Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 121-140 (unedited)

Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 121-140 (unedited)

By Xiao Xiang Dong’Er, translated and arranged by Angel Chua


The old man slowly frowned, his voice was low, and he slowly said: “I bought a stubborn slave, not a teacher.”

“I can also do rough work,” Liang Shaoqing heard the words of the interface, and racked his brains to think about what the so-called rough work contained. He hurriedly said: “I can grind, cut paper, dry books, organize manuscripts, oh yes, you can also burn Picking water, cutting wood, you can…”

“Do you really know Lancome?”

The low and mellow sound slowly sounded, but it was not so loud, but it had a quiet and serene taste. A slightly pale hand smashed the carriage curtain of the green cloth. The man’s eyebrows looked like a blue eye. Chunhu, the face is slightly pale, the weather is not cold, but he is wearing a silver satin cloak, the hood is half-covered, the green shirt is smashed, and it is difficult to cover the elegant wind instrument.

Street pedestrians are like water, surrounded by fish, horses and horses, sharp horses stunned the sleeping people, the stunned girl slowly opened his eyes, but it was such a pair of warm eyes. Chu Qiao lay in the dry grass, looking at the man not far from the weak, did not speak, did not move, just quietly looking, long-sighted, and washed the long-term fatigue and hard work.

“Slightly know one or two, Lancome is profound and profound, and it is really insulting to listen to the Son.”

The green shirt nodded. He was still very young, but he was twenty-five or six years old. However, he described his manners but had a rare restraint and indifference. The man nodded and said: “Uncle, buy him.”

“Dongzi!” Liang Shaoqing suddenly shouted: “I have a younger brother who is sick. We can’t separate them anyway. Can the son buy him together?”

Qingzi Gongzi looked down at Liang Shaoqing’s finger and suddenly saw the weak Chu Qiao lying on the ground. The face of a man dressed in a man’s dress was peaceful. Although she looked pale and paperless, she did not have the look of pain and wolverine. She looked at it quietly. Men, not humble, no joy, no sadness. The man nodded and said, “Okay.”

Liang Shaoqing suddenly took a happy smile and strode to Chu Qiao to hug her and said: “Save! Save!”

Chu Qiao’s breathing was difficult. The disengagement after taking out the arrow made her whole person weak and sounded like a mosquito and flies. He said softly, “Thank you.”

Liang Shaoqing was only happy to shake his head. Suddenly he seemed to think of something. He overtook his head and asked: “Yes, what is your name? How do I call you later?”

Chu Qiao said: “You said that I am your brother, I will follow your sex, my surname is Joe, you can call me Xiaoqiao.”

“Okay, my name is Liang, Ming Shaoqing, and the grass is Zhang Yu.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “Nerd.”

Liang Shaoqing glanced, then frowned and said: “Hey! You should be called Big Brother!”

However, Chu Qiao could not hear it. When she had a slap in her head, she was unconscious. At this time, the old man named Qing Shu came forward and only looked at Chu Qiao and immediately said: “Get on the carriage, we have a doctor on the bus.”

The carriage went away, with the eyes of ordinary people looking up, and the slightly scattered tobacco in the place, disappearing into the slight mist of the morning.

The wood boss hated the slap in the face, and everyone has gone without a shadow. He still has a bit of an embarrassment. The next person on the side walked up and wouldn’t look at the smile of his face: “When you are home, make a fortune!”

“Get a big bird!”

The wood boss was furious and panting. “Is it still a big family? It’s just a mouse, so few people still bargain with me for a long time, Mom!”

The next person sighed and asked: “It’s not like watching the faction, who is the master, who are they?”

“The grandson knows,” the wooden boss slammed his account book to the side and said with anger: “Liu Laosan introduced it yesterday, and it is estimated that he is not clear. This year, the clan is not good, but it still has to fight. The swollen face is fat, grandma!”

“Accumulating!” Wood boss cried in a depressed voice: “This day’s bad luck, this will be lost in the morning, his mother’s, really fucking!”

On the streets, the scent of various snacks floats on the streets of Xianyang City, and the crowds are bustling with each other and stop at places of interest to them. Many foreign businessmen look back and forth curiously, and from time to time buy some small things to please themselves. The small traders in front of the slave stalls had excellent business today. They opened a big business early in the morning and they were not happy.

Suddenly, the hawker’s eyes lit up, and suddenly he came to the spirit. He saw that the Chinese servant who had just passed through had rushed back and looked back. His face was dignified. At first glance, something happened. City Xiaomin, there is no hobby in his life, he loves nothing to make a fun, and he is not blessed to provoke such a comet, he is happy, stretched his neck and looked over.

When Zhuge Yue hurried to the wood boss slave booth, the wooden boss had already packed up with the crowd and was about to leave. Stepping forward on the seventh month, Shen Sheng said: “Please stay.”

The wood boss knows a lot of people in his life, how a pair of eyes are so poisonous, who has money, who has no money, can only see the clue at a glance, especially the man who just bought the more than ten people from other people’s hands without asking the price. The little girl slave who just sold out, he can’t let go of this great bark that was sent to the door. Quickly nodded and sprinted forward, smiled and said: “This big son, what can I do for you?”

Zhuge Yu did not speak, his face was cold, and he went forward to a string of slaves tied behind his rope.

The wooden boss sneaked forward and hurried forward and shouted: “Hey, son, you…”

“唰”, the scabbard of the seventh month was placed in front of the boss of the wooden boss, the man’s face was not good, slowly said: “Stand up, let you lean forward?”

The wood boss nervously smashed his hand and carefully watched with care. Many years of experience told him that the people in front of him were definitely not able to provoke themselves.

After a while, the blue robe man turned back and came to the wood boss, Shen Sheng said: “Is your slave all here?”

“Yes, It’s all here. I have to collect it. The two shacks have just been brought out. Can this big son have your heart?”

Zhuge’s brows slowly wrinkled, his lips were cold, and he had been speechless for a long time. After a while, he asked: “Are you sure that everyone is here?”

Just a short sentence, but let the wood boss’s forehead sweat suddenly shed, he nervously turned back and said: “Return to the big son, are here, small is a big courage does not dare to deceive you.”

Zhu Cheng has already figured out the cause and effect of the matter at this moment. He carefully leaned forward and said to Zhu Gejun: “Master, is it wrong, with the ability of the star girl, how can they grasp her?”

Zhuge Yu did not speak, just standing still in the quiet meditation, the sun and the fog, golden radiance, the warmth of spring water sprinkled on the flowers and trees of the entire Yinyang City, the small town surrounded by water, the Chishui tributary through the city, there are The traveler drove a small boat, slowly swaying, and leisurely, like a light ink painting.

When Zhuge took his footsteps, he walked outwards, his eyes were cold, and he had no radiance. But at the moment he left, a black-faced man ran out of the dilapidated shack in the back. He did not see the outsiders in a hurry, and shouted cheerfully: “When the family! The boy has a hand Good sword, I can see a lot of money.”

Everyone’s eyes and time are condensed in the past, and Zhuge is no exception.

Eyes condensed, the sword eyebrows erected, and Zhuge slammed forward, grabbing the sword, and then slamming the sword!

In an instant, the glory of the glory of the glory, everyone was shocked, looking at the peerless sharp sword of the best.

The sword is green and ancient, and there are faint bloody waves. The top of the book is written with two words: the moon!

Zhuge’s face was like a cold ice. He walked straight up and raised the sword. He said: “This sword, where did you come from?”

“This, this, yes, is a villain.”

“唰”, the long sword dragon, the long wind suddenly rolled up the dark blue robe sleeves of Zhuge, the man’s sword pointed obliquely to the wooden boss’s throat, the tone was low and slow: “Do you say it?” ”

“Rain! The big son is forgiving! This sword is a slave.”

“What about the slave?”

The wooden boss was scared and stunned. He answered: “It has just been bought.”

“Buy it?” Zhuge screamed coldly: “I don’t see you coffin, no tears!”

“Da Gongzi! The villain said that the sentence is true, there is no falsehood. If you don’t believe it, you can ask the shops around the store. Someone just bought a group of slaves, one of them.”

The wooden boss slammed into the ground, scared the liver and gallbladder, and shouted loudly.

Zhuge’s gaze looked around the audience’s face and immediately said: “Who was bought? How long has it been?”

“Just just left, there is still no fragrant time. As for the buyer, who is small, I don’t know, the small is really unknown!”

The soothing wind suddenly blew from the end of the long street, swaying all the way, blowing the dust everywhere. Zhuge’s robe danced, the hair was like the night, and the lips were more red. He stood in the middle of the crowd. For a time, his eyes were a little scared. He looked at the rolling stream of people, his emotions in the eyebrows, the grievances of being late, the remorse of the big intentions, the utter disappointment, and more, but the deep disappointment.

“She, got hurt, can it be serious?”

The wood boss is so savvy, if you don’t know that the young man was born at the moment, then he will live forever. I quickly said: “The injury is very serious. There is a knife wound on the left rib and an arrow injury on the shoulder. I was brought back to the city near the Chenghuang Temple on the outskirts of the city last night. I found a doctor to save her life after a night of treatment. Dagongzi, Little ignorant, I don’t know Taishan. I don’t know that the little son is your friend. He sold him as a slave. The little one died, the little one died!”


“Little son?” Zhuge Yue slightly frowned, and then relieved, he looked down at the wooden boss, said a word of silence: “You really damn!”

Zhuge’s voice was low, with huge killing and thick blood, and the wooden boss was shocked. He suddenly lost his words. The man continued: “She is in this world, only one of my masters, with you, dare Selling her goods like a hand, you damn it, damn it.”

“Da Gongzi, small, small…”

“May 7th, I will hand it over to you. I don’t want him to come back on the road, but he can still see him here.”

Stepping forward on the seventh month, Shen Sheng said: “Yes.”

I no longer pay attention to the hardships of the wooden boss, Zhuge smashed the horse and disappeared into the lively street.

Horseshoes are rolling, and there are pig-like screams in the bustling market. In this year, the lives of civilians are as low as grass, and the slave traders like the wooden bosses are so full that no one will shed tears for him.

“Zhu Cheng, go to the water transport Tuen Mun and let us know, we will not take the waterway and change the dry road.”

Zhu Chengyi, although he had been mentally prepared, he couldn’t help but persuaded him: “Young master, the master told us to rush to Tangjing in advance, and the dry road is time-consuming. Moreover, the major families of the entry into the country are all walking the water. Only one of us is a maverick, afraid that it will be rumors.”

Zhuge did not answer, but turned his head and looked at him coldly, but he understood it.

Zhu Cheng was cold when he saw his back. How could he not know the thoughts of Zhuge, the Tang Dynasty event, the waterway was sealed, and no one was invited to the clan, the general pedestrians must go through the dry road, and Those who can buy the next person in the hands of such low-ranking slave traders will not be big clan. The young master insisted on a dry road, and its purpose was obvious. But even if I found it for him, what is the significance of the identity of the two of them? After all, the young master is not a thirteen-year-old boy nine years ago, and she is not the little girl slave who had nothing at the time.

Young master, even if you find it, what can you do? It is a tiger, even if it is temporarily injured and trapped, it is not enough.

Zhu Cheng shook his head and sighed and turned to the river to go to the door. The sun is like a fire, and it shines on the dark blue robes of Zhuge, the brilliance of the brilliance, the dazzling and handsome, and the different styles.

In the distance, the willow branches are as new as a big banyan tree. They are thick and tall. It is estimated to have a tree age of thirty or forty years. It is covered with red cloth strips and various paper-cuts. It is the superstition of the people in the countryside. They believe that there are immortals living in the banyan tree. The more sturdy and long-lasting the trees, the more they can pass the gods. Over time, the people who have encountered difficulties often come here to worship. The rich people send some snack food, and the moneyless ones are tied. Root red rope, pray for good things, so people are safe.

The wind blew, and Zhuge’s clothes were washed. He explored the jade at the waist and threw it at the banyan tree. With a bang, the priceless Peiyu hangs on the tall branches, swaying, and shining in the sunlight.


Zhuge Yue turned to the horse and left with his subordinates.

Xia Wei screamed, the hot wind hit, the jade between the trees was shaking, and the shadows were built.

When I woke up, it was already dusk. The river was full of golden light and the red sun was shining.

Liang Shaoqing saw her waking up with a happy eyebrow, and hurriedly picked up the soup on the side and carefully fed it to her.

The medicine is very bitter, and it is a torture in disguise. Chu Qiao frowned and took the medicine bowl and drank it. Then he quickly took a sip of tea and pressed the bitterness of his mouth.

Changed the clean clothes, the wounds were re-medicated, and half of the illness was gone. Chu Qiao sat up and looked up and down the room where he and Liang Shaoqing were. He frowned and asked: “Where is this, where are we going?”

“We were bought by people.” Liang Shaoqing looked mysteriously about the facts that people all over the world knew. The expression made people want to punch his head: “We are on the boat now.”

Chu Qiao’s temper is very good. She restrained her impulse to beat him. She said calmly: “Nerd, can you tell me something I don’t know.”

“Oh,” Liang Shaoqing nodded and began to say the poor intelligence he knew.

The family named Zhan who bought them both came from Shuixiu province on the border of Xia Tang and went to Sui and Tang Kyoto. The owner is a young man in his twenties, the man they saw in the market, named Zhan Ziyu. In addition, there are five young ladies in this family, all of whom are sisters of Zhan Ziyu. Among them, the older sisters and the third sisters are married. The husbands of the three are also on board, and they feel quite a bit. There were three big ships before and after, and there were hundreds of servants, and there were more than one hundred people in the nursing home. Apart from the three grandfathers, the former uncle was left to be a big butler.

It’s just that a trip has brought so many people. The family named Zhan seems to be a big family. It’s just that Chu Qiao’s thoughts on the stomach have been thought for a long while, and I really don’t think of the clan of the surname Zhan in Da Xia.

Since this team is going to Tang Jing, she is not rushing to go, so that she can recover from injury, and secondly, she can avoid the pursuit of the summer, and then she will take the opportunity to go with her.

Thinking of this, Chu Qiao looked up and asked: “You said they are going to Tang Jing, do you know what they are going to do with Tang Jing?”

“The Sui and Tang Dynasties are going to be married. The entire Sui and Tang Dynasties and Da Xia Huai Song will send people to Tang Jing to participate in the marriage ceremony of the Sui and Tang Dynasties.”

“Big marriage?” Chu Qiao stunned, suddenly sat up and asked aloud: “Who will marry him?”

Liang Shaoqing was about to answer, the hull suddenly violently moved, the squadrons shouted loudly, and the big ship slowly opened.

“It’s finally gone,” Liang Shaoqing said. “I heard that a clan of Da Xia has been slow to go on board. Zhan Gongzi did not dare to take the lead and waited all day. It seems that the man still has something to do with our ship. Be the first to go ahead.”

“You said that the Supreme Court of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the prince, who is it? But the big summer princess?”

“It was originally a prince,” Liang Shaoqing said. “But later, because of the chaos in the summer, the original Prince Edward became a side squat, just because this is the first time the prince was concubine, and it was inevitable that it would be grandized. People are the nine princesses of Da Xia, and they are even more grand.”

Chu Qiao lowered his head and did not speak for a long time. Liang Shaoqing screamed and said: “Little Joe? Xiao Qiao? What’s wrong with you? Uncomfortable?”

“No,” Chu Qiao shook his head, slowly leaning on the bed, whispered: “I am tired, I want to take a break.”

“Then rest, let me go out and see.”

The door was opened and Liang Shaoqing walked out. Chu Qiao leaned on the bed, his brows were deep and wrinkled, and he murmured: “Da Xia is still married to Sui and Tang Dynasties, Yan Xun, what should I do?”

The sky is blue, the blue is washed, and Liang Shaoqing stands on the deck. I saw that the hull is huge, about three feet wide, and the head and tail are upturned. The four masts are in front and the two are behind. The boat is divided into four layers. The two floors are above the deck and the two floors are below the deck. Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing are the lowest servant status, and they should have lived on the lowest level. However, Qing Shu saw that Chu Qiao was seriously injured. He even placed a small warehouse on the second floor of the deck to give them two people to live.

At this time, the direction of the bow suddenly sounded loud, the boatman shouted loudly, slammed his arms, opened the sails, the big ship ate the wind, and quickly started. On both sides of the Qingshan Bishu, the river surface is silvery white, the white fish jumps, the birds hover, for a time, the stagnation of the chest is lost, thousands of turbidity and suffocating, Liang Shaoqing stood on the deck, slowly looking up, simple scholar Slightly smile, finally, I have to go to Tang Jing!

Just then, on the far shore, a team of people was quietly looking at the distant ships.

Zhu Cheng carefully approached and said: “Master, everything is arranged, and the vessels that Sui and Tang dynasty came to greet you have also been removed. We have completed the customs clearance documents, and we can enter the Sui and Tang Dynasties from Bailuguan.”

“Well,” Zhuge nodded and looked at the white river with no purpose. He said slowly: “No hurry, we will stay in Xianyang City for two days.”

Zhu Cheng silently sighed, the young master is not at ease, afraid if the locals bought the woman. He nodded and said: “The slaves obey.”

The river breeze is slowly, the mountains are over, the cliffs are green, and Zhuge is standing on the shore, looking at the distant ships, then turning around and heading for the direction of Xianyang City.

Destiny is such a coincidence in many cases. Zhuge does not know that the man he is looking for is now lying quietly on the big ship that he had prepared for him. As he naturally believes, the financial resources of a family who can qualify for Li Ce’s marriage will not be weak enough to go to the place to buy slaves. But some things happened like this. The world is so ridiculous and outrageous. Just at the moment when the man left, the girl opened the curtain of the only small window and looked out and looked out. However, I can only see the rolling dust of the horseshoe rolling in the thick river fog.

That day, on the early ninth of June, the news of the marriage of the Sui and Tang Dynasties Li Ce had spread throughout the entire mainland of Ximeng on the 7th. All parties were secretly speculating and thinking about the political benefits that this peace and future can bring. .

In addition to the Yanbei regime, which has now completely broken with the Da Xia Dynasty, the forces of the entire continent have rushed to the Sui and Tang dynasties in time. The major families, tribes, and towns have sent the family’s heavyweight messengers, not only representatives. The power of this family and the Sui and Tang Dynasties have been repaired, and they have to take the opportunity to explore the attitude of the most stable regime on the mainland to the civil strife in the summer. As a result, the true night banquet, which was originally unsuccessful because of civil strife, once again reappeared on the streets of Tangjing. On the ancient and mysterious Sui and Tang dynasties, the crowds were bustling and lively.


However, on the same day, Yanbei finally received news of the chasing of Chu Qiao all over the country. The new king of Yanbei, the Yanzi Shizi, was furious and ordered to attack the summer. He was under the leadership of the military, Wu Tsang, Lu Fang, Du Ci and others. Under the leadership of the military division Wu Daoya, they invaded the northwest Batuha family. In the territory, no soldiers are left in every battle, and the old Batu killed is called bitter, but within three days, one third of the territory is lost, and the other two thirds are still in the internal population* *** is in danger of supporting. The letter of help to the snowflake rushed to the emperor and Yundu to accompany the capital, which was covered with the worries of the northwest Batuha family and the blood dropped by the soldiers when they sent the letter.

During the time, the entire Da Xia Dynasty was instigated, and all parties were afraid that they would become the first victims of the Yanbei Iron Ride. Yanbei’s lions released words. If Chujo had a little hair on his territory, he would have to be buried with the family’s leader. They should best pray that the woman who was chased by the mile would not have a cold, a runny nose or the like. The pain, otherwise, the news of the death of Chu Qiao today, the Yanbei army will be under the city tomorrow, never softly appease!

This statement is not a false statement. The big assassination groups hidden in various parts of the summer will be dispatched to cut off the first level of the governors of the county who have been involved in large-scale strangulation. Within two days, there were more than 30 deaths in the list of deaths of the first-class chiefs reported to the empire.

In an instant, the horses and pursuers sent by various places have withdrawn, and the strong strength of Yanbei makes everyone feel chilly. His Yan Xun may not have the strength to confront the whole big summer, but he definitely has the ability to destroy a province, a county, and a county. He even has the power to kill his own power. When God knows that the disaster is coming, the empire will not be like When I was standing by, I could guarantee that the fortune-telling scorpion at the door, the big belly of the pancakes on the street, the new singer in the house, and the little cockroach in the bed that was just admitted to the house, were not sent by the big peers to take their own heads. assassin?

More than one thing is not as good as one thing. It is good to make meritorious deeds, but compared with this, what is more important is your own life.

Of course, Chu Qiao did not know that at the moment when the ship was opened, the situation in the rear had changed so much. She was quietly lying in the cabin, waiting for the injury to turn better, thinking hard about the Tangxia marriage meeting to Yanbei belt. What kind of political drawbacks come. She hopes that as the fleet enters Tangjing, she will return to Yanbei with a quick return to the south of the waterway to discuss the matter with Yan Xun.

She didn’t know what kind of wind and rain would be waiting in front of him. The bustling and splendid ancient capital of the millennium seemed like a huge net, slowly opening his giant mouth and smashing all the forces in the world. Among them, the huge storm gradually invaded, mixed with the warmth of the rouge smell of Sui and Tang dynasties, gently blowing from the south, people’s careless bones and numbness, especially in the sinking.

Some sights will eventually look at each other, some fists will eventually collide, and some figure will eventually overlap in the prosperous and prosperous life. Even if I have escaped for a while, I will never hide. That is the entanglement of destiny, not a double star, or a sword, or a Kyushu.

Two days later, Zhuge was reorganized, left Xianyang City, entered Bailuguan, and set foot on the land of Sui and Tang Dynasties.

At the same time, a team of people quietly left Yanbei, coming quickly to the southeast of Ximeng’s mainland, horseshoes rolling, dusty.

The drama of the Emperor Huang of the Ming Dynasty, which was interrupted by the independence of Yanbei, was finally reopened in Kyoto in the Sui and Tang Dynasties and continued to be staged.

As the night fell, the lights lit up on the boat, and the ship was full of sight. The cliffs on both sides of the strait are like a knife, a cliff, and occasionally a goshawk that stretches with huge wings flies away from the night, giving a sharp scream and a long walk.

In the dark and small cabin, the shallow breathing of the girl was on the side of the ear. There was only a narrow aisle in the middle. Liang Shaoqing turned over and could not fall asleep. Suddenly, the elbow slammed and slammed into the bulkhead.

“Isn’t you excited to sleep?”

The voice of the girl fainted in the ear, Liang Shaoqing squinted at the elbow, while arguing: “I am hot, can’t sleep hot.”

Chu Qiao chuckled and didn’t expose him. She leaned on the bed and said, “I can’t sleep, nerd, pick up the curtains, It’s very stuffy.”

Liang Shaoqing heard the words and sat up, and smashed the curtain in front of the window. The moonlight outside the window was like silver, and the faint pours in. The young girl’s thin cheeks were white. Chu Qiao probe looked outward, his eyes were dark, his eyelashes were long, like the wings of a butterfly, Liang Shaoqing stared at her, and suddenly he stayed.

