Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 221-240 (unedited)

Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 221-240 (unedited)

By Xiao Xiang Dong’Er, translated and arranged by Angel Chua


“General Xue, I am sorry, I have just offended.”

The little man took the hood and revealed a pointed face. The eyebrows were clear and the eyes were bright. It turned out to be a very beautiful young girl.

“Who are you?” Xue Zhiyuan’s cheeks were still swollen. The place where she had stomped was still hurting. She didn’t want to talk to her. She saw her appearance and was shocked.

“This is the Chu people in the staff office.” Cui generals quickly introduced: “Adult, this is the second army to support the captain of the friendly army vanguard of Beibei, Xue Zhiyuan Xue general.”

Chu Qiao’s cheeks were frozen and red, and her lips were a little cracked. She nodded and said very kindly: “General Xue is in a hurry, and he has worked hard in such bad weather.”

Xue Zhiyuan frowned and didn’t know where to come out. He was staring at Chu Qiao. He suddenly snorted and said, “The things of today will not be counted like this.”

“That is of course, more than forty people were injured before a dozen people died in the city gate. This kind of thing will naturally not be so easy.”

Chu Qiao smiled slightly, but there was no smile in his eyes. He said faintly: “But General Xue has just been eager to protect the city. The war is imminent. I will not report to the Military Academy for the time being, and hold you accountable.”


“General Xue, so eager to come, should there be something to do? If you are very busy, I have to go first.”

Xue Zhiyuan took a deep breath and then glanced at Chu Qiao, snorting and leaving with his own hands.

Cui General wiped a cold sweat on his forehead and said to Chu Qiao: “Adult, are you okay?”

Chu Qiao’s brow slowly wrinkled, and sighed helplessly, faintly said: “I knew that he was a second army person, and he would not hit his two slaps. This is troublesome.”

“Ah?” Cui will take a look.

“Oh what!” Chu Qiao turned his head and said with anger: “If you are not a second-armed person, the city gate is almost lost. Do you know what will happen if the spy enters the city at this time? The army will die without a place of burial! The portal of Yanbei in Beibei, you are so careless, Xue Zhiyuan just killed the civilians at random, but you are joking about the fate of Quanyan!”

Cui’s collar was white and scared, and his legs were soft. His eyes flashed and looked like a thief who was caught by a thief. He suddenly slammed on the floor and shouted: “Adult, small damn, The biggest one is dying, please let the grown-up be a small dog.”

Chu Qiao slowly wrinkled his eyebrows, such a person was actually mixed into the stalwart of the city, she did not know who to pursue the responsibility, this time, she only felt deeply weak.

“Go to the military and political center to report it.”

A faint throwing of a sentence, Chu Qiao turned away, the snow is fluttering, there is still no way to stop.

Opening the door, a hot air came over, Chu Qiao took off the big cockroach, looked around, but did not see the shadow of Yan Xun, she turned to the study, halfway through the rushed back to the A Jing, has not opened I listened to Ah Jing wearing a rough air and said: “Girl, Your Highness told you to go.”

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows pick: “Where is he? What happened?”

“The representative of the Second Army is here, and Your Highness is waiting for your meeting.”

Before I entered the house, I heard a duck-like scorpion shouting: “We have millions of troops. Why are we afraid of the big summer? We can hit them on the plains!”

Wen Yan, Chu Qiao’s brow suddenly wrinkled, and the most common expression she made during this time may be frowning.

“Yes! We Yanbei is the teacher of justice, we are not afraid of summer dogs!”

“Report!” the soldier outside the door shouted: “The Chu people from the staff office are here.”

“Come in.”

Chu Qiao walked into the room and said hello to everyone in the room. I saw that the number of people attending the meeting today was much higher than that of the previous one. Except for the last time, there were military representatives of the Second Army of the First Army, and the Third Army. The deputy of the military, the secret characters of the big peers, the real elders of the large counterparts, and other representatives of the side army, the militia, the self-defense army, the patriarch of the small tribes of the Yanbei Plateau, a house of black pressure People, almost packed the conference hall. Chu Qiao knows that almost all the armed forces in Yanbei have arrived today. She walked in with her head and walked straight to the side of Yan Xun. She smiled and said: “Sorry, I am late. “”

“How is it?” Yan Xun’s face is not very good, obviously it is not light by this group of people, he looked at Chu Qiao, asked quietly.

“Everything went well, and the houses have been built, enough to escape this time.”

“I oppose!” A sharp voice suddenly sounded. Liu You, the military commander of Beibei, stood up and looked ugly: “Why should we take out our military materials to supply those refugees, these things clearly can be the walls?” Raising the height of ten feet will have a great effect on resisting the big summer. Also, why should we distribute our food and grass to the refugees? The Chu people know that we are under what conditions, the big summer army is under pressure, the war is about to begin, the army It is hard to say whether the supply of food can be supplied, but you have to use grain to help the refugees?”

“Liu Gu deputy, if I remember correctly, you didn’t have any support for me when I started to refine bricks ten days ago. The entire Beibei army did not send a soldier. Instead, the nearby people actively helped, otherwise, now, Your city wall will not increase by 20 feet. In addition, I want to remind you that the height of the city wall is stipulated. Our current city wall is already high enough. If it is higher, the soldiers will have no accuracy in archery. Then, our defensive advantage will be greatly reduced. Therefore, I ask those who do not understand the military to speak with caution on military issues.”

Chu Qiao looked cold, no longer the good temper of the day, she looked coldly at this military demand, coldly said: “And, I want to say, we liberate Yanbei, for the freedom of Yanbei people In the war, if the people are dead, then the war is meaningless.”

Liu Ou’s face is iron and blue, and he argued strongly: “It used to be like this. Every year is a big wind and snow. Daxia has never deducted support from the military food. I have not seen the people starve to death for thousands of years.”

“You are right, so Daxia was driven out of Yanbei.” The girls spread their hands and shrugged and said: “The soldiers stationed in Yanbei in the summer are all transferred from the mainland. They all lead the military troops.” Vice-Chair Liu Ou, when did you give your subordinates a military squad? Your subordinate is to follow you for free? Are you trying to get your subordinates to follow your life and let their parents and wives Are you starving to death at home?”

The conference room suddenly fell into a sly silence, no one spoke, only to hear the wind outside blowing like a wild beast.

Yan Xun’s voice was cold and he said slowly: “I’m getting down to business, who is just speaking?”

“It’s me.” Lu Jie, the head of the Third Army, said with a deep voice that he was not very old, he was in his thirties, his beard was heavy, his authentic plateau looked, his face was very red, and he said with a sigh of relief: “I don’t understand why we If you want to hide in Tibet, why should you shrink in Beibei City like a tortoise? We have millions of troops. There are only 300,000 troops in the early summer. Can we lose if we play four?”

Chen Hao, head of the Second Cavalry Regiment of Beibei City, also echoed: “This is the plan of who made it. It is an insult to our glorious Yanbei warriors. We need war. We need a decisive battle with the enemy!”

“Yes!” The tribal patriarchs also exclaimed excitedly: “Yanbei is a good man, there is no such thing as hiding in Tibet!”

Chu Qiao suddenly felt a bit disgusted, remembering the horror that she had just seen outside the city. She only thought that these people were as annoying as the goshawk. She looked up and looked like an eagle sharp. She said: “The battle plan is me. Do, who has opinions?”

The crowd suddenly calmed down, and ten days passed. No one dared to despise this young girl as she did at the beginning. However, in a few days, she not only reorganized the military’s constituent institutions, but also coordinated the management system of the base camp, greatly improving the efficiency of the work, and magically crafted a red stone called brick. Although there is no stone sturdy, the efficiency of building the city is extremely fast, and in order to increase the solidity of the city wall, she also took a lot of ice from the Chishui River not far away, and quickly stood up outside the city wall. More than ten feet high in the double wall, so that not only the city wall is more sturdy, but also effectively prevent the enemy from climbing the siege.

She used her super-military means to set up a large number of traps and traps outside the city. Today, Beibei has become a solid city of iron and blood, and it looks like the wind has blown down. It is.

Therefore, even if she is dissatisfied with her, but no one dares to say it for a while. Especially when she has just made great contributions and completed the resettlement of the refugees, her reputation in the military at this time is no longer the same.

“I have opinions.” A low voice sounded slowly, and everyone turned around and looked at it. It turned out to be the striker representative of the Second Army.

Xue Zhiyuan looked at Chu Qiao coldly and said in a low tone: “For this war, we have prepared for eight years. In these eight years, we have been actively rushing, mobilizing human and material resources, secretly training troops, and integrating military strength. We will not forget The shame of the fire thunder, the phoenix flowers growing on the flesh and blood of the ancestors are still open, they are waiting for us to be a shame for them. However, we waited for eight years silently, what was exchanged, actually hiding and Are you cowering?”

His eyes were gloomy and cold, and his eyes were faintly looking at the swallows sitting on the main seat. The tone said coldly: “Where is the spirit of Yan’s fearless death, where did it go? The prosperity of the emperor has burned. The bones of His Royal Highness?”


When the voice just fell, the conference room suddenly broke into a terrible dead silence. Yan Xun was wearing a black robe and long eyebrows. He had been sitting on the back of the chair. At this moment, he heard a slight eyebrow and swept the eye of Xue Zhiyuan. The corner of the mouth was pulled, and it was a light smile, but the sound was like the snow and ice of the twelfth lunate bones, which made the back cold.

Yu Xin, the deputy of the Second Army Corps, who was sitting at the same table with him, quickly got up and said: “Taiyuan is very ruthless, but ask His Highness to forgive him for worrying about Yanbei, and for all his heart, don’t blame.”

Xia An, the owner of Beibei City, also got up and said: “Although General Xue’s words are not appropriate, but everything is for the battle and victory of Yanbei. Please ask His Highness to be born and died in his many years, and he has made great achievements for Yanbei independence. Give him a credit and spare him once.”

Other generals also got up and pleaded for Xue Zhiyuan. Only the military representative of the First Army did not move, and the expression on the face was a bit gloomy. It seemed that he could not make up his mind.

“Xue Jiangjun’s mouth is straightforward, I like it very much.” Yan Xun’s narrow eyes twitched slightly and said faintly: “All of you are pleased, everyone is the hero of Yanbei. I can help you with each other. It is my blessing.” Bless, how can you blame the sinful people? And General Xue is only expounding his own ideas, and there is no disrespect for me. What is sin? Xue General, are you saying?”

Yan Xun’s voice is extremely indifferent, his eyes are cold and he has a restrained edge. Xue Zhiyuan had to stand up and whispered: “His Royal Highness will be dull, not expressive, and will not mean to sneak down on His Royal Highness, and please ask His Royal Highness.”

Everyone heard the words and called His Royal Highness, and got up in battle. He sat back in his seat.

At this time, I saw that Xue Zhiyuan did not sit down. Instead, he turned to face Chu Qiao and said, “In the next question, I would like to ask the Chu people to answer a little.”

When this statement came out, even Yu Xin of the Second Army frowned. Just as he spoke to Yan Xun, Yan Xun had not care, but he did not care. After all, Yan Xun is now the nominal leader of Yanbei. In this way, it will be greatly unfavorable to the Second Army.

Before he stood up, he saw Chu Qiao’s face slowly and stood up slowly. He looked at Xue Zhiyuan with a cold look. He said faintly: “General Xue, I didn’t expect you to raise this naive question. I am really regret.”

Xue Zhiyuan’s eyes were cold and he was about to talk. He saw that Chu Qiao’s face was cold and he said: “War is not an arithmetic problem. In the normal combat process, the power comparison between the two sides is not a simple comparison of numbers! There are many factors, the number of people is only one side of the advantage, the morale of both sides, the combat effectiveness of the soldiers, the overall strength level, the comparison of weapons, the accuracy of intelligence, the speed of information transmission, the personal ability of the commander generals, the actual experience of soldiers in the war Experience, the terrain of the battlefield, the supply of logistics, all of this are enough to have an important impact on the overall strategic situation. Simply relying on the number of people to win or lose, and keep listening to several such superficial questions, it is completely war A low-level mistake made by a layman who has no understanding!”

The girl disdainfully screamed, and suddenly it seemed like a pot of cold water poured over the heads of the people. Her words were almost all included, and Chen Hao, a deputy general, said with a cold voice: “We are all outside the war, only Chu. Are you a strategic master? I have been fighting Yanbei for more than ten years and have never met a madman like you.”

“History has long told us that people who are always thinking about their hard work in the past have no future development. What’s more, some people’s past things are not necessarily worth remembering.”

Chu Qiao said with no enthusiasm: “I invite you to recognize the situation we are facing. We are not just facing a war. The victory or defeat of a war will not help the whole situation. For the big summer, we are nothing but A place on the border rebelled. They were sitting in Hongchuan. They could send hundreds of thousands or even millions of troops to encircle us. The call of the true singer would be able to summon 100,000 troops in two days. We, we are holding the whole body and going to the big summer battle, what is the road ahead of us? Victory, is to continue to survive, failure, we must all die, we are not afraid of death, but we can not die without value The local victory has no effect on the overall situation. In the Battle of Beibei City, what we want to achieve is not a tactical victory. What we want is a time to open the battle!”

Chu Qiao clenched his fist and waved hard in front of him. His eyes were tenacious and said: “What we want is not to defeat the Xia Army in one or two wars. What we want is to drag them, drag them, and then Hit them all and destroy them all.”

The crowd suddenly whispered, and Yan Xun stood up and looked down at everyone in the room. He wore a black robes, a band of ink, and his eyes looked like an eagle on the air. His tone was low, and there seemed to be depression in the inside. The atmosphere, the man said slowly:

“You, since ancient times, Yanbei has been suffering from purgatory-like suffering, snow disasters, famine, wars, plagues, brutal dogs and savage people in the north, and the straits and heavy taxes of the great summer. We are suffering. The country of blood and tears, for hundreds of years, we have been trying to find a way, until my father, he introduced the sacred glory of Datong thought, ignited the fire of hope on the land of Yanbei, and wanted to lead everyone out of this disaster, but he Failed. Yanbei suffered huge losses, we suffered a huge price, our soldiers fought bravely, but in the end still escaped the fate of death.

However, we will not compromise. If a nation wants to move toward freedom, it must pay a corresponding price! We waited for eight years, don’t care about the last few days, the fate of Yanbei is on our shoulders, and the whole of Simon’s land is wide-eyed and waiting, Yanbei’s hope is on us, we There is a long way to go. Now, as Yanbei people expect, I am coming back. I will inherit my father’s legacy and lead you to continue fighting. Please support me like my father, follow me, believe me! The war is about to begin. Daxia has put the knife on our heads. It is a guilty quarrel, or is actively preparing for war. It is busy taking power, or preparing to meet the enemy. I believe that you will have a firm belief. ”

Yan Xun looked calm. He looked at the people here. His eyes looked like the deep sea. There were fierce waves in it, but he could not see the obvious waves. His voice was peaceful, but in the peaceful voice, it seemed to be hidden. Huge power: “The life and death of Yanbei is under the control of all of you. We are behind Yanbei, our loved ones, our parents and children, our fathers and villagers, and our soldiers. We can’t retreat. ”

Facing the crowd, Yan Xun bent down and slammed a deep sigh. Everyone suddenly became stunned. Immediately, only the snoring came suddenly. Yanbei’s famous Yan Hong was on the ground with tears in his eyes. Said: “Long live Yanbei! Long live freedom!”

Immediately afterwards, the representatives of the First Legion were kneeling in front of Yan Xun and shouted in unison: “Swear to follow your Highness!”

It seems that the autumn wind has passed through the fields, the generals of the Third Legion, the militia regiment, the self-defense regiment, the tribal leaders, the officers of the Beibei City, and even the generals of the Second Legion are also squatting at the foot of the Yankee. They shouted in unison: Long live Yanbei, long live freedom!”

At this moment, there is no factional struggle, no more vain comparison. In front of life and death, in front of the national justice, the entire armed forces of the Yanbei Plateau are surrendered to the foot of Yan Xun, and Chu Qiao is also on the ground, listening to the ears. The voices of freedom that the generals screamed loudly, she suddenly felt the blood in the fierce rush.

The north wind whistling, this day, October 16th, in the Beibei City of the Yanbei Plateau, a small group of peasants, hawkers, robbers, businessmen, anti-government sects, and small tribes The leader, they gathered together, and issued a voice of allegiance to the new generation of Yanbei, who was wanted by the great summer. At that time, no one knew how much power this sound would have, but in the years to come, this force shocked Yanbei, shocking the big summer and shocking the entire site of Simon.

History may have changed at this moment, and those who witnessed it all are destined to stand up with the gleaming name.

Let history remember this moment, because from this moment, Yanbei has been sleeping for eight years of blood and strength, and finally awakened.

After the stability of the military heart, Yan Xun immediately launched a vigorous and resolute reform. He first confirmed the army roster, and transferred the Black Hawk Army to one-third of the troops, scattered among the various roads. Most of these people are engaged in civilian duties in the military, and they have almost no interference in the main fighting power of the military. The leaders who are worried about the rights of the Yankees have been greatly relieved to see this scene. They are also happy to take these people for them. A name that is extravagant: the master of the royal master (the clerical officer who wrote the words that inspired the morale after the victory of the army), the clerk of the grain (registered the record officer of the daily grain entry and exit), the weapon inspector (management weapon loss), The camp letter officer (writing a book for the soldiers and supervising the issuance of letters and correspondences), the battlefield anecdotes (power is limited to the pots and pans in charge of logistics anecdote, but it is the most senior officer with the soldiers) and so on. and many more.

Poor those who came from General Yanbei, they did not understand the strategic significance of these seemingly insignificant positions for an army. In Chu Qiao, a commander who has been trained by the modern army, and Yan Xun, the old river lake that has been immersed in the vortex of power for more than a decade, their wisdom is as thin as the film on the surface of the egg. On the night of the army reform, the officers of the various legions gathered together to form a small group, clapping each other to celebrate another victory against the upper forces, celebrating once again defeating Yan Xun, who came back from the emperor to enjoy the small white face, celebrating Yan Once again, the northern local forces have maintained a high degree of autonomy. They drank a drunkenness. For the Yankee’s return to Yanbei, they will take the opportunity to seize power. Everyone is full of red light, and they feel that the future is bright and hopeful. . At the same time, the book of the little white face that they repeatedly mentioned has alre


The content of the data goes up to the actual number of people, the structure of the army, the combat effectiveness of the army, the distribution of food and grass, the degree of weaponry, the loyalty of the squad leaders to the officers, the actual distribution of each whistle at night, and the captain in the army. If the combat is brave, which one will not be tamed, which will drag the hind legs, which has an unstable tendency to sway, and even where the heads of the army have raised a prostitute, where there is an illegitimate child, which bank is often in and out, and in which underground casino has a bad record, which love to drink, which love to collect money, which is not good temper, which love to Zouren, which Yulu no ambition, which is unpopular. The information is all-encompassing. After Chu Qiao led the staff of the staff to fight for a night of systematic analysis and integration, Yan Xun has thoroughly grasped the first-hand information of the entire Yanbei armed forces in this silent way, and its internal The completeness and meticulousness will definitely make the guests stunned.

They didn’t know that only one night, an invisible hand was already over their heads, and the power of this hand was so great that everyone would have a deep understanding in the years to come.

This is the second time in the second Northern Expedition in the later Northern Expedition, and even in the late three-year-old Simon Defence War. It is the predecessor of the swallow camp that has made great achievements. Once again, he maintained the regime and dignity of Yanbei, and repeatedly saved the fate of Yanbei and even the whole continent at the crisis. It became the most legendary of the land in Simon, and it was able to attack, retreat, and rush. The horses rushed to no one to stop, lurk and immediately turn into a bloody army that quietly and silently coordinated all intelligence. Their combat capabilities, in addition to the later generation of the beautiful army and Qinghai King close to the secret division of the seventh division, no one can stop.

Of course, at this moment, no one can see the strength of this army. After the early morning military trumpets, the soldiers looked at Beibei, broke up and embarked on the journey of their own guns and blood.

Chu Qiao stood in front of the North Gate, right in front of him, the 3,000-strong forward army of the First Reconstruction Army and the remaining 20,000 warriors of the Black Hawk Army. Yan Xun’s armor, ink-colored armor, swords and swords, cold wind from his The corners are blown, scorning the man’s thin but tough outline. Suddenly she felt that she was a little cold. She gently licked her mouth and wanted to say something, but she felt that her throat was tight. It seems that she had already said it. The rest is only a deep worry and reluctance.

“Let me follow you.” I still said this sentence, although I know that it is a luxury, but I still hold the sleeves of the other side, and once again pitiful request.

“Achu, hehe.” Yan Xun took Chu Qiao’s hand and put a sigh of relief on his mouth. Then he snorted and screamed softly. “There is a thousand miles away, and the weather is very cold. Now that the climate is abnormal, your body is not good, how can you travel long distances? Then there is also a person I can trust to co-ordinate the overall situation, and send me the news of the battle report at any time. I will not be able to beat the big summer. There is still a period of time to become the main battlefield. I will send someone to escort you to the blue city in the back. The girl of the feather girl is there, you will get her help and care so that I can feel at ease.”

These words did not know how many times to answer the question last night. Chu Qiao also knew that there was no hope of saying it, but he was still not happy. She bowed her head in a sullen mood and bowed her head.

“His Royal Highness, it’s time to leave.” Ah Jing said, whispering.

“Wait a minute.” Yan Xun raised his head and said with a black face in a very unfriendly attitude: “I didn’t see me and Chu Daren discussing important military?”

A Jing touched a big nail and quickly nodded and cautiously no longer dared to disturb the imperial court of King Yan and the Chu people in the staff office to discuss “important military.”

“Achu, don’t play the temper of a child, say more than ten days, I will definitely come back.”

Yan Xun bent over and put his head under the face of Chu Qiao’s face. He gently squeezed her face. The smile was mild like a mouse that stole honey: “I know Achu is big, follow. I have played 10 reinforcement groups around me, and it is more useful than one hundred military staff. As long as I go to the gate of Merrill’s Gate, the people inside will immediately look forward to the wind and escape and raise their hands. All the resistance will be turned into nothing, and the big thief will be smashed. We will cry out and cry out of the city to pay for mercy, and worship under your gods. But what to do, here also needs you, you are not here, I can’t sleep, I ask the poor people to be pitiful and small. The meager wish, let me take care of this mess.

A screaming, temperamental person finally turned into a hi, a light and heavy punch on the shoulders of Yan Xun, squinted and said: “The mouth is slippery.”

Yan Xun exaggeratedly made a relaxed posture, rubbed a hand on his forehead and then licked it, as if he could pull out a lot of sweat, and said: “It’s finally raining, it’s better than playing. It’s going to be a hard battle in the Northern Expedition.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes: “You still say!”

