is slender and handsome. Unlike the Yanbei grassland people, it seems to be like a scholarly student who is very passionate about Jiangnan. At this age, this age is already the age of his wife and children.

Jingjing is also fifteen years old. Xiao Shantou is very clear-minded. He is behind a man’s butt all day, like a small follower.


When I heard the sound, Jingjing suddenly opened her eyes and screamed happily.

“The lady woke up.”

Dorje stood up and quickly picked up the things on the stone table, and some embarrassed to take a step back.

Chu Qiao knew what he was doing, and did not say anything. He just came over and sorted out some messy clothes in front of him. He frowned and said: “It is not a day or two to learn. What time did you sleep last night? So early?”

Dorje was a little embarrassed. The 18-year-old young man looked down like a child, and the black-eyed scorpion born out of sleep was like a giant panda.


Jingjing followed closely with the complaint: “Sit and write every day, don’t accompany me to play.”

“Jingjing Duoji!”

Ping An screamed and rushed into the city, and saw Chu Qiao quickly and cheerfully said: “Sister, today is the Lotus Festival, it can be lively outside, Chun Hetang, the lotus is open all night, don’t you go see it? ?”

Jingjing heard a moment of joy, and the color of the face was full of joy, but turned to look at Dorje, but see how Doji did not care, obviously not very want to go.

Chu Qiao met and chuckled: “Okay, let’s go and join in the fun.”

Dorje listened, and frowned and said: “There must be a lot of people on the street, and the lady is not good.”

“Dorge! It’s rare for my sister to go out and distract, don’t disappoint.”

Jingjing pushed his arm and said with a pout.

Dorje said with no help: “Miss wait a minute, I will change clothes and go with you.”

Jingjing and Ping An’s happy high-five, also like two children who did not grow up.

Four people quickly went out, and Dorje was put on a white-colored student gown, which looked handsome and handsome.

He covered a bamboo umbrella on the top of Chu Qiao, so that the sun would not hurt her. The two people walked together like people in the painting. Jingjing has a small basket filled with herbal tea and pastries, like a small donkey.

She frowned and looked at Dorje and Chu Qiao, and suddenly said loudly: “Sister, I will not comb my eyes anymore.”

A few people are walking, suddenly listening to her saying that this suddenly glimpses.

“I am like a child, I am fifteen, and I should grow up.”

Chu Qiao couldn’t help but smile. He wouldn’t know her mind. He smiled slightly: “Yes, Jingjing grew up and can marry.”

Ping An replied with a sigh of relief, shaved his face with his index finger and said, “No harm.”

The two children suddenly made a noise and ran wildly.

Nowadays, at the time of the festival, the lotus flowers on the spring lotus pond are all open, pink and green, the breeze is everywhere, the fragrance is fragrant, sweet and fragrant, the ten miles of wind and the lotus are hidden under the blue sky, the wind and fog floor, the red Juan shadow, a gorgeous blue wave .

Chu Qiao is in a very good mood today, simply renting a boat, Jingjing Ping is of course happy, and Duoji can’t bear to sweep Chu Qiao’s prosperity. The four people got on the boat, and Dorje stood at the stern and forced the boat to slowly leave the shore, and crossed the lotus leaf to the sky.

The water is swaying, Jingjing sits on the bow of the boat and separates the lotus leaves by hand. The boat passes by, the duckweed floats, the boat passes, the complex is closed again, the water is shallow and shallow, and the sporadic words of several people drift into the breeze. Flying feathers, lightly sweeping the earlobe.

He has a lot of picking lotuses. He doesn’t like to eat lotus seeds. He is as busy as stealing money. After a while, the boat is full of lotus and green.

Chu Qiao’s mood widened, taking a deep breath, only feeling that the lungs in the lungs were spit out with breathing, and the body was lighter.

“Ah! There are fish!”

Jingjing suddenly screamed, and Pingan quickly looked at the camera, only to hear a bang, a red koi leaped out of the water, slipped through a curved arc, splashing a large splash of water on the faces of several people.


Dorje turned back and watched the two laugh and laugh at the bow. Xu Xuan stroked the oars, the slender figure reflected in the lake, the clothes fluttering, the plains and wide sleeves, leisurely posture, is already a dashing son.

Chu Qiao looked at him and smiled softly.

They are all grown up, and only they always think of them as children.

“Duoji, you have been out for almost two years, don’t want to go back to the country to see?”

Dorje heard a slight glimpse, and then some unnatural smiles: “Let’s go some time.”

Chu Qiao nodded, thoughtfully said: “Also, today’s border wars are complicated, walking is indeed inconvenient.”

“Well.” Duoji nodded. “There is no war in the Yanbei area. They have been living in the mountains for decades. They have been safe and disaster-free. I am very relieved. It’s just that the young lady is safe with them. I live here alone. If I am Going away, how can you let it go?”

Chu Qiao suddenly stunned, could not help but smile: “Do you have anything to worry about us?”

Dorje shook his head, not to mention the reason, just muttered: “I don’t worry.”

“Haha, grab it!”

Suddenly, I only listened to Jingjing’s happy laughter. I took off a lotus flower with a flower disk and stood up. I turned and said to Chu Qiao: “Sister, look good?”

Say, you have to run here.

Chu Qiao was shocked and quickly called out: “Certificate carefully!”

However, the voice just fell and the boat suddenly missed.

“Jingjing sits down!”

Ping’An yelled, the hull was shaking more and more, and Jingjing panicked and screamed. At this time, I saw the hull suddenly fell to the side, Dorje put aside the oars, and rushed toward Chu Qiao, pulling her, but listening to the other side, Jingjing finally fell into the lake.


The white water splashed, and the safety jumped into the lake, and the Jingjing was caught.

“Ping’An, swim over.”

Dorje reached out and joined the Ping’Anwith the confession of Jingjing, and the little girl was scared and turned white. He leaned into Chu’s arms and bit his lip for a while.

“so stupid!”

Ping’An martyrdom.

Jingjing listened and cried with a grin.

“Ping’An, don’t say it.”

Dorje reprimanded him: “The Jingjing is still small.”

Chu Qiao patted the back of Jingjing, and said with a smile: “Stupid girl, isn’t it going to swim? Why are you still crying?”

Jingjing heard the words suddenly, and even forgot to forget, after a while, suddenly embarrassed smile, said: “I forgot.”

The scream of Ping’An can not stand: “Stupid death is stupid!”

Fortunately, the clothes worn in the summer are thin, and it is almost done on a circle on the lake. However, after being so troubled, several people lost their interest and went to the shore and planned to go home.

Who knows that just got off the shore, five or six men in their twenties and full face suddenly came over. After Chu Qiao, one person suddenly ate the ambition of the leopard and reached out to Chu Qiao’s cheek.

Chu Qiao is what he is, how can it be easily made by him, the body flashes sensitively, let the man rush.

“Hey?” The man was wearing a white and white student robe, but his voice was sloppy and frivolous. He smiled at the other people and said, “The little lady is slippery!”

Everyone heard the words and laughed in unison.

Chu Qiao brows slightly wrinkled, and he saw Jing Jing suddenly step forward, said with a anger: “Don’t face! You are looking for death!”

The man didn’t notice the Jingjing before. At this moment, see a younger little girl who came out and was even more happy. He laughed and said: “This is also a good color. Although it is tender, it is enough.”


The peaceful little face turned red and turned to look at her.

Chu Qiao reluctantly sighed and said, “Come on, don’t make trouble.”

Peaceful cheers, and then they did not wait for the opposite person to react, just like a little tiger rushed up.

Just listening to the “咔嚓” sound, the pain hit, the young man suddenly like a sandbag, the chest was hit hard, the whole person flew out.

Jingjing saw his brother move his hand, throwing away the small basket in his hand and rushing forward. A few men followed more than a dozen guards, and when the master was bullied, he rushed forward. The Jingjing turned around and swept two people. The hands were misplaced, one man’s arms were tied, fastened, and then turned to a shoulder-slung, the moment the arm dislocated, the pig-like screams sounded.

He kicked peacefully on the waist of a man, walked up the mountain and jumped up, and locked his man’s chin with his feet. He snorted and saw the whole person flying up and fell to the ground like a dead dog. .

More and more people, after all, Jingjing is the first time to really start with people, and gradually become somewhat stretched, but fortunately, he is safe and healthy, and he is invincible and even kicks. After a while, it has already fallen five or six people, all of which lost their fighting power.

At this moment, some people noticed that Chu Qiao and Duo Ji, who stood on the sidelines, were sneaking in the sneaky and cheap way. However, before they got close, I saw a shadow disappearing suddenly in front of my eyes!

Shot! Buckle! Take the wrist!

Dorje was ragged and stood still, even if the standing position did not change, and the sound of the wrong bones suddenly sounded. The wrists were pushed and pushed, and the strong man suddenly slammed on the ground, his hands bent and twisted, and the heartbreaking screams shouted.


A squeaky sound, Jingjing a standard vacant side kick, a man who is attacking Ping’An was kicked, and suddenly squatted on the ground, can no longer climb.

With the fall of the last person, only a small street, a dozen people fell to the ground, no one can climb up intact.

Jingjing proudly clap his hands and shouted: “Live it! Give you a long-term lesson, and see if you dare not do bad things in the future.”

The onlookers immediately greeted the cheers, and the Ping’An was very good. However, in the blink of an eye, Chu Qiao had already turned away with Dorje, and he quickly caught up with Jingjing.

People looked at the faces of several people, leaving amazement.

Under the lake willow tree, a 26-year-old young son in a white gown, quietly looking at the direction of several people leaving, far-sighted, has not left for a long time.

After returning home, I saw Mei Xiang standing at the door, watching the anxiously, and saw a few of them, and quickly ran up and ran up, and it was a series of long beggars.

Doji danced to tell her about the achievements of several people today, scared Mei Xiang Qiao face white for a while, and screaming at Ping’An and Jingjing is a curse.

Dinner four dishes and one soup, there are a lot of people, sitting around together. Wu Mama is not there, Mei Xiang is rare to cook, Chu Qiao was forced to eat a bowl of rice before doing the number.

In the evening, a few people sat under the tree to cool down, Chu Qiao was a little tired today, and there was no one to listen to, and did not stand.

Mei Xiang said while embroidering: “There is a miracle today. The flower mother-in-law of Dongjie ran to me to talk about the media, saying that it was necessary to protect the media of Mr. Song’s only son for the private city of Nancheng. I gave it a pass.”

Jingjing heard a sudden smile: “Haha, I want to eat swan meat, what is their family, and dare to call my sister’s idea.”

Mei Xiang looked up at her strangely and said, “When did I say that they came to ask Miss?”

“Ah? Did they see Mei sister?”

Mei Xiang reached out and took a look at the head of Jingjing, saying: “Little fool, people are watching you, to give you a match.”

The voice just fell, Jingjing’s face suddenly red, and quickly shouted: “Bastard bastard! Look at the next time I met Song Laotou’s son, do not interrupt his legs!”

“It’s good for people to be able to see you, and still be there.”

Ping An is eating an apple, and he muttered.

Mei Xiang shook his head: “In fact, Mr. Song’s son is also good, but also a well-known person. On weekdays, he is very gentle. He heard that he will take the exam this fall. But I don’t think it is good. Now, when Jingjing is next year, it’s time to do something good.”

When the words came out, everyone suddenly saw a moment, and the face of Jingjing was redder at this time. It was just a low head, but there was no refutation as before.

Dorjee frowned slightly, and some uncomfortable said: “Mr. Mei, who said that I want to get married with Jingjing?”

Mei Xiang’s eyebrows sighed and said, “Is this still used? Who doesn’t know?”

Dorje stood up and said, “I don’t know.”

After that, I turned back and went back to the room.

A few people are all embarrassed and do not know what to say, even the Ping’An is silly and open mouth.

The Jingjing eyelids became red, and suddenly stood up and ran into his room.

“I, what am I saying wrong?”

Mei Xiang was stunned and quickly stood up and went to Jingjing’s room.

“Sister, what’s the matter?”

Chu Qiao opened his eyes and looked at the empty yard faintly, and did not speak.

The night wind is warm, the sound of the sound is loud, and the people who call it are so upset.

In the evening, suddenly someone gently knocked Chu Qiao’s door, Chu Qiao did not sleep, put on clothes to open the door, but it was a tearful Jingjing standing at the door.

When I saw Chu Qiao, the little girl suddenly cried and threw herself into Chu Qiao’s arms, so she was not sad.

Chu Qiao took her into the room, so that a comfort, Jingjing has been crying and not talking. After about an hour or so, I finally stopped and took a ride.

“Okay, don’t cry, Dorje is just a joke.”

Jingjing stood up and shook his tears and said: “Not a joke.”

Chu Qiao naturally understood, but she could not bear to hurt her heart, still comforting her: “Don’t think too much.”

“I actually know.”

Jingjing said with a low head: “Duoji doesn’t like me, and Dorje likes her sister.”

Chu Qiao heard a moment, and frowned: “What are you talking about?”


“I didn’t talk nonsense.” Jingjing raised her head, and the small face of the big face looked very pitiful. She said stubbornly: “I saw Doji secretly painting his sister’s portrait and hiding it under the pillow.”

Chu Qiao’s brows wrinkled deeper and deeper, and he did not speak for a long time.

“But I also know that my sister doesn’t like Dorje, and the one that my sister likes is the one who sent her sister Yupei.”

After the little girl said that she had wiped a tear away, she walked out of the door. The moon outside the window was big and round, and she came in through the window, a white piece.

A white snow jade is quietly placed next to the pillow, brilliance, warm and jade.

One night without sleep, on the second day, someone knocked on the door of the small courtyard. The Tsing Yi book boy stood at the door with respect and courtesy. He said very politely: “Is there anyone at home? My family has something to ask for.”

The tent was picked up, and in addition to the dazzling sunlight and the aroma of roast bacon, Jingjing frowned and turned his eyes, and suddenly opened his eyes, apparently not fully awake. In the morning breeze with a hint of refreshing sweetness, suddenly dispelled the strong smell of the tent.

Chu Qiao did not look up, holding his forehead with one hand, and a black agate piece between the index finger and the middle finger of the other hand, constantly tapping on the white jade board, making a crisp sound, frequent and monotonous, and there was some boring annoyance. However, she did not feel it, the latitude and longitude of the board was full and vertical, and she was hesitant. She could not rest for a long time.

“Miss, everyone is ready.”

Dorje stood at the door and said quietly.

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows slightly turned into a Sichuan word, and Dorje’s voice quietly echoed in the air, but she did not respond. Just when Doki thought she hadn’t heard it again, she suddenly shook the game and turned her head and said, “To tell everyone, starting today, we have to be on the road, ready for the day and night. Let’s go.”

Chu Qiao and others left the school town yesterday. Now they are on their way to Tang Jing.

Half a month ago, the only son of Sui and Tang Dynasties, who was silent and white, suddenly went to visit and pointed out that he would see Chu.

Chu Lin is the name of Dongji of Dorje, which he took himself. His surname is Chu Qiao’s surname, and he is called back to the mountain.

It’s not a big deal to see Duoji in the sinking. After all, Dorje’s name in the school year has been far-reaching in the school year. However, what happened later made Chu Qiao vigilant.

According to Dorje, when Shen Yu saw the way he had been writing recently, he paid great attention to it, even wrote a letter to his father overnight, and the silence that was in Meishan was returned to the school city on the third day. Dorje was strong in the government for three days. In his tone, there was a faint intention to recruit him.

Originally, this is nothing. An old man who loves talents likes a talented younger person who wants to carry it one or two is not a surprise. However, just half a month later, Silent White introduced one person to Doji, and Chu Qiao finally realized the crisis.

Young, gentle, and mysterious, even scholars such as Silent White are respectful and courteous, and with Doji’s description of her appearance, she has to vaguely think of a person who has only seen one side. Recalling some of the recent news, Chu Qiao felt more and more nervous about the rain. After three days, she decided to go north. It is necessary to see Li Ce, in order to resolve the worry.

On the second day, the team came to the ridge, and the high-lying stream along the way, the grass and trees flourished, the Qingsong scorpion, if it was not the mood discomfort, it would be a good trip.

However, a heavy rain on the third day of the evening blocked the journey of Chu Qiao and others.

The mountain road was difficult, the muddy sag, the fourth day of the afternoon, I finally walked to the Qingheng River, but found that after the heavy rain, the water broke the only bridge. One seems to be crossing the river team is repairing, but the number is only three More than a dozen people, the progress is slow.

There are only two roads in front of us, or we can turn around and take the road to Huaisong, so at least we have to delay more than ten days. Or, just wait for the bridge to be repaired before crossing the river.

Chu Qiao added ten silver coins to each of the hired mafu guards. These honest Pakistani people joined the team building the bridge in front of them.

After a while, Dorje went to the carriage and said: “Miss, the other party sent someone to thank us.”

Chu Qiao saw that the other party did not personally come to talk, but also happy to idle, faintly nodded: “When you go back, you say that everyone goes along the road, have to cross the river, do not thank.”

The sky soon darkened, the thunder of the sky was rumble, the weather was extremely hot, and Chu Qiao slightly picked up the curtains of the window, only to see the clouds in the west, I am afraid that it will be a heavy rain.

Mei Xiang took a few people to cook the meat porridge. Chu Qiao saw that the team on the side of the ferry was quiet. All the people were repairing the bridge. Only a simple Qingbu carriage stopped quietly in a pine. under. Under the red light of the evening, the carriage seems to be dyed with a layer of red, the breeze is over, the curtain roll is slightly turned, and a white thorny gold boots reveal a splendid, quiet and indifferent, awesome.

Mei Xiang called her own guard and greeted everyone to eat porridge. When Chu Qiao met, she told her to send the extra porridge to the people opposite. When I didn’t want Mei Xiang to come back, I held a large bag of oil paper bags in my hand. After opening, it was all good pastry shortbread, and there were two large pieces of dried beef.

“It’s really a person who knows how to report.”

Mei Xiang smiled and picked up a piece of cake, and sniffed it into the nose and said: “It seems to be the layer of crispy white fish.” Miss, you smell it, and it is not like the goods in our store from Baishui?”

Chu Qiao frowned and looked at it for a while, quietly said: “Not the same, we bought a mid-range pastry, not so crisp. Such a pastry can not afford to travel long distances, can not do Business, I think the other party is just buying it on the road.”

Mei Xiang listened to a slight sigh. Although she had been worried about her food and clothing for a long time, she was bitterly born. She murmured: “It’s really rich and rich, so expensive snacks are given.”

Jingjing had a small illness in these days, and she always fell asleep. This smelled the fragrance and opened her eyes. She didn’t see what it was. She called Mei Xiang: “Mei sister, I want to eat.”

“The heart of the defense is indispensable. The people of this group are unknown. Be careful. Mei Xiang, throw these things in a place and throw them away. Don’t eat.”

Mei Xiang gave a slight glimpse, but immediately nodded: “The lady said.”

After a long while, the wind blew for a long time, but it disappeared at night. When the sky was completely dark, the wooden bridge was finally built.

The group seems to be in a hurry, and when they come over and say hello to Dorje, they will leave first.

Chu Qiao is not willing to delay the time. After the group crossed the river, they also crossed the river.

However, when I arrived at the ferry, I saw that the porcelain pot that Mei Xiang sent to the meat porridge was placed in one of the weeds. The meat porridge was intact, but it was not moving. A few wild babies squatted on the side of the basin and were screaming.

Chu Qiao put down the curtain of the window, quietly leaning on the cushion, his eyebrows slowly wrinkled.

At midnight, I finally figured out that the mountainous area came to a flat grassland. The guide said that this place is a long time. From here, it is the Xizhao Mountain. Over the mountain, the front is the first city in the southwest. It is transited by Qiufeng City, Tangjing is to the east, Baishuiguan is to the north, and Baishuiguan has passed, which is the land of Da Xia.

In the past few days, I have been trekking in the wilderness of the mountains. At this moment, I saw the plains, and everyone’s hearts suddenly opened up.

It has always been the case on the plains. Looking at a tree from afar, it doesn’t look far, but I have to go, but I have to run for a whole day.

After two days on the raft, I finally got to the so-called Xizhao Mountain.

The name of this mountain is very beautiful and the scenery is excellent. I saw a few peaks standing in the opposite direction. The pines and cypresses were green and the flowers were interspersed. A white waterfall poured down from the top of the mountain, forming a white practice and the water mist rising like a fairyland.

Because it is adjacent to the autumn wind city, the mountain road here is extremely open, and the two carriages are still not crowded.

The setting sun is shining, the setting sun is red, and a beautiful color is sprinkled. The pine and cypress rain forest is a blush, the flowers are brocade, the birds and flowers are fragrant, and the perfect scenery is beautiful, and it really does not mean the eve of the sun.

In the evening, Chu Qiao ordered a camp in a valley. The people listened to the collective cheers, and the roads that have been sleeping for a few days have really made everyone look tired.

However, he has not fallen asleep, but the roar of the wolf has come and gone. The voice is fierce and the person who is called is creepy.

The scared face of Jingjing was pale, shrunk in the tent, and closed her eyes in the arms of Mei Xiang, but she could not sleep.

Chu Qiao also has some concerns. The southwestern generation of hungry wolves have long heard of them. Nowadays, they are rare, and most of them are ordinary guards and coaches hired. There are women and children in the ranks. Once they encounter wolves, the consequences are unimaginable. She called Doge and Ping An, and told me a few words, telling everyone to be prepared, this will put a little snack.

However, in the latter half of the night, the wolf sounded even more vigorous, and there were men’s voices in the room.

Chu Qiao went out of the door, put on a windbreaker, and told him to take a few people to guard the camp. With Doji and more than a dozen guards, he went to the source of the sound.

However, it was a turn, and a stinky bloody smell came. Everyone took a careful look and saw a low-lying valley. About a hundred wolves were attacking a team of people. The number of the group was not enough, but they were strong, and they were arrogant and arrogant. At first glance, it is not a good match. The wolves are fierce, and the white teeth are stunned, and they are not afraid of each other.

Blood splatter, stench, screams and screams, and the back is cold.


Doji frowned, and said in a deep voice: “There are many wolves, and if this group is not strong, we are also difficult to support.”


Chu Qiao nodded and said: “Everyone is ready.”

A group of guards and chauffeurs are also the people of the rivers and lakes who walked all the year round. Although they did not belong to the regular army, they were extremely courageous. Pulling on the bow and arrow and setting the posture, Duoji looks cold and screams: “Put!”

A row of rockets burning with pine oil spurted out, and at the time, the wolves were attacked, and more than a dozen wolves suddenly screamed to the ground.

The wolves were furious and turned their heads to rush to them. It was like a flash of lightning, and it was amazingly amazing. Several ups and downs had already arrived.

