Chu Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Chapter 111-120

Based on the original novel 11 agents princess 

by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua


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CHAPTER 111 Night Tour Tang Jing


When it was summer season, the blue lotus was in full bloom, and the breeze gave off the coolness. All the aroma of a lake Qinglian was sent to the pavilion near Linshui.

The two were squatted on the floor, one on top of a fan, and in the corner box column of the pavilion, there was a new ice. Cool and refreshing was the cool of the ice. A crystal bead curtain strung across the couch. The soft face of the Goose-yellow-yellow embroidered skirt falls on the top of her face, her face is long, the eyelashes are long, her eyebrows are light, her face is slightly pale, but her face is not damaged, and the veil of the thin yarn is covered. On the chest, there are rose patterns embroidered with large f)lowers, dark white embroidered threads, and silver threads interspersed with them. Under the setting of the setting sun, there is a light flow of Zeze (means to click one’s tongue).

The brow gently wrinkled, a pair of slender and straight white hands slowly moved up, eyelashes such as butterfly wings, flashed twice, finally fainted like a pair of eyes. Chu Qiao’s time was awkward and she looked around, wondering where she was.

“Yeah! You wake up!”

The man was not only 13 or 14 years old. He was very happy when she woke up. When she got up, she ran out and shouted to the people outside: “Wake up!”

“Lady, you must lie down and wait for the imperial doctor to come to you for you.” Then, another beggar would go to relieve the cord on the couch, seeming to want to put aside the thick curtain.

Underneath the body is a mat of black silk, cold tentacles, and the clothes on the body have been scolded by sweat. A few wet hairs stick to the side of the hip. Chujo frowned and looked at him, and said quietly, “Who is the lady?”

You,” said Xiao Xiao, said in confusion.

Chu Qiao looked gloomy and carefully looked around and coldly said: “What is this place? Who are you? Why am I here?”

Xiao Xiao seemed to be terrified. He mumbled for a long time before muttering: “This is the palace, the slave, the slave is the Qui Sui and the lady is brought back with her highness.”

“The Royal Palace?”

Chu Qiao picks her brows, suddenly seemed to have made a dream before, the face in the dream smiled.

Is it?

She pushed the little maiden, and jumped off the couch, flew away from the curtains and ran out.

“Madame! Lady, you haven’t worn any shoes!”

Little eager tears were falling, and they were behind.

The sunset is red, the water is long, and Chu Qiao all the way with bare feet and skirts, running on the quaint cloister, only to see the far Bihu (means gecko or house lizard), the lotus leaves cover the sky, the green, and green, a delicate but revealing. The quaint building is located in the center of the water. It is completely built with unpainted square wood. It is unpretentious. There are also the lines of the trees themselves on the logs. It is faintly visible in the circle of the ring. The water pavilion is airy and has no fence. The wind on the lake blows through the crisp lotus leaf. It passes through the water pavilion and slams the layer of blue yarn on the water pavilion.

The long green yarn flew up and in the middle of the water pavilion, a young man reclined on a square wooden pillar, sat with his legs bent, with a fine silver jug ​​on the palm side, and no cup. A few of the lotuses that had just been peeled off, and the whiter ones were like pearls sprinkled on the ground. On his hand, he was a long-haired man with a full body and blue-green. He did not blow it, but only turned back and forth between his fingers, swiftly fluttering and swinging like a dance. The lake was slightly covered with fog, covering the man’s eyebrows, and only saw his red blouse flaring in the breeze as if it were a butterfly that only had wings to fly.

“Madam! Mrs….”

About a dozen girls in the pink-clothed house followed Chu Qiao, holding a shoe in a cloak and other things in their hands. They spoke softly and sounded like cotton.

When I was close, I saw that the man suddenly opened his mouth and smiled. He smiled very nicely. Like a colored brushwork, brow tipping slightly, if the eyes of Liu Si (means six silk threads), he suddenly put down the long hair, and then opened the double arms, smiled and said: “Come on Jojo (another nickname of Chu Qiao from Li Ce), give me a fiery hug after a long reunion!”

With a bang, a fist slammed into the man’s chest, and when the screams of time killing the pigs echoed in the beautiful evening, Chu Qiao grabbed the man’s collar and yelled: “Li Ce! You what the hell?”

“Ah! Protect Your Highness!”

“There is an assassin! Protect your Highness!” ( I am laughing here, could imagine all royal guards coming in and forming lines ha..ha..ha..)


The messy screams suddenly sounded, and Li Ce rushed to the right and left as he coughed and cried: “Nothing is all right, don’t panic, go back!” (And here we go again, the typical Li Ce or Xiao Ce his name in princess agents series, oh this prince never gives up!)

As people around the skeptical gradually dispersed, Li Ce then looked at the girl in front of her face with pains, and said idly: “I said Jojo, can you not use this way to express your feelings for me? It hurts.”

“What are your intentions? Why do you want me to come back?”

Li Ce helplessly sighed and sighed with tears: “JoJo, will you face your savior in such an attitude?”

Chu Qiao unmoved then shouted: “Quickly tell the truth!”

“I’m talking about the truth,” Li Ce managed, sighed helplessly. “I encountered a poisoned coma on my way to get married, and if it weren’t for the sake of saving you, I wouldn’t be caught by the father’s tie. I sacrificed so much for you, but you are like this to me, I am very sad.”

Chu Qiao looked at him with confusion and his expression was slightly loose: “Really?”

Li Ce immediately raised his hand and made a pledge: “It’s true!”

Frowning and thought, Chu Qiao slowly released his hand and said quietly, “I’m sorry.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Li Ce said with a smile, and smiled and said: “I am used to beauty and me.”

Just after the words, Li Ce suddenly jumped up like a monkey. After a few times, he pushed Chu Qiao to the back of the pillar of the water pavilion. Then he sat down from the posture just now, and his face suddenly became melancholy, but his mouth was snarled. : “Don’t come out, just for a while.”

The breeze slowly, Bihu (Gecko or house lizard) wanders, Li Ce wide robe big sleeves, lifts the long squats across the lips, and then gently open the lips.

When Chu Qiao thought that he was going to brag, she only heard a few squeamish breaths. Behind her, a melodious buzz rang, and his voice was melodious and refreshing.

Chu Qiao suddenly turned around and saw a man with a white head squatting on the ground, playing in a very uncoordinated posture.

When Chu Qiao’s head was inexplicable, a grumbling laughter suddenly came. Chu Jiao looked up and saw the distant Liuyin tree. A group of swaying girls passed with flowers and heard the snoring. Intimately looked over and pointed at Li Ce. Their eyes were astonished, obviously impressed by his style.

Li Ce was unmoved, and he had been calmly doing a bragging posture. His eyes were far away, and he couldn’t see what he was watching. The gauze rose with the wind, making his figure seem illusory, like a fairy.

After about half a tea-time, those young girls just walked away. I saw a man playing a long red flag and shook it twice. Li Ce took a long breath and said to the old man who was hiding behind the pillar: “I’ll do it. Don’t blow it.”

The old man was hiding there for a long time, his legs were numb, and he stood up in a trembling position. He said with a sweating voice, “His Highness Prince…”

“Okay, Master Yu Fuzi, let’s go back. I promise your son doesn’t have to go to the southern borders, just change it ….. just change… Yes, you will change your old man, Master Lu Fuzi’s son. who told him not to brag I will play the piano, and my daughter will be ugly.”

“Yes, yes, thank you, Prince Edward (another code name of Li Ce (Xiao Ce in Bian Tang).”

The old man quickly gave thanks and he retired under the help of others.

Chu Qiao strangely looked at Li Ce, frowned slightly, puzzled and asked: “What are you doing?”

“Have you seen it?” Li Ce suddenly blinked his eyes on the light and said happily: “In the past, the woman in the team had a green dress. Did you see it?”

Chu Qiao frowned and said: “I am patronizing to see you play treasure, where to pay attention to what green clothes of the woman?”

“Oh, it’s a pity that it’s a pity,” said Li Ce, shaking his head. “She is the daughter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister Ho who has just transferred back to Beijing. She is a good girl and she is very beautiful. The key is I have seen her.” She didn’t look at me twice.”

“Is it a strange thing to not look at you?”

“That is natural!” Li Ce said naturally: “Well, don’t say this. No matter what the reason, you can come to Sui and Tang once. It’s not easy. I am going to the landlord’s friendship today. I will take you out to play.” ”

When Chu Qiao paused, she stupidly asked, “Play?”

Li Ce reached out and grabbed Chu Qiao’s shoulder and smiled: “Jojo, don’t be so old-fashioned, except for revenge, except Datong, except for killing and killing, there is still a lot of fun in life.”

The breeze came and the waves rippled. The man and the woman pulled on the Wumu (means Ebony) Bridge pulled back and forth. Far away, they could only hear a noisy noise.

“No, I have something to do and I will leave soon!”

The man was intolerant and explained: “You are extremely toxic and you can’t go without a ten-and-a-half month!”

Chu Qiao frowned and said: “I don’t need you to control me.”

“Jojo, do you have the heart? I gave up my escape plan to save you and fell into this terrible political marriage. As compensation, don’t you think you should stay with me for the last time in your life? ?”


“Li Ce, I’m looking for someone. Can you help me?”

Li Ce said: “A man or a woman?”

“……the man……”

“Not help.”

“Don’t be so cute!”

“Everything else can be done, it is the discussion of this matter! I can’t allow a woman to be around me but have the ability to miss other men.”

“What joke are you making, what do I have to do with you?”

“No matter what the relationship, you are a kind of filth to my male charm.”

Powerless miserable: “Li Ce, besides women, besides your male charm, can’t you think about something else every day?”

Li Ce immediately defended his words: “Yeah, I am also concerned about some major national issues and academic issues. For example, the population size and per capita quality of my Tang women, as well as the body structure and composition of women, and I also determined to rely on my efforts to improve the social status of our women.”

After listening to the last sentence and quelling the urge to beat him, Chu Qiao asked: “Oh, how are you going to improve the social status of your Tang Dynasty woman?”

This, I think so,” Li Ce looked at Chu Qiao in a wretched manner, and then whispered: “If the women in the world become relatives of the royal family, then the status of the woman will naturally be significantly improved. ”

“The relatives of the royal family?”

“Yeah, for example, if you give the royal family a bed, or your daughter gives the royal family a bed, or your sister gives the royal family a bed, or as a media, introduce a beautiful woman to the royal family, or… Ah! Jojo! Here is my place, you can do it by hand!”


At the beginning of the night, when the night falls, the prosperous Tang Jing is awkward.


CHAPTER 112 Prince Edward is Passionate


The shallow moon bends brightly and brilliantly. Like a mercury-like stream, the whole golden palace is enveloped in it. The Sui and Bian Tang dynasties are located in the south of Chishui, with a pleasant climate, a rocky river and bridges, and endless rolling palaces and terraces.

Li Ce is like a half-big mad child, pulling Chu Qiao run by the palace hall shrouded in the moonlight, the night wind is a little big, blowing Chu Qiao’s long behind the flying and swelling, several times almost fascinated.

The moonlight is like water. The red walls and blue tiles that are either magnificent or quaint and elegant are like the bright blue waves under the bright stars. Li Ce’s big red clothes shirt is inspired by the wind. Like a kite, the maidservant officials encountered along the way are stumbling on the road. On the side, any two of them flew away, and behind them were still followed by a large number of palace ladies and attendants, holding the swords, and carrying a skirt, smashing a line, like a butterfly chasing the wind. The palace’s unique breeze blends gently in the air, and the extravagant gold powder flutters in the night wind. It shines under the reflection of the Eight Treasure Lamp, like the fireflies on the riverside of the Summer River.

“wait wait wait……”

Chu Qiao was poisoned and weak, but she did not complete rice food for several days. She ran up so few steps that she became breathless.

“Wait,” she said. “Soon,” she said. “It’s hard to stop. Something’s upset. She pressed her waist with one hand and one finger at Li Ce. She gasped and asked,” What’s going on with Mad Madonna? (a name that Li Ce use to tease to Chu Qiao)

This time, Chu Qiao’s pale cheeks were slightly ruddy, a goose-yellow long gown embroidered with large water-grass roses, a flowing silk gown on her skirt, and long messed hair scattered behind her. The naughty wind picked up and emitted a faint scent.

Li Ce bent over and was very close to her, staring at her and not talking. Suddenly the eyes lit up, swiftly stood up, looked left and right, palms a smile, went straight to the side of a lady behind, and the detective removed a bead from her hair.

It was a very cheesy butterfly scorpion with a pair of blue colored butterflies on it. It was something that palace men often wear. Only that the scorpion was made of purple jade, it looks very delicate. Li Ce took a string of jade exquisitely from his waist and looked at the valuable treasures of pricelessness. He casually handed it to the maid and said with a smile: “Change with you.”

The maiden was scared and slammed on the ground, and said pale face: “The slave is afraid.”

Li Ce was not upset. He threw it to her and said, “No, no, I like this one.”

Then he turned and walked toward Chucho. While walking, he pulled the two butterflies on the donkey. The work of the donkey was good. If one couldn’t pull it down, he opened his mouth and used his teeth to bite. I spit a bite and said to the little palace girl: “I don’t want to use jasmine in the future, I don’t like to smell.”

The magnolias on both sides of the courtyard have just been opened, half-opened and half-closed, and the shape is very elegant. Just after a heavy rain, the mud in the flowerbed was piled up, the soil was very soft, and Li Ce was also expensive for his boots. The big sister walked into the garden, screaming behind the eunuchs, and saw him pick and choose. Only the purple magnolia, which was shaped like a flower bud, was folded. The fingers were slender and flexible. They tied the magnolia blossoms to the tweezers, and then they held them in front of their eyes to reveal a white tooth and smiled.

“His Royal Highness…..”

“His Royal Highness Prince…..”

Chu Qiao looked at the people in the front of the palace who were sincere and fearful, and Uzbeki said. However, Li Ce did not seem to see anything in general, but only looked at the magnolia flower, smiled, and his eyes bent into a line like one. Yes, like a fox.


A few steps went to Chu Qiao’s side. Li Ce shot quickly, tightly and flexible. A few times he pulled Chu Qiao’s long hair loose and loose. Yulan hung in her ear, and her hair had a light and blurred aroma. When Chu Qiao looked at her, the next moment, I listened to the courtesy and praised the people. Li Ce stood in front of her, smiling proudly, staring at her mouth, slightly picking her eyelids, and chins up slightly, it was a happy look.

“Li Ce, what are you doing?”

Chu Qiao was a bit embarrassed. She never seemed to be looked at in her life. She would reach out and pick the orchid in her bedroom.

“Hey! What?” A crisp voice, Li Ce knocked off Chu Qiao’s hand, frowning and said very seriously: “Jojo, you are a girl, can you look like a girl?”

When Chu Qiao looked at it, he suddenly felt that this was very familiar, and he thought about it before he remembered Tian Cheng in Wu Peng. Zhuge Yue once said something to her and then rebuked her:  “Every day is not white is black, it seems to go out same.”

Her face suddenly became red, slightly awkward, and she listened to Li Ce’s ear and smiled: “Go, I will take you out to play.”

Then the man turned back seriously and said quietly: “No one can follow you. The man follows me and jumps into the river. The woman does not want to have a waiter in this life.”

After listening to such treacherous threats, Chu Qiao immediately froze, but she was surprised to see that those people had apparently changed their faces, staggered to the ground, and they did not dare to follow. Only the next few people stood up and left quietly. It looked like it was going to report.

“let’s go!”

Li Ce joined Chu Qiao’s ear and smiled. Then she took her to the gate and turned to ride a horse. She sat in front of him and let Chu Qiao sit behind and shouted happily: “JoJo is fast, don’t let them catch up!”

Chu Qiao recalled that this man was not very likely to ride horses, so she shuddered and shouted with a clear cry, and the horse rushed up on Qingshi Road.


Li Ce opened his arms and shouted happily. The night breeze was a bit big, and the robe flew silently, clinging to the body by the wind, and Li Ce shouted, “Jojo! Quick!”


Chu Qiao shakes the reins, the horse quickly rushes to the Taiqing Road, the vast palace group, the guards are brushing the sides of the plaque, the palace lanterns flash, the night wind is cold, the faint smell of the lotus flower, the echo of the horseshoe echoes back and forth. Li Ce laughed and laughed, and laughed with enthusiasm.

Chu Qiao’s feelings of long-term depression also opened up for a while. The petal between her eyes touched her ear from time to time. Itched, she shrugged, and she put a horse and breathe deeply, only to feel the pain of many days. When I went, all my extremities were refreshed.

Mermaid (name of Li Ce’s fast horse) quickly, and gradually out of the inner city, Chu Qiao went back far away, I saw a large number of lanterns lit up behind, the sound of horseshoes, it seems that someone is chasing. Li Ce did not care at all. Obviously, he was already a long-time veteran. The commander Chu Qiao escaped and walked through the streets, and the figure behind him was smashed.

At this time, the wind is dewy and clear. In front of it, there is a lake of calm water. The faint flower boats on the lake have melodious singing and string music reverberating on it. The clean water is like ink, the moonlight is fascinated, and the white light is reflected with ease, sparkling, Irradiated on the faces of the two people as if they had opened numerous white pears.

When Chu Qiao turned over, he jumped and put the horse on a tree.

“Jo Jo, help me and help me.”

Li Ce screamed, the voice was very brisk, Chu Qiao took his hand and Li Ce slumped awkwardly, then ran to the lake several times, reached out and detained his hand and smiled and said: “It’s cool! ”

Chu Qiao also came over and squatted by the lake. His fingers moved the water. The water was warm and warm.

On both sides of the lake are lively, there are book-speaking, juggling, singers, peddlers with various kinds of peddling commodities, and several warm-colored brothels. The girl’s powder is floating on the lake and those squats. The song melodiously echoed.

Chu Qiao suddenly didn’t want to talk. In such an environment, she always felt that the word was poor, lazy, but cramped. For many years, this kind of life seemed to be far away from her. Far as if it was impossible to melt. Go in.

Li Ce looked at her sideways and bent her mouth. Suddenly she stood up and grabbed her wrist and shouted, “Come with me and take you to a good place!”

This is not a few main streets of Tangjing. The commercial restaurants are not as prosperous as the main street. They are just a little more primitive folks. Many people in the Maishu surnames between them and there are children who do not know who they are and run around playing. Li Ce seemed to be very familiar with this place and pulled her back and forth through the crowd. He did not mind that those bitter and hard-nosed bitters and haws would stain his robes.

The two of them were dressed in magnificence and they were beautiful and youthful in appearance. After a while, they attracted the attention of many people. Some small traders came to sell Zhu Bing powder and lobbied Li Ce to buy rouge for his beautiful little lady.

Running all the way, I saw a big banyan tree in front of me. There was a stall under the tree. The stall owner was a young woman. She was not very beautiful, but she was clean, her eyes were big, her watery, blue clothes, next to her. A young man who is about the same age as her. There are not many people in front of the booth, but you can smell a strong scent every other day.

“The boss!”

Before they ran in, Li Ce shouted.

The woman turned to hear the sound and said with a smile: “Yes, big son, are you coming again?”

Yeah!” Li Ce pulled Chu Qiao to find a small seat in the corner and said: “I brought a friend, two bowls of noodles, a plate of beef, half a dish of shrimp dumplings, and more vinegar.”

“Well,” the young boss smiled and promised that the young man next to her smiled at Chuqiao and Li Ce, but did not speak. The proprietress said: “You are still bringing friends for the first time.”

Chu Qiao looked at Li Ce strangely and frowned. “You are very familiar with her?”

“Yeah,” Li said with a smile. “When I was young, I used to come often. At that time, I always secretly left the palace. Once I was chastised by the guards, I took off my clothes and gave a child to help him lead me.” Open, the result was smashed on the clothes and forgot to take it down, wandering for a hungry day, just met the boss of this house, oh, she was not big at that time, followed the aunt to set up a stall here, she saw me hungry When you’re paralyzed, just ask me to eat noodles. After that, I always come.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded, only looking at his eyes still strange.

“Qiao Qiao is not very touched. I think that I am not only gold or a jade artifact but also inside is a splendid one.”

Chu Qiao rolled her eyes, holding her chin with both hands, and even bothered to answer.

A burst of scent came and the young man came over with a dumb face and babbling to indicate that they were eating. It was a dumb appearance. The young boss was behind and looked at her strangely. Chu Qiao looked at her with certainty. The wife seemed to feel that she was looking at herself and smiled. She said, “The lady is right. My eyes are blind and I can’t see anything.”

As soon as he was on the table, Li Ce began to pluck down.

Chu Qiao said suddenly and embarrassed: “Oh, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” the boss smiled very quietly and said softly: “When I was young, I couldn’t see it. I didn’t feel anything about it. It was a bit inconvenient to buy vegetables on the streets.”

Chu Qiao ate two, very fragrant face, she suddenly remembered something, looked up and asked: “You can not see, how do you know that I am a lady?”

“Smell the magnolia fragrance on you. It is still fresh. It must have been a freshly harvested flower.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded and said, “Your nose is real.”

“The eyes can’t see anything else. Something else to use.” The wife smiled. At that time, a four-year-old child ran out from behind and stood beside her, staring at Chu-Qiao, she smiled at her and the child. At that moment, I dared to get up and ran over and said, “Can you tell me a story?”

The boss’s face was full and said: “Qian Er, come back, do not disturb the lady to eat.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Li Ce said as he ate. “She is not hungry anyway.”

Chu Qiao hadn’t eaten for a long time. He said that he was fake and she blinked at the man. However, she couldn’t bear to refuse the child who had carved the jade and touched her head and said, “I can’t tell you a story.”

“Then let me tell you.”

The child climbed up a few times and sat on the other side of the table. At this time, there are other guests, the boss is going to call someone. Chu Qiao saw her husband draw a few on her hand, and she nodded and directed at the few people walking, apparently between the two people actually communicated in this way.

At this time, I heard only the child’s seriousness and said, “You eat, but you eat me while speaking to you.”

Chu Qiao nodded, and when he was really hungry, he began to eat.

When the child took out a few clay dolls from his pocket, it was a very rough work. She picked up a small sword in her hand and wore a muddy cloth around her waist only. He said: “He is The Emperor.”


Li Ce was drinking tea and heard her saying that she squirted the tea in one sip. Chu Qiao did not dodge in time. The child was guilty. Li Ce quickly wiped her face to the child. She smiled shyly: “Look at your mother’s appearance. You know, you’re a little beauty when you are young, and you’re suddenly outrageous.”

The child didn’t feel like what she did. She wiped her face and didn’t care to continue to pick up another clay doll. She was wearing a red dress and said: “This is a very famous beauty.”

“I know. She must be the nephew of the great emperor.”

“No, they didn’t know. One day, they met in the street. When they didn’t see each other, they left.”

Li Ce frowned and said: “What is this story? When the two went to the streets together, whoever did not see anyone, went away?”

“You really don’t know,” said the child. “The big emperors are all in the big car. There are a lot of officials who are going to follow up. Can you see people casually? People, who eat at the food stalls like you, will be Big emperor?”

When Chu Qiao looked at him, she saw Li Ce smile and said, “It makes sense and makes sense.”

“Then one day, they walked down the street again and didn’t see each other. Then, after another year, they walked down the street together, but they still didn’t see each other.”

The child holds a clay doll in one hand and repeatedly lets them meet and separate.

Li Ce reluctantly sighed: “You will not be like this story,” he said, reaching out. “So, meet? Who hasn’t seen anyone, and separated?”

“No,” the child shook his head very seriously. “The country of the great emperor was destroyed. He lived on the streets and met a very beautiful woman. Someone happened to chase the emperor. The woman saved him and they fell in love. It is.”

The child’s face is very serious, and even with a bit of sacredness, she said in a word: “He loves her, she also loves him.”

“But the emperor wanted to rehabilitate and was not happy all day. In order to make the emperor happy, the woman decided to help the emperor to return to China.”

“Wait,” Li Ce asked again. “She is a woman, not a big official. How do you help the emperor to recover?”

“It is said that she is a very beautiful woman. The big officials are all very chromatic.” The child looked very impatient and took out two mud couples. One was covered with a piece of black cloth, and one was under the arm. A little horse made of a small broom, Chuo felt like in an airport of the movie she had seen in her previous life. She heard the child point to the broom man and said, “This is a big general, that is, he took the big emperor. The country was extinguished, but he also loved the woman. When she looked at the woman, he felt regret.”

The child took out another doll. This doll was dressed neatly, with several pieces of cloth hanging on his body: “This is the great emperor of another country and loves this woman very much.”

The child put the four dolls together and said: “He loves her, he loves her too, and he loves her very much. But she doesn’t love him and him, she only loves him. But he is not confident, he feels that he has nothing. No, so he thinks she might fall in love with him or him, so he is very sad. And the other two people know that she loves him, so she is very sad.”

Chu Qiao and Li Ce listened to the black line, only to see the child continue to say very seriously: “The emperor sent people to ambush, let the women negotiate with the generals, the woman did not know, the generals knew, but he still came. So he was killed by the great emperor.”

“Ah!” Chu Qiao eyes jumped, suddenly burst suddenly, most of the cool.

The child laid down the man with a black broom on the table and continued to say, “The great emperor regained his life. The woman was very sad and left the emperor. He encountered another emperor. The emperor was angry. They sent troops to attack another emperor, and the emperor was not powerful. He was later killed by the emperor.”

Another cloth man was also down, indicating that he was also dead.

“The woman is very sad. When she walks and walks, she gets sick. So she also died.”

The woman in the red dress was thrown down. The child took a small muddy rag, like a savage who only wore a rag over her waist, and said, “There is only one person left in the world.”

Li Ce stared blankly and asked, “Is it over?”

The child nodded and said frankly, “It’s over.”

“What kind of story is this?”

The child said: “This is a love story.”

Chu Qiao did not look at Li Ce and the child’s witting bicker. She looked at the solitary clay doll on the rest of the table. She was slightly embarrassed. The night wind blew, the cloth on the waist of the little clay doll hung up. It seemed to fall. He held a little iron bar, it looked like a sword, clawed, but looked at everything on the table. No, no one even snoring.

After dinner, two people wandered in the street. The story told by the kid just made Chu Qiao feel a little depressed. She couldn’t hold back her thoughts. She just felt a little sad, but she didn’t know why.

There are many people on this road, there are many temples, Sui and Bian Tang is an open country, all kinds of sect have, there is a fat Buddha, a glamorous god of water, and a forehead painted with a spell of God. Fortunately, the people here are simple and honest, and you will never do it because you believe in the Buddha and I believe in the goddess of Luoshui. Chu Qiao came all the way and received many wooden cards that the believers had given her, just like modern flyers.

There was a sea otter on the side of the road, and the color was red, and Chu Qiao and Li Ce had just started the wind when they passed by. The flowers were sore and rainy, and the one on the clothes scattered on the two was like a rouge.

Li Ce said happily, pointing at the sea otter, said with a smile: “This tree is so good, let’s go back and let people go back.”