“Nerd, what are you looking at?”

Chu Qiao frowned and scorned. Liang Shaoqing’s face turned red and he muttered for a long time. Finally, he said, “I’m thinking, thinking, thinking about where you are.”

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows picked him up and looked at him with a slanting look: “How long do you know, just ask someone else, are you familiar with it?”

Liang Shaoqing immediately said, “How can we be a life-and-death relationship? Ask what is going on in your home?”

“That’s good,” Chu Qiao turned back to bed, closed his eyes and said with a smile: “You should report to your home first.”

“I am a monk from the Chaoyang County of Da Xia.”

“Changyang Shangyu?” Chu Qiao slightly wrinkled his eyebrows and said slowly: “Your name is Liang, who is Liang Shu?”

Liang Shaoqing suddenly said: “It is the father, how come, have you heard of it?”

Chu Qiao opened his eyes and turned his head. He looked up and down Liang Shaoqing and frowned. “He is you really?”

“Yeah,” he said in a strange way, Liang Shaoqing was very happy and smiled: “What, unlike?”

Chu Qiao shook his head: “Not like.”

Liang Shaoqing touched his head and smiled: “Oh, my mother said so.”

“Your father is alert and rude. He is well versed in the way of business. He has made considerable achievements in the Shangyu. A small Shangyu County is a major grain and trade center in the south. Shangliang Liangjia is also a rich man, with his mind and mind, how Will you give birth to a son like you?”

“There is a specialization in the surgery industry. I am different from my father’s hobbies. What is strange?” Liang Shaoqing said, slightly frowning, and looked at the doubts: “How do you know this to your father? Xiao Qiao, who are you? From Where are you coming from? Why are those people in the government going to chase you?”

Chu Qiao’s look naturally said: “I’m also a hearsay. Just remember this point. Although you and I don’t know each other, you know my character. I have sinned the government and have to hide my name. During this time on the boat, I have to trouble you to cover up for me.”

Chu Qiao’s polite speech, Liang Shaoqing, was somewhat helpless. He patted his chest and assured: “You can rest assured, I promise not to say anything.”

The night wind blows softly, the curtain of the small window flips up and down slightly, the moon is cool like water, the river is veined, and the big ship slowly moves forward on the river surface, gently swaying. Chu Qiao leaned on the bed, his eyes were half closed, and he looked at the outside silently. The tight nerves of the day slowly eased. He had forgotten how long it had been. Without such leisure and quiet, he left the city of Zhen Huang and left. The huge cage, even on the way to escape, she felt that the light of life became more and more bright, and even the winds that wandered around were warm.

“Little Joe?” Liang Shaoqing whispered: “Little Joe?”

“Well? What?”

“What are you singing?”

Chu Qiao suddenly stopped: “What do I sing? Did I sing?”

“Sing, you are squatting, very nice, I have never heard of it.”

Suddenly, the cheeks were a little hot. The girl who was still in the enemy’s face and was not changed color was caught by her unconscious sing but she was a little bit difficult to hide. She whispered: “It’s a minor tune in my hometown.”

Liang Shaoqing happily supported the upper body and kneeled on the bed. He smiled and said, “You can sing another song for me, can you?”

Chu Qiao shook his head and said: “I don’t sing well.”

“Good,” Liang Shaoqing said stubbornly: “You sing one, okay?”

“It’s all a little slang, you won’t like it.”

“How do you know that I don’t like it,” Liang Shaoqing frowned, and came up with a special excuse: “I will apologize for giving you a gift. You have lost my luggage and you are now being taken as a slave. You Is it okay to sing a song to compensate me?”

Chu Qiao frowned: “Hello, a big man, you want to get this reason.”

“Little Joe, sing a song, you can’t sleep anyway.”

Chu Qiao took a deep breath, a little nervous, whispered: “That, then I sang?”

“Sing, sing.” Liang Shaoqing quickly encouraged her.

Chu Qiao opened his mouth a few times, still did not sing, depressed frown: “I have not sang a song for more than ten years.”

Liang Shaoqing grinned: “How long have you been this year for more than a decade?”

Chu Qiao knows his words and is angry and angry: “Do you listen to it?”

“I listen, isn’t this waiting for you?”

“Then I sang.” The girl cleared her throat, and then the hoarse voice slowly sounded, gentle as the mulberry leaves in the autumn, softly ringing in the silent night.

“I know, I always know, you are there.

In the gloom of the lights, in the hustle and bustle, the waves splashed on the high cliff coast.

We have said that we should hold hands together in the dark.

Supporting our sunny days in the contempt and white eyes of the world.

There are white pigeons and horses in the green grasslands.

There is a high blue sky with mountains, rivers and lakes.

The sun there is never glaring,

The night stars there are full of sky.

I know, I always know that you are there.

At the top of the green hill, in the green grass, waiting for me to come back to you.

You said that you have to open your eyes bravely.

Look at the bright sun in front of the sun.

I know that the twists and turns of the future are constantly fluctuating.


I understand that the future of the knife and the sea will not be interrupted.

I am never afraid to close my eyes when the wind and rain are big.

Because I know, you are there.

The night was low, and there was a faint wind blowing through the cabin. Chu Qiao’s voice was like a warm spring, slowly washing the cold cabin. Liang Shaoqing did not speak for a long time. The young man stared at the side in the darkness and quietly meditated. He did not say a word for a long time.

There was a sound from the window rolling over the deck, and the sound of the creaking sounded, Chucho looked out, but I saw a white shadow flashing across the corner of the cabin.

The night is low, the four fields are covered, the river is long, and the sky is silent.

This Zhan family doctor is really brilliant, not three days, Chu Qiao’s wounds have turned better, the old doctor used to take medicine for her, naturally know that she is a daughter, the housekeeper Qingshu is very considerate and did not say it, but also secretly She gave her a bottle of ointment to remove the ointment, carefully scrutinizing the method she used.

On this day, when the ship arrived at the Meicheng Wharf, the day was not completely black. The boatmen all disembarked to rest, and many local officials gathered on both sides of the strait, apparently to meet the Zhan family’s fleet. The crowd is very lively and very lively. Chu Qiao looked out of the window, only looked at it for a while, then slowly frowned, Liang Shaoqing squatted on the bed, and asked incomprehensible: “Little Joe, what happened?”

Chu Qiao reached out and pointed at the crowd in front of him. He said, “Look, the people who come in addition to the small officials below the eight products are the masters of the various masters. How can Meicheng be a great town? How can it even be decent? The ambassadors of the ambassadors are not able to send them. It seems that the new master is not very optimistic, at the very least, far from the point of bringing hundreds of servants to the house.”

“Is it?” Liang Shaoqing sneaked in and squinted out: “How can I not see it?”

“If you can see it, it is estimated that even the three-year-old child can see it.” Chu Qiao turned his eyes impatiently, thought about it, but frowned and said: “But it is very strange, if Zhan’s family did not have such a large force. Those county officials did not have to come to greet them. Why bother and sent their own masters and staff?”

“It may be that they are busy, something is wrong.”

Chu Qiao automatically ignored Liang Shaoqing’s words and murmured: “They don’t dare not come, and they dare not be too solemn and enthusiastic. This shows that Zhan should have certain strength, but there are reasons. Let them not dare to do too much, this explains…”

“Oh, I know,” Chu Qiao sat up and said to Liang Shaoqing: “Zhan’s family in Tang Jing must have a great confrontation. These officials are offended on both sides, so they only have to be vague. Zhan family used to be a big family in Sui and Tang Dynasties. Later, I didn’t know what was being squeezed out and went to Da Xia, but in name, they were still aristocrats of Sui and Tang Dynasties. This explains why they are anonymous in the summer. They were treated with courtesy in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. This time, they should not be ordinary to Beijing, and they should return home, so they brought so many accompanying servants, and even several sisters’ families followed. Although Zhan’s face is prosperous and private, it is an empty shell, so I went to the slave market to buy slaves at a low price.”

“Little Joe, you are so spirited, you may wish to go out and go to the sun.” Liang Shaoqing stood on the ground, is meticulously finishing the folds on the robes, and a servant’s outer shirt in the district, but he seems to be expensive. Like silk.

“You are studying the other people’s family here, and you don’t know what you think.”

“I have any intentions, I want to knock on your head and see if it is filled with grass or water!”

Chu Qiao frowned and stood up. There was a little pain in the wound, but compared with the previous days, it was almost negligible.

“How are you? Will it hurt?”

Chu Qiao said impatiently; “Would you like to give you a try?”

“Don’t try it,” Liang Shaoqing said with a smile: “Definitely hurt, I can’t stand it.”

The breeze outside the cabin was very refreshing. Chu Qiao just stepped out of the hatch and felt refreshed. At this time, the bell of the dining hall was ringing. I have been eating in the cabin for a few days. This time I can go. Simply follow Liang Shaoqing to go to the dining hall to eat a big pot of the slaves.

The so-called dining hall is on the back deck, the servants are lined up in a row, taking turns to cook, orderly. Chu Qiao sat down on the wall of the ship and watched Liang Shaoqing, the rich man, who was very adaptable and followed up behind a group of slaves. The front few people turned around and smiled and said hello to him. Pull up, smile a little.

It seems that it has been for many years. Without such a leisurely life, she leaned back and looked up. I saw a few white waterfowls hovering in the air, screaming, and the sound was very good.

Just then, a sudden burst of cold on the top of the head, Chu Qiao was shocked, and suddenly stood up, only to see a few large clothed shirts in front of himself, one of them holding a bowl, looking at himself provocatively, just now It was he who poured water on his head.

“what are you doing?”

“What are you doing?” The man said with a rogue look: “I want to sit here and eat, just want to ask you to borrow a light.”

“Little Joe! What happened?” Chu Qiao just wanted to talk, Liang Shaoqing suddenly ran back, and the hen came forward and asked: “What happened?”

Who knows that he hasn’t rushed to the front, a big man suddenly squats and mixes in front of Liang Shaoqing’s body. Liang Shaoqing holds three bowls in his hands, has food and vegetables, suddenly loses balance, only listens to him screaming, one I fell to the ground with my head!

“What are you doing?” Chu Qiao stepped forward and raised the scholar who had fallen into a sizable, suddenly raised his head and screamed.

“This little brother is very tempered! How come, your brother will not walk on his own, but also blame others?”

“That is, look at the looks of their brothers, the oily face, and look at the little white face.”

A few people laughed together, one of them laughed loudly: “Look at their bear-like, a soft egg that has been broken, and what is good at poetry, grandma’s, I really think that I am a scholar.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes slowly picked up, like a civet cat, shining with faint light. Liang Shaoqing was busy sorting out the dirty clothes. The originally angry man saw Chu Qiao’s expression suddenly, and quickly said: “Little Joe, I am fine, don’t be angry.”

“Bunny scorpion! Learn more with your elder brother, where to worship God, don’t think that you live in the superior class is the best!”

A few big men yelled at the next sentence, and then they turned and walked away.

Chu Qiao helped Liang Shaoqing, only to see the man covered with wolves and stains, the broken porcelain bowl also cut his hand, and the blood dribbled down. Liang Shaoqing’s painful grin, but still afraid that Chu Qiao was angry, and the snorting of the cold gas endured, and did not dare to swear.

“That is Chen Shuang. It is the driver of driving. It is the grandmother. Even the uncles are afraid to collide. You have provoked him. Be careful in the future.”

A man in his thirties came forward and took the rice bowl and saw that the group had gone far, only to be careful.

Chu Qiao frowned and said in a deep voice: “Is this owner not Zhan Xianggong? How is he a little imperial hand so arrogant?”

The man said: “You mean less masters. He is not good. He has always had little control. The things in the past were all handled by Qing Shu. Later, when Miss Da came back, they gradually took over. Now they are already big aunt and second grandfather. Say it.”

“Oh,” Chucho nodded. “Thank you.”

Chu Qiao’s lips are red and white, smiled and smiled brightly, then the next person met and suddenly stayed. Chu Qiao helped Liang Shaoqing to stand up and said with a calm face: “Go back with me.”

Liang Shaoqing bitterly said and said carefully: “Little Joe, I haven’t eaten yet.”

Chu Qiao glanced at him and took him back to the cabin. Take out the wound medicine left by the doctor a few days ago and sit on the bed to clean the medicine for him.

Liang Shaoqing asked nothing to ask: “Little Joe, are you hungry?”

Chu Qiao frowned and said, “You are also the son of Liang Shu, and the son of Shang Liang Liang. How can you eat anything that is so wide?”

“What should I do if I don’t eat?” Liang Shaoqing said with a frowning face: “I also know that it is unpalatable, but I will be hungry if I don’t eat.”

With a bang, Chu Qiao threw away the white cockroach in his hand and stood up and walked out.

Liang Shaoqing was shocked. She thought she was going out and the accounts were settled. She quickly stopped in front of her and said: “Little Joe, the strong dragon does not suppress the head snake, so little things, you really can’t make them angry, we can’t wait anyway. How long, once I arrived at Tang Jing, I went to visit my father’s friend, we can…”

“I am going out to give you a meal.” Chu Qiao said helplessly: “Are you not hungry?”

“Ah?” Liang Shaoqing stupidly widened his eyes. After a long time, he nodded and said, “Oh, this way, then, let’s go.”

After a while, the sky was completely dark. Chucho walked out of the hatch and came to the deck, but saw that everything had been packed, and there was still leftovers. She was a little worried. The man who had spoken to them before came forward and handed over two big bowls. He smiled and said: “I know you didn’t eat it, I specially reserved it for you.”

There are white flowers in the two bowls, and some green vegetables and small salted fish. Chu Qiao’s heart is warm and sincerely said: “Thank you big brother.”

“No, everyone will work together in the future, and they should take care of each other. I don’t think your brothers are slaves. How come, the family is falling?”

Chu Qiao nodded: “Nothing can escape the big brother’s eyes.”


“You can rest assured,” the man slammed his chest. “Others, I can’t help you. If you are hungry, even if you come to me, I will be in the gang.”

“So, thank you older brother.”

After being separated from the man, Chu Qiao hurried back, just to the corner of the deck, a sudden sound of rolling across the deck, Chu Qiao listened to familiar, stopped the pace, stuck to the wall of the cabin, slow Go slowly and go forward.

A plain man sits in a wooden wheelchair, a bamboo raft, a blue gown, and the hem of the shirt is slightly rolled up by the night wind. The front of the forehead is gently floating, and the moon comes to the water. His face, more and more lining a transparent pale, like white jade, and like a purple orchid, black eyebrows, knife cut like a cockroach, straight nose, meager lips, in this night breeze At the end of the boat, the lee is sitting quietly, and the clothes are flying, which is like a person in the painting. There is no fireworks.

Chu Qiao suddenly got a bit stunned. He should have followed this road back to the cabin, but somehow, at this moment, facing this picture, she couldn’t bear to go over and bother, just want to turn her head from another Sideways, listening to the mellow and elegant voice slowly sounded: “Who is there?”

Chu Qiao helplessly, slowly came out, first a ceremony, said: “Less master, the slaves go to get the meal, after this place, disturb the lesser owners.”

The man turned his head and looked at her quietly. His clothes were not expensive, his face was sly, he was thin, and he was slightly sick. However, he had a pair of eyes that were colder than the spring. It seemed to contain mourning. The vicissitudes that can’t be washed away are like reading through the world’s sorrows and joys, and seeing the worldly cool and happy.

After a while, the man nodded and said, “Oh, it is you.”

Chu Qiao asked, “Is the master aware of the slave?”

“You are the younger brother of the scholar who read the Lancang Classic.”

“Wow! Really recognize?” Chu Qiao stunned, slightly exaggerated and raised his mouth, swearing: “The master is really good.”

Zhan Ziyu soothed a smile, did not answer, but turned his head, facing the silvery river, quietly.

Chu Qiao stood in the same place, slightly embarrassed, do not know whether it is time to leave or stay, when the time is uncertain, Zhan Ziyu suddenly said: “Your singing is very good.”

Chu Qiao a sigh, the subconscious “ah” a cry.

“Three days ago, I passed the deck and heard you sing.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao didn’t know what to say, and muttered: “The slave is a singer, thank you for the lesser praise.”

“If you are hurt, go to the five sisters to serve, and she also likes to sing songs.”

Chu Qiao is ready to go after a while, where is willing to provoke such a right and wrong body, quickly said: “Less master, slave is a man, to the lady to serve more inconvenience, or stay on the deck to do some rough work.”

Zhan Ziyu turned around and looked like an old alcoholic wine. He smiled slightly and his teeth were white. He said slowly: “Is it inconvenient? I think it is very convenient.”

Chu Qiao suddenly saw a moment, knowing that Zhan Ziyu saw through her daughter’s body, and suddenly did not know how to answer the interface.

“Push me back,” the man said. “Aunt Green may have fallen asleep. He is not very good recently and is very sleepy.”

Chu Qiao quickly stepped forward, put the rice bowl on the deck, pushed the armrest behind the wheelchair, and walked in the direction of the main cabin.

The next day, she heard that the young master was a disabled person. At the beginning, she couldn’t associate the man and the disabled in the carriage with the disabled. But when I saw him at the moment, she didn’t think that there was any place that seemed awkward and inappropriate. Zhan Ziyu’s temperament and temperament, and the gentle tone of his eyebrows made him look very comfortable. Even if there is such a wheelchair, there is no such thing. Unsightly.

The wheelchair rolled over the deck and made a faint sound. The man’s back was thin, with a few weaknesses and a thin shoulder. The breeze blew, bringing a touch of sandalwood aroma to him, very peaceful and very peaceful.

Open the door of the main cabin, a quiet sandalwood bursts into the face, the room is very simple, but it shows the owner’s faint elegance.

There is a banjo on the ground floor in the center. The wood is aloes, simple and elegant. A bronze octagonal incense burner was placed aside, and there were three incense candles burning on it. At this moment, it has burned most of the ash, leaving only the ash.

The floor is laid in blue rolls, the lotus is not opened on the upper embroidery, the window crepe is one-color green, the table and chair are smoked yellow, and nothing is quaint.

There is a book case on the right side, the four treasures of the study room are placed, and a roll of unfilled books is placed on the book case. The ink stains seem to have just been written shortly. Next to it is a huge bookshelf. There are countless books, and there is a faint scent of ink. Come.

Chu Qiao pushed Zhan Ziyu into it, and there was no one in the house. She made a proposition and went to the corner. She picked up the wick and tried to test the temperature of the teapot. When she was still warm, she poured a cup of tea. I handed it to Zhan Ziyu and said, “Less master, have a cup of tea.”

Zhan Ziyu took it, but he didn’t drink it, just holding it in his hand.

Chu Qiao stood in the same place, some cramped, and thought about it: “Would you like to be a slave to serve the younger ones?”

“No,” Zhan Ziyu shook his head and said, “Let’s go first.”

“Yes.” Chu Qiao nodded and turned to go out.

“Wait,” Zhan Ziyu suddenly cried. Chu Qiao turned around and saw him pointing to the snack on the desk and said: “If you have been delayed for so long, your food is cold. You can take it for dinner.”

Chu Qiao gave a slight glimpse. The owner of the dark channel said that he was kind to the slaves. He nodded and thanked him: “Thank you for the Lord.”

“Well.” Zhan Ziyu waved his hand and pushed the wheelchair himself. He walked into the curtains of the window.

Chucho took the snack from the table and left the room.

When I returned to the cabin, it was already late at night. Liang Shaoqing still held the injured hand. Baba waited. When she saw her back, she immediately said: “Little Joe, how come you come back?”

“What? You can’t sleep?”

Liang Shaoqing suddenly turned red, and said for a long time: “Little Joe, you are a girl, speak to Sven…”

“Clog your mouth!”

Take out a piece of cake and block Liang Shaoqing’s mouth. The nerd glanced and glanced at it and said with surprise: “Thousand layers of crisp? Xiao Qiao, where are you from?”

“You can eat it, it is not stolen anyway.”

Liang Shaoqing smiled and buried his head. It seemed that he was starved and he was no longer embarrassed.

Chu Qiao sat on the bed with his knees, frowning and thinking about Zhan Ziyu who had just met, and asked: “Hey, do you know how the Zhan family’s young masters are disabled?”

“I heard that it was a fall of eight years ago.”

“Falling horse!” Chu Qiao sighed slightly, such a fairy-like figure, it was a pity that it was ruined for a lifetime.

Liang Shaoqing had a full stomach and began to use his good qualities. He kept saying: “What happened?”

“Nothing, I just met him outside, It’s a pity.”

I don’t know why, Liang Shaoqing suddenly had some troubles. He was sitting there, his fingers were full of snacks and scum, and he didn’t know how to wipe it clean. Chu Qiao looked at him with a puzzled look. Seeing him insanely, he asked: “Nerd? What is it?”

“Little Joe, you are a girl. Don’t go out at night, just calculate the door, and don’t talk to men casually.”

Chu Qiao awkwardly, frowning: “Nervous disease, you.”

“I am talking about good things,” Liang Shaoqing said quickly. “Girls, they are going to marry sooner or later. How can you marry in such a future?”

Chu Qiao paved the quilt and said dismissively: “I can’t marry when I say something to a man? Then I still sleep in a room with you?”

Liang Shaoqing’s face was red, and his expression was very dignified. He thought about it for a long while, and said: “This…this…we are forced to do so, even if I want to… I have to ask my parents first, then I can give you reply.”

Chu Qiao was smirked and looked at Liang Shaoqing’s tweaking look incredulously. He slaps on his head and says, “Sleep, there is less beauty in it.”

Liang Shaoqing was a little angry and angered: “Little Joe, I am serious.”

Chu Qiao raised his fist: “I am also serious, and if I am not honest, I will swear.”

When the power was pressed to the axiom, Liang Shaoqing wore clothes and got into the quilt, staring at the girl’s figure.

There are waterfowls on the river, and the sound is far away, and it has spread far.

Chu Qiao closed his eyes and looked at Zhan Ziyu’s cold eyes like a dream.

Early on the second day, the sky was still not bright, and it was awakened by a rush of drums. Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing woke up and hurriedly sorted out the clothes and ran out of the cabin. They heard crying coming from far away.

I saw that the deck was full of people. It seems that the entire Zhan family was present. Several women were wearing silk satin, and the veil was half-masked, and they could not see their looks. It is the three grandfathers standing in front of the people, everyone is a talented person, and the spirit is flying.

“what happened?”

The low voice slowly sounded. A 16-year-old girl pushed Zhan Ziyu out of the cabin. The man wore a satin-blue blouse with silver cuffs and a sloppy Tsinghua.

“Zi Yu,” a woman headed slowly stepped forward and covered her face with a hand, saying sadly: “Uncle Green is old, we just discovered it.”

Zhan Ziyu’s face suddenly became pale, more and more bloodless, his brows locked, his eyes looked at his long sister, but he couldn’t say a word.