Duoji’s hand was quick, and he lifted a bucket of tung oil. The slamming sound was in front, the torch was thrown, and a fire wall suddenly ignited in front of the mountain. The fire tongue was as high as three feet. A few hungry wolves couldn’t stop rushing, and they slammed into the fire and suddenly made a harsh scream.

The wolves were timid and the chaos was in chaos. The group of people saw some help, and the momentum was even stronger. The heads of the people rushed up and slashed, and chased after victory.

The group of hungry wolves were fierce, so they fought for more than an hour, and they retired. There were a few rumors of protests before leaving, and there was a hint of revenge.

The wolves are everywhere, and they stink.

The next person in the valley shouted: “Which friend is helping me, my master thank you for your deeds!”

Dorje heard a slight glimpse, the probe looked, but because the trees were blocked, the night was dark and the ink could not be seen clearly, just shouted: “But is Cao Big Brother? We met at the Qingheng River.”

The other party was silent for a moment and suddenly laughed: “It turned out to be Ji Xiaoge. I am inconvenienced now. I will definitely come back to thank you for your good brother.”

Duoji said busyly: “Cao Da Ge does not have to be polite, but I don’t know if I am injured? Is there a gold sore medicine?”

“Small injuries, not enough to hang on, the little brother is bothered.”

Chu Qiao heard a tone of caution from the other party’s tone, gently pulled Ladoji’s sleeves and gestured to his camp.

Dorje was willing to pay attention and said: “The younger brother left first, and Cao Dabao took care.”

When I returned to the camp, Ping An was anxious to jump up and down. I saw Chu Qiao ran up and asked: “Sister, can you be injured?”

“Nothing.” Chu Qiao shook his head and said to Duoji and others: “Let’s sleep more tonight, the torch is burning all night, ready for the rocket and sulphur tung oil. The wolves will report, be careful to seek revenge. ”

The crowd nodded and Chu Qiao returned to the tent and saw Jingjing had fallen asleep.

Mei Xiang took off her cloak and said softly: “Let Doji go, why should Miss go in person?”

Chu Qiao shook his head, his eyebrows locked, and whispered: “I have been restless for a few days, and I don’t know if there will be any accident.”

“Miss is worried about the Emperor of the Tang Emperor, you can rest assured that the Tang Emperor is so smart, where will make the younger generation easily succeed.”

Chu Qiao softly sighed, holding a cup of ginseng tea handed over by Mei Xiang, hot, but how can not warm her cold hands.

“I hope so.”

Somehow, she suddenly remembered the team of people just under the valley, a heart somehow had some concerns. Involuntarily said: “Mei Xiang, the last time I bought the golden sore medicine from Xinglintang?”

Mei Xiang suddenly stunned and asked anxiously: “Who is injured? Miss you injured?”

“No,” Chu Qiao shook his head and said: “No one is hurt.”

She was a little annoyed on the felt, Mei Xiangxin looked up and down her, seemingly suspecting she was cheating on herself.

What’s going on here?

Chu Qiao frowned slightly.

Early the next morning, Chu Qiao and others had just gone far, and they saw a group of people in front of them quietly parked there, apparently the group of people last night.

A middle-aged man in his thirties came over and said a few words with Dorje. When he was polite, he went to Chu Qiao’s carriage and said, “My family’s thank you, Miss’s help, this should not be It’s rude and abrupt, but it’s necessary to be remembered in the heart. It’s a bold name to ask the lady, and please ask the lady for forgiveness.”

Chu Qiao frowned slightly, and said with a deep voice: “The road is not flat, it should be helpful, you don’t have to be polite.”

The man heard a little glimpse and said again: “I don’t know the lady’s name.”

“You guys are so strange, your host only sent you to come. Obviously, I don’t want to be self-identified. Why do you want to ask me about my origins? It’s normal for everyone to meet each other and be wary of each other. Since they don’t trust each other and have something to do. In the body, why not hurry up, do not feel bored here?”

The man suddenly stunned, did not expect to be robbed by Chu Qiao, after the retreat.

After a while, the team ahead will leave.

Jingjing swearing tongue: “Sister is really amazing!”

Chu Qiao sighed and leaned on the cushion.

What awesome, just not willing to waste time with them, the more anxious the more worried, and the opposite group also gave her a sense of depression, she clearly felt that the other party is not ordinary people At this moment, it is better to have more than one thing, or be careful.

However, after less than half a day, another sudden incident stopped their footsteps. At this time, even if they were dull, such as peace, they were aware of a slight flaw.

On a slightly narrow mountain road, several large trees and a pile of silt stone traversed the road, and there were more than half a person, which blocked the road. Everything is obvious. It is probably the landslide and mudslide caused by the heavy rain a few days ago. However, after many coincidences, no one wants to believe this simple reason.

The team stood in front of the horse, watching the late Chuo and others, and did not hide the hostility of the eyes.

And Dorje and Ping An also frowned, and the hand naturally fell on one side, but the fingertips slowly rubbed the handle of the hilt.

The sky is blue and white, the birds are singing, and the sun is warmly shining underneath. In such a fine weather, the atmosphere is very different, and the sword is arrogant. No one is going to clean up the rock and mud on the road. Instead, it looks at the eyes and looks at it for a long time. step.

“It’s a coincidence.”

The man surnamed Cao sneered and said slowly.

A healthy eyebrow pick, but was dragged by Dorje. The young man’s eyebrows are slightly stunned and faintly smiled: “It’s very clever, and I’ve been in trouble with Cao’s brother for several days. Even my unbelievers have to say that God’s will is unpredictable.”

“In my opinion, it is not God’s will, I am afraid that some people will devil.”

Ping An suddenly angered: “Who are you talking about?”

Cao’s brother sighed coldly: “Who are you? Draw the way!”

“I don’t think you are like a good person!”

He screamed with a sigh of relief, and he slammed his knife out. The cold light flashed. He stepped forward and he had to start.

When the other party saw it, he suddenly got a knife. At this moment, I saw a silver light suddenly lit up, and a slamming sound hit the safe hilt. The sword was smashed, and a slamming sound fell to the ground. A clear female voice said faintly: “Ping’An, not reckless.”

It is like a pool of cold water suddenly poured into the boiling hot water, and the atmosphere calms down.

The whole scene was quiet, and even the breathing of the people was almost clear and audible.

Breeze, sweeping through the eyebrows of the people, the pines swaying in the distance, the blue waves and the waves, the birds circling in the air, screaming.


A subtle voice suddenly came. It seemed to be the rustling of the boots on the stones. The wind blew the curtains of the blue cloth. The man named Cao and others suddenly surprised and said: “Master?”

The man did not say a word and walked straight toward Chu’s carriage.

Doji’s eyebrows picked it up and suddenly said: “Stop!”

The man did not care, Dorje hand held the hilt, the eyebrows erected, and suddenly the sword was drawn.

However, the sword was only halfway through, and only a blunt sound suddenly sounded. The man’s skill was very different. In a blink of an eye, the sword of Dorje was removed and thrown on the ground.

Dorje’s face was red, and when he roared, he rushed forward. The man was not afraid. He walked quickly to the Chu Qiaoma, and reached for her curtain.

“Call”, the fresh wind suddenly blew in, the noon sun shimmering glare, Chu Qiao holding a small arrow, the arrow facing the door, but at the moment the sun penetrated the pupil.

Dorje rushed forward from the back, and the five fingers became claws, and they grabbed the man’s neck. With him more than three years to master Chu Qiao’s skills, this moment, can definitely make the enemy die.

However, the man did not evade, wearing a moon-white moiré gown, a sword eyebrow star, a clear and handsome, standing in the same place, his eyes staring at her lightly, for a time, it was difficult to distinguish the mood, if Deep pool, cold lake is quiet.


The arrow was off the string, passing through the man’s ear, and rubbing the arm of the Dorje shot, as fast as the peak, with a fierce murderous, instantly frozen everyone’s movements.

“Duoji, retreat.”

Chu Qiao said quietly, there is no anger, but there is a deterrent that cannot be doubted.

Doji’s eyebrows were picked and called: “Miss?”

Chu Qiao’s eyes were slightly picky, and he didn’t talk. He just turned his head and looked at him faintly.

When Dodgeton was stunned, he slowly retreated, but his eyes were still obsessed with the man in front of the carriage.

The smoke is so drunk, the weather is good, and people are flustered. A row of brightly colored oriole falls on the branches not far away, screaming out the sound of twirling. The trees stretched, like the newly-painted Emei, and the jungle on the side was lush, with beautiful flowers in the middle, beautiful and beautiful, as in the painting.

When the wind passes, the man’s clothes are gently blown up. There is no incense of the young and noble sons of ordinary wealthy people. It is a light and unique Zhilan gas. The temperament is clear and handsome, and if you hold a clear snow.


Jingjing, who was sitting behind Chuo, suddenly reached out and pointed at the man’s waist and shouted: “His jade is the same as his sister!”

The white and bright, round and transparent, the man was set up by the wind, one side of the jade hanging in his waist, flashing faint brilliance.

Chu Qiao’s look gradually eased. When everyone was quiet and silent, she suddenly reached out and put on the man’s shoulder. She jumped out of the carriage and gave a gentle smile to Ping Duoji and others: “Don’ Kneeling, hurry up the road ahead.”


“Ah?” Ping An widened his eyes, looked at Chu Qiao, and looked at the man. Finally, he asked sillyly: “Sister, do you know?”


Chu Qiao looked nodded easily, and it seems that there is still a hint of joy.

Ping An would like to ask who this person is, who knows what the words have not yet opened, and sees the man’s eyes drifting away, not how strict, but it is like the cold indifference, it seems very unwilling to hear this silly stupid The young man in the brain is chattering.

When Cao and his brother met, they suddenly lowered their heads and stepped down. When they took out the tools, they began to clear the passage.

Chu Qiao turned to the man and said: “You come with me.”

After that, go back.


Dorje quickly rushed forward and stopped in front of Chu Qiao. He said, “What are you doing?”

Chu Qiao said: “Duoji, don’t worry, this is my friend.”

Doji looked at the man with doubts, but saw that the person slightly frowned, and faintly swept him, his eyes as if the mirror lake was frozen, and the indifference was abnormal.

It is by no means a general indifference and coldness, but a high in the bones that can be practiced in the past and can be practiced in the upper ranks. Dojid felt like a basin of cold water pouring from the top of his head, the back could not help but a cold, Chu, and the man has gone far.

The sky was very good on this day. It was as clear as a lake and clear water. When the sun was shining, the two of them went on and on, and after a short while, they walked into a secluded hill, where a waterfall fell from the foothills. Falling into the cold pool, splashing a large splash of water, the granules are clarified, reflecting the bright daylight, colorful and dazzling.

Chu Qiao looked back and looked at the man in front of him. He hadn’t seen it for more than a year. He didn’t seem to change it. It’s still like this. She wants to say something, a thousand words condense on her lips, but she doesn’t know how to What to say, after all, it turns into a little smile, overflowing the lips, and I don’t know whether I am laughing at myself or laughing at others.

“What are you laughing at?”

Zhuge Yue is still the same look, her eyebrows are slightly picked up, it seems very impatient and she is standing here.

“Nothing.” Chu Qiao shook his head, still laughing and said: “It seems that every time I see you is very strange.”

Zhuge Yue turned his head and looked away, still familiar with the twist.

“What are you doing here?”

Zhuge gave her an incomparably accurate but ambiguous answer: “Do things.”

“Oh.” Chu Qiao nodded and said: “Is going back now?”


Then the two stood in the same place and no one spoke.

In a blink of an eye, it’s almost two years. In the past two years, he has been calling for the rain in the hall, and he has become one of the most powerful people on the mainland. Chu Qiao in a remote place, occasionally hearing his news, there will be a strange feeling of guilt. Sometimes she even suspects that the person she knows, and the men who are rumored to be ruthless and determined to be bold and courageous?

She also heard some rumors from Qinghai.

It is rumored that although it is nominally affiliated with the Great Summer, it implements the self-selected bureaucrats, not elected from the clan, but is selected through scientific research, even for civilians. It is rumored that a new law has been enacted to encourage farming to build water conservancy and protect industry and commerce. The courageous businessmen in the Mainland have already traveled to Qinghai to do business. Rumor has it that abolished slavery, clan rich families can buy slaves, but as long as the slaves are willing to pay for the redemption, they can be separated from slavery. And even if it is a slave, you can’t kill it at will, or you will be severely punished by the law. It is rumored that there is no such thing as the desolate fall of the legend, but the vast territory, and the vastness of the population, the population is flourishing. Nowadays, there are many rich and prosperous towns…

There are also rumors that Qinghai King is now notoriously popular, known as the thief Sima. In the morning hall, they robbed money and rushed grain, and vyed for various materials in various names, and they were continuously transported to Qinghai. Every month in Qinghai, it is necessary to report the catastrophic floods and floods. The people there are not covered in food, and they are strongly urged to pay for the court to save the refugees.

However, those materials will flow into the market as soon as they come out, in exchange for a large amount of real money and silver, and then blatantly transported to Qinghai headquarters. Nowadays, most of Yanbei’s strength has been hampered by Qinghai. Da Xia simply did not dare to turn his face with him, so he had to let him do anything.

It is rumored that this man was called a monarch by the people of Qinghai, and was called a robber by the people of Ximeng. He was called a vampire by the officials of Da Xia. Even his good friend and good ally, Zhao Cheqi, was imperiously persuaded: Just fine, you have to eat meat, you have to let them have a soup.

It is rumored that the people of Ximeng even hate him, but now they are quietly preparing to move. Every day, Cuiweiguan is full of people, full of people who want to sneak into the home.

The elders of the great summer will anger him for intent to indulge the Cuiwei Guanshou army to slacken and deportation, and put the people in the mainland of Inner Mongolia into Qinghai.

He is very innocent, and Yanbei is too powerful. We don’t have any extra strength. If we want to effectively limit these incidents, we urgently need the Ministry of Housing to immediately allocate 100,000 gold to Qinghai to expand the Qinghai Navy…

There are so many rumors, but Chu Qiao saw him at the moment, and the rumors suddenly disappeared from his mind like a cloud of smoke.

He is still him, not the Qinghai King Sima, not the brilliant Qinghaijun, not the shameless summer vampire, he is still the man who is indifferent and aloof, but also slightly awkward and wayward, is that and She has died many times and died, and she rescued her master Zhuge in distress several times.

A few sighs suddenly rose in my heart, gradually pressing the excitement and joy of the first sight. She looked at him. Although she was still handsome, she was still cold and like a piece of ice, but the corner of her eye had already taken a trace of the line. Look carefully. Go, there are some tired and tired eyes.

She quietly licked her lips and whispered: “You haven’t seen it for more than a year, and you are old.”

Zhuge Yue heard a sudden sigh, and the silky wind in his eyes was removed. He looked down at her and saw her face still, but she was even thinner.

He is only 26 years old this year. In any case, he can’t be called this old word. However, these years of hard work, those in the rough years of the game, the bloody killings that splashed in the corners of the eyebrows, with this old word, like a tidal wave, flowing through his vicissitudes of eyes.

After being surrounded by various scenery, it is a nightless light that is never sleepy. It is a solitary shadow of the window of the cold moon. It is the night of the cold window, and it is the independence of Xiao Xiao.

Still still, my heart is tired.

How can it not be old, how can it not be old.

He looked at her, and the anger of the past year was suddenly gone. Even the childish willfulness was old in this simple sentence.

“You have been okay for more than a year.”

“Nothing is good, always alive.”

Zhuge faintly said that although the words are not good, but there is no such cold tone. Chu Qiao knew that he was not fighting with himself, but his true feelings. Maybe only people like them can understand it. Nothing is good, and it is good to be alive.

“I am also very good.”

Zhuge did not ask, Chu Qiao said: “I opened an inn, the days are very comfortable.”

“I know.”

The man replied faintly, but Chu Qiao looked at him and looked up at him: “Do you know?”

“I have lived there for three times.”

Chu Qiao was completely stunned, but he heard the sound of Zhuge Yue said: “A year, you can figure it out?”

“Thinking and thinking about what?”

The man slowly frowned, a pair of you can really wear garlic: “Do you really want to open a lifetime inn?”

Chu Qiao squinted and was speechless. In fact, she really thought so.

“Or are you going to find someone to marry before the age of 30?”

Chu Qiao said: “Who told you?”

“Who else?” Zhuge said: “Nature is Li Ce, don’t you know? The Chunyu Building opposite you is the one he opened. The four-sea inn behind the slope is my opening.”

Chu Qiao was shocked and speechless. She suddenly remembered the two innocent inns. Before that, she had always been very proud of herself, thinking that her inn had squeezed them without business, but they didn’t want to be these two. Supreme man’s handwriting.

In this way, Li Ce of the school city should be well aware of it, and he should have prepared for the actions of those people.

Suddenly remembered something, looked up and asked: “So you know our identity from the beginning?”

“I don’t know.” Zhuge said, see Chu Qiao unbelief, said impatiently: “I have been there, but I have not seen you.”

Yes, she has lived in the past for more than a year, and it is indeed rare to go out.

“What are you doing this time?”

Chu Qiao didn’t know what to say. After all, it was Li Ce’s state affairs, which was vague: “I went to Tang Jing.”


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“Young Master.”

The man named Cao said far away: “The road is dredged and can be gone.”

Zhuge Yue did not say anything, quietly stood for a long time, it seems that some are not resistant to such a depressed atmosphere, he turned and wanted to go.


Chu Qiao suddenly cried: “The next time I come to school, I can come and meet me.”

“I don’t have time to go.” Zhuge replied coldly, slowly turning around and said with a calm face: “I am going back to Qinghai. Are you going with me?”

He said this sentence like this, as if an acquaintance met and asked if you ate it. Naturally, Chu Qiao was stupidly stunned. She always did this. Everything can be calmly dealt with. Only face him. Will lose all wisdom. She stared at him, seemingly trying to see another mouth from Zhuge’s face to prove that what he said was not what he said.

“Li Ce said that you are a rib. At that time, it was changed, and I couldn’t figure it out. I advised you to give you more time.”


Zhuge said with a calm face: “Do you figure it out now? Don’t you follow me?”

“You, you are the military officer of the summer, Sima? And the family is…”

“Those don’t need you to control it.” Zhuge Yue frowned and said: “You just have to say it or not.”

A group of birds flew past, two birds flew past, many birds flew over the forest, and Chu Qiao still did not speak.

Zhuge was suddenly furious and said sharply: “Are you going to go?”

“I am going to go to me!”

Chu Qiao replied loudly, the two men blushing and yelling at the thick neck, and the echo echoed around, becoming more and more quiet.

“It’s good to meet you here, save me from talking to you again.” The man deliberately pretended not to care, as if everything was in his grasp, but he didn’t want to be like this. A multi-lingual character.

“Don’t run around, go back to your yard and wait for me to send someone to pick you up.”

After all, I am very handsome and turned away.

“If you go to Qinghai anyway, you can open the inn.”

A voice suddenly sounded in the back, and Zhuge slammed back and glared at her, a slap in the face.

The sky is white and the white clouds are fluttering. It seems strange that the birds are coming out from behind the leaves. This world cannot be ruled out by common sense.

When I returned to the carriage, Mei Xiang was waiting for her with a smile, but Jingjing was more happy, and the music was not close. Chu Qiao naturally knows her careful thoughts, but she is not willing to say it. Everything today is simply too ridiculous. Chu Qiao sits quietly, and the heart is still jumping.

Is she too impulsive?


Mei Xiang smiled and added a cushion to her. He said: “Everything in this world can’t be handled with reason. The slaves think that the lady used to be too calm, and occasionally impulsive, it is not necessarily a bad thing.”

Chu Qiao turned to look at her in surprise, surprised by the sharp insight of Mei Xiang.

Mei Xiang laughed happily: “Miss didn’t know, now you, but write everything on your face. Compared to the previous lady, Mei Xiang feels like you are more like.”

The carriage began to go, and Dorje frowned and said: “Miss, are we going to go with those people?”

“Go together, of course, go together!” Jingjing opened the curtain and cried: “I will go together, I will live together in the future, hehe!”

Say, just let go of the curtain.

Mei Xiang poured a cup of ginseng tea for Chu Qiao and said with a soft voice: “Miss, not everyone will wait for another person year after year. Some things, you don’t catch it at the time, if it happens again in the future What will happen, you will regret it.”

The warmth of the wind blows in with the slightly blurred curtains, like the mother’s gentle fingers, the sky is clear, the eagle with the high flying eagle is far away, through the clouds, away from the dust.

Chu Qiao sat on the stone steps and looked at the clouds in the sky. The flowers in the yard were very bright, and the red and yellow were very popular.

The younger sister of the inn sits on a small stool and is making tea very seriously. It was just a 13-year-old child. It was the age of younger and younger. Dorje and Ping An also sat on the side, chatting with him without a ride.

Chu Qiao listened to them about the scenery of the Qiuqiu Qiuqiu, talking about the ancient plank road in the southern hills, talking about the Tibetan swords in the summer, talking about the Raven Mountain in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and finally talking about the heavy snow in Yanbei, the topic is getting more and more lively. Up, Jingjing also came out of the room, eating a variety of candied fruit, while exploring his head and chatting with a few people.

Mei Xiang sat down on the side of the camphor tree, and was compiling a cockroach. The fingers fluttered like a butterfly, and the flexibility was dazzling.

The sky gradually darkened, and the lights in the yard were lighted up, and the heat gradually dissipated. Jingjing asked the kitchen for a few ice bowls, which contained a variety of fruits, which were very cool and looked very good.

In the end, it was the previous heavy rain that destroyed the suspension bridge in front of the autumn wind city. The journey of Chu Qiao and others was delayed. It took two days to stay north in the autumn wind city.

Today, they live in a small inn in the mountains and waters, the entire inn is built on the hillside, high and low ups and downs, patchwork, lush forest, looking from afar, like a forest.

Chu Qiao’s room is located on a high stone cliff facing the west. The boss wants to come to be an elegant person. Because it is adjacent to Xizhao Mountain, it is called Xizhaoyuan. Every evening, the sunset here is very beautiful. .

Zhuge Yue lived in the Guizang Building next to him. Yesterday afternoon, he sent his guards to help the government build the suspension bridge and the ferry. It is really urgent to get there. You need to go back immediately.

There was a rain in the daytime, and it stopped in the afternoon. The leaves were green and green, but the flowers were scattered, but more charming.

Chu Qiao was wearing a beige linen dress with an ebony scorpion on his head. The black long hair loosened a shackle and looked very refreshing and comfortable.