The passers-by on the side heard it and carefully looked at them. It seemed that the man was young and his tone was not small. He saw how much more their eyes looked different.

“Look quickly, there’s juggling in front!”

Li Ce called out suddenly with great interest. After pulling Chu Qiao, he began to run. The crowds were crowded outside. The two stood outside and could not get in.

Li Ce eyes a turn, probe into the arms, and then hold a lot of silver tickets, to the side of the stall where a pile of scattered copper, with a hem of the clothes. Then he clumsily climbed up a step next to the juggling and stood on it. He suddenly shouted:

“Send money! Quickly grab!”

Then he sprinkled a lot of it.

People began to pause for a while. After a while, they saw that there were really fools throwing money. The people on the whole street were crowded. The money was everywhere, and you pushed me and screamed.

Li Ce splashed all the money from the hem of the placket and pulled Chu Qiao into it. However, when the middle of the crowd was dumbfounded, the original juggling artists also all grabbed the money. This piece stood on both of them like a fool.

“Li Ce, Sui and Bian Tang is really good.”

Everyone in the area was saving money, but he did not fight. Chu Qiao’s stood and suddenly said such a thing.

Li Ce smiled and shook his head and said: “Okay, but what you see is good, but how can it be better than summer?”

They can’t be juggling. They just hang out on the street and chat casually.

Li Ce bought some snacks, including honey cubes, jujube, osmanthus cake, and chestnuts. They were packed in two bags, one for each, and they ate while walking.

Chu Qiao was relaxed and tired for many days and she gradually receded. She asked, “Li Ce, you know, Da Xia wanted me. I’m now the most wanted man in the whole world.”

“Anything wanted?” Li Cui said, and then laughed: “This is a fresh statement.”

“Then you don’t give me to Daxia?”

Li Ce frowned strangely and asked, “What is the benefit of giving Da Xia? A thousand bounty, hey, it’s better to leave you with me.”

“However,” Chu Qiao shook her head. “I always want to go back to Yanbei.”

“Hey, Jojo, you are hurting my heart.” Li Ce shook his head and said: “But it’s not too bad. I know that you didn’t come to see me in the Tang Dynasty.”

Chu Qiao thought for a long time, and finally still a little embarrassed to ask: “Li Ce, you and Da Xia are an enemy of Yanbei?”

Li Ce turned his head and looked up and down Chu Qiao. He finally sighed and said: “Jojo, this night, you still can’t forget Yanbei forgetting Yan Xun, can you not live a little easier?”

Chu Qiao did not speak, and Li Ce continued: “The war between Yanbei and Daxia is your own business. Besides, why should I go to Yan’s tent for ten thousand miles? He’s so fierce if it hits me. What? I also heard that the Yanbei plateau is very cold and windy. The woman’s skin there is blown red and very rough. I don’t want to do anything unprofitable.”

The wind rolled over the sleeves and touched the wrists. Like the touch of a butterfly wing, Chu Qiao smiled. She looked at Li Ce and suddenly said: “Li Ce, although I can’t always see through you, I think You are not like a bad person.”

Li Ce slammed and said, leaning back on the chin: “The Prince of Gold is among the splendid ones in Jin Yuqin’s identity, and it’s easy for you to see through me casually.

When the words were just finished, he came forward and said with a smile: “JoJo, give you a chance to see through me, do you want?”

Chu Qiao grinned: “You still keep it.”

“Oh,” the man sighed. “The woman who doesn’t understand his style.”

After a fish selling stall on the road, Chu Qiao paused and looked at the curious past. I saw a large tank containing a lot of red-tailed goldfish.

Chu Qiao is very good at fish farming. She has always been fond of small animals and once thought of raising a puppy. She didn’t have time to look after her in the army. Her dormitory is also not allowed. She can only smuggle a few tropical fish, and then she can After the discovery, there was no control and her habit of keeping fish was preserved. Now it has been so many years and it is hard to live. There is still energy to fish.

Li Ce saw her like it, and immediately bought it, the stall owner rarely saw such a generous customer and sent them a porcelain bottled fish.

It was already very late at this time. Chu Qiao was seriously injured and could not help but have some burnout. The two men discussed it and would go back.

When returning to the lake, the horse is still eating grass. When several children were lying next to each other, they wanted to go to the Rama for a few times. It was presumed that they wanted to steal the horse, but they were afraid that the horse would kick them. Hesitantly refused to leave. When he suddenly saw the owner back, he suddenly fell apart.

Chu Qiao and Li Ce went to the horse. Because they had more than one goldfish, they walked slowly on Long Street.

Chu Qiao suddenly felt a bit strange, remembering that during the days when Daxia and Li Ce were difficult to distinguish between their friends and foes, it felt like they were in their previous lives. Sure enough, just as Yan Xun said at the beginning, the city is like a huge cage, lifeless, something in there, it has to be defiled.

Hey, Yan Xun, I don’t know where he is. He disguised as Yi Rongcheng Liu Xi, who accounted for the money of Datong Xianyang. Presumably, he wanted to take the southern Xinjiang transportation property back to Yanbei. Now that they are betraying the banner of the big summer to the Sui and Tang Dynasties, it is not difficult to understand why Yan Xun has to disguise Liu Xi. So it seems that he will definitely come to the Sui and Tang Dynasties. As for this, there are still reasons and purposes. It is not what she knows.

The sound of the drum is getting closer and closer, and Chu Qiao’s spirit is getting more and more difficult. Since that day, she has become more and more sleepy after the poison of the female assassin. She rode her seat, and her body became softer and softer. Her forehead leaned on Li Ce’s body and she slept slowly.

The man sitting in front of him suddenly looked at him. He looked back strangely. He saw the girl’s forehead on his shoulder and breathed shallowly. She slept like this.

The night wind blew, the magnolia flower in the girl’s day was bursting, and there was no cynicism in the man’s face. He just looked at Chu Qiao quietly, letting the horse go forward, and not dragging.

Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties is a flower country, flowers on both sides of the road trees everywhere, the breeze passing, occasional petals fall like a butterfly touch, Chu Qiao on her goose yellow skirt, swaying in the wind, thousands of flowers in the colorful like fairy elf, not like mortals.

The horse played lightly and Chu Qiao suddenly frowned and gave a slight twist. The body couldn’t help but fall backward.

Li Ce’s eyes were fast and she caught her waist. Then the man who was originally bad martial arts suddenly turned, holding the saddle in one hand, and the body flying up. The next second, he leaped from the front to the back, and his arms crossed Chu Qiao’s waist, allowing her to fall asleep in his arms, and then with a slight twist on the reins, the horse slowly moved forward and the pace was steady.

As the night winds blow, the surviving rainwater scattered on the flowering trees. With thousands of petals, they drifted.

In cold moonlight, the spacious Qingshi Road is simple and elegant. A man riding a thin horse rides immediately. The man holds a horse and holds a young girl who is sleeping. The other hand pulls out a bamboo from the rucksack of the horse. The bamboo umbrella covers the head. Cold dewdrops fell on the surface of the umbrella, and there were crisp and moving voices. The men’s clothes were dark red and they were curled up by the wind, like a fire-like rose.

“Sui and Bian Tang dynasties will not be peaceful.”

There was a low sigh from a man in the distance. Li Ce sighed and then smiled lightly. The smile couldn’t see how relaxed and happy he was, but he seemed to be used to laughing so much like this: “Hello, wait. Or send you to meet your old lady.”

“There is no paradise in this world, you little fool.”

The moonlight spread like frost, and the large Jinwu Palace gradually appeared before the eyes.


When she woke up, it was not too early. The young man named Qiu Sui sat waiting for her on the small corner stool. When she saw her happy smile, she quickly brought a bowl of tea and said, “You wake up, you want to drink water?”

Chu Qiao shook her head and Xiao Yan continued: “The imperial doctor was waiting outside for a briefing, and his Highness ordered them, saying that when you wake up, you call them in.”

Chu Qiao simply brushed up and refused the good intention of the girl who wanted to make a big chapter on her head. She is not a wealthy person, nor has she had any good days. At this moment, it is inevitable that there will be some envy of a dozen or so people before and after washing their face. After the instinct refuses, I will see more than 20 doctors sneak in. , take turns to get in front of you.

There were a lot of small dishes on the table. There were thirty kinds of dessert dishes in soup and water, and there were thirty or so different ones. Chu Qiao had no hands at all, and the imperialists asked for help while feeding her. Every time she picks up a dish, she looks at her. If she nods, she sends it to her mouth and shakes her head to put it down. Chu Qiao feels embarrassed to keep shaking her head and eats to ease her stomach discomfort.

It was finally difficult for the doctors to look around and ask for the cut. More than 20 old men collectively went to the General Office to discuss the treatment plan.

At this moment, she heard a sound from outside, and Chu Qiao asked: “What are you doing outside?”

Qiu Sui is obviously the head of this group of people, and replied crisply: “They repair the pool.”

The pool was just under Chu Qiao’s window. She was a little strange and asked, “What’s wrong with the pond?”

“Originally the pool was too low, and the Highness ordered that a watermill be set up here to erect a high pool of living water for the girl to bring back the goldfish.”

Chu Qiao stunned and quickly went to the window. I saw that there were about two or three big men outside, sweating and busy, but they didn’t dare to make too much noise. Basically, everything was assembled elsewhere and then carefully dragged over. I heard that so many people are busy for a long time in order to raise a few worthless goldfish, Chu Qiao is a bit stunned, I have long heard that there is money in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, she did not expect the royal family to extravagant to this point.

She can’t stay here for a few days, Li Ce is so, she is a little embarrassed.

She turned and asked, “His Royal Highness Prince?”

“After the morning and early morning, he did not see his Highness back.”

Chu Qiao nodded. I didn’t even know how to come back last night. It seems that my body really has big problems. Since anyway, it is necessary for Sui and Bian Tang to wait for an opportunity to find Yan Xun. It is better to nurse the body here. I think of it here, she is slowly sitting on the couch.

“Girl, are you a big summer man?”

Chu Qiao looked up and asked, “Who did you listen to?”

“I listened to Tie Yuo and said: That day, he and his Highness brought you into the palace. He said that the girl was a noble family in Daxia and asked us to wait on it.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded, presumably Li Ce’s guard.

“I thought you were a lady at first, but I went down last night and said that you are his friend. Speaking of it, you are still your first woman friend.”

It seemed as though Xiao Yan saw Chu Qiao saying good things. While fanning her gently, she said, “Your Highness is so good to the girl. Since I became a slave here, I never saw him so good to anyone.”

“Is there a lot of ladies in your Highness?”

Qiu Sui said: “Yes, the entire Qiu Hua, Dian Chan,g Qing Dian, Qiu Shui Ge, is probably … … hey, slaves can not tell, in short, there are many, many.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded. “The rumors are true.”

Xiao Yan said with a smile: “His Royal Highness is loved and loved to play. We all like our Highness. Our Highness is Prince Edward are very kind to our little sister. There is no shelf.”

At this moment, suddenly a walk came in, and said: “Girl, Mrs. Hung Lai is here, waiting outside and saying that she wants to see you.”

When Chu Qiao looked at it, Qiu Sui quickly said: “The wife of Red Dragonfly is a wife brought in by Prince Edward, and it is the dancer that Huai Song gave Prince Edward.”

Chu Qiao nodded and naturally knew what the man was looking for, and softly asked, “Can I not see her?”

Qiu Sui said: “Of course, when the Prince was walking, he said, if the girl is unwilling, she is not allowed outside to disturb you.”

“Oh,” Chu said, “I told Mrs. Hung, tell me that I am seriously ill and I do not want to see the guests. I would like to thank her for visiting.”

That name has retreated.

In less than half a day, a dozen or so ladies came to visit before and after, many of whom are noble women. It seems that Li Ce’s absurd name really was not white. So many women, she really doubted that he still remembered their names.

In the afternoon, when the weather was getting hotter, Chu Qiao was lethargic. Qiu Shui slapped a bowl of ice cubes and added some pieces of cherry melon and other fruits. He was about to give Chu Qiao to eat. Suddenly another person came and reported that Tang Guo. The lady wants to see Chu Qiao.

Chuchao was about to say no, but Qiu Sui suddenly surprised and said: “The girl, Madam Tang Guo, is the queen.”

Feng Yuan Temple is the residence of the Queen. Chu Qiao has been sitting in the hall for half an hour. She still can’t see the emperor. She is very sleepy and can’t open her eyes. While trying to sit up straight, she cursed the caravan. The woman, this poison has so far seemed to have no effect on her, just to make her spiritless difficult, and want to sleep all day.

Oh, I don’t know if Li Ce can cure her. The famous doctor mentioned by Zhuge Yue was called, and she forgot.

I do not know how long it took to wait. A housemate suddenly came out to say that the queen is not feeling well today. Let Chu Qiao return first.

Chu Qiao heart fire, but still know how to measure the weight, dragged a heavy footstep came out.

She knows that the queen must have been hiding from the inner room to observe herself. She is now a slutty person, and her body is inconvenient, or she should not conflict with her.

Just out of the door, Chu Qiao yawned, who knows a flower, a figure stood up suddenly. Chu Qiao was shocked and saw only Li Ce who was sleepy.

Chu Qiao’s sleepy sensation suddenly ran three-pointers and asked in a puzzled way: “You just kept squatting in the doorway?”

Li Ce said while yawning: “I heard you were asked by my mother to come and ask, and I came to hear.”

Chu Qiao said: “Can’t you go in and listen to it?”

“It’s hot inside,” Li Ce said, and she raised an eyebrow and said, “I’m afraid that when you both talk, you’re going to fight in the middle. I’m here to pull in.”

Chu Qiao did not talk with him and went outside, saying: “I’m so sleepy, I want to go back to sleep.”

Li Ce echoed: “Exactly, I’m also sleepy, let’s sleep together.”

Chu Qiao turned her head and raised her fist: “I am not afraid of death.”

Li Ceha smiled and said: “The most fearless thing in my life is the threat of women.”

At this time, a young guard suddenly ran up and shouted at Li Ce: “Prince, the daughter of He Daren entered the palace and visited the four princesses.”

Li Ce seems sleepy immediately said goodbye to Chu Qiao, and shouted: “JoJo, I have something to do. I will not accompany you first.”

Immediately, he hurried away from the back of the guard.

Want something?

Chu Qiao suddenly laughed, but this is also good, and with such people, she does not have to worry about what is difficult to find in the future.

On a small bridge, Chu Qiao almost sat down and fell asleep.

Late at night, suddenly awakened by a burst of crying, Chu Qiao fumbled to get up, put on a white robe, the name of soft autumn. (means Qui Sui)

Qiu Sui lived outside and apparently did not sleep at the moment. He ran in a few steps and said: “The girl woke up, nothing, it was outside Mrs. Hung Lai, and the slave had already beaten her away.

Chu Qiao was a little strange: “What happened?”

“In the afternoon, the girl came back. Mrs. Hung Lai, sister Qiu, and his wife met the girl’s sedan chair on the road. Qiu and his wife deliberately let the men push the sedan chair and almost pushed the girl’s sedan into the lake. The iron guards just saw it and told His Royal Highness. His Highness sent someone to shut the mound and his wife into the storm room. Mrs. Hung Lai is crying to ask for your mercy, but you can’t control it, and you can’t make it. This will drive her away.”

It seems that these people are treating themselves as imaginary enemies, and women are competing for pets. Chu Qiao is not at ease. It’s just a secret horror. This poison seems to be getting deeper and deeper. Even if someone pushes their sedan chair, they don’t feel it. It’s just too big.

When she woke up the next morning, the pool in the water had already been set up. A few goldfish were swimming in the high pool. The Chu Qiao was sitting on the window of the attic and reached out to slap the water in the tank.

I heard the whispering voice from outside, how was Chu Qiao’s ear strength, and I only heard that it was Qiu Sui and another man named Xu Zi.

Qiu Sui said: “I don’t know how important it is. There are so many ladies in this palace. Even if people don’t have big trouble now, they will die sooner or later.”

Qiu Qi sighed. “She may think that her Highness gets fooled. It’s better now. Several of Huai Song’s dancers died from injuries. None of them is left.”

“Did you not listen to your aunt? The marriage between Prince and Daxia is to crowd out Huai-Song. The dancers in Huai-Song can’t grow, and they are now fulfilling.”

“Ah? Are we going to fight Huai Song?”

“I don’t know, but wasn’t Tiger Hill’s war again? Although it was a war of small stocks, I heard that many people died. When Prince Luo just returned from class, he would return to Beijing.”

“His Royal Highness was angry this time. I haven’t seen him making such a big fire. Mrs. Hong Hong’s escape from the disaster this time. Hey, everyone can see that your Highness is paying attention to this girl, but she cannot see it. ”


Did the Sui and Tang Dynasties go to war with Huai Sung and Song Dynasty?

Chu Qiao frowned slightly, so it is no wonder that Sui and Tang will choose to marry at this time. Li Ce looked awkward, but in any case, it was also a countryman, but don’t take him too simple.

Chu Qiao told himself in the heart, or leave it as soon as possible, do not know Yan Xun arrived, she always felt Sui Tang here to go out of trouble, although there is no proof, she still feels shocked. This is purely a sixth sense. This super strong sixth sense accumulated over many years of combat experience has saved her many times in times of crisis. It is imperative that we should keep a good body and solve the poison. Then we must find Yan Xun and persuade him to return immediately to Yanbei.

Yanbei is now blooming in spring. It is a great time for Da Xia to use Yanbian soldiers. Once the kinship is over, the battle between Daxia and Yanbei will begin. They should go back and prepare as soon as possible.

The spirit of her recent days was much better. She did not see Li Ce all day long. She did not go out. This place seemed calm, but she did not like the atmosphere here. It was embarrassing that a group of women was hiding in the deep palace to contend for hostility. What’s more, they still found the wrong target.

She wants to ask her about her situation when she comes to the doctor at night. Then she will leave with Li Ce tomorrow, she hopes to find him before entering the city and then leave with him.

When he learned that the imperial doctor did not come at night, but sent someone to send him a soup. Chu Qiao took a walk with the Qui Sui after drinking the medicine. When he walked to the water pond on the lotus pond, he felt a little tired, and he sat down and took a rest. After a while, she suddenly heard the footsteps sounded. She stood up and saw a ringing cymbal in the distance. The aroma was assailant. A crowd of young ladies was surrounded by a young girl, and she was very arrogant and walked toward the side.

The woman also saw Chu Qiao. She didn’t care much about it at first. But when she looked at her eyes suddenly, she was suddenly surprised. The girl’s brows wrinkled immediately. Then she gave a cold cry divinely said, “How are you here?”

“How can she not be here?”

The voice of the slinger suddenly sounded, and Li Ce swayed into the water pavilion. He was alone. He rarely wore a green road: “I haven’t entered my house yet, can the princess wait for my housework to come?”


“This one, this Prince remembers that it would not seem auspicious to meet before marriage. Her Royal Highness, even though I miss you like a river or a sea, but for the future of China’s Tang Dynasty, I’d like you to return to the palace first.”

The big summer princess looked green and suddenly snorted, and she left with her maid.

Looking at her rushing away, Li Ce suddenly sighed and said wrongly: “Hey, political marriage, political marriage…”

Chu Qiao turned and smiled and said, “I’m sorry to affect your feelings your future nephew.”

“I don’t like the little princess. I’m not even 14 years old. The big place is not big. There aren’t any places. I really don’t know what to do with it.

Chu Qiao paused and then said with a smile: “You can wait a few years.”

“Hey, you don’t understand.” Li Ce shook his head and said: “The beauty of the appearance, it will be annoying to watch for a long time. So a man who is interested in a woman is the time he just met, and will slowly disappear afterward. She can’t touch me in front of me now. When I can touch it, I am tired of seeing it again. What do you say?”

Chu Qiao shook her head and said: “Is it a matter of attraction to the skin in terms of mutual affection? It’s not necessarily right.”

“Of course you think so.”

As soon as the voice just fell, Li Ce smiled at the thief, and then he came forward to say: “To tell you the truth, do you hurt this, is it a loss in the Ping Gui wasteland?”

Chu Qiao asked, “How do you know?”

“Of course I know,” said Li Ce, with a good smile, and immediately said, “I will have a big wedding in a few days. The powers of various nations are coming one after another. Only the four young masters of the Zhuge family have not come. I only learned today that Zhuge Yue was originally is preparing me a gift.”

Chu Qiao said: “What gift?”

“Haha,” Li Ce smiled. “He spent a lot of money to hire the largest group of mercenaries in the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. He successively wiped back the horses on the Pinggui wasteland for several times. Later Sui and Huai-Song trade routes were counted as completely clear.”

When Chu Qiao suddenly froze, the water pavilion faced the wind and the lotus leaf covered the sun. She had a fine layer of perspiration on her body. She stood there quietly and smiled and said: ” is it?”

“The young master of Zhuge’s family is on fire, angry!”

Li Ce’s fox, staring like a fox, sat on a log and looked at her with a smile. Chu Qiao only felt that her eyes were sharp as if she was trying to pick something she would not want to think.

She stepped back two times and said: “Here’s a big wind. I’ll go back first.”

Then regardless of what Li Ce said, she turned back to the attic.

Going far away, I can still feel that Li Ce’s eyes are like sharp needles, and I want to break her outer shell. Sitting in front of the window of the water, look at the clear water in the pool, only feel the tentacles cold, cool into the bones.

The narrow and long phoenix heads reverberate in front of one another. There are also men’s gloomy eyes, slightly white faces, and red lips…

There is also the sentence after he left.

Don’t run around, don’t run around, how can she be a runaway, she just came back to look for Yan Xun, she has her own things to do, and he also has his own home.

Forget it, the spirit is good today, tomorrow should be able to go, lived in the palace, inevitably some inconvenience, Moreover, today also saw the nine princesses of the summer, even if Li does not fear, he should not cause trouble for him again. After all, she is the most important wanted by Da Xia, and it is always bad for Li Ce to protect himself openly.

Thinking about it, she gradually fell asleep. Before I went to sleep, I still remembered the words of Li Ce. Zhuge Yue was on fire. It is estimated that there are also reasons for myself. If I left this time, wouldn’t I even lie to him once?

It should be, it should not be counted.

Chu Qiao turned over and they were originally hostile.

Zhuge Yue’s temper has always been great!

Chu Qiao thought this way, Zhuge Yue may not be willing to be put together, so he went back to revenge.

Grace, it must be like this…


CHAPTER 113 Star Lake Night


Chu Qiao is awakened by the intoxicating aroma.

The moon is empty, the stars fall, and the moonlight, like mercury, leaks through the open windows and comes in softly. It falls on a cool couch like a blossoming white pear. Chu Qiao wore a pearl-colored soft-skirt in the inner room, and her head was scattered on the couch. She wrinkled her eyebrows and slowly opened his eyes. He saw only the sparkling light from the window, reflecting the soft moonlight, and it became more and more apparent. Flowing dust, shadows fall.

Sleeping much more in the daytime, she went out of sleep at night instead.

Chu Qiao sat up and did not disturb the maids outside. She walked up to the window and gently opened a corner window.

But when I saw a sea bream opened in front of the window, the flower branches slanted out, such as Dan Ruxia, like a large piece of rouge dyed, the cold night wind swayed gently, the fragrant scent hits the face, the petals are light, stretched out When the finger touches it gently, there is a red and red smudge falling down between the wide sleeves.

Not far from the clear pool, there are palace people shouting and shouting, squeaking and squeaking, leisurely like empty mountain valley, urging people to sleep.

In time, eight years of hard work seemed to be missing. Chu Qiao stood by the window, and if she fell into the fairy world, she does not know what day it was.

Do not want to alarm the maid outside, lift the skirt, embroidered shoes with soft base embroidered with pearls lightly stepped on, stepped on the tall branches, lightly over, along the newly built waterwheel, along the second floor falling down, the body turned and fell steadily to the ground.

Haishu’s soil was still newly added. It is obviously just moved from another place. When I think of what I saw on the street before, Li Ce smiled and said that he would move the flower tree into the palace. I didn’t expect him to really remember it.

Chu Qiao doesn’t know why, her heart is slightly moved, and she does have to look at it anymore, just as if, she was afraid of what kind of sorrow in her heart will bring.

Today is the end of summer, the night is no longer the summer heat, early cool. Chu Qiao put on her skirt and wore embroidered shoes that weren’t well suited to the feet. She walked slowly on the Wumu (means ebony) Bridge around Qingchi. The breeze on the pool was slowly blowing and her skirt rustled. The sky is empty, the stars are sparse, the clouds cover the fog, and a crescent moon is faintly walking in the temple. The light and shadows reel and the ground is white, like a clear water at the ice.

The flowers on the bank overflowed, and the white, red and pink powders of the big flower were interwoven in one place. The overlap was dense and covered in a leisurely silver.

Chu Qiao’s demeanor was very serene. She had not been so quiet for a long time, and the night wind blew on her face. Everything was like the illusion of a dream. Walking, a koi suddenly leaps, a slamming sound of a pool of spring water, faint, but even more quiet.

No one was still around, Chu Qiao sat on top of the wooden bridge, hand-held ebony railings, looked at the shallow ripples on the lake, and gently put his head on the rings of the logs.

Forget how long it has been, not so quiet.

The recent Sui and Bian Tang dynasty trips seem to have washed away all the guilt and tiredness of her body. This secluded landscape, the summer flowers of the garden, the swiftly moving fleas, and the brackets all show the charm and clearness of the south of the Yangtze. She could finally breathe a sigh of relief, and then told herself that it was not true, not summer, far from killing, and not pursuing. She was temporarily safe and could take a little, a little, and took a deep breath.

For eight years, even if she didn’t say anything, she was stronger again. Finally, she was still a little tired.

I don’t know if the wind in Yanbei is as warm as here.

Chu Qiao suddenly chuckled when he thought of this.

How could be? Yanbei has snow all year round, and the cold winds are fierce. Only the Huishan Mountain has grass valleys and can ride horses. Hearing Yan Yu, he said that there is a fairy in the north of the mountain. She is the goddess defending the people of Yanbei. She stood for the rest of her life on the coldest mountain, gazed at the star map of the earth, and watched the lower bounds with broad eyes. All living creatures competed with the heavens for sunshine and warm days, hoping for the hope of survival for her people.

Yanbei and Yanbei, even the gods of Yanbei, are mother-like warriors. Every inch of Yanbei’s land is the blood and tears of the people fighting against natural disasters and man-made massacre. It is a nation reborn under the bones of the earth. At the root of a flower, there are warriors protecting the bones of the country and defending the country. In every breeze, there are spirits dedicated to freedom.

That is Yanbei, a land full of suffering but never bowing down.

She never saw the plateau full of tall grasses. She just listened to people repeatedly and started talking about Yanbei and talked about the dark, hard-won, pig and dog days. The snow-capped mountains and grasslands are the greatest pleasure for her and Yan Xun. They shrink in the dark corners, imagining crowds of wild horses and raging rivers as if they saw great hope in the cold winter nights.

Those who have not experienced cannot understand the emotions they depend on.

