Chu Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Chapter 101-110

Based on the original novel 11 agents princess 

by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua

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CHAPTER 101 Fighting side by side


The long winds of the night had a cool, chilly scent of chimneys, and they were gently blown over the coats. TThe gems of the stars in the sky are inlaid with the sky, with soft brilliance, and a crooked moon between the stars hanging like a hook, reflecting the smog of the grass below.

Chu Qicao looked calm, riding on horseback, passing through the wrecked dock Pengcheng, rushed out of the open city gate, flying away on a deserted grassland.

The night is full of color, Dock Pengcheng has hidden the darkness, far away, only half of the sky has been burnt red, the night wind is cold, the moonlight is quiet, after a long night of rushing, Chu Qiao finally walked out of the dock Pengcheng.

She must have killed Zhu Shun. There is no room for maneuvering. If there was no place to look for, because the people had nowhere to look for, then this time, Zhu Shun would no longer be allowed to escape under her own eyes.

Chu Qiao knew that she had a heavy sense of guilt in her heart. Now she cannot kill Zhuge Yue to revenge the children of Jing family, nor is she capable of eradicating Zhuge House. There are real reasons and private reasons. There are many factors that cannot be explained clearly. Therefore, she would be so desperate to get rid of Zhu Shun. On the other hand, this may be her own selfishness and a repayment in disguise.

She is a person, a person’s feelings, a person’s selfishness, and many times, she can’t be completely rational.

As it was, if she was really sensible, she shouldn’t be left to Yan Xun’s side, and today she should not give up the chance of killing Zhuge Yue.

She is such a person. She does not owe others the benefits.

At this moment, I saw the remote Chishui rushing past and the black reefs rising high on the shore. Numerous snow-white waves hit the rocks and broke into thousands of broken crystals. At this time, the hoofs behind him were approaching again. Zhuge screamed with anger: “You stop!”

Chu Qiao turned back and said, “Why do you follow me?”

“I said I’m going to let you go?”

Zhuge Yue’s gold sleeves, Jianmei (means healthy and beautiful) flew obliquely, lips in the darkness of the red some strange. His hands and feet had traces of ropes, and the ropes on his feet had not yet been resolved. It was obviously the way of others.

Both are top players in the young generation and it is difficult to tell whether they can win or lose. But when it comes to sneak attacks, swindles, or assassinations, Zhuge Yue is far from being an opponent of Chu Qiao, a special-trained special commander.

The two people are glaring with each other and do not compromise each other.

Finally, a gust of wind blew up suddenly, bringing a bloody atmosphere from far away. Chu Qiao slightly surprised, looked to the distance.

I saw a calm wilderness, full of dark grass, high waist, no more than half of the horse, dark in the darkness, as if hidden, with dark green eyes, gently mobile.


There is a wolf here! At the same time, Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue looked at one another, even if they were pretentious, but in such a wilderness, if the attack by the wolves, the consequences are really unthinkable.

“Zhuge Yue, can we have a temporary truce, how?”

Zhuge Yue squinted at her, then snorted and turned her head.

“I chase after the enemy. You come to eradicate the family traitors and take whatever you need. We should cooperate.”

Chu Qiao played immediately and continued to lobby him.

Zhuge Yue jumped off the horse and jumped forward. Chu Qiao chase him in the back, and he knew that he had just stepped forward. The hoofs of the horses swiftly sank, and Zhuge Yue grabbed her hand and held her waist back quickly.

Later, Chu Qiao stunned watching his horse disappeared a bit in the desert grass, issued a tragic whining!

“This is a swamp. Be careful.”

After Zhuge Yue finished talking, he walked ahead and said: “After passing through the swamp, we can reach the horse before the robbers.”

Chu Qiao asked: “Do you agree to cooperate with me?”

Zhuge Yue gave her a faint look, but he did not answer. Chu Qiao slightly surprised, suddenly a little uneasy, this atmosphere makes her feel a little dangerous, she is not a fool, Zhu Shun is what status, how can Zhuge Yue can personally arrest Zhu Shun? When it comes to escaping slaves, it seems that the crime of escape from slavery is even greater.

Zhuge’s voice faintly sounded: “I am exploring the road ahead, you follow me.” Then I no longer care about it, as if I walked in the courtyard and walked in. This even the local surname did not dare to easily enter the mysterious and unpredictable murderous place. He even walked in so easily, without any hesitation.

Chu Qiao looked at the blue-colored back and gradually disappeared into the air. A pair of narrow and long phoenixes slowly smashed up. The darkness could not see what kind of expression it was. He saw her quietly watching Zhuge Yue’s eyes. Immediately, his body flashed and he quickly followed the pace of Zhuge Yue.

The darkness before dawn, the dark of darkness four times, seems to have changed from the environment after entering the swamp. It is not the yin of the imagination, nor the beasts, the poisonous insects everywhere, the road to the remains. . It is the kind of dead silence that has nothing to do with it. It seems that there is no person, nor animal, one breath of life, not even a hurricane. The airflow in the entire space is condensed, and only the breathing sounds of the two people and the slow swamps of the footsteps sound.

Suddenly, Chu Qiao had a soft foot and thought it was stepping on the swamp. She quickly looked down. Who knew that at first glance it almost screamed, Zhuge Yue looked back and saw that he was actually a headless body. His chest had been thrown away and the internal organs had been scattered. He did not know what kind of beast it was. Attack.

Are you afraid of this?”

The man’s voice carries a touch of sarcasm. Chu Qiao gives him a cold look and doesn’t respond.

“That, hold it.”

Chu Qiao looked down and saw that it was the broken moon sword. She gave a slight glimpse and listened to Zhuge Yue. “You also dare to throw away my things. It is a great courage.”

Chu Qiao frowned and looked at him: “I don’t want to kill you for two days. In my heart will I still be afraid to throw your things off ?”

“”Hey, a woman without credit!” Zhuge coldly snorted, turned his head and walked in front of his head.

Chu Qiao ignored him and tried his best to think about the survival skills of the swamps introduced during the training of the military. She carefully moved forward.

“Let you catch you, didn’t you hear?”

Zhuge Yue was furious and rushed back. Chu Qiao suddenly ranted: “Why should I listen to you? Are you stronger than me?”

“If you’re not convinced, let’s try it!”

Chu Qiao looked flush and angered she said, “Zhuge Yue! If you feel that you are so special, we will go each way. I will report my hatred, and you will arrest your house slaves. There is no need to stir together. . You don’t have to mix together. You If you want to cooperate, come up with a cooperative look. Don’t move with my teeth and claws. I have never been your slave, and there is no need to look at your face!”

Zhuge’s sullen face is blue, his chest is ups and downs, Chu Qiao pushes him away, he is going to go forward.

Who knows that Zhuge grabs her, his hands are like pliers, and his eyes say with anger:  “I tell you there is a crisis in the swamp. If you don’t know the path, you will be buried in like a wild dog. Don’t you? If you don’t think I’ve got a great deal of skill, don’t put it in your eyes. If you don’t take my lead, you can’t even walk out for a hundred steps. If you want to find death, just roll away and die. Don’t rock in front of me!”

Chu Qiao heard that there was no anger, and he turned his hand and turned away.

Zhuge  Yuesaid, stepping forward, she grabbed her and yelled: “What are you going to do?”

“Aren’t you telling me to roll away? Just right, I am planning to stay away from you.”

“You!” Zhuge Yue had never been so angry in his life, and for some time he was stricken with anger. He looked at Chu Qiao fiercely and wished he could swallow her. Suddenly took a deep breath and then said: “We will stop fighting.”

Chu Qiao smiled and nodded. “Good.”

“However, I warn you…”

“Note your words and attitude!”

The dialogue really couldn’t continue. Zhuge Yue opened his eyes and blushed. He handed over the broken moon sword and said: “Hold it.”

Chu Qiao won a full victory, happy to hold the hilt.

Deep in the night, surrounded by a dark, cold wind, such as iron, with a cold taste.

Zhuge screamed and turned his head, his right foot stepped out, stepping on the dusty earth, and his hand was slightly forced to pull Chu Qiao to himself.

The piece was the most dangerous swamp. The two walked quietly and carefully. There was a black iron between the two sides of the East China Sea.

Although angry, it is safe.

The territory of the swamp is very large. Nearly half an hour has passed, and the surrounding scenery remains unchanged. Chu Qiao wonders. As she asked for an audible inquiry, a slight vocal voice suddenly passed over and Chu Qiao like a stature. She suddenly held her breath and silently listened to the sound in front of her.

“Thin, how come they haven’t come yet, nothing will happen.”

A low-pitched male voice suddenly sounded, and the sound of a squeaking air seemed to have been lightly injured.

“Wait another half hour, if we haven’t come yet, we will leave first.” Surprisingly, a chilly female voice suddenly sounded, and it sounded rather strange in such a dead-living environment.

At this time, another voice suddenly said: “What is this fucking place? The one to which I was bitten to this moment still hurts. The red medicine of Yun’s family is simply not good enough to see if I have time to go to the cloud. The family had all stole the old man’s room. Zhi Jiu why do we have to meet with us here? Isn’t it simply to look for crimes?”

