Chu Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Epilogues 11-20

Based on the original novel 11 agents princess 

by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua

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Epilogue 11: Fanwai Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties – Huai Song and Yan

(1) Huai Song and Yan

I always feel that I can clearly remember everything that happened on the day I first entered the palace, including the weather at the time, the scenery along the way, the people I saw, and every word they said. But I know this is unrealistic. All that I remember is just a story that my aunts described to me. There is a woman in the story, she is my mother, they told me that she is a unique beauty, even more, beautiful than the Qinghai Princess, I am convinced.

It was a fall many years ago. The Sui and Tang Dynasties had a four-day rain. The bankers were unable to harvest in the ground. The people were crying and waiting for a winter that might go hungry. The emperor of Daxia saw the opportunity, dispatched a confidant general to declare war on the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and the blood flowed into the river. My father also died on the battlefield, splashing the young hot blood on a piece of messy land.

Because the heavy rain broke the plank road, the reinforcements had not arrived yet, and when the Guan was destroyed, the remaining officers and men of Bai Yuguan surrendered to Xia Jun, and the leading generals of Daxia killed them all.

This is a very tragic story. Every time my aunts talk about it, they will focus on describing the ferocity of Xia Jun. From their mouths, I learned that Xia Jun was originally a three-headed six-armed arm with a height of more than ten feet, a green face, and a human being. Such sensory cognition once became the mainstream of consciousness in my life, so that many years after I grew up, I often saw the summer people, and the first image that was outlined in my mind was this appearance. This is really sad for me who grew up in the Sui and Tang Dynasties to read poetry.

However, yes, the story is so tragic to a certain extent, there will often be a turning point, just before the wolf wants to eat a little beauty, the handsome hunter will certainly appear the same. Mrs. Murong, a 60-year-old wife, took four widows and daughters-in-law to stage a drama of loyalty to the country. She led the old and weak women in the city to start a street fighting with the 50,000 officers and men of the Great Summer and finally won the time. After waiting for the reinforcements of the imperial court, they also held the last barrier of the north for the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

It is rumored that after the defeat of the generals of the Xia Jun, they were angered and attacked. They took away Mrs. Murong, who had been seriously injured at the time, and threatened her to kill him before the gate of Bailuguan. Mrs. Murong was so fierce that she sneered on the spot and slammed into the obscured blade and died. The beasts such as the monks also moved, and after a short silence, they bowed to her body and worshipped three times, then left with the army.

I think this is entirely a false story compiled by the Sui and Tang people who are very romantic in later generations to express the enthusiasm of Mrs. Murong. Let’s not say whether there is any possibility of chaos in the army. Mrs. Murong said that it is impossible for such a thing to happen between the two. After all, it was a good old man at that time, and Mrs. Murong was already 60 years old. Even if she was mad and had a complex feeling of endless hatred and admiration for Mrs. Murong, she could not release such rhetoric in the eyes of the international community…

It can be seen that as long as the story is wonderful, the person who compiles the story can deceive the good public with the conscience and disregard of the laws of nature.

However, no matter how unreasonable the ending of the story, the Murong family of the world’s public servants did die out of this battle. One hundred elite family members escorted the eleven family members to escape the Bailuguan road because of war, ambush, water, and horror. Lost and some weather reasons, only my mother was the one who rushed to Tangjing City. She was holding the Princess Fuer, who was less than four years old at the time and stumbled at the gate of Tangcheng City. When the guardian soldiers came up, she had no breath.

Princess Fu lived like this, and as the last trace of Murong’s family, she entered Jinwu Palace and was enshrined as Princess Zhang Yi. And I, along with the first rays of light after the rain, came to this world.

Few people know that my mother is pregnant, and I have been growing for seven months under her large cloak. After the father died in the battlefield, the mother sent a glimpse of the last bloodline of the loyal martyr, and I was taken out of the mother by the medical officer after her mother died, becoming another orphan after the war.

After the same loyalty, she became a princess, and I did it.

There is no fairness or unfairness because fate always likes to stand on different heights and overlook us. Your loss today is often accompanied by the coming of the day. Similarly, too happy childhood will endure your blows and pains. The ability is greatly reduced so that it will fall even worse in future life, so in this way, it is not nonsense to talk about poor children. Of course, these were realized after I grew up. I never thought about it at that time, because I was too young to understand what it meant to be thinking.

The years are like a bird with wings, and it will become a bunch of white bones in the morning and evening. It is so ruthless, so cruel.

Then, I grew up, I have a name, my name is Hua Yan.


The growth I said is not very big, but it is three or four years old. Please don’t doubt my excellent memory ability, because I said to the world long ago that I was actually a gifted child. Although everyone is not very recognized, in their eyes, I am just an ugly one. Xunzi, it is impossible to have any deep wisdom, and I have to say that the world is sometimes too superficial.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot to say, I am a blind man, not too embarrassing, at most a half awkward, just walking and turning. However, the medical officer said that this situation may become more and more fierce as I grow older. I am angry that he has told me such a cruel fact that such a child is not kind. So I decided to ignore his words and treat everything he said as a fart, so happy to live my own days.

The days in the palace are actually not as miserable as the outside novelists said. What is the fight for the abortion of the palace, it is the shackles of those outside who can’t eat grapes, who are not responsible for us. In fact, in addition to the occasional aunts of the palace eunuchs, because of a few words and corners, they are still very peaceful. I have food and drink every day, no work, life is easy, and I am really happy. Because the palace people couldn’t have children, they were especially fond of the children in the palace who belonged to the lower class. I also had a lot of aunts and mothers.

From this point of view, my popularity is much better than Princess Fu. Perhaps because she had witnessed the cause of the war, she was always very sensitive. She often woke up at night, crying and saying that she dreamed of her mother’s father and grandparents, and always felt that she had no reason because she had no background. She then waited for the words to be slow. I remember once, I went to the pond to clean up the pond at ninety-nine and twelve-year-olds. When I saw me on the side of Jiuyi, I drove me back and said, “The children’s family is far from the pool. This pond is very slippery.”

At that time, Princess Fu had just passed by, and the words were red eyes. When I was in the past, I saw her standing under the dense sycamore tree, wearing a tender green skirt and tearing her head down. I went to ask her what happened. She told me that the father-in-law who cleaned the pool said that the shore of the pond was too slippery. It was not that the weeds were flourishing. These weeds were despicable things. They should not have been born in the palace. Like her, they are all unspoken and should be cleaned up.

I was too young at the time. I really couldn’t understand how she thought of this from a sentence. I wouldn’t be ashamed to ask me twelve. After listening to it, I said that I was very angry and said that I would never go to clean up the pond again.

However, he only talked about it all the time. Princess Fu said that she did not rely on the mountain, but in fact, her backing is very hard and hard. One is Luo Wangye and the other is Prince. The two men behind one represent the empress, one represents the emperor, who dares to say that she is not hard on the mountain, it is estimated that she dare to say.

There are only three children of similar age in the palace, and the feelings are naturally good. Of course, I can’t be included.

Just from the perspective of a child, I don’t think that Luo and the Prince really have such old friends. The Queen does not like the Prince, and even the dogs in the palace know that the story between these people is also tacit. When the prince is young, he is smart. When he first said that he had just climbed, he already knew that he would put stones in the Luowang shoes that he would just walk. I admire this point. I just thought that I would go when I left. I put nails on my twelve-stool stool.

My first meeting with the Prince was when I was four years old, the Prince was seven years old, and Luo Wang was eight years old. I am holding my little rabbit for twelve to play in the Royal Garden. Prince and Luo Wang are riding a group of little eunuchs to ride horses and snoring. Passing here will grab my rabbit. When I was four years old, I was still fair and just. I didn’t give up to the Queen’s arrogance because the Queen was in charge of the harem. When I saw the red lips and the white teeth, I was so beautiful that I wanted to give the rabbit to him. Luo Wang then angered, grabbed the rabbit and fell on the stone, suddenly the skin opened with blood and blood, the face of the Prince could not be hanged, and he had to start. In view of the time when the morning class is about to arrive, the two will make an appointment to fight again at night. The location is here.

So at night, I was invited to watch the battle together. Princess Fu also followed the Prince and Luo Wang micro-services, and I watched the cruel melee that was about to unfold under the bright moonlight. However, my emotions have not yet been brewed. The war was interrupted by the grass. The queen was wearing burgundy attire and stood with a group of palace people. Looking at Luo Wang with a frosty face, coldly said: If you are my words, you should be a slap in the face, right?”

Luo Wang bowed his head and did not speak. The palm of his hand was red and swollen, and there was a bloody star that oozing out. After all, the Queen couldn’t bear it. He picked up his hand and took a little bit of rubbing from the mouth of the mouth. He asked, “Is it painful?”

Luo Wang shook his head and shook his head. When the Queen saw it, he finally couldn’t bear to reprimand him. He took his hand and said, “Go back to the palace with me.”

After two steps and stopped, I said to the next palace lady: “Send the prince back to the palace. Tonight, all the duty palace people in the uterus will hit the 20th board.”

Her voice was cold, and she didn’t even look at the eyes of her eyes at the end of her eyes. After saying this, she took Luo and left. Princess Fu was in the same place for a moment, and also chased Luo Wang away. The palace man ran to the Prince’s side, and a picture of how to scare the past, shouted: “Yah! Prince, your knee is hurt, this They all bleed, and the slaves went to the medical officer immediately.”

The prince was wearing loose green robes at the time. There was no flower in the garden, a small face was dirty, and his eyes were bright like stars. He sat on the ground with a twist, looking at the back of the Queen and Luo Wang, silently lingered for a long time, then immediately pushed away to help his palace people, self-study, patted the soil, oblique The eyebrow said: “You are so scared, this is the red syrup, the prince himself dripping.”

He rubbed his sleeves twice and ignored it. He rubbed his hands and rubbed his hands. Like a small adult, he muttered as he walked and said: “Lilo, a bastard, finds a woman in a fight, and Laozi does not like to follow. He plays.”

He walked limping, his posture was very similar to me, and suddenly gave me a familiar feeling of being a fallen man, and quickly caught up with the first few steps to hold him. He looked over at me and frowned and asked, “Who are you?”

His words really made me sad. He may have forgotten that I sent him a rabbit this morning, and then that rabbit caused the bloody case tonight. However, I couldn’t say anything about it. I just had to say “I sent the Prince back to the palace.”

He sneered and asked me: “Are you afraid of being beaten?”

I was also angry, and my neck was stalking: “Afraid of a bird?”

He glanced, then he laughed and said, “I like you, go with me!”

This is the sentence, yes, it is this sentence, let me think back and forth in countless days and nights in the future, every time I think of it, I feel sweet. Even though we were still a child in the past, he didn’t even understand whether I was a man or a woman.

So that night I helped him like this, he limped on the left, I limped on the right, we walked together, and the harmony was extraordinary.

I think I will always remember that night.

(3) Fuxi

To be honest, Princess Fu is really a bull-headed (means stubborn). The specific performance is that she and Luo Wang have been so close to each other for so many years that they did not let a person know about it. After all, the Queen said in the harem that the status of the rivers and lakes, if Luo Wang is not willing, I really do not think that the emperor will reverse the Queen’s intention to hold this wedding. After all, Princess Fu has no great family background. Apart from the identity of this princess, I have not had a solid social relationship. Even if she marries Li Luo, it is no big deal. And with my understanding of the Prince, this person is occasionally a little bit unconstrained, but it is by no means the kind of person who won’t be able to catch the little white rabbit.

It is a pity that Luo Wang did not fight for the Queen. Princess Fu did not express obvious dissatisfaction on the day of the marriage, and the palace was full of joy and joy, and the Prince was also full of spring. I was already a member of the prince and the class. I was very effective in taking care of the horses in front of the horse. Together with my love for the prince, I was already a uterus. This wedding is very important to the Prince. It is the same for me. I launched my mothers and relatives in various palaces to make a concerted effort to make the marriage of the Prince do not leak.

However, the biggest drop of water is still exposed. Princess Fu is hanging on the sycamore tree. The tongue is long and the face is purple. It is really ugly to see how ugly it is. I think she would not die if she knew that she was so ugly after she died. At the very least, she would not choose such a death. But she was still dead, died in front of the Prince, and died on the day he came to marry her.

Luo Wang stood under the pomegranate tree in the court, staring at it with a gaze. The strange thing is that I didn’t read much pain from his gaze, but it was a kind of fire-like hatred like The water is pouring out like rain. I feel that the back is cold, and I don’t want to block the Prince.

Many years later, Luo Wangbing was defeated and died. The Prince decided to bury Princess Fu with him. Others may feel that the Prince is affectionate, but I still don’t think so. Nothing else, I just think that the Prince has still been invisible for so many years. Does Luo Wang really love Princess Fufu? Maybe not. In the status of the queen, if he pleads, this marriage will not be completed, and if he has given the Princess Fu a clear answer, then the muffin’s kind of awkward and even a small eunuch cleaning the pond can think of himself. The temper, I am afraid that the first time I will give up on the spot, I will jump up against it.

Perhaps, after all, it is only the wishful thinking of Princess Fu, from marriage to marriage, she is only waiting silently day after day. Waiting for a response, waiting for an answer, waiting for a reason to let yourself be brave and brave to live and resist. However, she couldn’t wait for it, so that a rope went clean, but left so many dirty things to tarnish the pure marriage that others should have.

I really look down on such a dead-hearted person. Can’t I eat apples without persimmons? What’s more, apples are better than persimmons.

I swear that I will never be such a blind person in my life.

But I forgot, I have made too many poisonous oaths in my life. For example, if I don’t eat meat, I have to lose weight. For example, I don’t read the novel notes at night. I have to go to bed early to avoid dark circles the next day. But no, I did it. Now, this one is also doomed.

Murong Fuer died in this way. Everyone felt very sorry. The kitchen was ready for the wedding banquet. Now it is going to be dumped and cannot be eaten. I feel very sad inside.

The Prince had eaten the meal as usual on the evening of the same day, and he strolled in the palace as usual for a while and went back to the palace to sleep.

I grabbed a scent of incense in the double-branched smoked stove, watched them burnt into the pale ash, and then smashed out from the copper hole and snarled in the air, like I saw the leaves of the early autumn, with a few bleak aesthetics in the mess.

The hall was quiet and terrible. The entire Jinwu Palace seemed to have died. Even the breathing did not consciously slow down. When I closed the window, I walked away with a light hand. When I walked to the door, I heard the Prince call me. He said, “Huayan, I should have known it.”

I stopped my feet and stood upright and respectfully. It’s no longer a child, and I don’t have a real face that can make me big or small in front of the master. I whispered: “What does the Prince know?”

“I never give it to the things I sent her. He just sent her a bunch of broken wind chimes, and she hangs up like a baby.”

Even though I always show my heartlessness, I can’t hide the clever nature of my snow and ice, but even in such a rush and embarrassing situation, it is difficult for me to find an appropriate answer at a time. He snorted and muttered: “It may be that the princess has a special taste, and he likes the tattered wind chimes.”

The hall was so quiet, my tail was resounding and fluttering, and it was scattered by the wind. After a while, the sound of satin rubbing sounded. In the deep credit, the Prince seemed to have turned over and pointed his back to me. He said faintly: “80% is, the girl’s eyes It’s very bad to play small.”

Then the Prince estimated that he fell asleep. Didn’t let me go and didn’t say let me stay. I simply sat down on the smoker, and the layer of fragrance shrouded me. The corners of the clothes seemed to be fragrant.

I know that the Prince is very upset, but I don’t know what to say. I have lived in the palace for more than ten years, and my eyebrows can still be seen clearly. If I really have a good-looking face, then maybe I will be like the ladies who don’t know how to be tall and thick, and I will gently comfort him to look forward to flying in the branches. If I have a prominent family, then maybe I also I will not be ashamed to ask my grandfather uncle, let me marry into the royal family to enjoy the glory, but unfortunately I have nothing, no appearance, no money, no status, no one, no one, and a small scorpion, can be in this prince In the palace, the difference is already squatting. What dare to dare?

I sighed with sorrow and anger, only that the palace was so quiet that there were no birds. After the prince was lying on the heavy bill, his body seemed to be a little thin. Tomorrow, he had to go to the eclipse to tell them to cook something good for the prince. Well, by the way, let them do something I love. When I think about it, I feel more comfortable in my heart.


Murong Fuer is dead, the days in the palace are still the same, no one can be sad and can’t eat, but because the preparation for the wedding is too tired, my sisters-in-law generally increase their appetite, and the fathers of the imperial family are very strong. I have had meat for a few days, and I don’t know what I thought was a good thing.

This is the case in the palace. The more the unfortunate thing is, the more the performance is to be expressed. Her Murong Fuer is looking for a tree that squats quietly. If she wants to come to the palace door, she will die. The aunts who are in charge will let us sing and dance every day to show that everything is normal and everyone is comfortable. In this way, Murong Fu’s death is somewhat meaningless.

The officials of the Ministry of Rites soon began to plan for the election of the Prince. The Prince seemed to have little interest in this matter. He was still young and could not understand the beauty of certain sports between men and women. Actually, I don’t understand. This is what I said in the 12th. I was convinced at the time, and I admired me twelve times. I think that his knowledge is really profound, but when I grow up, I know, actually I am ten. He did not understand the second, he was in the palace when he was six years old, and he could not realize the joy of sports in his life.

Everyone said that our Sui and Tang army is weak and the officials are inefficient. I think they are purely filthy. Within a half-month, they gave the Prince a glimpse of more than 100 bureaucratic materials, including temperament assessments, portraits, and talents. They were organized into a book and sent to the womb. Because it is not right, and it is not too demanding on the back of the family, so many local officials are also self-recommended, and they want to make a little incense with the Prince.

The prince threw these things to us in a few small palaces, let us help, and then we sat in the palace every day and looked at these things like a comic strip, engaged in internal elections, and occasionally the prince would give us some advice. But everyone knows that the more people who participate in this election, the more difficult it is to unify. Because everyone’s aesthetic vision is really too different, the discussion has not been able to find a clear result, and this incident has threatened the harmonious unity of the palace women in the womb for a long time. Finally, the Prince said Let us not grasp it. After listening to it, everyone agrees. This matter has been satisfactorily resolved.

However, this indirectly led to the quality of the first batch of ladies, and even two more than the iron by the guards Kong Kong Wu strong bodybuilding, I really do not know how their home painters painted such portraits to them. This is really confusing.

This is the day in the palace. Time is always confusing. When I was fourteen years old, my twelve babies died of acne. This is really a very tragic death method. When people listen, they will feel a sense of desolateness. In front of them, they will involuntarily show a picture of an old eunuch who has lost his life and rotted his ass. In fact, the actual situation is just because the old man is too reluctant, and he is not willing to go out and say that he can’t eat any food every day, and finally, his body is weak, and then his life is screaming.

At the time of his death, I was given the sole responsibility of sending him off as his only relative in the palace. I was not very old at the time. I knew that when he was going to die, he would tear the scorpion to cry. He seemed to want to tell me something, but he didn’t insert anything from the beginning to the end. He rushed his ankles and finally stretched his legs. Let go.

It’s really tragic to think about it now. After all, I have been working in the palace for many years. Later, I was still a small official. Maybe he wanted to tell me that he had buried his life’s savings before he died. Which of the gardens is under which the stones are, so that I have not received the inheritance and sent away my twelve scorpions. Under the land of the Sui and Tang dynasties, there is another secret treasure hidden by no one.

For a long time, I was bothered by this incident. I felt sorry for the fact that I had not been able to give me the money I had spent a lifetime in my life. The prince may feel that I am saddened by the loss of my father’s heart. I made an appointment to go out for a night. Before that, I never went out to the palace. I immediately expressed my heartfelt enthusiasm for this incident.

Then I prepared for a whole day, clothes, shoes, snacks, fruits, and prepared the materials for the legendary outing. I didn’t expect the Prince to put me in a car that night. Taking me out of the palace, I ran away from the smoke. As a result, the entire Guards Army followed me and I was chasing after the death of the iron. In order to enjoy the fun of the Prince, we could neither get rid of the pursuers nor be caught by people. This is simply too technical. In the end, I decided that I wouldn’t believe what I said in the future. Even if he told me that he was going to die, I would turn around and leave.

