Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 241-260 (unedited)

Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 221-240 (unedited)

By Xiao Xiang Dong’Er, translated and arranged by Angel Chua


“I know.” Yu girl said calmly.

“In Beibei City, Cao Mengtong recruited soldiers, using militia as a meat shield, and ravaging the Yanbei people.”

“I know.”

“The people of Chidu have left their homes and went to the Blue Castle. They died of starvation on the road.”

“I know.”

“Once the summer breaks through the red ferry, you can attack the Beibei with two roads. The million soldiers and civilians in the north will die without a place of burial! The entire Yanbei eastern land will be in the middle of the summer, and the Daxia Bingfeng will force the Yanbei. Lu, the civilians east of the sunset mountain are all subject to the slaughter of the Xia Army!”

“I know.”

From the beginning to the end, Yu girl’s face was so calm, she listened quietly, as if they were talking about some small things in the daily weather, the expression was waveless, no horror and fluctuations.

Chu Qiao’s chest undulating, holding a fist, frowning and asked: “Why? Since you all know, why not stop? Why do you want to watch the good situation turn into a state of fatigue into the flames?”

Yu girl quietly looked at Chu Qiao, her eyes were gentle and wise, her voice was calm like a stream, and she slowly said: “Achu, don’t you understand?”

When Chu Joshua was at a glance, a terrible thought rose slowly from the bottom of his heart, like a butcher knife slashing on her fragile nerves.

Yu girl faintly smiled: “There is no one soldier in the blue city. The strength of the mountains in the sunset is shrinking and diverting. It is not only the blue city. At present, there is no military in the entire Yanbei inland. The inland is now a racetrack, just a summer. When the army attacked, they would win. I could not stop General Cao, and no one authorized me to do so. The task I left here was just to take you away. Besides, I did not receive any instructions for action. ”

It seems that the whole person was suddenly thrown into the ice and snow. Chu Qiao’s foot was awkward and almost fell to the ground. Her heart was tight, like it was surrounded by hard ice. Every beat was painful with blood. She breathed deeply, but she felt that her chest was blocked. She opened her mouth and frowned, and all the clues gradually joined together to form a terrible line.

“Yan Xun…”

“His Royal Highness is not in Meilin Pass.”

In a short sentence, but on time, Chu Qiao’s entire beliefs were defeated. All the thoughts were turned into sharp arrows with barbed thorns, and the raw thorns into the flesh and blood, so that people could not open their mouths and could not make a sound. She shook her body and held the pillar of the tent. The chest was fiercely bullied, and the mouth was wide and gasping. I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t say a word.

Yu girl said quietly: “I have to take you away before my Highness, and I will take you away. I have been waiting for you for a long time in the Blue City. Later I learned that something happened on the road, and there was another Beijun army. I have to ask you to come in this way, please don’t forgive me.”

“You are crazy!” The low voice slowly came, and there was a heavy beast like a wild beast. Chu Qiao bent his waist and looked up. His eyes were red and bloody, watching the girl coldly, shaking his head constantly. Said: “This is crazy!”

“Although mad, but very effective, the army of His Royal Highness has now broken through Changting Province, and more than 30 provinces and counties in the northwest have no hesitation. The old Batu family has become history. Now the main forces of Daxia are all gathered in Yanbei. Within the territory, several border guards gathered in the borders of Sui and Tang and Huai Song. The internal forces were astounding. Huai Song is already cooperating with us. He has conducted several large-scale military exercises on the Daxia border to attract the sight and eye of Xia Bing. At this time, as long as the forces of Daxia are attracted to the territory of Yanbei, and with the help of heavy snow and scouts to cut off their message channels, the soldiers are very fast, and within half a month we can enter the city of Zhen Huang! Even after waiting The Northern Expeditionary Army reacted, and the Great Summer has already fallen into the hands of our army. At that time, if they wanted to fight back, they would be blocked from Yanbeiguan!”

The girl came forward and gently went to Chu Qiao to go to the broken hair in front of her forehead, quietly said: “Achu, Your Highness knows that you will not agree with this proposal, so I am holding you, but it does not mean him. I don’t trust you. The power of the great summer has been attacked. We can resist it once, but we can’t resist it for the second time. The Yanbei area is bitterly cold, which greatly limits our development. No matter how hard we work, we can’t with the big summer inland. Confrontation, let alone we have a natural weakness, that is, the dog-stricken people who are constantly harassing the side. Therefore, only by unexpectedly launching a counterattack, the position will be changed, so that we can stand in an invincible position and completely reverse the situation! It is his closest person and he should understand him.”

“Just for this thorough strategic shift, so let millions of Yanbei soldiers and civilians do your bait and cannon fodder?”

Chu Qiao’s voice was cold and tired. She slowly looked up and her eyes were red, and the hardships and expectations of many days turned into rubble.

She once suspected that it was suspected that Yan Xun’s attack on the Meilin Pass was to kill the main force of the Second Army and stabilize his position in Yanbei. However, she did not think that Yan Zhi’s ambition was not in Yanbei. He used the million Yanbei soldiers and civilians as a bait to lay a huge pie in Beibei City, which attracted all the strength of Daxia. Then take the world’s big and the unconstrained with the first army and the blue city of the Japanese mountain generation of soldiers, with lightning speed and thunderously into the summer of the hinterland, through the rapid strength and wind and snow to block communication, strong attack Into the midsummer, occupying the land of the big summer.

Oh, what a vain and crazy plan is equal to when the United States attacked Iraq, but Iraq gave up the local army to occupy the United States. When the American Expeditionary Force announced its victory, it turned back and found that the mainland had completely fallen. Such a big bargain is really a rare disaster.

No wonder, he has to insist on splitting troops to attack Meilin Pass before the war. No wonder, he doesn’t take himself with him. It is no wonder that he will arrange an idiot like Cao Mengtong to stay in Beibei, and support Cao Mengtong’s suicide-like squadron conscription, just because he wants to create a Yanbei full counterattack to attract the eyes of Daxia. It’s no wonder that the helpless stone sent by myself has fallen into the sea, and all of his guards are all close friends of Yan Xun. The blue city has no objection to the noise of Beibei!

Such a deep mind, such a deep city, such a terrible and rigorous plan, he has arranged everything, no one omission, such a detailed and detailed operational plan, such a imaginative imagination, layout is tight, interlocking Step by step, the shot is hot, even her senior commander who has been educated in modern militarization can’t imagine it. Yan Xun is really amazing.

“Feather girl, do you remember what you said to me when we first met?”

The girl’s look was stagnation, and her face was paler, but she slowly said: “I said that I hope that one day, Yanbei will have no orphans like you.”

“Yes,” Chu Qiao said with a smile: “You have done a good job. Once this battle is won, Yanbei will have no orphans like me, because Yanbei people have all died.”

The woman in white looked at her eyes. She meditated for a long time and finally whispered: “A nation wants to go to freedom and always pays a price.”

Chu Qiao looked at her with a disgusted look, cold and cold: “Very good, Yanbei, this nation is all going to die, and then you get rich and wealthy, and climb the Holy Supreme. This is the price that Yanbei people are eager for freedom.” !”

“Achu!” Yu girl grabbed Chu Qiao and said eagerly: “You don’t want to be so extreme. There is absolutely no problem in strategy. This is a feat. Can’t you see it? Daxia’s The country gate will be opened and the Holy Palace will tremble in front of Yanbei Iron Rider!”

“Don’t touch me!” Chu Qiao snorted and his eyes sharpened like a cold knife: “There is no problem in strategy, but you have abandoned the people who support you! Abandon the steadfastness in your most difficult circumstances. Protect your people! You live up to the expectations of the people, deceive the trust of thousands of people, and push them to the fire pit! You must let tens of millions of people die for their own prosperity and for their selfishness. !”

“Yu girl!” Chu Qiao’s eyes were red, and the two lines of tears ran down slowly. She clenched her lower lip and said slowly: “Why? What’s wrong with you? Have you forgotten everything you said before? These days, whether it is In what kind of difficult environment, no matter what kind of difficult situation, I firmly believe that you will come to save me. The southwestern town government has made such rebel forces know that they will come back to protect the people at such times. Why do you want to abandon them? They? Do you know? Every household in Chidu City enshrines you and Mr. Wu’s long-life card. They will offer you a long-term fragrance. I hope that you will live a hundred years old. They say that you are the protector of Yanbei, as long as you have In Yanbei, there is still hope. They have left the homeland and fled to the blue city. They can’t even bring food, but still remember to take your ranks. You can see how many incense candles are burning for you. Are you worthy of them?”

Yu girl took a deep breath, and her delicate brows were tightly locked together. It was difficult to say: “I am for the greatness of the world.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao sneered, turned around, his back tired and thin: “Even one can’t help, and said that for the world’s Datong? It’s so funny.”

Chu Qiao opened the curtain of the tent and turned and walked outward. The girl frowned and hurriedly chased it out. Shen Sheng said: “Chu Qiao, are you leaving?”

“Yanbei is not my hometown, but it has always been the belief of my life. You don’t want it. I want it. If you abandon it, I will guard it and tell Yan Xun. If Chu Qiao is dead, don’t avenge her. She Not dead in the hands of others, she is dead in his hands.”


“Stand up!” Yu girl said, “I won’t let you go!”

Chu Qiao turned around and smiled coldly: “You can kill me, except for the body, Chu Qiao will never step out of Yanbei.”

A dagger in the boots pulled across the neck, Chu Qiao smiled, slowly walked towards the horse, and then turned over.

“The big mistake has not yet been made. At this time, it is still too late to come back. It’s not too late to tell him, I am waiting for him at Beibei City! Drive!”

The girl’s big screaming and whistling, the horseshoes slammed into the snow, and the moment went away.

Song Hanfeng came forward and said anxiously: “How can a girl go to Chu?” His Royal Highness, don’t tell this adult…”

Yu girl smiled quietly and smiled indifferently. She slowly raised her head, and the morning sun shone on her face. Her face was pale and papery, just like transparency.

I am deeply in love with Yanbei, and Zhong Yu is incompetent. The only thing I can do is to do it.

“Tell the letter to His Highness, and the North is in jeopardy. The Chu people will stick to the Red Cross and help the North. If the five days are not, Yanbei will die, no one will be spared.”


At this moment, Chidu City was dead, people rummaged through the city, still did not find the shadow of Chu Daren. Finally, in the mouth of the North City Gate guards, the adult’s personal guards last night guarded a carriage leaving the city.

A desperate thought suddenly flashed through the minds of everyone, and the ragged soldiers stood in the snow and said: “Is it an adult who abandoned us?”

When his words were not finished, he was beaten by the officers and men of the southwestern town government! He Xiao’s younger brother, He Qi, said coldly: “The adults will not abandon us! In the original city, in the case of the big man, the adults did not give up on us, and now will not!”

“Where did she go?” A police officer in Chidu City shouted with a crying cry: “The officials are all the same!”

The militiamen in Chiducheng were also in a messy situation. Someone echoed with the voice: “It must be like this! She looked at us and lost, and sneaked away!”

“I have said that the official can’t believe, especially a woman!”

“God! Adults really abandoned us? What should we do?”

The crowd became more and more powerful, and some people began to cry in despair. The sky was rolling over the clouds, and the wind blew the snow on the ground, like the paper money in front of the grave of the dead.

“What are you doing here? The enemy will come in!”

He Xiao’s collar suddenly strode, and his face was gloomy and shouted.

“He leads!” Someone ran forward and said: “The adults left us to run!”

“Impossible!” He Xiao interrupted him coldly and said: “I don’t believe that all the soldiers in the southwestern township will not believe that adults are not such people.”


“In this case, I only want to hear it once. If I let me hear who is framing the adult and ruining the reputation of the grown-up, it is the enemy of our southwestern town!”

The man pulled out his waist knife and the bright blade fluttered in the air.

“What are you doing? Go to the city tower!”

After a night of rest, the army of Daxia finally stopped slamming like yesterday, and the southwestern town government also lost the aggressive offensive of yesterday. Arrows and rolling stones have been warned one after another. The fire bombs also smashed the grain in the afternoon. At noon, there were summer soldiers who broke through the city. The army of Daxia set up a ladder and climbed up without fear of death. The archers shot intensively, covering their team, the arrows were empty, like a pouring rain, the walls were a mess, and the arrows of the soldiers fell from time to time.

A young soldier with more than a dozen arrows, all hurt in the key, his comrades want to change him, but he leaned on the wall and smiled alone, his teeth were white and his eyes were bright. He waved his hand at his comrades and laughed. He said: “After the adult came back, I took her words for her, and said that the soldiers in our entire camp secretly loved her.” After that, they jumped down the wall and took the body as a rolling stone. Above, there is a sorrow, like a desperate battle song.

The close-knit melee finally unfolded, and a large number of enemies boarded the tower. The first line of defense of the city wall collapsed. The bows and arrows were cluttered, the arrows flew, and there were screams and shouts everywhere. The walls were rushing, and the corpses were everywhere.

There are more and more Xia Jun, blood stained red all over the city wall, dyed every brick, at this time, even those militiamen rushed to the city, they no longer flinch and tremble, death is in front of you, put down the butcher knife is dead, Picking up the knife is also dead, but at the very least, you can win more time for your wife and children to escape. They cut with a knife, smashed with a sword, smashed with bricks, bite with their teeth, and do everything in their power. The tragic war is completely reflected in this moment. Situ Jing stood in the distance and looked at the city. Then he was shocked and said to his subordinates: Are you sure that there is only a group of militia?

On that day, the river in Chidu turned out to be in the winter season, and the hot layer of blood covered the cold ice layer, which turned the surface of the river into water, although they were quickly frozen.

The heavens and the earth are bloody red, the corpses are everywhere, and a soldier is cut off from the legs. He even brows his own broken leg and goes down the city. One is about to climb the city. The Xia Bing was scared and stunned, falling straight and falling on the cold snowfield.

The southwestern town government made the entire squad of the seventh squad dead. There was only one messenger left. He stood on the head of the city and used the bodies of the brothers as weapons. The mammoths were trying to climb the wall. Xia Bing, the last body is gone, he himself is also a knife, the young warrior yelled “Long live the adult!”, then hugged a Xia Bing and jumped out of the city.

The wall was attacked by the enemy several times, and was robbed several times. He was in the middle of a few knives, but he was still fighting hard. He stood on the head of the city and shouted: “Brothers! Don’t lose face to adults! Even if we Today is dead here, adults will definitely revenge for us! Kill!”

The soldiers were provoked with blood, and they stood up fiercely, and the crumbling body suddenly filled with strength, wielding a sword and enemies in one place.

The heavens and the earth are all yellow, the wind is rolling down the wind and the wind, the bloody taste permeates the entire battlefield, the army of the big summer is still increasing continuously, the war is from the early morning to the noon, from the noon to the dusk, Zhao Wei standing Looking up on the high slope, I have to sigh: “The southwestern town government, really is the teacher of the tiger wolf!”

After the city once again fell, the city of Chidu finally filled with a desperate atmosphere. A young soldier slashed his knife at the enemy. He was already weak. This was purely the last blow to death, but at this moment, a swordman suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, and a fierce figure suddenly rushed forward. A sword cut off the head of the Xia Jun, blood splashed, like a fountain spouting out.

The soldier seemed to have spent his eyes until the man in front looked back and yelled: “What are you doing stupid? Go with me!”

“Adult?” The soldier said in an unbelievable voice: “Adult! The adult is back!”

All the tired southwestern towns and villages turned the officers and men into Qi Qi, and saw a chaotic crowd. The girl was holding a sword, her body was tall and straight, and her moves were fierce. Who is Chu Qiao?

“Adults have not abandoned us!”

I don’t know who was the first to shout. Then, the whole city of Chidu was full of joy. The soldiers who had been exhausted suddenly stood up in excitement. It seemed that there was more and more effort in the body.

Adults are still there, we will not lose!

This avatar is swept away from the tide. Xia Jun is frightened to see these people seem to be reborn in the blink of an eye. He is armed with a sword, like a wolf like a tiger, no more tired.

“Brothers! Kill me!” He Xiao screamed and cut a Xia Jun’s head with a knife: “Long live the grown-up!”

“Long live the grown up!”

“Long live the grown up!”

The deafening cheers sounded over and over, watching the squad retreat like water, Zhao Wei slowly looked up and finally had to admit this terrible fact.

“His Royal Highness,” Situ Jing frowned and said: “If you can’t attack here, there is nowhere to go.”

“Why don’t I want to attack?”

Zhao Wei slowly sighed. He looked at the low-rise Chidu City and suddenly felt that the city was so inaccessible.

“Chu Qiao…”

The night finally arrived, and the strength of Daxia continued to fall. Chu Qiao found a bundle of peace in the grain bank. The little guy had already fallen asleep, and woke up to see Chu Qiao happy yelling.

In the First World War today, the loss of Chidu City was heavy. The main force of the southwestern township of the soldiers killed more than 2,000 people. In addition to the previous 1,500 people, the current southwestern town government has not yet produced more than 3,000, and there is still no fighting power. To two thousand. The militia suffered the most casualties, with more than 20,000 people. The damage to the city wall is very serious. If the other party has a large siege weapon such as a trebuchet, it may take less than a day to smash the wall.

There are bloody suffocates everywhere, corpses are everywhere, and the wounds in the city have been warned. The wounded soldiers can only get clear water and coarse cloth. At night, there are terrible screams and painful voices everywhere. A little further on the street, lying full of people who did not move or talk, the bodies were neatly lined up in a row, and another yellow sack covered the faces of the young warriors.

Along the way, Chu Qiao’s footsteps are getting heavier and heavier, his head is dark in the sky, and the crow screams in the north wind, his voice is heart-wrenching.

Life has never been like this, such isolation and helplessness, such unreliable, all her hopes and dreams have been shattered, but she still has to stand up straight to the soldiers who are counting on her, telling They, the adults are still sure, she is still strong, she will lead everyone and play a living path.


The cold wind blew through her thin body. In the distance, the low tune of the soldiers came. It was like the wind blowing through the tube, with the smell of sadness. Chu Qiao followed the song and saw a broken corner. Young soldier with legs. It was a very handsome young man. He didn’t have a long beard. The handsome face looked like a scholar. He had one leg broken and his knees were empty. He sat there like there, no pain, but instead Smiling slightly, his eyes were simple and bright, and he seemed to think of some happy days, singing and singing softly:

“No, my dear girl, I will pick up the gun to defend my hometown. The enemy’s knife is already hanging on my head. I want to protect you and our paradise. Maybe you can’t see your beautiful eyes anymore, maybe listen again. You can’t sing in my ear, but believe me, I will always remember the place in my hometown. You stand under the mountains and the mountains, laughing and waving at me, whispering to go home soon…”

Chu Qiao stood quietly for a long time until the soldier’s voice gradually became low and gradually disappeared. The snow fell slowly and fell on his face, but it did not melt, but piled up little by little.

The wind blew her clothes, like old dreams of swaying, the sky is desolate and vast, the world is so big, but they seem to have been abandoned by the whole world. Chu Qiao remembered a lot of things, remembering the embarrassment of the young, the persistence, those warm expectations and hopes. She remembered many years ago, in the cold and dark cell, her hand was stuffed into the arms by the teenager, warm, Yan Xun eyes brightly told her a lot about Yanbei. The snow here, the grass here, the horses here, the fire thunders, the back to the mountains here, the hardworking people here, the kind people here, there is no war, peace, tranquility, like a paradise.

Yanbei, Yanbei…

Chu Qiao slowly raised her head, and a line of tears flowed down her eyes. Her back was so straight, like a javelin, and the heavy snow fell on her shoulder.

No one guards you, then, change me to protect you, we wait together, waiting for them to come back.

No one thought that the collapse of Beibei City would be so swift and so horrible. In less than five days, Beibei was defeated by Zhao Qi’s fierce attack. I believe that if there is no defensive tool left by Chu Qiao, At this moment, the city’s head in Yanbei must have been inserted into the Golden Dragon Flag of Daxia.

At this moment, Cao Mengtong stood on the head of the city and looked at the Xia Jun who rushed like a locust. He only felt that the heavens and the earth seemed to be shaking. Why did he not understand why his own million army went there? Why do you collapse so thoroughly? However, at this moment, he could not be allowed to think about it. Lu straight rushed forward and shouted: “General, run now! If you don’t run Xia Jun, you will attack it!”

“Run?” Cao Mengtong turned his head and asked a little, “Run?”

“Yeah!” Lu shouted. “Xia’an has fled with the Beibei Army. I heard that Chidu City has not fallen. The female child named Chu Qiao has been guarding. We can flee from there. Blue City. Adults, hurry up, it’s too late to leave!”

“Run?” Cao Mengtong’s reaction was very slow, but in a few days, his hair was all white, and he murmured: “No, I can’t run.”

“General! Xia’an old man ran away, he is the guardian general of Beibei, he ran, what are we still doing here?”

Cao Mengtong sighed sadly, and his aging eyes looked straight and said: “He can run, but I can’t, Lu Zhi, I am the president of the Northern Summer Army. If I escape, Beibei City is finished. “”

“You don’t want to go north, the general, don’t be stubborn!”

Cao Mengtong shook his head: “No, Lu straight, let’s go.”

Lu Zhiyi screamed and immediately called: “Adult, don’t you really go?”

Cao Mengtong said affirmatively: “Don’t go.”

“Then I will not leave!” the rude man shouted: “Isn’t that death? Adults, you promote me to take care of me, just like my biological father, to die, I will fight with the adults!”

Cao Mengtong’s tears moved, and he said with a straight shoulder: “I’m seeing people’s hearts, Lu Zhi, I don’t have a white weapon to pay you.”

“Adult, please give me 20,000 troops, I will rush out of the city to fight the enemy!”

“Good!” said Cao Mengtong, who said: “I will give you my last escort. They are the most loyal of Yanbei and the most elite of the Second Army. Lu Zhi, don’t let me down!”

“I will live up to the generals!”

After half an hour, the North Gate opened wide. Lu Zhi took the gold and silver jewels of the city with the last Guards of Cao Mengtong. When he fled, Cao Mengtong stood on the tower and watched his love go away from him. A blood spurted out and fell on the tower.

Another round of offensive by Xia Jun came again. The whole city was in a state of utter disappointment. Everyone was running around in panic. The North Gate was sealed by the officials of the Military Law Department sent by Cao Mengtong, and no one was allowed to escape.

Rolling, roaring, shouting, blood filled the entire city, the army of Daxia has already rushed to the front of the city two hundred steps, they took a ladder and began to climb again. The sun gradually fell, and there was a blood red between the heavens and the earth. This is the last impact of today. The enemy has issued a horn for the assault. The soldiers are mobilized to win the Beibei City today!

“Surrender! The surrender is alive!”

Da Xia sent more than 300 soldiers from Tuen Mun to shout in the city. The people in Beibei City from time to time wanted to open the gates and surrendered. They were killed by the officers of the Military Law Department. The more screams and kills The closer I came, the more I could smell the bloody smell of Xia Bing.