In the suffocating and maddening imperial city, they were two hairless coyotes, backs on their backs, and they stretched out with unremarkable claws. There was not a wall and no carbon in all directions. They were No place to rely on, nor warm. Can only rely on each other, tight, from the other person’s eyes and body temperature, to find the courage to survive.

They are inseparable comrades-in-arms, intimate alliances, and families that cannot be abandoned.

This complex feeling has long since broken through the simple love of men and women and turned into bone blood and became part of the body. Many times, Chu Qiao did not have time to think about some of their daughter’s family. She seemed to be running, fighting, and planning. So she buried a lot of things. But at this moment, she thought carefully, but could not think of any clue.

She is a rational person, always.

She knows what she wants, knows what she should not be contaminated with, and knows what the future is waiting for. So she follows all these serious walks and cannot go wrong. Maybe this kind of character is boring, boring, and boring, but she is such a person. She is blind to death, and stubborn like a buffalo.

Chu Qiao slowly closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She was coming. She had already smelled the wind in the distance. She knew that it was he who was thinking of her.

“How long do you want to sit there alone?”

Chu Qiao was shocked, fiercely turned back and saw Li Ce wearing a rosy green robe, loose waist tied, his clothes slightly open, exposing most of the strong Jian Xiong’s (means person who seeks advancement by any means) chest, his hair on the back with silk Light, fluttering on both sides, his eyes like a willow in March, gently picking up in the moonlight, like a sleeping fox, smiling at Chu Qiao, then stretched out slender hands, lightly yawned.

Chu Qiao frowned slowly: “How long have you been standing here?”

“Just a moment.” Li Ce walked swayingly, sat stunned by her side, handed a silver jug, and said: “Drink it?”

Chu Qiao shook his head: “I never drink.”

Li Ce shrugged slightly: “You are really boring to live.”

“You didn’t sleep in the middle of the night and you want to slay me?”

Li Ce took a drink. His drink is obviously not very good. Just a few mouthfuls, his cheeks are slightly reddish. His eyes flicked at Chu Qiao and then he pointed to a small island in the heart of the lake and said: “Do you know how long the tree has been alive?”

Chu Qiao a moment did not think he suddenly said this, he did not speak.

Li Ce said to himself: “It has been more than 400 years. I did not expect it to be even longer than the ancestors of Daxia.”

Then he pointed to a small flower on the edge of the Wumu (means ebony) bridge: “Do you know what kind of flower it is?”

The flower is lavender, with a small disk, swaying in the wind, and it looks very pathetic as if it were to be swept away by the wind at any time.

“This is called a quiet face. It blooms at midnight and fades in the morning. It only opens once in a lifetime, but in just a few short hours, it has to exhaust one year’s time.”

The silver jug ​​was carved with a small floral pattern, which looked very similar to that of a quiet face. Li Ce looked up and drank a glass of wine. Turning his head, he laughed and said: “Jojo, life is short, Turning the eyes of the dew-flowers to the white, you can have fun when you are happy, you have to live up to the good times.”

Chu Qiao slowly shook her head and said in a deep voice: “But if it is for me to choose, I would rather do that grace and short-lived life, not to do the lifelong life of old trees.”

“Oh,” Li Ce smiled. Everything has its own way of living. The ancient trees are full of life, and there is no such thing as amazement. However, I don’t know that the long-term existence and existence are a kind of glamour. A kind of strength, the beauty of the years, what can you know?”

Chu Qiao turned her head and saw Li Ce’s eyes were bright, her smile was free and she couldn’t help but gaze at her. She asked in a deep voice, “What about you? Are you willing to do the glory of the day or night or the beauty of the years?”

“Me?” Li Ce turned around and smiled suddenly: “My ambition is rather large. I hope I can live like an ancient tree for years and years, and hope that I will always be as beautiful and graceful as ever. Haha. .”

Chu Qiao shook her head slightly said: “Life has to be full of joy, not to make gold empty to the moon.”

“Good poetry!” Li Ce smiled, heads up for a drink, and said, “I didn’t expect JoJo to be a talented woman.”

Chu Qiao laughed and did not refute.

“JoJo, there is a word, I do not know whether to speak.”

Chu Qiao said with a chuckle: “If you are a friend of mine, just say it anyway.”

Tonight, Li Ce and the usual judges are two people. Although there is no lack of laughter and color in the speech, there are many words that are deviant, but he is so quietly and quietly sitting under the moonlight, surrounded by flowers and trees, and his voice is a little less. The absurdity of the weekdays is a little more than a few months of peace. The breeze slid over the sleeves of the two men, and the pearl-colored skirts and the loose-green hem of the clothes were intertwined, and they were a little bit strange and a little softer.

Chu Qiao stretched her hand and took a look at her hair. Li Ce looked at her, and suddenly her eyes looked a little more serious.

Big summer is now chaotic, and the various princes are just around the corner and chaos.” The reason is that the trees are deeply rooted, and the foundation ship is stable for a hundred years. Although the winds and waves are coming, but as long as they stabilize the rudder, it is easy to stand up. In contrast, Yanbei’s regime appears to be exposed. In the summer, they forced them to retreat, but the internal instability and power were mixed. There was a dog in the north, a big summer tiger in the south, and they were not recognized by the national powers. The boat destroys the possibility of death.”

After saying this, Li Ce suddenly smiled and pulled up the scent of the hand. The evil charm smiled and said: “Yanbei and Daxia, like the faint and ancient trees, the night is only temporary, and when the day comes and go high or down to see, who wins and who loses.”

A gust of wind blew, the purple flower went with the wind, and a Bihu ( means gecko or house lizard) few times it fell to the clear pool of the lake, with the bursts of hustle and bustle, resounding.

Chu Qiao looked at Li Ce, and suddenly felt that it seemed like he had played a layer of heavy fog. He could not see clearly and could not find it through.

A long time later, she once said Li Ce’s words to Yan Xun. The man was sitting right at the moment. Yanbei’s wind blew through his facial features, and a small blizzard swept through his hair. The man smelled. The words did not have the slightest embarrassment of her day, but she did not speak quietly. After a long time, the voice was low and slowly said: “If this is the case, then let this long night never go.”

She didn’t understand Yan Xun’s words at the time. She just thought quietly that Li Ce didn’t understand Yan Xun after all. Big summer is indeed a rooted tree of the millennium. The tree is deeply rooted, and it is inserted across the entire plain of Hong Chuan. However, besides the advantages of ancient trees, he also has too many branches and leaves. These branches need nutrients, need water, and need sunshine. They are like vampires relying on the roots of big trees, each with their own luxuriant leaves and grandchildren. The government has no one.

Yanbei, even though it is weak, has a strong and persistent vitality. As long as there is an inch of land, it can grow. Whether it is winter or summer, it will quietly wait for the opportunity. And Yan Xun and his people, how can they wait for the dawn, sit and watch their own destruction, and watch themselves turn into fly ash.

However, these are things that have been going on for a long time. On the cold moon night, Chu Qiao, she quietly looked at Li Ce. Suddenly she felt that she had never seen him. This smile was hidden under the deviant skin. Too many things, so deep, like a thousand feet deep pool, the water is faint, no way to detect. And just now, the man’s heart was slightly opened for a moment, and his shadow was put in shallow.

She whispered: “Li Ce, are you my friend?”

Li Ce’s fox laughs and looks like he has no match: “I am the Prince of Sui and Bian Tang.”

Chu Qiao did not move, and continued to ask: “Will you help us to attack the big summer?”

Li Ce shook his head and whispered: “No.”

“Then will you help Daxia attack us?”

Li Ce slightly surprised and then smiled: “Peri Luohuang Huang had captured the 18 counties of Hongchuan from the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. Over the past 100 years, disputes between the two countries have continued. I wouldn’t be able to sit back and watch myself become a no-nonsense man and become a family sinner.”

Chu Qiao brow raised: “So what?”

“The battle between Daxia and Yanbei, the Sui and Tang Dynasties do not help each other, don’t say that Zhao Zhengde married her daughter to me, even if it is useless to marry the old lady, haha!”

Li Ce said with a sudden burst of laughter, Chu Qiao mouth was led, and slowly laughed: “In that case, you are my friend.”

The girl slowly extended her hand, her eyes bright, and her mouth was smiling.

Li Ce was laughing and she couldn’t help but saw her. However, in a flash, the man chuckled. He also learned Chu Qiao’s appearance, slowly extending his hand, and clasping her tightly!

Then Chu Qiao gently smiled, her eyes looked at Li Ce brightly, the smile was suddenly so dazzling, she looked up slightly, the chin is pointed, the moonlight as good satin sprinkled on her face, her chin pointed, and the satin with good moonlight sprinkled her face, with a radiant dizziness. . .

She smiled and said: “Li Ce, Yanbei is not a faint, we are not awkward. The big summer tree, although big enough, but the roots have begun to rotten, relying on a few ambitions, can’t hold it up. Haven’t you heard of it? People who win the hearts of the people have the world.”

At that moment, Li Ce suddenly felt a little dazed. He frowned slightly and murmured: “The people who have the hearts of the people have the world?”

Chu Qiao gently laughed, and for this slavery ruled too many regimes, such remarks may be really too ridiculous. She nodded, looked at the front and slowly said: “The monarch ruled the people. The power of the people is infinite. All the military, armed, gold, silver, and grain are from the nobles who despise and despise. The frivolous slaves and the people are the most tolerant people. As long as they have a meal and only have a field, they are willing to take out most of the food for others, but if they can’t live without it?”

Chu Qiao turned around and decided to look at Li Ce. divinely said: “No one would like to wait and die, Li Ce. If people from all over the world come to oppose you, then you are still sitting in this world. Is it steady?”

Li Ce said, frowning, “How is that possible?”

Chu Qiao smiled: “How can it be impossible? If you haven’t lived, you won’t be born? Three years ago, you may have thought about a foreigner who will rise and break through the Yinshan Mountain. According to the Hongzhou 18th State, it is the king. Since then, Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties against the court? Have you ever thought that the family leader Nalan Shi (from Nalan Hongye’s father of Huai Song) will rebel against the empire?

Li Ce suddenly stopped and frowned.

Chu Qiao chuckled. Now the empire is perhaps the Xia Dynasty in Chinese history. Because people never questioned authority, they thought that their authority was granted by God. They thought that the people would be so for thousands of years. Obedience and tolerance?

“Li Ce, you look at it, everything has changed, and it is not feasible to die and seize the glory of the past. You will see sooner or later, how powerful the anger of the common people is, and that strength is enough to fill in the sea. It is enough to make the world upside down, and the interracial dogs of Daxia, Yanbei, Sui and Tang Dynasties, Huai-Song, and even the outside world are all weak in the face of an ant. Who can follow the situation? It will be the final winner.”

There was no smile in Li Ce’s face. He frowned, and he looked at Chu Qiao without a word.

Chu Qiao turned around and smiled at Li Ce in a deep voice said: “Li Ce, you are my friend, so I hope that the day when the big wave comes, you are not the first person to be involved.”

When the cold wind blew, the man’s eyes suddenly went cold, and then there was a blade with a sharp blade. Like a sharp arrow, he decided to look at Chu Qiao, not blinking, and not talking. The wind blew between them, cold, cold with night. After a long time, he calmed down. He chuckled, then said: “JoJo, I have never heard these words, but I think it is a bit of meaning, I will carefully consider.”

Chu Qiao knew that at that moment, Li Ce started to kill.

However, he never did.

Although they represent different powers, they represent different positions and represent different regimes.

As she said, they are friends, or there are other things, but they can not tell.

Suddenly, Chu Qiao understood something that has plagued her for many years. Why did so many Kings and Emperor of Xia start from Yanbei? Why should he kill the most faithful Yancheng City? If the emperor wants to cut off, shouldn’t he start from other kings? Such as the King of the Kings, from those rebellious iron hats?

But now she suddenly understands that the reason is very simple, just because Yanbei has entered a big peer conference. Yan Shicheng accepted new ideas. The cold northern Yanbei Plateau has different flowers and bears different Fruit. From a standpoint, Yanbei has run counter to the empire.

This is just as impossible as the sudden political parties in the capitalist countries have loudly advocated that all property must be communized and republican.

It is a blatant hostility and an unforgivable betrayal.

Although, at that time, the king of Yanbei probably did not expect this result, he still did not know what he was doing wrong.

Chu Qiao gently sigh, soft voice, slowly drifting in the silent wind.

What Chuo did not know was, that night, those words changed the destiny of many people. Sometimes, she is like a seed. She inadvertently spreads some green shoots. These seeds lurk under the cover of ice and snow, quietly waiting for an opportunity, and by the moment the spring blossoms, it will have its own. The root is very deep.

“Jo Jo,” Li Ce suddenly turned his head. He seemed to frown slightly. He seemed to ponder for a long time. Then he asked, “Can you tell me? Why are you so confident? Those you and I met have been brainwashed. The Big Peer Association members are different. What makes you so vowed? Is it because of Yan Xun?”

“No,” Chu Qiao shook her head. She smiled softly and then said, “Because I saw it with my own eyes.”

Li Ce immediately said: “What?”

“You wouldn’t understand.” Chu Qiao looked at Bihu in the Lake, her mouth pulled up and suddenly he smiled softly.

No one would understand. Yes, she had seen with her own eyes. She knew what the world would be like. The old system would certainly die, and the new system would be born again.

I firmly believe that everything just needs a guide.

“Li Ce, do you understand? This is my faith and the meaning of my existence.”


CHAPTER 114 Late Summer Warmth


Ganzixiang (Gan for Sweet, Zi for child, Xiang for fragrant sweet smelling), Suhexiang (means snowdrops bush), Muxin (bathe in a pine rosin), Qinghuoxiang (Qing short for Qinghai province, Huo for suddenly, Xiang for aromatic sweet smelling) , Dinglanxiang (Ding means fourth of the Heavenly stems, Lan for orchid, lily or magnolia), each one have a money, chicken bone incense, white sandalwood, black fennel, gold sleeved incense a money and a half, musk, ylang ylang, brewed incense two money, Bai Qi Incense, glass fragrance…”

On the side of the autumn palace, young maiden Xiao Yan was screaming at the things she was going to bring. The imperial doctor deliberately arranged spices and medicines specially designed for Chu Qiao were carefully put away by her. There is also a carriage of silk, precious fur, precious play equipment and so on. Everything is like moving house.

Last night, Li Ce stated that he was planning to leave. Li Ce also did not do more to stop him. He only said that the imperial doctor had to go to the hospital once again today and then he was allowed to get drugs before he could go on the road. The old doctors of the Tai Hospital had come half of the day today. The doctor was taking a long and careful look at Mr. Du Lao. He wrote down all the things that Chu Qiao needed to pay attention to on the paper. He had to wait until he had been busy for a long time before he left.

The disease has come down like a mountain, and the disease is like spinning. This poison has been deep for a long time. It is not simple to want to cure it. It requires careful care and careful service to subdue it with mild medicine. Li Ce picked a few unfamiliar women in the palace and followed Chu Qiao to Yanbei. They sent 50 guards to escort all the way, led by Li Ce’s head guard, and took Li Ce’s gold medal to clear the way.

“Girl, Yanbei is cold?”

From the morning I knew that I would go to Yanbei along with Chu Qiao. Xiao Yan and Qui Sui was extremely in excited state. This young girl grew up in the palace. The girl whose parents and fathers were no longer kept looking for opportunities to ask Chu Qiao. Her eyes were filled with expectations and hopes for the journey.

“It’s cold. There are six or seven months of snow every year. It’s much colder than here.”

“Is it?” Qiu Sui said, his eyes widened, and said quickly: “That can take a few more skins.”

After all, she hurriedly turned to pick up things. Soon she not only got a lot more leather, but also picked up a large number of small stoves and braziers.

Chu Qiao could not help but smile, said: “Enough, so many things, not to speak Yanbei, and even more than enough to go to the North Pole.”

“Arctic?” Xiao Yan said strangely: “Where is the Arctic?”

“The North Pole is a place colder than Yanbei,” Chu Qiao said with a laugh. “It is covered all the year round by snow, and cold can freeze your nose.”

“Ah!” Qiu Sui said. He covered his nose as if the nose was really about to fall. Then he exclaimed, “The girl knows everything and everything she knows.”

Chu Qiao eyebrows, gently raised his mouth: “Read thousands of books is not as good as walking thousands of miles, this place away from Yanbei miles and miles. After Yanbei, you are considered to read a million books, and then you can register to go to Test show.”

In the room, the peasants laughed and sang out. Qui Sui’s face was red and tweaked the leather in his hand. I was embarrassed to say, “The girl will take her slaves.”

At this time, someone suddenly visited the house. The nephew rushed out and soon greeted a 40-year-old waiter. The waiter held a floating dust in his hand. The white face was not needed. He said with respect and courtesy: “Chu girl, Your Royal Highness, please go.”

“Looking for me?” Chu Qiao raised his eyebrows: “I don’t know what is going to look for me under the Highness?”

“The slaves don’t know.”

Chu Qiao nodded, put down a fruit bowl in his hand, handed it to Qiu Sui, and said, “I will go.”

Qiu Sui quickly got up: “The slaves go with the girl.”

“No, I will go back when I go.”

At this time, in the middle of the afternoon, the wind is sunny, the shadows are shadowy, and there is no silence in the imperial garden. Chu Qiao wore a tender green and soft veil skirt. The soft skein was like a layer of cotton. Gently hang down, the breeze blowing, the skirt melodious, pale smoke. Stepping on the Qingshi Bridge, the embroidered shoes on the soft bottom stepped on the slate, which had already experienced hundreds of cold and heat strokes. The weeping willows on both sides were sparse, and the light golden warm sunshine shone from the branches into the water, and the tanned stone bridges. A fragmented and broken piece was dropped on the top. Chu Qiao’s figure is reflected in the light, and it is divided into many small and large shadows, one piece after another.

“Grandfather, where are we going?”

“When you return to the girl, your Highness Prince is in Yushui Court (or  Jade Water Pavilion). We are going to go in that direction.”

Chu Qiao nodded his head and no longer said that Sui and Tang Dynasties was, after all, the ancient country of the Eastern Land, which was inherited for thousands of years. This Jinwu Palace covers a wide area, and the construction is far from being comparable to the Golden Palace of Daxia. Although she had lived these days, she never saw anything more than two hundred. All the way to wear flowers and willows, far from seeing an exquisite water club standing on one side of the lake, on both sides of the island, on both sides of the white pear light, that blue and green palace is like hidden in the heavy pear dye, see also see Not clear.

One of the boats approached and the waiter stooped and said, “Sir, go on the boat.”

Chu Qiao nodded, lightly lifted his legs, and stood firmly at the bow. The maiden is a young girl, wearing a lake green blouse, holding her trousers and revealing two white calves. She looks very delicate and looks at Chu Qiao from time to time.

e boat was docked. Chu Qiao first stepped ashore and jumped ashore. I saw a few young guards standing on the shore. I saw the arrival of Chu and Joe. The eyes of the people suddenly looked over and the two guards walked. I came forward and didn’t talk, just made a gesture of asking.

The servant did not keep up. Chu Qiao turned around and saw the old eunuch sighed a breath, took a piece of chin from the placket, and gently wiped the forehead.

“Where is your highness?”

Chu Qiao slightly tilted his head and said to one of the guards.

The guards said eloquently: “Only in front.”

Chu Qiao nodded and then asked, “Where are you from? The accent is not local to Tang Jing.”

The guard said: “I am the Northern Border Forces and General Xu Dad.”

The guard said: “I am the northern army of Sui and Bian Tang Dynasty and General Xu Da.”

“The Sui and Tang dynasties were different from each other in the establishment of the military system. There were excellent soldiers who were stationed in the garrison troops everywhere.” Another slightly younger guard explained.

“Oh?” Chu Qiao turned around and said with a chuckle: “This big brother is very familiar with the establishment of Daxia’s army.”

The man changed his face and smiled. He said, “I know a little.”

“Girl, let’s go. Your Highness is waiting.”

Chu Qiao nodded, suddenly squeaked, paused, and said angrily, “I forgot the cloak that my highness had forgotten in the morning.”

The two men looked at each other. The older one said quickly: “It doesn’t matter. We’ll send someone to pick it up.”

“How can I be bothered or troubled, or do I run away?”

The young guard immediately hurriedly said: “No, it has just been iron guards have been taken back to the Prince Palace, the girl still went to see his Royal Highness.”

“Oh, this way, that’s good.” Chu Qiao smiled, and then followed them with a smile and walked toward the palace, which was hidden under a heavy pear.

A gust of wind blew in, passing behind an old pear tree with petals falling and floating down to the woman’s slim shoulders.

At this moment, a blast suddenly passed, the light green figure leaped in an instant, and only listened to the sound of a bang, Chu Qiao kicked heavily on the back of a guard’s back, and the body ran backward. Exactly hitting the bodyguard behind him, the teenage girl’s claws into a claw, fierce one’s mistake, “slamming” a broken wrist, followed by the elbow sidekick, the original delicate woman, suddenly turned into an addiction The blood of Rakshasa, between the light and the stone fire, several landings and landings have already landed in Wuzhangkai, pulling out towards the boat!

The voice of “bang” suddenly sounded, and several guards pulled out their sabers and rushed and shouted, “Catch her!”

Chu Qiao said with a sneer, if just because he did not know the identity of the other side and mercenary, then now there is no need for this.

She waved her arm and tied it to her upper arm.

The flash of coldness, Chu Qiao didn’t even look at it, the whole person flew off and kicked the front of the man in front of him. The man slammed and fell. Chu Qiao still maintained his running posture and continued to make big strides towards the boat.

“Catch her!”

Nearly a dozen or so guards flew quickly and surrounded by Chu Qiao. Everyone wears a weapon and does not hide it at all.

The sword flashed, with the taste of bloodthirsty, a veteran of about 30 years old rushed forward, knife and knife, and shot hot. Chu Qiao’s picked her eyebrows, and the body followed the gorgeous side of the blade. The knife took the wind from top to bottom. The slamming cut off the ribbon floating in the wind, Chu Qiao’s face was unchanged, and the body suddenly seemed muddy. Going up, the hand is flexible and flowing, the calf knees hit, and the enemy is made up with darkness, and the hand on the hand suddenly reaches the man’s throat.

Swivel, cross kick, take the knife, wipe the throat!

The action is coherent, without any delay, when she does not hesitate to go out five steps away, the man is arrogant, unbelievable!

The famous flower swells in the wind, and Jiamu is thriving. Under such beautiful scenery, Chu Qiao’s movements are like dances. It seems that she has become art in her hands.

Fall! Flip! Wrong bone! Scream!

Chu Qiao shot no longer tolerant, facing the other side is obviously to her intentions to die, she no longer hides the murderous and sharp teeth hidden under her slings, the metal of the jingle is endless. Chu Qiao double hand is divided, and one of the two knives is framed. The body suddenly looks like a civet, and the calf is kicked before the hot, which is the fatal point of the man.

The tide of the crowd is getting more and more, Chu Qiao whole person leaping and leaping, grabbing the head of a guard, knees flying, a bloodline suddenly rises to the sky!

The boat was in front, and the young boat lady had seen such a terrible killing scene. She was so scared that she was pale and bloodless. She saw the Chu Qiao devil flew in and hurriedly propped up the paddle. I have to leave.

Near! It’s near!

Chu Qiao suddenly force, three steps forward, step by step to kick the man’s squat, and then borrowed force to fly, the moment is like a big bird generally across the sky, the crowd’s stunned, slamming steady Standing on the bow!

Chuan Niang looked at her silly, Chu Qiao’s eyes were cold, and there was no trace of blood on his body, but it was a mess on the shore. The girl’s horrified eyes turned and she said, “Crash!”

The ship maiden stared at her, and dared to have a little action.

Bang! a cold sound flashed. Chu Qiao put the dagger firmly between her neck and said coldly: “Open the boat.”

The boat suddenly swayed and swayed, and the farther and farther away, the people on the small island of the lake ran around, seemingly shouting.

Chu Qiao didn’t take it for granted at the beginning, but he was about to breathe a sigh of relief, but at this moment, the huge unrest suddenly rose from the bottom of his heart. Almost at the same time, Chu Qiao suddenly jumped from the boat without hesitation. At the same time, The thunderous sound of the bursting sound followed, and the boat screamed and saw a huge stone with two kilograms slamming down. The boat suddenly fell apart, mixed with the bloody bodies of the ship’s, coincidentally with the water. Wandering back and forth.

Huge bloody slams and suddenly  Chu QIao hardly needs to look back to see what weapon it is. She clenches her teeth, her forehead blue muscles collapsed, If she just wanted to capture her, then the attack will not be his. Think of murder.

Her eyes suddenly showed the fierceness of the wolf!

With arms stretched,  then quickly paddling, there are no boats on both sides, she is confident that the other side to catch up before going to the other side, as long as the shore, she has the confidence to escape to live!

However, as she vowed to find this scene, a black shadow suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. Chu Qiao was shocked. Then she only heard the sound of screaming, and suddenly there was a blistering spurt in front of her body. Chu Qiao only feels that his body is light, and he seems to be caught by anything. The body can not help floating!

Fishing nets? Was it netted?

Thinking only for a fraction of a second, Chu Qiao’s wrists flipped and the dagger pulled in a moment. The fishnet was torn apart a few times, and the body swiftly descended, banging, and fell into the icy water again.

However, it was too late to have a moment of happiness. The feeling of weightlessness came again. The front of the scene was upside down. When she broke out of the water, she was once again caught by a fishing net.


Chu Qiao couldn’t help but burst into a swearing mouth. When he wanted to use the slashing net to break the net, a few sharp awns were on the head of her head. Looking up, from the willow tree not far away, a few The boat was brushed up and the guards of the ship were all in full. The man had a close-up arrow and the arrow was blue, and he was facing her.

On both sides of the lake, there are a large number of people ambushing the trees, long ropes over the lake, and the fishing nets on her body.

It seems that the other party has already prepared for it.

“Let your weapon down!”

The guard on the boat shouted loudly, his fingers kicked the arrow, Chu Qiao knew that watching the other side just moved the small trebuchet, as long as she dared to have a slight rebellion, she did not doubt that the arrows that were obviously poisonous would not hesitate to pierce her chest.

Therefore, she dismissed her hand when she knew the current affairs, only heard a bang, and did not enter the water, slowly sinking into the bottom of the lake.

“Bring her over!”

Someone on the island shouted loudly, Chu Qiao’s life was bound and sturdy, and then the boat was swiftly driven to the long pear flower.

Today’s day is very good, as clear as a pool of calm water, golden age, full of white flying catkins. He was escorted by two powerful and powerful tyrants. He wore flowers and willows and came to a very quiet palace. The palace door was wide open. A woman lazily lay on one of the soft couches, dressed in luxurious clothes. Zhao Yu (means pearls and jades), looked as if she had dazzling brilliance.

9th Princess Zhao Yu of the Summer dynasty stared at her coldly and said faintly: “It is really difficult to ask you to come to a narrative.”

“If there is any kind of master, what kind of guest will there be, such a way that the Royal Highness Princess will treat the guests like this, but also blame others for not following the etiquette?”

