Chu Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Epilogues 21-27 Epilogues

Based on the original novel 11 agents princess 

by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua

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Epilogue 21: Yan Hong Jade flower

Far away, Yan Yan nodded and said: “You should rest well first, and come back to see you at night.”

The door was open and a fresh wind came in.

Nalan sat on the couch and looked at his back in silence, his face was gentle, his eyes were like the clouds in the sky, so quiet.

“Anniling -“

Wen Yuan smiled happily, hardly knowing what to say, and finally rushed out and shouted: “Slaves to prepare.”

Nalan took a deep breath and leaned into the soft quilt. Suddenly remembered the dusk many years ago, he rode a horse and caught up with him. He finally stood on the bridge and stared at her far away, shouting loudly: “I buried a good wine under the pear tree, you Are you coming next year?”

Are you coming next year? Are you coming next year? Still coming?

For many years, as long as she closes her eyes, she can hear this voice. It seems that it was just yesterday, just in my ear.

“Come! You are waiting for me!”

She sat in the carriage, poked her head out, shouting at him loudly as he had become a little black spot.

Come! You are waiting for me!

However, she did not return to it after all.

Her father and emperor died, leaving her and her sick mother, and the emperor’s patriarch of the Manchu ambitions and Jiangshan’s homeland fell on her thin and tender shoulders.

And he, but his family was broken, displaced, and the pride of the past turned into a prisoner.

After ten years of life and death, they finally returned to the place where they met in the past. Unfortunately, the mountains and rivers have been broken, and things are like people. Even if they are relative, they no longer know each other.

She slowly closed her eyes and twitched her lips, bringing a shallow smile.

The day is still not black, Wenyuan is busy, dressing up for her, dressing up for her, the next person in the kitchen knows that the emperor is still coming to eat, but also prepared for it. Although she did not want to do this, it is rare to see them so happy, there is no objection.

However, the sky is getting darker and darker. I have already passed dinner time, but I still haven’t seen him.

All the next ones were secretly anxious, and the literary descendants went out to inquire about the news, and they comforted Nalan over and over again.

Nalan’s heart gradually became clear, but she did not feel sad, but she felt that she was somewhat empty. Yushu said that the southeast hall is too big and always seems deserted.

After a while, the little eunuch around Yan Yan ran to talk, saying that it was an urgent military situation from the Northwest Merrill Lynch. The emperor went to the military office tonight and several adults to discuss politics, but it came.

At that moment, Nalan could almost clearly hear the sighs from the entire hall. She looked calmly and answered the question with the eunuch. Said to Wenyuan: “Okay, let’s have a meal.”

Wen Yuanyi: “Ah?”

Nalan laughed and said: “With the meal, the emperor is not coming. Isn’t the palace going to eat?”

Wen Yuan only realized this and quickly rushed to pass the people who lost their souls.

Nalan herself was alone and ate more than 20 dishes. Her appetite seems to be exceptionally good today, and her spirit is good. After eating for a long time, she called the next person to go to the soup.

In the following three days, Yan Yan had been busy with the military. Jing An’s Wang Hao Zhao Yu’s retreat into southern Xinjiang after the defeat, even though he was surrounded by Zhuge’s several encirclements, he still fled, and Zhuge’s feelings hindered Zhao’s feelings. She no longer attacked the Sui and Tang Dynasties, nor did she rush to kill. However, in the near future, there has been news in the northwest that the people of Jing’an and the foreigners have frequent movements, and I am afraid that there will be changes.

For a time, various kinds of information rushed to the capital, and the Dayan court suddenly became nervous.

In these three days, Nalan’s illness was repeated several times, and the southeast temple was bleak and cold.

That night, Nalan, who had not stayed for three days, suddenly sat up and asked Wenyuan to bring her brocade box in the cupboard.

Wen Yuan originally wanted to persuade her not to work hard, but she saw her look firm and did not dare to say anything.

A casket of fragrant sandalwood looks very old, not heavy, in his hand, fluttering, and does not know what valuable things are inside, even three locks are placed side by side.

Wen Yuan used the bullet to remove the dust on the surface of the box, and couldn’t help but cough up. I saw that the ash had accumulated so much that I didn’t know how long it was.

Nalan took the box and looked at it for a while, then picked up the three keys from under the pillow and opened the box.

Wen Yuan stretched her neck and saw that there was a thick letter in the box. Many of the stationery was yellowed and it looked very old. She couldn’t help but be disappointed, wondering and frowning.

“Wen Yuan, go get a brazier.”

“Mother, what do you want to do with the brazier?”

Nalan pointed at the letters and said, “Sold these.”

“Ah? Burned?” Wenyuan stunned. Although she didn’t know what the letters were written, only when she saw the place where the queen was placed, she knew it was very important. She asked: “Why is the goddess? Why? Burned?”

Naran thought thoughtfully and said gently: “Do you not burn it, leave it to others to be sad?”

Wen Yuan apparently did not understand, but he walked out obediently. After a while, he took in a brazier, and the charcoal fire creaked and warmed.

“Wenyuan, let’s go out first.”

Wenyuan nodded. “Yes, the goddess is called a slave.”

The temple door was closed and the hall was quiet again. Nalan picked up the thick letter, and the pale fingers rubbed the letterheads that didn’t know how many times she had seen it, and her eyes softened.

Yes, my aunt is right, she is a coward.

What is the princess’s dignity, what is the national body of Huai Song, and what Nalan’s surname is all fake, all self-deception? She is just scared, but she has no guts, just dare not take that step.

He doesn’t know everything, then when she sees that he misses Xuan Mo and sees him paying more attention to Yushu and Yonger, she will feel sweet and feel that he still values ​​his own righteous brother and will know that he is There is still a status in his heart.

But once he knew everything, he didn’t fall in love with her. What made her feel so embarrassed?

She was afraid that she had no courage. She was afraid that after all the clarifications, he was only slightly shocked, but could not respond to the feelings she had hoped for. She was afraid that she would not be able to make a long trip with the person in his heart. After she was afraid of the truth, she was still destined to be the one who failed, but she did not even have the right to continue to dream of continuing to dream. At the very least, she can lie to herself and say that she is as important as that person.

Look, she is such a weak person, knowing that she is deceiving herself, but she still stubbornly persists.

However, what can I do? Her love is a fruitless tree. She is afraid of the moment when autumn comes, so she stubbornly stays in spring and summer, so that she does not have to face the bleak ending.

She picked up a yellowed letterhead and inked her hands. Her hands were raised high and her fingertips were pale and slender. The letter paper was put on for a long time, it was thin and brittle, and it made a crisp sound. Suddenly, Nalan gently released her hand, the letter paper slipped, and the fire tongue in the brazier suddenly rose, and she cherished her for many years. The letter was swallowed up, and in a flash, it turned into fly ash.

When she sent Xuan Mo to the southeast, she did not want to kill him, nor did she want to take his military power.

At that time, Huai Song was weak, and the various forces were eager to move. She intended to use the power of Yanbei to save Nalan’s to save the people of Huai Song in the event of sin, but the courtiers who were interested and foolish in the ruling and opposition were not willing to agree. At that time, whoever sacrificed the country, who is the rebellious minister of treason, will be stinky forever, and will never turn over. She just didn’t want to let the loyal Xuan Wangfu of several generations carry this nickname for her, and then he was far removed from the center. And I am afraid that his pro-military will have some noise. If the subordinates start to speak, even if Xuan Mo refuses to agree, in the future Yan Yan’s administration, Yanbei’s minister will also sue for Xuan Mo Luo, so she transferred his subordinates. Let him go to the southeastern navy tricks that are completely irrelevant to him.

However, she was countless, and she did not expect that the southeast thief would join the Song Dynasty in the Song Dynasty and did not expect Xuan Mo to be the prince of the prince, who would personally wear the armor and attack the enemy.

I want to come, she will have today, but also retribution.

She has been in politics for many years, and her hands are blood-stained, and a sacred purpose is that thousands of people will land. She never regrets, she understands that she understands all.

So, when she saw that he was counting her days to come to her palace every month, she suddenly understood that he did not want her to give birth to a child for him.

Even though she had promised to stabilize the ruling and opposition, she promised to preserve the status of Song Chen, and she would surely let the next generation of Yanhuang shed blood in the Song Dynasty. But in this matter, she is reluctant to reluctantly, and she is not willing to label everything about politics.

This is the only waywardness in her life.

After each visit, she will swallow the bitter medicine and kill all the fears he fears. Until then, he came less and less, and today, he has not spent the winter in the Southeast Hall for two years.

In her life, she is asking for the quicksand. The more she wants to hold her grip, the more she dies in her palm. Now, nothing is left.

The flames spread, and a letter was swallowed up by the flames. The fire burned the last voucher they met, and one by one, together with her broken life, was burned together.

Some love is sweet, some love is carrying, she has lived up to Xuan Mo, life is awkward, now, she is going to die, why bother let him know everything, and then live with her?

In his life, he was already suffering enough. Why should she put a handful of salt on the wound?

Burn it, burn it all.

The world is rich and glory and the power of the Tao is in the world, but only she knows that only she can see that under the glory, what is hidden is a scarred heart.

Not enough love, just love can’t afford it.

She is the same with him, bears too many responsibilities, bears too many missions, can’t afford sex, can’t afford to move, can’t afford blood, and can’t afford it.

Burn it, burn it all…

The smoke rose, she began to cough low, and the hot liquid slowly ran down. Vaguely, it seems that the spring flower is like that, the white pear powder apricot flying like the early morning Yunxia, ​​his clothes fluttering, standing in the spring garden in March, suddenly look back, eyes like a star, mouth smile, joke She sneaked in, her eyebrows slender, her eyes stunned, and she chuckled and asked: “Is it lost? Which palace is there?”

She was dressed in a man’s outfit, her face was flushed, and she had the courage to speak, but the sound was still very small:

“I, I am the son of Huai Song Anling Wang, my name is Xuan Mo…”

Maybe it was wrong at first.

Yan Huachun met, Ming Yan Chen Guang, after all, was still covered with heavy Eyre ash by this turbulent dust. The sky is clear, but it is no longer the cloud of the day. The invisible sword and the sword are heavily cut off. The old and innocent of the original, leaving behind, but the wreckage, the dark yellow shadows in the dark night, ridiculous Those simple years that have passed away, stubbornly obsessed.

In his life, only two people are the most important one. One has been exiled by him. The other will eventually become his most beloved brother, living forever in the softest place in his heart.

Unfortunately, neither of them is her.

The hall was full of lights, but in her opinion, it seemed to be separated by a layer of dark red yarn, sullen and dull.

This life, perseverance, a few winds, and rains, eventually turned into a silent soreness, falling in the cold and quiet deep palace. Thousands of souls, bloody rains and winds are all quietly turned over by a pair of plain hands. Now, when you look back, you feel tired and ups and downs, and you will be in a dream, and you will fall into the market.

If the snow falls down in the palm of the hand, gently drifting, scattered all over the place, the black ash in the brazier is rewinding, screaming, secluded, and licking the pale flame tongue.

She smiled and her wrists silently hang down.

Yan Taizu opened the fifth year of the Yuan Dynasty, the fourth day of December, the night, the heavy snow, the Queen Nalan, and the Yanfang Palace.


The waiter whispered behind him: “Found.”

Yan Yan slowly turned back, the southeast hall is now empty, the hall is empty, the Queen’s death has passed, the old people of the southeast hall have been assigned to the palace, and now only stay here, only two elderly The waiter is responsible for the sweeping of the morning and night.

Open the lid, it is a black gold robe, embroidered with a blue cloud pattern, two plaques with a small group of blessings, looks simple and luxurious, but there is a hole at the left cuff, has been stitched, if you do not look carefully, almost Not coming out.

Yan Yan stood there, silently watched for a long time, finally looked up and handed the clothes to the next person, saying: “Go back to the palace.”


