Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 101-120 (unedited)

Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 101-120 (unedited)

By Xiao Xiang Dong’Er, translated and arranged by Angel Chua


“Yes, is it so serious? The master said that the wall of the Imperial City is strong and can withstand the attack of the 100,000-strong army for three consecutive days, while the outside chaos can withstand an hour at the top, and the division chiefs of the 12th Division will arrive. The people of Yan Xun are self-destructive, but it is a small rebellion.”

“Small rebellion?” Zhuge sighed and laughed. “You think that Yan Xun is a fool. He will fight to the reinforcements to solve the problem. Look at it, he will run away. The emperor is in a mess, who can chase, What is the consequence of letting such a thoughtful and full-fledged person escape from Zhen Huang and return to Yanbei? He is far more 10,000 times more terrible than Yanshicheng, a small rebellion? This is a big storm that can destroy the entire empire. These idiots, they are dead!”

“Young Master!”

“let me go!”

“Hey!” A sap suddenly hit the head of Zhuge, and Zhuge’s brow wrinkled and fainted to the ground.

“Young master, I am sorry, this is what the master told me.” Zhu Cheng slowly shook his head: “You are right, but we are the door valve, the door valve must have the rules of the door valve to do things. And you, really just for Have you removed Yan Shizi? You haven’t forgotten it for so many years!”

After living in the emperor for eight years, Chu Qiao has never seen such a true.

Burning, looting and looting everywhere, there are tears of sorrow everywhere, crazy laughter and screaming screams everywhere, fires, robberies, bloody and bloody collisions, and the good people of the past have taken off morality and righteousness. The skin of the skin becomes like a ferocious beast.

The mobs rushed in the shops on the side of the road and smashed the boss who had been pleading for help. The son of the boss saw and picked up the knife, killed the mob, and then looked at the bloody laugh of the room and rushed out of the house. They also rushed and smothered along with the crazy crowds. Some people rushed into the shop and took away all the food that they could eat and use. They couldn’t take it away and burn it, not for the sake of profit. But purely just thinking about destroying and venting.

There were people murder everywhere, people were killed everywhere, dirty bodies and fierce flames everywhere.

Some people held a knife in one hand and swayed on the street with a bottle of wine. While drinking, they cried with a knife and cried, crying and crying: “The end is coming! The end is coming!”

Desperate air and crazy emotions floated above the city of Zhen Huang, and the rich atmosphere of death filled the entire imperial city.

This is what Yan Xun said. Will anyone come to block the Heavenly Soldiers of the 19th Division and the 19th Division?

Chu Qiao suddenly felt cold and cold hands and feet. It is their firm strategy to set fire to the emperor, but she did not expect that it would cause such a serious result. Too many people are crazy, too many people die, and too many innocent people are implicated. When desperate emotions and innocent disasters suddenly came, when the provocations of the people and the mobs cheered and celebrated, the whole true glory broke into the nose and hell, and was burned and calcined by the fire, unable to surpass life.

The people of Zhen Huang who were under the rule of high pressure all the time finally collapsed on the night of May 20.


A horse quickly rushed, and the people on the street were scared and fled, and Ah Jing was bloody. He could not see the true color of the clothes: “Shizi is retreating from Zijinmen, going to Ximen, and coming with me. ”

Chu Qiao nodded silently, throwing away the chaotic thoughts in his heart and following Ah Jing.

The strong crying followed, and it stretched all the way.

Turning over the Ziwei Square, you can see the Iron Eagle Battle Flag of Yanbei. In the red light of the night, the soldiers of the numerous black armor stand on the long street in front of Ziwei Square. The blade is sharp and murderous. A man in a black robe sits on the horse’s back and stands proudly. He looks straight ahead, his face is as white as jade, his eyes are like a star, and his eyes are handsome and elegant. It is like a sword that has been squirted, giving off a huge murderous and sharp edge!

Chu Qiao suddenly stopped, and did not come forward for a long time, as if he did not know the general. Ah Jing behind her, a slight glimpse: “Girl, why not go?”

“Oh, nothing.”

Such a small voice, in such a chaotic night, even A Jing is somewhat inaudible. However, the man standing outside the hundred steps suddenly frowned, turned his head quickly, his eyes like a sharp sword, and he stabbed the girl.

The cold face suddenly collapsed like a frost, and Yan Xun smiled and ran wildly, shouting: “Achu!”

For eight years, Chu Qiao has never seen him laugh like this, the girl slowly exhales, and then throws all those chaotic thoughts out of my mind. Forget it, even if it is a corpse of a million, even if it is a blood sea knife mountain, he also walked with him, this time, how can be attached to those things. As long as he is still there, as long as he is okay, as long as they can still laugh and laugh, everything is enough.

Before the girl hit the horse, her smile was clear.

At this moment, the crisp horseshoe suddenly came from the direction of Zijinmen, and Chu Qiao and Yan Xun were surprised: At this time, will someone still go out of the palace?

“Hey brother!” The girl in a red robes suddenly jumped from the horse and stopped in front of Yan Xun. Her eyes were red and swollen, and her eyes were panicked. She said inconsistency: “Don’t be like this, don’t be like this, don’t marry. Honestly, don’t force you, let’s go! The father will kill you! No, you can’t go, you are going to admit your fault to the father. Hey, brother, is the fault of the child, it is the fault of the child!”

Yan Xun’s brow wrinkled, and he couldn’t understand it. Chu Qiao’s heart sinks, and she can’t bear to look at Zhao’s messy hair and pale face. She once disliked her time and lost her time. This silly princess still doesn’t understand at this moment?

“Hey brother, don’t be stupid!”

The girl burst into tears and suddenly sat weakly on the floor, her hands rubbing her face. This night, she was too tired, and the big tears fell out of her fingers and fell on her blushing suit.

“Yan Xun! You crazy, you dare to rebel? I have been a friend for so many years, you see what you have done?”

Another rider horse suddenly rushed to, Zhao Yi a pine green robes, quickly rushed to the front, suddenly saw Zhao Yuer, looked angry, said: “Hey! Not too! This person rebelled, you still follow he?”

Zhao Yuer stood up in panic and turned to look at Zhao Wei. Although she was afraid, she made a move that shocked everyone. She slowly opened her thin arms and protected the Yan and the black army. Behind him, stubbornly shook his head: “Thirteen brothers, this is not the case, he just doesn’t want to marry me, just want to protest to his father…”

“A fool!” Zhao said with a sigh: “He is for the military power of Yanbei! You fool!”

Zhao Yuer’s brow wrinkled and his face pale, whispered: “Army…military power?”

“Do not believe you go back and ask him!”

Zhao Yuer was like a puppet. She slowly lowered her arm. She turned slowly and her eyes widened. She couldn’t believe it. “Hey brother, he is lying to me, you are not rebelling, are you not? You just want to look for the father and the emperor, are you?”

The cold wind is bleak, and the wolf is everywhere. Zhao Xiao’s body is small and thin, and a small face is pale and bloodless. He looks at Yan Xun with his eyes, as if he is looking at the last hope in life.

Yan Xun’s eyebrows were slightly picky, quite a bit intolerant, and finally said in a deep voice: “I want to rebel not a day or two, and has nothing to do with you, I never thought about marrying you.”

The wind whistling, the ancient capital of the ancient city was a mess, and the screams shook the sky. On May 20th, the drama of the revenge of the big peers has just begun.

“The ungrateful beast! You say it again!”

The fierce long wind suddenly came, Zhao Yi took out the knife at the waist, and a pine-green robe violently rolled in the cold wind, like a eagle-like eagle, tearing the majestic hair. The man who has always been free and easy to stand in the cold wind, his eyes are sharp, his face is awkward, and the power of the big Xia royal family is instantly resurrected on his body!

Yan Xun changed his face to the Japanese and gentle, his face was cold, and his eyes were slantingly looking at Zhao Wei.

Behind the man is the darkness of the darkness. Under his iron hooves, the entire imperial city is shivering. In his ear, he seems to be able to hear the decaying sound of the decaying Shengjin Palace building. Slowly holding up the corners of the mouth, the sound is cold like a blade: “I am ungrateful? Yanbei and Da Xia, what is the righteousness?”

Zhao Yu snorted and said: “The father raised you for ten years, depending on yourself, not only to seal you as the king of Yanbei, but also to give you a gift, how much grace is this? You are ungrateful. Betraying the country, slaughtering the emperor’s people, Yan Xun, you are the ambition of the wolf, and your heart is awkward!”

The cold wind blew, the man in a black robes suddenly sneered: “Fostering a decade, seeing me as myself? Shang Shen’s plateau bones are still there, the blood on the nine secluded table is not condensed, Zhao Wei, this is the day of your Zhao royal family. Grace?”

Zhao Yiyi, then the eyebrows picked, Ling Ran said: “Yan King rebelled against chaos, the Imperial Army sent troops to crusade, is the teacher of justice…”

“Enough!” Yan Xun suddenly screamed, showing the impatient color, said coldly: “You don’t have to say anything more, history books are always the words of the winners, the millennial merits, the self-respecting, You and I don’t have to argue here. Zhao Wei, look at the feelings of your years and years of intercourse, I will let you go today, go back and tell you Lao Tzu, I am against you.”

Just then, a firecracker shop in the south of the city was ignited, only to hear a bang, the sky fireworks bombed into the sky, the red sky reflected by the fire was full of time, and the eyes of Yan Xun looked like they were on the sky in the dark. The morning star is fascinating, but it is as firm as iron.

Eight years of planning, moving in one direction, smashing the summer, can you bear the wrath of this heaven?



“Zhao Wei!” The female voice of Qing Xiao suddenly came, Chu Coutze immediately, Shen Sheng said: “Zhao Wei, go back.”

“Achu?” Zhao Wei frowned and frowned: “Do you want to be an enemy with me?”

Chu Qiao looked at Zhao’s face, and there was a bloody soldier next to him. Behind him was the Emperor of the Emperor, who was smashing into the sea of ​​fire. Everything seemed to be a big dream. The time flew by, and she remembered again. Many years ago, within the Meilin Snow Park, the little son wearing a emerald green robes yelled at her with arrogance: “It’s you! I call you!”

A dazzling, how many years of bloody hurricanes, she looked up, her eyes fixed on the horse on the back of the horse, said a word of silence: “I never thought of being an enemy, eight years I will never forget the love.”

Zhao Wei sighed a little, his face slightly relaxed, and said quickly: “That’s good, Achu, you go back with me, don’t follow him, I will give you the father…”

“But, I have to be an enemy of the entire summer empire.” The slapstick words suddenly came out of the girl’s mouth, and Zhao Yu was on the spot, only to see Chu Qiao immediately before, standing on the side of Yan Xun: ” You should understand my position, I have never changed.”

“Okay,” Zhao Xiao smiled, his eyes were red and his voice was hoarse: “Even if I used to squint.”

“唰” screamed loudly, Zhao Wei slashed his knife and drew a white mark on the blue brick slab of Long Street. The man’s face was fierce and said: “From now on, I am bothering Zhao and you.” He met on the battlefield, not a friend, just an enemy! Hey, let me go!”

Zhao Xiao eyes are straight and straight. It’s like a doll who has no reaction. When he hears Zhao’s voice, he suddenly raises his head, his eyes are watery, and his white hands are sticking out. He wants to pull the boots of Yan Xun. The man on the horse frowned slightly, horse retreated, Zhao Yuer grabbed an empty space, and a small white hand stretched into the air, and there was even a dark red blood.

That blood, the messenger who was killed by her, was the first time she killed her life.

“Vo”, Zhao Yuer squatted on the ground, opened his mouth and began to madly vomit, the sour water in the stomach was spit out, stuck on the gorgeous robes, stained the one that symbolizes a hundred years of good doubles Amphibious cockroach.

“Why is this so?”

The girl looked up at a pale face, like a puppy with no hair in the winter, tears falling down in tears, her voice did not tremble, but there was a kind of chilling sadness, like people around. It’s no longer there. It’s just a person who silently said: “It’s all bad for me to blame me. Hey brother, why was the child not at your side when the father’s sister Yan’s door was full?”

“In these years, I have always regretted that if I was in the first place, even if I couldn’t save Yan King, I could protect my brother and protect you from being bullied by others. But when I was too young, my mother would close me in the hall. No matter how crying I am, I will not let me go out. Xiaotao will give me a cupboard. The two of us climbed up from above, opened the tiles, tried to escape from the roof, but accidentally fell down and was alarmed. Mother.”

Zhao Yuer suddenly began to sob, his voice trembled, and the tears fell more and more fiercely: “Then… then Xiaotao was killed by the people in the mother’s palace, I… I saw it with my own eyes, my waist was interrupted, blood I’ve been flowing out of her mouth… I’m flowing out… It’s so far away, It’s wet, It’s hot, It’s burning.”

“Hey brother, I really don’t use it. I don’t dare to escape anymore. Even the first two years, I dare not go to your yard to visit you. I am afraid, I am timid, I always have nightmares, Xiaotao’s The blood has been flowing, it will drown me, and my neck, mouth, and eyes are red.”

Zhao Yuer held his hands on his shoulders and cringed and narrowed his head. It seemed that there was blood that would drown her. She bit her lower lip and looked up, tears screamed: “But my brother, don’t rebel. Okay? The father will kill you, don’t want anything, don’t force you, don’t force you to marry me, just want you to live well, even if you can’t see where you can’t see it, just live well. All right.”

Yan Xun’s brow is locked. Instead of looking at Zhao’s eyes, he turns his head to one side. The lines on the side of his face look cold and hard in the air.

“Hey! Come over to me!”

Zhao Wei was furious and shouted.

Just listening to the “噗通”, Zhao Yuer squatted on the ground, climbed up a few steps, held up the robes of Yan Xun, and finally cried aloud: “Hey brother, don’t rebel, ask for help.” is you!”

Zhao Yu’s eyes sparked and he yelled: “Hey, what are you doing?” After that, the horses rushed forward, and the soldiers of the big peers went one step forward, guarding them in front of Yan Xun, and the weapons were external. Sensation is cold and cold!

“Hey brother, my nephew begged you! The father will kill you, he will send someone to kill you!”

Zhao Yuer cried in the ground, Yan Xun was indifferent, looked up at the sky, and the robes were caught in the hands of Zhao Yuer. Only when the cold wind blew his ink and black robes, can he see his tough silhouette wrinkle gently. The sword eyebrows are like a god in the darkness.

Just then, there was a fierce battle in the distance, a golden flame bursting over the south of the city. Yan Xun and Chu Qiao looked up at the same time and looked serious.

“The 19th Division rushed in! Yan Xun, if you don’t want others to accompany you to death, you will soon be ready!”

Zhao Yu’s sword slammed back a warrior from a large peer association and said sharply.

“Yan Xun, can’t be delayed.”

Yan Xun turned his head and slowly nodded, then horse turned and did not hesitate to go in the direction of the south of the city. Sitting on the ground, Zhao Yuer suddenly lost his balance and squatted on the ground. Chu Qiao and the black armor warriors ran wildly behind Yan Xun. Far away, she went back and saw Zhao’s crying on the floor, and Zhao Wei, a young man standing next to his sister, tall and straight, holding a long knife and sitting on the horse. On the back, the cold wind blew through his clothes corner, and even the flying ink hair seemed so desolate.

After eight years of getting along, after all, the mirror is full of water and the moon is gone.

When I followed Yan Xun into the Holy Golden Palace, I was doomed to the end of today. Thirteen, your kindness, I finally failed.


The girl sighed and whipped, and left the eight years of eclipse. Her eyes stared at the front, clinging to the black eagle flag on the front!

The thick bloody and unspeakable stinking smack came from the south. On the Nan’an Street in the south of the city, the rabble’s rabble had already been repulsed. The officers and men of the southwestern town government rushed to the forefront with arrows and stone. Wei Changfang, who took the epee in his hand, took a bloody battle and fought with the officers and men of the 19th Division. The royal regular army was like an unstoppable iron flow, slowly but firmly moving toward the inner city of the emperor. A mess, rushing through all obstacles and smashing all resistance.

The horse rushed back to the wind and brought back an unfavorable battle report. Yan Xun sat on the horse, silent, silent, and could not see what he was thinking.

Chu Qiao squinted at the distance and said, “Is it still not?”

Yan Xun’s voice was low and he shook his head calmly: “Not yet.”

“There is a lot of casualties. Do you still have to wait?”

“Well, you still need to wait.”

Chu Qiao took a deep breath and frowned. He said, “Yan Xun, this way, the southwestern town government will be completely annihilated.”

“The division chiefs of the 12th and 36th divisions are still watching from outside. If the retreat is at this time, the imperial city will have a new force. Then we will never return to the Yanbei Road. It will be like a funeral dog. Purchased by the empire.”

“But if this is the case, our people will also suffer heavy casualties! Simply transporting the wounded and arranging the retreat will make us chaos.”

Yan Xun brows gently wrinkled, then shook his head: “You rest assured, I have my own arrangements.”

“Yan Xun…”

“Achu, let’s go out of town first.”

Chu Qiao stunned, and then the brow was locked, and Shen Sheng said: “I don’t.”

“Achu,” in the sky of killing and blood, the man’s face was mild, softly said: “You go out of the city first, and go to Chishui and Arjing to arrange the crossing of the river. He is a big man, I can’t worry.”

“No,” Chucho stubbornly shook his head: “I want to be with you.”

Yan Xun deliberately put his face on his face and said: “Achu, it matters a lot, don’t play the temper of a child.”

“The swords and swords here, the 12th and 36th divisions are watching behind, how can I rest assured that you are alone!”

Yan Xun suddenly smiled: “A fool, where is a person, and the southwest town government makes 10,000 soldiers and horses, you don’t have to worry about me.”

Chu Qiao replied with a fragile voice: “The southwestern town government has just changed its relationship. Who knows if they will be turned back later, how can I believe them?”

“If the southwestern township is unreliable, even if you stay, we can’t escape death. Achu, the employer is not suspicious, the suspect is not used, this sentence, or you teach me.”

Chu Qiao looked suspiciously watching Yan Xun, wondering: “Yan Xun, do you really believe them?”

“I don’t believe in them, I believe in myself.”

The huge shouting sound suddenly sounded, and it was a round of fierce attack and counterattack. The arrows were empty and bloody, and the black robes of Yan Xun hunted and flew under the night sky. Their eyes were sharp and star-shaped, and their eyes looked calmly in front. Killing and blood, slowly said: “In addition to adhering to me, they have no way to retreat. There will be a glimmer of life in the dead battle, but they will become traitors who are cast aside by both Yanbei and the Empire.”

“But,” Chu Qiao couldn’t bear to say: “This war is too strong, I am afraid that it will damage your benevolence.”


“Yenming?” Yan Xun sneered: “My father was born in Yanbei’s plateau because he was too broad,” I will not be like him.”

Yan Xun’s face seemed to be covered with a black mist in an instant. Chu Qiao squinted and looked up at him and whispered: “Yan Xun?”

Yan Xun bowed his head and smiled at Chu Qiao. He spread his arms on the horse and hugged the girl’s thin shoulders: “Achu, believe me, wait for me at Chishui, we will leave together.”

The wind blew, Chu Qiao suddenly felt a little cold, she stretched out her hands and hugged the man’s waist tightly, her voice with a few unspeakable whimpers.

“Yan Xun, if you have something, I will avenge you.”

The sound of the wind blew through the dark streets, and the sound of shouting in the distance seemed to be so far away. The young Yanbei King’s face was like a jade, and the ink fluttered. He single-handedly provoked the girl’s jaw and lips. Smile, four eyes are opposite, and the sensation can’t be erased. Eight years of companionship, life and life care, life and death, deep feelings are engraved in the bone marrow, Yan Xun eyes like a deep pool of water, whispered: “A Chu, there is one thing, I want to do for a long time.”

The girl’s cheeks were white, and under the radiance of the fire, there was a bit of blush. She looked up and smiled softly: “What are you waiting for?”


The young king smiled heartily, and immediately lowered his head, his lips gently printed on the girl’s flower lips.

At that moment, Chu Qiao closed his eyes and let his thoughts fall and fall in the endless abyss. Eight years of dripping in the heart of the sea, rolling in the distance, killing the sky, the swordsmen in the vicinity, the whole Emperor Their feet trembled and screamed, and the sorrows of the beasts at the end of the beast, the golden glory of the holy palace, the fire, the eternal life of the imperial elders, the rotten empire of the elders, the incredulous eyes, can not believe everything seen before .

Eight years ago, no one would believe that the two children who had no humbleness would have such courage and strength.

Eight years later, no one will doubt it. The old tiger has grown up. It smashes the sharp claws and tears the walls of the emperor. It will rush out of this turbid world.

“Achu, wait for me!”

“Well,” let go of his hands, Chu Qiao smiled like a flower: “Put Ma Yanbei, step back in the snow, Yan Xun, I am waiting for you!”

The wind whistling, the girl snorted, and under the protection of a group of guards, headed for the northwest gate!

Yan Xun rides on the horse’s back, watching Chu Qiao’s figure gradually disappear in the night, under the night sky, his body is like a straight tree on the plateau, there is no trace of half-bending: “History will not remember Living in the details, it only remembers the results, and the result is filled in by the winner.”

“Shizi! The 12th Division can’t sit still, and the 36th Division also has traces of horses and horses!”

The scouts rushed to the horse, and Yan Xun nodded and whispered: “It’s time.”

A bright light flashed through the night sky, dazzling fireworks and dazzling, the blue brilliance flashed the eyes of everyone.

In the desolate wilderness, a team of people is marching fast, seeing the fireworks, and stopped.

“The comprehensive counterattack began.” Chu Qiao looked tough, silently meditating: Yan Xun, take care.


The wind was fierce, and on the plains of the grassy grass, the girls rushed toward the bank of the Chishui River. On the high tower, the man’s face is tough, and the wine is high: “Warriors! Yanbei’s honors are all in the body, and the thousands of fathers and sisters in the Yanbei Plateau are living in the battle of our army today. So, wait for you to triumph and return!”

Tens of thousands of soldiers shouted at the same time: “Long live the Highness! Yanbei will not die!”

“Yanbei will not die!”

The deafening voice echoed over the empire, and even the sanctuary, which was surrounded by water, shivered in the shouts. Yan Xun pulled out the sword and shouted in the cold night high building: “Yanbei Army Eagle, When you are flying in the earth and rivers, you are not bound by the golden armor. The soldiers of Yanbei use your sword to tell the Emperor’s pockets and wastes, what is the Yanbei Army soul!”

“Yanbei Army Soul!”

The blood of the soldiers was completely ignited. They turned over and jumped on the horseback, turned and killed the enemy several times, and launched a fierce street battle on the streets. The southwestern town government, which has always been known for its weakness, let the officers and men let go. Like a fierce lion, roaring in the streets of the Imperial City, piercing the sharp sword into the enemy’s heart.

