Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 261-300 (unedited)

Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 221-240 (unedited)

By Xiao Xiang Dong’Er, translated and arranged by Angel Chua


Qiu Yi was furious and kicked his mouth in his mouth. The blood spurted out, Wenyang’s mouth opened and his mouth was full of blood, but he still shouted. Qiu Yi said with anger: “Kill him! Fast!”

“You are a bastard! I have cut you!” An officer from the southwestern township rushed out of the crowd and rushed toward Qiu Yi with blood.

Qiu Yi was shocked and turned to look at Yan Xun. I saw Yan Xun’s face calm and his right hand was lightly on the table, but he did not say anything. Qiu Yifu’s spiritual heart, and he said with anger: “The southwest town government has turned against it! Kill them!”

The guards who had attacked with the scabbard heard the order and immediately picked up the sword. They talked to the officers and men of the southwestern town government. At the moment, the officers and men who carried out the military law also carried a large knife to Xingtai. One of them came to Wenyang and did not change their color.

The second army standing on the periphery was stupid. I didn’t expect the situation to change into such a rapid appearance. Seeing that the first army’s butcher’s knife would fall, just at this time, only listening to the threshold, a clear female voice. Coldly shouted: “Stop!”

In an instant, the sound pierced the sky, penetrated the cold snow, and suddenly pierced into the chaotic crowd. The horseshoes stepped on the snow, and the woman was white, and the horse rushed to the place. Before she got to the place, she jumped off the horse and punched her fist on the face of a first officer who tried to stop her. The wind rushed into the crowd. Shouted: “What are you doing?”

“grown ups!”

“It’s an adult!”

The officers and men of the southwestern town government screamed in unison, and their eyes suddenly ignited the light of hope. Chu Qiao pushed several soldiers who were tweaking together and strode to the front of He Xiao, but he still had to talk to him. Waving a slap in the face of He Xiao’s face, angered: “Are you leading the soldiers?”

At the time, everyone was stunned. He Xiao’s face was red, and the southwestern town government behind him was also collectively petrified. The soldiers of the first army were on the spot, only listening to Chu Qiao’s voice: “I told you. Let you keep the army number and the military flag, but do I have to let you attack the First Army Camp? Now you dare to use force in front of the temple. What do you want to do? Want a mutiny?”

After all, Chu Qiao turned and said to Yan Xun: “His Highness, today’s business is my fault. All orders are from the beginning, He Xiao and others are just obeying, I am seriously ill recently. In bed, they were not disciplined so much that they made such a big mistake. I volunteered to apply for military law!”

Seeing Chu Qiao’s appearance, Yan Xun’s face gradually cooled down. He sat on the head of the Chinese army’s big account, his eyes slightly picked up, and he looked at her deeply, but did not speak.

Qiu Yi frowned and said: “If I remember correctly, Chu is not a direct supervisor of the southwestern town government. Chu is a war chief of the staff, not a commander. The southwestern town government wants to listen to adults. The command?”

Chu Qiao heard the cold and turned his head, frowning at Qiu Yi, and then said coldly: “Who are you? I talk to my Highness, how can you intervene?”


“Achu!” Yan Xun said with a gloomy sigh: “Don’t mess around, go back.”

“His Highness, the southwestern town government has made it a deliberate act, and it should be disposed of by the military law. I was the presidential decree of Beibei City Defense. I was the leader of the Second Army and the southwestern town government. Now the southwestern town government makes mistakes. It’s my fault. I asked the Highness to rule my imperialism, and I saw that in the southwestern township, I’ve made a great contribution to the battle between the two in the Red Cross and the North. The losses caused are willing to bear the burden.”

Chu Qiao arched on the square, tens of thousands of eyes brushed and looked at her, but she did not realize, for a moment without looking at Yan Xun, eyebrows locked, face serious.

Qiu Yi angered: “Which southwestern town government, their number has been canceled three days ago, how can we be a traitor in the Yanbei army?”

As soon as this statement came out, the southwestern town government made everyone angry and angry. Eight years ago, the fire and thunder battle, the southwestern town government made the betrayal of Yanbei to rely on the big summer, so that the Yanshi City was defeated, the Yanbei Army died and injured hundreds of thousands, the blood stained the Beibei City Gate, the fallen corpse flesh It still supports the flaming fire cloud flower, which makes it year-old and red, and is always unbeaten. Eight years later, in the Dahuang City of Daxia Guodu, the southwestern town government once again betrayed and sent to Yanbei to help the Yanbei Shizi Yanzi escape from Zhen Huang and return to Yanbei, and concocted the change of the true beauty that shocked the mainland. In this regard, the word “bet” has become synonymous with the southwestern township, even if they are super-strong, but they are still crowded and despised by all the soldiers in the whole continent, but they did not expect that they paid such a heavy price to defend Yanbei, still Without humiliating the shame of the body, Qiu Yi, a traitor, how can he not let the people in the southwestern town government anger?

Chu Qiao turned his head and looked at his eyebrows. He screamed and said: “It’s a nonsense! The southwestern town government has returned to Yanbei, and it is the promise of His Royal Highness. His Royal Highness is the king of Yanbei, and Jinkou’s words are not difficult to chase. The previous things have already been written off. You are still screaming by a traitor, but you have to go to your unbelievers in the land of unbelief and injustice. Your words are awkward and deliberate. I think you are like a spree of Daxia!”

Qiu Yi’s forehead’s blue veins collapsed and suddenly he said: “You say it again!”

Chu Qiao dismissed the cold cry: “The army’s number is the honor of an army. The southwestern town government’s ambassador was the first old Yan Wang set up a hundred years ago. It has a long history. How can it be easily scrapped? The southwestern town government has followed all the way to the Highness, from the day of the Zhen Huang Uprising, the sufferings have followed, after several battles of life and death, the merits and demerits, the merits and demerits, the seven thousand soldiers and horses under the Red River defeated the Xia Army 200,000, Beiyu City Head Two thousand southwestern troops are comparable to the 40,000 ordinary sergeants. How can these armyes abolish their numbers and destroy their military banners? The affairs of His Royal Highness are busy, and it is your ignorant villain who has been stalking from it, conspiring to leave my Yanbei army, shameless and shameless. , its heart is awkward!”

Qiu Yi was furious, pulled out his waist knife and yelled: “You are bloody!”

He Xiao and others saw Qi Qi rushed forward, with red eyes blocking in front of Chu Qiao, angered: “Do you dare to step forward?”

“Stop your mouth!”

Yan Xun slowly stood up, and the young Yan Wang was dressed in a uniform, dressed in a black and black shack, and slowly stepped forward. Everywhere he passed, everyone refused. Finally, he came to Chu Qiao and was separated. So close, slightly dagger, looking at the girl’s bright forehead and white cheeks, said in a deep voice: “Who is calling you?”

Chu Qiao shook his head and said: “No one is called, he is his own.”

“Go back to the government, there is nothing wrong with you here.”

“The thing in Yanbei is my business. I am a member of the military. I was the chief of the southwestern town government. I should take responsibility for the mistakes made by my subordinates.”

Yan Xun slowly frowned, his eyes also showed a few unpleasant sorrows, he whispered: “Achu, do you know what you are doing?”

Chu Qiao lowered his head and replied: “The subordinates understand very well.”

“You want to be against me?”

“His Highness is heavy, and the subordinates only admit their mistakes.”

In all directions, all the generals and soldiers of the Second Army of the First Army were present. The square was crowded with people. Everyone held their breath and looked at the pair of men and women standing in the field. The snow was shining and there was a sorrow in the world. . Yan Xun’s eyes were as dark as the sea. He looked at Chu Qiao deeply. There was anger and coldness from his body. For a long time, he suddenly turned around and strode to the big account. On the other side, he said quietly: “The Chu staff member has been dismissed from illness because he is not the coach of Beibei City. The southwest town government has made the crimes committed not related to others, and execution!”

“His Royal Highness!” Chu Qiao was shocked, and looked up fiercely, his eyes round and screaming.

“Adult, you don’t have to worry about me anymore, go back!” Wen Yang was full of blood, but he looked up and shouted.

The other soldiers also stood up and said in a sad voice: “Adult! Go back!”

Chu Qiao did not pay any attention to their cry, but went up a few steps, but was stopped by the Guards. She said eagerly: “His Highness, the southwestern town government makes guilty, but the sin does not die, they Since the beginning of the true glory, all the way to loyalty to you, loyal, you can see the sun and the moon!”

Yan Xun back to her, heard the words slowly returning, the tone is very light, with a voice that only the nearby people can hear clearly dismissively said: “Achu, you are flat, their loyal people, is it me? ”

Time is like a big stick slamming on the top of the head. Chu Qiao’s whole person is on the spot. She opens her mouth openly, frowning and looking at Yan Xun unbelievably. What she wants to say, but she seems to feel like a blind man. Being blocked, I can’t say it if I want to say it. The wind was so cold, blowing on the face like a knife, but she had no feeling, only a heart seemed to fall on the ice sheet, cold numbness.

The snow was filled, and the whole field was audible. For a long time, I only heard the slamming sound. Chu Qiao’s knees were kneeling, his eyes were red, his face was flushed, and his voice was low and hoarse. He said, “His Royal Highness, I will take life. Guaranteed, the officers of the southwestern township are faithful to allegiance to you. If there is a bit of resentment, I will be willing to die under the arrow and die.”

“Oh?” Yan Xun said softly: “Would you like to guarantee?”

“I am willing.”

“So who, besides you, believe in them?”

Chu Qiao suddenly turned his head and looked around. The generals of the First Army stood there with no expressions, and there was no trace of fluctuations on the surface. It is not surprising that they are all Swallow’s confidants. But when Chu Qiao saw the face of the Second Army, the soldiers who had fought side by side with the southwestern town government suddenly became hesitant and embarrassed. They lowered their heads, dodging the girl’s gaze, and completely forgot. Who used to save their lives in desperate circumstances. The Second Army, the local army, the self-defense regiment, the family army of the tribal chiefs, and even the close-knit guardian of Cao Mengtong, the two thousand people once fought alongside the southwestern township, and they followed the pace of Chuqiao’s killing. Zhao Qi, even defeated Zhao Wei’s several attacks, but at this moment, they did not seem to know her, standing far away, there is no trace of grief in the eyes.


Chu Qiao gradually despaired, the cold wind blew through her thin body, the vast snow was white, she looked at Yan Xun, looking at the man who had been standing with her for eight years, said a word of silence. “I want to believe them, I take my pledge to His Highness.”

After all, she was deeply squatting on the ground, her bright forehead fell on the cold snow, and her long, straight back was bent, her neck was white, and the wind blew her big cockroaches, and she became thinner and thinner.

“grown ups!”

On Xingtai, there were soldiers crying out, not afraid of death. It was only at this moment that there was a heavier emotion in the hearts of the soldiers. They shouted: “Adult! Get up, one person is doing things alone, we are willing to be dead!”

Chu Qiao didn’t move, she was still on the ground, her head was on the ground, her voice was getting noisy, the snow was getting bigger and bigger, the crowd was mixed, so many voices came from all around, but she couldn’t hear, just waiting for the top of the head. sound.

Finally, a low sigh slowly came, and for a moment, she was trembling, she even thought she was successful, but the next second, the cold voice suddenly sounded, Yan Xun said: “exercise!”


The sound of a whole row of brushes suddenly sounded, and then there was a muffled sound that had heavy objects falling on the ground. The knife was too fast and too good, and even no one had time to make a scream, the blood in the chamber spewed out, and sprinkled on it. On the white snow, like plum blossoms.

Quiet, too quiet, Chu Qiao’s blood was cold at that moment, all the limbs were filled with the wind, and the whistling blowing, her hand was caught on the ground, it was a cold snow, so cold, Just like her heart, it has lost its temperature. She couldn’t hear the sound around me, only to hear the wind blowing, like a beast, raging on the snowfield.

“He Xiaojun led the imperial rule, and the soldiers under him followed him to commit crimes, ignoring the military law, and pulling each person to bear eighty, and then handed it over to the First Army for temporary detention.”

The sound of Yan Xun sounded calmly on the top of the head. No one spoke in the audience, no one resisted. The officers all obeyed the movements of the instructions, and the boots stepped on the snow and made a creaking sound.

“Adult,” He Xiao’s voice came from behind him. He seemed to be kneeling on the ground. His tone was calm, but his voice was a sadness that could not be concealed. He said quietly: “The subordinates have lost their faces, and Please esteem yourself.”

As the footsteps went further and further, the crowd gradually dispersed, and the wind suddenly became bigger. I don’t know how long it took, Chu Qiao’s knees were numb, and the hands and feet were already stiff and would not move, but she still kept that position. There, the snow fell on her little by little, accumulating a thick layer.

The white snow camel’s military boots slowly approached, and the swallows reached out and held her shoulders. But she suddenly jumped up like a hot boil, stepping on her feet and almost falling to the ground.

The guards were facing them, standing far away, Yan Xun was standing in front of her, standing in front of her, not talking for a long time, just keeping the posture that helped her, the handcuffs stretched out, the distant direction she was.


Yan Xun whispered to her, but she could not hear it. She turned back and found her horse, then turned and jumped up.

This day is so cold, Chu Qiao suddenly remembered a few days ago, when he could laugh and think that Yanbei was warmer than the Sui and Tang Dynasties, but now she suddenly found that Yanbei was so cold and cold. Huge cold, cold people make blood coagulate, cold people are like falling ice.

This evening, Chu Qiao’s condition worsened. She had not left the military camp. She immediately fell down and was sent back to Fuzhong. After she was screamed, she was crying. The three sisters of Jing’s family were panicked and guarded by her bed. Calling her name over and over again, she opened her eyes in the mist, wanting to say to them, don’t worry, I won’t die, I still have a lot of things to do. But she opened her mouth but couldn’t speak.

When I woke up in the middle of the night, Jing Zisu still stayed by her side. When she saw her woke up, she smiled and shed tears and took medicine. It was already two. Jing Zisu told her that Yan Xun had already returned, but did not come in. She had been standing in front of her door for six or seven hours.

“There is still heavy snow outside.” Jing Zisu whispered, and looked at Chu Qiao with his eyes. A woman like her may never understand. In her opinion, a man is his own whole sky. What else can there be in this world more than the command of the husband?

Chu Qiao lay there, a lot of things flashed through her mind, those who used to be like running water, beating the cold waves, in the eight years of bumps and hardships, one by one into a winding river . She thought she should understand, no complaints and resentment, and the rest was just cold and disappointing.

In the city of Zhen Huang, on the northwestern land, the Chidu city head, the Beibei battlefield, the officers of the southwestern town government wrote their loyalty with blood and young life, young and handsome wind, calm and heavy Murong, resourceful Wudan Yu, the persevering Wenyang, the soldiers with the body as the rolling stone and the body as the shield, they are not saints, they have made mistakes, and their fathers have once betrayed Yanbei and committed a great crime. They owe a lot of blood debts, but since the day when they followed their flag, they have already delivered their lives and futures to their own hands. Yan Xun is right, they are not loyal to He, their allegiance, is Chu Chu, but she has no ability to shelter them.

She shoulders the hope of this lonely army. She promises that they will clean up the shame for them. She once shouted at the head of Chidu City. She said that as long as they fought bravely and refused the big summer, they would become Yanbei. Heroes, their names will be engraved on Yanbei’s military power spectrum! So, they followed her footsteps, protecting the Yanbei land, which they hated them, and they resisted dozens of times with their enemies.

However, today, her sculptures have been included in Yanbei Zhongyi Hall, and they have become household names, but they have died in the hands of their favorite people.

What did she do, what did she exchange for herself with those young lives?

The heart seemed to be suppressed by the boulder, the throat was sweet, the soldiers fell behind her, but she didn’t even look back at their eyes. When they left, they looked back and saw only a dirty blood.

“Moon? Month?” Jing Zisu opened her hand nervously, the palm of her hand was already bloody, her nails went deep into flesh and blood, so hard.

“Sister Sui, let’s go out first, let me be alone.”

The low voice rang in the room, and the hoarseness was not the same. Jingshen hesitated for a long while and finally retired. The room suddenly calmed down, and the quiet light could hear the light on the candlestick. The candle shadow was long and there was no shadow on the window.

The moon was hollow, and the snow was getting bigger outside. She knew that the man was still there. If she didn’t go out, he would always be there. He has always been such a stubborn person. When he was a child, he followed her to learn the knife method. The complicated work, but he learned it in a month. He practiced all night, his hands and feet were blistered, but never stop. Until now, she can always recall the original yard. He stood in front of the pillar, slashed and slashed, and his eyes were as tough as a wounded tiger.

He always had too many heavy things in his heart. She used to think she knew everything, but now she is gradually confused.

The eyes gradually cooled down, but there was a tough light flashing. She suddenly got out of bed, wearing only a single coat, standing in the same place, taking a deep breath. Then she suddenly ran to the door and rushed out as she opened the door, and plunged straight into the hard embrace.

At the moment when she felt her temperature, Yan Xun suddenly stopped. He didn’t expect her to come out, or she didn’t expect her to be so angry, but she felt the slender arms holding him tightly. Waist, he suddenly reacted, and then he tried to hug her more hard.

“Achu!” he whispered: “I hurt your heart.”

Chu Qiao was in his arms, holding him tightly, but did not speak. Yan Xun whispered: “I am not suspicion of you, nor is it hate the southwestern town government. They are now under 2,000 people. The compilation is seriously different. It is inevitable to cancel the number. Unfortunately, they are too unruly to attack. The First Army Camp, if I did not dispose of it, the military might not stand.”

Chu Qiao sighed and said: “I understand, I know all, Yan Xun, I made it difficult for you to do.”

Yan Xun raised her chin and looked at her eyes and said: “It doesn’t matter, I am just afraid that you are sad. If you will come out to see me, I will be relieved.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes were flushed and he said with a sigh of relief: “The southwestern town government has repeatedly saved me, and I have great grace for me, Yan Xun, I really can’t bear it.”

Yan Xun slightly frowned, and finally said helplessly: “Well, I will let them Xiao, but if they have violated the military regulations, I will not be tempted.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “Yan Xun, thank you.”

The night is black and the wind is high. The moon bends in a line, emitting pale light, snow and snow. The two are embracing under the moon, so close, but the feeling is so far.

After Yan Xun returned to the house, Chu Qiao also returned to his room. When the door was closed, her face was cold. Quietly took two steps and sat down on the bedpost.

Dissatisfied with the preparation? Cancel the number? Snatching the flag? Make a mess?

Yan Xun, how can you bully me like this?

For a soldier, what a shameful disgrace to cancel the number? In the midst of the war, even if only the last person is left, the flag must be protected. As long as the flag is still there, the army will not be scattered. How simple is recruitment recruiting? The first army of more than 300,000 people, Wenyang, their more than 30 civil servants can rush into the first army to snatch the flag and then escape from the city? The people in the southwestern township government must be executed. He Xiao and others should be controlled first. How can they let them enter the execution ground?


You might as well say that you hate the southwestern town government and have once betrayed Yanbei. It is better to say these words to deceive me.

A line of tears slowly fell, the moonlight came in from the window, the room was silver, she quietly sat on the bed, a thousand heads poured into my heart, but did not know exactly where the mistakes, then, a piece The icy jade card suddenly fell from the bed on the ground. She picked it up and saw that she was blessing her longevity. I wanted to see that Jingshen had just forgotten it. Thinking of the longevity tablet that Feng Zhi and Green Liu brought before, she suddenly felt cold, like a person pouring a cold water from the head.

In any case, He Xiao and others are temporarily safe.

She smiled a bit and couldn’t think of it. She even used this method. Her tears fell in the dark, like broken beads.

Yan Xun, Yan Xun, what happened to you?

Long nights, she finally couldn’t help but cry out.

The night is deep, the wild birds pass over the top of the head, the flesh of the carrion flickers on the feet, and the horseshoes hit the ice layer that has been stacked for thousands of years, squeaking, like knocking on the temple. The wind blows from a distance, with a dry and cold atmosphere, the weather becomes colder. The north wind is like a mad tiger. The whole day is howling. Chu Qiao rides on the horse and shrinks inside. The neck, sticking out his tongue and licking his dry lips, is far from the lights in front, but not in front.

I don’t know how long it took, the team finally stopped. Chu Qiao turned and jumped down. He felt that the muscles on his face were almost frozen and numb. She reached out and licked her arm. She unloaded her bag from the horse and dismantled it. After opening a big baggage, I began to collect firewood.

At the same time, in the army that was not far from the black pressure, there was also a rise in smoke.

The curtain of the Yankee camp was moved. A fine snowflake walked in, and saw a young general standing in front of Yan Xun, whispering something, and his face was ugly.

Yan Xun gently glanced at him, his eyes were very faint, could not see what emotions, just quietly listening to the words of the person, nodded from time to time, Ah Jing stood at the door, the skin was slightly red After a long time, I finally coughed deliberately and said aloud: “His Royal Highness, there is something to report.”

Yan Xun seems to find his presence at this moment. He looks up and looks at him faintly, then he says without a shock: “Go outside and wait.”

Ah Jing’s face suddenly became more red. He looked at the man next to Yan Xun with an angry look. He saw the man bent over, a very respectful and humble appearance, and saw himself coming in, even if the eye tips were not lifted. Full of fire. He snorted and agreed, then turned and walked out of the big account, the boots fell to the ground, squeaking.

The cold outside was surprisingly strange. The north wind was covered with heavy snow. The torch that was poured with pine oil screamed in the wind. Ah Jing stood at the door. The left and right guards saw him and did not speak. It was just a faint ritual. I greeted him. Ah has been rushing through a period of uncomfortableness. Today, the Guards, he has not known one, and his guard captain has become a display.

I don’t know how long it took, Ah Jing was frozen and kept jumping in the same place, and squatting back and forth, and seeing the curtain was another move. The young officer was wearing a dark blue pen and a military uniform, and his face was handsome. Come out.


A Jing deliberately coughed, and then spit his mouth under his feet, just on the officer’s toe. The officer suddenly stopped and slowly turned his head, but it just happened to touch Ah Jing provocative eyes. The officer’s face was expressionless, his eyes were dark, he turned slightly, and then he turned and walked into it. In the darkness.

“The coward! The waste is empty!” Ah Jing shouted loudly: “No wonder you should be a deserter!”

The night was dark, and I couldn’t see the figure in the blink of an eye. Ah Jing slammed two times and turned and went into the big account.

Yan Xun was looking at the map under the light. He heard that the footsteps he came in did not look up. He just asked, “What?”

Ah Jing convergence of the mind, quickly said: “His Royal Highness, the girl is still behind, such a cold day, there is no tent to spend the night, that can be…”

“What?” Yan Hao’s good-looking brow slowly wrinkled, looked up, his eyes were dark, his voice was low, his tone was very long, but he was mixed with a few faint anger, slowly said: You are not saying that she has already gone back?”

A delicately scratched his head and whispered, “Yeah, I saw the girl turned to the north and went to the north. Who knows that she followed me at night.”

“Waste!” Yan Xun slammed the map on the table and angered: “A group of men can’t even see the individual.”

Ah Jing’s grievances hanged her head and didn’t talk, but my heart said: “But your heart, we don’t dare to do it, we don’t dare to move it, we don’t dare to tie it up and send it back. She promised to send it. Go back a while, who knows will follow up again.

Yan Xun turned and picked up the big cockroaches on the hanger, and draped over him. Ah Jing saw a look of joy, and quickly came forward and said with diligence: “His Royal Highness, I will prepare you for the horse. Let’s go quickly. Going late, the girl is going to be frozen. Say, how can you disregard the girl? Your Yanshan, besides you, the girl is the number two. The girl follows you in the true and beautiful, and where is the white-eyed wolf who believes in betrayal? ”

However, his words had not been finished yet. Suddenly he found that the person behind him did not follow up. He looked back and saw Yan Xun standing in the middle of the big account. The fire candle in the downlight burned his face, his face was bright. Bright and shimmering, faintly light gray light and shadow on the cheeks, like a fog that can not see through.

“The temple… Your Highness?”

Ah Jing tempted whispered, Yan Xun stood there, his eyes were silent, his eyes were like the clouds above the sky, and finally, he dropped his hand that was carrying a big band, and his voice calmly said: “You bring 20 people. Guard, pick her up.”

“Ah?” Ah Jing opened his mouth and asked, “Don’t you go to your Highness?”

Yan Xun did not speak, just turned around faintly, took off his coat, and slowly walked to the book case, fingers rubbed the huge map of Yanbei, and did not speak for a long time.

The back of Yan Xun is hidden in the light, the light is shining, and the bright one can’t be overlooked. Ai Jing suddenly felt that he had taken a blind eye. He looked at the back of Yan Xun and suddenly remembered that in the Shengjin Palace many years ago, the dazzling morning of the day, the emperor of Daxia slowly came out from the heavy palace. He crouched in the middle of the crowd and sneaked his head, but he was almost blinded by the golden robes.

“Yes, subordinates obey.”

A Jing promised a voice, but before the departure, he heard the voice of Yan Xun’s voice coming down: “There will be no rumors after entering the big account.”

The young Yanbei warrior silently nodded, no longer alive, and a one-on-one answer: “Yes, the subordinates obey.”

When Chu Qiao followed A Jing into the camp, Yan Xun had already slept. She watched the Yankee had already turned off the lights and smashed the wind. The wind ran all the way, and some cramped: “The way the Highness went It should be very tired.”

“Well,” Chu Qiao nodded, no special emotions, just quietly said: “Then I will go back first.”

When I returned to the camp, my hands and feet were already numb. I was very enthusiastic to come in and give her hot water. Although most of the soldiers did not know her, they heard her name deeds. Exploring the brain outside, until I was scorned by Ah Jing.

After a while, the curtain moved, a small head flashed in from the outside, and said with a smile: “Chu Daren!”

“Peace?” Chu Qiao was slightly surprised. He saw Du Heping wearing a small military uniform. He did not see it for a few days. He seemed to grow taller. After the war broke out in Beibei, she became ill and had never been able to take care of him. I didn’t expect to see it here today, and quickly said, “How are you here?”

“I am a soldier.”

“You? Be a soldier?” Chu Qiao said: “How old are you?”

“Adult, don’t look down on people. Just after General Ajing spoke up. After that, peace is the girl’s serviceman. You can give me any chores.”

orderly? This is also good, at least not on the battlefield. Chu Qiao smiled slightly and licked the child’s hair and said: “When you go to Ajing, you say I thank him.”

“The general is not watching the night tonight, it is the Cheng Daren vigil.”

Chu Qiao’s brows are slightly picking. Ah Jing is the personal guard of Yan Xun. It has always been the most loyal guard. How can he not stay at night? Just ask: “Cheng Daren? Which way is it?”

“I don’t know.” Peace is still small, childish frowning: “I know the name of the adult.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded. “It’s not too late. Go back and rest.”

Peaceful and crisp promised, it seems very happy, and jumped out of the door. Chu Qiao looked at his back and suddenly felt a little sad. If it was in modern times, such a big child should still be hiding in the arms of his parents and crying when he was carrying a schoolbag every day. But here, He was too early to take care of his sister’s responsibilities, and lived a life of blood.

Washed the face, before it was hot water, it would have been a little cold, she took off her boots, some hard work, awkward pain, the feet have been frozen, red purple and purple, it tickles when it is roasted, she Take a deep breath, take a bite of the dry food that I just sent, and then lean on the warm quilt, a little bit fascinating.

The things of that day, after all, still exist in the hearts of the two, even though she is not so vivid, how hard it is to adjust and recover, but some things are like porcelain, since it broke So no matter what remedy is done, it will not help, at best, it can be set in gold.


For her illness, Yan Xun opened the army for two days, and stayed in front of the sick bed all night. They fed her water, and even personally took drugs, and diligently let the people around them frightened. However, when Chu Qiao proposed to accompany the army, he still decisively refused, and the reason is almost impossible to refute, but no matter how much it sounds for her, how reasonable it is, but Chu Qiao’s In my mind, I kept reverberating with the words of Yan Xun on the same day: “If they later violated the military law, I will not be tempted.”

This is a warning, but how can you be sure that this is not a signal? Chu Qiao was embarrassed by this idea. From when did she be so alert to him? Except that day, Yan Xun is still as good as she is, so Chu Qiao even thought that everything on the day was just a dream. However, on the day when the army was opened, her armor was in front of the gate, and when she kneels on the ground and asks to join the army, Yan Xun is angry.

This is the first time he has been angry with her, and there is no angry scream, but looking at her for a long time, it seems that she saw a lot of things through her thin shoulders. Finally, he just gently asked: “Achu You are not worried about anything?” Then, before she had not answered, she rode over and didn’t even look back.

The soldiers surrounded her and asked her to go back to the house immediately. She quietly looked at the figure that Yan Xun had left, and suddenly felt that her heart was desolate. He understands everything, knows everything, his mind is so much, he asked her, what are you not worried about? But Yan Xun, then what about you? What are you worried about?

After all, she kept up. As he said, she is not at ease. Yes, she does not trust him. She is afraid that he will kill the southwestern town government. On the battlefield, a unit will be silent. There are so many ways to eliminate it. The officers and men of the southwestern town government have left their lives to follow themselves. She can’t let them die like this.

Maybe it is the heart of her villain, but Yan Xun, since you know what I am afraid of, why not make a commitment to me? Still, you don’t dare at all, and those I fear are already in your plan?

The charcoal fire on the ground ignited quietly. This is a good white charcoal. There is only one light smoke that is almost invisible. Chu Qiao is fixed and staring, and his eyes are getting sore and sore. Her illness was not completely good, and she spent a whole day in the cold wind. She was tired like a tidal wave. She was wearing a white single coat, huddled on the bed, blowing out the candlelight, and sleeping quietly. The past.

The moon outside is swaying, shining brightly under the snow below. The tent was dark, and the wind blew, and there was no tree in the flat. He could only hear the sound of the night hawk, and sprinted through the quiet night sky.

I don’t know how long it took. I was black and lacquered. There was a cold touch on my foot. Chu Qiao closed her eyes and frowned slightly. Then she seemed to get an electric shock. She sat up and screamed coldly. Who?”

In the darkness, a long figure sits at the foot of the bed. The man is in a soft cloth. With a slight light, he can see his eyebrows. He sits there, his palm gently holding her frostbite. A bowl is placed on the edge of the bed, and a strong scent of fragrant scent emerges from it.

“Woke up?”

Yan Xun said quietly, then stood up to ignite the candle, the warm yellow fire on his face, a quiet and clear atmosphere. He sat back again, stretched out his slender fingers, took the medicine, and then applied it to her frostbite. His fingertips were mild, like a gentle wind, gently sweeping her fingertips and insteps. I don’t look up, my eyes are like a pool of cold water. I said, “You need to take medicine every day. You don’t have to wait in the army. You have a lot of things here. Don’t forget to take care of you when you are busy. Your own body.”

The medicine is cool and silky, and it is very comfortable on the top. Chu Qiao’s sole is small and cute. It also reveals a white calf on the top. Yan Xun’s hand is used for her medicine, and her hand is holding her ankle. The sound is like water, quiet. I have been jealous of the embarrassment between the two.

“Well, I know.” Chu Qiao nodded and bit his lip, but did not know what to say. She remembered that in the years in the palace, her feet would be frostbitten in the winter, red and swollen, and purulent, even when it was the most powerful. In the first days, they didn’t have any medicine. Yan Xun used wine for her. She saw that she had a bad pain. She also joked that she would be drunk, so she could not feel any pain. At that time, Yan Xun’s eyes were bent, as if a star had broken open in his eyes, and it was sparkling. Even now, every night, she still dreams of what he was like at the time, so clear and clear that she is forgotten even now.

“Have a good rest.” After taking the medicine, Yan Xun stood up and said, “I will go first.”

“Yan Xun…”

As soon as Yan Xun turned around, he found that his clothes were held by a small white hand. The hand was so thin, the fingers were slender, and the white was like transparency. Listening to her voice, his heart suddenly Soft, he looked back and looked at Chu Qiao’s eyes and asked quietly: “What?”

“are you angry with me?”

Yan Xun looked at her, and the voice was calm and asked: “I should be angry?”

Chu Qiao was slightly a little breathless, and the big account was very stuffy. She licked her lips and said, “I don’t know.”

The atmosphere suddenly cooled down. No one of them spoke. The air was flowing with the smell of cockroaches. The swallows were long and slim, and the ink was dark and their eyes were like obsidian. They looked at her quietly. Chu Qiao’s cheeks pale, finally slowly raised his head, looked at Yan Xun’s eyes, shook his cuffs and whispered: “You let me follow you, OK?”

Yan Xun stood silent for a long time. He looked at Chu Qiao’s face and didn’t talk. Many emotions flashed through his mind, making him unable to grasp the truest self. The rise of the Yanbei regime is too fast. Now it is like going against the water. Every step must be cautious. He frowns and meditates on his future plans and strategies. Filtering one by one, screening one by one, finally, he opens his mouth. Said: “Achu, do you know what is the biggest hidden danger in Yanbei?”

Chu Qiao looked up and didn’t answer because she knew that she didn’t need her to answer at the moment. Sure enough, Yan Xun asked himself: “The warlords are separated, they are in power, the forces of Datong are intertwined, the military decrees are unstable, and everyone has their own loyal coaches. These are the fatal injuries of Yanbei.”

Yan Xun reached out and said that Chu Qiao had his hair behind his ear and said: “These are all need to be rectified and cleaned. Although it is bloody, this is the only way for the regime to establish a firm foot. The wrong thing is that the situation is forcing me to go this way. I don’t want you to get involved. Do you understand?”

Chu Qiao nodded: “I understand, Yan Xun, I don’t want to be a soldier, I just want to be by your side.”

After listening to Chu Qiao’s words, Yan Xun’s words were slightly different. He thought that Chu Qiao had to catch up. He must be the leader of the southwestern town government. He couldn’t understand her intentions at the moment, but his heart slowly rose. Warm, he nodded and said warmly: “That’s good.”

Yan Xun put down her hand, she will leave, put on the blue cotton cloth cloak, the body is slightly thin, Chu Qiao looked at him, suddenly a few sorrows and sorrows in her heart, she bit her lip and said: “Yan Xun, do you believe me? ”

Yan Xun’s footsteps stopped, but he never looked back. His voice was like a fine sand and a faint sound.

“Achu, I have never doubted you, I just hope to protect you from right and wrong before the **** comes, nothing more.”

The curtain of the big account swayed slightly, and the figure flashed, and there was no trace. Chu Qiao sat on the bed and suddenly lost his sleepiness.

More leaking, everything is quiet and serene, she sounded many years ago, they promised each other, no secrets, always honest and right, do not let misunderstandings and barriers block between the two. It is a pity that this can only be a dream. There are many things in this world that cannot be told to others, especially those who love you.

She should believe him, Chu Qiao quietly bites her lips, does not believe him, who can she believe?

She tried to convince herself, then lay down and closed her eyes, but then saw a row of broken ends on the square that day, blood splashing, all over the place.

After walking for seven days, I arrived at the Xuekui River in Yao Province. The base camp was built on the mountain, and the soldiers were 200,000. Looking from afar, the color of the armor.

Chu Qiao gave up the command of the southwestern town government. There is no reason. After the battle of Beibei, Chu Qiao’s reputation in Yanbei was almost equal to Yan Xun, and she also praised her in the army, plus she followed for many years. The achievements of Yan Xun are faintly the second person in Yanbei. The southwestern town government, as a rebel army that directly led to the defeat of Yanshicheng in the same year, the Yanbei people’s feelings for them were extremely complicated, both years of resentment and gratitude for their guarding Yanbei. Emotions are very useful to others.

The southwestern town government knows the loyalty to Chu Qiao. Once she continues to lead the team, Yan Xun will lose the command of the southwest town government, and this team will become her veritable private army. Things are absolutely unacceptable to any emperor. Therefore, she must give up military power and stand beside Yan Xun, so that once there is something, she will have a neutral position, whether it is for the southwestern town government or for herself, it is a good thing.

Her thoughts were very appropriate. However, when she saw the new chief of the southwestern town government, she suddenly stopped, her brows tightened and tightened, her eyes were sharp, and the young generals of the blue military uniforms. I looked at her with a smile and said quietly, “Chu Daren, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”


“Cheng General.” Chu Qiao’s eyes were cold and sneer, and slowly said: “Northern Yiyi, General Xue Zhiyuan died tragically, Cheng General left with General Xia’an, I thought that this life has no chance to see the general’s gold again. I didn’t expect to meet again today, it’s really exciting.”

Cheng Yuan smiled slightly and said: “Where life does not meet, I am a good relationship with an adult.”

Chu Qiao snorted and turned to go to the big account of Yan Xun. While walking, he whispered: “He Xiao, optimistic about the team, before I come back, no one is allowed to slap on the southwestern town!”

“Yes!” He Xiao answered loudly.

The cold wind blew on Chu Qiao’s face, her angry cheeks flushed.

General Xue, I can finally avenge you!

Yan Xun made that dream again, sweat from the forehead, and the dark eyes were quiet. The outside was bright, he was on the case, the blouse of the inner shirt was soaked, and the slender hand held the teacup, the nails were cleaned, and the scorpion had many scorpions left by the martial arts. He held it hard. The white wall of the cup, the wrist is shaking slightly.

After a long period of time, the memory is like a lake in the early spring of March. The far and near scenery is fading and blurred. He always thought that the emperor for many years was forbearing, and finally let him learn to forget for a short time. Everything in it. However, forever a dream is enough to make all the efforts of the day go to the east. The memories and pictures that are deeply pressed by him are once again swept away, with sharp and sharp knives, a knife and a knife. On the skin’s bone marrow, no flesh and blood will not give up.

The dreams are bloody, the eyes of parents and parents are chilling, and the mellow liquids are pouring out of their eyes, like good wine.

For so many years, he thought he was well controlled. However, from the moment he set foot on Yanbei, many emotions that had been crouching for many years were once again stunned, like a hibernating snake was horrified, even if it was closed. Eyes, also instinctively know where to go. At this moment, he finally understood that Yanbei was not his salvation, but his spiritual marijuana, unable to get rid of it, and deeper and deeper.

He fixed his eyes, his eyes looked at the front without a focal length, his breathing gradually stabilized, but there was a deep hatred rising from his heart. The bloodthirsty craving rises from the mind, and he urgently wants to hold the knife and wave it out, enjoying the thrill of cutting the bones into the flesh.

Just then, there was a sudden noise outside the door. The angry voice of the woman was especially sharp and fierce, and the thoughts suddenly cooled down. I didn’t have to think about who came, and he shouted, and then the guards who kept the door let her go in.

Chu Qiao still wears the white shackles. During this time, she seems to grow taller. Yingying’s standing there is already a big girl. Yan Xun converges on the look of the genius, quietly and warmly said: “The guards are new, not knowing you.”

“Why is Cheng Yuan going to be in the army?”

Chu Qiao went straight into the theme, and did not mind being blocked by the guards. Yan Xun saw her appearance as a public official, and sat up straight and said: “He made a merit, killing the escaped former Beibei former guardian general. Xia An, with the return of the Beibei defenders, should be praised.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes sparkled, staring at Yan Xun, seemingly trying to find some flaws and loopholes in his expression, but the man sat calmly on top of it, without a trace of waves, like a deep but calm lake. Casting a stone down, nothing can be seen except for a bang.

“I want to kill him.”

Chu Qiao said slowly, the voice was very calm, but his eyes flashed a violent murderous.

Yan Xun’s eye tip slightly provoked, quietly looked at Chu Qiao, but did not speak, the air became more dull, faint can hear the north wind blowing outside the door from the corner of the tent, blowing, one The turn of the circle.

“I told you, I am leaving.” Chu Qiao said quietly, turned and wanted to go.


Yan Xun slightly narrowed his eyes, and looked at her with some disappointment. The eyebrows were locked and slowly said: “Cheng Yuan is now a general of the southwestern town government. If he has something, the southwestern town government can’t escape the guard first. The unfavorable responsibility of the chief.”

Chu Qiao turned around and raised his eyebrow slightly: “Do you threaten me?”

“I just don’t want you to do something wrong.”

“He killed Xue Zhiyuan, killed the officers and men of the southwestern town government, and almost killed me. If it weren’t for him, the Yanbei Battle would not have such a big loss. This man was sinister and sinister, seeing the wind and turning the rudder. The snobbery of the dead, who are you like to protect him?”

Yan Xun looked at the excited Chu Qiao, his expression was not shocked, and faintly said: “Yanbei is not afraid of too many people who die, but I don’t think it is worthy of praise.”

Chu Qiao angered: “Is it worth to praise the forgiveness of greed and fear of death?”

“A person has to be fearful and more controllable, Achu, I hope you calm down and think about it.”

Chu Qiao looked at Yan Xun deeply, and once again remembered the warriors who died in Beibei City and the shouts before Xue Zhiyuan’s death. She suddenly felt that her blood was hot and her eyes were sharp like a knife. He asked: “If I must kill him, how would you like me?”

“You know that no matter what you do, I won’t know how you are.” Yan Xun looked at her, and said in a calm tone: “If this happens, there will naturally be others paying for it.”

The light outside was suddenly so glaring, the shaking Chu Qiao’s eyes were sore, she stood in the tent, the fire in the brazier creaked, and the room was warm, but she felt that the blood was cold, and it was almost frozen into icicles. . Her gaze was a little erratic. It seemed to be watching Yan Xun, but it seemed to have passed through him very far. His eyebrows were already stained with wind and frost, and his eyes were no longer clear. It was not the Lang Lang juvenile of the eyebrow star on the Chishui Lake. It is not the lonely prince who lives with him in the Golden Palace. Time opened a huge gap between them. She couldn’t get through, and he no longer tried to come over. However, it took less than a year to complete everything. What is power in the end, she finally understood today.

“Understood,” Chu Qiao nodded faintly, slightly arched his hand: “Subordinates retired.”

“Achu,” seeing her so lonely, Yan Xun can not bear it, the heart is like a small beast sharp claws caught, the pain of the awkward: “You do not want this.”

Chu Qiao lowered his head and answered quietly: “Although the subordinates are dull, the merits of defection and greed for fear of death are still not available. Your Highness is looking for such talents. The hope of Yanbei Zhongxing lies in these people. The body is there, there are still things, and retired.”

I didn’t look at Yan Xun’s expression, and turned and walked out of the big account.

The curtain of the suede moved slightly, and the wind outside suddenly increased. After sitting in the case, Yan Xun looked at the door with some disappointment, and seemed to be looking forward to what it was.

This is the first time Chu Qiao has been angry with him. For so many years, no matter what he did or what he made, she can silence and forgive him for all his actions. Even if he almost gave up the entire Yanbei people a while ago, she did not have any anger.

The southwestern town government, the southwestern town government, Yan Xun silently read the name twice, and many of the past unbearable memories once again echoed in my mind.

“This name is too unsightly.”

Yanbei’s young new king slowly frowned, his fingers unknowingly tapping on the table, and fell into a short meditation.

This place in Yanbei is windy all the year round. Even though it is now out of the boundary of Yanbei, the weather has not turned warm. Just out of the big account, I saw that the young man in a dark blue coat stood there quietly, but his body was tall and straight, but he was deliberately humbled back, looking humble and courteous, but surprisingly not despicable. There are a lot of temperament and heritage that ordinary people don’t have, and they are very calm. Seeing Chu Qiao coming over, he slowly raised his head, his eyes picked up, and he smiled slightly at Chu Qiao, whispering: “The Chu people are working hard.”

Chu Qiao didn’t look at him and went straight to his camp, but he listened to him with a faint smile: “It seems that the adults are not going well.”

Chu Qiao slowly stopped and frowned, turned his head and said, “Cheng Yuan, do you really think that I dare not kill you?”

“When the adults say this, the adults followed their Highness in the capital for eight years, and they repeatedly won the battle. The merits were great. No one can compare. How can you compete with adults?”

Chu Qiao did not speak, she looked at the handsome man with a cold eye, only felt the nausea in the stomach, almost want to spit it out.

Cheng Yuan looked at her with a smile and continued: “It’s just that Mu Xiu Yu Lin, the wind will destroy it. Do you think that you are too high-profile now? In the end, the king of Yanbei is still His Royal Highness.”

Chu Qiao sneered, sneaked a man’s glance, faintly said: “Cheng General, want to leave me and Yan Xun, you are not qualified. I call you a general today, is to respect his decision, but this does not mean You can play in front of me. You better pray that I am in a better mood recently. Otherwise, it is difficult for me to guarantee that I will sneak into your tent one night and give you a good time. Even if you are dead, you think he will be for you and Am I breaking my face? You are too naive and too self-righteous.”

Cheng Yuan’s narrow eyes lifted slightly, and quietly looked at Chu Qiao but did not speak. Chu Qiao turned his head and did not look at him. He disappeared into the hurricane.

When Cheng Yuan entered the Yankee account, Yan Xun still sat quietly in front of the case. Looking at the map hanging on the wall, his eyes were blurred and empty. He didn’t know what he was thinking. Cheng Yuan was very vocal and did not say anything, but folded his hands in front of him and stood quietly with his head down. After a while, the low voice came from the case, and Yan Xun did not turn around, but slowly said: “Away from her.”