“General! General! The Third Division needs reinforcements!”

A bloody officer ran up and rolled up, Cao Mengtong looked at him and slowly shook his head. The old general took out the sword and murdered the first two steps. For many years, he has not been killed for many years. For so many years, he has been ridiculed, he is a runaway general, but the only time he wants to be brave, but it has become a big mistake. If I listened to the girl named Chu Qiao at the beginning, at this time, he could not help but raise this thought, but shook his head ridiculously. What is the use of this time? He smiled bitterly and said slowly: “I am the last reinforcement.”


The officer suddenly shed tears and cried and said: “Let the general’s 60-year-old body personally fight to kill the enemy, it is subordinate incompetence!”

The old general shocked his arm and said slowly: “Try to die together!”


At this moment, suddenly there was a sharp sound outside the city, and the summer army rang a rush of drums. The Xia Jun under the city heard the sound glimpse, and suddenly turned back, the panic of the face.

Cao Mengtong and the officer of the Third Division also stumbled and looked up. Only in the distant horizon, a black shadow suddenly appeared. Then, the black shadow turned into a stream, by a point. On the one hand, it gradually expanded and became bigger. Suddenly, the Black House Army jumped out of the horizon and screamed at the thunderous speed. On the other hand, the red cloud banner on the white background was on their heads, like a burning fire!

“The reinforcements are coming!”

The city of Beibei suddenly burst into a deafening cheer, and the soldiers cried in tears and shouted.

“It’s our troops! It’s our reinforcements!”

“Southwest Township! It’s Chu’s staff!”

“Chu Daren is here! We are saved!”

At this time, the black cavalry issued an earth-shattering roar: “Fighting for freedom!”

The neat military capacity, the rapid impact speed, accompanied by the faint sound of the whispering sound of the thunder, the team is getting bigger and bigger, the number is increasing, there are actually two or three thousand people, all of them are high-speed cavalry, they The sword is tilted and the horse is controlled by the feet. Under the setting of the sunset at sunset, the soldiers are rushing to thousands of people, and they are swept away in a dense formation. It is like a storm!

“Southwestern town government! It is the rebel army of the southwestern town government!”

Compared with the cheers of Beibei City, Xia Jun is a round of mourning. Their team is huge, and the enemy suddenly encounters enemies. It is too late to turn around, and the southwestern army led by Zhao Qi is far less than the northwest led by Zhao Wei. The army, the southwestern town government is even more prestige, for a time, the rear collapsed like water, a mess.

“Long live the Chu people!”

The soldiers at the head of Beibei City shouted loudly, and many people embraced their heads and shed their tears.

“Adult!” He Xiaochong came forward and shouted: “The enemy and my army are very different, and should not be touched!”

Chu Qiao shook his head coldly and said: “Our army is a new force, surprisingly successful, and the momentum is like a rainbow. The summer army can’t figure out our truth and reality. This is a god-given opportunity. If this battle is not successful, we will have no chance to win!” ”

The army flocked wildly, and the momentum of the river was overwhelming. The military command of the Xia Jun’s central account had not yet reached the rear. The army of nearly 100,000 troops at the rear had already been hit by the other’s first impact. Completely confusing. Chu Qiao ordered, ignore the other scattered soldiers, the whole army shocked, defeated the central camp!

Xia Jun’s nightmare began, but it was a team of tens of thousands of people, but they had a clear-cut, high-quality, fast-moving, fast-moving, flashing knife, incredible agility and speed when moving, and everywhere there was chaos. Panic.

“The whole army maintains a formation! Come with me!”

He Xiao took the lead, and a flag-bearing official held the white cloud and the red flag behind him. Chu Qiao sat in the army and ran wildly. The soldiers fought and died. The silence and depression that had been suppressed for a long time finally broke out. The army whistling, like a dragon, swept the entire summer army.


“Respond! Reorganize the formation!” Zhao Qi rode on the horse immediately, shouting loudly. He tried his best to stabilize the army. He even went to the edge of the battlefield despite the dissuasion of the guards behind him. However, at this time, a bow and arrow It seemed like a long, eye-like shot, and a pro-guard rushed forward, and stopped in front, but the arrow took a bloody shot and shot through his chest. Zhao Qi was shocked and stunned. Falling into the horse, the wolf is hiding.

The army was extremely fast, and it rushed over in a blink of an eye. Chu Qiao knew Zhao Qi, and the girl’s eyes were sharp. She jumped off the horse and the sword was fierce. She stepped on the man’s back, and the silver mang flashed, but she still had to wait for Zhao Qi’s scream. Once, the man’s head was cut off on time!

“Zhao Qi is dead! Let’s just wait!”


It was like a thunderstorm blasting in the flat. Among the guards of the 400,000-strong army, it was broken under the impact of the other side. Chu Qiao was slender and tall, sitting on the horse’s back, holding Zhao Qi’s head high and his eyes sharp. The back is straight and straight.

Hundreds of miles of war, quiet, silent, fierce like a wolf, rushing into the battle, straight through the enemy line, among the army, take the enemy’s first level, bold and daring, called the world’s first!

When Xia Jun was in chaos, Cao Mengtong on the city tower met and shouted in a loud voice: “Open the city gate! Open the city gate! The whole army rushed!”

The Beibei City Gate finally opened wide, and the soldiers who had no war were rushed out. For a time, the defeat of the Summer Army was a foregone conclusion!

On October 27th, Chu Qiao gave up Chidu, burned the city with a fire, and the fire stopped Zhao Wei’s footsteps. He could only watch Chu Qiao with less than 10,000 people. However, Chu Qiao met on the road and quickly rushed out of Beibei to rush to the general of Lu Zhi, and learned that the general had defected to Beibei. The general guard of General Cao Mengtong was transformed into a squad, and the 20,000 soldiers were killed. On time, he joined the camp of the southwestern town government.

Later, under the leadership of Chu Qiao, they detoured the enemy and launched a sudden attack. On the fire thunder in front of Beibei City, they gave the Xia Jun, a mighty one, a heavy blow.

In this battle, more than 70,000 people were killed, and most of the deceased were trampled and killed by the horses while they were running away. The captives were 30,000. The commander of the southwestern township, Chu Qiao, personally killed the other coach. The strong contender of Xia Huangwei, the three emperor Zhao Qi, is incalculable against the Xia Jun.

At this time, it was just eight years from the fire of the year. Under the witness of Yanbei, Daxia paid a devastating price for his move of the day.

On the evening of the same day, Zhao Xi, the emperor of the Great Summer, led a rush to join the army, integrated the remnants of the southwestern army, sent troops to 500,000, and once again surrounded Beibei City.

At this time, in the inland Luneng province of Daxia, Yan Xun finally received the feather eagle book of the girl. After reading the letter, he looked deeply at the ancient capital of the ancient city, which was no longer far away. For a long time, he finally returned to the Chinese army account and issued an order that shocked everyone.

“Let’s pull out the camp overnight, and return to Beibei!”

Chu Qiao returned to Beibei City and received a heroic treatment. In addition to the necessary defense, the entire Beibei City military and civilians gathered at the gate of the city, crowded, and the people were enthusiastic and frenzied, as if the Beibei battle had been won. . When Chu Qiao took the army queue team of the southwestern town government into the city gate, the welcome crowd almost rushed, and the second army’s deputy commander Lu Zhi was dead. The new deputy head of the army, Yin Liangyu, rushed with the troops. At the forefront, the order was reorganized, but it was quickly rushed into a sand.

Chu Qiao looked calmly, although in order to welcome the friendly army, the soldiers of the Second Army had already made a little sort of work, but the army had already withered more than when they left, the remaining soldiers were wounded, the clothes were broken, full of blood, exhausted. , timid, scared, confused, stunned, all kinds of uneasy emotions flashed clearly in their eyes, the dust well concealed their pale face, many people’s swords lost the scabbard, just indiscriminately inserted At the waist, the action can hear a crisp collision, and the sound of Jin Ge, but no war, just seem confused.

Compared with these panic-like second-armed soldiers, the officers and men of the southwestern town government formed a stark contrast with them. Although they are also blood-stained and dusty, they are confident, calm, and maintain a clear formation and lineup. The military is strict and steady, riding on the horse, following Chu’s, and walking on the long street. The north wind blew, blowing on the big shackles they were showing, the black cloak was full of blood, chilling and desolate. When they saw them, the people suddenly sounded thunderous cheers. In the case of the collapse of the million-strong army, in the case of the Yanbei sergeants escaping, only they, resolutely committed to the dead, resolutely shoulder Starting from the responsibility of defending the country.

Yin Liangyu strode forward, and the chaotic crowd squeezed his helmet. When the time came, the young man hurriedly said: “There is a icing on the cake, and it is difficult to send charcoal in the snow. The Chu people come to the rescue and save the North.” The Second Army up and down to feel the grace of the adults!”

Chu Qiao jumped out of Malay and smiled quietly. He said: “Yin General’s words are heavy, and he is also playing for Yanbei. The southwestern town government and the Second Army are in the same breath.”

Said, the girl took off the hood of the head, even after such a fierce fight, she is still neat and clean, a military uniform dress her body tall and beautiful, full of military cool and woman’s charming, beautiful face The skin is white, the eyes are like a star, the eyes are like a star, the spirit is flying, the confidence is full, the voice is peaceful and friendly, full of sincerity.

There was an incredible exclamation in the crowd. I have never seen her warriors and the people talking. The praises are like the tides. From the change of the true Huang to the battlefield in the northwest, from the Sui and Tang Dynasties to the Red Cross defense. Too many glorious battles are decorated on this woman. Naturally, people automatically ignore her age and appearance, but at this moment, on this stormy battlefield, the beauty of the girl shines like a shining light. People can’t help but marvel at the top of the people’s head:

“Is this a big man? Is it so young?”

“Yes! It’s unbelievable, it’s so beautiful!”

Just defeated the Southwest Field Army and the Batuha Family Army led by Zhao Qi, but Chu Qiao knew that the first World War did not move its roots. The reason why Xia Jun would be defeated was because the Xia Jun had just launched against Beibei City. In the final intensity attack, the forward corps and the cavalry regiment all sent to the battlefield. In order to complete the battle before dark, they had no worries about their rear, so they sent their own reserve. The troops are empty, and they are all heavy squadrons and horses and horses. The nearest cavalry regiment is separated from each other by two squatters. The southwestern township is made up of cavalry. It is extremely fast. Under the impact, it is like a cheetah from the rear. After rushing into the wild horse group, plus Zhao Qiyin’s death in his own hands, Xia Junqun had no first heartbreaking, which was only cheap.

However, the name of the hundreds of thousands of troops in the summer is not white, Zhao Wei will arrive later, Chu Qiao’s heart is anxious, but it is inconvenient to show it, said to Yin Liangyu: “Where is Cao General? I have an urgent military situation. I want to report it right away.”

Yin Liangyu said in a deep voice: “The general is in the conference hall, please come with me.”

It is still the guarded general of Beibei City. The black obsidian is neatly laid on the ground. It stands tall, the torch is faint, and the footsteps sound in the corridor, a loud, heavy and exhausted.

Finally came to the entrance of the conference hall, the two young guards met Yin Liangyu and stood up straight, and performed a standard military ceremony, and said: “General Yin!”

Yin Liangyu nodded, letting the open body point to Chu Qiao: “This is the Chu people of the staff.”

The two guards apparently saw Chu Qiao, and immediately smiled and said: “See the Chu people!”

Chu Qiao nodded and said: “It’s hard.”

“Is the general inside?”

“At the time, the general has been waiting for two and a half days.”

Yin Liangyu nodded and said: “Please ask the two to inform us.”

One of the guards nodded, gently knocking on the door, and then said aloud: “Reporting the generals, General Yin and the general staff of Chu, there is something to see!”

The wind blew through the hallway and made a squeaking sound like a wounded puppy. The corridor was quiet, no one spoke, only the young voice of the guards echoed around the four corners, and the wind rang back and forth.

Yin Liangyu frowned, stepped forward and said: “General Cao, the chief of the staff of Chu Qiao has something to see.”

There is still no answer inside, Yin Liangyu brows more and more tight, and continues to say: “General, are you inside?”

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows were picked up and said: “Not good.” Immediately, the door of the conference room was pushed hard.

“Squeaky”, the door slowly opened, the wind inside was very big, the hula blew out, the window facing the door was not closed, the material on the conference table was blown all over the floor, like a group of white Folding butterfly, constantly flipping under the feet. The big conference hall was very empty, the tables and chairs were all in place, and Cao Mengtong sat back in the usual seat of the people, did not move, did not speak, leaning on the back of the chair, it seems to be looking at the wall hanging Map.

Yin Liangyu took a deep breath and went up two steps. He respectfully said: “General, Cao Daren is here. She said that there is something to report to you.”

Cao Mengtong didn’t seem to hear the same. He didn’t even change his sitting posture. Chu Qiao frowned and suddenly went forward. He was shocked by the guard behind her. He quickly chased and called: “Chu Daren…”

However, before he finished speaking, the voice of the guards suddenly stopped. He opened his eyes in horror, his mouth was slightly open, but he could not spit out a word.


Cao Mengtong wore a brand-new uniform, and his cuffs were slightly pulled up, revealing a half-arm, and there was a clear knife on the left hand. It seemed to have been left many years ago. It is not clear without careful reading. The clothes were very flat, and there was no crease. There were half white handkerchiefs in the left pocket of the placket. The folds were neatly folded. The black plackets were embroidered with gold eagle on both sides, and they were nine thumbs in size. The pattern shows the noble status of the general of the old army. He is not young anymore. In the year of the armor, wrinkles have covered his face, muscles are slack, his eyes and mouth are hanging down, his hair is white, and despite the meticulous comb, he still can’t conceal his old age. .

A dagger was inserted in his heart, bloody, condensed, the room was very cold, the red black blood was frozen, and it was frozen into a cold one. Life had already left the body, leaving only one The shadow of loneliness is old and desolate in the light of the moonlight.

The huge map of Yanbei hangs in front of him. There are thousands of gullies on the top, and the mountains are undulating. A thin line connects the names on the map. From the most north-end Meilin Pass, all the way back to the mountains, Shangshen Plateau, and Chulan, Mausoleum, Lancheng, Chidu, Beibei, and then painted a big arrow with bright red cinnabar, pointing to the rich and vast Donglu.

Yin Liangyu and the guards were stunned. In the face of the sudden death of the coach, they all had no clues about how to be good.

Chu Qiao slowly stepped forward and reached out, gently licking the eyes of Cao Mengtong’s unspeakable eyes, together with his own anger, hatred, and anger against the general who was in power in his position, like The cold water is covered by the heavy snow in the cold, frozen, leaving only a large piece of cold and desolate.

For the sake of self-interest, the millions of military and civilians are ignored, the people are unclear, the enemy is unclear, stupid and arrogant, and arrogant, this person, precisely because of his incompetence and pride, will completely drag down the favorable situation and let the army He suffered an incalculable price. His sins were difficult, and he was not enough to forgive his sins. Before coming here, Chu Qiao thought of so many ways and strategies, and he would be taken down anyway to retake Beibei City. Commanding the military power, even thinking a lot of sharp words, want the anger of a book.

But at this moment, watching the old man in the cold wind sitting quietly, all her anger suddenly dropped.

This is a cruel war, and everyone has paid a cruel price for it, whether it is alive or dead.

“General, look!” The guard eyes pointed, picked up a piece of paper on the table and handed it to Yin Liangyu.

Yin Liangyu quickly took it, quickly looked at it, then looked up and gently handed it to Chu Qiao and said: “Chu Daren, now, you are the highest commander of the Second Army, and finally Yin Liangyu, to you check in!”

Chu Qiao took the piece of paper and saw that the command of the Second Army and the Beibei Army was simply handed over with a completely official tone, and he wrote a few words to hope that Chu Qiao’s heroic struggle was for Yanbei. It is like an ordinary handover ceremony that cannot be repeated.

Chu Qiao untied the sword and set it aside, then slowly stepped back and stood up straight and walked a neat military ritual; “General Cao fights for the country, resists the summer army, fights to the last moment of life without shrinking. It is the model of the whole army. At the end, it will not disappoint the general’s hopes, be tenacious and loyal, and never retreat!”

On the night of the military camp, the book recorded the following: Beibei Battle, General Cao Mengtong took the lead, and decided to fight in Beijiao City with the year of the flower, and he refused to retreat, stubbornly resisted Xia Jun, and suffered serious injuries. On the evening of October 27, he died in the conference hall. Before he died, he handed over the command of the Second Army to the military staff of the General Staff and the senior commander of the southwestern township, Chu Qiaochu. General Cao was loyal to his life. He did his best for Yanbei, and he was a defender of the country. He was a model of Yanbei soldiers.

After three hours, Zhao Wei, who was delayed because of the Red Cross fire, rushed in, gathered the Northwest Army and the collapsed Southwest Field Army, and the 500,000 people were attacked on both sides!

In the conference hall, Cao Mengtong’s position has changed hands. The girl is in a black uniform and sits on top of her body. She looks at the bottom with a burning gaze. Most of the familiar faces have disappeared. More than a dozen tribal leaders have failed to see the family soldiers rushing away. The top leaders of the Second Army can hardly see one at a time. The leaders of the Third Army support forces will take the lead. The 50,000 soldiers and horses under the Ministry surrendered to the great summer, and Beibei City defended Xia An’s eyes and saw the defeat of Beibei. Immediately two days ago, under the banner of punishing deserters, the original Beibei City defense army fled to Yanbei inland.

Now sitting below, almost all of the middle and low-level generals in the original army, the position of the seventh brigade of the 8th Division of the Second Army, actually took a fat cook, their brigade commander led the next five thousand soldiers and horses He escaped on the battlefield. Because he refused to go, he tried to persuade other comrades to stay behind to defend Beibei. He was beaten by people and almost died. Now the seventh brigade is in name only, and only one of them is left. When Chu Qiao informed the representatives of the military departments to come to the meeting, because they could not recommend other people, the cook apron did not solve it and rushed to run.

When the country is in trouble, life and death, the most loyal ones are not the leaders who enjoy the high officials. They are too busy to rush to surrender and sell their compatriots to find a way to survive. In this case, it is the most common. The small people who look down on them dare to stand up and use their thin shoulders and simple minds to pick up the responsibility of defending the country. The bizarre and ridiculous things of the world are simply hilarious.

“General, what should we do?”

Yin Liangyu used to be a documentary in the Quartermaster’s Office. The supervisor only recorded the past and influx of grain. When his boss fled, he handed the work to him. He said that he would raise his official and put his own The seat was given to him, and before he even opposed it, the man escaped without a trace. Because of this encounter, Yin Liangyu has risen more than 20 levels in two days, and has become the deputy head of the Second Army all the way. Now the second person in Beibei City.

Chu Qiao turned his head and said calmly: “You can talk about your own opinion.”

Everyone was silent and looked at each other carefully. They used to be small people. They all ran at the forefront. Where did they have their own ideas? After a while, a very honest militia representative suddenly stood up. He wore a rag of clothes that he wore, and his clothes were stained with blood. He did not know whether he was himself or someone else. He saw everyone seeing him. This person was a little shy, hesitated for a long while, and finally got courage. He whispered: “Hey, the militia in the village of Xitao. When the village head was injured, let the scorpion come. He asked the general to retreat. Will it leave us alone?”

“Yeah!” Someone echoed: “Will the generals, like the General Xia’an, take the soldiers to chase the deserters and then not return?”

Chu Qiao said calmly: “Easy everyone, even if retreating, I will be the last one to step out of Beibei City Gate.”

“That’s alright!”

People suddenly felt relieved and gave a sigh of relief. It seems that everyone is worried about this. A big man with a slap in the face suddenly said: “I don’t know so much, the general said how to fight, how to fight.”


“Well, let’s listen to the general!”

Chu Qiaomo thought for a long while, slowly stood up and said, “In this case, please go back and count the people immediately. After dawn, we will fight with Xia Jun!”

Everyone bluntly promised that they seemed more willing to accept the order than the comments. After a while, the meeting hall was quiet. Yin Liangyu was still sitting in the same place, and seemed to have something to ask.

“General Yin, just say something.”

Yin Liangyu thought for a long time and finally said: “General, I don’t understand very well the military affairs. But three days ago, when the third army was defected, the generals burned more than half of the grain bank. At present, there are fighting forces in the city. Less than 40,000 people, even if the 30,000 people brought back by the generals, but only 70,000, and most of them are militia. The strength of the big summer is strong, we can hardly beat them, can they fight? ”

Chu Qiao brows gently wrinkled, just want to talk, Yin Liangyu hurriedly explained: “The end will not want to escape, just, just a little worried.”

Chu Qiao smiled and said: “I know that General Yin is not trying to escape, but you can not be so pessimistic, I will stay, I am sure.”

Yin Liangyu stood up and stood up, excitedly said: “Is there a way for adults to win?”

“I don’t have a way to win, but there is a message that you may be willing to listen.”

“what news?”

“The first army led by His Royal Highness, and the Japanese army led by the girl, are stepping up reinforcements. As long as we can survive for ten days, the reinforcements will arrive.”

Yin Liangyu was overjoyed and said, “Is it true? Really an adult?”

“Really,” Chu Qiao smiled slightly: “Go to tell everyone about this good news.”

Yin Liangyu almost ran out of the door, watching his back disappeared at the end of the conference hall corridor, the smile on Chu Qiao’s face gradually disappeared and solidified.

Yan Xun took the first army and the forces of the Falling Mountain Blue City generation to attack the inland of the great summer. No one knows yet. She was afraid of a traitor in the army. Once this incident was passed outside Zhao Wei’s In the ear, although it can solve the encirclement of Beibei, it will inevitably make the back road of Yan Xun be overwritten, and it is the most worrying thing for her.

Second, once the matter leaked out, everyone would suddenly know that Yanbei was betrayed by Yan Xun, and the military suddenly moved, and the war did not have to be played any more. Before she guarded the Blue City, it was to protect the inland of Yanbei. If the Beibei army lost, it could have a retreat. However, the inland forces are vacant, and the sunset mountain generation is unguarded. It has no meaning to escape. It will only introduce the enemy into the interior and let them perceive the situation of internal forces. That is to say, at present, the entire armed forces of Yanbei are all assembled in Beibei City. If the North is lost, Yanbei will die, so she will give up the Red Cross and move to Beibei.


And Yan Xun, will he come back? Will you give up the grand plan of the company that is close at hand, and give up the good opportunity to revenge?

There was a lot of snow outside the door, the mountain dance silver snake, Chu Qiao sitting on the chair, the moonlight shining on her smooth forehead, she was so thin, the chin was sharply pointed, a belief suddenly rose from the heart, like a fire The same burning of her internal organs.

“Yes, he will definitely come back.”

Under the horizon of the distance, facing the morning sun, you can see that the team of the Xia Jun is gradually approaching, one column and one column, and it is in a hurry, raising the flag like a forest.