As a result, I still couldn’t reach the wish to see the palace. I just sat in the carriage and circled around the palace. Fortunately, the Queen’s affair with the Prince has always been ignored. If you meet the metamorphosis of the novel in the novel, it is estimated that I will be with it.

When the Prince came back the next day, he told me that he had heard a loyal little girl slave next to Yanbei Shizi of Daxia. When Yan Shizi’s family was killed in the holy palace, he followed him. Yan Shizi was rebellious, and even some of the relatives who had received the great grace of Yan Shicheng refused to associate with him. Only the little girl had followed him. The young age was strong and brave, and he was still very beautiful.

When the prince said this, he showed a very fascinating expression. It looked like he was talking about a certain lady of a certain adult family who had a pair of eyes and a slap in the eye.

I want to say that if you are rebellious, I will follow you.

But I didn’t say it. After all, I have heard a lot of stories. Everyone who follows the heroes of the disaster is a peerless beauty so that the beauty of the beauty and the extraordinary charm of the hero can be highlighted. I have never heard of the heroes of the dying heroes and the servants of the children. This is too unsightly. Even the most tolerant readers can’t accept it, so I said very well: “The Yan Shizi is a scorpion.” Toys, as long as you appear in front of the girl, she will cry and fall in love with you.”

The prince laughed proudly and said, “You are too talented.”

Since then, I have left my heart to the little slave girl of Yan Shizi, but because she is too far away, she is not a big man, and she still knows that she is still rare. I just heard that she is called Chu Qiao, as big as I am, and she is very fond of Yan Shizi. I am very embarrassed about this, and I am a servant. She knows her name and even the little girl who has never been to the palace. I am so obscured, but then I quickly relieved. After all, Yan Shizi only has her. A female slave, while the prince has countless palace ladies, and I am a palace lady. She is a slave. In terms of identity, I am still a little taller than her, so I think I am comfortable.

In this way, after a few years of confusion, Da Xia suddenly wants to marry the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Everyone knows that the ancestors of Daxia were the foreigners of Guanwai, and the soldiers took up the 18th state of Hongchuan in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. However, compared with the big summer, the ancestors of Huai Song were even hated. The Nalan family was the subject of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, but they conspire to create a banner against independence. Therefore, from the national sentiment, Huai Song is more important than Da Xia. Not to be seen.

The position of Prince Edward is empty for so many years, and someone should sit down.

The Prince had been on the road for half a year in advance, and he had done a lot of things in a big way. The outsiders said that he was absurd. In fact, I knew that he just took the opportunity to go out and play. In view of the enlightenment education given to me by my aunts in my childhood, I was overly afraid of the Xia people, and always expressed this fear unconsciously. There is no name on my list. I ordered a few to follow, and they were so happy that they sent me a dozen agate beads. I asked the little eunuch to help me get out and sell it. I made a small pen.

If the days have been going on like this, it is actually quite good.


Author’s note: In the Baidu Post Bar in 11 places, there is a piece called “Zi Yu Lan Lan”, which is a talented woman who wrote Li Ce as the first person. After I wrote several times, I wanted to write in the first person. After all, there is nothing to say. So I changed this way to write the outside of Sui and Tang Dynasties. The style of the brush and the body of the text are not very similar, so I didn’t put it in the published text. If you like it, let’s take a look.

Epilogue 12:  Fanwai Poppy

——[Someone said to me, love is tolerance, love is patient, love is tolerance, love is full of hope, love is as long as the other person is happy, you can stand on the other side forever, not close, not in line, just silently. However, my love is selfish, desperate, fierce, full of calculations and praying for rewards, both hurting and hurting others. However, it infiltrated my bone marrow, inserted into my heart, accompanied by the pulse of my pulse, death cannot stop. Is this not love? 】

The carriage passed through a few tortuous hutongs and stopped outside the Xiangxiang Gate. The face was covered with dense trees and lush foliage, almost covering half of the sky, and even the sun’s light was blocked. There is only one high-iron red wall, which becomes mottled under the polishing of the years, and the fingertips touch gently, and it will drop a piece of colorful wall.

A plain white hand held the cloak of the cloak, opened the curtain, the sun shone on her forehead, the wind blew through the hair, revealing a forehead, like the snow of the peak of the peak, the white is almost transparent, from the skin There was a cold and thin meaning inside and out, which made everything around us cold. Her eye tips were slightly provoked, and a bamboo umbrella with a green bamboo bone was used to cover the face, revealing only a thin chin.

Beier took the medicine box from the back and saw the eunuch in the road to negotiate with the guards. He shook his voice and said excitedly: “Master, here is the palace!”

She did not answer, just squinting and quietly looking at the bluestone pavement on the ground. After a day of rain, this will still not be clear, the raindrops are scraping along the wind, the light is thin and dark red, shining on her white coat, a circle of dim twilight.

Seeing her not snoring, Beier quietly spits out her tongue and learned her rules. At that time, the eunuch came over and smiled and said: “Shui Zhu, come with me.”

Shui Zhu nodded and said: “There is your grandfather.”

Her voice suddenly sounded, rough and dumb, and even the driver who drove the car was shocked. I didn’t expect such a goddess doctor to have such a scorpion, just like being burned by Fo Tan, people feel that there is some It is cold. The old eunuch couldn’t help but quietly looked at her again, only to see her smocking her hair, her face covered with a veil, covering the big half of her face, only showing a pair of eyes, black and black, deep bottomless, though It is a low-browed head, but it has a bit of exquisite color in the corners of the eyebrows.


She raised her eyebrows slightly and whispered, and the old eunuch slowed down and said, “Go here.”

After a few days of rain, even though the drainage in the palace is doing well, it will be water everywhere. The old eunuch knew the identity of Shui Zhu and did not dare to lighten her easily. She habitually squatted and took the initiative to help her with an umbrella. Shui Zhu did not refuse, and she walked on one side. Going to a corridor, Shui Zhu habitually turned left, and I heard that the old eunuch was surprised. “This is the third time that  Shui Zhu enjoys the palace. Is this a way to remember? I want to enter the palace that year. At the time, but I didn’t understand it for two or three years.”

Shui Zhu enjoys a slight sigh, and smiles and says: “I remember better.”

The old eunuch smiled and said: “Either you are a goddess doctor, you have the ability. Yang Lan Niangniang took the medicine you gave, and I saw it the next day.”

Shui Zhu enjoys a faint smile: “The father-in-law is polite.” After he finished, he did not trace the back half step, followed the old eunuch, and walked silently.

When I arrived at the Internal Supervision Department, I checked it out according to the example. The governor of the Shangli Superintendent trained a few words and handed her over to the consul of the Gan’an Temple. Since then, Beier could not continue to follow, and handed the medicine box to Shui Zhu, and said with a smile: “I am waiting for this master.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw Shui Zhu turning her head and silently glanced at her. Shui Zhu was so deep that she was so quietly staring at her, like a dark cat stone. Beier has been enjoying Shui Zhu for three years. Three years ago, Beijing was a popular snoring disease. She also died in snoring. Fortunately, she was blessed and was taken over by Shui Zhu. Although the master is cold and cold, he rarely speaks on weekdays, but she is still good. But now she has a chill in the eyes of Shui Zhu, and some whispers of fear screamed: “Master?”

Shui Zhu regained his gaze and raised his hand for her broken hair. The tone said softly: “Hungry?”

Beier is busy: “Not hungry.”

“Isn’t it a snack? If you are hungry, eat it first.”

When Shui Zhu enjoys such a kind of beauty and joy, Beier is somewhat flattered, but his heart is unsettled, and he smiles sweetly and says: “The children are not hungry. I wait for the master to go back and eat together at night.”

Shui Zhu no longer talks turned and the consul eunuch went. When he walked out of the yard, he turned his head and could see the Northern smiled and stood at the door. A small blush was like a good rouge.

How old is North? There should be fifteen, right?

A weak thought just rose in the bottom of her heart, and her brows wrinkled lightly. The rain will have stopped, but the air is getting colder. The consul eunuch is on the sidelines to meet the emperor’s attention. She listens silently, remembers it in her heart, walks for half an hour, and finally arrives at the Gan’an Temple. In addition, the insider went in to inform, and she stood outside and waited. She was a little nervous and her heart was pounding. She took a few deep breaths and couldn’t suppress this tension. The corners of the mouth behind the veil were very tight, and the look was extremely serious. In fact, since the first time I entered the palace three months ago, even when I entered the city again five years ago, this emotion has been holding her tight, a little nervous, a little excited There is a bit of warmth and even some expectations. Shui Zhu knows that this kind of emotion should not appear on her. Everything has a sideline that will lead to the complete failure of her plan, but she can’t restrain it, especially today, especially at this moment!

The temple door slowly opened, but it was not a consul eunuch, but a gorgeous woman wearing a blue-violet palace dress. The body was enchanting, face-to-face, and the clothes were luxurious. A pair of phoenix eyes slanted up and saw Shui Zhu enjoying a slight eyebrow. Asked: “Who are you?”

“This is the master of Shui Zhu that Yang Lan’s maiden recommended entering the palace as the emperor’s disease.”

The consul eunuch just came out together, and said that he quickly said to Shui Zhu: “Shui Zhu, not yet to Cheng Hao, please.”

Shui Zhu enjoyed a slight glimpse of his eyes, and he quietly made a circle on Cheng Hao’s face, and immediately greeted Cheng Hao: “Give me the mother.”

Her voice is peaceful, and a palace ceremony is also very thoughtful. It is not like a person who has just entered the palace. Cheng Hao does not make mistakes. His eyes are more and more gloomy. He said: “Looking like a thoughtful person. , but how do you still wear a veil? Who is allowed to wear this in the palace?”

The consul eunuch was busy: “If you return to the empress, the master of Shui Zhu is a practitioner, and it is not advisable to see a foreigner. Therefore, the veil has never been seen in the palace.”

Cheng Hao snorted: “Is the people in the hospitals all dead? Yang Lan is too confused. How dare you recommend the people outside to enter the palace? If something goes wrong, who can afford it?”

It is no secret that Cheng Hao and Yang Lan are not in harmony. Although Cheng Hao’s brother, Cheng Yuan, was a military minister, he also followed the emperor’s Nan Zheng North. However, Yang Lan is from the Huai Song clan, and his family is not strong enough to support the old ministers. Especially after the death of Queen Naran, the emperor has not had a new book. As a result, the two are even more prosperous. When the Consul eunuch saw her, she knew that it was going to be a bad thing, but she still had to swear by her scalp: “The Niangniang, Shui Zhu is a pro-disciple of Taiji, who is a good doctor, and the doctor is a doctor. Promise.”

Cheng Hao turned his head and glanced coldly at the consul eunuch, and then sneered aloud: “If this is the case, you will bring the master into it.” After that, the man went with impetuousness…

The consul eunuch wiped a cold sweat and enjoyed Shui Zhu : “Shui Zhu, come with your family.”

The door of the temple slammed open slowly, and there was a small fly ash dancing in the sun. Shui Zhu was standing outside the door. For a time, it was a bit embarrassing. I thought that I was dreaming, thinking that as long as I walked in, everything would still be It was a day when I went, my father and brother were still there, and she was still young and innocent.

However, after all, it was a dream, and the strange breath came to the surface. Although the furnishings here were so familiar, the taste changed. There is no more extravagant palace fragrance, no more colorful sleeves, and no one who has shadows, holding a cup and holding his head down, sing a song of praise and praise. The whole hall is empty, the palace lanterns are hung high, and there are several palace people standing underneath. The ink-colored squats are hanging down, embroidered with a tailed golden koi, and a large piece of rose, against which The lights are faintly glaring. In the depths of the heavy hustle and bustle, a figure sat there, bowed his head, seemed to be reading something, heard the sound, never looked up, the hall was deep so that Shui Zhu could not see his eyebrows.

Shui Zhu enjoys bowing to the man behind the consul eunuch, and the consul eunuch respectfully said: “The emperor, Shui Zhu has arrived.”

The above people did not answer, and the two people had to continue to bow their heads. The hall was quiet and afraid of people, and even heard the sound of embroidery on the chest of the palace. The heart Shui Zhu is violently beating in the chest, oh oh oh oh! Like a snare drum on the battlefield, it screamed and it hurt her throat. She put her hands on her lap and worshipped it with standard court etiquette. The light of time passed from her hair, solidified on her thin shoulders, and the slender neck, the frosty snow, the pale No blood.

“Get up.”

The low voice sounded in the depths of the hall, and there was no gentleness and no excessive indifference. It was so quiet, like a drop of Shui Zhu falling into a calm lake, swaying a circle of transparent ripples. However, it is such a simple word, but the back of Shui Zhu is instantly tightened, and the surface of the skin stirs up a layer of tiny paralysis. She stands head-on behind the consul eunuch, her hands seem to be naturally hanging in two On the side, the fingers are slightly curved, but the nails of the thumb are tightly pressed against the index finger, and the nails are poked. The pain is like a sharp, tiny silver needle that pokes on her violent tumbling sensibility.

“The emperor, this is the master of the Shui of Taiji.”

Yan Xun slightly looked up, and the day’s work made him a little tired. He put down the pen and pressed his left thumb to the temple, his eyes squatting slowly. His eyes faintly swept across Shui Zhu  and nodded. “Come here.”

After enjoying Shui Zhu, he walked up behind the consul eunuch, and Yan Xun extended his right hand and placed it on the book. Shui Zhu enjoys the bow, the veil covers the big half of the face, and the bangs hang down, even the eyes are covered. She looked down and looked like Shui Zhu. On the bottom floor that no one saw, it seemed to have dark snow, or the hand, slender, pale, and the belly was covered with a bow. The old man who left, the little finger broke a large section, and the new flesh became rough under the polishing of many years, with ugly scars.

She only took a moment to retreat, and she took back her mind and put her finger on the pulse of the emperor to diagnose him. Yan Xun couldn’t help but look at her. Most of the doctors would hold their hands when they suddenly saw his hand. This one adjusted his mind so quickly, but he was a smart person.

After Shui Zhu was diagnosed, he quietly stepped back and said with a low head: “The disease of the emperor is not a big problem. It is just overwork, lack of sleep. When you are poor, you will open a medicine. The emperor drank, pay more attention to rest. Naturally, it will be great.”

Her voice was low and dull, not like it was from her mouth. Yan Xun listened to her eyebrows and looked at her with a slight gaze. She said, “Is your voice born so?”

Shui Zhu enjoys the road: “Return to the emperor, when the poor and young children are in a big fire, the scorpion is also smoked.”

Yan Xun stopped talking, her eyes turned around her face, and she hanged again. At this time, there was a servant outside the hall to send the chapter, and the cold wind suddenly blew in. Yan Xun’s brow was slightly wrinkled, and the fingers holding the temple did not consciously use some force.

Shui Zhu enjoys saying: “There is also a set of massage techniques to relieve headaches. Do you want to try the emperor?”

The candlelight in the hall became brighter and brighter, the sun set behind the window, the twilight came, and the time passed slowly. The eyes of Yan Xun were also sprinkled like snow. He looked at Shui Zhu and his eyes were faintly brought. A little deep, silent for a moment, nodded: “Good.”

Shui Zhu enjoys a steady pace and walks behind him, stretching out a pair of white hands, pressing on his forehead, her fingers are cold, and the touch of the snow is like a mountain of cold snow, and the cold makes people feel tremble. Yan Xun was very self-conscious, feeling her flexible fingers pressed on her head, and the headache really eased a few points. Then he closed his eyes slightly and asked casually: “Your master is a new teacher?”

Shui Zhu whispered, “Yes.”

“Are you here for a few years?”

Shui Zhu enjoys the road: “There have been five years.”

Yan Xun’s mouth was pulled up, but there was no smile in his eyes. He said: “Where was it?”

Shui Zhu enjoys a calm voice and replies with a low head: “Chuzhou people.”

Yan Xun’s eyebrows picked up slightly, and he held a fist and put it on his mouth. He coughed and said: “Your emperor said it was good.”

Shui Zhu enjoys a low voice, but it no longer speaks. The hall is large, big and outrageous. I don’t know where it is blowing wind, fluttering, with a light fragrance. Shui Zhu enjoys a quiet, silent look at the person in front of him, although he is looking at the back, although he has never looked up since entering the hall, she still can imagine the appearance of that person. Yes, it must be like this, narrow eyes, deep vision, tall nose, thin lips, even the lip color is very light, always like that, like no disdain for anyone. How long ago, when Shui Zhu was standing there, the memory went back to the lost age, and she hid behind the brothers and sisters and was held tightly by the milkmaid, looking out from the gap of the crowd. Then I saw that the young man was coming far away. The other little princes and the younger generations were crying, and they were quiet, and they were red and swollen, and they were sent in with reluctance. Only him, his eyes wide and his smile, he did not have any fear of leaving the country as a hostage. He saw the crowd in his stupid look at his own self, but he mischievously blinked at himself.

Since then, it has been a series of bright days. The palace is so big, there are so many people, and his eyes can only see him one by one. At that time, she was still so small, the threshold in the palace was so high, almost higher than her calf. She ran a palace door together with a palace door every day, running full of sweat, just to hide in Shangwu I looked at him secretly outside the hall…

However, such days are still gone.

Shui Zhu enjoys silently, slowly and deeply, taking a deep breath, sweeping through the mountains and rivers of the sea of ​​knives and mountains, passing through the smashing and smashing Jin Ge iron horse, passing the shame of the shame and darkness. Finally, everything has dissipated. There is only this back in front of him, this man who has been straight and irony from beginning to end.

Shui Zhu’s right hand pressed his forehead, pressed his neck, pressed his shoulder, pressed his back, and seemed to have pressed her for a lifetime. She looked at him and looked at this. She had been chasing her life for a long time. She had been in love for a lifetime, hated her for a lifetime, and ruined her whole life. The heart was violently jumping, as if to jump out of the mouth, just like this, How is this not the best? She has been struggling, suffering humiliation, suffering, suffering, and waiting, isn’t this moment?

Her eyes flashed a sharp edge, her wrists twitched, and a soft silver light slipped from her sleeves!

The quiet scorpion of Yan Xun shimmered slightly, and the light was deep and deep as if he had seen through.

The palace lady in the plain palace dress came over with white charcoal at this time, and it was necessary to add fire to the incense burner after the screen. Yan Xun’s foot moved, stepping on the carpet, and slamming hard, suddenly, listening to the palace woman exclaimed to the side, and the pot of white charcoal in her hand to the Yan Shi Zi (Yan Xun other codename) and Shui Zhu to enjoy the two bowls!

During the time, the exclamations and screams of the palace people rang, and Shui Zhu’s enjoyment was also shocked by this sudden change. Yan Xun took advantage of this opportunity to retreat.

“Fast! Come on!”

The consul eunuch was shocked and even rushed to the side of Yan Xun, panicking up and down the clothes of Yan Xun, for fear that he burned a little bit. The lady had been stunned by the eyelids, and the guards rushed in and held her down, fearing that the “Assassin” would make another move. Although the empire has gradually become peaceful in these years, the imperial palace has never lacked such assassins who are not willing to spur, whether it is the unwilling former party or the big confidant who has lost their hiding, once and again. The sneak into the palace to intent to stab.

In the chaos of the temple, everyone was pale, as if they were enemies, for fear of being angered by the emperor because of this incident. However, Yan Xun did not say a word from beginning to end. He frowned tightly, and the wrinkles were so tight. It seemed to be somewhat puzzled, some doubts, and even some at a loss, but these did not detract from his majesty, his The eyes still staring at the man, seemingly to penetrate the broken hair of her forehead, pierce her thick veil, and keep looking into her heart.

The consul eunuch followed his gaze and saw Shui Zhu.

The guards were busy dealing with the assassin, summoning the doctor, and protecting the emperor. Only she was still standing there, her skin was pale, her eyes were blank, like a ghost of a ghost, there was no trace of blood. The clothes on her back were burnt and the neck was red, but these were not the most important. The most important thing is that she still has her arms crossed, like a straw man, and the clothes on her arm have been burned, and the red scorpion is a big fire.

