Chu Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Chapter 121-130

Based on the original novel 11 agents princess 

by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua


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CHAPTER 121 Men fight for Women


The sky was dark and dark, the clouds were very low, and the air was very boring. The wind blew the leaves and stones and rolled over the ground. It sent wild beasts and the trees shook violently as if they were to be blown. Broken, obviously noon, but cannot see the sun. Only the light of grayness envelopes the entire city of Tang.

A downpour of heavy rain is brewing.

The carriage ran fast, and the people who drove the car screamed hard. The soldiers rode on horseback and guarded the carriage with a thunderbolt. They walked along the driveway near the wall and rushed to the mighty Imperial City.

The wind blew the sand and whipped in the carriage, giving a rustling sound. Chu Qiao was full of blood, covering the big half face with white enamel. She quietly looked around and waited for a good escape.

She must find Yan Xun immediately, he should have not entered the city yet, or he will appear today, he may be outside the city. But once this incident reached his ears, she could not imagine what would happen. Although Zhao Chun’er is stupid, one thing she is right, she and Yan Xun, not only each other’s arms but also each other’s death

As for Li Ce, she did not believe that someone would count him so easily. It was a fox. He didn’t count the others. The man should be blessed. Even if there are conditions, she also believes that Li Ce has the ability to easily turn things around.

Horseshoe smashed the silence of the long street, and the autumn winds rustled, and the sand flew away, even more chilling.

Seeing that the carriage was about to turn into the main road and enter the imperial city, Chu Qiao took the opportunity to make a decision. If she does not leave at this time, it will be difficult to find a good opportunity. She gritted her teeth a little, and her hand touched the dagger on her calf, waiting for a good opportunity.

However, at this time, a clear whistle suddenly cut through the regular hoofs, squeaking, and the moment arrived!

The screams of the horses suddenly sounded. When the time came, the soldiers and horses of the great summers turned over and screamed, and the situation was extremely chaotic. On both sides of the high trees and the fence, the horrible comet leaps, the flying swords, and arrows, the curved bow, the force is accurate, impeccable. This Xia cold as ice, who has just been changed, have no chance to resist. Half of them are injured and fall into the horse. The team of more than three hundred people will not be able to survive!

“God helps me too!”

Chu Qiao rejoicing under the heart, it seems that Zhao Chun’er family is really a lot of enemies, so a godsend opportunity, and then do not know how to grasp it is not a fool.

She jumped agilely from the carriage, and she was about to slip away. A cold sharp shot had already been pushed to her eyes. Two black masked men were propped up and left. Chu Qiao silver teeth bite. It seems that these goals are the unlucky one of Zhao Yuer. Princess.

Twisting body, a darting step rushed forward, hard hit hard to see who is faster than who!

“Clam” sounded two muffled, Chu Qiao flying two feet, kicking the two men’s lower body, screaming screams suddenly sounded, in this strange long streets show extravagance.  Chu Qiao didn’t have time to look back and admire the results. She ran away when she pulled her legs. She saw that the other party was also a part of Zhao Chuner’s enemies. She didn’t have a squat, but she couldn’t be a man in the future, so she didn’t think about it within.

The murderous churns are full of swords and shadows, and the black people are extremely aggressive. It seems that they are not planning to stay alive. Everyone who follows them is armed with a steel axe and meets the living people to fall in their pockets. The bloodstained and white brains of the brain, the average person may have a glance at the vomiting immediately.

Get started!

Chu Qiao’s eyes lifted slightly, mobilizing the strength of the whole body, running all at once, and the speed was amazing. At this time, as long as they rushed out of this street and entered the main street, even if it was done, she did not believe that this group had the courage to act in a flagrant manner.

The other party seems to have seen through her purpose. Suddenly, a black shadow came up behind him. The movement was extremely fast. He was very sensitive and not close to Joe. He was close to her, but she was five steps away from her, running side by side. While running, he pulled out his bow and ran, and ran a bow, and slammed it!

Chu Qiao wrapped his head on the white, his face covered in blood, and his hair was messy and scattered in front of his forehead like a madman. But all this did not hinder her movements and eyesight. She saw the other’s bow and the arrow hit her on her thigh. She grabbed the bulge of the wall and the whole person took advantage of it.

When I heard only a cry, the arrow hit the wall and it was broken. It was clear how great the man’s strength was.

Good means!

Chu Qiao squinted, but saw the other side not hit but not discouraged, but pulled out a sharp arrow.

How can I let him do it every time? Chu Qiao snorted and took a sigh of relief in his arms. He then shouted: “The hidden weapon!”

After a match against the Central Army, Chu Qiao was already at the very end of the game. He was forced to pull himself out. At this moment, he was forced to a critical moment, and he finally burst out to his final potential. Although the voice was already hoarse enough to discriminate the original sound, he was in such a life-and-death battle. At the moment, the man still heard it. She saw the dark shadow reaction extremely agile, a different stature toss and dodge, but everywhere, where hidden weapon?

Looking back, Chu Qiao had already run away, and the man was unconvincingly cold and hurried back again.

Here is a remote place, all the streets, and alleys. Chu Qiao ignored the shadowy path behind him and hurried to choose between the roads.

However, she soon felt that she was not right and the other person’s response was too fast. She is fast. He is also fast. She is slow. He is also slow. She turns and the other person doesn’t even need a short reaction time. He has the same pace, consistent speed, consistent movements, and goes from beginning to end.

What kind of person did the idiot Zhao Chun’er get?

Chu Qiao was extremely hot, and her mind was switched between electricity. A big Banyan tree appeared, she stopped in the middle of the road. Chu Qiao saw his eyes and quickly ran towards the Banyan tree. Then he suddenly slammed into an emergency stop and the figure flashed, hiding on the side of the Banyan tree. . According to normal reasoning, no one can suddenly stop suddenly without being prepared. Even if that person is quick-acting, when he stops, he will surely be ahead of Chu Qiao. Hit the dagger.

However, at this moment, a sharp sense of crisis suddenly hit the heart. Chujo almost squatted without hesitation. Then, she felt the other side of the banyan tree, and a knife cut from her scalp, even There are a few strands of hair falling from both sides!


Chu Qiao almost couldn’t help but want to make a big noise. The other party seems to be sure that she will have this trick. The speed of the footsteps is just right. When she vows to wait for the calculations, the people have already made arrangements for the post!

Really depressed by his fork!

Between the electric and the stone fire, Chu Qiao has mobilized all the fighting nerves in his mind, adjusted his posture, and prepared for the good battle.

Without killing him, she is simply sorry for his own modern instructors, and he has smashed the reputation of modern agents.

However, at this moment, a burst of whistling sound suddenly sounded at the top of the head, and it was raging with a large wind. Chu Qiao was shocked, but he still didn’t respond to what was going on. He had already suffered a pain in his back, and he was smashed down by a dead man. The huge pain almost caused her to bleed!

But what happened next is really going to make her vomit blood.

Followed by, a high-pitched cry came suddenly, a seven-eight-year-old child riding on Chu’s back, wiping the bells and whistles, bursting into tears!

It turned out that before they ran over, there was a child playing in the tree. She claimed to be the super commander of the military department. Even the people hiding in the tree did not know, and the process of their fighting, the child’s scared handshake, just like this, fell to Chu Qiao’s body!

Is there anything more bloody than this?

When Chu Qiao pushes the child away, and is holding the lucky one to plan a counterattack, a sword has already reached her neck.

The cluttered footsteps quickly approached, and immediately surrounded her, and several swords were placed on it. Chu Qiao looked up and glanced at the crying child. Just listen to someone whispering behind: “I didn’t expect the princess to be so good.”

Another person said: “Zhao Chuner’s bow and horse started, it would be ugly, but I didn’t expect the princess’s skill to be so good.”

What do they call Zhao Chuner?

A Princess? Is it a Great Summer?

A horse came from a distance, and immediately the man jumped off the horse, wrapped his head in a black towel and stepped forward and said, “Our people are dragging and we have time.”

He nodded with the black man in the battle against Chu Qiao. The other person beside him said, “Catch her and go to the Rose square.”

A black man who stopped Chu Qiao said: “Let’s put down arms.”

People have to bow their heads under the roof and listen to these words.

With a slamming cry, Chuo Qiao is considering whether he or she should reveal his identity in front of an unknown group of people and tells them that he is not Zhao Chun’er. At this time, that skillful black man suddenly came forward, stretched out a long and strong hand, and pinched Chu Qiao’s chin.

Chu Qiao snorted, stunned, slammed her head, fiercely shakes one’s head, opens the mouth to bite in the man’s tiger’s mouth!

She can almost hear the sound of broken flesh and blood. The blood suddenly ran down to the wounds of men. Chu Qiao’s small face was white and slender, his eyes were wide and his eyes were squatting with a line of blood on his chin. His eyes looked like unyielding wolves. Looking at the man.


The loud whisper sounded at the same time, but no one came forward to respond a little bit to the action of Chu Qiao’s big revenge.

The man looked at Chu qiao and seemed to be stunned. Then she let her bite and she did not speak or move. The black cloth pocket was over his head, only showing a pair of eyeballs that had covered his eyes, but his eyes, with the exception of the initial shock, had a slight smile.

Chu Qiao also stunned, these eyes are too familiar, she slowly stuttered like a stupid, staring up and looking up.


The man suddenly laughed, pulled off his hood, pulled up Chu Qiao, then opened his arms and held her tightly in his arms.

“I know you are not so easy to die!”

 Zhuge Yue is like a happy child, laughing loudly.His eyes were so joyful, his face was still pale, his chin was blue, and his voice sounded too pleasant, but his arms were so tight and tight, as if he had to break Chu Qiao into his body!

Chu’s head was pressed against him by his chest, through his strong chest, and he heard a powerful heartbeat. He remembered everything that had happened before. Chu Qiao’s sight was suddenly blurred, and after his escape, he had some emotions. Run in the chest raged, let her forget about some time. She even opened her arms and clung to Zhuge Yue’s waist, burying her head in his arms, allowing her tears to flow freely.


The audience is silent, the wind is waving the banner, and the sound is buzzing.

All the people looked up and looked at the Rose Square. Three years ago, this square was famous for the first time in the world. On the high copper platform, the first sinister traitor, the empire, was burned to death.

As the high-ranking officer of the Hongchuan Plateau, he personally sat on the Hongchuan Plateau and was occupied by the Zhao family. He did not make any effective counterattacks. Even when Zhao’s wolf attacked Zhenhuang, he took a young man’s night. Abandoning the city and fleeing, lost the northern barrier of Datang, and discarded tens of thousands of kilometers of land, allowing Datang to retreat to the plains, let the only ruler of the mainland become history, and open the prelude to the fall of Datang, even have to Under the threat of the Xia and Song dynasties, they changed their name to the Sui and Tang Dynasties and wrote a great shame in the history books.

Starting from him, the copper terrace on the Rose Square became a place for execution of criminals. At this moment, the bloody woman was tied to the high bronze table. Her clothes were broken, her ink was flying, and her face was full of blood. She could not see clearly what she was.

Under her feet were piles of firewood, and soldiers stood on one side with torches. It has been a long time, there has been a small commotion, some people try to save people, those people seem ordinary people, but people who are keen but keen to discover that these people are hidden weapons.

The noise is getting louder and louder, and countless people are waving their arms and shouting loudly. Zhao Chuner opened her weak eyes, and she struggled and howled several times but only changed a few loud slaps. Those rude soldiers had rough old hands. They had severe pains on their faces, and they said no. The humiliation and anger that have been exhausted almost drown her whole body.

The chin breaks away so she can’t shout a word. Her lashes were stuck in blood and could only be looked down through the bloody eyes. Excited crowds were everywhere. There were strange faces everywhere, and irritated expressions everywhere.

She was suddenly scared, and she was afraid to shake.

Is it dead? Want to be burned?

At this time, a name suddenly flashed into the mind, the woman’s fierce eyes, the cold words, the disdainful expression, like a fire that swept her heart.

Chu Qiao! Chu Qiao! Chu Qiao!!!

The expression gradually smashed up, so hate, ruin the earth, ruin everything, and the poor blue sky cannot be reduced by half.

She took away her lover, took away her own happiness, subverted her own country, violated her own dignity, and caused her to be displaced, suffering, and even more despicable and degrading. Disgusting people insulted!

Nowadays, it is her that she is going to die here!

Can’t let her go!

Even if it is a ghost, even if it falls into the 18th-floor hell, even if it turns into a ghost, it will never let her go!

Zhao Chuner’s teeth are like a sly devil, must kill her, must kill her, must!


A loud cry suddenly sounded, but at this moment, a sudden burst of turmoil in the crowd, it was just a bunch of people!

Zhao Chuner’s heart suddenly rose with a desire to survive. His eyes looked hot, but another strange thought suddenly appeared.

At this time, someone who dared to escort the court would be to save Chu Qiao!

She suddenly changed her mind and didn’t want someone to come. She couldn’t help but sneer. The voice was like a nightingale, full of self-deprecation. Isn’t it, even if it is saved today, is it the happiness of Chu Qiao?

The following people looked at her crazy laughter and thought she was crazy, and there were lots of arguments.

The gale whistled and brought all the sounds far away. The crowded Central Street was crowded with water like one after another. It seemed that someone was intentionally leading the chaos here so that people outside could not come in.

Situ Yu Chen (Wu Danyu in the TV series) looked at the confusing Central Street, his brow furrowed, and more than a dozen young Yanbei warriors quickly approached. Zuo Ting Ling (Ge Qi in the TV series) said with a deep voice: “We have a lot of troops in the Central Army, so we can’t even go in, even if There was no way to rescue the girl when she rushed in.”

He Xiao frowned and said: “I have sent a pigeon pass to inform the Lord.”

“It is too late to inform the Shaozhu.” Situ Yu Chen (Wu Danyu in the TV series) said quietly: “Who is the person who has procrastinated the time?”

Zuo Ting Ling (Ge Qi in the TV series) said: “No, they are very secretive, but it seems to me that among the girl’s friends are the fourth young masters of the Zhuge family who were able to give aid at this time is Prince Li Ce of Bian Tang.”

“It should be Zhuge’s family,” Situ Yu (Wu Danyu in the TV series) nodded. “The Prince of Bian Tang is still outside Central Street.”

“Then what do we do now? Since the people of the Zhuge family are procrastinating, they will certainly act.”

“I can’t just count on them,” Situ Yu shook his head and looked at Central Street. Suddenly he raised his finger and said, “Let’s go there!”

“Central Street?”

“Yes!” Situ Yu nodded. “We’ll clear the way for Prince Li Ce of Bian Tang!”

However, when the Yanbei soldiers rushed into the chaotic crowd, there was a sudden and terrified yell in the crowd. Then immediately, everyone raised their heads and immediately revealed an incredible panic!

I saw underneath the dark clouds. Above the tall roof, a horse with a completely white body galloped above the roof and leaped up and down, handsome not like mortals!

The horse was a god, and a cloth was placed on his feet. The place where it passed, the roof collapsed, and the dust was everywhere. In the dust, the man’s form is like a ghost, and when he sees a few disappointments, he sees that the horse suddenly rises up and grows up, slams and leaps from the sky and falls on the grand square. Rising, numerous voices shouted in unison. Thousands of outlying central commanders hurried forward and took the spears in unison to the man who was alone!

“Who dares to stop me?”

The man brows lightly, and his eyes are cold and indifferent, and his body is slid over one by one, and the sound of coldness is not as high as it is.

“Yes… is your Highness Prince…”

In the crowd, I did not know who shook, and then, like a plague, everyone panicked and booed. The front row of spearmen shook their hands and shook their heads. They did not know who took the head. , throw away the rifle and squat on the floor!

“His Royal Highness Prince!”

“It is His Royal Highness Prince!”

“The temple is down!”

Huge cries shouted and the Central Military officers were bold again and did not dare to face up with Prince Li Ce. As soon as the psychological defenses collapsed, these people suddenly fell like sheep in the arms of Li Ce.  They saw the white rose above the square, and countless people were stunned on the ground. Before that, the righteous words of justice and justice finally fell down, and they wanted to bury their heads in the earth!

Li Ce was dressed in a gown and his eyes were indifferent. He did not look at these people.

He held his head high and looked at the copper bird finch, then lifted his foot and stepped forward steadily.

The close relatives of Zhao Chun’er couldn’t bear to see that everything had fallen short. He even tried to stop. However, even if they didn’t say anything, the crowd did not even see Li Ce’s actions and saw a silver man scratch his man’s throat in an instant. In the moment when Li Ce’s figure was staggered, the man’s eyes collapsed.

“Boom” sounds, raised a large amount of smoke.

Li Ce took out a white Jinpao (handkerchief), casually wiped his blood-stained wrist and discarded it.

The white Jinpao (handkerchief) was a little red and suddenly went off with the wind and drove violently in mid-air.

No one dared to speak, no one dared to look up, and no one even dared to make the slightest sound, even the atmosphere did not dare to breathe.

Always unfamiliar, the unruly and cursed Prince Li Ce suddenly appeared shining in such a way under the eye of the crowd, encrusted with immense thunder and fury, and the suffocation of his body was enough to allow the savage beasts far and away to retreat.

Faced with such people, even soldiers who are unrestrained, such as the Central Army, can hardly produce the courage to fight against it.

“All spread!”

The road in Central Street was finally cleared, and Li Ce’s followers rushed from a distance like tides. Everyone wore wolf knives. People only have a glance and they feel the ridges are cold.

Those are the first rapiers who are known throughout the continent. They have a name of prestige. Even the fight in the Qinglou will lose to the Imperial Weaponry of the Central Army, which belongs exclusively to Li Ce’s private legion. At this moment, they look serious, they have uniform military abilities, they hold razors, and they rush into the crowd with determination, like a sharp knife!

Li Ce stood on a copper finch stand and slapped the central military commander holding a torch. He said lightly and said coldly: “Roll!”

The man was surprised and the foot suddenly softened, and he actually rolled down the copper bird platform.

“Sorry, I am late.”

The long wind blew, Li Ce’s expression was not apologetic. He locked his eyebrows and looked at the woman with blood and a shock in front of him. He only felt that the heart seemed to be being late, cut one by one. See the blood. (Aw…So sweet…Li Ce saving Zhao Chun’er here… She does not deserve it. But here we can see Li Ce is saving her. ? I don’t think so.)

He untied the rope from the woman and held her in her arms.

Through the misty blood and chaos,  Zhao Chun’er watched Li Ce as if the like a god, and the ecstasy of escape, escaped into her heart.

This person is the one you want to marry?

She was confused for a moment, and her mind was unclear. She only knew that she was going to die. Now she is going to marry and come to save her.

Her tears suddenly poured out and cried sadly.

Li Ce frowned and he lifted her to her waist and walked to the stage.

Zhao Chun’er lost his imprisonment and was free. He was as tight as a wounded beast clinging tightly to Li Ce’s waist and shivering.

However, in the next second, the man who had passed through the wind and moon field stopped. He looked at her and seemed to be awkward. Immediately, he squatted down and held her half arms in her arms. He held out her finger and gently bowed. Open her black hair, but there is so much blood.

He was so gentle that he seemed afraid of scaring anyone. The tone was like a lake in March. He asked softly, “You? Who are you?”

Zhao Chun’er gave a voice, but she couldn’t speak.

Li Ce then discovered that her chin was dislocated. I do not know what method he used. He only heard a bang. Zhao Chun’er lower jaw immediately returned to his place. The woman’s tears are like a spring flood. Huge grief rises from the bottom of her heart. She cries and says: “I am the princess of Daxia. I am Zhao Chun’er.”

Li Ce was stunned by the whole person. He looked up and looked down. The wolf soldiers were holding the Central Army. Some people were ready to start working. The people shivered and shook on the ground and panicked. Looking at him, the dark clouds in the sky are full of raging winds.

Li Ce suddenly smiled. He smiled so tenderly. He looked down and looked at Zhao Chun’er, and then said something Zhao Chun’er  couldn’t understand:

“I knew who could bully her.”

Then, just listening to a bang, the Prince of Datang stood up and disregarded his own princess in the arms and looked like a flower princess. Zhao Chun’er was like a ball rolling on the ground.

He even jumped directly from Zhao Chun’er body and stalked into the two opposing forces. Exaggeratingly waving his arms, he shouted at the soldiers of the Central Army: “Don’t be too excited and we’ll all be calm down.”

In a blink of an eye, he became the bastard prince who was speaking upside down. He stood in front of the wolf soldiers and laughed: “I heard you had a big event, and I came to join you for fun. By the way, I called them to see you. Do not care, continue, continue!”

The 50,000 wolf soldiers behind him saw the changes in the expression of the Master and relaxed momentarily, and he immediately restored the virtues of the weekdays. One by one, it’s an overwhelming shoulder-to-shoulder, where there is still a little bit of formation as if everyone just saw the illusion.

They walked up happily, patted the shoulders of the Central Army, and squinted and said: “How about buddies, we have just been energetic and trained for several months, haha, are you still going?”

The audience was stunned, and there were soldiers who rushed to Zhao Chun’er, who fell to the ground.

The woman raised her head and cried indignation: “I am the Great Summer Princess!”

Daxia officials suddenly heard the voice of the princess, suddenly surprised, rushed forward to run, a moment later, the whole chaos.

Zhao Chun’er was helped by the officials of Daxia. Through the layers of people, she only saw the happy mix of Li Ce and the soldiers. There was no exaggeration and laughter in the image, and there was no such thing as a prince. .

Remembering what he had just done, there was that sentence. Everything was like a sharp arrow shot into Zhao Chuner’s mind. She had her subordinates wrap her blankets in her arms, and the teeth of the bejeweled clenched on the lower lip, almost biting and bleeding.

Chu Qiao, Chu Qiao, how can you let me not hate you?

The grief in her chest nearly defeated her for a time. Tears had already dried up. She slowly raised her head and looked at the dark clouds in the sky. She did not even have the strength to scream.

Zhao Chun’er swears here today, this life will see with your own eyes that you are deceived, watching you with nothing, watching you tremble to death, I, promise!

The wind whistling, this farce finally came to a close, the chaotic crowds gradually drifted away, and who else projected a trace of the unclean princess?

“The weather is fair.”

On the way back, Li Ce riding on top of the warhorse, said with a touch of laughter: “Everyone who counts is also considered to be the final winner. Who can determine?”

“His Royal Highness,”

Sun Di stepped forward and said, “I have found Tie Yuo.”

“how is he?”

“After being seriously injured, but not fatal, the soldiers of the Central Army have not yet passed out.”

Li Ce nodded and said, “Fortunately, they saved themselves once more.”

“Zhao Chun’er…”

“Do not bother,” Li Ce sneered: “She has caused such a big mess, we are waiting to see how the summer will end.”

Sun Di nodded: “What do we do now?”

A cold man suddenly flashed from Li Ce’s eyes, like a sharp knife. He looked like a casual low head and smiled softly: “Someone sent me such a big gift, not to be indecent, I have always been not willing to accept this kind of nameless kindness.”

As the wind blew, the man’s voice was so soft, but it looked so cold.

“It’s my turn.”


CHAPTER 122 Blood Was Tang Jing


White calendar was the watershed of the history of the Sui and Tang Dynasties on the third day of the seventh and seventh years of the Lunar New Year. From this day, the Tang Dynasty’s Li Ce officially embarked on the political stage of the empire and quickly rectified in a completely different way from his face’s behavior. A day of rebellion. The people of later generations have an interesting name for this day – the fox.

On the evening of the same day, the Sui and Bian Tang dynasty’s empire was subjected to unprecedented cleansing. A bloody coup d’état was brought to the land of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties, dominated by the clan elite!

Embraced by the Imperial Wolf Soldiers, Prince Li Ce of Biaan Tang returned to the Jinwu Palace and comforted a banquet for the Central Military Commanders who were loyal to the country. The banquet included not only all the officers of the Central Army, but also officers of the Central Government. Even the more prestigious veterans in the military are also hospitality.

No one doubts that no one even has a questioning voice. Compared with the lawless behavior of Prince Li Ce before, after the chaos in the district, the palace has a banquet for the soldiers, what is it?

However, Li Ce did not attend this exaggerated banquet that night. He just casually wrote a paper order book. Instead of the Tie Yuo from Lu Yunxi, who was temporarily serving as the commander of the forbidden army, he was slightly overwhelmed and his eyebrows were slightly locked. However, he still said quietly, “It will not kill you!”

Afterward, Sun Di frowned and stepped forward, whispering, “I would like to burn the Prince’s Hall. It is always more convincing than this reason.”

Li Ce exclaimed then shouted: “Sun Di, are you planning to pay for me to rebuild the Prince Palace?”

Sun Di suddenly turned white and remarked: “I didn’t say anything!”

Soon, the well-dressed Central Army leaders walked into Jinwu Palace under the guidance of their housewives. However, waiting for them was not wine and food. The entrance to the imperial palace was full of arrows and arrows flew. The highest of these imperial troops were supporting. The soldiers waved their respects with their young lives. As their previous slogans did, everything was for the honor of the empire!

In the evening of the same day, all the generals of the Central Military Corps were killed at the banquet. The cause of death… food poisoning…(What duh??? hahaha, the moment I was reading..then all dead for the next lines. So fast, no one was even hospitalized lol)

When Sun Di could not resist another moment when he complained about Li Ce’s idea, Li Ce could only chuckle coldly, like a sly fox.

“No matter how they die, they will point to a result. Then I would rather exaggerate it and tell others that this group of rabbits is letting me kill.” (Li Ce food poisoned all of his Central Military Corps, those who incited coup)

When he said this, Li Ce was eating grapes, and the grapes brought from the Nanqi fast horses were refreshing and sweet. The beautiful Shi Ji was on the ground, peeling one crystal clear and tender green flesh for him. Shi Ji’s face has always maintained a good smile, as if she could not hear their conversation. In fact, she really cannot hear it. These Shi Ji among the palaces are all nurturing orphans and they are the best and best tools for playing.

“In the end, what we can do to rule the empire is not the popular election of the people. It is the power of my hands and the butcher who loyal to my soldiers.”

At the end of the sentence, Sun Di nodded softly, but another voice suddenly sounded in his mind. It was like no warning!

“When they kill, they kill. These people are more likely to eat and drink. They are fighting in a row. After taking advantage of the power of the family to perform all day, the Central Army will have a lot of trouble in their hands. Soon these people are born. Family, those old guys are more difficult to do things, but also according to the previous plan, but those who dare to wash away all the trouble, the court also need to change the fresh blood, the machine is not lost.”

Sun Di said in a deep voice, but Li Ce’s look was slightly embarrassing. He suddenly turned his head and asked, “Sun Di, have you heard of it?

Sun Di slowly frowned and for a long time he murmured, “Just kidding. If this is the case, wouldn’t it be the monks in the temple who are in power?”

When Li Ce suddenly blinded, he paused and said: “Haha, you’re right!”

In the evening, blood-washing took place on schedule. No matter whether it was involved in it or the power of a wait-and-see attitude, they were all cleared up. However, after the start of the operation, Li Ce made a slight change in the plan, changing the original executions as deprivation of office, confiscation of property, and confiscation. Although in the eyes of outsiders, the results of such changes have not changed, but compared to the grass-roots people, there are totally different views.

“This is nothing more than the removal of imperial officials who have no intention of gaining a solid job. It is by no means a cleansing of power!”

The lower officials of the Yushitai, who spoke on behalf of their surnames, shouted loudly, though, their voices were quickly overshadowed by the roar of the nobles. However, the positions of the surnames have already shown that it is obvious that when the nobles of the nobles were driven out of the emperor, they felt that they were more excited than the New Year.

No one bleeds. Apart from the Central Army that caused the disaster, the military did not involve them. Therefore, this disorder turned into a political issue and gave the remaining group of civil officials another topic of ranting.

The Tang Emperor sat on the high throne, depressed to clean up his son, watching the old man underneath the red light, you licking me, I am screaming at you, and then I will wake up and sleep… Liu Ge old man burst into tears for more than two hours, and finally planned to stop to drink saliva, so the quiet down the hall sounded a loud buzz.

Liu Ge, the old man, almost planted an onion and planted it from the ranks. He wanted to pounce on it and cry again, but he heard someone whispering behind him: “The emperor is diligent in politics, working in the country, and has become tired.”

Then, the people immediately silenced, and they waited for the great Tang emperor to wake up. Poor Liu Ge old, he is still on the stage at this time, in order to prevent the emperor’s good dreams, he can only squat there, when the next dynasty, the three dynasty veteran, Datang’s sacred minister, has not stood Woke up.

The misty rain in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the fact that the scenery of the faction is one, even the coup d’état is all the same.

With red maple leaves and Li Ce sitting in the midst of thousands of chrysanthemums, dressed in robes and drinking tea, one of the chamberlains suddenly ran up and respectfully bowed to the ground and offered a golden book. Pei Shushu (means lovely) is the seal of the Son of Heaven. (or called the emperor’s seal)

Li Ce opened leisurely, only took a look, but a bit of water almost squirted out, his face suddenly changed.

Sun Di asked, “What happened? What did the emperor say?”

Li Ce’s face was bitter and almost fell into tears: “The father told me to wait.

Apparently used to the way the father and son did not know how to get along, Sun Hao haha ​​smiled: “You will wait for your Highness.”

In the afternoon of the same day, Li Ce escaped from the palace with a big bag, and the horses and horses stretched for more than one step. The rogue-like residence was in the house of Sun Yi Sun, Shangshu. (means the empire’s government minister, this is also Sun Di’s formal name))

The old ministers at the imperial court gathered the old palace of Liu Ge,, and reporters reported the latest results.  Liu Ge’s old man leaning against the old man’s beard, said in an inscrutable manner: “The emperor must be furious. He must punish the Prince so the Prince will escape from the imperial palace. This proves that our strength has won a preliminary victory. Everyone, we must redouble our efforts to get hot and move to the next level!”

The people nodded their heads, and they held their fists and vowed to look like a martyred man.

That night, all of you rushed to the sacral bones to say goodbye to Liu Ge, and they resigned their invitations with other people on the same road. Instead, they compiled various reasons to go on their own.

After half an hour, the house of Sun Yi Sun Shangshu (means the empire’s government minister, this is also Sun Di’s formal name) suddenly became lively. The adults are like thieves, sneaking into the door, screaming with a slap in the air: “I have important information, please see your Royal Highness!”

After this joke, whoever can still use this imperceptible Crown Prince as a display, only Liu Ge old-fashionedness will fail to see the world. Want to be a leader and dream!

Loyalty can be done, people can be upright, but if you want to complete your reputation with life, it is still free. You love to be a martyr and I will not be accompanied.

Fortunately, the young Sun Yi Sun Shangshu (means the empire’s government minister this is also Sun Di’s formal name)), who has been with Prince Edward all day long, is still very reasonable. He has taken these adults one by one. Information on their nervousness and complaints has always been reported with a sweet smile, and they are highly respected by these adults who are devoted to serving the country.

Therefore, when they once again shamelessly requested not to publicize their visits to the government tonight. Sun Di also maintained a good demeanor, showing no sign of contempt or scorn.

These wallflowers were touched, and the people around His Royal Highness were very reasonable.

They pledged that they would continue to lurk in the indomitable die-hard party and always pass on the news there to the wise Crown Prince.

Sun Di very happy to accept their request, and asked them to enter the hall to drink tea, said the Prince is resting, and immediately come to meet you.

However, when these sneaky ministers came to the party hall, they were horrified to find that the large hall was almost full of people, and all were great loyalists who had vowed to swear in the old house of Liu Ge. . .

Even the housekeepers of Liuge’s hometown have come. At this time, they are holding the letters of Liu Ge waiting for the appointment of His Royal Highness Prince.

Everyone’s face, how bad it is, how ugly it is, how ugly it is.

They are screaming haha:

“Hey? Are you here?”

“Yeah, the weather is very good tonight.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t sleep and stroll and I didn’t expect to encounter so many acquaintances.”

“Haha, the imperial city is small. It’s just too clever…”


Sneaked into the night wind, moisten things silently.

A dim political reform fell under this scenario.

That night, Li Ce did not meet with the old ministers who sat in the side halls of Sun Di’s home and drank a cold cup of tea and talked about the land.  He and Sun squatted outside the window, opened a window of paper and peeked inside, then licked his stomach and laughed. Like two cockroaches.

Almost at the same time, the Tang Emperor was eating up late, and the old eunuch who followed for many years screamed with courage and whispered: “The Tang emperor, you do not give up the breath of His Royal Highness, your Highness is hiding out and afraid to come back.”

The Tang Emperor was drinking porridge and heard the words and looked up slightly: “Who said that he was angry, he did not say that he was going to find a friend, is it convenient to go out to the palace?”

The old eunuch gave a glimpse of silence.

The next morning, more than 500 Imperial Wings scouted and dressed up as various ordinary civilians, shuttled outside the city, and went all out to find a portrait of the woman.

Li Ce painted the last stroke and handed out a portrait.

After the man stepped out of the door, he slowly leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes slightly. He seemed to see the beautiful smiling face of the woman in the lotus pond.

He gently raised his mouth and smiled lightly: “It is not unreasonable to win the hearts of the people.”

The sky was blue and white, and the heavy rain of the day did not rise. After a cloud, it was a sunny day.


Li Ce never imagined that when he secretly searched for people in the entire city, Chu Qiao was actually under his nose and he was less than three hundred steps away from Sun Yi Shu’s official residence.

In the clean and welcome guest house, one group is quiet, the night is cool and the moon is bright. The exquisite Jiangnan small buildings were hidden between the sea and the flowers, and the bamboo windows were lightly lit. Zhuge Yue was sitting on the books before drafting something, then sealing the envelopes and handing it over to the standing Seventh Yue (This is Yue Qi). Observing him with a squinted eye, his tone was light: “Who has an opinion on the order? Come in let me see.”

The Seventh Yue suddenly appeared white, and they bowed their heads. The subtext was obvious: Who would dare to come in. Was it not for death?

Zhuge Yue lowered his head and couldn’t see the anger, but said lightly: “Go out.”

Yue Qi in case of a big noise, he quickly opened the door and retreated.

After a while, a burst of sound slowly sounded, Zhuge Yue put down the pen, turned his head, and saw Chu Qiao holding the door of the Zhuge Yue’s door frame, a white men’s robes, the more thin, the face is still somewhat Pale, full of green silk scattered, standing there quietly.

“Woke up.”

Zhuge Yue said, extending his finger to the inner room:  “There is warm food there, go eat.

Seeing Chu Qiao did not move, his brow wrinkled and said: “Your illness is not good, go back to lie down.”

Chu Qiao still remained motionless. The curtains of the sky-blue crepe screens were light and smokey. In this season of autumn, it appeared to be slightly cold. The wind blew through the leaves and gave a squeaky sound. It seemed to be a light rain. With him, quietly, without saying a word.