“Don’t say it, don’t say it,” Yan Xun quickly failed to pay: “It’s my nonsense and rap, and Chu people don’t want to care about me.”

Chu Qiao snorted, and one pair spared you, and the Yan Xun looked at him and laughed. The soldiers in the distance probed the brain. I don’t know why His Royal Highness Yan and Chu’s people discussed the military’s ability to discuss such a brilliance. They would nod their heads for a moment and dance. Is it because Chu Daren decided to assassinate the Xia Huang in Zhen Huang City?

“You have to be careful. There is no eye on the battlefield. Don’t take it easy.”

A woman who is strong and strong will face a lot of situations. For example, now, after knowing that she is hopeless, someone starts to chatter.

“Well, I know.” Yan Xun nodded honestly and had a very good attitude.

“Although the First Army is the main event of Mr. Wu, but the internal faction of the Legion is complicated, the penetration of the big peers will be extremely serious. You must be careful to slam the fire and the interior is unstable.”

“Do not worry, I remembered.”

“Meilin Pass is too north, the weather is cold, you are also sick, pay attention to keep warm, wear more clothes, cover the quilt at night, and follow the doctor’s medicine to remember to eat regularly.”

“Okay, I must pay attention.”

“When you sleep, remember to put a basin of water on your bed. You always cough. The brazier is too smokey and bad for your body.”

“Well, I remember.”

“People who are in contact with the dog and the slut are handed over to others. Don’t do it yourself. We don’t understand the attitude of the dog slut. We must guard against change.”

“Do not worry.”

“Remember to write to me every day. If I can’t get you the news in three days, I will go to Meilin Pass to find you.”

Someone is powerless 呻*吟: “I will remember to write to you if I am dead.”

The person who knows the broken thoughts suddenly rushed: “What do you say is dead? You say that I will pack my bags immediately!”

Yan Xun hurriedly stated: “I am nonsense, I am very sinful, Achu, and then it will be dark.”

“What’s the tension in the dark? If it’s dark, go tomorrow.”

The tears of Yan Xun almost flowed down. He could only choose the helplessness and dare not express any reactionary remarks.

“How many pieces did the coat take?”

“five items.”

“What about boots? It’s snow everywhere, it’s a fire, remember not to wear wet boots.”

“okay, I got it.”

“Is there a handwritten copy? A few, is it enough?”

“Achu,” Yan Xun is full of black lines: “Is the baggage you packed me.”

“Oh? Yes, I forgot.” Chu Qiao’s attitude was very calm. “I look, is the kneeband strapped? Oh, bring it. Is the socks enough to wear? Oh, with 80 pairs. The hood is not thick enough. It’s okay, it’s made of bear skin, I’m still sewing a fox fur outside.”

Chu Qiao unloaded the luggage on the carriage and squatted on the ground. After a while, she seemed to suddenly think of something. She jumped up and shouted: “Is carbon enough? I will give you a car.” “”

Yan Xun’s incompetent answer: “Enough, Achu, enough, don’t be nervous, all the way is our garrison, even if it is not enough, it can be replenished in the army.”

“How is that going?” Chu Qiao frowned. “We use the white carbon, the least smoke, the army is full of some carbon, a burning smoke, gas tube.”

Without waiting for Yan Xun to stop, Chu Qiao has already told the guards behind him: “You, yes, it is you, come over. Immediately go to the military to install two cars of carbon, remember to be white carbon, hurry, this is related to our army. The great thing of life and death, your Highness trusts you to hand over the task to you, you have to complete it with the fastest speed, you know? Yanbei’s sky will remember your loyalty.”

The little warrior’s excited face was red, and for a long time, he sang a military ceremony and shouted: “All for Yanbei!”

After that, he flew away. Although he did not know what the relationship between the two cars and the survival of the army, Chu was a military genius. The task she had assigned must have its inherent deep meaning. The soldiers firmly believe that in the future battle, the two cars will play a decisive role in the victory and defeat of our army. Therefore, he is fierce and violently rushing with full revolutionary enthusiasm, and the excited horse has forgotten to ride. It is.

The sun is like a fire, the golden miles, the two people on the vast snowfield are farewell to Yiyi.

“Yan Xun, you have to be careful, this trip is in jeopardy, be alert to everyone around you.”

Yan Xun nodded: “I know, you too, I am not here, maybe someone will take the opportunity to bully you, you remember their names, don’t touch people, wait for me to come back and pick them up one by one.”

“Well, let’s go to copy their home and occupy their property.”

“Okay, tie them up, whatever you want.”


“Oh, that’s it.” Chu Qiao nodded and continued: “I have given you the four thousand bows, you have to be a close guard, don’t easily enter the battlefield, their weapons pass me. The improved combat effectiveness is extraordinary, we have to keep it as a secret weapon.”

“Okay, I wrote it down.”

“Don’t eat cold food, bad for your health, pay attention to rest, don’t be too tired.”

“Well, don’t worry.”

“Less riding, staying in the carriage, the wind is too big, the clothes are useless.”


“Don’t drink cold water, I brought you honey, drink more, you have lost a lot recently.”


“If someone recruits a soldier in the army, you will cut him. Those women may be sick. You don’t have to look at it. Do you know?”

“Know… know…”

“If there are local officials on the road who dare to send you beautiful women, you will write down their names. When you come back, tell me that the estimates of the women are all sent to monitor your spies, and one can’t stay. I am all here. For you.”


“After breaking through the Meilin Pass, don’t kill the family members of the rebels, you can send them to the mine to do labor. Women don’t stay in the army, and they are directly driven out of the border. A group of women stay in the army, typically a disaster. The military heart, there is no good thing.”

Chu Qiao talked, and the eyebrows were all contempt for the group of women who had troubled the army. She forgot that she herself seemed to be a woman who stayed in the army, and also held a high position, it seems that she is in charge of the power. ……

“Yan Xun,” Chu Qiao’s eyes are faint, his expression is very sincere, and he said with a strong heart: “The purity of an army and a political party must be guided by its supreme command. You are the king of Yanbei. Your quality of life and moral level will be Directly affecting the direction of the Yanbei regime, it will directly affect the fate of Yanbei in the future, and even exert an immeasurable effect on the entire Simon. In the city of Zhen Huang, those playboys are unrealistic and arrogant, and they are in a state of life. Irresponsible relationship between men and women, must not be contaminated, although you are now in a high position, but you are in danger, you must avoid it! This is my friend who lives with you since childhood and grow up together to be most sincere to you. advice.”

Yan Xun was awkward and completely speechless.

Who knows that Chu Qiao is extremely dissatisfied with his attitude, his eyebrows are vertical, and he angered: “Have you listened to me seriously?”

Yan Xun almost cried, his expression was extremely painful: “Achu, I listen.”

Chu Qiao’s anger was slightly reduced, and he gave him a glimpse of it. He said, “I’m going to give you a book after I’ve arrived in Fallan City tonight, don’t worry me.”

Yan Xun’s heart is bleeding, this is all the time, even if the war horse suddenly has four more legs, I am afraid that I will not be able to catch up tonight.

Seeing that the small soldiers who took the carbon were coming back happily, Chu Qiao had to end her long speech. Her heart was a little uncomfortable, her eyes were a bit sour, and she took the sleeves of Yan Xun and refused to let go. This is simply not like her usual performance. She knows that Yan Xun may be jokeing her in her heart. Ah Jing may have laughed, but she just doesn’t want to let go. The last time it was separated is so long, they have been so many years. I have never been separated for so long. For this separation, she has an instinctive resistance. She didn’t have to talk, she didn’t talk, she looked down, and she knew that she was embarrassed. Like a little daughter who was aggrieved, she muttered, and Yan Xun couldn’t even hear what she was saying.

“Or?” Yan Xun tried to ask, the voice was very small: “You sent me a piece? But when you send it to the sunset, you must come back!”

“嗖”(whooshing), a white shadow flashed past, Yan Xun thought he had seen the ghost. In an instant, Chu Qiao is no longer in the same place. The king of Yanbei is a little worried. Before he can react, he will see that Chu Qiao has already ran to the far side of the team. He is riding on the horse and bowing. While shouting at him, “Come here! Don’t leave, what time is it? Grinding!”

The other soldiers also looked at Yan Xun with their eyes obliquely. The expressions of those ones seemed to say: 80% of His Royal Highness has never been on the battlefield, and he is not willing to go!

In the meantime, Yan Xun wants to cry without tears.

“Girl! Are you going with us?”

The brigade was finally opened, and the soldiers of the Black Hawk Army and Chu Qiao were familiar with each other and asked with a smile.

“No, I will only send you to the sunset.”

“If the girl is just following it, the girl can beat it!” said a veteran who has been following Yan Xun since the time of Zhen Huang.

“That is, I saw it that day. The girl can play more than one hundred men. The people are all as tall as the hills. The eyes are as big as Tongling. The fists are broken and a brain is broken. I am old. Liu couldn’t stand it all. The girl fell down, and she went down three times and five, and all of them fell down. Even the blood was not stained.”

“Ah? So great!” The little soldiers who did not know the truth widened their eyes.

“That is, you haven’t seen it, that scene, hey, it’s not blowing.”

Chu Qiao is embarrassed and modest: “Oh, not so powerful, generally, it is normal.”

“If the girl follows us, it will be fine.”

The soldiers once again sighed collectively. Chu Qiao Li Ma’s high-spirited look back and his eyes glared at Yan Xun. The expression seemed to say: “Have you heard? Hear no? This is the voice of the masses!”

“Let’s walk! Don’t talk so much nonsense!”

Yan Xun reprimanded his face and looked at Chu Qiao’s eyes. He also pretended that all the words he had just praised today’s food and weather.

Less than an hour, the army arrived at the sunset mountain in the west, the brigade first, the Yankee and the guards stopped a little. Looking at Chu Qiao’s red eyes and bowing his head, Yan Xun had to sigh and jumped off the horse, and walked forward to gently hold Chu Qiao in his arms, softly said: “I promise you, I promise to pay attention to the body, be careful, once the situation is unfavorable, I will never look back. I will see you after ten days, and you will not be able to come back to see you. You can’t do it anymore. Don’t do this, how can you feel relieved? Going? Achu has always been the strongest. You have to support me to support me. It is my closest comrade and the most trustworthy lover, right?”

“Well,” the girl’s head arrived on Yan’s chest, and the voice was a bit stuffy. The special grievance said: “You talk and count.”

“Absolutely count!” Yan Xun’s promise: “The big man’s words are not difficult to chase. Who can’t do it is not a two-legged walk.”

“That line, let’s go.”

“No, there is one more thing.” Yan Xun suddenly said: “This is very important, you have to remember carefully.”

“Well?” Chu Qiao suddenly raised his head and glared at the big eyes of the mist: “What is it?”

“As a friend who grew up with you and grew up together, I have one of the most sincere advice to you, you must always remember.”

Chu Qiao frowned, and she seemed to have smelled a hint of conspiracy. She wondered: “What the hell are you going to say?”

“You can be honest with me!”

Yan Xun sighed and suddenly bowed his head and kissed Chu’s mouth. The overbearing breath suddenly invaded. The man’s hand pressed the girl’s back of the head, the lips and teeth intersected, and the tongue came in, overbearing and strong, and instantly broke the girl’s vulnerability. The line of defense hit her by a surprise. The breath was on time, the chest was violently undulating, and the snow was covered with silver. In front of the five hundred guards, the king of Yanbei kissed the staff of the Chu, and all the eyes were unassuming.

Until Chu Qiao was going to breathe, Yan Xun only let her go, watching her face red and red, watching a thief who was stolen by the scene, Yan Xun suddenly laughed and said: “What are you afraid of? The whole Yanbei is mine.”

Chu Qiao suddenly ran away, shouting red and red: “Ah! You bastard! My reputation is completely destroyed by you!”

Yan Xun took Chu’s waist, and the eye tip picked it up slightly. He laughed: “I said Achu, don’t you know? From the time you followed me into the Holy Golden Palace, the word “reputation” has already been followed. You waved goodbye.”

“Bastard!” Chu Qiao’s word is too late, seeing the left and right people are laughing and watching her, she is even more angry, pointing to Ah Jing and other people cried: “No smile! Do not say go out! Hey you! And you , you, who is that, your laughing tooth flower is exposed! What is your name? The army? Still laughing? Just say you!”

“Achu! Don’t care about him!” Yan Xunzheng, one by one, pulled her over: “You must be honest, I am worried that I am going out to get rid of the flowers, why do you come up with so many long stories? A look of righteous words, I think you are owed.”

“! Hey,” Chu Jo embarrassed, blushed hopping: “surnamed Yan, I was not too long not fix you have to beat me you beat me lately???”

Yan Xunyi: “I am letting you, do you really think that you are invincible?”

“Well, if you cross the river, you will take the bridge. If you don’t accept it, let’s compare it!”

Yan Xun suddenly laughed: “Achu, are you reluctant to leave me, deliberately grinding my time.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes screamed and yelled: “Who can’t bear you? Fast roll! I’m annoyed when I look at you!”

“Then I am really gone?”

“Rolling, no one wants to see you.”

“Don’t regret it!”

“Ghosts regret it.”

“Don’t cry after I left!”

“You can’t go, so much nonsense!”

“Haha!” Yan Xun turned over and smiled. “Achu, I am leaving. After ten days, the plains of the Plains, waiting for me to triumph!”


Hundreds of horses and horses rushed to the dust, and the white snow foam was connected in a straight line behind the horseshoe. The war eagle flew in the sky, the wind swelled in the distance, and the raging sun was like gold, reflecting the back of the soldiers, like a pair. When you look at the giant painting, in a flash, there is only a faint shadow.


Chu Qiao stood in the same place, watching the back of Yan Xun’s departure, a heart of tenderness. Her silent hands clasped together, slowly closing her eyes, the sound is peaceful, with a deep love and sincerity: “Almighty God, please bless my lover, bless him with smooth sailing, peaceful triumph.”

On October 18th, Yan Xun made an amazing move that was military-looking but unexpected to everyone. He led the first leg of the First Legion to the Uzbek Cliff of the Lai and the First Army. Huihe, with 200,000 troops, attacked Meilin Pass, the northernmost part of Yanbei.

Even after many years, people mentioned the famous battle of the beautiful era, Yan Xun’s battle of divisions on that day was also the best in the world. Facing the heavy army of the great army of the great summer of the East, as the main commander of the battle, he took the most elite troops and attacked the remnants of the great summer in the north. This is an unimaginable adventure in the art of war. However, it is also his move today that saved the entire strategic situation of the first Northern Expedition, reversed the embarrassing situation of Yanbei facing two-line operations, eradicating the unstable factors behind the Yanbei, and even indirectly saved. The fate of the entire Yanbei Plateau.

It is conceivable that when the Yanbei army suddenly appeared in front of Meilin Pass with lightning speed, it was thought that the summer reinforcements had arrived, the Meilin customs crisis was lifted, and the summer military meeting with no peace of mind and no peace of defense was an Expression, it is definitely a very beautiful picture.

In the face of history books, people have to admit that the reason why Yan Yu was able to defeat the imperial defense line in the last eight years of the Emperor’s reign, to swallow Yanbei, and even to create the world’s foundation, is not lucky and accidental. Whether in politics or in the military, he is a genius with brilliant creativity. He has the imagination and dares to turn this imagination into practice, and he has an indestructible will and endurance. He has all the advantages that a successful king should have. Moreover, the most important thing is that he has unparalleled disgust and hatred towards today’s rulers. What he lacks now may be a little bit of annexation of the world’s ambitions. I believe that in the years to come, this will gradually get compensated.

It is foreseeable that a great character has been born, and his glory record, which has been watched by countless people for the rest of his life, is sung by future generations. From this moment, the legendary slowness begins…

Yanbei is cold in the cold, and the snow is flying, but the Huai-Song is a stormy day.

There is no palm lamp in the temple. Only the shadow of the candle is deep. The empty temple of Moji is full of Suqing blue gauze. The long martyrdom is paved with Baihua pearwood. It looks like quaint, but in reality it is inch-inch gold. Stepping on it has a unique echo, and the beam is simple, it seems to penetrate the ancient times, singing the ancient festival at the end of the horizon.

The palaces hang up the pure white palace lanterns early, today’s first Emperor Nalan Lie went to the jealous day, the palace people were replaced with plain white sacrifices, even the red chrysanthemums in front of the palace gate were wrapped in white enamel It’s a bit bleak.

The ring-sounding voice, the imperial palace-in-law woman walked slowly on the main hall, repairing the eyebrows and thinning the lips, the bright eyes and the stars, the wind gods, the drows are not group, although not stunning, but it is quiet and quiet, plain and snowy.

At the end of the main hall, there is a small seat on the side of the house. There are several courts and small beggars on the side of the hall. They are surrounded by a few loud voices. Everyone has a blue-faced face and a red forehead. A teenager in a deep robe is also following the crowd. Squeezed in one place, dancing and dancing, clearly at the age of 18 or nine, looks like a urchin of six or seven years old.

The brow on the left side wrinkled and said, “Was the long princess driving, isn’t it a gift?”

When everyone was playing, they quickly looked back and saw the woman standing in the center. Everyone panicked forward and crouched on the ground and shouted: “See Princess Chang, Princess Chitose Chitose.”

“Get up.”

The plain woman nodded quietly, her voice was light, and she was as thin as a morning mist. She looked at the boy in the bright yellow robe in the crowd and gently waved: “Hey, come over.”

The young man licked his head and walked over reluctantly. The people beside the woman hurriedly bowed and worshipped: “Give me the emperor.”

The young emperors didn’t look at them. They waved their hands and raised their heads. The mouth was flowing out of the mouth. Like a child who was afraid of Mr., he said to the woman in the middle: “I don’t get into trouble.” ”

In the temple, the candlelight and light, the woman took out the handcuffs embroidered with Zhilan, gently wiped the saliva for the young emperor, and said: “The emperor knows.”

The emperor bowed his head and muttered something, but the other person could not hear clearly. The woman sighed and asked: “Today is the father of the royal family. Why are you not willing to go to the temple to enter the incense? The road father?”

The emperor’s voice was very small, and he lowered his head and said, “I… I don’t want to go…”

The woman lowered her head and asked patiently, “Why? Can you tell the emperor?”

“Because, because,” the emperor looked up, a white and handsome face was smashed red, arguing: “Because the Changling King they always laugh at me… I don’t like to play with them.”

The rain outside was crisp, and the wind blew through the cloister with a damp taste. For a long time, the woman nodded and said, “Don’t like it, don’t go.”

She said to the crowds on the ground: “Play with the emperor.”


A group of twelve-year-old half-children were in unison, and the woman turned and took the palace to leave. After a while, the snoring behind her, and listening to the voice was so cheerful and joyful.

Who can think of Huai Song, who occupies the richest region of the mainland, whose emperor is a veritable fool, his mind will always stay at the age of ten-year-old children, and will never grow up. This incident is the highest secret of the royal family of Huai Song. The Princess Huai Song has been planning for many years and has been concealing it from the outside world. Now, as Nalan Red Dragonfly grows up, the time of adult pro-government has been delayed. Dragging, the voice of opposition to the questioning of the church is also rising, and she finally feels that it is difficult to support alone.

At that time, before the death of Nalan Lie, who created a large sea area in the east, he looked at the childish girl and the stupid child. He only sighed and said, “The killing is too heavy!”, sadly and long-lived, leaving this tens of thousands of rivers and mountains, all It fell on the shoulders of a girl who was less than fifteen years old. It has been five years since she turned her eyes.

Looking at the thin back of the slow-moving front, Yun Aunt’s heart is a sigh of relief. I don’t think that the young girl of the same year, the young girl who has been squatting shoulders, has passed the double decade, like the youth of flowers, in this deep palace. In the middle of the slow transition, despite the wind and the princess how to be smart and decisive, how brilliant, even in recent years, people have secretly suspected that the princess is in power, even the house of imprisonment, power, and so on, but she knows, in front of her How much suffering is in the woman’s heart.

Five years, how many years has a woman’s life been?

“Princess, late at night, go back to the palace to rest.”

Nalan Hongye gently shook his head: “There is still some official documents to be approved in the Royal Palace.”

Yun Aunt quickly said: “Would you get it back in the palace?”

Looking at the eager face of the old man who took care of himself, Nalan Hongye smiled and said, “Okay.”

Aunt Yun was overjoyed and quickly told people to go to the Imperial Palace to take official documents. For a while, the Temple of the Sophie had already swayed the brightly colored palace lanterns, a splendid color. Although Nalan Hongye is not a person who is arrogant, but the people in the palace know who the actual master of the palace is, and it is naturally very careful to serve.

Almost three more, Yun Aunt sneaked into the door several times, and finally saw the unrecognized official documents on the table gradually low, but in the end, I saw the long princess holding a border letter for a long time, and finally could not help but walk in, wrinkle The brow asked: “Princess, what is so difficult to decide, three more, and tomorrow will go up.”

“Well? It’s Bentham’s business newspaper.”

Nalan Hongye was slightly brows and was disturbed. She was surprisingly a little embarrassed. She smashed the broken hair in front of her eyes and did not hide it from the closest person around me. She said: “Daxia has sent troops to attack Yanbei. Yanbei urgently needs drugs and grains, and also exchanges minerals for our weapons.”

Aunt Yun is obviously not an ordinary woman, she frowned slightly: “Isn’t it just sent a batch in the last few days?”

“The last thing, the glass of water, Changle Hou and Jinjiang Wang force to block, with the East China Sea war as an excuse, the material is greatly insufficient, and now because of the northern war, prices soared, before the collection of Yan Shizi’s gold, has been spent almost.”

Nalan slightly frowned, and suddenly heard someone in the direction of the temple, she got up and asked: “What is outside?”

Yun Aunt quickly went out for a trip, and later came back and smiled: “Nothing, the little hall is crying under the night, the Queen is worried that the small hall is cold and sick, and sent someone to pass the doctor.”

Nalan’s eyebrows picked it up and asked, “How do you say the doctor?”

“Taiwan says nothing, but the child is hungry at night.”

Nalan smiled slightly, her smile was light, her eyes fell, and she took a few wise light: “This child is the hope of our great Song. It is no wonder that the Queen has taken care of it. My aunt has experience. When I have free time, I will look at it more.” ”


Nalan slowly rested and spit out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, fortunately, I have such a child. Since I can’t help him, I can only hope for this child.

Just, how many years does it take?

She shook her head slightly, reluctant to think about these things, and handed over a “waiting to read” on the paperwork, and then set it aside.

Aunt Yun frowned and wanted to say something, but she did not say it after all. In recent years, the princess has been paying attention to Yanbei’s affairs. Especially after Yanbei’s independence, Huai Song has changed the style of the past and took great risks to make an exception. She thought that the princess is such a wise one. Characters always have deep meanings that they cannot understand.