In the chaos of the past few days, today’s battlefield is like a mountain, full of short knives and long guns, although the snow has been under the night, but at this time, Beibei is still a bloody red, and those fascinating flowers are not afraid of the cold and snow. The opening is more and more splendid, the vastness of the sea, the rising sun is also covered with a layer of dark red, and the splendid light is sprinkled on the vast battlefield.

The war came so fast, and the loss of the day made Zhao Wei lose patience. He did not want to plan again for the formation of troops, and he did not want to be cautiously tempted. The 500,000 army screamed and pressed up. Like a mountain, roaring like a thunder, the 500,000-strong army lined up on the plains, and issued a neat charge. The soldiers on the wall of Beibei City had a time together, and it seemed that the wall under the feet was shaking in the other’s roar. It will fall the same.

The officers and men of Beibei were white, and compared with Zhao Qi’s more southwestern army, Zhao’s Northwest Army was indeed a team of tigers and wolves. They could not even imagine that Chu Qiao led less than 10,000 southwestern towns. How the government has been fighting against such an army for so long, but they have not allowed them to think about it. The horses are rushing, and the army is overwhelming, like a flood of the sky.

“kill the enemy!”

The army of Daxia was like an erupting volcano. In contrast, the tower of Beibei was a dead silence.

“Be prepared!” He Xiaowei’s body stood on the tower. Too many wars allowed the young officer to quickly gain the growth. He held the sword and said: “Prepare!”

“The first team is ready to attack!”

“The second team is ready to attack!”

“The third team is ready to attack!”

“The fourth team is ready to attack!”

“The 17th team is ready to attack!”

The loud slogans sounded in turn, and the soldiers in the southwestern township were only less than 3,000. The remaining 7,000 were selected from the militia of Chidu to enrich the army, and after Cao Mengtong’s death, the first The super-strong escorts of the Second Army became Chu Zhi’s personal guards. Together, they totaled 30,000 people, which formed the main force of the battle. At this moment, in front of them, there is a full half. The tall, large-scale downtime was quietly standing there. This was Chu Qiao’s drawing of the drawings to the munitions factory. However, after she left, no one would assemble and use it. So now, three thousand smashing machines are all intact. Saved it.

The bows and arrows are pressed into the shadow box of the arrow by a row and a row. This kind of bow and arrow is a super-era weapon that has been improved by modern technology. It can be launched simultaneously by the axle, and each of the three rounds is a shooting mission. And with a four-dimensional calibration direction, that is to say, under the breath, this arrow can continuously launch 84 kinds of sharp arrows, aiming at four different directions, the power is big, it is hard to imagine, if not the strength of bullets, It can be almost as good as a submachine gun.

The harsh bowstring sound continued to come. The battle was imminent, the enemy was getting closer and closer. The cavalry quickly crossed the infantry team and rushed to the front. The officer headed by Xia Bing shouted: “Killing the North Barbarian!” The soldiers suddenly If the tide surges, the “killing enemy” sounds the mountain and comes to the tsunami.

He Xiao’s face was unchanged and it took a while. Finally, the voice said: “attack!”

In an instant, just listening to the “嗡” sound suddenly came, all over the sky, a black, like a huge black cloth on the top of the head, three thousand bows are launched, just like 80,000 archers pull the bow at the same time same.

There is no flesh and blood to resist such a horrible arrow storm, and there is no escape. There is no retreat. The scene under the Red Cross City is once again staged. The huge cavalry regiment crashes down like a giant’s heavy fist. No one can hide, and after the arrow has passed, within four hundred steps, there is no other standing creature.

During the time, everyone’s eyes were wide and the Xia Bing, who was rushing to the back, was knocked out of the chin, and no one dared to go further, especially the Southwest Army that had not seen it. Zhao Yu hated almost wanting to rush with the sword. He rushed in the night and rushed to reorganize the terracotta warriors and began to attack. He was afraid that Chu Qiao would recreate the sharp attack weapon in the battle of the Red Cross guard, but he did not expect it to be a step later. . Where does he know that such a weapon has long been in Beibei City, of course, not only him, but many people can’t think of it. After all, if there is such a thing, how could Cao Mengtong lose in the previous campaign?

“Chong! The retreat is dead!”

In the Xia Jun military camp, the sharp charge was once again heard. The heavy armor and the shield were the first, and the attack started again.

Chu Qiao stood on the high tower, and the whole Beibei City was full of joy. People saw victory and hope, and they rushed to the city one by one, erected a simple trebuchet, and stubbornly defended.

The black pressure of the arrow was shot one by one, the enemy fell like a wormwood, Chu Qiao was white, the girl was expressionless, thousands of people died in front of her, as long as she waved her hand, there would be Thousands of heads fell on the ground, blood merged into a stream, merged into a small river, merged into a lake, merged into a flood of dykes, human life is like a mustard, such as ants, such as worthless waste paper, war is like a cannibal The devil, opened a bloody mouth, swallowed from the front.

She gradually lost her feelings, not feeling scared, disgusting, and even feeling tired. It was just numb, stiff and cold.

The war was cruel. Two days later, the arrows in the city were warned. One day later, the rolling stones and the coffins were all consumed cleanly, and Xia Jun paid nearly 70,000 lives for this. On the vast battlefield, the bloody corpse shop. Full of the whole land, the dense and sharp arrow has spread to the horizon, the Beibei army and the people are exhausted, but they have not eaten a meal at night, and the black pressure has once again rushed up.

Chu Qiao reluctantly sighed, even though they had thrown away the last stone and shot the last sharp arrow, giving the enemy such a big blow, but the enemy rushed up so quickly. She and Zhao Wei know that the war is in many times, it is an endurance race. Who can persist for a longer time, who is the last winner, Xia Jun’s Northern Expedition suffered such a serious loss, and now Zhao Wei is desperate. .

“Adult, what should I do?”

The subordinates rushed in and looked at her with anticipation. In the past days, the female general was always able to take out a powerful weapon at a critical juncture to save the battle. The entire Second Army warrior They are all full of love for her. But now, Chu Qiao shook his head and said faintly: “There is no way, fight.”

The close siege war was finally unfolded. The heavens and the earth were mourning, the earth was shaking at the foot, and the ears were full of screams of horses. The Daxia Corps was like a mountain, and it was fiercely beaten in the walls of Beibei. Under the waves, the number of people rushed forward, the number of people was very different, and the battle became more and more fierce in the later period. The city wall lost several times, and was repeatedly taken back by the soldiers with blood. The officers of the southwestern township show the terrible and amazing fighting power. They have less than 3,000 people holding on to the half of the city wall, but the other half have more than 60,000 defenders. However, despite this, the southwestern town government has to repeat Give them a helping hand.

Two days later, Zhao Wei sent people to excavate the ditch under the east side of the city, creating a small area of ​​landslides. The small side of the city wall collapsed. Although Chu Qiao quickly made protection, it still allowed more than 2,000 people to rush into the city. These people are all elite troops of the big summer. The fight lasted for more than two hours, and the corpse became a hill.

“General! The third battalion was completely annihilated. The fourth battalion of the squadron and the militia were led by the generals and attacked the city. They forced the Xia Bing to dig the trenches under the city. All of them were killed and the sluice camps were all killed. The eleven teams all died in the east of the city…”

“General, can’t stand it, at most two more hours, retreat!”

He Xiao also came forward. The young man was bruised and bloody, and the hoarse voice of the voice said: “Adults, the southwest town government has asked all the officers and men to ask the adults to retreat. We will kill you from Xichengmen.” Come.”

Yin Liangyu was pale, and the gentleman who danced with Wenmo wore an armor and frowned. He said, “General, the reinforcements will not be available. We have no time. Please lead the southwestern town government and the women and children of the city to kill. Well, as long as we arrive at the Blue City, we will have a chance to make a comeback, and we will be willing to stay and live together with Beibei.”

Chu Qiao slowly shook his head, Blue City? Where is the semi-personal shadow, even if it is to escape there, it is only to lead Xia Bing into the Yanbei inland, she whispered: “I will not retreat.”

“The generals should focus on the overall situation! This is not the time to use things!”

Chu Qiao looked up and looked at the distance with a firm look. He slowly said: “The reinforcements will arrive.”

“Adult!” He Xiao was a little excited and said: “We can’t wait, there is not much time, and it’s too late to leave.”

Chu Qiao is still the same sentence, full of confidence, and can even be said to be crazy and paranoid: “The reinforcements will arrive.”


The people reluctantly retired, and then issued the command of the whole army to slay. For a time, the whole city shouted a crazy roar, Chu Cho could not hear what emotions, anger, sadness, panic, blood, fear, hatred, Despair, maybe nothing, maybe just a shout before dying.

The sky is gradually dim, the sunset is blood red, the soldiers are fierce to the extreme, the captain and the cook of the seventh division of the eighth division take the big knife of killing the pigs and screaming to the summer army that climbed the city, more than ten Xiajun platoons. In a row, the fat cook rushed over and threw more than a dozen people into the fire. The fire quickly burned on them, and Xia Jun panicked and slammed the flames on the body. The cook Regardless of the continued rush to other people, the momentum is awkward, as if you don’t mind the fire on your own. Xia Jun panicked. Wherever he went, no one did not shun. In the end, the cook grabbed the summer ladder and climbed the rope ladder of the city. He slipped all the way and more than 20 were climbing. The soldier fell with him on the stone under the wall. The blood splattered and the brain was chapped. On this day, millions of people on both sides of the enemy and the enemy witnessed the loyalty of a cook.

“Adult! The eighth team has been wiped out!”

“The reinforcements will arrive.”

“Adults, the East Second Wall collapsed, more than 300 enemies rushed in, and the Nine and Ten Brigade went up and blocked.”

“The reinforcements will arrive.”

“Adult, let’s go, Xia Bing’s last three reserve battles are also in battle!”

“The reinforcements will arrive.”

“Adults, no longer have time to go, the reinforcements will not arrive, order the retreat!”

“The reinforcements will arrive.”

“grown ups……”

Everyone has been desperate. They all thought that Chu Qiao had decided to coexist with Beibei. The war was getting more and more fierce. There were frenzied screams everywhere. Yanbei’s soldiers made a mad madness and made a last scream. , waving the sword and rushing to fight with the enemy.

The commander of the Chinese army should not participate in the war, but at this moment, Chu Qiao slowly pulled out the sword of the waist, even at this moment, there is a belief that is still madly screaming in his mind, more than one moment is a moment, she slowly walked out The military camp, came to the highest point of the tower, the sword is sharp, and if it is silver.

He Xiao suddenly rushed forward and looked shocked. He couldn’t say the emotions and shouted: “Adult,”

“Don’t say it again!” Chu Qiao interrupted him, and said in a deep voice: “I will not retreat, and the reinforcements will definitely arrive.”

“Adult,” He Xiao whispered his white lips and said slowly: “The reinforcements have arrived.”

Chu Qiao Jiao body shocked, followed by He Xiao’s fingers and turned sharply. I saw a black line of ink black under the horizon of the fire thunder. The dust flew over the top of the thin line, summer. There was a harsh horn in the army, and the voice was fierce. It was not a victory posture. The soldiers were running back and forth. The officers were screaming at what they were screaming, but they were not clear, panic, and very confused. The tide retreated, and Xia Bing ran back with the sound of the horn, but did not know what happened.

The earth is shaking, booming! Bang! Bang!

Everyone stopped the action, and the Beibei Guards who had prepared for the war had raised their heads and looked at the distant East. A red fire smashed up, and the narrow thin lines gradually merged into a black. The river, then, like a black goshawk leaping out from the end of the sky, the two wings are wide, majestic, and turned into a boundless black ocean!

Overwhelming the sea! The situation is like a storm! The black flag fluttered over the black ocean, the eagle eagle, almost broke the flag, the soldiers controlled the horses on both legs, pulled out the sword and stood in front of them, making a thunderous roar: “Fighting for freedom!”

The deafening charge rang through the earth in an instant, and there was a huge cheering in the north of the city!

“Black eagle flag! It is a black shadow flag! Your Highness! It is the temple!”

“Our reinforcements are coming!”

The soldiers cheered, many people burst into the city wall. In just a few days, this ancient city was killed and died. Now, in the face of sudden hope, people cheered together and embraced each other enthusiastically.

Against the cheers of Beibei City, it was the panic of Daxia. Zhao couldn’t believe it and said, “How could this be? How can they get around the road?”

“His Royal Highness! Your Highness!”

A commander rushed forward and wore the military uniform of the city of Zhen Huang. The dust and the servant were covered with dust and frost. He shouted: “The emperor has orders, and you will immediately return to the homeland. The Yanzi thief leads the army to 500,000.” Inside the empire, the northwest generation has a scorched earth, and now he has returned to cover the Northern Expedition!”

“砰”, Zhao Wei kicked the passer-by to the horse and roared: “Why don’t you wait for him to kill our army and report it again?”

“Small has already starred in the night, and all the brothers of the order have been cut down and killed by the Yanbei Army. Only the next one is left. The subordinates have to be careful…”

The man hurriedly argued that the words had not been finished yet, and Zhao Yi’s foot was smashed. The fourteen emperors of Daxia hurriedly said: “The legions are in a position to fight, and they must not be able to flee, to stabilize their positions and fight with the enemy. “”

However, his words have not been finished yet, and the remaining troops of the Southwest Army, the Northern Alliance, and the Batuha family have all fled without rules, leaving only the Northwest Army in the same place to resist the increasingly close Yan. Northern Army.

Zhao Wei’s desperate eyes closed, is it really the day to die in the summer?

Xia Jun’s defeat was like a tidal wave. All the resistances were torn apart by the Yanbei Army. The advantages of the number, the superiority of the combat power, the new morale, and the sudden assaults all determined that the Yanbei Army must win. Conditions, after two hours, Xia Jun has escaped from the fire thunder and fled to the direction of He Lanshan. Yanbei Army sent 100,000 troops and chased after the end!

On this day, it was the White Clan calendar on November 1st, 1975. The Black Hawk Army, which went deep into the hinterland of the summer, suddenly returned to Yanbei. The Yankee sealed the news on the way, and the horse rushed to eat and drink. After that, there was no rest and time to enter the battle. Zhao Wei did not check, and was attacked by both Yan Xun and Chu Qiao. The southwestern army, the Northern Alliance, and the Batu Army were defeated in front of the water. Zhao Wei was difficult to support, but he retired to Helan Mountain. Yan Xun was chasing after the end of the battle, killing more than 200,000 enemies along the way. In addition to Zhao Wei’s northwestern army, the main forces of other Sanlu troops were almost all disabled. Yan Xun led the soldiers to pursue the inland of the northwest of Daxia until the geese The sound stopped before. Subsequently, the Black Hawk Army camped in the north of Yanmingguan. Zhao Wei looked across the river and saw that the northwestern part of the empire had been occupied by the Yanbei Army. The officials in the northwest had surrendered, and the blood was rushing into the ice. On the Chishui River.

In this regard, the first Northern Expedition War was over. The Yanbei Army lost two hundred thousand troops under the two cities of Beibei and Chidu. Chidu City became a white land. Countless migrants died in migration. Yanbei was not rich. The finances are even harder.

Compared with Yanbei, the damage of Daxia is hard to estimate. Not only the loss of the Northern Expeditionary Army is lost, but a prince is smashed in front of the squadron, and half of the northwestern Jiangshan is falling into the enemy. If it is not the Yanhuan, the blade will turn back and rescue the Beibei. Perhaps even the emperor has been taken by others, the eyes of the entire Simon continent are condensed on it, the sky in the northwest, a magnificent red sun slowly falls, the glory and dreams of the Three Summers of the Three Summers began to be unstoppable. The decline.

After Zhao Wei returned to the Imperial Capital, the great Xia royal family was furious, and the elders would rarely pass the resolution to put Zhao Wei in jail. After three days, the empire quickly transferred 300,000 troops from the southeastern army, the northeastern army, and the family of the major families. , led by the seven emperors Zhao Che, once again cast to the northwest battlefield.

Zhuge Huai, the young master of Zhuge, served as the general dispatching officer in the first Northern Expedition, and was also affected by the defeat. Zhuge was excluded and impeached by the Presbyterian Church. In desperation, Zhuge Muqing had to Once again, the four sons of Zhuge Yue were used to serve as the general dispatcher and munitions of the army. They followed Zhao Che’s footsteps and quickly rushed to the northwest.

It is conceivable that another big battle is about to start, and there is a small period of calm before the storm.

There was a silence in the room. Occasionally, the jackdaws who stayed at night patted their wings and flew through the window. They passed over the dead leaves and the wind rustled with snow. The moonlight shone through the window and shone on the ground. It is a dim light.

When Yan Xun came over, it was very late. The sparse footsteps were like drums and leaking. They came quietly from afar. The maids in front of the door squatted neatly, their knees hit the snow, and there were snowflakes. The sound of the crushing, cold and clear, the voice of the girl faintly with a hint of awe and timidity, twitching: “His Royal Highness, the girl has fallen asleep.”

The snow seems to suddenly rise, faintly covering the silence and embarrassment, the trees are shaking, the moonlight is dark, the faint is just a touch of gray, the silent input from the pane, is a pale stagnant water, gray shadow standing In front of the window, I didn’t talk, I didn’t leave, I was thin and straight, and I was thin and thin in the winding quarter. Everything seemed to be depressed in the dim light. The cold air squeezed in from the window, but it was instantly ridged. The flames in the house were swallowed up.

“Is the girl sleeping?”

The mellow voice fainted, there was no obvious joy, and there was no anger that was stopped outside. It was just a calm question. Added a sentence: “Did the doctor see it?”

“The girl suffered some minor injuries, but it didn’t matter.” The maid answered with a good answer.

“Oh.” Yan Xun replied and asked: “What did you eat for dinner?”

“Only drink a small bowl of porridge.”

Yan Xun nodded silently, and the shadow in front of the window was a bit cold: “She will be hungry at night, you have prepared meals, wait for the spirit, don’t sleep.”


“The slave knows.”

Yan Xun stood under the gallery, the figure was Xiao Xiao, the lonely pulse, the weather outside was so cold, the snow was swirling on the ground, wandering back and forth, the moonlight was shining, and a white land was shining. He stood in the center of the light and shadow, slightly Bowing his head, whispering to the closed window: “Achu, I am leaving.”

A small wind smothered, blowing the man’s horns of ink, Yan Xun turned around, stepped down the steps, the foot is very light, but the foot is a little heavy.

The people outside are gradually walking away. Chu Qiao is lying on the bed, and the cold moon in the sky is like a hook. It seems that it is still the corner in the Shengjin Palace many years ago. There is a red blood drop in the singer’s courtyard. At the fingertips, the dark eyes of the child at that time were like shining stars, and the eyes were white and red, and the cool eyes came out from the bottom of the heart, like lingering water. The years are far away, but the hearts of the people have not disappeared, and what is changed, is it more than one?

How many sufferings have you suffered, and who remembers? Just don’t say it, I thought I had forgotten it.

Suddenly, I became confused. I opened my quilt and didn’t wear a blouse. I ran out of the inner room with bare feet. I slammed the door open, and the wind blew up the scattered blue silk. The maids screamed together. One, too late to stop, a woman in a white soft shirt has rushed out of the courtyard.

“Girl!” The maids panicked behind, the sound was so big that they alerted the man walking in front.

However, just after returning, a slender shadow suddenly plunged into his arms. It was so hard that Yan Xun’s feet were slightly stunned, but the face was full of surprises, but the tentacles touched it, but it was a thin shirt. Yan Xun’s eyebrows sighed and said: “Achu, how do you wear so little to run out?”

Chu Qiao did not speak, but stretched out his hands and hugged the man’s waist tightly, leaning his forehead on his chest. The familiar taste echoed between the breath, and the warmth made her almost want to sleep, the eyes were wet, the tears fell, and the clothes on his chest were wetted, and the layers were wet.

She looked up and her eyes were red, but she was fixed at him. The man’s long eyebrows are still the familiar face, but it’s just a little more dusty and exhausted. When the camp suddenly retire, it’s a taboo for the military, and it takes a lot of effort and energy to be safe. And quickly return to Yanbei, but also have a tough wrist, in order to appease the unwilling voice of the military, these things are unknown to her.

“You’re back?”

Yan Xun smiled slightly, his mouth was soft, and all the tired hard work was covered up. He just quietly nodded: “You are here, I will not come back.”

Vaguely, it seems to have returned to the snowy night eight years ago. The juvenile who was chased by the people came back to save the little slaves who fell into the hands of the old master. When faced with the child’s questioning, he just smiled and said, I don’t come back, what do you do?”

Time flies, eight years, so many things in the world have changed, but only they are still standing in one place, still holding hands.

When the body was light, he was hugged by the volley. Yan Brow frowned slightly, bowed his head and said to Chu Qiao in his arms: “Achu, how did you lose so much?”

Chu Qiao looked up and gently grabbed the clothes of Yan Xun and said softly: “Because I miss you.”

The look of Yan Xun is slightly stagnation. It is not without shock. Over the years, they have been accommodating each other, but there are few such words. The warmth will be covered one after another, like hot water, wrapped in Chu Qiao with a cloak. Get up and chuckle: “I am also thin.”

The people were relieved and the snow stopped. Yan Xun held Chu Qiao and strode into the room. After the return of the day, after returning, he had to make arrangements to chase Xia Bing and the internal city defense. The affairs were complicated and complicated. Even if he missed it, he had to come over at such a late night. Taking off the cloak outside, the clothes inside were full of dust and dust, and told the next person to burn hot water. The two men were sitting in the room, talking a thousand words, but they didn’t know where to start.


“Don’t say it!” Chu Qiao quickly stopped him. He didn’t seem to want to mention the general, his voice was slightly screaming: “You are willing to come back, it is enough.”

The lights illuminate the girl’s pale face, and Yan Xun suddenly feels cold, how much bitter she has eaten these days?

“In the end, I still deceived you, sorry.”

“I didn’t threaten you again?” Chu Qiao smiled: “I really thought so, I will stay here and refuse to go, see if you can’t come back.”

Yan Xun nodded and smiled: “From small to big and you are angry, I have never won.”

Daxia conscription, the army came to attack, the northern thunder and the thunder battle, Yan Xun led the army into the midsummer inland, during which, how many people died in the war, how many people died, how many soldiers can no longer see the lover’s children in their hometown, blood Penetrating the earth, the white bones rise into the mountains. This is enough to reverse the fate of the entire continent in the mouth of the two, but it is just a few words of the wind.

“Achu, there is something to send you.”

The hot water came in, and a bucket and a bucket fell into the huge bath. Chu Qiao stood by the pool and tried the water temperature. When he heard the Yan Xun, he couldn’t help but look back and said: “What?”

It is a very light ring. There is no gorgeous style. It is made of white jade. There is a circle of fine patterns on it. Look carefully, it is a simple purple rose flower.

“When did you buy it?”

“I don’t remember.” Many years ago, after listening to her occasional rituals in her hometown, she often polished the Hetian jade in her free time. It was done a year, two years, three years and five years ago. However, she has never given her guts to her, only because she was too weak at the time, except for hatred, she has been waiting for the right time, the right place, but she has waited. So many years.