Zhi Jiu whispered: “Have you not heard the name of Tian Cheng for so many years? Isn’t it that he is old, but he is not afraid of being old? If you ride on the plains, you must catch up with them in less than half an hour. At that time, it was not for anyone else to slaughter, but it was different in this swamp. This swampy terrain is dangerous, and it is close to Pengcheng. It is so smart that Tian Cheng’s achievements are counted. How can we think of us hiding under their noses? Even if we find out, we can escape through complex terrain. The bones of Wutuo (means awnings) are not good to bite. Be careful and behave.  Oh, if it wasn’t for the big summer wars on this day, there would be no big merchants to walk. It’s not good for us to harvest, and we don’t have to make the next move. ”

Speaking of this, paused briefly and then whispered: “If I succeeded, and then just hide in the city, they know that we are horse gangs. They will never find us in the city. When they all go out, when we are chasing down, we are turning to zero and looking for an opportunity to escape. The chances of escape are even greater.”

Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao heard the words moving together. The depth of this woman’s mind was so bold that she was incredibly bold. A small horseman actually dared to openly attack a heavy city. Afterwards, she even wanted to stay in the city instead of running. However, he had to admit that this move was indeed very effective because it was fair to say that even if they knew it, The first reaction was also to go beyond the city.

At this moment, a gust of wind suddenly blows, Chu Qiao’s clothes are cumbersome, full of fragrance, and now go with the wind, time flies to the top of the three caravan gangsters.

Zhuge and Suo suddenly surprised and only listened to the people in the dark when he was panicked. But after all, he was walking in the gap between life and death. Silence lasted less than a second. Ninety-three men immediately decided to use offense instead of defense. The three players flew in an instant and flew toward the two upper and lower three roads. The figure was strong and the moves were fierce. Just after the shot, they went to the game. The serious injury of the fight will also kill the two people under the knife.

Zhuge Yue’s mouth crossed a sneer and sneered instantly. The sword stalked instantly, Jianmang (means in rush, fast, accurate) soared, and the moves were fierce. Lightning crossed a trail of light in the air. He only listened to three sharp and crispy sounds. The sharp three-handed dagger was knocked out and flew.  The figure was a few of them falling and falling around Zhuge Yue, separating the triangles and encircling him, but they no longer attacked.

At this moment, Chu Cho suddenly shot, I saw her body shape is like a cheetah, abnormal aura, kicked on the chest of a man, tthe sound of broken bones suddenly sounded, the man screamed, flew away.

Zhuge Yue face was cold and deep, his deep voice rang loudly, and said in a dead air like this: “Tell me your horse’s number, lair, and retreat your line. I will spare you.”

Bang! the woman named Zhi Jiu suddenly tossed the sword in her hand on the ground. She said in a casual tone, “We are not your opponents. I tell you what you want to know, please let me go. My companion left.”

Zhuge Yue, I did not expect this female culprit to know the situation so much, nodded and said: “That is of course.”

“The gentleman is a promise, the weight of the money, you do not regret it. We are just a small Luo Luo (means bandit) in the gang. Whoever has the money will sell it for him.”

“Okay,” Zhuge Yue said. “You said it, I will not only let you go but also give you a sum of money.”

Zhi Jiu said: “This is fair,” and then slowly relied on it. It is normal to reveal their hiding place.

owever, looking at the black clothes, Chu Qiao’s heart suddenly gave birth to a trace of uneasiness, and at this time, it is only one step away from Zhuge Yue!

At this time, a strong uneasiness suddenly hit Chu Qiao’s heart, she said that the source of this panic was not clear, but this alertness that had been exercised all year round at the edge of life and death had saved her too many times. So at this moment, she chose to completely believe her intuition. The whole person suddenly jumped up and his body flew away. He stood in front of him and quickly defeated the cold man with absolute superiority and posture.

“Be careful!”

However, the awakening at the moment seems to be still too late, and the thinly slammed body instantly flies backwards, but the corner of the mouth reveals a faint smile. Chu Qiao knows that the knife at the end of the strong smashing has not hurt her vitality, and as a top killer, at the best position was enough to kill the enemy!

This is the true portrayal of a complete move and death!

At the moment of Chu Qiao’s alarm, a sudden, crisp sound began to buzz in front of her, and a dagger with twinkling black and blue awns suddenly turned into two segments and landed on the ground. In the swamp!

Zhuge Yue looked gloomy, eyes cold,  divinely said: “You are really stubborn.”

Zhi Jiu like a civet cat, he leaned over the ground and held his hand with one hand. Her eyes looked coldly at Chu Qiao and Zhuge, and her voice was cold and frosty. She whispered coldly: “Do you have a big daydream, if I say that if you return to our car, I will guarantee that you are fragrant and spicy, you think you will Will not agree?”

Chu Qiao whispered: “Death does not change!”

Like the nine tricks, he reached out and drew a short dagger from his bosom. IHe suddenly slammed up from the ground, like a savvy civet cat, and did not retreat to half a step.

The other two people talked rudely, but they were rare and calm masters. Even if one of them was seriously injured, they still struggled to fight each other. The two men cooperated with each other without saying a word. They were also rushing against Zhuge Yue’s lightning, holding a long knife and moving the clouds. , clean and neat.

Chu Qiao did not think that there was a horseman in the district who had such a skill.

However, they do not have any superb fighting skills. These people may be skilled in assassination, proficient in tracking, and agile, but they are definitely not masters of fighting techniques.

Sure enough, without a moment, the battle was over. Zhuge Yue still kept his posture faintly standing. It seemed that he had never made a hand from beginning to end. His eyes were cold and calm, and the neck of the sword was between the thin necks. : “Don’t you say?”

Zhi Jiu leaned over the swamp, and the corners of his mouth were bloody. Because he was wearing a black robes, he couldn’t see if she was injured. However, it can be clearly seen that her body has fallen into a soft swamp.

As if he didn’t see him talking, he just turned his head and said to the two companions, “We can’t run away.”

The two nodded slightly, eyes calm, did not see a trace of panic, suddenly picked up the dagger in his hand, facing the pulse of the heart, suddenly stunned!

The decapitation of the dagger was poisoned. The two only twitched a bit, and they fell to the ground.

Zhuge Yue quickly moves forward, and he will put Zhi Jiu under control to prevent her from committing suicide.

However, when she saw a Zhi Jiu sneer twitching around her mouth, Chu Qiao thought that the electric power was turned on, and Zhi Jiu was electrified. The whole person suddenly swooped up and slammed into the shoulders of Zhuge Yue. The fine white needles of the silvery white hair shot into Chu Qiao’s arm, and the blue poison suddenly spread, and the whole arm suddenly became numb and red.

“How are you?” Zhuge Yue was shocked. He grabbed Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao frowned and tore off a piece of cloth and tied it tightly to the upper end of the arm to prevent the spread of venom to the heart.

“This is nothing.”

“Nothing?” fine nine cold cry, said in a gloomy voice: “I am waiting for you in hell!”

“Oh!” Zhuge Yue said, hitting the woman’s face with a fist, and the sound of broken bones suddenly sounded. The man was furious and screamed said, “Deliver the antidote!”

Zhi Jiu sneers, lying in the swamp, half the body has been trapped into the mouth, mouth constantly slobbered with black blood, a pair of eyes but full of chilling ridicule laugh.

In the heart of Chu Qiao’s, this Zhi Jiu, nine lives-faced approach is sinister and wicked. She does not give up on her purpose, and she can’t wait to beat herself. She may not have a clever skill, but she is meticulous. She is good at hiding, attacking, making poison, and more determined. The willpower and enough patience are indeed a first-rate outstanding killer.

“Where is the antidote? Say!” Zhuge Yue buckled her neck.

“Who are you?” A hoarse voice suddenly sounded. Chu Qiao lowered her head and saw her but said to himself. Zhuge Yue looked at her and said coldly: “Give me the antidote, I Just told  you.”

Fine and cold, it looks rather disdainful. It seems that such a dispensable news is not worth the exchange. When Chu Qiao saw that she would rather die and refused to reveal the news, she also admired this tough female killer. She replied with a deep voice: “I am Chu Qiao of Yanbei.”

In detail, the pupils of the Zhi Jiu learned that the moment was smooth, and for a long time they slowly sighed and whispered: “No wonder…

The night was dark, and the overcast sky could not see a star at the moment.

Listening to Zhi Jiu sneered. After a while, she whispered weakly: “Originally… Yan Bei’s…people…if…you don’t and…we’re the enemy…I could save you, but…”

Suddenly, she was coughing blood. Chu Qiao knew that such a population contained poison sac. Once she is defrauded, she will immediately commit suicide to avoid suffering.

“Yanbei … can it really be… Datong?”

Zhuge Yue’s brows were locked and her arms were loose. The body of Zhi Jiu was rolled a few times and fell into a sinkhole. The whole woman slowly sank into the swamp. After a long while, Zhuge Yue couldn’t see any traces.

“How are you?”

Zhuge Yue helped Chu Qiao, Chu Qiao shook her head and said in a hoarse voice: “It is not poisonous.”

“We will immediately go to Tangjing. The great-grandmother of Tang Palace will be able to solve your poison.”

Chu Qiao brows gently, and he says: “You are not waiting for your subordinates?”

Zhuge Yue put her on his back and said, “Unsatisfied.”It’s too late.”

A jackdaw suddenly fluttered his wings, flew over the swamp and flew away into the distance.

Zhuge was carrying Chu Qiao and rushing to run over the swamp.

A long night is about to pass. 


CHAPTER 102 Double Touch

“Zhu Xiangong, in front of Amber County, we’ll be there for a night off and we’ll be on the road tomorrow morning. In another two days, it’s Tang Jing.”

A stout burly man with a beard on his face, with a strong figure, was a simple and honest face and shouted loudly at a carriage covered in a blue and blue cloth.