Just as the thousands of Song nationals have said, the princess is the star of heaven, and the holy is like a mirror.

Nalan came to the window and pushed the veils. I saw the rain hitting the plantain, screaming, the lotus pond in the distance, the slanting water, and occasionally the koi leaped to the surface, flipping the white belly.

Nalan’s heart was cold and silent, and the people gradually retreated. The aunt Yun also laid out the bed and left the room. For a time, the whole world seemed to be clean, only to hear the sparse raindrops and the night. Frogs.

She suddenly remembered many years ago, the child of a child of ten years old, the rainy night under the banana tree, the youngsters flashed like stars, and the small white hands of the two small shoulders.

Jinlan is righteous and never gives up.

At that time, the father was alive, the royal family was expensive, and he loved himself all the time. Followed by his uncle An Lingwang, he made a big summer, dressed up, and claimed to be An Ling Wang’s young son, Xuan Mo, and occasionally the Yanbei Shizi, who is still in the true quality. At the end of the month, it is true that the love of the knot is the knot. In this regard, North-South communication has not been for many years.

I remembered that when I was a stranger, Yan Xun was clear and easy, although the children of Mu Hejia were stubborn and arrogant, but there was no bad heart. Zhuge Huai was a young boy, and Zhuge was so lonely. Although Zhao Che was so proud, he was often taken by himself and Yan Yu. Xifeng and other people have teased together, and the Qiqisheng smog and violent violent violent violent temper, and once again chased Muhe Xifeng 30 multiple palace gates with a sword, threatening to decide on life and death. And Zhao Xiaozi, who was still dragging his nose all day, crying and tears to play with everyone, but everyone thought he was too small, and no one was willing to take him.

Ten years have passed away. Nowadays, things are human beings. The faces of that year have already changed thousands of times. Some people have the power to control them alone. Some people are suffering, some are ambitious, some are wounded, and some people have already become white bones. The dust is scattered.

I found out the letter that I had just sent to the palace this morning, but only this day, the letter foot has been slightly wrinkled, the paper is warm, and the shallow fragrance of the woman’s body is opened. The words of the words suddenly caught in the eye:

“Xuan Mo Xiandi, Yanbei war will start, the brother will go to the battlefield on the same day, before leaving, think twice, still need to ask the younger brother to help, help the military to meet the needs of the grass. Half a month ago, the brother went to Song, See the princess of the country, Princess Nalan, Gao Yi, promised to support Yanbei grain and grass, then, the war on the east coast of your country will start, and the brothers will fear that the country will have opposition to the ruling and opposition. If the princess is moving, please also The sages are in the middle of the circle and appease the courtiers. This matter is related to Yanbei’s life and death. For the brothers, they have to ask for each other. Wang Xiandi’s thoughts on your friendship for many years, to help, for the brothers in Guanshan Wanli, will feel the grace of the younger brother. Righteousness. Wen Xiandi was married in January, and Huai An’s family was not happy. The only one was Yu Yu, who sent her brother and sister, and Zhu Xiandi’s husband and wife, and the white head.

Order: I have to see the prince of the sage in the world, but the veil of the country is hard to find. However, the veil is half-finger, the words are dull and old, the dignity is more than enough, the vitality is insufficient, and the aesthetics of the sages are unusual. He has a good time to see you again, and the taste of the sage is a big white. ”

Nalan’s eyebrows are contemptuous, and I have repeatedly read it several times. “The veil is half-finger thick, the words are dull as old, the dignity is more than enough, the vitality is not enough”, the girl is so angry, and the face of the waves is a little bit strange.

The night wind blew, blowing her hem, with a touch of Ding Lan’s fragrance.

Pick up the book on a white paper, research ink and pen, meditation for a long time, the book said:

“Received the hand of the brother, the brother is about to go to the front line, the younger is very worried, the battlefield is dangerous, the sword has no eyes, and the brother is worthy of the treasure. The brother still waits for the fifteen years later to gather together, and the brother drunk Pengxianlou A total of autumn lake water, playing Bai Suqin, half sing Xi Jiangyue, brother can not eat words and fat, abandoned the younger.

The princess of the princess of the country is dignified and elegant, and the sage is a model of women. It is a wonderful example of the treasures of the Song Dynasty. Is it easy for ordinary people to see? My brother has been on the battlefield all the year round, and the aesthetics has been greatly damaged. I heard the words of the brothers, and the brothers are deeply saddened, and they are deeply worried about the future of the brothers.

The matter of grain and military needs, the brothers must not care, the long princess has promised, will be obeyed. If things change, the younger brother will do his best to plan for his brother. The Yanbei War was just around the corner, and the younger brother was sitting alone on the night and looking at the northwest, waiting for the news of the brother. ”

After writing, the rain outside has stopped. Nalan sits quietly and sits alone, holding the jade, and the hand is extremely warm. The whole body is white and white. The top is carved with a cold plum. The flower path must be visible. It is light and elegant. Although not gorgeous, it is extremely delicate. .

Send a younger brother? Is it really necessary to send the bride of Xuan Mo?

Princess Nalan’s princess rarely showed a warm smile, and took the approval document on the book, and handwritten it to: No.

The window has been whitish, and the long night is about to pass. Nalan stands up and walks to the window, looking northwest, standing silently, and the clouds are gradually coming out. After the rain, the air is fresh, the morning bells are quiet, and the morning scorpion sounds far away. The apse spread.

Nalan took a deep breath, closed her eyes and raised her spirits. When she opened it, it was already a clear color.

I still have to find a way to convince the group of veterans who oppose the war in the Great Summer Yanbei. She squinted at the corner of her eyes. It seems that only the long princess strategizing and thinking about what she has done is all about this scorpion.

She smiled softly, and even more than a few girls were naughty, people, always have a wayward.

Some people, some things, life is impossible, she simply does not expect, she clearly knows that she wants to guard Huai Song, guard the emperor, guard the younger brother’s children, guard the Nalan pulse.

The sky was clear, and Princess Nalan’s face was quiet, slowly picking up the curtain, and faintly said: “Cream, prepare for the DPRK.”

Late autumn has passed, the winter is approaching, after a frost, there will be a little more chill in the air, the morning and the evening will fall, the cold will hit, have to add clothing, the house is full of charcoal fire, the days, here Spend slowly in the cloudy days.

After noon, someone called the door outside, and there was no one to answer for a long time. The nephew was taking a nap in the room. He heard the sound rushing to wear a piece of clothes and ran out. She had already been nineteen this year and became the big girl in Qingshanyuan. The door, I saw the moon at the door, the frost on the coat, the eyebrows were a little blue, and I was shocked. I asked in a hurry: “How is this so embarrassing?”

Did not answer on the Yue Qi, asked: “What about the young master?”

“The young master went to Meiyuan in Houshan in the morning, and Qingxi and Jiazi followed. What is it?”

“Hurry take me there.”

Seeing that the month of the Yue Qi was full of anxiety, the nephew wore the last sleeve while running in front of the small step, and continued: “Follow me.”

However, just taking a step, but seeing the moon flashing aside, a woman came in first, only to see her in the south of the white brocade of Tianshuibi, the embroidered very cool pale green water dyed pattern, the style is simple, tailored But fit, slightly slim. The eyebrows are like a scorpion, and the thin powder is applied to the skin. It looks a bit pale, but it adds lightness and coldness.

“Miss watch, please come here.”

Respectfully said on the Yue Qi of the month, seeing the nephew still lying in the same place, quickly said: “Come on!”

“Oh!” The nephew reacted and hurriedly led the way.

Yesterday, the frost and snow came down. The flowers of Meiyuan’s brain were full of white and red, both of which were full of anger and glare. The snow on the ground was thin and thin. The sun just casts a meager light, like a yellow willow tip, sprinkled over a mottled slate.

Qingxi and Jiaer hold the horn and stand on the corner of an old plum, looking at the probe from the inside, and whispering from time to time.

When the nephew ran in, it happened to be a gust of wind, and I saw a lot of people in the depths of Meiying. The man was dressed in Qingyi, sitting on a stone chair, holding a wolf, looking at Hanmei, painting, and a small stove was placed under the water box. Above the boiling water, it is a good emblem of the ink, the hood is half-masked, the ragged clothes, the eyes are black jade, the lips are like a drop, a gust of wind, plum blossoms on his shoulders, for a moment, seems to be fascinating .

Too quiet, the coldness in the air made Xiaoxiao feel a little lost in the moment. This time, the young master came back and seemed to lose a lot of weight. Although he still looks like a lonely HD, but he has been so sensitive to him for so many years. It seems that something is different. When the young master talks, he will go away. When he eats, he will stop the chopsticks unconsciously. Sometimes he looks at the book and looks very serious. But when she came to clean up the study at night, she found that the book page was still turned over yesterday. One.

She heard people say that this time the young master lost in the family fight, lost his strength, was blamed by the lord, fined three days and three nights in the temple, and then was placed under house arrest in Qingshanyuan, not allowed to go out.

The young master is acting alone, and he is not good at getting along with the brothers and sisters in the family. He loses his strength and does not know how many people are slap in the dark, but no one has come forward to help say a word. Now the young master returns to the government and serves again. The logistics officer of the Northern Expedition, obviously the four young masters are even more re-used. I want to come, the young master is also worried about this matter.

Hey, a person who is so proud on weekdays suddenly falls to such a point. The child frowned, biting his lip slightly. In fact, the young master is still good. He doesn’t know how many times he is better than the other masters outside. Many people are scared by his appearance.

Picking up the cloak on the hands of Qingxi, the child frowned and frowned: “Mood! What do you want to use?”

After all, he ran forward a few steps and put the silver fox’s cloak on Zhuge’s shoulder and said, “Young master, it’s so cold, go back.”

Zhuge Yue looked up, his eyes were as clear as the cold pool, not talking, just a look, enough to convey all the meaning.

The nephew quickly retired and said, “Respectfully, “I brought a young lady to the Yue Qi and said that there is something to see the young master.”


Zhuge Yue raised his eyebrows slightly and let go of the wolf and said: “Let them come in.”

When the woman came in, the cold plums were scattered, the snow was flying, and the four eyes were opposite. I was so surprised that Zhuge Yue was slightly astonished. His eyebrows were contemptuous, and he stood up, the hood fell off, and he looked at the woman from the depths of the cold plum.

“Small four.”

The woman faintly laughed. In this age, she is not young, twenty-four-five-year-old, obviously life is not very satisfactory, the eyes are with a touch of fine lines, her voice is lingering, slowly stepping forward Standing in front of Zhuge Yue, smiling gently, as if to say as usual: “It’s still this temper, the cold day, everyone else is roasting in the room, but you have to run here to eat the wind, is the body beaten? ”

In an instant, the years turn, the time goes by, still the same person, still the same tone, but in the midst of it, it seems that something has changed. Zhuge Yue half opened his lips, vaguely like to say something, but finally condensed on the lips, breathing, the man’s face has returned to nature, he took a step back and quietly said: “Mrs. Helian.”

The woman’s smile suddenly condensed on her lips. She bit her lower lip, revealing a sly smile, and finally sighed: “Don’t you sit down?”

Zhuge nodded and said: “Please sit down.”

Yue Qi and the children and other people quickly retired, there is warm milk tea on the charcoal stove, Zhuge Yue ordered the child to change for a pot of tea. The young man quickly went to work.

The woman smiled and said: “Thank you, remember that I don’t like the smell of this milk tea.”

Zhuge Yue did not speak, but quietly silent, the woman was slightly awkward, meditating for a long while, said: “I have heard, you, can you be now?”

Zhuge Yue smiled indifferently and politely said: “It’s okay.”

The quiet Meiyuan can only hear the wind and the plum branches, the snow is falling, the woman sighed softly: “Small four, we have not seen it for nine years, you are not going to tell me something?” ”

Zhuge Yue calmly responded, and there was no whisper in his tone: “I don’t know that Mrs. Helen came here today, but she was not greeted and rude.”

“What is Mrs. Helian?” The woman glimpsed a little, with a few ridiculous self-deprecating and sadness in her tone: “The Helian family building is dumped, the trees are scattered, and if it is not a mother, I will not live here at this moment. It is.”

Zhuge’s eyebrows glimpsed and looked down. The woman looked up and raised a few smiles at the corner of her mouth. She said, “I know that when you were looking for you, you took the punishment department and sent me. Returning from the slave, I have also eliminated my slave status, otherwise, otherwise…”

Said, a tearful tears actually fell from the woman’s eyes, Zhuge’s eyebrows wrinkled more tightly, said Shen Sheng: “You don’t have to worry about this matter, even if there is no two ladies, I will help this. busy.”

“The icing on the cake is easy, and it is difficult to send charcoal in the snow. When the Helian family was prominent, the family rushed to tie me up. Once it was difficult, it suddenly fell into the mud, and I wanted to drive me out of the court. Only you can reach out to me at this time.” Help.”

I don’t know if I can’t bear it. Zhuge sighed gently and asked: “What are you planning to come back?”

The woman lowered her head and shook it gently: “I don’t know, my mother is old, and the second room is no longer there. Although I adopted my family that year, I didn’t get into the genealogy. Besides, I am now a wife. Take a step. Take a step, if there is no way to go, one day will be gone.”

Zhuge Yue slightly frowned: “I am still a little thin outside, if you don’t give up, I can let the month seven settle for you.”

The woman’s eye-drops are light and careful, and Zhugezhen is carefully looked at. She only thinks that life is like a bubble, and everything is like a dream.

The years have passed, and the old and stubborn teenagers have grown up. The men in front of them are solitary and high. Even if they are temporarily suppressed, it is still difficult to cover the sharp and amazing light. If God is quiet, it is not like outside. Those common things can be compared. Looking back at what I saw and heard in these years, she felt a sudden exhaustion and tiredness. She slowly breathed a sigh of relief and said: “I know, even if there is no peace in my whole world. You will not shut me out of the place.”

This sentence is so indifferent, but it is like a stone thrown into the deep lake of ice. In the meantime, they seem to have returned to the twelfth year ago. The small orphan girl who had died in the family came to the door and was rejected. The second lady, as her biological mother, was timid and afraid to help. The 10-year-old boy from the military When she came back from school, she just met her and cried in front of the courtyard. The teenager stood in the periphery and watched for a long time. She watched her brother, sister, brother and sister, together with more than a dozen nieces, bullying the family’s lost little orphan. He was quiet. Looking at it quietly, his eyes are quiet, not at all like a child in his teens.

Finally, in the cynicism of everyone, the boy suddenly walked into the crowd without warning, and took the girl’s hand and walked to his yard. The big lady yelled at the back, and the teenager threw a silver ticket and threw it into the housekeeper’s hand, faintly saying “her food expenses”, and then went away.

Then she lived in Qingshanyuan. Under the protection of the ten-year-old child, she lived safely for three years, and later, under his circumstance, she was adopted by the second lady and entered the house. Identity. It is because of this identity that she was able to climb the dragon with the phoenix and become the wife of Helian’s long-stayed scorpion. Even if she was just fifteen years old, she was married to a husband who was in her fifties.

He was still young at the time, although he was a little lonely, but after all, he was a child. He didn’t have the indifference of the day after tomorrow. When they got along for a long time, they even had a few more loved ones.

The child was a stubborn little guy at the time. She remembered that in order to tame a wolf dog, he had been playing with the dog for a whole day with his bare hands, his hands and feet were bitten, and finally he finally convinced the wolf dog.

Master Zhuge asked him: Why don’t you let the dog trainer come to train?

He asked, “Is this my dog? Or his dog?”

In this regard, his position in the male family is very different, and he has not been despised by the mother’s early death.

The long room two young master Zhuge Yi has always been the home of the demon king, squatting is the big lady’s out, and the long son Zhuge Huai support, always flying, see Zhuge Yue valued by Zhuge lord, several times to find the trouble of Castle Peak. Once there was a clamor for the dog, Zhuge refused, and he begged the lady to personally say that the great lady took Zhuge to teach the martial arts class and took the dog away. After Zhuge Yue came back to know, he went directly to Huangshanyuan. After entering the door, he found that the dog was eating bones at the foot of Zhugeyi. He didn’t say anything at all. He went straight and broke into the dog’s neck with a knife. blood. The crowd exclaimed, and all ran away, leaving him alone, kneeling there, feeling the head of the dog twitching on the ground, without saying a word, just quietly accompanying it until the dog swallowed the last breath.

At that time, she thought, this is really a child of vengeance. When she grew up, she slowly realized that he was not a vengeful person. He just could not stand the betrayal.

However, she, in the end, betrayed him, and took the glory of the rich and beautiful Huang Mengmei to go and left the lonely and lonely Qingshanyuan to him.

But fortunately, she is back now. She remembers everything in the past and knows everything hidden under his arrogant and cold appearance. She believes that everything will be fine, just give her another chance.

She stood up and walked to Zhuge’s side, bent down, gently sorted out the collar of the big man, licked his mouth and said softly: “It’s too cold outside, sit back and go back, we haven’t seen you for a long time. I am cooking myself today and I will give you the food.”

Zhuge looked at her with no expression, her eyes were not so cold, but with alienation, she was afraid of being unconsciously. She intuitively felt that something was going to be bad. She quickly stood up and said, “I will go back first, change the sky, and come to see you again the next day.”

The wind swayed through the trees, the snow fluttered with the cold plums, and the woman turned away. Zhuge 突然 suddenly shouted: “Hey.”

He didn’t look back, she said quickly: “You don’t have to send it, I just go by myself.”


The sound behind it suddenly became severe, and it seemed that she had already seen through her thoughts. The woman suddenly stopped and her face was pale.

Zhuge’s eyes are far away, faintly watching her thin back, calmly said: “I don’t remember that you don’t like the smell of milk tea. I let the next person change tea, just because I drink nausea and want to drink light. ”

Nothing can show my heart more than this. The body is slightly shocked, the face is pale, and I leave without saying a word, as if I have never been there.

Zhuge’s face was unchanged, and he raised the wolf. He dipped a few times on the ring and continued to paint.

After a while, the Yue Qi came forward, Zhuge Yue did not look up, just said Shen Sheng: “How?”

“I don’t know, my subordinates just came back from the north, seeing Miss Zhang standing at the door, the doorman stopped her from letting her in, and I brought her in.”

“I asked you how is the situation in the north?”

On the Yue Qi of the month, he replied quickly: “The snow is closed, the exact news can’t be heard, but the business traveler who heard the past said that Beibei City has been surrounded by the regiment. The interior of Yanbei is unstable, and the army is conquered. It is said that even the ten-year-old dolls have sent guns and knives. A few snowstorms have made Yanbei even worse. The people have starved to death, and there have been many people in the civil strife. The war situation is extremely beneficial to my big summer.”

Zhuge’s pen was suddenly stagnation, and a drop of thick ink dripped on the snowy rice paper. He was quiet and his eyebrows, but he wrinkled it gently.

“Young master, the girl is in Beibei City. We are in the inland of Yanbei. Do you want to help the girl at the critical juncture? At the very least, don’t let him fall into the enemy.”


Zhuge Yue slightly raised his eyebrows, and the tone of the cold was like the snow on the plug: “Help her, do I have a position?”

Zhuge Yue grew up, and the slender figure stood in the red and white Merlin. He didn’t have any charm. He quietly went up two steps and suddenly turned around. He said, “Don’t be so much in the future.”

On the seventh day of the month, the forehead was cold and sweaty, and he quickly bent down and said: “The subordinates will obey, and the subordinates will never talk again.”

“I mean the girl Miss.”

Zhuge squatted away, and the children, Qingxi and others quickly followed behind, standing in Merlin on the 7th of the month, only feeling that the clothes on the back were almost soaked.

The young master is in a very bad mood recently, so be careful.

On the Yue Qi of the month, he warned himself, and suddenly saw a gust of wind blowing up the corner of the rice paper on the stone table. He quickly stepped forward and pressed the paper. A look at the contents of the painting, but a slight glimpse, the young master sat in the middle of Merlin for half a day, everyone thought he was painting Mei, who knows that the drawing on the paper is actually a bustling and busy street. The ink is faint, just a few strokes, it will make the paintings of the vendors on the street vivid, the shadows of the people, the burning of the lanterns, is surprisingly prosperous.

Daxia has some control over business. Apart from the holidays, there are few such excitement. But see the center of the drawing paper, above a high horse, a woman sitting on it, blurry away, can only see the Qing painted is a back that goes away. Slim but tall, and incongruous with the surrounding scenery, there is a hint of sadness and indifference.

The whole picture is sketched out with a few inks. It is not meticulous and looks faint and faint. But only the woman holding a thing in her hand looks very clear. I saw a long rod with a long rod, and the object that was falling was long and round, and I looked at it like a rabbit.

The scenery is the scene of the past, people are not the people of the past, the bustling street is still there today, every Shangjia Festival is still very lively, but the child of that year has grown up.

Standing on the middle of the Merlin in the Yue Qi of the month, he sighed slightly, rolled up the scrolls, and the east wind blew, and the flowers were dying.

The nephew followed Zhuge to return to the room. As soon as he entered the house, he rushed to boil tea and boil water. Zhuge was in the inner chamber and suddenly yelled at the name of the cockroach. Xiao Yan ran into the smoke and gasped and asked: “Young master? What is it?”

“Take that, take it off.”

“Ah?” A glimpse of the child, only to see Zhuge Yue pointed, is a painting, facing his bed, painted a young girl, but eleven or two years old, eyes bright, smile Sweet, a bright yellow shirt, wearing a light green skirt, very cute and lovely. This painting has been here for more than ten years, and the paper has been slightly yellowed. Everyone knows that this painting is of great significance to the young master. When he is usually taking care, he is careful. I didn’t expect the young master to let her take it off today. .

“How? Can’t you?”

“Ah? No, yes.” The nephew quickly moved to climb the chair, carefully took the picture off the wall, and then lifted it hard, above the head, and asked, “Young master, where?”

Zhuge took over the tea that Qingxi handed over, took a sip, and said casually: “Send you.”


Xiao Yan almost rushed to the past, seeing Zhuge Yue did not say hi. He saw that Zhuge Yue didn’t mean to banter. The child trembled and rolled it up, and the two-faced mournful man and the other two squatted out of the door.

Before Zhuge came to the book case, he covered a large cover. He removed the cover and saw the huge table. It was a huge sand table. The mountains and rivers had all kinds of geography. There were some small flags in between. , red, yellow, blue, green and black, densely inserted in the northwest corner.

He sat down and pushed out of the air. After half an hour, Zhuge’s brow wrinkled slightly and said slowly: “It’s not Beibei, it’s going to attack the Chiyuan Ferry.”