“Ah!” The consul eunuch shouted: “Save people!”

A bucket of water slammed on her body, she was in a mess, her arm was burnt, and several palace people rushed to help her, and she heard the consul eunuch hurriedly said: “I still don’t want to help Shui Zhu.” Go to the temple, go to the doctor.”

The ladies promised to help her and go out.


He suddenly shouted, and the voice was very cold, like burnt incense ash, with sullen sputum, and opened a layer of gorgeous extravagant brocades and passed them to her ears. The wind and rain outside the window, the rain slipped across the corrugated, and the sound of a drip, against his quiet tail, clearly echoed in the empty hall.

“You… turned around.”

The light in the room is dim, and it seems to be a bit strange. The bright yellow light of the open arms is quietly burning, and the light is sprinkled on the back of the swallows. The plaque on the gold thread, dragon claws, faintly seems to break through the black brocade to fly away, he frowned, the ear only heard the thunder of the sky rolling, so far, so close.

Shui Zhu is standing there, but it seems that nothing can be heard. The world is terrible, everything in front of it has become ethereal. These years of humiliation and heavy burdens, nine deaths, such as the funeral dog fled and fled, nausea planning, and the lonely pain every night, suddenly became cold ash, no longer a little bit of heat. She looked down and looked at the brocade gauze with a pair of jade phoenixes holding a brocade, a small wind blowing through it, fluttering like rootless duckweed, like her Generally, this life, this life, has never really been in your own hands.

That’s it, her mouth is touching, but she can’t even pull a bitter smile.

Just like this, what else can you do? After all, after all, it’s useless, stupid, so squatting to nothing!

She clenched her lower lip, biting her death, almost biting her lips. She didn’t know what she was thinking at the moment, why the needle couldn’t go down, and she still held her hands in front of her.

Is it crazy? Is the brain unclear? Is it magic?

Still, still, there are still such disgusting thoughts in my heart, ten or twenty years of unforgettable?

She suddenly wanted to cry, and she wanted to cry out desperately. She had to cry through these years, the tiredness of these years, the painful shame of these years, and never dare to struggle in the nightmare every night… However, when did these eyes dry up? Is it the day of flight from defeat? Or is it the day of humiliating Cheng Huan under the old man? Or is it the moment when the group of animals tears their clothes?

Or, many, many years ago, she wore a red wedding dress, sitting in the night sky filled with fire, watching the two people riding a horse, hand in hand and rushing out of the night of the true city gate?

The rain on the outside became bigger and bigger, and suddenly a corner opened the window, the cold wind blew her coat, like a child sitting on a swing wrapped in wisteria, the scent of the lavender flowers Light and fragrant, the wind blows from the ear, raises her skirt and bursts, and the palace girl pushes hard, she flies high. The sky is so close, it seems to be able to touch it when it reaches out. The clouds are white, like the babes and sheep that are often spoken by the mother. The brothers’ screaming in the Shangwutang is like a layer of waves, clear and loud. Resounding in your ear.

The sun was warm at that time, the air was full of joy, she was so small, so young, the eyes were clear like Shui Zhu in the sea, she stretched her legs straight, as the swings came and went Gao, the eyes flew out along the high wall, crossed the red wall and the golden tile, crossed the heavy palace, and saw the ink-painted firewood door. She saw him standing in the courtyard, his eyes were cold, his eyes were deep, the wind blew through his clothes, and then the whole person seemed to fly away, and even his face seemed to be covered with a layer of smoke. The fog was getting bigger and bigger, and it was getting thicker and thicker. It was finally covered up in layers of time and could no longer be found.

“Shui Zhu, the emperor calls you, Shui Zhu?”

The consul eunuch yelled anxiously, but she did not move at all. The face of Yan Xun was hidden in the lingering agarwood. Looking at the back of her sloppy clothes, she suddenly seemed to understand…

Yan Xun looked at her for a long time, and then quietly asked: “You called Shui Zhu to enjoy?”

She didn’t answer, she didn’t turn around, she just stood silently.

Yan Xun asked again: “Do you live in Taiji?”

She did not answer, the static needle in the hall could be smelled, the candlelight shone on her, and a long shadow dragged on the ground, so slim, like a soft touch, it would fall to the ground.

Yan Xun’s tight eyebrows gradually loosened. He looked at her silently, looked so long, crossed the enmity, and finally said in a whisper: “Let’s go.”

It was like cold Shui Zhu suddenly poured into the cavity, so that the throat of the choked throat became more and tighter, and the fingers of Shui Zhu that hang on both sides shivered gently. After several efforts, it was impossible to hold the fist. Those persistent, those shame, those days and nights like the scorpion locusts licking her heart and lungs hatred, suddenly burst in such a light word. The heart that she has been clinging together with grievances in the past few years has been broken, so empty, so painful, so cold.

“Shui Zhu, the emperor told you to go, let’s go!”

The eunuch, who has become a consul in the palace for a long time, has also noticed a trace of unusualness. He is busy whispering on the side. Shui Zhu enjoys a quiet breath, lifts his feet and walks slowly. The candlelight sways in the hall. Yan Xun seems to be bored, retreating the attendant, still sitting down before the book that has just been packed, and reviewing it with his head down. The remaining pieces of the chapter, Zhu pen slipped through the bright yellow enamel, making a soft sound. The wind blew, picking up the water and enjoying the gray robes of the robes, revealing a pair of cloth shoes inside, the pace is calm and graceful, that is, the scorpion that has entered the palace for many years is also inferior.

The servant opened the door, and the slanting wind was blowing on the cold rain, and it was cold and cold. Shui Zhu enjoys a foot out of the temple door, half of the shoulders are also exposed outside the door, she should have left, but should also go, but somehow, she suddenly stopped her body, so life, dead. There is no longer a step.

The consul eunuch raised his eyebrows and stepped forward. He grabbed her arm and said: “Let’s take the master away.” After that, she couldn’t help but tell her to go outside.

The small eunuch of the main hall immediately came to close the door, and the eunuch of Shui Zhu was obedient, and his head was lowered, and the night wind blew, and she suddenly blew her veil. When the consul eunuch snorted, she let go of her head and bowed. She turned to the side and turned her eyes slightly. She then looked in through the unclosed door. In the darkness of light and shadow, he sat alone, did not look up, but the pen stopped.

One inch and one inch of the door of the temple, she remembered so many things, so much she has forgotten things for a long time. At that time, the young and splendid, they were still young, the days were like mountains and rivers, and the joyful flow of those bright and lively days.

How long has it been, how long it has not been remembered, and she thought she had forgotten it for a long time.

However, at this moment, she stood here, and those memories were like the torrents of the midsummer, and instantly broke the barrier of her seal.

At that time, the great summer was at its peak, the father’s body was very good, and his brothers were still young, and they were occasionally fighting, and they also took the child’s innocence and joy.

At that time, her eyes were too pure, and the thoughts were too simple. She could not see the sacred bones buried under the golden palace, and could not see the blood-stained blade covered under the colorful brocade. Even the rush was over. A rumble of drums was also suppressed by the drums and songs in the deep palace. She is deceiving herself to live in her own world, dreaming that she will marry him one day, and then follow him for a lifetime, take care of him, believe him, listen to him.

If, if life is only as early as seeing, is there no future knives and shadows?

At the end, who is wrong?

“Shui Zhu, your veil.”

Shui Zhu enjoys turning around and the consul eunuch is stunned. Although she has never seen the true face of Shui Zhu, she has only covered her nose and mouth and never covered her eyebrows. However, it was only for a while that her whole person seemed to be twenty years old, her eyes were wrinkled, her eyes were white and snowy, especially her eyes, and she was full of calmness and deepness when she first saw it. The vicissitudes of life, the loneliness of loneliness.

“Thank you.”

Shui Zhu has taken over the veil in the hands of the consular eunuch, and he no longer wears it. He turns to walk outside the temple, and he does not need to be guided. His familiarity is like his own garden.

The sound of “砰”, the heavy temple door finally closed completely, the wind screamed, like a bird crying at night, flying over the dome of the Holy Palace. A small eunuch supported the umbrella and caught up. The consul eunuch woke up and hurried to catch up, but saw the thin and thin figure of Shui Zhu slowly walking in the long Yong Lane, the night was filled with mist, and the rain hit her shoulder. On, like a ghost of ghosts.

On this day, it was the fourth day of September in the 14th year of Kaiyuan. In the same year, the first day of the twelfth lunar month, a fire broke out in the East Taiji of the Imperial City. The fire raged day and night, and the whole temple was burned.

On the evening of this day, the Jing-Jing Guards commanded A’Jing to enter the palace. Yan Xun was eating at the time. After A’Jing’s leadership bowed, coldly said: “Taiji’s Shui Zhu enjoys the master’s departure.”

Yan Xun eyebrows picked and asked: “Dead?”

“No, it is gone.”

Yan Xun faintly sighed, bowed down to continue to drink porridge, asked: “You have not eaten yet?”

A’Jing wanted to say that he ate, but he felt that he couldn’t bully him. He replied honestly: “Chen Gang has come from the company and has not eaten yet.”

Yan Xun said casually: “Sit down and eat together.”

A busy person said: “Chen daren.” (daren means Adult)

Yan Xun did not insist and ordered the palace girl to put another table for him. A’ Jing sat on the small stool on the side and ate a small bowl of porridge. Seeing that he had finished eating, Yan Xun told him to retire. A’ Jing was puzzled. Finally, he whispered the question: “The emperor does not want to know where she is going?”

Yan Xun said faintly: “You don’t have to know.”

“Don’t you continue to send someone to monitor her?”

In the incense burner, the cigarettes in the Ding are fascinating. The palace lady wearing the rain-blue palace dress stepped forward and grabbed a golden spice in the golden furnace. After a moment of silence, Yan Xun said in a whispered tone: “No need.”

A’Jing regretted his mouth when he finished speaking, and he left the hall after Diane.

The hall is dark, and the outside of the temple is snow-capped, reflecting the bright moonlight. The four of the photos are pale, but after all, there is a blackness that is lingering, and stubbornly squatting in the shadows in the corner.

When the lights in the hall flashed, they extinguished themselves. The eunuch, the chief supervisor of the inner guard, bent out and walked out. The eunuch of the history hall waiting to be greeted and asked: “Which maid is calling tonight?”

“No one is calling.” The chief eunuch’s index finger and the thumb buckled a circle, making a gesture of imperial mood: “The emperor has fallen asleep.”

The hall was as quiet as water, and Yan Xun lay on the dragon couch and squinted his eyes.

The night is so long.


Author’s note: The publishing editor hopes that I can add a little more to the publication, so I wrote this. Unfortunately, Li Ce’s youngest son was finally replaced, so just put it here.


Epilogue 13: Continuation – Defending Ximeng Reincarnation. One

It is faintly visible that time lapses between the fingers, upstream, and that year, the grass grows long, the sun boy sits on a dense tree, picks up a pine cone and hits the girl’s hair. The girl turned back angrily and raised a middle finger, a distant plan. It was ridiculous, but the other party thought it was an apology. The years have come from “I will always be by your side” to “We have been cut off from here” and finally reached the end point where we can no longer continue. Occasionally, I dreamed back at midnight, remembering that the young and innocent face many years ago was already blurred and I couldn’t see my eyebrows. Only the words that floated in the wind always echoed in my ear–“I will help you once again. I am not surnamed Yan!”

But after all, I still forgot the vow of anger. Just like the later promises, it was torn apart.

The hair is broken, the eyes are clear, the picture is old and worn, but it is still pure and bleak.

It turned out that time has passed so far, only those memories, hidden in the depths of my mind, turned into lonely migratory birds, can not go, has been. Finally, the years told them that everything has been reincarnation.

The wind is blowing, but she doesn’t feel cold. She has gotten too much compared to this cold world. The wounds of youth gradually drifted away, covered with dust, and gradually became a monument to the face. The past is like the wind, flying in the air in a mess, like a broken paper basket, breaking free of the line, never to return.

The hoof sounded behind her, but she did not look back. Then, a forceful arm wraps around her waist, so she keeps her tightly, and the voice of the man’s sticky vinegar sounds sour in the ear: “How? And the old lover is finished. Already?”

Chu Qiao turned his head and looked at Zhuge Yue’s face, which was obviously thinned during the day. He suddenly reached out and hugged his waist, buried himself on his chest, silently saying nothing.

Zhuge Yue was suddenly panicked. According to the normal situation, Chu Qiao at this time should put out the posture of the beauty king and his own bickering. Isn’t it too strange now?

“What’s wrong?” Zhuge Yue pushed her shoulders, frowning, and suddenly the screaming voice said: “Is the surname Yan’s bullying you?”

Chu Qiao did not speak, but only leaned in his arms. In the cold wind, her thin body is particularly thin.

Someone suddenly became angry, so you are a swallow, I am willing to lend my wife to you for a while, even dare to bully me?

Zhuge Yue pushed Chu Qiao and strode to the horse. He walked and said: “I am going to repair him!”

“Don’t go.”

Chu Qiao suddenly grabbed him, wrapped around his waist from behind, cheeks on his cold armor, like a grass relying on a big tree. The wind blew from a distance, rolling up the Eyre snow on the ground, and Zhuge Yue turned helplessly, hugged his wife, and whispered like a child: “Star, what’s wrong with you?”

“I am fine.”

Chu Qiao shook his head: “I just missed you.”

The moonlight is light, but I can still see the smile that someone’s mouth is gradually pulling away. Zhuge Yue tried to control his own joy and did not want to be so obvious. Gently coughed up the scorpion and said: “I only walked for a few days, how come more and more like a child.”

“A few days?” Chu Qiao leaned in his arms and said with a sullen voice: “But how do I feel that it has been a long time?”

Zhuge Yue smiled more happily, bowed his head and kissed Chu’s forehead: “Well, it’s cold here, let’s go back.”


Chu Qiao cleverly followed him to the horse, two people took a ride together and did not drag, so slowly walked to the camp.

“Hey, don’t be so arrogant in the future, I will be worried.”

A slogan, called Zhuge  Yue bones are mostly crisp, were to pay attention to what she said, and quickly put on the appearance of a model husband, nodded: “Well, listen to you.”

“If you have three long and two short, what can I do with Yunzhou Pearl? Without you, how can I live?”

Chu Qiao has always been thin, sweet and whispered like the rain clouds in the desert. It is so abnormal now, and some people still remember the problems of the scenery.

“I see.”

” Ten thousand Yanbei, 10,000 Qinghai, and 10,000 Simons together, there is no one for you. If you do something in the future, you must first think about me. If you have something, I am sure. Will not live alone.”

Chu Qiao is still continuing the tenderness offensive.

Finally, the Qinghai King’s defense line fell. Someone who never apologized broke the case and bowed his head and made a little rabbit: “Xinger, I know it is wrong, I should not worry you.”

“Well, you know.”

“I must remember.”

“Okay, let’s go back, I am hungry.”

“it is good.”


Since love, it is time to speak boldly.

Chu Qiao, who has just been enlightened, has played this sentence to the fullest. What’s more, when you say these words, you can let someone forget some unpleasant topics. Why not?

The north wind is rolling, the snow is flying, and the people who walk alone are only shadows, and the people accompanying each other are in harmony. In this world, power, status, money, and authority are open to all those who are persevering and indomitable. Only love can only be obtained by sincere people.

Under the setting sun, Zhao Che Zhao Wei stood under the big Xiahuangqi, and looked at the Yanbei and Qinghai two-color battle flags that accompanied him back, and could not help but see.

For a long time, Zhao Che’s mouth was dragged, and he turned to the Northland for many years, annihilating countless Northland countries, and Zhao Che, who created a large base, smiled at Zhao Wei: “The world is big, no wonder, those three people can join hands together, we two What kind of strength is it?”

Zhao Wei disdained a turn, faintly said: “I have not been to fight with you, you have been chasing after my ass.”

Zhao Che’s brow wrinkled, not thinking: “Would you not run me when you were in the civil war, I was driven out of Simon by Yanzi’s kid? It’s still light to beat you twice.”

Zhao Wei immediately replied: “I was in the trap of Yan Xun, but it was you, there is such a good opportunity to get rid of me, don’t you do it?”

Zhao Che said with anger: “You are a dead boy. You have been a virtue since childhood. You and my brother, what do I do to get rid of you?”

Zhao Wei’s mouth: “Brother, hehe.”

Zhao Che “most looks at your yin and yang look!”

Zhao Wei: “I can’t see each other’s virtues of each other’s false righteousness!”

Zhao Che: “I beg your pardon, believe it or not, I really dare to beat you?”

Zhao Wei: “Come on, who is afraid of who?”


Wei Shu Ye stood behind the two men and sighed helplessly.

“Oh, it’s not a teenager. For so many years, I still can’t let go of this face. Who was watching Zhao Che’s effort to play Ximo’s night, secretly making up for the Northland Horse Thief, going to the city of Ximo’s night to play the autumn wind? Who is it, watching the heavy snow under the border of the Northland, fearing that Zhao Wei’s food and grass will not be able to meet, and deliberately let 20 soldiers escorting 200 cars of military food, and then being robbed? This brother, though not a mother Life, temperament is really outrageous.”

The war eagle circling, the screaming sounds, the dog licking this big cockroach, finally have to come to an end.


The dog was stunned, but under the attack of various forces, it did not hold on for half a year. Three months later, most of the canines had withdrawn from the Simon map. Only some small-scale hooligans that could not escape were hidden in the mountains. Sooner or later, they were not buried in the mouth of the beasts or died in the hands of the angry Yanbei people. Jing’an Wang Hao Zhao Yuer did not know where he was in the war. This result, although letting the people hate the teeth, it also made many people have a heart. After all, there is also the army of the great summer in the coalition. If you catch the big summer princess, you really don’t know how to deal with it.

Yan Xun integrated the Great Yan cavalry, and together with Zhuge Yue’s coalition forces, they chased the Meilin Pass, and the dog and the scorpion were beaten. I believe that it would be difficult to recover without thirty or fifty years.

In October, most of the troops responsible for the recovery were returned. The captives of the captive and cavalry were more than 100,000. They walked on the Yanbei Plateau and succumbed to the glory. There was no such thing as the original.

On the third day of November, the snow in the Yanbei Plateau was sunny and clear.

The Quartet Wenwu Baiguan, gathered in the Xishan Mountain Goddess Peak, the army stretches, a hundred officials are in the tide, the various flags and armor cover the sky and the number of miles.

Before the high temple in the foothills, on the stone temple built by the Zealand stone, the two-faced goddess looked mournful and looked down on the world. Zhu Dan brocade, dark prayers, red and black contrasts flying high above the stone temple, just like the goddess uplifted abdomen and sharp tomahawk, guardian and killing coexist.

Da Yan Emperor Yan Xun, Qinghai Lord Zhu Gezhen, Da Xia Wang Zhao Che, Da Xia Bing Ma Du Tong Zhao Yu, and Sui and Tang Dynasties beauty Wang Chu Qiao and Jian Guo Tai Fu Sun Yi, together with signed the famous “Goddess Peak” treaty”.

Article 28 of the Treaty stipulates that relevant consultations have been made in military, commercial, political, and diplomatic fields. Sui and Tang Dynasties, Daxia and Qinghai also officially recognized Dayan’s dominance over Hongchuan’s eighteen continents and Huai’s territory. It is also stipulated that there will be no fighting in the past 30 years, and the people of Simon will have a peaceful land.

This treaty has been going on for more than seventy years, until the reign of the king of the dynasty of the celestial celestial celestial celestial celestial celestial celestial celestial empire, was annihilated by the second generation of the great emperor Zhao Zhao, and the Sui and Tang dynasties attacked the summer and broke out on the border. The famous Tang Dynasty World War II was the first knife soldier after the rise of the “Goddess of the Gods” Treaty.

In the past 70 years, Simon’s economy has developed rapidly, the people’s customs are open, trade is developed, and politics is clear. Driven by Qinghai, under the strong leadership of the Beauty King, the Sui and Tang Dynasties reformed the social system in 1976, revised the law, abandoned the original slavery, and changed to the feudal system.

