Chu Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Chapter 151-160

Based on the original novel 11 agents princess 

by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua


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by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

A dark black sky, the clouds are extremely low, almost to the forehead, snow like gray goose feathers, rolling in the cold wind hunting. To coarse cloth and leather felt to build a simple tent, Yan Xun is sitting quietly. The torch issued a faint crackling, the soldiers are very frightened, more and more uneasy eyes, horses also issued a sound of upset the screaming, anxious shaving hoof, air boring, full of fear and depression of the atmosphere.

It’s been half an hour, and the 10,000-strong army is fighting against the lonely army that is less than three hundred people alone. This disparity is not a normal war, even if it’s a surprise, it’s not going to be at this time. Zhuge Yue’s bows and arrows have already been shot, and the swords have collapsed. Many people have been seriously injured. The horses of the cavalry have all been shot dead. They can no longer use the flexibility of maneuvering. They can only gather together and back against the back and tens of thousands. People are fighting with a spear knife.

Yanbei Army has surrounded them, and the melee is fierce and horrible. On the snowfield, which has been stained with blood, the former troops of Yanbei Army and Zhuge Yue’s people fought in one place, and the two waves headed together. The sword is bright, and between the rushes, a large piece of blood sprang out, like a hot magma sprinkling snow on the fertile soil.

The wind whistling, killing the sound, the sound of the horse’s humming and the screams of the soldiers who were seriously injured and falling down, the scene is like boiling water, what strategy, what strategy, have not been used… The narrow road meets the brave man. At this moment, everyone seems to be crazy. With red eyes, the sword is thrown at the other side. The broken limbs, the splashed blood, and the cut off heads are like a row of autumn grass. The murderer was immediately killed by the murderer, but the dying person still did not forget to hold the enemy’s thighs to win the attack time for his comrades, and the battle was fierce to the point where it could not be imagined.

Although the Yanbei Army had the upper hand in the number of people, it always rushed to the small group of Yue guards. The soldiers on the outside fell down, and the inside immediately rushed up, and their crumbling swords stood there. It seems that one round after another will fall down, but it is still tenacious, standing like a dog skin plaster that can’t be smashed, but it’s not broken, even if the surrounding comrades have fallen, only oneself, they are. In order to fight, a single fight does not stop. Even if the flesh and blood are vague, even if the limb is broken, even if there is only one breath left, it will still be spelled with a knife and a mouth to tear off the enemy piece of meat!

These people are all followers of Zhuge Yue from childhood, as the son of the Long House of Zhuge family. Since the age of four, the family has invited dozens of martial arts masters for him, equipped with five soldiers and more soldiers, for more than ten years. They followed Zhuge Yue’s battle to the north and the south, and they went through wars and killed them. They have never retreated and timid. Today, they are in front of the Yanbei soldiers once again demonstrated the so-called empire flower days of “son brother I donated” blood loyalty.

Yan Xun’s new defender Nie Gu’s knife screamed: “kill! Kill them!”

Yue Jui full of blood,  a sword pierced the throat of a Yanbei Army. There was no calm and calm expression on his face. He wiped away the blood from his face. He said: “Brothers! A bloody road.” Come!”

There are corpses everywhere, there are knives everywhere, and the bodies are too much to stand up. The soldiers slashed their knives and kicked the corpses on their side. The killing and screams were deafening, and the blood mud rolled with meat sauce. One place.

A Yanbei army knife cut off a Yue Jui’s thigh, the young moon guard not only did not say a cry but a knife through the Yanbei army’s chest, Yanbei soldiers before falling down to hold the moon guard. The waist, two seriously injured dying people rolled on the ground, like two wild dogs biting each other, as if they had terrible hatred between them, but they did not wait for them to kill each other, more than a dozen horses rushed, Immediately the soldiers were still fighting. The two men below were smashed by the horseshoes. The brains were sprayed out and splashed on the hoofs of the horses. The two warriors held each other together and looked like intimate friends.

The battlefield around the three hundred guards formed a terrible swirling red, the formation of the two sides completely chaotic, outside the Yan North Army did not come in, playing the roar in the periphery shouting, from time to time rushed to add dead companions. At this time, the northwest corner of the Yue Jui has suddenly washed away a hole, Nie Gu cheers, the soldiers holding a barking knife like his back, like a wolf like a howling up.

“Protect the general!”

Yue Jui sigh and shouted, the young face of a blood-red, already do not see the original face. Yue Jui eyes are red at the same time, turned to rush, but was surrounded by the enemy wrapped around the pace.

Nie ancient exclaimed: “rush to kill Zhuge’s dog thief!”


Voice faded, a white light of the knife suddenly hit, Nie Gu neck was suddenly drawn a bloodline, the next second, the young banned long high head flying, the body of a bang a bang fell into a pool of blood.

Zhuge Yue standing with a knife, a blue long fur more hair face was bright and clean jade, lips bright red, high nose, deep eyes like a deep pool, bright and piercing look at the battlefield, a drop of blood along his forehead slowly flowing down, meandering over the contours of the face side. Behind him, there are tens of thousands of corpses, and in the distance, it is an ancient city with black smoke. And then later, is the fire of the land of Yanbei and devastated Big Summer land.

A war in the raging, the people is  wailing, Ximeng in the shock, the world in the blood, he stood in a grudge in the grudge of blood, even if a killing, but still proudly like the towering snow-capped mountains.


“So good!”

After the cheer of the thunder followed, Zhuge Yue standing in the middle of the pool of blood, the sound clear as bell, loudly cried: “one is not allowed to die!


The soldiers shouted in unison, and Zhuge rushed to the front of the people. They took the lead and personally led the team. Their skills were dazzling and dazzling. The blade was rolling with white snow, like a white wave, and the people who passed by turned over and were in a mess.

Yue Jui last remnants of more than 100 people morale, more than one person survived, and the sound of shouting was deafening. The Yanzhong army, which was invincible by Yanbei, could not help but succumb to it. The war suddenly became glued up. The officers in the rear were screaming, but they couldn’t be attacked by the highlands where the bodies were raised. No matter how many troops they put in, it’s still like a rainy leaf, but still not dead. The machine is generally slashing.

Yan Xun’s face remained the same, but his eyes gradually began to smash. Zhuge Yue finally came out. He stood on the front line of the smother, the green snow knife, and the posture of a healthy dragon. In the meantime, Yan Xun seemed to see him. The glittering golden light, such as the smashing of the five, is dazzling.

A trace of cold from the eyes through the slide, Yan Xun voice low, slowly said: “Take the bow and arrow.

Guards quickly turned around to take Yan Xun’s gold bow, golden light, dazzling, Yan Xun wearing a dark long fur, eyebrows as early as the year’s clear and gentle, at the moment of him, like a chaos in the war to kill a god. His whole body is covered in Black is dyed of blood. The fingertips slowly rubbed the arrow, the four fingers together, the thumb clasped, the arrow, the bow, the bend, the rope of destiny turned back, the old picture once again rushed through the mind, Yan Xun arms, The arrow is like a cooked shrimp on the back of the bow.

The wind blew, blowing through the raging war and the gradually cooling corpses, the clouds in the sky rolling, the snow fluttering in the sky, the horseshoes in the distance gradually approached from the rear, the eyes of the swallows were like frost, the backs were tall and straight. Surrounded by the Monarchs army, with absolute advantage and attitude, he suddenly released the finger holding the arrow!

The golden arrow of the scorpion, from the string to the body above the battlefield, suddenly went!

Millions of eyes and time all solidified on it, under the halo of the yellow sun at noon, the arrow of fate rushed out, toward the chest of Zhuge Yue, as if the bloodthirsty hungry wolf.

Zhuge Yue brandished a knife cut off a Yanbei sergeant, scarlet blood spray on his back, like hot oil. Do not have to see, just listen to the ears, that arrows penetrate the strong north wind sound spread to the top of the drum, the body as the rapid lightning, with the feeling of rapid dodge, sharp arrows, along with his arm. Ruthless rub over, with a thick cloth and large pieces of blood skin. But not enough time to stand up, another arrow has come from a flash. ( my gad, I can’t stand to read this…sad..excruciating)

Lianzhu crossbow, Yan North Chu Qiao’s famous stunt! On the snowy night of the state banquet, on the northwestern battlefield, he has repeatedly taught Chu Qiao’s hand-arrow technique, which is no longer strange. However, at this moment, this arrow comes from the hand of Yan Xun, but it does not have a taste, but the subtlety may not be enough, but the strength is far from it.

A series of seven arrows, arrows went straight to Zhuge Yue like a dragon horror, one by one to escape, and finally, the body shocked stood up at the arrow of the wind and rain. The gaze is only one second, as fast as lightning, but it seems to have passed the life of the two rivals.

In an instant, Zhuge Yue’s body was like a full moon. The round arms were bent and the knife was thrown. The bright blade was like a white electric flash, and the thunder crashing back.

Short screams sounded not far behind, the blade refers to the man’s mouth slightly bent, bringing out an undetectable smile. He did not dodge, and even did not have a panic color, but picked up a golden arrow, slammed the bow, and violently spurred away.

The heavens and the earth seem to be quiet and silent for a time. The two are separated by thousands of horses, silently watching each other, using a full blow, and no one is hiding and avoiding, only waiting for the fate to make a judgment after their lifetime.

“Keep your attention!”


Screaming is too late to penetrate the eardrum, soon as the horns of the horses sounded, like the darkness of the shining stars of the night, the arrows piercing the vast snow fog, swallowed by Yan Xun behind. Zhuge Yue’s knife piercing Yan Xun heart of the last moment impressively hit the knife back!

It is just an ordinary sword, how to enemies this brilliance of the floating world. The two forces were added to each other, and the sword was shattered. The sword still kept the speed ahead. The arrow of Yan Xun shot his chest through the palm of Zhuge, followed by the sword suddenly inserted into the arrow. The tail, straight down, a sword pierced the chest of Zhuge Yue, blood squatting down, flowing through the blood veins of the slanting body, and flowing to the two small ancient urns at the end. Between the scarlet and hot, the word “breaking the moon” is faintly visible.

Zhuge Yue’s mouth suddenly burst into a big blood flower, and the body squatted back, but it was hard to resist, and the moon guards rushed forward, guarding his surroundings, and his eyes were red. His body was screaming in tears, and the young swordsman jerked back, full of crazy resentment and anger distant look to the snow that team of dark armor.

Chu Qiao sitting on the horse, the side is two thousand Beauty army, horseshoe on the snow. The horseshoe stepped on the snowfield and rumbling.  Her pupil wide open, and finally see that snow in a face, the whole person falling like ice, cold hands and feet numbness, the heart seems to be pulled out into the ice and into the snow.

Yan Xun faint smile reached out to the skirt on the fall of a snowflake, slowly came forward to reach out to Chu Qiao, warmly said: “You came.”

Zhuge Yue whole body blood, chest wound terrible ferocious, his eyes like a rolling Kuroshio current, the fact that once again bloody defeat his pride and self-sustaining, his eyebrows threw a cold eye to Chu Qiao, helplessly. Strong pressure on the bloody throat.

Zhuge Yue, what are you going to do?

The man sneered, his voice was low and hoarse like the hell evil spirits, muttering: “After all, I am still wishful.”

Cold eyes shot in Chu Qiao’s body, Chu Qiao only feel that breathing has become difficult, she cannot move, can not speak, breathing heavily sitting on the horse, she already cannot see Yan Xun that hypocritical smile asshole,  cannot see the hill is generally high and full of ten thousand corpses, cannot see the black smoke of the ancient city of Yue Gong, already invisible between heaven and earth rolling snow. Her eyes can only see Zhuge Yue, only his green fur above the scarlet Blood, like a thorny cut out the arrows as if she was shot at her chest.

Years seem to have passed away for a moment. Years ago, on the snowy plain outside the ZhenHuang, she chose to go with Yan Xun and look at the lonely child in the eyes of hatred. After a year, fate once again gave her the same opportunity, but she still did not hesitate to point the sword at him.

The wind and snow are still the same, and things are like people. The sky and the earth instantly become vast and vast, leaving only the wind blowing, rolling up the sky and snow, sprinkling the face that is already familiar with the dream.

The fingers were bent, and the fists were clenched, and the nails were inserted into the palms of the hands, but they did not feel any pain.

Yue Jui red eyes see her face, got angry and roared: “You are a wolf-hearted woman, our young master came to save you, but you have this poisonous hand after today. But there is still one person in the moon, still vowed for you to pay for the price of today!”

“Yan Xun eyes faintly drift, tone quietly said:” go, trample them.


The garrison should be in unison, and the whole body would be rushed forward. At this moment, there was a sudden rush of roaring sounds under the snowfield. Thousands of horses roared, and the men on horseback were different. There were businessmen. There are herders, street vendors, Confucian scholars, and even officials wearing Yanbei official uniforms. They rushed to the horse, waving all kinds of swords, and after a short while, they gathered around Zhuge.

Young Master!”

A man in his forty-year-old rushed forward, he was wearing Yanbei is the five official civil service uniforms, holding a thick knife, jumped to the horse, fierce as the wind tiger, while rushing side shouted: Late, Yue Jui protect the young master to leave! Brothers told me ah!

A few years ago, Yan Shicheng died in the fire thunder, and Yan Xun was trapped in the emperor. The young Zhuge Yue carefully weaved this net. However, he did not expect the situation of today. He just carefully placed his hand and lurked in the territory of Yanbei, in order to help his own door valves to fight for Yanbei. Then Yan Xun returned, and Yanbei rebelled. These people became the eyes and palms of Zhuge Yue in Yanbei. After the last camp, they relied on these people to get out of it.

The war began momentarily, the blood splashed, the killing sound was deafening, and the knife was dazzling.

He Xiao carefully leaned forward and whispered: “Adult, do we want to help the Majesty?”

Chu Qiao looked at the battlefield with enthusiasm, and his thoughts were soaring. The face of Zhuge’s face, the face of Yan’s face, flashed one by one. She didn’t know where it was, she didn’t know what she was doing, she was overwhelmed. It swept through and almost drowned her. Anger, distress, remorse, sadness, unclear thoughts surrounded her, blindfolded her eyes and mouth and nose, very tired and tired, tired to fall to sleep, and immediately die.

“Adult? Adult?” He Xiao’s voice sounded clear and the more urgent.

Chu Qiao’s body was shocked, and when she arrived, she pulled out the sword of He Xiao and jumped off the horse to rush forward. He shouted: “Follow me!”

The soldiers of the Beauty Army followed closely, and the battle was like boiling water. However, as they soon attacked Xia armies, Chu Qiao smashed the breast of a Yanbei soldier, and the blood splashed on her. The beautiful cheeks, the girl’s posture is tall and straight, like a firm stone tree.

One, two, one hundred, thousands, gradually, the audience of the soldiers are quiet down, Chu Qiao silent attack all close to her Yanbei soldiers, like crazy in general. Zhuge Yue’s eyes with the eyes staring at her, and she maintained a certain distance, Yanbei soldiers were surprised to see her, not rely on to come forward, even the beauty of the soldiers, but also one by one Dumbfounded, they do not know what is the next move.

“A ‘Chu, what are you doing?”

Yan Xun since they came forward, eyes dark as deep springs, fixed staring at her, the voice slowly said slowly.

Chu Qiao did not speak. She just held the sword in her hand and stood in the same place and looked at him. She looked at the man she had all her heart to follow. She only felt that life was like a flashy dream, and she was wrapped around the silk. It seems to be awkward, but I don’t know for a long time.

Several Yanbei soldiers carefully tried to go forward. Who knows that they are not close, Chu Qiao’s swords suddenly flew, the clear knife light, a human head flying high, everyone’s shocking eyes, headless The body slammed into the snow and twitched like a wild dog that didn’t die.

No exaggeration gorgeous moves, there is no bluff cry, she calmly the blade at his comrades, standing on the vast snow, the posture thin, no one around.

“What are you doing?”

The lower the voice of Yan Xun, the more the moon saw it, and immediately ordered the subordinate to evacuate immediately. The swallow’s eyes were cold, and the Yanbei soldiers suddenly caught up again. Chu Qiao was in a good shape, and several ups and downs blocked the front. Yanbei army people have already killed their eyes and saw her slashing at her own people, and she did not care about killing her. He Xiao met with a sudden anger, picked up a sword and angered and said: “Brothers! Protect adults!”

The battlefield on a chaos has been unable to tell the enemy, Chu Qiao kills eyes, his people’s blood stained her clothes, her hands in the violent trembling, but the body did not step back. Horseshoe far away, coma Zhuge Yue was carried away, dark war hawks struggling at high altitude clamor, cold wind as the cold knife, inch scraping on her skin.

The vast plains, bloody corpses covered the whole piece of land, fighting is still going on, the air is full of wet cold despair and silence.

I don’t know how long it took, and everything gradually calmed down. She stood with a sickle, and her feet were red and bloody. Yan Xun stood opposite her, looking at her in a faint gaze. She suddenly felt that the opposite person was so strange. It seems that she has never met before. She doesn’t want to say anything. She doesn’t want to ask anything. She drags her tired body. She turns around and just wants to leave.


The low voice came from behind, Yan Xun stepped forward, the soldiers tide-like retreat, only He Xiao knife standing in front of her, eyeing the eye gradually close to the king of Yanbei.

“You let go.”

Yan Xun said coldly to He Xiao, the young generals looked up, looked at him without fear, in silence to respond to his orders.

With a bang, Yan Xun pulled out the sword at the waist, and almost at the same time, Chu Qiao slashed his sword. Over the years, the tacit understanding allowed her to block his moves without aside his eyes, a fierce spark. Suddenly the sword flashed, bright and dazzling.

Yan Xun’s cold smile: “How? Can you even pull the knife for me for him? I thought that only Zhuge Yue can make you do this in the whole world.”

Chu Qiao looked up, the dark eyes looked at Yan Xun, looking at his familiar eyebrows, cold lips, how can’t he and the memory of the gentle handsome boy together, this moment, Yan Xun finally separated from her memory, standing in front of her, the reality is so bloody, her obsessive obstinacy has collapsed for many years, like broken glass, thousands of petals, can no longer be whole.

“Yan Xun, you lied to me.”

Yan Xun’s face without the slightest guilty of the color, lightly: “I did not lie to you, how to lead him to be fooled?

Wan Zhuo’s heart is just like this. Chu Qiao smiled, her eyes were still dry, her tears could not flow out, and her voice was filled with desperate despair and exhaustion. She looked at him with incomprehension and shook her head: “Yan Xun, Why did you become like this?”

Her voice is like a bird with no branches, no longer the long-hanging general who is galloping in the battlefield. It is not the peerless general who is so amazing. It’s not the handsome and bold beauty. At this moment, she is just the woman who was deceived, who has paid for it for many years, has turned into the water of soup.

Yan Xun divinely said: “A’Chu, you said that I have changed, in fact, is it that you have changed? The big summer generals secretly sneaked into Yanbei, so you don’t report to me in such important military situations, but also the key moments I am pulling the sword, I am the king of Yanbei, what is wrong with killing a big summer soldier, if it is not expected to respond to you, why should I spend a lot of time to deceive you? Yanbei  You and me, is your heart not with Zhuge Yue?”

Chu Qiao’s body was shocked, and he looked at him with sorrow. For a long time, suddenly the nervous screams came out.

“Yan Xun, if Yanbei has a war against Huai Song one day, will you design an ally that leads you to Huai Song, and then kill her?”

Yan Xun suddenly surprised a moment, he frowned: “What are you talking about?

“Yan Xun, you blame me for being untrue to you, but you tell me, do you believe me?”

Yan Xun eyebrows slightly locked, coldly said: “I will let you go back to Yanbei inland and not participate in the war. It is for you.”

“Kill my comrades and the army, forcing me to leave for the struggle for many years of the cause, expelled me away from the power center, away from my single-handedly opened the battlefield, doubt me, do not trust me, monitor me, use me, this is what I’m good?”

Chu Qiao’s eyes light afraid of people, the wind whistling, her voice like a cold knife, sharp shot to the boundless night, over the years to suppress the unwilling and sad as tide rolling out.

“A’Chu, you are my woman, why can not you stay in the rear? Like other women waiting for me triumph?”

Chu Qiao stunned, and then suddenly laughed, her body trembled, the tears of laughter all flowed down, her hands on her chest, the bitter taste of the tongue, and shook her head: “It turns out that you want such a woman.”

Girl ‘s eyes are so bright, like a bright star, she determined to see Yan Xun, the voice of low and hoarse, and asked: “If so, why are you coming to me?”

“Yan Xun, you can kill Zhuge Yue, but you should not use me, should not set this scam with me and his feelings.”

Yan Xun ‘s eyes suddenly flashed a heavy disappointment, he Chen Sheng said: “Cheng Yuan told me early, you and Zhuge Yue had a relationship, but unfortunately I have been too confident, today you finally admitted.

Chu Qiao heard this sentence, almost want to burst into laughter, Cheng Yuan? He would rather believe that the shameless villain but does not want to believe her? She was born for him into death, spared no effort, exhausting effort, for many years to follow the horse in front of the saddle, and ultimately than a villain all day flattery? She used to think that he was only a moment confused, was dazzled by hatred, but now, she was gradually desperate. He has become a complete politician, what ideals, what beliefs, what to take her back to Yanbei a good day, then his figure but ambition, for his dominance, he can find everything for their own The reason that you can believe that all the excuse for their own advantage, you can eradicate all the people on the road ahead of him, even if this person is his teacher, friends, comrades, men, love … …

It’s no longer meaningful to go on. Chu Qiao turned coldly and left, but the arm was caught by Yan Xun. The man finally unloaded the indifference and emperor’s face, and screamed: “What do you want? How are you going to find him? Are you falling in love with him?”

Chu Qiao silently turned around and looked at the familiar profile of Yan Xun. Vaguely, he seemed to see the Tsing Yi teenager on the shore of Chishui Lake. She slowly shook her head and whispered: “Yan Xun, I don’t know this if this is love, I only know that I am interested in you, I care about you, I can’t stand others hurting you, I dream of your dreams, I follow your steps, I must consider you first, you must do everything. Happy, I am happy, you are lost, I am sad, I can forgive your mistakes, your failures, can help you make up for all the problems you have committed, my big dream is to see your wishes, I am living in a foreign land , no relatives and no reason, for many years, you are the full meaning of my existence, is the important person of my life.”

Yan Xun heard suddenly moved, his palm became very hot, tightly grasp Chu Qiao’s arm, slightly trembling with some excitement.

However, Chu Qiao then said: “But I am now puzzled, and if everything I do is worth it? I have not seen you in the end? Yan Xun, you have become a slave of power, from the back to Yanbei. You start to doubt me, doubt Mr. Wu, suspicion of the feather girl, suspected of the southwest town government, suspected Datong guild, suspected of all the right to you on the threat of people. I do not believe you do not know my Loyalty, I do not believe you do not know Mr. Wu’s support for you, you are just afraid, that our presence will threaten your status, so you do everything possible to find an excuse for their own, we will be excluded from your resentment. The worries are just for your selfishness. Find a good reason for your cleansing. Even if you don’t have Zhuge, you will be someone else. You will always find me all kinds of sins. Yan Xun, I am not blaming you for killing Zhuge, I just blame you for being too mean. You should not trample on my loyalty to you, trample on the feelings between us, and should not use such despicable means for me.”

Chu Qiao climbed the horse and looked at Yan Xun deeply before leaving. He solemnly said: “If you wish, I am going to find him now. I will warn you once, if he dies in Yanbei, I will not forgive you all my life.”

Winds whistling soon, blowing Chu Qiao fly big Qiu, girls drink low, the horse immediately into the sky, the beauty of the soldiers with her behind, snow fog flying, and the sky snow in a roll.

Yan Xun standing in situ, looking lonely, long-standing, like a stone.

He felt that a sudden burst of heart, and vaguely seem to be able to hear the sound of broken, indiscriminate murderous galloping out of his red, black eyes.

Some people quietly went to his behind, whispered asked: “Your Majesty, Cheng Yuan sent to scout, said Chu adults stopped in the Jasmine River on the other side, how do we proceed now?

Cold wind blowing Yan Xun’s clothes, his trance, it seems to see his parents face, there in the bottom of the matter, in front of those clothes gorgeous kingdom aristocratic … …

“Informed Cheng Yuan, immediately surrounded by troops around the foot of the western Fujian, must be in the Chishui Lake will Zhuge Yue intercept.

The man hesitated and asked, “If so, how did the Chu adults come?”

Yan Xun ‘s eyes slightly narrowed, flashing the blade in general light, for a long time, the slow voice slowly spit out a few cold words: “at any cost, be sure to kill Zhuge Yue.”

War to comply with shrill, tweeted loudly, gloomy under the sky, a bloodthirsty red.


CHAPTER 152 Steps of the Yellow Spring


Tragic fight from the front came, He Xiao eyes flushed back, shouted: “adults, Cheng Yuan army blocked in the western Fujian mountain, His Majesty ‘s army has passed, General Zhuge Yue was on the lake.

Cold wind burst of bursts of time, the world is full of beasts like a desolate screaming roar, Chu Qiao tightens her lips, Looked down on He Xiao who was covered in blood. He slowly said: “He Xiao, can you kill a way for me? “

“Adult,” He Xiao’s face was tough on his knees, and he said slowly, “Our life is yours. Please rest assured. The southwestern town government has made two thousand soldiers, and will never let the adults down.” ”

The powerful touch suddenly rose from the heart. Looking at the tough soldiers behind He Xiao, Chu Qiao only felt that the bottom of his heart seemed to be boiled by hot oil.

She only saved her life, or because she was afraid that Yan Xun would lose the hearts of the people, but they followed her without regrets and rescued her in the danger spot several times, as long as she ordered it, whether it was right or wrong. They never performed without hesitation. They are her men, her swords, her loyal loved ones, no matter what she did, they never turned her back, standing firmly behind her, pointing the blade at all the enemies that were against her. (this is Xuili army, whom Chu Qiao loved and protected from Yan Xun)

This kind of kindness was too heavy. She couldn’t breathe. Chu Qiao jumped off the horse and held the hand of He Xiao. She resisted the tears in her eyes. She said slowly from her chest: “He Xiao, thank you. ”

“Adults, for us, your safety is more important than the entire Ximeng continent. The world is destroyed and the mountains are dumped. As long as the adults are still there, we will have the confidence to continue. So even for us, please take care.”

Chu Qiao nodded silently. Her eyes swept through the faces of the incompetent soldiers. After that, she firmly looked at the direction of the west of the mountain. At the height of the snow peak, there stood a sacred temple. The temple, the two goddesses stand back against the back, and the long-eyed gaze at the entire Yanbei land, like two sacred lights.

Chu Qiao turned to jump on the horses, and the tough fist of the tone said: “You! Please!”

Soldiers shouted in unison: “adults take care!”

Desolate wind blowing, Chu Qiao sighed soon as, the horse immediately kicked away, He Xiao with the soldiers followed, indomitable rushed to the piece of vast snow.

“Hum” of the horn sound echoed in the earth, Cheng Yuan led the black eagle army standing in the lake outside the dam lake. He surrounded the troops of Zhuge, who had less than 10,000 people. The dense bows and arrows were like blasting volcanoes, lightning-like. The team that shot on the ice of the lake.

Those crossbows have been Chu Qiao’s processing and improvement, the power of a strong terror, Yue Jui led the moon guards to gather around the coach. The people in front of the station turned into a sieve of screams and screams. The sound spread throughout the earth, the sword of the moon rushed up, and the screaming of the war, Cheng Yuan simply dismissed, but constantly issued orders for shooting.

The bodies of the moon guards are like dumped straws. They fall down in rows and rows. In the face of such power, they simply do not have the power to fight back. But in this way, the soldiers continue to run wild, without shields, without cover. Use your own body to earn time for their coach to survive.

The blood stained the snow of the lake, and the whole piece covered the ice sheet. Because of Huo’an’s news, the 200,000 Black Hawks ambushed this place early. This is not a war but evolved into a bloody massacre. The arrow rained like a locust, and the sharp sound of the air filled the whole Space, the disparity in power and the geographical disadvantages made the Yue Jui completely lose the ability to fight back. The deaths rushed into the hills, and the undead people fell to the ground and screamed. Gradually, the figure inside was exposed, and the shadows were clearly visible.

Cheng Yuan slightly licked his lower lip. He turned back slightly and quietly looked at Yan Xun standing in the crowd.