The moon tonight is very round, Chu Qiao quietly looked at the moon, suddenly remembered that it is about to pass the Mid-Autumn Festival, but this place is only the Mid-Autumn Festival.

This place is called Mid-Autumn Festival, which is derived from a song. Chu Qiao once heard this song in the army. The song sings a man riding a horse to go to war, playing for many years, from a small soldier to a long, from a long to a general, and finally he finally finished the battle and returned home, but found that the house has fallen The wife was also taken away by others. Both the parents and the sons were starved to death. The bones were turned into ash, and there was not even a grave.

She still remembers the last sentence in the song: The moon is shining on my soul, reminding you to return home.

Since then, the White Moon Festival has become a reunion festival, advising people to cherish their families, not to ignore the family for the sake of gains and losses, and to regret when they are irreparable.

The moon is shining on my soul, reminding you to return home soon…

“sounds so good.”

Mei Xiang stopped her hand and turned to look at Chu Qiao. She said with a smile: “I have never heard of a young lady singing.”

Chu Qiao gave a slight glimpse, only to find out that he sang loudly without knowing it.

“This is really a good song. Can Miss now understand the meaning of this song?”

Chu Qiao slightly side: “Mei Xiang recently likes to reason to others.”

“I haven’t read the book yet. I know the simplest truth. Is it better than the Miss Fu’s five-car?” Mei Xianghe smiled and said: “Sometimes, the more you know, the more chaotic your mind is.” Instead, it will ignore some very simple truths.”

“One day after another, every year on the beam, looking at the village head road, still do not see the husband. Fu Lang Bao borderland, outsiders door wall, children without clothes, mother-in-law hungry. Tiangao emperor far, the soldiers are not In the township, the village chief of the village is the king of the earth. The wind and rain are all traced, the cold snow piles up the house, and the moon shines on me, reminding you to return home.”

The smile on Mei Xiang’s face was very quiet. She sang quietly on the tree, and the petals fell down on the shackles of her hands. The white light of the moon fell on her fingers like a curved butterfly wing.

At this moment, there was a whistling sound in the distance. Separated too far, the sound of the flute is slightly ethereal, there is a lingering, occasionally in the high place, but it does not lose the Qing Jun, three times nine turns, like a smoke, empty long, do not have a frank feeling.

Ping An and others were still chatting. When they heard the sound of the flute suddenly stopped, Doji sat up straight, his eyes with a few sighs of sighs, and even the people who did not pass the melody of Jingjing, listened to their ears, very Quiet look.

Mei Xiang stood up and turned back to the room. When she came out, she held a beige cloak and gently draped it over Chu’s shoulder. She smiled and said: “Miss has been rushing for these days and has been afraid. It’s time to rest now. The backyard of this inn has a great view, and the moonlight is just right tonight, Miss may wish to go out.”

Chu Qiao turned his head, but he saw Mei Xiang smile and looked at her faintly, with a hint of embarrassment and encouragement in his eyes.


Chu Qiao wants to say something, but after all, he can’t say it.

Mei Xiang said: “Miss, Mei Xiang doesn’t understand anything. I don’t understand what beliefs in the world are righteous. I just hope that the young lady can have a good time. You are a good person. That song should not be sung to you.”

The moonlight was on Chu Qiao’s face, she was slightly embarrassed, could not help but think of the second half of the song:

Qingshan has a few cold and hot weather, and the white snow is floating, and the king does not know the road, the heavens and the earth are vast. The baby died of the plague, and the mother-in-law had no rice soup, and she only sold herself for the living food. Fu Lang’s chest is aspiring, not to be poor and poor, and he is looking forward to returning to the village. The world is full of sorrows, the years are sloppy, not asking for wealth, and being a bed of poverty.

“Mei Xiang, go get the light green one.”

Mei Xiang gave a slight glimpse and looked at her with hesitation.

She suddenly smiled and stood up and said: “All day is not white or black, like a beggar.”

The moonlight shines all the way, she walks quietly, all the years passed by in her mind, like a flying egret, flying over the ink and wash paintings between heaven and earth. Those that are either intense or white or full of color or bleak, gradually settle down in the bottom of my heart, become a water, and gradually freeze into ice.

Complaints, jealousy, hatred, entanglement, help, hand in hand, life and death, reunion, struggle, joy, separation, stunned…

Every step of the way, there will be a picture and a scene in front of her eyes, each of which carries too much heavy things. There are national hatreds, personal grievances, guilty guilty, persistent attachments, years of repression and forbearance, and a few desires to break through the fierceness and circling.

So many emotions filled the bottom of my heart, and finally I was smashed by the lyrics that were straightforward, and spread fiercely along my fingertips.

She is a King Bihu, using a sense of reason and calmness to build a thin layer of ice for herself, suppressing all the emotions she feels wrong.


One year, two years, many years.

There is a small pavilion above a secluded pool in Houshan. The wooden pavilion has already fallen a bit. The boss has planted a few Duru and Wisteria under the pavilion. The small flowerbed climbs up the vine. The entanglement of the pillars in a circle, do not add a few elegant and quiet.

The faint moonlight shines in the deep pool of blue and green in front, and a round moon is sprinkled in the center of the water wave, a white round.

Zhuge Yue, on his lavender gown, sat idly on the steps under the pavilion. One leg curled, one stretched, and the back was leaned against the stripped pillar. A few strands of ink slipped from the horns and fell to his face. His appearance is still very clear, holding a green bamboo flute in his hand, blowing a very pleasant tone. There is no sorrowful entanglement, no Lingyun’s ambition, just like the rural singer of ordinary teenagers playing, sometimes brisk, sometimes soothing, naughty Du Ruo aroma wandering beside him, like a stubborn child.

Chu Qiao stood there quietly, silent, the wind blew through her pale green cloak, and the tulle floated, like the willow branch in early spring.

She never seemed to have seen him so carefully. The years have been bumpy. For many years, she once complained about her own misfortunes, but now she wants to come, at least to be more fortunate than the generals who sang in that song. The house did not fall, the relatives did not die, and the person who loved, still standing in the same place, as long as she is willing to turn back, he can reach his hand.

Even if it is separated by water, the world will not allow it. He still walks steadily to this day, and with his rare willfulness and stubbornness, he breaks through the imprisonment again and again, and holds up the clear sky for her.

The strong ice smile in the bottom of her heart, she seems to have heard the rational building collapsed, she said to herself: Perhaps, I can be willful once.

After all, she has not been willful for many years.

The flute suddenly stopped, and the man leaned over the side and saw the green woman quietly standing under the laurel tree.

“How did you come?”

“Just let you come, don’t you let me come?”

Chu Qiao smiled and walked over. He kicked and kicked Zhuge’s leg and said, “Let it go.”

The man retracted his leg and she sat down. The bright light of the deep pool is reflected in her face, like a broken pearl jade.

“Zhuge Yue, tomorrow, the suspension bridge has been repaired, you are going back to the big summer?”

Zhuge nodded and looked at her in a strange way. “What happened?”

“When are you coming to me?”

A trace of surprise flashed over the man’s eyes, but he was a bit strange, looking up and down her, as if she had any conspiracy.

“Is it necessary to wait for the Xia Emperor to die? Or do you have to wait for Zhao Che to reach the throne? At that time, can you return to the whole body?”

Chu Qiao knees on the stone steps, the hat after the cloak is pulled on the back, slightly raised, surrounded by her white neck. Her chin was on her knees, her eyes were on the pool in front of her, and she turned her head and said, “Zhuge, I will sing a song for you.”

The woman’s eyes are very clear, not the sorrow of the insight into the world. She quietly looks at him and smiles quietly, like many times in her dreams. There are no other impurities in her eyes. No one else. Shadow, only he is alone.

He forgot how he nodded, only to see her happy holding her hands with her hands, and the moonlight painted a beautiful curvature on her face. Her voice was very soft, like the fine sand of the waves, and it penetrated the silence of the night a little bit, and walked into his heart.

– A long time ago, you owned me, I have you, long time ago, you left me and went to the sky. The world outside is very exciting, the world outside is very helpless, when you feel that the world outside is very exciting, I will sincerely wish you here. Whenever the sun sets, I always look forward to you here. Although the sky is raining, I am still waiting for your return.

– A long time ago, you owned me, I have you, long time ago, you left me and went to the sky. The world outside is very exciting, the world outside is very helpless, when you feel that the outside world is helpless, I am still waiting patiently here. Whenever the sun sets, I always look forward to you here. Although the sky is raining, I am still waiting for your return.

The song followed the wind in the night, quietly echoing in the courtyard filled with Du Ruoxiang, Chu Qiao turned his head, his eyes clear. She reached out and was very careful and careful to slowly approach Zhuge’s hand. It wasn’t like any time in the past, just like the girl who was in love at first, the nervous fingertips were a little trembling, a little bit, a little bit. Touch the back of the man’s hand, then gently pinch his finger with his fingers, only to see it so cold, like the water of the secluded pool.

Zhuge Yueturned to look at her, and the look was always stunned. The night wind blew between them, and the flowers and bones in the pavilion scented. They sat on the steps like little children, pulling their hands, and no one spoke first.

They are always opposites. Once they are in a straight line, they seem to be unclear about their position.

Zhuge Yue was a little bit smirking, but he felt that he could never laugh at this time. He frowned very seriously and his face was very intriguing.

Putting down the knot, Chu Qiao became very natural. She took his hand and opened her eyes and asked: “Zhuge, Qinghai?”

“Well?” The man snorted a little and said, “Alright.”

“Is that beautiful?”

Someone has no romantic cell back: “There are a few places that are not bad.”

“Is that Qinghai cold?”

“Summer is not cold, winter is cold.”

Chu Qiao is full of hope: “The people there must be very simple.”

“You are stupid, how many bad guys are there? The world crow is generally black, who has no selfishness?”

“Ah?” Chu Qiao finally frowned. “That Qinghai is not very good.”

“When did I say that place is good?”

Chu Qiao is speechless. Is this a man who wants to take a woman to run away?

“But there is one thing in that place.”

Chu Qiao asked: “What is it?”

Zhuge Yue smiled very proudly: “The place is that I have the final say.”

Zhuge Yuelaughed twice and found that no one was holding his field. Some depressions lived.

“Star, when was it?”

Chu Qiao glimpsed, turned his head and asked, “What are you talking about?”

After a moment of silence, Zhuge’s silence seemed to be difficult to open, and the eyebrows slowly wrinkled. It took a long time to say: “When did you not hate me?”

“Who said no hate?”

Chu Qiao discouraged his fist with his fist and said, “I remember it here.”

Zhuge stunned her and dismissed her: “The mouth is wrong.”

The moon shines lightly on everything below. In fact, many things only need a few words, only a small movement, but it takes so many years to go.

The laurel tree swayed, and the man’s fingers were naturally held back, holding the woman’s cold fingers in the palm of his hand.

So many years of hard work, so many years of attachment, seems to only wait for this action.

He turned his head and opened his mouth happily at a point that no one else could see.

On the second day, the suspension bridge was finally repaired. They went out of the autumn wind city, crossed the waterway and crossed the Muling River, and then went ashore to Qiusha County, and they had to part ways.

The two teams stopped in the same place, Zhuge and Chu Qiao stood at the forefront of the team, the weather was fine, and the blue was clear.

Zhuge Yue looked at the north coolly and said, “I am leaving.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded. “Go.”

“Let’s get confused with Li Ce, go back to your inn if you have nothing to do.”

“Who is a fool?” Chu Qiao frowned.


“Zhuge Yue, we have to be separated, they all converge and give the other side a good impression.”

Zhuge’s awkward voice: “I have never had a good impression of you.”

Chu Qiao went up and scolded him: “Are you still a human? Do you still have humanity? Who was crying and crying for me?”

Chu Qiaoqi is very painful, Zhuge Yue is also angry: “Where is Chu, when do I cry and cry for you?”

There’s none?

Chu Qiao thought about it, it seems that there is no.

But the action is almost the same. Why do you have to make such an indifferent attitude after you succeed? Moreover, now it is not a success, right?

She gave him a sly look: “You can pretend.”

After a small meeting in the Cold War, they screamed at each other, and the original singularity gradually faded.

After all, it’s finally a step closer, isn’t it?

At the very least, it is already natural to make a joke.

“I am serious.” Zhuge Yue suddenly said very seriously: “Less in Li Ce, mixed with the national affairs of Sui and Tang, I found that this woman is too much love for nosy.”

busy body?

Chu Qiao looked at him, very unhappy said: “I just wanted to give him a wake up.”

“What about now? What are you doing?”

Chu Qiao angered: “Don’t you go? I will say goodbye to him.”

it’s time to go? Where are you going?

Zhuge Yue’s mood suddenly became a lot better. He unconsciously cleared his throat and said: “If you pay attention to it anyway, Li Ce’s mixed ball is not a good thing.”

Chu Qiao shook his head and said with emotion: “The so-called bridge is over the river. I am afraid that you are such a person.”

“what did you say?”

Zhuge Yue really wants to be angry and angry. Chu Qiao raised his hand and said that he did not want to be like him: “You still have to leave, it will be dark in a while, you will leave if you don’t leave.” ”

Zhuge smashed for a long time, suddenly took out a white jade bell from his arms, and it looked plain and plain. He said to her mouth: “The song you sang last night, sing it again.”

Chu Qiao asked, “Why?”

Zhuge’s face suddenly became red, and he was very cute. He frowned. “Why are there so many reasons, let you sing and sing.”


“Singing also needs a mood. I am in a bad mood now, I don’t want to sing.”

Zhuge Yue glared at her with the murderous eyes that she had practiced for many years. She has not looked away for a long time.

Chu Qiao was somewhat guilty of his ignorance and said softly: “So many people watched it, I sang, they all listened, I still can’t be a man.”

Reluctantly accepted her explanation, Zhuge said: “Then you say something to it.”

“Say what?”

The man almost gnashed his teeth and said: “Whatever!”

Chu Qiao immediately shouted at the bell: “Zhuge is a bastard!”

The sound is loud, and even the following followers are the focus.

Zhuge was furious and turned around and left. Chu Qiao saw a big joke, and quickly caught up with the previous step, grabbed his hand and said to the little bell: “Remember, I am waiting for you.”

Just a word, he lowered the man’s anger. In fact, he is really a very good person.

“What is this?”

Chu Qiao Nai touched two times, only felt like stone is not stone, like jade non-jade, workmanship and fine, with bells as the shape, but inside is nine twists and turns, like human ears.

Zhuge Yue did not pay attention to her, just said: “Go ahead, grind.”

He still has reason?

The two went to the team and finally they were about to leave. Chu Qiao couldn’t help but be very serious: “Be careful.”

Zhuge Yuelooks like a very calm and slightly swinging hand, very calmly on the horse, looks lonely and proud, indifferent as water, a pair of high-looking appearance: “Remember what I said.”

After all, it was a big card that grew up in a crowd of guards.

The figure gradually went away, and Chu Qiao still stood still and did not react.

Jingjing came forward and looked obsessed. He murmured: “Sister, brother-in-law is so cold.”

Dorje frowned, and he didn’t like to listen. He said: “Jingjing, don’t talk.”

” Just say it!”

Jingjing looked back at him and screamed at the same time: “You are mad at you!”

“Duoji, do you know what this is?” Chu Qiao frowned and asked, describing the appearance of Zhuge’s little bell.

Duoji frowned slightly and meditated for a long while, saying: “Miss, if you are not mistaken, it should be the legendary bell. The ancient book records that it is one of the three treasures of the southwestern language family. The wind language tribe is exquisite in craftsmanship and proficient in mechanical secrets. This is known as the eighth generation of the wind language family. It is said that as long as you speak loudly at the bell, the sound will be preserved by the bell, once it is blown by the wind. The sound will be repeated, and the tone will not change. The wind language family has always been secretive. For many years, no one has heard of their news. The bell has long been lost. Where is the lady? Can you hear the bell when you arrive at this bell?”

Chu Qiao stunned slightly, and the horseshoe in the distance had already disappeared, leaving only one line of dust flying above the plank road.

“I know the bell?”

Zhuge abandoned the car and rode, and now he is close to the border of the Great Summer. The people who meet are in front, and they are no longer careful to hide.

The weather was warm and there was no wind, but the horse ran up, and there was a breeze blowing over the bell that was on his neck.

“Remember, I am waiting for you.”

The woman’s low whispered gentle and lingering, gently screaming in her ear, like a clear lake, quietly holding the dust like smoke. His mouth couldn’t help but gently swell, but the smile didn’t slip to the bottom of his eye, and another sound suddenly screamed:

Zhuge is a bastard!

The sound was so big, all the guards who were rushing to the horses were all shocked, and the horrified stop Malay Qiqi looked at him with confusion.

Zhuge’s face, how ugly it is, how ugly it is.

On the eastward ramp, among the Qingbu carriages, Chu Qiao is still working hard to meditate:

“Isn’t that like a tape recorder?”

“Sister, what is the recorder?”

Jingjing came together and asked with a squint. Since I saw Zhuge, the little girl was in a good mood, and the relationship with Chu Qiao immediately returned to her intimacy.

Chu Qiao heard the words, very warmly explained to her: “This recorder…”

Mei Xiang sat at the other end of the carriage and looked at Chu Qiao, who was explaining the principle of the recorder to Jing Jing, and could not help but smile.

In fact, many times in life, this is the case. Authors are fascinated, bystanders are clear, many things are not as complicated as imagined, just because of some obsessions in the heart, and stubbornly sticking to it, wasting a good time, even if it is a smart person, as long as things are It happens to you, and it will be awkward.

Sometimes, as long as you step out and everything in the future, there will be earth-shaking changes.

“The road has not gone to the end, maybe there will be other changes, are you afraid?”

The wind blew through the clear water of the secluded pool and set a shallow ripple.

Her head leaned gently against his shoulder, and Du Ruo’s fragrance slowly floated. Her voice was low, like breaking through all the hesitant obstacles in her heart, and gradually condensed into three short words: “I Not afraid.”

He smiled softly, reached for her waist, and sat down until dawn.

**** came without warning, like a pot of cold water, was suddenly heated to the point of hot, the people in the water have not reacted, they have been cooked.

When I went to Surabaya, the war had expanded. After a few rides, the city was destroyed and the home was burned. The former Woye Liangtian turned into decaying black ash, and the brocade was floating in the muddy yellow soup, along the road. It can be seen that the people of Limin who died in the chaos of the war, the prosperous era was completely destroyed, and the flesh and blood rusted in the summer night.

Luo King started his army in Meishan, and the people who did not want to become chaotic thieves came to the east with their mouths. However, when they arrived at Lishui, they discovered that the leader of the Shushuiguan was Luo Su’s partial brother Xu Su. The waterway ferry in the east was firmly blocked. The Sui and Tang sergeants in the west of Lishuiguan could not be seen at the head and tail. In the first battle of Hongcheng, they lost to LuoKing, and the half of the Sui and Tang dynasties were swaying.

The journey of Chu Qiao and others was delayed, and the war was imminent. Even with her power, it is difficult to compete with such a situation.

The drowning generation, the people gathered, when the midsummer, the disease is popular, not half a month, the city began to popularize the plague. The large wealthy households all closed their doors and sent a large number of guards to guard the patrols. The hotel wine cellar was closed down, and you could not buy a grain of rice. Chu Qiao and others had to go to the suburbs. Fortunately, they had prepared for the long journey and the food tents were ready.

Day by day, all kinds of gossips came one after another, that is, Dorje Ping An and others ventured into the city to inquire, and they could not find any useful information.

There are rumors, and some say that Li Ce has reorganized 800,000 iron riding fines in the East, and is coming to the water. It is also said that Luo King had been playing the Nanhua Army in Junshan a few days ago. Jiang, Zhejiang, Philadelphia, NanKing, Rest County, and Xizhao Mountain fell successively. The Imperial Army died and injured most of the time. The rest surrendered, and there were no more than five days. The army of Luo King will be stationed in Surabaya. Others said that the large southwestern households donated money to donate food, responded to the LuoKing uprising, and played the banner of faint ignorance, sent family members to the Meishan army, and the number of LuoKing troops was almost one million. It is even more ridiculous to say that Li Ce was not in Tangjing at the moment, but with the harem, he hid into the territory of Da Xia, and the East China Sea Huai Song was helping him build a sea boat, he would flee to the sea.

The generation of people in Surabaya is stunned. Although the rumors are not entirely true, the army of Luo King is still close to Lishui one day.

Because there have been fewer and fewer refugees in recent days, this shows that the encirclement of Luo King is getting closer and closer, and he will join the army of Surabaya.

After another seven days, Luo King’s army finally drove to Qibaipo, which was more than 80 miles away from Surabaya. However, it unexpectedly stopped and did not make a meeting with General Xu Su’s general. The move, while drowning, did not have a clear statement to be loyal to Luo King.

The war was suddenly glued up.

At this time, the Imperial Xishujun was aware of the unusual events. General Xu Su was the general of the empire. He had followed Murong’s general in his early years. If he would stick to the righteousness and stand on the side of Li Ce, then the Sui and Tang dynasties would win. .

In this way, after watching the four days, the leader of the West Shu army, Lu Bing, rushed to the chess cypress slope with the 30,000 soldiers and horses, and a fierce battle with the Luo King army. Although the war was fierce, the Xishuo army suffered heavy casualties, but they bravely broke away the defense line of Luo King and rushed to the general of Xu Su, who was in Surabaya. It was self-evident that it was to defend the Sui and Tang Dynasties with the Lishui army. The emperor.

However, at this time, the drowning massacre that shocked the entire Ximeng continent did not begin with any warning.

Xu Su killed the 13,000 soldiers under Lu Bingkuan overnight, and the blood stained the Lishui River. Even in the lower reaches of the 30-mile, the red river can still be seen, and the dead bodies are almost formed. A large levee.

The drowning generation of the eagle circling all day long, and in the night, it was a fierce humming and whistling sound, and the fierce bird beast biting the rancid body, like a terrible nightmare.

After three days, I finally believed that Xu Su’s sincere sincerity, Luo King, took the 150,000 army into the Lishui camp. And on the second day, in the support of the military, Huang Pao added, worshipped the ancestors, and ascended the throne, the emblem Jing Heng.

Two days later, the Meishan Army’s 200,000 rushed to Surabaya, and with the 180,000 garrison of Xu Su’s Xu Su, the strength of Luo King had already reached 600,000.

In this regard, the Sui and Tang Dynasties appeared a funny situation in which the two emperors juxtaposed and ruled.

Ten days later, it seems that Li Ting, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty, who finally couldn’t stand such a disgraceful humiliation, finally issued a lawsuit, and his words were fierce. He personally took the lead and led the Central Army 90,000, the Southeast Army 110,000, and the Wolf Soldier 200,000. Take the trend of Mount Tai and rush to Surabaya.



