Chu Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Chapter 141-150

Based on the original novel 11 agents princess 

by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua


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CHAPTER 141 Darkness


The Zhuge House is called the government, but in fact, it is a huge estate with a radius of more than ten miles. The world knows that the Zhuge family is rich. However, people who do not see it with their own eyes will never be able to imagine what kind of wealth it is. Zhu (surname Zhu) Jinpu (means brocade embroidered work, bright) is just a rumor that has been rumored outside, Hao men ( means rich and powerful families, Aristocratic) the three hundred years of the world’s giants will never use such an upstart general way to show their wealth.

Walking in the Zhuge House, there is no ordinary scenery everywhere where there is no alcoholic wine pool, forest egrets, and white brick pavement. However, the visitors should be careful, because their foot may step on a piece of the stone called the millennial spar from the crater of Tianchi Mountain lake. One of the rare treasures that some families does not own. Even if it is snow-capped outside, the rock is still warm, even if the snow falls, it does not have to be cleaned. Naturally, it turns into clear water.

Such rare treasures are in Zhuge House, white stones stored in the garden.

Xiao Hong is only 13 years old this year. Because of his young age, he only does some watering and cleaning work in the flower room. Today, when the people come and go, and the slave servants were not enough they called him to go to the Greenhills courtyard. As a big brother in the Qingshan courtyard. He was busy with a small group of people until noon. They finally arrived one by one.

Looked far from Zhuge House, but see the cornice curling, red walls and green tiles, Guanghua (means splendor, magnificence) glass in the sun as a dazzling gold foil,  the attic is patchwork, under the snow shade, do not have a degree of tolerance.

Today, it is the gathering of the ladies of the family in the city. It is made up of Zhuge’s parents, Miss Fang San Mei, Miss Yue Xin or Le Xing’s General’s Office, Miss Meng Jia Lord’s General’s Office, the department’s book order make Wei Valve daughter and the Lingnan Mufu’s Lady Guan, Miss Dong Yue Merchant’s daughter will come when she heard that the granddaughter of Emperor will also come.

Early in the morning, the Zhuge House was decorated with lights. It was both grand and elegant. It was too extravagant and vulgar. The big Zhuge lady was hosted by a few young ladies. Because he was a little handsome, Xiao Hong was honored to stay. The banquet pavilion showcased some martial arts in a short time as the ladies of the various departments arrived one after another. It was really more beautiful than the flowers, and the room was full of enthusiasm.

These golden ladies gathered together, nothing more than a few playthings, painting poems, embroidering and admiring flowers. It was rare for Zhuge’s family to feel at ease. Even in this winter, many unseasonable potted plants were still cultivated. It added a bit of fun. Xiao Hong is taking care of these flowers and plants on the weekdays and will serve as a guide at this moment.

Xiao Hong saw a young lady of 28 years old pointing to a pot of white and yellow dinosaurs. Interested, she asked, “What kind of flower is this?”

Xiao Hong lowered his head and whispered: “If you go back in time, this flower is called Chu Yao.” (Yao means waist)

“Chu Yao?” said Miss Yue Xin of General Le Xing’s house, laying down the teapot. She looked up and asked, “How come it is a strange name?”

Xiao Hong is not very old, and he is lively. He said to the young ladies: “This pot is thinner, and it is planted by our young masters. It is watered with rootless water and cultivated with red pine soil on Baihua (means garden of many flowers) Mountain. When the flowers are open, there are three colors. If the solar terms are appropriate, they can open five colors. The young master said that there are more hills and more gullies, and there is also a ring. Du (means poison) Qiyun (means beautiful clouds): The Yao of the Chu Palace, the glimpse of the scorpion. The more the ring has the chrysanthemum ring, the Chu Yao east goes to the west and I don’t know. So the flower is called the Chu Yao.”

“Your young master must have a heart, a pot of flowers, and actually got such an elegant name.” Miss Yue Xin smiled lightly, gentle and graceful, she thinks this pot is not worthy of its name as the name of the city called Chu.

The Miss Lingnan Mufu Lady Guan on red and delicate lips licked a melon seed and looked back: “You have so many young masters. Which one are you talking about?”

Xiao Hong replied: “The fourth young master is a nature lover. While the master of the court is different from the fourth young master. The others are not happy to plant flowers.”

Every lady heard it, and she looked different. Her eyes flashed lightly. Her fingers brushed past the pots and wobbled. The Miss Lingan Mufu’s Lady Guan disdainfully snorted and lowered her head to continue to pick up the seeds.

Miss Meng Jia was only fifteen years old this year. She was born in a martial arts family and was very active. She heard the words come up and smiled and pointed at a pot of Bailan. “What about this pot? What is it called?”

Xiao Hong sees Miss Wei Jia looked miserable, slightly scared, whispered: “This pot is called Yu Qiong.(Yu means to take, and Qiong means poor)

Ms. Meng Jia cutely pouted and asked, “Is it necessary to be poor?”

 Xiao Hong shook his head: “Where is the jade sky like water, Qionghua is white as ice overnight. Bailan is produced from Tianshui, the leaves are summer and white, this peanut is big summer, five months a year is all white, not like jade It is the same?”

“A good gimmick.” Wei Adult daughter Lady Guan said with a smile: “It’s a little younger, but it’s a bit more talented.”

Xiao Hong said politely: “The slaves don’t know what they mean. They spend more time in the greenhouse. Listening to the young master, and we also remember.”

Ms. Meng Jia’s face was red, and she was looking for a strange potted plant. She suddenly saw a plant and quickly asked, “What about this?”

This is a large bonsai, below is a bamboo, green scent, a small vine and it is planted with potted plants, the thin vines climb up the bamboo roots, but the more the bamboo grows the higher these vines climb, and gradually left the trunk of the bamboo. Then climbed up a tall yellow zen tree, a small red flower in the scent of Huang Zen (means yellow mediation), full of fragrance, very delicate.

Xiao Hong slightly surprised, I did not expect the next people will also move this potted plant, slightly biting lip, whispered: “If Miss Meng, this potted name is Xiao Lang.” (Xiao lang means wolf reed)

“Xiao Lang?” Ms. Meng Jia blinked wide-eyed and wondered: “A potted flower, why is it named?”(Xiao Lang means wolf reed)

Miss Yue Xin slightly sighed and whispered: “As soon as the entrance to the palace is deep like the sea, Xiao Lang is a passerby.” (Xiao Lang means wolf reed)

As soon as this remark came out, everyone came together and stared intently. However, if the bamboo was clear and honest, it seemed to be a bit of a frustration. Although the vine floret looked good, it was eventually opened in the branches of the yellow zen.

Miss Zhuge Qing meets them and with a frown, quickly said: “This flower was a bonsai more than a decade ago. It wasn’t a new breed, and I didn’t know which of the stupid things I had moved to bring this to you. Let’s make jokes.”

Jing Yanyi never spoke and heard a slight smile. He said: “More than a decade ago, was it not the time when the lady of your house was married? When four young masters stopped at the street, they would join the army with a weak crown. Wu, but for a time, it is full of capital.” 

Ms. Meng Jia turned around and asked: “Sister Yanyi, what kind of carriage, how can I not know?”

Jing Yanyi, who is 19 years old this year, is the biological sister of Jing Xiao Wang and Ye Jing. This time she came to Beijing to get married. She touched Miss Meng Jia’s face and said with a smile: “At that time you are still young.”

Even if the ladies didn’t see it for themselves, most of them had heard of the affair. When the fourth young masters of Zhuge House stopped Su Shi from getting into Helian’s house, they stopped the car with their horses, and he was even more powerful. Ming Street was sore, but if Su Shi did not get angry, it was almost a fatal disaster. However, even if this is the case, Zhuge Yue was still punished. He was sent out of the door for six months by Shang Wutang and joined the ranks. If he is not affected by a serious illness in the Northeast swamps, he will not return home. (I believe this was Zhuge Yue’s childhood sweetheart Su Shi mentioned by DDMCMC)

Jing Yanyi’s soft voice gently floats in the house, the past is like a smoke of water, quiet like a cloud, fluttering like a white cloud and fog.

Ms. Meng Jia was a bit obsessive and said: “What a pity, I didn’t see the scene of that year, the Su Shi, must be a peerless beauty.”

“What beauty?” The Miss from Wei Valve said dismissively. “Helian’s family tree is falling apart. She is now a member of the public. If you want to see her, it is not difficult, but just don’t be disappointed.”

Ms. Meng Jia did not seem to like the Miss from Wei Valve, and she stared at her:  “You are a deaf person.”

“I am jealous of her? The Miss from Wei Valve raised her eyebrows, coldly said: “A cold-tempered people lucky enough to climb a high-spoke child, water Yanghua (means growing flowers) in an empty a bamboo basket, talk about such a person who plainly lost her identity. Then she climbed those tall branches are not necessarily able to get into my eyes.”

“Can’t you get in your eyes?”Ms. Meng muttered in a low voice: “You can’t get into your eyes. What are you doing today?”

When the voice just fell, a footstep was suddenly heard outside the door, and the curtain flashed. An upright and slender figure walked in. The man was long and graceful. He wore a loose ink splash of flowing moths, white eyebrows, handsome tall and straight, silently standing in the doorway.  He suddenly sees this full house flowers, and slightly stunned.

“The fourth brother, you are here!”

Miss San Mei ranked the third, but she was a little older than Zhuge Yue. When she saw him, he smiled and walked up and said, “My father said that you are going to leave soon. Can you do a good job?” (Zhuge Yue is mean here lol)

Zhuge’s cold eyes turned to, Zhuge Qing’s body slid a little, and said: “are you looking for me?”

Zhuge Qing was slightly nervous. Zhuge Qing brothers and sisters in the family have never been close. She is no exception. At this moment, she has to make a close look, take Zhuge Yue’s arms and smile. : “Introducing a few beautiful people who are rarely in a week to get to know you, they are all friends of Qing’er.” (Zhuge Qing is the sister of Zhuge Yue but she was never present in the TV series)

“Sister Qing, I am not a beautiful person,” said Zhuge Yue. Miss Meng Jia smiled and walked forward, gave a gift, smiled at him: “Sister Qing called you the fourth brother, smiles the said: can I call you fourth brother too?”

The girl’s face is flushed, and she is cute. Who knows that Zhuge Yue is not buying it, and her face is unchanged. She stepped back slightly and said: “Miss Meng Jia is good.”

Ms. Meng suddenly gave a glimpse of her, and she was overwhelmed with grievances.

Zhuge Qing was about to speak, but Zhuge Yue said: “The ladies and gentlemen are polite, and Zhuge Yue does not know that you are here. There is no distraction, and you are really scared. You stand and say goodbye.

Afterward, Zhuge Yue turned back and left the house, leaving Miss Qian Jin with her big eyes. She couldn’t get back to God for a long time. (It means the lady was stunned and was not able to get back from the man who looks like God and looks like she was shut off  for a lifetime)

In the evening, Xiao Hong put the pot in the flower room properly. He was tired and sweating. When he stood up and just turned back, he saw Zhuge Yue standing behind him. The young man was shocked and said: “To the young master Please be safe.”

However, they did not look at him but went straight to the pot called Xiao Lang. They reached out and pulled up the roots of the vines and threw them into the pots of the yellow zen, leaving only a piece of bamboo. There is a lonely place, the wind blew, and the swaying.

The next day, he heard that the seven princes, Zhao Che, had left the capital and rushed to Yanmingguan. The Zhuge family worked together with the Ministry of Grain and the Ministry of Warfare to coordinate the grain weapons. Zhuge Yue ran in two parts every day and returned late at night. After returning, he often went to the dawn. To sleep for a while, a few days have obviously marked a lot.

No more than two days ago, Wei Adults was the first to send a Weng Lian Zi Zhen Xuan, it is said that Miss Wei personally cook, extremely hard. When he was sent to Castle Peak, Zhuge Xin just got up and the Zhuge Huai reluctantly sent the girl’s hand-boiled stuff into the bedroom. He listened to Wei government muttering and spoke and made a call. Zhuge Yue’s reaction was not ok. After the clothes were cleaned, they went out the door and didn’t look at the precious one.

Who knows that this turned out to be just the beginning. Later, several young ladies who arrived on the same day passed through the house, and the handkerchiefs were all in their own hands. They were all things, and even Miss Wei, who had always been disdainful had to send something. Ms. Meng Jia, who was once sorely neglected by Zhuge Yue, was attached to it. After several days of eating and drinking, she sent a rare sword. It is said that the sword was stolen from her Mongol grandfather. Because of this, she has been beaten but fought.

In short, gradually, even Xiao Hong, who knows what he knows, is aware that the banquet of the day is actually to choose the four young masters. It is no wonder that the young master’s face is so ugly.

My nephew, who had been in the courtyard for a long time, smiled coldly all day, watching the things that the ladies and daughters sent, and from time to time came up with a sad sentence that was delusional, but Xiao Hong said: those ladies, in fact, they are all good, especially Miss Le Jia and Jing Weng. Miss Meng Jia is also very cute, just do not know what kind of person the young master likes.

The grain of the grain ministry was finally approved. Then one day, the young man would go north. Qingshan courtyard was busy for a long time. Qingxi took us with the things the young master wanted to take with streamlining and streamlining or sorted out two big carriages. As a result, they looked at the Zhu Qi (He is Yue Qi in the Tv series Princess Agents) and then waved a big hand: “The young master said, everything is simple. No need to bring it.

The Qingxi was suffocated, his tears were in his eyes, and his tears were filled with tears. He said, “It’s so cold to the north, and you can’t bring anything with you. If only the Xing’er is  here…”

Speaking of this, he stayed with Zhu Qi (He is Yue Qi in the Tv series Princess Agents).  Xiao Hong felt a little strange,  but seeing the face of the month seven is not very good-looking, so I did not ask. After we dispersed, he pulled a big ring, entered the little door earlier. I asked: “Who is the child, who is the Xing’er?”

Qingxi shook his head and said: “I don’t know, I just heard a few times when I talked to my sister. It seems to be the old one. I don’t know why she left.”

“Oh.” Xiao Hong nodded his head, and Zhuge Yue’s embarrassment was gone. This Xing’er child must have been a very big favor.

That night, Zhuge Yue came back very late, but was still called by the master to the upper house, when the time came back was trivial, the next people are waiting in the concierge, see him back, Zhu Qi (He is Yue Qi in the Tv series Princess Agents) is relieved.

Qingxi rushed forward and hurriedly put on a cloak for Zhuge Yue. He suddenly smelled a pungent wine and could not help but slightly glimpse. Zhuge Yue seldom drinks. Once he had a drink, he was in a bad mood. The Qingxi carefully said: “Master, come back to rest.”

Zhuge Yue did not speak, went straight into the flower house, people do not know whether to follow up or not, the collective standing outside and waiting foolishly. After waiting for a long time, he did not see what he meant to come out. He finally said, “We go back to each other. Not everyone in the greenhouse can enter. Xiao Hong, you will take care of the young master tonight.”

Xiao Hong suddenly felt that he shouldered the heavy responsibility. He solemnly nodded.

Zhuge Yue was drunk and fell on the cold bamboo couch in the greenhouse. Xiao Hong was afraid that he would be cold. He quickly ran up and covered a blanket for him. However, he smelled a heavy drinker figure. Zhuge Yue was obviously drinking alcohol.

Xiao Hong was on the ground for a long time, but he was crazy for a moment. He had never seen the young master so closely, even if he met in peacetime and looked down, occasionally looked up and secretly glanced at the back.

The young master is really nice! With small eyes wide open, and a heart sigh, it’s no wonder that those ladies of the family were caught up in the coldness of the young master and they wanted to catch up with their father. The young master is different from other masters of the family. He does not have the extravagance of the clan. He is not like the poor-looking males of the poems on the whole day, nor does he look like a rough ignorant martial arts man. And there is the sharpness when he commands the military commanders. He is difficult to approach but so high above. It is not the kind of extravagance that is like the big son’s second son. Although Xiao Hong is young, he also distinguishes what is temperament. Some people, you need to know his status in order to look to him in fear, and some people, he was born to be looked up to.

Xiao Hong looked at it, and the sleepy attack came, and he even fell asleep there.

In the morning, suddenly heard a sound in the ear, she was not sleeping, and suddenly got up. But see Zhuge Yue sitting there, eyes still not open, yawning, a sleepless sleep.

Xiao Hong was a little embarrassed and his face was red. I didn’t expect the younger man to have such a humane side, which was quite different from what he saw on weekdays.

But listening to Zhuge, while yawning, he said in a confused way: “Xinger, go for a cup of tea.”


Xiao Hong quickly agreed to say a word, ran to pour a cup of tea, Zhuge Yue seemed to wake up after a lot of drinking, stand up and move a little body, open the door and walked out. Looking outside, so many children have been waiting…

Xiao Hong is stupidly standing in the doorway. Suddenly he is awkward. What did the younger master just call him? He didn’t quite understand who is Xinger. She must have even taken care of him.

It’s a bright sunny day outside.

In the station yard of Zhu Yu Xiao, the housekeeper of the Changfu (means courtesans), the wrinkles, and pleats on his face, Zhu Cheng is the grandson of Zhu Yu. At the moment he stood beside him with a bow and back, and he always looked like an old-fashioned one. Like the old man.

“Fourth young master, the Lord asked me to ask you, did you think so?”

Zhuge Yue washed his face and sat in the party hall for breakfast. He did not look up and said while drinking soup: “What is it?”

Zhu Yu Xiao was happy. He quickly held a gold plate and stepped forward. The gold plate was presented with portraits of several young ladies and a birthday character.

Zhuge Yue did not look at it. He picked a hand and threw it to Zhu Cheng. Zhu Cheng quickly took it, opened it and smiled. “It is the youngest daughter of General Le Xing. He is the first daughter of General Le Xing.

Zhuge Yue picked up the veil and wiped his mouth. Then an urgent moment stood up and said to Zhu Qi: “Go to the military.”

In the afternoon of the same day, Zhuge Valve’s fourth young master, Zhuge Yue, rushed to Yanmingguan under the escort of the army. Behind him, he was supplying 300,000 tons of grass and grass to the army of Yanming Guan Zhao Che. In this regard, Da Xia’s preparations for Yanbei are considered to be completed.


CHAPTER 142 Under the Moon


On the day of seeing Miss Helian’s family, it was the first day after Chu Qiao’s illness, and a faint moonlight shone through the window. After a round moon and a faint light shining through the window, the pale moonlight spilled over the ground. The candlelight flickered, flickering, the candle tears drop by drop fell. On the falling candlestick, the red is like blood, the golden account in front of the bed is full of dust, faded and faded, the thick red and the red, the shadow of the tree outside the window is shaking, the sound of the screaming from time to time, the jackdaws fly over, A sad tweet.

Miss Helian was lying on the side of the cotton quilt, and the silhouette looked at the line, thin and thin, and there was still a bloody smell in the room, which was a bit of a mess, which seemed to make people feel sad.

Jing Zhi Su sat beside her, stroking her tears while secretly wiping her tears, and turned to Chu Qiao: “After so many years in the past, I did not expect to see each other again, but Helian’s family is in a prominent position. How did you come to such an end?”

Chu Qiao wore a red fox cloak. This was sent by Yan Xun. Her hair was bright and vivid. She stood there and looked at the three sisters of the Jing family and cried. There was also a bit of sourness and sorrow. The soft voice comforted: “My elder sister must not be too sad, and people will meet again. This is a happy event.”

When leaving, Yan Xun’s attendant came forward to explain: “This woman was rescued from the temple. She had already given her a sum of money to let her go. I didn’t expect her to keep walking and not to walk. When the temple went down to see Princess Nalan Hongye, she came back to meet her again. The young lady asked her Highness to take care of her house. Her Highness saw her pity, and she brought her back with a soft heart. At that time, you are still a girl. Later, she found a place for her in Beibei City. These things were all done by the minions. However, after Beibei started the war, I forgot her for a while.”

The wind was still lingering. Chu Qiao did not pay attention. It was already seven days and the east side was going to open. She had no time to pay attention to these details.

In the evening, Yan Xun came back and the two ate together. When Feng Zhi and A’jing were busy and busy picking things up for Yan Xun, Chu Qiao casually asked, “Are we going somewhere?”

Yan Xun took a look at the letter to the east while eating, and nodded lightly. “Come with me.”

“I will go with you.”

Yan Xun heard the words and raised his letter. He said, “The war in the east is flying, the military in the Great Summer is strong, and your body is not good. I can’t bear you to follow me for a long journey and take risks. Now in Yanbei. No war, you still stay here.”

Chu Qiao brows gently, and quite eagerly said: “My body is no longer in trouble, you let me go with you, I can help you, I can…”

“A’Chu, I never doubted your ability, but you should also rest.”

Yan Yan said this very powerful, low tone, eyes looked at her: “You have done enough, the rest will be handed over to me, don’t you believe me?”

For a time, I didn’t know what kind of emotions were flowing in my heart. Chu Qiao sighed slightly, and the hand holding the chopsticks suddenly shook. She took a deep breath and slowly said: “I am just worried about you.”

Yan Xun looked at her face slowly and held out her hand across the table. She smiled and said, “Take it easy.”

Chu Qiao smiled slightly, but did not know how to reply, she suddenly remembered that since Yan Xun came back, she did not asked about the condition of the army for a long time, even the current army of the big summer, she is ignorant…

“The one of Helian, I took her to the west side courtyard in the house.”

Yan Xun asked while he was reading the letter: “Which Helian Ling?”

“Don’t you remember? It was you who saved it, Miss Huaiyin Helian’s Long House.”

Yan Xun’s eyes did not fluctuate a bit, just quietly: “A bit of an impression.”

The candle buds, the wind outside the window suddenly began, Chu Qiao whispered: “When you left, I forgot her, and did not ask me to take care of it. When I was fighting, she was dragged into the army by Cao Mengtong’s army and was tortured. It’s not working.”

The voice of Yan Xun has not changed. Chu Qiao even suspects that he has not heard his own words. Seeing his expression is focused, his eyes are slightly tired, and he is not good to say. Put down the tableware and walk into the inner room, telling them to make a bed for him to boil water.

Outside the cold wind, even if the fire in the house, but still feel a bit cold. Yan Xun likes to eat chestnuts. When there is nothing to do in the daytime, Chu Qiao is sitting on the bed and peeling one by one. It is often sitting for half a day. The sweetness of chestnut meat is filled with mist, silently lingering between the snore. People are fascinated. On the bedside desk, the tea is on the spot, and the peeled chestnuts are placed at your fingertips. The room is gradually getting together.

The quilt was thick and soft, with a gold thread depicting the pattern of Xiangyun (means magic clouds) Tenglong (a vassal state of Zhou in Shandong dragon). The bed is huge and sleeps for seven or eight people. Chu Qiao stretches out his hand for a layer of paving, but he feels a little calm. Maybe, only when she does something for him can she feel the peace of mind.

Suddenly there was a footstep sound behind him, Chu Qiao did not look back, just casually said: “The water has been burned, you first…”

Suddenly her waist was surrounded by a man, the gentle breath of the man sprayed her white neck, Chu Qiao was forced to stand up straight, gently ridiculed to push him: “Don’t make trouble, I make a bed.”

“Well would outsiders would think that Chu Qiao,, who clung to Beibei’s marvelous military exploits, would also do these trivial things.”

Knowing that he is making fun of himself, Chu Qiao laughed and said: “Well, there is no conscience. People have been taking care of you for nearly ten years. I said that I am like a mother-in-law, and nothing can be done except for fighting.”

Yan Xun smiled: “Where I am feeling good about my blessing.”

Chu Qiao heard, suddenly turned: “Then let me follow you, you can also take care of you.”

Yan Xun looked at her and his smile suddenly disappeared. He saw Chu Qiao for a long time and slowly asked, “A’Chu, do you know what my biggest wish for these years is?”

Chu Qiao slightly raised an eyebrow but did not answer.

Yan Xun also did not want her to answer. She said to herself: “The years I looked at you every time I was running and you are aslso running for me, I secretly vowed that one day, I have a on the day of my departure, I will not let you suffer from half the grievances and half hurt, I will make you live a happy and joyful life and enjoy all the glory that a woman can enjoy. A’Chu, I am a man, compared to you to charge for me I would also like to see you make bedclothes for me.”

Yan Xun’s expression was very calm. His eyes were very serious. Chu Qiao looked at him and could not tell his feelings for a time. She lowered her head and many emotions flashed in her heart. Finally, she slowly reached out her hand. He embraced Yan Xun’s thin waist: “I know. I will stay here and wait for you. You must come back in peace.”

Chu Qiao voice is gentle, Yan Xun heard the words immediately moved, cannot help himself, he stretched out long fingers, slowly picked Chu Qiao’s sharp chin. His eyes looked deep into her eyes. Then, the kiss fell gently and finely. Falling her horns, the lips of the sakura, the arms are so tight, the shackles of her waist, the friction between the lips and the teeth, a slight whistling sound, so tempting, as if to tear the human reason, Yan His breathing was a little chaotic, a fire was raised in the lower abdomen, and her back was moved upside down. It was not enough, but an urgent desire to rise from the depths of the body, the touch of the lips and teeth has been unable to satisfy him. Now, he seems to want more and more.

The huge bed was hidden in a heavy gauze. Compared with weekdays, it had a different temptation to seduce. Yan Xun leaned back and picked Chu Qiao’s soft body, then he put her down on the bed.

When the body touched the bed, Chu Qiao panicked, suddenly felt a slight cold body, her eyes wide open, but was suddenly covered by suffocating breathing. The symbolic shoving did not stop the sudden rise of desire. The man pressed against her and her body was rubbing against the crumbs. The blouse she wore in the room could not cover her skin. The skin was hot and hot.

“Yan Xun…hey…”

The breathless voice sounded, such as the influx of water waves, and I couldn’t hear the emotions inside. I couldn’t tell if I was refusing or welcoming. The hand holding the sword all the year rounded the placket on the chest and slowly slipped in. When he touched the slippery piece on the chest, Chu Qiao’s exclamation in her ear could not stop him, and the breath suddenly became incomparable. In a hurry, the beautiful touch instantly ignited the sensibility of his mind. His hoarse voice echoed A’Chu’s ear, and his dreams were: “A’Chu, I am afraid I can’t help it.”

Chu Qiao has lost the ability to speak. The small mouth is contained, and the voice can only be heard. The teeth of the beak are gently rubbed by the tip of the tongue. There are squeaky electric touches, and the skin is shuddering. The brocade is smooth, the weight of the body is so heavy, but it is also so safe. The clothes slipped off the shoulders, revealing the white shoulders, traveling down the good ceramics under the lights.

Suddenly flashed a thought in my mind, the ghost made a difference, Chu Qiao liberated her mouth, the voice was hoarse like water, murmured and asked: “Yan Xun, Jing Yue’er how old?”

Yan Xun slightly glimpsed, she said that Jing Yue’er is a few years old, not Chu Qiao, but what is the difference? The man who is not aware of the facts has some resentment and looks at her complaint: “A’Chu, you tempted me!”

Chu Qiao pitiful look shook her head: “Where am I?”

“You are so beautiful in front of me, that is to seduce me!” Yan Xun took a deep breath and kissed her tender white ear lobe: “And you are not responsible for every temptation.”

As soon as the body suddenly grew up with a small, tiny chestnut, Chu Qiao couldn’t help but bow herself, but Yan Xun’s mouth was still intermittent: “You… don’t say… reason…”

“I just said so well. There will be no way for you.” Yan Xun silently sighed: “A’Chu, I really want to marry you right away.”

“That’s good.”

Suddenly someone whispered in silence, and when the words were just finished, her face was red. Chu Qiao once buried her head in the quilt. After listening to Yan Xun, she suddenly burst into laughter. The voice was extremely refreshed. Chu Qiao felt that he fainted. How could he look even more impatient than her?

“That can’t be done,” Yan Xun forced her out and hugged her on the leg: “The current Yan Yan is only a thief who is partial to Yanbei. Yanbei is ridiculous and awkward. The Yanbei is ridiculous and unprepossessed. How can I? In the bedroom to welcome my wife? Waited for the war in the east. Yanbei was stable. I would like to build a gold palace to welcome you. I will use the Northwest granary of Daxia as my dedication. My A’Chu must be the whole the most honorable bride on the mainland of Ximeng. It is my unique love of my life.”

Although he had long known his thoughts, suddenly heard him, Chu Qiao was shocked, Yan Xun’s eyes are red, almost falling to tears. She slowly lowered her head and leaned against his shoulder, whispering: “I don’t want anything. I only need to be fine and safe.”

“If You don’t want me, but I can’t help.” Yan Xun smiled and kissed her forehead: “I know how you have been through these years. This is my dream. I have been dreaming for many years. I owe you.” Too much, only for the rest of your life to compensate.”

The heart was like being put in warm water, and the candlelight was gently shrouded. Chu Qiao whispered softly: “Do you still have a deficit between you and me?”

Yan Xun’s face was slightly stunned, his arm was slightly used, and his voice was slightly lower: “You have suffered a lot, I know.”

The fire of the candle slammed, the heavy yarn gauze swayed, the figure was dependent, and the clothes were wandering.

After bathing, Yan Xun did not wear a nightgown but instead wore a casual dress. Chu-Qiao asked with wonder: “What are you going to do?”

Yan Xun picks up a cloak and picks it up on her. She smiles and says, “Send you back to the house.”

“Back to the house?” Chu Qiao, she has been sleeping with Yan Yan in the past few days. In fact, this is nothing. When they were young, they have been sleeping together for many years. They have been sick these days. Staying up late, and often sleeping with her, it is so late today, how can I send her back?

“What? Can’t I?” Yan Xun quipped her, but she said with a sullen expression for a moment: “A ‘Chu, we are not children. These days I can’t sleep at night. awful.”

Chu Qiao’s pretty face was red, and the little ones who saw the left and right all snickered and sneered, and quickly said, “What are you talking about!”

“Don’t laugh, don’t you see A’Chu is shy?” Yan Xun suddenly turned his head and faked the little sisters, but they saw their laughter loudly, and they could only helplessly face Chu Qiao: “Well, they are all. Don’t listen to me.”

“Nonsense, ignore you.”

Chu Qiao turned around to go out to her room, but she listened to Yan Xun’s smile and picked up her from behind. She laughed and said, “Say I’m going to send you back. If you dare to disobey the military order, you really should fight! ”

After Yan Xun left, the room seemed to have cooled. She stayed in his room. Chu Qiao was not sleepy. She remembered the various colors of Fang (means fragrance), and could not help but turn red and could not sleep. He had to sit up and lean against the book. Take out of gods.

When Yan Xun returned, there seemed to be something different. Their relationship became more intimate, but some things changed gradually.

Thinking of Yan Xun’s words, Chu Qiao smiled a little, forget it, maybe she is so hearty, men are like this, no one likes her own woman to fight in the battlefield, he is strong, so he wants to protect himself. She should understand that he is. He hopes that her peaceful and happy life, like the average woman she would drink tea and flowers, wear silk and satin, enjoy the service of people, and lead a life of food and clothing, just to make up for the suffering she had suffered.

Although such a life is not what she wants, she should satisfy his wish and understand his original intention. He is not excluding himself. He just wants to protect himself.

After thinking about it for a while, my heart suddenly became a lot more comfortable. I wanted to sleep. I heard the sound of footsteps outside and pushed open the window. The cold air outside suddenly came, and the rows of lanterns went to the room of Yanyan. Walking very urgently.

“Green Willow!” (means Xiao Liu)

Summoned, Xiao Liu suddenly sneaked into the eyes: “Girl, what?”

“What happened to the outside? So late, how come so many people?”

“Oh, girl, you don’t know. Your Highness wants to call the generals tonight to discuss the military situation overnight. It seems that it is going to formulate an eastern battle plan. The generals of the generals have waited under the porter for quite a while.”

Suddenly, Chu Qiao heard that the wind was blowing out of the window, and she flew up the clothes on her shoulders. Her long hair fluttered in the wind and looked messy and thin.

“Oh, girl, you are just sick, how can you blow it?” Xiao Liu rushed over and closed the window, eagerly said: “Girl? Girl?”

“Ah?” Chu Qiao stunned and said, “Oh, it’s okay, are you going first?”