All the people were behind him, the door of the hall was wide open, the cold wind came in, and the dust was everywhere, and the sunlight outside the temple was glaring. He narrowed his eyes and stood in front of the door, suddenly returning. Going over and looking at the soft couch behind the deep, it seems that a month ago, she sat there and whispered: “Tonight, the courtier ordered the kitchen to cook a few more good dishes, the emperor, come back. ?”

Emperor, are you still here?

The sun penetrated the fundus, making his heart suddenly desolate.

It’s just a temporary delay, not wanting, but it’s a farewell.

His eyebrows wrinkled gently, and slowly loosened, bit by bit, dispelling the sadness of the air.

He was going to lift his feet and suddenly smelled a trace of smoke in the distance. He turned his head and looked at it, but it was a corner far away. A little palace girl was there, burning something.

He took a glimpse of it and took it with him.

The palace lady met him, and suddenly she was shocked. The whole person jumped up and quickly squatted on the ground and asked for security.

Yan Yan looked at her and frowned slightly. He said, “You are the former Wenyuan in the Queen’s Palace?”

“Yes, slaves are.”

“Why is this here?”

“This is the old thing of the Queen’s Empress. The Niangniang said before that she would burn these sundries. These days, the slaves were transferred to the Anzhen Niangniang. They have not had time to come back. Today they are empty and come back to cook.”

Yan Yan saw Wen Yuan wearing a low-slaving robes, and there was a faint red mark on the neck. After knowing that the queen had gone, the old people in her palace would have been bullied elsewhere. Meditating for a moment, asked: “Where is your home?”

Wen Yuan glimpsed, did not expect the emperor would ask this and quickly replied: “The slave is to follow the Queen’s Empress, the slave’s home is in Song.”

“Can anyone still be at home?”

“If you return to the emperor, there are old fathers and mothers, three brothers, two sisters, and one sister.”

Yan Yan nodded and said to the next person: “Transfer the slave department, give her the position of the four-character Zhaorong female officer, enjoy the five-character dynasty official, and give the gold one hundred and two, and then go out to the palace and send it. She will return home.”

“Yes, the slaves remembered.”

Wen Yuan seems to be stupid, so he is there, not talking for a long time. Instead, the insider smiled and said: “Mr. Zhao Rong, happy to be stupid, still not giving thanks!”

Wen Yuan’s tears suddenly came out, and one head squatted on the ground and shouted: “Thank you for the Emperor’s grace, thank you for the Emperor’s grace.”

Yan Yan did not make a sound, his eyes faintly brushed over the blank paper, and finally, he turned around.

Many years ago, under a solitary lamp, the dying general used all his heart and tried to write a pen. The letter passed the hands of many people, but no one felt that it was wrong. It was just an ordinary letter to the Emperor Yanbei. It detailed the Huai Song’s squadrons on the border of the Great Summer, the troops stationed at the rear, and the temperament and advantages and disadvantages of the border generals.

However, in today’s world, there are only three people who can understand this letter, and two of them are gone.

Strong and powerful, the pen went to the dragon snake, the name of the book Xuan Mo and the seal, but the handwriting, but it is not the old man who wrote many years of letters with Yan Yan.

The wind continued to blow, and the letter chased behind Yan Yan, hovering and flying, the flame tongue spread from the back a little bit, burned the letterhead, burned and said hello, burned it, burned half… …

The wind suddenly slammed up, and the letter flew high and looked away from the figure in front of him. However, at this time, a pear tree suddenly appeared in front of the eyes, and the letter paper was hung on the pear tree. Only one body position could reach the front of the person.

Yan Yan was slightly stunned, and he looked at the tree quietly. When I was young, he was here, the first time I saw Xuan Mo. At that time, he lost his way, stupidly walked around, a red face with a small face, like a shy little girl.


The insider gently called: “Imperial?”

Yan Yan returned to God, sighed, turned his head and went to the palace gate.

The flame tongue spread a little, and under the block of the pear tree, the letter that was delayed for five years could not be sent out, and was swallowed a little. Finally, there is only a piece of soft black ash that hangs on the top of the tree, and the wind passes by, and the smashing of thousands of fly ash.

In the far distance, the little palace still crying, picking up other letters on the ground, all poured into the brazier, and the fire screamed at the old high, raising the bright red flame.

Even if it is deep, it is shallow.

It used to be like this, always, it’s like this.

historical data:

In the sixth year of Kaiyuan, Queen Nalan’s tomb was completed and was located south of the setting sun in Yanbei.

Twenty-three years later, Yan Taizu died and was buried in Taiji Mausoleum. The Taiji Mausoleum is located north of the setting sun and faces the mausoleum of Queen Nalan.

The Zhihua River, a tributary of Chishui River, flows through this area and runs through the two mausoleums. It falls on the river surface due to the cold winter and snow, similar to the pear flower. The locals also call this the river “Lihuajiang”.

【燕红卷完】 End (YanHong Volume)

Epilogue 22: Yan Red roll pearl flower

The wind outside the window screamed, the empty hall, the curtains were heavy, the doctors of the pulse had just retired, and the aunt of Yun went to the temple, dressed in a female attire, and gave Nalan a courtesy, but did not get up.

Nalan met, helpless smile, asked: “What happened to my aunt?”

The aunt of the cloud is already very old, full of silver cream, wrinkles are extremely deep, and a pair of eyes seem turbid and dull on weekdays, but at the moment it is bright and knives, looking up, sharply looking at Nalan, said with a low voice: “The emperor went to Yanxi Mountain again.”

Nalan was undecided, quietly smiled and nodded: “Xuan Wang has made great contributions to Jiangshan Society, and it is rare for the emperor to be a compassionate hero. Is this not a good thing?”

The hall is very quiet, quiet to hear the sound of the wind passing through the corridor. The aunt of the cloud was there, so she looked at her quietly, didn’t talk, and her eyes were not so strict, but she stared at her silently, and the layer of camouflage on Nalan’s surface faded a little.

She sighed helplessly and said with a wry smile: “How is your aunt thinking? I am very good now, and the emperor has not turned away from the original vows. Why do you have more troubles?”

“But the emperor hates you!”

Aunt Yun suddenly said excitedly: “He hates that you have won the military power of Xuan Wang, hate you for transferring his pro-weapons, hate you to transfer him to the East China Sea, hate you for detaining the letter that Xuan Wang finally wrote to him, he I thought that Xuan Wang was the Jinlan brother who helped him with his watch. For many years, he hated poisoning you, don’t you know?”

“Yeah, he hates me.”

Nalan smiled slightly, and she still had a bit of joy in her voice. She said happily: “Aunt, you see, he is not a ruthless person. He is very good to my brother who is righteous.”


Aunt Yun finally got angry, and stood up with a stick and her face turned blue.

Nalan coughed twice and then sighed helplessly: “Aunt, you are so old, how hot is it?”

Aunt Yun did not speak, but she was still looking at her. Nalan was still smiling, but how the smile looked like a bitter bitterness.

“How is your aunt wanting me? Use this as a bargaining chip to ask the emperor for a sigh of care. Aunt, what are you when I am, the country is broken, and the red leaves are lost even with dignity?”

The aunt of the cloud suddenly stopped, and the candlelight on the hall shined on her old face, with a helpless vicissitudes.

“I am not living alone for me. Behind me, there are thousands of royal clan. There is a queen’s respect, and there is a mysterious feeling. We will not be able to live in the Song Dynasty. It’s too hard.”

The aunt of the cloud frowned and argued: “But if the emperor knows the truth, it will be good for you. This is no different.”

“There is a difference.” Nalan turned her head and a soft smile smirked at the corner of his mouth: “You understand.”

The aroma was stunned and hovered up, and the night was deep, and it fell heavily, and the whole palace became more and more lonely. She turned and went back, just stepping in step by step.

“He and Xuan Mo are brothers and sisters, and they are just brothers and sisters. Once the brothers become wives, the feelings are gone.”

Zhu lacquered the Golden Temple door and screamed openly. The hall was empty and there was no one. Nalan’s back was straight and looked at the brilliant court of Minghuang. The fingers in the sleeves were fastened and the roots were Open, vague, seems to put down what, and seems to admit what.

Tell him what else? He won’t love you, just owe you.

In the bottom of her heart, she whispered to herself. It turns out that acknowledging all this is just a simple matter.

She is a woman with a sorrowful heart, a heart and a sorrow, exquisite and clear, all life in the court game deduction, playing with people. She knows every way and skill to win the best for herself. The reason why she does not say it is because she knows clearly that even if she turns everything into the world, she will not be able to win back and care for him.

Instead of getting a grateful two-pointer, but still eager to fight against the entire woman who is endless in the harem, it is better to let him and let him live.

She has long understood that there are things in this world that cannot be reluctant. The human heart is the most powerful shackle in this world, just as Xuan Mo is to her, just as she is to Yan Yan. Once she is trapped, she cannot Super off.

“Princess! To protect my great Song, the most important thing is to give birth to the emperor, five years, it has been five years!”

The palace gate slowly closed, and I could no longer hear the voice of Yun Aunt’s anger. Wen Yuan took the next person and retired. There was only one person left in the temple. She walked calmly to the side of the small, holding the golden lacquered carved pillar and sitting down slowly. She quietly pours herself for the water. The soup water flows out. It is a black soup. She is not too bitter, so she takes a bite. Drink it down. The soup also exudes heat, hovering in a circle, and the blue-grain pattern on the wall of the cup rubs against the fingertips, giving a warm touch. Like a wedding night, her fingers touched his skin, typhoid and cold.

“Only the brothers who are accommodating the liver and gallbladder, do not have three thousand hearts and his husband, I am the long princess of Huai Song, I am Nalan Hongye.”

In the silence, there was a low voice slowly sounding, her eyes wide open, two lines of tears, but now.

Tears rolled across her pale, thin cheeks, and fell on the wrist along the chin’s arc, cold, with only two drops.

Just sit like this, all night.

On the second day, Queen Yan’s mother died of illness, and Yan Yan personally decreed that the aunt of Yunfeng was from the second wife of Kanglu, enjoying the three-pronged imperial court. Aunt Yun has never married in her life. Without her husband’s family, she will reward her mother and enjoy her mourning, gold and silver brocade, and her future generations.

On the day when Yun Aunt went out, Nalan stood on the corner of the West Gate of Zhenhuang City. She wore an ink-colored suit and wore a purple gold crown. She quietly looked at the long-legged team. Huangcheng, all the way to the south.

People died and their leaves returned to their roots. Five years ago, Yun Aunt followed Nalan Wanli and left his hometown to come to this snow-covered land. Now, her princess has grown up, not the child who would have been hiding in her arms, she finally let go of everything and let go.

That evening, the sky was snowing again, and the maid was wearing a heavy long scorpion for her, but she still felt cold. Her face was white and she was thin, standing alone on the tall building, like an ice stone statue.

The father was gone, the red dragonfly went away, Xuan Mo went, and Yun Aunt also left.

Finally, all the people who love her in this world have left, only she is alone, thousands of miles away from home, maybe her life, and never see the warmth of hometown, can not smell the beach Slightly salty waves.

The tears are rising, but the eyes are dry. Her heart suddenly hurts like this, her throat is salty, and there seems to be liquid overflowing the corners of her mouth. She has been standing so ignorantly in the wind until the white shackles become Yin Hong was a piece, until Wen Yuan’s exclamation sounded through the eardrum, until the sky far away from the black crow, she fell softly. The snow is dark, the sky is dim and reversed. She seems to see the young face of Yun Aunt many years ago. She looks at her tenderly and calls her name.

After the death of Yun Aunt, Nalan was like a withered lily, and it was declining day by day.

The weather is getting colder and colder, and the wind and the wind are raging across the land. The doctors in the hospital are going back and forth dozens of times a day. All kinds of precious medicines are sent to the southeast hall like water, but there is no improvement.

At noon that day, the heavy snow finally stopped, and the sunshine outside was very good. Wenyuan called some small donkeys to fight in the yard, and took Nalan to sit under the gallery. She was wearing a thick white cloak and sitting on the soft couch. Those cheerful voices spread throughout the southeastern temple, and even the mood of the people was slightly widened.