The war is on the verge.

On the early ninth of August, Luo King ascended the ancestor to the balcony, burned the incense banner, and then, with his army, there were 150,000 Meishan troops crossing the river, leaving 50,000 Meishan Army and Xu Suzhen guarding the water. However, Li Ce’s army was slow to squash in the big camp and did not dare to fight. For five days, there were only a few battles of hundreds of people. It was said that the army was fighting, but it was better to say that the people were in groups. For a time, the name of Li Ce was in Sui and Tang Dynasties. The earth is a laughing stock. The Tang Emperor was afraid of Luo King, and the turtles were afraid to play in the camp. The world of communication is well known.

However, just when everyone thought that Li Ce was about to lose his way, Chu Qiao suddenly told Mei Xiang to pack up and prepare to go to Beijing.

Mei Xiang did not understand what it was, and asked bluntly.

Chu Qiao looked at the Xu Su camp in the east, his eyes became a little blurred. She remembered the night when the Xi Shujun was massacred on the same day. The screams rang out in the ear, all night long.

“This battle is coming to an end.”

On August 17th, the Da Tang army finally swept away the previous suffocation, and the army was dispatched to fight the battle between Hu Linlin and Luo King.

The soldiers fought bravely and the war lasted for one day and one night. No one had any concessions. They all know that this is a battle for imperial power. The winner will definitely be Jinyu, and the future will be beautiful, while the losing party will have to copy the door and not leave it.

At the crucial moment of the campaign, General Xu Su suddenly appeared on the battlefield.

Luo King’s army was thunderous, but before their laughter disappeared, Xu Su’s army suddenly held a sabre to the rear of the Luo’s army.

On August 20th, Luo King defeated and killed more than 40,000 people. The rest fell.

Under the guard of two thousand iron and blood guards, Luo King fled to Surabaya, but found that the 50,000 soldiers who had been under the army had all died. Surabaya soup, no boat to cross. Luo King has no way to go, and when he sighs on the bank of the Lishui River, he does not follow me.

At this point, this 11-day-old Jing Heng Emperor suddenly left the history book of Sui and Tang Dynasties, and everything disappeared invisible, as if he had never appeared before.

On August 21st, the Emperor’s army chased and killed the LuoKing Yu party, killing more than 300 southwestern ethnic groups all the way, the women were filled as bureaucrats, and the men who were long over the whip were beheaded. Almost overnight, the entire southwestern clan was uprooted, and the hurricane passed by, and it was sorrowful.

On August 27th, the Tang Emperor’s class returned to the DPRK. General Xu Su, who made great contributions to this rebellion, continued to lead the troops to destroy the rebels. The blood was centered on the southwestern Meishan Mountain, and all the way through the entire Sui and Tang Dynasties. land.

On the fourth day of September, the Emperor issued a will to divide the materials collected from the southwestern clan by half, and distribute them equally to the various provinces and counties that were persecuted during the war, and reduced the five-year tax in the southwest. The place is recuperating. For a time, Li Ce’s reputation climbed to the apex. The people who lost their homes in the war and lost their loved ones suddenly knew that they could still live. They were all grateful for their glory and thanked the emperor’s grace.

On the early ninth of September, Chu Qiao took the road with Ping An Duoji and others, and took a boat ride over Lishui to Tangjing.

The Sui and Tang Dynasties are still Sui and Tang Dynasties. The sky is blue and white, and the smoke is still the same. Only those soldiers who have died on the battlefield can no longer see it.

On September 15th, the round of the moon outside the window was like a good jade plate. Between the phoenix trees outside the temple, there are countless streams of fireflies, sparkling with a slight blue light, gently circling back and forth.

The entire palace was cold and quiet, and the white cockroaches hung up and down, and the pale white candles replaced the past lanterns and gave a radiance of fullness.

She walked behind the guards and walked slowly. Jinwu Palace was still so big, but lost the songs of the songs and the waist of the jade. The palace suddenly disappeared. It is.

The arrow on the cuffs rubbed against the plackets on both sides, making a creaking sound. The night was too quiet. The crow flew over the top of the head and looked up, but only the town beasts lying on the high eaves. The twilight of the sky is like a mist, and the gloomy pines and cypresses burn the incense. Chu Qiao looks down and faintly hears the scriptures sung by the monks, as if they are coming from the other side of the sky, making people feel empty.

There was no change in the 宓荷居, the phoenix tree was continuous, the lotus pond was in the night, and the humming sounded a long sound. The faint moonlight passed through the white cotton window paper, but the few windows in the west were big, the humid wind was blowing in from the outside, with the damp water vapor, and the blue and white bills of the temple were fluttering. Only the dilapidated wind chime hangs in front of the window, and the sound of the bell ringing from time to time is still crisp, like the sound of ice-breaking songs.

Li Ce was sitting between the blue and white tabards, one ebony, two small futons, one green jade pot, and two white wines.

The gauze yarn danced with the wind, sweeping through the empty and silent hall from time to time, Li Cewu was scattered, a dark purple robes, embroidered with blue-green moiré, circling, layered, with royal unique The stitches are finely sewed, and the surface is like white jade, which sits in the moonlight and sits quietly like a still picture.

Chu Qiao stood at the door and held the green pillar with his hand. For a time, he did not know how to go forward.

The night wind blew the gauze, and Li Ce turned his head in the moonlight. His face was sloppy and his eyes were slightly lifted. He was still the smirk of the fox, and smiled softly at her: “You are here.”

The sound was very calm, but Chu Jiao was sore in her heart. She looked at him. She only thought that he was still the way he left, hippie smile, stubborn and messy, but he could see everything thoroughly.

The years are rushing away, so many things happen one after another, and it is almost time for her to return to God. She looks at him at this moment, and she feels a little strange, but she has some distressed.

Going forward, kneeling beside Li Ce, clenching his mouth and his eyes sore.

Li Ce smiled and rubbed her hair, still as usual, deliberately messed up her neat hair, and said with a smile: “What are you crying? I am not dead yet.”

The more he smiled like this, the more Chu Zhi felt sad, and she gave herself a smile and nodded her head and said, “Nothing is fine.”

The window was opened for a long while, and the last pool of clear water was hidden from the window.

Li Ce bowed his head and quietly groped for the complicated pattern on the wine cellar.

“He is a chaotic thief, can not enter the Imperial Tomb, I buried him on the Luofu Mountain.”

A breeze blew in, and the wind chimes on the window made a series of sounds. Looking up, I saw that the bell was carved with dense and delicate patterns, and the corners were decorated with hollow acacia flowers, depicting fine gold powder, even Years of wind and sun, the color is still bright.

Li Ce drank a shallow drink, his eyes were calm, and the tone was calm and faint: “Fuer is also buried there.”

He looked up, his mouth was light, his face was fascinating, his eyes were slightly bright with morning light.

“Life can’t be born, die in the same hole, and don’t blame him for finally fighting this water.”

After all, the hall was quiet, and Chu Qiao sat next to Li Ce, quietly accompanying him with a glass of drinking. She didn’t sit in the opposite position because she knew that it was not for her.

Lonely, he is waiting for someone who will never come again.

“I know he will be counter.”

Li Ce said from his own voice, Chu Qiao did not say anything, she knew that he does not need someone to answer now, all he needs is a quiet listener.

“I have been waiting for him for many years, but I also have a little hope. I hope he will not want to go against it.”

Li Ce laughed at himself and leaned down to drink a glass of water. He turned his head and smiled at Chu Qiao: “Do you know that Li Luo has not been smart since he was a child, and his military martial arts are not as good as me. Only poetry is better than me. When he was a child, he said that he hopes to grow up to be a scholar of the World Expo, find a beautiful place to open a house, and compile a most detailed history book of Ximeng.”

His eyebrows were slightly curled, and the moonlight leaked from the plain panes and sprinkled on his handsome cheek. He said quietly: “In fact, he didn’t know, I was on the day of the throne.” Since then, he has established a history museum for him in Anqing. Unfortunately, after Fuer’s death, he has no chance to tell him.”

His brows suddenly wrinkled, his voice was a little bit of dark hatred, so hard to squeeze out a few words from his teeth:

“You said that he must be countered?”

The wine cellar broke into two halves, sharp jade pierced into his tiger’s mouth, and the bright red blood spattered out like a blossoming sea otter.

Chu Qiao suddenly remembered that many years ago, under the palace, under the autumn night Wutong, a man in a green shirt stood there quietly, his eyes softly said to her: “I am Luo King.”

Vaguely, in the corner covered by dust, the wind gently blows the waves of the years. The time goes back many years and many years ago, three young children have been playing and running on this empty hall. Their Laughter is like the smoke of June, blowing through the thick fog of this cold and quiet palace, blowing through the speculative dark house of the emperor.

“Fuer, I said that I am a wife today, I was the day before yesterday. It is my turn today.”

“I do not want!”

“Why? You don’t count!”

“I don’t want it!”

“Hey, I told my father, I will take you through the door now.”

“I don’t want me not to want me not!”

“Ah! Dead girl, how do you bite?”

“Well, you two don’t bother, you should go to the study to go to class.”

“Luo Ge, the prince bullied me.”

“What brother? To call the uncle! Uncle, Fuer is sick, biting people, I have to go to the medical center to find a doctor, I can’t go to class today.”

The night is as cool as water, and the glitz and light shadows of the past are gradually dissipating, leaving only a shallow clear glow, cold moon like frost, flat ground picking up cold materials, such a hot summer, the skin stirs up a thin numbness, smooth Climbing up the back, after all, squatting in my mind, spreading a piece of extravagance.


Li Ce drank more wine, and his back was thin, and he walked out of the door of the house.

He seems to be thin, a little disappeared in the moonlight of the phoenix tree, Chu Qiao stood in front of the window, watching him gradually leave, only feel empty, like a broken ice lake.

The battle for imperial power has always been cruel and bloody. It is not that you die, but that I am dead.

Just like between Yanbei and Da Xia, it is impossible to reconcile.

She suddenly remembered Yan Xun and remembered his feelings when he killed Mr. Wu and others.

Maybe the situation is a little different, but it is all a power struggle. Today, Li Ce will be saddened by the death of Luo King. Then the Yan Xun at this moment can regret the work of the day.

The desperate roar before the death and the last scream of the Xishuo army on the banks of the Lishui River blended together, like a sharp roar, in the minds of the river.

The building of power rises up a little bit. After all, only one person can embark on it. Before that, there must be thousands of people falling down and building the cornerstone of progress.

There are a few drops of faint water stains on the ebony, and there is no wine. Under the moonlight, the glittering color is shining.

“There is a wind chime there, and it is covered by dust. If the girl has time, let the palace people clean it. The autumn wind is cool and the ringing is crisp, it is very sweet.”

A light voice rang in my mind.

Chu Qiao walked slowly, reaching out and gently touching the wind chimes. Just listening to the bang, the wire hanging from the wind chime suddenly broke, the whole wind chime suddenly fell, and then fell into the Taiqing pool below, pulled out a white splash, and a circle of rolling cymbals.

On August 20, 70, the Luoshan Li Luobing of Meishan was defeated in Lishui. On September 11 of the same year, Li Luo’s three sons and two women were sinned in the Meishan Mountain, and the twenty-one powerful generals suffered from the shackles. The general, Xu Su, personally monitored, after a paper order was thrown away, it was dozens of ghosts without the Lord.

On that day, Mei Xiang came in from outside the temple, and there were a few white petals on her body, and her look was slightly guilty. Qiu Sui called her a few times, she only reacted, and said, “I just heard that Luo’s side was found by Xu.”

Xu? Xu Su’s sister Xu Yining?

Qiu Sui quickly patted his chest and said: “I can find it. I heard that General Xu Suda lost his father and his mother when he was a child. Only such a younger sister is very dependent on this sister. Now he has made such a great contribution to his majesty. If Miss Xu is miserable, it would be a pity.”

Mei Xiang slightly frowned, and the look was like a layer of faint green smoke. The arm-like thick high-backed candle glowed brightly, and her face was pale. She lowered her voice like a gale. The chicks of the weather, the voice is sharp and low: “I heard that it was found on Luofu Mountain, and it was hung on the dead tree of Luofu Mountain. Both legs were smashed by the wild wolf.”

Qiu Sui listened to the scream of “ah” and it was white when his face was stunned.

Chu Qiao’s heart suddenly cooled, and a chill of cold rushed from the bottom of his heart, like a white cigarette in the incense burner, swirling and swaying.

The moonlight is cold, and the song and dance in the far-flung Temple of the Soul is starting again. Mrs. Ziwei is now a soft-skinned woman. She became the most powerful woman in the ranks of Li Ce. She was diagnosed pregnant in the hospital a few days ago. In two days, she will go to the palace to raise her baby.

This long night, but in the middle of it, it is still dead. It is so long.

In this way, it took another half a month. After the summer and autumn, after a few cool showers, the air became cold and humid. Xiahe is falling, and there is a black lotus leaf on the Taiqing Pool. Nowadays, there is no one in Jinyu Palace that has the heart of the hot spring period.

The southwest experienced great chaos, and the school town was close to Meishan. The student inn that Chu Qiao carefully managed was also destroyed in the flames of war. Mei Xiang Jing Jing and others couldn’t help but feel a little bit sad. Li Ce said that she could rebuild her, but Chu Qiao lost her interest. After all, this Ximeng, she will not live longer.

Chu Qiao lived in Jinwu Palace in this way. One day, watching the sleek windows of the day, waiting for another day.

She rarely saw Li Ce. After Luo King’s case, although the military strength of the Sui and Tang Dynasties was lost, the southwestern clan was eliminated, but the national treasury was full and prosperous. Li Ce seems to have turned a temper, and has become very busy, even the song and dance of the harem, it has not been heard for a long time.

Autumn is bleak, light and shadow are floating, and it is quietly gone in two months. Chu Qiao got up early in the morning and pushed open the window. I saw a thin snow outside. Some sycamore trees outside the window were covered with a layer of white trees. I lived in the school. I have never seen snow in a long time. Mei Xiang and others have seen it. They are very happy, Jingjing is going out to play with a group of small palace ladies, wearing a red satin cloak, looks cute and lovely.

Zhuge’s letter has arrived again. Over the past few months, due to the influence of the Sui and Tang dynasties, Li Ce’s pressure on the Da Xia border has been greatly reduced, giving Zhao Wei a breather. Last month, Zhao Yu excused himself to drive the South Army to quietly stationed in the West Camp in the 30 miles outside the city. At that time, the northern Hudi happened to have encountered a snowstorm. Zhao Che went to Beihu, not in Kyoto. Zhuge took the opportunity to take 5,000 Qinghai escorts to the West Camp. He and Zhao Wei held more than three hours, if not Wei Shu Yearrived in time, it is very likely that there will be a big mess.

However, when he wrote the letter, he did not mention it at all. Chu Qiao learned this from the mouth of the guardian. He remembered the danger of holding 30,000 troops to the 30,000-strong army. She only felt that the back of the ridge was cold and gave birth to a fine The sweat came.

Xia Huang is not much time, and has not been in the DPRK for more than two months. The dispute over the imperial power of Da Xia has intensified. If he is not careful, there is danger of ruin. When Chu Qiao has nothing to do, he will go to the Buddhist temple and copy two volumes of peace through the Lancang Sutra. One can kill time and pass the time. Secondly, it also shows peace of mind, three, but because there is The person who wants to bless.

On the temple, on the sandalwood, through the smog of smoke, watching the solemn Buddha statue of Chu, Chu Qiao suddenly remembered the Queen of the Tang Dynasty with only one side. In the afternoon of that day, she woke up in her sleep. The gentle woman looked at her quietly. She quietly told her to ask her to persuade Li Ce, not to dismantle this temple for the Buddha.

At that time, Li Ce was still a big brother of the Tang Dynasty. Today, it is already the birth of the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty.

Qiu Sui is now the aunt of the squatting house. The little girl grew up in the palace since childhood. The ear is clear, the leaves are clear, and the time is doubtful. I look at Chu Qiao, frowning and whispering: “I have seen this time. Girl, I feel that the girl has more than the last time.”

Chu Qiao raised his eyebrows and asked, “Oh? What more?”

Qiu Sui smiled gently, holding the horn comb from top to bottom through Chu Qiaowu’s hair, quietly said: “The last girl returned from Yanbei, the whole person is like the end of summer, but now, it is winter. It is.”

“is it?”

Chu Qiao sideways, sallow fingers crossed the thick hair, the face of the mirror is like a lake in the cold winter, the color of the eyes is no longer, as if the past ten years, but a water moon mirror. Today, she lives in the Jinwu Palace, waiting for her heart, the years like water, after all, gave her a few peaceful times.

At the end of the year, she met He Xiao.

The winter breeze was sturdy. She wore a silver tipped cloak, and Mei Xiang passed through the Baizhe Pavilion of Shanglin Garden. She happened to meet He Xiao, who had just come out of Yixin Temple.

He is now the commander of the military unit of the Sui Tang Nanying, and the official residence of the three products, quite worthy of the weight of Li Ce. This is the harem, and it is also frequent.

Since Chu Qiao did not say goodbye, they were reunited for the first time. After they met, they were a bit embarrassed. He Xiao’s lips squirmed for a moment, and seemed to want to call an adult. After all, the words were still condensed on the lips, and the voice was low and shouted: “Chu girl.”

Retreating to the next person, only took Mei Xiang and went to Baizhe Pavilion.

He Xiao wore a navy blue suit, calm and handsome, and his face was trained to experience the hardships.

Mei Xiang stood outside the pavilion, and started the wind, blowing Chu Qiao’s cloak hem, fluttering, like a smoky smoke. She hasn’t spoken for a long time, but she is standing against the wind. The pavilion is very tall. Below is the water outlet of Taiqingchi. It has also been repaired into a living water. The water is flowing and squeaking. He Xiao’s voice rang in the back, quiet, and not shocked.

“The wind is big here, the girl is weak, or go back earlier.”

“The wind in Yanbei is not bigger?”

Chu Qiao looked back, his face was very calm, and his eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of light, which made people unable to see through.

“He Xiao, are you blaming me?”

He Xiaohang first said: “I don’t dare to belong.”

“You dare not dare, it is strange.” Chu Qiao bitterly smiled, smiles slipped through the corners of his mouth, and disappeared instantly: “Whether you believe it or not, you and I have been fighting side by side for many years, I always regard you as my best friend. I left, not to abandon you.”

“I know.”

He Xiao suddenly looked up and his eyes were as calm as ever. It was not as good as the prestige on the battlefield. He said quietly: “I have never blamed you. You just thought for us and arranged the best way for us.” These, I know all.”

This is the first time that He Xiao has been accommodating to you and Chu, and his eyes are quietly watching her. He said slowly: “In these years, I have been watching you step by step, the pain in your heart. I understand all. I sometimes think, maybe I was selfish at the beginning, and if I could figure it out, I would never let the situation force you to such a situation. Even if the southwestern town government made it a bandit and was annihilated, You shouldn’t let you take on this responsibility, fight against Yan King, and you will go to the field today.”

Chu Qiao shook his head. She wanted to say that she and Yan Xun had an irreconcilable contradiction. Even if there is no southwestern town government, there will be other reasons. The problem will sooner or later, but it will be delayed. The problem is gone.


He Xiao did not wait for her to finish, and said: “After all, you are just a young woman, but we were neglected at the time.”

He looked up and smiled very gently. Like an elder who looked at his descendants, he quietly said: “Your Majesty said that only when you completely forgotten the past can you get true peace. I will no longer call you an adult. It’s not grievances, but hope that you can let go of your burdens and live for yourself.”

The dew that was deposited on the leaves fell down and splashed on Chu Qiao’s soft white embroidered shoes. Her eyebrows were gently picked up, and a touch of emotion rose from the heart, so sour.

“Since the Sui and Tang Dynasties are warm, but now the climate is cold, the girl will go back earlier.”

After all, he let the body go to let Chu Qiao leave, Chu Qiao suddenly cried: “He brother.”

He Xiao looked at the whole person and looked up at her fiercely.

Chu Qiao quietly said: “You and I have been with each other for many years, and have died together with each other. You are like me, like a comrade-in-arms, more like a loved one.”

Xiao Xiao’s wind passed through the forest, and He Xiao’s eyes shook a little. For a long time, he still kept that position and quietly stepped back. He said, “I’m going to the southwest to go to work. Maybe, I’ve never had a chance to meet again. “”

He really knows it.

Chu Qiao’s fingertips were slightly cold, and he looked at He Xiao’s figure, only feeling a trace of sorrow and sorrow in his throat. She nodded quietly and said, “You take care,” turned and walked down the pavilion.

Just a few steps away, I heard a voice quietly behind me: “Little Joe, take care all the way.”

She suddenly looked back, but he saw that He Xiao still stood still in that position, the wind blew through his clothes, and the blue robes had a blue-and-green moire pattern and a pale blue waist. Dilapidated, still the belt in the beautiful army of the year. He stood so quietly, not even lifting his head, as if he had not said what he said.

Chu Qiaomo set a moment, after all, turned around and walked in a direction.

After a few turns, Shanglin Garden finally disappeared again. Chu Qiao looked up and found that he had inadvertently came to Fran Mountain outside the Temple of Johor. The name of the mountain is actually just a fake stone built on the ground. The surface is all carved with white jade carvings. It looks like a fluorescent light, which is called a golden scenery of Jinwu Palace. However, Chu Qiao looked at this white rockery at the moment, but only felt the coldness of his heart filled with a trace of coldness, like a long-handed insect, and she lived in a circle.


Mei Xiang called out with some concern.

Chu Qiao did not speak, his eyes slightly solidified, and looked at the few plums on the rockery, but it seemed to penetrate there and saw it far and far.

“Miss, everyone in this world has a different mind, but you have only one heart, and you can’t care for so many people.”

Mei Xiang’s words sounded in her ears, but Chu Qiao did not seem to hear clearly. The wind was so big, she suddenly felt a little sad.

“He Tong has been following you for so many years. In time, he will understand that the world is full of feasts, and you should not be too sad.”

Chu Qiao turned his head and suddenly reached out and hugged Mei Xiang’s shoulder and said softly: “Mei Xiang, if you want to go, let him go.”

Chu Qiao clearly felt that Mei Xiang’s body suddenly slammed, and his back was straight, like a rabbit that was alarmed. After a long time, a pair of arms slowly surrounded Chu Qiao’s back, Mei Xiang’s voice quietly in Chu Qiao’s ear: “I am reluctant to congratulate, but I am more reluctant to miss.”

The afternoon sun shone on the ground, the sky was so high that there was no cloud.