Zhuge Yue stood up and got up and walked into the inner room. After passing by her, she grabbed her wrist. She only felt thin and slender, and she was frowned and pulled her to go inside.

“Zhuge Yue,” Chu Qiao whispered in a low voice, even with a hint of pleading in the voice. Zhuge Yue’s footsteps stopped immediately, but he did not look back. He only heard Chu Qiao’s voice slowly ringing behind him: “I got to go.”

The night wind blows, Chu Qiao’s clothes float, although she is tall, wearing Zhuge Yue’s clothes is still wide, Zhuge Yue does not care, in a deep voice said: “Now the wind outside is very tight, I have no son-in-law here, this wear your clothes first.”

“Zhuge Yue, I really want to go.”

Zhuge Yue was about to leave and turned away from her. “Do you drink the medicine that your doctor wanted you to drink?

“Zhuge Yue, I really…”

“If you don’t want to eat this, I tell people to do it.”

“you listen to me……”

“You haven’t been to Tangjing for a long time. Have you ever been out there? There are several good things out there. I’ll ask someone to buy it for you.”

“Zhuge Yue, listen to me,” said Chu Chuck, pulling him in anxiously and said eagerly: “I’m so grateful that you saved me, but I have to go now. I must go and find Yan Xun. We are now in the political situation in Yanbei. Unsteady, I must go back immediately. There are Li Ce that fox, someone wants him. He is very good to me. I will also warn him. I…”

As soon as the voice just fell, Zhuge Yue threw off Chu Qiao’s arm and turned to leave.

Chu Qiao was shocked. He grabbed him and shouted, “Zhuge Yue, I…..”

“Zhuge Yue Zhuge Yue Zhuge Yue! You have finished, I owe you money? Do you want to call it?”

The man suddenly turned around, his sword-bow raised up, his lips red, his eyes staring like sharp stars, and his anger shouted: “You and Yan Xun, you and Yanbei, you and Li  Ce Fox, your head is all others, have you ever had? You yourself? Have you ever thought of me?” ( oh Zhuge Yue, such a man always at Chu Qiao’s back…)

Chu Qiao suddenly stopped, and Zhuge Yue looked at her with sorrow. His eyes seemed to be able to spurt fire, and they looked at it like this. Some things that have been carefully hidden are instantly bursting out of the ice, revealing the tip of the iceberg, the atmosphere suddenly freezes, and the two people’s breathing is somewhat low, but no one can speak.

After a long time, Chu Qiao avoided the subject that made her feel uncomfortable and whispered, “What did you call Zhuge Yue, what did you call Zhuge fourth young Masters? Zhuge Yue? You?”

As soon as she finished, Chu Qiao suddenly felt a cold, and she touched her arm uncomfortably as if she had goosebumps.

“Don’t call you my fourth brother?”

Zhuge Yue did not look at her and turned to go outside as if trying to leave this place of right and wrong.

Chu Qiao saw him going, and quickly chased him up. Unexpectedly, he accidentally pulled the tablecloth on the square table. The soup at the table suddenly fell, and the slamming sprinkled her.

Chu Qiao stunned, fell on the heavy carpet, Zhuge Yue quickly back, a few times to open those hot bowl. See Chu Qiao’s arm has been hot and swollen, but still did not say anything.

Zhuge Yue ugly face seemed to kill her. He picked up Chu Qiao. He strode out of the door and ran through the two cloisters and ran into the shower room. He didn’t care about the clothes and soaked in cold water. Pouring on Chu Qiao’s arm.

“Does it hurt?”

Chu Qiao bit her lip and shook her head.

The white-armed arm is swollen at the moment, and Zhuge Yue angered and said, “Is this still not good?” (my gad the man is showing it all..Chu Qiao when will you see his change of heart towards you? So in love with Zhuge Yue or Yuwen Yue his name in the Tv series)

Cold water poured into the water, but it did not show swelling. Zhuge Yue is trying to call someone to get hurt medicine. Between his rise, he sees Chu Jojo’s upper body clothes as a result of wetness. The curve is full, the snow-white neck is ups and downs, and his hair is long and loose. Don’t be foolish and charming. ( Zhuge Yue has strong chemistry of attraction with Chu Qiao and even the author figuratively mentioned: Don’t be foolish and charming!)

Chu Qiao also noticed Zhuge Yue’s eyes, and suddenly her hands covered her chest, slightly upset and said, “What do you think?”

Zhuge Yue’s slight sense of jealousy murmured: “I can’t tell you how you can tell the difference between men and women.”

Chu Qiao brow wrinkled, angry with her heart, and see Zhuge Yue was trying to stand up at this time, so that a bad-hearted pull his clothes hem, staring at him without paying attention to a fierce coincidence!

The bathroom was slippery and only listened to the sound. Zhuge Yue suddenly fell on the floor, without any grace.

Chu Qiao saw a big laugh, who knows that music is extremely sad, Zhuge struggled to grab her calf between her struggles, she was weak after illness, the body fell with one, unfortunately, the whole person fell into the man’s arms.

The night is boundless. The bathhouse is surrounded by open bamboo and the hot springs. When you look up, you can see the stars in the sky. The lights on both sides are not so bright. In the autumn, there is faint halo, but the moon. However, it is surprisingly bright and white, hanging in the sky. The night breeze blew with the scent of the sea breezes, and the fragrant smokers slammed the bills, and the pale blue silk rustled on both sides, and the moonlight fell silent.

For a long time, a sound of copper leaked, as if to break his dream.

Zhuge Yue’s hand was very warm. He pressed Chu Qiao’s shoulder and his fine cuffed wrist lines brushed Chu Qiao’s neck from time to time.

The night breeze blew, and the sea bream in the distance was red, like a short dream. Zhuge Yue’s eyes looked like dark gems. He tightly locked Chu Qiao’s eyes, and then, gently stepped forward. Chu Qiao was shocked, suddenly struggling to leave, and reached out to push him, but the lower abdomen was a stiff time, as if it was resisted by something. (I love how Xiao Xiang Dong’er described the moment of these two lovebirds..WOW)

The faces of the two people suddenly became bloody red!

Chu Qiao quickly sat up and leaned over to the side. The autumn wind blew it and blew it out from between the two. The hustle and bustle of silence were as if endless darkness had engulfed him.

Chu Qiao wanted to find a word to break this incomprehensible embarrassment. There was anger in his voice: “You can’t even see that I am a man or a woman. How can that be?”

When this was said, Chu Qiaoma wanted to dig a hole to bury himself, which is simply darker.

Zhuge Yue did not look good, but he still cried his neck coldly: “You can’t see men and women, but obviously, I’m a man.”

Chu Qiao finally furious: “You are too shameless.”

Zhuge Yue leaned at her: “You haven’t seen anything more shameless yet.”

The pair was adorned with whitewashed quilts and could be counted as a little better on the face. At this time, the night breeze suddenly became a bit cold. If they did not want to jump into the hot springs, they should not stay here for a long time.

Zhuge Yue  stood up and asked, “Can you walk?”

Chu Qiao is half-wet at this moment. It is not a problem to go naturally. It’s just a face. It’s inevitable that it’s awkward.

The man lowered his head and whispered a curse, took off his robe and threw it to her. Then he started with a man and lifted his foot to leave. The posture was unrestrained. But after taking two steps, he found that the people behind him did not follow suit. They immediately turned back and said, “Can’t you go?” (oh the typical Zhuge Yue at Green Hills )

Chu Qiao is wearing clothes, her arm is burnt, and it is inevitable that it is slow. Listening to him is also awkward and angry. “What are you doing?”

Look at her look, Zhuge Yue frown and walked back, kneel down a few times to put the clothes on her, and then pulled her sleeves and went to the bedroom. Chu Qiao was dragged by him and said impatiently: “Can you slow down and eat gunpowder!” (hahaha, these two never surrenders to their attitude!)

“You say I try?”

“I said, what?”


After taking the wounded medicine, Zhuge Yue sat in a chair and pulled Chu Qiao’s hand. He brushed the creamy white ointment layer by layer on Chu Qiao’s arm. (so sweet here I am swarmed with ants now, its biting me! lol )

“Every morning and evening will be good, two days will be good, do not touch the water, eat less.”

The medicine brush is made of fine animal hair and affixed to the skin to stimulate a thin layer of chestnuts. Zhuge Yue’s chair is slightly taller than the bed. He sits there, the clothes flashing under the lights and shining. The profile is awkward and looks very serious. With cream, one layer, and one layer.

“Zhuge Yue, I really must go.”

Zhuge Yue looked up and decided to look at Chu Qiao. The woman’s expression was not a joke. She looked at him very seriously and her eyes were clear.

“I know, thank you for what you can’t represent. You have helped me several times. I have even tried to fight against my country, regardless of my family’s interests. I’m aware of the risks you’re carrying, the pressures you’re carrying, and the price you pay.”

Zhuge Yue did not speak, but put down the medicine brush and slowly covered the lid of the cream.

“But I have no other way to repay you. I can’t repay it, so I can only say thank you. Do you understand?”

Zhuge Yue looked the same and stood up and turned to leave. Chu Qiao grabbed his hand and said in a loud voice: “Zhuge Yue, I beg of you, let me go, I suspect that this matter will not be so simple to end, this time the incident is by no means Zhao Chun’er can be designed with one hand. The masters manipulated and they intentionally used the contradiction between Yanbei and Daxia to provoke them and used me as an excuse. If Yan Xun knew that I was in Tangjing, he was very likely to be trapped by others regardless of the circumstances, and it was also possible. To challenge the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties and the great summer, by provoking the war, this man has a deep thought. Zhao Chun’er is only a blind woman. She has now lost such a big face to Great Summer. If Emperor Xia is angry and the war will start, I must return immediately. Yanbei is now winter is approaching, Yanbei lacks clothes and food, and the large-scale peers are internally unstable. The southwestern twon government makes it possible to change without my suppression. There are so many things to do. I must…”

“Are you crazy?”

Zhuge Yue swiftly turned his back and saw a pair of eyes as if he were full of blood. He clasped Chu Qiao’s chin tightly, and said wickedly, “You look at yourself. You are besieged by so many people. After you were killed in battle, you were seriously injured and you couldn’t afford to be seriously ill. Now you are all outside, except for Li Ce and Tang Jing’s ulterior motives. There are also Daxia’s spies in the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties and Zhao son’s. People and horses, as well as the princes who came to Heshou in Daxia, and even some bounty catchers, to take your people to the Great Summer! This time, you have to go out and you believe that Li Ce can ignore the country. Do you keep your voice against the opposition? Do you know that once you are placed on the surface, even the Tang emperor can’t care less about the relationship with Daxia? Once you fall into the hands of others, you have no chance of survival? Are you crazy? What?”

“I didn’t!” Chu Qiao exclaimed. “I know what I am doing.”

The woman’s chest was ups and downs, but her eyes couldn’t tell her tenacity: “I have always been like this. All the world is my enemy. From the beginning, when I walked into the palace with Yan Xun, I expected that there would be such a day. But what about that? What are the people who want to kill me? Will I hide forever when I’m scared?  If I hide and only make myself weaker and weaker, then they can increase the chasing of me, I am now Going out is to have the ability to protect yourself one day!”

“Zhuge Yue, I told you, I have my own beliefs.”

“Go to fucking faith!” Zhuge Yue whispered, and his voice was accompanied by immense anger and uncontrollable repression. His eyes were dark and faintly looked at Chu Qiao, who almost gnashed his teeth and whispered: “Faith Is it important? Is it more important than to live?

“Important.” Chu Qiao looked at him and said with a single word: “You don’t understand. This is the only wish I have to live. Someone needs me. I must go.”

Suddenly, like a rush of wind swept through the already confusing mind, Zhuge Yue roared, like a depressing beast. He suddenly stepped forward and immediately put Chu Qiao under his body, with a resentful, blazing, unwilling force to kiss Chu Qiao’s hot lips! ( Aw! this is a hot and steamy scene that Yuwen Yue gave to Chu Qiao! I must say another intentional kiss!)

As if a blazing fire burned between his chest and abdomen, his kiss was so deep, so hard, Chu Qiao was silly, and the familiar smell was filled with breath. The smell of Zhuge Yue was like the leaves of a rattan tree everywhere. It shrouded her and swept her around her. The body was hot and the blood was hot. It was no longer a simple kiss. There were too many unspeakable feelings that collapsed inside and raged. (rattan tree? What is this smell? Woody I must say? lol, continue reading you nut head!)

Chu Qiao desperately pushed to resist, and there was a strong bloody atmosphere between his lips and tongue. Finally, the force gradually softened, so helpless, so desperate, so sad to leave, the man looked at her dark eyes, self-deprecating sneer: “Do you not feel it? I also need you! ”

Chu Qiao suddenly stunned, there was a low dimly lit room, the cantilevered candlestick on the candlestick burned in the middle of the night, the tears drooped down, lined down, condensed and accumulated, such as rouge coral.

The throat seemed to be tied up with depression, blocked up, and even breathing was no longer smooth.

Zhuge Yue’s eyes were so gloomy that he looked at her and did not speak. There were thousands of landscapes flashing in his eyes. Those years passed by, young times, and he did not know how to express his youthfulness. There was also an arrow. After the shooting, the world of horizons, missed the happiness. (this is a dagger in my chest, how about you?…pity Yuwen Yue…)

Chu Qiao took a deep breath and gradually hidden the shock in her eyes. Finally, she swallowed all the grief and whispered, “Please…” ( Chu Qiao repressed her emotions…)

The candlelight is still clear as a torch, but it seems that there is a dim light shrouded. Under the shadow of the layers of blue yarn, the man’s face has a dim silhouette, his color is clearer than the usual day, but at this moment, there is such a heavy Yin Yun (means dense dark clouds) covering it.

He rises up neatly and smiles coldly: “After all, I am self-satisfied, the door is wide open, I want to stay free, and leave.”

To put it another way, there is no longer nostalgia, and they go away.

( or I counldn’t find any words to describe this moment better like this…:After all, no matter how much you miss, you will go away )

As the water cools, the star is clean, Chu Qiao sits on the bed, the yarn is flying, and the candle is warm. She suddenly feels that she is tired, and she breathes a sigh of relief. It is full of bitterness and vicissitudes.

“be strong!”

Silence, a woman’s voice slowly sounded, so small, it makes people sad.

“Time will dilute everything, as long as it holds, everything will pass.”

She nodded, seemingly convincing herself, then stood up and looked northwest, nodded firmly: “I’m going to Yanbei.”


CHAPTER 123 Deadly Scholar


Chu Qiao in the street, she strolled for two laps and went down to the money bag of a son on an oily face. She wore Zhuge Yue’s clothes and was blown by the night wind. It looked like a robe. On a big tree, I opened the purse and looked at it. The heavy silver flashed the light of the white flowers. The girl’s eyes lit up and she blew a whistle happily. Then she walked up the street briskly and turned into a ready-to-wear shop.

For a while, a young handsome son walked out of the shop. His eyes were cold and starry, his lips like pod red, the hand was holding an arty folding fan, and the full-fledged family’s style was dressed. (as you have guessed…it is Li Ce! A moment I was depressed but then when this Bian Tang prince pops up, I am smiling again lol)

As Li Ce said, the current Tang Jing City is in turmoil. The Central Army was instantly overrun. Many families were uprooted and expelled from the capital. The people were paralyzed and there were a lot of floating population. The people who took Chu Qiao were even more numerous. Except for Li Ce, the forces of all parties were secretly searching for this woman who was extremely important to both Yanbei and Daxia or to the Prince of Sui and Tang.  The restaurants have become a must-see, and there are many spies.

Chu Qiao weighed a bit, and later decided to stay with the inn, it is better to hide in the brothel. Although there are many people here, but it is a good place to hide, no one will think that a serious victim is wanted by all parties. The woman will be daring to hide from the gambling house.

It was already very late at this time, and several main streets such as Yang Street were silent, but Yanhua Street was full of joy and joy, the street was slightly narrow, but there were a large number of Qinglin Linz shoulders, lanterns burning, roadside flower buildings On the top, the brothel women who wear the squid are all charming and spoiled, and the powdery taste on the handcuffs is enough to make people suffocate. On the road, there are a lot of hooligans coming from time to time to actively pull the passengers.

“Isn’t this little person alone? Wouldn’t it be better to sit in?”

An arm was pulled by a man, Chu Qiao stopped, but suddenly chilly. This woman should have been young, at least thirty-five years old. The cheap powder on her face smells like a pungent, almost falling down with her movements. She has a scarlet skirt and is a bargain. The chest has begun sagging, the exposed half of the chest appears a dismal gray, only to see what she can do. A pair of eyes reveals the shrewdness of the battlefield. It seems that Chu Qiao is young, and the soft hand is on Chu’s shoulder. Her face is very close, and she smiles and says: “Would you like someone to accompany you?”

Chu Qiao slightly surprised did not expect the Sui and Bian Tang style is so open, we must know that in Daxia so openly to the streets to pull guests move is not allowed. Even if there are brothels in Daxia, most of them are punished by the officials and ordinary people simply cannot get in.

Surprisingly, however, Chu Qiao is a good cover up for this. After all, she was the senior commander of the Military Intelligence Division in the 21st century. Whatever scenes I have not seen, I smiled and laughed, “What is your sister’s price?”

The prostitute was surprised to see that although Chu Qiao was young and her voice was tender, she was very decent and did not dare to ask for a price. She smiled and said: “You can swim five micro-strains, two money, and one silver, and watch the small phase. It’s so likable, it’s cheaper for you to pack the night, five money.”

Ten micro-plants of silver are money, ten money and silver are one strain, and ten strains of silver are a single gold strain. When Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing were bought as slaves, the price was only a few gold strains. This woman obviously knew that she was old and yellow. Not expensive.

Chu Qiao smiled and shook her fingers. ( readers have to understand that Chu Qiao is still disguised as a man, the reason why the author refer to Chu Qiao as “his” instead of her in the original text which some translators may have mixed up. But in my translation for the sake of taking out any confusion, I had to replace all “his” to “her” to refer to Chu Qiao. I hope everyone noted this.)

The prostitute thought she was too expensive and said quickly: “The money is once, the night is two nights, and the petty beggar is small. When you see it, you always come and you know the price. You can’t be cheaper.”

Chu Qiao shook her head and said: “It’s not too expensive. It’s inappropriate for me to be with you. Well, you can introduce me to a quiet place. I’ll introduce you to Lord Masters. How is it?”

The niece was overjoyed, a golden strain, I’m afraid she would not make it back for half a year. She quickly led the way with happiness.

Chu Qiao was originally intended to go to the gamble, but there are many local people, the environment is chaotic, and it is not convenient to rest. She knew that such prostitutes would inevitably know some famous brothels. Sometimes the guests who were cut off were not satisfied with themselves and introduced them to their familiar brothels. They were also earning intermediary fees. As a result, she saved a lot of trouble.

Behind the prostitute, Chu Qiao quickly came to the door of a brothel. The facade of this brothel was quite big, and it seemed to have a bit of style, but the location was slightly biased, not as lively as the previous ones.

A man with the same management trod in a few steps, and Chu Qiao nodded a moment of politeness, the grandson called the mouth sweet. Turning his face to the prostitute, and they had intentionally lowered their voice, but Chu Qiao still heard it very clearly.

Sure enough, there was money that could make the ghost push, and only listened to the prostitute saying: “It is not a stranger. It is my regular guest.”

The man apparently did not believe: “With you, he can do it? You can almost be his mother!”

“Roll! He doesn’t still have a good look at his aging woman’s charm? This guest is very generous and you don’t want me to introduce it to other families!”

“Well, you’ve all got it, but if it’s something I can find you.”

“You can rest assured!”

Chu Qiao’s face is unchanged, this Zhuang master does not know who it is, presumably not an official, that is the party that bought the local forces. Sure enough, the door was carrying a few five big three-year-old men, his eyes were like a knife around the pedestrians, and he looked at Chu Qiao’s eyes, but did not pay much attention. Instead, she pays attention to the women in the past, especially those women who are single-handedly dressed.

Sure enough, it is pervasive!

Chu Qiao sneered.

“Little Lord, it’s finished, I’m taking care of it. Recently, I’ve been arresting people. It is said that someone has committed a crime. The inn is not allowed to stay with foreign guests. I can spend a lot of effort.”

Looking at the woman’s exaggerated and flattering smile, Chu Qiao felt her heart settled. She took out a gold coin and put it in her hand. She smiled and said, “Thank you. It’s yours.”

The prostitute immediately went for a thousand thanks, and the man who looked like a tortoise nodded and bowed forward. It seemed to be casual: “The singularity is extraordinary, I don’t know where it is?”

Chu Qiao deliberately and mysteriously said: “If I tell you, you can’t tell anyone else.”

Dai Gong listened to the sound and suddenly stopped his feet and heard Chu Qiao saying, “I am in the palace. To come here is to choose the woman for the Lord.”

Dai Gong uddenly heard a sudden start, looked up and down Chu Qiao, I saw her young, generous shot, appearance is also extremely handsome, but it is vaguely revealing a feminine voice. Suddenly, “Isn’t you too in the Prince’s Hall…”


Chu Qiao quickly said: “You must not say it, or you will be in a big disaster.”

Dai Gong nodded and said, “I usually heard that the Royal Highness of the Prince has visited the red aunts of the Daqing Building, such as the Yuhualou. He did not  think we have this creature here.”

Chu Qiao shook her head and sighed: “There is always a lot of mixing in those places, but also tired of it. It is the grand adult who introduced me and said that you are here.”

“Sun Di?” Dai Gong stunned, and suddenly realized: “Sun Yi Sun Shangshu (same as Sun Di) ! Yes, he is a frequent visitor on this street, but we are blind, I have never known that Sun Di also visited us.”

“Oh, after all, the imperial court did not allow officials to come and say hello. It is also quietly coming. Who can do it, so you must be careful when you speak.”

The man nodded quickly: “You can rest assured that I promise to give you the drip.”

Chu Qiao pulled out two gold coins and generously threw them: “Take yours!”

The man’s gratitude followed, and the secret came out of this palace is different.

The brothel was called Piaoxiang (means Fragrance ) Pavilion. The decoration was elegant. The man led her to a clean little room and ran out in a hurry. In the middle of the night, the brothel arranged for four or five young and beautiful prostitutes to come to see the guests because they thought Chu Qiao was eunuch, so most of the women came to dress neatly, nothing more than playing chess and playing the like, Chu Qiao got bored sitting went to sleep there. The boss met and immediately withdrew, arranged for Chu Qiao to rest and said that he would continue to pick tomorrow.

Chu Qiao was lying on the bed. At this time, she was relieved. Zhuge Yue had no exaggeration. The situation was even worse than what he said.

Since she knew that Yan Xun disguised himself as Liu Xi’s a man in the city, she could find the whereabouts of Yan Xun as long as she heard the whereabouts of Liu Xi. Liu Xi is a XianYang clan. It is impossible to enter the city and there is no wind. Let’s take a break for the first time today and ask for it tomorrow.

Chu Qiao early morning wake up, the entire brothel is still a quiet, these prostitutes have the habit of getting up late, and now it is still too early.

When Chu Qiao had just left the house, he met the man named Dai Gong and waited at the door. Chu Qiao laughed and said, “Go out and go back at night.”

Dai Gong said in an empathetic manner: “Yes, it’s hard to come out. It’s time to turn around. Do you want me to accompany you?”

Chu Qiao shook her head and said: “No, I’m familiar with this place.”

Immediately, the Dai Gong’s eyes were sent away from the Fragrance Pavilion. When they went out, the two big men stood still at the door, and saw her coming out with a fierce look. Chu Qiao looked at them provocatively, but also sneered at the cold, the two men saw this person so arrogant and did not dare to come up for questioning.

Chu Qiao came out from the Fragrance Pavilion and walked all the way to the street. The portrait technique of this era was really bad. Chu Qiao had seen the so-called wanted books when he was in the summer. She was watching a crowd of people in the crowd for a long time, still feeling that the painting was not like herself. Now that I am dressed in men’s clothing, I am strolling on the streets like this. I don’t believe anyone can recognize her.

Or find a place to eat first, and then slowly ask.

As she was thinking, a sudden riot broke out from the side of Long Street, Chu Qiao stopped to see it. She saw one person sprinting now, but after that, he chased seven or eight people. It looked like all the local splashing, waving his arms and squatting. Run on one side.

When Chu Qiao saw it, his head was suddenly black, and when she wanted to turn around, it was too late. She saw that the person she was chasing had a sharp eye to see her, and then shouted loudly with a kind of trick. Road: “Xiao Qiao! Xiao Qiao,  Xiao Qiao!”

Chu Qiao looked quickly and left, only see this voice, there have been more than a dozen people look different, looked sharp, not like ordinary passers-by.

“Xiao Qiao! I’m here, help me!”

Liang Shaoqing carrying a tattered book bag, ran out of the cape’s distribution, as if she saw the mother’s child, a grin almost hit the ears.

A group of people rushed forward with a scream. Liang Shaoqing grabbed Chu Qiao’s arm and laughed. “Little Joe, I’ve been looking for you everywhere. It’s so good. The emperor pays off. I finally found it! You Where did you go this time? You’re thin, you’re not bullied outside, eh? What’s so strange about your expression?”

Chu Qiao almost cried out, and saw a group of big tigers chasing Liang Shaoqing’s eyes, and even more terrible was that Xiao Qiao had attracted countless strange eyes. At the moment, she could almost feel it. The pace of those close to the dense.

“These, who are these people?”

Chu Qiao had to interrupt the slogan, and he couldn’t wait to report the date of birth, Liang Shaoqing. The man who had been chased like a dog at home was suddenly emboldened. He was angry and pointed at those people who were angry: “Yes. They, they bully me!”

“Bad boy! See where you are going!”

A group of sly big men screamed in anger.

Liang Shaoqing was obviously stunned, but when he thought of Chu Qiao, he came back with a sigh of relief and shouted: “Little Joe, help me teach them!”

His arrogant attitude clearly infuriated the group and only heard men roar and rushed forward.

In an instant, Chu Qiao seems to have experienced the biggest choice in life!

Is it blaming others, or is it being shackled? This is really a problem.

Is it hidden or completely exposed? Hidden will be jealous, but exposure may be dead, hey, her heart sighed silently, and then in the final moment, Liang Shaoqing stepped forward and hugged his head.

Liang Shaoqing quickly responded and squatted down, and the rainy fists immediately fell on his head. The nerds shouted, “Little Joe, repair them!”

A passerby sighed helplessly, a lonely scholar, a matte boy, and still kept saying that he had to repair others. It was really silent.

Do not know how long, when the group of people finally left, Liang Shaoqing already breathed a sigh of relief, even watching the lively people are doing why doing. Fortunately, the people complained that they did not miss the fish. Chu Qiao came to him in good condition and asked, “Are you okay?”

Liang Shaoqing said with tears and grievances: “Little Joe, why don’t you marry them?”

Chu Qiao wanted to speak. Suddenly he heard only a sudden drunk, and several Sui and Tang officials stood next to each other. One of them pointed at Liang Shaoqing and uttered angrily, “It’s him, that is, this boy, he can’t change it and he can’t change it everywhere. Grab it!”

“Ah!” Liang Shaoqing was shocked, his body hurt more than half the time, agile jumped up and wanted to run, but one was stunned.

“Little Joe! Save me!”

The officer is furious: “OK! They are fellows! Grab it together!”

Do not die in silence, metamorphosis in silence, Chu Qiu eyes have no flame, and all injected high-strength strength sulfuric acid, she looked at Liang Shaoqing sly, but could not say a word.

His hands were tied back, and the two were taken away by the officials under the crowd of passers-by.

The bounty catchers pulled out their portraits from their waists and looked a bit like them, but didn’t they say that they were alone and their martial arts were superior?

Unlike people who did not like it, everyone shook their heads and went off with each other in a tacit understanding, and pushed hard for the fortune that was hard to come by for a hundred years.


CHAPTER 124 The savior came


The dark cell is stinky and has a disgusting smell everywhere.

When Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing came in, they heard people from all directions constantly whistling and shouted, “Hey! Look! The boy is back!”

Suddenly holding a leather whip, he slammed a cell and shouted, “All his mother is honest, itchy skin!”

Chu Qiao turned her back and saw Liang Shaoqing smirking at her. “Oh, all of them are acquaintances. I have been here recently for a few days.”

Whenever this time comes, Chu Qiao always deeply sighs the miracle of the Creator. When she looks at Liang Shaoqing, she can’t even say a word. Even anger feels like a physical waste. Well, she admits that she was killing people and sins too much and that God would finally begin to punish her.

He was pushed into a cell, and he drank a few times. He fell out of his lock, and he went to drink. Chu Qiao looked at it once and saw that there were more than a dozen people in the jail cell. Although it was still daytime, the whole jail cell had only a skylight in the main hall. There was a dark mass inside. Even if Chu Qoiao had a good eye, it can only be shadowed. She saw it.

Someone inside saw someone come in. The enemies looked in faintly. Some even deliberately moved to the side and occupied the only open space.

Liang Shaoqing is obviously very familiar with this place. On the weekdays, the scholars who are full of morality and morality are somewhat timid, and the actions are naturally reduced to Chu Qiao. He whispered: “Little Joe, the people here are very fierce.”

However, the voice just fell, a few harsh screams suddenly sounded, he saw a few steps forward towards Chu Qiao, one person wants to stretch his legs to marry her. Chu Qiao kicked, I heard a cry. The leg bones of the man suddenly dislocated, and the whole person immediately shrank into a ball and screamed.

“Step aside!”

Chu Qiao did not look at him and walked straight past, facing several black prisoners.

Prison is such a place, bully and fierce. Seeing this young man’s clothes are luxurious, his shots are extraordinary, and whoever dares to provoke, a moment leaves an empty wall. Chu Qiao sat down and did not speak. Liang Shaoqing met hurriedly and ran off, sat down next to Chu Qiao, and pointed at the people around him with a disdain for the momentum of the world. The tone he learned in these days was very loud. Said arrogantly: “Be honest! Don’t try to bully people!”


Chu Qiao almost wanted to cry. She buried her head in her hands and she was depressed and wished to die.

“What did this guy eat when he grew up?”

The woman’s painful embarrassment, who knows Liang Shaoqing’s ears, is so eloquent that he turned his head and politely replied: “The grains and grains are hard-earned by the people. When I was a child, I was not a picky eater. I had nothing to eat. ”

With his eyes darkened and his head faint, Chu Qiao stifled her impulse to pump her big mouth and was completely silent.

“Who? Who’s in trouble?”

Suddenly the screams were heard, and a flick of a stick came out like a burning butt, and yelled, “Who’s making trouble? Don’t want to live?”

The prisoners in the cell immediately had a tacit understanding of Chu Qiao, the woman’s face was cold, a pair of eyes like frost, slanted and provoked, coldly looked at the prisoner, but did not speak.

She is in the capital of Beijing, and she has always been accustomed to the dignitaries of his life. She has been practicing a pair of eyes. Seeing this young son is not very old, a Chinese costume, temperament is extraordinary, for everyone who is cold and faint, a look of fearless, secretly, will not be the son of a big family? Although the face is important, life is important, the head sees the appearance of Chu Qiao, suddenly sighed, not soft or hard swearing: “You, that, honest.”

Then it went away in vain.

Liang Shaoqing suddenly voted for the five bodies that Chu Qiao admired and said: “Little Joe, or you are fierce, even he is afraid of you.”

Chu Qiao did not like to ignore him. When she first came in, she had roughly checked the terrain. It was not too difficult to escape from this place. After all, she was only detaining some low-level jail cell houses. The problem was how he could join Liang Shaoqing as an idiot. Take it out.

Gradually the sky was getting late, and my head came for a meal. Chu Qiao took a look and almost spit it out. It was hard for Liang Shaoqing to eat. It seemed that he said he was not picky. It was not fake. This nerd always has an unusual ability to adapt to any situation, can quickly integrate into whatever circumstances, and then find a stubborn fighting spirit to survive.

The sky was getting dark and Chu Qiao had been sitting there with her eyes closed. She was waiting. There were two other prisoners who were not asleep. She did not want to hurt anyone. She only waited until the dead of night and opened the door to escape. Like this shoddy lock, she could break 200 in a time of incense.

Liang Shaoqing was very happy to have a good night’s sleep. This nerd seems to be only a little bit asleep when he is asleep, even though he is sleeping on Chu Qiao’s shoulder.

At midnight, the whole prison was quiet, and there was a man’s unpleasant smell of sweat and a scream of shouting. Chu Joe carefully smashed the arm of Liang Shaoqing, before his chattering mouth opened. Hold your voice and press down the voice and say, “Shut up, don’t talk, keep up.”

Liang Shaoqing’s eyes had a momentary embarrassment. He rubbed his eyes and looked puzzled at Chu Qiao. He frowned slightly and did not seem to know what she was going to do.

Seeing that he was silent, Chu Qiao cautiously leaned against the door, and his movement was as light as a cat, with no sound. The dagger, the thin copper branch, and the hook lock are the three things Chu Jae must wear personally. In any circumstances, she will think of a way to replenish it as soon as possible and will not let herself be at a disadvantage. When he first entered the prison, the man saw her as luxurious and calm, but she did not even dare to search.

“Hey,” a whisper sounded in the dark, the door locked open, Chu Qiao is going back to pull Liang Shaoqing to go, but listen to the man behind him suddenly “ah” shouted!

Fortunately, the voice is not loud, and did not awaken others, only a prisoner with the same prison turned. Chu Qiao looked back and glared at the scholar. Liang Shaoqing pointed at her and was stunned and moaned before she whispered: “Little Joe, no! You are breaking the law!”

Chu Qiao almost ran away, and the evil voice shouted: “Can’t you go?”

Liang Shaoqing said: “Little Joe, we are making a small mistake. It will be released after two days, but once it is jailbroken, it is a big sin.”

The girl was mad and tickle, and she turned to her own, but she saw Liang Shaoqing suddenly panicked and rushed to the grass on the ground, grabbed her, nervously said: “Go, go, I’ll go. Don’t leave me alone!”

However, at this point you can’t walk away. Just listening to the messy footsteps in the hallway suddenly sounded like shadows and it seemed that there were a large number of people approaching.

Liang Shaoqing was pale and frightened. Those people came so fast that they couldn’t do anything. Chu Qiao shook Liang Shaoqing and returned to the place where he was originally sitting. Sure enough, many prisoners heard their voices and opened their eyes in the next moment.

“Adults…you are invited to leave here.”

The voice of the prisoner sounded flattering. Then, about twenty soldiers, all armed with a dark red official, marched in with a knife, until they reached the front of their cells in Chu Qiao, and they held each other in one hand. A bright and shining torch, a 40-year-old long-spirited official came in and stood in front of the prison cell. It looked rather majestic and asked in a deep voice, “Is it here?”

The prisoner quickly nodded and said: “It is this when you return to the adults.”