The battle of the heavens is in front of him. The marshal of the great summer horses and horses in the northwestern continent will die in his own hands. Cheng Yuan’s excited palms are slightly sweating.

At this moment, only a sharp sound of the warhorse screamed suddenly, and there was a gap in the southeast corner. The loud alarm bell rang through the ears. Some people rushed in, armed with a knife and an ink armor. It was really a costume of the beauty army.

“Southwest town government!”

In the army, someone exclaimed, and Cheng Yuan’s eyes suddenly fell cold and shouted: “It’s them!”

As soon as he was about to order the bow of his men to deal with the beauty army, a low voice suddenly sounded in his ear, and Yan Xun did not know when to come forward, slowly screaming: “Enclose them, Don’t kill it.”

Cheng Yuan’s heart moved and he quickly said: “Follow.”


The cold and sharp voice suddenly sounded, the crowd looked up surprised, I saw the southeast over, riding a horse suddenly kicked from the soldiers who are fighting the head of the leap and over, came crashing into the battlefield. The girl posture is sharp jump off the horse, strode to the two armies shouted: “stop!”

The soldiers of the Black Hawk Army who did not know her, were afraid to shoot her, and stopped their hands for a while, and turned their heads to Yan Xun.

“Yan Xun! Stop!”

Chu Qiao stood in the center, looking at him with both eyes fixed and shouted.

Yan Xun’s eyes were gloomy. After a long time, he slowly said: “A’Chu, let it go!”

Chu Qiao slowly opened her arms and looked at him with clear eyes. He said, “You kill me first.”

“Xinger, let go.”

The low and cold voice came from behind, and Chu Qiao turned around but saw Zhuge Yue’s station standing in a bloody place. The wound on his chest was bandaged with the white cloth, but there was still a red constantly infiltrating out. He looked with her eyes, the eyes are so peaceful, the generosity of not going to die, the anger that has not been attacked, is still cold and clear, and the lonely and arrogant standing of his cruel army, the fearless look of Yanbei soldiers.

Her eyes suddenly turned red, and she shook her head stubbornly, whispering, “I am sorry for you.”

Heaven and earth are shrouded in the boundless snow, the white of the hustle and bustle of the fierce red, like the dazzling flowers, cold and open on the ice.

The sound of the wind rang behind her ear, and the arrow pierced through the continuous snow and fog. She turned back and finally saw the arm of the Yankee bowing behind her. The golden arrow rushed, and even the faint can be heard. The empty sound, she had nowhere to dodge, could not stop, the cold wind blows through her clothes, the whole heart is the coldness of the cone, and she watched as he shot the fate of no return like a fateful hangrabbed the figure in the wind and snow.

The picture slowly burned her eyes, the arrow wiped her neck, with a demon bloodstain, the Zhuge Yue just wrapped up a good chest, a blood flower instantly spewed out, a half-air burst of dazzling brilliance. Then the hot temperature above the blood beads even touch her cold cheeks, and the breath is stagnant. She stands there, looking at the lonely figure of Zhuge Yue, the blood is filled with her eyes, in front of her eyes. Everything has become crimson.

Came again after the machine crossbow sound. She suddenly turned around, but only to see Yan Xun iron blue face, the man’s hand like a sharp knife, fixed on the chest, it seems that you will immediately wave hard.

No more than any, what dignity, what pride, are less than at the moment. Overwhelming panic and fear, she puffed kneeling on the ground, facing her crazy kowtow, with her forehead are already full of blood. She burst into tears, her hands open in the midst of futile block.

“Yan Xun, I beg you, I beg you, do not do this, Yan Xun, beg you … …”

Yan Xun looked at her, looking at her blood dripping forehead. The bottom of her heart was in dull pain that cuts like a knife.

This woman is the only comrade who followed his loneliness when he was alone and desperate. He was the one who accompanied him for eight years in the imperial cage. He once vowed to protect her life, give her a happy and happy life, realize her heart’s wishes and dream. It is a pity that the vows of the past will eventually be overthrown by himself.

His mouth slightly pulled up and pulled out a faint smile, just like many years ago. She came back outside and saw him writing on the desk. He looked up and smiled at the girl standing at the door. The smile under the lamp is as gentle as the spring.

A’Chu, in fact, I have never changed, but you never knew what I really wanted.

Now, I want to tell you my convictions and my ambitions in this way.


The world suddenly became so quiet, the snow seemed to stop, and no sound could be heard in her ears. Only the birds flying over the sky flapped their wings, passing over their heads, fluttering, so free.

Twenty thousand black eagle army riding on horseback, while arrows, dense bows like clouds cover the sun, the sky instantly into the night, the metal waterfall slipped through the sky from the sky, the arrow tail tied with a long rope. Arrows flashing sharp barbs, toward the direction of Zhuge Yue, lasing away.

“Protect the General!” Yue Jui full of arrows, one leg is already cut off, but like the Tigers jumped into the sky, rushed to the front of the Zhuge Yue. The remnants of the moon are all bloody, and even if there is only one finger left, they crawl with all their strength.

The arrows did not shoot them, but it was like an iron hand, deeply inserted into the hard ice layer, the barbs pierced into the ice, and caught it. Under the command of Yan Yan, 20,000 horses turned around, and distressed people stood up, and thousands of whip slammed down. The horse quickly kicked and screamed and ran to the distance.

Arrow tail of the rope stretched moment, the sound of bang loud, hard ice suddenly disintegrated, the ice fragmentation, the cold water crashing and spread, Chu Qiao desperately turned his head, through the eyes of the blood, watched. Looking at Zhuge’s figure flashed, falling cold ice water, Chishui’s firm ice pierced the skin, with a fascinating redness, his eyes looked at her, so calm, no resentment, no hatred, no joy There is no despair. Like many years ago, he looked at her blankly, looking at her again and again away, watching her again and again abandoned, looking at her, again and again, standing on his opposite, holding the crossbow knife sword cut his forehead.

She is a wound in his heart that can not be healed all the year round. The wound is raised with insanity, already festering, corruption, deep into the bones and flesh, even death cannot be cured.

Time is so fast, fast catch a tail, Chu Qiao frightened eyes wide open, kneeling on the ground, big drops of tears silent rolling, she slumped up to the first two steps, like a panic of the doll. Helplessly looked at everything in front of them. Their eyes intertwined in one place, slowly moving, sinking, cold wind like a whistling beast, swept the snow on the ground, between them raised a large pale snow fog, like a blissful white banner.

The cold water covered his figure for a moment, and I couldn’t see the cold and indifferent eyes again. No longer see that lonely handsome male jaw, and even the black hair is flash and disappeared. In this ice and snow under the vast ice lake.

Chu Qiao opened her mouth and wanted to shout, but there was no sound. The cold wind poured into her throat. She began to cough with a big mouth. She struggled to stand up and sprinted and leaped into the frozen lake.

It’s cold, cold like a sharp ice thorn, piercing into her soles and calves, piercing her waist and neck, and she bowed into her body, struggling to swim, and widening her eyes. Looking for it, the sun shines from the top of the head into the deep underwater, and the shadows of the struggle are constantly flowing in front of the eyes, and the bloody taste echoes between the waves.

No, no, still not, she is crying desperately, tears streaming down, mixed with ice and blood, her face is blue, her body is getting stiff, her movements are no longer sensitive, she feels someone has caught her waist, some people pull her up.

No, she doesn’t want to go up. She pulls out her waist and turns back to cut off the rope that doesn’t know when she is entangled. However, at this moment, a pair of cold hands suddenly held her wrist, so powerful, colder than water, and absolutely stopped her movements.

The rhythm of the back, the face of a fine god suddenly greeted her eyes, black eyes, pale lips, high nose, his eyes glanced at her, holding her hand, pushing her up, blood from his wounds overflowing, pouring into Chu Qiao’s mouth and nose, she burst into tears, opened her arms and wanted to hug him, and the palm of her hand was holding him, trying to pull him together.

After grabbing her shackles, Zhuge Yue pulled her hand, fingers caress her palms, over and over again in a mess, writing:

“Live … live … live …

“with me!”

She opened the mouth of nothing shouting, but only spit out a bunch of broken bubbles.

He slowly shook his head, continue to write:


Her tears crazy fall, desperately shook her head, tightly grabbed him.

with me! with me! Live with me!

I don’t want to go alone, I don’t want to owe you a life, I don’t want you to die, I don’t want me without you!

The strength on the waist constantly dragged her up, she was frozen, and only the fingers were still grabbing him. She never knew that his death would make her feel so flustered. She never knew that he had already penetrated her heart so unconsciously. She never knew that the so-called hatred was just an excuse for her not to look at him in a different light. She doesn’t know, seeing him leave like this, she would have such a heart like a  knife.

Zhuge Yue, Zhuge Yue, I beg you, I beg you not to be so cruel, do not let my life bear a lifetime of pain, if I can not repay, then let me live with you to die together, but also live in this already let me live a desperate world.

The light was getting louder and louder, she burst into tears, her tears blurred her eyes, only to see his gentle eyes, his fingers clasped his arms in despair, and all the words that could not be exported were transmitted through the struggling fingertips. In the past, she still shook her head desperately, desperately pleading. In the daytime, she is so regretful,  why she wouldn’t be able to say to those to Yan Xun, those hidden in the bottom of my heart more that lasted in a year. Why should I anger him? Why can we not whisper a little bit earlier? If so, Zhuge Yue may not die.

Pain and fear as an endless abyss, she gradually engulfed, she clutched him, refused to let go.

Zhuge Yue is still so handsome, life for the first time, he was so gentle looking at a person, many years of long-cherished wish as a short poor dream, in a moment to get a shallow response, he forced the water, gently upward. Stretched out his arms to hold her thin back,  and then, at the corner of her mouth, left a gentle, cold kiss. (A kiss from the master of cold hearts…I am so inlove at this death…its chills is undending… I still feel it even if its already a year ago since I watched the ending of the Tv series…this is more vivid and how can I move on from here? Zhuge Yue is a killer of hearts!)

Tears suddenly burst into her eyes, mixed in the water stained Zhuge Yue’s lips, despair seems to be a time in her pierced heart. The cold water rushed in and filled the tunnel in her heart.

Her body was completely stiff, and the strength on her waist was constantly coming. She slowly moved upwards, slowly upwards, her arms gradually straightened, and Zhuge licked her finger slightly, holding her fingers, both hands. Finally separated, staggered, and farther and farther, Chu Qiao stretched her arm and watched him sink down little by little. He sank bit by bit, his clear eyes were drowned by the waves, and the warm lips were pale. It is surrounded by icy darkness.

The bottom of my heart is the pain of tearing my heart. The skylight is shining into the water. She can’t see everything around her. Only his eyes are left, and she looks at her gently and steadily. It seems that he still tells it over and over again: live, live…

… …

Live, don’t forget, you still have a lot of wishes.

Once upon a time, she once said this to others, but when she came back, she suddenly felt that she had another pair of eyes and looked at her behind her.

Broken water out of the moment, she felt that she was dead, the sun shines on her face, so she was so tranced at the moment. Yan Xun tightly holding her, shouting her name, but she could not hear. Everything she died was the ice lake below. Now it is just a cold flesh.

The wind on the snowfield is blowing quietly, the sky flies over the pale birds, the sun is going to fall, the snow has stopped, the head of the day is red like blood, and the direction of the setting sun casts a red light. It’s so beautiful, really beautiful.

But all this, Zhuge Yue will never see it again.

Suddenly she began to panic, and her body had a miraculous power in the blink of an eye, letting her push away the swallows desperately, and ran towards the icebreaker. Yan Yan was shocked. She caught up with her and hugged her tightly. She was less than five steps away from the broken mouth, but she was hugged by death and could not step forward. Her despair and heartache flooded like a floodwater and finally couldn’t control the shackles on the ground. The sad voice said: “Come out! Come out!”

A blood suddenly sprayed out, fell on the wrist of Yan Xun, she desperately crying to the ground, the body like the leaves in the autumn, violent trembling.


Yan Xun in the ear shouting her name, she felt that voice for a time is so harsh. She suddenly turned around and stopped her cry, eyes looked at him coldly.

What kind of look is that?

Anger, hatred, disappointment, sorrow, one by one, and only the desperation and distress of the gray. She looked at him, tears swayed, and all years of hope were broken, all the persistence and dreams turned into fly ash.

Yan Xun’s fears and distressed thoughts finally cooled down. The cold eyes cooled down. He let go of his hand and stood up, looked down at her.

The earth blowing the cold wind, the pale color little by little cast her eyes, her sanity gradually fly away, trance, it seems to see the dark lake under the pair of black eyes.

Live, live, live… …

In the darkness, there was a low voice ringing in her ears. She closed her eyes desperately and succumbed to the ground, and broke into the boundless darkness. I wished that I would never dream of a big dream.

The cold wind is still, snow was rolled up, slowly covered with the broken ice, heaven and earth desolate, close to the yellow spring.


CHAPTER 153 Firecrakers


Chu Qiao is always awake. She just doesn’t want to open her eyes. She knows that some people are walking around her. Some people call her softly. Someone mourns crying, someone feeds her medicine, and someone looks at her silently. Not close, don’t talk.

She knew all about it, but she didn’t want to wake up. She had been sleeping in a groggy way. A heart was like a cold, dry wood, and she lost her nutrients. She repeatedly dreamed, the dream was cold, she floated in the dark ice lake, surrounded by cold, with broken ice constantly touching her skin, Zhuge Yue’s face to her, little by little sink going down, there is a faint light flashing behind him, his face is so pale, only a pair of eyes, dark and bright, like a star, cannot distinguish the mood, just quietly watching her, quietly, slowly sinking.

For the first time in his life, Chu Qiao was so fragile. She was tired and wanted to sleep. Life was no longer forgotten. The dreams that made her crazy and obsessed were instantly knocked down and shattered. She didn’t want to think about it. I can’t think about it, I don’t even have the courage to open my eyes and face everything in reality. She wants to escape. She feels weak and doesn’t open her eyes. Everything is not born. Until this moment, she finally knows that she is also a woman and will hurt. It will be sad to be hurt and desperate. She refused to eat, refused to take medicine, and dripping into the water.

Until one day, the door suddenly a noisy, some people cursed her loudly, countless murderous words sharp fly out, one by one pierced her heart, the voice is so familiar that her stunning eye. Climb down from the bed, but only time to see Zhu Cheng was penetrating the body.

Young and not martial arts steward covered with wounds, clothes broken face blood, like a crazy madman, like an arm has been cut off, but still trying to rush into the madness of the wind sprinkled in the courtyard of the quartzite On his eyes flushed, while cursed side with the only hand to attack next to the guards. The guards didn’t squat, they just stopped him from getting close to the house, knocking him down over and over again, and then watching him wandering over and over again.

“You are a woman who is ungrateful and the heart of the wolf!”

Zhu Cheng’s voice was arrogant. He was all sore and frostbite on his body. Many places had pus. At first glance, it was the long-term lurking injury in the snow.

Jing Zhi Su holding her, trying to cover her eyes with a trembling hand, but Chu Qiao stood straight, she was like a sharp gun, standing still, watching Zhu Cheng constantly being Knocked down, and then climbed up and rushed to her again and again.


Chu Qiao whispered slowly.


She suddenly shouted, and slammed the squid and ran out. The wind outside was as cold as a cold knife. She ran wildly and pushed open the guards blocking the front. He shouted: “Do you stop!”

“I will kill you!”

Zhu Cheng shouting, clumsy brandished a knife on the rush. Chu Qiao stupidly stood in the same place. At this moment, she seems to be no longer a modern and intelligent agent. She stood in the same place, facing the face. The knife did not sneak away and watched the sword at the head.

However, as soon as Jianfeng pierced her clothes, a sharp arrow came out of the air and accurately penetrated the heart of Zhu Cheng. The blood spurted out of the mouth of the young butler, all sprinkled Chu Qiao’s cheek. The man’s body was shocked, the pupil was instantly enlarged, his knees were soft, and he was stunned on the ground. Chu Qiao held him and saw that the man looked at her with a look of disgust and hate, and took a bite of blood with a bit of effort. The thick sputum on Chu’s face, cold and cold:


“Bang” is heard, Zhu Cheng fell to the ground, dust flying, like long wings of the insects stained in Chu Qiao’s bloodstained cheek, she slowly raised his head, but only to see Yan Xun cold Face.

Putting the bow and arrow down, Yan Xun looked gloomy and look at her, coldly said: He said, “I have already told the world that it is the trap you set up to lead Ge, and kill him. People came to Yanbei with Zhuge, so they came faster. I guess that in a few days, Zhuge’s thorn killers will come in batches, but I sent a large number of people to protect you. ,You do not have to worry about.”

Chu Qiao looked at Yan Xun, she didn’t even know who the name was in front of her. She tried hard, and her eyes widened to see him, but feel the hair crazy pain, the sun shines on him, She cannot open her eyes

The guards towed Zhu Cheng’s body and smashed the bloody way. The eyes of the sinister murderers were still groaning, looking at her wickedly, as if they wanted to swallow her.

Yan Xun soon took people away, the courtyard was quiet, the people picked up the vat of water, slammed on the floor, washed the blood on the ground over and over again, Chu Qiao stood there, no one dared to argue. Jing Zhi Su carefully leaned forward, twitching to pull the corner of her clothes, whispered: “Yue’er? 

The wind blows her body, the body is cold and cold, the basil gently shakes her arm, and the voice gradually brings a cry.

Suddenly, the young man’s angry roar came out of the door. A’Jing drank the guards who blocked him. He strode in and saw Chu Qiao’s appearance, and his nose suddenly became sour. He didn’t care about the people around him. He picked up Chu Qiao and went to the house. It was so cold outside. Chu Qiao only wore a white single coat. The maids panicked and rushed to pick her up. The warmth of her face, her arrogant arbitrage, like she is already dead.

“Girl, don’t be like this.”

A’Jings brilliant red eyes said to her: “Do not blame your majesty, everything is Cheng Yuan, the sinister villain, confuse the Lord, girl, you must be stronger.”

A’Jing sound sounds so far, like from the distant days came there, Chu Qiao slightly turned his head, puzzled look at him, after a long time, she slowly snapped and asked: “He Xiao?

Chu Qiao’s voice sounds so hoarse, like broken bellows, A’Jing slightly surprised a moment, did not seem to understand her words, silly asked: “ah? What?

“What about He Xiao? The soldiers of the Beauty Army? How are they? Is there something?”

“All right,” A’Jing quickly replied: “They do not have anything, now in the Wei Wu, they want to see you, but you are still recuperating, His Majesty not allowed outsiders to disturb.

“Oh.” Chu Qiao silently nodded, looked very calm, she again asked: “Zhuge Yue’s troops, all dead?”

“All of them are dead, the bodies are all salvaged. Most of them are too deep, not harvested, but they don’t want to live.”

“What about Zhuge? He made it?”

A’Jing licked his lips, see Chu Qiao’s expression calm, coldly said:  It was escorted by the general escort to the Great Summer, Zhao Che personally picked up General Yue’s body. Because it is a whole body, we also exchanged Zhuge family for a million gold ransom.

Chu Qiao is still a stiff expression, her eyes straight, just could not nod, A’Jing said nervously: “Girl, you can be rest assured that no one destroyed his body, we sent it back on time and in good manner, His Majesty Prepared a good coffin … … “

“People are dead, but also what would the coffin do.”

Chu Qiao said faintly, and immediately stood up, she had not eaten for seven days, but was filled with some medicine at the beginning, walked up the road and fluttered, almost fell. Jing Zhi Su wanted to help her, but she has pushed away. She trembled before the book and picked up the pen and paper as if she wanted to write.

“I give you grinding ink.” Jing Zhi Su quickly ran up and grinded for her.

The door of the house is still open at the moment, the wind blows in, the bookcase of the full book volumes is smashed, and Jing Zhi Su is anxiously commanding: “Come on the door!”

When Jing Zhi Su lowered her head, she saw that Chu Qiao had already written it. She gave the letter to A’Jing and said calmly: “Trouble you to give this letter to He Xiao, let him do the above instructions. Be sure to stop the Zhuge family killer from entering Yanbei.”

A’Jing pick-up, but see Chu Qiao waved his hand and wrote a letter, and gave him: “This letter is handed over to Mr. Wu, telling him that personal strength is limited, the way to achieve faith are many kinds of things, I have already carefully sprinkled the seeds, and now I have given to him.”

Subsequently, Chu Qiao wrote a letter again.

“This letter is handed over to you, telling her that everything is up to her.”

A’Jing meticulously gave birth to a hint of ominous premonition, the straightforward man asked silly: “Girl, you are not looking for short-sighted?”

Chu Qiao raised his eyes and looked at him, his eyes were still so clear, but A’Jing felt that something was different.

Yes, it is different. The former girl is calm, but when she looks at you, you will really feel her emotions. Now, even if she looks at you, you can’t feel her sight. Her eyes are looking at you, but it seems to have penetrated you, crossed the body, crossed the house, crossed the wall, and crossed the sky and the distant moon…

“will not.”

Chu Qiao said faintly, and then turned his head, said to Jing Zhi Su: “I am hungry, get something to eat.”

Jing Zhi Su suddenly stopped, and after a while, she was happy to agree and ran out quickly.

The food is always ready to be warm, and Jing Zi Su has placed a big table with the hands and feet of the people. Standing next to Chu Qiao’s excitement, he said: “This is sent by the majesty. You are sick and needs to recover. This is the medicated diet opened by the doctor, the spleen and stomach. You haven’t eaten for a few days, you can’t eat too much. This is my own chicken soup. I have been fed with fire for eleven hours. You can taste it…”

Gradually, the sound of Jing Zhi Su was a little low, and she looked at Chu Qiao in disappointment. She saw her holding a rice bowl, just a mechanical bite of rice into her mouth, a big mouthful of chewing and swallowing, soon she ate a bowl, then she got up and took a bowl and sat down to continue eating.

Her eating is very scary, like hungry for a long time beggars, desperately licking in her mouth. Jing Su Su was frightened, trembling to want to pull her, surprised to see Chu Qiao buried head simply ignored Jing Zhi Su bite her lips, her tears little by little fell, she pulled Chu Qiao’s arm, sadly and cried: “Yue’er, you cry when you are uncomfortable, don’t squat like this, it will be bad, cry when you are uncomfortable!”

Chu Qiao said nothing, still eating, she chewed mechanically and seemed to want to chew the pain and depression in her heart.

The room was very quiet, only the sobbing Jing Zhi Su is heard. A’Jing took three letters, only felt that his fingers were cold, what he wanted to say, but suddenly touched Chu Qiao cold eyes. The woman looked up coldly, faintly said: “You go.”

When A ‘Jing left, Chu Qiao had already taken the medicine. The doctor came in batches, carrying a large medicine box, the yard seems to be noisy again, but do not know why, but I don’t know why, but A’Jing felt cold.

Just out of the door, to see standing under the poplar tree Yan Xun, Yunbi place name is good, but it is a poor village, poor mountain water, every year a big snowstorm. The surnames there are always filled with the stomach. So, every year, they fled, and the time was long. Except for some elderly people, they only had these poplar trees.

Seeing him coming out, Yan Xun did not look back. He handed over several letters in his hand. Yan Yan opened it one by one. Looking carefully, the three letters were not long. Yan Xun has seen a full half of the time. Finally, he put the letter in the original closure, to A’Jing: “According to what she said.”

A’Jing’s face was red, and it seemed like a thief was being seen. He was silent for a long while, and finally, he said in a deep voice: “Why, will the girl think about it? I listen to her as if she had told the last words.”

The face of Yan Yan is unchanged, giving the same answer as A’Jing and Chu Qiao: “No.”

“That…” A’Jing asked again: “Why should the girl be guilty of murdering Zhuge’s sin? The dead of the Zhuge family will not retaliate, the girl will be very yours?”

“Hate me?” Yan Yan’s voice rose, and the words sighed and smiled. “It is better than death.”

A’Jing took a glimpse, he seems to understand something, but he does not fully understand, he asked: “Your Majesty, we just took out a body to lie to the Great Summer, to lie to Zhuge family, will there be anything? We received their ransom.”

Yan Xun did not answer him. He just reached out and pointed to the snowfield in front of him. He slowly said: “A’Jing, do you know why the cloud place is not marked on the map of Yanbei?”

A’Jing did not know why he suddenly asked this, he shook his head: “do not know.”

“Because it is useless,” Yan Xun said, low and cold, said: “It is too small, strange stone, cannot be cultivated, cannot do pasture, not grass, not water, Chishui does not flow through this, Qianzhang Lake is far away from this, climate is bad, there is a snowstorm in the winter, the geographical location is remote, even the dog and the scorpion are not coming here to plunder, whether it is military or economic, it is the burden of Yanbei, there is no role, so even in the map nothing is marked here.”

He smiled coldly, his voice was so low, and he turned his head slowly: “Today’s Zhuge Yue is a shame and burden for Zhuge’s family. Yunbi is for Yanbei. For a rash, arrogant and is intentions are not on the battlefield, but he was an imperial general who is obsessed with a woman. What do you think is waiting for his end? The Zhuge family’s relationship with him is too late, who will give him a corpse?”

A’Jing suddenly realized and said: “Oh, it’s no wonder that you want to use the girl to make a pretense. It turned out to be Zhuge family.”

Yan Xun looked at the distance with no expression, slowly said: “Zhuge Yue’s death is just the beginning, Zhuge Valve, Zhao Che, General Le Xing, and the Mongolian General Meng who recommended him at the beginning, will be affected by this matter. Great Summer is in chaos? Zhao Qi is dead, Zhao Song is not able to help, and the forces of Wei and Zhao Yang are too soft. I might as well help them. Only the summer instability inside, my country can sit so secure.

A’Jing man couldn’t speak, he stood there, the wind blew his face, and he looked a little bit stunned.

Yan Xun looked at him, frowned and said: “You are not a civil organization assassin killer, Yanbei East levy, you are my heart. There is a way to play politics and attitude, a lot of people need to be sacrificed, if you can not see this, then you will always be like the ubiquitous those unrealistic delusions, as a lifetime of yellow Liang Mei dream, but life can not taste the taste of power.

Yan Xun turned his head, do not look A’Jing sluggish expression, there is a saying he did not say it, the lion though ferocious and useful, but difficult to control, and sometimes he actually only need a group of dogs.

As for the A’Chu, she always understands, to kill Zhuge Yue imperative, in her name to set up this trap is also helpless, once, Zhuge Yue, this person is difficult and easy, if not very difficult to control, He does need the follow-up effect of this matter. When Daxia falls apart because of this, she will naturally understand that he is right.

As for her feelings of Zhuge Yue, Yan Xun scoffed. When he was alive, he was not afraid. Would he still be afraid of a dead person? She is just, as usual, her temper is two days, and time will dilute everything, she needs some time.

A’Jing was silent, thought about it, and suddenly asked: “Your Majesty, the girl is very sad, don’t you go in and see her?”

“There is no time. I am going to close it tonight. Zhao Che has been here for a long time. Let him go home and have a look.”

Yan Xun finished to leave, A’Jing standing in place, watching Yan Xun riding on the escort in the guards farther and farther. Like a trance, in the meantime, he suddenly remembered what he said to him in the Golden Palace a long time ago with a word.

At that time, he persuaded him to focus on the overall situation. He turned his head and asked himself, “If there is no Achu, what do I want to use in Yanbei?”

That sentence he remembers clearly, until today, the ear reverberates, but now, is your Majesty already forgotten this sentence? Perhaps he did not forget, Yanbei has never been seen by him, his heart is too big, his wisdom is too high, his eyes are looking at the whole world.

A’Jing head down, already do not know right or wrong, perhaps from the day he followed him, it is already bound to be today.

He turned and walked to Wei Wu. The tall and straight backs of the past did not know why they were bent. It seemed that there was something pressing him so that he could no longer walk straight.

Chu Qiao rested for five days, and the spirit finally recovered completely. Jing Zhi Su accompanied her all day, saying that they were young, saying that she had never seen a parent or relative. Jing Zhi Su is married and the husband is an officer. She also received a letter yesterday to see the look of the eyebrows. It seems to be very satisfying.

These days, Chu Qiao is very normal, eat well, take medicine well, when she does not sleep, she still does some stretching exercises in the yard. She was seriously ill before, and her cheeks were thin and she was getting better. The color is still pale. Jing Zhi Su is very strange. She sneaked to see it at night, but now she lay down there, but she didn’t close her eyes at all, often blinking to the sky and sleeping all night.