“Miss is no longer worried about others. Master Zhuge is not a perfect person, but he is the only person in the world who is single-minded for the sake of the lady. For the sake of the lady, he will kill and set fire to the devil, or put down the butcher knife to become a Buddha. Such a person can no longer find a second one with a lantern.”

Mei Xiang suddenly laughed: “As for He commander, he will always look at it. Like me, this kind of thing is barely coming. Every one of us will have its own cause.”

The freedom of the blue sea and the blue sky has been prayed for many years.

She looked up and faintly seemed to see the light eyes of the man. It was expected that the wind was cold and the summer sun was over the clouds. Can he still be alright? In the blink of an eye, the New Year has been repeated. This year, it has been repeated, perhaps to dilute the atmosphere after the war. Under the strong demands of Baiguan, Li Ce ordered a vigorous feast of the spring feast, which is extremely extravagant.

On the 27th of the twelfth lunar month, Li Ce banqueted the officials at the National Hall of the People’s Republic of China. He opened a year of testimony and expressed his appreciation for the outstanding achievements of this year. He gave the honor of three officials and more officials to eat in the same hall, and personally sat down. The first thousand autumn poems, ordered the insiders to copy and give each of the courtiers a pair.

The harem is also a lantern, and the feast is from the Yixin Temple all the way to the Shangqing Palace. The lanterns are constantly changing, and the lanterns are countless. The lanterns are decorated with colored silk lamps to form auspicious patterns such as Wanshou Wujiang and Jiangshan Yonggu. They are attached to the Zhu wall and the blue tiles. , Jinxiu Huadeng, singing and dancing, a splendid color.

Li Ce came to invite her to dinner together several times, but Chu Qiao did not like the grandiose excitement, faintly evaded. In his own house, he only took a group of palace ladies to clean up and prepare for the banquet.

On the 28th of the twelfth lunar month, a Qingbu carriage drove into the main entrance of Jinwu Palace. After the notification, all the way came to the house. However, after the carriage arrived, a box of things moved down, but it sensationalized the entire harem. All the ladies and women were rushing to the hustle and bustle to find out, even some unsettled ladies, but also Baba’s arrival. It is.

Twenty carts, two hundred boxes of large and small nanmu boxes, after opening the box, everyone’s eyes suddenly brightened, full of pearls. Emerald, grandmother stone, ruby, cat’s eye, white jade, Dongzhu, Jinxiu yarn, Su embroidery satin, precious fur, antiques, calligraphy and so on, all the luxury that the world can imagine, almost gathered. Not only that, but also some of the girls like Zhu Xi, 璎珞, palace clothes, jade shoes, jewelry, everything. Top-grade flowers, complete corals of up to three feet, rare bluegrass, screens inlaid with Dongzhu, jade self-lighting that can shine in the night, and some rare objects from overseas, such as matches, telescopes, glass ornaments, simple The self-sounding bells, the dresses of the Fan women, and the precious specialties of Hu Di, all kinds of medicines that are more expensive than gold, and so on.

What is even more ridiculous is that there are still a few boxes of very rough indigenous products, which look like sweet potatoes. Chu Qiao took a long time to study and realized that this is the Qinghai melon that he wrote to himself. The nose smelled a little, and there was a hint of aroma. My heart suddenly rose to the sweetness of the moon. I only thought that all the beads and jade together were not as good as these ugly melons.

Presumably, the locals have heard that Qinghai King wants this thing to do their best, not only is it very big, but also a red line is attached to each of the melons, which is wrapped in red and looks like a singularity.

A small letterhead was placed in the melon, and she picked it up, and the white fingers opened the gold thread, and I saw a large piece of paper written in the very thin and flying words.

He always does this. Even writing a letter is an awkward tone. From the weather to politics to the development of the local economy, I will talk about the cordial meeting of the two heads of state. Only at the end of the day, I will be careful to remind you: Portal, watch the windows and doors before going to bed, and guard against villains.

On one occasion, Li Ce saw the half-death of Zhuge’s letter of loyalty, and said that Zhuge was a veritable villain, and he was actually hurting others. Chu Qiao looked at the man who secretly dismantled other people’s letters but was very arrogant. He only thought that the two of them were not empty.

Today’s letterhead is not very long. After a brief beginning, the pen and ink seems to be a lot stronger. I think that the person is meditation for a long time, the ink is dry, and it is written again:

“There is something ridden, you can’t spend a spring banquet with you, and you will fulfill your promise next spring, waiting for me.”

Surrounded by a sigh of exclamation, Chu Qiao held a thin letterhead, but only felt calm and gentle around, the wind was silent, the screaming and screaming, the flowers and leaves were green, even though the winter was cold, the heart was still in the spring. Jing Ming.

On the evening of the same day, Chu Qiao and Mei Xiang, Jing Jing, Duo Ji, Ping An and Qiu Sui, and a number of palace ladies, Li Juli, Chu Qiao personally cook, although the cooking is general, but the modern cooking method will still be a guy Awkward. At the beginning, everyone was still somewhat restrained, and gradually let go. There are few men in this palace. Duoji Qingjun is gentle, but peace is a fangs. He keeps telling jokes for everyone, and he will make a lot of laughter. laugh.

At midnight, the fireworks suddenly appeared outside. Chu Qiao and the palace people ran to the courtyard, standing under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree and looking up at the sky, watching the silver flowers of the fire, the bright colors on the face, is a flying look.

Jingjing and Pingan people put the firecrackers with the little baboons, and the sound of the cymbals sounded on the ear side. Chu Qiao squinted at the ears and was crowded in the center. His face was red and he was wearing a furry new folder, like a Not growing up.

How many years have come here, this is the most happy New Year she has ever had.

Even though the people at the bottom of my heart are not around, the years are still quiet.

Outside is still a laughter, Chu Qiao squatting in front of the case, a few strokes, is the two vivid cartoon characters of the Q version, a small body with a big head, a smart and delicate, a serious awkward, two small Standing on the high hillside and staring at the front, there are a few silly cutes in front of them. In front of them, there is a vast grassland, cattle and sheep in groups, far away, and large movies. Green sea water.

She wrote two words at the end of the letterhead with a very serious handwriting: waiting for you.

No longer embarrassed, no longer inquiring about the inquiry, she thought, she must be completely selfish, and she must be serious and willful once again, but also believe once.


Putting down the letter, she ran out of the cloak and went out to find Meixiang. Who knows that she just walked out of the hall and took a white petal and looked like a full snow, spilling it on her body.

The crowd laughed in unison, and the sound penetrated the fire tree of the Jinwu Palace, and the smoke of the fluttering air spread. The winter of the Sui and Tang Dynasties is always very short, and it is March in a blink of an eye.

A few days ago, Huai Song came to the news that the Prince of the Song Dynasty, Jinjiang King, had a different body in the Song Dynasty. He led a part of the officials who supported him to ask the Tai Hospital to announce the physical condition of the emperor, but was rejected by Nalan Hongye, causing a mess. .

When Li Ce talked about this matter, he frowned slightly and said: “If it’s okay, why not plug those people’s mouths?”

Chu Qiao did not talk, she vaguely guessed something, presumably not only her, I am afraid that there are countless pairs of eyes on the bottom of the sky, and the woman who has propped up the Nalan’s building for many years At this moment, how should we deal with the dark arrows in the dark?

She couldn’t help but think of the slightly scrawled letter that she saw in Yanbei many years ago:

“There are branches of wood and eucalyptus, and I don’t know if I am happy.”

Even though the appearance looks tough as iron, after all, when there are injuries and sadness, who can always be as firm as ever?

On the early ninth of March, Li Ce’s second son, Li Qiao’an, died of typhoid fever, only three years old. Knowing this news, Li Ce was inspecting the dam in Xianghu and rushed back, but only had time to see the child’s body.

Li Ce now has two sons and one daughter. The eldest son is six years old and the daughter is four years old. The child who died is the son of Mrs. Nan Yun. After the child’s death, Mrs. Nan Yun’s sadness can’t afford to be sick. After three days, she will be left behind.

After all, the child was still small and could not enter the shackles. He only cremated in Nantian Temple and converge in the temple.

That night, Li Ce drank too much alcohol. Chu Qiao was the first to see Li Ce drunk. In the past, no matter when it was, he seemed to be awake, even if the road could not go, his eyes were still clear.

That night, he grabbed Chu Qiao’s hand and repeatedly asked: Is it too deep? Am I too devastating?

His strength is too great, Chu Qiao’s wrist is aching, the hall is very quiet, the cold wind is blowing in, the dust is rising, the frog is lingering in the willow, but it is more quiet, the copper crane top On the candlestick, a red drop of red candle tears, like a woman’s tears rolling over the rouge of the rouge, quietly low and silent.

On the second day, Li Ce chased Mrs. Nan Yun as Yunxiao and entered the Imperial Tomb, so that her family and fathers could enjoy mourning.

In the blink of an eye, in May, Mrs. Ziyi, who went to Huangzhuang’s fetus, returned to the palace to give birth to a son. Daqing, Li Ceci’s child named Qingrong, and the title of the title, Feng RongKing, and Mrs. The head of the three scorpions, the title of the noble.

The palace ladies in the palace are talking about the noble lady in private, saying that she had a son so short when she entered the palace, and she climbed to the throne, and she was just around the corner.

However, some people say that she was born in the cold, the family has already fallen, her father is still a sinner, even if the brother is now gradually showing the edge in the hall, but in the end it is inconvenient to reach the high position. Without family support, it is difficult to make achievements.

For the courts of Li Ce, Chu Qiao did not want to inquire, and he paid little attention to it on weekdays. Suddenly remembered something, asked Qiu Sui: “Why didn’t you see the Empress Dowager in the royal seal?”

Qiu Sui replied: “After the death of the Emperor, the Queen Mother went to the An Yin Temple and has not returned to the palace for many years.”

Chu Qiao was so stunned that he couldn’t help but think of the life of the Queen Mother.

Just after April, the Sui and Tang dynasties are already a spring breeze. Zhuge 派 sent a pair of Hudi biplanebirds for her a few days ago. The long and very beautiful, brightly colored hairs are said to be twins. If one is dead, the other will never live alone.

Chu Qiao likes to feed himself in person every day, and renames them to be lovebirds. The female seems to have a good relationship with Chu Qiao. Gradually, even if she put out the cage, she wouldn’t fly far, just hovering in the hall, occasionally falling on Chu Qiao’s shoulder, rubbing her cheek with her neck, the male bird looked It’s always very hot, and the house is full of strange screams, and it’s so funny that everyone laughs.

Li Ce seems to like this pair of birds too, always teasing from time to time.

One night, Chu Qiao was sleeping. Suddenly, it seemed that someone was looking at her. She just opened her eyes and sat up in the darkness, and suddenly fell into a hard embrace.

The man’s breath is very familiar, breathing is a little low, and it is sprayed on her neck with a hint of alcohol. He held so tightly, like using all his strength, almost hurt her, she did not struggle, through the cold ice of the clothes, seems to be able to feel his loneliness and pain, she gently stretched Shot to pat his back.

Moonlight fans are shining on them. The men’s clothes embroidered the thin dragon lines with red lines. The silk is so thin, it seems to be melted into the heavy yellow, the vague veins, like blood seeping. Wrist.

Gradually, Li Ce let go of her, the wine was pouring up, and the breath was clear and fragrant.

Chu Qiao asked carefully: “Li Ce, do you regard me as her?”

Li Ceyi, turned his head and looked at her, raised his eyebrows slightly.

Chu Qiao suddenly had some cramps. He seemed to accidentally break the secret children. He whispered: “I heard what people said. In the past, Princess Fu had lived here.”

Li Ce was fixed to look at her, the eyes are so far-reaching, like a secluded ancient well, with a clear deep meaning, a turbid pulse. At that time, Chu Qiao, perhaps could not understand his eyes, she only felt that he was very uncomfortable to see, slightly worried.


Li Ce suddenly chuckled, then used the elongated tone to say lazily: “Fuer’s figure is much better than you.”

That night, Li Ce left the House of Li A’Fu.  He just walked out of the hall, Chu Qiao saw a few things on the light, it was Li Ce’s jade finger, she quickly ran to the window Cried: “Li Fox! Your finger!”

Li Ce looked back and smiled at her, and the smile in the moonlight was dazzling.

“Spring is worth a thousand dollars, I will come back tomorrow!”

After that, I went to the direction of the Johor Temple.

Chu Qiao held the finger and slammed the messy emperor. When he turned around, the toe accidentally kicked on a raised threshold. The cone hurt, and she frowned and sat down. I saw that a lot of blood was flowing, and the white nightdress was dyed red.

Her heart suddenly gave birth to a fluster.

About four days later, a sudden rush of footsteps came suddenly. Chu Qiao’s heart was a little uneasi, and he didn’t sleep. He sat up and got up. Just Mei Xiang and Qiu Sui rushed into the hall, and everyone looked pale, as if they were gray:

“The sire is assassinated!”


In the dark night, the white jade finger suddenly fell to the ground, but did not break, just smashed a corner, along the Guanghua floor, far away.

When I arrived at the Yixin Temple, there was a crying outside the entire hall. The entire hospital was waiting outside the palace. Several old doctors were gathered in it, and only a basin of blood was constantly being brought out. Like a sharp knife, it pierces the bone marrow deeply and hurts.

Qiu Sui said that Li Ce was stabbed at the time when he was staying at the temple. He was an elderly eunuch. He claimed that Luo Kingye was his benefactor. After he succeeded, he did not wait for the guards to ask questions.

Chu Qiao tightly held the fist. At this time, she could not enter the inner hall, and she did not even have the qualification to cry outside. She wrinkled her eyebrows with doubts. She did not say that the soft blessing hall was strictly guarded. Li Ce was a first-class guardian. How could an old eunuch of unknown origin mix into the inner hall and assassinate him? It is said that Li Ce’s own skills will never let strangers get close and feel nothing.

She looked far away and saw a small woman in front of the main hall in front of the main hall. A woman with a thin shirt was lying there alone, messing up, because she was facing her, so she could not see her face.

Qiu Sui said that it was 茗 妃 妃, and it has been there since the beginning.

At this moment, the door of the main hall suddenly opened, and Sun Di greeted him with a number of loyal courtiers. He asked nervously: “What is the injury of His Majesty?”

The head of an old doctor wiped the sweat from the forehead and said: “The life is not a problem, but you still need to rest.”

When the words came out, those who were crying at the same time, they listened to the square, and the name of the noble man was soft and fainted to the ground.

“Sun Daren, Your Majesty wants to see you.”

The old doctor said, and then he turned his eyes and saw Chu Qiao suddenly said: “There is this girl.”

For a time, all the strange eyes were all condensed. Chu Qiao took a deep breath and walked forward calmly. He greeted Sun Di and walked into the hall under the watchful eyes of everyone.

The hall is impenetrable and full of heavy medicinal taste. Sun Di advanced, and it took a long time to come out and said to Chu Qiao: “The spirit of your majesty is not good, and you can make a long story short.”


Chu Qiao nodded and went into the inner hall, passing through the layers of the man, Li Ce lying on the dragon bed that can almost be called a huge.

His temperament is really bad. Chu Qiao has never seen him like this. His face is gray, his eyes are blue, his lips are almost bloodless. He is looking at her, his eyes seem to be a bit sluggish, just in Chu Qiao. At the beginning of the panic, he suddenly showed a weird smile, and the voice was hoarse and relaxed, saying: “Scare you.”

Back in time, the years passed by, and they seemed to return to the day when they first met. The young prince was kicked down from the horse immediately, and her nose and face were swollen. Looking at her with a weird smile, like a heartless penguin.


“Li Ce -”

She shouted, and saw a deep knife across his chest. As long as he was one inch away, he could pierce the heart. She looked at him with fear. The scalp was numb and wanted to catch him. The hand, but did not dare, just repeated: “Nothing, slowly raise.”

“Original,” Li Ce said intermittently: “I originally wanted to prepare a dowry for you in the past few days. Under this time, I have to be a cheap Sun Di guy. I don’t know, I don’t know if he will be corrupt.”

Chu Qiao Qiang smiled and said softly: “You can rest assured, I will look at him.”


He seems to be very tired. He only said a few words on his face. Chu Qiao quickly said: “You should sleep first, don’t talk anymore.”

“Jojo, stay with me.”

“Good.” Chu Qiao quickly nodded: “I don’t go anywhere, I am here to accompany you.”

Li Ce slept in a deep sleep. During the period, the doctor had changed his medicine for a time. Chu Qiao saw the wound with his own eyes. The doubts about his injury were deeper, but it is not the time to deal with these things.

Three days later, Li Ce’s injury improved and his face looked good.

This morning, Chu Qiao was fanning him in the inner hall. He suddenly heard a groan from outside. She raised her eyebrows and saw Qiu Sui rushing in. She whispered to her ear and said, “The Queen Mother came back to the palace.”

Chu Qiao was shocked and quickly went out.

Not yet out of the heart, I saw the Queen of the Queen’s phoenix driving, she invited the Queen Mother, and followed all the way back to the Yixin Temple. The maid opened the curtain, and the Queen’s plain blue dress, Chu Qiao looked up and couldn’t help but be shocked, but it was not seen for a few years. The Queen Mother seemed to have changed herself, and the old one was not. Full of white hair, wrinkles deep, a pair of eyes almost recessed, red.

She just got off the car, and the tears flowed out. The sad voice said: “What about my policy? How is my strategy?”

“After the Empress Dowager, His Majesty is no problem, only need to rest.”

The Queen Mother cried with tears: “How do you serve these slaves? If the emperor has something, you will all be buried with me!”

After that, go to the Heart of the Temple.

The minions were all scared to the ground and did not dare to carry them.

No one dared to stop the Queen’s drive, Chu Qiao followed, and entered the Yixin Temple all the way. Li Ce was still asleep at this time. When he saw him in the Queen Mother, his tears fell and he trembled up and seemed to want to touch his face.

A palace lady next to the Queen Mother came to Chu Qiao and frowned. “Who are you? Why are you here? The Queen Mother will see the emperor, and other idlers will immediately avoid it.”

Mei Xiang frowned and wanted to talk. Chu Qiao stretched her sleeves and nodded. “Know it.”

After all, a few people with Mei Xiang left the Yixin Temple.

“Miss? It is the emperor who will accompany you.”

Chu Qiao sighed and said: “The mother is back, what reason do we still stay inside?”

Qiu Sui said on the side: “I didn’t expect the Queen to hurt the Emperor.”

At this time, the grandson Sun Di came from the front and saw Chu Qiao a slight glimpse, asked: “Why is the girl not in the heart of the temple?”

Mei Xiang rushed and said: “The Queen Mother came back and drove our Miss!”

“The Queen Mother?”

When Sun Di heard the words, he turned around and strode to the Yixin Temple. Shen Sheng said: “Who is coming back from the Queen? The news of the assassination of the Majesty does not know outside? How will the Queen Mother come back?”

At this moment, there was a sudden scream in the heart of the instrument, and Sun Di and Chu Qiao slammed at the same time, and suddenly opened the door of the instrument hall and rushed in together!

I saw a hand in the back of the Queen holding a dagger. The pale face was full of red blood, and the look was fierce. Where is the gentle and kind woman, standing like a devil in front of the bed, screaming: “I Kill you! I killed you! I have to avenge Luoer!”

Chu Qiao’s mind was pale, like the wind in the north, whizzing past.

The afternoon sun came in from the door of Dachang, bright and bright, stabbing in front of a white flower, surrounded by chaos, some people are exclaiming, some people are screaming, some people rushed out to declare the doctor, the guards rushed forward, The bright knife flashed silvery mans, and painted a bright light on the ground.

She stood in the same place, her eyes seemed to be unable to withstand such bright light and shadow, hot and itchy. The sun is made of ice, and it shines cold and cold, as if it is immersed in cold water, the cold rises from the fingertips, and a trace of her hands and feet, waist, gradually covering the chest, heart pounding It was so powerful that it seemed to jump out of the cavity, and the throat was sour and awkward, and even the breathing became no longer smooth.

The Queen’s clothes have been stained with blood, and her pale face is climbing with two morbid madness. Her eyes are bright and sly, and she is not struggling after being restrained. She just said coldly with a hateful voice: You are all beasts, damn it, I killed him, kill you now, I will avenge my husband and son.”

At that moment, Chu Qiao saw his eyes.

For the first time in her life, she felt that she saw his heart through his eyes. It was not like the lightness of the past. It was not like the squats of the past. It was not like the turbulence of the past. At that moment, she clearly saw the joys, sorrows and sorrows through the secluded pools, and saw the deep and deep veins of the depression, and saw the bleakness of the snowy fields like the snow.

He lay there like that, the blood in the wound was like a sly spring, and his pale blue clothes were dyed red. He looked at his mother quietly, his eyes were not shocked, there was no hatred, only the tiredness of the bones swept over the sea, completely submerging his handsome face.

There was a whistling wind blowing outside the window, shaking the thin window paper. The bloody flow on the ground, the dense shadows rushed forward, he healed for him, and the sound of the palace people panicked again. Everything was like a silent mime. Chu Qiao looked at it. No, I couldn’t hear anything, just staring at his eyes, and the cold touch climbed on my skin one inch at a time, until my heart.

She suddenly remembered a hunting on the Yanbei Plateau many years ago. The snow was closed, and a female wolf was extremely hungry. She finally caught an elk and was screaming. Its children were shrunk, but quietly. Going over and taking a bite on the venison, the wolf suddenly became angry, and when he waved his paw, he grabbed the little wolf. The little wolf was scratched, and he was shrinking under the roots of the tree, looking at his mother, screaming, but dare not go forward again. Its eyes were so sad, like abandoned children.

Someone came to pull her, but she stubbornly refused to go, and her feet seemed to have rooted, and she refused to move one step.

She was so scared, her blood was cold, her fingers could not help but tremble. She didn’t want to go out. The blood tingles hurt her eyes. She was afraid to go out and then couldn’t walk in again.

More and more people are coming together, and some people say something loudly in her ear. The thin silk is not as strong as this pull, and it makes a loud bang. She suddenly screamed with a loud voice, and slid away from the crowd, and ran to the inner hall.

“Catch her!”

There are guards yelling, more and more palace people are coming to her, she nervously retreats, every inch of the body’s skin is cold and cold.

“Let her go -”

The low voice suddenly sounded, so hoarse, like a turbid wind blowing through the broken bellows, Li Ce half up, his chest is dripping blood, his fingers are white, pointing at her.

“Your Majesty! You can’t move around!”

A series of exclamations followed, and his figure was poured on the bed, and the blood of the mouth splattered from his mouth, like a koi koi being torn apart. She fell like an ice, so the deep cold climbed up from the back, the door was closed, the sun was isolated, the light passed through the window paper, and it was screened into a mottled shadow. She stood outside the crowd and could not see him. The eyebrows of the eyebrows, only a white hand hangs from the quilt, white miserable, no trace of blood.