Then, a pair of bones are slim, but it doesn’t look thin. Instead, it looks like some aristocratic hands stretch out, open the curtain and find a handsome and elegant face. The man’s Tsing Yi (greenish blue) robes are not gorgeous, but they are quite chic. A pair of Danfeng (means red phoenix) eyes are slightly squatting, their faces are quiet, and their temperament is good. At first glance, they are born in a big family, even if they are smiling, the smile is also More extravagant, more people can not be close, he said to the big man on the horse: “Thank you big brother.”

When the man heard it, he smiled at once. He nodded and said with a smile: “Thanks to his brother’s medicine, it is much better.”

“Oh,” the man rejoiced, and smirked, “If you can make it, then I see that you are a big family and you haven’t been guilty of this crime.”

The man nodded slightly and seemed unwilling to say more, just smirked: “Big brother is has good eyesight.”

The man’s hearty hand waved, but he stopped answering. He looked at the carriage’s curtain and let it go, blocking the man’s smiling face. He was relieved for a long time.

This person, even if it is a smile to the person, the expression is cold, and the smile never really slips into the eyes, seeing the human heart. Except for his beautiful little daughter-in-law, it seems to be an expression to anyone, but his wife is not good at him.

The man shook his head in a sullen mood, and he was still stunned. This kind of woman, he really saw it for the first time in his life.
“Drive! Brothers, hurry up! Just work hard, go to Tang Jing and have a good rest!”

A sudden burst of vocalization came from the ranks, and the men’s rugged scorpions penetrated through the high clouds, and the frightened mid-air serpents flew over the sky.

As soon as the curtain fell, the smile on the man’s face immediately disappeared. Within the carriage, there was a young girl in a lake green dress. The clothes were very gorgeous, but the hem was somewhat broken, apparently after a series of strenuous long journeys.

These two people are exactly Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue. Even if Chu Qiao is tough again, it will be difficult to sustain under serious injuries. If Zhuge Yue did not go all the way to maintain, she may have been buried in the wilderness.

The woman named Zhi Jiu was right. Although this is not very poisonous, it is not a simple poison.

Although the ancient poisons are depicted in film and television, they are mostly ignored by people living in the 21st century. Everyone agrees that with the ancient science and technology level, it is difficult to extract any toxins of any intensity. With the exception of several rare snake venoms, there is basically no deadly thing.

However, Chu Qiao, a commander of 11 military intelligence, knows that many things are not as simple as what they see. In the 21st century, the research and development of poisons has reached a point where it is technically feasible. A small NH6099 gas bomb can destroy a medium-sized city with a population of 1 million within 30 seconds. The newly developed VX3 toxin in M can erode sea water in 20 nautical miles with only one drop. Not to mention the profound knowledge of R countries. During the Second World War, their death drug research has been leading the world. Nowadays, it is running far ahead.

This is a kind of research and development without humanitarian spirit. Compared with atomic bombs, gas bombs are more powerful, their cost is lower, their death rate is more cruel, and their subsequent influence is even deeper. Chu knows that as early as more than 2,000 years ago, our country’s poison research was already awesome. Do not think that the ancients did not have wisdom. When you truly stood in front of them, you would realize how small you are.

For example, nowadays, she does not have any means or ability to reverse all of her body’s soft body.

After they stepped out of the marshes on the same day, they did not go to the horse to intercept Zhu Shun. In their current state, they went to no doubt to seek death.

Therefore, Zhuge Yue made a decisive move south to Tang Jing. After walking for a day, Zhuge Yue saw Chu Qiao face pale, lips dead, knowing that she is a stubborn personality, obviously not physically exhausted, but not to her speech. So he stopped and happened to meet a group of teammates who went to the Beijing City Depot to deliver goods on the road, so he took delivery. Came to the most old-fashioned movie bridge section and became a lonely scholar with a seriously ill wife who went to Beijing to join a marriage.

“How?” See Chu Qiao slowly opened her eyes, Zhuge Yue asked quietly.

Chu Qiao’s face was still not very good, her body was very weak, her eyes were hard to conceal and she was exhausted. She took a deep breath and slowly shook her head. Suddenly, the wagon’s startled, it seems that is pressed to what hard object, not the slightest shockproof carriage instantly shaken up, Chu Qiao is not stable, the whole person to the direction of Zhuge Yue softly fell over. Zhuge Yue’s eyes were quick, he held her hand in her waist, and he held her hand in one hand to prevent her from hitting her head. Waiting for a while, she saw the carriage slowly calm down.

On the chest of Chu Qiaofu Zhuge Yue, he quickly sat up with his hands and put the show of the horns behind his ear. His look was quite awkward. Zhuge Yue did not move, and let go of his hand on the carriage, quietly.

Chu Qiao looked at him obliquely and suddenly felt that the world was really bizarre. If someone told her a year ago that one day she would sit in the same carriage with Zhuge Yu and wouldn’t let you die, I would try to kill the other person and kill her. Now, even she has some unclear relationship between the two. She wants to say stubbornly that they are still enemies with many hatreds. They are irreconcilable class opposites, but even her I feel that I am far-fetched when I say it, and I don’t think about sex anymore. Anyway, after Tang Jing, Zhuge Yue will go to attend in Li Ce’s marriage, and he will transfer to southern Xinjiang. After that, the end of the world will not come and go, some things are meant to be this way, don’t think too deep.

“Standing steadily, Zhu Xiangong’s daughter-in-law is sick!”

This is not to say okay, one said that the two are relatively speechless. Fortunately, I heard a burst of vocals soon, and Chu Qiao opened the curtain on the window and looked out. I saw the bustling crowds everywhere on the official road. The surnames wearing cloths were carrying poles, carrying baskets, young and old, men and women, walking towards the front. All the way, everyone laughed loudly, and there was a scene of peace and prosperity. 

Daxia and Sui and Tang Dynasties are still very different. And the difference is that the closer you get to Sui and Tang Dynasties, the more obvious it is.

In the outside, and a team of dartmasters riding on the tall horses, they looked at Chu Qiao on the head of the dart. He laughed and said, “The lady of Zhu Jia Niangzi and Amber County are here. I’m going to find you a good doctor. In the city, go to the inn to play the tip!”

Chu Qiao smiled and said, the crowd is intensive, you come to me, all kinds of business, the businessmen who are walking all rushed to the front. Chu Qiao looked very far, only to see that the dense fog gradually dissipated. The evening sun slowly projected through the branches of the branches of the darts. She raised her head slightly, and the corner of her mouth brought a smile. In front, the side of Sui and Tang Dynasties, Amber County, has already looked.

Suddenly, a loud voice interrupted Chu Qiao’s meditation, but he did not react. He saw a thick, thick, and disgusting hair suddenly opened the curtain of the carriage.

The little soldier did not intend to do anything, but in the past he saw such a large team of darts, wanting to collect a few copper to drink. However, this curtain glimpsed, and suddenly saw the cold face as the frosty face of the pretty Chu Qiao, a pair of eyes when the time is not awkward to see.

Looking at the soldier’s gaze, Zhuge’s eyes were cold, and the brow could not help but pick it up. Suddenly, Chu Qiao took a few copper pieces that were common throughout the Ximeng’s mainland and handed it to the soldier. He whispered: “This military lord also asked for a convenience. My husband and I came here first, and the life is unfamiliar. The offense is also asking the military to take care of it.”

The soldier was flattered and stunned. The crowd quickly opened the whip and beat the horse stocks. He checked a large number of goods and entered the city in a mighty manner.

The curtain slowly lowered, Zhuge Yue looked strangely to Chu Qiao, Chu Qiao looked at him with a squinting eye, do not look at him, just coldly licked his mouth, muttered: “Insufficient…”

However, it is rare for Zhuge Yue, who was repeatedly accused by Chu Qiao to be narrow-minded, but did not refute sarcasm in the past. The man didn’t even scream, and he turned his head unexpectedly, looking at the street outside the car, watching with interest.

Chu Qiao saw that he did not speak, but it was somewhat boring. He opened the curtains on both sides and looked out and ignored him.

However, at this time, the expressions of the fourth young masters of the Zhuge family were suddenly soft, and the words in his mind slowly reverberated: I and my husband…

The county of Anbo County is located east, although it does not border on Daxia, it is also far away from Huai-Song Border City, but it is the site of the Sui and Tang dynasties. Although there is no strong threat from neighboring countries, it is the largest wilderness on the mainland. Ping Gui wasteland, in order to prevent the robbers on the wasteland smashed into the crime, is a military town that has always been a troop over 10,000. Although the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties has never been the style of martial arts, but the number of martial arts in Saizhong Town is stronger than that of others. Martial arts savvy people are often highly treated and respected, and for this reason, the martial arts buildings within the county of Amber County are promoted. Everywhere, all the way to the line, even saw the fall of the three groups gathered to see Chu Qiao sigh.

In addition to the prosperity of Wufeng County, Amber County is an important commercial county in the eastern part of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. It is here near the Pingyue wasteland. Although there are occasional battles with several powerful gangs in the wilderness, they are also frequently traded and exchanged. In trade, the input of cattle, sheep, and horses accounts for almost half of the country. In addition, Sui and Tang are close to Huai-Song, and Huai-Song is the longest coastline in all countries on the entire continent. Therefore, the salt trade in Amber County is also very developed, and it is almost responsible for the fish and salt industry in the entire Sui and Tang dynasties. Just like the team they used to carry the team, they were ordered to work for Liu Xian, a company with Xianyang, and came to Tang Jing to deliver from Haiyan. (somewhat county in Jiaxing)

In addition, because Amber County is close to Huai-Song, many of the islanders of Huai-Song coastal islands do business in Amber County. They use their native products and come to Amber County to exchange some necessities for life. Like silk, tea, bronze swords, pottery, medicinal herbs and so on.