Chu Qiao faintly knows that this group of people must be directed at her, perhaps Li Ce looking for her, may also be the pro-summer faction in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and of course, maybe the local official of the Great Summer would buy, she wants to know and it unconsciously took her away.

She sat quietly, tilted her head back and slowly wiped her fingers into the boot. There was a cold dagger there. Her whole muscles were tense, and the terrain that escaped was counted as if it was hard to fight. There are several layers of odds.

At this moment, I saw that the adult suddenly bent over the other side of the corridor and smiled and said: “Master, the person you are looking for is inside.”

Then, just listening to the rustling of the sleeves, the sound of the rustling sounded slowly, the footsteps were not in a hurry, and a dark shadow first appeared under the reflection of the torches. Then, it was a beautiful white boots. Deep purple robe with embroidered dark golden auspicious clouds pattern, white jade belt, long stature, men’s swords and eyebrows leans, faces like white jade, lips are red, eyes are like clear snow from the abyss, faintly looking at Chu Qiao, That expression, that look, Chu Qiao can seem to hear the subtext he did not say: you stupid!

The officials of the Sui and Tang dynasties said to Zhuge Yue’s charming:  “Master Zhuge Yue, the subordinates are negligent and scorned.”

Zhuge Chen politely nodded: It is also that they have not identified their identity, a misunderstanding, and adults do not have to care.”

The officials breathed a sigh of relief and turned back to their heads and said in a deep voice: “Not soon enough!”

The old man came in, but he was just about to unlock. The lock fell down, and he couldn’t even come up with the key.

The look of officials and officials, how ugly it becomes to see how ugly, officials whispered in a low voice: “Useless guy!”

However, it seems that he has eaten Coptis (means Chinese goldthread) and has a hard face.

Zhuge Yue naturally knows what it is all about. His eyes are light and his face is twisted in the face of Chu Qiao.

Chu Qiao bowed her head and could not wait to bury her head in the cavity. This face was really lost.

Liang Shaoqing staggered in prison and went out of jail in a series of more than a dozen petitioned deaths. He listened to Zhuge Yue and said to the official: “I’ll introduce the adults to this. This is Liang Shaoqing, the younger son of Liang Xi Liang, who was in Shangxia County in the summer. Liang Daren was my old friend. Liang Shaoqing was also my friend. He visited Sui and Tang Dynasties this time and did not expect to get this misunderstanding.”

“Originally, the son of Liang’s man, please forgive the officials for their sins.”

Liang Shaoqing suddenly realized that he pointed to Zhuge Yue and said: “Oh, you were a friend of your father, but how have I not seen you?”

Zhuge Yue and the adult suddenly looked white, Chu Qiao could not help but helplessly want to hit the wall to commit suicide. Can he not hear what people mean?

Zhuge Yue did not expect that he would encounter such a master who is good at playing the lost fists, and he did not follow the rules in his fists. He coughed and said in a serious way: “I have not seen Liang Daren for many years. When I was in the government, Liang Gongzi was still young, and don’t remember me. It’s also reasonable.”

Poor Liang Shaoqing, the age does not look much smaller than Zhuge Yue, and may even be a year or two older than him, but the conversation has become a younger generation. Zhuge Wei pointed to a person who was similar to his own age, but he kept saying that you were young and young, and your face was not red and not breathing. It was really extraordinary.

Seeing that Liang Shaoqing had a tendency to speak, I was afraid that he would say something amazing and earth-shattering. The adult who was good at observing the words quickly said: “If this is the case, please take steps, and it is too much to be seen.”

Zhuge smiled and said: “Exactly.” Then he turned back and said to Liang Shaoqing: “Liang Gongzi (son of official), please.”

Liang Shaoqing bowed and politely, sorted out the ragged clothes, and covered the sleeves of straw, and strode forward.

Seeing that Chu Qiao is still standing in place, Zhuge Yue slowly looked over and looked at her with his usual sarcasm and ridicule and divinely said: “Is it still not enough to be shameful?”

After that, turn around and go.

It is shameful.

Chu Qiao reluctantly sighed and then followed behind.

The head was horrified and wiped the sweat. I didn’t expect the kid to have such a big head. Fortunately, he didn’t move him. It was strange. How did he come to save him when he came in several times?

The lights were dim, and the prisoners looked out in front of the door, and they still had a sleepy yes. When they saw nothing to watch, they went back to sleep.

When it was close to the door, it was almost dawn. There was a trace of whiteness on the sky, the chair was stopped in a long lane, and Zhuge Yue on his hood stood in the long lane. The mist in the early morning sun shone on his shoulders. His entire person looks a little more handsome.

The man’s eyes were indifferent, and he did not know what he was looking at. Chu Qiao stood in front of him and was slightly embarrassed. After thinking for a long time, she finally said softly: “Thank you very much…..”

When the words were not finished, Zhuge Yue suddenly smiled and turned his head to one side, as if he did not want to hear it again.

Chu Qiao took a deep breath and said: “I know that every time I see you say this sentence is very boring, but really thank you, you helped me again.”

Zhuge Yue bowed his head slightly, his eyes narrowed slightly, and his voice was cold: “Is it not going to Yanbei? Why is it still hovering here?”

Chu Qiao lowered his head and remained silent.

The man’s eyes flashed a bit of irritability and coldly said, “I’ll send someone to send you away.”

“No!” Chu Qiao said quickly.

Zhuge Yue’s brow wrinkled slowly. He looked at Chu Qiao deeply. His eyes looked like sharp knives. He slammed on her body, only wanting to break open.

Chu Qiao’s voice is very small, with a few words: “I have nothing to do…”

“what’s up?”

“I’m sorry…I can’t say it.”

Yes, how can I say, can we tell him that Yan Xun has come to the Sui and BianTang dynasty, used the name Liu Xi?

Zhuge Yue’s eyes gradually cooled, and Chu Qiao quickly explained: “I’m sorry. It’s very important. You and I have different positions. I really can’t…”


Zhuge’s brows were locked, and they didn’t want to listen anymore. They turned their backs and said to them: “There are always many reasons for you. I’ve never been you, I don’t have to ask you, you go. .”

At this moment, Liang Shaoqing, who followed, suddenly came forward. The man, who was so wide that he could sleep in the sedan chair, came out with a guilty eye and saw Zhuge Yue’s cynical remarks with Chu Qiao. He suddenly gave birth to a common-hearted man. Danyi was standing in front of Chu Cho. Ling Ran said, “This son! Although you helped us, we couldn’t get out of you without you. We would stay at home for a few more days… You and your father are old since it’s a confession, how can it be so rude to my friend?”

Zhuge Yue frowned and glanced at him with a slanting look. He said to Chu Qiao with a tone: “He is your friend?”

Even a fool can hear the ridicule in Zhuge Yue’s voice. Chu Qiao nodded hard and said: “No… I didn’t know for a long time…”

Heaven and earth conscience, Chu Qiao is not to hide anything, but simply think that this man is too shameful.

“Little Joe! What do you say? We have to sleep together and suffer hard together, have you forgotten? What do you know for a long time?”

Liang Shaoqing was obviously not happy, and he was very dissatisfied with Chu Qiao’s practice of forgetting friendship.

Is it difficult to suffer together? Chu Qiao glared at him. Is it that I was dragged down by you all the way to follow you?

Then the words had not yet been spoken. There was a cold voice coming from over there. The look of a man in a deep purple suit suddenly became gloomy: “Sleep together?”

“This son! What is your look? Although you helped me, you can’t use your eyes to insult Xiao Qiao!” Liang Shaoqing said loudly: “I have decided, I will return to the captain immediately after I report to my parents. Then, Xiao Qiao will pass the door.”

Liang Shaoqing attitude was resolute. The eyes seemed to be saying: Look, I am a responsible man.

“Go through the door?” Zhuge Yue’s eyes can no longer be described as murderous. He looked coldly at Chu Qiao. His tone was cold: “Do you stay in Tang Jing and don’t go for him?”

Chu Qiao quickly shook her head: “It’s not…”

“Little Joe, don’t deny it.” Liang Shaoqing said on the shoulder of Chu Qiao: “Do not worry, I will marry you.”

Chu Qiao’s head was completely big, and the word of grief was not enough to describe her feelings at the moment. She looked at Liang Shaoqing and could no longer bear the full anger. Suddenly she raised his fist and went to his head. Go on:

“Who’s going to marry you! Your head is sick! I’m so unlucky when I meet you! You stupid! Did I owe you in my last life?”

The harsh screams resounded through the entire lane, and Chu Qiao was suppressed by the grief and anger of the day and night and finally erupted. The tsunami spewed out!

Zhuge Yue quickly back down, so as not to worry about fish and fish, they saw Liang Shaoqing beating the side of the side and shouted: “Apologetic, non-euphemism, non-hands do!”

“The gentleman is magnanimous and has something to say! Ah! Little Joe, calm down, you don’t marry me, and my family has a lot of money, ah! Little Joe, my mercy!”

Zhuge Yue embraced his arms and leaned his eyes against the wall. He looked at Liang Shaoqing with great interest.

Fortunately, Chu Qiao also kept a trace of reason, did not really hit a pickpocket, but when the Yue Qi and others waited for Liang Shaoqing to be rescued from Chu Qiao’s hands, a generally tenacious man had only half the life. He still muttered to himself: “Little Joe, you are shy, a bit overdone…”

Chu Qiao stood breathlessly, flushed cheeks, and eyes were moving with vitality.

Zhuge Yue looked at her. In the early morning thick fog, the woman was in a men’s outfit, but it was scattered, but a little more girl’s delicate figure.

For a time, the narrow, deep alley was silent and eyeful, like the early spring mulberry leaves, which were eaten by the spring and bloomed.

“when are we leaving?”

After a moment, Chu Qiao returned: “It is fast.”

“Come see me when you go.”

Chu Qiao suddenly stunned, looked up, but saw Zhuge Yue turned his head and said: “Mo wants to see you.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded. “I measure, just, there is no chance, you know, I am…”

“Well, needless to say.” Zhuge Yue immediately interrupted her, then said: “If there is such a bureaucratic job search next time, you can quote my name.”

Chu Qiao shook her head and saw Zhuge Yue look changed. There were angry precursors and quickly said: “I’m afraid I will burden you.”

A few simple words made the dissatisfaction suddenly disappear.

Zhuge Yue turned around and couldn’t see the expression, but the sound was a rare peace: “Those people, I still don’t look at it.”

It seems meaningless to stay there again. Chu Qiao whispered: “That, I am leaving.”

Zhuge was silent, Chu Qiao was about to say it again, and he heard a faint voice in front of him: “Let’s Go.”

Chu Qiao came back and called Liang Shaoqing who was living for a long time. The two men passed by Zhuge Yue.

Chu Qiao whispered: “Sui and Bian Tang here, it seems that there must be major events, they are internally unstable, you must be more careful.”

Zhuge Yue’s expression did not change. Qingjun’s (means Qing army) face had a fascinating beauty in the sun. He did not speak.

Chu Qiao touched a soft nail, stepped back and walked forward.

Liang Shaoqing immediately followed him, but he heard Zhuge Yue suddenly said to him: “You, be careful to me.”

“Ah?” Liang Shaoqing said at a glance, then he thought that Zhuge Yue was cautious about acting with caution and quickly nodded his kindly smile: “You too, go out and be careful about the thief. The law of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties is loose. Tang Jing has a lot of local thieves. I have met several times.”

With his head full of black lines, he couldn’t bear to read Zhuge Yue’s expression. Chu Qiao grabbed Liang Shaoqing and stepped on the man’s foot. She said, “Can’t we say a few less?”

“Ah, Little Joe, it hurts!”


Liang Shaoqing was nearly thrown by Chu Qiao, and she has gone all the way. She has constantly turned back and beckoned to Zhuge Yue’s enthusiastic beckoning call: “We have time to come to Shangxi and come to visit me. There will be a period after that! Be careful!

The morning sun finally pierced the thick fog, the sun leaked, a flash of gold!


CHAPTER 125 Not Sorcery


The sun was shining and it was another day. Liu Yang of Xianyang City did indeed advance the city on the 5th. Only afterward it passed through Nanyin and headed straight to the land of Liaodong donating a large amount of grain for labor for the troops.

Chu Qiao did not know what is the idea of Yan Xun was playing in the end, but instead of waiting in this winds of Tang Jing, it would be better to go to the land of Liaodong to search for the bird’s nest. (it means to search for the Swallows another codename of Yan Xun)

On the early morning, Chu Qiao bought the horse’s dry food, and Liang Shaoqing was eating noodles on the street. Both of them were dressed in men’s clothing, and they were dressed up in a long line.

After eating and drinking, Liang Shaoqing looked up and said: “Little Joe, when are we going?”

“I will leave right away, you are free.”

Chu Qiao said while dropping the dishes and pulling out the purse to pay the bill.

“Don’t be kidding,” Liang Shaoqing said with a smile: “You go to my house alone, my father won’t let you in.”

Chu Qiao helpless sigh, only that my patience in these days is getting better, she slowly turned around and asked in a very calm tone: “Who told you I’m going to your house?”

“Do you tell me with others? I understand.”

Liang Shaoqing blinked his eyes, and there were a few more touches in his eyes: “Before the son who saved us is affectionate to you, I can see it.”

The body suddenly became cold and slammed a shiver. Chu Qiao’s voice suddenly spoke no words.

“You don’t talk nonsense.”

After a long time, she humbly murmured. Liang Shaoqing sighed: “You don’t deny it either, but you can rest assured that I wouldn’t mind. Although he seems to have a good family background, he is also quite identifiable, but don’t you choose to leave with me? Xiao Qiao, I understand what you have in mind. You have suffered hardships these days.”

Men still immerse themselves in sighs: “Although my parents may not agree with your family, as long as I insist, they will definitely compromise. Although our family is a family, my parents are not stubborn people, my mother’s people are very good, you will love her. Hey? Xiao Qiao, what is your expression? How do you seem to be crying? Did you moved on? Ah? Where are you going, I have not finished eating, you wait for me…”

Then, Liang Shaoqing just breathlessly caught up with him from behind and saw a group of men with sticks in his hands staring at them and slowly came over.

“Small… Little Joe…”

“What happened?” Chu Qiao frowned slowly and said quietly.

“I count one two three.”

“What else?”


“Hey, hello, I am nerd, won’t you have any trouble?”


“Who are those opposite?”

“Three! Run!”

Liang Shaoqing grabbed Chu Qiao and the two turned around and began to run wildly. The people behind saw and rushed after one side.

Chu Qiao’s face was red and shouted: “Who are those?”

Liang Shaoqing looks weak, but he runs fast, and even Chu Qiao is a bit harder: “My enemy!”

“FUCK!” Chu Qiao, the bastard’s enemies are even more than their own, and then continue this way, I am afraid that one day, even if she climbs high and yells “I am Chu Qiao of Yanbei” no one will believe.

Liang Shaoqing apparently knew the streets of Tangjing City extremely well. He ran out of more than a dozen lanes and finally got rid of the chase behind him. Chu Qiao depressed to kill, she is a modern agent of a contemporary rebellious head, even a group of hands to take the shovel stick’s surname chasing the street running, if this is spread out, her own name is destroyed! If this happened, she would kill herself!

“Nerdy, I tell you, we’re breaking up right now. You dare to follow me and I’ll break your legs!”

Liang Shaoqing while gasping, said: “Don’t be so. You will go alone. I will worry.”

Chu Qiao was really angry: “I’m unlucky to follow you!”


Liang Shaoqing was in a hurry. He tossed the sage teachings that he had been mourning for a long time. He stepped forward and hugged Chu Qiao from behind and shouted, “Do not walk!”

Chu Qiao earned, did not break free, angry: “Dead, you let go!”

“Not loose!”

“Don’t you hit me?”

Liang Shaoqing is very arrogant: “It’s not too hard to kill!”

However, when Chu Qiao wanted to give this guy a slap in the shoulder, a black shadow slammed her head, and her eyes suddenly darkened. Chu Qiao’s heart was suddenly shocked, but she wanted to shoot but the nerd was still tight. Holding yourself tightly, this short moment, the good time to counterattack has passed. She only feels that her strength has increased sharply. She seems to have a large number of people rushing up and slamming them down.

“Sir! I caught the kid! There is another friend!”


Suddenly, Chu Qiao was desperate. This crossed the blockade line in the southern part of the Daxia area and escaped hundreds of tracking and encirclement attacks. She even fled from the battlefield of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties’ Central Military Forces and escaped from the days of her birth. Once again with Liang Shaoqing’s help, she fell into the net.



Two muffled rings, Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing were poured out. This place seems to be a dark vaulted cellar. Space underneath is very large, but there is only a narrow one on the exit. There are already many people in it. When the ladder was pulled up and climbed up, it was only possible to do Spiderman down the wall that was pouring thirty degrees. Chu Qiao himself asked neither the tentacles of spiders nor the spiders to save the lives of the people. If this is a difficult task, he must not do it.

After about a few hours, a bright light suddenly appeared on the top of the room. The people inside quickly covered their eyes and heard only a thud. There were a lot of things thrown down. The people inside suddenly jumped up and scrambled. It is a pile of steamed bread.

There is no way in the sky, no place to go to the ground, Chu Qiao’s frustration can no longer be expressed in words, she depressed the temples, leaning against the wall, but now the wall is slippery, just feel like a cold chill on the top. When she came, she frowned and hugged her knees.

“Peng, Peng” Liang Shaoqing patted his shoulders. In the darkness, he couldn’t see his face. She could only hear the voice of a man saying in his ear: “Little Joe, sleep on me.”

Chu Qiao was angry, but she was too lazy to lose temper with him. She reluctantly sighed, then slowly closed her eyes and buried her head in her lap, waiting quietly.

“Little Joe, are you angry with me?”

Still asking? But fortunately, there is finally a little self-knowledge. Chu Qiao is too lazy to lift her head, ready to rest for a while, waiting for the opportunity, and then escape this evil place.

“Don’t be angry, I will definitely save you from going out.”

I didn’t hear it.

“Oh, but it’s good. If you don’t get caught, you have to go.”

Liang Shaoqing muttered, Chu Qiao was a little touched, she was in the heart secretly: This dead idiot. But that anger, but gradually dissipated.

“Little Joe, the weather is cold, we talk.”

Chu Qiao did not speak but listened and hummed gently. Surrounded by the sound of eating gimmicks and chewing loudly, these people seem to have stayed here for a long time, one by one devoured and seemed to be hungry for a long time.

“I heard that the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties had to fight in the past few days. It was necessary to fight Yanbei and Big summer will be added. Is it true?”

Chu Qiao slightly surprised, thought to ask: “Who did you listen to?”

“People on the street say that.”

Oh?” Chu Qiao raised his eyebrow slightly: “What do those people think, who will win, who wants to win?”

“That would also mean that it is natural that the Great Summer will win. For so many years, has Daixia failed on the battlefield?”

The girl murmured slightly: “That is not necessarily the case. The battle of Zhen Huang has happened. Isn’t Big Summer a losing match?”

“Oh, you only knew about the other one.” Liang Shaoqing sighed: “Big summer soldiers will be broad and deep-rooted. They will build a country for a hundred years. They will have millions of mercenaries, thousands of miles of fertile land, countless fields, and thousands of rivers and mountains. There are tens of millions of people, and the soldiers are in a steady stream. Even though they are intrinsically indifferent, they are organically exploited by Yanbei. However, the advantage of Yanbei is only temporary. Once it has been eased by this breath, it will stabilize the situation. How could Wang Bei and the DPRK family’s forces swerve to the north and how Yanbei countered? To be honest, if it wasn’t before the summer, the forces of Muhe’s had just been leveled out, you thought that Yanbei could fight the Guards of the Great Summer?”

Chu Qiao awkwardly, I did not expect that this was actually from the mouth of this nerd, interested said: “Why do you say this?”

See Chu Qiao rapture, Leung Shao-ching immediately triumphantly, and he said: “Mu He’s strong influence in the Great Summer, when he was almost able to fight against the entire Six Dimensional family of the entire Senate, he had just pulled out this party’s forces. In Daxia, various departments in China have emerged a large number of vacancies in official positions, and some departments have even temporarily been paralyzed. The Military Department, the Senate, the Picket, the Justice Court, the Military Law Department, and the Beijing Security Bureau are all vacuum vacancies. It was other families who actively snatched these officials, but the Royals were reluctant to let go. And as a result of their own scramble, officials from all over the country have been slow to make controversy. The forces have shaken back and forth in a multiplicity of fights. Then, after the outbreak of civil strife, The empire is unable to make accurate and effective defenses and counterattacks, and it is unable to make rapid deployment and response. This is one of them.”

Chu Qiao was more surprised and said: “What about the second?”

Liang Shaoqing said: “The second is that the families saw the royal family’s autumn leaves sweeping away the Musei’s, and they gave birth to the heart of rabbit death. They want to indulge Yanbei to become bigger.”

Chu Qiao suddenly said: “What do you mean?”

“Little Joe, do you know how many years for the imperial elders been saved?”

Chu Qiao slightly frowned: “It is said to have risen with the Empire.”

“Yes, at the time of the founding of the People’s Republic, apart from Zhao, there were a total of 19 ethnic groups in the summer. They were the old part of Daxia Emperor. After the founding of the People’s Republic, because the Pei Loushi (name of Daxia’s founding fathers) family was far more powerful than other people, it was respected. Pei Luoshi was the king, and Pei Zhenhuang and later changed his country name to Zhao, which is now Zhao. However, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and later changed his country name to Zhao, which is now Zhao. But after the founding of the People’s Republic, no matter whether it is military power or political power, the other ten are important. The proportion of the royal family did not dare to conflict with the royal family until the appearance of Pei Loushi grandson and the appearance of Pei Loushi was just perfect. It was a slight relief. Pei Loushi is a majestic emperor who will be his own descendant. After they were separated, they gradually established the power of the royal family for decades after their efforts. Afterward, the emperors had the same kind of learning and divided the kings, which became the traditional habit of the Great Summer.”

Liang Shaoqing paused for a moment and sighed: “But whatever policy it is, in the process of gradual implementation, it will reveal its inherent problems and drawbacks. For instance, such a split system will not only gradually enlarge the size of the king. Strength, let the family cling to one another in order to survive, they can fight, but they do not rush to kill, because they know that once the door valve power declines, it is the time of their own demise, so this time the royal family showed such great strength.  The power to destroy the Muhe family with the thunderous momentum, how can we not let other gatekeepers jealousy? Otherwise, only the family army of the Zhuge valve and the Wei valve is enough which is enough to save the building where Zhenhuang will fall, but why did it not move in the night?

The voice of the man gradually became low and whispered: “They are sitting on the hill and looking at the tigers. I hope that Daxia and Yanbei’s fight will fail. Thus, the royal family will need to continue to rely on the gate valve, and the gate valve will take the chance to swallow Yanbei. Will get their own land, so not Yanbei is too powerful, but the power of the royal family touched the interests of third parties, gatekeepers are interested in conniving. Yanbei has the opportunity to get this land.  This is the second.”

Chu Qiao said unconvincingly: “You may not be entirely correct. I have heard that the leaders of the gate valves were all within the inner palace of the inner city when the war broke out that night. They could not summon the family army out of the city.”

“Do you think there is only one leader in all major families?”

Liang Shaoqing smiled and said, “So tell you that our family is just an ordinary family. But apart from my father, the family’s uncle, uncle, and uncle’s uncle are all right to speak. Once the owner is gone, There must be other people in the family who can take on major tasks. Each family is a small empire, with a monarch and a patriarchal society, and a finance department and a family department with armed forces. Among the remaining six great families of the empire, there are Zhuge. There has been a long-lasting glory, although there has been no scenery like Mu He’s, it has never declined and it has been in charge of imperial power for three hundred years. Do you know how big their net worth is?”

Chu Qiao shook his head, but suddenly he couldn’t see the other side shaking his head. He quickly said, “How big is it?”

“The financial strength of Zhuge family is more than tens of times greater than Huai-Song, the most prosperous of the three countries.”

“How can it be?”

“How can it not be possible?” Liang Shaoqing said:  “The state collects taxes, but it is necessary to enshrine the officials of China. It is necessary to support the large and small bureaucrats of the country, to govern the rivers, to support the army, and to retreat to the country in the disaster years. Buying grain and grass to appease the victims. On the contrary, the family can not only receive the money from the country every year, but even the family army is also the state to help the support, the aristocrats do not pay taxes, do not pay for food, arbitrarily occupy fertile land, tax-free business, monopolize the economic lifeline of various empires. After three hundred years, they will not come in. You will calculate how much money you will have.”

Chu Qiao secretly, he heard Liang Shaoqing continue to say: “My father said that the deficiencies of the empire, do not decentralize, do not blame the king mercenary, and the family is lucky.  Wealth is gathered in the hands of a few. However, the empire has not shaken their fundamental methods, one is not good, but it has been countered. The family is not like the king, so Da Xia prefers to play ten Yanbei and does not dare to move a gate, because the kings are all power. It is independent and it belongs to the interior of the royal family. Once the family is anxious, they can stand up and oppose each other. It is absolutely impossible to overthrow the re-establish. Anyway, there are so many princes of the Zhao family, and it is not a big deal to help one to come to power…”

“Listening to you, the rights of the empire are held separately in the hands of the family.”

“You can also say this.” Liang Shaoqing nodded. “But most of the family are relatively low-key, they are like reefs on the banks of the river, and the royal family is like the water in the river, although the water is tumbling, the momentum is amazing, and the glory is infinite. You can see the wind, but you can see rivers that run forever, the waters will eventually go east, political figures cannot survive, and the reefs, though silent, are extremely steadfast, they develop silently, and they accumulate a large number of generations from generation to generation. Wealth, therefore, the rebellion of the Kings has always been earth-shattering and well known to the world, and the rebellion of the family is subtle and subtle.

Chu Qiao had to admire Liang Shaoqing and exclaimed: “What you mean is that this war will either not fight. If you go to war, Yanbei will lose.”

“No,” Liang Shaoqing nodded. “It will surely hit, and Yanbei will be defeated. Before the battle with Daxia, there may be different lands for success. But once the gates send troops, it is a sign of the demise of Yanbei.”

Chu Qiao nodded slowly and then said: “You said it was right. It makes sense. I didn’t think you could say that.”

Liang Shaoqing heard a grin and smiled: “When you read books, you often debate with the students when you study.”

“But you neglected a bit.”

Liang Shaoqing said quickly and said quickly: “What have I overlooked?”

“You calculated the power of the imperial family, the power of the king, the power of other nations, and the power of the gatekeeper, but you alone neglected the largest party.”


“The people.”


“Yes,” Chu Qiao nodded. “The people who have the largest number of people in the world occupy the most fields and have the most potential. People.”

Liang Shaoqing smiled and said, “You mustn’t joke, people? You might as well say that slaves are better. They have no freedom, no weapons, what to fight? Is there a hope? Then, do you think people will be brave enough to support Yanbei?” Things that have never been seen in ancient times.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes became sharp. She said slowly: “Why is it impossible? Liang Shaoqing, you were also arrested as a slave. You should know the best of the slaves. They are not stupid pig dogs, not without a mind. The wood, they are humans, and like your aristocrats, they are ideological people. They also want to live, own their own land, own their own homes, own their own families, and why they must make pigs for others. Do dogs bullies? They may not dare to do it now, but that’s just because they don’t have this hope. Once one day, when a regime has a clear-cut banner to the people, what do you think these people will do? Take up arms to protect their interests? Or continue to lean over to see the toes of the nobility?”

Liang Shaoqing was stunned. The topic was that they had never been discussed by the students. It was dark in front of him, but he seemed to see a few bright lights.

“People-oriented, the interests of the people, the party is orthodox of the general trend of the world. The people’s heart is the orthodox way. The nerd, sooner or later, one day, you will see how much power the angry people have before this power. What gate, what clan, what imperial family, will be as vulnerable as the dead trees in September.”

The entire cellar was quiet. Liang Shaoqing’s breathing was a bit hurried. He repeatedly recited the three words “people-oriented” as if he had gone to the devil.

At this time, there was a sudden burst of cry from the side, and gradually, the cry was getting louder and louder. Those who had just snapped the gimmicks stopped. They looked to the side and couldn’t see anything, but it was like a fire burned in their hearts.

“This girl, do we really have our own land?”

An old voice slowly sounded, trembling with excitement. In the darkness, Chu Qiao no longer disguised herself as a woman. Those people heard her voice and naturally recognized that she was a woman.

Listening to those cries, Chu Qiao only felt that there was an indescribable grief in her chest. She nodded heavily and said firmly: “Yes, surely, it will be in Yanbei, as long as you are there, you guys is their own master.”

“Yanbei … Yanbei …”

Someone is silently meditating. They are like seafarers who have seen the lighthouse at sea, and silently looking at the direction of the northwest.

There, there were heavy snows and constant wars. However, on the snowy land, a prosperous regime was rising, holding the banner of the people and shining on these dark people.

“Little Joe, I know who you are.”

A firm voice suddenly rang in his ear. Chu Qiao was shocked. He only listened to Liang Shaoqing’s words and said: “You are a follower of the large peer association, right?”

Chu Qiao smiled and said: “No, I don’t believe Datong.”

“Ah?” Liang Shaoqing squinted and frowned. “But your statement is very similar to Datong.”

“Yes, it’s like it. It’s just that I’m more realistic.”

Chuchao smiled and said: “I just hope that the poor can have their own land. They can have clothes, houses, and complaints. They have bitterness and complain that there is a little fair law in the world. Some people’s interests, killing people to pay for their lives, and debt payments to pay back the money, it’s just that way.”

Liang Shaoqing was silent for a long while and suddenly said: “I’m sorry Xiao Qiao, I can’t walk with you.”

Chu Qiao asked, “What do you say?”

“I am going to Yanbei, I can’t walk with you.”

“You want to go to Yanbei?”

“Yes,” the nerd said quietly. “Although I don’t know if you said it is true, I have to look at it.”

Chu Qiao suddenly smiled and patted his shoulder: “I hope to see you in Yanbei.”

“You want to go too?” Liang Shaoqing suddenly rejoiced and said quickly: “Great, let’s go together.”

“No,” the girl slowly shook her head. “I still have something important to do.”

At this moment, the lid on the top of the cellar was opened by a person and the intense light rushed in. The voice of the woman rang indifferently: “Bring out all the people inside.”

Chu Qiao heard a moment because this voice is so familiar!


CHAPTER 126 The Golden Mew


The sun was glaring, and when she saw the man, Chu Qiao only felt a helpless laugh.

Zhan Ziyu’s eyes naturally fell. Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing, two of them dressed in disguise and different people, looked at each other for a while, suddenly realized that they remembered who they were.

“Miss Wu, these people are all fugitives in our government. There are still five people fleeing. The rest of the old slaves have already caught them.”

All of them are all escaped slaves of Zhan Ziyu? Chu Qiao slightly stunned, slaves generally ran away, because if there is no money without walking cursive, it will soon be caught. Zhan family actually ran away so fast, what happened?

“These two people are left behind. Others will be sent together.”

The old slave promised and he left with him.

Zhan Ziyu was dressed in a sky-blue dress and dressed very cleanly. He looked at Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing and immediately said, “You are not slaves. You can leave.”

Chu Qiao asked, “Why are you letting us go?”

“What’s the matter?” Zhan Ziyu said lightly: “With your skill, I can’t keep you. Instead of letting you escape afterward, I’m not as generous as I can let you go.”

After all, Zhan Ziyu turned to leave. He did not even look at them.

Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing looked at each other but did not expect that they could go so easily. It was what they expected.

One of the servants came up and saw that the two men were dressed in good manners and they were not too sloppy and said, “Two people here, please. Now that the young master has let you go, you will go quickly.”

“Thank you old man.”

Liang Shaoqing politely asked, “What is this place?”

“This is the Zhan House.” The servant replied, “This is our Zhan family’s house in Tangjing. It is located in the east of the city. You go out to the west. You will see the central square in a short while.”

Chu Qiao nodded her head. This place is quite remote, and it is not very good for Zhan families’ government to be in the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties.

“Old man, I don’t know what happened at home. Why are so many fugitives?”

“I know this,” Liang Shaoqing said suddenly. “I also escaped in a group.”

Chu Qiao looked back and asked, “What happened?”

“Since Prince Sui and Bian Tang dynasty married, the Zhan government had to sacrifice 100 slaves as a sacrifice for everyone. When everyone knew it, they fled.”

“People offering?”

“You don’t understand it? It is to use exiled sacrifices. There are earth-offerings, fire -offerings, and heaven-offerings. To put it bluntly, it is burning eagles and living hawks that are buried alive to summon the ancestors, pray for incense and pray for happiness.”

“What?” Chu Qiao suddenly stopped, his face changed dramatically, almost unable to speak, pointing to the direction of the group of people just left, shouted: “You mean, those people…”

“Yes, they all know that they have to sacrifice before they ran away. We have been arresting for a long time.” The old servant said with a smile: “Fortunately, I have caught it, or even I am like this.” The old man is going to make a sacrifice, boy, you are both lucky.” ( we can read here that Chu Qiao is still disguised as a boy)

Chu Qiao’s face is earthy, her lips are blue and white. Suddenly, she seems to think of something. She grabbed the sleeves of the old man and asked in a loud voice: “What about Jingsu? What about her? The other two are called… They are called Jing Lian and Caisin. Have they been treated as sacrifices and have they been sent away?”

The old servant looked dismayed and shrewdly said: “The three sisters of the Jing and Jing families were sent away as early as possible. It was the first batch. Now I am afraid that I have reached the Mausoleum of Meishan.”

The “bang” sounded as if there was a thunder burst in her mind.

Chu Qiao’s head was dark, her eyes were white, and she couldn’t say a word.


Daxia disgraced his face and Zhao Chun’er lost her virginity. However, she did not grasp Chu Qiao according to the expected results. He did not succeed in provoking the Bian Tang Dynasty’s main battle, but it broke his reputation. Stealing chickens does not cause an eclipse, but it can be regarded as an institution, but nothing can be done.

The good emperor was a powerful emperor. He had a lot of people in his life. He quickly sent a princess and a relative. This time, both the summer and the Sui and Tang Dynasties used their minds, for fear of another accident. At the beginning of the month, the Meishan Holy Temple was awkward. According to the practice of Datang, before the marriage, the Prince must come to worship the ancestors, open the altar, and sue the world for the whole ceremony.

The content of this live sacrifice Chu Chu seems to be sinful, but the locals seem to be a very common thing. Thousands of slaves, but not a good value for money, no one will really feel relieved. However, no one knows that when the royal carriage gradually approached the Meishan Imperial Tomb, a huge conspiracy was slowly covering the empire.

Visually, the front distance is no more than one kilometer from the shore. Chu Qiao carried the bag and slowly moved to the stern. The people on the boat did not pay attention and sneaked into the river.

