Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 001-020 (unedited)

Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 001-020 (unedited)

By Xiao Xiang Dong’Er, translated and arranged by Angel Chua


The time is fixed at 2 am on May 12, 2009. The location is in Shangjing City, a desert outside the national heart.

Seven black cars drove at a speed on the outskirts, two in front, two in the back, and two on the sides, guarding a black Mercedes in the middle. The military’s powerful engine produces a smooth sound. The body is made entirely of high-performance aluminum alloy. The spiral-shaped bullet-proof pattern is visible on the windshield. There is no license plate and no special military logo. It is doubtful. How did the team come out of the gate of the mighty capital?

An hour later, the team drove into a khaki-coloured building on the outskirts of the city. Four soldiers in camouflage uniforms came forward and signaled that the car was parked for inspection. A front door opened and worn. The young man in the black suit got out of the car and handed a crimson sign. The soldier checked for a long while and said, “I need to ask the superior.”

The man’s brow was picking up, his tone was urgent, and he was slightly angry with the anger. He said, “There is a signature from the commander of Hua, and who do you need to ask?”

The soldier continued to say with no expression: “The major, the superior has just issued an order, except that the head of the family personally, the other people entering the military forbidden grounds will need the co-signature of the commander of the Chinese and the chief of the staff of Zhang, otherwise they will not be released.”


“Li Yang.”

A low voice suddenly sounded from inside the car, and the black Mercedes slowly came forward. The driver shook the window and revealed a slightly tired old face inside. The soldier looked at him and stood upright. Respected a military ceremony and said: “The head is good!”

The Chinese commander nodded a little: “Now can we go in?”

The soldier slightly hesitated and said: “The chief of the report, the chief of staff of Zhang, ordered that the military is not allowed to drive in the restricted area and walk.”

Hua Bing brows gently, pats his leg and says, “I need to walk too?”

The soldier’s face became more and more ugly, his eyes turned through the window on the injured leg of the Chinese commander, and finally the wood-sounding voice said: “Sorry for the head, the superior instructions, no one can drive, walk !”

Li Yang changed his face and suddenly became furious. Hua Shiliang gently waved his hand and turned his head and said to Li Yang: “Li Yang, you go in, take my documents, you must keep 005 intact. Brought out, the Military Intelligence Bureau can no longer afford the loss like 003, they are the wealth of the country.”

Li Yang suddenly moved, facing the old-fashioned white-haired old man, revered and carried out a military ceremony, firmly said: “The head of the reassurance, resolutely complete the task!”

However, at this moment, a huge burst of blasting came, and a dark mushroom cloud on the glare of the fire rose up in the darkness. Li Yang’s eyes were round and the forehead was blue, and he turned around without saying a word. The military restricted area ran!

This night, the people of the capital were still sleeping quietly, but in the fourth military prison outside the city, there was a huge explosion that shocked the world. In the darkness, the eyes of all countries are all secretly condensed in one place, waiting for the dawn of a few hours.

Four hours ago.

In the trial hall of the Fourth Military Prison, there were seven senior officers in military uniforms, and the stars on the epaulets flashed, indicating that these people were all admiral. On the trial bench, there are five military judges, each from the major military regions and not affiliated with a military system. Below are more than 20 national first-class special forces armed with the Colt MOD733 5.56mm assault rifle, look alert, such as the enemy.

The atmosphere in the entire courtroom was solemn, and everyone’s eyes were condensed on the dock. The presiding judge in the military uniform cleared his throat and said: “Name.”

“Chu Qiao.”

A quiet, calm voice with a low response, although the tone is somewhat hoarse, but one can judge the gender of the person.

Sure enough, I saw a lower body wearing light green military pants, a white shirt on the upper body, and the cuffs were rolled up, and the delicate woman with half of the white arm was sitting on the dock. Her face was calm and her eyes were pure, and she could not see a little nervousness.

The presiding judge continues the boring process: “Gender.”


“Day of birth.”

“October 8, 1982.”


“Antu County, Jilin Province.”

“From the military resume.”

“In 1999, he was admitted to the Central Military School. In 2001, he was transferred to the Fifth Intelligence Division of the Central Military Command. In the second half of 2001, he entered the seventh unit of the Eagle Group for training. On August 27, 2003, he officially joined the Fifth Intelligence Division. Into the second group, engaged in intelligence analysis and deployment work. In December 2003, he was transferred to the Xinjiang Intelligence Bureau, and cooperated with the Military Intelligence Department 9 to implement the raid plan. In June 2004, he left the country and lurked. In 2007, he returned to China and entered the 11th command. As a deputy commander, until now.”

“What actions have you performed during your tenure?”

“From 2007 to April 2009, there were 97 large and small transactions in 11 offices. There are 29 in my hand, including five in five stars, nine in four stars, five in three stars, and four in four stars. One piece, one star no.”

“Please report the two-star mission you have performed.”

“In August 2007, the Ministry of Military Intelligence provided information, and the military sentiment was launched at 9 locations. I and the 9 Li Colonel jointly planned the ‘Haiyan Plan’ and successfully obtained 300 tons of uranium ore. In November 2007, 11 locations and overseas Six cooperatively implemented the trapping strategy, took the treason generals known as the Mika half-mouse, and blew up the nuclear reactor of the F country. In April 2008, the plan was to counter the powers of the E country and recapture the vulnerabilities of the central bank. In June of the year, with the help of Country X, the planning of 11 places, the assistance of the abilities, and the 9 special agents 003-based Simo action, successfully obtained the production drawings of HK47.”

The presiding judge pushed the glasses and, while comparing the documents, said with a deep voice: “Please tell us in detail about the relationship between you and Agent 003 of the military.”

The woman heard the words slightly raised her eyebrows. The face that was not changed for a long time was slightly cold. Her eyes swept through the seven jury officers. Finally, she said: “In 2001, during the training of the seventh unit, I was with the agent 003. The 11 staff officers, Major Huang Minrui, lived together in a dormitory. In March 2004, 003 went to the Xinjiang Intelligence Bureau to implement the East Turkistan terrorist annihilation plan. We cooperated for two months. In 2008, we cooperated with 003 to implement the Seymour Action. ”

The presiding judge Shen Sheng said: “What is your relationship? Is it a comrade-in-arms, a colleague, or a general nod?”

The woman’s face was quiet and she raised her eyebrows for a long time. She said, “We are friends.”

The jury suddenly sounded a slight sigh, and the woman’s eyebrows looked at the two of them, and the sharp eyes saw the smiles that had not been able to dissipate at the corners of their mouths.

“That is, you are in close contact with 003, is it a close friend who has nothing to say?”

A female judge in her forty-year-old wearing a dark green uniform asked Shen Sheng.

The woman turned her head and her eyes turned around in the seemingly amiable face of the female judge. Finally, she said: “Judge, I and 003 are high-quality soldiers who have been specially trained by the state. We understand what can be said, what? I can’t say anything, so I don’t want to talk about these four words in your interrogation. I think it is the indifference to our professional qualities and the greatest disrespect to the martyrs who have sacrificed for the national interest.”

The female judge looked white, tightened her lips, stopped speaking, and the atmosphere was awkward.

The presiding judge continued: “Chu Qiao, now, please make a simple statement and defense of the M1N1 action.”

When I got here, I finally asked the key points and key points. The two jury-in-chiefs in their fifties were a little bit stalking and looking very focused. Chu Qiao bowed his head and only looked up his neck for a long time. He said with a word of silence: “I asked to see my superior, or accept the trial of the military court of the Supreme People’s Court. Before that, I will not do the M1N1 action. Any statement.”

The presiding judge wrinkled his brows, and there was a slight anger in his voice. He said slowly: “Are you questioning the authority of the military courts that were jointly dispatched by the five military regions and formed by the highest legal experts?”

“I am not.” Chu Qiao looked up and repeated: “I just asked to see my superiors. Before I have the declassified documents signed by the Chinese commander, please forgive me for not revealing the information and content of the M1N1 action.”

The trial chief frowned and continued: “So, please order the blasting of the General Affairs Building, causing more than 20 national hostages to be killed and make your own defense and elaboration.”

“They are not hostages.”

Chu Qiao looked up and said, “The orders I have made are absolutely in line with the various orders of the military. I have not killed a person. As long as I see the signature documents of my superiors and Chinese commanders, I will go to the military.” The court made the most complete statement. Before that, I will not accept any trial.”

After the trial entered a stalemate, after taking Chu Cho, all the judges and generals quit the hall, and the strict monitoring device took all their images, but just under the corner bench of the senior general of the military, one A small device flashing red light, jumping quietly.

Time is running out.

Chu Qiao sat on the iron bed, bowed his head and sat quietly. The house where she is located is surrounded by special tempered glass. The inside can be completely seen inside. The people inside can’t see the outside movement at all, without any privacy. The rigidity of the glass here, even if you take the German M7KB large caliber submachine gun for a continuous shooting for a year, can only open a small bullet, want to break the glass escape, may need the help of the atomic bomb.


Even if she couldn’t hear it, she was the senior commander of the country’s most confidential intelligence service, and she clearly knew all the outside arrangements. The hand touched the pulse and calculated the time silently. She knew that the time for dinner was coming.

Sure enough, a slamming sound, a corner door was opened under the glass, and a tray was placed on one hand and slowly put in.

Chu Qiao sat on the bed, did not move, but at this moment, a small stone suddenly flew out, accurately and silently hit the buckle on the wrist, only heard a loud sound, the watch fell on the prison Among them.

The soldier outside the door was surprised. He reached out and touched his arm twice, but he could not reach it. Chu Qiao heard the sound, seemingly turned his head inadvertently, frowning in doubt, she knew that in addition to this, there was still a person standing outside, and she was closely monitoring her.

According to common sense, the prisoner can’t get close to the prison door during the meal delivery, but at this moment, Chu Qiao reached out and gestured to himself. The soldiers outside the door looked clearly and stretched out their hands. When they still couldn’t reach it, they put out their fists and slammed them on the ground twice, agreeing.

Chu Qiao jumped out of the iron bed, picked up the watch on the ground, handed it to the soldier’s hand, smiled at the tempered glass that could not be seen outside, and picked up the food and returned to the bed.

Outside, it will soon be quiet.

Everything is so natural, there is no trace of it.

After Chojo finished his meal, he walked to the simple bathroom and opened the door.

The government is still humane, the bathroom setting is still private, except for the shoulders, all of which are made of opaque plastic. Chu Qiao sat on the toilet seat, her head lowered slightly. She knew that someone was watching her outside, and she had to go to the toilet for no more than twenty minutes.

In the bathroom that no one else can see, gently sticking out the white palm, there is a transparent film on the fingertip that just touched the soldier’s finger, and there is a fingerprint that the other party accidentally picked up by her. Chu Qiao knows that time is running out and she should act.

At 1:20 midnight, Chu Qiao closed the door of the bathroom. She went to the washbasin and washed her hands.

The prison is dead and there is no sound. At this time, it is the most fatigued time of the day. Even the highly trained special forces will have a slight decrease in alertness and physical strength. Chu Qiao looked calm, wash his hands, pick up the towel on the shelf, carefully dry, the sound of the toilet squeaking, Chu Qiao’s fingers on the pulse, silent time.

Ten, nine, eight, … five, four…

When time arrived, Chu Qiao turned calmly and walked toward the bed.

The slamming sound suddenly rang, the huge water splashed suddenly, and the subtle fire slammed out from the pipe of the sewer pipe. Chu Qiao’s body was not far away, and was hit by the water peanuts. From the beginning, soft and soft on the ground.

The prison guard outside the door suddenly became shocked. He saw the water pipe burst in the prison. The prisoner was hit by an explosion and he was not known. Suddenly panic, the two prison guards quickly pressed the switch code, a hand-held submachine gun held in a walkie-talkie and rushed in. However, the short-term pipeline blasting destroyed the transmission of information. Within five seconds, the direction of the main station could only hear the unknown signal of rustling.

When the two fighters ran to the bathroom to see the cause of the blast, the woman who had fainted in the past suddenly opened the bright eyes, and the body instantly resembled a civet cat, slamming out the door of the prison. The two prison guards were shocked. However, they had not waited for their voices to come out, and the door of the prison was slammed.

Chu Qiao did not look at the two angry inside, hurriedly approached the monitoring room. Quickly extract and transfer the video from an hour ago to the small DV, make a short cut and delete, drag the chair and climb the pinhole camera outside the prison, and reverse the picture in the DV, facing the camera. The playback image is turned on, and then back to the monitoring room to cut off the signal transmission of the intercom.

The time was just right, just five seconds later, the vulcanized simple blaster began self-repair after blasting, and the leaking water pipe was quickly bonded. In the fully enclosed prison, the two prison guards roared in the air, and they could not wear the sealed cage. The monitor returned to normal, the image of the front desk showed an image one hour ago, the woman was sitting quietly on the bed, and the two prison guards patrolled outside. Everything is so peaceful and quiet.

Chu Qiao’s eyes are sharp, look around and be safe.

Go back to the monitoring room, open the prisoner’s reserve box, replace the wet clothes, put on the costumes of the fourth prison guard, wear the hat, pick up the HK pistol in the arsenal, install the silencer, don’t be there. Waist, turned and went out.

The two prison guards dared to open the door of the prison, not a slap in the face.

The fourth prison is adjacent to the capital, and its geographical location is remote and secret. The prisoners are all serious offenses that will be tried by the National High Military Court. The importance is self-evident. The defense and rigor of each of the prisons have reached the point of nitpicking, the independence of the prison, the high-end weapons, strong monitoring, and perfect personnel deployment. Each of the prisons has three national special military guards, two gates inside and outside, like the prison in front of Chu Qiao, as long as there is a password to open, you can open, but outside the prison gate, but need the fingerprint of the last locker Can be opened.

The supervision of the three people is a rotation system. Now there are two people in the prison. Chu Qiao took the fingerprint film prepared in advance and docked it against the scanner. Soon, there was a crackling sound. In a standard military uniform, Joe walked out of the prison door under the glare of two national soldiers.

After going out, it was a long corridor. She was at the fourth floor of the underground prison. At this time, there is still a long way to go to achieve the goal. The surveillance video is only an hour, she must hurry.

The four floors are all held by senior national officers and secret agents awaiting military court rulings. The third floor is a major criminal. The first floor is where the fourth prison official is located, and the second floor is the fourth prison to receive foreign guests. The meeting place for visitors. The purpose of Chu Qiao’s trip is there.

After about two minutes, I left the prison group. At the end of the corridor, there were forty senior soldiers armed with heavy machine guns and armed men. In the fourth prison, there is no air-conditioning pipe, there is no empty sewer pipe. In addition to this corridor, only concrete can be dug to escape, and the probability of escape from birth is almost zero.

The guarded soldiers saw Chu Joe’s face and suddenly became nervous. A warrior headed up raised the black hole’s muzzle and said, “Stand up! Who? Password!”

Chu Qiao did not squint and walked over. His back was straight and he held a thick document in his hand. He walked and said quietly: “I am the colonel of Liu Fanghao of the Military Law Office. The supervisor investigated a case of arms smuggling. Please immediately connect me to Lieutenant Colonel Tan Zongming. I have important documents to convey to him.”

The soldier stunned and then frowned and said: “Reporter, Lieutenant Colonel Tan Zongming is not in office tonight, his line is a private secret line, please show your ID.”

“The Military Law Office did not need to show the documents in the Fourth Prison. I came to assist the case at the invitation of the Fourth Prison Li Prison. Three days ago, Colonel Lv Fanghao personally sent it to the Auditor’s Office. Do you not know?” Joe frowned, squinting his eyes up and down the guarded soldiers, and said in a deep voice: “Which army are you, have you read the military code, tell me your number, the army code.”

The soldiers were shocked and heard that the level of the army was clear. This person was very talkative. The opening room and the Li Lichang, Tan Lieutenant, were so familiar, and suddenly gave birth to a sense of awe. He replied: “Reporter, my number is 0475, belonging to the 571 brigade task force of the 309th Army of the Eighth Army of the South. It is not under the establishment of the regular army. We just transferred it two days ago, so I don’t know. You are personally sent to the prison by Colonel Lv Fanghao.”

Chu Qiao heard the brow and gently stretched and nodded. He said, “You are the Eighth Army of the South? Are you the deputy commander Liu? Are you brought in by him? This time you should go to Beijing for business, you should live more. Some time?”

The soldier listened to the awe-inspiring sorrow, and the military law department responded with different remarks. He replied: “The chief of the report, Liu Junchang is all well, our team is dispatched to the fourth prison, and will not return to the south with the commander.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded. “I was also an eighth army. I used to work in the Eighth Army Intelligence Procuratorate. We said that we are still comrades-in-arms. See your commander and ask me a good question. Ok, I still There is something to be done, you go to the transfer station to fax this document out, in two copies, to inform the chief of staff of Zhang and the secretary’s office of Hua Shi, that is, at six o’clock in the morning, the Colonel Liu Fanghao has a visit.”

After that, turn around and walk toward the front.

The soldiers were kneeling in the same place, holding a lot of files on the top of the file, all of which were soft.

Chief of Staff Zhang…Commander of China…

When she walked out of the fourth floor of the prison, the clothes on Chu’s back were soaked. She leaned against the wall and gasped slowly. Then she lifted her wrist and looked at the table. Ten minutes had passed, time was left. Few, she took a deep breath, stood up straight and continued to move forward.

Fingerprint decoder, infrared scanner, retina docking frequency, through layer search and monitoring, she finally came to the second floor of the guest room. Looking at the room where the brand of the military law was hanging, Chu Qiao’s mouth was gently pulled up.

Very good, there is a debt, and she finally found the Lord.


Easily cracked the password lock and the code reader, Chu Qiao gently turned the door handle and walked sideways. Although it was late at night, but the corridors were brightly lit, there were still many people walking around. Chu Qiao was free to look forward. He walked in the corridor of the foreign guests and nodded to the staff of the fourth prison in the past. Although the staff did not know her, but seeing her calm, wearing a military uniform, she really regarded her as an insider of the Fourth Prison, without any doubt.

Five minutes later, after leaving the main office corridor, the staff lounge of the Military Law Office was greeted with the smell of sake scattered in the air. Chu Qiao knew that she had not taken the wrong place.

The bedroom on the side suddenly had a movement, Chu Qiao responded quickly, and the smart body was close to the door of the room. The slender palm quickly touched the HK on the waist.

A short man in a black suit poked his head out. He was very alert and seemed to notice the movement in the corridor, but his reaction was stupidly coming out and looking in the direction of Chu Qiao . He was greeted by a black hole. Under the treatment of the silencer, the bullet quickly rushed out of the muzzle, and a big blood hole was blown up in his heart. The man’s pupil suddenly became big, and Chu Qiao’s hand was fast. He lived in his body and licked his mouth until his pulse stopped beating before he walked in.

People are more courageous. In this two-in-one room with less than 100 square meters, they actually lived in 16 people. Except for the one who died before, the rest were all in a deep sleep. There are internal humanoid care, fake legal status, advanced well-equipped weapons, and so many companions. These people may dream and think that some people will be afraid to enter their bedroom, but at this moment, death They have stood in front of them and have no sneaky awareness.

Treating the enemy, Chu Qiao has always lacked compassion. Although she has been engaged in behind-the-scenes planning work for many years, this does not mean that she has no courage to shoot. Steadyly carrying a large-caliber HK pistol, Chu Qiao’s eyes were slightly stunned, showing a cold-blooded color. The muzzle aimed at a middle-aged man on the bed, a muffled sound, and the sleeping man’s body suddenly shocked. The forehead blood hole is open, white and red splashes.

The woman did not make too many stops, she quickly walked forward, snoring, and ten seconds later, there was no more living in the outside room.

Opening the door inside, I saw five men lying on the bed in the middle, sleeping very hard. Without hesitation, killing people is much simpler than eating and bathing. The five guns sounded loudly, the voice was dull, the sound of blood rushing out, and the air was full of disgusting blood.

From the inside of a man’s purse, find a small DV, Chu Qiao stood between the corpses, opened the switch, and watched it carefully.

After confirming that it was correct, the woman put the DV in a large pocket, and then installed the super C4 blasting expert found in the bag of the deceased in the room, and turned on the starting device. The red cursor on the black box began to flash quickly. .

Chu Qiao finally glanced at the dead in the room. After confirming it, he opened the door and went out. However, at this moment, a cold mang suddenly rubbed against her neck and wiped it!

Chu Qiao’s body shape suddenly stumbled down, quickly turned over and fell to the ground, rolling back, can not escape the bullet’s attack, cold miracle flash, shooting without stopping, Chu Qiao kicked on the door panel, inside The door of the door was tightly closed, and Chu Qiao was half-squatting on the floor, listening to the low breathing on the opposite side. She knew that she had already been exposed.

Chu Qiao’s muscles are very tight, breathing slowly, and his eyes are fixed on the opposite door panel. She is not 003, not a super agent in action, she is studying in the military school is blasting, planning, how to use the favorable environment, sophisticated intelligence, and limited personnel to maximize the maximum benefit of the greatest benefit, At this moment, facing the danger of less than three meters from her, she clearly understood that hard touch is irrational.

Eyes, slowly aiming at the poor man who died in his sleep.

With a bang, the door was kicked open, and the woman stood in front of the door, looking proudly at the two men hidden in the outside room.

The two apparently did not expect that she would come out on her own, and her look would be a glimpse.

Two sounds, Chu Qiao despised the dagger in the hand, HK Tongtong thrown on the ground, the hind foot micro side, hands pushed forward, made a Tai Chi starter, and then facing the two men opposite cold cold With a sigh of light, I gently waved my hand, and the meaning is very obvious: together!

Two men with large-powered submachine guns that could shoot 160 rounds of bullets in a row suddenly became angry, brushed and thrown away the guns, and placed a Japanese boxing posture. Their eyes were fierce, their figure leaped suddenly, and they quickly rushed to the thunder. Come forward.

In the small room, it seemed as if a little bitter cold wind was blowing, the curtains were shaking, the lights were dark, and the huge murderousness rose to the ground. As the two men’s bodies quickly moved toward Chu. Just look at the muscles of the two people and the hotness of the shot, you can foresee the ending of this woman who does not know the heights.

However, at this moment, the woman who had been looking deeply smiled suddenly, and her mouth was coldly picked up, turning into a smug but cold smile, as if it were a juggling act, a Japanese-made M609 small caliber The bullet pistol suddenly appeared on her hand. M609, the king of the close-range killing weapon, is not a hole, forever direct headshot!

Just listening to the two muffled sounds suddenly sounded, the 0. 05 second spike made the two people unable to make a scream, the close-range shooting directly exploded their heads, the brain splattered, sprayed Chu Qiao covered .

The man who kicked the road with a disgusted kick, Chu Qiao quickly opened the door of the bathroom. Although two people were expected as expected, the operation was still very smooth, saving twenty minutes than originally estimated. It was enough for her to make one. Simple cleaning.