Today is the New Year, closed the battle three days ago has ended. The Imperial Gold Palace was anxious eight gold medal Zhao Che went back to Beijing, Zhao Che helpless, had to withdraw troops, Yan Xun took the opportunity to attack Yanmingguan, although he failed to attack. But the Great Summer also paid more than fifty thousand casualties, can be considered a new year gift to Yanbei a year ago.

Yan Yan rushed back one day in advance, and YunBi suddenly became the home of the Yanbei Emperor’s New Year. The local officials were excited to be beaten with chicken blood, and they were full of joy and light.

The clothes that Jing Zhi Su brought in the morning are red, embroidered on the top, and look auspicious and festive. Chu Qiao looked uncomfortable and felt that the color was like blood. It spread a little bit and the fingertips were not willing to touch.

Everything is already arranged, the news should be sent out, still cautious also entrusted to Mr. Wu, as the beauty army, with her has no future, Mr. Wu and feather girl are the backbone of the big peer association, the jealousy of Yan Xun, inconvenient soldiers. Chu Qiao only entrusted to the same possession of Yan’s descent and as a daughter of the body, she is the owner of Yanbei, and there are fire clouds, should be able to give the beauty army a good future. ( This was yan Xun’s niece not sister where Mr. Wu trained and protected from Yan Xun’s jealous eyes..)

There is no need to continue to stay in this place.

Yan Xun came in time, the room has been empty, everything as usual, neat and clean.

He remembered his mind when he and Zhao Chun’er when the night, a heart suddenly straight down the cold, did not expect but also holding a glimmer of hope, maybe she figured it out? Maybe she has not blamed herself? After all, they are almost ten years together, she has been so inclusive of him, no matter what he did, she can forgive him. He had to give up the southwest town government, had to give up Yanbei, had killed her men, had suspected her exclusion of her, she did not leave him? Just a Zhuge Yue, just a Zhuge Yue only, A’Chu even if he has gratitude, how can he get the friendship he and she have for ten years?

They may only need to talk about it, as long as he is open and honest about his ideas, she should be able to understand him. Even if you are angry, you will be tempted sooner or later. If you are too big, let her return to the army. Now the overall situation has been fixed, and nothing has been taken into account.

He did not know why he was so sure, these days, he repeatedly comforted himself hundreds of times, but at the moment, watching this clean and clean room, he suddenly flustered, he hurried out, walking Sleeves scratched the desk on a small thing, just listen to snapped, crisp sound spread to the ears, Yan Xun bowed his head to see the faint light, a white jade ring fell to the ground, Has been broken into a lot of petals, faint reflection of the candlelight, slightly dazzling.

Yan Xun, looking at the ring, suddenly remembered the words of Achu’s day: “If Zhuge Yue died in Yanbei, I will never forgive you.”

I will never forgive you…

forever and always…


Jing Zhi Su opened the door, happily ran into shouted: “go out with me to see the lantern!”

Suddenly seeing the Yan Xun in the same place, Jing Zhi Su was so scared that he hurriedly in kowtow. For a while, she did not hear the sound of Yan Xun. She looked up carefully, but she saw the man standing upright, his face was falling, like the thick mist,  lingering.

Chu Qiao walking in the street, holding a horse, wearing a very ordinary blue cloak, surrounded by happy people, lanterns high fuel, bright clothes, children carrying lanterns running back and forth.

Those lanterns are very delicate, there are long queues, there is the phoenix, there are tigers, carp, white plum trees, the East China Sea longevity, puppies, chicks, cute cats, there are lovely rabbits … …

The sky stood the fireworks, the whole street is floating with strong wine, lanterns, street hawkers are still selling, both sides are a row of lantern riddles, far from the ice rink, driving The people of the rainbow lanterns are dancing in the dance, the suona ( means Chinese shawm (oboe), used in festivals and processions or for military purposes) playing with joy.

So many people passed by Chu Qiao, no one stopped to look at her, people holding hands, husband holding his wife, wife holding the child, the child turned back to greet grandma, grandma still licking the old grandfather, everyone There are family members and relatives. On this happy day, they walked out of the poor home and came to the lively street, laughing and celebrating the rare holiday.

“Achu, I have never said it to you. I only said one of these words. You have to listen. I want to thank you. Thank you for staying with me for so many years. Thank you for the dark days of my life. I have not abandoned me. Thank you for standing by me all the time. If there is no you, Yan Yan is nothing. He has already died in the snow night eight years ago. Achu, I will not say these words in the future, I will make up for it in my life. Some words, we don’t have to say between us, we should understand each other. Achu is my Yan Yan, I am alone, I will protect you, take you away, I took your hand eight years ago, then again I didn’t plan to let go.”

“Yan Yan, I have never had a hometown, because I have you, I will regard your hometown as your hometown.”

“Achu, believe me.”

Believe me, I will protect you, take care of you, not let you hurt, not let you suffer a little wrong, believe me, I will make you happy, believe me…

Tears flowed from Chu Qiao’s eyes, no sound, so silently slipped, rolled over her pointed face, slipped through the thin chin, cold wind blowing, like a thin knife, so painful. She took the horse and walked slowly.

Everything in the past was scattered in the air, and the tall body of the stalwart finally burst into pieces, broken into many pieces, fluttering like a light goose.

Suddenly, the midnight bell was ringing, a group of children suddenly came, hit her body, a little girl fell to the ground, sitting in the hands of the lantern, it is a small fish, do not Like, white, red eyes, looks like a rabbit, belly painted a gold ingot. The child holding the broken light began to cry, the more cry the more loud, Chu Qiao stopped his footsteps, then squatted down and reached out to wipe her tears. She took out some silver from her arms and gave it to her.

At this moment, a deafening sound of firecrackers suddenly came, and the time of obedience passed, and every household ignited the firecrackers. The children glanced at them, stupidly forgot to cry, and screamed at the ears.

“If you dare to die, I will chase you to the palace of the king! Remember?”

The man turned his head, and the eyebrows erected and swearing.

“If you were dead, I would put a hundred firecrackers and celebrate that I would not have to remember her again.”

The sound of the firecrackers is getting louder and louder, and the smashing of the smashing into a string, Chu Qiao suddenly burst into tears, and the images of the hidden memories that she tried to suppress once again spurted out like a mountain torrent, the pain of heartbreaking, will be her calm and self-defeated ashes.

“You… what’s the matter with you?”

The child was frightened by her, and the firecrackers sounded: “Don’t you cry, can I not pay for it?”

As the firecrackers grew louder, Chu Qiao finally couldn’t stand it anymore. She sat down in the lively and festive streets, covered her face and burst into tears.


CHAPTER 154 Two Moments


The mist over the distant autumn grass, in the early morning sun, shed a misty cloud, the wings of the birds low pass over the river pond,  and the toes pointed over the green ducks, picking up a ripple, and the lush horseback hidden the grass. Between the vast grass, pastoral sound from the distant faint came, melodious as the three spring willow.

It is now in the autumn, it is very cold early in the morning, and the autumn is always very short. It seems that the summer’s tail has just passed, and the winter can’t wait to come. The herdsmen put on autumn clothes, vests, boots and women in the morning and evening. The girl wore a red horse-like skirt that turned like a fire cloud, and it looked good.

Ping’an and Douji catch the horses in the Qiulan Ping on the crazy run, Jingjing riding a small red horse with the back, shouted: “Douji ! Come on!

Ping An is now fifteen years old. He has grown into a strong young man, and his muscles are bright, like a strong little leopard. After running for a lap, Douji was far behind, and he was angry with a whip. He ran over to Jingjing and yelled: “Smelly girl! Who are you, brother? How do you turn your elbows?”

Jingjing sneaked a smile, a pair of big eyes bent like a moon, made a face to the peace, a little red horse’s ass, and ran to the back of Douji .

Douji is back to the son of the mountain herdsmen, long like the East Land reading children, face white, tall nose, gentle eyes, this year has been sixteen years old, see Jingjing ran over, just stopped the horse smiled, Smiled and said: “Jingjing run, I block him.”

“Douji “

A long tone of the tone came, Douji heard stepped on the stirrup straight body, a distant waving, said: “My mother called me, go, go to my house.

“Douji mother must do the butter cake, go fast, my sister said a few days ago that more than a good mom of delicious cake to do it.

Jingjing said happily, Douji heard this laughed: “Is it? When you leave, remember to bring it to adults.”

“I still use you to say, I have already told your grandmother.”

He laughed peacefully, and the whip rushed out as soon as he took the lead

“Du Pingan! You lie!”

Jingjing screamed, and also waved the whip. The little red horse looked at a small one, but it was very fast, a moment of effort, it has been chasing up.

Douji slowly riding a horse in the back rush horses, sky blue and white, the distance has a deep wheat incense, it is necessary to harvest the crop time, back to the best time of the year.

When you go back at night, folks will be safe and Jingjing pony body filled with food, a new game, but also have their own brewed mackerel, there are yummy the butter cake, The little red horse is crushed. With his head in his eyes, Duoji put on the horse and drove a carriage. He said that he would send them back. Jingjing listened and jumped up with a happy hand.

Ping’an, how can adults sleep in these days? Is Dalie’s uncle’s medicine easy to use it?

Du Pingan shook his head and said: “Also, I got up in the middle of the night last night and saw Mei Xiang cooking tea. It is estimated that the adults have not yet slept.”

“My sister has been much better in these two days, and the cough has not been committed for several days.”

Jingjing rushed to say, smiled: “Douji your medicine is very good, I also eat, and sleep until dawn.”

“You can sleep until dawn without taking medicine.”

Ping’An slammed and debunked his sister. “Duoji has everything that is good. Even if you have to take medicine, you have to rush to eat. Only after thirteen, you are eager to marry. I am not ashamed.”

Jingjing spits out her tongue and said: “I am ashamed of shame, my sister told me that I like to say something early, so as not to regret it in the future. When I grow up, I will marry Douji, what are you afraid of?”

The words are crisp and embarrassing, but they will make a handsome red face. The boy coughed and said: “Then I will send two more, you have to watch the adults eat.”

After all, he turned his head and said to Jingjing: “The Jingjing, the medicine cannot be eaten indiscriminately. Adults have roots in their early years, and the ice water is affected by the cold. This requires medicine. You are good, and taking medicine is harmful. Don’t mess with it later.”

Jingjing smiled at the nod, it seems that no matter what Durje said, she felt that it was the right thing, laughing and said: “I know.”

Ping’ans disdain of the grunted it seems very despise my sister’s soft bones head.

After walking for about an hour, I finally got up the mountain. When I returned to the top of the mountain, it was the Nada Palace built by the prince of Yanshicheng for the White Emperor. Now it is vacant. Adults live in a house on the mountainside, looking far away, the blue bricks and tiles are hidden between layers of green pine, it is very quiet and simple. But don’t think that this is just an ordinary house because if you are not careful, you are likely to lose your life here.


Suddenly someone in front of the sound of the inquiry, peace jump off the carriage, a few steps went up and shouted: “He Xiao, big brother? I am safe.

“Peace, how come back?” The 30-year-old man came out of the bushes, followed by several ordinary men wearing steel forks, one of them carrying a hare.

“Are adults asking me several times? Estimated mountain rain tonight, you will not come back, and I will go down to you.”

He Xiao, big brother came over and saw Douji laughed: “Douji is coming, is your father’s injury hurt?”

“Thanks to Big Brother, it’s good to get the bones. Now the arm is already moving.”

“Old Mutuo does not believe in evil. I have already said that the bear is not touching with a donkey.”

A few people walked in while chatting, along the way to meet a few teams sentry whistle. These people used to be the soldiers of the Beauty army. Now they are going to the field, most of them have become homes, just on weekdays come as on-duty guards. This year, the mountains have been more peaceful, and the Zhuge family has fewer and fewer dead men. It is not as crazy as it was at the beginning.

“Adults just eat dinner, resting in the backyard. When you come back, hurry and say hello, lest she worries.”

Know, how big brother you are more and more like a mother. “Jing Jing pouted mouth, He Xiao smiled and took a look at her head, took people out. 

When I walked to the courtyard, I saw He Xiao without any accident. Since the adult suffered an injury a year ago, he moved in from the outside and lived at the door of the adult. Durje said that she has never seen He Xiao sleep, once she came to the adult, and he saw that He Xiao closed his eyes and leaned on it. He wanted to quietly touch it. Who knows that he had not yet stepped into the yard and was taken by He Xiao. Pick it up and tell her that the adult is sleeping, something will come back tomorrow morning.

Douji did not believe in the past, but then the number of times gradually found, it seems really never seen He Xiao nap, even if he was sleeping, as long as someone is slightly close, will immediately wake up.

“He Xiao commands!”

When I saw He Xiao, I was very disciplined and cautiously shouted.

He Xiao nodded his head, met Douji, rarely exposed a smile, asked: “Douji , your father’s injury better?”

“Has been able to activities, thank you, He Xiao, also think about the command.”

He Xiao gently said: “It’s good to move. The adult still asks today. I also told me to talk to your father, let him stop taking the risk of killing the bear. The illness of the grown-up is much better. The last time you sent it. The medicine is very useful.”

“Well, then I will go back and talk to my father.”

He Xiao nodded and said: “Go in, you two little devil head, do not know to go back early, adults have asked several times.”

Jingjing made a grimace, and when he opened the courtyard door, he ran in. Ping’An and Douji were back, the sky was late, the moon was cool and cool, and the round was round. The mountain is cold, and it is a little lower than the temperature below. A white plum is raised in the courtyard. It has not snowed yet. It has already opened early. The plum fragrance is overflowing, and the scenery is quiet. Under the moonlight, the white image is like The snow is full of trees.


Before entering the house, Jingjing shouted loudly as he ran, the door was opened, Mei Xiang looked out of her head and glanced at them. Seeing them, deliberately squatting down, stretching out the slender fingers and squeezing Jingjing on her forehead, she said: “Smelly girl, I don’t know how to go home so late. I see a wild girl, who will marry you?

“Hey, I promise to marry first than you, my sister!”

Jingjing clutching her head grinning, Mei Xiang smiled and said: “eloquent thief girl.”

Mei Xiang was a slave bought by the adult from Yuegong City more than a year ago. She didn’t want to run away like an old aristocrat’s little wife. At that time, she had to be killed. After being rescued by the adults, she followed the adults back to the mountains. People are very hot, but they are loyal. Although the time to follow adults is not long, because they are women, their character is good, and they have become close to the adults.

“Come in, adults wait for you for a long time.”

Closing the concierge, Mei Xiang took a few people all the way. The house was made of red bricks. It was very windy and the room was clean. There was no luxury decoration, but a few pots of bluegrass. Douji’s uncle used to be Mr. Wu’s accountant. Later he returned to his hometown because of a wounded injury. He was a very knowledgeable person. Douji followed his uncle and learned the poetry book of the Eastern Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties. But those who spent a long time watching him, but did not know a few pots, could not help but see some embarrassment.

Mei Xiang saw He Xiao laughed: “You certainly have not seen, these are adults sent from the big summer to come, usually kept in the flower room, and now the weather was cold, before moving in. Adults said, called grafting. It is not normal to see flowers in it.

Opened the door of the study, to see a pair of clear eyes looked faint, Chu Qiao wearing a cotton-white soft shirt, the following is a linen color Luo skirt, the head of a new hair of a white hibiscus, A look is Mei Xiang’s handwriting. She sees Chu Qiao all day dress is plain, always try to think of some ingenuity decoration, Chu Qiao for the kindness, see her some kindness, could not bear to refuse, just toss her with her.

“came back.”

After seeing them, Chu Qiao put down the book in his hand and reached out with a smile. Jingjing quickly ran over and took Chu Qiao’s hand and took advantage of her arms. She spoiled and said: “Sister, Jingjing do you want to die?”

“Oh, yeah, I thought you met Douji.”

Chu Qiao faintly joking, in front of others, no matter how to say that Jingjing is always the look of a smile, only in front of her, just an understatement, can make a little red face with a little girl.

Ping’An said with a smile: “There must be an adult to rectify her.”

When Chu Qiao left the army, the peace with his sister to keep up with the mountains, but he always insisted on no change, and He Xiao and others generally called.

Douji standing on the side, slightly some stunned, weekdays, he can be considered a very smart boy, insightful, articulate, only in front of Chu Qiao, but always unconsciously head down, seems to even look at All feel a blasphemy in general, but always could not help but look at the opportunity to look up, it seems that as long as you look at the house she lived well.

Chu Qiao and Jingjing joke a few words, looked up at Douji said: Are your father a better?”

Douji respectfully said:  “It’s already much better, the workers remember.”

“It is necessary to autumn harvest, and these days your home is all your grandmother busy, I have told He Xiao and he said, when it is autumn harvest, I will send someone to help. You will go back and talk to your grandmother. with your mother said. When will you collect it? The wheat greeted you.”

“Yes, thank you, adults, for your concern.”

“It is estimated that there will be rain in the mountains tonight, so don’t go down the mountain, and stay safe for one night. Mei Xiang gives you a hot meal, go ahead and eat.”

A few people nodded quickly and kicked out the door.

After half an hour, it really rained, a cold autumn rain, the temperature suddenly dropped a lot, Mei Xiang gave them more than a quilt, plus a brazier in the house sleeps peacefully and sleeps soon. In the past, Douji lay down and couldn’t sleep, until the middle of the night, when he put on his clothes, he got up and pushed open the door and went out quietly.

The peaceful room was next to Jingjing, and when Douji passed, I heard the dream of a little girl whispering, and couldn’t hear anything. Going forward, is a water pavilion, returning to the hot springs on the mountain. This place is, the heating is full, and a delicate pavilion is built on it, which hides under the moonlight and looks blurred. Opposite the water pavilion, it is the bedroom of an adult. A few towering old plum was hooded in the corridor, eliminating the fate of being poured by the rain.

Douji likes it very much. Every time he likes to come very late so the adult will stay with him for one night, then he can sleep peacefully and sneak out for a while.

It has been two years since the adults came to Qiulanping. Since the adults came here, Qiulanping was exempted from military service and spring and autumn taxes. The emperor sent troops to raid around and, the nearby bandits swept away and became empty. There is a barracks battalion, and this piece of Qiulanping is peaceful and rich, and even a dog stealing a dog can’t find it. The original generation was not a residential area. Only a few herdsmen lived here. Gradually, the surnames grew more and more, and the surnames of Shang Shen moved to one-tenth. The city of Qiulan not far away was more and more lively and short. In the short span of two years, it has become one of the famous cities in Yanbei.

Everyone really loves the adults. In those years, she took the soldiers to guard the Chidu City and guarded the North, and took the surname of Shang Shen’s to open the ruins to open the market, to build water, to teach the road of farming and iron, to build arsenals, and to open schools. She did a lot of good things. Although she was not an official, she still kept a surname, and let Shang Shen’s surnames live a prosperous and peaceful life. Shang Shen County, once Yanbei was chaotic, is now the first wealthy place in Yanbei…

When it comes to adults, the whole person who is not careful not to have a thumbs up, said that it was the reincarnation of the goddess, specifically to protect Yanbei.

Only grandmother, that day talking about the adult’s disease, grandmother faint sighed, shook his head and said: “In the final analysis, it is just a girl who is less than 20 years old!”


Aunt does not say that he seems to have forgotten that the adult is still under 20 years old this year, and he is only four years older than him. Hearing people say that when the adult was eight years old, he had already entered the Great Summer Palace with the emperor. At the age of ten, he had already rushed to the north and south with the soldiers, and what did he do when he was ten years old? horse riding? Let the sheep? Squeeze goat milk?

Duoji some discouraged, very old sighed, the sound faded, but listen to someone in front of asked: “is more Kyrgyzstan?

Douji looked up, just to see adults dressed in a white cloak standing under the plum, a pair of eyes like black ink, bright people cannot stand still.

“Big … … adults.”

Douji was a little embarrassed, and his blush was like a thief who had stolen something.

What would an adult think, would she not let herself come in the future? She looked at her room for so long, will she be angry?

Love the beginning of the youngster thinking of a mess, but heard Chu Qiao gently asked: “Can’t you sleep?”

“Ah?” Duoji silly was stupid, and nodded quickly: “Well, sleep, can’t sleep.”




Douji was stupid with Chu Qiao and walked into the water pavilion. Chu Qiao wore soft-skinned embroidered shoes, her body was thin, her eyebrows were as warm as the mountains, and her white hands were closed, and the other three windows were closed, only open a fan. At the water cabinet, there is a small table with a few delicate food boxes. After opening, the fragrance is full of exquisite snacks and side dishes.

“Is is done sister Mei Xiang?”

Duoji nervous no words to find words asked, surprised to see Chu Qiao slowly shook her head, smiled and said: I did it myself, I didn’t expect it.”

Douji some time stunned, he had never seen adults laugh so hard, although she has always been moderate, he always felt that she was not happy, even if the face is clearly a smile, the eyes seem to have Mist, can not see the real joy. Mother said,  it is because there is too much sadness in my heart, like a winged eagle, even if it is alive, it will not be happy, because it is no longer an eagle.

But now, the adults are so close to him, he saw her really laugh, sly, like a small fox, eyes bent, naughty light, and some boast of pride. He foolishly nodded, but has forgotten what she asked, can only follow her tone praise: “is it? Ah! Really great!

Chu Qiao was in a good mood. When he saw him, he extended his finger and clicked on his head. She smiled and said: “Stupid boy.”

Douji some depressed, he is sixteen, father has already married his mother, not a child.

“Sit down and try it.”

Duoji listens to sit down, pick up a piece of pastry, left and right to see a circle, but could not bear the mouth. This pastry is very delicate, looks like a plum, made of white sugar cake, the center there is a few silk red dates (means jujube fruits) to warm the heart.


Chu Qiao urged him, the young boy swallowed a nervous bite, and he was so embarrassed that Chu Qiao quickly poured a cup of tea to him, and Douji poured a big mouth to swallow the cake.


Chu Qiao asked, Douji tears are coming out quickly, and the committee swears and screams: “I didn’t taste it.”

“Hey,” Chu Qiao laughed and pushed the whole plate over and said, “I will give it to you.”

Douji began to eat together, from time to time praise: “Adult, you are too powerful, and will do such a good thing, who did you learn from?”

“In the past, when I was in the palace, I learned with the teacher of the imperial kitchen. Douji is very good. The emperor of Daxia usually eats this.”

Ah?” Douji he seems to be a lot more stupid than usual tonight, always stupid.

The outside pool suddenly screamed, the wind blew in and opened another window. Chu Qiao stood up and closed the window, but he saw that the old plum under the root of the house had a longhouse and could not help but also stunned. The handcuffs that stretched out in the air stopped and the moonlight on the line illuminates her wrist, streaking and shadowing.

In the blink of an eye, it has been two years since the old plum trees have been raised.

The years are really ruthless things in the world. It never stops because of any joy and sorrow. When it leaves in a hurry, any once intense emotions will gradually cool down.

That night, she left Yunbi City, and she walked for half a month. She finally arrived in Beibei. Then, one morning, when she walked out of Beibei City Gate along the cold and clear Beibei Street, she saw thousands of people Yanbei’s surname.

They have local residents of Beibei City, some come from far inland, Shang Shen, Luo Ri Shan, Lan Cheng, Chi Du, Hui Hui, Mei Lin, the surnames know the news that she wants to leave, a word Not coming together, she had encountered many such teams along the way, but she did not know them, they did not bother her, but just followed this way quietly, until this time, they gathered at the entrance of Beibei City, quietly Look at her and send her a ride.

There are white people in the crowd, young children, young people with blue eyes, foreign businessmen who come to Donglu to do business, and the Chidu militia who once fought side by side with her, and under her protection. The surname of Beibei, who survived the death, had the surname of Shang Shen who had participated in her road construction and trade and returned to the herdsmen who were tending sheep.

These people left the city early in the morning, quietly separated the sides of the road, let out an empty road, see her out, all brushed to look at her.

Chu Qiao still cannot forget those eyes, they are sad, sad, there is retention, worry, fear, but they will be all 10 million kinds of eyes all turned into silence, and even three or four years old children heard No, just by quietly looking at her.

At that moment, she was sad to cry.

She knew her responsibility, over the past year, she traveled all over the land of Yanbei, she spread the idea of ​​peace throughout every corner of Yanbei, she led them to build their homes, in the back of the war to resume production, they are full of confidence to support her. This is for hundreds of years of oppression of the nation, the desire for freedom and hope for a better life on all of her body, and now, she will leave, we must abandon her commitment to them, she wants to leave. They do not have to ask her had to make every effort to fight for the dream.

He Xiao with the Beauty army of nine thousand officers and men standing in front, heavily armed, lay the luggage, a pair of her way to go with her.

Nothing to say, she can only cold be standing there, like a stone statue.

Suddenly, a pair of small soft hands clinging to her waist, she bowed his head to go, I saw was actually a teenage girl, silently looked at her, stubbornly looked up, Tears in the eye socket, that is not fallen. Peace ran from behind, want to pull away from her sister, but how can not pull open

When Ping An was a soldier at that time, Jingjing followed her when she was sent to Yanbei inland for the first time. She had lived with her for more than a year.

“Sister,” Jingjing finally cried out, tears flowing down and down: “You don’t want me? Don’t you want me?”

The children began to cry, and gradually, others began to follow the cry, the people stood in rows, do not know who is the first to kneel down, gradually large tracts of people who kneel on the ground, seven to eighty years old people cry old tears, repeated asked: “adults, you do not want us?

“Adult, you don’t, I have to be arrested to be a slave.”

“Adult, where are you going? Will I go with you?”

The cold wind blew and blew the snow on the ground. Chu Jiao, who was on the road, let go of the stables, looked up, and looked at the bright sun. The tears flowed down the corners of the eyes and fell into the thick hustle…

The heavy responsibility pressed her shoulders and made her breathless.

She knows who is manipulating all of this, but she is unable to escape. He knows her too well so she can eat her deadly as long as she uses a small means.

On that day, she seemed to have shed all her tears for a lifetime. Standing on the snow, she only felt like a kite shaking hands. There was no connection. I didn’t know where to escape.

She stayed in such a condition and lived back to the mountainside. She lived for two years.

Two years, she watched him, watching him conscription tax, watching him siege, watching him perform more than the Great Summer but also harsh military service system, watching him step by step to eliminate dissidents, Yanbei ironing its drums.

She is sometimes thinking that life is really a wonderful thing, it is always in desperate time to give you hope that you continue to stick to it, and then you will soon near the hope that a pot of cold water and pour out all of your dreams.

Yan Xun eventually succeeded, Great summer in his pressure cannot lift its head.

Zhuge Yue died, Zhuge valve, although quickly out of their own, Zhuge Yue expelled from Zhuge’s genealogy family tree, and even the body was not buried in the family mausoleum. However, in this way, they were still implicated. The status of the Elder’s Shrine was not as good as before. Zhuge Huai was also reprimanded. After falling and falling again, Zhuge Muqing still tried to recover and actively supported the family’s side children, but the effect was obviously not good.

Le Xing, the daughter of General Le Xing, also hurriedly regret her marriage and wrote the Wanyan blood book himself. On the table, she gave it to the Xia Emperor, saying that Zhuge’s wealth was big, and deceiving him as Zhuge’s character was inferior, and he was greedy for her beauty. In the case of how unwilling she was, she was threatened by Zhuge’s family power and forced her to get engaged with him. Nowadays, she commits such a crime is unreasonable, even if she becomes a widow, it is a disrespect and insult to the emperor. She would rather be a monk than for the Nepalese, who is not willing to marry such a shameless person.

General Le Xing bent like a Buddha’s determination so earnestly, determined to be so firm. for a time, Emperor of Xia passed down as a good story. Although he failed to do so, he succeeded in clearing the boundaries with the evil sinners. His character is high and clean.

Of course, as the direct boss of Zhuge Yue’s, Zhao Che cannot escape the fate of being detained. This few emperors have once again been detained by the northeastern border, going to a barren land to supervise a completely unneeded military fortification, and thus stay away from the political arena of the Great Summer.

The most people can not imagine is the fourteenth princes Zhao Yang and Wei valve will be an alliance, in the Wei Guang’s support, Zhao Yang became the first big legend of the real power of the Queen, was called Zhou Wang, Wei Shu Ye also rise and became the military commander power of Yan Mingguan.