Suddenly, a slight voice passed to the ear. Nalan looked at the side slightly. I saw that Wang Tai and Lu Tai doctors in the temple were discussing things. They didn’t seem to see her, and the sound was a little louder.

Wang Taiji is a veteran of Huai Song. He is already in his 70s this year. He only saw his brows locked. Because he was far apart, he couldn’t hear clearly. He only heard a few vague words, and he was exhausted. The mind is too heavy, the blood and blood are profitable and deficient, the inside and the outside are both empty, and the oil is almost exhausted, and the medicine stone is unable to return to the sky…

“What do the two adults say?”

A slap in the air suddenly sounded, and the two doctors looked up, but Wenyuan stood at the door with anxious glare at them, and Nalan sat aside, looking calm and looking like that, it seems to have been listening for a long time.

The two men were so frightened that they fell to the ground and were too busy to pay for their crimes.

Nalan did not say anything, but turned her head silently, quietly watching the snowballs in the yard. No joy or no sorrow, as if the words have not been heard before.

When she was having dinner, Wen Yuan smiled and talked to her. She was in a good mood. She comforted her carefully and said that she didn’t have to care about the two doctors. She even took a couple of people and said that they were old and faint. Not worth a letter.

Nalan smiled and listened, and slept early after drinking the medicine.

On the second day, a new batch of doctors came to the southeast hall. Nalan did not object. She listened to the words of the doctors every day and quietly nursed her. Although the disease did not improve, it did not deteriorate. The doctors are very happy, saying that as long as this winter, her illness will have a turn.

The people in the southeast hall listened very happy. Just happened to catch up with the Lantern Festival. Wen Yuan took the female staff to arrange the southeast hall, red, green and green. The colorful satin was hung up and looked like It is the same as a new marriage. Nalan knew their minds and did not stop them. They just lay quietly in bed and rarely spoke.

However, within a few days, the weather suddenly became extremely cold, the cold wind whistling, dripping into ice, and Nalan’s illness deteriorated.

At noon that day, the snow whistling outside the window, Nalan leaned on the couch, listening to the sound outside, slightly fascinated, quietly said: “This year’s Palace Festival, I am afraid I can’t do it.”

Her voice was very hoarse, with a smothering disappointment. Wen Yuan was full of grief all the time, but she did not dare to let her see it. When she saw her, she quickly smiled and replied: “With such a big wind, what kind of lanterns are blown away when they are hanging out, it should be impossible. “”

Nalan nodded, and Wenyuan continued: “The goddess still sleeps for a while, just took the medicine, is it bitter? Do you want to drink some sugar?”

Nalan shook her head, Wenyuan was about to continue to talk, and suddenly heard the three outside whipping, crisp and pleasing to the ear, suddenly a look of joy, immediately stood up and said: “The goddess, the emperor is coming.”

Say, take the next person out to pick up the car.

After a while, the palace door of the main hall was opened on one floor, and the curtains were lifted. The Yan Yan walked in a black gold robe and took off the black coat from the outside and gave it to the maid.

He is still the same, the British eyebrows, the nose of the pen, the thin lips, the eyes are like a deep lake, how can you not see the end. Sitting on the opposite side of Nalan’s bed, he took the hot towel that Wenyuan handed over, applied his face first, and wiped his hand before asking: “Is it better?”

Nalan leaned on the couch and nodded gently, her face with her usual calm smile: “The emperor has a heart, it is much better.”

He nodded and continued to ask: “Is the medicine prescribed by Tai Chi to be eaten on time?”

Nalander: “I have to eat on time.”

He indulged for a moment and asked: “I remember you are very afraid of cold. If it is cold today, is the palace warm enough?”

Nalan’s eyes flashed a touch of faintness, but it was so fleeting that she could hardly notice. She looked up and her cheeks had become thin and pointed. “The emperor doesn’t have to worry, everything is fine here. ”

Then, the hall was quiet like this, quiet as the autumn lake, the wind outside the window is still the same, suddenly and tightly, the two people are sitting like this, no one knows what to say to break such a stalemate.

“Then, the queen will rest, first…”

“Is the emperor used lunch?”

A very crisp voice suddenly sounded on the side, Nalan and Yan Yan are a glimpse, looking up, but it is Wen Yuan. The young maid was afraid of her lips, her hands were squatting in front of her hands, and her forehead had already sweated, and the arm hidden under the sleeves shivered slightly.

Yan looked at Nalan with a disappointment, then turned his head, but did not get angry, but nodded and said: “No.”

“The emperor is better to eat in our palace. Our kitchen is very good, the goddess likes to eat, and the emperor has never eaten in our palace.”

Yan Yan smiled and nodded: “Good.”

Wen Yuan couldn’t help but be happy. Almost some of them were helpless. They quickly said: “The slaves will go ahead and prepare.”

After all, I ran away as soon as I smoked.

Seeing her go, Nalan said helplessly: “The courtiers are incompetent, and the emperor is forgiven.”

Yan Yan shook his head: “Nothing, she is very loyal.”

Nalan didn’t know Wenyuan’s thoughts, but she hoped that Yan Yan would stay with him for a while and then stop talking about it.

Yan Yan stood up and walked freely on the main hall. He walked over to the bookshelf and pulled out one of them. He flipped it over and put it back. Then he took another one. Nalan was on the couch. Playing with a franc clasp. The sun came in from the window and drew one after another on the ground. The afternoon sun was warm, even though the wind was roaring outside, but in this room, it was peaceful and peaceful.

“Do you like the business of merchants?”

Yan Yan suddenly asked, holding a “Jing Wei Jia Shu” in his hand.

Nalan looked up and said: “The ancestors of the courtiers used to be merchants, and the trade in Songdi was developed. When they were in their leisure, they also liked to study.”

Yan Yan smiled and said: “I really can’t see it.”

“Can’t see anything?”

Yan Yan shook his head and said: “Nothing, just knowing a person, but also like this.”

Nalan smiled and said: “It is Xuan Wangye.”

Yan Yan was slightly surprised and asked: “How does the Queen know?”

Nalan naturally said: “The courtiers of course know that the courtiers know the Xuan prince since he was a child, and he knows him better than the emperor.”

Yan Yan smiled lightly, but he did not seem to agree, but did not say anything, just turned his head and continued to read the book. Nalan secretly had a small smugness, like a child’s mischief, the corner of his mouth, and lowered his head to continue to play with the clip.

Time has passed quietly, and for many years, Yan Yan seems to be the first time to seriously watch Nalan’s sleeping hall. I only feel that this queen is an unusual person. Not only is the taste superior, but the knowledge is even more extensive. And most of them have a look of the look, not like other palaces, all the books are just furnishings.

“Emperor, Queen Empress, please have a meal.”

The food was quickly put up, because Nalan was taking medicine and needed to avoid it. Therefore, on the side of Nalan, there are only four side dishes, but on the side of Yan Yan, there are more than 60 hot and cold dishes, and a large table is displayed, which looks spectacular.

Yan Yan was slightly embarrassed and couldn’t help but look at Nalan. Nalan smiled and said: “The emperor rarely comes to the court, and people don’t know your taste. They are only prepared. The emperor should not blame them. They are sincerely pleased.”

This is also the mouth of Nalan. If it is someone else, it will make people feel that they are jealous.

Wen Yuan stood by and saw Yan Yan say nothing. Hearing the words, he couldn’t help but be mad. He said that he is too wise today, and that the goddess will have such a good spirit on weekdays. Sure enough, my heart disease still needs my heart medicine. Maybe the emperor has more than a few times, and the girl’s illness is just fine.

A meal was very slow, and after eating, it was time to take a nap. Yan Yan and Nalan casually said a few words, at this time it is a lot of natural, and told the next person to take care of her face, we must go back to the palace. Then I just turned and walked away, and suddenly I only heard the slamming sound. The original sleeves were scraped to the corner of the table, and the fabric of the cuffs was torn apart by a big mouth.

As soon as Yan Yan raised his arm and took a casual look, he did not put it in his heart. He had to put on his coat.

Nalan said: “The emperor, the clothes are broken.”

Yan Yan did not care, casually said: “It doesn’t matter.”


Nalan pulled over the sleeves of Yan Yan and took a closer look. He said: “This is a tribute to Tianci embroidery. This kind of cloth, Tianshou County can only make a few clothes in one year. The emperor only did this year. This one-day embroidered robes is now broken. Even if you get the royal embroidery room, I am afraid no one can dare to make up.”

Where does Yan Yan want to get a piece of clothing and there are so many sayings, I can’t help but look at the dress and look at it: “If it breaks, it will be broken, it doesn’t matter.”

Nalan said: “The emperor is not distressed, and the courtiers are still distressed. I don’t know how many embroidered women have to embroider blind eyes for this volume of cloth every year. You see, this fabric is not only double-sided embroidery, even cloth. If you look closely at the section, you can see a small blessing.”

Yan Yan looked at it carefully, and sure enough, he could not help but sigh: “It is really subtle.”

“Wen Yuan, take the needle thread.”

Yan Yan suddenly paused and asked: “What should the Queen do?”

“Since the Yuxiu room no one dares to make up, it is also to be thrown away, it is not as good as the courtiers to make up, if it is broken, the emperor can not blame.”

Yan Yan was even more surprised and could not help but ask: “Is the Queen still a female?”

Nalan’s eye tip was light, and the wave of light turned. He glanced at him gently. After picking up the needle thread, he began to mend it up. He said while sewing: “Sit down, just for a while.”

Somehow, Yan Yan was a little nervous. He sat down with Nalan, but he was somewhat cramped and wanted to avoid it. He frowned and said, “Don’t tie me.”

Nalan raised her eyebrows: “Anyone who has been on the battlefield is still afraid of this small embroidery needle?”

Yan Yan obviously can’t believe her craft, frowning and not talking. But very quickly, I saw Nalan’s extremely skilled needle thread, long fingers, and the needle thread seemed to be alive in her hands.

She is so thin, from the perspective of Yan Yan, she can only see a beautiful white neck. The sun shone on her body, with a calm and serene atmosphere, the air has a light medicinal scent, the sand in the hourglass slides down, and the quiet can almost hear the rustling of the needle thread through the clothes.

Suddenly, Nalan shook hands and began to cough gently.

At first, she was still trying to control, but gradually, she became more and more uncontrollable and her voice grew louder and louder. Yan Yan frowned, stretched out the other hand, gently patted her back for her, and screamed and said: “Get water, hurry.”

Wen Yuan hurried up and ran up. Yan Yan took the tea and took a sip for Nalan. Slowly, her breathing gradually stabilized, but her cheeks were flushed, but her eyes became more and more tired.

“It’s okay, don’t you call a doctor?”

Nalan shook her head weakly: “No, it’s old, it’s good to take a break.”

“Do not make up this dress today, and make up for it when your spirit is better.”

Nalan was really tired and nodded.

Yan Yan took off his coat and handed it to Wen Yuan. He said: “When your wife’s spirit is good, make up for it. Don’t give it to her in these few days.”

Wen Yuan’s happy nod, his heart was five years old, and God finally opened his eyes. The emperor also knew that he was distressed.

Yan Yan put on the big cockroach and said to Nalan: “When you leave, you are resting.”

Nalan nodded, and Yan Yan turned and walked out. The curtain of the main hall was opened layer by layer, and his figure was hidden step by step. I don’t know why, Nalan suddenly felt so flustered, like her heart filled with weeds, and suddenly shouted: “The emperor?”

Yan Yan a glimpse, far back.

The palace is deep, they are so far away, so they look at each other, time passes between them, one year, two years, three years, five years, and those that he does not know, ten years, eight years Many, many years.

“Tonight, the courtier ordered the kitchen to do a few more good dishes, the emperor, are you still here?”

Yan Yan stood in the middle of the main hall, separated by a long distance, looking at the woman sitting on the bed.