I don’t want to wear it on the ring finger of my left hand, then I’m holding it up, looking silly, then laughing: “It’s so beautiful.”

The mantle hangs down, the swallows bathe inside, Chu Qiao sits outside and waits, like many years ago, when a person takes a bath, always guard against the lowest time, so they are always used to washing one while the other is outside wind.

The curtains are layer after layer, smoked with a good smell, there is no wind in the room, but the curtain is still moving gently. The sound of Yan Xun came out from inside: “Achu, face towel.”

Chu Qiao quickly picked up the white face towel, his arms stretched over the curtain, his fingertips gently touched together, hot and hot, Chu Qiao quickly retracted his hand, slightly embarrassed asked: “Is the water hot?”


The sound of the sound of the water screamed, Chu Qiao squatted and sat outside, the two had a chat without a ride.

“Yan Xun, have you been injured this time?”

“No, I didn’t go to the front.”

The water vapor spread from the inside and the room was warm.

“Why does Huai Song cooperate with us on military exercises at the border? Do you know their long princess?”

The man said: “There have been a few faces, I can’t say it, but I have a friend in Huai Song. This is what he is dealing with.”

“Oh, that’s how it is.”

“Achu, are you hurting? Are you hurting?”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s just some small scratches.”

The room gradually calmed down. After a long time, Chu Qiao suddenly said: “Yan Xun, there is something in the future, no more than me.”

The people inside did not speak. Chu Qiao waited for a long time and did not answer. She couldn’t help but yelled twice: “Yan Xun?”

Still did not answer, Chu Qiao was anxious, and opened the curtain and ran in barefoot. But see Yan Xun sitting in the pool, his head fell asleep on the wall, his brows were gently wrinkled together, his face was exhausted.

Five days and five nights do not sleep, he is really tired, until now unloading full of worry and preparedness, can sleep like this.

Suddenly, all the grievances disappeared without a trace, and the truth is right and wrong. How can it be clear in one sentence? The blood on the nine secluded stage, the step by step in the silent court, all she walked with him, not knowing what kind of hatred it was, not knowing how it hated, “live, The oath that kills them!” is still echoing in the ear, how many smirk, how many cold arrows, how many shame and resentment, like the seeds of the butcher knife, deeply planted in their hearts in the morning. What temptation and strength is it to overthrow the gates of the palace of the Golden Palace and break the walls of the city of Zhen Huang? However, after all, he swayed because of her words. How did she know the friendship?

The beliefs of the past few days have become a struggle of struggling today. There are complaints, regrets, joys, sorrows, and knots, but they are also moved. She has been repeatedly influenced by two very different emotions. Until now, he was light. With a slam and then turned away, she suddenly realized the truth of her heart.

The sunset, the horses, the sabers, the shouts of the soldiers, the screams of the civilians, the war swallowed everything, including the beliefs and consciences of the people, but after all, they could not swallow the feelings between them.

She did not have the trust of the people who were loyal to her. She was desperate to succumb to the city. Countless soldiers lost their lives for this. The mountains were full of blood and the bones drifted away. As a general, she should have resentment and hatred, and she had deep grievances and unwillingness. However, as a woman, she got a friendship that surpassed the foothills. Jiangshan and the beauty, Wang Tubaye and the two hearts, he gave her a definite answer in an instant, what qualifications she has to go unwilling and resentful ?

When she woke up, Chu Qiao slept on his side, her forehead was smooth, her little body shrank, and she clutched his hand tightly. The outside is still black. Yan Xun is wearing a loose robes standing in front of the window. The tombs are covered with snow and mountains. It is still the sky and land of Yanbei. Even the wind is cold. It is still barren and cold. It seems that this has always been the case, even if the father was Guang Shiren, the life here is still poor and difficult. But why, when I thought of Yanbei myself, I always stubbornly thought that the flowers and flowers here are rich and beautiful?


Maybe, maybe, as the girl said, he has changed, his heart has become bigger, his eyes are far away, and he wants to have more things. In addition to revenge, there are some deep-rooted things in his heart. He always felt that there was nothing wrong with this. The experience of many years made him understand the importance of power and strength. Without it, everything would be a bird without wings and could not fly.

But now, he suddenly has some fear.

He almost killed her, and when he thought of it, he was straight and cold.

He looked out of the black lacquered window, and seemed to see the vast land east of Chishui. He could still remember how the man was smug on the morning of the squad, and how the blood was boiling, but unfortunately. However, Da Xia is still there, and if he comes back one day later, what will Achu do? He took a deep breath, but fortunately…

The fingers were a little cold, the bed was empty, and the eyes were opened, and the back of the bird’s eye standing in front of the window was seen. It was dark and looked a bit heavy.

“Yan Xun?”

She whispered, and the voice was still full of sleepiness. The man turned his head back. In the darkness, his eyes flashed with invisible light, and people could not tell how it was.

“you’re awake.”

“Well, what do you want?”

Yan Xun came over and gently embraced her body, faintly said: “I didn’t think about anything.”

Chu Qiao’s face was stuck on his chest, listening to his steady and powerful heartbeat through thin clothing, it seems that until this moment he felt that he was coming back.

“Yan Xun, have you regretted it?”

Yan Xun’s eyes were dark and his arms were slightly forced: “No.”

“Then will you regret it later?”

Yan Xun was silent, Chu Qiao’s heart gradually became cold, his muscles were tight, and after a long time, he heard him whisper: “I regret coming back so late.”

The tip of the nose suddenly became sour, Chu Qiao buried his head, then closed his eyes and squeezed his mouth tightly.

What else is it expected? Being a person can’t be too self, even if it is accompanied by the day and night, the bitterness in his heart, can she share a few points? The sorrow of the tragic death, the hatred of years of accumulation, she can understand a few points? As long as he still remembers her, still thinking about her, and taking care of her, it is enough.

“Yan Xun, I can’t take advantage of me any more in the future.”

“Well,” Yan Xun nodded. “Okay.”

Chu Qiao once again fell into a dream, the dream is warm and sweet, some people hold her hand, so firm, as if life will not let go. She stumbled to think that she dreamed of such a dream, where is it? Yes, it was in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. It was a warm and beautiful place. It was full of flowers, but she felt that there was no warmth in Yanbei. Standing on this land, her heart was moist and warm, even though it was just outside the mountain. , 莽原暮雪.

When I got up the next day, Yan Xun was no longer there. Chu Qiao wondered why he would sleep for so long. Jing Zisu suddenly walked in and smiled and said: “Moon, wash your face.”

Chu Qiao stood up and quickly went up to pick up the washbasin and said: “Sissy sister, these things do not need you to do.”

Jing Zisu’s kind smile: “I will not do anything else.”

Chu Qiao washes his face and sees Jing Zisu standing in front of her, and asks: “Sister Su, do you have something to say?”

“Also, nothing.”

Chu Qiao smiled and made a move: “If this is the case, then am I going to do something?”

“Don’t!” Jing Zisu quickly took her and saw her smile and looked at herself. She said with a red face: “It’s just that, the Highness sent someone to send this.”

Chu Qiao looked at it, it was a pile of thick white paper. When she took it, she couldn’t help but smile: “What I am, I was going to find my wife for my sister.”

Chu Qiao turned over casually. Seeing that Yan Xun was looking for some civil servants and civilians in the army, most of them were officials of the Second Army. When they found out, they understood his intentions and could not help but be moved. Yanbei Peace was only temporary. Yan Xun is afraid that the military will be on the battlefield in the future. If there is something wrong, it will delay the life of the Jing family.

“Very good, you are also at the age of looking for your husband’s family.”

Jing Zisu’s face was red, and he twisted for a long while. He finally said, “Moon, do you really don’t understand?”

Chu Qiao asked, “What?”

“If we are three sisters who don’t marry, you can’t marry.”

Chu Qiao heard a glimpse of the time, stupidly standing there, Jing Zisu smiled at her, reached out and pointed her face, and smiled: “Stupid girl, Your Highness, with you, really have a heart “”

The weather was so good outside, the sun was shining, Chu Qiao stunned for a long time, and suddenly heard a sound of firecrackers outside, some people rushed in and reported that: “Girl, Wu and Yu girl they entered the city.”

Jing Zisu said with his hands together: “Amitabha, it is too peaceful, Yanbei will not fight again.”

Chu Qiao’s heart is calm, a gentle calm.

Peace is good.

At the beginning of the winter snow, the thin sun like the clouds fell from the shadow of the tree, the warm arch, after the return of the swallow, it seems that even the weather is clear, the sky is blue and high, the sun is shining, snow The sky is vast, and the light reflects the bright light, and the dazzling people are glaring.

A few battles in the past few days not only made Yanbei devastated, but also let Chu Qiao’s heart and soul. After relaxing, he suddenly became ill, cold, high fever, coughing at night, and eating a bowl of medicine was not good. The doctor was walking like a horse. For the change, although the door is always closed, but she can often hear the sound of Yan Xun yelling at the doctor, but every time she sees her, he is as calm as nothing, occasionally comforting her: Nothing, the little wind is cold, just rest.

She seems to have not been sick like this for a long time. In her memory, she was still a child. Yan Xun was ill. She didn’t have medicine. She ran to steal it. After being discovered, she was beaten, but she took the medicine. I didn’t make Yan Xun get better. Instead, I was cold in order to save her. I started to burn in the night, and I couldn’t speak directly with cold water. She ran out and squatted in the snow. He was so tossed for one night, and after the next day, Yan Xun woke up and she could not afford to die. Since then, she has been afraid of cold, even though the fire is always cold, but for so many years, the embarrassment of life, the hardships of the road, the sudden change of a field and the killing, so even if it is sick I can always endure the past with willpower. Now, when I fall down, it is a stagnation of the sickbed.

Now recalling those days of careful suffering and suffering, it seems to have been so far away, it was such a hate, secretly vowed that one day to get rid of such a dilemma, let all people who have bullied themselves taste the price. However, nowadays, I often miss the memory of the gods, and I miss the quietness of the two people in the world. I miss the days when I can only rely on my back to warm myself.

The feather girl came in the afternoon, and the light in the afternoon was bright. She sprinkled in from the window and made a mottled shadow on the ground. The girl is still the same, the eyebrows are eye-catching, the eyes are autumn, the neck is slender, the chin is sharp, the cheeks are a little pale, and the white long scorpion walks in quietly, standing at the threshold. Did not say anything, just waiting for her to discover quietly.

Suddenly saw her, Chu Qiao was slightly surprised, sitting on the bedpost and sitting up, the voice was a little hoarse and said: “Feather girl, when did you come? Why not snoring?”

The girl came forward, and her mouth curled up and smiled: “I just came here for a while, just want to come see you.”


Yu girl sat on the opposite side of her bed and looked at it carefully. Then she frowned slightly and said, “How is this sick?”

Picking up a coat and putting it on Chu’s shoulder, Chu Qiao leaned on the soft pillow, his cheeks were white and his lips were bloodless. He smiled slightly: “I thought it was cold in the past few days.”

Yu girl looked at her, sighed slyly and said softly: “You are always a stubborn child. Is it so young when you are young?”

Yu girl should be twenty-seven years old this year, not old, but she speaks and always gives people a feeling of vicissitudes, as if Chu Qiao is in her eyes, it is really just a child.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s good to raise.”

“Also, the disease is like a mountain, the disease is like a silk, you are safe and sick, don’t think about anything, think too much, and hurt your body.”

Chu Qiao nodded and suddenly remembered something, he asked: “Girl, the officer of the southwest town government, can you see it?”

The girl’s eyes flashed a little and said faintly: “I just said that I can’t worry too much, so I forgot it so soon?”

Chu Qiao shook his head slightly: “I am just a little worried.”

“His Royal Highness will be willing to withdraw troops from Yanmingguan for you. Can you still not accommodate a southwestern township in the district?”

Suddenly broken by the mind, Chu Qiao could not help but be a little embarrassed, she was silent for a long while, and whispered: “I am only afraid that those people are unruly and rushed to him, if he is temper…”

Yu girl put on her a robe and smirked: “You can rest assured that everyone is measured.”

Chu Qiao put down his heart and looked up and asked: “Will the girl stay in Beibei?”

The sunshine outside the house is extravagant, and the light is shining on the eyes. The feather girl whispers: “The war in the east will start. I will not stay for a long time. Maybe it will take a few days to enter Yanming.”

Chu Qiaozheng said: “Is it a big summer to send troops to fight?”

“His Royal Highness has occupied the northwest. How can the big summer be good for it? I heard that it has begun to transfer troops.”

“So fast, who is coming? Zhao Che?”

Yu girl smiled: “Without him, there is no one. The monk is old, and the one in the Holy Palace, I must have believed that others, even this son, he has some scruples.”

Chu Qiao nodded, the room was warm, the charcoal fire in the ridge was scented, and the roasting man was fainting to sleep: “The girl should be careful, Zhao Che is no better than Zhao Qi, is a bad character. “”


“Don’t worry, Daoya will walk with me.” Feather girl smiled slightly, her eyes were a little brisk, and her look was peaceful.

Chu Qiao’s heart was not clear, and he just said, “When Mr. Wu goes with him, it’s safer.”

“You are resting, I still have something, go first.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “Girl, the previous thing, thank you.”

The girl’s footsteps were slightly stagnation. Looking back, the eye tips were brisk and indifferent: “Achu really has a seven-year-old exquisite heart.”

Chu Qiao inconvenienced to get out of bed, just nodded slightly: “Girls go slowly.”

After the feather girl left, the maid came in to give Chu Qiao a medicine. She took the medicine bowl and drank it. The medicine was very bitter and the mouth was also awkward.

In fact, there is nothing to guess, how can there be no perfect way to use the wisdom of Yan Xun? The reason why he will leave the girl is to meet himself. However, when she was in Beibei, she did not take the initiative to take herself to the Blue City. Afterwards, she repeatedly let her act. In the end, she turned the incident of Yan Xun into the big summer. This is profound, of course, not to mention. And Ming. Yan Xun gave this to her, is to trust her loyalty, but unfortunately, although Zhong Yu is loyal, when the interests of Yanbei and Yan Xun collided, her loyalty was greatly reduced. At this point, she understands that Yan Xun does not understand, so even if Yanbei is currently facing the battle between the Meilin Pass and the East Line, he still sent Ududao to the side of the girl, not letting her alone. The feather girl obviously understands all this, but she is not willing to point out. Maybe she really doesn’t mind. Compared with power, maybe it is more fun for her to be with Wu.

Yu girl is indeed a bright person. She and Wu are from Wolong Mountain. The master is the famous Mr. Wolong. Mr. Wolong is a hidden person who is not born. He is said to be over 100 years old. He has been born all over the world. He went to the giants and the royal family, and went down to the pawn, the merchants, and the gentleman’s knowledge in the chest. Do not pay attention to the level of the door, only to teach different knowledge of the different qualifications of the disciples. Among his students, there are Wenhao Daru, who has a full-fledged economy, a prime minister with a belly and a latitude and longitude, a military general who has a soldier in the sand field, a strong chivalrous assassin, and a wealthy giant. Wooden art blacksmith…

Mr. Wolong’s disciples are numerous, but they are also mixed. For example, the 70-year-old prime minister Cheng Wenjing of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, as well as the Donglu traitor Yue Shaocong, who betrayed the big summer dog forty years ago, is like the first rebel head of the world. The young generation of outstanding generals Wu Daoya Zhong Yu, and there is another person, but Chu Qiao can not remember, that is, the big summer Zhuge one valve four sons Zhuge Yue.

Zhao Che will lead the troops to attack, he will not come?

Chu Qiao sighed softly and drank the soup in the bowl.

The battlefield is dangerous, the sword is ruthless, no, I hope not.

I slept in the afternoon, and when I woke up, I felt a lot better. I stayed in the house for a few days and thought about going out for activities. Wearing a su-blue cotton skirt, the white jasper embroidered with yellow rust on the small plaque, the narrow sleeves and tight arms, and the shape of the lantern, the more the appearance is sturdy, not a grip, the maid picks up for her. Bun, slightly draped on both sides, with a few twilight enamel, a light blue jade inserted in the day, a string of thin tassels hanging lightly, from time to time to sweep the white aloes ear.

Chu Qiao rarely wears a daughter’s heavy clothes, and looks at the mirror for a long time. There are some novelties, but there is no lack of faint happiness.

Opened the door, the wind was a little big, the maids had to keep up, Chu Qiao resigned, and he personally took a small horn of the wind and quietly went out.

In the end is the winter of Yanbei, watching the snow and fog drifting quite beautiful, but in reality it is very cold, fortunately, wearing a lot, outside is wearing a windshield. The shallow moon is hung on the top, the light and shadow are clean and tidy, and it is white. It has not been out of the house for many days. The smell of the nose is not the smell of the medicine. It is so sullen and swelled. At this moment, I walked away and suddenly looked at my eyes. Ming, the disease seems to be a bit better.

The moonlight is as beautiful as the candlelight that has been sun-baked in the sky, the lightness is like smoke, the wind blows through the leaves, the sound of the sound, Chu Qiao slowly walks, and then far away from the window of the Yan Xun study He seems to have just returned from the military camp, did not sleep, the lights are so bright, a long shadow, a slender, straight, there are others in the study, they seem to discuss what is going on, the wind The sound is too vague, she can’t hear it.

Suddenly, the heart was so quiet. It was like pulling up the window in the morning and found that there was a white space between the heavens and the earth. The sun was warm on the face, the sky was blue, the snow-white eagle spread its wings, and a cup of tea was placed on the book case. The heat rises and hover, like a dragon with a tail.

For a long time, she couldn’t figure out her feelings for Yan Xun. When she first came here, she used the eyes of modern people to look at the injustices of the world. Gradually, she was swept in, so she was sad. There are anger, resentment, favor, gratitude, and more and more emotions have pulled her into the world, and the flesh and blood are gradually being formed, and I can no longer see myself outside. For Yan Xun, from the initial hatred, to gratitude, to compassion and compassion, to mutual dependence, and gradually, gradually grow up, feelings slowly deteriorate, those unspeakable minds, inadvertently broke the soil in the heart, I grew up with fresh and green buds, experienced frost, experienced winter, experienced the blood of the corpse, experienced life and death, and the green buds finally grew into towering giant trees, occasionally looking up, but see The leaves are leafy and lush.

She has always been such a silent and stubborn person, always.

The door of the study was opened, and some people came out one after another. Ah Jing pointed out that Chu Qiao, standing under the plum tree, suddenly shouted out. Yan Xun listened and ran out of the room and saw her suddenly frowning: Why is a person standing there? Don’t you know that you are sick?”

Chu Qiao smiled and Ren Yanzhen took her hand. The man looked at her with a ugly face. She held her hand in her hand and criticized: “This is so cool, how long have you been?”

“Just for a while.”

As soon as he entered the house, the warm aroma suddenly rushed to the surface. Chu Qiao took a nose and muttered: “What spice is so fragrant?”

Yan Xun heard the words but suddenly changed his face. He quickly pushed Chu Qiao to the door, picked up a pot of tea and poured it into the aromatherapy furnace. The white gas suddenly popped out and opened the window with his hands.

Chu Qiao frowned: “Yan Xun, what are you doing?”

Yan Xun patted his hands and came out, said Shen Sheng: “This house can’t stay, go.”

Said, pulling Chu Qiao into his bedroom.

There was no incense in the sleeping room of Yan Xun, and it smelled more clean. Chu Qiao still felt strange. He saw the towel of the maid Lan Lan who had taken the maid, and asked: “What happened to the study room?”

“The new Shu and Xiang, I ordered a half, there is a musk ingredient.”

“Musk?” Chu Qiao didn’t know much about the spices. He frowned and asked, “What happened to Musk?”

Xiaolan Lanxiang smiled and smiled and said: “Girl, musk woman can’t smell. If you smell too much, you can’t get pregnant. Of course, your Highness must be nervous.”

After Lan Xiang finished, she also made a big red face. The other little group laughed and laughed. Yan Xun was not annoyed. She pretended not to look like it, but looked at Chu Qiao’s reaction with her eyes.

Chu Qiao heard a slight glimpse, in the end is a girl, ruddy bit by bit on the cheek, like the petals of sea otters, especially pretty. The candlelight shines on her light blue water-like skirt, like a layer of brilliance floating crepe.

There is a low smile behind the ear, the man’s warm breathing is like the sea of ​​water: “Achu, beautiful tonight.”

Chu Qiao raised his eyes, but his eyes were filled with joy. The sleeping rooms were huge, and the soft and thick carpet was laid underneath. The layers of the gauze were laid down layer by layer. The gold hooks were tassels, and the flowers were flamboyant. Paved, the green yarn is on the periphery, the brocade is warm, and the warmth of lying on it can be seen only with a glance. Yan Xun stretched out his hand and the maids came up to change clothes for him. Chu Qiao saw a slight glimpse. “Yeah” turned and turned, Yan Xun saw a low voice, Chu Qiao’s face became more red. It is.

In the past and present, she is not too young. She has seen a lot of turmoil, and Yan Xun has been so cautious for many years. She is not always cautious and ruthless, but today she is somewhat helpless. It is.

The maids squinted out of the room, and the layers of gauze separate the space. The warm breath of the swallows approached from behind, with a hoarse smile: “My Achu grew up and knew shy.”

On weekdays, the mouth suddenly disappeared without a trace. Yan Xun’s hand wrapped her from behind, crossed in front of the lower abdomen, her lips pressed against her ear, and sighed gently: “I haven’t seen you in a day.”

Chu Qiao was a little scared. For a time, he didn’t know how to interface. He said, “Will the war in the east be up? How about your preparation?”

“Oh…” Yan Xun sighed helplessly: “Achu, is it necessary to look at the scenery like this? It is really unrecognizable.”

The more leaking sand slowly flows down, and there is no trace of it. The wind outside is quietly blowing. Occasionally, snow is peeling off from the eaves, and the air is floating and swaying. Yan Xun quietly embraces. She, the taste of her body is gently surrounded, like the skirt of the summer flying, the sound is moist and comfortable:

“Don’t you cough today?”

Chu Qiao shook his head: “It’s already much better.”

“That’s good, can you take medicine on time?”

“Eat, bitter, very bad.”

Yan Xun smiled: “Children, how can the medicine not suffer? You did not secretly dump it?”


“Heaven and earth conscience,” Chu Qiao erected three fingers: “I even swallowed the drug residue.”

“How?” Yan Xun’s brow slightly picked: “Is it stuffy in the room?”

“I am worried, there must be war in the east, I am always sick, how can I help you?”

Yan Xun’s heart was warm, as if the warm water was slowly covering it, and the lips rubbed Chu’s neck and whispered softly: “You are good, just help me.”

Yan’s bedclothes were thin and almost touched the contours of his muscles. Chu Qiaowo was in his arms, his head was tilted, his body warmed up a little, and he whispered: “I hope I can be useful.” ”

“You have been very useful,” Yan Xun said warmly. “In these years, you have followed me with one heart and one mind, never thought about it for yourself. Now Yanbei has decided that you should plan for yourself.”