“Less master,” the two peers of the Ruirui side warehouse, one of them, went to the tower, and said: “The southwestern town government has already smashed a bloody road. The loss of the 12,936 division is serious. Is it possible to leave the city?”

“No,” Yan Xun shook his head. “Not enough.”

Rui Rui and Biancang looked at each other and saw a worries from the other’s eyes. In the plan, they should retreat at this time. The Lord is so obsessed, isn’t the hatred blinded?

“The elite of the empire is still there, we can’t evacuate.”

“Essence?” Biancang wondered: “Under the subordinates do not understand, the officers of the Ride Camp and the Green Camp Army are no longer there. The southwestern town government has turned the back to us. The 12,936 division has suffered heavy casualties. Our army is already big. Winning the whole victory.”

“What can you do if the officers are not there? Big summer can send a regiment’s military camp at any time.”

“What does Your Highness mean?”

Yan Xun’s eyebrows were raised, his eyes were cold, and he was surrounded by dozens of torches. Yan Xun stood on the high tower, and his white robes were covered with white cloaks. The white cloak fluttered in the morning, embroidered with a Winged war eagle.

“The grass does not remove the roots, the spring breeze blows again, and orders all the soldiers in the same industry. I will go to the Emperor Shangwu Hall with me. I want the Da Xia Dynasty. I have no available for three years. I have no commander in the past ten years!”

Rui Rui and Bian Cang suddenly stunned, watching the man in the black robe flying, the endless killing spirit whizzed out from this gentle and calm man, strong blood and murderous like a flood, raging coverage The entire imperial capital city.

The killing of the sky, this moment is the beginning, the moment of the destruction of the Emperor Huang, in the hands of this man, the blade of the world, the fierce long dark night, issued a crazy embarrassment over the ancient city. After many years, the world may not remember Zhao Zhengde, may not remember Xia Tang Huai Song, but history will definitely record the man’s heavy strokes: May 20, Yan Xun, ordered the massacre of 3,000 soldiers, empire Most of the elites died in this battle!

The red fire blazed, because the situation was unknown and the leader was absent, the entire Shangwutang was dead. The elites of these empire wisely chose to retreat after the edge, and did not go out of order to reorganize the order like the soldiers of the Guard. At this moment, they still maintain a full army.

However, at the time of the three more hours, there was a sudden fire outside, because the closed doors could not be closed, so the young officers lost the best time to extinguish the fire. The flame swept the entire Shangwutang school like a storm, spreading unscrupulously, countless The pillar of fire rises to the sky, and the flames devour the most determined hope of this empire!

The tragic vocals came suddenly. Some of the students tried to open the door and rushed out of the school. On the other hand, the Yanbei Datong warriors who were waiting for the battle, under the round of intensive arrows, the entire Shangwutang escaped. Through the black crowd, people panicked to see the Yanbei Shizi who had been standing in the corner of the imperial concubine. At this moment, his tall back was like a smile of death. The officers shouted in horror: “Yes. Yan Xun, Yan Xun is coming!”

“Yan Xun is coming! Yanbei is rebellious!”

Everyone is panicking, and three thousand elite horses and horses have not yet joined each other. In the end, Yan Rui asked for a battle. In the end, Yan Yu’s tone slowly said: “The enemy’s fighting spirit has been lost. You don’t have to be a short-handed confrontation. Let’s burn it. You are here, don’t let the pigs inside escape.”

“Yan Xun children! If you have the courage, just fight with me!”

Wei valve new generation of generals Wei Shuhan shouted loudly, and then waved the sword has not yet ran a step, was shot by a sharp arrow through the throat, eyes wide open in the mess of fire.

Even Yan Xun didn’t even look at him. He turned over and reorganized the majority of the troops. He said, “Come with me.”

This evening, the southwestern town government was rebelled, and the officers and men of the Guards Department died in the mobs. The 12,936 division and the southwestern town government made a fire, killing most of them. Subsequently, in the same way, Yan Xun removed all the soldiers and horses of the Emperor’s school, the Shangdu Hall, the Nanying Terracotta Warriors, the Seventh Army, and the Ninth Army, because the sergeant was assassinated. Later, because there were too many people, Yan Xun simply ordered the opening of the Nancheng Terracotta Warriors, and slammed the remaining 16 battalions and two thousand officers and men to the subtle square with the bow and arrow fire, then rushed to the horse, trampled down with thousands of horseshoes, and lived alive. More than 1,800 people were trampled, and the remaining two thousand were all disabled. They fell on the square of a dead body and screamed.

The side warehouse asked for the grass to remove the roots, but Yan Xun shook his head coldly and said faintly: “These disabilities will be left to Zhao Zhengde.”

At four o’clock, the sky is getting darker and darker, the whole emperor is in a mess, and there are few living people in the military camp. The last team of people came back from Yindumen, the capital of the capital, and reported that the officials of Fu Yinmen had already fled. They killed more than 100 officers and men of Tuen Mun and returned.

In this regard, the entire Zhen Emperor’s capital, in addition to the three thousand defenders in the Imperial City that were under the command of the Song Dynasty, and the three divisions of the military that are fighting with the southwestern town government, there is no armed force anymore.

“Less master, tell the southwest town to let it down, we should go out of town.”

“Well,” Yan Xun looked at the ancient city of Zhen Huang, which was a scorched earth, slowly nodded and said: “It is time to go.”

“That is the case, go to the southwest town to make the war zone order.”


“Stand up.” Yan Xun looked at Rui Rui with a faint look. Shen Sheng said: “When did I say that I would go with the Southwest Town Government?”

Rui Rui was shocked and said: “Little master?”

Yan Xun turned and said in a whispered tone: “The southwestern town government has made a heroic devotion to resist the fierce enemy, and has volunteered to stay against the blade of the Imperial Three Guards to preserve Yanbei’s strength and loyalty to the liver. A model for contemporary soldiers.”

Rui Rui brows tightly and hurriedly said: “But the master…”

When the words were not finished, they were pulled by the side warehouse and held his mouth tightly.

“General Tower Rui, please don’t doubt the loyalty of the southwestern town government. They have hidden the emperor for many years. They are waiting for this life and death. We have no right to deprive the soldiers of their loyalty to the country.”

Yan Xun’s eyes were calm and his tone was calm and gentle, but the blade revealed in the discourse pierced the hearts of everyone like a sharp arrow. Biancang said quickly: “The younger master said that the southwestern town government has the determination to serve the country, and it is a model for contemporary soldiers. We must use this as an example.”

His hand held the corner of Rui Rui tightly, for fear that the colleague would say another word. After seeing the way Yan Xun had just killed, he did not doubt that this seemingly peaceful man would slap himself and Rui Rui together in the wave.

“So, the whole army retreats from the North Gate, and after the army leaves the city, the city gate is sealed.”

The horse galloped out, and at the moment when the heavy city gate closed, the whole world was discolored, and the southwestern town government, which was strangled by the Twelty-sixth and 36th Division, was horrified and stayed on the vast land. For a long time, countless desperate voices shouted in unison: “His Royal Highness! There are us! And us!”

“We were abandoned! We were betrayed!”

The fear of defeating the army, the time was dispersed in the army like a tide, the soldiers rushed out of the trenches, ran around, panicked and stunned: “What to do? What to do? We were abandoned!”

“Brothers! Kill me!”

Fang Baiyi’s spirit was greatly enhanced, and he slammed the blood on his face and rushed forward.

“The Imperial City has an army to kill it! The reinforcements of the Imperial City are coming!”

The 19th Division soldiers shouted in unison, only to see the man in front of the sword eyebrows, a white armor, holding a green face sword, the prestige of the world, like a prosperous god of war, thorns and thorns, killing will come!

“It’s the Seven Emperors! The Seven Emperors’ reinforcements are coming!”

After Zhao Fu’s imperial defender, Zhao Xiang took Zhao’s stable and said: “Fourteen brothers, the outside soldiers are in ruins, and the father has sent you to fight. Why do you want to stir this water? ”

Zhao Yujian’s eyebrows erected, holding his sword and looking at his younger brother. Shen Sheng said: “Seventeen brothers, you want to kneel on the ground forever looking up at others, or you want to stand up by your own ability, if you want Stand up and be a man, go out with me now.”

Zhao Xiang’s face was red, and he jumped on the horse’s back and pulled out the sword. He said loudly: “Four brothers, no matter where you go, your brother will swear to follow you.”

Zhao Wei nodded and looked at the gate of the city. The fierce shouting sound came in from the outside. The young emperor raised his sword and looked at the killing and the fire in front of him. He whispered: I Swear, in my life, I will never follow someone else’s horse!

With his own court guards rushing out of the imperial city, this road is less than a hundred people, like a sharp knife inserted into the heart of the southwestern town, the blood of the sky, the new star of an empire, Raised in the fight! When Chu Qiao came to the Chishui River, Ah Jing had been waiting for the army of Yan Xun. The river had already prepared thousands of horses across the river. When he saw that Chu Qiao was not surprised, he would lead her across the river. Chu Qiao walked down Malay and said hello to A Jing and others. His eyes swept away and his brow suddenly wrinkled. He said: “Ah Jing, only this pontoon, the southwestern town government has tens of thousands of people, can be in the dawn Was it crossing the river?”

Ah Jing smiled and nodded: “This is what the world commanded, and there must be no mistakes. Let’s send the girl first.”

Chu Qiao stood in the same place, a terrible thought suddenly rose to the mind, her face became pale and her eyes were slightly a little confused. A Jing asked: “Girl, what’s wrong with you?”

Chu Qiao suddenly awkwardly and slowly smiled and said: “Nothing, you take them in the past, I have to wait for Yan.”

Ah Jing frowned: “But my Highness has told me…”

“No need to say anything, just cross the river.”

Ah Jing naturally knows that Chu Qiao and Yan Xun’s feelings are far from being comparable. They nod their heads and are no longer stubborn.

After half an hour, the southeast direction suddenly came with a fierce killing sound. The sound was more intense than before. Chu Qiao’s heart was shocked and suddenly launched and headed southeast.

“Girl!” Ah Jing was shocked and shouted: “What are you doing?”

“I am going to meet Yan Xun!”

In the middle of the road, I saw a team of horses rushing wildly. The number was about 5,000. Everyone was black and black, and the ink-colored flag screamed and danced in midair. Chu Qiao’s heart was happy, and when he stepped forward, he saw Yan Xun’s horse, and his robe was like an eagle.


“Yan Xun,” Chu Qiao greeted him and said with a smile: “It’s okay.”

“Everything is fine, let’s go.”

Chu Qiao nodded, seemingly unintentionally looked back at the back: “What about the people in the southwestern township? Why didn’t you keep up?”

Yan Xun naturally can’t take the southwest town government to make the soldiers and horses voluntarily stay to fight against the enemy’s ghosts to blind her, said with a smile: “Don’t worry, they will arrive later, let’s take a step.”

“Good.” Chu Qiao did not hesitate, followed by Yan Xun and went to Chishui.

The brigade began to cross the river quickly. Although there was only one pontoon, most of the people crossed the river after half an hour. Chu Qiao stood next to the Yankee, watching the troops who had crossed the pontoon in succession, looking at the fiery red city in the distance, and suddenly said with emotion: “In eight years, we finally came out.”

Yan Xun sighed and grabbed Chu Qiao’s shoulder. He said emotionally: “Achu, you have suffered.”

Chu Qiao shook his head and his eyes were as bright as a star: “No, you let me have the goal of life, let me have the motivation to live, Yan Xun, the past eight years, we are each other’s dependence, we Support each other, take care of each other, improve the other’s plans, make up for the mistakes made by the other party, and officially because of this, we can survive in the imperial city day by day, we do not owe each other.”

“Well, we don’t owe each other.” Yan Xun said with a gentle smile: “We are already one, we have a good fortune, and we live and die.”

“Yes,” Chu Qiao nodded slowly: “We are blessed with good fortune, life and death.”

“His Royal Highness, the people have already crossed the river, and can go.” Ah Jing ran up and said, Shen Sheng.

“Okay,” Yan Xun nodded. “Commanded, the whole army will open.”

“Yan Xun!” Chu Qiao suddenly cried: “Don’t wait for the officers and men of the southwestern township?”

Yan Xun shook his head and smiled: “Don’t worry, they will catch up with us.”

“If the pontoon is withdrawn, how do they cross the river?”

Yan Xun has already thought about his words and said slowly: “The emperors are not afraid of chasing troops. They can follow the official road to Xima Liang and we will.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “Oh, then, let’s go.”

Just two steps away, the girl suddenly picked her eyebrows and wiped her waist. She was shocked and said: “You gave me the Datong token? Was it gone?”

When Yan Brow frowned, the token was not the same, and he was nervous. He said, “How can you not see it? Are you not wearing it with you? Don’t worry, think about it.”

Chu Qiao turned around two times in the same place. He couldn’t find it all over the body. Suddenly, the girl took a forehead and said, “I’m stupid, the token is in the horse’s pocket, I used to take it.”

Yan Xun grabbed the girl’s arm, and I didn’t know why. I suddenly raised a trace of fear that I didn’t know. I said, “Let others take it in the past, you are waiting here.”

“So many horses, do they know that one is mine? You can rest assured, I will come when I go.”

It was too late to stop, and the girl ran up the pontoon. She is very tall and barely sinks on the pontoon.

At the time of the semi-column, the girl ran to the opposite side of the river. Yan Xun ordered a man to point to the torch and looked across the river. He saw that Chu Qiao had found his horse and then took the horse to the pontoon. It seemed to be thinking about something.

Yan Xun screamed and shouted: “Achu, have you found it? Come over!”

The girl suddenly raised her head, and her face was pale and papery, but her eyes were sharp as a sword, and she was determined to look at the swallows on the bank.

In an instant, it was like a lightning bolt suddenly pierced into the heart of the field, and Yan Xun pushed open the Ai Jing in front of him, and the crazy pontoon ran.

Almost at the same time, Chu Qiao pulled out the sword of the waist, the silver light flashed, and slammed down, the pontoon suddenly broke, and went along the river running through the Taotao!

“Achu!” Yan Xun sighed and looked like a fire. He yelled: “What are you doing?”

The girl stood on the bank of the Chishui River, her hair was like a waterfall, her eyes were like a sword, and she shouted loudly: “Yan Xun! You just said that you and I are one, misfortune and common, life and death. So, I can’t Watching you commit this sin!”

Yan Xun said that he would jump off Chishui River. Ah Jing and others pulled him from behind. The man shouted: “Achu, don’t be stupid, come over!”

“Yan Xun, the reason why you can be tens of thousands of people, Yanbei people are waiting for your return, all because Yan King was in Yanbei Guangbu Renzheng, the emperor seven sent officials, but also failed to take over Yanbei, Rely on, is the prestige of a generation of Yan! Yan Xun, I can not watch you self-destruction, since the Great Wall!”

Yan Xun was furious and completely lost the calmness and peace of the past. He yelled: “Achu, you will come back soon, we will take the rope and pass, you will catch it there, come back soon, I will order you!”


Chu Qiao shook his head, turned silently, climbed the horse, and then turned back: “You made a mistake, I must correct you! Yan Xun, we will meet in West Malaysia. If I am less than two days, you I will take the person back to Yanbei first, and I will take the officers and men of the southwestern township to go to the Yanbei Plateau to meet you.”

After all, the girl sighed and raised her whip and ran wildly over the dark wilderness. Five thousand horses without the owner followed the girl and slammed toward the wall.


The ups and downs of the river slammed the river bank, the waves rushed, the huge waves surged, and the endless voids left only the man’s screaming. The sound pierces the sky and echoes under the dark night!

This world is not a playground, and there is never a double word. What we can do is to reverse the battle before the disaster has been completely caused! Yan Xun, what I did today, maybe you will understand it many years later, I am not a woman, I just don’t want you to be blinded by hatred. Waiting for me, I will take the soldiers of Hehe and return to the world to reunite with you.


“Command, we are abandoned!”

Among the southwestern townships, there are people who are panicked and rushing everywhere. Many people are yelling loudly. The voice is sharp and sharp. It is not like the sound that human beings can make. The broken despair is walking in the crowd, all in all directions. The enemy, there is no way ahead, and there is a chase after the soldiers. These soldiers who have left their homes have finally become prodigal sons with nowhere to go. The world is big and there is no place for them to live!

In the crowd, someone made a hysterical scream and mourning: “Why! Why give up on us?”

“Kill! Haha, kill! The end of the day is coming, go to hell together!”

The fire embraced the whole city. There was nowhere to be alive. There was nowhere to be a gate. The soldiers were madly broken, there was no battle, no strategy, and they were completely fighting each other. The emperor’s defenders were pressed for so long, and finally they were proud and arrogant, and they were all right.

Everywhere, there were messy bodies everywhere. The soldiers of the Imperial Capital were surrounded by two or thirty people. They were slashed in the southwestern township to make officers and soldiers vent their hatred of traitors!

Zhao Che sat on the horse and looked at the younger brother who had always dismissed himself. The young Zhao Wei was covered with blood. A handsome face was covered with blood. He still held the sword without hesitation. He was calm and almost cruel. Look at the battlefield of Shura in front of him.

“Seven brothers, the enemy can’t stop it.”

“Well,” Zhao Che nodded. “It’s time.”

However, just as he was about to issue the offensive command of the whole army, a huge roar suddenly sounded. In the direction of the northwest gate, there seemed to be thousands of stunned and thunderous vibrations. The whole earth of the true glory was shuddering, all Everyone was amazed and stopped and looked up at the sky in the northwest.


“Boom! Bang!”

“Boom! Bang! Bang!”

The fierce tremors were drilled out of the bones of the people, and they plunged into the backbone of the people. It seemed that the universe was raging in front of them, and everyone looked up in horror. The Yanbei warrior’s saber was also cut on the shoulder of an imperial guard, and he forgot to pull out. The warrior guarded by the emperor was on the neck of the Yanbei warrior, and he forgot to wave it!

“Boom”, Xichengmen was knocked open, five thousand horses hooves, and rushed like a tide to the crowds who were fighting, and the team opened a huge gap!

The guards of the Imperial Capital suddenly remembered the way in which Yan Xun slaughtered the 16th Battalion and Soldiers. All of them were white and their legs were almost trembled. At this time, a black eagle flag was firmly inserted in the city, the girl’s petite but tall figure stood under the battle flag, and sent a white eagle to the whole Emperor Huang: “Yanbei Warriors! You have not been abandoned, listen to my orders! Obey me! Follow me! I will bring you home!”

After one second, two seconds, and three seconds of silence, the huge cheers screamed at the mountains and the sea!

“Back to Yanbei! Return to Yanbei! Return to Yanbei!”

The desperate people seized the last straw that survived. They were like unstoppable tides, heading toward the northwest sky, and calling out!

“Seven brothers, fourteen brothers, who is that person?”

Zhao Wei looked at Chu Qiao and had not spoken for a long time. Zhao Che sat on the horse’s back, his eyes slowly picked up, looking at the fierce woman under the hunting hunter, and slowly said: “You remember, this woman will become the biggest threat in the summer, want to recover lost ground. , Jiangshan unified, this will be the first mountain that is difficult to climb!”

The sky was raging, and on that day, on the northwestern tower of the Imperial City, the entire Da Xia Dynasty remembered the name together. Eight years ago, she entered the Da Xia Palace as a slave. Eight years later, she took the last Yanbei armed forces in Zhen Huang City, left the real land of Zhen Huang, and took the vast expanse of the city outside the city. Hot land.

Chu Qiao doesn’t know it now. It is her move today that saved Yanbei a disaster that was instantly destroyed, saved the new Yanbei regime, and created the first batch for herself and in the troubled times. Armed forces.

On that night, the officers and men of the southwestern town government, each of them succumbed to this delicate girl in their hearts. From now on, they followed their masters to the north and south, and the iron ride swept across the entire land of Ximeng, and they insisted on their vows. No matter how hard the environment and circumstances, they were loyal to Chu Qiao and lived forever.

And this delicate girl has therefore taken the first step of being called “Beauty King” by people all over the world for many years…

May 20, 775, is an unforgettable day. The Emperor of the Great Summer Empire was destroyed in half by a raging fire. The symbol of the empire was burned down. The armed forces of the city lost seven or eight. The most elite soldiers stationed in the empire died as many as 170,000. Among them, there are nearly 30,000 people who have died in battle with the southwestern town government. The number of people who died under the slaughter of Yan Xun is as high as 70,000, while the rest are riots and enemies who died in chaos. I don’t know how to change.

However, these are not the most important. After this battle, the economy of Zhen Huang City was almost paralyzed. Under the temperature that was approaching in June, too many deaths brought plagues and diseases that were difficult to resist. Too many merchants and houses were turned into ashes in the fire. The refugees have nowhere to resettle, and a large group of wounded soldiers are lying on the streets. The continuous rainy weather has brought more disasters to Zhen Huang. Many of the bodies that could not be carried out of the city fell into the sewage, soaked white and stinky, and became a pile of poly Carrion full of flies and bed bugs.

Because Yan Xun was out of the city, a fire burned the Imperial Granary, and most of the grain merchants were also looted on the night of the ****. It was a time that Zhen Huang could not even raise the food for disaster relief. Within three days, a large number of refugees died in hunger, at the juncture of life and death, and the docile people of the emperor showed their barbaric side. From the third day, countless robberies occurred from time to time. The desperate people who even went to the destiny even dared to rob the small armed forces. In just two days, more than 30 imperial detachments sent out to maintain order disappeared without a trace. After a day, people Some of these people’s belongings will be found in the ditch on the side of the road. Such as military uniforms, daggers, bayonets, boots, epaulettes, or some more intimate things, such as close-fitting underwear, treasured purses, broken hands and feet, eyes that come out, and the bones of Sensen…

The order of the emperor, the time is gone.

Five days later, the crazy refugees rushed out of Zhen Huang and fled in all directions. However, the Zhao family has no return to the situation at hand. Zhao Zhengde stood on the ruined Shengjin Palace, and he was helpless, and then took the last armed forces. Under the protection of the Song dynasty, he gave orders to move the capital, and the car was rolling and left the devastated city ​​of.

In the three hundred years of the founding of the great summer, this ancient city once resisted the innumerable swords of the aliens. In 633, the emperor guarded the war. The Baiwei emperor of Da Xia used to fight against 200,000 dogs and wolves, and defended the emperor. In the month, I finally waited for the reinforcements of the families of the princes, and created the myth that the bombs will die.