Five years later, Dayan broke out the Shilin reform that shocked Simon. Yanhuang responded to the public opinion, eliminated slavery, and completed the transformation from slavery to feudalism. Yan Xun also received the unanimous support of the people. Table, respected by the “Bei Ci Da Di”, Yan Xun resolutely destroyed the clan forces, vigorously selected the Bai Ding officials, firmly control the military power, and greatly consolidate the Da Yan regime. In the past three hundred years, the big Yan iron rides across the Simon, and it is invincible.

Under the leadership of Zhao Che, Da Xia eliminated the Northern Ross Empire and the Maro Empire and expanded hundreds of thousands of miles to the north. He established an unprecedentedly powerful Da Xia Dynasty, and the vast territory of the country, even Da Yan was too far behind. Only after Zhao Che’s hundred years later, his descendants and grandchildren were unable to maintain such a huge empire, and finally, let the Xia Dynasty diverge again. Fortunately, the 14th King Zhao Wei has been operating on the border of the North for several decades. At the critical juncture, he has gathered the great wealth of Zhao Che and the years and continued to maintain the rule of Xia in the North.

Qinghai declared independence in 1971. The national name is “Qing”, the national flag is Xingyue Tonghuiqi, Dingdu Haiqing, Qinghai Wang Zhuge Yue is the emperor, and the honorary number is Baiyuan. In 1979, it was officially renamed Daqing Baiyuan. One year. After the Qinghai King took office, he abolished the Hougong system, abandoned the post, and set up a single wife. The beautiful Wang Chuqiao was the mother of Qinghai, participating in the national government and assisting Qinghai Wang in his life. She can be seen behind every Qing government decree.

Because Qinghai Wang’s monogamy system is similar to the emperor’s system in the Western Region, the Beauty King is also known as the First Emperor of Qinghai or the Beauty Emperor.

Because the policies of Baiyuan Emperor and Beauty Huangfu were enlightened, Qinghai became the richest country in the mainland after 30 years. The economy is developed and the technology is leading. In 321 years of the Qing Dynasty, Qinghai took the lead in the industrial revolution, and science and technology radiated the whole of Simon, which drove the scientific development of the whole continent.

Fifty years later, in the case of a democratic political uprising in Qinghai and the inability of the royal family to suppress, under the leadership of the emperor, Wenwu Baiguan opened the national crisis book left by the Baiyuan Emperor and the beautiful emperor four hundred years ago. After reading it, I took the initiative to reorganize the state power. Qinghai has embarked on a democratic and republican social system. It is more than 1,800 years old than the western countries on the other side of the ocean.

Time flies like a flood. In the third year after Simon defended, Chu Qiao gave birth to the third son, Zhuge Yue. In Qinghai, the National Day of Daqing, in the Xingyue Palace, a happy party.

On the banquet in the 100th banquet, Zhuge Yue holds this son who is most friendly to himself and is happy.

Can you be upset? Chu Qiao gave birth to three children, the first one was naughty and quirky, and he smashed his eyebrows and smashed his wife. The second one is Li’s boy’s jealousy. Li Qingrong is attached from birth. Other men can’t hold it. Even his father is no exception.

Fortunately, there is a cloud now.

Zhuge Yue holding this child, looking left and right, how to see how to feel like himself. Look at this eyebrow eye, live off is your own copy.

“Son, give the father a piece of music.”

The little guy heard the words, and whether he could understand it, he immediately returned to him with a big smile. Zhuge Yue’s people are next to him: “Look, my son is so smart, I can understand my words so small.”

Most people replied with a warm smile and praised Xiao Shizi. Only Liang Shaoqing, a guy with a sly view, was drinking sour and sipping, and said coldly and warmly: “When Yunxiao sees this child, he is a smiling face, and he is not alone to you.”

Zhuge Yue’s eyebrows are picking up, and this little boy hasn’t been repaired for a long time, and he’s going to settle with this person who has repeatedly married his wife. On one side, because she recognized Mei Xiang as a righteous woman, she even rushed to the ear of Zhuge Yue’s ear with a sudden rush of wisdom from the Maoling medical doctor who had just become Liang Shaoqing’s old man.

Have to say that ginger is still old and spicy. Mr. Qingzhu’s remarks actually stopped Zhuge Yue’s footsteps.

After seeing him for a moment of silence, he resolutely handed Zhuge Yue, who had just been a baby, to Mei Xiang, and turned to the main hall and went to the inner hall.

Meng Feng is now pregnant, and He Xiao is at home all day long. It is difficult to get a trip today. Seeing Zhu Gezhen can’t help but wonder. Doubtful asked: “Why did you go to your Highness?”

Mr. Qingzhu smiled, and the brain turned around in the seventh month of the month. He said very slyly: “Everyone is a man who has been a beggar. If you do this, don’t say it.”

He Xiao heard the words, a slight glimpse, then suddenly realized, and couldn’t help but laugh.

Only the monk of Liang Shaoqing Zhang Er couldn’t touch his mind, frowning and asking again and again: “What happened? What are you talking about?”

Mei Xiang held the cloud, and he couldn’t help but blush on his face. He slammed on his lap and suddenly heard a pig-like cry on the hall.

Among the inner halls, Chu Qiao has long been arrogant and panting, the nails slipped through the back muscles of Zhuge Yue, the sweat ran down the fragrant shoulders, and the drops fell in the tide red gauze.

“…Zhuge Yue…Mr. Gao is not saying…my…my body…”

“Call… he just said yes…”

The gums creaked, and the temperature of the warm-up account was hot until the banquet in the front hall dissipated, and Zhuge Yue’s long-felt desire was vented. After the cloud received the rain break, the two men embraced each other, and Chu Qiao leaned on Zhuge Yue’s arms, quietly closing his eyes, and his fingers unconsciously painted circles on his chest.

Suddenly, this woman, who was hailed as Simon’s first general, raised her charming eyebrows and bit her red lips. She asked: “Zhu Gewei, I have three children, are you old? You will Don’t you deny me?”

Zhuge Yue slanted a pair of Dan Fengyan eyes staring at her, but saw her hair messy, sweaty, because of production, the whiteness of the chest is particularly large. The flame that had just been extinguished could not help but ignite.

“I will tell you with practical actions immediately, do I dislike you.”

The voice of the evil spirit suddenly sounded, and the second round of wind and rain came instantly.

After four games in a battle, Chu Qiao’s tired eyes could not be opened. He leaned on Zhuge Yue’s arms and slept in the groggy.

Zhuge Yue wiped the sweat from her forehead, covered the quilt, and then held her in her arms and whispered: “Star?”


Chu Qiao closed her eyes and did not know that he heard no, and the sullen should be heard.

Zhuge Yue’s eyes were as soft as spring water, bowed her head and kissed her in her eyebrows. The lips are gentle and long-lasting. Finally, his voice slowly said: “I will always love you.”

The red candle burned high, and someone in his sleep didn’t know what his husband had said when she was asleep.

It’s a long night, this life is going through the storm, but fortunately, there are countless such nights ahead, so that they can sleep together.



Author’s note:[End of the book]

This is the final outcome, 11 is completely over, thank you all for your support.

Epilogue 14: Continuation – Defending Ximeng Reincarnation . Two

——[I love you, I will love you forever. 】

“Is the person coming in front of Qinghai?”

A fine horse galloped, asked loudly, but could not hear any response from the opposite. I saw the army of the canines being like the fruits cut off by the waist. A man wearing a pale blue armor slashed his knife. Because he was far away, he could not see the face of the man. He has a superb knife and a superb martial arts. One person has a knife and a sword, and the killing will come, and the army of the canines will be torn apart.

“Your Majesty, the opposite may be the army of Zhuge Yue, the king of Qinghai.”

Yan Xun brows and flies, watching this and his own old rivals for a lifetime, could not help but give birth to a few points that have disappeared for a long time. With a long laugh, he said to him, and he said, “That will be him in the past.”

At this time, the battlefield was already in chaos, and the canines were forced to desperately, and they were mad, and they played without rules. The generals of Qinghai and Dayan watched their coaches rush forward like a string of arrows, and they almost didn’t jump from the moment.

This, this, this, what is going on?

The Emperor (Wang) has never been like this? I don’t care about my own security, so I don’t care about the big picture, so I’m so rash, so…

These people can’t think of any other words, they can only follow the life, but they still can’t catch up with the invincible figure in front.

The two are martial arts high-powered people, and they are all arrogant, but my temper is up, I think that I am invincible in heaven and earth. I will be the opposite of my life, how can this be defeated in the face of old opponents.

Blood and corpses are covered with the earth, blood flows across the river, and the red scorpion snows. Zhuge Yue and Yan Xun rushed in the opposite direction, all the way, such as the two hell devils, wherever they went, no one can be a good match. The canines were scared by them. In the beginning, they wanted to kill the two guys who were ignorant of the big officials. But gradually, they became chasing after them, thousands of people. The situation of running away in front.

Time passed by little by little, and the follow-up army was followed up, and the dogs and men were defeated, and they fled to the North. Zhuge Yue and Yan Xun met, and immediately before the filming, the army was fighting, who would not let go of this opportunity to take the dog and sweat king.

From late night to dawn, from dawn to dusk, and from dusk to late night. The earth is like a beast, the horseshoe is stepping on it, and a rumbling sound is heard. Everyone is red-eyed, and under the leadership of two men like the gods, they are chasing after the defeated canines.

The vast snowfields were silvery, and the canines were finally trapped on a narrow hill. Dayan’s cavalry was still less than 20 people, and the rest went to the hills with Zhuge Yue’s people. Yan Xun killed for a night, wounded on the arms and thighs, hunger and bloodshed, had to rest.

Zhuge Yue was not good at where to go, but he has always been more willful, not willing to heal, just sitting on the horse and panting.

After a while, the hooves came from behind, and the cold face of Yan Xun suddenly caught his eye.

Zhuge Yue slanted his eyes and looked at him. He didn’t know what to think. He suddenly untied the wine sac at the waist and handed it over.

Yan Xun slightly frowned, did not pick up the wine, just looked at him faintly, without a word.

Zhuge Yue sneer sneered: “Why I am afraid that I will poison you?”

Yan Xun is very honest nod: “Yes.”


Zhuge Yue coldly screamed the cork will be opened when you get back to the wine sac. Who knows that Yan Xun’s hand is long, he stretched over and took away the wine sac, and opened the cork and took a sip. After rubbing it, I wiped my mouth and dismissed and sneered: “Qinghai is really a backcountry, and the wine produced is hard to drink.”

Zhuge Yue immediately said: “Will you taste wine? It must be in your heart, the best wine is Yanbei burning knife.”

So, starting with this, the two men with the highest authority in the world today are like two children. You stand in the night and stand up in the night.

The two looked at each other, how to see how to feel uncomfortable, only that the other side from head to toe does not have a place to make people feel comfortable.

A Jing stood behind the Yankee, and a heart almost jumped out of the scorpion. He said secretly: I said the emperor, we are now on the site of others, can you say a few words less?

The war is still going on fiercely. At midnight, the dog squatting out from the northwest, Zhuge Yue and Yan Xun once again chased after the horse.

After chasing the foot for two hours, Yan Xun’s left shoulder again hit the arrow, and Zhuge Yue also injured his shoulder. At this moment, the southwestern side suddenly hooves, and has not yet sent a probe to see the horse, the group has already played with the dog ping pong.

In the meantime, the canines were finally wiped out, and the Chinese army camp was annihilated by the sudden team. Zhuge Yue’s arrogant shackles, too, did not take care of Yan Xun, and rushed to catch up. I wanted to see who was this despicable and robbed of his merits, but unexpectedly saw a competent female officer’s station. Counting the spoils before the battle, I saw him very lightly said: “This is a dog sweating, he has committed suicide when I came.”

Zhuge Yue’s stunned, bloody, sly look at his wife, said unnaturally: “How come you?”

Chu Qiao raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at him with trepidation. He said: “Liang Shaoqing escaped to report to me in the middle of the night. How can I not come?”

At this moment, the hooves sounded slowly behind him, and the figure of Yan Xun gradually came out of the darkness. The ink armor had been damaged many times, and his face was pale, but still quite straightforward. He stood beside Zhuge Yue, and countless torches ignited around, but it seemed that he still couldn’t wear the darkness around him. He looked at Chu Qiao so faintly, his face was calm and there was no fluctuation, but his eyes were like the night. The sea, dark and rolling, whirls deep.

Compared with Zhuge Yue’s guarding the huge army, the Yan Xun, who only brought three thousand soldiers, suffered a lot more injuries. At this moment, he was injured in a large and small size, and his shoulder was even inserted with a broken arrow, bloody, but he did not seem to feel the same.

The noisy voice filled the ears, the roar of the soldiers, the screams, the screams of the wounded, the snoring of the torch, the call of the north wind, but they seemed to hear nothing… The deep eyes touched together, like the flames burning in the night, so the stars lit up and gradually became a prairie.


Zhuge Yue suddenly said in a deep voice, he jumped off the horse and said calmly: “I will go to see the casualties first. The Chu emperor is injured. You should find someone to deal with.”

After all, he turned and left, letting his wife and the man with this complicated relationship stand on the dark snowfield.

For a long time, Chu Qiao did not know what to say, this is the first reunion of her and Yan Xun after a fierce battle ten years ago. It’s not a smashing army across the sea of ​​knives and mountains. It’s not a dense camp surrounded by mountains and seas. It’s not a smashing river across the vast soup. It’s facing the face and eyes, just look up and you can see each other. Eyebrows and eyes can even hear the heart jumping under the chest.

For a time, Wanchai Qianshan whizzed through his mind, and all the language appeared pale and shallow at this moment. Things are a desolation, like a fire, and it seems that they are unfamiliar with people who are supposed to be the most familiar. It turns out that time has passed and it is really the most embarrassing word in the world.

Sitting on the horse’s back, Yan Xun looked at her with a condescending look, and her eyes looked like a calm sea. A lot of people walked around, the red torches flashed, and their faces were flickering.

It’s still the eyebrows, it’s still the eyes, it’s still the familiar face that can’t be familiar anymore, but that person is no longer the one who promised to live side by side forever.

Can you understand the sadness of that moment?

Maybe, maybe not, the language is already weak at this time. It is like a fiery leaf, even if it is smashed, it will not avoid the ending that will die. The sky is dark, the earth is white, it is still this sky, it is still this land, it is still the place where they once dreamed of thousands of times, but why, even one sentence, it is already difficult?

Yan Xun looked at Chu Qiao, and a raging fire ignited behind her. Her whole person was like a bright god, with a fever that he could not match in his life. Suddenly, he remembered the snowy night for many years. In the dark cell, they reached out from the gap in the wall and held it tightly.

Perhaps they are like two seeds, they can hold tightly in the ice and snow, and rely on each other to warm up, waiting for the arrival of spring. However, when spring really came, when they supported each other out of the ground, they found that the nutrients of the land were far from being able to supply them to survive. So, I finally drifted away and parted ways.

Yan Xun suddenly felt tired, and a heart was like the snow on the goddess peak. Over the years, no matter when and in what kind of difficult environment, he is not as tired as he is now. He told himself that I should leave, so he really turned around and slowly with the horse left.

However, at this moment, a very warm voice suddenly cried behind the back: “Yan Xun!”

Yes, it is warmth. It is a feeling that has disappeared for many years and many years. It is like a hot spring. It puts the frozen hands in, and the warmth makes people tremble.

“Yan Xun,” she cried in his back. “Cheng Yuan is behind me, and it is estimated that it will arrive soon.”

Yan Xun did not nod, did not speak, just grabbed the stables and stood there quietly.

“You have been hurt, deal with it first, okay?”

She walked slowly from behind, passed by his side, walked up to him, then reached out and grabbed his stable, and stubbornly asked, “Well?”

Yan Xun suddenly felt a bit bitter, it seems that she grew up, she is always more courageous. Several medical officers ran up with their medicine chests and stood behind her with their heads down. He left the horse without saying a word, letting those people handle the wound for him, dressing up the medicine for him, and the arrow was pulled out, but he didn’t even scream. After about half an hour of busyness, the medical officers were sweating and retreating, but she came over and handed him the bloody broken arrow.

At that moment, Yan Xun’s heart suddenly hurt, and his eyebrows were gently tightened. After all, he still did not reach out and said, “The enemy is dead, no need to keep it.”

Yes, this team of dogs has not escaped, even the King of Khan is dead, what is the enemy.

This is his habit for many years, to keep all the weapons that have hurt himself, until the revenge, will destroy the weapon.

It turned out that it was not completely forgotten. Even if you have deliberately stopped thinking about it, some things, some years, have passed through life, leaving traces of bones.

I don’t know how long I have stood, the wind in the distance is blowing, with the unique taste of the Yanbei Plateau.

Yan Xun looked up quietly and looked at Chu Qiao standing in front of him. They were so close as if they could reach it with a slight reach. However, it is such a short distance, but he has no chance to cross the past. He can let the people of the world fall under his feet. His blade can conquer every inch of the land that does not surrender to him. As long as he is willing, he can do his best to destroy everything he does not like. But facing her alone, he can do nothing.

There is something called self-deprecation, which gradually rises in the bottom of my heart.

Yan Xun took the corner of his mouth and wanted to laugh, but only pulled out a cold arc.

He suddenly turned his back to the back, and his back was like a sloppy, arrogant, but strong and strong as if he could open the world. He went so far step by step, the pace is heavy but the faster and faster.

“Yan Xun, take care of the body!”

Someone is calling behind, who is talking? Who is she calling again?

Yan Xun, Yan Xun, Yan Xun, Yan Xun…

In the meantime, it seems that night was many years ago. He was cut off by the little finger by Wei Shu You. She cried and sorrowed at night, calling his name over and over again.

Yan Xun, Yan Xun, Yan Xun, Yan Xun…

However, after all, no one has called him anymore. He is His Majesty, he is the emperor, he is the emperor, he is a beggar, he is a widow, he is the monarch of this world, but he only lost his name.

Yan Xun, Yan Xun, are you still there, are you okay, you got everything, but you lost something, are you really happy?

I don’t know, I don’t want to know. People live for a lifetime, not just happiness. Some things, you may not be happy, but you will not do it, but you will not be happy. At the very least, I have to pay for it, isn’t it?

He walked faster and faster, his pace was firm, his back was straight and his hands were strong. He grabbed the horses tightly and jumped up.

I don’t want to say anything, I don’t want to see anything. The steel-like defense line in my heart is torn apart by people, he wants to leave! immediately! have to! Immediately!

The memories of the mountains and the sea rushed up, and those things that had been dusted for many years were like decaying dead trees, so they struggled to climb into his heart. He wants to suppress, he wants to get rid of it, he wants to get rid of all the things that make him sick!

Weakness, sadness, remorse, jealousy…

All of it should not exist on him!

However, when all things have left, there are two words, but so clear and so clearly spread on his heart, his lungs, his throat, his mouth. The two words tapped on his vocal cords and would jump out several times. He frowned tightly, clenching his teeth, like a bloodthirsty wolf, with a red light on his eyes.

However, despite this, the voice was still slamming through the chest, and all the echoes gradually merged into two words:

Achu, Achu, Achu, Achu, Achu!

No one can understand, no one can know, only him, only him, only him alone.

His deep, slow breathing is like swallowing those things a little bit.

Ok, it’s over, don’t think again, don’t look again, don’t fall in love again.

Let’s go, let’s go, it is over. Everything will disappear with your firmness, and all memories will turn into fly ash as the years go by, and all the past will be forgotten by you and become indifferent dust.

Ok, it’s okay, I am the emperor of Dayan, I am their king, I am sitting in the mountains, I got everything I want.

The horseshoes stepped on the icy snowfield, making a crisp squeak, and the tiny ice rims splashed, and the little shadow disappeared into the darkness of the night with the distant shadows. The light in front was filled with light, the golden flag fluttered high, and the dark goshawk slid on the banner. It was his army, his people, his world. It is a chain of gold, which will hold his people, his heart, everything in his place in the highest position, and he will not be able to hesitate and hesitate.

After all, he was the emperor of Dayan. He did not have the qualification to look back on this river of mountains with conscience and blood.

So, he really went straight down like this, never looked back, never looked back.

The pace is firm and the eyes are like a knife, just like his people. Always as strong and brave as steel, will not be overwhelmed by any hardships.