“For myself?” Chu Qiao is a bit stunned. This is really a novel problem. In fact, she knows that she is not as strong as her appearance. She is used to being attached to others, used to obey orders, and used to be a The goal is to go to work, when it was used for the country, and after the Yankee, but what she is not good at is to plan for herself, for herself? for myself? What can I do?

“Yeah,” Yan Xun’s voice was low, and he still had a few smiles: “Girls grow up, always want to plan for themselves, such as finding a good wife, marrying a good man, husband and son, peace of mind. day……”

Chu Qiao gently licked him and said: “This soldier is in a mess, how can there be a good man?”

“Yes,” Yan Xun said with a smile: “I don’t know how to know people. I don’t have a decade or eight years of effort. How can I easily see a person through it? If it is wrong, isn’t it a lifelong happiness?”

Chu Qiao turned around and said with a smile: “What do you say?”

“I can’t help but have to eat a little.” Yan Xun’s eyes were long and narrow, with a faint light shining, his mouth gently picking up, laughing like a sly fox.

Chu Qiao glared at him with a squinting eyes: “You seem to be stubborn and very lossy!”

“It’s not too reluctant,” Yan Xun’s voice is like a blue wave, soft in the air: “There is more or less loss.”

Seeing that Chu Qiao wants to change color, Yan Xun haha ​​smiled and surrounded her, saying: “There are three wives and four monks in the family, but I have to guard my wife for the rest of my life. Isn’t it very bad?”

Chu Qiao snorted and said: “Then you go to Nayong, no one is stopping you.”

Yan Xun held her tightly and said in her ear: “I don’t have the energy, and I don’t want to let you be wronged.”

The red candlestick of the small arm is burning high, and the room is bright, Chu Qiao is weak, and all the limbs seem to have been injected with water. He listened to Yan Xun and said warmly: “Achu, marry me.”

The heart is warm, the corner of the eye is already wet, and the hardship of this road, recalling the hunting around eight years ago, it has been so long.

“Yeah.” Gently agreed, leaning his head on his shoulder, and suddenly felt that life was such a favor to her.

Yan’s chest slightly undulating, whispered: “I will always be good to you.”

Chu Qiao’s mouth smirked and nodded unconsciously: “I always believe in you.”

Silent and silent in the four times, the gauze curtain of the credit was on the ground, and occasionally I could hear the sound of the copper leak, fine sand, like the mulberry leaves in early spring.

“Achu, when the war in the east is over, let’s get married.”

Chu Qiao looked up at him, Yan Xun also looked at her, his eyes were like a fascinating streamer, clean and warm, and the expression was many years ago. The young teenager looked at the petite child and swear by his teeth: “Whoever dares to hurt you, I will fight with him!”

Vaguely, the time flutters, Yan Xun embraces her and whispers: “Achu, all the storms have passed, and we are still together.”

Yes, whoever will change, and you and I will not.

The big smile is on the lips, and the arms are hugged by the young man’s body. Even the gasping is satisfied. I always believe in you, always believe in you, always believe in you.


The wind is like the spring willow in March. The curtains come silently, the candle shadows flicker, the yarn accounts are lightly shaken, and the mood is peaceful, just like Hetian.

Zhuge House is called the government, but in reality it is a huge manor with a radius of more than ten miles. Everyone knows that Zhuge is rich, but people who have not seen it with their own eyes can never imagine what kind of wealth is, and the red candle is a salary. Zhu Jinpu is just a rumor that has been rumored outside, and the 300-year-old giants will never use their upstarts to show their wealth.

Walking in the Zhuge House, there are no ordinary scenery, there is no alcoholic warm pool of egrets, and there is no white brick pavement. However, visitors can’t be careful, because they may just step on the foot. The stone is the millenium spar in the crater of the Tianchi. Even if it is snowy outside, the stone is still warm and warm. The snow falls and does not need to be cleaned. It naturally turns into clear water.

And such a rare treasure is in Zhuge House, but it is a stone in the garden.

Xiaohong is only 13 years old this year. Because of his young age, he only does some watering and cleaning work in the greenhouse. Today, when the people came and went, the people were not enough. They called her to the upper house. As a big sister of Qingshanyuan, she was busy with a small group of people, and at noon, the guests They finally arrived one by one.

Looking at Zhugefu from afar, but see the flying dragonfly curling, red wall green tile, Guanghua glass in the sun like a dazzling gold foil, the attic is patchwork, under the snow, do not have a sense of tolerance.

Today, it is a gathering of the young ladies in the city. It is made by the parents of Zhuge’s parents, Ms. Fang San, the lady of the General of Le Xing, the Miss of the General of the Monsi, the daughter of the singer, the daughter of Wei Daren, and the lady of Lingnan Mufu. Miss Wei of the valve, Missy of the Dongyue merchants will come, I heard that the little granddaughter of King of the Kings will come, and it is really a hundred flowers.

Early in the morning, the Zhuge House was decorated with lights. It was both grand and elegant, and it was too extravagant and tacky. The big lady was hosted by a few young ladies. Because she was a little handsome, Xiaohong was honored to be stayed. In the banquet hall of the banquet, the martial arts in a short time, the ladies of the various departments arrived one after another, it is really more people than flowers and flowers, the lady of a room, please ask, and see people dazzled.

These young ladies are gathered together, nothing more than those kinds of playthings, poetry painting, embroidery and flowers, it is rare for Zhuge family to have a heart, even in this winter, still cultivated many untimely potted plants, Chunlan Qiuju opened in one At the place, it adds a bit of fun. Xiaohong is the one who is working on these flowers and plants, and now serves as a explanation.

I saw a young lady from the 28th year of China pointing to a pot of white and yellow lean chrysanthemums. I was interested and asked: “What is this flower?”

Xiaohong lowered his head and whispered: “When you return to Miss, this flower is called Chu waist.”

“Chu waist?” Miss Le Xing, the lady of General Le Xing, put down the tea pot and looked up and asked: “How come a strange name?”

Xiaohong is not old, but he is lively, and the younger lady introduces to the young ladies: “This basin is more and more lean, which was planted by our young masters. It is watered with rootless water and cultivated with red pine soil on Baihua Mountain. When the flowers are open, there are three colors. If the solar terms are appropriate, they can open five colors. The young master said that there are more hills and more gullies, and there is also a ring ring. Du Yuyun: The waist of the Chu Palace is awkward. Cai: The more the ring has the chrysanthemum ring, the Chu waist east goes to the west and I don’t know. So I call this flower for the Chu waist.”

“Your young master is a heart, a pot of flowers, and actually got such an elegant name.” Le Yiyi smiled lightly, gentle and graceful, not worthy of her name as the name of the city.

Miss Wei, Wei Wei, had a melon seed, and her lips were red and delicate. She said with a pretty look: “You have so many young masters, which one are you talking about?”

Xiaohong replied: “Nature is the four young masters. The young masters in the house are not happy with the four young masters. Others do not like to plant flowers.”

When the ladies heard it, they looked different. Le Yiyi’s eyes flashed lightly, and his fingers crossed the basin and he was quiet. Wei Wei snorted with disdain and bowed his head to continue to lick the seeds.

Ms. Meng Jia was only fifteen years old this year. She was born in Wujia, and she was young and active. She heard the words come up and smiled and pointed at a pot of Bailan. “What about this basin? What is it?”

Xiao Hong sees Miss Wei Jia’s face is not good, slightly scared, whispered: “This basin is called Yuqiong.”

Miss Meng Jia’s lovely pouting, asked: “Is it necessary to be poor?”

Xiaohong shook his head: “Where is the jade sky like water, Qionghua is white as ice overnight. Bailan is produced from Tianshui, the leaves are summer and white, this peanut is in the big summer, and there are five or six months in a year. Is it like jade?”

“A good gimmick.” Wei Daren’s daughter said with a smile: “It’s a little younger, but it’s a bit more talented.”

Xiaohong said politely: “The slaves don’t know what it means. They spend more time in the flower house. Listen to the young master and remember.”

Ms. Meng’s face was red, and she was looking for a strange potted plant. She suddenly saw a plant and quickly asked, “What about this?”

This is a large bonsai. Below is a bamboo, a green vine, a small vine and its potted plant, the thin vines climb up and climb up the roots of the bamboo, but the more The higher the climb, the more he left the main body of Wenzhu, but climbed a higher yellow zen, and opened a small red flower in the scent of Huang Zen, which was full of fragrance and very delicate.

Xiaohong glimpsed a little, but I didn’t expect people to move the potted flowers. I bite my lips slightly and whispered: “If you return to Miss Meng, the pot name is Xiao Lang.”

“Xiao Lang?” Miss Meng squinted her eyes and wondered: “A pot of flowers, why is it called a name?”


Miss Lejia sighed slightly and whispered: “After entering the palace gate, it is like a sea. From then on, Xiao Lang is a passerby.”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone looked at it and stared at it. However, although Wenzhu was Qingjun, it seemed to be a bit sorrowful. Although the vine flower was beautiful, it was finally opened in the branches of Huangchan.

Miss Zhuge Jiasan saw a wrinkle and quickly said: “This flower is a bonsai more than ten years ago. It is not a new culture. I don’t know which kind of confusing thing to move here, let you laugh.”

Jing Yanyi has never spoken, and she smiled and said: “After more than ten years ago, wasn’t that the time when the lady of the palace was married? When the four young masters stopped the car on the street, they failed to join the army with a weak crown. Wu, but for a time, it is full of capital.”

Ms. Meng turned around and asked: “Sister Yan Yi, what is the car, I don’t know?”

Jing Yanyi is 19 years old this year. She is the biological sister of Jing Xiao Wang Ye Jing, who came to Beijing this time to refer to her marriage. She licked Miss Meng’s face and said with a smile: “At that time, you were still young.”

Even if the ladies did not see it personally, most of them heard about the love affairs. In the past, Zhugefu’s four young masters stopped Su Shi from marrying He Lian’s family, and took the horse to stop the sedan chair. Ming Dang Street is awkward. If it is not angered by Su Shi, it will almost become a disaster. However, even if this is the case, he is still punished. He was expelled from the division for half a year by Shang Wutang, and he joined the ranks. If he was not affected by the tidal wave in the northeast swamp, he would not return home.

Jing Yan should gently wander in the room, the past is like a smoke of water, quiet as a cloud, fluttering like a white practice.

Miss Meng is quite obsessed and said: “What a pity, I didn’t see the scene of that year, the Su Shi, must be a peerless beauty.”

“What beauty?” Wei Wei said disdainfully: “Herren’s tree is falling apart. She is now a citizen. If you want to see her, it is not difficult. Just don’t be disappointed.”

Ms. Meng seems to be very disliked by Wei Wei, and she glanced at her: “You are a deaf person.”

“I am jealous of her?” Wei Yan’s eyebrows picked, cold and cold: “A cold door stunned the people to climb a high branch, watery Yanghua, but a bamboo basket to fetch water, talking about such people, plainly lost identity. Then she Those tall branches that climbed were not necessarily able to get into my eyes.”

“Can’t you enter your eyes?” Ms. Meng muttered in a low voice: “Can’t you enter your eyes, what are you doing today?”

The voice just fell, and a sudden sound of footsteps sounded outside the door. The curtain swayed, and a tall and slender figure walked in. The man was long and standing, wearing a loose splash of ink, a mojik white gown, and a brow eyebrow. Handsome and straight, standing in the doorway, I suddenly saw this room full of flowers, but also a moment.

“Four brother, you are here!”

Miss San is ranked third among the young ladies. She is a little older than Zhuge Yue. When she saw him, he smiled and walked up and said, “My father said that you are going to leave soon. Can you do a good job?” ”

Zhuge’s cold eyes dripped on Zhuge Qing’s body, faintly said: “You look for me?”

Zhuge Qing was slightly nervous. Zhuge and her brothers and sisters in the family have never been close. She is no exception. At this moment, she has to make a close look, take his arm and smile with a smile: “Introducing a few beautiful people who have a rare day in the week to get to know you, they are all friends of Qinger.”

“Sister Qing, I am not a beauty.” Miss Meng smiled forward, and the dagger gave a gift and smiled: “Sister Qing calls you a fourth brother, smiles and calls you a fourth brother?”

The girl’s face is flushed, cute and cute. Who knows that Zhuge is not buying it, and her face is unchanged. She stepped back slightly and said: “Miss Meng is good.”

Miss Meng suddenly stunned, slightly grievances, and muttered her mouth.

Zhuge Qing is about to talk, but Zhuge Yue said: “Miss ladies are polite, Zhuge Yue does not know where you are, nothing to disturb, it is really fearful, you are sitting slowly, and you are leaving.”

After that, he turned and retired, leaving a room for Miss Qianjin’s big eyes and eyes, and he couldn’t return to God for a long time.

In the evening, Xiaohong put the flower pot properly in the flower house, tired and sweaty, stood up and just turned back, but saw Zhuge is standing behind her, Xiao Yan was shocked, and quickly said: Please give peace to the young master.”

But seeing Zhuge Yue did not look at her, went straight to the basin “Xiao Lang”, reached out and pulled up the vines uprooted, thrown into the pot of Huang Zen, leaving only one bamboo There was nowhere alone, the wind blew and the swaying.

The next day, I heard that the seven emperors Zhao Che had left the capital to rush to Yanmingguan. Zhugejia coordinated with the grain department to co-ordinate the grain and weapons. Zhuge 奔 ran in two places every day, and returned late at night. After returning, he often had to be busy until dawn. I can sleep for a while, and it is obviously a lot of a few days.

Within two days, Wei Daren was the first to send a Weng Lianzi Zhen Xuan, which is said to be cooked by Miss Wei. When I was sent to Castle Peak Court, Zhuge was just getting up. The child reluctantly sent the thing that the lady cooked by herself into the bedroom. He listened to the Weidu’s whisper and said a call. Zhuge’s reaction was not ok. I changed my face and ate my mouth and went out to the door. I didn’t even look at the precious one.

Who knows that this turned out to be just the beginning. Later, several young ladies who arrived on the same day passed the objects into the house. The handkerchiefs and the fan pendants were all close-fitting things. Even Miss Wei, who had always been disdainful, had something to send. Ms. Meng, who was once cold-shouldered by Zhuge, was even more persistent. She even sent a few days to eat the embroidered water. Finally, she sent a rare sword. It is said that the sword was stolen from her grandfather’s general. Come, for this one is almost a beat.

In short, gradually, even Xiao Hong, who knows how to feel it, noticed that the banquet of the day was actually to choose the four young masters. It is no wonder that the younger master’s face was so ugly.

My nephews, a few of them who have been in the yard for a long time, smiled coldly all the time, watching the things sent by the ladies and daughters, and from time to time came up with a sad sentence that was delusional, but Xiaohong said: those ladies In fact, they are all good, especially the Miss Lejia and Jing Weng, and Miss Meng, are also very cute, just do not know what kind of person the young master likes.

The slogan of the Ministry of Foods was finally approved. One day, the young master will go north. Qingshanyuan was busy for half a day. The children took us to streamline and streamline the things that the young masters had to take, and they sorted out the two big cars. As a result, they looked at the moon seven and finally waved a big hand: “The young master said, everything From Jane, you don’t have to bring it.”

The nephew was suffocated, the tears were in the eyes, and the tears said: “The north is so cold, nothing is done with it, if the stars are here…”

Speaking of this, she stayed in the mouth, Xiaohong felt a little strange, but seeing the face of the month seven is not very good-looking, did not ask. After we dispersed, she pulled a big ring that entered the door a little earlier and asked: “Who is the child, who is the star?”

Qing Xi shook his head and said: “I don’t know, I just heard a few times when I talked to my sister. It seems to be the old one. I don’t know why I left.”

“Oh.” Xiaohong nodded, and Zhugefu’s cockroaches went more. This star, it must be a very big darling.

On the evening of the same day, Zhuge was very late, but he was still called to the house by the lord. When he came back, he was already three. The people were waiting under the doorway. When he came back, he was relieved.

The nephew rushed to the front and gave a cloak for Zhuge, suddenly smelling a pungent wine, could not help but slightly, Zhuge Yue is rarely drinking, once drinking, it shows a bad mood. The nephew said carefully: “Young master, go back to the room to rest.”

Zhuge Yue did not speak, went straight into the flower house, people do not know whether to follow up, collectively standing outside waiting silly. After waiting for a long time, he did not see the meaning of his coming out. He finally said: “Everyone goes back, no one can enter the flower house, Xiaohong, the young master will be taken care of by you tonight.”

Xiaohong suddenly felt that he shouldered the heavy responsibility and solemnly nodded.

Zhuge was so drunk that he fell on the bamboo bed in the flower house. Xiaohong was afraid that he would be cold. He rushed forward and put a blanket on him, but he smelled very heavy and it was obvious that the young master was drinking.

Xiao Yan was half on the ground, and for a time he was a little crazy. She has never seen a young master so close, even if she usually sees her head down, she occasionally looks up and secretly looks at her back.

The young master is really beautiful! Xiao Xiaoba’s big eyes and his heart sighed with sighs. It’s no wonder that the young ladies of the family were forced to catch up with the young master’s cold. The young master is different from other young masters. He does not have the extravagant temperament of the clan. He is not like the fat man who is the poetry of the whole day. It is not like the rough ignorant martial artist. This person has both the literati’s economic talk. And there are military generals who are very cold and cold. He is difficult to get close to him, but he is not as expensive as the big son of the second son. Although Xiaonian is young, he can also distinguish what is temperament. Some people, you need to know his status to look up to him, and some people, he was born to be looked up.

Xiao Yan looked at him, and the sleepy attack came, and he even fell asleep there.

In the morning, suddenly heard a sound in the ear, she was not sleeping, and suddenly got up. But see Zhuge Yue sitting there, eyes still not open, yawning, a sleepless sleep.

Xiaohong is a little embarrassed, her face is red, and she did not expect that the younger man has such a humanized side, which is quite different from what she saw on weekdays.


However, after listening to Zhuge, while yawning, he said in a confused way: “Xinger, go for a cup of tea.”


Xiaohong quickly promised, ran to pour a cup of tea, Zhuge 似乎(means apparently) seems to wake up a lot after drinking, stood up and moved to the body, opened the door and went out, outside, nephew and so on, have been waiting .

Xiaohong stupidly stood at the door, suddenly a little embarrassed, what did the young master just call her? Some of her did not hear clearly, presumably even the young master himself, did not pay attention.

The sun is shining outside, it is a sunny day.

Zhu Yu, the big housekeeper of the Changfu, stood in the yard, with wrinkles and pleats on his face. Zhu Cheng is the grandson of Zhu Yu. He is standing with his back at the moment, and he is always old-fashioned and looks like a The old man is the same.

“Four young masters, the lord asked me to ask you, did you think about it?”

Zhuge washes his face, sat in the square hall for breakfast, didn’t look up, and said while drinking soup: “What about it?”

Zhu Yuyi, and quickly holding a golden plate, there are several portraits of the lady and a birthday character in the golden plate.

Zhuge Yue did not look at it, and picked one and threw it into Zhu Cheng’s arms. Zhu Cheng quickly caught it and opened it. He smiled and said: “It is Le Xiaoyi, the youngest daughter of General Le Xing. The slave is here to give the younger brother a happy first.”

Zhuge took a spit and rubbed his mouth, then Huo stood up and said to the Yue Qi: “Go to the Ministry of War.”

In the afternoon, the four young masters of Zhuge Valve, Zhuge Yue, rushed to Yanmingguan with the help of the army. Behind him, he was the 300,000-dan grain that supplied Yan Mingguan Zhao Che. In this regard, Da Xia’s preparations for Yanbei are considered to be more than half completed.

On the day of seeing Miss Helian’s family, it was the first day after Chuqiao’s illness, and a faint moonlight shone through the window. The pale moonlight sprinkled on the ground, the candlelight flickered, and the light and the tears flickered. A drop fell on the candlestick, red like blood, the bed in front of the bed was full of dust, faded and faded, thick and red, the shadow of the tree outside the window, shaking from time to time, the jackdaw flying Pass, send a sad tweet.

He Lianling was lying on the side of the cotton quilt, and the silhouette looked at the line, thin and thin, and there was still a bloody smell in the room, which seemed to be sad.

Jing Zisu sat next to her, sneaking her tears while stroking her horns, and turned to Chu Qiao: “After swaying for so many years, I didn’t expect to see each other again, but Helian’s family is big. Why did you fall into such a situation?”

Chu Qiao wore a flaming fox cloak, which was sent by Yan Xun, who was brightly colored and reflected her eyebrows. She stood there and watched the three sisters of Jingjia secretly crying. There are also some sorrows and sorrows. The soft voice comforted: “Sisters don’t be too sad, so people reunite, this is a happy event.”

When leaving, Yan Xun’s attendant came forward and explained: “This woman was rescued by her Highness on the road. She had already given her a sum of money to let her go. I didn’t expect her to keep up with it. Willing to go. The temple came to see her on the way back after seeing Princess Nalan. The lady slammed her head and asked her to take over. Her Highness saw her pity, and she brought her back with a soft heart. At that time, you are still a girl. Tang. Later, she found a place for her in Beibei City. These things were all done by the minions. However, after Beibei started the war, I forgot her for a while.”

The wind is still lingering, but Chu Qiao did not pay attention. It has been seven days, and the east is about to start a war. She has no time to pay attention to these details.

In the evening, Yan Xun came back, and the two of them ate together. When they saw the wind and the busyness of Ah Jing, they packed up for Yan Xun. Chu Qiao asked casually: “Is it going?”

Yan Xun took a look at the letters in the east while eating, and nodded faintly: “Come on.”

“I will go with you.”

Yan Xun heard the words and raised his letter. He said, “The war in the east is flying, the military in the summer is strong, and your body is not good. I really can’t bear to follow you for a long journey and adventure. Now in Yanbei. No war, you still stay here.”

Chu Qiao brows gently and wrinkles, quite anxiously said: “My body is no longer a problem, you let me go with you, I can help you, I can…”

“Achu, I have never doubted your ability, but you should also rest.”

Yan Xun said this very powerful, low tone, eyes looked at her: “You have done enough, the rest will be handed over to me, don’t you believe me?”

For a time, I didn’t know what kind of emotions were flowing in my heart. Chu Qiao gave a slight glimpse. The hand holding the chopsticks suddenly shook. She took a deep breath and slowly said: “I am just worried about you.”

Yan Xun’s face was slow, and she reached out through the table to hold her hand. She smiled and said, “Do not worry.”

Chu Qiao smiled slightly, but did not know how to reply, she suddenly remembered that since Yan Xun came back, she has not asked the army for a long time, and even the current army of the big summer is not known.

“That He Lianling, I have lived in the West Side of the House.”

Yan Xun asked while he was reading the letter: “Which Helian Ling?”

“Don’t you remember? It was you who saved it, Miss Huaiyin Helian’s long room.”