Cheng Yuan quickly nodded and promised: “The instructions are to follow the instructions of His Highness.”

“If I angered her, I can’t help you.”


The horn of the dinner was blown, and a large number of soldiers walked on the hoarding snow, and the footsteps rustled. The wind shouted a few times outside the door and asked Yan to eat a few times. Yan Xun could not hear it. He just looked at the map quietly, and his eyes glanced through the vast land of Daxia. It is a sharp eagle.

When he returned to his big account, Cheng Yuan’s face suddenly cooled down. He dropped his cloak on the bed and his eyebrows almost twisted. Jiang Teng is his personal guard. He has been following him for a few years. He is very loyal. When he saw it, he asked: “What happened to the general?”

“You must get rid of her.”

Almost from the teeth, spit out these words, did not say who, but Jiang Teng suddenly changed his face, he quickly said: “General, you have to think twice, do not say that her own strength can not be underestimated, even if you If you are lucky, your Highness will not be willing to give up.”

“I know,” Cheng Yuan said with a sigh of relief and said slowly: “But if she left this misfortune, once she and her Highness resigned, I will die in her hand sooner or later.”

“But Your Highness…”

“Reassured, I will not be able to save her life for the time being.”

Cheng Yuan slowly sat in the chair and played a jade card with a white and clear jade. The jade card is a very common style, and it is not a good jade carving, but the name is Chu Qiao, which is the kind of longevity. Jade brand.

“I will cut off her wings first, and I am sure that my Highness will be happy.”

The bang of the crackling sound, the jade brand in Cheng Yuan’s hand suddenly broke, and his face did not change his color and let go of his hand. He broke into a small piece of jade card and smashed it on the ground. The sound was crisp, like a guzheng.

Xuekui River is a tributary of Chishui River. It is located in the upper reaches of Yanmingguan. It faces the mighty Yanmingguan across the river. Now the snow is closed and the river surface has been frozen. From the big camp of Yanyan to the opposite, the horse is just needed. Less than a tea time, but neither Yan Xun or Zhao Che did not rashly move forward like the first Northern Expedition. On the 5th, apart from the small arms of the two sides scouting the army, there is still no big battle. They seem to be carefully testing the strength of the other side, seeking an appropriate time, the snow is getting bigger and bigger, calling for the whole day, scouting the soldiers to shuttle on the snowy river, from time to time to bring back a little bit of information from the other side, the staff After staying up all night, analyzing a piece of favorable information, Chu Qiao worked tired for a few days, obviously lost a large circle, but her military literacy, once again let the Yanbei First Army Second Army and the Black Hawk Army generals Surprisingly, within three days, she is already the general commander of the staff.

On the afternoon of the same day, Yan and Xiaohe arrived with a batch of grain and grass. The above indicated that they were transported from Huai Song. There were plenty of food and grass, and there was a shortage of cabbage and bacon in the army. Yan Xun was very happy. On the same day, he ordered A Jing to send a batch of gold mines that had just been produced from the rear to Huai Song.

The war is imminent, Ah Jing naturally does not want to leave, such errands, can be handed over to an ordinary general, but Yan Xun is very solemn to say that others, he has to go full of worry.

Before leaving, he came to see Chu Qiao. He walked all the way. Seeing all the generals who were young, the former mature faces were mostly absent. They did not go to the rear to recruit soldiers, or they led the people to rebuild their homes to develop farming and animal husbandry. Some of them are not tasteful. Chu Qiao didn’t see him. The safety of the doorkeeper and Ai Jing said that she went to the squad to analyze the intelligence. Maybe it will come back.

Ah Jing in the road, unfortunately, then dejected and dejected.

Seeing him go, safely entered the door, strangely asked Chu Joe why not go to see General Ajing. Chu Qiao was silent for a long time, and finally he said slowly: “I am good for him.”

On the second day after Ah Jing’s departure, a battle was carried out on Xiongpopo, 80 miles away. The scale of the war was not large, and it was really awkward. Two hundred scouts suffered a hundred summer army Soldiers, both sides suddenly met, no one wants to meet anyone, but the spurs in the darkness, let them squint for a long time, finally had to show their weapons and cut them together.

It stands to reason that the scouting army should be the highest in the literacy of the whole army. They are both masters of intelligence and intelligence, as well as elite cavalry, with excellent equestrian and knife skills, as well as mastering the long-range arrow method and escorting the army of grain. Most of them are old, weak and sick in the army. Two hundred scouts met a hundred grain soldiers. From a common sense, victory should be no doubt.

However, this team of Yanbei’s scouts was defeated, but only one or twenty people survived. Chu Qiao was almost shocked when he saw them. He was shocked to hear their descriptions. She quickly ran back to the staff and grabbed a combat staff and asked: “Who is the general logistics schedule for Daxia?”

Where did the official know such secrets, his old beard was already white, and he looked at Chu Qiao and couldn’t speak.

Chu Qiao angered: “Say!”

“It’s your old acquaintance, Zhuge’s four sons, Zhuge.”

The low voice sounded behind him, Chu Qiao suddenly turned around, but saw Yan Xun standing in the doorway, the hood of the top of the layer of snow, calm, but his eyes showed a hint of chill.

He stared at Chu Qiao sharply, and seemed to want to find a trace of undulations from her face, but he failed. Chu Qiao is still the same look, looking at him with a frown, seems to be saying: Why are you here?

These days, they have been in the cold war.

“Let’s say, when do you want to fight with me?”

Yan Xun sighed and walked forward, pulling Chu Qiao’s hand. Chu Qiao earned a hard effort, but did not break away. Her eyebrows were tightly locked. A scissor hand wanted to pull out, but she saw Yan Xun’s backhand flexibly following her movements, still holding her tight.

“Achu, don’t be angry.”

Chu Qiao coldly said: “How dare you be angry with your temple?”

Yan Xun’s face sank and shouted: “Don’t make trouble.”

Chu Qiao suddenly raised his eyebrows: “Yan Xun, do you think I am playing with your child’s temper?”

Yan Xun’s face was a bit ugly. He lowered his body to apologize, but got her two words that were not salty or not. Some face was too ill, and he was annoyed: “Achu, is it that I used to be too proud of you? You are not like this.”

Chu Qiao heard the words just want to laugh, arrogant? From small to large, from past life to this life, I did not expect that she would be associated with this word, she sneered, I do not know whether it is ridiculing Yan Xun, or mocking himself. I am not like this at ordinary times. Have you been like this before? Who changed it?

“The war is just around the corner. It is the time when Yanbei employs people. At this time, the first big thing is how to deal with the army of the big summer, instead of thinking about your personal grievances, think about it yourself.”

After all, Yan Xun walked out of the camp with a cloak. Chu Qiao stood in the same place, his eyes became colder and colder. The anger that had been full of these days was turned into a icy water, and there was no feeling of boiling, like dead water.

Is it the time to hire someone? Then why are the old generals of the First Army replaced? The officers who had been trained by Mr. Wu for many years have been sent back to Yanbei and the herdsmen to go back to the mountains and sheep. Why is the girl being thrown away? Why did Ah Jing be transferred away from the distance, but he had to face the analysis of these irrelevant military intelligence analysis all day long, but even Zhuge is not the big logistics headquarters of Daxia?

Yanbei Army finally became a piece of iron, but Yan Xun, why do you even believe me no longer?

Chu Qiao only felt a bitter unspeakable, and she was so defeated that she was so disappointed that she was sitting on a chair and she was cold for a while.

Did Zhuge also come with the army? That is not really good news. His military literacy is not under Zhao Che, but also a close disciple of Mr. Wolong. He and Wu’s girl are out of the same door, and there is strong financial support from Zhuge Valve. Behind him, It is the Zhuge family, and it is the attitude of the entire Daxiamen valve on this matter. Will his arrival, as Liang Shushang said, be a precursor to the war of the door?

But this is also good, at the very least, he is no longer excluded by the family. Although it was in the war, the news of Zhen Huang City could still be passed to her ears, and this is really not a secret. Zhuge Yue lost his family, because the Sui and Tang Dynasties were jointly suppressed by the royal family and the Presbyterian Church. They were deprived of their ranks and official positions. They were idle and placed under house arrest. They were strictly prohibited from going out of the city, and Zhuge Muqing would He was placed under house arrest in Zhuge House. For a time, he became a joke and talk of the entire upper class in the summer.

These things, Chu Qiao has tried his best not to think about it. Self-blame and guilt are totally useless, and she can’t make any compensation and reward for him. She has always been such a person, and she has firmly chosen her own way, even if it is a thorn. If you are full of roads, even if it is raining and falling, there will be no shake and weakness. But occasionally dreaming back at midnight, I will also see his stubborn voice, and hear the hoarse voice:

“Don’t you feel it? I need you too.”

I hope he is only doing logistic dispatch, but I hope not to meet him, I hope, I hope.

Chu Qiao was very tired and tired. She didn’t want to look at the information like the waste paper. She dragged her tired body and wanted to go back to the camp. She just wanted to fall asleep. However, when I went to the Xiying, the voices of the two guards suddenly fell into my ears.

“I see that my highness is to let them die. At the beginning of the first army, Major General Liu said a word at the meeting. Later, he disappeared on the battlefield without knowing it. His film is an internal battle zone and there is no enemy at all. After that, we guessed that 80% was destroyed.”


Isn’t it, let alone they are so fierce. If it weren’t for the Chu people who were in the staff department, it is estimated that they have already seen the king.”

A veteran sighed: “His Royal Highness is different from the temper of the Old King. It seems that it was still a time when Mr. Wu was in charge of the matter. It was the Chu people who were generous.”

“Yeah,” someone echoed: “Long, pretty, pretty, and listening, fair and capable, no wonder those people support her.”

Chu Qiao frowned and coughed, and slowly walked out. The few men were the vigils of the vigil. When they heard the voices, they suddenly became so scared that they quickly stood up and looked at her with all their disappointment.

“There is a deliberate discussion behind the Highness.”

“Adults, adults, we know what is wrong, but also ask the adults to raise their hands and let us live a path.”

A few people slammed into the ground and pleaded for mercy. Chu Qiao looked at them and said slowly: “There can only be a commander in the army. Yanbei can only have one leader. His Royal Highness is the son of Yan Lao Wang. It is us. The owner of Yanbei, you should understand who your loyalty is. This is the army, not the charity hall. It is not surprising to do something wrong, and it will be dead on the battlefield. It is not surprising that if I let you hear it later. You are right and wrong in the back of the non-consideration hall, and one can’t escape the disposal of the military law!”

Several people kneeled on the ground and quickly replied: “Yes, small obey.”

“I remember going to the Military Law Department after tonight, and each person with 30 military sticks will help you to remember for a long time. I will let you go.”

“Yes Yes.”

Chu Qiao turned away without changing his color, but he did not go to his own camp, but quickly went to the camp of the southwest town government.

What happened? Why are those people saying this? What mission did Cheng Yuan send to them?

Everything, as long as I arrive, I will know.

“Adult?” The young soldier met Chu Qiaoton when he was happy. He ran forward and said, “How can adults have time to come to see us?”

“He Xiao? Call him to see me.” Chu Qiao said quickly.

The man suddenly saw a shock and said: “He Tong tie the brothers out.”

“Going out? What are they doing?”

“The scout camp was tight recently, and we were seconded to the scout camp.”

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows are tight, and Shen Sheng said: “Who is the order?”

The soldier’s face suddenly became a bit disdainful, and he snorted: “It’s not the loyal general.”

“Where did they go tonight?”

“I heard that I went to Xiong Xipo.”


Chu Qiao’s eyes suddenly sharp like a sword, Cheng Yuan, if you dare to act rashly, I promise you can’t see the sun in the morning.

Pulling a horse out of the military camp in the southwestern township, Chu Qiao rolled over and jumped up and said: “With the rest of the brothers, follow me.”

The wind is cold, like a sharp knife, the horseshoe is snowing, and it is in the middle of the night.

Soon after, Xiong Xipo, who is far away from the 80s, is already in a panic.


The guards held high torches between the horses and shouted: “Alarm! The whole army is on guard!”

“Who? Who is the person?” He Xiao’s eyes are red, saying that it is a camp. In fact, it is just a horse-horse formation of a thousand people. They have just received orders to rest here. Why are they being explored by the enemy so quickly?

“I don’t know, General.” The guard shouted: “The enemy is coming from the northwest of our army. It is difficult for the enemy and me. What should we do?”

This sentence is very meaningful, northwest? Then it is impossible to tell whether the person on the opposite side is the army of Daxia or the local army of Yanbei. With the southwest township, the current status of this embarrassment is very likely, and the possibility of the latter seems to be even bigger. This is a wonderful irony. He Xiao frowned, and slowly said: “The whole army is shrinking. For the time being, don’t start with the enemy. We have to look at each other’s identity.”

“Adult, Gu Chang has already rushed forward with the strikers!”

He Xiaoteng rushed to the high slope, only to see the fire everywhere, shouting killing sounds and sirens filled the audience, the former soldiers of the army were fighting each other, if not the southwestern town government has repeatedly suffered twists and turns, the combat power is super strong, at this moment may Has been rushed into the interior by the enemy.

There is still a chance, there is still a chance, He Xiao frowned and thought, “Where is the general of Cheng?”

“I left before an hour.”

“******!” He Xiao yelled and yelled, “Give me a horse, fast!”

However, at this moment, a sharp arrow suddenly burst into the air, the arrow with the sound of the wind, like a beastly beast, long eyes generally whistling toward the door of He Xiao!

Avoiding inevitable, retreat, fast, it is too fast, strong murder is like a flood of flooding, rushing sweeping, silver flashing, the torch of the audience seems to have dimmed in an instant Only the brilliance and light of the arrow left, the dark night rang through the turbulent hustle and bustle, like a bloody feast.

He Xiao’s pupils were magnified and his eyes were sharp. He felt that his forehead’s skin seemed to be hurt by the thorns. He himself was also a master of archery, and he was hard to beat the enemy. However, in the face of this arrow, he felt like a child of seven or eight years old. He did not have the slightest effort to fight back. It was like a powerful farmer with a powerful swordsman who was awkwardly waving. His fists can only look at all the futile fights in the air, and the other party can kill the farmer in the hard-working field of the ancestors with only a delicate sword flower.

Too fast, the body is too late to make any action, the arrow is already close at hand, he can hear the exclamation of the subordinates, but also can feel the magnified eyes when the people around him scream, but he can’t speak. Come, at the last moment before dying, he was thinking, who is it? It’s not awkward to have the skills of being able to compete with the adults and to die in the hands of such characters.


A sharp screaming resounded through the audience. Immediately, it was the same silence as death. Then, when the mountain and the sea sang at the same time, Chu Qiaoqi came and jumped up the high slope and stood in front of He Xiao. Under her horse is a bow and arrow with two arrows crossing each other. The sawdust spreads out like two flowers.

“grown ups!”

All the officers and men of the southwestern town government cheered in unison: “The grown-up is coming!”

Unexpectedly, the enemy also stopped the attack. The two sides tacitly contracted the troops slowly, and then stood clearly, the torches flashed, and the lights were bright.

Chu Qiao frowned, the arrow she was too familiar with, her heart began to squat, her brows were also locked, that is, worried about fear, and faintly gave birth to a few delights. If it is true, if it is true, then tonight, maybe you can…

The opposite crowd gradually dispersed. As soon as the white horse slowly came out from behind the soldier, the young man in the immediate dress was wearing a purple scorpion, a kimono, and no military appearance. His eyes were like cold springs, lazy. Chu Qiao and others slid over their bodies, and their faces were arrogant and indifferent for a long time. Finally, he whispered: “It’s just a group of emigrants who withdraw their troops.”

“Adult!” An officer came out and said quickly: “How can this be a refugee? They have a strong fighting power and are definitely an elite teacher in Yanbei.”

The man heard the eyebrows and gently picked it up, slightly lowered his chin and looked at him with his eyes. He said, “Do you have any opinion on my judgment?”

The man suddenly sneaked and squatted on the ground: “I don’t dare.”

“Do you think that I am treasoning the enemy? Or is there a problem with my head?”

The officer’s forehead gradually sweated down, and he said in a tense and continuous manner: “Because it is subtle, it does not dare.”

The man looked up and didn’t look at him. He said: “If you don’t dare, you should know how to do it.”

“Yes, the subordinates know.” The man quickly stood up and said to the soldiers behind him: “Withdrawal, withdrawal, the army withdraws first, others follow in order.”

The purple man slowly turned around and turned around. Before he left, his eyes were faintly swept away from Chu Qiao’s face. The girl was white and described as thin, and her eyes were more and more prominent. She held the reins and looked at herself without speaking. The wind blew through her hair, like the ink dripping into the water, dancing a perfect arc.

The enemy troops thus grew up in front of them. There were more than 3,000 people, leaving more than a thousand fully armed “migrants”. The war began to be amazed, and the end was also horrified. Until now, some people whispered. Ask: “They are leaving like this?”

Everyone was stunned. After a long time, someone whispered the interface: “I didn’t see the adults coming. They are scared.”

“He Xiao, you will reorganize the army first. I will come when I go.”

Seeing that Chu Qiao was going in the direction of the enemy’s retreat, He Xiao suddenly was shocked and hurriedly grabbed Chu Qiao’s stables and said loudly: “Adults, no one can, in case of falling into the hands of the enemy, we are not enough to make atonement. “”

“Reassured,” Chu Qiao smiled slightly: “Nothing will happen, that person…”

Having said that, her voice suddenly broke, what word should I use to explain the relationship between the two? Enemy? Right? Or is it…

“Is my friend.”

Even if he didn’t see it, Chu Qiao could guess the identity of the other person. Under the circumstance, in addition to the Yan Xun who grew up with her, who else can hold her arrow? When the horse ran for less than a fragrant time, he saw two people standing under a big tree in the distance. One of them came to see her and came up happily. He smiled and said: “The star girl came, young master. Say you will come, I am still worried.”

The moonlight is white, on the snowy field, the big tree is like a big umbrella. Although the branches and leaves are scattered, it is very tall and straight. Zhuge Yan stood under the tree, quietly watching her not talking, white horse walking leisurely alongside him, seeing Chu Qiao is also a happy long-haired, as if he met an acquaintance.



On the Yue Qi of the month, it was natural to hold the reins for her. Chu Cho jumped off the horse and smiled at the Yue Qi: “I didn’t expect to meet you here, are you okay?”

“Who is this girl? Who wants to ask me if I am good for the month? I am fine, I can eat and sleep, and I have married my wife a while ago.”

Yue Qi said with a smile, Chu Qiao slightly embarrassed, but still smiled and said: “That is really congratulations.”

“May 7, go ahead and tell the nest to go slower, don’t accidentally fall into the cave.”

On the seventh day of the month, he turned his head and said to the man under the tree: “Young Master, Yu Chao is a general who was born in the northwest. You are worried about him. It is better to worry that I will fall into the cave on the way to pass the letter.”

Zhuge’s eyebrows screamed and his eyes flashed a few anger. On the seventh day of the month, he quickly raised his hand and even said: “Okay, okay, let’s go, let’s express the care of the young masters.” Then, ride your horse, one The horses and horses are rushing away.

In fact, it was only two months without seeing it, but I don’t know why, but Chu Qiao has been feeling for a long time. During this period, there have been too many things. After the war in the summer, the general affairs of Lin Lin have all come to the fore. In particular, the relationship between Yan and Lin has been heavy. Zhuge’s words have come true, and she is struggling and difficult. Trekking, seeing him again now, thousands of thoughts come to my heart, so that she can not understand her own mood for a time, their relationship is too embarrassing, so that she does not know what to say, can only be so dull station It is like a dead tree on a wilderness.

“Are you having a problem inside?”

Zhuge Yue suddenly opened his mouth, but it was such a private military situation. Chu Qiao looked at him strangely. What did he want to say? Wouldn’t you want to inquire about the Yanbei Army’s intelligence?

“Your people have led me to this.”

Zhuge said slowly: “I guess someone wants to use my hand to get rid of this army, but I didn’t expect it to be yours.”

Although I have already guessed it, Chu Qiao still felt angry when he heard this. She bit her lower lip, clenched her fist and looked at the ground, but did not speak.

“You should be careful, this time I met me, next time, maybe Zhao Che.”

Zhuge said that he was going to take the horse and turned away. Chu Qiao was shocked and caught up with the first two steps and said: “Zhu Ge玥!”

Zhuge Yue turned back and looked at her with a frowning head. Chu Qiao thought for a long time and finally said: “Will you be tired of you?”

Zhuge Yiyi: “If you don’t write to the Presbyterian Church, it is estimated that there is nothing.”

Chu Qiao took a deep breath, his eyes were like a star, and he fixedly looked at him. He finally said, “Thank you.”

Zhuge took the horse and walked freely, waving and saying: “If you can’t get your hand, go back and talk to Yan Xun. The internals are unstable, and your embarrassment will be difficult to fight.”

The snow reflects the light of the moon, the bright white, Zhuge’s purple long scorpion, more and more beautiful and handsome, his back is slender, casting a long figure on the ground, stepping on the snowfield step by step, horses squatting And OK.

Chu Qiao has been standing in the same place, watching his back, far, farther, and finally disappeared under the snow slope, can no longer see.

Her throat was stagnation, and she only felt a thousand words stalked at the neck, but she could not spit it out. The complex emotions almost smashed her reason, and she stood still, not moving for a long time, until the unrelenting He Xiao led the troops, she slowly recovered.

“Adult, let’s go back.”

Chu Qiao nodded and said: “Go back and tell the brothers, tonight, it is not allowed to mention anything.”

He Xiao nodded: “Yes, please rest assured.”

After thinking about it, he tempted and asked: “So, this time, we are so?”

Chu Qiao’s face suddenly became cold, and she snorted and said, “Nature can’t just forget it.”

The neat turn over the horse, the horse screamed, breaking the silence of the night, the wind blowing in the wind, the snow fluttering, a trace of chill. Chu Qiao turned back and looked at the snowy field. It was pale and chaste, like an endless sea. The big tree stood there quietly. I don’t know how many years I have lived alone, how many people from it. Under the eyes, eyes, through the time and space.

“Back to camp!”

The wind whimpered, the snow fluttered, and the night was like a thick ink. The army of the southwestern township stood in front of the camp gate, and the front noticed it. The gate of the camp slowly opened. The doorway of the black hole was like the bloody mouth of the beast. . He Xiao rode on the horse, standing next to Chu Qiao, the sword hangs quietly on his waist, and the light blue light subtly squirts, especially in the moonlight.

“Adult, are we going to report to my Highness now?”

He Xiao Shen asked, Chu Qiao shook his head quietly, the cold wind blew through her broken hair in front of her forehead, like a sly tentacles, she frowned slightly, her eyes looked deep and looked at the brightly lit camp, Shen The voice said: “No, it is inevitable that things will be complicated, and it is better to play the game.”

He Xiao was a little embarrassed and frowned and said: “In this case, will His Highness be angry?”

“I don’t know.” Chu Qiao said faintly: “I will do it first.”

After all, before the first fight, the guards of the guards brushed her to salute her, but she did not seem to see the same, and the horse rushed into the camp, followed by more than a thousand southwestern townsmen who had survived. The team swept the camp like a tornado, and the horseshoes burst like a rolling thunder, and the snow fluttered, and a thin snow mist was buried under the horseshoe.

Many of the soldiers who have fallen into asleep have been awakened. They thought that the enemy was attacking the camp. They quickly dressed their clothes and rushed out of their respective camps with their weapons. When they came out, they were filled with snow foam and saw the southwest. The officers and men of the town government rushed to Dongying, and suddenly they were surprised. A forty-year-old veteran’s clothes were not worn yet, and the belt was tied in half. The face full of pleats was pumping and frowned. “How are these guys so angry? Eighty percent is going to happen, it should be Hurry to inform your Highness.”

At the same time, the big account of Yan Xun has already lit up, and the guards on duty have rushed into the big army, and the footsteps disturbed the man in his sleep.


Chu Qiao snorted and more than 20 hooks were thrown out like a string of arrows. The squatting hooked on the tent. The soldiers suddenly whip the horse and the horse screamed and kicked. , flew away in all directions. In the next second, the big camp was torn into pieces, and Cheng Yuan’s clothes were still not dressed, but he stood still in the big account with his chest and looked up. He saw Chu’s anger and shouted: “Chu Daren! what do you mean?”

“Cheng General, you pass the military order, confess your enemy, use the knife to kill people, so good!”

He Xiao screamed, the bones of the hand holding the knife creaked.

Cheng Yuan’s brow wrinkled, and he asked without knowing: “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

He Xiao had to talk again, Chu Qiao reached out and stopped him, said coldly: “You don’t have to talk nonsense with him.”

“Chu Daren, I think this is a misunderstanding. Can you have anything to say…”

However, the words have not been finished, Chu Qiao suddenly pulled out the long sword from the waist, and gave a cold drink: “kill him!”

As soon as this statement came out, the officers and men of the southwestern town government suddenly swarmed up, and Cheng Yuan’s personal guards rushed to the front, and the armor had not yet been put on, standing in the cold north wind and white lips, they lifted With a sabre, it can only be stabbed to the body of the horse. Before the blood is sprayed out, it has been cut off from the head. The sharp shout broke the silence of the whole army, and Cheng Yuan shouted: “Reinforcement! Reinforcement! The southwestern town government has turned against it!”

The nearest Guard has arrived at full speed, and the footsteps are like a raging flood, and a heavy blow on the hearts of everyone.

Jiang Chong, the chief of the Third Guard of the Second Army, came to the army and really rushed into the battle, but he saw Chu Qiao standing in the chaos and shouting: “The soldiers of the Second Army, you have to I am Chu Qiao as an enemy?”

Jiang Chong was awkward. How could he not know who Chu is? After Chu Bei’s battle, Chu Qiao had already become a household name, and he would have been able to fight with her as a proud life. At this moment, she stood in the southwest. Before the town government made a sudden stop, he quickly rectified the guard and shouted: “Chu Daren, what is going on?”

“I am dealing with traitors. You should not act rashly for the time being. I will give you an explanation.”

One side is a southwestern town government with a betrayed sin, but one is Cheng Yuan who fled in the battle of Beibei. No matter which one is a sensitive topic in the military, Jiang Chong thought for a moment and immediately ordered: “Immediately block the theater, If any party wants to escape or spread the war, kill it!”

Seeing that Jiang Chong no longer tried to rush in, Chu Qiao suddenly let go of his heart and saw his voice grow louder. He raised his sword and said to He Xiao: “We can’t solve it in a scent, and it will be harder to do so in the future.” Good opportunity.”

After all, the last Guard of the southwestern township government also rushed into the battle. The time was killing, the horseshoes were booming, the crowds were raging, and the Guards of Chengyuan issued a desperate scream, but there was nowhere to hide. Jiang Teng held the sword guard. Beside Cheng Yuan, shouted: “Protect the general! Protect the general!”

As soon as the voice fell, a sharp arrow shot suddenly, and the whole person was pierced through a transparent hole.

Less than a hundred people’s guards fell to the ground and were trampled to the blood by the horseshoes. The huge shackles and weapons collided in one place, deafening, and the southwestern town government surrounded the group with Cheng Yuan and others. The bows and arrows were shot in rows, and the corpses were poured into a pool of blood. A dense metal was like a forest, and it was neatly inserted on the bodies.

The call was not good enough. Cheng Yuan’s eyes were red. In his vision, the southwestern town government did not exist at this moment. Even if Chu Qiao was angry again, he was also a toothless tiger. More than 100 guards were enough to cope with this. Difficult woman. But he did not expect that the southwest town government not only did not die, but also dared to directly impact his big account, this woman is too crazy, is he going to die here today?


“There is a command from the Highness! Everyone will stop immediately, and then there will be private fighters, all in accordance with the military law!”

The voice of the commander rang in the periphery, Cheng Yuan suddenly rejoiced, but Chu Qiao was unheard of, a sword stabbed into the chest of a soldier, jumped out of the horse, the sword was pulled out, the blood suddenly splashed, showing in such a decisive way Her desire to get rid of him is quick.

The snow-capped camp is like a huge meat grinder, bloody and muddy, all over the place, killing and slashing and echoing on the dark sky. The repression and anger of the past few days have finally erupted. We rushed with the sword, and after a while, all the obstacles were removed.

“There is a command from His Highness! Everyone will stop immediately!”

The commander was still shouting, Chu Qiao kicked Cheng Yuan on the ground, blood flowing through the quaint sword, condensed into a drop of blood on the white snow, this moment, so many people The face flashed from her eyes, Xue Zhiyuan’s handsome face, the young warrior who died in the north of the city to save her, the soldiers who died in the battle of Beibei because of the escape of the Beibei army, and Yan Oh, that is gradually full of doubts…

She raised her long sword, and said nothing of her words, her eyes were fierce, and she was swaying at the man’s neck!

Cheng Yuan’s pupil was instantly enlarged, and the horrified Zhang had a big mouth but did not scream. Under such a sword, he had no room to escape. Moreover, he now lost a lot of power in his body.

Seeing that the long sword is going to pierce his throat, at this moment, the sharp arrow suddenly bursts into the air, the speed is so fast, almost a spark is blown in the air, the sharp screams suddenly sound, Chu Qiao wrist A hot numb, the long sword deviated, stuck in the snow, only a bright red blood mark on the neck of Cheng Yuan.

“His Royal Highness! Your Highness save me!”

Chu Qiao’s eyes almost spurted out the fire, and pulled out the sword and stabbed it again. However, the sword had not been shot yet, and another arrow was shot. This time it was not the sword in her hand, but standing in her Go to the side of He Xiao. He Xiao took the knife to block, was concentrated by the stock, and the body continued to retreat seven or eight steps, but before he stood still, another arrow has already shot to the door!

Chu Qiao slashed his sword, but he saw the arrow in front of him, the angle was different, and the endless stream. She resisted with the sword and the movement was smooth and agile, like the gorgeous dance in the wind. In the meantime, she seems to have returned to the secluded deep palace many years ago. The two children were bent and blocked by one person, but the arrow was broken at that time, instead of today, the arrow flashed, the yin and the bones were cold and shining. Head.

When everything was calm, Cheng Yuan had already escaped far away. Yan Xun was black and squatted, sitting high on the horse, holding a golden shackle in one hand and a sharp bow and arrow in one hand. Behind him is the black eagle’s garrison, everyone’s armor is cold, and his eyes are cold and watching the battlefield.

The wind blew from the center of them, and the snow flakes on the ground rolled up and squeaked.

“Achu, what are you doing?”

Yan Xun’s voice was calm, calm and people didn’t know what he was thinking. His expression was extremely indifferent, as if standing in front of him was not the bamboo horse Qingmei who had lived with him for eight years, a drop of blood from Chuqiao. The cheeks rolled down and slipped into her white neck. She looked up at him and looked at Cheng Yuan’s respectful standing next to him, distorting the facts, and he did not swear, but only felt the bottom of his heart. One inch of the sky was covered with heavy snow, and the lips moved, but they could not speak at all.

She always thought that there was no misunderstanding between them, and she never needed words to whitewash, but now she suddenly found out that if she did not refute to explain, she would really become a thief who was speculative. This is really a great irony.

He Xiao stepped forward and made the incidents come and go. It only hides the fact that Xia Jun intends to let them go. It is said that they found out early and broke out.

Yan Xun has been quietly listening, listening to He Xiao and Cheng Yuan attacking each other, listening to the angry screams of the officers and men of the southwestern town government, without saying a word. The soldiers in the surrounding area will gather more and more, the wind in the night will become bigger and bigger, the weather will be so cold, Chu Qiao will stand in the same place, his hands and feet will be cold and numb, and the sound in the four miles will gradually disappear. She seems to have been unable to hear it. Seeing Yan Xun’s eyes, it’s so dark, so bright, but it’s why it’s covered with a layer of frost and can’t be seen anymore.

“Achu,” Yan Xun’s low voice slowly sounded, not so loud, but the noisy voices around him suddenly stopped, I saw him deeply looking at Chu Qiao, the tone of peace and calm: “Yes really?”

Chu Qiao looked at him quietly, he was also looking at her, his eyes pierced for a long time, traced back to their past, and everything did not exist, it seems that only his eyes are left. Starting from the first sight of the big summer hunting grounds, the turbulent years linked their two lives that were supposed to have no intersection at all. Chu Qiao was thinking that she crossed the tens of thousands of years and crossed. Can’t calculate the space, is it for him? Therefore, no matter how hard or hard, regardless of the predicament, they stand in one place, shoulder to shoulder, stumbling all the way, never giving up, and firmly trust each other.

She nodded deeply, her eyes were still calm, but a heart gradually heated up, like a gambler who plunged into all the gambling, and then said: “It is true.”

Everything around him was suddenly quiet, leaving only the face of Yan Xun. He slowly narrowed his eyes, his lips moved, and he said something. Chu Qiao seemed to be inaudible. The voice was so big. She roared in her ear, she heard it clearly, but the sentence seemed to become a meaningless symbol, so that she could not tell what it meant.

Yan Xun asked: “In this case, why does the southwestern town government make no major casualties? According to yours, the enemy has mobilized more than 3,000 people, got the information of the generals in advance, and surrounded them, so why are your casualties? Is it small?”

“His Royal Highness, his subordinates think that this may be a misunderstanding. The first time he had offended Chu in Beibei, the traitor was blinded and accidentally injured the Chu people, and Xue General was a good friend of Chu Daren, his death. It is also a responsibility. The Chu people are biased against me and are inevitable.”

The younger generation of generals who had just been promoted by the First Army also raised their own doubts. Why did the southwest town government’s war ended so fast that if the enemy had 3,000 people, they would be unintentional and would not let it go? They escaped so easily.

The buzzing sound is getting bigger and bigger, and the ear seems to have gathered a group of flies. Chu Qiao has a mouthful to say. Is it necessary for her to say that Zhuge Yue’s old feelings have put himself away? There are many people, and once this is announced, will Zhuge will be punished by Daxia? And now she also lost the strength of rebuttal, she looked at Yan Xun, her eyes finally died in an inch, the sound is like a misty cloud, a cold smile, not self-deprecating and said: “You don’t believe me?”

Yan Xun said: “Give me a reasonable explanation.”

Reasonable explanation? Cheng Yuan’s dispatching order, the southwest town government has killed eight people and injured more than 20 people. Isn’t this a reasonable explanation? Must the whole army be overwhelmed to prove the authenticity of the matter? Chu Qiao was dumbfounded, and the great disappointment and pain in his heart was like a sharp knife blade slashing, biting his lower lip, his heart was almost bleeding, smile bitterly, and asked: “Yan Xun, you and I have known each other for so many years, I Have you ever done something that is not good for you?”

Yan Xun brows tightly, quietly.

Chu Qiao continued to laugh, the cold wind blew his face, and his mouth seemed to be stiff. Her eyes seemed to be frozen in the cold pool, and the shadows fell, and eventually turned into a decaying plum. Her eyes flashed through everyone. Such as the chilly wind in the autumn, the suspicion of the sinister sin has been born, everything has changed, Yan Xun has become Yan Wang, no longer the original one, there are so many people standing by him, and she is no longer Then it was the only one yesterday.

“Everything I say, heaven can be a testimony, the sun and the moon can be used as a guide. If you don’t believe it, you will kill me by sin.”

When she finished, she never looked at the expressions of the people around her. She just walked tiredly, her body was slightly stunned, and she almost fell. He Xiao and others helped her, but she was pushed away. The girl’s figure is so thin and thin, the neck is white and snowy, it seems to be able to see the blood vessels inside. The jackdaw at night flies overhead, sending out a sad tweet. All the people are left behind by her, she walks quietly, it seems In such a decisive way, he is forced to make a decision, to save and scream, to kill the traitor, or to catch up and hug her, tell her that she is wrong, how can he not believe her?

But he didn’t, he just stood there quietly, surrounded by thousands of people in the center, the light of the torch on the cheek, the bright light, the bright glare. He looked at her, his eyes were quiet, he didn’t catch up, he didn’t talk, he didn’t kill, the time was quietly flowing in their center, the snow was falling, and they were getting farther and farther apart. A dazzling, it seems that it has been out of the past ten years. From the beginning of the acquaintance, to hand in hand, from the opposite side, to fight side by side, the words of the past are still floating in the ears, the vows that once surpassed the thousand gold today is so cheap.

Yan Xun, we used to be a blessing and a common cause, life and death, we are together, passed the hardest days of life, we said that we must return to our hometown together, we said that we must rebuild Yanbei together, we said good It’s time to revenge and hate together. We said that we must believe in each other and never give up… but after all, the world cannot be smoothed according to your ideas. You said that I am the last person you believe in this world. I know that you didn’t lie to me, but you didn’t know it at the time. After those who experienced it, you have forgotten how to trust. Except for yourself, you no longer trust anything you can’t control. Among them, including the big peers, including Mr. Wu, who is open-minded, including the wonderful feather girl, including many years of follow-up you know that you have too many past, including the southwestern town government that only loyal to me, of course Including me, including this Chuo Qiao, who has been associated with you and has inextricably linked with you.


Tears rushed from Chu Qiao’s eyes line by line. She untied the heavy shackles and let this expensive cloak fall to the ground. At this moment, the shock of Simon, the famous Daxia dynasty frightened disappeared, she It’s just a lost girl, her cheeks are pale, she is thin and thin, her eyes are very deep. She once swayed the arm of her arms and hanged on both sides. The eyes of the gods were dull, and the sorrows of the sea like water, tears. Follow her pale, thin cheeks, and be blown dry by the cold wind, cold pain.

It was not until this moment that she suddenly realized that the original love for Yan Xun was already so profound. How many years of accumulation, those emotions have already penetrated her lungs like marijuana. Once, when she and Zhao Xier were detained, she did not notice. She was not aware of her when she was forced to go to Sui and Tang to separate him from the two. She didn’t notice when she was in the line of life and death. She didn’t notice when she was in the head of the independent Beibei city. Because at that time, no matter how far they were, their hearts were in one place. She knew that he loved her, loved so. Deep and deep, even if he was forced to stay with others, even if they were separated by thousands of miles, even if death is just around the corner, Huang Quanbi will never meet.

But at this moment, he stood behind her, watching her sly figure alone, but she suddenly realized that what morality, belief, ethical justice, was not as good as his doubts!

Her love and loyalty are like mountains and seas, and even if it splashes blood, it should not be changed. As long as the trust is still there, even if one day, he and the world justice stand in a hostile position, she can forgive him without hesitation, even if he breaks into the bloody mountain, even if he breaks into the nose and hell, even if he is evil She will not betray the world.

Therefore, when he gave up the southwest town government in Zhen Huang City, she did not even have a trace of anger. When he once again gave up Yanbei, she also completely understood him in a flash. Then, he killed He Lianling, killed the officers and men of the southwestern town government, and sheltered Cheng Yuan. He went farther and farther on this road. Whose fault is it? What are the experiences that are unbearable? Is that bloody hatred? Is it years of depression and madness? Still she, she could not hold him?

The figure flashed and walked into a quiet, dark camp, and the white tent stood like a white hoe. The soldiers went to the Chengyuan camp and lived there, staying here, like a grave.

Chu Qiao’s foot swayed, and the whole man fell on the snow. She stretched her arm and supported it on the ground, but she could not get up.

The low-pressing cry suddenly sounded like a whimpering little beast. She squatted on the floor, holding the snow in her hand, like a knife-like pain, her shoulders trembled, and couldn’t stand it anymore. Sadness, tears slammed down, and uncontrollable crying in the snow.

Yan Xun, how can you not believe me? How can you doubt me?

The snow is getting bigger and bigger, the woman is white, she is lying in the snow, crying with a grin, and the snow falls on her shoulder, and it piles up so high.

On the second day, Chu Qiao personally appealed to Yan Xun on the table, left the eastern theater, and returned to Yanbei with the southwest town government, went to Shang Shen to return to the next generation to build water conservancy development agriculture, and implemented the well-established post-war reconstruction work.

Yan Xun looked at the respectful and memorable performance for a long time, and then he silently signed a “No” character. The strokes of this word are not many, but he wrote it for a long time. After writing, the outside The sun is suddenly bright and bright, and it shines on a piece of snow, but it is even more deserted.

On the day when Chu Qiao left, the sky was cloudless, and there was no haze a few days ago. In addition to peace, no one in the army sent her, Yan Xun did not come, she rode on the horse, looking up at the blue sky, a white eagle hovering in the sky, screaming, long time echoed in the sky.

Yan Xun, I am leaving, take care of yourself.

The day when I left Shang Shen was a very sunny day. Although the New Year is approaching, the weather is cold, but the sky is fine, the blue is clear like a clear water, the clouds are cloudless, the swallows fly south, the sun is warm with the meaning of swaying. Gold satin, white snow on the snow, a row of fat and healthy horses walking on the road, long and long, full of more than two thousand people.

Nowadays, it is already the end of the year of 777, and the second half of the year is the New Year. On the way, there are many business trips that have been bought and sold by the mainland. The wealthy insurance is in demand. Now Yanbei has developed trade, so even the border war I haven’t stopped yet, but there are also businessmen from the mainland who have taken the South Xinjiang waterway into Yanbei to do business.

Chu Qiao took off the thick hood, looked up at the blue sky with his face, his eyes clear and watery, and another year passed in the blink of an eye. The old girl grew a little higher, and the outline of the eyebrows was a bit more mature. The hair was pulled up neatly, draped in a blue leather jacket, riding on the flaming battle.

Ge Qi came back from the front and said to her: “Adult, He Xiaotong received a message saying that we are camping at the foot of the West Mountain tonight. He is ready with the first troops.”

Chu Qiao nodded, and suddenly heard the war eagle shouting at the top of his head, suddenly looked up, looking at the distance.

After passing through the Xixi Mountain, it was the thunder of fire. Then it was the northwestern barrier of Yanbei’s new conquest. It used to be the land of the great summer. Now it has fallen into the Yanbei territory, and the warfare of Yanming has continued. one Year.

This year, a lot of things happened. In 1977, as the most turbulent and chaotic era of Simon’s mainland, you can definitely leave a lot of history on the history books. After the war between Daxia and Yanbei, the war had just been carried out in half. The civil disputes in the Northern Capital and the Seven Kings broke out in the country, which greatly restricted the materials and soldiers’ investment in the northwest war. Zhao Che had no choice but to The determined war offense was changed to combat defense, and the death of the squad was set to create time for quelling domestic warfare. However, just after the temper, the Emperor of Sui and Tang Dynasties suddenly collapsed. Prince Li Ce was on the throne in the turmoil. Because of the counter-attacks of the domestic sinister forces, Daxia and Sui and Tang Dynasties broke out a small-scale war at the border. He was sent to the border to put out the war in time, and the big summer will face the tough situation of the three-line war.

The world has already seen that within a short period of one year, the great military process of the great military power of Daxia was in the west, unable to recapture Yanbei, in the north, unable to appease the people, in the south, unable to serve the Tang and Tang Dynasties, The East is subject to the financial restraint of Huai Song. Today, the land of Simon is no longer a big one.

Half a year ago, Yan Xun officially took office in the sunset. Yanbei became a country, and the country was Yan, and the Yuan was changed to the first yuan. Apart from the big summer, the Sui and Tang Dynasties and the Huai and Song Dynasties did not raise any objections. In this regard, he finally became the real master of the territory of Yanbei, and truly saturated the throne of Yanbei.

Chu Qiao did not go that day, she retired her subordinates and climbed back to the mountain alone. Back to the top of the mountain is the Nada Palace. Once the Yanshi City was built for the white pheasant, it was built with snow-white flowers and birds, hidden in the flowers of the crimson goose yellow, like an ink painting, quiet and peaceful without the half-hearted fireworks. The flying arch, the delicate as a fairyland, the sound of water, seems to be also telling the sage of the sage of his wife.

She sat back to the top of the mountain and heard the summer pastures uploading the shepherd’s leisurely songs, the sounds of melodious sounds, the peace of mind, as if no more suffering. She looked at the shadow of the mountain’s iron-gray in the horizon, and the water droplets in her heart covered it with a trace of light. Even if she was thousands of miles away, she seemed to see the golden robes of men. The corner of the mouth slightly curved, gently smiled, looked up, the breeze smashed, the girl’s blue dress gently swayed, lonely lonely corner, like a blooming Qinglian.

Today’s Yanbei is not the original Yanbei, Huai Song’s economic support, Yan’s strategic advantage, and Chu Qiao’s construction and reform in Yanbei in the past year, so that the world can predict The empire is slowly rising. Today, Yanbei is far ahead of other three countries in military weapons. Under the leadership of Chu Qiao, they have successively built large-scale arsenals, developed more than 30 large mining areas, built water conservancy projects, and changed the situation of Yanbei’s unsuitable farming. In the case of Shang Shen’s return to the generation, a large number of grain producing areas were developed. In the fall of this year, Yanbei’s grain production was more than doubled compared with previous years, basically achieving the self-sufficiency of the army. They actively develop medical institutions, set up military schools, develop trade links with the Song, Sui and Tang Dynasties, and prosper the Yanbei market and create caravans.