It has already entered the autumn, the river in the night is very cold, and a kilometer was not far away. When Chu Qiao swam to the shore, she was already slightly wheezing. This period of time she has been sick and injured and her body has not completely recovered. It is really not appropriate to do such a big exercise.

Moonlight is rare. Here, it is the only river in Meishan County. In order to conceal, Chu Qiao mixed a cargo ship bound for Meishan, taking the waterway briskly, making it less one day and she is here in Sui and Tang Dynasties. The southernmost Imperial Mausoleum is located. After choosing a secluded place to swim ashore and hiding behind the shadowy trees, Chu Qiao changed their clothes and opened the bag to take out all the things they carry with them.

Hook locks, steel needles, flying knives, daggers, ropes, unlocking tools, ecstasy incense, and some dry food and entanglements.

The best thing is to meet Li Ce and then ask people from his hands instead of her hands. This is of course ideal.

However, it is difficult for the king to see the little devil. Chu Qiao knows that she is in a situation where she is in a difficult position in the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties. If she is not good, she still has to rely on herself.

Whether it is moral or conscience, she can’t let Jing Yue’ers sisters be buried alive. This is something she can’t do.

Putting things in place, Chu Qiao stood up, looked up at the star in the sky, identified the position, and then ran quickly down the river.

Meishan, also known as Nanmeishan, is a mountain in the south of the Sui and Tang dynasties. Saying it is a mountain, it is not always true. Looking far, Meishan is just a huge stone cliff, but the cliff is over a hundred meters high. It stands like a huge stone, forming a 90-degree angle with the ground, straight up and down. There is no obvious bump, just like it was cut with a knife. The interior of the stone cliff was completely hollowed out, and the Sui and Tang Dynasties invested enormous human and material resources. The inner temple of the Sui and Tang Dynasties was built inside the stone cliff. The underground of the holy temple is the tomb of the ancestors of the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

There is a slow platform 30 meters from the ground. It is built of marble and is very prominent. It is very wide and can accommodate thousands of people. Then at the top of the stone cliff, the entire floor was flattened and it was a huge square.

Chu Qiao is far from the dense forest, holding a pen and paper, and carefully drawing the geographical environment of the Meishan Mausoleum and the surrounding guards. It took a whole day, and when the night was once again shrouded, she was determined to take it. Because she knows that the live sacrifice is to be practiced the night before the official ancestor. If Li Ce does not come tonight, those people will die.

And she can’t take this risk.

Silently eating two pieces of dry food, time passed by a minute, the sun sets, the redness of the sky is dim, and finally, night falls.

Chu Qiao slowly stood up, the moon tonight is not very good, the dark clouds are very thick, she slightly narrowed her eyes, then moved to the bones, the cat waisted, and quickly went to the Meishan under the night.

At this moment, she did not know, at this time, a cloud of discoloration was born on the outskirts of fifty miles away, the empire of the four sides booming, the horses flying fast, the soldiers red eyes to her place, Flying around!

After more than half an hour, I finally came to the foot of the Meishan Mausoleum. Looking from afar, several big soldiers walked back and forth to see, there will be big events here tomorrow, people here cannot be discreet. Chu Qiao carefully observed for a while, and now there are several hidden piles that are not obvious. She quietly remembered her heart, then took a deep breath and carefully sneaked up.

With the help of the darkness of the night, Chu Qiao carefully avoided several places where the whistle was monitored. Soon, she came to the foot of the mountain and did not hesitate to carry out the hook lock on her waist. The top was wrapped with a silenced cloth. Hold it in your hand and wait quietly.

A sudden gust of wind blew through and the leaves creaked. Chu Qiao did not hesitate. He threw the hook locks with a bang and banged and the hook locks on the slower stage of the second floor. At this time, The leaves are still shaking, completely concealing the sound of the hook lock. As a result, Chu Qiao clutched the hook locks with both hands and quickly squatted on the stone wall. Her skill was flexible. After a moment, she quietly landed on the second floor.

With her face down, her body bent, and a forward roll, Chu Qiao has been out of the moonlight’s reach. The woman sneaked open the door and fled herself in. It was so easy to sneak into the Tang Dynasty’s most closely guarded Bian Tang Dynasty tomb.

Chujo was half on the ground, carefully watching the surroundings, quiet and quiet. As it is a holy temple built by hollowing out the stone walls, it is a spiraling architectural pattern based on the structure inside it. It is quite an ancient Roman style. But Chu’ Qiao’s goal is very simple. The slave’s detention zone is in a place where the stinking and dirty place is broken.

Chu Qiao did not dare to care about this. The topography of this imperial palace is special. There must be many soldiers inside. If you are to alert them, it is not certain that you can escape. However, it is absolutely impossible to save people.

She carefully moved forward, merging the shadows of the body and corners together, and did not dare to reveal the slightest hidden line. After about half a column of incense, she successfully escaped five guards and went to the basement.

At this moment, a terrible footstep sounded on the left corridor, and Chu Qiao immediately stood up and stood close to the corner of the wall. There is nothing that can be hidden here. As long as the other party has torched, she immediately has nothing to hide.

As footsteps approached, Chu Qiao gave birth to a hint of luck. There was only one person to come. It was not too much trouble.

The iron gate was opened, and a head came out inside. The other person was very young and took a torch. It seemed to be a patrol. The man turned his eyes and saw Chu Qiao at a glance. She saw a young girl in a tight gold dress. She saw him smiling, and she smiled, and immediately gave the man a glimpse.

Then, a flying knife suddenly flew out, and he slammed on his head. The soldier turned his eyes white and softly arrived. Chu Qiao stepped forward a few times and held him in his hand, letting him fall to the ground slowly without making a sound.

Seeing Li Ce’s share, Chu Qiao did not have a killer, but the handle of the knife was enough to make the man sleep until dawn.

Chu Qiao still did not trust, gave him a lot of fragrant incense, and then turned and left.

After about half an hour, I finally heard a few cries. Chu Qiao looked for the sound, only to hear the crying louder and louder, and there was a woman’s screaming. She frowned and quickly ran two steps. At this moment, the two soldiers seemed to hear the sound coming forward to check, and the two came together, and they couldn’t take care of any face. Chu Qiao first started to be strong, slammed and stabbed, and the other hand had five fingers into the claws. Before the two called out the voice, Let the two go to hell.

There is a pungent odor everywhere, and the air is full of nauseating smells.

Chu Qiao pushed open the door, and suddenly he was shocked by what he saw. He saw a thousand young girls in the big stone room. The big one was only in his twenties, the small one was only eleven. At the age of the year, their hands and feet were tied together, and they were cringing on the ground. The two soldiers who were under the body were following a woman who was smashed by the light, and they were moving smoothly, and they were as low as the beasts.

The surrounding women are crying, but no one dared to stand up. Chu Qiao glared and saw one of the women’s faces was extremely familiar with her. She was one of Jing’s women’s Jing Zhi Su.

The anger at the bottom of my heart went straight to the top of the head, and Chu Qiao slowly came forward. The women around them seemed to notice her entry at that time. Everyone looked at her in horror. The two soldiers, still unaware of themselves, are still enjoying their fun.

Chu Qiao drew the dagger, inserted into a soldier’s lateral carotid artery, the man suddenly eyes wide open, blood sputtered out of time, the man was like a convulsing fish, panicked fell to the ground, but could not make out half the sound.

Chu Qiao did not look at him and went directly to another man. The man’s companion was already on the way to the king’s house, but he was still mad at the pinnacle of excitement. He could barely use any skill and knife. Next, bring a blood mark.


The slaves screamed at once. Fortunately, they just screamed and cried, and they did not attract the suspicions of the upper soldiers.

Chu Qiao will be picking up the pickaxe, and the young girl will be trembling with fear. She looks at Chu Qiao in a dizzy way, but her eyes are confused and she cannot say a word.

“Guzin, Sister Xiuzin,” Chu Qiao was sore at the end of her heart and she was holding her thin shoulders. She said quietly: “I am your Yue’er, I am Jing Yue’er, I’m your sister, I’ll save you out. It’s up.”


It seems silly, and she looked at Chu Qiao abruptly. Suddenly, the tears ran down together. She hugged Chu Qiao and cried aloud: “Yue’er! Yue’er!”

She may not have any feelings for Jing Yue’er, but in this environment, her grief and fear suddenly erupted. Chu Qiao hugs her, gently pats her back, her throat groaned, and constantly comforted: “It’s okay, this is  nothing.”


In the crowd, a young girl ran up and was shocked, but she did not dare to approach. Chu Qiao looked at it immediately. It was the last time she had seen Jing Lian she had seen her. The clothes on the girl’s upper body have been stripped of light, leaving only a red, encrusting bellyband. She stood there, her skin glowing with unhealthy whiteness, her eyes reddish, and her tears flowing down line by line.

“Jing Lian sister.”

“Yue Er,” Jing Lian chewed her lips and broke into tears. Chu Qiao picked up the shattered clothes from the ground, but she couldn’t dress them well either. Fortunately, now that the weather is cold, Chu Qiao has several layers of coats. She takes off her coat and middle garment and puts them on the two. She stretches out her palms and wipes out the tears on their faces. She smiles and says: ” Don’t cry, I’m here to take you, my sister?”

Jing Lian’s tears fell down again, and with sadness said: “Jing Zhi Su sister was taken away yesterday. I said that it was to serve the upper class and I did not know where it was.”

Chu Qiao frowned and in a deep voice said: “Since she in service, it will not be a problem for the time being. I will take you first.”

Cut off the ropes on Jing Lian and Caisin, and the three will leave. At this moment, suddenly there was a loud crying in the back, and the women cried out loudly: “Girl! Help us, we don’t want to die! Save us!”

Chu Qiao was slightly stunned, only to see the women’s face desperate, slamming on her head, and the white foreheads bleed from the forehead, flowing like a red worm.

“Yue’er?” Jing Lian carefully pulled Chu Qiao’s hand, seemed to want to say something, see Chu Qiao looked over, but was not surprised to speak.

Chu Qiao suddenly strode forward and spent half a full column of incense before cutting off all the ropes. She looked at the woman in a room and said in a dry voice: “You listen, I can’t save you all, but I tell you, this outside guard is less than 200 people.

Chu Qiao suddenly strode forward and used all the time to have a half-column incense to cut off all the ropes. She looked at the woman in a room and said with a word of silence: “You listen, I can’t save you all, but I tell you that there are less than two guards outside, but you have Thousands of people, as long as you run with courage, they may not be able to catch you all. You may die, maybe you will escape, but anyway, you also want to be a sacrifice, anyway, it’s all dead, it’s better to fight this. One. Now it is the basement level. After going out to the left, it is a step. After going up, you will turn right. After three passes, it is the main entrance, you can rush out. Not afraid, afraid of death, no guts, Just stay here and die.”

When the voice just fell, the group of people suddenly stood up and screamed, and then the group of women ran like a madman, for fear of falling behind.

The stinking hurricanes on them blew through Chu Qiao’s breath, so unpleasant, Chu Qiao stood in the same place, took a deep breath, and forced the anger and sorrow of the bottom of my heart.

Li Ce, you come and see, your country, your people, what are they doing?

“Yue’er, don’t we leave?”

The room has calmed down, and no one else, Jing Lian came forward and whispered.

Chu Qiao slowly shook her head: “We don’t go from there. They are so many people, they will surely alarm the guards. You come with me.”

I’m sorry, but I don’t mean to save you. I just can’t help. I don’t have so much power. I’m sorry.

Slightly sour, Chu Qiao took a deep breath, accompanied by two relatives of the Jing family, rushed in the direction she sneaked into.

After an hour, Chu Qiao finally sent out her two sisters from Jing family. After a few arrangements, she returned to Meishan Mausoleum again. With the last dive, this time it seemed much simpler, and because the escape of those women almost alerted the guards of the entire imperial tomb. Chu Qiao didn’t know how much they had escaped. She didn’t have time to care. She must now find Jing Zhi Su and save her. Because if someone runs away or dies, then she is likely to be pulled back for a human sacrifice. For this elder sister, Chu Qiao is still very emotional.

All the way to sneak, the following noise gives Chu Qiao an excellent opportunity for action. She is almost an upright all the way up, but no one blocked. It seems that important people have not yet entered the area. The defense here is still not tight.

When we reached the top floor, a woman’s cries came suddenly and her voice was very familiar. Chu Qiao stepped forward and was seeing a white woman carrying a pot of water slowly. As she walked, she sobbed, and my tears fell in the basin, splashing large and small water bags.

Stepping through the innocent place of the sandals, it takes no effort!

Chu Qiao’s heart was happy, and he immediately took two steps. He was about to stop Jing Zhi Su. He suddenly heard a woman say coldly: “What are you crying? Do you want to die?”

Chu Qiao body shocked, suddenly lost their hearts!

“your Highness!”

Jing Zhi Su shouted to the ground and shouted, “Please, save my two younger sisters. When they are to be with them, they will be sacrificed. I beg you, save them!”

Zhao Chun’er gave a cold grunt and did not look at her. She walked straight past her side and said coldly as she walked: “If it is not enough for people around me, you think that people like you can serve me.” Don’t be in a daydream, talk more, I can send you back to accompany your two sisters at any time.”

How can Zhao Chun’er be here?

Chu Qiao thought she should turn, She should be back to the Great Summer? Why is it in the temple of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties?  What is she for this purpose? But what is the purpose?

However, waiting for her to think carefully, a sudden rush of footsteps suddenly came and Zhao Chun’er turned away. Several pro-guards watches her side and saw a 30-year-old middle-aged general dressed in an outfit. I walked up to Zhao Chuner’s side and Zhao Chun’er smiled like a flower and greeted him. The man’s thick eyebrows and his face were full of sorrowful colors.  He grabbed Zhao Chun’er waist, then he stretched out his big hand and rubbed it on Zhao Chuner’s. Took a sneer and said: “The little show is becoming fuller.”

Zhao Chuner’s eyes flashed a trace of twilight, but she quickly concealed it. She smiled at the man’s neck and asked, “How is it?”

“You’re done.”


Zhao Chuner’s was very happy. The man stretched his head and said: “Wouldn’t you give me a little reward?”

Zhao Chuner’s child slightly hides and says: ” “There are people next to you.”

“How is it? I like to be watched.” The man tore apart Zhao Chun’er clothes, revealing the crimson apron inside, and the man’s throat whispered, even pushing Zhao Chun’er in the hallway and then slammed up, pulled off the apron and opened his mouth to bite the piece of snow that was on the chest of Zhao Chuner!

“Uh huh…”

A soft, low wheeze sounded like a savage brute. The soldiers on both sides did not retreat, but they watched with interest. Jing Zhi Su kneeling on the ground, constantly giggling, seems to have been scared silly.

Just when Chu Qiao was thinking about whether or not to remove this pair of dogs and men from the front, a word suddenly fluttered into her ear, like a thunder, suddenly burst!

Zhao Chun’er asked with a hard breath and he said, “Li… um… Li Ce… dead… dead…”

“Large sound!” The man bitten the red color of Zhao’s chest, and his lips rubbed hard: “Call a big voice!”

“Ah!” Zhao Chun’er son, screaming, shouted, “Come on, tell me!”

“Dead… Little slut, your husband is dying, are you sad?”

With a muffled thud, Chu Qiao felt as if there was a thunder blown over his head. Her eyes were blackened and her thoughts were frozen for a while.

Li Ce? died? died! ! !

After the cloud rain stopped, the man stood up and Zhao Yaner was a princess. He was even lying on the floor and dressing the man. After listening to the man’s proud smile, he said: “You and Li Ce died at the same time. There was also a group of idiots who were not afraid of death to make death annihilation. Under this situation, it was impossible for Sui and Bian Tang not to wage war on Yanbei. It has spread all over the country. Soon, the military forces of the four military regions of Beibei, Nanqiu, Liaodong, and Xinyang will drive to Meishan. The idiots of the Central Military Forces are also firmly controlled by our hands. By then, the war will be combined with our military power. In the grip, to see who else is my opponent in this Sui and Tang dynasty!”

Zhao Chun’er said: “I only need the heads of those two people.”

“You can rest assured that since he promised you, I will do it for you.”

The man laughed. At this moment, there was a sudden scream coming from below. Jing Zhi Su looked a change. Suddenly he stood up and squatted a few times on Zhao Chuner’s side. He shouted: “Princess, General Zhong Peng. Rescue my sister. They will now start the sacrifices. I beg you, help my sister!”

Zhong Peng!

The Northern Wei Army commanded the killer Wang Zhong Peng of Sui and Tang Dynasties! In the Battle of Nanqiu that year, he buried the general Zhong Peng of the 100,000 South Barbarians! Turns out to be him?

“Who is she?”

Zhong Peng narrowed his eyes and said quietly.

“A descendant.”

The man smiled: “It looks good.”

After that, strode forward, pull up the osmanthus, fingers slipped over her neck, and then only listened to the sharp sound of “嘶”, the clothes of Jing Zhi Su were suddenly torn open, revealing the skin inside that bloomed like a white flower !


Chu Qiao snorted and suddenly popped up. Her brain was still occupied by the news that Li Ce was dead. Her eyes were red, and the hand slammed, and suddenly a guard. On the spot, a sweeping leg squatted on Zhong Peng’s knee. The man’s body was soft and he fell to the ground.

“There is an assassin!”

Almost at the same time, a large number of guards suddenly appeared, Chu Qiao was not afraid, the move was hot, the speed was amazing, and for a while, he stumbled on four people.

However, at this moment, a rush of anger suddenly came. Zhao Chuner had a long sword in her hand and was placed on the neck of Jing Zhi Su. The blade had cut the neck of Jing Zhi Su. The blood was falling down and the woman was cold. Looking at her, she said coldly: “The world is really small, we met again so quickly.”


In a short day, the situation changed,  and the big colleagues under Yan Xun’s instructioms would kill Crown Prince Li Ce who had rushed halfway to the temple, under the guidance of Yanbei. They also killed the Princess Zhao Chun’er who had returned to Daxia during the starry night. The emperor was in the palace. Being assassinated, although not fatal, was already bedridden. The Sui and Bian Tang dynasty’s power center was instantaneous and everything was like a huge tornado storm. The Sui and Bian Tang dynasty were messy.

Later, as if everything was predicted, the five Corps of Nanqiu, Beibei, Xinyang, Liaodong, and the Central Government rushed to the temple overnight to participate in the blood-soldering squadron led by Zhong Peng of the Northern Wei Army.

The terrain is flat and the horizon is open.

On the second-order terrace of the high temple, a bleak autumn wind was blown. The huge copper furnace was already burning red. The Datong warriors sat on the ground. Everyone’s face was calm and their arms were tied. The back is straight. The following parties’ troops are shouting “killing the Yanbei dog”, “slaying the Datong rebels” and “eliminating the swindlers”. Those voices are so huge that they sway in the north wind and break through layers of heaven.

For the Datong warriors, all the authorities in the entire continent have an indescribable disgust.

At this moment, the nobles sneered, the soldiers groaned, all the people in the audience were red eyes, like blood.

Before Zhong Peng stood in front of the crowd, he held his hands flat and signaled that everyone was quiet. His voice was very rough, like broken stone, and cold shouted: “Kill!”


The soldiers shouted in unison and broke their voices. A few Central Military guards grabbed a Datong warrior and pressed him to the copper furnace before he let him kneel down. The fire was raging, and the red-red light had to be coke-burned. A knife-high axe raised the knife and hung it over the neck of the samurai warrior. Li Ce shouted: “You don’t plead guilty!”

The warrior, who was in his thirties and had skin bronze, turned his eyes to the endless square and suddenly shouted: “Datong will not die!”

“Bang” sound, a surge of blood straight into the sky, suddenly dyed white marble steps, the samurai’s head was immediately cut down, one fell into the burning copper furnace. In an instant, the black smoke suddenly rose and the siren sounded so loud that the troops began to cheer loudly and numbly to celebrate the rebellious death of an “intimidating” Datong rebel!


Zhong Peng said coldly, another Datong warrior was taken to the side of the copper furnace, and his hand slammed down. The slogan “Datong will not die” only shouted half, and the cheers below were like mountains and tsunami. It was so hot and crazy. Strong people can’t get into the ear.

Another person was taken up, the man’s eyes were like ice and cold, so disdainful looking at the soldiers of Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties, the man suddenly broke away from the soldiers behind him, shouting the slogan of Datong, and smashing the hot copper furnace. Brain is chapped and bloody, like a stream, flowing.

People were shocked, the cheers were a little smaller, and a girl in her early twenties was pushed in front of the copper furnace. She was very beautiful, her eyes were clear, and she looked kind and harmless. However, she also shouted with a scream and then died.

Gradually, people’s voices are dumb, and the believers of the big peers are still one after another, without fear, without crying. They are calm and seem to travel, their eyes are not the fanaticism of the believers, but very calm, very determined, one by one, went forward and died for my own beliefs.

Chu Qiao only felt that all the sensory cells in the body had already died. Her eyes were crimson, her arms were hard, and her fists were holding her hands tightly. She groped her dagger tied on her arm and quietly waited for an opportunity. However, her chest suffocation was as if she wanted to pass through her body and burst out.

The killings and throwing are continuing, but the cheers below are getting smaller and smaller. Every one of the dead warriors is fearless. They are like martyrs and fearlessly shouting their slogans. They are so determined. It’s so confident. It’s like never before.

“Datong will not die!”

“Datong will not die!”

“Datong will not die!”

Really not going to die? Yes, the millennium, how many emperors changed to the dynasty, how many emperors are dying, how many families have lost their lives, and how many forces have vanished, however, only the big peers, only the organization that rises from the sorrows between the fields and the sorrows, generation after generation, It has been passed down from generation to generation. No matter how the government annihilated, no matter how many rewards the aristocrats made, they can still stand up in the rubble and stand upright in the dead sea.

This is a plague like an organization that cannot be eliminated and always adheres to the decaying empire.

The crowd began to be noisy. Even the nobility even vomited. Zhong Peng’s eyes gradually became gloomy. He felt that he should find a soft warrior to stabilize his morale. Then he turned to look at the crowd and suddenly saw an elderly person. Very young child.

The child was only twelve or three years old and was tied up with his hands and feet. He was hiding behind the other warriors. He was scared and his face was white. When he saw him, he shook his lips.

Zhong Peng was overjoyed. When he pulled up the child and said a few times before the copper furnace, he pressed his head and sneered and asked, “Children, as long as you admit that you are guilty, I will spare you.”

The audience suddenly calmed down, and everyone’s eyes condensed on the child. The child was very small and very thin, and his appearance was very delicate. There were more than ten headless bodies on his side, and the blood flowed out and wet his pants. His eyes were red and he seemed to want to cry. He looked up in fear and looked at the dense army. He countless countless people. He was suddenly so scared, and his fearful body shook.

Zhong Peng’s voice once again sounded in the ear of the nightmare: “Children, the princess is the one you killed, the prince is dead in your hands. Now the commander of the wolf is pretending to be yours. You will attack the Tang Dynasty.” right?”

The child was frightened and couldn’t speak.


A sudden burst of anger drinking suddenly came, the child suddenly scared a soft knee, he was like a terrified rabbit, opened his mouth, but could not make a little sound.

General Zhong Peng is like a devil, screaming: “Say!”

“Datong will not die!” The child suddenly burst into tears and shouted: “Datong will not die! Everyone has food!”

In an instant, it resembles a razor-sharp arrow, accompanied by the child’s tender voice, piercing the barriers in people’s hearts.

The ladies of the aristocrats began to cry and their voices grew louder and louder. They did not know whether they were sad or afraid. Or, they were the fear of one side being weak in front of the other. However, what a ridiculous thing is that they are the people who control fate, aren’t they? Are they high above, are they not? But why, in this child’s trembling weeping, the entire empire shivered when the warriors of the great companions went to death without fear?

With a bang, the blade of the knife fell to the ground. The perennial killer was trembling. He mourned, like a cruel beast, and turned and ran. The guards immediately released the arrows. The man was fired into a sieve without a few steps.

“Go to hell to build your Datong!”

Zhong Peng gave a cold cry and one of the children was brought up and the entire person was thrown into the copper furnace!

“Do not!”

Chu Qiao screamed and saw that the child’s figure flashed, and there was no raging fire. The harsh screams rushed to the sky, like the devil of the nightingale, and even the veterans who had been through the battlefield couldn’t help but cover their ears.

“You crazy!”

Chu Qiao shouted: “I will not let you go!”

“Can’t wait too soon?” Zhong Peng slammed and strode forward. The man’s stout arm picked up Chujo’s collar and said grimly: “You are in a hurry, then let you come first.”

“Gentlemen! Do you know who this woman is?”

Zhong Peng pulled Chu Qiao up and shouted: “This is one of the rebel leaders of Yanbei. She killed the Princess of Daxia and conspired to provoke a war between us and Daxia. she confuses the prince, then Cruelly killing our Highness! You said, should this woman kill?”

“The kill!”

The angry roar echoed in the wilderness in front of the plug. Zhong Peng’s eyes almost spurted and shouted, “Okay! We use her to sacrifice our banner today!”


A crisp shout suddenly sounded, and the crowd was shocked. They turned their heads and looked at it. They saw the wilderness in the wild grass. Tens of horses rushed quickly, and the men’s green shirts were splashed with ink. 仗 (means to have snowball fight) swords and horses, shouted loudly: “Keep your knife!”

I saw the speed of coming people very fast, sword eyebrows, star eyes, holding a long sword, it is the Daxia aristocrats Zhuge valve Zhuge four less recently came to the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

Zhong Peng’s heart screamed badly, and he immediately shot. At this moment, Chu Qiao suddenly became flexible, and she slid down her arm, and the sharp blade cut the rope on her arm!

“Catch her!”

Zhong Peng shouted and the soldiers of the Central Army immediately rushed forward.

“Master!” cried out Yue Qi, bending the bow and pulling the arrow, and one arrow flew out, and the sly shot above the cliff.

Zhuge Yue, on the vertical, was flexible and leap-forward. Immediately afterward, Zhuge Yue’s subordinates shot arrows, archery was striking, and strong bows were used to open fire. They actually created arrows on the cliffs.

The tide-like army suddenly boiled, and the arrows rushed forward, trying to stop the Zhuge Yue family from approaching. Three thousand guards of the Imperial City flocked forward to protect the Zhuge family, and the five-party coalition forces, the bow, and arrow were wounded, the horse’s nose spewed in the hot air, the war is like a one touch.

“Do you stop!”

In the twinkling of an eye, Zhuge Yu has jumped on the second-order platform, holding a golden jade token, and arranging Dan Tian (it means point two inches below the navel where one’s qi resides), ​​and screamed: “I have the Tang dynasty token in my hand, and the Tang dynasty has orders, the soldiers stop. Zhuge Yue then comes!”

The autumn wind is fierce, the wind is whistling, the man’s green shirt is falling, the jade face is star-studded, and it stands proudly on the slow stage, and the heroic expression is unspeakable. What he said was shocking. Liu Ge was shocked. He immediately asked aloud: “What do you say? Your Royal Highness will come then?”

“Yes,” Zhuge Yue said, turning around and taking a cold glance at Zhong Peng, screamed, he said: “The Prince Li Ce is not dead. He will soon bring troops.”

“You talk nonsense!”

Zhong Peng shouted hard for fear that he would say anything more and yelled, “Kill him!”

The second floor of the Central Army rushed forward. Zhuge Yue said loudly, “Do you want to rebel?”

“Master Zhuge, who is a great summer official, does not want to take revenge for your princess, but he strongly speaks to Yanbei and frequently intervenes in the internal affairs of Datang. What cares do you have in the end?”

“Zhong Peng! You are not loyal to the country, but instead conspiring to ruin the government and bring the troops to force the palace. What is your heart?” Instead, you’re conspiring to chaos.

Zhong Peng’s bloody mouth, cold and cold, said: “I see you like the Prince, they are lost by this little demon girl!”

Zhuge Yue looked cold, suddenly took out the the sword, incredibly fast! The soldiers of the Central Army could hardly believe their eyes, blood splattered, and the figure churning. Zhuge Yue grabbed Chu Qiao a few times and tossed a knife in her place and threw it at her. He shouted, “Come with me! ”

Zhuge Yue’s figure is like a ghost. When he first smashed into the crowd, the cold light shone, the tide-like soldiers had already killed their eyes, the cruel melee, and the enemies everywhere. Chu Qiao followed him, his arm was still numb because of the binding, but she still quickly adjusted herself, closely following Zhuge Yue.

Breathing becomes heavy and the physical exertion is gradually consumed. The seventh month and other people were escorted by the Guards. They saw that there was danger and they wanted to rush up. However, the narrow road below the cliff was guarded by the layers of the Northern Army. The Guards had to guard against the fact that they were more than 20 times. The coalition forces must fight against the Beibei Army behind them. It is very difficult to protect themselves for a time.

The strong collision caused people to continue to collapse, and they saw that they would burst into the interior of the temple. Zhuge Yue shouted and on its peak made a circle. A blood mark suddenly burst into the air. The man pulled Chu Qiao’s arm and jumped into the temple.

Zhong Peng and others were shocked. They did not expect that under such tight defense, they could still make a come-out and quickly pursue it.

“Zhuge Yue! Great summer will dispose you!”

Behind the crowd is a large number of pursuers, Chu Qiao cried while running.

Zhuge Yue looked at Tieqing, holding a sword, hand tightly pulled Chu Qiao’s hand, shuttled in the narrow corridor extending in all directions, avoiding an answer. (These lines were omitted on the internet I have to include it)

“Your family will deal with you!” (These lines were omitted on the internet I have to include it)

Chu Qiao still shouted: “You leave immediately, they won’t take you, don’t stay with me!”

With a loud bang, the two men shuttled into a spacious lobby. Zhuge Yue’s foot closed the door and plugged the door bolt. Then there was a violent crackle behind it. Fortunately, every door here was iron cast. One and a half will not be able to open.

“Are you crazy? Is it what you are doing? Have you forgotten what you said at the beginning? Why did you manage my affairs again and again?”

Chu Qiao punched in Zhuge Yue’s face, like a furious lioness, her eyes flushed and shouted: “You will die! Do you know that you will die?”

“Then you know that if you just came one step late, you are already a dead person?”

The man was finally furious and his mouth was swollen by Chu Qiao. He pressed Chu Qiao on the wall. The tone was deep but full of anger: “What do you think you are? Saviour? If you want to come to Buddha? Smelly woman, you are an idiot, you are an idiot, and you are just twenty-five!

Chu Qiao’s eyes are red, and the excitement can’t be suppressed: “What about me as an idiot? How about I am an idiot? Then you are back? I would rather have to fight on the stage and not want to watch you accompany me to death!”

Zhuge Yue’s eyes suddenly calmed down. He closed his eyes heavily, then slowly turned his head and smiled in a self-deprecating tone: “Because I am more stupid than you.”

The air suddenly became calm. Not far behind was the wolf-like pursuer. The loud door knocked out and the soldiers’ roars and roars continued to ring. Chu Qiao’s eyes became sour. She suddenly felt a little bit to cry. She couldn’t help turning her head back, saying: “I don’t want to owe you.”

“You have already owed a lot.”

Chu Qiao suddenly replied: “I do not want to owe you!”

“If you don’t want to owe me, can you also save your life!” Zhuge Yue turned around, and his sword and eyebrows stood up and screamed. “I didn’t hear you. If you dare to die, I will kill you and go to the government office.”

Are people dead and afraid to pursue it? Chu Qiao in her heart cried a hard sentence against the urge to cry, she turned her head and calmly said: “I know where Zhao Chun’er is, as long as I find her, the rumor is not broken.”

“Okay, I’m going to open up a chase. You’re going to find her.”

Chu Qiao nodded and just wanted to turn. Zhuge Yue suddenly pulled her.

The man’s eyes are deep as if there is something hidden underneath, so deep, so deep that people can’t see clearly. He suddenly stretched out his arms and gently embraced Chu Qiao’s shoulders, then handed his broken moon sword to Chu Qiao’s hand and said quietly, “Be careful.”

Chu Qiao’s nose was a little sour and her voice was boring. She nodded heavily: “If you are dead, I will put a hundred firecrackers on it to celebrate me and never forget to remember to pay back your feelings.”

Zhuge Yue smiled and gently turned his fist: “I’m afraid you didn’t have the opportunity to set off firecrackers.”

“Take care.”

Zhuge Yue nodded: “You go first. After you leave, I will open the door because they are going in the opposite direction.”

Chu Qiao nodded and then gave him a look and turned to run away.

The eyes were wet, but no tears flowed down.

“It doesn’t matter. It won’t matter.”

Chu Qiao whispered, and then quickly ran up the stairs to the temple, and ran to the place where he had heard it before.

The sound of “squeaking” blew through the air, and the door of the clothes room was kicked open. The young girl rushed in. She slammed her head and slid into the neck of an escort. The other person pulled out a knife. However, his knife has not yet been pulled out, and a shiny silver sword flew in and suddenly crossed his chest.

Chu Qiao was covered in blood, and Wujin’s (means endless, with the five metals: gold, silver, copper, iron and tin) robe became more and more provocative. She patted her hand, looked back at the dagger and the sword, and looked coldly at Zhao Chuner, who was sitting on the bed and changed his face. He sneered and said, “I didn’t think we were so quick to meet again.”


Above the high mountains, it is the imperial tomb of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties, and the temple roof of the Imperial Temple is an empty platform. Chu Qiao held Zhao Chun’er and kicked to open the door of the platform. Then she stepped out and locked the iron door.

On the plain under the temple, thousands of Tang Dynasty soldiers are standing by and waiting for the President’s order to Zhong Peng’s command. When Chu Qiao came out from the inside, everyone was shocked and shouted…

“The soldier of Bian Tang! You look at your eyes and see who this is, who is she?”

After opening a huge cloak, Zhao Chuner’s grief-stricken face was suddenly exposed to the sun. The noisy crowd had a moment of panic and silence, but immediately, an unbelievable squeak broke through the eardrum, like an out-flowing stream of flash floods, but boomed.

The impact of “rumbling” came from behind. The huge iron gate made a bewilderment of wild beasts. The smoke and dust fluttered, and the sawdust fell. Zhao Chuner shivered gently, and the pale skin was like a ghost.

Chu Qiao grabbed the collar of Zhao Yu’er and shouted to the soldiers under Meishan: “The soldiers, your country is vast, your army is very powerful, you occupy the rich land on the mainland, and have hard-working People! You ruled this continent for thousands of years, and the orthodox of Donglu (means snow dew), defended with your blood and sweat, resisted the barbarians of Fanbang and defended the people of Ximeng. You are a knight without glory. But today, here, you are blinded. You have been deceived. The conspiratorial ambitions have used you. They have set shameless traps, and they have to take the trouble to stir up trouble. They want to stir up the war between the Sui and Tang dynasties and Yanbei and let the sinful flames burn on the land of Bian Tang!”