“Not Beibei! Xia Jun’s next target is Chiyuan Ferry!”

The fierce woman frowned and said: “It has been three days, Xia Jun has no formal charge, only small-scale harassment and fighting, this is very abnormal, very abnormal. With the strength of the big summer, if they join forces At this point, it has already launched a fierce attack on Beibei. Nowadays, this situation shows that Xia Jun’s internal decrees are different. It’s not the main force here.”

“Is there any new report?” Cao Mengtong, general, did not hear the same. He yawned and said to other subordinates: “Is the Zhao Qi brothers scared by our million army? Forgot? What is the task of their old men to send them?”

Everyone suddenly laughed and laughed. In the past three days, Yanbei Army has repeatedly won many battles. The army of Daxia is like a piece of tofu. It becomes a loose sand with a little touch. The troops of Zhao Qi and Zhao Wei seem to be separated from the Germans. The Northwestern Allied Forces obviously tend to be Zhao Xin, the 14th emperor of Daxia, while the Batuha family army is behind the ass of Zhao Qi. Every time the two sides are not yours. It has rushed into our side, that is, we ran into your side, they have no absolute formation at all, it is completely to look like, no one wants to take the lead in the cannonash consumption.

Didn’t wait for Yanbei Army to shoot the first round of arrow rain, Xia Jun shouted “No! Can’t stand it!” Hastily retreated. That way, a group of more than ten-year-old baby soldiers are stronger than them. There are more than 600,000 regular troops in Beibei City, and more than 300,000 militiamen. It is truly a million-strong army. The iron and blood soldiers who faced the big summer were still more scruples and fears, but after a few trips, even the peasant soldiers dared to turn around and circulate outside.

“It seems that if you don’t have to wait for the next time, then the summer dog should withdraw and return to the true.”

Everyone laughed, and Cao Mengtong’s general, Lu Zhi, shouted: “In my opinion, now we should split up half of the troops and help the Highness to win the Meilin Pass.”

“That doesn’t work, we are not as good as the deserters of the big summer, all the way to the true Huang.”


When this statement came out, everyone was in unison, and everyone was screaming as if it had already won.

“General Cao!”

Chu Qiao stood up and looked like a flash of lightning. The tone of the low voice said: “General, you adults, if you didn’t hear me clearly, then I don’t mind saying it again! We haven’t said so far. Find out where the enemy’s main force is. The assaults and attacks we see are also small teams of less than 10,000. Although the Chinese flag is in the army, we have not seen the main cavalry of the enemy. The snow has blocked. Our news channel, we don’t even know where the enemy’s camp is now, this is a play! I don’t know about the Batuha family and the Northwest Army, but I know Zhao Qisan’s emperor, and even on the battlefield. Zhao Qi, a four-prior emperor, has had a direct collision. Zhao Qi is a cautious person. He is careful and rigorous in his work. He will never attack the army without any warning. Even if he wants to come, he will not be so bad. As for Zhao Wei Although he is young, he is a high-ranking general in the summer of Daxia. He is far-sighted and well-thought-out. He is strict in his military management, and his methods are unpredictable. He is good at positional warfare and siege. On command large formation combat has a wealth of combat experience, this man who persevere, good ambush, there are big viper known in the Xia, impossible to make such suicide attacks generally move! ”

“I ask the adults to think about it. How can we only have such strength when we dominate the summer for nearly a hundred years? They are blinding us and let us be paralyzed! If I expected it to be good, now Zhao Qi and Zhao Wei must not be opposite. In the army, there is not only one path to enter Yanbei. If I am the commander of Daxia, I will climb over Helan Mountain, from the Changyin Mountain as a breakthrough, attacking the Chiyuan Ferry, as long as there is standing on the foot, both sides are attacked, and the North is not attacking. Broken! Fortunately, although we have delayed the three days, but now it is too late, as long as the current increase of 200,000 troops to Chiyuan defense, relying on geographical advantage, will be able to withstand the summer army. The fighters are fleeting, please consider carefully !”

Quiet, dead and quiet.

Everyone looked up at the woman who was dressed up. She stood alone in the big conference room. Her back was straight and her eyes were like a torch. Her body leaned forward slightly, her brows were tight, and her look was serious. With a few expectations and a few anger.

The wrinkles on the face of Cao Mengtong gently shook, suddenly stood up, and then went out without saying a word.

This is really the perfect way to express the emotions of the commander. Without a moment, in the big room, except for Chu Qiao, there is no one in the room. Chu Qiao sighed, unable to sit on the chair, holding his forehead with his hand, and his eyes were almost I twitched for a moment.

Delivering nearly a million lives to the hands of this group of people, it is simply committing suicide to their own army. The quality of the Yanbei soldiers is inferior to this point, so that a group of people without combat experience can command a large army to fight. This is really an unimaginable disaster. Does Yan Xun know about such a situation in the military? If he is here, he can still rely on his prestige to suppress, but how can he reverse this?

These old guys of the big peers, they are arguing and arguing that they are brave and arrogant, shouting slogans to the world, and the ability to incite civil unrest is also the best in the world, but let them lead the war and let them develop their combat plans. Let them see through the enemy’s shallow military defense, I rely on! That is not overkill!

The fire in Chu’s heart was arched and arched. How could it be suppressed? The people who sent out to inform the girl of the feathers had already gone to seven. So far, no one has returned. If there is no one who can live in the scene at this time. Then, this battle, Yanbei will be defeated!

The sun at dusk sprinkled like a blood, and the sound of the laughter of the soldiers was heard outside. There was even a child’s crisp and tender laughter. Chu Qiao didn’t know how long the song would last, just as she didn’t know outside. How long can those people live for a long time? If she has an army, even if it is a hundred people, she can immediately tie the group of wicked officers, but she does not. The guards that Yan Xun left for her were sent out by her. Feather girl. Now she, even a guard who has passed the letter is gone.


“Would you like to sneak in tonight to kill all the old guys?”

This thought flashed in my mind, Chu Qiao frowned and frowned, if there is an AK submachine gun, she will consider the feasibility of this method.

The sky gradually darkened, and Chu Qiao slowly stood up. The white moonlight shone through the window on the ground. In the darkness, her back was thin and lonely, with a lot of powerlessness and desolateness.

Just out of the city government, I saw several small soldiers ran in a panic, and one of the leaders slammed into her body. When she saw her clothes, she suddenly realized that she had apologized on the ground.

These people used to be serfs. They have not been used to the reform of Yanbei. When they meet military officers on the road, they are always used to kneeling down and asking for peace. Chu Qiao saw this group of small soldiers are actually a group of children soldiers, the largest is also twelve or three years old, the small may not even be ten years old, the whole person has not yet a gun high. A man holding a wooden stick with an iron bar on it acts as a lancet. If the weapon is on the battlefield, it will not be able to resist even one enemy. Da Xia’s saber is the most sharp weapon in the world. It can easily pierce all the armor, and it is easy to cut down the so-called “needle gun” in this group of children.

To say that they are soldiers, it is better to say that they are a group of flowers, it is more appropriate, and they are the important forces that make up the army of the North. Chu Qiao only felt a deep weakness, like falling into the sea, being entangled in the feet by the seaweed, how to struggle, and could not swim ashore.

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows are tight, only the heart seems to be held tightly by people. After Yan Xun’s departure, Cao Mengtong’s enlistment of soldiers, all the refugees within a hundred miles gather, the women act as military sergeants, the men join the army, and the old people compete The husband, for a time, Beibei became a devil-like purgatory. The officers of the big peers seemed to be a monarch who had nothing before, and the tyrannical actions they made could almost Let the nobles of Daxia feel ashamed. When Chu Qiao entered the country several times and was turned away, after killing several soldiers who bullied the people, the civilians who did not want to be enslaved either fled the city or hid in the staff. Now, there is already It’s a sea of ​​people.

This is the free regime of Yanbei. This is the leader who has won independence for Yanbei for many years. These are the future and hopes of Yanbei people who are enthusiastically embracing!

Chu Qiao took a deep breath, the people who suffered so much, they smashed the drums and ushered in their own destroyers!

The woman’s fist is tight, like to crush something, wait until the Yankee comes back, and when he comes back, he must…

“Adult,” said a child who was born and raised: “Are you a Chu people in the staff department?”

Chu Qiao hangs his head and sees that the child is only eleven or two years old. The small arm is as thin as a force. The face is vegetable, and at first glance it is malnutrition. Only one pair of eyes flashes the brilliance of the child. Black and round. He was wearing a broken scorpion, wearing a large cotton jacket outside, and it was already ruined to reveal cotton wool.

“How do you know me?”

“There is only one female adult in the army!” The child soldier said happily: “I have heard of adults, you are a good adult!”

The children behind me suddenly came forward and said, “I am in the staff of the staff. I am saved by the adults! Do you know her?”

“My mother is there too!”

“Adult, we watched you cut the big soldier the day before yesterday, the adults are really amazing!”

“That is, adults, you tell us a few words, teach us two tricks, we will be on the battlefield!”

“Yeah, adults, tell us a few words! Teach us how to kill the enemy!”

“Adult, say two words!”

Looking at the faces of the children who were only in their teens, Chu Qiao suddenly felt that the heart seemed to stop working. She began to have some doubts, doubted her beliefs, doubted her own value, and doubted the correctness of her actions. She even I want to turn around and rush into the city gate to continue the horrified thoughts in the conference room. But thinking about it, she just stood there, did not move, did nothing, the light of the torch shines on her face, with bright light, blood red and red.

Her voice was dull and dull, with a depressing taste, and a word of silence said: “When you charge, don’t run in front.”

Then, as if it was unbearable, she immediately turned and walked away. The disciples left behind a group of children who looked at her back. The children’s soldiers groaned strangely and looked at her back and thought: Why did the adults say something different from the officer’s?

Just walking to the corner of Long Street, Chu Qiao stopped, she did not have the courage to continue to face the children’s eyes, there is no way to encourage them to do well, encourage them to loyal to the country to win this battle, she thought she had Being tempered by the war is like steel, but she knows now that she is not enough.

“Cao Daren is so hard to fight such a victory, but you said at the meeting that it is because Daxia is simply deliberately weakening the nerves of the people who are deliberately numb, and he naturally does not want to believe in you.”

A cold voice suddenly sounded in the ear, Chu Qiao suddenly turned his head, I saw Xue Zhiyuan holding his shoulder against a wall, looking at her with slanting eyes, the expression, seems to have some gloating.

Chu Qiao is now full of dislike of the local officers of these large peers. She snorted and turned to want to leave.

“His Royal Highness is to give up on us?”

Just stepping forward, Xue Zhiyuan suddenly said that he was not surprisingly endless. Chu Qiao suddenly stopped and slowly turned his head back. His eyes were as sharp as a knife, and his tone was low: “What do you say?”

“His Royal Highness and Mr. Wu are the rare military leaders in Yanbei. They together with the elite troops of the First Army attacked the Meilin Pass, but did not leave one to defend the Beibei, and vacated ten days to let the Second Army They are hard-hitting and consuming each other. The military masters such as Yu Girl are only sitting in the blue city. They don’t support Beibei. The military masters like Chu Daren do not take power. The entire Beijiao City falls into a group of people who don’t understand the military. The hand, huh, if you don’t see the Chu people not leaving Beibei, I really have to be sure that His Royal Highness has decided to give up the Second Army.”

Time is like a lightning bolt into my mind. She didn’t think about it, but she didn’t want to believe it.

What kind of goods is Cao Mengtong? What is the second army? What kind of goods will the big peers have? Will Yan Xun know? What is his intention to attack Meilin Pass at this time? Is it really necessary to attack the US Lin Guan Xia Jun to prepare for the crisis of the two sides, and bypass the West Road to attack the Northern Expedition? Or do you have to vacate the ten days to make the Northern Expeditionary Army and the Second Army fight together?

Otherwise, why did he hand over the military power to Cao Mengtong? Why don’t you leave Mr. Wu to sit in the north? Why do you want to go to the Blue City to shelter from the girl? Why did the seven batches of people who sent out to find the girl of the feathers return?

What is the reason behind this, is it really, as he said, everything is an arrangement of Yan Xun? The purpose is to consume the main force of the Second Army and use the hands of Da Xia to stabilize his position in Yanbei.

However, for such a purpose, it is really worthwhile to set aside millions of people to ignore the dangers of Yanbei. Does Yan Xun really do it?

“But even if His Highness is smart, Cao Daren is not a fool. In ten days, the hundreds of thousands of militiamen will be able to stand up. After the return of His Royal Highness, only the civilian army will be consumed. The second army will not lose its autumn. The idea of ​​His Highness is not good.”

“In my hometown, I have no reason to guess my sir, it is subject to military law!”

The girl’s eye tip picked it up and suddenly said cold.

When Xue Zhiyuan suddenly paused, he listened to Chu Qiao and said coldly: “You don’t have to provoke, even if Yanbei is unstable inside, the big peers will have serious powers, but His Royal Highness will not take the entire Beijiao City to make this consuming bet!” Even if everything is as you said, I believe that he is not a person who wants to fight for power and loses his means. From a strategic point of view, His Highness is a perfect sneak attack, and there is no problem in tactics! There is no reply, and there must be reasons why we don’t know. This war is related to the life and death of Yanbei. Only the blind and ignorant people are still fighting for the right to win Lie. If Yanbei is extinct, the Yanbei regime will be fleeting. You have to go to Huangquan Road. If you have time, it is better to train new recruits and save the future from dying!”

Xue Zhiyuan’s brow was cold, and said coldly: “Since the adults are so confident, why have they sent people to inform the girl repeatedly? If it’s true, as the adults said, three days is enough to run back and forth from here to Lancheng. Why is the girl still missing the shadow? If the girl does not get the above order, do you think she will sit and watch Beibei being so fooled and not intervening?”

Chu Qiao’s heart sinks and he is about to distinguish. He suddenly hears a horse riding a horse and approaches it quickly. Everyone on the street avoids it. The people immediately shouted: “Chu Daren! Where is Chu Daren?”

“I’m here!”

When I saw the man, Chu Qiao suddenly smiled and shook his feet and said, “I am here!”

The horse rushed to the ground, and the man immediately jumped down and ran forward in a few steps, shouting: “Adult!”

“What happened? How come back now? Others? Have you seen the girl?”

“Adult, we met robbers on the road, and all the brothers were robbed by the criminals!”


Chu Qiao and Xue Zhiyuan shouted at the same time, Chu Qiao said incredulously: “What gangsters are so arrogant? You have more than 500 people before and after, how could they be robbed by robbers?”


“Adults, although we have a lot of people, but there are more people, they have more than 7,000 people.”

“Nonsense!” Xue Zhiyuan said coldly: “You are numb and you are pushed to the gangsters. Now Yanbei is full of the Rebels. Where are the more than 7,000 gangsters, clearly shirking responsibility!”

The guardian eyebrows were vertical, and immediately said: “Xue Daren, although our brothers are not talented, but they are also following the elite of the Northern War in the South, even if they die, they will not frown, today I If there is a false statement, it is necessary for me to wear my heart and not to die!”

Chu Qiao’s face turned white, and the wording of the word said: “The first batch? The team that escorted my sisters to the Blue City was also robbed?”

The pro-Guard suddenly looked awkward and slammed his head on the ground. He said sadly: “There is no power, please ask the girl to sin.”

Chu Qiao took a deep breath and remembered a few women from the Jing family. They didn’t know what they would be scared. They asked, “What are they doing now? What are the requirements of the group of gangsters? Can there be people who hurt us?” ”

The guard suddenly came to the spirit and quickly replied: “No, one did not hurt, they were ambushes, and even the injured brothers were few. They were very fierce, threatening us to send them a message, and later heard We are the subordinates of adults and our attitudes are greatly improved.”

Chu Qiao asked, “What are you talking about?”

“Adults, those people don’t know who we are, they rob us, just to find someone to talk, they say they want to see you.”

“Want to see me?”


Chu Qiao’s eyebrows were locked and asked: “Who are their leaders?”

“The man is in his thirties. The battle is very heroic. At first glance, it is not an ordinary horse thief. Like soldiers who have received regular training, the quality of their entire team is very good. The individual combat capability is very high, and the weapons and equipment are perfect, but there is no Wearing formal military uniforms. They refused to say their identity, saying that they were not malicious. As long as adults saw him, they knew who they were.”

Chu Qiao frowned and sighed for a long while, suddenly said: “Prepare the horse, let’s meet him.”

“You are crazy!” Xue Zhiyuan grabbed her hand, although the two had been in a hostile relationship, but after all, they stood in the same trench, and the man said in a cry: “Now, out of town, you are not destined?” ”

Chu Qiao turned to look at him, said with a serious expression: “My sister and his subordinates are in the hands of each other.”

“What about that? Do you have them alone?”

“Does General Xue want to send troops to me? Not too many, five thousand people are enough.”

Xue Zhiyuan suddenly spoke, he is only a striker general, Cao Mengtong now wants to preserve the strength of the Second Army, not to mention 5,000 people, that is, 500 people can not move.

Chu Qiao snorted and climbed the war horse brought by the escort. After he was behind the soldiers, he was cold and cold: “Drive!”

The war horse kicked up and went away from the city.

Xue Zhiyuan’s eyebrows were picked. It was just that a soldier came over at this time. He took Malay and followed Chu to the west and rushed toward Xichengmen.

The north wind screamed, the swan-like snow swayed down, covering the moon in the sky. The goshawk hovered over the clouds, making a screaming scream, surrounded by white, and even the southeast and northwest could not be distinguished.

However, in such a cold and chilly cold wind, a stream of people who can’t see the end of the eye is like a long dragon crawling slowly. The wind is like a knife that has been salted, and the screaming screams are cut on people’s faces. They have not opened their eyes, but this does not detract from their enthusiasm for fighting. Yanbei people, they received the second army general Cao Dajun’s garrison commander, with their own machete, riding the strongest horses in the family, rushed to Beijiao City, for their dreams of Datong Give your loyalty.

This is an awkward nation. People who live here are familiar with the bow and horse. Chuo knows that with a little training, a powerful and unparalleled army will be born on this land. But now, looking at the man who is full of confidence and sings the Yanbei battle song, she is full of sadness, she wants to stop them, but only gets some contemptuous eyes, some people saw her and Xue Zhiyuan three people Xi Ben went, snorted and spit, and shouted: “The deserter!”

“Adult, let’s go.” The guards left by Yan Xun said eagerly.

At this moment, Chu Qiao’s eyebrows were gently picked up, pulling the reins and pulling the horseshoes. The pro-military ran out of more than 20 steps before stopping, and asked back: “Adult, what happened?”

Chu Qiao frowned and leaned his ears, turning his head and talking to Xue Zhiyuan on the side: “Have you heard it?”

“Boom! Bang! Bang!”

The sound of rolling like a thunder is slowly coming, and it is getting bigger and bigger. It seems that under the ground, I have drilled through the feet of the people and climbed up from the spine.

Xue Zhiyuan’s eyebrows picked up and suddenly jumped off the horse. The young officer ran up the high slope and looked up. In an instant, Xue Zhiyuan stunned the whole person. He looked at the West in the distance and remained motionless for a long time.

Soon, several people who heard the same sound climbed up and stood on the snowfield.

Quiet, dead as quiet, very soon, someone looked back in a nightmare, looked around, stretched out his hand and pointed to the West and asked: “Is there an army? Is it our army?”

Large hooves came from the west, and there was a faint shadow under the horizon, one line, and one side, a huge number, full of thousands of people, sound like thunder, from the distant sunset mountains, galloping!


The fierce female voice suddenly sounded, everyone was shocked, and Qi Qi turned and looked at it. I saw a woman dressed in an armor sitting on the horse. She had pulled the sword out and held it in her hand. She pointed at the West and shouted: “Yes. The army of the big summer! Run! Go in the direction of the north!”

There was a sudden panic in the crowd, but soon, some people questioned: “How can the army of Daxia be inland in Yanbei?”

“Yeah,” someone echoed: “They are all outside the North Gate!”

However, it is too late, the familiar way of controlling horses, the familiar method of slashing and slashing, at first glance is the large-scale summer defense army that has received formal training. Chu Qiao is pale, and the palm of his hand is sweating. Who are these people? Why did they break through Beibeiguan in the hinterland of Yanbei, where there is no regular force. If they are allowed to rush to the rear of Yanbei, what will happen?

In an instant, all the thoughts were passing through the fire of the light stone. Chu Qiao raised the sword and shouted: “I am Chu Qiao, senior officer of the Yanbei Staff Department. Everyone listens to me!”

The wind whistling, blowing her voice in the north wind, I saw a black shadow in front, and it was swept away by an intensive assault squadron. Thousands of people rushed to the sea, and it was like a storm!

“How can it be?”

In the crowd, a scream broke out suddenly, and Qianli’s response to the Yanbei men who came to join the army to protect the country’s Weiguo suddenly encountered a sudden enemy attack and suddenly became panic.


It’s too late to run again. In the runaway of the collapse, it will only be madly strangled. Chu Qiao turned back and shouted: “Don’t escape! Let’s intercept them!”

However, no one cares about her at all. The pro-guards rushed forward and grabbed her stables and shouted: “Adult, run!”

“You must notify Beibei Base Camp immediately!”

“Adult! It’s too late!”

As if to prove his words, the assault of the “killing enemy” sounded loudly, no doubt, it is the slogan of the regular army of the great summer.

The frantic horseshoe suddenly rushed to the moment, and in a flash, they caught up with the group of flustered civilians. The wind and the embarrassment, the blade was instantly sheathed, like a lightning flash, and the people in Yanbei had not returned to the gods. It was already a flash of white light. The blood spray bucket, the head suddenly left the neck and flew in the air, the blood in the cavity splashed out, and the sputum was sprinkled on the white snow!

Under the short-handed command, under the fast speed of the other side and the precise and sturdy knife method, the people in Yanbei did not have a single counterattack, and they would not fight back at all. The sharp screams were completely submerged under the shackles of the horseshoes. People fell to the ground one by one and were trampled by hundreds of horseshoes.

Chu Qiao’s eyes were red, and suddenly the enemies caused her to make a big mess. Under such a fierce impact, the personal role is small. A young man ran on the horse and ran in front. The enemy who was chased by the back cut off the neck, blood spattered out and sprayed on Chuo’s big scorpion. She stabbed the sword of the Xia Bing with a sword. The snow is bright and brings a bloody flower.

“Xue Zhiyuan! Go back now! Notify the base camp!”

This team of cavalry is about a thousand people. Everyone is dressed in a uniform of blue and white, and they are busy chasing the civilians who fled. For a time, no one noticed that there are still a few powerful forces that can fight back. Xue Zhiyuan was surrounded by three Xia Bing, Chu Qiao went up the sword and made a clearance for him. He shouted: “Come on!”