“Zi Yu, you shouldn’t be too upset. Qingshu is old, this is also a day in the morning and evening. He is sick and disaster-free, very serene, and has no suffering.” Zhan Zikui, the second lady of Zhan’s family, said before, voice Sadness, just sounds, but how to listen with two falsehoods: “What is important now is to arrange the uncle’s aftermath. He has been in our family for more than 50 years. Our brothers and sisters are all grown up. Already our half family, we must let him go.”


Zhan’s grandmother Gu Gong’en coughed and said slowly: “But in the past, these things were handled by Qing Shu, and now the uncle is gone. Who will take this position?”

“Big brother! Uncle Qing just got away, can’t you wait?”

Gu Gongen was red and just wanted to talk. Miss Zhan Zifang suddenly looked sad and said: “Little girl, what are you talking about? Gong En is also thinking about Zhan, do you want to go to Qing Shu? Is it something?”

“big sister, I…”

“Forget it, son, push me back.”


Zhan Ziyu’s eyebrows are wrinkled and his voice is aggravated: “obedient!”

“Since Ziyu has no opinions, then I would like to recommend one person. Chen Shuang has been in the government for many years. If everything is done with all his heart and soul, it is better for him to take over the post of the butler and arrange for the uncle’s aftermath.”

The crowds in the field were full of enthusiasm, and the sad atmosphere brought about by the departure of Qing Shu disappeared. Chu Qiao also cares about the old man’s care for himself. He does not want him to die so quickly. He is a little bit sad. He can’t stop the corpse on the boat. A shed is placed on the shore of the boat to park the old man’s body. Chu Qiao looked out and looked at his eyes.

Liang Shaoqing leaned over and asked: “Little Joe, what do you look at?”

“It’s a bit wrong,” Chu Qiao shook his head. “Uncle Qing is not like an old man. It is like killing him.”

“What? You said that Uncle Qing was killed?”

Liang Shaoqing suddenly screamed in exasperation, and Chu Qiao was too late to hold his mouth. In an instant, everyone’s eyes suddenly came together.

“What do you say?” Zhan Ziyu’s voice was calm and his face was calm. A pair of swords and eyebrows slowly wrinkled: “You say it again.”

A stone stirred up a thousand waves, Chu Qiao could not wait to punch the man’s head, but still had to cover up for him: “He didn’t say anything, he said nonsense.”

All kinds of eyes came from all directions. Liang Shaoqing was not a fool. He also knew that he said something he should not say. He quickly concealed: “Yes, I, I said the wrong words for a while, please forgive the less masters.”

“Bold! A servant in your district, swearing in front of the owner, arrogant, nonsense, can’t live without it?” Zhan’s family has not spoken yet, and Zhan’s future housekeeper Chen Shuang, who is going to take office, can’t wait. The sound is squeaky, the skin is red, the eyes are congested, and the anger is somewhat unusual.

“We talked, and there is no room for a slave to intervene. Chen Shuang, drag the two men down and hit the 20-person penalty stick to make them long.”

Missy Zhan Zifang said in a deep voice that she had not swept the two eyes from the beginning to the end, but the brows slowly wrinkled. The next generation of people suddenly stepped forward. At this time, Zhan Ziyu suddenly coughed, his voice was light, and there was no strength, but he suddenly made everyone’s movements one of them. The man turned his head calmly, and his eyes faintly passed through Chu Qiao, and immediately said: “Forget it, they have just entered the government, and many things need to be learned slowly. This matter will be stopped. Go on.”

Under the people standing in the same place, quite a bit embarrassed to see Missy, Zhan Zifang brows tight, shortness of breath, apparently angry for Zhan Ziyu’s words.

“Zi Yu, you are all too good to talk. If these slaves are not strictly disciplined, they will fly to the sky. In my opinion, I will learn a little less, so that they will not be lawless.”

Zhan Zikui said softly, then he looked up and looked at Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing with a cold look. He said: “You two, don’t leave me!”

Chu Qiao’s brow slowly wrinkled, and the anger of his heart rose up in an arch. This place is already in the territory of Sui and Tang Dynasties. She is no longer afraid of being chased and killed, rather than being mad at Zang’s mess. It’s better to be evicted from Zhan’s house and take the opportunity to slip off. Thinking of this, a woman dressed as a servant snorted and raised her head and said slowly: “There is gold in the knees of the man, let me give you a woman to squat, why not take your head!”

A word is out, full of surprises, Zhan Zikui slightly stunned, Huoran step forward, angry and yelled: “Great dog gall! Come, give them to me!”

Four big Hantons rushed forward, Chu Qiao sneered, slammed forward, turned passive into active, left and right elbows, and stood up, smashed into the ribs of two people, two seven-foot man suddenly hurt It was screaming and the sides flew away. At this time, the ear side fists and the wind, the girl listened to the sound, the sensitive side to the right, escaped the other side’s attack, turned back and shoulders, reversed, twisted, and immediately unloaded the man’s shirt.

The screams have not stopped yet, and the other person has already stepped forward. Chu Qiao grabbed the broken arm and used it as a fulcrum. He started in two steps, leaping and leaping, kicking a kick on the man’s chin, and the man was stuffy. A volley, a volley, squatting on the ground.

However, with a flick of a finger, the four big men all stumbled, and all of them made a lot of enemies, and there was no room for them to fight back.

Chu Qiao is a two-season combat experience, and his fighting skills are so brilliant, where the homes of these housekeepers can compare. Everyone was dazzled, but I still didn’t see the clues. I saw no one standing in the field. How can I not be surprised? Gu Gongen’s face was blue, and he couldn’t hold on to this good cultivation. He stepped forward and said: “It’s so lawless, come, and take this small animal who is not worthy of being a big man, no life, no death. s!”

Hula, surrounded by more than 20 nursing homes around, Chu Qiao suddenly turned back, the lips did not care about the sneer, the small back is quite straight, pointing to the people around, disdainful, said: “If you are I am the enemy of thirty strokes, I immediately kneel down and give you a hundred heads!”

“Good madness! Give it to me…”


The low screams rang, and Zhan Ziyu frowned, slowly saying: “When are you still thinking about it? Have you put me in your eyes?”

Gu Gong’s glimpse, quite awkward explanation: “Zi Yu, I…”

“Don’t say it,” Zhan Ziyu turned to Chu Qiao, and Shen Sheng said: “The two can go, the Zhan Temple is small, and there are no more than two big Buddhas. Zhan has no eyes and has collided.”

Chu Qiao sighed and said: “There are few masters who say that they are heavy, and our family is in the middle of the road. We are entrusted with the help of less masters. This is the grace of this, and our brothers and brothers should remember.”

Zhan Ziyu did not say anything, and slowly turned his head, apparently not convinced.

Don’t go at this time, when will it be? Chu Qiao grabbed Liang Shaoqing, who was still in a daze, and turned and got off the boat.

The dock of Meicheng was far from the market. When the two talents entered the city at noon, the two had not eaten breakfast. At this moment, they were penniless. Liang Shaoqing sighed and sighed repeatedly. He was still on the boat and was beaten by Chu Qiao. After two heads, I didn’t dare to say anything.

Seeing that Liang Shaoqing was really unsightly, he was first placed in a temple to wait for, and he wandered around the street, smoothly slid the wallet of two men with oily noodles, bought some food, and went back to the temple.

Liang Shaoqing did not ask much this time. It seems that he knows that the saint may have abandoned him a long time. He has a full stomach and he is full of joy.

At this time, the sky outside has darkened, and this place should not be left for a long time. Chu Qiao took a nerd and went out to break the temple and walked south.

From the South Gate, the two had no horses, they could only walk on foot. Just after they had gone, Liang Shaoqing shouted his leg and insisted on sitting down to rest. Chu Qiao helpless, can only sit frowning, at this time the moon is thin, the air is fresh, the tributary of Chishui flows through here, named Peony River, the shadows on both sides of the tree are sparse, the flowers float, the night wind blows, dark Fragrant leisurely, an ancient road long and long. On both sides of the water, there are occasional small houses in the center of the water, and the lanterns are full of looks, and it looks different and quiet.

“Nerd, we are now on the road, and we will wait until the front of the city, we will break up.”

“Ah? What are you talking about?” Liang Shaoqing suddenly burst into a hurry and almost jumped up and asked aloud: “Little Joe? Why?”

“No why,” Chu Qiao said in a deep voice: “You and I are not relatives, you can’t always follow me. You are not going to Tang Jing?”

Liang Shaoqing broke his mouth and muttered for a long time before saying: “I am traveling and going anywhere.”

“But I have something to do, you can rest assured that I will prepare for you the entanglement and paperwork of Beijing before breaking up. No more accidents will happen.”

Liang Shaoqing suddenly had no voice, but the breathing became more and more heavy. Chu Qiao looked at him with confusion. He saw that the man suddenly stood up and said loudly: “Whoever used your entanglement, we will not “”

After that, turned and strode away.

Chu Qiao was shocked. He didn’t expect the nerd’s temper to be so violent. He stood up and shouted: “Dead nerd, you stand for me!”

Liang Shaoqing continued to move forward, as if he did not listen to the general, and did not return.

“I will say it again, you stand for me!”

“Liang Shaoqing, don’t you know what to do, if you dare to go forward, you and I will be ruined, I will never care about you again!”

“Nerd, have you heard?”

Liang Shudu’s resurgence of this time was so strong that he went so far. Chu Qiao sat on a large stone, his eyes were blue, and the man said that he couldn’t give him a good face. His virtue was not worth a penny. He might have been arrested as a slave before dawn. Let’s go.

Chu Qiao panted for a while, still stood up and planned to go up, who knows that he has not taken a step, Liang Shaoqing’s voice is like a pig in the distance: “Little Joe! Run!”

“Stand up! Hey, hey!” Otherwise I will kill him!”

Suddenly, Chu Qiao felt that life really had no hope.

Some people in this world are born to be annoying. If you are not annoying one day, you will feel sleepy.


For example, Tian Boguang, such as Ximen Qing, and then, for example, Liang Shaoqing.

It’s really easy to break up a bunch of bandit slave traders. It’s rare to just save the evil nerd unharmed. Just when Chu Qiao finally broke the five slave traders’ slave traders, Liang Shaoqing, who had just been rescued, had already rushed back from a distance, and followed by a big man with a long knife, a young nerd. Run and shout: “Fast! The robbery is in front!”

“Little Joe! You are fine!”

Chu Qiao helplessly looked at Liang Shaoqing’s hen and rushed forward, nervously glaring at her up and down.

“They didn’t hurt you, the evil bandits, you can rest assured, I found these big brothers, they dare to come, we will tie them up and send them to the official!”

Many times, Chu Qiao really didn’t know how to communicate with the man who had never seen the world before. Those who are afraid of seeing officials should be yours. Those who do not have proof of identity should be you. Why are you always able to speak so confidently?

“Big brothers, I am bothered, thank you for your willingness to save, the guys have already ran.”

Chu Qiao stepped forward and thanked a man who was headed. Although they did not help, but at the very least, they met with Liang Shudang all the way, and they were also enthusiastic people.

“You don’t have to thank,” Dahan looked at Chu Qiao up and down, and immediately asked, “Where is this little brother coming from?”

Chu Qiao’s heart was alert and he was about to return. He suddenly heard only a scream of screams coming from behind. She suddenly turned around and saw Liang Shaoqing being trapped in a black bag and was struggling with death.

“Hey! Live…”

The voice did not fall, the head suddenly slammed, the eyes suddenly black, completely fainted in the moment, Chu Qiao saw the big man and took himself to the ground. Her mouth full of spleen-like bitterness, she wanted to swear, and at the last moment before she was awake, she madly warned herself, and after waking up, she must get rid of the idiot’s blasphemy, and can no longer bear such a perverted general doom.

When I woke up, Chu Qiao really realized what it meant to cry and tears.

Zhan Ziyu is a plain green gown with a blue gauze and a satin-faced face. His face is indifferent and his eyebrows are indifferent. He is sitting in a sandalwood house and is drinking tea.

A young woman sat aside and wore a large white dress with a pale yellowish-yellow pattern. The look was elegant and graceful. The eyes on the cheek-shaped cheeks were like autumn water, cold and sturdy, and plain makeup. However, she couldn’t cover the unparalleled gesture of the genius. At this moment, she said slowly and whisperedly: “I met them on the road, and looked at the servant’s clothes in our house. I brought it back. Is it a slave at home?”

Zhan Ziyu looked a little cold, and looked at Chu Qiao who had already woken up, faintly nodded: “The five sisters are bothered.”

The woman glanced and whispered: “Four brothers…”

“Go on, hard work, it should be tired.”

The woman bite her lower lip and takes a deep breath, and her face calms down.

“The four brothers will have a rest early, and the children will go first. The river is cold, and the fourth brother remembers to add clothes.”

Zhan Ziyu shakes the wheelchair and slowly turns around. He smashes the strings on the table and sends out a string of crisp and melodious piano sounds: “The wind in the Sui and Tang dynasties is cold again, but it is not too cold in the summer.”

Zhanzi squatted and turned around without saying a word. The room suddenly calmed down. Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing were thrown on the ground like the rubbish who ignored it. Seeing that people had retreated, Chu Qiao could not help but be anxious. He quickly called: “Hey! You are gone.” Who will loosen us?”

The sound of “唰”, a flying knife suddenly swept away, cut the ropes of Chu Qiao, and the precision of the head, even if Chu Qiao personally, it is difficult to achieve.

“The ship is already open. You must either jump or wait for the beach after three days.”

Untied the ropes of Liang Shaoqing, the silly book students are still dreaming of good dreams, Chu Qiao two slaps down, he suddenly jumped up and shouted: “There are thieves! There are thieves!”

“So, I am bothering less masters.”

Zhan Ziyu did not speak, quietly bowed his head and did not know what he was thinking.

Le Shaoqiu, who was stunned by the sleep of the southeast and northwest, walked out of the cabin door.

“Little Joe, how come we are back? Is it that the people of Zhanfu sent people to save us?”

Chu Qiao didn’t want to beat him any more. She turned to look at him. Her eyes were very sad. This whole day, her strength has been exhausted, and now I don’t want to say a word.

“Little Joe, what is your expression? What’s wrong, is someone bullying you? You tell me though!”

“Hey? Are you going so fast? Ah? Are you going to sleep? But I still have to ask you?”

“Little Joe, are you crying? Why are you looking at me like this?”

Early the next morning, Chu Qiao was shaken by Liang Shaoqing’s commanding arm and opened his eyes. He saw Liang Shaoqing happily holding two empty bowls. It was like a festive laugh: “What time is it, still sleeping, eating? Breakfast.”

Then he turned and walked out of the hatch and shouted: “You wait, I am going to cook for you.”

Human thinking is difficult to understand. For example, Chu Qiao now has a hard time understanding why Liang Shaoqing can go out to eat rice if nothing happens. What kind of identity does he join in to join the Zhan family slaves? Among the big ranks, this problem is really confusing and more incomprehensible than Goldbach’s conjecture.

At this time, suddenly someone knocked on the door, Chu Qiao did not answer, a pretty good girl came in, looked at Chu Qiao with disgust, said coldly: “Less master wants to see you, come with me. “”

Chu Qiao, I don’t know what will happen to Zhan Ziyu when she is looking for her. The man had to bow his head under the eaves. She got out of bed and cleaned up, and walked behind the prostitute.

Who knows, this prostitute turned around, but did not go to Zhan Ziyu’s room, Chu Qiao frowned and asked: “Where does this sister take me?”

“Who is your sister, less close here, of course, to see fewer masters!”

“The room of the less master is not there?”

Pretty and pretty face cold, coldly shouted: “What is your identity, but also want the lesser host to receive you in the room? Ask Dong asked West, carefully throw you into the Chishui River to feed the fish!”

Down the cabin, it is already the lowermost cabin. It must be Liang Shaoqing. At this moment, it should be noticed that something is wrong. Chu Qiao quietly raised his eyebrows: “Do you see me in the lower class?”

The pretty girl suddenly angered: “Where are you so much nonsense!”

“砰”, the doors on both sides of the lower cabin suddenly opened, more than 30 big men pulled out from the rooms on both sides, standing on the narrow aisle, the head of Chen Shuangxie laughed: “The eyes are not open Little nephew! Let you taste the grandfather today!”

Chu Qiao looked around and suddenly sneered at the corner of his mouth. First, this place is narrow and cannot be combined. The advantages of the number are not reflected. Second, because it is the lower warehouse, I am afraid that the weapon will hurt the hull and cannot use the weapon. Third, the fear of the sound was heard by the people above, so the door was closed and the air was blocked, which made the narrow cabin even narrower.

Looking at this group of great men who have strong strength but no tricks of fighting skills, Chu Qiao twisted his neck and stretched his muscles, then leaned on a pillar, clasped his chest with both hands, and gently twisted a finger. Hooked and said: “Let’s go together.”

“Give me the killing!”

Chen Shuang screamed and slammed up!

Chu Qiao snorted, and there was a ruthless radiance in his eyes. A family would only feel a flower in front of him, and there was a sudden crack in the chest. No pain was felt. The whole body suddenly flew backwards!

Chu Qiao, who flies on the other side, does not stop, his body is slippery, his wrist is like a muddy general, and the five fingers are clawed. He holds the chin of the other side, twists and twists, only listens to the sound of shattering, The man’s chin was unloaded.

The two nursing homes were solved in a clean and neat manner. Chu Qiao grabbed the man on the chin and flew up and took a footstep. He took seven steps in a row and stepped on the neck of the seven people who came forward. The men were collectively boring, and they fell to the ground. They struggled and climbed up again. At this time, compared with who is faster than anyone, than the reaction, Chu Qiao definitely does not lose to anyone, a big man just leaned forward, she was caught by her flexible belt, a standard judo over the shoulder, man When he fell to the ground, Chu Qiao immediately followed up with a foot. The man suddenly bowed like a shrimp, and then slipped back and hit a nursing home that he wanted to rush to.

At this time, the echo of Chen Shuang’s shouting is still on the ear side, everyone’s stunned, still not clear about how to figure out how to be put down by her, the standard killing means with perfect combat experience, plus favorable The terrain and the ability to stabilize and stabilize, in less than a moment, everyone in the field has fallen more than half!

Everyone is chilling, and some people even want to go back and run away. Unfortunately, the door was locked from the outside and could not be opened at all.

Chu Qiaojiao laughed: “I haven’t started yet, how do I think about it?”

In an instant, the screams rang through the entire lower cabin.

The opening of the slamming sound suddenly sounded, and Liang Shaoqing rushed to the front, with Zhan Ziyu, who was asked by his life and death, and several other young ladies from Zhan’s house. The servants of the lively Zhan family were crowded at the door. After seeing the horrific scene inside, I grew up with a shocked look.

Zhan Fu’s nursing corps were lying on the ground. At this moment, few people were able to stand up in good condition. Chen Shuang was stepped on by Chu, and heard the sound above forcibly lifting his head, but not yet. When he got up, he slammed and climbed down, breaking the two front teeth in his mouth.


Chu Qiao stood in the middle of a group of injured men, unscathed, smiling, and said with a relaxed tone: “Less master, I have troubled you again, you still dock the boat, drive me down.” ”

The cold wind blew in along the hatch and blew the hair in front of the girl’s forehead. Zhan Ziyu’s eyes slowly picked up, and suddenly she smiled, smiled and swayed in the spring of March, reaching out in the direction of the lower bin.


“Hey?” Chu Qiao stunned, suddenly widened his eyes.

Zhan Ziyu shook his head and sighed: “Come up and talk.”

Chu Qiao’s incomprehensible ambiguity, wanting to leave, found that there was no place to stay. She was honestly stepping on the man’s back, and she was shocked by the painful sorrow. The Teng Teng walked up the stairs along the stairs.

“Come with me,” Zhan Ziyu walked in front, and Miss Zhan and the next people looked at her in a panic. Liang Shaoqing wanted to squeeze in, but was pushed to the outside and kept calling her. The name, a look of concern.

“Hey!” A delicate voice suddenly sounded in the ear, Chucho stunned, and turned back, but almost hit the girl.

Zhan’s Six Miss Zhanzi looked at her with a smile, and she was very red, shyly biting her lower lip, and suddenly came forward and said quickly: “Awesome!”

Chu Qiao’s eyes are black, this, what is this?

Within the second floor of the hall, Zhan’s people circled the ring, and even the five Miss Zhan Zikai who had brought her and Liang Shaoqing back and forth were also present, with a white towel to cover her peerless jade, a turquoise The silk long skirt, high-breasted waist, quiet and elegant.

The three aunts of Zhan’s family sat on their heads with their wives. Miss Zhan Zifang’s Xiang Gong’s appearance is more handsome, with a thin nose and a slight lip, and the eye is slightly picky. It’s hard to hide the look, but maybe the first impression is not good. Although I still can’t talk about it, I can’t like it. Compared with him, the other two grandfathers seem to be a lot more common, especially the three aunts Xue Xue, who looks very weak in character, a light blue satin plain clothing, sitting behind the three Miss Zhan Ziqing, face white, look When Chu Qiao looked at him, he turned his face red, and when he smiled a little, he turned his head and looked like he was not good at greeting strangers.

“Talk about it, what is going on?” Gu Gongen said, crying, looking at Chu Qiao, his face is quite strict.

Chu Qiao did not care about the smile and said: “It’s very simple, they provoke me, I will call them, and that’s it.”

“You are nonsense!” Chen Shuang yelled: “Da Xianggong, she came to provoke us first, early in the morning, we have not got up yet, how can we get rid of him?”

When the voice just fell, there were several other perpetrators who joined together in unison. Chu Qiao’s eyebrows picked, slowly turned his head, his eyes were like ice and snow, and everyone saw a cold back, and he was so angry that he didn’t dare to speak again.

Gu Gongen turned his head and said, “What do you say?”

“Can I have anything to say?” Chu Qiao raised his eyebrows slightly: “There is a rumor, three people become tigers, and the big aunt is dedicated to protecting his subordinates. I have nothing to say.”

“A good mouth!” Zhan Zifang said coldly: “I will not say that since you came to the government, you have been causing trouble. If you look at your unrespectable attitude, you should wait and see!”

Second Miss Zhan Zikui took the opportunity to pick up the words: “I am really ignorant, and my life is the first time I have seen such a slave.”

Gu Gongen said: “You have nothing to say, I will be your poor word, this time will not let you go so cheap.”

Chu Qiao just wanted to repay her mouth, and she was driven out of the house when she was too big. She did not worry that she would offend this group of dignitaries. But before I even spoke, the six Miss Zhan Ziyu who stood next to Zhan Ziyu suddenly shouted: “How can you make a conviction indiscriminately, and you, how can you not argue for yourself?”

Chu Qiao stunned, turned his head and saw that the six-year-old Miss Zhan’s face was flushed, and the slap in his hand seemed to be screwing out the water. The second lady heard the eyebrows and picked it up. The corner of her mouth smirked and said with a cold smile: “The six sisters are really bodhisattvas, and they care for an inferior slave. It is no wonder that Ruan Ruyi will follow a violinist and flee the government. It is really There are mothers who have their daughters.”