In 684, Wolong, the empire of the eastern empire, betrayed the empire, opened Wolongguan, and put the Tang and Song forces into the border. The enemy troops rushed all the way and once killed Sanlipo, which is less than 30 miles away from Zhen Huang City. At that time, the Emperor of the Big Summer was traveling in the southeast. Only the eight-year-old Prince Zhao Chongming and the Queen Muhe Jiu Ge were in the middle of the country. At that time, the Manchu martial arts urged the National Reserve to retreat. However, the 27-year-old Mu Hejiu took his eight-year-old son to stand. In the city, for three days, until the banner of the empire floated on Sanlipo, the enemy was hit.

In 714, the red tide chaos, the imperial city gate was even broken by the rebels, and the Zhao royal family did not regress!

735 years…761 years…769 years…

The tenacious Emperor of the Emperor, who stood firm for so many years, proudly stood on the highest plateau of the world for three hundred years, and the Zhao royal family, who finally stood still on the morning of May 26, left the three of them. The heart of the centuries-old empire, abruptly retreat to the holy city of Yundu in the northeast.

Although the historians of later generations have a lot of criticisms of this disease, they have to admit that it is the new king of Yanbei, who is the king of Yanbei, and the son of Yan Xun, who has been in the emperor for eight years. With the help of one person in the district, he used the five thousand warriors of the great peers to complete the miracle of the 300,000-strong army of the canines, the 580,000 soldiers of the Tang and Song Dynasties, and the power of the rebel army. The name of Yan Xun was spread throughout the north and south of the Yangtze River. The lion of Yanbei finally woke up, belonging to the era of Yanbei, once again in the war of chaos, a vigorous start.



On the gray morning, the horn of the city was blown up on the floor of the city, and the sun rose slowly from the horizon. The sky was foggy and it seemed to rain again. More than a dozen soldiers wearing cyan armor stood on the tower. In the distant land, the swaying land, no one on the empty ramp, the old soldier sighed low, put down the horn, turned and walked backwards.

“No one is coming yet?”

A low voice sounded slowly, and the veteran was taken aback. He looked up and saw the man in his 20s, handsome, very young, dressed in a black cloak, covering the military uniform inside. Can’t see what identity it is. But the veterans can still see at a glance that this is a general of the nobility, not comparable to ordinary soldiers like himself.

“If you return to the general, no one is coming.”

The young man nodded silently. It seems that he had already expected it. He looked at the veteran’s body. The body of nearly 50 years old could not support the military uniform. The double-moon pattern on his shoulder looked a bit worn. The young man frowned slightly and asked: “Isn’t the 19th Division all followed the emperor to the cloud? Why didn’t you go?”

“General, the little is too old, can’t walk so far, and the opportunity to live is left to the young people.” The veteran sighed lowly: “I started to be a soldier at the age of fourteen, starting from the groom, always To the gate of the city, I have been guarding the emperor for more than 30 years. I can’t be attacked here. The people here have run away. I will follow. As long as the gate has not fallen, I will stay here. And.”

The young man’s brow wrinkled, his eyes deep as the sea, and the waves in his eyes surged, as if the sword was baked in the furnace.

The veteran didn’t pay attention, and he still said: “The little family members are all dead in this battle. I don’t mean to go to Yundu alone. It’s better to stay here, at least I can find it. Familiar people, see if there are any unconquered neighbors who need me to help convergence. People, always have to be buried!”

The young man bowed his head and looked sad. Behind him was a large expanse of scorched earth and ruins. Once, there stood the most prosperous building and crowd in the whole continent, with the world’s most majestic towers, the most luxurious palace, now They have broken into history.

“General,” the veteran looked up, nervously slamming his hands, a little embarrassed, seeing the young man’s expression gentle, and finally still puzzled and asked: “Why are so many family members, the kings, no one to send troops to the emperor to support The Zhuge Lord Wei Daren (means adult) also returned to their own territory. Is the empire going to split? Are you going to fight again? When will Yan Shizi come over with Yanbei Army?”

“It won’t be one day!”

The calm voice spit out slowly from the mouth of the young man, but there was strong faith emanating from his words. The young man has a tough face and a low tone. He said in one word: “The empire will not split, the Yanbei Army will not fight, the emperor will not destroy, and one day, the people who leave will come back, the city of Zhen Huang, will Reproduce the grandeur of the past and the style of the past!”

The veteran was a little worried and looked at the young people in front of him. The rumors that had been heard these days suddenly fell apart. At that moment, he really believed the young general in front of him. The old man’s eyes glowed with hope, and he asked: “Really? Will they come back? Can that small continue to defend the gates?”

“You will,” the young man turned his head and smiled, revealing his white teeth: “I franchise you to keep it, even if it is a hundred years old, I will send someone to bring you to the gate every day. If you are And when my children and grandchildren are alive, I will appoint your descendants to be the gates of the emperor’s capital. I will not die, as long as I am still alive, I will never quit!”

After all, the young general turned over the whole body and finally found a silver medal burnt in the pocket of his pocket, engraved with a delicate and complex crape myrtle flower, which is the national flower of the great summer. At this moment, it seems sacred and desolated…

“This is a token.”

The veteran was overjoyed, but he turned to read but he was somewhat suspicious. He looked at the young man inexplicably. He was very clever and changed a kind of euphemistic inquiry: “Which army is the general? Can you tell the general’s surname? Big name?”

The young man looked up, and the sun had already risen to the horizon. The foggy weather suddenly disappeared, and the golden thick weeds, and the golden light.

“I am the commander of the squadron camp, my name is Zhao Che.”

The veteran suddenly burst into shock and his eyes widened. After a long time, the veteran slammed on the ground, and the hard-working gimmick shouted: “Small eyes have no beads, and they have smashed under the seven halls, please sin for the temple, and spare the small return.”

There was no sound in front, and the veteran looked up, but only saw a straight back on the steps of the tower. The young emperor holds the sabre in his hand and disappears step by step in the city. His back is straight and straight, like a tree that can open the world.

Guanghua, the time spent licking the eyes of the old man. He turned his head and looked at himself. He saw a silver sign on the floor of the blue brick. The crape myrtle blossomed like a warm sun in September!

A hundred years later, the history books of the Tengyuan Pavilion of the Sui and Tang Dynasties left only such a passage to the record of the year: after the revenge of the great peers, the Zhao’s royal family levied a call for the gates, and the gates of the gates returned to the territory. The emperor was helpless, ordered to move to the capital, the emperor Zhao Chou Shouguomen, the emperor Zhao Yu sincerely pursued the Yanbei army, the big summer, the pulse, it is difficult to lead the huge territory and the patriarchal forces of the eight parties. Under the circumstance of the wise prince of Rensheng Wude in China, the Sui and Tang Dynasties became the largest country in the world. The commercial center of Ximeng was transferred from the north. The people of Da Xia merchants were unstable and went across the border to Sui and Tang Dynasties. Wude wise and ruthless princes of the genius of the heavens and the earth, the wisdom of the talents, the courage of the gods, the light of the world, can be called the world’s exemplary, the world’s leader, the great fortune of the people…

Although the historians of later generations have maintained a high degree of suspicion about the record of the Crown Prince Li Ce, he believes that the rebellion of Yan Xun has nothing to do with him, and many people are very determined that the latter words are definitely the Emperor Li Ce. Going up, because the color of the ink before and after is completely different, and if the front is the most admirable calligraphy, then the words behind, even the children who just learned to write must be ashamed. But this can’t deny the authenticity of the front. After the revenge of the big peers, the big summer dynasty, really went down.

Just when Emperor Huang was faced with a terrible disaster in the past 100 years, the last team in Yanbei was still in the Qiupingshan generation. On the vast plain of Qiu Pingshan, a team of ragged but determined eyes was working. Quietly lurking, like a group of hungry wolves, squatting in place, waiting for the best time to send troops.

Although the gatekeepers did not assist the imperial capital, they all gathered their eyes on the rebel army in Yanbei. Until then, Chu Qiao gave a little relief to Yan Wei’s abandonment of the southwestern town government. Yan’s one was beheaded by the empire, and Yan Xun had a bloody feud with the Da Xia Dynasty. The big peers were recognized as rebel leaders in the mainland. As a result, only the southwestern town was charged with the crime of betraying the country. The government makes one party. This team that had been abandoned by Yan Xun in Zhen Huang City became the public enemy of the whole empire. Everyone wanted to act as a hero to eradicate traitors. On the way, the strange attacks encountered by Chu Qiao and others have been counted. How many times have passed.

“Girl,” He Xiao’s careful cat ran over and whispered in Chu’s ear: “The spy camp is coming over, let’s order it!”

Chu Qiao lowered his head and said calmly: “Let’s wait.”

“Girl, it is less than 200 steps.”

“Let’s wait.”

“If we wait for our lurking, we will lose our meaning.”

“The time has not arrived yet.”

He Xiao would like to say that a red and white flag was suddenly erected in the trenches in the distance. Chu Qiao’s eyebrows were picked and shouted: “Do it!”

In an instant, the voice shook the sky, thousands of knives rushed out of the trenches, and the rushing army scouts suddenly fell into a terrible siege.

It is also a lore without suspense, Chu Qiao’s precise calculation, accurate timing, perfect layout, will rush into the encirclement of the enemy to smash. After half an hour, the war is over. It’s too late to get rid of the enemy troops who fled in all directions. Chu Qiao’s flag waved, with only the remaining 4,000 southwestern towns and villages to make officers and men, and rushed to the biggest one to conquer the army!

After four days of escaping and fleeing like a funeral dog, the beasts destroyed the southwestern town government of the great summer capital, and finally let go of their hands and feet, and screamed on the land of the Qiupingshan plain!

It’s a funny scene with four thousand people chasing as many as 50,000 troops. However, it is such a miraculous sight that appeared in the army of thousands of miles to conquer the thief. The southwestern officers and men who were eating lunch were horrified watching the black-pressed cavalry whistling, and they couldn’t find the last meal, and the sword erased their neck.

The blood is shining, the sky is foggy, and no one will think that such an army with a small number of people and a shortage of people will almost lose their food and will be in a desperate situation. Just last night, they also received news that the southwestern township’s terracotta warriors were in the Lancang store three hundred miles away. However, one night, they were rushing for three hundred miles. God unknowingly wandered around his back, removed the scouting squad camp outside, and smashed into the army base camp when the army was the least guarded. Such tactics, who saw?

Thus, a war that was later called Qiu Ping’s counterattack was started. When the sky was dark, 50,000 people rushed to the southwest direction, and Chujo rode on the horse, with four thousand bloodthirsty horses. Keeping it behind, don’t back down.


The pursuit lasted for a whole night, passing through eleven counties and counties, reaching more than five hundred miles, creating the limit of rushing to kill. When the dawn of the morning rose, the entire northwestern land had no more power to compete with itself.

In the sky, there was a pattering rain. Chu Qiao wiped the rain on his face. A small face was pale and thin. She sat on the horse’s back and brushed the sword into the scabbard. The tone said firmly: “Warrior We, we withdraw.”

In the crowd, there was a panic, a huge victory in one night, so that these people who had been chasing after four days of screaming and screaming and hateful thoughts had penetrated into everyone’s mind. It is unwise to withdraw from the army at such a good time. But the gratitude and awe of the woman in front of them, so that they did not say it, but those eyes, has clearly revealed disapproval.

“I know what you are thinking.”

The girl cleared her throat and said loudly: “The empire is turbulent, and the forces of the eight parties are eager to move. It is a good time for a good man to create the world. We are in a strong position and the blade is sharp. We should not give up the war at hand at such a good time. However, Is this really what we saw in front of us? No, no! The empire has a large number of family tribes, a large number of guardian kings, and a large army of heartfelt troops, who may not have come to defend the country for the time being, but That is only now. Once we defeat the armed forces of Zhao, we will become the public enemy of the whole summer. We have done everything, we have not replaced our clothes, we have no spare horses, we have no food and medicine, and we have burned and looted with war. How long can it last? Once we are tired, the enemy will bite like a mad dog, and then the fierce lion will not fight a group of evil dogs when we are tired. We are enough, we are tired, we should go back.” Joe looked like water, with a heavy light, slowly said: “Since the 5th, you have experienced the bloody battle of the emperor, sneak attack 30 Second, counterattacks twenty-six times, large-scale battles three times, killing nearly 100,000 opponents, defeating dozens of your enemies, fighting against the entire empire to interpret the iron and courage of Yanbei warriors, your record, the whole Ximeng The earth is shaking, your performance makes the whole Yanbei Plateau proud. You are the most glorious warrior in Yanbei and the most proud hero of the father and the old. All this is enough. Now, please follow me and return to Yan. North, returning home, returning to the parents and children, Yanbei needs you, your family needs you, don’t bleed, don’t sacrifice, everyone here must follow me back home, I don’t allow you to fall behind, you are not allowed to die, we can no longer allow any Yanbei child to go into exile in a foreign land!”

In the crowd, suddenly someone whispered in a whisper, and some people whispered, seemingly afraid to get a positive answer: “His Royal High has given up on us.”

“Yes, girl, we are homeless.”

“We are the traitors of the empire, the abandoned children of Yanbei, where should we go?”

“Don’t believe in ridiculous and ridiculous rumors!” Chu Qiao sighed and said with a serious voice: “Those are the conspiracy of our Yanbei, and your Highness has not abandoned you. The king of Yanbei will never abandon his own son.” people!”

“But my Highness did not take us away and left us in the encirclement. Every one of us saw it clearly.”

“No! Your Highness did not leave you, he sent me to rescue you.”

“His Lord sent only one person to save us?”

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows rose, and he said: “But I did it. I rescued you. Your Highness believes that I can do it, so I entrusted with me, no doubt!”

The audience was silent, although things were somewhat incomprehensible, but it was a fact. This petite girl saved the four thousand officers and men by the power of the southwestern town, and took them to crush the enemy’s encirclement and interception. Escape from the sky.

“Warriors, don’t hesitate any more. Now, let us bury the corpses of our comrades, and then take their dreams and leave this place. You will shed blood and protect your homeland. History will remember your loyalty. Now, please come back with me. !”

After Chu Qiao’s resounding, he suddenly lowered his head and was deeply embarrassed by the four thousand officers and men. A hair slid down from both sides like two beautiful waterfalls.

Everyone was silent and stood up. After three seconds, everyone squatted on one knee and shouted in unison: “I am willing to follow the girl!”

On that day, the bloody taste on the plains of Qiu Pingshan passed very far. The low drink of the soldiers was like the roaring wind on the grassland. They may not know that the army that had just been destroyed by them was not chasing the southwestern town government. The conquest of the army, but Zhao Yu combined with the eleven northwestern clan, formed a sneak attack on the revenge army in the Yanbei rear. They prepared everything well, prepared enough grain, and recruited a large number of people to transport grain. They studied the terrain of Yanbei in detail, found the best guides, and even the local spies were ready. Just waiting for the main force of the army to arrive, the war begins. Yan Xun has not yet returned to Yanbei to stand firm, this battle has a 70% chance of winning.

However, everything was returned because of the appearance of Chucho. When Zhao Wei heard the news, the young emperor did not speak for a long time. He remembered the rainy day, the light skirt, and the blue tiles that covered him with cold rain…

“His Highness, there is no hope of killing Yanbei. Do you want to get rid of this sneak attacking horse?”

Zhao Wei lowered his head and thought for a long time. He finally said calmly: “The big fish are gone, what do you want to do with shrimp?”

The young emperor Teng stood up and stood up: “Back to the clouds!”

At this moment, on the slope of the west cliff of Xima, there is a camp standing quietly. Before the main account, there is a dark iron eagle flag.

The girl’s curtain opened the camp and went in. Before she spoke, she heard the voice of the man’s irritability: “Don’t I tell you not to come in again?”

The girl looked at her, stopped, and whispered, “The Lord is me.”

Yan Xun suddenly turned around and saw the girl Han quickly went up two steps, Shen Sheng said: “It turned out to be a girl, Yan Xun was rude.”

“There is less politeness.” Yu girl smiled faintly: “Ai Jing has just been here?”

Yan Xun nodded, did not speak, and looked quite bored.

“His Royal Highness, It’s been the fifth day, and we really should have gone.”

Yan Xun heard the words, the brows suddenly locked, and the girl continued to say: “Yanbei is now in chaos, and it is known that the main ones are going back. The forces are all intertwined. We have already delayed a lot of time.”

Yan Xun sighed helplessly: “I understand.”

“The Lord is naturally understandable, and you should understand what happens if you have another few days in the evening. But you can’t do it. You don’t become a master. You don’t look like I know you, I think, Even if Chu Qiao is here, I would not like to see you do this regardless of the overall situation. Even if you do not meet here, with her ability, I will definitely return to Yanbei.”

Yan Xun slowly raised his head and his voice was low. He murmured: “I know everything you said. I am only worried. I am afraid that she will come. I will be disappointed if I am not here waiting for her.”

“What?” The feather girl suddenly stunned. He stubbornly led the whole army to wait for the southwestern town government at this risky place. It was not to fear that she would be in danger, but that she would be disappointed if she could not see it.

“It’s funny to say it,” Yan Xun said with a smile and shook his head. “As long as it is a person, it will inevitably be silly once, and I will not be excused. I deceived her this time and abandoned the officers and men of the southwestern town government. Although I don’t say it, my heart must have given birth to me, I just want to explain it to her personally.”

Yu girl’s eyebrows rise: “But…”

“I understand,” Yan Xun interrupted her: “After tonight, if she hasn’t arrived yet, we will leave.”

Yu girl sighed and nodded. “In this case, the subordinates will go first.”

Yan Xun came forward: “I will send you.”

Just out of the camp door, a sharp sword front suddenly came from the side, the speed is lightning fast, a fierce drink like a thunder like a bomb in the ear! Yan Xun’s reaction time is like a leopard. In the first time, he feels the murderous arrival. He moves like a cloud, suddenly rises, his palm swiftly pulls out a short knife at the waist, and the sword is facing the oncoming sword. A corner, wonderful to the peak of the escape of the swift and savage blow!

“Protect Your Highness!” Yu girl calmly shouted, and the left and right guards had already robbed them at the same time. Under a burst of slaps, they quickly took the assassin!

Yan Xun stood in the crowd, frowning at the man in front of him, his brows locked, and he said: “I said, don’t have a third time!”

The man is only about twenty years old, his face is handsome, his former sunshine has disappeared, and he has turned into a cold and chilling temper. He looked at Yan Xun coldly and said: “There is a traitor, everyone can Oh!”

“Stubborn!” Yan Xun snorted: “Zhao Wei, this is the last time, look at your love for me, I last let you go. He will meet you, I will not be able to Love!”

Zhao Wei sneered: “Yan Xun, I still want your heart to be made of iron. You have killed so many people in the emperor. How can you not handle me alone? But you will not kill me today, and you will definitely regret it in the future. and!”

Yan Xun turned and went to see him no longer looking at him: “Let him go.”

“What about her? Where is she?”

“I said that Zhao Yuer is not here.”

Zhao Wei was furious: “You lied!”


Yan Xun’s face is cold and cold: “I don’t have to take away a big summer princess who has lost her strength.”

Zhao Wei nodded silently. He also seemed to know that Zhao Yuer was not in Yanxun. He looked up and looked at Yan Xun. He said: “Yan Xun, from now on, you and I have met for eight years, and there is no more love. He meets me, I will still take your life, and you don’t have to give me any more. You put me three times. If one day I can kill you, I will swear by myself and return this life to you, but The emperor’s bloody enmity, the 100,000 emperors are all on the streets, this account, we must liquidate!”

Yan Xun did not speak. His robes were fluttered by the wind blowing in the wind of West Malaysia. Like a big bird flying up, his face was calm and his face was not shocked, but he only had a pair of eyes, black like The sea is average.

“And Achu,” Zhao Wei’s voice suddenly and slowly, he slowly stepped forward and whispered: “I have a few words, you bring it to her.”

The soldiers saw him coming forward, and everyone pressed the handle and waited. However, Yan Xun heard this, but slightly sideways, and even gently stepped forward.

“You tell her, I…”

At this moment, a muffled sound suddenly came, and the huge pain rose from the chest. I saw Zhao Hao slamming, and the dagger in his hand was inserted on the chest of Yan Xun!

“His Royal Highness!”

“Little Lord!”

“kill the assassin!”

Zhao Wei looks cold, pulls out the dagger, and then throws it down again, and goes straight to Yan’s heart!

In the distance, other guards are far away. Yan Xun held a short knife, a little tiptoe, and quickly stepped back, but unfortunately, the wound in front of the chest was bleeding too much, and the foot was weak, so Zhao Yu instantly caught up with half of the body.

When it was said that it was late, it was fast, and Zhao’s dagger was about to pierce the heart of Yan Xun. The short knife in the man’s hand suddenly rose. As long as he was pulled horizontally, Zhao’s throat could be cut. In an instant, everything in the past was instantly replayed in front of the eyes. Those difficult years, the rough past, the teenagers in the desperate world and the pride of the royal sky, the electric phoenix fire, the Yankee wrist is biased, the knife of the short knife is on the way. Crossed Zhao’s arm with a dagger and squatted from the shoulder!

The sound of “啪” was crisp, and the dagger immediately landed, along with the bloody fog and the living arm!

“Ah!” The harsh screams suddenly sounded, and Zhao Hao fell to the ground, his body curled down, and he struggled with his broken arm!

Yan Xun also fell to the ground, a large amount of blood poured out from the wound in the chest, and the guards rushed forward in a hurry. The girl looked very sharp and was about to talk. She only heard a cry and passed it out from the grain truck. A small military uniform soldier cried and ran forward, and it was the great summer princess who came to the Yanbei Army all the way – Zhao Yuer!

The girl’s face sank and said sharply: “I’ll call the doctor right away, come here, cut them both!”


The low voice was difficult to say, Yan Xun’s brow was locked, his face was pale, he was dying, and he spit out slowly: “Let them go!”

Everyone screamed, Ah Jing called: “His Royal Highness!”

“I said… let them go!”

A Jing still wants to say that Yu girl stopped him in time. She bowed her head and said to Yan Xun: “The Lord, I will arrange for people to send them back to Zhen Huang City.”

Yan Xun slowly nodded, then his head stunned, and passed out.

“His Royal Highness!” Ah Jing yelled, and when he turned around, he filed a sword and walked to Zhao Wei. The girl feathered him and said, “You want me to lose faith in my Highness?”

Ah Jing, grievance cried: “Girl?”

“Come, come prepare, ride the horse, pick ten people, send them two back, treat him, don’t let him die on the road.”

The guards were unwilling to prepare, and Zhao Wei’s Zhao Wei, who was already in a coma with blood, was shocked. This thin girl seemed to have been scared.

Yu girl followed the crowd into the big account, no longer went to see the two outside, walked to the side of the Yanzi bed, I saw the man’s eyebrows locked, pale, the situation is very dangerous.