Daxia’s authority has shuffled it again, but the discerning person is not difficult to show. The former domineering has gradually moved away from the big summer. In the face of Yanbei’s iron-clad strongman, they are becoming more and more powerless. Although Wei Shu Ye is considered to be quite a military talent, he has a high level of skills, and there is domestic political interference, and gradually change his mind to defend. In the past year, it has become more and more obvious.

Now Simon has four points, and Li Ce of Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties has already stabilized the throne. The Princess of Huai Song, Nalan Hongye, is in charge of the northwest, and the northwest of the Yangtze River and the Daxia River are across the river. There is no single big trend.

However, despite this, Yan Xun has always been unable to easily break the big summer, because, in the southwest of Helan Mountain, a new regime suddenly appeared in the crowd’s attention, no one knows the origin of that regime, and even no one knows them. The actual number of cases, but through the past business travel and sent out scare vaguely know that the leader of the regime claimed to be “King of Qinghai.”

Qinghai, located in the south of Helan Mountain, west of Cuiwei Mountain, rumors, it is a deserted and hot and barren area, the beasts are rampant, and the grass is not born. More than two thousand years ago, it was the place where the mainland’s major regimes exiled prisoners. It is rumored that almost no one can survive there. It is not a bite to be a beast or a strange disease. Therefore, the exile of Qinghai has always been the endorsement of death. Some people even prefer to die in Ximeng, and they are not willing to step into Qinghai. For many years, the prisoners who have committed suicides have no idea.

However, it is such a place where the poisonous insects are everywhere, the beasts are rampant, and the grass is not born, but suddenly a meteor usually gives birth to a political power.

July 17, 778, Yan Xun personally sat in the town, commanding the army of 70,000, attacking the south gate of Yanmingguan, and seeing success, but the enemy appeared suddenly in the southwest. They are strong, fighting, and acting as the wind. They are like a knife. They are inserted into the left wing of Yanbei Army and smashed the attack of Yanbei Army. However, when Yan Yan rushed to turn the horse back to fight back, they were air. The general disappeared.

It wasn’t until a long time later that the scouts had found their traces, but now, Cui Weiguan has been occupied by a man named “Qinghai King”.

This is really a bad news for Yanbei. Because Cuiwei mountains are located near Helan Mountain and west of Chishui lake, this shows that in addition to the dog-in-law outside Meilin mountains, there is another enemy called Qinghai King behind the Yanbei. What is worse than the dog-stricken people is that the Meilin Pass is in the hands of YanBei, and Cui Wei mountain is with the Qinghai King.

This shows that when Qinghai King wants to go into Yanbei, when will he turn into Yanbei, you have no way to take people. Moreover, Cuiwei mountain is located at the junction of Helan Mountain and Cuiwei mountain at the junction of the east is a plain. There is no natural barrier. There is no danger at all. If you want to block the enemy of Qinghai, you can only build a long line along Cuiwei Mountain. The Great Wall is about a few thousand kilometers.

This is simply a big joke.

But fortunately, that since the king of Qinghai from that time, never come out, it seems that he is idle every day to go out for a walk, to tell Yan Xun has such a neighbor’s presence. However, Yan Yan did not dare to numb, and constantly sent people to Qinghai to listen to intelligence, and went to Cuiweiguan several times. He hoped to contact the Qinghai King and set up a defensive barrier in the southwest to arrange the soldiers. In this way, gives away big breath in the Great Summer.

These things are what He Xiao have told her, the past two years, Chu Qiao little down the mountain, in addition to two years ago to go out and never left.

Suddenly the sound of the beep suddenly came, and Duoji’s confused look down, but it was a small pot on the small stove, and Chu Qiao met, and quickly went over, took the big gloves and put the pot up, said back: “eat Go back to sleep, I will go first.”

Douji looked at Chu Qiao’s figure gradually left, but not toward his own room, but around the back of the pine garden, do not follow, but will be a few pieces of the remaining cake wrapped up, reluctant to eat in his hand.

The wind blew through the pine forest, a rustling thought, all the way to a blue stone monument, put the small pot down, after opening, it is a pot of red oil and spicy mutton.

There are bluestone tables and stools in front of the stone tablet. It has been very smooth and sleek. At first glance, it is often sitting. The stone monument is very simple and simple, with only five characters inscribed on it: “Zhuge Yue Tomb”.

Yes, two years ago, she had with three hundred elite beauty army, went to the big summer back to snatch the body of Zhuge Yue.

At that time, she received news that the Zhuge family finally expelled Zhuge Yue from the house, and refused to bury his family’s bones in the family mausoleum. Instead, he was subjected to a whipping and randomly lost the mass graves in the south of the city.

The process was actually very smooth. No one looked after the dead body. When Chu Qiao arrived, the body had been shattered by the wild dog. It was beyond recognition. If it was not because of whipping after death, she almost can’t put back the pieces together of those broken bones. She had to cremate him and return to Yanbei with ashes.

When she was really beautiful, she finally heard about Miss Lady  Yi. For the first time in her life, she was so unsettled, and she hated the shameless people.

Miss Lady Yi, in order to make her own heart for the Buddha, was going to and from the Buddhist temple and her home every day. Chu Qiao took her carriage and stopped in front of her, and Miss Lady Yi fell down with her own hands… After watching her crying and begging for mercy, she suddenly felt embarrassed. It seemed that until this moment, she realized that Zhuge Yue was really gone. He became the fly ash in her hand. People are insulted and manipulated. Anyone can trample on his dignity at will, and she can’t do anything but hurt the person. She can’t save him. She can’t let his family recognize him. She can’t return him. Reputation, even unable to protect his whole body.

She couldn’t tell her feelings at the time. She seemed to feel that everything in the world had become gray. She took the people back to Shang Shen and never stepped down again. She kept this small yard all day and buried all her time there.

“Zhuge Yue, you must feel very cool when you lie down. I heard He Xiao said that when you were gone, Great Summer lost to Yan Xun, and Wei Shu Ye is not an opponent of Yan Xun. Without you, Da Xia has suffered too many losses. You are always superficially dressed as a pair of things, but I know that you are vengeful, you must think now: a group of bastards, deserve it!

Chu Qiao stirred the mutton in the pot with chopsticks, and slowly said, she lowered her head, her head hangs from the cheeks, the skin is white, the moonlight shines through the pine branches, a halo mottled It is cold.

I didn’t dream of you last night. You said that you are not dead? If you don’t have such a conscience, you don’t even have a dream. Are you still sulking? No one avenges you? But yours The popularity is really too bad, only a few loyal and full-day knives to cut me, but also thanks to a few stupid, if you go to cut Yan Yan, it is estimated that there is no way to live.”

The pot gradually became hot, and the sheep oil solidified together. She murmured and continued: “I gave you paper money yesterday. You received it. You used to be nice to me. I have nothing to repay you. You will burn some money for you after you die. You are a big family, you have been spoiled since childhood, and you have to show your hand to open your mouth. If you don’t have money there, how can you live? But it’s okay, you are carrying so much. If the younger brother walks together, even if he is in the underworld, he can continue to be a good fortune.” (Chu Qiao is doing a self-talk to the wind. Crazy fool. lol)

“Zhuge Yue, do you know where Mo’er went? I sent people to Zhenhuang several times. I couldn’t find his whereabouts. I said that it was missing. It will not be lost by your father? It’s still so small, life is so poor, you pay attention to it, if you see him, tell me, and save me from the world.”

A gust of wind blew, the water in the tree all fell into the pot, Chu Qiao did not feel, her expression was very calm, can not see how sad and sad, just quietly speaking, the voice is very low Very low, this quiet night is different.

“Zhuge Yue, actually, I didn’t fall asleep last night. I looked at the roof and looked at the night. I thought about it all the time. In fact, I should have a chance to save you. First, I should let He Xiao. After the break, I walked with you, and then divided the soldiers in 20 directions. We did not leave, secretly returned to Yuegong, and waited for the wind to pass and then tried to escape. On the second thousand feet, I should take the army to attack the right wing of the army from the rear, where They are all bowed and can be washed away by two round trips, so that you have the opportunity and time to leave the open heart of the lake. Third, how can I ask for Yan Yan? I should hijack him directly, I laugh. In the past, he would not doubt it. Did I get into the water at that time? Also, how can you push me up? I have a flaw in my hand. We should be a few meters downstream of the water, then break the ice out, though The water is very cold, but it will not freeze for a while. The Jack in the Titanic has persisted for a long time, not to mention that we are all trained people.” (what is this? Chu Qiao talking to an empty tomb lol)

Chu Qiao angrily muttered: “How did I not think of it at the time?”

It was very quiet at night, and I could even hear the dog barking from the people under the mountain. Everyone fell asleep. Only she was sitting here. Chu Qiao said for a long time, suddenly stood up and knocked on the tombstone of Zhuge Yue. Say loudly: “Hey, I am talking to you, have you heard it?”

Crisp echo echoed in the pine forest, Chu Qiao finished after some stunned, and she squatted in front of the tomb, look dark, she bowed his head, hair hanging from both sides, cannot see the face.

Her voice muffled, whispered: “I obviously have so many ways, but why did not save you?”

The night was cool like water, and the breeze blew her clothes. She just leaned on the tombstone for a long time, like it was solidified. The autumn pine branches were slightly yellowish, and the wind was blowing.

Like many years ago, they have been so close together, the night is so dark, surrounded by enemies, they are fighting side by side with their backs, and the tacit understanding seems to be one person.

“Zhuge Yue, this is our life … …”

Chu Qiao whispered, flying over a group of crows in the sky, the doll’s call, scraped through the sky, and gradually went far.

Chu Qiao thought that life would continue like this, but the next morning, a news came in like a blue sky and broke the silence after her life.


CHAPTER 155 King’s Farewell


Everything came without warning, the news of the big rival rebellion is like hot oil, all of a sudden in the back of the rainy weather blowing the crackling sparks.

Chu Qiao looked at Duoji’s uncle, looking at the shoulder of the blood of more than 40-year-old man, the frowning thought of this sensational words.

“Adults, please go down the mountain, if you do not go, Datong must completely be destroyed!”

Chu Qiao looked at him quietly. He hadn’t talked for a long time. The news that the big peers would rebel was that the guardian of the autumn city of Lanzhou had just reported it, but followed by Duoji, who came to tell her that Yan Yan had to completely eliminate the big peers. Yes, the military rights of Yu Girl and Mr. Wu have been lifted, and the Datong generals such as Xia Zhi and Xi Rui have been arrested. Datong’s base has been ruined. Now it’s time to reclaim the fire of the county’s lord. Yunjun wants to slash the roots of the county.

For such words, Chu Qiao is reluctant to believe, the reason is also warned her, not so hasty to hear the rumors of uncertainty.

Although Yan Xun is a hot resort, but not without mind, at this time, the eradication of Datong guild may also be forgiven, remove Mr. Wu and feather girl is also barely acceptable, but why should we get rid of? But Yan Xun’s sister, although a believer of Datong, brought up by Datong, it may not be because of Datong and his brother against each other.

“You go down to the mountain first.”

“Adult!” Duoji’s uncle slammed on the ground, and the sly screaming said: “Let the adults save Datong. Only you can save us now.”

Kowtow head on the ground, the effort of a moment has already been bloody, Chu Qiao frowned at him, and finally turned quietly, went into the house, the door slowly closed, leaving the man desperate The eyes looked at her sadly.

For the big peers, Chu Qiao did not have any good impressions. Apart from Mr. Wu (Wu Dao Ya) and Ms. Yu (feather girl), the rest of her has always dealt with very little. She used to think that they were just a group of people who were arrogant. However, it was not always the case. Most of the members of the major peers were obsessed believers and fighters. They were like the ancient Mohist believers…learn more, and have a good heart.

If such a person uses the guidance well, it should be able to come in handy and kill? Yan Xun will not.

Chu Qiao thought this way, forced the uneasy feelings of her heart, quietly waiting for the follow-up news.

However, things completely separated from Chu Qiao’s expectations. Within two days, the war broke out in Yanbei’s interior. Many guilds were encircled by the army. The leaders of Datong were devastated by the catastrophe. The killing came so fast. Before they even heard a piece of news, everything seemed like a flood that had been brewing for a long time. It was so devastating that no one could make an emergency response.

The next night, the messenger to the rescue again boarded back to the mountains, a group of 20 people, and only one person who lived up the mountain. The knight immediately went to the blood. One arm had only a little flesh and even the shoulders as if it could be dropped anytime, anywhere. Please come down.

He looked at Chu Qiao and couldn’t speak. He just used a hand to untie the button of the placket. The inner shirt that had been polluted by sweat and blood was filthy, but he could still see the blood written in it. Thin font: A’Chu, help us, Zhong Yu.

Chu Qiao was silent for a long while, then he was deeply stunned at the cavalry: “Working hard.”

The cavalry looked at her, her face was blank and her eyes were straight as if she had not heard it.

Chu Qiao stood straight, the cold night wind blew through her slender body, she took a deep breath, then said in a deep voice: “He Xiao, get the horse, let’s hurry down the mountain!”

The cavalry’s eyes suddenly showed a glimmer of light. Then, he fell down on the ground with a big head down, a sharp arrow on his back, and he fell into the vest deeply. No one could imagine how he supported the climb at his back.

Only with twenty guards, Chu Qiao put on cloak and poncho, rushed into the vast boundless night. Cold rain constantly washed her eyes, ominous premonition gradually swallowed her, she has no longer want to think about. The horses ran wildly, the night was full, and the road seemed so far away.

The three thousand guards of Yu’s girl now have less than one person left. Everyone is seriously injured, but when they see Chu Qiao and others come to the moment, they still jump from the ground like a beast.

When the rain fell, the girl was lying in a thatched house. When she pushed the door in, she was sleeping. It seemed to be a vocal voice. She slowly opened her eyes. The pale face was slightly black, and it seemed that Chu Qiao seemed to be a little too. Not unexpected, quietly smiled: “You are here.”

A sharp arrow pierced her heart. Although it was already wrapped in grass, there was no medicine, and no one dared to pull out the arrow.

Douji met his eyes a red, he smoked his nose and said: “I am going to find Uncle Dalie.” Having said that, opened the door and went out.

The room gradually quiet down, leaving only two women dressed in white, Chu Qiao half kneeling on the ground, with her eyes can naturally see a beautiful girl’s injury how serious, she swallowed the heart of sorrow and grief, softly then said: “girl, what happened?”

Feather girl took a deep breath, gently cough twice, her face floating a few silk unhealthy rosy.

“Changqing’s taxation is harsh, the local surnames have been countered, and  I have participated in several meetings. When things were revealed, they are no longer able to turn.”

“You are also involved?” Chu Qiao frowned, and said in a deep voice: “How are you so confused? Participating in the rebellion is tantamount to direct rebellion? Yan Xun, he would not trust Datong, why are you so careless?”

“Hey,” Yu girl smiled softly, her chest slightly gasping, her eyes were so ethereal, it seemed to look at Chu Qiao, but it seems to have crossed her far, she said quietly: “You have not seen that Changqing was hit by a snowstorm last year. This morning, the pasture was not good. The animals died in large numbers. Now there are places which children have been eaten, it is necessary to snatch their last winter food, it is equal to their life.”

“Under the preparations for the battle, I have to attack Cuiwei Mountain before entering the winter, so I will recruit the troops and collect the food. The surnames are all dead. I know that this will be the result, but I have to do it.”

Chu Qiao clenched her lips, her nose was sour, and she held the hand of Yu girl tightly and could not speak.

“A’Chu, you are a good boy, but life is too hard. I hope that you can understand that not everything in this world can follow your hopes. Many times, even if we work hard, it does not necessarily. I hope that you are still young and have a good time waiting for you.”

Feather girl gentle smile, the eyes of the fishtail pattern like a soft wind, cage eyes in the two pools of water, the sound like from nine days drift, Chu Qiao half kneeling on the hay, hand clutching her chest, The gurgling blood gushed out silently, red and bluish white robe. She clenched her lower lip, her eyes filled her eyes, her lips curled, her face pale and pale.

“Yu girl, you hold on, Douji went to the doctor.”

“It doesn’t become…”

Yu girl gently shook his head, his face like snow on the snow, thin shoulder arm of a cold, she looked up, the sight to the old roof, outside the wind whistling, heavy rain poured, she seemed to think of a lot of trance. At the last moment of life, time in her eyes passed quickly, and suddenly, she seems to have returned to fifteen years ago, in the Woolong Mountain, Acacia maple red, falling green, she stood in the early autumn of Fenglin, looking at that dressed in purple shirt black hair as ink figure.

She seemed to remember the sunshine at that time, warmly on her shoulders, like the mother’s gentle hand. A guqin was placed on the stone table next to it, and a few maple leaves fell on it. The sun shone through the leaves and left a mottled shadow, leaving a halo of flickering. He turned back from the sky and red, and his smile was soft. Looking at the water, looking at her softly, reaching out to her, said warmly: “A Yu, how come up so early?”

No one knows that she doesn’t really like the so-called righteousness. She doesn’t like the art of war and strategy. From a very young age, she hopes to have a home. She can learn female red and poetry like a normal woman. A husband of a body, picking flowers from the spring, listening to the rain in the cold night, a life of peace, what saves the world, the palm of the hand, has never been her dream.

However, she has a great ambition to the big ambition, she cherished the common people, but this world of all kinds of injustice, go to the mountains to learn only the art of killing people, to save the world from the devil. When he studied the industry, she studied business. When he studied the voice of the people, she tried to figure out how to be. He was generous and treated with sternness. Her sleepless night, the martyrdom and the tactics of the martial arts, only for her to follow his footsteps one day to advance and retreat with him.

The master knew the world and knew her mind at a glance. Instead of stopping it, she did not stop it. Instead, she gave a letter to her bag when she went down. She only appeared after a long time, but the only one after opening. Word: Idiot.

After a period of fifteen years, she spent a lifetime of living, painstakingly, how many life and death twists and turns. Well, he has been her side, no matter whether it is a squally shower or a cold snow frost, they always stand in one place, the years have passed, the vicissitudes have changed, everything in the world has been lost, for the sake of power, father and son become enemies, loved ones turn their eyes, love others the abandoning afterwards, only they never change their original intentions, stick to the bottom of their beliefs, and never have a partial take.

However, some of the hidden words have never been spit out. For more than ten years, they have gathered together. She always feels that there is still a chance in the future. They are busy day by day, they are busy, running around, dreaming for the heart. And persistent. However, I never thought about it. Maybe one day, there is no longer a chance. Those who have not yet had time to export, those who have deeply suppressed the feelings of nearly two decades, those who are as quiet and calm as the early spring, finally lost the opportunity to pour forever.

“I know, my time is up.”

She sighed softly and said, “I have thought about this day, but I didn’t expect it to be so fast.”

A gentle and soaked face suddenly appeared in front of the eyes, the feather girl smiled gently, the blood of the wound was like a stream of water, oozing the cloth, slowly flowing out. She struggled to reach out and seemed to want to touch the vague face. I remembered the scene when they first met many years ago. At that time, they were young, and she was punished by the owner’s street for running away. The body is not finished, but it does not cry. He followed the master through the bridge and suddenly crouched down to hand her a bottle of wound medicine, then frowned and said: “Every once in the morning and evening, take good care of the wound.”

“Actually, the joy of my life may be that I can sleep well, do not think about anything, do nothing, no war, no killing, no intrigue. There is snow in the door, the wind is raging, I love people. Lying on my side, sleeping quietly, not moving, not talking. Unfortunately, I never have this opportunity.”

The smiling lips are blooming, and the feather girl is tired and said: “Achu, I want to sleep for a while, if the Wu Dao Ya is here, remember to wake me up.”

Chu Qiao bit his lower lip and nodded desperately. The girl closed her eyes with confidence. The eyebrows were full of exhaustion and sleepiness. She whispered, “I will sleep for a little while, I am too tired, just Sleep for a little while.”

The long eyelashes, such as the lotus, cast a faint silhouette on the face, the heartbeat is slower and slower, and it is getting slower and slower. Finally, I can’t hear it again. The finger slips down, and the weight hangs down, and Chu’s arms fall.

The wind outside the door suddenly became bigger, and it was blown in with the cold rain. In the small hut, Chu Qiao’s body gradually became stiff. She lowered her head and fell a tear, and the girl’s cold cheeks squatted down. , rolling in the blood pool on the ground, gently open, melt into the blood.

“grown ups!”

He Xiao suddenly rushed in desperately and saw the dead girl, the weather-stricken man suddenly slammed on the spot.

Chu Qiao slowly raised her eyes, looked at him quietly, a hoarse voice asked: “What happened?”

He Xiao was silent for a long time, and then slowly said: “Mr. Wu arrived.”

When she saw Mr. Wu, it was still raining, Chu Qiao was wearing a poncho, and the guards of He Xiao and others came down to the edge of Qiulanping. In the dark and green wilderness, the soldiers lit the torches of tung oil. On the road, all the white bodies were covered by rain. Ge Qi supported a large umbrella standing under a poplar tree. Mr. Wu was there, facing the direction of Chu Qiao and others, with three on his back. Only the arrow, one of which passes through the back, just stabs the heart. He was pale, and his mouth was sloping with a red heart and no breath, but he kept his eyes open as if he was gazing at something, although he still did not fall, his eyes were cut and his brows were locked.

“When we arrived, Mr. Wu had already gone.”

He Xiao’s voice rang low, the night was so dark, and the black one could not see a little light. Chu Qiao straightened his back, sitting on the horse’s back, his eyes dry, and he could not shed tears.

A painful cry suddenly came from behind, it was Douji’s uncle, and once Mr. Wu’s accountant was a soldier. After the injury, Mr. Wu was sympathetic to him, let him return home, and gave him the money to support his family. At this moment, the man in his forties is like a wolf with red eyes, rushing past, in the rain, burst into tears.

“This world, there is another thing above the love and freedom, worthy of you to pay everything to guard, my ideal of Datong, has been left on the still high plateau.”

Vaguely, Chu Qiao even heard the words that Mr. Wu returned to the mountain a year ago, the night wind blew, the heavy rain poured down, Chu Qiao closed her eyes and looked up, the cold rain poured her face. More of like a sharp knife.

Yu girl, you have to wait, the people you wait for come, this world you are too tired, the next life, don’t take so many responsibilities, you have to live together, do not think about anything.

The heavy hooves came suddenly. Under the horizon, a large number of people roared. The number of people was about 3,000. All of them were all cavalry. The horseshoes were like a thunderous thunder, a thunderous roll, and a cold rain hit. On the black armor, there is a scream of sensation.

The man of “Chu Daren!” shouted, and he couldn’t see his face in the dark. He could only judge by a voice that he was still very young: “I came to protect the safety of the adults by the command of her sire. Rebel, please follow me to the Qiulan Military Camp.”

It’s you!” Douji’s uncle suddenly jumped up, and his red eyes shouted: “You killed Mr.Wu! I will fight you!”

The voice just fell, the man in his forties rushed forward, pulling out the saber at the waist, arrogant like a crazy wolf.

“come back!”

Chu Qiao screamed, almost at the same time, more than a dozen arrow slammed through the chest of Uncle Doji, he ran a few steps by inertia, and finally slammed down, blood splashed out, night Under the dyed red blood.


The scream of the teenager suddenly came, Chu Qiao frowned, and looked very far, only listening to the other party’s camp came the voice of the child, it is the three people of Duo Ji Ping ‘an and Jing Jing.

“The rebellious party is too arrogant, and the adults are asked to go with me immediately.”

More than 20 people, such as He Xiao, slowly pulled out the sword, and immediately guarded Chu Qiao around, and the cold and the opposite army held it. The scream of Douji was like a cold arrow, inch by inch aimed at. She frowned for a long time, finally slamming, leaving the sword, letting three feet of Qingfeng, fell into the dirty mud. Chu Qiao did not expect to see Jingshen here, in the barracks of the Xi Bingying in Qiulan City, Jing Zisu carefully opened the door, carrying a large food box, the posture is slightly fuller than the original, the face is ruddy, the lower abdomen The high uplift, at first glance, is pregnant.


Jing Zhi Sui’s careful screaming replaced the already cold food, and the hot rice hot dishes on the side were Chucho’s favorite food, four dishes, and one soup, which was very light.

“You eat, you haven’t eaten all day and night.”

“Why are you here?” Chu Qiao turned her head and frowned slightly. He said: “Yan Xun forced you to lobby me?”

“No,” Jing Zhi Su quickly shook his head and said nervously: “ Tang Shi Peng is my husband.”

Tang Shi Peng, the chief of the Qiulan City, was the officer who had previously pushed Chu Qiao to this place and also killed the direct murderer of Mr. Wu and those who ambushed the Miss Yu.

Chu Qiao’s face gradually cooled down, she looked at Jing Zhi Su, did not speak for a long time.

“Moon, you, you eat a little.” Jing Zhi Su said cautiously, did not dare to look up at her, hurriedly said: “These are all you love to eat, I have cooked it for you.”

“Mr. Wu was killed, did you know in advance?”

Jing Zhi Su stood there, head down, tightly clutching the hands of the handkerchief, like a frightened bird, low voice said: “I, I know.

“Miss Yu, the feather girl is dead, do you know?”

Jing Zhi Su gently nodded her head.

“Your husband caught peace and Jingjing used to threaten me to submit, do you know?”

“Jing Yue’er?” Jing Zhi Su raised her head, her face looked at her with all of her face, eyes flushed and tearful.

“Now they are going to kill others. Bian Cang, Xi Rui, Xia Zhi, A Du, Yi, Xiao He, are all dying, do you know?”

Jing Zhi Su’s tears finally rolled down. She squinted her face and stood in front of Chu Qiao, and she couldn’t make a sound.

Chu Qiao looked at her, vaguely line of sight became blurred, for them, she repeatedly put her life to death, and these two years because of her and Yan Xun relationship between are stiff, she never came to visit her. Even if they were small children they do not give her a warning.

These people, after all, are her nominal relatives and are blood-related sisters.

“you go.”

Chu Qiao turned and stopped looking at it. Jing Zhi Su carefully grabbed her clothes and whispered her: “Yue’er…”

She was unmoved, but listen to Jing Zhi Su let out a sad cry: “Yue’er, what can I do? What can I do? I am just a woman!

Yeah, how can she expect her? Betrayed her husband, betrayed the family, come to announce the news? This is all about the blessing to Jing Zhi Su, isn’t it a fantasy? However, why is she still anger? Still unwilling and shaking? She knows that if they are in trouble, she will definitely help them in desperation, so Chu Qiao expects others to be like this to her.

Why are you so stubborn? Your majesty is so good to you, we are looking at it, gold and silver treasures and wealth are placed in front of you. His Majesty is for you, kneeling at your feet, for many years for you to marry him. He is so into you, are you not satisfied? What do you expect? He is, after all, the Emperor!

If it was before, Chu Qiao might have sneered out from the heart, but now she can’t even laugh.

Yes, gold and silver treasures, rich and glory, as long as she is willing to nod, she is the Yanbei mother of the next 10,000 people, is the only wife of the Yanbei emperor, and lived a luxurious life of extravagant jade food. As a woman, what else does she expect? When she was sad and retired, she did not know that others were laughing at her ignorance, and these people even included her sister.

However, those are not what she wants. As Yan Xun said, she never really knew him, but Yan Yan, who has been dating for more than ten years, when did you really understand me?

You are wrong, I am a woman like Jing Zhi Su, and I Chu Qiao, but not such a person.

Without speculation, Chu Qiao faintly opened the hand of Jing Zhi Su, went straight into the inner room, and never looked back.

After a while, the door of the room was opened, Jing Zhi Su quietly walked out, and the sound of the lock was especially loud, and it slammed like locking Chu Qiao’s thoughts. Chu Qiao sat on the bed, a cage of agarwood at the foot, a touch of aroma from the gap between the copper cover, like a row of clouds. She quietly leaned on the bedpost, thinking of a lot of things in the confusion of her mind, her heart getting colder and colder, and she gradually lost her temperature. In the past two years, she has been controlling what she did not think about. The shadow of Mr. Wu and Yu girl overlapped and let her fingertips tremble coldly.

Mourning is greater than death, and now, she is finally completely desperate.

For three days, Chu Qiao was trapped in this cage and completely isolated the news from the outside. She thought that Ms.Yu girl might be wrong at the time. She mistakenly thought that Chu Qiao could stop all this, but she did not understand Yan Xun at all… He was such a strong and persistent person since he was a child. No one can stop what he wants to do, even her. Now, the big picture has been set, she just has to wait for a result.