Miss Liu heard the words suddenly red, and the voice trembled at Zhan Zikui, and the stuttering stance said: “You… you are bloody!”

“Miss Six, don’t be confused by this little white face,” Chen Shuang’s nose was swollen, but he still didn’t know how to repent: “This little white face is sinister, and we are all sleeping and attacking. The means are mean.”

Missy Zhan Zifang’s eyebrows wrinkled, and screamed at Zhan Zikai: “The son shut up, a young lady, with a slave, I don’t know how to shame?”

“Is it so short for Miss Da, isn’t it the eyebrows of the slaves?”

“what did you say?”

Chu Qiao smiled coldly and saw Miss Liu’s tears in her eyes. The wave of light and glory looked at her. She even had a sense of justice in a perverted manner. Langran stepped forward and said with a smile: “What do I say? Missy naturally won’t know, even if she knows, she will pretend not to know.”

“I am just a small slave. I can’t make a lot of things. I have been repeatedly provocative. Grandma, do you know why I fight with Chen Shuang?”

Gu Gong’en brow wrinkled gently and said, “Why?”

Chu Qiao’s mysterious step forward, deliberately lowered his voice and said: “Because I know who killed the old housekeeper Qing Shu.”

When this statement came out, all four were shocked.

Gu Gongen said with a deep voice: “You didn’t say that you were on the deck before you said something wrong?”

“How can I dare to talk about this kind of thing that has lost my head?” Chu Qiao pretend to be sincere, and said slowly: “Qing Shu’s eyes are bloody, his eyes are black and blue, his expression is awkward, and there are obvious bruises on his wrist. This is obvious. The injury, the public is still very embarrassed to say that his old man is dead at the end of his life, hey, it is difficult for him to contribute to Zhan’s life, It’s so embarrassing to die.

Everyone heard the words suddenly angry, Gu Gong Enqiang resisted the anger of his heart, and said sharply: “Then why do you not say it in the daytime, at this time, the uncle has refining, and you are casually arrogant!”

“Is it filthy? The murderer has a lot of thoughts. I didn’t say it at the time, but it was to swindle some silver from the murderer afterwards. Otherwise, I left the house well. There are so many roads, why are they met by Miss Wu? ”

The voice just fell, everyone suddenly stunned, Liang Shaoqing’s eyes were dazed, his face became red, and other people were whispering, but she did not expect her to do such a thing and even said such a big say.

Chu Qiao shook his head and said: “In the middle of the night, I went out to find something to eat. This, the brother of the house can testify for me.”

Gu Gongen asked the name of the man and sent someone to the man who had given the meal to Chu Joo Liang Shaoqing. The man who was honest and honestly confirmed: “That night, this little brother did come out, or I gave him his own food.”

“On the way back, I heard that the room of Qingshu was ringing. I was surprised to go over and look at it. Who knows that I have not walked to the door, Chen Shuang will come out from inside. He seems to be scared when he sees me. I asked him what he was doing this late. He also lied to me that Qing Shu was looking for him. I didn’t doubt it at the time. Until the next day, I realized that he was not called by the uncle, he was killing. The chief culprit of the dead green uncle!”

Chu Qiao’s voice suddenly became fierce, pointing to Chen Shuang’s voice.

Chen Shuang suddenly became shocked and quickly defended: “You are bloody! Little master, Missy, Miss II, big Xianggong, even if there is a big courage, I dare not murder the uncle! This kid is full of nonsense, Nonsense, ask the Lord to be the Lord!”

Gu Gongen looked gloomy and said: “You said that Chen Shuang killed the uncle, can there be evidence?”

Chu Qiao’s innocent hands spread: “There was something, but unfortunately it is gone now.”

“Is that still there?”

“Because I am sure that Chen Shuang killed Qing Shu, I paid more attention to it. I saw a large piece of blood in the nails of Uncle Green. This proves that the uncle will scratch the murderer before he died. Chen Shuang took off his upper body clothes and saw if there were any scars. He knew that it was the murderer of the murder.”

Chen Shuangwen suddenly panicked, tearing open his sleeves, only seeing blood on his arms, still bleeding down, the man panicked and shouted: “This scar is what you just caught, or blood, is New injury! Don’t frame me!”

“Oh!” Chu Qiao suddenly screamed out loudly: “It turns out that you are playing this idea. No wonder I asked you to ask for money when you asked me to go to the warehouse this morning.”

“When did you ask me for money?”

“You still don’t admit that I met you on the deck last night, saying that as long as you are willing to give me a sum of money, I will leave Zhan in three days, so that this thing will never be said in the stomach. You were then Full of promises, I also told me to go to the next morning to collect money, Chen Da Ge is young, the memory will not be so bad.”

Chen Shuang suddenly sighed coldly and yelled: “You are nonsense! I let Qiu Tao call you to the next position in order to ambush the man to repair you, where is the money, and the less master can not ask Qiu Tao!”

As soon as the language came out, the hall suddenly sounded a sniffing sound, and Gu Gong’en’s eyes were almost black. Chu Qiao’s sly smile, said easily: “Chen Big Brother, you are not saying that I am going to the next position. Do you sneak up on you when you have not yet got up? How do you make too many lies, so give it so soon? forget?”

Chen Shuang looked around and saw Gu Gongen even look at him without looking at him. He suddenly looked desperate. He turned his head and glared at Chu Qiao and shouted: “You are a little bastard! I dare to swindle me! I killed you!”


Who knows that he has not ran two steps, he was shackled by the nursing home.

“Take him on. After three days, the boat will be docked and go straight out.”

Zhan Ziyu’s voice was very calm. He sat in a wheelchair, took a warm scarf in the hands of a child behind him, wiped his handle, and then looked up. The tone said lightly: “All the servants who have participated in the fight The penalty for two months, the slave punishes twenty lashes, and that’s it.”

“Then he should also be fined,” Zhan Zifang suddenly stood up and pointed to Chu Qiao loudly: “He is also a slave to the trouble!”

“Big sister, I heard that some people have punish the thief who has stolen things, but I have never heard of the truth that even the lost owner has punished. More than 30 people besieged a person, secretly ambushing, waiting for a sneak attack, but still everyone hangs color, still Is it not enough to be a shame?”

A soft voice suddenly sounded, and Miss Wu Zhanzi slowly stood up, her sleeves were like water, and she was detached and said softly.

Zhan Zifang dared to refute Zhan Ziyu, but in the face of the five Misses who did not talk much, they screamed and screamed.

“It’s enough for a morning.” Zhan Ziyu waved his hand slightly, and the child behind him pushed his wheelchair: “Zhan’s family was born in Sui and Tang Dynasties. Even if it was a slave, it was never arbitrarily killed. But now it is going to enter. Tang Jing, if anyone dares to make trouble at random, don’t blame me for not talking about feelings.”

The door was slowly closed, and the breeze blew into the room. The people stood opposite each other. For a time, no one spoke to break the deadlock.

“You, come out with me.”

Miss Liu blushes and points to Chu Qiao, whispering.

Chu Qiao also refused to stand in the middle of a group of people who looked at him. He naturally went from good to good, nodded and said, and turned and went out. By the way, he did not forget to pull a stupid person to stay in the original Liang Shaoqing.

At noon, the sun is shining, the boatman is struggling to sail, the mountains on both sides of the river are heavy, the blue sky is clear, the white waves are surging, the waterfowl is long, and the color of the splendid. Chu Qiao stood in the bow of the boat. Although he wore a shirt from the next person, his face was handsome and his eyes were refreshing. Her height stood between Yan and Zhuge and others, although it was very petite, but compared to girls of the same age, Half a head higher, Miss Liu of Zhan’s house stood by her side only to her ears.

Zhan Zikai looked up and smiled at her, his cheeks slightly reddened and whispered: “Just, thank you.”

Chu Qiao respectfully said: “Miss lifted me, I am just a slave, can not afford this thank-you, and the lady is also holding up for me, I should thank Miss.”

“I have never treated you as a slave,” Miss Six quickly waved her hand and said with a lovely head: “The first time I saw you, I felt that you are a different person from them. You must have encountered it.” Great changes will fall to this point.”

Chu Qiao smiled a little, but I didn’t expect this rich lady’s heart to be very pure. At this time, a waterfowl flew over the sky. The sailors had bowed and shot the birds. The bird was shocked, fluttering its wings and flying quickly. . The arrow wiped the bird’s wings, and a few white feathers fluttered down, just falling on the hair of Zhan Zikai. Chu Qiao naturally reached out to pick up the bird feathers for her. She waved in front of her eyes and smiled and said: “Miss is kind and good-looking. This may be the so-called sinking fish.”

Throwing the feathers on the ground, Chu Qiao gave a gift to Zhan Zi, and said with a smile: “I still have things, go back first, here is a big wind, Miss will stand back in the cabin for a while.”

After that, go back two steps, then turn and walk.

Zhan Zixuan just fifteenth this year, looks like a delicate hibiscus, she stood in the same place and looked at Chu Qiao’s figure disappeared into the cabin, and she couldn’t come back.

A breeze blew and picked up the hem of her dress. She slowly squatted down and looked at the left and right. She picked up the feather and put it in her arms. Then she hurriedly stood up and her face was red. It seems like a thief.

The rice on both sides of the strait is already green, the breeze is over, the blue waves are heavy, the farmers are squatting in the field and squatting in the fields, and seeing so many big ships coming in, they are standing up and looking at them, pointing their fingers and smiling. Come out loud.

Chu Qiao stood in front of the hatch of the rear cabin and looked at the ordinary people. The corners of his mouth were gently pulled up, and his eyes were like a crescent moon.

She held the mast and slowly raised her head. The breeze blew her hair on her horns, her hair naughty across her cheeks, slightly itchy.

Suddenly, she actually liked this simple life.

In the evening, Chen Shuang and several of the principals were tied up and locked in the lower bin, waiting for the ship to dock and then disembarked. The story of Chu Qiao’s manpower against 30 nursing homes was even more impressive in the ship’s uploading. The people who saw the vinegar and the vinegar told the people who did not see it, and the biography became more and more mysterious. Later, Chu Qiao almost became The god of the soldiers.

This also brought certain benefits. At the very least, Liang Shaoqing did not use the queue when he went to the dinner at night, and he was given three more pieces of fat.

In the dead of night, Chu Qiao walked out of the cabin and came to the stern, sitting on his knees. The surrounding area was dark, far away, and the lights of the city Guo were a little bit, and the night wind picked up her clothes, like a butterfly with wings, and it was about to fly.

Behind it, suddenly there was the sound of the raft rolling over the deck. Chu Qiao suddenly turned back cautiously, and saw Zhan Ziyu’s white shirt. The hair was loosely tied behind him. The night wind blew, the river was filled with fog, and the man’s narrow eyes were slightly inclined. Hey, look up a little.

Chu Qiao suddenly had some confusion. She didn’t know why. She got up in a hurry, and the night wind blew her hair. She unnaturally licked her hair, and the child’s gesture was full. She said, “Less master, so late. Don’t sleep.”

Zhan Ziyu walked to the stern with a wheelchair and half-opened his lips. He responded faintly: “Are you not sleeping yet?”

The wind suddenly blew, and he blew his forged quilt on his lap. Zhan Ziyu reached out and bent down. One hand was slender and beautiful, and it looked better than white jade.

However, his fingers had just touched the forged quilt, and the wind blew again. He suddenly turned over the forging and was far away from him.

Chu Qiao met, and quickly ran forward, a quilt picked up, said in his mouth: “I come to me.” Then, half a squat on the ground, for Zhan Ziyu on the legs.

Zhan Ziyu sighed for a long while, then gently shook his head, want to say something, but the tone was condensed on his lips, and eventually turned into a sigh of inaudible sigh.

Chu Qiao was beside him, and suddenly he stopped. Zhan Ziyu’s bitter smile was indifferent. If there was ice and snow, it would be like a string of people being crushed. Chu Qiao thought, maybe he had done something wrong.

“what’s your name?”

“Well?” Chu Qiao sighed and quickly replied: “The slaves and brothers are named Liang, and the family calls me Xiao Qiao.”

“Little Joe?” Zhan Ziyu whispered, for a long time, suddenly smiled and said: “Good to remember.”

His smile is very soothing, like the warm wind on the spring lake in March, slightly swaying through the green grass and green willow, but even if he smiles like this, he can’t see the slightest joy in the eyes of this man, in his eyes. There seems to be a sorrow that cannot be turned away. It seems that I have read through the joys and sorrows, and I have seen through the water and the world.

“Little Joe, where is your hometown?”

“I?” The ship was moving forward, and the dark fragrance was lingering. Chujo sighed slowly. On such a night, the night wind smoked her a little drunk. She said in a warm and gentle way: “My hometown is far away. Maybe I can’t go back in my life.”

“Is it?” Zhan Ziyu smiled slightly, and there were two fine lines on his lips. His eyes were quiet and he quietly looked at the passing river.

“Less master, the river is big, will I push you back?”

Zhan Ziyu raised his head and laughed at himself: “I took a lot of effort to come out. I haven’t sat down for a while. You will push me back. I won’t lose too much?”

A foot light on the stern is soft and shines on Zhan Ziyu’s head. I saw a man’s black horns with a hint of gray under the light. Chu Qiao suddenly didn’t know how to pick up the words, stupidly standing in the same place. Looking at him with a sly look.

“Little Joe, are you cold?”

Chu Qiao quickly shook his head: “Not cold, not cold at all.”

“Take me a seat for a while, the moon tonight is good, the wind is not big.”

“Oh.” Chu Qiao was sitting on a pile of sundries, and the pile was very high. Chu Qiao sat up, even with Zhan Ziyu in a wheelchair. She turned her head and smiled slightly, her smile was very bright, with the girl’s unique heart and charm. In front of this person, she no longer concealed her identity as a woman, simply freed up.

Zhan Ziyu seems to be very good. He asks with a sideways face: “Would you ride a horse?”

“Yes,” Chujo scored a horse riding position: “I am riding well.”

“What about your brother?”

“He can’t, he will only ride.”

“Oh,” Zhan Ziyu smiled and said: “I also had a good horse in my early years, called the good period.”

“Good period?” Chu Qiao frowned with a puzzled look: “The strange name, the horse generally does not call such a name, like a few horses I have raised, not a moon or a snowball, then a meteor, so that it runs. Soon, express a good wish. Less masters are worthy of being elegant, and the name is not ordinary.”

Zhan Ziyu smiled and said: “Do you want to say that I am arty?”

Chu Qiao even waved his hand: “I dare not dare, I dare not say that.”

“The horse was given to me by my wife that year.”

Chu Qiao suddenly realized, nodded and said: “No wonder it is no wonder, if it is called Biz, Jin Jian, what is not better.”

“Yeah,” Zhan Ziyu said with a smile: “I didn’t know you that year. If you know, let you help you get your name.”

“Oh, less masters, you see the outside, you can raise your name now.


Zhan Ziyu shook his head and smiled: “Where can I use horses now?”

Although he laughed, but Chu Qiao felt that the smile was very glaring, she did not kneel down, but with a smile: “How can I not use? Now you can raise a horse-drawn carriage, people ride a snow The flying Maxima feels that it is very special, and we have to raise eight horses and horses, which is the real wealth.”

Zhan Ziyu smiled and said: “A fool, only the emperor’s house can take eight horses. If I sit, isn’t it a rebellion?”

“Yes, oh,” Chu Qiao suddenly took a look at his forehead and said: “That can only be a self-satisfy at home, and it is better to break the law.”

At this time, I only heard a sudden bang on the river, Chu Qiao was shocked, jumped up and stood up, standing on the high cargo pile, I saw the white shadow on the river surface, vacated the water, Chu Qiao happy wind smiled : “Have you seen it? Big fish!”

Zhan Ziyu straightened up and looked at the probe. I saw a white big fish slammed out of the river. The white body seemed to emit light in the dark, and the game was usually painted with a perfect arc and then returned to the water.

Chu Qiao pointed at the big fish and smiled: “This is not a squid leaping dragon gate. There is a legend in our hometown that if you jump over the gantry, the squid can become a dragon, you don’t have to stay in the water, you can fly to the sky. It is.”

Zhan Ziyu looked at the front and said thoughtfully: “Is it true? If there is such a dragon door, it would be a great blessing for the squid that can’t fly. At least, there is hope.”

Chu Qiao heard the sound outside the string, but his heart was slightly sour, but it was not revealed. He just said with a smile: “The real dragon will not be happy, the same kind is less, the relatives are not around, the lonely one is flying in the sky, what do you mean? It’s just a different way of living.”

Zhan Ziyu nodded and said: “You said it is not bad, but in the bureau, you often can’t see through. If you encounter an opportunity, you can’t help but try it. For example, you are willing to be a slave, or Willing to get out of slavery and go out to live? These are just two different lifestyles, but your choices are different.”

“You are not right,” Chu said. “The fish is weak, but at least it is free. It is a slave, it is a dog for others. The gap here is not felt by people who don’t know it.”

Zhan Ziyu’s gaze suddenly became secluded. He lowered his head, whispered, and had fine crow’s feet in his eyes, but it looked very comfortable. He turned his head and looked at Chu Qiao gently. The gaze seemed to penetrate the joys and sorrows. Although I laughed, I couldn’t see the joys and sorrows. It seemed to be undoubtedly asking: “So, you still have to go, right?”

“Less master, I am just a small slave. It doesn’t matter if you go or not.”

“Well,” Zhan Ziyu did not refute, he quietly looked up, the cold moonlight sprinkled on his face, a fine layer, like the silver-white sand of the seaside.

On the second day, the weather was fine. After another day, the boat would rest on the dock in Pengcheng, and replenish the grain. Because it was confirmed to leave, Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing did not be assigned the same work as the average slave. Compared with the slave system of Da Xia Lifelong System, the slaves of Sui and Tang dynasties enjoy a high degree of freedom and equality. As long as they do not commit big crimes, the master has no power to kill and rob the servants, so as long as Zhan Ziyu agrees that they will leave, they can go to the grandeur. .

Throughout the day, Chu Qiao stayed in the cabin and did not go out. Since punishing Chen Shuang, she has become the most popular person on the boat. All the low-ranking servants are showing her kindness. Some young girls are borrowed. The machine showed her openly, and then took the opportunity to move the manual foot, which made people feel annoyed. Chu Qiao dreamed that he would one day be tempted by a woman, but he had no choice but to shrink the turtle in the shell, waiting for the ship to stop.

In the evening, Liang Shaoqing finally came back from the outside. In the past two days, he received a heroic treatment on the ship. This made the nerd’s vanity greatly satisfied. It seems that he had the same credit for Chen Shuang and other nursing homes.

As soon as he entered the house, Liang Shaoqing walked up with a smile and sent the food in his hand: “Little Joe, have something to eat.”

Chu Qiao did not look up, just squinting at him with his eyes, lying on the bed, shouting with his nose: “Do you know that you are back?”

“How can I not know how to come back? You haven’t eaten yet, I remember.”

Chu Qiao squatted up and did not speak, buried his head and ate two meals, and asked: “Is there anyone outside?”

Liang Shaoqing replied, “There are Liutou in the bow, they are pulling the sails, and there seems to be no one at the stern.”

Put down the rice bowl, put on the robe and go outside. Liang Shaoqing asked: “What are you doing?”

“Go out and breathe.”

While agreeing, while walking out of the cabin, the air outside was very good. Chu Qiao sat in the corner of the back of the ship, slowly sighed and sighed all day, and finally figured it out.

Recently, the weather is getting warmer and warmer. I don’t know if Yanbei is Kaihua. Yanbei is located on the plateau and has a unique climate. It is only divided into summer and winter seasons in one year. It is hot in summer, but it is less than five months. The rest are 皑皑. The snowy winter sounds somewhat similar to the modern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

I don’t know how the Yan Xun happened. Chu Qiao sighed slightly and looked at the sky in the northwest, but only saw a large dark black.

Since Yan Xun was still able to restrain his men from killing Zhao Wei on the spot, it means that he has no worries about his life, and he has never had the pursuit of Yanbei. It also shows that after Yan Xun did not hurt his uncontrollable position, these days Not to hear the news of Yanbei ****, it also shows that Yan Xun has returned to Yanbei, sitting in the town of Shen Shen.

In this case, he will be safe to wait for himself to go back.

Chu Qiao spit a long breath, and now she can only use this method to comfort herself.

At this moment, a rush of footsteps suddenly sounded on the deck, Chujo felt a curiosity, so late, who would not sleep outside wandering.

Backlit here, the man did not notice that there was a pair of eyes in the dark. After the passing of the man, Chu Qiao quietly followed behind, I saw that the man was dressed and gorgeous, actually a woman, wearing a loose hair, and then went into the lower warehouse.

Chu Qiao has been able to affirm that this person will not be a slave to the lower class. He can wear such a silk. It is not a young lady who is also a high-ranking maid. Is it the upper-level maid who sneaks?

After two large warehouses, the woman did not stop all the way, but after the third warehouse, one hand suddenly stretched out and grabbed the woman’s waist. The woman exclaimed and was pulled in.

Subsequently, in the third warehouse, the woman’s screams and the rustling of the body friction were heard.

Chu Qiao’s secret voice will not be so clever, is it really the upper-level maid who sneaked into love, then listening to the corner like this can be boring enough. Just want to turn and leave, a hoarse and low voice suddenly sounded, and suddenly nailed her footsteps to the ground.

“How come so long? I want to die!”

The hoarse voice of a man is like a beast that has been suppressed for a long time. While screaming, he is constantly kissing on a woman, and a clear door is heard through the thick door panel.

“He… he hasn’t slept… he didn’t sleep…”

Chu Qiao was shocked, because at this moment in the dirty warehouse, it was the Zhanfu’s great aunt Gu Guen and the second Miss Zhan Zikui!

At this time, there was another low-spirited voice from Gu Gongen: “Which clothes are broken, how can they not be solved?”

“From … to get off from below.”

Gu Gongen smiled and said: “Which is below? Is it here?”

“Ah!” Zhan Zikui sighed and almost could not bear it. The voice seemed like a greasy snake, and the gasping screamed: “Actually, I was so funny…”

Immediately, I only listened to Gu Gong’s sigh, and apparently had already rushed up. Soon, the screaming screams suddenly came out, and I was extremely teasing. After all, Chu Qiao has not seen such a scene in 1989. For a time, he was red-faced and even the fingers on the door were red.

When I was about to leave, I suddenly heard a cry from the voice of Zhan Zikui, and shouted: “You are very kind.”

“Well?” Gu Gongen asked with a rhythmic movement, “How is it better than yours?”

“How can he… can compare with you…”

“What about your disabled brother?”

Zhan Zikui replied while breathing: “This… how do I know, you should… you should ask the five sisters…”

Chu Qiao heard, only the heart suddenly slammed and screamed, she slammed her eyes and almost forgot to leave.

At this time, I only listened to the man’s snoring, and it was quiet.