The military doctor was quickly invited. The old man looked at it for a while, looked up, looked at the people in the eye, and finally stopped on the face of Yu girl. He said: “The lungs were stabbed, the wound was deep, the old man. no guarantee.”

The girl looked at the old man and said with a slap in the face: “The young master must have something, and the gentleman must be sure.”

The old man frowned and thought for a long while, finally sighed: “Not only that, girl, this dagger, poisonous.”

In an instant, within the big account, the needle can be heard.

“In the middle… is it poisonous?”

Xima Liang went to the official road of Liuhe County, and a team of people was waiting quietly. The moonlight in the sky is bleak, and there is a depression, and the moonlight is white, shining on the people below. The team of tens of thousands of people was quiet and there was no sound. Every one looked at the official road in the east and seemed to be waiting for something.

The girl had just entered the big account, and several of the men in the room suddenly got up. The woman’s brow was locked, and the tone was as calm as ever: “Is there any news?”

“Not yet,” a man with a Confucian green shirt stood up, his face was sloppy, slightly thin, and his face was slightly dark yellow. He said: “The girl does not have to worry, since Mr. Wu let us wait here, I will not What’s the problem.”

“I am not worried about having an ambush,” the woman looked pale and her eyes had a clear black circle. Obviously she had not rested for a long time. She sat on the corner of her left hand while sitting on the temple, and said: “This is within 30 miles.” All of us have scouts to explore the horse. I am worried about the injury of the young master. Fortunately, Mr. Wu’s arrival is timely, otherwise I really don’t know what the quacks are.”

The other people were also full of dark clouds. Yan Xun was seriously injured, but insisted that he would not leave the West Malaysian. The team walked halfway. The comatose patient woke up and forced to get off and ran back to the cliff. This iron-and-blood master is so stubborn and self-willed, and the people present here are still seeing for the first time. At this time, no one is unwilling to squat, and even the interest in speaking is gone.

Yu girl sighed and said to the man in the green shirt: “How many people can you bring to Mr. Kong, can you be placed properly?”

“Bringing three thousand people to meet people, in fact, you have now entered the jurisdiction of Yanbei, the county guard of Liuhe County, is the southwestern money of our big peers, Mr. Meng.”

The girl’s eyebrows were picked up and she wondered: “Mr. Meng is not the private guardian of the county government? When did the county guard?”

Kong Xiao smiled and said: “Liuhe County is a small county. It is no wonder that the girl does not know. The last Yanbei chief sent by Zhen Huangcheng is an insatiable guy. When he took office, he sold the official, and he spent the big price and bought it. The emperor went to the official positions of various counties and counties along the Yanbei Road, for today.”

Yu girl nodded and said slowly: “The first thought will be cautious, and the plan is indeed comprehensive.”

“Girl!” Suddenly there was a rush of footsteps outside the door. Yu girl hurried forward and stepped on the curtain of the big account. She jumped out of the horse and panted and said: “Mr. let us stay in place, Wait for him and his Highness to come back.”

The girl’s brow wrinkled, and finally nodded and said: “You bring 200 people back to the horse, if there is something, quickly return.”


When Biancang was about to leave, Yu girl suddenly remembered something and quickly called out: “Biancang, who is going to escort the thirteen emperors of Da Xia?”

As soon as this statement came out, the faces of the people behind them were not good-looking, and even the guards of the goalkeeper showed a few angry colors. The members of these large peer associations are all born in poor homes, with declining clan, low civilians, and most of them slaves. The Da Xia hierarchy is strict, and the perennial implementation of the ****, the people and the court are centrifugally separated from the German, these people living in the lower levels are full of resentment against the big summer. Nowadays, the emperor of Da Xia seriously injured his master, but he left safely. No one in the entire military camp was resentful.

Where is the side warehouse? I don’t know if this statement should be mentioned at this time. I deliberately don’t care. “I don’t know too well, I’ll wait until Ah Jing’s girl returns to ask.”

Who knows that the girl’s eyebrows are rising, and the voice speaks fiercely: “Crap! If I can wait until he comes back, I will ask you?”

Biancang’s old face was red, and he was nervous and smashed his hand. In front of the most famous leader of the big peers, he still dared not be too sloppy, and he murmured: “A Jing seems to have ordered twelve camps. personal.”

Yu girl continued to ask: “Is Ah Jing personally?”

“Ah?” A side of the warehouse, then vaguely said: “Yes, yes.”

“Is it still or not?”

“Yes,” Biancang immediately said: “It is his personal point.”

Yu girl took a deep breath and said with relief: “This is fine.”

“Girl, then I will go first?”


The horseshoe sounded, and the side warehouse quickly left the main account. Then he came to the military camp and ordered two small squads. He went to the west cliff of the west horse.

The moon is as cold as water, and the air is getting colder and colder. Many times, changing history is just a small lie. People who say that they don’t care, people who listen are not in the heart. Those little things seem to be thrown into the mud of a big river in front of many earth-shattering things, no one will pay attention. However, in the corner where no one was paying attention, the little sand was miraculously flown into the gate that blocked the flood, becoming the last straw to crush the gate, and the portal was destroyed. The floods came from the sky, people panicked in the face of disasters, and they were unfair in the sky, but they did not know that the disaster was rooted in their own hands.

Biancang didn’t know. On that night, Ah Jing didn’t personally choose to escort Zhao Wei. He was panicked by the assassination of Yan Xun, and he gave this humble task to his men. His subordinates are a Wufu, martial arts superior, playing a two-pound knives. The man who has gotten his hand thinks that Ajing Guardian has given this humble task to himself, which is an insult to his ability, so He waved his hand and shouted: Who loves who to go!


Therefore, those who were oppressed for a long time, whose family members died under the empire’s butcher’s knives, and the great summer emperor’s hatred of the sea, rushed to fight for this task.

In the end, the ten warriors with the highest voice, the most determined attitude, and the most stubborn eyes were honored and took up this great task. All the way to escort Zhao Wei and Zhao Yuer back to the Emperor of the Emperor.

Many times, we have to sigh with the contingency of history. We assume that if the guardian of Ajing did not arbitrarily assign the matter to such a martial artist, he would hand it over to a proper civil servant, or if the martial arts did not have a whole citizen. The same selection of the warriors who sent this batch of people, even if it is a casually assigned a small team, or if the girl can ask more questions, the side can seriously answer one sentence, the result of the matter may not be the same today.

However, we have to sigh with the inevitability of history. At that time, Yan Xun was injured. As a natural security guard of Yan Xun, A Jing was naturally unable to take off. He had no intention to deal with such cumbersome matters. And his subordinates, all of them are powerful warriors who protect the safety of Yan Xun, and there are not many good brains. The sudden arrival of Wu Daoya also made Yu girl and side warehouse lose their original vigilance.

As a result, an inevitable result slowly rooted in the southwestern land, and history has undergone tremendous changes from this moment. It seems that a big river suddenly turned a corner and moved on to another direction. Many of the hands that should have been pulled up, many shoulders that should have been tied up, and many of the hair that should have been formed, lost the opportunity and reason. Until a long time later, the years whistling, the years of water, the vicissitudes of the eyes again and again, they only deeply understand the profound meaning of the words “something to get people”. “Less Lord,” Wu Daoya slowly walked up the hillside, a blue cloak, a brow eyebrow, a horny frost, and the footsteps were still very calm. The voice was slightly hoarse and said: “The wind is big, go back to the tent and wait.”

“No,” a low voice rang slowly, as if the cold wind had blown through the woods, with such a thick fatigue and heavy. The weather was not cold, but the Yan Xun was still wearing a white fur coat, and the white tail was crowded on his neck. The more his face appeared pale and paperless, without blood. He leaned on a recliner that was changed into a stretcher, and his legs were covered with thick white satin, and he sighed softly: “Let me blow the wind of Yanbei for many years.”

His words were not finished, but U Daoya knew what he meant for many years. Mr. Wu nodded and echoed: “Yes, for many years.”

Yan Xun suddenly whispered: “When I was in the Imperial Capital, I always said to Achu that the wind in Yanbei is sweet because there is a taste of snow lotus on the mountain. But now, I can’t smell it, she If it is, I will blame me for lie to her.”

The wise sigh of the Datong military division: “The wind in the memory of the Lord is sweet, but now Yanbei is not the Yanbei in the memory of the Lord.”

“Yeah, the people who used to be are gone.” Yan Xun looked deep, looking at the thick dark ink in front of him, the cold wind blowing from the distant martyrdom, blowing the black hair in front of Yan’s forehead.

“I remember that when I left Yanbei, I was only nine years old. At that time, the emperor ordered that all the local guards and kings would send protons to Beijing. But the kings did not respond, and Jing Wangye publicly refuted the emperor. One day, the emperor sent a letter to his father. After his father read it, he was silent for a long time. Then he said to several of our brothers: ‘Which of you, who wants to go to the emperor, only one year, After returning, it is the son of Yanbei. ‘We don’t want to go, no one wants to be a child. When the older brother is older and already sensible, he asks his father, ‘Is the father and the emperor not brothers? Why should the emperor guard against it? You? The father was silent for a long time, only to say: ‘Because it is a brother, if I don’t support him, who will support him?’ On that day, I decided to go to the emperor, he is my father, I Do not support him, who will support him?”

Yan Xun suddenly smiled slightly, smiled bitterly, his eyes were mild and watery, but his vicissitudes of life were not like a young man in his twenties. It seems to be an old man who has been through decades of rotation.

“The trip to the emperor’s capital, the blessing is unpredictable, the big brother and the third brother are rushing to go, but because they have official positions, the father finally chose me. On the day of leaving, they have been following my car. After that, it was sent to Hummering, Liuhe County, and Ximaliang. Finally, it was standing on this slope. The father and the older brother, the second brother, stood together, followed by a large number of Yanbei warriors, and the sky was floating. My father’s golden lion flag, I went back far away, and I saw that my second sister was secretly wiping my tears. I heard the third brother shouting and shouting me to be careful. The older brother said that the emperor was colder than Yanbei. I personally made a hand warmer, I have been using it for five years, and finally it was broken by the officials of the city of Zhen Huang on the day when my father was squandered.”

Yan Xun sneered, and the tone was indifferent: “Don’t cliff, don’t cliff, really should have these two words, the day is a different, and the sea into the horizon.”

“Mr.?” Yan Xun turned his head and smiled lightly. “Datong sent you over, I am afraid that I will dispose of the officers and men of the southwest town government.”

Wu Daoya had a glimpse. I didn’t expect the Yanzi topic to talk about it. He smiled and shook his head and said, “No, there is no more heart.”

“Oh, you are really not honest.” Yan Xun smiled and said: “You must be ordered to stop me. After coming, I suddenly heard that the person who led the southwestern town government was Achu, so I lost this worry. Simply say no more, so as not to offend me, right?”

Without waiting for U Daoya to answer, Yan Xun said straight: “The southwestern town government, I did save the hearts of them. When they left them in the Imperial Capital, they wanted them to be confronted with the armed forces of the Imperial Capital. I also hope that they will be The elimination of people no longer stays in the world is unsightly. But Achu saved them, and brought them back with a thousand miles, hey, let them count their lives.”

Wu Daoya heard a smile and smiled: “The younger mind is broad-minded, kind and generous, and can be the leader of the Lord. It is the blessing of Yanbei.”

“Let me come to this set of imaginary, you know that I hate the southwestern town government to make the hate roots itchy, but forced to helpless, if I brought Achu Wanli to bring back the soldiers and horses, Achu will Fencing is hard for me.”

Thinking of the thin and thin but stubborn little girl, U Daoya could not help but smile, cough twice, and slowly said: “This, with Xiao Qiao’s personality, is very likely.”

“But, as a result, there is no way to explain to the dead souls of Yanbei under the ground.”

The tone of this words is extremely light, like a gust of wind, but the smile on the face of Wu Daoya suddenly freezes. In this plain words, he seems to hear the hatred of the bones, smelling the bloody atmosphere, and Wudaoya is busy. Said: “Less master, although the southwestern town government was suspected of having an enemy, but most of the veterans in the camp are no longer, and…”

“Putting into such a military camp is itself an infidelity to Yanbei!”

The young king’s face was cold and cold, and he said in a tone: “When the southwestern town government made a fortune in front of the line, it relied on the big summer, which made the father defeated, although most of these people died in the assassination and revenge of the big peers, but in Such a notorious war, there are people who are willing to enlist in the army, which is the embarrassment of Yanbei bloodline, is a betrayal of the Yan family.”

The cold wind suddenly blows up, the eagle flag above the head hunts and flies in the dark, the young Yan Xun face is cold, the voice is low, slowly said: “Rebellion is the biggest crime, absolutely unforgivable! Maybe the big summer tyrannical like a tiger Maybe they have no choice, but I must let Yanbei people know that for whatever reason, betrayal is only a dead end. No matter what position or reason, it will not be forgiven! If I am forgiving the southwestern town government today, then there will be a second, third, fourth, and hundredth thousand southwestern townships tomorrow. At that time, Yanbei will repeat the same day. Overturned, once again into the bloody sea. Now, since they can escape from the death row, they have to pay for what they have done. After returning, send them to the northwestern side of the line, all into the striker. Go camp.”

Wudao Cliff’s eyebrows are locked, and the striker camp in the northwestern sideline? There, Yanbei is another way of dealing with the death penalty, because the Yanbei people are not prosperous, and they have been harassed by the canines all the year round. The criminals who committed big crimes in Yanbei were compiled into the death squad. Dogs are confrontational. No replenishment, no support, no weapons, and death, at this time, seems to have become the only way out.

“Little Joe won’t agree.”

“She won’t know.” The man said categorically: “Achu, although strong in appearance, is actually a kind-hearted person, even if he is against the enemy, he will never kill him. This kind of thing, don’t let her get involved, presumably The informed person will not bother her.”

This sentence is to say to him. Wudao Cliff silently sighed, but finally no longer tried to save anything. There was a sudden footstep in the distance. Ah Jing stepped forward and half-bowed his body. He whispered, “Your Highness, it is time to take medicine.”

Yan Xun took the medicine bowl and sipped it up. The black medicine flowed down from the corner of the lips. The man wiped it away with a white sputum. The tone was low: “Mr. Wu, don’t always think about the support of the people. The idea, if the people look forward to it, the ten big Xia imperials can’t compare with a big peer. But the big peers will swing for hundreds of years in the Ximeng’s mainland, still only a faction organization is not a political power. In the end, the reason why the big summer The land that can rule Hongchuan is not the public opinion and the votes, but the knife in their hands.”


“I understand it.”

Yan Xun’s mouth swelled and smiled lightly: “Do you really understand?”

Wu Daoya didn’t want to talk anymore. He shifted the topic and asked: “Less master, the sky is bright, if the girl still doesn’t come, we will…”

“I am going to go to Liuhe County to treat you with injuries. You have said it for a hundred times.” Yan Xun frowned at the impatient, then the man turned his face and looked at the black lacquer, his face suddenly rising. A confident Huacai: “Look at it, she will definitely come!”

As Yan Xun said, at this time, the southwestern town government has been less than a hundred miles away from the West Malaysian horses. The soldiers are riding on horsebacks and rushing through the night, all the way!

At three more points, the night became more and more deep, and the army stopped at the foot of Baishi Mountain. In order to be cautious, Chu Qiao sent out 30 scouts and went to Xima Liang to inquire about the Yanbei Army. More than 4,000 officers and men sat in the same place, lit up the campfire, ate dry food, and waited quietly.

It was raining a few days ago, the grass was very wet, and He Xiao took a piece of fur and walked up. Some of them cramped and handed it to Chu Qiao. He said, “ § Mother, sitting on the floor, the floor is cool.”

“Thank you.” Chu Qiao took over and smiled at the young officer. “He General, have you eaten?”

He Xiao sat down and said something awkward: “Where to eat.”

The girl’s brows raised: “How? Does He General have something to worry about?”

He Xiao thought for a long time, and finally he said with courage and sigh: “Girl, will His Royal Highness really forgive us? Yanbei, really let the southwest town government make it?”

“He General, don’t you believe me?”

He Xiao shook his head in a hurry: “The girl has great grace for our army. Without you, we are no longer alive, how can I doubt you.”

“That believe me, I said that the soldiers who will keep the southwestern town government will not quit. I also believe that Yan Shizi will definitely not hesitate to forgive the mistakes you made.” The girl looked solemn and said firmly. “Yanbei is a big disaster. We need to unite as one to resist the wind and rain outside.”


“He General, everyone has a knot that can’t be solved. It is inevitable that some crazy moves will be made. When the southwestern town government made a betrayal of Yanbei, then you were forced to join the military camp of the southwestern township, you and those who betrayed. It is your shame, misunderstood, and bullied, just because you are not strong enough, there is no reason to be respected. But now it is different, you kill the true The emperor, there is no one in the northwestern continent, you are already an iron army, you have contributed life and blood to the independence of Yanbei. He General, people, must first be able to see themselves, in order to get the respect of others, regardless of Yanbei officials The leaders of the big peers, and the thoughts of His Royal Highness, you must first have hope for your future. You are their leader, only you can stand up before you can lead your soldiers to stand up!”

He Xiao’s face turned red, and suddenly stood up and slammed into the ground and said loudly: “Girl! We have discussed it. Only you can be our leader, we can return to Yanbei with peace of mind.”

Chu Qiao, he quickly got up: “What are you doing? Hurry up!”

“Girl! You promised!”

The voice just fell, and countless voices echoed in the back. Chu Qiao looked up and saw that the soldiers not far away stood up. The men who had experienced countless life and death without fear, are going back. When I got home, I got up. Their faces are dark, their clothes are blood-stained, their swords are held in their hands, their eyes are eagerly looking at the petite woman, and the silent eyes are full of great hopes and hopes.

“Girl, you are outstanding, Xia Ganyi, save us all, regardless of life and death, let us surrender to you, we are convinced. And, only under your battle flag, we can save our lives, please do not defer again. !”

“Girl! Don’t push any more!”

The huge sound suddenly rang, and all the soldiers were kneeling on the ground, screaming, the men’s steel knees hit the rocks, like the rumbling drums!

Chu Qiao stood on the boulder, the wind on the top of the mountain was like a sharp knife, blowing across the woods and blowing on her thin shoulders. Looking at these eyes full of enthusiasm and hope, Chu Qiao finally shook his head slowly and said: “I’m sorry, I can’t promise.”



The noisy shouts suddenly sounded, and Chu Qiao’s palms stretched out, indicating that everyone was quiet. Finally, he said in a deep voice: “But I can guarantee my life, and the officers and men of the southwestern town government will definitely get the treatment that matches your merits. The military’s vocation is absolute obedience, even if one day Yanbei will hang the knife on my head, you must not hesitate to wave the sword, so that you are worthy of being a real soldier.”

There was a depression between the heavens and the earth. There was a cold moonlight shining from the sky. The girl’s clothes danced in the night wind, like a rolling wing. She said with a word of silence: “I don’t promise you, just want you.” Knowing the fact that there is only one leader in Yanbei, you can only be loyal to one person, that person is Yanbei Shizi.”

Lonely moon is like silver, the figure of the woman looks as elegant as the fairy, and the soldiers are staring up. At this moment, the little figure seems to have the power of miracles.

“Girl, what about you?”

“I? I will fight with you, and I have my own wishes and ideals.”

“What is the girl’s ideal?”

Chu Qiao’s mouth was slightly pulled up, with a smile of satisfaction and full of hope: “In my lifetime, I have to see him in the world.”

The night is as cool as water, and the dark winds of the White Rock Mountain pass through the heavy mountains and whizz away toward the far north. Those firm beliefs, obsessive words, broken and cracked in the wind, scattered in the boundless dark night.

The grassland of Yanbei, I am finally coming.


A sudden cry came and saw a scout rushing forward, blood on his shoulders, and shouted: “Brothers are attacked in front!”

“Is it attacked?” He Xiao stood up and asked, “What kind of person? How many soldiers are there?”

“There are only seven people, the origins are unknown, and the brethren have not asked, and those people are rushing up with the guys.”

Chu Qiao stood up and said, “Go, go see!”

The soldiers in the southwestern township turned over and caught up with the woman in front.

Thirty people fight against seven people, and they have already been determined to win or lose when they have just played. When Chu Qiao and others arrived, the scouts of the southwestern town government had already taken the seven people down. Because they didn’t know each other’s identity, they didn’t kill the killers. It’s just that everyone’s clothes were blood-stained and awkward.

When Chu Qiao looked at it, he felt familiar and didn’t talk. One of the men suddenly screamed and said, “It is Chu girl!”

The girl frowned: “Do you know me?”

“I am the subordinate Song of the Ai Guardian!”

“You are the subordinate of Ah Jing?” Chu Qiao suddenly realized, said to other people: “It is a person, a misunderstanding.”

He Xiao and others were shocked. They just came to Yanbei, and they were guilty. When they first came to conflict with local troops, how could they not be afraid? Quickly let Song Gan and others untie, and the two of them are close to each other.

“What are you doing? How do you wear casual clothes and get out of the mission?”

As soon as this statement came out, several people suddenly looked pale, and Song thought for a long while, and smiled: “Girl, we are on the mission, you should go to Xima Liang, you have been waiting for you, and you have not left yet.” ”

When the voice just fell, everyone suddenly felt happy, and Yan Shizi had been waiting for himself with great risks. Did he really not want to abandon the southwestern town government, and it would be true to send Chu girls to meet them?

However, Chu Qiao’s face did not have a smile of joy. She frowned and looked at Song Gan and others. Shen Sheng said: “What mission are you doing?”

“Girl, it is a secret mission.” Song Gan said: “We don’t dare to wear military uniforms. There are many people here, so It’s hard to say.”

“What’s hard to say?” The girl frowned and said sharply: “The child has never been obsessed with me. Now, fighting with the inland, you are so sneaking into the inland, what mission is it?”

She suddenly became angry and scared a few people. Song’s lips trembled and thought for a long while, but still could not find an excuse for explanation.

“Say! Are you a spy of the emperor!”

“We are not!”

“唰”, Chu Qiao pulled out the sword from the waist, Fengfeng ice cold, said Shen Sheng: “Say! Is it?”

Song Gan scared the sly squatting on the ground and said aloud: “Girl, we are not, we are obeying the orders of the Guardian adults to go to the emperor to escort the thirteen princes back.”

“Thirteen Emperors?” Chu Qiao’s face changed dramatically: “What do you say? Where is he?”

“He is…he is…”

“Where?” The sword was cold, and it was placed on the neck of Song Gan. The girl looked like iron, full of the coldness of the storm.

“In… there.”