Fifteen minutes later, a woman in a black suit from the Military Law Division walked out of the rest room of the Military Law Office. She walked in the corridor of the second floor foreign guest, and smiled at the staff of the fourth prison in the past. After three minutes, she calmly I opened the second floor door and went out.

The night breeze is cool and softly blows on the face. Chu Qiao walks in the hall on the ground floor of the Fourth Prison. The people around the world are busy with the elite soldiers of the country, raising their wrists and taking the time of the explosion. There are ten seconds.

Chu Qiao’s look continued unchanged, while walking, he took a copy of yesterday’s newspaper from the sidelines.

10, 9, 8…

“On May 11, another patient in China who was infected with M1N1 A virus was diagnosed in Beijing. At present, this is the 47th person diagnosed with this virus in China. The port and some flights have been suspended. The tourism industry has suffered a serious impact, and the stock has fallen sharply. The Beijing-Shanghai market is in a state of gloom…”

7, 6, 5…

“Xinhua News Agency reports: At present, the number of people diagnosed with M1N1 A virus in Moses is 689, the number of suspected infected viruses is 1,272, and the number of deaths is 68. The number of deaths is still rising uncontrollably. Selenium has confirmed 325 infections, 576 suspected, and 97 deaths. Egypt…”

4, 3…

“M Country Ugly Association reported: After M experts’ research, it is suspected that the M1N1 type A virus was transmitted from the Z country, because the earthquake in the Z country destroyed the equilibrium of the atmosphere and caused the virus to breed. The natural disasters could not be handled quickly and effectively, resulting in the rapid spread of infectious diseases. The M government intends to refuse trade with the Z countries in the short term, expel the Z people from M, and ban the entry of Z people. The staff is currently nervous. In the discussion, I believe that there will be a proper treatment soon.”

2, 1, 0!

Suddenly, the whole earth suddenly violently vibrated. The huge blasting sound hit the ear drums. The red sirens were sharp and long, the smoke was rolling, the fire broke out, and the entire fourth prison trembled fiercely in the explosion.

The smoke was fascinating, and all the staff at the Fourth Prison trained the weapons and ran to the scene of the explosion. Chu Qiao was covered in dust, and the panicked man grabbed the arm of a man in a military uniform and shouted: “Comrade! What happened?”

The man looked at the body of the military lawsuit and knew that she was not the fourth prison person. She helped her and said, “You are the military law department? You come with me first, I will take you out.”

The national soldiers who are busy escorting colleagues from other departments simply do not know. At this time, what they are holding on their hands is the initiator of this explosion. Not only that, but also more than a dozen comrades of the “Military Law Department” were killed in her hands. .

Following the chaotic crowd, I ran out of the lobby and was about to continue running. The two suddenly ran into a man with a man who rushed into the hall!

“Ah! Sorry, ah, Colonel Lee!” The man held the other side and said sorry.

“What happened inside?” Li Yang tightened his brow and looked at the side. He just saw Chu Qiao’s big eyes and pointed his finger at Chu Qiao. He opened his mouth and said: “Chu…”

“You came to me, there was a big bang inside, we have something to go out and say.”

Chu Qiao quickly interrupted Li Yang’s words. The military once heard: “Then I will not send two. I don’t know what happened. I have to go back and have a look.”

Li Yang nodded and saw the soldier walking away. He grabbed Chu Qiao and said, “What happened? Why did the military court try you? How did you escape?”


“M1N1 virus is not a natural disaster, but a man-made disaster. M, R, Eagle, F, and other high-level Western countries are involved, even some people inside China are interested in getting involved. The last time I took X troops, was X troops. The hostages taken away are not hostages at all, but virus experts hidden in military research institutes in various countries. They want to spread the virus around the world, fight against the economy of hostile countries, and take control of a listed company at the last minute. The antibiotics of the M1N1 virus are for huge profits. My people have obtained evidence of their crimes, here.”

Chu Qiao said that he took out the DV and handed it to Li Yang’s hand and continued: “The last time the little poem went to Tokyo to kill the senior leader of the X unit, the last thing to bring back is our internal informant. The evidence of life exchange, but unfortunately the poem died on the streets of Tokyo. This is one of the behind-the-scenes ambassadors of the M1N1 A virus. This is the surface of the human body organ, which secretly develops the deadly virus X. The troops. They sent people to sneak into China. Under the cover of the high-ranking treason leaders, they disguised their colleagues in the Military Law Division and went to the fourth prison to steal my evidence. Now they have been removed by me.”

Li Yang was stunned and said incredulously: “You mean, the person who killed the little poem, is that?”

“Yes!” Chu Qiao nodded, affirmatively said: “The person who ordered the abandonment of 003 is an enemy agent hidden in the top of the country. He also ordered me to be locked in the fourth prison, taking away evidence of crimes in various countries, in an attempt to cover up Their awkward crimes.”

Li Yang is still immersed in the huge shock, his eyebrows are locked, his eyes are dark and angry, and he said in a deep voice: “The artillery experts of the M country are going to Beijing to visit and study today. The money staff of the Beijing troops and I have done so. I greeted the work and didn’t expect them…”

“What are you talking about?” Chu Qiao suddenly said.

Li Yang sighed and asked: “What?”

“You said that the artillery experts from country M are coming to Beijing?”

Li Yang nodded and said, “Yes, it was arrived last night.”

Chu Qiao changed his face and hurriedly searched for him: “With the munitions to start the locator?”

“What are you looking for?”

Chu Qiao suddenly became furious and screamed: “Do you bring it with you?”

“How can I bring this kind of thing to me?” Seeing Chu Qiao’s face anxious, Li Yang said quickly: “You come with me, I know where there is.”

The two men got on a battery car and quickly started up in the courtyard where people came and went. Two minutes later, when Chu Qiao saw the flashing red dot on the locator, she only felt that the whole mind was blank…

“What is going on here? Are you not installing in the second-floor foreign guest department? How can it be in the fourth-floor courtroom?”

Chu Qiao stood up and quickly searched for weapons and equipment in the warehouse. He hurriedly went out and said, “M country simply does not trust the X troops of R. They are afraid that R can’t succeed and expose things. Going out, so the navigation locator was installed in the courtroom. As soon as the time came, the shells will be launched. By then, the entire fourth prison will be razed to the ground, including evidence, including me.”

“What should I do now? I will immediately inform the bombing experts and inform the special forces to send reinforcements to control the M countries.”

“It’s too late,” Chu Qiao looked deep, and said in a deep voice: “I will immediately prepare a helicopter for me to disperse the crowd. The most important thing for you now is to hand this evidence to the commander of the Chinese, small. The life of poetry, the life of 11 agents of 14 abilities, the lives of people all over the world who are killed and will be killed on the M1N1 virus, are in your hands, and must not be a mistake.”

Li Yang looked a glimpse, the smoke and the wind in the distance, the crowd swayed, he looked at the woman’s firm eyes and thin face, suddenly felt a sour and shocked heart, for a long time, only a firm voice said: “I must do Chuo, you have to take care.”

“You too.”

After that, the woman rushed out of the warehouse without heading back, and rushed to the four-story sergeant who had escaped from her before.

Ten minutes later, a helicopter took off from the square of the Fourth Prison and quickly left the fourth prison at an extremely fast speed and flew away to the deserted suburbs.

Sitting on the car to the commander’s office, Li Yang held the munition to start the locator, watching the little red dot move from the fourth floor of the trial hall to the square, and then quickly flew over the sky above the Beijing suburbs. Suddenly, the huge and fierce explosion suddenly came from the sky, and the red dot on the locator disappeared instantly, turning into a black skull pattern.

Li Yang sitting in the car did not look back, but the line never showed tears, and slowly flowed down in the darkness.

The night at Shangjing is quiet.

The birthplace of Daxia is on the east bank of Hongchuan in the upper reaches of Hengshui. Since the ancestors began, they have lived a nomadic life by water and grass. The folk customs are still strong and strong. The summer is bitter and cold, and the living environment restricts the development of the Xia people. There are many dogs and dogs. For thousands of years, the Xia people have survived in this difficult land east of Hongchuan until Pei Luozhen The existence of Huang, the establishment of the Daxia regime, enabled this nation to compete with the heavens to breathe and develop.

In the history of Daxia, almost every word is made with blood and tears. The nature of the nomads makes their relationship with the land indifferent, which to a certain extent also makes them more compatible with the southern Sui and Tang Dynasties and the Eastern Huai Song in terms of ethnicity. For hundreds of years, the Xia people have been migrating to the west and fighting the aliens. The country has become more and more vast. Nowadays, the faint has surpassed the Sui and Tang dynasties with more than 3,000 years of history and the most prosperous Huai Song, becoming the first military in the mainland. Strong country.

As the water rises, the Zhen Huang City stands on the Hongchuan Plain. It has become the economic and political center of the whole continent. It is a high-rise building, a business trip, a splendid splendid, a wealthy and wealthy businessman from all countries, and a shuttle in the main street of Jiuyi. It is extremely lively.

In the early morning, the first long bell was played, the sound was long, and the sound spread. The gates slowly opened in the bells, and the sun shines. The new day of the city is once again under the iron-blooded order of the empire.


A clear voice suddenly sounded, and the black horse raised the white horseshoes and stepped on the snow outside the city of Zhen Huang. The snow splashed and the hoofs screamed, leaving more than a dozen followers far behind.

“Yan Shizi, you are late!”

Zhuge Huai smiled and shouted, and said to the smiling person. His voice is warm and warm, and if the face is spring breeze, a pair of eyes are half-squinting, flashing with shrewd light, a purple gold and silver line Jin Li kimono, and then wearing a sacred mountain silver jade snow scorpion, more and more looks graceful and romantic. However, at the age of fifteen or six, it seems that there is superb glory and age-wise wisdom.

Standing next to him, there are four teenagers. The younger ones are only eleven or two years old, and the big ones are only thirteen four. Everyone is dressed in brocade attire, surrounded by the entourage. Hearing his voice, he turned his head and looked at the coming person.

Yan Xun took advantage of the horse and screamed. The invincible snow hoofed horse was suddenly standing up, loud and long, and then stopped firmly on the snowfield. Yan Xun was dressed in a deep purple dress, and later covered with snow and white long, and he said: “When the news of Zhuge brother was received, the eight princesses were in the government. It was really difficult to get out of the house. You have waited for a long time.”

“It turned out that the beautiful woman had an appointment. It seems that we are disturbing Yan Shizi’s Yaxing.” A pine green robes and a small son came forward, and the voice still had a soft childish voice. It looked like eleven Years old, a pair of eyes bent, like a fox, said with a smile.

Yan Xun’s face was light and said: “Prince Zhao Song said with a smile. On the national banquet of the previous day, if I was not the King of Prince Zhao Song, I broke the glass of the princess. Today, there will not be such a bright blessing. Also thanks to the little prince.”

Xiaogongzi smiled low and didn’t get annoyed. He turned his head and said to the young boy who was on the side of another pale blue robe: “I saw it, I said that Yan Shizi would not be willing to give up, and I will definitely do this for you.” I am theoretical.”

Mu Yun slightly raised his eyebrows: “Is there still less people who have suffered from your suffering under the Imperial City? Yan Shizi is a good temper, changed me, and went to your house the night before.”

“Is it better than nothing? If you want to chat, you might as well go back.”

A teenager in a black robes came forward and hung a bright yellow bow around his waist. Yan Xun seems to notice him at this time, jumping out of the Malay, respectful salute: “The original seven halls are also in, please forgive Yan Xun just eyes.”

Zhao Che squinted his eyes and squinted at Yan Xun. His mouth was faint, and he said hello. He said to Zhuge Huai, “I have to go to Shangshufang when I was at dinner with my eight-year-old, and I didn’t have much time to work.”

Zhuge Huai smiled and said: “Since Yan Shizi is here, let’s start.”

Prince Zhao Song laughed and clap his hands: “Zhuge has found something new, and come out and show it to me.”

Zhao Wei said: “I see a bunch of animal cages coming over there. Zhuge, you are not looking for us to hunt, it doesn’t mean anything.”

Zhuge Huai shook his head and said mysteriously: “I can spend a lot of thoughts on this day, you are squatting.” After that, he reached out and gently patted two times, the sound was crisp, and it echoed far away on the pale snow. stand up.

The empty paddock surrounded by fences was opened, and Zhuge Huai’s followers pushed six large carriages into the paddock, lined up with six huge cages in the open space, covered with black cloth, and no trace of it. Dew, I can’t see anything inside.

Prince Zhao Song said with interest: “What is inside? Zhuge, you should stop selling it.”


Zhuge Huai smiled and waved at the distant followers, only to hear a bang, all the black cloth was squatted down, and Prince Zhao Song snorted, and sighed a little, then he smiled happily.

I saw that there was a group of young people in the huge cage. But the girls of seven or eight years old had twenty people in each cage. Everyone wore only a rag, and the chest was like a prisoner. The same words are written in the same way. The words in each cage are different. There are Mu, Jingjing, Yan, and Zhuge. Zhao Che and Zhao Wei are distinguished by the words “Che” and “珏”. The children were kept in the black cage for a long time. Suddenly they saw the light, and they suddenly blindfolded, panicked and stunned, and looked like a group of timid rabbits.

Zhuge Huai laughed: “There was a team of Hu people in the Western Regions in the past. This game is what they taught me. I will ask people to remove the cages and release the wolves in the cages. I have been hungry for three days and have red eyes. We can shoot the beasts, or shoot the slaves in other cages. After a scent, see who has the most slaves, even if they win.”

Wang Xiaowang, a small smile, first laughed: “Sure enough, it’s fun.”

Zhuge Huai said: “Then it started, thirty arrows per person.” After that, he turned his head and said to a subordinate: “Zhu Shun, open the cage.”

The next time people got the order, they removed the cage and left the paddock. The children shivered and stood in the same place, as if they still had cages to trap them, and they did not dare to move.

Suddenly, I only heard a roar of screaming, the fence gates on both sides were opened, and more than 20 fierce wolves rushed into the paddock, and Zhang Da’s bloody mouth screamed and rushed to the children!

The huge exclamation sounded on time, and the seven or eight-year-old children screamed together, and the rushed together gathered and ran toward the direction in which someone stood. At the same time, the sharp arrows outside the fence violently slammed into the fence. However, it is not those fierce wolves who go to the place, but those who run to themselves.

The strong blood and suffocating sky, the screams of screams and the sorrows slammed Tianyu, and the sharp arrows shot through the children’s thin shoulder blades and chest and abdomen, blood coming out, blooming on their thin body. safflower. The wolves were stimulated by bloody smells, and they were more ferocious. A wild wolf jumped up quickly and bit the child’s neck. The child was not screamed and was torn by another wolf. A thigh, the head was bitten halfway, the white flower’s brain and blood mixed in one place, splashed out and sprinkled on the snowy land.

There is chaos between the heavens and the earth, the violent screams are endless, the pain on the shoulders is inextricably added, and the eyelids are heavy like a thousand boulder. The small body of Jing Yueer is pierced by a sharp arrow, and the nails are nailed to the ground. Her breathing is gradually weak. It seems to be dead, but her brows are wrinkled tightly, and the wrinkles are tighter. A fierce wild wolf approached slowly, looking at the child with a fiercely stunned wolf eye. The stinky saliva dripped longer and longer, and a slamming drop on the child’s cheek.

In the midst of it, it seems that the eyes of the gods are watching the tragedy of the lower bound. Just at the moment when the wolf kisses down, the child’s eyes are slamming open, the snow is as bright as a knife, and there is no timidity and weakness that the child should have. Almost instinctively reached out, holding up the upper and lower jaws of the wolf, and then raised his head, biting the tongue of the wolf’s extension, and slamming it!

The sharp screams sounded on time, and everyone turned their heads and looked at the child who had a fierce bite on the wolf tongue. He was forgotten about the archery.

Zhao Che first reacted and saw the big “Che” character on the child. He laughed and bowed his arrow. He slammed into the throat of the wolf.

The wild wolf mourned and fell to the ground. The tragedy on the paddock continued. The rest of the wolves were behind the other girls. The torn bodies and broken limbs were all over the place. Heart screams and crying. Jing Yueer stood up and trembled, and his eyes widened incredulously, like petrified. The small body clothes were broken, the hair was scattered, his face was pale, full of blood, and the cold wind blew, small She seems to be a weak grass.

With a bang, a sharp arrow suddenly shot. Jing Yueer’s body jumped back flexibly, and escaped the deadly force. However, the person was weak, but he was shot by a sharp arrow and his blood was hurt. Flowed down.

Prince Zhao Song Ye smiled and continued to take the arrow and shoot again.

Zhao Che picked it up, snorted coldly, bent the bow and took the arrow, and slammed the arrow of Prince Zhao Song.

The wolf behind him was in the shadows, and the stench smell suddenly hit. Jing Yu’er had no time to look at the injured calf and rushed in the direction of Zhao Che.

It was this person who had saved her twice in such a short period of time, and she quickly chose the direction that was most beneficial to her.

However, just as she had just stepped forward two steps, a sharp arrow suddenly shot, and her nails were nailed to her feet. When the child glanced, he stopped and then looked up, frowning, and looked at the black robe boy riding on the red horse.

Zhao Che snorted and snorted, and her eyes glanced at her. One arrow shot through the vest of another girl who was running. The child was still five or six years old, and she fell to the ground with a scream. It was dyed red by blood and then quickly torn by the wolf.

Time is extremely fast and extremely slow. The child stood in the same place and looked awkward. Suddenly, she tightened her mouth and turned quickly. Her speed was extremely fast. The injured calf did not affect her body’s flexibility. A wolf chased her back. The land rushed forward and she was actually escaped by her.

In the corner of the paddock, there were a pile of wooden sticks and weeds feeding the horses. The child picked up a stick and did not look back at the head, and he opened the wolf’s waist.

The wolf screamed and slammed to the side, apparently seriously injured.

“Come here! Come over!” The child yelled and squatted and picked up two stones. The cockroach smashed up and the Mars splattered. The weeds screamed and burned. I ignited the stick, the child held the torch, ran all the way, dispelled the wolves that were attacking the children, and shouted: “Come here! Come over!”

The young children crying and rushing toward Jing Yueer, they were all injured, and they were bitten by wolves, but more were arrow wounds. After a while, the rest is less than twenty.

The wolf was afraid of fire. Seeing Jing Yueer keeping the children in the middle, they didn’t dare to go forward. They had been hungry for a long time. After turning around for a while, they turned back and ran towards the body in the field. Swallow up.

Zhuge Huai’s narrow eyes twitched slightly, suddenly whispering: “Useless beasts.” The arrow hit the wild wolf.

The arrow was on the rise, the wolves were suddenly attacked, and after a bloody scream, the wolves fell to the ground and no one survived.

The surviving children were overjoyed, and despite the pain of being covered, they jumped up and screamed and cheered for the rest of their lives.

However, they have not waited for their voice to make a throat, and another wave of arrows came intensively and shot on their little body. The gods of the heavens are sharp and sharp, and they are aiming at each other’s children without any enthusiasm.

A sharp arrow roared, and the momentum came astonishing. He slammed through a child’s head, shot from the right eye, penetrated the hindbrain, and stopped at the tip of Jingyue’s nose. The white flower’s brain gradually faded into her face. The child opened his mouth and still held the burning wooden stick in his hand. The wood would not move any more. The children’s crying echoed in her ear, and everything was like a nightmare.

The arrow feathers gradually became sparse. Prince Zhao Song and Mu Yun Qi Qi smiled, took the bow and arrow, aimed at the girl, and shot it with great speed.

Zhao Che’s brow wrinkled, and immediately before the hand, he touched the arrow pot, but only one left. He snorted and broke the arrow feathers. Both of them were placed on the bow, and the technique was so good that the **** Come, when you board the time, you will knock down the bows of King Jing and Mu Yun.

Zhuge Huai laughed and shouted: “Good arrow method!”

The voice just fell, all the screams stopped, the north wind swept over the white, and the bloody smell filled the air. In the scarlet-covered paddock, there was only one child in Jingyue, she was full of hair, with straw in between, her clothes dyed with blood, her face pale, and she stood on the ground with a wooden stick, looking at it with a look. On the side, it seems to have been scared.

Zhao Wei said: “The Seven Brothers are so powerful, I have no arrows. Today it seems that the Seven Brothers have won.”

Prince Zhao Song’s eyebrows picked one, looked at himself, and looked at the eye, and finally turned to look at Zhuge Huai.

Zhuge Huai face Qing Jun, said with a smile: “I have no arrows.”

“Is there stilln’t there for Yan Shizi? The time has not yet arrived. It is still unknown who the deer died.”

Mu Yun suddenly said that all eyes were turned to Yan Xun’s body, Zhao Che looked coldly at Yan Xun, not salty and said: “Yan Shizi always surprises people unexpectedly.”

Just a half past the time of fragrant incense, everyone’s arrow feathers have been sold out, except the arrow of the Prince of  Yan, they were white feather arrows.

Yan Xun was sitting on the horse, although he was only thirteen or four years old, but his back was straight and straight, his eyebrows were star-studded, his nose was high, his eyes were sharp, and he was wearing a deep purple attire, and he looked more and more handsome and handsome. He looked indifferent, slowly driving forward, pulling the bow and arrow, aimed at the child in the center of the paddock.

The long wind whistling, rolling up the child’s broken clothes and messy hair, she is still very young, but the age of six or seven, the malnutrition is yellow and thin, like a wolf who has not grown long hair, arms The neck and calf are all scars, and the injuries on the shoulders are almost close to the heart. She stood in the middle of a messy Shura field. The broken limbs of the earth were broken, the blood of the body was bloody, the smell of blood was scattered everywhere, and the cruel power was like a desperate cry, tearing the child’s fragile eye.


A sharp arrow flashing with bloodthirsty coldness slowly slammed into the child’s throat. The young man sat on the horse’s back, his eyes were sharp, his eyebrows were tight, his arms were blue, and his bow slowly filled.

She has been avoiding the inevitable, chaotic thoughts whistling from her mind, so many incomprehensible and doubts have collapsed in the face of the sudden massacre. She slowly looked up, her eyes cold, with cold hatred and disgust, coldly looking at the boy who was facing her, without any fear.

That day was the fourth day of the White Cangli. The people of Zhen Huang City had just passed their New Year. On the royal hunting ground outside the city of Zhen Huang, she and he met for the first time. .

Time has penetrated the track of history, scratching the gates of time and space, and placing two souls that should not have been touched on the same platform.

Yan Xun’s brow was light and his fingers slightly shifted, and he released the sharp arrow.

Long arrows roared away, driving the cold wind in the air, making a creaking sound, all the eyes of the people condensed on it, looking towards the child standing in the same place.

With a bang, a blood line suddenly elongates, and the sharp arrow wipes the child’s neck and passes through it, drawing a blood mark. The child’s figure swayed a little and took two steps, but he still stood there.