Although Chu Qiao’s suggestion on reforming slavery has never been passed, slaves are rarely seen in markets within her jurisdiction. Such enlightened policies and social systems have attracted a large number of people and businessmen. In less than a year, the returning generation has established a large urban residential area. Once a barren land, the northwest trade capital has been fascinated.

Chu Qiao began to understand that when a nation is blinded by the dark system for too many years, once there is light penetration, they will become a huge absorbent sponge. Yanbei is surrounded by the Northwest Business Road. It has a vast territory, fertile land, developed animal husbandry, masters the lifeline of the mainland, and has huge mineral resources. His people are hardworking and simple, and they work hard. After living in modern life for so many years, Chu Qiao has never seen any government that has introduced a plan, and the people will invest so much enthusiasm. They don’t pay, don’t pay salaries, and don’t have a requirement for quality of life. As soon as they rise, they will have tens of thousands of free laborers, which is almost unimaginable in modern times. Chu Qiao could not help but feel that Yanbei has all the prerequisites for its rise and maturity. If it were not for years of war, they might have been one of the most powerful forces on the Simon continent.


The number of the southwestern town government was canceled. It is not the regular army of Yanbei. Because it was returned to the beautiful river stationed in the foothills, the southwest town government was renamed the beauty army, and Chuqiao was also called the beauty adult by Yanbei people. The Beauty Army is now composed of nine thousand people. Today is the last time the military is rushing to the front line. It seems that the New Year is over, and the soldiers should rest.

Before dark, I finally rushed to the west of the mountain. There are many plains in Yanbei. Although the west of the mountain is called the mountain, it is actually a small bag less than 100 meters. When Chu Qiao arrived, He Xiao had already brought people to the tent to cook the food, and took a hot broth. The fatigue of the day finally went a few minutes.

Yanbei in the night is always the most beautiful. Today is fifteen, the moon is big and round, and the snow is white. On the other side of the mountain is a tributary of Chishui, which has now frozen. When passing through Mawei City yesterday, the city guardian insisted on giving Chu Cho a gift, but he could only take a box from that big car and open it now. It was actually a good green wind. This large piece of work is well-made, all made with the tail of the tail, the coat is bright, and it feels very good to touch. It is a rare top product.

There were four braziers in the big account, which was very stuffy. Chu Qiao took the big bang and went out of the big account. All the way to the foot of the mountain, but see the heavens and the earth plain, only a few old plums on the top of the mountain, proud of the snow, the gorgeous to the extreme, hidden in a shackle, but people feel a bit more desolate. Chu Qiao figure fell, the moon is cold as water, faintly caged her figure. The fellow villagers said that this mountaintop is the temple of the goddess Yanbei. It was built many years ago by the ancestors of Yanbei. After hundreds of years of wind and rain, he still watched the land of Yanbei.

Chu Qiao raised his foot and went up the rugged mountain road. The snow on the road was so deep that I didn’t go to the knees every step of the way, and went straight for more than an hour before I reached the top of the mountain.

This is a stone temple built entirely of zealand stone. It is not very big. There are four people and one high. There is one thing in each place. Chu Choo stands at the west gate. As far as it can be seen, it is a statue of high and roof, almost occupied. Most of the land in the temple. The hall has been very broken. In many places, the roof is covered with snow. The temple is full of dried spider webs, dusty and messy. Only the god statue, the dust is not stained, the towering towering, the goddess’ face is pale, looking at her, Chu Qiao thinks that he saw the mother of Yan Xun on the nine secluded stage many years ago, his eyes are quiet, gentle and watery, The outline of the stone carving is faintly visible in the flying skirt, and her abdomen is a high bulge, apparently pregnant.

When she was very young, she once heard Yan Xun said that Yanbei is a woman with gods. God is divided into two sides. On the one hand, she is a fierce warrior, holding a battle axe, representing conquest and killing. On the other side is the gentle mother god, who is wearing the top six, representing guardianship and reproduction. Today, I saw it.

She was about to go to the other side and watch the whole move, but when she heard the news, she heard a slight footstep in the east.

The wind traverses the entire hall, enters from the west gate, and bypasses the statue from the east gate. Chu Qiao’s figure suddenly stands still. Her brows are slightly wrinkled, and the slender fingers slowly touch the long moon sword at the waist. Did not pull out, the blade suddenly shocked, if the dragon squats, it sounded low inside the hall.

Chu Qiao thought of a move, an inexplicable impulse poured into her mind, she involuntarily moved a little, went to the left side of the statue, and then gently, gently peeped his head.

Outside the snow, the cold plum blooms, inadvertently carrying up the squatting, the figure is as if it is like a wave of water.

On the other side, under the axe of the Valkyrie, he wore a silver-gray fox cloak, a hood and a half-cover, Xiao Xiao white shirt, just like the genre of the year, the eyes of the cold lake, the lips like Zhu Dan paint, still It is such a singularity, outstanding in appearance, exhausting the vocabulary of the world, and it is difficult to appeal to it. After a gust of wind, the fire plum came out of the temple, hitting his shoulder, the dark fragrance, the moonlight and cleanliness, and the time passed through the long time, projected in this casual moment.

He seems to be a little embarrassed. He didn’t expect to see her here. The moments of the four eyes intersected, the years passed by, the figure in memory and the face in front of his face gradually overlapped, the age of the water was like water, the fate was impermanent, and the two were relatively No one knows what to say.

A tender yellow chick fluttered in the wings to hide the snow, and fell on the shoulders of the gods. The small black eyes of the beans looked at the two people with a clever scream.

The man looked at her, his eyes pierced the deep smog on the hall, his eyebrows twitched slightly, and he wanted to say something, but he was speechless. Those warm water-like eyes swept over her thin shoulders, swept her slender neck, swept her slender cheeks, and finally settled on the surprised eyes. For a long time, he calmly regained his gaze, turned and turned back, Xiao Xiao Cold, the tip of the cloak sweeps through the fine dust on the ground, picks up the tiny dust, falls on the snow felt boots, and the footsteps calm, and walks toward the snowy outside the temple.

“There will be heavy snow in the inland in these days. You should be careful.”

Zhuge Yue just walked to the door, Chu Qiao’s voice was ringing behind him, very calm, like the good Longjing tea in Sui and Tang Dynasties, warm and subtle, with a sweet smell.

I couldn’t help but stop, and I turned my head and raised my eyebrows: “You are not worried?”

Chu Qiao nodded honestly: “Worry, but I have no choice.”

The girl shrugged helplessly and made a very worried look. The exit was with the gentleness of early spring. The eyes of Zhuge’s eyes flashed a warmth. The tone was still steady: “You can rest assured, I am disguised.” Entering the Yanbei inland has nothing to do with the war, it will not harm your interests.”

“That’s good,” Chu Qiao smiled. “Is there anything I need to help?”

“Yes.” Zhuge Yue nodded very honestly.

Chu Qiao stunned, did not expect it really, and asked: “What?”

“Don’t report me.”

Chu Qiao’s eye-catching, did not expect Zhuge Yue to laugh, she stunned for a long while, and said: “How come I?”

The bird suddenly screamed with joy, and went straight to a brazier in the corner. A burst of meat scented out. Chu Qiao walked through the statue and saw a mahogany carved in the corner of the main hall. On the short seat, a delicate copper basin was placed on the floor, cooked on a small fire, the soup was rolled, the meat was full, and a few plates of fresh meat and vegetables were set aside. A silver octagonal jug was placed. Its side.

Chu Qiao smiled and pointed at Zhuge and said: “Are you leaving? Are these things mine?”

Zhuge Yue thought about it, and even walked a few steps before the short, sitting on the robe, faintly said: “Think of beauty.”

Zhuge is not born in a family of big families. He grew up in Jin Jinyu’s embroidered emperor. Even if he is away from home, he is still in such an environment, and he still does not reduce his usual behavior. The food is extremely delicate, the lamb is cut into thin pieces of meat, rolled together in a circle, the vegetables are fresh, and there are even undried drops of water on it. I don’t know how to save it so well. The chopsticks are made of sterling silver. Engraved with exquisite and complicated patterns, Zhuge Yue 玥 一 一 一 , , , 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 玥 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸 诸This cold weather to eat this, it really is a great enjoyment of life.

There is a whole set of cups. Chu Qiao still remembers Zhuge’s habit. In Qingshanyuan, even if he was eating alone every time, he always had to put a full set of tableware on the dinner table. It seems that there are still many people with him. Eat the same.

She picked up the jug, poured a glass of wine for him, and poured a cup for herself. Zhuge met with a slight wrinkle and asked, “Don’t you never drink?”

Chu Qiao’s hand gripped the cup and shivered. He said that he used to never drink alcohol, but from what time did she start to like this kind of confusing thing? She slowly raised her gaze and looked at him calmly. She said in a cup: “Bless the flowers, I will honor you.”

Zhuge’s eyes were deep, and he did not go to the wine, and looked at her quietly.

Chu Qiao leaned down and said, “This cup is to thank you for your repeated killings and helpers over the years.”

I haven’t seen it for a year, Chu Qiao seems to grow taller, two thin eyebrows on the delicate cheeks, eyes are big, as if they are covered with a layer of fog, people can not see through. A glass of wine was placed in front of him, and Zhuge Yue did not drink, just holding chopsticks and quietly adding meat to the pot, and his eyes did not lift up and said: “When you eat, why do you have so many words, sing a play?”

Chu Qiao frowned: “Every meal has an opening statement.”

Zhuge Yiyi: “The old man who is in charge of the emperor is enough. I have no strength to tell you the scene here.”

Chu Qiao whispered a whisper, and picked up the chopsticks to eat meat. Zhuge saw her move too fast and said: “Be careful.”

As soon as the voice fell, Chu Qiao snorted and was obviously burned. Zhuge met with a slanting eyebrow and spit out two words: “Live it.”

Although the tongue was hot, the taste was really good. Two people sat there. At the beginning, it was still the meaning of the drunkard, not the chat of the wine. Instead, they gradually focused on eating, and soon the big pot of lamb saw the bottom. Joe was still trying to catch chopsticks in the pot and ate all the leaves in the pot like a rabbit.

“I heard that you are promoted? Congratulations.”

Zhuge faintly said: “Fortunately, the Yanbei soldiers who killed 8,000 have changed their combat skills. I heard that you have also been promoted?”

“Tong Xi, I pulled out the remaining Xia Jun of your Meilin Pass, and also dealt with a part-time job.” Chu Qiao glanced at him and asked: “I heard that you became the western line of the military in the summer. Is it now under Zhao Che?”

“Under the emperor, I don’t give up, I don’t dare to be glorified.” Zhuge faintly said: “I heard that the southwestern town government was canceled, and the Yanbei regular army was expelled, and the scale of weapons used was limited.”


“The Beauty Army is now part of the local security system. It is reasonable to limit the weapons. But I heard that Wei Weijia sent Wei Shuyu to Yanmingguan. It seems that he is dividing your rights?” Chu Qiao smiled and raised his eyebrows. .

“The wish is always good. It is another matter to be able to achieve the goal. I have heard that the leader of Datong, Wu Daoya, was banned from the setting sun. Even the military parade this winter did not participate.”

“The inside of all organizations is a little bit of friction. You don’t have to rise and fall several times. Not to mention, some things have been said to be inaccurate. For example, I heard that Zhao Wei is currently trying to pull the troops on the south line. The hind legs of the Western Front war, I do not know whether it is true or false.”

“The so-called three-person tiger is really worthwhile. I heard that you are in the Yanbei inland reform construction, Xingwen teaches heavy business, and even the merchants of Daxia also secretly do business with you, it is not simple.”

“I am just a small fight, but I heard that you broke the Yanbei Army in the two battles of Qiuqiu and Jinhui, and captured more than 10,000 people of the Eighth Army of the Second Army. Otherwise, we may be able to The opportunity to change in the north of the big summer rushed into the midsummer.”

“Da Xia Jianguo’s more than 300 years, it is not said that people were washed away when they were rushed. I heard that the northern dogs have starved to thousands of people this winter, and you are not worried that they will be at the North Road at this time. Is it going to fight Yanbei?”

“There will always come, fear is useless, it is better to be prepared. Moreover, I also heard that the real people in the northeastern mountainous areas of the big summer are gearing up to learn from Yanbei to be independent. Do you say that they will be successful? ?”

“I heard that the big peers will be overcrowded.”

“I heard that the Great Summer Presbyterian gave a vacant seat to the Murong family in Hexi last month. It was really thirty years of Hedong in the 30 years of Hedong.”

“I heard that Yanbei has developed a very hard material that can forge a weapon that is tougher than iron, but from your hand?”

“I heard that Zhen Huang passed the forty-sixth lock and slogan, restricting the circulation of combat materials in the market, but also using troops for Huai Song, but was it initiated by you?”

“I heard that your trip is to escort grain and grass to Yanbei Base Camp. If this grain is not available, the base camp will be cut off.”

“I heard that your trip is to inquire about the trade news in Yanbei, and to inquire about the trade with Yanbei. Once it is settled, it will be cleaned by the big summer.”


The two long dragons suddenly interrupted the conversation between the two. The two swords on the floor creaked and still trembled slightly. It seemed that even they could understand the air. The arrogant smell of gunpowder. The yellow bird had long since disappeared, and the snow fell outside, leaving only two people sitting opposite each other, the charcoal fire sizzling, the rolling water tumbling in the copper basin, the red hot peppers, like the soldiers shed Blood.

In the end, it is a different position. In the end, they are in a hostile identity. They just seem to be deliberately indulging the volatilization of this emotion, so as to remind themselves that they are not friends, not others, and they all have their own responsibilities.

“I heard that after the end of the year, you will be married to Yan Xun.”

Zhuge Yue finally picked up the glass and sent it to the lips. It seemed to inadvertently spit out a word.

Chu Qiao also raised his head and calmed down the disordered atmosphere in his chest. He whispered: “I also heard that you have already booked a kiss with Miss Lexing’s general.”

Zhuge nodded nodly: “Well, the wedding period is not far away.”

“Meng General has been old, and General Le Xing is firmly in the middle of the DPRK. You are jealous of his children and will benefit your career.”

Zhuge Xiao smiled and said: “The next time I see you, maybe you should call you Yan Wang.”

Chu Qiao shook his head and said: “Yanbei has already declared independence. To be precise, you should call me the Queen of Yan.”

Zhuge was exposed to the sun, drinking alone, and not talking. The wind blew between the two, with a cold chill, Chu Qiao looked at Zhuge, all the passing through the past, she was a little ecstasy, holding the cup, did not know what to say.

“I saw that person.”

“Who?” asked Chu Qiao.

“At the beginning, I led the soldiers to kill the people in the southwestern township.” Zhuge玥 looked up and said slowly: “The name is Cheng Yuan, the first army coach of the Yanbei Army, who succeeded the position of Wudaoya. At present, it is the first real power figure in Yanbei except Yan Xun.”

Chu Qiao silently lowered his eyes and did not speak. Zhuge Yue looked at her, meditated for a long while, nodded and said: “You are right to return to Yanbei inland. The forces in Yanbei Army are intertwined. This is not yours. The place to stay.”

Chu Qiao smiled: “Well, I have been very good this year.”

“That’s good,” Zhuge said with a smile: “In its position, the Yanbei Army has a lot of power, and the big peers will be deeply rooted. If it is not threatened by our army, Yan Xun has already been ruined, one or two. The good people of the good are useless, and the seizure of power has become an inevitable game. You can understand the reasons for this and it will be of great benefit to you.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “I understand that the achievement of any goal is to pay the price, a little setback, can not beat me.”

Zhuge smiled, and the fox cloak surrounded his slightly blue chin. Zhuge was beautiful, and this beautiful, even with a little bit of evil, but he was sitting in front of Chu Qiao at this moment. Speaking of only two people can understand, Chu Qiao suddenly felt that this person knows that he is very deep, some things, Yan Xun does not understand, even she is not willing to face up, but he is keen to come through the clues The discovery is clear, including her dreams, her beliefs, her hopes, her happiness, her troubles, and so on.

This is a terrible person. He has a keen sense of fighting, has a strong martial arts skill, possesses artistic tactics, and has a heavy family power. However, Chu Qiao has never been able to see clearly. For many years, she did not know what he wanted.

Yan Xun wants to take revenge, and wants to level the big summer to compete for the world. Zhao Che wants the throne and wants the rich and powerful to become a generation of British lords. Li Ce also wants big summer, and wants to regain lost ground and revitalize the Tang Dynasty. And Zhuge, what do he want? No one knows, no one can see clearly. Looking at the dark eyes, Chu Qiao feels that he seems to be getting stuck. His eyes are like a whirlpool, looking at her deeply, the surface is light and dark. Inside is a burning fire.

Maybe, maybe he said what he wanted. In the misty and rainy south of the Sui and Tang dynasties, he held her, suppressing his pride and anger and saying “I need you too.”

In this case, how can it be said from his mouth? However, those words eventually became her magic barrier, becoming a nightmare that could not be surpassed in her life, and became a joke that could never be answered.

“Zhu Gewei, the sword on the battlefield has no eyes, and the court is also unpredictable. You should take care of yourself.”

Zhuge Yue smiled mildly. He rarely showed such a gentle expression. He looked at the statue of the god in the middle of the hall and said slowly: “Those who can’t hurt me.”

Everyone has a dead hole, and his, soon will cover the surname of others, and in this case, he will never have a dead hole.

Zhuge Yue stood up, the slender figure stood in the moonlight and had extraordinary beauty. The whole person was like a marble sculpture. His cheeks shone with brilliance. He looked up quietly and looked at the tall Valkyrie. Idol. The beautiful face of the woman shimmered with a fierce and aggressive atmosphere. The old time carefully sculpted the dark red armor on her body. The whole piece of red marble had fine traces on it, as if bloody silk was swimming in it. The sharp tomahawk, standing against the back of the goddess, gave a sharp, sharp light in his eyes, like an angry flame and a knife.

Zhu Gezhen’s mind was a little embarrassed for a while. He couldn’t tell the feeling when he first saw this statue. In the daytime, he seemed to see a person through her, and that person also had the same as the Valkyrie. Firm belief and noble ideals. In the past, he often sneered at these things. He walked from the family gates and was used to the trap of intrigue and conspiracy. The belief in human nature has already deepened into his heart. The calculation and the ambiguity have become a necessity of life, and eating. Sleeping is as common. But then, gradually, he realized that a person is not just living for himself, a person can have a great ideal, and when this person works hard for this ideal, it is the most beautiful moment of that person. He doesn’t know what power is supporting her. I don’t know why she will be so steadfast. He never believes in fate. But sometimes, he even thinks, maybe God is standing on her side. People, maybe even God is not willing to live up to it.

Some feelings that made him feel hated and even ashamed have already been planted in his heart. He hates his weakness and madness, but he can’t resist the idea that his heart is getting hotter day after day. He couldn’t figure out when it started. At that time, they were still so small. She didn’t even have a high leg. How could it produce such ridiculous feelings?

However, how many nights later, at midnight, dream back, but always remember the look of the child when he left, persevering, unyielding, like an angry little leopard, never succumb to Under the hunter’s whip. He thought that he must have been confused, confused for many years, confused in such a firm belief, confused in such sharp eyes, and the words she had told him many times: “Zhu Ge, you look at it!”

So he looked at it like this, watching it all the time, watching her break into a butterfly, watching her climb to the top, watching her exhausted, watching her fall again and again and again and again, watching She stood on the side of others, and despite being sad and unfair, she never wavered and stood firm.


In this world, who will stay with you when you are completely in purgatory? Who will be with you when you have nothing? Who will swear by the death of life? Who else, will still stand unwaveringly after you are left out?

Yan Xun, how lucky you are, but what do you do not know how to cherish.

Zhuge Yue smiled and turned and walked out. The wind whistled outside, and he blew his cloak, and he ran away. If you can’t get it, you can’t let go, let him go from the no-request word in Zhuge’s life dictionary.

“Zhu Ge玥!” Chu Qiao suddenly shouted, Zhuge’s body shocked, and stopped, the girl eagerly rushed, stepping on the snow, deep into it.

Zhuge Yue went back and frowned slightly: “Is there anything else?”

Chu Qiao dismissed the broken moon sword at the waist, and then held it in his hands and handed it to him. He said solemnly: “Worse all the way.”

Zhuge Yue looked at the sword in her hand, but did not take it, and did not mean to return the red sword of the waist. Chu Qiao was slightly embarrassed, but she was still stubbornly holding her eyes and looking at him with a fixed look, just like a child who couldn’t get candy and didn’t eat.

“What is this?”

Chu Qiao bit his lip, meditating for a moment, finally said: “The full-scale war between Yanbei and Daxia will break out. It will be inevitable that the battle will be met at the time. I will not be under the enthusiasm. You don’t have to take care of me anymore. We… ”

Zhuge’s expression suddenly cooled down. He lowered his head and frowned slightly. Chu Qiao was staring at his eyes with some uncomfortable feelings, and his voice was gradually getting smaller.

“Xinger, in all fairness, if you meet in the sand field, would you really cut my head?”

Zhuge’s voice is low and soothing. This sentence does not seem to be sent out from the throat, but through a thick heartbeat. Chu Qiao’s palm is very cold, but there is fine sweat flowing down, her mouth is very dry, took a deep breath, depressed the discomfort at the bottom of my heart, slowly said: “I will not kill you, but I will do My greatest ability to beat you.”

A low-pitched laugh came slowly. Zhuge lowered his head and shook it gently. He didn’t speak. He just took the sword in Chu Qiao’s hand and stepped on the snow step by step and turned away.

“Unfortunately, I can’t.”

The hoarse voice echoed on the top of the mountain, and the wind blew through it, and the sound was blown away in an instant.

It is not impossible, but not, because he always knows that sometimes, for them, failure is equal to death.

And how can he deprive her of the only chip that she lives on?

The snow is getting bigger and bigger. On the east side of the west of the mountain, a caravan of ordinary business travelers is camping in the camp. It is Zhuge’s people. Chu Qiao stood in front of the temple and looked at the man’s back and gradually disappeared into the snow. He felt that his body was cold. She walked in alone, picked up the jug on the floor, and took a sip on her head. Wen. The hot liquid flows down the throat with a spicy scent.

Looking up at Wushen’s eyes, she looked at her fiercely, as if she was blaming her for smashing and disregarding the overall situation. On the other hand, the mother god’s eyes were gentle and seemed to understand all her sufferings. She slowly settled down on the ground, sitting down on the tall pillars, holding her knees, so thin, and it looked like a child who hadn’t grown up yet.

For the first time in her life, she closed her eyes with her hands together, and the tired voice echoed in the hall, quietly saying: “Where is the future? I can’t see it clearly.”

When I set off on the second day, there was a sudden hoof of hooves behind me, but on the white snowfield, I was riding a horse and rushing. The woman immediately wore a silver-gray fox cloak and wore it on her body. Widely broad, she came from the east and saw that Chu Qiao’s brigade did not stop and went straight.

He Xiaoying’s sword eyebrows erected. Before he hit the horse, Shen Sheng said: “Who is it? Name it!”

The woman turned her head and glanced at him, and the eye tip picked up and smiled, and even slammed the whip twice more hard. He Xiao brows a wrinkle, then went up to stop, but saw the woman Liu Mei erected, the tone said crisply: “Auspicious, kick him!”

Her majesty’s horse seemed to understand her words. She stopped and screamed. When He Xiao approached, the people stood up and kicked their two front legs on the horse’s belly. The horse screamed and slammed into the snow.

He Xiao was still agile, standing on the ground and rolling forward, but the helmet fell off, the hair was full of snow, and it was awkward.

“who are you?”

The man was angry and shouted. Who knows that the woman did not look at him, smiled at the oncoming woman and said: “You are Chu Qiao?”

Chu Qiao nodded and looked down, only to see the woman’s eyebrows and clear eyes, the skin blisters can be broken, the eyes are warm, the face is soft, and at first glance, it looks like snow, black as a star, like a graceful water lotus, crisp and white However, her face is faintly revealing a bit of British spirit, pure eyes, forming her own unique temperament, she looked at Chu Qiao in a generous and generous manner, and did not even fear that she was being looked at by others. However, it was not her appearance that attracted Chu’s attention, but the cloak she wore. If she was not bad, this dress was worn on Zhuge’s body last night.

Seeing this, her eyes were slightly tight, and her eyebrows were inadvertently wrinkled slowly.

“My young master asked me to give this to you.”

Remnant red sword, which was wrapped in a sword bag, Chu Qiao reached out and nodded and thanked: “Thank you, I don’t know the girl’s name?”

“My name is Mongolian, I think we will meet again soon, and we will leave.”

After all, the woman surnamed Meng was stunned, and the horse quickly turned around, leaving He Xiaoda, who was arrogant, to stand in the same place.

“Adult, who is this woman?”

The surrounding guards are the elite team of the southwestern town government. They are the most trustworthy men. Chu Qiao does not evade, and faintly said: “I want to come, this is the Major General Meng Feng in the battlefield of Wei Zhen Xia Yan in the past six months. ”

“Meng Feng? That little granddaughter?”

Chu Qiao did not speak, she bowed her head and pulled out the red sword. The sharp Jianfeng could reveal her black scorpion. It has not been seen for two years, and in the past two years, she has used the broken moon and has already made it easy.

Ge Qi whispered to He Xiao on the side: “She is a granddaughter? I don’t look like it? Actually, I am squatting, but it is a bit like our white king.”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” He Xiao explained: “She is an orphan adopted by General Meng. She was raised as a man from an early age. She also went to Shangwutang with the men of Mengjia. Zhuge was promoted. After being the governor of the Terracotta Warriors, she was sent to his men’s team. I have been very active on the battlefield for the past six months. How come this is coming? Adults, do we have to catch up and ask questions? Perhaps there is fraud.”

Chu Qiao did not speak, but looked at the sword quietly, He Xiao called two times, she only returned, her face looked very calm, said faintly: “Today’s business, everyone should be seen as not seeing “”

As soon as this was said, everyone was suddenly awakened and the army continued to open.

At the same time, Meng Feng finally caught up with the Zhuge Yue line of disguise, she secretly took off the cloak, handed it to Zhuge Yue’s personal bodyguard, and then changed clothes and walked freely to Zhuge ,, saying: Things have been sent.”

Zhuge Yue did not seem to listen, just went away. Meng Feng looked at his back with a smile, but his head was analyzing hard. Generally, there are two kinds of people who leave without waiting for the words. First, they are not interested in this matter. Second, they are afraid to be seen through. Inner fluctuations. She looked at her classmates in Shangwutang, whistling leisurely and arrogantly, what Zhuge Dadu was thinking about, it is all known to the world.

“It’s a worthwhile trip, it’s worthwhile.”

Three days later, Chu Qiao finally arrived at the Yanbei Military Camp under the Blood Kwai River.

After unloading the grain, the sky was already dark. Chu Qiao was kept eating. After eating it, he chatted with some of his colleagues and returned to his own camp.

I haven’t seen it for a year, and I have grown a big head in peace. It is already a big man. He happily boiled water for her, whispering and talking, full of affection.

Yan Xun is not in the army. Today, he has built a gateway to the bloody Kwai River. It is called Longyuguan. It is separated from Yanmingguan by a river. After the Yanbei army is all hoarded at the gate, he has already moved the military headquarters. When I got to the close, I rarely came here.

I have been trekking in the snow for a long time, and I haven’t been able to take a shower for a long time. Lying in the tub at the moment, she only wants to sleep in the comfort, but there is still a document to be approved, only to quickly wash a battle bath, dragging the tired body sitting under the lamp, looked at it carefully.

This year, the situation on the mainland is gratifying for Yanbei. Not to mention the big break of the big summer, even the Sui and Tang Dynasties and the Huai-Song also suffered many twists and turns. The Song Emperor and the Tang Emperor successively died. The internal affairs of the two countries were unstable and they were innocent. At the border, there were repeated conflicts with the Great Summer, which greatly restrained Daxia’s investment in the northwest and gave Yubei a buffer. Moreover, according to the spokes return, Xia Huang’s body has gone from bad to worse, relying on the warlock’s medicinal support all day, his temper is tempered, his memory is not good, and he often kills because of a small incident. In the city of Zhen Huang, the hearts of the people are very old. Most of the veterans are sick at home. The affairs of the middle and the middle are all handed over to the Presbyterian Church to supervise the work. Under the fall of Muhe’s and Old Batu, Herren’s has been slashed and rooted. Today’s Presbyterian Church Already in name only, Lingnan Mujia has withdrawn from Kyoto. Today’s Presbyterian Church is actually the arena of Wei Guang and Zhuge Muqing. The rest is nothing but accompanying.


Although Wei Wang looks superficial on the surface, it is not worthy of the name, because everyone knows that there is only one indecisive Wei Shuzhen in the younger generation of Wei valve, and Zhugejia, Zhuge and Zhuge Huai People are holding the overall situation, Zhuge Yue is repeatedly fighting for strength, and Zhao Che fight side by side, one attack and one guard, will be shut down by Yan Ming. In the past year, Yan Yu and Zhao Che have been difficult to distinguish, and both sides have won and lost. However, Zhuge Yue has not lost. Even Yan Xun, who was defeated by him in Qiuqiu, lost more than 3,000 people, and was almost pulled out by the number one general of Zhuge Yue.

Speaking of the battle of Qiuqiu, it can only be said that the Yankee has a bad fortune. From the beginning of the army to the present, he has never tried such a fiasco.

The original strategy of combat was in Zhangzhou. The first army generals Cheng Yuan and Biancang each led 30,000 men from the Zhangzhou Waterway and Nanshan Trail to attack the Daxia Grain Grass Base Camp in Zhangzhou. At that time, Zhuge Yue was still the general dispatch of the military’s military needs. Naturally, he was sitting in Zhangzhou. On that day, Zhuge Dad suddenly had a whim and wanted to go to Songyuan to eat crabs. On the road, he happened to encounter the scouts of General Cheng Yuan, so he knew each other. The trend. After knowing everything, Zhuge Yue did not say anything, but asked the gentleman to wait for the arrival of Cheng Yuanbin, and then a fire burned Yanbei soldiers to more than 30,000 people, 10,000 were captured, Zhuge Yue took the account Eight thousand grazing soldiers, disguised as Yanbei soldiers, under the leadership of Yanbei traitors, all the way through the town through the town, straight into the Qiuqiu, the subordinates of the Yankee did not check until the Zhuge Yue army entered the Chinese army The big camps are awakened by these talents.

The battle took place quickly, and the end was also amazing. The killing and looting took place. Zhuge’s guards pulled out the Yanke’s big account mast. If it wasn’t for the Yanbei Guards, they might have been snatched by others. .

Yan Xun was in the army on the same day. However, there was no way to restrain the broken army in the chaos. This war was stunned by his life, and no one dared to mention it. Zhuge Yue was also liberated from the second line of logistics because of this war, and officially took over the western line of the great summer.

Looking at the battle report now, Chu Qiao carefully scrutinized for a long time, still feel that there are too many loopholes in this battle. First, Zhuge is too risky to do so. In the event that he seized the scouts on the same day, Cheng Yuan and others a little awakened and engaged in a siege, then his eight thousand people could not get out of the encirclement of 60,000 people anyway. of. Second, he sneaked into Yanbei with such a rare terracotta warrior, and it was so arrogant. If he was recognized, it would be a nine-death life. Third, if the soldiers on duty on the night of the camp are alert, or if the Yanzi can control the situation early after the chaos, then the possibility of Zhuge’s success is very small. Finally, it is the question of evacuation. Until now, no one in Yanbei can find out the route of Zhuge’s evacuation. They seem to have disappeared from the air. Ren Yanbei’s soldiers have failed to turn up in the Northwestern generation. They figured it out.

If Chu Qiao came to fight this battle, she might have dozens of ways to deal with it, but I have to admit that she is just talking about it. The outcome of a battle often depends on many things, such as the soldier’s trust and loyalty to the sergeant, such as the morale of the army, such as the combat capability of individual soldiers, such as intelligence horse weapons. It is undeniable that Zhuge’s army is a very powerful army. It is definitely not a false statement to be an enemy. But this kind of tactic, Chu Qiao still does not agree. However, Chu Qiao believes that there must be something that he has not seen clearly. People like him are not impulsive.

However, victory is a victory. In such a near-noisy way, he walked a defensive arson in the Yanbei camp under the circumstances that Yan Xun was in the army. This is an unparalleled blow to Yanbei’s morale.

To deal with people like him, still can’t think in the normal way.

The night is getting thicker, and even the air is unique to the army. The lights are shining on Chu’s face, and half of the thin silhouette is projected on the tent. From the outside, it is a clear and beautiful shadow.

I haven’t seen Yan Xun in a year. In the past few years, except for normal official documents, they have almost no intersection. Occasionally, the letters are also officially. Until a while ago, a young man who took care of him when he was a child suddenly came back to the mountain, found Chu Qiao, put down the things that Yan Xun told her to bring them down, and then praised Chu Qiaoxian Shude. Beautiful and beautiful, said that Chu Qiao only understood for a long time, it turned out that she was the Yan Xun faction.

Said pro?

What a funny thing, two people have to live together for a lifetime, but they want others to grind their three-inch tongues, and with the relationship between them, they have reached the point where they need to say pro.

嬷嬷 In name, it’s a pro, it’s just to inform her. The water-like dowry filled the room of Chu Qiao and walked down the corridor to the yard. They were all rare and rare. The children’s fists were the East Pearl, the high-quality finished coral, and they could fly with a breath. The silk gauze, the emerald jade shoes of the Cuilan Saigon jade, the bloodstone of the Minglang Mountain, the tears of the blood, the colorful enamel of Nangong, the rare treasures of the Western Region, and so on, like the world The magnificence of the magnificence has all been opened in the blink of an eye, and the golden light is so strong that it can’t open the eyes. And Yan Xun also released words, he will build a Nata Palace on the sunset, as her residence, just like his father. At this time, Chu Qiao knew that the original word Nada was in the North Dihu language, which means love.

All the luxury that the world can imagine is in front of her. Maybe she should be moved. Maybe she should be grateful for her tears, but her heart is not a bit of joy. She was sitting on a bamboo cane chair, her fingertips were pale and cold, and her heart was in the air. If it was a year ago, she might be happy to jump up, but now she always feels that these things are a disguised form of her. Comfort and compensation.

Yan Xun gradually became more and more, and she became unrecognizable. Many times, she would doubt what it means to do everything. Even if Yan Xun wins, it is only that Yan replaces Zhao, and one dynasty replaces another. All her ideas have been moving toward another track, and she is still shamelessly deceiving those kindness. The people, encourage them to rebuild their homes, encourage them to actively join the army, encourage them to fight the enemy, they throw their bloody bloody battlefield, thinking that they are building a different era for their descendants, but in the end, maybe just in vain Sacrifice, these simple people, they are fighting a war that has nothing to do with them, but they have no knowledge.

Whenever I think of it, Chu Qiao feels like a jerk, a big swindler.

I don’t know if Liang Shudu has come to Yanbei. If he comes, will he think that Chu Qiao has deceived him?

She leaned on the desk quietly, her head on the scroll, a little tired, the candlelight faintly flashing, a burst of candle fire from time to time, everything was so quiet, she seemed to be sleeping.

Yan Xun has been standing outside the account for a long time. He learned that Chu Qiao arrived one day earlier. He rode the horse and brought more than 20 guards to the base camp. In the current situation, this kind of practice is obviously very irrational. Now there are too many people who want him to live, not only the big summer and the barking, but also Yanbei, including his superficial loyalty. Dear ministers. However, the wish to see her is too urgent, so that he has lost a rare reason, but rushing all the way, standing in front of her account, he did not dare to walk in.

The king of Yanbei, who deterred the world, dared to take the horse into the hinterland of Daxia in the case of Yanbei’s precarious situation. At this moment, he was afraid of a small tent, and even approaching it felt like a luxury. .

Yin Yu said that Achu heard about the marriage, and he was so happy that he cried and squatted on the floor. He knew that it was the old man who said that he was happy. How could a person like Achu cry in front of them? How can you kneel to him on the ground? They have been together for so many years, he can almost imagine the expression of her when she heard it all. She will definitely sit there indifferently, listening to the chatter of the old man, quietly not saying a word, gazing Looking at you, it seems to be listening, it seems that you are not listening, and then gently clicked when you finished talking, saying “I know.”

Yes, exactly.

Yan Xun simulated the scene in his mind. On the side of the body was a book and a spoof that had not been able to close. The table had cold tea. She wore a cotton blouse and sat in a chair with long hair on both sides. Indifferent as if everything has nothing to do with her.

Although, that is their marriage, when they were in the real, they had imagined countless marriages.

Yan Xun does not know what went wrong, he may know, but he is not willing to face it. He thought that he still trusted Achu. He knew who in the world betrayed him, and Achu would not. However, because of this, he did not want to leave her in the army, and did not want her to make too much contact with the southwestern town government. Things will always change, even if you don’t have this idea, other people, other things, will push you, drive you, drive you to go this way. He was afraid that one day, the position put him and her in a position of opposition, and when they stood behind a group of supporters, they could not retreat.

Achu is a good military strategist, but it is not a good politician. How dark is political, she will never understand. And he wants to achieve what he wants, how many bloody rivers he wants, and how many people cast his high mountains. He didn’t regret it. All of this was his voluntariness. He didn’t force him to do anything. No one forced him to do this. He even enjoyed it. He enjoyed the process of such calculation and killing. The resentment and hatred accumulated in his heart for many years. It is like a worm that eats him day and night, and those humiliations are the nightmare that he can never forget. However, he just hopes that when he does all this, she should not look around, don’t stare at him with her black and white eyes, then gradually lose hope and gradually become desperate.


She may be angry now, but time will wipe out everything, and he will have time to make up and explain.

Yan Xun’s mouth smirked and smiled. When he sat in the world, she would understand what he had done today.

The lights in the big account reflect a thin shadow, the outline of the eyebrows, so clear. Let him know clearly, where is the nose, where is the eye, where is the hand.

The moon shines on his body, the black big cockroaches appear heavy and depressed, the man’s figure is sorrowful, behind it is a ridiculous white, in the distance there are soldiers singing the Yanbei long tune, the tune is melodious, seems to be going to heaven. .

Yan Xun slowly reached out, under the moonlight, a touch of gray shadow, projected on the tent. Yan Xun’s hand was raised high, and it was getting closer and closer. Finally, the gray shadow touched the nose, cheeks and forehead of the shadow, and the virtual light and shadow reflected the outline of the woman in the account, like a lover. Hand.

He wanted to touch her hand, but when it was about to be hit, a black cloud suddenly floated over and blocked the moon, and the earth instantly broke into the darkness. Yan Xun stood there, stretched out his hand, and the snow on the ground was blown up by the wind, and he was on his big gong, like a sculpture.

After staying in the military camp for three days, I have never met Yan Xun. Until the fourth day, he was shut down. When he saw Yan Xun, Chu Qiao was packing his bags. Yan Xun was so awkward and there was no soldier notification. One sound. The glaring light came in from behind his back, and Chu Qiao looked back, and he was blinded for a moment.

Yan Xun was wearing a black robes, embroidered with gold-colored dragons on his clothes. His eyes were deep and he looked at her quietly. He had not spoken for a long time.

The light is too glaring, and the tiny dust floats up and down in the beam. Chu Qiao looks at the Yankee. It seems that the singer is still a lot of years ago. The teenager who came back from practice is sweating and always likes to be quiet. Standing behind her, she waited for her to discover that they were so lonely at the time, that they were not surrounded by each other, unlike the present, surrounded by thousands of people, but they were getting farther and farther apart.

Chu Qiao stood up and wanted to bend his knees, but the word “the emperor” could not be called out. Yan Xun came forward and took her hand. She did not dodge, did not look up, and the body was slowly held by her arms. Her forehead fell on his chest, and a steady and powerful heartbeat The sound came, let Chu Qiao think of the drums of the rumble on Beibei City. The sun is like blood, the earth is sprinkling gold, the curtain of the big account is ups and downs by the wind, and Chu Qiao squints, as if he can see the crisp grass in the summer season. Her heart has drifted away far away, far away, but not here.

“Achu, are you leaving?”

Yan Xun whispered, but she couldn’t get her answer for a long time. He let go and saw her swimming eyes without focal length, like a sea of ​​sea, dark, invisible.


Chu Qiao looked up and nodded. “Well, I will leave tomorrow.”

“Let the New Year, stay.”

“Not very good, there are still some things that I need to go back.”

Yan Xun said stubbornly: “Things are handed over to others, I want to spend a year with you.”

“I don’t worry if the canines are playing the idea of ​​Meilin Pass.”

“The canines are also going to New Year,” Yan Xun looked at her as if nothing had happened between them. Stubbornly said: “You don’t have to be personally involved, I will arrange for others to cook.”

Chu Qiao had nothing to say, she looked down and looked at the light and shadow projecting a small aperture on the ground, like a mottled lattice. Yan Xun’s mood suddenly became better. He smiled and said that he would bring Chu Qiao to Xi’an City for the New Year. It was his new city, how it was prosperous, how to be lively, he prepared a comfortable house, and Personally arranged a room for her. He repeatedly emphasized a kind of snack there. He said that he had eaten it when he was a child. After he recovered Yanbei, he looked for the chef who made snacks. When he found it, he was already in the war. Fortunately, he The son is still alive and inherits his father’s craftsmanship, and now he stays in the other courtyard of the City of Rhino.

He said so many words, and even some of them are arrogant. Chu Qiao listened for a long time, suddenly looked up and said quietly: “Yan Xun, I don’t want to stay here.”

Yan Xun suddenly stopped, his tongue seemed to be tied, and the endless words stopped. He looked at Chu Qiao. After a long time, he slowly said: “Are you still blaming me?”

Chu Qiao shook his head and his eyes were calm and waveless.

“I just don’t want to stay here with you. I have nothing to pretend. When I have to figure it out, I have put it all down, no longer guarding doubts, let me come again.”

Yan Xun stood there, his expression became very indifferent. He looked at Chu Qiao deeply, then turned and walked out. The steps were very big, and he could not see the figure.

Chu Qiao sat on the bed and suddenly felt very tired. This kind of cold war made her feel meaningless, but at the moment she could not find another way out for herself. The dog squatter is still provoking outside. After a year, she is also in the spring, she has to be wary early, and the trade exchange in the early spring, things are so numerous, fortunately, she still has things to do. Chu Qiao helpless smile, continue to pack up, this military camp is too depressed, she is not willing to stay more than a moment.

Yan Xun was sitting in the big army account, the generals were separated on both sides, the atmosphere in the account was somewhat depressed, the soldiers were downcast, and there was no happiness in the New Year.

“If we start the war, with the strength of our hands, our second army can handle the Xiajun from 100,000 to 150,000. If we add a little luck, we can resist the attack of half of the big summers for two consecutive days. But the premise is that the opposite commander can’t be Zhuge. He had smashed us more than 2,000 people in Quebec Valley a while ago. The soldiers are now deeply fearful of him. I am afraid that the morale will be low and affect the situation.”

Another person said: “There is a spy return that Zhuge is not in the military for the time being. It seems that he is going back to Zhen Huang. The Xiahuang is in critical condition. As an alliance of Zhao Che, he should support Zhao Che, but there are rumors that Xia Huang has already set the heir to the throne, and Zhao Che is unnamed.”

“It is going to be a New Year. The big summer army is not stable. Zhuge is still not there. If we take this opportunity to rush into Yanmingguan, it is not impossible. Your Majesty, this is the plan of the operational plan formulated by our staff.”

Yan Xun glanced at the plan of the battle plan coldly, only to see the colorful flowers on the top, and what the cavalry had to do before the shield, Luo Hao for a long time is only a frontal hard attack, flank assists such tactics. He frowned at the general in his thirties and said coldly: “This is the battle plan that your staff has been working for ten days in a row?”

The man was suddenly shocked, and his forehead was cold and sweaty. He said: “We analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the two armies and studied…”

“Okay.” Yan Xun interrupted him violently and continued to ask: “Is there any substantive thing to report?”

Seeing that Yan Xun’s mood is so bad, who else dares not to continue to say that, after a while, everyone in the big account will retreat one by one, leaving only Yan Xun sitting alone, his face pale and frowning .

However, after a while, a figure suddenly came in and slammed into the ground and lowered his voice and said: “Fortunately, there is no important information to report to His Majesty.”

The light in the afternoon was a bit dazzling, shaking a red cloud on the corner of the man’s clothes. It used to be the flag of the southwestern town government. Today, it has become the symbol of the beauty army.

On that day, Yan Xun did not have dinner. He summoned his confidant in the night and left the base camp with 5,000 banned troops. He did not even say hello to Chu Qiao.

When the horseshoe stepped out of the camp gate, Chu Qiao’s red sword on the book case suddenly made a squeaking noise. Chu Qiao turned his head in confusion, but he could only see the bunch of smoke in the incense burner.

She vaguely felt that the heart was jumping very hard, squeaking, taking a sip from the tea bowl, and the cold tea swallowed down the hot scorpion, but failed to smother the endless panic.