A wave of turbulent fluctuations echoed in the crowd. These dusty soldiers did not know how to deal with everything they faced. Some people are yelling and some people are skeptical, but more people are interrogating under their hearts. All this is what is going on.

“You are soldiers. The duty of the military is to safeguard the interests of the motherland and to protect the people’s lives. But, tell me, why are you fighting?”

The long wind blew through the wind, and the endless grass gave off a wolf whistling. The sunset was like blood. Chu Qiao stood in the wind and Shen Sheng said, “The soldiers bleed to defend the country, defend their homeland, and defend their parents and children! What is it for you, for the sake of the so-called dignity, or for this big summer princess who has been deceiving you all the time?”

The crowd instantly boiled and heard only Chujo shouted in a loud voice: “Wake up! Think about what you will get? The northern iron cavalry rushes into the summer and the land of peace and prosperity is raging. Your property will be stripped. Your parents will be slaughtered, your wife and children will be bullied, your houses, your fields, and everything will be ashes in the flames of war! In the end, you and Yanbei will lose both sides, and at this time, the powerful enemy in the north will be stunned. The butcher’s knife on the waiting side will hang over your head. At that time, Datang will repeat the mistakes of three hundred years ago, and this time, not only Hongchuan, but also Liaodong, and there will be gongs, in Nanqiu, and Dongling. You will swear to fight till you lose your last foothold!”


A muffled sound suddenly bursts over the top of the head, and huge thunderstorm blasts open. The soldiers’ eyes flash with lightning-like sharpness, reddish, like a bloodthirsty glow.

The iron gates behind him sent out screams of devastation. The sunset was like blood, and the prairie was like iron. The squatting mountain was like a sword in the sky, and the snow-white emperor’s mausoleum was standing high. Chu Qiao was wearing a Wujin (means endless, with the five metals: gold, silver, copper, iron and tin ) black-gold robe, tall and straight, and holding a long sword. The single-handedly facing the red-faced Central Army fighter and the mountains below it are like the majestic army of the ocean.

The sunset glowed with golden light and shined on her sacred and beautiful face. The woman’s peak slanted and shouted coldly against the group of Sui and Bian Tang dynasties who were standing in the squares and dressed in silk clothes. They said in a loud voice, “The soldiers! You were betrayed!”

Time is like a volcanic spurt. The rushing floods are filled with swift reefs that break through the dams. The noise of the soldiers is like a roaring thunder. The thin woman shouts: “The big summer is not benevolent, the monarch is violent.”For centuries, they have destroyed the heart of the Tang Dynasty. We have common enemies. We have common blood hatred. Yanbei is a friend of Bian Tang and will never kill each other!”

“Never kill each other!”

In the crowd, there was a loud shouting, and the soldiers who had been deceived screamed loudly when they were rushing for thousands of miles. They shouted with a knife and shouted: “Kill the Great Summer! Hit! Hit! Hit!”

“No shout! Don’t shout!”

The vice commander of the South Hill Army shouted: “Shut her! Shoot her! This demon girl! Kill her!”

However, before he finished shouting, there were soldiers who erected bows and arrows, and dozens of sharp arrows spurred suddenly, and instantly penetrated the white wall and big throat!

“Warriors! Go back to your barracks, obey your leaders, support your monarchs, and don’t be deceived and bewildered by the people of interest. Sui and Bian Tang has no war and resists resolutely!”

“No battle in Sui and Tang dynasties!”

“Do not fight an unnecessary war!”

The crowd is just like crazy. Tens of thousands of arms are waving in the air. Zhao Chuner’s eyes are red and his face is full of grief. She slowly turns her head and glares at Chu Qiao. The hazy voice whispers: “You squat woman! The enchanting demon girl!”

Chu Qiao turned his head and looked at her coldly. She said slowly: “I told you that you are not my opponent, never.”

“Can’t go! Can’t go!”

On the tidal square, there are also officers who are screaming at their stern and shouting: “We have military orders! For the honor of the Empire, for the dignity of the army…”

“Go to the fucking military order!”

The soldiers were suddenly furious. Before the unprovoked military deployment, these people were already amazed. At this moment, they saw the big summer princess who had already died in Park, and once again stood in front of the good end, who would believe the so-called Yanbei plot to plot the Tang Dynasty? In particular, the eyes of the Datong warriors who looked at the death of their eyes. Listening to Chuo’s words of enthusiasm, the soldiers’ reluctance to start the war was completely smashed out.

These people are not the central army playboys who do nothing for the imperial city. They are not fanatical madmen who have always dreamed of being great powers but never experienced wars. They are from Nanqiu, from Beibei, from Liaodong, and from Xinyang. They are ordinary poor people. From the army, but for the three meals to saturate that little breadwinner. If the country is in dire straits, the man is indispensable, but what would be a dilemma for the families of these civilians if they were to start an unwarranted war?

People will not forget that several times of the terrible Northern Expedition will not forget the fact that several villages and widows after the Huai-Song War have already become the most hated thing in the heart of this nation, and the continuous failures of many years have been through. it destroyed their confidence in the war. If you can start a thousand miles of marching at the beginning and swear to death, then at this moment, they have completely lost the conviction of a decisive battle.

The supervising patrolmen trembled with their bows and arrows and wanted to shoot the soldiers who had broken away. But in the next second, they also lost their bows and arrows and followed the crowd.

In an instant, an open space was completely empty. The soldiers lost their swords to express their determination not to enter the war. On top of the square, besides the Central Army, which is totally at home, the four-nation coalition forces of Nanqiu, Beibei, Liaodong, and Xinyang all retired. The soldiers of the Central Army held their swords and were pale and faced with the 3,000 black urns in front of them. Wei, hesitated.

At this moment, just listening to the loud noise of “Boom”, the sky was rapidly rising and the heavy iron gates were slammed open. The Central Army’s acting commander, Zhong Peng, commanded the swords of blood, followed by a large number of swords. The main warring faction was furious toward Chu Qiao.

“Take this demon girl!”

The setting sun was burning, and the woman’s robe danced with the wind, like a burning flame. She looked at the soldiers of the Central Army who were approaching and slowly took out their swords. A slight disdain smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

The officers of the Central Military Force once faced this beautiful Rakshasa* directly and knew that she was powerful. At one time, no one dared to rush directly forward.

*Rakshasa in Sanskrit means: राक्षस, rākṣasa) is a mythological being in Hindu mythology. As this mythology influenced other religions, the rakshasa was later incorporated into Buddhism. Rakshasas are also called “Maneaters” (Nri-chakshas, Kravyads). A female rakshasa is known as a Rakshasi.

Is it going to die?

Chu Qiao’s mouth gently raised, a faint smile, her eyes are so bright, like the sky blue sky tile. There is no fear, no fear, only a touch of worry, more, but it is a great faith.

It’s a pity that I can’t see you until I die. Until I die, I can’t take a look at Yanbei and take a look at the place where I fought for my life.

Chu Qiao turned her head and looked at the northwest. The clouds on the horizon looked like a burning fire. The crashing wind blew the flag on the mast and flew. The fiery red rose splashed on the flag of the blue edge of white, like hot blood, and the fierce roaring wind blew in the north wind. At the peak of the mountain, Li Xiao (means bird species of China, the oriental bay owl) like a long eagle sounded and the voice was as sharp as Yan Xun’s eagles who had said so many times. The gray-brown wings beckoned and fought against the high heavens.

“Yan Xun, I did everything I could do. Now I’m going to die. I’m not afraid of death. I’m afraid I can’t die like I thought. Now, I’m going to pay for my faith.” I don’t regret my life, because I know that you will inherit our beliefs, abide by our promises, and go strong, unyielding, and steady. I love you, I will give you everything for me, now, I will leave you first, but my eyes will always be watching you. My heart will always be with you. I will watch you holding the gold battle flag and lead the Yanbei people out of the barren land. Lead the people of Ximeng out of the imprisoned cage. You will not disappoint me! May you be brave! May you be strong! May you be safe! May you realize your revenge and fulfill your expectations!”

Vigorous long winds stirred up, and the turbulent grass that set off the sky was shaking. The pines and cypresses rocked and the earth shook. Beibei’s army saw his own chief executive and issued a low gasp. Zhong Peng’s eyes sharply sweeping toward Beibei soldiers were like a fire.

“Give her!”

Zhong Peng’s voice was low, and there was a huge unspeakable anger.

Zhao Chun’er turned her head, looked at Chu Qiao with cold eyes, and smirked at her side: “You are finished.”

“Is it?” Chu Qiao smiled disdainfully, then looked at the wolf-like Central Army generals: “I said I would never let myself be passive.”

“Oh, what else can you do?”

Yes, she couldn’t do anything anymore. She was so full of strength that she could not escape her fierce fighting. Her arms trembled, and she couldn’t even keep the thick-backed sword, her throat hurt and her body hurt. But she was still standing there, disdainfully watching the group of people who wanted to make her and then threaten Yanbei’s stack. She smiled coldly.

“I can’t choose how to kill you, but I can at least choose how I die.”

As soon as the voice just fell, Zhao Chun’er immediately exclaimed, reaching out to grab Chu Qiao’s clothes. But Chu Qiao took a step faster and saw her instantly leap from the high platform of the foothills. The gorgeous robes resembled the wings of an eagle and fluttered under the blue sky!


The horrified screams resounded throughout the audience, and everyone was shocked and grabbed the big mouth.

Zhao Chun’er was stunned by the whole person. She squatted her hand and only tore off a piece of broken cloth. The silk fabric of Nanqiu’s imperial system was soft and smooth, like a good white jade, rubbing the skin of her fingertips, with cold snow and ice.

Zhong Peng was furious and long-haired, his eyes filled with blood, and kicked a soldier of the Central Army. He rushed forward in two steps, but he couldn’t help but anger.

The dignitaries of the Sui and Tang Dynasties were paralyzed. They stood on the second stage of the stone platform and looked at the figure that the woman had decided to make. Some thoughts slowly came out. After all, what is right and what is wrong, are they really blinded by people and deceived by people to applaud?  What this bloody woman said are all are true, are they really doing it wrong?

Tens of thousands of Tang Dynasty soldiers stayed in silence. The audience was silent as if they were petrified, and the raids of successive days and anger in the heart suddenly subsided. Why are they fighting? The army is the blade of the country, but can it really not have its own thinking? If the army is only a weapon, then if this weapon falls into the hands of conspirators, what kind of disaster will it bring to the country?

Between the heavens and the earth silently, people’s screams and snoring noises were away from her. Chu Qiao’s body fell from the top of the mountain, and if there was a treacherous cliff above the slashed cliff, the voice of the goshawk screamed, and the voice was so stern that it seemed to be screaming loudly.

Time is extremely slow, but there is incomparable urgency, the wind blows through the ears, the hunting flag is like a rushing tide. There is a red-red battle flag of Nanqiu, there is the black-black battle flag of Beibei, the khaki-colored battle flag of Liaodong, the light blue battle flag of Xinyang, and the Sui and Tang dynasty.

But in a flash, Chu Qiao seemed to have spent an eye, her people flying in mid-air, but the golden eagle flag with gold as the bottom of the black eagle was like an ordinary piercing her eyes!


A soldier suddenly shouted loudly, almost at the same time as Chu Qiao jumped out of the mountains. Under the horizon, there was an angry black line!

The line is like a stream, but it turns into a rushing river. From the frontline to the side, it whistles like the river and the East China Sea. Instantly, it turns into an endless black sea!

“Fight for freedom!”

With A thud, the uniformity of the Yanbei Black Hawk Army slogan screamed, thousands of cavalry rushing from the horizon, screaming in the air, they waved their swords, wearing armor Like an angry ocean, they roared, and it was like a storm. On the land of the horseshoes, a large piece of flying dust was rolled up.

That is the army of freedom in Yanbei! It is sweeping the northwestern land, and even the fierce Batuha family has to bow down to the Yanbei Iron Rider! It is the first elite army in the mainland that even the iron and blood sects of the Qing Dynasty cannot resist!

All of a sudden, Meishan was utterly apprehensive, and people were scared as if they couldn’t believe their eyes. In this precarious moment, Daxia had already made a clear-cut preparation for attacking Yanbei, and the pioneer troops had already been established. The Sui and Bian Tang dynasties have also been transformed into Yanbei. At the moment of swearing death, the most devastating army in the northwestern continent, the number one public enemy of the entire land of Ximeng, and the Black Hawk Army of Yanbei, appeared on the border of Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties!

“my God!”

Liu Ge softly fell to the ground and murmured: “The devil is definitely coming from Yanbei!”

A bloody moment rushed to the head, the body seemed to be the last trace of power in an instant, and the woman who was still in rapids in midair pulled out the hook of her waist, and then quickly flew! Hearing only a snort, the hook-and-eye catches the ancient tree on the precipice, and the strong shock almost tears Chu Qiao’s arm, but still firmly controls her falling force.

Zhong Peng shouted loudly and pulled out his sword in the waist and drove it to Chu Qiao.

Chu Qiao hurriedly turned around in mid-air, but Zhong Peng was the first person in the Sui and Bian Tang military. He was quasi-admirable. Bang! the rope above the hook lock off, Chu Qiao just stabilized her body and then fall again!

At this moment, only the loud sound of “嗖” (means whooshing) blew through the sky at once, and the Black Legion had already run to the foot of the mountain. The man in the first black robe clasped his hand and bent his bow to take an arrow. The three arrows were instantaneously connected. Hair, means amazing, like long eyes, just listen to three sharp sound, even at the top only God-skill can do, tied on top of the rope above the hook lock!

Zhong Peng’s fury, his fierce eyes raised a pro-military soldier, and he drove down to Chu Qiao.

The man in the black robe coldly pulled out the thick-backed sword at the waist, and leaned with one hand, then slammed into the soldier who screamed loudly with the thunder.

Suddenly, a scream of horror rang in the crowd, and I saw that the knife did not enter the head of the soldier’s skull, and then he shot himself into the crevices of the cliff. However, the strength of the soldiers’ fall did not get relieved. Instead, they were divided into two halves with swords and swords. The swords and the skull, neck, torso, and lower abdomen were cut. The crowd could even hear the screams of screaming. Cracked voice of flesh. A large amount of blood dripping from above spilled on Chu Qiao’s shoulders. Then she saw the man split in half. He fell sharply from the left and right sides of Chu Qiao. Bloody and fuzzy!

The crowd is boiling, and the teeth of countless people are shaking violently. Taking advantage of this time, the Black Corps are getting closer and closer. Zhong Peng was mad at the entire person. He held up his sword and yelled at the soldiers. “Kill! Kill! Shoot her! Shoot her!”

People were stunned and nobody listened to his orders.

Zhong Peng was furious and swept away with a knife. He immediately cut a half of his head and called out, “Shoot her! Shoot her!”

The Central Military Forces began to wake up and bowed arrows. Arrows rushed like locusts.

Chu Qiao was in shock and heard someone in front of the Black Army cry out loud: “Jump!”

She thought about it and thought nothing of it. When she relaxed her hand, the body suddenly thundered, and the dense arrows flew over her head. Her scalp tingled with cold air and irritability. The wind of weightlessness seemed to tear her lungs apart. Her breathing was difficult and she could not breathe. The ground was getting closer. She knew that she could see how many stones were in the ground and how many grasses there were. The blood and flesh of the previous soldier was like a lumpy muddle. It was foreseeable that she would look like she would fall.

But she was not afraid. There was a belief in her heart that supported her and made her make a series of decisions without hesitation. She was even full of joy. Those full of happiness, great joy, and uncontrollable joy spilled out of her mouth. In this moment of life and death, she completely lost fear and worry, like a return. The child at home smiled happily!


The warhorse is raging and the hooves sound like thunder!

The man’s black cloak fluttered in the wind, and the warrior stood up. The man reached out and hugged her waist. The horse was overwhelmed and suddenly fell, but he firmly held the wipe. Slim shadow!

Under the bloody red sunset, the two hands firmly held a place, the man put her on the horse’s back, and then sang low to the horse: “Black wind, stand up!”

The whole body of black horses seemed to have spirituality, suddenly jumped up, and the black flag army behind them shouted in unison, and the sound of joy was like a raging wave of black waves!


The man bowed his head, his eyebrows were still the same as when he left, but he was thin, but there was something different, but it seemed to be alive. It was many years ago, on the hunting ground outside the city of Zhen Huang, the Lantern Festival On the shore of the Chishui Lake, behind the rocky cliffs on the Zhuge House, the simple smiling teenager has the look of the gods.

Freedom, unyielding, full of fearlessness with firm confidence in the future.

After rushing out of Zhenhuang, the eagle finally unfolded its wings, and there was no shackle that could stop him from flying. The heavens and the earth were so big that he was finally free to fly.

“Yan Xun.”

Chu Qiao smiled, happy from the chest, she clasped his hand tightly and felt that his blood seemed to be blazing. His chin is blue. Obviously, it has already been scrapped for a long time. The dust is in the air and it is exhausted. But his expression is still so familiar, that is, this man, and he struggled side by side for eight years, from no betrayal, is this person, and their own humiliation for eight years, never left, is this person, for whom he has almost paid everything from, no regrets.

At the moment of life and death, who can you trust completely?

Chu Qiao smiled and then opened his arms and hugged the broad chest of Yan Xun. Her mouth smiled, but the tears flowed down, moistened the man’s cold armor, wet the man’s face with a firm heartbeat, how many times the death escaped, how many times of humiliation, how many times, and how many times, She never felt hard, never gave up, because she knew that she was never alone. At the moment of despair, that person would always stand up, shelter her from the storm, fight side by side with her, never give up.

Yan Xun’s chin rubbed her smooth forehead, and the voice was still calm and calm as always, but there was a feeling of enthusiasm, and she wanted to rush out: “I have come.”

Suddenly hearing news, put everything down, he stayed up all night and went back to his homeland for thousands of miles. Leading soldiers, over the mountains, in the shape of a rabbit, without traces. For eight days, he created a record of the rapid march across the continent and created a new war myth. Thousands of troops whistled, the horses galloped, they seized the enemy, broke the enemy’s camp, how many difficulties, and many twists and turns, but when he saw her, he only casually said: “I have come.”

After being prosperous and returning to normality, there is never much to say between them.

“A’Chu, we fight side by side.”

Yan Xun proudly looked up and looked at the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties who shivered. Chu Qiao sat in front of him and raised her head. His eyes still shone with tears, but they did not harm her beauty.

The girl leaned on the sharp edge of her hand and pointed to the central army with white skin. He replied, “Okay, let those little ones experience the iron ride of Yanbei!”

Zhong Peng’s eyes suddenly tightened. He hurriedly looked out at the crowd of nobles, but he did not see the eyes he wanted to consult. He desperately wanted to commit suicide.

At this moment, the far north was suddenly hopping and the red blood flag of Bian Tang rose from the sky and shouted. The headed man was dressed in silver armor and led 50,000 wolf soldiers to make horses breathe.

“Li Ce this! All conspirators and insurgents, kill innocent!”

As the autumn winds swept over the land, the troops of the Sui and Tang dynasties were completely at a loss. At this time, they saw that Li Ce and Yan Xun bowed at the same time, and the arrows pointed to Zhong Peng, who was conspiring to rebel. In an instant, the arrow spurred like a meteor, the man violently drunk, but also tried to resist the sword, only to listen to the “squeaky” two muffled sounds, two bloodflowers at the same time his chest exploded.

After Zhong Peng’s retreat, he seemed to want to escape. At the same time, the iron gate behind him was kicked open, and a man in a blue suit took out his sword. The sword slammed and cut off the general’s throat!

The blood is splashing, and the man’s voice is loud and loud, and it’s dead, and it’s falling on the ground!

The smoke rises, the blood splashes, and the sunset is red as if it is going to flow out scarlet.

The wasteland was like iron and mountain was like blood. Chu Qiao leaned against Yan Xun’s arms and looked at the majestic Meishan Mausoleum. He looked at the endless expanse of vast plains. He looked at the vast expanse of wild grass and looked at Li Ce’s outfit. With Zhuge Yue’s flying clothes, she suddenly felt so tired.

Red clouds, a dead wilderness, only the ancient wind, slowly blowing.


CHAPTER 127 Yan and Tonggui


In the early morning of the eighth day of the year 777 a strong wind blew on the plains of the South Hill. An endless stream of dry grass moved with the wind, like a golden sea. Between the heavens and the earth, there was a vast sky. The distant end of the tree stands at the end of the line of sight. The peak of the first peak in Nanqiu reveals only a gray line. Under the rising sun shrouded in thick fog, it looks like a sleeping lion.

Li Ce, dressed in a bright yellow cloak, followed by the royal garrison, a rare part of the dignity of the royal family. He was sitting on the horse’s back, the head of the horn was a little messy by the wind, and the silk swept his face constantly, itchy, the man slammed his hand impatiently, pointing to the royal family behind him: “Several of you, go and go on a horse and stand there, blocking me from the wind.”

Lu Yunxi frowned and said: “Your Highness, the army of Yanbei is looking ahead.”

“so what?”

Li Ce’s eyebrows are still a lazy tone: “The army of Yanbei can’t see what it’s like to let you go there while standing there?”

The injuries caused by the iron were not fully covered yet, and gauze was still tied on his shoulders, but this did not affect the nerve lines that seemed to him to be awkward. The President of the Guards turned angrily and said gruffly: “His Royal Highness, Yan Shizi may be in front of you. You can take it easy.”

Lu Yunxi said: “We are secretly coming, so it is a bit of a person. It is not enough for one person to eat one bite.”

“What a weird thing, what do you guys say? I just let you stand aside. Don’t let the wind the difficult Yan Shizi hurt my skin. What does it have to do with Yan Shizi?”

Sun Di’s contempt for the scenery: “You are letting us not bother you to talk about what true love is.”

“Ah? What? You actually think so? Do I look like a man who disregards the big picture?”

The eyes of several people looked at it at the same time, and it was very clear in the eyes that it was very similar.

“His Royal Highness, the girl Chu Qiao came over.”

A guard suddenly shouted and shouted. Li Ce listened and quickly turned around and said: “Come on and go! If you don’t leave, you will be fined for half a year.”

As soon as the voice just fell, there wasn’t even a single ghost left. Chu Qiao quickly came to the horse and called on the horse and asked, wondering, “What did they do? They rushed.”

“They had a bad stomach and they were looking for a latrine.”

Chu Qiao smiled and said: “Li Ce, thank you so much this time.”

Li Ze’s eyebrows are picking, and the fox-like narrow eyes have a faint glow: “Thank me for what?”

“Thank you for helping me during this time and thank you for not jeopardizing people. Thank you for maintaining your neutrality at this time.

Li Ce stretched out a finger and shook his head: “The thing of Meishan should be that I want to thank you. Although we are prepared, if it is not for you, the soldiers are likely to change. Once they embark on the path of mutiny, they will raise the battle. Flag, Zhong Peng will have military power.  At that time, even if I came, it would be difficult to control the army that had decided to fight back. This is about the life and death of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, so it has nothing to do with you. As for the war with Yanbei, you don’t have to remember to hang up. At present, it seems that the war is not good for the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Even without you, I will not be stupid and give a big summer beating, haha, and I have always been a person who advocates peace, flesh and blood on the battlefield, no dirt in my robe.”

Chu Qiao smiled, and he did not defend herself. She said, “Okay, even if you and I don’t owe each other, you don’t have to be merciful if we meet in the battlefield of the future.”

“That can’t be.” Someone suddenly changed his face and counted his fingers and said: “You lived for me for so long, eat with me, wear with me, play with me, and not only drove away. Two of my wives-in-law also harmed my feelings with my husband. There were countless property losses, economic loss, mental damages, conspiracy, family breakdown, etc. We want to understand one by one. Everyone is an adult. I think that you can be regarded as a bright and upright person. I will not be willing to pay for it. I will send someone to Yanbei to give you a list in the future. You and Yanbei are not that wealthy. So to punish you when you see my banner on the battlefield in five years you can turn around. Yan Xun’s fellow is so fierce, I would not dare to meet him, what if he wants to bite me?”

With a bang, Chu Qiao hit Li Ce’s shoulder with a fist. The man yelled, “Ah, JoJo, can’t you change the way you express your feelings?”

Chu Qiao mouth pulled up, warm smile, she knew that Li Ce said that within five years, the Sui and Bian Tang dynasty will not be forced by the pressure of the Great Summer on Yanbei. Five years later, Yanbei must have built up its own strong forces. At that time, even if it was a Great summer, it would be difficult to have absolute certainty to attack Yanbei.

Her nose was sour and her voice was a bit stuffy, but she still said with a smile: “You can be beautiful, you can open a list and fold it into cash and silver to see how much I owe you.”

“Hey,” Li Ce sighed and lowered his head slightly, but the eye tip was picking up. The end of the eye was a metaphor. He looked at her quietly: “I said it was a small head, mainly because you let me forget you. And you can’t stay with me so that I can see you often. In the future, this long time, the pulse of time, my pains of long-term thoughts, but can be measured by money?”

A gust of wind blew, and a loud bang rolled up a large piece of yellow grass on the ground. The man’s belt fluttered, and his facial features looked like water. His complexion was full of desolateness and loneliness. He held up a faint smile on his lips, smiled helplessly and bitterly, and shook his head slightly, as if he was self-deprecating, the curvature of his lips lifted a solitude, like snow in the foothills, icy and lonely.

Chu Qiao suddenly stunned, her eyes like steel and cold, condensed on the road, want to say something, but do not know where to start.


Li Ce suddenly took a look at Chu Qiao, and almost giggled with a smile on his back. “Look at you, JoJo. Do you really think I’m as ignorant as the guy Zhuge Yue?”

Chu Qiao was played by him and suddenly he was furious. He was going to hit him with a punch. Li Ce’s sensibility to hide, said proudly:“Every time you are allowed to succeed, then is this Prince I’m not too faceless?”


Li Ce smiled and said: “You can’t be too confident. Yan Xun’s guy is unlucky. When he plays small, he mixes with you.  You may feel that there is no other woman except the whole world. Zhuge, the boy is stupid, I guess Zhuge Yue may be acquainted with the glamorous mature woman who has been accustomed to live for a lifetime. If you are so dry, the dog’s tail is out of the grass, and he will be shocked as a heavenly person. When you are a treasure, do you think that I will be a virtue with them, haha? !”

Chu Qaio angered: “Do you still say?”

“Don’t say no, Chu Qiao, I ask you one thing. It’s very important. You must answer me honestly.” Li Ce changed his face faster than he could turn a book, and he said grimly.

Seeing that he was serious, Chu Qiao also said in a deep voice: “You ask me. I can say anything I want.”

“You said it.”

“I said it, you ask.”

“That, that, I want to ask…” Li Ce looked around the mysterious sly, then frowned and said: “I want to ask…”

“What do you want to ask?” Seeing him probe, Chu Qiao secretly wondered that Li Ce had never done this before. What the hell is it, he wants to ask Yanbei’s military plan? Or is it the strategy of action in the next battle?

“I want to ask…” Li Ze’s mouth twitched slightly and suddenly said loudly: “I want to ask if Yan Xun is still a young boy!”

“Li Ce! You are looking for death!”

“Hey? Don’t say it without saying it, can you use your face?”

“I see you are sincerely wanting to be today!”

“Ah! Jojo, calm down and calm down, I am not malicious! Ah! Sun Di! Iron to escort! Guardian!”

The pig-like screams suddenly sounded, and the voice of Datang’s noble voice was uploaded to the wilderness. Unfortunately, none of his followers came over. Under the leadership of Sun Di, a group of imperial guards smashed a sloping place and there were some legally impermissible activities.

“Come and come, bet on the bet, I gamble that my Highness will not fight back, I will bet on two.”

A young man in his twenties does not think: “His Royal Highness is not such a water, it is beaten by a woman, and loses face.

The eyes of the people suddenly looked at him with sympathy. Lu Yunxi asked: “Are you coming? Was it not the Emperor?”

“Yeah,” the young soldier was full of the glory of justice. At first glance, he was a loyal soldier of the empire. His young eyes were full of energy and said: “I am the small seventh team of the Fifth Brigade of the Northern Army. The captain, because he did not participate in the rebels and reported the information in time, was promoted by His Royal Highness, and the adults should pay more attention in the future.”

“No problem. Now that I’m wearing the same uniform, I’ll be a brother later.” Tie Yuo said with a hearty tone: “In order to support you, I decided not to dare to retreat with my Highness, so if you win, you can win more.”

“Yeah, the imperial capital is big. Brother, we also support you.”

The Guards have put silver on one side of Sun Di, and they said that we are simply giving you money, boy, and doing it, contributing your strength to this United team!

The north wind whistling, the wilderness sprinkled gold, the morning wind was very cold, and the cloak of the two was set off, with a cold feeling.

“Well, I will not send you anyway, all the way.”

Chu Qiao nodded and said: “You are careful, I always feel that these incidents are not so simple, the Sui and Bian Tang courts are unstable, some are hidden even deeper, and your veterans should not be superficial. It’s so unfamiliar, you have to watch out for more.”

“You can rest assured that if anyone dares to provoke me, I will copy their home and steal their daughter-in-law.”

Chu Qiao smiled: “No serious sentence.”

Li Ce looked at the green lips of the beggar, and his eyes smirked into a seam: “Life has been too much trouble, and it’s always too boring to be a bit ugly in a day. Jojo, I also have to persuade you that some things don’t have to be too persistent, have to pass, and one eye closes one eye, learn to be flexible and self-comfort, you are too tired to live, because old people like to put those things in their hands on their shoulders. You must always remember that you are a woman, and there are many important things in the world besides your belief in your beliefs.”

Li Ce rarely spoke this way. Chu Qiao unconsciously followed him and asked, “What is the important thing?”

Li Ce said with a finger and said, “For example, shopping, buying clothes, playing with clothes, playing with rouge powder, all right, listening to music and makeup, long nights, looking for healthy recreational activities, as early as possible. Life, hey? What are you doing, I am very serious about telling you this.”

“The dog can’t vomit ivory!” Chu Qiao said.

Li Ce said with a smile: “This is not yet to blame you. We have all said goodbye to you more than ten times. If you still don’t leave, then you’re listening to me. Why? How can you not want me?

“Go to you! I am, I just like to stand here for more than one time. I have to take a look at the landscape of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. Can’t we?”

“Well, how can we not? You just take a good look.” Li Ce smiled, like a fox, provocatively watching Chu Qiao, actually closed his mouth, no longer speak.

Chu Qiao bite her lower lip, wrinkled her brow.

“The air in the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties is very good.”

“Is it? I heard that Yanbei has accumulated snow all year round and the air is purer.”

“Have you decided to marry the Great summer princess?”

“Anyway, the two countries will also discuss the matter. I have already handed it over to the following people. In view of the repeated incidents on previous occasions, we decided to invite famous feng shui masters from both countries to investigate feng shui and measure the national transport of the two countries. From the gossip on the gravesite of the eight generations of their parents, the big summer princess began to speculate until the birth of our two characters, and then collectively voted, it is estimated that there is no three-year and five-year consultation. If the discussion is finished, then the princess should also wait until the right age of marriage.”

“You are too bad and you’re delaying the princess’s marriage.”

“How can I say that, I also think about the prosperity of the two countries.”

“Where is Zhao Chuner?”

“I don’t know, Da Xia took her away, but she didn’t return to Zhen Huang and may be matched.”

“Have you been hurt before? Isn’t it serious?”

“Nothing is a big deal. If you just didn’t beat me up, it might be better to be faster.”

“Your hair today looks good.”

“Yeah, it’s blown away by the wind. No haircut.”

“Your clothes today are also very good looking, what material?”

“The court is sorry for the yarn. You once passed through.”

“Your belt is also very nice, is that jade a river Luoyu?”

“No, you got it wrong. This is a stone. I am smashing from the river. I bet that I lost to the iron. If I have no money, I will take the jade on my belt.”

“The smell on your body is also very good, is it a secret fragrance?”

“No, I actually had a hangover before coming. Sun Di drunk too much. I didn’t have time to change clothes when I came.”

“You will return to Tang Jing later.”

“I didn’t intend to go to Yanbei with you.”

“How is he?”

“Very well, I have already gone back.”

The wind in the wilderness suddenly rose. Chu Qiao looked a little cold. She sat quietly on the horse and she did not speak for a long time.

Li Ce looked at her and always maintained a gentle smile, as if they had been discussing the weather to discuss something irrelevant.

“Li Ce, do you think I am very shameless.”

Li Ce smiled: “I’m sitting on three thousand beauties. There are countless women I’ve ever had. Isn’t I even more shameless?”

Chu Qiao shook her head: “This is not the same.”

“JoJo, don’t think too much.” Li Ce suddenly reached out his hand and patted her shoulder gently: “You don’t have to feel guilty either. He’s a smart person. Nothing will happen.”

“I hope so.” Chu Qiao bitter smile: “When did he go?”

“In the evening, when you and Yan Xun left the Imperial Tomb, he brought people back to the summer, and I didn’t even say anything.”

“Are you familiar?”

“Not familiar, I have known before, really have contacts, that is, this period of time.”

Chu Qiao lowered her head and stopped talking. Li Ce smiled and asked: “Jojo, are you tempted?”

Chu Qiao looked up and smiled very lightly. she said, “If I said no, would you believe it?”

“I believe.” Li Ce nodded and smiled.

Chu Qiao’s voice suddenly went down and said quietly, “I owe him a lot and may not have had a chance to return it for the rest of my life. I am afraid that he will be blamed by the family for this incident. I do not like to owe people.” (Chu Qiao talking about Zhuge Yue)

“If you really don’t want to owe people, then don’t meet them later. Even if you know that the other person has something, don’t bother. I believe without your help and worry, he will safely pass through everything. Some people feel that they can’t afford it. Only it can be more chaotic.”

Chu Qiao slightly bowed, looked up and saw Li Ce smiled thin, like a faint haze, she nodded and said: “You are right.”

“Qiao Qiao, the situation in Yanbei is unpredictable and complicated. I am far away from the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. I can’t help you. You must be careful.”

Chu Qiao laughed: “I would like to thank you. Don’t worry. Besides, I’m not alone. There’s Yan Xun.”

Li Ce gave a slight glimpse and immediately smiled: “I am stupid, I have to marry this woman, yet I am still attentive to you.”

She shook her head and then said: “Well, let me know when you marry, I will give you a big gift.”

“Haha, of course, you are so rich, you have to pack a big red envelope for me, you want to run without a door!”

“Hey! You don’t want the lion to open your mouth. I am a poor man. Every month, the father and the emperor don’t have enough money to drink a sip of wine.”

The girl is drying: “You blow it.”

The wind blew up, the sun rose slowly from under the horizon, and the fog on the grassland gradually dispersed. Li Ce pointed to the Yanbei army and said, “Go away, and let him wait until the Yan Schicheng’s son rushes to cut me down with a knife. .”