“Haha! Congratulations to the Seven Brothers!” Zhao Wei laughed loudly.

Zhao Che sneaked at Yan Xun and sneered: “Yan Shizi is buried in songs and dances all day long, afraid that he has forgotten how the Zhao family’s ancestors took the arrows.”

Yan Xun put down the longbow and turned his head and said faintly: “How the Zhao family’s ancestors took the arrow, and the Zhao family’s children remembered it. Yan Xun did not dare to surpass it.”

Zhuge Huai smiled and said: “As a result, today’s color head is under the seven halls. I have set up a banquet in my house. Let’s go to the drinking water bar together.”

Everyone promised that they would start together, as if everything was just a normal game.

The wind whizzed past, rolling up the cloak of the hunters, and the hurricane above the empty snowfield. Far away, Yan Xun turned back and saw the bloody child still standing in the wilderness, his eyes deep. Looking towards this side, I haven’t moved for a long time.

The sky gradually darkened, the north wind whistling, cold and cold, piercing the bone marrow, the wind blowing up the white snow, soaring, like a crazy monster.

The people of Zhuge’s family were cleaning the paddock. They shoveled the young bodies with shovel and then threw them in the carriage. Not far away, a small pit has been dug, and the wormwood is burning in the hustle and bustle, emitting heavy black smoke, which is used to bury these children, together with those bloodthirsty animals, also buried together. These mustard-like lives are like a ball, and the rich owners are tired of playing once, so they are thrown away.

Jing Yueer was wearing a broken sack, very quietly hanging his head and sitting quietly in the cage. She was seriously injured. Even if she was placed on an adult, she might not have the patience of being silent. The people of Zhuge’s family thought she might be dead, but after seeing it many times, she still saw the child. The chest is gently undulating, they know, it is breathing, there is a strange power to support the child who is going to die and continue to live. So they didn’t throw her into the burial pit, but when they left, they put her in the cage.

The cage that looked so crowded before seemed to be empty at the moment, the children were all dead, only one left. While people are sighing at the good luck of this child, they can’t help but quietly look around and carefully look at her.

Even if they can’t say it, they are keenly aware that this child is different from when it was before.

The city of Zhen Huang was opened, and the Zhuge family had great power and status in the great summer. The defenders of the defending city respected their waist cards very respectfully, and then they nodded and looked at them.

Jing Yueer did not know how long it took, the carriage was shaking, and her head did not lift without any sense of consciousness. Today’s sun is very big, but the wind is very cold, and the call sign is blowing, blowing through the gap of the cage. On her thin shirt, the knife scratched the general pain.

Turning over the main street of Jiuyi, it is the Ziwei Square in the inner city. This is named after the Queen of the Founding Mother of the Great Summer. For four hundred years, it has been a sacred place for the great summer. The central Ziwei Palace is three times worshipped in nine to show respect.

The people of Zhuge’s family got off the bus and stared at the palace with a meticulous attention.

At this time, the clear horse’s sound suddenly sounded, and a light voice slowly said in front: “Which of you are the next ones, how to block in the middle of the road?”

Zhu Shun quickly got up and met the people, and he lost his arrogance. He said with respect and respectfulness: “It turned out to be Shu Gongzi, and we gave way to the son.”

Zhuge’s team quickly opened, letting out a road, the hooves approached, and when the Jing Yueer was around, the man immediately snorted and immediately stopped.

“Are you being attacked by a wolf?”

Zhu Shunyi replied, and quickly replied: “If you return to the son, there is no, this is just a slave, it does not matter.”

Shu Shu didn’t pay attention to Zhu Shun. He just stared at the Yu’er in the cage and slowly bent down. He said kindly: “Child, you look up.”

With a bang, a whip suddenly came and passed through the cage and slammed it on Jing Yueer’s body. Jing Yueer was shocked and suddenly raised his head and looked at the whip.

“What are you doing?” Shu Xiaomei picked up his head and said with a sigh.

Zhu Shun was a little scared and quickly explained: “Small, small, seeing this slave is bold, dare not return to the son…”

“Are you called Zhu Shun?”

The soft voice suddenly sounded, although it was weak, but it showed a peace and calm that could not be ignored. Zhu Shun and Shu Wei both turned strangely and looked at the child who had just beaten. Zhu Shun is stunned and stunned. “You, what are you talking about?”

Jing Yueer’s face is small, full of blood, and a pair of big eyes are black and white, and they are more and more beautiful. She quietly repeated: “I just heard someone call you Zhu Shun, this is your name, right?”

Zhu Shun slowly frowned: “Yes, what happened?”

“Nothing,” the child shook his head, stretched out a small black hand, gently licked the arm that had just slammed the whip, nodded and said, “I remember.”

Zhu Shun was furious when he just wanted to talk. Shu Wei smiled first. He was seventeen or eight years old. He was tall and straight, and he was handsome and sleek. He was embroidered with layers of auspicious clouds, which was graceful and elegant. Not showing up. He looked up and down Jing Yueer, and finally smiled and said: “Children, can you tell me your name.”

Yueer looked at Shu Yan’s eyes and shook his head. The voice still had a bit of milk, but his eyes were extremely solemn and looked funny. Just listen to her seriously saying: “When I don’t have to look up at you in the cage one day, tell you.”

Shu Shu heard the words suddenly bent, and he turned back and said to Zhu Shun: “This little slave is my friend, you don’t bully her.”

Zhu Shun looked at Jing Yueer with a squinting eye and nodded.

“Little girl, I am waiting for the day you tell me your name. Before that, I have to protect myself.”

Jing Yueer nodded, and Shu Xiaogong smiled softly and drove the horse away from Ziwei Square. Zhu Shun’s ugly order of the people continued to walk, and half a martial effort went to Zhugefu.

The Zhuge family occupies a very wide area. From the back door, Zhu Shun handed Jing Yueer to two chores, and ordered a few words. He looked at Jing Yueer with a cold look and turned away.

With a bang, the lock of a door was opened, and Jing Yueer was pushed in. Before she got up, the door was locked tightly.

There was a darkness in the four corners, a large bundle of firewood piled up in the corner, and the snoring of the mouse crawling. The child did not panic, she was sitting in the middle of the room, taking off the broken sacks on her shoulders, biting with her teeth, and then tearing it into pieces of cloth, carefully bandaging the wounds on her body. Exquisitely skilled.

Such a long time is enough to stabilize a qualified agent and face anything with normal thinking and emotions, even if the situation you are facing is so incredible.

Indeed, Jing Yueer at this time is the 11 deputy commander of the country who died for the country. Major Chu Chu, the fate is in many cases, it is such incredible, under a deep abyss does not necessarily hide the death, maybe, will be The beginning of another life.

Chu Qiao raised his hand and looked at the little palm by the light outside, and a trace of grief slowly rose to his heart. It’s just that she doesn’t know whether she is sad for herself or for this poor child.

“There are no one here, I can allow myself to be upset and scared, but please be sure to compress the time to the shortest.”

The child whispered slowly, tears slowly flowing down, crossed her thin, black face, she hugged her knees, slowly lowered her head, buried her face between her arms, silent But the back of the ridge has gradually trembled.

This was the first night Chu Qiao  came to the Daxia Dynasty. In the icy wood house of Zhuge House, she was crying for the first time because of weakness and fear. She gives herself an hour to curse her destiny, to remember the past, to worry about her future, and to adapt to a new life. After an hour has passed, she is no longer the super commander Chu Qiao at the 11th place, but this little slave girl who has no young and helpless, wants to survive in this inhuman, bloodthirsty iron-blood dynasty. .


Destiny pushed her to a muddy, and she told herself that she was going to climb out.

The bad situation does not give her any chance to complain about her own grievances and pains. If she doesn’t get up, she may not survive this evening.

She stretched out a small black hand, picked up a small wooden stick, and wrote a word on the ground.

Zhu Shun, Zhuge, Jing, Mu, Yu, and Che.

Written here, she slowly frowned, and the outside was already dark, and the sound of the bamboo in the courtyard was far away. There was also a laughter of the Kabuki. After a long recall, she finally wrote the last word: Yan.

Among the Zhuge Halls that were intertwined, Yan Xun’s right eye suddenly jumped abruptly. He wrinkled his good-looking brow and slowly turned his head and looked deep into the dark night.

The night is funeral, the jackdaws fly high, and this ugly and ugly dynasty has rotted from the inside.

Everything in the old is destined to be destroyed, and the new order will be born again in the ashes.

The night is getting thicker and the cold wind is like a knife.

Even if the wounds in the whole body were sore and cracked, Chu Qiao forced himself to stand up and circulate around the small wood house, occasionally stopping to rub his skin with his hands to prevent freezing in the broken wood house. in.

The third drum has just been knocked, and a slight voice suddenly sounds. When the child slams, he stops and turns his head to look at the sound of the vigil.

The window of one person was slowly opened, and then a small head was revealed. The eyes were bright and cautiously turned around in the wood house. I saw Chu Qiao standing on the ground, joyful Huacai. Flashing past, quickly cocked his fingers and made a squeaking gesture, and jumped into the firewood room with his hands and feet.

The coldness of the outside was suddenly approaching, and the boy rushed forward, reaching out, holding Chu Qiao in his arms, his voice with a hint of whimper, but a firm comfort: “The Yu’er is not afraid, the five brothers coming.”

The boy is very thin and not very old, but the age of eight or nine is wearing a gray-grey clothes, which is very unfit and looks thinner. His size has not yet grown, only half a head higher than Chu Qiao, but the outline of his face is revealing a mysterious tenacity. He held the child in his arms tightly, patted her back constantly, and comforted over and over again: “Don’t be afraid, the five brothers are coming.”

I don’t know why, Chu Qiao’s eyes suddenly wet, it seems that this body’s spontaneous reaction, the tears of the big drops can not stop falling, wet the boy’s rough clothes.

The bright moonlight is projected from the slightly open window and shines on the two little children. There is a coldness between heaven and earth, only a slight warmth between the chest. The boy’s small body is like a tough mountain. On this cold night, even if he is afraid of trembling, he still firmly holds his sister and tightens his arms.

“Yu’er, are you hungry?”

The boy let go of his hand, and his black-painted fingers carefully wiped the tears on Chu’s face and pulled out a nice smile. He smiled and said, “What do you think the five brothers brought to you?”

Take a small cloth bag from the back, the child sits on the ground, neatly unpacks the cloth bag, and the smelly food suddenly scatters out. He looked up and saw Chu Qiao still standing, raising his eyebrows and wondering: “Sit down.”

A large porcelain bowl, the blue flowers on the side have been ground and lost color, and there are still a few small gaps. A bowl full of glutinous rice with some green leaves on it, not many oil stars, but the smell is so fragrant. The boy handed over a pair of chopsticks and stuffed it into Chu Qiao’s hand, urging: “Come on.”

Chu Qiao bowed his head and took a sip of his mouth. The mouth was very salty, and there was tears in his mouth. The scorpion was blocked. She chewed mechanically and then sobbed softly. The boy stared at her, and Chu Qiao took a bite in each mouth. The boy also had to open his mouth gently. It seemed to teach her how to eat. When she saw her swallowing, she would open her eyes happily.

The chopsticks were fiddled in the bowl, suddenly inserted into a thing, picked out, actually a piece of braised pork that is still hot.

A piece of meat of the size of a thumb, burnt with some coke, half fat and half thin, in such a dark and cold night, it seems so tempting.

A loud buzzing sound suddenly sounded, Chu Cho looked up and looked at the boy, only to see the boy licking his stomach, deliberately said indifferently: “I just finished eating, not hungry.”

Passing the chopsticks, Chu Qiao said: “You eat.”

The boy suddenly shook his head: “We are very good to eat tonight, the four young masters give us food, braised squid, sweet and sour pork ribs, vinegar slippery ridge, white board duck, a lot of dishes, I want to vomit, now I can’t eat anything. It is.”

Chu Qiao stubbornly held chopsticks: “I don’t like to eat fat.”

The boy squinted a little, looked at Joe, and looked at the braised pork. He swallowed his mouth unconsciously. For a long time, he reached out to pick up Chuo’s chopsticks and carefully bite his mouth. On the meat, then the remaining lean meat was handed back, and he smiled, revealing a white tooth, and said with a smile: “Yu’er, you can eat now.”

Suddenly a sudden sore nose, Chu Qiao quickly bowed his head, tears rolling back and forth in the eyelids, but always resisted without falling.

For a long time, she slowly looked up and smiled at the boy, opened her mouth to eat the piece of meat, and chewed and grinned.

“Yu’er, is it delicious?” The child’s eyes are bright, like the stars on the horizon.

Chu Qiao nodded hard, the scorpion was blocked, and his voice choked: “Five brothers, delicious, the best thing I have ever eaten in my life is this piece of meat.”

“Stupid,” the boy reached out and touched her head. His look was a little bit sad. He said, “How old you are, you will say the same thing in your life. If you don’t say the future, let’s say how many mountains and seas we have eaten when we were young, when you were Still small, maybe you can’t remember it. But you can rest assured that one day, the five brothers will let you eat and wear warm, and bring all the good things in this world to you, not only braised pork, but also ginseng, Abalone, bird’s nest, shark’s fin, elephant pull, want everything. At that time, no one wants to bully us again, Yu’er, do you believe in the fifth brother?”

Chu Qiao nodded his head and lowered his head to pull all the rice into his mouth. It tasted bitter, but it was so warm.

“Yu’er, don’t be afraid.” The boy took off his coat and put it on Chu’s shoulder. His voice was tender, but he said with a firm word: “The five brothers will protect you, and I will be here with you.” ,Do not be afraid.”

Moonlight fascination, light and shadow moving, through the cracks in the firewood room, swaying a large piece of white light, such as the frosty moonlight, the two children’s small body tightly leaning on one place, so small, but that So warm.

In the distance, the lights are full of fire, the silk bamboo is long, the taste of the wine is melodious, and the city of Zhen Huang, which never stays at night, finally came to the climax of the grand dinner. Under the glory of the lights, no one remembers the girl who had survived in the hunting ground today. The cold wind whistling, and the hunting of the flames of the great summer was turned over.

When I woke up on the second day, the boy had left. The floor was filled with a nice little word: the fifth brother came back at night, and there was a hoe under the firewood.

Chu Qiao opened the dead branches in the corner, saw a piece of oil paper wrapped in two yellowed hoes, she held them, her face calm, but her eyes gradually mildened.

After three days of no one cares about the day, the boy will accompany her with him every night, and then quietly leave the next day. On the third day, the door of Chaimen was opened with a bang, and Zhu Shun looked down at Chu Qiao, who was still alive for three days in the Chai room. The brows became wrinkled and tighter. Finally, he was ordered to let her go.

At the moment of stepping out of the firewood room, Chu Qiao stood at the door, and finally glanced at the dilapidated house, his mouth curled up, and then he turned back.

Zhu Shun, Zhuge, Jing, Mu, Yu, Che, Yan…

The child slowly closed his eyes, raised his face, and the sun shone on her forehead, turning out a bright aperture, golden light, and if the phoenix was flying.

The more you go forward, the more dilapidated the house is, and the large group of children can be seen hiding behind the branches and secretly looking at her. After walking to a small courtyard, the next person who was in charge of the incident just left, a large group of children suddenly swarmed up and suddenly took her full of care.

“Small six, you can come back.”

“Six sisters, we thought you couldn’t come back.”

“Yu’er child sister, hehe…”

The children screamed and screamed, and Chu Qiao was shocked. He could only be squatted in the same place, and endured the tears and nose of the radish heads. .

“Okay, don’t cry.”

A male voice suddenly sounded, and the children went back and screamed with joy: “Five brothers!”

The boy ran in from the outside, holding a cloth bag, just ran two steps, all sprinkled on the ground, actually a pocket of melon seeds. The children cheered at once, and they loosened Chu Qiao and ran forward.

“Don’t grab it, everyone has it.” The boy looked like an adult and said: “The child just died in the dead and was seriously injured. Everyone should not quarrel with her. These days, her work, everyone must help her. “”

The children nodded again and again, a girl brushing two small scorpions raised a white face, smiled and said: “Five brother, you can rest assured, we will help the six sisters.”

The boy said: “Small seven, is your injury good? How do you get out of bed?”

“Five brothers, all right.” The child smiled and looked up at his face, reaching out and picking up his sleeves. He saw that the green, purple and purple were all whip marks. In some places, the flesh had been turned over and not completely healed. Xiao qi said with a smile: “The medicine you brought is very easy to use. It doesn’t hurt if you put it on. When Xiao Ba was fed the horse yesterday, he was kicked and injured by the wind. I have to help her.”

“Let’s pity, you come in, I have something to tell you.” A little girl suddenly came forward and took the boy’s hand.

The boy looked back at Joe and said,


“Yu’er, the wind is big outside, you come in.”

A dilapidated little house, a big raft, with more than a dozen sets of bedding placed neatly. The boy named Lin Xi said: “Sweet Xiang sister, what is it?”

The Zhi Xiang  is not too old, and in her teens, she squats down, opens the black lacquered hole, and pulls out a small box: “There are five more days, that is, the Jing family will kill the door, you want us. We are all ready to sneak out the incense and paper money.”

I nodded with a sigh of relief: “Be careful, don’t be discovered by the management.”

“Well, don’t worry, no one will come to us. It’s you, be careful in the service of the four young masters. I also listened to the four peaches in the clothes room the day before. I said that the two young masters killed two small readers. The lord is not at home, and the young master is not in the government. They are more and more unscrupulous. The old man killed more than 20 little female slaves last month. The Du family that was bought with us is absolutely gone. I am really worried. One day it will be our turn.”

As he spoke, there was a sharp exclamation from outside, and he heard a sharp voice shouting: “Well, you slaves, who dare to steal things, don’t you die?”

When I froze my brow, I will go out.Zhi Xiang pulls him and whispers: “Go away from the back, you can’t let people see you here, the four young masters will kill you.”


“Go away!”

Such a simple house even has a back door, will cherish the door to go,Zhi Xiang pulled Chu Qiao’s arm, Shen Sheng said: “What happens when you do not come out.” Then hurried out.

The screams and whip sounded suddenly, and the woman with fat and fat opened her arms and cried out, “Is this not the daughter of the Jing family? How can it fall to the point of today, your sisters?” If you are a scorpion in the Zhi Xiang, you are a thief here. It’s a nest of embryos!”

“Aunt Song, we know the wrong, we don’t dare anymore.” Zhi Xiang blocked in front of other children, his face was pumped a few whip, bloody blood is all traces, she squatting to pull the woman’s skirt Loudly begging for mercy: “We don’t dare any more.”

“Is it wrong? I don’t think you are a long-term memory!”

A pair of whip sizzling on the children’s body, the small seven of the two scorpions were injured, and a few whip went down, and their eyes fainted. The children burst into tears, and the woman became more and more spirited, snorted, and raised the whip again.

A bang, but no violent screams came, Aunt Song looked down and saw a girl with a ragged shirt standing in front of her, thin and thin, her eyes were cold, a pair of dark hands tight. Grabbing his own whip, his face was gloomy and said: “You are enough.”

Aunt Song was furious: “Death, you are looking for death?”

“Yu’er, the Yu’er is quick to let go!”Zhi Xiang squatted up and screamed at the corner of Chu Qiao , crying and shouting: “Come to Aunt Song.”

Chu Qiao was unmoved, but he looked at the woman with a cold eye. The cold voice said: “You try them again.”

Aunt Song’s eye-catching pick, shouted: “I don’t hit them, I hit you!” Then, pick up the whip and pick it up. Chu Qiao sneered, pulling the woman’s belt, the foot is awkward, the woman’s obese body slammed into the ground!

The pig-like call rang, and Chu Qiao slowly walked over to the woman, bending down and sneering and said: “Isn’t it going to complain?”

Aunt Song jumped up and shouted: “You give me waiting!” Turned out and rushed out of the yard.

The Zhi Xiang worried about running up, the urgent tears will flow out: “Yu’er, you have caused a big disaster, what should I do?”

“You look at them.” Chu Qiao confessed, turned and followed the woman out.

When she had just arrived, she had already remembered the road and turned over the two corridors, and saw that the woman was running on the stone bridge. She was so obese that she ran for a while and panted. Chu Qiao was in the grass, and looked around in a circle. After confirming the safety, he picked up a stone and squinted his eyes. He threw the ankle on the woman’s ankle.

With a bang, the stone hit heavily on Aunt Song’s ankle. The woman exclaimed and slipped her foot and suddenly fell off the bridge!

Already in the midwinter, there was a thick layer of ice on the lake. After she fell, there was no chopped ice, but the four squats were there, and the screaming was calling.

Chu Qiao stood up from the grass and slowly walked onto the stone bridge. He looked at her with a condescending look and shouted: “Hey, don’t you use me to help you?”

The woman turned her back and said, “Good boy, go help the aunt, call me, hey, kill me.”

Chu Qiao smiled and smiled brightly. She bent down and picked up a huge stone and tried to lift her head. When the woman saw it, she was shocked and shouted: “You, what are you doing?”

Then she couldn’t let her make a big noise. Chu Qiao gently let go of his hand. The stone slammed on the ice, the ice was suddenly broken, and the woman exclaimed, and it was covered by the cold lake. A few bubbles, sinking to death.

Chu Qiao stood on the stone bridge, his face was quiet, his eyes were calm, and he could not see a slight wave.

This is a world of cannibalism. If you want to live, you can only take the lead in swallowing a beast.

No more nostalgia, turn around and go back. Just stepping into the yard, the children rushed up, everyone hurts, tears and tears. Chu Qiao stretched out his hand and hugged the little seven who had just woke up in front of him. He took a deep breath and whispered, “Don’t be afraid, nothing.”

In the lowest slave garden in Zhuge, a group of pigs and dogs, the little girl slaves who lived in the pigs, couldn’t help but cry again.

At dinner, the children of Jing family were screamed and screamed out to do things, even if the injured Xiao qi and Lixiang were called together, Chu Qiao and Xiao Ba, who had been slumbered and had been sleeping, stayed in the In the house, the children came back tired until late at night. After the meal, the children climbed into bed and sensible things, and the Zhi Xiang  was on the ground to add firewood to the fire. The scar on the face was red and swollen, and the sly was like a small snake.

The room was very quiet, and the sound of the children’s sleep was gradually sounded. Chu Qiao was wearing the clothes that Xiang Xiang had just given her, and she got up and said softly: “If your face is not treated again, it will stay.”

The fire of the cave was on the face of the Zhi Xiang , a small face was thin and thin, and the more the eyes appeared black and big, she looked up and said: “Yu’er, the slave can not use the medicine, the last time the small seven secretly sneaked With the medicine that I took care of, we don’t know how much risk we have. If it is detected, the big guy will be dead. My injury is on my face, but I can’t mess it up.”