At that moment, Chu Qiao stood in the snow of the sky, watching the back of Yan Xun, suddenly seemed to understand what. There are thousands of torches on his side, thousands of subordinates, thousands of squatters, but somehow, she looked at him, but he felt that his figure was so lonely.

Maybe, she used to be really incomprehensible.

The kind of hatred that broke into the bone marrow, the shame that fell from heaven to hell, and the pain of heart and lungs in the past eight years. Even though she has been with him, she can’t hurt and hate him. Now think back, two people who have supported all the way and vowed to leave their lives to this point, do they have no reason for themselves?

She once said that it is not concealed, not deceived, candid, and never doubts.

But did she really do it? No, her tolerance, her indulgence, her retreat, her indifference, and finally let him go further and further on this road. Say what character determines everything, and what he says is the result of his life. Isn’t it just excusing one of his own responsibilities? In all fairness, as he slowly changes, when he goes further and further, she can do her best to stop it? Can you do everything you can to recover? Can you formally protest to him and express his dissatisfaction?

She didn’t. She only complained that he had blamed him when everything was a foregone conclusion, but he did not make any substantive efforts before.

She came from another world, so she took some of the ideas that she agreed to as a reason, and naively thought that others would think so. I don’t know that some things are like rivers. I don’t often go to dredge, don’t maintain, there will be a day when the bank breaks.

After all, after all, they are too young. At that time, they knew little about love, they didn’t know how to express their feelings, and they didn’t know how to maintain this love. Only stubborn and simple to determine what is good for the other party, do not hesitate to do, but do not understand difficult poverty, hatred and hatred are not the fatal wound of love, the real killer of destroying love, is that two people have forgotten how to communicate.

As the years passed, when Chu Qiao, who had been a wife and a mother, stood here, she suddenly understood what Yan Xun had done. There were no loved ones in the past, and no one who saw the love died, so she would never understand what kind of crazy hatred it was. If now, some people hurt Zhuge Yue, some people hurt Yunzhou and pearls, I am afraid that her revenge will not be much better than Yan Xun.

Because I don’t love what I love, so I can’t feel the same.

At this moment, she finally understood.

The sky is vast and the moon is coming out of the clouds. The figure of Yan Xun disappeared under the horizon. Chu Qiao looked at the direction of his disappearance. In the meantime, it seemed to see the afternoon many years ago. The eyes of the teenager shone with bright sunshine, and the mouth was proudly provocative. Young people’s spirits. He bent his bow and arrows, and the arrow shot at himself like a meteor, rubbing his neck and giving her a reborn sun.

Then he raised his eyebrows and stared at him, looking at her with interest.

The eyes of the eyes must be connected, it seems to have been cast into a long life, he is at that end, she is in this head, once in the distance to pick up the mountains, the light and shadow-haunted in the sleep, gradually become tall and straight. In the meantime, it was the grass that swayed that year, the sky was empty, looking up, still the sky blue as a mirror, it seems to reflect the young and simple face.


Epilogue 15: Defending Ximeng

——[History will not remember the details, only remember the results, but the people will remember your living grace. Simon’s first place, you deserve it! 】

If there is really a so-called end of the world and an absolute genocide in this world, then the white celestial calendar is definitely the closest year to death. In the spring of this year, according to the usual practice, Yan Yan still clashed with Zhao Che of the North and Zhuge of Qinghai. The territory of Da Yan, Huai Song, also repeatedly clashed with the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and the war on the Simon continent. In full swing. All the people have buried the civil war, and they are not tired, but they don’t know that they are in the birthplace of Dayan. A powerful and evil force has already extended their hands and feet.

White Cangli, the eighth day of April, 1988, a news that shocked the whole continent, shook the Simon people who had just passed the six-day peace day. The Sui and Tang traitors, Jingan Wang, led the three thousand soldiers and horses and secretly sneaked into the Meilin Pass. On the evening of April 8th, early in the morning, ambush a dog and a squatter outside the customs, take the checkpoint, open the gate of Meilinguan, and put the dog into the customs. All the officers and men of Meilin Pass, a total of more than 28,000 people, collectively and vigorously smashed the country, and no one survived.

At the same time, another news spread throughout the continent at a rapid rate.

The Jingan Wang Hao, who has been hidden behind the scenes, and few people know his true identity suddenly stood up under the protection of the canines. He stood up in a high-profile manner and declared independence as a princess of the great summer monk. After the restoration of Xia’s Jiangshan, the flag of the emperor’s revenge and hatred, sent troops to advance.

And the dog 戎 sweaty Wang Nayan also sang the slogan of maintaining the bloodline orthodoxy of the Ampang royal family, eliminating the thief of the rebellion, all the way and arrogant.

This is the third time that Zhao Yuer has appeared on the historical stage.

The first time was on May 20, 1975, the bloody wedding in the city of Zhenhuang. As a new one, Zhao Weier became famous because of her fiancé, Yan Yan, and became a smile all over the world. That year, she was sixteen.

The second time, on the first day of September of the same year, after Yan’s defection, Yanbei declared independence, and Daxia was eager to marry the Tang and Tang dynasties for political reasons. After the Princess Xiajiu was repatriated by Li Ce, Zhao Yuer went to Tang alone, and as the pro-Princess of Daxia, he stepped into the royal family of Sui and Tang Dynasties. However, it was eventually driven out of the country because of malicious inhumane incidents and instigation of the transformation of the Central Army. She was unwilling to, under the help of Luo Wang, who was still deeply hidden in the same year, united with the Sui and Tang Dynasties Zhong Peng, and the Emperor of the Meishan Mountain to attack the mausoleum, wanting to rebel, and finally was discovered by Li Ce of the Prince. After that, there was no news of this woman.

Until this time, thirteen years later, she once again made a high-profile appearance as the Jing Wang Wang Hao in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, opened the Meilin Pass, borrowed 800,000 soldiers from the grassland inhabitants, and personally went into battle to put the dogs and tigers in the Central Plains.

No matter how many years later, when I recalled the battle of that year, it was a terrible disaster. Even the first-class mainland, such as Zhuge Zhao and Zhao Cheyan, did not expect that the situation would quickly reverse to that point in the early days of the turmoil. After all, when I got this news, Zhuge’s idea was just: “When you wait for these people to come to the door, it’s better to pack them up early, and swindle the money to Yan Yan.”

No one thought that the war would be so fierce to this point.

When you mention a dog, perhaps everyone’s first impression is a well-developed country. For thousands of years, this embarrassing nation has been swimming outside the Meilin Pass. They are galloping and living by the grass. They live without a fixed place, no city, no unified political power, no advanced equipment, no more. Excellent commander. When they were fighting, they were basically the first to tie a group of herders to ride the horse. When they met the weak, they rushed to fight. When they met a powerful enemy, they turned around and ran.

So when they are mentioned, almost all Donglu officers will disdain a country.

But no one has seriously thought about it. From the independence of Yanbei in 1975, until the summer of 728, and then to the continuous small-scale civil war in the past six years, Simon has spent thirteen in the chaos. A cold summer. In contrast to the dog shackles, it has been quiet for 13 years. Except for small-scale looting, there has not been a major war.

Thirteen years ago, the grass on the grassland was yellow and green. The young children learned to ride horses and swords. The blood of the war was crouching for 13 years. They finally started stupid and stupid.

Meilin Pass became a thoroughfare, and the barking and cavalry rushed in. The army was like the sea, the swords and guns were like forests, the horses were arrogant, and the arrows were like rain. The spectacular army, the dust of the prime, let the defenders of several cities near the Meilin Pass collapse without a fight, and abandoned the city and fled.

On April 13th, the six major tribes of the Red Ding, Huang Yi, Lan Xiang, Brown Blood, Bai Shang and Black Water Departments arrived at Meilin Pass and assembled with the first four, April 15th. Na Yan, the head of the dog, Khan, came to Meilin Pass. The eleven dogs are all in line, with a total of more than 1.5 million.

The bloodstains of the Dayan Warriors have not been wiped clean, and the barking army has already entered the heart of the city. The people were hiding in the home, and no one dared to make a sound, for fear of angering the comet from the north. However, because there were too many troops, the city could not be resettled. The three princes of the dog-in-law, Toha, ordered that their own soldiers kill some civilians and clean up hundreds of houses for him.

It is this order that opened the bloody dream of Meilin Pass. For a time, the leaders of other tribal corps had the same kind of learning. When Nayan Minglie knew this, it was already too late, and there was no longer a living civilian in the entire Meilin Pass.

For ten days, Zhao Yuer and his subordinates lived in the Meilin Gate General Military Hospital, killing the sound, screaming, roaring, burning fire, the sad cry of the woman when she was raped and smashed, pierced The tranquility of the night, the harshness spread throughout every corner of the city.

Her subordinates palely asked: “Wang Hao, those grasslands are crazy, they are killing civilians.”

Zhao Wei was sitting in the darkness with no expression, as if he had not heard his words, quietly, did not say a word.

Zhao Weier did not know that in the conference hall that she did not want, the dog-stricken people spread the map and began to plan to divide the land of Simon, and broke the Meilin Pass. The land in front was completely at their fingertips. Eleven tribal leaders fought blushing and thick neck. In the end, under the coordination of Nayan King, they finally reluctantly reached an agreement. At dawn, the tribal leaders, with their own people, rushed out of the Meilin Pass and rushed toward the flower world that they yearned for hundreds of years.


Among all the forces that include the sacred land of the Song Dynasty, Qinghai is the first flag to stand out and express that it will mobilize all forces to help the Yanyan resist the barracks’ military regime.

When everyone is waiting and waiting, they are all thinking. At the time of thinking, the Qinghai Shuangwang first gathered troops in Cuiweiguan, and withdrew all the soldiers who were against Dayan, and switched north to the north of Dayan. Military support.

At the same time, Qinghai divided the three roads, led by Qinghai King Zhuge Wei to support Beibei, the generals took Zhuge’s letters to the Northland on the seventh month, and the beautiful Wang Chuqiao secretly came to the Sui and Tang Dynasties to discuss joint military affairs.

On the third day of May, Zhao Che agreed with Zhuge’s proposal to bring troops to the Yanbei Plateau. The Yanyan Emperor Yan Yan even opened his heart to the country, letting the enemies who usually hate the teeth sway into the country.

As early as three days ago, Emperor Li Xiuyi of Tang Emperor had already authorized Sun Fu, the assistant government, and Wang Chuqiao, who was in harmony with the beauty and took the 200,000-strong army of Sui and Tang Dynasties from Tang to Guan.

This is really a very funny thing. If there is no such thing, I am afraid that the world will not think that there will be such a day. In the past six years, the four-party ping-pong ping-pong has never ended, ten days in a nap, a big bang in January, and hate each other. But who can think of it, they even have a day to join forces to reject the enemy.

No matter whether it is contemporary or later generations, no one can deny the power of Sui and Tang Dynasties in this matter.

She used to be the master of Shang Shen, the patron saint of the Yanbei Plateau, the first assistant politician under Emperor Yan, and the Yanbei Warlord who rejected the Daxia Million Army outside Beitunmen. Today, she is the wife of Qinghai Wang, the assistant prince of the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Her husband and Zhao Che, the ruler of the Northern Territory, are at the turn of the neck. Her subordinate generals are more from the Shang Shen Plateau.

Moreover, in the big situation of the dog squad, the Northland Daxia is watching and watching, the Sui and Tang dynasties are watching in the cold, and the Song Dynasty belongs to the ulterior motives. Da Yan is divided into several halves, resisting the enemy while guarding them. Only her, clear and accurate foresee the development of the entire battlefield in the future, soberly aware of the dog ambitions and the tiger’s ambitions, calmly abandon all past grievances and make correct strategic thinking, and actively run for them, contact The forces of all parties.

All of this is doomed to be the best coordinator of this coalition, and only her, can calm all aspects of conflicts and contradictions, temporarily suppress the suspicions that will not disappear, and promote a minimum ostensible surface. Joint group.

The intricate relationship between them makes it really possible for any of the brightest people to struggle. But she did it.

When the news of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Qinghai, and Northland Daxia was sent out at the same time, the seven-legged smoke of the dog’s sweaty king, they did not think about this situation before attacking the Meilin Pass but all the tribal leaders at that time were put into practice. A smile.

Jokes, who doesn’t know what the relationship between the three parties and the Yankees is. They don’t come out in the critical period and they are good at dragging their legs.

However, the fact is so cruel, the reality is in front of us, ruthlessly shattering the fantasy of these grassland people to eliminate Dayan within a month, swaying Simon in two months, and dominated Donglu within half a year.

Under the anger, the dog sluts are more crazy to kill, and the cavalry is inserted into the heart of Yanbei like a sharp knife.

On May 23, Beibeiguan once again became the focus of the whole of Simon. The forces of the four countries gathered in the fire and thunder, with a strength of 1.2 million.

Before the war, the coalition forces elected the general manager. Dayan was naturally a proponent of Yan Yan, Qinghai was Zhuge, and the North was divided into two forces. Zhao Che from the northern countries of the North, and has been wandering at the border and Yanbei. Zhao Wei of the battle, although the Emperor Li Xiuyi of the Sui and Tang Dynasties did not come, Sun Hao also reported his name, saying that it is possible to fly the pigeons every day, please take down the clever strategy.

All kinds of opinions were deadlocked for a time, and the staff officers and diplomatic officers of the parties almost nodded the tent. For two days, they failed to reach a consensus. In the end, Sun Hao couldn’t bear to endure. It was proposed that the beauty of Wang Chuqiao would be the general commander of the battle, and all the arguments would be settled.

Although Chu Qiao is the king of Qinghai, in name, after all, is the assistant prince of the Sui and Tang Dynasties. With her relationship with Li Xiuyi, coupled with the record of protecting Tang Jing in the past, Datang naturally agreed. Qinghai thought for a long while, Zhuge Yue also generously chose to support his wife. Zhao Che followed closely, and Zhuge Yue was attached. Zhao Wei’s participation was just that he did not want Zhao Che and Yan Yan to take advantage of it. At this moment, he naturally agreed. Only Da Yan, after the second morning after the proposal, only slowly expressed the opinion of the Yan Emperor: “No objection.”

Therefore, this grand and dazzling coalition, composed entirely of a fine and sharp, immediately merged into Chu’s majesty. Among the squares of 1.2 million men, the Chinese military camp was actually a woman.

Beginning on May 25, the Beibei defensive war was completely unfolded.

Chu Qiao mobilized 600,000 troops and 500,000 people to build a defensive front along the sunset mountains. She designed a variety of trenches and craters, along with the sunset mountain to the north of the city, the military defense front is dotted, densely spread throughout the land.

When the rodent’s vanguard troops arrived, the three emperors Toha were shocked and could not even close their mouths. Looking at this spectacular defensive belt in front of him, his first reaction was that the other party went crazy.

No such person in the military defense would seek to attack, so the three emperors Toha took for granted another path – Chidu.

It can’t be said that Toha is not smart. After all, in the face of such a defensive zone, no one has the courage to attack.

But what Toha didn’t know was that after this seemingly horrible defensive belt, there were only 500,000 people. They didn’t have a knife and didn’t have a gun. The only task was to raise the flag. When someone came. Rape your feet and pick up a lot of dust.

That’s it.

In that small Chidu City, at the moment, an 800,000 army was ambushed, waiting for his arrival.

Being trapped is a certainty. For three consecutive days of fighting, the 100,000 people in Toha’s headquarters quickly decayed to 40,000. The blood spread throughout the Chidu River estuary. The river was red and could not be used for many days.

Toha, who had no food reserves, was caught in a dilemma. The forces of the coalition forces took turns to take turns, and the soldiers of Toha were dragged to death.

Finally, on the fifth day, the army of Toha sent a messenger and decided to surrender.

However, the orders from the Chinese army camp surprised everyone. Chu Qiao ordered that the surrender of the Toha prince not be accepted unless they first offered the head of Toha to commemorate the spirit of the 200,000 soldiers and civilians.

Toha was furious and fought again, but he could not escape the siege.

Two days later, he was killed by his own soldiers at night, and his men were defeated by the army. They were all captured by the coalition forces.

This is the first victory of the Eastern Army since the dog entered the East!

With his bold tactics and superb courage, Chu Qiao has squandered 100,000 troops. With absolute superiority and faint casualties, he defeated 70,000 enemies, captured 30,000, and left the head of the enemy’s head. He won the victory of this battle.

The news was sent back to Simon, no matter which country the people are, they all celebrated.

That night, Zhao Che sat in the Qinghai big account of Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue, and had a drink, and he said to him, “The first name of Simon, you deserved.”

On the second day, Chu Qiao reorganized the army and withdrew Beibei. In front of the huge defensive camp, he waited for the barking cavalry, and hung Toha’s head in front of the military array, waiting quietly for the dog. The great king of sweat – Na Yan Minglie!


Suddenly, there was an eager gong and drum in the army of the canines. The flags were waving everywhere, and the soldiers rushed away. The commander of the immediate face was anxious and shouted.

Panic, very confused.

Zhuge’s eyebrows were picked and lightly kicked, and the cavalry gave him a path like a tide. The armor is like ink, the earth is paved with gold, and the man of a green man is as beautiful as the god on the mountain. The huge snow-capped peak stands behind him, undulating and rolling like a sea. The wind blows from a distance, blowing a trace of his horns. His eyes are deep and silent, his lips are red, and the evil spirits are noble, such as the wolf king on the snowfield.

He immediately looked forward, staring at him, slightly frowning his eyebrows.

The battle has just started. What is it that can make the dog-stricken people who have always been conceited so flustered?

“Wang! On the west side of the setting sun, a large number of Yanbei cavalry were found, and they were approaching.”

The scout ran, the horseshoe smashed the snow foam on the ground, and a hard knee slammed on the cold ground and reported it.

Zhuge Yue slightly frowned, meditation for a moment, Shen Sheng said: “How many people are brought by the other party, who is the commander?”

“I don’t know for a while.”

“Try again.”


The horseshoes rolled, and the two scouts went away with the Qinghai letter. The red-yellow Taiyang was hung in the west, the earth was red, and the ears were smothered. After eight days of slashing and hunting, today it finally reached the final battle.

Yanbei is coming? Who is it? Is Shang Shen’s jealousy so fast?

Zhuge Yue turned back to the big account and spread the map to make a detailed plan.


Epilogue 16: Defending Ximeng Wolf

——[When the wolf smokes, it does not necessarily indicate the war, it may also symbolize the coming peace. 】

The wind was floating, the grass was swaying, and the young general was wearing a pale blue armor, sitting on the horse’s back, unfolding the letters in his hand, and watched it silently for a long time.

In the distance, there was a hoof sound, Wei Shuzhen rushed from behind, watching his sullen expression, picking his eyebrows slightly.

“Zhuge Yue has written again?”


After a long time, Zhao Che raised his head and smiled and said: “He added another daughter and asked me to seal the number.”

“Oh?” Wei Shu Ye smiled sincerely: “He is a child and he should give a gift.”

“Don’t worry, he opened the book and let us send it as he wrote it.”

Wei Shu Ye heard a slight glimpse and immediately smiled: “It’s all the embarrassment of two children, or this awkward appearance, no matter what, life and death will not suffer.”

Zhao Che’s eyes were mild, and he seemed to think of some teenagers’ memories. He said with a smile: “He’s like a small fight. You still can’t remember when you were studying together at Shangwutang. Everyone’s birthday was a treat. Others prepared a red envelope gift, but he was eccentric, never said, and did not drink. One time, he ate a meal for him. It happened that he was born on the day, and after 13 things, he boasted about how he got. I ate the white food of Zhuge four. As a result, the next day, more than 20 trade names went to the housekeeper of thirteen to collect the accounts, saying that the four young masters of Zhugefu bought a bunch of things, using the names of thirteen people. Go find him to collect the money.”

Wei Shuyi haha ​​smiled and said: “Remember, I remember that I am still fresh in my memory. The thirteenth prince was really bleeding. I ate a meal for half a year, and I borrowed money for three months. I haven’t returned yet.”

“Haha, it is said that the thirteen is a kind person. In fact, it is the most treacherous. From small to large, he counts that he borrows money and does not love it.”