“A good mouth!” Zhao Yu said, and suddenly he sat up and looked coldly at Chu Qiao in a deep voice said, “I’m going to have to see if you can be as hard as you would be!”

hu Qiao did not fear, the corner of his mouth, ridiculed: “That depends on the princess means.”

Zhao Yu was furious and coldly shouted: “Come on, wait and serve this Yanbei upstart!”

Chu Qiao slowly closed his eyes and fell to the hands of Zhao’s family. She didn’t want to do what he wanted. She only hoped that this woman would be fascinated by hatred and not kill her immediately. If Qiu Sui and others are smart enough, or have time. Ask Li Ce for help.

After a scent of incense, Chu Qiao was once again dragged into the hall. At this time, she could no longer stand on her own.

Her legs were attacked by wooden sticks and her body was beaten by a good meal. The soldiers’ men faced her with such a lovable little girl and began to feel no respect for them. Everyone seemed to have hatred and hatred with her. Almost to beat her to death.

Chu Qiao’s clothes were bloodied. The blood on her forehead fell down and covered her eyes. She blinked weakly, but there was no trace of fear in her eyes. She only looked at Zhao Yu coldly and looked at the 9th  princesses in Summer. Her face was very calm. She even took a few pride and pity.

Zhao Yu coldly sneered and ridiculed: “How do you feel now? I didn’t expect that the seven brothers who turned over the day and did not find it, actually fell into my hands, such a sinful person, you talk about me. How can you take it?”

Zhao Yu gave a cold cry and pulled out a sword. The big summer princess who started on horseback sneered and walked forward. The corner of his mouth was cruelly hateful: “I really hate why I didn’t kill you in the first place.” For the untouchables!”

Chu Qiao’s mind was a little unconscious. Someone had just hit her head with a stick, her eyes were black and white. She looked at Zhao Yu, but could not see her face. Her face is like a wave of water, gradually reverberating, becoming the appearance of a child, arrogant standing crowd. At that time, Zhao Yu was mad at Zhao Chun’er (the 8th princess of Daxia), so she always tried to bully Zhao Chun’er and Yan Xun, that is them. In the difficult days of the Golden Palace, almost every day, there were injuries. In those days when the resistance was not allowed, they secretly made so many vows, but after all, the years were gradually forgotten.

She smiled softly, her eyes were very disdainful. She looked at Zhao Yu and said coldly: “I will remember this day.”

Zhao Yu was furious: “Be bold! At this time, you dare to threaten me!”

Chu Qiao said with a sneer, and looked into Zhao Yu’s eyes with such a contempt. She gasped slightly and said in a subtle way: “You and I are in today’s situation. You want to kill me. There are many ways. Through the official, you can inform Daxia, exerting pressure on Sui and Bian Tang, forcing Li Ce to have to let me out of the palace, and then you can intercept me and kill me on the road. Privately, you can also buy the maids around me and buy for me. The sick imperial doctor killed me invisible, but you didn’t do it. You did a lot of fanfare and made blatant actions. You thought you were shocking people who tried to belittle you. You thought this was you burning in the Sui-Bian Tang Palace. The first fire, the women of Prince Edward (another codename of Li Ce) will fear you three points, and you, the big summer princess, will rise within the Jinwu Palace, but have you ever wondered if you would do this until Li Ce’s Where to? Where does Yanbei come from? You are not just a good-hearted woman on behalf of Daxia. You lose your original position and become unassuming and unreasonable. You completely discard the faces of Sui and Bian Tang in the mire. .This practice, are they proud of you? Are you still complacent about it?”

Chu Qiao disdainfully sighed coldly at the end of the eye, Zhao Yu’s discolored face swept across her face, and coldly said: “Zhao Yu, you are an idiot. It used to be, and now it is the same. Obviously, you haven’t awakened. You still haven’t grown up.”

“To shut up!”

Zhao Yu suddenly shouted, slap in the face of Chu Qiao.

Chu Qiao slowly turned his head and looked very hot. He said: “This slap, I wrote down, there will always be one day, I want you to repay ten times!”

“I’m afraid you don’t have this opportunity!”

Zhao Yu raised the sword in her hand and Chu Qiao squatted to the ground, staring at the last dagger on her thigh while all eyes were gathered together.

This is the last move of her life-saving. As long as Zhao Yu is restrained, she will have the opportunity to escape, and she will be hit hard by her, and she will also strike!

The sword is sharp and the snow is shining, and the sword is about to pierce Chu Qiao’s chest. At this moment, a violent drink suddenly came, only to hear the door slamming and breaking, the two guards suddenly flew in. , crashed on the ground!


A crisp sound suddenly rang through the audience, and no one even saw how the person came in. The figure was too fast, and it was almost impossible to distinguish the eyesight. The dark red dress has auspicious clouds and patterns, and the light golden boots are striding on the soft Nantes (means a city in France) carpet. The man is a princess who is holding the sword. The guard behind him rushes into the hall like a wolf. The big summer followers who will scare their feet will press the ground.

In front of Li Ce is Chu Qiao, a pair of brows that were always lightly wrinkled, and the eyes seemed to contain ice. They were not angry, and they did not reveal any emotions. However, the usual camouflage and Concealed, but completely retired. He held out his fingers and tried to hold Chu Qiao up, but he didn’t know where to start, his fingertips trembled, and it was hard to control himself.

Zhao Yu climbed up from the ground and shouted with an incredulous face: “Prince Lee! (another codename of Li Ce in Daxia) You dare to…”

“shut up.”

The low voice sounded slowly, no longer the usual eloquent tone of the day, but cold, quiet, even with a few anger of bloodthirsty, he did not turn back, but tone almost cruel slowly said: “Get out before I can control myself not to kill you.”

Zhao Yu’s eyes were red, and Zhu Xi (the head of the princess envoy) was scattered. Her angry voice was a little trembled. She pointed to Chu Qiao and shouted: “How dare you talk to me like this? What is her identity? A squatting citizen, I am the Great Summer Princess of Xia, your future wife, how dare you…”

“Come, let her throw it out.”


The low voice suddenly sounded, and two strong guards came forward and set up Zhao Yu. The whole room was full of Zhao’s screaming, like a mad nightingale, and it was cut off. The raccoon cat on the tail.

A sigh of noise rang, only to listen to Zhao Yu screaming, actually was thrown out of the door by Li Ce’s entourage.

The gate was closed, and the great summer followers on the ground were dragged out like dogs.

Li Ce still hung in front of Chu Qiao, his brow furrowed, his expression very serious, and he said nothing for a long time.

Chu Qiao looked at him and finally reluctantly sighed: “You do not intend to help me up?”

“Still able to speak, it proves that you will not die.”

Still his usual tone, but Chu Qiao looked at his eyes, but he couldn’t feel a little ridicule and play. He looked at her very seriously, his look was so nervous, although he had tried to cover it up, but Chu Qiao could still feel his uneasiness and fear.

She had to nod and there was an inexplicable emotion in her chest. She answered with a slight heavy promise. She was very sure and very serious: “Yes, I will not die.”


They are so close to each other that Chu Qiao seems to be able to feel the tone of Li Ce’s body. The man’s nervous expression suddenly relaxed. He looked at Chu Qiao and suddenly dropped his head, as if he was the person who was seriously injured. He just irresponsibly put his forehead on Chu Qiao’s shoulder, but it was so Light, not a little hard.

However, Chu Qiao still can feel that the strength of his body seems to be emptied of time.


The man murmured a little, the voice was so small that he could not hear the following words.

Afternoon wind is still hot, and the sun shines through the window and shines a bright light. Li Ce was dressed in a dark red robe and embroidered a dark, dark rose with fine stitches. His skin was white and his forehead was neat and timid. It was only slightly damp, and it seemed to be a bit of crystal sweat.

Li Ce looked up and didn’t raise his eyes. He only kneeled on the ground, then reached out and gently hoisted Chu Qiao’s neck and leg. Chu Qiao’s body was tight, and there was a burning pain in the wound. The two bends of the eyebrows were lightly wrinkled, and the face suddenly whitened.

Li Ce looked at her eyes, but did not express her face. He just looked at her quietly, waiting for her pain to pass, and then carefully leaned forward to take her into her arms.

“Resist the point.”

The low voice of the ear rang, Chu Qiao nodded slightly, Li Ce suddenly feels the force, and then stood up.

The guards on both sides bowed their heads respectfully, the door was opened, and the outside sun was bright and dazzling. Just as soon as she went out, she saw Zhao Yu, who was barely standing in the courtyard, but the 14-year-old girl did not have a sharp temperament, aggressively looking at Li Ce and Chu Qiao, that look like they can’t wait to dig a hole in them.

Li Ce’s gaze swept across her face and immediately said to the follower behind him:  “Before darkness, the 9th princesses will leave Tang Jing. Within seven days, tell her I asked her to walk out of the territory of Sui and Bian Tang, and thereafter a lifetime. You can’t step into Sui and Tang again.”

Zhao Yu heard a brow and asked if she had to step forward, but she was tightly pulled by the personal body behind him.

Sun Yi’s elegant robes, different styles, he frowned slightly and said: “His Royal Highness, this is probably not appropriate. After all, Princess Royal is sent by Da Xia personally and loved ones, although not right, but not right, but the letter of appointment has already been made. I am afraid that this will have an impact on the diplomatic relations between the two countries.”

Zhao Yu heard that his face was slightly eased. She looked at Li Ce with a provocative attitude. She seemed to forgive him for not having the same way.

“Will you be the best tiger in the North when you were half a year ago?”

Li Ce disdainfully sighed coldly and slender eyes swept away to the big summer followers who were kneeling on the ground. They said lightly: “Tell the Emperor of Xia, want to kiss, kiss a little tutor, this woman is my person. Li Ce did not dare to laugh.”

Say, holding Chu Qiao to go forward, Sun Yi, chasing behind and asked: “These people …”

“All cut.”

Li Ce’s voice echoed in the breeze: “I came to the land of my country on the Sui and Bian Tang dynasty and dared to speak like this. I was so brave enough to let them go out of the royal kingdom. The 9th Princess is alone in the road. Sun Yi, you find a few soldiers to send her a ride.”

There was a loud whistling sound, and after a moment of silence, a desperate roar and a silent cry began.

The voice was so sharp that it almost penetrated the high clouds in the afternoon.

The weeping willows on the shores of the Bihu Lake will be drained and the branches and leaves will be stretched like a new painting. Li Ce played horizontally and embraced Chu Qiao. When he first walked in front, thousands of silk sways in the wind, blowing through their lingering clothes and thick black hair. The cool breeze on the lake brings with it breathtaking green water vapor. The blue waves are full of ripples and ripples. Chu Qiao suddenly becomes slightly dizzy. I don’t know whether the old injury has relapsed or been exhausted. Her eyelids are for a time. Some will not open.

“Sleep for a while.”

The man’s voice rang in his ear, with a peace of mind. Unlike the usual ridiculous roar, he held her arm tightly and then said in a low voice, “It’s okay.”

Yeah, it’s okay.

Chu Qiao breathed out slowly and knew that it wouldn’t happen anymore. Here, after all, it is the land of Li Fox (means pear fox). Who can be more embarrassed than him? He will certainly come to save his own.

She seems to have been thinking this way, even if Zhao Yu’s sword front is faced, there is no weak panic.

Her head was very heavy and leaned heavily against Li Ce’s chest. She used to think that this man must be as hard as cotton, and he could lie in his arms at the moment. In fact, he is also a man with a hard arm, warm, can block a lot of foreign wind cream.

Shallow breathing sounded in her arms, and Li Ce bowed his head, eyes blinking.

Rippling blue waves, willow branches precarious. The man’s brow furrowed slowly, he thought, to call the doctor right away, to use the best doctor of the best medicine, and then to Yanbei’s itinerary, I am afraid that the delay.

The summer breeze and the cicadas, on the tail of the midsummer, the flowers are fragrant, the warm winds are smoky, and the lotus leaves cover the sky in the distance.


CHAPTER 115 Obstruction


At dusk, the rain began to plow and the moon rose from the top of the willow tree. It was just a silvery hook. It was a shuttle between the faint clouds, and was as beautiful as a woman’s beautiful eyebrows.

The doctors who lived in the hustle and bustle left in groups and the blue umbrellas swayed in a row. The wide cyan trousers dragged across the ground, and the innocent boots slid into the shallow water, causing a fine splash of water. The drug boy carried a large medicine box, bent over the side of the waiter, wearing light blue robes, like a rainy banana.

The residual load from the window was finally scattered in the rain, disrupting the last pool of clear water, and a small squawk ran softly into the outer room. The curls on his forehead were already wet. Qui Sui whispered her softly. Two children with little grades whispered in the gallery. The sound was small, but it was still faintly drifted into the inner room.

“The residual load has been broken up, and the rain is cold. Aunt Xia said that the prince likes the lotus, let us all go to the lotus.”

Qiu Sui’s sigh: “What’s the use of the fight, thank you for the thank you, the people at the Jinwu Palace are too welcoming.”

“Yeah, in September, it is already in the fall.”


Let’s carry it away, the sound goes further and farther, and gradually we cannot hear clearly. Outside the ebony window, there are oblique and tender veins hanging on the tip of the forest. the cold moon is dip-dyed, the light is as clean as silver, and the silence is silent.  Occasionally, birds fly past and soon the strange screams fly far.

This house has been occupied for a long time. The room is very spacious and slightly open. There is a huge sandalwood bed facing north, with layers of green yarn, embroidered with golden ostriches, and the wind is blowing. From then on, it seems that there is a large piece of lotus leaf swaying in the wind, but it is like a heavy smoke and circling.

The window to the south is big and smooth. Outside the fence, it is the clear pond of the pool. Now it is raining on the outside, and the lotus leaf moves with the wind. In order to help the slaves of the Lord’s favor drive a small boat, large swaths of umbrellas were raised to protect the last pool of Qing Lian after the cool rain.

Li Ce sat on the chair, his fingers touched the seat gently. The red paint of Wufu (means the five blessings, is a concept that signify a grouping of certain good fortunes and luck in Chinese culture) Fengshou (bumper harvest) has been mottled. The people rushed to pick up the room, but obviously, they haven’t come to the level to paint. Some bumps are uneven. Li Ce did not care. His were closed but hesitating only narrowly slitting and staring at the woman in bed.

Chu Qiao wore a pale cyan tunic, which was lined with white cicadas, embroidered with tiny gray daisies embroidered on a green yarn. The flower was blooming, reserved and quiet. Her face was very pale, her brows were tightly crumpled, her little cheeks slap a big one, her chin pointed, and squatted, looking rather pitiful.

The imperial doctors in the Tai Hospital had already left and the people’s reassuring words had been spoken thousands of times. However, the air still seemed to be filled with nervous factors that made people feel bored.

The moonlight spilled over and the large hall appeared so empty that there was no furniture or furnishings. In addition to a large bed, there was only one chair. The floor was ebony. Stepping on it, felt sweaty and hard.

In such a place, it seems that even the sayings are echoed in all directions, so empty, so depressing and declining.

However, here, it is a place close to Li Ce’s Prince’s Hall. Many years ago, Li Ce grew up here, and he lived in the city, but he did not know when it was closed. The vermilion strips seal the door, and the rose symbol above symbolizes the dignity of the royal family. In this regard, it has never been opened here.

It has been more than six years.

Chu Qiao gently moved, the breeze blowing, she seemed a bit cold.

Li Ce stood up and the beautifully embroidered boots stepped on the slightly damp floor. He walked up to the window to close the window and returned to the bedside. The long fingers stretched out, and the blue gauze was opened layer by layer, and the woman’s face gradually became clear.

Long eyelashes, delicate nose, red faint mouth, exquisite ears, slender neck…

His hand reached into the woman’s body and she seemed to want to pull up the quilt for her, but suddenly the wind and rain rose outside. He slapped it on the sash. The moon was faint, and the thin light fell on the dark hair of Chu Qiao. At the same time, it revealed a dark, shiny luster that was thin, but there was faint cold indifference.

The fingers stopped one inch in front of the body and finally became stiff, eventually solidifying into a stagnant posture.

The moonlight was silent, and a long shadow was drawn from his body, dark and thin.

The drums are secluded, this picturesque landscape of the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties, the sounds are all played with Zhu Qin (means compendium of the philosophies of the Hundred Schools of Thought), it sounds so crisp and sweet, as if the wind is faint.

Do not know how long, the moon rises, hangs high, falls again, the rain sound fades gradually, the man finally regains the freezing gaze, slowly turns, took the claustrophobic palace gate. The dark red splendid clothes dragged over the thick ground, like the old hands turned over the yellowed pages, inch by inch, remembering so many days of passing away.

The door was opened, and Sun Yi held his shoulder and leaned against the pillar. He saw him coming out and suddenly looked up and smiled.

Li Ce did not seem to see him, but just went straight ahead.

“His Royal Highness, the Lady of the Jade Book in the Jade Pavilion came twice. I heard that the temple was drenched with rain and was cold. I specially prepared to wait in the soup palace.”

Li Ce did not answer, but continued to move forward, as if he did not hear the same.

Sun Di’s voice was brisker and he said with a smile: “Liu Liu, the dancer of Liufu Hall, specially sent her to send a lot of valuable wound medicine said to be used for the treatment of Chu girl.”

“Mr. Tang of Tang Dyung Palace is said to have gone to the Nanfo Temple to pray for her Highness and the girl of Chu. The husbands of other palaces have heard that they have followed. Now the monks of the Nanfo Temple may not have a foothold. These people suddenly went to the Buddha together, it was a great sight.”

“and also……”

The night breeze was cool, and the drizzle had already receded. The two men followed behind a large number of guardian female priests, but they were all far from adorned and did not dare to keep up.

Sun Yi seems to suddenly think of something, and he screamed: “Yes! The daughter of He Daren also entered the palace in the afternoon. I heard about the things in the palace. I decided to stay in the hall of the four princesses and said that I have to wait for my highness. Come and ask if you have time.”

“what do you want to say in the end?”

The low voice sounded slowly, no laziness and indecentness on weekdays.

Sun Yi smiled and said with a smile: “The subordinate is trying to say that there are so many interesting things, isn’t he not interested in going to the temple?”

Li Ce did not speak, but Sun Yi was distracted and said with a smile: “Your Highness, this is not like you.”

“Me?” Li Ce smiled. There was no hint of happiness in his voice: “I myself don’t remember what I am like.”

Sun Yi smiled, as if he had heard the best-laughing jokes in the sun: “If you are so frustrated, it is not like saying it from your mouth.”

“Oh myriads of soft bones and tongues, my tongue tastes a bit of licking. My Highness Prince Edward, why do you have such a demeanor, why have you ever lost your soul?”

After the breeze came, there were big, large black flowers on the road that were poured by the rain. Li Ce stood under the tree and the gaze became very remote. It seemed like he was struggling and seemed to be very calm. At last, he turned around. The surface was desperately desperate,and restored the appearance of the influential Prince of Bian Tang, laugh and said: “Yes, life. Desperate to be happy, don’t let the gold go to the moon. . . Sun Yi, pass on all the ladies dancers, collectively went to the palace of the Prince, and those who had read the Buddha also called back to drive out the temple and rebuilt it. Encourage … enshrine a happy Buddha, haha!”

“Life is full of joy, so that the gold is empty for the moon.” Sun Yi meditation for a long while, then smiled: “His Royal Highness, good poetry!”

Li Ce’s grandfather’s pleasure did not tell anyone’s achievements.

For a moment, in the direction of the Prince’s Palace, there was a jubilant song and dance sound, buzzing, skirts and sleeves, waist and limbs were like water, and the wine-scented away softly, passing to the Qingchi River in all directions, and the feminine song and dance. Follow the water flowing around the entire palace, swinging between each of the cornices.

The branch is full of flowers and gold, and the wine is not empty. It is also a night of song and dance.

A small lord of the Habitat House, two older imperial doctors are on duty, one of whom stands in a window and looks at the hustle and bustle of the Prince Edwardian Palace. He sighs and says: “Thought that your Highness Prince Siddhartha reopened the House of Jubilee and he also mobilized his energies. All the imperial doctor consultations must be very concerned about this woman who surnamed Chu. Now it seems that this is only so.”

Another Prince held a small hearth, which is now in autumn. It is cool at night. The old man is wearing a thick, slightly closed old eyes, and he does not look up when he hears it. It is just a faint saying: Don’t think about it. After Princess Fu went to the Big City, hey…..”

The doctor at the window is obviously clear, but also helpless sigh.

The night breeze was cold, and it was a layer of splendor. This extravagant palace buried many people’s silent thoughts and carried many people’s condolences.

The voice of Fuqin broke through the haze of midnight and set aside the jade dust of the Jinwu (means the three-legged golden crow that lives in the sun) Palace. Under the ancient charm of the millennium, it was the luxury of the sky and the loneliness of the decaying dust.


Even after two days of rain, the trees fell after the rain, but the air was a long-lost freshness.

Because of this innocent disaster, Chu Qiao’s itinerary was also delayed. It seems that it seems that he must wait until Li Ce’s wedding. However, Li Ce’s waywardness drove Zhao Yu away once. At one time, it was circulated in the capital. Although Sui Tang and Da Xia had no formal official documents, the nine princesses of Da Xia were smashed by the Sui Bian Tang, a veritable fact.

All of a sudden, all the eyes were concentrated on the body of Daxia. All were waiting quietly for the response of Daxia to the incident.

After suffering from Yanbei’s heavy losses, how will this injured tiger deal with enemies who boldly challenge his authority?

As the mountain rains come over the building, people’s breathing becomes careful and peaceful, fearing a carelessness, and it will start the pool of tranquil water.

The darkness before the dawn is like this, and the horror is quiet.

On the afternoon of the same day, Chu Qiao was too out of the sun to get out of the sun. She was not injured, it was a flesh wound, but it still limited her ability to act. Qiu Sui and others were fussing, and she was not allowed to walk in the road. Wherever she went, she was lifted up, making her sleepy all day, lazy, and a lot of body.

In fact, she did not go to the point where she was unable to walk even on the road, and she could also completely set off back to Yanbei. However, Li Ce did not mention that she could not be the first to speak out. After all, Zhao Yu was driven back to the summer. This would trigger a chain reaction. Chu Qiao is still not at the bottom of her mind. If she is tired of Li Ce because of her own sake, she will It is difficult to be safe, so she cannot see the result of the matter. She cannot persuade her to leave at ease.

The sun outside was large. Chujo was lying on a lounger and was lethargic. Most of the trees on the tree had already died. Only a few cruel soldiers had a silent cry. She shouted slightly. It’s time to sleep.

She didn’t know how long it took and all of a sudden she was quiet.

Chu Qiao surprised and opened her eyes fiercely, but suddenly gave a glimpse. I saw a lady who was about fifty years old standing in front of her face. Her face was kind and her eyes were very quiet. She was looking at herself carefully and looked very focused.

See Chu Qiao wake up, still looked at her in surprise. The noblewoman nodded and said hello. Then she asked, “Do you want to drink water?”

Chu Qiao looked at her with a frown. The person was plainly clothed, but he could still see the luxury on the fabric, the hair profile, and the light color, but there was no accessory to see her identity. She seems to be extremely embarrassing, but it is more noble and refined, but if this person stays in his place for a long time, he loses a few majestic powers. I saw a string of sandalwood beads on her wrists. It was very old and looked somewhat indistinguishable from her identity.

Seeing Chu Qiao did not speak, the woman went straight to the side of the shade, picked up the teapot from a few times and poured a cup of tea, slowly walked back and said: “Drink it, the beginning of autumn is the easiest to dry mouth, young people want to pay more attention to health care.”

“Well,” Chu Qiao took a sip of tea and he did feel a lot of refreshed. He looked at the woman with awkward eyes and then cautiously said: “I’m sorry, I just entered the palace and I didn’t know much about it. I don’t know how you call it. .”

“Me? My name is Yao.”

Yao is the surname of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. In this palace, he went to the empress, and went down to the vulgar woman. Ten or twelve were surnamed Yao. So Chu Qiao had already known no less than seven or eight surnamed Yao’s aunt.

“Can I sit down?”

The woman pointed to the chair beside and asked politely.

Chu Qiao quickly nodded and said: “Please sit down.”

See Chu Qiao to wait and see, the woman said: “The emperor is coming, yours are all out to pick up.”

Chu Qiao looked at her, his face was somewhat suspicious, and it looked like he was talking about who you are. After the emperor came to see how you did not pick up the car.

The woman smiled slightly. She seemed to be a seldom-laughing man. Her eyes were not even wrinkled. She smiled a little old-fashioned. She looked at Chu-Qiao and said, “I’m fine. I just want to see you.”

She talked so headless, but let Chu Qiao do not know how to promise, this house has many rules, people are also complex, everyone is talking to leave a seven or eight points, the remaining three or two points but you To guess, Chu Qiao is thinking about the identity of a woman. The woman said again: “You are fine.”

Chu Qiao faintly smiled and said: “Thank you for your compliment.”

“I don’t praise you, but yours is good, but I think you are not fit to live in the palace.”

Was Chu Qiao well-informed and a lobbyist who mistakenly thought that he was Li Ce’s new favorite jealousy?

“You can rest assured that I will not stay here long.”

“No, I don’t mean this.” The woman shook her head and said: “Everyone is not suitable at first, but it is slowly adapting. I think you are good. If you come in, maybe this house will change a little.”

Chu Qiao frowned and looked at the woman puzzled, not knowing what she meant.

“Oh, Prince Edward wants to demolish the temple in the palace. Do you know?”

She spoke very powerfully. Chu Qiao shook her head and said, “I don’t know.”

“He’s going to offer the Buddha in the palace. Hey, I am…” The woman’s brow was locked and seemed to be very troublesome. She looked at Chu Qiao and said slowly: “If you have time, he will persuade him. He is big after all.” The Prince of Tang, can’t be too noisy.”

“I am leaving first,” the woman stood up and said to Chujo: “You have been hurt, don’t send it.”

Then slowly walked out of the side door and walked out of the house.

This person came and said, and said a mess of words, and then left, Chu Qiao could not help but be a bit strange.

After a short while, Qiu Sui and others came back. The little ones looked strange and slightly uneasy.

“Qiu Sui, what’s going on, will the queen come later? Why didn’t you call me?”

Qiu Sui said: “His aunt came to talk, saying that the Queen has arrived at the gate of the palace. When you see you fall asleep, you say that you are sick. You don’t have to take the ride. We will go collectively.”

“What about the queen?”

“We didn’t get off after waiting a long time for the queen. Then I went back to complain if I didn’t feel well.”


Chu Qiao nodded his head, his eyes bright and clear, what seemed obvious.

“Help me go in.”

The little ones promised, and the insider came forward, lifted Chu Qiao’s soft couch and returned to the palace gate.

Speaking of it, Chu Qiao has not seen Li Ce for two days. These days, listening to Qiu Sui and others talking about the situation of the day, Li Ce violently ousted the Princess of the Great Summer, cut down the entourage of more than 30 princesses, and then summoned the doctors of the entire Tai Hospital for consultation together. What is important is that He actually reopened the squatting residence that he lived in when he was a child. He had a deep meaning. Who knows the whole temple?