It was his wife, who had never looked at him, but really helped his many wives in a practical sense.

He stood there, so he looked at her and tried to think back to her in the past, but in addition to the eyes, the golden jade, there was only a blank. Nowadays, she is a soft white single, with no half-head ornaments, no fat powder, no face, no skinny, thin and thin, like a candle in the wind, I don’t know how long it will burn.


Yan Yan silently sighed in his heart.

Even though she won the power of Xuan Mo, even though she might have noticed the relationship between herself and Xuan Mo, she personally ruined the letter written by Xuan Mo before her death.

It’s gone.


Epilogue 23: Yan Hong Jade Hand Festival

The carriage slowly walked on the official road, passed through the bustling market, walked through the lively crowd, and went out to the southeast, slowly walking. The sound of the hustle and bustle gradually faded away. The green hills covered the snow, the grass swayed, the sky was gray, and occasionally flew over an outlying geese, sending out sad screams and quietly passing over the sky.

Yonger leaned in the arms of Yushu, sleepy, the carriage was warm and melty, and the cotton curtain was thick, blocking the cold outside. Yushu hugged the child, patted his back with a moment, and unknowingly sang the nursery rhymes he had heard in his childhood. The time went very slowly, and the road under his feet was exceptionally long.

“Wang Hao, there is a tea shop in front, are you going to rest down?”

Jiang Wu took the guard of Xuan Wangfu and followed the carriage. He wore a low-key gray sable, and squatted and asked.

The curtain moved slightly, and the cold wind came over. Yushu frowned and looked up at the sky. He said, “Come on the road soon. I think it seems to be snowing this day, don’t be blocked on the road.”

“Yes,” Jiang Wu promised, and immediately said: “The place in Hongchuan is cold. If we are in Songs, this time the lotus has not been thanked.”


Yonger blinked his eyes, his face was red, and he was blown by the wind. He was also a little nervous. He wrinkled his little nose and asked, “Is it there?”

Yushu glanced outward and then nodded: “It’s coming soon.”

Yushu’s life has not been to many places. When he left home for the first time, he came to Zhenhuang from Huai Song, all the way, followed by tens of thousands of Huai Song royal aristocrats, leaving his hometown to come to this cold. Unfamiliar land.

At that time, it was a good thing to say that Huai Song was in good faith, and he returned to Dayan and became a prince of Dayan. However, everyone knows that in addition to the long princess Nalan Hongye, the Huai Songnaran family has only a few daughters left by the emperor and a dying little emperor. The incense is simply unsustainable. This so-called prince is nothing but a The furnishings are gone. After the long princess has been a hundred years, Huai Song will be inevitably crowned with the “Yan” surname.

However, it may be good to get such a result. Among the three countries, the land area of ​​Huai Song was the smallest of the three countries, and even less than one tenth of the big summer. Although it is close to the coast, the business is developed, but However, it lacks the necessary military equipment such as iron ore and horses. The force has always been at the bottom of the three countries. Because there are checks and balances between the Sui and Tang Dynasties and the Great Summer, Huai Song was able to stand in the cracks for a hundred years. Once the Daxia or Sui and Tang regimes collapsed, the winner must first do it with Huai Song.

In the troubled times of that year, the internal political power of Huai-Song was unstable. The country of Sui and Tang Dynasties was divided into two. The state institutions collapsed, the summer was divided, and the civil war was endless. Yanbei Iron rode out and swept the Central Plains. Huai Song did not have the ability to maintain the status quo of the Three Kingdoms. The two innocents occupied the army of other countries’ territory, and there was no stable local government. At that time, there was basically no second way to go except for Yanbei. The facts also prove that the strategy of the Princess is indeed wise. Even though the country is affiliated, the people and officials of the Song Dynasty have hardly been affected by the war. The royal family and the court have no loss. The officials of the Song Dynasty also have a great reputation in the New Dynasty. The status is far from the Daxia remnant, at the last level of the Empire 369.

No matter who is the emperor, as long as there are clothes, food, and land, no one will pay attention to his own king, who is surnamed Yan or surname Nalan. However, some people still can’t accept it. Yushu still remembers the day when he left Huai Song. Many readers ran to the royal team to stop them. After being scolded by the soldiers, some people even ignited their own bodies and died of self-immolation.

Today, Yushu still clearly remembers the scene, the burning fire of the fire, the man screaming and calling the name of Xuanwang, others also cried and said that if Xuan Wang is still there, he will never let Jiangshan be Ignorant women and children give hands.

In a blink of an eye, it has been going on for so many years. Now, under the control of Dayan, such a voice has gradually subsided, and the man who was once regarded as a savior by the Song Dynasty is mentioned by fewer and fewer people. Even his jealous days, now only their orphans and widows, will leave the city early in the morning, catching dozens of miles and going to worship.

After sitting in the car for half a day, I finally arrived at Yanxi Mountain, where the mountain is steep and the carriage cannot go. Yushu wore a white suede cloak, and pulled Yonger out of the car. The next person lifted the soft sedan. She sat up and the sedan chair swayed and climbed up the stone steps step by step.

Because the snow is very thick, the people go very slowly. Yonger will come to the spirit, pick up the car curtain and look out curiously, look out from time to time.

There is a temple on the mountainside, which looks very broken. Yushu used to go up the mountain before. I know that there are only a dozen monks in it, and I have been riding for many years. Because of the remote location and the lack of pilgrims, there is always a cold-hearted appearance. The door is full of snow and no one cleans.

She looked out through the window, and saw the pine forest Linz, lush, and her heart was slightly sad.

One year has passed.

“Wang Hao, arrived, the road ahead is narrow, the sedan chair can’t go.”

Yushu nodded and took Yonger out of the car and told other guards to wait here. He only took Jiang Wu, carrying a paper money incense candle, and pulling Yonger to go up the mountain.

The more windy the mountain, the more painful on the face, she will protect her behind her, step by step. Suddenly, a strong wind blew through the ear, and a black shadow flashed out of the forest next to it. Jiang Wu suddenly took the sword and guarded it in front of Yushu. However, he did not wait for his sword to pull out the scabbard. There are two swords across his neck.


The other party whispered, Yushu looked pale and hurriedly held the eyes of Yonger. I didn’t want Yonger to be very bold. I pulled out my mother’s hand and screamed with conviction: “I am the son of Xuanwangfu. This is my mother. We come to worship my father. Who are you? Is the robber. Are you not afraid to kill?”

The child’s voice is as crisp as a jade, and the whistling wind echoes in the woods. Yushu was so scared that he would pull back Ye Yong, and he was holding his arms in his arms.

Who knows that the robbers glanced at each other and they took the sword one by one. The one who took the lead stepped forward and politely said: “It turned out to be the royal king and the son of the world, rude, and please wait for a moment. “”

After all, a few ups and downs go far.

After a while, the man said back to him: “Wang, please.”

Yushu looked at them suspiciously. Instead, Jiang Wu seemed to have some insights and did not dare to say more. He just nodded to Yushu and indicated that she did not need to be afraid.

The floor of the white marble shop is very flat, looking from afar, like a huge mirror, the sky is so close, it seems that when you reach out, you can reach the clouds, the wind blows from all directions, and the hem of the clothes is raised from below, and the sky is flying. The heavy snow, whistling and turning, looked at it like a thick fog of milk.

Yushu looked forward with a squint, and saw a figure standing in the snow, wearing a black cloak, the hood was erected, and his face was covered, and the mountain wind blew, making a creaking sound. The heavy snow hovered over his side, separating him from the whole world, and saw a lonely figure, like a sly pine, and the tall and straight seemed to open the whole world.

Even if she couldn’t see her face, Yushu was still the first time to squat down. She was pulling the side of Yonger, using her low voice: “See the emperor.”

Yan Yan turned his head. The snow-like gaze was slightly loose after seeing her. He smiled a little, his smile was a little stiff, and he didn’t know if the weather was too cold, or because he had been too long and too long to forget how to smile. Quietly nodded and said: “You are here.”

Yan Yan did not call up, Yushu did not dare to move, his heart pounded, nervous back: “Yes.”

“Get up, in the face of Xuan Mo, don’t ask him to think that he is bullying his wife.”

His words were very casual, but Yushu heard the legs weak, and she nodded and stood up. Pulling Yonger to go forward, standing ten steps behind Yan Yan, I saw the spirit of the black ink in front of the black ink, the fragrant incense, the black paper money fluttering with the wind, like a string of dark butterfly.

Yan Yan did not speak, just arbitrarily retired, let out the open space in front of the tomb. Yushu took the children and trembled forward, scented, tree shrews, burned paper, white paper was swallowed up by flames, turned into dark paper ash, pale cheeks with red blood and stiffness under the illumination of fire. The fingers are slowly warmed, but they still maintain a rigid posture. Little by little, pour all the money into the raging fire.

“Father Wang, Yonger is coming to see you.”

Yong Er’s sly squatting on the ground, smashed three heads at the end, and then said with a serious face: “My homework is very good this year. Mr. Lu has already praised me three times. I have learned a lot of words. I learned to ride horses. Jiang Shu sent me a little pony, which is black. There is a white hair on the nose, so I can see it.”

The children talked arbitrarily, with the child’s unique innocence in the words, the sound is soft, but it is pretending to be an adult’s serious look, wrinkling a pair of small eyebrows, very cute.

“Father, it’s cold, you have to remember to wear more clothes. I will wear it with my cotton jacket that I burned to you. You are here alone, you must learn to take care of yourself, don’t get sick, I will take care of you for your mother. Oh, you can rest assured.”

The mountain wind suddenly became big, and Yushu turned his head and his eyes were a little wet.

“Female? What happened to you?”

Yushu barely smiled and said: “Nothing, I was blinded by the wind.”

As I said, I suddenly realized that the wind was much smaller. Yushu looked up with doubts, but only saw a tall and straight back standing on the upwind, just in front of their mother and child. In front of the cliff, the man was standing in the wind, the corner of the clothes was blown by the wind, and the white snow hovered around. Although it was so close, it seemed to be a thousand miles away, and no one could be close.

“Mother? Mother? What happened to you?”

Yong Er saw her hairpin, and some anxiously called, Yushu knew that he was out of order, and quickly turned his head and said: “Nothing, eternal, give the father a slap in the head.”

The child blinked: “It has already passed.”

Yushu nodded and put the last string of paper money into it. Then he also worshipped three worships and stood up.


The low voice sounded in front, Yushu lowered his eyebrows and nodded quickly. Yan Yan said: “Let’s go together.”

Where Yushu dared to oppose it, he still promised to be honest and honest.

Yan Yan came forward and took Yong Er’s hand and smiled and said: “You will ride a horse?”

More than a dozen guards ran up, some were picking up the hanging utensils at the back, while others were guarding the left and right sides.

Yonger often goes to the palace on weekdays, and Yan Yan is always angry with him. He is not afraid of being born. Holding the hands of the most powerful people in the world, looking up, smiled brilliantly: “Yes, Jiang Shu taught me, but I am still too young to ride a big horse, only to ride a pony.”

Yan Yan smiled and said: “When your father is like you, you can’t ride a horse. You are better than him.”

“Ah? Really?”

Yonger glanced, stupidly wide-eyed and asked: “Is the father so stupid?”

Yan Yan heard a very happy smile: “Your father can do anything else, be proficient in poetry, and read a lot of books. It is not going to ride horses. His equestrian is still dropping out of school.”

“Wow, isn’t the emperor the teacher of my father? Can the emperor teach me? I want to ride a big horse, don’t want to ride a pony, the little horse that Jiang Shu sent me is too lazy, even running. Yes, it will only take small steps.”

“You are still too young to teach you how to ride a horse, but you can teach you something else.”

“What else will the emperor have? Will it fight?”

Yan Yan smiled very calmly: “There will be more.”

“The emperor brags, the red-headed generals I raised have invincible in the palace, and even the mighty green-headed kings of the two emperors have been bitten down a thigh.”