Chu Qiao looked cold and strode forward. He Xiao and others quickly guarded behind her. Two soldiers opened the grass in front of them. A black hole suddenly appeared in front of the cave, and the torch was illuminated. At that moment, everyone was suddenly pale.

Chu Qiao stood in the hole, holding a sword in his hand, his eyebrows locked, his chest violently undulating, and a crazy killing rushing in her eyes, like the overwhelming sea water, rushing to ravage everything.

Three naked Yanbei soldiers looked at Chu Qiao and others in a panic, shaking like a sieve. Behind them, the woman’s clothes had been torn and shattered, hands and feet were tied, and the face was high. The high swelling, the mouth is full of bloodshot hair, the hair is messy, like a weed, the body is full of traces of being licked and smashed, and the lower body is a mess. She was lying there, as if she was a dead body. The desperate humiliation was constantly coming from the body, the tears had dried up, and a white trace was slid in the corner of her eye.


In the innermost part of the cave, the one-armed man with a flesh-and-blood body lay in the corner, the rope tied to the hands and feet was full of blood, and at first glance, he knew how the man had struggled before, even now, in a coma. His face is still furious, with despair and anger that destroys the earth!

“You three, come out.”

Chu Qiao’s voice was very hoarse, like a broken string, and the surrounding soldiers listened to each other and looked at her with horror.

The girl was very quiet. Her fingers pointed at the three people inside and nodded. “Yes, It’s three of you.”

The three were like scared rabbits, and they ran out with their clothes. The officers and men of the southwestern town government gave them a way to open a road, as if they had any infectious diseases, they didn’t even want to take a look.

“唰”, Chu Qiao suddenly screamed, so that the whole body strength, a sword cut the head of the soldier, the blood of the big stock suddenly splashed, the blood in the neck seems to be a rushing river, crazy spewing ! The other two soldiers were shocked. They took counterattacks when they picked up the sword. He Xiao and others took out a long knife at the waist and surrounded them.

“He Xiao,” Chu Qiao stepped on the man’s body and strode into the hole, throwing a cold sentence: “Cance the two men to hack the dead.”


Suddenly behind the scenes, there was a fierce killing sound. Chu Qiao was unable to see it again. She closed the messy weeds and walked into the cave full of **** flavor. At the side of Zhao Yuer, she lifted her up and tried to wear those broken clothes for her.

“Girl! Forgive us! Ah!”

A scream came suddenly, and soon the two men were begging for mercy again. In the moment of life and death, the fear of death made these people lose their senses. They screamed wildly: “It is the command of His Royal Highness, we are just Act in obedience!”

“Girl, spare us!”


A tear suddenly slid down from Zhao’s eyes, and along her fair skin, she fell on her body and ran through the nausea. The girl is like a broken doll, tears fall down line by line, her head is blank, those simple days are like the winter wind, whistling away from her life, those days that are young and beautiful, finally It became an incomparable irony, and she tried her best to laugh at her stupidity and humbleness. She bit her lip, tears falling down, forcing her to stop crying.

Chu Qiao’s hand gradually became stiff in the outside voice. She lowered her head, but she could not wear the broken cloth on Zhao’s body. Her eyes were wide, her eyes were red and her face was pale. It was like a piece of paper. She untied her robe, dressed it for her, then wraps around her and combs her hair.

“You, can you stand up?”

Chu Qiao stood in front of Zhao Yuer, and lowered his voice.

Zhao Yuer finally had a reaction. She looked up and looked at the woman who was dressed up. Chu Qiao reached out and continued: “I will take you out, I will send you home.”

Suddenly, Zhao’s eyes flashed a violent hatred. She grabbed Chu Qiao’s hand and opened her mouth like a crazy beast!

Blood, suddenly slipped down along Chu’s wrist, and all the drops fell on Zhao’s clothes. The crazy girl tried her best to bite, and she refused to let go. Chu Qiao tightened his mouth and slowly squatted down, and the other hand hugged Zhao’s shoulder. The tears lingered, the girl’s voice was low and hoarse: “I’m sorry, sorry.”


After a short whimper, Zhao Yuer finally burst into tears, and the old arrogant woman was like a despicable weed, and the body was covered with scars that the people had trampled on. She was holding this girl who hated the whole eight years. Back, sad and desperate crazy crying.

“Why? Why are you doing this to me? Kill you! Kill you! Kill you!”

Chu Qiao was motionless and was beaten by Zhao Weier. She looked at the man lying in the pool of blood, looking at his sly face and tight eyebrows, but he couldn’t wear this man and his memory in a loose green robe. The teenagers are linked together. So many broken pictures flew past her mind, like a huge storm, the handsome man stood in front of her with a smile, happy laughter: “Achu, I am old, can open Jianfu Yu Wang is here!”

Chu Qiao’s tears finally couldn’t stand it anymore. She grabbed her mouth and couldn’t control the crying.

Thirteen, thirteen, thirteen…

It rained from the fourth day that night. After Zhao Yuer and Zhao Wei got on the carriage, Chu Qiao came to the empty grassland. Behind them were a large number of southwestern towns and villages full of hustle and bustle. Song Gan and others looked scared, like a wild dog.

“Who is Zhao’s arm? Who cut it?”

“Is it under the lord?”

Chu Qiao frowned and shouted: “Lie!”

“Girl, I didn’t!” Song Gan was scared with tears in his face and shouted: “Really, it was cut by His Royal Highness. He came to sneak down the temple and was cut down by His Royal Highness. The girl was going to kill them. His Highness is not Let us escort them back to the emperor.”

Chu Qiao took a deep breath and said in a deep voice: “Why didn’t you kill them?”

“The Guardian said, “I am afraid that the girl is angry.” Song Gangang finished, fearing that Chu Qiao would mention his abuse of lynching. He said quickly: “But, if you do it on the road, the girl will not know, it will not Angry.”

Chu Qiao’s voice was low, and heavy rain poured on her hair: “Is this sentence also said by the Guardian?”

“This… yes, yes!”

He Xiao sees Chu Qiao’s face is not good, suddenly shouted: “Don’t dare to say a word, I chop you!”

“You don’t have to say it anymore,” Chu Qiao looked up and said, “Put them down and kill them all!”

“There is no nonsense under the subordinates!” Song Gan cried: “Girl, look at these people, who is not the worst one in the army who is harmed by the summer. Our parents, wives, brothers and sisters are not If you don’t want us to start working on the hands of the big summer official, why should we draw us from the camps?”

“Yes!” Another soldier shouted: “What happened to us?” We are the princess who slept in the summer, what happened? My sister was ruined by the nobles of Da Xia, and my aunt went to the newspaper. But I was killed by a mess! I have something wrong?”

“Yes! Girl, what’s wrong with us? Why punish us?”

“Let me tell you what you have done wrong!”

A flash of lightning suddenly exploded, and the heavens and the earth were white. The girl turned back and pointed at the carriage. She said slowly: “Because the people who killed your parents, the people who insulted your sister, bully and persecute you.” People, not them!”

Huge screams suddenly sounded, Chu Qiao did not look back, she just looked at the carriage quietly, and the heavy footsteps seemed to fall into a huge stone, unable to step forward.

“Girl!” He Xiao strode forward and wiped the water on his face. He said with a rough voice: “The animals have been slaughtered.”

“He Xiao, you go to West Malaysia to cool yourself.” Chu Qiao pale, whispered: “I can’t accompany you.”

“Girl!” He Xiao was shocked and shouted: “Why?”

The thunder was booming, the rain was heavy, and the pouring rain hit the face, covering the tears that did not want to show people.

“Because I have more important things to do.”

The sun rises, the rain stops, and the heavens and the earth are refreshing, as if all the filth and sin are washed away by the rain.

On the high cliff slope, a man stood tall, with a long white coat, pale face, eyes like ink, quietly looking at the thousands of mountains in the distance.

“Less master, we should go.”

Wu Daoya stood behind Yan Xun and said softly.

Yan Xun did not speak, he looked into the distance, the cold wind blew, the sick body suddenly began to cough sharply, the sound was so heavy, the air seemed to have a bloody salty taste.

“Little Lord?”

“Well.” Yan Xun waved his hand and slowly turned around, rejecting the hand that Udayama wanted to help, while coughing and slowly walking down the hill.

The green hills are rolling up and down. Behind the invisible mountain beams, the Qingbu carriage slowly moves. On the high sky, there are snow-white eagle whirls, following the carriage, and gradually leaving the sky in Yanbei.

The lonely wilderness is full of people, and the wars and killings of the years have made this place a scorched earth. Whenever the army crosses the border, the people are escaping and looking for other places to live. However, this ups and downs of chaos, where is the real paradise?

Three days of heavy rain, lingering, the north winds, the heavy rain, the carriages to a run-down village, everywhere seen is no black ruins, looking for a relatively complete room, Chu Qiao still Zhao Wei, who was in a coma, went in. Clean the house with hands and feet, find clean hay, pick up firewood, and in less than half an hour, the house has warmed up.

This unmanned area is the Chuanzhong area. At that time, Chu Qiao took the southwestern town government to pass through here, and also had a battle with Zhao Wei’s conquest army not far away. Apparently, the people here were scared to escape in the war. Apart from food and clothing, they had nothing to take away. The pots and pans were well preserved, and there was even clean water in the tank. There is also a large bundle of wood fires for the winter.

Chu Qiao took a bowl of hot water and walked to the side of Zhao Yuer, who was sitting alone in the corner of the room, squatting down and handing her dry food and clear water to her.

The old Jinzhi jade leaves did not look up, and did not disappoint such a simple meal. She took the dry food silently, bowed her head and drank her mouth, and said quietly.


On this road, Zhao Yuer has always been like this. She unexpectedly did not show any hostility to Chu Qiao, and she did not have obvious resistance. She obeyed, obeyed, whispered, eaten, and drank. The road is difficult, she will go down with Chu Qiao in the heavy rain, no dry wood, she will be the same as Chu Qiao in the cold water to eat difficult to swallow coarse grains, encounter shallow river, she will wading through the water, encounter chaos, She will learn how Chu Qiao looks, picking up the murderous light of a hungry wolf in the eyes of the knife. However, she rarely talks, except Zhao Wei, she is no longer interested in everything else.

Chu Qiao knows that she did not thank her for her own, and she was not scared. In the humiliating disaster, the girl grew up at an alarming rate, and something has changed in the unnoticed corner. Chu Qiao even thought about some of his worries. Is his own behavior at this moment a self-defeating disguised form?

Crush the dry food and pour it in the hot water. Chu Qiao came to Zhao Wei, extended two fingers, opened his mouth, and then forced the food into it.

The man’s brows are tightly locked, and the chin is a newly grown scorpion. Unlike the Yan Xun and Zhuge Yue, the former Zhao Wei has a pleasing round face, his eyebrows are very thick, and he is angry like a little lion. The face is always red. However, in just a few days, the skinny skin that was once tortured by the sun-drenched youth was pale.

Looking at his empty right arm, blood-stained clothes, Chu Qiao turned his head gently, could not bear to see.


A low sigh of screams suddenly sounded, and Zhao Xiaoer, who had been quiet for a long time, suddenly seemed like a little beast. When he rushed, he picked up himself and grabbed him.

Zhao Yan’s brow was locked and his face had a painful look. Chu Qiao was nervously on his side, holding his hand with excitement and whispering lowly: “Thirteen? Thirteen?”

“Stupid… son… don’t go!”

The low, broken voice came from the man’s mouth. He closed his eyes, his forehead was blue and his face was painful, like a beast trapped in a cage.

“Thirteen brothers!” Zhao Yuer fluttered on Zhao Wei’s body and shouted: “Thirteen brothers, my nephew is here, I don’t go anywhere!”

Chu Qiao was pushed aside by Zhao Yuer and couldn’t help but whispered: “Princess, don’t touch the wound.”

“Let’s get out!” The girl jerked her head back, her face was stern, and she looked at her with a look of disgust.

“Don’t follow… he goes… will… will die…”

“Thirteen brothers,” Zhao Yuer looked dull and couldn’t help but nodded. “You know, you can rest assured.”

Zhao Wei’s face is not normal with flushing. It seems to be having a fever. Chu Qiao stood by, but did not know how to approach such a brother and sister. She wanted to go back to boil water, but she just turned around and was hoarse. The sound of the lightning bolted the foot firmly in place.

“I… I can… protect… you… Achu…”

Zhao Yuer stayed in the woods, the girl’s face was pale, like a ghost possessed, turned around and looked at Chu Qiao, and turned to look at Zhao Wei in a coma. Suddenly, a ugly smile appeared in the corner of her mouth. She returned to the corner covered with hay, holding her knees and buried her head deeply.

Throughout the night, Zhao Wei was talking nonsense. Sometimes, he was believing in the big Yan Xun, and sometimes he was running in a crazy yelling, and more often, he was pleading. Chu Qiao, ask her to stay and ask her not to leave.

This man who was on the line of Jiulong Long Street, who was decisive and decisive, and who had his own demeanor, exposed all his fragility and softness to the night of this heavy rain, word by word, like a knife. Ling is late with Chu Qiao’s heart.

When the sky is going to be clear, he suddenly wakes up. Chu Qiao is guarding him all night, feeding him with water to cool down. When he wakes up, Chu Qiao surprises and screams: “Are you awake?” ”

The voice alarmed Zhao Yuer, who closed her eyes, and the girl opened her eyes and looked over, but did not come over.

Zhao Wei’s eyes were a bit stunned. For a time he didn’t even know where he was. He looked at Chu Qiao, his eyes changed from the initial surprise to the doubt, and then the emotions such as pity, resentment, anger and so on slipped through his black shackles, and finally they were covered by huge indifference. The eyes were so cold, like Wan Guxue. The ice on the peak makes people back cold. From his eyes, Chu Qiao seems to revisit their friendship over the years, from the first knowledge to the handover, and finally, under the shackles of the palace wall collapsed.

At this moment, Chu Qiao suddenly understood the fact that she had long understood that she still had a trace of luck. She and Zhao Wei, it is really impossible to be friends again. Some injuries have already formed, just like his broken arm. No matter how you remedy it, it is impossible to get everything back to its original state.


Zhao Wei turned his head and looked at Zhao Yuer in the corner. His voice was hoarse. It seemed to be a rusty saw blade. With his only arm, he stretched out to the thin girl.

Zhao Yuer picked up his mouth and squatted and climbed over. His eyes were red and his lips were shaking, but he pulled out a smile that was more ugly than crying. He held Zhao’s hand.

The rain poured out outside, and the fire in the house was piled up. This is relatively silent for the rest of the brothers and sisters. The two statues are like two statues. The words that do not need to be expressed are turned into two sad eyes and meet in a small space.

“Hey,” the young prince had no sunshine and free and easy. He was like an old man, holding his sister tightly, and his voice was low. “My brother can’t stop you.”

Zhao Yuer didn’t talk, just shook his head desperately, and the tears that endured all the way finally came down at this moment, as her head went to the sides messy.

Chu Qiao slowly stood up, no one looked at her, and no one noticed her. In this environment, her shadow seemed so superfluous. Everything today, she has an unshirkable responsibility, she is an indirect executioner, undeniable.

The girl turned and took the sword on the ground, and with a broken mat, she opened the door and went out.

The door slammed shut, and the rain poured down outside, and the cold wind called, like a wild beast ran rampage.

On the mat, she quickly ran to the stable. The black horse saw her approaching, and suddenly she was happy and snorted, excitedly covering her head.

Chu Qiao licked the rain on his body, smiled and walked up, took a picture of the horse’s neck, smiled and said: “You still welcome me, right?”

The horse didn’t know if she could understand her words. She saw the owner’s friendship and only knew that she was happy and shook her head.

“I can only come to you tonight.”

Chu Qiao smiled and sat down on the horse. The horse clung to her, and the relatives used her neck to squat up and down her arms.

In the bag on the horse, a slamming thing fell out. Chu Qiao picked it up and saw it was a small pot of spirits.

I haven’t been drinking for many years, but when she was separated from the southwestern township, she was so dear that she took a pot of wine from He Xiao.

The wind and rain outside is getting bigger and bigger, and there is a gray sky between the heavens and the earth, and there is almost no rising sun. The room was warm and the fire was still burning. According to the figures of the two people inside, they were projected on the window paper and shadowed.

The girl was sitting in the stable, leaning on one leg, leaning against the horse, holding the sword in one hand, picking up the jug in one hand, and drinking it on her head.

The spirits went into the throat, like the burning fire. She suddenly started a severe cough, as if she had to cough up the lungs. The horse was alarmed and looked at her in panic. She coughed and comforted her neck, coughing and laughing: “Nothing… cough… I’m fine…”

She smiled, tears streaming out of her eyes, like a stream of water, falling drop on her cheek, shaking with her violent cough.

The heavens and the earth were connected by the heavy rain, and there was no such thing as a clearing of the sun. Everything was like a stick figure. On the dark ruins, the girl’s figure was thin and thin, and it was so desolate.

In the early morning, the heavy rain finally stopped, and the sun showed off from the fog, and it quickly hid. After feeding the horse, Chu Qiao came to the door and knocked it gently. The voice was a little dumb and whispered softly: “Are you awake? It’s on the road.”

There was a bang in the sound, and Chu Qiao retreated to stand quietly. For a while, Chaimen slammed open, Zhao Yuer stood at the door, his face was cold, but his tone was calm: “Thirteen brothers told you to go in.”

Chu Qiao nodded and followed Zhao Zhao’s body and entered the house.

Zhao Wei sat in the straw, his hair was combed by Zhao Yuer, and his beard was also shaved. The whole person looked much refreshed. If it weren’t for the empty sleeves, she almost thought it was just a nightmare.

“Let’s go.” Zhao Yan looked cold and cold, and his voice was calm, but with indifference that refused people thousands of miles away: “I don’t want to see you again.”

I have long thought of this, Chu Qiao is not panicking, just calmly replied: “I want to send you back, this is a long way to go to Zhen Huang, I don’t trust you to go.”

Zhao Yan’s eyebrows rose and he looked like a knife in Chu Qiao’s body: “We are born to die, what are you doing with you?”

Suddenly, the heart was suddenly stunned by a piece of meat. Chu Qiao took a deep breath and continued: “There is a war in the middle of Sichuan, and there are people everywhere. The kings of all major clan are watching, and the armed forces everywhere are Rapid expansion, this time, Zhao’s imperial power can no longer deter them. Before returning to Zhen Huang, you can’t even show your identity. The bandits in the west of Sichuan have gathered together and flowed in the Hetao area. You…”

“Enough,” Zhao said, frowning impatiently. He said, “I said, we are born and dead, what are you doing with you?”


The heart seemed to be crushed by a huge stone. Chu Qiao took a deep breath. For a long time, he said with a dumb voice: “Zhao Wei, I know that you hate me. I also know that I can’t forgive me for doing this, but, I can’t watch you go to death.”

Zhao Wei smiled coldly and looked at Chu Qiao with a raised eyebrow. He said coldly: “Achu, do you know what I liked most about you before?”

Chu Qiao stunned and suddenly looked up. He only listened to Zhao Yu’s words and said slowly: “I used to like you the most, that is, you are now like this, always confident, no matter what position or what you are in. In terms of identity and situation, you will not look down on yourself, you will not be arrogant, you will not lose hope, you will be so determined, and you will firmly believe in your ability.”

“But,” Zhao Yan’s eyes suddenly darkened, his mouth was cold: “I really hate you like this now, arrogant, self-righteous, always a savior’s face. Who do you think you are, you think you What are you doing now? Alms? Forgiveness? Or do you want to do something, and then you can return to the beast to live your life with peace of mind?”

Chu Qiao shook his head and bit his lower lip, trying to explain: “Zhao Wei, I…”

“Get out! Don’t let me see you again!” Zhao said with anger: “I have said to you long ago that you and I have already broken each other. See you again, you are dead or I am dead, betray the empire, kill the people, you One hundred deaths cannot be forgiven!”

“Zhao Wei…”


Zhao Wei was furious, Chu Qiao was in the same place, his hands and feet were shaking involuntarily. She straightened her back and continued to say: “Zhao Wei, I will watch you go into the real Huang and leave, even if you don’t need me, There is also a princess, this road is high and the water is long, you should not want the same thing to happen to her again.”

When this statement came out, Zhao Yu’s body suddenly became stagnant. Zhao Wei looked back at Zhao’s eyes and immediately said stubbornly: “I will protect my sister, and this will not be your concern.”

“Thirteen brothers…”

“Don’t you be weak enough to be protected by the enemy?” Zhao Yuer just wanted to open his mouth. Zhao Wei suddenly screamed and screamed. Zhao Yaner looked at Chu Qiao with a complicated look and then bite his lower lip and stop talking.

After half an hour, Chu Qiao looked at Zhao Yu and Zhao Yuer’s carriage gradually disappeared into the distant ancient road, tired and suddenly came to the sea, the cold rain caused her to get hot, almost standing unstable, but when the morning sun finally pierced In the thick fog, she still bite her teeth and climb the horse, striding forward toward the front.

Since that day, she has been wandering carefully in front of Zhao’s carriage. Because she can’t make a route for them, she can only clear the way for them in the evening, and they will break up the robbers and chaos. The gangsters who encountered large stocks deliberately exposed the possession to lead the enemy away, and the daytime was far behind and protected in the dark. Because her horse is fast, she has never been discovered.

However, after four days of this, because of the extreme fatigue and the day-to-day meal, she finally fell ill.

When I woke up, there was still heavy rain outside. She was lying in a dilapidated little Maoting. Zhao Yuer was wearing a sash and holding a bowl with a missing mouth. There were two pieces of dry food in it.

“Eat, if you are dead, who will escort us back.”

The princess of the Zhao royal family looked at her with a condescending look. She said calmly, placing the bowl on the ground and then turned and left.

On the face of Chu Qiao’s white and white, there was a muddy water splashing on it, like a shocking scar. She looked at Zhao Yu’s figure and gradually disappeared into the rain. I don’t know why, my eyes suddenly had an inexplicable warmth.

Seven days later, the ancient capital of Zhen Huang finally emerged in the morning mist in the morning. This is the first capital of the northern part of the Ximeng continent, which has experienced three hundred years of war baptism. It is like a sleeping lion crouching in the waves. On the land of Hongchuan, looking at this city where he has lived for eight years, Chu Qiao suddenly felt exhausted and full of emotion.

Turning the horse’s head, facing the northwest, is about to leave, Dada’s horseshoe suddenly sounded behind him, Chujo calmly turned back, looked at the people in front, quietly.

“you are leaving?”


“Will you go back to him?”


“still coming back?”

“I don’t know, maybe I will come back, maybe not.”

“Haha,” Zhao said suddenly and laughed. The sleeves of the one-armed arm fluttered in the wind. The picture looked strange like a kite with half of its wings. “Look, I am really a weak man!”