Chu Qiao licked her lips, and the morning sun shone on her face. She had a pale golden light. She smiled quietly and said very sincerely: “Li Ce, thank you, I am leaving.”

Chu Qiao just wanted to turn the stables, one hand suddenly reached in front of him, the man’s face seems a little strange, with a little peace of mind, is not the same feeling. Chu Qiao slightly raised his eyebrows: “What else is there?”

“Oh, nothing,” Li Cezhao shook his head and smiled. “If one day, Yan Shizi suddenly kicks, and the three wives and four sisters don’t look at you. You can come to me and eat.”

Chu Qiao smiled and said: “There will not be a day.”

She stretched out her hand and gestured around her neck: “If he dares to do this, I will first kill the group of women, then kill him, and then stand on her own feet to occupy his inheritance!” (Chu Qiao does not want to share Yan Xun to have other concubines)

Li Ce screamed and patted his chest with a look of fear: “A woman who is so poisonous.”

“I’m leaving!”

“Go fast and go! It will be dark if you don’t leave.”

Chu Qiao smiled, then took reins and drove. The horse snorted and slammed out.

“JoJo! The longer one’s eyes are, don’t believe others easily!”

The young girl shouted, waving her arms, “You have little trouble!”

“Dead girl, eat more meat, and her body is too bad, it makes people lose their appetite!” (What is Li Ce’s saying here? lol when you are fat, Yan Xun will lose his appetite for Chu Qiao hahaha silly Prince)

On the South Hill Plain, the wind suddenly became bigger. The birds in the sky fluttered across the sky, and the sun finally came out from the horizon. The woman’s figure gradually drifted away, toward the black in the distance. .

Yanbei’s army was quietly lined up. The man in a black robe was sitting on horseback in a tall and straight manner, far away from him, but he could still feel the cool temperament of a man, as if he had broken a sword.

“Dead poker face, life is quite good.”

A certain-minded man murmured low, and then slyly turned, inhaled deeply, and the wind blew over the hair in front of his forehead, and a robe danced with the wind like a kite.

I hope you have chosen the right path for you.

Li Cehe shouted and whiped on the horse stocks. He never looked back at it, and he drove away.

Sun Di and others were startled and hurriedly put away the silver on the ground and climbed behind the horse to chase behind.

“His Royal Highness, Wait a minute!”

“Why did you run alone? Why did you run so fast?”

Lu Yunxi said: “It’s stupid! Didn’t you hear what was shouted by His Royal Highness just now? Don’t run again, waiting to be torn into pieces by the Yanbei army?”

“Ah? Right! Everyone is running!”

“Try hard!”


Chu Qiao ran back to Yan Xun, horse stopped. The man wore a black robes, and the sword brows into the shackles, slightly wrinkled, and the complexion was hard to see. Looking at the direction of Li Ce’s departure, he could only see a dimly lit dust, and the low voice slowly said: What did he call after?”

Chu Qiao suddenly yelled, his face was red, and he was stupid: “Ah? I don’t remember, I didn’t hear clearly.”

Want to get away?

“How did you say so long? Are you familiar with him?”

Mixing with someone for a long time, I have a lot of negligence: “Not too familiar, is to explore the good prospects for the development of the two countries’ collaboration and imagine the future blueprint.”

Unfortunately, Yanbei’s son was so foolproof that the man hummed and turned the horse’s head and waved his hand to the team. The brigade immediately opened and then said, “Tell me all the things that happened outside of this time, Regardless of size, there is no detail, no concealment.”

“Ah?” Chu Qiao suddenly felt guilty and beat the horse to keep up with Yan Xun, and said: “But it’s a long story.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Yan Xun turned his head and smiled softly, but it was no longer the kind of temperament in the original city of Ming Dynasty. It was faintly invisible: “There is a thousand miles from Yanbei, we are all the way.” Peers, some are time.”

“Yan Xun,” Chu Qiao said immediately. “Why did you feel a bit different when I saw you this time?”

“Is it?” Tai Chi pushes the wind with a touch of light: “That’s because I discovered that someone was going to grab something with me. It looks like this thing is still very hot. I don’t look at it anymore, and it’s very likely that it will cost me nothing.”

“Ah? Is it? Who is so bold and willing to grab things with you, too much!” Chu Qiao was indignant and ignorant.

“Oh, you think so, too.” Yan Xun gave a small smile and then nodded. “Yes, too much. I have been guarding an iron tree for more than ten years. It can be regarded as flowering. How can it be taken by others?” Going? Although the flowers are not very good, the gestures are not as graceful as other flowers, but they always follow me for so long. Even if the toilet is used for a long time, it will have feelings. I am a friend of this kind. Isn’t this kind of behavior so deceiving?”

Chu Qiao’s red ear yelled: “Hey! Yan Xun, you are too much, even take me to be a toilet!”

“Haha!” Yan Xun’s arm stretched out and grabbed Chu Qiao’s waist. He grabbed her from her immediate position and sat in front of her body. He smiled and grabbed her waist and whispered: ” Who dares to rob me, I dare to fight with him.”

His voice was very light, and his breath was quietly sprayed on the neck of Chu Qiao’s white pimple. Her skin became a tiny layer of chestnuts.

“You can rest assured that no one will rob you. Your flower always knows where she should go.”

The wind whistled, and the gold flag was blown and fluttered overhead. Chu Qiao leaned against Yan’s arms and all the worries and worries were gone. Li Ce was right to say that a man has only one pair of legs. Since he has already decided to go west, the scenery on the road on the north side is whether it is rain or windy and it has nothing to do with himself.

She is very happy. This time she met, she saw a different Yan Xun, not the unsettled world in the city of Zhenhuang, not the man who was full of hatred in the cage, not the red that was killed on the day of the city. The madman of the eye, he is warm, even brisk, like many years ago, the boy who was stunned by the mouth of Chishui Lake came alive.

Leaving the lifeless cage of Zhen Huang, they are no longer the original ones.

The sun was dazzling, and it was golden. Two eagles were entrenched above the ranks. They were their eagles, their wings were huge, and they fluttered.


Yan Xun suddenly whipped on the horse stocks, the horse suddenly kicked up, the troops behind him whistled, the yellow dust swirling behind them, a high rise.


The wind is so big that even if you are close enough, you still need to yell to hear it.

Chu Qiao tried hard to turn back and shouted: “What did you say?”

“I’ll take you home!”

The man holding the whip hand raised up, pointing to the northwest horizon, said sharply and said: “Go back to our own kingdom!”


CHAPTER 128 Modern Military


This is a great land!

The sky is blue and pure, the air is with a free wind, the sky is high and far away, the snowy white eagle flutters its wings and whirls, looking at it, the high grass in October stretches far into the distance, the wind is very Cold, fiercely blowing, picking up the warriors who flew in the air, heavy armor flapping the scabbard and making a crisp sound. Far away, it is the first military city in Yanbei, north of Yandong. This is the gateway to the north of Donglu. The tall city is like a silent dragon, quietly entrenched in the horizon.

In front of the North Yandong Pass, it was a well-known fire thunderbolt. It was on this land that Yan Xiong’s Lion King Shicheng took his sons to death and resisted the Great Da Xia Army. The land sleeps together. The fire thunderbolts on the vast expanse of fire are full of red dragonfly flowers. According to legend, this kind of flower is based on Carrion (Carrion Flower also known as corpse flowers or stinking flowers, are flowers that emit an odor that smells like rotting flesh). It is often seen only in cemeteries and burial sites. The more flamboyant the flowers are, the more beautiful they are. However, just after the war that year, the flames of fire on the thunderbolt were open for nine years. They were bright red every year, regardless of autumn or winter.

In an instant, Chu Qiao seems to have seen the bloody and tragic war many years ago.

The iron rides in the wilderness, the earth is vast, the clouds are like blood, the flag is filled, the vast grassland is vast, the lush forests, the snow-capped peaks, the endless blood-sand seas, the sabers and bloodthirsty of warriors everywhere. The warriors wore armor and died in every corner of Yanbei. The women and children also took up arms and defended their homeland. They were full of sorrowful songs of hunting, and there was strong Yanbei long-distance everywhere. A generation has died, but their eyes have not closed. Their heart of freedom has never stopped. Their blood is still boiling, they turn into red flowers, and bloom like blouses on every inch of land. In this way, to remind the children who care about the next generation of Yanbei, with blood and loyalty, interpret the sacredness of this land!

This is a great land! Any language is not enough to describe it. Every grass, every tree, every stone, and every grain of sand here has witnessed the catastrophes in this place. At the same time, it has witnessed the people here after every disaster. How hard to stand up and stand up!

Yanbei! Yanbei!

In the past nine years, these two words, Yanbei, did not know how many times to meditation in her heart. She and Yan Xun suffered humiliation and heavy burdens. They died several times in order to return to Yanbei. Today, she finally stood on the land of Yanbei, breathing the cold and dry wind here. She looked at the hordes of troops here. Her cattle and sheep herds suddenly burst into tears.

She has been so strong, no matter what kind of predicament. But at this moment, the tears are like unstoppable floods. With a wanton catharsis, Chu Qiao sat on the back of a horse, wearing a white fox, held his head, and leaned against the spine. She was not sad, but she was not disappointed. However, there are too many complicated emotions stirring up in her chest. It is the excitement of wishing, the tiredness of returning from battles, and the excitement of feeling. She knows that from now on, they will not be precarious anymore, and they will not have to go step by step. They will no longer have to worry about losing their heads at any time. They will not have to speculate about the eyes of everyone around them. No one can arbitrarily kill them. No one can easily Threatening them, they no longer need to be awake and afraid of falling asleep again. They finally got rid of the destiny of being slaughtered by anyone. They really stood up!

Yanbei, I finally came!

A horse’s hoof, slowly stepping forward, the man dressed in a black scorpion, sword eyebrow lean, like two sharp swords.

He never spoke, but stood silently behind her, carrying the whole army, silently watching her, watching her silent, watching her trembling, and seeing her silently tears.

In this world, only he can understand her. Only he knows how she feels now because they are the same. He saw the same thing on the day when he was in North Shaoguan. He was not able to control himself. He was not in the Yanbei people. He shed tears in front of the army, but after returning to the tent, the shade of the tent had just fallen. His tears fell, silent but hot, and burned his tough face for years.

That day, for the first time in the years, he was letting himself drunk for the first time, and he seemed to see his father again. His generous hand violently patted him on the shoulder and laughed loudly: “Bad boy, long. It’s almost like you are tall!”

“This is Beibei.”

The man turned to the side of his body and he pointed to the gray city under the setting sun. The tone was quiet and whispered.

Chu Qiao looked back, eyes staring at Yan Xun.

As the sun set, golden showers shone. The man sat on horseback. His eyes were calm and his voice was steady. He was dressed in a black combat uniform, military uniforms, riding boots, trousers, covers, and soldiers. People seem simple and sharp. He is only twenty years old this year. Young, thin, tall, handsome, and black eyes are full of introverted glow. They are like wells that can’t see the depths.

Years can’t make people old, and experience can make a person’s vicissitudes.

Looking at him, Chu Qiao suddenly remembered the boy who had shot the arrow on the hunting grounds many years ago. He remembered the young man in the light robe on the streets of Zhenhuang. He remembered the glistening Chishui Lake, and the juvenile eyebrows were smiling. With her, his head is full of bright moonlight, clear and hazy, like fog. She also remembered the dark cell of the imperial city. The cold snow drifted in and out of the patio. The north wind blew, and behind the thick wall, the two children clasped hands together…

At that moment, looking at Yan Xun’s tough outline, Chu Qiao seemed to revisit the years of the ups and downs in the past eight years. A man slowly stood up from the mud and bloody grounds, digging hard and beginning his long journey. Hard journey.

It was so cold in the wind that the Eagle flag flies overhead. The Yanbei plateau ushered in a new master. Chujou’s blood is gradually boiling. She can almost foresee that one era is over, and another era will open from here!

She is very fortunate that she will be the most direct witness to all of this because she is always standing by that person’s side, never wavering!

Yan Xun turned his head and reminded him of a one-step move. He smiled at Chu Qiao with a smile: “A’Chu, welcome home.”

The sky screamed the eagle’s shouts, and there was a large number of tidy hooves in front. The ancient gates of Beibei City slowly opened, and the swallows raised their heads slightly. The setting sun shone on his forehead, and there was blood.

The squadron started to play, Chu Qaio gently beat the horse, trailing Yan Xun’s horse, slowly stepped forward.

Please remember this day of history. This day is the first day of October in the White Calendar of the seventh month of July 175. On this day, the voice from Beibei City will shake the entire world.

Chu Qiao was taken to the luxuriously decorated room of the Chengshou House by four guards. Four of the young, sturdy and sturdy inside the room, saw her come in and come forward to serve.

The former Chengshou Palace has now been authorized to serve as the wartime military command post of Beibei. As soon as he entered the city, Yan Xun hurried away and even had no time to explain. The officials of Beibei City were only polite on the arrival of Chu Qiao. They did not have excessive enthusiasm and no impoliteness, but Chu Qiao could clearly feel from their expressions and speeches. The tension in the city.

A simple grooming, Chu Qiao said to A’Jing: “Take me to see your Highness.”

A’Jing, quickly said: “The girl is busy, or rest first, the kitchen immediately sent meals, I ordered the girls to burn hot water … …”

“If you can’t do, the Lord, you can go and consult.”

A’Jing paused and then he nodded. “His Royal Highness ordered all to obey the girl’s instructions. Since the girl insists, please walk here.”

Chu Qiao took off the big coat on the hanger and put it on his shoulders. The four people caught a glimpse and rushed forward. Chu Qiao gently waved his hand and said, “I come by myself.”

The wind outside was so great that Chu Qioao had to wear a hood. Although Beibei City is known as the largest city in Yanbei’s Eastern Defense Line, it has to be said that Chu Qiao was very disappointed to see the first sight of the city. For the time being, it is not compared with the capital cities like Zhenhuang and Tangjing, and it is not like the important edge cities of Xinyang and Baiuguan. Even some second-rate towns in the Daxia and Tang dynasties, such as Dock Pengcheng, etc. Far from being as good as it is.

The city is low and old. After too many battles, it is already a messy and worn-out place. Obviously, in the past eight years, the Great Summer has not paid much attention to this deserted land, and even the basic repairs are rare. Several major gaps in the city wall have been re-repaired, but most of the materials used are cheap adobes. It is foreseeable that if they are really fighting with the regular army in Daxia, such a wall may not be able to withstand one hour at a time. Wave stone machine, the city will fall apart.

Moreover, there are very few residents in the city. The original 300,000 resident residents learned that when Yan Xun returned to Yanbei, he had secretly left Beibei, and moved a little better to Yanbei’s inner hinterland. Fled to the territory of Daxia. Therefore, in the city now, except for a few residents who are reluctant to leave or lose their opportunities, the rest are all Yanbei’s army. The streets are full of depression, with yellow leaves and hay everywhere.

This point, and Chu Qiao’s imagination and peace and happiness are full of hopes Yanbei is too much.

Inevitably, she gave birth to a few frustrations. But soon, she stabilized her emotions. After all, in the face of so-called national loyalty, more people are the first to take care of the lives of their families. Beibei is the closest to Daxia and once occupied by the Batuha family. Most of the residents here are merchants relocating from the Mainland. They lack a sense of belonging and loyalty to Yanbei, although they also enthusiastically hoped for Yan. The bloodline will return to Yanbei as soon as possible, but under the blade of the great summer sharpening knife, no one will continue to maintain high blood. These people, after all, are ordinary surnames. Can you count on how loyal they are to the military?

Chu Qiao shook her head and threw the thoughts out of her mind. She quickly integrated the information she had heard all along and hoped that she would be able to come up with some ideas for her.

After all, the city of Beibei, which does not seem to be powerful enough, is not alone in their family.


A chilling, low-drink suddenly came and A’Jing halted and motioned Chu Qiao to stop and replied, “The guards take the lead in A’Jing and have something to seek to see His Highness.”

“Today’s password.”

“Let Zhao Che go to eat it.”

A’Jing said seriously, Chu Qiao listened to a slight glimpse, did not expect Yan Xun would actually develop such a password, her heart smiled, really is a nonsense, once back to the Yan North, he slowly revealed his temperament.

In fact, Chu Qiao is really awkward. Just before the meeting, the soldiers came to ask for the password of today. At that time, the deputy general of Beibei Infantry Regiment was introducing the information of Daxia, just to say that the envoy of the big summer’s envoy had come to the scene. As the general representative of the military system of Da Xia today, Zhao Che said to all the people that Da Xia is a nation that advocates peace. For thousands of years, they have always embraced the broad minds of the world to face the world. With repeated provocations from the North, Da Xia has always maintained a kind-hearted tolerance and hopes that the lost child will repent in time and return to the embrace of the empire. After listening to the disdain, Yan Xun said, “Let Zhao Che eat it.”

The guard at the door listened and mistakenly used this sentence as the password of today. When Yan Xun reacted, this famous saying has spread throughout the city.

The guard at the door listened to the password and asked AJing’s number, which was released and did not relax because of A’Jing’s identity.

When we walked past, Chu Qiao discovered that the soldier was actually what she knew. At the beginning of the city, he had helped the girl to pass the message many times. He was a royal man, and the imperial city served as a guard. Later, Yan Xun escaped from Zhenhuang. At the time, she also followed all the way.

It was a good feeling to see an acquaintance. The soldier smiled at Chu Qiao, opened his mouth and showed a white tooth. The young eyes were full of energy and smiled and said: “Girl, I am so happy to see you.”

Chu Qiao nodded and smiled: “Me too, inside is your Highness?”

“Yes, Your Highness is meeting with the generals.”

“Well, I am in, you have worked hard.”

The soldier’s eyes suddenly showed a grateful look. He knew Chu Cho’s identity. In her capacity, she could say so much to an ordinary soldier. It was a great honor. The soldier stood upright and performed a beautiful military ceremony. He said in a loud tone: “All for Yanbei!”

Chu Qiao smiled and walked in. He walked through a long hallway to the door of the innermost conference room. He explained to the guards who were guarding the door. The soldier carefully knocked on the door. After a while, the soldier returned and said:”His Royal Highness asks you to go in.”

“Thank you.”

The door opened a crack, Chu Qiao slowly walked in, suddenly a few sharp eyes shot over, the rectangular large conference table was full of Beibei generals dressed in black uniforms, not like Daxia and Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. As for the system, the generals sat while the meeting was held and the other generals were divided. In the imperial city, Yan Xun had heard Chu Qiao talk about some modern military systems. Obviously, affected by these high-tech theories, the Yanbei Army nowadays has the glory of advanced military management everywhere.

“A’Chu, come over.”

Yan Xun sat on the front of the long table, with white gloves, waving to her.

Chu Qiao nodded slightly to other people and went to Yan Xun’s side.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let me now solemnly introduce you to this person. This person alone had fled Zhenhuang with his 4,000 officers and troops and resisted the mighty soldiers of the Northwest. He crossed 19 provinces and counties and defeated 47 roads. Chu Qiao of the Imperial Coalition is also my best partner and comrade.”

Yan Xun stood up and said with pride. The generals on both sides of the long table immediately rose and looked at Chu Qiao with different eyes. Their looks were more or less astonishing, even though they were hiding well. For a time, The whole room is “long-elevated” voice.

“Chu Qiao, this is the army of the Northern Army, who is the general Cheng Yuan. She is the first-class veteran of the large-scale peer association. She has been active in Yanbei mainland for many years and led Yanbei’s children to fight against the emperor’s military. It is our hero of Yanbei.”

“We have heard the name of the general. I saw you today. I have the honor and my life is fortunate.”

General Cheng Yuan is in his forties, with a short beard, looks very harmonious, and smiles gently: “Chu girl is famous, it is called the world’s first-class female, and Huai Song Princess. Nalan Hongye is the same name. I just didn’t expect it to be so young. It’s really a hero since ancient times.”

“The Generals of Xia won the award, and the victory of the first battle was won. Three percent were brave in the warriors. The third floor was all in the back. The third floor was at the High Court. The other floor was due to Yun Dao’s belonging to Yanbei. I didn’t perform enough. Hanging the teeth is even more inconceivable than the generals have taken on the liver for years.

Chu Qiao stood next to Yan Xun and said with courtesy. In a few words, Xia General’s eyebrows opened his eyes and smiled. He waved his hand and said: “It’s not worth mentioning the prizes.” But obviously, he is very happy. It’s enough that Chu Qiao’s things are not so worth mentioning, even though Chu Qiao has never heard of Xia’s number one.

“This is the deputy general of General Xia, General Cheng Yuan. He is the head of the First Cavalry Regiment and a loyal fighter of the great peers.”

“This is the chief of the staff of the First Recovery Corps, the chief of Yue Dian. He represented the First Retardation Corps to attend this meeting.”

“This is the Deputy General of the Second Light Recovery Army Corps, Major General Yu Xin.”

“This is the military commander of Beibei, the deputy general Liu Ou. He is in charge of the logistics, recruitment of new recruits, training of new recruits, etc. He is also the oldest member of the Peer Group.”

“This is the head of the Second Cavalry Corps, Deputy Commander Chen Hao…”


After all the introductions, Yan Xun said with a smile: “We will walk more and more. Afterward, we will be the comrades in the trenches. We will fight side by side for the sake of Yanbei’s early sunshine and for the freedom of Datong.”

The crowd replied in unison: “All for Yanbei!”

“Sit down, don’t be so nervous, A Chu, you’re sitting next to me. You’re not familiar with the army. Watch them first. Learn more about the experience with the generals.”

Yan Xun said with ease, Chu Qiao nodded: “Yes.”

“What did you just say, General Liu, is it to you?”

Chu Qiao sat behind Yan Xun’s body and saw General Liu Ou standing up. He cleared his throat a little, and his right hand shook his fist into his mouth, gently sucking his nose. This is a very Simple action, but Chu Qiao was keen to find that when he was doing this action, he quickly looked to General Cheng Yuan. The Northern Legion’s regiment commanded tea and he did not look at him at the end of the eye, but the right hand The ring finger gently knocked off the table.

In contrast, Yan Xun, with a melancholy countenance and an extraordinary harmony, has never disappeared from his face since Chu Qiao came in. It looks like an extremely young man.

“Your Highness, the situation is not very good now. Our food reserves are almost exhausted. The uprising in August did not go smoothly. Although the Xia family was defeated, at the critical moment,  burned the grain bank of the North Camp, and grain bank. TNow, most of our food and grass are supported by General Wu Dao Ya of the First Reconstruction Army and General Cui Meng Tong of the Second Reconstruction Army because they have to resist Batuha family. The Batuha family and the Da Xia Valve of the Meilin Pass were the main offensives, but other regiments, such as Major General Lu Jie of the Third Reconstruction Army, urged him several times, saying that if we don’t support them again, his team will go to eat their pants. ”

“Yes,” said Chen Qi of the Second Cavalry Corps, who stood up and said, “This is indeed the case. At present, we are short of food and grass. Drugs are almost exhorted. There are only less than 30% of bows and arrows. Most of them are still broken, if not timely. It is very difficult to face the upcoming East Line operations.”

“Your Highness, I received a message that Daxia has issued a statement that the troops of several roads in the northwest have been ready for combat. The old Batuha family is preparing for the entire territory, and several major provinces and counties such as Sauron have received preparation documents and are currently active. Recruiting new recruits, Da Xia has already completed the relocation of the capital in the near future. The next step is to start a war on us soon. According to reliable sources, the 14th prince Zhao Wei has returned to Zhenhuang, and the 100,000 troops he has commanded have completed the assembly. The combination of the horses of the seventh princes Zhao Che has become the main force of the Northern Expedition, but it is not yet clear who the commander is, but the staff inferred that the attack must have been unprecedentedly strong, perhaps tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, but it will never happen. More than November, that is to say, even if the sky is beautiful, we have only less than one month’s preparation time.”

The Yue Dian Code from the First Guangxu Army said that this is a young man in his twenties and there is some impulse and blood. Unlike the chiefs of the regiment who are here, he shows his anxiety very clearly. He said: “For how to welcome this summer army, please ask your Highness to make timely adjustments. Is it necessary to deploy officers and soldiers who attacked Meilin Pass to gather in Beibei and wait for Xia Soldiers?”

“No!” Yu Shao said in a neat manner: “Our army has fought all the way and recovered the thirteen counties in the north. If the troops are withdrawn at this time, all the previous efforts will be paid to the east, and the Xia soldiers in the Meilin Pass will be brought to life. Then, when the war is going to be in the Great Summer, you will face a situation of two sides fighting.”

All eyes flashed on Yan Xun’s face. Yan Xun did not directly answer. He slightly smiled, but it didn’t seem to be nervous and worried. He turned his head slightly and looked at Cheng Yuan and said: “Summer General, you have outstanding merit and rich experience. What are your views and opinions on the immediate situation?”

Cheng Yuan smiled. If he was not wearing a military uniform, Chu Qiao even mistakenly thought that he was the village head and taught the children to sing and the old village chief. He only listened slowly: “The current situation is steep, but we firmly resist the belief. It is firm. I feel that if we withdraw troops from Merrill, we will gather a huge force. In this way, we will have a little more control against Xia soldiers. If we do not withdraw troops from Meilin, then Meilin will be responsible for it. The recalcitrant Xia soldiers absolutely insist on this winter. In this case, we will not have to face the dilemma of such two sides in the next spring. Therefore, the withdrawal of troops has the advantage of withdrawing troops, and it is difficult to choose without withdrawing troops. Yingjie, repeated battles and repeated wins, Tianshui, I Yanbei with great talents, presumably there must be a method of breaking the enemy, no matter how the decision of the Highness, the ministers are willing to swear allegiance, there is no ambition.”

Yan Xun and Chu Qiao looked at each other with a tacit understanding. Their eyes conveyed a common language: “The old fox.”

The old guy had been talking for a long time. Actually, he didn’t say anything at all. Everyone knows that the two main military forces in Yanbei are Wu Dao Ya, the first light recovery army, and Cao Mengtong, the second light recovery force. Representing the old and new factions of the Great Peer work Association, the Third Light-reclamation Army has an army roster, but its subordinates are less than 30,000, and many are old and weak. They are mainly responsible for not transporting their winter clothes for grazing, and even attacking the flanks for combat. The tasks are not dared to give them. Although Cheng Yuan commanded a heavy-armed Corps commander, he did not dare to open the other two parties.

Chu Qiao frowned slightly, her heart was a bit cold, it seems that the imagination was too simple before, there are battles in some places, even the big peers are also inside the faction, Yanbei’s road to recovery, really It is very difficult.

“I am aware of all your difficulties. The problem of military and food supply that General Liu Ou has said will be solved in the short term. We do not have to worry about it.”

Everyone heard a sudden slap in the eye and even Cheng Yuan’s eyes revealed a moment of Jingmang. Deputy Cheng Yuan will cautiously ask: “I don’t know how your Highness will solve the food issue. What is the short-term time? Your Highness, we have made the best preparations. If we can’t do it, we will have to massacre the horses to spend the winter, because we really can’t imagine who will support Yanbei at this time.”

Yan Xun smiled and said: “I have been in Zhenhuang for many years and still have some friends. Within 10 days, we will solve the problems of food, medicine, and weapons. This problem can be passed.”

Knowing that Yan Xun did not say the source, the people suddenly stopped asking questions, but they did not immediately express their joy. Only Yue Dian said happily: “That’s great, I want to tell this news immediately. Sir, the whole army is excited. Your Highness, you have solved a big problem for us.”

The Yanbei regime was established in haste. Although Wu Dao Ya was named general, these subordinates still used him to call him Mr. Wu.

“Then, the next step is how to prepare for the issue. Your Highness, we have a proposal.”

Yan Xun turned away and saw Lei Hee, the head of the Beilu Army, sitting at the end of the table. He was the nephew of Cheng Yuan. He was nearly thirty years old and he had a mole on his face. He never spoke at the meeting and looked very dull. When he was carrying a book, he was obviously prepared, according to the book: “In view of the first fire and thunder battle and the first return to the philanthropy, our army has low combat power, and 100,000 people have lost to the 30,000 soldiers. Question, I suggest that the military should carry out reforms.”


Yan Xun’s eyes were slightly sharp and he said: “General Cheng Yuan, why didn’t you discuss this with me?”

Cheng Yuan laughed:”It’s just a small problem. Besides, your Highness has never been Yanbei. The military situation is tense. We will make our own claims. The main reason is that the army that Yanbei raised is composed of the militia. They have not undergone formal military training. The combat capability is extremely poor, so we hope that His Royal Highness will be able to withdraw some of the troops from the Black Hawk Army under His Highness and insert them into other legions to increase the morale of the army.”

Yan Xun smiled more and more gently, said lightly: “So, is the Black Hawks going to cancel the number and disband it on the spot?”

“Of course not!” said Cheng Yuan’s words:  “We will build a warrior from other places, full of Black Hawk Army, Black Hawk Army is the guardian of His Royal Highness, must be full enough to represent my Yanbei Glory and glory.”

Yes, these forces that follow Yan Xun are drawn, differentiated, and then transferred some old and weak sick and old to form a “strong” army. Thus, Yan Xun is equal to a toothless tiger. The name of Yanbei Shizi, but there is no real power of the army, it is really good, no better proposal.

Yan Xun’s eyebrows were slightly picked, and the corners of his mouth were light and pale, with a few unspeakable suffocating breaths. This group of old and undead, became more arrogant, Yan Xun eyes cold, faint to move a bit poor.

“Yes, our army is large and oversized, with a large number but low combat effectiveness. I agree with the new integration of the military structure!”

A crisp voice suddenly sounded, everyone stunned, and turned around, only to see Chu Qiao embarrassed smile, stood up and bent to apologize, smiled and said: “Sorry, I disturb you.”

Yan Xun and Chu Qiao have lived together for many years. How could she not understand her behavior? She knew that she would never express her opinion easily. She immediately encouraged me to say: “A’Chu has any good suggestions.

“Yes, Your Highness, General Cheng Yuan, you deputy generals, chief of the military screen. I am a little blunt and brave enough to say a few words.  if there is anything wrong, everyone can comment.”

Looking at the girl’s gentle smile, Cheng Yuan suddenly gave birth to a trace of tension, his brow furrowed slightly, and he did not speak.

“General Cheng Yuan said that the military has poor combat capability. Most of the soldiers are militia and even peasants. The combat experience is lacking. The military institutions are bloated. The number of people is weak, and the combat strength is weak. The efficiency is extremely poor. These are the reasons why our army has been repeatedly defeated by the number of Xia Soldiers who is inferior to us.”

Chu Qiao stood up and spoke amiably: “Moreover, the huge army has also brought tremendous pressure on the Logistics and Food Supply Division. From August uprising to now, we have recruited one million soldiers for two months. And the army is still expanding without restrictions. This figure is terrible, and it is almost one-tenth of the people of Yanbei, and the ranks are uneven. Along the way, I even saw a group of sixty-year-old white-haired seniors wearing military uniforms. With a walking stick and lined up, I was surprised to ask General Liu Ou. You are responsible for recruiting new recruits. You do not know what the use of such a soldier recruits is. Help them, can they go and fight with Daxia, or can they open their bows? What else can they do other than eating?”

Liu Ou, a sly, did not expect that Chu Qiao, who had just entered Yanbei, had not yet stood firm, asked him to question him. He suddenly thought about it for a long time, but he did not come up with a better excuse. The ugly face said: “The people are very enthusiastic, as Yanbei soldiers, I…”

“Well, General Liu does not have to say anymore. Presumably, all you have to say is also known. But the fact is that we are building an army to fight, not to go outing. The people can have enthusiasm, but they cannot accept them freely. Enthusiasm, if a 34-year-old boy yells at me with an arm waving, we must also send him a sword and encourage him to say: Go, everything for Yanbei, fight with the summer dogs?”

Liu Ou looked ugly. Others looked different. Yu Xin of the Second Light Recovery Army even laughed softly.

Chu Qiao said: “The liberation of Yanbei is a long-term war. From a long-term point of view, the huge army of transition is a disaster for us. In particular, Yanbei is not a grain producing area. Therefore, I agree with General Cheng Yuan. The proposal to reform the army, but the first thing is not to integrate the military structure, but to cut the army!”


Cheng Yuan shouted loudly and said displeasedly: “The Xia Soldiers invades the country soon. We are not actively recruiting new recruits to fight, but we must cut the troops.”

“Yes,” Chu Qiao said calmly: “It turns out that a sheep is not an opponent of a wolf. We want an army that can fight, not a rabble composed of surnames. Our equipment is backward and our combat effectiveness is poor. Therefore, in the past, people’s tactics and enemy confrontation have always been upheld. Every battle will suffer huge losses. Therefore, the surname will be transferred to the army so the combat power will be lowered. This will form a vicious circle, which will not only drag Yanbei. The economic system, after a fight, will make our army a complete peasant organization. We must know that our slogan is to liberate Yanbei and create a world of greatness for the surnames, instead of letting them all die.”

Cheng Yuan brows his head and locks it with a cold voice. He said: “Is Chu girl too alarmist? In the past, we have been fighting like this. Otherwise, you can’t have the land of Yanbei under the catch of the whole land.”

These words were extremely polite. Chu Qiao smiled and said:  “This time, once in the past, it was the rule of Yanbei in the great summer. You used the militia to fight guerrilla warfare. Of course, I will dare and Xia Soldiers with all the poles. The courage to confront is extremely admired. But it turns out that relying on the squadrons cannot be confronted with the formal military system. The other party can disrupt all your formations as long as they have an assault. The army must have a system of iron blood and high quality. Professional soldiers, we want a man of 18 to 40 years old, not a 12-year-old boy and a 50-year-old man.”let us look down on us with four thousand soldiers.

Cheyenne smiled and said slowly, his expression was very harmonious, but he instantly roused all the generals present to host Chu Qiao’s hostility. Even the representatives of the first and second light-reclamation troops looked a little different.

Chu Qiao did not care and continued: “General Cheng Yuan was very important, but, judging from a long-term perspective, it is imperative to cut the army. We have a favorable geographical position in Yanbei and 200,000 elite resident troops are fully enough to meet. Daxia, Yanbei is our hinterland, and the scorched earth policy will only make Yanbei more and weaker. Now people will support us just because we promise them a good future. If they gradually find that they are not as good as they were, reign, when their loved ones died one after another, they lost the Yanbei people’s hearts. What are we going to do with summer spells?”

As soon as this remark came out, the crowd suddenly became silent. They all knew what was the reason why they would sit here today. Chu’s words were somewhat exaggerated, but they were not justified.

In addition, the laid-off soldiers do not necessarily have to disband on the spot. They can only be dismissed and returned to their homes for food and animal husbandry. However, they can properly set up militias, establish local armed forces, establish urban and rural self-defense forces, and establish small-scale operations. The guerrillas, who had been entrenched in the Xia Soldiers in the north of Yanbei, swept away, thus solving the problem of food and grass, and greatly improving our combat capabilities, and allowing the militiamen to gain experience in actual combat in preparation for future events. need.”