Xiao Liu has some doubts: “Is the girl really okay?”

“Nothing, you go to sleep.”

“Oh,” Xiao Liu will promise: “The girl also went to bed early.”

The study was brightly lit, and Chu Qiao looked at it for a while, then she opened the quilt and went to bed. Before going to sleep, she thought, Yan Xun was tonight to discuss his military situation and let him come back to sleep? After thinking about it, she feel that she can go back to sleep. They are so noisy there, they must not sleep.

Stupidly caught between half-sleeping and half-awake, suddenly there was an unknown and horrible fear coming from a dream, the heart was like a pontoon, bumping between the waves, ups and downs, but after all, it calmed down a little and calmed down…

When she woke up early in the morning and my head filled with things, she couldn’t fall asleep. On the third day, Yan Xun was leaving. She felt guilty and always felt uneasy. She looked up and washed up in the morning. In Yan’s room, she was told that he had gone to the sunset barracks overnight and had not yet returned.

After returning to the front, he found himself walking in the wrong direction. When he saw the west side of the courtyard where the ice had frozen, he was standing by the pool with a white, unlined, shaggy hair. With a white cheek like a ghost, I heard someone come in a faint turn and there was blood on the forehead, frowning and wondering: “What is this pool of water? Why is it flooded?”

Chu Qiao quickly ran up and pulled her back and angered: “What are you doing?”

“Who are you?” Miss Helian frowned and asked, “Are you from my father?”

Yesterday, I listened to the doctor and said she was irritated and had a problem in her brain. I did not expect it to be so serious. Chuchao was a bit vacant under her heart and had to use her to deceive her: “I am, you went to the house with me, and it was too cold outside.”

“Great!” The only remaining Miss Helian laughed happily, purely pure, like a child: “My father finally came to pick me up, my mother, okay? Brother, okay? I am good.” I want to go home!”

Here is not far from the room, said not nearly close, Chu Qiao took off the big drapes draped over her shoulder and said: “They are all good, just waiting for you, so you have to maintain good health.”

“Well, I listen to you.” Miss Helian replied with a smile.

The two quickly entered the house. With Chu Qiao’s care, it was re-cleaned here yesterday. It is now clean and warm and comfortable. Miss Helian seems to be really stupid. She did not know how to undress when entering the house. Instead, she sat on the couch with a thick coat. She said, “I can listen to you and you can take me home. ?”

Chu Qiao reluctantly sighed, took off the big scorpion, smiled and said: “Not yet, the outside is too cold, you can wait until spring.

“Oh.” Miss Helin nodded silently, obviously frustrated, thinking for a long time, or politely raised her head: “I know, you are right, it is snowing outside, and the horse is afraid of cold.” Pull the car.”

She was really skinny. She remembered what she was like when she came in yesterday. Chu Qiao could not help but feel sad.

“You have to take good care of your body. If you are sick, you can go home. Do you know?”

“Well,” Miss Helian promised, and suddenly leaned over and licked her ear, very mysteriously said: “I see you are good, I tell you a secret.”

Chu Qiao stunned and said: “What secret?”

“Actually, this is all wicked outside.”

Chu Qiao said: “Well?”

“Well, it’s all.” Miss Helian lowered her head and looked around carefully. It seemed that she was standing around with people. He said: “The soldiers who wear iron pieces are bad people.”

However, in an instant, He Lian straightened her waist and said with great courage. “But you don’t have to be scared. The gods will protect me. You are good to me. Then I will protect you.”

There was no logic in talking to her. Chu Qiao felt like she was crazy, but she still asked, “God?”

“Yeah!” He Lian Ling smiled and said proudly: “You haven’t seen it before. Heavenly soldiers will, I have seen it, but I can’t tell others that if I want to be condemned, I can only secretly talk to you. Said, that day will like me, he still hugged me, when I go home, he will come to mention, I can marry him.”

When she finished, she yawned and cleverly climbed into the bed and said, “I am going to sleep. I can see him as soon as I sleep.”

Chu Qiao stood up and looked at her with sympathy. The elder lady who was standing tall in the past fell down to this point. Who would have thought of it? Just listening to her muttering, “You bully me, Heavenly Soldiers will kill you all” and so on, while slowly falling asleep, Chu Qiao shook her head and turned to leave the room.

After the meal, Yan Xun still didn’t come back. She had nothing to do with his free time. She sat down before the bookcase, and his mind began to analyze the distribution of the strength of Daxia after the battle of the Northern Expedition. The intelligence logistic weapons of the two parties were many. In contrast, a combat map naturally begins in the mind.

The last time the Northern Expedition was fought, Yan Xun would use the cavalry to cross the blockade line for the Great Summer. Until now, Chu Qiao has only scratched the surface.

In terms of overall strength, Yanbei’s Empire versus Great Summer is far inferior. Whether it is from troop strength, from weapons, from the supply of grain, from the generals, or from intelligence, from the regime system, from the stability of the rear, Yanbei is the impoverished field of ruins.. If it is a positive collision, even if Yan Xun attacks the Meilin Pass in accordance with the original strategic approach, Yu Xie defends the second line of defense in Lancheng City, and Beibei has also replaced the wise generals. The result may only be the number of nothing. At least for three or five months, it will never be as it is now, but it will end the war in half a month. From this point of view, Yanbei is a great blessing.

The only negligence in Daxia may have been the sending of the Quartet and the coalition at the same time. They intended to be good. They hoped to use a powerful force to defeat Yanbei in one fell swoop, deter the Northwestern princes, and rebuild the imperial majesty. However, as a result, in addition to logistical supplies, the army did not have a second rear line, and the four army formations were all in power. They did not have unified coaches, and they braved the fact that their own soldiers were more likely to be more widespread. Dare to step out of the city and take the initiative to approach, is based on a full range of offensive mode, blockade is not strict. Yan Hao, relying on near-perfect strategic intelligence, took the army from the blockade gap between the four army regiments and entered the Greater Xia inland quietly. He not only played in the chaos but also occupied the northwestern provinces. . And to think about it, when Prince Yan Xun’s army was killed from the east and Zhao Qi’s army was cut off, Xia Monarch was a kind of panic, and suddenly saw such a ferocious force, they did not know what happened in the country. This kind of fear is the biggest flaw in marching and it suddenly appears in an army that can absolutely cause the transformation of the entire army. In particular, Yan Xun  also cleverly did not seal the escape route of their escape. In this way, they did not have to fight against each other. Without the resolve to fight deadly, the soldiers fled for their lives and gave Yan Xun the opportunity to pursue the massacre at a very small cost. Otherwise, more than 400,000 troops will fight together to resist and Yanbei may not have good food.

Of course, if one of these rings does not do well, it is possible to destroy the entire Yanbei.

First, if Yan Xun enters the Great summer, as long as he is being scouted by a scout team, then he will suddenly fall into a lonely and embarrassed situation. Without a city and a foothold, he will fall into the mad smash of the Daxia Army and send it off. Hundreds of thousands of lives of the First Army and the Japanese Army.

Second, if Chu Qiao first occupied Chidu City, and transferred the surname of Yanbei in the northwest to the northwest, and defended the city, then Zhao Yang would break the Chidu, split the army into two, and all the way to cooperate with Zhao Qi to attack Beibei. Into the encirclement, all the way into the Yanbei inland. And if Zhao Yang really enters the Yanbei inland, it will be the emptiness of Yanbei troops, then he will most likely quickly suspect the whereabouts of Yan Xun and the First Army, and the lonely army of Yan Yan will also fall into The embarrassing situation, but also the entire Yanbei as a price. However, after Chu Qiao shunned the Red Cross for many days, Zhao Yang also knew that Zhao Qi would be difficult for him, so he had to take the whole army to support Zhao Qi, and he could no longer have the power to divide the power.

Third, if Yan Xun did not return to Yanbei, or came back late, then Yanbei naturally does not protect, of course, if so, Yan Yan may also occupy the city of Zhenhuang.

The truth is so wonderful.

For Yan Xun to easily occupy the northwestern continent of the great summer, Chu Qiao has always been suspicious. Let’s not say that the officials in the northwest are all appointed by the summer. They say that the tens of millions of northwestern surnames and hundreds of thousands of northwestern local troops can let others occupy their homes. But then she thought about it and she was relieved.

The northwest area is a grassland. Only one of the thirty-one cities, located in the Helan Mountain, except for a plain near the East River, is basically the territory of the Batuha family. This place has been a place of war and chaos since ancient times. In the past few years, people were still cautious and civilized. The Helan Mountain generation still responded with a lot of enthusiasm. It can be seen that the Batuha family is not properly governing. Moreover, Yancheng City had a very high prestige that year and spread throughout the northwest China. Later she listened to Yan Xie and said that they actually played only four games, and they had not even visited several cities. It was the local people and the volunteers who initiated the concept of righteousness and then surrendered. This really made Chu Qiao unprepared. It seems that the slavery system in Daxia really reached the end. Even if there is no war with Yan Hao, the people will sooner or later get up. Rebellious.

Thinking about it, Xiao Liu and the wind rushed in while smiling, and Lu Liu, holding a sign in his hand, met Chu Qiao and smiled and said, “Girl, look at what this is?”

When Chu Qiao looked at him, she looked up and saw that it was a plate of a longevity. The name and her position in the army were engraved on her face. The following are numerous small words, all of which are blessings for longevity.

“My longevity card?” Chu Qiao said with a smile: “Who are you doing? Are you happy?”

Xiao Liu: “What, it is Feng Mian to buy.”

“Buy? How can someone sell this thing?”

“You don’t know this,” said the age of the wind is still small. After Feng Mian’s departure, Yan Xun retired and said: “Now the girl is a savior from Beibei, and the people are almost family members. The rank of the hand of a girl was enshrined in the morning and evening. The loyalty church in the south of the city fell, and a large number of people recently voluntarily paid for the building. But the statue of the girl was placed on it, and it was right next to the Yan old prince, and this was the first time. People are loyal to righteousness, and small business hawkers are seeing profitability. They have made the girl’s longevity tablets and Ping’an Yupei outside selling. Even the army’s people bought Yupei to carry it with them.”

Chu Qiao heard a slight glimpse, but there was no happiness in the imagination of Lu ZhiLu and Xiao Liu, but gradually frowned. After a long time, she only asked in a deep voice: “In addition to my qualifying position, they still sold. Sell ​​someone else?”

The wind saw her look serious and a little anxious. He whispered: “There are also, but the clay figurines of Lu Zhilu adults who sell the Second Army. The surnames are taken home and burned in the stove, or thrown into the pit.”

“Girl, are you okay?” Xiao Liu whispered.

Chu Qiao shook his head: “It’s okay, you go down first, that thing, burned or thrown, don’t let it go.”

“Well.” The two agreed, and turned and went out.

Chu Qiao has some uneasiness in his heart. This time, Yan Xun came to trick Zhao Che to save Zhao Qi and save the North from the fire. She had no idea when he wanted to give up Yanbei’s move. It is reasonable to say that people should be grateful to him. Why does Yanbei’s surname not appreciate it?

There is a problem here. It seems that we need to study it.

Chu Qiao frowned, his reputation was so high, Yan Xun was better, it should not be more than the heart, but others may not be.

It seems that there is a need to do more things for Yan Xun to create momentum. She thinks that it is right not to intervene in the military. Thinking about it, she suddenly felt a hint of cold. Do you know these things? If he knows, will he be removed from the military? Will there be other considerations? However, when she thought of this, she immediately dismissed the idea, shook her head and laughing ridiculously. It seemed that she really had more to talk to Helian.

At dinner time, Yan Yan finally came back. Chu Qiao hurriedly ran out after hearing it. He looked at him from the side of the gallery, smiling and warm, a white fox, looking gorgeous.

Yan Xun strode over and was about to take her hand. Suddenly, she stepped back and slammed her hand and said, “The hand is cold, don’t let you catch a cold.”

Chu Qiao smiled and took his hand, helped him to lick it, and let his mouth sigh, then smiled and asked: “How come back so early?”

“I am leaving soon, I want to spend more time with you.”

Chu Qiao looked up and smiled, accompanied him to the main room, and said, “Hungry?”

“have you eaten?”

“No, just waiting for you?”

Yan Xun raised his eyebrows: “Why don’t you eat first, don’t tell you not to wait for me?”

Chu Qiao rarely sprinkled a little Jiao: “I don’t eat well.”

The two of them went to gossip and left. At this moment, they suddenly screamed at someone in the northwest. Then a figure rushed forward.

“God! It is a god! Are you coming to see me?”

Miss Helian rushed up and was stopped by the guards. She was in a mess and she tried to rush in and shouted, “It’s me! It’s me!”

She is now leaned off like a girl, Yan Xun slightly puzzled, looked at her with a frown, did not actually speak for a moment.

“She is Miss Helian, she is sick, her head is not clear, you let them not hurt her.”

Chu Qiao said quickly, Yan Xun nodded: “You send her back, don’t hurt her.”

After that, he turned and left. Chu Qiao followed him. He could hear Miss Helian screaming when he was still far away. She was not a little bit of a taste, nor did she know what it meant and was sympathetic? Mercy? Or is there a hint of jealousy? Really terrible, she actually ate vinegar to such a person.

Yan Xun did not sleep the night before and looked very tired. After dinner, Chu Qiao laid a bed for him and returned to the room. In the middle of the night, when someone suddenly heard someone shouting outside, it was a woman’s voice.

Xiao Liu also heard and ran out in a suit and went back and said: “The girl, the lady who was mad at the Westlake House, ran out to the court of His Royal Highness and shouted. Her Highness woke up and told me. Let you not worry, sleep well, he will deal with.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded, and her heart was slightly uneasy. This Miss He Lian was also a poor man. She did not know if the soldiers would hurt her, but she did not plan to go out and think about it. Or do you care more about the phrase “He still hugged me?”

Chu Qiao secretly ridiculed his own careful eyes, right: “In the morning, please bring the doctor, give the lady a look, a good person, can not always be so crazy.”

Turned over and fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Yan Xun left the house as usual. For so many years, Chu Qiao was so carefree for the first time that he had so much free time. She felt that she had a lot of fat. When he looked in the mirror, she had to grow her double chin. I couldn’t help but feel depressed. After thinking about it, I still went out and walked around. I didn’t call it Xiao Liu but I walked alone.

The weather is fine, although it is cold, it is not afraid to wear it. When I walk to the Meiyuan in the west, the sky begins to float with light snow and piles up on the ground floor, and the foot is stepping on it, making a creaking sound. Everything is quiet, the snow is mixed with white, the heavy flower trees compete for beauty, and there is a miscellaneous place. Chu Qiao walks in the snow, and a white scorpion hides the white plum, which seems to be hidden from the shadows.

The weather is good, and my mood is relieved. Such days are actually very good. If there is no war in the east, I would like to be more satisfied.

I don’t know how HeLian is going. Xiao Liu will find a doctor in the morning and don’t know how to say it. It’s still good to have a look in the past. After all, she and the Jing family sisters still have some friends, and in the end, it is also a poor woman.

As I was thinking, a short sound suddenly came from the west door, and it was quite remote. The door was followed by the house’s stables. In order to prevent the beasts from disturbing the owner’s sleep at night, the horses were quite far away from the main house. Yan Xun is now not in the government. Who will use the horse?

Looking forward to seeing it, I suddenly saw three little beggars coming out. They carried a mat and the other guarded it. A few of them did not see Chu Qiao.

One-person: “It’s a pity that it’s so pretty to be so cold. It’s so cold.”

Another person said: “What a pity, you didn’t hear her screaming in front of the house next night. I heard that the girl was alarmed. The girl just got sick, with the temper of His Royal Highness, it was not good to cut it on the spot. Besides, even if it is closed, she will not have a fire, and she should die.”

The person walking on one side was rather old and over fifty years old. He heard a sigh. “I heard that this girl was crazy after being arrested by General Cao Dajun’s barracks. People are crazy. Where is the fire, oh, poor see.”

“You are the only uncle. If you give her money to bury her, it will be her good fortune.

The old man shook his head and said: “It can’t be said either. His Highness was in a hurry in the morning, and he never gave orders.”

“Well, your Highness knows who she is. Except for the girl, other women’s orders are in the eyes of His Royal Highness. That is not life.”

“Well, this matter will stop there. No one will say anything out of it, especially the girl’s sisters.”


As the crowd moved further and further away, Chu Qiao stood there and shivered slightly. Farther away, he could see the hair from under the mat, black and black.

The snow is getting bigger and bigger. After a short while, there is half a foot deep. Chu Qiao stands there. I just feel that the weather is cold and the blood is almost frozen. She remembered the mysterious look of God when Helian Ling spoke to her yesterday. Suddenly she felt as if she had been pinned for a moment, and she was living in pain.

“I can only secretly tell you that that day will love me. He still holds me. When I get home, he will come to mention his family and I will marry him.”

“It’s crazy.”

Chu Qiao murmured, the voice was cold and clear, I do not know why she suddenly remembered in the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties encountered the little girl called the Xing’er. The child was fat, with two small braids, her eyes were black and round, and she smiled. There are also two small dimples.

When she returned to the room, she was almost frozen, and Xiao Liu was looking for her everywhere. She was mad. When she came back to tears, she fell and ran and cried: “Girl, where are you going? Did you die?”

Chu Qiao shook her head and her lips were almost rigid and would not move.

“Let me sleep.”

When she wakes up, her throat hurts. With her experience, she immediately knew that she was sick again. Yan Xun was dressed up and looked like a servant. He was mad at the Xiao Liu people. He was very angry and said: “Is one of them dead?”

We all shuddered on the floor and trembled, so scared that we were all white and sobbing, but we didn’t dare to cry.

Chu Qiao opened her mouth and tried to call his name. However, he did not call out for a moment but only made a husky voice. Yan Xun listened quickly and turned back to see her awake and approached her hand and frowned. : “You wake up, do you feel better, hungry?”

Chu Qiao tried several times and finally could make a sound, but it was ugly: “It’s none of their business.”

Yan Xun turned to look at us coldly and calmly: “Not yet get out!”

They suddenly disappeared without a trace.

“A’Chu, how are you doing this time? How can I go with confidence?”

Yan Hao reluctantly sighed, looking a little pale, he is also injured in the body, before the knife by Zhao Che, hurt the vitality, overwork will commit, but he is tough, but always repulsed. Now that he had just experienced wars and had gone through an acute march, these days he worked so hard and saw him go to the front to direct his operations. If it weren’t for air, there would have been a long time ago.

Chu Qiao felt a little distressed, reached out and stroking his thin outline, and said in a mute voice, “You have lost a lot.”

Yan Xun smiled mildly: “I don’t care.”

He picked up a bowl of soup on a warm fire, and the child said in general: “Achu, drink the medicine, and after I am sick, I will take you to the fire thunder and hunt the wild horse.”

Chu Qiao frowned: “The medicine is very bitter.”


Chu Qiao helplessly opened his mouth, Yan Xun a spoonful of a spoonful of feeding, bitter and unbearable, it is better to drink it with a head. The snow outside the window is big again. The weather in Yanbei is really like the child’s face. It says that it will change, and it will be a little storm.

After drinking the medicine, Chu Qiao ate two candied fruit and looked up and asked, “How are you prepared? Are you leaving?”

Yan Xun nodded: “Well, almost, Mr. Wu and Zhong Yu have arrived.”

“Do not worry, you should take care of your illness, don’t worry about me.”

Chu Qiao still does not trust: “Be careful, don’t get hurt.”

Yan Xun smiled helplessly: “Achu, how good.”

“Right, last night was the lady of the Helian family. It was a lot of noise.”

The girl looked unintentionally, and frowned slightly, seemingly angry at being awakened last night. Yan Xun is still gentle, and his face is not changed. He gently pulls the quilt for Chu Qiao, calmly said: “She is a sick person, don’t be angry with such people, I have sent The person sent her out, and you won’t see her again in the future.”

Chu Qiao suddenly gave birth to a glimmer of hope, but deliberately asked: “Are you finding a doctor to cure this disease?”

“It doesn’t necessarily cure, but it’s always good to try.”

Yan Xun stood up and put the warm tea in a place where Chu Qiao could reach out and said, “I have something to do with you tonight and I will not stay with you. You will have a good night’s sleep.”

Chu Qiao nodded his head and said, with a small mouth, and said with a smile: “You are also resting early.”


The figure of the man disappeared in the room, the candle was burning, and there was warm and dry air everywhere. Chu Qiao lay there, her heart was cold, and the footsteps outside came toward her room. Her eyes were blurred. The nose was blocked and the footsteps were getting closer. Chu Qiao was covered with a quilt, covering his mouth little by little, covering his nose, covering his eyes and burying his entire head.

“Girl?” Xiao Liu came over, strangely called: “How do you cover your head to sleep? There are charcoal fire in the house, you are so easy to spoil.”

See Chu Qiao did not respond, Xiao Liu reached out and tried to rip the quilt down, but found there was a great deal of strength in the squatting, and Xiao Liu suddenly stunned, carefully asked: “Girl? What’s wrong with you?” 

The people inside didn’t speak. After a long time, we quit one by one, and the night gradually deepened. Tonight there is no moon, only the blazing candlelight, silently shining in this huge room, the soft light cast in the fire on the quilt, shone a shallow light.


CHAPTER 143 Monarch heart pleased


The clean and empty Qing Yuan Temple is  located between the lotus ponds of Shili, and is built into the water pavilion with the best Nanmu (means Chinese cedar wood). The lake is surrounded by green and blue water, Qingshui (means clean water) Chengbi (clear green jade), and the bamboo curtains are half-open and half-volume. Yajie (means elegant and pure) Ruolan (seems like orchid) has no lotus in this season. But the palace’s maid’s housewife made the lotus leaf flowers with the white color and the two colors of the lotus flower, let them float on the water. From afar, the wind moved over the leaves, and the lotus leaf was tilted. It was like the real, the view of the Huai-Song Palace. Beautiful, comparable to Sui and Bian Tang of JinWu.

The Qinyuan temple was being renovated and rebuilt. Nalan Hongye moved the chapel to the Chingyuan Palace. After the early morning and the morning, she opened the curtain and slowly walked out. However, Nalan Hongyi sat on the golden chair of the dragon chair. Sitting, dragging a long trace of saliva on his chin, his voice fainting, apparently has been sleeping for a long time.

I remembered the eyes of the courtiers when they left. The long princess’s eyebrows could not help but pick up. The little eunuch saw the shoulders of the pusher’s red dragonfly and carefully shouted: “The emperor? The emperor?”

The young emperor woke up vaguely and frowned and was about to get angry. Suddenly he saw the eldest sister standing in front of him and suddenly he was afraid and stood up and tweaked his eyes and whispered, “Sister Huang.”

he people in the main hall have all gone down. Only Nalan Hongye’s younger brother and a close-knit little eunuch, Nalan gently frowned, her tone was very calm, but she had an inexplicable tension. She slowly said. : “Did the emperor told you that you can’t sleep in the hall?”

The emperor lowered his head, like a child who had been caught in a bad thing, muttered: “Say… said.”

“Why then why?”

The young emperor bowed his head and confessed the mistake: “Sister Huang, I was wrong.”

Nalan Hongye’s brow raised: “Isn’t your sister told you how to call yourself?”

“Well?” The young emperor had a red look and couldn’t seem to understand the meaning of the princess. The eunuch quickly whispered something in his ear and the emperor suddenly nodded and said: “Sister Huang, I, oh no, It’s wrong, you know it’s wrong.”

“If you know you are wrong, go back and read the moral record ten times, and don’t eat it without copying it.”

“Ah?” The emperor’s face suddenly fell down. Nalan didn’t even look at it. He turned and walked out. The hall was empty and the sun was shining well. The wind blew on all sides, and he swept over the bamboo curtain and swept the golden curtain. The bell rang and the bell rang. Nalan’s dark blue suit ran over the thick floor and embroidered the bird’s pattern. The gold thread was shining and the stitches were fine. The privilege and dignity of the royal family were everywhere.

“Princess,” said Aunt Yun, who was outside and saw her quickly trotting up and trotting her up for a soft cloak. Now, even in November, even if the Huai-Song climate is mild, it is already cold in the morning and evening.

“Princess, go back to the palace?”

Nalan shook her head. Today, the people of Changling Wang and Jinjiang Wang are unknown and evasive. They have to hide a lot of things in the East China Sea. They have to guard against it. She said in a deep voice: “Chen Xuan Mo came into the palace, I have something to do with him. Talk it over.”

“Yes.” Yun Aunt quickly promised, and asked: “Princess, is the Qingyuan Temple see Xuan Wangye? This, the emperor still…”

Aunt Yun replied, and Nalan followed her and turned to look back. In the large palace, there was a silence and drowsy. The dark wooden floors spread across the room. The more the walls of the room were more dense and indifferent. The young emperor sat alone on the steps, pulling his head, the crown of bright beads hanging On both sides, the light flashes through, the sun shines through the bead curtain, and it has a glare of brilliance. Following the light of the road, you can even see the dust flying in the air. The bright yellow robes reflect the gloom of his look. Like a child who is ignored.

However, his sadness and sadness will only be due to the fact that he has to copy ten times of “Moral Records”, not because of the flooding in Qiubei, not because of the thieves of the East China Sea, not because of the lawsuit of the Criminal Division but because of the disputes in the hall. As long as he has copied the chapter, he will let go of his heart, eat and sleep, and have no worries, happy days, even if he shoulders the responsibility of a country.

Nalan couldn’t tell whether the state of mind was joy or sadness. It was like an awkward snow drifting in the heart. She stood upright, looking at the waves of blue water, blooming flowers like mist, floating in the air, and blowing winds full of pool clear waves. The sound of the music and the bamboo of the music hall, under the decoration of singing and dancing, is a bit of pale and full of splendour.

“Go to the Green Palace.”

In the evening, Chen Xuan Mo left the palace, and Aunt Yun took the palace ladies to pick up the food that had already been prepared. Nalan had a bad appetite, but ate a few mouthfuls. Suddenly, there were footsteps coming out of the door. The people seemed to run, and while they panted, they shouted: “His Royal Highness! Princess Royal is not good!”

“What happened?” Nalan’s eyebrows picked up, and Aunt Yun’s rushed out to ask. However, the eunuch had not waited for Yun’s aunt to ask, and he ran straight in, covered with tears, slammed on the ground and cried aloud:

“His Royal Highness, it’s not good! The emperor had just climbed the roof of the Yile Palace to play and accidentally fell!”


The afterglow of the sun will stain the court with a layer of blood. The palace is heavily guarded. There are patrols and card whistle everywhere. The palace gates are all closed. No one is allowed to come in and out. The pilgrimage has reached most of the time. The blue dynasty is full of black pressure. The low-lying heads, when they came in, gradually lifted up, their eyes were different, and the cold sunset outside the temple was noisy, fear, fear, jealousy, disdain, anger, forbearance, everything, and rushed to leak. Out, and then return to calm, once again hang down.

Nalan wore a dark purple gold and silver moire satin shirt, and a large and complex rose embroidered her delicate and elegant collar. The more her neck was slender and white, the face was very dignified. She walked step by step to the temple of Mo Ji, surrounded by the cold air. At the front end of the courtiers of Jinjiang Wang Station, she saw her hurriedly stepping forward two steps, but was pushed by a young man in a dark blue robes, almost falling down.

Xuan Mo eyes were anxious, and a few steps forward, all of them ignored the angry eyes of Jinjiang Wang, and they grabbed them in a few steps, but they stopped talking.

“How is the emperor?”

Nalan said quietly, her expression was very calm, he could not see any weakness or fluctuations in the collapse, and the eyes that came from all directions suddenly showed a hint of disappointment. Xuan Mo shook his head, and divinely said: “The imperial doctor said that he had already returned to Heaven. Princess, you go in and see.”

At that time, the heart suddenly hung up, but unfortunately it did not fall in the distance. Every pair of eyes looked at her with a sharp thorn. Nalan suddenly remembered the night when his father died many years ago and is still unfamiliar. In time for the ceremony, still this kind of kungfu vision, is still such a sloping rain pulse. It is cold and cold. It is still breathing hard, but it still sucks slowly. Then she swallows it, swallows it, and swallows all the emotions. In the sense of already dying for pain.

She slowly took her steps and crossed the crowd. The ladies on both sides opened the curtains. She walked into the magnificent shrine.

The golden light tinged her eyes, she was close to the corner of her lips, passing through the heavy shackles, the heat in the temple, the heat was so breathless, her brother was lying wide, the face was white. Miserable but eyes are bright and amazing, he lay flat, his eyes are deep, his cheeks are black, his lips are cracked, and his head is red blood.

The eyelids suddenly became so hot, but they stopped in their lives. They looked in every direction. Her hands were slightly trembling, and she wanted to reach out and didn’t know where to touch. She had to whisper. child?”

The emperor heard the voice and slowly turned around. At first sight, he was cowering and scared. The voice was dumb, but he was still trying to explain: “Sister Huang, I, I haven’t finished yet. …”

When the eyes were hot, almost falling into tears, Nalan sat on the bedside, reached down and held his shoulder, whispered: “Don’t write, the Queen will not punish you again.”

“Really?” The young emperor’s eyes suddenly glowed with brilliance. He was happy to ask, like a healthy and disease-free person: “Really, Sister?”

The moment Nalan remembered her father’s death a few years ago, Nalan’s heart was a large piece of ​​cold slab, and she nodded at her lips: “Well, Sister Huang spoke.”

“That’s great!”

The emperor lay back flat and looked straight down at the top of the bed. The layers were often embroidered with golden dragons and dragon claws, like monsters that wanted to kill and be addicted.

“That’s great, then I can…can…”

After all, he didn’t say anything. The emperor’s eyes were very different. He never seemed to have such an awkward gaze in his life. He straightened his neck, his face was hot and flushed, and he clutched Nalans Hand. He want to say anything, but it seems to be stuck in a fishbone throat. It can only be broken, and she can’t say it.

The doctors suddenly rushed forward, and the crowd was swaying in front of the black pressure. When they were young, they accompanied the little eunuch around the emperor and cried on the ground and shouted: “Emperor! Emperor!”

“What do you want to say to the emperor?” Nalan slammed her head and looked red, and said to the little eunuch: “Do you know?”

“Princess…” The little eunuch squatted on the ground and seemed to be scared. He replied with sorrow: “The emperor climbed the top of tile, saying that he wanted to see what the palace looked like. The emperor said that he never went out. Over, the emperor… the emperor…”

Sadness rose from the chest, like cold snow, rushing all over the body, the doctors panicked, Nalan red face flushed, still hoarse repeating: “Can… can…”

Nalan seized the emperor’s hand: “Oh, when you’re sick, Emperor Sister will take you out of the house!”

A trace of joy slipped past the emperor’s eyes, and he closed his mouth, only looking bright and bright to his sister. His eyes were clear and black and white, like a child who hadn’t grown up yet.

Suddenly, the hand clutching Nalan’s sleeve suddenly loosened, the breath ceased, and the head fell heavily, giving a dull sound.


“The emperor!”

The great sorrow suddenly rang outside the temple in the temple, and a long, deadly bell rang through the entire court. The last light of the setting sun disappeared. The earth broke into the night, the white lanterns were hung, and people cried everywhere. And sorrow, but, how many of these are true, how many are false, and no one can tell.

“Holy Death”

The insider’s sharp and long drive sounded, and Nalan Hongye stood outside the crowd. In front of him was a large tearful crying old minister. They were divided into various factions, and they were surrounded by sorrows. There are so many people, but she still feels that the hall is empty, the setting sun is falling, the white moon rises, and the pale light follows the window that is pulled up on her thin back, like the cold snow, so cold, so piercing.

The Emperor Song died and the whole nation was sad. In January, he was not allowed to marry. Everyone was dressed up as an unsophisticated monk. The cold wind rolled with wormwood, and when the northwest war was about to begin, Huai Song country was lost and the military exercises that had been assembled at the border to help Yanbei constrain the military force in the Great Summer were forced to stop. Huai Song Kingdom became a bleak country.

After Emperor Mingren went, Nalan Hongye read the will, and the eldest son Nalan and Qing were in the throne, and the year was changed to Mingde.