After a while, the sound of wearing clothes came out, Zhan Zikui said: “Give me the clothes, I should go back, and hesitation will make him suspicious.”

Gu Gongen snorted, seemingly clinging to Zhan Zikui, Zhan Zikui exclaimed, and listened to Gu Gongen: “You are not saying that I am better than him, why are you so hot and eager to go back?”

Zhan Zikui chuckled and said, “Don’t go back? Is it hiding with you in a small warehouse?”

“Hey,” Gu Gongen said coldly: “You wait, I will hold Jenny in my hands sooner or later, when I see who you dare to climb on the bed?”

“When you have that ability, let’s talk about it.” Zhan Zikui said: “This four brothers in my family are not a fuel-efficient lamp. Don’t look at him as a disabled person and don’t like to talk. This is better than anyone else.”

“It’s also in vain to be smart. This time, as long as you return to Tang Jing, everything will be in my hands.” When it comes to this, Gu Gong’s evil laughs and says: “When you have to follow me, I will let you go. You can’t go west, I let you go to bed, you can’t dress, I let you…”


“Get it,” said Zhan Zikui, coldly and coldly. “Don’t think I don’t know. Your eyes have long been on the five sisters. Can you still remember me that day?”

“How can she compare with you?” Gu Gong En evil laughed: “There is no two or two flesh, how can you be so full and attractive, Zhu Yu Yu Run…”

At this time, Zhan Zikui’s squeaking sounds again, Chu Qiao frowned, knowing that there was no useful thing, so he turned and walked out quietly.

Any family will have such awkward things, Chu Qiao does not think that there is anything strange, with Gu Gongen and Zhan Zikui’s character, she feels acceptable to make another thing. However, from their words, it seems that even Zhan Ziyu and Miss Wu Zhanzi are also very concerned. This is somewhat difficult to understand. It is indeed unusual to think about the only conversation they have heard. Is this really true to the brothers and sisters? thing?

Forget it, Chu Qiao shook his head when he thought about what these things were doing. Anyway, he left the day after tomorrow. It doesn’t make sense to think about it now.

After going through the bow deck and going to his cabin, suddenly heard a small voice coming from behind, Chu Qiao’s ear was so sharp, she suddenly turned back and saw a black shadow flashing past. She ran quickly, but she didn’t have one.

Chu Qiao slowly frowned, is it wrong, there is no reason for the other party to act so fast. Chu Qiao shook his head. At this moment, a seabird flew over the sky, slanting away, and the wings swept through the night, swaying a large black giant shadow on the ground.

Could it be just the shadow of a big eagle?

Back to the room, Liang Shaoqing had already slept in the past, heard the sound of opening the door, the nerd stumbled and blinked, sat up and said hello, then lay back and slumber.

Now that Liang Shaoqing has accepted the fact that the two men and women are living together in one room, it is no longer the same as the usual night that they are worried about being indecently covered by the quilt.

A curtain was routinely held between the two. Chucho took off her robe and lay down in the quilt. She was relieved and exhausted. The brain is not consciously thinking about the conversation between Gu Gongen and Zhan Zikui. I thought for a long time and didn’t think of a clue. I was about to go to sleep, and suddenly I heard the voice of Gu Jin’s man who looked like a man: “Which can compare with you, there is no two or two meats, how can you be full and seductive, Zhu Yu Yu Run…”

Counting it, I should be seventeen years old this year. Chu Qiao reached out and touched her chest on the quilt. The cheek was a little hot for a while.

During this period, I developed very fast, and I grew a lot. Compared with Liang Shaoqing, I was only half a head. With modern calculations, it should be about one meter six or seven. In this era, girls are also tall. Jingyue children have grown up. In these years, she is diligent in exercise, regular exercise, and very fit. This body is very standard, slim and long legs, not fat or thin, only except here.

Chu Qiao’s depressed frowning, left and right idle, this modern age of 30-year-old modern agents began to worry about their own body. I don’t know when I have to wait until I can restore my proud 36C. There is no breast augmentation surgery or breast enhancement medicine in this era. If a Taiping princess loses money.

She squinted at the black lacquered shed, and her head was swaying in the middle of her head. This is a rare day when she didn’t have to think about political planning and plotting others to guard against others. The life is coming to an end. She spit out a long breath, and another day, she was not a seventeen-year-old slave girl, but a big summer **** that was wanted by a million people.

When I thought about it for a while, it turned out to be five days. Now it is summer, and the day is very long. At this time, it is near the sky and the sky is bright.

The river choking, slowly flowing east, the night wind is cold, everything is sorrowful. Chu Qiao sat up and tried to close the window, but he did not know when it was floating in the light rain, pattering, and the river. Chu Qiao squatted on the window, and looked out from the hustle and bustle. I saw a row of flat boats swaying slowly. On the shore, several horses ran fast, horseshoes were like snow, and men’s clothes were on the horses. Zema rushed away.

“Little Joe? What are you doing?”

The cold wind blew in and awakened the sleeping nerd. He sat up with his eyes open and couldn’t help but feel a little cold. He said, “You wear so little and still lie in the window, want to get sick?”

“Oh,” Chucho said, coming back and said: “There are people riding horses on the riverbank outside. So early, it is still raining, and there are people who are on the road. I don’t know what is going on.”

“You will be worried,” Liang Shaoqing said: “What other people have to do with you, you have not slept for one night, go to sleep quickly.”

Chu Qiao didn’t talk, just reached out and closed the window. When she was separated by a slit, she saw that the horse team suddenly stopped. One of them turned and looked in her direction. Through the thick rain and the large river fog, although I couldn’t see my face, I could feel the sharp sight and shot it far away.

“砰”, the window was closed, Chu Qiao and his clothes were lying on the bed, closing his eyes slightly.

If you are on the road so early, you must be in a hurry.

While thinking about it, I slowly went to sleep.

At this moment, on the drizzled river embankment, the young man of Tsing Yi’s horse stood on the bank of the river and looked at the ship in the river, quietly.

“Young Master, in front of Birch County, is a small town, where we can take a break and then hurry, and then go forward, is the dock Pengcheng.”

The rain fell down the young man’s cheek. He looked at the big ships on the river and asked: “Zhu Cheng, did the ships sail with us from Xianyang City?”

Zhu Chengji looked up and immediately nodded: “The young master has a good eyesight. It was originally a ship prepared for us by the Yinyang River. We took it out after the dry road. Now it should be the Zangtang Zhan family.”

“Zhan Jia of Xizhiling?”


The young man suddenly smiled and his eyes were as clear as Gujing. He said: “Even the family of these sesame and rotted glutinous rice jumped out. It seems that Tang Jing will really be very busy this time.”

Zhu Cheng said: “Zhan family this time against the Tang family, it looks very unusual.”

“They naturally have this idea, but it can be a different matter. If the Zhan family has been out of Sui and Tang Dynasties for eight years, it has already been abandoned by the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Can you find a house in Tangjing? It is still unknown. Losing the land? Revitalizing the glory? Oh, I think it will be done after the resurrection of Zhan.”

“Young masters are wise.”

Yes, this man was Zhuge Yu who passed by in the city of Xianyang and Chu Qiao on the same day. Although the dry road was a little time-consuming, it was hard to catch up under Zhuge’s fast-paced whip.

Zhuge smiled and said: “Less less flattering, let’s go, you must arrive at Dock Peng before the morning.”

Everyone should hear the sound in unison, and they will leave when they whip their hands. At this time, the black horse that had been with Zhuge was suddenly squatting against the river, letting others pull, and refused to stop, as if they had gone mad.

“Meteor!” Zhuge screamed: “What?”

The horse raised his two front hooves and screamed loudly against the ship on the river. Zhuge’s brow wrinkled and immediately whip his whip. He then slammed on the horse’s neck and said, “What are you doing?”

“Young master, the meteor may be shocked.”


Zhuge Yue frowned, and once again looked at the river.

“Teng”, Chu Qiao sat up and Liang Shaoqing got up and prepared to wash his face. He was shocked when he saw it.

“Little Joe, what’s wrong with you?” Liang Shaoqing widened his eyes and thought that Chu Qiao had a nightmare, and he spoke carefully, for fear of disturbing her.

Chu Qiao sat up and said, “I want to hear the meteor calling me.”

“Who?” Liang Shaoqing suddenly paused and hurriedly asked: “Who are you talking about? Who is calling you?”

Chu Qiao replied: “Meteor, my horse.”

Liang Shaoqing laughed and joked: “Forget it, this is on the water, will your horse swim?”

Chu Qiao frowned, listened carefully, suddenly stepped forward to open the window, the outside wind and rain poured in, Chu Qiao no scruples, still peeped out to look carefully. However, this will increase the rain, and the fog on the river will not be clear.

She frowned and listened for a long while, suddenly jumped out of the bed, draped her clothes and rushed out.

Liang Shaoqing was shocked and quickly pulled her and shouted: “What are you doing?”

“I went out to see, I really heard the meteor calling me.”

“I also heard my Xiaoqing calling me,” Liang Shaoqing shook his head in disbelief: “Come on, It’s such a big rain outside, going out to be sick.”

Chu Qiao frowned, pushing a small hand like Liang Shaoqing’s matchstick, grabbed a coat and rushed out.

“Hey!” Liang Shaoqing suddenly screamed: “That is my clothes!”

The heavy rain poured down, which was much bigger than that. The world was silver and white, and I couldn’t see it. The big ship ran across the river, and the boatman sailed out to stabilize the ship, and rushed to squat out, for fear of going out of trouble.

Chu Qiao stood in a chaotic crowd, and looked around, but there is a shadow of a meteor. She closed her hand to her mouth and shouted: “Meteor!”

Her voice was loud, but it was drowned in the thunder of thunder.

The ship boss rushed to the cabin of the main room and ran while talking with the deputy: “With the young master, you must go to the beach, this rain is getting bigger and bigger!”

In the heavy rain, the deputy asked: “Which side?”

“The left bank is close, but the water is shallow, can not support the boat, rely on the right bank!”

At this time, on the shore of the left bank, because of the sudden increase of heavy rain, the horse team had to stop to find a broken pavilion to shelter from the rain. The meteor is still rushing in the same place, almost breaking the rope that binds it.


Zhuge Yue stood in the pavilion, looked at the meteor, his ears moved slightly, and slowly frowned.

“Zhu Cheng, have you listened?”

Zhu Chengyi asked, “Young master, what to listen to?”

Zhuge did not answer, but continued to frown. It is a pity that the rain is getting bigger and bigger, and the sky is still playing with a tumultuous thunder. The weak voice finally disappears slowly, and there is no trace.

Zhuge Yue no longer speaks, and stands up with his hands, but he can only see the whiteness between the heavens and the earth, and the ships are hidden in the downpour and have disappeared.

Chu Qiao put down his hand and the boat has been parked on the right bank. She was soaked in the rain, and her voice was shouted. Liang Shaoqing did not know where to get an umbrella, hit her head, and said quickly: “Come in, you will be sick.”

Chu Qiaoyu no longer spoke, looking at the rain across the river, for a long time without words.

There was heavy rain between the heavens and the earth, and the wind whistled, and there was still no stopping.

The wind and the wind are swaying, the mist of the river is covered, and it is extremely visible.

The heavy rain stopped until noon, and the big ship was refurbished for two hours. Clean up the accumulated water and see the weather is fine, then dare to continue on the road.

Chu Qiao returned to the cabin and began to sneeze, Liang Shaoqing chicken began to mutter, but before and after the preparation of her hot towel and ginger soup, Chu Qiao nose tinnitus face red, it is not good to talk to him.

When Zhan Ziyu heard that she was ill, she sent a doctor to treat her. After drinking a few bowls of black medicinal juice, I still feel weak.

In the afternoon, Miss Zhan Jialiu came to visit. After busy, she handed over the water for Chu Qiao’s tea. It was very diligent, and she was also polite to Liang Shaoqing.

After Zhan Zikai left, Liang Shaoqing sighed for a long time. Seeing that Chu Qiao did not want to ask him the reason, he had to come together, twisted and pinched for a long while, and finally whispered: “Little Joe, Miss Zhan Jia. 80% is a secret to me, what can I do?”

Chu Qiao frowned and said with a hoarse voice: “You want more.”

“How come?” Liang Shaoqing argued: “Our current status is only a slave. She is a lady who has gone to our room regardless of her identity to deliver tea. It is obviously not intentional. It is not a picture, it is a picture, we have not Money, you are a woman, then there is only one reason left, that is, she looks at me and wants to approach me secretly.”

Chu Qiao looked up and down Liang Shaoqing, and then thought about the cute Miss Six of Zhan, frowning: “Her eyes are not so bad!”

“Hey, what should I do?” Liang Shaoqing did not notice the words of Chu Qiao, immersed himself in the troubles of his own self, and walked around with great enthusiasm: “Father will drive me out of the house, this matter How to discuss with his father first, and then Xiaoqiao should be in the front, hey, my studies have not been completed, my career has not been built, how can my children love and misunderstand the lifelong career?”

Chu Qiao shook his head and didn’t sleep much last night. It happened to be filled with medicine.

Thinking about it, I slowly slept.

When this awakening came, the sky was already dark, Chu Qiao was hungry, hungry front chest stuck back, wake up but did not see the shadow of Liang Shaoqing, she slowly climbed up, only felt that the footsteps were vain, even standing Unstable.

I finally got dressed and walked out on the wall, but I saw the deck as clean and fresh, and there were busy people everywhere, apparently preparing meals for the evening.

After being blown up by the fresh wind, Chu Qiao was awake. At this moment, suddenly there was a sound coming from behind, Chu Qiao suddenly turned around, but saw a broken basket in the same place, she hurriedly walked over, only to see the empty space behind the basket, not even a mouse.

Chu Qiao’s brow slowly wrinkled.

Before dinner, Liang Shaoqing finally rushed back in time, the two had a good dinner, Liang Shaoqing continued to think about how to go home and report his lifelong events with his father. Chu Qiao went out alone and strolled on the deck.

It didn’t take long before he came, and there was a snoring behind him. If Chu Qiao didn’t smell it, he continued to move forward. At this moment, after a corner, she deliberately walked away and sneaked back. On the wall, waiting quietly.

After a while, a small voice slowly approached, a pale hand smashed into the corner, and then a pair of dark eyes gently leaned up.

When it was said that it was too late, Chu Qiao reached out and said that although he was sick, Chu Qiao’s strength was comparable to that of the average person. She saw her a small hand and the body suddenly rushed up like a leopard. Put the man to death on the ground. The girl looks gloomy, her eyes are sharp, and her voice is cold and low: “Who? Why follow me? What is the intention?”

“I don’t have it, I don’t have it!”

The panicked voice suddenly sounded. Chu Qiao squinted and looked down. He saw that there was a young woman in her twenties under her body. She was naked and naked. She was obviously worn, and she was caught by her own arm and exposed her neck. It was full of whiplashes and blood marks. She was pale, bloodless, and her eyes were round and big. She was very thin, her eyes were deeply sunken, and her appearance was beautiful, but she was thin and she looked like It was a big illness.

Chu Qiao frowned and said, “Who are you? Why do you want to follow me? Tell me! Otherwise, I will send you to see the master!”

“I didn’t, I didn’t,” the woman was shaking, and she shouted and said, “I am not a bad person, I am not a bad person.”

“Not a bad person? Then why follow me?”

The woman stunned, and a tear suddenly fell. She looked at Chu Qiao, tears her eyes, and said nothing, she began to cry sadly and sorrowfully.

Chu Qiao suddenly stupid, thought it was hurting her, frowning and let go, said: “What are you crying? You are the first to follow me, and refuse to explain the reason, you are now Cry here, it seems that I am bullying you.”

“I am not,” the woman shook her head and said, “I am not…”

“Okay, okay,” Chu Qiao stood up and said, “Don’t cry, I won’t pursue it, but I warn you, don’t follow me anymore, next time you are not so lucky, I will leave tomorrow. Here, no matter who you are, there is no need to chase after me.”

After that, turn around and leave.

At this moment, a tiny trembling with a crying and full of doubts suddenly sounded, suddenly like a thundering general to pinch Chujo in place.


The woman looked up and wiped her tears and screamed indefinitely.

Chu Qiao suddenly stunned, as if there was a bloody rush to her head, her whole person is like a dead wood, the birth of the shackles in place.

The woman saw her not moving, and she became more bold. She shouted a little loudly: “You, is it really the month?”

Chu Qiao slowly turned around, his eyebrows locked, and he looked at the woman incredulously, and his voice whispered softly: “Who are you?”

The woman’s tears suddenly fell, and she slammed her mouth, for fear that she would scream out. She looked at Chu Qiao, like a nightmare whisper: “You really are the month? Really Is it the month?”

“who are you?”

“I am your second sister!” The woman suddenly rushed forward and took Chujo tightly in her arms and cried aloud: “I finally found you, I finally found you!”

Chu Qiao grabbed the woman’s mouth and said quickly: “Small voice, don’t let others hear.”

The woman nodded quickly, and her tears fell. While holding her hand and holding Chu’s hand tightly, it was such a force.

“Moon, I know I won’t admit it. There is a red dragonfly behind your neck. I keep remembering. They all say that you are a man, only I can see it at a glance.”

Chu Qiao seems to be a dream, how can she suddenly emerge a sister, she frowned and asked: “What you said, are all true?”

“You don’t remember?” The woman’s face suddenly burst into tears, but she suddenly stopped, but slowly said: “Moon, is it okay? Juice them? Are you still together?”

Chu Qiao heard the face of a pale, she was silent for a long while, whispered: “They are all dead, only one of me.”

The woman suddenly stopped. After a long time, she smiled awkwardly. The tone said sadly: “Yes, the slaves are not as good as a dog. They are so young, where can they come over?”

As she spoke, her tears slowly slammed down. She held Chu Qiao’s hand and her hands were cold and cold like snow: “Moon, I am your sister of Perilla, don’t you remember me? No wonder, when we were ransacked, you were only six years old. I was sold to the flower picking house together with my eldest sister and a few uncles and sisters. Later, I was sold and sold. I was with my older sister and my uncle’s family. Liu Xiu, Caisong, Jinlian of the four uncles, and Mann’s Mang’s family were sold to Zhan. Later, the eldest sister died of illness, and Liu Xiu and Mang’s made a mistake. They were killed by Missy, now There are still three of us left. I didn’t expect that there will be opportunities to meet you again in this life.”

Chu Qiao’s heart was sour and sorrowful. She didn’t know what to say for a while. For the relatives of the Jing family, she had no feelings. The cherished death, the juice Xiang and Xiao Ba are also no longer alive, but these people, after all, are the physical relatives, and they are such a situation, how can she feel at ease?

“Sister Sui, don’t cry, we can reunite is a good thing, don’t be sad.”

Jing Zisu reached out and touched Chu Qiao’s small face and tightened his lips. He was afraid that he would cry out and trembled and said: “Moon, in these years, you have suffered a lot, and your sister has not been able to take care of you. ”

“I am fine, you have suffered a lot.”


Jing Zisu shook his head and reached over Chu Qiao’s shoulder. He sobbed and said: “Good sister, It’s too late today. If you are found to be smashing the board, you should go back first. Tomorrow, I will take the tabazine. And Jin Lian went to see you, I know where you live.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “Then you be careful.”

“Well,” Jing Zisu nodded and said: “You go first.”

Chu Qiao said: “I will send you back.”

“No, no,” Jing Zisu hurriedly refused: “I watched you go back, I can feel at ease. At the beginning, Mann, because I was mistaken at night to be considered to be running away, I will be killed alive. You will not go back. How can I rest assured?”

Chu Qiao frowned: “Is it not allowed to kill servants at will?”

“Stupid children, slaves are slaves, life is not their own, and where is it so much?”

Jing Zisu smiled bitterly: “Go back soon, see you tomorrow.”

Chu Qiao nodded and said: “Then I am leaving, you are careful.”

Going far, going back and seeing the thin figure of Jing Zisu standing in the night, so young, but already half-bone waist, carefully bent, see her look, smile and wave.

Back in the room, Chu Qiao’s mood was very bad. She ignored Liang Shaoqing and lay on the bed. The thoughts were like the heavy rains in July.

Under such circumstances, will she still be able to go tomorrow? Can she let go of the poor sister she just found and leave alone? But she is still self-satisfied and able to take care of them?

However, the early morning of the next morning, the ship arrived at the ferry crossing in Pengcheng, a sudden visit by a person, and disrupted all her plans. Looking at this person, Chu Qiao knows that fate is already a bizarre way to involve her in the political chaos of Tang Jing. Tang Jing’s good play is officially opened.

Early the next morning, Chu Qiao decided to leave here temporarily. Da Xia and Sui and Tang were married. The domestic **** gradually subsided. Recently, I even heard that Xia Huang will move back from Yundu to Zhen Huang in the near future. The pace of summer is stabilized, and the following will certainly attack Yanbei to maintain the dignity of the empire. For the first time in the past three hundred years, the Da Xia Dynasty has suffered such a heavy blow for the first time. This tiger has been slowed down. It is imaginable that Yanbei will bear the huge anger of the sky. Before that, she must rush back to Yanbei and fight alongside Yan Xun.

But she can’t leave the sisters of Jing family like this. This point is the necessary principle for Chu Qiao to serve people. She can be arrogant in treating the enemy. In order to achieve certain goals, she can use appropriate means, but for her loved ones and friends, she retains an absolute sincerity and maintenance. Even if she had no connection with the Jing family in nature, but the charcoal in the snow that she had cherished, the care of the juice Xiang, and the small body of Jing Yueer, gave her an irresistible sense of responsibility.

A qualified national agent may not have superb technical skills, no strong military skills, no strong physical fitness, no rich combat experience, but absolutely no sense of responsibility. He must have his own organization, comrades, and superiors. And even the country maintains a high degree of loyalty and has a clear and clear cognitive ability for the responsibility on its shoulders. Only in this way can he maintain a high degree of conviction and a tough psychological quality in a difficult and dangerous working environment, and continue tough battles. . This is also the reason why M-State agents with strong high-tech assembly and huge wealth supply have been planted in Mossad Israel. The problem is only that the latter is a religious country, and their elites all have a high degree of national loyalty. Religious, such conditions make it difficult for them to shake and even rebel in front of money.

And Chu Qiao, it is such a person. Although she does not have religious beliefs, she has a firm life creed. No matter what to do, there is a clear bottom line, and this is the main reason why she rushed back to Zhen Huang at the last minute to rescue the southwestern town government.

According to Chu Qiao, Zhan will stay in Dang Pengcheng for two days and then continue to Tang Jing. The two days are a good time for her to find a way to save the Jing family.

One morning, when the day was still not bright, someone knocked at the door in a low voice. Chu Qiao suddenly got up and put on the coat to open the hatch. Jing Zisu stood at the door, slightly cramped. She followed a woman with a young age, and she looked like she was in her early twenties. Although she was not beautiful, she was very good, but she was tall and tall, even if she was tall. It is the aura of wearing a slave’s clothes and it is difficult to cover up.

“Moon, disturb you to rest, get early.”