“Thirteen,” Chu Qiao said in a deep voice: “Thank you for coming to see me last.”

Zhao Wei smiled bitterly: “You can escort me to me in a thousand miles. Is my heart narrow enough to not see you?”

The yellow sand piled up everywhere, the wind blew, and the sky flew. Zhao Wei was wearing a brown, rough coat, but it did not hurt his royal richness. The man’s hair was blown by the wind, and the tone was cold. He said slowly: “But this time, it will be the last time.” He meets every day, you don’t have to talk to me anymore, and I won’t leave you feelings.”

Chu Qiao slowly shook his head: “I won’t kill you.”

“That is your business,” Zhao said coldly. “Anyone betraying the empire is a dead end.”

Chu Qiao heard the words, wrinkled his brows and looked up. He said with a word of words: “Zhao Wei, what is an empire?”

Zhao Xiaomei’s heart is a cluster. He only listens to Chu’s voice and continues to say: “What is the king of heaven? Is it that you Zhao’s family is a big one, and It’s like gold? No one can resist it? The sin of war, there is no right or wrong, only victory and defeat! When your father deceived friends, slaughtered Yanbei, killing Yan’s relatives, how do you hate this hatred? In eight years, the assassination and murder you saw with your own eyes How many? Do you dare to say that Zhao Zhengde has taken care of Yan Xun, and the virtues are like the sea? The so-called marrying woman and getting married are just a scam that hides the ears. We will not die in the evening, we must die in Barre. And Wei Shuzheng’s hand, what you see today is only two green graves, two cups of loess. Zhao Wei, you have been deceiving yourself, thinking that you can’t see the big summer’s **** with your eyes closed, thinking that I can’t hear the sorrows of the people in the world, but I don’t think about it. It’s just a small imperial rebellion. Why did the big summer emperor fall apart? I don’t deny that I did live up to your trust, sorry for you. Years of care, but when it comes to betrayal The empire, launching this war, I have no flaws, no regrets at all. We are antagonistic from the beginning, from the possibility of irreconciliation, even if everything is ever, I will still make the same choice as now.”

The words of 铿锵 scatter in the cold wind, Zhao Wei sneered, shaking his head and sighing: “Achu, I really misread you.”

“You didn’t, you just didn’t know all of me.” Chu Qiao said in a deep voice: “Zhao Wei, living in this era, is your sorrow. The grace of dripping water is reported by the spring, eight years ago, Yan Xun once Helping me in desperate circumstances, when I decided to follow him into the Holy Golden Palace, your destiny is destined. You are the emperor of Da Xia, but I am determined to overthrow the Xia Dynasty, between you and me. Will break the sand field. The entire Da Xia dynasty knows that Xia Huang will not let go of Yan Xun, but only you can do nothing when you do nothing. For eight years, I have repeatedly hinted that you alienate you, no matter what. You always refuse to recognize the reality, and naively think that your father will let go of this Yanbei’s slippery fish. Zhao Wei, I never thought about cheating you, betrayed that it is impossible to say, but I did hurt. You, your years of care and kindness, I will remember that if he has the opportunity, he will repay.”

“It seems that everything is self-sufficient and too naive.” Zhao Xiao smiled and turned away: “I will not let you have the ability to repay me, Achu, let’s go, I hope Don’t see you again in this life.”

“Zhao Wei!” Chu Qiao suddenly shouted, Zhao Wei heard a horseshoe, but did not look back.

Chu Qiao thought for a long time, took a deep breath, and then asked in a deep voice: “How is Yan Xun?”

Zhao Wei’s back was suddenly stiff and the wind blew, making his eyes colder.

“Not forced to desperate, he will never hurt you! If he is seriously injured and unable to govern, he will never allow those people to escort you! You hurt him, fatal, very serious, right?”

Although it is a questionable sentence, but there is no half-question tone, Chu Qiao affirmed this sentence, is a conclusion, not a hypothesis.

“Yes!” Zhao Wei said to Chu Qiao, said in a tone of voice: “He can’t live for a long time, but you can still go back and give him the end.”

Suddenly there was no sound behind me, only the low breathing, the rushing, the oppressive, after a long time, the hoarse voice came from behind: “Thank you for telling me.”

After all, a crisp hoof sound suddenly sounded behind him, even when it was too late to say a word, or there was no need to say goodbye. The woman immediately turned her head in anxiously, heading northwest, and rushing away!

The person behind him has already left, Zhao Wei still stays in the same place, the horse is uneasy on the ground with hooves, the cold wind blowing, the man’s sleeves flying in the air, looks full of deep sadness and bitterness.

Achu, you are a word, a word, a mantra, how can I simply not even understand these? For eight years, this worry has been struggling with my heart. However, I have never been willing to let go of the opportunity to seize you. I don’t know, but I don’t want to admit it. I always thought that as long as I work harder, I can leave you. live. I have been bitterly deceiving myself for so many years, and I have been fooled into even the belief that I have weaved lies. The empire will be tilted, the building will be overwritten, and my sentence will not betray the big summer of Yan Xun. In fact, it is really sad, but you finally betrayed me!


Although, all this, I have already guessed it.

Meet in a narrow way, killing and ambulance, escorting thousands of miles, don’t ask a few words, but you know everything, you can guess everything, just because of the firm belief and unshakable trust! A Chu, I used to think that in my heart, I and his weight should be similar. Even if it is bad, it will not be much worse, but until now, I have known how wrongful I am.

Zhao Wei looked up and smiled, slowly closed his eyes, and fell for half a lifetime. Finally, he was still a mirror.

The violent horseshoe sound suddenly sounded, and Zhao Wei suddenly looked up. He saw Zhao Yuer and Zhao Che coming together, followed by a large number of large summer officers and men, with more than 300 people.

“Chu Qiao?” Zhao Yuer was in front of the horse, his eyebrows were fierce, and he had already lost his former slutty and weakness. Like a sharp dagger, he slammed the horse and asked aloud: “Thirteen brothers, What about her?”


“Walk? How can you let her go?” The big summer princess took a look and asked, “Where are you going?”

Seeing Zhao Wei’s silence, Zhao’s child was furious and shouted: “Thirteenth brother! We are liked by them, you have forgotten, are you?”

“Thirteen brothers, which way did she go?”

Zhao Che was wearing a black armor, and his eyes glanced at Zhao Wei’s broken arm. He did not ask much. Obviously, he had learned everything from Zhao Wei’s child.

In an instant, the past eight years of whistling in my mind together, like a huge tornado storm, he still remembers that day, the girl was dyed white cotton skirt, white camel hair boots, two inserted in the head Only the jade flower of the jade, smiled like a flower to himself said: “My name is Zi Xu, living in Wu Youyuan, is the little sister of Dou Da Niang, the daily work is to give some young ladies to play some clay people to play, you have to Remember it!”

Zhao Yuer’s eyebrows were picked and screamed: “Zhao Wei! Are you still a Zhao family?”

“The other side.” Zhao Wei raised his finger and turned toward the direction of Chu Qiao. The voice just fell, and the three hundred people rushed away, and only one piece of dust was flying in the blink of an eye.

A Chu, between you and me, is still a vain and a different position. There is no possibility of being side by side from the beginning. You are willing to take me home, but I can’t let you go. There was nothing in the air, and there was nothing wrong with it. On that day, a joke was actually honoured today.

The lonely wind is like a spin, and there is a depression between the heavens and the earth. Zhao Wei hits the horse and walks slowly toward the ancient city of Zhen Huang. The back is lonely and oblique.

“Seven of His Royal Highness, no in front.”

The scout quickly rushed back, Zhao Che looked gloomy, and did not speak, Zhao Yuer said first: “Her horse is fast, immediately sent a 10-way squadron, quickly chasing, she is even more powerful, a woman alone need to eat and drink alone In the morning and evening, we will catch up. In addition, the pigeons will immediately pass the book and inform the county and county along the way. They said that Yanbei Chu Qiao, who had killed a large number of coalition forces before, came, and the army did not carry it. There was only one person, I believe, This day, people who hate her bones are definitely more than me. There will be many people who are willing to take the shots on our behalf. Under the celestial net, I have to see how she returned to Yanbei alone?”

Zhao Che slightly picks his head and passes over to look at his little sister. He frowned and said, “Hey, what happened to you on the road?”

Zhao Yier looked up and nervously looked up and asked, “Why did the Seventh Brother ask this question?”

“You have changed a lot.”

Zhao Yuer’s eyes were deep, and the dirty pictures echoed in my mind again. The girl smiled coldly: “Seven brothers, I have not changed, I just grew up.”


Zhao Yuer sighed and went forward. Zhao Xiao and many soldiers quickly followed and guarded her behind her.

A long time later, in a piece of grass outside the official road, a petite figure suddenly stood up. She looked at the direction in which Zhao Che disappeared, and suddenly the heart spread suddenly and bitterly.

Sure enough, she did not expect her, Zhao Wei really sold her, she deliberately chose a road back to Yanbei, if Zhao Wei does not say, Zhao Che and others will certainly pursue another way.

And Zhao Yuer, quiet and silent all the way, never showed hostility, and even intended to guide her to Zhen Huang, in order to let her escort her safe return to the Imperial Capital, and then kill her and then quickly.

This big summer princess has already saved her heart for her!

Standing on the empty wasteland, the long eagle screams in the sky, the wings are white, like the white eagle of the Tianshan Mountains.

Chu Qiao bent his fingers and blew a loud whistle. At a great distance, a dark horse rushed quickly and quickly ran to Chu Qiao, happy around her.

Chu Qiao turned over and jumped on the horse, and smiled calmly: “Brother, we have to go far, and the road ahead is blocked.”

From Zhen Huang to Yanbei, it was a flat plain. In order to prevent the southwestern township from escaping, several large counties and garrisons in the middle of the road ordered the wild grass to be cut off, the trees were cut off, and all the jungles that could provide shelter were provided. Cut down, every river, ferry, ramp, there are special guards. They thought that Chu Qiao only dared to sneak away, but it was unexpected that Chu Qiao took the southwestern township to make a big killing. After several battles, they would be wasting their previous arrangements.

But now, these previous arrangements can play a huge role. At the moment, these officials who have suffered big losses in their own hands have learned that they are alone in trying to cross the miles of the siege and return to Yanbei, who will not wait for her eyes. Casting a net? At this time, whoever can catch her will obviously form a constraint on Yanbei New King, and it will be a big blow to the new Yanbei regime. After all, Chu Qiao, with four thousand people fighting in a thousand miles, no record of defeat, is enough to make these family members scruples.

If you still return to the original way, it is tantamount to self-destruction and no hope of escape.

The only way out now is to take the road to the southeast, enter the border of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, go south to the Qingtongshan Trail, transfer to the southern Xinjiang Wuyan River, go upstream, and finally return to Yanbei!

The horse slammed her neck with her neck, Chucho smiled, and her voice was full of confidence. She took hold of the horse and sighed and went to the East.

Chu Qiao not only stunned Zhao’s hatred towards her, but also stunned Zhao’s wisdom and her position in the eyes of the Da Xia clan. After the release of the Haibu Tongwen of the Emperor of Emperor Huang, the Great Summer Empire, which was originally disintegrated, suddenly showed unprecedented unity. The defenders of all localities responded to the call of the empire, actively preparing for the war, and arbitrarily arguing with tens of thousands of people. He has held more than ten times, impassioned speeches, inspiring mobilization meetings, and a lively parade of people. It is in full swing in the summer, as if they are facing an unaccompanied woman, but a million soldiers. same. In the past, the morale of the Yanbei army was so high that the soldiers sang the war songs and listened to the drums. In the tearful eyes of the local lords, they rushed out of the city gate and plunged into the boundless wilderness. Their arduous and dangerous Wanli hunting.

The unsuspecting civilians thought that the Yanbei Army had come over, everyone was panicked, and the valuable items in the family had already been packed, ready to follow the chaos.

Chu Qiao knows that it is not that she has such a big face that these big summer soldiers are frightened to this point. The reason was only that when the emperor issued the Qinwang order, the whole dynasty did not respond. Now, seeing that the Yanbei Army did not immediately return to the East, Zhao’s position in Yundu also stabilized, and Da Xia was everywhere. The garrisons have returned and gathered in the shackles of Zhaocheng, the true city of the city. The empire caused by the rebellion of Yanzhao gradually passed. Of course, these families must find a way out for themselves. Just a few days ago, Lingnan Mushi, Huaxi Zhugeshi, Yinchuan Wei’s and other giants sent sent messengers to Yundu and Zhen Huang with a large number of grain and grass. At this time, if you still don’t know for yourself to be a loyal retreat, it is not a fool or an idiot.

Therefore, the generals who dare not directly lead the army to Yanbei, have directed the spear to the woman who escaped from the hands of the Seven Emperors and the Eight Princesses. It seems that as long as she kills her, Yanbei Army will follow. The fall is the same. Even the guardians of the southeastern part of the empire that had not been notified were loyal to the same enthusiasm. They sent a large number of soldiers to investigate closely, and they had to dig three feet to smash people.

However, it was the actions of the southeast lords who showed the show to the emperor, but it brought great trouble to Chu Qiao, because at this moment, she was in the southeast of the junction of Xia and Tang.

The horse was so tired that his mouth was foaming, and Chu Qiao stopped helplessly, letting the horse drink water and rest. She didn’t have an appetite, but in order to maintain her strength, she still ate a piece of dry food, and it was cold water, and the stomach was very uncomfortable.

Today is the sixth day. After two more days, she will enter the Sui and Tang Dynasties. However, before this, she had to go through two jurisdictions, with a large chaotic no-man’s land in front, and then, the first pass in the north of Sui and Tang Dynasties – Bailuguan.

For thousands of years, Bailuguan has become an important barrier against the aliens in the north. It has not been known how many major battles have been experienced. The strict precautions are comparable to Yanbeiguan. Chu Qiao still has not come up with a comprehensive strategy.

When I thought about it, the hoof suddenly sounded in the distance, Chu Qiao was shocked, looked up and looked at it, suddenly changed.

I saw dust flying in the distance, and more than a hundred riding horses rushed. Fortunately, the southeast is not as strong as the northwest, and it is waiting for itself to cast its own net. Here, the jungle is everywhere, and the mountains are undulating. Otherwise, the distance so close is already exposed. Chu Qiao bit his teeth, turned over and jumped on the war horse standing upright, driving the horse to run wild.


Stepping over the stream, I walked over three miles, causing the enemy to lose track of the footprints, but just took a breath, and the hoof of the screams sounded behind me. Chu Qiao frowned, and she took two boulder decisively with ropes. Tied up on the horse’s back, and then force a shot of the horse stocks, urging the horse to leave.

This horse has been with her for many years, and she has died several times in her life. The horse ran a few steps and stood still. He looked back and looked at her, continually licking his tail.

Chu Qiao took up his bag and turned to go deep in the jungle. Who knows that just stepping, the horse is reluctant to follow up and want to keep up, the girl is frowning and the head is not going back. Along the throne of the horse. The horse was frightened, screamed and turned to go!

Listening to the hoofs behind him, Chu Qiao took a deep breath, carrying the baggage, and walked into the dense woods.

“The six kingdoms of the king of the king, the education of Ande, the holy road of the kingdom, the righteousness and justice, the decline of the rise and fall…”

In the early morning of the early summer, the birds and flowers are fragrant, and on the green mountain road, there is a beautiful reading sound. Far away, I saw a young man dressed as a scholar sitting on a pile of green hair, holding a roll of slightly yellowed books, shaking his head and screaming.

This is really a good weather, the sky is high, the birds are fragrant, just raining, and even the air is full of good smell. Liang Shaoqing closed the book and slowly raised his head, slightly picking up black and white eyes, and a young and handsome face with a kind smile. He reached out and spread his palms. There were a few pieces of finely-crushed rice on it. A tender yellow skylark saw his wings and fell on his palms. He looked down on the rice and gently licked the rice. While eating, he sneaked up the mung bean and looked at Liang Shaoqing’s face without any malice.

“There is a good life in heaven, let’s go, don’t fall into the hands of the bird catcher again.”

The bird hovered around him, but never left. The morning sun sprinkled on the young man’s face along the sparse leaves, his face soft, with a kind smile.

Just then, there was a sudden fight of fighting in the distance. The scholar gave a slight glimpse and listened for a while with his ears up. He clearly shouted the fighting sound and passed it into his ear. Liang Shaoqing frowned and muttered: ” Going out, no matter what, and safety first.”

After all, the scholar nodded hard and seemed to be affirming the correctness of his thoughts. Horse turned and went to the same path, trying to escape this innocent disaster. However, just after two steps, he stopped again. In the dark, if there is a strong man who is bullying, he is a big man, but he can’t help but die. Isn’t it against the chivalry? Thinking of this, the scholar sits on the horse’s back and meditates silently, and looks very serious.

The fighting sounds are still going on. Liang Shaoqing’s heart is in the fierce battle of the heavens, that is, he is afraid of getting into trouble. He ignores it but has some disappointment. For a while, the young scholars suddenly bite their teeth. Perhaps the two groups of farmers are fighting. As long as they go forward to discourage them, they will know what to do with the righteousness of the righteousness. Even if the situation is critical, they can run to the newspaper and they will not have an accident. Therefore, holding the attitude of looking forward and watching all of a sudden, the man gently patted the green squat, and gently said: “Xiaoqing, let’s go and see.”

It’s a day when you don’t care for good people. At this moment, the little skylark that has been hovering around waiting for rice is waiting for some impatience. I don’t know what It’s been irritating. I rushed down and stretched my mouth and squatted on the eyelids of the barley. on. The green singer who called Xiaoqing was shocked, and the loud screaming, hoisting the hooves ran wildly toward the front!

“Ah! Xiaoqing! Xiaoqing! What are you doing? The direction is wrong! Tap it!”

The violent wind blew from the ear, and the whistling sound began. Liang Shaoqing held his neck tightly and almost spit out the lungs. The lush forests flashed in front of him. Liang Shaoqing never knew his speed. It can be so fast, but when he sighs in his heart, the donkey screams and stops when he arrives.

Quiet! Deadly silence!

There is the smell of pig iron in the air, and there is a suffocating suffocation that just happened to kill the pig. Liang Shaoqing slowly released his hand, then the thief raised his head and opened his closed eyes with a few cautions. Fear of fear, and a little curious eyes look around.

Everyone had a hand, and the blood-filled soldiers turned their heads to look at the uninvited guest, together with the girl who was surrounded by them in the center, and looked with strange eyes.

Two consecutive days of chasing, more than ten battles, and these people have been exhausted. At this time, any wind and grass is enough to make them scared, and the great achievements are in front of them. Now the key to the problem is who can be tenacious. Persevere to the end. Therefore, this may be the appearance of the other party’s reinforcements, it seems to be different.

“I…have passed by.”

Liang Shaoqing glared at a white tooth and smiled at the bloody knife in the hands of everyone. The tone trembled and explained: “I… I traveled here, the mount was frightened, bothering you… I, let’s go, this Just go, you will continue.”

Liang Shaoqing squatted straight and turned his head and wanted to leave this right and wrong quickly. At the last moment of turning his head, his eyes caught the girl who was surrounded by the crowd in the center. The eyelids suddenly jumped, and a current rushed all over the body. At that moment, he did not have time to see the girl’s looks and dress. He I only saw a pair of eyes, a pair of eyes that were as clear as the autumn water. The eyes were still so young, but they were so calm and calm. She looked at him and looked at him and turned away. His eyes were like a cold spring, pouring from his head and connecting with the bone marrow. It is a cold.

“Small girl, let’s just let it go, so if you don’t die in the hands of our brothers, you will lose too much blood and die.”

The soldier’s head said coldly, Chujo slowly moved a heavy footstep. The other side was indeed a follower. When he was slightly careless, he was entangled by the enemy. After two days, although he was killed by more than 30 enemies, but at the moment I have not eaten for two days, and I have a lot of physical exhaustion. I am already unable to fight again. The screen is full of courage.

Her hand slowly touched the knife at the waist, breathing deeply, like a leopard waiting for the opportunity, waiting to be determined.

“It seems that you are toasting and I don’t know how to eat fine wine!” The man snorted: “Brothers! On! The promotion of the riches is now in this day, and the ground kills, life and death!”

There was a loud bang in the “唰”, and the heavy sword went up! However, at this moment, a sudden drink came suddenly, and only the voice of the man’s clear voice screamed: “Do you stop!”

Everyone was shocked by the electric light stone fire, and they turned their heads and looked at it, but suddenly they were stunned!

The young scholars went back and returned, riding back and swearing, although the face was white but the righteous words said loudly: “You so many people get together and bully a little girl, It’s awful!”

The leader of the soldier frowned and said: “Who is this son? Why do you want to manage the government?”

“You are the official?” Liang Shaoqing seems to have noticed the soldiers’ military uniforms at this time. He is quite embarrassed and frowns: “In the lower Liang Shaoqing, passing through this place, seeing you fight here, I came forward to ask one or two, I did not expect you. It is the bureaucratic official, and the disrespect is disrespectful.”

“Liang Shaoqing?”

The meditation of the soldier’s head was doubtful, but he couldn’t think of a family that had the courage to intervene in the official residence. The face was sunk and angered: “The idlers waited to roll aside, and watch the sword without eyes!”

“Yes,” Liang Shaoqing said quickly. He just wanted to turn around and leave, but couldn’t help but go back and whispered: “After killing and killing, you will be humiliated. I don’t know if you have any misunderstanding, can you tell me? Say, let me reconcile for everyone.”

“I see you are looking for death!” The head of the collar screamed, and the knife slammed down!

“Ah!” Liang Shaoqing was shocked and stunned, holding his head and even hiding.

“Idiot!” Chu Qiao snorted, throwing a flying knife, and saw a white light quickly go, a slamming bang into the neck of the head, the man’s eyes rounded, two steps, slammed into the ground!

“grown ups!”

The soldiers were shocked and rushed forward. Chu Qiao stunned the chaos and stepped forward. He flew over the back of the scholar’s green scorpion. From the back, he crossed the waist of the scholar and grabbed the reins. He screamed, “Come on!”

“Ah! Girl, how did you get on my mount? Men and women don’t kiss, girl is still…”

“砰” a muffled sound, Chu Qiao a heart-wrenching squatting on the man’s chest, kicking his legs, shouted in his mouth: “Drive!”

This Qing dynasty also vie for gas, and ran away, the speed is not much slower than the ordinary horse.

Not long after, the hoof sounds that came after him suddenly came, and Chu Qiao took the initiative and took the baggage behind the barley and threw it on the ground.

“Ah! Girl! That’s my book, my luggage, my wraps, my poems, ah! Girl, that’s my customs!”