However, the subsequent incidents left some people depressed. At the same night, Prince Teresa, who had just revealed a few specialties, had gathered all the ladies of the palace and had a drink in Prince’s Hall. It is said that the number of people who served in the night was as many as eight, and these days, he did not set foot on the house. It is a wide-ranging banquet. It is said that it is necessary to build a new house in the near future.

Oh, these heavenly hearts are really hard to understand.

Qiu Sui sighed and seemed to have been left out.

However, Chu Qiao was secretly relieved, but fortunately, it was okay, but it was Li Ce. She carefully recalled the scene of Li Ce’s rushing into the lake in the day, and it was a bit shocking, if not? Forget it, so that everything is not what I expected, such a Pu Liuzi  (means straight ring finger) posture, it must be difficult to enter the man’s eyes.

Self-deprecating smiled and the younger brothers sent them rich dishes and dinner. Chu-Chiao looked and suddenly smiled and said to Qiusui: “You are so used to me, but you want to keep me lazy. In the future, How can it be good to return Yanbei?”

“What is there? We will follow the girl to Yanbei, anyway.”

Qiu Sui’s reply should be correct, Chu Qiao secretly shook her head, even if you have, but Yanbei where such exquisite cuisine? Maybe the first time you arrived in Yanbei, you little girls would regret me.

She smiled gently and picked up a sliver of cymbals.

After the meal, the sky was already a little dark. She stood at the window and suddenly heard only a whirlwind. From a pool of smoked water, far away, there are a few lingering feelings, awkward, moving, three times nine turn, like the cold moon in the silent night, but no children The grievances and resentments, but with a few strands of cold, cold, and lofty loneliness.

Chu Qiao listened carefully and asked: “Who knows who is playing the flute?”

The little ones shook their heads and said no. When Chu Qiao stood up, he wanted to go out and see, and Qiu’s Qiu Sui and others were shocked. They dragged her one by one, fearing that she would hurt her body if she moved.

Chu Qiao had to agree to come down, quietly lying on the couch until the people in the room all quit, and she came to the window and turned it out lightly. When she landed, her foot hurt, but it didn’t matter.

She only wore silk shoes and stepped on the stone road, slightly cold.

Only listened to the melodious sound, the song was peaceful, the moonlight was quiet, the dew covered, the cloud was floating, the sea otters were still there, and the pear blossoms in the distance were beautiful.

No one met along the way. The white dress was dragged softly on the ground. It was wet with dew, but there was no dust, and it was shallow and shallow, and it was gradually drifting away from the home.

It is also the lake Xinshui (means heart water) Pavilion, eight facing the wind, standing far above the water, the man dressed like a snow suit, holding a purple flute, standing upright, with a light, melodious play, figure Xiao Xiao (means very small), standing in the cold In the moonlight, the slender figure does not add a bit of warmth that is hard to see on weekdays.

Chu Qiao slowly stepped on the Wumu (means ebony) bridge, and saw the man turned his head. The song stopped suddenly. He saw that Chu Qiao didn’t panic, but he smiled and smiled. He took the flute and naughty, and said, “Not in the middle of the night. Sleeping, it’s no wonder that I heard that you have become a pig in the near day, and you are obsessed with traveling late at night, leaving your feelings to sleep in the daytime.”

Chu Qiao smiled and teased him: “I’m good to say that I just heard you sing and laugh all night long. I’m exhausted. Is it exhausting and hard to play the flute?”

“Haha,” Li Ce said with a smile. “You are a daughter’s house, you are exhausted, and you can’t afford to export.”

Deep autumn frost dew exposure, feel has soaked the long-sleeved clothes, Chu Qiao came out without a coat, the night wind blowing, can not help but some chills.

Li Ce smiled and came forward, and naturally took off his robe and put it on her shoulder. He said, “A fool, isn’t it cold?”

Chu Qiao looked up and smiled. “I’m showing you our chance for friendship.”

Li Ce smiled and his eyes narrowed like a happy fox.

The night wind blew over the water pavilion and picked up the ripples of the heart of the lake. Chu Qiao sat down on the stake and whispered: “What should I do if I am in the summer with my parents?”

Li Ce said: “How can they take me? If Zhao Zhengde finds a decent beauty, this prince will never be embarrassed, otherwise, he…”

After he finished, he saw Chu Qiao still staring at him, and he didn’t speak any nonsense. Li Ce sighed and said: “Jo Joe, you are so boring. You can’t even make a joke.”

Chu Qiao stubbornly said: “Because I worry, this is not a joke.”

Li Ce smiled and came forward to ask, “Qiao Qiao, are you worried about me?”

Chu Qiao ignored his playfulness and instead nodded his head seriously. He said, “Yes, Li Ce. I’m worried about you.”

In this case, instead of letting Li Ce stunned, she smiled silly, but she didn’t know what to say in order to ease the atmosphere. Finally, he raised his hand and said, “Okay, I surrender.”

Seeing that Chu Qiao still has no smile, he finally sighed helplessly: “You don’t have to worry about it. Now it is the autumn harvest. Every summer, there are three layers of grain to be purchased from Sui and Tang Dynasties. The dependence is very strong. It used to be because of Daxia Guoli. Strong and strong, there are checks and balances in Huai Song, we have to bow down to Nono, but now, for you and Yan Fu’s blessing, Daxia this year’s grain output is less than four layers, next year you need to rely on the Sui and Tang live, this time and We are enemies, no doubt dig our own graves. With the power and mind of Emperor Xia, we will not be enemies with me for a stupid daughter. If you look at it, no more than five days, Zhenhuang City will send other people and relatives. The wedding period is only a slight delay and there will be no problem.”

“Really?” Chu Qiao said with concern: “You have driven away Zhao Yu, which is equivalent to the slap in the face of Emperor Xia. Will he really be willing to give up?”

“If it was before, he certainly wouldn’t be so happy, but now, hey, Jojo, strength determines everything. Daxia doesn’t have this strength now. He doesn’t have the right to speak with me. He can do it. If you endure your daughter to be my side, then I will certainly endure this tone.”

Seeing Chu Qiao still frowning, Li Ce smiled and said: “Well, Jojo, I am a fool? Do you really think that I will rush to the crown and become angry, regardless of the big summer war?” You are not my red face. Who are you thinking about in this small head? This prince can’t ask for the leisure.”

Chu Qiao said with a smile he said, turned his head and punched him on the shoulder and said, “No seriousness.”

Li Ce rolled her eyes: “I’m serious about Yan Xun. I have a face all day and I don’t even owe him all the money from the world. I’m saying Jojo, you’re really going to do it with him for a lifetime. I promise, This man must have no interest in life. As a daughter’s lifelong event, you should consider it clearly.”

“You are bored,” Chu Qiao stared at him: “You have fun.”

“That is,” Li Ce proudly smiled. “This prince Yushu (means Elm tree) Linfeng (means cold rain), Xuefu (learned rich) five cars, romantic, unparalleled, is the number one young talent on the entire site of Ximeng, where I live, unmarried girls rush, married ladies darkly send the autumn wave, down to the three-year-old girl, up to eighty years old, all fascinated, admire the knees of this Prince.”

Chu Jo smiled and said: “Yes, you look like Song Yu (means founder of Song of the Southern dynasties), God Pan An (faun in Greek mythology, son of Hermes), and thousands of charms can be like Long Yang (means male homosexual).”

“Who is Song Yu? Is Pan An? Long Yang, is it a person?”

Chu Qiao laughed: “It is a famous beauty man. Haven’t you heard of it?”

“Beauty man?” Li Ce disdainfully said: “There is an opportunity to experience knowledge.”

The moonlight was like water, and the land was shining with silver, and when the night breeze began to rise, Li Ce stood up and said, “I will send you back. The wind is going up at night and you are hurt.”

“Yes,” Chu Qiao stood up.

Li Ce’s eyes swept over her embroidered shoes. Only the soft silk was wet with water. He frowned and said, “How did you save this out? Right, your feet were not injured. How can you run out?”

He seemed to think of it at this time, and he frowned.

Chu Qiao said indifferently: “It doesn’t matter. It’s not a serious injury.”

“JoJo, you must remember that you are a woman, not a soldier.”

Li Ce’s face suddenly became serious, and the voice even took a hint of exasperation: “What happened to the Yan Xun? Some things couldn’t be done by oneself? You a woman, don’t stay at home, wandering around? I don’t care about my own body, I don’t talk when I’m injured, I’m scared in the future, and how do you marry? I’m going to see who wants you?”

Chu Qiao cried: “You can’t marry and you don’t need to control.”

“Oh, I don’t need it, I just want it!”

Chu Qiao frowned: “Hey, Li Ce, you despise women!”

“I just can’t look down. What’s wrong?” The man slapped his eyes and looked like a blind man.

Chu Qiao stepped forward and ignored him. He said, “I don’t like to talk to you. I will go back.”

Then the voice just fell, and there was a whirlwind, and when she had recovered, the man had been firmly held in arms by Li Ce.

“Hey! What are you doing? Let me down!”

Chu Qiao was shocked and quickly pushed him.

Li Ce eyes half-squeaked, glaring at her and snarling: “I just don’t let go.”

There were some small flames rising in the eyes of the girls. The sound was brittle: “You can’t let go, and I can’t let it go.”

Li Ce did not care, stretched his neck and said: “You have a knife tied to your arm and there are legs, I know. Then, cut it, cut it, I can’t look down on you.”

Chu Qiao whispered her mouth, panting, and called: “Li Ce, how are you so rotten.”

Li Ce looked at her impatiently and seemed to say “you won’t know it today.” The night wind rustled, gently blowing the robes of the two, like the wing of a flying wing.

The night was cool, and all sides were clear lakes. Li Ce walked around the ebony bridge with a woman. The willow branches on both sides of the river were hanging down. Occasionally, the koi leaped out of the water. (laughed all the way here)

Li Ce hummed a cheerful tune while walking, and the tune was very joyous. Like the smile on his face, he was always very clear.

Chu Qiao did not ask him why he was clearly talented, but he did not reveal anything in the jungle battle. He did not ask him why he had blown a good flute. Instead, he asked the old man to pretend to boast about the girls. Did not even ask him, why did not come to see themselves once in a few days, but night and night singing and drinking nonsense.

Everyone has their own minds, and they all have their own side that they are unwilling to show their people. Especially these heavenly nobles, under the bright yellow satin, are suppressed, too much burden. Those reasons are too heavy, she can’t bear to uncover and can’t understand.

Moonlight was cold and the breeze was kind. They walked quietly and nobody spoke.

This evening, it was destined to be a sleepless night. It was a shallow heart-break that was lost on the Bihu Pavilion.

However, on the second day alone, an alarming news broke the tranquility of Tang Jing. After Ma Fengruo, a woman in a bright yellow cloak, submitted an instrument and slowly walked into the eyes of the defending city of Ancient wall.


CHAPTER 116 Gathering the Ancient Capitals


That night, Chu Qiao had a dream, and dreamed of the snowy night that year, the Longjin of the Holy Palace was so long, so quiet, the voice of the front hall was blown by the wind, lively and soft, the music was bright, and there was extravagant The bells resounded throughout the court.

Someone in her dream holds her hand, warm and firm as if the world will not let go.

The bright red blood flowed out of his broken finger, but he smiled and said to himself: Nothing, no pain at all.

The smile is like a smog, holding her heart so that for many years, she feels that there is such warmth, even if it is a thousand mountains and snow, or a heavy rain.

When I woke up, my tears wet the pillows on most of the sides. Shallow watermarks wet the rose-colored soft pillows, and the redness was like blood-stained rouge.

Chu Qiao sat eagerly for so long, she suddenly felt that she could not wait any longer.

Even if the palace was busy with an umbrella in the middle of the night, it still couldn’t stop the decline of the lotus leaf. A layer of cool autumn rain came up and it rose in the early morning. The whole pool of Qinglian fell completely, and the black branches were entangled in one place. Touching it seems that the pool water has become dirty.

And Jin Ju (means kumquat tree, an orange-like fruit related to the citruses, with an edible sweet rind and acid pulp. It is eaten raw or used in preserves), but prematurely in full bloom, do not want continuous rain, cold wind disease day, the yellow flowers are piled up, but do not know which palace which palace faces the temple.

When I was having breakfast, I heard that the monk who was enshrined was arrogant and arrogant, and had committed Li Ce’s taboo. She had been beaten into the cold room. Although Li Ce did not order execution, the woman’s favorite days were quite awkward. This time, it was difficult for the ladies of the palace to join hands. Now the autumn is cold, the cold room is remote and there is no fire, and some of them are tossing down, sad and worried, it is difficult to live.

The ladies’ discussion on this matter is only a half-hearted, and there is not much attention. Obviously, this kind of thing is also taken for granted here, and it is not surprising.

Chu Qiao has a slight sigh of relief. She doesn’t know much about Li Ce. Most of her appearances are the appearance of his hippie smile. Although knowing that this person is not simple, it is inevitable that it will be taken lightly.

He is, after all, the Prince of Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. He is the first country in the future.

After eating breakfast, I wanted to find someone to pass on to see Li Ce. But Qiu Sui hasn’t gone yet, but her nephew ran back, and gasped and cried: “Da Xia Princess is in the city!”

Chu Qiao, Qiu Sui has pre-emptively said: “Which big summer princess? Didn’t you just be driven away? So come back so soon?”

“Not the princess,” the nephew hurriedly waved his hand and said: “The eight princesses of Daxia, who are riding a horse, have already arrived at the Pan’An Temple. The emperor and the prince are rushing. It is said that she comes then kiss!”

Chu Qiao heard that the wisdom of the mind suddenly felt as if there was something in the bottom of the heart that could not be suppressed.

The golden jade leaf that was so weak and weak in the past, has it been so brave today?

Suffering is indeed the best catalyst for all growth in the world.

Many years later, when historians of later generations opened a heavy historical record, they will still be stunned by this change in the past. Anyone who knows a little about that history will not forget this name, that is, Princess Zhao of the Great Summer. The woman who had no style or difference in her previous record, her lead and the speed of its rise, would make any one of the males to look forward to sigh, and its decisive and sinister means will eventually make the entire society fall into a state. In the blood of destruction, her life was like a meteor, and it suddenly took its place.

People always sigh, if after many years there is no rise of beauty kings, will the situation in the world lead to another road for this woman?

However, history is history, no one can change, no matter how bad or bad the later generations are, no one can cover up the fact that Zhao Yu’er was the only female power on Simon’s mainland who could compete with the beauty king. Of course, this does not include the retired Huai Song Princess Nalan Hongye. In short, the bloody picture of Ximeng’s mainland is too long.  the stars are gathered, the light is shining, and the children’s passions are filled with blood and bones, and none of them is a shining one.

Let us collectively remember this day: one of the moons, the Chongming Festival of Sui and Tang Dynasties, the surnames ascend to the heights, paying homage to the lost relatives, cherishing the faraway homeland, above the long street, the wine is fragrant, the goods are standing, the white and white two-color clothing The robe is all over the city, solemn and heavy, and heavy and simple. On this day, the gate of the city opened wide, and the fourth day of the summer, the eighth princess, Zhao Yuer’s sister was driven out of the imperial city. On the fourth day of the night, the starry night and the horse rushed, a single person stepped into the ancient wall, holding the gold medal of the emperor. Long words: “I am a big summer Zhao Yu, please to see Sui  Bian Tang Monarch!”

The time has fallen, the former coveted girl has long been the pavilion, and now the sleek and noble face looks like the smog of the picture, so stunned, it is dizzying.

However, who remembered that a long time ago, she was purely good, with a clear smile, She was wearing a long black dress and holding a rabbit’s tail in her hand. She smiled happily: “Oh, brother, thank you. Happy…”

Time is so fast, things are like smoke, some things will eventually become the past, some feelings, will be buried by white bones, some blood, will eventually flow between the heavens and the earth, some love, will eventually die for eternal life.


It rained and the rain fell on the large, thick sycamore leaves. There was a sound like water. The horse sat on the horse’s back and wore ponchos. The clear eyebrows had a cold loneliness. A’Jing and another horse behind him, reported softly. New arrival message.

The sunlight was gray, and Yan Xun’s face had an almost transparent paleness, but his spine was still straight, like a javelin, looking far away, and looking at the looming city in the thick fog.

The ancient city is nestled between the mountains and mists, like a giant beast, quietly crouching, waiting for the arrival of those who dare to offend their dignity.

“Master, Li Ce drove Zhao Hao out of the Strait of Tang and Tang Dynasties. The Daxia military was in an uproar and was preparing for several battles in the Xia Guo Jun, which is close to the border with the Sui and Tang Dynasties. However, the Emperor of Xia did not issue any comments on the battle. Is still preparing to move the capital.”

“Well,” Yan Xun softly promised and did not answer.

“The Big Summer Eighth Princess got the book of flying pigeons three days ago. It didn’t seem to have won the consent of Emperor Xia. It is now going to the city.”

Yan Xun still did not answer, and A’Jing was in a hurry and asked, “So, Eighth princesses did not get the royal family’s approval and handwriting. Do you think we should do something from it?”

Yan Xun gently pick a brow, and then slowly back to the eyes like a mirror lake frozen, fixed look at A’Jing, but can not see what kind of emotion inside.

A’jing is slightly cramped, but more is nervous. He has been following Yan Yan for many years, but since he left the Zhen Huang, the anger and eyes of Yan Xun seem to be sharper. This person is a sword. He used to be in a hidden box. Today, he is lost. Blocking the brilliance of the box, his light is more difficult to look at.

“The Xia Emperor will recognize that Da Xia will not fight with the Sui  and Bian Tang Dynasties, agree with Zhao Yuer and his pro-hands, and will soon arrive.”

Yan Xun’s tone is very light, like gossip, but in that voice, there is so firm confidence. Once again, he looked into the misty rain of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties, frowned slightly and said softly: “The Prince of Prince Tang has driven the princess out of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties for a woman. What exactly does this mean?”

A’Jing said: “I heard that she was a woman greatly favored by Prince Tang.”

“Would you be a idiot when Li Ce?” Yan Xun said coldly, and said: “There must be some reason here, but I haven’t thought of it yet. Li Ce, how can it be a person who is angry with the crown?” What?”

Yan Xun didn’t know that this time he really thought a lot. When a person has many faces and is very irrational, he himself is the same.

“And, according to the return of the spy, Zhuge Yue’s fourth young masters have played more than a dozen back and forth on the wilderness, and they will kill the horses on Pinggui. I heard that it seems like a friend of his team a few days ago. After eating a dark loss, he is going to find the scene. It is estimated that he will come back, but he has never seen the shadow of the girl. The Ouyang family’s little nephew has appeared several times and has been with Zhuge Yue’s side. ”

“Continue to follow, that child, A Chu must have, she has always been very dead-hearted, as long as we have arrived in Tang Jing, there is an opportunity to meet her.”

After that, Yan Xun gently sighed and slowly said: “I know where she is and I feel relieved.”

“And, Zhuge Yue was so angry that he must have suffered a great loss in the Ping Gui wasteland. Before the dart head said that A’Chu was injured, was it the hands and feet of the group?”

A’Jing said, “This is not clear.”

Yan Xun frowned slightly, his eyes a bit pale and spicy, stretched out his long fingers rubbed his temple, whispered: “Let’s check it, if it is true, put the piece of the horse completely destroyed, for Zhuge Yue. The closing ceremony is also a big gift for Li Ce.”


After the rain, the air was very fresh and Yan Xun looked at the wall of clouds that covered the fog and the faint smile on his lips. He said slowly: “Long time no see.”

His smile is very light, but there is no smile in his eyes. His words are also extremely vague. Long time no one has seen it, but who he does not know is the ancient city of Tangjing? Or are those people in the city?

In September, heavy rainfall between the mountains, and the ancient capitals that passed through the ages once again exude the vitality of youth. Yan Xun took a crowd of horses to the ancient city, in the name of Liu Xi.

The world is always so wonderful, fate is like a giant hand, forcing everything to be in one place, waiting for the joy and embarrassment of reunion. All emotions seem to wait for a breakthrough and seek a big blow.

Wheels grind, a blink of an eye and Tang Jing is close at hand.


At the same time, on the old trail that is less than 100 miles behind Yan Xun, a team of more than 200 horsemen is rushing forward.

Headed by the purple-clothed men’s sword and eyebrows, their lips are red, their eyes are like sharp eagles, and they are the front-runners.

The team stopped at the foot of a hill. Zhu Cheng stepped forward and whispered, “The fourth young master, we shall arrive in the evening.”

Zhuge Yue nodded and said, “Go and get ready.”

Zhu Cheng retired, and a small head came out of the arms of a subordinate of Zhuge Yue, and shouted, “Uncle, are we coming?”

Zhuge Yue turned away and saw only Moer’s hair was blown in a mess, and the blush was flushed, but in his eyes, it was no longer as young and simple as it was.

He nodded: “It is fast.”

The child turned away and looked at the muddy road in front of him. Suddenly he raised his finger and shouted, “Uncle, there is a rainbow!”

Zhuge Yue looked forward and saw the rainbow on the edge of the sky. He broke through the clouds and floated like a dazzling smile.

Zhuge Yue’s handcuffs broke his sword on his waist and he blew a whip on the horse stocks. He coldly shouted: “Drive!”

Horseshoe rolls, dust swirls, and the blink of an eye is already open at a hundred paces.


At this time, on the streets of Tang Jing, there was a man carrying a book bag on his back, an elegant Tsing Yi (blusih greenish dress) and a sweat on his forehead, being chased by a group of officers and men.

The man was panting, and he was not very flexible when he ran. At first glance, he was a four-body reader who was screaming and yelling, and the book fell off the ground, even a wolf.

A passerby pulled the Scholar by the side of the road and asked in a puzzled way, “The storekeeper did not know what the man had done and was chased by the officers and men.”

“Oh, hey!”

The Scholar’s look began to stir, and it came to a sudden, eloquent, loud voice, and the right and left pedestrians were attracted.

“This scholar is a foreigner who seems to have broken up with his own daughter-in-law and has been posting calligraphy and tracing on the street for several days. The Prince will have to marry him, the official will not allow him to scribble, but he will never be allowed to change and he has been taken into the prison. Two times, I just released it today. This is not what I used to do.”

The people around me heard a lot of arguments. There were saying that the scholar was pedantic and idiotic. Some people said that this person was heavy and righteous, and there were also officials who said that the officials were too broad to be sensible.

The scholar is not very flexible in his actions and his brain is rather smart. He thinks that the number of people who have been arrested recently has been more, and he has summed up some experiences. When the officers and soldiers ran for a while, they found that the people to be chased were gone.

At that moment, the scholar suddenly felt that someone was pulling behind his back. He looked back and saw that he found himself in his own vegetable basket. He looked sneaky, but he tried to communicate with him and covered his mouth with his hand. He said in a whisper: “This is a Xiongtai. You said something wrong. The person you paint is my friend, not your wife. If you talk like this, it will damage my friend’s reputation.” Yunying’s unmarried husband, and her reputation is precious. You can’t talk nonsense.”

“Ah!” The scholar suddenly changed color, as if bitten by a dog, and suddenly shouted: “He is here! Officials, that person is here!”

At the time, the long street is still a while…


CHAPTER 117 Cold lake


For the whole two days, Li Ce did not step into the harem halfway. The front hall became louder and louder. All the forces seemed to be deliberately hidden in the shadows. They only waited for someone to take the lead to break the silence of this place before they rushed into the palace gate.  Well, the arrival of Zhao Yuer finally confuses the lake still water of Tangdu Lake. The closer the marriage ceremony of Li Ce, the closer it is.

As Li Ce and Chu Qiao expected, Da Xia did not make any statement about Li Ce’s rude repatriation of Princess Zhao Wei, but rather decisively sent and pre-enactment groups, all kinds of water-like dowry were ridiculed. Staying up late and rushing to send it, only later than Zhao Yuer, one day, the atmosphere is strong and strong, and there are still a few more solemn than before. The two countries made a warm feast on the National Palace in Tangdu as if everything had never been born before, and the thriving scene of the party was suddenly dispelled by the public’s worries and speculations about the war

However, only a few people clearly understood that Li Ce’s reckless move was obviously not consistent with this. The scenery and calm were only temporary. The palm fan was on the face of Daxia, and the remaining pain and troubles. After a long time, you can see clearly.

In this way, Chu Qiao Tang Palace has been stranded for two days, the body has recovered more than half, and the spirit is getting more and more profitable. Li Ce found a lot of cures for the wounds, the wounds were all scar-free, and even the old wounds were better than seven or eight. Under the many days of conditioning, the look was much better, no longer as before. As skinny, seeing the wind.

Zhao Yuer will come to Sui and Bian Tang. It is beyond Chu Qiao’s expectations.

There are many kinds of summer princes, and there are six or seven princesses of the right age. It is far-fetched to send out a princess that was once separated from the chaos. However, the officials of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties were obviously pleasantly surprised by the arrival of Zhao Yun’er. Yu Shitai’s hundreds of pens shook his head and shouted. He praised the historical significance of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties, and the civil servants in the battle were eloquent. An article was made. The friendship between the Daxia, Sui and Bian Tang dynasties, and the fact that they speak straight can be traced back to the ancient times. They completely forgot who broke the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties and seized the 18 counties of Hongchuan, forcing the imperial family of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties to withdraw. The emperor caught the country and lost the entire northwestern barrier.

After all, for the spouse Tang who pays attention to blood and gentry, Zhao Yuer, the only real daughter of the Queen of Great Harmony, still got a lot of attention for her.

But there is one thing that others don’t know. Chu Qiao slowly frowns, and the sallow fingers gently pinch the green gauze of the window, and a gold foil stains the eyebrows. Don’t add a bit of beauty.

Zhao Haoer was insulted by the chaos during the day and now is not the end of life. As a big summer princess, she may not need to be identified as usual before the election. However, once she is in the same room and has a lot of experience, such as Li Ce, it is impossible to find out.

Of course, even if Li is aware of this matter, it is impossible to pursue the big summer afterward. After all, the princess of Daxia went to Li Ce’s bed. Afterward, he was rushing out to say that this woman is not a virgin, and no one would believe it. Moreover, Li Ce has always been strongly opposed to this marriage. This incident is likely to be regarded as another slap in the face of Li Ce. With Li Ce’s cleverness, he will not go out and swear to publicize himself. Wearing a big green hat, Zhao Yuer will also be married with such a name. But as an unclean and pro-princess, what will happen to her future destiny is simply imaginable.

Is it true that Zhao Yuer’s character will automatically endure all this shame?

Chu Qiao secretly kept a bit of caution, but unfortunately, she was unable to say this worry, even though she knew that all this was wrong, but also has a difficult friendship with Li Ce, but she can not go After exposing Zhao Yuer’s aching foot, even if she had had a bad hand on her, she could not do anything to make such a villain.