Chu Qiao said several modern and high-quality combat methods of squads, and everyone was stunned. No one could intervene at a time.

“Secondly, for the integrated military structure proposed by General Cheng Yuan, the Black Hawk Army was reorganized, and the elite generals of the Black Hawk Army were inserted into other legions to drive the military quality. I personally think it is very feasible. But in terms of techniques, it still has to be done. Make a little adjustment.”

Chu Qiao smiled, and Cheng Yuan suddenly felt a tremble in her heart. He heard Chu Qiao and said, “The Black Hawks are all excellent fighters who have experienced warfare. They have a wealth of fighting experience. I propose that they are placed in various military forces. The upper-middle-level leadership has helped the legion to drill and integrate the army, but given the current strength, there is no need to re-adjust troops to fill the black hawks’ vacancies. Maybe this way, the soldiers sent by the Blackhawks will continue to change without changing their numbers. The black hawks were known as the generals of the division. They entered the various corps as friendly forces. This would not only save the troops but also receive the acceptance of the lower tier soldiers with the title of their Guards. The work of the Black Hawks will certainly be better. Launch.”

When this came out, the crowd suddenly dumbfounded, Cheng Yuan felt the heart pumping pain as if a person cut a knife, the old fox’s eyes looked up and down Chu Qiao, could not help but even in the heart called a few “clever.”

Chu Qiao’s proposal and Cheng Yuan seems to have little difference on the surface, but from a closer look, there are essential differences.

According to the proposal of Cheng Yuan, the Blackhawks will be evacuated and become a weak, sick and sick team, and Yan’s real power will be further deprived. However, Chu Qiao only slightly altered a knitting problem and did not deprive the Black Hawk Army of the lineage of soldiers. In this way, they would be sent to the following legions as their Royal Highnesses. With this identity, they have essentially become Yan Xun’s eye on the supervision and supervision of the lower part. He has great rights and will become an important force for Yan Xun’s military.

However, these words cannot be said. Cheng Yuan gritted his teeth. He almost imagined how he would be impeached by his elders when he returned to his great peers. If this decree went into effect, Yan Xun would have publicly controlled all the troops. The supervision of power, coupled with his prestige in Yanbei, the guild can control him?

Looking at the two young people in the immediate future, Cheng Yuan suddenly gave birth to a sense of powerlessness, and he desperately tried to rob him back. Was it really correct that he had been sorely supported and supported for several years? However, he did not want to think that if there was no prestige of the Yanbian, how would the big counterparts still stand on the Yanbei plateau?

However, Chu Qiao naturally does not know about his complex psychological activities. Before she came to the map, she continued: “In addition, I believe that apart from integrating the army, cutting out troops, arranging logistics, and training an elite army, Our priority is to intensify our time to end Meilin Pass battle. Before launching the offensive with the Great Summer, we wipe out the enemies in the north, and then concentrate on fighting against the eastern front.”

“This is not possible!” Yu Xin’s deputy will return: “The Meilin Pass is the largest in the mainland. It is mainly used to resist the northern dogs. The walls are thick and there are twenty or thirty northern Yandong customs. Although there are only 20,000 insurgents inside, it is impossible to break through without more than 20 times the strength of the troops. Even if we exhaust all our current strength, we do not have so many elite troops, so we can only choose For the siege, as long as this winter is spent, everything will change.”

“Maybe after this winter, the entire Yanbei regime will be eliminated by the Great Summer.”

Chu Qiao’s cold rejection, said sharply: “We have no ability to fight on both sides from financial or human resources.”

“But Meilin Pass is the first in the world…”

“Well, Yu Xin, Vice President, we do not discuss whether the Meilin Pass is not the first issue. Even if it is the first level, it cannot be conquered. Everyone thinks that this year we have bad crops. What’s going to happen over there? Yan North is cold and the dogs are colder. I heard that there have been several big blizzards on their side. The sheep have all died of freezing. How will they spend this winter?”

The girl smiled a little and spoke her plan one after another. The expressions of the crowd gradually turned from dread to sluggishness, and they could not interpose themselves. After listening to Chu Qiao’s mouthful of strategic systems, a military theory emerged in an endless stream. He heard a group of peasant soldiers who started their big colleagues who were stunned. Even Yan Xun raised his eyebrows slightly. He knew that A’Chu was skilled and knew that he was sensitive. However, she did not know that her military theory was so hard. For a moment, he was also stunned.

“In this way, the Meilin pass must be broken within twenty days. Of course, if they can survive for twenty days.”

The girl laughed in a vacant voice and saw no response from the crowd. She was slightly embarrassed. She looked at Yan Xun and asked, “Is there a problem with that?”

“No problem,” Yan Xun shook her head, forcibly restrained her impulse to laugh and said, “Continue to say.”

Chu Qiao cleared his throat and continued: “In addition, we must hurry to build the walls of Beibei City. I saw it when I came. Is that a city wall? It is estimated that a gale can blow it off. It can be foreseen that it is not. In two months, Beibei will become an important battlefield for Yanbei. The rise and fall of Beibei will affect the survival of the Yanbei regime. Therefore, we must consolidate Beibei immediately.”

At this time, Cheng Yuan finally found a chance to intervene and said quickly: “The construction of the city wall is not a matter of overnight. We have been working hard recently, but the lack of firecrackers and the fragile soil structure make it impossible to build a major city.”

“I know I know,” Chu Qiao rubbed his temples slightly and slowly said, “This, there are ways. I know a way to build a stone in the city. It is very simple and effective. The important thing is that it is fast enough. We have enough manpower. I estimate that in ten days, it should be possible to renovate the city wall for a week and rise 20 meters high.”

“Ten days?”

The crowd shouted in unison, and quartermaster Liu Ou shouted: “This is impossible.”

“General Liu Ou, please do not say anything that is impossible. Nothing in this world is impossible, as long as you are willing to open your eyes.”

Yan Xun faintly smiled and took a long tune and said: “Even if the merchants of Yin Xianyang took Yan Xun’s taxation for the whole year can happen, what else is impossible?”

When this statement came out, Liu Ou suddenly shocked, Liu Ou is the Northern Quartermaster of Yin Xianyang and Liu elders and other people to take the road here, he will know nothing, will certainly take advantage of it, at the moment listen to Yan Xun, how can they not be alarmed.

Yan Xun ridiculed under his heart, presumably, he still does not know the matter of Yin Xianyang. This is the so-called Datong? The swallows are slightly sun-dried. Because Chu Qiao’s Black Hawk Army prepared the proposal, today’s meeting has successfully achieved the goal, he leisurely leans back in the chair, the smile is very calm.

Chu Qiao continued to talk and said that there were two hours. When she finished, the girl suddenly resumed the modest and cautious look. She whispered: “Sorry, forgot the moment, looking a little. Please excuse me.”

Everyone has a silent sorrow, this is still superficial, it is really a swearing person without dirty words.

Yan Xun gently laughed: “A’Chu really knows what is going on and makes me wait for the chance to open. I propose to grant Chu Qiao the title of assistant chief of staff. Do you have any opinions?”

The people were relatively speechless. What was the Chief Staff Officer in the end and how could they not have heard of it?

Cheng Yuan Forehead sweated coldly and whispered: “Your Highness, what is the General Staff Division? What kind of position is the assistant? What are the supervisors?”

“This,” Yan Xun said, he also listened to Chu Qiao before, but he said that he was not good at the moment, he said: “It is an established institution, that is, to raise opinions.”

Everyone nodded, and it was just a speech, and they nodded in agreement.

Chu Qiao looked at them with sympathy. If they knew the specific rights of the Chief Staff Officer, will they collectively be violent tomorrow?

After the meeting, Cheng Yuan and others dejectedly left. Chu Qiao followed Yan Xun’s back and returned to the room. As soon as he closed the door, he was picked up by Yan Xun. Chu Qiao was shocked, her cheek was suddenly red, and shouted, “Yeah, let me down!”

Yan Xun smiled and looked delighted. She lowered her and said with a thumbs up. “A’Chu, good!”

Chu Qiao smiled: “It’s okay.”

Then he said: “Yan Xun, how to occupy the main position is the people of the big counterparts. What kind of relationship do you have with Datong? Do they want to overrun you?”

Yan Xun smiled and said: “They are not afraid.”

“Then they…”

“You can rest assured that I know what I am going to lose. We have just returned. It is not appropriate for us to have a conflict with them for the time being. As long as we have a few days, we are picking up one by one.”

Yan Xun’s smile is extremely cold. Chu Qiao’s heart is slightly cold. She thinks that she may be overwhelmed. Yan Xun should be prepared early.

She was about to speak. Suddenly she only listened to a groan outside the door. She seemed to be a guard. There was also a sharp female voice.

“Let’s go! Do you dare to stop me? Who are you from? Which army is it? Who is your chief officer?”

“I’m sorry, my dear friend, your Highness has ordered not to enter and disturb him. You…”

“Step aside!”

The voice of the woman’s clear voice rang loudly. Yan Xun’s brow wrinkled. She stepped forward a few steps and opened the door. An attired young girl stood in the doorway in front of the door and was arguing with the guards.

“His chief officer is me. What do you want?

The girl saw Yan Xun suddenly happy, shouted happily: “Brother! I heard you came back, hurried over, you…”

When I first mentioned this, the young girl saw Chu Qiao standing behind Yan Xun, and the voice of the young girl suddenly stopped. Her eyes were sharp and sharp, and she slammed it over. She even took a little of hostility, pointing to Chu Qiao. Asked: “Who is she?”


CHAPTER 129 The Wind of the North


“Chu Qiao, this is awkward.”

The sun is like a blood, the girl is dressed in a neat riding suit, the white camel hairs are holding her white chin, and the black eyes are like two water grapes, crystal clear and sharp like a star. When she heard Chu Qiao’s name, her eyes flashed a little surprised. She looked up and down the tall girl, and then sighed with surprise: “You are Chu Qiao?”

“You are the most beautiful knife on the Yanbei plateau. You can see you. It is Chu Qiao’s honor.”

Outside the door, the wind blew in and blew through the broken hair of the maiden. He carefully looked at Chu Qiao. Her eyes were bright and his eyes were somewhat similar to the Yan Xun, but not exactly the same. She was only 18 or 19 years old. She inherited Yan’s tall figure. Her skin was white and gloomy. Her silhouette was very deep and she was very handsome. She suddenly smiled sharply: “It was you who came. No wonder.”

Yan Xun frowned and replied: “Hey, don’t be so rude.”

“Well, brother,” the sage Weng (means flycatcher) and smiled. Like the old friend’s patted Yan’s shoulder and said with a smile:  “The dead place in Zhenhuang City really taught you to break. It is not politeness to open your mouth.”

“I’ve heard of you,” he said, turning his head to reveal a white tooth. She said friendly: “You accompanied my brother in the imperial capital for eight years and suffered a lot of hardships. Later, in order to save the troops, Da Xia has done a good job, really good!”

“The Weng (means flycatcher) master took the Huoyun army across the Yanbei, and the Batuha families scorpions (or meaning soldiers or imperial guards) who fled around had already passed into the story.”

“Oh, I am a descendant of Yan’s family. I don’t kill other people. When others come to kill me, I can’t compare with you. You are a great hero of our Yanbei.” Xiao Yan said: “I just heard that my brother had When I came back to a woman, I was worried that he was sorry for you. Since it was you who came, I wouldn’t have much trouble!

The girl smiled and made a grimace against Yan Xun. She ran out after a flash of smoke.

The wind outside was very strong, and the big girl who was behind the girl was blown up. Only after a while, the horse screamed, and then the horseshoe screamed away. The people chased the back and yelled and yelled: “Adult! That is His Royal Highness. Horse!”

“A child from a young age, used to the wild.” Yan Xun looked at the direction of the departure, said with a smile. Chu Qiao looked at his side face, only felt that a gentle look that had never been seen flashed over the man’s eyes. She knew that it was a long-lost family relationship. She had seen it for a long time without Yan Xun’s face.

The sun will cover the next light, the earth is deep, the starlight is like the top of the head, like a pair of cold eyes, overlooking everything in the Yanbei Plateau, Chu Qiao took a deep breath, cold air rushed into the lungs along with the cavity, like a piece of ice.

“Actually, I am lucky than her.”

The man suddenly sighed in a low voice. He didn’t turn his head, still looking into the distance, his eyes deep as the sea, the left hand, gently grasped Chu Qiao’s palm.

The second day, troops bound for the moon near the northern city of Guan Lu Yi, yesterday’s report has clearly conveyed out of the meeting. The Yanbei regime was unequivocal about this matter. In a short night, it was decided that Lu Yi would convene all the heads of the army to meet. At the conference, Chu Qiao and Yan Xun know what will be waiting for them, but they have no choice but to take a foothold in Yanbei. This is a necessary step.

Lu Yi was only over 120 miles away from Beibei, and the army of Yanbei entered Lu Yi’s door in the middle of the day. The defender is a vain fat man with a thick smile and looks like a restaurant chef.

Later, Chu Qiao knew that she had guessed it. The Tonghua Chengshou was once the owner of a restaurant in Lu Wei, and he was also a chef. He joined the big peers in his early years and delivered news and battle reports for Datong. After that, on the merits, he actually jumped into the city guard.

Chu Qiao and Yan Xun behind, rode along slowly, Yanbei in October has been very cold, but on the streets of Lu Yi is still very prosperous. People coming and going on the street, busy shops, the people who are gathered on both sides of the street. She saw the troops came and cheered loudly. They don’t know who they’re coming from. To be on the safe side, Yan’s departure from Yanbei to Sui and Bian Tang was the top secret of Yan’s North, and only a few of them knew it, so now the news of his return is very natural. It was blocked.

The city is filled with a kind of joyful atmosphere everywhere. From time to time, the loose garrison and chaos in front of Lvcheng City emerged, but Chujo also had to say that this war has remained such a complete city. The owner of the Tonghua Restaurant is not completely useless.

Several other high-ranking military officers have not yet arrived because of the long distance. Chu Qiao and Yan Xun were arranged in the main house of the city government.

After dinner, Chu Qiao sat in the temporary study room to check the recent battle report. She knew that Yanbei’s situation was not optimistic at this time. In order to cope with the original uprising of original Huang, Yanbei broke out on the same day with a coup d’état. The large counterparts and the old part of Yan Xun led the army to quickly occupy the important eastern and western lines of Yanbei. However, the generation of Meilin Pass in the north has always been a place where the imperial guards against barking cannibalism. The city is very strong and has more than 10,000 soldiers. It is not easy to be able to attack it. Moreover, because of the inadequacy of personnel and strategic mistakes, the news of the war in the east quickly spread. When the rebel army arrived at Meilin Pass, Daxia Empire was ready to fight.

Although the Great Peer work Association is known as a talented person, there are not many people who really have a brilliant strategy. Their tactics are still at the shallowest stage. The reason why they can win is completely relying on a strong spirit, and Chu Qiao knows that in the Great Summer In front of the elite troops, this vitality cannot always sustain them. War is an art, but here it is too few to understand this art.

She quickly integrated all the battle reports, and used Zhu (means bamboo) notes to take care of the next place. When all of them were finished, the sky was already dark.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, Chu Qiao replied, the door was pushed open, and he leaned forward. The thief looked around and whispered, “My brother? Are you there?”

“No.” Chu Qiao stood up: “He sees the guest in the front hall, does the owner have something to look for?”

“Not at all.” When he heard that Yan Xun was not there, he suddenly came in cheerfully. He stalked in front of Chu Qiao and said, “I’ll come to you, go, and take you out.”

Saying that, regardless of Chu Qiao’s advice, she came up and grabbed her and went out. Chu Qiao hurriedly took the big sister and she was taken out.

“Well, what are you looking for?”

Crossing the street, all the way to the west of Lv Wei, Lu Wei has a higher terrain, and the west is a small hill. The army is mostly armed here. Before dusk, the campfire is everywhere, the smell of cooking is everywhere, the soldiers do not know Chu Qia. Far away, the soldiers coming, one by one, laughing and screaming, shouting: “Hey! The grown-up is coming, have you eaten? Do you want to sit down and eat?”

A hearty smile: “Roll! I have eaten abalone lobster and squid meat over there, who is the rare dry noodle soup?”

The soldiers laughed and didn’t get angry. They gave the two people a way to go. When they saw Chu Qiao, they paid a bit of attention.

“That, this is what I gave you!”

With a smile, Chu Qiao pushed forward, Chu Qiao suddenly brightened.

I saw a dark red warhorse quietly tied to a big tree, a red fur, black hooves, a white hair in front of the nose, fat, healthy, bright eyes, a look is a Good horse. Chu Qiao slowly reached out and gently touched the nose of the horse, and the horse docilely whistled and whistled in Chu Jo’s hand, warm and itchy.

Chu Qiao smiled and smiled and said: “Atu likes you.”


“Well, his name, I took it.” She patted the horse’s head and smiled proudly: “He is going back to the horsehead at the foot of the mountain. It took me seven days to hunt. I trained for more than a year. Now he is yours.”

Since the loss of his warhorse, Chu Qiao has not had a steady mount yet. Seeing this horse at the moment is indeed a good horse, he can’t help but smile warmly: “Thank you, Lord.”

“Can’t you call me Weng Lord?” she said, “I’m not a family member. I wasn’t even called this name when my father was alive. Now it’s impossible to talk about it.”

“Well, then I call you?”

“You can call me, I will learn from my brother, and call you Achu. We don’t take anyone who is cheap.”

Chu Qiao smiled: “Hey.”

With a smile, his eyes narrowed into a long thin line. The young girl was still under twenty years old. Yan was one of the beasts. She was the only daughter of Yan Shicheng’s younger brother Yan Shifeng, but she was lucky enough to escape her life because she was a dancer. When Zhenhuang was a slave, he was rescued by the warriors of the Great Peer Association. Over the years, he had been the spiritual leader of Yanbei. Instead of the position of Yan Dai, she was the only blood of Yan’s family in Yanbei and called for the old part and the character of the anti-summer. In particular, especially since she has grown up in recent years, she has been on the front line several times and has become a leading Yanbei general.

The chaos of war, whose experience, can almost be written as a legend.

“A’Chu, isn’t it interesting?” In the end it was still a nineteen-year-old girl who chatted with Chu Qiao for a while. The topic went to one side: “I heard that there was a particularly prosperous life, and there was a Buddha on the other side of the sea. The people come to buy and sell, and those people are red-haired and blue-eyed. Have you ever seen one?”

Chu Qiao said with a smile: “Seen, but not much. When it comes to prosperous and overseas people, there are still more Sui and Bian Tang dynasties.”

“Sui and Bian Tang?”

“Well,” the two men took the horse and walked for a while, sat down on a high slope, shoulders to shoulders, and dragged them to the ground. The moonlight shone on their shoulders, shining brightly.

Chu Qiao said slowly: “That is a beautiful country. There is no snow all year round, and there is no winter. It is warm all year round, and the flowers are blossoming. Trade and industry are flourishing. There are more than three million people in one city in Tangjing, almost One-third of our Yanbei.”


The girl who has never been outside Yanbei has his eyes wide open: “So good!”

“Yeah,” Chu Qiao smiled, thinking of Li Ce’s complacency. “It’s pretty good.”

“If you have the opportunity to go, you must go and see,” she said with a small fist and a firm face. “When you win, you will go.”

Chu Qiao said: “Well, wait until you win. I will stay with you.”

“Oh oh oh, you said it, you mustn’t be jealous when you come.” He quickly shouted at the scorpion and turned back to the horse that honestly grazing on the side and said, “Atu hears and gives me a testimony.” .”

The horse was very clever and apparently heard the owner calling his own name and looked up. A pair of eyes revealed a puzzled confusion.

Chu Qiao smiled: “Okay, Atu testified.”

At this time, a sudden burst of noise came from below. He jumped up and down, and looked up and down. He suddenly looked happy and waved and shouted: “Small and small, this, this!”

A moment later, the hoofs rang, and a very handsome young man in his early twenties had jumped from his horse and stepped forward, gasping and asked, “What happened, so anxious to find someone I?”

“Introducing a friend to you.”

He pointed to Chu Qiao and said with pride: “Do you know who this is? Tell you that you can scare you, oh, this is Chu Qiao, with the southwestern town government to defeat the large group of the Northwest Army.”

“Ah?” He Xiao suddenly stunned, very surprised, his eyes wide open, his face was incredulous and shouted: “So young?”

He glanced at him. It seemed to be a joke. He didn’t know. He said to Chu Qiao: “A’chu, this is Xiao He, the big name is… Hey? Xiao He what is your name?”

Xiao He suddenly looked black and depressed: “You don’t even remember what I called?”

“Who has nothing to do with this?” Frightened and frowningly said: “You don’t call your name, it’s useless.”

She gave her a small and white look and turned to Chu Qiao: “My name is Chu, Ye Tinghe. I am the secretary of the First Corps. They call me Xiao He. You can also call this.”

Chujo said with a smile: “General Xiao He, I’m glad to meet you.”

“Hey, he will be a general, hey, next life.”

“Hey! Hey, I’ll say this to me in front of my new friend. You’re very unabashed!”

Squatting on the waist: “I don’t mean to be righteous. If you see a beautiful woman, you can’t move. Tell you, Achu is my brother’s wife, you, less stinking.”

Xiao He Small and flushed: “When did I make up my mind? You are bloody!”

He stretched his fingers and jerked his small chest vigorously. He was very overbearing and said, “Just say you. How are you?”

Xiao He said with a stinking face: “Women! I can’t tell you, Chu girl, I still have things, take a step first.”

“Oh, what can you do? The clerk, hey, don’t know what the official is. Mr. Wu is giving you a face to give you a errand.”


Seeing that the two people are almost in love with each other, it is almost time to fight. Chu Qiao quickly played around the field and said: “Now that the new army is formed, the clerk should shoulder heavy responsibilities and the busy point should also be appropriate.”

“A’Chu, don’t say good things to him.”

Chujo said with a smile: “No, now the front line is open. The clerk has a decisive role in the rear. Recruiting, training new recruits, setting military laws, establishing order, integrating the limited power of the militia, organizing reinforcements to the front, arranging new ones. The urban defense security and the new ruling institutions in the occupied areas have stabilized the people’s minds, raised the need for grain and military supplies, and organized the residents’ and husband’s teams and the team to transport the food and grass. The affairs are complex and not ordinary people are competent.”

As soon as the voice just fell, we saw the dumb duo watching Chu Qiao, Chu Qiao slightly surprised, said strangely: “What’s wrong? What am I wrong?”

“No, no,” he said, turning to Xiao He. “Do you do this now?”

“No,” Xiao He shook his head. “I’m responsible for keeping track of battles. Sometimes, I write letters for soldiers.”

Chu Qiao immediately observed that where this is the clerk, it is clearly a work of a camp document.

“Xiao He, it seems that you will often go to A’Chu in the future.” He blinked. “She will teach you a lot.”

Small and quickly nodded: “No wonder that you can win such a big victory. Really amazing and insightful.”

Chu Qiao reluctantly sighed, it seems that the Yanbei army really needs a thorough integration before it can.

A few people talked for a while and broke up and said goodbye to each other. Chu Qiao went far away and could see the sly and small hands. You could push me to play with me. I couldn’t help but feel a bit funny.

Xiao He was once the son of Yan Shifeng’s home gardener. He was arrested together with Yan when Yanbei was attacked. According to Yao, she was very brave enough to save her baby who was scared to cry and took him away from Daxia. But Chu Qiao heard that when a child rescued her, she walked her in the snow for more than 100 miles before she found her team to come to the rescue team. It seems that this child is a small child. And it.

In the heavy snowfall, two children’s families were killed. One child in his teens carried another child and trekked over more than 100 miles in the snow. It was unimaginable.

Back in the study, Yan Xun was not in the room. Chu Qiao went to his room and saw him. He asked the guard who was holding the door. The soldier said that he had just seen the child as if he was going back to the mountain…

Lu Yi is high on the ground, and the city is located in the highest place in the city. Behind it is a small hill. Chu Qiao, dressed in thick fox fur, marched up the mountain step by step. There was only a solitary tree on the top of the hill. Stones formed on both sides of the hill. Yan Xun sat on a stone. Under the night the dead trees looked a bit embarrassed. Chu Qiao’s footsteps alerted him. Yan Xun turned back and came to Chu Qiao with a distant hand. He smiled and said: “It’s back. ”

“Well,” Chu Qiao stepped forward and took a slight gasp. She pulled Yan Xun’s hand and sat down beside him. He smiled and said, “You gave me a horse. She said it was back to the mountain. The horsehead is very beautiful.”

“Don’t believe her.” Yan Xun said: “In the past few days, she sent a lot of people to war horses. She said to everyone that it was the horse’s head king who had returned to the mountain. She gave me two horses yesterday and said it was a pair of male and female kings. According to her statement, the horses that may return to the mountain are all independent groups, and each one is Mawang.”

When Chu Qiao looked at him, he shook his head and chuckled, thinking of his mysterious look. He could not help saying: “It is a child.”

Yan Xun looked at her with her eyes crossed: “You don’t seem to see her big yet?”

Chu Qiao is not right: “I am psychologically mature.”

Yan Xun turned away and the moonlight shined on his face. There was a faint fog of light. His face was pale. Chu Qiao asked: “Do you feel better? It’s so cold here. Or go back.”

“Nothing, I want to sit for a while.” Yan Xun shook her head and looked at the city below. She said lightly: “You were not there a while ago. I always feel restless. Now that you are back, I can settle down and have a good look at the north.”

Under the mountains, thousands of lights, a quiet and peaceful, far, there are military songs dragging a long tune passed over, it seems a bit desolated and dignified, eagles flying in the sky, sharp eyes surveying the vast Yanbei In the land, Yan Xun suddenly sighed: “A Chu, Yanbei is very poor, and the internal battle is endless, is not the original Yanbei, and these two days, you are disappointed?”

Chu Qiao turned her head, but she did not see it. She whispered: “If Yanbei is still the Yanbei, it would not require us to do anything for it.”

Yan Xun was slightly shaken but did not speak.

Chu Jiao took hold of Yan Li’s left hand. His hand was very cold. Like the ice, the little finger was no longer. The only four fingers were long and rough. They were full of calluses, rasps and knives. The blind man is completely unlike the nobility. Chu Qiao shook his hand, very hard, gently breathe in his mouth, and then bowed, looked up and smiled: “When it comes to poverty, there are people even worse than we both then?”

Yan Xun turned her head and saw the girl’s bright teeth. She smiled like a flower with dewy water in the night. He remembered that he was suddenly sour. How can we forget that in the first New Year spent in the city of Zhenhuang, the entire imperial city was full of beaming firecrackers, silver trees and silver flowers, and music and music in the palace. In one of the most remote and broken houses in the northwestern part of the Palatinate, the two children nestled in the broken house on all sides, covered with everything that could keep warm. The tattered battings, sheets, and curtains are like two small flowers.

There was a small pot in the ground. They were roasting on the fire while they were constantly adding firewood. The girl’s face was red and fluttering, holding a small spoon and stirring in the pot.

One person and a half bowl of porridge, a few frozen radishes with hail, is their original New Year’s Eve. Yan Xun was uncomfortable in his heart, and he refused to eat it. Chu Qiao slammed him in a bowl and told him one by one. Later, Chu Qiao fell asleep, leaning against the shoulders of Yan Xun, and looked down at her. Seeing that she had frostbite on her hands, she had eaten her meal, and her stomach was still screaming, her face was yellow and thin, and her life looked like she would never grow taller. At that time, the young man swears that one day, she will let her live a good life, but after so many years, she still ran with her and died.

“Oops!” Chu Qiao suddenly yelled, very scared.

Yan Xun slightly surprised and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“We buried the wine in the palace and forgot to drink it when we left.”

Yan Xun smiled, his eyes flashed a sharp, cold, and the tone said lightly: “Reassured, there is always a chance.”

A simple sentence, but it is difficult to conceal the deep sharpness inside, the man looked ahead, cold wind blowing over the dark corners of his hair, across his cold lines, slowly blowing to the vast Yanbei land.

“Yan Xun, you say the grain and grass weapons will be resolved in the short term. Is there any assurance? Although Li Ce said that we would implicitly enter and exit the black market in the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties, our demand is too great. I am afraid that I will alarm the upper class.”

After thinking for two days, Chu Qiao asked questions in his heart. After Yan Xun’s eyelids gently picked, after a long time, he whispered: “Huai Song.”

“Huai Song? How can Huai Song help us?”

“I have seen Princess Huai Song.”

“Nanlan Hongye!” Chu Qiao was shocked. She suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Yan Xun’s eyes. She thought for a long time and said quietly, “As you said, you told Li Ce before that you wanted to pass the Black Market of Sui and Bian Tang. Supplying military supplies is only a blind slogan. Your real purpose is to take the Nanjiang Waterway and find an official amulet. You can freely enter and leave Huai Song, right?

Yan Xun nodded. “You said it well.”

Chu Qiao frowned: “The Sui and Bian Tang dynasties and Huai and Song dynasties are fighting. We are equal to indirectly supporting the iron ore and gold of Huai-Song, and it is not regarded as an enemy on the side of Huai-Song and Li Ce.”

“What should I do?” Yan Xun turned his head and his eyes were sharp: “Sui and Bian Tang don’t want to be open to the enemy in the summer, and dare not support our grain and military needs. I only have to look for a third party. You can’t let me go to the Great Summer to buy food…”

Although the heart could not bear it, Chu Qiao still had to admit that Yan Xun was right. She should also be happy that Huai Song had such courage. Otherwise, now they may have to open Meilin Pass to shut down and do business with dogs.

“Achu, do you think that Li Ce will not know my intentions?” Yan Xunsighed and said slowly: “No matter how careful we are, how seamless, thousands of grain trucks must cross the border of Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. I have to turn around in the black market. Do you think that Li Ce will know nothing?”

Chu Qiao looked up and his eyes flashed slightly.

“He just pretended not to know. From the perspective of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Daxia and Yanbei are good at killing you, so that they can fight for ten years and eight years. Afterward, Huai Song supports our food and grass in line with the interests of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, so they It will have acquiesced. The Three Kingdoms have stood for so many years, and the enemies of Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties are not only Huai Song, but the big tigers are entrenched in Hongchuan. This point, Li Ce is much clearer than you.”

Yan Xun sighed slightly, looked far away, watching the thousands of lights under the mountain.

“Furthermore, we can’t really persist for too long. Between us and Daxia, it’s a long-term war, and we must keep our eyes on the long-term and can’t do our best to fish. Yanbei’s years of war are endless, and there are dogs in the north. With regard to the disturbances, every fall and winter people are robbed and the people are devastated by the war and the losses are too great. They all expect me to return to Yanbei but I do not know that as soon as I come back, the total war will be large-scale. In the outbreak, their suffering will only intensify. What you said before in the meeting is that the people are the fundamentals of Yanbei Yijun. I have heard that many families now have no winter food. If there is no supply this year, the people will be massive. When we die of freezing and starvation, the situation in which we are already stretched will become more and more difficult. I must give them a signal, a belief that as long as I come back, their days will be better, and only then will they be able to become loyal and follow with me.”

Chu Qiao nodded, a bit sad under the heart, said softly: “You are talking about.”

“A’Chu, don’t think too much, it will pass.”

Yan Xun patted Chu Qiao’s shoulder and the man smiled strongly. “We have so many hardships to survive. Is it worse than the original situation?”

The night breeze was a little cold, blowing on Chu Qiao’s face. Her eyelashes were long, black and dense, like two small fans. She smiled and said: “Yan Xun, I believe you.”

“Well.” Yan Xun reached for her and kissed her forehead softly and her lips were cold and damp. Chu Qiao leaned against his arms. The man’s chest was hard and wide, and he could still pass through the thick squat. Listen to a steady heartbeat. Their movements were natural. In eight years, they seemed to have spent so much time. None of them spoke, and some tacit understandings were like old wines, and they had a strong fragrance from time to time. (So Sweet here..aww. Yan Xun and A’Chu together again)

Some feelings, like the dykes on the banks of the river, are silent and silent, year after year. There may be no fierce waves, maybe there is no hot spark, but it is a firm place. Many people may ignore its power because of the silence of the dam, but once one day it can’t, the flood is raging. The face will be incomparably crazy and terrible.

From time to time, in many cases, they are too flat and do not seem suitable for their age. However, those painful experiences have already allowed them to mature early, and the excitement and passion are still there, but they have already been well hidden.

“Yan Xun, who will send someone to attack Yanbei? Do you have a chance? Zhao Che? Who else?”

“The ignorance is old,” Yan Xun’s voice was a little bit sorrowful, and the night wind seemed a bit hoarse: “As for Zhao Che, he is afraid he will have trouble.”

“Oh why?”

Yan Xun smiled slightly, bowed his head and flicked Chu Qiao’s forehead, deliberately frowning and said: “I said A’Chu, are you deliberate, this kind of thing must ask me?”

Chu Qiao groaned and rubbed his forehead, wrinkled his nose and said: “With you, people are not willing to use their brains.”

Yan Xun laughs at all, it seems that no matter how wise women are, on the side of a small woman.

After the true rebellion of the day, the local hooligans were waiting for opportunities. Some local princes also carefully tested the power of Zhao, and with the popularity of the plague, Zhao had no choice but to move to the capital. This is the first time in Zhao. This kind of weakness has almost become the laughing stock of the whole world, but only Zhao Che did not withdraw, but stayed to guard the Kyoto, protect the true surname, resist the hooligans, and deter princes, both military and political, have been established. Sublime prestige. Do you think that the number of royals who are glaring at Xia Empire  and the group of old fellows of the Imperial Shrine, will allow him?”

Chu Qiao nodded: “You are right.”

See Chu Qiao’s eyes are almost unbearable, Yan Xun said with a smile and said: “Is it right? Look at your appearance.”

“No… Yes, I’m listening carefully.”

Chu Qiao yawned and Yan Xun stood up and picked up her. “Let’s go, don’t worry about other people. Anyway, come one and wait to see who is the first to come out. ”

Chu Qiao shrinks the arms of Yan Xun, sullenly agreed, and took the neck of Yan Xun, and even so slept.

Under the moonlight, the military camp in the distance blew the lights out, and the lights were extinguished together.

Yan Xun looked at the woman in her arms. Suddenly, she felt that her heart was full of strength. For the first time in his life, he felt that life is so firm. He will also guard his own everything and take back the things he has responded to.

At this moment, in the vast land of Hongchuan thousands of miles away, the shadows of the mountains under the shadows of the mountains were brightly lit. Numerous torches formed a long dragon at the foot of the mountain. The squealing sound of the horses and the voices of the soldiers marching constantly came. On the top of a vast expanse of grass, tall and half-grass, on the gray ground, the armor and swords of the soldiers touched one place and issued a distinctive crisp sound of cold iron.