Jing Zisu rushed to pick up the hand, and some embarrassed smiles, Chu Qa shook his head politely and said: “Come in, I have long woken up.”

“Taijin went out with Miss Wu last night. I haven’t come back yet. When she returns, I will bring her to see you.”

Liang Shaoqing stood aside, and some curiously looked at the Jingshen, and they saw them, and they quickly read the book, and they were very angry. “The two girls are good, in Liang Shaoqing, the word…”

“Less Luo, go out and give us the wind.”

Chu Qiao said coldly, Liang Shaoqing stunned, just want to oppose, see Chu Qiao’s eyebrows vertical, suddenly no fire, don’t twist out of the door, whispered: “There are a lot of people who know.”

When I saw the door closed, Chu Qiao suddenly smiled and said: “Two sisters please sit down.”

“Moon, this is the Jinlian of your uncle’s family. You still hugged you when you were a child. Do you remember?”

Chu Qiao can only smile and haha, how can she remember, not to say that she is simply a counterfeit goods by the corpse, even if it is really Jing Yueer, I am afraid I will not remember such a small time.

Three people sat there, and for a time they didn’t know what to say, and the atmosphere was awkward. That Jinlian seems to be very introverted, but from time to time, quietly look at Chu Qiao with his eyes, and dare not come forward to talk, it seems very courageous. Chu Qiao looked at her carefully and saw her body was thin. Under the collar between her neck, there seemed to be a whip mark that had been beaten. Although she tried to hide it with her clothes, there was still a small part of it exposed.

It seems that they have not been here. Chu Qiao silently remembered that the idea of ​​taking them away is even stronger.

Jin Lian looked around and suddenly opened his mouth and smiled softly. The voice was small, with a few minutes, said: “Moon, you are so good, there are beds, there are windows, quilts too. Not tidal.”

Perilla also said with a smile: “The age of the moon is small, but it has the ability. I went back to Jinlian and said that the young man who acquainted Chen Shuang’s gang is our sister. She still refuses to believe it, oh, don’t say She, even I can’t believe it now, it feels like dreaming, month, you have learned the hard work, right?”

“Well,” Chu Qiao nodded and said: “Learn a few tricks to defend yourself.”

Jin Lian Zhuang said with boldness: “You don’t know, when Chen Shuang was locked up that day, we were all happy.”

“It’s no wonder that when the moon comes to live in the upper cabin, it has the ability.”

Chu Qiao saw their happy look, and the heart also raised a few warmth, she asked gently: “Sissy sister, what do you do now? Where do you live?”

“We are doing some cleaning and cleaning work, living in the lower cabin. Last month, it was still a 20-person Datong shop. However, I have already switched to a 12-person room in the past few days. I still have the blessing of Caisin. She is now five. Miss’s personal body is very pampered.”

“Yeah!” Jin Lian said excitedly: “She is now living in the upper cabin like you, and with the other three superiors, Miss Wu is the best, and is the best of the five ladies. With her, we are also less bullied.”

“Is it?” Seeing the joy of the two of them, Chu Qiao also absent-mindedly echoed: “That is amazing.”

Perilla said: “Isn’t it, a few days ago, Miss Wu gave a piece of silk clothes made by Xisin. I haven’t touched such a slippery material for many years. Miss likes her very much. If she is happy that she will be happy in the future, she will marry her for a good marriage. As long as she can marry a superior hand or a cook, she will be blessed in her life.”

Chu Qiao’s gentle smile, but suddenly a little bit of sadness in her heart, she looked at the wounds of Jingsu and Jinlian, slowly sighed, turned back and took some of the last remaining medicine from the medicine box. Said: “Don’t talk about other people, I will give you some medicine.”

Jing Zi Su suddenly looked awkward, some awkward want to cover up, but her wounds are on the neck and face, can not cover. She smiled awkwardly: “The day before yesterday I did something wrong, I was punished by the palm of my hand. I was so tired that Jinlian had stopped me for a few times. Nothing, it would be good.”

There are such things everywhere, the aristocrats oppress the civilians, the civilians bully the slaves, but the slaves and the slaves also have the distinction between them. Chucho does not say anything, and says to them while they are on the medicine: “Two sisters, you want this. When is the slave a lifetime? Have you ever thought about leaving?”

“Leaving?” A purple sable, asked awkwardly: “Where are you leaving? We don’t have identity documents, there is no money, and there are no relatives who can go to work. Wouldn’t they be arrested if they go out? If you change another one People are not necessarily better than Zhan’s family. In fact, Zhan’s treatment of slaves is already very good. Except for Miss Miss II, her temper is a little bad, and the rest are very good. The younger son is more easygoing.”

Speaking of this, the basil suddenly slammed and turned his head and asked: “Moon, are you not ready to escape?”

Chu Qiao stunned and shook his head.

“This is good,” Jing Zisu touched Chu Qiao’s head and said: “While you have the ability, but don’t act impulsively, you can sell it to the young master of Yu Yu, it is difficult to save in the future and will not be taken again. Grab. This world is not alive with us. Now our sisters are hard to reunite, don’t take risks. I just hope that we can be together, carefully serve the master, and not make a big mistake. It is.”


“Yeah, I heard that in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, slaves also have wages. If Zhan moved back to Sui and Tang in the future, we might have to pay for it, which is much better than in the summer.”

At this moment, a loud noise came from outside the door. Chu Qiao frowned and went forward. As soon as he opened the door, a sharp voice rushed into his ear.

The woman did not care about Chu Qiao standing in the doorway, the probe looked inward, and saw Jingsu and Jinlian at first glance, and suddenly said: “The little hoof of shameless face! Sure enough, this man is coming, seeing me.” Your skin!”

Jin Lian suddenly looked like a earthy color. He stood up and stood behind, like the basil behind him. Jingshen was also pale. He stood up and said, “Xiao Yunjie, we, we just came and sat down.”

“Two little sly sluts, dare to grin, give me out!”

Liang Shaoqing then found a head from behind and frowned and said: “This girl, how can you export the wounded?”

Xiaoyun went back and looked at Liang Shaoqing with a glance, but there was no rebuttal on his mouth. Just when Jinlian passed her side, he reached out and screwed it on Jinlian’s arm and screamed: “Go fast. Point! Do you want me to recite you?”

Jin Lian screamed and was pulled by the basil. The basil quickly nodded and Xiaoyun apologized, and Jin Lian was tearful, and he couldn’t say a word with his arms timid.

Xiaoyun snorted and glanced over the faces of Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing, a look at what you can do.

Chu Qiao’s double eyebrows slowly wrinkled up, and the footsteps unconsciously stepped forward. At this time, Jing Zisu suddenly came forward, blocking her, and apologizing to Xiaoyun, while reaching out to sneak Hold down Chu Qiao’s hand.

Until a few people left the Jingsui, Chu Qiao did not say a word, she sat on the bed, bowed her head, her chest undulating, frowning tightly.

Liang Shaoqing saw that she was in a bad mood and did not dare to come forward to bother.

After a long while, the outside was completely bright, and there were more and more people on the deck. Liang Shaoqing finally whispered: “Little Joe, are we going today?”

“Go,” Chucho whispered. As she stood up, she walked out of the cabin and said, “You should eat something first. I will go to the lesser master.”

When I passed the deck, I saw Jin Lian. She was kneeling on the ground, holding a rag, rubbing the deck at the stern, and seeing Xiao Qiao far away. The happy eyes lit up and quickly turned back. After a while, I saw Jing Zisu trotting from behind, happy to wave to Chu Joe, not happy at all.

Chu Qiao stood in the same place, waving at them and watching them happy, suddenly felt very heavy.

She took a deep breath and no longer thought about it, she went up to the cabin. When I climbed the stairs, I saw a small boat parked under the big ship. The light canoe was simple, but it was very delicate. On such a rainy blue sky, there is no elegant elegance.

It seems that there are outsiders boarding the ship, and Chu Qiao did not care. Perhaps the next two people on the big ship came to report things and went straight.

Seeing the jealousy around Zhan Ziyu, Chu Qiao’s respectful explanation came to mind. After a while, the cockroach came out from the inner cabin and looked at Chu Qiao strangely and said, “Come with me.”

Chu Qiao followed the squat to the inner cabin and stood at the door of a room. Xiao Yan said: “The host is meeting, you are waiting here.”

Chu Qiao nodded and waited quietly.

After a while, there was a sound coming from the cabin. It seemed that someone came to the door. Then, a clear voice came over, and there was a voice from Zhan Ziyu. There was also a male voice, which sounded very familiar.

Just when Chu Qiao tried to think about who was coming, the hatch door had been opened, and Chu Qiao looked up carefully and looked at it, but he licked his scalp and almost escaped!

The man is covered in dark green robes, brocade suits, eyes like a star, a strong eagle hook nose, it seems a bit gloomy, even if it is a smile, it also makes people feel that this man is full of heart. He looked at him casually. There were only Chu Qiao and the little sister outside the cabin. Although Chu Qiao had quickly converged and all his expressions looked down, he was still hit by the other side.

The man was suddenly shocked and his brows wrinkled. He looked at Chu Qiao with a burning gaze, then reached out and picked up her chin. His eyes were like sharp eagle, staring at her tightly.

“Little prince?” Zhan Ziyu snorted and whispered.

Chu Qiao looked up and raised his hand, avoiding the man’s hand, and then respectfully worshipped: “The slaves please the master.”

“Nucai?” The man looked up and down Chujo, then suddenly smiled: “A good Peugeot slave!”

Zhan Ziyu said: “Xiao Wangye smiled. After the return of the sister, I must tell him the original words. It’s so tired that the little King took a trip. It’s really unbearable.”

“Zhan Shaoye is polite. Speaking of it, I haven’t had time to send you back to Tang this time. This time I met on Jiang, it is also a fate.”

“In the next grass-roots, how can I bother Xiao Wang to send me and kill me.”

“Haha,” the man laughed. “Son Master Zhan has always been an elegant person.”

Xiao Wang’s eyes were slightly picked, and Chu Qiao, who was standing on the side of his eyes, said, “Little slave, what is your name?”

Chu Qiao lowered his head and said calmly: “The slave is called Xiao Qiao.”

“Little Joe, Xiao Qiao,” Xiao Wangye said with a smile: “It’s a good name.”

After that, he made a big turn and left.

The crowd suddenly surrounded the two sides and sent him to the door with respect and respect. When he was completely quiet around, Chu Qiao slowly raised his head and his head was cold and sweaty, and he took a long breath.

She knows that all her plans must stop immediately, she must leave immediately, no matter what the reason, no matter who needs her help, she must go immediately.

Because the person who went out before is her old acquaintance, Jing Xiao King – Jing Hao.

When everyone came back, everyone looked strange, just present, not only Zhan Ziyu, but also Daguye Gu Gongen, Missy Zhan Zifang, and Miss Liu Zhanzi, and at this time, there were more than two Miss Zhan Zikui.

Zhan Zifang first asked: “Do you know Mr. Jing Xiao?”

Chu Qiao frowned, only to say hard on the scalp: “I don’t know.”

“Then why does he look at you differently?”

“This, the slaves don’t know.”

“Isn’t it?” Zhan Zikui frowned and looked at Chu Qiao. He thought for a long while and said: “Isn’t the rumor outside is true?”

Zhan Zifang glanced: “What rumors?”

“Jing Xiao King is a good man!”

Chu Qiao heard the words, suddenly swallowed a throat, only listened to Gu Gongen said at the side of the interface: “If this is the case, we have to change the strategy, and the five sisters to entertain him, maybe not enough.”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone’s eyes were concentrated on her body. Chu Qiao only felt cold and cold.

“Well, I am coming, come with the lesser master, and the lesser promised me. After the boat is docked, I will let me go.”

“No!” Zhan Zikui said first: “Why let you go?”

Zhan Ziyu frowned: “Second sister, this matter is my decision.”

“This is the time,” said Zhan Zikui. “Jing Xiaowang actually rushed up. It was not appropriate for us to say hello when we left. This time we return to Beijing, we urgently need a backing to rely on the mountain. It’s hard to have such an opportunity. How can we not catch it?”

“It’s just a few words, why are you serious?”

“Even if it is a joke, we do things well and show our attention to him.” Zhan Zifang said, then turned to look at Chu Qiao and said: “You, go back and pack, prepare, go ashore, follow me. Go visit King King.”

Chu Qiao slowly wrinkled his eyebrows, his eyes tipped slightly, and the slanting look of several people in front of him, endured the anger of one morning and arched in the bottom of his heart. What are they doing, and give yourself to Jing Hao?

Just then, there was a sudden rush of footsteps outside the door. The former squatter ran out of breath and pushed the door open, panting and saying: “Less master, Missy, Miss Two, Grand Aunt, Miss Six, that… that little lord, he is back!”

“What?” Everyone glimpsed together, Gu Gongen asked, “What is he doing again?”

“He has a lot of servants with big bags and bags. He said yes, he wants to live on our boat and go to Beijing with us!”

Hey! The tea cup in Zhan Zifang’s hand suddenly fell to the ground, and everyone looked at each other with surprises. They looked at each other for a long while and finally turned their eyes to Chu Qiao’s face!

Chu Qiao’s time only felt dizzy, she knew that the escape plan was completely blown up.

I have to say that Chu Qiao’s impression of Jing Hao has been very poor. From the first time I met at the school, this evil man has formed an incomprehensible revenge with her. After several encounters, both of them are also The sword is arrogant. This powerful prince seems to be inconsistent with Yan Xun, and even with it, he has always been squinting at Chu Qiao, repeatedly confronting each other, and Hu is quite entangled.

When he was at the palace of the Da Xia Emperor, he was not in the palace, and he avoided the ****. For the relationship between King Jing and the court, Chu Qiao was always watching the flowers in the fog, so she also never touched the little prince. Clear the bottom.

For example, now, she can’t understand why the man came to Zhan in a hot head, and knew that she did not reveal it, but there is one thing to be sure, this man is absolutely uneasy about her.

I moved all of his things out and set them up the same way. When I finished all of this, the sky was already dark and the boat was already docked. Chu Qiao’s heart can be imagined, but she still reluctantly turned back and looked at Jing Hao’s sullen face. She said: “Little lord, is there anything else?”


“Yes,” Jing Xiao Wang slanted and smiled, his face was evil, and his hair was erected with a white jade crown. It looked very neat and handsome: “You will pack everything up and put it back.”

Chu Qiao did not move, and even laughed and laughed too much. She stood in the same place and threw down her hand and made a slamming sound. The woman frowned at him coldly and said, “Say, what do you want?”

Jing Hao took the nose and proudly said: “Is there a slave who talks to the master?”

“Is there a master who you are not so tempered?”

“Hey,” Jingjing stood up and walked forward and smiled and shook his head: “Little Joe, you should be glad that you met the master who I don’t care about. If you change Zhao Che, Zhuge, those people, You can’t stand here and pack up at this moment.”

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows rose: “Why don’t you expose me?”

“Why should I expose you?”

“I heard that the bounty outside has risen to five hundred gold, and then killing me as a traitor, isn’t it a great achievement?”

“No interest,” Jing Yan shook his head and smiled. “I am wondering. How did a slave who was swallowed from the rubbish in the early days become a baby?”

He looked up and down Chujo and smiled: “You are really good at wearing men’s clothing, little girl, not seen for a few months, you not only hit the Zhao family’s gray face, but also let the king feel the heart.”

Jing Hao suddenly stepped forward, grabbed Chu Qiao’s waist and looked down: “I especially appreciate your legs.”

Chu Qiao frowned and leaned back slightly, said Shen Sheng: “Let go!”

Jing Hao was full of evil smiles. The hand pressed on Chu Qiao’s waist was slightly pinched and shook his head and said, “No.”

“It’s okay to not let me go.”

“? What do you want,” King Han Hey smile: “Imagine making the same beat Lee beat my meal?”

Jing Yu, a pair of Danfeng eyes, picked up slightly, with a glamorous luster, gently picked and smiled: “Do you think that it is a big insult to me to put me together with the kind of stallion? ?”

Chu Qiao snorted and kicked his leg and kicked it. Jingjing had already expected that the shot would be like electricity. The right hand grabbed the thigh kicked by Chu Qiao and forced it to the waist side, slamming hard and then being intoxicated. Looks like: “It feels so good.”

“Hey!” Chu Qiao suddenly became furious. This man usually plays pigs and eats tigers. He often provokes a wave of enthusiasm. He did not expect himself to be a good hand. He used to be a small man.

Before the hand was thrown, a small handcuffed the hand knife and slammed it. He didn’t want the scenery, but suddenly the whole person rushed up. Chu Qiao was too close to him. He couldn’t push him away for a while, and he was pushed to bed and died. The pressure of death is below. Jing Hao probe forward, open mouth to kiss Chu Qiao’s ear beads, Chu Qiao agile to the left side, Jing Hao fluttered empty, but the face did not change the strong sniff, said: “Good Fragrant.”

“Looking for death!” Chu Qiao snorted, kicking his knees to his armpit, Jing Yan reached out and blocked, horrified and shouted: “Little Joe, do you want to ruin my happiness for the rest of my life?”

“I want you to die!”

Jing Hao sees the move, I don’t know if Chu Qiao’s recent injuries are often physically weak, or whether he is familiar with such entanglement and stalking, he has not eaten anything.

“As the saying goes, the most poisonous woman, I have a deep understanding today.”

Just when the two of them were in bed, when you came to me to fight, the door was suddenly pushed away without warning. The two were shocked and looked up from the messy quilt center. Go, see the six ladies of Zhan’s family, Zhan Zikai and Liang Shaoqing, standing in the doorway with their big eyes and small eyes, and looking at the scene in the room incredulously.

After all, Jing Xiaowang is a long-time person, and he doesn’t know much about the origin of the little girl who is always standing behind Zhan Ziyu. At one time, he was annoyed and slowly frowned. He said: “Who will let you? Come in?”

“You? You?” Zhan Zi’s tender white fingers twitched at the two men, and the eyes were red when they arrived, suddenly shouting: “How can you do this?”

Liang Shaoqing is also filled with indignation, daring and pointing at the scene, shouting: “You are a beast!”

When the words were just exported, Chu Qiao suddenly became shocked. Sure enough, I saw that Jing Hao’s face changed dramatically, and the gloomy cold voice said: “Great courage!”

Jing Yu is different from Li Ce. He can’t just make jokes. At this moment, his life is in his hands. So when there is no way to completely escape, Chu Qiao doesn’t even dare to put down his hands to prevent him from being annoyed. At this moment, the beam nerd suddenly took out such a sentence with enthusiasm. Isn’t that looking for death?

“She is Miss Zhan Fu, he is my friend, you can’t hurt them!”

Jing Hao slowly turned his head and looked at Chu Qiao coldly. The evil charm smiled: “Give me a reason, why can’t I hurt them?”

Sure enough, Chu Qiaodun was a slogan, because even himself, at this moment is the lamb to be slaughtered in the hands of others.

Chu Qiao took a deep breath: “Because they are my friends,”

The girl’s eyes were firm and she looked at Jingjing calmly. She said slowly: “Unless you kill me now, even if you hand me over to the Da Xia Zhao’s royal family, as long as I am not dead, I will definitely come back to take revenge. I said it was done.”

Jing Hao looked at Chu Qiao seriously. After a long while, he suddenly smiled: “Little Joe, I am more and more reluctant to you.”

At this time, Zhan Zikai suddenly grabbed his mouth and turned and ran out. Chu Qiao frowned and wanted to go out. He suddenly heard the sound of Jing Hao saying in the back: “You better not want to run away, I The people have already taken care of the ship. Even if you can go, you must not take your scholars and friends, and Master Zhan is good to you, you should not be tired of him.”

Chu Qiao stood in the same place, slightly sideways, looking at the eyes of the sinister evil eyes with the eye, the man sitting on the bed, very sly smile.

“You just have to stay with me honestly, go to Tang Jing with me and join in the fun, I will keep you safe and sound.”

Chu Qiao did not say a word, turned and walked out of the hatch.

At this moment, she suddenly knew where Jingyu’s intentions were.

Yanbei’s independence is a heavy blow to the Great Summer Empire, but it is a blessing for the Kings who have always faced the danger of being cut. King Jing has great power. For many years, he has been the nail of Zhao’s royal family. Now that Yanbei is in front of him, they can breathe a sigh of relief and wait for the opportunity to sit on the mountain. Chu Cho, is an important figure between the two parties. With her in hand, she can clamp down the swallows when Yanbei gains momentum, and can invite rewards when the big summer is gaining momentum. Why not do it.

But why should he take him to Tang Jing? Don’t you be afraid of being discovered by others? At this time, the best way to deal with it is to secretly hold her back to Jing Wangye’s secret land?

At this time, Chu Qiao had already walked to the deck and looked around, but he did not see Zhan Zikai.

However, the people who came and passed by people came to her with strange eyes. When she saw her, she hurriedly bowed her head, for fear of being seen by her.

Chu Qiao had no choice but to smile. It seems that he is the news of Jing Yu’s male pet, and it has been heard and spread into the hearts of the people.

“Little Joe!”

A cry suddenly came from behind, and Liang Shaoqing came up with a strange look. He whispered, “How is he doing to you?”

Chu Qiao pushed him impatiently and said: “Don’t bother me.”

Chu Qiao is upset, and there is no other meaning in this statement. However, I heard that Liang Shaoqing’s ears were completely changed. I saw that the nerd suddenly felt like the grief of being robbed of money. He was full of touches, his eyes brightened and he took a stick and turned to Jingjing. The room went and said, “I am going to fight with him!”

“You are crazy, you!” Chu Qiao grabbed him and frowned: “You have a problem with your head!”

Liang Shaoqing’s eyes are red, and it seems that he is going to cry out: “He bullies you!”

“He didn’t bully you again!” After the words were finished, Chu Qiao realized that he had a language problem. She took the stick in the man’s hand and said, “How do you fight with others? What do you want to fight with others? You Even I can’t beat you, how do you play with so many people? People are princes!”

“What about King? He should be reasonable! The emperor is still guilty of breaking the law, not to mention the prince of a district!”

Chu Qiao shook his head and thought that he could not communicate with this man. She would like to ask him which emperor has seen the emperor’s crimes been cut down in the past, but he feels that the problem with the nerd is unconstructive and shakes. Shaking his head and putting the stick back into his hand, waved incompetently: “You go to fight with him, kill one less one.”

After that, turn and walk to your own cabin. Who knows that just turned a corner, I saw the little slap in the name of Xiaoyun, a slap in the face of Jin Lian, Jin Lian carrying a bucket of water, slamming on the ground, all the water sprinkled on the body, wolverine Unbearable.

Chu Qiao smashed the fire all day, the seven-year-old smoke that had already been angry, and couldn’t stand it anymore. He took a few steps and grabbed the collar of Xiaoyun. He slammed the three slaps and smashed it. Eyes of Venus nose and face swelling.

“If you dare to bully her once again, I will kill you!”

One foot kicked Xiaoyun to the ground, Chucho pulled up Jinlian, turned and walked to his cabin, and then stayed behind for a while.