“Let women cover me? I can’t do it!”

Xue Zhiyuan is not an elite soldier who has experienced a hundred wars. His skills are quick and agile, and there is no trace of fancy. He only saw his hand fall and he cut a Xia Bing’s head with a knife. His body is as fast as a tiger.

Chu Qiao’s brow was tight, and suddenly he reached out and pulled open the big cockroach. He threw it on the ground and yelled at the horse: “Shameless and small! Killing civilians! Killing!” After that, she slammed the horse and held the sword, resolutely decided. Rushing toward the array of Xia Jun.

“Adult!” The guardian saw him, his eyes almost congested, and rushed forward, following Chu Qiao.

Two people, arrogantly rushing to the army of thousands of people, this scene looks like a cartoon is ridiculous, but no one can laugh at this moment. The officers and men of Daxia seemed to find Chu Qiao at this time. When she saw the uniform on her body, someone shouted: “There is an official here!”


At the time, the encirclement of the front, back, left and right suddenly surged up. Compared with the civilians who are not weatherable, the significance of a Yanbei Army official is extraordinary.

Xue Zhiyuan was stunned and saw that the officers and men who besieged himself immediately dropped him. He only felt that a blood in the chest was rambling. He knew that Chu Qiao had used his life to fight for this escape time, not for the so-called comrades. But for the millions of soldiers and civilians in Beibei City!

In the north wind hunting, his eyes were red, and his voice screamed and turned and ran wildly in the direction of Beibei City.

He ran too fast, and if he could wait a little longer, he might see something different. But fate is such a bizarre, just the moment he turned around, it is still the far northwest, an iron-grey ink line appears again, the earth is shaking, the wind is screaming, the bloodthirsty murder is diffused in the wind. Under every inch of snow, every team in the moonlight, wearing a variety of casual clothes, like a hurricane sweeping the earth, sweepingly swept over!

“Which army is in front? Sign the name and general name!”

A thick voice broke through the cold wind, pierced the eardrum, and the Chu Qiao sword in the fight stumbled over a Xia Bing, and suddenly raised his face, the sound in the cold wind was very familiar.

“Report the name and general name!”

At least the other person’s horses have more than 5,000, and only watching the formation, you can see the other side’s brave. Xia Bing had to stop rushing the ranks of the people. The former official shouted and shouted: “We are the 21st squadron of the 18th District of Yanxia, ​​which is the opposite of Yanbei. Who is the opposite?”

Is the guardian Xia Bing in the inland of Yanbei?

Just for a moment, Chu Qiao had already figured out all the joints. Yanbei’s independence was a coup that was launched overnight in various provinces and counties. In less than half a month, the former Daxia town guards and soldiers of Yanbei were driven out of the border. However, because the time of independence of Yanbei was too short, the military front of Daxia came again, so they had no time to clean up the interior, which caused the small summer cavalry in the inland.

These people must have been defeated by the Xia Army in the north of the incident. Now they see the Northern Summer Expedition. They are assembled and want to cooperate with each other. They do not want to meet the civilians who received the Second Army’s conscription orders on the road. The leaked news was to launch a massacre.

The origin of this team is already clear, so what is the identity of those people opposite?

After listening to Xia Jun’s self-reported door, the opposite side suddenly fell into a terrible silence. The wind blew, the earth was vast, the moon in the sky was pale, the snow had already stopped, but the snow on the ground was blown up by the wind. It’s like having another snow.

“kill the enemy!”

A loud and tidy charge suddenly sounded, and it was the slogan of the regular army of the great summer. It was almost the same as the summer army of this team. However, their shiny sabers and galloping horseshoes showed their hostility without reservation. Xia Jun’s soldiers were panicked, and their generals rushed forward and shouted: “We are the Imperial Army of Yanxia in the north of the town. Who are you? But is the Imperial Army? Please stop moving forward! Please stop moving forward. !”

With a bang, a strong arrow slammed into the chest and passed through the chest of the summer army. A blood line skyrocketed, the officer crashed down and squatted on the ground.

“Prepare to meet the enemy! Prepare to meet the enemy!”

Waving a knife and a gun, rushing to change the formation, however, everything is too late. Such a close distance, such a fast horse speed, so many times overwhelming overwhelming advantage, both in terms of momentum and quantity, Xia Jun has fallen into the wind. The retribution came so fast, and the slaughter of the genius was once again staged, only the changes that took place on both sides of the role. The impact of the blade resounded throughout the audience. Although the costumes were varied, the knife skills were well-equipped, the movements were simple, and the one-size-fits-all!

On the battlefield, a white knife is like a snow. Under such a rush, Xia Jun is like the autumn leaves. If it is less than half a cup of tea, it will be broken and collapsed!

The wind is like a sharp blade, under the dark sky, the snow is flying, the blade is like silver, the fighting power of the miscellaneous army is terrifying, the sound of killing is everywhere, the sound of slashing everywhere, on the snowfield less than fifty miles away from Beibei City. A fierce battle is going on intensely.


A report suddenly came, and in the small tent that was rushed to build, the generals were pacing back and forth, seeming to be waiting for someone.

The commander came in and said aloud: “Report an adult, there is a captive who surrenders automatically and asks to see you.”

The man is still very young, very handsome, with narrow eyes and thin lips. Just look at it and you will know that this is a tough and courageous person. However, at this moment, he was slightly annoyed. He frowned and said: “Is it the captive of Xia Jun? What is it about me? Is the Yanbei soldier still not coming back?”

“Not yet, adult. As for the captive, she refused to say that she insisted on seeing the adults.”

The general waved freely: “Bring it in.”

When Chu Qiao came in, the generals were facing the three women sitting in the tent with polite politeness: “Is she a good girl?”

“The body is okay, that is, luck is not so good. If you are not careful, you will become a prisoner of others.”

The voice just fell, the man’s tiger body shocked, and violently turned back. Immediately, the nearly 30-year-old man suddenly stunned and ran forward in a few steps, and could barely speak.

“He Xiao, you told me to come all the way, isn’t it just to stand up for a while?”

“Girl! How are you?” He Xiao was full of dust, but still could not conceal the true happiness of his face.

Chu Qiao took off his hood and smiled and said: “I want to ask you? What happened to you? A good soldier is not good, with soldiers going to fall into the grass as a bandit? I can’t believe it when I see it. “”

“Girl, you are not here, how can we come back with confidence?”

He Xiao sighed, Chu Qiao knew that he was still worried about the fact that Yan Xun gave up the southwest town government in the real city. He did not break it at the moment and patted his shoulder: “I am coming back, you always Rest assured.”

“Yeah, otherwise, we will not go around such a big circle to find the girl. We dare not approach Beibei City, fear that it will cause misunderstanding, can only use this method to invite the girl, please do not blame “”

He Xiao said with respect and respect, Chu Qiao smiled: “He Xiao, when are you going to be so polite with me? We are comrades in life and death, have had a meal in a trench, have had a life of friendship, now you Come back at this time, I really appreciate you.”

“The girl is back?”

“Is the girl inside?”

Suddenly, the voice of the soldier came from outside the door. Chu Qiao knew that she was seen by an acquaintance when she came over. He Xiao was full of emotion and his face was swollen and red. He said, “Girl, come out and say something to everyone. We I miss you very much. When I knew that you had an accident in Sui and Tang Dynasties, we have to save you. Who knows that halfway to know that you are back, we are coming back without stopping.”

Chu Qiao’s heart was moved. When he rescued the southwestern town government, it was entirely for strategic considerations. I did not expect that because of the original kindness, he won the true users and love of these soldiers. She walked to the door, opened the curtain, and the wind swelled in, and the cold wind blew on her face. The outside torches stood, the soldiers pressed black in front, and the faces looked familiar and Excited, everyone is rushing to crowd, just to see her. Seeing her figure, the team suddenly thundered cheers.

“It’s the girl coming back! It’s really her!”

The soldiers shouted in unison and waved their sabers to express their excitement.

Chu Qiao reached out and made a quiet gesture. The scene suddenly calmed down. Everyone’s eyes were on her body. The girl who was squatting walked to a high slope next to the camp, where it was fluttering with white. The banner of the red cloud at the bottom, above the military flag, the burning of the red fire cloud, this is the flag of the southwestern town government, not only symbolizing the identity of the southwest town government, but also symbolizing the army. History and record.

The long wind blows, Chu Qiao’s black uniform is particularly tall and straight in the cold wind. She stretches out her hands and her eyes are sincere. She said, “The soldiers from the southwestern town government! I am the general staff of the Yanbei Beibei Camp.” Joe, also your former comrade-in-arms, now, I am talking to you.”

“Today, I am very happy to see you here. You have proved to the people the correctness of my original decision with practical actions. I also proved my loyalty with practical actions. The strong summer soldiers are on the side, and the Yanbei storms are swaying. At this critical juncture, you can see that you are resolutely coming forward. It is the fortune of Chu Qiao, the fortunate of Yanbei, the fortunes of the world! I represent the people in Beibei City, representing the Yanzi Shizi, representing the Yanbei land. Welcome to go home!”

“Long live!”

The crowd suddenly boiled, and the 7,000 soldiers shouted in unison. The whole land was shaking, and the soldiers who had been displaced by the great summer were screaming with excitement. They held a sabre and shouted: “Swear to follow the grown-up!”

“Adult!” He Xiao came forward, holding the flag of the southwestern town government, step by step to Chu Qiao, suddenly kneeling down, said with a head and said: “The adults used one person’s strength, not afraid Life and death, to turn the tide, save my southwestern town government to make four thousand officers and soldiers escape from birth. On the same day, in the city of Zhen Huang, we have already sworn to follow the adults all the time, obey the orders of adults, obey the blade of the adults, never betrayed! Today I am He Xiao, voluntarily handing over the command of the southwest town government, four thousand local troops, and three thousand new soldiers to the adults, and asking the adults to lead us and lead us. From now on, our southwest town government is the sword of adults, adults. Where the whip is pointing, where we will fight, we will never give up, we will never have two ambitions!”



The swords were slashed out, and the officers and men of the 7,000 southwestern townships were all kneeling on the ground, kneeling on the ground, looking up at the girl standing on the heights, shouting in unison: “Life and death are not Abandon! Never have two ambitions!”

She is still so young, even a little young. However, there is a kind of person in this world, no matter how weak she seems, but her spirit, her sight, is like a flame, as long as it is close, there will be infinite power. It’s a pleasing pledge to follow, and Chu Qiao is such a kind of person. When you look at her, you can completely ignore her age, her experience, her identity, her status, because she is worthy of her name, because she is expected!

“He Tonglian,” Chu Qiao came forward, his eyes were tenacious and his face was serious. She slowly reached out: “I represent the king of Yanbei, accept your army, your banner, accept your allegiance!”

“Long live! Long live the adults! Long live Yanbei!”

The soldiers rushed up like the tide, they were surrounded by Chu Qiao, happily waving the sword and arrogant, and the white cloud banner on the top of their heads, fiercely floating!

On the evening of October 21, 1975, on the snowfield outside Fifty Miles of Beijiao City, the future beauty king established her first armed force, and the red cloud banner on the white background was publicly floated for the first time. Over the Yanbei Plateau. Seven thousand southwestern towns and villages witnessed this historic moment together. On that day, they did not know their fate, and it was not clear how everything today would bring earth-shaking to the ancient land of Simon. Great change. The history of the wheel began to run slowly, no one can stop it from moving forward. In the near future, this flag will be filled with every inch of land, the ancient and solemn Sui and Tang Dynasties, the bloody and powerful summer, rich And the prosperous Huai Song, the vast and ethereal East China Sea, the mysterious and dangerous Nanqiu, is also about a crisp grassland in the outer Nawoye! These elite soldiers will dedicate their lives to their pledges today and achieve their glorious and heroic sacred name!

At midnight, under the leadership of Chu Qiao, this team of elite troops consisting entirely of light cavalry, starting from Xueyuan, marching toward Beijiao City at full speed, resolutely voted for the upcoming battlefield.

At the second time, Beibei City suddenly sounded a rush of drums. The conference room was silent. The officers from the various regiments did not speak. Just now, there were cavalry to report: The Daxia army has arrived, I believe it is very It is about to launch a powerful attack on Beibei City. The middle-aged man who has just been promoted from a peasant to a cavalry scout said that the other side has a powerful cavalry regiment, with more than 20 flags, countless infantry regiments and heavy armored soldiers, and can’t see the head at first glance. The sea was as black as a piece of pressure. Their torches covered the sky and covered more than ten miles. The forward troops had already been under the city, and the follow-up troops were still stalking the fire thunder ten miles away.

If Chu is here, she may see it as a trap at a glance. If Xue Zhiyuan is here, he may also be brave enough to present information on the inadequacies. But unfortunately, they are not here at this moment. Cao Mengtong touched his chin and glanced at Xia An with a squint. He asked: “General Xia, what do you think?”

Xia An half-closed eyes, as if suddenly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, he seems to be asleep, he said: “The general is far-sighted, wisdom, the general’s will, is my will, I am willing to follow After the generals, follow the instructions of the generals.”

Cao Mengtong’s eye tip was lightly pumped, and he snorted “The old fox”, but his mouth was still sneer, came? better!

Cao Mengtong is not young this year. It is no accident that he can sit on the general position of the commander of hundreds of thousands of troops. He is familiar with Cao Mengtong. In the past ten years of fighting, he was on the Yanbei Plateau. There is no unbeaten general, and his life is over 100 years old. He has not lost a battle. At this point, even U Daoya is hard to see. But unbeaten does not mean that he is a victory. On the contrary, he has a poor number of battles, and he can count it with almost one palm. In the words of Yu girl, what the Second Army is best at is the strategic shift of rationality. They have been carrying out this great fighting strategy almost all their lives, so that they can fight against the enemy. Don’t be kidding, General Cao Da will also preserve the elite strength of the Yanbei army.

If in the past, guarding a city like Beibei and fighting against millions of elite cavalry in the summer, Cao Mengtong might escape from the tail as if he had been in the morning. But now, he has a little more heroic blood power. No one wants to carry the name of a escaping king in his life. In the past, the Yanbei Army was a group of flower squadrons, and they had no money to ask for no one. Now they are in Yan’ao. With support, they have their own sophisticated equipment, sharp swords and hard armor, countless horses, and nearly a million soldiers. There is also a little girl who always follows Yan Xun. She has made a bunch of strange and defensive tools. Although many of them will not be used until now, the powers that are only available are not powerful. And the city pool is also thickened under her presiding, and now it is even more eternal. Xia Jun is open to the public on the ice sheet. They are coming from all over the world. They are waiting for their work, they have a million troops, the city is heavy, the blades are sharp, and the reserves are sufficient. Isn’t this enough to win a victory?

The blood in Cao Mengtong’s blood vessels gradually boiled up. If this victory is over, then his reputation in Yanbei will jump! The big peers will be the old heads who are yelling at the neck and will be completely soft and fall to their feet, and Yanzi’s boy who has not yet grown up is even more eager to gesticulate in front of himself. The Yanbei regime will grow, and the big summer will be weak. Even, even if it rushes out of Yanbei and scores true, it is no longer a dream. Three hundred years ago, Pero’s death into Hongchuan, the history of the emperor’s recital once again reverberated in his mind, as a civilian, climbed up in the grass mustard, step by step to the peak of victory and power, that would What a beautiful picture. The Battle of Beibei was the first battle he started!

Cao Mengtong was excited about his thoughts. His eyes were a little red, his forehead was violent, and finally, he stood up violently, facing dozens of Yanbei generals. The tone was low and slowly said: “Da Xia is not benevolent.” Cruelty and tyranny, the Battle of Beibei, is the jihad of Yanbei’s self-defense, Yanbei’s rise and fall, and this battle is inevitable. I am determined to do so. Please help me to help me!”

“Fighting for freedom!”

The neat and loud voice rang in the conference room, and the guards of the gatekeeper quietly turned their heads, only to see a hard fist raised high above the head!

The battle of Beibei, kicked off!

The combat signals were quickly transmitted to the entire city of Beibei, and the roar of the drums resounded throughout the camp. At this time, the deputy commander of the Second Army’s forward camp, Xue Zhiyuan, rushed into the city, conveying the news that thousands of summer enemy troops lurked outside the city. For a time, the completely open west gate was suddenly blocked, and pedestrians were forbidden. There were seven or eight injuries on Xue Zhiyuan. He only had time to say the general situation with the defending generals, and he fell into the past. I don’t know. After him, a large number of Yanbei civilians who had escaped from the wars of the squadron rushed to the north of the city, shouting loudly that they were responding to the recruitment of the Yanbei people who came to help the war, but they could not open the heavy The city gate is over.

At one hour, the city had already gathered more than 3,000 civilians. They shivered in the north wind. Some were cursing the defenders in the city, others were crying and crying, but everything was useless.

After about two hours, the horizon was already bright, and under the horizon on the west, there was a faint shadow. The shadows were very fast, and did not make any defensive defensive, on the snowy fields, seven thousand horses. The horses rushed to run, and the faint white fog only revealed a black outline. In the blink of an eye, the soldiers have already rushed down the city, and the Yanbei Army on Beibei City rushed to tell the story. The information of the enemy attacked quickly spread throughout the army. The summer army of the East has not yet started. The Xixia Qianjun of the west has already taken the lead in the blade. The defender of the West City defense, General Cheng Yuan, has a lingering fear: Fortunately, Xue Zhiyuan has reported in advance, or if he suddenly confronts the enemy of the West, they really have to be in a hurry.

The civilians first made a scream of horror. They panicked and ran towards the gate, but at this time, who would dare open the gates for them?

There was a buzzing sound on the wall. It was the sound of heavy smashing arrows. Cheng Yuan was standing on the head of the city, wearing a big blue scorpion, holding a knife in his hand, squinting at the team in front, disdainful, However, the tens of thousands of light cavalry teams dare to attack Beibei City, which is simply whimsical. His opponents arbitrarily commanded: no need to soften, all annihilated, the first battle of the Battle of Beibei, must be firmly in the hands of our local soldiers in Beibei!

His men’s men’s men’s doubts frowned, and quite a bit embarrassed: “But under the city, there are still many civilians.”

Cheng Yuan’s brow tipped gently, his eyes became a little more ethereal, and his mouth was cold and faint. He said: “People? I didn’t see it.” Immediately, General Cheng Yuan left the city and went back to the barracks to rest. It is.

The weather was so cold that people couldn’t stand it. The other side was so awkward that he couldn’t commit to stay here.

Sun He immediately realized that he turned and said to the middle-level generals behind him: “The civilians below are all dressed up by the summer army to confuse our smoke bombs. The purpose is to force us to not let the arrows go, as long as we open the gates. These people will suddenly become enemies, kill us, and razor the north to the ground!”


Everyone suddenly understood and said: “The summer dogs are so embarrassed, it is really deceiving people, not killing them, we are not face to face.”

The city heads, people gnash their teeth and scream at the bottom. However, at this moment, the entire cavalry suddenly stopped at a distance, and a black cavalry cavalry rushed forward, taking off the hood and revealing a beautiful face. The woman said: “I am the military staff of the staff of Chu Qiao, followed by the army of the southwestern town of my army. The former Xia Jun has been wiped out by us. Please ask the officers of the defending city to open the gate and let us in!”

Her voice is not big, but everyone in the city has heard it clearly. When the voice just fell, there was a laughing and laughing laugh on the wall. If there was no prior notice from General Xue, it might have to be fooled by them. The Chu staff had already passed the country. They even used her banner to deceive. Southwest town government? What team is that? The traitor’s head?

Sun He did not see Chu Qiao in front, but he saw a few times back from the far side. It was too far away from the army below. The white fog was heavy in the morning, and it could not distinguish the original. He first entered the main, and received the private instruction of Cheng Yuan, the courage was also fat, sneer, and waved gently.

“For freedom, fight! Kill!”

The loud snoring sounded! In response to Chu Qiao’s words, it was actually more than 300 smashing arrows at the same time. The large stream of clouds shrouded the sun like black clouds, and the whistling of the sky, the wind and the rain fell from the sky!

“Protect adults!”

The officers and men of the southwestern town government witnessed the cracking of the squad, and rushed forward with a loud cry. More than a dozen young soldiers were in front of Chu Qiao, and built a dense wall for her. Those who have passed the improvement of Chu Qiao can make thirty-eight consecutive continuations, the strength of the road, the speed is fast, can be called the first weapon of the world to defend the city, under the arrow, the black arrows rain like a roar The gust of wind usually swept through, and more than a dozen soldiers were shot through them. Their bodies were like hedgehogs and strange distortions. The whole person flew away under the huge impact!

“Protect adults!”

He Xiao took the sword and rushed forward. A sword flew a stream, and hundreds of soldiers rushed forward regardless of life and death. They are all light cavalry, no shields, no armor, because they followed Chu Qiao to go to the run, and even did not put up a formation suitable for defense. In the first round of dense arrow rain, suddenly people turned upside down, screams rushed into the sky, blood splashes, horseshoes, humming, screaming, arrows breaking, blood everywhere, death everywhere.

A young soldier rushed back regardless of the hug, and the arrow shot through his chest. The blood was stained red on Chu Qiao’s face, but the soldier still refused to let go. Shouted: “Protect the adults! Move closer to me!” While the horses rushed, but soon, their horses were shot into a horse’s nest, planted on the ground, he even had no time to look at it, climb on the spot Get up and still protect Chu Joe back.

“There are enemy attacks! Protect adults!” More and more people rushed forward. They are like a group of black waves, a row of people dying, another row of people rushing up, just like this, no weakness, no Fear, no back, the arrow shot, and immediately there was a chest to resist, the bodies fell to the ground one by one, finally, when they escaped outside the range, the soldiers who had been lying in the back of the ground , like the autumn grass that cut the roots, brushed, everyone keeps running.

“Ha ha ha!”

On the head of the city, the Yanbei Army’s loud laughter sounded, and the voice was so harsh. Chu Qiao fell heavily on the ground, He Xiao dialed the crowd and rushed in, nervously shouted: “Adult! Do you have anything?”

The soldiers dispersed, and He Xiaogang ran in. He suddenly squinted and shouted: “Bold! I dare to disrespect the adults!” Then he rushed forward.

“He General, don’t say it.” Chu Qiao weakly poked his head out of the young soldier holding her tightly. His tone was sad and low, his face was pale, his tears were in his eyes, but he did not fall.

“He is dead, he saved me.”

Breaking the soldier’s hand, Chu Qiao slowly stood up. At this moment, there was a short whisper in the crowd. The soldier’s back was like a hedgehog. He had inserted more than ten sharp arrows, three or four. The roots are all shot at the heart, and most of them have been broken, showing how many he fell in the run. His expression was mean and crazy, and it seemed that he was still rushing at the moment before his death, or he was already dead, but he was still running. No one knows what kind of power this is. Chu Cho took off his shackles and put the clothes on the soldiers under the watchful eyes of all the officers and men. He squatted down and sneaked over the soldier’s cheeks to close his eyes.