However, on the night of the death of the emperor, Nalan could not afford to be seriously ill. The hard work of many years was like a sudden fire. It burned all her minds fiercely. The moment she stepped out of the Moji Temple, there was blood. Rushed to the throat, almost squirting out, her footsteps slightly stunned, Aunt Yun  quickly stepped forward to hold her arm, the left and right are all uncertain officials, she knows that this blood, she can not spit, so she is hard Swallowing, disgusting want to vomit, but still quietly push the aunt’s arm.

There was no one in Nalan vein. Today, except the sick mother, a child under the age of one year left her alone. The genealogy of Nalan’s ancestors, 10,000 ares, once again landed on her shoulder. Therefore, she cannot fall down, she cannot be weak, and she can not even cry. If she falls, Nalan’s family of thousands of years will collapse.

She was strong and self-propelled, and she read a will to read and write. She told them to arrange things in order to stabilize the people’s minds. Then she went back to her temple and took a light for a sit-in. The candle crept into tears, and her eyes gradually became empty and cold, but no tears poured out.

The emperor’s offensives were all handed over to Anling Wang and Xuan Mo and his son. On the second day, local guard officials sent people to the condolence ceremony in the capital. Nalan took the palace and coordinated everything. Although the emperor died, the Prince was established early. The princess of Nalan, who is still in the pole, is a dramatic change that has not occurred.

On the second day, Nalan led people to the Empress Cui’s palace and wanted to take the new emperor to Taimiao. However, before he entered the temple, he saw a sharp knife. Xuan Mo pulled out his sword and opened the blade, blocking the front of the Nalan. The guards around him were shocked. Someone shouted “Assassin” and was about to rush into the temple, listening to the sound of the Queen’s voice : “I will kill you! I will kill you!”

Empress Cui Yuru rushed out of her hair and held it in one hand. She was holding the child in one hand and the other hand was holding a pair of scissors. Her eyes were red and her voice was husky: “You wife! You killed the emperor, and now you have to harm my child.” I will kill you! I will kill you!”

Nalan looked pale and her lips were close enough. Aunt Yun quickly shouted, “What kind of nonsense are you talking about, Empress?”

“I have no sense! I know it!”

Empress Cui sneers: “You am an ambitious woman. You want to be an emperor. So you killed the emperor. Now you have to kill my child again. I won’t let you succeed!”

Nalan suddenly felt very tired, the sun was so glaring, this place was full of angry curses everywhere, she turned coldly, just a faint command: “The Empress is inconvenient, cannot raise the emperor, the emperor will bring go.”

Xuan Mo respectfully replied: “Yes, what about the Empress?”

When the emperor died and the court was in a state of instability, the father of Cui Weiru was too brave. If she was the Empress Dowager, the power of her expatriates immediately rose. Not to mention Cui Taizhen was the teacher of Jinjiang Wang…

“The Empress is very profound and righteous. He will go with the emperor and give her poison and wine, and you will send her on the road.”

The sun was dazzling, but in the northwest, there was a large dark cloud. The curse rang louder behind me. Nalan looked up and secretly thought it was going to rain.


The strong spirit of dealing with the affairs of the former dynasty, when the return from the front hall is already late at night, after Xuan Mo left, a few times to stop and say, but finally helplessly sigh, before leaving, said: “People can not be resurrected, the princess should  relax her mind, don’t grieve and get hurt.”

Nalan nodded, and it was very official: “Xuan Wang has worked hard.”

“Yeah!” Xuan Mo did not answer, but it was only a long sigh, Princess Nalan, looked up, but he saw her face has been a little more desolation, and finally whispered: “Princess take care of your body and give it to the ministry to do it.

After saying that he turned and left, Xuan Mo’s shadow appeared to be indifferent and loneliness under the moonlight.

When I returned to the temple, I could hear the voice of the child cry. The baby girl was holding Qinger while the child was still crying and the little face was red. In two days, he lost his parents, and his mother was personally handed by her own aunt. If the child grows up and knows all this, I don’t know if she will hate her.

Under the long window, thinking alone, the moon is bright and bright, like a jade plate, clear and venting, a bright.

Aunt Yun will hold Qinger and smile carefully and say: “Princess, the emperor smiled.”

Nalan hugged the child, and she saw him staring at her with black and white eyes, tearing his mouth and laughing very happy. The full heart could not help but slowly dissipate. She picked up the child and looked at his familiar eyebrows, and immediately remembered her brother.

When he was alive, she occasionally had grievances and hatred that God did not gave her a man’s body, but she was an idiot, did not understand the hardships and did not distinguish between affairs, and plainly misunderstood the years of the Huai Song Dynasty. However, she is a splendid talent, but she is a daughter. After many years of hard work, she still has to be crowned with the notoriety of dictatorship. Until she went, she realized that they were one, and they were all ruined. Only Hung Hom, she can stabilize the Song Dynasty and support the threshold of Nalan.

Ok, there are good children.

She looked down and looked at the young child. She couldn’t help but feel a sore eyes, and he was good. Now Nalan, they are left with only two of them.

“Princess, how lovely you look at the little holy shrine!”

Aunt Yun aunt touched the emperor’s little face with a smile. Qinger seemed to be happy. He was waving a white fat little hand and giggled. He looked at Nalan with dark eyes and seemed to understand what she thought. (Qinger is a boy here)

At this time, just listening to the “bang” sound of a crisp sound, Nalan and Aunt Yun aunt were shocked, looked back together, I saw was actually a palace lady overthrew the tea ceremony.

Aunt Yun ranted: “Useless! Frightened the emperor and princess, careful your life!”

Nalan also slightly frowned, gently patted Qinger’s sister, for fear that he was scared. However, he was still smiling, but he didn’t seem afraid at all.

Aunt Yun smiled and said: “Princess, you see how courage of the emperor, when you grow up, you must be a good emperor, a wise god.”

Nalan also smiled a little, but her smile didn’t slip to the bottom of her eyes, but she suddenly looked awkward and her face brushed white.

Aunt Yun asked incomprehensiblely: “Princess, what happened?”

Nalan’s hands and feet were cold, and he comforted himself over and over again, but he quickly sent the child to the aunt of Yun’s aunt, then stood aside and took a slap in the face.


A crackling sound rang into the child’s ear, but the child did not realize it. He stretched out the fat little hand to catch the button on the aunt’s robes, and giggled.

Nalan was anxious, and she kept slaping her eyes and her eyes were red. She called and said, “Qing Er! Qing Er! Look here, this is aunt!”

However, after all, the child did not turn his head. He screamed and yawned, then leaned his head on the aunt of Yun’s aunt and closed his eyes and slept.

“Clear children, don’t sleep! Qinger, this is aunt!”


Aunt Yun, already burst into tears, yelled and groaned on the ground, crying: “You are not answering, not answering!”

Nalan looked excited. She grabbed Aunt Yun’s shoulder and yelled, “What’s going on? What’s going on here?”

Aunt Yun’s face was full of tears and cried: “I saw it when the child just came back. It came to the doctor in the Empress Palace. He was tortured and tortured. He said that the Queen had already known it. Didn’t say, she was afraid that once she said it, the child could not be a prince. It has been cured for the past year, but this disease is brought by the mother’s womb and cannot be cured…”

Nalan only felt that the sky was turning, the Qinger is a blind man, and the Qinger is a blind man! This fact completely defeated her whole person, as if the person floating in the deep sea was taken out of the next floating board, the forbearance and sorrow of many days, like a huge flood, the throat is sweet, one warm blood of the stock spurted out, all over the clothes!

“Princess! Princess!”

Aunt Yun was shocked and put down the emperor to help her. Qing Er was suddenly fell  on the ground, opened his eyes and looked puzzled, and began to cry loudly. We rushed in and there was a chaos in the room. Aunt Yun shouted, “Transmitting the imperial doctor! Passing the imperial doctor!”

Nalan was dizzy, and there was only one sentence in his mind that echoed repeatedly: Tian Li (means Heaven law) to find  retribution was not good.

Yes, she killed Empress Cui Yuru, but the queen also left her with a great disaster. (It seems that Nalan Hongye is not just a royal princess but a Royal Regent that has the authority  over the Empress Dowager and the young emperors. In this sentence it has been mentioned she killed the Empress Dowager who is already deposed. Who is next to the Huai Song throne?)

If she knew it well, she wouldn’t worry about the unwillingness of Hung Hom. She would enrich him with more harems and give birth to childbirth. It wouldn’t be as dead as she is today. But now, everything is too late.

Her tears finally squatted down and could no longer be controlled. Her mouth was crimson and crying: “The father, father, and sons and sons deserve to be guilty of death!”

Several times she woke up and was full of people around her. Nalan Hongye had kept her eyes closed. For the first time in five years, she was headstrong for the first time, and she wanted to sleep on it, and she ignored everything. Gradually, however, the surroundings slowly calmed down and a figure stood in front of her, and she had not left for a long time.

With her eyes open, the moonlight has penetrated the carved silk window and spilled it on the bookstand. The Buddha’s voice from the temple was passed through the tall and heavy palace walls along the cold wind and spread to her ear. In this way, it reminds her when it is now, what kind of place it is.

“The emperor’s deafness, the minister has already fallen, and no one in this house will know.”

Xuan Mo whispered in front of the couch, his voice was good, like a breeze blowing through the tube, low and comfortable, the candlelight shining on his well-defined face, with some subtle lines showing a faint edge. .

“Before the emperor’s adulthood, we had at least a dozen years to manage and the emperor was deaf, but as long as he was married at fifteen, he gave birth to a son, and there was hope in Huai Song. The princess was in the Song Dynasty. The pillars are all hopes of Nalanshi. If the princess falls, the emperor will certainly be dethroned, the imperial family withered, the outsiders taking the opportunity to seize power, the separation of Huai-song and the war will begin. The people will not be able to support the people, and the foundation laid by the ancestors will be destroyed immediately. Once the princess embraces the latitude and longitude, and will never sit down and watch the destruction of the Huai Song Dynasty.

Nalan looked up and looked at the man who had grown up as a child. Suddenly, she gave birth to a bit of sadness.

Yes, what he said, she didn’t think of it again. It was just a hard way!

“Xuan Mo, thank you very much.”

She hasn’t called him Xuan Mo for a long time. Xuan Mo’s slight glimpse of her eyes flashes with a touch of vigour. However, she still respectfully and courteously replied:  “This is a matter of micro-commissions.”

Nalan sat up and coughed twice. She looked pale and papery. She smiled slightly: “You are more mature, and you have a wind of your uncle.”

King An Lingwang is the father of Xuan Mo. He used to be a general under the seat of Nalanshi. Because Zeng Nanjiang’s campaign saved Nalan Li’s life, he was given the name Nalan and entered the royal family genealogy.

Xuan Mo replied: “I would like to thank the princess.”

“Is it true that Yushu is pregnant?”

Xuan Mo looked at a stagnation and his brow was locked tightly. After a while, he whispered: “Yes.”

Nalan laughed: “Yushu is both talented and beautiful. You must treat her well.”

Xuan Mo’s tone is rather blunt and unhappy, saying: “We must also thank the princess for her grace.”

The hall was empty and the Buddha’s tone was getting louder. During this time, there were also the crying voices of the ministers. They looked at each other and suddenly they didn’t know what to say. Xuan Mo took out a letter from his bosom. The letter was in good condition. He hadn’t opened it. He gave it to Nalan Hongye: “Yan Bei has sent a letter.”

Nalan’s gray eyes suddenly flashed a glimmer of light, almost a little impatient. The mysterious eyes were slightly fixed, and the eyebrows were lightly stunned. If there was ice and snow that could not be opened, he quietly stepped back and whispered. : “Wei Chen retired.”

“Well.” Nalan answered with a smirk, though it was a smile, but the voice had been somewhat careless.

The long lamp is silent and only a thin shadow can be seen.

When Aunt Yun came in, Nalan had resumed as usual. The imperial doctor took a pulse. After drinking the medicine, the palace ladies gradually withdrew. Before sitting in the book case, repeatedly rubbing against the small letter of the party, the grief of the heart gradually rises, it seems that he dared not read the general. Candles are burning, and there is a silence between the heavens and the earth. The room is burning with a mixture of incense and aroma, which is like a blue sky.

“Mysterious Brother, the war in Yanbei is gone, and the brother is safe and innocent.Don’t worry about it. This time, the sages and priests are running away, raising the grain and military needs, and using the strength of the country to contain the Daxia East Army. However, the battle of DaXia and Yanbei is now a victory.  If you win or lose two points, you don’t have the perfect grasp for your brother. You must not protect Yanbei from the sages in order to prevent someone from attacking you at the temple. The officialdom is dangerous, and the wise brother is careful. And the sage is implicated, and the death of the brother is not enough to forgive the inner regret. (Yan Xun wrote Nalan Hongye and addresses her as a brother rather than a sister. I assume Nalan Hongye has a tomboyish nature because she wished her body is a male figure as stated in this chapter. Very interesting.)

On the day of the retreat of the Great Xia soldiers, when the brother is married, if the wise brother can come, the brother will greet him. You my brother haven’t seen for ten years and I your brother will miss you. ”

The tears, after all, dropped down one by one and dripped on the plain paper. They filled with tears. She had been patient for too long, depressed for too long, persisted for a long time, and had a lot of heart-wrenching exhaustion and desolateness. She was now involved in the affairs of the state affairs. Today, she has become more aware of the words he himself had known for a long time. “When the Great Summer Soldier retired, it was the time when his brother was married,” he was gradually lost in his eyes, and the stormy weather outside the window was just like her state of mind. With a thick ink, I listened to the sound of rain and bananas, and smiled and wrote:

“Even today, wind blowing gently, and the boat is in the middle of the river. Today, I have to be in the same boat as the prince. I am ashamed not to be shameless. My heart is a little annoying and I’m not absolutely sure that I know the prince. Do you know what you want?” 

In the last few writings, the handwriting was already messy. She was stunned by the book, tearful, and she fell asleep like this.

When Aunt Yun came in, she almost shed tears. The princess had been in power for many years and she had never had such a loss. She took her to bed and went back to the side of the book. When the letterhead on the reply had been written and she sent it to the royal prince of Yanbei, she was a bit unhappy and did not look at the contents of the letter on the book. After folding it in the envelope and sealing it with fire paint, she will be handed over to the palace lady and say, “Send to Xuan Wang’s Mansion and let him be sent according to the old rules.”

“The slaves obey.”

Rainy and cloudy, dark night, a black eagle flew from the Xuan Wang House and headed northwest, hurrying away.

When Yan Xun received the letter from Nalan, it was on the day before he left. Feng Mian stood by the side and saw Yan Xun frowning and looking at him for a long while. He suddenly giggled and said, “He didn’t know who was copying the woman house.  Language, confused to send it to me?”

Feng Mian took it and watched it, and then smiled: “His Royal Highness, Xuan Wangye has a messy handwriting and looks like drunk.”

Yan Xun shook his head and smiled. For this righteous brother, he still had some feelings of friendship. When the ten years were intersected, it was more than usual. He said happily: “His interest is good.”

To put it another way, he suddenly emerged a childish temperament, thinking that if he sent it back, he did not know if this kid would be mad? The pen wrote over the epistle and wrote: “After a decade of intercession, I do not know this intention, but my brother is dull too. On the day of Daxia’s retreats, the brother will personally proposed to the family in Huai Song. I wonder if I should dare?” (Yan Xun was innocently teasing Princess Nalan Hongye here that he would propose one day, and asks her if he can dare? It seems that these letters were encrypted with their names changed and call themselves brothers to protect Nalan Hongye’s identity. Translating further…need to know more about this princess of Huai Song. Yan Xun is innocently flirting with his penpal. lol)

The wind saw a big laugh: “His Royal Highness, Xuan Wangye will be angry.”

“Just waiting to see him crazy.”

Yan Xun put the letter seriously and put it on the paperweight, placed it upright, smiled, and he was in a good mood. He brought the wind and Ah Jing out of the door.

Chu Qiao was seriously ill yesterday and she is still lying in bed today, not without blame and sadness.

To blame him for her indifference and his sadness is to indulge her blindness and deception. However, how can it be? As the little sister said, except for her, he does not take the lives of others as her life. Even if it was cruel and indescribable, this statement had a warmth, at least, except her. 

He cares about her. (Chu Qiao preoccupied and thinking of Yan Xun)

And she did not conceal her in some things, such as her true history, and for instance, in the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties and Zhuge Yue’s entanglement.

Zhuge Yue, Zhuge Yue, whenever she thinks of these three words, she feels a slight pain in her heart. It wasn’t the paralysis of cold blood that had forgotten everything, nor was it stupid and ignorant that she couldn’t see what he meant to her. However, how could it be? In the world, after all, some people have failed to do something. After all, some things cannot be repaid. As Li Ce said, if you can’t respond, you might as well forget it.

Eight years of observance, she is the only one in the heart of Yan Xun. But when hse did not notice, there was such a moment of heart sorrow, counting, who owed who, who is really sorry. Perhaps, she shouldn’t be so sloppy and careless.

After getting out of bed, getting dressed and holding a freshly peeled chestnut, he walked to Yan’s study. Xiao Liu took a nap, but she didn’t even hear her up. This evening, she took this small tortoise and tried to come but also tired.

Pushing open the door of Yan Yan, there is no one inside, put the chestnuts on his book, see the public and complicated, the candle in the candlestick is only a large piece of nails, which shows that he was stunned last night, and he could not help but give birth. A few lines of distress. I was about to tell the kitchen to prepare some dishes for him. I had a sleeve and I accidentally touched a letter on the book.

The envelope was very beautiful, with a faint scent. The letter fell from the table, fell on the ground, and the mouth opened more than half, revealing the white stationery inside. Two lines of handwriting suddenly came into view. Chu Qiao looked at it slightly. Involuntarily slammed down and pulled the letter out.

Suddenly I saw the phrase “there is a branch of a wooden ash tree, and the heart mournful prince does not know the prince”, and she suddenly felt pain. Not in her handwriting, she was never good at poetry. Her fingers were cold, and she quickly looked at the epidermis of the letter. Huai Song Xuan Palace, for a time, some things in the mind merged, gradually clear, she deeply inhale, and then slowly spit out, want to spit out those unwilling things, but found that his heart was heavier.

Looking further down, it was Yan Xun’sown reply. The head crashed into a muffled sound, almost standing unsteady, and his eyebrows wrinkled tightly, like a squeaky. Thousands of thoughts came out and there were thousands of reasons to overthrow them. However, they could not reach the black and white in front of them.

The chill came from the skin, as if there were countless icy tentacles. If the layers of vines climbed from the heart, they would completely wrap the sick and weak body. The darkness would not be seen in the sky, and my heart would be dark. Empty, miserably sullen eyes shining in two eyes. (Chu Qiao must have read something from Yan Xun’s reply and I knew this would affect her seriously. Yan Xun is flirting with a brother! Chu Qiao must have thought: a pervert? lol)

A thought gradually rose from the bottom of my heart and merged into one sentence: the original so-called lifelong companionship was nothing more than that.

“No!” Chu Qiao suddenly stood up, his eyes showing a few sharp colors, she never believed in this matter, unless he said it! Her Chu Qiao will never be fooled by such confusion! (Chu Qiao in a monologue to herself…out of jealousy for this brother in Huai SOng whom Yan Xun is writing letters all about.)

The sickness of the lingering body suddenly disappeared, and she ran back to the room in a few steps, and went out to the door with a big bang. Xiao Liu panicked and followed, screaming: “Girl! You are still not good, this is where you are going?”

Chu Qiao did not care for her, turned up and went to the horse and hurried to the first barracks. (oh..this is not good. What’s gonna happen next?)

However, when she arrived at the barracks, she could not come in. The officers of the first army did not recognize her and did not believe what she was saying, but decided to stop her at the door. At this time, suddenly heard a cry in the ear sounded, Chu Qiao to go back, I saw the incoming person is extremely familiar, was actually the second army’s deputy Yin Liangyu.

The man was in armor, and when she saw her, she was overjoyed. She ran up a few steps and shouted: “Adult, I finally saw you. I have been away from the house for three days, but they just don’t let me in. You come. This is good!”

Chu Qiao gave a slight glimpse and asked: “Are you looking for something?”

Yin Liangyu was also surprised and asked: “You don’t know about the Adults?”

“what do you know?”

Yin Liangyu suddenly changed his face and shouted: “Adults, in a big event!”



CHAPTER 144 What happened to you?


The sky was gray, the wind was rolling over the snow, and the second army’s military square, the two men were quietly holding each other. The navy blue leather armor wrapped the young bodies that were fighting, holding the knife. The blue veins of the hand collapsed. Yan Xun’s black robes were quite straight, and the curtain of the military’s big account was opened. He sat on a chair with white tiger skin and looked at the people outside with a cold look. He said calmly: “So, you are going. Should you go against it?”

Forest coldness rushed forward, and the blades engraved in the words were sharp and stabbing. The officers and men of the southwestern town government bloated, obviously controlling their emotions. He Xiao stood in front of the people, and the young generals were not handsome, but the sharp outlines and the fierce army’s popularity made him full of fierce temperament. At the moment, he reached out and stopped the excited soldiers behind him, frowning slowly and said: ” Your Highness, you once promised us that you have never been in the past.”

“I didn’t say anything.” Yan Xun an smiled lightly, his eyebrows were lightly picked, and his eyes were indifferent and contemptuous: “It’s not a traitor, but a deserter.”

“We are not deserters!”

An angry shout came suddenly and I saw it in the center of the square. More than 30 soldiers wearing uniforms in the southwestern town government lined up in a row. Behind them was the cold knife of the first army, a young soldier. Excitedly shouted: “No one can burn our flag!”

On one side, the red cloud flag with white blood was thrown on the ground. One of the corners had been burned, and the black and dark patches were uneven.

Yan Xun’s eyelids gave him a faint glimpse, a disdainful disdain between his breath and a slight scorn at his mouth.

“The southwestern town government has disappeared in this world as early as three days ago. What is the use of the flag? You attacked the friendly forces. Before the war, you left the city to go out of town. It was a betrayal, so despised military rules. If you let it pass, what else does Yanbei have? Can Military law can be said?”

Yan Xun’s voice suddenly rose sharply. His eyes swept sharply across the unwilling eyes and waved blankly. The cold voice said: “Betrayal is the greatest sin. I can spare you once, but I cannot spare you for the second time. Come to people! Engage in these people’s military laws. Those who are dissatisfied shall be treated in accordance with the same party!”

“His Royal Highness!” He Xiao raised his eyebrows and suddenly stepped forward, yelling. However, only a bang sounded, a sudden flash of knife light suddenly passed, twenty thousand Guards knife at the same time scabbard, the action was amazingly fast, and immediately added a sword, but no one made a slight sound. The soldiers of the First Army also stepped forward, and the archer took out arrows that had already been prepared. He bowed his bows, and his arrows were everywhere.

The Sergeants of the Second Army were stunned. On these days, they had been together with the officers and men of the southwestern town government. At the beginning, they also had the friendship of fighting side by side in the city of Beibei. The feeling of solidarity came, but now they saw the posture of Yan Xun and the First Army, but they were somewhat at a loss.

The southwestern town government has only less than 1,500 people left. They stand on the tens of thousands of people, and they have no soldiers. They clench their fists one by one, face flushed, facing the cold arrow blade. The anger of both eyes almost spurted out the fire. He Xiao’s eyes looked around and finally took a deep breath and said in a deep voice: “Do you want to be killed you under Your Highness?”

Yan Xun’s inscrutable smile, his eyes gloomy, seemingly invisible to the bottom of the sea: “He’s leadership is a meritorious minister, and naturally he cannot speak the same traitors.”

“His Royal Highness!”

He Xiao’s eyes turned red and slowly stepped forward. Twenty banned officers immediately greeted him. He put the bright knife on his neck, but he was not afraid. He said with a word of silence: “The battle of Zhenhuang The southwestern town government made a battle for the death of the thousand, the battle of the Red Cross, the southwestern town government made four thousand battles, and the wind and the generals were still fighting for dozens of arrows. General Murong was set up at the cliff, and the arrows were blocked by the fire. Enemies, living under the flames of life, General Wu DanYu took five people and dragged the hundreds of thousands of troops in the summer for three days. They eventually rushed to death and died in the army. The battle of Beibei, our lonely army assisted the border town The city’s loyalty, the heavens and the earth can be seen, the sun and the moon can be judged. Everyone in the city of Beibei is esteemed by the military and civilians. His Highness treats loyalists like this, He Xiao disagrees!”

“Bold!” Major General Qiu Yi of the First Guards of the First Army suddenly took a step forward and shouted. Now he is the deputy commander of the Yanbian Guards. He is a young general who has been promoted from the bottom of the generals by Yan Xun. He only listens. He said in a deep voice: “A small leader has dared to speak out against His Highness. You are not strict with yourself. Your Highness has not been with you. Now you dare to commit the following crimes. Do you know what military law is?”

His Royal Highness!” He Xiao knees on one knee and his eyes are tough. He said with a loud voice: “The southwestern town government has made two thousand soldiers, all of them really sincere, and your Highness is not afraid of the cold of the world?”

“The more you say, the more you have passed!” Feng Mian, the deputy commander of the first army next to Qiu Yi, said: “Put him down!”

When the guards stepped forward, they went to twist He Xiao’s arm. Standing in the southwest township behind He Xiao caused the officers and men to meet and rush in. The situation was in confusion. He Xiao shouted, “His Royal Highness! Even the Batuha family where their descendants had their foothold. Why did they want to kill my southwestern town government? He Xiao refused to accept it! He Xiao refused to accept it!”

“Stopped.” Yan Xun said, his voice was not loud, but he calmed everyone down. He stared blankly at He Xiao, and slowly said, “He leads, what I did today is only the soldiers who escaped from Beibei last night. There is nothing to do with you. I hope you do not insist on being involved in the matter. If you do not, you will not be guilty of harassing the army.

“His Royal Highness, they are not defecting, but they are protecting the flag. They are hunted down and fleeing the city without a choice…”

“Military orders are military orders! I don’t want to listen to explanations. What I see is only the result! If everyone has an excuse, how can I manage the Yanbei?” Yan Yan said with a sharp look.

He Xiao eyes flushed and shouted: “His Royal Highness!”


“His Royal Highness!” He Xiao shouted and rushed forward. The officers and men of the two thousand southwestern townships followed him behind him. The guards’ corps pulled out their waists and scabbards. The tide rushed up and shook his head. Fight, with ten enemy ones, one time, blood splatters, one piece. The first army encircled the periphery and the square was paralyzed. Only the people of the Second Army stood staring outside.

Qiu Yi shouted at the sergeant who executed the military law: “What are you doing? Kill!”

“The dead rabbits cook, the birds hide their bows, and the swallows, you are ungrateful and treacherous. We have misjudged you!” Wen Yang, the clerk of the southwestern town government, was on the ground. He was the first to discover him last night. One army took away their twenty-faced military flag and burned it in the First Army Barracks. At that time, suddenly, it was too late to report Xiao Xiao. Wen Yang, with more than 30 civil servants in the Secretariat, rushed into the First Army and seized back. The flag fled outside the city. At this moment, he was forced to kneel on the ground, his face stuck in the cold snow and he shouted.

Qiu Yi was furious and kicked into his mouth. Blood rushed out. Wen Yang’s mouth was wide open, his mouth full of blood, but he was still shouting. Qiu Yi said, “Kill him! Fast!”

“You bastard! I have cut you!” A southwestern government made the officers and men burst out of the crowd and headed for Qiu Yi.

Qiu Yi was shocked and turned to look at Yan Yan. He saw Yan Yan’s face calm and his right hand on the table, but he did not say anything. Qiu Yifu was spiritual and angered: “The southwest town government has turned against it! Kill them!”

The guards who had attacked with the scabbard heard the order and immediately picked up the sword. They talked to the officers of the southwestern town government. At the moment, the officers and men who carried out the military law also carried a large knife to form. One of them came to the front of the sun, and the face was not changed, and the knife was cut.

The second army standing on the periphery was stupid. I didn’t expect the situation to change into such a rapid appearance. Seeing that the first army’s butcher’s knife was about to fall, then just listening to the threshold, a clear female voice was cold. Called: “Stop!”

In an instant, the sound cut through the sky, penetrated the cold wind and snow, and suddenly pierced into the chaotic crowd. Horseshoe snow, the woman was like a white man, and soon the horse came to the ground, and when he had not yet reached the place, he immediately jumped off the horse and punched himself in the face of a first officer who tried to stop her. The wind rushed into the crowd. Shouted loudly, “What are you doing?”

“grown ups!”

“It’s an adult!”

The officers and men of the southwestern town government shouted in unison, and his eyes suddenly lighted hope. Chu Qiao pushed several soldiers who had been beaten together and strode forward to He Xiao, did not yet to speak to him. She waved and slapped her hands on He Xiao face and angered, “Are you like this soldier?”

During the time, everyone was stunned. He Xiao’s face was red, and the southwestern town government behind him was also collectively petrified. The first army’s soldiers were on the spot, only listening to Chu Qiao’s anger: “I told you to let you Keep the army number and the military flag, but I have let you attack the first army camp? Now you still dare to use the military under the temple. What do you want to do? Want a mutiny?”

Saying, Chu Qiao turned away and said to Yan Xun: “My Royal Highness, today’s event is my fault. All orders are self-made. He Xiao and others are just obeying orders. I am seriously ill recently. In the bed, they were not strictly disciplined so that they had such a big flaw. I voluntarily requested military law to dispose of it!”

Seeing the appearance of Chu Qiao, Yan Xun’s  face gradually cooled down. He sat in the head of the Chinese military’s big account. His eyes narrowed slightly and he looked at her deeply, but he did not speak.

Qiu Yi frowned and said, “If I remember correctly, Chu Daren are not the direct bosses of the southwestern town government. Chu Daren are the staff officers of the General Staff, not the commanders. The southwestern town government makes them obey the adults.  Why does the southwestern town government obey the orders of adults?”

Chu Qiao heard cold and turned away, frowned and looked at Qiu Yi, then said bluntly: “Who are you? I talked to your Highness, how can you intervene?”


“A’Chu!” Yan Yan said with a gloomy sigh: “Don’t mess around, go back.”

“His Royal Highness, the southwestern town government made it easy to behave. It was supposed to be handled by the military law. I was the presidential decree of the Beibei city defense, and I was the leader of the second army and the southwestern town government’s officers and soldiers. Now the southwest Zhenfu makes mistakes. It was my fault. I asked your Highness to rule my impertinence, and to see that in the southwestern town government’s share of the battles in the Chittagong and Beidu battles, they were sent off lightly, and for the southwest Zhenfu. The losses caused by them are willing to be committed.”

Chu Qiao stood over the square and saw tens of thousands of pairs of eyes staring at her. However, she was unaware of the moment. She looked at Yan Xun momentarily, her eyebrows locked and her face serious.

Qiu Yi ranted: “What did the government of the southwestern towns and villages make, and their symbol number had already been cancelled three days ago. How can we honor the banner of the renegade?”

As soon as this remark was made, the southwest town government made everyone glaring furiously. Eight years ago, after a fierce battle, the southwestern town government made the betrayal of Yanbei lean on the great summer, resulting in Yan Shicheng’s failure. Yan Bei Monarch death and injury was hundreds of thousands. The blood was stained by the Beibei Gate, and the fallen dead body’s flesh and blood fell. To this day, the fiery Red Fire Flowers are still supported, making them very bright year after year. Eight years later, in the real city of Daxia National Capital, the southwestern town government made another betrayal and invested in Yanbei, helping Yanbei’s Shi Zi Yan escape from Yanhuang and return to Yanbei, and concocted the change of Zhenhuang, which shocked the mainland. In this regard, the betrayal of the word became synonymous with that of the southwestern town government. Even if they had superior combat effectiveness, they were still crowded and disdained by all the soldiers of the entire mainland. However, they did not expect that they paid such a heavy price to defend Yanbei. Did not clear up the shame on the body, Qiu Yi a traitor, how can we not let the southwestern town government made people angry?

Chu Qiao turned away coldly, brows pick, anger and said: “Just a nonsense! Southwest town government to return Yanbei, is his Highness personally promised, His Royal Highness is the king of Yanbei, Jinkou (means to stick closely to) Yuyan (means fable), a word that is difficult to recover. In the past, things have already been written off, and you are still called by a traitor, but you must go to His Highness in an area of ​​unbelief. The words are eloquent and inscrutable, and I think you are like the spy of the summer!”