The footsteps of the Qinglan are extremely fast. In such a difficult mountain road, the speed is even faster than that of the horse. After a while, the enemy is far behind.

The more southward, the warmer the weather, the green rushing all the way, running for more than an hour, the noon sun, the mountain road nine twists and turns, and another mountain ridge, I saw the green scorpion that was still alive before suddenly A slam on the ground, no longer willing to get up.

Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing planted a head and went down. Chu Qiao’s hand was neat, and a front rollover stabilized his figure. Liang Shaoqing fell badly. He rolled a few laps before stopping, but he did not stand up. Wow vomited out, smelling smoked, and was a mess.


“Are you okay?” Chu Qiao went forward with a good heart, and asked quietly.

Young scholars couldn’t easily stand up and gasp as they sighed, and said intermittently: “You…this doesn’t preach…the reasoned woman, I… I will save you, you, you will I have thrown my baggage, It’s just that.

“That,” handed over a piece of white, Chu Qiao said quietly: “Scratch your mouth.”

“I count, I am unlucky.”

Liang Shaoqing panted and walked to the green scorpion. When he reached out, he wanted to pull up the donkey. Who knows that it was so tired, how did Liang Shaoqing pull, but he refused to get up, and the young book was angry and angry. “Okay, now you are coming against me.”

“It ran too fast, and it will not stop for a while.” Chu Qiao said: “What are you doing?”

Liang Shaoqing was furious and shouted: “What am I going to do? I have to go back and get things!”

“You go back now, it is equal to finding death.”

“I don’t go back to find death? There is no customs, no cursing, no cursive, how can I go to Tang Jing?” Liang Shaoqing grunted and muttered: “Not to mention, they and I have no enmity, I have always been law-abiding, why are they? Want to be embarrassed with me?”

Chu Qiao picked up his own sword and didn’t look at him. He fell to the ground next to the green, and said indifferently: “If you don’t want to live, go back and see if you get back the customs and walking cursives.” You have not yet died to Tang Jing.”

“Hey, you just saved me, and I ran so far, thank you!” The girl smiled like a flower, her eyes smashed into a crescent moon, and there were two small dimples on her cheeks, which looked lovely and far away. Not as serious as her usual.

The scholar was scared by Chu Qiao, and he did not dare to go back in the same place for a long time. Hearing her said that she couldn’t help but interrupt: “This woman, if you want to thank, should you thank me, the person who saved you is I, how can you thank a beast?”

“You save me?” Chu Qiao frowned, wondering, slowly looking back at the stupid scholar, and smiled and asked: “When? I don’t know?”

“Ah? How is this girl like this? Is it right or wrong? The attitude towards the savior is not even a word of irony?”

“Are you killing those officers and men? Or are you yelling at me and rushing out of the encirclement? You didn’t do anything to say that you saved me?”

“You…you…” Liang Shaoqing said for a long time, and finally said with a sigh of relief: “I am going in and telling them the truth, knowing what is right, then…”

“Then they put down the butcher’s knife and set it up as a Buddhist monk. Let’s go?”

Liang Shaoqing stunned and had no words when he arrived. Chu Qiao shook his head and stood up. He walked up to him. The little man had not yet reached his shoulder, but he reached out and patted his shoulder and said: “There is The sense of justice is very good, but there must be a brain. If you don’t have this ability, you will be less idle. If you don’t have a good animal, you will die with me today.”

The girl smiled faintly, and took out two big summer GM tickets from his arms and put them in his hand. He said, “Your things must be brought back. Some silver here should make up for your losses and delay you.” I am really sorry about the matter. It is still not safe. I can send you to the town below. How do you see it?”

“Hey!” Liang Shaoqing smashed the silver ticket in Chu Qiao’s hand and said with anger: “I am a seven-foot man, and I am so timid. What is fear? I don’t think it is safe to be with you. At a young age, they were chased by the government. Instead of Jiangyang thieves, they were also used to stealing children.

The scholar walked to the green scorpion, which made the milking force, and pulled the donkey desperately, and then walked down the hill with a donkey.

Chu Qiao stood in the same place, smiled and looked at the scholars, and picked up the silver ticket on the ground, shouting: “Nerd! You really don’t want this money?”

Liang Shaoqing did not return the big hand and waved: “Don’t die!”

The words are still in the ear. After two hours, in the horse slave market in Dongguo Town, Chu Qiao couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the man in front of him.

“Girl, do you want to buy a slave family? This is good, strong and strong, can resist the ability to do, buy a top three or four. This is a martial arts coach, who was slain after committing a crime, martial arts high strength, also know The word is broken. Hey? Your eyesight is very good, this looks handsome, although young, but a bookboy is the most suitable, but the most suitable for your identity.”

The slave trader enthusiastically recommended to Chu Qiao, the young girl’s eyes glanced at the slaves, and then pointed to the corner of the red-faced Liang Shaoqing said: “Boss, how to sell?”

“That,” the boss is a shrewd person, his eyes turn, pulling Chu Qiao to the side and said: “That is the city guard has just caught, there is no customs and slogans, nor a cursive, but also that he is a scholar. I have just been sent here to sell. He has no slaves and no formal sales documents, so the girl opens a price, I see it, I will sell it to you.”

After some bargaining, Chu Qiao took Liang Shaoqing, who was named Aqi, on the busy long street. The woman’s beauty was pretty, but the man’s wolf was a bit more, but it was also a talented jade tree. Pedestrians pay attention to everyone. In particular, when Liang Shaoqing was still carrying a grass mark on his back, when he was tied in front of his hands, he was even more talked about.

“Hey! Come and let me go!”

Chu Qiao lazily turned back and smiled and asked: “Have you talked to the owner like this?”

“What kind of master? I am a scholar who is bought and sold by you with money and mundane. It is simply humiliating! I will become like this not because of you…”

“Wrong!” Chu Qiao interrupted his words: “First, I am not letting you gossip. Secondly, you have no life-saving grace for me. Instead, I saved you, a nerd who does not know the heights.” Third, I have to give you money before, but you said that you don’t want to die. If you have money to pay the city gate to the city, you will not be checked and walked, and will not be taken as a slave to be sold. You will become like this completely because you are self-sufficient and have nothing to do with me.”

“You, your ungrateful woman, me, me…”

“唰”, the ropes landed, Chu Qiao smiled and handed over two silver tickets: “Let’s not do this, don’t be caught again.”

“The big man is in the world, and he has something to do. I will not want your money if I die!”

Looking at Liang Shaoqing’s back quickly disappeared at the end of Long Street, Chu Qiao shook his head and smiled. If it wasn’t his own time and he was self-sufficient, he should really grab his luggage. The world is forced, and now he can only ask for more happiness.

This time, It’s a big taboo to venture into the city to buy a horse. It’s not a good thing.

In Tangma Ling, his whereabouts were revealed. For a time, the entire southeast was covered with the imperial minions and eyeliners. The two days were able to reach the journey, and it was enough to walk for five days. After five days, Chu Qiao finally came to Xianyang City, which was only 50 miles away from Bailuguan.

There are only two roads to enter the Sui and Tang Dynasties through Bailuguan. One is to take the land and enter the first big city of Baiji City in the Sui and Tang Dynasties from the Bailu Pass. To take this road requires the documents signed by the two countries, that is, the customs of the customs. A lot of money is needed to get in. As the biggest and strongest barrier in the north of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Bailuguan naturally has no need to question the rigor of its prevention. Of course, Chu Qiao will not have a normal customs and customs, and she has no plans to forcibly enter the customs, so this road can hardly be considered.

The second road is the waterway that runs away from the water. There is no war now. The prevention of the water is not as strict as that of the gate. Chu Qiao knows that there are many black ships secretly doing this kind of trading, which is specially designed to transport those who do not have customs clearance documents at high prices. The person entering the customs. Therefore, she had to venture into the city and secretly inquire about such a business.

After two consecutive days of wandering around the black market, I finally settled the time and decided to disembark at the dry ditch in the 30s.

It was late, Chu Qiao walked hurriedly on the long street. In order to cover up the line, she wore a men’s dress. It looked like a 16-year-old boy with red lips and white teeth. Yinyang City is the gateway border of Da Xia. It covers a very wide area. Business travellers from all over the country must pass through here. The bustling and bustling image is not inferior to the Emperor of the Emperor. Now it is late at night, and the streets are still coming. In the past, various merchants are selling streets, and they are very lively.

In the future, I will take the waterway and take the newly bought horses to the horse market and sell them out. Then I bought some dry food and I am about to leave. But I was attracted by a large number of slave traders. Chu Qiao’s brow was locked. After reading it, I saw a huge iron cage placed on the open space. Eighty or ninety young slaves stood inside. There were men and women. Among them, a man wearing a Confucian robe was especially eye-catching. The middle-aged lady of the milfs was looking at the price with a smile.


Chucho leaned leaning on the cage, holding a handful of seeds in his hand, and yelled at the man inside, and then spit out a melon skin, a smile, a degraded child of a wealthy family.

The man looked up and looked at her, frowned, his face disgusted, and he did not answer, then he looked down at the listless.

“I don’t know me so soon? You are lucky, this is only a few days, and a new owner accepts you!”

Liang Shaoqing was shocked and suddenly raised his head. She looked at her up and down and recognized her. She suddenly cried: “Ah! You? How do you dress up?”


“You don’t know,” the girl smiled. “I am a Jiangyang thief.”

“Oh, yes.” When the words were just exported, Liang Shaoqing suddenly changed his mouth and shook his head: “If you are not right, how can you be a Jiangyang thief, and the people of the government must have misjudged and married a good person.”

“Oh.” Chu Qiao laughed and yelled at him: “This is what the wind is blowing. We are so arrogant that the seven-footed man who is doing the right thing has become so unsatisfactory. What? beg me?”

“Girl, save me out.” Liang Shaoqing glared at a face: “You can’t watch me being insulted as a slave. I don’t believe what I say. I am not familiar with it here. Now only you can save. I am.”

“Save you?” The girl slammed the seeds on the ground and widened her eyes: “How to save?”

“Of course I bought it out?”

“How about that?”

“How can’t it be?”

Chu Qiao quickly shook his head: “You are a scholar, but you have to be bought and sold by a group of civilians with money and mundane. It is simply humiliating and tarnishing your identity. How can I do this?”

Liang Shaoqing’s eyes widened and he thought about it for a long while, and he said with a sigh of relief: “The time is tight and the situation is urgent. This, this literary person’s temperament, temporarily and temporarily can be put aside.”

Chu Qiao heard a sudden smile and was about to talk. Suddenly, an obese woman in her fifties with a satin-faced blush was striding over the crowd and grabbed it through the cage. Liang Shaoqing’s collar shouted: “Just this.”

The boss said, smiled and said: “Mrs, then what price did I just say?”

“Just do what you said!”

“Well! You will be later!”

Liang Shaoqing met with a face like a soil, and asked for help from Chu Qiao.

I saw that the woman was followed by more than a dozen nodding men who had nodded, and there were more than 20 slaves who had just bought them. All of them were beautiful and handsome.

Chu Qiao secretly screamed, smiled and went forward, slowly said: “This lady, you are generally old, buy so many strong men, can you stand it?”

The woman was unhappy when she heard the words, and looked at Chu Qiao coldly and said: “Where is the little rabbit, I will go and go.”

“I am doing it for you, why don’t you give me one?”

“Thinking about beauty!” the woman yelled: “Don’t talk nonsense, be careful that I discount your dogleg!”

“Oh, really fierce!” Chu Qiao quickly flashed aside, shouting at the boss: “Boss! How much does this slave cost her? I doubled!”

As soon as this statement came out, the boss who was preparing to pull Liang Shaoqing out of the cage suddenly looked at him and looked at it with a pair of golden eyes.

“Double?” The woman’s voice was sharp and said coldly: “I am four times, dare to fight with me!”

Chu Qiao smiled and leaned on the side of the cage, casually said: “I am ten times.”

“I am twenty times out.”

Chu Qiao shook his head and said: “I am forty times.”

“I am a hundred times!”

“I am two hundred times!”

“I am a thousand times!”

“Wow! A thousand times!” Chu Qiao smiled and said, “Let me give it to you, I can’t fight.”

Boss’s face was blossomed and rushed forward: “Mrs. Qian, the original price, two gold leaves, now you are bidding a thousand times, that is, two thousand gold leaves, the deal.”

The woman was just a slap in the face. Looking at the little white face slave, it was not worth two thousand gold leaves. When the eyeball turned, he suddenly shouted: “Well! Wood boss, you and people collude with Yin.” !”

“This, how is this said, I dare not dare to yin you!”

“Hey! I don’t buy it, let’s walk!” The woman screamed and turned and took the next person to leave in anger.

The wooden boss stood in the same place, quite a little touched, and looked around for a lap, only to see Chu Qiao standing next to the cage, and quickly ran to run forward, laughing and said: “This little son, The lady is gone. Since you are optimistic about this slave, you will sell it to you. According to the price you just said, 200 times, four hundred gold leaves.”

“Wooden boss, do you bully me for a young age?” Chu Qiao Yan Xun smiled: “Before I was with the fat woman, I gave it a price. Now she is gone, you still ask me so much. Money. You are not selling slaves, it is the emperor.”

The wood boss screamed and smirked: “Then you said, how much do you give.”

“As you have done before, two gold leaves.”

“What?” The wooden boss was shocked and frowned. “Then I might as well sell it to the old patrons. Why bother to offend a person for you? How much do you have to add?”

Chu Qiao snorted and lifted his legs. “Love sells and sells, and if you don’t sell, you will find your old customers.”

“Hey! Wait, wait,” Wood boss sighed and said, “Yes, I will sell it to you.”

Liang Shaoqing suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, but the smile on his face had not yet spread. He listened to Chu Qiao’s words saying: “But the boss, I didn’t bring money today, or I will give you an owe, go back. Still you.”

“What?” Everyone present at the scene suddenly stunned, and the wooden boss was even more angry with the smoke. He said with anger: “I said Xiaogongzi, you are not playing with me, but I am a young man. Yangcheng has lived for twenty years and has never seen a customer like you.”

“Hey! Hey!” Liang Shaoqing whispered, “What are you doing? Give money!”

“I really have no money,” Chu Qiao turned back and said with a bitter face: “I don’t believe you come over, I have spent all of it. Who will give you what you didn’t want before?”

Liang Shaoqing suddenly turned pale and said pitifully: “What should I do?”

“No way, only this way.”

Liang Shaoqing just wanted to ask her what she wants? Suddenly I saw a girl screaming out a sharp dagger, and the body swept like a whirlwind in a moment. A knife was on the neck of the wooden boss’s fat, and said with a smile: “I said that you are not owing you, now I have to rob. It is.”

The wooden boss’s teeth trembled and said: “Good, big courage!”

“My courage is not big, I don’t know, but the boss of the wood is quite courageous, with a knife on his neck and can talk so well.”

“Let our boss down!”

There were more and more people around, and Chu Qiao smiled and looked around. Then he got to the ear of the wooden boss and said slowly: “You are like this, but you die for two gold leaves. You say the value. ?”

The dagger gently slid down the wooden boss’s neck, and suddenly a thin blooddrop was raised. The trafficker who was over 60 years old suddenly screamed.

“Shut up!” Chu Qiao kicked on the man’s lap, Liu Mei was vertical, pretty face cold, coldly shouted: “Not yet released!”

“Fast! Let go!” Just a small wound, the wooden boss cried so that even the nose would fall out.

Chu Qiao saw a group of horses beside the cage, the horse of the wooden boss. When I said that it was too late, I saw the girl leaping violently, squatting on the chest of the wooden boss, picking up Liang Shaoqing, turning over the horseback, and “driving” a sound, it quickly became dusty. go with!

“Fast! Catch up with them!”

The wood boss shouted, but there is still their shadow. The long night, the cold moon is like a frost, only the rest of the place is clear.

In a dilapidated city temple outside the city, Liang Shaoqing sat on the hay. Chu Qiao took out the dry food from the bag and handed it to him. He smiled and said, “Let’s eat.”

Liang Shusheng did not accept the awkwardness. Chu Qiao was not reluctant. He handed over a few silver tickets and said: “I will leave tomorrow. We will have different roads in the future. If you have another accident, I will not be able to save you. These money, You accept it.”

Liang Shaoqing frowned: “You are not without money?”

“Who said that I have no money?”

“You said it when you were at the market.”

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows picked and said: “I have money, but there are not many, only these are left. If you give him, what do you do in the future? Moreover, even if I have a lot, I will not give it to the trafficker.”

Liang Shaoqing heard a slight movement and thought for a long time. He finally asked: “You only have the money left, and gave it to me. What do you do?”

“I won’t have anything to do,” Chu Qiao said with a smile, and said sincerely: “Not me, you will not fall into this field. Although there is a silly reason for yourself, I can’t escape the system and accept it. Let’s be cautious in the future, don’t be silly and idle.”

Liang Shaoqing’s rare rebuttal, holding those few silver tickets, quietly out of the air, without a word.

Chu Qiao took a deep breath and leaned on the pillar. He looked at the bright moon outside the window, his eyes were quiet, he lost his sharpness on weekdays, and he was a little more gentle.

Liang Shaoqing looked up and looked at her strangely. He suddenly asked, “Where are you going?”

“Me? I am going home.”

“Your home is in Sui and Tang Dynasties?”

“No,” the girl shook her head gently: “My family is far away and has to go a long way.”

“Now the road is not very flat, you are a girl, be careful.”

Chu Qiao smiled slightly, did not answer, his eyes looked like a soft moonlight, his eyelashes were black and long, and he cast a silhouette on his cheek. Liang Shaoqing saw that she did not answer her words. She said to herself: “I want to go to the Sui and Tang Dynasties.”

Chu Qiao whispered: “Oh.”

Liang Shaoqing’s voice is suddenly full of yearning and joy, as if he is saying something that is very proud and remarkable: “I am going to Tang Jing of Sui and Tang to visit Mr. Cao Zhongmou.”

“Cao Zhongmou, a faculty member of the Sui and Tang Dynasties?”

“Yeah! Do you know Mr. Cao Lao?”

Chu Qiao nodded: “Mr. Cao’s poetry is unparalleled, and he is famous all over the world.”

“You are right,” Liang Shaoqing said. “I am here for the sake of my glory. I must see Mr. Cao and discuss with him and listen to Mr. Cao’s exquisite theory.”


“The idol that worships and admire in the heart is a good thing, but it is not necessary to approach him. If you are disappointed, you will not hesitate.”

“How come?” Liang Shaoqing said unhappyly: “Mr. Cao studied the heavens and the world, how can I be disappointed?”

“Is it?” Chu Qiao smiled: “I wish you all the best.”

The wind outside came in, the torch on the ground rang, Liang Shaoqing meditated for a long while, and tempted to ask: “Who is the official, why should you catch you?”

Chu Qiao did not look up: “Do you not know?”

Liang Shaoqing said: “What do I know?”

The woman said indifferently: “Did you not say it? I am a habitual criminal, and I am right. I just stole something and was discovered, so I was chased.”

Liang Shaoqing stunned, and suddenly he was stupid. Chu Qiao turned his head and smiled and said: “Yes, what you ate, the silver ticket in your hand, I stole it, even the first time I bought you. Money is also stealing others. You know your situation now, do you want to stick to the hero of the seven-footer, don’t you want these silver tickets to not eat these foods?”


Liang Shaoqing, I have been for a long time, still did not say a complete sentence, Chu Qiao saw a smile, a bright smile, white teeth, and for a time almost spent the eyes of Liang Shusheng.

However, at this moment, I saw Chu Qiao’s brow wrinkled, suddenly converging a smile, violently turned his head, like a vigilant leopard, sitting up, the night breeze, not only a moment, just listening to the quiet In the night, there were countless shreds of footsteps, and quickly approached the temple.

At this time, even Liang Shaoqing heard the problem. The man leaned over and whispered, “Is the wooden boss chasing it?”

Chu Qiao did not speak, but his heart has already rejected this. It is impossible to mobilize so many people with the ability of the wooden boss, and only listen to the footsteps of the person, you can hear the other person’s martial arts, and the martial arts is not bad. She slowly stood up and pressed her hand on the sabre. She said slowly: “Be sure to stay behind me, if you can live, see yourself.”

As soon as the voice fell, a white mansion suddenly flashed out. Danger! Chu Qiao’s reaction was fast, the body subconsciously moved, his body flashed, swooping over the past, his arm waving to the right, a cold mang shot suddenly into the thick darkness, only listening to the muffled sound, outside There was a scream, and then a silver arrow was inserted in front of him.

The other party has made up their minds not to stay alive. Tonight, this station is really dangerous!

“Follow me!” Chu Qiao snorted, and a tumbling flashed to the side of the window, pulling out the long sword at the waist, a sword framed the oncoming arrow rain, noisy footsteps sounded outside the door, a dense array The arrow rained like a cornice and rushed to two people.

The cluttered footsteps sounded outside the door, and countless figures rushed into the temple, saying nothing, pulling out the long knife at the waist and slashing it!

The cold light rose, two people wearing black night clothes rushed to the front, not waiting for Chu Qiao, one person’s knife has already reached the top of Chu Qiao.

Shot! Take the wrist! Chu Qiao’s movements are as fast as electricity, only listening to a broken sound, wrong bone! Knife falls! In an instant, the black man suddenly fell to the ground, screaming like a muddy scream.

“A fool! Keep up!” Liang Shaoqing, who was scared and frightened, Chu Qiao flew up, and his ankle squatted on the chest of another person, the bones of the skull shattered, and the man spurted his mouth. Flying wildly. The girl’s body swayed, pulled out the long sword at the waist, opened the big match, completely succumbed to the fierce road, strong collision, clever dodge, precise slashing, time, girl’s precise killing technique and powerful bloody momentum I was so discouraged that these people were afraid to come forward.

“Up! On!”

The head of the head pushed the man who was constantly retreating, shouting loudly, Chu Qiao turned his head to look at him coldly, sneer at the corner of his mouth, and throw the last flying knife. The blade seemed to have long eyes, and the slamming slammed into the man’s heart. The man’s eyes suddenly rounded, his feet trembled, and he slammed into the ground!

The knife is dazzling, the temple is narrow, and there are not many people who can come in. I only see the place where Chu Qiao’s figure passes, a mess, the sword is shining, all the tricks are disabling. The important thing is that Chu Qiao is nowhere to be a weapon. She attacked both hands at the same time, and the hands, legs, and elbows were able to make an enemy to die. For a time, no one could stop, and they were invincible.