With a bang, the girl stood up fiercely and turned to go to the north gate.

“grown ups!”

The soldiers shouted in unison, and He Xiao first stopped in front of her and shouted: “Adult! No!”

Chu Qiao’s eyes are cold, and the angry flame burns in her heart. Just after a while, they have killed more than 100 people and injured more than 300. These people, who followed her in the first place, rebelled with Zhen Huang. When I came to Yanbei, in order to make her fall into the grass, she even went to war with the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Now, they are resolutely returning for her. In the case of Yanbei’s precarious situation, he did not hesitate to take up the sword to defend the new Yanbei regime. .

They used to be traitors, traitors who were indifferent to heaven and earth, and guilty of sin. It was a running dog that was ignored by the people in the summer, and it was a resentment of thousands of people. However, it is they who, the first to raise the banner against the great summer, the first to follow the Yankee against the blade of the entire true city, shocked the true change of the world is born in their hands, sweeping the northwest The battles of the ten provincial and county coalition forces were also started by them. Even after being abandoned, they still did not forget their responsibility and inner loyalty. They have unparalleled trust in her and have unparalleled reliance, but at the moment, what she brings to them is the unaccompanied massacre!

Her anger was overwhelming, and she pushed away He Xiao and walked stubbornly. Who knows that He Xiaomeng got up and walked a few steps forward, once again squatting in front of her, shouting loudly: “Adult! It is difficult to distinguish between the enemy and the enemy. Beibei City will have misunderstandings against our army. Unpredictable, never!”

“唰” (swishing), Chu Qiao pulled out the sword, the sword was shining, and the cold said: “You let it go!”

“Adult! Never mind!”

The voice just fell, the other soldiers went forward, and dozens of squatting brushed, Chu Qiao’s eyebrows picked one, persistently want to go forward, the whole army suddenly crouched, and seven thousand scorpions shouted in unison: “Adult! Never!”

“If an adult wants to go! Please step on our body!”

Chu Qiao stood in the same place, she went back and looked at the young soldier who was not eye-catching, then slowly looked up and closed her eyes. The flame of anger burned in the heart, and she slowly breathed, as if to press everything down, press it down, and then press it down.

“Prepare the horse, swing the formation!”

The sound of “嗖” (whooshing) broke into the air and the soldiers in Beibei City suddenly became shocked. Such a long distance, even a heavy bow, could not be reached, but the other party actually only relied on ordinary handcuffs and bows. An arrow shot through the flag of the Chinese army, this is what a shock!

He Xiao put down his bow and arrow, and the audience was dead. Even the civilians who came to join the army also stunned.

Chu Qiao rode on the horse, slowly going forward, the white clouds and red clouds fluttering on the top of her head, waving in the wind, standing outside the hundred steps of the arrow, staring coldly at each other, said with a sigh: “I am Chu Qiao, the military staff of the General Staff, I asked to see your highest general!”

Cheng Yuan just came out of the rest room at this time. The big band was not fastened. When he heard Chu Qiao’s voice, he was stunned. He saw the flag rising far and wide, and the red cloud banner on white The mist in the morning is like a burning flame. The soldiers are like iron, the military style is solemn, and the silent anger is like a mountain. It is only a glance. He only knows that the army is far from his own. These rabble can be countered. They have no advantage except for the number of people.

“I am the military staff of the staff, Chu Qiao, I want to see your highest general!”

Chu Qiao’s words were repeated again. Cheng Yuan’s face was white. Standing on the side of Sun River, he saw the expression of the chief. A terrible cool air rose slowly in his chest. The terrible thoughts swallowed his heart, if it was true. Recalling the relationship between this woman and His Highness, his hand holding the knife is almost shaking.

“Adult, she, she won’t be…”


Cheng Yuan slowly raised his eyes: “You have smashed the big scorpion.”

“Prepare the horse, the whole army will go out with the city to meet the enemy. If we let go of an enemy, we don’t have to come back alive!”

Cheng Yuan took a cold drink and strode down the tower. Sun He couldn’t wait to rush forward and said, “Adult! Since it is true, then we…”

The sound of “啪” sounded crisp, Cheng deputy fanned a slap in the face of Sun He, the young general grabbed his clothes collar and shouted coldly: “You are an idiot! Do you know who she is?” Do you know the relationship between her and His Royal Highness? Now that she has reached this point, if she is not dead, the two of us will wait for His Royal Highness to come back and take us two banners!”

Anyway, this is the case. If you want to survive, you can only break the boat. If you have already determined that it is a fake, you can only recognize it!


Cheng Yuanxin was cold, and said coldly: “West City Defense Army! All the collection!”

Xue Zhiyuan was awakened in his sleep. The rumbling drums spread throughout the city. He resisted the pain from his body and climbed up. However, when he walked to the west wall, he suddenly stopped. The man widened his eyes, listened to the familiar voices over and over again, and looked at the formations under the city. He suddenly understood that he was pushing the guards and hurried down the tower: “What are you doing? Open the gate! That is Chu. Stafflord!”

Cheng Yuan walked up coldly and took a handful of Xue Zhiyuan’s mouth. Under the man’s serious injury, he was unable to resist. He listened to Cheng Yuan’s low voice and said: “If this is a day, you are the first. One is in jeopardy! Falsely reporting the military situation, causing friendly riots, do you think that your Highness will let you go? If you want to live, immediately shut me up, or I can send you to the West!”

Cheng Yuan’s eyes were cold and murderous, and he walked away and said, “When I will listen to my command, we will pretend to be close to them by the friendly army, and then Sun He will bring troops to attack their flank. Li Lu will bring troops to attack them. Under the city, one can’t let them leave alive!”

Xue Zhiyuan stood in the same place, and his blood gradually cooled down. His expression was sluggish and his expression was awkward. In the blink of an eye, he recalled many things. When he was young, he was hungry and embarrassed. He was excited and enthusiastic when he was first conveyed by Datong. The hardships and hardships that come are always unwilling to face the weakness and exhaustion of reality. His beliefs, his ideals, everything he has, have collapsed at this moment!

His face became paler and paler. Suddenly, he turned and walked to the wall, his body was extremely fast, like a quick tiger!

Cheng Yuan suddenly reacted and turned back and shouted: “Block him!”

However, it was such a moment that he had already boarded the tower, and the young man ascended to the ground: “Chu Qiao! Run!”

The “嗖嗖” (peng, peng) sound suddenly sounded, and the arrow was all right. The man was shot through in an instant. The arrow penetrated his body and his shoulders. He poked his head from his hands and feet, and bloody blood sprinkled. The wall, the young man’s blood is like a drop of bright red seeds, dripping from the walls of the city, falling on the white snow, forming a small bright red vortex!

Everyone was shocked, the cold wind blew through his robes, and he blew his promising young torso. His eyes were clear and tenacious, with an unyielding sigh. The oath of many years ago still echoed in my ear: I will voluntarily Dedicated to the Yantong cause of Yanbei in my life, no self, no selfishness, struggle for life, fight for freedom!

The heavens and the earth became empty and silent, and his body fell against the wind, falling down, along the winding walls, on the cold Yanbei land!


The civilians under the city suddenly made a scream of fright! The crowds, like the chaotic floods, brushed away from the towering walls, and the eyes of the soldiers they looked at the walls were no longer pure trust and dependence.

Chu Qiao sat on the horse’s back, his eyes were red, his palms were cold, her eyes were as tough as iron, and the chest was full of magma-like heat and frenzy. Finally, she erected her palms and issued a short and clear military order: “Retreat!”

The cavalry behind him suddenly appeared, and the army turned around and prepared to leave. At the last moment of leaving, the fierce girl looked back coldly. Finally, she glanced at the flying Yanbei Battle Flag and glanced at the densely guarded defender on the tower, and looked at the land. The corpse, and the young soldier who had been slapped by her in Beibei City, she spit out a deep breath, but felt the chest more heavy.

“This hatred is not reported! I swear not to be human!”

The sun finally jumped out of the horizon, sprinkled the golden light, and the whole piece of land was golden. It seems that even the gods must crown this day.

Such a rapid speed, even now chasing at full speed, has lost the possibility of coffers. Cheng Yuan’s heart seemed to fall into the hail. Sun River stared at the cavalry regiment and whispered. He turned and asked: “What should I do?”

Cheng Yuan glanced at Sun He, his eyes were cold and cold with ice and snow. He slowly turned around and made a big step without leaving a word.

“How to do?”

He also secretly asked himself in his heart, he wants to find a way out for himself, must, must!

The sun in the sky is like gold, a new day, finally arrived!

However, after an hour, the northern sky floated a large thick cloud, and the sky came like a whistling roar. I haven’t finished my breakfast yet. Under the horizon of the East, there is a piece of iron-grey ocean slowly. It is like a grassy wave on the vast expanse of ice that can’t be seen on the edge of the ice, covering the sky, expanding and expanding. Only the horseshoe trampled on the earth, the snowy white waves slammed under their feet, and the wind rolled up the gray robes, like a large flying eagle!

Sophisticated horses, hard armor, bright swords, neat military, and the Yanbei Second Army, who have been fighting against the local troops for the rest of their lives, have truly seen the style of the so-called army for the first time. A veteran is scared. The ass sat on the head of the city, his eyes straightened, and his mouth muttered: “The devil is coming!”

Raising the flag like the sea, the sword is like a forest, everywhere is covered with iron and gray, gradually covering the entire plain, they are square, strict, and well-defined, the Chinese army is like a tiger, the flank is like an eagle, the rear is full of reserve army. The regiment, one by one sharpening the gun, screaming at the exhibition, nearly five miles before and after, it is obvious that there are still a large number of troops behind the fire.

Those who have not experienced it personally can’t appreciate such a magnificent scene. In an instant, everyone is exposed to panic and fear. In the past 100 years, in the face of repeated provocations by big peers, Daxia has only made several occasions. Strangled and responded, even the original attack on Yan Shicheng, only a symbolic dispatch of the Mongolian Legion. But this time, there are four regular legions with more than 100,000 people, not to mention the follow-up wings and the receiving troops.

Da Xia is really angry. In the face of the reactionary forces that dared to challenge the dignity of the Empire for the first time in the past three hundred years, they swear to defend, they will not hesitate to fight!

The cold and windy wind blew through the sky above Yanbei. When the Beibei City shivered, not far from the setting sun, the flag of the southwestern town government was flying under the dark clouds. Chuqiao sat on the horseback. Faced with seven thousand pairs of bloody eyes, issued such an order:

“The North will not be guaranteed. For the present plan, only the seizure of Chiyuan Ferry, the occupation of Chidu City, and the second line of defense in the Yanbei Inland, this is a military order! Effective immediately! The whole army, open!”

Just in the southwestern township, when the whip was quickly rushed to the Chiyuan Ferry, Zhao Qi frowned and marked a circle on the marching battle map in the middle of the big army camp in Daxia, muttering: “Old Fourteen It should be here.”

There, three tributaries gather together, and the Lancang River, the Xixi River, and the Wujiang River merge into a red water that runs across the entire Simon’s continent. A lonely town is located on it. It has a nice name: Chidu City.

The war eagle screamed and screamed. The first Northern Expedition War in history has begun. The footsteps of the god of death came to this cold land. The river has frozen, the river is white, and both sides are running at full strength, competing against each other to seize the important Military base. The two famous generals are about to collide, a battle for the Red Cross that shocked the world, and the horn of the battle in the cold wind. The wave of history rolled in. Cao Mengtong stood in front of the Yanbei Army and waved the sacred flag. The old veteran rarely plucked up his courage and shouted: “May the gods swallow the north! Bless us and fight for it! Warriors, For Yanbei, fight for freedom!”

In the afternoon, it began to snow, and the north wind rolled up the snow on the face, like a knife.

Thousands of military horses appeared from the snow, the crowds were dense, and the bright blade flicked in the darkness with sharp brilliance. The horse rushed, the speed was amazing, Chu Qiao’s face was chilled and numb by the wind, and the whole man wrapped her whole person in it. The nine-hour continuous attack has already made everyone’s hands and feet freeze and stiff. In the hurricane, these seven thousand people stand in the wilderness, like a house without a main beam, which may be swallowed up by sudden sudden changes.

A scout rushed back, the soldier was still very young, his eyebrows were clear, and he didn’t look like he was over 18 years old. His horse was extremely fast, and he quickly rushed to Chu Qiao, pointing to the East Helan Mountain, his lips trembled because of the coldness. Can’t speak.

“Is the Xia Jun near?”

The scout did not speak, just a silent nod. His neck is already stiff and his nodding position is a bit strange, like a puppet with a thread.

“How far is it? Fifty miles?”

The other party did not nod, Chu Qiao continued to ask: “Thirty miles?”

Still no response, the girl’s heart was cold, her voice was a little bit low and tired, and she said, “Twenty miles?”

Scout nodded silently, Chu Qiao took off his hood, and immediately looked at him with a deep sigh: “Working hard.”

“噗” (plop), the warrior fell to the horse, the soldiers around him quickly jumped to help him, but the tentacle touched it, it was cold, breathless, and already mad. The weather is very cold, and the scouts need to bury their bodies in the heavy snow to listen to the enemy’s situation, and then copy the path back. He can hold on to this moment, and the oil is running out.

Twenty miles of road, although it is a narrow mountain road, but the quality of the cavalry in the summer, as long as half a quarter of an hour is enough to get here. And half a quarter of an hour, can they attack Chidu City?

Chu Qiao’s eyes are like a sharp knife. She looks deep ahead, not far from the front, is the Chidu City guarding the Chiyuan Ferry. She has sent two people to negotiate under the city. Now it has passed. A fragrant time, but there is still no news from the opposite side.


Her palms are wet and cold, the hands of the sword are cold, and the hope is very small. They don’t have the handbooks and orders of Yan Xun. There are no documents issued by the base camp. There are no handcuffs issued by the big peers. At that time, the city was too impatient, she even There is not even an object that proves that he was born in the staff. In other words, they do not have any way to win the trust of the other party, and they can let the other party believe that they are also a member of the Yanbei Army. They came here to defend the peace of Chidu City.

And if the Yanbei Army of Chidu City does not believe in their identity and refuses to accept them into the city, then once the Daxia forces arrive, 7,000 light cavalry on the wilderness plains will confront the other tens of thousands of troops, waiting for them. Only one dead end!

This point, Chu Qiao knows better than anyone else!

“Adult,” He Xiao’s deputy, Ge Qi, is a young general in his twenties. Like most of the officers and men of the southwestern township, his father used to be a member of the empire. It was time to grow up on this land. Now, with his dream of washing the shame of his fathers, he has perseverance and courage.

“Adult, Xia Jun is near.”

Chu Qiao did not speak, the deputy will continue to say: “Chaodu City will not open, let’s go.”

Chu Qiao’s face is unchanged, her eyes have been gazing at the Red Cross Gate, even the eyes have not turned, the voice said calmly: “wait a little longer.”

A little bit past, the wind is like a wild beast, screaming in the snoring, the eardrum is full of wind, the silence between heaven and earth, but it is so loud, the heavenly eagle is in a fierce spiral, and the white wings are almost open. Can cover half the sky.

Ge Qi frowned, he could even hear the hooves of the great summer army. He went forward again: “Adult, it’s still time to go.”

“Await another time.”

“Adults, the big summer force is too strong, meet on the plains, we can hardly resist.”

“Await another time.”

Chu Qiao said calmly, the wind blew her hood, revealing the beautiful face below. The horseshoe moved in uneasiness, making a crisp sound, waiting for a long, violent wind that swept across the earth, rolling up the grass under the snow, the heart was hot, and the blood was pounding fiercely. Look, two times, three times…

“grown ups!”

A shout suddenly came, and the scout of the yellow-brown shirt rushed back. He ran and yelled: “Xia Jun has already turned over Helan Mountain, and is coming to the Chiyuan Ferry at full speed. The 20,000-light rider is playing the striker, followed by a large number of Heavy armored cavalry and infantry regiments could not tell how many people were there. Adults, they killed dozens of Yanbei troops guarding the first gorge of Chidu City, and found our scouts. Now it is speeding up. It has passed. A line of gorges!”

The team suddenly sounded a panic voice, the speed of the other party is so fast? 20,000 light rides, countless heavy armored cavalry, nearly 100,000 infantry regiments, such a terrible military force, if it collided here, the southwestern town government may not even make a scream.

“Adult,” Ge Qi frowned and said: “Leave a green hill…”

“Adult! Look!”

A little Wu Chang suddenly exclaimed, and looked at the Chidu Castle building with a shocked face. Everyone turned around and saw the high-rise tower. The red cloud flag was flying on the white background, and the thick and simple The gates of the city are slowly falling in the eyes of everyone.

Chidu City, opened!


The soldiers were overjoyed and cheered in unison. Chu Qiao suddenly sighed with a sigh of relief. She slammed her whip and screamed immediately before saying, “Go into the city!”

Almost at the moment when the gate was closed, a black line suddenly appeared on the plain. At the end of the distant land, on the Chishui River, where the snow was white, there was a low-pitched sound like a thunder, which slowly rang through the ears.

“Who are you? Keke, I am Yanbei Chiduchengcheng Shou, I am the prince of Yan Wang Shizi personally, cough, personally issued the handcuffs of the three major members, I am the first year of the year I have been kissed by the front of the temple. Under the broad daylight, how can you be so mad, so humiliating, coughing and coughing…”

A 60-70-year-old man screamed loudly and cried as he yelled at his neck. The official robes on his body were crumpled by the soldiers, and the hats were smashed. The boots only wore one. The other one was dragging under the feet, and the officers and men of the two southwestern townships pressed him so that he could not act rashly. What made Chu Qiao feel disappointed that his side was surrounded by dozens of gatekeepers, but from the beginning to the present, these people did not move together. They cringed together and wanted to unplug their military uniforms. Obviously, there is no fighting power at all.

Handing a city with such a strategic position to such a group of wine bags, Chu Qiao only felt the fire in his heart arched. Although she also knows that if not, she will not be able to enter this Chidu City at the moment.

“Adult, fortunately, not to be insulted!”

He Xiao came forward, and the tone of his knees fell to the front of Chu Qiao. There were large blood stains on the men’s dark blue military uniforms, and they were not completely unhindered.

Chu Qiao’s nephew was blocked. She reached out and lifted He Xiao, and said slowly: “He Tongling, Yanbei, if you can escape, you will be the first.”

“I, I am the 48th seat of the senior vice president, cough, I am the backbone of Yanbei, I have more than 30 years of qualifications, and now many of the generals in the army are my students, cough, You are so right to me, you will…”

“To shut up!”

The cold female voice suddenly came, Chu Qiao stepped forward, coldly watching the red city guard, she is still so young, but her eyes are full of majesty and arrogance. The old guardian of the city guards her eyes, and the voice is getting smaller. He feels guilty and lacks his face. He quickly screams with courage: “The big peers will judge you, you are a group of thieves!”

Seven thousand soldiers, like wolves, entered the city and alerted this small city. Men, women and children all walked out of their homes and stood in the snow, looking far away.

Chu Qiao sneered, grabbed the old man’s collar, turned and went to the tower.

“Ah! What are you doing?” The old city guard was pulled a shackle and almost fell to the ground. The pig screamed loudly: “Bold mad! You dare to be so rude to me! I am a presbyterian Forty-eighth seats, I have been in the club for thirty-three years. The generals in the army are my students… I have a cough… I am a first-class bachelor, and I have the right to have twelve votes in the Datong Court. You are self-respecting and deceiving your colleagues. I will judge you on behalf of the big colleagues. I will sentence you to exile and deprive you of your military power. I will sentence you to copying the house. I want to…”

The noisy sound suddenly stopped, like a dull sputum, suddenly deflated.

On the high tower, the girl’s tall figure and the old man’s waist are so abrupt, the wind blows, blowing their same Yanbei military uniforms, blowing them black, or once black. The broken corners of the hair. They did not speak, but they stood together on the high gate of the city and looked into the distance.

The officers and men of Chidu City and the people were surprised. Some people bravely climbed up the tower, but their expressions were stunned and they lost their language skills. Gradually, more and more people climbed up, one, two, three, ten, one hundred, thousand, and the towers were full of people, their eyes were dull, their faces were frightened, and the desperate atmosphere was in the crowd. Passing back and forth, the taste of death has never been so close to this moment.

The setting sun is like a fire, and the blood-red light is projected on the heads of the people. The mottled light and shadow, like the fire clouds on the fire thunder, is filled with the whole white snowfield. The wind blows, the snow is raging. In the confused white mist, the iron-gray army is like a silent flood, covering the entire snowfield, towering rifles, snowy knives, black-pressed heads everywhere, strong horseshoes everywhere, flag waving, I can’t see the end at a glance. It’s like suddenly breaking into a boundless nightmare, everywhere it’s flashing with the bloodthirsty arrow, stretching more than ten miles, the vigorous cavalry regiment, the majestic heavy armor, such as Lin’s archers, hard shields, and infantry regiments with countless numbers in the rear, reserve regiments, logistics regiments, caravans…

Like a grand military exercise, almost all of the elites of the great summer are gathered here. The officers and men of Chiducheng are stunned, the people are stunned, and even the southwestern township that has been mentally prepared The ambassador also stayed, until now, they suddenly realized that it was a terrible enemy to stand opposite. In the three hundred years of the Great Summer, the Red River in the mainland, the three hundred years of Weiwei, the suppression of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the Huai Song, and the Nanhai of the East China Sea for three hundred years, how can the accumulated power be shaken by a real change in a district? of?

Nowadays, they are slowing down, vacating their hands, moving their legs and feet, and finally, eradicating the people who have questioned their authority!

“After this, if you are still alive,” Chu Qiao looked calm and faintly turned to look at the elderly old man, with a smooth tone and no waves: “So, I will accept your trial.”

“砰”, the old man sat on the ground, Chu Qiao did not look at him, turned and walked toward the square in the city, along the way, everyone consciously let her open the road, the wind blows her long Hair and big sister, like a sharp war eagle, the girl is tall and straight, and the British is aggressive. She walks up the center of the square with her head and looks at the crowd under the square.

They looked anxious, like a restless rabbit, and looked around, not knowing where to go. This kind of look, Chu Qiao has seen too many times, once in the Middle East, in Africa, in the chaotic Golden Triangle, in those war-torn countries, she has seen too many people displaced in the war, now, standing here She does not know how to define herself, is the liberator of the sacred incarnation? Or the destroyer who brought disaster? However, she has no way to retreat, for the present, only battle!