The situation in the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties became more and more confusing. Chu Qiao, on the other hand, carefully converged and did not hurry to leave the palace.

After all, if you can’t leave quietly, then it’s better to stay here and stay safer for the time being. For this matter, you can only wait for the arrival of Yan Xun.

At night, when the cool breeze picked up, Chu Qiao dressed in a soft shirt and sat in front of the carved window cage. The night breeze gently lifted her hem and was a bit cold.

The footsteps sounded slow in the outer corridor. Only one person who can come here at this time did not do the second choice. Sure enough, Li Ce was a navy blue gown with a slightly reddish look. With a bottle of alcohol, standing at the door and looking at her, but did not come in.

Chu Qiao looked back at him and saw him stepping slightly. It seemed that even the station would not stand up. He quickly got up and went to his side and tried to help him. When he knew that he had just reached out, Li Ce suddenly pulled her. Sitting on the threshold, he lowered his head and placed his forehead against her shoulder. He murmured in his mouth: “JoJo, I’m exhausted.”

Chu Qiao was a little embarrassed, his hands reaching in midair and suddenly she did not know what to do.

The night wind blew, there was Du (means poison) Ruo’s (means a kind of cattailaroma and faint scent between the air, Li Ce’s sleeves embroidered with light golden enamel, fine stitches smooth as water, Chu Qiao took a deep breath, then whispered: “Li Ce, what happened to you?”

Li Ce shook his head and did not speak.

Chu Qiao’s tentative question asked: “Is it because of Dai Xia’s marriage? Do you not like Zhao Yu’er?”

Li Ce still did not speak, Chu Qiao reluctantly sighed, and then took him to sit on the threshold, letting Li Ce lean on her shoulders, and did not say anything.

In the autumn, the sorrow and sorrow of the grass is faintly overflowing, and the moon outside the window has a frown, faintly through the window, the white light blew out of the ground, the palace lantern is dark purple, a flash of gloom, candle tears, along. The silver-white candlestick ran down slowly.

The more the bells of the autumn insects appear to be deserted, the empty palace, after all, has never lived for a long time.

“Jojo, have you sent someone to look for me the day before?”

Li Ce suddenly said that the voice was a little low, but it was not so tired. He sat upright, his eyes dark and bright as if the once soft man was not him. Chu Qiao knew that his weakness had passed and that he was now the Sui and Tang Princes.

“Yes,” Chu Qiao nodded. “I want to leave.”

“Well, I’ll send someone right now, and I’ll send you to Yanbei tomorrow.” Li Ce nodded without hesitation and said quietly.

“No, I don’t want to go back to Yanbei for the time being. I’m still in trouble here.”

Li Ce’s eyebrows suddenly wrinkled. He decided to look at Chu Qiao. Had more habitual inquiry and thoughts. Chu Qiao said: “You don’t have to guess. I’m waiting for someone. As to who this person is, You don’t have to ask.”

Li Ce smiled and said: “You are afraid that you are going to carry the Yanqin apricot to go out of the wall. Zhuge Yue is coming. Are you looking for him?”

Chu Qiao gave him an impatient look. “You guessed it.”

“Hello, be careful,” Li Ce said on the doorpost. “I can still protect you under my eyes. If I go out, it will be difficult to protect. The people of Daxia entered the city. They obviously learned from Zhao Yu.” The news of your palace, how many Xia people hate you, no need for me to remind you.”

Chu Qiao nodded his head and suddenly remembered Zhao Yu, who had broken her arm. She looked blankly and whispered: “I understand.”

Li Ce looked at her with her eyes crossed and saw her silent. He suddenly stood up, grabbed her hand, and shouted, “Go, take you to a place!”

The night fog was gray and the dim lanterns were hidden in the darkness, like a group of warm and open fire. Li Ce robe, wearing her hand, and ran with a big stride. The night breeze passed through their hairlines and floated like the finest brocade.

Both came to a yard where Chu Qiao had never been to, wearing all the way through the flowers and sticking to the dew on the beginning of the fall. Turning a few small doors, and helping a cluster of blue willows, a clear blue lake suddenly appeared. In front of me, I saw a heap of lotus leaves that filled the sky. The bright white lotus flower under the moonlight was like a snow sculpture and the fragrance is compelling, and it is fascinating.

Chu Qiao suddenly got a bit stunned. She turned her head and asked, “How do you do it?”

Li Ce smiled, took her hand down and reached into the lake. Chu Qiao screamed, very surprised.

Li Ce smiled proudly: “I am smart. I buried people early in the morning and buried lotus roots underneath. Then they brought water from hot springs. The flowers were opened overnight.”

Chu Qiao shouted and smiled: “Great, rich money can make the ghosts push, the right to make the ghosts, you have the right to money, so even the gods have to listen to you.”

“There is money that can make a ghost push it. This is a fresh idea.”

Li Ce smiled and said, “Go and follow me.”

The two walked along the stone path and went to the lake. Li Ce was obviously familiar with this place. With a touch of moonlight, he took Chu QIao along the way to a small boat, then stood on the bow, gently bubbling. The boat slowly left the shore and slowly slipped into the clear lake of Bihu.

The breeze came slowly, with the fragrance of the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, the smoke and water ten miles, the mighty, thousands of winds and waters hidden between the water vapor, the moonlight is like a wash, clear and bright, quietly shaking like a mirror ice.

The boat shuttles between the green and the lotus leaves, and the large lotus flower pushes it around, with a kind of almost extravagant sweetness. After all, Chu Qiao is a woman. She has handcuffed a few white lotuses, her eyelashes are bent, and she smiles quietly.

Li Ce let go of the paddle and sit on the bow. He didn’t talk. He just looked at her silently. The lantern in the distance reflected the pool water. The clear water surface floated a large piece of red and yellow, and the rainbow was like a rain.

Chu Qiao turned around and smiled at Li Ce. He said: “Li Ce, thank you very much.”

“Thank you? Thank you for what?”

The man’s eyes are bent, picking up slightly, with a few men’s unique deep and awkward. His eyes were half squinting and faint, seemingly hiding a lot of things and covering up many things.

“Thank you for taking care of me this time. If it weren’t for you, I might have died.”

Li Ce smiled: “Then you really should thank me very much. The help of life is not unusual. If you don’t want to go then don’t leave him in Sui and Bian Tang.”

Flow Shu Shu (means anyway), a touch of sound, together with their sporadic discourse hidden in the wind. Chu Qiao looked up and said with bright eyes: “The beauty of the lotus is not stained in the mud, it is clear and not demon. I think that I can talk with you in the normal way for a long time. It is the lotus spirit.”

Li Ce sighed and said: “Jojo is so poetic, it really made me more infatuated.”

Chu Qiao looked up at the light moonlight: “There are so many things that you are obsessed with. It’s not a good thing to be too greedy.”( ilove these lines)

Li Ce stood up. The light gown sleeves fluttered in the wind and said lightly and casually. “Some things, but in any case, can not be demanded, so I have to work hard to see more.” ( ilove these lines)

Chu Qiao was a little shocked and said quietly: “The lotus can be re-opened, and you have to leave them a pool. It is rare.”

Li Ce nodded with a sigh: “Yes, it will be reopened next year.”

The boat swayed, and the duckweed was divided and swayed, gently as a feather, slowly wandering with the waves.

“Yanbei is very cold,” Li Ce suddenly sighed softly: “It is said that there is snow all year round, it is difficult to see flowers, it is a place of ice and snow.”

Chu Qiao looked up and looked at his slender back. The tone was light and he said: “Chu Qiao has her own game. Yanbei is like snow, and the iceberg is a rare scene. If you see it one day, you are tired of Jiangnan. In the misty rain, you may also wish to put a horse-side plug and snow back. The beautiful people on the Yanbei plateau will surely give you as much as you wish.

Li Ce looked at it with a flash of disappointment. He immediately laughed and said, “You still know me best and know when to think for me.”

At this time, I heard only a bang, the boat touched the shore, this pool is not big, so for a while, even to the end.

The two got off the boat and then slowly walked toward the residence. The moonlight shines on them. It’s white and desolated. It’s a bit bleak. The shadows of the two fall on the ground, shadows and shadows, and they continue to overlap. Then they separate, overlap, and then separate. Far, after all, it was two shadows, and never involved in one.

In a blink of an eye, I have already arrived at the front door of the house. The two stood there, and there was a moment of embarrassment. Li Ce was lazy on a pomegranate tree. The red petals were like rouge. He was full of his body, and his forehead and day were light. Blush, the light in the distance is shining, the more you have a moment.

Li Ce seemingly lazily yawned and said: “It’s too late. I can’t get up tomorrow morning.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “You are lazy, this morning, listening to Qiu Sui said that you have not put on your boots early, and the Tang Emperor has fired for this.”

Those who do,” Li Ce waved and said: “I really don’t want to get up early. I can’t move to the afternoon to open it again. It’s trouble. So, tomorrow morning, I will send someone to you to go out, then you will go out.” I am not going to send you any more.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “I will not bother you.”

Li Ce said with a smile: “Well, this trip is far away. You must take care of yourself, if it is…”

When I got here, suddenly there was a little more embarrassing jealousy. Li Ce laughed at himself and then turned around. The corner of his mouth had a faint texture: “If one day, you feel that Yanbei is too cold, you can also consider going back to Jiangnan. Although there is no desert in this area, there is no grassland, but it is also warm and suitable for living.”

Chu Qi mouth bitter, gently smiled: “People have joys and sorrows, there is a lack of moon and shade, the world’s thing, is the chance.”

Li Ce shook his head and whispered: “I hope you will never have that day. You, let it be.”

Suddenly there was a grief at the bottom of my heart. Li Ce’s figure drifted further away. Chu Qiao slowly turned around and the moonlight shined between them. The unlit white light gradually spread and finally shrouded. The entire lonely court.


Afterthoughts – I love Li Ce throughout these chapters. Can I persuade Chu Qiao to stay in Bian Tang…but Li Ce got married for the sake of peace and protecting the ones he loves. Obviously, there is more to this punch prince Li Ce. He made peace with himself but do not forget he sealed it this qoute: “Some things, but in any case, can not be demanded, so I have to work hard to see more.”

Hopeful for a better tomorrow with his punch girl drifting beautifully in the pool of lotuses.. what a nice view, such uplifting and sorrowful as well.

CHAPTER 118 Deep Indus


In the autumn, when the night is cold, Li Ce’s figure gradually disappears among the fiery red pomegranate trees. Only a touch of Du (means poison) Ruo’s (means a kind of cattail fragrance rests on the slender quartzite trail, lingering between the breath and the cold moon. The lotus in front of the Qingchi Lake, where the lotus leaves lived, was black and noisy, the weeds were born again, and the autumn winds together, the courtyard became more and more desolate.

Chu Qiao was light and silky and walked slowly toward the temple. The wind dissipated her long hair, like a flying butterfly, and she spread her wings in the air, dancing in a messy manner.

With a vast area of ​​more than 30 buildings and ups and downs, Linz has a par with an excellent scenery. You can imagine how it was when the day was very strong. Chu Qiao quietly walked on the quiet path, from time to time, the treetops that had been stained with flowers hung down and touched her brow gently. The embroidered shoes are very thin, and they are a bit cool and cool on the bluestone slabs. A gust of wind blew in. There was a soft touch of wine blowing into the nose. Chu Qiao looked up and saw the under the sycamore trees under the water tower on the second floor. The famous man on its Tsing Yi (means bluish greenish in color) stood indifferently and looked up slightly, his eyes are facing his own boudoir.

“Who is there?”

The woman’s crisp voice broke the silence of the cold night, and she was shocked by an egret above the clear pool. The man looked back at it strangely, Chu Qiao looked at him, and suddenly he couldn’t speak.

This person and Li Ce’s looks are so similar, such a night’s look is almost a person.

But the next second, Chu Qiao to dismiss this ridiculous idea, just because their temperament is really different, it is difficult to compare.

The man infuses the Indus, quietly standing among the moon and flowers in the autumn night, and the beautiful features are draped with a light layer of lunar awns, so cold, with a light, depressing mood. Like the clear snow and frost on the eaves of the late autumn, she looked at her quietly and slowly frowned.

“Who are you?”

The shadows of light and shadow were scattered, and the clear pool in the distance had a faint luster. The man’s voice was extremely cold. It was like the water that broke out of the ice. It was a quiet stream, with no emotion.

Just looking at it, Chu Qiao knew that this person was very ordinary. She took a step forward and said softly: “I am the one who lives here. Who are you?”

The man seemed to have a glimpse, his eyes with a moment of sigh, he sighed, and then said as he said to himself: “Oh, it turns out that someone has lived here.”

The moonlight shines on the man’s clothing, and it sheds a kind of translucent sparkle. Chu Qiao knows that at this time, she should have said something, and then turned away to avoid provoking right and wrong, but some words were stuck in the throat. So she could not bear to interrupt the man’s thoughts.  It can only be silenced silently, letting the cold autumn leaves pass through the leaves, and the voice of the singer is like a ripple of water.

The man walked slowly from the side of Indus and stepped on the stone steps of the first order. The breeze came onstage and he blew up the autumn leaves of the Indus on the ground. A faint dust floated, and Chujo had to narrow his eyes. The white hand is covered in front of the forehead.

“It’s always a great wind when it is backed by Taiqing Pond. Remember to wear a hood when you come out.”

Chu Qiao was slightly surprised and looked at him in an instant, but only in the eyes of the man saw the depth of deep water and silence.

“I would like to thank you for coming. I am afraid that the maid is looking for it. I will say goodbye first.

Chu Qiao knows that he does not have to question the identity of the other person. Even if he asks him, he may not necessarily say that he will leave with a polite statement.

Who knows that the person does not seem to have heard half, still lying in the spot, quietly looking at her, the voice is like misty fog: “Prince is very fond of you?”

Chu Qiao knows that he is also like any other person. He misunderstood himself as the favor of Li Ce. At the moment, he does not refute. He quietly performed a ceremony and said: “We have resigned.”

“You haven’t answered my question yet.”

Chu Qiao frowned slightly and looked back, but he did not have any light-hearted meaning but was very persistent waiting for her to return.

“Do you know that if I really was the favor of your Highness the Prince, what you are doing right now is very inappropriate.”

The man gave a slight glimpse and immediately said, “I have never returned to the palace for a long time. I don’t know if I have already lived here, sorry.”

Chu Qiao Ranran (means softly drooping): “I don’t know if you don’t know, but now that you know it, shouldn’t the gentleman avoid it?”

The man dumbfounded and nodded. “Sure enough, it’s a bit similar.”

Chu Qiao frowned and said: “Mr….you came here late at night, the words are vague, and I don’t want to reveal my identity. If I don’t see you in a high-spirited manner, I will be arrogant, and I will tie you up as a disciple. At this time, I am still lingering, not afraid to find trouble for myself?”

The man was awkward and said, “Sorry, I am so obsessed with the old man.”

“Forget about it at any time, as long as you remember to converge in time. This is the Palace after all, and Sui and Bian Tang are very serious and there is no harm in mind.”

The man smiled lightly and nodded slightly. Then, with a slight hand, he walked outside the house. Just took two steps and suddenly turned back to the high eaves and said, “There is a wind chime out there, covered in dust. If the girl has time, let the palace person clean it. The autumn wind is cool and the bell is ringing. It’s crisp and very sweet.”

“Thank you for reminding me.”

The man smiled lightly and his eyes were very soft. He nodded and said, “I am Prince Luo.”

The moon moved a few minutes to the west. The green shirt gently ran over the dusty jade stairs. Chu Qiao watched him drift away, but her heart was cold and went down.

Prince Luo?

Prince Luo…

When he returned to the palace, Qiu Sui was waiting for her with his eyelids. It was clear that when Li Ce came over, the girl knew.

“Girl, you are back!”

When I saw Chu Qiao, I was a little happy, and I jumped up and said: “The slaves prepared the lotus soup, and the girl drank a bowl and slept.”

Holding a warm white jade soup bowl, Chu Qiao suddenly lost interest in tasting food. She looked up and asked: “Qui Sui, do you know Prince Luo?”

Qiu Sui slammed, frowned slightly and said, “Girl, why are you asking this?”

“Nothing, just ask casually. If you are inconvenient, you don’t have to say it.”

“Oh, there is nothing inconvenient, just…” There is no one in the temple. Xiao Yan still looked around, and then whispered to Chu Qiao’s ear said: “This is a scandal in the palace. Everyone generally does not dare to argue.”

Chu Qiao raised eyebrows: “The scandal?”

“Yeah, King Luo Shan, the father of  Prince Luo, was the uncle of the emperor. When the emperor went to the throne, the King of Luoshan did know why and died of illness. It is said that when the emperor was young, he was still more troubled than the current Prince Edward (This is Li Ce another code name in Bian Tang). He ignored it. The Manchu Warriors’ persuasion and rejection of the world’s unyielding defiance forced their father’s jealousy. Two years later, Emperor Xi gave the emperor a son, the Prince Li Ce of today, and the emperor put Empress Lili as a queen and heard people say that the queen was sealed up. On that day, eight of the old ministers of the North Korea and China died on the Fengming (means to act on orders) stage, so that the emperor had not changed his mind.  For more than 20 years, the Empress was alone, and the position of the palace was impregnable. No one could shake it.”

“In other words?”

“In other words, Prince Luo is both Prince Edward’s uncle and Prince’s biological brother. The early death of King Luoshan, when the Queen was married, Prince Luo Shan was just full of hundred days and went with the Queen into the Palace. Before the age of twenty, it has always been grown up in the royal palace with Prince Edward (Li Ce).”

“Tian Xie,” Chu Qiao lowered his head and sighed softly, remembering the plain lady, who could not help but feel awkward.

“Is Prince Li Ce and Prince Luo grew up together in this palace?”

“No,” said Qiu Sui, who bit his lip slightly, and said, “Prince Li Ce and Prince Luo all followed the empress and lived in the Pok Hua Temple. This is the residence of the princess.”

Chu Qiao’s brow gently pick: “Princess Fu?” (I believe this is A’Fu)

Princess “Eun-Fu” is not a real princess. She is the granddaughter of the old general of the town, the country’s Murong. The Murong family is the military’s family of the country. The old General Murong returned to his country to serve the country. His four sons died on the battlefield for the country. General Murong also blood-stained the battlefield in the last Northern Expedition. At that time, the renegade was working and the Daxia army broke the Baiyuguan Pass. At that time, the monks led by Daxia led to the killing of 30,000 troops from our country in order to protect the entire city. The Murong old lady of sixty years old had taken advantage of the four daughters-in-law and led the Murong family clan to fight with the enemy. After delaying time, he finally waited for the reinforcement of the town. But Murong’s clan was destroyed in this battle. The family’s children guarded him at that time. When the eleven family lords fled and waited to see the gates of the imperial capital, only four-year-old Princess Fu had left. The emperor commended the Murong clan’s loyalty, and he confiscates the old General Murong to the town of Guogong. Mrs. Murong was the first lady of Huarong, and her sons were all sealed. Princess Fu was also crowned as Princess Zhang Yi. She was raised in the palace and enjoyed the same offerings as Prince Luo.

This paragraph is short, but Chu Qiao was secretly frightened. This Murong family can also be said to be the contemporary Yang Song. When she listened to God, she asked, “What happened later?”

“Later…” Qiu Sui bit his lower lip and meditated for a while before he whispered: “Princess Fu died later.”

Chu Qiao was shocked: “Dead?”

“In the same year Princess Fu and the Prince of Prince Edward played in their childhood. The emperor and the Queen had the intention of giving the Murong family a glory, regardless of the decline of her family. So the Royal Highness and the Princess of Fu, who were seventeen years old, personally gave them a marriage. Princess Fu is in love with Prince Luo, and the family worships the royal ancestral temple.”

Chu Qiao listened quietly, but the heart did not take it for granted. Murong’s loyalty, although the whole family declined, but in the military has an irreplaceable influence and appeal, Fu Princess married into the royal family, it can be regarded as the consolidation of the royal family.

“But later, on the day of the wedding, Princess Fu has hung herself.”

“What?” Chu Qiao suddenly changed her eyes, frowning and asked: “Self?”

“Yeah,” said Qiu Sui, who looked pale and whispered: “The imperial edict says that Princess Fu died because of illness, but Qiu Sui grew up in the palace, but witnessed everything with his own eyes. The carriage has arrived at Yan He Ju (a place in Bian Tang). His Royal Highness Prince Edward is dressed in a red brocade robe and is holding a ball of roses in his hand. He happily follows the priest officer and enters the temple. However, did not see the princess. In search of the first Princess everyone followed to the apse (means a large semicircular or polygonal recess in a church, arched or with a domed roof, typically at the eastern end, and usually containing the altar), to see the princess dressed in a wedding gown, the first three feet of white puppets hanging on the sycamore wood outside the window.”

The night breeze came, with a shallow moonlight, cold and icy.

“His Royal Highness Crown Prince shouted at the time and fainted. I was following my mother’s wife and was the little flower girl in the welcome team. Her mother and other court aunts hurried to put Princess Fu in a hurry. I’m afraid to go backward. He squatted on a rock and fell to the ground, cried and called, but at first glance, under the pomegranate tree under the stone steps, Prince Luo was in a purple-and-red robe, and his face was and his face was white like a ghost. After standing quietly, the eyes were red. Looking at the sycamore tree, without a word, clenched his fist, as if to squeeze out the water.”

Qiu Sui eyes were red, gently sniffed:  “Later, all the aunts of the escorts’ princes were secretly executed. I was spared because I was still young. I’ve been after my mother’s death. I waited in the palace, but I have never seen Prince Luo since then. Only when the queen is born every year will he return to the palace once and rarely go out. I heard people say that he was gone to Meishan, saying that he is acting on behalf of the emperor. It’s more than a year.”

Chu Qiao nodded slowly and felt a burst of depression in her heart. Is it another secret history of the court? She has seen too much.

“In fact, this was not the case with Her Royal Highness Prince. It was only after the death of Princess Fu that he was depressed. The girl ( this is Chu Qiao) had never seen Princess Fu. Tt is a god-like person Not only was she a noblewoman, but she was also very good at people, and her character was very gentle. The little female officials in these palaces did not receive any favors from her, but I did not expect that a gentle person would finally have the courage to go this way.”

Chu Qiao shook her head lightly: “How could such a gate full of loyalty be gentle and watery? I am afraid that the blood flowing from the bones is hot and boiling. She is a person who would rather not be shredded. Unfortunately, she did not have the ability to protect herself. And it is not entrusted to someone who can protect her.”

Qiu Sui seemed to understand and understand, Chu Qiao patted her shoulder and said with a smile: “Qiu Sui, do you like the palace?”

Xiao Yan had a momentary confusion, and she murmured, “I don’t know. My mother-in-law is a female official in the court. I was told by the Empress Dowager to the Museum of History noted that I was born here, never going out. I used to see the maiden husbands of the various palaces vying for pet fraud. The two masters who were seen in their lives were girls and masters. The slaves couldn’t say that they liked it or not, but whether they like it or not, the days are not all. Have you ever been?”

Chu Qiao slightly surprised, then lightly smiled and said: “You are right, whether accepted or not, the days have to be so. Because you have not seen, so you can only choose to stay in the status quo.”

She bowed her head and squinted at the head of Xiaoyan, saying: “Qiu Sui, outside is not the same as here, you can speak loudly, you can walk big, wherever you want to go, as long as you work, you can If you get paid, you can live the life you have thought of. Outside, the wind is free.”

Xiao Yan was a little confused, she murmured: “That, I don’t want to get up in the morning, I want to sleep late, no one cares?”

Chu Qiao laughed: “Of course, but you have to be deducted.”

“Wow!” Qiu Sui suddenly got excited, grabbed Chu Qiao’s hand and asked, “Girl, Yanbei is like this? Is it?”

Chu Qiao looked at her. The look was so distant. It was far from a 17-year-old girl. She seemed to be seen through the Qui Sui ear. She saw the green grass of Yanbei and saw the white sheep. To the holy snow mountain…

“I don’t know if this is the case now because I haven’t been there yet, but I promise you that one day, everything will become true, so you must live well.”

Chu Qiao stood up and looked at the dense, leafy plane tree in front of the window, remembering the lonely man in a green shirt.

“Tonghua (means children’s fairy tales) Wanli (thousands of miles) Road”, even the words of empire. In the next life, do not be born in the emperor’s family.”


In the morning of the next morning, the sound of the escort carriage slamming the car hub shattered the morning’s good dreams. Chu Qiao did not disturb anybody. She packed up the simple outfit and went to the carriage.

Tie Yuo smiled at Chu Qiao and said: “Girl, Tian Er (means sky) is cold. There is dry food in the carriage. You haven’t eaten yet.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “Thank you so much.”

Tie Yuo clearly knows her true identity, and smiles and said: “The few scenes of the Chu girl’s big summer work have become an example of the class of Wutang. My son likes you very much, and chanting all day.”

Chu Qiao looked at the man with a slight glimpse and asked, “Your son? How old are you this year?”

Tie Yuo laughed: “I am twenty-five this year. My son is eleven. I was fourteen and I have just got another daughter.”

Chu Qiao secretly, 14 years old…

Prince Luo said that he was quite good. The wind here was really great. Chu Qiao wore a hood and opened the curtains of the carriage. The wind came and heard the wind blowing. The morning sun, with its golden warmth, was sprinkled throughout the entire Jinwu Palace. The towers in the distance were filled with water and the court was like a bustling dream. It gradually shipped away. Floating clouds, shallow dependent, full of garden peach, red and green, holding a clear water clear, fog misty revealing the royal auspicious, a quiet on the marble square, only this carriage, in the early morning light Slowly forward, revealing a mottled shadow.

Chu Qiao looked up and looked up at the clouds in the sky. He remembered Li Ce’s eyebrows reclining under the sea breeze and her eyes gradually became blurred.

“We have a happy day and we look to the east and still going west. I hope you can do it.”

The carriage got farther away and was finally hidden in the heavy palace. Li Ce, who couldn’t get up early, was standing on a rockery in the Perch Palace at the moment. The rockery was so high that it was filled with bamboos, the breeze blew, and the cymbals moved, and there was a bamboo pavilion on the mountain. Very sophisticated. Li Ce was dressed in a green robe, wearing a gold crown, holding a purple flute and crossing his mouth. He wanted to play several times, but he could not make it. (lovely Prince, beautiful and hopeless romantic)

The clouds in the sky are faint, covering the thousands of buildings below, and a row of axles in the distance, pulling up the faint smoke.

“His Royal Highness,”

A blue shirt man swiftly walked onto the rockery and his complexion was unusually dignified in a deep voice said, “The front hall is early and there is something going on. You can go and see it.”

Li Ce turned his head, and his face was no more gentle and mild. He slightly wrinkled his beautiful brow, and said quietly, “What happened?”

Sun Di is also a serious look, his brows locked, and a word of silence said: “The big summer and the pro-princess have an accident.”


CHAPTER 119 Li Ce’s Dialogue


The fact that the white celestial calendar was born in 975, the complexity of it and the state of power of the parties on the matter, was doomed to become a big headless public case. Historians have different opinions and even set up different schools to search for classics throughout their lives. They want to take away the dust and fog of history and see the truth of the truth.