Qiu Yi’s forehead collapsed and suddenly angered: “You say it again!”

Chu Qiao did not bother with a cold cry: “The army’s number is the honor of an army. The southwestern town government was the first old Yan Wang to be formed by himself. It has a long history. How can it be easily scrapped? Leading the southwestern town government to follow the Highness all the way, from the day of the Zhenhuang Uprising, the sufferings followed, after several battles of life and death, outstanding merits, and the merits and demerits, the seven thousand soldiers and horses under the Red River defeated the Xia Army 200,000, Beibei City The first two thousand southwestern troops are comparable to the 40,000 ordinary sergeants. How can these armyes abolish their numbers and destroy their military flags? The affairs of His Royal Highness are busy, and you are so ignorant of the villains, and conspiring to leave me in the Yanbei army. It’s shameless, and its heart is awkward!”

Qiu Yi was furious. He took out his knife at the waist and yelled, “You are bloody!”

He Xiao and others met distressed and ran forward. He stood in front of Chu Qiao with red eyes and angered, “Do you dare to step forward?”

“Shut up!”

Yan Yan slowly stood up, the young Yan Wang was dressed in a uniform, wearing a black  shackle, slowly stepping forward, wherever he passed, everyone refused, and finally, he came to Chu Qiao. It was so close, slightly stunned, looking at the girl’s bright forehead and white cheeks, and said, “Who is calling you?”

“Go back to the government, there is nothing wrong with you here.”

“The thing in Yanbei is my business. I am a member of the military. I used to be the chief of the southwestern town government. I should take responsibility for the mistakes made by my subordinates.”

Yan Yan slowly frowned, his eyes also showed a few unpleasant fierceness, he whispered: “Achu, do you know what you do?”

Chu Qiao lowered his head and replied: “The subordinates understand very well.”

“You want to be against me?”

“His Royal Highness said that his subordinates only admit his mistakes.”

People in all directions were full of people. Most of the generals and the soldiers of the Second Army of the First Army were all present. The crowds were on the square. Everyone held their breath and looked at the men and women standing in the field. The snow was heavy, and there was a gap between heaven and earth. . Yan Xun eyes were gloomy as the sea. He looked deep into Chu Qiao. There was slight anger and chill out of his body. For a long time, he suddenly turned his back and strode toward the big account. As he walked, he said quietly: “The platoon of the staff of Chu was retired because of illness, and it was not the coach of Beibei City. The southwestern town government made the crime committed unrelated to others and was executed!”

“His Royal Highness!” Chu Qiao shocked, fiercely raised her head, her eyes rounded, cried out.

“Adults don’t have to worry about me anymore. You go back!” Wen Yang mouthfuls of blood, but barely raised his head and shouted.

The other soldiers also stood up in their chests and said in a grieving voice, “Adults! Go back!”

Chu Qiao ignored the cry of them but stepped forward and was stopped by the guards. She said eagerly, “Your Highness, the southwest township makes him guilty, but the sin does not die, they are from Since then, Huang Qi has been loyal to you and loyal to you. You can learn about the sun and moon!”

Yan Xun back to her, heard slowly back to the body, very light tone, with only the nearby people can hear the voice of disdain, said: “A Chu, you are justly, they are loyal people, is it me? ”

Time is like a big stick and a fierce head. Chu Qiao’s whole person is on the spot. She opens her mouth openly and frowns. She looks incredulously at Yan Yan. She wants to say something, but she feels like a blind man. Blocked, I can’t say it if I want to say it. The wind was so cold, and the face was like a knife, but she had no feeling. She only felt that a heart seemed to fall on the ice sheet, cold numbness.

The snow was filled, and the whole field was audible. For a long time, I only heard a bang. Chu Qiao’s knees were squatting, her eyes were red, and her sick face was flushed. The voice was low and hoarse and said: “His Royal Highness, I would like to Life-guarantee, the soldiers of the southwestern township are faithful and loyal to you. If there is a bit of resentment, I will be willing to die under the arrow and die.”

“Oh?” Yan Xun said softly: “Would you like to guarantee?”

“I am willing.”

“So who is besides you, who believes in them?”

Chu Qiao suddenly turned his head and looked around. The generals of the First Army stood there all faceless, and there was no slight fluctuation on the surface. It is not surprising that they are all Swallow’s confidants. But when Chu Qiao saw the face of the Second Army, the soldiers who had been fighting alongside the southwestern town government suddenly became hesitant and embarrassed. They lowered their heads, dodging the girl’s gaze, and completely forgot. Who was once desperate to save their lives. The Second Army, the local army, the self-defense regiment, the family army of the tribal chiefs, and even the bodyguards of Cao Mengtong, the two thousand people once fought side by side with the southwestern town government, and they followed the pace of Chu Qiao. Zhao Qi, defeated Zhao Yang’s several attacks, but at this moment, they did not seem to know her, standing far away, there is no trace of grief in the eyes.

Chu Qiao gradually despaired, the cold wind blew through her thin body, the vast snow was white, she looked at Yan Yan, looking at the man who had been standing with her for eight years, said a word of silence: “I want to believe them, I take my pledge to His Royal Highness.”

Saying that she was deeply hoeed to the ground, her clean forehead fell on the icy snow, and the straight back had been bent down, her neck was white, and the wind blew the groans on her body, becoming more and more thin and thin.

“grown ups!”

On the formation, there were soldiers crying out, not afraid of death. It was only this moment that there was heavy emotions entrenched in the hearts of the soldiers. They shouted: “Adult! Get up, one person is doing things alone, we are willing to die.” !”

Chu Qiao did not move, she was still on the ground, her head was on the ground, her voice was getting noisy, the snow was bigger, the crowd was mixed, so many voices came from all around, but she could not hear, waiting for the voice above her head

Finally, a low sigh came slowly and slowly. At that moment, she trembled. She even thought she had succeeded, but the next second, the cold voice suddenly sounded, Yan Xun said with a deep voice: “Execute!” (Yan Xun has no heart here) 


The sound of a whole row of brushes suddenly sounded, and immediately there was a muffled sound with heavy objects falling on the ground. The knife was too fast and too profitable, and no one even had time to make a scream. The blood in the chamber blew out and shone on it. White snow is like a plum in full bloom.

Quiet, too quiet, Chu Qiao’s blood was cold down at that moment, all the limbs were poured into the wind, whirring, her hands on the ground, is a group of icy snow, so cold, Like her heart, she lost her temperature. She could not hear the sound of her surroundings. She only heard the mad wind and was raging like a beast on the snowfield.

“He Xiao led a loose guard, and his soldiers followed him and scorned him. He ignored the military law, pulled down his staff and charged him with 80, and was subsequently handed over to the First Army for temporary detention.”

Yan Xun’s voice rang quietly over the head. No one in the audience spoke and no one resisted. The men and women obeyed the commands and the boots stepped on the snow and made a buzzing noise.

“Adult,” said He Xiao’s voice from behind. He seemed to lie on the ground, his tone was calm, his voice could not conceal his sadness. He said quietly: “They have lost their face to the adults. Please admire adults.”

The footsteps went farther and farther, the crowd gradually dispersed, and the wind suddenly rose. I didn’t know how long it was. Chu Qiao’s knees were numb and her hands and feet stiffened. She still kept that position. There, the snow fell on her little by little, accumulating a thick layer.

White snow camel army boots slowly approached, Yan Xun reached out and held her shoulders, but she suddenly seemed to be hot to get up and jumped up like a tumult, almost collapsed to the ground.

The guards were facing away from them. Standing far away, Yan Xun was in front of her with her long black skull. She did not speak for a long time. She just kept her posture in support of her and her handcuffs stretched out. she was.

“A Chu.”

Yan Hao whispered to her, but she could no longer hear her. She squatted back and found her horse, then turned over and jumped up.

This day is so cold, Chu Qiao suddenly remembered a few days ago, when he thought that YanBei was still warmer than Sui and Bian Tang, but now she suddenly found Yanbei was so cold. Giant cold, cold blood to make people freeze, cold people fall like ice.

On the evening of the same day, when Chu Qiao’s illness intensified and she had not left the barracks, she fell off immediately and was sent back to Fuchu. Green Liu’s voice broke into tears and Jing’s three sisters panicked and kept at her bedside. Calling her name again and again, she opened her eyes in confusion and wanted to say no to worry with them. I wouldn’t die. I still have a lot of things I didn’t do. But she opened her mouth but could not speak.

When she woke up in the middle of the night, Jing Zisu still kept by her side. When she saw her woke up, she smiled and she fell down with tears. She took the medicine. Jing Shisu told her that Yan Xun had come back long ago but did not come in. He had been standing in front of her door for six or seven hours.

“It is still under heavy snow.” Jing Zhi Su said in a low voice, secretly looking at Chu Qiao with his eyes. A woman like her may never understand it. In her view, a man is his entire sky. What else in the world can be greater than the command of a husband?

Chu Qiao lay there. Many things flitted through her mind. Those in the past were like flowing water, beating with cold waves, and during the eight years of hardships and hardships, they formed a twisting river… She thinks she should understand. There is no complaint or resentment. The rest is only cold and disappointing.

In the town of Zhenhuang, on the northwest land, at the head of Chidu City, on the battlefields of the north, the officials of the southwestern town government wrote their loyalty with blood and young life. The young and handsome Feng Mian, the steady and heavy Murong, resourceful Wu Danyu, a persevering Wen Yang, was a warrior with a body as a shield and a body as a shield. None of them were saints. They had also made mistakes. Their parents had betrayed Yanbei and committed great crimes. , owed a lot of bloody debts, but starting from the real city, from the day they followed their banner, they had already delivered their lives and their future. Yan Xun was right, they were not loyal to Him, their allegiance is  to her Chu Qiao, and she, but they do not have the ability to protect them.

She shoulders the hope of this lonely army. She promises that they will cleanse their shame. She once shouted at the head of the city. She said that as long as they fought bravely and refused the big summer, they would become heroes of Yanbei. The name will be engraved on Yanbei’s military power spectrum! So, they followed her footsteps, protecting the Yanbei land that they hated them, and they resisted dozens of times with their enemies.

However, today, her sculptures have been included in the Yanyi Zhongyi Hall, and they have become household names, but they have died in the hands of their loved ones.

What did she do, what did she exchange for herself with those young lives?

The heart was as if pressed by the rock, and the throat was sweet. The soldiers fell behind her. She did not even look back at the courage of their eyes. When she left, she looked back and only saw a dirty blood.

“Yue? Yue’er?” Jing Zhi Su nervously opened her hand, palms have been bloody, nails deep flesh, so hard.

“Sister Jing Zhi Sui, you go out first and let me alone.”

The low voice sounded in the room, and the hoarseness was not a thing. Jing Zhi Su hesitated for a long time and finally he retired. The room quieted down, quietly heard the lights on the candlesticks, the shadows were long, but there was no shadow on the windows.

The moon is empty and the snow is getting bigger outside. She knows that the man is still there. If she does not go out, he will always be there. He has always been such a stubborn person. When he was young, he followed her to learn the swordsmanship. With so many kung fu, he had learned it within a month. He was trained all night, his hands and feet were blistering, but he never did. stop. Until now, she always remembered the original yard. He was standing in front of the pillar and was slashed with nod, his eyes tough like a wounded tiger.

His heart has always been loaded with too many heavy things. She used to think that she knew all about it. But now she is gradually getting confused.

Eyes gradually fell silent, but there is a tough light flashing. She suddenly got out of bed, wearing only a single undress, standing in place, took two deep breaths. Then she suddenly ran to the door and pulled open the door and rushed out, straight into the hard embrace.

At the moment when she felt her temperature, Yan Xun suddenly stopped. He did not think she would come out, or did not think she would not be angry so soon, but felt the slender arms tightly holding his waist. he immediately reacted, and then he hugged her harder.

“Achu!” he whispered: “I hurt your heart.”

Chu Qiao whispered in his arms, holding him tightly, but did not speak. Yan Yan whispered: “I am not suspicion of you, nor is it hate the southwest town government. They are now under 2,000 people. The preparation is seriously different. It is inevitable to cancel the number. Unfortunately, they are too unruly, even Attacking the First Army Camp, if I don’t make a deal, the military will be difficult to stand.”

Chu Qiao sighed and said: “I understand, I understand all, Yan Xun, I made it all difficult for you to do.”

Yan Xun  raised her chin and looked at her eyes and said: “It doesn’t matter, I am just afraid that you are sad. If you will come out to see me, I will be relieved.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes were flushed and he said with a sigh of relief: “The southwestern town government has repeatedly saved me. I have great grace for me, Yan Xun, I can’t bear it.”

Yan Xun slightly frowned, and finally said helplessly: “Well, I will let He Xiao, but if they have violated the military regulations, I will not be tempted.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “Yan Xun, thank you.”

The night is black and the wind is high. The moon bends in a line, and the white light is shining. The two snowmen are holding each other under the moon. The distance is so close, but the feeling is so far.

After Yan Xun returned to the house, Chu Qiao returned to his room. The door was closed and her face was cold. Quietly took two steps and sat down on the bedpost.

Complaint? Cancel the number? Grab the flag? Make a mess?

Yan Xun, how can you bully me like this?

For a soldier, what kind of shame and disgrace is to cancel the number? In the war, even if only the last person is left, the flag must be protected. As long as the flag remains, the army will not be dispersed. What is the simple matter of recruitment staff recruitment? The first army has more than 300,000 horses. Wenyang’s more than 30 civil servants can rush into the First Army to capture the flag and escape from the city. People in the southwestern town government are to be executed. He Xiao and others must be controlled first. How can they be allowed to enter the execution ground?

You might as well say that you hate the southwestern town government and once betrayed Yanbei, but it is better to say these words to deceive me.

A line of tears slowly fell, the moonlight came in from the window, the room was silver, she quietly leaned on the bed, a thousand heads poured into my heart, but did not know exactly where the mistakes, then, a piece of icy jade. The card suddenly landed on the floor to the bed. sShe picked it up and saw that she was blessing her long-lived blessing jade card. I thought it was Jingsu that I just forgot this. Thinking of the longevity tablet that Feng Mian and Xiao Liu brought before, she suddenly felt cold, like a person pouring a cold water from the head.

In any case, He Xiao and others were temporarily safe.

She smiled with a wry smile, and she thought that she should use this method. Her tears lined up in the dark, like broken beads.

Yan Xun, Yan Xun, what are you doing?

All night long, she finally could not help but burst into tears.


CHAPTER 145 Meet the Enemy


The night was deep, the wild bird passed over the head, the phosphorous of carrion shimmered on its feet, and the horseshoe banged on the ice that had been piled up for thousands of thousands of years. The buzzing sound was like knocking on the temple. The wind blows from a distance, with a dry, cold atmosphere. The weather is getting colder. The north wind is like a crazy tiger. The whole day’s roar, Chu Qiao sits on the horse and shrinks inwards. Neck, sticking out his tongue and licking her dry lips, far from the lights in front of them, but not on the front.

I didn’t know how long it took and the team finally stopped. Chu Qiao turned over and jumped, feeling that the muscles on his face were almost frozen and stiff and numb. She stretched out her hand to lick and unloaded the bags from her horse. After making a big burden, she started collecting firewood.

At the same time, in the army that was not far from the black pressure, there was also a rise in smoke.

The scorpion curtain of the Yankee camp was moved. A fine snowman walked in and saw a young general standing Yan Xun’s whispering something, and his face was ugly.

Yan Xun gently glanced at him. His eyes were very bleak. He couldn’t see what emotions were. He just listened quietly to the man’s words. From time to time, he nodded. A’Jing stood in the doorway, his face was slightly red. After a long time, I finally coughed out on purpose and said loudly: “His Royal Highness, there is something to be reported.”

Yan Xun seemed to realize his existence at the moment. He looked up at him and looked at him lightly. Then he said bluntly: “Go outside and wait.”

A’Jing’s face suddenly became redder. He looked angry at the person around Yan Xun. He saw the man bent over and looked very humble and humble. He saw himself coming in, and he did not lift his eyes. Full of anger. He answered with a sly voice, then turned and walked out of the big bills, and the boots fell to the ground and creaked.

The outside was cold and surprising. The north wind was covered with heavy snow. The torch that poured the pine oil screamed. At the entrance of the A’Jing station, the left and right guards saw him and did not speak. It was just a faint ritual to say hello. A meticulously rushed through a period of uncomfortable, today’s Guards, he has not known one, and his Guard Captain is also a display.

I don’t know how long it took, Ah Jing was jumping around in the cold and squatting back and forth, and seeing the curtain was another move. The young officer was wearing a dark blue pen and a military uniform. The face came out.

“A cough… Hey!”

A Jing deliberately coughed, and then his mouth sighed hard, just falling on the officer’s toe. The officer suddenly stopped and slowly turned his head, but it just happened to touch A fine provocative eyes. The officer’s face was expressionless, his eyes were dark, he turned slightly, and then he turned into a thing like nothing. Thick darkness.

“The coward! The waste is empty!” A’Jing shouted loudly: “No wonder you should be a deserter!”

The night was dark, and I couldn’t see the figure in the blink of an eye. A’Jing slammed two times and turned and went into the big account.

Yan Xun was looking at the map under the lamp. He didn’t look up when he heard the footsteps coming in. He only asked in a deep voice: “What happened?”

A’ Jing converged on her heart and said quickly: “His Highness, the girl is still behind, and on such a cold day, there is no tent for the night, that is…”

“What?” Yan Hao’s good-looking brows slowly wrinkled, looked up, his eyes were dark, his voice was low, his tone was very long, but he was mixed with a few faint angers, slowly saying: “Don’t you say she has gone back?”

A delicately scratched his head and whispered: “Yeah, I saw the girl turned to the north and went to the north. Who knows that she followed me at night.”

“Waste!” Yan Yan threw the map on the table and angered: “A group of men cannot even see anyone.”

A’Jing’s grievances hang down and he doesn’t speak, but he says: “That’s your heart, but we do not dare to dare to do it. We do not dare to be bold, but we’re afraid to tie it up and send it back. She promised to say goodbye.” After a period of time, who knows that it will follow?

Yan Xun turned and picked up the big cockroaches on the hanger, and the cloak came out. A’Jing saw a look of joy, and quickly came forward and said with diligence: “His Royal Highness, I will prepare you for the horse, let’s go quickly, go late, the girl may have to freeze. Then Say, how can you not care about the girl? Your Yanshan girl, except the girl, is the second person. The girl is following you with the same kind of heart and soul. Where are the white-eyed wolves who are betrayed? The subordinates know…”

However, when his words were not finished, suddenly he found that the person behind him did not follow. He turned his back and saw Yan Xun standing in the middle of the large account. The candle in the lamp lighted his face and his face was clear. Bright and sparkling, dim light gray shadows sway on the cheeks, like a fog through the see-through.

“The temple… Your Highness?”

A’Jing whispered, Yan Xun stood there, his eyes were silent, his eyes were like clouds in the sky above the sky, and finally, he hung down his hand with a big tie and said quietly: “You bring 20 people. Guard, go get her in.”

“Ah?” A’Jing’s mouth opened and asked, “Will you not go under Your Highness?”

Yan Xun did not speak, just a touch of light turned away, took off his coat, slowly walked to the bookcase, his fingers rubbed against the huge Yanbei map, a long time did not speak.

The back of Yan Yan is hidden from the light, the light is shining, and the bright one can’t be overlooked. A’Jing suddenly felt that he seemed to have spent his eyes. He looked at the back of Yan Xun and suddenly remembered the Shengjin Palace many years ago. In the morning when the sky was shining, the emperor of Daxia slowly stepped out from the palace, he kneels in the middle of the crowd, he sneaked his head, but he was almost blinded by the golden robes.

“Yes, the subordinates obey.”

A’Jing promised a voice, but before he left, he heard the sound of Yan Xun’s low voice: “I will not enter the big account without passing it.”

The young Yanbei soldiers quietly nod their heads and no longer lived off. They responded with a glance: “Yes, they are obedient.”

When Chu Qiao followed A’Jing into the camp, Yan Xun had already fallen asleep. She watched the large bill of Yan Xun already extinguished. The wind rushed over the way, and some crampedly said, “His Royal Highness has gone for a day. , it should have been very tired.”

“Well,” Chu Qiao nodded, no special emotions, just quietly said: “Then I’ll go back first.”

“Yan Xun…”

Yan Xun just turned around and found that his clothes were held by a small, white hand. The hand was so thin, his fingers slender, and the white was as transparent as listening to her voice. His heart suddenly Soft, he looked back, looked at Chuchao’s eyes and quietly asked, “What happened?”

“Are you angry with me?”

Yan Xun looked at her, and the voice was calm and asked: “I should be angry?”

Chu Qiao was slightly a little breathless, and bored with the big account was very stuffy. She licked her lips and said, “I don’t know.”

The atmosphere suddenly cooled down. No one of the two people spoke, and there was a buzzing smell in the air. Yan Xun was dark, his eyes were black obsidian (means a hard, dark, glasslike volcanic rock formed by the rapid solidification of lava without crystallization), and she looked at her quietly. Chu Qiao was cheeky and finally raised his head slowly, looked at Yan Xun’s eyes, shook his cuffs and said softly: “You let me follow you, will you?”

Yan Xun stood for a long time. He looked at Chu Qiao’s face and did not speak. Many emotions flashed through his mind, making it impossible for him to seize the truest self. The Yanbei regime’s rise is too fast. Now it is like going against the tide. Every step should be taken care of. He frowns, meditates on his plans and strategies for the future, filters them one by one, and finally, he speaks, said: “A’Chu, do you know what is the biggest hidden danger in Yanbei?”

Chu Qiao looked up and did not answer because she knew that she did not need her to answer at the moment. Sure enough, Yan Zi asked himself and said: “The warlords separately divided themselves into their own affairs, the forces of Datong were intricately organized, the decree of the military department was unstable, and everyone had their own loyal coaches. These are Yanbei’s fatal injuries.”

Yan Xun reached out and said that Chu Qiao had his head behind his ear and said: “These all need to be rectified and cleaned. Although it will be bloody, this is the only way for the regime to establish a firm foot. The wrong thing is that the situation is forcing me to go this way. I don’t want you to get involved in it. Do you understand?”

Chu Qiao nodded: “I understand, Yan Xun, I don’t hold pawns. I just want to be with you.”

After listening to Chu Qiao’s words, Yan Xun was obviously a little surprised. He thought Chu Qiao was catching up and she must be the leader of the southwestern town government. When he temporarily couldn’t figure out her intentions, she felt a slight rise in his heart. Warm nodded, and said warmly: “It’s good.”

Yan Xun put down her hand, and she was about to leave. She was dressed in a blue cotton cloak. She was slightly skinny. Chu Qiao looked at him. Suddenly there was a lot of sourness in her heart. She bit her lip and said: “Yan Xun, do you believe me? ”

Yan Xun’s footsteps stopped, but he never looked back. His voice was like the fine sand of the waves and the sound of faint sound.

“A’Chu, I never doubted you. I just hope that before the turmoil comes, protect you from right and wrong. That’s all.”

The curtain of the big account shook slightly, and the figure flashed. There was no sign of him. Chu Qiao sat on the couch and suddenly lost her sleepiness.

With more noise, everything was quiet and serene. She had spoken many years ago. They promised to each other, no secrets, always be honest and correct, and do not allow misunderstandings and stencils to stop between the two. Unfortunately, this can only be a dream after all. There are many things in this world that cannot be told to others, especially those who love you. (these lines pierced my heart.

She should believe him, Chu Qiao quietly biting lip, do not believe him, she can still believe who?

She tried to convince herself, and then she lay down and closed her eyes before she could see a row of broken heads on the square that day, with blood spattering and messy ground.

After walking for seven days, he arrived at the Blood Kwai River in Yao Province. The base camp was built on the mountain, and 200,000 troops were stationed. Looking far, it was a color of armor.

Chu Qiao gave up the command of the southwestern town government. There is no reason. After the Northern War, the reputation of Chu Qiao Yanbei was almost equal to Yan Yan. The army also praised her, and she followed Yan Yan for many years. The merits and faintness are already the second person in Yanbei. The southwestern town government, as a rebel army that directly led to the defeat of Yanshicheng. The feelings of the people of the Yanbei people were extremely complicated. They had many years of resentment, and they were grateful to them for guarding Yanbei. Emotions can be used by others. (Chu Qiao really loved Yan Xun, she gave up the looming competition between her and her King so without any reason she had to give her beliefs and lost herself in the process…poor Chu Qiao..Now I can understand why the story has to shift from this point on. We can read it to the next lines the main reason behind)

The southwestern town government made the world known to Chu Qiao known. Once she continued to lead this team, Yan Xun would lose the command of the southwestern town government. This team would also become her real private legion. It is absolutely impermissible for any emperor. Therefore, she must give up her military power and stand beside her, so that once something happens, she will have a neutral position. Whether it is for the southwestern town government or for herself, it is a good thing.

Her thoughts were very appropriate. However, when she saw the new chief of the southwest town government, she suddenly stopped her. Her brows were more wrinkled and tighter, her eyes sharpened like a knife, and the blue uniforms were young. She looked at her lightly and politely, and then said quietly: “The Chu Daren ( Daren means Adults), long time no see.”

“General Cheng.” Chu Qiao looked cold and sneered and slowly said: “When Beibei is different, General Xue Zhiyuan died tragically. General Cheng has followed General Xia’an. I never thought that my entire family would have had the opportunity to see the gold of the general. Face, I did not expect to meet here today, it is truly overjoyed.”

Cheng Yuan smiled a little, indifferently said: “Where life does not meet, I and adults, can be considered a good relationship.”

Chu Qiao snorted soon as she turned and walked to Yan Xun’s large account and whispered: “He Xiao, look good on the team. Before I return, no one is allowed to slap on the southwestern town!”

“Yes!” He Xiao answered with a loud voice.

The cold wind blows on Chu Qiao’s face, and her angry cheeks turn red.

General Xue, I can finally revenge for you!


CHAPTER 146 The Good Man’s Security


Yan Xun made that dream again, sweat from the forehead, and the dark eyes were quiet. The outside was bright, and he was on the table. The blouse of the inner shirt was soaked. The slender hand held the teacup, the nails were cleaned, and the scorpion had many scorpions left by the martial arts. He held it hard. The white wall of the cup, the wrist was trembling slightly.

After a long period of time, the memory is like a lake in the early spring of March. The far and near scenery is looming and blurred. He always thought that the emperor for many years was forbearing, and finally let him learn the short-term forgetting, which can be treasured. Live everything in your hand. However, forever a dream is enough to make all the efforts of the day go all the way. Those memories and pictures that have been deeply crushed by him have swept away again, with a sharp and sharp knife and a knife. On the bone marrow of the skin, no flesh and blood will not give up.

The dreams are bloody, the eyes of parents and relatives are cold and sly, and the mellow eyes are pouring out from their eyes, like good wine.

For so many years, he thought that he had already controlled very well. However, from the moment he set foot on Yanbei, many emotions that had been crouching for many years were once again stunned like a hibernating snake was horrified, even if it was closed. Eyes, also instinctively know where to go. At this moment, he finally understood that Yanbei was not his salvation, but his spiritual marijuana, unable to get rid of it, and deeper and deeper.

He fixed his eyes, his eyes looked at the front without a focal length, his breathing gradually stabilized, but there was a deep hatred rising from his heart. The bloodthirsty craving rises from the mind, and he is eager to hold the knife and wave it out, enjoying the thrill of cutting the bones into the flesh.

At this moment, there was a sudden noise outside the door, and the voice of the woman’s anger was particularly sharp and fierce, and her thoughts suddenly cooled down. If you don’t want to know who is coming, he screams, and then the guards who keep the door let her go in.

Chu Qiao still wears the white shackles. During this time, she seems to grow taller. Standing there, she is already a big girl. Yan Yan converges on the look of the genius, quietly and warmly said: “The guards are changing, still do not know you.”

“Why is Cheng Yuan going to be in the army?”

Chu Qiao went straight to the topic and completely did not mind being stopped by the guards. Yan Xun saw her as a public official. She also sat upright and said: “He made a merit and killed the former North City defender who fled. Cheng Yuan, with the return of the North defenders, should be commended.”

Chu Qiao eyes sparkling, staring at Yan Xun, seems to want to find some flaws and loopholes in his expression, but the man calmly and calmly sat above, without a trace of waves, like a deep but calm lake, When you drop a stone, you can’t see anything but a bang.

“I want to kill him.”

Chu Qiao said slowly, the voice was very calm, but his eyes flashed a violent murderous.

Yan Yan’s eye tip slightly provoked, quietly looked at Chu Qiao, but did not speak, the duller the air, the faint can hear the north wind blowing snow from the corner of the tent, spinning, a circle of turn.

“I told you, I am leaving.” Chu Qiao said quietly, turned and wanted to go.


Yan Xun slightly narrowed her eyes and looked at her with some displeasedness. Her eyebrows were locked and slowly said: “Cheng Yuan is now the general of the southwestern town government. If he has something, the southwest town government can’t escape the guard first. The unfavorable responsibilities of the chief officer.”

Chu Qiao looked back and raised her  eyebrows slightly: “You threaten me?”

“I just don’t want you to do something wrong.”

“He killed Xue Zhiyuan and killed the officers and men of the southwestern town government. He also nearly killed me. If not for him, the battle of Yanbei will not have such a big loss. This man is extremely sinister and hazy and he sees the rudder. A snobbish villain, such a person, you have to protect him?”

Yan Xun looked at the excited Chu Qiao, his expression was not shocked, and faintly said: “Yanbei is not afraid of too many people who are not dead, but I don’t think it is worthy of praise.”

Chu Qiao angered: “Is it worthwhile to see the forgiveness of greed and fear of death?” (I think A’Chu is right to confront Yan Xun and say these bluntly)

“A person has to be fearful and easy to control, A’Chu, I hope you calm down and think about it.”

Chu Qiao looked deep into Yan Xun and remembered the soldiers who had died in the northern city and the shouting before Xue Zhiyuan’s death in the minds again. She suddenly felt that her blood had become hot and her eyes were sharp like a knife. Asked in a deep voice, “If I must kill him, how would you like me?”

“You know that no matter what you did, I wouldn’t do anything to you.” Yan Xun looked at her and said in a calm tone. “If this happened, other people would naturally pay for it.”

The light outside was suddenly so glaring, the shaking Chu Qiao’s eyes were sore, she stood in the tent, the fire in the brazier creaked, and the room was warm, but she felt that the blood was cold, and it was almost frozen into icicles. . Her gaze was a little erratic. It seemed to be watching Yan Xun, but it seemed to have passed through him very far. His eyebrows were already stained with wind and frost, and his eyes were no longer clear. It was not the Lang Lang boy who was the star of the eyebrows on the Chishui Lake. It is not the lonely prince who lives with him in the holy palace. Time has opened a huge gap between them. She can’t get through, and he doesn’t try to come over anymore. However, after careful calculation, everything has only passed less than a year. What is power, in the end, she finally understood today?

“Understood,” Chu Qiao nodded faintly, slightly arched his hand: “Subordinates retired.”

“Achu,” seeing her so desolate, Yan Xun cannot bear it, the heart is like a small animal’s sharp claws caught, the pain of the awkward: “You don’t want this.”

Chu Qiao lowered his head and replied in a quiet voice: “Although the subordinates are dull, the merits of rebelling against the Lord’s greed and fear of death are still not available. His Highness is looking for such talents. The hope of Yanbei is on these people. There are still things under the squad, and retire.”

I didn’t look at the expression of Yan Xun, and turned and walked out of the big account.

The curtain of the suede moved slightly, and the wind outside suddenly became louder. After a few cases, the Yankee looked at the door with some disappointment and seemed to expect something.

This is the first time that Chu Qiao has been with him. For so many years, no matter what he did, he made a mistake and forgave him for all his actions. Even if he almost gave up the entire Yanbei surname a while ago, she did not have any anger.

The southwestern town government, the southwestern town government, Yan Yan silently read the name twice, and many of the past unbearable memories once again echoed their minds.

“This name is too intrusive.”