In the street of the eight horses and black horses, the pedestrians flowed endlessly, the carriage whirled around, and suddenly stopped, and the voice of the darts loudly beckoning everyone to get off rang out. Zhuge Yue picked up the curtain and looked up to see a hotel inviting the front of the wine dumplings. It was not dark, and the two red lanterns had already been hung up. The facade was light and elegant, and people came and went. It was a very busy business. On the forehead, the two large ink words on the plaque were written on the top. The Dart teacher in front of the carriage drove Zhuge Yue to meet quickly and grinned. Then he asked with a smile: “Zhu Xiangong, you have knowledge, you talked to you, that What is the word written above? You can’t come out and don’t know where you live. If you ask them, you will definitely laugh at me.”

This line has two deputy heads, an overall dart head, fifteen dartmasters, and the rest are more than forty escorts for horses and carts. Everyone is simple and honest, and several darts are also forthright. Both have always been very polite. Although Zhuge Yue is not willing to say much, he still replied politely: “The name of the shop is geese, you will go back and forth and say that it is the Guiyan Inn.”

The Dart Master heard the meditation twice, and then he was happy with his face. From the moment he jumped down, he walked toward the side of the beam and dwarf guards who were carrying the goods. Although they were far away, they could still listen to the ears of Zhuge Yue. I got to know clearly, I only listened to the back of the Dart teacher, and laughed loudly: “Old beam, literacy? Do you know what the name of this shop is?”

Zhuge Yue faintly smiled. His life rarely touched the people of the bottom of the society. When he touched it down, he felt quite a few favors.

At this time, I suddenly saw the store singularly ran out and shouted loudly: “The objective is a few, live in the store or eat, the store is comfortable and clean, we are here, you are at home, the food is delicious, the big fish and the meat should have Seventy years of aged flower carvings guarantee you a home away from home.”

At the head of the dart, I laughed and said: “A good sly mouth, this kid is a pity to run the hall. It is better to go with the uncle, and Grandpa will tell you the beautiful woman in the future.”

A small smile on the store ushered in, and I had already trained a gold mouth that was not bad. I said with a smile: “The grandfather said, the younger son is two years old. Thanks to the uncle’s kindness. It is only the mother. It’s amazing, I don’t dare to think about it!”

It was so interesting for a public dartmaster to see this shop Xiao Er. They all laughed loudly. On the darts, he said with a smile: “Bunny pigtails, don’t talk nonsense, and find us three upper rooms, and the other two are one, and we’ll quickly come up with good wine and good meat. The barren mountains and wild mountains have gone more than ten days, Laozi (means father). The mouth is fading out of the birds.”

Zhuge Yue sees them happy, they opened the curtain to help Chu Qiao get off. Chu Qiao bumpy, physically weak, toxins constantly invade, if she is not a firm mind, has long been sick and can not afford to recumbent support at the moment, it is rare. Zhuge Yue sees her lips and face,  even stood still, he couldn’t help but feel a bit of heart, but her poison was too fierce. The average doctor could only open some ordinary wound medicines, so she had to go slowly to Beijing. Then find the way to detoxify.

Not much to say at the moment, he was holding her arms in her arms and said to the store’s second child: “Give me two clean houses and then send the meals to the house.”

In the darts brow wrinkled, said: “All husbands and wives, but also opened two upper rooms, brothers and sisters so ill, you should be guarding.” And said to the little two: “Listen to me,  in the meantime, the fast food will be taken on my account and I will ask a doctor.”

The second shop responded and shouted, “Oh, good! Four rooms in the upper room, and the uncles come with their young ones.”

Zhuge Yue  did not say much. He looked down at Chu Qiao and saw her quietly leaning against her own arms. He breathed evenly and looked as though she had fallen asleep, but her face was slightly reddish.

The room is very quiet, open the window, the window is facing a peach forest, fragrance everywhere, faintly drifted in, it is refreshing

The horizon of the horizon is red and bloody, and the warm red light shines on Zhuge Yue’s face. The long hair between the eyes is like ink, and it flutters gently, and the white sweater is overwhelming. Its appearance is upright, but it is a somewhat rare scroll.

At this moment, he is no longer like the real figure of the Zhuge family, who has turned his hands over the cloud and overwhelmed the rain. He has light robes, temperament, and a different kind of handsome appearance.

“Zhuge Yue,” Chu Qiao lay in bed and whispered.

Zhuge Yue  knew that she was not asleep and quietly turned and said, “Are you hungry? I’ll call Xiao Er to get food.”

“No,” Chu Qiao said, taking a deep breath and slowly said, “You sit down and I have something to say to you.”

Zhuge Yue stood still and did not sit down. After thinking for a long time, he only said in a deep voice, “I know what you are going to say. You don’t have to say it, you don’t have to ask because I don’t know why. I only know that I can’t do it now.  Leave it alone, after all, you are hurting to save me, and everything will be said after you are hurt.”

Chu Qiao looked at Zhuge, and when he thought for a long time, he suddenly said that he couldn’t say it. They might have been a fool of each other. They had betray each other and killed each other then rescued each other. Now, with a hate from the district, it is really difficult to interpret the relationship between the two.

“Zhuge Yue, I owe you another life.”

Zhuge Yue frowns and looks at Chu Qiao, puzzled divinely said: “Why did you not count how much others owed you?”

Chu Qiao shook her head in response to a question he asked: “I will repay you in the future.”

Zhuge Yue gave a sneer and did not return any further. He knew that she wanted to make peace with herself. She sat in a chair and poured a cup of tea.

At this moment, suddenly someone knocked on the door, and after Zhuge Yue opened the door, he saw him standing there with a dazed head. He said with some embarrassment: “Zhu Xiangong, I may not be able to go with you.”

“Oh?” Zhuge Yue asked. “What happened?”

“We have fewer dartmasters coming,” said the head of dart masters, excitedly, and said, “The little Shaodong came from Xianyang and going to Sui and Bian Tang. Our dart team would be among the team of Shandong’s and we would be in Amber County. Resting and returning to dock Peng Cheng after three days, but I have already said to the owner, and you will come back to Beijing with the owner of the team.”

Zhuge said thank you: “Thank you for your help, but you still have trouble. We will buy a horse and horse and we will be on the road.”

“How is that going?” shouted at the dagger: “You have already paid the money, how can you let yourself lick the money? Besides, this road is not too flat, there are many gangs, and it is safer. The escort of the family. There are four or five people in total, you can rest assured that there is absolutely nothing on the road.”

It’s hard to say that it’s hard to say that they shouldn’t be more guilty. Zhuge’s nodded and thanked him: “Thank you for your help.”

“Well, let’s say that the family depends on their parents and they go out to rely on friends.”

“Right, in my head, don’t know where you are from the East, what is it?”

The spearman said with pride: “Our old club is Mr. Liu Lao, the food lord of Yinyang. The old gentleman has no son and he has adopted his own nephew. This time, the leader of the team is the Shaodong family and the Shaodong family member is Liu Xi. Has Zhu Xiangong heard of it?”

Zhuge Yue stunned and frowned and said: “Liu Xi?”


CHAPTER 103 I look at you


“Liu Xi?”

After closing the door, Zhuge Yue said to Chu Qiao: “Do you know this person?”

Chu Qiao frowned slightly, coldly  said: “There should be a side of the edge.”

“We will go now.”

Zhuge Yue said decisively, walked to Chu Qiao, took her to the waist and picked it up, and turned and walked out.

“Wait!” Chu Qiao yelled quickly. “I just saw him from afar, and I didn’t even see anything. I didn’t say anything. It was a lot of years ago.”

Zhuge Yue frowned, tightly, Chu Qiao naturally knew what he was worried about, and said: “The people outside know we are the ordinary people who are seriously ill. There will be no chance to meet guests. As long as I take care, Nothing will happen.”

“He is the nephew of Liu Mingjun?”


Zhuge Yue contemplating for a long time, slowly said: “Liu Jia is also a big family in Yinyang. When I entered Xianyang City, I didn’t know if there was any in the welcome team.”

Chu Qiao heard the news, suddenly shocked, Zhuge Yu said: “Be careful, I will go to the market tomorrow to buy horses, and then we drive to Tang Jing.”

Chu Qiao nodded. Her position at this time was rather embarrassing. Liu Xi was the nephew of Liu Mingjun, and that was also a member of the Great Peer Association. Since he was his own person, this time they met with them and he naturally settled himself and arranged retreat back to Yanbei yourself. However, because she is at Zhuge Yue’s side, she can not let Liu Xi know her identity. Liu Mingjun is the elders of the older generation of elders, thinking rigid, Yanbei’s attitude is very unacceptable, and now Zhuge Yan has no guards around him. If Liu Xi is upset…

“You rest first,” put Chu Qiao on the bed. “I’ll let Xiao Er to do some dishes. What do you want to eat?”

Chu Qiao shook her head and said: “Do whatever it takes.”

Zhuge Yue turned and walked and muttered: “No way, no matter what, this broken place, what can be eaten.”

Seeing that he was going out, he suddenly folded back and covered the quilt for Chu. Seeing Chu Qiao glaring at him, his expression was quite awkward, his brow was locked, and suddenly he had no warning sign: “Look what? Look at me soon, I don’t want to hide like a dog.” Go, hey!”

Looking at the man’s figure disappeared into the doorway, Chu Qiao was slightly awkward, and then the corner of his mouth was pulled, pulling out a weak smile.

With the influence of the Zhuge family, I am afraid that the entire Ximeng’s mainland has its own family’s contact points and its own people. As one of the family that controls the lifeline of the empire, there will never be only the political forces seen by the eyes.