However, this idea is doomed to be unrealistic, because even at that time, there were not many people who could really understand everything. Even the authorities in the center of the whirlpool were tempted to wait and see. However, no one can deny that it was exactly what happened on that day that opened the prelude to the Sui and Bian Tang dynasty weddings. Then, a violent storm looted the ancient Tang Jing city. It was like a farce like this. The way of the Oolong brought the people of southern Jiangnan who had been comfortable for many years into the drama of Ximeng Earth.

A long time later, Ximeng’s book recorded such bloody and mottled words:

“On the third day of September, Princess Zhao Chun’er (or Zhao Yuer her other name) of the Great Summer Eight was raped outside the palace and the deceased shouted the slogan of Yanbei’s Datong before he died. DaXia and Bian Tang and the two countries became frightened each other. From north to south, sweeping the entire land.”

On the empty hall of the Guozi (means grand hall country), standing full of the military attache of the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties, the Emperor Li Yizhou (father of Li Ce) of the Tang Dynasty was sitting on the golden shadow of the splendor. The emperor who was over 50 years old showed an age beyond the age, must be white, wrinkles deep, a pair of eyes Slender, there is no young man’s sharpness and suffocation, like the abyss ancient well, faint reflection of all the inquiring eyes outside.

A 70-year-old Confucian official squatted to the ground and said in a loud voice, “”The North is daring to hang on to the sky, ignoring my Tang Dynasty Tianwei (means sweetness), and deliberately provoked the eastern land orthodoxy with a plot in the land. If not trained by the power of Thunder of the Tang Dynasty. Where is this Guowei? (means national prestige) Where is My Tang Junwei? (means royal title and Military Commission) Where does Tang Tang and I stand in Ximeng? Based on the Three Kingdoms?”

When this remark came out, the people competed for each other, but they saw a young official out of the ranks. They said eloquently: “Da Xia is fighting Yanbei at this time. The Weichen thinks that China should not rashly join in.”

The 70-year-old Confucian official suddenly burst into tears and shouted: “Xue Changling! You are still unacceptable to send troops. Where is your heart? I have been swearing for a thousand years, and I have been so humiliated and disgraced. Once this matter spreads across the mainland, how will China stand? How to behave yourself? You are blindly protecting  Yanbei, but you don’t know what to do with Yan Bei’s private affairs?”

“Your Majesty!” a cry came, and another old white-shouldered veteran exclaimed: “It’s such a disgrace that we have never seen it! Our ancestors opened the country, which lasted for a thousand years, established the country with virtue, and ruled the country with filial piety. In the world, with the education of the four kingdoms, the first of the three countries, who has been so provocative, if this wind is open, I Datang (same as Tang Dynasty same as Daxia the Xia Dynasty)  face to face here, ignoring the friendly state, the country of shame!

Xue Changling stepped forward and said with excitement: “The emperor, the Princess of the Great Summer is insulted by a lot of doubts. We can’t rely on the words of the great summer officials to participate in the civil strife of other countries!”

“Bold and punished villain, in the grand hall of the country, dare to gossip, why is the name of a princess in the country important? The court has already experienced the truth. The Princess of Daxia has just married to Tang Dynasty, and she is now in me. Now I am In the territory, even within the capital of the country, it is insulted, I can’t blame it! If you don’t give a comment to Da Xia, how do you end it? Is it because of the doubtful words of Xue Changling’s three-inch tongue?

“Prince Luo, The officials did not say that they would not be punished for this matter. The lower officials are only afraid that we will fall into the traps of the people in a hurry!”

“Snapping?” General Qi sneered: “What trap? The trap is Yanbei afraid of our marriage with the Big summer, and we are trying to destroy it!”

“I don’t rule out this possibility, but we can’t put an end to the possibility that there is no other possibility. If Yanbei really did, why did they shout loudly to declare their identity before dying? What are the benefits to Yanbei?” (arguments like this is very argumentative)

Prince Luo hummed and said: “The Datong Monks has always been crazy, how can it have common sense.”

A major general around General Qi said: “Perhaps they are just trying to confuse us. Let us suspect that it is a misappropriation. Everyone thinks Xue Changling Daren is not skeptical.”

Xue Changling angered: “The military affairs, naturally, we must consider the details, how can we conclude without common sense. The lower official is an official, leading the imperial court, naturally, we must consider all the circumstances!”

“Is it? The official feels that Xue Changling Daren has considered it enough, and then go on, and the frontier army of Daxia may be coming over!”

Guo Jiang (means to over flatter or praise), you!”

“Your Majesty! The Central Army has 30,000 soldiers and horses to be ready to fight for the country!”

“Your Majesty! The blood debt will be tasted by blood. Let’s order it! For years, the veteran’s knife has rusted!”

“Your Majesty, you are swearing for death!”

The entire hall was crowded with the officials of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. Only Xue Changling alone stood alone. The young officer’s face was swollen with purple, his angry lips shivering but he could not speak.

At this moment, suddenly there was a giggling laugh outside the temple, and the crowd immediately turned back. They saw Li Ce wearing a green and turquoise suit, wearing a gold crown, and a jade belt. The narrow, narrow eyes were like foxes. They smiled and walked up to the main hall. They laughed and said, “Today’s people are all ready, and even Liu Ge’s old people are here. Everything is coming, is there anything new? Why, is the Western Region sending their cavalries? Or is Nanqi (means Southern Dynasties) a tribute to the beauty?

As the crowd divested like water, Li Ce walked with the crowd and squatted under the robes. Next, he yelled: “These children are late, and ask the father to ask him.”

“Well,” the slightly old voice sounded slowly, and the Tang Emperor said faintly: “You know what happened here?”

“Here? Oh!” Li Ce suddenly realized that he looked angry and suddenly stood up and ranted: “It’s too deceiving, the son is here for this!”

The people of the Manchus feared that this unconventional prince would have any new tricks. At this moment, he listened to him and said that he was very elated and quickly replied: “Yes! It’s just too deceiving. The Prince said so much!”

Li Ce nodded angrily and said: “Daixia sent two princesses, the first one was not a woman, the second was not a woman, and she wore a big green hat. I really like this! Father Huang, the children feel Da Xia did not have any sincerity in respecting the dear ones. We still rushed back their princesses. The children ministers felt that Huai Song’s long princess was good. She was said to have a younger sister who is also a beauty…”

The audience suddenly sighed, and Liu Ge, who was over seventy years old, sighed with sorrow. He stepped forward and said: “His Royal Highness, this is a must!”

Li Ce looked back and frowned and said: “Oh, why not?”

“Da Xia twice sent the princess to come and kiss, can see the sincerity of his and his parents. Nowadays, the Princess of the Great Summer is in this humiliation within our country. If we do not pursue the responsibility of Yanbei, we will be referred to by thousands of people. People are reviled and are not scorned by the eight parties. Nowadays, the sinners of Yanbei are not guilty of the Princess of Xiaguo. (means minor offense, little mistake)

Li Ce gently picks the eyebrows and says, “Oh, what you said makes sense.”

Liu Ge wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and breathed a sigh of relief: “His Royal Highness  Son of the Prince.”

Li Ce said bluntly, “Since this is the case, as the future emperor and father of sons is insulted by Yanbei. Although the child ministers are incapable, they can’t sit and watch their own women being bullied. Request the father of the soldiers to send troops to Yanbei, and the children and ministers are willing to personally lead the troops and pledge to swallow Yanbei under the knife!”

When the words came out, they were full of joy, and everyone was looking forward to each other, and their eyes all revealed great joy.

Prince Edward was stubborn for so many years, did not think that the key moment was quite the style of a country king, Sui and Bian Tang great powers, that is, should take this momentum!

“In addition, the father and the sons’ gentlemen have a little request.”

The Tang Emperor frowned slightly, but did not say much, but signaled him to continue to say.

Li Ce talked about it,  and he was dressed in a brocade suit. Lang Ran (means like a clear and bright jade) stood on top of the main hall. The eyebrows like a star, beautiful and said in a loud voice: “Since the Eighth Princess has already placed a marriage with me, she is already the people of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. The children hope that they can refuse the request of the Daxia Commonwealth. In the Yanbei projectile area, as long as I give me 100,000 soldiers, I will not kill the Yanbei Yuxi (means fine rain) children. (it is clear that Bian Tang dynasties do not want to participate in any other military expeditions to Great Summer and would like to remain dormant or in a neutral position. But in this case Li Ce (Xiao Ce) gave the people a limit to what they can participate and do to avenge their future Empress Chun’er)

As soon as the crowd heard it, they suddenly gave a glimpse, but before they even spoke, Li Ce’s blockbuster talk hit one after the other.

“Alternatively, sending troops from our country to Yanbei will go through the borders of the Great Xia State and continue for thousands of miles along the way. The children’s ministers remember that our army had reached Zhenhuang as far as it could be. At that time, it used 300,000 troops and 2 million civilians. Now, although the army The number was less than half the time, but the journey was far away. Therefore, the Ministry of Customs requested me to requisition 3 million civilians, 200,000 war horses, 200,000 matching weapons and armor, and cold cotton coats. The accompanying medical officers for injuries, the forage of horses, and the grain ministry raised 300,000 tons of grass to be used by the Northern Expeditionary Forces.”

The head of the family, Qiu Shihai, was as big as a bucket. It seemed to be burnt like a fire. He jumped out and said: “His Royal Highness, Weichen thinks that Yanbei is the rebel of Daxia, and the cause of the war is the princess of Daxia. Da Xiali should send troops to help as the main force of the war. While we send troops, they can only be used as an aid, and Da Xia should also provide us with food and military supplies.”

Li Ce turned away with a grin and said: “Oh? Qiu Daren didn’t call the national integrity festival just now. He is called Sui Tang Guowei (means national prestige) and his voice was loud. What happened? Why, I don’t know that the Tang Dynasty Prince was worn. Green hat (green hat is an idiom means small tribute) also rely on others to send troops to justice for me? Liu Ge old just said it right: It’s right, we’ve been in the Tang Dynasty for a thousand years, and we’ve never been so humiliated. What is the big tribute to the tribute to the Jiangnan slashing tribute is a small meaning, and the Hongzhou Eighteen States don’t have to worry. The robbers in the north are too arrogant and don’t try to cure them. They don’t know who is on the mainland. I’m sure that the generals and my ideas must be the same, and they will never say a word. In order to seek Yanbei, he was hoping to shake the flag with the help of Da Xia’s ass. And Daxia has just experienced a big battle, and eating is a problem. I have to buy grain from China. Do you think they will respond to our rations?”

Li Ce stood in the hall with a smile. Those generals who had been able to stand upright before him looked ugly, looked around, and hip-hop promised, but no one could speak.

“I heard that the Yanbei Brigade was a multi-pronged soldier. Yan Xun was even more talented. At the beginning, it was only one man’s power that actually countered the southwestern town government and broke through the real city where 300,000 troops in our century have not broken. Forcing Da Xia to move north for the first time in three hundred years to retreat, and nearly died, and later to kill Yanbei again, the entire northwestern border army. All parties to the king of the county can not intercept its blade, known as a new generation of Yan. The Xioalong (Sleeping Dragon) King of the North, and I have no war for many years, except for a small number of side troops that cannot be drawn from the south. Most of the soldiers who have seen blood are already in their fifties or sixties, and the military is not evenly organized, and most weapons stores are rusty. However, I feel that as long as we are united in one city and united as one, there is definitely the possibility that we will stride across the entire land of the Great Summer and travel thousands of miles, and we will scold the madman who dares to commit my Sui and Bian Tang dynasties.” (I love how Li Ce talks to solve his national affairs)

Li Ce said while walking in the main hall, the more he said, the happier he was, said:

“After all, we all saw that in our annual military parade, the soldiers walked very neatly and their shouts were very bright. Even if they did not kill anyone, but most of them had killed chickens, and the jealous fights in the brothels. We have very sophisticated practical experience, and the generals like dolls, we talked about are also young talents, and the sons and grandsons of the grown-ups are mostly inside, which is the wealth of our empire. I have never been to the battlefield and I haven’t even killed chickens. (hahaha, Li Ce’s silver tongue!) However, I think they have a very high awareness of fighting. The daily slogans are also very loud. I think I can bring them around as long as I’m on the battlefield. I am an invincible elite teacher! And we have many gems that Yanbei does not have, although I heard recently that some white positions, He Rui (This is He Xiao in Tv series), Wu Dao Ya like generals with a bit of skill, with 3,000 to 5,000-strong Datong Warriors will be able to wash away tens of thousands of troops, but they will also be able to retreat without injury. However,  Sui and Bian Tang will not be afraid. They are only a few years old, too young, and our generals are many veterans like old sinus generals and generals like Bai Laojun. They all have life experiences and combat skills that people can’t match. As long as they sit on the battlefield, their custody is invincible, and the enemy flees in the wind. Yes, General Dou, should come. When I saw your false teeth (dentures) at the door, I heard you had a stroke a few days ago and I was insensitive. It doesn’t matter. I immediately sent someone to make an agate for you.”

The people of the Manchus were noisy and almost speechless, but Li Ce’s interest was getting better and better. He walked on while strolling and talking, majestic, heroic, and vehemently dispelling Fang Yi’s rhetoric: “And, The kind of barbarian land in Yanbei cannot be educated or filial piety and the people are a group of monks. Our Tang Dynasty has thousands of educated people. If Yanbei’s people dare to help the rebels revolt, they send us censors. Hundreds of Shi Tai’s (means eruditional) doctors-in-law learned of the importance of justice. They believed that they would submit to the saints’ words and be ashamed of what they had done. They would switch to our embrace. Although I have heard of summer When Huang experienced eight years, he wanted to assimilate the Yanbei people and make them loyal to the empire, but they were still madly attacking the empire’s army as locusts and attacking the newly appointed officials, and they had never been interrupted for eight years. But everyone does not have to be afraid, how can the Great Summer Compared with us, when we accept the teachings of the saints, the ancestors of the Great Summer did not wear pants on the grasslands, haha!” (Li Ce at his best talking moments and funny dialogues)

“There are still, and the most important one,” Li Ce turned around smiling, and he squatted on the ground and said to Emperor Tang : “Father, this article is very important, and it is related to the National Games Changlong (means long queue) of my Tang Dynasty. Must not be negligent.”

Emperor Tang mouth with a smile, looking at his son, said: “You speak.”

Li Ce looked up and said very seriously: “The parents are daring to ask for a move.”


As soon as this statement was made, the Manchu Warriors and Manchus finally could not hold on again, and they were shocked and exclaimed.

“Hey,” Li Ce sighed, said helplessly: “This is no way. In order to safeguard the dignity of my Tang Dynasty, this war is a must. But after we finish it, although we know that we will win, we estimate the loss.” There will be no shortage of troops, financial resources, food, weapons, personnel, and civilians. What is important is that this battle is long-lasting, and it consumes a lot of national power. The Chinese army penetrates into the territory of Greater Xia, it is difficult to protect the Emperor Xia from the heart of the villain.  Even if the Emperor Xia really is just like everyone thinks, but after the war, we lose a lot, will Huai Song not take the opportunity to enter? We will not forget it, but we are fighting with Huai Song, we must be psychologically prepared Immediately after the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties, we will usher in a new situation in the historic two-sided warfare. The outcome will be unpredictable and the future will be speculative. Therefore, I propose that we immediately relocate the capital and move to a barren land in the southern part of Xinjiang. When the fire burns, even if we are chased by Da Xia in the future and they are attacked by Huai Song, they will not get anything. We hide in the jungles of the southern Xinjiang, and no one can find it, and they are angry at them. Haha!”

At this time everyone’s faces have been ugly and can no longer be difficult to read. Li Ce then suddenly said with excitement: “Also, I just thought of a fantastic plan. If we are not lucky enough to survive this war, I still maintain my Tang. After this incident, we can send a royal woman to Daxia and my relatives and then send out a lot of controversial officials to accompany us. After the summer, we will count and count, saying that the princess is pregnant. Song’s spies insulted and screamed at the time of excitement, and sent our officials with a lot of money to bribe the officers of the summer. Haha, this summer would have to fight with Huai Song, when we sit on the mountain Fighting, sitting on the profit of the fisherman, how do you feel about me?” (laugh out loud!!! hahahaha. Li Ce you are so bright and dumb as well!)

Without saying a word, all the people in the hall were dead. Suddenly they only heard a bang. Someone even laughed.

The crowd suddenly turned and glared at the man.

I saw Xue Changling shuddering in his robe. He stepped forward on the ground and replied: “The noble prince of Prince Edward was convinced, and the lower officials were blindly obedient. The lower officials had just blinded their eyes. Now it is imperative for this to be done. If Your Highness does not abandon, the lower officials will follow your Highness before the saddle of our horse.

“Well, I remember you.”

Li Ce said with a smile, then turned around fiercely, and slammed on the floor and said: “The father, the order, the heart of the child has been decided, not to break the Yanbei vows, even if this trip is dead. I also vowed to be with Yanbei to keep my Datang Shengwei (means prestige, renown or influence). Just now the adults ministers said that the blood of the children was boiling, and the children asked for a few people who had just spoken loudly, giving the adults a chance to make a name for themselves. Please ask the father to be fine!”

After all, one head was deeply on the ground.

Tang emperor sank a little and was about to speak. Suddenly he only heard one person shouting “The Emperor” suddenly, and he squatted down on the ground.

Liu Ge  old suddenly said: “The emperor, the veteran suddenly felt that just because Xue Daren said quite a bit of truth, only listening to the words of the big summer princess on the Yanbei soldiers, is too sloppy, we should do more investigation that can determine this matter.”

“Oh?” Emperor Tang said with a loud voice and said: “Just because Liu Ge is not saying that Xue Changling is a villain, isn’t this enough to be a letter?”

Liu Ge’s old forehead was sweating and sweating, and he insisted on the spirit: “This is the old minister’s inconsistency. Now think about it, Xue Daren said… This is quite reasonable.”

The Tang Emperor turned to look at the veteran General Qi: “Qi Qing, what do you think?”

“Veterans also believe that Liu Ge’s old saying goes that the army’s expulsion is a major military issue and should be treated with care.”

The head office of the Ministry of Housing said in advance: “Weichen also feels that when troops are sent out today, the food in the households is not enough to deal with such a large-scale military move. It should be discussed thoroughly.”

“That is correct. It is not a matter of a day and a half for the military and military units to transfer horses to the northern part of the country. Moreover, if there is no war in the country for many years, even if it is to fight, we must also make more preparations.”

Li Ce scowled and said,  “What do you mean by adults? Are we being bullied so that we can’t fight back? If all of us say what we say about the face of Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties? Even if we are going to die, we have to pull them up. Yanbei is backing together.”

“Prince,” Prince Luo said, “What is Yanbei? Where is it worthwhile for us to kill them? This is a matter of time.”

“That doesn’t work,” Li Ce said in a decisive manner: “My nephew was  insulted. What a big event. As a Prince of the Kingdom, I can’t stand the bullying of my country. As a man, I can’t stand the bullying of others. If I do not say anything, I will be ridiculed by the country and become a laughing stock in the whole world?”

Liu Ge quickly said, “If the Prince is angry, if the Prince is tolerant of the next day, then the loyalty to the people of Tang Dynasty is to save the lives of thousands of soldiers who will die on the battlefield. No one can say no to Prince Edward’s. No, they will only be grateful to you.”

“It is precise because the Daxia Princess has not formally married to the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. Although this matter has our relationship, their own guards can hardly be resigned from it. Moreover, Yanbei is the enemy of Daxia and what is there for us? Associated with a big deal and then change a princess, anyway, Emperor Xia daughter are many.”

“Yes! They have made such scandals within our royal capital. We haven’t pursued it yet. If they dare to clamor, we must discuss with the Emperor of Xia.”

Li Ce frowned at the embarrassment and said slowly: “But can all the adults bear this kind of humiliation? You are all important ministers of the country. Don’t you be afraid of rewriting them in the future history books?”

“It’s ok!”

The collective shook his head: “For the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties, what is wrong with this point?”

“Hey,” Li sighed and shook his head: “Looking at the deep sorrows of the adults, Li Ce has a guilty heart. Now that everyone is so calm, what else can I say? The clerk, drafting letters, tell to the Great Summer princess, and then send her back.”

Soon, the early dynasty ended and the Baiguan officials retreated. The Tang Emperor confessed to Li Ce and returned to the harem.

After Sun Di followed him, he gave him a quiet thumb and said: “The Taiji (means shadow boxing)  Kung Fu of His Royal Highness martial arts is getting perfect, the more the fire, the more it is pure.”

Li Ce scowled and smiled. “A bunch of waste is old and decaying.”

“But sometimes these old wastes can play an important role.”

Li Ce sneered and said: “That’s right, Xue Changling. You pay attention to this. We can’t use this person yet. Let’s look at it again.”

“Yes.” Sun Di nodded and said,  “His Royal Highness, what should I do next?”

Li Ce stretched out a long slender finger and rubbed his temple and said, “I haven’t thought about it. Zhao Yu’er really hit me by surprise. I didn’t think she was so jealous that she took her name in order to induce the war between Sui and Bian Tang. Come to make a fuss. Did you see the palace you saw? Did she really get corrupted with her chastity? And who saw the self-proclaimed Datong squad?

“There are three people in the palace, all of whom are old men in the palace. The confession is the same. It seems to be true. As for the Datong warrior, it is said that when the guards stormed into the princess house, he just came down from the princess’s bed. Then he shouted a spoke of Yanbei Datong and committed suicide.”

Li Ce shook his head and sighed: “the Emperor of Xia, take this kind of thing to gamble, I really want to get the blood!”

“His Royal Highness, really want to send back to Zhao Chun’er?”

“What else would we do? Stay here to keep up?” Li Ce said coldly and said coldly: “I will send Zhao Chun’er back. Emperor Xia should know that his conspiracy is uncovered. Dare to tear my face, as long as I slam the Baiguan officials ( Baiguan means white stork bird but Li Ce refers Baiguan as the low officials who spread gossips to the nobles and even royals), they can’t look down on the storm in the summer.”

Sun Di nodded: “Exactly, he is so busy, I am not moving.”

At this time, a guard suddenly ran up, not far from here. The pace was chaotic, panting, sweating, and the clothes were already wet, and shouted all the way: “His Royal Highness! Not good!”

Li Ze frowned and suddenly stepped forward. Shen Sheng asked, “What happened?”

Just listened to the man’s groan and said, “The Great Summer princess hit her head in the rose square in the center of the imperial city!”


Sun Di suddenly exclaimed, but he heard the guards quickly said: “But okay, she just broke his head, and no serious problem, but the local people crowded, causing a little confusion.”

Li Ce screamed loudly, said: “Do you have anything to do with patience? Playing with sympathy cards, do you want to tilt the people of Tang Dynasty to make a comedy for her?”

Sun Di frowned and said: “This little thing is so scary, who is your subordinate?”

“Your Highness, this is not the main thing,” said the flushed face. As he panted, he said, “The point is, just now, the Central Army was training in the central camp near the Rose Square. The soldiers saw all of them. After the incident, the officers of the lower ranks couldn’t hold down the soldiers and soldiers. At this moment, the 30,000-strong army of the Central Armed Forces has already gathered in Central Avenue and screaming to attack Yanbei. Now it has come to the palace gate!”

“what did you say?”

At this time, not only Sun Di, but even Li Ce also changed together. However, at this time, another guard was actually far from the horse. Regardless of the code of expressions, he yelled and yelled: “Emergency! Anxious!”

“what’s up?”

Li Ce is cold and cool, and there is no more fun.

“His Royal Highness,” said the man who had fallen from the horse, his blood on his clothes.

Sun Di angered: “The Central Army is insane? For an exotic princess to attack his comrade-in-arms?”

The man crouching on the ground and exclaiming: “Behind the Royal Highness, the Central Army did not hand over the imperial city guards, but they surrounded the iron by the carriage of an adult and the 30,000 Central Army made a madness, according to the officials of Daxia. The planner of the incident in the carriage was the rebellion of Yanbei. Our striker camp has already killed more than 20 brothers, most of them are in the hands of the death of the summer, but the central army saw the blood, and it was not well controlled. .”

Li Ce’s face is blue and white, his eyes are like foxes slowly picking up, with the bloodthirsty Hanmang, after a long time, only cold contempt: “Well, a good Summer, a good Zhao Chun’er!”


CHAPTER 120 You are too Tender


The mist in the early morning spread a bit, and the sun-splattered through the mist on the rose square where the marble was laid. The silver-white armor shined under the sunlight, and the 30,000 Central Military Commanders stood on the stone steps of the square. Their faces were still young, and the newborn calves were not afraid of the tiger’s green. The children of the imperial nobles who grew up in the peaceful environment of the capital of Tang Dynasty, staring at the red eyes, and looked at the carriage that was forced into the high platform. The weapons of the hand were squeaky.

The sky is blue, and the morning glow is like blood. Standing on the high rose square, overlooking the spectacular and magnificent Tangjing ancient city, those sturdy walls, magnificent palaces, even houses of merchants, armed soldiers with shining swords, and The people standing upstairs and looking up at the square…

Chu Qiao suddenly felt very quiet in her heart, and the wind was so big that she blew her cloak. The hem of the clothes hunted and fluttered in the morning wind and hula hooped like a big bird who would like to spread his wings. She reached out and took off her hood to reveal a beautiful, tough face and a calm, calm eye!

At that time, huge noises suddenly rang from all directions. A month ago, Chu Qiao’s portrait was introduced from the Great Summer and was covered with streets and alleys. The teachers of the martial arts have repeatedly studied her several out-of-the-box combat strategies, but at the moment, looking at the young girl who is younger than 18 years old, everyone is instantly shocked.

This is to be alone in the Xia Emperor to take away the Yanbei thief in the southwestern township?

This is the world leader who led the 4,000-year-old family to fight for a thousand miles without a defeat.

This is the escape of thousands of miles, thousands of times rushing out of the battlefield of the big summer chase, the noble leader of Yanbei spirit?

Is this the secret sneak into the Sui and Tang Dynasties, planning the behind-the-scenes culprit of the amazing Zero Three Incident?

“Yes! It’s her!”

The crowd did not know who shouted, and the audience was boiling. Pointing to this insult to the future of the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties, conspiracy to provoke the contradiction between the great summer and the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties war madman!

“It is her! Datang in Tianwei (Sweetness) is not allowed to violate, Prince Edward can’t trample and kill her! Protect the dignity of the Empire!”

“Kill her! Protect the dignity of the Empire!”

Crazy beggars came from all sides, and the entire central street was completely sealed off. The crowds continued to flow. The young soldiers’ long-pressed blood began to boil. They were like crazy birds waving their weapons with red eyes. The young war is swaying out. The ignorant folks also watched the lively yells, raised their face full of dishes, waved pale wrists, and yelled loudly with the soldiers in front of them: “Defend the imperial dignity! Maintain Datang Tianwei!”