On the narrow stone steps, one tall and one short two people walked in the front, chatting while walking, happy. The wind and snow are around, but it seems that they can’t get involved.

Yushu followed behind, looking at their backs with ecstasy, thinking in confusion, if the prince is still there, maybe it is like this. Maybe I will go out with my Yonger in my spare time, talk about the anecdote of some other friends when I was a child, and then I will be very stupid to boast about how smart I am when I was young. Maybe it is like this.

She suddenly felt a little sad. Although she was a simple woman, she only knew to take care of her husband and raise her children, but she did not understand anything outside.

These years, especially in the last two years, the emperors in the palace were born one after another, but they never heard how much the emperor loved which son. In the subconscious, Yushu is also clear. The Yan State is standing at the beginning, the political powers of the parties are still unstable, and there is still a small-scale war in the north, and Dayan has a promise before the Queen marries into the Yan State. The emperor of Dayan must be The son of the queen, so even if the queen has no children at present, the emperor can not be too close to other sons, so as not to cause suspicion. After all, on the court today, the old ministers of Huai Song still have certain power.

The emperor spoke with such a gentle expression, I am afraid that even his own son, no one has seen it.

The biological son is in front of his eyes but not close to him. The emperor’s heart may be very sad.

Yushu sighed in a stupid way. A group of birds flew over the woods, and the wings rang, and she raised her head, and the wind blew on her face, and the ice was cold.

A burst of laughter passed from the front, the sound was so pleasant.

In the deep palace in the far distance, Nalan put a white scorpion into the fire and watched it a little bit swallowed by the fire tongue and turned into black ash. Vaguely, it seems that the wind is blowing from the southeast, with an unfamiliar voice, lingering between the eardrums.

The deep palace is cold, she is dressed in a gorgeous palace dress, and her layered splendid envelops her whole person, even with her joys, sorrows and sorrows, all become a stiff symbol in the magnificent silk satin. Her back is straight, her face is painted with exquisite makeup, and all the maids are standing far away. No one dares to look up at her. She is still the noble woman, the real power queen of Huai Song, Da Yan’s The original queen, Naran’s last princess, however, her shoulders were slightly burned.

The sun shone on her body, and under the light beam, fine dust flew up and down.

Everything is changing, only her shadow, for many years, lonely, by the time, pulling long and long.

“Another year.”

In silence, she smiled slightly, but her smile was like a smog, gently dissipated in the cold snow of the late autumn.


AUTHORS NOTE: There are three more chapters, the Yanhong volume is over, and the next one is continued, “Defending Simon.”

As for the external articles of Li Cefan and the external articles of Zhao Yu’s children, after the end of the continuation of the volume, they were posted in the form of a single chapter, and Zhao Che’s volume was also in the sequel to defending Simon.

Epilogue 24: Yan Hong Xuan Mo

When Nalan heard the news of Yuan Shilan’s self-sufficiency, she was silent for a long time. Wen Yuan took the people down slowly and left a quiet and quiet afternoon sun.

I remembered the last time I saw the woman who was as fierce as snow and ice. At that time, she was covered with layers of gauze. Even if she could not see the wound, she could still imagine how terrible it was through the blood. .

She looked at Nalan calmly and said in a very light voice: “Even if it weren’t me, it would never be you.”

Nalan’s indifferent smile, in fact, in her capacity, she should not go to see a deposed cold palace, but she still came, so at the moment, facing her as always, she did not care, she did not What an overwhelming reaction. Just looking at her quietly, I asked a word that was always hidden in my heart: “Even if you are not you, you don’t have to be like this. Don’t you know that this palace is looking forward to your day?”

“Who has time to fight with them?”

Yuan Shilan smiled coldly, and the knife marks on his lips were exposed. It looked strange and terrible.

“I just don’t want to waste time keeping a man who doesn’t care about me.”

Nalan continued to ask: “So what about the emperor? Is it unintentional?”

Yuan Shilan’s expression suddenly became awkward. She turned her head in disgust and lowered her voice. She said: “Not mine, I don’t want it.”

In the splendid lights of the southeast hall, Nalan was wearing a brocade suit and leaning against the back of the chair, laughing softly.

Really not? As unintentional? If it is true, how can it be self-inflicted for a person who does not care? How can you blame yourself in the endless loneliness and then die?

In the end, it’s still young and vigorous. In the end, it’s still innocent, you can be so sloppy, you can be casual, you can’t think about it. If you die irresponsibly and die, what kind of price your parents and relatives should pay for it? ?

This harem is such a terrible place that can make people crazy, can make people crazy, can let a young girl cut into her face with a knife and a knife, and then die without fear.

She thought that her self-sufficiency could let the person blame herself, let the person remember her forever, but I don’t know that in this huge court, her life and death is just a short fireworks, except for being a palace. A little bit of talk after the meal, will not cause any embarrassment.

The most indispensable part of this palace is the soul of death.

As time goes by, January, February, year, and two years, who will remember that there was a princess who was a favorite?

“It’s stupid!”

Nalan sighs and enjoys such a title. It can be a lifelong glory, plus the similar face and temper, it is not difficult to be a lifelong special pet. Unfortunately, there is no such mind and heart.


Wen Yuan stood at the door, holding a freshly fried soup in her hand and whispering.

Nalan casually waved, called her in, took a spoonful of spoonful of soup and sent it to her mouth. So bitter medicine, she seems to drink soup, her brow will not wrinkle. Wen Yuan looked at the side, and there was a small bowl of rock sugar on the tray. She moved her lips several times, but she finally said nothing.

“Through my decree, Yuan Meiren Shude is generous, and she is loyal to the good health. Now she is dying of evil. She is given a gift of six products. She is buried in the Western Qianling, and her mother is worth a thousand dollars. Let’s go.”

Wen Yuan gave a slight glimpse and looked at Nalan inexplicably. Yes, the long princess has the right to discuss politics, and also has the right to appoint local officials under the four-character area in the Huai-Song area. However, since she was ill, she has been given more than two years of power. Now, for a small sin, is it worth it?

However, Nalan did not explain to her, but continued to say: “The news of the emperor’s recent political work, Yuan Meiren’s death, still do not tell him, pass orders to the palace, but also manage their own mouth.”

Wen Yuan quickly nodded.

Once again, the hall was quiet, and the words just now seemed to make Nalan quite hard. She lay down and licked her temples with her fingers, frowning slightly.

Even if it is extremely angry, there is always a sentiment. Such a special pet, such a love, will not be without a trace of intentions, and as long as there is a hint of intention, once we know the news of her self-sufficiency, it is inevitable that there will be some sadness. Nowadays, the northwestern border is unsettled, and the party in the ruling and opposition parties is constantly battling. There are already enough common things around him to worry him.

Drinking medicine, she is particularly thirsty, confused, thinking of the demolition of the Xiliang Palace, can not see Jun Yan for life. In three or three years, maybe he will forget, even if he thinks of it, the woman who is “dead due to illness” will not be too unhappy.

The candle is burning, and it is a cold night. The purpose of the southeast hall was passed to the palaces. The masters of the palaces soon realized the Queen’s mind. Even if someone was angry with the Queen’s kindness to Yuan Shilan’s relatives, no one dared to say anything. A few days ago, Cheng Hao personally went to the door to apologize and then plunged into the Buddhist temple. It was still imperceptible to let them understand that the empress of the Queen is still there, and that the power is still in the palm of the hand.

The harem is still as calm as ever, such as a wave of secluded lakes, calm waves, and no half-waves. The song and dance nights are melodious, and the music is swaying around the ears. Under the mellow coat, all the tugs and tricks are covered by a winter snow. The court is so big, there are so many common things, and the woman whose heart is like a snowy eye is like a dead flower, so it is so light and falling, there is no sound.

“Alive, it takes more courage than death.”

Nalan’s smile was always very light. She looked at the bright sky outside the window. It seemed to see the shadow of the mysterious blue. He stood in the shadow and looked at himself silently. The long sword at the waist was simple. The dignified, bloodthirsty edge converges in the small iron sheath of that side.

He stood so close, his head was dark, like a dead butterfly, so he was so embarrassed.

That day, the day when the father was buried, he stood behind the mournful and crying princess and said such a sentence.


Suddenly the wind came out of the window. Last night, there was a layer of clear snow. At this moment, there was no stop. The wind, the snow on the heavens and the ground fluttered together, and it was like a white fish in the deep sea.

“Why did you suddenly lose your courage?”


Yushu remembers that the day when Xuan Mo passed away, it was raining heavily. The rain was so anxious. It was like a flood of torrents. The doctors who came from the hospital were all wet with clothes. The forehead was full of rain, like a just new one. Ducks from the river.

In the morning, the wind was still in the air, and she was still in the yard with the people moving out of his book. The sun was shining on the body, like the lake in June.

However, in the evening, the soldiers of the Southeastern Navy’s Tuen Mun suddenly took a carriage into the capital and rushed into the gate of the Xuan Wangfu.

His face was pale and was taken down from the car, and then he entered the study. After a while, he changed his body and changed his clothes. However, before I stepped out of the gate, I fell down and blood poured from him. It was everywhere, like a stream of streams. She stood by his side with a worries, crying in fear, and the family members on the side rushed up, carried him into the house, and rushed out to find the doctor.

The rain started from that time.

After seven days, there was no interest.

The people said that it was God who was crying for the Xuanwang, and sent a generation of Zhongliang.

The doctors went in and out one by one, and another one that was dialed out of the gray face, they kept saying something in her ear. What is too much injury, too much blood loss, what is the battle for the day, the body is weak, what is seriously injured, forced to work, what wounds are too deep, heart and lung damage. But she couldn’t hear it all. She looked at the old man with white beard and white hair and walked in front of his own eyes. Everyone looked heavy and his mouth was one and the same, like a fish with silent bubbles in the deep sea.

She is thinking, what are they talking about? Why don’t you go in and cure him? His body is so good, he can make a big knife of 80 pounds, can dance a hundred pounds of fine iron rifle, just suffered a little injury, a little blood, what is the big deal? Why are you still lying there and still can’t afford it? The long princess’s hiring has passed, and the Yanhuang is about to leave tomorrow. He is a heavy minister of Huai Song. How can he not send it?

She automatically ignored all the sounds outside, but stubbornly ran to his side, gently pushing his arm, as many years ago, in his ear, very serious call: Wang Ye, get up , Wang Ye, are you up…

However, he still did not move, but he closed his eyes tightly, his eyebrows were locked, as if he had any thoughts in his sleep.

His arms are cold, like ice in the summer to cool off. She finally became more and more scared, but still did not dare to force, or just gently push his arm, shouting over and over again: Wang Ye, you get up, Wang Ye, you get up…

There was a crying around, and some of the attendants took out their handcuffs and secretly wiped their tears. She suddenly became angry, and she turned and drove them all away.

The rain outside was so big, the door opened, the wind was blowing in the cold rain, and it was blown through her thin clothes.

Some doctors came forward and said softly: “Wang Hao, the prince is not, you have to mourn.”

In her life, she has always been a good and docile woman. She is filial to her parents at home, obeying her brother and sister, and marrying her husband. She never dares to have a little bit of self-willedness. But at that moment, she was suddenly so angry, she slaps on the face of the doctor who is in the third product, angered: “You nonsense!”

However, the elderly doctor did not say anything, but looked at her silently, the eyes were so calm, but full of sympathy and compassion.

And she, however, completely collapsed in such a gaze, and her feet were soft and she broke into a deep darkness.

When I woke up, Xuan Mo was already awake. All the old students in his door were standing in the yard, and they dialed into the room to listen to him. Seeing her coming with her children, those people automatically gave her a way. She stood under the peach tree in front of the house, quietly looking at the window lit by the candlelight, as they saw each other for the first time.

At that time, she was still young, and her sister was behind her father. There were also a number of brothers and sisters, as well as a dignitary son of a wealthy family, Miss Qianjin. She wore an inconspicuous white satin skirt and was in a beautiful costume. Like a hairless geese. And he stood on the cloister, his eyes were handsome, handsome and handsome, but he was so gentle as he laughed, like the smoke of early spring.