The two said while walking back, now Zhao Che’s palace is located in the frost Hancheng, adjacent to North Ross, covers a vast area, can be compared to the great summer country is really beautiful. After several years of development, the population has gradually prospered, and it has already become a part of the first commercial capital of the North.

Before I even entered the city, I heard a squeaky horseshoe rushing, and the woman in front was wearing a red cloak, her feet were red fox fur boots, her cheeks were reddish, her eyebrows were picturesque, and the lower abdomen was slightly raised. It seems that it is already pregnant. When she saw Zhao Che, her eyes suddenly lit up and she slammed the whip, and the horse rushed up.

Zhao Che could not help but frown, Wei Shuzhen was hiding his mouth and laughing.

“I don’t tell me back, hey, isn’t it discovered by me?”

The woman has long been the mother of two children, and now the third child is coming to the world, but it is still a girl’s charming look. Holding a whip, leaning against the small chin, squinting at Zhao Che, a smug look.

“I have been pregnant, how can I still ride a horse? If you say something, you are not going to the heart?”

“whispering sound–”

After Yan Xun softly snorted, he said indifferently: “I am a mother who was born on horseback. Our Donghu woman is not as delicate as your summer.”

Said, she suddenly jumped out of the horse, and walked to Zhao Che a few steps, and used his hands and feet to climb on his horse. Looking at the posture, I seem to want to ride with him.

“Take me, pull me!”

Wan Yan softly rubbed his feet and shouted at the side. The stomach is big, it is indeed inconvenient to launch.

Zhao Che looked at her stubborn little face and finally lost helplessly, sighed and pulled her on the horse. However, he did not dare to rush to the horse, just kicking the horse’s belly and letting the horse go slowly.

And it is said that unlike the big summer woman, she is so delicate, she is also in the husband’s arms, smiling like a cat who has eaten fish.

When I first returned to the palace, there were people who came to report, saying that it was a war report inland. After the sigh of tenderness, he whispered his mouth and went back to the harem, saying that he was going to find his son.

When Zhao Che went to the political hall, he told the next person to look at her. The afternoon sun was warm, and it was sprinkled on the ground through the panes, a golden yellow.

The news was sent by Zhao Wei’s people. The content is similar to that of Zhuge Yu, but it is more detailed.

Zhao Che has been active in the Northland border for several years. It is not surprising that he knows a little more. Moreover, Zhuge Yue’s letter should be issued half a month ago. At that time, the situation was not intense. He could detect it early. The seriousness of the situation is not simple.

Wei Shuzhen had long known that Zhuge Wei would not write about it, but he had just returned to Tu Guyu, and Zhao Che did not want him to worry. So he just went home and made a turn. He entered the palace and just entered the government hall. As a result, Zhao Che recruited a group of general ministers and was negotiating the military.

There were two hours of discussion. The dinner time was up. The Yan Yanrui sent people to urge him several times. I almost came to personally come to the ministers. The veterans finally had to go out of their palaces. Zhao Che stayed in Wei Shu Ye until dinner. Wei Shu Ye did not refuse. When he was eating, he was forced to live by a woman who wanted to occupy her husband.

After dinner, the two entered the study room. Zhao Che opened the door and asked: “What do you think about this?”

Wei Shu Ye smiled and said: “His Royal Highness should have had an idea, why bother to ask me?”

Zhao Che frowned and said: “I haven’t decided yet.”

“His Royal Highness is hesitating, it has already been decided.”

Zhao Che slowly sat down, his fingers rubbing against the wall of the cup, quietly not talking.

“Jing’an Wang Hao is willing to take the world by storm, attacking the Meilin Pass, and letting the dog go eastward. This is a self-seeking death. Your Highness, this time, even if she is the descendant of my bloody summer, I can’t tolerate it. ”

Seeing that Zhao Che did not speak, Wei Shuzhen continued: “At the beginning, she secretly killed Chu Qiao several times. If it was not in your face, Zhuge Yue had already shot. In these years, Sui and Tang Dynasties did not move her, Qinghai did not. Move her, Yan Xun did not know how to think, several times have a chance, but did not start, and we secretly maintained, she did not have a life risk. But this time, she is doing too much.”

Zhao Che was silent for a moment and said: “The canines have already hit the North.”

“Adult Yan was first established, but in the past six years, the domestic forces were unstable, and the local summer forces had not been completely removed. The princess, with the banner of the summer house, can indeed take some advantage. But as long as the timing is too small, let When the people and the army saw the brutality of the barking, they would turn their backs. At that time, Princess Sissi would be in a completely passive situation. The name of this Eastern traitor was fixed.”

Wei Shu Ye talked about it, and after a few years of bloody scrubbing, he was no longer the handsome family in the city of Zhenhuang.

Zhao Che frowned and said slowly: “What do you think is feasible, Zhang Daren said?”

Wei Shu Ye laughed and said: “Your Highness, you know what you know, why bother me?”

Zhao Che looked at him. After a while, he suddenly smiled: “It is true, it is no wonder what Arou said that I am getting more and more mother-in-law, and it is really suffering.”

“The same is true for the upper class. You used to be a king, but now it is the monarch of the big summer. You have to be responsible for so many people, you can’t be cautious.”

“I understand that Yanbei’s rule has stabilized. Now the situation in the North is chaotic. We can’t fight on both sides. At the same time, the result can only be nothing. This is cheap, we can’t take it.”

Wei Shuzhen said: “What about Zhuge’s proposal?”

“Let’s see it again.” Zhao Che frowned: “We are different from him. Qinghai has always been independent, and there is no fundamental hatred inland. Our soldiers, especially the upper officers, hate Yanbei. You let them go to Yanbei to fight, it is not harder than to kill them.”

Wei Shuyu sighed helplessly and shook his head and said, “Hey, where are we fighting for others?”

Zhao Che is also helpless and smiles: “With these people, how to say it.”

“Right, just the clerk sent a quick horse out, what is the matter so urgent?”

Speaking of this, Zhao Che finally showed a little relaxed smile and said: “I am not looking for a wife, but now the Pearl County owner is now a baby, I have to grab the marriage before the Sui and Tang Dynasties.”

“Tang Huang Li Xiuyi?”

Wei Shuyi said: “He has not already registered a queen?”

“You forgot, Li Ce has a son, the son of Zhan Gui Fei, who has lived in Qinghai.”

“Oh, think of it.” Wei Shu Ye nodded. “I have seen the child, very similar to his father, especially a pair of eyes.”

Zhao Che leaned back on the back of the chair and said with pride: “I want so many things, and let him come back as a daughter’s dowry sooner or later.”

The wind rises from the north, and the grass just sprouts. At this time, Qinghai is raining lots of  bananas and lush in color.

In the dead of night, Chu Qiao was wearing cotton-white pajamas, and the baffle of the window was put down, and the rain of the patter was suddenly blocked. A pair of red candles ignited quietly, and the fire was quiet and quiet.

A pair of hands hung her from behind, and a warm breath sprayed behind her ear. Zhuge Yu, with heavy tiredness, leaned on her soft body and whispered, “I haven’t slept yet.”

“You don’t come back, how can I sleep first?”

Chu Qiao turned and smiled, snoring on his lips and asked: “Is it hungry? Do you want to order the kitchen to prepare dinner, I have been waiting for you warmly.”

Zhuge Yue smiled and seemed to be dissatisfied with her kiss of water. She lowered her head and covered Chu Qiao’s soft lips. Her lips were painted with her lips. The tip of her tongue dexterously opened her teeth. Her tongue is hot and entangled.

Chu Qiao gently embraced his waist, responded fiercely, and in a short while, the temperature in the air seemed to rise above the air. Zhuge’s hoarse voice rang in the ear, with a strong lust, don’t have the temptation of evil spirits: “How many days, you don’t want me?”

Chu Qiao’s cheeks are pink and pet-screaming. The whole person leans in his arms and leans his head. A pair of eyes seems to have been covered with water mist and moist.

“I miss you, you will abuse me like this, I will be jealous.”

Chu Qiao frowned, his fist was weak on his chest: “Do you dare?”

“Don’t want me to be jealous, you will be diligent.”

Zhuge Yue’s wrist moved up flexibly, and she took off her hair, and the blue hair fell instantly. His hands were long and white, such as Hetian Meiyu, slowly slipping through Chu Qiao’s neck, stirring up a numbness. The shredded kiss went down the snowy neck all the way, and the fingers picked up the pajamas’ belts, the lights swayed, the warmth of the account, the squats fell on the feet, the skin was like ceramics, delicate and smooth, exquisite and exquisite.

Zhuge Yue took a look at her and turned to walk on the big bed…

The consequences of not eating dinner are very serious. Someone slept in the middle of the night, dragged up with a sour body, and went to the small side to secretly eat pastries.

Just two steps away, almost one fell to the ground with her head, she frowned, very awkwardly rubbing the lumbar vertebrae.

It’s sour and sore, it’s hard to stand.

She squinted at someone on the bed.

Must be like this every time? How can I teach the boat to practice the sword tomorrow? Seeing that she was laughed at by her son is very fulfilling?

I ate the pastry next to the small ones. The tea was already cold, but I was hungry and I still felt very fragrant. Suddenly, the bed was filled with a low-sounding voice. She was a stunned spirit. She stood up and wiped her mouth and said, “You didn’t sleep?”

The moonlight sprinkled through the window, and the man on the bed lay sideways, holding his head in one hand, and beckoning her, and smiled and said: “Come here.”

Chu Qiao snorted and said: “No.”

Zhuge Yue smiled and said: “I am for you, you have nothing to wear, I am afraid that you will catch a cold.”

Chu Qiao’s face suddenly became red, and he quickly found clothes, but he felt that his waist was suddenly tight, and he was held tight in his arms by a long-legged person.


She wrapped her blanket around her chest, and the white shoulders were exposed in the air. He couldn’t help but bow his head and kissed.

Chu Qiao really said nod: “a bit.”

“Hungry? I am asking for food.”

“Don’t do it.” Chu Qiao quickly refused, making a joke, this time called to eat, tomorrow will be a few jokes of Li Qingrong’s children who are jokes and die.

Holding her on the soft couch next to the little man, picking up a piece of pastry and sending it to her mouth. The two have gossip that doesn’t take a ride. The time passes by, the hall is quiet, the whole world has fallen asleep, leaving them alone, the skin is warm, and the peace and quiet.

“Xinger, the dogs have already hit the North, what do you think?”

Chu Qiao sighed slightly and thought for a long while, only then asked: “Zhuge Yue, do you believe me?”

Zhuge Yue squinted and smiled and said: “Do you want me to send troops to help Yan Yan?”

“Not to help Yan Yan, but to help ourselves.”

Chu Qiao shook his head and said quietly: “You and I know that this war, the canines can never find anything cheap. Maybe in the early days, they will prevail because of surprise, but as long as Yanbei slows down God Come, the good days of the barking will end. But how long it will take for it to be discussed. Perhaps the difference between this war is only how much destructive power the canines can cause to Yanbei. It is fierce, but there is no military strategy as a whole. There is no direction for the attack. It is a slap in the face. It is better to say that it is the army, but the meat grinder is more vivid.”

Zhuge Yue held her, listened quietly, and did not speak.

Chu Qiao continued: “Tang Ming Emperor’s thirteen years, the dog and the monk also broke through the Meilin Pass once. But in a month, the entire Xiguan became scorched earth, the people died nearly a million, all the classic buildings were destroyed Once, that time, the national strength has declined for decades. If it wasn’t for that time, then Datang would not be able to take advantage of the big summer, and finally fell into a split.”

“If Yanbei loses its national strength because of this war, then we are not more likely to recover lost ground?”

Chu Qiao smiled and gave him a look and said: “You know what is going on in your heart, but you have to ask me this question. Can I understand that our Qinghai King is eating dry vinegar?”

Zhuge Yue smiled and bowed her face and said: “I understand that Yan Xun will never let me see the excitement. If I see you staying still, he may lead a dog to attack Qinghai. ”

“The guess is right, it fits perfectly with his style of action.”

“Forget it,” Zhuge Yue said. “But instead of letting him lead people to Qinghai, it is better for me to send troops to help him block people outside Beibei. The province has made us smoldering. Now the people have just started spring. Kind, if they are in trouble, who will have the heart to work?”

Chu Qiao asked: “When are you going to send troops?”

“On these days.” Zhuge Yue said: “I am waiting for Zhao Che’s news. At this time, he must be robbed in the north. If Yan Yan wants to draw troops to fight against the dog, he must make him cheap.” I have to wait until he succeeds, and then I will look for the rich Yanhuang and ask for a military feel.”

Chu Qiao said: “You two are really barefoot, not afraid to wear shoes, they are not afraid to talk about the collapse when you send troops is not even more faceless.”

Zhuge Yue smiled and said: “We have been playing for so many years, and we know each other a little bit. When we call and fight, we can’t win or lose. Now all parties’ regimes are just stable, and no one dares to The national power to launch a large-scale war, so blindly hit, sooner or later is not a solution. When the war can not completely solve the problem, the final way is still to negotiate, Simon has been playing for more than ten years, it should be rested.”

Chu Qiao heard a slight sigh, she leaned in the arms of Zhuge Yue, quietly said: “I hope so.”

The killing of the dogs and dogs outside Meilin Pass will come. All the people in Ximeng people will itch their teeth. In fact, they may not know that the arrival of this group of people has brought strong blood and fierce killings, but At the same time, it also brought a real opportunity for peace and hope.

Beibei, Beibei, how many years has she left the land?

Unexpectedly, there was a day to go back.


Epilogue 17: Defending Ximeng Steel

——[I want to be a cockroach, use time and flesh and blood, and care for my own pearls.】

In the middle of the night, suddenly there was heavy snow, no wind, and snowflakes like cotton wadding. The plum trees in the garden are blooming all night, the red powder is like blood, and the delicate flowers stand on the branches.

Mei Xiang went to the temple to add carbon in the night, suddenly saw her sitting on the couch, could not help but be surprised, slowly walked forward, whispered: “Miss, what happened to you?”

Chu Qiao was wearing a white cotton gown and a long hair like a dark satin. She seemed to be slightly disoriented and her face was pale. She shook her head slightly and said, “It’s just a little flustered.”

Mei Xiang heard that the corner of her mouth contained a slight smile, and she teased her: “The four young masters have just gone for two days, and the young lady can’t sleep at night?”

Although Zhuge Wei occupies Qinghai, he still manages as the prince of the great summer, and Zhao Che is the chief of the northern region. Therefore, in respect of the position, he is still the king, and Chu Qiao is Wang Hao. Mei Xiang has been following them for a long time and has not changed her mouth.

Chu Qiao smiled at her and Mei Xiang retired.

The light roll, the shadow of the light is deep, without him, the house suddenly appears empty.

She remembered the dream she had just made. The woman’s back was blurred, the slender one was pale, and the smile on her lips was soft and quiet. When she was in white, she stood quietly in the courtyard of the red brick and tile, quietly looking at her, the white pear blossoms blooming behind her, and the pieces fell in the wind.

Late at night, I don’t know when, the wind suddenly started outside, and the wind and snow rolled up the plum blossoms on the window, and the rustling sounded.

She looked at the window quietly, and her heart slowly rose a trace of inexplicable sourness. I don’t know why.

That day, on the fourth day of December, Zhuge went to Gong Yue to handle the military affairs. He had just gone for two days. In the lead-up hall of Xingyue Palace, Chu Qiao made a dream. She dreamed that a strange woman stood outside her window and stood for a long time before she left.

Half a month later, Zhuge Yu came back from Gong Yue and galloped all the way.

Zhuge Yunzhou wrinkled a small eyebrow, and complained to his mother before leaving the carriage. He said: “Shuer will never go out with his father again. It is always a reminder to hurry. It is not fun at all.”

Li Qingrong is already eight years old this year. He looks like his father. He is especially happy with his clothes and his hands are full of talents. I saw him lazy leaning on the stone pillar in front of the palace gate, yawning constantly, a pair of peach eyes slightly picking up, muttered: “I have told you already, you do not believe, but want to follow go with.”

Chu Qiao ignored them and walked straight. He smiled and went to the dust of the clothes corner for Zhuge. He said, “Is it hard on the road?”

Zhuge squatted on her and kissed her cheek: “It’s okay.”

“Hey!” Zhuge Yunzhou sighed helplessly, seeing no one to take care of him, he could only move his little arm and shank and jump off the carriage. While getting off the bus, he shook his head and said: “The world is unpredictable, and the same is true. This is also a big difference.”

Li Qingrong made a horrible look, covering his eyes with one hand and groping for the palace.

This evening, Xingyue Palace opened a grand banquet. The flowing water of the delicacies is presented, the songs and dances are wonderful, the music is melodious, the palace people wear the flowers, the officials of the cronies carry the family, and the hall is full of laughter and joy. However, all this is still not a look at his side, the snow outside the door is piled up, the plum trees are swaying, the wind is blowing, the snow flutters and flutters, and the sleeves of the Yaochi Fairy.

He drank some wine, and his interest was also very good. He was jokingly said that he was rushing in the middle of the family, and he was just squinting like a child. After a story, the king would look for you to settle accounts.

That night, the banquet was gone, the palace door was closed, and the lightly flying sputum, the skin was hot and lingering, and after the cloud was raining, he kissed her earlobe and whispered in her ear: “Xinger, Zhenhuang The Queen of the City, Naran, went.”

went? Where are you going?

For a time, Chu Qiao’s mind seemed a bit embarrassing, and the heart that had always been exquisite and clear had not yet emerged from the ultimate warmth. She leaned in his arms and thought of it: Queen Naran? Which Naran Queen?

“It is said that it was a violent disease and it has been a small half-month. I know that I am very scared afterwards. I remember that when you were sick, you couldn’t wait to get back.”

Zhuge whispered softly, arms around her from behind, her chest tightly against her smooth back, so tight, almost hard to breathe.

However, Chu Qiao’s body gradually froze, and the cold rose from the fingertips, and climbed up a trace, such as the well water in the winter on the Yanbei Plateau, which could freeze the human nerves. The wind outside the window blew, making a squeaking sound. The branches of a plum tree swayed in front of the window, and Nana was like a woman’s slender waist and a cloud like hair.

She suddenly remembered the night half a month ago, she woke up in her sleep, her body was cold and cold, sticky and sticky on her body. For so many days, she had forgotten, forgot the man’s eyebrows, forgot the man’s face, and forgot the moiré on the man’s clothes. However, she still remembers those eyes, quiet, indifferent, like the clouds on the nine days, fluttering, falling on her body, but it seems to see through her, far and far.

She saw her figure, so thin, the wind blew her clothes, and the pears fell on the top of her head, and the ground was pale.

They have never seen each other, and the only intersection in this life seems to be the unintentional glimpse.

The ink is insane, the flowers are light and the poems are messy. Only the tears of the woman’s sadness fall down, dripping through the back of the paper, dimming the thick ink, and opening a shallow tear.

Poor and wrong, her pain was not seen, only her, inadvertently carrying up the shackles, saw a woman who was tall and never showed scars.

There are branches of wood and eucalyptus in the mountains.

With a cry, a black shadow passed over the window, and she suddenly burst into amazement, and her fingers became stiff.

Zhu Gezhen noticed that she was not right. She held her in her arms and half-lifted her body. She said: “What?”

Outside the temple came the footsteps of the rush of the insiders, and some people pointed back at the scorpion: “Wang, it is the crow flying at night.”

“I commanded the arrow machine camp and shot the nearby flat hair animals.”

“Yes, the slaves will do this.”

The night wind is still blowing, Zhuge hugs her, softly comforted: “Don’t be afraid, nothing, just a bird.”

Her eyes suddenly became hot, turned and hugged his waist tightly.

He circled her with one hand and patted her back with one hand. He checked it slightly and whispered, “Star, what happened to you?”

She was buried in his warm arms, her voice was very small, and she said quietly: “Just think that life is impermanent.”

He said warmly: “Life is impermanent, but it is not about you and me.”

Chu Qiao looked up, and a pair of dark scorpions had a confused look in the dark. She frowned slightly and said: “Some things, manpower is not enough, God is unpredictable.”