Yan Xun was a disciple of Mr. Wu since he was a child. Later, he studied the art of war under the door of the Mis Yu, the feather girl. His martial arts swordsmanship was from Chu Qiao’s hand. Now, he is blue, and those old things are finally kicked off by him. It is.

On the third night, Chu Qiao was quietly on the bed as usual, but suddenly there was a sudden rush of footsteps at the door, and the shackles of the locks rushed in. Jing Zhi Su was stunned and ran in, holding a long-distance cloak. And Bao Zheng, striding into the road and said: “Yue’er, fast, go!”

Chu Qiao fiercely stood up and frowned and asked: “Tang Shi Peng wants you to let me go?”

Jing Zhi Su was pale and sly, standing in the same place, hearing the husband’s name suddenly stunned, Chu Qiao suddenly became clear, said: “Do you know what you do? He will not let you go.”

“Moon, fast, fast.” Jing Zhi Su put his clothes in her hands, and said, “Let’s hurry.”

“No, if I am gone, it will hurt him.”

“Your people rushed into the city, they have already rushed into the prison to grab the commander and peace.”

“What?” Chu Qiao was shocked and said quickly: “The beauty army is coming?”

“Well,” Jing Zhi Su nodded hurriedly: “You are going, Tang Shi Peng is coming soon.”

Jing Zhi Su’s hands and feet made her clothes, cloaked her cloak, and her face was weak and strong. Chu Qiao grabbed her hand and asked in a deep voice: “Sister Su, do you know how he would treat you when you do this?”

Jing Zhi Su suddenly stopped. After a few days, her face was obviously thinner. The big eyes looked very scared. After a long time, she shook her head and said softly: “I just think that Mr. Wu is a good person. Yu girl is also a good person, you are a good person Yue’er. Because we are all good people, there should be good news.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes are sour, this life is insulted, the weak woman who drifts with the tide, life and death are in a pinch, she only made this choice based on her own heart, her reason is very simple, good people should have no good news, but perilla Sister, you know, most of the world’s good people are not good news, stunned, stunned, good people have long been unable to live.

Looking at her purely clear eyebrows, Chu Qiao only felt that if there was a mountain pressed against her shoulder, she could not breathe. She breathed deeply and said firmly: “You go with me.”

No,” Jing Zhi Su shook her head: “. “I am his wife after all, and I am pregnant. He won’t be like me. You are going.”

Chu Qiao said in a deep voice: “You must go with me.”

“No, Yue’er, I am the wife of Tang Shi Peng, I will not leave him, this is my home!”

At this moment, Jing Zhi Su’s eyes are rarely exposed and firm. Chu Qiao understands that everyone has the belief and perseverance of everyone, and Jing Zhi Su is no exception. She nodded and dressed, and slowly said: “Sister Zhi Su, I am leaving, you have to take care, I will come back to find you after I finish.”

“Well, I have four months to have a baby, you are his aunt, that time must come to see.

Jing Zhi Su hand clutching her stomach, shy smile, like a warm spring-like in the sun. Chu Qiao holding her hand, in a deep voice said: “wait for me.

After all, she turned and left.

Nine thousand beautiful troops roared, the city’s people personally opened the door for them to open the way, the entire Qiulan city of soldiers barracks are reduced into a shouting into the sea of ​​fire, Tang Shi Peng riding on horseback, rode on his back and yelled at the broken troops. At this moment, a subordinate suddenly ran to report: “General! Chu Qiao ran, beaten and injured, and took the horse out of the city.”

“What?” Tang Shipeng furious: “So many people are guarding her, how will she run?

“Its the Lady, your wife took the key from your token.”

“Slut!” Tang Shi Peng on rage, coldly shouted: “bad thing!”


Another messenger man came from the horse and shouted without jumping off the horse. “The blue house is gone, and the lady is still inside. I need to quickly mobilize the water dragon to extinguish the fire!”

“General!” Another communications officer hurriedly yelled: “The Chu Daren escaped from the South Gate with the Beauty Army. We have reorganized the team, do we want to pursue it?”

Tang Shipeng frowned, paused for a moment, calmly said: “Catch her!”

“General, what about the lady?”

Tang Shi Peng shouted: “If Chu Qiao escaped, the whole Qiulan City, won’t live, the entire army listen to my orders, chase!”

The army screamed and rushed out of the South Gate. At this moment, the blue room was red, the fire tongue was burning high, and the whole house was gradually swallowed up. In the corner of Jing Zhi Su, watching the red eyes full of fear and trembling, cold sweat drops fell from her forehead. It was a trace of white light on the darkened face. Her hands were clutching her belly and biting her teeth. Over and over again hypnotic like muttering: “baby is not afraid, your dad will immediately come to save us.”

The wind outside the door whistling, more and more help put out the fire, the entire Qiulan city soldiers are chasing out of the city, some people see the fire burst into the general government, against the blue room of the fire in a daze.

“No, no one inside?”

Generals of the servant came forward said: “Chu adults were saved by the beauty army, and there is no one inside.”

“That doesn’t matter, a bunch of bastards, it’s good to burn a light.”

The people who continue to leave, leaving the flames crackling sounded, smoke-filled, Jing Zhi Su had a hard cough, the flames have spread over, she was afraid to close her eyes, but still clutching her stomach constantly said: “baby do not afraid, your daddy is here to save us.

A beam of bang down, cover up all the voices, everywhere are black and gray, the whole general government and the West barracks are falling in this a fire. Chu Qiao with the horse running in the wilderness, far to go back, I saw the direction of Qiulan City, a red light, the flame burned half the sky, like the soldiers before the death of blood.


Xiao He came forward: “Go away.”

“Well.” Chu Qiao nodded, pressing the ominous premonition to the pressure, the night road is difficult, they still have a long way to go.

The world is bleak, the wind is blowing, the long night has just begun, and there is still no past. The night is deep, the clouds are low, the black is pressed, the wind is blowing, and the deep whine sounds.


The low voices issued monotonous attack commands over and over again. The soldiers trapped in the valley became scarcer and scarce, and the blood spread. Numerous arrows were shot at the soldiers wearing red military uniforms. A desperate shout was heard on the battlefield. A sound is heard. The sharp bells rang loudly, and the signal for help came out more than twenty. It was already a fire thunder on the south slope. It was less than a fragrant time from Beibei City. They didn’t understand why the defenders of Beibei were still didn’t come out to save them, is Beibei City surrounded by people? Who is this group of unknown enemies?

“Who is it?”

Xiao He and his shoulder were inserted with a sharp arrow, and the blood flowed out of his body. The comrades around him were like the wheat of the early autumn. They fell down one after another. His eyes were red. He didn’t understand. He obviously received his majesty. When the order returned to Beibei to receive the award, why was it suddenly ambushed by unknown enemies?

Xiao He looked at everything in front of him, like a nightmare of horror. The situation was like a huge stone rolling down from the foothills. No one can stop it. Anyone who tries to reach out will be crushed into a meat sauce.

They still haven’t handed in the enemy to the enemy. Because they are native to Yanbei and they are also sealed, they don’t have any weapons for long-range attacks. There are no shields, no bows, and arrows. These 5,000 people are trapped in this low valley. In all directions, the enemy is in all directions. The bows and arrows are shot like long eyes. They are inevitable, and they can’t be retired. There are no obstacles to stop. All the fighters who are trying to charge are nailed to the surface by the bow and arrow. The raging rogue, the bodies piled up into hills, and the soldiers screamed:

“Who is the opposite? Why attack us?”

“Why did not anyone come to rescue us? Where are the defenders of Bei Shuo?”

“They are using the crossbow, our own army!”

“Who is who is going to kill us?”

Xiao He and his eyes flashed, his deputy with his knife in front of him, over and over again shouted: “protect the Generals! To protect the General!” Then when finished, sharp arrows penetrated his throat,  His voice suddenly seemed like leaking bellows, blood spurted out and sprinkled Xiao He’s face. Xiao He hugged the body of the deputy, and the 30-year-old brave man’s eyes widened in horror. With both hands slamming the small cloak, blood rushed out of his mouth, and the sound shattered intermittently and said: “Who is… who… who is going to kill us…”

The incomplete corpse covered one layer after another, and the small feet gradually piled up into a corpse sea. The wounds could not feel the pain. In three days, it began to rain, the rain poured on the ground, and the blood and mud were mixed, the soldiers. They took a deep foot and a shallow resistance and cast their corpses into the trenches and high walls to resist the sharp bows of the other side.

There were screams everywhere, there were roars everywhere, I don’t know how long it took, the opposite attack suddenly slowed down, the arrows of the sky disappeared, but they were still quietly surrounded, no one had a little noise. Like a silent stone.

The second battalion of the Huo Yun army almost died, and the living people are only one more breath than the dead. They are already unable to go to the charge. The heavy breathing sounds like a wild dog.

Quiet, too quiet, death is generally quiet.

Suddenly, the low-pitched sounds slowly sounded, and the soldiers stunned their eyes wide and suddenly looked up, but they saw the overwhelming long-distance strong bow and screaming, and they looked like a sharp spear, and they wore it with a bang. Through the trenches that are piled up in flesh and blood.


“The son of a bitch, Father…”

Tragic screams once again sounded, but not finished on the abrupt end, small and the body inserted three or four arrows, covered with blood dripping, a handsome face has been unable to discern the original face, he wielding sword fight, A sharp arrows suddenly hit, Shua’s! A cry to penetrate his shoulders, he was tightly nailed to the fire dragon army flag.


A soldier saw him, and he rushed up. However, he saw that he was about to rush to Xiao He. A sharp arrow slammed through his back, and the soldier’s pupil suddenly enlarged. He seemed to be incomprehensible. I reached out and touched the intestines and blood on the sharp arrow that passed through the body. The brow wrinkled slightly, like a simple child. He squatted down and was supported by the bow and arrow…

The young generals burst into tears, and he screamed like a lion.

“Protect the general!”

The soldiers flocked up and the enemies on the opposite side noticed the movements here, and the arrows were shot.

A small and never seen soldier turned back and smiled at him. His clear eyes were clear and carefree. He smiled and said, “You save the grown-up, I will take a step.”

Then he turned and rushed up against the oncoming arrow, and countless arrows pierced his chest. He was like an archery target, and he stood still, and would rather die.

The heart of the heartbreaking pain rises, and Xiao He squatting rushes forward, and the body penetrates the long arrow.

The young general’s crazy sword rushed, and the bow and arrow continually shot him. Xiao He continued to shock, the dark enemy was shaken, and the soldier slammed his hand and looked at the bloody man. The soldiers are arrogant.

Then at this moment, knives suddenly flew out, only to hear a bang, cut the small legs. Xiao and his body were awkward, and he slammed down on one knee. Xiao He looked at the enemies camp that was not far away, and the red light was bleeding in his eyes. What kind of look is it, full of desperate unwillingness and crazy anger, his eyes sweeping through the black-skinned soldiers like a knife. Suddenly, a blood spurted out of his mouth, and the young general was amazing. Perseverance stood up again, rushing over and shouting: “Who is it? Who is going to kill us?”

The overwhelming arrows shot at the same time, and the small and firmly nailed to the ground, could not see the face, could not see the face, a low shock between the heavens and the earth, the cold rain poured down, poured on the cold bodies, blood Along the stream of rain, the rumbling thunder rolled across the sky, and finally, there was no more standing body.


The low command sounded slow, and the soldiers ran forward with the wooden barrel. The pine oil was poured into the bucket of the dead soldiers, and mixed with the stinky blood, which had a disgusting taste. The torch was thrown up, and the fire slammed, and the intense rain could not extinguish it. The black warriors stood in the same place, quietly watching the fire devour all unwilling thoughts.

Yes, killing cannot destroy thoughts, but it can eliminate the carrier of thought.

Rainy night is still dark and cold, the soldiers turned to the North Bei Shuo City away. No one was interested in taking a look at everything behind them.

The horizon’s star rose, and the messenger stopped and said, rushes to the ground and says out loudly: “The Princess of the county has led the troops to the front of the city, and ordered the general to immediately lead the troops.”

The killing is not over yet, everything is on-going. “Adults! In front of someone, about three hundred, maybe the scouts of Beibei, all of them are extremely fast-moving horses. Do you want to avoid them temporarily?”

Chu Qiao frowned, heavy rain just stopped, dark clouds slowly dissipated, heaven and earth all pale as milk mist, she frowned, his eyes sharp, like the sky wings of the White Eagle.

“Adults! It is the Huo Yun Army, and there are a large number of pursuers behind it. It seems that there are more than 5,000 people!”

The horse rushed back, and Chu Qiao’s eyebrows picked it up and acted off: ” Xiao He, immediately took people to rescue the priests and stopped the followers.”


Xiao He cried, rectified the four thousand troops and wars, whip away.

Chu Qiao took the soldiers on the back, the horseshoes stepped on the muddy equator, and the muddy water was red.

The two armies quickly crossed, and the fiasco of the fierce cloud army was surrounded by the old and distant. Chu Qiao saw the flaming horse in the whole body at a glance. She quickly hit the front of the horse, but she was suddenly shocked by everything in front of her eyes.

The clothes were broken, the flaming cloak was bloody, and a sharp arrow was inserted in the lungs. The body suffered several stab wounds, lying in the arms of a woman in her thirties, breathing weakly.

“what happened?”

Chu Qiao about jumped horses, half kneeling in the mud, frowning look at the terrible injury, back shouted: “Military doctor! Military doctor?”

“Chu adults!”

The woman will see her, tears suddenly gushed, she cried and said: “The emperor to kill our princess, Xiao He and generals have been killed, the princess was also ambushed… …”

“Xiao He and …”

A faint voice suddenly sounded. As the lungs vibrated, a blood spits out from the sly mouth. The woman would be shocked and hold her wound with her hand, but could not stop it the bright red liquid coming out.

“Xiao He and …”

The painful wrinkles frowned, and her low voice, pale, was already unclear.

In the daytime, she seems to be dreaming one after another, she faintly saw a small and happy smile, saw a bonfire, saw Xiao He and carrying her snow on the snow, kept on the back She cried, telling a joke, comforting her over and over again and saying, “Hey, you won’t die, you won’t die, who will dare to kill you, I will kill him.”

“Xiao and Xiao and …”

The tears overflowed from the big drops of the blood-stained eyes. With her heavy breathing, the blood came out like a spring that could not stop. She cried in a coma, Xiao He dead, Xiao He dead, and Xiao He was killed by him!

“The princess! Princess!” The woman will hold her cry, the sound sobbing, as the dead bastard mother animal.

“What are you going to do?”

“My brother is the emperor, then I am the princess, and that time I can choose the world all the consort prince, looking for the most talented man to be my husband, haha!”

“Flower crazy! Without conscience, find your man!”

The sharp pain came in abruptly, and the heart and lungs seemed to be pinched by the crowd. She couldn’t breathe, the blood foam blocked her throat, and she opened her mouth, but only spit out more blood. She stumbled open her eyes, confused and looked around, saw the sky, the bright red flowers, and the white eagle.

Yanbei, Yanbei…

I have struggled for you in my life, but why did you abandon me?

The young girl frowned, and she slowly turned her head. Then she saw Chu Qiao. Her mind was so stunned. She struggled to reach out and seemed to want to catch something. Chu Qiaoqiang endured tears. Her good intentions came hurriedly holding her hand, said: “Hey, you have to hold on, the doctor will save you.”

Holding the hand of Chu Qiao, so hard, so hard, suddenly, she slammed her head down, biting Chu’s wrist, the blood between the teeth, the subordinates on both sides screaming in horror Chu Qiao looked at her with numbness, but only saw the overwhelming hatred at the bottom of her eyes.

“why why?”

缳 缳 (means Huan Huan, the name of Yan Xun’s niece, the last remaining princess of Yanbei, whom they ambushed) piercing roar, a mouthful of blood, eyes flushed, snapped at her: “Why kill us? Why kill us?”

“Princess! Princess! That is Chu Daren!”

The woman will hold her, loudly called, but she has not heard, and 缳 缳 (means Huan Huan) head scoff to crack, crazy shouting: “What are we doing wrong? Why kill us? Ungrateful!

Chu Qiao looked at her, the wound on the wrist was sharp and painful. Her face was pale and she remembered the first time she saw it. The girl snuggled up to her side, very generous of the king to her, waving a small fist said to win the battle to Chiao Qiao accompany her to Bian Tang, saying that the famous horse named A’Tu said that he wanted to testify. Looks a hearty outcry like the winds of the Yanbei Plateau.

“I hate you!”

A blood sprayed out loudly, Huan Huan crying loudly, the sound was getting lower and lower, and the voice whispered: “Xiao He, Xiao He…”

Xiao He, I want to marry you, but where have you been? 

Xiao He, I want to come to you, you have to go slow, my leg is hurt, you have to carry me.

Xiao He, I haven’t had breakfast yet, can you cook roast lamb for me?

Xiao He, Xiao He, Xiao He…

The voice of the Huan Huan finally vanished, she lay on the cold ground, red skirt like a flirtatious flower. She is so young this year, only twenty years old, young eyes are always shiny, like white milk,  she just slept in, and she will live forever in her land for a lifetime.

Chu Qiao’s heart is already numb to death, waves of the impact on her, million cut broken corpses, she bit her lip standing there, looking at the corpse of another corpse. The whole portrait was thrown into the ice.

Yan Xun, what are you doing?

“grown ups!”

He Xiao walked over and said, “He was here.”

Already reluctant to call his Majesty, Chu Qiao slightly turned around, the army as the tide of the way to open a road, the morning sunshine in the opposite of the majestic army, like a dark ocean. The young emperor was surrounded by the army in the center, a gold thread pattern dragon ink black robe, hair is braided, eyes like frost, tall nose, half squinting eyes faintly look over.

Two years later, she finally saw him again, but why, Chujo felt that he never seemed to know him. The person in front of him was such a stranger, his appearance, his identity, his behavior, his breath, no one is strange, suddenly, she understands that this person in front of him is already the Emperor of Yanbei, and it is no longer the boy in the city of Zhenhuang who has nothing to do with her.


The low voice came from the wilderness of the wilderness, accompanied by the cold wind, blowing into the ears of Chu Qiao.

Yan Xun looked at her, eyes such as Gujing Shentan (means ancient wells of a deep pool). Two years passed between the two people. When things went by, they finally met again, but it was such an occasion.

Perhaps, regardless of fate, nothing to do with the world, their attachment to human nature, the state of life, has long been doomed to one day they will embark on such a path of opposition, Yan Xun’s heart suddenly turns into an empty wilderness, there is a strong wind inside. He looked at Chu Qiao, and wanted to say something, but after all, he swallowed it one by one. He just slowly asked the emperor’s prestige: “Do you want to be an enemy of me for these irrelevant people?”

Irrelevant people?

Chu Qiao’s mouth raised a faint sneer and ridicule.

Without Mr. Wu, how can you get the full support of Yanbei’s financial resources when you were imprisoned? After eight years, you have decided to move and cultivate your own power.

Without the Miss Yu the feather girl, how can you escape from the city of Zhenhuang, jump out of the cold cell, sit on the land of Yanbei, and become the king of the world now?

And 缳 缳 (Huan Huan), that is your last blood in this world, she trusted you for many years you are your closest sister.

Is not one day, I Chu Qiao standing in front of you, but also become so irrelevant people?

Sneer, in addition to another sneer she did not know how to react, She was like a doll that had been torn apart by the heart. She looked at him coldly and looked at the man who had used all her love and real support. She thought that the past is like a big dream.

Yan Xun used her own loyalty and love, in exchange for the situation today, that once vowed to have a lifetime to love her to protect her man, now has the knife in her head. Surveillance, suspicion, utilization, exclusion, which is what he gave her all the repayment. He threw out the so-called rich and glory, tempting her like a dog, but she did not know that in her eyes, those were just scum. The cause and belief she pursued for, in his eyes, is nothing but a disdainful dream, an excuse and a scam he used to blind that ignorant of their ignorance.

What about the emperor? What about the five deities above the 10,000 people? In her eyes, he is always a man who once fell in love with the present but who has completely lived up to himself.

He blames her for empathy, does not love, has always been genius, but does not know, if there is no persecution and design, she will always love him to respect him, never willingly look at the eyes. Yan Xun personally took a step by step to throw her out, forcing her to recognize his true face and in front of her face betrayed her today. 

Yan Xun, I have recognized you for ten years, and I have recognized myself. In the past, the past has been like the east wind. For you, I no longer care, but the rest is pain and remorse.

“A’Chu, did you forget your oath?”

Yan Xun’s voice screaming in the ear, Chu Qiao cold laugh, disdain raised his brow, lightly: “Since you have abandoned our dream, why should I keep my oath to you.”

Reminding us of scenes of a sharp arrow piercing Yan Xun’s heart, cold wind whiz the wind blowing, with the slightest pain. (I remember this arrow that pierced Yan Xun’s chest… cried a lot when he cannot fight back and was kicked by the Wei executioners…This maybe really painful to hear from Chu Qiao, Yan Xun completely changed heart, became ruthless and murderous.) 

Finally, she still said something like this. Once, even if she was not willing to grieve, she always concealed these emotions and silently faced everything about him. Now, the world is bleak and obsessed, she finally is in front of him. Her face said such a thing.

“Yan Xun, from now on, you parted ways, no more than a little bit of it, whether you are dead or alive, whether you are a king or a defeat, there is no relationship with me. Similarly, my business will never turn to you again. You came and set it today.”

The wind blew and blew, raising the corner of Chu Qiao’s dress fluttering, the girl’s face was cold, the face was like a frost, her eyes were like the snow on top of the mountain peak, and the indifference reflected all the love and hate in the world. The emotions that should not be there are far from being isolated thousands of miles away.

At that moment, Yan Xun felt that maybe he would lose her forever. This thought made him uncontrollable, and he said in a low voice: “A’Chu, are you in despair?”

“Yan Xun, don’t any words about love again.” Chu Qiao looked at him indifferently, calmly said: “You are not worthy.”

Time is so rapid, the vicissitudes of life in the eyes of the convergence of the spark of fate. Eleven years, enough to make a tree to become a tree, so that an era is over, so that the rise of an emperor, time is so ruthless, as the cold knife cut off all the past between them, in the memory of the mind scraping a deep gap. ( The words here are like oduble edged sword..)

Once upon a time, they joined hands in desperation, in the darkness and courage, like two little beasts who lost their homes, standing back to back, waving sharp claws to all those who tried to hurt them.

Finally, they shouldered a bloody road from the cage. This ups and downs of the world established their own power and status. However, the big waves of destiny drove them further and further, and then everything was already dyed. It was a bloody glow.

If they can foresee the end of today, then how will they choose, or will they continue to fight together and fight together? With the same pains and hardships, after suffering, is it just to let them raise their swords to the other side today?

The sky swept the pale war hawk, that wings ferocious diffuse the sky, covering the golden sun.

The Guards of the 20,000-meter iron armor slowly slashed their swords, and the beautiful military faces waiting for them were looked at them with no expression. The wind swelled from the flat, reminding us of scenes of the ancient singing of the low tone.

The heavens and the earth smothered one, and the birds couldn’t bear to look at it again. Hula slammed their wings and left, but the remaining vultures hovered over the sky, seemingly waiting for a feast after the bloody.

Yanbei, you are not my resting place after all. I struggle for you to run, exhausted effort, but ultimately only you from a fire pit to promote another fire pit. ( I can almost feel Chu Qiao’s heart swearing those words..)

The wind whistled, blowing up the broken front of the girl’s forehead, everything became ethereal and blurred, the world is so big, why bother to condense a line of sight? The heart is cold, so who else can hurt you?

A’Chu, I will protect you…

Once upon a time, someone whispered in her ear?

A’Chu, believe me …

She closed his eyes, hold back the last tears, and then opened, is clear. The sky sparse, the eagle swept, ten years in time passed, whoever struggled, who was squinting and staring those cold eyes? Someone is saying…

Yan Xun, goodbye.


CHAPTER 156 Long Live Freedom


Dark clouds cover the sun, the sun haze, pale sunshine weak in the north wind whistling on the battlefield.

Time flies very long, early autumn wind with wrapping Yanbei in a unique chill, swept the vast wilderness. From midday to noon, from noon to dusk, the blood filled the whole piece of fire thunder, and the bright red fire cloud was released. The anger, the dance of the bloody petals, like a blossoming demon. Countless mornings are still alive and kicking, and now it is like a broken wheat, a large piece of lying on the cold land.

The land has lost its original color, the eagle circled in the sky, at any time dive down to enjoy this a rare feast, corpses filled the plains, the sick were lying on the hill as high as the cries of grief. The sound is like the loss of the home of the solitary wolf, issued a sad weeping roar, but even its screams have been called out, only like a dead dog lying on the ground, and occasionally looking for the wounded Medical guards kicked on the foot, will be issued soon as a hum, that he is still alive.

In the evening, there was light rain in the sky, drizzle like a cow’s hair, and the ice was cool and poured on the body. There was still a fire on the corpse of the trench, and the rain was hitting it, causing a white mist.

Cheng Yuan stepped on the corpse came over for many years to give him a slightly feminine face covered with a layer of bloody tough light, his thigh was injured by the arrows, with a white cloth tied, limping while walking.

Under the sunset, a not high on the slope of the slope, the man of the mysterious clothes standing directly under a poplar, Yanbei eagle flag in his head gently floating, withered hay flying at his feet. From time to time, I’m spinning. His eyes are empty and seem to be looking at something, but the look is like crossing the battlefield, crossing the blood, crossing the clouds in the sky…

Cheng Yuan suddenly had some embarrassment. He stood still in silence and did not go forward.

“Cheng Yuan? Come on.”

Yan Xun did not turn his head, his voice was very calm, with comfortable calmness, Cheng Yuan bowed and walked up, kneeling on the ground, divinely said: “Victorious Emperor, the beauty army has been from the southeast of the Hua Yu army’s defense line broke out. General Hua Yu was the second-line corps had just arrived. The squad who rushed could not stop attacking frontliners of Chu Adults. The cavalry of the Beauty Army bypassed the frontal attack of the Guards and directly attacked General Hua Yu. The Beauty army, when we want to block the time is already late, the army repaired from the left wing, and has now gone to the northwest direction.”

Yan Xun quietly nodded his head and did not say anything, Cheng Yuan licked his dry lip, continued: “The end will have already sent letters to the generals and generals, and they have to intercept the first leg. It will also be divided into 30,000 defenders, and southwestern China will be attacked in batches. Longyi Mountain is also ready to fight. The southern Xinjiang waterway leading to the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties is also closely monitored and guarded. Even if the Beauty army has two wings, they can also shoot them down.”

Yan Xun still did not speak, he stood there, as if the eyes of all the ears have nothing to hear, Cheng Yuan some nervous, whispered tentatively asked: “Emperor?

“You were saying?”

“Our army suffered heavy casualties. The 7th regiment of the 3rd regiment was completely annihilated. The army commander of the 11th regiment of the 8th regiment of the 4th regiment was killed and the subordinate fighters were also killed and injured. The 13th Corps led by General Du Ruolin refused to fight. Nowadays The upper officers have been controlled by the custody, but the lower officers and men are still reluctant to listen to the deployment. They will not only play a role here, we have to separate the troops to guard them…”

Yan Xun heard the words slightly turned around, gently raised his eyebrows and said: “Refused to fight?”

“Yes, yes,” Cheng Yuan swallowed the original words and said a more moderate way: “The officers and men of the 13th Army are all from the Shang Shen Plateau.”

The cold wind blew, and the drizzle hit the nose of Yan Yan. He slowly nodded and stopped talking.

“The emperor, it’s only a matter of time to stop the beauty army again, but there will be a sentence at the end, I don’t know if it’s not said properly.”

Yan Xun no expression: “Say.”

“Yes, if our army succeeds in encircling the Chu people, then ask the emperor, what kind of way should we attack? Is it a full-blown assault, or is it to be a siege, is it a kill, or a capture? Please let the Emperor express…”

The wind on the side of the ear suddenly big up, he stood there quietly, the cold wind blowing through his body, blowing a strange surge of robe sleeves, the distant battlefield is still a small stock of flames, a day of fighting took the spirits of the soldiers.  At the moment, they are tired, rude, broken clothes. A full twenty thousand guards, as well as reinforcements after the three-way army, although there is a way out of the war, still in front of the Beauty army forced them to eat defeat. Chu Qiao led the nine thousand Beauty army, like a knife, it scratched his encirclement, 缳 缳 (Huan Huan) thirty thousand fire cloud army did not do things. It was easy for her to do these things. Yan Xun had to admit, in Military, A’Chu is a rare genius, her grasp of the war situation and control, her authority and status in the army, even their own knowledge are not comparable.