Back to the room, Chu Qiao was full of anger, washed a face towel to Jinlian wipe his face. Without the perilla, Jin Lian seems to be very afraid of her own female martial arts. She has not seen each other for a long time and has been rumored to be a sister of Xiao Wang’s relationship. She only carefully looked at her, but she did not dare to spit out.

After a long sigh of anger, Chu Qiao gradually subsided. Her temper is very bad today, and her mood is very bad. She has not been like this for many years. Perhaps it is because of the calm life in recent days, there are not so many worries and intrigues, let her relax her vigilance against this lonely Sui and Tang nobles, never thought about what resistance would be if they wanted to leave. So suddenly, under disappointment, it will be so annoying.


The situation is very bad now, and she is also a little helpless. She raised her eyes and looked at Jinlian across the street. An evil thought suddenly popped out. Perhaps, she should ignore everything here, and then slipped away and immediately rushed back to Yanbei. This avatar is like a crazy snake, screaming in her heart, tempting, and making her palms sweat. Now on the shore, the sky is immediately dark. She does not believe that with her ability, under the completely familiar terrain, she will not escape the sights. However, she turned to think of Jing Hao’s poisonous means. If she really fled, Zhan Ziyu may not be a big problem, but Liang Shaoqing is absolutely not immune. When she thinks of it, she takes a deep breath and presses this thought down again.

Even if she wants to go, she must find an opportunity to leave with Liang Shaoqing.

At this moment, suddenly someone knocked at the door, Chu Qiao slammed, opened the door, but suddenly saw the terrible smile of Miss Zhan Jiada.

Zhan Zifang stood in front of her with a smile, holding a big tray in her hand, and said with a smile: “Liang Xiao brother, I have already seen that you are a talent, and Qing Shu died for so long. There is no housekeeper, I have discussed with them, and everyone agrees that this position is not for you.”

After all, pull down the red cloth on the tray, and a heavy key and account book suddenly appeared in front of you.

Chu Qiao stunned, looking back and more stunned Jin Lian, then turned his head to point to his nose and asked: “I?”

“Yeah,” Zhan Zifang took a group of people, and even behind him, there was even Gu Gongen and others: “Besides you, who else can do it? You should not quit.”

Putting the tray in the hands of Chu Qiao, Zhan Zifang smiled and said: “So, I am relieved.”

There are strange things every year, and this year seems to be especially many.

Zhan Zifang smiled brightly. For a moment, the lights reflected behind her, and there was a sacred light.

In the distance, suddenly there was a sound of a sound, and Zhan Zifang turned back and smiled: “It’s the five sisters coming back, Liang Guanjia, let’s pick up the five ladies.”

Chu Qiao picked up the tray and was about to quit. He only heard a series of rushing shouts shouting from far and near: “Less master! Big things are not good!”

On the Tai’an Road in heavy rain, an eight-carriage thick golden yellow pear carriage is running wildly on the main road. The west of the desert in Xibei desert kicks the snow on both sides from time to time. The small vendors on the street are rushing. The four retreat.

Unsuspecting people whispered to the vendors who had been walking on the street for a long time, and saw the bald little traders who were planning to buy and sell fireworks with the New Year’s holiday. They looked carefully and could only see the snow-splitting The carriage of the horseshoe whispered: “The Zhaoming Grand Duke lost. There is a saying that the trees are falling apart. You look at the prestige of their home. Now… Hey, you haven’t seen the patrols on the street these days. The ?? are all in the chaos of the party, Yanbei a while in the north, the master of the holy palace, but the master of the holy palace, but no one is diligent, forced to move to the capital, now come back, do they have a good life? ?”

The passerby sighed and asked: “Is it going to fight? Is Zhen Huang sending troops to attack Yanbei?”

“God knows!” The hawker snorted, squinting and slowly said: “But in my opinion, Yanbei is not very irritating. Who can’t be the first to attack?”

“It’s going to die!” A scream suddenly screamed beside him, and a woman with a heavy makeup sneaked on her foot and screamed, “Speaking in front of my house, how much is your head long? Be careful with your mother.” All of them are sent to Fu Yin!”

The two men looked at each other with care, took away the goods they were carrying, and quickly left, waiting for the distance, not forgetting to look back, squinting at the rich woman, dismissive spit Spitting, hate the channel: “Bad scorpion!” Then he went away.

A woman in the red dress next to her face was angry and she was going to catch up, but she didn’t want to be pulled by the woman. Xiao Yan a sigh, hate the voice: “Red sister, it is so cheap, I went back to the roots and they all came over, interrupting the two dog legs that kill thousands of knives!”

“Forget it!” Red sister raised her hand and rubbed her temples. A face was covered with strong rouge, which seemed a little kitsch. However, under a closer look, there are a few bright colors that are difficult to hide. If you don’t need such a thick powder to cover up, it will be more beautiful: “West Lane will start. Let’s see, Zhao Ming’s father is kind to me. I didn’t save Mr. Jing’s blood in the past. This time, even if I’m going to make a trip, I must save the children of Dagong.”

The two put on the cloak, and the little cockroach hit a bamboo umbrella. The master and the servant gradually disappeared into the heavy rain of the sky, and only a series of footsteps were gradually buried in the snow.

This winter is especially cold. On this day, the frost fell into the city and there was even a huge hail, and the old man in the city said that there was some embarrassment under the rain this year. At this time, peach blossoms were opened at this time.

The red sister standing in the crowd was wearing a large cloak with a bamboo umbrella on her head and a cold smile. At this time, I heard the scholars who had a few words on the other side shook their heads and said: “Zhaoming Dagong’s family, he died!” Who knows that the voice has just fallen, and there are a few big men like wolves in the crowd. One of the books was set up, and the mouth screamed and went out.

The crowd was quiet for a moment, and the red sister turned to look at the imprint of the boots of the few people on the ground. The introduction of the Nancheng Mars was clearly printed there. At this time, the five on the high platform of Xixiang The court of the tenth-year-old palace slowly walked up, and the head of the moon, which was prescribed in the court, was swaying. Although it was a low-ranking robes in the palace, it was seen in these ordinary In the eyes of the people, there is no such thing as a noble spirit.

After all, it is a person walking in the court. In such a small town in the frontier, the official of the government of Shili does not dare to offend her. The low-browed man said: “The young lady of Zhaoming’s grandmother has always been the door, two doors. If you don’t, you can recognize them one by one, oh, please check people!”

I don’t know if I want to laugh or how to do it. In short, I’ve got a meal before I hoarse and said: “But when the big public broke into the palace, the old slaves had served. Who could have thought that Huaiyinhe Lien’s arrogant woman of heaven, has fallen to this point today? It’s really thirty years of Hedong’s thirty years of Hexi, so people don’t sigh or do it!”

The official sneered, and he should be busy. He reached out and waved at the distance of several soldiers. He saw a long team coming slowly, with more than a hundred people, everyone was unkempt, ragged, hands and feet. With a heavy chain. Under the guards of dozens of soldiers with long lashes, they walked slowly and weakly.

Suddenly, a long wind suddenly rises, and the chilly wind is like a madman whistling through the long streets. The cold hustle and bustle, people tremble. At the forefront of the team, a woman with a thin shirt was blown by the cold wind, her feet slipped, her body slammed, and she fell to the ground.

“Miss!” A little girl who followed her behind her suddenly jumped out and lifted the girl up. The voice almost brought a vibrato, and said in a hurry: “Miss, how are you?”

It is also the rags worn by the prisoners. This girl does not seem to have a delicate taste. I saw her pale face and shook her head gently. Obediently stood up in the scream of the soldiers, and supported the hand of Xiaoyan, and slowly walked toward the high platform, and then the soldier behind him slammed it, and he squatted there.

The storms of the sky seem to be getting more and more fierce. On the high platform, there are hundreds of son-in-laws on the Grand Palace in Zhaoming. This time, Zhaoming’s Grand Duke was defeated. The Huaiyin Helian’s Nine Nationality was extinct, and the men who had grown over the whip were killed. The woman who is more than sixteen is given a day, and the following is sold as a slave, so there is a farce.

In this regard, the first wave of post-war crisis brought about by the independence of Yanbei has finally arrived. Under the efforts of the two brothers Zhao Che and Zhao Wei, Da Xia is preparing for the relocation of the capital, and the responsibility for the war is not to be ruthless. The expansion is over. The first cannon fodder that was slaughtered is the Huaiyin Helianshi, who has lost strength but still holds a place in the Presbyterian Church.

Helian Ling was on the icy ground, and the close-fitting maid tea next to her was pushing her arm on the side, trying to put her robes under her knees. He Lian Ling’s beggar was there, not making a word, not moving.

The tears of the stream have all been exhausted in these days. Helen Zhaoming has a branch of thirty-seven branches and more than 4,870 people. In just three days, it was slaughtered and blood flowed into the river. That morning, when she watched her mother and three sisters, and everyone, aunts, aunts, other women’s doors, maids, nurses, and women, they were hung together by the bloodthirsty When she was collectively hanged from the hall where she was only one prison, she felt that her whole heart was dead.

Until now, as long as she closes her eyes, she seems to be able to see it. The gloomy hall is full of white miserable whiteness. Mother and sister are like a piece of wood, hanging in rows and rows. There, the constant wind and the hail of the patio flew in with the cold hail, and fell on the pale face of their blue and purple. But it gradually piled up, and there was no melting point.

When the prison officer came to collect the corpse, one person had a run-down mat, and the grass was rolled up and dragged out. When I passed by myself, the long hair swept over the dirty dust and raised a large smog, and she coughed up with a big mouthful of mouth. The blood of the mouth was like a spring, and she The tears that had already been numb were sprinkled in the cell full of mice, laying the foundation for the most painful memories of her life.


The bustling glory of the past, the wealthy and prosperous people of the bustling, so deeply buried in the soil, the soil that fell into the wild, dissipated in the turbulent years, became another victim of the change of imperial rights.

In the crowd outside, a Qingbu carriage stopped quietly under a hundred-year-old banyan tree, the branches were flourishing, the rain could not be poured down, the curtain of the carriage was opened, and there was only a thin curtain on the window. The figure inside is blurred, and there is only one guard outside the carriage. But I don’t know why, no one who has been rushing to shelter from the rain has come here.

“Less master, are you going to check it out?”

The curtains were picked up, and a well-defined face was exposed. The man’s narrow and long Danfeng eyes picked up slightly, and looked coldly at the woman who was kneeling on the high platform. She looked at it for a long time.

“These are the last blood of Huaiyin Helian.”

The low voice slowly spreads out, like the ice in the cold water, although it is a question, but there is no doubt in the tone.

Yushou is still very young, his face is a little dark, and he replied quickly: “Yes, the foremost one is the daughter of Zhaoming Dagong. There are many people who are loyal to Helian’s. If they can hold the daughter of Zhaoming Dagong in their hands, It’s good for us, but it happened to happen. Just buy it.”

The man looked at him for a long while and suddenly let go of his hand. The curtain slammed down and said, “Ah Jing, hurry.”

The royal hand did not say anything, opened the whip, and urged the carriage to move forward.

Just when they left, the pedestrians who had been watching around in the surrounding area suddenly dispersed most of them. There were pick-ups, pick-ups, juggling troupes, scholars with Tsing Yi Bi Hat, and even heroic The northwest interracial tall beauty. These people are surrounded by the carriages of the stars, and unconsciously, they have separated all the pedestrians and carriages around them.

“Opening the market!”

A shout suddenly sounded, and the sale of the back high platform had begun. The man in the carriage slowly frowned, and thought of the nine-yellow Huangquan station in front of Ziwei Square.

Summer? Humph……

The man snorted and leaned on the cushion to close his eyes.

Achu, if I don’t expect it, you should take the Sui and Tang Dynasties from the south of Xinjiang, I will come to welcome you.

The wind in Yanbei is blowing from behind, the grass on the grassland is already green…

In the night, Xibai City is obviously more lively, bustling, people coming and going, full of merchant hawkers.

The carriages of Yanxun shuttled among the bustling crowds, and the streets were full of lights. There were all kinds of rare objects everywhere. Many of them were imported from Huai, Song, Tang and Tang Dynasties. They are close to the border town, and the trade is prosperous. Rich enough.

“Less master,” Ah Jing said, “We have to add some dry food, and the horses need to be replaced. Xi Rui has already prepared. We have to wait here for a while. You see, we are going to stay first.”

“No,” Yan Xun said. “Let the road overnight.”

“Yes.” Ah Jing did not refute. In fact, he was only a small proposal. Since leaving Shen Shen, Yan Xun has been galloping all the way, rarely resting. He has been with Yan Xun for so many years and naturally knows this. Deep meaning. Although on the surface, although it is a case of spying on the Sui and Tang Dynasties, it will meet with the person to meet and form an agreement. In fact, what the Lord thinks, he understands.

I hope the girl is safe and sound!

Ah Jing once again meditated once in his heart.

After a long walk, there is still no market for craft jewellery. According to the horse market in the far east, it is far out of reach. Xi Rui should wait for a while, and Ah Jing will drive the carriage a little bit slowly. Watching it all four times, it looks very leisurely, just like a real visitor.

At this moment, a sudden scream of tears broke out from the west side of the market. The carriage was not shocked and there was no reaction. A man with a scholarship on the side came forward without a trace. And then said to A Jing: “Go and see.”

“Yue Boda, you don’t want to go around, this woman I want, you will either open a price, let’s discuss the discussion, if you talk to the young master nonsense, I can directly grab people.”

A man in a white robe, holding a fan in his hand, under the guard of several family members, said softly and whispered. Look at his gorgeous clothes, it must be everyone’s children, but a face is quite annoying, full of wretched and shameless look, although this is the case, but a pair of eyes are staring at the name On the ground, a woman with a scar is greedy.

The people around the crowd saw the excitement to see, everyone laughed and screamed, and it was obvious that things like this happened so much, everyone was already numb, and did not feel that there would be anything wrong with this.

The woman had long black hair and pale face. She sat down on the ground with her head down, her hands and feet tied up, and she did not move. However, although she lowered her head, everyone can still see the woman’s beauty from her smooth skin and the perfect chin. The wide robes are very unsuitable and fit on the body, which makes her look even. There is a sense. The bare arm was covered with more whip marks, and it was obvious that it was afflicted with a lot of whiplash.

Yue Lao’s hand held a blank sheet of paper and waved in front of the white man. He said with great pride: “Wang Gongzi, you can be optimistic. Is this a woman of ordinary people? This is the birth of the Imperial Presbyterian Church. Daughter, is the top arrogant woman of our summer. In normal times, don’t say that you want to buy her back to earn a private house, that is, if you want to take a look, someone will be ready to dig your eyes at any time, if not The young lady is now lonely. How can we have our brothers? With this status, this position, in this way, wants you two hundred gold, is it expensive?”

When the words came out, everyone suddenly became shocked. The Yanzi brow in the carriage was gently wrinkled, and the curtain was opened. He said to Ah Jing, “Ah Jing, go and see.”

After that, jump off the carriage and walk towards the center of the crowd.

The guards hidden in the crowd suddenly squeezed into the crowd and opened a way for him.

At this time, the woman suddenly raised her head and looked at Yue Dao with a reluctant look. The wording of the word said: “You will be retribution!”

At this time, everyone saw the whole picture on time and immediately exclaimed. I saw the woman’s face is very beautiful, apricot eyebrow eyebrows, red lips and snow skin, slender neck is like a swan-like grace, breast augmentation, waist, body, even if it is so embarrassing, still can not cover her gorgeous, a pair of eyes like autumn water, although cold Hatred, but don’t have a hard time to hide.

Wang Gongzi was the first to hear her talk. She only felt that the woman spoke sweetly, like a silver bell. She didn’t pay attention to what she said. She looked at her with her eyes, and her eyes almost didn’t come out. Suddenly One bite and said: “Not expensive, bought!”

Yue Lao was very happy to hear the words and said with a smile: “Then deal, let’s hand over the money, one-hand delivery, how?”

Wang Gongzi was so elated that he would take the silver ticket. Suddenly his eyes moved, smiled, and reached out and touched his chin. He said: “Yue Lao Da, I have to spend so much money, you said, I have to check the goods before I can rest assured!”

When the onlookers listened, they were stunned, and the old man slammed into the chest of Wang Gongzi. He smiled and said: “You are such a thief, if you want to check the goods here, I It doesn’t stop you.”

Everyone knows what is going on, and who doesn’t know what is going on, they are screaming loudly, as if they are afraid that Wang Gongzi will not be inspected here. The woman finally showed the color of horror, tears in the eyes, but forced to refuse to flow out, biting the lower lip, shortness of breath, can not wait to kill, but can not move.

A trafficker who was watching the slave next to him saw a whip and drank it and said, “Be honest!”

When Wang Gongzi met, he pushed the person who whipped her and said: “When you go, Laozi has to buy it. You are still playing here. In the end, have you put Laozi in your eyes.” Then he turned and went. Yue Daoda said: “How to make it here, let’s find an inn, check it there, if you don’t feel at ease, look at it.”

Yue Laoda smiled and said: “When you eat Laozi, Laozi is guilty? Forget it, look at the old man and me for many years of old friendship, just in front of Guiyan Inn, let’s go.”

Wang Gongzi smiled and told him to take a few words from the side. He stepped forward and walked toward the woman. While walking, he smiled and said: “Little beauty, don’t be afraid, this son will hurt you.”

The woman’s eyes were gray, but she said with a stubborn voice: “You killed me, I will not be from you.”

Although she said the toughness, but the sound is crisp and ridiculous, Wang Gongzi opened his mouth to sneer and laughed twice: “Don’t be afraid! How can this son be willing to kill you, you are the son of the son who bought it at a big price.” Heart and baby, I am hurting you are still in a hurry! As for never from me, but you are not talking about it!”

“A group of beasts! I am a Huaiyin warrior, will not let go of you!”

“Ha ha! Huaiyin? Huaiyin was destroyed by the emperor. Do you know what the crime is? If you betray the empire, you can’t save you from the enemy. If you come here, even if it is a Yanbei lion, Laozi can He smashed like an ant!”

“Boom!” Suddenly, everyone saw a blue figure suddenly flashed, a white, arrogant Wang Gongzi 霎 (means in a flash) time is like a kite-like flying clouds flying out, straight out of seven or eight meters away, only a loud bang I fell to the ground.

“Less master,” the scholar looked coldly at Wang Gongzi, and then turned back and respectfully. After seeing the crowd, a man wearing a dark green robes slowly came out and walked slowly. His face was cold. Can’t see a little bit of anger.


He glanced at the crowd and glanced at the Wang Gongzi, who was struggling from the ground, and pointed at the wolverine woman sitting on the ground and said, “Take her away.”

Yue Lao Da looked at the squatting on the ground, Wang Gongzi who could not climb for a long time, said in a treacherous way: “Who are you? Want to grab it? Big courage, not afraid of me to report to the official?”

Everyone listened to Yue Lao’s mutter for a long time, and even made such a sentence, could not help but burst into laughter. It is not a day or two to know that Yue Lao’s slaves in the West White City are recruiting and selling horses. They have always been the masters of bullying and fearing evil. They have always encountered soft persimmons and then smashed into the dead and bullied them. When they encounter powerful people, they report it. The official, let the government come forward, and now he is scared into this way, apparently seeing the clue.

Yan Xun faintly turned back, slightly frowning, and said in a low tone: “The store, this girl is the daughter of Huaiyin Helianshi, such a status, you dare to move, is not too courageous.” ”

Yue Laoda shouted with courage: “What about Helian? Huaiyin has already lost. Anyone can go up and step on it. Don’t say she, even if the king of Yanbei is now, it is not seen in Zhen Huang. People bully, in the 30 years of Hedong in the 30 years of Hedong, these people, even if their family business is defeated, even dogs are not as good, I am a legitimate business, why not?”

Yan Xun did not speak, he just slowly narrowed his eyes, faintly looked at this man, his eyes are full of light, with a unique light.

Yue Lao Da was a bit hairy by him, so he said calmly: “The road is going to heaven, and each side goes. Brothers, we don’t make water in the well water, so make a friend, I will not pursue this matter for you. How do you see it?” kind?”

Yan Xun squinted at him, his mouth was pulled, and suddenly he felt a little funny.

“What is his grandmother’s stupid thing? Give it to me, kill him a bastard!” Wang Gongzi, who was slammed into Venus, finally climbed up from the ground and shouted loudly at the crowd. .

Yan Xun did not seem to hear him, went straight up and went to the woman.

Yue Laoda gritted his teeth and swung his hand, and his own men also came forward, and they would open their arms and sleeves. However, at this time, some ordinary people who were surrounded by the crowd suddenly came forward with a strong hand, and they fought with these people in one place, and they knocked over the people of Wang Gongzi and Yue Lao Da to the ground. In an instant, the big man who was everywhere was screaming and screaming.

Yan Xun stood in front of the woman, looked down at her, saw her ragged clothes, and turned back to Ajing said: “Get clothes.”

Ah Jing glimpse, quickly took off his robe, Yan Xun took over, condescending handed to the woman, said: “Put it.”

The lady of the Helian family suddenly stopped. She tilted her head incredulously, her fingers trembled, and she seemed to be unable to hold the clothes. The turmoil that has been raging in the past few days, the wandering and wandering of the indefinite place, the shame and insult that has been resold by one person to another, the hardships and bumps that have never been endured, have already made this woman physically and mentally exhausted. She has been holding back, not crying, not trying to keep the last dignity of Herren’s family, but at this time, her eyes suddenly red, she clenched her mouth, took the dress, and quickly lowered her head. A tearful tear hit the back of the hand.

The look of Wang Gongzi’s face changed greatly. I didn’t expect that the escorts who had played all the invincible hands in the West couldn’t break into the army. Wang Gongzi’s frightened roots trembled and shivered and said: “You wait for me, Don’t run if you have a kind.” After that, you should run away first, and there will be no trace after a few.

When Yue Laoda saw Wang Gongzi ran, the whole person collapsed. Before the change of hard air, he suddenly slammed down in front of Yan Xun and cried loudly: “Please ask the heroes to see me on my 80s.” The old mother, under the 18-year-old woman, give me a way to live!”

Yan Xun stunned and looked at the crying earth-shattering man. If he didn’t know, he would think that he would be sold as a slave. Listening to his familiar speech, he only felt a bit disgusted at a time. He said slowly and quietly: “Do you want money? How much do you buy for that bastard?”

Yue Daoda was overjoyed when he was on the scene. I didn’t expect this person to be a heroic style. He was soft and not hard. He cried and said that his life was forced. He had no way to go to heaven, no place to go to the ground, for his parents and relatives, his wife and children. I took the risk and embarked on this path full of thorns and thorns. Most of the brothers who work together now die in the war. Countless old and weak women are waiting for him to take care of their support. They say that they are taking care of the people of the elderly. . Finally, it seems that I don’t care to say that the woman’s selling price is 200 gold beads. Of course, I dare not accept the heroes so much money, but for the brothers’ parents to live abundance, for their children to go to school to get a good education, themselves Even if it became the most shameless scum of the whole world, it didn’t matter, so I decided to make a discount and only collected 199 gold beads.