The next person is behind her, holding an umbrella for her. The child is still small, white and fat, shrinking into her arms, and yawning from time to time, looks very sleepy.

Those people seem to have been talking for a long time, because she is the wife of Xuan Mo, and no one has avoided her. She heard some people whispering around, and most of the topics mentioned were long princesses and relatives. How do these old Huai Song ministers maintain the country of Huai Song, how to correct their position in the new dynasty, and how to avoid Yan Guobai Conflict, how to integrate a little bit into the Yan State Court, become the princess’s arm help, and Xuan Mo’s confidant, said that he took the letter of Xuan Mo, to be handed over to Yan Huang.

Finally, the crowd dispersed a little bit, and the yard was quiet again. There was no other sound except the sound of the rain.

The butler came to her and personally held an umbrella for her and sent her into the room.

He just sat on the bed, dressed in a clean and refreshing gown, met her, still the same as before, smiled slightly, reached out and pointed at the chair on his side, saying: “Sit.”

She sat down slyly, looking at him with her eyes, tears in her eyes, but did not dare to cry, just biting her lips, controlling herself, not letting herself cry.

“Yushu, in the future, you will have to work hard.”

He looked at her and said this sentence calmly. The speech rate was very slow, but it was clear. On the small tray, there were two old ginsengs, and there were no more than half. He took a slight breath and looked at Yonger with a pity. He whispered: “I am not a qualified father.”

Yushu is too scared. She has never been so scared in her life. She suddenly grabbed the arm of his husband boldly and said so silly: “Wang Ye, no, no.”

Xuan Mo smiled, his face was pale, his eyes were deep, and he had already lost his skin.

“Wang Ye, can’t do this.”

This simple woman, she does not know what else she can say, just shaking her head hard, clutching her husband’s wrist, saying over and over again: “No, can’t do this.”

The night wind pushed the window a little bit, and the cold candle fire was almost blown out by the wind several times. The atmosphere outside was so cold, blowing from the north, faintly carrying the fragrance of autumn chrysanthemum.

She faintly remembered how to play with her sisters when she was young. Several sisters dreamed of their own husband’s husband. Some people said that they want to be the champion of poetry, some people say that they want to be a great general of martial arts, and others say Born in a noble family. Only her, thinking for a long time, and finally being forced by her sisters, was swallowed and said: “As long as you are good to me.”

Just be nice to me.

She has always been such a humble person, even her sisters are abandoning her without ambition, but what about it, at the very least, she will not be greedy, she will not be depressed, she will not blame everyone. Her wish is simple, but it is easy to achieve. Her life is monotonous, but she is more peaceful and happy.

But at the moment, she suddenly didn’t even want this last point.

She grabbed the hand of Xuan Mo and shuddered and said: “Wang Ye, the old prince is gone, you have to take me off, I know that Wang Ye doesn’t like me, and Wang Ye has someone else. I don’t want anything now, as long as the prince is alive, as long as You are alive, it doesn’t matter if you take a break.”

At that moment, all the wind and rain seemed to have suddenly ceased, and the generals who had returned to the battle were shackled in the eyes of this simple woman. A trace of sorrow and sorrow rises from the bottom of my heart. Years of stubbornness and persistence have turned into fly ash at this moment. The years are like a raging river, flooding his obsessive for so many years, and the vast ocean is covered, at the last moment of life, Condensed into a sigh.

For many years, he finally reached out and embraced his wife for the first time. Sorry, he sighed: “Yushu, I am disappointing you.”

Yushu leaned in this strange embrace and was so stunned for a while.

So many forbearance, so much self-control, so much self-consolation, so many self-deception, she always thought that she was a good enough, always thought that she is a woman, and always thought that she is not sad and not sad.

However, everything, but in all such a simple sentence, in such a simple hug, completely collapsed and collapsed.

It turned out that there was no grievance. It turned out that there was no disappointment. It turned out that there was no luxury and fantasy.

However, she has been pressing all this deep and deep.

Suddenly she burst into tears, tearing her heart and crying.

This is the first and last time in my life. Yushu is crying in the arms of her husband.

After saying that sentence, Xuan Mo died, and the peace and quiet of walking is like an ink.

On the second day, after learning the news of the death of Xuan Wangye, the Yanhuang, who had already prepared to leave the city, temporarily changed his way and went straight to Xuanwangfu. The young and cold emperor was dressed in a black robe. He stood in front of the spirit of Xuan Mo for a long time. All the people who came to the hanging sacrifice were scared to speak. Only him, like a stone statue, did not leave for a long time.

After that, it was a series of seals, which was a series of honors. However, after all, it had nothing to do with her. This heart was dead, and the world was so beautiful that it fell into her eyes. After all, it was a pale place.



Epilogue 25: Yan Hong Jade

Under the faint skylight, she seems to see the shadow of that person again.

The spring is like the sea, the pear is like snow, the young boy is standing under the pear tree, wearing a royal blue robe, the purple jade belt, the sun shining through the treetops, sprinkling on his eyes, falling through the eyelashes at the bridge of the nose, making a small The fan-like shadow, the teenager looked at her from afar, laughed loudly, and asked loudly: “Hey! Waiting for you for a long time!”

Suddenly, the sparks in front of her eyes were broken. She saw the eager face of Wen Yuan in a blind light. Wen Yuan’s mouth opened and closed, but she could not hear what she was saying.

She knew that she might be sick again. Surrounded by people, some people were pulling her arm, swaying eagerly, and she was hurting a little.

She frowned, a little angry, wanting to reprimand these unintelligible people, but the blind man did not seem to listen, she tried to open her mouth, but like the fish on the bottom of the sea, silent opening and closing, no breath.

Wenyuan was anxious, and he scolded the little eunuch on the side: “How come the emperor hasn’t come yet? Is it notified?”

The little eunuch was pale and his voice was crying. He squatted on the floor and said: “The slave’s legs are all broken. The news has already been passed in, but Cheng Hao’s mother said that the emperor is taking a nap. What is the matter waiting for the emperor to wake up? Come and talk.”

“There is no reason for this!” Wenyuan angered: “Cheng Wei is so courageous, is this kind of thing she can afford?”

Wenyuan had been with Nalan for a long time, and she was more and more prestigious. All of them saw her anger, and all of them were afraid to speak on the ground.

Nalan thought, Wenyuan’s courage is really bigger and bigger, and this kind of words dare to say it. If it is passed to Cheng Hao’s ear, it is a storm.

Since she couldn’t speak for a while, she continued to close her eyes and let her ants, such as hot pots, who were in a hurry.

Cheng Hao did not seem to be like a word. Taking advantage of her mother and two princes, she became more and more unscrupulous, but she did not know what to do with the blessings of the future. The reliance on today is the scourge of the Ming Dynasty, and it is so unintentional. It seems that when the body is good, it needs to be beaten and beaten. Otherwise, the big harem will not give her the smoldering smoke.

She sighed exhaustedly, only feeling a little sleepy, lazy and no longer want to talk, the surrounding cockroaches gradually drifted away, and once again fell into a dark dream.

Cheng Hao, also known as Cheng Rongrong, is the cousin of the great general Cheng Yuan. After the big Yan Ding is really beautiful, in order to enrich the harem and also to win the powers, Cheng Hao and several other ladies of the middle and middle ministers entered the palace together. Because my brother’s power in the DPRK and his own beauty, he entered the seal several times, and he was very happy. And she did indeed struggle very much, and soon she gave birth to a pair of Liner, and became the head of the three scorpions, second only to the Queen.

She is a smart woman who knows how to advance and retreat. It is a pity that she has been added to her glory in recent years. She has become more and more worried about her behavior, and she has made some extra rashes in her speech.

This feeling, Yan Yan sleepd for a long time, until the evening sunset red, the fragrance of the imperial room filled the corner of the Holy Palace, he slowly woke up.

Last night, the end of the rush, Yan Yan wanted to sleep, and still a little dizzy at the moment.

Cheng Hao was half-squatting on his feet, wearing a soft yellow gauze, and offering a cup of flower tea to Yan Yan, and licking some interesting things about the palaces.

Yan Yan listened absently, and coped with a few sentences from time to time. Suddenly, a broken word floated into his ear. He bowed slightly and asked: “What are you talking about?”

Cheng Hao’s heart was shocked, calm and calm, and his smile was not reduced: “At the beginning of the afternoon, the small straight son of the southeast hall was unhappy, and the courtiers watched the emperor sleep well, and did not dare to wake the emperor. It’s true that the next person is not sensible, and the big problem is big. The Queen’s body has not been very good. This is a well-known thing. The maiden itself is not willing to disturb the emperor with such a thing. This time she must be ignorant, if she knows, How to punish the next person, I will not ask him to disturb the emperor.”

Yan Yan sat on the couch and didn’t talk for a while. He quietly cleans his hands, wipes his face, drinks tea, wears boots, his eyes are deep, his expression is calm, and he doesn’t know what he is thinking.

Cheng Hao’s heart was happy. After busy, he washed and changed clothes for Yan Yan. Who knows that Yan Yan had put on his clothes and he was going to leave. Cheng Hao was anxious and busy saying: “Is the emperor not leaving dinner?”

Yan Yan slowly turned around, the sunset shines on his face, with a touch of golden light, more and more eyes appear deep and deep. He looked at Cheng Hao so quietly, and did not show any anger, but it was a cold back and cold body.

Cheng Hao suddenly went down, the flower is eclipsed, and the emperor’s favorite Yuan Shilan’s end appeared in the past, and she almost shivered with fear.

The temple was quiet, I don’t know how long it took, and the maid whispered in her ear: “The goddess, the emperor is gone.”

She slowly looked up, only feeling that the forehead was all cold sweat, standing up weakly, but almost fell. The maid exclaimed to hold her and let her sit on the soft couch.

She rubbed her hand on her chest, her face pale, and she didn’t speak for a long time.

She knew that although the emperor did not say anything, but just that moment, she was really close to death.

The sky was getting darker and darker, and she thought about it in silence. She finally took a deep breath and said to the next man: “Take the little Dengzi who is guarding the door today to play the 30th board, and then prepare a gift, and go to the palace gate of the Queen’s wife tomorrow. If you sin, you can say that the concierge is lazy and misunderstood.”

The maid promised, though afraid, but did not dare to question. After a while, there was a scream of a loud voice from Xiao Dengzi.

After all, being able to climb to this position will never be a woman who is simply ignorant. She knows how to advance and retreat, and knows how to make a difference. Even if there is occasional forgetting, she will soon wake up when there is a wind and grass.

Today’s alarm is enough for her to understand.

“Copper, preparing incense sticks and scriptures, starting tomorrow, the palace will go to the Buddhist temple every day to copy the scriptures and pray for me.”


This time temptation is enough.

Cheng Rongrong sighed and touched the quilt that Yan Yan had just slid, only feeling cold.

When the Yankee went to the southeast hall, the sky was completely dark.

The southeast hall was lit up, the doctors had already retired, and the inner officer saw him busy, and was about to pass, but he was interrupted. He walked in all the way, all the servants of the palace were kneeling on the ground, the black pressed head was hanging down, all the way, and continued to the cold palace door.

She has already slept, lying in the layers of the splendid, pale, silky mess, thin and weak.

Wen Yuan was full of joy, laying a cushion on his couch, but he pulled a chair by himself, so he sat across from Nalan.

The maids all retreated, leaving him and her, he sat quietly, and she was sleeping.

It seems that she has never seen her like this. The Nalan red leaves in memory are always dignified and graceful. They are dressed in noble Chinese costumes, painted with elegant makeup, and their words and deeds are never wrong. The face is always detached. The smile is filled with the royal atmosphere that has accumulated over the years.

Even on the wedding night, between the beds, the elegance of a country’s princess is lost.

It’s never like this, it’s messy, embarrassing, and skinny.

She is really thin, and now she looks at her, he can hardly associate her with the long princess of Yinghui.