“I never believe in a god.”

He smiled a little, his eyes were a gleaming glow, leaning forward, kissing in the corner of her mouth, muttering: “I never do anything to regret myself.”

Her heart seemed to suddenly fall into the hot springs, and the limbs were soft. She hugged him, responding carefully between the lips and teeth, the skin was like a segment, a little touch of friction, fingers like a butterfly wing, sliding over his broad shoulders, against the hard chest, the auricles sticking up, across the palm, also I can hear that steady and powerful heartbeat.

Hey, hey, hey –

Her tears fell by drop, there was no reason, and I didn’t want to stop it.

Outside the window, the snow was flying. In the warm bedroom of her home, she leaned in the arms of her husband and fell asleep in her sleeping hall. The world is so vast, but her world is held tightly by her. Even if there is a wave of storms in this world, she has the courage to face all the twists and turns.

The winter in Qinghai is very short and it will soon pass.

Spring rain is as expensive as oil, fine hair. On this day, it was the auspicious day of the spring ploughing. Zhuge 去 went to Shennongtan with the Manchu martial arts. Ouyang is now growing up, and along with Pingduoji, he followed the Zhuge 听. Jingjing leisurely panic, and pleaded for Chu Qiao out of the palace breathable.

She was tired and not very moved during this time, but she couldn’t help her, so she had to go out with Yunhun and Rong Er. Li Qingrong was a little young, but extremely sleepy. Before leaving the palace gate, he still didn’t wake up. Chu Qiao was helpless. He had to prepare a separate carriage for him, and he rode with Yunzhou and Jingjing.

On the mountain, everyone abandoned the horse to walk, Li Qingrong sighed and sighed behind, and said that he came to Qinghai to hide, but did not expect to work hard.

Jingjing gas and his bickering, but did not say two words were defeated, had to resort to Chu Qiao.

Chu Qiao smiled and asked the Tang Emperor to force him to study politics for the whole day?

He nodded in a hurry and sighed helplessly: “The emperor said that when I was a few years old, I could pick him up for a few years and let him gasp.”

Chu Qiao knew that their brothers had very good feelings, and they were not surprised at the moment. They smiled and said: “It is rare that your emperor has such a heart.”

Li Qingrong snorted and dismissed: “The emperor is the next chores of the day. He wants to lie to me and the door is not.”

The rain is like silk, the mountain road is slippery, and everyone climbs to the top of the mountain. It happens that the sky has just cleared, the sun shines through the clouds, and a big rainbow falls, like a ribbon on the horizon.

Jingjing was happy to dance, Zhuge Yunzhou wrinkled a small brow and looked at her, and asked: “When is the mother, when will Xiaoxiao marry?”

Jingjing is very sensitive and looks back. “I want you to worry about it?”

Zhuge Yunzhou screamed: “Who cares for you? I just want to clean my ears.”

The two were squashing, and Chu Qiao turned his head. He saw Li Qingrong wearing a big red robes, a soft banded crown, a robe sleeve, and a pair of pines. Even though he was young, his eyebrows were exactly the same as Li Ce. The slender eyes were like foxes, slightly squatting, and when she saw her, she suddenly smiled and said, “When does the aunt regenerate a little sister, and when Ronger grows up, marry Ronger as a wife.”

Chu Qiao, awkwardly asked: “How old are you, how come you suddenly think of this?”

“Not suddenly thought of it,” Li Qingrong raised his eyebrows, his mouth was shallow and shallow, and he was still a child, but his eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of vast smog, which made it impossible to see through.

“There was this thought since I was a child. I want to come to Ronger for this purpose.”

The breeze came, blowing Li Qingrong’s hair. He looked at the distance and said quietly: “Aunt, there are too many grievances in this world, like my father and mother, grandfather and grandmother, all hate life, to death. There are so many people like aunts and kings.”

Suddenly, the mountain wind rose, see Chu Qiao’s clothes thin, he rushed to take a cloak to run over, a small man, but very calmly put on her cloak.

The teenager smiled and said: “Aunt, I want a sister to be a daughter-in-law, so you and the king must work hard.”

Seeing such a small child also came to laugh at himself, Chu Qiao was a little embarrassed, training him a few words, he is still the lazy look of that smile.

The drizzle stopped, the rainbow lingered, the sun pierced the clouds, and the golden ground was sprinkled.

Half a month later, the Tai Medical Department handed in the watch to the pulse, and Qinghai Wang Hao was pregnant.

At the end of the year, Xingyue Palace added another woman, named Zhuge Yunxiao, a small pearl, and a pearl county owner.

In the second month of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, he passed the Cuiweiguan. Li Qingrong took the horse and cut it from the middle of the road. He sent the envoy of the marriage contract to the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

The Emperor Li Xiuyi wrote a letter to him that he was mad, but he faintly scorned, and returned to the channel: “The Pearl of the Dragon, and Bei Hegan?”

Another child was admitted to the dormitory of the Lead Hua Temple. The poor Qinghai King, after ending the six-year abstinence life, began to start a difficult road of wives.

The wind blew from the pass, with the fragrance of grass, went for one year, and came again in a year. On the East China Sea coast of Huai Song, the fishermen caught this year’s new gongs, some of them licked pearls, and some smashed their own beads.

Originally a grain of sand, being pampered, so it became precious.

Years polished, eventually become pearls.


Epilogue 18: Defending Ximeng Pearl

————[There is a kind of person, not blood in his blood vessels, but steel. 】

The fire is burning, and the red is like hot blood. The arrow is out of the golden scorpion. In the heart of the sun, the screams of the gods come from the sky, the blood drops into rain, the earth breaks, the mountains collapse, and the sea rolls. Pulling up the ice peaks, the heavens and the earth is a huge melting pot, and the blood and tears are cooked in it.

In the boundless darkness, his eyeball was turning fast, blood red light covered his heart. He saw the dark armor, saw the shark’s sword, saw the dark moon, and saw the sky. Snowfield. The strangled crowd fell like a wheat field, and the flesh and blood piled up, overwhelming, the goshawk venomously swooped down, and the flesh of the carrion flickered on the claws. The wind was rolled up in the wilderness, surrounded by the screaming of the sea, the wind blowing on the face, with the dryness of the sand, as sharp as a knife.

The drums are getting more and more urgent, the enemy troops are overwhelming, the earth is shaking, the horseshoes are rushing, the clouds are pressing over the head, like a fierce dragon.


“killing -”

“killing and killing -”

The eyes suddenly opened, and all the illusions disappeared all the time. He was lying alone on a dragon bed bigger than the average person’s bedroom. The dark black satin was embroidered with a golden dragon, so the cockroach was squatting. The head of the corner, the golden silk, even in such a dark room, can flash a fierce light.

He didn’t move, didn’t talk, and the forehead’s hair was slightly damp, but he didn’t wipe his sweat into his neck.

It was too quiet at night, there was no voice, no footsteps, no silkworms, and even the wind never heard. Only his breathing, so slow, so heavy, one sound, one sound, another sound.

The night is long and will eventually pass.

He has always been a man of patience. It used to be, now and later.

Suddenly a faint red light flashed across the window, his gaze was drawn, and his eyes frowned slightly, and the footsteps of the servants were heard outside the hall.

“What is outside?”

His voice was slightly dry, but his voice was still calm.

“After returning, there was a fire in the Changle Palace. The Water Dragon Bureau has entered the palace and is fighting.”

The voice of the servant is still sharp, and in such a night, the feminine chills the back.

He sat quietly on the bed, looking at the tree shadow outside the window, sitting quietly for a long time. Suddenly, he got out of bed, stood up, and walked to the temple with bare feet. More than a dozen vigils of the vigils ran up in panic, draped him with bright yellow nightgowns and put on their dragon boots. He walked straight out of the hall and strode in the direction of Changle Palace. The servant leader hurriedly called a large number of guards to accompany the waiter. The palace people took the lanterns behind them, and the long row was so full of the Changle Palace.

“Hit! Give me a fight!”

Not yet close to Changle Palace, the voice of the insider is far away. He walked quietly, across a dragon channel, and saw under the moon gate of the cloister. Several palace people were surrounded by several young children. The children were pressed on the railings. They raised the board and took a hard shot. Their trousers have been smashed, and the flesh and blood are sticking to the buttocks. At the beginning, they can make a few screams, but later, even the screams can’t be called.

“Fire is what I put! There is a kind of you kill me!”

A thin child suddenly cried, she was already beaten in a non-adult shape, but a small face was still reluctantly cocked, and said coldly: “I only hate that I can’t burn your Yanbei dog!”

These are the children left by the former dynasty. After the army of Yanbei rushed into Zhenhuang, all the great summer nobles who had no time to escape were subjected to bloody slaughter. Only these young children survived under the wombs of the soldiers. After all, at that time, it was only a group of five or six-year-old dolls. After the fierce soldiers killed ten or eight, they felt soft, but who could have thought of these children who could not remember the things that happened in the past. Will this crazy move be made today?

Changle Palace is the new palace of Jade Beauty. He turned over the brand of Jade Beauty tonight, and he was temporarily tired and did not go.

Hatred, it really is the hardest thing in the world, that is, the steel knife is swallowed by the fire, the iceberg melts under the scorching sun, and the hatred cannot be erased.

“His Majesty.”

The chief of the servant was kneeling on the ground, and his back was shivering in the rustling. He didn’t know why he was so scared. He just felt that the coldness crawled from the soles of his feet and the trembling spread to the whole body, and he could not stop.

“Back to the palace.”

The brocade of the golden dragon on the black background swept over the branches of the side. He rushed to the crowd and only took a look. He turned and left.

The night is still dark, like a pen that is full of ink. His figure disappears into the black corridor, faintly, the cold wind blows over, and the small fly ash on the ground is raised. No sound can be heard. The child’s weak screams and screams echoed in the sky.

“I want to avenge my mother!”

“The evil Yanbei dog!”

“You must not die!”

“Our king will come back! You will regret it!”


Long nights, the armor of the weapon library was stained with a layer of frost. Under the moon, the blood of the river became a river. The child’s body was dragged out of the palace door and thrown on the mass grave, swallowed by wild dogs.

In this world, there are too few legends, and most people who are unwilling to die are already in the abyss of hatred. Those who can humiliate and climb up are not necessarily happy.

But living is always better than death.

He sat quietly in front of the window, with a white jade finger on his finger. The finger was broken and the interior was stitched with gold wire. He was a little small. In some places, there were almost large gaps. Tattered, even if it was thrown on the street, no one would be embarrassed.

He rubbed the worn finger with his fingers, and the scorpion of the fingertips hardened and touched the finger of the white jade, making a very light and light voice. He looked down and looked at the faint pattern on his thumb. Vaguely, the long sword at the bottom of his heart seemed to be out of the sheath again. The bloody sly flickering, the white light of the sword light reflected a familiar face.


He sneered silently.

The emotions that ordinary people should have, such as fragility, such as fear, such as fear, or the regrets that the child said, he does not allow himself to own.

Because those things, apart from making him feel sick, have no other effect.

The great cause has been made, the blood has been reported, and he is benevolent.


He closed his eyes, and a ray of light came from the far side of the sky, through the window, on his angular face. The whole court is made of ebony and obsidian. When this rising sun rises, it has a suffocating beauty.

His body is filled with the blood of the soldiers of Yanbei, and the bones are filled with the stagnation of for years. The dreams are all over the river, and the soldiers and horses break through the mountains of Zhenhuang. How can he regret this?

He raised his eyes and saw that the world was vast, the birds were hovering, and no longer like the big one in his childhood, even the moon did not dare to stop the embarrassment.


He scoffed at it.

On March 16th, Higashino-gun County rushed to the emergency report, saying that it was a rebel army, and one of them looked like a good person.

The criminal department immediately ordered the person to be brought to Beijing.

Half a month later, the man was finally tied to his eyes, but seeing the eyebrows and eyes, high nose and thin lips, it is in this situation of Wolverine, still cannot cover his handsome and extraordinary.

Yan Yan sat on the throne and looked at the former pride of the sky. He had not spoken for a long time. Instead, he raised his face with a bloody print and smiled at him faintly, as if his old friend had met casually and greeted:

“Yan Shizi, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Yan…the son…

It’s a long-lost name. He calmly nodded and said: “Jing Xiao Wang Ye.”

“I haven’t seen you for so long, Yan Shizi’s style is better than ever.”

“Is it?” Yan Yan said faintly: “Little Wang is a little different.”

Jing Xiao said with a smile: “The wind and water turn, the flowers are not red, and the world is changeable. It is also unusual.”

“Little Wang is really open to seeing, it is a hero.”

Jing Hao suddenly smiled and shook his head. “The hero has already died. The surviving person is just a generation of people who are eager to seek for the whole world. Thanks to the world, he will soon end this embarrassing situation for me.”

“It seems that Xiao Wang Ye has some time to wait.”

Jing Hao’s face was met with the feelings of a confidant, and he bowed his head and said: “I still hope that the world will be fulfilled.”

Yan Yan’s gaze suddenly became a bit sharp. It was the sharpness that walked between the military and the military all year round. It was like a murderous arrow. Just one shot was enough to shoot through the eighteen layers of cowhide. However, in this person’s eyes, he did not see anything.

The sword can conquer the world, but it can never conquer the people. In this ugly and dirty land, there are still some stubborn souls.

He waved at random: “I will not send it.”

The scenes are free and easy to smile, and the big sleeves are smashed, even though they are scarred, they still do not reduce the gas of the heavenly aristocracy.

“There are many things in the world, let’s stay.”

The sun shines through the window and casts a bundle of apertures.

When the young and the young, the sorrows are not pleasing to the eye, and the battles in the Shangwu Hall are infighting. After all, in the end, he stood here, watching the man who was always proud of his origins and stepped on the broken table.

His chin was slightly provoked, and a small wind blew from his ear. For a long time, he didn’t want to talk. There was a kind of tiredness that pierced his heart when he was not aware of it for a while. It was so far apart, but he seemed to hear the sound of the smashing knife on the nine secluded tables. The blood spurted out the neck, and the bright red, the tiny blood dripping in the air, with warm suffocation. The proud head fell into the dust, the body was squatting, and it could no longer stand upright. The barely fearless eyes would have to be closed forever.

dignity? proud? Royal? Blood? stubborn? belief?

What is important about everything?

Those who have not fallen to the bottom of the valley, who have never climbed out of the situation that wants to die, how can they understand what is most important?

Everything is based on survival. If a person dies, nothing will be there. Living is the most important thing.

He slowly opened his eyes, Wenwu Baiguan crouched in front of his eyes, the silence of the hall was cold, the pressure was so low, almost suffocating. He can clearly see that someone is shaking slightly, they are afraid of him, maybe hate him, but what about it? After all, he is the king of this land after all, they all need to surrender to him, this is enough, this is enough.

The sky is shining, shining on his tough face, this is the new generation of the mainland king, Da Yan’s founding emperor.

He is Yan Yan, he is an evil spirit who climbed out of hell. He is the soul of a remnant soul after a lifetime of death. He will not regret it, never.

“Your Majesty, the Queen Lanya of the Northern Ross Empire sent us a letter of help, and Zhao Che took the troops to attack more than 20 countries north of the desert. Now it has already taken entire Western Europe into the bag.”

“Your Majesty, the northwest canines recruited 300,000 troops, hoarded outside the Meilin Pass, and looked at us and tried to misbehave!”

“Your Majesty, the people of the Tang Dynasty are very active. The secret agents of the Criminal Department on the northwestern border took more than a dozen secret agents of Jing’an Wang Yu. We suspect that she has some close connection with the Northwest Barrier.”

“Your Majesty, Hedong Dashui, Jiangnan drought, this year’s tax is not enough for the fourth year, we need to do some preventive measures.”

“His Majesty……”

There is a kind of person, he was born to endure loneliness and pain, the wind and rain can not beat him, the sword can not kill him, the fire can not burn him, the crisis can not help him.

Because in his blood vessels, it is not blood, but steel.


Epilogue 19:  Defending Ximeng Qinghai

——[Qinghai is a vast land. If you have not set foot on it, then you will never imagine that behind this bloody forest, there is a beautiful paradise hidden. 】

The red wind is eastward, more than 280 miles, and the Xiongguan is like an iron. It is called Cuiwei, and it is towering like a mountain.

Zhuge Yue was arrogant, followed by more than a hundred horses. Today, his personal guard captain Guo Huai took twenty or thirty soldiers to the end, guarding dozens of Qingbu carriages. The wind blows from the east, with the aroma of the earth, and the spring blossoms of the year, the mainland of Qinghai, is already a gorgeous color of flowers.

At the gate, the guards of the guards had already received news. After seeing Zhuge, the respectful salute, they opened the heavy city gate.

Zhuge  Yue said quietly in a carriage: “Three uncles, I am not sent.”

The curtain of the carriage was opened, revealing an old but still clear face. Only the owner of this face was frowning at the moment, and a pair of slender eyes were full of annoyance. He looked up and finally pleaded: “His Royal Highness, I am confused, you will forgive me this time.”

Zhuge Yue silently, just looking at him faintly, the eyes are light and cloudy, but it seems like the mirror lake is frozen, so it is so cold and cold to reflect everything back, there is no trace of feelings.

The old man continued to plead: “The big summer has already been destroyed, and the older brothers have already followed the seven halls to the north, and now the red dragons in the territory of Hongchuan, you let me go back, how can I be good? what?”

“That’s your business, it has nothing to do with me.”

The old man almost fell into tears. When he got up, he climbed up and squatted down in the car. He said with sorrow: “His Highness, it’s not good for the three uncles. It’s my fascination. But the three uncles are also watching your sons dying. I want to marry silk, I am not malicious to her, I am just…”

The old man’s words have not been finished yet, and Zhuge Yue has already turned his head and his back is like a gun. There is no hesitation.

The old man was shocked and suddenly shouted: “I didn’t do anything! I just think about it!”

“I don’t think about it.”

Zhuge Yue’s voice echoed calmly in the wind, like a leaf floating on the water.

“They are my wife and children. You just have a look in your head. I know it, not.”

A white bird flew over the plains of Qinghai, with a branch in its mouth. It looked like a male bird who had just built a nest.

“Guo Huai, send them out.”

The door opened, and for a long time, it was closed again. He returned with a team without a word, the sound of horseshoes, the green grass, the eagle hovering, everything calm and calm.

This is Qinghai, his home. He is in charge of everything here, and everything that rules it here will certainly protect everything here. Anything that might threaten this calm will be ruthlessly removed. Even if you just think about it.


A sudden hoof sounded suddenly, and Zhuge Yue looked up and saw her wearing a goose-yellow shirt, riding on the horse, running far away.


Chu Qiao lived in the stables, stood upright on the horse, looked at the distant gate, and frowned and asked, “Are you three uncle?”

Zhuge Yue nodded: “Well.”

“Why don’t you ask me to send it?”

Zhuge Yue smiled and said: “He is hard to leave, and he wants to go home, what are you doing?”

Chu Qiao frowned unwillingly: “He is your elder, I don’t want to send more.”

“There is nothing wrong with it.” Zhuge Yue was free to take a breath, before he hit the horse, he said: “I don’t kiss him.”

Anyway, if he doesn’t leave, he will leave. Chu Qiao has no choice but to sigh. The flat mouth says: “This is why you don’t let me send it. Don’t pick me afterwards, saying that I won’t give you face.”

The two laughed happily and went home in the direction of their home. The road is straight, the grass is on both sides, the flowers are full, and the tempting aroma is far from coming. This ramp is the only way to the outside of Guanwai. Now the situation in Hongchuan has been fixed. Yanbei has entered the eastern soil, and the civil war in Sui and Tang Dynasties has subsided. The political situation is stable, trade and commerce are gradually developing, Qinghai policy is enlightened, and Sui and Tang Dynasties have established serious business contacts with Qinghai. This is a bustling and bustling event. With such a martial arts, more than a dozen teams have passed by. .

Both Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao are dressed in ordinary people’s costumes, and the guards behind them are not armored, just like they look like ordinary people.

Not a little while, suddenly listening to the sound of drums in front, looking up, actually someone married a woman, white horse red sedan, blowing and beating, all the way.