Yan Xun’s eyes did not fluctuate a bit, just quietly: “A bit of an impression.”

The candle buds, the wind outside the window suddenly began, Chu Qiao whispered: “When you left, I forgot her, and did not ask me to take care of it. When I was fighting, she was pulled into the army by Cao Mengtong’s army and was already The torture is not the same.”


The voice of Yan Xun has not changed. Chu Qiao even suspects that he has not heard his own words. He sees his expression and his eyes are slightly tired, and he is not good to say. Put down the tableware and walk into the inner room, telling them to make a bed for him to boil water.

The outside wind was cold and windy, even though the house was burning, but still felt a bit cold. Yan Xun likes to eat chestnuts. When there is nothing to do in the daytime, Chu Qiao is sitting on the bed and peeling one by one. It is often sitting for a long time. The sweetness of chestnut meat is filled with mist, silently lingering between the noses. It is fascinating. The bedside table was decorated with tea, and the chestnuts were placed at the touch of the hand. The room was gradually scented with this layer of aroma.

The quilt is thick and soft, and the golden thread is used to trace the pattern of Xiangyun Tenglong. The bed is huge and sleeps for seven or eight people. Chu Qiao stretches out his hand for a layer of paving, but I feel a little rare in my heart. Calm, maybe, only when she is doing something for him, can she feel the peace of mind.

Suddenly there was a footstep sound behind him, Chu Qiao did not look back, just casually said: “The water has been burned, you first…”

The waist was suddenly surrounded by people, and the gentle breath of the man was sprayed on her white neck. Chu Qiao was forced to stand up straight and smiled and pushed him: “Don’t make trouble, I make a bed.”

“Where will the outsiders think that the Chu Qiaochu adults who have defended the North China’s heroes will do these trivial things.”

Knowing that he is making fun of himself, Chu Qiao laughed and said: “Well, there is no conscience. People have been taking care of you for nearly ten years. I said that I am like a mother-in-law, and nothing can be done except for fighting.”

Yan Xun smiled and said: “Where, I am feeling good about myself.”

Chu Qiao heard the words and suddenly turned around: “Then let me follow you, you can also take care of you.”

Yan Xun looked at her, and the smile on her face suddenly disappeared. He looked at Chu Qiao for a long time and slowly asked: “Achu, do you know what my biggest wish in these years is?”

Chu Qiao raised his eyebrows slightly but did not answer.

Yan Xun did not want her to answer. She said to herself: “In the past few years, every time I looked at your servant, I ran for me. I secretly vowed in my heart that one day, I will have On the day of the first day, you will not let you suffer a little bit of grievances. I want you to live a peaceful and joyful life and enjoy all the darlings that women can enjoy. Achu, I am a man, compared to the charge for you. I would like to see you making a bedcloth for me.”

Yan Xun’s expression was very calm, but her eyes were very serious. Chu Qiao looked at him. She couldn’t tell her feelings for a while. She bowed her head and many emotions flashed in her heart. Finally, she slowly reached out. Hold the Yankee’s thin waist: “I know, I will stay here waiting for you, you have to come back soon.”

Chu Qiao’s voice was gentle, Yan Xun’s words suddenly moved, and he couldn’t help himself. He stretched out his slender fingers and slowly picked Chu’s pointed chin. His eyes looked deep into her eyes. Then, the kiss fell gently and finely. It falls on her horns, the lips of her lips, the arms are so tight, her arms are wrapped around her waist, and between the lips and teeth, there is a slight whistling sound, so seductive, as if to shred human reason. Yan Xun’s breathing was a little chaotic, a fire was raised in the lower abdomen, and the big hand was walking upstream of her back. It was not enough, but an urgent desire to rise from the depths of the body, the touch of the lips and teeth has been somewhat Can’t satisfy him, he seems to want more, more and more.

The huge bed was hidden in the heavy gauze, and it had a different temptation than usual. Yan Xun hugged the soft body of Chu Qiao and put her down on the bed.

When the body touched the bed, Chu Qiao was panicked, and the body suddenly felt a trace of coldness. Her eyes widened, but she was suddenly covered by hot breathing. The symbolic shoving did not stop the sudden rise of the desire, the man pressed her, the body rubbed in the fine, the thin shirt worn indoors could not cover a few points, the skin is hot and hot.


The breathless voice sounded, such as the influx of water waves, and I couldn’t hear the emotions inside. I couldn’t tell if I was refusing or welcoming. The hand holding the sword all the year rounded the placket on the chest and slowly slipped in. When he touched the slippery piece on his chest, Chu Qiao’s exclamation in his ear could not stop him, and the breath suddenly became Incomparably rushed, the beautiful touch instantly ignited the last sensibility in his mind. His hoarse voice echoed in Chu Qiao’s ear. He was confused: “Achu, I am afraid I can’t help it.”


Chu Qiao has lost the ability to speak. The small mouth of the micro-small is contained, and only the sound of squeaking is heard. The teeth of the scallops are gently smothered by the tip of the tongue, and there are squeaky electric touches, and the skin is shuddering. The brocade is smooth, the weight of the body is so heavy, but it is also so safe. The clothes slipped off the shoulders, revealing the white shoulders, and the good ceramics under the lights.

Suddenly flashed a thought in my mind, the ghost made a difference, Chu Qiao liberated his mouth, the voice was hoarse like water, murmured and asked: “Yan Xun, Jing Yueer how old?”

Yan Xun was slightly stunned. She said that Jing Yue is a few years old, not Chu Qiao, but what is the difference between them? The man who is not aware of the facts is somewhat resentful and looks at her complaint: “Achu, you tempted me!”

Chu Qiao shook his head: “Where am I?”

“You are so beautiful in front of me, just tempting me!” Yan Xun took a deep breath and kissed her white earlobe: “And you are not responsible for every temptation.”

The body suddenly raised a small star of chestnut, Chu Qiao involuntarily bowed his body, but his mouth is still intermittent: “You … do not speak … reason…”

“I just think too reasonable, I will not have a way for you.” Yan Xun silently sighed: “Achu, I really want to marry you right away.”

“That’s good.”

Someone suddenly said in a whisper, and when she finished speaking, her face was red. Chu Qiao buried his head in the quilt. After listening to Yan Wei’s slight sigh, he suddenly laughed and his voice was extremely hearty. Chu Qiao felt that he was fainting. How could he seem to be more than he could?

“That can’t be done,” Yan Xun forced her out and hugged her on her lap. “Now the Yan Xun is only a thief who is biased in Yanbei. Yanbei is ridiculous and ruined. How can I I greet my wife with the dim room? Waiting for the war in the east, the overall situation of Yanbei is stable. I want to build a golden palace to marry you. I will use the northwest granary of Daxia as my dowry. My Achu must be the whole The most noble bride in Simon’s mainland is my one-of-a-kind love.”

Although he had known his mind for a long time, but suddenly heard his words, Chu Qiao was still shocked, his eyes were red, and he almost fell into tears. She slowly lowered her head and leaned against his shoulder, whispering: “I don’t want anything, I just want you to be good and safe.”

“You don’t want me, but I can’t help.” Yan Xun smiled and kissed her forehead: “I know how you have been through these years. This is my dream. I have been dreaming for many years. I owe you.” Too much, only for the rest of your life to compensate.”

The heart was placed in the warm water, and the candlelight was gently shrouded. Chu Qiao whispered softly: “Do you still have a deficit between you and me?”

The face of Yan Xun was slightly stunned, his arm was slightly used, and his voice was slightly lower: “You have suffered a lot, I know.”

The candlelight blazed, the heavy yarn accounts swayed, the figures were dependent, and the clothes were wandering.

After bathing, Yan Xun did not wear a nightgown, but wore a casual dress. Chu Qiao wondered: “What are you going to do?”

Yan Xun picked up a cloak and took it on her body. She smiled and said, “Send you back to the house.”

“Returning to the house?” Chu Qiao, she has been sleeping with Yan Xun in the past few days. In fact, this is nothing. They have been sleeping together for a long time. They have been sick for many years. Yan Xun night guardian, and often eat and sleep with her, today is so late, how to send her back?

“How? Can’t bear me?” Yan Xun teased her, but in a blink of an eye, she said with a sad face: “Achu, we are not children. I can’t sleep in the past few days. It’s better than ten years in Zhen Huang City. awful.”

Chu Qiao’s pretty face was red, and the little ones who saw the left and right were snickering and whispering, and quickly said, “What are you talking about!”

“Don’t laugh, don’t you see Chu people shy?” Yan Xun suddenly turned his head and faked the little sisters, but they saw that they laughed louder. They could only helplessly face Chu Qiao: “Well, they are Don’t listen to me.”

“Nonsense, ignore you.”

Chu Qiao turned to go out to his room, but listened to Yan Xun haha ​​smiled, picked her up from behind, and laughed: “I have to send you back, you dare to disobey the military order, really should fight!” ”

After Yan Xun left, the room seemed to be cold, and stayed in his room. Chu Qiao was not sleepy. He remembered all kinds of things, and he couldn’t help but turn red, and he couldn’t sleep. He had to sit up and lean on the book. Desperate.

This time Yan Xun came back, it seems that something is different, their relationship is more and more intimate, but some things, but gradually changed.

Thinking of Yan Xun’s words, Chu Qiao smiled a little, forget it, maybe she is so hearty, men are like this, no one likes her own woman to fight in the battlefield, he is now strong, so he wants to protect himself. She should understand that he is. He hopes that her peaceful and happy life, like the average woman, drinks tea and flowers, wears silk satin, enjoys the service of the people, and lives the life of Jinyiyu, just to make up for the suffering she has suffered.

Although such a life is not what she wants, she should satisfy his wish and understand his original intention. He is not crowding himself, he just wants to protect himself.

After thinking for a while, my heart suddenly became a lot more comfortable. I wanted to sleep, I heard the sound of footsteps outside, and pushed open the window. The cold air outside suddenly came, and the rows of lanterns went to the Yanzi room. Very anxious.

“Green Willow!”

Summoned, Xiao Xiao suddenly sneaked into the eyes: “Girl, what?”

“What happened to the outside? So late, how come so many people?”

“Oh, girl, you don’t know. Your Highness will recruit the generals to discuss the military situation overnight. It seems that you have to formulate an operational plan in the east. Those generals have been waiting under the door for a while.”

Chu Qiao heard the words suddenly, the wind outside the window was big, and the clothes on her shoulders were blown away. The long hair fluttered with the wind, and it seemed messy and thin.

“Oh, girl, you are just sick, how can you blow it?” Xiao Yan rushed over and closed the window, eagerly said: “Girl? Girl?”

“Ah?” Chu Qiao stunned and said: “Oh, nothing, you go ahead?”

Green Willow has some doubts: “Is the girl really okay?”

“Nothing, go down to sleep.”

“Oh,” Green will promise: “The girl also went to bed early.”

The study was brightly lit, and Chu Qiao looked at it for a while, then he opened the quilt and went to bed. Before going to sleep, I thought that Yan Xun was going to sleep because I had to discuss the military situation tonight. After thinking about it, I feel that I can go back to sleep. They are so noisy there, they must not sleep.

Stupidly caught between half-sleeping and half-awake, suddenly there was an unknown and horrible fear in my sleep. The heart was like a pontoon, bumping between the waves, ups and downs, but after all, it calmed down a little and calmed down. Come down.

I woke up very early in the morning, and I couldn’t sleep because I was in my heart. For three more days, Yan Xun was about to leave. Her heart was embarrassed and always felt uneasy. When she got up early in the morning, she ran away without washing her face. Yan Xun’s room was told that he went to the sunset camp last night and has not returned yet.

When I looked up, I found that I was in the wrong direction. I saw a girl with a white single dress standing by the pool with a white single-clothed dress. The hair was scattered. The cheeks were white like ghosts. I heard someone coming back in a faint voice, and there was blood on my forehead. I frowned and asked: “What is this pool of water? Why are you drowning?”

Chu Qiao slammed and rushed forward, pulling her back and angered: “What are you doing?”

“Who are you?” He Lianling frowned and asked, “Are you a father from?”

Yesterday, I heard the doctor said that she was stimulated and had a problem with her brain. I did not expect it to be so serious. Chu Qiao’s heart was a bit stunned, and she had to lie to her: “I am, you will go back to the house with me, it’s too cold outside.”

“Great!” The only remaining Miss Helen family laughed happily, purely like a child: “My father finally came to pick me up, my mother, okay? Brother, okay? I am good.” I want to go home!”

It’s not far from the room, and it’s not too close. Chu Qiao took off her big robes and put it on her shoulder. She said, “They are all good, just waiting for you, so you have to raise your body.”

“Well, I listen to you.” He Lianling replied with a smile.

The two quickly entered the room, and with the care of Chu Qiao, it was re-cleaned here yesterday, and now it is clean and warm, very comfortable. He Lianling seems to be really stupid. He doesn’t know how to undress when he enters the house. Instead, he sits on the bed with a thick big squat. He said very well: “I can listen to you, you can take me home. ?”

Chu Qiao reluctantly sighed, took off the big cockroach, smiled and said: “Now it is not good, it is too cold outside, you have to wait until spring.”

“Oh.” Miss Helen nodded silently. She was obviously discouraged. After thinking for a long time, she looked up very politely. “I know, you are right, it’s snowing outside, the horse is afraid to pull cold. The car is over.”

She was really thin, remembering how she had just come in yesterday, Chu Qiao could not help but feel a bit sad.

“You have to take good care of your body. If you are sick, you can go home. Do you know?”

“Well,” He Lianling promised, and suddenly leaned over and squatted in her ear, very mysteriously said: “I see you are good, I tell you a secret.”

Chu Qiao stunned and said: “What secret?”


“Actually, this is all wicked outside.”

Chu Qiaoyi: “Well?”

“Well, it’s all.” He Lianling lowered his head and looked around carefully. It seemed that he was standing around with people. He said: “The soldiers who wear iron pieces are bad people.”

However, in a flash, He Lianling was straight and straight, and he was very courageous. He said proudly: “But you don’t have to worry, the gods will protect me. You are good to me. I will protect you when I get there.”

Speaking to her is really no logic. Chu Qiao feels that he seems to be crazy too. He even asked: “God?”

“Yeah!” He Lianling smiled and said proudly: “You haven’t seen it yet. I have seen Tianbing Tianjian. I can’t tell others that if I want to be condemned, I can only secretly talk to you. Said, that day will like me, he still hugged me, when I return home, he will come to mention, I can marry him.”

When she finished, she yawned and climbed into the bed, saying: “I am going to sleep, I can see him as soon as I sleep.”

Chu Qiao stood up and glanced at her with sympathy. This old lady who was tall in the past fell to this point today, who can think of it. Just listening to her and muttering, “If you bully me, Tianbingtian will kill you all”, and slowly fall asleep, Chu Qiao shook his head and turned and walked out of the room.

After the meal, Yan Xun still did not come back, nothing to do, and he sat in front of the book case, and his mind unconsciously began to analyze the distribution of the forces in the summer after the Northern Expedition, and the intelligence and logistics weapons of the two sides. In contrast, a map of combat is naturally unfolding in the mind.

In the last battle of the Northern Expedition, Yan Xun will use the cavalry to cross the Daxia blockade line, and it is not all lucky to insert it into the Greater Summer. Until now, Chu Qiao has only a little touch.

According to the overall strength, Yanbei is far worse than the big summer, whether it is from the strength, from the weapons, from the supply of grain, from the generals, or from the intelligence, from the political system, from the stability of the rear, Yanbei is a poor ruin field. In the case of a frontal collision, even in accordance with the original strategic approach, Yan Xun attacked the Meilin Pass, and the girl defended the second line of defense against the Blue City, while Beibei also changed the wise general. The result is only the fifth and fifth. At least for three or five months, it is impossible to end the war in half a month. From this point of view, it is a great blessing for Yanbei.

The only negligence of Daxia may be that the Sifang coalition forces were sent to the battlefield at the same time. They intended to be good. They hoped to defeat Yanbei in a powerful way, deter the northwest princes and rebuild the imperial majesty. However, in this way, in addition to the logistical supply, the army did not have a second rear line, and the four major legions were lined up, each of them was in power, there was no unified coach, and they took advantage of their own troops, and even more unexpectedly, Yanbei Dare to walk out of the city to take the initiative to approach, is to deploy in a full range of offensive mode, the blockade is not strict. Yan Xun, relying on near-perfect strategic information, took the army from the blockade gap of the four major regiments, quietly entered the midsummer inland, not only hit the big summer, but also occupied the northwestern provinces. . And think about it, when the Yanshi army came from the east and broke the back road of Zhao Wei’s army, what kind of fear was Xia Jun, suddenly saw such a fierce new force, they did not know what happened in the country. This kind of fear is the biggest flaw in the march of war. It suddenly appears in an army and can definitely cause the transformation of the whole army. In particular, Yan Xun also cleverly did not seal the retreat of their escape, so that they do not have to smash the confrontation of the boat, without the determination to die, the soldiers have fled, and also gave Yan Xun a chance to chase after the massacre at a very small price. Otherwise, more than 400,000 troops will fight together and Yanbei may not have a good fruit to eat.

Of course, if there is a ring in this one, it is possible to destroy the entire Yanbei.

First of all, if Yan Xun is on the way to the big summer, as long as he is discovered by a scout team, then he will suddenly fall into the coercion of a lonely army. Without a city and a foothold, he will fall into the crazy strangle of the Daxia Army. Dissipated hundreds of thousands of lives of the First Army and the Japanese Army.

Second, if Chu Qiao did not occupy Chidu City first, and transferred the people in the eastern part of Yanbei to the northwest, and succumbed to the city, then Zhao Wei would break the Chidu, split the army into two, and cooperate with Zhao Qi to attack Beibei. In line with the encirclement, all the way into the Yanbei inland. And if Zhao Wei really enters the inland of Yanbei, he will find the emptiness of Yanbei troops, then he will most likely quickly suspect the whereabouts of Yan Xun and the First Army, and the lonely army of Yan Xun will also fall into The embarrassing situation, but also the entire Yanbei as a price. However, after Chu Qiao stayed in the Red Cross for many days, Zhao Wei also knew that Zhao Qi would have a problem with him, so he must take the whole army to support Zhao Qi and no longer have the power to divide the power.

Third, if Yan Xun did not return to Yanbei in the end, or came back late, then Yanbei naturally does not guarantee, of course, if so, Yan Xun may also occupy the city of Zhen Huang.

The truth is so wonderful.

For Yan Xun to easily occupy the northwestern continent of the great summer, Chu Qiao has always been suspicious. Let’s not say that the officials in the northwest are all appointed by the summer. They say that the tens of millions of northwestern people and hundreds of thousands of northwestern local troops can let others occupy their homes. But then she thought about it and she was relieved.

The northwest blockbuster is the grassland. There is only one of the thirty-one city kings. It is located in the Helan Mountain generation. Apart from a plain near the east line river, it basically belongs to the territory of the Batuha family. This place has been a place of war since ancient times. In the past few years, it was still cautious and civilized. The Helan Mountain generation even responded in a group, showing that the local Batoha family was not properly governed. Moreover, Yanshicheng had a very high prestige in the whole year, and it was spread throughout the northwestern continent. Later, she heard Yan Xun said that in fact, they only played four games, and Suo Duo and several other cities have never been to it. It’s the local people and the volunteers who initiated the righteousness and then voted for it. This is what made Chu Qiao unexpected. It seems that the slavery of Daxia really came to an end. Even if there is no war in Yanxun, the people will get up sooner or later. Rebellious.

Just thinking, Green Liu and Feng Zhi smiled and walked in. Green willows held a sign on his hand and saw Chu Qiaohe smiled and said: “Girl, what are you looking at?”

Chu Qiao stunned and looked up. He saw that it was a long-lived tablet. It was engraved with her name and military position. The following are small letters, all of which are auspicious words that bless longevity.

“My longevity card?” Chu Qiao said with a smile: “Who are you doing? Are you happy?”

Green will suddenly have a joy, said with a smile: “What, it is the wind to buy.”

“Buy? How can someone sell this thing?”

“You don’t know about it,” the age of the wind is still small. After the sleep of the wind, the bookboy of Yan Xun received another smile. He said: “Now the girl is the savior benefactor of Beibei City, and the people are almost family members. The position of a girl is to be enshrined in the morning and evening. The Zhongyi Hall in the south of the city has fallen. Recently, a large family has volunteered to build it. However, the statue of the girl has been put on, just beside Yan’s prince, this is still the first time. People on the Zhongyi Church, small business hawkers see profitable, have made the girl’s longevity card and Pingyu jade outside selling, even the army has bought a jade to carry with him.”

Chu Qiao heard a slight glimpse, but there was no happiness in the imagination of the wind and the green willow, but gradually frowned. After a long time, she asked: “In addition to my ranking, they still sell it.” Selling someone else?”

The wind saw her look serious and a little anxious. He whispered: “There are also people who are the clay figurines of the Lu Zhilu adults who sell the Second Army. The people have taken them home and burned them in the stove, or throw them into the pits.”

“Girl, are you okay?” Green willow whispered.

Chu Qiao shook his head: “It’s okay, go ahead, the thing, burned or thrown, don’t put it in the house.”

“Well.” The two agreed, and turned and went out.

Chu Qiao has some uneasiness in his heart. This time, Yan Xun came to Zhao Wei to save Zhao and save the North from the fire. He had no idea when he wanted to give up Yanbei’s move. It is reasonable to say that the people should be grateful to him. Why? Will the people of Yanbei not appreciate it?

There is a problem here, it seems that we need to study it.

Chu Qiao frowned, his reputation is so high, Yan Xun is better, it should not be more heart, but others may not be.

It seems that it is necessary to do something for Yan Xun to build momentum. She thinks that it is right not to intervene in the military. Thinking about it, she suddenly felt a bit cold, do these things know? If he knows, then let yourself be away from the military, will there be other considerations? But when she thought of this, she immediately dismissed the idea. She shook her head in a funny way, and she was crazy. It seems that she really talked with He Lianling.

At dinner, Yan Xun finally came back. Chu Qiao rushed out after hearing it. He stood at the gallery and looked at him from afar. He smiled and warmed up. He was a white fox and looked gorgeous.

Yan Xun strode over and was about to take her hand. Suddenly, she stepped back and slammed her hand and said, “The hand is cold, don’t let you catch cold.”

Chu Qiao smiled and pulled his hand, helped him to lick it, and put it on his mouth, then smiled and asked: “How come back so early?”

“I am leaving soon, I want to spend more time with you.”

Chu Qiao looked up and smiled, accompanied him to the main room, and said, “Hungry?”

“have you eaten?”

“No, just waiting for you?”


Yan Xun raised his eyebrows: “Why don’t you eat first, don’t tell you not to wait for me?”

Chu Qiao rarely sprinkled a little Jiao: “I don’t eat well.”

The two of them gossip and talk about it. At this moment, they suddenly heard the scream of “Yeah” in the northwest, and then a person rushed forward.

“God! It is a god! Are you coming to see me?”