As he spoke, there was a sudden noise from the squatting. The two turned their heads and found that Xiao qi was sleeping and kicking the quilt.Zhi Xiang quickly ran up and covered the small seven, then wiped the sweat on his forehead and continued to return to the cave to burn the fire.

Chu Qiao looked at the Zhi Xiang , his lips moved, but he finally did not say anything. This child is only about ten years old, but shoulders such a heavy burden on his shoulders. The children in this room are the oldest, but only the age of five or six. The wealthy Zhuge family wants so many five or six years old. What does the child do?

“Sister Xiang Xiang,” Chu Qiao went down, sitting next to theZhi Xiang, whispered: “Have you been to Jiangnan?”

“Jiangnan?”Zhi Xiang frowned and turned his head: “Where is Jiangnan?”

“Do you know Huangshan? Or, do you know where the Yangtze River is?”

Zhi Xiang shook his head and said: “I know that the west of Hongchuan is Hongshan. There is a Cangjiang River under the red mountain. Yu’er, what are you asking?”

Chu Qiao looked a little embarrassed, thought for a long time, shook his head and said: “Nothing, I just ask, right,Zhi Xiang sister, what is the current emperor, you know?”

“The emperor is the emperor, how can we call the emperor’s name. But I know that the black prince who often goes to our house is the seven sons of the emperor, called Zhao Che, the eldest son of our youngest summer king.”

A cold and ridiculous face flashed into the mind, Chu Qiao slightly narrowed his eyes and repeated: “Zhao Che?”

“Yu’er, what’s wrong with you? You are strange when you come back this time. What did you say to Aunt Song, how could she let us go?”

Chu Qiao turned his head and smiled. He said, “I don’t have anything. Don’t worry. The Aunt Song didn’t let us go, but fell into the ice lake and drowned. I saw her dead, so Song Aunt. Have been here for us, don’t go out and talk to anyone.”

“Dead?”Zhi Xiang was shocked and shouted.

Chu Qiao grabbed her mouth and looked around. When the children of Jing family were not awake, Shen Sheng said: “This thing knows you know that I know, don’t talk anymore, her heart is poisonous. There is a lingering death, and if you die, you will die. Don’t bother.”

“Yu’er, Yu’er,” said Jiang Xiangyu: “No, it isn’t you who killed her, is she falling into the lake? She, her son is the consul of the former court, we provoke Can’t afford it.”

Chu Qiao smiled and pointed at his chest and said: “Do you think that I can kill her? Well, don’t think too much, she will do the bad things, even if no one kills her, she will shoot, you are tired. Take a day and have a good rest.”

Zhi Xiang quickly shook his head: “No, I still want to burn.”

“I am just fine, I am hurt, I can be lazy tomorrow, go ahead.”

Chu Qiao sat quietly on the small bench. From time to time, he added a piece of firewood to the cave. The firewood burned in the fire, and her face was red. She looked up and glanced at the child in this room, and her heart suddenly became sour. What a pity, what can she do? She came to this unknown dynasty inexplicably and was trapped in the small body of Jing Yueer. She lost all her martial arts and was such a low status. She is not too embarrassed to talk about saving others. Everything that is done today is a tribute to the three-day meal, and then she must leave immediately.


Chu Qiao slowly closed his eyes, doing things by man, must do what he can, now she has not carried such a big burden.

On the occasion of the morning faint, Chu Qiao slowly touched the door.

When the rooster broke, the sky became clearer, and the children of Jing family got up on time, put on the clothes of the servants, and began to prepare for the day’s work. Chu Qiao gave them a smile and left, some sad.

Taking out the entangled and eating food that had just been stolen, Chu Qiao took a deep look at the little eight who was still in a coma in bed, and turned away.

Although the healthy skill has disappeared, the sober mind is still there. Although Chu Qiao is not a super agent who acts as the 003, but it is also a national soldier who has received professional training. Zhuge House is a large area, although the number is large. But for a person who is short and young, but has a strong sense of logic and space, he still looks like an undefended playground.

Within half an hour, she quietly walked out of the inner courtyard of the handyman and went to the former court. The alert was relatively strict, and the Fuzhong nursing home with a knife was everywhere. Zhuge family is different from ordinary family members. It can be seen only by Zhuge Huaieng and the royal sons such as Zhao Che and Zhao Wei. Chu Qiao straightened his back, his small body was like a small tree, he retired his clothes, and he walked up the chest.

“Stand up! Looking for death? Is this a place where you can walk around?”

A tall nursing home suddenly came forward, full of flesh and fat. Chu Qiao stopped and raised his head. A small face was white and lovely. The autumn and winter eyes were black and white, and the sound was sweet. The milk was milky and said: “This big brother, I was ordered to go to the old man’s house, and the message was delivered. The person said that if one hour is not enough, it will be my head.”

The brow of the nursing home wrinkled, and looked up and down the little Chu Qiao. When did the old man change his preferences and began to prefer girls who have not yet grown up? Doubt: “Who made you go? Do you know where the old man’s house is?”

“I have an address,” the child rummaged through his little bag, took out a piece of white paper, and the white little hand crossed, muttering: “Go out of the house, turn left at the third intersection, float in front. Fragrant restaurant…”

“Okay,” the nursing home said impatiently. “Who told you, how can nobody take you there?”

The child replied honestly: “Aunt Song came to tell me that she had to take me, but when she passed the stone bridge, she accidentally fell off the bridge, smashed the ice, and I watched her sink. I guess she can’t take me there.”

“What?” The nursing home suddenly yelled, and the man was shocked. He grabbed Chu’s shoulder and shouted: “Who said you fell off the stone bridge?”

“Aunt Song, the management of the backyard.”

With a bang, the man’s slap in the face of the child’s face suddenly shouted: “You’re a little rabbit, why don’t you say it early? Come here! Come with me to save people!”

Chu Qiao was knocked down to the ground, and the two ears screamed, watching the crowd fluttering away, the child’s mouth slightly pulled up, bringing out a hint of indifference.

This slap, she will remember.

Quickly stood up, picked up the baggage in his hand, and walked to the gate without looking back. The three-person high-encrusted Jinzhumen, with the mighty stone lions on both sides, Zhu paints their eyes, and there is a sigh of sorrow in the strangeness. The three golden glittering characters of Zhuge House are engraved on the threshold, magnificent and beautiful. Dazzling.

Chu Qiao took a short step, struggling to cross the threshold, standing in the door outside the door, and the bright sun shone on the body, it seems that even the air is fresh. From now on, life will be another starting point, the humiliation, the blood and tears that flow, she will remember forever. She will slowly look for a sweet soil that is good for survival, and then quietly wait for the day when she has the power to fight back.

The child tightened his lips, took a deep breath, lifted his hind legs, and stepped out of this rotten cage.

Just then, a familiar, screaming scream suddenly sounded, and the sound was fierce, breaking through the sky.

Chu Qiao was shocked and suddenly turned back!

The fierce screams came from the patio of the right court in the front of the court. There was a woman crying in the middle of the room. The front door and the front door were wide open, and the board slaps the muffled sound above the flesh and blood. The entire Zhuge mansion, the servants who pass through are all looking at each other, and whoever looks at it is the one who enjoys such a privilege.

The crowd gradually gathered, Chu Qiao stood in front of the big house, only one step away from the cannibal courtyard, but the screams constantly hit her ear drums, the child’s brows wrinkled tighter, finally recovered a small Steps, turned and quickly ran towards the right side.

Fate often gives people a chance to choose. In a step, it often changes a lot of things.

Zhuge Yue is wearing a light Green JinYinhua (means honeysuckle herbs and cold) costumes, skirts embroidered with a blossoming green lotus, ink hair loose in the shoulder, his face white like jade, eyes dark as ink, lips have a trace of unusual red. Although only 13 or four years old, it seems to be evil and indulgent. He lay on the soft chair of the rosewood, and the elbow supported the back of the head. The maids on both sides held a good incense stick on his side. From time to time, he opened a horse from the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Fresh lychees.

Twenty steps before him, the child wearing the servant clothes has been beaten and fleshy, and the screams are gradually weakening. A six- or seven-year-old girl slave is beside him, and her forehead is begging for mercy. The forehead has been ruined and blood flowed across the child’s clear, tearful eyes.

The sun is gradually rising, and the city of Zhen Huang is located in the Hongchuan Plateau. Although it is already a winter, the sun is still violent. Zhuge Yue raised his head, his brow scorned, his eyes narrowed slightly, and the maids on both sides saw a nervous umbrella and covered them on Zhuge’s head. Zhuge’s awkward push away, sitting straight, waving at the attendants on both sides, leaning against the backrest of the chair.

The two powerful men of Confucius were respectful and respectful. They lifted the soft chair of Zhuge’s chair one by one and walked outside the right door.

The girl who was kneeling on the ground saw a sudden shock, and she panicked and screamed. She climbed up a few steps and grabbed Zhuge’s clothes. She cried and said, “Four young masters, beg You let it go, and if you hit it, he will die!”

Zhuge’s eyebrows were picked up, his eyes squatted slightly, and he looked at the girl’s black and bloody little hands.

The child only felt that an uncontrollable cold suddenly hit his head, and only saw Zhuge’s white boots, there were five bloody fingerprints, which looked different and dazzling.

The child was shocked and stunned. For a long time, he was panicked and wiped his sleeves on Zhuge’s boots. He cried: “Sorry four young masters, Xiao qi will wipe you clean immediately.”

With a bang, Zhuge slammed the child to the ground, and the maids on both sides slammed forward and took off the dirty boots. Zhuge Yu looked at the child with a disgusted look, his voice was low, and he said faintly: “Cut her hand to me.”

The child suddenly forgot to cry, and sat stunned on the ground. The wolf-like guards quickly rushed forward, and the long knife at the waist was instantly squirted. Only a bloody time rushed to the sky, and a white-skinned little hand Was fallen to the ground!

The harsh screams broke through the clouds and stunned the vultures.

Chu Qiao’s standing at the door, like a statue of stone cast, rushing to the feet of life, her eyes wide open, tightly covering her mouth, can no longer move.

“Four young masters, this kid is mad.”

Zhuge Yuyun lightly glanced at the small body, and stretched out his slender fingers and rubbed his temples. He said: “Throw it into the back mountain lake to feed the fish.”


The strong man lifted the soft chair of Zhuge, and slowly moved forward. All the people in the room hurriedly squatted and did not dare to carry it.

“Slow,” Zhuge, suddenly whispered in front of the right door, and turned his head slightly, staring at Chu Qiao, who was standing in front of the courtyard, staring at himself, frowning and said: “You Which is the slave of the yard, why do you see me?”

Chu Qiao took a deep breath and bit his lip tightly, swallowing the full anger. He slammed on the ground, looking straight at the ground of the blue bricks, and screaming in a big way. He said in a child’s voice that “the Yu’er is the backyard’s chores, please forgive the four young masters for forgiveness.” The first time I saw the young master, I thought I saw the god.”

Zhuge Wei smiled softly and saw that the child was cute and snowy, and his age was not too embarrassing. He smiled and said: “A good little girl, how old are you, what is the name?”

“Back to the four young masters, the Yu’er is seven years old this year, surname Jing.”

“This way,” Zhuge said. “Then you change your name and follow me. Just call it, it is called the Xing’er.”

Chu Qiao suddenly kowtow on the ground and said loudly: “Xing’er Xie four masters promoted.”

Zhuge faint smiled, and the next person lifted the chair and turned the corridor, and then he could no longer see the trace.

It’s a lively, but dead, low-ranking slave. The people of Zhuge’s house have long been eccentric, and they have spread out. A few cleaned people lifted the child’s small body, wrapped it in a sack and dragged it to the ground, and headed for the backyard pavilion lake.

The child is still very small, the flesh and blood of the whole body has been smashed, the blood flows out through the sack, and the sticky sticks on the ground of the blue brick, which is drawn into a long blood mark. Chu Qiao still squats on the ground, the back of the back ups and downs, the teeth of the scallops bite the lower lip tightly, the eyes straight, the two small fists hold tightly, she looks at the sack from His eyes were slowly towed away, and the blood of the thorns spread to the ground, covered with dirty dust, and a large drop of tears swirled in the eyelids, and a slamming sound fell on the back of her hand.


“Don’t be afraid of the Yue Qi, the fifth brother is coming.”

“We are very good to eat tonight, the four young masters give us food, braised squid, sweet and sour pork ribs, vinegar slippery ridge, whiteboard duck, a lot of dishes, I want to vomit, and now I can’t eat anything.”

“You can rest assured that there will be one day in the future. The five brothers will let you eat and wear warm, and bring all the good things in this world to you, not only braised pork, but also ginseng, abalone, bird’s nest, shark’s fin, I like it, I want everything. At that time, no one wants to bully us again. Yue Qi, do you believe in the fifth brother?”

“Yu’er, the five brothers will protect you, I will stay with you here, don’t be afraid.”

Full of grief and hatred is like a rushing sea of ​​water, but she knows that she can’t cry, and she can’t show even a little bit of resentment at this time. She rubbed her face with her back and quickly stood up. Next to the empty patio, Xiao qi, who had broken her hand, was already in a coma, and there was no bloody water in the wrist.

Chu Qiao quickly tore the clothes, hold the acupuncture points, and quickly wrap the blood for the children. After doing everything, she carried Xiao qi on her back and bit her teeth to the backyard.

Just out of the courtyard door, a cold voice suddenly said: “Stand up! Who will let you carry her away?”

Chu Qiao looked up and saw that it was Zhu Shun who had taken a whip and shut himself for three days. The child browed and said calmly: “The four young masters did not say that they would kill her.”

“The master did not say that she would let her go!” Zhu Shun looked at Chu Qiao coldly. I don’t know why. The scene on Jiuyi Street always appeared in the dream. After the child was beaten, he asked his name in a plain tone. The picture always makes him sit down and he feels very ridiculous. He will be jealous of such a young slave with a young age, but there is always a voice in his heart that constantly reminds him of the countless people. Eyes: If you don’t get rid of this child early, it will become a big worry sooner or later.

“I haven’t figured out the mind of the master, I don’t know how to live and die. Come and give me these two little slaves who don’t know how to be honest!”

When the two family members went to the front, they came to Chu Qiao ’s arm. Chu Qiao  hurriedly hid, and pulled a small seven suddenly and snorted, and the blood that had just stopped was flowing again.

“Who dares to come! I am the person around the four young masters, you are not destined?”

Zhu Shun sneered and said: “If you haven’t got the chicken feathers, you have already become an arrow. Tomorrow, the four young masters can’t remember that you are so personal or two. I dare to take this to scare me! Go, take these two children. Next, awkward lessons!”

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows were picked up, carrying a small seven, suddenly like a small leopard, usually back, the eyeballs turned sharply, and the brows were close.

Just then, a voice suddenly sounded behind Zhu Shun. The young man was long and sturdy, and he was covered in dark green robes. He stood facing the crowd and stood in front of the front wall. He followed four entourages. He was headed by eleven or two years old. He said: “Zhu Shun, you are not going. Tell my family about the young master, how can you entangle here? I think you are really free.”

Zhu Shunyi, hurriedly turned back, the dog’s legs generally bent down to the bottom of the pants, nodded and said: “Yan Shizi, it is really the next person does not listen to discipline, let Yan Shizi laugh.”

“In the end, is it important for you to discipline the next person, or is it important for my family? Zhu Shun, I think you are fainting, and you can swallow the sun and the moon.”

Zhu Shun was shocked. A head squatted on the ground and quickly said: “Small is not dare, small is not dare, small is wrong.”

“Is it wrong to stand still here?”

Zhu Shun heard the words, suddenly stood up, butt as the fire rushed toward Zhuge Huai’s study, Zhugefu’s descendants quickly retreated to the side, one of them said carefully: “Please Yan Shizi enter the flower hall waiting.”

The Jinpao boy nodded and slowly turned around. His eyes were dark and inky. His eyes were swept in the front court. When he saw Chu Qiao in his eyes, he seemed to think of something and went straight.

Chu Qiao’s eyes were quiet and he stepped back two steps cautiously. When Yan Xun saw her back, she stood still and meditated for a long while. She took out a white porcelain bottle from the sleeve of her shirt. The pattern of bluegrass was engraved on it. It was very delicate. The young man reached out and handed it down slightly. Instructed her to take it.

Chu Qiao looked up and down the Yan Xun, and the scene on the hunting ground once again swayed in front of her eyes, making her mind somewhat erratic, and cautious, did not go forward.

Yan Xun stunned, then the corner of his mouth pulled up, smiled lightly, bent down and placed the porcelain bottle gently on the ground, turned and walked into the flower hall with his entourage.

“Hey…” A slight sigh sounded behind him. Xiao qi stumbled to see Chu Qiao’s face, his voice was as fine as a mosquito, and with a fear that couldn’t be said, he cried and said: “Yu’er sister… …small seven… is Xiao qi going to die?”

Chu Qiao crouched down and held the porcelain bottle tightly in his hand. The small body was very tight, and his eyes gloomy toward the main house of Zhuge House. He slowly but firmly said: “Xiao qi My sister promises you that you won’t have anything, no more.”

Chu Qiao ran back to the backyard with Xiao qi, and quickly entered the room to clean her medicine. The medicine of Yanyan was very easy to use. It not only had the effect of stopping bleeding, but also a slight anesthetic powder. Xiao qi was boring. A few times fell into a deep sleep.

Xiao Ba, who has been sick in bed, wakes up and can barely get out of bed. The child was shocked a while ago. After waking up, he did not speak. He just looked at Chu Qiao’s busy boiled water to take care of Xiao qi, like a fool.

It was getting late, Chu Qiao wiped a sweat on his forehead, and the wound on his shoulder was burning. She leaned against the wall and listened to Xiao Qi’s slight pain in her sleep. A heart seemed to be tight. Hold it, then slam it out and throw it in the snow. The girl closed her eyes, and the face that she cherished once again echoed in her mind. The boy who smiled purely and smiled purely, the boy who said that he would protect his boy, the flesh and blood that was beaten was no longer recognized. boy.

A line of tears slowly flowed from the closed eyes, spreading over her pointed chin and dripping on the coarse cloth.

Suddenly, a panicked voice rang outside the door. Chu Qiao opened the door and went out. He saw a 12-year-old girl standing in the yard. When she saw Chu Qiao, she saw the straw and walked a few steps. I cried out and cried: “Yu’er, the children of Xiang Xiang and your Jing family have been taken away by the people sent by Zhu Shun.”

Chu Qiao heard a wrinkle and said: “Catch away? What time?”

“I left early in the morning, I only found the cherished, let him go to the four young masters to plead, but after a whole day, there is still no news, what should I do?”

“Do you have anything to say?”

The girl wiped her tears and cried and said, “Say yes, it is sent to the old lady in the other hospital.”

“What?” Chu Qiao exclaimed, the girl’s words seemed to hit a thunder on her head. These days, the rumors of the old-fashioned hobby-like hobby of the old man, swept away in the mind, one by one. The face suddenly turned white.

Xiao Ba stood at the door and heard the stupid stance. He took Chu Cho’s clothes and his voice was small. He was like a little beast that had been hurt. He asked again and again: “Yu’er sister,Zhi Xiang sister, what are they? Where are they going?”

Chu Qiao responded when he arrived, and turned and went out to the door.

“Yu’er!” The girl yelled at the back. Chu Qiao didn’t look back. An ominous premonition quickly caught her heart. She didn’t know if she could come or not. I don’t know if there is any chance to save those children. She only I can do my best to move forward quickly and I don’t dare to stop.

After Qingshanyuan, Ma Rong, back garden, and further forward, it was the five-curved corridor leading to Qianyuan. At this moment, a sudden rush of footsteps suddenly sounded, Chu Qiao  cautiously stopped.

“Yu’er child sister?” A small voice rang behind him, Chu Qiao stunned, and looked back. I saw Xiao Ba wearing a large blouse, standing behind her poorly, even the shoes were not worn, staying Q: “Where are theZhi Xiang sisters?”

Chu Qiao  took the little eight and turned and squatted in the flowers. It is already winter, and the flowers have already withered. Fortunately, it is at night. This place is sparsely lit and it is difficult to find it without looking carefully.

The footsteps are getting closer and closer, there are four people, pushing a car together, one person pushing again, three people holding it on the side. The road that Chu Qiao walked was already very remote. Except for the cleaning of the next few people, she took the little gossip in the flowers and quietly waited for these people to leave.

A few people walked to Chu qiao and suddenly stopped in front of them. Xiao Ba was obviously very scared, and his body was a little trembling. He clung tightly to Chu Qiao’s clothes and did not dare to move. One of the men said in a thick voice: “The brothers have a rest for a while. After taking such a long road, they have not rested for a while, so I can smoke my cigarettes.”

Several other people laughed: “The old Liu smoked the addiction.” He said that he would laugh and smoke.

Chu Qiao was in a hurry and his brow was locked. The cold wind blew, the small eight clothes were thin and the shaking was even worse. Suddenly, the north wind suddenly grew up, and the slamming slammed the straw mat on the car. The straw seat turned a few laps in the air and slammed into the ground. The yellow straw mat was dark red and full. They are all dark red blood.

Chu Qiao and Xiao Ba looked at the car together, and suddenly they were struck by lightning. Chu Qiao reached out and clung to the mouth of Xiao Ba!

The Yu’er penetrates the clouds, projecting the pale Yu’erlight, and sees the small carts stacked on top of the children’s young bodies, like a bunch of inanimate cabbage radishes. Zhi Xiang  Xiaonao’s thin and small body is naked, with a blue and purple face, eyes wide open, the eyes are full of dark blood clots, the lower body is in a mess, the hands and feet are still tied with twine, the posture is strange, in the most humiliating way at the top.


Chu Qiao clung to the mouth of Xiao Ba, the other hand holding her, the child seems crazy, desperately want to push her out, big drops of hot tears fall down On Chu Qiao’s arm, the teeth bite unintentionally, and the blood overflowed. He slowly ran down the Chu Qiao’s white wrist and dripped in the dark mud. The Yu’erlight shines through the sparse flower trees on the two people, and the light and shadow are mottled and bleak.

I don’t know how long it took, the cart gradually went away, and it was dead all around. Chu Qiao slowly released his hand, and his wrist was turned upside down and horrified. Xiao Ba seems to be stupid, and he can’t talk when he is asleep. Chu Qiao stretches his hand on the child’s face, his voice is hoarse, like a ghost crying and cautiously screaming her name.

The cold wind, the dead wood, the quiet night, the sound of the silk of the former court house seems to be slowly coming from another world.

“Kill them…”

The six-year-old child suddenly whispered his eyes and said, “Go, go, kill them.”

Chu Qiao stunned and suddenly stopped his hand.

The child’s eyes were red, and the front and rear rummaging around seemed to be looking for something. Suddenly grabbed a stone from the flowers and stood up and rushed out. Chu Qiao’s hand was fast, grabbed the child and held her in her arms.