Zhuge Yue met with a smile and said: “Today is a happy celebration. When you go out, you will meet the people to do a happy event.”

After all, he told Guo Huai and others to let the way out, and everyone retreated outside the martyrdom. The team was far away. The groom sat on the horse, but it was a dazzling instrument, far away from Zhuge Yue’s hand, thanking him for giving way. Friendship, Zhuge Yue also smiled and nodded.

Chu Qiao looked at the team, and the memory suddenly became awkward. It is faintly remembered that it seems that a long time ago, she also sat in the festive Wang Hao, accompanied by drums all the way, on the newly built ramp.

At that time, she was already wearing a top six, and her waist was long gone. She understands the customs here, and women will marry with a big belly, and there will inevitably be some rumors. But he insisted that he would give her a formal name before the child was born. Therefore, she once again became the most deliberate bride under the day, wearing a large robes, sitting on the emperor’s jade, all the way into the magnificent palace gate built for her.

The things in this world are always strange. Many times, you struggle to fight for one thing, but you may not be able to achieve your ideals. And sometimes, you don’t have a heart to look back, but you’re destined to make a lasting cut.

On that day, on the platform of Wutong, she was married to Fenghuaxia, and married his wife in the witness of this world of Qinghai. Zijin Green Line, Damask Huafu, he used her half-hearted efforts to weave this grand wedding for her. In the land he laid down in the predicament, she gave her a life-long home.

She bowed her head and bowed her heart. She was full of gratitude. In this life, she did not respect the god Buddha, but she was blessed by the gods. After the battle, she died for the rest of her life and won the benevolent woman who could not be asked by the world.

People like him deserve to be loved by all the loyal women in this world.

And she is the luckiest one among the thousands of creatures.

That night, he removed makeup for her, the red candle was not cut, the west window was clear, and all the way to life and death, after all, I still hope for this day.

It is like the wind on the mainland of Qinghai. It has swept thousands of times, and it has been scraping around in the southeast and northwest. However, it is still necessary to return to the land of the red wind and find its own home.


Zhuge Yue screamed and frowned: “What do you want to stay?”

Chu Qiao suddenly came back and smiled and said: “I thought we were not riding a horse to pick me up when we were married.”

Zhuge Yue looked thoughtfully at the team that was gradually drifting away and nodded: “Yes, or do we have to do it again?”

“Okay, I have no opinion.”

The two walked jokes and walked. After a while, they entered the city of Akihabara and entered the Xingyue Palace from the harem gate.

However, just after going to the Hall of Supreme Harmony, I heard a sigh of relief inside. The insider was about to report, and Zhuge Yue swayed his hand and frowned and went inside.

Sure enough, in the yard, the people were all standing on the sidelines. His son was licking his little ass, and he was able to suck his own things into the palace gate, and in the yard, someone’s pillow was placed at the door, apparently had been banished.

“Zhou, what are you doing?”

Just three and a half years old, the child heard the sound startled, and an ass squatted on the ground, carefully turned back, rubbed his eyes with his hands, looked out from his fingers, and saw the smell of his own old man. Stinky face.

Doing it all, being caught again, what else to say.

Zhuge Yunzhou went out, stood up, a small belly, and said loudly: “Zhou is moving!”

“What are you moving?”

But I listened to my son’s righteousness and said: “Oh, five days, the boat is five days, five days.”

Zhuge Yue was one of the first two big, yes, there was such a saying at the beginning. He and Chu Qiao, do not look ordinary and savvy, spoiled the child to call it a lawless, the child until the age of two, have been living with them. But this one, sometimes, is still very inconvenient. For example, the night is quiet, the night is black and windy, and the dry spots are good for the health of the body and mind. There is always a little guy who is better than the rabbit to make the big eyes stare at you. This is too shocking.

In the end, Zhuge Yue couldn’t bear it. He and his son were in the same chapter. The father and son were divided into the temple. Each of them occupied Chu Qiao for five days. This only temporarily got a few nights.

It is a pity that since then, Zhuge Yunzhou’s trust in his father has dropped drastically. Every three or five days, this person always refuses to return to her mother for various reasons. The little guy is getting more and more dissatisfied, doing cognac, bullying, talking at a young age, no one is listening, right? My mother said, I will do it myself, and I will eat it if I don’t come. I will go to the mountain. If you don’t move out, I will move in.

So today, when Zhuge Yue went out to work, Zhuge Yunzhou moved his little short legs with perseverance, moved all his fellow things into the hall of Chu Qiao, and threw out the pillows of Zhuge’s pillow to show his own determination.

“Uh huh,” Zhuge Yue  smashed the scorpion, and said very well: “Zhou, you have grown up, you have to learn to be a man, you can’t always stick to your mother.”

Xiao Zhuge looked up at his head and stared at him very seriously and seriously. Zhuge Yue thought that he had taught success, and he was very busy and hard to beat the railway:

“My father was able to bend and bow while you were so young. You know the poetry. You have to use your mind in serious things. Don’t think about these useless things every day, do you understand?”

Xiao Zhuge nodded and said very well: “I understand.”

Zhuge Yue was overjoyed, and this kid finally opened up.

“But it’s not good.”

Xiao Zhuge licked his mouth and extended a pair of red sly hands to Chu Qiao. He was very wronged and said: “Mother, hand pain, tired.”

Chu Qiao looked at his baby son like that, suddenly tempered steel to make a soft twist, three steps and two steps, the next person to help him pick up things.

Zhu Gezhen stood in the yard, so he looked at his wife’s instant abrupt change, a heart like the autumn wind sweeping the leaves like the desolation.

late at night.

Someone got up and got dressed and dressed out of the hall.

The person in charge of the joint outside asked very proudly: “He is sleeping?”

“Well.” Chu Qiao nodded: “Come on, I will have to come back early tomorrow morning.”

“Dead kid, fight with me.”

“Small voice, the little guy’s ears are good.”

The night was as black as the ink, a child squatting at the window, staring at the outside and walking side by side, sadly sighed: “Mother has already betrayed me.”

Qinghai was not called Qinghai a long time ago. A long time ago, there was no name here. A long time later, someone took the land and saw the grass as the sea, the world is vast, so took the name.

Zhuge Yunzhou did not call Zhuge Yunzhou before. He called Zhuge Kongming. Later, his mother had a dream. She dreamed that an old man with a fan would take Lei Gong to marry her, so he changed the name.

Xingyue Palace was not called Xingyue Palace before. It used to be a deserted land. Since a family came to this place, a big palace was built here, and there is a peaceful and peaceful life.

The heroes have stepped out of the magnificent battlefield and returned to the trivial and calm life. When life is no longer ups and downs, like the sea of ​​anger, you will realize the joy of life.

Well, this is true.


Epilogue 20: Defending Ximeng against Scales

– [The sky is falling, and you can’t leave, because under his shoulder, there are people he loves. 】

The cold wind blows over the brow, the young scout sits on the horse’s back, the back is bent, and more than a dozen arrows are inserted on his back, but he does not fall, but the spear is tied to the horse. On the back, the spear tip pierced into his chest, and supported the dead body, and sat upright.

On his chest, the armor was torn, and the dark white corset was written with blood in the blood: southeast, thirty miles, light cavalry, ten thousand.

Zhuge Yue  silently looked at this young warrior. He slowly lowered his head. For a long time, he said softly: “It’s hard for you.”

“噗”, (means Plurk) the gun head with heavy weight for a long time suddenly pierced the chest, the dark red blood foam spilled from behind, the young soldier fell off the horse, the horse screamed, bowed his head against the soldier’s cheek, screaming.


The sturdy generals rushed forward, clutching a thin old man and shouting: “Find him!”

The old man is over sixty years old. In this era, he can live to sixty, and he is considered a long-lived birthday star. He is very thin, but his spirit is full, even though he is so embarrassed at the moment, there is still no defeat. Zhuge took a look at him, then slowly nodded: “Mr. is very good, it seems enough to deal with the hard work of long journey.”

“You… Qinghai is the land of barbarism, the education is unreasonable, the hair is drunk, the old man is a scholar, how can you…”

Zhuge’s eyes turned, and the slender Dan Feng’s eyes were bright and sultry. His voice was not urgent or slow, but he had an indescribable deterrent.

“The king is welcoming thousands of miles, and the soldiers are going to clear the way. It seems that the gentleman still feels that the king is not sincere enough.”

This sentence is said to be light and windy, but there is a murderous inside, but Gao Qingzhu suddenly squats on the spot.

Qinghai sent troops to Cuiwei. This road passed through the province and passed the province. It was so powerful that many people were thrown along the way. So “sincere”, who would dare to say that he is not sincere enough?

“Send Mr. Qingzhu to get on the bus.”


The gates of Maoling City were intact, and the officers and men had hardly resisted. They opened the door and placed the Qinghai Navy into the door. Now that Simon is in turmoil, the Hongchuan Plateau is killing, the Daxia Royals retreat to the North, and the Yanbei Cavalry enters the Imperial Land and seizes the capital. However, although the defenders in various places have surrendered to Yanbei in name, the guards of some small places are still the former Xiaguan. Therefore, compared with the aggressor’s will, Zhuge’s former Daxia Military Department Sima, how to see how more cordial some.

When the Qinghai entered the Maoling City, the local people thought that the imperial army began to counterattack. Many men took the knife and the axe to join the army. The people even took out the rice white noodles at home to fight the army, and beat the drums in the streets. I am so happy that I can’t see that this is a city that has been compromised.


Guo Huai carried a heavy knife and ran up, wiped the dust on his face and said loudly: “Yan Jun is coming, what should we do?”

Zhuge looked at the southeast, his face was unchanged, and his tone was low: “War.”

For a time, there was a burst of cheers in the army. This group of Qinghai elite, from the day of Cuiweiguan, has been careful to sneak, the battle will retreat, all the way to gallop, it is really ruined. At this moment, I heard that there was finally a fight, everyone was happy and cheered loudly.

However, in the evening, Yan Jun finally arrived, but did not launch an attack, but instead surrounded the city, not a soldier.

Zhuge knows that they must be waiting for reinforcements. Once the reinforcements arrive, they will be very unfavorable to him. On the evening of the same day, the Yanjun did not wait for the formation, and the Qinghai Navy rushed out of Maoling. After three impacts, the Qinghai Navy relied on its super-flexibility to tear open a hole in the right rear of Yan Jun. The Yanjun army is not a regular army. Instead, it hears Maoling’s urgency. The reserve army, which was drawn from several nearby reserve military camps, suddenly suffered from Qinghai’s elite and naturally lost.

For a time, the southwestern line of Dayan was ignited by fire, and the defenders everywhere were as sharp as the tip of the sword. The Qinghai Navy’s horses were extremely fast, and many troops rushed in, but only had time to look at the Qinghai army. The sky is rising.

On this day, I finally came to the last level of the mountain, and passed this mountain, which is the territory of Qinghai Cuiweiguan. The night before, the soldiers of the Qinghai Army all polished the knife and gun, waiting for the last hard battle.

Zhuge was wearing a cold armor, standing in the vast moonland, raising his wrist high, and a white eagle fell on his wrist, cleverly extending a foot with a letter tube.

Unfolding the letterhead, someone’s screaming letter leaps into the eye, but fortunately, reading it all over, there is news he wants to know. He repeated the letter twice and then put it in his arms, feeling the warm touch of the words, like a cold, snowy day holding a silver heater.

Everyone has his own counter-scale, some are gold and silver, some are power, and his, but only one person.

He has never been a kind person, just for her, and is willing to close up, but this does not mean that he has forgotten how to kill.

He slowly looked up, the darkness of the sky was so low, the stars fell, and it seemed to reach out. The wind blows from far away, faintly with the taste of Qinghai, his heart is very quiet, like the grass waves of Qinghai, layer by layer, gently swaying.

On the second day, there were eight thousand soldiers under the Lushan Mountain. It was different from the Daxia legacy and the newly recruited reserve. These were the local soldiers of Yanbei, the army of steel that was experienced in the blade and bloody rain.

The wind of the frontier is always chilly, blowing across the vast land, picking up a misty grass. The soldiers in Qinghai tied the black satin of their wrists, clenched the wolf knives, and looked at the enemies in the cold. The strong warfare rose in the battlefield, and even the wind that passed through was brought a trace. The buzz.

However, at this moment, the defenders of Lushan suddenly had some flustered fluctuations. Zhuge Yue on the horse slowly frowned, but after a short while, the garrison of Lushan slowly receded to the sides, the heavy gate opened slowly, a spacious avenue, placed in the Qinghai In front of.

“What are they doing?”

Someone in the army whispered.

“It must be a trap, Yanbei dog is making a swindle.”

The crowd was chaotic, and all the noisy sounds were like boiling water, and a wave of waves surged.

Zhuge looked at the Yan Jun, who said nothing in the opposite direction, frowned silently and did not speak. Time passed slowly in such a strange environment, the Yan army was silent, and the Qinghai Navy was silent. The grass up to the knees sways slowly, and with the wind, a wave floats.

Zhuge Yue’s horseshoes are slow, but they are determined to step forward.

Guo Huai’s nervousness was in front of him, and he said eagerly: “Wang, be careful and cheat.”

“They dare to open the gate in front of the king. Isn’t the king even courage to walk past?”

Zhuge’s voice is extremely low, not so exciting, but for a moment, everyone’s fighting spirit seems to be ignited. He smirked, scabbard slanted, and looked at all Qinghai warriors faintly, Lang Lang said: “Who dares to go with the king?”

“The end will be willing!”

For a time, all the Qinghai Navy shouted in unison, and the voice was thunderous, and it shook the earth.

Three thousand Qinghai Navy followed Zhuge’s, and the horseshoe flew like this, so they flew to the sly city gate.

One thousand feet, five hundred feet, three hundred feet, near, more and more close. In the near future, I can even see the eyebrows and swords of Yanbei soldiers. They can see the war and the edge of their eyes. However, no one has pulled out the knife and no one shouted. They screamed through the gate of Lushan and jumped over. The door that should have left a myriad of corpses to open.

Wuyuan is like a wild, heavy gate are slowly closed after they pass, and the dark flag is on the high gates. It seems that people’s eyes are watching them away.

Zhuge Wei looked at his eyes silently, and then turned around and turned to the local general of Qinghai, Guo Huai: “Call the letter to the seventh month, bring people back.”

Guo Huai made a slight glimpse. In order to cooperate with this action, General Liu and General He Xiao had already sneaked into the vicinity of Zhenhuang City with 30,000 dead soldiers. Only when the situation changed, they immediately attacked Zhenhuang. Daxia participated in the military and dispersed the sight of Yanbei. It’s so easy to get them back now, isn’t it a waste of the previous layout?

However, he did not say anything, but he promptly told his subordinates to do so.

The clouds in the front are scattered, and Qinghai is already looking.


As soon as the doctor retired, Zhuge Yu walked in. The hall of Zhu Qidanmu was filled with the fragrance of Anshen. He slid the maid and walked straight to the bed and sat down along the bed.

She was a lot thinner, almost disengaged, and her eyes were big, and it looked bigger and bigger at the moment. On the day of her departure, Liang Shaoqing came to see her. She also laughed at her like a big-eyed monkey in the woods. She was angry and took a pillow to throw him, but even the pillows were unstable.

She fell asleep, breathing very smoothly, just finished the medicine, the smell is also well-proportioned. I don’t know if it is a psychological effect. Zhuge Wei feels that after the hands of the old doctor, even the look looks much better.

He smashed all the way, and he used his blood to spread a path. He was anxious along the way, and he couldn’t sleep at night, but until now, all of them turned into the joy and comfort of the moment.


He sighed silently in his heart, acknowledging the fear that he would not admit when he died.

Fortunately, nothing.

On the crib on the side, a small sound suddenly came. He turned his head and saw a small child, lying on his head, staring at him with a pair of round, big eyes.

The child’s eyes are black and lacquered, like ripe grapes. He is too small, and his neck is soft and can’t stand up. The two small fists were very strong, holding them tightly, looking at the guy who was sneaking around his mother’s bed, wrinkling his brow without eyebrows, and staring at him seriously.

Zhu Gezhen and his son looked at each other. This feeling was a bit strange at a time. Without experience, he didn’t even know what to use for a while. He put a finger on his mouth and motioned him to make a small noise. Don’t wake his mother to sleep.

The child is obviously unable to comprehend this complicated gesture. Perhaps he is hungry. He naturally picks up his little ankle and puts it in his mouth very skillfully.

Zhuge’s brow wrinkles, what is this habit? It is too unsanitary.

The long arm stretched out, and the foot in the child’s mouth was pulled out, and then he glanced at him with a warning.

The baby is small, but can sharply distinguish the attitude of others. So the next second, no accident, full of dissatisfied Qinghai Xiaoshizi opened his mouth, with the magic sound piercing the posture, burst into tears.

For a time, the servants, the maids, the nurses, the attendants, and the doctors all looked like beans, and they came out from all corners of the main hall. Even Chu Qiao, who was asleep, suddenly woke up and sat up.

“what happened?”

“Does the little child pee?”

“Quickly pass the doctor.”

“There is no crying under the small hall, don’t you cry, look at it, what is this?”

A group of people rudely squeezed someone out. The child’s eyes turned around in the crowd and finally stopped on the mother’s face. It was aggrieved and pouted, reaching out two fat little hands and pumping. Get up and cry.

Chu Qiao held the child in his arms and looked around, only to notice the husband who had reunited for a long time. However, Liu Mei was vertical and said with anger: “You bully your son!”

“I do not have.”

Zhuge Yu denied it and said that he would come forward. But just as to deny his words, the child cried, even more, when he saw him coming over.

“You still said that you didn’t?” Chu Qiao looked at him: “You are such a big person, but also bully children.”

Zhuge’s seven-year-old smoke, is this kid his son? Seeing that his tears and nose were lying on the collar of Chu Qiao’s white, he was angry and burning, what? He was born and died in the middle of the road to find medicine for their mother and son, they are this attitude towards him?

“Your Highness, you have too much wind and sand, and the doctor said that you will go out first.”

Zhuge Yue blinked his eyes and scared that Xiaoxiao almost shocked on the spot. However, after a long day of gaze, he finally blackened his face and was driven out of his home by the old man who had been vengeful.

He couldn’t do it right now. There was a white robe on the other side. The man with the cap of the book ran up from the temple. He first performed a big gift, and then said: “His Royal Highness, Did you receive my letter? Do you agree to give me a marriage?”

Zhuge Yue  saw that he was even angrier and didn’t fight. He frowned: “The marriage of Meng Feng and He Xiao General is near, you don’t want to mess up again.”

“How can you do this?”

Liang Shaoqing said with conviction: “On time, General Meng Feng and I have known each other first. On knowledge, I am full of talents and talents. On the basis of the match, we have a single sword and a sword.”

“Come, let’s drag this madman down.”

The two big-shaped big men came forward, and the talented and gentle scholars made the effort to suck the milk and slammed the door. The heartbreaking screamed: “Your Highness, you can’t cross the river and take the bridge! At that time, Jojo was fascinated by me. It was my high-spirited quit to withdraw from the sentiment. I gave you the opportunity to take the opportunity. Oh, my Highness, how can you take the banana to lose me? How can it be so unconventional? ……”

“Oh, the little child is urinating!”

“Get the diaper quickly, the nurse is coming, the little child may be hungry.”


There was chaos outside the temple, and people went in and out. Everyone was so busy that nobody looked at him.

Qinghai Wang, who was greatly victorious, was very depressed. He sat there with his black face. He felt that this was too far from his own imagination.

It should have been like this. There should be a filial son, a gentle wife, and a sublime subordinate. They should look up to him sitting on the horse, excitedly bursting into tears and praising his merits.

Instead of now, the son knows that he is crying and licking his throat. His wife is full of eyes and only has a child. His subordinates are not worried. They cry and shout to rob others.

He sighed and was very depressed and continued to sit.

“Mei Xiangjie, is the small blue under the small hall or this beige?”

“Miss, the little spit spit milk, isn’t it too much?”

“Oh, your Highness, are you going to get up? You are sitting on the toy under the small hall.”


Everyone has his own counter-scale, some are gold and silver, some are power, and his, but only one person.


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