How many dark lines under the heavens are in the hands of the Zhuge family? How much is in the hands of the Wei valve? How many belong to Daxia Zhao? Belong to Li Tang? Belongs to Huai Song Nalan? Who can clearly define?

Chu Qiao knows that behind any family lines, there is a history of family struggle for a hundred years. Even if Zhao Zhengde’s exasperated eradication of Muhe’s, could he be sure that the foundation of Mu’s 100-year operation is in the context of Daxia. Did the ashes fly out?

The forces of the Zhuge family are by no means inferior to Yan Xun on the Yanbei plateau, and they, as imperial family members, have even more political status than Yanbei can reach.

The hidden family behind the tens of thousands of families is the family’s younger brothers who have been imperceptibly inserted in the empire for many years. They are the large and small officials in the name of the officials of the Ministry of the Crown. They are the size of the officials who are paid for by the money. The people, the forces that bind the interests, the groups that hold the handles.

Yanbei publicly rebelled, so all Yanbei departments stood on the opposite side of the empire, but it is conceivable that if one day, the Zhuge family rebelled, if they were given time to make plans for them, if they were prepared like Yanbei Raise the anti-flag, then what kind of catastrophic disaster Zhao will face!

Therefore, with the power of the Zhuge family, the status of the Zhuge family, no matter where it is, as long as he ascends his arm, he will gather a large number of relatives of the family in an instant. There is a saying that there are still three caves in the rex rabbit, not to mention the Zhuge family, but Zhuge Yue obviously does not have this plan. He carefully hides his identity and personally takes care of her diet, but never informs the family and waits for his subordinates.

Perhaps, it is afraid that the coming person is not his own system, it will reveal Chu Qiao’s identity, and then he will be taken over by the family’s opponents.

Chu Qiao faintly sneered, mocking himself, this Tai Chi push-handed self-deception, she knows exactly what is happening, but she is not willing to admit and face it, so she evades her eyes and waits quietly. The passage of time.

Perhaps, she just wants to accompany herself in a relatively calm environment. She is not a young master of the Zhuge family, and he does not need to stand behind Yan Xun. It’s just ordinary people in the world, there is no confrontation, no hatred, no reconciliation, no real responsibility to escape.

Such an opportunity may only last once in their lifetime.

Chu Qiao slowly closed her eyes and hoped that she could sleep quickly. Some things were too dangerous to think of. She understood everything but could not respond.

They lived in the world and they all had their own way. From the very beginning, they had already stood at two starting points. Eight years later, they each went further and further. To be human, we must still be calm and rational.

Chu Qiao slowly closed his eyes and hoped that she would go to sleep quickly. Some things were too dangerous to think. She understood everything but could not respond.

When Zhuge Yue returned, Chu Qiao had fallen asleep. Her breath in the air and the faint aroma of her daughter’s home were in the air. Zhuge Yue was carrying a large tray with a pile of dishes and a pot of wine.

Set the meal, sit at the table, and then pour a glass of wine.

The shop was small and the dishes were delicious. Even with the lid, the rich aroma continued to drift out into the nose. The wine is very mellow, clear and translucent, partial and strong flavor, drink a sip, the whole body is warm up.

The setting sun was red, and the light was projected in, shining on him, and pulling out a long silhouette on the ground.

He just sat there, slowly drinking, the sun gradually fell down the hill, lit the lanterns on the street, people coming and going, lively, and then a while later, the market finally broke up, the entire city is quiet down, under the canopy of the sky, everyone fell asleep. Only him, no lights, no words, quietly sitting in the darkness, like a sculpture, only arms moving back and forth between the jug and wine glass. It can be seen that this is a person.

Chu Qiao awakened in the middle of the night. The head was hurt by thousands of hammers. She wanted to drink water in her sleepy eyes, but she immediately noticed the shadow in the darkness.

The first reaction at that time was to touch the dagger on the lower leg. Even with such a weak state of the body, she was still erupting and jumping like an agile leopard.

However, soon, she responded. She put down his dagger and looked at the man in the darkness. He wondered, “Dragon?”


To answer her, it was a faint nasal sound. The man seemed to drink a lot of alcohol and the room was very heavy.

“drink water?”

Chu Qiao nodded, but suddenly he could not see the starting point. Just wanted to talk, a glass of water had been handed to her mouth.

“Drink, no poison.”

After that, the tentacle is warm and even hot. The cup was very small, but Chu Qiao was holding it with both hands. After taking a sip, she licked her dry lip. Her nephew was a little awake and whispered, saying softly: “Why don’t you light it.”

The room was so quiet that I could even hear the rumbling of the spirits rolling over the throat of the man’s throat. For a long time, a faint voice rang slowly: “Black is very good.”

Chu Qiao seriously asked: “Zhuge Yue, when are you willing to call me Chu Qiao?”

The man said coldly said: “You dream.”

“You, this person, is too paranoid.” When the voice just fell, Chu Qiao suddenly laughed at herself and said: “In fact, I am just like you. I am also paranoid. So the things that I identify will not change.”

Zhuge Yue did not speak, Chu Qiao seems to be very good tonight, her voice is very light, with a weak illness, continue to say: “In fact, you are not a bad person, although the character is so lonely, the means are cruel. Some, there is no sympathy, and, well, when you are black-faced, you are annoying, and there is nothing more. But in this world, who is not cruel, who has not had blood on his hands? This world is like, if you don’t eat others, others will eat you. When you get there, I can’t remember how many lives are in my hands.”

“Zhuge Yue, do you remember it?”

As soon as the voice just fell, Chu Qiao asked herself and said, “You should be counted. You are a general. Even on the battlefield, you are a general who strategizes. The person who killed you personally is nothing more than offenders who offend you. But I I can’t remember that in the past six months, there have been more people who died in my life than I have ever spoken in this life. Every time a knife is cut, it’s a head, and the blood in their chambers is always hot. , sprayed on my face, like hot charcoal.”

“The northwest one, gave me a nickname, what is the blood Luosha, the general manager of the province of Yao called… what is it, and sent someone to build a stone statue of me, build a gate at the city, order every city into the city. The people all spit on me, or they were not allowed to enter the city. I fled this time, except for the pursuit of the government, but also to avoid the surnames carefully. After I escaped from Zhenhuang, I was injured once. Was rescued by a group of old couples, they are all over 80 years old, very kind and awkward old couple, healed me, and killed the only old hen in the house for me to make soup, but not Asking me about my origins, they may think that I was robbed by the robbers and always encouraged me to report to the office.”

“But the next day, the old man went to the town and bought me medicine. After returning, he looked very different. I didn’t know what was going on. However, on the same night they secretly took a sickle and rushed into my room. Two people were hacked in bed like crazy and I know that their son was recruited by Xia Emperor many years ago and took part in the general’s army for the crusade against Yanbei. Later, he died on the northern plateau.”

Chu Qiao looked cold and cold smile: “Then I killed them. They were too impulsive. I couldn’t get rid of them, so I killed them.”

“A false sense of righteousness,” the cold voice suddenly sounded, and Zhuge Yue still sat there. The corner of his mouth said sarcastically: “With your skill, you want to keep the two old people as easy as they are. They are afraid that they will go to the office. However, it is necessary to find an excuse for such a nausea.”

“I’m not making excuses.” Chu Qiao wasn’t angry, but he retorted quietly: “I was seriously injured. An arrow pierced my thigh and I couldn’t do anything. I had only two choices and killed them. Or let them kill me.”

Zhuge Yue did not agree with the chuckle: “Xinger, what do you do with me?”

“Yes, I thought about it at the beginning.” Chu Qiao said in a deep voice: “But later, I didn’t think so. When General Meng went to Yanbei to fight, it was aggression, it was a massacre, it was unreasonable. Trampling, their sons joined the army to invade other people’s hometowns, isn’t it allowed others to fight back? In the same year, Yanbei died and wounded, whether it was the poor surname or the Yanbei army, all the forces were brutally cleaned. The loss of Yanbei is much larger than that of the big summer. I, I am not sorry for them, I am here to recover and pay for them, but they have hurt me, just because of the hatred that does not belong to me. Do I have to sit down and die? I kill, but not kill, I sympathize with civilians, but I am not a saint.”

Chu Qiao’s voice gradually strengthened. She said in a word: “The battle between Yanbei and Daxia is bound to happen, and it will last for a long time. However, all those who have fallen into this war will not be worthless. They are fighting for justice and freedom. One day, one day, a country will rise on the land of Hong Chuan. This country will have freedom and equality, possess legal system and peace, and will not be as arbitrarily as usual. No one can say. For this day, everything I do is worth it.”

“Haha!” Zhuge Yue suddenly burst into laughter, coldly said: “Xinger, loss I have always been high to see you, did not think you would even say such absurd words, freedom and equality? Legal system and tranquility? How, you too have you become a believer in Datong? Have you started to do dreams of unimaginable Datong dreams?”

“No, I don’t. I’m sober. I know that if there are interests in this world, there will never be real equality, but we can make everything better and we can slowly move forward.” Looking at Zhuge Pi, Shen Sheng said: “At the very least, there will not be all that was originally in the Zhuge House. Random killings, abuses, and treating people as dogs!”

“Do you really think that Yan Xun can do this?” Zhuge Yue gently raised his eyebrows and smiled in disdain: “Or do you think the old fellows will really be as selfless as their slogans? Have you tasted power, the person who tastes power will not easily let go of the things that have already been handed, even if he was one day old, Yan Xun overthrew the great summer as the emperor. This was only a change of dynasties and was not the end of an era. If you can’t accept the fact that Yan’s ambition is hegemony, it’s better to say that he is revenge and hate. This sounds a bit better. Don’t engage in such a big, high-sounding hat on his head, like the saints and Buddhas, It’s really disgusting.”