He slowly spit out a sigh of relief, and the heavy bottom of his heart covered it like a wave. At this moment, he did not know that he was fortunate that she finally escaped. in their own no emotional things without children love the long case to defeat their own,  herself escape from birth. Still sad, she finally left him completely, never going back?

There was a kind of ironic taste rising, which made him unconsciously want to sneer. He looked at Cheng Yuan faintly and suddenly said: “Cheng Yuan, you know why so many people persuade me that you are not good, but I still have to reuse you?”

Cheng Yuan heard suddenly surprised, quickly kneeling on both knees, kowtow: “The holy love, the end of the million dead enough to repay.

“Because you are like the former me.”

Cheng Yuan Meng raised his head and looked at Yan Xun with shock, but he stopped talking.

“I know that your parents all die in the war, your wife and sister by the big summer army to do prostitutes, your brother is Datong generals, but died in the internal assassination.

Cheng Yuan’s eyes gradually become red, and he slammed on the ground, not saying a word, his lips were blue and white.

“I know what you’re thinking, just like me, and I know what I’m thinking about.”

Yan Xun looked up and looked at the sunset blood red bed through the horizon of the clouds, shed a tragic red, his mouth gently bent, quietly said: “a person can have a lot of wishes, but always first live, if you are dead, then nothing is fulfilled.

Cheng Yuan’s eyes suddenly burst of hot, tears moisten his line of sight, was the whole Yanbei curse villain commander tightly holding the fist, deep down his head.

Sky flying over the pale bird, from Yan Xun’s line of sight, Yan Xun looked at it, eyes distant, like a long line, lost the goal of maintaining, and finally no longer find the focus of cohesion. He was silent for a long time before Chen Sheng said: “The beauty of the military is too strong, it is not appropriate to block its front, open the border, through the news to Zhao Yang and Wei Shu Ye, about to enter winter, let A’Chu come to open for us. This is stalemate Great Summer battlefield.

Cheng Yuan was slightly shocked. Even with his deepness, it was difficult to cover the shocking color on his face. For a long time, he whispered: “The big summer is now hoarding the squad, all the heavy armor, the Chu Daren led all its light cavalry, at the end will be afraid that the Great Summer rush cannot stop the Chu people’s way.”

“Hold the footsteps of her.”

Yan Xun turned and walked toward the winding city of Beibei, the dark horse with his side, the sunset shining on his body, pulling out a long shadow, a low voice slowly coming, like a grassland of the wind that lasted a year.

“Notify Beibei, Shang Shen, the returning surname, and say that their Beauty adults will leave Yanbei.”

The wind blows the corner of his flying clothes. The sword of the waist is reflected by the blood red light. The man’s footsteps are so heavy. Step by step, slowly walk into the dark and dark cage, and there seems to be gold. The shackles locked his whole person. The black smoke rises in the distance and the screams of sorrow are constantly coming, and the silence of death hangs over the thunder.

A’Chu, I have said that everyone can betray me, you cannot because you are my only light source, the sun shining on my dark sky.

Now, my sun goes out.

You can think of me when you are surrounded by the enemy, isolated and helpless, and you have no way to escape.

Achu, I am looking at you behind your back.


There was no warning in the battle. The army in Yanbei maintained a transparent state for their arrival. Chu Qiao began to hold the innocent fantasy, thinking that Yan Xun could not bear to start with her, and finally let her go. However, when the dragons were off the gate and saw the surnames carrying the children with their burdens, her heart suddenly fell into the waning ice pool, completely desperate and dead.

In the morning light, the dense stream of people is like a long dragon. Some people push big carts, filled with big boxes and small boxes, pots and pans are slamming, some people wave their whip and drive their own herd of sheep and sheep. Holding the crying child, sitting on the stone, revealing half of the chest, the cold wind feeding the child, and some people picking up the pole, which is filled with sweet potato and corn. Every time you walk, you have to sit down and have a meal.

Exhausted, hard, panic, a variety of different expressions continue to appear in the people’s faces, but when they see the banner of the Beauty army, all invariably cheering up. The people who rushed forward, facing the army shouted:  “Adults are coming! What about adults?”

An old man who was made white was crowded with his little grandson in front of him, and the little face of the child was flushed with red light. They cried out to Chu Qiao: “What are we going to do?”

“Yeah adults, where are we going?”

“No matter where you go, you are sure to follow the adults. You can’t let the adults go by themselves.”

“Adult, why don’t you say it in advance, the crops are still confiscated, but fortunately, you can’t catch up.”

The soldiers of the Beauty Army quietly stood in the open field, no one spoke, they turned their heads to look at Chu Qiao, the girl was wearing a blue cloak, sitting on the horse’s back, like a sharp Javelin. Her expression was very calm, and she was not shocked or panicked, so the soldiers all let go of their hearts: don’t worry, the adults must plan carefully.

“grown ups.”

He Xiao came to the horse, whispered in her ear.

Chu Qiao slowly turned his head, He Xiao was so close to her, so close to letting him notice the slyness and confusion of her eyes for a moment, his heart suddenly rose a little sad and deplored, for many years, let him no longer obsessed with the blind ability to believe in the power of this girl in the past, he saw so much in the past two years. He saw her depression, saw her crying, saw her weakness, saw her confusion, she was not Legend has it that the invincible myth, many times, she is just a young woman, stubborn and stupid to bear too much responsibility and pressure, even tears, have to hide in the corner of no one. But all this did not affect his loyalty to her, but instead gave him a complex feeling. Like a loved one, like a brother, like a subordinate, like a confidant.

He reached out and shook her shoulders lightly and without hesitation, and said in a deep voice: “Adult, He Xiao is here.”

Yes, He Xiao still has this, the beauty army still has this, she is not alone.

But soon, the direction of Yanmingguan raised the rise of smoke, and the scout rushed back. He hurriedly reported: “Adult, 20 miles ahead, Zhao Yang’s 100,000 armies is coming, as soon as possible. As long as we leave the Longyu (means Dragon) Pass, we will be ambushed.”

At this moment, Chu Qiao almost wants to laugh out loud.

Yan Xun, Yan Xun, your wiseness is a good means!

The switch gives way, no need for a soldier; delays with the surname, destroying the high-speed maneuver advantage of her cavalry; by the hands of the great summer, blocking her way. Even if Daxia has doubts about this news, he can’t let the Yanbei military leader like Chu Qiao enter the Daxia territory with the beauty army. Even if he knows that Yan Xun has another purpose, this war will be inevitable.

She accurately touched the Shang Shen back to the people’s minds, through her Chu Qiao’s mind, but also through the thought of Zhao Yang.

Perhaps in the small-scale battlefield, she can also use the tactical and clever command means to win him two games, but said to seek people’s mind, clever use of the parties forces, she is far less than Yan Xun’s machine heart.

The people also found the east of the fumes, there are low panic in the crowd spread, although we still full of confidence that “adults here, do not be afraid,” but think of the summer of the Jagged army, and Beauty army less than five thousand people for the preparation, they could not help but began to hesitate.

He Xiao has returned to Longji mountains, and some soldiers shouted: “The city guards the army, please open the gate, put the surnames in!”

Even shouting three times, only people took a long tune slowly said: “The emperor has ordered, if you want to enter the city, please let the beauty army soldiers advanced the city.

“Big summer army instantly, please let the people into the city!”

“The emperor has ordered, please let Beauty army soldiers advanced city!”

The monotonous echo sounded over and over again, and the wind blew and blew up, raising the dust and grass clippings everywhere. Chu Qiao looked up and looked at the black eagle flag that floated on the dragon’s shackles and held the fist tightly. .

“grown ups?”

There was a low voice called by the soldiers.

“grown ups!”

The voice is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more people are coming around.

“Adult, what should I do?”

The surname began to be scared, and the children that the cold breath of the air, panic cry, the countless voice in the ear noisy asked:

“Adult, what should I do?”

“Adult, the enemy is coming.”

“Adults, go into the city, avoid it.”

“Adults, go back and apologize to His Majesty, he will forgive you.”

“Adult, we swear to death, order!”

“Adult, adults, adults…”

Yan Xun, is this what you want?

Chu Qiao smiled coldly at the empty sky, and the softness of the bottom of his heart was also crushed by reality.

What do you want to see? Seeing that I am isolated? See me on all sides? Seeing that I became a dog of funeral family, but with helplessness, I fled back to Yanbei and fled to Yanbei.

Yan Xun, you look too much of me.

“Soldiers, all of you have seen these days.”

Chu Qiao sat right away, stretched out her hand, made a quiet gesture, with a slow voice slowly said:

“Our king, Yanbei emperor, he abandoned the oath once, abandoned our day facing the land of Yanbei, facing the promise back to the snow-capped mountains, Changqing people whose bones are not cold, loyal to the emperor’s knife stopped. On the neck of the Datong. Mr. Wu died, the feather girl died, 缳 缳 (Huan Huan) princess died, Xiao He and generals died, side positions General, General Rui Rui, A major general Xue, one died in the Great Empire fanatical dream. Today, the blade is hanging over our heads, the soldiers, in front of you, is the 100,000 army of the great summer. They are eager to make a fuss, waiting for us to send it to us. Behind us, we are already degenerating. The Northern Army, they are standing up, preparing for saliva, waiting to spit our heads, and then laughing at us as a useless coward. Our side is a father and abandons who was abandoned by the state, soldiers, where should we go?”

The cold echoes echoed quietly on the wasteland, and no one spoke. They all looked up and looked at Chu Qiao with a burning gaze.

Chu Qiao suddenly jumped off the horse, pointing to the soldiers shouted loudly, sharp, as if hell loose war hawk:

“Is it a sneak peek of the dictator’s running dog, a traitor who is betrayed by vows? Is it abandoning our loved ones and fleeing alone? Or is it rushing to the front twenty times our enemy to win the dignity and glory that a soldier should have? ”

Chu Qiao looked up and said: “Warriors! Do you want to survive?

“miss you!”

Both the military and the surname are all unanimous, and the sound penetrates the clouds and stuns the birds hovering above.

“Do you want to be a traitor?”

“Don’t want!”

“Death is the same as being a traitor. What do you choose?”

People loudly shouting: “swear not to betray Datong!”

Chu Qiao stood in the wind and shouted: “Warriors, folks, follow me, obey me, obey my command if you want to die, let us use our own blood to interpret Datong’s last glory! Head can be broken, Blood can flow, our faith will never go out! Long live Yanbei! Long live Datong! Long live our freedom!”

On the mountain, like an ocean shouted to call to drink, tens of millions of hands held in the air: “Long live adults!”


CHAPTER 157 The Sky Elegy


The winter of this year came early, only in September to drop the snow, floating layer, like spring in the grass out of the small white flowers.

Xia Monarch once again retired, this is the third day of their siege. The large-scale impact of the imagination did not come as expected. Zhao Yang cautiously surrounded the Longyu Pass and blocked Chu Qiao from going forward. In the footsteps, his thoughts at the moment must be very complicated, that is, fear is a trap set by Yanbei, and he is afraid that Yan Xun’s mistakes have missed the opportunity to kill Chu Qiao. After all, Yan Xun and Chu are not in good terms in the past two years. The news has long since left, Zhao Yang cannot be found.

At night, the wind crossed, Chu Qiao stood on a high slope, looking at the devastated battlefield, the night of the wind raised her enchanting long hair, like a group of flying butterflies.

The war has been stretched for three years. The construction of Longyuguan is even higher than that of Yanmingguan. The vast expanse of the two military regimes is Xiao Xiao, the autumn grass is high and half waist, the white frost, and snowfall on the grass, and the autumn wind pass. The creaking sounds like a white sea wave. Under the illumination of the moonlight, the faint reflection reflects the silvery light, and the beautiful eyes are dazzling. A group of crows flew overhead and picked up the tiny snow and fog. A crow’s claws fluttered low and swept over the grass, picking up a thing with ease, and the white flickering crow, turning away.

Although only one, Chu Qiao has already seen what it is. Her eyes once again cast a white grass wave in front of her eyes. A trace of sadness and disgust slowly rises from the bottom of my heart. Under the tens of thousands of swaying tentacles, she is buried again. How many young bones?

War, like a huge mouth of humanity, bloody and engulfing countless fresh lives, the wind and the bleak wind traversing the broken family’s eaves, leaving a creaking sound, like a lonely soul under the spring Sorrowful whimper. And is she, also a nephew on the side of this ruined blade?

“A Chu … …” In the dark, vaguely like a low voice in the light call: “A Chu ah … …”

It was the sound of the past two thousand nights, and the young man snuggled over her side and pulled the quilt for her, whispered: “Ah Chu, cold?”

When the cold wind was bleak, the window was slid through the window, and the cold moon outside was frosty and pale.

The birds crossed and the snow was thousands of miles away.

Perhaps, a person’s life is a board that can’t be seen through the game. The road ahead is confusing, and the wall is hitting all sides. You don’t know where to drop the ball. Where should you stop? Since you start the game, you have to work hard, maybe you must strive to go on, but in the end, perhaps you have worked hard, but from the victory farther and farther.

She slowly closes your eyes, thousands of miles from the minds of the sea through the trance, she seems to see so many people face, gentleman Mr. Wu, calm and wise Miss Yu the feather girl, lively and clever, good and honest Xiao He. In order to alarm the death of Xue Zhiyuan, for the security flag was beheaded Wen Yang, there are Feng Mian, Murong, waving the swords alone into the enemy battalion by the million arrows shot Wu Dan Yu, alive and dead Beauty army soldiers, countless Shang Shen people back to the North Bei Shuo people, and even suicide Xie Cao MengTong, there are those pedantic Datong elders … …

A lonely army, no food, no supply, cold weather, with thousands of unarmed surnames, time passed by, the enemy’s iron hoof gradually lost patience, the child was hungry, crying, winter will To this day, heavy snow is about to cover this vast land.

Chu Qiao looked up at the emptiness of the sky, vaguely seemed to see another pair of eyes, the eyes that have forever sneaked into the deep pool ice sea, quietly looking at her, unloading the once fierce anger and cold sarcasm, only Yu Yiwang sees through the peace, saying over and over again: staying alive…

I know.

Chu Qiao slightly raised his mouth and smiled softly at the empty sky. He said softly: “I will always stick to it.”

She went back and looked at the rolling camp and said quietly: “I will always protect you.”


In the autumn of the seven-eight-eighth year of the White Cangli, under the dragon’s shackles, Xia Jun completed the first round of the history. Nearly 130,000 soldiers and horses surrounded the dragons from all directions, and all kinds of long-range attack devices continued. Transported, it is foreseeable that a battle of disparity in strength will begin soon.

Although this time Zhao Yang was still facing Chu Qiao who defeated him twice in the Chidu City and Beibei, he was not worried about this time. Once he came to Yanmingguan, he was very close. Ample reserve legions are prepared, and once it is trapped, he can calmly return to the city. Secondly, Chu Qiao did not have the city to hold on to it. There was no arrow to use. The Beauty army prepared by the 5,000 light cavalry and a group of old and weak sick people came up with his 100,000 heavy armies. It was a self-sufficiency. Looking for a dead end. Three times, Yanbei’s spy finally passed back the news yesterday. Seven days ago, Yan Yan and Chu Qiao had shot outside Beicheng, killing and dying. Now Yantong’s Datong backbone is dead and scarred, leaving only Chu Qiao. Such a situation is still a trap, then he can only say that Yan Yan is too hot and bright, not ordinary people can resist.

In the early morning of the 18th, the sky was just bright and the fog was filled. A burst of gongs, drums sound suddenly heard. Like lightning that pierced the sky, and suddenly pierced the fragile heart of the Beauty army and surname.

The morning sun passes through the white mist, and the golden shadows are sprinkled on the vast wilderness. The iron-gray armor of the great summer is like an overwhelming ocean. It spreads to the head of the plain little by little, and the heavy footsteps on the ground, the deafening sound. As if the spine was to be drilled from the sole of the foot, the surnames screamed in a panic. They leaned together and cringed at the vastness of the opposite. The small group of people and the people opposite were like a granular dust.


Someone whispered: “What is it, is it an avalanche?”


A sharp voice suddenly rang from the opposite camp, followed by a row of infantrymen through the front of the cavalry, half a squat on the ground, ready for the impact.



The spear penetrated the sky, and the semi-circle descended from the sky. A group of birds happened to pass by, suddenly pierced by the dense spear rain, the blood sprinkled from the air, the feathers flew, the surname’s mouth just grew up in horror, and had not had time to fear. Screaming, I saw the rain of spear from the sky. 

The piercing mourning sound suddenly rushed into the sky, like a desperate lament, flying into the clouds, the horses screaming in unison, like a wild beast.

“All the troops line up! Shock!”

On the horse’s back, Chu Qiao sat on the horse’s back, raised the silver sword of the hand, and rushed out, the five thousand beautiful army met, followed with her neatly in a neat posture, no one hesitated, no one, even young The soldiers also showed a trace of fear and timidity, but they did not retreat.

He Xiao guarded Chu Qiao and shouted: “Brothers, can’t let them approach the last step!”

“Pick it!”

The deafening shouting sounds followed, and the screaming people were full of blood.

The opposite is a vast ocean, they rushed past such 5,000 people, like a small spray, if suicidal like no hesitation.

Everyone is stunned, those desperate screams of Yanbei people from Longyi mountain watching the lively Yanbei army, Great Summer elite soldiers generals, including Zhao Yang. No one can think that Chu Qiao has only such a small number of people, even dare to actively attack Zhao Yang’s 100,000-strong army. The Opposite the swords and guns like the sea, like the forest cold area of ghosts. Suddenly, everyone wants to understand, here a plain, Chu Qiao no risk to keep, so that the summer soldiers rushed to the next will only drag the people into the battlefield, her choice is to protect the whole body after the innocent women and children.

Zhao Yang shook slightly, his gaze became awkward, watching the beautiful army waving the knife closer and closer, watching the young girl who was the first to appear, his blood gradually became hot.

“Prisoners! Is your courage not as good as a woman?”

Daxia’s commander shouted loudly, and the black ocean’s time was a deafening noise.

“All the troops attack! Give me a punch!”

“Kill the enemy!” The neat charge rang suddenly, the iron-gray jersey danced with the wind, the soldiers slammed, and the angry ocean broke through the levee, tearing open a raging mouth, and whizzing.

“Distracted! Array!”

Chu Qiao issued a military order. However, the so-called array of the Beauty Army turned out to be a long horizontal row facing the army of the great summer. The team was so long, and 5,000 people shouldered shoulders and squatted. After the entire dragon guards were guarded, the soldiers wore black armor, embroidered with red and red clouds on their shoulders, and the sun shone with brilliance. The horse-riding tumbling across the smoke, the calm look is like a silent stone.

This is simply crazy suicide!

The horses of Daxia are getting closer and closer, the dust is fascinating, the smoke is rising, getting closer and closer, getting closer and closer, and you can smell the breath of the horse nose. Finally, with the “bang”, the two armies suddenly slammed into one place, and the storm suddenly rose. The flesh and blood collided with the white blade. The slamming of the weapon rang through the ear. The wave of attack hit the waves, the sword and the sword, the blood splashed. The fragile line of defense is like being smashed by huge stones. The messy limbs and blood are the remaining products after the lingering aftermath.

Close combat, sharp, like a horrible night, the bloody blood filled the eyes of the soldiers, the layers of corpses piled up on the ground, the ears squeak, the hooves, the shouts, the screams, the roar, the assault The ear side is played like a symphony. The swords are smashed together, and the fire shines like the fire. The wounded are no longer stunned. The battle makes them forget the pain of the body. The ground is a messy, bloody and broken limbs, and the snow and snow of last night. Like a bowl of red mud. The sword was missing, the spear was broken, the eyes were covered with blood, and the road and figure in front could not be seen. All the thoughts left only one faith, killing, killing, killing! Constantly slashing, non-stop killing, until the body behind the breath, the words of the girl before the departure continue to reverberate in the ears of the soldiers: the enemy from whose line of defense broke, who will be the sinner of the Beauty army!

No weapons, then rushed to, biting the enemy’s neck, no horses, and then grab their horse legs, they also dragged down together.

The cruel and fierce battle of the fighting meant that He Xiao took off the cumbersome armor and cut a half of the head of a Xia Soldiers with a knife. The reddish blood and white flowers sprayed his face, and the man did not care. Continue to find the next goal, Xia Soldiers was frightened by his fearless death, they cringed back and wanted to leave his front.

The beauty of the troops attacked the strong metamorphosis. They stand there alone, just like a machine that never tires. The chest was pierced, the thighs were stabbed, the arms were cut, and they could be killed without any scruples. A soldier’s stomach was penetrated, and the intestines were pulled like cotton, but still pushing forward.

The Xia Monarch was shocked. It was not human. Yes, they are no longer human. They are a group of madmen and a group of devils. Zhao Yang hated this, he clenched his teeth, and it was like this. It seems to be the case. It seems that every time, he doesn’t understand what magic power the woman has. Is there any place worthy of those soldiers who are so afraid of death? Having such a fierce battle is a dream that all the generals can’t hope for. Money can’t be done, power can’t be done, and deterrence can’t be done, but she can do it easily.

The snare drum rang, and one after another the squad rushed up and walked into the bloody battlefield. The plains were bloody, and the muddy land could not absorb the constant nutrients. The blood was merged into small ones. The stream is smashing the feet of human beings. The officers of Daxia couldn’t understand it. Even if the opposite side was really a copper wall, it should be knocked out of a gap. Why did the line of defense clearly seem to be crumbling at any time and place, but it still did not fall?

Three Pioneer heavy cavalry team has been annihilated, five infantry regiment was also disabled, before that line of defense, the dead corpse accumulation of three feet high, like a low wall, from early morning to noon. The battle has never been the end of the tendency, and that line of defense from the beginning of the crumbling become more and more solid. Zhao Yang know, is the summer army frightened. In the face of such a suicidal suicide attack, even he felt the sudden jump of the temple.

The sky is overcast, and the sun is swallowed up by the clouds. It seems that I can’t bear to see this desperate killing.

Zhao Yang even thought, is this the trick of Yanbei? They deliberately sent such elite power to make themselves ridiculous, get out of the gate, and then destroy their heavy armored army? But if so, why don’t you come to support people who haven’t seen them?

Zhao Yang couldn’t understand it, but the warfare was subverted one by one. In the face of the beautiful army that broke the boat and sailed back, Zhao Yang gradually became afraid. Even if you win, what can you get? The body of five thousand beautiful armies? This is not a battle that can be easily intercepted. The idea of ​​killing Chu Qiao and eradicating the thorny enemies of Yanbei has become less fanatical.

The moment after the sun retreated, the summer retreat of the summer finally sounded slow, and the Xiajun cheered in unison and then retreated as the tide.

And the Beauty army, no longer has the strength to continue to chase, almost in the summer army back to their peripheral camp of the moment, the beauty army of the soldiers collapsed, like the exhaustion of the last trace of the strength of the dam.

Zhao Yang decisively quickly found the war situation, so he immediately turned the horse’s head and ordered the communications officer to blow the charge again. He rushed in the opposite direction to the soldiers and shouted: “Warriors, Fight with me!”

Xia Soldiers in the panic to go back but found that just as iron and steel wall to block their own front is gone, some smart ruffian soldiers and old fritters suddenly disappeared. The beautiful army has faced the enemy of twenty times its own. At this moment, seeing their retreat, they finally fell.

This is a great opportunity for a lifetime!

As a result, the army slid down the horse’s head, followed Zhao Yang, and once again shocked away.

“All the army, gather!”

The cold northerly wind, a cold and calm voice slowly sounded, not so big, but it was clearly passed to everyone’s ears.

Then, in the summer army all incredible rubbing his eyes, after the body wall, some staggering as ghostly figure one by one to climb up. Their clothes are broken, pale, uneven, hands of the swords are a collapse of the hole, they dragged his tired body slowly walked up, standing in their original position, shoulder and shoulder, one, two, Three, ten, one hundred, one thousand …

All the remnants of the morning image covered with blood fighters to stand up again and the swaying columns grow up and look like they can fall down with a breath. However, when they stood together, their bodies suddenly became straight, like a stone-made forest. The line of defense was once again as strong as a mountain. Before He Xiao stood, he slammed the sword and thousands of scorpions. Speaking in unison: “Fight for freedom!”

It seems that there is a thunder in the flat, everything is shocked, no military, no drums, the summer army all stopped involuntarily, people suddenly gave birth to a terrible despair: “We will not win .”

I don’t know who first came up with this idea. Immediately, this thought spread quickly throughout the whole army. Against the enemies whose clothes were broken and bloody, the soldiers of Daxia gave birth to terrible fear and strong respect at the same time…

Zhao Yang stood in front of the team, face sinking, he looked at the girl who was already bloody red, watching her like a javelin figure, sincere admiration came out. Finally, Zhao Yang jumped off the horse and took off his helmet. In front of the 100,000-strong army in the summer, in front of the five thousand beautiful soldiers who were alive and dead, in front of tens of thousands of Yanbei surnames, In front, deep, deep, bent down his noble waist!

Big summer soldiers also will repeat the action, they face the team’s own most shameful traitorous forces, bowed deeply, and then almost repeated the enemy’s repeated assault: “fight for freedom! ” (LOL even the Daxia Soldiers shouted the same battle cry! Zhao Yang must have heard and must check the soldiers and ask: What happened? Are you Beauty army of Xia soldiers? and hit the Generals head LOL )

Xia Monarch came crashing down, between heaven and earth a desolate and low, autumn wind swept across the grassland of the blood, everything is like a big dream as unrealistic.

The soldiers did not fall anymore, they still stood in the same place, it seems that they are afraid that the summer will once again turn back and kill.

Chu Qiao dragged a heavy sword, and her posture slowly rose forward. Her footsteps were heavy, her face was pale and snowy, and her blood stained her cyan scorpion. I don’t know if it was her blood or someone else’s. The soldiers looked at her and didn’t seem to believe that Xia Jun had retired like this. She stood there, the wind blew her messy length before her forehead, sweeping her beautiful eyebrows and face, her voice was already hoarse, her eyes were reddish She is like Zhao Yang. She is deeply envious of her own army. She said with a word of silence: “Warriors, you have won.” (Chu Qiao now mimicking Zhao Yang! What duh! The other side has command of chain crises! Could just imagine Zhao Yang’s ugly face! LOL)

A shattering cry suddenly came from behind, like the ocean that broke the levee, getting bigger and bigger, and it was the surname after they were sheltered. At this moment, they finally burst into tears.

Zhao Yang led him to bend over with the leadership of He Xiao, and the sonorous voice merged into a voice: “The adults worked hard.”

“You have worked hard.”

Clouds in the sky, Chu Qiao stood up, two lines of tears, quietly shed.


Xia Monarch did not rush to come up but did not open the encirclement to let them go, the cold siege war finally began. At this moment, Zhao Yang had already believed the accuracy of the news, Chu Qiao and Yan Xun are parting, and the Beauty army had to leave Yanbei, the gate of Longyu Guan (means mountain), will not be open to them. In addition to going south to the waterways leading to the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties in the south, they can only pass through their own defense lines, and Yan Xun has completely sealed the waterways in southern Xinjiang.

He firmly believes in all this and is accurate.

On the 20th of the month, it began to snow, and the early snow was not big, but it was two days in a row. The beauty rations have already eaten almost. If not some people also brought some food, may have been hungry, the military’s tents have all been assigned to the elderly and women and children, each tent is crowded with more than 30 individuals. But still the elderly children continue to be frozen in the night to death, the army has no injuries, the injured soldiers do not even have a warm water. Chu Qiao can only look at the cold and the injury and take away the big summer army. The lives of the soldiers, but there is no way.

Whenever they looked at the soldiers one by one to death, watching the young children crying in the cold, starving, she could not wait to immediately rush back to the Longyi Guan (means mountain) Pass, facing Yan Xun and do kowtow apology, then ask him to save these innocent people.

She smiled helplessly, only feeling that there was no strength in her body. Yan Xun really was the person who knew her weakness in this world. He may have already figured this out. She is not afraid of Great Summer, not afraid of war, not afraid of killing, not afraid of death, the only fear she is afraid is the person who loves her for her vain sacrifice.