Yanbei’s young king slowly frowned, and his fingers tapped on the unconscious table and fell into a short meditation.

This place in Yanbei is windy all the year round. Even though it is now out of Yanbei’s territory, the weather has not turned warm. Just out of the big account, not far away, a young man in a dark blue coat stood there quietly, tall and straight, but deliberately humiliated slightly, looking humble and obedient, but surprisingly not mean to look mean. There is a certain degree of tolerance and heritage that ordinary people do not have, and it is very calm. See Chu Qiao, he slowly raised his head, his eyes widened, smiled at Chu Qiao, whispered: “The Chu people have worked hard.”

Chu Qiao did not look at him and went straight to his own camp, but he listened to him with a faint smile: “It seems that adults do not go well.”

Chu Qiao slowly stopped and turned away with a frown divinely said: “Cheng Yuan, do you really think I’m afraid to kill you?”

“Whatever happens to an adult, the adults follow their Highness in the capital for eight years, and they have won many battles. The credit is so great that no one else can compare. Take the head of the Big Three Prince from among the great horses to find out what the subordinate is. How can we compete with adults?”

Chu Qiao did not speak. She looked down on this handsome man, only to feel nausea in her stomach and almost wanted to spit it out.

Cheng Yuan looked at her with a smile and continued: “It’s just a wooden show. The wind will destroy it. Do you think that you are too high-profile now? After all, the king of Yanbei is still his Highness.”

Chu Qiao sneered, sneaked a man’s glance, faintly said: “Cheng General, want to leave me and Yan Yan, you are not qualified. I call you a general today, is to respect his decision, but this It doesn’t mean that you can play with my teeth in front of me. You may pray that I am in a better mood. Otherwise, it is difficult for me to guarantee that I will sneak into your tent one night and give you a good time. Even if you are dead, you think he will be for you. Is it a break with my face? You are too naive and too self-righteous.”

Cheng Yuan’s long narrow eyes squinted slightly, quietly watching Chu Qiao but he did not speak, Chu Qiao turned her head, did not look at him, and disappeared straight into the blizzard.

When Cheng Yuan came into Yan Yan’s large account, Yan Hao still sat quietly in front of the case. Looking at the map hanging on the wall, his eyes were blurred and empty, and he did not know what he was thinking. Cheng Yuan was very knowledgeable and did not say anything, but crossed his hands in front of one another, his head bowed quietly to one side. After a while, the low-pitched voice came from the front of the case. Yan Hao did not turn around. She just said slowly: “Be away from her.”

Cheng Yuan quickly nodded and said: “The subordinates must follow His Highness’s instructions.”

“If I’m angry with her, I can’t help you.”


The horn of the dinner was blown, and a large number of soldiers walked on the snow. The footsteps rustled. The wind shouted several times outside the door and asked Yan to eat for a while. Yan Xun could not hear it. He just quietly looked at the map and looked through the vast land of Da Xia. It is a sharp eagle.

When he returned to his large account, Cheng Yuan’s face suddenly cooled down. He dropped his cloak on the bed, his eyebrows almost twisted in one place. Jiang Teng was his personal escort. He had followed him for several years and was very loyal. When he saw him, he asked, “What happened to the general?”

“You must get rid of her.”

He spits out these words almost from the teeth and does not say who, but Jiang Teng suddenly changed his face. He quickly said: “General, you have to think twice. Let’s not say that her own strength cannot be underestimated, even if you are fortunate, his highness will not stop.”

“I know,” said Cheng Yuan’s bright eyes, he slowly said, “But if it is left behind, once she and the Temple say good, I will die in her hands sooner or later.”

“But Your Highness…”

“Reassured, I will not be able to save her life for the time being.”

Cheng Yuan slowly sat on the chair and played a jade card with a white and clear jade. The jade card is a very common style, and it is not a good jade carving, but the name is Chu Qiao, which is the kind of longevity. Jade brand.

“I’ll cut off her wings first, and I’m sure my Highness is also happy to see them.”

The bang of the crackling sound, the jade brand in Cheng Yuan’s hand suddenly broke, and he loosened his hand without changing his color. He broke into a small piece of jade card and smashed it on the ground. The sound was crisp, like a guzheng. (a music instrument)

The bloody Kwai River is a tributary of Chishui. It is located in the upper reaches of Yanmingguan and faces the mighty Yanmingguan across the river. Now it is covered by snow, and the river surface has already been frozen. From Yanying’s big camp horse race to the opposite side, the fast horse needs only. Less than a tea-time, but neither Yan nor Zhao Che, did not rashly advance like the first Northern Expedition. On this five-day period, there was not yet a big fight, except for the small units of the two sides who scolded the military. They all seem to be carefully testing each other’s strengths and seeking an appropriate opportunity. The snow is getting louder and louder. They call signs all day and scout the soldiers to shuttle over the white river. From time to time, they bring back a little bit of information from the other side, the General Staff. Throughout the night, analyzing a piece of favorable intelligence, Chu Qiao was tired for a few days and was obviously lost a large circle. However, her military accomplishment once again allowed the second army of Yanbei’s first army and Black Hawk’s generals. It was amazing that in three days, she was the general director of the General Staff.

On the afternoon of the same day, Yan and He Xiao arrived with a batch of grain and grass. The above indicated that they were transported from Huai Song. There were plenty of food and grass, and there was a shortage of cabbage and bacon in the army. Yan Yan was very happy. On the same day, he ordered A Jing to send a batch of gold mines that had just been produced from the rear to Huai Song.

In the war, A’Jing is naturally reluctant to leave. Such an errand can be handed over to an ordinary general. However, Yan Xun is very solemn in his letter, but he has to go all the way.

Before leaving, he came to see Chu Qiao, all the way through, all the generals who saw the young face, the former mature faces are mostly no, not to recruit troops at the rear, or to lead the surname to rebuild their homes to show farming and animal husbandry, Some of them are not tasteful, Chu Qiao did not see him, the safety of the doorkeeper and A’Jing said that she went to the squad to analyze the intelligence, and maybe I will return.

A’Jing road, unfortunately, then dejected and dejected.

Seeing him go, safely entered the door, strangely asked Chu Qiao why not go to see General A’Jing. Chu Qiao was silent for a long time, and then he slowly said: “I am good for him.”

On the second day after A’Jing’s departure, a battle was developed on Xiongpo West, 80 miles away. The scale of the fighting was not large, and the battle was really embarrassing. Two hundred Scouts suffered a hundred Xia Monarch feed. Soldiers, both of whom suddenly met each other, no one wanted to meet anyone. However, the sudden gap in the darkness kept them staring at them for a long time. They finally had to show up with weapons and chop them together.

It stands to reason that the scouts should be the highest in the militarism of the entire army. They are both expert skimmers and elite cavalrymen with excellent horsemanship and swordsmanship. They also need to master the long-range arrow method and send troops to feed the grass. Most of them are old and weak in the military. Two hundred rebel forces encountered 100 grain fighters. From common sense, victory should have no doubt.

However, Yanbei’s reconnaissance team was defeated. There were only a dozen or so people who had escaped from death. When Chu Qiao saw them, she was almost stunned. Hearing their descriptions was even more frightening. She quickly ran back to the staff and arrested a combat staff and asked: “Who is the logistics of the Big summer?”

Whenever the official knew about such confidential matters, his old beard was already pale, and he looked at Chu Qiao without speaking.

Chu Qiao ranted: “Say!”

“You and I are old acquaintance. The fourth sons of the Zhuge family, Zhuge Yue.”

The deep voice sounded behind him, and Chu Qiao turned away, but he saw Yan Xun standing in the doorway. The snow cap on the top of the head was covered in snowflakes and his face was calm. His eyes revealed a hint of chill.

He stared at Chu Qiao sharply, as if he wanted to find a trace of undulations from her face, but he failed. Chu Qiao is still the same look, looking at him with a brow, it seems to say: Why are you here?

These days, they have been cold wars.

“Say, when do you want to fight with me?”

Yan Xun sighed and stepped forward, pulling Chu Qiao’s hand. Chu Qiao made a hard, but did not break open, her eyebrows locked, a scissors hand would like to pull out, but see Yan Xun backhand flexible follow her movements, still hold her tightly.

“A’Chu, don’t be angry.”

Chu Qiao said coldly: “Can I dare to be angry with your Highness?”

Yan Xun’s face sank and he scolded, “Don’t make trouble.”

Chu Qiao suddenly raised his eyebrow: “Yan Xun, do you think I was playing with your child temper?”

Yan Xun’s face was a bit ugly. He lowered his body to apologize but got her two words that were not salty or not. The face was too bitter and irritated: “A’Chu, is it that I used to be too proud of you? You are not like this.”

Chu Qiao heard the words just want to laugh, arrogant? From small to large, from past lives to this life, she did not expect that she would be associated with this word. She sneered, not knowing whether to ridicule Yan Xun or mocking herself. I am not like this at ordinary times. Have you been like this before? Who changed it?

“When the war is about to take place, it is exactly the time that Yanbei employs people. This is how the top priority at this time is to deal with the troops of the Daxia Army. It is not a matter of worrying about your personal grudges. Think about it yourself.”

After all, Yan Xun walked out of the camp with a cloak. Chu Qiao stood in the same place, her eyes became colder and colder. The anger that had been full of these days was turned into a icy water, and there was no feeling of boiling, like dead water.

Is it time to use people? Then why did the first generals of the First Army have been replaced, and the officers who had been trained by Mr. Wu for many years were all sent back to the Yanbei natives and the herdsmen to go back to the mountains for sheep? Why is the feather girl being idled? Why did A’Jing be far away from him and he had to analyze all these indiscriminate military intelligence analyses all day long, but he did not even know that Zhuge Chen was the logistics manager of the big summer?

The Yanbei Army finally became a monolith, but Yan Xun, why did you not even believe me again?

Chu Qiao only felt an indescribable sadness, and she was deterred by her disappointment. She sat in a chair and she was cold for a while.

Did Zhuge Yue come with the army? That was not really good news. His military accomplishment was not under Zhao Che. He was also a close disciple of Mr. Wolong, and he was out of the same door with Mr. Wu’s maiden, and Zhuge Valve’s back up with strong financial support was behind him. Zhuge is a family, it is the attitude of the entire Great Summer gate valve on this matter. Will the arrival of the gate valve be a precursor to the war?

However, this is fine. At the very least, he is no longer excluded by the family. Although it was in the war, the news of the true city could be transmitted to her ear, and this is not really a secret. Zhuge Yue lost power in the family because the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties were jointly suppressed by the royal family and the Elder’s Shrine. They were deprived of their rank and office, were idled, were placed under imprisonment in the imperial city, and were strictly forbidden to leave the city for a half step, while Zhuge Muqing was placed under house arrest in Zhuge House. For a time, he became the joke and talk of the entire upper class community.

These things, Chu Qiao has been unable to think about it, self-blame and guilt are completely useless, and she can not make any compensation and reward for him. She has always been such a person, and she has firmly chosen her own way, even if it is a thorny road. Even if it is raining and falling, there will be no shake and weakness. But occasionally dreaming back at midnight, I will also see his stubborn scorpion, and hear the hoarse voice:

“Don’t you feel it? I need you too.”

I hope that he is only doing logistical adjustments, and I hope that he will not meet him. I hope, I hope.

Chu Qiao has been very tired and tired. She has no intention of looking at information like waste paper. She wants to return to her tent after she is weary and only wants to fall asleep. However, when they came to the camp, the sounds of the two guards suddenly flew into their ears.

“When I saw my Royal Highness, I wanted to let them die. At the beginning, General Liu, who was the first army, said nothing more in the meeting. Then he went missing on the battlefield. His piece was an internal theater and there was no enemy at all. After we have guessed, 80% of them have been extinguished.”

“Isn’t it, let alone they are so fierce. If it weren’t for the Chu people who were in the staff department, it is estimated that they have already seen the king.”

An old soldier sighed: “His Royal Highness may be different from the prince’s temperament. Now it seems that when Mr. Wu was in charge, he was comfortable. That is, the Chu adults were also generous.”

“Yeah,” some people echoed. “Long-haired is pretty, and when you speak, and you have fairness and ability, it’s no wonder that those people support her.”

Chu Qiao frowned and coughed slightly and walked slowly out. Those few people were night-watching soldiers, and when they heard someone’s voice suddenly frightened, they quickly stood up and looked at her helplessly.

“It’s up to you to talk to your Highness behind.”

“Adult, adults, we know the wrong, and ask the adults to raise their hands and let us live a path.”

A few people broke down and slammed on the ground. They even asked for mercy. Chu Qiao looked at them and slowly said: “There can only be one commander in the army. Yanbei can only have one leader. His Royal Highness is the son of Yan Schicheng. It is us. The master of Yanbei, you should understand who your loyalty is. This is the army, not the charity hall. If you do something wrong, you will have to punish and you will die on the battlefield. These are not surprising if you let me hear it later You are behind the criticism of the right and wrong of the next sentence, and one cannot escape the disposition of military law!”

A few people were kneeling on the ground and quickly replied, “Yes, small, obedient.”

“Remember to go to the Military Law Department after tonight, and each of you will receive 30 batons to help you keep a long memory. I said that I will let you go.”

“Yes Yes.”

Chu Qiao face turned without turning, but did not move toward his camp, but quickly went to the camp of the southwestern town government.

What happened? Why do those people say that? What task did Cheng Yuan send in the end?

Everything knows as soon as it arrives.

“Adult?” The young soldier met Chu Qiao when he was happy. He ran forward and said, “How can adults have time to come to see us?”

“He Xiao? Tell him to come to see me.” Chu Qiao said quickly.

The man saw the sudden shock, said: “He Xiao tied his brothers out of the camp.”

“Out of the camp? What did they do?”

“The scout camp was tight recently and we were seconded to the camp.”

Chu Qiao was browsed and said quietly, “Who’s the command?”

The soldier’s face suddenly became a bit disdainful and coldly said: “It is not the general Cheng Yuan who is eager for meritorious service.”

“Then where did they go tonight?”

“I heard that it was Xiongpo.”


Chu Qiao’s eyes suddenly became as sharp as a sword. Cheng Yuan, if you dare to act rashly, I promise you can’t see the sun tomorrow morning.

Pulling a horse out of the barracks made by the southwestern town government, Chuchae jumped up and jumped up and said quietly, “Bring the rest of my brothers with me.”

Cold winds, like sharp knife, horseshoe snow, shuttle in the night.

Soon afterward, Xiongpo, who was 80 miles away, was already in a panic.


The guards rushed high between the horses and shouted: “Ready! The military is on guard!”

“Who is it? Who is it?” He Xiao opened his eyes and said that it was a battalion. Actually, it was only a 1,000-horse team. They had just received an order to rest here. Why did the enemy detect the whereabouts so soon?

“I don’t know, General.” The guard shouted: “The enemy is coming from the northwest of our army. The enemy is inseparable. What should we do?”

What is the meaning of this sentence? It is impossible to tell whether the person from the opposite side is the army of Daxia or the local army of Yanbei. To the southwest town government, the identity of the current embarrassment, both are very likely, and the possibility of the latter seems to be even greater. This is a wonderful irony. He Xiao frowned and said slowly: “All the troops are shrinking. Do not start with the enemy for the time being. We must look at the identity of each other.”

“Adult, Gu Chang has already rushed forward with the strikers!”

He Xiaoteng rushed to the high slope, only to see the fire everywhere, shouting killing sounds and sirens filled the audience, the former soldiers of the army were fighting each other, if not the southwestern town government has repeatedly suffered twists and turns, the combat power is super strong, at this moment Has been rushed into the interior by the enemy.

There is still a chance, there is still a chance, He Xiao frowned and thought, “Where is General Cheng?”

“I left before an hour.”

“Fuck!” He Xiao yelled and yelled: “Give me a horse, fast!”

However, at this moment, a sharp arrow suddenly burst into space. The arrow was humming, like a beast, and with long eyes, it rushed toward He Xiao’s face!

Inescapable, retreatable, fast, it is too fast, thick murderous like floods, raging storms, flashing silver, the torch of the audience seems to have become dim for a moment Only the arrow’s brilliance and radiance remained, and the dark night rang through the turbulent ripples, like a bloody feast.

He Xiao pupil enlarged, eyes sharp, he felt his forehead skin seems to be stabbed raw, he is also a master of archery, strong opponents in the world. However, in the face of this arrow, he felt like a child of seven or eight years old. He did not have the slightest revenge. It was like a mighty farmer facing swordsmanship and exquisite swordsmen. He was clumsily waving again. His own fists can only look at everything in vain and hit the air, and the other party can only poke the farmer on the hard work of his ancestors with an exquisite sword.

So fast that the body is too late to make any action, the arrow is already close at hand, he can hear the exclaimed subordinates, he can also feel the magnified eyes when the people around him scream, but he can not speak. Come, at the last moment before his death, he was thinking, who is it? Having a skill that rivals adults and can die in the hands of such people is not a shame.


A sharp Li Xiao rang through the audience. Immediately afterwards, it was a death-like silence. Then, when the mountain Huhai drank, the Chu Qiaoqi horse came and leapt to the high slope, standing in front of He Xiao bow. Under her horse, there are two arrows crossing one arrow. The sawdust spreads out like two flowers.

“grown ups!”

All officers and soldiers from the southwestern town government shouted in unison: “The adults are coming!”

Surprisingly, the enemy also stopped the attack. The two sides tacitly reduced the strength of the troops slowly, and then they stood clearly and clearly, and the torch flashed brightly.

Chu Qiao frowned, and she was too familiar with that shot. Her heart began to twitch, her brows were locked, that is, she was worried and afraid, and she had a few radiances. If it is true, if it is true, then tonight, maybe it will be possible to…retreat…

The crowd opposite gradually dispersed, and a white horse slowly came out from behind the soldier. The young man immediately dressed in a purple jacket, a uniform, and a uniformless soldier. His eyes were cold, springy, and lazy. The bodies of Chu Qiao and others passed by one by one. Their faces were arrogant and indifferent for years. Afterwards, he said indifferently, “It is only a group of migrants who withdraw their troops.”

“Adults!” an officer flung himself out and said quickly: “How could this be a migrant, and their fighting power is definitely an elite division of Yanbei.”

The man listened to the brow and picked it up slightly. He lowered his chin slightly and looked at him from the corner of his eye. Shen Sheng said: “Do you have an opinion on my judgment?”

The man suddenly squatted and quickly squatted on the ground: “Unable to dare.”

“Then you think I am in treachery with the enemy? Or is there a problem with my head?”

The officer’s forehead gradually sweated down, and he said nervously and continuously: “It’s subtle, and you don’t dare.”

The man looked up and didn’t look at him. He said: “If you don’t dare, you should know how to do it.”

“Yes, you know it.” The man quickly stood up and said to the soldiers behind him: “After withdrawing and withdrawing the troops, the army is withdrawn first. The others follow the order.”

The purple man slowly turned around and turned around. Before leaving, his eyes faintly swept away from Chu Qiao’s face. The girl was white and described as thin, and the more prominent the eyes, the more she looked at herself with her reins, she did not speak. The wind blew through her show, like the ink dripping into the water, dancing the perfect arc.

The enemy troops thus went away in front of them. There were more than 3,000 people. They left behind more than 1,000 heavily armed “floaters.” The start of the war was amazing, and the end was horrified. It was only at this moment that people were whispered. Ask: “They just left?”

Everyone was stunned. After a long time, only some people whispered: “Didn’t see adults come. They were scared.”

“He Xiao, you will reorganize the army first. I will come when I go.”

Seeing that Chu Qiao was going in the direction of the enemy’s retreat, He Xiao suddenly was shocked and hurriedly grabbed Chu Qiao’s stables and said loudly: “Adults, no one can, in case of falling into the enemy’s hand, we are not enough to make atonement.” .”

“Reassured,” Chu Qiao smiled slightly: “There will be no problem, that person…”

When it comes to this, her voice suddenly bursts, what words should I use to explain the relationship between the two? Enemy? Right? Or is it…

“Is my friend.”

Even if they do not see it with their own eyes, Chu Qiao can also guess the other person’s identity. In the whole world, besides the Yan Xun who grew up with her, who can take her arrow? The horse ran less than a time of incense and saw two people standing under a big tree in the distance. One of them saw her coming and happily ran over and laughed, “The star (Xinger) girl came, the young master. Say you will come, I am still worried about it.”

The pale moonlight and the snow-capped plains are like large umbrellas. Although the branches and leaves are scattered, they are unusually tall and straight. Zhuge Yue stood under the tree and looked at her silently. The white horse took a leisurely walk around him and met Chu Qiao who was also happy. He seemed to meet acquaintances.

Zhu Qi (This is Yue Qi) it was natural for her to hold the reins. Chu Qiao jumped out and laughed at her on Zhu Qi. “I didn’t expect to meet you here. Are you all right?”

“Who is this girl? Who wants to ask me if I am good for Zhu Qi? I am fine, I can eat and sleep, and I have married my wife a while ago.”

Zhu Qi with a grinning smile, Chu Qiao was slightly embarrassed but still said with a smile: “That really deserves congratulations.”

“Zhu Qi go to the front and tell the nest to go slower. Don’t accidentally fall into the snow cave.”

Zhu Qi turned his head and pointed at the man under the tree: “Master, in the nest is a general who is born in the northwest. You are not worried about him, but you are afraid that I will fall into the snow cave on the way to the letter.”

Zhuge Yue heard a brow, his eyes flashed a few anger. On the seventh month of July, he quickly raised his hand and said, “Okay, okay, if you go under this, go and talk about what the young master cares for. You have to ride on your horse.” Reject the horse and quickly go away.

In fact, it was only two months or less. However, I do not know why, but Chu Qiao has been feeling for a long time. In these days, too many things happened. After the summer battle, Lin Lin’s general affairs came out of his head. Especially with Yan Xun’s growing weight, Zhuge Yue’s previous words came true, she struggled, and she was struggling. Trek, now see him again, thousands of thoughts in her heart, so that she cannot understand their own mood for a time, their relationship is too embarrassing, so that she did not know what to say, can only be so stupid It’s like a dead tree on a wasteland.

“Do you have a problem inside?”

Zhuge Yue suddenly opened, but it is such a private military, Chu Qiao surprised, looked at him strangely, he wanted to say? Will not want to inquire Yan North Army’s intelligence, right?

“It was your people who led me to this.”

Zhuge Yue slowly said: “I guess someone wanted to take this arm out of my hand. It just didn’t happen to be your own horse.”

Although he had long guessed, when he heard this, Chu Qiao still felt angry. She bit her lower lip, held her fist tightly, looked at the ground, but didn’t speak.

“Be careful, this time met me. The next time, maybe Zhao Che.”

Zhuge Yue said something, and he took the horse and turned to go. Chu Qiao was shocked. After catching up the first two steps, she quickly said, “Zhuge  Yue!”

Zhuge Yue looked back and looked at her with his head frowning. Chu Qiao thought for a long time and finally said, “Will you be tired?”

Zhuge Yue said: “As long as you do not write to the Presbyterian ChurcElder’s Shrine, it is estimated that there will be nothing.”

Chu Qiao took a deep breath and her eyes stark like a star. She looked at him with certainty and finally said quietly, “Thank you.”

Zhuge Yue led the horse and walked. He waved freely and said, “If you can’t handle your hand, then go back and talk to Yan Xun. The internal instability will make it difficult for you to fight.”

The snow reflected the light of the moon, the bright white, and Zhuge Yue’s purple sable became more gorgeous and handsome. He slendered on the back, projected a long and happy figure on the ground, stepped on the snowfield step by step, and the horse limped slowly. 

Chu Qiao has been standing in the same place, watching his back, far away, far away, and finally disappeared under the snow slope, can no longer see.

Her throat was stagnant and she only felt a thousand words in her neck, but she could not say anything. The kind of complex emotions almost ruined her reasoning, and she stood still for a long time, until the unrelenting He Xiao led the troops to come, she slowly recovered the god. (Chu Qiao started to admire Zhuge Yue from the farthest distance…I love to read these lines)

“Adults, let’s go back.”

Chu Qiao nodded and said, “Go back and tell your brothers that you are not allowed to bring anything tonight.”

He Xiao nodded and said, “Yes, adults, please rest assured.”

After thinking about it, he asked again, tentatively: “So this time, we just do it?”

Chu Qiao suddenly became cold, and she gave a cold cry and said quietly: “Nature can’t be just that.”

The neat turn over the horse, the horse screamed, breaking the silence of the night, the wind blowing in the wind, the snow fluttering, a trace of chill. Chu Qiao turned back and looked at the snowy field. It was pale and chaste, like the sea without the sea. The big tree stood there quietly. I don’t know how many years I have lived alone, how many people are from under it. After, through the eyes, through time and space.

“Back to the camp!”


CHAPTER 147 You Take Care


The wind whimpered, the snow fluttered, and the night was like a thick ink. In front of the army station in the southwestern township, the front was reported, the gate was slowly opened, and the door of the black hole was like a beast’s bloody mouth. He Xiao rode on horseback, standing next to Chu Qiao, the sword hangs quietly on his waist, and the light blue light subtly swallows, especially in the moonlight.

“Adults, are we going to report to our Highness now?”

He Xiao Shen asked, Chu Qiao shook his head quietly, the cold wind blew through the forehead of her forehead, like a sly tentacles, she frowned slightly, her eyes looked deep and looked at the brightly lit camp, divinely said : “No, it’s complicated, it’s inevitable that there will be more twists and turns. It’s better to play first.”

He Xiao was a little embarrassed and frowned and said: “In this case, will His Highness be angry?”

“I don’t know.” Chu Qiao said lightly: “I’ll do it first.”

To put it another way, before the first fight, the caretaker’s soldiers salute her and she seems to have not seen it. She runs into the Great Camp, followed by more than 1,000 southwestern towns who made it to the soldiers to escape. The team swept through the camp like a tornado, and the horseshoe swelled like a thunder, snow fluttering, and a fine snow mist filled the horseshoe.

Many soldiers who had fallen asleep were awakened. They thought that they were enemies who had come to the camp. They quickly put on their clothes and tossed their weapons out of their tents. When they came out, they were filled with foam and saw the southwest. The officers and men of the town government rushed to Dongying in an imposing manner, and they suddenly looked surprised. A 40-year-old veteran’s clothes were not dressed yet. His belt was tied in half. His face was full of pleats and he was frowning. “How could these guys be so angry? Eighty percent is going to happen. It should be Tell your Highness immediately.”

At the same time, the big account of Yan Xun has already lit up, and the guards on duty have rushed into the army, and the footsteps disturbed the sleeping man.


Chu Qiao coldly, more than 20 hooks suddenly thrown out as a string from the string, slamming on the tent, the soldiers immediately whip the pumping horse, the horse grows up and kicks, flew away in all directions. In the next second, the huge camp tent was torn to pieces. Cheng Yuan’s clothes were not dressed yet, but he still stood up in his chest and looked up with his sword. Chu Chu felt angry and shouted, “Chu adults! what do you mean?”

“General Cheng, you pretend to be a military commander, confessing your enemy, and using a knife to kill people, so that you can use it as a hot weapon!”

He Xiao screamed that the bones of the hand holding the knife creaked.

Cheng Yuan frowned and pretended to be ignorant: “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

He Xiao would have to speak again. Chu Qiao reached out and stopped him. He said coldly: “You don’t have to talk nonsense with him.”

“The adults of Chu, I think this is a misunderstanding. Is there anything you can say…”

However, if the words were not finished yet, Chu Qiao suddenly pulled out his long sword from the waist and drank coldly: “Kill him!”

As soon as this remark came out, the officers and soldiers of the southwestern town government immediately swarmed and Cheng Yuan’s personal guards arrived in a hurry, one of the armor hadn’t been put on. With a saber, only the body of the warhorse can be stabbed. Before the blood is spouted, it has already been cut off by the head. The sharp shout broke the silence of the whole army. Cheng Yuan shouted loudly: “Strengthen! Reinforcement! The southwestern town government has turned against it!”

The nearest guards have already arrived at full speed. Their footsteps are like a raging flood, and heavy knocks are on everyone’s hearts.

Jiang Teng, the chief of the Third Guards of the Second Army, came to the army and really rushed into the battle, but he saw Chu Qiao’s upright mess. He shouted: “The soldiers of the Second Army, you want to be with me.” Is Joe an enemy?”

When Jiang Teng was awkward, how could he not know who A’Chu is? After A’Chu Bei’s battle, Chu Qiao had already become a household name, and he was proud of being able to fight with her. I saw her standing in the southwest town. Before I suddenly stopped, I quickly reorganized the guard and shouted: “Chu Daren, what is going on?”

“I am dealing with traitors. You should not act rashly for the time being. I will give you an explanation.”

One side was the southwestern town government officer who had betrayed the culprit, but Cheng Yuan, who was fleeing in the battle of Beibei, was a sensitive topic in the military. Jiang Teng meditation momentarily passed an order: “The blockade of the battle zone was immediate. If any party wants to run away or spread the flames of war, kill them!”

Seeing that Jiang Teng did not try to rush in, Chu Qiao immediately lowered his heart and saw the momentum grow. He raised his sword and said to He Xiao, “We can’t solve it if we don’t have a solution to it. We can’t do that later. Opportunity.”

Saying that the last guard of the southwestern town government rushed into the war, the time blew up, the horseshoe swelled, and the crowds raged. Cheng Yuan’s guards issued desperate screams, but they could not hide anymore. Jiang Teng held swords and guards. Around Cheng Yuan, he shouted: “Protect the generals! Protect the generals!”

As soon as the voice fell, a sharp arrow shot suddenly, and the whole person was pierced through a transparent hole.

Less than a hundred people’s guards rushed to the ground and were trampled by the horseshoe into blood foam. The huge cymbals collided with the weapons and sounded deafening. The southwest town government encircled Cheng Yuan and others. A row of bows and arrows, the corpses were poured into a pool of blood. A dense metal was like a forest, neatly interposed in the corpses.

The propaganda has not been good enough. Cheng Yuan has his eyes open. In his vision, the southwestern town government has no longer existed at this moment. Even if Chu Qiao is angry again, it is a toothless tiger. More than 100 guards are enough to deal with this. Hard woman. But he did not think that the southwestern town government not only did not die but also dared to directly impact his big account. This woman is really crazy. Is he going to die today?

“There are orders from your Highness! All people immediately stop, and there are private fighters, and they must be disposed of according to military laws!”

The voice of the commander’s voice rang out, and Cheng Yuan suddenly rejoiced. However, Chu Qiao was unsuccessful. A sword stabbed into the chest of a soldier, jumped out of the horse, and the sword was pulled out. The blood suddenly splashed, showing her in such a decisive way. The determination to get rid of him and then quickly.

The snow-capped camp is like a huge meat grinder, bloody and muddy, all over the ground, killing and slashing and echoing the darkness of the sky. The repression and anger of the past few days have finally come out, the officers and soldiers of the southwestern town government With the sword rushing, for a while, all the obstacles have been removed.

“His Lord has orders! Everyone will stop immediately!”

The commander still shouted, Chu Qiao kicked Cheng Yuan to the ground, blood flowing through the quaint sword, condensed into a drop of blood on the white snow, this moment, so many people’s faces from Her eyes flashed one by one, Xue Zhiyuan’s handsome face, the young warrior who died in the north of the city to save her, because the soldiers of the Beibei army fled and died in the battle of Beibei, and Yan Yan gradually became full of doubts. Eyes…

She lifted her long sword and did not say anything high-sounding. Her eyes were fierce and cold and she slammed into the man’s neck.

Cheng Yuan’s pupil was instantly enlarged, and the horrified Zhang had a big mouth but did not scream. Under such a sword, he had no room to escape. Moreover, he appeared in the number of arrows and lost his combat power.

Seeing that the long sword is going to pierce his throat, at this moment, the sharp arrow suddenly bursts into the air, the speed is so fast, almost half of the air shines a spark, the sharp screams suddenly sound, Chu Qiao’s wrist is hot. Crisp, the long sword deviated, and the snow was stuck in the dead, only a bright red blood mark was drawn on the neck far away.

“His Royal Highness! Your Highness save me!”