The sun gradually rose to the center, and gradually fell to the west. A cold moon climbed the treetops, and a white light trail was sprinkled outside the hall of the heart of the instrument. The sand that leaked inside was even more sloppy, as if it were in the body. Life is like, slowly being pulled out.

A sigh of crying suddenly overflowed from the mouth of a white-haired old doctor. After the ethereal credit, the woman’s body image was a row of blue smoke, suddenly falling down, her eyes were turbid through the thick tabernacle. Clear, you can only see the swaying red candle in the faint.

When she woke up, she was still dead. She thought she was dreaming. However, when she saw Mei Xiang’s surprised face, her heart burst into pain, her shoes didn’t wear, and she jumped out of bed when she opened the quilt.

“What about Chu girl?”

Outside the man’s rushing voice, she ran out barefoot and looked pale like a ghost.

Sun Di looked at her, and her look suddenly became so embarrassing. He quietly lowered his head and said softly: “Your Majesty wants to see you.”

The Yixin Temple became quiet for a long time, silent and silent. She walked in all the way, through the layers of curtains, until she walked to his dragon bed, vaguely felt that he seemed to be integrated with this empty hall. .

She crouched down on the couch, her fingers were cold, and she slowly extended her fingertips to his arm, but it shrank slightly, only feeling that his body was colder than himself, just like the Yanbei Plateau was not going all the year round. The snow, the glaciers that have never changed.

Her breathing is so light, and the sound is like a butterfly wing that flies away in a blink of an eye, quietly in the temple:

“Li Ce, I am coming to see you.”

His eyelashes moved slightly, then opened, his eyes widened, and he looked at her quietly. His eyes were so quiet. It seemed to contain so much faintness. He reached out and tried to recruit her. , a faint smile, whispered: “Jojo…”


Chu Qiao’s tears burst out and slowly grabbed his hand. Only a few days later, he actually lost weight like this. Her throat was full of strong sorrow and grief, and her voice could not be heard, and her tears rolled down.

His eyebrows picked up slightly, stretched out his fingers, gently swept her cold cheeks and smiled and said, “Don’t cry -”

“Blame me.”

Her tears fell line by line, her fingertips with a cold bleak: “I promised to stay with you all the time, I should not go out.”

Li Ce suddenly smiled. He lay flat on the bed and looked at the complicated pattern on the top of the bed. It was embroidered with a golden plaque of Wanshou, and it covered the entire dragon bed. His voice was calm and calm, without any grievances, quietly said: “How can you blame you, that is my mother, who…”

Suddenly, he suddenly gasped and his voice was fragile and powerless. Chu Qiao was so scared that he was looking for a doctor, but he was firmly grasped by him. The strength on his wrist was so big that it was almost impossible to imagine that it was a seriously injured person.

“Who, who can think of it?”

Yes, who can think of it?

The wind in the night passed through the eaves, blowing through the ears of the inner beasts of the horns, and making a loud noise. Far away, the women in the palace whispered their voices, and they fluttered very fine.

“I originally wanted to personally send you to marry, now… I am afraid I can’t.”

“No.” Chu Qiao said suddenly and stubbornly, the voice was so big, echoing on the empty hall, like a circle of leaves, she held his hand hard and seemed to be competing with someone. The same: “You won’t have anything!”

Li Ce looked at her, suddenly a weak smile, that smile suddenly like an awl into the heart of Chu Qiao, she was so panic, tears spread over the cheeks, flowing into the mouth, bitter and unbearable.

“Li Ce, don’t go, don’t you go well?”

She swayed his arm like a lonely child: “You are gone, what should I do? I have something wrong, who will help me? I have no place to live, who will let me eat white?”

Li Ce’s eyes flashed a strange smile, and he pretended to be angry and muttered: “It turns out that I am a big head.”

How many years have passed, the past years are like a clear spring, a trace of rolling through the lonely and lonely air, she looked at him incompetently, and her heart hurt like a knife. His voice is as light as the lake, quietly said: “I have sent people to inform Zhuge four, will, someone will send you to see him, you, just go with him.”

Chu Qiao bit his lower lip, he still said intermittently: “In the future, don’t be reluctant, don’t make children temper.”

The night is like the water of Taiqingchi, so cold, his eyebrows are locked, like a flame that is shocked by the wind, his eyes are invisible, and he is gazing at her. Suddenly, he said: “Jojo, help me up.”

Chu Qiao was shocked and shook his head quickly, but the words had not been said yet, and he saw his stubborn eyes, so firm.

Her heart hurts, carefully lifted him up and sat on the wicker chair in front of the window. He put on his coat, the bright red color, the embroidered dragon pattern, the transverse warp, the longitudinal latitude, and the Zhang Yangli revealing the decadent desolateness, just like their original encounter.

“Jojo, my hair is messed up.”

Chu Qiao “hmm”, picked up the white jade comb, broke his hair, combed his teeth shallowly across the hair, pale hands over his horns, a trace, another trace, seems to have passed them for so many years The acquaintance, her hand gradually trembled, but he did not seem to know, never looked back.

After combing his head, he turned his face and smiled and said to her: “Is spirit?”

His eyes were deep and silent, and the moonlight came in through the window of the gauze, shining on his face, the faint glimmer. He is still so handsome, slender eyes, tall nose, such as jade’s cheeks, faintly revealing the temperament of the king of heaven. Only the eyebrows were caged and dead, gradually spreading, and the face was pale, like a white jade.

Chu Qiaoqiang smiled and nodded: “Shuai stayed.”

Li Ce frowned and asked: “Do you praise me?”

Seeing Chu Qiao nodded, he smiled happily, like the original.

“Li Ce,” Chu Qiaoqiang held back the sadness in his heart and asked softly: “Do you have any wishes?”


Li Ce frowned, thoughtfully, for a long time before he chuckled: “No.”

His breathing suddenly rushed, facing her, reaching out in the distance, whispered: “Jojo, let me hug you.”

The wind outside the window suddenly became louder, blowing out the small open window, and the moon sprinkled the paleness of the ground on the empty hall. The four lights were shining brightly. The wind blew from the far Taiqing pool, bringing the wind of Qinghe. Chu Qiao’s throat seemed to be bitten by people, and the pain of sputum. She was kneeling on the floor, half a volt in his arms, tears slid down, and wet his clothes.

The breath on the top of the head faded a little, like the cherry blossoms that blow the veins from the breeze, and there was no more sound. The moonlight slanted on them, faintly, it seems that it was a young and frivolous many years ago, the evil man’s red hair, falling from the sky, exhaling and laughing behind her ear: “Never stop Next?”

The years are like a big dream, the prosperity is unloading, and the rest is just a thick pale.

Chu Qiao’s eyes were like burnt ash, cold and cold, her eyes were empty, and she stood up a little. Looking back, he still sat quietly, squinting his head, seemingly caught in a good dream.

The fragments of memory collapsed, and the magnificent men’s men unloaded the camouflage skins layer by layer. The old and beautiful Cui Liu, the splendid luxury, finally turned into today’s turbidity and loneliness, and finally reflected the afterglow of the sunset, blending into this Late night of funeral.

Huo Ran opened the palace gate, the cold moonlight was spilled on her body, and there was a thick ink in the distance. The front door of the temple was densely smashed by the harem of the high court.

Sun Di looked at her with a trembling question in her eyes.

She looked at him with a sorrow, and her body was numb. After all, she was slow, slow, and nodded.

“The emperor died -”

The great weeping and tearing resounded at the same time. The palace was up and down, and there were sad cryes everywhere. The long mourning bell penetrated the smog at night.

Chu Qiao raised her face, the wind blew her thin clothes, and on the empty sky, she seemed to see a clear face, high nose and thin lips, slightly picking eyes, like a smiling fox…

A palace man ran along the deep palace and long lane, and came to the report of Xiao Yan in front of Sun Di. They were too far away, and the voice was broken and messy by the wind, but there was still a word that fell into her ears.

“The mourning bell rang… I ran into the corner of the table… The blood was full, it was not alive… After all, it was the Queen Mother…”

If the moon is frosty, the blood is almost frozen, and a line of tears, finally silently slipping through, immersed in the deep palace of this blood that does not know how many people are contaminated.

The street scenery of Tang Jing is still the same. There is a cool wind blowing from the fresh aroma of the lotus on the lake. The willows on both sides of the road are swaying in the wind, and the branches are like a soft waist.

Under the twilight of the setting sun, the tired birds return to the forest, the red river red shadow, such as the blood-stained sky.

Sui and Tang dying, everyone dressed in plain singles, even the hanging lanterns are covered with white cloth, walking down the street, smelling depression and cold everywhere.

The sky is gradually darkening, and the round of the moon rises from the treetops and hangs brightly in the distant sky.

Today is the White Moon Festival. It has been a month since I passed away.

Zhuge was sent to her men and she wanted to pick her up. She stubbornly stayed. There was a thought supporting her, which made her unable to leave. Midnight dreams back, the forehead is dripping cold sweat, Li Ce left, took away all the songs and dances in Jinwu Palace, the big palace fell into a long dead, walking in the long Yong Lane, even can hear Her own heartbeat reminds her at all times, some people are gone, some are still alive, and some things, she has not done yet.

This road was once she and Li Ce walked together. That night, she woke up in a coma. He took her hand like a big child, ran wildly in the palace, and passed through the Jiugong Palace. Passing through the linden flowers, through the rockery, and out of the palace gate, they ride together. He sits in front of himself and laughs and guides her. From time to time, he has to go back and laugh at those like hot pots. The guards of the ants.

In a blink of an eye, things are human beings, everything is already different, and there is no such thing.

Today’s markets are no longer the same day, a depression, and only a few shops are also cold. During the national mourning, all the festivals were cancelled, the ordinary people were no longer going out, there was no passenger flow, and the vendors who set up the stalls would not come out. The originally crowded market is now empty, and the yellow leaves are scattered everywhere, from time to time on the white clothes.

After walking for a long time, I came to the booth where I had eaten the last time. I didn’t expect them to be there, but there was no guest. The male owner sat in a chair and was sleepy. Seeing her come in, suddenly slammed, jumped up, looked at her carefully, then wiped the stool for her, oh, arranged for her to sit down.

Still the proprietress, a few years of time did not seem to leave a trace on her face, or the white and clean temperament, went to Chu Qiao, eyes no focal length, but smiled and said: “Girl has not been a long time coming.”

Chu Qiao gave a slight glimpse and asked: “Do you remember me?”

“It was he who recognized it. Baba ran to tell me.”

The woman smiled and pointed at the husband standing behind her. The man’s face was red and he smiled awkwardly, revealing a row of white teeth.

“What about Dagongzi? I haven’t seen him for a while.”

The woman suddenly asked this way, her eyes bent like two curved moons. The wind blew from the end of the long street, and suddenly the flagpole outside the stall was picked up. The man quickly stepped forward and blocked the sand for his wife. The movement was so natural.


Chu Qiao looked a little embarrassed, just listened to the woman asked: “Girl? Girl?”

Chu Qiao returned to God and gently pulled out a smile and said: “He went out.”

“Oh.” The proprietress nodded. “When is it coming back?”

The leaves were piled up, the autumn wind sweeping the floor, Chu Qiao’s heart was cold and cold, and his face became paler and paler. There was also a few sputum in his throat. She thought about it and said softly: “He moved, maybe he will not come back.”

The proprietress couldn’t see Chu Qiao’s expression. I wanted to continue asking, but she was pulled by her husband. The bright woman suddenly turned her mind and turned away. After a while, the hot noodles were brought up, and there was a plate of beef, half-boiled shrimp dumplings, and the smell of acetic acid was smelled far away.

Pick up the chopsticks, rub the handkerchief around the waist and wipe it twice, then start eating it bit by bit.

The noodles are hot, topped with scallion and chopped green onion, very fragrant. Chu Qiao ate very slowly. She hadn’t eaten well for a long time. The stomach was constantly turning against sour water, thinking that she would spit it out.

“Shrimp dumplings will be cold for a while.”

A very crisp voice suddenly sounded next to it. Chu Qiao turned around and looked at it. It was a little girl in her teens. She was very familiar with her eyebrows. She looked up and looked at the boss wife over there, and immediately remembered the child, tempted to say : “Qianer?”

The child’s brow wrinkled and asked very seriously: “Do you know me?”

Chu Qiao smiled and didn’t speak. The child sat on his chair and said, “Have you been to my house before?”

“Well.” Chu Qiao nodded.

The child said, “Are you telling me a story?”

Chu Qiao couldn’t help but smile, reached out and rubbed his child’s hair and said, “You still like to hear stories.”

“Then I will tell you one.”

“I have heard your story.”

“It’s a new story.” The child counted his fingers and said, “I was greatly older than last month. I just learned.”

Chu Qiao nodded and nodded: “Then let’s talk.”

The child still pulled out two small clay dolls from his pocket, but no more than before, these two dolls were very delicate, with eyebrows visible, colorful and lifelike, comparable to the fine embroidered craftsmanship in the court. The child picked up a clay doll and said it solemnly: “He is the great emperor.”

The same opening remarks, but now the emperor has changed his face, a small yellow silk tailored vest, golden crown ink, eyebrows and handsome, like a real person.

The child picked up another clay doll and said, “This is a little girl.”

A woman’s clay doll in a cotton-white dress was held in her hand. The child said very seriously: “On one occasion, the emperor came out to other countries and met this little girl. The little girl would martial arts and smashed the emperor. meal, great emperor was angry, had also wanted to hit her meal, but then, something happened, the great emperor fell in love with her. ”

After a few years of disappearance, the level of children’s storytelling has obviously improved. She looked up and smiled and asked Chu Qiao: “Do you want to know what happened?”

Chu Qiao’s hand holding the chopsticks was cold, and she nodded slyly. The child said proudly: “One time they met the bad guys, the little girl was very kind, and saved the emperor several times. The great emperor thought that this little girl was really righteous, I want to take her home for a good life.”

“Unfortunately, the little girl doesn’t like the big emperor. She likes another person. Later, she followed the man.”

The child took out another clay doll. It was still the clay figurine she used to tell the story. It was ruined, and even the rags around her waist were gone, so she stood there with a light hand. Small wooden stick, stupid look.

“But that person is not good, he is overbearing, ugly, poor, and loves to bully. Anyway, it is not a good thing. Later, when the little girl suddenly realized, she left this person.”

At this time, the child took out another clay doll, still the former little man riding a broom.

“The little girl likes this person again, but this person is not good. It is also proud, self-righteous, and deceptive, and very ugly and ugly, secretly telling you that he may still have broken sleeves, he and them A prince of the country is close and close, and it may be a madman anyway.”

The little girl took a breath and said with a deep sigh: “Finally, the little girl grew into a big girl. She finally realized her mistake. So she decided to leave this person and come back to find the great emperor, the emperor and the handsome, and again Rich, people and demeanor, but also kind and dedicated, the girl regrets not, crying and crying to marry the emperor, every day at the door of the emperor’s house, to live and die to be a daughter-in-law. Finally, The great emperor pity her, and he agreed to it.”

Put the other two clay dolls into the pocket, and there are two well-made clay dolls on the table. The child smiled and said: “Later, they became married, live happily together, and gave birth to a big one. The children of the pile, the men are as handsome as the great emperor, and the women are as beautiful as the emperor. They are very happy, until their hair is white, their teeth are gone, and finally, the gods in heaven know, let them Became a fairy, saying that they should be born together, never separated.”

Layers of grief overturned into the heart, like a curved countercurrent, a pulse slipping, her eyes sore and painful, the voice seems not to be her own, asked: “This story, who told you.”

“It’s a big man who often comes to my house to eat and tell me. How do you like it?”

Suddenly the wind started, Chu Qiao covered his sleeves and turned his head slightly. The child asked with enthusiasm: “Have you lost your eyes?”

Chu Qiao did not make a sound, the child thought that he really lost his eyes and quickly said: “You wait, I will give you the vegetable oil.”

After that, turn around and jump off and run away.

When she came back, there was no one in the seat, and there was a bag of gold on the table, so sinking.

The road is very desolate, there are no pedestrians, no juggling, no hawkers, no singers, a quiet lake, not even a painting, on the empty street, only she is alone, like a touch of soul, walking lightly.

When she passed a candy shop, she squatted for a while, then walked in and bought a lot of snacks, which Li Ce had bought for her, including honey cube sugar, jujube, sweet-scented osmanthus cake, chestnuts, in a bag. Inside, eat while walking.

She chewed mechanically and repeatedly recalled the story that the child had just said. The tears flowed down and down into the mouth, swallowed together with the candy, and the taste was bitter and not good at all.

The memory is like a piece of flying, and the pieces reverberate in my mind.

“Then you really should thank me very much, the grace of life is extraordinary, or you should leave, leave it in the Sui and Tang Dynasties.”

Once upon a time, he once stood in front of her and laughed at her like this.

She was besieged by Zhao Wei. He came at a critical juncture. He was carrying a dusty wind and his armor was hard. The brow was locked in her arms. He said over and over again: Nothing, nothing.

When she was desperate, he came with a basket of pomegranate and slowly comforted her: Jojo, why not let him go?

In the cold night of the deep palace, he drunk, and embraced her with emotions. In the end, he still laughed: Fuer’s figure is much better than you.

She never knew that it was like a forbidden zone in the bottom of her heart. She never touched it. She didn’t know if she really didn’t know it. Or was she just deceiving herself?

The cold moon in the sky sprinkled the Qinghui on the ground, the sea otters on the roadside were still gorgeous, the red blush and the like, the wind blew, and fell on the clothes and hair of Chu Qiao.

“Li Fox, do you like other people?”

The sun was shining in the courtyard of the house, sitting side by side under the jellyfish tree that had been moved back to the palace from the street. She frowned and looked at Li Ce, who was actively picking up the portrait of this year’s show, asking with doubts.

“of course!”

Li Ce raised his eyebrows and said very seriously: “I liked the rain of the palace last night. The skin is like silk, especially a pair of long legs. It is comparable…”

“Shut up and shut up!” Chu Qiao frowned at him: “I mean, that kind of like, like, just like…”

Li Ce looked at her with squinting eyes and said with disdain: “Do you want to say that Zhuge four is like a bastard like you?”

Chu Qiao’s pretty face is red, and he said with anger: “Yes! That’s it! How?”

“How can I treat you?”

Li Ceyu snorted and bowed his head and continued to pick up the painting. After a while, suddenly “Hmm”.

Chu Qiao asked, “What are you doing?”

Li Ce said impatiently: “You are not asking if I like people like Zhuge IV? I am answering you.”

“Ah? You like it, why don’t I know?”

Li Ce Yang Tian is haha, very arrogant and said: “The Emperor’s mind can be easily seen by you. If it is easily seen by you, is this emperor not very faceless?”

Chu Qiao is very gossip and continues to ask: “What about the person you like?”

“Not very good.” Li Ce said: “The body is also general, the temper is not good, but also like to drill the horns, the most important thing is that she has someone else in my heart, did not look at me.”

“Ah?” Chu Qiao gave a slight glimpse and asked subconsciously: “Why don’t you tell her?”

Li Ce is very chic: “I like people to be in my heart, what do you say? And…”

His tone of voice turned, a slight stagnation, the wind blowing from the lake surface of Taiqingchi, blowing a trace of his horns, he looked up, looked at the lake, the eyes have a moment of confusion.

“In addition, I may not have the opportunity to tell her all my life.”

Chu Qiao looked at him quietly at that time, and seemed to see far and far through his eyes. At that time, the first thing she thought of was the princess who was hanged on the phoenix tree, who died for the king of Luo. Murong Fuer on the day of Li Ce’s wedding.


She thought without pity at the time: Maybe, if there is no such thing, this guy will be a serious person.

There was a hot and humid liquid flowing down the cheeks, and the wind blew over, so cold and so cold, the red and bright sea otter petals fell, and the sky was floating, like a flower rain, the wind blew through the city, under the sky Raise a red blood like a bloody red.

The black scorpion in the palace was replaced, and the white cotton yarn was hung. On the eve, the emperor died, and the empress of the emperor squatted. For seven or seventy-nine, the mourning bell in the palace rang, and the world mourned.

On the day when Li Ce was buried in the Imperial Tomb, Chu Qiao moved out of Jinwu Palace, and the autumn leaves were silent and vast. She wore a cotton-white soft skirt and stood on the high tower of Xilanmen. The mourning team that looked at the long and sturdy fascination gradually disappeared at the end of the martyrdom.

The setting sun sprinkled the golden color of the place, and the highland wormwood on the wilderness horse field outside Tang Jing, with the sorrowful autumn wind shaking back and forth, like a gold wave. The twilight is four-in-one, the bird is flying south, the sky is burning like a fire, and her figure is dragged by the old man, a thin one, reflected in the Tang Jingcheng floor of a hundred years of wind and rain.

Li Ce, forgive me for not being able to send you, go to Lu Yao, you take care all the way.

The sun gradually fell down the mountain, and a long moon climbed up the mountain. The cold moonlight sprinkled over her robes, and it was so empty that a star climbed pale and cheeks covered with frost. The air of the autumn night is sucked into the nose like a fine blade. A trace of sourness rises from the bottom of my heart. A curved climb climbs up to the back, and my heart is like a white snow, and it is endlessly cold.

Mei Xiang stepped forward and whispered: “Miss, let’s go.”

She finally glanced at the dusty martyrdom, and finally turned around in an inch, the shadow of the tower, like a fierce beast, smashing the mouth of the human mouth, will plunder her free freedom.

The dust fluttered gently under the feet, and there were big birds in the sky with black wings. She walked down step by step, and walked into the deep mud cave. Behind her is a deserted wilderness. Further away, it is the mountains of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the prosperous market, and then the continuous side of the city. At that end, it is the land of the great summer.

In the mountains and rivers, the country is beautiful, she will not escape the fence of the world.

A carriage stopped quietly under the city, and Sun Yi was wearing a green shirt. He was handsome and dusty, standing side by side. Seeing her coming over, whispered: “The girl please get on the bus.”

“I want to walk alone.”

Chu Qiao said quietly, his expression was very calm, and he couldn’t see a wave of ripples.

Mei Xiang was about to talk, but Sun Di took a lantern and handed it to her hand. Shen Sheng said: “The night is hard, the girl goes back earlier.”

The good palace white paper wrapped the lantern and gave off the white miserable light. Chu Qiao nodded faintly, and turned the lantern and left. Mei Xiang was anxious to keep up, but was dragged by Sun Di. The young man shook his head slightly, and the moon was shining in the sky, quietly shining on the woman’s body, as if a layer of smoke had been gathered. It is going to be in the night.