What’s going on here? She frowned slightly, the snow was flying outside, and the world was desperate.

When Yan Xun received the news and rushed to Daping, the war was over, and Zhuge’s people went to the building, leaving the body’s body and sword. Over the years, the assassination group, which was heavily ravaged by Yanzi, was completely annihilated. Five hundred people were not surviving. Looking at the dead bodies of the land, Yan Xun only felt the temples jumping in the sudden, and the man was wearing a black big squat standing in the snow. On the ground, the earth is bloody, and he stands in the middle of it, full of chilling gas, which is daunting.

“Your Majesty,” Cheng Yuanwei bowed and stood by his side, respectfully said: “Would you like to go back and call the people immediately, and people on our site can let him escape the birth?”

Yan Xun’s eyes were deep, and he looked at the corpses who had not had time to close their eyes. It seemed as if they could imagine the fierce battle. Cheng Yuan stood next to him and asked anxiously: “Your Majesty?”

“Call people immediately.”

Cheng Yuanjian Yan Xun adopted his own opinion and nodded happily and asked: “How much does it cost?”

“Bring the entire Black Hawk Army together.”

“Ah?” Even though the city was deep and far-reaching, it was shocked to hear the news. Surprised: “Your Majesty, the Black Hawk Army has just closed its recruitment, and there are more than 200,000 people. Zhuge Yue only brought less than 300 people. Does this use so many people?”

Yan Xun faintly snorted, his eyes slammed into the invisible enemy in the white snow, the gloomy eyes half squatting, cold and cold: “killing him is equal to cutting off half of Zhao Che’s head, broken big One of the arms of Xia is even bigger than the killing of 200,000 Xiajun. With the soldiers, when you see Zhuge, you will kill the ground, and you will not be able to live or die. Whoever cuts his head, I will reward the general. “”



Cheng Yuan screamed and turned to leave. The horseshoes stepped on the snowfield and picked up the snow of the white flowers. The Yankee stood still and said softly after a long time: “This time, I want you to fly in the wings.”

On this day, the military forces on the Yanbei Eastern Front were very active. The newly-built Black Hawk Army was taken out by General Cheng Yuan, excusing the field training, but in fact it was going inland to Yanbei. The Daxia officials responsible for monitoring the Yanbei Army felt strange and truthfully reported to the military office of Daxia. The civil servants of the military aircraft department analyzed for a long time. The final conclusion was that there was a great possibility of blizzard inside Yanbei. Civilians suffered a lot of casualties, and Yanbei had no choice but to mobilize the army to suppress the disaster. For this conclusion, the officials of the military aircraft reported a warm applause, which turned down the mold for the swallows, and relieved the threat of the army on the east line, and reported this good news to Daxia in time. The Northern Expeditionary Army has a large camp. However, Zhao Che’s military officer felt that this fact was irrelevant, even if the Black Hawk Army was absent, and the current strength of the Northern Expeditionary Army could not compete with the First and Second United Army. The operational plan of the Great Summer has already been set, everything must be Wait until next spring, and wait for the war between the North and the Sui and Tang Dynasties to settle down. Therefore, he naturally took the message of “insignificant” and did not want to disturb the already hard-working Royal Highness.

Many times, changing history is often an irrelevant thought of these irrelevant people. For example, now the only insider of Zhuge’s trip, Zhao Che, has lost this important information and lost the opportunity to issue notices and cover more troops. It is.

However, despite this, Yan’s plan did not go smoothly. One day later, the battle report came back one after another, but the generals in the room were almost red eyes.

The fifth squadron of the first squadron of the Black Hawk Army Light Cavalry was completely annihilated by the army of five hundred people.

Five hundred people of the fourth squadron of the light cavalry were attacked and shot dead by arrows, like a personal sieve.

The 17th Scout of the Light Cavalry disappeared out of thin air. The conclusion of the analysis of the staff was that all seven hundred people were lost in the snow.

The six scouts then disappeared out of thin air, with 20 people in each team, no one sent a signal or came back to report.

The bow team entered the Songlu Ridge, no one knows why they went in, just as no one knows why they went in and they didn’t come out, because the two infantry teams that went in to find them also disappeared.

The collapse, the defeat, the destruction, the disappearance… The report came back one by one, Yan Xun’s face became more and more ugly, and the generals in the room were also everyone’s enemies. An old officer said with trepidation: “Or, we Still have a soldier in one place, so it is too dangerous to divide the troops.”

“Joke!” Ah Jing is also in the army at the moment, but his position is obviously not as good as Cheng Yuan. He is sitting at the end of the officers’ team. He said coldly: “There are only three hundred people in the other side, but we have a large army. With a total of 200,000, the proportion of such disparity must be combined with the soldiers?”

The veteran also tried to argue: “But the other side has a strong fighting power, everyone is an enemy…”

“I don’t agree with the military.” Cheng Yuan said: “Inland is very sparsely populated, and it is snowy weather. Wherever 300 people go to a cat, we have nothing to do. Let the 200,000 army join forces in one place. The goal is bigger, and the other party is more likely to avoid us. Your Majesty, the subordinates suggest that the army is trapped, as long as the roads are blocked, not afraid that they will not show up.”

“General Cheng Da has forgotten the battle of Qiuqiu. You said that at the time.” A Jing looked at him with a cold eye and mocked: “The roadblocks on all roads, the whole army, and the mountain roads.” Not to let go, the general at the time was vowed to say that even the mouse could not escape your eyes in the past, but after January, Zhuge Hao sat in the Yanmingguan to eat and sleep, but we were as tired as the turtle grandson. ”

Cheng Yuanwen said that his face was heavy, but he did not speak, but turned his head to look at Yan Xun. Everyone knows that Qiuqiu’s battle was a taboo for Yan Yu. Although he had responsibility for Cheng Yuan, he was even more responsible as a coach who was attacked by the camp. However, I saw that the face of Yan Xun didn’t change color, as if I didn’t hear it. If the eyes were frosty, I wouldn’t be shocked.

With a cry, A Jing was heavily armed with iron armor, pushed away a few stops and got up. He said to the Yankee in front of the two steps: “Your Majesty, Zhuge is only three hundred people, and it is impossible for us to hurt more than 3,000.” The whole body retreated, but we didn’t see a big summer corpse, which means that all the wounded were taken away by him. Their number is small, and now the wounded are dragging their legs, the combat power will be greatly reduced. Please come with a thousand people to pursue the task yourself, and you will complete the task.”

Yan Xun’s gaze is like the dark waves of the sea, quietly sweeping through the face of Ah Jing. The wind outside the tent is rolling with snowflakes in the wilderness, but they are all cold and not blind. He is weighing fine, like a deep wolf king.

Ah Jings ability is very useful. His previous pressure on him has slightly smoothed the edges and corners of his body. He is fighting at this time, but he wants to prove himself. However, he has to be wary. After all, he has a close relationship with Achu, and what happens to the incident once he is informed by Achu?

The big account is very quiet. Everyone is watching the swallows, waiting for his instructions. The time passes by, and the fine sand leaks slowly. Suddenly, I only hear a long horse, A Jing. A few steps out, I saw more than two hundred horses rushing to the horse, the leading generals were covered with blood, shouted: “The enemy has been captured!”

During the time, the whole account was shaken, and Yan Xun’s brow was locked. If the eye was closed, the lake was frozen and the waves were turbulent.

There is a vast sky between the heavens and the earth. The snow-like snow is flying in the sky. It is covered in silver and white. The first team of the light cavalry team starts with 500 people. When they come back, there are only less than three hundred. It shows how terrible the battle is. The first brigade captain Luhe was covered with blood, and the arrow in his shoulders jumped off the horse and kneeled on the ground. He said to Yan Xun: “Under the envy, the court is fortunate not to be insulted, and the Xiaguo Northwest Marshal Marshal Zhuge took it.”

Everyone heard the words cheering in unison. In the past year, under Yanming’s death, the Yanbei army has not known how many losses have been eaten by Zhuge, who used the soldiers as gods and never played cards. The soldiers are dead, and the Yanbei Army is defeated in the 10th and 9th battles. Moreover, this person is more representative of the attitude of the Daxiamen Valve to Yanbei and the support for Daxia, and the number of people who are in this position, once this person is absent, the battle is on time. It will be greatly reversed.

Compared with other people’s happiness, Yan Xun did not have any strange expression. He looked at Lu He and said, “Carrying people.”

“Bring it up!”

Luhe turned back and gave a voice. Someone immediately put the bundled man up. This person was a purple scorpion, and his clothes were luxurious. However, he was wounded in many places, and five or six arrows were inserted in his right leg. Seeing Yan Xun, he slowly raised his head, his eyes were cold, his mouth smiled slightly, and he chose to pick the corner of his mouth. He said: “Yan Shizi, I haven’t seen it for a long time.”

Yan Xun’s eyes were suddenly pumped, his figure was low and gloomy, and he slowly said: “May 7?”

“Yan Shizi is good at remembering, it is no wonder that it can make so many insidious and insidious tricks to deal with my young master. It turns out that there is such a good head.” The month of seven smiles, a knife smothered across the face, the skin is fleshy, there is no The handsome and embarrassing of the past, the smile is like a ghost.

Yan Xun was not moved, cold and cold: “Where is Zhuge?”

Had a smile on the Yue Qi, as if I heard the best joke, I asked: “Is Yan Shizi crazy? Asked such a stupid question?”

“Tow it down, hey.”

Yan Xun turned coldly and said, Shen Sheng. The Guards suddenly stepped on the Yue Qi of the month, only listening to the sound of the moon seven, playing lightly behind the back, with a smile that didn’t care, as if to go to eat as easily: “Yan Xun, you are not a soldier, but you are used to it. The villain who is intriguing and tricky, you are not the opponent of my young master, I will take a step late and wait for you on Huangquan Road.”

“Is it?” Yan Xun’s voice was cold and low, like a dusty bell and drum, slowly turning back, the eye is like a knife: “Then you wait.”

“Sister, you walk slowly, in front of the mountain ditch, my brother is in front of the mountain, waiting for you to come…”

The snow is falling, the moon is dragged far away, and the song is still echoing in the wind. Yan Xun stood in the snow, his face was frosty, and he was gradually brought a layer of snow.

“Your Majesty,” Luhe said nervously: “It’s sinful. It’s the next time that he was deceived by him. However, he already knows where the Zhuge dog thief is going, and now he will chase it.”

Yan Xun’s eye glimpsed and looked at the sabre at his waist: “Give me.”

Lu He was even more shocked. He quickly released the sword from his waist and gave it to Yan Xun. He said with a sweaty head: “This is the sword of the kid, and his subordinates are preparing to hand it over to his Majesty.”

The sword is four feet high, and the body is black and white. There is a slight red pattern on the sword. It looks like blood. It is Zhuge’s close-fitting sword that breaks the moon. For this sword, Yan Xun is naturally familiar.

“Sun Cai, you immediately took this sword to intercept the Chu people. She should be on the way back to Shang Shen. It is said that Zhuge Yue led the soldiers to attack the food of Yuegong, just met me in Yuegong, the headquarters of the Guards. Damaged, I was injured by a sword, and now I have been besieged, so that she will immediately lead the troops to support Yuegong City. Remember, you have to detour from Nanhe Mountain to make the illusion of escape from the tribute, understand?”

The young general suddenly fell to the ground and said, “The subordinates understand.”

“Nian Qing, you immediately rushed to Yuegong City, with my mouth to give the tribute to the garrison, telling them that they must make frequent adjustments in one day to wait for the siege.”

“Yes, the subordinates will go immediately.”


“Cheng Yuan, you immediately summoned the Black Hawk Army. The soldiers rushed to Yuegong in five lanes. After the Chu people, they succumbed to the chasing posture, but don’t take over the troops, understand?”


“Qi Zhi, you go to Yuegong with Nian Qing, and tell the various counties and counties along the way, asking them to close the gates, send troops to fight, and set up defenses to intercept.”



“Below.” A soldier in a military uniform wearing a military uniform stood by, bowed his head and couldn’t see his eyebrows. Christine said: “Please tell.”

“You will follow Luhe immediately. After seeing Zhuge, you should know how to say it.”

Hoan squatted on the ground and said with a low voice: “The subordinates understand that they will not be held by the Holy Spirit.”

The army of several roads left one after another, and Yan Xun stood still in the same place, slowly saying: “Ah Jing.”

Ah Jing quickly stepped forward and said excitedly: “Below, San Sheng commanded it.”

“Let’s go to Huai Song, check out the military food for the Spring Festival next year.”

When Argenton stayed, he couldn’t believe it: “Now?”

“Yes,” Yan Xun turned around, his eyes sharp, his mouth cold, and he said in a word: “Now.”

The wind swelled for a while, and Yan Xun was wearing a black long squat standing in the cold wind, and was unmoved. The sun in the sky was covered by dark clouds, and the gloom was pale and white, and the winter was bleak, and the war was coming.

There was a big blizzard tonight, Chu Qiao had just camped on it, and he heard the rush of horseshoes in the north. He Xiao led the soldiers forward and took back a young general. The man was covered in blood and his hair was scattered. When he saw Chu Qiao’s loved one, he fell in front of her and shouted: “Great! Chu, you are here, please take the troops to save the next, then It’s too late for a while!”

“Hey!”, the red sword in Chu Qiao’s hand suddenly fell to the ground, she widened her eyes, stepped forward and said coldly: “What do you say? Say it again!”

“Xiaguo Zhuge dog thief sneaked into Yanbei, set fire to the winter grain of Yuegong City, just kneeling down in the vicinity, without knowing that only two thousand people went to rescue Yuegong, do not want to be besieged by Zhuge dog thief, body The middle number sword can no longer be launched. Nowadays, the 50,000-strong army of the great summer is surrounded by Yuegong, and the majesty is in the city. The subordinates are carrying 300 people to report to the death. All of them are dead in the middle. Only one of them escapes.”

Chu Qiao frowned and said, “How can the big summer 50,000 army quietly enter Yanbei? You can tell me clearly!”

The young man was covered in dust and red eyes screamed and screamed: “The subordinates don’t know. They seem to be smashing down from the sky. The swordsmanship is exquisite, and a sword penetrates the underarm of the armpit. If not Ah Jing guarded the ambulance, and it was already unfortunate at the moment. The general who called the month seven hit the gate three times and killed all the brothers…”

Sun Cai said as he shed tears and picked up the long sword at the waist and said: “Yes, this is the sword of the Zhuge dog thief. He is using this sword to stab the armpit and is stuck by the shoulder blade of his arm. I just didn’t pull it out.”

Chu Qiao suddenly stayed, she slowly took over the long sword, I saw the sword body is simple, bloody traces, it is a broken moon. She held the sword slyly, strongly suppressing her desire to tremble, her eyes seem to be snow, almost to open the snow.

Zhuge, how could he? He personally said to himself that this is not a war, how can he burn the tribute of the tribute to assassinate the swallow?

But if not, what is this, and who is the blood of this broken sword?

“Adult! Go ahead, don’t go too late!”

Sun Cai was on the ground, bowing his head and praying. Chu Qiao took a deep breath and only felt that the heart was cold. If Yan Xun had something, wouldn’t it be harmed by her? She turned the horse neatly and said coldly to the subordinates: “All the troops are camping! Go to Yuegong!”

The army quickly opened up and disappeared into the snowfield in a short time. Soon, there were other horses’ horseshoes covering the chaotic snowfield. This night, after all, it was not a good night for sleep.

When Hoan saw Zhuge, it was already early in the morning. In the Mingxi Valley, the original 300 people now only have less than two hundred, but they still maintain a high degree of vigilance and combat effectiveness. The valley of the Mingxi Valley is narrow, easy to defend and difficult to attack, and there are abundant wild animals in the valley. There is no need to worry about food and grass. As long as they drag on for three days, Zhao Che will inevitably find that the number of Yanbei troops under Yanming has decreased, and when they take the opportunity to fight, Yan Xun had to return to help, and at that time, Zhuge Yue had a good opportunity to escape.

Just looking at it, Hoan understands the sagacity of Yan Xun’s plan. Such a situation and strength, even if it is a storm, will cost a lot.

“General Zhuge, I am the subordinate of Chu Daren, the beauty army leads Huo An, there is something to tell you.”

Zhuge’s clothes are neat and tidy, and they are still the savvy and cold look. Even if they are in flight, they don’t have a little panic. He glanced at Hoan with a faint look and said slowly: “If I remember correctly, the commander of the Beauty Army should be He Xiao.”

“He Xiao’s adult is already dead, and now I will take over his position.” Huoan’s eyes were calm and his face was unchanged.

Zhuge Yue 言 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 轻轻 Huoan stabilized his mind and calmly said: “My family said that the general’s possession has been exposed. Regardless of what the general has, please leave immediately. She has arranged a secret road for you in Helan Mountain. If you believe her, you can take it. Sui and Tang dynasty fled Yanbei. If you have other outlets, please leave as soon as possible, because your Majesty has sent a large army to surround you, and I am afraid I will have no chance.”

“What happened to your adult? Why did He Xiaojun lead to death?”

Huo’s face changed slightly, and he meditated for a long while. “My family only told me what I said. As for the others, please forgive me.”

After saying that he turned to leave, Zhuge said: “Stop.”

Hoan still didn’t stop, just listening to the slamming sound, a young swordsman took out a long sword, the sword was placed sharply and quickly on his neck, and said coldly: “I didn’t hear my young master. Call you?”

Hoan turned to look at the past, but it was a young man who was only 18 or nine years old, with a chill of the sword.

“Month of the month, don’t come.”

Zhuge Yue said, the young swordsman lowered his head and headed back. Haw turned his head and looked at the calm eyes of Zhuge. He slowly said: “General, there are traitors in my subordinates, which have harmed you. Adults, your majesty wants to kill you, adults refuse, and send troops to block the troops that are sent to chase you. They have already fallen out of the army. Now, I have no face to go back to see adults and pray for the forgiveness of adults. I only hope that the generals can listen to my family. If you are an adult, leave quickly, otherwise the nine thousand soldiers who were made by the southwestern town government will be sacrificed in vain. My grown-ups have also died in vain.”

After all, Hoan took out the sword and wiped it off against the neck. Zhuge’s hand was fast, and the sword was opened, but he still couldn’t have time. He saw a bloody trace on the man’s neck and blood.

Meng Feng suddenly squatted down and raised his head and said: “Don’t worry, you can’t die.”

Zhuge’s face was gloomy, and he looked at the empty snowfield for a long time without speaking. His subordinates looked at him, and one of them said: “General, this person can’t believe it.”

Zhuge nodded and said: “Exploration.”


At dawn, a scout flew back, and Shen Sheng said: “The general has already proved that there are people who see the army of Chu Daren rushing to Yuegong City. The speed is very fast. Just before an hour, the subordinates carefully After watching the horseshoes, they were very alarmed and the hoof prints were extremely chaotic, but they have not yet received the essays of Quanyan Beitong.

Zhuge nodded and did not speak, but the brain was running at high speed.

After a while, another horse came back and said: “The general has already proved that the Black Hawk Army is led by Cheng Yuan, and the soldiers are divided into five roads. They all follow her behind the girl of Chu, and the number is about 100,000. ”

“Young masters, the counties and counties along the tribute have added troops to set up roadblocks, and the militia has been inspected everywhere. Yuegong City has also frequently dispatched troops. The situation is not good.”

“General, Yan Xun also went to Yuegong.”

The wind blew, and there was a stagnation between the heavens and the earth. It was snowy and silvery. Zhuge Yi, a gray fox, stood tall and suddenly walked to the front of the horse, whispering but powerfully said: “Go to the tribute.”

“General!” Meng Feng grabbed Zhuge’s horse, and stopped in front of him. He said, “You can’t go.”

Zhuge Yue faintly lifted, but did not speak. Meng Feng knows the meaning of his eyes too much. It is rare to say a serious sigh: “There are a lot of doubts about this matter, and even if it is true, we should not be rashly tempted by our current strength.”

“Yes, general,” Zhuge’s deputy general is Shen Yu. He was a former Majia slave, but he was very talented in military literacy. He was taken away from slavery and promoted to the military deputy commander. Shen Shen said with a deep voice: “The subordinates also feel that this is extremely embarrassing. If it is a covert operation, why is it so easy for us to hear the information? And the time fit is such a match?”

The month of nine frowned: “Young master, his subordinates also feel suspicious.”

“General, this is too coincidental. If it is true, then how did this Hoan find us? If he can find it, does it mean that Chu Qiao has been following us? The heart of defending people is indispensable, I also feel that It is the best policy to evacuate immediately according to the original plan.”

“You are right.” Zhuge nodded and said slowly, everyone suddenly smiled, and he finally listened to it, but soon, Zhuge Yue frowned and looked very seriously to them, Shen Sheng Said: “But if he is telling the truth, what should I do?”


Everyone suddenly stayed up, yeah, if it is true, then look at the posture of Yan Xun, Chu Qiao is not necessarily dead? What should happen if this happens?

Zhu Gezhen did not wait for the answers of the people, but jumped on the horseback from the self-satisfaction, everyone was shocked, and they went to block. Meng Feng’s bitterness advised: “General, I think this is a fake in all likelihood. It’s Yan Xun’s deliberately guiding you…”

“Twenty-nine is ninety-nine, what about the other ten?”

Meng Feng suddenly stunned.

“Is it worth the risk of life for one or two of these ten?”

Zhu Gezhen did not answer, just shook his head quietly and whispered: “I still can’t be completely sure…”

He didn’t continue to talk about it, and he didn’t say that he couldn’t be completely sure. The man’s expression suddenly became a little ethereal. He looked up quietly and looked at the distant snow. He suddenly raised his mouth and sneered: “Why, It’s not that easy for him to want me to live in Zhuge’s life.”

“Month of the month,” Zhuge’s eyes were cold and flashed, and there was a sizzling sizzle: “Notice the month, plan 2 is starting.”

Plan 2? There was a glimpse of the moon in the eyes of the nine months, but in a flash, he suddenly felt a shock and responded with a sigh of relief.

The hooves gradually faded away, and Zhuge Yue sat on the horse’s back, narrowing his eyes, his eyes stunned, but there was an undercurrent flowing slowly. He considered everything and imagined the worst ending. Suddenly he seemed to see someone on the snowfield waving at him.

If all this is true, isn’t it, will there be a hint of hope? She did not hesitate to turn her face with Yan Xun, did she prove that he was in her heart, not without status?

Zhuge was not thinking about it in the dark, then he shook his head and laughed silently, and his death point was held down by others.

The horseshoes are flying, and the distant sun is facing the city of Yuegong. The sun rises, but it is covered by clouds, and the heavens and the earth are dark. Yuegong, the grain and grass city of Yanbei, ushered in another embarrassment in history today.

On this day, the whole Yanbei is filled with the snow in the sky. The storm that has never happened in a hundred years is like a crazy madman. In the wilderness, the raging madness is raging. The snow is three feet thick and the face is like a small face. The stones, the pain of life. The horses were wrapped in leather and their eyes, but they were still panicking. The soldiers wore bonnets on the skin, and they couldn’t open their eyes because of the wind. They could only walk on the snowfield.

Going to the Jasmine River, Chu Qiao suddenly ordered the whole army to stop, and Sun was anxious to come forward to ask, but only saw a cold back. The young female general stood on a snowy slope and looked at the snowy sea in the distance. The birds in the distance were in a mess, and the snow and fog were fascinating.

When he came down, Sun was irritated and pushed away his warrior. He said with anger: “Chu Daren, what are you doing? The military is in a fire, and when you are dying, you still have your heart here. Looking at the scenery?”

Chu Qiao’s gaze glimmered from his body, like the icy ice of the midwinter, and the cold and thorny into the most fragile uneasiness of the heart.

The girl is still very young, but somehow, all the people who know her will stand in front of her and will unconsciously ignore her age, uncontrollable trembling and panic. Despite the cold weather, Sun Cai’s forehead still had sweat oozing out. He just noticed that there was something wrong with it. Chu Qiao had ordered: “Take him up.”

Without a second of hesitation, the soldiers of the Beauty Army quickly stepped forward and bound the Sun Cai with a few strong. The young officer struggled and shouted: “What are you doing? Chu Daren, are you going to rebel?”

Chu Qiao looked at him coldly, his eyes pierced sharply, and through his shock and anger on his face, he saw the potential panic and worry effortlessly. Her heart gradually became cold, like the water flowing under the ice, and it was cold.

“He Xiao, took out all the explosives that he brought with him, and blasted the Jasmine River, leaving three hundred people to hold on. If there is someone rushing from the opposite side tomorrow morning, you will not have to come to see me.”


He Xiao replied coldly, Chu Qiao rolled over and climbed on the horse, and said to his subordinates: “Let’s go.”

“Chu Daren! Do you know what you are doing now?”

Chu Qiao slowly turned around and looked at Sun Cai with a cold look. He said calmly: “I certainly know.”

“You are stopping us from helping you, you are a rebellion!”

Chu Qiao sneered, faint smile: “Sun Daren, are you too naive, or is it that I am so stupid in your eyes? You said that Yuegong City only escapes you alone, so why are there five now? Lu Dajun is chasing us? I am returning to Shen Shen by the way. It is only a day before I can get there. Then why are the Black Hawks of this headquarters coming here so fast? You said that Zhuge Yue took the 50,000 army gods. Unconsciously attacking the food of Yuegong, and besieging the armpits, then you tell me, now that the year has passed, why are you not doing well in this department, what are you going to do thousands of miles away?”

Sun Cai was asked to be speechless and his eyes widened. Chu Qiao sneered, his eyes became colder, and his tone was gloomy: “Sun Daren, if today’s thing is that I am wrong with you, then I will be guilty of swearing at everyone in the face of everyone. But if you are deliberately deceiving Be careful with me, your head.”


The army whizzed past, and the horseshoe hit the snowfield, like a rumbling drum. After a while, there was a thunderous sound from the rear. Although the explosives were rough, but enough explosives were put together, it was enough to blast the ice. The Jasmine River was a tributary of Chishui, and there was no day. One night’s time to think about freezing, there are three hundred bows here, the Black Hawks don’t want to cross the river easily. No matter what the situation is, always go and have a look.

Chu Qiao made up his mind, narrowing his eyes and sharp eyes, like a leopard who saw the prey.

“Adult!” He Xiaoze Ma chased him and rode to the side of Chu Qiao. For many years, he was both a master servant and a close confidant. The handsome general asked: “The front is out. what’s up?”

The cold wind blew, from the smashing between the two, the snow particles hit the face, very painful. Chu Qiao was silent for a long time, and finally said in a deep voice: “Maybe, Cheng Yuan rebelled.”

He Xiao turned to think about it, and connected things together in tandem. It was a bit of a possibility, but he shouted: “I already knew that the grandson is not a good thing!”

Chu Qiao did not speak, her eyes looked straight ahead, and she slammed the whip and ordered the horse. I hope that her guess is correct because she really does not want to guess another possibility.

No, no.

Yan Xun, he will not be so negative.


Chu Qiao sighed and slammed the full fears. The horses ran wildly and galloped on the snowfields. It was like a dark storm. The sun was gradually covered by clouds, and the sky was gray. If it is dark night.

Zhuge’s appearance was without warning. According to the original plan, Chu Chuo came to the army and sent troops to pursue it. Yuegong actively transferred troops. It was just an illusion to confuse Zhuge, and the ultimate goal was to lead Zhuge. In the Mingxi Valley, another 20,000 bows were sent to kill in front of the valley. The war would end before the Mingxi Valley, and it would never affect the Yanbei inland, let alone the heavy city like Yuegong.

Therefore, when Zhuge Biao suddenly appeared in Yuegong City, the first reaction of the whole city was panic, just because Yan Xun had already set aside the Yuejun last army to the Mingxi Valley.

Yuegong City was finally burned by Zhuge, and when the news of Yanyan was quickly rushed back, Zhuge was a blue-eyed man, standing on the slope of Shimapo, a place outside the city, in front of Yan’s I personally shot a rocket on the high gate. After receiving the attack signal, three hundred rockets were fired and shot in the city of Yuegong, where the city was poured with tung oil. God also helped Zhuge’s power, and the wind was raging, not only the grain in the city, but also the entire city. They all turned into a scorched earth in this fire.

The 20,000-strong army of Yan Xun’s handsome squad is splitting. Half of these people are local servants of Yuegong. When they see their homes destroyed, their parents and children are dying of anger and anger, and they have not waited for Yan’s order. The rushing rushed up. The war was very rushed. There was no formation without a formation. It was completely crazy. With the pain of a mourning soldier, the speed of the Yanbei warriors was astonishing, like a group of hungry wolves. However, before they were close, the three hundred arrows of the Yuewei pierced their chests, and the arrows were like the rain and the fog, and the flesh and the blood could not compete with this force. About one After the time of Musk, the two central forces have no more standing people.

The north wind blew through the bloody battlefield. It seemed that you could still hear the heavy breathing of the dying person. The Yankee stood on the other side. He did not stop when he just rushed to the garrison. In fact, he did not stop. He also had no time to stop, so he sat down and watched this squadron die under the arrows, like a group of unintentional autumn grass. At this moment, Yan Xun’s personal escort stood behind him, like a dark and silent forest, still 10,000 people, silent, quietly silent, indifferent to the death of his compatriots.

This is the first time that Yan Yu and Zhuge Yue met after the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Although the war lasted for a whole year, and the size of the confrontation was numerous, Zhuge Yue also led the soldiers to impact the big accounts of Yan Xun, but they never met. Nowadays, the gaze of lightning in the mid-air silence, there is no sharp spark, everything is like a reef hidden under the dark, quiet, quiet, heavy collision, the water surface slightly rolling, The inside is undercurrent, and the outsiders are not enough to see the sharpness and sharpness hidden in it. Only those who are deeply sympathetic can understand what kind of timidity this is.


From the time of the rare city of Zhenghuang to the repeated confrontation after growing up, the men who are equally powerful and arrogant in the palm of their hand, in terms of their rights, they are relatively clear and distinct. In terms of military capabilities, they are surprisingly evenly matched. In the political competition, they vowed that the enemy could not reconcile, and the mistake was that they fell in love with the same woman, such fate and encounter, so that they could not sit down and enjoy the advantages of each other. And talent, as long as the collision, must be flowing hot blood, win or lose, win and die.

When Zhuge Yue saw Yan Xun, the long-hanging heart suddenly fell. Just out of the Mingxi Valley, he knew that he was deceived. The only difference is whether this is led by Yan Xun, or is Chu Qiao involved? Is Yan Xun infiltrated the southwestern town government, or is Chu Qiao personally exposed her whereabouts? On the battlefield, the moments of life and death are unpredictable. At such a point of life and death, these things may have been irrelevant to others, but for him, they cannot be left out. He can be sure that Chu Qiao is not the kind of person. He can confidently feel that he is not an insignificant passerby in her heart. However, he cannot measure the status of Yan Xun in her mind and cannot evaluate himself and When the interests of Yan Xun are in conflict, her eyes will be worried about which side to look at.

Zhuge’s self-deprecating sneer, even if she does not betray Yan Xun for herself, but will not kill herself for Yan Xun. This way, maybe it will be fine.

When Yan Xun saw Zhuge, he was far less calm than Zhuge, and his inner dislike and hatred grew like a vine. It is this person in front of him that has lost his first chance to escape from the true Huang. He has suffered from the imprisonment of pigs and dogs for eight years. He enjoys himself when he squats like a pig and a dog. With the glory of the aristocratic gatekeepers, the robes of the robes and the robes of the robes, when he was humiliated and squandered by others, he looked at the cold-eyed, and his family jumped up when his family broke down and became muddy. Stepping on the bloody bones of the earth, it became the new voice of the empire. After he finally created this foundation, he personally destroyed his unbeaten myth and gave him a heavy blow.

Moreover, there is Achu…

When I think of it, the fire in the heart of Yan Xun is burning, and the resentful anger and anger that have been suppressed for a long time are like a volcanic volcano.

In the evening, the sun sets and the horizon on the east side is faintly visible. It is the war horse of Yanbei. It can also smell the breath of the horses in the air. The dust is full, and there are three or four thousand people.

Zhuge Yue stood still, Yan Xun did not speak, the war came to them, and the insults would seem too naive. A soldier under the Yanxun rushed out of the camp and shouted before the team of Zhuge, “Don’t let the arrow!”

The moon guards quietly looked at the rather courageous soldier with indifferent eyes. The soldiers slammed their lips nervously and began to talk incessantly before the war. The content was very old-fashioned, nothing more than some brutal summer. Indecent, Yan Beixing is the teacher of justice. He is arrogant to our land and infringes on our territory. For this provocation, our army vows not to compromise. Our reinforcements are in front, if you want an escape. Opportunity, immediately put down the weapons and surrender, screaming for the clouds.

He advised the soldiers to talk dryly and righteously, but his opposite did not give him a half-response. After seeing him finish, Zhuge Yue waved his hand gently and said without emotion: “kill him.”

Immediately, the chaotic arrows were shot, and the heroic speaker was shot into a horse’s nest. The body fell straight and the feet were still on the stables. The horse was frightened and ran backwards, dragging the man all the way, and the blood was red. All the way.

Yanbei’s soldiers finally became angry, and the voice of anger filled the audience. The tens of thousands of people brushed out the sword, and the bright blade was like a sea of ​​sorrow, covering the eyes of everyone.

The men looked at each other and looked through the ancient time and space. Finally, the horn of the battle was rumbling, the dust of the earth was covered up by the army, some people shouted, the horses whipped in an instant, and the towering guns raged. To the other side, the war started, and there was no omen.

The setting sun is dark, and the sky is getting darker. The number of the cavalry of Zhuge is small, but it is like a sharp sword. They are unparalleled in arrows and have no virtual arrows. They can shoot and shoot after the impact. They can then make up a knife. All of them are masters of martial arts. No one is an ordinary soldier. Three hundred people are invincible, and the battalion is like a flat, and they are not shocked by the number of opponents.

The troops of Yanzi are also elites with a hundred miles, a large number of people, and complete armor. Each one is a veteran of the battlefield, with rich experience and imposing manners.

At the beginning of the battle, the horrible cruelty was revealed. The blood splashed and the broken arm flew together. The horses collided head-to-head, the four hooves met in the air, and the huge arrays surged, like the tsunami and the tsunami. Cold, scalp tingling.

The sky is dark and the clouds are extremely low, almost sticking to the head. The snow is like gray goose feathers, and it is flying in the cold wind. In the simple tent built with coarse cloth and leather felt, Yan Xun is sitting quietly. The torches made a faint snoring, the soldiers were very scared, their eyes were more and more uneasy, and the horses also made an outrageous humming sound, anxiously hoofed, air dull, full of fear and oppressive atmosphere.

It’s been half an hour, and the 10,000-strong army is fighting against the lonely army that is less than three hundred people. This disparity is not a normal war, even if it’s a stunned Support to this time. The moon’s bow and arrow have already been shot, and the sword has collapsed. Many people have been seriously injured. The horses of the cavalry have all been shot dead. They can no longer exert the flexibility of maneuvering. They can only gather together and lean back and back. Ten thousand people fight with a spear sword.

The Yanbei Army has surrounded them, and the melee is fierce and violent. On the snowfield, which was stained with blood, the Yanbei Army’s former troops and Zhuge’s people fought in one place, and the two waves headed together. The sword is bright, and between the rushes, a large piece of blood sprang out, like a hot magma sprinkled on the fertile soil.

The wind whistling, killing the sound, the sound of the horse and the screams of the soldiers when they were seriously injured, the scene is like boiling water, what strategy, what strategy, have not been used. The narrow road meets the brave and wins. At this moment, everyone seems to be crazy, with red eyes waving swords to the other side, broken limbs, splashing blood, chopped heads, like a row of autumn grass. The murderer was immediately killed by the murderer, but the dying person still did not forget to hold the enemy’s thighs to win the attack time for his comrades, and the battle was fierce to the point of unimaginable.

Although the Yanbei Army had the upper hand in the number of people, it always rushed to the small group of Yuewei. The soldiers on the outside fell down, and the inside immediately rushed up. Their crumbling swords stood there and watched. It seems that I will fall down in the next round of battles, but still stand up tenaciously, like a dog skin plaster that can’t be ruined, but it’s not broken, even if the surrounding comrades have fallen, only one People, who are still fighting each other, fight alone. Even if the flesh and blood are vague, even if the limb is broken, even if there is only one breath left, it will still be spelled with a knife and a mouth to tear off the enemy piece of meat!

These people are all followers of Zhuge Yue from childhood, as the son of Zhuge’s long house, from the age of four, the family has invited dozens of martial arts masters for him, and more than 500 people who are close to the moon, 10 In the past few years, they have followed Zhuge’s battle to the north and the south. After hundreds of wars and killings, they have never retreated. Today, they are once again showing the blood loyalty of the so-called empire’s sacred sacred waste in front of the Yanbei soldiers.

Yan Xun’s new defensive leader, Nie Gu, screamed and screamed: “Kill! Kill them!”

The moon was covered with blood. A sword pierced the throat of a Yanbei Army. There was no calm and calm style on his face. He wiped away the blood from his face. He said: “Brothers! Bloody way!”

There are corpses everywhere, there are swords everywhere, and the bodies are too much to stand up. The soldiers kicked the knives and kicked the corpses to the side. The killing and screams were deafening, and the blood mud rolled with meat sauce. One place.

A Yanbei Army cut a thigh of a Yuewei with a knife. The young Yuewei did not scream, but instead penetrated the Yanbei Army’s chest. The Yanbei soldiers died and hugged the Yuewei before they fell. The waist, two seriously injured dying people rolled on the ground, like two wild dogs biting each other, as if they had terrible hatred between them, but they did not wait for them to kill each other, more than a dozen horses rushed, The soldiers immediately were still fighting. The two men below were smashed by the horseshoes. The brains were sprayed out and splashed on the hoofs of the horses. The two fighters hugged each other and looked like intimate friends.

The battlefield formed a red-red scary vortex around the three hundred moonguards. The formations of the two sides were completely chaotic. The Yanbei army outside did not come in, and they screamed at the periphery, rushing to supplement the fallen companions from time to time. At this moment, the moonguard in the northwest corner was suddenly opened a hole. Niegu cheered, and the soldiers held the bloody saber and followed him, screaming like a wolf.


“Protect the general!”

Yue Qi’s young face was blood red, and I could not see the original. The eyes of the moon guards were red at the same time, and they all turned to be eager, but they were entangled in the enemies around them.

Niegu shouted loudly: “Chong! Kill the Zhuge dog thief!”


As soon as the voice fell, a white knife slammed into it. Niegu’s neck was immediately marked with a blood line. The next second, the young guard’s head flew high, and the body was awkward. It fell in a pool of blood.

Zhuge Yue standing with a knife, a blue long fur more hair face was bright and clean jade, lips bright red, high nose, deep eyes like a deep pool, bright and piercing look at the battlefield. A drop of blood in the forehead slowly flows down, and the sly slides over the contour of the face. Behind him, there are tens of thousands of corpses, and further away, the ancient city with black smoke, and then, is the Yanbei land and the devastated Daxia land.

The war is raging, the people are mourning, Simon is turbulent, and the heavens and the earth are bleeding. He is standing in the bloody moorings with his knife. Even though he is killing, he is still proud of the snow-capped mountains.



As the cheers of Lei followed, Zhuge stood in the middle of the pool, his voice was clear like a bell, and he shouted: “One is not allowed to die! All are with me!”


The soldiers shouted in unison, and Zhuge rushed to the front of the people. They took the lead and personally led the team. Their skills were dazzling and dazzling. The blade was rolling with white snow, like a white wave, and people who passed by were turned upside down.

The last surviving more than one hundred people in the moon’s wei, the shouting and killing sounds were deafening, and the Yanbei army, which was invincible from Yanbei, could not help but succumb to this crazy momentum. The war suddenly became glued up. The officers in the rear were screaming, but they couldn’t be attacked by the heights of the corpses. No matter how many troops they put in, it’s still more than a hundred people who look like leaves in the rain. The machine is usually cut and slashed.

Yan Xun’s face remained unchanged, but his eyes gradually began to squat. Zhuge Yue finally came out. He stood at the forefront of the smashing, the green snow knife, the posture like a healthy dragon, and the Yan Xun seems to be in his The body saw the glittering golden light, such as the smashing of the ninety-five, dazzling and dazzling, people dare not look at it.

A trace of coldness slid through the bottom of my eyes, and the sound of the swallows was low, slowly saying: “Get the bow and arrow.”

The guards quickly turned back to take the golden bow of Yan Xun, the golden light, the dazzling eyes, the Yan Xun wearing a dark long scorpion, the eyebrows had no clear and gentle eyes of the year, he is like a god in the chaos of the world. Black is made from blood. The fingertips slowly rubbed the arrow, the four fingers together, the thumb clasped, the arrow, the bow, the bend, the rope of destiny turned back in this moment, the old picture once again rushed in the mind, Yanqi arms Power, the arrow is like a cooked shrimp on the back of the bow.

The wind blew, blowing through the raging fire and the gradually cooling corpses, the dark clouds in the sky rolling, the snow fluttering in the sky, the horseshoes in the distance gradually approached from the rear, the eyes of the swallows were like frost, and the back was straight. Standing around the army, with absolute advantage and attitude, suddenly released the finger holding the arrow!

The golden arrow of the golden light, detached from the string, toward the body on the battlefield, suddenly went!

Tens of all eyes and time are all solidified. Under the halo of the yellow sun at noon, the arrow of fate rushes out, toward the chest of Zhuge, as if it is a bloodthirsty hungry wolf.

Zhuge slashed a knife and slashed a Yanbei sergeant. The scarlet blood spurted on the back of his hand like a hot oil. You don’t have to look at it, just listen to it with your ears. The arrow that penetrates the strong north wind is transmitted to the eardrum. The body is like a lightning bolt. With the feeling of rapid dodging, the arrow sharp, along his arm. Rubbed over, with thick clothing and large pieces of blood. However, before I could stand up, another arrow had come.

Lianzhuyu, Yanbei Chuqiao’s famous stunt! On the snowy night of the state banquet, on the northwestern battlefield, he has repeatedly taught Chu Qiao’s hand skills, which is no longer strange. However, at this moment, the arrow comes from the hand of Yan Xun, but it does not have a taste. The subtlety may not be enough, but the strength is far from it.

A series of seven arrows, arrows and arrows straight to the key, Zhuge Yue like a dragon horror, one by one to escape, and finally the body shocked, stood up in the sharp arrows of squally showers. The gaze is only one second, as fast as lightning, but it seems to have passed the life of the two rivals.

In an instant, Zhuge’s body was like a full moon. The round arms were bent and the knife was thrown. The bright blade was like a white electric flash, and the thunder slammed back.

The short exclamation sounded not far behind, and the man’s mouth pointed by the blade was slightly curved, bringing out an undetectable smile. He did not dodge, and even did not have a panic color, but picked up the last arrow of gold, slammed the bow, and violently spurred away.

Heaven and earth seem to be quiet and silent for a time. The two are separated by thousands of horses, silently watching each other, using all their strength to make a final blow. No one is dodging and avoiding, just waiting for fate to make the final result of their life. Sentence judgment.

“Be careful!”


The exclamation sound is too late to penetrate the eardrum, and the long squeaking sound of the horse is ringing. The snowy swordsmanship is like the shining star in the dark night. The sharp arrow pierces the snow and fog, and comes from the back of the Yankee. The last moment when the sword pierced the heart of the swallow, he hit the knife back!

That is just an ordinary sword, how to enemies this brilliance of the floating world. The two forces were in one place, the sword broke and the sword was still moving at the speed of the previous one. The arrow of Yan Xun passed through the palm of Zhuge’s hand and shot at his chest, followed by the sword suddenly inserted into the arrow. The tail of the sagittal, straight down, a sword pierced the chest of Zhuge, the blood smashed down, flowing through the bloody wave of the slanting body, the two little ancient scorpions that flowed to the end On the top, between the scarlet and the hot, the word “breaking the moon” is faintly visible.

Zhuge’s mouth suddenly burst into a big bloody flower, and the body squatted back, but it was hard to resist, and the moon guards rushed forward, and the guards were around him. He was screaming in tears in front of him, and the young swordsman jerked his head back, full of crazy resentment and anger, and looked at the dark armor of the team in the snow.

Chu Qiao sat on the horse’s back, with two thousand beautiful troops on his side, and the horseshoe stepped on the snowfield, making a rumbling sound. Her pupils were stunned and finally saw a face in the hurricane. The whole person fell into the ice, and the feet and feet were cold and numb. The heart seemed to be thrown out and thrown into the ice and snow.

Yan Xun smiled lightly, reached for a snowflake falling on the clothes, and slowly walked up to reach out to Chu Qiao, and said warmly: “You are here.”

Zhuge Yue whole body blood, chest wound terrible ferocious, his eyes like a rolling Kuroshio current, the fact that once again bloody defeat his pride and self-sustaining, his eyebrows threw a cold eye to Chu Qiao, helplessly. Strong pressure on the bloody throat.

Zhuge, what are you going to do?