Chu Qiao’s eyes almost spurted out the fire, and pulled out the sword and stabbed it again. However, the sword had not been shot yet, and it was shot by an arrow. This time it was not the sword that shot her hand, but the one standing beside her. He Xiao went. He Xiao was holding the knife and was separated. He was forced to set back seven or eight steps. However, before he stood still, he was already shooting at the door!

Chu Qiao slashed her sword, but she saw the arrow in front of his eyes, and his horns were different. He continued to fight with swords, and his movements were smooth and agile, like a gorgeous dance. In the meantime, she seems to have returned to the secluded deep palace many years ago. The two children bent and bowed one person, but the arrow was broken at that time, instead of today, the arrow flashed, the chilly and the bones, the cold light.

When everything was calm, Cheng Yuan had already fled far away. Yan Xun was a black scorpion, sitting high on horseback, holding a golden fist in one hand and holding a sharp bow in one hand. Behind him was the Black Hawk’s garrison. Everyone was cold and looked at the messy battlefield.

The strong wind blew from their center, and the snowflakes rolled up on the ground took off slowly and made a loud noise.

“A’Chu, what are you doing?”

Yan Xun’s voice was calm, calm and people didn’t know what he was thinking. His expression was very cold as if standing in front of him was not the bamboo horse Qingmei who had lived with him for eight years, a drop of blood from Chu Qiao’s cheek. Rolling down, slipping into her white neck, she looked up at him, watching Cheng Yuan respectfully standing next to him, distorting the facts of the big words, but he did not refute the rebuttal, only feel the inch of the heart Covered by heavy snow, the lips moved, but they could not speak at all.

She always thought that there was no misunderstanding between them, and she never needed a verbalization. However, she suddenly discovered that if she did not refute her argument and did not explain it, she would really become a treacherous chaos thief. This is a wonderful irony.

He Xiao took a step forward and sorted out the ins and outs of the matter, only hiding the fact that Xia Monarch intended to put them on a horse. Instead, he said that they had discovered that it was not right and they wanted to make a breakthrough.

Yan Xun has been listening quietly, listening to He Xiao and Cheng Yuan attack each other, listening to the anger of the officers and men of the southwestern town government, without making a word. The soldiers around him will gather more and more, the wind in the night will become bigger and bigger, and the weather will be cold. Chuo will be standing in the same place. His hands and feet will be cold and numb. The voices in the room will gradually fade away. She seems to have heard nothing but Yan Yan’s eyes were seen, so black, so bright, but why was it covered with a layer of frost, no longer see.

“A’Chu,” Yan Xun’s deep voice slowly sounded, not how loud, but all the noise around him suddenly stopped, and saw him looking deep into Chu Qiao, quietly asked: “Yes really?”

Chu Qiao looked at him quietly. He also looked at her. His eyes pierced for a long time, and they traced the past of their past. Everything did not exist. It seemed that only his eyes were left. Starting from the first sight of the big summer hunting grounds, the turbulent years connected their two lives that were supposed to have no intersection at all. Many times, Chu Qiao thought that she had crossed the tens of thousands of years and could not calculate. Is the space coming for him? Therefore, no matter how hard or hard, regardless of the predicament, they stand in one place, shoulder to shoulder, stumbling all the way, never giving up, and firmly trust each other.

She nodded deeply, her eyes were still calm, but a heart gradually heated up, like a gambler who plunged into all the gambling, and then said: “It is true.”

Everything around him was suddenly quiet, leaving only the face of Yan Xun. He slowly narrowed his eyes, his lips moved, and he said something. Chu Qiao seemed to be inaudible. The voice was so big. Her ears roared and she heard it clearly, but the sentence seemed to have become a meaningless symbol so that she could not tell what it meant.

Yan Xun asked: “In this case, why is there no major casualties in the southwestern township? According to yours, the enemy has mobilized more than 3,000 people, got the information of Cheng General in advance, and surrounded it, so why are your casualties? So small?”

“His Highness, his subordinates think that this may be a misunderstanding. In the beginning, Beibei offended Chu Daren, the traitor was blinded, and he accidentally injured the Chu people, and General Xue was a good friend of Chu Daren. She is also responsible for his death. Chu people are biased against me, and it is inevitable.”

The younger generation of generals who had just been promoted by the First Army also raised their own doubts. Why did the southwestern town government’s war ended so fast that if the enemy had 3,000 people, it would be unintentional to let it go? They escaped so easily.

The buzz grew louder and louder, and it seemed as if there was a flock of flies on the ear. Chu Qiao was arguably unable to speak. Would she tell her that Zhuge Yue was going to let himself out of his old love? Many people are confused. Once this matter is publicized, will Zhuge Yue be punished by Daxia? And now she also lost the power of refutation. She looked at Yan Xun, her eyes finally dying at an inch, her voice was like a misty cloud, and she smiled aloud. She said without hesitation: “You don’t believe me?”

Yan Xun said: “Give me a reasonable explanation.”

Reasonable explanation? Cheng Yuan’s maneuvering order caused eight deaths in the southwestern town government and injured more than twenty people. Are these not justified explanations? Must be completely annihilated to prove the truth? Chu Qiao was dumbfounded, and the great disappointment and pain in his heart were like a fierce blade slashing with a blade of the knife. He bit his lower lip, and his mouth was almost bleeding. The smile was bitter. He asked, “Yan Xun, you and I met each other for so many years. Did I ever do something that doesn’t help you?”

Yan Xun frowned and silent.

Chu Qiao continued to laugh, the cold wind blew his face, and the corners of his mouth seemed to be stiff. Her eyes seemed to be frozen in the cold pool, and the shadows fell, and eventually turned into a decaying plum, her eyes flashed one by one, such as In the autumn, the cold wind sweeps, the suspicion of the sinus has been born, everything has changed, Yan Yan has become the king of Yan, no longer the original one, there are so many people around him, and she is no longer the only one yesterday.

“Everything I say, heaven can be a testimony, the sun and the moon can be used as a guide. If you don’t believe it, you will kill me by sin.”

“Everything I say can be witnessed by heaven. The sun and the moon can be used as a guide. If you do not believe it, then you will kill me by trying to sin.”

After she finished, she never looked at the expressions of the people around her. She was just tired, but her body was slightly stunned. She nearly fell, and He Shaw and others held her and pushed her away. The girl’s body was thin and thin, and her neck was white as if she could see the blood vessels inside. The jackdaw at night passed over the head and issued a sad cry. All were left behind by her. She quietly walked. In a way to force him to make a decision in such a decisive way, is to save the cry, kill the traitor, or just catch up and cling to her, tell her that she was wrong, how could he not believe her?

But he did not, he just stood there quietly, surrounded by thousands of people, the light on the cheeks of the torch, the bright light, the bright glare. He looked at her, his eyes were quiet, he didn’t catch up, he didn’t talk, he didn’t kill, the time was quietly flowing to them, the snow was falling, and they were getting farther and farther apart. It seems that it has been out of the past ten years. From the beginning of the acquaintance, to hand in hand, from the opposite side, to fight side by side, the words of the past are still floating in the ears, the vows that once surpassed the thousand gold today is so cheap.

Yan Yan, we used to be a blessing and a common life, and we lived together. We walked through the hard days of life. We said that we must return to our hometown together. We said that we must rebuild Yanbei together. We said that we must work together. Revenge and hate, we said that we must believe in each other, never give up… but after all, the world can’t follow the plan of you and me smoothly. You said that I am the next person in your world, I know you. I didn’t lie to me, but you didn’t know it at the time. After you experienced it, you have forgotten how to trust. Except for yourself, you no longer trust anything you can’t control. This, including the big peers, including Mr. Wu, who is open-minded, includes the wonderful and beautiful girl, including many years of follow-up you know that you have too many past, including the southwest town ambassador who only loyal to me, of course Including me, including Chu Qiao, who has always been associated with you and has inextricably linked with you.

Tears erupted in line from Chu Qiao’s eyes. She untied her heavy scorpion and left this precious cloak to fall on the ground. At this moment, she shocked Ximeng and made the name of the entire Great-Summer Empire scared. Just a bleak young girl, pale cheeks, thin and thin, deep eyes, once slammed Fang Mian arms down on both sides, eyes shining, dark eyes, thick sea water like a sad show. Tears rolled down her pale and thin cheeks and were blown away by the cold wind.

Until this moment, she suddenly realized that the original love for Yan Xun was already so deeply bitter.  How many years of accumulation, those emotions have already penetrated her lungs like marijuana. She once did not notice when he and Zhao Chuner were married, and she did not notice when she was forced to go to the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties to separate him from her. She did not notice when she was still alive and dead. She didn’t notice when she was in the front line. She didn’t notice when she was in Beibei City.  Because at that time, no matter how far they were away, their hearts were all in one place. She knew that he loved her and loved so much. Deep as deep as possible, even if he was forced to stay with others, even if they were separated by thousands of miles, even if the death was on the verge of falling, the two would never see each other.

But at the moment, he stood behind her and looked at her lonely figure. She suddenly realized that morality, faith, and ethical justice were not the same as his suspicions.

Her love and loyalty, like the mountains and the sea, should not be changed even if blood splatters. As long as the trust is still there, even if one day he stands in an antagonistic position with justice in the world, she can forgive him without hesitation, even if he breaks into the sea of ​​blood, even if he breaks into hell. Even if he is wicked ss the world is abandoned, she will not betray.

Therefore, she did not even feel angry when he gave up the southwestern town government in Zhenhuang. When he once again abandoned Yanbei, she also fully understands him in an instant. Then he killed Miss Helian, killed the officers and men of the southwestern town government, and sank Cheng Yuan. He walked farther and farther down the road. Whose fault was it? Are those unbearable experiences? Is it the bloody hatred? Is it years of depression and madness? Or is she, she did not pull him?

The figure flashed and walked into a quiet, dark camp. The snowy tent stood like a white skull. The soldiers went to live in the Cheng Yuan camp and lived here. They stayed here like a grave.

Chu Qiao’s feet fell and the whole person fell to the snow. She stretched out her arms and forced it to the ground, but she couldn’t climb up.

The low, depressed cry suddenly sounded like a choking little beast. She squatted on the ground, holding a handful of snow, hurt like a knife, her shoulder trembling, she couldn’t stand it anymore. Sadness, tears slammed down, uncontrollable crying in the snow.

Yan Xun, how can you not believe me? How can you doubt me?

The snow is big, the woman is in white dress, in the snow, screaming and crying, the snow falls on her shoulder, and it gradually piles up so high.

On the second day, Chu Qiao personally appealed to Yan Xun on the table, left the eastern theater, took the southwest town government to return to Yanbei, went to Shang Shen to return to the next generation to build a water conservancy exhibition, and implemented the well-established post-war reconstruction work.

Yan Xun looked at the respectful and memorable performance for a long time, and then he silently signed a “No” character. The strokes of this word are not many, but he wrote it for a long time. After writing, outside. The sun is so bright and bright that it shines on the snow, but it shows the coldness of the north

The day when Chu Qiao left, the sky was cloudless and there was no haze a few days ago. In addition to peace, there was no one in the whole army to send her and Yan Xun did not come. She rode on her horse and looked up at the blue sky. A white eagle hovered in the sky and shouted loudly. It echoed in the sky for a long time.

Yan Xun, I’m gone, take care of yourself.


CHAPTER 148 Hearts like Sangmo


The day when I left Shang Shen, it was a very sunny day. The year is coming, the weather is cold, but the sky is fine, the blue is clear as a clear water, the clouds are cloudless, the swallows fly south, and the sun shines with warmth. Sprinkled with gold satin, white snow, a row of fat and healthy horses walking on the road, long and full of more than two thousand people.

Nowadays, it is already the end of the 770 of the white celestial calendar, and half a month is the year. On the way, many business trips that have been bought and sold by the mainland have been encountered. The rich are in danger and demand. Now Yanbei has developed its trade, so even the battles at the border It hasn’t stopped yet, but there are also businessmen from the Mainland who make their way to South Yanjiang by waterways to enter Yanbei.

Chu Qiao took off a heavy hood and looked up at the blue sky. His eyes were clear and watery, and another year passed. The old girls grew taller, and the outlines of the girls were a little more mature. The hair was neatly rolled up, dressed in a blue leather jacket, and riding on a full body war.

Ge Qi came back from the front and said to her: “Adult, He Xiao received a message saying that we are camping at the foot of Mount Daixi tonight. He is ready to take the lead.”

Chu Qiao nodded, listening to the eagle shouting overhead, suddenly looked up, looking far away.

After passing the Longji Mountain, it was a thunderstorm. It was the northwestern barrier that Yanbei had newly conquered. Once it was the land of the great summer, it has now fallen into the territory of Yanbei, and the Yanmingguan war has continued for a long time. It has been a whole year.

This year, a lot of things happened. In 775, the most turbulent and chaotic period in mainland China, the history of the mainland of Ximeng, it is absolutely possible to leave a lot of history. After the war between Daxia and Yanbei, the war had just been carried out in half. The domestic riots of the Northern Capital and the Seven Kings were violently ruined, which greatly restricted the materials and soldiers’ investment in the northwest war. Zhao Che had no choice but to settle down. The war offense was changed to battle defense, and the death of the Yan Ming Guan, to create time to calm the domestic war. However, just after the temper, the Emperor of Sui and Tang Dynasties suddenly collapsed, and the prince Li Ce rushed to the throne. Because of the counter-attacks of the domestic sinister forces, Daxia and Sui and Tang dynasty and the border broke a small-scale war, if not Zhao Yang was sent Towards the border, the war will be extinguished in time, and the big summer will face the tough situation of the three-line war.

The world has already seen that within a short period of one year, the great military power of Daxia, the former military power, was obviously declining. West, unable to recapture Yanbei, North, unable to appease the people, South, unable to serve the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the East must be subject to Huai Song economically clamped. Today, the land of Ximeng is no longer a big one.

Half a year ago, the Yanzhao Mountain was officially re-elected. Yanbei became a country, and the country was Yan, and the Yuan was changed to the first element. Apart from the big summer, the Sui and Tang Dynasties and the Huai and Song Dynasties did not raise any objections. In this regard, he finally became the real master of the territory of Yanbei, and truly saturated the throne of Yanbei.

Chu Qiao did not go on that day. She shook her subordinates and climbed alone to return to the mountain. Back to the top of the hill is Nada Palace. Once the Yancheng City was built for the king and the white pagoda. It was built with white flowers, birds and stones. It was hidden in the colorful flowers of the red, yellow and yellow flowers. It was like an ink painting. Flying and fighting, exquisite as a fairyland, the sound of water, seems to be telling the virtuous king’s love for his wife.

She sat back to the top of the mountain and heard the summer pastures uploading the shepherd’s leisurely songs, the sounds of melodious sounds, people’s peace of mind, as if no more suffering. She looked at the shadow of the mountain’s iron-gray in the horizon, and the water droplets in her heart covered it with a trace of light. Even though she was thousands of miles away, she seemed to see the golden robes of a man in robes. The corner of the mouth slightly curved, gently smiled, looked up, the breeze smashed the face, the girl’s blue dress gently swayed, the lonely loneliness, like a blooming Qinglian.

Today’s Yanbei is not the original Yanbei. Huai Song’s economic support, Yan Xun’s strategic advantages, and the construction and reform of A’Chu’s inland areas in Yanbei over the past year have allowed the world to predict that the appearance of this empire slowly emerged. Today’s Yanbei is far ahead of the other three countries in military weapons. Under the leadership of Chu Qiao, they have successively built a large-scale arsenal, developed more than 30 large-scale mining areas, built water conservancy projects, and changed the situation in which Yanbei is not suitable for farming. After Shang Shen returned to the development of a large number of food production areas, this autumn, Yanbei’s grain production more than doubled over previous years, basically achieved the army’s self-sufficiency. They actively developed medical institutions, opened military schools, and developed business contacts with Huai-Song, Sui and Tang dynasties, and prospered the Yanbei market and established caravans.

Although Chu Qiao’s suggestions on reforming slavery have not been passed, slaves are rarely seen in markets within her jurisdiction. This enlightened policy and social system have attracted large numbers of people and businessmen. In less than a year, the returnees have established large-scale urban residential areas. Once the land that was in a barren place, the trend of the northwest trade capital has been fading.

Chu Qiao began to understand that when a nation is blinded by the darkness for many years, once there is light penetration, they will become a huge absorbent sponge. Yanbei sits on the northwestern commercial road, with vast territory, fertile land, and animal husbandry. It has the vital lifeline of the mainland and has huge mineral resources. His people are diligent and simple, and they are hard-working. After living in modern life for so many years, Chu Qiao has never seen any government that has introduced a plan, and the people will invest so much enthusiasm. They don’t want to pay, don’t pay salaries, and don’t ask for the quality of life. As long as they rise to the top, there will be tens of thousands of free laborers coming in. This modern is almost unimaginable. Chu Qiao could not help but feel that Yanbei has all the prerequisites for its rise and maturity. If it were not for years of war, they might have been one of the powerful forces on the Simon continent.

The designation of the southwestern town government has been canceled. It is no longer the regular army of Yanbei because, in the back of the beautiful river stationed under the mountain, the southwest Zhenfu renamed the beautiful army, Chu Qiao is also called the beautiful adults of Yanbei people. Today, the beauty forces are composed of 9,000 people. Today is the last time the front line military escort forage. It looks like the New Year is coming. The soldiers should also rest.

Before dark, I finally rushed to the west of the mountain. There are many plains in Yanbei. Although the west of the mountain is called the mountain, it is actually a small mountain bag that is less than a meter. When Chu Qiao arrived, He Xiao had already brought people to the tent to cook the food and took a hot broth. The fatigue of the day finally went a few minutes.

Yanbei in the night is always beautiful, today is fifteen, the moon is big and round, and the snow is white. On the other side of the mountain is a tributary of Chishui, which has now frozen. When passing through Mawei City yesterday, the city guardian insisted on giving Chu Qiao a gift. But he could only take a box from that big carriage and open it now. It was actually a good green wind. This large piece of work is well-made, all made with the tail of the tail, the color of the coat is bright, and it feels very good to feel. It is a rare top product.

There were four braziers in the big account, which was very stuffy. Chu Qiao took the big gong and went out of the big account. All the way to the foot of the mountain, but see the heavens and the earth is plain, only a few old plums on the top of the mountain, proud of the snow, the gorgeous to the extreme, to cover a smashing, but it makes people feel a little bit desolate. Chu Qiao figure fell, the moon is cold as water, faintly caged her figure. The fellow villagers said that this mountaintop is the temple of the Yanbei goddess. It was built many years ago by the ancestors of Yanbei. After a few years of wind and rain, he still watched the land of Yanbei.

Chu Qiao lifted her feet and followed up the rugged mountain road. The snow on the road was very deep. Every step he took was not on the knee. She went straight for a long time until he reached the top of the mountain.

This is a stone temple built entirely of Zeolite stone. It is not very big. There are four people tall and there is one thing. Chu Qiao is standing at the west gate. It is a tall statue with a roof and almost occupies it most of the land in the temple. The hall has been very broken. The roofs of many places are exposed to snow, and the dried spider webs are scattered everywhere inside. Only the image of the god, filigree, and towering, the goddess’ face was pale and looked at her, and Chuchao thought that she had seen the mother of the Yan Xun on the nine-story platform many years ago. Her eyes were calm and gentle. The outline of the stone can be seen faintly in the skirt angle, and her abdomen is even more elevated. She is obviously pregnant.

When she was very young, she had listened to Yan Xun and said that Yanbei has a female as its god. God is divided on two sides. On one side is a fierce Valkyrie, holding a battle axe to represent conquest and killing. On the other hand, the gentle mother goddess, who stands on top of the six, represents the guardian and multiplied, and she saw it today.

She was about to walk to the other side and watch a movie, but at the very least heard a slight footstep in the east.

The wind traversed the entire hall, entered from the west gate, and passed around the east gate. Chu Qiao’s figure suddenly stood still. Her brow was slightly crumpled and her thin fingers slowly touched the moon-breaking sword. Unplugged, the blade suddenly vibrated, and if it did, it sank in the main hall.

Chu Qiao’s thoughts moved, and an inexplicable impulse came to her mind. She moved involuntarily and walked to the left side of the statue, then gently and gently poked her head.

Outside the snow, the cold plum blooms inadvertently lifted the room, and the figure suddenly appeared like a wave of water.

On the other side, under the axe of the Valkyrie, he wore a silver-gray fox cloak, a hood and a half-cover, Xiao Xiao white shirt, just like the genre of the year, the eyes of the cold lake, the lips like Zhu Dan paint, still Such a drow, a handsome, and a poor world vocabulary, it is difficult to appeal to a table. After a gust of wind, the fire plum came out of the temple, hitting his shoulder, the dark fragrance, the moonlight was clean, and the time passed through the long time, projecting this inadvertent moment.

He seems to be a bit embarrassed. He didn’t expect to see her here. When the four eyes meet, the years are gone, the figure in memory and the face in front of the face gradually overlap. No one knows what to say.

A fledgling yellow fledgling fanned in to hide from the snow, fluttering on the shoulders of the idol, and dark, bean-eyed eyes eyeing the two with a crisp and sweet cry.

The man looked at her and looked through the deep haze of the hall. His eyebrows rose slightly. What he wanted to say was silent. The warm eyes swept over her thin shoulders, swept her long neck, swept her thin cheeks, and finally fixed on the surprised eyes, for a long time, he calmly withdraw his gaze, faintly turned, back Cold and lonely, the tip of the cloak swept through the fine dust on the ground, set off tiny dust, fell on the snow felt boots, and the footsteps were steady, and they walked toward the snowy snowfield outside the temple.

“There will be snowstorms inland in the past few days. You should be careful when you walk.”

Zhuge Yue just walked to the door, Chu Qiao’s voice sounded behind him, very calm, like a good Longjing tea in Sui and Tang Dynasties, warm and subtle, with a sweet smell.

I couldn’t help but stop. I turned my head and raised my eyebrows gently: “You are not worried?”

Chu Qiao nodded honestly: “Worried, but I have no choice.”

The girl shrugged helplessly and made a very worried look, but with the mildness of the early spring in the words of the export, Zhuge Yue’s eyes flashed with a touch of warmth. The tone was still steady and said: “You can rest assured that I disguise this time. Entering the northern part of Yanbei has nothing to do with the war and will not harm your interests.”

“That’s good,” Chu Qiao smiled. “Is there anything I need to help?”

“Yes.” Zhuge Yue nodded honestly.

When Chu Qiao looked at it, he did not expect it to happen. He asked, “What happened?”

“Don’t report me.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes, did not think Zhuge Yue  also would be joking, she was a long while, and then suddenly said: “How can I?”

The bird suddenly shouted with joy and went straight to the corner of a brazier, and a burst of flesh came out. Chu Qiao stepped past the statue and saw the corner of the hall actually put a carved redwood. On the mat floor, a delicate copper basin was placed on the floor mat, cooked on low heat, the soup was thick, and the meat was overflowing. A few plates of fresh meat and vegetables were on the side, and a silver octagonal jug was placed. It’s side.

Chu Qiao smiled and pointed at Zhuge and said: “Are you leaving? Are these things mine?”

Zhuge Yu thought about it, and even walked a few steps before the short, sitting on the robe, faintly said: “Think of the beauty.”

Zhuge Yue is a born-and-born family who grew up in beautiful. Even if he is away from home, he is still in such an environment. He still does not cut his usual job. Eating is extremely sophisticated, lamb is cut into thin pieces of meat, rolled together in a circle, vegetables are fresh, there are even water droplets, and I do not know how to save so good, the chopsticks are cast in sterling silver On the top, carved with elaborate and complicated patterns, Zhuge Yue picks up a piece of chopsticks lamb and puts it in a roiling copper basin. The meat pieces change color. As the water waves roll up and down, the layers of white gas appear and permeate between the two people. Eating this in cold weather is indeed a great enjoyment of life.

There is a complete set of cups. Chu Qiao still remembers the habit of Zhuge Yue. Before he was at Castle Peak, even if he was eating alone at a time, he always ordered a full set of cutlery on the table, as if there were still many people with him, he eats the same.

She picked up the jug, poured a glass of wine for him, and poured a cup for herself. Zhuge Yue saw her and raised his brow and asked, “Don’t you never drink?”

Chu Qiao’s hand gripped the cup slightly trembled. What he said was that he used to never drink alcohol. But when did she start to like this kind of confusing thing? She slowly raised her gaze and looked at him calmly. She said in a cup: “Bless the flowers, I will honor you.”

Zhuge Yue’s eyes were deep, and he did not go to the wine and looked at her quietly.

Chu Qiao leaned down and said, “This cup is thank you for your repeated non-killings and helpers over the years.”

When I saw you for a year, Chu Qiao seemed to grow taller. There were two thin eyebrows on the delicate cheeks, and the eyes were very big. It seemed to be covered with a layer of fog and people could not see through. Before a glass of wine was placed, Zhuge Yue did not drink, just holding chopsticks and quietly adding meat to the pot, and the eyes did not lift and said: “If you eat, why do you have so many words, do you sing?”

Chu Qiao frowned: “Every meal has an opening statement.”

Zhuge Yue said:  “The old man who is in charge of the emperor is enough. I have no strength to accompany you to tell the scene.”

Chu Qiao whispered a whisper and picked up the chopsticks to eat meat. Zhuge Yue saw her move too fast, and said: “Be careful.”

As soon as the voice fell, Chu Qiao snorted and was obviously burned. Zhuge Yue met with a slanting eyebrow and spit out two words: “Live it.”

Although the tongue was hot, the taste was really good. The two people sat there. When they started, they were still ignorant, but gradually concentrated instead on eating. Soon after, a large pot of mutton met the end. Chu Qiao could not catch the chopsticks in the pot and eat all the leaves in the pot like a rabbit.

“I heard you were promoted? Congratulations.”

Zhuge Yue faintly said: “Fortunately, killing the 10,000-year-old Yanbei soldiers, and changed the battle, I heard that you also promoted?”

“Tong Xi, I pulled out the remaining Xia Jun of your Meilin Pass, and also dealt with an official and a part-time job.” Chu Qiao glanced at him and asked: “I heard that you became the western line of the military and the military. Now it’s not under Zhao Che?”

“Under the emperor, I don’t give up, I don’t dare to be glorified.” Zhuge faintly said: “I heard that the southwestern town government was canceled, and the Yanbei regular army was expelled. The scale of weapons used was limited. ”

“The Beauty Army is now part of the local security system. It is reasonable to limit the weapons. But I heard that Wei Weijia sent Wei Shu Ye to Yanmingguan. It seems to be your right?” Chu Qiao raised his eyebrows with a smile.

“The wish is always good. It is another matter to be able to achieve the goal. I have heard that the leader of Datong, Wu Dao ya, was banned from the sunset city, and even the military parade this winter did not participate.”

“The inside of all organizations is a little bit of friction. You don’t have to rise and fall several times. What’s more, some things are said to be inaccurate. For example, I heard that Zhao Yang is currently trying to pull the troops on the south line. The hind legs of the war, I do not know whether it is true or false.”

“The so-called three-person tiger is really worthwhile. I heard that you have reformed the construction of Yanbei inland, and taught the importance of commerce and trade. Even the merchants of Daxia have secretly done business with you. It is not simple.”

“I’m just a slapstick, but I heard that you broke the Yanbei Army in the two battles of Luqiu and Jinhui and captured more than 10,000 people from the Eighth Team of the Second Army. Otherwise, we might be able to With the opportunity of the Great Northern Summer’s transformation, he rushed into the summer.”

“There will always come, the worry is useless, it is better to be prepared. Moreover, I also heard that the real people in the northeastern mountains of the big summer are gearing up to learn Yanbei to engage in independence, you said they will become a thing ?”

“I heard that the big girl Yu (feather girl) was also evacuated.”

“I heard that the Great Summer Elder gave a vacant seat to the Murong family in Hedong last month. It was really thirty years of Hedong.”

“I heard that Yanbei has developed a very hard material that can forge weapons that are tougher than iron, but it comes from your hands?”

“I heard that Zhenhuang passed the 40th lock-up spy, restricting the circulation of fighting materials in the market, but also using the soldiers in Huai Song, but it is up to you?”

“I heard that your trip is to escort grain and grass to Yanbei Base Camp. If this grain is not available, the base camp will be cut off.”

“I heard that your trip is to inquire about the trade news in Yanbei and to inquire about the trade with Yanbei. Once it is settled, it will be cleaned by the big summer.”


The two long dragons suddenly interrupted the dialogue between the two men. The two swords on the floor squeaked and trembled slightly. It seemed that even they could understand the smell of gunpowder in the air… The yellow bird had long since disappeared, and the snow fell outside, leaving only two people sitting opposite each other, the charcoal fire sizzling, the rolling water and copper basin rolling, the red hot peppers, like the soldiers, shed Blood.

In the end, it is a different position. In the end, they are in a hostile identity. They just seem to intentionally indulge this kind of emotion, so as to remind themselves that they are not friends, not others, and they all have their own responsibilities.

“I heard that after the year is over, you will have to marry Yan Yan.”

Zhuge Yue  finally picked up the glass and sent it to his lips, seemingly inadvertently spit out a word.

Chu Qiao also lifted his head and calmed down the disorder in his chest and whispered: “I also heard that you had already made a kiss with Miss Le Xing’s house.”

Zhuge Yue nodded. “Well, the wedding is not far away.”

“General Meng is already old. General Le Xing is firmly established. You marry his children, and it will greatly benefit your career.”

Zhuge Yue  said with a chuckle: “The next time I see you, maybe I should call you  Yan Princess.”

Chu Qiao shook her head and said: “Yanbei has already declared independence. To be precise, you should call me Queen Yan.”

Zhuge Yue, drink alone, do not speak. The wind blew between the two people, with a cold chill, Chu Qiao looked at Zhuge, all the passing through, she was a little ecstasy, holding the cup, did not know what to say.

“I saw that person.”

“Who?” Chu Qiao asked.

“When I was led to take the soldiers to kill the people in the southwestern town government,” Zhuge Yue looked up and said slowly: “The name is Cheng Yuan, is the first military commander of the Yanbei Army now, succeeding Wu Dao ya’s position. At present, it is the first real power figure in Yanbei except for Yan Xun.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes dropped and she did not speak. Zhuge Yue looked at her and meditated for a long while. He nodded and said, “You are back in the Yanbei inland. Right, the Yanbei Army’s forces are intertwined. It’s not your job or a place to stay.”

Chu Qiao smiled: “Well, I’ve been very good this year.”

“That’s good,” Zhuge Yue said with a smile: “There is a lot of power in the Yanbei Army. The big peers will be deeply rooted. If it is not threatened by our army, Yan Xun has already been ruined, one or two people with knowledge. Good people are useless, and taking power has become an inevitable game. You can understand why this is good for you.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “I understand that the achievement of any goal is to pay a price, a bit of setback, and it will not beat me.”

Zhuge Yue smiled, and the fox cloak surrounded him with a slightly blue chin. Zhuge Yue  is handsome, this beautiful, even with a little bit of evil, but he is sitting in front of Chu Qiao at this moment. Speaking of only two people can understand, Chu Qiao suddenly felt that this person knows that he is very deep, some things, Yan Xun does not understand, even she is not willing to face up, but he is keen to go through the clues. The discovery is clear, including her dreams, her beliefs, her hopes, her happiness, her troubles, and so on.

This is a terrible person. He has a keen sense of fighting, has a strong martial arts skill, possesses artistic tactics, and has a heavy family power. However, Chu Qiao has never been able to see clearly. For many years, she did not know what he wanted.

Yan Xun wants to take revenge, and wants to level the big summer to compete for the world. Zhao Che wants the throne and wants the rich and powerful to become a generation of British lords. Li Ce also wants big summer, and wants to regain lost ground and revitalize the Tang Dynasty. And Zhuge Yue, what do he want? No one knows, no one can see clearly. Looking at the dark eyes, Chu Qiao feels that he seems to be getting stuck. His eyes are like a whirlpool, looking at her deeply, the surface is light and dark. Inside, it is a burning fire.

Maybe, maybe he once said what he wanted. In the misty rainy south of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties, he hugs her, suppresses his pride and anger and says lowly, “I need you too.”

In this case, how can it be said from his mouth? However, those words eventually became her magic barrier, becoming a nightmare that could not be surpassed in her life, and became a joke that could never be answered.