Years have reminded people, a blink of an eye, has been so many years.

He didn’t say anything, just left quietly for a while and left, but this meeting was enough to make the people of the Southeast Hall happy. Wen Yuan happy to go back and forth outside the hall, arranged a lot of pick-up matters, because the emperor said before leaving, and will come to visit tomorrow.

The palace gate of the southeast hall had just been locked, and Nalan opened her eyes.

She was thin and her eyes were deep, but her eyes were still sharp and quiet, with the intelligence and temperament that she had experienced for many years.

The chair was still on her bed, empty, and the wood was engraved with auspicious double dragon play beads, circle and circle, the clouds hovering.

For so many years, Nalan Hongye, can you have a slight regret?

In the faint light, she was quietly asking herself.

Finally, I still smiled and closed my eyes.


As always, the day in the palace, the weather is getting cold, the brazier is burning in the house, and Nalan’s body is not getting better. Half of the hospital has almost moved, staying in the southeast gate, and going all day. In and out, there is no end to it.

This morning, it was the day when the little princes were giving lectures. Yushu came to Nalan with Yonger, brought some bird’s nest ginseng, sat in the warm sleeping hall, and spoke with Nalan.

Dong Laxi said a long while, seeing Nalan is a little tired, Yushu is trying to say goodbye, and suddenly listened to Nalan’s tone and asked: “Ming is the Xuan Wang’s jealous day.”

Yushu glimpsed a little, and somehow, a string at the bottom of my heart suddenly stretched very tightly and whispered, “Yes.”

Nalan nodded, and Wenyuan smiled and presented a brocade box. Nalan said quietly: “Wang Ye has a good work for the community. The palace is not good, it is not convenient to worship. Wang Hao will hand the palace.” Go for something.”

The warm sleeping hall suddenly had a trace of cold, climbing from the fingers of Yushu and climbing up the arm. She stood in a stiff box and took a bite on her lower lip. She bowed her head with respect and respect: “Chen Chen waited for the death to thank the Queen.”

Nalan shook her head and was about to talk. Suddenly a maid ran in from the outside and said something in the ear of Wen Yuan. Wen Yuan’s expression suddenly stagnation, and turned to see Nalan.

Yushu immediately got up and retire, Nalan met, and did not retain.

The sun outside the temple is shining, and the palm of Yushu is all cold sweat. She is trying hard to hold a corner of her clothes. It seems that she can live some thoughts to death.

Suddenly, I saw a group of eunuchs rushing to the west, and Yushu shifted his attention and asked his own personal maid: “What happened? What are those people doing?”

Xiao Yan was in the palace for a long time, but it was very clever. In the past, he inquired two sentences. When he came back, he was also flustered. He said: “Wang Hao, the Yuan Meiren of Xi Lenggong has squandered himself.”

“Yuan Meiren?”

Yushu stunned and asked strangely.

Xiao Yan licked his lower lip and said: “It is the former Chu Yan Niang.”

“Yuan Shilan?”

This next round of Yushu was shocked.

Chu Yu Niangniang, formerly known as Yuan Shilan, is the most legendary favorite in this harem since Da Yan founded the country.

She was originally a little girl in the harem. She made a mistake and was sentenced to a violent house. But who knows that this little palace girl would have some rude martial arts, and injured the shackles in the middle of the night and escaped. The violent house. When he ran away, he made no choice but to smash the emperor’s frame that had just returned to the palace. She was in the middle of an arrow, and she had nowhere to go. She slammed into the palace gate of the Chu Temple, and she would not be willing to let her go.

Fortunately, she was later rescued. The emperor loved her temperament and sealed her from a small slave to five nobles. She was very fond of her. Within half a year, Yuan Shilan monopolized the king’s love pet, all the way up, and eventually was sealed as Chu Shuzhen, even though it caused all kinds of dissatisfaction and whispers of the former dynasty, but the emperor has never wavered, her limelight in the palace is no longer, no one Can be compared to it.

Until a rainy night three months ago, Chu-Qiao house of a storm, pamper palace of Princess Chu empress was suddenly denounced, within three days, the place is at the second Shufei, the series of four was demoted, became A small from the seven beauty, living alone in the West Palace.

No one knows what happened that night, just listened to people saying that Chu Yu’s mother and the emperor had a squabble, and they were self-destructive in anxious circumstances, making people uninvited and ghosts, naturally causing Longyan’s anger and suffering. denounce.

The people of the palace talked about this matter, naturally, it was ridiculous. When Yuan Shilan was favored, he was very angry. He ignored the other shackles in the palace. Second, since the ancient times, the women were all color-colored, and she was stupid to self-destructive appearance. Naturally, there is no half sympathy for others.

“Wang Hao? Wang Hao?”

Xiao Yan was a little scared. He even screamed a few times. Yushu returned to his heart and said quickly: “Go out of the palace immediately.”

Out of the two doors, the carriage smashed, and the crow flew over the distance, picking up the cold wind of the place, and a few black feathers fell, fluttering slowly, and gradually merged into this lonely court.


Epilogue 26: Yan Hong Jade Yin Yang

When Yushu just left, Nalan coughed up. Several hospitals in the hospital were rushing into the Zhaoyang Temple. They had been busy for more than two hours.

There was a strong soup smell everywhere in the hall, and Nalan was lying on the bed, still breathing. This half-day toss, more and more her face is bloodless.

“Queen Empress, I heard that the emperor stayed at the Qinglu Temple tonight, and there was no master to serve.”

Nalan’s hand licked her chest, and her breath was a little weak. She asked: “Isn’t Cheng Hao in Qinglu Temple?”

“No, Cheng Hao’s moon is coming, and she is avoiding red in the Red Square.”

Nalan nodded and meditated for a moment, saying: “The weather is getting colder and colder. You are going to tell Cao Qiu to let their slaves be careful, be careful not to let the cold down.”


When Wen Yuan was about to go, Nalan suddenly shouted: “Forget it, still don’t have to go.”

After that, turn around and lie inside, the voice is very light and lightly passed: “The dinner does not have to be called, the palace should sleep.”

“Yes, the goddess.”

It has been five years since the Yan dynasty was established. Like many emperors of the dynasties, this harem has gradually become more and more lively. Countless young and beautiful women flooded into the palace. They were charming, some were cold, some were full of poetry, some were cute and lovely. It seems that the flowers of this world are all in full bloom in this lonely deep palace, and the flowers are blooming all day long.

Unfortunately, even though she has been in the palace for four years, Nalan has not been able to give birth to a son and a half daughter. Instead, other nephews have been happy again and again. Cheng Hao’s sister, Cheng Hao, has given birth to a pair of Liner’s status in the harem. Already forced her to be the queen who died of illness.

And he, for a long time, has not set foot in the Zhaoyang Temple.

Today, if Yushu does not come with Yonger, I am afraid he will not come.

The sun gradually fell, the moon climbed up the treetops, and a pair of red candles ignited and flashed brightly. Nalan is very thin now, shrinking in the quilt, like a thin bird, she coughs from time to time.

Perhaps, I have long since ignored it.

On the day when the League was closed six years ago, the news of the birth of Xiaoshizi in Qinghai spread throughout the mainland of Simon. The small child was suffering from a cold and bumpy in his mother’s womb. His health was not good. He died just after he was born. Weakness is also at stake. Qinghai Wang values ​​his wife and children in the world, and he will be able to give up his wife and Yan Yan in the same year, especially today.

Qinghai immediately issued a notice, rewarded Wanjin, and sought the world-famous doctor. He heard that Mr. Maozhu Qingzhu’s medical skills were brilliant, but he was old and old, and Qinghai was not willing to move. When Qinghai Wang dared to form a victory in Yanbei and Huai Song, he only took three thousand fine rides out of Cuiweiguan, and rushed to Maoling all the way. He took Mr. Qingzhu and finally saved Xiaoshizi and beauty. The life of the king.

The day when the news came, it was the day of her and Yan Yan’s hiring, Shu and Jintie, Dahong, everything has smashed her long-cherished wish.

She opened the gold post, and at the top was the name of the two people he wrote.

燕洵纳兰红叶 (means Yan Xun and Nalan leaves)

Just then side by side, one stroke, one horizontal and one fold, seems to outline her long life. Her fingers slid over the white-headed phoenix, the double-red gold placard, and the hot stamping slogan, and stopped at the eight fascinating handwritings:

“Watching and companionship, forever concentric.”

It is clearly the simplest eight words, but her eyes are a little moist.

In the evening, the two of them sat in the hall of the Huanhuan to have a double wedding feast. Apricot tree outside the court opened the glamorous, like a fire, Yunxia, ​​the wind blew, the fall of the colorful, the sky is full of red and white flying flowers, like the rain.

He sat in front of himself, his face was calm, full of diplomatic rhetoric, and there were not many words, but he did not leak, and he did not appear rude, but he was not too close.

Nalan wanted to say a few times that she had been hiding for a long time, but she was blocked by his indifferent expression. Seeing that it was getting late, he was about to leave. She couldn’t help but be anxious. She was about to say that his bodyguard suddenly said that there was an urgent military report.

Qinghai Wang is almost approaching Maoling, and these talents will report this important news.

Yan Yan has always been calm and indifferent, but at that time it changed his face. On the spot, he told the army near Maoling to assemble. At any cost, it is necessary to keep Qinghai King in Guanzhong.

But the guard did not go out, he yelled at the guard, and the evening sun shone on his face, with a blind light, his hand stretched out, keeping a posture, seeming to say something, but again Did not say it. The apricot flowers in the courtyard fluttered, and they fell down and sprinkled on the ground.

“Still forget it.”

He lowered his hand and resumed his calmness.

“Forget it?”

The guards glimpsed a little and unconsciously asked. Yan Yan heard a little raise his eyebrows, did not speak, but his eyes turned around in the face of the guard, like a cold water.

The guards frightened and slammed into the ground, and retired and retired.

The sky gradually darkened, and Yan Yan turned her head. It was natural to smile at Nalan. She clipped a piece of green bamboo shoots for her. She said: “Let’s eat more bamboo shoots, it’s good for the body.”

Nalan has been alive and well in the middle of the sea.

She also smiled and nodded: “Thank you for your Royal Highness.”

This is just a very small episode. All the people who are accompanying the waiter have forgotten this irrelevant thing. Only her, remembered it.

That evening, in the glory of the setting sun, she seemed to recognize one thing, but she has refused to admit it for so many years.

There was a low cough in the hall, and Wenyuan, who was in the outer hall, grabbed a su and incense in the incense burner, and his eyebrows wrinkled gently.

The moonlight outside the window is graceful, the shadow of the tree is shining, and the winter of the true beauty is coming again.


Yushu slept in the day and went to sleep at night.

She wore a silver fox cloak and a lantern to go to Yonger’s room. Yonger was very embarrassed without kicking the quilt, slept very well, and muttered his mouth as if he was dreaming of something to eat.

Yushu sat down beside his bed, the wind in the night was so quiet, and the scent of the corner of the circle spiraled straight up, circle and circle, like the smoke of the countryside. Yushu reached out and tried to touch his son’s face, but he was afraid that he would bring cold air outside. He only made a slight sham on his forehead, and opened his mouth and smiled slightly.

Unconsciously, the three more drums came from far away, and the voice of the husband was also long. Yushu was full of peace at the moment, and even the sound of the fire candle sounded exceptionally peaceful.

She stood up and went out, closed the door for the child, and wanted to turn back to the room, but looked back at the candle in the room.

Suddenly, she was so stunned.

Like the thousands of times these years, she was standing there, so she stared at it quietly.

It has been five years since the stone statues of the East China Sea were filled with dust. The Qingliu officials of the ruling and the wild have also forgotten the famous name. Even the coastal people who once prayed for him day and night, I am afraid that they have already removed his Soul brand and replaced it. Parents and relatives of their own family.

Everyone gradually forgot the man, forgot his merits, forgot his efforts, forgot his voice and smile, and forgot what he had paid for this country for this land.