“Kill them! Kill them!” The child couldn’t help but scream, the little face was filled with crazy hatred and despair, tears streaming, almost collapsed.

Chu Qiao’s heart hurts like a knife, holding a crazy child in his arms, and his tears finally squat down.

These beasts, these beasts, these 10,000 deaths are not enough to cleanse the scum of sin.

I have never hated like this at the moment. I have never wanted to kill like this. The hatred that seems to be overwhelming seems to sweep her whole person. She hates, hates the cruelty of those people, hates this evil world, and hates her own weakness. I hate my own incompetence, hate myself and can only watch what I can’t do. The child in her arms almost cried like a knife, and took a look at her heart and lungs. If there was a submachine gun at hand, she would definitely not hesitate to rush into the former court to kill all the scum. dead.

Unfortunately, she didn’t, she didn’t have anything. No money, no power, no background, no good skills, no sophisticated weapons, she is just a strange ghost trapped in the little body of Jing Yueer, although there are more than thousands of years of knowledge and mind, but this time At this moment, they can only be hidden in the flowers carefully, and the courage to see their last side cannot be lifted.

Chu Qiao slowly raised her head, the cold Yu’erlight was above her face, she secretly vowed to herself, only once, she never wants to be a second time, never want to live like nothing, never again This kind of survival without self-protection ability, never again!

Cold Yu’er is like water, in the big Zhuge mansion, two weak and low-ranking slaves linger in the flowers in the back garden, like two cowering puppies, close together, and the heart is tumbling, but it is enough to destroy the world. Hatred.

When I returned to the backyard of the miscellaneous service, it was already late at night. Before I entered the courtyard door, I found that the door was actually open. Chu Qiao’s heart suddenly cooled, and let go of Xiao Ba’s hand and ran in. I saw a mess in the room. The shackles were full of blood, and there were many adult footprints on the ground, but there was no small seven. shadow.

“Yu’er, you are back!”

The former girl suddenly got out of the firewood in the corner. Chu Qiao  hurried forward and grabbed her. He asked, “Small seven? Where did Xiao qi go?”

The girl cried and said: “Zhu Shun brought people to say that Xiao qi broke his hand and could not work anymore. He asked the person to carry Xiao qi, saying that he would throw it into the pavilion to feed the crocodile.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes were black and almost fainted. The heart could hardly be loaded for a while. She clutched the girl’s clothes tightly and asked with a hoarse voice: “How long has it been, how long have you been?”

“There is already an hour, and the Yu’er is not saved.”

Chu Qiao turned his head and looked at the little eight standing at the door. The child’s eyes were red, and he looked up at her. The two men’s eyes were just right, and the tears went down, but no one cried out.

“Yu’er, I have to go back. You are also careful. I listened to the people in the clothes room and said that Zhu Shun is deliberately targeting you. Are you offending him?”

The room gradually calmed down, and the yard was a large white land. The two children stood quietly and did not say a word for a long time.

The three drums have just been knocked, and the last two children of the Jing family quietly passed through the bluestone forest and came to the Tinghu Lake behind the Zhuge family. The cold wind is bleak, the bamboo forest is swaying, and there is a dead space in the pavilion lake. It seems that there is no difference between day and night.

Chu Qiaoyu was on a high slope and said to Xiao Ba, who was next to him: “Small eight, kneel down, give your brothers and sisters a head.”

Xiao Ba is less than seven years old. This child has been changed tonight. A small face has lost the innocence that children should have. She quietly kneels beside Chu Qiao and goes deep in the direction of Tinghu. Going down, I slammed three heads.

“Small eight, do you hate this place?”

The child nodded without saying a word. Chu Qiao’s voice was calm and faintly continued: “Would you like to leave?”

The child said in a deep voice: “Think.”

Chu Qiao looked ahead, the sound was dull, and there was no fluctuation. She narrowed her eyes and browed her brows slowly. She said slowly: “Sister promises you, my sister will take you away soon. But here. Before, we still have some things to do, and when we have finished, we will leave here.”

The child nodded quietly, and the dagger was on the ground. The wording of the word said: “Sister Xiang, you always ask God to worship Buddha, but I don’t know that God has already blinked, you bring your brother and sister. Let’s go slowly, wait and see, wait to see Xiao Ba and Yue Er give you revenge.”

The cold wind raged, the night was dark, and the tall bluestone forest was on the slope. The two small figures leaned on each other and held hands tightly.

In December, the West was still cautious in the chaos, the red water was blowing, the Sirius was murdering, and the gold was paved.

Within 20 days, **** has intensified, and Shangwan Shangshen Limin has been involved in the war. Shangshen County has a special geographical position. It is located between the Batuha family in the western Fengdi and the Yanwang of Yanbei. The two sides competed in the Taiping Year, and the **** disaster years shirked each other. Under the jurisdiction of the Imperial Capital, the Batuha family and the Yan Wang Qiqi sent out fine soldiers, but they were only talking on paper and pretending to be pretentious. The riots of the victims have not been alleviated, but they have become more and more fierce. The urgent documents are sent to the Imperial Capital in a snowflake manner, requesting the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty to send troops to chaos.

On December 27th, the broken military star is now, Zhaoming retreats, and Qintian Palace is too good to show Bu Wen: Taihe is imaginary, Chishui contains ice, and the broken military star is now, the most fierce.

The seven gate valves negotiated overnight and decided to send the Huangtian Department to Shangshen to calm the northwest.

After the publication of the essay, it was presented to Shengjin Palace, and the Emperor read it.

For a time, the emperor’s emperor was in a big wind, and the major families were nervous, and the darkness of the darkness of the ink, the turbulent undercurrent rushed under the thick ice.

At this moment, Chu Qiao is busy in the dry grass of Beiting, carefully looking for the cat caves of the cat winter. Suddenly heard the sound of the horn that rang through the ear, it is better than the white crane, long and heavy. She slowly stood up straight, her eyes half-squinted, slowly looking to the south of Zhen Huang. There, it is the place where Shengjin Palace is located.

The night is thick, the night road is very bad.

On the second day of the afternoon, the snow was clear, and under the glazed tiles of the Qingshan Pavilion, two snow jade cute jade snow dogs were crystal clear and smooth under the morning light. Just last night, there was heavy snow, and the snow was piled up more than a foot thick. The cleaning person passed by the snow dog and did not squint. It seemed that I would be more afraid to look at the upper body.

The Jin Li was dressed in a small folder with a purple sable, a pink flower skirt, and a tender pink scorpion around her waist. Standing on a white snow, she became more and more beautiful. The girl who served around the four young masters today is only thirteen years old, but she is out of the slim and beautiful meal. When she is with her master, she is smart and gentle. At this moment, she is a little flying, her voice is cold and her eyes are disgusting. The child wearing a thin blouse and holding a jade snow dog said coldly: “All are tight, the young master said, this jade is alive, as long as you borrow the popularity, the more you shine, the more you shine. These swearing slaves are fortunate enough to contribute to the four young masters today, but they are not allowed to be lazy. If I come back to see who I am not obedient, I will pull them all to the pavilion to feed the crocodiles.”

The children suddenly screamed and shouted, Jin Li sneered, turned and walked to the warm flower house.

After the snow, the weather became colder and colder. Even wearing a shovel and holding a stove could not be used, let alone wearing a thin shirt standing in the snow. Without a moment, the children’s lips are frozen.

Chu Qiao took a plate of fresh peaches and just came from the Blue Mountain Court. Jinxi met and ran out of the greenhouse. He greeted him. Chu Qiao turned and stopped. His face was ruddy and his face was sullen. He said, ” Sister Jin, what?”

“The four young masters are taking a nap, and the peaches will be fine for me.”

Chu Qiao smiled and nodded, and handed the peach out. Jin Li sneered and turned and entered the greenhouse. Who knows that I haven’t sat down yet, and suddenly I only listened to the anger on the side of the museum, and the Jin Li rushed down and put down the peach. Not yet at the door, a colorful shadow flew out of the door, slamming into her face, soft and cold, and a trace of stinky.

Jin Li looked down and saw that it was a small snake who spoke with a sigh of relief. He suddenly flew out of the sky and sat on the ground with a scream.


Chu Qiao ran into the house, only to see Zhuge’s brows locked, wearing a lake green brocade on the soft couch, black blood on the wrist, apparently has been bitten by a snake.

The girl ran forward a few steps, grabbed Zhuge’s wrist, picked up the knife on the table and cut the fruit, and stroked it against the wound.

Zhuge was so angry that he just wanted to talk, but he saw that Chu Qiao only made a small cross wound. After squeezing a few times, he lowered his head and used his mouth to breathe. Then he spit out two, and said anxiously: Please don’t force the young master, otherwise the poison will spread faster, and the slave will go to the doctor.”

In a moment, a large number of minions had gathered at the door, and Jinhua panicked and rushed forward, pushing Chu Qiao and kneeling on the ground and grabbing Zhuge’s hand and shouting: “Young master, how are you?”

“Get out of the way!” Zhuge’s brow wrinkled and kicked on the chest of the brocade. He shouted: “A bunch of useless waste!”

The jewels touched the ground and suddenly screamed. I saw only the worms crawling on the ground. There were more than 20 pieces, which looked strange and terrible.

Chu Qiao turned out the candlestick, quickly ignited, fired the snake with fire, and the snake and the phoenix fired, and suddenly dispersed.

The Zhuge family’s doctor quickly rushed in, the crowd was dispelled, and the people in the Qingshanyuan’s service were all squatting at the door, one by one.

After a while, the doctor in the middle came out and said to a group of people: “Who is a Xing’er girl?”

Chu Qiao stood up from behind, and his body was short and his face was tender and tender. He raised his hand and said, “Sir, I am.”

The doctor didn’t expect to be such a big child. He was slightly worried and indulged. He said, “Come in, the four young masters said that you are taking drugs for him, and the old man is looking for you.”

More than a hundred people on both sides of the front and back were surprised and looked up to Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao looked scared, and slammed a few heads to thank the four young masters for their righteousness, and then followed the doctor into the museum.

The cold wind was sturdy, and the people of Zhuge, who were steadily stepping on the low, turned quickly.

After a short while, Chu Qiao came out and looked good, and couldn’t see any arrogance. After the doctor left, the two hoes of the Jin Li came into Zhuge’s room with a few high-ranking people. Zhuge Yue leaned on the back of the chair, his eyes were half-closed, and he said: “Who is today? Waiting in the house?”

Jin Chen looked at the Jin Li, looked like a earthy color, said slyly: “Young master, yes, is a slave, slaves just…”

“Don’t say it,” Zhuge’s voice said indifferently, “You know the rules here, the idlers who have never had a meal. Go down and take thirty boards, then take my letter to a position in the Anjun Institute.” Let’s go.”

As soon as the candlestick heard it, the tears suddenly flowed down and screamed on the floor and cried: “Young Master, you will spare the slaves this time, and the slaves will not dare any more.”

Zhuge’s brows were scornful, and the two powerful men of Kong Wu came forward and walked out with a golden candle.

“Who is the goalkeeper?”

The two family members were on the floor, trembling, and the uncleful girl said: “Small guilty, ask the young master to put a small road.”

Zhuge opened his eyes and stunned the two of them. He said, “Is it two of you?”

After a snoring, “You have always been playing with others. If you go to the patio now, hold the board and fight each other. Whoever dies first, the other does not have to be punished.”

The room was dead, and Zhuge’s wrist was hurt, and he was upset and frowned. “Get out of it, look at you and get upset.”

When everyone meets the big bang, they will quit when they brush up. At this moment, a small voice suddenly said: “Son, the slaves can remove the few pots of fire from the outside of the hall?”

Zhuge’s eyebrows pick: “What do you say?”

The people went back and saw that the little girl who had just entered Qingshanyuan on the previous day stood behind the crowd. The body was small and the voice was tender and said slowly: “Now it is winter, but the location of Qingshanyuan is special, next to it. Hot springs, the climate is warm and many, many mosquitoes and moths. The vines attract these worms, and the burning vines are more heat-dissipating. In this way, they will attract the birds and rats that feed on the mosquitoes, and then they will attract the birds and birds. Snakes for food. This is a common sense, and slaves should have long thought of it.”

Zhuge Yue wrinkled his brows, half a squat, turned his head and said, “Who sent these pots of fire to the vines?”

The Jin Li in her whitish face, said: “Young master, these potted flowers were sent by Zhu Shun yesterday, saying that it is a special product of South Xinjiang. He said that the young master may like it and deliberately let the slaves be placed under the root of the house. ”

“Zhu Shun?” Zhuge screamed coldly, and a pair of narrow eyes were slightly cold. He slowly said: “He is really a tyrannical tycoon. If he buys a dagger from the Western Region next time, let you put it. On the bed of this young master, you must do it.”

Jin Li was shocked and hurriedly screamed: “The slaves don’t dare!”

Zhuge was indifferent, and people were about to leave. Zhuge Yu suddenly said: “You, wait in the inner room.”

Everyone glimpsed, no one knows who he is talking about, Zhuge Yue frowning impatiently, pointing to Chu Qiao: “It is you.”

All eyes were gathered together, and Chu Qiao replied with respect and respect: “The slaves obey.”

Out of the hall Xuanzheng room, the next people just thrown the bloody candle into the carriage, a weak woman was beaten 30 boards, and will be thrown into the place of the Anjun Academy, where will there be life?

The Jin Li’s back is cold, and his hands and feet are almost awkward. At this moment, a sweet voice suddenly sounded behind her back. She turned her head and saw Chu Qiao looking at her with a smile. The face said sweetly: “Jin sister, we will work together in the future, I am young. If you don’t understand things, you have to take care of me!”

I don’t know why, Jin Li was a little panicked for a while. She looked at Chu Qiao and said calmly: “Everyone is a slave, and mutual care is appropriate.”

“Is it?” Chu Qiao smiled and said: “Then the children who are warm jade over there, Jinxi sister thinks it is the net to open one side?”

Jin Li was very angry, but he nodded and said: “They are almost the same time, and they should be scattered.”

“Then I will thank you for them first.” Chu Qiao walked over and let the children who had already frozen their skins dissipate, and then suddenly seemed to think of something, turned and said: “If the day is the candle Sister can also be as kind as the Jin Li sister, the book boy will not be beaten to death by the young master, so he still has to be good at heart. You see that you will die for three days, and the candle will follow. It’s really cool to think of it.”

The Jin Li has not been put out, the skin is pale, and I look at Chu Qiao with a pair of eyes. I only think that this little child is sinister and frightened. Chu Qiao slowly came forward and picked up his toes and said slowly in the ear of Jin Li: “As the saying goes, good and evil are reported at the end, not retribution, but time has not yet arrived. Are you right? ?”

Jin Li was shocked and suddenly stepped back and turned to want to leave. Chu Qiao’s hand grabbed her shoulder and the girl was shocked and jumped out loudly. “What are you doing?”

Chu Qiao was cold and cold, and there was no smile on the face. He said: “What are you nervous about? I just want to go back to the peach.”


“You and I are both in the inner room. There is no distinction between high and low. I have worked hard to get the peaches from Nanyuan. Don’t you think it would be safer for me to personally present them?”

When Jin Li heard it, he suddenly became speechless.

Chu Qiao turned and walked to the flower house, while walking and faintly said: “The green hills can’t cover, the river flows eastward, and the person who knows the time is Fang Junjie. Some words can only be said once, some warnings can only be done once, how to act in the future How to be a person, think about it yourself.”

In the afternoon of winter, the sun is shining, and the bright sunlight is swaying on the snow, causing pain in the eyes.

This day, it is not a calm day. The elders’ court has issued a slogan that annihilates the sorrowful thief. The Huangtian Department is about to start a rebellion. The homeowners of the seven gates are rushing to fight for the crown. This position of the commander. Zhuge Mu, the leader of Zhuge House, is not in the government. All the affairs of the big and small are handed over by Zhuge Huai. On the top of the Daxia Chaotang, there is a sword and a shadow.

It was also on this day that the four sons of Zhuge, who were on the Zhuge House, were bitten by poisonous snakes. Although they received timely treatment, they still needed to retreat. Zhuge’s age is not large, but it is a major general of the Huang Tian Department. He was born to the church. He once led the troops to the northwest of Shaman for rebellion. The martial arts is superb. He is the leader of Zhuge’s family except Zhuge Huai. The other sources of the gates were very well-informed and quickly grasped the news. Zhuge Huai’s forefoot had just presented the brothers with a battle for the battle, and the opponent’s words were followed by the Shengjin Palace. In the afternoon of the same day, the doctor in the palace entered the Zhuge House and lived in Zhuge. The idea of ​​the Zhuge family dyeing the Huangtian Department had to be quietly dispelled.

With one body moving and moving all over the body, the neighboring blood relatives of the Zhuge family came together, and the time of Zhuge’s main house was too much.

On the same day, because of the injury of Zhuge, the Zhuge House staged the same drama as Peace Day. The four young masters who had been deceiving themselves were squatting under the shackles, and the two members of the Castle Peak’s staff were also beaten, one death and one injury. The injured were seriously injured on the second day of the morning and left behind. Zhugefu’s big housekeeper was beaten by the 20th board because of a few pots that caused trouble. He still sighed and sighed in the room.

Behind the hot springs of Houshan, the crocodile’s pavilion lake was once again quietly sank three dead bodies, allowing fish and shrimp to forage, but no one cares.


The night was full of color, and the stars and nights were dull. Chu Qiao took the last string of paper money in the hands of Xiao Ba and put it in the brazier. He whispered, “Look at it.”

In these few days, Jin Li has been uneasy. Every time I saw the child of Jing family, I felt an uncontrollable chill from the arch of the foot. Tea rice does not think, such as licking in the throat. Early this morning, the weather was fine, and the snow in the courtyard was cleaned up. People started the day with a well-organized work.

Preparing to pass the meal, the Red Mountain Court suddenly came to the next person to inform, said that Mu Xiaogong, Lingnan Mufu, Prince Zhao Song , Yun Xia, Zhao Qi, Ba Dian Zhao Zhao, Thirteenth Hall, Zhao Wei And Prince Yan Xun Shizi together in the Liuli Hall of Hongshanyuan, where the young master is accompanying, the three young masters and the five young masters have already rushed to ask the four young masters whether they are better or not. If they are good, they will also go to lively and lively together. .

Zhuge’s character is rather quirky, that is, there are few brothers walking around the house, and staying in Qingshanyuan all the time. It is not reading a book or eating snacks. There is no flying eagle. If it is not too cruel, it is also a good person. . At this time, he was lying in bed. After hearing the notice, he told the next person who was passing the message that he was not feeling well and would not accompany him.

Chu Qiao stood by the incense burner and took a fan and gently fanned it. He heard the eyebrows gently pick it up, his face was faint, and he was silent. Half a sigh, the food was presented, Chu Qiao followed the waiter behind the dish, quietly retired.

The Jin Li was slightly in the eyes, secretly remembered in the heart, and after a while, he also sought to retreat.

The Liuli Hall is called a hall. In fact, it is just a pavilion. It is located on the octagonal mountain in the middle of Hongshan Courtyard. Below is the blue lake. It is now in the middle of winter, the lake is frozen, the snow is snowy, and the sides are red and white. The cold is raging, bright and dazzling.

Outside of Meilin, it is the Zhuge family Runma Mountain. The vast hillside is filled with the good pastures that Zhuge family moved from Guanwai. It is specially used to breed good horses with good bloodlines. This place is very sparsely populated, and people have no choice but to enter, very secluded. The Chuqiao people were small, and the dexterous guards who had avoided the guards entered the Saoma Mountain and climbed uphill, but they were not noticed.

The small body of Jing Yueer has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, nowadays, if you want to move a potted plant, you must abandon the great strength.

Just about to leave, suddenly found a sneaky pass on the mountainside, Chu Qiao carefully lowered his body, waiting for the person to walk, only slowly approached. I saw a dark horse on a pine tree at the mountainside. She was tall and tall, and there was no trace of hair in the whole body. I saw that Chu Qiao did not respond. Chu Qiao’s heart is strange. Such a good horse should not be prepared for the closeness of the living. Looking down, there is still a buckwheat that has not been eaten by the minibus. Chu Qiao picked up his feet and pulled the horse’s head. He looked at it for a long while, and his brow wrinkled gently, but he ignored it.

Just about to leave, between the heads of the horse, there were dozens of white feathered feather arrows in the arrow of the horse, and one of them came out. The arrow was silver and white, and a small swallow pen was engraved on it.

The heads of the houses all ate at the Liuli Hall to enjoy the plums. Chu Qiao ran along the remote octagonal cliff stave, placed the pot of burning vines on the cliff’s path, and poured it out from a bag on the side of the body. A few small snakes.

“Ha! I know it is your ghost!”

A sharp voice suddenly sounded, and Chu Qiao turned around and saw that Jin Li was standing behind her, proudly watching her say: “Look, I don’t tell the four young masters, you are dead.”

“Is it?” Chu Qiao squinted his head, his mouth curled up, his ears slightly moving, only to hear the footsteps approaching in the distance, she shook her head and said: “That may not be.” Say, the body suddenly After the fall, follow the cliff and suddenly flip down!

“It’s there!” A weak voice almost sounded at the same time. Jin Li was too late to exclaim, and was shackled by the big man.

Zhu Shun looked at the girl coldly, hating the roots of the teeth, and said: “Jin Li, now people are getting and you have something to say.”

Jin Li was shocked and said quickly: “Not me, Jing Xing’er, I followed her!”

“Nonsense, I saw you sneaking to the Zhu Shun to steal a pot of vines, but also to frame others!”

A crisp voice suddenly said, Jin Li turned his head and saw a little girl with Zhu Shun’s side, the appearance was very familiar, the mind flashed in his mind, suddenly thought of the whole situation, shouted: “She and Jing Xing’er is a group, Zhu Shun, can’t believe her!”

Zhu Shun sat in a soft chair and was carried by four strong men. The 20th board that he had hit a few days ago was still swollen, and his brows were wrinkled. He said, “You said that you are following Where is the Xing’er, who is she?”

“She jumped off the cliff.”

“What?” Zhu Shun was furious and shouted: “Are you an idiot? You mean that Jing family Shantou is going to frame you, and he jumped from the cliff and fell to death?”


“A nonsense!” Zhu Shun angered: “You have been in the government for four or five years. I have been waiting for you not to be thin. You and Jinhua are competing for pets. That is also the inside of your Qingshanyuan. Why bother to pour dirty water on me? On the head? What do you want to do now? Want to go to my head and buckle the pots in the hands of the masters?”

“Zhu Shun, you have to believe me.”

“Come on! Give me a fight!”