“Zhuge Yue, the sword on the battlefield has no eyes, and it is also unpredictable on the court. You take care of yourself.”

Zhuge Yue smiled mildly. He rarely showed such a gentle expression. He looked at the statue of the goddess in the middle of the hall and said slowly: “Those will not hurt me.”

Everyone has a dead hole, and his, soon will cover the surname of others, and in this case, he will never have a dead hole.

Zhuge Yue stood up, and the slender figure stood under the moonlight with extraordinary beauty. The whole person was like a marble sculpture. His cheeks shone with brilliance. He looked up quietly and looked at the tall statue of Valkyrie… The beautiful face of the woman shimmers with a fierce and aggressive atmosphere. The ancient time is carefully sculpted out of her dark red armor. The whole piece of red marble has fine traces on her face. It seems to have bloodshot and she walks sharply. The battle axe, standing with the back of the goddess, puts a sharp light in her eyes, like angry flames and knives.

Zhuge’s genius was awkward for some time. He couldn’t tell what he felt when he first saw this statue. During the day, he seemed to see a person through her, and that person also had the same savagery as the god of war. Solid beliefs and noble ideals. In the past, he was always scoffing about these things. When he was young and he walked in the family’s doorway, he used to see the trap of conspiracy. The belief that human nature is evil has already penetrated into the heart, and the calculations and condescension have become necessary for life. It’s as good as sleeping. But later, gradually, he realized that one person was not just living for himself. People can have great ideals. When this person works hard for this ideal, it is the most beautiful moment for that person. He did not know what strength was supporting her. She did not know why she would steadfastly vowed that. He never believed in destiny, but sometimes he even thought, maybe God is standing on her side, such a person. Maybe even God is not willing to live up to it.

Some feelings that made him feel hateful and even ashamed have already been planted in his heart. He hates his weakness and madness, but he can’t resist the thought that the heart is getting hotter day after day. He couldn’t figure out when it started. At that time, they were still so small. She didn’t even have a high leg. How could it produce such ridiculous feelings?

However, the number of nights that followed, and the dream of returning to midnight, always remembered the look of the child as he was leaving. The persevering, fierce and unyielding, like an angry leopard, will never yield to it. Hunter under the whip. He thought that he must have been bewitched, bewitched for many years, bewildered in such a firm belief, bewildered in such sharp eyes, and the sentence she had said many times before: “Zhuge, look!”

So he looked at it like that, kept watching, watched her break into a butterfly, watched her climb to the top, looked at her exhausted, watched her falling again and again and again and again and watched She stood in the side of others, despite being sad and unfair, she never wavered and was as firm as a mountain.

In this world, who will not be abandoning you when you completely plunge into purgatory? Who can be with you when you have nothing? Who will disregard the fate of death? Who else will stand still by your side after being left out?

Yan xun, how lucky you are, but what do you do not know how to cherish.

Zhuge Hao smiled and turned to go outside, the wind whistled outside, his breath shouted his cloak, his clothes horns, he went straight away. Unable to get away, let’s just let go and let go. In his life dictionary, there is no request.

“Zhuge Yue!” Chu Qiao suddenly shouted, Zhuge Yue, shocked and stopped. The girl rushed in and stalked in the snow, deep in the trap.

Zhuge Yue went back and slightly frowned. “Are there anything else?”

Chu Qiao solved the broken sword on her waist, and then she held it flat in his hands and submitted it to him. He looked solemnly and said: “We take care of everything.”

Zhuge Yue looked at the sword in her hand, but she did not take it, nor did she return the red sword of the waist. Chu Qiao was slightly embarrassed, but she was still stubborn and looked at him with a fixed look. It was like a kid who couldn’t get sweets and wasn’t eating.

“What does this mean?”

Chu Qiao bit her lip and meditate for a moment, finally said: “The total war between Yanbei and Daxia will erupt. When it comes time to meet in the battlefield, I will not be able to express my affection. You don’t have to take care of me again. We… ”

Zhuge Yue’s expression suddenly cooled down. He lowered his head and frowned slightly. Chu Qiao was staring at him with an uneasy eye, and his voice gradually went down.

“Xinger, in all fairness, if the battlefield meets you, will you cut down my head?”

Zhuge Yue’s voice is low and soothing. This sentence does not seem to come out of the throat but through a thick heartbeat. Chu Qiao’s palm is very cold, but there is fine sweat flowing down, her mouth is very dry, took a deep breath, depressed the discomfort at the bottom of my heart, slowly said: “If I cannot kill you, my biggest ability is to beat you.”

A low-pitched laugh came slowly. Zhuge lowered his head and shook it gently. He didn’t speak. He just took the sword of Chu Qiao’s hand and stepped on the snow step by step and turned away.

“Unfortunately, I cannot.”

The hoarse voice echoed on the top of the mountain, and the wind blew through it, and the sound was blown apart in an instant.

It is not impossible, but not willing, because he always knows that sometimes, for them, failure is equal to death.

And how can he deprive her of the only bargaining chip to survive?

The snow is getting bigger and bigger. The east side of Daixi Mountain is a caravan of business people dressed in ordinary business camps. Chu Qiao stood in front of the temple, watching the man’s back gradually disappeared into the sky, only to feel a cold body, she walked in alone, picked up the jug on the mat, looked up and took a sip, warm The hot liquid flowed down the throat with a spicy mellow.

Looking up at the sight of Wu Shen’s eyes sharply looking at her, as if to blame her for ignoring and disregarding the overall situation, and on the other side, the goddess’ eyes are gentle and she also seems to understand all her sufferings. She slowly stays on the floor, sits down on tall pillars, and holds her knees. She is thin and looks like a child who hasn’t grown up yet.

For the first time in her life, she closed her eyes with her hands clasped together. Tired voices echoed in the hall. Quietly said, “Where is the future? I can’t see.”

On the second day of departure, suddenly there came a hurrying hoof, but on the snow-covered daytime, a rider quickly rushed, and the woman immediately wore a silver-grey fox cape, which was worn on her body. Remarkably large, she came from the east and saw Chu Qiao’s brigade did not stop and went straight.

He Xiao’s sword eyebrows erected. Before he hit the horse, divinely said: “Who is it? Name it!”

The woman turned to look at him, and her eyes shot a sly smile. She rushed forward with even more forceful whips. He Xiao brow and wrinkled, she went up to stop, but saw that the young beautiful  woman stood, the tone said crisply: “auspicious, kick him!”

The horse she had knelt down seemed to be able to understand her words. She stopped and groaned. She stood up at the moment of He Xiao’s approach. Two front legs kicked at the horse’s belly of He Xiao’s horse. He Xiao. The warhorse whined and slammed into the snow.

He Xiao was also agile and stood on the ground with a forward roll, but the helmet fell off, and his hair was full of snow and he was awkward.

“who are you?”

The man was angry and shouted. Who knows that the woman did not look at him, but smiled at the oncoming woman and said, “You are Chu Qiao?”

Chu Qiao nodded, and looked down, only to see the woman’s eyebrows and clear eyes, the skin can be broken, the eyes are warm, the face is soft, and at first glance, it looks like snow, black as a star, like a graceful water lotus, crisp White, but her face is faintly revealing a bit of British spirit, pure eyes, forming her own unique temperament, she looked at Chu Qiao in a generous and generous manner, and did not even fear that she was also looked at by others. However, what caught Chu’s attention was not her appearance, but the cloak she wore. If she was not bad, this dress was worn on Zhuge Yue’s body last night.

Seeing this, her eyes were slightly tight, and her eyebrows were inadvertently wrinkled slowly.

“My young master asked me to give this to you.”

The remnant red sword was upright and was wrapped in a sword bag. Chu Qiao reached for it and nodded: “Thank you, don’t you know the girl’s name?”

“My surname is Meng, I think we will meet again soon and we will say goodbye.”

After saying that, the surnamed Mongolian woman once picked up the horses, and the horse quickly turned away. He Xiao, who was left behind with arrogance, was indignant.

“Adult, who is this woman?”

The guards around are the elite teams of the southwestern town government. They are all trustworthy. Chu Qiao does not evade, and faintly said: “I want to come, this is the Major General Meng Feng in the battlefield of Wei Zhen Xia Yan in the past six months.”

“Meng Feng? That little granddaughter?”

Chu Qiao did not speak, she bowed her head and pulled out the red sword. The sharp sword front could reveal her dark voice. It has not been seen for two years, and in the past two years, she has used the broken moon and has already made it easy.

Ge Qi whispered to He Xiao: “She is a granddaughter of monarchs? How can I not look like that? To tell the truth, I am stunned, but it is a bit like ours the white king.”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” He Xiao explained: “She is an orphan adopted by General Meng. She was raised as a man from an early age. She also went to Shangwutang with the men of Meng Jia when Zhuge Yue was promoted. After being the governor of the Terracotta Warriors, she was sent to his men’s team. This is a very active battlefield in the past six months. How come this is coming? Adults, do we have to catch up and ask questions? Perhaps there is fraud.”

Chu Qiao did not speak, but looked at the sword quietly, He Xiao called two times, she only returned, her face looked very calm, said faintly: “Today’s business, everyone is doing nothing. see.”

As soon as this was said, everyone was suddenly awakened and the army continued to open.

At the same time, Meng Feng finally caught up with Zhuge Yue and his line of disguise. She secretly took off her cloak and handed it over to Zhuge Yue’s bodyguard. Then she changed her clothes and walked freely to Zhug Yue, saying: “The thing was sent.”

Zhuge Yue did not seem to listen, just went away. Meng Feng looked at his back with a smile, but his head was hard to analyze. Generally, there are two kinds of people who leave without waiting for the words. First, they are not interested in this matter. Second, they are afraid to be seen through their hearts. Fluctuation. She looked at her classmates in Shangwutang, whistling leisurely and arrogantly, and Zhuge Yue was mostly thinking about what it was. It is really known to all. (lol Everyone knows but Zhuge Yue pretends he is innocent)

“It’s a worthwhile trip, it’s a good trip.”

Three days later, Chu Qiao finally arrived at Yanbei Barracks under the Blood Kwai River.

After the grazing of the grain, it was already dark. Chu Qiao was left behind and after eating, he chatted with some of his colleagues and returned to his camp.

Not seen in a year, peace has grown a big head, just like a big guy. He cheerfully boiled water for her, whispered, full of affectionate appearance.

Yan Xun is not in the army. Now he builds a gateway near the bloody Kwai River. It is called Longji mountains. It is across the river from Yanmingguan. The Yanbei army has all hoarded after the crossing. He has moved to the military headquarters. When it was closed, it was rarely visited here.

Fluctuation of the snow for a few days. I haven’t been able to bathe comfortably for a long time. At the moment, she was lying in a bathtub. She was just comfortable sleeping, but she still had to submit a document for approval. She had to wash a bath of battle quickly, and she sat down under the lamp with a weary body and looked at it carefully.

This year, the situation on the mainland is gratifying for Yanbei. Not to mention the big break of the big summer, even the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties and the Huai-Song also suffered many twists and turns. The Song Emperor and the Tang Emperor successively died. The internal affairs of the two countries were unstable and they were innocent. The border also had repeated conflicts with the Great Summer, which greatly restricted the investment of the Great Summer to the northwest and gave Yubei a buffer. Moreover, according to the return of the spy, the body of the Xia Emperor has gone from bad to worse, relying on the warlock’s medicinal support all day, his temper is tempered, his memory is not good, and he often kills because of a small thing. In the city of Zhenhuang, the hearts of the people are very old. Most of the veterans are called the sick, and all the big and small affairs are handed over to the Elder’s Shrine to supervise the work. Under the fall of Muhe’s and Old Batu, Helian’s has been shoveled and rooted. Already existed in name only, Lingnan Mu’s family withdrew from Kyoto. Today’s Presbyterian Church is actually the stage where Wei Guang and Zhuge Muqing competed. The rest, however, is nothing but a foil.

Although the Wei valve on the surface seems infinitely beautiful, it is unworthy of the name, because everyone knows that there is only one indecisive Wei Shuju among the young generation of Wei Valve and the Zhuge family, Zhuge Xi and Zhuge Huai. People are holding the overall situation, Zhuge Yue is also repeatedly fighting for battle, and Zhao Che fighting side by side, one attack and one defend, the Yan mountain is solid. In the past year, Yan Xun and Zhao Che have struggled to score points. Both sides have their own outcomes, but Zhuge Yue did not lose.  Even Yan Xun, who had lost to him in the hills, lost more than 3,000 people and was almost pulled out by the number one general of Zhuge Yue.

Speaking of the battle of Qiuqiu, it can only be said that the Yankee has a bad fortune. From the beginning of the army to the present, he has never tried such a fiasco.

The original combat strategy was in Zhangzhou. The first army general Cheng Yuan and the frontier positions each of the 30,000 pilots attacked the Grand Summer grass Base Camp in Zhangzhou from the Bozhou Waterway and the Nanshan Trail. At that time, Zhuge Yue was still the military’s general commander of military supplies. He naturally took advantage of Chenzhou. On that day, the younger brothers from Zhuge household suddenly burst out with whimsy. They wanted to go to Songyuan to eat crabs. On the way, they happened to meet with General Cheng Yuan scouting horses. They learned about each other trends. After knowing everything, Zhuge Yue did not say anything but asked the Monarch to wait for the arrival of Cheng Yuan’s side house. Then a fire burned the Yanbei soldiers to more than 30,000 people, and 10,000 were taken, prisoner. The 8,000 granary soldiers, disguised as soldiers of Yanbei, under the leadership of Yanbei traitors, marched through the town with great fanfare all the way and entered Qiuqiu directly. Under the jurisdiction of Yan Xun, they did not inspect until the army of Zhuge Yue entered the Chinese Military army camp that awakened these talents.

The rapidity of the fighting and the end of it were astonishing. Burning, looting and plundering, Zhuge Yue’s pro-guard pulled out Yan Xun’s big account mast. If it weren’t for Yanbei’s guards, he might even have been taken away by others…

Yan Xun was in the army on the same day. However, in the chaos, there was no way to constrain the broken armies. This battle was cited by him as a lifelong shame. No one would dare to mention it. However, due to this battle, Zhuge Hao was liberated from the second line of logistics and officially took over the western line of horses of Daxia.

Now watching this battle report, Chu Qiao carefully scrutinized for a long time, still think this war has too many loopholes. First, Zhuge Yue was too risky to do so. Should he seize the scout on that day, Cheng Yuan and others were a little awakened and engaged in an encirclement, then his 8,000 people could not in any way burst into the encirclement of 60,000 people. Second, he sneaked into Yanbei with such rare horses. If he were recognized, it would be a nine-death situation. Thirdly, if the soldiers on duty on the night of the camp were alert to some of them, or if Yan Xun could control the situation as soon as possible after the chaos, then Zhuge Yue’s chances of success are very small. In the end, the issue of evacuation was that, until now, no one in Yanbei could find out the route for Zhuge Yue to withdraw. They seem to have disappeared out of thin air, and Ren Yanbei’s soldiers have turned their backs on the Northwest generation and failed to find out.

If Chuo came to fight this battle, she may have dozens of ways to deal with it, but she has to admit that all this she has done is only on paper. The outcome of a battle depends on many things, such as the soldier’s trust and loyalty to the officer, such as the morale of the army, the combat capabilities of individual soldiers, intelligence weapons of the horse, and so on. It is undeniable that Zhuge Yue’s army is a very powerful army. To an enemy, the enemy is definitely not an empty word. However, Chu Qiao still does not dare to agree with this tactic. However, Chu Qiao believes that there must be something he does not see. He is not like an impulsive person.

However, victory was a victory. In such a nearly nonsense way, he took a pass in the Yanbei Grand Battalion in the case of Yan Xun’s army. This is an unbeatable blow to the morale of Yanbei.

To deal with people like him, it is still impossible to think in the normal way.

The night is becoming thicker, and even the air is unique to the army. The light shines on Chu Qiao’s face, and half of the thin outline is projected on the tent. From the outside, it is a clear and beautiful shadow.

I haven’t seen Yan Xun in a year. In the past few years, except for normal public exchanges, they have almost no intersection. Occasionally, the letters are also officially. Until a while ago, a young man who took care of him when he was a child suddenly came back to the mountain, found Chu Qiao, put down the things that Yan Xun told her to bring them down, and then praised Chu Qiao switfly. Beautiful and beautiful, said that Chu Qiao only understood for a long time, it turned out that she was a Yan Yan faction.

Said pro?

What a funny thing is that the two people have to live together for a lifetime, but they want others to wear three-inch tongues. With the relationship between the two of them, they have even reached the point where they need to speak with one another.

In name, it’s a pro, it’s just to inform her. The water-like dowry filled the room of Chu Qiao and walked down the corridor to the yard. They were all rare. The child’s fist-sized were the East Pearl, the high-quality finished coral, and they could fly with a breath. The silk gauze, the emerald jade shoes of the Cuilan Saigon jade, the Bloodstone of the Minglang Mountain, the tears of the blood, the colorful enamel of Nangong, the rare treasures of the Western Region, and so on. Like the world, the magnificence of the moment, all of them have been opened in the blink of an eye, and the golden light is so strong that they can’t open their eyes. He would build a Nada Palace on the sunset hill as her place of residence, just like his father. At this time, Chu Qiao learned that the original Nada word in the northern land of Chinese, meaning love.

All the luxury that the world can imagine is in front of her. Maybe she should be moved. Maybe she should be grateful for her tears, but her heart is not a bit of joy. She was sitting on a bamboo and rattan chair, her fingertips were pale and cold, and her heart was in the air. If it was a year ago, she might jump up happily, but now she always feels that these things are a kind of disguise and compensation for her…

Yan Xun gradually changed, and she could not recognize her. In many cases, she wondered what it meant for herself. Even if Yan Xun wins, it is only Yan who replaced Zhao and a dynasty replaces another dynasty. All her ideas are moving toward another track, and she is still shamelessly deceiving those good people. The people encourage them to rebuild their homes and encourage them to actively join the army and encourage them to bravely fight the enemy. They throw their blood on the bloody battlefield and think that they are building a different era for their descendants. However, in the end, it may be just a matter of time. Sacrifice, these simple people, they are fighting a war that they have nothing to do with them, and they have no knowledge.

Whenever he thinks of it, Chu Qiao feels like a bastard, a big, outright deceiver.

I don’t know if Liang Shaoqing has come to Yanbei. If he comes, will he think that Chu Qiao has deceived him?

She quietly relied on the desk, head to the book roll, a little tired, the candle faintly flashing, a burst of candle fire from time to time, everything is so quiet, she seems to be going to sleep.

Yan Xun has been standing outside the account for a long time. He learned that Chu Qiao arrived one day ahead of schedule. He rode his horse tonight and took more than 20 guards and returned to the base camp. In the present situation, such an approach is obviously very irrational. Nowadays, there are too many people who want him, not only Daxia and its dogs, but even Yanbei, including his apparent loyalty. Dear Ministers. However, the desire to see her was too urgent, and he lost a sense of reason. However, he rushed all the way, standing in front of her account, but he did not dare to walk in.

The king of Yanbei in the world of deterrence, Yanbei was in danger, and dared to take the horse into the hinterland of the summer. At this moment, he was afraid of a small tent, and even approached it was a luxury.

Yin Yu came back and said that A’Chu heard about marriage and was happy and weeping. He shouted to the ground with a loud voice. He knew that it was the old people who spoke and told him to be happy. How could someone like A’Chu cry in front of their faces? How can you be thankful to him on the ground? For so many years together, he almost could have imagined the expression when she heard all this, and she would sit there indifferently, listening to the chatter of the old man, quietly saying nothing, his eyes fluttering Looking at you as if you were listening, it was as if you weren’t listening, and then you gently nod your head and said, “I know.”

Yes, exactly.

Yan Xun’s mind simulates the scene. On the side of the body is a book and an espion that has not yet been closed. There is already a cold tea on the table. She is wearing a home-made cotton shirt, sitting on a chair, long on both sides, indifferent like everything. They have nothing to do with her.

Although, that is their marriage, when they are really beautiful, they have fantasized about countless marriages.

Yan Hao does not know where the mistake has gone. He may know it but he does not want to face it squarely. He thought he still trusted A’Chu. He knew who in the world would betray him. A’Chu would not. However, it was precise because of this that he did not want to keep her in the military and did not want her to have too much contact with the township government in the southwest. The world will always change. Even if you do not have this idea, others, other things, will push you, drive you, and drive you to go this way. He was afraid that one day, the position would put him and her in opposition, and when they stood behind a group of supporters, they could not retreat.

A’Chu is an outstanding military strategist, but it is not a good politician. How dark is political, she will never understand. And he wants to achieve what he wants, how many bloody rivers he wants, and how many people cast his high mountains. He didn’t regret it. All of this was his voluntariness. He didn’t force him to be a good man. No one forced him to do this. He even enjoyed it. He enjoyed the process of such calculation and killing. The resentment and hatred accumulated in his heart for years. It is a worm that eats him day and night, and those humiliations are the nightmare that he can never forget. However, he just hopes that when he does all this, she should not look around, don’t stare at him with her black and white eyes, then gradually lose hope and gradually become desperate.

She may be angry now, but time will wipe out everything. He has time to make up and explain.

Yan Xun’s mouth is determined to laugh until he sits on the day of the world, she will understand what he has done today.

The lights in the big account reflect a thin shadow, the outline of the eyebrows, so clear. Let him know clearly, where is the nose, where is the eye, where is the hand.

The moon shines on his body, the black big cockroaches appear heavy and depressed, the man’s figure is Xiao, behind it is a ridiculous white, in the distance, there are soldiers singing Yanbei long tune, the tune is melodious, seems to have to go to heaven.

Yan Xun slowly reached out his hand, under the moonlight, a touch of light gray shadow, projected on the tent. Yan Xun’s hand raised high, nearer and closer, and finally, the gray shadow touched the nose, cheeks, and forehead of the shadow. The virtual light and shadow simulated the profile of the woman in the account, like a lover’s hands.

He wanted to touch her hand, but as soon as he was about to hit it, a dark cloud suddenly floated over to block the moon, and the earth instantly went into darkness. Yan Xun’s standing there, stretching his hand, the snow on the ground was blown up by the wind and lifted on his large plaque, like a sculpture.

After staying in the military camp for three days, she had never met Yan Xun. Until the fourth day, he was shut down. When she saw Yan Xun, Chu Qiao was packing up his bags. Yan Xun walked in so suddenly, and no soldiers reported. sound. The glaring light came in from behind his back, Chu Qiao looked back, and was blinded for a moment.

Yan Xun was wearing black robes, embroidered with gold-colored dragons on his clothes. His eyes were deep and he looked at her quietly. He had not spoken for a long time.

The light was dazzling, and the tiny dust fluttered up and down in the light beam. Chu Qiao looked at the Yan Shi Zi, and it seemed to be still a shrine many years ago. , the young man who came back from practice, sweating, always likes to stand quietly. Behind her, now they are so lonely, there are no ones beside each other, not like the present, surrounded by thousands of people, but they are getting farther and farther apart.

Chu Qiao stood up and wanted to bow his knees, but the word “the emperor” could not be called out. Yan Xun came forward and took her hand. She did not dodge, did not look up, and the body was slowly held by her arms. Her forehead reached his chest and a steady and powerful heartbeat. The sound came, let Chu Qiao think of the drums of the rumble on Beibei City. The sun is like blood, the earth is sprinkled with gold, and the curtain of the big account is ups and downs by the wind. Chu Qiao squints and seems to be able to see the crisp grass in the summer season. Her heart has drifted away far away, far away, but not this.

“A’Chu, are you leaving?”

Yan Hao asked in a low voice, but she could not get her answer for a long time. He let go of his hand and saw her drifting into the eye with no focal length. It was like a sea of ​​water. It was dark and unreadable.


Chu Qiao looked up and nodded. “Well, I will leave tomorrow.”

“Let the New Year pas, stay.”

“Not very good, there are still some things I need to go back to do.”

Yan Xun said stubbornly: “Things are handed over to others, I want to spend a year with you.”

“I don’t feel relieved that the dogs are fighting Meilin”

“The dogs are also going to have Chinese New Year,” Yan Xun looked at her as if nothing had happened between them. He said obstinately: “You don’t have to do it yourself. I will arrange for others to cook.”

Chu Qiao had nothing to say, she looked down and looked at the light and shadow on the ground to project a small aperture, like a mottled lattice. Yan Yan’s mood suddenly became better. He smiled and said that he would bring Chu Qiao to Xi’an City for the New Year. It was the city he built, how it was prosperous, how to be lively, he prepared a comfortable house, and Personally arranged a room for her. He repeatedly emphasized a kind of snack there. He said that he had eaten it when he was a child. After he recovered Yanbei, he looked for the master who made snacks. When he found it, he was already in a war, so his son still Living, and inheriting the crafts of his father, he is now in the other courtyard of the City.

He said so many words, even some words. Chu Qiao listened for a long time, suddenly raised his head and quietly said: “Yan Xun, I do not want to stay here.”

Yan Xun suddenly stopped, his tongue seemed to be knotted, his endless words came to an abrupt end. He looked at Chu Qiao. After a long time, he slowly said, “Do you still blame me?”

Chu Qiao shook her head, her eyes calm and waveless.

“I just don’t want to stay here and decorate with you. I don’t pretend anything happened. Whenever you think about it, you’re all set aside. I’m no longer on guard. I’ll come again.”

Yan Xun stood there and his expression became very indifferent. He looked at Chu Qiao a bit deeper, and then he turned and walked out. His steps were very big and he could not see his figure after a flash.

When Chu Qiao sat on the couch, she suddenly felt very tired. Such a cold war made her feel pointless, but at the moment she could not find another way out for herself. The dog is still provocateur outside the customs after the year is the spring, she also wants to beware, there is trade exchange in the early spring, things are complicated, but fortunately, she still has things to do. Chu Qiao helpless smile, continue to pack up, this barracks is too depressed, she did not want to stay longer.

Yan Xun sat in the Chinese Grand Army account. The generals were divided into both sides. The atmosphere inside the account was somewhat depressed, and the officers and men were dejected. There was no happy new year.

“If we go to war, with our own strength, our second army can handle 100,000 to 150,000 Xia Monarch. If we add a little bit of luck, we can resist the attack of half the troops that hold the Great summer for two consecutive days.  However, the premise is that the opposite commander cannot be Zhuge Yue, and he has smashed us more than 2,000 people in the past. The soldiers are now deeply fearful of him. I am afraid that the morale will be low and affect the situation.”

Another said in a statement: “Some spokesperson reported that Zhuge Yue was temporarily absent from the military. He seemed to be going back to Zhenhuang. Emperor Xia is dying. As an alliance with Zhao Che, he should support Zhao Che’s position. However, there are rumors that Emperor Xia has already set an internal heir to the throne. Zhao Che is unnamed.”

“It is going to be a New Year. The great summer army is not stable. Zhuge Yue is still out. If we take this opportunity to rush into Yanmingguan, it is not impossible. Your Majesty, this is the operational plan formulated by our staff.”

Yan Xun coldly glanced at the map of the battle plan, saw the colorful flowers on the top of the painting, what cavalry after the first row of shield soldiers, Luo Yi  is also only a half-day positive hard attack, wing assists such tactics. He frowns at the 30-year-old general and says coldly: “This is the plan that your staff has worked on for more than 10 days overnight?”

The man immediately surprised and sweated on his forehead, yelling: “We analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the two armed forces and studied…”

“Yes,” Yan Xun interrupted him violently, continuing to ask, “Is there any material thing to report?”

Seeing Yan Xun’s feelings so bad, there are others who dare not know how to continue to say that soon afterward, all the people in the big account have withdrawn, leaving only Yan Yan sitting there alone, and his face is very frowning…

However, in a moment, a shadow suddenly came in. He slammed into the ground and lowered his voice: “Fortunately, we are not insulting. We have important information to report to your Majesty.”

The afternoon light was dazzling and shook with a red cloud over the man’s clothes. It was once the flag of the southwestern town government. Now it has become the logo of the beauty forces.

On that day, Yan Xun did not eat dinner. He had gathered his own henchmen overnight and left the base camp with 5,000 banned soldiers. He did not even say a word to Chu Qiao.

When the horseshoe stepped out of the camp gate, Chu Qiao’s remnant red sword on the bookcase suddenly screamed, and Chu Qiao turned his head in confusion, but he could only see the bunch of blue smoke in the incense burner.

She vaguely felt that the heart was jumping very hard, squeaking, taking a sip from the tea bowl, and the cold tea sipped along the hot cheeks, but it couldn’t stop the panic of the bottom of the heart.

What’s going on here? She frowned slightly, the snow was flying outside, and the heavens and the earth were dark.


CHAPTER 149 The War is Coming


When Yan Xun received the news and rushed to Daping, the fighting was long over. Zhuge Yue’s men and horses went to the empty space, leaving behind the bodies and swords of the next land. Over the years, Yan’s high-ranking assassination regiment was completely wiped out. Five hundred people survived without a lifetime. The man dressed in a black scorpion stood in the snow. On the ground, the earth is full of blood, and he stands in it with a chilling sensation.

“Your Majesty,” Cheng Yuan bowed his body to his side, respectfully said: “Would you like to go back and call the people immediately, people on our site, can you let him escape the birth?”

Yan Xun eyes deep, eyes looking at those who have not had time to close their eyes, in front of the imaginable just as the tragic fierce battle. Cheng Yuan stood beside and hurriedly asked: “Your Majesty?”

“Convene the horse immediately.”

Cheng Yuan sees Yan Xun adopting his own opinions. He nodded happily and asked, “How much does your majesty want?”

“Bring all the Black Hawks together.”

“Ah?” Even if the city is as deep as Cheng Yuan, he could not help but be astonished by surprise. “Your Majesty, the Black Hawks have just finished their recruitment and there are more than 200,000 people. Zhuge Yue only brought less than 300 people. Does this use so many people?”

Yan Xun faintly whispered, his eyes flashed on the invisible enemy in the snow-white snowfield, his gloomy eyes half squinted and coldly said: “Killing him equals cutting off Zhao Che’s half head and breaking it. The arm of Xia was even larger than the effect of killing 200,000 Xia Monarch. I told the soldiers that when they met Zhuge Yue, they kill him in the ground. Kill him regardless of life and death. Whoever cut down his head, I would like to reward the General.


Cheng Yuan responded with a sharp voice and turned away. Horseshoe treads on the snowfield and sets off a white snow wave. Yan Xun quietly stood, a long time later said softly: “This time, I want you to fly in the wings.”

On this day, the troops in the Yanbei East line were actively mobilized. The army of the Black Hawks, which had just been reorganized, was taken out by General Cheng Yuan, and tactics were used to perform exercises. However, it was actually going inland toward Yanbei. The Daxia officials responsible for monitoring the Yanbei Army felt strange and truthfully reported to the military office of Daxia. The civilian officers of the military aircraft department analyzed the problem for a long time. The conclusion reached was that there was a strong snowstorm inside Yanbei. Civilians suffered heavy casualties and Yanbei had to move troops to suppress the disaster. For this conclusion, the officers of the military aircraft division reported with enthusiastic applause that they had fallen for the Yan Xun, and they were relieved by the threat of losing all the way to the East. They promptly reported this good news to Daxia. The army of the Northern Expeditionary Army. However, Zhao Che’s military officer felt that this fact was irrelevant. Even if the Black Hawks were not there, the strength of the current Northern Expeditionary Army was not able to confront the 1st and 2nd Allied Forces. The battle plan for Daxia had long been set. Until the spring of next year, the war in the north and the Sui and Tang dynasties will be calmed down. As a result, he took it for granted that this “insignificant” message was deducted and he did not want to disturb His royal highness, Zhao Che.

Many times, changing history is often an irrelevant thought of these irrelevant people. For example, Zhao Che, the only insider of Zhuge’s trip, lost this important information and lost the opportunity to promptly give notice and increase the number of soldiers. It is.

However, in this way, Yan’s plan did not go smoothly. One day later, the battle report was successively sent back, but the generals of the seat were almost red eyes.

The third team of the first team of the Black Hawk Army Light Cavalry was completely annihilated, and no one survived.