However, at this moment, Liang Shaoqing suddenly heard an exclamation. Chu Qiao didn’t even think about it. The body slammed on one side. In a flash, a sudden pain suddenly came from under the left rib. It was too late to look at the injury. Wrong, the sword is cut horizontally, and the long sword is flying diagonally. The other’s head suddenly loses half of it. The blood spattered out, all sprayed on Liang Shaoqing’s face, and even the students who had not killed the chicken suddenly yelled, and the voice was fierce, even worse than the one who chopped his head!

Unbelievably fast, the woman who is injured in the movement is more rapid, the petite body is left and right in the narrow space, and for a while, the ground is already full of enemies.

“Hold me!” The girl suddenly screamed, and Liang Shaoqing hadn’t responded yet. It’s just a matter of listening to a large number of enemies. The man couldn’t understand why a slave trader had to go so big. The strength to pick himself up, in this gap, but see Chu Qiao opened the hook lock on the waist, a cross arm, a hook on the roof of the beam.

When the girl was like a monkey, she took the rope and slammed it up. When Liang Shaoqing wanted to hug her, it was too late.

Another round of intensive arrow rain suddenly hit, Chu Qiao squatted on the beam, the hook of the rope hooked Liang Shaoqing’s belt, and then grabbed the other end of the rope, leaping vigorously, and Liang Shaoqing intersected, in the blink of an eye, The man who was in the way was taken to the roof by her!

“Fast! Let’s put the arrow!”

“Catch the rope!” Chu Qiao shouted, then pulled the rope, climbed up a few times, the arrow rain intensive, Chu Qiao a careless, shoulders in the strokes, bloody.

“Ah! You are hurt!”

“Less nonsense!” Chu Qiao snorted and kicked the roof tiles, pulling Liang Shaoqing and climbing out of the beam.

The bow and arrow smashed on the beam, and someone shouted: “The target is on the room, go up and catch!”

However, when they ran out to climb the room, there is Chuo’s shadow.

The people in black clothes looked at each other. After a while, one person took off his black coat and said with anger: “This kind of celestial net has ran for her! It’s been alive for so many years!”

I saw that under the black clothes, what I wore was a military uniform.

The other person shook his head and said: “Tang Ma Ling has also folded a lot of people. If it is an ordinary woman, the emperor will promise us so many benefits.”

“I see, this is not a problem.”

“You really want to do it,” the man shook his head. “I want to catch her later, but It’s harder.” “How are you?”

In the dark night, Liang Shaoqing carried Chu Qiao in the narrow alley and quickly ran away. The injury on his shoulders did not matter, but the injury under the left rib was very serious, and the blood flowed.

Chu Qiao snorted and bit his teeth and said: “Let me down.”


“Let me down!”

The woman said, “They didn’t catch up.”

“Who said that we didn’t catch up!”

A low voice suddenly sounded in the darkness, and the two were shocked and looked up. They saw the wooden boss coming out with more than twenty people smiling.

Liang Shaoqing shouted: “Sure enough, you!”

The wooden boss didn’t look at him. The mung bean eyes stared at Chu Qiao closely. He said with a smile: “Bad boy, a lot of enemies, looking for you, it is really breaking through the innocent shoes. It takes a lot of work.”

Liang Shaoqing suddenly stood up and stretched out his arms in front of Chu Qiao. He shouted with courage and shouted: “Catch you and catch me! Don’t hurt her!”

“Don’t hurt her?” Wood boss snorted: “I never let go!”

“Come on! Take this kid up, it will be handsome, and you will be able to sell a good price.”

Everyone blasted, and in a few times, he caught Chu Zhi, who was seriously injured, and Liang Shaoqing, who had no strength in his hands.

The wooden boss waved his hand: “Go! Go back to the market!”

In the narrow, dark room, the girl’s snoring sounded like a lightning bolt that pierced the darkness and awakened Liang Shaoqing. The young man hurriedly climbed over and leaned over Chu’s face, whispering nervously: “Are you awake? How are you?”

Chu Qiao frowned and opened his eyes with strong willpower. The confusion at the beginning of the waking lasted only less than a second, and then Zhangkou said with a deep voice: “Dead nerd, pressed to my shoulder.”

“Ah!” Liang Shaoqing was shocked and exaggerated to hide backwards. Sure enough, he pressed to Chu’s shoulder, and the wound began to ooze a little outward.

“Sorry! How are you, will you die?”

Chu Qiao was impatient and white, and his eyebrows were tight, and he endured a wave of pain that continued to come from under the left rib. The wind and the waves have passed, but the boat has been turned over in the gutter, and the depression under Chu’s heart can be imagined. Fortunately, the wounds on the left ribs and shoulders are not deep, not fatal, but if they have been staying in this dirty and chaotic slave’s nest, they will not be healed and cleaned, and big things will happen sooner or later. She looked around at the narrow cell that stood up and met. Only the slightest light from the top came, and only a glance, Chu Qiao knew that he and the nerd in front of him were taken to the dungeon as dangerous people.

Just then, there was a sudden unlocking sound on the top of the head. Following the narrow ladder, the two men dressed in brown, and they carried a thumb-like whip and shook their voices: “The bitch Give me up!”


Liang Shaoqing was scared and pale, his hands and feet were a little trembling. This year-round person’s pampered and experienced readers went to Tangjing for a enthusiasm and yearning, but they suffered all kinds of changes on the way. The darkness of the world is his past. I can’t think of breaking my head. However, despite this, the timid nerd was nervously moved to Chu Qiao’s body. A pair of righteousness said: “You, what do you want to do? I will report it to the local local officials after I go out and sued you for forcibly pulling. Man slaves, rudely beat the imperial aristocracy, regardless of respect, impolite, no…”

“唰”, a whip shadow slammed down, and then it was drawn on Liang Shaoqing’s arm. The scholar also had a bone, snoring, still stalking his head and rounding his eyes, and did not know how to give in.

“Dog stuff! They are here to put your stinky shelf, and then dare to talk nonsense, Lao Tzu will give you a mouth full of dung, see you dare not talk nonsense! Fuck!”

Dahan said, I still feel that I don’t hate it, and I whip down again. However, he did not hit Liang Shaoqing’s body. Chu Qiao, who was sitting behind him, had a quick eye and grabbed the tip of the whip. The big man was furious and slammed back twice, but did not move. Suddenly made a fuss, tied a non-negligible horse step, suddenly force, who knows that Chu Qiao loosened his hand at this time, the man temporarily took off his hand, slammed back and leaned over, a smashing hit the soil On the wall.

“Whenever you have a narrower position, you have to do something for yourself, or you have to give yourself a retreat.”

Chu Qiao was pale and his tone was cold. The fallen Hansha squatted up and screamed and ran to the front and Chujo desperately. He just walked two steps, but stopped unconsciously. I saw that the younger boy was young, but he was very handsome. Although he was seriously injured and covered with blood, his face was calm and there was no panic. It was only this rare calm and calm, and he said with the voice. The scholars of the newspapers are very different.

“Nerd, help me up.”

Liang Shaoqing asked, “Get up? Where are you going?”

Chu Qiao looked at him with impatience, and there was injury, distraction and reluctance to explain more, holding the wall and standing up. Liang Shaoqing met and hurriedly held her hand.

“This little brother knows how to do it. The fifth child, put them on clothes, they will open the market.”

Putting on the slave’s coarse cloth, it is a cloth, in fact, it is a piece of linen, and in the middle, a mouth is used as a collar, and the two sides are tied with a straw rope at the waist, which is a piece of clothing. Behind the chest, there is a “slave” word.

In the early morning, Yinyang City is full of excitement. Business travellers from all over the world walk in the market. The accents of the north and the south are gathered together. The small business hawkers are sipping on the streets, selling various commodities, horse food, clothing jewellery, and boiled tobacco. Tea, fruit, all the goods on the mainland that can be named, almost everything here. Looking around, the crowds are crowded, Linz shoulders, a bustling and lively color.

“Go in!”

The big man pushed hard and pushed the two people into the cage. There are already seven or eighty slaves in the huge iron cage. There are men and women, old and young, old and young, 40 or 50 years old, must be white, young. It’s only seven or eight years old, sitting in the corner, his eyes seemingly a frightened rabbit, looking around in horror.


A burst of whip suddenly came in, Chu Qiao back hot, suddenly was pulled away a bloody blood. Liang Shaoqing saw her on her body, and kept her whole person under her body. The sound of the whip was constantly ringing in the ear. The slaves panicked and joined in a big group, cringing in the middle of the cage. It shivered.

“Give me all the honest! I will have a big customer to pick people, if someone dares to make a living, see how I can clean up you!”

The man waved his fist and immediately snorted and turned and swayed away.

The crowd slowly spread, and the people who had slammed the whip were whispering and weak.

“Hey,” Chu Qiao was hot. This series of sports made her dizzy and bloated, and she gently pushed it on the shoulders of the scholar. She said hoarsely: “It’s okay.”

Liang Shaoqing heard his voice and looked up. At this time, he was still on Chu Qiao’s body. At this time, when he returned to God, he was scared and climbed down. The head rattles like a rat: “It’s okay.”

“Help me to rely on the past.”

Liang Shaoqing obediently held her back in the corner of the cage. Chu Qiao frowned and resisted the pain in the wound. He said in a low voice: “When someone comes to buy a slave, we must be bought and leave here.”

Liang Shaoqing asked, “Would we like to be a slave?”

“With our current situation, we can’t escape.” Chu Qiao looked red, slightly feverish, and had no strength when she spoke. She slowly closed her eyes and leaned her head on the shoulders of the scholar. Whispered: “I need to find a place to heal.”

Liang Shaoqing’s body suddenly became stiff, and the girl breathed like a blue, gently sprayed on his neck. The man’s face is more flush than Chu Qiao in the illness. He nodded incoherently and said in a sentence: “Yes, yes, yes, it makes sense.”

After a while, I didn’t see Chu Qiao’s words. When she looked down, she had already slept, and her breathing was hot, and she was obviously burning. Liang Shaoqing was shocked. He touched her forehead and touched her forehead. The heart was suddenly hung up, flattening her body and letting her head rest on her own leg, but she could not think of any way to get rid of the current This embarrassment.

The streets of Yinyang are crowded with people, and at this time, a team of people passed by the long street. The headed man rides on a white horse, his face is beautiful, with a hint of evil charm, his eyes are slightly picking up, the sword eyebrows flew into the shackles, the nose is taller than ordinary people, his lips are red, his eyes are deep. . Followed by a large number of sturdy guards, slowly walked through the long street.

“Young Master,” Zhu Cheng leaned forward and whispered: “The front is the water transport trick, Zhu Ting has already arranged it in advance, and there are messengers in the Sui and Tang dynasties to meet there. We can just turn in the water when we get there. closed.”

Zhuge Yue gently beheaded, handsome face and huge ostentation made the civilians discouraged. Wherever they went, the flow of people on the street was like a tide of concessions. Occasionally, there were bold girls who looked up and looked at them with a few eyes. The temptation of teasing.

The rising sun rises and dispels the mist in the morning. Zhuge is wearing a dark blue robes, satin-like embroidered, and jade belts like silver. After a small vendor’s hawking area, the young nobleman suddenly frowned and collapsed. The whole horse, the whole team stopped, everyone looked strangely along Zhuge’s eyes, only to see a booth selling scented headlights, a family of young women gathered in front of a group of flowers, are picking A small gadget with a heart. Seeing that your family stopped the horse, everyone looked over and surprised, hoping that the other person’s eyes were looking at themselves.

Zhuge Yue looked at him for a long while, his eyes were a little bit fascinating. Suddenly, the man turned his head and turned his head and looked at it again. He ignored the disappointment of the girls and sent him away. .

Everyone was puzzled and quickly kept up with his master.

At this time, a small trader grabbed the sleeve of a girl who was going to leave, and asked, “Girl! You don’t want this rabbit lamp?”

“Don’t you!” The woman said impatiently, and turned away with a few female companions.

The sound of the “rumbling” sounded loudly. After the market of the slave market opened, the whole market was even more heated. The wooden boss’s business today is excellent, not only has a single pre-determined big deal, but also scattered small households. More and more constantly, he smiled and looked at his money bag, a pair of happy beans into a single, full mouth yellow teeth are exposed.

“Girl! Girl!” Liang Shaoqing lowered his voice, carrying a bowl of water that was hard to come by, carefully chopped to Chu Qiao’s mouth, whispered: “Wake up, drink some water.”

The crowd was chaotic, and a large number of onlookers gathered in front of the wooden boss’s booth to watch the slaves on the stage who were constantly on display or strong or pretty, and many buyers were pointing around the cage, like Looking at the slaves, they look at the slaves’ physiques, looks, teeth, and even the men who bought the slaves on the spot to ask for inspection. The wooden boss is doing business services at home, and the short, small house on the right is for these big men. Prepare the ecstasy.

When Zhuge was passing by, a 60-year-old man had just bought more than a dozen eleven-year-old girl slaves. The crowds of the onlookers talked about it. The boss’s business was booming and he was even harder. The front was surrounded by water, and the horses of the Zhuge family could not pass.

“Young master, go down to the front to see.” The seventh month has grown up now, strong and strong, eyes quiet, only to see at a glance is the sword Da Cheng qualified swordsman.

Zhuge nodded and nodded to the front channel with a few subordinates. Zhuge’s eyes faintly passed through the market, and suddenly he heard the crying of the little slaves on the slave’s stage. He turned his head and saw that the children were only eleven or two years old, and even smaller. Eight or nine years old, everyone is rags and shirts, clothes are not covered, like a group of cockroaches. The old man was in his 60s and wore a red dress like a nouveau riche. The clothes were embroidered with a cheesy golden ingot. At this time, he was holding a yellow tooth and laughing at the disgustingly, while he was wretched to touch the little girl. Their delicate little faces.

Zhuge’s brow slowly wrinkled, and his eyes were full of disgust. He gently waved, Zhu Cheng quickly came forward, and Zhuge’s face was cold. He said: “Go, buy those children.” come back.”


“Young Master?” Zhu Chengyi, young and shrewd eyes screamed, asked: “What do you buy slaves? We are not convenient on the road.”

“I want you to buy it and buy it. Where is so much nonsense?”

Zhu Chengyu, shrinking his neck, and carrying his shoulders, went forward.

At this moment, a big bang suddenly came, Zhuge Yue turned his head and saw that in the cage of the slave, a handsome and handsome servant was kicked to the side, he climbed up and looked Excited, it seems that I am still trying hard to say something, but I am far away, but I can’t hear it.

Zhuge Yu did not care, but inadvertently, suddenly fell into the corner of the cage, a thin and short teenager fell softly on the ground, shoulder clothes were covered by other slaves in the cage, only revealing the lower body and a pair of tender White thin hand.

In an instant, it seems like a lightning bolt blasts in my mind! Zhuge’s brow suddenly locked, his eyes sharply looked at the past, although it was only a hand, but it made him feel unfamiliar, and his heart seemed to have boiling water flowing through it, so that his whole heart was boiling. . I didn’t have time to think about anything. An inexplicable impulse made him jump over the horse and turned his hand to open the crowd in front of him. He squeezed it in front.

The crowd was turbulent and chaotic, and Zhuge’s toughness provoked a buzz. It was too late to care about this. Zhuge’s eyebrows were tightly locked, and it took a lot of effort to squeeze into the forefront. Both hands grabbed the iron pillars of the cage and frowned and looked at the direction of the hand.

There was a stink in the cage, and there were cringing bodies and horrified eyes everywhere. Many people looked at him in a cautious manner, and saw his eyes sharp and serious, and suddenly he was shocked and didn’t dare to take another look.

No, no, no!

The anger of the heart rose up and arched, and Zhuge was unwilling to read it over and over again, still not found any clues. Are you really wrong? The man stood in front of the cage with resentment, and his eyebrows wrinkled a deep Sichuan word.

“Young Master!” The seventh month followed the crowd and came forward. I looked at Zhuge with a strange look and then said carefully: “Evacuation is good, we can go.”

“Young Master! Young Master!” Zhu Cheng hurried over, followed by more than a dozen eleven-year-old girls, these little girl slaves were suddenly sold again, do not have to wait for the old-colored pervert, the children are all I was relieved, and my eyes looked at my new master. These children who knew the hardships of the world knew secretly and happy, and their expressions relaxed.

The other slaves in the cage looked at them enviously, and Baba’s expectation was that the sons of wealthy people could buy them with great care.

“Young master?” Zhu Cheng cautiously cried, the young master looked straight at the cage and looked at it. Is it that the slaves are not in the same league?

“Let’s go.” Zhuge Yu turned and took the people away from this messy land. At the moment when he turned his head, a scream suddenly sounded, but because a group of young female slaves had been brought to the market, the surrounding people shouted and shrouded. Zhuge Yu did not notice, took the next person to leave the booth of the wooden boss, and went to the river to transport the horse.

The girl in her sleep screamed and then fell in the badness of Liang Shaoqing. The old gentleman turned the arrow in his hand and said to the wooden boss: “Look, this long arrow, if you put it in your shoulder for another day, Da Luo Jinxian will not come back!”

In a small tent behind the cage, the wooden boss said impatiently: “Keep a life on the line, wait until there will be a big buyer, mix her in the crowd and sell it. I will not care about him. Is death alive?”

After that, turn around and go out.

Liang Shaoqing said with a long sigh of relief, said to the doctor: “Mr. Lao, thank you.”

The doctor is very kind and sighed and said: “This little brother can only take a period of time to take medicine for a period of time. It is you, in order to let him be beaten, they are also a scholar, how can I get this crime? Ah, oh!”

“The doctor is relieved, I have nothing to do.”

“Come on, I will show you too.”

The voice is full, the sky is cloudless, and in June, the southeastern climate is hot, and the birds are flying in the sky, a bustling and prosperous color.

Zhuge was riding on the horse, quietly meditating, and did not say a word for a long time.

“Young master? Young master?”

Zhu Cheng called a few times before he heard that the young man gave a slight glimpse and asked, “What is it?”

Zhu Cheng sighed and said again: “The slaves buy a few horses and buy a carriage. These children can’t follow us all the way to Tang Jing.”

Zhuge Yue went back and saw that the group of little girl slaves did not mount, but they could only run with their own horses. The clothes were ragged, their faces were red, and a small face was full of sweat and their eyes were black. Looking at him ugly, with a little fear, and with a few expectations.

“Well,” he nodded. “Go buy some clothes and put them on.”

“Know it, the slaves will go.”

When Zhu Chenggang went, everyone continued to move forward, and there were subordinates who were whispering behind them, whispering: “The young master is very good at slaves.”

“You don’t know? The young master has always been kind to slaves.”

“Shut up!” The seventh month went back and sneered at the whispers.

The horse team gradually went on. After half an hour, away from the market, the street gradually quieted down. Far away, the river gate was already in sight.

“Young Master!”

A rush of hooves sounded behind him, and Zhu Cheng took a few of the next men with the newly bought eight horses and quickly ran to there, and two carriages.

“Young master, all are done.”

Zhuge nodded and his eyes flicked through the horse, but suddenly frowned, his eyes slowly picking up, like a fierce leopard seeing the prey.

Before Zhuge’s fight, he walked to the front of a dark horse. The horse was different from other horses. He was very vigilant when he came over. Although he was squatted, he still cautiously stepped back two steps, with a skeptical look. Looking at him, uneasy with the hoof to the ground, the body was scarred, apparently brutally beaten before this.


The low voice rang softly, and the horse’s ears suddenly stood up and looked at him with surprise. Zhuge’s face changed greatly and continued to whisper: “Meteor, is it really you?”

The horse screamed and leaned forward, and rubbed the palm of Zhuge’s palm with his nose. He snorted with a happy nose and saw the acquaintance of the acquaintance.

“Where did you buy this horse?”

“Just right, just in front of the horse market.”

“take me to.”

Zhu Cheng said: “Young master, time is not early, are we…”

“take me to!”

Zhuge screamed coldly and his face was grim. Zhu Cheng was shocked. He slammed into the ground and said, “The slaves obeyed.”

All the way to the horse market, the horse dealer who sold the horse thought that there was something wrong with his horse, and rushed to come and ask.

“This horse, where did you get it?”

The horse dealer changed his face and smiled and said: “This son is laughing, this is the villain’s own horse. I grew up from an early age.”

Zhuge squatted down and said, “I will ask you again, where did you get it?”

“Small man, the villain didn’t lie!”

“Don’t say it!” Hearing, the seven-month-old took out the sword and placed it on the man’s neck, shouting.

“The big son is forgiving, and spares this small one.” The man slammed into the ground and shouted: “This is what I saw on the road when I was passing through Tangmaling. I saw it. Without the master, I wandered around indiscriminately, and I took it back. The little ones don’t know that this is the big son’s horse. If you know, give me ten courage, I don’t dare to take it easy!”


Zhuge Yue turned to the horse’s head and went to the original road. Zhu Chengyi squatted and asked: “Young master, where is this going?”

Zhuge’s eyebrows were erected and his face was cold, but his eyes were filled with a sigh of heat, and his tone was low and he said slowly: “Go buy slaves.”

The street is lively, the horses pass by, the people turn over, the Zhuge Yue 狂 mad, the dark blue clothes fluttering in the wind, like the huge wings of the goshawk, the horseshoes rolling, picking up the smoke.

Just as Zhuge took the group and left, another team of horses and horses came slowly. The competent old butler jumped out of the carriage. The wooden boss nodded and stood next to him. A head could not wait to get on the ground. Said: “You are here, people and I are ready, just waiting for you to pick it.”

The old butler was over 60 years old, wearing a clean blue gown, a white satin belt around his waist, and his hair combed meticulously and looked very capable. He calmed his face and did not speak. He walked over to the slaves and his eyes swept over the ragged slaves. After a while, he pointed his fingers at the people in the cage.

“This, this, this, and this…”

The wooden boss followed and immediately took a small book and recorded it. After a while, the old man chose 25 slaves and then turned around and said, “Okay, let’s just do it.”

“Ah?” Wood boss said: “Just these? Master no longer look at it, there are a lot of strong and strong in my back shed, because the place is not big enough to pull out, or you go back Hey?”

“That’s all about this, and there are so many nonsense.”

The old man’s brow wrinkled, and the singer said, the wooden boss was shocked and quickly nodded and said: “Yes, yes, small mouthful.”

The old man was about to leave, and a clear voice suddenly shouted: “The old gentleman please stay!”

The old man glanced back and saw that a young man with a face and a sturdy face forced himself into the front of the slaves. His face was red and his lips were white. He nervously licked his lips and Zhang said: “Old gentleman, I read eight history, I know six arts, I have learned from childhood, 颂韬, 七略, 大书, 胜语, Lancome, morality, 藏藏浅易,元纵横宇, all involved, playing chess Painting and calligraphy, tea and fragrant roads have been studied, can you buy me?”


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