The harsh screams suddenly sounded, and Chu Qiao grabbed the rope prepared in advance and slammed into a small cave. This octagonal mountain is made up of ink rock. Every spring, a purple moss grows on the rock. This kind of cockroach is extremely rare. After roasting and roasting, the aroma is unique, elegant and quiet, and the people of Zhuge’s family go to spring. The moss will be collected on the cliff, and it will take a long time to dig a hole high. Chu Qiao lived in the backyard of the chores all day long. She knew that the hole had been around for a long time. She opened a few dry grass and carefully fell to the ground, slowly retracting the rope with the hook lock, and quietly waiting for the crowd to disperse.

At this moment, a warm breath suddenly sprayed in the ear, with a few funny male voice whispered: “You little girl, how is the heart so poisonous?”

Chu Qiao was shocked and slammed back. He hurriedly grabbed the hook on the rope and inserted it against the other’s neck.

“I have seen countless daughter-in-laws, and it is hard to imagine that you are the most, you are still a child under the age of ten.”

The other side was agile, and he grabbed Chu Qiao’s little hand tightly, and the voice was not shocked.

Chuqiao was weak and weak, and he was pressed to the ground with one hand, but he looked up reluctantly. He was suddenly shocked and his eyebrows wrinkled. He said, “Is it you?”

The man seems to be a glimpse. After carefully looking at the child, he suddenly smiled and said: “Who is my way, it turned out to be you, is the medicine really good?”

I saw the eyebrows flying like a fly, the nose is high, the eyes are dark as ink, but under the gentleness, it is difficult to cover a few sharp edges like a knife. It is the guest of today’s feast – Yan Xun’s land is a good Yan Shizi in Beijing. Yan Xun.

Chu Qiao reluctantly looked up and said coldly: “How come you are here? What do you want?”

Yan Xun chuckled: “This should be what I asked you, right?”

Chu Qiao’s thoughts turn around and repeatedly think about how to push this man down the cliff to have a few layers of grasp and lethality, while thinking, while touching the dagger at the waist. Yan Xun raised his finger and said softly: “If you don’t want to be discovered, you should be safer. Don’t break your mind in your mind. How can a child be so poisoned?”

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows pick one: “When it comes to scorpion venom, I am far from you. You are hiding here, presumably not doing anything good, you and I are half a catty, don’t help me with a big favor, fake and false.”

Yan Xun heard the words, suddenly stood up, opened the wormwood, and shouted at the top: “Who is above?”

Chu Qiao was shocked and wanted to stop it. It was too late. I thought that if I was exposed, Xiao Ba would not be fortunate. I immediately pulled out the dagger and slammed it toward the vest of Yan Xun.

Yan Xun sprinkled his hook, grabbed Chu Qiao’s small mouth, and held her tightly in his arms. At this time, the voice of the inquiry came from above. Yan Xun poked his head out of the hole and said, “This world is here to enjoy the plum, what are you calling on it? Hurry up.”

Zhu Shun was taken to the edge of the cliff, and when he saw Yan Xun, he suddenly lost his power, nodded and bowed for a long while, and he quickly left.

Yan Xun smiled and let go of his arm, turned his head and said to Chu Qiao: “I am helping you so much now?”

Chu Qiao’s small head, standing in front of Yan Xun, was not on his shoulders, listening to his ears for a while, and there was no movement at all. Just throw the hook in your hand and hook it up.

Yan Xun looked at her with her eyes. Although she was more agile when she saw her, it was not like a martial art. It was only a bold heart and a neat movement. Here the cave was just over a meter away from the top, and Yan Xun climbed the wall with his hands, and with a little force, he jumped up.

Chu Qiao hid the hook lock, looked around and checked it out. After confirming the safety, he turned and left. Hearing the sound of Yan Xun, he turned his head back and said with a calm, calm voice: “I don’t want to owe you your feelings. When you go back, pay attention to your horse.”

Yan Xun slightly stunned, when the reaction came, the child’s figure has gone far, far away, like a puppy on the rugged path up and down, will disappear after a while.

The young Yan Shizi picked up his eyes and smiled and said: “Interesting.”

The rising sun in the morning sun, the snow-covered sky, the octagonal mountain standing on the heart of the lake, under the sunlight, looks a different kind of beauty.

After the octagonal mountain, I passed a generation of small rockeries and entered Meilin.


Today, the defeated sons of the major families of Zhen Huang City gathered in Zhuge House, and the Merlin generation was strictly guarded and very quiet. Chu Qiao is a small figure, walking in the Merlin, picking up two plums from time to time, very leisurely.

“Hey! Come over!”

An unpleasant voice suddenly sounded, the voice was childish, and the tone was overbearing. Chu Qiao looked up and saw, but he was a young man in his ten-year-old robes, dressed in a emerald green robe, with a golden embroidered line on the placket, a white snowy tail. The fluffy fluffy, surrounded by his smooth face like a jade, the firm little nose slightly wrinkled, a pair of eyes glared at her, shouting: “I am you, I call you!”

Chu Qiao’s brow scorned, thinking that it is not good to provoke things, courteous one body, Shen Sheng said: “The slaves still have things, please do not stay for a long time.” Then, turn around and leave.

Xiaogongzi glimpsed, did not expect this person to say that he left, the small nose wrinkled, suddenly waved his hands, shouted: “Dog slaves! Big courage!”

Chu Qiao listened to the sound and changed his position. He jerked his head back and put out a pair of tender white hands and grabbed the tip of the whip in his hand. His eyes looked cold and cold.

When the little son thought of this Zhuge’s little sister, he was so embarrassed that he rushed back and slammed it. He didn’t move, he screamed, and said, “Are you looking for death? I am cutting you!”

Chu Qiao smiled coldly, and the hand holding the whip dexterously turned, and the handle of the whip suddenly slipped out of the hands of Xiao Gongzi and landed in Chu Qiao’s hand. The girl is less than eight years old, her body is petite, and her face is tender and tender, but her eyes are absolutely childish. She walked up step by step in a calm, silent voice: “The whip is used to catch horses, not to beat people.”

After all, the horse whip was handed over to the hands of the little son, and he turned and left.

Xiaogongzi sees this little girl, although she is smaller than herself, but she is full of momentum and her body is very flexible. She has a close heart. Seeing her going, she was anxious, but she couldn’t pull her face and say good things. She ran up and stopped in front of her and shouted: “You are the next man of Zhuge’s yard? What is your name? You Do you know who I am? Believe it or not, I am really looking for someone to pull you out?”

Chu Qiao looked up and looked at Xiaogongzi with a faint look. He pushed his arm open and scorned his eyebrows: “If you can’t beat someone else, you can find someone, what is your skill? What is the identity of you?” There is no interest in knowing a little.”

The plum tree was lightly shaken, and the Jinpao Xiaogongzi stood in the middle of Merlin. Looking at Chu Qiao’s small body gradually disappeared at the end of Merlin, and there was some worry.

Back to Qingshanyuan, Chu Qiao greeted the people walking around, and went straight into the hall. Zhuge Wei leaned on the soft couch and looked like a lazy look. Seeing that Chu Qiao did not lift his head, he only glanced at the end of his eyes.

Before Chu Qiao went to a sapphire vase, he took out the flowers of yesterday and inserted the one that had just been picked. After you’ve finished, walk to Zhuge’s side, squatting in front of the small incense burner, mixing the snow and blue scent that has been swept down from the plum blossoms, then carefully pour it into the incense burner and gently fan it with a small fan. The taste in the room suddenly became fresh, and Zhuge took a long breath and gradually closed his eyes.

Most of the time has passed, and Zhuge Yu seems to have fallen asleep. At this moment, a sudden sound came from outside, and the teenager opened his eyes impatiently, his brow furrowed.

“Four young masters, the foreign house Zhu Shun just sent people to say that the Jin Li girl was caught under the octagonal mountain. The Jin Li girl moved a pot of vines, and with a large number of poisonous snakes, she was captured and is now in the process of doing things. The court is examining it.”

Zhuge’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he said slowly: “The Jin Li is awkward, but the courage is very small. She dares to carry a viper with her? Have you heard her say?”

“She said…” The voice of the next man suddenly went down. He squinted and squinted at Chu Jiao, who was quietly sitting in the corner. He whispered: “She said that she followed the Xing’er, and said that it was a Xing’er mastermind. She and the Zhu Shun were framed in order to avenge the children who died in the family.

“Xing’er,” Zhuge said: “Explain yourself.”

Chu Qiao squatted on the ground, and the voice returned calmly: “If you return to the four young masters, the Xing’er will not do it.”

“Where have you been there?”

“Xing’er went to Meiyuan.”

“Can someone see it?”

The child squinted and meditated for a moment and said: “Xing’er met a young master in the garden, not the young master of our house. In his teens, he wore a green robes, and there was a white tail on the plaque. I don’t know his name.”

“Well,” Zhuge nodded and said to the next person who said the message: “Let’s go.”

Then the next person glimpsed, and the careful doubt said: “What about the Jin Li girl?”

Zhuge squatted up and leaned back on the couch with his eyes closed. He said slowly: “If you do something wrong, you will be punished. Let the office look at it.”

The man promised to retreat, and the room was quiet, only the smell of incense was faintly floating, like a cloud.

“Xing’er, can you hate the family and kill your loved ones?”

Chu Qiao lowered his head and said: “The young master, the star child is a slave in the government because he has a young master. Stars can sleep on a warm bed, eat hot dishes, wear warm clothes, and stars. It’s still small, I can’t hold so many things in my heart, I just want to serve the young master well and live well.”

“Well,” Zhuge nodded. “You can think of it the best. You are young, and you are still doing things safely. You will be in charge of the future.”

“Yes, thank you, Master.” The child bowed his head with respect and respect. For a long time, he suddenly said: “Is the young master believed to be the Jinhuajie who was framed by Jin Li?”

Zhuge snorted: “How much courage can a Jin Li, even if she has, she can not think of such a plan. Zhu Shun is the old man in the government, doing something wrong, smashing, face can not go, want to give himself There is nothing wrong with finding a step. It is just that he should not pour dirty water into my Qingshan courtyard, and make an illusion of a slave in the courtyard to wash himself. He has been living for so many years, a little The memory is not long.”

“Why didn’t the young master help Jin Li sister? The hospital will kill her.”

“If something is really what she did, I will save her. She can easily be trapped by someone else’s trap, showing that the mind is stupid, such a person, what is the use of this in Qingshanyuan.”

The midday sun was glaring, and the sloppy shot from the edge of the window came in. The plum blossoms were fresh, and Chu Qiao sat on the small stool, and his eyes were slightly picked up.

The timing has gradually matured and she no longer wants to waste time.

After all, Zhu Shun has been in Zhuge House for more than ten years. At a young age, not all of them live on dogs.

Although he has already decided in the bottom of his heart that Jin Li is competing with the Jin Chen, she has been implicated in this matter, but she is afraid that Zhuge will not really believe it. Instead, she misunderstands that she deliberately planted a sin. using mustache. Therefore, she left using disguise like a boy and did not let the hospital kill her, but wanted to wait until the young master of the day was free to report up.

In the night, the palm of the house was dead, in the dark-painted firewood room, the Jin Li was turned upside down, full of whip marks, and at first glance it was severely punished. Chu Qiao stood in front of her, picked up a scoop of water, and slammed into her face.

The Jin Li snorted and slowly woke up. When she saw Chu Qiao, he suddenly became angry and cried out: “Little slut! You dare to come see me!”

Chu Qiao stood quietly in front of her, quietly listening to the woman’s loud curse. For a long time, she smiled and said: “If you really want to die, you can continue to call it.”

The Jin Li clothes are blood-stained, the face is pale, the chest is undulating, and the resentment is full of eyes.

Chu Qiao shook his head and said slowly: “People don’t hurt the tiger’s heart, the tiger is harmful. I have already warned you, but you have to be against me all the time. If you don’t follow me today, how can you end this?” Everything is your own, and who is it?”

“You little deaf person who is so guilty, I will not let you go!”

Chu Qiao sighed and said: “Do you really want to die?”

As soon as the Jin Li was smashed, Chu Qiao continued: “I didn’t hurt your heart. Everything today is just to give you a lesson. Unfortunately, the four young masters refused to save you. It seems that you can only go to the lake to accompany you. Candle.”

The voice just fell, the face of Jin Li was a little white, she looked at Chu Qiao, her eyes suddenly showed a desire to survive, staring at Chu Qiao, eagerly said: “Star, you and me have no past resentment has no enmity in recent days, and the death of cherishing is the idea of ​​a Jin Li. I just said a few words with a reconciliation. You can come here quietly, and you will be able to save me, beg you, save me. I still don’t want to die!”

Later, I couldn’t help but cry and shuddered. Chu Qiao sighed and put down the package from her back. She said, “Don’t cry, do you think that I am here tonight to tell you about the old? You are not guilty of death, since it is your turn not to do evil today. To the point, I will let you go, put this dress on, I will send you out immediately.”

Then she went up to untie the ropes on the Jin Li.

Jin Li was overjoyed and said quickly: “Can you escape? The guards in the house are so strict.”

“Do not worry, I bought the back door of the guard, the lord will return to the house, you are a little embarrassed, no one will be arrogant, as long as you escape the government, you can save your life.”

After the Jin Li was behind Chu Qiao, the two men turned out through the window, passed the Bihu rockery in Hongshanyuan, and suddenly only heard the sound of footsteps in the distance. It was the guardian who came to check the house. When they were shocked, they dared not to continue on the ground. Chu Qiao turned around and handed a small bag to the hand of Jin Li. He said: “I will take those people away, and you will come to the backyard yourself. The West Point Gate, where the gatekeeper I have already done a good job, you go, just say my name, they will let you go. Here are some entanglements and clothes, all of them are former Xiang Xiang, I don’t know if you can wear Under, I don’t have much money, I can only take it out. You should take care of yourself and be self-sufficient.”


After saying it, he turned away from the other side, deliberately made a sound, and the guards inspected and heard, and immediately followed.

The Jin Li opened the bag and saw that there were only a few copper plates inside. It was not enough to buy a roast goose. I couldn’t help but frown. See also that those pieces of clothing are not broken or dirty, ugly, but also a strange smell, but also a stagnation in the heart. I thought that I would be okay and wrong, but I would like to go out and die. I was accidentally caught and even more difficult to protect. It’s all this Jingxing. Now she is pretending to pretend to be a good person in front of her face.

Take out the few copper plates and throw the baggage on the ground. I don’t worry about what kind of trouble these things will bring to Chu Qiao after they escape.

The cold wind blew, blowing on the corners of those clothes, the cold moon was like a frost, and the ground was shining.

At this moment, Zhu Shun’s room, a man’s heavy breathing and the woman’s petite constantly spread, sinister and sinister, listening to the voice.

The winter night was cold, and the guards in the courtyard had already been lazy to find a warm place to fight. The little body of the child quietly touched Zhu Shun’s door, silently, without a slight movement.

After a set of arrangements, Chu Qiaoyu was on the side of Zhu Shun’s door, in the dark night, a pair of eyes like dark gems, flashing wisdom and calm radiance. Suddenly, the man’s snoring sounded loudly, and then it was the sound of dressing. Chu Qiao held a stone and threw it at the door.

The slamming sound was loud and the sound was not loud, but it was enough for the people inside to hear clearly. Zhu Shun said: “Who is outside?”

Chu Qiao did not answer, but picked up a stone and slammed it on the door.

“Come on!” the man said irritably: “Who is in the middle of the night?”

The door panel was pulled open, but no one was seen. Zhu Shun frowned and poked his head and walked out. Who knows that just as he lifted his foot, he was smashed by a rope and crashed into the ground.


Zhu Shun screamed, the next sentence of the swearing has not yet been exported, a black lacquered bag is covered under the cover, and suddenly it is black. The man was shocked and finally realized that things were wrong, shouted, and reached out and grabbed them indiscriminately.

The night is full of color, and the coldness is pressing. Chu Qiao holds a sharp dagger, his eyes are sharp, his mouth is cold, and his fat hand is facing him.

The pig-like screams rushed to the sky, and Zhu Shun held his wrist and rolled it on the spot. Chu Qiao did not love the war, and rushed to the west of the flowers.

Behind him, there were noisy footsteps from the guards, and the woman was sharply exclaimed.

“What happened? Ah! Zhu Shun, who did it?”

The woman was not well dressed and shouted in dismay: “I didn’t see who it was, but it was not tall. It seemed to be a child.”

“Where are you going?”

“Go west.”


More than a dozen feet passed by in front of them, Chu Qiao as far as possible to narrow the body, kneeling in the dry grass, the voice gradually drifted away, and the surrounding gradually calmed down. The child patted the dust on his body, stood up, and slowly left the right and wrong place, the figure was a different kind of calm.

After passing through the rocky mountain of Hongshanyuan, I saw that my little bag was thrown on the ground in a mess. The child sneered and picked up the baggage and walked to Qingshanyuan. Carefully climbed into the room from the back window and changed into a white soft nightgown. After entering the Zhuge brothel, she moved out of the backyard and moved into the lower house of Qingshanyuan. The sound outside is getting bigger and bigger, and the torches are generally shining and illuminating half the sky.

Chu Qiao broke his hair, rubbed his eyes, and opened his door with a sleepy look, just hit a few small cockroaches who had just left the door.

“What happened there?”

A few small crickets are thirteen or four years old, but the grades are not Chu Qiao, shaking their heads one by one. At this time, only heard the opening of the door, and several people rushed to the past.

Zhuge’s face was gloomy. He looked at Chu Qiao and others who had just arrived. He said to a guard who ran from the outside: “What happened? How is it so noisy?”

“Young Master, the assassin on the other side of the foreign house, Zhu Shun was cut off by a hand, the guards caught the Jin Li girl who was just about to escape at the West Point Gate, and had been taken back to the court.”

Zhuge Yue baffled a moment but cannot control himself to chuckle up a bit and said: “As the saying goes, the dog will jump the wall, did not expect Jin Jiao outlook was quite savage.”

The guard looked carefully at Chu Qiao and said: “When the Jin Li girl was arrested, she shouted and said yes, saying that the star had harmed her, not her.”

When the words were just exported, everyone’s eyes were all concentrated on Chu Qiao’s body. Chu Qiao’s face suddenly wrinkled, and a pair of watery eyes were grievances, almost falling into tears, turning his head to pity. Looking at Zhuge, I said sadly: “Four young masters, Xing’er, Xing’er have been sleeping in the room, I, I don’t have…”

“Young Master, Xing’er has not been out in the room, we all see.” A third-class maid suddenly said.

The voice just fell, and several other crickets also testified for Chu Qiao.

Zhuge nodded and said to the next man: “Tell the governor, if the woman does not talk nonsense, then she will not have to go through it and throw it directly into the pavilion. How big is the star, and the more it goes, the more it goes.”

The next person quickly nodded and went back.

Zhuge Wei looked at the little ones and said, “You go back to sleep.” Then he turned and went to the hall.

Chu Qiao still stood in the wrong place, a few small beggars came forward, pulled Chu Qiao’s hand and said: “Xing’er, don’t be afraid, we will testify for you, she will not lick you again. use.”

Chu Qiao nodded, and Pear said with rain: “Thank you sister.”

Already close to the three, the night wind blew, today, is the first seven children of Jing family, the people who killed them, finally paid the price of blood this evening.

However, this blood is not enough.

The assassin incident was soaring, and it was tossed until the next day, Zhu Shun broke a hand, the loss was heavy, and the violent anger went to death to play Jin Li. Before the Jin Li, I was injured. Under such a heavy sentence, not a small hour, it was fragrant and disappeared. It was thrown into the back hill by a straw mat and was buried in the belly of the lake.

Zhuge was quiet and his character was solitary. There were only two gimmicks in the cloister, and they died in a few days. Now there is only Chu Qiao  in the inner Xuan. She is young, she is less than eight years old, and her face is tender and tender. She usually has a few milky voices in her voice. Even if she can do it, she is somewhat surprised in the eyes of outsiders. Not half a day, the government of the government is quietly passing: the four young masters of the palace went to the old road of the old man, and began to have a hobby for the young girls who did not grow up.

As a result, everyone’s attitude toward Chu Qiao is more respectful.

In the afternoon, Chu Qiao wore a new white-skinned cotton skirt, white camel hair boots, two green flowers and jade in the head, and jumped and walked in the back garden lake, looks cute and lovely. She had just gone to the foreign government to receive the newly sent Shenshui. When she passed a bamboo forest, a figure suddenly came to her. He laughed and said, “I don’t believe I can’t find you!”

Xiao Gongzi wore a blue robes today. The clothes were embroidered with colorful birds, clusters, colorful, smugly licking the small whip in his hand. He smiled and looked at Chu Qiao and said, “What are you doing? The weather is so good today, let’s go bird.”

Chu Qiao frowned and looked at Xiaogongzi’s eagerness. He shook his head and said, “I don’t have you to be so busy, I still have something to do, less to accompany.” After that, I turned and wanted to leave.

“Hey, don’t leave.” Xiaogongzi ran to her in front of her, opened her arms in front and said in a hurry: “I have found you very hard, I have been in this garden for a morning. So, you Tell me your name, which yard is it, I am going to find Zhuge Huai, you will come over, you will go back with me, how?”

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows picked one, turned his head and said, “Do you really want to take me away?”

Xiaogongzi solemnly said: “Well, all the people in the majesty, I will see you the most pleasing to the eye, I will seal you as my goalkeeper general, how?”

Chu Qiao smiled and nodded and said: “Well, then I will tell you what my name is, but can you come over from the young master, you can see your skills.”

“You can rest assured!” Xiao Gongzi patted his chest and said loudly: “Don’t say a little sister, it’s ten eight, and Zhuge Huai has to give it to me.”

“That’s good, you listened well. My name is Zixu. I live in Wuyouyuan. It is a small donkey under the hands of Dou Da Niang. The daily job is to play some clay figurines for the young ladies. You have to remember. “”

Xiao Gongzi’s eyes lit up: “Do you still squeeze the clay?”

“Yeah,” Chu Qiao  smirked and saw that the child was so cute. He couldn’t help but squat his feet and reached out and pinched his face. He said with a smile: “My skills are still there, in the future. Give you one more insight. I still have something to do, I have to go first, remember to go to the young master.”

“Well, you can rest assured,” Xiao Gongzi nodded and smiled. “You still go back and pack things up. I will pick you up later.”

Chu Qiao walked out of the distance, and looked back and saw that the little son stood on the big rock and waved at himself. Chu Qiao held back his smile, turned to the bamboo forest, and went to Qingshanyuan with Shenshuixiang.

“The name of the child, Wu Youyuan, Dou Da Niang’s hand to pinch the clay potter to play, I want to lose.”

A clear male voice suddenly sounded above, Chu Qiao surprised, looked up, I saw the Yan Xun green shirt fluttering, eyebrows star, sitting on the tall pine twigs, mouth smiled at her.


Chu Qiao exposed his own nature in front of him is not one or two times. Nowadays, he is no longer disguised. He coldly glances at him and screams evilly. “Climb so high, I am not afraid to fall and fall.”