Chu Qiao suddenly felt a little cold, but the blood dyed battlefield did not get a complete bone. He couldn’t eat a full meal all day long. The body was full of horseshoe prints and blood whip marks of the nobles, and he got a little favor. Sincerely grateful to zero. The surnames under these simple slavery rules, none of them realized that their loyalty and support were not their own interests!

Faced with this frantic but ignorant anger, Chu Qiao suddenly felt that it was so heavy. An indescribable sadness rose from the bottom of her heart, and she faced the people who could not spit out a word.

“I am the commander of the Imperial Guards of the Prince’s Royal Highness, and I will ask your chief to come out to see me!”

Tie Yuo has been injured many times, but still holding the sword in front of Chu Qiao. The young man is like a mountain, his eyes are as tough, his eyebrows are black and thick, and standing upright. He points to the boiling army like a water, and screams loudly: “Let Lu Fangshan come out to see me!” ”

He did not know that at this time the senior leaders of the Central Military Forces had all entered the main hall of the Imperial Jinwu Palace to request the empire to send troops to Yanbei. Only the middle and lower generals remained in the army.

His sword is thick and sharp, with a bloodthirsty cold man. Under his feet, there are more than a dozen soldiers who are trying to rush up. They wear the military uniforms of the Central Army, but the knife method used is the slashing style of Xia Guo ( a kinship group whose members held dukedoms within the Zhou Dynasty realm, including Western Guo). But at this moment, it is too late to say these things. Tie Yuo is shouting by anger: “Do you want to rebel here?”

More than two guards guarded Chu Qiao’s side. Most of them were already injured. One of them was pierced by a sharp arrow, but he did not fall down. Instead, he took the gun and stood behind him. Chu Qiao separated the bow range.

“His Royal Highness Prince Edward was deceived as a villain, and fools guard the Yanbei Yusong (means frost). We are the soldiers of the country and the blades of the Empire. We cannot sit and watch the imperial empire suffer from this shameful blasphemy and escape!”

Among the crowd, I do not know who suddenly shouted loudly, and the young soldiers who had calmed down a little earlier suddenly boiled again. Everyone shouted, “Yeah! Can’t let her go!”

“Prince’s good lady is deceived by this goblin!”

“Yanbei thief, dare to commit Tang Tangwei, must be executed!”

“Kill her!”

The winds cried and swept, and people’s eyes all had a demon-like light. Chu Qiao knew that at this moment, it was no use saying anything. The anger of the military was enough to ravage and burn everything, in the real city, in the northwest battlefield. She had seen it and knew it was awesome.

She shouted the name of the Tie Yuo, but the iron did not look back. Her voice was actually very big, but the shouting of the sky seemed so weak.

“You go! Look for Li Ce. At this time, only he can turn things around!”

The Tie Yuo did not turn back, but the voice was with the dedication of the soldiers. At this time, he was no longer the younger father who spoke of his son’s laugh, but a determined soldier. He answered with a word and a word. Dao: “Prince told me to protect you.”

“Brothers, come on! We are not a rebellion. We just maintain the dignity of the empire. History will remember us, and future generations will judge us impartially!”

“What we are doing today will go down in history! We will use blood to interpret the loyalty of the soldiers!”

Oh!” sounded at once, and a thunderous roar resembled a bomb-like burst in the air. The iron rose upright, sending out a lion’s roar! I saw him wielding a sword and instantly transforming it into a black shadow. Several landings leaped into the crowd of the Central Army. A large piece of bloody flower suddenly spread out and cut a semicircle of red blood, like a beast in a rainstorm. Lieutenant, only to hear a screaming sounded, Tie Yuo from one hand clutching the sword, one hand grabbed a young soldier of the Central Army, high lifted above his head!

“Why don’t you want to speak? Why don’t you just say it? Why do you hide behind!”


As the dust from the ground soared, the man was thrown into the middle of the empty ground between the two sides. The young Guards stepped forward step by step. His eyes looked like a god of death and he looked at the man. The flinching eyes, with a screech of words, said: “Who are you? But I am a soldier of the Central Army? I am the Central Army. Why did I never see you?”

The man stepped back in horror and said in a panic: “What do you want to do? Do you block my mouth and block the long mouth of the world?”

“I only ask you, who are you?”

“Haha,” the man suddenly burst into laughter. “As an Imperial soldier, an adult does not capture the thief who is plotting to overthrow the empire, but forces me to ask who does not feel that the cart before the horse is upside down? I am nothing but an ordinary soldier. There is no such thing as a lofty robe for the adults, no superb skill for the adults, and no superior position for the superiors! But I have the blood of the soldiers and have a heart to the country!”

Tie Yuo was furious and grabbed the man’s collar and angered, “You little one, don’t you say?”

“Tie Yuo is an adult!”

The voice of the man was so high that he screamed with red eyes and his voice was overwhelmed by the iron fist.

“You used to be the pride of the Central Army! You used to be our idol! But what happened to you now? You followed the Prince and watched him behave irresponsibly, regardless of the interests of the entire empire, so that the entire Bian Tang together Confessed, your bloody? Your conscience? Let the dog eat it?”

The raging winds, even the sunshine, were even a little cold. The crowd was like a boiling tide, and the huffs were noisy. Tie Yuo was flushed with red eyes and yelled: “I will kill you without saying anything!”

“just kill me!”

The man was unaware of his fear and shouted at the thousands of Central Military Forces: “If my blood can invigorate the military soul of Datang, then I die without regret! Gaozu, Wuhuang, Xuansheng, Gao Liejun, Yue Wu Ling Wang, their eyes in the sky watching us, Datang Junwei rise! Long live Tang!”

Say it, I saw that the person suddenly a body, straight and hit the edge of the Tie Yuo blade!

In an instant, the huge siren sounded at almost the same time. The cold knife cut off the man’s throat. The nausea of ​​the bloody foam blew outwards. Tie Yuo stunned and the entire person retreated. The corpse of that person was heavy. The man fell on the square of the rose, and the man still did not fall. He supported the body with a scabbard, and he could not say what he was saying. He was still trying to say something. The blood spouted out of his mouth, contaminated by silver in his chest. On the armor, the silver rose petals seemed to be in full bloom.

After the crowd, Chu Qiao’s eyes slowly closed. She knew that everything was too late.

“Kill her!”

Do not know who was the first to shout loudly, the angry crowd instantaneously like the flood of the burst of embankments, raging rush!

“Tie Yuo! You are going! Go to Li Ce!”

Iron made a knife and spit it out with a splash of blood, and he screamed said: “Prince told me to protect you.”

With a bang, Chu Qiao pulled out the sword of a dead Guards soldier and looked coldly at the soldiers who had rushed forward and slowly said, “Well, let’s do it side by side.”

“Haha! I can fight alongside the prestige of Megatron Daxia. Even if it is dead, my old iron man is worth it!”

The footsteps are like roaring thunder, and the young empire elites are deafening, although there are only two people on the opposite side of the enemy, they seem to be on the northwest battlefield, as if they were on the land of Liaodong, the silver-white armor spread like an avalanche. The entire Rose Square cannot even see the head at a glance. They raised the sword and walked step by step. The earth under the feet trembled fiercely. The neat army was like a mountain, pressed up by an inch.

Tie Yuo was entangled by the muscles on his arms, and he stubbornly stood upright. The air transported Dantian, shaking his sword and slamming: “The last warning, and then we go one step ahead, we will destroy you!”

More than 200 wounded soldiers raised their knives against 30,000 armored armies, but they also roared loudly and said that they would be eliminated. This was a very funny picture, but no one dared to give him the slightest contempt.

Tie Yuo joined the army from the age of fourteen, participated in the Liaodong defense campaign, participated in the Nanqi annihilation battle, and passed the battlefield news alone on the blockade line that passed thousands of miles. It has been a model and idol of soldiers in the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. At this moment, he is standing there alone, just like a sharp blade, and people have reason to believe that any force that hits will pay a devastating price!

“For the honor of the Empire!”

The Central Military Force issued a neat emergency slogan, as Li Ce said, their slogans shouted loudly, and the tide-like soldiers suddenly rushed forward!

Suddenly! A row of turbulent blood droplets suddenly flew into the air, the iron waved by the vibrating arm, three heads rising in the wind, like a few rotten cabbages fell into the crowd, crushed by the same mud!

The two sides are facing conflicts, like two raging waves, suddenly splashing together, rising blood waves, piercing weapons screaming through the clouds, the sky is straight, the two guards are in the line, The firm and tenacious standing upright guards their mission.

Although the young central army has a large number of people, most of them are on the stone steps. There are less than one-tenth of the roses on the high platform.  They crowded and rushed upwards, but in front of the iron escort they led, they were so vulnerable. It’s like a paper paste is generally vulnerable.

The first row, the second row, the third row, the fourth row…

The young soldiers fell in a row after row. The young eyes were hot and the blood was boiling hot. The guards of the Guards faced their desperation and their desperate looks. Soft, some people’s eyes are hesitant. Someone shouts insanely: “Don’t come up! Don’t come up!” But just as he hesitated, a sword fell across his neck. The next second He was cut off by his comrade-in-arms.

The Central Army was already crazy. The nobles who had never killed the chickens wielded swords. The locusts rushed onto the platform and stepped on the blood of their brothers’ limbs. They sent their lives fearlessly.

The sky’s eagle was shouting, large clouds of clouds were accumulated, and the morning skies were discolored instantly. All the people have been horrified, but the whole central street has been blocked. Where can I retreat and escape?

People can only scream, push, trample, and find their own lost relatives, listen to their ears, screams everywhere, husband calls for a wife, wife looks for son, children yell at mother, everywhere. Weeping and mourning but in a short scent of time, the flowery Yang Street instantly transformed from the paradise on earth into Shura hell!

At this moment, Li Ce has rushed out of the Jinwu Palace with the imperial guards. The Sui and Tang Bian princes, who are not able to ride horses, are running on Jinwu Street. A robe flies in the wind and flies. His eyes are sharp. It’s like a fierce hawk.


The scout quickly rushed and said in a loud voice, “The Central Street was blocked by the people and the guards couldn’t enter.”

“Blocked to death?” Li Ce brow raised, and said: “If you don’t go in, step on the body and let it go!”

“His Royal Highness?” scolded for a moment, forgot the distinction between esteem and inferiority, and murmured: “Those are the people of Tang Jing.”

“The people…” Li Ce slowly rolled his eyes and said in a cold tone, “If you rush in at night, you will die more than a soldier from the Central Army, and you will die more than one soldier from the Guards. They said it is the true wealth of the Empire.”

The scout awakened, and the chilling voice said: “Yes, please wait for a moment, and the brothers with the Guards will open the way for you.”

Li Ce pressed his palm in his chest and said quietly: “I have a hard time.”

“Sun Di, immediately went to the military to mobilize 50,000 wolf troops into the city to be in disorder. In addition, he ignited the wind and fire, and the horse immediately informed the North Camp to keep an eye on the movement of the Great Summer forces. And…” He slowly indulged, seems extremely difficult. In general, his brows were tightly wrinkled, and he finally said, “Sent a scout to southern Xinjiang. The twelve hours of day and night watch the waters of Nanjiang to prevent the northwestern Yanbei forces from invading.”

Sun Di, a provocative Xui Mei (means gracefully) provoked: Yanbei will fight against the Sui and Tang Dynasties?”

“No?” Li Ce snorted, and the tone of the cold was like the water of the winter night: “If she died, unfortunately, on the land of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, we will wait to bear the ravages of Lord Yan, ​​the lion of Yanbei. They will suicidally swallow those wastes.”

“And,” Li Ce slowly closed his eyes. In the lotus pond of Qingchi, the woman’s beautiful makeup resembled that of a lotus flower, which echoed in her head and swirled around the sky. His voice was suddenly fine and flies. His brows were locked and light. Light sighs, the sound of ethereal, but firm as iron: “I will not let them.”

“Yes, your subordinates will do it immediately.”

“Also, give me a thorough investigation!” Li Ce opened his eyes, before the weakness and fatigue were suddenly missing. His eyes burned with angry flames, creaking his fists, his voice cold and said: ” I want all the materials of the Central Military Training this time. I want the Central Military Forces to command all personal secretive reports, regardless of the upper or lower ranks, large or small, regardless of the size of things, and who they have seen and who have spoken these days. Wherever I’ve been, even if it was diarrhea, I would have to know all about it!

Sun Di was quick-witted and immediately seized the key of Li Ce’s remarks. His face changed momentarily and he shouted: “Do you think your change is not accidental?”

“Fortuitously?” Li Ce angered and smiled. He turned his head and decided to look at Sun Di. His lips were cold. He said, “Zhao Yuer’s palace was attacked. All the officials of the dynasty turned to the big summer, bitterly. The people in the Rose square mobilized the people. The Central Army just happened to be training in the camp of the Bougainvillea. The high-ranking officers of the military also happened to be not in the army. The imperial family members were encouraged to do so easily, and they knew exactly what happened to them. I know Chu Qiao is in the carriage! With so many coincidences, don’t you think that things are a little too strange?”

Sun Di opened his mouth and couldn’t say a word. Li Ce’s face became darker and he continued to speak coldly:  “From beginning to end, we didn’t get a little bit of wind, didn’t get a trace of half-star intelligence, even Dou Mingde’s old things that have long faded out of the political situation know that we are still ignorant! Such a rigorous strategy, such a delicate deployment, so that the interlocking step by step, you still feel that it is accidental?”

As the long wind blew over and the crickets in front of them intensified, the guards began to disperse the people. The Yulin army began to shoot large arrows in the sky with bows and arrows. The people fled in horror, everything seemed like a huge one. A farce, in the festive atmosphere of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasty weddings, with mocking sneer.

Sun Di and Li Ce looked at each other. There were dark thoughts coming out of their hearts and they could not be suppressed.

Li Ce nodded and said heavily: “You guessed it right. There was a death march into the Sui and Tang dynasty. There was a hand that we couldn’t see. This mesh had been laid and we hanged when we didn’t pay attention. On our heads, someone penetrated into the Central Army and penetrated into Tang Jing City, even penetrating into the National Palace Hall!”

“Is it Great Summer? Or Huai Song?”

“Nanlan Hongye is not among the guests. With such a big move, she can’t be out of the game. And Zhao Yuer in the summer, the method of the Gongdou (means decaliter a unit of capacity equal to 10 liters) is similar. With such a precise plan, she is not yet very capable.”

Sun Di  frowned and said: “Who is that?”

“I don’t know.” Li Ce looked up and looked at the thick dark clouds that rolled over and slowly shook his head and said softly: “I really don’t know, but I already smell the conspiracy. He is away from us.” Not far away, maybe, just beside us.”

The long wind whistled, and the chaos was like being thrown into the water of a lake, and the waves lapped in a circle.

Li Ce did not know that just as he worried that if Chu Qiao was suicidal after the accident, Li Ce’s carriage had just left to Tang Jing. Before two hours, he took Yanbei’s team through Tang Jing. Go to the east side of the road.

During the 300 years since the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties, the emperor defended the country. Tang Jing was close to Huai-Song and Da Xia Border City. Not far east was the Battlefield of Liaodong, which was in the war. It was also the real purpose of this trip.

The loneliness of the ancient road, a team of horses quickly ran, Yan Xun sat in the carriage, A’Jing escort on the side, coldy said: “Zhuge Yue has already entered the city, presumably the girl is also in Tang Jing City.

“Well,” Yan Xun nodded. “After we met Nalan Hongye, we went back to Tang Jing. A’Chu was with him. It was safe for the time being.”

“Huai Song will promise our request?”

Yan Xun said faintly: “If she does not agree, she will not see me. As long as Huai Song clamps the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties, refuses to stop the war, consumes the grain and grass of the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties, then the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties will not be able to help the Great summer, and we will have three odds of the layer.”

After saying this, Yan Xun sighed helplessly, slowly leaning on the carriage, whispered: “It is winter, Yanbei’s days are not good, the shortage of food, I am worried that even less than a month. Fortunately, there is the gold of this large family of Xianyang, otherwise, I really don’t know what to do, the soldiers want to eat, Yanbei’s surname also looks at me. As long as I can buy from the Huai Song to the grain munitions, open up this business Road, Yanbei has a breathing space, as long as I give me three years, Yanbei does not need to look at other people’s face.”

The wind outside was a bit cold. A’Jing pulled a blanket over the body of Yan Xun and said quietly, “You need not worry about the young master. There must be a road before the mountain. Take a rest, and arrange for people to stay in Tangjing to find A’Chu. You haven’t closed your eyes for three nights.” (Yan Xun in stress here, aww…i feel you, seeing your girl for long time is really a stress)

Yan Xun leaned back in the carriage, looking pale and eyes closed tired, and whispered,  “These things are still relatively good, so I will see her soon.”

The old road was bleak and the grass in the early fall was long and waist high, and it was shaking in the cold wind.


A sharp arrow pierced the silence of Rose Square, like a sharp dewclaws. In a flash of time, he bit a deadly wound. The entire army was quiet and people turned to see it. On the drive, the girl dressed in a bright yellow robe, wearing a gold crown, face cold, standing upright, holding a golden big bow, coldly pointing to the bloody rose platform, her forehead wrapped layers of white yarn, faint red blood infiltration.


Once again, a sharp arrow suddenly left the string and went straight to the chest of a bloody woman.

At this moment, I suddenly heard the Tie Yuo screaming, and the footsteps slammed, and suddenly jumped up, suddenly blocking Chu Qiao’s body, the sword was swaying, but it was still slow, only listening to the bang, and the arrow suddenly shot. Wearing his chest, through the body, cold and cold reflecting the cold light.

“Tie Yuo!”

Chu Qiao screamed, and suddenly he was about to go forward. A row of sharp arrows suddenly spurred and steadily inserted into the slate in front of her.

The woman’s escort drove down the bow and the razor brushed.

The woman’s lips brought a sneer and stepped down from the ride. The noble gold boots stepped on the floor full of bloodstains. But she did not take any notice. She smiled and stepped forward, stepping up and down the platform. Finally stood in front of Chu Qiao, across the heavy corpse of the sea, with only the voice that Chu Qiao and the security guards around her could hear: “Is it painful? But not enough”

After all, she took over the knives on the guards’ hands, and she was already wounded and smashed, but she still stood in front of Chu Qiao’s iron belly!

噗 (means Plurk)” Tie Yuo suddenly burst into blood from the mouth, a soft knee, suddenly fell!

“Aren’t you very mean?Don’t you think that others are suffering for you? Then why don’t you die? If you die, I will let him go.”

Chu Qiao clenched her lower lip, her brows were so tight, she looked at the opposite woman, her expression was like a deep sea of ​​ice, quiet, cold.

The woman smiled coldly and jerked a knife: “I can’t bear to see you as a hypocrisy!”

The wind whistled over his head and was almost blinded by blood. Chu Qiao carefully held the knife in her hand, and every inch of muscle underneath he was shivering. Not afraid, but the tight pumping force, the next second, she was like a leopard jumped up, a knife to force the woman to puncture her chest!

However, the other party did not have that knife at all, just at the moment when she was just moving, the guards around her had been surrounded by time. The woman deliberately fell. The bright yellow clothes were contaminated by the blood on the floor. The golden crown fell off. She looked up and shouted: “I am a Princess of Bian Tang dynasty and I am unclean. I am willing to take the country, you killed me! ”

The soldiers who had just been silent once again raged in flames and watched the numerous swords shaking in front of their eyes. Chu Qiao finally could not hold on again, and fell to the ground.

If you give another chance, will you still do that? Will Tigers be put into the mountains? Will you be kind and soft?

It is a pity that there is no such thing as the word in this world.

At the last moment before the coma, Chu Qiao also saw the figure of Tie Yuo rising from the turmoil, and the words he had always remembered: The Prince told me to protect you.

You fool…

A tear flowed from Chu Qiao’s corner of the eye. She couldn’t help falling down in the huge Rose square. Under the roiling blood and fire, she remembered the girl’s face crying loudly in the cave.

“Kill them! Kill them! Kill them!”

She is still in the ear, but today, she really did.


Do not know how long to sleep, a bowl of cold water thrown in his face, Chu Joe faint wake up, but see Zhao Chun’er smiled face suddenly zoomed in front of the eyes.

“Is it Tie Yuo?”

The low voice sounds like it’s been over by boiling oil. Zhao Chun’er smiles faintly and says something lightly: “It is dead, it seems like it has been cut into seventeen and eight by the angry Central Army. It’s weird. It used to be true. When we hear people mention Bian Tang Monarch, they always said that they were weak, but they did not expect that the rumors and truth actually had such a big difference.”

Chu Qiao slowly closed his eyes and swallowed the grief of the cavity in which the chest was raised. She gently nodded and said slowly: “You will pay for everything you do today.”

“Is it?” Zhao smiled. “It’s a pity you can’t see that day.”

Chu Qiao opened his eyes and stared at Zhao Yu’er. The sound of a word and said: “Yan Xun will take revenge for me.”

“You don’t mention him!”

砰 (means Peng)“, Zhao Chun’er (or Zhao Yuer is the same) flipped over the chair and slammed up. She looked at Chu Qiao on the tied pillar with a sigh of relief. She yelled: “I will kill you again with my sword!”

CHu Qiao looked at her disdainfully, stiff face pulling a cold smile: “Are you scared?”

Zhao Yuer’s eyes are cold and screaming. Chu Qiao’s eyes slowly picked up, like a cat, and her voice said lowly: “Even if you kill me, how do you plan to end?”

Zhao Chun’er smiled coldly: “It will not take you to worry, but I’m still happy to tell you what spectacular things will happen in the future, because you must not see it. If all I did was not a good audience for you, That’s a pity.”

“You know what? When Sui and Bian Tang split, Li Ce will die badly, and the court will undergo a huge cleansing. All the stubborn forces will be cleared. Daxia has surrounded Yanbei and winter is coming. You haven’t. If you don’t have enough money, how will you live in the winter? When you’re in trouble, when you’re exhausted and you’re exhausted, when the time comes, you will be killed and the troops of Daxia will enter Yanbei with the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. By then, Yanbei’s people will be collectively burying, Yanbei’s army will be completely destroyed, Yanbei’s land will be submerged in blood, and what big comrades and what Yanbei’s Iron Eagles will all surrender to the empire’s feet. We will use your knife to tell you , betray the empire, will get what kind of end!”

Zhao Chun’er eyes were red and he looked at her insanely and he continued to say, “I’ll catch Yan Xun by then. I’ll let him kneel under my feet, cry for mercy to me, I’ll dig him out. My eyes will interrupt his legs. I will use all methods to torture him. I will destroy everything you have built! How is that for you? Afraid?

Chu Qiao looked at her, quietly asked: “Do you even think you can do it?”

“Of course,” Zhao Chun’er said, arrogantly, and said, “Of course I can! You know where we are now? I tell you, we are in the sheds under the Rose Square. Soon, the square will be framed. A fire is set up, and then you will be tied to a pillar and burnt alive by the fire. How do you expect Li Ce to save you? It’s dead, he can’t come, somebody will hold him. You? Do you think that Yan Xun knows that you will be burned to death by the Sui and Bian Tang Central Army? Will he love you so much, will he be mad with a Yanbei army to retaliate? Will he follow the rivers in South Xinjiang and the Sui and Tang dynasties? Will the war be opened? Will it be suicidal and enemies in the world?”

“Haha!” Zhao Chun’er eyes glowed in a frantic light, and said in an imaginative tone: “I will deal with you by any means. I will use every means to get rid of you. For that day, I will always endure.” I can bear all the shame and torment just to see the day when you fell to death! You have killed my life, and you gave it to me and I will get it a thousand times and a thousand times! How, hate Am I sorry to have saved me? Was it regretting that I wanted to go against the wall? But what can you do? What a kind man you are. All men in the world are fascinated by you, but then again. How are you? Do you still die in my hand?”

“What? Why are you cold sweat on your forehead? Are you afraid? Are you afraid? Why don’t you cry? Why don’t you call for help? Maybe you can hear your last words on the Yanbei plateau! Haha… …”

However, at this moment, her voice abruptly stopped suddenly and the pupil’s panic zoomed in momentarily. She saw a hand holding her face with lightning speed, just gently twisting and groaning under her chin!

Chu Qiao threw away the rope she had just untied. With this method of binding, she could solve 20 of them in three minutes with her hands on her back.

She got up and stared at ZhaoChun’er soft eyes and slowly squatted.

“You’re right. I regret it. I regret why I was able to save you by the benevolence of the woman. But I never do frivolous resentment. If I know I made a mistake, I will correct it right away.”

The woman’s face was as cold as her eyes were, but her eyes were very calm. She tore open Zhao’s clothes and said coldly: “You may be mistaken. I am not really an indiscriminate person but it is definitely not a kind person. If you threaten me, I will never be lenient. You thought you scared me? You thought you had already done it? You thought you could count me and Yan Xun by virtue of you so you can destroy us? Innocent, too overwhelmed, under this world, the number of people who want to kill us is numerous, we don’t care more about you.I don’t know that the life that can kill me is not born, but I tell you, that person will never be you.”

Zhao Chun’er mouth was open, and she panicked and tried to shout, but she couldn’t vomit a word.

Chu Qiao took off Zhao Chun’er clothes, and then put her clothes on Zhao Chun’er body, set her hair in disorder, untied her white hair on her forehead, and finally looked at her and said with a screech: ” Zhao Chun’er, admit it, you’re a waste! You can’t beat me. Once you’ve done this, now it’s the same. It’s always the same. You shouldn’t come to me because you’re too tender. You’re not qualified!”

After all, Chu Qiao waved his fist and glared at Zhao Chuner’s face.

The suffocating sound between the throats sounded again and again. Chu Qiao’s fist was very slow, but the strength was full, and the time was long. Zhao Chuner’s mouth and nose were bloody, but for a moment, she could not see her original face.

Zhao Chun’er has been silent and her throat is only a low-surge, like a defeated cock. She stumbled to the ground with no strength, her hair scattered on the blood-stained face, like a dehydrated fish.

Then she looked at Chu Qiao and stood up. She slammed her hands full of blood. She draped her bright yellow suit on her body and set her hair in disorder. Then she wiped her hand on her face. Stained with blood, he suddenly sat down on the ground and shrieked and shouted, shouting: “Come on! Aim!”

A large number of officers suddenly stormed into the room, Chu Qiao covered her face with blood and pointed at Zhao Chun’er. “She dared to attack this house! Kill her! Burn her!”

The rude soldiers set up softly on the ground, wearing Chu Qiao’s bloody coat, and could not discern the original face and pinch off Zhao Chuner’s chin. After Chu Qiao’s side, Zhao Chuner looked over and saw her thick. The sharp eyes are hidden in the dark hair.

Chu Qiao light lips, silently said: “Do not send.”

“I am hurt, sent me back to the palace!”

The wind whistled and screamed in, the black cloud pressed the top, the leaves flew, and the huge rose square was set up on the magnificent Rose Square.

Cold wind blows his face, Chu Qiao squinted his face and quickly left, driving, and went back far away, watching the enemy slowly drift away.


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