The man sneered, his voice was low and hoarse like the hell evil spirits, muttering: “After all, I am still wishful.”

Cold eyes shot on Chu Qiao’s body, Chu Qiao only felt that breathing became difficult, she could not move, could not speak, and was sitting heavily on the horse’s back, she could not see the fake face of Yan Xun. The hole, already unable to see the tall and heavy corpses of the hill, can’t see the ancient city of Yuegong, which is black smoke, can’t see the snow and the snow between the heavens and the earth, only Zhuge, only the scarlet on his green Blood, like a sharp arrow, was in the middle of her chest.

The years seem to have passed away for nine years in an instant. Nine years ago, on the snowy plain outside the true Huang, she chose to stand with Yan Xun and look at the lonely and lonely child in the eyes of hatred. After nine years, fate once again gave her the same opportunity, but she still did not hesitate to point Jianfeng to him.

The wind and snow are still the same, and things are like people. The sky and the earth instantly become vast and vast, but the sound of the wind is rolling, rolling up the sky and snow, sprinkling on the face that is already familiar in the dream.

The fingers were bent, and the fists were clenched, and the nails were inserted into the flesh and blood, but they did not feel any pain.

The eyes of the nine months were red, and her face was clearly seen. She was angry and yelled: “You are a woman with a wolf-hearted dog, our young master is coming to save you, but you are under this poisonous hand. After today, there is still one person still in the moon. I want you to pay for the move today!”

“The big words are not awkward.” Yan Xun’s eyes drifted faintly, and the tone of voice said quietly: “Go, step on them.”


The garrison should be in unison, and the whole body would be rushed forward. At this moment, there was a sudden rush of roaring sounds under the snowfield. Thousands of horses roared, and the men on horseback were different. There are businessmen, pastoralists, street vendors, Confucian scholars, and even officials wearing Yanbei official uniforms. They rushed to the horse, waving all kinds of swords, and after a short while, they gathered around Zhuge.

“Young Master!”

A man in his forties was rushing forward. He was wearing a military official uniform of Yanbei Zhengwu. He took a thick-backed knife and jumped off the horse. He screamed and yelled and shouted: “Moon. Late, Ajiu protects the young master to leave! Brothers rush with me!”

As early as nine years ago, Yan Shicheng died in the fire thunder, Yan Xun was trapped in the emperor, and the young Zhuge Yue carefully weaved this net. However, he did not expect the situation of today. He just carefully placed his hands and lurked in the territory of Yanbei, in order to help his own door valves to fight for Yanbei’s fat meat. Then Yan Xun returned, and Yanbei rebelled. These people became Zhuge’s eyes and palms in Yanbei. After the last camp, they relied on these people to get out of it.


The war began momentarily, the blood splashed, the killing sound was deafening, and the knife was dazzling.

He Xiao carefully leaned forward and whispered: “Adult, do we want to help the Majesty?”

Chu Qiao looked at the battlefield with enthusiasm, and thousands of thoughts in his mind flew, and Zhuge’s face, Yan’s face flashed one by one. She didn’t know where it was wrong, she didn’t know what she was doing, she was weak. The overwhelming sweeping swept almost all of her. Anger, distress, remorse, sadness, unclear thoughts surrounded her, blindfolded her eyes and mouth and nose, very tired and tired, tired to fall to the ground and immediately die.

“Adult? Adult?” He Xiao’s voice sounded clear in his ear, and it became more and more urgent.

Chu Qiao’s body was shocked. When she was on the scene, she pulled out the sword of He Xiao and jumped off the horse and rushed forward. He shouted: “Follow me!”

The soldiers of the Beauty Army followed closely, and the war was boiling like boiling water. However, just as they were about to attack Xia Bing, Chu Qiao smashed on the chest of a Yanbei soldier, blood splashed. On her beautiful cheeks, the girl is tall and straight, like a firm boulder tall tree.

One, two, one hundred, one thousand, and gradually, the soldiers of the whole audience were quiet. Chu Qiao attacked all the Yanbei soldiers who were close to her, as if they were crazy. Zhuge’s eyes gazed at her and kept a certain distance from her. Yanbei’s soldiers also looked at her in amazement. They dared not come forward, even the soldiers of the Beauty Army. Staying in the same place, I don’t know what to do.

“Achu, what are you doing?”

Yan Xun came forward from behind, his eyes were dark as deep springs, and he fixed his eyes on her, and the voice was slow and slowly said.

Chu Qiao did not speak. She just held the sword in her hand and stood in the spot and looked at him. She looked at the man she had exhausted all her efforts to follow. She only felt that life was like a flashy dream, and she was wrapped around herself. The silk thread is like a cockroach, but it has been ignorant for a long time.

Several Yanbei soldiers carefully tried to go forward, but whoever was not close, Chu Qiao’s sword flew in the air, and in the clear knives, a human head flew high, in the shocking eyes of all, no The head of the body slammed into the snow and twitched like a wild dog that did not die.

There is no exaggerated gorgeous moves, no bluffing shouts, she calmly pointed the blade at her comrade-in-arms, standing on the snowy field, her body was thin, and there was no one around.

“Chu Qiao! What are you doing?”

The sound of Yan Xun was getting lower and lower, and the moon was seen on the other side. Immediately, he ordered the subordinate to evacuate immediately. The Yan Xun’s eyes were cold, and the Yanbei soldiers suddenly caught up again. Chu Qiao’s figure was neat, and several ups and downs were blocked. In the front, the Yanbei army people had already killed their eyes, and saw her slashing at her own people, and she did not care about killing her. He Xiao met with a sudden anger, picked up a sword and angered and said: “Brothers! Protect adults!”

There was chaos on the battlefield, and the enemy and the enemy could not be separated. Chu Qiao killed the red eyes, and his blood was stained with her clothes. Her hands were shaking violently, but the body did not retreat. The horseshoes are getting farther away, the stunned Zhuge Yue is carried away, the dark war eagle is screaming at the heights, the cold wind is like a cold knife, and the inch is shaved on her skin.

On the vast plains, the bloody corpses covered the entire land, and the smothering continued. The air was filled with damp and cold despair and death.

I don’t know how long it took, and everything gradually calmed down. She stood with a sickle, and her feet were bright red blood. Yan Xun stood opposite her, her eyes looked at her faintly, and suddenly she felt that the opposite person was like that. Unfamiliar, as if she had never met before, she didn’t want to say anything, she didn’t want to ask anything, dragged her tired body, and she turned around and just wanted to leave.


The low voice came from behind, and the swallows stepped forward. The soldiers retreated in a tidal wave. Only He Xiao stood in front of her, and looked at the king of Yanbei, who was gradually approaching.

“You let it go.”

Yan Xun said coldly to He Xiao, the young general looked up and looked at him without fear, responding to his orders with silence.

With a bang, Yan Xun pulled out the sword at the waist, almost at the same time, Chu Qiao slashed, and the tacit understanding over the years allowed her to block his moves without aside his eyes, a fierce spark Suddenly flashed between the swords, bright and dazzling.

Yan Xun’s cold smile: “How? Can you even pull the knife for me for him? I thought that only Zhuge can make you do this under the whole world.”

Chu Qiao looked up, the dark eyes looked at Yan Xun, looking at his familiar eyebrows, cold lips, how can’t he and his gentle and handsome boy in memory, this moment, Yan Xun Finally separated from her memory, standing in front of her, the reality is so bloody, her persistent obstinacy has collapsed, like broken glass, thousands of petals, can no longer be flat.

“Yan Xun, you lied to me.”

There is no sorrow in the face of Yan Xun, and it is faint: “Do not lie to you, how to lead him to be fooled?”

Wan Zhu’s heart is just like this. Chu Qiao smiled, his eyes were still dry, his tears could not flow out, and his voice was filled with desperate despair and exhaustion. She looked at him with incomprehension and shook her head: “Yan Xun, you Why is this happening?”

Her voice is like a bird with no branches, no longer the long-changing general who is galloping in the sand field. It is not the peerless general who is so amazing. It’s not the handsome and bold beauty. At this moment, she is just A deceived woman, who has paid for it for many years, has turned into the water of soup and soup.

Yan Xun Shen Sheng: “Achu, you said that I have changed, in fact, is it that you have changed? The big summer generals secretly sneaked into Yanbei, so you don’t report to me in such important military situations, but you also have to turn against each other at the crucial moment. I am pulling the sword, I am the king of Yanbei, what is wrong with killing a great summer soldier. If it is not expected to respond to you, why should I spend a lot of time blinding and deceiving you? Yanbei and I, in your Isn’t there a Zhuge 心 in my heart?”

Chu Qiao’s body was shocked, and he looked at him with sorrow. For a long time, suddenly the nervous screams came out.

“Yan Xun, if Yanbei will start fighting against Song one day, will you design an ally that leads you to Song, and then kill her?”

When Yan Xun suddenly paused, he frowned. “What are you talking about?”

“Yan Xun, you blame me for being untrue to you, but you tell me, do you believe me?”

Yan Xun’s eyebrows were slightly locked, and Shen Sheng said: “I will let you go back to Yanbei inland and not participate in the war. It’s for you.”

“Slaughter my comrades-in-arms and the army, forcing me to leave the cause I have fought for for many years, expel me from the center of power, stay away from the battlefield I opened up, doubt me, don’t trust me, monitor me, use me, this is for I’m good?”

Chu Qiao’s eyes are bright and afraid of people. The wind is like a cold knife. Her voice is like a cold knife, and she is sharply directed at the boundless dark night. The unwillingness and sorrow of depression in a year are like a tide.

“Achu, you are my woman, why can’t I stay in the back? Wait for me to triumph like other women?”

Chu Qiao stunned, and then suddenly laughed, her body trembled, the tears of laughter all flowed down, her hands on her chest, the bitter taste lingering on the tip of her tongue, shaking her head: “It turns out that you want such a woman.” ”

The girl’s eyes were so bright, like a sly star. She fixedly looked at the swallows, her voice was low and hoarse, and asked, “Why, why are you coming to me?”

“Yan Xun, you can kill Zhuge, but you should not use me, let alone set this scam with me and his feelings.”

Yan Xun’s eyes flashed a heavy disappointment. He said in a deep voice: “Cheng Yuan has long told me that you have a lot of relationship with Zhuge, but I have always been too confident. Today you finally admitted.”

Chu Qiao heard this sentence, almost want to laugh, Cheng Yuan? He now would rather believe that the shameless and unscrupulous villain is not willing to believe her? She was born and died for him, exhausted his efforts, exhausted his efforts, and followed the horse in front of the saddle for many years. In the end, it was not as good as a villain who was always charming. She used to think that he was only confused for a moment and was overwhelmed by hatred, but now she is gradually desperate. He has become a complete politician, what ideals, what beliefs, what to take her back to Yanbei to live a good life, than his royal ambition, for his hegemony, he can find everything for himself. The reason can believe that all excuses for his own benefit can eradicate all the people who are blocking his way, even if this person is his teacher, friend, comrade-in-arms, subordinates, lover…

It’s no longer meaningful to go on. Chu Qiao turned coldly and went away, but the arm was caught by Yan Xun. The man finally unloaded the indifference and emperor’s face, and screamed: “What do you want? What are you going to find him? Are you falling in love with him?”

Chu Qiao silently turned around and looked at the familiar profile of Yan Xun. Vaguely, he seemed to see the Tsing Yi teenager on the shore of Chishui Lake. She slowly shook her head and whispered: “Yan Xun, I don’t know this. Is it love, I only know that I care about you, I care about you, I can’t stand others hurting you, I dream of your dreams, I follow your steps and move forward, I must consider you first when doing everything. You are happy, I am happy, you are lost, I am sad, I can forgive your mistakes, your failures, can help you make up for all the problems you have committed, my biggest dream is to see your wishes, I am falling Foreign land, no relatives and no reason, for many years, you are the full meaning of my existence, the most important person in my life.”


Yan Xun heard the words suddenly, his palms became very hot, tightly grasping Chu Qiao’s arm, slightly excited and shaking.

However, Chu Qiao immediately said: “But I am puzzled now. What is the value of everything I have done is not worth it? Have I seen you in the end? Yan Xun, you have become a slave of power, starting from the return to Yanbei, You begin to doubt, you doubt me, doubt Mr. Wu, suspect Yu Girl, suspect the southwestern town government, suspect that the big peers will, suspect all who are threatening you in the right. I don’t believe you don’t know me. Loyalty, I don’t believe you don’t know Mr. Wu’s support for you. You are just scared. We feel that our existence will threaten your status, so you try your best to make excuses for yourself and crowd out us. Your resentment, yours Worry, it’s just for your selfishness. Find a reason for your cleansing. Even if you don’t have Zhuge, you will be someone else. You will always find me all kinds of sins. Yan Xun, I am not blaming you for killing Zhuge, I just blame you for being too mean. You should not trample on my loyalty to you, trample on the feelings between us, and should not use such despicable means for me.”

Chu Qiao climbed the horse and looked at Yan Xun deeply before he left. He solemnly said: “If you wish, I am going to find him now. I warned you the last time, if he died in Yanbei, this I will never forgive you again in my life.”

The wind screamed, blowing Chu Qiao’s big cockroaches, the girl snorted, the horses rushed up, the soldiers of the beauty army followed behind her, the snow and fog flew, and the wind and snow rolled in one place.

Yan Xun stood in the same place, looking cold and standing, standing for a long time, like a stone monument.

He felt that there was a sudden split in the heart, and it seemed that you could hear the broken sound, and the murderous rushing out of the air, reddish his dark eyes.

Someone quietly walked behind him and whispered: “Your Majesty, General Cheng sent a scout to say that he was stopped by the Chu people on the other side of the Jasmine River. What do we do now?”

The cold wind blew through the corner of Yan Xun’s clothes. He seemed to see the faces of his parents, and the gorgeous kingdom nobles in front of the nine secluded tables…

“Notify Cheng Yuan, immediately take the soldiers around the mountains of the west, and must intercept Zhuge in the Chishui Ice Lake.”

The man hesitated and asked: “If so, Chu Daren also arrived.”

Yan Xun’s eyes twitched slightly and flashed through the blade. For a long time, the low voice slowly spit out a few cold words: “At any cost, be sure to kill Zhuge.”

The eagle screamed fiercely, under the gloomy sky, a bloodthirsty red light.

The tragic killing came from the front, and He Xiao’s eyes ran back red and shouted: “Adult, Cheng Yuan’s army is blocking the mountain in the west of the mountain, and the army under the arm has passed. General Zhuge is on the Qianzhang Lake.”

The cold wind swelled for a while, and the heavens and the earth were full of wild beasts. Chu Qiao tightened his lips and looked down at He Xiao, who was covered in blood. He slowly said: “He Xiao, can you kill a way for me? ?”

“Adult,” He Xiao’s face was tough on his knees, and he said slowly: “Our lives are yours. Please rest assured. The southwestern town government has made two thousand soldiers, and will never let the adults down.” ”

The powerful touch suddenly rose from the heart, watching the tough soldiers behind He Xiao, Chu Qiao only felt that the bottom of his heart seemed to be boiled by hot oil.

She only saved their lives, or because they feared that Yan Xun would lose the hearts of the people, but they followed her without regrets and rescued her in the Jedi several times, as long as she ordered it, whether it was right or wrong. They never performed without hesitation. They are her men, her swords, her most loyal relatives, no matter what she did, they never turned her back, standing firmly behind her, pointing the blade at all the enemies against her. .

This kind of kindness was too heavy. She couldn’t breathe. Chu Qiao jumped off the horse and took hold of He Xiao’s hand. She resisted the tears in her eyes and said slowly: “He Xiao, thank you. “”

“Adults, for us, your safety is more important than the entire Simon continent. The world is destroyed and the mountains are dumped. As long as the adults are still there, we will have confidence to continue. So even for us, please take care.”

Chu Qiao nodded silently. Her eyes swept through the faces of the incompetent soldiers. Finally, she firmly looked at the direction of the west of the mountain. The peak of the snow peak stood a towering temple. In the holy temple, the two goddesses stood back against the back, and the distant eyes stared at the entire Yanbei land, like two sacred lights.

Chu Qiao turned over and jumped on the horse, and the tough fist of the tone said: “You! Please!”

The soldiers shouted in unison: “Adults take care!”

The bleak wind blew their big cockroaches, Chu Qiao sighed, and the horses immediately kicked away. He Xiao followed the soldiers and rushed to the vast snow.

The horn of “呜呜” echoed on the earth. Cheng Yuan led the Black Hawk Army to stand on the levee outside the Qianzhang Lake, surrounded by the troops of Zhuge, who had less than 10,000 people. The dense bows and arrows were like volcanoes. Lightning shot to the team on the ice of the lake.

Those smashing arrows have been processed and improved by Chu Qiao, powerful horror, and Yueda led the moon guards to gather around the coach. The person standing at the forefront turned into a smashed sieve. The sound and the whining sound spread throughout the earth. The sword of the moon rushed up and screamed, and Cheng Yuan simply dismissed it, but continued to give orders for shooting.

The bodies of the moon guards are like dumped straw, and they fall down in rows and rows. In the face of such power, they have no counterattack force at all, but despite this, the soldiers continue to rush, without shields, without cover, Use your body to win the time for their coach to survive.

The blood stained the snow of the lake, and the whole piece covered the ice sheet. Because of Hoan’s news, the 200,000 Black Hawk Army ambushed this place early. This is not a war, but evolved into a bloody massacre. The arrow rained like a locust, and the sharp air broke. The entire space, the disparity in power and the geographical disadvantages made the Yuewei completely lose the ability to fight back. The deaths rushed like a flood, and the bodies gradually piled up into a hill. The undead people fell on the ground and made a tragic embarrassment. *吟, Gradually, the figure inside is exposed, and the shadows are clearly visible.

Cheng Yuan slightly licked his lower lip. He turned back slightly and quietly looked at the swallows standing in the crowd.

The battle of the heavens is in front of you. The marshal of the great summer horses and horses in the northwestern continent will die in their own hands. Cheng Yuan’s excited palms are slightly sweating.

At this moment, only a sharp war of horses screamed suddenly, and there was a gap in the southeast corner. The loud alarm bell rang through the ears. Someone rushed in, armed with a knife and an armor. It was really a costume of the beauty army. .

“Southwest Town House!”

In the army, someone exclaimed, and Cheng Yuan’s eyes suddenly fell cold and shouted: “It’s them!”

Just as he was about to order the bow of his hand to deal with the beauty army, a low voice suddenly sounded in his ear, and Yan Xun did not know when to come forward, slowly screaming: “Take them around Live, don’t kill.”

Cheng Yuan’s heart moved and he quickly said: “Follow.”


The cold and sharp voice suddenly sounded, and everyone raised their heads in amazement. I saw the sky in the southeast. I rode the horse and slammed it. I leaped from the top of the soldiers who were fighting, and crashed into the battlefield. Jumping sharply on the horse’s back, striding to the two armies and shouting: “Stop!”

The soldiers of the Black Hawk Army who did not know her, were afraid to shoot her, and stopped their hands at the same time. They turned their heads and looked at Yan Xun with fear.

“Yan Xun! Stop!”

Chu Qiao stood in the middle of the center, looking at him with both eyes fixed and shouted.

Yan Xun’s eyes were gloomy. After a long time, he slowly said: “Achu, let it go!”

Chu Qiao slowly opened his arms and looked at him with a clear eyes. He said, “You kill me first.”

“Star, let go.”

The low, cold voice came from behind, and Chu Qiao turned around, but saw Zhuge Yue standing in a pool of blood, the wound on his chest was bandaged with white cloth, but still the reddish liquid continued to infiltrate, he Looking at her, her eyes were so peaceful, there was no generosity to die, and the anger that had not been attacked was still cold and clear, standing alone in his underdogs and intimidatingly looking at Yanbei’s soldiers.

Her eyes suddenly turned red, and she shook her head stubbornly, whispering, “I am sorry for you.”

Heaven and earth are shrouded in the boundless infinite snow, the white of the hustle and bustle of the fierce red, like a dazzling flamboyant flower, coldly opened on the ice sheet.

The sound of the wind rang behind her ear, and the arrow pierced through the continuous snow and fog. She turned back and finally saw the arm of the Yankee bowing behind her. The arrow of gold came quickly and could even listen. To the sound of the empty space, she had nowhere to dodge, could not stop, the cold wind blows through her clothes, the whole heart is the coldness of the cone, and she watched as he shot the fate of no return, like fate. The hand, slyly caught in the sky and snow.

The picture slowly burned her eyes, the arrow wiped her neck, with a demon bloodstain, in the middle of the Zhuge Yue just wrapped in a good chest, a blood flower instantly spewed out, bursting in the air The brilliance, the hot temperature above the blood beads can even touch her cold cheeks, the breath is stagnant, and she stands there, looking at Zhuge’s lonely figure in the cold wind, the blood is diffuse On her eyes, everything in front of her eyes became blushing.


The sound of the machine was heard again behind him. She jerked back, but only saw Yan Xun’s iron-blue face. The man’s hand was like a sharp knife. It was fixed on the chest and seemed to be slamming hard.

No matter what, no dignity, no pride, no more than the overwhelming horror and fear at the moment, she slammed into the ground, facing his crazy dagger, not twice, the forehead was already full of blood, she The tears of tears shouted, and his hands opened in the air to stop.

“Yan Xun, beg you, beg you, don’t, Yan Xun, beg you…”

Yan Xun looked at her and looked at her bloody forehead. The bottom of her heart was the dull pain of a knife.

This woman is the only comrade who followed his death when he was alone and desperate. He was accompanied by him for eight years in the prison of the emperor. He once vowed to protect her life, give her a happy and happy life, and realize her heart. Wishes and dreams. It is a pity that the vows of the past will eventually be overthrown by himself.

His mouth slightly pulled up and pulled out a faint smile, just like many years ago. She came back outside and saw him writing on the book. He looked up and smiled at the girl standing at the door. The smile under the lamp is as gentle as the spring.

A Chu, in fact, I have never changed, but you never know what I really want.

Now, I want to tell you my convictions and my ambitions in this way.


The world suddenly became so quiet, the snow seemed to stop, and no sound could be heard in her ears. Only the birds flying over the sky flapped their wings, passing over their heads, fluttering. , that freedom.

The 20,000 Black Hawks were riding on horseback, and at the same time they made arrows. The dense bows and arrows covered the sun like clouds. The sky instantly burst into the night, and the metal waterfall slipped through the sky and descended from the sky. The arrow flashed with sharp barbs and spurred in the direction of Zhuge.

“Protect the general!” The moon is full of arrows, one leg has been cut off, but like a tiger, it jumps up and falls in front of Zhuge. The remnants of the moon are full of blood, even if there is only one finger left, they are crawling all the way.

The arrows did not hit them, but it was like an iron hand, deeply inserted into the hard ice layer, the barbs pierced into the ice, and caught it. Under the command of Yan Xun, 20,000 horses turned and swayed. The Qiqi people stood up, and thousands of whip slammed down. The horses quickly kicked and screamed and ran to the distance.

The ropes at the end of the arrow were stretched out in an instant, and the sound of the cymbals was endless. The hard ice layer suddenly collapsed, the ice surface shattered, and the cold water slammed into the air. Chu Qiao turned desperately, through the blood of the eyes, eyes Looking at Zhuge’s figure flashed, falling into the cold ice water, Chishui’s strong ice pierced the skin, with a fascinating redness, his eyes looked at her, so calm, no resentment, no hatred, No joy, no despair. Just like many years ago, he looked at her with no expression, watching her stay away again and again, watching her abandon again and again, watching her standing opposite him again and again, holding a bow and a sword His forehead.

She is a wound in his heart that can not be healed all the year round. The wound is covered with cockroaches. It is already festering, corrupt, and deep into the bones and flesh. Non-death can not be cured.

Time was so fast, I couldn’t catch a tail quickly, Chu Qiao’s horrified eyes widened, crouching on the ground, and the tears of the big drops rolled silently. She climbed up the first two steps, like a stunned doll. I can’t help but look at everything in front of me. Their eyes are intertwined in one place, slowly moving, sinking, the cold wind is like a roaring beast, sweeping through the snow on the ground, and lifting a large white snow mist between them, like the whiteness of a dead soul.

The cold water covered his figure for a moment, and I couldn’t see the cold and indifferent eyes again. I couldn’t see the squatting squat, and even the black hair flashed and disappeared. Under the snowy ice of the ice.

Chu Qiao opened his mouth and wanted to shout, but could not make a sound. The cold wind poured into her throat. She began to cough with a big mouth. She struggled to stand up and sprinted and strode. Among the icy lakes.

It’s cold, cold like a sharp ice thorn, piercing her foot and calf, piercing her waist and neck, she bowed in, bowed, struggling to swim, wide-eyed in the water Looking for it, the sun shone from the top of the head into the deep underwater, and the shadow of the struggling drifting in front of the eyes, the bloody smell echoed between the waves.

No, no, still not, she is crying desperately, tears streaming down, mixed with ice and blood, her face is blue, her body is getting stiff, her movements are no longer sensitive, she feels someone has caught her waist, some people Pull her up.

No, she doesn’t want to go up. She pulls out the dagger from her waist and turns back to cut off the rope that didn’t know when she was entangled. However, at this moment, a pair of cold hands suddenly held her wrist, so powerful, colder than water, and absolutely stopped her movements.

Looking back, the face of Qing Jun suddenly came into view, black eyes, pale lips, high nose, his eyes glanced at her, holding her hand, pushing her up, blood From his wounds, he poured into Chuo’s mouth and nose. She burst into tears and opened her arms to hug him. He held him in the palm of his hand and wanted to pull him together.

After grabbing her dagger, Zhuge took her hand, rubbed her fingers across her palm, and wrote it over and over again:

“Live… live… live…”

“with me!”

She opened her mouth and shouted, but she could only spit out a bunch of broken bubbles.

He slowly shook his head and continued to write:


Her tears fell wildly, shaking her head desperately, and slamming him.

with me! with me! Live with me!

I don’t want to go alone, I don’t want to live in a owe to you, I don’t want you to die, I don’t want me not!

The power on the waist constantly dragged her up, she was frozen, and only the fingers were still catching him. I never knew that his death would make her feel so flustered. I never knew that he had already penetrated her heart so unconsciously. I never knew that the so-called hatred was just an excuse for her not to face up to her. I never knew that when I saw his departure, she would have such a heart as a knife.

Zhuge Yue Zhuge, I beg you, beg you not to be so cruel, don’t let my life bear the pain of life, if I can’t pay it back, let me go with you with my life, it’s better to live in this already let me Desperate world!

The light was getting louder and louder, she burst into tears, her tears blurred her sight, only to see his gentle eyes, his fingers clasped his arms in despair, all the words that could not be exported through the struggling fingers Passing the past, she is still shaking her head desperately, pleading in despair. In the meantime, she is so regretful, regretting why she wants to tell Yan Xun about those words that have been hidden in my heart for more than a year? Why irritate him? Why can’t you ask for a whisper earlier? If so, Zhuge may not die.

Pain and fear are like an endless abyss, which gradually engulfs her. She grabs him and refuses to let go.

Zhuge is still so handsome. For the first time in his life, he looked at someone so softly. His long-cherished wish was like a short-lived dream. He got a shallow response in an instant. He stroked hard and gently She stretched out her arms to hold her thin back, and then, at the corner of her mouth, left a gentle, cold kiss.

Tears rushed out of time, mixed in the water on the lips of Zhuge, desperate seems to pierce her heart at a time, cold water hula came in, filled the tunnel of her heart.

Her body is completely stiff, and the strength on her waist is constantly coming. She slowly rises upwards, slowly upwards, her arms gradually straighten, and Zhuge licks her little bit and holds her fingers, both hands. Finally separated, staggered, and farther and farther, Chu Qiao stretched his arm and watched him sink down little by little. He sank bit by bit, his clear eyes were submerged by the waves, and the warm lips were pale. It is surrounded by cold black.

The bottom of my heart is the pain of heartbreaking. When the skylight is shot into the water, she can’t see everything around her. Only his eyes are left, and she looks at her gently and steadily. It seems to be still saying over and over again: live, live…

Live, don’t forget, you still have a lot of wishes.

Once upon a time, she once said this to others, but when she looked back, she suddenly realized that she had another pair of eyes, silently watching behind her.

At the moment when the water broke out, she felt that she was dead, and the sun shone on her face, making her feel so embarrassed for a moment. Yan Xun held her nervously and shouted her name, but she couldn’t hear it. Her everything died in the ice lake below. Now it is just a cold flesh.

The wind on the snowfield is blowing quietly, the sky flies over the pale birds, the sun is going to fall, the snow has stopped, the head of the day is bloody red, and the red light in the direction of the sunset mountain is really beautiful. ,it’s beautiful.

But all this, he will never see it again.

Suddenly she began to panic, and her body had a miraculous power in the blink of an eye, letting her push away the swallows desperately, and ran towards the icebreaker. Yan Xun was shocked. She caught up with her and hugged her tightly. She was less than five steps away from the broken mouth, but she was hugged by death and could not step forward. Her despair and heartache flooded like a flood of water, and finally couldn’t control her knees on the ground. The sad voice said: “Come out! Come out!”


A blood sprayed out and fell on the wrist of Yan Xun. She cried desperately to the ground, her body resembling the leaves in the autumn wind, and she trembled fiercely.


Yan Xun called her name in her ear, but she felt that the sound was so harsh for a time. She jerked her head back, stopped the weeping, and looked at him coldly.

What kind of look is that?

Anger, hatred, disappointment, sorrow, one by one, and finally only the desperation and distress of the gray. She looked at him, tears swayed, and all years of hope were broken, all the persistence and dreams turned into fly ash.

Yan Xun’s fears and distressed thoughts finally cooled down in the cold and snowy eyes. He loosened his hand and stood up, looking at her condescendingly.

The earth blows the cold wind, and the pale color is blindly covered with her eyes. Her mind is gradually flying away. In the meantime, it seems that she sees the black squat under the secluded deep lake.

Live, live, live…

In the midst of it, there was a low voice ringing in the ear. She closed her eyes desperately and succumbed to the ground, and broke into the boundless darkness. I wished that I would never dream of a big dream.

The cold wind is still the same, the snow is rolled up, slowly covering the broken ice surface, the world is desolate, and the yellow spring.

Chu Qiao is always awake, she just doesn’t want to open her eyes, she knows that someone is walking around her, someone is calling her softly, someone is crying sadly, someone is feeding her medicine, and others are silent. Look at her, not close, not talking.

She knew all about it, but she didn’t want to wake up. She had been sleeping in a groggy way. A heart was like a cold, dry wood, and she lost her nutrients. She is doing a dream repeatedly, the dream is cold, she floats in the dark ice lake, it is so cold around, there is broken ice constantly touching her skin, Zhuge face to her, little by little Sinking, there is a faint light flashing behind him, his face is so pale, only a pair of eyes, dark and bright, like a star, can not distinguish the mood, just quietly watching her, quietly A little bit slow, sinking.

For the first time in his life, Chu Qiao was so fragile. She was tired and wanted to sleep. Life was no longer forgotten. The dreams that made her crazy and persistent were knocked down and shattered. She didn’t want to think about it. I couldn’t think about it, I didn’t even have the courage to open my eyes and face everything in reality. She wanted to escape. She felt weak and didn’t open her eyes. It didn’t happen until she finally realized that she was a woman and would hurt. Sadness will hurt and despair. She refused to eat, refused to take medicine, and drip did not enter.

Until one day, the door suddenly became noisy, some people cursed her loudly, and countless words of vengeful flies out, biting into her heart one by one, the voice is so familiar that her stunned eyes, Climbing down from the bed, but only to see Zhu Cheng’s body penetrated.

The young but not martial arts housekeeper is covered in wounds, the clothes are broken and bloody, like a crazy madman, an arm has been cut off, but still trying to rush in, bloody sprinkling on the bluestone in the yard On the other hand, his eyes were red, and while he was screaming, he used his only hand to attack the sideguards. The guards didn’t squat, they just stopped him from getting close to the house, knocking him down over and over again, and then watching him wandering over and over again.

“You are a woman who is ungrateful in the heart of the wolf!”

Zhu Cheng was screaming and screaming. He was all sore and frostbite on his body. Many places had pus. At first glance, he was left in the snow for a long time.

The perilla holding her, trying to cover her eyes with a trembling hand, but Chu Qiao stood straight, she was like a sharp gun, standing still in motion, watching Zhu Cheng constantly being The man knocked down, and then climbed again and again, rushing to her again and again.


Chu Qiao whispered slowly.


She suddenly shouted, and smashed the squid and ran out. The wind outside was cold, like a cold knife. She ran wildly and pushed open the guards blocking the front. She shouted: “Stop all the hands.” !”

“I will kill you!”

Zhu Cheng shouted, and the clumsy knife rushed up. Chu Qiao stupidly stood in the same place. At this moment, she seems to be no longer a modern and intelligent agent. She stood in the same place and faced the head-on knife. Do not evade, look at the knife and look at it.

However, just as Jianfeng pierced her clothes, a sharp arrow came out of the air, accurately penetrated Zhu Cheng’s heart, and blood spurted out of the young butler’s mouth, all sprinkled on Chu Qiao’s cheek. on. The man’s body shook, the pupil was instantly enlarged, his knees were soft, and he was lying on the ground. Chu Qiao held him, and saw the man looking at her with a look of disgust and hate, using the last bit of strength, A thick bloody spit spit on Chu Qiao’s face, cold and cold:


“砰”, Zhu Cheng fell to the ground, the dust flew up, like a winged worm stuck in Chu Qiao’s bloody cheek, she slowly looked up, but only saw the indifference of Yan Xun Face.

Putting the bow and arrow down, Yan Xun looked over and gloomy, and looked at her condescendingly. Shen Sheng said: “I have already told the world that it is the trap you set up to bring Ge Ge to come and kill him. This person I followed Zhuge to come to Yanbei, so I came soon. I guess that in a few days, Zhuge’s thorn killers will come in batches, but I sent a large number of people to protect you. You do not have to worry about.”

Chu Qiao looked at Yan Xun, she didn’t even know who the name was in front of her. She tried hard, and her eyes widened to see him, but she felt the hair mad and the sun shone on him. Golden, she can’t open her eyes.

The guards towed away Zhu Cheng’s body, and the bloody smashed all the way. The eyes of the sinister murderers were still squatting, looking at her wickedly, as if they wanted to swallow her.

Yan Xun soon took people away, the courtyard was quiet, the people picked up the vat of water, and slammed on the ground, washing the blood on the ground over and over again, Chu Qiao stood still, no one dared To quarrel with her, Jing Zisu carefully leaned forward, twitching to pull her clothes corner, whispered: “Moon? Month?”

The wind blew on her body, the body was cold and cold, and the basil swayed her arm, and the voice gradually began to cry.

Suddenly, the young man’s angry roar came out of the door. Ah Jing drank the guards who blocked him, strode in and saw Chu’s appearance, and his nose suddenly became sour. He didn’t care about the people around him. He took Chu Qiao and went to the house. It was so cold outside. Chu Qiao only wore a white single coat. The maids panicked and rushed for her. The warmth of her face, her arrogant arbitrage, like she is already dead.

“Girl, don’t be like this.”

A brilliant red eyes said to her: “Do not blame your majesty, everything is Cheng Yuan, the wicked villain is confusing the Lord, girl, you must be stronger.”

A Jing’s voice sounded so far, like from the distant sky, Chu Qiao turned his head and looked at him doubtfully. After a long time, she slowly asked: “He Xiao What?”

Chu Qiao’s voice sounded so hoarse, like a broken bellows. Ah Jing had a glimpse, as if she didn’t understand her words, asked sillyly: “Ah? What?”

“What about He Xiao? The soldiers of the Beauty Army? How are they? Is there something?”

“Nothing is okay,” Ah Jing replied quickly. “They have nothing. They are now in Weiwu. They want to see you, but you are still ill, and you are not allowed to disturb outsiders.”

“Oh.” Chu Qiao nodded silently, his expression was very calm, and she asked again: “All the people of Zhuge, are all dead?”

“All of them are dead, the bodies are all salvaged, most of them are there, some are too deep, not caught, but they don’t want to live.”

“What about Zhuge? He, got it?”

Ah Jing licked his lips and saw Chu Qiao’s expression calm. He said, “It has already been fished. He was escorted by General Yue and returned to Daxia. Zhao Che personally picked it up. Because it is a whole body, we also exchanged it. Zhugejia’s ransom of one million yuan.”

Chu Qiao is still a wooden expression, her eyes are straight, just nodded, Ah Jing said nervously: “Girl, you can rest assured, no one destroys his body, when you send it back, it is still good, give it back Prepared a good coffin…”

“People are dead, and what do you want to do?”

Chu Qiao said faintly, and immediately stood up, she had not eaten on the 6th and 7th, but was given some medicine at the beginning, walked up the road and fluttered, almost fell. The Perilla wanted to help her, but she was pushed away. She trembled before the book and picked up the pen and paper, as if she wanted to write.

“I will grind you.” The basil quickly ran up and grinded for her.

The door of the house is still open at the moment, the wind blows in, the book of the full book of the volume is smashed, and the basil is anxiously commanding: “Come on the door!”

When I lowered my head, I saw that Chu Qiao had already written it. She gave the letter to Ajing and said calmly: “Trouble you to hand this letter to He Xiao, let him do it according to the above instructions. Be sure to stop the Zhugejia killer from entering Yanbei.”

Ah Jing received, but Chu Chu wrote a very quick wave and wrote to him: “This letter is handed to Mr. Wu, telling him that personal strength is limited, the way to achieve faith There are many kinds of things, I have already sprinkled the seeds in Shang Shen, and now I have given him to him.”

Subsequently, Chu Qiao wrote a letter again.


“This letter is handed over to you, telling her that everything is up to her.”

A meticulously gave birth to a hint of ominous premonition, the straightforward man asked sillyly: “Girl, you are not looking for short-sighted?”

Chu Qiao raised his eyes and looked at him, his eyes were still so clear, but Ah Jing felt that something was different.

Yes, it is different. The former girl is calm and calm, but when she looks at you, you will really feel her emotions and her emotions. And now, even if she looks at you, you can’t feel her sight. Her eyes are looking at you, but it seems to have penetrated you, crossed the body, crossed the house, crossed the wall, and crossed the sky and the distant moon…

“will not.”

Chu Qiao said a faint sentence, then turned his head and said to the perilla: “I am hungry, take something to eat.”

Jing Zisuo suddenly stopped, and after a while, she was happy to agree, and ran out quickly.

The food is always warm, and the perilla is placed on the big table with the hands and feet of the people. Standing next to Chu Qiao, he said excitedly: “This is sent by the majesty. You are sick and eaten. This is the best. This is the medicated diet opened by the doctor, the spleen and stomach, you have not eaten for a few days, can not eat too embarrassing, this is my own hand to get chicken soup, with a simmer of eleven hours, you try taste……”

Gradually, the sound of the basil was a little low, and she looked at Chu Qiao in disappointment. She saw her holding a rice bowl, just a mechanical bite of rice into her mouth, a big mouthful of chewing and swallowing, very I ate a bowl soon, then I got up and took a bowl and sat down to continue eating.

Her eating is very scary, like a long hungry cockroach, desperately licking in her mouth, Jingsu is frightened, twitching wants to pull her, but see Chu Qiao buried his head and simply ignored . The perilla bites her lips, and the tears fall down bit by bit. She pulls Chu Qiao’s arm hard and cries in tears: “Moon, you cry when you are uncomfortable, don’t be so stunned, you will be ruined. If you feel bad, just cry!”

Chu Qiao did not say a word, still eating, she chewed mechanically, and seemed to want to chew the pain and depression in her heart.

The room was very quiet, only the sobbing of the basil, Ah Jing took three letters, only felt that his fingers were cold, what he wanted to say, but suddenly touched Chu Qiao cold eyes, the woman coldly lifted Start, faintly said: “Let’s go.”

When A Jing left, Chu Qiao was already taking medicine. The doctors walked in a batch and carried a large medicine box. The yard seemed to be angry again, but I don’t know why, but Ah Jing felt colder. It is.

Just out of the door, I saw the Yanzi, standing under the Populus euphratica. The name of Yunbi is good, but it is a poor and backward country. The poor mountains and the bad waters, every year there is a snowstorm. The people living here are always Filling up the stomach, so I fled every year for a long time. Except for some elderly people, only these poplar trees are left.

Seeing him coming out, Yan Xun did not look back. He handed over several letters in his hand. Yan Xun opened it one by one. Looking carefully, the three letters were not long. Yan Xun saw that there was a full half of the time. Finally, he placed the letter in the original and handed it to Ah Jing: “According to what she said.”

Ah Jing face turned red, as if a thief was discovered, he was silent for a long while, and finally said in a deep voice: “Your Majesty, will the girl think about self-sufficiency? I heard her as if she was telling the last words.”

The face of Yan Xun changed, giving the same answer as A Jing and Chu Qiao: “No.”

“That…” Ah Jing asked again: “Why should the girl be guilty of murdering Zhuge’s sin? The dead of the Zhuge family will not retaliate, the girl will be very yours?”

“Hate me?” Yan Xun’s voice rose, and the words sighed and smiled. “It is better than death.”

Ah Jing had a glimpse, he seems to understand something, but he does not fully understand, he asked: “Your Majesty, we just take a body to lie to the summer to lie to Zhugejia, will there be anything? We received Their ransom.”

Yan Xun did not answer him. He just reached out and pointed to the snowfield in front of him. He slowly said: “Ah Jing, do you know why the cloud-free place is not marked on the map of Yanbei?”

Ah Jing didn’t know why he suddenly asked this. He shook his head: “I don’t know.”

“Because it is useless,” Yan Yu said, low and cold, said: “It is too small, strange stone, can not be cultivated, can not be a pasture, not grass, not water, Chishui does not flow through this, Qianzhang Lake is far away from this, climate Bad, there is a snowstorm in the winter, the geographical location is remote, even the dog and the scorpion are not coming here to plunder, whether it is military or economic, it is the burden of Yanbei, there is no role, so even the map Nothing is marked here.”

He smiled coldly, his voice was so low, and he turned his head slowly: “Today’s Zhuge Yue is a shame and burden for Zhuge’s family, that Yunbi is for Yanbei. For a rash, arrogant, And not the dead on the battlefield, but the imperial general who died in a fascination with a woman. What do you think is waiting for his end? The Zhuge family is too late to have a relationship with him. Who will give him a corpse?”

Ah Jing suddenly realized and said: “Oh, it’s no wonder that you want to use the girl to make a donkey. It turned out to be Zhugejia.”

Yan Xun looked at the distance with no expression, slowly said: “Zhu Gejun’s death is only the beginning, Zhuge Valve, Zhao Che, General Le Xing, and the monks who recommended him at the beginning, will be affected by this matter, big Isn’t Xiaqi in chaos? Zhao Qi is dead, Zhao Wei is not able to help, and the forces of Wei and Zhao are too soft. I might as well help them. Only the inner summer is unstable, my Jiangshan can sit. It is stable.”

Ah Jing couldn’t speak, he stood there, the wind blew his face, and he looked a little bit stunned.

“Ah Jing, don’t always compare with Cheng Yuan.” Yan Xun looked at him, frowning and faintly said: “You are not an assassin killer of a civil organization, Yanbei is just around the corner, you are my confidant. Play politics There must be a means and attitude to play politics. Many people need to be sacrificed. If you don’t see this, then you can only do the same for a lifetime with the unrealistic paranoids. I have a dream, but I can’t taste the power of my life.”

Yan Xun turned his head and didn’t look at the expression of Ah Jing’s sluggishness. There was a saying that he did not say it. Although the lion is ferocious and useful, it is difficult to control. Sometimes, he only needs a group of dogs.

As for Achu, she will always understand that it is imperative to kill Zhuge, and it is also a helpless move to set this trap in her name. Once it is difficult for Zhuge to be this person, if it is not very difficult to control, secondly, He does need the follow-up effect of this matter. When Daxia falls apart because of this, she will naturally understand that he is right.

As for her feelings for Zhuge, Yan Xun was scornful. When he was alive, he was not afraid. Would he still fear a dead person? She is just now, as usual, her temper is sad for two days, time will dilute everything, and he, some is time.

Ah Jing was silent, thought about it, and suddenly asked: “Your Majesty, the girl is very sad, don’t you go in and see her?”

“There is no time. I am going to close it tonight. Zhao Chelai has been here for a long time. Let him go home and have a look.”

After Yan Xun finished, he left, and Ajing stood in the same place, watching Yan Xun ride on the horse, and going farther and farther under the escort of the Guard, suddenly remembered that he had said to himself in the Holy Palace a long time ago. A word.

At that time, he persuaded him to focus on the overall situation. He turned his head and asked himself, “If there is no Achu, what do I want to use in Yanbei?”

That sentence he remembers clearly, until today is still echoing in the ear, but now, is your Majesty already forgotten this sentence? Perhaps he did not forget, Yanbei has never been put in his eyes, his heart is too big, wisdom is too high, his eyes are looking at the whole world.

Ah Jing’s head down, already do not know right or wrong, perhaps from the day he followed him, it is already doomed to be today.