“Then don’t bother you, your child is heart-wrenching, or you should be worried that you are right. I see the clouds gathering in the sky, saying that it is not allowed to thunder in the winter, but to kill people who have lost things.”

Chu Qiao’s body is small, standing under the tree and leaning his head, whispering coldly; “Doing more and more guilty things can’t compare with those of you who are murderers who don’t blink, the animals are not, there is no good thing.”

“Hello, you are so courageous.” The words were harsh and the tone was with a chuckle. The teenager sat in the tree and said to the child below: “I deliberately shot the arrow on the same day, and kindly put you in a path to save you. Even the eight Western-style dancers from the young masters are not going to be colored. You are not only not grateful for the pictorial, but the evil words are opposite. What is the reason?”

“The reason is to tell people, what is the truth with your defeated family? I warn you not to entangle me, and don’t want to send me to threaten me. If you dare to do it, you will regret it.”

Chu Qiao said, turning around and speeding up the pace, who knows that just two steps, suddenly a pain in the forehead, bowed his head, but saw a pine cone still covered with snow. The girl was furious and turned her head and looked at Yan Xun in anger: “Are you provocative?”

“Wrong,” Yan Xun said with a slight smile, “I am not provocative, I am bullying you.”

Chu Qiao stood with his head under the tree and suddenly turned away without saying a word. Yan Xun pretend to be a deep half-closed eye. I wanted to wait for this child to think about her own theory. Seeing her go like this, it is a bit embarrassing. Who knows, just then, a fist-sized stone suddenly screamed and ran straight to the door of Yan Xun. Fortunately, Yan Xun learned martial arts, flexible response, and timely sideways avoid. Suddenly smug, suddenly felt the back of the neck was cold, the dark screams were not good, and the sound of screaming came along, the snow on the whole tree was all over him after all the shocks. On the body.

The young boy of the Jinyi jade robe jumped out of the big tree, covered with snow and a mess. Looking up, I saw a small girl standing on the snowy white snow, patted the palm of his hand, saw him looking up, raised his right hand, erected the middle finger, and the general gesture of the demonstration, a smug smile, then turned away go with.

Yan Xun slightly frowned, wondering to hang his head, but also erected the middle finger, the thirteen-year-old Yanbei land of the noble world is puzzled, this, what gesture?

The eleven-year-old little book boy ran up from the woods and yelled at the claws: “Shi Zi, I will take her over and let the young master punish this unscrupulous gimmick.”

“You? Catch her?” Yan Xun’s nose, turned his middle finger and turned his head: “Feng sleep, what does this gesture mean?”

“This,” Fengmian glimpsed a little, but immediately said: “It should be an apology, she also knows that she is doing something big, but the child is not sensible, I am embarrassed to say it in person, use this gesture instead. ”

“Apologize?” Yan Xun frowned: “I don’t see how it looks.”

“Definitely, the world, yes.”

“is it?”

In the hall of Zhuge family Hongshanyuan, Zhuge Huai and Zhao Che and others listened to Xiaogongzi’s words and laughed collectively. Jing Xiaowang’s age is small, but he is a ghost elf. He smiled and said: “Zhuge, your family still has I am so eager to see it.”

Zhuge Huai shook his head and said: “The next person is not sensible, let everyone laugh.”

“What happened? What are you laughing at?” Xiao Gongzi turned red and said anxiously.

Zhao Che smiled and said: “The name of the child, the Wu Youyuan, the little sister of Dou Auntie’s hand under the hand of the clay man, is not a vain, let you play? Thirteen brothers, people laugh at you.”

Zhao Xiao’s face was red, and he hated it. He turned and ran out.

“Booming!” A burst of joyful firecrackers sounded abruptly, smashing large flat white snowflakes, street streets, countless children laughing and beating, covering their ears with loud noise but no sparks relatively cheap “a mine cannon “, playing is not a pleasure.

The twenty-fifth Shangyu Festival, where the Emperor of the Great Summer Emperor Gaozong was in the throne, finally came to this rumble. On this day, it was also the 57th birthday of Emperor Gaozong Zhao Zhengde. The whole country was full of deliberate joy. The government’s free cannons for the people of Zhen Huang City were successful for this happy momentum. Adding bricks and tiles, the owner of Shengjin Palace appreciates the practice of Kyoto Prefecture Yin, and has released a good news in the evening. The award is from the Weidufu Yin Weishu tour of Wei Valve.

Among the rumbling sounds, Zhuge House has also stepped up preparations for this important festival. On this day, the city of Zhen Huang was filled with snow, and the snow of the sky was like a goose feather. The old people in the city said that there was some embarrassment under the heavy snow this year. At this time in the past, it was just frosted.

Chu Qiao wore a new light pink skirt, a fox fur cloak, a white face like a jade in the white fox, cheeks pink, big eyes round, fluttering snowflakes falling on her On the tip of the nose, the child’s small nose is lightly wrinkled, making it look so cute.

“Star, the young master calls you.”

The new little babies ran over, panting like a cow, and cried when they gasped.

Chu Qiao slowly turned around and saw the children screaming and messing up. It was natural to go forward and pick up her feet to lick her hair. The voice said calmly: “Look at you, will you slow down?” What’s the big deal, should you run so eagerly?”

My nephew is already eleven years old this year, but I don’t know why. She always feels that she is a child when she is facing a little bit less than eight years old. One side of the squat bent over and let Chu Qiao sort her hair, saying: “Xing’er, go ahead, the young master is waiting for you.”

Chu Qiao put down his hand and nodded. He said, “Let’s go.” When I first walked toward the direction of Guanxuan, the small step was steady and not at all anxious.

The nephew frowned and looked at him for a long while, then shook his head and hurried to keep up.

Compared to Chu Qiao, Zhuge Yu is a chronic child. Pushing the door of Guanxuan, he saw that Zhuge family’s four young masters were sitting on the warming couch and watching a game of chess. They frowned slightly and looked at them with great care.

Chu Qiao will take care of the things that he will take with him, and then hand it over to other attendants. After doing everything, he will pour a cup of tea and gently place it next to Zhuge’s book and sit straight in the incense burner. Before, I waited quietly waiting.

The time passed slowly, and the waiters outside the door had already looked at the brain for many times. Finally, when Zhuge Yue pushed the board, he stood up and waited for the maid to put on the buckskin boots for him. Yu’er white dark blue robes, large scorpions made of red fox fur, children under the age of thirteen have revealed an old can not be ignored.


Zhuge whispered aloud and went out with a group of subordinates. In front of the Zhuge family’s gate, a row of horses stopped. Due to the delay of Zhuge, the other young masters of Zhuge House had already left. A man squatted on the ground, and Zhuge squatted calmly and stepped forward, stepping on the back of the minion and turning over to the horse.

After the whole installation was completed, I was ready to go. Zhuge Hao suddenly turned to look at the maid of the Castle Peak Court who stood at the door and said, “Xing’er, have you seen the Lantern Festival?”

Chu Qiao stunned and shook his head. Zhuge nodded: “Come up, I will take you there.”

Chu Qiao squatted for a long while, only to understand what Zhuge Yue said “up” refers to, and quickly said: “Young master, this is not in order.”

Zhuge’s brow wrinkled and just wanted to say that Chu Qiao suddenly stepped forward and said: “Xing’er can ride his own horse.”

Zhuge’s doubts looked up and down the small body of Joe, the meaning of doubt is very obvious.

“The young master gives the Xing’er a pony, and the Xing’er can ride.”

Zhuge Yue heard a light smile and nodded to Zhu Cheng. After a while, a red pony was taken out, small, but still much higher than Chu Qiao. Everyone’s eyes looked at Chu Qiao, and she saw that she had no pony’s legs, and she had some gloating.

The child turned around the pony for two laps, and raised his hand to touch the pony’s horseback. Zhuge’s eyes slid through a trace of funny, and he was about to help her to get on the horse. Ma Wei, a little force, turned over and climbed up, the action was surprisingly neat.

The crowd suddenly screamed and exclaimed. Zhuge Yueturned back and looked at the child in a white snow. It was like a small snowball, but he was riding up on the chest. He couldn’t help but chuckle and turn his head and go.

Of course, Chu Qiao will ride horses. Although this body is not very convenient at present, it is good that this pony is very docile. Seeing other horses are gone, it is also very clever to follow.

There is no curfew in Zhen Huang City. Today is Shangyuan Festival, and the streets are more and more lively. The time is near in the evening, the sky is getting dark, the street lights are flashing, the fire tree is silver, and the fragrance is leisurely. Looking up, I saw the nine-lane road passing through the city, all the exquisite lights. On both sides of the road are two rows of long red lights, and countless buildings have become stage. Song and dance, juggling, acting, and noisy music all gathered together in one place. The nights of the city where the lanterns and the fireworks are stirred up are as bright as white, and countless small business hawkers are sipping on the streets to attract business. Selling boiled tobacco, tea clothes, fruits and vegetables, home utensils, fragrant flowers, powdered fireworks, all the lovable gadgets are all in one, everything. The night scene of the prosperous world is like a splendid brocade, and the magnificent brocades that the world can imagine are all messed up in one place, turning around, you enter me, and sprinkle on the latitude and longitude of the north and south of the city. Overwhelming luxury.


Chu Qiao sat on the horse, looking around and looking at this rare ancient night scene.

The Zhuge family is a family of great families. Wherever they go, pedestrians are all avoiding. Walking through a gorgeous building, I saw a lot of colorful lights on the stage. The style is peculiar. There are all kinds of lovable animals, and there are also fairy flowers and plants, which are very novel and unique.

The stall owner saw Zhuge Yu stopped, and immediately greeted with a big golden dragon lantern ran up, full of pleasing auspicious words. If Zhuge was not heard, he pointed a lantern on the high platform and said, “You take that.”

The stall owner looked back and saw that the well-known Zhuge family Sigongzi was referring to a white rabbit lantern, and could not help but stay.

Taking a lantern in his hand, Zhuge’s face showed a rare smile on his face, and he handed the lantern to Chu Qiao’s face and said, “Give it to you.”

Chu Qiao slightly stunned, subconsciously reached out and even forgot to thank. Zhuge’s face was calm, and he turned his head and continued to move forward, as if nothing had happened. The eyes of the surrounding attendants were weird, and they passed carefully from Chu Qiao, secretly with the meaning of speculation.

Chu Qiao laughed and laughed, and really regarded her as a child.

I saw that the rabbit lantern was very delicate, the whole body was white, and the eyes were red. Chu Joe stretched out his finger and gently clicked on the rabbit’s mouth. A small tongue made of pink color paper suddenly came out and scared her. .

Just then, a sneer suddenly sounded. Chu Qiao turned his head. It happened that a team of lanterns had just walked up to her and blocked the line of sight. The golden dragon color, the phoenix butterfly, the white fox, the fairy goddess, the grass and the laurel, all had their own flowers. The swaying eyes had some flowers, and the bustling crowd came and went. The traffic is on the main street of Jiuyi, the lights are brilliant, and the jasper is glaring.

I don’t know how long it took, the time seems to be very long, and it seems to be very short. The light team slowly dissipated. I saw the other side of the long street. The frozen Chishui Lake was covered with snow, the willows were low, the snow was hanging, and the black horse was leisurely. Standing on the side, the young man in the green shirt clasped his chest with his hands, leaning against the trunk, his eyes brightly looking at her, his smile was faint, and his black hair was like jade.

A loud bang rang, everyone suddenly looked up at the sky, I saw the sky fire tree silver flowers, fireworks bloom, like the goddess long sleeve dance, and it is like a splendid sunset, dazzling, fascinating.

At this time, I do not know which naughty child suddenly threw a firecracker to Chu Qiao’s horse, the little red horse went out for the first time, suddenly shocked, raised the hooves and did not fly in the southeast and northwest.

The people of Zhugefu exclaimed, but it was a pity that there was a large number of people separated from Chuqiao.

The young man under the tree met, and the slamming slammed the horse, and the whip leaped and chased away in the direction of Chu Qiao.

The horse ran fast, the cold wind whizzed past the ear, the noisy voice gradually drifted away, and gradually only heard the sound of the horseshoe landing. Although the little red horse is small, but the variety is excellent, it runs like lightning, and it is unstoppable. Chu Qiao a pair of small hands clasped the horse stable, low on the horse back, calmly looking at the surrounding terrain, a small head running fast.

Jing Yueer, who has not grown into a small body, is not enough to withstand the pain of falling from such a fast-running horse. She must find another escape route.

At this moment, suddenly there was a rush of horseshoes behind him, and quickly caught up with Chu Qiao, and the two riders ran along.

“You beg me, I will save you!”

The voice of the boy was blown apart by the cold wind, but it was still intermittently passed to Chu Qiao’s ear. The child turned a white jade-like face, and the young man who had gloated in the disaster had a glance, his eyes were tenacious, and he was not panicked.

“Then tell me what your gesture means, I will save you!”

The night wind is bleak, the cold Yu’er is like a knife, the pony runs on the snow of the deep adult knees, and the speed gradually slows down, but there is no tendency to stop. The machine can not be lost, Chu Qiao suddenly loosened his hands, the palm of his hand on the horse back, the whole person suddenly jumped over to the side of the body.

With a bang, the child’s entire body slammed into the boy’s body. The teenager exclaimed and hurriedly pulled the horse, but it was too late. The two men suddenly fell from the black horse like a gourd, and fell on the soft snow. The dragon rolled a few laps, the black horse was unaware, still desperately chasing after the little red horse, quickly melted Into the night, disappeared.

“Blast!” The boy yelled anxiously, his eyebrows erected, and he couldn’t catch the snow on his body. He chased two steps, but it was only in vain.

“You must pull back this horse and cut it. You don’t know if you have moved your hands and feet. Now even the owner has fallen into the horse and he doesn’t know what to use. What is the use?” Chu Qiao climbed from the ground and patted the body. Snow, looked up and down a bit, no injuries, very good.

Yan Xun turned back and glared at Chu Qiao. He said with anger: “The blast is the horse that my father Wang Gang hunted from the Yanbei area. It was less than half a month after me. I am not familiar with each other. Is it strange? , daring to let go of my horse, what should I sin?”

Chu Qiao snorted and dismissively said: “I am not asking you to follow me. Your own horse can’t see it. What about me?”

“How dare you dare to talk to me like this?”

Chu Qiao frowned, very scornful look at the young Yantai, but the great Yanbei Shizi, coldly snorted, turned and walked toward the direction of the city.

Yan Xun stunned, did not expect her to go like this, quickly catch up with the first few steps, said: “Where are you going?”

Chu Qiao’s eye tip slightly picks: “Of course, go back, is it still not here overnight?”

The snow is deep, the shallow places are over Chu’s knees, and the deep places are almost over the children’s thighs. Yan Xun walked around Chu Qiao and saw her struggling. Originally, because of the suffocating heart of the horse, the knot was suddenly untied, and the smile was followed. Who knows that just a few steps away, Le is very sad, his feet are loose, and he hasn’t had time to exclaim, and the whole body suddenly falls.

Just heard the cracking sound, Chu Qiao noticed that things were not good. Almost at the same time, the child instinctively reached out and grabbed the arm of Yan Xun. Unfortunately, the weight of Yan Xun is Jing Yueer. The small body can withstand, only listen to the bang, the two together fell into a large snow hole.

“Well…hey, how are you?” Yan Xun came out of the snow and pulled hard in the snow. He saw a small white hand, and immediately dig the radish and dig Chu Jiao, shaking Her head shouted: “You are not dead?”

“Let’s let go.” The child frowned, his feet slightly moved, his pain, and his brows became more and more tight.

Yanbei Shizi is in a hurry: “Are you injured?”

“I still can’t die.” Chu Qiao looked up and looked up. He saw that the height was not very high. He turned to Yan Xun and said, “Can you climb up?”

After seeing the distance, Yan Xun said, shaking his head and saying: “The snow here is soft. If you can jump on the ground, you can’t do it here. It will only get deeper and deeper.”

“One night will be frozen to death.” Chu Qiao  whispered, and stood up: “You step on my shoulder and climb up, then find someone to save me.”

Yan Xun shook his head and said: “I still send you up first, you go find someone to save me.”

Chu Qiao stunned, looked at Yan Xun from above and down, then nodded and said: “Good.”

It took a lot of effort, and when Chu Qiao saw the Yu’er in the sky, he only felt like a life and death. She was kneeling on the snow cave, looking at the Yanzi, still trapped in the cave, loudly. Cried: “You wait, I will call people.”

Yan Xun smiled and waved: “Go fast!”

The ankle was very painful. It seemed to have been twisted when I just fell. Chu Qiao took a few steps. Suddenly a thought came up, and the child stopped unconsciously, his eyes slightly picked up and his back was cold.

If she turns around like this, with the remoteness of this wilderness, Yan Xun will die tonight, then, does she count her revenge? When I remembered the first day here, the blood on the hunting ground, the sharp arrows, the young body, Chu Qiao’s heart jumped faster and faster. Although most of the murderous arrows of the day came from the two brothers of the Zhao family, although the arrows of Yan Shizi were mostly inserted in the wolf, although afterwards he was ridiculed by the brothers of Zhuge family, although he was like this. Trust yourself, smile and let yourself go back soon.

The child stood in the pale wilderness, his eyes dark and inky, sparkling and sharp.

With a bang, a dry branch of one person was thrown into the cave, and almost reached the head of Yan Xun. Chu Qiao did not show his head, he heard the roar of Yan Xun’s anger: “You want to kill!”

Chu Qiao turned his eyes on him: “If you want to kill you, you don’t have to spend so much effort. Come on.”

Yan Xun’s skill was agile, and the climb climbed up. He looked at Chu Qiao’s eyes and looked at it. He said: “I thought you could let me down this wicked person and turn around and grow away.”

Chu Qiao looked at him coldly: “I only blame myself for not being worried.”

Yan Xun haha ​​smiled, and walked to her in a few steps, slightly swaying and said: “Come on, as you did not worry about leaving me regardless of the reward, I will carry you back.”

Chu Qiao looked up and down him: “Would you like to do something so lost?”

“This world is in a good mood.”

Chu Qiao no longer spoke, just when Yan Xun thought she was not willing, when she suddenly fell on her back, she added a soft and small body.

The white ground is like frost, the snow is reflected, and the white is shaking. Yan Xun’s life was the first time to recite people. The movement was a bit awkward. The restlessness was twisted twice. Chu Qiao stretched out his white hands and patted his neck: “To be honest, I have to fall.” ”


 Yan Xun a glimpse, and indeed a lot of honest, carrying Chu Qiao slowly walked in the wilderness.

  ”Hey, do you know how far we have just gone?”

  The child replied calmly: “Not a scent, it takes about an hour to go back.”

  Yan Xun nodded: “You call the Xing’er?”

  ”how do you know?”

  ”Last time on the cliff, I heard the cockroach that was framed by you.”

  Yan Shizi’s mood seems to be very good tonight. Seeing Chu Qiao’s words, he continued to ask: “What is your name? What is your surname?”

  Chu Qiao lightly said: “Why should I tell you?”

  ”If you don’t say it, don’t say it,” Yan said. “I don’t want to hear it. One day, one day, you will cry and beg me.”

  ”Then you wait patiently for that day.”

  Yan Xun frowned: “You are a child, how do you say that you are old-fashioned?”

  The child on the back disdainfully grinned: “Then you are not big, why is it so hot?”

  Yan Xunran, then smiled: “My God, you are really a vengeance.”

  The child’s voice was a little bit bleak, the voice turned cold, and the indifferent said: “You don’t avenge it, it’s because you are not pointed at by arrows.”

  The wind blew, and Yan Xun suddenly felt a little cold. He opened his mouth and wanted to refute it, but he finally did not say it. Those high and low grades that he had believed in for many years seemed to be out of place in front of this child. Some things, everyone says it is right, you naturally think it is right, even if sometimes in your heart, this is not the case. The cold moonlight shines on the snow, and the two children look a little thin.

  At this moment, there was a sudden hoof in the distance, and the spirit of Yan Xun was refreshed and said: “My people are here.”

  The child on his back frowned slightly, listening to his ears, listening to the hoofs, like a large army, and there were many people running, the snow and the fog in front, such as the silver dragon white snake, From the front line to the side, the mighty, rushing.

  The child’s eyes were gently picked up, and the lips were lightly opened. He said slowly: “It seems that you are not yours.”

  The north wind has blown up the heavy snow, and it has been swaying, covering the pale white moon. The goose feathers are generally dense, making it almost impossible to open your eyes.

  The sky above the snow is dark, and the lingering sounds of the nightingales come from time to time. The black giant wings hover above the sky. From the air, the city is like a jewel in the glacier, dazzling and sparkling. . At this moment, on the outside of this pearl, there is a group of rags, yellow-skinned and prosperous, and the prosperous people who are incompatible with each other are struggling.

  The biting north wind penetrates the singularity of the aliens. The knives are generally blown on the purple skin that they have been frozen. The wind screams and the people are struggling to resist the fierce wind. The protection of the city wall buildings, the winter in the Hongchuan Plateau is more and more unbearable. The cries of the baby suddenly sounded from the team, gradually expanding from a single voice, and gradually spreading the whole team.

  The whistle of “嗖” suddenly sounded, and the generals riding on the horse came up in a gloomy manner and shouted: “Call up!”

  However, those babies who are not sensible will listen to his orders, the crying will continue, the brows will wrinkle, and suddenly the horse will enter the crowd, bending over and grabbing a baby from the arms of a young woman, high Lift up, then slammed into the ground!

  ”Ah!” The shrill screams suddenly sounded, and the child’s mother screamed and slammed on the ground, clinging to the child who had no more voices, and burst into tears.

  The generals were sharp, and the eagle swept past the faces of the aliens.

  Under the dark sky, only the cry of the sad voice of the young woman was left. The general took out a long knife and slammed the woman’s spine with a slamming splash of blood, sprinkled on the pale snow.

  Chu Qiao’s breathing was suddenly a stagnation, biting his lips and slamming his hands.

  ”You don’t want to die?” The bright-eyed boy hugged her tightly, and sighed in her ear and said: “They are the Wei’s army, don’t act rashly.”

  ”Just here.” The generals of the black armored black screamed to the subordinates, and the soldiers with the cold iron helmets slammed their heads and slammed the horse’s knives, and the ropes were smashed and tied. The displaced people who lived with their feet fell to the ground.

  The generals are gloomy, their eyes are like a knife, and their thin lips are in a straight line, slowly spitting out a word: “kill!”

  The sound of the knives sounded neatly, the young soldiers looked like iron, their eyes were not smashed, dozens of heads rolled down and fell on the thick snow, warm blood spurted out of the cavity. It merged into a hot stream, but it was frozen by the cold air in a flash.