Five people from the fourth team of the Light Cavalry were attacked and shot dead by arrows, like a personal sieve.

The 17th Scout of the Light Cavalry disappeared out of thin air. The analysis of the staff concluded that all seven of them were lost.

The six scout squads also went missing in the air. Each team had 20 people. No one sent a signal or came back.

The Crossbowmen entered Truffle Ridge. No one knew why they had entered. Just as no one knew why they had entered, they would not come out, because the two infantry units that went to find them were also missing.

Collapsed, defeated, destroyed, missing… The battlefield came back one by one. Yan’s face became more and more ugly. The generals who were present were also on the verge of being an enemy. An old military officer trembled: “Or, we combine forces in one place so that the division of troops is too dangerous.”

“Joke!” A’Jing is also in the army at the moment, but his position is obviously inferior to Cheng Yuan. He sat far away from the officers’ squad and heard him say: “There are only less than 300 people on the other side. We have a large army. A total of 200,000, so the proportion of disparity must also be combined?”

The veteran also tried to argue: “But the other side is strong, everyone is an enemy…”

“I don’t agree with the military.” Cheng Yuan said: “Inland is very sparsely populated, and it is snowy weather. Wherever the three people go to a cat, we have nothing to do. Let the 200,000 army join forces, the goal is big. The other party is easy to avoid us. His Majesty, the subordinates suggest that the army is trapped, as long as the road plugs are blocked, not afraid that they will not show up.”

“General Cheng has forgotten the battle of Qiuqiu. You said that at the time.” A’Jing looked at him with a cold eye and ridiculed: “The roadblocks on all roads are blocked, the whole army is dispatched, and even the mountain roads are not. After letting go, the generals were convinced that even the mouse could not escape your eyes in the past, but after January, Zhuge Yue sat in the Yanmingguan to eat and sleep, but we were as tired as the turtle grandson.”

Cheng Yuan heard that his face sank, but he did not speak but turned to look at Yan Xun. Everyone knows that the war in QuiQui was a taboo for Yan Xun. Although Cheng Yuan was responsible for it, as the coach who was raided by the camp, Yan Xun was even more responsible. However, I just saw Yan Xun’s face does not change color, as if he did not hear the same, if the eyes are frosty, they do not panic.

With a loud cry, A’Jing weighed on the iron armor and pushed a few feet to stand up. He stepped forward and said to Yan Xun: “Your Majesty, there are only 300 of them, and it hurts us more than 3,000. The whole body retreated, but we did not see a large dead body. This shows that all the wounded were taken away by him. The number of them was already low. Now that the wounded are dragging their legs, the combat effectiveness will be greatly reduced. Come down and ask yourself with a thousand people to pursue the task.”

Yan Xun’s eyes were like dark waves in the sea, and he quietly swept A’Jings face. The snow blowing from the tent was raging in the wilderness with snowflakes, but the eyes were cold and cold. He weighed thinly, like a deep-hearted Garnett.

A ‘Jing? A’Jing’s ability was greatly used. Before his suppression, he also slightly smoothed the corners of him. At this time, he called for a fight. It was nothing more than to prove himself. However, he also had to watch out. After all, he was closely related to A’Chu. Once this matter is known to A’Chu, what changes will happen?

The big account is very quiet, everyone is watching Yan Xun, waiting for his instructions, the time goes by one second and one minute, and the fine sand that has leaked slowly. Suddenly he only listens to the sound of the warhorse. A few steps went out and saw more than two hundred horsemen galloping. The leading general was covered in blood and shouted: “The enemy has been captured!”

During the time, the whole account was shaken, and Yan Xun’s brow was locked. If the mirror was frozen, the waves would surge and it would roll like a tide.

Between the heavens and the earth, vast, snow-like skies danced in a goose-like snow, and it was wrapped in silver and white. The first group of the Qingqi Army started with 500 people. When they came back, they only had less than 300 left, showing how fierce the fighting was. The first brigade captain Lu He was covered in blood, with an arrow in his shoulder, and he jumped off the ground and kneeled on the ground with one knee. He said to Yan Xun:  “Under the envy, the court is fortunate not to be insulted,  and he had Marshal Xia Guo Northwest of Zhuge Yue was captured.”

Everyone heard the words cheering in unison. In the past year, the Yanming army has closed down. The Yanbei army has not known how many losses have been eaten by Zhuge, and this person has used his troops as a god, never to play cards, and he is bold and savage. The soldiers of the soldiers died, and the Yanbei Army was defeated in ten battles. Not to mention the person represented the attitude of Daxia men Valve support for Yanbei and the support for Daxia. He was in possession of several parties. It will be greatly reversed.

Compared to other people’s happiness, Yan Xun did not have any strange expression. He looked at Lu He and said quietly: “Bring this person up.”

“Bring it!”

Lu he turned back and gave a voice, and immediately someone put the bundled man up. This person was a long-haired man with a long coat and a luxurious dress. However, he was wounded in many places, and five arrows were inserted in his right leg. He could not stand. Seeing Yan Yan, he slowly raised his head, his eyes were cold, his mouth smiled slightly, and he chose to pick the corner of his mouth. He said: “Yan Shizi, I haven’t seen it for a long time.”

Yan Xun’s eyes were suddenly pumped, his figure was low and gloomy, and he slowly said: “Yue Qi?”

“Yan Shizi’s good memory, no wonder can make so many insidious and sinister tricks to deal with my young master, it turned out to have such a good head.” Yue Qi smiles, a knife and bloody face, the skin is open, there is no The handsome and embarrassing of the past, the smile is like a ghost.

Yan Xun was unmoved and coldly said: “Where are Zhuge Yue?”

Yue Qi had a smile on his face as if I heard a funny joke, I asked: “Is Yan Shizi crazy? Did you ask such a stupid question?”

“Dragging, it’s gone.”

Yan Xun turned away coldly and gave a quiet voice. The garrison immediately approached the Yue Qi and only listened to the sound of the 7th. It blared behind him with a carefree laugh, as if he were going to eat as easily as he could: “Yan Xun, you are not a soldier, but you are the villain who is intriguing. You’re not an opponent of my young master, I’ll take a step back and wait for you on Huang Quan Road.”

“Is it?” Yan Xun’s voice was cold and low, like a dust drummer, slowly back to his head, his eyes like a knife: “Then you just wait.”

“Sister, you walk slowly, ahead of the ditch, and the elder brother waits in front of the hill.

The snow was flying and the moon was dragged far away. The song still echoed in the wind. Yan Yan stood in the snow and snow, and his face was gradually frosted and he was gradually caught up in a layer of snow.

“Your Majesty,” said Luhe, nervously: “Subordinates are guilty. They care about being cheated by him in the next time. However, he already knows where the Zhuge dog thief is going, and he will chase after him.”

Yan Xun looked down at him and looked at the sword of his waist: “Give me.”

Luhe was shocked. He quickly released the sword from his waist and gave it to Yan Yan. He said, “This is the sword of the kid, and his subordinates are preparing to hand it over to his Majesty.”

The four-foot blade, the mysterious body, and the sword’s faint red lines, look like blood. It is Zhuge Yue’s personal sword that breaks the moon. For this sword, Yan Xun is naturally familiar.

“Sun Cai, can you immediately took this sword to intercept the Chu adults, she should be on the way back to the moment, saying that Zhuge Yue led the troops to attack Yuegong’s food, just met me at Yuegong, the headquarters of the Guards. Damaged, I was stricken by a sword, and now I have been besieged, so that she will immediately bring troops to support Yuegong City. Remember, you have to bypass the Nanhe Mountain and make an illusion to escape the encounter from Yuegong. Do you understand?” (Yuegong means Palace in the Moon)

The young general immediately fell to the ground and said quietly: “Understand.”

“Nan Qing, you immediately rush to Yuegong City, took my mouth to the Yuegong tribunal and told them that they must make frequent adjustments within a day to wait for the siege.”

“Yes, immediately go under the subordinates.”

“Cheng Yuan, you will immediately call the Black Hawk Army. The soldiers will rush to the Yuegong in five ways. Behind the Chu people, they will fight the flag and make a chase. But don’t take over the troops, understand?”


“Qi Zhi, you went to Yuegong together with Nan Qing and tell the various counties and counties along the way, asking them to close the gates, send troops to fight, and set up defenses to intercept.”



“Subordinate.” A soldier in a military uniform wearing a military uniform stood aside, bowed his head, could not see his eyebrows, and said: “Please tell.”

“You immediately follow the landing river. After you see Zhuge Yue, you should know how to say.”

Huo’an was on the ground and said in a low voice: “Your subordinate knows that he will not be held in the holy place.”

After a few roads of troops had left one after another, Yan Xun still stood by himself and said slowly: “A’Jing.”

A’Jing quickly stepped forward and said excitedly: “Behold, your saints will command it.”

“If you go to Huai Song, check it out and look at the rations next spring.”

A’Jing stayed for a while, incredibly loudly: “Now?”

“Yes,” Yan Xun turned around, his eyes sharp, his mouth cold, and said with a word: “Now.”

After a short while, the wind was standing in the cold wind with a black sable, and it was unmoved. The sun was covered in dark clouds, and the sky was dark and white, and it was bleak in the winter and the war was coming.


Tonight there was a big Blizzard. Chu Qiao had just camped and heard the hurried sound of hoofs coming from the north. He Xiao led the troops forward and brought back a young general sooner. The man was covered in blood and had a mess of hair. When he saw Chu Qiao’s loved one, she threw himself down in front of her and shouted: “Great! Chu adults, you are here. Please take the soldiers to save them. It’s too late for a night!”

“Hey!”, Chu Qiao’s handful red sword suddenly fell to the ground, she widened her eyes, stepped forward and said coldly: “What do you say? Say it again!”

“Summer country Zhuge’s dog thief secretly sneaked into Yanbei, set fire to the Yuegong city’s winter grain. He just kneels down in the vicinity, without knowing that only with two thousand people to go to rescue Yuegong, do not want to besiege Zhuge Yue’s dog. The number sword is no longer be launched. Nowadays, 50,000 large troops are surrounded by Yuegong. His Majesty is in the middle of the city. His three hundred people take up death and break up to report the news. All of them died halfway. Only I fled.”

Chu Qiao frowned and divinely said, “How can the big summer 50,000 armies quietly enter Yanbei? You can tell me clearly!”

The young man, with dust and red eyes, exclaimed, “They do not know. They seem to have fallen from heaven. The Zhuge Yue’s swordsmanship is exquisite, and his sword penetrates through his chest, if not A’Jing’s guards desperately rescued him, but unfortunately, at this moment, Yue Qi general hit the city gate three times and killed all his brothers…”

Sun Cai said as he shed tears and picked up the long sword at the waist and said: “Right, this is the sword of the Zhuge dog thief. He is using this sword to stab his arm and is caught by the shoulder blade of his arm. I just didn’t pull it out.”

Chu Qiao suddenly stayed, she slowly took over the long sword, I saw the sword body is simple, blood traces, it is a broken moon. She held the sword awkwardly and strongly suppressed the trepidation that she wanted to tremble. The eyes seemed to be snow, and almost snow was turned.

Zhuge Yue, how could he? He personally said to himself that this non-fighting event came, how could he go to burn the beggars of Yuegong and assassinate Yan?

But if not, what is this, and who is the blood of this broken sword?

“Adults! You’re gonna go. It’s too late to go!”

Sun Cai was on the ground, and he bowed his head and prayed. Chu Qiao took a deep breath and only felt that the heart was cold. If Yan Xun had something, wouldn’t it be harmed by her? She turned to the horse neatly and said coldly to her men: “All the troops are camping! Go to the tribute!”

The army quickly opened up and soon disappeared into the snowy field. Soon, the hooves of other teams were covered in the chaotic snowfields. This evening, after all, it was not a night for sleeping.

When Huo’an met Zhuge Yue, it was already early in the morning. In the Mingxi Valley, the original 300 people now have less than 200, but they still maintain a high degree of vigilance and combat effectiveness. The valley of the Mingxi Valley is narrow, easy to defend and difficult to attack, and there are plenty of wild animals in the valley. There is no need to worry about food and grass. As long as they dragged on for three days, Zhao Che will inevitably find that the number of Yan’s Northern Army that Yan Ming has shut down has decreased, and he took the opportunity to fight. Yan Xun had to resort to help, and then he had a chance to escape.

Only at a glance, Huo’an understands the brilliant position of Yan Xun’s plan, and even if he storms, he will have to pay a huge price.

“General Zhuge Yue, I am the subordinate of Chu Daren, the beauty army  leads Huo’ An, there is something to tell you.” ( Huo’an this is the person whom Yan Xun used to betray Zhuge Yue to capture him as Yue Qi was captured by Lu He)

Zhuge Yue’s clean and tidy clothes are still the sleek and cool look. Even if they are fleeing, they will not panic. He looked faintly at Huo’an, slowly said: “If I remember correctly, the command of the beauty forces should be He Xiao.”

“He Xiao is dead. Now I’ll take over from him.” Huo’an gazed calmly and his voice was unchanged.

Zhuge Yue heard the words gently, but he did not ask but looked at him with a faint look in his eyes. The included machine front shot like a knife and seemed to want to dig a hole from him. Huo’an calmed his mind and said: “My family said that the general’s possessions have been exposed. Regardless of what the generals have, please leave immediately. She has arranged a secret passage for you at Helan Mountain. If you believe her, you can take the road. Sui and Bian Tang fled from Yanbei. If you have another way out, please also leave as soon as possible, because your Majesty has sent an army to surround you, and I am afraid there will be no chance to leave again.”

“What happened to your family’s adults? How did He Xiao lead the fight?”

Huo’an looked slightly changed, meditating for a long while and said: “My adult only confessed what I said to Fang. When it comes to other things, please forgive me for not telling me.”

Saying that he would turn and walk, Zhuge Yue said: “Stay.”

Huo’an still didn’t stop, just listening to the bang, a young swordsman took out a long sword, and the sword was sharply and quickly placed on his neck, and said coldly: “I didn’t hear my young master calling you?”

Huo’an turned to look at the past, but it was a young man who was only 18 years old, with a chill of the sword.

“On the Yue Jui, don’t come.”

Zhuge Yue said, the young swordsman lowered his head and Hou’an turned to look at Zhuge Yue’s calm eyes. Slowly, said, “General, I have a traitor in my subordinates, harming you and harming me. Adults, your Majesty wants adults to kill you, adults refuse, and you send troops to stop your majesty and kill your team. You have already fallen out with the army. Today, I have no chance to go back to see adults pray for adult forgiveness. I only hope that the generals can listen to my family. If you are adults, leave quickly. Otherwise, our ninety thousand soldiers from the southwestern town government will be sacrificed in vain, and my family will be sacrificed.”

Saying that, Huo’an took out his sword and wiped it against his neck. Zhuge smashed his hands and opened the sword. However, he still did not have time. He saw a trace of blood in the neck of a man, and he had blood.

Meng Feng immediately froze down and looked up for a moment: “Don’t worry, you can’t die.”

Zhuge Yue’s face was gloomy, and he looked at the empty snowfield for a long time without speaking. His subordinates looked at him, and one of them said: “General, this person you can’t believe it.”

Zhuge Yue nodded and said: “Exploring.”


At dawn, a scout scrambled back and said quietly: “General, it has been proved that some people saw that the army of the Chu adults was rushing to Yuegong City. It was very fast. One hour ago, it had just passed. After seeing the horseshoe, they were very panicked and the hoofprints were extremely chaotic, but at the moment they haven’t received the texts of the Chu and Yan adults.

Zhuge Yue nodded and did not speak, but the brain was running at high speed.

Within a short while, another horseman came back and said, “General, it has been proved that the Blackhawks were led by Cheng Yuan and the soldiers were divided into five ways. All of them followed her behind the girl Chu, and the number was more than 100,000. ”

“Young masters, all the counties and counties along the tribute have added roadblocks, and the militia has been inspected everywhere. Yuegong City has also frequently dispatched troops. The situation is not good.”

“General, Yan Xun also went to Yuegong.”

The wind blew, and there was a dread between the heavens and the earth, and the snow was white. Zhuge Yue, a grey fox, stood upright and suddenly went to the front of the warhorse, whispered but powerfully said: “Go to Yuegong.”

“General!” Meng Feng grabbed Zhuge Yue’s horses and stopped in front of him. divinely said, “You can’t go.”

Zhuge Yue faintly lifted but did not speak. Meng Feng knew too well what he meant by his eyes. A rare, serious voice said: “This is a lot of doubt, and even if it is true, we should not act rashly with our current strength.”

“Yes, general,” Zhuge’s deputy general is Shen Yu, who was once a Majia slave, but he was very talented in military literacy. He was taken out of slavery and promoted to the military deputy commander. Shen Yu said with a deep voice: “The subordinates also feel that this is extremely embarrassing. If it is a covert operation, why is it so easy for us to hear the information? And the time fit is such a match?”

Yue Jui frowned: “Master, the subordinates also felt suspicious.”

“General, this is too coincidental. If it is true, then how did this Huo’an find us? If he can find it, does it mean that Chu Qiao has been following us? The heart of the defense is indispensable, I also feel that It is the best policy to evacuate the original plan.”

“You are all right.” Zhuge Yue nodded, slowly said, everyone suddenly smiled, his heart was finally heard, but soon, Zhuge Yue frowns very seriously to them, divinely says: “But if he is telling the truth, what should I do?” ( this is a breaking point for Zhuge Yue. Out of the 99% false, he took that 1% truth..too bad..Zhuge Yue used his heart in this decision..)

The crowd suddenly stayed in the air, yeah, if it was true, then look at the posture of Yan Xun , Chu Qiao is not necessarily dead? If something really happened, what should I do?

Zhuge Yue did not wait for the answer of the crowds, but jumped on horseback with his own carelessness. Everyone was surprised, but he also came forward to stop. Meng Feng’s bitterness advised: “General, I think this thing is a fake, it’s Yan Yan’s deliberately guiding you…”

“Is it true that ninety-nine is false, what about the other one?”

Meng Feng suddenly stunned.

“Is it worth the risk of life for you to be one or two?”

Zhuge Yue did not answer, just shook his head quietly and whispered: “I still can’t be completely sure…”

He didn’t go on saying it, nor did he say that he couldn’t completely affirm what the man’s expression suddenly became. He looked up quietly and looked at the heavy snowfall in the distance. He suddenly raised his mouth and sneered: “Moreover, It is not so easy for him to want me to live in Zhuge Yue’s life.”

“Yue Jiu,” Zhuge Yue eyes cold, flashed a glimpse of the raging and burning: “Notice to Yue Qi, Plan B starting.

Plan B? The eyes of the Yue Jui flashed a trace of gloom, but in a flash, he suddenly felt a shock, and he slammed it.

The hooves gradually faded away, and Zhuge Yue squatted on the horse’s back, narrowing his eyes, his eyes stunned, but there was an undercurrent flowing slowly. He considered everything and imagined a bad ending. Suddenly he seemed to see someone on the snowfield waving at him.

If all this is true, isn’t it, will there be a hint of hope? She did not hesitate to turn her face with Yan Xun, did she prove that her heart was not without status?

Zhuge Yue was not without a gloomy thought, and then silently shook his head and laughed, his dead spots, and was held by others.

The horseshoes are flying, and the distant sun is facing the city of Yuegong. The sun rises, but it is covered by clouds, and the heavens and the earth are dark. Yuegong, the grain and grass city of Yanbei, ushered in another embarrassment in history today.


CHAPTER 150 Hutch Convergence


On this day, the whole Yanbei area is filled with blizzards and wind slides. The rare storm is like a frantic madman who rushes wildly in the wild. The snow is three feet thick, and his face is like a small one. Stones, life’s pain. The war horses were wrapped in leather around their stomachs and eyes, but they were still panic-stricken. The soldiers wore fur coats and hoods. The wind-blown eyes could not open their eyes, but they could only walk on the snowy plains.

Going to the Jasmine River, Chu Qiao suddenly ordered the whole army to stop, and Sun was anxious to come forward to ask, but only saw a cold back. The young female general stood on a snowy slope, watching the distant snowy sea. The birds in the distance were in a mess, and the snow and fog were fascinating.

When he came down, Sun Cai pushed away and pulled him in exasperation. He said, “What are you doing, Chu adults? When the military is in full swing, you are still in danger. Look at the scenery?”

Chu Qiao’s eyes faded from his body, like the icy ice of the winter, the cold and clear piercing the heart of the most vulnerable unease.

The young girl is still very young, but somehow, all the people who know her stand in front of her and will unknowingly ignore her age, uncontrollable trembling and panic. Although the weather was so cold, Sun Cai’s forehead still had sweat oozing out. Just after he noticed something wrong, Chu Qiao had already ordered: “Tie him up.”

Without a second of hesitation, the warriors of the Beauty Army quickly stepped forward, and Sun Cai was tied up a few times. The young officer shouted, “What are you doing? Chu adults, are you going to rebel?”

Chu Qiao looked at him coldly, his sharp eyes pierced, through his shock and anger on the surface, effortlessly saw the panic and worry. Her heart gradually became cold, like the water flowing under the ice, and it was cold.

“He Xiao, took out all the explosives he took with him, blasted the Jasmine River and left 300 people sticking to it. Before tomorrow morning, if there is someone rushing from across the street, you don’t have to come to see me.”


He Xiao replied coldly, Chu Qiao turned to climb up the horse, said to the subordinates: “We go.”

“Chu adults! Do you know what you are doing now?”

Chu Qiao slowly returned, looked at Sun Cai coldly and said quietly: “I know of course.”

“You are stopping our people from saving your knees. You are a rebellion!”

Chu Qiao threw a small ridicule, a faint smile: “Grandad, are you too naive, or I Chu Qiao in your eyes is really so stupid? You say Yuegong City escaped only one person, then why now there are five. The army is chasing after us? I was escaping and returning to Shang Shen. It took us one day earlier to get on the road. Then why did the Black Hawks of the headquarters come here so quickly? You said that Zhuge Yue was carrying 50,000 military men. I feel that I haven’t felt enough to attack Yuegong’s grain and have been under the siege. Then you come to tell me that it is now the Year of the Dead. Your Majesty is not good at staying at this headquarters. What do you want to do here?

Sun Cai was asked to be speechless and his eyes widened. Chu Qiao sneered, the colder the eyes, the tone said in a gloomy voice: “Sun Daren, if today’s thing says that I am wrong, then I will be a sin in front of everyone and in front of you. But if you are interested to deceive me, be careful with your head.”


The army whistled past and the horseshoe beat on the snowfield like a rumbling drum. Within a short while, thunderous sounds were heard from the rear. Although the explosives were rough, enough explosives were put together, they were still enough to blow up the ice. The Jasmine River was a tributary of Chishui, and there was no one day. One day and one night, I think about freezing, there are three bows, and the Black Hawks don’t want to cross the river easily. No matter what the situation is, I always have to take a look.

Chu Qiao decided, slightly narrowed his eyes, sharp eyes, like a leopard saw prey.

“Here!” He Xiao horse came in and came to ride around Chu Qiao. After many years of suffering and common prosperity, they were both masters and servants. They were close friends, and the handsome general asked quietly: “The front is out. what’s up?”

The cold wind blew, from the smashing between the two, the snow particles hit the face, very painful. Chu Qiao was silent for a long time, and finally said in a deep voice: “Maybe, Cheng Yuan has rebelled.”

He Xiao turned to think about it, and it was possible to connect the things before and after, but it was a bit of a possibility, but he shouted: “I already knew that the grandson is not a good thing!”

Chu Qiao did not speak. Her eyes looked straight ahead and she jerked her whip away. Hopefully, she hoped her guess was correct because she was not willing to guess another possibility.

No, no.

Yan Xun, he will not be so negative.


Chu Qiao sighed and slammed by her fears. The horses ran wildly and galloped on the snowfields. It was like a dark storm. The sun was gradually covered by clouds, and the sky was gray. If it is a dark night.


Zhuge Yue’s appearance was without warning. According to the original plan, Chu Qiao came and sent troops to pursue it. Yuegong actively transferred troops. It was just an illusion to confuse Zhuge Yue, and the ultimate goal was to mislead Zhuge. In the Mingxi Valley, another 20,000 bows were sent to kill in front of the valley. The war ended before the Mingxi Valley, and it would never affect the Yanbei inland. Needless to say, it would affect the heavy city like Yuegong.

Therefore, when Zhuge Yue suddenly appeared in Yuegong City, the first reaction of the whole city was panic, only because Yan Xun had already set foot with the last army of Yuegong to reach the valley of Mingxi.

Yuegong City was finally burnt by Zhuge Yue. When Yan Xun got the news and rushed back, Zhuge Yue was a blue-eyed man, standing on the slope of the horse outside the city, in front of Yan Xun’s face. A rocket was shot on the high gate. After getting the attack signal, the three rockets were all shot, and the city was poured into the Yuegong City, which was poured with tung oil. God also helped Zhuge Yue’s power, and the wind was raging, not only the grain of the city but also the entire city. The cremation turned into a piece of scorched earth. (Zhuge Yue is carrying Daxia’s is flammable and explosives what do you expect? this is an overkill! The result of misleading and emotions flooded with romantic heart interest…This would hurt Chu Qia ofor a lifetime! What are you doing Yan Xun?)

The army of the twenty thousand officers and men commanded by Yan Xun was looking for tears. Half of these people were local military officers of Yuegong. They saw that their homes were destroyed, their parents, wives, and children lost their lives, and they were furious and angry. They had not yet waited for Yan Xun to order them. The raging rushed up. The war was very rushed. There was no formation, and it was completely crazy. With the pain of a cry, Yanbei fighters were astonishingly fast, like a group of hungry wolves. However, without waiting for them to approach, the three hundred lunar guard’s arrows pierced their chests. Arrows, like rain and fog, whistled, and no flesh and blood could contend with this force. After the time of the incense was over, there was no more living person standing in the central army of the two armed forces. (Yan Xun sacrificed the entrire Yuegong City,  Yanbei’s native city where their troops wives and children lives! I hate you for doing this! Misleading Zhuge Yue would mean annihilating the entire city!)

The north wind blew through the bloody battlefield, and among the rolling winds seemed to hear the heavy breathing of the dying person. Yan Xun stood on the other side. He did not block when he had just plunged into the garrison. He could not block it at all, so he sat and watched this million defenders die under the arrows, like a group of autumn grass untreated. At this moment, Yan’s personal guard stood behind him, like a dark and silent forest, still 10,000 people, silently standing, indifferent to the death of his compatriots. (Now  I can understand why Chu Qiao had a change of heart…far better than it was portrayed. in the Tv series…OMG, Yan Xun is like a blind beggar sitting in the mountain of ash!)

This is the first time that Yan Xun and Zhuge Yue met after the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties. Although the war lasted for a whole year, there were countless cases of confrontation. Zhuge Yue also led the soldiers to attack the big accounts of Yan Xun, but they never met. Now, the eyes are like lightning, the silence of the air, there is no sharp spark, everything is like a reef under the hidden darkness, quiet, quiet, heavy collision, the water surface slightly rolling, but inside is undercurrents, the outsiders are not enough to see the sharpness that hides them. Only those who know the inside can understand what kind of timidity this is.

From the time of the rare city of Zhenghuang to the repeated confrontation after growing up, these men who are equally fascinating and powerful in the palm of their hand, in terms of their rights, they are relatively clear and distinct, and their military capabilities are evenly matched and political. In the competition, they vowed that the enemy could not reconcile, and the mistake was that they fell in love with the same woman. Such fate and encounters made them unable to sit down and enjoy the strengths and talents of each other. As long as the collision, there must be a hot blood flowing, win or lose, win and die.

When Zhuge Yan saw Yan Xun, the long-hanging heart suddenly dropped. Just after walking out of the Mingxi Valley, he knew that he was deceived. The difference was whether this matter was dominated by Yan Xun or did Chu Qiao participate in it? Is Yan Xun infiltrating the southwestern town government, or does Chu Qiao personally reveal her whereabouts? The moments of life and death on the battlefield are unpredictable. At such moments of life and death, these things may have been irrelevant to others, but for him, they cannot be left unappreciated. He can be sure that Chu Qiao is not the kind of person. He can confidently feel that she is not an insignificant passerby in her heart. However, he can’t measure Yan’s heart and can’t evaluate himself and Yan’s. When the interest conflicts, her eyes will worry about which side to look at.

Zhuge Yue’s ridiculous self-deprecating sneer, even if she will not betray Yan Xun for her own sake, she will not kill herself for the sake of him. In this way, maybe it will be.

When Yan Xun saw Zhuge Yue, it was far less calm than Zhuge Yue. The disgust and hatred of his heart grew like a vine. It was the man in front of him that he lost the opportunity to escape from Zhenhuang for the first time. He suffered from the imprisonment of pigs and dogs for eight years, and he was enjoying himself when he was like a pig and a dog. With the glory of the nobles of the imperial gates, and the raging horses of the nobles of the imperial court, when they were humiliated and subjected to bullying by others, he watched indifferently, and when his family was dead and dead, his family jumped up. Stepping on the blood of the bones of the land became a new voice of the empire. After he finally created this foundation, he destroyed his undefeated myth by himself and gave him a heavy blow.  (this is the moment of truth. Shoot!)

Moreover, there is A’Chu…

When I think of it, the fire in Yan Xun’s heart burned and the long-pressed resentment and anger resembled a gushing volcano.

In the evening, the sun sets and the horizon on the east side is faintly visible. It is the warhorse of Yanbei. It can also smell the breath of the horses in the air. The dust is full, and there are three or four thousand people.

Zhuge Yue stood still, and Yan Xun did not speak. The war came before them and insulting the curse would seem too childish. A soldier from Yan Xun’s men rushed out of the camp and came to the Zhuge Yue’s team and shouted, “Don’t cast the arrows!”

The Yue Guards were quietly looking at this courageous soldier with indifferent eyes. The soldiers narrowed their lips and began a pre-war speech. The content was very old-fashioned. They were nothing but some brutal Great Summer cruelty. Not benevolent, Yanbei is a teacher of justice. He trespasses our land and invades our territory. We will not compromise our provocations against our military oaths. Our reinforcements are in front if you want an escape. Opportunity, immediately put down the arms and surrendered, beg for mercy.

He advised the soldiers to talk dryly and righteously, but his opponent did not give him a little bit of response. After seeing him finish, Zhuge Yue waved his hand gently and said without emotion: “kill him.”

Immediately, the chaotic arrows, the heroic speaker was shot into a horse’s nest, the body straight down, but the feet were still on the stables, the horse was frightened, ran back, dragging the man all the way, blood stained all the way.

The Yanbei military finally became furious. The angry voice filled the audience. Tens of thousands of uniformed swords were pulled out. The sharp blades were like a sea of ​​sly, covering the eyes of everyone.

The men looked at each other and looked through the ancient space and time. Eventually, the horns of the battle were rumbled, the earth’s gray dust covered the army, some shouted, the horses drew their feet in an instant, and the towering slashed in the sea. To the other side, the war started and there was no sign of coming.

As the sun sets and the sky darkens, the number of Cavalry’s cavalry troops is small, but it is like a sharp sword. They have unparalleled arrows. They can shoot with one side after the impact and the archery can be completed. All of them are masters of martial arts. None of them are ordinary soldiers. Three hundred people are invincible. They wear camps to break the ground. They are not astonished at the number of the other.

And Yan Xun’s troops are also one of the elites, with a large number of people and complete armor. Each one is a veteran of the battlefield, with rich experience and momentum.

In the beginning of the fighting, terrible brutality was revealed, blood splattered, broken arms flew, heads of horses collided head-on, four hoofs intersected in the mid-air, huge arrays surged forward, and they were overwhelmed as the torrential tsunami shook people’s backs. Cold, scalp tingling. (Zhuge Yue did not kneel to give up…with 200 extraordinary martial arts men left… facing 30,000 elite armies, that can be sustained and close the gap of disparity)


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  1. Hello angel chua, my favorite part is when they meet at goddess temple. She finally see that he understand her until her deep toughts and beliefs. finally understand why Yan zi zi hates ZY, indeed he is the culprit that he couldn’t scape and he was his friend but he betrayed for his beliefs and power… So I understand, but Achu loves his enemy, that is more.painful. Thanks for your work!!I really enjoy it!!

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