He Lianling rushed up, but was stopped by the guards. She was arrogant, but she still tried to rush in and shouted: “It’s me! It’s me!”

She is now thin and thin, and Yan Xun is slightly confused. She frowns at her and does not speak for a while.

“She is He Lianling, she is sick, her head is not clear, you let them not hurt her.”

Chu Qiao said quickly, Yan Xun nodded: “You send her back, don’t hurt her.”

After that, turned and left, Chu Qiao followed him, and could still hear He Lianling’s screaming screaming from the distance. Her heart was slightly not a taste, and she didn’t know what it was, sympathy? mercy? Or is there a hint of vinegar? Really terrible, she actually ate vinegar to such a person.

Yan Xun didn’t sleep last night and looked very tired. After dinner, Chu Qiao laid a bed for him and returned to the room. When I slept in the middle of the night, I suddenly heard someone shouting outside, and I could hear it as a woman’s voice.

Green Willow also heard it, ran out of clothes and ran out and said: “Girl, the lady who was crazy in the West House, went to the yard of His Royal Highness and shouted, and the Highness woke up, telling me Let you not worry, sleep well, he will handle it.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded, and there was some uneasiness in his heart. This Miss Helen was also a poor man. I don’t know if the soldiers would hurt her, but she didn’t plan to go out and think about it. Still concerned about the phrase “he still hugged me”.

Chu Qiao secretly ridiculed his own careful eyes and said to Green Willow: “Please bring in the doctor tomorrow morning and show the lady. A good person can’t always go crazy like this.”

Turned over and fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Yan Xun left the house as usual. For so many years, Chu Qiao was so carefree for the first time that he had so much free time. He felt that he was a lot fatter. When he looked in the mirror, he found that both chins had to grow. And I couldn’t help but feel depressed. After thinking about it, I still went out and walked around. I didn’t call it Green Willow, but I walked alone.

The weather is fine, although it is cold, but it is not afraid to wear it. When I walk to the Meiyuan in the west, the sky begins to float with light snow, and it falls on the ground and piles up on the ground, and the foot is on it, making a creaking sound. Everything is quiet, the snow is mixed with white, and the flowers and trees are vying for glory. In one place, Chu Qiao walks in the snow, and a white owl is hidden in the shimmering white plum, as if it is hidden in the heavy shadows.

The weather is good and the mood is soothing. This kind of day is actually quite good. If there is no war in the east, I would like to be more satisfied.

I don’t know how He Lianling is doing. Green Liu looked for the doctor in the morning and didn’t know how to say it. It was still good to see it later. After all, she and the Jing family sisters still have some friendship, and in the end it is also a Poor woman.

I was thinking, there was a sudden sound coming from the small door of the west. It was quite remote. The short door was followed by the stables in the house. In order to prevent the animals from screaming at night, the owner was sleepy, so the horse was far from the main house. Yan Xun is not in the house today, who will use horses?

I was thinking about the past, and I saw three little squats coming out. The two held a mat and the other was guarding them. Several people did not see Chu Qiao, and chatted with each other.

One person said: “It’s pretty pretty, it’s a pity that it’s so frozen.”

Another person said: “What a pity, you didn’t hear her screaming in front of His Highness last night. I heard that the girl was alarmed. The girl just got sick, with the temper of His Royal Highness, even if she didn’t cut it on the spot. It’s not bad, even if it’s closed, she won’t have a fire, and she should die.”

The man who walked aside was quite old, and he was in his fifties. He sighed and said: “I heard that this girl was mad by the military camp of General Cao Da, and everyone was crazy. Where will the fire, oh, poor see.”

“When you are a good man, you pay for her to bury, it is also her creation, and whoever manages others.”

The old man shook his head and said: “I can’t say that, my Highness is in a hurry in the morning. I didn’t pay attention to it at the moment.”

“Okay, my Highness knows who she is, except for the girl, the life of another woman is in the eyes of her Highness, that is not life.”

“Okay, this is the place to stop, no one should go out, especially the sisters of the girl.”

As the crowd went further and further, Chu Qiao stood there slightly, and far away, he could see the hair exposed under the mat, black and black.

The snow is getting bigger and bigger, and the effort is half a foot deep. Chu Qiao stands there, only that the weather is cold and surprising, and the blood is almost solidified. She also remembered the mysterious look of He Lianling when she spoke to her yesterday. Suddenly she felt like she had been pinched with a needle and had a pain.

“I can only secretly tell you that that day will like me, he still hugged me, when I get home, he will come to mention, I can marry him.”

“It’s a madman.”

Chu Qiao murmured, the voice was cold and clear, I don’t know why, she suddenly remembered the little girl called the star who met in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. The child was fat, with two small braids and black and round eyes. There are two small dimples in one smile.

When she returned to the room, she was almost frozen. Green willows looked for her everywhere, and she was mad. When she saw her coming back, she fell and ran up and cried: “Girl, where are you going?” ?? Anxious dead slaves.”

Chu Qiao shook his head, his lips were almost stiff and would not move.

“Let me sleep.”

When she woke up, her throat hurts. In her experience, she immediately knew that she was sick again. Yan Xun was dressed in a dusty manner, and he was mad at the green willows. He was very angry and said: “Is it all dead?”

We all squatted on the ground and shivered, scared and white, sobbing, but did not dare to cry.

Chu Qiao opened his mouth and wanted to call his name, but he didn’t call it for a moment. He just made a hoarse voice. Yan Xun listened quickly and looked back. She woke up and immediately took her hand and frowned. “When you wake up, do you feel better, are you hungry?”

Chu Qiao tried a few times and finally made a sound, but it was hoarse and ugly: “It’s not their business.”

Yan Xun turned her head and looked at us with a cold look. Shen Sheng said: “I still don’t get out!”

We disappeared without a trace.

“Achu, how do you like this, how can I walk with confidence?”

Yan Xun sighed helplessly, his face was a little pale, and he was also hurt. In the past, he was injured by Zhao, and he was hurt. He was too tempered, but he always resisted. Now that he has just experienced a great war, he has experienced an urgent march. This time he has worked so hard, and he has to go to the front line to command the battle. If it is not a gas there, the body may not be able to eat it.

Chu Qiao was a little distressed. He reached out and stroked his thin outline. He said with a dumb voice: “You have lost a lot.”

Yan Xun smiled mildly: “I don’t care.”

He picked up a bowl of soup that was warm on a small fire, and the child said in general: “Achu, drink the medicine, and after I am sick, I will take you to the fire thunder and hunt the wild horse.”

Chu Qiao frowned: “The medicine is very bitter.”


Chu Qiao helplessly opened his mouth, Yan Yu a spoonful of a spoonful of feeding, bitter and unbearable, it is better to drink it with a head. The snow outside the window is big again. The weather in Yanbei is really like the child’s face. It says that it will change, and it will be a little stormy.

After drinking the medicine, Chu Qiao ate two candied fruit and looked up and asked, “How are you prepared? Are you leaving?”

Yan Xun nodded: “Well, almost, Wu and Zhong Yu have arrived.”

Chu Qiao noticed that he had not called Yu Yu and called Zhong Yu, but he did not speak. He just continued to ask: “Is there anything in the belt?”

“Do not worry, you should take care of your illness, don’t worry about me.”

Chu Qiao still does not trust: “Be careful, don’t get hurt.”

Yan Xun smiled helplessly: “Achu, good.”

“Right, last night was the lady of the Helian family. It was a lot of noise.”

The girl looked unintentionally, and frowned slightly, seemingly angry at being awakened last night. Yan Xun is still gentle, and his face is not changed. He gently pulls the quilt for Chu Cho, calmly said: “She is a sick person, don’t be angry with such people, I have sent people. Send her out, and you won’t see her again in the future.”

Chu Qiao suddenly gave birth to a glimmer of hope, but deliberately asked: “Are you finding a doctor to cure this disease?”

“It doesn’t necessarily cure, but it’s always good.”

Yan Xun stood up and placed the warm milk tea in the place where Chu Qiao could reach. He said, “I have something tonight, I will not accompany you. You have a good night’s sleep.”

Chu Qiao nodded, his mouth twitched and smiled and said: “You also rest early.”


The figure of the man disappeared into the room, the candle burned, and there was warm and dry air everywhere. Chu Qiao lay there, his heart was cold, his footsteps sounded outside, and she came to her room, her eyes were a little fuzzy. The nose is also blocked, the footsteps are getting closer and closer, Chu Qiao pulls the quilt, covers the mouth little by little, covers the nose, covers the eyes, and buryes the entire head.


“Girl?” Green Willow came over and said strangely: “How do you sleep with your head? There is a charcoal fire in the house, you are so easy to ruin.”

Seeing that Chu Qiao did not respond, Green Liu reached out and tried to tear the quilt down, only to find that there was a lot of strength in it. He screamed, and he cautiously asked, “Girl? What happened to you?” ?”

The people inside didn’t talk. After a long time, let’s go out one by one, the night is getting deeper, there is no moon tonight, only the candlelight is shining quietly in this big room, the fire is softly cast. On the quilt, shake a shallow light.

The tall and empty Qingyuan Hall is located between the lotus ponds of Shili, and is built into the water pavilion with the best Nanmu. The lake is green and blue, Tianshui Chengbi, and the bamboo curtains are half-open and half-volume. Yajie Ruolan has no lotus in this season, but The palace ladies in the palace are made of white and bicolor colored lotus leaves, let them float on the water, look far away, the wind shakes the leaves, the lotus leaves are poured, it seems like the real, the scenery of the Huai Song Palace Beauty, comparable to Tang Jinwu.

The Chin Yuan Temple was being rebuilt and rebuilt recently. Nalan Hongye moved to the Qingyuan Hall. After the early morning, she opened the curtain and walked out slowly, but saw Nalan Red Dragonfly sitting on the golden chair and sitting on the back. The chin was dragged with a long trace of saliva, and the snoring was slight, apparently sleeping for a long time.

I remembered the eyes of the courtiers when they left. The long princess’s eyebrows could not help but pick up. The little eunuch saw the shoulders of the pusher’s red dragonfly and carefully shouted: “The emperor? The emperor?”

The young emperor woke up vaguely, frowning and was about to get angry. He suddenly saw his long sister standing in front of him, and suddenly he was afraid. He stood up and tweaked, rubbing his eyes and whispering, “Emperor.”

The people in the hall have all gone down. Only Nalan Hongye’s younger brother and a close-up little eunuch, Nalan gently frowned, her tone was very calm, but she had an inexplicable tension. She slowly said. : “Have the emperor told you that you can’t sleep in the hall?”

The emperor lowered his head, like a child who had been caught in a bad thing, muttered: “Say… said.”

“Why then why?”

The young emperor bowed his head and admits the mistake: “Emperor, I am wrong.”

Nalan’s brows raised: “Is the emperor not telling you how to call yourself?”

“Well?” Nalan red sly, it seems that I can’t understand the meaning of the long princess’s words. The little eunuch quickly whispered in his ear and said, the emperor nodded and said: It’s wrong, I know it’s wrong.”

“Since you know it is wrong, go back and copy ten times of moral records, and don’t allow you to eat.”

“Ah?” The emperor’s face suddenly fell down. Nalan didn’t look at it. He turned and went out. The hall was empty. The outside sun was very good. The wind blew from all sides, squatting on the bamboo curtain of Xianglu, sweeping the golden under the curtain. The bell rang the sound of a bell. Nalan’s dark blue attire swayed through the heavy floor, embroidered with a pattern of birds, gold lines flashing, fine stitches, everywhere to highlight the royal dignity and majesty.

“Princess,” Aunt Yun was waiting outside, seeing her come out and trotting up to wear a soft cloak for her. Now, in November, even if the climate is warm, the wind will be cold sooner or later.

“Princess, go back to the palace?”

Nalan shook her head. Today, Changling Wang and Jinjiang Wang’s words are unclear and dodging. They have to hide a few things about the East China Sea. They have to guard against it. She said in a deep voice: “Chen Xuan Mo came into the palace, I have something important. He is in business.”

“Yes.” Yun Aunt quickly promised, and asked: “Princess, is it in the Qingyuan Temple to see Xuan Wangye? This, the emperor is still…”

The aunt of the cloud stopped talking, and Nalan followed her words and turned to look back. I saw the vast palace, a quiet and desolate, dark wooden floor paved in the middle, more and more lining the temple’s strictness and indifference, the young emperor sat alone on the steps, squatting his head, the crown of bright beads hanging On both sides, the light flashes through, the sunlight penetrates the bead curtain on it, with a glare of brilliance, along the road, even seeing the dust flying in midair, the bright yellow robes are more and more against him. It’s like a child who is no one to care about.

However, his sadness and sadness will only be due to the fact that he has to copy ten times of “Moral Records”. It will not be because of the flooding in Qiubei, not because of the thieves in the East China Sea, not because of the lawsuit of the Criminal Division. It won’t be because of the disputes in the court. As long as he has copied the article, he will let go of his heart, eat and sleep, and have no worries and happiness. Even if he shoulders the responsibility of a country.

Nalan can’t say that her mood is joy or sorrow. It is like a big snow drifting in the heart. She stands squatting, looking at the blue waves, the flowers are foggy, the wind is clear, the wind is full of clear waves, and the far away is Yi The sound of the music and the bamboo of the music hall, under the decoration of singing and dancing, is a bit of pale and full of splendour.

“Go to Qingzhi Palace.”

In the evening, Xuan Mo left the palace, and Yun Aunt took the ladies who had already prepared the food. Nalan had a bad appetite, but ate a few mouthfuls. Suddenly there was a footstep outside the door and there was a sudden rush. The coming man seemed to be running, and while he was panting, he shouted: “His Royal Highness! Princess Royal is not good!”

“What happened?” Nalan’s eyebrows picked up, and Yun’s aunt rushed out to ask. However, the eunuch had not waited for Yun’s aunt to ask, and he ran straight in, covered with tears, slammed on the floor and cried aloud. Road:

“His Royal Highness, it’s not good! The Emperor just climbed onto the roof of the Yile Hall and accidentally fell down!”

The afterglow of the sun will stain the palace with a layer of blood. The palace is heavily guarded. There are patrols and whistle everywhere. The palace gates are all closed. No one is allowed to come in and out. The middle and the middle ministers have already reached most of them. The squatting of the ground, the low-lying heads were lifted up when she came in, their eyes were different, and the cold sunset outside the temple was mixed in awe, fear, jealousy, disdain, anger, forbearance, everything. They all leaked out in a hurry, then returned to calm, and once again hanged their heads.

Nalan wore a dark purple gold and silver moire satin shirt, and a large and complex rose embroidered her delicate and elegant collar. The more and more her neck was slender and white, the face was very dignified. She walked step by step on the hall of Moji, surrounded by the cold air. Jinjiang Wang stood at the forefront of the courtiers. When she saw her hurriedly stepping forward, she was pushed by a young man in a dark blue robes and almost fell down.

Xuanmo’s eyes were anxious, and a few steps forward, all of them ignored the angry eyes of Jinjiang Wang, and they grabbed them in a few steps, but they stopped talking.

“How is the emperor?”

Nalan said with a deep voice, the expression was very calm, and there was no weakness or undulation of collapse. The eyes that came from all directions suddenly showed a disappointment. Xuan Mo shook his head and said, “The doctor said that he has already returned to heaven.” , princess, go in and have a look.”

During the rest of the day, the heart that hangs all the way suddenly fell, but unfortunately it did not fall in the distance. Every pair of eyes looked at her with a sharp thorn. Nalan suddenly remembered the night when her father died many years ago. It is still a stranger. Ji Da Dian, still such a gaze, is still such a slanting rain vein, cold and cold in four times, breathing is still difficult, but still slowly sucking, then swallowing, swallowing, all the emotions, swallowed one by one In the sanity of pain and death.

She slowly stepped over, crossed the crowd, and the ladies on both sides opened the curtain, and she walked into the magnificent palace.

The golden light tinged her eyes, she was close to the corner of her lips, passing through the heavy shackles, the heat in the temple, the heat was so breathless, her brother was lying on the big dragon bed, his face white Miserable, the eyes are bright and amazing, he lay flat there, his eyes are deep, his cheeks are black, his lips are cracked, and his head is red blood.

The eyelids suddenly became so hot, but they stopped, and all eyes were speculative. Her hands were slightly trembling. I wanted to reach out, but I didn’t know where to touch. I just whispered: child?”

The emperor heard the sound and slowly turned his head. When she saw her first sight, he was cringing and afraid. The voice was so dumb, but he was still trying to explain: “Emperor, I, I have not finished writing. ……”

When the eyes were hot, almost falling into tears, Nalan sat on the bedside, reached down and held his shoulder, and said softly: “You don’t have to write, then the emperor will not punish you any more.”

“Really?” The young emperor’s eyes suddenly glowed with brilliance. He was happy to ask, like a healthy and disease-free person: “Really?

When I remembered the moment when my father died many years ago, Nalan’s heart was a large piece of cold cold. She nodded her lips and said, “Well, the emperor speaks.”

“That’s great!”

The emperor lay back flat again, his eyes staring straight at the top of the bed, layers of layers, embroidered with golden dragons, dragon claws, like monsters who want to kill and be addicted.

“That’s great, then I can… can…”

After all, he didn’t say what he could, the emperor’s eyes were different. He never seemed to have such a sly look in his life. He stalked his neck straight, his face was excited and flushed, and he grabbed Nalan’s hard. Hand, what I want to say, but it seems to be stuck in the throat by the fishbone, only to make a broken gas, how can I not say it.

The doctors suddenly rushed forward, and the crowd was black and crushed in front of their eyes. The little eunuch who was with the emperor from a young age cried and screamed on the ground and shouted: “Emperor! Emperor!”

“What do you want to say in the emperor?” Nalan slammed her head and looked red, and said to the little eunuch: “Do you know?”


“Princess….” The little eunuch squatted on the ground and seemed to be scared. He replied with sorrow: “The emperor climbed the top of Yile and said that he wanted to see what the palace looked like. The emperor said that he never Didn’t go out, the emperor… the emperor…”

Sadness rose from the chest, like cold snow, rushing all over the body, the doctors panicked, Nalan red 煜 face flushed, still hoarse repeat: “Can… can…”

Nalan grabbed the emperor’s hand: “Hey, when you are sick, the emperor will take you out of the palace!”

A trace of joy suddenly slipped through the eyes of the emperor, he closed his mouth, but his eyes brightly looked at his sister, his eyes clear, black and white, like a child who has not grown up.

Suddenly, the hand holding Nalan’s sleeve suddenly loosened, the breath stopped, and the head fell heavily, making a dull sound.


“The emperor!”

The great sorrow suddenly sounded outside the hall of the temple, and the death knell of the whole bell resounded throughout the court. The sunset loomed the last light, the earth broke into the night, the white tragic lantern was hung, and people were crying everywhere. And sorrow, but how many of them are true, and how many are false, no one can distinguish.

“St. on the road -”

The insider’s sharp and long drive sounded, and Nalan Hongye stood outside the crowd. In front of him was a large tearful crying old minister. They were divided into various factions, and they were surrounded by sorrows. There are so many people, but she still feels that the hall is empty, the setting sun is falling, the white moon rises, and the pale light follows the window that is pulled up on her thin back, like the cold snow, so cold, so piercing.

The Song Emperor was greatly mourned, and the whole country was mournful. In January, no marriage was allowed. Everyone was dressed in clothing. This is a rare and generous priest hanging sacrifice. The cold wind is wormwood, just in the northwest war, Huai Song The country’s mourning, the military exercise that was originally assembled at the border to help Yanbei contain the Daxia forces, was also forced to stop.

After Emperor Mingren went, Nalan Hongye read the will, and the eldest son Nalan and Qing were in the throne, and the year was changed to Mingde.

However, on the night of the death of the emperor, Nalan could not afford to be seriously ill. The hard work of many years was like a sudden fire. It burned all her minds fiercely, and the moment she stepped out of the stranger temple, she was stunned. The blood rushed to the throat, almost spurting out, her footsteps slightly stunned, Yun Aunt quickly stepped forward to hold her arm, the left and right are all in doubt, but she knew that this blood, she could not spit out So she swallowed hard, nausea wants to vomit, but still quietly pushes the aunt’s arm.

There is no one in Nalan. Now, except for the mother who is sick, the nephew who is less than one year old, she is left alone. The genealogy of Nalan’s cockroaches, the tens of thousands of mountains and rivers, once again fell on her shoulders. Therefore, she can’t fall down, she can’t be weak, she can’t even cry, and if she falls, the Nalan family will have collapsed for thousands of years.

She strongly raised her back, and read and retired her will, ordered the aftermath to stabilize the hearts of the people, then returned to her bedroom, took the lights and sat for a night, the tears of the candle, and the eyes gradually hollowed out, but no tears poured out.

The emperor’s aftermath was handed over to An Lingwang and Xuanmo father and son. On the second day, local guards and officials sent people to Beijing to sacrifice. Nalan sat in the middle palace and co-ordinated everything. Although the emperor died, the Prince was standing up, the country was The Princess Nalan Long is still there, so there is a great change that has not happened.

On the second day, Nalan took people to the palace of Queen Cui, and wanted to take the new emperor to the temple. However, before he entered the dormitory, he saw a sharp knife. Xuan Mozhen slammed out the sabre, opened the sharp edge, and blocked it in front of Nalan. The surrounding guards were shocked. Some people shouted “The Assassin”, and they were about to rush into the dormitory, and suddenly heard the Queen’s voice screaming. : “I killed you! I killed you!”

Cui Yuru rushed out with a shawl, holding the child in one hand, and holding a pair of scissors in the other hand. His eyes were red and the voice hoarse and shouted: “You are a daughter-in-law! You have harmed the emperor, and now you have to harm my child. I killed you! I killed you!”

Nalan turned pale and her lips were close. Yun Aunt saw and hurriedly shouted: “Queen Empress, what are you talking about?”

“I didn’t talk nonsense! I know it!”

Cui Weiru sneered: “You are an ambitious woman, you want to be an emperor, so you killed the emperor, and now you have to kill my child, I won’t let you succeed!”

Nalan suddenly felt very tired, the sun was so glaring, this place was full of angry curses everywhere, she turned coldly, just a faint command: “The queen is inconvenient, can not raise the emperor, the emperor will bring go.”

Xuan Mo replied respectfully: “Yes, what about the queen?”

The emperor was just dead, the ruling and the opposition were unstable, and the father of Cui Yuru was the Taizhao of the Dynasties. If she was a supporter of the Empress Dowager, the power of the nephew rose up, not to mention that Cui Taizhen was the teacher of Jinjiang Wang…

“The Queen is deeply convinced that she will go with the emperor and give her poisonous wine. You will send her on the road.”

The sun was glaring, but the northwest was full of large clouds, and the curse behind it was louder. Nalan looked up and thought, it was going to rain.

The strong spirit of dealing with the affairs of the former dynasty, when the return from the front hall is already late at night, Xuan Mo walked in the end, a few times to stop and say, but finally helplessly sigh, before leaving, said: “People can not be resurrected, The princess relaxed her mind and did not sorrow and hurt her body.”