  The child bit his lower lip tightly, hiding behind the snow slope and watching this near-killing killing, a heart was shackled. Her eyes were as bright as a sly star, but there was such a heavy light flashing in it, fierce anger, and anger of the sky. Yan Xun’s hand was a little cold, although she was still holding her tightly, but there was a kind of emotion flowing in the blood, so that he almost did not dare to turn his head to face the child’s eyes. The little body under the arm exudes a The heat burned his hand almost.

  He watched the rulers of the empire hang over the heads of the civilians again and again, only to feel that they were not cutting the human head, but their own beliefs. The stubbornness that has existed in the mind for too many years has been peeled off layer by layer, and there is no end to it.

  The saber waved and the blood spattered. The interracial civilians looked calm and did not face the fear of death. Chu Qiao clearly saw that it was not fear of the ultimate numbness, not despair without any hope. It is not self-awareness and self-destruction, but a stubborn, stubborn hatred. Everyone is very quiet, no crying, no cursing, even the children in the arms of the old man are very well-behaved. They stare at their eyes and watch the same family die one by one under the knife of the executioner. The eyes are bright, but they are bright. There was a huge wave of darkness rolling.

  That is the hatred of the nine-day gods who must be timid, and the underground Shura must retreat for it.

  The anger and hatred that were suppressed in the bottom of the heart slowly grew out, and the child’s fist was dead, like a bloodthirsty little wolf.

  At this moment, there was a sudden hoof in the distance, and the man eagerly angrily shouted: “Stop! Stop!”

  The white horse quickly ran close, the young man turned and jumped, and the mad whip was drawn on the wrist of the knife-bearing soldier, blocking the front of the slut, and yelling at the general with an angry voice: “Mu, what are you doing?” ?”

  ”Shu Yu, general, I have been ordered by the military, and I am in the midst of chaos.” He will see the man’s brow gently wrinkle, but he will still dismiss the respectful salute, Shen Sheng said.

  “Indiscriminate people?” Shu Yu eyebrows screamed, his eyes angered at the old and weak women and children in the land, and screamed: “Who are chaotic people? Are they? Who gives you the right, who allows you to do this?”

  Mu He’s face is unchanged, like a stubborn stone: “The Major General is the will of Shengjin Palace. It is the purpose of your uncle Wei Daren’s personal request. The documents signed by the elders’ home, your brother’s Emperor’s personally approved The red letter, the patriarch of the entire Wei valve, discussed the decision made, and the subordinate was only ordered to act.”

  Shu Shu suddenly stopped, and he turned his head in vain, his eyes swept across the faces of the displaced people. These alien people who did not wrinkle their eyebrows in the face of death, suddenly changed their face when they saw Shu Shu, and could not conceal the anger in their eyes. An old woman suddenly stood up, regardless of the sides. The soldier yelled and rushed over: “You liar! Shameless believer! God will punish you!”

  A long knife suddenly squatted and slammed on the woman’s waist. The blood slid down from the blood tank of the sword. The woman’s waist was almost cut into two pieces. The body fell weakly on the ground, but she still used it. With the last strength, I will spit a bloody thick sputum on the white robes, and sneer a curse: “Do ghosts… don’t do ghosts… let go…”

  Shu Shu looked pale and blue, and the mouth was sullen and sullen in the hem of his robes, but he did not wipe it off. He just licked his lips and looked at the messy corpse and countless pairs of hateful eyes.

  ”The Major General,” Mu He sighed and stepped forward. Shen Sheng said: “The empire does not have the money to raise these people. The Presbyterian Church will not invest in building houses for them. You are the descendants of the Wei family. You must respect the family. Willingness to protect the interests of the family.”

  The huge waves ran rampant in the chest of Shu Shu. His eyes were red and silent. Mu He brows a wrinkle, waving a hand to the soldier, slightly nodding. The soldiers took the lead and immediately raised the sword and continued to kill.

  ”Bad man!” A crisp voice suddenly sounded, only to the end of the crowd, a small face suddenly lifted from the mother’s arms, no tears on his face, but a pair of eyes were red, shouting: “The liar, you said that you want to bring us to the emperor to live in a house that does not leak. You said that everyone should be full and warm, you said…”

  The fierce bow and arrow shot instantly, and the generals of Mu He’s arrows were precise. In the blink of an eye, the words that the child’s mouth would say would be terminated. The injection from the mouth was bloody and revealed by the back of the brain!

  ”Hands!” Mu He pulled out the sword and yelled.


  The young generals suddenly collapsed in the words of the child’s words and blood, desperately rushing forward and pushing two soldiers away. Mu He angered: “Catch the Major General!” Several soldiers rushed forward and used the fighting technique to hold Shu Wei tightly.


The inhuman killing began, blood flowed, bloody and muddy, and the screaming eagle of the eagle came over the sky, adding a sense of death to this horrible slaughter. A huge pit was dug up, thousands of life-threatening bodies were thrown in, the sand was quickly filled, and the soldiers rushed back and forth on the horses, and the goose-like snow fell down, and in a flash The blood red cover of a place, together with those sins that are unspeakable, loses the ugliness of human nature, and is deeply buried together.

The true emperor is young and handsome, his family is prominent, and his high-ranking prince is in a state of disregard in his subordinates, losing his senses for a group of low-ranking untouchables.

“Majors,” Mu He stepped forward and looked at the man with his eyes straight and looking at the snow. He said, “You shouldn’t be like this. They are all squatting races. They are mean blood. You don’t You should disapprove Wei Daren for them. Your uncle has high expectations for you. If you are not there, the Wei Wei children of the point will have no heads, we are waiting for you to come back.”

Seeing that the Major General did not respond, Mu He sighed and plucked with the brigade. The horses rushed and smashed, and the shadows could no longer see their shadows.

The man stood there for a long time, the sky was full of snow, this Zheng Yuan Festival, it was such a cold.

The two children hiding behind the snow slope were surprised to see that the noble Wei general was suddenly squatting against the vast land, facing the heavy dagger in the direction of the dead creatures, then turning over the horse, and rushing away.

For a long time, there is still no point in the heavy snow to stop. The child moves the frozen hands and feet and walks forward with a sway.

“What are you doing?” Yan Xun was shocked and stood up suddenly.

The child turned his head, his face was quiet, his eyes were sharp and the cold mangling flashed in the fierceness: “I am a squatting race, with mean blood flowing in you, I shouldn’t stand in one place, since different roads, Mo It’s better to part ways early.”

The cold Yu’er is bleak, the child’s figure is so young, but the Yankee looks far behind, but suddenly thinks that her back is straight and can open this decadent world. The snow is like cotton, and the footprints on the snow gradually pull away, and go straight to the heart of the great summer empire.

While the rich wine and meat smell, the road with frozen bone. Just when the Daxia dynasty’s mouth was silent and there was no money to support the aliens and the killers, the city’s picking and drinking wine market was the result of singing and dancing, fragrant scent, and a drunkenness. The beauty of the waist is like a willow, the skin is like jade, and the skin is like a joke. The jade arm is breast-fed, and the “difficult” day of the big summer veterans, here unloading the elegant dress of the day, letting the waves form, and not thinking.

The snow-covered trees outside the door are hung, the silk is flying, the lights are burning, the festival is celebrated, and the whole country is celebrated, including these women who are in the dust. At this moment, the rushing horseshoe suddenly broke the Wei Wei’s dream of Wei Wei’s Huang Wei, and the white-haired long-haired but still clear-eyed old man picked up a pair of narrow eyes, waving his hand and retreating behind his body. More than a dozen women with bright makeup, the women heard the words and put on their clothes, half a squat on the ground, the head did not dare to lift back.

Wei Guang sipped tea, took a deep breath and slowly leaned on the soft couch.

The aroma of the incense burner is fragrant, and the incense of the group is gently scattered on the top. It is shaped like a thin dragon, standing upright, looking through them, everything seems to be somewhat blurred.

Outside the door, there was a respectful voice from the subordinates: “Adult, Shu Gongzi is here.”

It’s time to come. The old man’s eyebrows are faint, picking up a little earlier than he expected. It’s wasting a bit of frustration for Yu Niang. The old man’s voice is low and he slowly said: “Let him come in.”

The side of the door is open, and the style is simple. It is simple to the Yu’er-white robes that are almost worn by the nobility. It is flashed into the first box of the day of the flower-picking city. The generals of Shu Wei are gloomy and have no heads: “why?”

Wei Guang certainly knows what he is referring to, his eyes are slightly stunned, and he does not look at it. He said slowly: “Is it not polite to see the elders, is it the courtesy that I have taught you for so many years?”

Wei Shu’s brow scorned, and the candlestick in the corner burst into a spark. Time passed quietly, and the young general had finally bowed his head: “Uncle.”

“In this world, not every thing has to be clear about the reasons for doing it. This, you have to study well and study.”

Shu Shu Shaomei picked up his eyebrows and said: “Why should I send me, I promised them…”

“You are the next heir to the Wei family of the seven major gates of the Great Summer. The blood of the ancestors’ gold is the noble nobility of the empire. There is no need to promise to a group of low-lying people. Their existence is for the sake of Lost at the right time, dedicated to the empire, you have no mistakes, no guilt, no need to run here to question your uncle.”

When the old man interrupted the words of Shu Shu, the voice was low and the voice was awkward, such as the broken stone.

Shu Shu shook his head and frowned. “Uncle, you didn’t teach me like this.”

“Because I used to be as naive as you are, your father will die in the infighting of the door.” Wei Guang opened his eyes, and the sharp eyes in the old eyes flashed fiercely. He slowly turned his head. Come, look at Shu Wei tightly, and say one word at a time: “The winner is the king, the weak meat is strong, this world is like this. Hey, for so many years, don’t you understand?”

“Uncle,” Shu Shu looked serious and said: “The empire needs people to go to the west to ridicule. The young and strong of their family are all because they believe that I am going west. Why do the elders cannot take care of their families? They follow me back. To the emperor, it is because you have promised me that they will build a permanent house for them at the foot of Hongchuan. They gave up their home and gave up the nomadic nature, because I promised them!”

Shu Wei excitedly picked up the small group incense before the Wei Guang table, and said sharply: “You said that the empire has no money to support them, but what is this? This is the golden fragrance of Huai Song, only one group will reach two hundred Gold strain, two hundred gold strains, enough for them to live for ten years!”

Wei Guang did not change his face. He listened calmly to Shu Wei and vented his dissatisfaction. The air was arrogant and full of the angry anger of the young people. For a long time, the old man smiled gently and said slowly: “Hey, you and the point will be The deputy deer of the deer went out to supervise the Shangshen people’s chaos but went down. The deputy deer was deprived of his rank and was in the prison hall. He is still alive and dead, but you can stand here and argue with me. What is the reason? ?”

With a sigh of relief, the angry expression solidified on his face, and he was speechless.

“The reason why you can stand here intact is because you surname Wei. I know that you sympathize with the untouchables and reject the ranks, but even if you hate this identity again, you are the descendants of the Wei family. Wei Guang’s nephew, everything you enjoy from childhood to big is what the door valve brings to you. What you eat, what you eat, how to live, and how to live, thanks to the family, you will never change. Enron enjoy All of these people are not qualified to hate it.”

Wei Guangshen took a deep breath and leaned on the couch. His chest was slightly ups and downs, his voice was low, and he had a thick vicissitudes of life: “Everything in this world has its own reason. Today is the Wei family, the towering tower, and It is not because the Wei family has been arrogant since the beginning of the ancestors, and they have been fighting for the interests of the family. For three hundred years, the Wei family has guarded the country, opened the frontier, and entered the DPRK. With the help of the horses, the children of the Wei family began to learn to ride the shooting method and start learning the way of doing business. They can avoid the cold arrows in the dark. So many years later, the Wei family is the seven gates. One, but the tower is to be matched with the frontier, and the family is destroyed. Children, God is very fair, never favors anyone, they lose because they don’t pay enough. No one can Because your own weakness is to curse the bullying of the strong, want to not be killed, you can only become stronger. Today you sympathize with them here, but have thought about it, if the descendants of the Wei family Like you, today died in the real Huang outside the city, it is your brothers and sisters. ”

Shu Wei stood in the same place, his brow was locked, and he wanted to say something, but he felt that the chest seemed to be suppressed by a huge stone, and he could not speak.

Wei Guang slowly stood up and reached for Wei Shuzhen’s shoulder: “Hey, my uncle is old, I can’t protect you for how long, my uncle is gone, who will protect the family? Who will protect my children?” People killing? Who will protect my daughter from being played? Who will protect them? You?”

The door was wide open, and the sound of the silky bamboo came in leisurely. The aroma was fascinating and faint. The footsteps of the old man gradually drifted away. Wei Shuzhen stood up on his back and felt the same pain in his shoulders. The place where he pressed was an invisible mountain. It was the burden that he tried to escape but could not get rid of.

The night is dark, but it is black, but the thick fog in his heart. Those invisible sorrows wander in the mind, swallowing his intellect, struggling useless, and finally sighing, speechless.

Some things have been decided upon birth, like blood, like fate.

The man sat down, took up the wine cellar, and together with the stagnation and unwillingness, he drank it.

When Chu Qiao returned to the gate of the city, he saw that the people dressed in Zhuge family’s service were looking around with lanterns and saw her. They suddenly ran over.

“Xing’er, the four young masters let us wait for you here, go back to the house.”

Chu Qiao stunned, did not expect to use Zhuge Yue that temper, actually sent someone to look for her, nodded, and got on the prepared carriage.


The carriage squatted and walked on the still bustling market. Gradually, the outside voice gradually became quieter and gradually quieted down. The child leaned on the inner wall of the carriage, and the eyes continued to reverberate with the recent massacre, the cold-blooded eyes of the soldiers, the hatred of the displaced people, and Wei Shuzhen’s powerless block.

In his capacity, he is powerless, let alone a small one. To fight against the entire dynasty with personal ability is undoubtedly a car. What she can do now is to be careful and live well, look for opportunities to revenge, and then leave with a little eight. As for other things, her ability is too small to expect to change anything.

Carriage wandering, gradually drifting away, Chu Qiao suddenly stunned, suddenly opened the curtain, looked around and said: “This is not the way back to the government, where are you going to take me?”

The next person was shocked. I didn’t expect such a small child to remember the road. He even said with a smile: “The young master is in another hospital, not in the government.”

The child’s eyebrows were picked and cautiously said: “Do you want to go to another hospital?”

“You don’t know the other houses in Huxi.”

Chu Qiao frowned, and many years of engaging in dangerous work, the cautious reminder that she was a little embarrassed, she tempted: “The young master asked me to go back to the government to get things before I have time to take it. We will go back to the government first, then Go to another hospital.”

Then the next man said with a smile: “Don’t worry, the young master just said, things don’t have to be taken, he is waiting in other hospitals, let’s go, don’t let the young master wait.”

The child nodded slowly, his face was quiet, and he let go of the curtain. The Ding was slightly relieved, his eyes slid through a sly look, and his mouth was gently pulled up, but just as the smile on his mouth had just expanded, a cold dagger suddenly reached his neck and throat. The child’s little beast is generally on the way, and the gloomy cold voice says: “You are not the four young masters, who are you?”

“Hey,” the hoarse laughter like a nightingale suddenly sounded on the side, a gorgeous carriage slowly coming out from behind the bushes, but the old-fashioned old man, dressed in a gorgeous old man, smiled at the man who nodded his head and said: ” Zhu Shun, the gimmick you introduced is really good. The young temper is so stubborn and looks good. I will reward you with a good look.”

Zhu Shunqi smiled and said: “It is the duty of the slave to share the worry for the old lady. If the old lady is a slave, it is an opportunity to owe allegiance to you.”

The old man smiled and said to the left and right attendants: “Take this little girl and send it back to the house.”

Everyone slammed and promised to come forward.

At that moment, thousands of thoughts flashed through my mind. Chu Qiao knew that she could use the contempt and carelessness of the other party, quickly violently wounded and then fled, but if so, it would cause doubts, especially broken one. Zhu Shun of the hand, even if he is lucky enough to escape, will also be tired of the small eight in the government.

However, if it does not escape, it will fall into the grasp of the old satyr. At that time, with the ability of her eight-year-old child, how can it fight against the whole house guard of Zhugebefu?

Escape, still can’t escape?

The child’s body is tight, but his brain is running at a rapid speed. If you are not as good as it is, you will count it, and take this opportunity to get rid of this lascivious old man?

In the electric light stone fire, Kong Wu’s powerful big man has approached the front, and will come to unload the dagger in her hand.


A clear low drink suddenly sounded, and everyone suddenly turned around and saw that the flat snow fluttered, the white fog tumbling, and more than 20 black horses approached quickly, and the young teenager’s robe was white and handsome. Whistling, I rushed forward.

Suddenly, the horse screamed, and the Qiqi people stood up. The warm breath was sprayed in the cold air, forming a misty mist. Among the guards of the guards, the youngsters looked at the people with a cold look, and the voice was peaceful. With the wisdom and calmness of not meeting the age, Shen Sheng said: “Mr. Zhuge, has long since disappeared.”

Zhuge’s old lady’s eyes were half-baked, and the youngsters looked up and down, and smiled, revealing a yellow tooth: “It’s the Yanzi’s son of Yanbei, the night is dark and heavy, the world is not enjoying in the proton house, this is the wind and snow. What have you done?”

Yan Xun advances and retreats, and he does not humble and sigh: “There is no trouble for Mr. Lao Zhuge, but the gentleman is still so old and enjoys the night and enjoys the light. How can this child sleep in the middle of the palace? On the Yuan Festival, the whole country celebrates This world is just coming out to join in the fun.”

“Oh?” Zhuge’s old man’s long eyebrows and a sigh, said: “In this case, Yan Shizi continued to enjoy the tour, and the old man would not accompany him.” After that, he turned and said to a group of subordinates: “Go back to the government.”

“Wait!” Yan Xun quickly hit the front of the battle, in front of Zhuge’s old lady, smiled and pointed at Chu Qiao: “Mr. I have to go, just to leave this child.”

The old man’s brow gently picks: “What is the meaning of Yan Shizi?”

“This child just shocked my horse and scared the wind. I want to catch her back and ask for sin.”

The old man heard a slight smile and said: “In this case, the old man will accompany the world with a good horse.”

“The horse of my family is the good old man who has just hunted back from the Western desert. Can you afford it?”

“The wind sleeps, stays in the mouth!” Yan Xun brows his head and scorns, screaming at the little book boy behind him, Shen Sheng said: “Zhuge is the empire gate, General Zhuge is one of the seven elders of the Presbyterian Church, the financial situation is big, even our royal family It’s hard to hope that there is nothing left to bear. Naturally, the father and the son are in love, and the blast is personally tamed by my father. It’s not an ordinary war horse, so things can’t be so ruined. Back to horse, this child, I must take it away.”

“Yan Shizi…”

“Mr. Zhuge does not need to say much,” Yan Xun interrupted the old man’s words when he boarded the time. He said: “In the capacity of Mr. Zhuge, I really can’t plead for a slave. I will explain this to the Zhuge family four young masters. Come, come. The child took away.”

The relatives of Prince Yan Xun came forward, and a big man was tall and tall, and pushed Zhuge’s followers to a shackle. He held Chu Jiao in his arms with one hand and was about to go.

Zhu Shun saw Zhuge’s old man’s face purple, and immediately stepped forward, laughing and holding the horse’s stable, and said with a smile: “Yan Shizi, there is something to say…”

A whistling sound of “唰” sounded on the door, and Yan Xun followed a foot and slammed on Zhu Shun’s chin, kicking the man’s obese body. Zhu Shun screamed and slammed on the ground, wowing a mouthful of blood, accompanied by two yellowed front teeth.

“What is your identity, and dare to gesticulate in front of me, I don’t know how high!”

Yan Xun’s eyes were sharp and the cold voice said coldly.

Zhu Shun was shocked and quickly squatted on the ground, panicking the dagger. To know that in the summer, the royal family slaughtered a civilian without any reason.

Yan Xun raised the whip against Zhu Shun and said coldly: “Today, I will see you on the face of Mr. Zhuge. I have no rules for him. Even if General Zhuge is here, I will take you. Dog head.”

After all, I don’t even look at Zhuge’s old man’s eyes, and screamed at the back of the body: “Go!”

A team of people leaped into the whip, and after the snow wave splashed, it was hidden at the end of the long street.

Zhuge’s old man’s face was red, and his left hand was a little trembling. Zhu Shun squatted up and grabbed the foot of Zhuge’s old man and said, “The old man is killing the fire, the slave is…”

“Roll!” The old man was furious and kicked in Zhu Shun’s chest and shouted: “Useless waste!”

Then, get on the bus and leave.

The heavy snow is still scattered and scattered, and the dead long street is silent, which further sets off the excitement and prosperity of the main street. The seeds of the darkness were buried under the snow, and Zhu Shun looked at the end of the long street with vengeful poison. There, it was the direction in which Chu Qiao and others disappeared.

The horse was parked on the shore of Chishui Lake. Before that, a young boy with a serious face was smiling and turned back. He punched Chu Qiao’s little shoulder and smiled: “Little girl, you owe me a favor.”

The child raised his eye slightly, although he didn’t speak, but the meaning was obvious: I didn’t ask you to come.

Yan Xun snorted and refused to whisper: “Can you say soft words will die?”

Chu Qiao glanced at him and turned away.

Yan Xun stunned and quickly stopped in front of her: “What are you going to do?”

The child raised his brow: “Of course, I am going back to the government.”

“You still have to go back?” The young man frowned and said: “The dog slave will not let you go, and the old man of Zhuge family is famous in Zhen Huang City. Do you want to go back to death?”

Chu Qiao pushed him away: “You don’t need to take care of you.”

Yan Xun did not let go, still clutching her tightly and shouting: “What are you doing? It is rare that this world has saved you so much, but you are so cold-spoken, Zhuge Yue that yin and yang strange guy has anything good, worthy of your carelessness. Want to drill back?”

Chu Qiao looked up and made a desperate attempt to get rid of the Zhuge old wolf. The plan was destroyed and she was somewhat annoyed. She opened the hand of Yan Xun with impatience, and looked up coldly: “I cried and asked you to save. Me? Take away your compassion, I can’t afford it.”

Yan Xun’s eyes were red, and Chu Xiao’s little figure went farther and farther. Suddenly, the child shouted loudly: “Inexplicable, you should be bullied, I will take care of you once, I will not surname Yan!”

The child did not even return, and for a long while, disappeared into the turbulent flow of people. Fengmian carefully walked forward, carefully looked at his little master, and saw the eyes of the world red, it seems that a pair of people want to be crying.

The wind sleeps a little, the empire sends the king to sit on the edge of the empire, and defends the Emperor of the Emperor, but in order to limit them, the sons of the kings of the various places will be taken hostage in Beijing, and their own sons, Prince Zhao Song and so on. These children lived in the center of the vortex of rights since childhood, and they are always mature and always look like a mature. The wind is still the first time to see the owner’s anger and anger to a person, like that, just like an ordinary child.

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