Chu Qiao looked slightly changed, after a long time, she still said firmly: “I believe him.”

Zhuge Yue smashed his brow and looked at her.

“I believe he will not disappoint me.” Chu Qiao said with a chuckle. “I will be with him, help him, and watch him complete this great career with one hand. Zhuge Yue, you look at it.”

At that moment, it seemed that a light that was shining in the darkness was shining into this darkness. Zhuge Yue suddenly felt that the woman in front of her was actually very fragile and stupid, but he did not want to laugh at her stubbornness again.

He just wanted to ask “If one day, he really disappointed you, what should you do?”

But he didn’t talk about exports. He thought it was a bit cruel, yes, very cruel.

This girl, who is still under 17 years old, what is the sister of her own family doing now? What are some of the wealthy ladies in the real city now doing? Applying powder, playing with flowers, talking about the young talents of different families, or carrying a person in a luxurious bed, and seeing the light of men and the rain and the clouds together to go to Wushan…

And she, over the years bloody, is nothing more than such a belief, no power, no pro feat, this may be her hope of living.

Well, Xinger, I looked at it, and I looked at the man finally could not be as you wish.

If it is true for one day, I would like to take away my family’s fortune and set off fireworks for millions of fireworks to celebrate your wish!

“Yanbei,” Zhuge Yue tilted his head and drank a glass of spirits. The spicy wine rolled over the rice dumplings and it was as painful as a knife. The man looked at the West and said indifferently, “I look at you.”


CHAPTER 104 Lifelong faith

The next morning, Zhuge Yue was out early enough to control his rich and heavy gold, but throughout the city, he did not buy a horse, hired a car, the entire horse market, or even the horses who bought the dealers were left alone this evening. In an angry manner, Zhuge Yue tried to buy some other means of transportation, such as scorpions, and even cattle, he condescended to ask for inquiries.

The result is the same.

At the same time, Chu Qiao sat on the second floor of the inn and looked at the people in the Escort. The Malays walked back and forth, shouting loudly, her brows wrinkled, and she noticed that it was so bad.

When Zhuge Yue returned, the two looked at each other and no one spoke.

When the team left the city, it was far from the followers of the four or five hundred people mentioned by the darts. The people in front of them had already left the city, and the people behind them had not yet launched. There were more than two thousand people in all, and a great deal of weight, grain, and gold silver, jewelry, money goods, and more than 300 carriages were installed. Behind them were women and children who couldn’t see their heads. The clothes were very expensive,  bustling and complicated, one after another carriage surrounded by the scene, the scene is spectacular.

Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue arranged to accompany at the end of their entourage, a relatively worn carriage was apparently just bought, and there was an unpleasant smell inside.

Their fears are simply not necessary, because in their current status, there is simply no chance of being close to Liu’s family

In the morning, Chu Qiao followed several people carrying luggage and saw a man in a blue-and-white gown riding a carriage under the guard of the guards. The weather in Amber was already very hot. However, the man was wearing a large cloak, his body was somewhat thin, and his hood was half-covered, covering his face. However, the half-shadow figure in the morning fog immediately gave Chu Qiao a heart in shock.

Unconsciously, she stopped and watched as the backline faded away. Then she got on a magnificent grand carriage that had not moved for a long time.

“what happened?”

Zhuge Yue walked in front of her and turned back to ask.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Chu Qiao smiled at herself and shook her head. She seemed to want to throw some unrealistic ideas out of his head. “Let’s go.”

As the carriage pulled slowly out of Amber City, Chu Qiao squatted in the window and opened a curtain, looking across the faint veil.

“Oh, yes.” Suddenly remembered something, Chu Qiao took out a small bag and handed it to Zhuge Yue, and said calmly: “I went out to buy it in the morning.”

Zhuge took over the baggage. After opening it, he saw that it was a hood that sheltered the wind. Although it was out of date at this time, the workmanship was fine, the materials used were very thin, and it was not very hot to wear.

“Careful is always good.” Chu Qiao whispered, then smiled: “Although there may be no chance to use it.”

With more than 2,000 men and horses, hundreds of carriages were heavy and stretched on the ramp. From here, there was no way to see the front of the carriage.

Zhuge Yue put the hood on the side, but the hand did not withdraw it, but kept pressing it.

“The merchants in Xianyang have to escape.”

Chu Qiao smiled and turned his head and said: “You see it.”

“Yanbei and the big summer war will begin soon. These old foxes will have to hide away from the Sui and Tang dynasties. They dare not proceed on a large scale from Yinyang, but they can only disintegrate to the point where Amber’s gathering takes place. Beijing, those cars and horses are probably their lifelong savings.”

Chu Qiao nodded lightly and said softly, “Yes, they want to stay out of trouble.”

Unlike Zhuge, Chu Qiao’s heart suddenly felt a panic. He knew the identity of several merchants in Xianyang and knew how they were in these years. Now they are going to escape.

Remembering the figure he saw before, Chujo’s heart suddenly felt like he had a big fire. She was eager to jump out of the car and run to see it. But she laughed and laughed herself, then shook her head and slowly closed her eyes against the shaking carriage.

Chu Qiao, are you too tired? Since the beginning of the Zhenhuang Uprising, this road has come, you can’t hold on, so will you come up with such unrealistic fantasies?

Yan Xun, they are going to escape, just in front of my eyes, what should I do, how to stop it?

what can we do about it?

It is already in midsummer, and the sun is very long. Everyone has come to the west and it has been camping in a valley and setting up a fire.

Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue two people assigned to a small tent, short and small, sit up and meet.

It’s a few people who live with them. When you inquire, you know that this team is not just Yinyang Liu, but also Wang, Jia, Ouyang and so on.

After a bumpy day, Chu Qiao’s body became weaker and the air in the tent was not good. Zhuge Yue helped her out and leaned on a low tree stump. She bought money from her hands and bought a rabbit that she had just called. It takes a moment to set up a fire barbecue, and the delicious flavour of the meat floats in the air.

Tearing off a piece of meat and handing it to Chu Qiao’s mouth, Chu Qiao opened her mouth and wanted to take it, but she had a pain in her head. She was shot by Zhuge and his man said with a calm face: “hot mouth!”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao smiled, screaming and snoring gently blowing twice, then picking up his fingers, the entrance was delicious, Chu Qiao could not help but raise her thumb and said: “I don’t think you still have this. One hand.”

“The mountain has learned this for a few years,” Zhuge said casually, taking out a shackle and cutting the rabbit into small pieces, handed them to Chu Qiao.

At night, the night fell, and the sun was slowly engulfed by the darkness. She sat in a blue grass, starry sky, knowing the tweet, and occasionally the Lingbu Valley at night, the valley was quiet, and there were a large number of guards in the distance. The voice is full of people, but full of calm and warmth.

Chu Qiao took a deep breath, then intoxicated smile, like a simple child, suddenly sighed: “Good miss!”

Zhuge’s casual interface: “What do you miss?”

“I miss this feeling,” said Chu Qiao, leaning against the stump, with a peaceful face and a smile. She said quietly, “I missed the long grass, the green trees, and the wilderness camp. A group of people gathered and set fire to cook. After dinner, they ordered Sitting on a campfire and chatting together, drinking a little wine and eating the hare that came in, I missed the day when we didn’t have to worry about tomorrow and not have to fight for survival.”

Zhuge Yue quietly looked at her and said: “Have you lived like this?”

“Of course,” said Chu Qiao, with his head up, smiling quietly, and said, “A long time ago, I had three friends and I was in such a valley and I ate such a roast rabbit, but our craft is better than you.” Well, the seasoning is better than you.”

“Hey!” Zhuge’s disdainful glimpse, turned his head.

“The little poetry has learned cooking with a French chef, and the craftsmanship is superb. The barbecue is OK.”

Zhuge Yue’s eyebrows were picked, and coldly said: “French? Is it a restaurant?”

“Well?” Chu Qiao smiled and nodded. “Yeah, it’s a restaurant.”

Zhuge said disdainfully: “I haven’t heard it before, so I am certainly not a famous restaurant.”

There was a huge campfire in the distance and it was ignited. The sound of hula-la was loud and lively.

“go on.”

“Well?” Chu Qiao said.

“Continuing to say that idleness is idle anyway.” Zhuge Yue lowered his head and continued to cut the rabbit: “Talk about your friends.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded. I do not know why. Her feelings were heavy tonight. Perhaps it was because the actions of the elders of the Great Colleagues had hurt her. She must think of something else to distract her. A hundred herbs swayed, and they murmured at night. She said calmly and quietly: “They’re better than me.”

Zhuge Yue picks his brows: “They are women?”

Yeah,” Chu Qiao glanced at him with a squinted eye. “You can’t look down on a woman.”

Zhuge Yue did not make a sound, Chu Qiao continued: “But that was the year. If it is a test now, it is estimated that I should be similar to them.”

“Xiao Huang (means little yellow)  is good at shooting, well, even if it is a bow and arrow. The poem is close enough to fight. Once a person defeated seventeen agile Han. Cats are not good at both, but if the killing skills, she It is the best.”

Zhuge Yue slightly raised his eyebrows: “What about you?”

“I?” Chu Qiao chuckled: “I’m all-rounder.”

The man glanced at her impatiently: “I don’t say anything.”

Chu Qiao was not angry and turned to ask: “What are you wishing, Zhuge Yue?”