Nalan nodded, and it was very official: “Xuan Wang has worked hard.”

“Hey!” Xuan Mo did not answer, but it was only a long sigh. Nalan Wei Wei, looked up, but saw his face was too much, and finally whispered: “Princess Take care of your body, and leave it to the micro-minister to do it. Even if the liver and brain are painted, it will not be the same.”

Said to turn around and leave, Xiao Xiao line figure, a little indifferent and lonely in the moonlight.

When I returned to the dormitory, I heard the sound of the child crying. The baby girl was holding her baby, but the child still burst into tears and her face was red. In the two days, he lost his parents in succession, and his mother was sent to the road by his own aunt. If the child grows up and knows all this, I don’t know if she will hate her.

Leaning against the long window, thinking alone, the moon is bright and bright, like a jade plate, clear and venting, and a bright.

Aunt Yun will hold Qinger over and smile with a careful smile: “Princess, the emperor smiled.”

Nalan hugged the child, and she saw him staring at her with black and white eyes. The corners of her mouth were pulled apart and she smiled very happy. The full heart could not help but slowly dissipate. She picked up the child and looked at his familiar eyebrows, and immediately remembered her brother.

When he was alive, she occasionally had grievances and hatred that God gave him a man’s body, but he was an idiot, did not understand the hardships and did not distinguish between affairs, and plainly misunderstood the century-old foundation of Huai Song. However, he is a splendid talent, but he is a daughter. After many years of hard work, he still has to be crowned with the notoriety of dictatorship. However, until he went, she realized that they were one, and they were all ruined. Only the red dragonfly is still there, she can stabilize the Song Dynasty and support the threshold of Nalan.

Fortunately, there are still children.

She looked down and looked at the young child in the shackle. She couldn’t help but feel a sore eyes. Fortunately, there was him. Now Nalan, they are left with only two of them.

“Princess, how cute you are on the little Saint!”

Aunt Yun smiled and touched the emperor’s little face. Qinger seemed very happy. He waved the white fat little hand and giggled. His eyes looked at Nalan black and seemed to understand what she thought.

At this moment, I only heard the sound of “砰”, Nalan and Yun Aunt were all shocked, and Qi Qi looked back, only to see a woman who had knocked over the tea.

Aunt Yun said with anger: “Useless things! Surprise the emperor and the princess, carefully your life!”

Nalan also frowned slightly, and gently patted the cockroaches of the Qing, for fear that he was shocked. However, he saw that he was still laughing and he didn’t seem to be afraid at all.

Aunt Yun said with a smile: “Princess, how big is the courage of Xiaosheng, when you grow up, you must be a good emperor of the wise god.”

Nalan also smiled a little, but her smile didn’t slip to the bottom of her eyes, but she suddenly looked awkward and her face brushed white.

Aunt Yun asked incomprehensiblely: “Princess, what happened?”

Nalan’s hands and feet were cold, and he comforted himself in the bottom of his heart, but he quickly sent the child to the aunt of Yun’s aunt, then stood aside and took a slap in the face.


A crackling sound rang in the child’s ear, but the child did not realize it, and stretched out the fat little hand to catch the button on the aunt of the cloud aunt, giggling and happy.

Nalan was anxious, constantly slaps her slap, and her eyes are red, and she cries and says: “Qing Er! Qing Er! Look here, my aunt is here!”

However, after all, the child did not turn his head. He screamed and yawned, then leaned his head on the aunt of Yun’s aunt and closed his eyes and slept.

“Clear children, don’t sleep! Qinger, my aunt is here!”


The aunt of the cloud was already bursting into tears, and slammed into the ground, crying and crying: “You don’t call, don’t call.”

Nalan was excited. She grabbed the aunt of Yun’s shoulder and shouted: “What happened? What the hell is going on?”

Aunt Yun’s face was full of tears and cried: “I saw it when the child just came back. It came to the doctor in the Queen’s Palace. He was tortured and tortured. He said that the Queen had already known it. Didn’t say, she was afraid that once she said it, the child could not be a prince. He has been governing for the past year, but this disease was brought by the mother’s womb and could not be cured…”


Nalan only felt a whirlwind at a time, Qinger is a blind man, Qinger is a blind man! This fact completely defeated her whole person, as if the person floating in the deep sea was taken out of the last floating board, the forbearance and sorrow of many days, like a huge flood, the throat is sweet, A warm blood spurted out, all sprinkled on the placket!

“Princess! Princess!”

Aunt Yun was shocked and put down the emperor to help her. Qinger suddenly was placed on the ground, opened his eyes and looked around in confusion, and then began to cry loudly. We ran in and brushed in, the room was in chaos, and the aunt of the cloud shouted: “Taiwanese doctor! Chuantai doctor!”

Nalan was groggy, and there was only one sentence in her mind that echoed repeatedly: Tianli Zhaozhao, retribution is not good.

Yes, she killed Cui Yuru, but the empress also left her a big disaster.

If she knew it, she wouldn’t worry about Hung Hom’s unwillingness. She would give him more of the harem, give birth to a child, and it would not be so dying today. But now, everything is late, and everything is too late.

Her tears finally fell down and could no longer be controlled. The red sorrow of her mouth cried: “The father, the father, and the sins of the children are sinful!”

After waking up several times, people were gathered around, and Nalan kept her eyes closed. For the first time in five years, she was so capricious, she wanted to sleep, and nothing happened. But gradually, the surrounding area slowly calmed down, and a figure stood in front of her, and she did not leave for a long time.

Open your eyes, the moonlight has penetrated the carved silk window and sprinkled on the book stand. The Buddha’s voice of Taimiao follows the cold wind through the tall and heavy palace wall and passes to her ear in this way. Reminding her, when is it, and where it is.

“The emperor’s deafness, the minister has already fallen, and no one in this house will know anyone.”

Xuan Mo whispered in front of the bed, his voice was very nice, like a breeze blowing through the tube, low and calm, the candle was shining on his well-defined face, and there was a hint of tenacity in the faint edge. .

“Before the emperor’s adult pro-government, we have at least a dozen years to try to plan. Although the emperor is deaf, but as long as he is married at the age of fifteen, he will have a hope in Huai Song. The princess is the Song of the Song Dynasty. The pillar is the whole hope of Nalan. If the princess falls, the emperor will inevitably be dethroned, the royal family will die, the outsiders will take the opportunity to seize power, the war will be split, the war will start, the people will not live, and the ancestors will be destroyed. Once the princess has the ambition of the latitude and longitude, she will never sit back and watch the fire and the destruction of the foundation.

Nalan looked up and looked at the man who grew up together, and suddenly he had a bit of sadness in his heart.

Yes, what he said, she did not think of it, just, what a difficult road this is!

“Xuan Mo, thank you.”

She hasn’t called him Xuan Mo for a long time. Xuan Mo has a slight glimpse, and her eyes flashed a bit of movement, but she still respectfully and politely said: “This is a matter of micro-commissions.”

Nalan sat up and coughed twice. She looked pale and papery. She smiled slightly: “You are more mature, and you have the uncle’s wind.”

An Lingwang is the father of Xuan Mo. He used to be a general under Naren’s seat. Because he had saved Nalan Lie’s life in the Battle of South Xinjiang, he was given the name Nalan and entered the royal family genealogy.

Xuan Mo replied: “Thank you for the princess praise.”

“I heard that Yushu is pregnant, is it true?”

The black ink face was stagnation, and the brow was tightly locked. After a while, he whispered: “Yes.”

Nalan smiled and said: “Yushu has both ability and morality, you have to treat her well.”

Xuan Mo’s tone is quite blunt, and there is no joy or sadness: “I also want to thank the princess for the grace of marriage.”

The hall is empty, the Buddha’s voice is getting bigger, and there are also the sounds of the crying of the ministers. They look at each other, but they don’t know what to say. Xuan Mo took out a letter from his arms, and the letter was intact. He had not opened it and handed it to Nalan Road: “Yanbei wrote a letter.”

Nalan’s gray eyes suddenly flashed a glimmer of light, almost a little impatient. The mysterious eyes were slightly solidified, and the eyebrows were lightly stunned. If there was ice and snow that could not be opened, he quietly stepped back and whispered softly. Road: “Wei Chen retired.”

“Well.” Nalan answered, although she was smiling, but the voice was a little careless.

The long light is quiet, only a thin shadow can be seen.

When Yun Aunt came in, Nalan had recovered as usual, and the doctors invited the pulse. After drinking the medicine, the palace ladies gradually retired. Before sitting in the book case, he repeatedly rubbed the little letter of the party, and the grief of his heart gradually rose, but he did not dare to read it. The candle is burning, there is silence between the heavens and the earth, and the house is filled with fragrant incense, and the fragrance is awkward, like a cloud.

“Xuan Mowu, the war in Yanbei is gone, and the brother is safe and innocent. Don’t worry about it. This time, the sages and the younger brothers are running around, raising the military needs of the grain, and restraining the Daxia East Army with the strength of the country. However, the battle of Xia Yan is now winning. Negative two points, for the brothers do not have the perfect grasp, is that the sage brother must not be too protective of Yanbei, in order to prevent someone on the court to attack you. The official scene is dangerous, the wise brother is careful. If by the dumb brother And the sage is implicated, and the death of the brother is not enough to forgive the inner regret.

On the day when Da Xia Bing retreats, when the brother is married, if the younger brother can come, the brother will be welcome, and your brother and I have not seen it for ten years. ”

Tears, after all, fall by drop, dripping on pure white paper, full of sadness and tears. She has been patient for too long, and has been suppressed for too long. She has been holding on for too long. Her heart is full of accumulation. It is the exhaustion and desolation of the blood, the state affairs, and now, more of his own words that he has long been clear. “The day when the big Xia Bing retreats, when the brother is married”, the eyes are gradually fascinated, and the wind and rain outside the window is like her heart, a piece of white. When I was full of a thick ink, I listened to the rain and hit the banana, and I laughed and wrote:

“Where is the evening of the eve, the boat is in the middle of the stream. Today, he is stunned, and he has to be in the same boat with the prince. The shame is so embarrassed, not shameful. The heart is annoyed and not ignorant, and the prince is known. The mountain has a wooden raft , Xin Yuejun knows?”

Writing the last few strokes, the handwriting has been messy, she stunned in the book case, tears and tears, so she fell asleep so deeply.

When Yun’s aunt came in, she almost fell into tears. The princess has been in power for many years and has never been so ruined. She was allowed to go to bed to rest, and then returned to the book case, seeing the letter of reply has been written, and sent to Yanbei Wangye, she has been a bit unhappy, and did not look at the contents of the letter on the book, After being folded, put it in the envelope, seal it with fire paint, and hand it to the palace lady, saying: “Send it to the Xuanwangfu, let him send out according to the old rules.”

“The slaves obey.”

The rainy night, the darkness of the night, a black eagle flew from the Xuanwangfu, heading northwest, and rushed away.

When Yan Xun received a letter from Nalan, the day before he left, the wind stood on the side, seeing Yan Xun frowning and looking at him for a long while, suddenly burst into a smile and said: “He does not know who copied the woman. The boudoir blame, even sent me to me?”

The wind took it over and looked at it, and then smiled: “His Royal Highness, Xuan Wangye has a messy handwriting and looks like drunk.”

Yan Xun shook his head and smiled. For this righteous brother, he still had some friendship. Ten years of intercourse, no more than normal, he said happily: “His interest is good.”

After all, he suddenly came up with a childish heart, thinking that if he sent it back, wouldn’t he know if this kid would be mad? Putting a pen on the letter wrote: “I have been dating for ten years, I don’t know what it is, my brother is dull. On the day of the retreat of the Great Summer, the brothers went to Song to raise their relatives. I don’t know if I dare or not?”

The wind saw a big laugh: “His Royal Highness, Xuan Wangye will be angry.”

“Just wait to see him go crazy.”

Yan Xun put the letter seriously, put it on the paperweight, placed it at the end, haha ​​smiled, and was in a good mood, with the wind and Ah Jing out of the door.

Chu Qiao was seriously ill yesterday, still lying on the bed today, not without blame and sadness.

Blaming, is to blame his cold and indifferent, sad, but it hurts his blindness and bullying, however, how can it? As the little sister said, except for her, he does not take the life of others as a life. Even if it is cruel and inexhaustible, it has a warmth after all, at least, except for her.

He cares about her.

And she, in some things, is not concealed, such as her real origin, and for example, in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and Zhuge Yue’s entanglement.

Zhuge, Zhuge, every time I think of these three words, she feels a slight pain. It’s not numbness and cold blood to forget everything, not to be stupid and ignorant. I can’t see his kindness to her. However, how can it be? In this world, after all, some people have failed to do things. After all, some things cannot be compensated for repayment. As Li Ce said, if you can’t respond, then it is better to forget.

Eight years of observance, she is the only one in the heart of Yan Xun, and she, when he did not notice, had a moment of heart sorrow, count, who is owed, who is really sorry who, maybe She shouldn’t be so sloppy and careless.

I got out of bed, dressed, and took the newly peeled chestnuts and went to Yan’s study room. The green willows were taking a nap and didn’t even hear her up. This night, I tossed this little toad, I want to come. Also tired.

Pushing open the door of Yan Xun, there is no one in it. Put the chestnuts on his book, and see the complicated documents. The candle in the candlestick is only a large piece of nails. It is obvious that he was stunned last night and could not help but give birth. A few lines of distress. I was about to tell the kitchen to prepare some dishes for him. I had a sleeve and I accidentally touched a letter on the book.



The envelope was very beautiful, and the scent of the scent was soaked. The letter fell from the table and fell to the ground. The mouth opened more than half, revealing the white stationery inside. Two lines of handwriting suddenly came into view. Chu Qiao saw a slight glimpse. Involuntarily slammed down and pulled the letter out.

Suddenly I saw this sentence, “There is a branch of wood and wood, and I don’t know if I am happy.” She suddenly felt a pain. It is not her handwriting, she is never good at poetry, and her fingers are cold. She quickly flips through the skin of the letter, and the Song Dynasty Xuan Wangfu, for a time, some things are integrated in my mind, gradually becoming clear, her deep Inhale, then slowly spit out, want to spit out those unwilling things, but found that the heart is even heavier.

Looking down, it was Yan’s personal reply, and the head of the head slammed into a muffled sound, almost standing unsteadily, and the eyebrows were tightly wrinkled, like a thin bend. Thousands of thoughts came out, and there were thousands of reasons to overthrow them. However, they ended up not being able to withstand the black and white words.

The chill came from the skin, as if there were countless icy tentacles. If the layers of vines climbed from the heart, the weak body was completely wrapped, and the faint yellow sky disappeared, and the bottom of the heart gradually became dark. The empty, horrible light shines on both eyes.

A thought gradually rose from the bottom of my heart and merged into one sentence: the original so-called lifelong companionship was nothing more than that.

“No!” Chu Qiao suddenly stood up, his eyes showing a few sharp colors, she never believed in this matter, unless he said it! Her Chu Qiao will never be fooled by such confusion!

The sickness of the lingering body suddenly disappeared. She ran back to the room in a few steps, and went out to the door with a big bang. Green Liu panicked behind, screaming: “Girl! You are still not good, this is where you are going?”

Chu Qiao ignored her, turned over and went to the horse, whistling toward the first military camp.

However, after the military camp, she was not allowed to enter. The soldiers of the First Army did not recognize her, nor did she believe what she said, but she decided to stop her. At this moment, suddenly heard a cry in the ear, Chu Qiao went back, only to see the people very familiar, even the second army’s deputy Yin Liangyu.

The man was in armor, and when she saw her, she was overjoyed. She ran up a few steps and shouted: “Adult, I finally saw you. I spent three days outside the Highness, but they just didn’t let me in. You come. Now, this is good!”

Chu Qiao gave a slight glimpse and asked: “Are you looking for me?”

Yin Liangyu was also a glimpse, and then asked: “You don’t know adults?”

“what do you know?”

Yin Liangyu suddenly changed his face and shouted: “Adult, something big!”

The sky was gray and the wind was rolling over the snow. On the second army’s Central Plaza, the two men were quietly holding each other. The navy blue leather armor wrapped the young bodies that had fought in battle. The blue veins of the hand holding the knife collapsed. Yan Xun’s black robes were quite straight, and the curtain of the Chinese army’s big account was opened. He sat on a chair with white tiger skin and looked at the person outside with a cold look. He said calmly: “So, you are Got it?”

Mori’s cold breath came to the surface, and the blade that was entrained in the words was sharp and stabbing. The officers and men of the southwestern town government were swelled in the skin, apparently controlling their emotions. He Xiao stood in front of the people, the young generals were not handsome, but the sharp outline and the bloody military atmosphere made him full of fierce temperament. At this moment, he reached out and stopped the excited soldiers behind him, frowning slowly and said: Your Highness, you have promised us that you have never been in the past.”

“I didn’t say anything.” Yan Xun smiled lightly, his eyebrows were lightly picked, and his eyes were indifferent and contemptuous: “It’s not a traitor, but a deserter.”

“We are not deserters!”

An angry cry suddenly came and saw that in the middle of the square, more than 30 soldiers dressed in military uniforms in the southwestern town were in a row. Behind them was the cold sword of the First Army, a young soldier. Excited shouted: “No matter who you are, you can’t burn our flag!”

The red cloud flag on the white background, which was stained with blood, was thrown on the ground. One of the corners had been burned, and the black and white pieces were uneven.

Yan Xun’s eye faintly glanced at him, giving a disdainful scorn in his nose, his mouth twitching, holding a hint of ridicule.

“The southwestern town government has disappeared in this world as early as three days ago. What is the use of the military flag? You attacked the friendly army. Before the war, it was a betrayal in the middle of the night. It is such a defiance. If you let it pass, what is Yanbei? What can the military law say?”

Yan Xun’s voice suddenly became fierce. His eyes swept through those unwilling eyes and waved his hand. The cold voice said: “Betrayal is the biggest sin. I can spare you once, but I can’t spare you for the second time. Come here! Engage these people’s military laws, and all those who disagree will be disposed of in accordance with the same party!”

“His Royal Highness!” He Xiaojian’s eyebrows erected, suddenly stepped forward and screamed. However, only to hear a bang, a bright knife swayed suddenly, and the 20,000 Guards’ knives were unsheathed at the same time. The movement was amazing, and the sword was added in an instant, but no one made a slight sound. The soldiers of the First Army also stepped forward, and the archers took out the arrows that had already been prepared, bent the strings, and the arrows were full of eyes.

The sergeants of the Second Army were stunned. During this time, they had been with the officers and men of the southwestern town government. At the time, they had the friendship of fighting side by side in Beibei, and they were also playing a few points today. The feelings of solidarity came, but now they see the posture of Yan Xun and the First Army, but they are somewhat at a loss.

The southwestern town government has only less than 1,500 people left. They are standing in the center of the army of tens of thousands of people. They have no weapons, clenched their fists one by one, and they are flushed and face the cold arrows. The blade, the eyes of the anger almost spurted out the fire. He Xiao’s eyes looked around and finally took a deep breath and said in a deep voice: “Do you want to kill you all under the Highness?”

Yan Xun’s inscrutable smile, his eyes gloomy, seemingly invisible to the bottom of the sea: “He’s command is a minister of merit, and naturally he cannot speak the same words with those traitors.”

“His Royal Highness!”

He Xiao’s eyes were red, and he slowly stepped forward. Twenty banned officers immediately greeted him. He put the bright knife on his neck. He was not afraid, and he said with a word of silence: In the battle, the southwestern town government killed six thousand people, the battle of Chidu, the southwest town government killed four thousand, and the dozens of arrows in the generals of Feng Ting were still fighting, and General Murong set up at Baizhang Cliff, and the arrow was exhausted. Afterwards, the enemy was stopped by the fire, and it was buried under the flames. General Wu Danyu took five hundred people and dragged the hundreds of thousands of troops in the summer for three days. He eventually rushed to death and died in the chaos. In the battle, our lonely army assisted the border town and succumbed to the city wall, and did not retreat. The loyalty of the southwest town government, the heavens and the earth can be seen, the sun and the moon can be seen, the tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians in Beibei City are obvious to all, and the priests treat loyal ministers like this, He Xiao is not satisfied. !”

“Bold!” Major General Qiu Yi of the Third Guard of the First Army suddenly took a step forward and shouted. Now he is the deputy commander of the Yanbian Guards. He is a young general who has been promoted from the bottom of the generals by Yan Xun. Just listen to him and say: “The little commander dared to speak out against His Highness. You are not strict with yourself. Your Highness has not been with you. Now you dare to commit the following crimes. Do you know what military law is?”

“His Royal Highness!” He Xiao knees on one knee and his eyes are tenacious. He said with aloud: “The southwestern town government has made two thousand soldiers, all of them really sincere, and your Highness is not afraid of the heart of the world?”

“The more you say, the more you have passed!” Feng Lu, the deputy commander of the first army next to Qiu Yi, said: “Put him down!”

When the ban came forward, he went to twist the arm of He Xiao. Standing in the southwestern town of He Xiao, the soldiers saw him rushing forward. The situation was chaotic. He Xiao shouted: “His Royal Highness! Even the Batuha family. The descendants have a foothold, why should they kill the southwestern town government? He Xiao dissatisfied! He Xiao dissatisfied!”

“Stop.” Yan Xun said, the voice is not big, but suddenly everyone is quiet, he looked at He Xiao with a cold eye, slowly said: “He commanded, I dealt with today, only the soldiers who escaped Beibei last night. It doesn’t matter to you. I hope that you don’t want to stay in the matter. Otherwise, I will rule you to punish you for harassing the military.”

“His Highness, they are not defectors, but to protect the flag, and they are chased and killed before they escape from the city…”

“The military order is the military order! I don’t want to listen to the explanation. I only see the result! If everyone has an excuse, how should I control the army?” Yan Xun said, picking it up sharply.

He Xiao eyes flushed and shouted: “His Royal Highness!”


“His Royal Highness!” He Xiaoda yelled and rushed forward. The officers and men of the two thousand southwestern townships were behind him. The Guards Army pulled out the waist scabbard and rushed into the tide. Hit, with ten enemies, one time, blood splashes, noisy. The first army was surrounded by the outside, and the square was smashed. Only the people of the Second Army stood outside and watched.

Qiu Yi shouted at the sergeant who executed the military law: “What are you doing? Kill!”

“The rabbit died of dog cooking, the bird did not bow, the Yan Xun, you forgive the virtues, the letter is abandoning the righteousness, we really misread you!” The secretary of the southwestern township, Wenyang Yang, was on the ground, last night was his first discovery. An army took away their twenty-faced military flag and burned it in the first army barracks. At that time, the situation was sudden. It was too late to report to He Xiao. Wenyang took more than 30 civil servants in the bookstore and rushed into the first army and rushed back. The flag fled to the outside of the city. At this moment, he was forced to kneel on the ground, his face stuck on the cold snow, and he yelled.


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