Today, Li Ce went out. There was no one on the road. Only the sea otters on both sides of the road swayed in the wind, and occasionally sprinkled a light flower petal.

“Jojo Jojo…”

Vaguely, she seems to hear a series of calls, the man raised his eyebrows, a pair of eyes like a sly fox, smiling at her.

The water mirror is like a illusion, sparkling, the clouds shrouded the man’s eyebrows, and gradually became pale and clear. Finally, he relied on the wicker chair against her weak smile, and opened his arms and gently called:

“Jojo, let me hug you.”

A tear came from the woman’s eyes, she did not wipe, just quietly continue to walk. The pale light in the lantern is like the moon in the sky.

For more than ten years, life and death have been cold and warm, and half of her life has been faltering. She has fallen like a duckweed in the rain. After all, she has reached the end of today’s road. She used to be trapped in love, how many embarrassed, passive helpless, stubborn, fragile, and dejected, and now, the incompetent woman finally died with this fateful fate.

Tears fell into the lanterns, and a gust of wind blew, and the candle slammed out, and only the smoky smoke circled all the way.

She took a deep breath and threw the lantern on the ground, straightening her back and walking forward.

She swears that this is the last tear of her life. From then on, even if she sheds the last drop of blood, she will not be able to weep.

The light in front is soaring, and from afar, a magnificent mansion is located in the red and green of the flowers, and the lights are brilliant and beautiful.

Sun Di’s light robe was upright, standing in front of the door, holding a lantern in his hand, waiting for her to return.

“Can the girl think clearly?”

Chu Qiao looked at him, the moonlight was pouring like silver, and it was silvery. She nodded silently and said: “It’s clear.”

Sun Yi smiled and handed the lantern in his hand. He said with a smile: “The night road is difficult. This lantern will light the girl.”

“The candle can be extinguished by the wind, but the heart can’t.”

Chu Qiao crossed him and walked straight into the hustle and bustle of the mansion. He said: “Since then, my eyes are my lanterns, and my heart is the candle in the lamp.”

As soon as he stepped into Zhumen, the oncoming lights were so fierce that she almost burned her eyes in an instant. The front door was connected to a white marble road before the front hall. The pools carved on both sides were as clear as mirrors, and several pavilions were carved. The fragrant painted wall, the koi bead curtain, the warm jade paving, the gold inlaid for the bar, the thick scent is like the breeze in March, and the face is intoxicating.

Qiu Sui stepped forward and said with respectful resentment: “When the girl left, the Majesty set about repairing the mansion and repaired it for more than two years. Now it is finally great.”

More than two or more servants were kneeling on the ground, and they saw Chu Qiao coming together and shouting loudly.

Chu Qiao walked all the way, only to see the sandalwood in the temple as the top, the crystal is the lamp, the jade is agar, the sea is like a sea, and a huge night pearl is set on the lamp holder, sparkling, like a bright moon. The ostrich is engraved on the pillar of the temple, decorated with gold powder, shining under the illumination of the candle.

On the enameled red dragonfly, a few thin magnolias were painted, and the aroma came. It was the night that many years ago. He kidded the headgear of the palace lady and inserted it with her magnolia. Thick hair on the hair.

“Guoer Chu’s, Xiu’s famous door, Xiang Zhong Shide, Zhi Shu Xiaoli, Gongshun Qianhe. Bing Deyou and Wen Shi Shu, know the ancient and modern sex, especially this metaphor, Jin Xirong (), Hou Yi Yongfu.”

Below, it is Li Ce’s seal, but the seal behind the seal is not filled.

Sun Di came forward and said, Shen Sheng said: “Your Majesty did not think about the title of the county owner to enter the seal on the same day, and negotiated for a long time. The Secretary of the Court also proposed several titles, but his Majesty is not satisfied, so it has been I was vacant. I originally wanted to wait until later on, and I didn’t want to delay it. I had no chance.”

Chu Qiao quietly stood up, the lights were like charm, faintly sprinkled on her pale cheeks, the lips were red, the fingers pressed hard on the sacred decree, the force of death, the knuckles were white.

I saw a splendour in the world, all kinds of rare treasures, it is the dowry he prepared for her, has been here for many years.

Her eyes were a little hot, and her eyebrows couldn’t help but wrinkle tightly. The sound was as deep as Bihu, and she said faintly: “Since it has not been squatted, the name of the county owner does not need to be mentioned.”

Sun Di nodded. “The girl said very, the night is deep, the girl rests first, and she will leave.”

After that, turn around and go.

Zhumen slowly slammed, and the heavy voice was like the same thunderous thunder, and it rolled darkly across the ground.

Mei Xiang came over with a letter, her eyebrows whispered, and said softly: “Miss, Master Zhuge has written again.”

The look of Chu Qiao’s eyes was slightly moved. She took the letter and took it in her hand, but she did not take it apart. The sweat of the palm of her hand broke into the stationery, and there was a slight tide.

Mei Xiang frowned and said: “Miss, this is already the ninth. You don’t reply, Master Zhuge is in a hurry.”

Chu Qiao silently sat, did not speak, eyes fixedly looking at the candle in front of the window, long time back to God.

Yanbei and Da Xia have fought again. Yanming has already played four games and the front line has expanded to the southern end of the Batuha territory. Zhao Wei and Lingnan Mushi, Jing XiaoKing Ye Jingtong colluded with one qi, and mastered the southwestern soldiers and horses. They opposed the northern male soldiers of Zhuge and Zhao Che, and they were in a crisis.

The emperor has been ill for a long time. He has not been in the early morning for a year. Wei Guang is ill and does not take politics. No one knows what the old fox is playing. The situation in the big summer has become a pot of boiling water, as long as a salary carbon is thrown in, it will immediately boil. At this time, no one can have the slightest intention and act rashly.

This point, she understands, and how can he not understand?

Mei Xiang could not help but ask: “Miss, what are we doing now?”

Chu Qiao’s eyes slowly looked over, his eyebrows were frosty, silent and cold, and his voice was low and he said slowly: “Wait.”

New Emperor Deng was held on the second day.

Guozi Hall, sitting on the top of the magnificent dragon chair with golden splendor, hangs the curtain behind the seat, and the two women in the beautiful embroidered dress sit behind them, the Queen Mother’s mother, Empress Dowager and Emperor. Too Jen.

On the spacious hall, Zhan Ziyu was sitting in the temple under the prince of the Taifu Regent, quietly embroidered with a six-stringed dragon, a high crown, and a quiet smile on his lips, like a cold moon, waves. Not shocked.

Li Ce’s backyard was suspended for many years, and there were no sisters and brothers. Now he is in a state of collapse. The Queen Mother is no longer there. For a time, the Minister of the DPRK can only follow the will of the Li Ce, the emperor’s eldest son, Li Xiuyi, as the emperor. It was the end of the court, and it was not qualified for the curtain to listen to the government. So the highest in the harem, the prince and the prince, became the emperor’s adoptive mother, accompanied by the auxiliary government.


The emperor was only six years old, and the empress was too embarrassed to listen to politics, and the imperial power naturally fell. However, Yuan’s absence of time was not in the palace. He was born in the palace, and there was no family and relatives. It was the time of the Sui and Tang dynasties. He immediately took control of the brothers and sisters of Zhan’s brother who had been expelled from the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

The change of the situation in the ruling and the wild is like the darkness flowing under the icy lake. It can’t see the slightest edge, but it is like a tidal wave. It can kill people invisible in the breath.

The former vassal ministers headed by Sun Di were all suppressed, and they were all detained on the title of Luo King’s party feathers and were put into the Shangri Institute. On the same day, when Li Ceda went, all the palacemen who accompanied him were beheaded. All the ladies danced low. When he was driven out of the palace, he was sent to Foshan Anhua Temple to become a monk.

The New Emperor’s New Deal was vigorous and vigorous, and swept the entire Sui and Tang dynasties as the autumn wind sweeps the leaves. The cold sword hangs over the entire Tang Dynasty, and any unwilling voice will be ruthlessly eradicated.

Under such high-pressure politics, the old hesitants who were hesitant, also turned their backs. They gathered in front of the government gate of Zhan Ziyu, the regent, and shivered like a group of scavengers.

However, what happened to Chu Qiao is that under such circumstances, the first person who stood up against it was Liu Ge, who had repeatedly played against Li Ce.

On the first day of September, in front of the Jinwu Palace, Liu Ge’s old man in front of Zhan Ziyu’s car angered Zhan’s brother and sister as a chaotic thief, and also said that the emperor’s sorrow in the Kurofu Temple was a suspicion, but it was from Zhan’s brother and sister. The hand, Zhan Ziyu, Zhanzi, swears to stab the emperor, and sin. Then he crashed on the tip of Zhan Ziyu’s guard, and before he died, he called Li Ce’s king, and his blood splashed three feet and died on the spot.

Zhan Ziyu was sitting in the carriage at the time, and did not show up from beginning to end until Liu Ke’s old body was carried away. He then gave the car and took down the silver ticket of three hundred and two gold beads. Liu Jiazi, who took the corpse, asked them to bury their father.

When Chu Qiao heard the news, he was eating. Dorje told her carefully about this matter. Her hand was slightly stagnation, and the lotus soup in the spoon sprinkled for a long while, quietly contemplating for a long time.

In the evening, the lights in front of Chu Qiao’s window did not go out for a long time. Dorje sat on the slate in the yard, with a sheepskin sac hanging around his waist and sitting all night.

After the opening of the Tang Dynasty, Liu Ge’s old incident caused a wave of chaos. Students from all over the country gathered in Tang Jing. The angry students wrote tens of thousands of articles and passed through the people who had the way to the ruling and opposition. The three priests and the military department severely punish the murderer and the Qing Dynasty.

However, two days later, Zhan Ziyu sent a Central Army to crack down on the students. For a time, Shangliyuan’s Tiangong was overcrowded and filled with angry voices. The court of Shangliyuan judged Zhan Ziyu with a bitter face, and the young regent King Emei Gaoguan, faintly said: “Is there a place in Huangquanpo in the suburbs?”

The three-chamber courts with white hair were suddenly cold, and Huangquanpo in the suburbs was a mass grave. The regent king said that the meaning of the words was self-evident.

In the afternoon of the same day, the house of Shangliyuan accidentally caught fire and burned the cell in the middle of the house. The prisoner inside was killed and injured. A young body was thrown into Huangquanpo, and even the coffin was not there. It was exposed to the blue sky. Next, become the night and night of the wolf tiger and leopard. However, Shang Liyuan just surrendered two prisoners of drinking and dereliction of duty, and it was perfunctory.

September 27, strong winds, autumn deep.

Today’s early morning peace day is slightly different. It is entirely governed by the regent King Zhanyu. After the curtain, there is only one person. The royal doctor said that the emperor was affected by the cold, and today he could not go to the DPRK. The Queen Mother was also taking care of the emperor.

Not yet waiting for the reaction of the group of ministers, the insider was carried by a magnificent throne in the back of the temple, engraved on the nine-tailed Ming Huang Yulong, at first glance, almost exactly the same as the Dragon Throne.

The ambassador of the ambassador went to the front of Zhan Ziyu’s slogan, and then took out the emperor’s sacred decree, saying that this seat was created by the emperor himself, and pity the body of Zhan Ziyu, who can sit on it later. And the Jinwu Palace inside the Lingxiao Temple was given to the Regent King, to avoid suffering from the daily rush.

Zhan Ziyu shirked it, and finally sat down under the persuasion of the crowd. The group of ministers worshipped him and looked up. He only felt that the regent’s throne was almost equal to the throne, and Jin Guangzhen was extremely glaring.

On the evening of the same day, after Chu Qiao put down the letter of the letter, he took a deep breath and said to the Tie You man: “Go back to the palace to see the emperor, it is near.”

On the evening of the third day, a huge cockroach suddenly came from Jinwu Palace. All the people who were awake or asleep were alarmed. The senior officials and the people rushed out of the house and stood in the courtyards of each house. Looking towards the source of the sound. I saw the direction of Jinwu Palace was bright and the red shadow was filled. It seemed that there was a big fire, and the sound of shouting was constant, and it was so fierce.

Everyone was shocked by the earth on the eve. The timid man hurriedly ran into the house with his wife and children, and closed the doors and windows, fearing that he would suffer from the fish. Only some high-ranking officials in the rushing and stunned looked at the palace gate and muttered: “I am afraid that it will be changed again.”

At the third time, the palace gate was attacked. Lu Yunxi’s robes were full of blood, and the sword rushed out, followed by three thousand scorpion soldiers, and said to Chu Qiao in front of Tai’an’s door: “Girl, has already captured Ling Xiao Temple.”

Under the dark sky, Chu Qiao is a black robes, embroidered with gold pens, face like white jade, beautiful Ling Rui, behind the black pressure of 10,000 beauty army soldiers, He Xiao face calm, sitting on the battle immediately, tight The guard is on her side. The red cloud flag on the white background is advertised on the heads of the people. The night is black and windy, the clouds are dense, there is no star and no moon, and the blood red torch is reflected on Chu Qiao’s face. It is like a cold sword, and can’t see the slightest expression.

“Into the palace.”

The faint voice screamed coldly, like a knife slid over the matte, sharply piercing the eardrums of everyone.

The wind blew, blowing Chu Jiao’s flying corner, she raised her thin chin, her eyes slightly picked up, her feet slammed the horse’s belly, and drove the horse into the magnificent palace.

When the last guard of the Lingxiao Temple fell, the fire of the West Hall was extinguished. Du Pingan rushed forward with a group of soldiers. The young children’s eyes shone with a tough light, as if they had grown up overnight. .

Tens of thousands of guards stood behind Chu Qiao, and the bright torches illuminate the sky, reflecting the corpse of a mess.

Chu Qiaoze Ma all the way to the white jade steps, the Pingri Palace people do not dare to look up and face the regent palace plaque 匾 was fell to the ground, the horseshoe trampled up, making a sound of broken sound.

A court servant who was good at observing and eagerly rushed forward and squatted on the ground and said loudly to welcome the general. Chu Qiao looked at him with a cold eye, and then he actually stepped on his back and went down the horse, step by step to the majestic palace gate.

The gate of the palace gate was opened, and the cold wind with the sandal scented road came face to face. The black cloak of Chu Qiao was screamed, and the sword on the waist side was like the cold ice of the forest. The chilly pierced the deep bottom of the heart. On the empty and empty hall, Zhan Ziyu sat alone, faintly like the river bow of many years ago, the Tsing Yi man sat alone on a wooden wheelchair, facing the Lijiang River, caged with a clear moon, eyes clear and cold springs The voice is mellow and quiet: “Who is there?”

The wind entered the carved window, blowing down a bright yellow dragon-shaped rice paper, which was actually the royal object of the emperor’s drafting of the imperial edict.

Chu Qiao stepped into the hall, stepped on the sacred decree, looked at the shadows in the deep layers of indifferent eyes, and quietly said: “I will take your life.”

Zhan Ziyu smiled slightly, and the cloud said lightly: “I don’t think it will be you.”

“The wise man thinks a lot, there must be a loss. It is not easy for you to climb to such a high position in five years.”

Chu Qiao said calmly, his expression was calm, and he couldn’t see a slight wave.

Zhan Ziyu smiled and said: “Are you comforting me with this? It is not bad. It is not easy to be praised by the beautiful generals who are famous all over the world.”

Chu Qiao faintly said: “What are your wishes?”

A trace of desolate suddenly slipped over Zhan Ziyu’s face, and he frowned slightly, and then seemed to be very reluctant to say: “I can’t sit on the eight-riding horse, always unwilling.”

Chu Qiao heard the wisdom of a slight glimpse, she could not help but think of the joke that Zong Ziyu opened that year. At the time, the two chatted, Zhan Ziyu said that he couldn’t ride horses again. Chu Qiao could help him raise eight horses in order to solve him. At that time, Zhan Ziyu smiled and said that she was confused. Only the emperor could take eight horses. If he is sitting, isn’t he going to rebel?

Time is like running water, in the blink of an eye, everything is like a mirror of water, no longer in the past.

“General Chu, why can Li family sit on this river, I can’t? Isn’t this the world that Li Jia took from the front? Why are they the orthodox in the world, I am a chaotic thief?”

Zhan Ziyu’s eyebrows are faintly faintly visible. He looked up slightly and looked at the high roof. There is no trace of the faintness of the cockroach: “Why, the Li family owes me, I get it back, what is wrong? ?”

Chu Qiao was unmoved and said calmly: “That is the grudge between you and has nothing to do with me.”

She slowly stepped forward, her footsteps were like a leaking liquid, and she echoed the walls of the hall with an echo.

“You killed the person I cherish, I will kill you for revenge.”

The sharp sword is pulled out of the scabbard in an inch, and the cold light shimmers with the moonlight of the moonlight, like a sweltering starfire, coldly shining on the face, and painting a white light.

“What else do you say?”

“Let my sister, she is just a woman, everything she does is for me.”

Chu Qiao looked at him, for a long time no words, my heart was sour and slowly rising, the wind outside from the far distance, blowing the clothes of the two, like a black ink.


“Sorry, I can not do it.”

She spit out a few words coldly, then slammed the sword, and faintly, she remembered the night many years ago. Zhan Ziyu smiled and said to her, “You said it is also good, but in the bureau, often look I don’t know, I can’t help but try to try it.”

Try it…

A handful of blood suddenly spurted out, splashed on the clothes of Chu Qiao Xuan ink, quickly penetrated into it, condensed into a group of shadows.

Chu Qiao bent over to pick up the head of the ground, the man’s ink hair combed meticulously, his face white as jade, his eyebrows mild, just like asleep, just the blood on his neck is awkward.

“噗”, Chu Qiao threw the head into the arms of a guard, and said in a deep voice: “Hang the head on the palace door and look at the Central Army who attacked the door.”

After that, he walked out of the Lingxiao Temple, turned over and leaned on the horse, and said to the left and right: “Go to the Johor Bahru.”

The moon didn’t know when to drill out of the clouds, and sprinkled a bleak Qinghui. The Lingxiao Temple gradually became cold. The soldiers in armor rushed away, leaving a dead body, and the crows in the sky shouted. The black wings are like the coffin of death. On the empty hall, the headless body still sat quietly on the dragon’s golden seat, looking horrible.

The battle of the Johor Temple was over at this time, and the Tie You came from the Sun Di. Both of them had blood on them, showing how fierce the war was.

Chu Qiao jumped out of Malay and said to Sun Di: “Grieved you.”

Sun Di smiled and said: “No problem, just the food in the prison is too bad, I am so hungry.”

“Girl, Zhan Taihao has been taken.”

Tie You divinely said. Chu Qiao slightly raised his eyebrows: “Is the emperor good?”

Tie You was slightly stunned by the brow: “Nothing, just a little scared.”

“That’s good.” Chu Qiao sighed and asked: “Why is that frowning?”

“Mr. Yuan was stunned. When we rushed in, she thought it was Zhan Taizhen. Before we talked, she was killed.”

Chu Qiao heard the words suddenly frowning, and did not expect Yuan to actually come to this, so she tried her best to lay down this path for their mother and child, she actually died so silently.

“Girl,” Sun Di came forward and said, “Shen’s brother and sister assassinated the emperor, joined the party and smuggled the emperor, and tried to slay the sin of the king. All of them were searched here, and the world will be announced tomorrow. Their crimes.”

Chu Qiao took it slowly, but a few sheets of paper, but she felt that it was more than a thousand pounds.

“Let me go out! You are a group of slaves! Let me go!”

A scream of heartbreaking screams suddenly came, and the splendid sacred hall of Furu is now in decline. The fire is burning, there are rubble dust everywhere, Zhan Ziyu is a red robes, and is struggling with two courts. Beaten, trying to run out of the temple, eyes red, and there is a trace of grace and glamour on the face.

Seeing Chu Qiao and Sun Di and others, she suddenly fell down, her eyes staring at her, suddenly like she recognized her, screaming and laughing: “It turned out to be you!”

Chu Qiao did not speak, just looked at her quietly, and for many years, I didn’t want to reunite here today. At that time, the eagerly-tailed woman who had followed her brother had died. Now she is standing in front of herself, but she is a madman.

“What about my third brother?”

She suddenly asked sharply.

Chu Qiao’s face changed slowly: “Dead.”

Zhan Zikai suddenly stopped, as if it was expected that there would be this day. After a long time, she suddenly smiled and screamed, like a night eagle on the sky, her eyes were gray and full. Looking at Chu Qiao, he said: “You killed him?”


“Okay, okay, the person he looks at is really good. It’s no wonder that the palace has three thousand fat powders. He is only really sincere to you.”

Chu Qiao looked at this beautiful and crazy woman, looking vicissitudes and pity, seems to see the depths of her heart through her beautiful skin.

“How are you going to deal with Ronger?”

“He is not only your child, but also the child of Li Ce. I will treat him kindly.”

Zhan Zi nodded and smiled bitterly: “Well, I am full of blood, even he is hurt. If it is not for the third brother, I have already lost my life, you can do it.”

At that moment, Chu Qiao suddenly saw her riddled heart through her awkward smile. The admiration of her brother at an early age allowed her to follow all the arrangements of Zhan Ziyu. However, after entering the palace, she gradually fell in love with Li Ce. This love may not even realize that she did not know until she assassinated him according to plan. Only let her know her heart. Outside the hall of ceremonies, her grief is not like a fake. Unfortunately, the two men she loved in her life, one never loved her, one could not love her, she eventually became a joke of fate.

“Give Zhan too toxic wine white.”

Chu Qiao turned around and strode away from the temple. The outside wind blew, and the night was like a thick tide that spread her whole. Jinwu’s main entrance was brightly lit, but the sound of shouting was gradually reduced. A sharp sound of gold blew through the cold night sky, slowly collecting the smell of dust. The taste of thousands of killings, the taste of countless souls, and the instantaneous rains and clouds, surrounded her from all sides.

She wore a silver sword, and her ink robe was stained with blood. Behind her was a glaring fire. The black armor stood on her side, her eyes were as cold, and she was firmly watching the end of the heavens and the earth. Over there, it was the far north, rolling cold silence. Her eyes were not blinking for a moment. It seemed that she was watching someone, but after all, she was drowned in a market. There was no trace.

“Zhan Taihao -”

The eunuch hangs a long scorpion and shouts a string of swaying rituals.

At this moment, the sun pierced the black clouds, and the sky will be clear. This long night will eventually pass, but the blackness in my heart will need to be dispelled.

Destiny is like a ridiculous fire, burning her apart, those good wishes, expectations of the future, after all, with this fire. In this regard, she is going to strip all the weakness, compassion, kindness, kindness, and the longing for good things, really strong and strong, guarding everything that she cherishes.