He turned and walked to Weiwu. The tall and straight backs of the past did not know why they were bent. It seemed that something was pressing on him, so that he could no longer walk straight.

Chu Qiao rested for five days, and the spirit finally recovered completely. The perilla accompanied her all day, saying that they were young, saying that she had never seen a parent or relative. The perilla is married, and the husband is an officer. She also received a letter yesterday to see the look of the eyebrows. It seems to be very satisfying.

These days, Chu Qiao is very normal, eat well, take medicine well, when she does not sleep, she still does some stretching exercises in the yard. She was seriously ill before, and her cheeks were thin and she was getting better. Now she is getting better. Just the face is still pale. Jingsui is very strange. She secretly went to see it at night, only to find that although she was lying there, she did not close her eyes at all. She often blinked to the sky and stayed up all night.

Today is the New Year, the battle closed three days ago, the Holy Golden Palace rushed to the top of the gold medal Zhao Zhao returned to Beijing, Zhao Che helpless, had to withdraw the troops, Yan Xun machine attack Yan Ming Guan, although failed to attack, However, Da Xia also paid more than 50,000 casualties, which is also a big gift to Yanbei before the new year.

Yan Xun rushed back one day in advance, and Yun Bi suddenly became the place where the Yanbei Emperor lived. The local officials were excited to be beaten with chicken blood, and they were all happy.

Jing Zisu brought new clothes in the morning, it is red, embroidered with hundreds of lilies, it looks auspicious and festive. Chu Qiao looked uncomfortable and felt that the color was like blood, spread a little bit, and the fingertips were not willing to touch.


Everything has been arranged, the news should be sent out, Shang Shen also entrusted to Mr. Wu, as for the beauty army, followed her has no future, Wu and Yu girl are the backbone of the big peer association, was jealous of Yan Xun, inconvenient The pawn, only entrusted to the same Yanke lineage and as the daughter of the body, she is the owner of Yanbei, and there are fire clouds in hand, should be able to give the beauty army a good future.

There is no need to continue to stay in this place.

When Yan Xun came in, the room was empty, everything was as usual, neat and clean.

He remembered the night when he and Zhao Yuer were detained. A heart suddenly went straight cold. It was not unexpected, but it was also holding a glimmer of hope. Maybe she figured it out? Maybe she has not blamed herself? After all, they have been together for almost ten years. She has always been so tolerant of him. No matter what he did, she can forgive him. He once gave up the southwestern town government, once gave up Yanbei, had killed her subordinates, and suspected that she crowded her, did she not leave him? It’s just a piece of Zhuge, just a piece of Zhuge, but Achu is grateful to him, and how can he get along with her ten years of friendship?

They may only need to talk about it, as long as he is open and honest about his ideas, she should be able to understand him. Even if it is angry, it will be suffocated sooner or later. If it is too big, let her return to the army. Now the overall situation has been fixed, and nothing has been taken into consideration.

He didn’t know why he was so determined. In the past few days, he repeatedly comforted himself hundreds of times in his heart, but at this moment, looking at the neat and clean room, he suddenly panicked. He hurried out and walked. The sleeves scraped off a small thing on the desk, only to hear a bang, the crisp sound came to the ear, Yan Xun bowed his head, but under the faint light, a pure white jade ring fell to the ground. Has been broken into a lot of petals, faint reflection of candlelight, slightly glaring.

Yan Xun stood there, looked at the ring, and suddenly remembered the words of Achu on the same day: “If Zhuge Yue died in Yanbei, I will never forgive you.”

I will never forgive you…

forever and always……


Jing Zisu pushed the door open and ran in and shouted: “Go out with me to see the lanterns!”

Suddenly saw the swallows lying in the same place, the perilla flicked and slammed the dagger. For a while, I didn’t hear the sound of Yan Xun. I looked up carefully, but I saw the man standing upright and looking lonely. The thick smog is lingering.

Chu Qiao walked down the street, took the horse, dressed in a very common blue cloak, surrounded by happy people, the lanterns were burning, the clothes were bright, and the children were running back and forth with lanterns.

The lanterns are very delicate, there are long dragons, there are phoenixes, there are tigers, there are squid, there are white plums, there are Donghai Shouxing, there are puppies, there are chickens, there are well-behaved cats, and there are cute rabbits…

There are fireworks in the sky, and there is a strong scent of wine on the whole street. The lights are on the street. The hawkers on the street are still selling. There are rows of lantern riddles on both sides. On the ice rink, there is driving. The people with the lanterns of the dry boat danced in the year of the dance, and they danced with joy.

So many people passed by Chu Qiao, no one stopped to look at her, people holding hands, husband holding his wife, wife holding the child, the child turned back to greet grandma, grandma still licking the old grandfather, everyone There are family members and relatives. On this happy day, they walked out of the poor home and came to the lively street, laughing and celebrating this rare holiday.

“Achu, I have never said it to you. I only said one of these words. You have to listen. I want to thank you. Thank you for staying with me for so many years in hell. Thank you for being the darkest day in my life. I have not abandoned me, thank you for standing by my side. If you are without you, Yan Xun is nothing. He has already died in the snow night eight years ago. Achu, I will not say these words later, I We will make up for it with a lifetime. Some words, we don’t have to say between us, we should understand each other. Achu is my Yan Xun, but I am alone, I will protect you, take you away, I took it eight years ago. Your hand is no longer intended to be released.”

“Yan Xun, I have never had a hometown, because because of you, I will regard your hometown as your hometown.”

“Achu, believe me.”

Believe me, I will protect you, take care of you, not let you hurt, not let you suffer a little wrong, believe me, I will make you happy, believe me…

Tears lined up from Chu Qiao’s eyes. Without sound, they slipped silently, rolled over her pointed face, slid over the skinny chin, and the cold wind blew, like a thin knife. pain. She took the horse and walked slowly.

Everything in the past was scattered in front of me, and the tall body of the stalwart finally burst into pieces, broken into many pieces, fluttering, like light goose feathers.

Suddenly, the big clock at midnight was ringing, and a group of children ran wildly and slammed on her. A little girl fell to the ground and sat down with the lantern in her hand. It was a small fish, not doing it. Much like white, red eyes, it looks like a rabbit, and a gold ingot is painted on the belly. The child held the broken lamp and began to cry. The more he cried, the more he cried, and Chu Qiaoqi stopped his footsteps, then squatted down and reached out to wipe her tears. She took out some silver from her arms and gave it to her.

At this moment, a deafening sound of firecrackers suddenly came, and the time of observing the ages passed. Every household had ignited firecrackers. The children stunned and stupidly forgot to cry and screamed at the ears.

Chu Qiao seems to have been punched by the invisible giant, his face is bloodless.

“If you dare to die, I will chase you to the palace of the king! Remember?”

The man turned his head and the sword brows up, screaming and swearing.

Her arrogant head: “If you are dead, I will put a hundred firecrackers to celebrate, and I will never forget to remember to pay back your feelings.”

The sound of firecrackers is getting louder and louder, and the screaming screams are in a series. Chu Qiao suddenly bursts into tears, and the images that are hidden in memory by her efforts are once again sprayed like a flash flood, and the heartbreaking pain is instantaneous. Attacked, her calm and self-sustaining smog.

“You… what’s the matter with you?”

The child was frightened by her, shouting in the sound of firecrackers: “Don’t you cry, I don’t have to pay you back?”

As the firecrackers grew louder, Chu Qiao finally couldn’t stand it anymore. He sat down in the lively and festive streets, covered his face and burst into tears.

The mist drifted through the autumn grass in the distance, sprinkling a misty cloud in the morning sun, the wings of the birds fluttering across the river pond, the toes point past the green duck, picking up a ripple, the lush horseback hidden in Between the grass and the grass, the sound of the whistle flies from the distance, and the melodious like the willow branches of the three springs.

It is now in the autumn, it is very cold all morning and evening, and the autumn is always very short. It seems that the summer’s tail has just passed, and the winter can’t wait to come. The herdsmen put on autumn clothes, vests, boots, and sooner or later. The girl is wearing a red horse-like skirt that looks like a fire cloud, and looks good.

Ping An and Dorje rushed to the horse group to run wildly on Qiulanping. Jingjing rode a small red horse behind him and shouted: “Duoji! Come on!”

Ping An is now fifteen years old, and has grown into a strong young man with a muscular scorpion oil, like a strong little leopard. After running for a lap, Dorje was far behind. He was angry with a whip and ran over to Jingjing. He yelled: “Smelly girl! Who are you brother? How do you turn your elbows?”

Jingjing sneaked a smile, a pair of big eyes bent like a moon, made a face to the peace, a little red horse’s ass, and ran to the back of Dorje.

Dorje is the son of the herdsmen who go back to the mountain. The long ones are like the children of Donglu’s scholars. Their faces are white, their noses are high, their eyes are mild. This year is already sixteen years old. See Jingjing running over, just stop the horse and smile. Laughing: “Cyanjing runs fast, I block him.”

“Dorge -”

A long stretch of the tune came from far away. Dorje heard the words on the horse and stood up straight. He said, “My mom called me, went, went to my house.”

“Duojima must have made a ghee cake, go quickly, and my sister said a few days ago that Doji’s ghee cake is delicious.”

Jingjing said happily, Dorje heard and said: “Yes? Then remember to bring it to adults when you leave.”

“I still use you to say, I have already told your grandmother.”

He laughed peacefully, and the whip rushed out as soon as he took the lead.

“Du peace! You are swearing!”

Jingjing screamed and waved the whip. The little red horse looked at the small one, but it was very fast. After a while, it had already caught up.

Dorje smiled and slowly rode in the back to catch the horses. The sky was blue and white, and there was thick wheat in the distance. It was time to collect the crops. It was the best time to return to the year.

When I go back in the evening, the folks will pile up the food of the safe and the little pony of the Jingjing, the new game, the homemade kumiss, and the more yummy butter cake. The little red horse is crushed. Shaking his head, when Doji saw it, he set it on the horse and drove a carriage. He said that he would send them back. Jingjing listened and jumped up with a happy hand.

“Peace, how can adults sleep in these days? Is Uncle Darley’s medicine easy to use?”

Du Pingan shook his head and said: “Also, I got up in the middle of the night last night and saw Meixiang cooking tea. It is estimated that the adults have not yet slept.”

“My sister has been much better in these two days, and the cough has not been committed for several days.”

Jingjing rushed to say, smiled: “Duoji your medicine is very good, I also ate, and sleep until dawn.”


“If you don’t take medicine, you will sleep until dawn.”

Ping An slammed and debunked his sister. “Duoji has everything that is good. Even if you have to take medicine, you have to rush to eat. Only when you are thirteen, you are eager to marry. I am not ashamed.”

Jingjing spit out her tongue and said: “I am ashamed of shame. My sister told me that I like to talk about it early, so as not to regret it in the future. When I grow up, I will marry Dorje, what are you afraid of?”

The words are crisp and embarrassing, but the handsome Dorje made a big red face. The boy coughed and said: “Then I will send two more pictures, you have to watch the adults eat.”

After all, he turned his head and said to Jingjing: “Jingjing, medicine can not be eaten indiscriminately, adults have disease roots in the early years, and the ice water is cold, so you need to take medicine. Your body is good, taking medicine is harmful. Don’t mess with it later.”

Jingjing smiled at the nod, it seems that no matter what Duoji said, she felt that it was the right thing, and said with a smile: “I know.”

Peaceful disdain snorted, it seems that I am very sorry for my sister’s cartilage head.

After walking for about an hour, I finally got up the mountain. When I returned to the top of the mountain, it was the Nada Palace built by the prince Yanshicheng for the White Emperor. Now it is vacant. The adults lived in a house on the mountainside, and they looked far away. The blue bricks were hidden between the layers of green pine, which seemed very quiet and simple. But don’t think that this is just an ordinary house, because if you are not careful, you are likely to lose your life here.


Suddenly there was a deep inquiring question, and I jumped off the carriage safely. I ran forward and shouted a few steps: “He Big Brother? I am safe.”

“Peace, how come back?” The middle-aged man in his thirties walked out of the bushes, followed by a few ordinary men wearing steel forks, one of them carrying a hare in his hand. .

“Is the adult asked several times? It is estimated that there is a mountain rain tonight, you will not come back, I will go down to find you.”

He Da Ge came to him happily and saw Dorje smiled: “Duoji is coming, is your father’s injury hurt?”

“Thanks to Big Brother, it’s good to get the bones. Now the shirt is already moving.”

“Old Mutuo does not believe in evil. I have already said that the bear is not touching with a donkey.”

A few people walked in while chatting, and met a group of bright whistle whistle on the way. These people used to be the soldiers of the beautiful army. Now they are returning to the fields, most of them have become homes under the mountains, but they are still working on weekdays. Go up the mountain to attend the guards. This year, the mountains have been more peaceful, and the Zhuge family has fewer and fewer dead men. It is not as crazy as it was at the beginning.

“The grown-up has just eaten dinner and is resting in the backyard. When you come back, hurry and say hello, lest she worry.”

“I know, He Da Ge, you are more and more like Doji Mom.” Jingjing said with a grin, He Da brother smiled and took a picture of her head, and took people out.

When I walked to the courtyard, I saw He Xiao without any accident. Since the adult had suffered an injury a year ago, he moved in from the outside and lived at the door of the adult, watching all day and night, Jingjing Dorje said that she had never seen He Xiao sleep, and once she came to the adult, seeing He Xiao closed his eyes and stayed there, and wanted to quietly touch it. Who knows that he had not yet stepped into the yard and was He Xiaoyi. I will tell her that the adult is sleeping, and something will come back tomorrow morning.

Doji did not believe it before, but the number of times he came back gradually became obvious. It seems that he has never seen He Xiao’s snoring. Even if he is sleeping, as long as someone is slightly close, he will wake up immediately.

“He leads!”

Seeing He Xiao, Ping An has a lot of rules and shouts respectfully.

He Xiao nodded and met Dorje, and a rare smile came out. He asked: “Doji is coming, is your father’s injury better?”

“Already able to move, thank you, He Tong, still remembering.”

He Xiao Wenhe said: “It’s good to move. The adult still asks today. I also told me to tell your father, let him stop taking the risk of killing the bear. The illness of the grown-up is much better. The last time you sent it. The medicine is very useful.”

“Well, then I will go back and talk to my father.”

He Xiao nodded: “Go in, you two little devils, don’t know if you come back early, the adults have asked several times.”

Jingjing made a grimace, and when he opened the courtyard door, he ran in. Ping An and Dorje followed, the sky was late, and the moon was cool and cool hanging in the sky, a round round. The mountain is cold, and it is a little lower than the temperature below. A white plum is raised in the center of the yard. It has not snowed yet. It has already opened early. The plum fragrance is overflowing, and it is quiet. Under the moonlight, the white Like the snow full of trees.


Before entering the house, Jingjing shouted loudly as he ran, the door was opened, Mei Xiang glanced out of his head and glanced at it. Seeing them, deliberately squatting down, stretching out the slender fingers and squeezing in the Jingjing On the forehead, he said: “Smelly girl, I don’t know how to go home so late. It’s really a wild girl who sees who is still jealous of you.”

“Hey, I promise to marry you first than Mei Jie!”

Jingjing said with a smile on his head, Mei Xiang smiled and said: “The thief who licks his teeth.”

Mei Xiang was a slave bought by the adult from Yuegong City more than a year ago. She didn’t want to run away as an old aristocrat as a little wife. She was already killed. After being rescued by the adults, she followed the adults back to the mountains. Very pungent, but loyal, although the time to follow the adults is not long, but because it is a woman, good character, has become the closest to the adults outside He Xiao.

“Come in, adults wait for you for a long time.”

Closing the concierge, Mei Xiang took a few people all the way in. The house was made of red bricks, it was very windy and warm, the room was clean and tidy, there was no luxury decoration, but a few pots of bluegrass were placed. Dorje’s uncle used to be Mr. Wu’s accountant. Later, he returned to his hometown because of a wounded injury. He was a very knowledgeable person. Duoji followed his uncle to learn the poetry and documents of the Eastern Sui and Tang Dynasties. But those who spent a long time watching him, but did not know a few pots, could not help but see some hair.

Mei Xiang met and laughed and said: “You must have never seen it. These are the adults who sent people from the big summer. They are usually raised in the flower house. Now the weather is cold, they just move in. The adults said that this is called grafting. It is not a flower that can be opened normally.”

Pushing open the door of the study, I saw a pair of clear eyes faintly looking forward, Chu Qiao wearing a cotton-white soft shirt, below is a linen-colored Luo skirt, a new white hibiscus on the head, At first glance, it is Mei Xiang’s handwriting. She saw Chu Qiao dressed up all day long, always trying to think of some ingenious decoration, Chu Qiao is kind, see her kindness, can not bear to refuse, just toss her with her.

“came back.”

After seeing them, Chu Qiao put down the book in his hand, and reached out with a smile. Jing Jing quickly ran over and pulled Chu Qiao’s hand and leaned on her arms. He spoiled and said: “Sister, Jingjing wants to die. You.”

“Oh? Is it? I still thought that if you met Dorje, you wouldn’t think about it.”

Chu Qiao faintly joking, in front of others, no matter how to say that Jingjing is always the look of a smile, only in front of her, just an understatement, can make a little red face with a little girl.

Ping An said with a smile: “There must be an adult to rectify her.”

When Chu Qiao left the army, Ping An took his sister to the mountain together, but he always insisted that he did not change his mouth. He still called him like He Xiao.

Dorje stood aside and was a little embarrassed. On weekdays, he was also a very intelligent boy. He was very knowledgeable and fluent. In front of Chu Qiao, he always looked down unconsciously. He seemed to even take a look. I feel that it is a kind of embarrassment, but I can’t help but look for opportunities to look at it. It seems that I can look at the house where she lives.

Chu Qiao and Jing Jing said a few laughs, looked up and looked at Duo Wen Wen said: “Are your father a little better?”

Dorje said with respect and respect: “It’s already much better, and the big man remembers.”

“It’s going to be harvested in the autumn. During this time, your family’s business is full of your grandmother’s busy work. I have already said to He Xiao. When the autumn harvest, I will send someone to help. You will go back and talk to your grandmother, when will you receive the wheat? Just say hello.”

“Yes, thank you for your concern.”

“It is estimated that there will be mountain rain tonight, so don’t go down the mountain, and stay safe for one night. Mei Xiang gives you a hot meal, go ahead and eat.”

A few people nodded quickly and kicked the door out.

After half an hour, it really started to rain, a cold autumn rain, the temperature suddenly dropped a lot, Mei Xiang added a quilt to them, added a brazier in the house, sleeps peacefully, and will call later. When the caller slept, Dorje was lying on the bed and couldn’t sleep. Until the middle of the night, when he put on his clothes, he got up and pushed open the door and went out quietly.

The peaceful room was next to Jingjing, and when Dorje passed, I heard the dream of a little girl whispering, and I couldn’t hear what was being said. Going forward, it is a water pavilion, returning to the hot springs on the mountain. This place is, the heating is melting, and a delicate pavilion is built on it, which is hidden under the moonlight and looks blurred. Opposite the water pavilion, it is the bedroom of an adult. Several old plums are covered under the cloister, eliminating the fate of being poured by the rain.

Dorje likes it very much. Every time he likes to come at a very late time, so the adult will stay with him for one night, then he can sneak out for a while after sleeping peacefully.

It has been two years since the adults came to Qiulanping. Since the adults came here, Qiulanping was exempted from military service and spring and autumn taxes. The emperor sent troops to sweep around and sneak out the nearby thieves. Empty, the north and south have set up a barracks battalion, Qiulanping this piece is more peaceful and wealthy, and even a dog stealing a dog can not find. The original generation was not a residential area. Only a few herders lived here. Gradually, the people gathered more and more, and the people of Shangshen moved to one-tenth of the time. The city of Qiulan was not too far away. In just two years, it has become one of the famous cities in Yanbei.


Everyone really loves adults. In those years, she took the soldiers to guard the Chidu, and kept the North, and took the people of Shangshen to open up the ruins and cultivate the roads to open the market, build water conservancy, teach the road of farming and iron, build arsenals, and open schools. The firm has done a lot of good things. Although she was not an official, she still kept a party and let Shang Shen’s people live a prosperous and peaceful life. The most chaotic Shangyin County in Yanbei was now the first wealthy place in Yanbei. .

When it comes to adults, there is no one who does not have a thumbs up. They all say that it was the reincarnation of the goddess, specifically to protect Yanbei.

Only Ama, talking about the illness of the adult that day, Ama sighed in a sigh, shook his head and said: “In the end, it is just a girl who is less than 20 years old!”


Aunt does not say that he seems to have forgotten that the adult is still under 20 years old this year, and he is only four years older than him. Hearing people say that when the adult was eight years old, he had already entered the Great Summer Palace with the emperor. At the age of sixteen, he had already rushed to the north and south with the soldiers, and what was he doing at the age of sixteen? horse riding? Let the sheep? Squeeze goat milk?

Dorje was a bit discouraged, and she was very old and sighed. The voice just fell, but I heard someone asking: “Is it Dorje?”

When Dorje looked up, he just saw the adult standing in a white cloak standing under the plum tree. The eyes were dark and inky, and the people were afraid to look at it.

“Big… adults.”

Dorje was a little embarrassed, and his blush was like a thief who had stolen something.

What would an adult think, would she not let herself come in the future? She stood in front of her room for so long, will she be angry?

The young boy who was in the beginning of the sinus thought about it, but he listened to Chu Qiao and asked softly: “Can’t you sleep?”

“Ah?” Dorje was stupid, and nodded quickly: “Well, sleep, can’t sleep.”




Dorje was stupidly behind Chu, and walked into the water pavilion. Chu Qiao wore soft-skinned embroidered shoes, and his body was thin, his eyebrows were as warm as the mountains, and his white hands were closed, and the other three windows were closed. One. In the center of the water pavilion, there is a small table with a few delicate food boxes. After opening, the fragrance is full of exquisite snacks and side dishes.

“Is it done by Mei Xiangjie?”

Dorje was nervous and didn’t have to ask for words, but he saw Chu Qo slowly shaking his head and said with a smile: “I did it myself, I didn’t expect it.”

Dorje was a bit stunned for a while. He had never seen an adult laughing like this. Although she has always been gentle, he always felt that she was not happy. Even if her face was clearly smiling, her eyes seemed to be inseparable. The smog can’t see the true joy. Ama said, it is because there is too much sadness in my heart, like a winged eagle, even if it is alive, it will not be happy, because it is no longer an eagle.

But now, the adult is so close to him, he saw her sincere smile, sly, like a little fox, his eyes are bent, there is naughty light, and some boastful. He stupidly nodded, but he had forgotten what she asked, and could only admire her voice: “Yes? Ah! It’s amazing!”

Chu Qiao was in a good mood. When he saw him, he reached out and pointed his head and smiled. “Silly boy.”

Dorje was a little depressed, he was sixteen, and Abba had already married a grandmother at his age, not a child.

“Sit down and taste.”

Dorje was able to sit down and pick up a piece of cake, and looked around, but couldn’t bear to swear. This pastry is very delicate, looks like a plum, made of white sugar cake, and there are a few red jujube silks in the center.


Chu Qiao urged him, the young boy swallowed a nervous bite, and he was so embarrassed that Chu Qiao quickly poured a cup of tea to him, and Dorje poured a big mouth to swallow the pastry.


Chu Qiao asked, Dorje tears are coming out quickly, and the committee screamed and screamed: “I didn’t taste it.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao laughed and pushed the whole plate over and said, “I will give it to you.”

Dorje began to eat one by one, and occasionally praised: “Adult, you are too powerful, and will do such a good thing, who do you study with?”

“When I used to be in the palace, I learned with the teacher of the imperial kitchen. Dorje is very good. The emperor of Daxia usually eats this.”

“Ah?” Dorje, he seems to be a lot more stupid than usual tonight, always stupid.

The outside pool suddenly screamed, the wind blew in, and opened another window. Chu Qiao stood up and closed the window, but he saw that the old plum under the root of the house had a long house and could not help but stunned. The handcuffs that stretched out in the middle of the air stopped, and the moonlight of the line illuminates her wrist, streaking and shadowing.

In a blink of an eye, it has been two years, and the new plum trees in the past have already had high housing.

The years are the most ruthless things in the world. It never stops because of any joy and sorrow. When it leaves in a hurry, any intense emotions will gradually cool down.

That night, she left Yunbi City, and she walked for half a month. She finally arrived in Beibei. Then, in an early morning, when she walked out of Beibei City Gate along the cold and clear Beibei Street, she saw thousands of people. Ten thousand Yanbei people.

They have local residents of Beibei City, and some have come from far inland, Shang Shen, Luo Ri Shan, Lan Cheng, Chi Du, Hui Hui, Mei Lin. The people know the news that she is leaving. She didn’t come up with her words. She had met many such teams along the way, but she didn’t know them. They didn’t bother her. They just followed this way quietly. Until then, they gathered at the entrance of Beibei City. Look at her quietly and send her the last trip.

There are white-haired old people in the crowd, young and weak children, blue-eyed outsiders, and businessmen who come to Donglu to do business. There are Red Cross militiamen who once fought side by side with her. The Beibei people who escaped under her protection, had the Shenshen people who had participated in her road construction and trade, and even returned to the herdsmen who were sheep and sheep.

These people left the city early in the morning, quietly split the sides of the road, let out an empty road, see her out, all brushed to her.

Chu Qiao can’t forget those eyes, have sadness, have sadness, have retention, are sad, have concerns, and are afraid, but they have turned all these eyes into silence, even the children of three or four years old Not looking out, just looking at her quietly, looking at her quietly.

At that moment, she was sad to cry.

She knows her responsibility. In the past year, she has traveled all over Yanbei. She spread the idea of ​​peace throughout every corner of Yanbei. She led them to build their homes and work hard to restore production after the war. It is the trust of wholeheartedness to support her. This nation, which has been oppressed for hundreds of years, has placed her desire for freedom and hope for a better life on her. Now, she is leaving, she will abandon her commitment to them, she will leave. They never went to ask her the dream she had tried to fight.

He Xiao took the quintessence of the beautiful army and stood in front of him. He was fully armed, and he was ready to go with her.

No need to say anything, she can only stand there, like a stone cast statue.

Suddenly, a pair of small soft hands hugged her waist. She looked down and saw that she was a girl in her teens. She looked at her without saying a word and leaned her head up. Tears are in the eye, and they don’t fall. Ping An ran from behind and wanted to open his sister, but he couldn’t open it.

At that time, Ping An was a soldier. When she was sent to Yanbei inland for the first time, Xiao Jingjing followed her. She had lived with her for more than a year.

“Sister,” Jingjing finally cried out, tears flowed down and down: “You don’t want me? Don’t you want me?”

The child began to cry. Gradually, some people began to cry. The people stood there in rows. I don’t know who was the first to go down. Gradually large and large people were kneeling on the ground, and the old and old people were crying. The old tears criss-crossed and repeatedly asked: “Adult, don’t you want us?”

“Adult, you are not there, I have to be arrested to be a slave.”

“Adult, where are you going? Will I go with you?”

The cold wind blew and blew the snow on the ground. Chu Jiao, who was on the road, let go of the stables, looked up, and looked at the bright sun. The tears flowed down the corners of the eyes and fell on the thick In the hair.

The heavy responsibility was on her shoulders, and she could not breathe.

She knows who is manipulating all of this, but she is unable to escape. He knows her too well, so she can eat her deadly as long as she uses a small means.

On that day, she seemed to shed all her tears for a lifetime, standing on the snow in the sky. She only felt like a kite being held in her hand. She didn’t even have a connection. Where to go.

She stayed in such a pocket and lived on the mountainside back to the mountain. She lived for two years.

In the past two years, she looked at him with a watchful eye. He watched him levy taxes and watched him attack the city and watch him perform a more stringent military service system than Daxia. He watched him step by step to eradicate his dissidents and stabilized. Yanbei’s iron barrels and mountains.

She sometimes thinks that life is a wonderful thing. It always gives you hope in desperation, let you continue to hold on, and then when you are close to hope, a pot of cold water is poured out. All your dreams.

After all, Yan Xun was successful, and Da Xia could not lift his head under his pressure.

After Zhuge’s death, Zhuge Valve rushed to clear himself, and expelled Zhuge’s genealogy from the family tree, and even the body was not buried in the family cemetery. However, despite this, they were still implicated, and their status in the Presbyterian Church was not as good as before. Zhuge Huai was also reprimanded. As soon as he fell, Zhuge Muqing was still trying to save and actively support the family’s side children, but the effect It is obviously not good.


Le Xing, the daughter of General Le Xing, also hurriedly repented and wrote the Wanyan blood book himself. On the table, he gave the Xia Emperor, saying that Zhuge’s wealth was big, and he was deceiving, and Zhuge’s character was inferior, and she was greedy for her beauty. When he was unwilling, he was threatened by family power and forced himself to get engaged with him. Nowadays, he commits such a crime that cannot be tolerated, even if he is a will, it is also a disrespect and insult to the emperor to the emperor. She would rather be a monk than a wife who is not willing to marry such a shameless person.

Le Yiyi’s determination to the Buddha was so earnest, and his determination was so determined. He was a good story in the Emperor of the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. Although he did not succeed in the end, he succeeded in clearing the boundaries with the evil sinners. His character is high and clean.

Of course, as the direct boss of Zhuge, Zhao Che also escaped the fate of being detained. This few emperors have once again been detained by the northeastern border, going to a barren land to supervise a completely unneeded military fortification, and thus stay away from the political arena of Daxia.

The most unimaginable is that the 14-year-old emperor Zhao Wei will form an alliance with Wei Wei. With the support of Wei Guang, Zhao Yu became the premier real power prince of Daxia, and was named Zhou Wang. Wei Shuzhen also rose and led the army. Yan Mingguan’s military power.

Daxia’s authority has reshuffled it again, but it’s not hard to find that the discerning people have gradually moved away from the big summer. In the face of Yanbei’s iron-clad strongman, they are becoming more and more powerless. Although Wei Shuzheng is considered to be quite a military talent, he is highly skilled in the Yan, and there is domestic political interference, and gradually change his defense to defend. In the past year, it has become more and more obvious.

Now Simon is four points, Li Ting in the Sui and Tang Dynasties has already stabilized the throne, and the Princess of the Song Dynasty, Nalan Hongye, is in charge of the northwest, and the northwestern part of the country is facing the river, and there is no single big trend.

However, despite this, Yan Xun has never dared to break through the summer, because in the southwest of Helan Mountain, a new regime suddenly appeared in the eyes of everyone. No one knows the origin of the regime, and no one even knows them. The actual number of people is only vaguely known through the past business travels and the scouts sent out. The leader of the regime calls himself “Qinghai Wang”.

Qinghai, located in the south of Helan Mountain, west of Cuiwei Mountain, in the rumor, it is a deserted and hot and barren area, the beasts are rampant, and the grass is not born. As early as 2,000 years ago, it was the place where the mainland’s major regimes exiled prisoners. It was rumored that almost no one there could survive. It was not a bite of a beast, but a strange disease. Therefore, the exile of Qinghai is always the endorsement of death. Some people even prefer to die in Simon, and they are not willing to step into Qinghai. For many years, the prisoners who committed suicide in Cuiweiguan have no idea.

However, it is such a place where the poisonous insects are all over, the beasts are rampant, and the grass is not born, but suddenly a meteor usually gives birth to a political power.

On July 17, 1987, Yan Xun personally sat in the town, commanding the army of 70,000, attacking the south gate of Yanmingguan, and seeing success, but the enemy appeared suddenly in the southwest. They are strong, fighting, and acting like a wind. They are like a knives. They are inserted into the left wing of Yanbei Army and smashed the Yanbei Army’s offensive. However, when Yan Xun rushed to turn the horse back to fight back, they But the air has disappeared.

It wasn’t until a long time later that the scouts found their traces in Cuiweiguan. Today, Cuiweiguan has been occupied by a man named “Qinghaiwang”.

This is really a blue sky and a bad news for Yanbei. Because Cuiweiguan is located near Helan Mountain, west of Chishui, this shows that in addition to the dogs and dogs outside the Meilin Pass, there is another enemy called Qinghai Wang behind the Yanbei. What’s worse than the canines is that the Meilin Pass is in the hands of Yanbei, and Cuiweiguan is the Qinghai King.

This shows that when Qinghai Wang wants to go into Yanbei, when will he turn into Yanbei, there is no way for you to take people. Moreover, Cuiweiguan is located at the junction of Helan Mountain and Cuiwei Mountain. It is a plain in the east. There is no natural barrier. There is no danger at all. If you want to block the enemy of Qinghai, you can only establish a long-term relationship along Cuiweiguan. Thousands of kilometers of the Great Wall.

This is a big joke.

But fortunately, the Qinghai King has never come out since that time. It seems that he was idle and went out for a lap to tell Yan Xun that he had such a neighbor. However, Yan Xun did not dare to numb, and constantly sent people to Qinghai to listen to intelligence, and went to Cuiweiguan several times. He hoped to contact the Qinghai King, and set up a defensive barrier in the southwest to arrange a squadron. In this way, I gave a big breath in the summer.

These things are He Xiao who told her one after another. In the past two years, Chu Qiao rarely went down the mountain. Apart from going out to work two years ago, he never left.

Suddenly the sound of the beep suddenly came, and Duoji looked down and looked down, but it was a small pot that was screaming on the small stove. Chu Qiao met, and quickly went over, took the big gloves and put the pot up, and said, ” Go back to sleep after eating, I will go first.”

Dorje looked at Chu Qiao’s figure and gradually left, but not to his room, but to the back of the pine garden, not to follow, just wrapped a few pieces of the remaining cake, reluctant to eat in his hand.

The wind blew through the pine forest, a rustling thought, all the way to a blue stone monument, put the small pot down, after opening, it is a pot of red oil and spicy mutton.

There are bluestone tables and stools in front of the stone tablet. It has been very smooth and sleek. At first glance, it is often sitting. The stone monument is very simple and simple, with only five characters inscribed on it: “The tomb of Zhuge.”

Yes, two years ago, she took three hundred elite beauty troops and went to Daxia to snatch Zhuge’s body.

At that time, she received news that the Zhuge family finally drove Zhuge Yue out of the house and refused to let his bones be buried in the family cemetery. Instead, he was whipped and randomly thrown into the mass graves in the south of the city.

The process was actually very smooth. No one looked after the dead body. When Chu Qiao arrived, the body had been shattered by the wild dog. It was almost impossible. If it was not because of the whipping after death, she could hardly Those broken bones are pieced together. She had to cremate him and return to Yanbei with ashes.

At the time of Zhen Huang, she finally heard about the lady Miss Yiyi. For the first time in her life, she was so unsettled, and she hated the shameless people.

Ms. Yiyi was in her heart to the Buddha. During that time, she was going to and from the Buddhist temple and her home every day. Chuqiao took her car and intercepted her car. She fell for her and blew her anger. . After watching her crying and begging for mercy, she suddenly felt so excited. It seemed that until this moment, she realized that Zhuge was really gone, and he became the fly ash in the jar in his hand. Being insulted and being practiced, anyone can trample on his dignity at will, and he can’t do anything but hurt the person’s meal, can’t save him, can’t let his family recognize him, can’t Also his reputation, even unable to protect him a whole body.

She couldn’t tell her mood at the time. She seemed to feel that everything in the world was grayed out. She took the person back to Shang Shen and never stepped down again. She kept the small yard all day and buried her time here.

“Zhu Gewei, you must feel very cool when you lie down now. I heard He Xiao said that you have lost a big defeat in Yanming, and Wei Shuzhen is not an opponent of Yan Xun. Without you, Da Xia has eaten very much. Big loss. Your face is always pretending to be a pair of things that don’t care. I know that you are the most vengeful. You must be thinking now: a group of bastards, deserve it! Without Laozi, you are all white. “”

Chu Qiao stirred the mutton in the pot with chopsticks, and slowly said, she lowered her head, the hair hangs from the cheeks, the skin is white, the moonlight shines through the pine branches, a halo, mottled It is cold.

“I didn’t dream of you last night. You said that you are not dead? If you don’t have such a conscience, you don’t even have a dream. Are you still sulking? No one avenges you? But you The popularity of the people is really too bad, only a few loyal and full-day knives to cut me, but also thanks to a few stupid, if you go to cut Yan Xun, it is estimated that there is no way to live.”

The pot gradually became hot, and the sheep oil solidified together. She murmured and continued: “I gave you paper money yesterday. You received it. You used to be nice to me. I have nothing to repay you. You can only burn some money after you die. You are a big family, you have been spoiled since childhood, and you have to reach out to your mouth. If you don’t have money there, how can you live? But nothing, you are With so many younger brothers walking together, even if you are in the underworld, you can continue to be a good fortune.”

“Zhu Gewei, do you know where Mo Er went? I sent people to Zhen Huang several times. I couldn’t find his whereabouts. I said that it was missing. It will not be destroyed by your father. It’s still so small, life is so poor, you pay attention to it over there, if you see him, let me know and save me from looking around the world.”

A gust of wind blew, the water in the tree all fell into the pot, Chu Qiao stunned, her expression was very calm, can not see how sad and sad, just quietly speaking, the voice is very Low and low, but in this silent night, it is different.

“Zhu Gewei, actually, I didn’t fall asleep last night. I looked at the roof and looked at the night. I thought about it all the time. In fact, I should have a chance to save you. First, I should let He Xiao. After the break, I walked with you, and then divided the soldiers in 20 directions. We did not leave, secretly returned to Yuegong, and waited for the wind to pass before we tried to escape. Secondly, on the Qianzhang Lake, I should take the army to attack the right wing of the army from the rear, where They are all bowed and can be washed away by two round trips, so that you have the opportunity and time to leave the open heart of the lake. Third, how can I ask for Yan Xun? I should hijack him directly, I laugh. Haha’s past, he would not doubt, did I get into the water at the time? And, finally, how can you push me up? I have a dagger in my hand. We should be a few hundred meters downstream of the water, then break the ice out. Although the water is very cold, but it will not freeze for a while, the Jack in the Titanic has persisted for a long time, not to mention that we are all trained people.”


Chu Qiao annoyed and muttered: “How did I not think of it at the time?”

It was very quiet at night, and I could even hear the dog barking from the people under the mountain. Everyone fell asleep. Only she was sitting here, Chuo said for a long time, and suddenly stood up and knocked on Zhuge. The tombstone, said loudly: “Hey, I am talking to you, have you heard it?”

The crisp echo echoed in the pine forest. After Chu Qiao finished, she was a little bit stunned. She was half-squatting in front of the tomb. She looked down. She lowered her head and her hair fell from the sides, and she could not see her face.

Her voice was stuffy and whispered: “I know that there are so many ways, but why can’t I save you?”

The night was cool like water, and the breeze blew her clothes. She leaned on the tombstone like that. It didn’t move for a long time. It was like solidification. The autumn pine branches were slightly yellowish, and the wind was blowing.

Like many years ago, they have been so close together, the night is so dark, surrounded by enemies, they are fighting side by side with their backs, and the tacit understanding seems to be one person.

“Zhu Gewei, this is our life…”

Chu Qiao whispered, flying over a group of crows in the sky, the doll’s call, scraped through the sky, and gradually went far.

Chu Qiao thought that life would continue like this, but the next morning, a news came in like a blue sky, and broke the last silence of her life.

Everything came without warning, and the news of the rebellion of the big peers was like hot oil, and all of a sudden the smoldering sparks in the rainy weather.

Chu Qiao looked at Dorje’s uncle and looked at the man who was bloody in his forties, frowning and sensational.

“Adult, please go down the mountain, if you don’t go, Datong must be completely destroyed!”

Chu Qiao looked at him quietly. He hadn’t talked for a long time. The news that the big colleague would rebel was that the autumn Lancheng defender had just reported it, but followed by Duoji’s uncle to tell her that Yan Xun would completely eliminate the big peers. Yes, the military rights of Yu girl and Mr. Wu have been lifted, and the generals of Xia, Xi Rui and other Datong generals have been arrested. The base of Datong’s base has been ruined, and now it’s still a fake to reclaim the fire of the county’s lord. Yunjun, wants to slash the roots of the county.

For such a case, Chu Qiao is not willing to believe, and reason is also warning her, can not be so sloppy to listen to uncertain rumors.

Although Yan Xun is a hot resort, it is not without a mind. At this time, it may be justifiable to eradicate a large peer. It is barely acceptable to remove Mr. Wu and Yu Girl, but why should we get rid of it? He is his sister, although he is a believer in Datong, raised by Datong, but he may not be enemies with his brother because of Datong.

“You go down the mountain first.”

“Adult!” Doji’s uncle slammed on the ground, and the sly girl said: “Let the adults save Datong. Now only you can save us.”

The voice of Shantou is so big, the effort of a moment has already been bloody, Chu Qiao frowned at him, and finally turned quietly, went into the house, the door slowly closed, leaving the man desperate The eyes looked at her sadly.

For the big peers, Chu Qiao did not have any good impressions. Apart from Wu and Yu, the rest of her has always dealt with very little. She used to think that they were just a group of people who were arrogant and arrogant. However, they gradually discovered that it was not all. Most of the members of the big peers were obsessed believers and fighters. They were like the ancient Chinese Mohists. , learn more, and have a good heart.

If such a person uses the guidance well, it should be able to come in handy and kill? Yan Xun will not.

Chu Qiao thought this way, forced the uneasy feelings of his heart, quietly waiting for the follow-up news.

However, things completely separated from Chu Qiao’s expectations. Within two days, the war broke out in the interior of Yanbei. Many guilds were encircled by the army. The leaders of Datong were devastated by the catastrophe. The killing came so fast. Before they arrived, they couldn’t even hear a piece of news. Everything was like a flood that had been brewing for a long time. It was so devastating that no one could make any emergency response.

The next night, the messenger of the rescue once again boarded back to the mountain, a group of twenty people, and finally there was only one person who went up the mountain. The knight who was going to the mountain immediately took blood, and only one bit of flesh was attached to his shoulder, as if he could fall anywhere. Come down.

He looked at Chu Qiao and couldn’t speak. He just used a hand to untie the button of the placket. The inner shirt that had been polluted by sweat and blood was filthy, but he could still see the thinness written with blood. Font: Achu, help us, Zhong Yu.

Chu Qiao was silent for a long while, then he was deeply stunned at the cavalry: “Working hard.”

The cavalry looked at her, her face was blank and her eyes straightened, as if she had not heard it.

Chu Qiao stood straight, the cold night wind blowing through her slim body, she took a deep breath, then said in a deep voice: “He Xiao, horse, down the mountain!”

The cavalry’s eyes suddenly showed a glimmer of light. Then, he fell down on the ground with his head down, with a sharp arrow on his back, and he fell into the vest deeply. No one could imagine how he supported the climb back.

With only twenty guards, Chu Qiao put on the cloak and poncho, and rushed into the boundless night. The cold rain continually washed her eyes, and the ominous premonition gradually engulfed her. She was not willing to think again. The horses ran wildly, the night was full, and the road seemed so far away.

Yu Yan’s three thousand guards now have less than one hundred people left. Everyone is seriously injured, but when they see Chu Qiao and others come to the horse, they still jump from the ground like a beast. Look at them with contempt.

In the pouring rain, Yu girl was lying in a thatched house. When she pushed in the door, she was sleeping. It seemed that she heard the human voice and slowly opened her eyes. The pale face was slightly black, and it was Chu Qiao. Not at all unexpected, quietly smiled: “You are here.”

A sharp arrow pierced her heart, although it was already wrapped in grass, but there was no wound medicine, no one dared to pull out the arrow.

Dorje saw a red eye. He snorted and said, “I am going to find Uncle Darley.” After that, he went out and opened.

The room gradually calmed down, leaving only two women in white, Chu Qiao half-squatted on the ground, with her eyesight, one can see how serious the girl’s injury is, she swallowed the sorrow and whisper of her heart. Said: “Girl, what happened?”

Yu girl took a deep breath and coughed twice, her face floating a few unhealthy rosy.

“Changqing’s taxation is harsh, and the local people have made a reversal. The capitals of the conference have participated in the event, and the matter has been revealed, and it has not been able to turn around.”

“You are also involved?” Chu Qiao frowned and froze, said: “How do you be so confused? Participating in the rebellion of the people is tantamount to direct rebellion? Yan Xun, he would not trust Datong, why are you so careless?”

“Oh,” Feather smiled softly, her chest was slightly undulating, her eyes were so ethereal, it seemed to look at Chu Qiao, but it seemed to have crossed her far, she said quietly: “You didn’t look At the end of the year, Changqing was hit by snowstorms. This morning, the pastures were not good. The animals died in large numbers. Nowadays, there are places where they are eating children. At this time, they have to rob them of the last bit of food in winter. Life.”

“Your Majesty is preparing for the battle. He has to attack Cuiweiguan before entering the winter, so he will recruit the troops and collect the food. The people are all dead. I know that this will be the result, but I have to do it.”

Chu Qiao clenched his lips, his nose was sour, and he held the hand of Yu girl tightly and could not speak.