“Soldiers, the people of Chiducheng, I am Chu Qiao, a subordinate of His Royal Highness, and a combat staff member of the Military Staff of Beibei Base Camp. Now, I am talking to you!”

The girl’s voice was loud and her tone was tenacious. She stood tall in the square and faced everyone’s speech. People suddenly became shocked and looked up at her. At this time, what people need most is a firm commander to rely on, and Chu Qiao, who is currently the most qualified person.

“The soldiers, the people, as you can see, the army of Daxia bypassed the Helan Mountains and attacked us from the Chiyuan Ferry. Now, under the city, there are at least 200,000 Daxia officers and men. They are strong and strong, they are fully equipped, they are the most elite field forces in the summer, they come from all over the world, and they have the king of the summer, only one purpose: that is to kill us!”

“Boom” sounded like a bomb thrown into the crowd, the noise screamed, people panicked and watched, and the cry of the woman rang loudly, the children did not know what happened, but the keen feeling made them Feeling scared, there are worries of worry everywhere, desperate emotions everywhere, the sky is overcast, the fiery sunset is covered by clouds, and the cold, biting cold wind is blowing, as if to blow out The last hope for people to survive. The soldiers set off the torches, but the torches could not dispel the dense fog of death and could not shine into people’s hearts.

“But! We are not alone!”

The fierce voice suddenly sounded loudly, and all the noises were a stagnation. People looked up and looked at the tall, tall girl. She was dressed in a black military uniform, and she was wearing a big scorpion and looked sharp. Full of wisdom, she raised her head and said in a deep voice: “A hundred miles away is the most sturdy castle in Yanbei, north of Shaoguan. There are nearly one million Yanbei troops, the most elite weapons and horses. In our rear, it is the Blue City Bunker. The girl is leading 100,000 soldiers, ready to support us, and our king, His Royal Highness, is also bringing 300,000 troops from Meilin Pass to us. It’s only temporary, as long as we are tenacious, victory will inevitably belong to us!”

The whole scene was dead, no one should be, but no one opposed. The wind blew Chu Qiao’s face. The snow fluttered in front of her, making her whole person look ethereal and fuzzy. She firmly raised her fist and said loudly: “Eight years ago, the horseshoes of Daxia trampled on our homeland, burned our houses, insulted our wives and daughters, cut off the heads of our fathers and brothers, and the fire and thunder battled, and Yanbei was sharply lost. In this case, Yanbei’s The people have been enslaved for eight years. The nobles can kill us at will, and we can take away our horses and food at will. We will work hard for a lifetime, but we can’t hold a copper plate! Now, the Highness has recovered Yanbei. The poor are allowed to wear clothes, have a room to live, have food to eat, but the big summer will not agree, they can not sit and watch their dignity being trampled, so they sent troops to enslave us again, to use blood Let us give in. People! We are not rebellious, we just want to live! Are you standing still? Or are you dying? Are you kneeling and licking others’ toes, or picking up a knife and gun to defend yourself? Home? ”

“We are going to be alive!”

In the crowd, a voice suddenly sounded, and then, like a fiery fire burning over the dry grassland, thousands of voices merged into a huge torrent.

“We have to live! Kill the summer dog!”

“I am on behalf of Beibei Base Camp to rescue you. Now, I will officially take over the Chidu military power. All the Red Army officers and men will listen to my deployment. Women and children will immediately leave from Ximen and quickly rush to the Blue City. Men over the age of 50 are left behind, with me, defending Chidu and defending Yanbei!”

“Defend Chidu! Defend Yanbei!”

The snoring screamed through the human eardrum, Chu Qiao stood on the square, and the little fist seemed to have tremendous power. Her eyes were clear and tough, but the corners of her mouth, but slowly brought a touch of sorrow.

She knows that after tomorrow, there will be countless tragedies, countless families broken, and countless relatives will never see you again. However, she has no other way. She slowly looked up and refused to look at the faces full of confidence and hope.

Yan Xun, where are you and when are you coming back? End of the earth, I fight with you!

With 200,000 troops to snatch such a small town with only three thousand soldiers, in the eyes of Daxia, this is simply a matter of stability. However, after arriving at Chidu City, Zhao Wei did not immediately make an order to attack the city. He looked at Chidu City and put on a persistent posture, smiled contemptuously, but his heart was a little bit darker. Since the garrison of Chidu wants to stick to it, he has reason to drag on for a while. The later he rushes to the back road of Beibei, the more favorable he is, the more he will let Zhao Qi take the Batuha’s fool. Fight hard with Yanbei.

As a result, Zhao Wei immediately ordered the troops to start digging trenches, building fortifications, setting up the horses, and inserting the Spurs, and also made a firm look.

On behalf of the three emperors Zhao Qi troops to urge the officers several times to Zhao Jun’s military account, urged him to immediately confront the enemy, including the North Road. But Zhao Wei always looked at him with a strange expression, and asked strangely: “Is not attacking now?”

“The subordinate said that it is a more aggressive offensive method.” In the face of the newly-emerged Daxia 14 emperor, the overseer was flushed, his forehead was cold and sweaty, and the words were written: “Three Highnesses The army has already played against the Yanbei Army. The sooner the fourteenth priests rushed to Beibei, the lesser the casualties of the Southwest Army.”

“How about the casualties of the Northwest Army?”

Zhao Yu’s face was cold, and the sword eyebrows rose. Da Yi said sharply: “As the chief commander of a legion, my biggest responsibility is to exchange the maximum victory at the lowest price. I need to cherish every one of my ministry. The soldier’s life, therefore, I feel that our military’s current strategic plan is very suitable for the current situation. If I rashly advance and ambush the enemy, the Northwest Army’s casualties will be heavy, and the failure of the overall strategic goal will be delayed. Who can shoulder this responsibility? , Supervisor, is it you?”

The Warlord almost cried out. He climbed the horse with a snot and a tear, and ran away and ran back to report with Zhao Qi.

Zhao Wei sneered, leaning on the back of the chair, and painted a few thin lines on the military strategic map in front of him. The young emperor was slightly stunned, and his mouth slowly recited: Beibei, Chidu, Lancheng, Yuyuyu, Yao Water, Meilin Pass…

Although I don’t know why Zhao Wei suspends the attack, it seems that every minute is a godsend gift for Chu Qiao. She actively rushed, busy reorganizing the tools and defense system of defending the city, arranging the retreat of civilians, integrating new recruits into the army, coordinating the advancement and retreat between the various military forces, and being busy with the feet.

After the nightfall was completely over, the crying in the city had gradually become tiny. Chu Qiao walked on the empty street, and the cold wind blew over. She suddenly felt a little cold. Ge Qi stepped forward and put on her big shackles. The thick clothes covered the cold wind. Chu Qiao nodded and thanked him. Just listening to the bang, the shops on both sides of the street were very smooth, and a wooden tub in front of the door was blown by the wind, and it was swaying on the ground, making a creaking sound.

A piece of sorrow, a piece of desolate, full of cold and bleak taste.

“Adult, we won’t win, right?”

Chu Qiao stunned, and when he turned around, he saw Ge Qi’s young eyes looking at her, a very peaceful smile: “If adults are really confident, they will not let all the civilians retreat.”

Chu Qiao did not speak. She just turned her head quietly. No one has such arrogant courage. She is a senior commander who has received modern military education. She clearly knows the true meaning of war. It is not without magic. However, that also requires the minimum capital, even if it is not required to be equal and evenly matched, at least it must have the ability to have a battle.

With less than 10,000 troops, guarding a small and ruined small town against the 200,000 empire soldiers, and the other side of the terracotta warriors will continue to come one after another, such a war, no one will have the determination to win.

However, she can’t show these emotions. She is their leader and the hope of everyone here. If she doesn’t have confidence, how can others stick to it? When they are discouraged, they can count on her. Who should she count on?

Chu Qiao sighed with a sigh of relief, suddenly a small black shadow sounded in front, Chu Qiao brow wrinkled, behind Ge Qi has been cautiously stepped forward in front of Chu Qiao, Shen Sheng shouted: “Who? ”

The light shone, the soldiers walked up and saw the opposite, actually a 12-year-old child, wearing a small folder, holding a small bag, his face was frozen and red, his eyes were clear, his neck was stalked. Very stubborn look.

Chu Qiao frowned and said: “Who are you a child? Why didn’t you leave with the team?”

The child does not speak, just head down. Chu Qiao looked at him, and 80% was just running back from Xichengmen. I don’t talk at the moment, I don’t even care about him, I’m going to leave.

“Hey! You care about me?”

The child saw that Chu Qiao did not pay attention to him. Sure enough, he came up with a few steps. He asked, “Do you not drive me out of town?”

Chu Qiao said faintly: “You have to die to live, what is the relationship with me? I have enough things, no time to deal with you.”

The child suddenly looked at it and seemed to be insulted. Then he said aloud: “I am fifteen years old! I can stay and be a soldier!”


Chu Qiao glanced at him and his face was faint. The child also knew that he was too flustered, but he still insisted: “Don’t look at my small size, but I am strong.”

Chu Qiao still ignored him. The child was anxious to run over, but was stopped by Ge Qi. The child had to jump up and down on the outside, and picked up his sleeves to see Chu Qiao see his thick arm muscles.

“Why don’t you go?”

Chu Qiao suddenly asked, and the child stood up and stood still. After thinking for a long time, he murmured: “My sister is sick and can’t go.”

Chu Qiao’s heart suddenly became tight. In these years, this way, she has seen too many such things. She thought that even if it is now more and more devastating, it may be worthwhile. If the old ones can make new ones, and a nation wants to go to independence, it will cost a price. Maybe many years later, the world will change because of what she has done in the past. The children at that time may not have to be displaced as they are now. The people at that time may not have to be as precarious as they are now. enough.

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Du Dog.”

Chu Qiao frowned, so a delicate child, how did you get such a name?

“This name is not good, I will give you another one.”

The child thought about it and said, “That line, but still have a surname.”

Chu Qiao stood up and looked into the distance: “Just call peace.”

Du Pingan, Du Pingan, I hope that the land of Yanbei will really have a safe day.

After half an hour, on a small military square in the west of the city, all the officers and men of the southwestern town government gathered together, and the bright torches shined in the night sky. Chu Qiao was in a military uniform and stood on a makeshift wooden table with a deep look. These groups of soldiers who swear to follow themselves, said in a low tone: “You, thank you for your trust in me, in the ancient capital of the Daxia Dynasty, in the northwestern land of the Hongchuan Plain, in the gates of the West Gate of the North Gate. Besides, we fight side by side, and we share our blessings. Thank you for always believing in me, following me, and following me into this desperate situation today, I am sorry about this.”

Chu Qiao slowly groaned, then straightened up and continued: “I don’t want to deceive you, so before the decisive battle, I want to tell you that I lied before, we will not have reinforcements, and Chidu will not have Any support, we are alone, no one will give us any help.”

There was a flustered scream in the team, but they were quickly controlled. They stared at Chu Qiao and said nothing.

“The big Xia Bing is divided into two roads. The north gate is attacked by the east gate. The main force is more than 400,000. It is not a reserve army and a logistics man. The other one is the 200,000 soldiers under our city. They read the Helan Mountain. In order to attack the Chiyuan Ferry, it is to break through the Chiyuan Ferry, insert the Yanbei inland, and attack Beibei City from both sides of the east and west lines, and create the Yanbei chaos in the rear to fight the front army. Once the Chidu City breaks, Beibei Millions of soldiers and civilians will have no way to escape, they will inevitably fall into the massacre of the Xia Jun, Yanbei elite power loss, half of the east side of the river, will fall into the hands of the summer! And the blue city behind, as Yanbei The second line of defense in the inland is also impossible to send us reinforcements. They have less than 100,000 defenders, guarding the long line of the sunset in the mountains, and they are powerless. The second army led by His Royal Highness is still In the distant Meilin Pass, it is impossible to return to us within five days.”

The fire shines on the woman’s little face. Her back is tall and straight, her posture is tall, her legs are slender, her eyes are bright and she is as bright as a star. She said in a deep voice: “So, this is a tough battle, the enemy you will face, It is twenty times more than yours, and it will increase in the future. However, we can’t retreat. Once we step back, the retreat of the soldiers and civilians in Beibei will be blocked. Even if they run away, they will have no way. Escape, behind us are the people of the sunset mountain generation. Without us, the iron hoofs of the great summer will be ruthlessly trampled on their heads. The civilians, women, and children will face the disaster, no one can escape. Yanbei will face a catastrophe of life and death!”

Chu Qiao’s eyes were red, and her face was a little excited. She said with a heavy tone: “The officers from the southwest town government! You have always been called a rebel army. Your fathers have betrayed Yanbei and betrayed their own blood and Hometown, for eight years, no one in the whole mainland can afford you. You have suffered countless resentment and white eyes, even if you have helped Yanzi to escape from the real, even if you personally created the shock of the world, even if you Once tenaciously repelled dozens of times your Northwestern Army! But the name of the traitor is always on your head, no one believes in you, no one wants to accept you. But today, everything will be different. A chance is in front of you. As long as you are past, you are the hero of Yanbei, the hero of the people!”

The eyes of the soldiers began to heat up, the wind blew, the snow flew, the dark sky, the girl’s posture was like a hard gun, and her voice said passionately: “Warriors! Pick up you. The knife and gun, follow me, defend Yanbei, defend the unarmed women and the elderly, use the blood to wash away the shame, defend our flag, and polish the southwestern town to make this glorious name! Of course, some people will die, some people I won’t see the snow next winter, but the people will thank you, Yanbei will remember you, your name will be engraved on the military power of Yanbei, admired and worshipped by generations! Soldiers, I Will be with you, life and death, we will never leave!”

“Life and death together! Never give up!”

The soldiers suddenly made a screaming scream. They raised their hands and their eyes were red. Some people even burst into tears with excitement. The shame of years was like a magma pouring out. They shouted: “Defend Yanbei!” Long live the adults!”

The sound stirred up in the sky, and the whistling wind rushed to the sky!

The sound was so loud that it was transmitted to the snowfield outside the city. Zhao Wei was covered in a white fox coat, with a slight sneer and a sneer.

Time is almost over, and then delay, Zhao Qi will probably turn his face.

His eyes cast coldly on the low wall, and he sneaked into the snow on the big scorpion. In his eyes, it was not even a city. He just glanced at the red in the darkness. Ferry, the generals around him arbitrarily told: “Go, push me down the unsightly wall.”


The generals sang in unison and turned and strode away. The soldiers received instructions from the battle and immediately waved their swords and guns.

boom! boom! boom!

The earth slowly swayed under the feet, and the soldiers shouted earth-shatteringly: “kill the enemy!”

The loud charge number suddenly sounded, and the flying eagle flying above the sky was stunned. The heavens and the earth were chilled, the grass and trees were broken, and a heavy snow fell, and the night, welcome!

“Wind Ting gathers a thousand scouts, divides them into five teams and splits them freely. Uses familiar terrain to launch guerrilla attacks on the enemy’s follow-up troops, and do their best to harass the progress of the enemy grain team. Be sure to block the enemy on the Helan Mountain side, at least two. day.”

The young general who was dressed up nodded and said, “Yes!”

“Mu Rong took the newly recruited militia two thousand, set up at Baizhang Cliff, hoarded the meteorite and rolling wood, waiting for the grain grass army to break through the windy barrier after two days, when Laomu would meet with you and instruct you to follow up.”

The two soldiers replied at the same time: “Follow!”

The map of “Yi” (as in the Book of Changes) splayed and the girl’s fingers were white and slender. She drew a line along the southeastern area and in a deep voice said: “Wu DanYu has an archer of five hundred and hides in the pine forest to guerilla the enemy’s flanks with bows and arrows. The enemy launched an offensive and immediately withdrew. He will not be able to drink the enemy’s positive opposition, you understand?”The enemy launched an attack and immediately evacuated. They must not drink the enemy’s positive resistance. Do you understand?”

The young and handsome Wu Dan Yu divine should be, he is not the original class of the southwestern town government, but the soldiers recruited by He Xiao and others later, was once a famous thief of Helan Mountain.

“Adults, if you can, I can still find ways to lead the enemy to the thousand ice pools. I am familiar with the terrain. Once they step in, they will have no return!”

Chu Qiao thought for a moment, looked up and said: “See the opportunity to act, if things are possible, I promise you full responsibility.”

Wu Dan Yu Yixiao: “Xie Daren!”

“He Qi took the third team to defend the north wall. In the war, he fully cooperated with the first team to guard the Chidu. He Xiaoling led me. I will hand over all the Chidu city heads to your brothers. The whole Yanbei will stand behind you. You.”

He Xiao’s eyes suddenly became a standard military ceremony, and his brother said with aloud: “Don’t live up to the expectations of adults!”

“The focus of this war is not to destroy the enemy’s strength, but to continually attack small, to disrupt the enemy’s morale, to harass the rear grain, to fight the enemy’s fighting consciousness, so that the enemy has to be exhausted and suspend the attack. Time, you, time and patience are our only weapons. As long as we have been dragged through seven days, our Highness’s reinforcements will come!”

Chu Qiao looked up, the candlelight shone on her face, and there was a kind of swaying beauty. The young soldiers looked tenacious and eagerly looked at the girl who was younger than them. The room was small and the lights were on fire. Tongming, Chu Qiao slowly reached out and hung over his chest, and the low-pitched voice said: “You, the war is imminent, I can’t allow me to wait and hesitate. When the country is in distress, people should be faithful. As a soldier, we must take the responsibility of defending the land and defending the people. No matter what the victory or defeat, we are worthy of the world of Yanbei, worthy of our own conscience, and even more worthy of this flag on the top of the head! Life and death, in this battle, Everyone is treasured!”


“Adults treasure!”

More than a dozen hands clasped up, the north wind whistling outside the door, the indoor fire is raging, not far from the wall, the enemy has sharpened the knife. Under the order of Chu Qiao, the soldiers turned and stepped out of the door to go to their respective battlefields. After that, I don’t know who can turn back, and who can survive.

Chu Qiao’s slender figure stood under the dim light, and a huge map was placed in front of him. There were thousands of gullies on the top of the road. The road was full of mountains and rivers, and there was no land of water and soil in Yanbei. Chu Qiao slowly took a breath and then draped it. Going out of the door. A short figure suddenly ran forward, and asked crisply: “Where are the adults going?”

Du Pingan carried a lantern and wore a military coat that was not well fitted. His face was frozen and red. Chu Qiao silently glanced at him and said: “Go to the military factory!”

Although there are not many guards in Chidu City, because it occupies the geographical location of Chishui, the waterway has convenient transportation, the city is still prosperous, with a population of more than 100,000, and after the women and children are sent away, there are still more than 40,000 newly recruited militia in the city. . Let these new recruits who have never seen blood go to the big summer confrontation is undoubtedly looking for death. Chu Qiao did not hope to rely on them to defend the Red Cross. Compared with the battlefield, she found some more suitable places for them.

At this moment, the munitions factory was a hustle and bustle. Although it was late at night, countless torches were tied to the wall. The huge copper furnace was everywhere. The men were sweating and doing their jobs, pushing the trolley. Go back and forth.

“Adult, what is this place?”

The child asked with wide eyes. Chu Qiao’s eyes were deep and his face was a little regretful. He said slowly: “This is the hope of Yanbei Zhongxing. Unfortunately, our time is too hasty, otherwise why are the districts Xia Bing?”

Someone inside saw Chu Qiao, and quickly notified him to go in. After a while, a middle-aged man in his forties was rushing to come. Two days ago, this person was still an ordinary blacksmith in the city. Now, he has already It became the chief commander of the Welfare Forging Division of the Southwest Township.

“Adult, come over so late, are there any instructions?”

Chu Qiao shook his head: “I just came over and looked.”

“Is that adult going in?”

“No,” Chu Qiao shook his head, fixedly looking at the front, the blacksmith was sweating, his clothes were crumpled, and there were traces of burning. He looked at the young woman, Slightly a little bit worried.

The sergeant is different from what he has seen in the past. He is young, but looking at her eyes, he does not feel the impetuousness and shallowness of the young man. She seems to have seen too much and experienced Too much, so it became calm and self-sufficient, and it was as deep as the sea. He was thinking that the sergeant must have suffered a lot, or how could he have such a pair of eyes.

The wind of the night blew on Chu Qiao’s face, cold and cold, she wore a navy blue coat, and the fox fur on the collar was surrounded by white faces.

“You go busy, I am leaving.”

“Ah? Oh, congratulations to adults!”

The old blacksmith was still the one who faced the official at the beginning. He had a low waist and almost put his head on his knee. When he looked up, he found that the family had gone far.

The war started in the evening, and the former garrisons of Chidu were scared to fight two battles. However, the initial battle was not as intense as they thought, and the enemy’s reserve forces seemed to be pinned, so they had to A large number of troops will be returned to the defense, and the rear formation will be chaotic, and small-scale commotion will appear from time to time.

Chu Qiao knows that it was the sniper of Feng Ting in the vicinity of Helan Mountain. Xia Jun was in an unfamiliar environment, and at this time, they did not get the news of Yan Xun and the Second Army. The cautiousness will certainly be taken care of, and the purpose of her five-way guerrilla army is to give the other party a false and cumbersome scruples.

However, Zhao Wei is indeed an excellent general. Although Feng Ting has already established a military order, Chu Qiao has also made careful plans and plans for the strategic offensive and defensive transfer, but the attack of He Lanshan is still shattered in the early morning of the next day. The original two-day defense did not last for a day, but one night, a thousand southwestern towns were completely annihilated, and even one did not come back alive.

Because of the defeat of Feng Ting, Murong and Amu encountered the full-scale attack of Daxia in advance. The battle started from breakfast and gradually calmed down until noon. The brother of Amu escaped from the path and declared the end of the war. Failure, two thousand militiamen were killed and injured, and the rest were broken up and disappeared.

The great summer momentum is like a rainbow, and it is full of force to slam the Chidu city gate. However, it has encountered a sudden blockade near Songyelin. A team of scorpions is like a sharp knife inserted into the flank of Xia Jun, but the team of 500 people actually Through the land of the forest, there was no one in the flank of the Xia Jun, and he went through a full three rounds. He also burned down the central banner and ignited the summer army’s big account. The young general led the arrow. In the military’s deputy commander’s temple, the arrow was carrying a rope, and when he returned, he took away the half-head of the Xia Jun commander.

Xia Jun’s aunt, the commander’s pro-military guards first chased out. Zhao’s time to stop was too late, so he lost 8,000 elite guards in the summer, all of them were drowned and frozen. In the ice lake of Qianbingtan.