Anyone who dares to invade an inch will pay a painful price for it.


A childish voice suddenly came, and the child’s little figure suddenly fell into Chu Qiao’s arms. The emperor cried and painted his face, his little face was red, and he cried and said: “Mother died! Aunt, the mother’s mother died. It!”

The child is still so small, and his eyebrows are handsome, but full of Li Ze’s shadow.

She crouched down and held the child tightly in her arms. Her body was cold, but there was a warm warmth in her heart.

This is Li Ce’s child, this is Li Ce’s Jiangshan, here is Li Ce’s home. He has guarded her for so many years, and now, change her to guard him.

“I am not afraid of the instrument, you have an aunt.”


Mei Xiang stood on one side and held a child in his hand. Chu Qiao stood up and walked slowly, only to see Li Zirong, the son of Zhan Zikai.

The child who was enshrined as the King of Rong at the moment was sleeping peacefully at the moment, and he did not know what kind of bloody hurricane had been turned up in this world because of his birth. His father and mother died one after another, leaving this devastated land and a stormy river.

“Miss, how good you are to sleep under the three halls.”

Mei Xiang likes children, laughing and holding Rong King to Chu Qiao.

Chu Qiao took over and the child was awakened, and he yawned impatiently, and his eyes looked at Chu Qiao half-heartedly. It looked like a full version of Li Ce.

Chu Qiao’s eyes were hot and almost fell into tears. She held the child tightly in her arms, her cheeks against his little face, and her heart was empty.

“Adult, Liu Yuan, the old son of Liu Ge, with the Minister of Civil and Military Affairs in front of Taian, asked what happened? Can the emperor still be well?”

Chu Qiao looked up and his eyes cooled down. He said to He Xiao Shen: “Tell everyone, the regent King Zhanzi and the Zhan Taijun murdered the emperor together, and plotted to marry. The Queen died in the chaos. The emperor was safe and innocent. Already in the air, you don’t have to worry about adults.”

He Xiao went, and after a while, a long lived sound of singing and singing was heard outside the palace gate. The guards came to report: Liu Yuanzong first expressed loyalty, and the Manchu martial arts were surrendered. The wars of the South Gate, the North Gate, and the Guangguangmen had been stopped. The rebel Central Army officers had already been captured, waiting for the adults to fall.

The palace gate opened wide, under the jade steps, the Manchu and the military were full of people, and the sky was rising in the red sky. According to the singularity, Chu Qiao held the glory, took the emperor and stepped onto the Baiyu Royal Road step by step. .

The long lived sound of my emperor resounded through the palace, the rising sun with a touch of gold, sprinkled on the clothes of her mysterious ink, the red and white clouds on the white flag, there are two watermark characters “beautiful”, the wind blows, the world It’s lonely and lonely.


The emperor was crying, pointing to the golden dragon chair opposite, slightly cringing, frowning and said: “I don’t want to sit there.”

Chu Qiao squatted down, gently touched his face, whispered: “Yi Er, that is the seat of thousands of people with blood and white bones, is your fateful land, your father and mother They all died for it. The Da Tang Jiangshan is on your shoulders. All the ancestors’ eyes are looking at you in the sky. It is your responsibility to allow you to retreat.”

The emperor was scared by her words, and she pulled her and asked, “What about the aunt? Doesn’t my aunt want me?”

Chu Qiao put him on the throne and said quietly: “Aunt will not leave, my aunt will stay with you.”

Chu Qiao turned around, Wenwu Baiguan and all the soldiers had a time to bow down, the long lived sound resounded through the ears, and shocked the birds in the sky.


The officials did not know, they did not know who they were at the moment, the young son of the throne, or the young woman holding the two military powers of the Wolf Army and the Beauty Army. All kinds of speculative minds turbulently flew in the ruling and opposition fields, just like thousands of years, without a moment of peace and calm.

The dust came to the market, and the dust settled. The chess has already been shot, and there is no room for remorse.

Li Ce, rest assured.

The autumn is getting colder, and even the wind that blows has the cool air of chrysanthemums. The lotus flower of Taiqing Pool has already been defeated. The leaves of Wutong fall over the lake embankment. The static on the main hall is like the transparent autumn water of a lake. The sound image is the lingering fragrance of the copper gilt Dading, quietly floating in the temple, more and more empty and silent.

“Yunkang Princess, Huayang Yipin Lady, Weinan Kingfu, Duanqing Kingxi, Jing’an Kingxi, have successively expressed their willingness to enter the palace to raise the emperor. Minnan King, Duanqing King, Jingan King, Situ General, Ann Hummer, Yunjun Ma, and also the scenes from the scene, the ruling and opposition are currently divided into two factions, the generals are mostly respected Jingan King, the civil servants are advocating that the three King Hao together raised the emperor, the three princes together with the state.

The breeze blew, the moon shadow of the flowers and trees shaking outside the window was broken, Chu Qiao sat on the soft seat, wearing a cotton-white interior robes, one hand on the window sill, holding the chin and quietly looking out the window of the phoenix tree On the moonlight night, the large sleeves sag slightly, revealing a white arm, his face is thin, his eyes are quiet, and he can’t see what he is thinking.

“The Ministry of Military and Military General Xie Xu took the Southern Army 70,000 to the Xizhao Mountain, and will arrive in the capital in a few days. Xie Xu used to be the slave of Jingan King. Now he has to fight, he has to guard, I have ordered Xu. General Su was fortified in Surabaya. If Xie Xu was to meet the banner of the new emperor, he could only cross the river alone and could not carry the soldiers.”

“Xie Xu?” Chu Qiao leaned against the window, his head did not turn, quietly said: “When the King Luo rebelled, he did not see him as loyal and patriotic, but now he is picking up.”

Sun Di’s voice remained unchanged, and Shen Sheng said: “If the name is not correct, then the words are not smooth.

Chu Qiao slightly looked at his eyes and looked at Sun Di. It seemed that he had already said what he wanted to say, but he did not say it afterwards. He did not give him a practical answer. He just turned his head quietly and looked out the window.粼粼Bibo, for a long time without words.

“In addition, Liu Yuan, the old son of Liu Ge, had privately looked for me. He said that at the right time, he would like to contact some of Liu’s old ministry to help the adults. However, there is still a need for a time and name.”

At this moment, a sudden rush of footsteps sounded outside the hall. The two men turned their heads and looked around. They saw the emperor wearing a small golden robes, bare feet, not even wearing boots, and running into the face with tears. The hall came, and one of them rushed into Chu’s arms and burst into tears. The two squats followed, and saw Chu Qiao and Sun Di squatting on the ground.

The child is small, so soft, and both hands are holding Chu’s waist, crying and shouting: “Aunt! Mother came to me, my mother came to me!”

Chu Qiao pityed the little emperor, took out his handkerchief and wiped his tears, whispered: “Is the emperor dreaming again?”

The child snorted and cried: “The mother’s head is full of blood, and all of them are on me.”

Chu Qiao comforted him: “The emperor is not afraid, it is a dream, when it is not true. The Queen Mother likes you so much during his lifetime, how can you scare you?”

“Aunt -”

Li Xiuyi clung to Chu Qiao, how to let go.

Sun Di looked at the emperor and said with regret: “The age of the emperor is still so small. If it is in the hands of people with ulterior motives, how much suffering do you still have to eat?”

Chu Qiao’s heart suddenly gave birth to a trace of boredom, and he did not look at Sun Di. Immediately, the cold voice said: “The night is deep, and adults should not stay in the palace. Mei Xiang, drop off.”

Sun Di was not angry, and politely prayed to Chu Qiao, Shi Shiran turned and left.

Mei Xiang took advantage of Sun Di’s back, and there was some grievance between the eyebrows. When he left, he said, “Miss, I don’t want to listen to this person’s nonsense. If the big master is coming, let’s take the little squat.”

Chu Qiao has not spoken yet, but Li Xiuyi in her arms raised her head and asked: “Where is my aunt going?”

Chu Qiao bowed his head and looked at the child’s dark eyes. The vagueness seemed to see the shadow of another person through these eyes. At that time, the wind was so cold that the cold wind was like a knife. He ignored the opposition and questioning of the whole country. He rushed to the army and rescued her from the chaos. His armor was as cold as it was on her cheek. However, it seems to be a mountain that blocks the wind. It seems like a Huanghuang building, as if it will never fall.

She gathered her arms a little bit and held the child in her arms in her arms.

The white candle is burning, and the night of the deep palace is always so long.

The corner door next to the Tai’an Gate slowly opened, and Sun Di was swayed in a light robe.

Tie You was in the dark corner, seeing him coming out quietly. Sun Di looked at him with a smile, and said nothing: “Is the Tie You commander looking for me to drink?”

“Is the Queen Mother Yuan killed?”

The Tie You was low by the sound, and the eyes were silent like water, and suddenly he said quietly.

Sun Di was not shocked on the surface, and there was a hint of laughter in his mouth. Lang Lang said: “What is the meaning of the iron collar? Yuan Taihou touched the wall and died. All the palaces and the palaces have seen it. It is also what you see with your own eyes. ?”

Tie You is frowned by his eyebrows, and his tone is unchanged: “When Qingyuan said that he forced the palace to be sent to the palace, you sent a secret letter from the prison. The name was given to Yuan Taihou. Yuan Taihou read your letter. After that, I went to the palace, and did not leave until the night of the palace. The maidservant who waited for the queen said that Queen Yuan cried all night and didn’t even eat. What did you say to her?”

“What can I say is nothing more than taking care of the Zhan brothers and sisters.”

Tie You suddenly stepped forward two steps, eyes fixed on Sun Di, divinely said: “Then why did you secretly kill a few small eunuchs who sent you letters, last night, in the name of the Qing Palace, the name of the palace? ”

Sun Di’s face was also cold, and turned away, cold and cold: “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

After that, I want to go if I lift my foot.

“Sun Di!”  Tie You shouted from the stunned, scared the distant guards Qi Qi to look over here, his chest ups and downs, lowered his voice and said slowly: “If you don’t know, unless you are doing it, Gongzhong Thousands of eyes are staring at you, do you think you can get seamless?”

The moonlight is cold, and the silver-white light is sprinkled on Sun’s back. The green shirt is simple and unpretentious, but the glory that can’t be said is floating from this young noble son.

He slowly turned around, his eyes quietly watching the Tie You, and the words of a word of silence said: “Tie You, what is your origin, you will not remember.”

The Tie You was smashed by a glimpse, and the surface suddenly flashed a bit of unpleasantness. Cold and cold: “Tie You is born from a people, and naturally cannot be compared with Sun Daren.”

“I am not asking you this.” Sun Di said faintly, under the Qinghui’s Qinghui, his face was handsome and evil, and the man’s back was very stiff. The sleeves were stunned and quietly said: “I want to say, you will not Forgot to leave your grace to you and me?”

Tie You was suddenly stunned, but in a flash he said coldly: “Killing the only mother-in-law of the younger brother, instigating the temper of the savage, is this the means to repay your grace?”

“How else? Let the squatting down, Yuan Taihou’s auxiliary government? Hey, if that’s not three years, this Tangshan Jiangshan will follow the Jingan King Zhou Yun surname.”

Sun Yu’s mouth has a sneer, young eyes are like foxes, the night wind is blowing, and the clothes are smashing, but they are not like human figures.

“It is true that before the death of the sire, it was expected that there would be such a situation, and the instructions and arrangements were made one by one. But I did not do that. I want to let the Tang Dynasty mess up this game. This chaotic thief died in the hands of the beauty general, so that she can make this merit. Even if Empress Dowager does not kill herself on the same day, I will kill her afterwards, but she is still smart, knowing that she has no such skill, early I made a choice and saved me a lot of trouble. The water in the ruling and the wild is my turmoil. Only by pushing the situation to this point, the Chu Daren will use it for me, and will not leave the Tang Dynasty with Zhuge.”

The Tie You  was stunned by the sound, and the iron-red walls looked heavy and oppressive. The birds at night passed the high Jinu Palace and made a harsh tweet. Tie You frowned and frowned, and after a long time, he said incredulously: “You are crazy!”

“No, it’s not me who is crazy.”

Sun Di looked up, the clothes belt was windy, and the tall and straight figure was like a gun. He pointed to the distant northern night sky. His eyes were sharp and said: “You didn’t hear it? The drums in the north have already rang, and the geese are shut down. The corpse is a million, and the big summer has already fallen apart. Yanbei Yan Xun is ambitious, and the soldiers are arrogant and arrogant. The reason why the summer is still able to compete with it is because Zhuge’s Qinghai army In the flank threat, once Zhuge Yue left, only relying on Zhao Che, how can he compete with Yanbei? And Da Xia is intriguing in the country, the internal chaos is endless, the clan of each party is in power, and Zhao Yu is not willing to be a human being. When people break through, I will go to the barriers in the north of the Tang Dynasty. When there is Yanbei in the west, there is a threat from the southern Xinjiang waterway. In the north, there is a positive attack by the Yanbei army. In the east, there is a Nalan red leaf closely related to the Yankee. There is also Jingan King inside. When the heart of the speculators is dark, then, at that time, I can still survive in Da Tang?”

Tie You was suddenly stunned by the whole person. He only listened to Sun Di and continued to say: “Luo King won a battle, and the Tang Dynasty suffered heavy casualties. After the squatting, the domestic thief who wants to take the Li family will not die. Now if you keep this four In the branch, we still have a fight. Once the situation is broken, the big summer is in the hands of Yanbei, that is when my Tang Dynasty is destroyed. Your Majesty is very important to you and me, now he is no longer there. Can you sit and watch the Da Tang millennium industry destroyed?


“That, you shouldn’t kill Yuan Taihou. After all, she is a scorpion, a mother under the sire!” Tie You was flushed and shouted.

“A useless woman.” Sun Di said with a cold voice, said: “For the present, only to find ways to save the big summer, we can have a breathing space. Before Yanbei extinguished the big summer, If we can’t swallow Huai Song, then the future must fall into a heavy encirclement.”

After all, his gaze suddenly showed a madness. He turned and stared at the Tie You, and said: “As long as Chu is in my Tang Dynasty, Zhuge will not leave the summer. Returning to Qinghai, as long as he does not leave, Yan Xun can not ignore the Cui Weiguan and send all the troops to attack Yanmingguan. The big summer is not extinguished, we have the time and opportunity to recuperate. And the Chu Daren and the Yankee Zhuge and the two The relationship will inevitably usher in the political support of the two parties. If there is any change in the domestic forces, we must consider the attitudes of the other two countries. The emperor’s position will be stable and secure, and Jing’an King and others will intervene. Moreover, there will be some scruples. What’s more, the beauty army is extremely strong, loyal and loyal, and it is the best guarantee for the Kingshi. It is the best guarantee of the Kingshi. The Chu people themselves have great military and political talents, and they have won the remnants of the great peers. Admiration, can be a big task, and has a feelings for the sire, and there is no family member, as a woman, no ambition, such a political figure, in today’s world, can you find a second one?”

Tie You was said to be dumb, and he could only look at his peers as if he didn’t know.

Sun Di looked at him and said quietly: “If you want to watch the ruin of the Tang Dynasty, you want to be the sinner of the Tang Dynasty, you may wish to tell others what I said, and I will not blame you. Thin, just blame my mind can not be understood by the world.”

“But you want Chu, she is… You are not misplaced for life?”

Sun Di shook his head and patted the shoulders of the Tie You man. He said: “I believe that Chu people have no ambitions, but I can’t help others. If Zhuge really smashes her in the future, do you want Qinghai? Will the wife of the king come to be the governor of my Da Tang?”

The moon in the sky, the silver floor, the man turned and headed away, the sound came from afar, with a few unspeakable bleak:

“Where is the road to the emperor, how can the woman be the benevolent? The hell is deep, no one dares to go, let me go alone…”

The shadow of the moon is tilted, the autumn wind is blowing, and the autumn leaves of the phoenix tree are everywhere.

宓荷居 is still the same deserted, but now it has become the most popular place in the entire Jinwu Palace, at least there are living people walking, and other places have heard that the birds at night are not willing to fly. .

Jinwu Palace is quiet at once, no more songs and dances, no more banquets, no more honey-colored skin blue eyes, Donghu dance Ji, no longer have the sound of singing all night.

The whole palace was lonely, and even the nightingales flew away from the silent palace. The palace suddenly became so quiet, and even heard the sound of breathing when walking. Everyone is quietly alive, seems to be a little louder, and will alarm the undead who have just died and have not yet dissipated. The white and white scorpion in the palace is like a white woman’s arm, faintly, and the eyes are shaking again. The splendid and bustling wines here are extravagant, but in an instant, the dust comes to the market and everything has disappeared.

Everything is missing that person, including the continuous sycamore and clear water blue waves here, as well as every flying dove arch, every garden rockery.

The emperor just fell asleep and was lying on Chu Qiao’s bed. The child witnessed Yuan Taihou’s self-sufficiency on the same day. There was no good feeling for many days. At this moment, the little brow is still wrinkled tightly. It seems that he is afraid in his sleep. Rong King was lying in the cradle of the side, but he slept very solidly, and his mouth was bent like a father.

Chu Qiao sat in front of the window, not a little bit sleepy, a white candle burning quietly, the candle tears drooping, there is a faint red light under the fire, if the woman’s beads tear down the rouge.

There was a thick stack of letters on the hand, the lacquer was intact, and all were unopened.

She just sat there like that, it has been more than two hours.

Sun Di’s words could not help but reverberate in her mind. She slowly turned back and looked at the two young children, and my heart was empty.

Thirteen letters have been written, and he will be in a hurry. If it is not the situation in the summer, I am afraid that he has already come alone.

Chu Qiao’s mouth slid through a faint smile, imagining his angry look in his mind, his brows must be wrinkled, his eyes glaring at her, his lips smashing into a straight line, like a child with anger.

What will you write in this letter? Will you be angry with her? Resent her? Will you still marry her?

Maybe there will be, but she doesn’t want to see it. This road is so cold. She can’t turn her head to see the fire on other roads. Once she looks at it, she is afraid she will never have the courage to go forward.

The heat of the chest was cold, and it gradually became a sturdy ice. She remembered what he said to himself that night. When the laurel tree was lightly shaken and the moonlight was shining, he turned his head and looked at her. His eyes were as clear and clear, and he slowly asked: “The road has not yet gone, maybe There will be other variables, are you afraid?”

At that time, the wind was as soft as it was, the weather was warm and warm, and her sleeves were swollen by the wind, like a butterfly that was flying, she threw away all the knots, and quietly chuckled that she was not afraid. Then he smiled softly. It was very rare. There was no jealousy, no anger, no bickering, no disputes. He smiled at her from the heart, then slowly bowed his head under the moonlight. Her lips kissed softly, her powerful hands wrapped around her waist, her lips rubbing against her softness and aroma, absorbing the sweetness of years.

However, this dream has not yet begun and will be over.

Years in her, it is already a thousand sorrows of the lingering and split, the fate is nothing but the sky, like the burning wildfire of the wilderness, the endless, pouring, never quiet, no peace.

She slowly reached out and picked up the letter and placed it on top of the candle. The flames ignited and burned, and the envelopes were slightly curled, gradually yellowing, and the flames spread, eventually turning into black ash.


Mei Xiang walked in the night and night, and screamed with a sigh. He ran forward in a few steps and pushed the candlestick down. He asked with surprise: “What are you doing?”

Chu Qiao did not say anything, just quietly watching the letters that had burnt most of the time, the remaining half is also black and gray, broken, like a riddled spider web covered with black dust, under the lights, there are Blind light.

“Miss!” Mei Xiang surprised her eyes and suddenly grabbed her thin shoulders and asked with concern: “You won’t, will you not intend to listen to Sun’s words?”

Chu Qiao looked up at Mei Xiang so quietly, Mei Xiang suddenly felt that Chu Qiao’s eyes seemed to have died, turned into a piece of gray, not half angry. She nervously grabbed Chu Qiao’s hand and held it hard. She said in a hurry: “Miss, you can’t be stupid about this thing. This is a lifelong thing. Although the Tang Emperor is waiting for you, he is no longer there, you are just Why do you want a woman to take up the entire Tang Dynasty?”

Chu Qiao still doesn’t talk, Mei Xiang’s forehead sweats, tears in his eyes, and the voice trembles and says: “Miss, you can’t live up to the four young masters, you can’t promise, you wake up, you can’t be stupid!”

A gust of wind suddenly blew, and the scream of the floor blew up the letter of the earth, and a few pieces of the letter that had not been completely burned were turned over. There were a few literary words written by the lights in the light: I have to wait for me…

Waiting for you…

Chu Qiao’s eyes were a little fuzzy, but no tears fell, the lights climbed from her skirt, and the light was covered in an inch. Her heart was pumping pain, but she couldn’t speak.


Mei Xiang suddenly cried out, slamming on the floor, the child on the bed was awakened, and the sleepy eyes were sitting up, and I saw Mei Xiang crying and a little scared. He looked at Chu Qiao, opened a pair of small hands, light Shouted: “Aunt.”

The child’s voice shattered the silence in her heart. Chu Qiao stood up and went to see the child. But Mei Xiang grabbed the skirt, and the woman looked up at her with tears in her eyes. The voice was so mournful and sadly cried: “Miss, why do living people live for the dead?”

Chu Qiao’s footsteps suddenly stopped, and she squinted back and looked at Mei Xiang’s red eyes, and her white hands began to tremble unconsciously.

“Miss, you can’t live up to the four young masters, you can’t.” Mei Xiang tears down, and sadly said: “Have you forgotten the song? The moon shines on your soul, reminds you to return home, Miss, must Do you know that you regret it after losing it? You still have to owe the Emperor’s debt today, knowing that he will have a chance to compensate the four young masters? The deceased has been embarrassed. Is it necessary for the living to live in pain and sadness forever? ?”

Mei Xiang slammed his head on the ground and said loudly: “Miss, let’s go with the four young masters, Mei Xiang beg you, let’s go!”

“Bad man!”

Li Xiuyi suddenly jumped out of bed and slammed it on Mei Xiang. She knocked her down. The little child, like a little beast, tried hard to catch Mei Xiang’s hair and screamed and shouted: “Bad man! You are the bad guy! You have to take my aunt, you want my aunt to go! The bad guy! ”

Chu Qiao quickly held Li Xiuyi in his arms, the child was still struggling in her arms, a pair of eyes full of hate looked at Mei Xiang, like a wolf who lost the female wolf.

“Bad man! I have no father and mother, and I have to rob my aunt, the bad guy!”

The child’s voice is like a knife, sharply stabbed in Chu Qiao’s heart, that moment, like a blood condensed in the throat, a few want to spurt out.


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