Zhao Che stood on the high post, and the cold wind blew on his tough face. There were traces of wind and frost. The cloak of the black robe behind him fluttered in the north wind, revealing the dark red inside. His hand was pressed. On the sword of the waist, it is like a cold sculpture. He watched as his army passed before him, like a tidal wave of tides, rolling up the smoldering dust, swords and guns, war horses, armors, and rivers, and gradually disappeared, disappearing into the remote ramp. In the darkness, his back was tall and tough, like a sharp sword. However, after the gale, his robe trembled, but it looked so lonely and lonely.

“His Highness, please come on, we need to go back to Zhenhuang within two days, and miss you very much.

The officials of the Shangri-La Temple stood behind him. Not far from them, there were more than two soldiers of the Shangri-La, assembled and dressed, and the sword was not sheathed, but the face was cold and inviolable.

The atmosphere in the air is very embarrassing. People’s breathing is a bit hurried. Faced with the prestigious seven princes in this dynasty, no one dares to give the slightest underestimation.

Zhao Che slowly turned around and looked calm, without the excitement of the officials’ imagination. He raised his eyes, his eyes were cold, and he only quietly looked around, and there was no fear of shrinking wherever he went.

On the second day of October, under the eyes of the mountain, Zhao Qi, the great Summer Prince, rushed back to Beijing. His handsome 200,000 southwestern armies was changed to the command of the three emperors Zhao Qi. Three days later, Zhao Qi and the northwest came. The fourteen emperor Zhao Yang reunited and reorganized the two armies, named the Northern Expeditionary Army. The army only took a day off, and then quickly entered the northwest. The provinces and counties along the way actively supplied military supplies and grass. In this regard, the first summer of the summer, the first Northern Expedition of Yanbei was slowly kicked off.

On the day when Zhao Che returned to Zhenhuang, the time of the capital of the great summer was boiling. The surnames went out of the city and rushed to Luopo, 30 miles away. People were squatting, people were crowded, and they were full of joy and joy. . Wherever Zhao Che’s horses and horses go, there is nothing like a sea of ​​jubilation. For the entire royal family to flee, the surnames gave him the true support of the imperial family. People shouted at his horn, the road was crowded with dusty foreheads, and a pair of passionate eyes gazed at the dusty carriage. Women and children shouted: “His Royal Highness, come out, come out to see us!”

The crowd was so enthusiastic and excited that they took the smoke and soil and waved their hands and shouted, “Our Highness is back!”

There were even soldiers who had sneaked out of the crowd. They replaced their uniforms and came to greet this high-ranking military commander. They greeted enthusiastically: “His Royal Highness, pay tribute to you!”

The soldiers of the Shangri-La court were looking very poorly. Even though the heads of state were all surrounded by guards, the eyes of the masses were still on their bodies like a knife, but they did not give up.

Zhao Che was sitting in the carriage and his face was intense. He heard the voices of the people outside, but he did not dare to tap his head. He did not know what kind of attitude and expression he should use to face the civilians who really supported him. Prior to this, he never really paid attention to these people. He used them as slaves of the empire, as pigs that could be slaughtered at random, as worthless straw. Although he had left alone to protect the imperial capital and protect the empire, it was only because he wanted to protect his country, protect his blood, and protect the majesty of the Great Summer, not to guard those civilians’ homes.

But after nine deaths, after the return of the war, after the situation was stabilized, the empire gave him suspicion and exclusion, and even his father was jealous of his abilities. The elder’s house did not mention his merits. The documents impeached by the bureaucrats crammed into the copywriters of the Sentimental Court. They feared the strength he accumulated in the war, feared his persistence among the people, and feared his terrible reputation in the army. Deprivation of military power, despised and house arrest, and the reappearance of many years ago, and when he has nothing to return to the origin, as always, to give him love and advocacy, it is this group of civilians who have nothing.

For their enthusiasm and gratitude, Zhao Che suddenly felt a deep sorrow.

They do not understand that it was precise because of the tyranny of the empire that it had caused this innocent disaster, and they who had silently endured all the evil consequences had yet to be grateful to the culprit for their kindness.

He suddenly remembered what Chu Qiao said to him in his army not long ago:

“The civilians are the most generous people in the world. For thousands of years, they have endured everything in silence. They are tyranny, taxation, labor, oppression, their starvation, precariousness, hard work, and even living without dignity. All the hard-earned things are turned over, leaving only a few points to support the family and never complain, but as long as you are a little nice to them and have a little bit of compassion, they will silently remember it in their hearts. They sincerely love you.”

At that time, he was just laughing. In order to take advantage of the female slave who did not seem to be prominent at the time, he even had great compassion and did not openly despise the rebuttal.

But now, he suddenly understands that some of the emotions in his heart are rooted in his heart, like a seed, and finally broke through the soil and slowly grew up.

In the Qingshan courtyard of the Zhuge Mansion, the fourth young masters of Zhuge House, are busy at home, drinking tea in the flower hall. For many years, he has been a very healthy person. Although he has lost his family in the past, he is not as expected outside. Decaded and abandoned, but leisurely taking care of the quality of the orchids, writing, and reading, from time to time, also went to the horse farm to ride a horse.

Seeing him like this, no one would have imagined that not too long ago, this man had just lost in the family’s right to compete, a serious mistake made him completely stepping down and cannot stand up, and now even the gates of Zhuge, no one can go out and it is almost completely under house arrest.

On the 7th of the month, he entered the flower hall and whispered, “Master, I’m back.”

“Well,” Zhuge Yue lifted his eyes lazily, agreed to a cry, is very serious with a teacup covered with tea inside.

“The Seventh House of the Kings returned to Beijing. Now they have gone to the direction of the Holy Palace. The soldiers of the Shangri-Lao are following, and the officers and men of the Southwest Army are not around. I heard that they have been taken over by the Three Emperors.”

Zhuge Yue’s movements were slightly stagnant, and then he chuckled and couldn’t hear the anger.

“The provinces and counties in the northwest have prepared for the food and grass. The Batuha family sent 100,000 troops to the army. Fourteenth Prince of Daxia of the temple also rushed to the division. This time the empire sent troops to as many as 100,000, all of which were elite cavalry and Heavy armor, the army is very strong.”

Zhuge Yue whispered while drinking tea, and his tone was light: “A group of dogs can’t beat a lion and send such a bunch of waste. I think the number of big summer air is going to be exhausted.”

Yue Qi he said: “The young master, the third hall of the temple is a martial arts sect. The fourteenth priests have recently joined the northwest of the Keyan army. The Batuha family is a strong horse. How can it be said that it is waste?”

Zhu Gexuan slowly raised his head and his eyes became black, like ink, slowly said: “On paper is one thing, real swords and guns is another matter. This is entirely Zhao Qi or Zhao Yang or whatever. Whoever directs, there will be five chances of victory, but now the three-way army is out and the commander-in-chief is three big men who pretend to think they are amazing. What effect do you think it will be?”

Yue Qi heard, and it was suddenly outspoken.

Zhuge Yue frowned slightly, and his voice was low. He said: “There can only be one voice in the army to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation of the strategy. Nowadays, the three pillars are standing apart and mutually restrained. If Yan Xun does not know how cheap it is, then he is an idiot.”

The man was tall and slender. He stood up and walked to the inner room. He walked and said, “Notify Zhu Cheng that all the business under our hands will be contracted back from the northwest. This will last for long, and there will be no money in the west…”

In the autumn, the sun is dazzling, and the man’s cheeks are slowly gowning between the flowering orchids. On Yue Qi, when he looked at his back, he suddenly had some doubts. Some of his words he wanted to ask, but he did not dare to ask. In fact, he really wanted to know: Master, who do you want to win?

At the beginning of October, the wind was strong.

The northwestern army led by the 14th prince Zhao Yang, the southwestern army led by the three princes Zhao Qi, the eldest son of the Batuha family led by Tubauli and the Northern Alliance led by Qixi, the major provinces of the northwest. The four-armed army marched into the northwest. The southwestern army and the Keyan army faced a positive storm. The northwestern army left outflanking. The Northern Alliance threw out on the right. Like a sharp knife, Cheng Yuan slammed into a tsunami and killed a total of 700,000 troops. The public, together with the logistics and escort auxiliary forces responsible for the back road, had a total of millions of troops rushing toward the northern Yanbei.

In the road between Daxia and the northwest, horses and carriages flow constantly around the clock, and countless grains, materials, manpower, and war horses continue to flow into the Northern Expedition. In the Great Summer, he spoke up for the horse and saved half an hour of anger and he was arrogant.

The war is about to ignite, the blade has been polished, and there is no way to retreat. The Yanbei army gathers in the northern border town, and the security is strict and the pillows are waiting.

A world war is about to begin.


CHAPTER 130 Awakening of Yanbei


On the 13th of October, the first heavy winter snow fell on the plateau of the Yanbei Plateau. The heavy snow lasted for three days and nights. It was more than a foot deep. The north wind whistled and the cold stream quickly swept through the entire northwestern land. The world was freezing cold and water dripping into ice. The squally wind was like a hail of snow, and it was clearly at midday. When he looked up, he couldn’t see the sun above. Only a line that was dim, and the cold wind was stabbing, it was difficult.

This rare blizzard killed all the countless cattle and sheep on the Yanbei plateau, knocked down countless tent houses, and left countless Yanbei people lost their homes. The Daxia Regiment that will come will have to stop and set up a camp in Bailin Province in the northwest inland, waiting for the wind and snow to pass. The two-armed army, which has been cautious enough to prepare for the game, has thus fallen into the cold war.

In the heavy snowfall, a team of more than 20 horsemen rushed on snow on the ramp outside Beibei. Their horses were fat and healthy, their heads covered with furs, and they did not fear snow and coldness. Dance, run fast. Soon, the team came close to the city and a team of scouts came forward and shouted, “What people?”

No one in the team made a sound, and the headed flag officer held up a red flag. The team scolded him immediately. Then he stepped back and let his way out.

The team continued to run and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Xun Ge, who is that team, ah?”

A young scout asked, with a bearskin hat, his face was frozen and red.

“Don’t say it,” the scouts suddenly reprimanded, carefully glanced around, as if they were afraid that the people in front would turn to hear their conversation: “That was the bloody flag of the Second Army.”

The voice of the scouts was very low, but the people in the team could hear clearly. All of a sudden the crowd felt only a sudden cold in the back of the ridge. The crowd turned to see the direction of the Second Army disappearing. There, Beibei City Lights everywhere, through the heavy snow, faint shot.

In view of the fact that the Daxia Front was too strong, seven days ago, the newly appointed Yan Xun of Yanbei issued a rallying order in Beibei. Now, even the last team far from Meilin Pass had arrived.

In the war, there were a large number of refugees gathered in front of Beibei City. A blizzard blew the houses and cattle and sheep of the surname. In just three days, several people were already starved to death. At this moment, they all In front of the gatekeeper, I hope to enter the city and escape this sudden disaster. However, it is necessary to start a war with the Great Summer. Beibei City has already entered the state of preparation for the first level. The refugees in front of the city gate have gathered more and more, but Yan Xun still ordered to strictly guard the city gate, in order to prevent the rape from entering the city, and thousands of officers and men took turns to defend. A scream of civilians and a cry of women and children in front of the hustle and bustle of the North Gate.

“Step aside!”

A sudden hurry of horseshoe sounded suddenly, and there were people whipping the whip between the people on both sides. The advance team of the 2nd squad swiftly rushed under the gate of Beibei, and the general of the dark red scorpion waved blood red. The military flag shouted: “We are the advance team of the Second Army. I am Xue Zhiyuan and open the door!”

Within a short while, a long row of torches quickly went up to the tower and one of them shouted: “General Xue can have a letter from General Cui?”

Xue Zhiyuan said: “The letter is here!”

A bamboo basket was slowly lowered from the tower. Xue Zhiyuan had a cavalryman immediately before the letter. He placed the letter in a bamboo basket. A moment later, the torch of the tower rose brightly and creaked. The gate was so unguarded. Slowly open.

“Ah! The door is open!”

A sudden burst of cheering began. Thousands of refugees suddenly rejoiced and shouted in unison. They moved their hands and feet, which had already frozen, and rushed to the gate of the city gate. It was like a flood of boiling water. Advance team rushed.

“Idiot!” In the crowd, the dark red shouted generals roared and suddenly jumped.

“Fast! Stop them!” General Cui defender realized that something was going on. He hurriedly shouted and the soldiers under his command rushed out of the gate and shouted, “Dare it! Shoot dead! Retreat!” All back!”

The northerly wind whistled. The soldiers’ voices were very delicate among the crowds. They stayed outside the city and it was a dead end. The refugees had long blinked their eyes. Seeing hope at the moment, who would like to die outside? They suddenly rushed forward with no fear of death, and shouted, “Let’s go in! We are the people of Yanbei! Let’s go in!”

“General Xue! General Xue!” General Cui feared that the friendly would be in trouble and shouted in panic.

At this time, a bloodline sky-rocketed and saw a young military officer stabbing a knife and stabbed at the back of a refugee’s shoulder. The knife was fierce, and it was very hot. Turned over, large pieces of blood spilled and fell on the white snow, forming a small red swirl. These are some poor people. He had seen such scenes. Facing the bloody butchers of the soldiers, all of them suddenly shouted in horror, and they retreated and were far away from him.

General Cui did not expect that even if someone dared to really use force, he was about to speak, and saw the young officer looking cold and indifference from the crowd, and said quietly: “I’m Xue Zhiyuan.”

General Cui was shocked and was about to speak. He suddenly heard a whisper from the people. The woman cried and cried: “You’re home! You wake up!”

“Kill it! Kill it! Army kill it!”

One stone provoked thousands of layers of waves, and the people suddenly rioted. The people who were forced to desperately shouted. A seventy-year-old man shouted in front and shouted, “What are you killing? Why? My three sons are in the army. The Chinese soldiers are all following you to fight the dogs. Now you don’t let me go to the city? I want to go to town? We want to live!”

“Let us enter the city! We must live!”

Despite the cold weather, General Cui’s forehead was cold and sweaty, and he knew what to do.

Xue Zhiyuan’s young brow wrinkled slightly and said quietly, “Time is running out, and your army will make a decision early.”

“Ah?” General Cui asked a foolish man. He used to be a blacksmith who used to fight iron because he was brave in fighting and killed more than a dozen people. He became a small soldier and took his team to duty just tonight. There was no strategy. I saw him looking at the young man in front of him in a silly way and asked, “What did you say?”

Seeing that the refugees had already rushed forward, the city guards in Beibei simply stupidly to a certain extent, and more than a dozen defenders were actually sheltered by refugees and were taken to the gates. Xue Zhiyuan looked cold, Shen Sheng said: “Archer, ready!”

In an order, more than 20th Second Army members immediately jumped out of the warhorse and neatly picked up bows and arrows. They hadn’t waited until General Cui squawked eyes blinked. Those razor-sharp arrows went off and they took their feet and did not take their heads. In time, only to hear a scream of mourning suddenly sounded, refugees were shocked and screamed.

“Give me!”

The young man’s voice is like a low leopard. The soldiers shoot down one, deterring far-off civilians, throwing their bows and arrows backhand, and rushing forward with their swords. The shots are hot and spicy. When they saw blood, heavy cold iron sheaths greeted and shouted, and soon afterward, more than a dozen people fell to the ground.

“All flashed off!”

The soldiers and the refugees were fighting in one place. The Yanbei Army met in the city wall and hurriedly blew the horn. A large number of troops rushed over from the city, but they were crowded by the chaotic crowd at the entrance and could not come out.

At this time, only a short hurry of hoofing sounds was heard in the remote snowfields of the snowfields, as if there were a large number of troops approaching. The horses were extremely fast and they saw a small black soldier from the top of the horse. Jumped off, the voice was slightly feminine, but she shouted in an alarming voice: “Who is in trouble?”

More than a hundred soldiers then jumped off and the small man led by him immediately rushed forward. He glanced sharply at his eyes and pulled out a knife across his waist. The cold voice said: “Shang! !”

This group of fresh force means extremely smart, smooth action, quick shot, and both are powerful masters. They rushed into the crowd like tigers and surrounded them with the second army commanders who swarmed their swords and cut the people. Three or five sieges one, and they subdued them. When the people saw that someone had come out for themselves and shouted in unison, the scene was immediately under control.

There are three or forty wounded people on the ground, and several people have stopped moving. They do not know whether they live or die. The little man’s brows were locked and his body wrapped in iron-grey blemishes. He turned his head and said in a deep voice, “Stop the doctor immediately and heal the wounded.”

“What are you? How dare you…”

Xue Zhiyuan was furious and he stepped forward. The small generals didn’t wait for him to finish. A slap in the face of a slap in the face of a man’s face. Xue Zhiyuan had not responded. The man was backhanded. Another one!

“You are a warrior of Yanbei! Your knife should be facing the summer, not the people of Yanbei!”

The crisp sound was like a broken stone, and the small generals shouted hard, and Xue Zhiyuan was furious. His eyes suddenly seemed to be blazing. He roared, and he rushed forward with a punch, and he knew that the little general was suddenly a fast leopard suddenly jumped up and saw a swift scabbard. He threw a bang on his shoulder and kicked him sideways. The young general was knocked to the ground.

“Tie him! Send it to your Highness!”

A sudden burst of cheers arose among the refugees, and the little man turned around and shouted at the people: “The people, the Beibei is going to go to war. You are too dangerous here. Our Highness has set up a tent for you under the sunset over the west. Houses sheltering from blizzards have food and cotton coats. Please immediately follow me.”

As the crowd fluctuates, several soldiers and small men went to the crowds to get through the crowd. Orders were fixed. Soon after, a few military doctors ran out of the city hurriedly, and the small generals stepped forward and carefully examined. Look, even though 13 people died in the turmoil just now, he frowned slightly and looked ugly.

After about half an hour, the people finally led westward under the leadership of the soldiers, and the small generals went into the city. The gate slowly closed and all the outside ripples were blocked. It seemed that even the snow was no longer there. violent. The frightened General Cui said two words and went to the carriage that detained several people of Xue Zhiyuan.

“General Xue, I’m sorry, just offended.”

The small captain picked off the hood and revealed a squeaky face. His eyebrows were clear and his eyes were bright. He turned out to be a very beautiful young girl.

“Who are you?” Xue Zhiyuan still had some cheeks on his cheeks. The place where she had kicked her was still in pain. She did not want to speak to her and she was surprised at the sight of her.

“This is the Chu people at the staff office.” The general Cui quickly introduced: “Adults, this is the leader of the friendly vanguard of the Second Army who came to support Beibei, General Xue Zhiyuan Xue.”

Chu Qiao’s cheeks were red and her lips were a little cracked. She nodded and said kindly: “General Xue was miles away, and he was on the road in such bad weather. He worked hard.”

Xue Zhiyuan frowned and didn’t know where to find out such a Chu adult. He stared at Chu Qiao fiercely and suddenly said coldly: “Today’s business will not be such a thing.”

“That is, of course, more than 40 people were injured before a dozen people died in the city gates. Naturally, such things would not have been so easy.”

Chu Qiao smiled, but there was no slightest smile in her eyes, and said lightly: “But General Xue has just been eager to protect the city. The war is on the way. I will not report it to the Military Academy for the time being, and I will pursue your responsibilities.”


“General Xue, if you are in a hurry, should you have something to do? If you are very busy, I have to go first.”

Xue Zhiyuan took a deep breath, and then he looked at Chu Qiao, and gave a cold cry, with her own hands and angrily left.

General Cui wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and said to Chu Qiao: “Adult, are you okay?”

Chu Qiao frowned slowly, helpless sigh, said lightly: “If you knew that he was the second army man, he wouldn’t fight his two slaps. This is trouble.”

“Ah?” Chu was a general.

“What ah!” Chu Qiao turned around and snarled, “If the people of the Second Army were not in the city, the city gates were nearly lost. Do you know what would happen if the spies were allowed to enter the city at this time? The army must die without burial! You are so neglected by Beibei’s Yanbei portal. Xue Zhiyuan has just slaughtered civilians at random. Although wrong, but you are joking about the fate of Quan Yan North!”

The General Cui face was pale and scared. His eyes flickered and looked around, like a thief who had been caught by a thief. He suddenly yelled to the ground and shouted: “Adult, little damn, The biggest one is the biggest death. Please ask the adults to spare a small one.”

Chu Qiao slowly frowned, such a person was even he was mixed into the defender of the Wuchang, she did not know who to investigate who’s responsible, this time, she just felt deeply weak.

“Go to the Military Academy to report it.”

To put aside a light sentence, Chu Qiao turned away, the snow fluttering, there is still no way to stop the look.

Open the door, a surge of heat blowing, Chu Qiao take off the big sister, looked at left and right, but did not see the shadow of Yan Xun, she turned to the study, halfway to meet rushed back Ah Seung, not open He listened to Ah-Jing and said in a gruff voice: “Girl, your Highness calls you to go.”

Chu Qiao brow pick: “Where is he? What happened?”

“The representative of the Second Army came and your Highness is waiting for your meeting.”

Before they entered the house, they heard a duck-like voice shouting: “We have millions of troops. Why should we fear the great summer? We can strike them on the plains!”

Hearing, Chu Qiao’s brow wrinkled immediately, and this time her most common expression may be to frown.

“Yes! We Yanbei is a teacher of justice. We are not afraid of Xiagou!”

“Report!” exclaimed the soldier outside the door. “The Chu staff at the staff arrived.”

“Come in.”

Chu Qiao entered the room and said hello to everyone present. I saw a lot more people attending the meeting today than last time, except for the last time, the military representatives of the 2nd Army of the 1st Army, and 3rd Army. The military deputy generals, the unassuming deacons of the major peer conferences, the de facto elders of the major peer-to-peer associations, and representatives of the other side-army, militia group, and self-defense army representatives, the patriarchs of small tribes on the Yanbei plateau, and a house of black pressure. People are almost full of conference halls. Chu Qiao knew that almost all of Yanbei’s armed forces had arrived today. She walked in with confidence and went straight to sit down next to Yan Xun. She smiled and said to everyone: “I’m sorry, I’m late. .”

“How is it?” Yan Xun is not very well-looking, obviously not popular with this group of gangs, he looked at Chu Qiao, asked quietly.

“Everything went well and the dwellings were built well enough to escape this time.”

“I am against it!” a sharp voice suddenly sounded. Beilu’s military chief, Liu Ou, will stand up and look ugly and say: “Why take our military materials to supply those refugees? These things can clearly be used as walls. Raising the height of ten feet will have an effect on resisting the great summer. And why do we need to distribute our food and grain to the refugees? The Chu Qiao know whether or not we are now under what circumstances. When the great summer forces are under pressure, the war will begin. The army It is not easy to say whether the supply of grain can be supplied, but do you get food and grass to help the refugees?”

“If I remember correctly, deputy Liu Ou, you didn’t give me a shred of support when I started to make bricks ten days ago. The entire Beifang Army did not send a soldier, but instead, the nearby people actively helped, otherwise, now, Your city wall will not be increased by 20 feet. In addition, I would like to remind you that the height of the city wall is stipulated, and our city wall is already high enough. If we go further, there will be no accuracy for the soldiers to shoot. The advantage of our defense will drastically decrease sharply. Therefore, I would ask those who do not understand the military to speak with caution on military issues.”

Chu Qiao looked cold and no longer a good temper on the day. She looked coldly at the quartermaster and said coldly: “And, I still want to say that we liberated the Yanbei for the freedom of Yanbei people. In the war, if the common people are dead, then the war is meaningless.”

Liu Ou looks at Tie Qing and argues, “In the past, this was all the way. Every year is a snowstorm. Daxia has never deducted support for the people from the military. It hasn’t seen people starve to death for thousands of years.”

“You said it right, so Daxia was expelled from Yanbei.” The girl said with both hands and shrugged: “The soldiers stationed in Yanbei in the summer were all transferred from the Mainland. They all led the army to send soldiers. Vice President Liu Ou, when did you send your army subordinates? What are your subordinates to follow you for free? Are you trying to let your subordinates follow your life and forget their deaths, and then let their parents and wives? Did you starve to death at home?

The meeting room suddenly fell into a humiliating silence. No one spoke, only to hear the windblown like wild animals.

Yan Xun’s voice was cold and he said slowly: “Who is just talking, who just said?”

“It’s me.” Lu Jie, the head of the Third Army, said with a deep voice that he was not very old, he was in his thirties, his beard was heavy, his authentic plateau looked, his face was very red, and he said with a sigh of relief: “I I don’t understand why we want to hide in the east. Why do we want to shrink like a tortoise in the city? We have tens of thousands of troops. There are only 300,000 troops in the early summer. Can we lose if we hit one?

Chen Hao, head of the Second Cavalry Regiment of Beibei City, also echoed: “This is the plan of who made it. It is an insult to our glorious Yanbei warriors. We need war. We need a decisive battle with the enemy!”

“Yes!” The tribal chiefs also exclaimed with excitement: “Yanbei is a good man, there is no such thing as the East!”

Chu Qiao suddenly felt a sense of disgust and remembered the horrors she had just seen outside the city. She only felt that these people were as annoying as a goshawk. She looked up and looked like a sharp eagle. She said quietly, “The combat plan is mine. Do you have any opinion?”

The crowd suddenly calmed down. Ten days later, no one dared to despise this young girl as much as she once did. However, for a few days, she not only reorganized the army’s organizational structure, co-ordinated the management system of the base camp, greatly improved the efficiency of the work, but also miraculously practiced the creation of a kind of red stone called the brick. Although it was not rock-solid, the efficiency of building the city was extremely fast. In order to increase the firmness of the city wall, she also had a large amount of ice from the nearby Chishui River. There was a rapid accumulation of three blocks outside the city wall. More than a dozen feet high of the double city wall, so that not only the city wall is more sturdy, but also can effectively prevent the enemy from climbing to attack the city.

She used her superior military means to set up a large number of pits and traps outside the city. Nowadays, Beibei has become a strong, strong city, and it is not like the wind that once fell like a puff. 

Therefore, even if she was dissatisfied with her, but no one dared to say it for a time. Especially after she had just made another great effort to complete the resettlement of the refugees, her prestige in the military was no better than it was at the time.

“I have opinions.” A low voice slowly sounded, and everyone looked at him and turned to look like a second-team forward.

Xue Zhiyuan looked coldly at Chu Qiao and said in a low tone: “For this war, we have prepared for eight years. In the past eight years, we have actively run away, and we have conquered manpower and material resources, secretly trained troops, and integrated the strength of the army. We will not forget. The flames of shame and humiliation, the fire clouds of the ancestors growing on the flesh and blood are still open, and they are waiting for us to be a shame for them. However, we silently waited for eight years, what was the exchange, was hiding and Do you wince?”

His eyes were gloomy and cold, and his eyes even looked faintly and looked at the Yanzi who was sitting in the main position. In a cold tone, he said: “Yan Shizi’s spirit of not dying, where did he go? The prosperity of Huangdu has already burnt His Royal Highness bones?”

When the speech just fell, the conference room suddenly fell into a terrible silence. Yan Xun was dressed in a black robe and had a long eyebrow. He always sat on the back of the chair. At the moment, he heard a slightly raised eyebrow and swept his eyes over Xue Zhiyuan. A pull of the mouth, actually indifferent chuckle, but the sound is like the snow and ice of the twelfth lunar month generally cool bone marrow, it is back chilling.

The second army commander who sat with him at the same time, Yu Xin, got up quickly and quickly said, “Xue Zhiyuan has a reckless character, but please ask Your Highness to forgive him for worrying about Yanbei.

Cheng Yuan the owner of Beibei City, also got up and said: “General Xue did not think it proper, but everything was for Yanbei’s war situation and victory. His Highness said that he had been born and died for many years. He’s been playing heroically for the independence of Yanbei. Thanks for all the work, spare him once.”

Other generals also got up and heard and pleaded with Xue Zhiyuan. Only the military representatives of the First Corps did not move. The facial expression was gloomy and seemed to be uncertain.

“General Xue is very quick and I like it very much.” Yan Xun’s narrow eyes slightly picked up and said faintly: “You are invited, everyone is the hero of Yanbei, I can help you with each other, it is my blessing.” Bless, how can you blame the sinful people? And General Xue is only expounding his own ideas, and there is no disrespect for me. What is sin? Xue General, are you saying?”

Yan Xun’s voice is extremely indifferent, his eyes are cold, and he has a restrained edge. Xue Zhiyuan had to stand up and whispered, “His Royal Highness said that at the end of the day, he will be blunt and will not express himself. He does not have the meaning to clash with His Highness. He also asks His Highness to forgive me.”

Everyone heard the words and called His Royal Highness, and got up in battle. He sat back in his seat.

At this time, I saw that Xue Zhiyuan did not sit down, but turned to face Chu Qiao, in a deep voice said: “The next question, please ask the Chu Qiao to answer a little.”

As soon as this statement came out, even the rest of the Second Army frowned. Just as he spoke to Yan Xun, but he did not care. After all, Yan Xun is now the nominal leader of Yanbei. If this continues, it will be greatly unfavorable to the Second Army.

Before he could stand up and have around field, he saw Chu Qiao slowly looking cold and stood up, watching Xue Zhiyuan coldly, said in a subtle way: “General Xue, I did not expect that you raised this naive question, I really regret.”

Xue Zhiyuan looked a cold and was about to speak. He saw Chu Qiao looking cold at the beginning of time. Shen Sheng said: “War is not an arithmetic problem. In the course of regular operations, the comparison between the two sides is not simply a comparison of the number of people! It depends on the victory. There are many factors, the number is only one advantage, the morale of the two sides, the combat effectiveness of the soldiers, the overall level of strength, the comparison of weapons, the accuracy of intelligence, the speed of information transmission, the personal ability of the generals, and the actual combat of the soldiers. Experience, the terrain of the battlefield, and the supply of logistics, all of which are enough to form an important influence on the overall situation of the strategy, simply relying on the number of people to win or lose, striving to convince several to play a few superficial issues, and it is all about the war. A low-level mistake that a layman would never know!”

The girl disdainfully dismissed her as if she had poured a cold water on the head of the crowd. Her words almost covered everyone. Chen Hao, a deputy general, said with a cold voice: “We are all outsiders of war. Only Chu Qiao is a strategic master? I have been fighting Yanbei for more than ten years and have never met a madman like you.”

“History has long told us that people who are always thinking about their hard work in the past have no future exhibitions. What’s more, some people’s past things are not necessarily worth remembering.”

Chu Qiao said with no mercy: “I ask you to recognize the situation facing us. We are not just facing a war. The victory or defeat of a war is of no use to the overall situation. For Daxia, we are nothing but At a local rebellion on the border, they are sitting in the Red River, and they can send hundreds of thousands or even millions of troops at any time to encircle us. The conscription of Zhenhuang can only get 100,000 troops in less than two days. We, we are holding the entire life and death and the decisive battle in the Great Summer. What path is placed in front of us? To overcome is to continue to survive, fail, we must all die. We are not afraid of death, but we cannot die without value. Partial victory has no effect on the overall situation. In the battle of Beibei City, what we want to achieve is not a tactical victory. What we want is a chance to open the war situation!”

Chu Qiao clenched his fist and waved in front of him. His eyes were tenacious and said: “What we want is not to defeat the Xia Army in one or two wars. What we want is to drag them, drag them, and then hit them. And, destroy them all.”

The crowd suddenly whispered, and Yan Xun stood up and looked down at the crowd. He wore a black robe and an ink band. His eyes were like an eagle on a high altitude. His tone was low, and there seemed to be a depression in the inside. The atmosphere, the man said slowly:

“You, since ancient times, Yanbei has been suffering from purgatory, snowstorms, famines, wars, plagues, barbarian barbarians in the north, and scrambling in the north. There are heavy taxation and oppression in the east. We are suffering. In the state of blood and tears, we have been trying to find a way for a hundred years until my father, who introduced the sacred radiance of Datong’s thoughts, ignited the hopeful fire on the Yanbei land, and wanted to lead everyone out of this catastrophe, but he In the defeat, Yanbei suffered great losses, and we suffered a great price. Our fighters fought bravely, but in the end they could not escape the fate of war.

However, we will not compromise. If a nation wants to move toward freedom, it must pay a corresponding price! We have waited for eight years. We don’t care about the last few days. The fate of the whole Yanbei is on our shoulders. The entire Ximeng’s land is staring and waiting for us. The hope of Yanbei is on us. We Long way to go. Now, just as the people of Yanbei are looking forward to, I am back. I will inherit my father’s wishes and lead you to continue fighting. Please support me like you supported my father. Follow me and trust me! The war is about to begin. Daxia has placed the butcher’s knife on our heads. Is it because of internal quarrels? Is it actively preparing for war? Is it busy trying to seize power? Is it prepared to meet the enemy? I believe that you will have a firm belief. ”

Yan Xun looked calm and he looked at the people sitting here. His eyes looked like a deep sea. There was a fierce wave of waves inside, but he could not see the obvious waves. His voice was peaceful, but in the peaceful voice, it seemed to contain Huge force: “Yanbei’s life and death are in your hands. We are behind Yanbei. It is our loved ones, our parents and wives, our fathers and widows, and our men and women. ”

Facing the crowd, Yan Xun stooped down and deeply blew a groan. The crowd suddenly lost their breath. Immediately after listening to the buzzing sound, Yanbei famously drove the red to the ground with tears in his eyes. Said: “Long live the Yanbei! Free Hooray!”

Immediately afterward, the representatives of the First Corps squatted in front of Yan Xun and shouted in unison, “Swear to follow His Highness!”

It was like the autumn wind blew past the fields, the generals of the Third Corps, the militias, the self-defense groups, the chiefs of the tribal people, the officers of Beibei City, and even the generals of the Second Corps, all lingering at the foot of Yan Xun. They shouted in unison: ” Long live Yanbei, long live the freedom!”

At this moment, there was no factional struggle and no vanity comparison. Before life and death, in front of the national righteousness, the armed forces of the entire Yanbei Plateau were subordinated to Yan Xi’s feet. Chu Qiao was also lying on the ground listening to her ears. As the voices of generals clamored for freedom from the generals, she suddenly felt hot and fierce.

The northerly wind whistled. This day, October 16th, in a small, small meeting room in Beibei, Yanbei Plateau, a group of farmers, peddlers, robbers, businessmen, anti-government sects, and minor clans. The leaders of the group gathered together and issued allegiance to the new generation of kings of Yanbei wanted by the Great Summer. At that time, no one knew how much power this voice would have, but in the years to come, this force shocked Yanbei, shocked the Great Summer, and shook the entire land of Ximeng.

History may have changed at this moment, and those who have witnessed this are destined to rise up with that glorious name and stubbornly stand up.

Let history remember this moment because, from this moment, Yanbei’s blood and strength that slept for eight years finally awakened.


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  1. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is magnificent blog. A fantastic read. I will certainly be back.


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