Zhuge Yue frowned at her and finally said coldly: “I hope you will roll back immediately. Never let me see you again. Finally, I will not come out in the mountain valley of Yanbei.”

“Impossible,” Chu Qiao smiled, as if the two were talking about something very common: “Even if you don’t come to Yanbei, we’re going to fight it.”

“Then you want Yan Xun to lose his reputation. Yanbei is annexed by the Batuja family. You wander around and you must go to my door.”

Chu Qiao glanced at him: “Good poisonous man.”

“But this is not possible.” Chu Qiao gently smiled: “If it is really such a day, I may have been killed, it is absolutely impossible to come to the meal.”

Zhuge Yue stunned the moment and suddenly stayed.

“At that time, we four people also asked this question.” Chu Qiao looked far away and quietly recalled the past in his mind, his hands propped up, and said softly: “The poem looks cold, but actually it is We are the most vulnerable person in her life. She likes to collect dolls. It is a kind of expensive doll. She will always make the monthly expenses very tense. Her greatest wish is to get a lot of soothing after she leaves the organization in the future.  Marry an ordinary good man and be a good wife. She has a friend who grew up together. If there is no later thing,  she may have done it.”

Suddenly, Chu Qiao smiled slightly and said, “Little Huang is the most disturbed person. She has good conditions at home and is very adventurous. She was preparing to climb a mountain. Her wish was to make her name on the top of the mountain.”

“The cat’s desire has always been simple. It is making money.” When it comes to this, Chu Qiao suddenly smiled and said: “She is the most greedy money, she is bold, and she dares to pick up any business. She also has no sense of loyalty to the organization. With her argument, it is nothing more than raising a family.”

Zhuge Yue gently raised his eyebrows: “What about you?”

“I?” Chu Qiao gave a brief glimpse. After a long time, he said slowly: “I don’t know. I was planning an operation at that time. I just hoped that the operation would be smooth and the task would be completed as soon as possible.”

Zhuge Yue grunted and his voice was quite disdainful.

Chu Qiao turned around and said lightly: “In fact, I have always been like this. I have no desire. I am very dogmatic and rigid. I only hope that my faith is correct and it is worth my life to have this goal. Go hard and work hard.”

“Just like…” Chu Qiao thought about it, and then said: “If you owe me, I will get it back. I owe you, and I will return it to you.”

“I’d better appreciate the cat,” said Zhuge Yue. “You’re talking about a big peer organization. You have the opportunity to introduce her to me.”

Chu Qiao shook her head quietly, smiled and said: “I’m really strange, I would even say this to you.”

Zhuge Yue said: “I didn’t force you to say it.”

At this time, there was a sudden and careful footsteps in the distance. Both were alert and raised their heads. At the same time, they only saw a little girl of five or six years old. She was dressed in a red pimple and had two small pigtails. She had a chubby little face and she was staring at Zhuge. The rabbit in his hand bit his finger.

They know that there are several masters of the giants, and there are many slaves of these people, and some slaves also carry their own family. This child must be the servant’s child.

Zhuge Yue smashed his brow and was about to speak. Chu Qiao suddenly waved and said: “Come here!”

The child suddenly had a good time, opened two small hands, and swayed and ran over.

The girl’s eyes are like grapes, big and bright. Chu Qiao smiled and asked, “How old are you?”

The child looked at Zhuge a bit nervously and immediately said, “I am six years old.”

“what’s your name?”

It seems that the elder sister is very amiable. The child puts his finger in his mouth and says: “I’m called the Xinger.”

The voice of the child just fell and the two made a slight glimpse.

Zhuge Yan looked at the child impatiently and said quietly: “Go back and talk to your mother-in-law and don’t call this name in the future!”

The child was shocked and saw Zhuge’s face sinking, suddenly licking his mouth, his eyes screaming, and it seemed to be crying out.

“Why are you scaring the child!” Chu Qiao frowned, pulled the child, and whispered to speak with her. After a while, she made the child laugh.

Zhuge Yue sat on the side and looked at Chu Qiao and the child’s appearance, and suddenly felt a little strange. Chu Qiao in his memory should not be like this. She is calm, silent, unspeakable, and intelligent. It seems that there should never be such a normal woman’s emotions. But this time the reunion, he saw more and more things in her body, perhaps, he laughed at himself, and she used to act. Treating him as an enemy has never been too real. Even if it is present, it may not be completely true. Otherwise, even under such a serious injury, she still does not leave her body and is carefully guarded.

There is never trust between them. Perhaps as she said, if you owe you, you will have to return it to you.

Zhuge sneered at the corner of his mouth, but his eyes grew dark.

But damn, he is really obsessed with this feeling.

At this moment, the child suddenly came to his side, glaring at his sleeves, pointing to the majority of the roasted rabbits in his hands, and the milk asked, “Do you still eat?”

Zhuge Yue impatiently gave her the things in her hand. The little girl suddenly smiled and said to Zhuge Yue: “You are so good!” Then I went back to Chu Qiao and stretched two fat calves and sat down. On the ground, it was very generous to share the rabbit meat with Chu Qiao.

Zhuge Yan was slightly stunned, then the child actually said he was so good? The man smiled coldly and he could not afford this good word.

After a while, someone called the child’s name. The child jumped up and ran up to the man, and he ran back and told him to say goodbye to Chu Qiao and Zhuge. The smile was sweet and giggled in the breeze of the night.

Chu Qiao pointed at the children in front and turned back to Zhuge Wei’s firm smile. He said in a word: “My wish is that one day, the children under the sun can laugh like this.”

The night breeze brought in a gentle scent of grass and learned in the summer. One hundred schools of thought contend and he could not hear it for thousands of times. But at this moment, he suddenly did not know how to refute, not because of the intrinsic meaning of the sentence, not because of her firm tone and embarrassed expression, but he suddenly felt that, perhaps, she could really do it?

Although immediately, he denied his own idea.

But he didn’t know that many years later, this world would have undergone earth-shaking changes because of this sentence. The old system was fired. The fire blazed and it was burning. The man holding the torch was stepping up. One step toward her ideals, the blood under the feet, countless people fall like wheat, become the old forces of the burial.

At that time, the people on the high stage were pale, but there was no such grin at the moment.

On the road ahead, so many mountains and rivers, to reach the other shore, we must break the waves, pass through the icy river, pass stormy baptism, war experience, be disciplined, beaten, walk through the opposition, walk betrayal, go after killing, passing desperation, and passing through all the weaknesses and goodness of the character, it eventually becomes a sword. Only in this way can we finally stand on the top of the king.

Chu Qiao looked at the back of the child in front of him and suddenly remembered many years ago, before the snowy secluded platform, she looked up and looked at the poisonous oath of the holy gold palace hidden in the shadow.

“In fact, I have always been like this. I have no desire. I am very dogmatic and rigid. I only hope that my faith is correct and it is worth my hard work and hard work.”


In this quiet moment, a panic-stricken scream came suddenly and it was like a thunder and thunder in the ears of everyone!

Zhuge Yue slammed and stood up, but at this time, numerous cold swords suddenly pulled out the scabbard, then, hundreds of bows and arrows arched into the defensive slack camp.

In an instant, the blade is cold and arrogant!


A young guardian head who looked very proud and pointed at the only standing Zhuge Yu, said coldly: “Your Majesty!


CHAPTER 105 When Mother fails


That night, not only this valley but also the city of Yinyang, which is thousands of miles away, also sounded a loud killing sound. A handsome man in purple robes reclined on the couch. Two soft dancers, in his arms, looked like water, and the body was soft and the white jade fingers were carrying a crystal clear grape and sent it to the man’s mouth. 

Feng Siye!” (another code name for Feng Mian)

The guards outside the door were dressed in black nightsuits. Their faces were a bit bright. Even though the colors of the clothes couldn’t tell anything, he came in with a nauseating blood. The man squatted on the floor and said in a tone. Things have been completed.”

The famous Yinyang City Wind Four has gently raised his eyebrows and said faintly: “Since it is done, go home and go to sleep.”

On the evening of the same day, the forces of Yinyang City were subjected to a great deal of cleansing. Numerous blood surged into the channels of the Chishui River. The screams accompanied the people of Yinyang City to sleepless nights. The guards seemed to be dead. They turned into deaf-mute old men and closed their eyes. They turned a blind eye to those people who were desperate to be killed and bloodied in front of the doors of the Xianyang Terracotta Warriors.

As a result, those people became more and more fierce and the tricks had to notify some “local protection forces.” Feng Siye (another code name for Feng Mian) heard that even someone dared to disturb Qing Rujing’s city guards to sleep well, and immediately sent a large number of men to pull those people back. It is planned to “justify” with them.

The morning of the next morning, the morning sun punctured the long darkness. The people of Yinyang City stepped out of their homes and found that nothing had changed. The downtown was still very lively. Zhang San (one of the Yan army) still collects the protection fee. Still walking with seven or eight Xiaoman (name of a street) Streets, Wu Kee’s (name of delicious bun) buns are filled with people waiting in line to buy buns…

Everything has not changed, so the old surnames are related and suddenly wake up: The events of last night were no longer relevant to them. The days are the same.

However, people who are interested have secretly discovered some minor anomalies.

Liu Xi was outside when several grain stores have changed their new dispensers. In addition to a few small beggars, even the accountants have disappeared

Jia’s (another family surname) salt warehouse seemed to be on fire last night, even if the fire was extinguished in time, but the salt bought today is somewhat smoky.

The bank account of the Ouyang Group (old surname related to the child from Ouyang clan) bank is one hour later than usual, and the bank’s big cabinet is not on the counter. They heard that it was an emergency last night.