In the past two days, she took four impacts from the army, but all of them returned without success. Zhao Yang adhered to a firm attitude, neither came out to fight nor ignored their attacks. Every time they rushed up, it was a round of dense arrow rain, leaving dozens of innocent bodies.

On the evening of September 22, the sky fell to the snow, the temperature suddenly dropped, cold bite blowing, but half a night, there are more than 50 wounded and more than 80 people were frozen to death. Finally, some people couldn’t stand it. A woman in her forties suddenly left the Beauty army and ran to the Longyi to shut the door. It was like a flood, followed by many people who left the tent of the Beauty Army. They cried in the cold wind and rushed to the Longyi Mountains Pass.

At the end of life and death, people’s fear of death finally defeated their conscience, leaving behind this team that has been desperately trying to protect them and rushing to their hometown.

The soldiers of the Beauty Army stood quietly, no one spoke, no one stopped, they silently watched the crowds crying and crying, and let them leave without expression.

That fancy old man crying to the front of Chu Qiao, arms holding the already weak child,  shyly facing Chu Qiao, wanting to say something, but after all, he could only make a few short cries.

The child’s face is already green, Chu Qiao knows, no longer warm, he may soon die.

Her voice seems to be choked, she was not angry, not sad, did not hate their treachery.

As a soldier, but can not protect the people who support themselves, can only watch their innocent death, she has nothing to say, she can not bear to see the old man’s eyes, because her heart is very embarrassing, she can only be silent Going low, she expresses her emotions without words.

I am sorry.

The Longyin Gate slammed up and gradually lit up a sly light. Under the gate, countless old people, children, and women rushed. People shouted loudly and opened the door. The voice was unspeakable with despair and fear. After all, they are ordinary civilian surnames after all, their wishes are only alive, and occasionally they will give birth to a little extravagant, that is, a little better to live.

The snow is getting bigger and bigger, and the heavens and the earth are pale. The officers at the head of the city shouted: “Don’t get close! Go back! Go back!”

But no one ignored him, his voice has been drowned by the noisy crowd, the people were crying shop on the gates, forced patted, shouted: “open the door! Open the door! We are Yanbei people, why do you not open the door?

The crying sounded through the clouds, and the dragons’ soldiers were stunned. They all clearly saw the battle two days ago. At this moment, no one is willing to target the weapons to their former comrades. Seeing these surnames, they are on the spot and do not know how to exercise their responsibilities as a defender.

“Open the door!”

The surnames slammed into the city gate, and some people fell. The people behind them stepped on the meat sauce.

The crying and screams echoed in the wilderness, and the heavens and the earth were cold and cold, and the snow fell and fell.

“Retreat! Otherwise we will drop the arrow!”

The officer of the city shouted loudly.

“Don’t let the arrow! We are ordinary surnames!”

“I beg you! Save my child!” The woman who ran out first slammed on the ground, raised her hand and no longer cried the baby, crying: “You can not save me! But ask Please, please save my child!”

“Open the door! Open the door! Let us in!”

“Chu Daren!” Shouting the city guard shouted: “Come back! If you don’t come in, we can’t open the gates of the city. If you are willing to come in, you will never go back!”

“Chu Daren! Everyone is going in!”

The famous city garrison shouted together, and the voice seemed like a rolling thunder, rolling across the plains of the sky.

The surnames seem to have found a savior. Someone suddenly turned and slammed in the direction of the Beauty army. People cried:

“Adult! Let us in!”

“Adult! Save us, Let us in!”

“Adult! Lets us in and admit our mistakes!”

“Adult!” The woman rushed out from behind, and her foot fell to the ground. The child in her arms was hit, and suddenly she burst into tears. The voice was sharp and more than the sword of Daxia. Stinging: “Adult, beg you, save my child! Adult, beg you, save my child!”

The heavens and the earth are so cold and dark, and the beauty army stands silently, looking at their coach.

Chu Qiao’s heart seemed to be torn into thousands of pieces. She bit her lower lip tightly, and the bloody smell filled her mouth. Her hands were cold and her fingertips were slightly shuddering.

Yan Xun, Yan Xun, you have already arrived, right?

You have already expected this all. At this moment, are you on the fire thunder outside the North Gate, waiting for me to go back and confess your guilt?

The screams of the ear came from the tens of thousands of surnames to her feet, and their heads slammed on the ground and burst into tears at her. A few days ago, they also held a fist to swear allegiance to her, shouting loudly the slogan of “Long Live Freedom”, but now they begged her and begged her to go back and confess with Yan.

Reality is so cold, but it is so helpless.

Her eyes dry, already shed tears, bitter taste in the chest rampage, the fate of her forced to the desperate abyss, it seems that every step, will be hit badly beaten.

“grown ups.”

He Xiao came, stood firmly behind her, worried about her, that eyes, vaguely visible as the sea of ​​distress and compassion.

“grown ups……”

He wants to persuade her, but he doesn’t know what to say. Everything is so absurd and funny, the world is so big, but where should they go?

“He Xiao,”

Chu Qiao’s low sigh, I feel that the blood in my body seems to have been frozen to death for a time. She desperately wants to die on the spot, but she still insists on a short command: “Transfer the whole army, we…”

At this moment, suddenly there was a rush of horseshoes behind him. The soldiers of the Beauty Army quickly turned back and saw that the flag of Daxia was coming. Zhao Yang led the army and once again smashed back!

“Transfer the whole army! Fight against the summer enemy!”

For the first time in his life, Chu Qiao felt that the army of Daxia was so cute. She didn’t know that she was right. She was just like an ostrich trying to escape from this place. The big summer attacked, and everything could not be taken care of. She had to go back and fight! But she still quietly thanked God for not letting her make that painful decision at this time, although she might pay a heavy price for this. (LOL as if Zhao Yang is also waiting for the Beauty to come around and show her beautiful face to him. This is not what is expected but what is happening? Just circling around and not attacking your enemy? Did Chu Qiao spread a bewtiching spell to this Xia soldeirs and its leader Zhao Yang?)

“His Royal Highness is ready for the attack.”

“We do not have to!” Zhao Yang said, “We just go around.”

“Ah?” His men slightly surprised a moment, asked: “Why?

Zhao did not speak for a long time, his eyes looked deep in the dark night, for a long time before whispered: “cannot let her go back to Yan North.” (Zhao Yang tell me why?LOL)

So back and forth the flame continued for a whole night, Great summer is like like a dragonfly as a playground, and it will take a while to turn around. Until the sun to disperse the long night, when the snow stopped, and finally sounded the horn of the withdrawal. (What Duh? LOL)

Chu Qiao with a tired army back to the camp, but saw the countless people who silence eyes, rows of corpses neatly placed in front of the army, those who live fresh yesterday, at the moment like a piece of water fish, lifelessly lying on the ground, snow-covered their eyebrows face, plotted a small snow slope.

See the battlefield to quell, gradually, someone left the barracks, slowly left, the flow gradually expanded from the stream into a spring, from the spring into a small river, and then from the river into a dark sea of ​​pressure. They did not go to the Longyi Guan (means mountain) Pass. They did not go to Yanbei, but toward the Great Summer Yan Ming Guan (means mountain) Pass, slowly go. (what are these people doing? Chu Qiao must have hit her head…seems the people do not know where to go…)

“come back!”

Ping’An stood next to Chu Qiao and suddenly shouted. He tried to pull the people, but he was pushed by a big man. He shouted loudly: “Come back! Don’t go!”

But no one cares about him.

People gradually away, they went to the army before the Zhao Yang, holding his hands, to surrender the gesture, repeatedly stressed that they are just civilians.

Zhao Yang’s army had a team coming out and let them kneel down. Thousands of surnames were brushed down. They held their hands high and sneaked their heads, far away, depressed and crying and summer. The smug laughter came over, and the soldiers of the Beauty Army stood in the same place, and some people silently shed tears, but they couldn’t say anything, what should they say? Encourage those who are unarmed to fight with the enemy, or tell them that they will save them?

Snow once again from the sky, Chu Qiao’s heart cold like ice under the stone, her eyes empty, flag flying, red clouds, heaven and earth desolate one, 778 years of winter, welcome to visit.



CHAPTER 158 King of Qinghai


On the 25th of the month, the wind was rushing and the snow was like cotton

Inside and outside the palace are covered with snow, exposed on the ground dry mausoleum also hung up early white lanterns. The walking maids were dressed in burlap white, flying, white yarn, and gently sweeping the dust on the ground…

There is no palm lamp in the temple. Only a row of white candles burns quietly, and the pale white light merges into a deep candle shadow.

On the big mourning hall, a slender figure sits quietly in the shadows. The lights are like the darkness on his side, leaving only a faint aperture, not seeing the eyebrows, only seeing the little ones next to them. The cup is half-tilted and the wine is overflowing.

He never likes to drink alcohol, but now he has been in a dry mausoleum for three days.

Three days, the dry mausoleum was filled with empty wine, but why didn’t you have a hint of drunkenness?

Outside the wind, the wind swept away, the candle in the hall was deep and quiet, and he quietly sat alone, but his ears seemed to hear the rumble drums of the border and heard the soldiers rushing into the cold wind with a saber to kill the slash and hear the last name. In the cold wind, they called for the screams of their hometown, the bloody and sorrowful, flooded the walls of Longyuguan, flooded the very small pastures in Yanbei, and drowned the warmth between them.

Yes, he was not drunk, he has been so clear, sober to see their own sinking and fall.

In the meantime, he suddenly remembered the summer nights many years ago. In the small house of the Holy Palace, the mosquitoes hovered and the sultry people could not stand it. One night, Achu came back very late. In those days, the people in the dining room always liked to call her. He stood at the door of the singer’s courtyard and draped his clothes. The moon in the night was so round, and the bright yellow round, the mosquito hovered over his head, but he felt that his heart was calm. When he was tired, he sat on the threshold, holding a copper branch in his hand and polishing it on the stone.

A’Chu has grown up, and he wants to be jealous. He makes a blind man for her.

She came back very late, did not teach as usual why he did not sleep early, but the mysterious secret from the back out of a beautiful crystal put into his hands, this is a large piece of ice. Carved into a bowl-like small bowl, both sides of the complex pattern of glass, the middle was shredded and colored fruits, cooler, like Yanbei winter snow.

He was holding an ice bowl at the time, and when he remembered his parents’ parents, his mother always carved such an ice bowl for them in the summer. He always liked it, and he held it hard. Not down. But the more the grip of the tight, the faster the ice bowl, and soon became a pool of nothing of the water.

He looked up and looked through the ice bowl looking at the girl opposite him, when A’Chu only ten years old, very short, she looked up at him smiling, wearing a blue rag and a small coat. The eyebrows such as the big summer maiden hairpin of red flowers, her face is very thin, but floating a hint of red flush in her cheeks. Because she has been holding the ice bowl, her hands were frozen and red, hard holding a small fist. Her Eyes are so bright, the sky cannot match the moon, instantly penetrated all his sadness and memory, straightly pierced his heart and disperses all the clouds in the sky.

Yan Xun then swear that he must succeed, must have this life are good for this girl, never let others bully her, he wants her like the princess’s life, every wish, every thought, should be realized.

Time flies, years like ruthless hands, easily drowned those memories and vows they had. He sometimes felt that his life may be the melting of the ice bowl, home, parents, brother, sister, mentor, comrades, love, because of this reason gradually away from him, the more he want to grasp force to live, the faster they leave. After all, such as the share of ice water, sprinkled on the ground, disappeared.

He raised his head, in front of his parents and relatives of the cemetery, high mourning, towering mausoleum, covers an area of ​​thousands of animals, which is buried only a few pieces of life relics and clothes, their skull, still in the big summer temple Of the sin of the temple shelved, and the body, has long been in the chaos of the war to the wild wolf belly.

He picked up the wine cellar, and the spicy spirits slid down his throat, like hot carbon. There was a low wind blowing into the wide hall, swaying gently, like a woman’s light dancing sleeves on the stage. Entangled. Yan Yan’s line of sight is still clear. He is handsome, with a slight tinge, his cheeks are thin, and his eyes are like a heavy smog. Look carefully, there seem to be a few silvers and faint candles between the two eyes. Under the fire, the gleam is a little bit vicissitudes.

But it is two years, he is already so tired, and his life seems to have been walking in a way wrong, every step has an endless fork in the road, gradually, the people around their own way, although at the same time with the departure. But they have their own direction.


In the heart of the water stop, suddenly these two words, like a stone, gently shattered the calm lake.

“Father, you deceived me.”

Yan Yan looked up and looked at the portrait above the Lingtai. His father’s face was as vivid as he was. He looked at his loved ones when he was a child, and quietly said:

You said that Yanbei is a paradise on earth. It is a place of freedom and prosperity throughout the whole world. You said that everything you have done is to open up a thousand years of unsuccessful achievements for future generations, but you are wrong, you are wrong. You destroyed Yanbei, destroyed yourself, and destroyed Yan’s veins. In the eight years of Zhenhuang, I was immersed in your trust and fantasy to survive, but when I died, I returned. When I am in Yanbei, you don’t know how disappointed I am.”

Yan Xun no expression, the hall deep silence, he quietly looked at his father, Chen Sheng said: “There are cliffs on all sides, cold and cold frost everywhere, but father you are a slap in the face to build your own imagination of the paradise. You know how naive this is? So the emperor can’t let you, the world can’t let you, even your subordinates betray you, just because you don’t have such power, you can’t do things that even the emperor can’t do. ”

“Father, I killed Mr. Wu and the Miss Yu, the feather girl, because they are still adhering to your legacy, has become a stumbling block on my way forward, I gave them a chance, but unfortunately they do not want to cherish. I killed, only because Datong wants to support her, as long as she’s still, Datong will never die. I killed those old men who killed you, because they are short-sighted, but also occupy the heavy right. I killed a lot of people, but I’m closer to my dream.”

Yan Xun looked up and drank a glass of spirits, and poured a cup, flat before the body poured on the ground, the word slowly said: “Father, I will not be like you.”

Yan Xun long body standing, turned away, clothes hem swept the small dust on the hall, his every step is so firm, vigorous pace, calm, candle fire on his back, pulled on the ground so long shadow, behind him, is the history of Yanbei loyalty of the spirit, there are his parents brother, but also his ancestors were more ancestors, but also to contribute to the north of the loyalty of the generals, Mr. Wu, Yu girl , Xiao He and, 缳 缳 (Huan Huan), side positions, Rui Rui, A’Du, and even for the protection of the North Bei Shuo and the death of the generals, Wu Dan Yu, Feng Mian… …

So many eyes, looked at him calmly in the depths of the candlelight, watching him little by little out of the hall, little by little to leave the sleeping place of the dead.

His pace is so steady, without a trace of hesitation and regret.

The wind of the wind blowing cold, Yan Xun’s eyes dark as ink, he remembered the day away from the ZhenHuang, A’Chu right back to the rescue was besieged in the town of the southwest of the town government to all officers and men, perhaps from at that moment, he had foreseen today’s ending. They have their own different ideals and beliefs, cannot be reconciled, so it will gradually drift away, took a different path.

Any dream is achieved, it is a price to pay.

And the price he paid was no longer the one she remembered.

The powerless feeling spreads a little, but he does not sway all the shackles.

A’Chu, when you turn around and leave the moment, I know that your life is doomed to follow me, you are destined to walk in the light, and I cannot escape this dead blood, I cannot accompany you to fly high, so I want to break your wings to keep you on the side of the body, and now, I finally have to fail.

“A’Chu … …”

The low voice of the empty hall slowly rang, like a cold white wind blowing the white air, the man stood at the door of the hall, the cold moon shines on his face, with a strange pale, he slowly closes his eyes. The expression is so calm, but the eyebrows are faintly picked up, and the bulge is like a smoggy silence.

“Achu… are you still coming back…”

Cold moon like frost, clouds floating cover the half, back to the high, the difficulty of the birds, he stood on top of the mountain, eyes misty swept the whole piece of Yanbei earth, he quietly thought: perhaps, she is not coming back.

“His Majesty!”

A’Jing pushed open the guards and stopped. He rushed to the ground and said excitedly: “Your Majesty, save the girl, the dragon and the snow have closed the door, and the summer has been in the siege for many days, the girl is almost unable to hold it.”

Yan Xun did not speak, he looked at the towering mountains, seems to fall into a long meditation.

“Your Majesty, the girl to follow you for many years, born into death, perseverance, her merits, all of us are looking in the eyes, your majesty, you really have the heart to kill her? You forgot what you have said it? “

A’Jing’s eyes were red, and he kept humming his head. He said in a deep voice: “Your Majesty, beg you, open your grace, beg you…”

“A’Jing,” Yan Xun suddenly asked, it seems that at this time only to find his presence in general, puzzled frowned: “How can I save her?”

A’ Jing heard the words suddenly overjoyed, quickly said: “open Longyi (means Dragons) gates, send troops out of the city to help … …”

A’Jing not finished, Yan Xun slightly frowned: “Do you think, even if the opening of the Longyi (means Dragon) gate, she will come back?

A’Jing suddenly surprised a moment, meditation for a long while, was murmured: “That, then cancel the South Xinjiang waterway defense line leading to Sui and Tang Dynasties, open Tang Shuiguan, and let the girl go south.”

“South?” Yan Xun’s voice is very calm, calm cannot hear half of the waves, he gently asked: “that she is not coming back?”

A ‘Jing stunned, no longer speechless, Yan Xun mouth pulled, even smiled, softly said: “Did you just say, that I will always lose her forever?”

The night was so cold, A’Jing just feels the whole body is braving the cold. After thinking for a long time, he suddenly jumped up from the original place, turned and ran, and yelled and yelled: “I will advise the girl to come back!”

Yan Xun did not stop him, did not even see him, he still quietly standing there, dark clouds cover the moon, but also snow, and A’Chu she does not insist silly girl, why not come back? He frowned, like a simple young man, his self-deception to throw away all the political factors, reminding them of a child when the quarrel of the same trouble, angry, why not come back? Outside is cold.

If life is only first seen, Achu, will you still choose to entangle with me? Can you expect your situation today? How deep is your hate for me?

“Your Majesty,” a low voice sounded behind, Cheng Yuan kneeling there, is still a consistent humility: “open waterway mark, put Chu adults go south.”

Yan Xun glimpsed a little, turned his head and looked at Cheng Yuandao: “What? You come to plead for her?”

“The subordinates are not asking for the Chu people.”

Cheng Yuan said calmly: “The subordinate is to plead for the majesty.”

He was deeply squatting on the ground, and his tone was low and he said slowly: “Your Majesty, let yourself have a way of life.”

The heart of Yan Xun seems to have been stabbed suddenly, and the pain of life.

“If the Chu people are in the hands of death, they will not be happy in their lives. You have said that no matter what dreams you have, you must live first. Only if you live, everything will have hope. If you die, then It’s too late.”

Yan Xun silence for a long time, the wind blowing his clothes, so cold, he did not wear big fur, standing on the high mountain, like wings to fly.

“Cheng Yuan, why do you have to say these words, are you not having a festival with Achu?”

“There are no festivals with the Chu people. Before they belonged to the sinful adult, they just lost their heart. Later, they wanted to die in her life. They also wanted to protect themselves. Now Chu people have not threatened their subordinates. I do not want to watch her die.”

“The important thing is,” Cheng Yuan looked up and looked at Yan Yan with his eyes closed. He said: “I don’t want my heart to be dragged. In this world, only the next person can make me fulfill my wish. Only the next person can let me really follow and surrender. I will never change my loyalty to my Majesty. Even if His Highness left behind by the heavens and the earth, I am willing to follow the majesty until his blood turns to gray, and the people who want to kill the whole world, I will lift the sword first, and I will use my body to fill the East China Sea. I will cut off my head for the first time. I have lost my life for a long time because I can’t find anything that really deserves my faith. Now that I have found, my hope of His Majesty is my faith, so I do not want His Majesty to live in remorse.

“Your Majesty, let her go.”

Yan Yan’s thoughts suddenly became so vast. In a short moment, he remembered all the past years of the past ten years, but they all gathered into a picture. The young children climbed from the blood and looked at the young with hateful eyes. He, his heart was slightly hurt at the moment, then his fingers were lightly biased, along with the child’s neck, and the wind blew the child’s forehead chaos. In this way, he always remembered the unyielding eye.

after all……

after all……

He slowly closed his eyes, one word, and one word to withdraw himself from that memory, all the love was cut off by him, bloody pain.

“Transfer General Qiu, open the waterways of southern Xinjiang, let them…”

“His Majesty!”

Suddenly the screams came, and the messenger staggered down the stone steps and climbed the mountain, and shouted, “the frontier!

Yan Xun and Cheng Yuan turned their heads at the same time. They saw the communication soldier panicking and screaming on the floor. They opened the letter and reported loudly: “Southern China Tang Shui Guan (means mountain) Deputy General Qiu Shao reported: On the 10th, South Xinjiang Tang. The water gate was attacked by unknown enemies. The enemy’s origins were unknown. Suddenly appeared in Yanbei territory, blocking the news, and repeatedly attacked 13 counties. Tang Shui Guan (means mountain) General Qiu Shao was killed and Tang Shui Guan (means mountain) was the rank of Major General. In addition to all the ministers, the officials were killed and killed more than 30,000. Yesterday afternoon, Tang Shui Guan (means mountain) was attacked. We started a street battle with the enemy. This is the next messenger after the next one. I hope I can rush out. The news is reported to the next. The ministers will stick to their posts, even if they die, they will not blame me for Yanbei Junwei. Tang Shui Guan (means mountain) 50,000 soldiers will be responsible for this.

“What happened? Tang Shui (means mountain)was attacked on the 10th. Why don’t we know anything?”

Cheng Yuan stood up and asked with anger.

The messenger was afraid of the return: “All the officers and men were trapped inside, the enemy was fierce, and the surrounding counties and counties were broken together. We didn’t have time to report.”

“The officials and surnames of other counties near the southwest will not be ignorant. How can the war report be delayed to this point?”

The Messenger carefully raised his eyes and quietly looked at Yan Xun. After a long time, he whispered: “The southwestern part is Shang Shen Plateau. Let’s not say that there are ten rooms, and they are following the Chu people. Even if the people left behind, I heard that the enemy outside is to save the Chu adults, it is not bad to receive a hidden help. No one has reported it. The local officials have been tied up by the surnames. ”

“What?” Cheng Yuan said with great anger: “What do they want to do? Rebel? Army? Soldiers? Are you dead? Seeing that their chiefs are tied up by fools?”

“This, this, subordinates have heard that the local army has secretly assisted the enemy to attack Tang Shuiguan, and also provided detailed insider and war reports. Otherwise, the straits like Tang Shui will not be easily broken.”

“There is no reason!”

“How is it now?” The low voice suddenly sounded, and Cheng Yuan quickly turned his head, but he saw Yan Xun’s faceless expression slowly: “Tang Shui Guan (means mountain) was broken, what happened now?”

The communications soldier was sweating and trembled on the ground. “When I received the news, I heard that the Sui and Tang Shui Monarch did not know why they got the news. They had already been outside Tangshui Guan (means mountain). When they opened the city gate, they abandoned the ship. Going ashore, I have already gone to the Longyi Guan (means mountain).”

“Who’s the soldiers?”

“Yes, it is Bian Tang emperor.”

How many are they?

“No less than 200,000.”

So close, Yan Xun can even hear Cheng Yuan shocked pumping sound, his eyes slowly narrowed, and restored the emperor’s dignity, as if before the mountain at night looking at the night sky is not the same as him.

“Li Ce? Personally come?”

“Immediately the whole army, the first army of the Second Army all assembled, as I went to Longyi Guan (means mountain) Pass!”

After three hours, the army quickly returned to the integration of the mountain, and the return was the edge of Shang Shen. It was only half a day away from Tang Shuiguan. It was not far from Longyuguan. Yan Xun  rode on the horse, and a black coat hunted the wind. Fei, Cheng Yuan and his side, whispered: “Your Majesty, the 10th attack on the gate is the people of Sui and Bian Tang dynasties?”


Yan Yan shook his head and looked deep. He said with a deep voice: “The Sui and Tang Dynasties are far away from Yanbei Road. Even if Achu and I fired on the thunder, Li Ce got the news, and it was impossible to rush to Tang on the 10th. Water, presumably, there is another group of forces who got the news in time, secretly informed the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and took the lead in attacking Tang Shuiguan, so as to open the way to the later Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties.”

Cheng Yuan frown said: “Who would be it? Big summer? Impossible.”

“Who?” Yan Yan’s eyes were cold and he spoke slowly: “Who can easily appear in my Yanbei territory?”

Cheng Yuan suddenly became shocked and shouted: “The king of Qinghai?

“The king of Qinghai.” ” Swallowing these three short words between the lips and lips, faintly said: “I have to meet.”

Morningstar at first glance, daylight bright.

“His Majesty!” The long news came, a soldier cursed, loudly reported: “in front of ten miles, found an unknown enemy.

“how many people?”

“The enemy from south to north, blocked the front of our army, meandering up to ten miles, infantry thirteen division, cavalry eight division, heavy armor seventeen army array, and another archer knight ax unidentified, the estimated number of about 150,000 or more.

For a time, everyone could not help but exclaim, such a huge strength, even quietly appeared in the territory of Yanbei, if today is not for them to hit, it will be terrible scenes?

Yan Yan did not have such worries. He knew that the other side appeared here to block his army so that Li Ce would leave a way back. Vaguely, he seems to have guessed the identity of the other party. Although he was unwilling and surprised, he still felt a little pleasure. Well, for a while, he has already counted that there will be this step today. It is an enemy. He should stand out with a knife and a gun. His people, he should save it, but he can’t allow others to save! (My gad, Yan Xun should save his people but can’t allow anyone to save Chu Qiao? How cruel!! LOL)

Morning mist confused, slowly covered with this piece of dark soil, a group of fog, the towering army quietly reveal a head angle, hideous, as a black ocean.

Yan Xun’s black robe screamed, his eyebrows were silent, and he slowly rode forward from the army. Seeing each other’s military array, there is also a slender Qingjun figure coming out.

The pipe was so far away that he recognized the identity of the other party for the first time. In an instant, the two men’s eyes slammed in one place, and Yan Yan smiled lightly and raised his eyebrows. Divinely said: “I haven’t seen you for a long time.


CHAPTER 159 Tide of the Sea


Chu Qiao was awakened by the snoring sound, the horseshoe sound came as fast as the thunder of the fire, and it was already near her ear.

She did not eat any rice or food for three days, and she endured the cold snow. She was already at the end of the strong moment. She rushed out of the camp with a knife, her feet were vain, her body was hot, and her eyes were full of vague torches, a bright light, almost burning red. Half the sky, the horseshoes rolled, like the thunder of the sky rolling over the earth, the ears were noisy, and it seemed that someone was rushing towards her.

She heard someone shouting at her, turned to see He Xiao’s red eyes, his mouth is saying together with the people who are fighting. His body covered in blood but is it hurt, Chu Qiao’s head is buzzing, do not know what they are thinking, she wanted to carefully listen to the words of He Xiao, but how could not hear.

This is Zhao Yang’s fourth robbery today. Daxia gradually lost patience with them. The ears are killing, and the soldiers who guard her are falling down one by one. More and more people are rushing over, soldiers. They are fighting each other, the front line has been completely torn open, and the army of the great summer is like a flood of water. A sharp arrow is shot, a guard is thrown up, and the arrow penetrates the forehead of the warrior. The popping out, the arrow pointed directly at AChu’s nose, and the blood blew down, one drop at a time.

“Protect your adult!”

Some people in such a loud cry, but the distance of the soldiers have been washed, but everywhere, everywhere V crested, in front of a bright red, windy bite blowing, the sky is still filled with snow, Chu Qiao think, has no escape route That’s it. She nodded softly, a hoarse voice said, so be it, so be it.

A row of the crossbow was set up, crowded crossbow through the cold wind issued a whistling whining sound, and Chu Qiao looked up and looked at the arrows that came from the air. The mind had a time of embarrassment.

She thought, maybe she would die, the time seems to suddenly rest, and she remembered her life, from the orphanage was selected by the state, more than ten years of hard training, and then admitted to the military academy, to join Military service, assassination, latent, and finally sacrificed for the country, came to this ups and downs of chaos, once again experienced a death-like reincarnation of ten years, she suddenly felt so tired, tired so far, the wind blowing from the opposite, she fainted to give up all the perseverance and struggle. Over the years, no matter what kind of dilemma, she never gave up hope of survival, but now, she suddenly did not want to continue to fight down, she thought, she was too tired, so be it, in this way break is also good.