“Achu, you are a good boy, but life is too hard. I hope that you can understand that not everything in this world can follow your hopes. Many times, even if we work hard, we will not necessarily I hope that you are still young and have a good time waiting for you.”

The girl smiled softly, the crow’s feet in the corner of her eyes were like a soft wind, and the two pools of clear water in her eyes were floating. The sound seemed to float from nine days. Chu Qiao was half-squatting on the hay, her hand on her chest. The blood of the cockroaches rushed out silently, dyed the robes of Chu Qiao’s white. She bit her lower lip, her tears in her eyes, her lips, her face pale and pale.

“Feather girl, you hold on, Doji goes to the doctor.”

“It doesn’t become…”

Yu girl shook her head gently, her face was like the white snow on the snowy peak. The thin shoulders and arms were cold. She leaned her head and looked at the dilapidated roof. The wind screamed outside and the rain poured. She seemed to think of many things. . At the last moment of life, time flies past her eyes. In the meantime, she seems to have returned to fifteen years ago. On the Wolong Mountain, Acacia maple red, falling into the English, she stood in the maple forest in the early autumn, looking at that A shadow of a dark shirt like a black shirt.

She seemed to remember the sunshine at that time, and the warmth was on her shoulders, like the mother’s gentle hand. A guqin was placed on the stone table next to it, and a few maple leaves fell on it. The sun shone through the leaves and left a mottled shadow, leaving a halo of flickering. He turned back from the sky and red, smiling. Soft, eyes like water, softly looking at her, reaching out to her, said warmly: “A Yu, how come up so early?”

No one knows that she doesn’t really like the so-called power technique. She doesn’t like the art of war and strategy. From a very young age, she hopes to have a home. She can learn female red and poetry as an ordinary woman. After marrying a considerate husband, picking up flowers in the spring, listening to the rain in the cold night, a life of peace, what is the salvation of the people, the palm of the hand, has never been her dream.


However, he is ambitious and ambitious. He is full of enthusiasm. He can see the injustices in this world. Going to school is just to learn the art of killing people. Therefore, when he studied the art of war, she studied the power. When he studied industry, she studied business. When he studied the voice of the people, she tried to figure out how to be. He was generous and treated with sternness. Her sleepless night, the martyrdom and the tactics of the martial arts, only for him to follow his footsteps one day to advance and retreat with him.

The master knew the world and only knew her thoughts at a glance. Instead of stopping, she gave me a letter, but she quietly placed a letter in her bag when she went down. She discovered it after a long time. There is only one word: crazy.

After a period of fifteen years, she was stunned for a lifetime, and she had a lot of life and death. Fortunately, he has been by her side, no matter whether it is a squally shower or a cold snow frost, they are always standing in one place, the years have passed, the vicissitudes have changed, everything in the world has been replaced, for the sake of power, father and son become enemies, loved ones Against the eyes, the lover abandons, only they, never change their original intentions, stick to the bottom of their beliefs, and never have a partial shake.

However, some of the words hidden in the bottom of my heart have never been spit out. For more than ten years, they have gathered together. She always feels that there is still a chance in the future. They are busy, running, and Dedicated to the dream of the heart. However, I never thought about it. Maybe one day, there is no longer a chance. Those who have not yet had time to export, those who have deeply suppressed the feelings of nearly two decades, those who are as quiet and calm as the early spring, finally lost the opportunity to pour forever.

“I know, my time is up.”

She sighed softly and said, “I have thought about this day, but I didn’t expect it to be so fast.”

A gentle and soaked face suddenly appeared in front of the eyes, and the girl smiled gently. The blood of the wound was like a stream of water, infiltrating the cloth, and slowly flowing out. She struggled to reach out and seemed to want to touch the vague face. I remembered the scene when they first met many years ago. At that time, they were younger. She was blamed by the owner on the street because she escaped. The body is not finished, but it does not cry. He followed the master through the bridge, suddenly squatted down and handed her a bottle of wound medicine, then frowned and said: “Every once in the morning and evening, take good care of the wound.”

“Actually, the joy of my life may be that I can sleep well, do not think about anything, do nothing, no war, no killing, no intrigue. There is snow in the door, the wind is raging, I love People are lying next to me, sleeping quietly, not moving, not talking. Unfortunately, I will never have this opportunity.”

The smile bloomed in the corner of the lips, and the feather girl said tiredly: “Achu, I want to sleep for a while, if the road is here, remember to wake me up.”

Chu Qiao bit his lower lip and nodded desperately. The girl closed her eyes with confidence. The eyebrows were full of exhaustion and sleepiness. She whispered, “I will sleep for a little while, I am too tired, just Sleep for a little while.”

Long eyelashes cast a faint silhouette on the lotus face, the heartbeat is slower and slower, slower and slower, and finally can’t be heard anymore. The fingers slipped down, and the heavy hangs down, falling in Chu’s arms.

The wind outside the door suddenly became bigger, and it was blown in with the cold rain. In the small hut, Chu Qiao’s body gradually became stiff. She lowered her head and fell down with tears, kneeling on the cold cheek of Yu’s girl. Then, rolling down on the ground in the pool of blood, gently open and melt into the blood.

“grown ups!”

He Xiao suddenly rushed in desperately, saw the dead girl, the weather-stricken man suddenly squatted on the spot.

Chu Qiao slowly raised his eyes and looked at him quietly. He hoarsely asked, “What is it?”

He Xiao was silent for a long time, and then slowly said: “Mr. Wu arrived.”

When I saw Mr. Wu, it was still raining, Chu Qiao was wearing a poncho, and the guards of He Xiao and others came down to the edge of Qiulanping. In the darkness of the wilderness, the soldiers lit the torches of tung oil. The whole road was covered with white corpses that were soaked by rain. Heqi stood under a poplar tree with a large umbrella. Mr. Wu was there, facing the direction of Chuqiao and others. There are three sharp arrows on the back, one of which passes through the back, just stabbing the heart. He was pale, and his mouth was sloping with a red heart and no breath, but he kept his eyes open, as if he was staring at something, although he still did not fall, his eyes were cut, his brow was locked.

“When we arrived, Mr. Wu had already gone.”

He Xiao’s voice rang low in his ear, the night was so dark, and the black one could not see a little light. Chu Qiao straightened his back, sitting on the horse’s back, his eyes dry, and he could not shed tears.

A painful cry suddenly came from behind, it was Dorje’s uncle, who once served as a soldier in Mr. Wu’s account. After the injury, Mr. Wu was sympathetic to him, let him return home, and gave him the money to support his family. At this moment, the man in his forties is like a red-eyed wolf. He rushes over and squats in the rain. , burst into tears.

“In this world, there is another thing that is above love and freedom. It is worth paying for everything to protect. The ideal of my Datong has been left on the Shangshen Plateau.”

Vaguely, Chu Qiao even heard Mr. Wu’s words back in the mountains a year ago, the night breeze blowing, the heavy rain pouring down, Chu Qiao closed his eyes and looked up, the cold rain poured on her On the face of the face, like a sharp knife.

Yu girl, you have to wait, the people you wait for come, this world you are too tired, the next life, don’t take so many responsibilities, you have to be together, live a good life, don’t think about anything.

The heavy horseshoe suddenly came. Under the horizon, a large number of people roared. The number of people was about 3,000. All of them were all cavalry. The horseshoes were like a thunderous thunder, a thunderous roll, and a cold rain hit. On the black armor of the black, a sizzling sound.

The man headed by “Chu Daren!” shouted loudly. He couldn’t see his face in the dark. He could only judge by voice that he was still very young: “I came to protect the safety of the adults by the command of the sire. Now the Datong rebellion conspiracy to rebel Please ask the adults to follow me to the Qiulan Military Camp.”

“It’s you!” Dorje’s uncle suddenly jumped up, and his red eyes shouted: “You killed Mr.! I am fighting with you!”

The voice just fell, the man in his forties rushed forward, pulling out the saber at the waist, arrogant like a mad wolf.

“come back!”

Chu Qiao screamed, almost at the same time, more than a dozen arrow slammed through the chest of Uncle Dorje, he ran a few steps by inertia, and finally slammed down, blood splashed out, in the night Under the dyed red blood.


The scream of the teenager suddenly came, Chu Qiao frowned, and looked very far, only listening to the voice of the child in the camp of the other party, it is the three people who are safe and peaceful.

“The rebellious party is too arrogant, and the adults are asked to go with me immediately.”

More than 20 people, such as He Xiao, slowly pulled out the sword, and immediately guarded the Guardian around Chu Qiao, and the opposite of the opposing army held. The scream of Dorje was like a cold arrow, and the inch was tied in Chu Qiao. In her heart, she frowned for a long time, finally slamming, throwing off the sword, letting the three-footed Qingfeng fall into the dirty mud. Chu Qiao did not expect to see Jingshen here, in the barracks of the Xi Bingying in Qiulan City, Jing Zisu carefully opened the door, carrying a large food box, the posture is slightly fuller than the original, the complexion Ruddy, high belly high rise, at first glance is pregnant.


Jingsui’s careful screaming, replaced the already cold food, and put on a new hot rice hot dish, which is Chu Qiao’s favorite food, four dishes and one soup, which is very light.

“You can eat it, you haven’t eaten all day and night.”

“Why are you here?” Chu Qiao turned his head and frowned slightly. He said: “Yan Xun forced you to lobby me?”

“No,” Zisu quickly shook his head and said nervously: “Shi Peng is my husband.”

Tang Shipeng, Qiu Lancheng, the soldier of the army, was the officer who had previously forced Chu Qiao to this place, and also killed the direct murderer of Mr. Wu who ambushed the girl.

Chu Qiao’s face gradually cooled down. She looked at Jingsui and had not spoken for a long time.

“Moon, you, you eat a little.” Jing Zisu said cautiously, did not dare to look up at her, hurriedly said: “These are all you love to eat, I personally do.”

“Mr. Wu was killed, do you know in advance?”

Jing Zisu stood there, bowed his head, nervously clutching the handkerchief in his hand, like a frightened bird, said with a low voice: “I, I know.”

“The girl is dead, do you know?”

Jingsui gently nodded.

“Your husband caught peace and Jingjing used to threaten me to submit, you know?”

“Moon?” Jing Zisu raised his head and looked at her with a praying face. His eyes were red, his eyes were tearful, and he almost fell into tears.

“Now they are going to kill others. Biancang, Xirui, Xia Zhi, A Du, Yi, Xiao He, are all dying, you know?”

Jing Zisu’s tears finally rolled down. She licked her face and stood in front of Chu Qiao with her big belly. She couldn’t make a sound.

Chu Qiao looked at her, and the faint sight became blurred. For them, she repeatedly died and died. In the past two years, because of the relationship between her and Yan Yu, they never even looked back at her, even if they had children. Did not give her a letter.

These people, after all, are her nominal relatives and are blood-related sisters.

“Let’s go.”

Chu Qiao turned and stopped looking at it. Jing Zisu carefully grabbed her clothes and whispered her: “Moon…”


She was unmoved, but she heard the sadness of Jing Zisu: “Moon, what can I do? What can I do? I am just a woman!”

Yeah, how can she expect her? Betrayed the husband, betrayed the family, came to ventilate the news? All this is for the Essence of Essence, why is it not a fantasy? However, why is there still anger? Still unwilling and chilling? She knows that if they are in trouble, she will definitely help them in desperation, so I expect others to be like this to her.

“Moon, why are you so stubborn? Your Majesty is so good to you, we are all in the eyes, gold and silver treasures are in front of you, and you are kneeling for you, for years, he is like this to you, Are you still not satisfied? What else do you want? He is the emperor after all!”

If it was before, Chu Qiao might have a heartfelt sneer, but now she can’t even laugh at her laugh.

Yes, gold and silver treasures, wealth and prosperity, as long as she is willing to nod, she is the Yanbei mother of the next 10,000 people, is the only wife of the Yanbei emperor, and lived a luxurious life of Jinyi jade food. As a woman, what else does she expect? When she was sad and retired, she did not know that others were laughing at her ignorance, and even among them, her sister was included.

However, those are not what she wants. As Yan Xun said, she never really knew him, but Yan Xun, who has been in contact for more than ten years, when did you really understand me?

You are wrong, I am a woman like Jingsu, and I Chu Qiao, but it is not such a person.

Without speculation, Chu Qiao faintly opened the hand of Jing Zisu, went straight into the inner room, and never looked back.

After a while, the door of the room was opened, Jingsuu quietly walked out, and the sound of the lock was particularly loud, and it slammed like a lock on Chu Qiao’s thoughts. Chu Qiao sat on the bed, a cage of agarwood at the foot, a touch of aroma from the gap between the copper cover, like a row of clouds. She leaned quietly on the bedpost, thinking of a lot of things in her mind, her heart getting colder and colder, and she gradually lost her temperature. In the past two years, she has been controlling what she doesn’t think about. The shadow of Mr. Wu and Yu girl overlapped in front of her eyes, letting her fingertips tremble coldly.

Mourning is greater than death, and now, she is finally completely desperate.

For three days, Chu Qiao was trapped in this cage, completely isolated from the outside news, she thought, Yu girl may be wrong at the time, she mistakenly thought that Chu Qiao could stop all this, but did not understand Yan Hey. He was such a strong and persistent person since he was a child. Nothing can be stopped, even if she wants to do something. Now, the big picture has been set, she just has to wait for a result.

Yan Xun was a disciple of Mr. Wu since he was a child. Later, he studied under the door of Yu Girl. His martial arts swordsmanship was from Chu Qiao’s hand. Now, he is blue, and those old things are finally kicked by him. opened.

On the third night, Chu Qiao sat quietly on the bed as usual, but suddenly there was a sudden rush of footsteps at the door, and the shackles of the locks rushed in. Pansy was stunned and ran in the hand. The cloak and baggage, striding into the road and said: “Moon, fast, go!”

Chu Qiao fiercely stood up and frowned and asked: “Tang Shipeng wants you to let me go?”

Jing Zisu was pale and sly, standing in the same place, hearing the husband’s name suddenly stunned, Chu Qiao suddenly became clear, said: “Do you know what you are doing? He will not let you go.” ”

“Moon, fast, go quickly.” Jing Zisu put his clothes in her hands, and said, “Let’s hurry.”

“No, if I am gone, it will hurt him.”

“Your people rushed into the city, they have already rushed into the prison to grab the command and peace.”

“What?” Chu Qiao was shocked and said quickly: “The beauty army is coming?”

“Well,” Jing Zisu nodded hurriedly: “Let’s go, Shipeng is coming soon.”

Jing Zisu’s hands and feet made her clothes and cloaked her cloak. For the first time, she had a strong face. Chu Qiao grabbed her hand and asked in a deep voice: “Sister Su, do you know how he would treat you when you do this?”

Jing Zisuo suddenly stopped. After a few days, her face was obviously thinner. The big eyes looked very scared. After a long time, she shook her head and said softly: “I just think that Mr. Wu is a good person. , Yu girl is also a good person, you are a good person in the month. Good people, there should be good news.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes are sour, this life is insulted, the weak woman who drifts with the tide, in the critical moment of life and death, even made this choice only by her own heart, her reason is very simple, good people should not have no good news, but You can know that the best of the world, there are no good news in this world.

Looking at her simple clear eyebrows, Chu Qiao only felt that if a mountain was pressed against her shoulder, she could not breathe. She breathed deeply and said firmly: “You go with me.”

“No,” Jing Zisu shook his head. “I am his wife after all, and I am still pregnant. He won’t be like me. Go ahead.”

Chu Qiao said quietly: “You must go with me.”

“No, month, I am the wife of Shipeng, I will not leave him, this is my home!”

At this moment, Jing Zisu’s eyes are barely showing a certain degree of persistence and firmness. Chu Qiao understands that everyone has the conviction and persistence of everyone, and Jingshen is no exception. She nodded and dressed, and slowly said: “Sister Su, I am leaving, you have to take care, I will come back to find you after I finish.”

“Well, I have to have a baby for another four months. You are a little kid, and you must come and see it.”

Jing Zisu hands on his stomach, shy smile, the mother-like gentleness is like the warm spring sun. Chu Qiao held her hand and said in a deep voice: “Wait for me.”

After all, he turned and left.

The nine thousand beauty army whistling, the people in the city personally opened the door for them, and the entire Qilanying squadron of Qiulan City broke into a sea of ​​fire. Tang Shipeng rode on the horse and yelled at the command. force. At this moment, a subordinate suddenly ran to report: “General! Chu Cho ran, injured the guard at the horse, and took the horse out of the city.”

“What?” Tang Shipeng said with anger: “How can many people ran away?”

“It’s Mrs., the lady took your token and cheated the key.”

“Hey!” Tang Shipeng was furious and shouted: “Bad me!”


Another communicationsman came to the horse and shouted before he jumped off the horse. “The blue house is gone, the lady is still inside, and we need to quickly mobilize the water dragon to extinguish the fire!”

“General!” Another communications officer hurriedly yelled: “The Chu Daren escaped from the Nancheng Gate with the Beauty Army. We have reorganized the team, do we want to pursue it?”

Tang Shipeng frowned, meditation for a moment, calmly said: “Catch!”

“General, what about the lady?”

Tang Shipeng screamed and said: “If Chu Qiao ran, the whole Qiulan City could not live. The whole army listened to my order and chased!”

The army screamed and rushed out of the South Gate. At this moment, the blue room was red, the flames of the fire ignited, and gradually swallowed the whole house. Jing Zisu shrank in the corner, watching the red eyes full of fear and trembling, the big sweat from the forehead On the dark, dusty face, a bright white trace rolled out. Her hands rubbed her belly and bitten her teeth. Hypnotized hypnotized over and over again: “The baby is not afraid, you will come to save us immediately.”

Outside the wind whistling, the more the help of the fire, the entire Qiulan City soldiers chased the city, some people saw the fire rushed into the generals, a small fire against the blue house.

“Ah! It’s on fire, is there anyone in it?”

The descendants of the generals said: “The Chu people were rescued by the beauty army, and there are no one inside.”

“That doesn’t matter, a bunch of bastards, it’s good to burn a light.”

The people left in succession, but the flames of the fire were screaming, the smoke was filled, the squid was so coughing, the flame tongue had spread, and she was afraid to close her eyes, but she still kept her belly and said: “Baby Not afraid, you will come to save us immediately.”

A beam slammed down and covered all the sounds. There were black ash everywhere, and the entire General Army and the Western Barracks fell into this fire. Chu Qiaoze horse ran in the wilderness, far back, only to see the direction of Qiulan City red, the flame burned red half of the sky, like the blood flowing out before the soldiers died.

“grown ups,”

He Xiao came forward: “Go ahead.”

“Well.” Chu Qiao nodded, pressing the ominous premonition to the pressure, the night road is difficult, they still have a long way to go.

The world is desperate, the wind is blowing, the long night has just begun, and there is still no past. The night is deep, the clouds are thick, the black is pressed, the wind is blowing, and the low sobs are heard.


The low voices have issued monotonous attack commands over and over again. The besieged soldiers in the valley are getting scarcer and bloody, and the blood is spreading. Countless arrows are shot at the soldiers wearing red military uniforms. A desperate shout is heard on the battlefield. Kill the sound. Sharp ring the bell sounded loudly, distress signals sent out more than twenty hair, here are mine fire plateau on the southern slope, from the North Valley City Shuo less than a stick of incense, they do not understand why the moon’s north defenders still did not come out to save them, do the North moon was besieged by the people? Who is this group of unknown enemies?

“Who is it?”

Xiaohe and his shoulder were inserted with a sharp arrow, and the blood flowed out of his body. The comrades around him were like the wheat of the early autumn. They fell down one after another. His eyes were red. He didn’t understand. He obviously received his majesty. When the order returned to Beibei to receive the award, why was it suddenly ambushed by unknown enemies?


Xiao He looked at everything in front of him, as if he had fallen into a most terrifying nightmare. The situation was like a huge stone rolling down from the foothills. No one could stop it. Anyone trying to reach out with their hands would be crushed into bolognese.

They still haven’t handed in the enemy to the enemy. Because they are in Yanbei and they are also sealed, they don’t have any weapons for long-range attacks. There are no shields and no bows. These 5,000 people are trapped in this low-lying area. In the valley, all the enemies are in all directions. The bows and arrows are shot like long eyes. They are inevitable, unrelenting, and unstoppable. All the fighters who are trying to charge are firmly nailed to the surface by bows and arrows. The blood raging rogue, the bodies piled up into hills, and the soldiers were screaming:

“Who is the opposite? Why attack us?”

“Why didn’t anyone come to help us? Where is the defender of Beibei?”

“They are using the bow, it’s our own army!”

“Who is it? Who is going to kill us?”

Xiao and his eyes were red, and his deputy held his knife in front of him. He shouted over and over again: “Protect the general! Protect the general!” Then the words have not finished, and a sharp arrow pierced his throat. His voice suddenly seemed like a leaking bellows, and blood spurted out and sprinkled on Xiaohe’s face. He hugged the body of the deputy, and the 30-year-old brave man’s eyes widened with horror. Struggling with a small cloak, blood rushed from his mouth, and the sound shattered intermittently and said: “Who is… who is who… kills us…”

The incomplete corpse covered layers and layers, and gradually piled up into a corpse sea under the feet of Xiaohe. The wounds did not feel pain. When it was three days later, it began to rain, the rain poured on the ground, and the blood was muddy. In one place, the soldiers had a shallow foot and a shallow resistance, and the corps of the comrades were cast into a trench wall to resist the sharp bow of the other side.

There were screams everywhere, there were roars everywhere, I don’t know how long it took, the opposite attack suddenly slowed down, the arrows of the sky disappeared, but they were still quietly surrounded, no one made a little noise. Like a silent stone.

The second battalion of the Huoyun army almost died, and the living people are only one more breath than the dead. They are already unable to go to the charge. The heavy breathing sounds like a wild dog.

Quiet, too quiet, death is generally quiet.

Suddenly, the low sound of the machine slowly sounded, the soldiers panicked their eyes in horror, and suddenly looked up, but they saw the overwhelming long-distance strong bow and arrow whistling, the length is like a sharp spear, wearing it with a bang Through the trenches that are piled up in flesh and blood.


“The bitch, Laozi…”

The fierce screams rang again, but before they finished, they stopped abruptly. Xiaohe’s body was filled with three or four sharp arrows, and his blood was dripping. The handsome face could not be identified, and he smashed his sword. A sharp arrow slammed into it, and a slamming sound penetrated his shoulder and nailed him to the battle flag of the Fire Cloud Army.


A soldier saw him, and he rushed up. However, he saw that he was going to rush to Xiaohe. A sharp arrow slammed through his back, and the soldier’s pupil suddenly enlarged. He seemed to be incomprehensible. I reached out and touched the intestines and blood on the sharp arrow that passed through the body. The brow wrinkled slightly, like a simple child. He squatted down and was supported by the bow and arrow, and died in front of Xiaohe. .

The young generals burst into tears, and he screamed like a lion.

“Protect the general!”

The soldiers flocked up and the enemies on the opposite side noticed the movements here, and the arrows were concentrated.

A small and never seen soldier turned back and smiled at him. His clear eyes were clear and carefree. He smiled and said, “You save the grown-up, I will take a step.”

Then he turned and rushed up to the oncoming arrow, and countless arrows pierced his chest. He was like an archery target, and he stood there in the same place, and would rather die.

The pain of heartbreaking lungs rose in the heart, and the small and squatting rushed forward, and the body penetrated the long arrow with a strong force.

The young general’s crazy sword rushed, and the bow and arrow continually shot on him. He continued to shock, the enemies hidden in the darkness were shaken, and the soldiers slammed their hands and looked at the name. The soldiers who were bathed in blood rushed.

Then at this moment, a sword suddenly flew out, only to hear a bang, and cut it on Xiaohe’s leg. Xiao and his body were awkward, and he slammed down on one knee. He looked at the enemies camp that was not far away, and the red light was bleeding in his eyes. What kind of look is it, full of desperate unwillingness and crazy anger, his sight swept like a knife in black and black soldiers. Suddenly, a blood spurted out of his mouth, and the young general was amazing. The perseverance stood up again, rushing over and yelling, “Who is it? Who is going to kill us?”

The overwhelming arrows shot at the same time, and the small and firmly nailed to the ground, could not see the face, could not see the face, a low shock between the heavens and the earth, the cold rain poured down, poured on the cooled bodies, The blood ran down the rain, and the thunder thundered across the sky. Finally, there was no standing body.


The low command sounded slowly, and the soldiers ran forward with the wooden barrel. The barrel of oil was poured on the soldiers who had just died, mixed with the stinky blood, and it was disgusting. taste. The torch was thrown up, and the fire slammed, and the intense rain could not extinguish it. The black warriors stood in the same place, quietly watching the fire devour all unwilling thoughts.

Yes, killing cannot destroy thoughts, but it can eliminate the carrier of thought.

The rainy night was still dark and cold, and the soldiers turned and headed for Beijiao City. No one was interested in taking a look at everything behind them.

The star-studded star of the sky rose, and the communications officers rushed to the ground and said loudly: “The county magistrate has led the troops to the front of the city gate, and ordered the general to immediately lead the troops.”

The killing is not over yet, and everything is still going on. “Adults! Someone in front, about three hundred, may be the scouts of Beibei, all of them are extremely fast-moving horses. Do you want to avoid them temporarily?”

Chu Qiao frowned, the rain just stopped, the black pressed clouds slowly dissipated, the heavens and the earth were all pale and milky, and she frowned, her eyes sharp, like the white eagle in the sky.

“Adults! It is the Huoyun Army, and there are a large number of pursuers behind it. It seems that there are more than 5,000 people!”

The horse rushed back, and Chu Qiao’s eyebrows picked it up and acted off: “He Xiao, immediately took people to rescue the county governor and blocked the chase behind him.”


He Xiao promised to rectify the four thousand soldiers and whip.

Chu Qiao led the soldiers to follow, the horseshoe stepped on the muddy equator, and the redness of the muddy water was faintly visible.

The two armies quickly crossed, and the fiercely defeated Huoyun army was surrounded by the old people. Chu Qiao still saw the flaming horse in the whole body. She quickly hit the front of the horse, but she was suddenly shocked by everything in front of her eyes. Eyes.

The clothes were broken, the flaming cloak was bloody, and a sharp arrow was inserted in the lungs. The body suffered several stab wounds and was lying in the arms of a woman in her thirties, breathing weakly.

“what happened?”

Chu Qiao jumped off the horse, half squatting in the mud, frowning at the terrible injury, and shouted back: “Military doctor! Where is the military doctor?”

“Chu Daren!”

The woman will meet her, and her tears will burst out. She cried and said: “The emperor is going to kill our county lord. The small and generals have been killed and the county lord has been ambushed…”

“Small and…”

A faint voice suddenly sounded. As the lungs vibrated, a blood spit out from the sly mouth. The woman would be shocked and hold her wound with her hand, but could not stop the bright red. Liquid.

“Small and…”

The painful wrinkles frowned, and her low voice, pale, was already unclear.

In the daytime, she seems to be dreaming one after another, she faintly saw a small and happy smile, saw a bonfire, saw Xiao and carrying her on the snowy snow, kept giving back She cried on the crying, and comforted her over and over again and said, “Hey, you won’t die, you won’t die, who will dare to kill you, I will kill him.”

“Small and small, and…”

The tears overflowed from the big drops of the blood-stained eyes. With her heavy breathing, the blood came out like a spring that could not stop. She cried in a coma, mournful, small and dead, small and dead, and Xiao He was killed by him!

“County! County!” The woman will hold her crying, her voice choked, like the mother of a dead scorpion.


“Hey, you said what did we do after we finished playing?”

“I finished the fight? Then my brother is the emperor, then I am the princess. When I get there, I can choose the Hummer all over the world and find the most talented man to be my husband, haha!”

“Flower crazy! Without conscience, go find your man!”

The sharp pain came in abruptly, and the heart and lungs seemed to be pinched by the crowd. She couldn’t breathe, the blood foam blocked her throat, and she opened her mouth, but only spit out more blood. She stumbled open her eyes, confused and looked around, saw the sky, the bright red flowers, and the white eagle.

Yanbei, Yanbei…

I have been fighting for you all my life, but why are you abandoning me?

The young girl frowned at the incomprehensible, she turned her head slowly, and then saw Chu Qiao, her mind was so stunned, she struggled to reach out and seemed to want to seize something, Chu Qiaoqiang endured tears Intention, hurriedly holding her hand, said: “Hey, you have to hold on, the doctor will save you.”


Holding the hand of Chu Qiao, so hard, so hard, suddenly, she slammed her head down, biting on Chu’s wrist, the blood between the teeth, the subordinates on both sides were frightened Chu Jiao looked at her numbly, but only saw the overwhelming hatred at the bottom of his eyes.

“why why?”

缳 缳 (means Huan Huan, the name of Yan Xun’s niece, the last remaining princess of Yanbei, whom they ambushed) piercing roar, a mouthful of blood, eyes flushed, snapped at her: “Why kill us? Why kill us?”

“Counter! County! This is Chu Daren!”

The woman will hold her and shout loudly, but she can’t hear it, she is stunned, and she is crazy: “What have we done wrong? Why are we killing us? Forgiveness and ignorance! Wolf heart!”

Chu Qiao looked at her, the wound on her wrist was sharp and painful. Her face was pale and she remembered the first time she saw it. The girl snuggled up beside her, generously gave Ma Wang to her, waving a small fist and saying that she would win the battle, and Chu will accompany her to Sui and Tang, pointing to the horse named Atu and telling Atu to testify. It looks like a beautiful, hearty, like the wind that has been swimming all the year round on the Yanbei Plateau.

“I hate you!”

A stream of blood sprayed out, crying loudly, the sound was getting lower and lower, and the low voice cried: “Xiaohe, Xiaohe…”

Xiaohe, I want to marry you, but where have you been?

Xiaohe, I want to come to you, you have to go slow, my leg is hurt, you have to carry me.

Xiaohe, I haven’t had breakfast yet, can you cook roast leg of lamb for me?

Xiaohe, Xiaohe, Xiaohe…

The sly voice finally disappeared. She lay on the cold ground, and the fiery skirt was like a fascinating flower. She is still so young this year, only 20 years old, her young eyes are always sparkling, her skin color is like horse milk, she just slept like this, and she will sleep forever in the land she has devoted to her life.

Chu Qiao’s heart was already numb, and after a wave of shocks, she cut the corpse of her body. She bit her lip and stood there, watching the corpse of the cockroach, and the whole figure was thrown into the ice.

Yan Xun, what have you done?

“grown ups!”

He Xiao came over calmly and said with a blank expression: “He is here.”

Already reluctant to call another sigh, Chu Qiao turned his head slightly, and the army made a road like the tide, and the morning sun shone on the majestic army opposite, like a dark ocean. The young emperor was surrounded by the army in the center, a gold line of dragon ink black robe, ink hair bundled, eyes like frost, nose high, half squinting, eyes faintly looking over.

After two years, she finally saw him again, but why, Chu Qiao felt that he never seemed to know him. The person in front of him was such a stranger, his appearance, his identity, his behavior, his Breath, nothing is unfamiliar, suddenly, she suddenly understands that this person in front of him is already the emperor of Yanbei, and it is no longer the boy in the city of Zhen Huang who has nothing to do with her.


The low voice came from the quiet wasteland, and with the cold wind, it blew into Chu’s ear.

Yan Xun looked at her, her eyes were like Gujing Shentan. Two years of time passed between the two. When the world went by, they finally met again, but on such an occasion.

Perhaps, regardless of fate, nothing to do with the world, their attachment to human nature and their attitude towards life have long been doomed to one day they will embark on such a path of opposition. The heart of Yan Xun suddenly turns into an empty wilderness, and there is a strong wind. Blowing inside, he looked at Chu Qiao, what he wanted to say, but after all, he swallowed it one by one, but slowly asked the emperor’s prestige: “Do you want to be an enemy of me for these irrelevant people?”

Irrelevant people?

Chu Qiao’s mouth raised a faint sneer and ridicule.

Without Mr. Wu, how can you get the full support of Yanbei’s financial resources when you are imprisoned? After eight years, you have decided to move and cultivate your own power.

Without the girl, how can you escape from the city of Zhen Huang, jump out of the cold cell, sit on the land of Yanbei, and become the king of the world now?

And hey, that is your last blood kiss in this world. She has trusted you to follow you for many years. It is your closest sister.

Is it that one day, Chu Chu is standing in front of you, and it is also such an irrelevant person?

Sneer, in addition to sneer, she doesn’t know how she can react. She is like a doll that has been torn apart. She looks at him coldly and looks at the man who has used all his efforts to love and support. I only think that the past is like a big dream.

She exchanged her loyalty and love for the present situation. The man who once vowed to love her for her life has now put the knife on her head. Surveillance, suspicion, utilization, and exclusion, this is all the rewards he gave her. He threw out the so-called rich and glory, tempting her like a dog, but I don’t know that in her eyes, those are just dung and mustard. . The cause and belief she pursued for, in his eyes, is nothing but a disdainful dream, an excuse and a scam he used to blind those ignorant and ignorant people.

What about the emperor? What about the ninety-five of the 10,000 people? In her eyes, he is always a man who once fell in love with the present but who has completely lived up to himself.

He blames her for empathy, does not love, has his genus, but does not know, if there is no persecution and design, she will always love him to worship him, never willingly look at his eyes, is his own step Stepping out of her, forcing her to recognize his face and face, and then betray it?

Yan Xun, I have recognized you for ten years, and I have recognized myself. In the past, the past has been like the east wind. For you, I have no more care, but there are countless pains and regrets. .

“Achu, have you forgotten your vows?”

Yan Xun’s voice whispered in his ear, Chu Qiao’s cold smile, disdainful raising of his eyebrows, faintly said: “Since you have forsaken our dreams, why should I stick to my vows to you? ?”

If a sharp arrow suddenly slams into the heart of the swallow, the cold wind blows in and brings the pain of the silk.

Finally, she still said something like this. Once, even if she was not willing to grieve, she always hid these emotions in her heart and silently faced everything about him. Nowadays, the world is desperate and fascinated, she is finally in her presence. In his face, he said something like this.

“Yan Xun, from now on, you parted ways, no more than a little bit of it, whether you are dead or alive, whether you are a king or a defeat, there is no relationship with me. Similarly, my business will never turn to you again. Come and set it.”

The wind blew and blew, raising Chu Jiao’s flying corner. The girl’s face was cold and her face was like a frost. Her eyes were like the snow on the snowy peak. The indifference reflected all the love and hate in the world. Everything that should not be there is far from being isolated thousands of miles away.

At that moment, Yan suddenly found out that maybe he would lose her forever. This thought made him uncontrollable, and he said in a low voice: “Achu, are you so passionate?”

“Yan Xun, don’t say love words again.” Chu Qiao looked at him indifferently, calmly said: “You are not worthy.”

Time is so fast, the vicissitudes of the years ignited the spark of destiny in the eyes. Eleven years, enough to make a tree a talent, let an era annihilate, let an emperor rise, time is so ruthless, like a cold knife cut off all the past between them, in the memory of the mind to scrape a deep The divide.

Once upon a time, they joined hands in despair, in the darkness, like two little beasts who lost their homes, standing back to back, waving sharp claws to all those who tried to hurt them.

Finally, they shouldered a bloody road from the cage, and established their own power and status in this ups and downs. However, the big waves of fate rushed them further and then looked back. Everything was already dyed. It was a bloody glow.

If at the beginning they can foresee today’s ending, then how will they choose, or will they continue to fight together and fight together? After the same pains and hardships, after suffering, is it just to let them raise the sword to each other today?

The sky swept over the pale war eagle, and the wings fluttered across the sky, covering the golden sun.

The guards of the 20,000-strong iron armor slowly slashed their swords, and the nine thousand eagerly waiting for the beautiful military face looked at them with no expression. The long wind rolled up from the ground, as if the ancient rituals were low and sang.

The heavens and the earth smothered one, and the birds couldn’t bear to look again. They screamed and fluttered their wings, leaving only the vultures of the vultures hovering over the sky, seemingly waiting for a feast after the bloody.

Yanbei, you are not my resting place after all, I am struggling for you, exhausted, but ultimately just push you from another fire pit to another fire pit.

The wind whistled and blew the broken hair in front of the young girl’s forehead. Everything became ethereal and blurred, and the world was so big. Why bother to gaze in one place? The heart is cold, then who else can hurt you?

A Chu, I will protect you…

Once upon a time, someone whispered in her ear?

Achu, believe me…

She closed her eyes and held back the last tear. When she opened it, it was clear. The sky fell, the goshawk flew, and ten years passed, who was struggling in it, who was squinting in the cold?

Yan Xun, goodbye.

The dark clouds cover the sun, the sun is cloudy, and the pale sunlight is weak on the battlefield of the north wind.

The time passed very long. The wind in the early autumn brought the unique coldness of Yanbei, swept through the wilderness of the sky, from the early morning to the noon, from noon to dusk, the blood was filled with the whole piece of fire thunder, and the bright red fire cloud was released. The anger, the dance of the bloody petals, like a blossoming demon. Countless lives in the morning are still alive and kicking. At this moment, it is like a broken wheat, and a large piece of land lies on the cold land.


The land has lost its original color, and the eagle whirls in the sky. It will swoop down to enjoy this rare feast at any time. The corpses are full of plains, and the wounded are lying in the high sea of ​​the hills. The sound is like a lone wolf who has lost his homeland, and it makes a sad cry, but more, but even the screams are out of reach. They can only lie on the ground like dead dogs, and occasionally look for the wounded. When the medics kicked a kick, they would make a noise and said that they were still alive.

In the evening, there was light rain in the sky, drizzle like a cow’s hair, and cold ice poured on the body. The corpse of the trench was still on fire, and the rain was hitting it, causing a white mist.

Cheng Yuan walked on the body and walked over. The years of battle gave him a slightly feminine face with a bloody tough light. His thigh was shot by a flow arrow, tied with a white cloth and walked up. Lie.

In the setting sun, on a low slope, the man in Xuanyi stood straight under a poplar tree. The eagle flag of Yanbei floated gently on the top of his head, and the yellow hay flew under his feet. And swaying from time to time. His eyes are empty and seem to be looking at something, but the look is like crossing the battlefield, crossing the blood, crossing the clouds in the sky…

Cheng Yuan suddenly had some embarrassment. He stood still in the same place and did not go forward.

“Cheng Yuan? Come on.”

Yan Xun did not turn his head, his voice was very calm, with a calm and calm, Cheng Yuan bowed and walked up, kneeling on the ground, said: “The emperor, the beauty army has been from the southeast The Yuzhan regiment broke out and the general Xuan Yu was the second-line corps that had just arrived. The rushed squad could not stop the attacking face of the Chu Daren. The cavalry of the Beauty Army bypassed the frontal attack of the Guards and directly inserted General Xuan Yu. In the army, when we want to block it, it is already late. The army has fled from the left wing and has now gone to the northwest direction.”

Yan Xun nodded quietly and did not say anything. Cheng Yuan licked his dry lip skin and continued: “The end will have already sent letters to the high generals and generals, and they are intercepted at Yu Daoguan. A legion will also be divided into 30,000 garrisons. In the northwestern part of the country, the sniper will be attacked in batches. Long Yuguan is also ready to fight. The southern Xinjiang waterway leading to the Sui and Tang Dynasties is also closely monitored and guarded by us. We can also shoot them down.”

Yan Xun still did not speak, he stood there, as if nothing was heard about everything in front of his eyes, Cheng Yuan was a little nervous, whispered and tempted to ask: “Imperial?”

“You continue to say.”

“The wounds and deaths of our army were heavy. The 7th regiment of the 3rd regiment was completely annihilated. The army commander of the 11th regiment of the 8th regiment of the 4th regiment was killed and the subordinate fighters were also killed and injured. The 13th regiment led by General Du Ruolin refused to fight. Nowadays The upper officers have been controlled by the custody, but the lower ranks are still reluctant to listen to the deployment. They will not only play a role here, we have to separate their forces to guard them…”

Yan Xun heard the words slightly turned around, gently raised his eyebrows and said: “Refused to fight?”

“Yes, yes,” Cheng Yuan swallowed the original words and said in a more moderate way: “The officers and men of the 13th Army are all from the Shang Shen Plateau.”

The cold wind blew, and the drizzle hit the nose of Yan Xun. He slowly nodded and stopped talking.

“The emperor, it’s only a matter of time to stop the beauty army again, but there will be a sentence at the end, I don’t know if it’s not said properly.”

Yan Xun no expression: “Say.”

“Yes, if our army succeeds in encircling Chu, then ask the emperor, how should we attack in such a way? Is it a full-blown assault, or is it a fight, is it a kill, or a oyster? Please also express the emperor.”

The wind on the ear suddenly became louder. He stood there quietly. The cold wind blew through his body, blowing the sleeves of the rustling wings. The battlefield in the distance still had a small stock of flames. They took away the spirit of the soldiers. At this moment, they were tired, stunned and tattered. A full 20,000 Guards, and a three-way continuation of the post-recruitment, although there was a way out of the war, but still in front of the beauty army to eat and defeat. Chu Qiao led the nine thousand beauty army, like a knife that scratched his encirclement, and the 30,000 fire cloud army did not do it, but she did it easily. Yan Xun had to admit that Militaryly, Achu is a rare genius. Her grasp and control over the war situation, her prestige and status in the army, even her own are incomparable.

He slowly spit out a sigh of relief, and the heavy bottom of his heart covered it like a wave. At this moment, he did not know that he was glad that she finally escaped. She defeated herself without her feelings and feelings, and she escaped from birth. Still sad, she finally left herself completely, never going back?

There was an ironic taste rising in my heart, which made him unconsciously want to sneer. He looked at Cheng Yuan faintly and suddenly said: “Cheng Yuan, you know why so many people persuade me that you are not good, I Still have to reuse you?”

Cheng Yuan heard a sudden shock, and quickly squatted on his knees, swearing: “The Holy Spirit is thick, and the end will not be enough to repay.”

“Because you are like me before.”

Cheng Yuan Meng raised his head and looked at Yan Xun with shock, but he stopped talking.

“I know that all your parents and relatives have died in the war. Your wife and sister were taken to the army by the army of Daxia. Your brother is also the general of Datong, but he died under the internal assassination.”

Cheng Yuan’s eyes gradually became red, and he was kneeling on the ground, not saying a word, his lips were blue and white.

“I know what you are thinking, just like me, I know what I am thinking.”

Yan Xun raised his head and looked at the sunset. The bloody bed pierced the dark clouds of the sky and sprinkled a red. He gently curled his mouth and said quietly: “A person can have a lot of wishes, but always have to live first. If you die, then your wish will not be finished.”

Cheng Yuan’s eyes suddenly turned hot, and his tears wet his eyes. The generals who were the mean villains of Yanbei were holding their fists tightly and plunging their heads deeply.

The sky flies over the pale bird, and it passes through the sight of Yan Xun. Yan Xun looks at it, looks far away, looks like a long line, loses the goal of maintaining, and finally can no longer find the focus of condensation. He was silent for a long time, only to say: “The beauty of the military is too strong, it is not appropriate to block its front, open the border, through the news to Zhao Wei and Wei Shuzhen, is about to enter the winter, let Achu come to open the summer for us. This glued battlefield.”

Cheng Yuan was slightly shocked. Even with his deepness, it was difficult to cover the shocking color on his face. For a long time, he whispered: “The big summer is now hoarding under the Yanming Pass, all of them are heavy-armed soldiers. The light cavalry, at the end will be afraid that the big summer rush can not stop the Chu people’s way.”

“Then drag her foot.”

Yan Xun turned and walked toward the winding city of Beibei, the dark horse followed him, the sunset shining on him, pulling out a long shadow, a low voice slowly coming, like It is the wind that swims all the year round on the grassland.

“Notify the people of Beibei, Shangshen, and the returning people, and say that their beauty adults will leave Yanbei.”

The wind blows the corner of his flying clothes. The sword of the waist is reflected by the blood red light. The man’s footsteps are so heavy. Step by step, he slowly walks into the dark and crunchy cage. The shackles of gold locked his whole person. The black smoke rose in the distance, and the screams of sorrow continued to come, and the silence of death shrouded the sky above the fire thunder.

Achu, I have said that everyone can betray me, you can’t, because you are my only light source, the sun shining on my dark sky.

Today, my sun is extinguished.

You can think of me when you are surrounded by the enemy, isolated and helpless, and you have no way to escape.

Achu, I am looking at you behind your back.

There was no warning in the battle. The army in Yanbei maintained a transparent state for their arrival. Chu Qiao began to hold the innocent fantasy, thinking that Yan Xun could not bear to start with her, and finally let her go. However, outside the Long Yuuan, when I saw the people carrying the burden of dragging their children, her heart suddenly fell into the waning ice pool, completely desperate and dead.

In the morning light, the dense stream of people is like a long dragon. Some people push big carts, filled with big boxes and small boxes, pots and pans are jingling, some people wave their whip and drive their own herd of sheep. Women holding wow-wowing children, sitting on the stone, revealing half of their chests, feeding their children in the cold wind, and others carrying a pole, filled with sweet potatoes and corn, and every time they walk, they will sit down and eat one. pause.