With 200,000 troops attacking, he was defeated. Xia Jun was furious. Even Zhao Wei could not control the voice of revenge in the army. He had to wait for the next step. He had to suspend the pace and first pointed the spear to the outside of the city. These guerrillas, Naiwu Udan Yu, had a small number of people, flexible mobility, and deep terrain and environment. They even took 500 people to fight for two days in the middle of the Xiajun carpet-style sweeping battle. They still did not lose their fighting power. It won a valuable time for the city defense of Chidu.

However, two days later, Zhao Wei suddenly converged all the offensives. When the Yanbei Army was puzzled, Xia Jun suddenly ordered the entire army to slash, and the 200,000-strong army was dispatched out, not half a day, and a large pine forest All were cut down, and Wudan Yu’s 500-person guerrilla army was completely exposed to the enemy’s eyelids.

Chu Qiao stood on the high tower, watching Wu Dan Yu with five hundred people like a stone swallowed by the gray armor of the summer army, the horseshoe rolling, just an impact, it will be a small The little water has calmed down.

“Fighting for freedom!”

The sporadic impact of the sound came from far away. The whole city of Chidu was dead and quiet. The soldiers took off their helmets and watched the comrades who fought outside the city. Many veterans quietly shed tears.

The sunset was like a fire, and it took three full days. Xia Jun finally completed the first round of the meeting in Chidu City. Situ Jing stood next to Zhao Wei and respectfully said: “The Highness of the Fourteen Commandments has been checked from the arrested people.” Exploring clearly, the defenders in the city were the traitors of the empire, the southwestern town government, and the generals who led them were a woman and a traitor of the empire, named Chu Qiao.”

“Chu Qiao?”

These two words spit out from his mouth very calmly. Zhao Wei slowly narrowed his eyes. He suddenly remembered a long time ago, the rainy evening, the bluestone red tile, the nine-fold corridor, the unintentional collision, the scrolls scattered, The reluctant emperor, who was teased and insulted by the brothers, was quite squatting down the porch. In the distance, the ink of the book was fragrant and faint, and the girl in Tsing Yi climbed the porch to make up the leaking tiles. The calm wind blew through her thin back. The skirt is flying, the hair is like ink, and the white embroidered shoes are covered with shallow moss…

Obviously, but for a year, but Zhao Wei seems to have been so long, he still remembers that Yan Xun escaped from the real night that Zhao Che pointed to the figure. He is a young man with a splendid talent, but he does not understand the way of change, and he does not know how to do it. This kind of person can create a foundation in the world in troubled times. However, in the temple, there is no room for him. However, he However, I have to admit that Zhao Che’s eyesight is excellent. On that day, he became a singer and became the situation of today.

“His Royal Highness? Your Highness?”

Situ Jing whispered: “Please take the military order.”

The road is difficult, and many years of court career, no one is willing to help him, even if it is only a short moment, the world is warm and cold, the world is cold, he has already seen too much, and has experienced too much.

The picture in memory gradually faded away. Zhao Yan’s eyes were deep and he said slowly: “After full attack, after breaking the Chidu, the city will sacrifice the flag.”

With a cry, the wind blew the flag and hunted in the cold wind.

Zhao Wei faintly leaned on the squadron of the Chinese army, and remembered an oath before leaving.

“I swear, in this life, I will never follow someone else’s horse again.”

All the things that are in front of them are all gone! City, army, enemy, affection, weakness, hesitation, and … conscience!

Under the setting of the setting sun, Xia Jun finally launched the first full-scale attack on Chidu City. The thousands of horses and horses spread out on the plains. The heads were densely packed, the numbers were unclear, and the horseshoes were like thunder and whistling. The regiment is dressed in a neat uniform uniform, the spurs shine, the swords are stunned, the armor flashes red blood in the sunset, the Yanbei war eagle shouts in the sky, the cold wind is like a cold knife, and the heavy snow is rolling up. There is a sky between the heavens and the earth, forming a strange white mist, and the huge army is hidden in the white mist, which is even more powerful!

“kill the enemy!”

The roaring sound of the resounding sound of the heavens and the earth suddenly came. The soldiers of the Great Summer blew the horn of the battle. The soldiers of the First Cavalry Regiment pulled out the sword and waved it on the top of the head. They ran like a wolf to the low. City wall. The heavy armored cavalry regiment followed, and the infantry were distributed on both sides. The archers rushed under the guards of the shield armor and fell under the trenches to prepare for the attack. Everywhere, the horseshoes and armor of the enemy were everywhere, and the swords of the forged name of the Great Summer Army were everywhere. The soldiers were roaring and the earth could not stop shaking. The ground shakes and the shouts sound into a sea.


Compared to the roar of Xia Bing, on the head of Chidu City, it is a grave-like silence. The soldiers of the southwestern town government guarded the city, carrying their own weapons, waiting quietly for the command of the attack.

He Xiao led the hand-held arrow, slowly opened his eyes, licking one eye, the bow was like a full moon, and suddenly shot away!

Just listening to the “嗖” sound, the front of the big summer cavalry team was suddenly turned over by the person who was shot. The bow and arrow were extremely strong, and the man stopped immediately after falling down four or five heels.

When Xia Jun was on a trip, he was shocked by the terrible power of He Xiao, but he reacted in a flash. Such a person, no one in the middle, came to the courage to charge.

“Prepare!” He Xiao coldly sighed and raised his hand: “Shoo!”

The setting sun seemed to be covered suddenly, and the heavens and the earth were dim. The cavalry in the summer seemed to be dreaming. I saw the mid-air, the dense arrows and rain locusts, sweeping over the sky, covering the sky, and the speed was amazing. The invincible imperial cavalry of Simon’s mainland broke into a boundless nightmare. The soldiers in front were pierced by the arrows, and the flight also rushed from the horse. They rushed all the way and ran into the back of the three or four cavalry. Twisting, a screaming scream, the cavalry became a veritable target and hedgehog, blood stained red snow on the ground, a dazzling bright red.

Zhao Yan brows his head and locks. The emergency commander, heavy cavalry and shield soldiers rushed forward to go to the guard. However, before they approached, another round of arrows whistled. The soldiers of the big summer laughed, and the heavy armies waved their heavy armor, scornfully ridiculed the Yanbei army’s incompetence. However, before the end of their laughter, the bow and arrow pierced their armor with terrible strength. In the fierce metal frenzy, they didn’t even have a time to save their lives. The panicked people trampled on each other. Death, screams, blood, corpses, no one dares to advance before such a terrible attack, the front row of the team suddenly collapsed. The officers of Daxia slashed more than a dozen people, only to restrain the soldiers from retreating.

“Chong! Follow me!”

A general was riding on the horse and slamming the armor of his chest with a sword. However, before he could finish the exciting slogan, a sharp arrow pierced his head. The blood slammed down and flowed down the creeks on the shovel.

“The retreat is dead! The retreat is dead! The other side has less than 10,000 people. I rushed past this post. You are all heroes of battle!”

The officers screamed and the soldiers were motivated. After all, they were the regular troops of the empire. Under such a strong offensive, they still did not reduce their fronts. They continued to be rushing, and the huge queues surged like a flash flood. Block.

He Xiao waved his hand again and again, supervising the war: “Shoo! Shoot! Shoot this gang of bastards!”

“General! General!”

The commander rushed to the front and shouted: “The adults have orders! The stone machine is ready!”

A row of three-meter-high stone machines was pushed to the city. However, this is not an ordinary battlefield trebuchet. They are bigger, thicker and more powerful. They are supported by three axles and are driven by a spring. Rotating for more than twenty weeks, once launched, there are more than four hundred steps, which is twice as much as the normal trebuchet.

Wang Blacksmith stood on the head of the city, his forehead was full of sweat, but his eyes were a little more fanatical. He held a short knife and suddenly screamed and slashed on the rope.

The sound of the spring of the machine suddenly sounded, and the rock machine suddenly turned, and the sound of the cymbal slammed behind it. Just as everyone was stunned, I saw a huge stone with a grinding disc size flying from the city, banging, oh The screaming screaming on the two cavalry, the screams rushed to the sky, everyone panicked back, only to see more than the cavalry, even the horses under them were also broken bones, was smashed into a mass of blood.

“Hey! Long live the grown up!”

On the head of Chidu City, the crowd burst into a terrible cheer. After being trapped by the Xia Army, they were the first to come up with the idea that we might win. Under such a terrible weapon, no one is chilling. The Xia Juns waited and watched, but they forgot the charge. However, at this moment, the real nightmare finally began, and large-scale gangue machines were launched at the same time, and thousands of stones fell from the sky.

The scene was terrible. The meteorites were not ordinary stones. Some of them were grinding discs at home, some were beams on the roof, and some were thousands of broken tiles. Just now, more than a dozen soldiers Was defeated by a heavy object at the same time, the survivors on both sides looked carefully, it was a mighty stone lion in front of the big house!

No armor and shield can withstand such weapons, the sword was turned into an abandoned piece of iron, the spear turned into a firewood, the flesh and blood, the brain splash, the summer army, such as the autumn harvest of wheat, fell into pieces. In the pool of blood!

Zhao Yu’s eyes were red, and he grabbed the collar of the weapon supervisor and shouted: “What kind of weapon is that? What is the bow and arrow? Why can it shoot so far? Why is the speed so fast? Say!”

The white-faced priest’s face was pale, and the poor breathing called: “His temple forgives sins, and the sire forgives sins. The subordinates really don’t know!”

“A bunch of waste!”

“His Royal Highness! Let the soldiers withdraw, so that they simply can’t rely on it!” Situ Jing said with a sad face.

“Not allowed to retreat!” Zhao Wei looked tenacious and said coldly: “Who dares to take a step back?

“kill the enemy!”

Xia Jun issued a death-like desperate sorrow, sharp bows and arrows in the vicinity, the sound of rolling stones in the distance, the heavens and the earth, the screams of death everywhere, the rolling stone arrows fluttering in the sky, the squally showers filled the entire battlefield!

Chu Qiao was sitting at the headquarters of the Chinese military, and the snowflake general report continued to come.

“The enemy has suffered heavy casualties, but the offensive is still non-stop. It is close to the city defense 200 steps.”

“The first brigade has nearly 10,000 enemies, and the arrow is heavily consumed. There are less than three thousand bundles.”

“The stone has been sharply reduced, and the three-wheeled stone machine has been damaged. It has been broken.”

“The enemy also sent 40,000 cavalry, three reserve corps, and the left city defense will not be able to stand up.”

“The third team began to have casualties, and the West City defense enemy arrows were sharp.”

Chu Qiao looked calm, quietly flipped through all the battle reports and made a batch of complex.

“The Weapons Forging Division immediately sent all the stock arrows to support the first team.”

“The damaged stone smashing machine was quickly dismantled and refurbished, and the second batch of gangue machines was put on the front line.”

“The second team quickly supported Zuoyucheng, and led the team to lead the army and the army of three thousand troops.”

“The city defenders handed over to the third team, and they must keep the West City defense, and they would die.”

“Adult!” A sudden sound of footsteps suddenly sounded. Wang Taishi, who had just been promoted to the rank of Wang, hurried in and hurriedly asked, “What do you call me?”

Chu Qiao silently silenced for a long while, finally slowly raised his head, his eyes were quiet, his face was a few solemn and solemn, slowly said: “Use a stream of fire.”

Wang blacksmith stunned, and then he was overjoyed and suddenly ran out. Chu Qiao slowly stood up and looked out. His eyes were gloomy and difficult to distinguish.

The people of later generations are always wondering why the beauty king of the year can fight against the Xiajun 200,000 elite army in the district, and can still have an absolute superiority in the early stage, but only the senior military commanders inside the empire know the reason. Although the beauty of the king was young, the weapons used by the southwestern town government in that era were all epoch-making powerful products, such as the scorpio, the smashing machine, the rolling wolf gate, the thunderbolt, the fire bomb and so on. These things were not cracked into their internal structure until many years later, and the fire bombs, even after the second technological revolution of more than 1300 years, unveiled its mysterious veil.

These mysterious weapons were born in the battle of the Red Cross, and quickly spread in the Yanbei Army. They played an invaluable role in several Northern Expeditions and later in the Battle of Simon. The southwestern town government, called Wang Dezi, made the title of the weapon forging division, but also won the reputation of the father of the gods, but this person is the one who has said several times in his life that “my wisdom is less than that of His Royal Highness.” In case of such a remark, and before his death at the age of one hundred and seven, he called “Long live the Highness!” and then died.

The history of the future is still not coming, and the great people in the history of the future are still trekking in the mud at this moment.

After paying more than 30,000 casualties, Xia Jun finally reached the city with difficulty. However, at this time, the arrow and the boulder of the city suddenly fell into a stagnation. After a short silence, there were countless small silvers. The object was thrown away.

Xia Jun took a closer look, turned out to be a pile of ice, and the team suddenly made a sneer.

The southwestern town government has been mad, there are no arrows and stones, do you want to kill people with ice scorpions?

However, at this moment, only the sound of “bang” suddenly sounded, and a piece of broken ice suddenly exploded. The strength of the explosion was not very big, but the ice was flying around, like a knife, inserted into the body of the soldiers. The soldiers who were stabbed into the vital spot died on the spot, and the injured people in other places suddenly lost their fighting power. Under the city of Chidu, a person turned upside down. The soldiers from the southwestern township of the city headed together and laughed loudly. The structure of the fire bomb was simple and numerous, but it was a terrible weapon for close-range attack. When it was time, only the screams sounded loud and white. The fog was filled with smoke, the summer soldiers were screaming everywhere, the horses humming, and the scarlet liquids came out. Whether it was infantry or cavalry, they gathered in one place, like a pot of boiling water.

The sound of “哗”, the oil in the large basin was poured down. Just after it was touched, it was ignited by the sparks of Mars, and a fire was ignited under the city.

The snow melted, the fire was raging, and the cold snow was cold. The soldiers in the summer were finally defeated, and they screamed and rushed back!


The soldiers and civilians in the city of Chidu almost couldn’t believe their eyes. They watched the Xia Jun’s overwhelming rush, and the officers and men of the Red Cross and the southwestern townships were sobbing and cheering in one place.

“Xia Bing retired! Xia Bing retired!”

A huge wave swept from the city. Chu Qiao was sitting at the headquarters of the Chinese army. He was drafting an offensive command. He suddenly heard the news from the front. The girl who had not closed her eyes for three days and three nights suddenly stopped, and her back was sitting upright. There, the setting sun shone on the earth, and the red blood shone on her face, making her look unreal.

“Adult! Adult! Xia Bing retreat! We are victorious!”

He was wearing a military uniform of the commander, waving his half-high sword and rushing in, but he stopped when he entered the door. He saw the girl sitting quietly in front of the book, calm, and a crystal tear, but from her. The cheeks rolled down.

“Adult! Adult!”

The officers and men of the southwestern town government rushed to the scene, and Chu Qiao wiped away the tears, stood up, and returned to the commander of the fierce and bold army. She strode out of the door, and a burst of cheers followed. Whether it is civilians or military personnel, all gathered around her, happy to report the situation.

She does not blame them for being so excited, because such a record is enough to make anyone proud, with 10,000 miscellaneous soldiers against the other 200,000 elite army, in addition to the 3,500 people sent before, the military killed and injured less than two hundred, 歼(Jian) More than 50,000 enemies, defeated the opponent to attack seventeen times.

In this regard, the southwestern town government will be listed as a trip to the elite army of the mainland. The battle of the Red Cross will go down in history and become the great turning point in the first Northern Expedition!

On the evening of the same day, the two armies temporarily suspended the war. Chu Qiao was not as excited as the middle-level officers. She knew that Zhao Wei would lose to himself today, but he was attacked because he was not familiar with his own combat methods and advanced attack techniques. Unprepared. Tomorrow’s war, he will certainly adjust his strategy, and it is impossible to win so easily.

Moreover, Director Wang reported to her that in today’s World War I, there were three hundred damages to the sky, three-quarters of the total, and the arrow was used for most of the time. Although the stone machine can be repaired, it is now a rubble in the city. Scorched earth, boulder rolling wood are all warned, in addition to the fire bombs, there is not much left in the attack materials.

Chu Qiao licked his temples, frowned and looked at the marching figure, repeatedly scrutinizing several defensive schemes, and quietly walked in and changed the pot of tea. When the charcoal fire in the house was gone, he was busy and wanted to change a pot.

“Peace, what time is it now?”

The child looked up and replied: “It’s already two, adults, you should take a break. You haven’t slept for days.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes were red, and she felt that her eyes could not be opened. She fell on the book and said, “When I was three, I woke me up.”

“Got it.”

It seems that I just fell asleep, and the voice of the soldier has an urgent document to ask for. The whisper of peace and impatientness said: “The adult just slept, what are you doing? Can’t wait until dawn?”

“Peace, let them in.”

“Chu Daren!” Four young soldiers walked into the room under the leadership of Ping An. The first person said, “We are the subordinates of the girl. The girl receives the letter from the adult and has a message to bring us.”

“Huan girl received my letter?” Chu Qiao was overjoyed. He stood up and said with a surprise: “What does the girl say? When can we meet us? Can there be a detailed strategic deployment?”

“Adult, the girl did not explain, she only said that the adults should go to the Blue City immediately, there is something to do with the adults.”

Chu Qiao frowned and said slowly: “What do you say?”

“Adult, the girl said that the adults should go to the Blue City immediately, and there is something to be done with the adults.” The soldiers repeated it carefully.

Chu Qiao nodded and said: “The girl did not say anything else?”

The soldier replied: “No, adults.”

“Oh, well, wait a minute, I will pack up a little.” Chu Qiao nodded and said to Pingan: “Peace, come over and take the big cockroach in the house and give it to me.”

Peaceful frowning, the child was very clever, and said nothing to turn around and go inside.

At this moment, a soldier who had been lying on the ground grabbed the child’s hand and looked up and said: “Adult, don’t bother, we are all ready, let’s go.”

The cold light Sensen said that when the time was fast, Chu Qiao’s hand swelled, and a piece of smashing suddenly flew away, slamming the wrist of the soldier. A slamming sound, the soldier’s hand bone suddenly broke, it was difficult for the soldier to be a tough guy, and he was not stunned by this. Peaceful and clever, when you roll on the spot, you can avoid the attacks of those people and jump out along the window!

“Catch her!”

The person who led the event has been exposed, and the content is no longer hidden. Several people are rushing to Chu Qiao, all of whom are skilled combat masters.

Chu Qiao did not move slowly, the hand flashed cold, the arm was shocked, the dagger tied on the arm was slid down, and a cold light flashed in the lights. A man snorted, but fortunately he was able to do it, but it was only Knife in the shoulder. Chu Qiao held his hands on the book, his thighs swept, kicked in the assassin’s lower abdomen, the man flew away and slammed into the bookshelf, and the two vases were smashed to the ground, making a creaking sound.

At this moment, the door suddenly opened, more than 30 guards rushed in, and several people were subdued.

These people are the personal guards left to Chu Qiao when Yan Xun walked. They have always served as Chu Qiao’s close-fitting protection. Song Fengfeng’s bodyguards came forward and asked in a nervous voice: “Adult, how are you? Are you injured?” ?”

“I’m fine,” Chu Qiao shook his head and said in a deep voice: “They didn’t kill.”

Chu Qiao took two steps and looked at the assassin leader. He asked: “Who sent you?”

The man smiled bitterly: “I knew that the adults were very good at it. When I saw it today, it was really different.”

“Frankly tell me, I will not let you die.”

“Adult, what I said is true, you don’t believe it, I have no way.”

Chu Qiao frowned slightly, and some chaotic thoughts flashed through her mind, so she couldn’t catch her clue. She went back and said to Song Hurricane: “Who put them into the city?”

Song Hanfeng looked strange and whispered: “I don’t know.”

Chu Qiao looked around and suddenly asked: “Is it safe?”

“Peace,” Song Fengfeng replied: “The subordinates did not see it.”

“You didn’t see it?” Chu Qiao looked like a torch, and fixedly looked at Song Fengfeng. Suddenly she smiled softly and said, “Oh, he may be calling someone, it should be to the southwestern town government, and you Missed, let’s go out and see.”

With a bang, more than a dozen brightly-lit blades were suddenly placed on Chu’s neck. Song Fengfeng said with a smile: “Since the adults have already guessed, I don’t have to act again.”

If Chu Qiao’s face is cold, see Song’s wind loosen the ropes of the four people, and his eyes look like cold arrows.

“Adult, sorry, the hurricane is obeying, and the offender is also forgiven.”

Chu Qiao looked calm and said coldly: “Who do you work for? Big peers? Or big summer?”

Song Hurricane respectfully said: “When you get to the place, adults will naturally know.”

The man came forward: “The subordinates know that the adults are physically fit, they have to do it, and they also want to cooperate with adults.”

After all, Chu Qiao was tied up with a strict, blindfolded eyes and mouth.


Song Fengfeng ordered, everyone suddenly walked out of the door, and a carriage came for a while. Chu Qiao was moved into the carriage, and the carriage quickly headed north.

“Stand up! Who?”

Song Hurricane sat on the horse and said, “I am the personal guardian of the adult. This is the messenger of the Lancheng Yu girl. We must rush to the Blue City now. This is the adult’s arrow.”

When the soldier saw it, it was Song Hurricane. He said with a polite attitude: “It turned out to be Song Daren, you wait, and the small one immediately opened the gate.”

The North Gate is not a battlefield. The gatekeeper is also the garrison of the original Chidu City. Song Fengfeng asked: “Don’t you look at the arrow?”

“Song Daren, you personally came to make the arrow, and check what the thing does?”

“Haha, thank you brothers.”

Chu Qiao’s last hope was also shattered. The horses rushed and the wind outside the stagnation was cold. Chu Qiao only felt that the bottom of his heart was desolate, like a knife inserted into the general pain. Without himself, what would happen to Chiducheng? Will the officers and men of the southwest town government think that they have been abandoned again? Where should the city trust its own people and where should they go?

The horizon was gradually white, and a long night was about to pass. At dawn, Chu Qiao was helped by the carriage and brought into a sheltered tent. After untiring the rope, she pulled off the black cloth in front of her eyes, but she was suddenly shocked. The girl was standing in front of her gently, handing over a warm towel and faintly said: “Take your face, go all night, It’s hard.”

“Feather girl?”

Yu girl dressed in a cotton white robe, thin face, deep eyes, a few traces of crow’s feet in the corner of his eyes: “It’s me.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes were shocked and unbelievable. She frowned and asked: “Why?”

“This is not a safe place. Beibei has not been there for a long time. Without you, whether Chidu can survive today or not, you should go with me first. I will explain it to you on the road.”

“You tell me first, why?”

Chu Qiao’s eyes were cold. She looked coldly at the ace of the Yanbei armed forces and said in a word: “You already know the battle of Beibei? How do you know how people are there?”


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