Just when all the onlookers couldn’t listen to it, Yan Xun finally interrupted the long story of this guy who sounded like a lost youth talk, and spoke a word that made Yue Lao’s pain unwilling to live.

“What do you do with so much nonsense? I don’t have any money.”

The expression of Yue’s boss condensed in an instant, and the whole person stayed in the woods, almost sighing back, his eyes constantly aiming at the woman, and he said that if you have no money, you will let me down.

Yan Xun looked at his greedy look and smiled coldly and said, “But I have gold. You can’t see enough.”

Said, facing a side of a pair of blue-eyed tall-eyed interracial women looking away, the woman smiled sweetly, her eyes looked like ****, peach-like look at everyone around, and then took it from behind the carriage Out of a bag, I slammed all the things inside.

The gold of a small hill fell off, and the faces of the old man and the people at the place turned into a dull expression in the time. Everyone stared blankly at the golden gold that piled up the earth, the whole market. A quiet place.

Yan Xun smiled and said: “It seems to be enough, then I will leave.”

Yue boss has lost the ability to speak, so much money, enough to buy a Western White City, even just buy a small female slave? Seeing that the subordinates around Yan Xun really picked up the woman and walked to the other side of Long Street, I realized that I was not dreaming.

When Yan Xun walked away, the crowds of the onlookers reacted, but they just rushed to the glittering gold. Laughter fell behind, Yan Xun walked far away, but also heard Yue boss screaming in desperation: “This is mine, give me away!”

A sneer slowly climbed into the mouth of Yan Xun, a group of greedy guys, facing the tragic disaster and turning a blind eye to it, then let him come to give them this lesson.

The Miss Helian’s lady was covered in injuries and was supported by Ah Jing. Then she sat in the carriage with Yan Xun and looked up and said, “Thank you for the help of the son, the little woman has no idea.”

Yan Xun did not speak. He leaned there and seemed to be thinking about something. The woman saw that he did not speak, and did not dare to speak. He had to sit on the side.

“How did Zhaoming Dagong die?”

The low voice suddenly sounded, and Miss Helen sneaked and asked in a pleasant surprise: “Do you know your father? Are you a friend of your father?”

“No,” Yan Xun shook his head. “I am just curious.”

The light on Miss Helen’s face suddenly receded. She bit her lower lip and meditated for a moment. She said: “My father was betrayed by his subordinates. When the city was not broken, he was cut off his head. The second uncle took the token of Huaiyin. I have invested in fourteen emperors and surrendered to the city.”

“Fourteen?” Yan Xun’s eyes slightly converged, muttering: “Zhao Wei?”

Trying to think back to this person, he doesn’t even have any impression. It seems that it is true that Zhao is not dead. If Zhao Che is not in the town, he will be stable and stable. If there is no Zhao Wei who sent troops to the four sides to conquer the king of the empire, this ** **, you can completely end the Zhao Dynasty. After all, this time, the **** is not only a **** of the Imperial Capital, it is like a fuse, detonating the hatred and anger of Yanbei for eight years, detonating a few of the big peers will plan a few A decade of change has ignited the anger of the people under the high-pressure rule of the Da Xia Dynasty for more than three hundred years, and even ignited the slavery system of the entire Ximeni land for thousands of years!

“My name is He Lianling, and the son saved me. Later, I am the son of the son.” The woman’s delicate voice slowly said, but Yan Xun did not respond at all, still immersed in her own thoughts, no return. .

He Lianling sighed slightly, I don’t know why, my heart suddenly became sour. At this moment, there was a sudden scream of tears in the outside. It seems that many people mourn in unison, and the voice is heart-wrenching. It is extremely fierce.

He Lianling stunned and wanted to look outside when he opened the curtains.

Who knows that Yan Xun has reached out and pressed her head down, covering her eyes with her palm, and said: “Don’t look.”

He Lianling stunned, his body suddenly became stiff, his cheeks slowly rose two blushes, and she did not move, and Ren Yan, who was safe, covered his eyes and did not resist. Just keep squinting under the big hands of Yan Xun, long eyelashes constantly brushing the palm of Yan Xun, there is a slight itching.

“These people dream of wanting money, I will give them, but I am afraid that they do not have the blessing of this enjoyment.”

The sound of Yan Xun was low, and the corner of his mouth brought a sneer.

There are too many people in this world who are guilty of speculation, and they should be killed and replaced.

In 1975, it was destined to be an age that was chaotic and deeply remembered by future generations. At the very least, the city guard Wang Shouzhi of Xibaicheng, a major town in the southeast of Da Xia, thinks so. I heard that my son had a big loss in the market, Wang Chengshou, with a large number of martial arts soldiers rushed to the scene, but the scenes he saw were enough to make him wake up from nightmares in countless nights.


On top of a pile of golden gold, the densely rotted bodies were covered with corrosion. These bodies were completely out of shape, and they could not see the original appearance. Some people’s eyes were already born by themselves. Pulling out, it can be seen how painful they suffered during their lifetime, and in front of them, those bloods that have been stretched and stretched have gathered into a few big words of blood red thorns: those who are devastated, and fined!

When everyone stood in front of the big characters, they felt that their cool back was slowly rising. The son of Wang Shouzhi was constantly trembled on both legs. Suddenly he jumped up suddenly, and a small blue hole appeared on his body, and a small cyan worm appeared. The locust was visible to the naked eye. In the rapid growth and reproduction, within a quarter of an hour, it has already spread all over his body. In the blink of an eye, the city guardian who was still in the glory of the martial arts actually turned from a big living person to a white bone without a little life. And while his last eye was swallowed up by the locusts, he was still screaming and screaming.

All the people on the scene were deeply shocked by this scene, and Wang Shouzhi did not even order people to save his own son. There are dogs and murderers in the Da Xia and Northwestern races. They have not been in contact with the aliens in the past three hundred years. These areas near the southeast are no one knows that the cold northwestern mainland has such cruelty. means. These things are not comparable to humans in front of them.

So after learning the beginning and end of the incident, all the merchants who had sold slaves in Xibaicheng escaped overnight, not even remembering to bring those slaves, and the code of the Wangshou City led the officials to release the slaves that night. . And incense to worship the heavens, pray for the forgiveness of heaven, he has eighteen sons, and it doesn’t matter if he dies. In this kind of self-consolation, this thing can’t be done. No one dares to trace it, and that pile No one in the gold placed on the street dared to move, and gradually covered by the yellow sand. Until one day, a few three or four-year-old children ran there and found a pile of golden beads from the yellow sand. The children were happy to use these golden beads to play the slingshots. The people in Yajun County regarded the golden beads of the flood beasts clean.

The people of later generations only know that in the long history of the land of Ximeng, Yanbei was the first great banner to abolish slavery and equal everyone, and opened up a great empire that was renewed by Vientiane for the people of later generations. However, I don’t know that before this, Xibai City in the southeast of Da Xia had abolished slavery. The city’s city record was recorded as follows: Zhiren Lixian Yinghui Shouwang Shouzhi, mournful and sorrowful, sympathetic to the lower slaves, far-sighted, Thinking about caution, taking risks, abolishing slavery, is an example of the times, a great man of history, an empire…

However, these are all words. The white celestial calendar, August 17th, 1975, sits in the southeast, and the historical heritage of Tangjing, the ancient capital of the Sui and Tang dynasties that lasted for thousands of years, finally on this stormy night, facing the whole world. Announced: On the early ninth of September, the Crown Prince Li Ce was married and married Zhao Xia, the daughter of the Great Summer Nine, and the world was celebrated.

When I heard the news, Yan Xun was on the road. Ah Jing opened the carriage curtain and said, “The Lord, the woman is still behind.”

There was heavy rain outside, and the sky was dark and bleak.

Yan Xun slightly frowned, his face slightly white, he frowned and slowly opened his eyes, said: “Is everything for her?”

“Forged identity documents, more than one hundred gold and silver tickets, and dry food luggage, but she stubbornly refused to stay in the city, has been followed.”

“There is no way.” Yan Xun said slowly, the road in the past few days made him very bad, he leaned in the carriage and put down the curtain.

A Jing went back and saw that in the far rain, the lady, who was a step by step, fell almost a few times, and could not help but sigh slowly.

“Ah Jing,” Yan Xun suddenly cried: “Take a coat to her and tell her not to follow us.”

Ah Jing glimpse, and quickly promised, told the next person on the side.

After a while, the heavy rain gradually became smaller, and the sky was dark. Just in the afternoon, it was already dark.

There was a tea pot in front of it, and everyone went down to rest. Ah Jing was puzzled by his heart. From time to time, he looked at Yan Xun with his eyes puzzled. Yan Xun quietly drank tea and suddenly said: “What do you want to say?”

Ah Jingyi, scratching his head, sneered and said: “Less Lord, I am curious, you don’t usually care about things, how about this Miss Helen?”

The following meanings are not clear, but Yan Xun did not refute. In this silence, A Jing can not help but secretly say that he is really a mouthful, the young master is also a man, and a high weight, just as a young man, the girl is not around for so long, it is strange to see more of the other women, why should they say it.

“Ah Jing, do you believe in ghosts?”

Yan Xun suddenly asked, Ah Jing, a silly open mouth, asked: “Ah? What do you say to the Lord?”

Yan Xun said from his own self: “I used to believe it, but now I believe that karma and retribution.”

He put down the teacup and suddenly smiled. He looked up and looked at the southeast direction, taking a deep breath.

“Achu is wandering outside, and if it encounters such a thing, I hope someone can help her.”

Yan Xun looked far away, with endless fatigue, like thick sea water.

The clouds in the sky are scattered, the weather is fine, and the Sui and Tang Dynasties are not far away.

Just as Yan Xun looked up and down the countryside in the big summerside city, the entire Zhan government was in a chaos. Just now, there were people coming to report, and the five ladies of Zhan’s family went out to meet. However, he was cut off by the wife of Dock Pengcheng in the courtyard of the Pengcheng City, and was shut down. The reason for this is naturally unknown.

When Zhan Ziyu heard the news, he was playing the piano in the cabin. Zhan Zikui took care of it for a long time before he said it was complete. A man in a white cotton gown stopped his hand, then slowly and slowly frowned.

“Zi Yu, even if the five sisters are not good at all, you have to think about it. Mrs. Tian is a famous wife, in case…”

“Well, I know.” Zhan Ziyu closed his eyes and raised his head slightly. He took a deep breath and said, “The second sister will go out first.”



The door was closed, and Zhan Ziyu sighed deeply, then slowly leaned back on the back of the chair.

In the afternoon, the atmosphere on the boat was very different. As soon as the boat was docked, Jingyu had already taken the boat off, and it was no longer on board. After an hour, Zhan Ziyu got off the boat accompanied by two of his descendants. He sat on the carriage that had been waiting for him, and went away.

Until the evening, the lights ignited, and people gathered on the deck to eat, and the carriage came back. Zhan Ziyu was first taken down by the next person. Then, it was a Zhanzi, who was dressed up, but his hair was slightly messy and his face was covered with a slightly thicker face towel. The people automatically evaded, but by the slightest night wind, Chu Qiao still saw the red cheeks under her face towel.

Zhan Zikai was returned by a person, and did not bring back a next person, so when Jingwei Su came to the door after dinner, Chu Qiao already knew what happened to her.

After all, the cabin was very small, and Jingsu was sitting on Liang Shaoqing’s bed. He was swearing and his eyes were straight. Chu Qiao poured a cup of tea and handed it to her. She was not aware of it for a while.

“Purple sister?”

Chu Qiao whispered, Jing Zisu, quickly took the cup, held it in his hand, took a shallow drink.

Chu Qiao sighed and said: “Sister Sui, do you have anything?”

“Ah? I, I,” Jing Zisu said, “I have nothing.”

The cabin suddenly fell cold, and the two did not know what to say. At this time, Liang Shaoqing suddenly knocked on the door and carried a basin of hot water and said: “Little Joe, the water you want.”

“Well,” Chucho nodded and went up to pick it up.

Liang Shaoqing was very polite and greeted Jingsu, and went out.

Chu Qiao sat on the bed, put the basin on the ground, then untied the leggings and took off his shoes. Who knows that the osmanthus saw it, and when he squatted down, he took another shoe for Chucho.

“Sissy sister!” Chu Qiao was surprised and asked: “What are you doing?”

“I? I will wash your feet for you.”

Chu Qiao was a little angry, she picked her eyebrows and said: “Who will let you do this?”

Jing Zisu seems to be a little scared. She took back her hand and squatted on the floor. Her hands were all wet, and she was still dripping down. Some of them looked at her blankly, but they did not dare to move.

Chu Qiao put on his shoes and frowned: “Sit down.”

Jing Zisu quickly sat back to the bed, and the careful appearance made Chu Qiao sore, she frowned and said: “Let’s say, what is the matter?”

Jing Zisu bit his lower lip slightly, thought for a long time, or shook his head: “Nothing, I, nothing.”

After all, she stood up, but her feet were soft and almost fell down. Chu Qiao quickly helped her. Through the clothes, I only feel that the woman is skinny and thin.

Jing Zisu walked to the door and opened the door. The wind on the river was very big. It immediately blew her hair with some yellow hair. She is still very young, she is less than twenty-five years old, but her eyes have fine wrinkles, her skin is not clean, and her paleness is amazing.

“Moon, you sleep well, the wind is big at night, remember to cover the quilt.”

Jing Zisu said a word, then turned and left. Chu Qiao sent her away, only to see her thin clothes, thin body, like a gust of wind can blow her away.

A trace of sadness suddenly rose from the bottom of my heart. She stood at the door for a long time and finally took a deep breath and made this irrational decision.


She naturally knows why Jingsu will come. Zhan Zikai returned to the government alone, but did not bring back a person. Obviously, the people around him were detained in the city government. If you want to come, Zhan Zikai is brought back by Zhan Ziyu, then you will not be left behind. The minions around her come to bear the wrath of the city guards?

Zhan’s family will not come out again for a few small slaves. So, the woman named Zizin will be killed if she is not dead, and the sisters of Jing’s family will be separated again. What is the situation, whether there will be opportunities to meet, has become an unknown.

There is no way for Jingshen. Among the people she knows, only this newly reunited sister seems to have a little bit of skill. Not only does it have the favor of Zhan’s master, but also has a few relationships with Jing Xiaowang. .

Chu Qiao originally did not intend to manage this matter. She has a clear understanding of her own abilities. Moreover, she is now entangled in the scenery, and she is not guilty of her own self-concern, and she has never taken the initiative to raise her right and wrong. . However, contrary to Chu Qiao’s surprise, Jing Zisu did not propose it. She sat uneasy and repeatedly tried to open her mouth but failed to speak. After all, she did not mention a word.

Perhaps, she also understands, understands what kind of power the other party is, understands how hard it is for the strong, and understands that even if it is said, it is futile, and understand that perhaps this newly reunited sister will lead the disaster.

Chu Qiao frowned, sitting on the bed and tying the leggings, then inserting a sharp dagger in the boots, and then went out and opened.

Chu Qiao may be such a person, she can be rational, can be shrewd, can put all the powerful relations on the table theory, but can not stand others to her. It is this kind of personality that allowed her to follow Yan Xun’s life and death for eight years. It is also such a character that she softened her heart in Jing Weisu’s expression of uneasiness.

The moon was covered by dark clouds, and the heavens and the earth were dark. Chu Qiaoli turned and disembarked, and looked back at the two whistle of the scene that had been fainting, and then turned and ran away.

After an hour, Chu Qiao has entered the home of Tian Cheng Shou without knowing it. If it weren’t for the occasional guards and fierce dogs, this seemingly heavily guarded ancient manor was more like a huge unguarded playground in Chu’s eyes.

The muddy slid down from a tree, and the woman sneaked into the back garden.

The building of Chengshoufu is connected, and it is quite a style of military camp. I heard that Tiancheng Shou is a famous military commander. It seems that it is not a waste. Chu Qiao’s physique leaned behind a rockery, the auricles fretting, only to hear the footsteps approaching in the distance, seems to be coming towards himself.

The grass in front is dense, and the woods on the right are lush. It seems to be the best choice to avoid. However, Chu Qiao firmly judges many hidden whistle hidden there. As long as he steps out wrong, he will be swayed by the arrows. . Obviously, this road does not work.

Looking at the southeast direction of the seat, Chu Qiao’s eyes slightly picked up, his brow wrinkled, and he rushed out. His feet slammed toward the right side of the long corridor, and he ran into it. On the pillar, Chu Qiao lifted his foot and slammed it on the pillar. The body quickly slammed up with inertia and stepped out in three steps. As he gradually lost his strength, his hands stretched out and grabbed the tile roof above. Arms, legs and pillars, quickly captain, just as the corner lights turned, the woman’s body quickly jumped, suddenly like a gecko tightly squatting on the tiles of the cloister!

“this way.”

A sharp voice suddenly sounded, and the voice was charming and careful. The slaves were full of talent. Immediately, the cluttered footsteps sounded, and there were about twenty people listening to the sound. Chu Qiao frowned and quietly crouched and motionless.

“The smell of the sons of the public, the martial arts are outstanding, the wisdom and the courage are both complete, is the dragon among the people, and today it is better to see the famous, and the words of rumors are not enough to be one of the best.”

The man suddenly laughed and seemed to be very happy with his words. However, the son who was praised by him did not say a word. The garden only echoed the exaggerated laughter of the man.

I laughed for a while, and I saw no one responded. The man laughed twice and stopped. Then he seemed to suddenly think of something. He said with a wretched smile: “When you go, you are coming, you are coming, this official has just I bought a female slave from Xianyang City. She is unparalleled and charming. She has already dressed up and dressed up. Hey, just wait for the son to enjoy it.”

The footsteps of the original walk suddenly broke down, just to the bottom of Chu Qiao, the woman suddenly tightened her muscles, holding the dagger in her hand, holding her breath, and frowning tightly.

A low voice came slowly, and the owner of the voice seemed to have a cold, a dull voice, and a heavy nasal sound, but it did not detract from his awkward momentum.

“Xianyang City?”

“Yes,” the man smiled. “Hey, this son knows too. You have a lot of restrictions on the slaves in the summer. The price is good, huh, huh, and It’s much cheaper than the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Cui Sima of the Bureau of the Former Time’s Bureau went to work in Xianyang City. By the way, come to me, son, do you want it?”

The son was silent for a long while and finally said: “Go and see.”

The official suddenly rejoiced and smiled and left the crowd.

Chu Qiao slowly breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that there are guests in the government of Tiancheng Shou tonight. It is no wonder that the guards are not strict. It seems that it is the time to come. I just don’t know what kind of guests can be treated like a city guard, and it still comes from the big summer.

No longer think about it, she slowly got up and walked in the opposite direction. The crucial thing tonight is to find the jail of the Chengshou government, find the jade that is being held, and then rescue her.

Chu Qiao is like a civet cat in the dark. The pace is light and the action is light, but just as she is about to walk through this cloister, her feet suddenly slip, her brow wrinkles, the sensitive squat is steady, the finger touches, actually It was stepped on the moss.

Such a distance, no one will hear, Chu Qiao’s heartbeat is accelerating, is thinking like this, suddenly only heard a cold word: “Who?”

The voice of the coming person is low, and it has already come to the back of the cloister in a flash. It is the son who is ignorant!

Chu Qiao took the dagger, took a deep breath, and frowned, not saying a word.

The son saw her not talking, sneered, jumped up, two steps on the colonnade, the backhand with one arm hooked the corner, even with one arm, jumped to the roof!

The dark clouds cover the moon, and it is dark and dark. Only the man’s posture is slender, his body is tall and straight, his clothes are flying, the wind is blowing, and there is a faint sharp edge.

Chu Qiao’s eyes twitched and angered from the heart. Knowing that he would only let the other’s reinforcements arrive, the moment was not awkward, the volley leaped, his arms were beheaded, and he immediately slashed. The other party did not talk nonsense, suddenly shot, fiercely held Chu Qiao’s arm, suddenly dragged, the other hand quickly hit Chu Qiao’s neck, fast! Super fast! Coming to the peak!

However, Chu Qiao’s movements are not slow, the body leans back, avoiding the opponent’s offensive, a rear arch, and the neat, the moment of turning over the palms like a muddy slip into the other’s arms, and at this time, a The palm of the hand also hit his shoulders. Almost at the same time, just listening to the “squeaky” sound, Chu Qiao shoulders a burning pain, she slammed her feet, kicked her feet to the other side, but slammed, in the leg kicked by the other side, the two legs The bones are hard and hard, the bones of the legs are numb, and they are retreating together, and the eyes look cold and look at each other.

Chu Qiao holds a smooth silk cloth, and does not look at it, throw it at his feet.

Just as the other side hit her shoulder, she also punched the other’s chest and kicked each other again. No one was a little cheaper.

The footsteps underneath gradually approached. Obviously, those guards have swiftly turned around. Chu Qiao’s depressed heart sighed in the heart. I didn’t expect to encounter such a master in this city government. If you let them get together, I am not going to be here tonight.

The phoenix eye band, just standing still, suddenly thought and did not want to, when the attack launched. Her movements are extremely hot, fierce and fierce, and a stroke is fatal!

However, the other party is not a good class, sneer, suddenly throwing up a thing in his hand, is actually a folding fan.

Chu Qiao’s offensive suddenly eased, and it was too late to call out a despicable one. When he saw the other side rushing forward, his hands were twisted, and he actually held Chu Qiao’s hands and wrists, and the body suddenly posted up.

Chu Qiao’s eyes were cold, and the figure was a strange twist. The left leg turned up from behind and jumped over his head and kicked on the other’s shoulder. The man snorted and filled his mouth with heavy alcohol. Come, all sprayed between Chu Qiao’s sniffs.

However, the man was not forced to retreat by this foot, a step, a tightly clasped Chu Qiao’s waist, the top of the roof is covered with moss, the two actually fell on the eaves at the same time, suddenly rolled down together!

This cloister said that the height is not high, saying that the low is not low, and there are more than three meters. If it falls like this, it will not hurt or hurt.

The two had a tacit understanding and loosened one hand and climbed the top of the tile. At this moment, the man’s leg suddenly kicked over and suppressed Chu’s beautiful legs. Chu Qiao was about to fight back but saw the man. When I turned over, I pressed it up, followed by inertia, and my elbow slammed into her chest!

Chu Qiao was shocked. He bent another leg and his eyes were hot. If the man attacked like this, he would be called a man in his life!

Sure enough, the son of the son pulled out Chu’s intentions, and even volleyed the momentum, twisted and changed!

Two suffocating sounds at the same time! The pain suddenly hits!

The man’s elbows squatted on Chu’s shoulder, and Chu Qiao’s legs were also very hot on the man’s lap.

Fall! If hammered, the dagger in his hand made a few jingles, and fell down the top of the sloping cloister and fell to the ground.


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