However, only her, this silly woman, does not forget to smoke a room in his study room when night falls.

She didn’t dare to approach, just as he did before his life, he even had a good soup, and he could only let the maids send her.

He said that he had to be busy with government affairs and could not be disturbed by others. She believed.

He said that he had an urgent military situation, and that no one was allowed to approach, she believed.

He said that he was going to be busy late tonight, and he lived in the study room, so that she would not wait, she also believed.

She is such a silly woman, no matter what her man said, she believes. But sometimes, she also wants to say something, just a few simple words, such as she is just like the next person, send a bowl of soup to come out, will not bother him. For example, she is his wife, maybe not a casual person. For example, in fact, she slept very late every night, even if he was too late, he would not be afraid to wake her up.

However, she still dare not say, perhaps, just feel a little shy, can not say a bit.

So she squatted on the window day and night, looking at the lamp in the study, until the lights went out, she could climb into the bed and close her eyes with peace of mind.

She sometimes thinks, isn’t it a sleep?

But just after such a thought, she was already blushing.

Every time I go back to her family, my sister will quietly tell her that your family prince has a heart. Every time she hears, she will be very angry. What kind of person is Wang Ye, how can they use this kind of mind to destroy him?

However, her eloquence is really bad. She argued a few times and said that her sisters. Gradually, she lost even her family.

She knows that she has the best husband in the world. He is honest, kind, and talented. His paintings are full of praises. His words are a must in Beijing. His poems are widely circulated. He never drinks at home. Sometimes he is socializing outside, and he is never drunk. He does not care for him. He is not involved in the dusty fireworks. He is the famous Xuan Xianwang in the middle of the DPRK, and he is the most famous general in the army.

Although he sometimes neglects her because of the busy government, what about it? Compared with her mother, she is already too lucky compared to the ladies who are fighting for the lady in the house and the house.

He is her husband, her god, her whole world.

Doesn’t she just believe in him, take care of him, wait for him?

How can there be doubts, suspicions, defamation, and grievances that hurt the spring and fall?

What’s more, even if he is not there, she still enjoys the merits he left behind during his lifetime, and the most precious child he left for her.

Nothing is unsatisfactory.

She smiled slightly, her smile was clear and simple, she pulled the collar of the cloak and silently read:

“Tomorrow, I have to buy window papers. It’s cold, and the window paper in the study room should be changed.”


Epilogue 27: Yan Hong Jade Qiu Si

The rain outside the curtain is thick, and it is the autumn season. The ruts of the palace car are wet by the rain, and the squatting comes from the deep alley. The light rain is like cold tears. The palace door squats, looks from afar, like an Ink and ink, light ink and light color, falling pens.

The curtain of the carriage was opened, revealing a slender hand, the phalanx was soft and white, the nails were red and red, and a purple gold bracelet was worn on the wrist, which more lining the skin like jade.


An old palace man squatted on the side of the road and whispered to the smooth car curtain: “Sun Tai doctor is asking for help inside.”

When the curtain was moving, the woman in a light blue palace dress slowly got off the bus, her eyes were clear and her face was peaceful.

The two squats came up from behind to support her. The woman in her early thirties was holding a six-and-seven-year-old child. Although the child was still young, she looked very handsome and saw her grin and said. : “My mother, I am going to school.”

Yushu smiled slightly and reached out to caress the broken hair in front of the child’s forehead: “Go to the Queen’s Mother with the mother.”

The child frowned slightly and seemed to be reluctant. He said with a grin, “Is Yonger waiting for the mother to do it here?”

“No,” Yushu is coloring and shaking his head: “Yonger is a child of Renxiao. The Queen’s body is unhappy, you have to be obedient.”

The child meditated for a moment, and finally nodded helplessly: “That’s alright.”

It’s just a look, but it’s still a bit unwilling.

Four years ago, the long princess married Jiangshan. In the time of Chen Bingguan, the 800,000-strong army of Yanbei, Huai Song, who was weak for many years of civil strife, won a vassal of the princes. He left the warm country and sailed all the way. North, along with the north of Chishui, finally entered this true city. And these royal clans, who followed the princess, stayed away from their homeland and lived in Zhenhuang.

The Daxia Kingdom has been destroyed for several years. Today, the 18th state of Hongchuan has been renamed as “Yan”. The new Yanhuang repairs the government, expands the Shengjin Palace on the original basis, and opens up the southeastern land for the Princess of the Song Dynasty. Gong Kaifu, known as the southeast hall, and allowed the empress to participate in politics, commanding the size of the Huai Song vassal state government, Huai Song officials have three products below the transfer without going through the court, the foreign court also called the southeast hall for the Song Dynasty.

Only in the past two years, as the body of the princess has gone from bad to worse, the southeast hall has become more and more deserted.

Yushu’s father used to be the old part of Huai Song. At the beginning of his reign, he was still the pillar of the southeastern temple. However, in the past few years, the old Huai Song’s old minister gradually integrated into the Chaotang, and the emperor’s policy of inclusiveness gradually disappeared. The alert of these foreign ministers. Now come to this southeastern temple, it is already quiet to hear the sound of autumn snoring.

“Xuan Wang is coming.”

Aunt Yun has been in his 60s this year. In recent years, he has become more and more old, full of silver and crane skin. She smiled and walked over, bent down and teased Yong Wang, and said with a smile: “Yuan Wang His Royal Highness is getting more and more handsome. When he grows up, he must be a beautiful man like Xuan Wangye.”

Aunt Yun followed the empress for many years and had a great position in the palace. Even Yushu, who has always respected her, said with a smile: “Aunt’s recent physical condition?”

“Okay, good, drag the blessing of the king.”

“What happened to the Queen?”

“Hey, it’s not the same.” Yun Aunt sighed. When people were older, they were some sluts. They said to Yushu: “There is very little rice, and I don’t like medicine. So big people, still Like a child.”

“Yonger is not afraid to take medicine!”

On the side of Yongwang Wenyan suddenly said loudly, Yun Aunt listened to a piece of music, touched the head of Yong Wang and smiled: “Yuan Wang is a man, will go in to persuade the Queen Empress, do you know?”

“The Queen Mother woke up and asked who is outside?”

A servant suddenly came out, Yushu heard the words and nodded to Yun Aunt, and took Yong Wang into the Zhaoyang Temple.

The Zhaoyang Temple is still the same, even though it is magnificent, but Yushu always feels that space is here, and when he walks, he can hear the echo of the footsteps.

The Queen is a quiet person, and there are always very few people around him. Even in this palace, only a few slaves are on the sidelines.

Two second-class Hui people opened the Dongzhu rain curtain for Yushu, and the bright beads hit together and made a crisp sound. Yushu walked in with Yong Wang, squatting outside the warming room, whispered: “Chen Chen sees Empress.”

After a while, a peaceful voice sounded slow, and I heard a little bit of unhealed asthma: “Yeshu, come in.”

There was some coolness in the hall, and a marble screen was engraved with alpine water, which added a bit of quietness to this empty temple. The queen wore a bright yellow robe, squatting on the couch, and the hair combed meticulously. There was not much Zhu Xi. There was only one emerald green Lantian scorpion, and the eyebrows were adorned with a large bloodstone.

“Wen Yuan, give a seat.”

A first-class lady officer came forward and took a seat for Yushu. Yushu thanked him and sat down. He asked the queen to ask: “Is the family happy?”

Yushu replied respectfully: “Everything is fine.”

“I heard that the emperors changed their new husbands, can’t Yong’s homework keep up?”

“Yong’s young age, talents can’t catch up with the emperors, but Chen Hao invited him to the two in the government, and now he can barely keep up.”

The queen suddenly coughed a little and looked pale and sick. He said: “You are the first person of the scholarly family. Naturally, you know how to discipline your child. Just don’t be too anxious. The child must be still small. Children, don’t force him. Too tight.”

Then the two began to gossip, the relationship between Yushu and the Queen has always been very strange, although on the surface it seems that the Queen has a lot to their royal family, but when they talk, they are always separated by several layers, even though she is three If you are not at five o’clock, please take your child and ask for it. It is nothing more than a few things.

When I talked about the time of tea, I suddenly screamed three times outside, and Yushu was shocked. I quickly took my son and stood up. The bead curtain was picked up. The emperor had bright yellow robes. The color was dazzling and striding. Come in.

“Chen Chen gave the emperor peace, and the emperor lived long live.”

“Yonger is pleased to the emperor, and the emperor is long-lived.”

The emperor raised his hand slightly, his tone was low, and he quietly said, “Let’s go flat.”

“Thank the emperor.”

The emperor sat on the couch casually. The queen was sick, just blessed in bed, and smiled and asked: “How is the emperor so free today?”

The emperor said: “Listen to Dr. Sun said that you are not very good recently, just come and see.”

“The emperor has a lot of opportunities, and he still remembers the body of the courtiers. It really makes the courtiers feel uncomfortable.”

Yushu sat down on his chair and listened to the scenes of the emperor and the queen. He felt that there were a few twists in his heart. He didn’t talk at the moment, just pulling the child beside him, so he was very willing to put on it. Listening.

When the emperor and the empress said a few words, they turned their heads and said to her: “How is your family recently?”

“Take the blessing of the emperor, everything is fine.”

“The princes have changed their teachers. Is Yongle young and his homework still up?”

Yushu glimpsed a little, and thought it was the couple, and nodded busily: “Thank you for your concern, but you can barely keep up.”

The emperor nodded and asked something else. Suddenly he said to the insider Cao Qiu: “Bring the bow of the Franco tribute, Yongle is eight years old, and should enter the military. When Xuan Mo is there I love guns and guns. The bows and arrows are especially familiar. The tiger father has no dogs. I believe that Yonger will not let you down.”

Cao Qiu quickly bent over and ran up and sent a box. Yushu quickly got up and thanked, but his heart was slightly worried. The emperor said that he was looking at the Queen’s body, but why did he carry a bow and arrow? Does he know that I am going to the palace with Yongle?

In these years, the emperor was indeed good to them, and the various rewards never dropped them. They did not have slight scorn for them because they did not have a male owner. This point has already provoked many people in the ruling and opposition to think about it, and every time the emperor talks about the Xuan Wang, it is a very familiar tone. According to Yushu, the emperor and Xuan Mo have never seen each other.

For a time, many thoughts flashed through the mind, Yushu took the box, and the eternal child next to him was happy. He also smashed two heads and said with a smile: “The emperor is really good for Yonger.”

The emperor’s rare smile came out and stood up and said: “There are still some political issues that need to be dealt with. I will go there temporarily. You can chat with the empress here.”

After all, it was left in the voice of the people.

When the emperor went, the empress began to cough up, and the spirit was slightly inferior.

Wen Yuan whispered a question, then took off the outer dress for the queen and put on a plain dress. The Queen and Yushu had a conversation without a ride. When the Queen was obviously tired, Yushu got up and retired. The empress did not leave them but told the next man to give him the ready reward, and the maid sent them out of the palace.

In the narrow red alley, Yushu was sitting on the carriage with Yonger, the carriage slowly descended, and the autumn rain hit the curtain on the curtain. Yushu’s thoughts are also a bit embarrassing. She thought about it carefully. It seems that she has met the emperor in recent times. Every time the emperor went to visit the empress when they entered the palace, it is reasonable to say that she is like this. Should not meet the emperor.

Suddenly she felt a little uneasy. She remembered the expression of the emperor when she talked about the husband, and could not help but wonder.

She suddenly opened the door and said to Jiang Wu: “Jiang Wu, is His Highness good at bows and arrows?”

Jiang Wu gave a slight glimpse, but she did not expect that she suddenly mentioned this matter, and quickly replied: “His Royal Highness is naturally familiar with the bow, but the sword of the Highness makes it the best. No one knows it in Beijing. When it comes to the bow and arrow, the Queen’s Highness It is also very good at it.”

Yushu frowned, and a thought flashed through her mind, but it was just a flash so she couldn’t catch her tail.

She nodded and closed the door.


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