“grown ups!”

He Xiao head scared to split, he looked at Chu Qiao standing in place, looked up at the arrow in the air and did not sneak in the rain. It was like an icy icicle (means a hanging, tapering piece of ice formed by the freezing of dripping water)

He felt that his heart was torn apart. He screamed madly, and the lightning-like blade slammed into a white light. The two heads flew at the same time, and the blood splashed with He Xiao, but the tide-like enemies rushed up. He couldn’t escape, couldn’t open, and could only watch the arrow approaching her figure.

he Yanbei Army on the Dragon’s Gate also saw this scene with their eyes open. A young soldier looked pale and his knees were soft. He suddenly slammed on the ground and looked at the raging woman who was pale and mournful. Road: “Chu Daren!”

He was also a soldier from Shang Shen. Both parents and sisters were rescued by Chu Qiao from the slaves. They were separated from the slaves and landed, but he was a courageous man. He did not dare to speak when the Beauty army was fighting outside. When Da Xia robbed the camp, again and again, he did not dare to speak out. When the snow and snow raged over the barracks, he did not dare to speak out. When he was crying under the city, he did not dare to speak. Until this moment, the mother’s words echoed again. The old man, who was full of white, burst into tears on the land he had for the first time in his life, and said to him: get the grace of thousands of years, Chu adults is our benefactor.

There was a noisy cry on the tower, and the tall grass on the wasteland creaked, the snow flew, and the color of the sky.

In the past two months, the whole Yanbei witnessed the loyalty of an army. At this moment, the whole world witnessed the bitterness of a woman.

The arrow flies high, rises, rises, rises to the apex, then falls, draws a half arc, with a rapid force.

Everyone’s eyes were big, and Chu’s clothes were blown up by the wind. She narrowed her eyes slightly. The chaos in front of her was stirred up by the sharpness, and the scalp was hurt. Her mind was blank and slipped through a pair. Eyes, he looked at her and said slowly: Live and live.

She smiled slightly, her smile was thin and foggy.

After all, I still can’t keep going. I am coming to you, will you?

Suddenly, a sharp burst of wind suddenly came. I saw a black lacquered shadow on the west side of the dragon’s cloak. The black lacquered shadow leaped like a scorpion. They held their hands and descended from the sky. Flying out, like a miracle accurate hit something in the sky.

During the time, the audience screamed, and the black shadows quickly slid down from the snow peaks. Everyone wore dark blue leather armor, and the posture was strong and vigorous, jumping and swaying, like a jungle beast, under the fire, like saw everyone. There are dark red tattoos on his face, his eyes are wolves, and he is brave enough to come to the slaughtering Great Summer army.

I haven’t waited for Xia Soldiers to react. The southwest suddenly came a long time, and the snow and fog came up against the wind. The horseshoes of the thousands of horses trampled on the ground, like the rumbling drums. The front row of elite cavalry rushed into the camp. Cut, the move is fierce, the official army of the charge, murderous, fast-moving, silver armor, is actually a sergeant of Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties.

Silver armor burst into the big business, the young emperor suddenly her whole body tight, and so vicious effort, it seems to be crumbling her. His armor cold as a knife, the atmosphere is heavy, with a large white fog, shouting sound gradually away, quietly around that a needle almost can be heard. Thousands of bright torches were shining on their bodies, like the warm sun at noon…

The wind went away, the rumbling roll over the surface, Li Ce’s voice was low and calm, but there was such a hint of fear and faint revealing. He said softly, saying over and over again: “It’s okay, nothing, nothing. ……”

Chu Qiao didn’t want to cry. The bottom of her heart was a large piece vast of trance as if everything is not true, but her tears are a little bit down, It seemed that everything was not true, but her tears fell a little bit. She rolled down the lines of Li Ce’s chest armor and rolled all the way. She closed her eyes, it seems as if thousands of mountains and rivers are splashing and smashing, the stars are falling into ash, the raging burning is falling from the sky, the raging fire that the sea has ignited, boiling down, pouring into the abyss that never bottoms out.

She wants to talk, there are a lot of words to say, but she opens her mouth, but she can only make a dumb whining.

Li Ce, do you know? Mr. Wu died, Yu girl died, many people are dead, Yan Yan killed a lot of people, you said, he will kill me?

Li Ce, Zhuge Yu is also dead, I killed him, you know, I killed him.

Li Ce, you are right, Yanbei is really cold, people are frozen and dead, and even vows are frozen.

The world suddenly became so empty, Chu Qiao slowly slept, leaning on Li Ce, tired and crawling over her face, Li Ce lowered her head, only that she was so pale and thin, he thought, he was really crazy. He remembered the madness when he was scared if he saw it, and if he was late, he would take another step!

The wind blowing in their body, he took off the big Qiu Chu Qiao wrapped in his arms, she was so thin, shrink into a small group, like a young child. (Aw…everytime Li Ce pops, my heart, my heart oh my…in your arms Li Ce it’s a different fragrant world)

He looked up and looked at the heavy snow, watching the murderous Da Xia Xiong, looking at the towering dragons, his heart was filled with suppressed anger.

Yan Xun, why do you have the heart?

How can you bear it?

“Holy, Da Xia sent a question to ask me why the Tang Dynasty should intervene in the summer affairs of the big summer. How should I respond?”

The guards rushed forward and Li Ce held Chu Qiao. His face was cold and faint: “Tell Zhao Yang, people are taken away by Li Ce. If you want, I am waiting in Tang Jing.”

“This saint, people I am bringing them out.”

Tie Yuo came from behind, followed by a tattooed middle-aged man, impressively just jumped from the snow peak in time to save Chu Qiao’s group of people’s leaders.

Li Ce to ease a bit, nodded and said: “Thanks to you.”

Face tattoo man head down and said: “We are few people, if not His Majesty the Emperor, Chu adults have been dangerous flatliners.”

In short, you are rescued in time, and this piece of Ende (means benevolence) is remembered. If he has the opportunity, he will repay.”

“Don’t dare, the next is also to be ordered to act.”

Li Ce’s eyebrows were gently picked, and the temptation asked: “Your master?”

“My master has stopped the Yanbei army, and all the departures are arranged to meet, the Tang Emperor is safe to be on the road, we will break for you.”

Li Ce slowly nodded his head, eyes deep, coldly said: “I won’t say thank you, you take care.

After all, the people of the Sui and Tang Dynasties and the Beauty Army quickly went away. The Long Yu (Longyu means Dragon) Guan (means mountain) Shoujun (means defenders) is still less than 10,000. Looking at Li Ce with nearly 200,000 grand princes, he did not know whether he should go out of the city for a time. The generals of the defenders weighed each other for a long while, and finally gritted their teeth and said, “Come, go and ask for your majesty.”

The soldiers held a long breath, so good, and so please come back after the group of the towers also should have disappeared.

Less than half an hour, the team line to the Kawaguchi (means ‘mouth of the river’), a team of about two thousand or so the team is waiting quietly. Li Ce’s troops in the past after a few words, the group left a carriage turned and left.

Tie Yuo came back and said: It’s still the group who said that they have prepared horses and food for us in the next twenty miles, and left a carriage, saying that Yanbei is cold His Majesty can drive under the arm.”

Lifted the carriage curtain, saw the room is very large, soft brocade, high couch across the iron plate, under the iron plate placed two braziers, the carriage is like a  warm spring, also stood a small stove, the above medicine urn to take with white mists, after opening, is a pot of steaming ginseng chicken soup.

“Your Majesty, this Qinghai King, is it sacred in the end? He is so motivated to do so, really just want to sell us a Sui and Bian Tang people?”

Li Ce quietly looked at the chicken soup. He hadn’t talked for a long time. Chu Qiao was lying in the carriage. The little face was pale and pitiful. It seemed to feel warm. She slowly spits out a breath, then quietly retracted the bed, quiet like A sleeping rabbit.

“Tie Yuo by, if it is you, who will do these things for you?”

Tie Yuo from a moment, think for a long time was slow and said: “I am afraid only my aging mother, my wife will not work.

Li  Ce’s mouth was pulled up and he smiled slightly: “Yes, there are not many people like this.”

“Your Majesty, do you know who it is?”

“I know,” Li Ce nodded and turned his head to look at the distant mountains where the snow was hiding. The voice was a touch of faintness: “If I was only skeptical before, then I can already be sure.”

There are many fate and doubts. Everyone is a shackle of silk. He walks on his own established track. Since he can’t break away, why should he unveil the prelude in advance?

Li Ce smiled slightly, his mouth was gentle, with a bit of vicissitudes and calm.

Zhuge Yue, I am not as good as you.

Before the dawn dawned, the heavy snow finally stopped, the sun did not show its head, and the earth was still immersed in a bleak darkness.

On the high mountain, the man fell into the green robe, and the snow fluttered his wings and flew from a distance. He extended his arm. This fierce bird on the plain of Qinghai fell silently on his arm, white, only three red feathers grow on the tail, bright like blood.

Opened the letterhead, the ugly handwriting, he did not die reading but his eyes zooming in sight: the Tang Emperor took the soldiers back to Tang Shui Guan (means mountain) Pass, unharmed, do not read.

The man’s face is calm and his eyes are still always cold. He naturally hears the ridicule of his subordinates. Who is unharmed? Who? Are you not reading?

Reply to the pen and reply: don’t have to withdraw, die.

When the young general received the letterhead, he had a happy smile, revealing a white tooth, and he waved his hand to the soldiers who had been bitterly said: “They withdrew and withdrew and went home.

“Seventh General, want to marry?”

A man in his forties was laughing. He had an arrow on his shoulder. He had just wrapped it up. At the moment, he was like nothing. He laughed and his face was shaking like a sly snake.

“Roll! You are an old bachelor, I wish you never have to suffer from this love for a lifetime.”

“Fuck, this Yan bastard is too fierce!”

A 30-year-old soldier walked in. The cold day was covered with half a shoulder, and a white cloth was wrapped around his chest. Obviously, he had just hanged up.

“I haven’t robbed their daughter-in-law, and his grandmother has played with Lao Tzu.”

The Seventh General smiled and said: “You have not robbed their daughter-in-law, but the master has robbed it. Let’s not fight. Let’s arrange for the retreat to be arranged. Everyone is ready to go.”

The general, who was called the old bachelor of the Seven Generals, stood up and said, “When I think that the main son is not suitable for the assault, I saw that the wife did not see the husband and let others take it away. Let’s take it. It’s not that you can’t beat them, it’s too bad.”

The people in the big account gradually left, and the seven generals stood in the same place. After listening to the person’s words, they sighed for a while and meditated for a long while, and said softly: “The young master can’t afford this risk!”

Yes, once the battles are held together, the time is prolonged. There are three long and two shorts on the other side. Even if it is a victory, what is the point?

The Seventh generals remembered the man who had seen on the battlefield before, and a pair of young eyes gently picked up and brought out a few faint hatreds. This account is to be liquidated sooner or later.

When Li Ce took the Chu Qiao in Tang Shui Guan (means mountain) boarding ship, it was the dawn of three days later. The sun rose from the horizon, and the golden light was shining brightly. The sky was so high, clear and bright. Tangshui is close to the southwest, the climate is very mild, the river is veined, and there is a green lake.

The big ship was opened and the thunderous sound rang from the sky. Thousands of large ships were anchored. The waves were surrounded by all sides, like an avalanche. The sky was a bright blue glaze. The pole raised the white sail.


The iron was screaming loudly, the sound was so long, with a few delightful breaths.

Li Ce stood at the stern, a pine-green brocade suit, a brow-eyed evil charm, and a handsome man. He looked up slightly and looked at the tall Cuiwei Mountain, faintly visible on the hillside above Xiao Xiao.

The tides of the sea, the festivals are replaced, the wind on the river blows from the mountains, bringing the fragrance of the scent as if stimulating the pain of the tiny numbness in the bone marrow, all the thoughts are unprecedentedly clear.

Li Ce suddenly smiled, laughing like a fox, happy to reveal a white tooth, and then all the horrified eyes, made a passionate kiss against the high mountains.

Ten thousand people are squatting, and the iron is asked by depression: “Looking at you, do you see the village aunt who is playing wood on the mountain?”

Li Ce replied with a surprise: “Yeah! How do you know?”

Everyone sighs helplessly: Your Majesty, who doesn’t know?

The river is like a chain, the ship is smashing, the rising sun is rising, everything is perfect.

Above the foothills, the man stood quietly. He clearly saw the provocative action of Li Ce. His eyebrows wrinkled slightly, but he did not turn around and leave.

The ship gradually away, he stood there for a long time, my heart is like a quiet mountain, not sad, nor tired. Very tiny wind blowing through his back, the shadow cast on the ground, with a light and clear glow, mountains, dust and water vapor mixed between the mountains and forests, facing his face, is unusually gentle.

He remembered her eyes in the meantime as if the wild grass that followed the memory was spreading, and suddenly saw a tall tree, the look was mild, and suddenly lost the cold direction..

He never needed her to know. If he could, he would like to lie on his way and send her to a peaceful and quiet place.

It was the 20th day of the Septmber in 779 years. It was the season when the Tangjing chrysanthemums bloomed. The Van Gogh blew through the city and sprinkled the golden color under the blue sky.

The ship went south and slowly sailed to the extravagant sweetness.


CHAPTER 160 Wishing You An


The late autumn has passed, and the winter is approaching. It is only the warm country of Sui and Tang Dynasties. The distinction between autumn and winter is not so obvious. The chrysanthemum seized blooming, a blossoming black paint in the branches, the wind is coming late, the yellow flowers are piled up, and the light scattered all over the place.

Chu Qiao also dreaming, in vain, her feet are still riding on the wilderness, the sun is the ultimate red, long wind blowing from the end of the day, rolling up the grass everywhere, a tumbling, like withered yellow waves.  In the wilderness of the twilight, the young man was happy and galloping. The smile on his face was as always, the appearance of her memory. The blood-stained soil burst into a red fire cloud, and the snowy white horses swayed under the luxuriant sway. Laughter, he smiled and said: Achu, come up!

And then she ran behind in the back, the sun shone on her body, the wind blowing in the ears of the fierce, the future is full of bright yellow hope, just as her eight years of thousands of fantasies.

But when she was about to hold his hand, the sky suddenly became pale, snow covered all the good and desire, the hearty young boy grew up, his face stood indifferent in front of her, behind countless people wearing a dark armor of Yanbei soldiers. Warriors carrying cold arrows, pointing to her behind, she casually turned around, but only to see the big bloody bloom in that person’s body, ice age defeat, cold water spread.  She then jumped into the deep lake. Finally, she saw those lonely eyes. He kissed her lips gently, and cold mouth wiping her temples hair, a palm is so big, so powerful, little by little dragging her, until the hope of life is delivered on her hand.

The sun is glaring, and the palm is like a fire as if there is a deep engraving.

Blood filled her eyes, thousands of mountains and rivers in front of her collapse, the memory of the growth of barren weeds, the earth cracked a huge gap. The sea spewing out, she was alone abandoned, standing in the wilderness of the flames, watching the sky of the avalanche and the east of the waters of the rampant, her whole people buried in them.

She was very tired, exhausted and weak, and she closed her eyes and sank a little bit toward the dark and cold cemetery.

Woke up, the rain just stopped, moonlight drilled clouds, the white light of the soft sprinkled on the bed of secret, living in the house. The autumn incense is stunning, and the water droplets on the wide and thick phoenix leaves showed a crisp sound.

The hall was empty and cold, and it was like time. It was like everything in this world was dead. Only she was left. She slowly sat up, her body was like blisters, and she sweated, the wind blew, dry and cold. It seems to penetrate the dead body, so that she is clearly aware that she is still alive.

In the temple of Johor, there was a sound of silk and bamboo. It was a night banquet for Li Ce. Every night at this time, there will be a grand song and dance to embellish this court of dazzling dance.

When Chu Qiaogang was rescued, the entire ruling and opposition field was a fierce impeachment. The military officers were crying all day long and squatting on the shackles. Li Ce squinted with them for more than ten days and finally became annoyed. Turned over the throne, and screamed that he would not be an emperor, who would love to do it.

The officials were stunned by the embarrassment, and the emperor who had been struggling for seven or eight times after just a few years of enlistment took the place for two days. Since then, no one has ever dared to mention Chu Qiao half a word.

The performance of Li Ce’s after-effects was really letting everyone put their hearts back in their stomachs. In addition to the medical treatment in the past few days, he was very careful. Afterward, he looked like a big shopkeeper and resumed his enthusiasm. The grass is made. Two days a small feast, three days a big feast, the officers finally got a little relieved, secretly, it seems that this harmless Yanbei fox has not much charm, the emperor to save her, may also be the same as in the past is like a whim right now.

When Li Ce came in, Chu Qiao did not say anything. He thought that she was still asleep. She deliberately made Li Ce like a small thief look attracted outside the little girl, one by one mouthing grinning, clutching his stomach. But he did not dare to laugh out loud.

Opening the bead curtain and seeing Chu Qiao on the couch, Li Ce gave a slight glimpse, then walked in with a smile, carrying a delicate basket and said with a treasure: “Someone sent a pomegranate, want to eat? ?”

Chu Qiao did not speak, her eyes were awkward, and she did not seem to be awake from her sleep.

Li Ce sat next to her, watching her still pale and thin face, her eyebrows wrinkled and relaxed slowly. He took out a pomegranate and opened it with his own hands, revealing a grain of red pearl inside. He leaned over and looked at Chu Qiao, smiled and sent it to Chu Qiao’s mouth, opened his mouth and made a gesture of eating, saying: “Jojo, open your mouth, like me, ah—”

“Li Ce, my illness is good.”

Her voice was light and calm. Li Ce looked at her. Many times there was such an illusion. I felt that everything was still three years ago. She was injured in Jinwu Palace and nothing changed. But soon he will be present, in fact, it is already different. She will never be confident enough to tell her about her ideals and ambitions. She will never talk about the man with hope, no longer will The future is full of hope and yearning. Even the eyes are no longer the glory of the past, like a faint light shrouded in a layer of fog.

“Well, it’s good.”

“I wanna go.”

Li Ce is not surprised that she will say this sentence. He smiled with great interest and asked: “Where do you want to go?”

Chu Qiao shook his head in a blank voice. He said very honestly: “I don’t know yet, but the world is so big, there is always my place to go. If it doesn’t work, I will go outside.”

“Where are you going outside, what is the difference between staying with you?”

“Li Ce, Da Xia will not let me go, you stay here, sooner or later, it will bring you a big disaster. I killed a lot of Xia Soldiers, twice let their Northern Expedition fail, and also killed the 3rd emperor Zhao Qi, Daxia has no wars with the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties. When they are vacant, you will have trouble.”

Li Ce did not answer but looked at her quietly. The cynicism in his eyes gradually receded, became calm, became calm, and became calm. After a long time, he whispered: “You are from Jing family and the Zhuge family are enemies. In order to repay the Yan’s kindness, you have struggled with the eight years of slavery in the Golden Palace. In order to protect the Yanbei surname several times, you faced life and death.  You are going to the southwestern township in order to avoid Yan Xun for two years after Zhuge Yue’s death, you have completely broken from the big peers and Yan Xun. Now, can you not go far or outside without being tired of me?”

The man’s voice was low and cold, with a bit of tiredness. He said quietly: “Jojo, when can you think about yourself in your life?”

Chu Qiao was so stunned, the night wind passed by, blowing her smock on the clothes, Li Ce gently wrapped her shoulders, pressed her hand with her hand, so naturally surrounded her, not without A trace of lust. He breathe a sigh of relief and said softly: “Jojo, there are many ways to live in this world. One is to live poor or be prosperous to live, ether way you can be alive and well, and if the wine is extravagant, you also live. Why do you always make it like it is necessary to choose a difficult living method for yourself? If you are like this, it is better than the ordinary people of the city, or it is better to live so tired.

Li Ce’s voice slowly came and went into his ear. Chu Qiao relied on his arms, and his thoughts were solidified and stiff. She thought, why not? She thought, why not? If it is really the people in the ordinary city, presumably there will not be so heavy relationship, there will not be so deep to tie her down, even if there will be betrayal and disappointed, there is deception and abandonment, it will not be so torn heart crack, blood dripping.

Moonlight quietly came in, sprinkled on him and her shoulder, Chu Qiao suddenly so tired, but Li Ce, spent eleven years to climb a mountain, he told Chu Qiao: Someone told me that there is a mountain called the Snow lotus. When I struggled to climb up, I found the top of the mountain is bare, nothing at all. The mountain is so high, I climbed up for the rest of my life. After the disappointment, how should I go down?

“Jojo, hope is to master your own hands, you can not let yourself be a horse, no one can save you.”

The days passed by, the winter came, but the Sui and Tang Dynasties did not have a trace of winter. Chu Qiao finally lived in Jinwu Palace. Although there is no name, this temple is not lacking in the nameless woman. Coupled with her previous reputation, no one dared to provoke her.

The imaginary big summer’s persecution and revenge did not come. It seems that they also believed that Chu Qiao was already a waste. The previous grievances were all written off, and even a questioning messenger was not sent.

Chu Qiao thought, this is very abnormal. Her current identity is almost equivalent to the Japanese prisoners of war in the past. With the current angry anti-war sentiment in the summer, why is it so easy to give up this opportunity to beat the dog?

She went to ask Mei Xiang, Mei Xiang said with great words: “They dare to come, and they called He Xiao to pick up their heads one by one.”

The little girl who came from Li Ce, smiled and put a bowl of good Xue Li, and said proudly: “Mei Xiang, said, let’s say, Your Majesty is so good to the girl, who dares not to know how to yell? “

Chu Qiao shook her head, and there was a bit of worry in her heart. It should not be so simple. Is it because Li Ce was forced to agree to what conditions for the Great Summer?

My nephew said: “I have heard that it is a big horse from the Great Summer that is mainly reconciling with our Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties. It is not a Great Summer who is looking for the girl.

Big Sima?

Chu Qiao slightly frowned, Da Xia’s big Sima is the elders of the Shrine, is it that Wei Guang let himself a horse?

She hasn’t inquired about the outside world for a long time, and she is groggy all day long. This is not a foreigner in the house. It really has become Li Ce’s inaction and life.

She has been tied to Yan Xun for the rest of her life. She walked through the darkness and death, walked through the bloody hurricane, and walked through the thousand swords. Now she finally has no way to go to the future, and she can’t go any further.

Later, she asked Li Ce why Da Xia didn’t come to her for trouble. Li Ce was eager to show her a lady figure of this year’s draft. He heard her words and raised a wink at her, a rogue phase of a smile said: “It may be that Emperor Xia still has illusions about me.” (LOL did Li Ce (Xiao Ce in tv series) went to Da Xia and disguised as a gay to dance in the lady show?)

Even if the current state of mind is not suitable, Chu Qiao couldn’t help but sneer, accompanied him to look at the three-foot-high beauty reel and watch the girl’s eyebrows that are almost the same age as her. Chu Qiao can only think that the eyes are from another world.

Before leaving, Li Ce stood at the door and suddenly turned back and said to her with a smile: “Jojo, you think about it, who else in the world will be so good to you, willing to give up a lot of things for you, for you to die, for your wealth, throw away everything for you, save you from danger and death, but don’t tell you. There aren’t many people like this. You have to think about it. If you think about it, tell me, I’ll give you home. A dowry, and then I’ll marry you.

Outside the window, the phoenix tree is red and yellow, covering the sun, and the sky shines through the cracks of the leaves, and a golden paper is drunk.

She stood in the quiet hall, carefully thinking about the words before Li Ce’s departure, carefully scrutinizing the battle after Yanbei, when to attack, when to defend, where to retreat, who to cover, several roads to attack, several roads to intercept. Who can deliver the message in time, who can see the thunder in the territory, and what Li Ce said, who will be so good to her.

The dusty thoughts are drilled out bit by bit, like a vine, entangled her body, the moon rises, the moon is west, the moon bends over the treetops, the moon falls, the sun rises, and it is another beautiful day.

She has been standing like this for a whole night, repeatedly scrutinizing the amazing thoughts of her own, her eyes are gradually pouring out intense light, crystal tears falling into the chest, big drops of big rolls, but no trace of sadness, she was surprised and hoped to live, and the body could not stop shaking. At that moment, the golden sunlight shone through the window and sprinkled her pale face. She smiled like a worry-free one. The careless child, burst into tears and laughed.

On the day when Chu Qiao left the palace, the sky was still raining. She did not say hello to him. She just rode the horse out of the certificate with a simple bag, very tiny drizzles on her shoulders, but it seemed so full of vitality.

Li Ce is still the emperor of his own, he is sitting at the top of the house of the prince of the dome, a blossoming dark red gown, sitting on the high up the cornices. His Royal Highness is a minister who is worried about crying and roaring. He seems to be like a minister. Did not see the same, with a fragrant smoke blowing his clothes on the corner, raised the inside of the sleeve arrow pattern, he looked at the far away on the Royal Road, the girl was wearing a yellow cloth, riding on the white horse, both sides are continuous Indus, the eye-catching color is like a beautiful painting.

Four months, it is enough.

He smiled so slightly, the flute played a happy song to send her, the flute sound clear, like a swaying spirit, pierced the extravagance of the court, followed her figure, and walked out a heavy palace door Over the thresho ld of gold, the high corridor, the dark red palace wall, went to a vast world.

Meishan mutual protection, solitary ride to the meeting, was suppressed by the family, and almost ruined a good future in the dusty land.

Lost the tribute, died for a lifetime, shaped like a rabbit, but there are no three caves, set aside the dead and retreat no way, the home country abandoned, into the night of the small list of thousands of people who have been reviled, dead cannot enter the temple genealogy, A rebel.

The danger spots are different, with a force to reverse the outskirts of the universe of heaven and earth, the eternal power of Wei deter Ximeng, the time is not yet ripe, but the troops march to the east, only to pull the roots in the line hanging.

Big summer sharpening while still alive wants to figure out the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties, Yan North sent troops to the next to report his wife’s hate, willing to cast a prominent foundation to return to their homeland, to millions of the army to do gambling, and finally get a meager wish.

Zhuge Yue, I always thought that I was the crazy person in this world, but when it comes to you, I knew my own shallow arrogance.

Li Ce smiled, and a madman, how do I fight?

We are all the chess pieces that have been handpicked by the gods. I can’t make up, Yan Xun  can’t make up, only you, have the courage to break free and escape again and again, and have the courage to jump into the whirlpool again and again, I will lose to you after all, lose to you and convince me.

The tunes were extremely brisk, and it was so funny to meet the heavy crying of the officials below. Under the palace of Sun Di, looking at the figure that looked like a big rebellion, listening to the joyful tune of the ear, he felt very lonely. (aw…Li Ce let her go for the nth time again…)

The roads of the palace are long and cold, and the high walls of the palaces on both sides are faintly smelling the sweet aroma of the palace.

So bright under the warm days, who is the heart of a layer of gentle ripples, picking each of the middle of the night when the lonely mist, set aside the lonely golden palace in the shallow jade dust.

He has always been like this, with a drunken eye to see through all the waking in this world.

As night falls, the officials crying are dumb, and several old ministers have been mad, and have been lifted early.

The entire court was covered with a lavish light, and the Emperor’s Palace lanterns passed through the windows and doors of the Jinwu Palace, quietly shining the night of Jinwu Palace. The memory is confusing like a filament pulled from the cloth, and a glance, the whole gorgeous crepe is scattered, leaving a piece of extravagant red.

Li Ce climbed down the ladder step by step, the officials cried and climbed over, shouting and screaming to pay attention to the body, do not want to be arrogant.

“The princes are really loyal to their loyalties. Today, I have already wanted to understand. I love them all.”

Everyone suddenly fell into the rain, and the emperor finally realized the epiphany.

“In order to carefully reflect on what I said and what I said, I decided that after three days, everyone will go home and think about it and study the path of the rich and the rich.”

Speaking, in the eyes of many ministers dumbfounded away, not out of the country house, can not wait to the paternity said: “Even the banquet for three days, all of the selected girls are brought to the Roufu Hall should come.”

The people were speechless, and the emperor smirked and laughed.

We are all floating in the fate of our destiny, and between rushes, we are faintly hot for decades.

Jojo, I hope you can walk.


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