Exhausted, hard, and arrogant, various expressions are constantly appearing on the faces of the people, but when they see the banner of the beauty army, they all cheer together. The people flocked forward and shouted to the army: “Adults are here! What about adults?”

An old man who had to be white was pulling his little grandson and squeezing it in front. The little face of the child was frozen and red. They shouted to Chu Qiao: “Adult, let’s go where?”

“Yeah adults, where are we going?”

“No matter where you go, you are sure to follow the adults, but you can’t let the adults go.”

“Adult, why don’t you say a word before you go, the crops are still confiscated, but fortunately, you can’t catch up.”

The soldiers of the Beauty Army stood quietly in the open field, and no one spoke. They turned their heads to look at Chu Qiao. The girl was in a blue cloak and sat tall on the horse, like a A sharp javelin. Her expression was very calm, and she was not shocked or panicked, so the soldiers all let go of their hearts: don’t worry, the adults must plan carefully.


The land has lost its original color, and the eagle whirls in the sky. It will swoop down to enjoy this rare feast at any time. The corpses are full of plains, and the wounded are lying in the high sea of ​​the hills. The sound is like a lone wolf who has lost his homeland, and it makes a sad cry, but more, but even the screams are out of reach. They can only lie on the ground like dead dogs, and occasionally look for the wounded. When the medics kicked a kick, they would make a noise and said that they were still alive.

In the evening, there was light rain in the sky, drizzle like a cow’s hair, and cold ice poured on the body. The corpse of the trench was still on fire, and the rain was hitting it, causing a white mist.

Cheng Yuan walked on the body and walked over. The years of battle gave him a slightly feminine face with a bloody tough light. His thigh was shot by a flow arrow, tied with a white cloth and walked up. Lie.

In the setting sun, on a low slope, the man in Xuanyi stood straight under a poplar tree. The eagle flag of Yanbei floated gently on the top of his head, and the yellow hay flew under his feet. And swaying from time to time. His eyes are empty and seem to be looking at something, but the look is like crossing the battlefield, crossing the blood, crossing the clouds in the sky…

Cheng Yuan suddenly had some embarrassment. He stood still in the same place and did not go forward.

“Cheng Yuan? Come on.”

Yan Xun did not turn his head, his voice was very calm, with a calm and calm, Cheng Yuan bowed and walked up, kneeling on the ground, said: “The emperor, the beauty army has been from the southeast The Yuzhan regiment broke out and the general Xuan Yu was the second-line corps that had just arrived. The rushed squad could not stop the attacking face of the Chu Daren. The cavalry of the Beauty Army bypassed the frontal attack of the Guards and directly inserted General Xuan Yu. In the army, when we want to block it, it is already late. The army has fled from the left wing and has now gone to the northwest direction.”

Yan Xun nodded quietly and did not say anything. Cheng Yuan licked his dry lip skin and continued: “The end will have already sent letters to the high generals and generals, and they are intercepted at Yu Daoguan. A legion will also be divided into 30,000 garrisons. In the northwestern part of the country, the sniper will be attacked in batches. Long Yuguan is also ready to fight. The southern Xinjiang waterway leading to the Sui and Tang Dynasties is also closely monitored and guarded by us. We can also shoot them down.”

Yan Xun still did not speak, he stood there, as if nothing was heard about everything in front of his eyes, Cheng Yuan was a little nervous, whispered and tempted to ask: “Imperial?”

“You continue to say.”

“The wounds and deaths of our army were heavy. The 7th regiment of the 3rd regiment was completely annihilated. The army commander of the 11th regiment of the 8th regiment of the 4th regiment was killed and the subordinate fighters were also killed and injured. The 13th regiment led by General Du Ruolin refused to fight. Nowadays The upper officers have been controlled by the custody, but the lower ranks are still reluctant to listen to the deployment. They will not only play a role here, we have to separate their forces to guard them…”

Yan Xun heard the words slightly turned around, gently raised his eyebrows and said: “Refused to fight?”

“Yes, yes,” Cheng Yuan swallowed the original words and said in a more moderate way: “The officers and men of the 13th Army are all from the Shang Shen Plateau.”

The cold wind blew, and the drizzle hit the nose of Yan Xun. He slowly nodded and stopped talking.

“The emperor, it’s only a matter of time to stop the beauty army again, but there will be a sentence at the end, I don’t know if it’s not said properly.”

Yan Xun no expression: “Say.”

“Yes, if our army succeeds in encircling Chu, then ask the emperor, how should we attack in such a way? Is it a full-blown assault, or is it a fight, is it a kill, or a oyster? Please also express the emperor.”

The wind on the ear suddenly became louder. He stood there quietly. The cold wind blew through his body, blowing the sleeves of the rustling wings. The battlefield in the distance still had a small stock of flames. They took away the spirit of the soldiers. At this moment, they were tired, stunned and tattered. A full 20,000 Guards, and a three-way continuation of the post-recruitment, although there was a way out of the war, but still in front of the beauty army to eat and defeat. Chu Qiao led the nine thousand beauty army, like a knife that scratched his encirclement, and the 30,000 fire cloud army did not do it, but she did it easily. Yan Xun had to admit that Militaryly, Achu is a rare genius. Her grasp and control over the war situation, her prestige and status in the army, even her own are incomparable.

He slowly spit out a sigh of relief, and the heavy bottom of his heart covered it like a wave. At this moment, he did not know that he was glad that she finally escaped. She defeated herself without her feelings and feelings, and she escaped from birth. Still sad, she finally left herself completely, never going back?

There was an ironic taste rising in my heart, which made him unconsciously want to sneer. He looked at Cheng Yuan faintly and suddenly said: “Cheng Yuan, you know why so many people persuade me that you are not good, I Still have to reuse you?”

Cheng Yuan heard a sudden shock, and quickly squatted on his knees, swearing: “The Holy Spirit is thick, and the end will not be enough to repay.”

“Because you are like me before.”

Cheng Yuan Meng raised his head and looked at Yan Xun with shock, but he stopped talking.

“I know that all your parents and relatives have died in the war. Your wife and sister were taken to the army by the army of Daxia. Your brother is also the general of Datong, but he died under the internal assassination.”

Cheng Yuan’s eyes gradually became red, and he was kneeling on the ground, not saying a word, his lips were blue and white.

“I know what you are thinking, just like me, I know what I am thinking.”

Yan Xun raised his head and looked at the sunset. The bloody bed pierced the dark clouds of the sky and sprinkled a red. He gently curled his mouth and said quietly: “A person can have a lot of wishes, but always have to live first. If you die, then your wish will not be finished.”

Cheng Yuan’s eyes suddenly turned hot, and his tears wet his eyes. The generals who were the mean villains of Yanbei were holding their fists tightly and plunging their heads deeply.

The sky flies over the pale bird, and it passes through the sight of Yan Xun. Yan Xun looks at it, looks far away, looks like a long line, loses the goal of maintaining, and finally can no longer find the focus of condensation. He was silent for a long time, only to say: “The beauty of the military is too strong, it is not appropriate to block its front, open the border, through the news to Zhao Wei and Wei Shuzhen, is about to enter the winter, let Achu come to open the summer for us. This glued battlefield.”

Cheng Yuan was slightly shocked. Even with his deepness, it was difficult to cover the shocking color on his face. For a long time, he whispered: “The big summer is now hoarding under the Yanming Pass, all of them are heavy-armed soldiers. The light cavalry, at the end will be afraid that the big summer rush can not stop the Chu people’s way.”

“Then drag her foot.”

Yan Xun turned and walked toward the winding city of Beibei, the dark horse followed him, the sunset shining on him, pulling out a long shadow, a low voice slowly coming, like It is the wind that swims all the year round on the grassland.

“Notify the people of Beibei, Shangshen, and the returning people, and say that their beauty adults will leave Yanbei.”

The wind blows the corner of his flying clothes. The sword of the waist is reflected by the blood red light. The man’s footsteps are so heavy. Step by step, he slowly walks into the dark and crunchy cage. The shackles of gold locked his whole person. The black smoke rose in the distance, and the screams of sorrow continued to come, and the silence of death shrouded the sky above the fire thunder.

Achu, I have said that everyone can betray me, you can’t, because you are my only light source, the sun shining on my dark sky.

Today, my sun is extinguished.

You can think of me when you are surrounded by the enemy, isolated and helpless, and you have no way to escape.

Achu, I am looking at you behind your back.

There was no warning in the battle. The army in Yanbei maintained a transparent state for their arrival. Chu Qiao began to hold the innocent fantasy, thinking that Yan Xun could not bear to start with her, and finally let her go. However, outside the Long Yuuan, when I saw the people carrying the burden of dragging their children, her heart suddenly fell into the waning ice pool, completely desperate and dead.

In the morning light, the dense stream of people is like a long dragon. Some people push big carts, filled with big boxes and small boxes, pots and pans are jingling, some people wave their whip and drive their own herd of sheep. Women holding wow-wowing children, sitting on the stone, revealing half of their chests, feeding their children in the cold wind, and others carrying a pole, filled with sweet potatoes and corn, and every time they walk, they will sit down and eat one. pause.

Exhausted, hard, and arrogant, various expressions are constantly appearing on the faces of the people, but when they see the banner of the beauty army, they all cheer together. The people flocked forward and shouted to the army: “Adults are here! What about adults?”

An old man who had to be white was pulling his little grandson and squeezing it in front. The little face of the child was frozen and red. They shouted to Chu Qiao: “Adult, let’s go where?”

“Yeah adults, where are we going?”

“No matter where you go, you are sure to follow the adults, but you can’t let the adults go.”

“Adult, why don’t you say a word before you go, the crops are still confiscated, but fortunately, you can’t catch up.”

The soldiers of the Beauty Army stood quietly in the open field, and no one spoke. They turned their heads to look at Chu Qiao. The girl was in a blue cloak and sat tall on the horse, like a A sharp javelin. Her expression was very calm, and she was not shocked or panicked, so the soldiers all let go of their hearts: don’t worry, the adults must plan carefully.


I know.

Chu Qiao slightly raised his mouth and smiled softly at the empty sky. He said softly: “I will always stick to it.”

She turned her head and looked at the rolling camp, quietly saying, “I will always protect you.”

In the autumn of 1977, under the Longyan Pass, Xia Jun completed the first round of the history. Nearly 130,000 soldiers and horses surrounded the dragons from all directions, and all kinds of long-range attack devices continued. Transported, it is foreseeable that a battle of great disparity will begin soon.

Although this time, Zhao Wei was still facing Chu Qiao who defeated him twice in the Red Cross and Beibei, but he was not worried about this time. Once he came to Yanmingguan, he was very close to him. He also prepared ample reserve army. Once he found it to be a trap, he could calmly return to the city. Secondly, Chu Qiao did not have a city to hold on, no sharp arrows can be used, the beautiful army prepared by five thousand light cavalry and a group of old and weak sick people on the plains and his 100,000 heavy armor front impact, it is self Looking for a dead end. Three times, Yanbei’s spy finally passed back the news yesterday. Just seven days ago, Yan Xun and Chu Qiao had made a big fight outside Beibei City, killing and dying, and now Yantong’s Datong backbone is dead and wounded, leaving only Chu Qiao alone, if such a situation is still a trap, then he can only say that Yan Xun is really too hot and bright, not ordinary people can resist.

In the early morning of September 18, the sky was bright and the fog was filled. A burst of gongs and gongs and sounds suddenly sounded like lightning that pierced the sky, and suddenly pierced the most vulnerable heart of the beauty army and the people.

The morning sun passed through the white mist, and the golden shadow was sprinkled on the vast wilderness. The iron-gray armor of the great summer was like an overwhelming ocean. It spread to the end of the plain little by little, and the heavy footsteps on the earth were deafening. The sound of the sound was like to drill the spine from the sole of the foot. The people gave a panic scream. They leaned close together and cringed at the vastness of the opposite. The small group of people and the people opposite were simply It is like a fine dust.


Someone whispered in a low voice: “What is it, is it an avalanche?”


A sharp voice suddenly rang from the opposite camp, followed by rows of infantrymen through the front of the cavalry, half-squatting on the ground, ready for the impact.



The spear pierced the sky, and the semi-circle descended from the sky. A group of birds happened to pass by, suddenly pierced by the dense spear, the blood sprinkled from the air, the feathers flew, the people’s mouths just grew up in horror, and had not had time to send out. Screaming in fear, I saw the spear in the sky.

The piercing mourning sound suddenly rushed into the sky, like a desperate lament, flying into the clouds, the horses screaming in unison, like a beast in the middle.

“All the troops line up! Shock!”

In the bloody rain, Chu Qiao sat on the horse’s back, raised the silver sword in his hand, and rushed out, and the five thousand beautiful soldiers met. He followed the woman with a neat posture, no one hesitated, no one. People, even young soldiers have a hint of fear and timidity on their faces, but they have not retreated.

He Xiao guards beside Chu Qiao and shouted: “Brothers, can’t let them get closer to the people!”

“Pick it!”

The deafening shouting sounds followed, and the screaming people were so excited.

Opposite is a vast ocean, they rushed past such 5,000 people, like a small spray, if suicidal righteousness.

Everyone was stunned, and the Yanbei people who were desperately screaming, Long Yu closed to watch the lively Yanbei army, the elite soldiers of Daxia, including Zhao Wei. No one can think that Chu Qiao has only such a small number of people, and dare to take the initiative to attack Zhao Wei’s 100,000-strong army. The opposite of the knife and the gun is like the sea, like the cold land of the land. Suddenly, everyone wants to understand, here is a plain, Chu Qiao no danger to keep, let Xia Bing rushed to the next will only drag the people into the battlefield, her choice is to protect the whole body after the innocent women and children.

Zhao Wei slightly vibrated, his gaze became a trace of sorrow, watching the beautiful army waving the knife closer and closer, watching the young girl who was the first to appear, his blood gradually hot.

“The soldiers! Is your courage not as good as a woman?”

The commander of the big summer shouted loudly, and the black ocean time gave off a deafening noise.

“All the troops attack! Give me a punch!”

“Kill the enemy!” The neat charge slammed, the iron-gray jersey danced with the wind, the soldiers slammed, and the angry ocean broke through the levee, tearing open a raging mouth, whistling over the air. .

“Distracted! Array!”

Chu Qiao issued a military order. However, the so-called array of the Beauty Army turned out to be a long horizontal row facing the army of the great summer. The team was so long, and 5,000 people shouldered shoulders and squatted. The entire dragon guards are guarded behind them. The soldiers wear black armor and embroidered the red cloud flag on their shoulders. They have a brilliant glory in the sun. They hold their swords in front of their hands and squat in front of them. Looking at the opposite horse’s smog, the calm look is like a silent stone.

This is a crazy suicide!

The horses and horses of Daxia are getting closer and closer, the dust is fascinating, the smoke is rising, getting closer and closer, getting closer and closer, and you can smell the breath of the horse nose. Finally, with the “bang”, the two armies suddenly slammed into one place, and the storm suddenly rose. The flesh and blood collided with the white blade. The slamming of the weapon rang through the ear. The wave of attack hit the waves, the sword and the sword, the blood. Splash, the fragile line of defense is like being smashed by huge stones, and the messy limbs and blood are the rest of the aftermath.

The close-knit, sharp, horrible night, the bloody blood filled the eyes of the soldiers, the layers of corpses piled up on the ground, the ears squeaking, the hooves, the shouts, the screams, the roar Assault, playing a symphony on the side of the ear. The swords were blown together, and the fire was shining like fire. The wounded were no longer stunned. The battle made them forget the pain of the body. The ground was a messy, bloody and broken limbs mixed together, and the snow was last night. Snow water, like a bowl of red mud. The sword was missing, the spear was broken, the eyes were covered with blood, and the road and figure in front could not be seen. All the thoughts left only one faith, killing, killing, killing! Constantly slashing, non-stop killing, until the body behind the breath, the words of the girl before the departure continue to reverberate in the ears of the soldiers: the enemy from whom the line of defense broke, who will be the sinner of the beauty army!

If you don’t have a weapon, then you will pounce on it and bite the enemy’s neck. If you don’t have a horse, grab the horse’s legs and drag them together.

The cruel and fierce battle of the battle made people scream, He Xiao took off the cumbersome armor, and cut a half of the head of a Xia Bing with a knife. The red blood and the white flower sprayed his face, and the man did not care. Continue to find the next goal, Xia Bing was frightened by his fearless death, they cringed back, want to leave his front.

The beauty army’s individual attack ability is strong and abnormal. They stand there alone, just like a machine that never tires. The chest was pierced, the thighs were stabbed, the arms were cut, and they could be killed without any scruples. A soldier’s stomach was penetrated, and the intestines were pulled like cotton on the waistband. But still rushing forward.

The Xiajun were shocked. It was not human. Yes, they are no longer human. They are a group of madmen and a group of devils. Zhao Yu hated his teeth, and it was like this. It seems to be the case. It seems that every time, he doesn’t understand what magic power the woman has. Is there any place worthy of those soldiers who are so afraid of death? Having such a fierce battle is the most hopeful dream of all the generals. Money can’t be done, power can’t be done, and deterrence can’t be done, but she can do it easily.

The snare drum rang and one leg after another rushed up and walked into the bloody battlefield. The plains were bloody, and the muddy land could not absorb the constant nutrients. The blood gathered on the ground into small pieces. The stream is smashing at the feet of human beings. The officers of Daxia were puzzled. Even if the opposite side was really a copper wall, it should be knocked out of a gap. Why did the line of defense clearly seem to be crumbling at any time and place, but it still did not fall?

The three Pioneer heavy armored cavalry teams were completely annihilated, and the five infantry regiments were also killed. Before the defense line, the dead corpses piled up more than three feet high, like a low wall, from early morning to noon. The battle has never ended, and the line of defense has become more and more sturdy from the very beginning. Zhao Wei knows that it was Xia Jun’s battle. In the face of such a suicidal suicide attack, even he felt that the temple was jumping.

The sky is overcast, and the sun is swallowed up by the clouds. It seems that I can’t bear to see this desperate killing.

Zhao Wei is even thinking, is this the trick of Yanbei? They deliberately sent such elite power to make themselves ridiculous, get out of the gate, and then destroy their heavy armored army? However, if this is the case, why haven’t the people in their customs have come to support until now?

Zhao Yi was puzzling, but the war was retreating on the ground floor. In the face of the beautiful army that was ruined by the boat, Zhao Wei gradually became afraid. Even if you win, what can you get? The body of five thousand beautiful soldiers? This is not a battle that can be easily intercepted. The idea of ​​killing Chu Qiao and eradicating the most intractable enemy in Yanbei has become less fanatical.


At the last moment of the sun’s retreat, Da Xia’s retreat finally sounded slowly, and the Xia Jun cheered in unison, and then retreated as the tide.

And the beauty army, no one has the strength to continue to pursue, almost at the moment when Xia Jun returned to his peripheral camp, the soldiers of the beauty army collectively fell down, like the dyke that exhausted the last trace of power.

Zhao Wei decisively discovered this situation quickly, so he immediately turned the horse’s head and ordered the communications officer to blow the charge again. He rushed in the opposite direction to the soldiers and shouted: “Warriors , rush with me!”

The Xia Bingmen turned back in panic, but found that the front line that had just blocked themselves like a wall of iron and steel was gone. Some clever old scorpions were suddenly clear. The beauty army had faced 20 times its own enemy. At the end of the battle, at the moment, seeing their retreat, they finally fell.

This is a great opportunity for a lifetime!

As a result, the army slid down the horse’s head, followed Zhao Zhao, and once again shocked away.

“All the army, gather!”

In the cold north wind, a cold and calm voice sounded slowly, but it was not so big, but it was clearly passed to everyone’s ears.

Then, just as everyone in the Xia Jun’s eyes were incredulously squinted, after the wall of the corpse, some staggering and ghostly figures climbed one by one. Their clothes were ragged, their faces were pale and uneven, and the swords in their hands were broken. They dragged their tired bodies and walked forward, standing in their original positions, shoulders, one or two, Three, ten, one hundred, one thousand…

Everything is like a replica of the morning image, the blood-stained soldiers are standing up again, swaying and growing up, it seems like a breath can fall down. But when they stood together, their bodies suddenly became straight, like a stone-made forest. The line of defense was once again as strong as a mountain. He Xiao stood in front of the people and slammed the sword and thousands. The scorpion screamed in unison: “Fighting for freedom!”

It seems that there is a thunder in the flat, everything is shocked, no military, no drums, the summer army all stopped involuntarily, people suddenly gave birth to a terrible despair: “We will not win of.”

I don’t know who first came up with this idea. Immediately, this thought spread quickly through the whole army. Against the enemies whose clothes were broken and bloody, the soldiers of Daxia gave birth to terrible fear and strong at the same time. respect.

Zhao Wei stood at the forefront of the team and looked like a water. He looked at the girl who was already bloody red. She looked at her like a javelin and sincerely admired it. Finally, Zhao Wei jumped off the horse and took off his helmet. In front of the 100,000-strong army in the summer, in front of the 5,000-year-old beauty army that was alive and dead, in front of tens of thousands of Yanbei people, there were millions of eyes in Longyuguan. In front, deep, deep, bent down his noble waist!

The soldiers of the Great Summer also repeated this action. They faced the team that was once the most shameful traitor army of the team. They were deeply embarrassed, and then almost repeated the enemy’s charge: “Fighting for freedom!” ”

Xia Jun slammed away, there was a depression and depression between the heavens and the earth, and the autumn wind swept across the blood-stained grasslands. Everything was as unrealistic as a big dream.

The soldiers did not fall any more, they still stood in the same place, it seems that they are afraid that the summer will once again turn back and kill.

Chu Qiao dragged a heavy sword, and her posture was slowly rising forward. Her footsteps were heavy, her face was pale and snowy, and her blood was stained with her cyan scorpion. I don’t know if it was her blood or someone else’s. The soldiers looked at her and didn’t seem to believe that Xia Jun had retired like this. She stood there, the wind blew her long hair in front of her forehead, sweeping her beautiful eyebrows and face, her voice was already hoarse, her eyes Slightly red, she is like Zhao Wei, deeply stunned at her own army, said with a word of silence: “Warriors, you have won.”

A shattering cry suddenly came from behind, like the ocean that broke the levee, getting bigger and bigger, and it was the people behind them who were behind them. At this moment, they finally burst into tears.

Under the leadership of He Xiao, the Beauty Army bent over and bowed back to her, and the sly scorpion merged into a voice: “The adults worked hard.”

“You have worked hard.”

The sky was covered with dark clouds, Chu Qiao stood up, two lines of tears, quietly shed.

Xia Jun did not rush to come up, but did not open the encirclement to let them leave, the cold siege war finally began, this moment, Zhao Wei has already believed the accuracy of the news, Chu Qiao and Yan Xun fall out, they want to leave Yanbei, the gate of Longyuguan, will not be open to them. In addition to going south to the waterways leading to the Sui and Tang Dynasties in the south, they can only pass through their own defense lines, and Yan Xun has completely sealed the waterways in southern Xinjiang.

He firmly believes in all this and is accurate.

On September 20, it began to snow, and the heavy snow was not big at the beginning, but it continued for two days. The rations in the beauty army have already eaten almost. If some people still bring some food, they may have already been hungry. The tents in the army have all been distributed to the old and the weak women and women. Each tent has more than 30 people. However, there are still old children who are dying in the night, there is no medicine in the army, and the injured soldiers can’t even get a warm water. Chu Qiao can only look at the cold and the injury and take it away before the Daxia army. There is no way to live the lives of the soldiers who can’t stand it.

Whenever I watched the soldiers die one by one, watching the young children crying and starving in the cold wind, she would have liked to rush back to Long Yuguan, and thanked Yan Xuntou for asking him to save these innocent people.

She smiled helplessly, only feeling that there was no strength in her body. Yan Xun really was the person who knew her weakness in the world. He might have been good for this. She is not afraid of big summer, not afraid of war, not afraid of killing, not afraid of death, only The one who is afraid is the one who loves her for her vain sacrifice.

In the past two days, she led the soldiers to launch four impacts, but all of them returned without success. Zhao Wei adhered to a firm attitude, neither came out to fight, nor ignored their attacks. Every time they rushed up, it was a round. The dense arrow rain left dozens of innocent bodies.

On the evening of September 22, the blizzard fell, the temperature dropped sharply, and the cold wind blew, only half a night, more than 50 wounded and more than 80 people were frozen to death. The people finally couldn’t stand it. A woman in her forties suddenly left the army and ran to the dragon to shut the door. It was like a flood, followed by more people leaving the beauty army. Tent, they cried in the cold wind, and rushed to the dragon.

At the end of life and death, people’s fear of death finally defeated their conscience, leaving behind the team that has been fighting to protect them and rushing to their hometown.

The soldiers of the Beauty Army stood quietly, no one spoke, no one stopped, they silently watched the crowds crying and crying, and let them leave without expression.

The old man in the flowering cries ran to the front of Chu Qiao, holding his already weak child in his arms, shyly facing Chu Qiao, wanting to say something, but after all, he could only make a few short cryes.

The child’s face is already green, Chu Qiao knows, no longer warm, he may soon die.

Her nephew seems to be stunned by something. She is not angry, has no sorrow, and does not hate their perfidy.

As a soldier, they can’t protect the people who support themselves. They can only watch their innocent death. She has nothing to say. She can’t bear to look at the old man’s eyes. Because she has a deeper heart, she can only silence. Going low, she expresses her emotions without words.

I am sorry.

The dragon slammed up and gradually lit up a sly light. Under the gate, countless old people, children, and women rushed. People shouted loudly to open the door, and the voice was unspeakable with despair and fear. After all, they are ordinary civilians after all, their wishes are only alive, and occasionally they will give birth to a little extravagant, that is, to live a better life.

The snow is getting bigger and bigger, and the heavens and the earth are pale. The officers at the head of the city shouted: “Don’t get close! Go back! Go back!”

But no one cares about him. His voice has been drowned by the noisy crowd. The people cried and laid on the gate of the city. They patted hard and shouted: “Open the door! Open the door! We are the people of Yanbei, why? Don’t open the door?”

The crying sounded through the clouds, and the dragons’ soldiers were stunned. They all clearly saw the battle two days ago. At this moment, no one is willing to target the weapons to their former comrades. Now, when I see these people, they are staying on the spot. I don’t know how to exercise my responsibility as a defender.

“Open the door!”

The people slammed into the gates of the city, and some of them fell. The people behind them stepped on the meat sauce.

The crying and screams echoed in the wilderness, the world was chilly, the snow fell, and the sky was over.

“Retreat! Otherwise we will drop the arrow!”

The officers at the head of the city shouted loudly.

“Don’t let the arrows! We are ordinary people!”

“I beg you! Save my child!” The woman who first ran out on the ground, raised her baby who was no longer crying, and cried: “You can not save me! But Please, please help my child!”

“Open the door! Open the door! Let us in!”

“Chu Daren!” City Guards shouted loudly: “Come back! If you don’t come in, we can’t open the gates of the city. If you are willing to come back, you will never go back!”


“Chu Daren! Everything is not going on!”

Hundreds of city defenders shouted together, and the voice seemed like a rolling thunder, rolling across the plains of the sky.

The people like to find a savior, someone suddenly turned and slammed in the direction of the beauty army, people are crying:

“Adult! Go back!”

“Adult! Save us, go back!”

“Adult! Go back and admit your mistakes!”

“Adult!” The woman rushed out from behind, and her foot fell to the ground. The child in her arms was hit, and suddenly she burst into tears, her voice was sharp, and she was still more than the sword of Daxia. To stab people: “Adult, beg you, save my child! Adult, beg you, save my child!”

The heavens and the earth are so cold and dark, and the beauty army stands silently, looking at their coach.

Chu Qiao’s heart seemed to be torn into thousands of pieces. She bit her lower lip tightly, and the bloody smell filled her mouth. Her hands were cold and her fingertips were slightly shuddering.

Yan Xun, Yan Xun, you have already arrived, right?

You have already expected this all. At this moment, are you on the fire thunder outside Beitunmen, waiting quietly for me to go back and confess to you?

The screams in the ear came from a wave, thousands of people squatting at her feet, their heads squatting on the ground, crying at her. Just a few days ago, they held up their fists and swear allegiance to her, shouting loudly the slogan of “Long Live Freedom,” but now they are begging her, begging her to go back and plead guilty with Yan.

The reality is so cold, but it is so helpless.

Her eyes were dry and she couldn’t shed tears. The bitter taste ran across the chest. The fate forced her into the abyss of despair. It seemed that every step of the way, she would be hit by blood.

“grown ups.”

He Xiao came over and stood firmly behind her, looking at her worriedly. In that eyes, the distress and compassion of the sea was faintly visible.

“grown ups……”

He wants to persuade her, but he doesn’t know what to say. Everything is so absurd and funny, the world is so big, but where should they go?

“He Xiao,”

Chu Qiao’s low sigh, I feel that the blood in my body seems to have been frozen to death for a time. She desperately wants to die on the spot, but she still insists on issuing a short command: “Transfer the whole army, we…”

At this moment, suddenly there was a rush of horseshoes behind him, and the soldiers of the Beauty Army quickly turned back, only to see the flag of the summer, and Zhao Wei led the army and once again smashed back!

“Transfer the whole army! Fight against the summer enemy!”

For the first time in his life, Chu Qiao felt that the army of the big summer was so cute. She didn’t know that she was right. She was just like an ostrich trying to escape from this place. The big summer attacked, and everything could not be taken care of. She had to go back and fight! But she still quietly thanked God for not letting her make that painful decision at this time, although she might pay a heavy price for this.

“His Royal Highness! The whole army is ready to attack.”

“No need!” Zhao Wei said faintly: “We just took a turn and left.”

“Ah?” His subordinates whispered and asked, “Why?”

Zhao Wei did not speak for a long time. His eyes looked deep into the dark night. For a long time, he whispered: “Can’t let her return to Yanbei.”

This round-trip fight lasted for a whole night, and the big summer image was like a dragonfly as a playground, and it will not be a while to turn around. Until the sun dispelled the long night, when the heavy snow stopped, the horn of the withdrawal was finally blown.

Chu Qiao returned to the camp with a tired army, but he saw countless silent eyes of the people. The rows of corpses were neatly placed in front of the army. Those lives that were still alive yesterday are like a strip of water. The fish, lying on the ground without life, covered their eyebrows with heavy snow and accumulated a small snow slope.

Seeing the battlefield subsided, gradually, some people left the military camp, slowly left, the flow of people gradually expanded, from the stream into a spring, from the spring to the small river, and then from the river into a black sea of ​​pressure, they did not go to the dragon, Did not go to Yanbei, but to the Yanxiaguan of the big summer, slowly go.

“come back!”

Ping An stood next to Chu Qiao and suddenly shouted. He tried to pull the people, but he was pushed by a big horse. He screamed on the floor and shouted: “Come back! Don’t go!”

But no one cares about him.

People gradually drifted away. Before they reached the army of Zhao Wei, they held up their hands and made a gesture of surrender. They repeatedly emphasized that they were only civilians.

In Zhao’s army, a team came out and let them kneel down. Thousands of people brushed up and smashed. They held their hands high and sneaked their heads, far away, depressed crying and summer. The smug laughter came over, and the soldiers of the Beauty Army stood in the same place, and some people were crying silently, but they couldn’t say anything, what should they say? Encourage those unarmed people to kill with the enemy, or tell them that they will save them?

The heavy snow once again descended from the sky. Chu Qiao’s heart was cold like the hard rock under the ice. Her eyes were empty, the flag was flying, the red clouds were like fire, and the world was desolate. In the winter of 778, welcome.

September 25, the wind is hot, the snow is like cotton.

Both inside and outside the palace were covered by heavy snow. The Fuling, which was exposed on the ground, also hung up the white lanterns early. The walking maids were dressed in linen and white clothes, fluttering, white yarns, and gently sweeping across the ground. Dust.

There was no lamp in the temple, only a row of white candles burning quietly, emitting pale light, and forming a deep candle shadow.

On the big mourning hall, a slender figure sits quietly in the shadows. The lights are like the darkness on his side, leaving only a faint aperture, not seeing the eyebrows, only seeing the little ones next to them. The cup is half-tilted and the wine is overflowing.

He never likes to drink alcohol, but now he has been in Fuling for three days.

On the 3rd, there was a lot of wine on the main hall of Fuling, and there was an empty mountain, but why didn’t you have a hint of drunkenness?

Outside the wind, the wind swept away, the candle in the hall was deep and quiet, and he quietly sat alone, but his ears seemed to hear the rumble drums of the border, and heard the soldiers rushing into the cold wind with a saber to kill and slash. Hearing the screams and sorrows of the people calling for their hometown in the cold wind, the bloody and sorrowful, flooded the walls of Longyuguan, inundated the Xiaoxiao pastures in Yanbei, and drowned the last trace of warmth between them.

Yes, he was not drunk, he has been so awake, and he has clearly seen his own sinking and fall.

In the meantime, he suddenly remembered the summer nights many years ago. In the small house of the Holy Palace, the mosquitoes hovered and the sultry people could not stand it. One night, Achu came back very late. In those days, the people in the dining room always liked to call her. He stood at the door of the Yangge Academy and draped his clothes. The moon in the night was so round, the bright yellow round, the mosquito hovered over his head, but he felt calm in his heart. When he was tired, he sat on the threshold, holding a copper branch in his hand and polishing it on the stone stamp. .

Achu has grown up and wants to burst out. He is making a blind man for her.

When she came back, it was very late. She didn’t teach him why he didn’t go to bed as usual, but God’s mysteriously put a crystal and beautiful ice bowl in his hand from behind, this is a big chunk of ice. Carved into a small bowl of pots, engraved with complex glazed patterns on both sides, with crushed ice foam and various fruits in the middle, cool silk, like the white snow in Yanbei winter.

He held the ice bowl at the time and vaguely remembered that when his parents were alive, the mother would always carve such an ice bowl for them in the summer. He always liked it, and he held it hard. Can’t grab it. But the tighter the grip, the faster the ice bowl became, and soon it became a vain water.

He looked up and looked at the girl standing opposite him through the ice bowl. At that time, Achu was only ten years old, very short and short. She looked up at him with a smile on her head, wearing a blue rag and a small coat. For example, the big summer palace woman licked a small red flower, her face was very thin, but it floated a red blush, because she kept holding the ice bowl, her hand was frozen red, holding a small fist, her The eyes are so bright, and the heavenly moon is incomparable. It instantly penetrates all his sorrows and grievances, and pierces straight into his heart, dispelling the dark clouds.

At that time, Yan Xun swears that he must be a leader. He must be good for this girl. He will never let others bully her. He wants her to live like a princess. Every wish, every thought must be She realized.

Time passed by, and the years were like ruthless hands, easily overwhelming the memories and vows they had. He sometimes feels that his life may be the melting ice bowl. Homes, parents, brothers, sisters, teachers, comrades-in-arms, and lover are gradually getting away from him for such reasons. The more they want to force them. Live, the faster they leave, after all, like the ice water, spilled on the ground, disappeared.

He looked up, in front of the crown of his parents and relatives, the high mourning hall, the majestic mausoleum, covering thousands of hectares, but there were only a few relics and clothes buried in their lives. Their heads are still in the Great Summer Temple. The sinner’s temple was put on hold, and the body, long ago, gave the wolf a belly in the chaos of war.

He picked up the wine cellar and the spicy spirits slid down his throat, like hot carbon, with a low wind blowing into the wide hall, swaying gently, like a woman’s light dancing sleeves on the stage. , tangled. Yan Xun’s line of sight is still clear. He is handsome and handsome, with a slight tinge, his cheeks are thin, and his eyes seem to have heavy smog. Look carefully, between the eyes, it seems to hide a few times of silver, in the faint Under the candlelight, the gleam is a little bit vicissitudes.


However, in two years, he has been so tired. His life seems to be walking on a different path. Every step has an endless road. Gradually, the people around him are on the road, although they are accompanied by each other. But each has its own direction.


In the heart of the water stop, suddenly these two words, like a stone, gently shattered the calm lake.

“Father, you deceived me.”

Yan Xun looked up and looked at the portrait above the Lingtai. His father’s face was current and lifelike. He looked at his most loved relatives as a child, and quietly said:

“You said that Yanbei is a paradise on earth. It is the most free and rich place under the universal sky. You said that everything you have done is to open up a thousand years of unsuccessful achievements for future generations, but you are wrong, you are wrong. Outrageous, you ruined Yanbei, destroyed yourself, and destroyed Yan’s vein. In the eight years of Zhen Huang, I was immersed in the trust and fantasy of you, but when When I returned to Yanbei for the rest of my life, you didn’t know how disappointed I was.”

Yan Xun no expression, the hall is deep and quiet, he quietly looked at his father, Shen Sheng said: “There are cliffs on all sides, cold blood and frost everywhere, but your father is partial and squatting in the crack to build your imagination The paradise, you know how naive this idea is? So the emperor can’t let you, the world can’t let you, even your subordinates betray you, just because you don’t have such powerful power, you can’t do that even the emperor can’t do it. thing.”

“Father, I killed Mr. Wu and Yu Girl, because they are still adhering to your will, and they have become a stumbling block on my way. I gave them a chance, but they don’t want to cherish it. I killed it, only Because Datong wants to support her, as long as she is still there, Datong will never die. The old ministers who killed you are only because they are short-sighted, but they still occupy the high power. I killed a lot of people, but I am closer to my dream.”

Yan Xun leaned down to drink a glass of spirits, poured another cup, and poured it on the ground in front of him. He said slowly: “Father, I will not be like you.”

Yan Xun stood tall and turned, and turned away. The hem of the clothes swept through the tiny dust on the hall. Every step of his life was so firm, the pace was strong, calm and calm, the candlelight shined on his back and pulled so long on the ground. The long shadow, behind him, is the spiritual position of the Yanbei dynasty, with his parents and brothers, as well as his ancestors, and more loyal generals who contributed to Yanbei, including Mr. Wu and Yu. , Xiaohe, Yi, Biancang, Xirui, Adu, and even the general army generals who died for Baobei, Udan Yu, Feng Ting…

So many eyes, watching him quietly in the depths of the candlelight, watching him go out of the hall little by little, and leave the sleeping place of the dead one by one.

His pace is so steady, without a trace of hesitation and regret.

The oncoming wind was cold and cold, and Yan Xun’s eyes were dark as ink. He remembered the night when he left Zhen Huang. Achuyi went back to rescue the southwestern townships that were besieged in the imperial capital, so that all the officers and men might At that moment, he had already foreseen the end of today. They have different ideals and beliefs and cannot be reconciled, so they will gradually drift away and embark on different paths.

Any dream is achieved, it is a price to pay.

And the price he paid was no longer the one in her memory.

The powerless feeling spreads a little, but he quietly presses everything down.

Achu, when you turn around and leave, I know that you are destined to follow me in this life. You are destined to walk in the light. I can’t escape this bloody sea for life. I can’t accompany you. Fly, so that you want to break your wings and leave you on your side. Now, I still have to fail.


The low voice sounded slowly in the empty hall, like a white air in the cold wind, the man stood at the door of the main hall, and the cold moonlight was shining on his face, with a strange paleness. Slowly close your eyes, the expression is so calm, but the eyebrows are faintly picked up, and the bulge is like a smoggy silence.

“Achu… Are you still coming back…”

The cold moon is like a frost, the clouds are lightly covering the half, returning to the high, the difficulty of the bird, he stands on the top of the mountain, his eyes sweeping across the entire Yanbei land, he quietly thinks: Maybe, she will not came back.

“His Majesty!”

Ah Jing pushed open the guards and stopped. He rushed to the ground and said excitedly: “Your Majesty, save the girl, the dragon and the snow have closed the door. The summer has been surrounded by the summer for many days, and the girl is almost unable to hold it.” ”

Yan Xun did not speak, he looked at the mountains in front of him, seems to have fallen into a long meditation.

“Your Majesty, the girl has been with you for many years, born and died, and perseverance. Her achievements are all in our eyes. Your Majesty, do you really have the heart to kill her? Have you forgotten what you said?” ”

Ah Jing’s eyes were red, and he kept humming his head. He said in a deep voice: “Your Majesty, beg you, open your heart, beg you…”

“A Jing,” Yan Xun suddenly asked, it seems that he found his existence at this time, frowning doubts: “How can I save her?”

Ah Jing heard great news and quickly said: “Open the Longmen City Gate and send troops out of the city to help…”

A Jing has not finished, Yan Xun slightly frowned: “Do you think that even if the dragon is closed, will she come back?”

When A Jingdun took a glimpse of it and meditated for a long while, he muttered: “That, then cancel the South Xinjiang waterway defense line leading to the Sui and Tang Dynasties, open Tang Shuiguan, and let the girl go south.”

“South Down?” Yan Xun’s voice was calm, and he couldn’t hear the slightest wave of silence. He gently asked: “Would she never come back again?”

Ah Jing’s eyes stunned, can no longer speak, Yan Xun mouth pulled up, even a slight smile, whispered: “Is it that I will lose her forever.”

It was so cold at night, Ah Jing only felt that the body was chilling all over the body. After thinking for a long time, he suddenly jumped up from the original place, turned and ran, and yelled and yelled: “I will advise the girl to come back!”

Yan Xun did not stop him, even did not look at him, he still stood there quietly, the dark clouds covered the moon, and it was going to snow, Achu she, can’t stand it, stupid girl, why not come back? His frowning thoughts, like a simple young man, he deceived himself and left all political factors. If they were young and quarreled with temper, they thought angry, why not come back? It’s cold outside.

If life is only first sighted, Achu, would you still choose to be entangled with me? Can you expect your situation today? How deep is your hate for me?

“Your Majesty,” a low voice rang behind him, Cheng Yuanyi was there, still consistently humility: “Open the waterway, let the Chu people go south.”

Yan Xun glimpsed a little, turned his head and looked at Cheng Yuandao: “What? You come to plead for her?”

“The subordinates are not asking for the Chu people.”

Cheng Yuan said calmly: “The subordinate is asking for sorrow.”

He slammed his head deep on the ground, and his voice slowly said: “Look, let yourself be alive.”

The heart of Yan Xun seems to have been stabbed suddenly, and the pain of life.

“If Chu Daren is dead in his hand, he will not be happy in his life. You have said that no matter what dreams you have, you must live first. Only if you live, everything will have hope. If you die, then again. It’s too late.”

Yan Xun was silent for a long time, the wind blew his clothes, so cold, he did not wear a big squat, standing on the high mountain, like an eagle flying wings.

“Cheng Yuan, why do you have to say these words, are you not having a festival with Achu?”

“There are no festivals with the Chu people. Before they belonged to the sinful adult, they just lost their heart. Later, they wanted to die in her life. They also wanted to protect themselves. Now Chu people have not threatened their subordinates. Watching her die.”

“The most important thing is,” Cheng Yuan looked up and looked at Yan Xun with his eyes closed. He said, “I don’t want my heart to be dragged. In this world, only the next person can make me achieve my wish.” Only the next person can let me really follow and surrender. I will never change my loyalty to my Majesty. Even if I am left behind by the heavens and the earth, I will follow it until the blood is gray, and the people who want to kill the whole world. I will lift the sword first, and I will use the body to fill the East China Sea. I will cut off my head for the first time. I am half-baked and ruthless, because I can’t find anything that really deserves my faith. Now, I have found that my hope is my belief, so I don’t want to live in regrets for the rest of my life.”

“Look, let her go.”

Yan Xun’s thoughts suddenly became so vast. In a short moment, he remembered all the past years of the past ten years, but eventually they all gathered into a picture. The young children climbed from the pool of blood and looked at them with hateful eyes. Young, his heart was slightly hurt at that moment, then his fingers were lightly biased, along the child’s neck, and the wind blew the child’s forehead, and he remembered that forever. Double unyielding eyes.

after all……

after all……

He slowly closed his eyes, one word and one word to withdraw himself from that memory, all the love was cut off by him, bloody pain.

“Transfer General Qiu, open the waterways of southern Xinjiang, let them…”

“His Majesty!”

A scream suddenly came, and the squadron climbed up the mountain along the stone steps, screaming and yelling: “The frontier rush! The frontier rush!”

Yan Xun and Cheng Yuan turned their heads at the same time, and they saw the communication soldier panicking. He slammed on the floor and opened the letter and reported loudly: “Southern China Tang Shuiguan Vice General Qi Shaoqian reported: September 16th, South Xinjiang Tang The water gate was attacked by unknown enemies. The enemy’s origins were unknown. It suddenly appeared in Yanbei, blocking the news, and repeatedly attacked 13 counties and counties. Tang Shuiguan coach Qiu General was killed. Major Tang Shuiguan was above. In addition to all the ministers, the rank-off officials died and the casualties reached more than 30,000. Yesterday afternoon, Tang Shuiguan was attacked and we launched a street battle with the enemy. This is the last messenger of the last messenger. I hope I can rush out. The news will be reported to the audience. The minister will stick to his post, even if he is killed by force, he will not blame me for Yanbei Junwei.



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