At noon, Feng Siye (another code name for Feng Mian) received a message from his men. After reading for a while, he went to the side of the book and took a long time to write a few words.

Sealed and handed over to the most trusted subordinates, the young Feng Siye (another code name for Feng Mian) had a rare, dignified look.

“If you deliver it to your master, you can’t have the slightest mistake.”

The east wind blows the flocks, and the flowers are red and green, which is another good year.

At this moment, in the valley where the dead is dead, there is also a smoky smog. After the mass killing, the camp has obviously shrunk a lot, leaving less than seven people, and the rest have lost their lives overnight.

Zhuge Yue came to a bowl of porridge and walked to Chu Qiao. His face was still very difficult to see, but he had calmed down. The tent was very small. He couldn’t stand up straight. He could only kneel down and raise Chu Qiao. He whispered: “Eat.”

Chu Qiao’s face was pale, apparently the weaker the body, but she still asked in a deep voice: “How is the situation outside?”

“How else?” Zhuge Yue’s disdain faintly said: “The damn people are dead, and the damn ones are also accompanied by death. Liu’s effortlessness has monopolized the wealth of these rich families. It’s a very cliché.”

Chu Qiao slightly frowned and slowly said: “So, Liu Mingjun (half son of Lui Xi) occupied the wealth of several other wealthy businessmen? He is not afraid of those people’s home to retaliate?”

Zhuge Yue shook his head and said: “The rich merchants may not have passed away.”

“You mean …..”

“Yes,” Zhuge Yue said, nodding, and ina deep voice said: “If it is me, it must be guaranteed once and for all. Ouyang’s Clan and Wang’s properties are not as good as those of Liu, but once they are united, It is definitely not that the Liu Xi family can contend. Since Liu Xi decided to swallow these properties, the characters were all wiped out. Then Yinyang City would certainly not be peaceful last night.”

Chu Qiao frowned: “Does Liu Mingjun agree with Liu Xi to do this? As a result, the foundation of their Yinyang City is completely destroyed.”

“Do you think that this matter was instigated by Liu Xi?” Zhuge Yue chuckled: “Xinger, your brain is good, your skills are strong, and your response is quick enough, but you don’t understand people’s hearts. Liu Xi is against me if I don’t guess wrong. It was Liu Mingjun who was the first person to go to see the King of Yu last night.”

“Liu Xi?” Chu Qiao slightly surprised, she tried hard to think back in the mind of the young man who had met in Yinyang City, laughed and had a white tooth, learned a superb horsemanship, when Liu Mingjun told her when he was blind, he laughed and proudly patted the young man’s shoulder. He was proud to say that this was his half-son…..

“Why should Liu Xi be countered? Perhaps he is not willing to be a rich man and wants to enter the career. But the Daxia regime is exclusive, the family has a dominant position, he has no foundation, wants to climb, thirty or fifty years It may not be able to do so, so he is desperate to gather the wealth of the wealthy merchants in Xianyang as a foot pedal and want to enter the upper level of the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties. With such a large fortune as an accumulation, no one can take a nap in this trip to the Tang and Tang Dynasties. Liu Xi.”

Zhuge Yue whispered, a little bit of analysis. But these words are heard in Chu’s ear, but the more harsh, her thoughts are not as simple as Zhuge Yue, because she knows the identity of these dead people. At this time, she was worried that this Liu Xi was a big summer man, eradicating the foundation of the great peers, and occupying the wealth of the big peers for many years. As for why they went to the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties, she could not guess.

Zhuge Yue is also a very intelligent person, because at this moment, after the news of the Sui and Bian Tang Detective Camp quickly passed back, the officials of Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties also summed up such an almost identical conclusion.

In addition to the forces of the other parties, Liu Xi became one. Now he comes to the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties.

Ce’er (nickname of Li Ce),” King Tang looked a little heavy, he patted his son’s shoulders heavily, and said in a deep voice: “This Liu Xi is not well controlled. If he is not careful, he will be bitten by his hand. Home, a businessman, can even have such talent?”

Li Ce’s eyes narrowed and he smiled and said: “Father, son likes the horse.”

However, what they did not know was that as early as a few days earlier, Liu Xi, who was deeply jealous of all people, had been put into a sack and tied up with stones and sank deep into the Chishui River.

In this turmoil, someone hurries back and some people understand ignorance. Some people look on the sidelines and others control everything.

The people can only see the powerful cracks on the surface, and the ignorant thought is that the robbers robbed the enemies. Smart people such as Zhuge Yue’s and Li Ce’s current can unravel and try to gain insight into the causes. Only those who have truly mastered all of this will be able to sort out the relationship between this layer and the stack, press this final answer, and wait until the day that the world can be revealed.

Among the great accounts in the valley, a man in a white robe sat on the warm couch and stood outside as a javelin-like guard.

A young man in his twenties wore a leather jacket. After walking in, he slammed on the floor and said in a tone: “His Royal Highness.”

Yan Xun wore a pure white coat on his body. Underneath his body was a warm, warm bed with a charcoal fire. His forehead had slightly snagged with fine sweat, but his face was still pale. He sat there and heard that none of the visitors had even eyes, and a faint hum sounded that he was listening.

“After the inventory has been completed, Zuo Ting (name of Yan Xun’s servant) is taking care of the people. The masters and servants of other families have also been cleaned up. The people sent down have dug a hole in Houshan (name of place) and buried it.”

Yan Xun still did not speak, as if he had fallen asleep, the young man licked his lips slightly and continued: “Just, it is only the little son of Ouyang’s family, and has not found it yet.”

Yan Xun frowned slightly, but still did not blink, just said lightly: “Then look for it.”

“Yes Yes!”

The young guards quickly said: “The child is only four years old. It is a mountain outside. It is all wood, and he is not far from running.”

Cheng Yuan (Name of Yan’s army General),” the deep voice suddenly sounded, the young man was shocked and quickly agreed, Yan Xun finally opened his eyes, eyes dark and wise, the tone is very calm: “Do you know why the summer will fall to today? Is this the point?”

The man named Cheng Yuan suddenly got stunned, and Zhang San opened his mouth but said nothing.

“Because when they killed me, they drove me down without decisiveness. Did you understand?”

The voice of “砰砰” (means Peng Peng) came at a sudden time. The young man suddenly bowed to the ground and said in a flustered voice: “They understand and therefore understood.”

“Well, then go ahead and do something.”

Yan Xun gently waved his hand and the man quickly stood up and was trying to withdraw. Yan Xun said in a subtle way:

“Remember to go to the military law after you finish it. It seems that you need a deep impression so that you can remember my current identity.”

Cheng Yuan was shocked and said quickly: “Yes, I have to remember it.

In the large account, the more quiet it was, the young Yan Xun leaned against the soft couch, and the thick mane almost trapped him all inside. He frowned slowly, a little disgusted lightly said: “Damn the South Barbarian…”


The next day, the entire camp did not have the intention to leave. Zhuge took a look at the ring. Except for Liu Xi’s descendants, basically, all the other followers had disappeared. He was anxious in his heart, but the current situation of Chu Qiao, he can not take her away with this time.

He took some dry food next to the carriage, and when he came back he saw the little girl named Xinger (the child same name with Chu Qiao). The child was hiding beside a small tent with a small head ( another little male child), his face was dark, and he was looking at it quietly. She also looked around and seemed to be looking for Chu Qiao.

Seeing Zhuge Yue saw her, the child was still very pleased to narrow his eyes, missing two fangs (teeth fangs), but still stupidly smiled at him.

Zhuge Yue suddenly fell to his face, do not look at the children, turned and went to the tent.

Just two steps away, he listened to the sound of footsteps behind him. He looked back and saw that the child was still following him with a small step.

What are you doing? Also want to eat meat?

Zhuge Yue frowned and said: “Take your legs again!”


A sudden burst of crying suddenly came, but it scared Zhuge to jump, only to see the child crying and crying, while still crying in the opposite direction, and the other people on the camp were looked weird at Zhuge. Those eyes seem to collectively say: Hey, human-like dog-like, actually with a child to come.

Zhuge Yue was suddenly depressed. He actually wanted to scare her.

When he returned to the tent, Chu Qiao was still asleep. She seemed to be able to sleep especially during this time. Even when she was talking, she would sleep in a gloomy mood.

Zhuge Yue began to worry a bit, but when she did not sleep, she could barely walk, and she dropped her heart again.

At the very least, this experience of suffering made her believe in herself. For example, now she is sitting by her side, and she will not suddenly jump up and hold her dagger at his neck.

As the sky faded, Zhuge Yue sighed and his heart was very depressed.

The tiger fell flat and was bullied by dogs. At this time, he couldn’t even go out with such a broken camp.


A lazy buzzing sizzle sounded, Chu Qiao slowly opened his eyes, suddenly saw Zhuge Yue sitting on his side, could not help but be a little embarrassed. She unknowingly licked her hair, and her voice was filled with thick nasal sounds. Some unnaturally asked, “What time is it? Oh, I actually slept for so long.”

Zhuge Yue did not speak, but handed over a water bladder.

Chu Qiao took over the water bladder and just took a sip. However, he saw Zhuge Yue still looking at her. At one moment, she was careless. She took a sip.

“Sounds of cough!”

“Stupidly dead.” Zhuge Yue rolled his eyes, his hands gently patted her back.

Cough for a long time, but the spirit of it, Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue glanced at each other, and then grabbed the water bladder, drank two big mouthfuls of water, then said daringly: “I’m hungry!”

In fact, just after Zhuge went out, he took what he had eaten, but this met her with a bad attitude, but she did not want to give it to her. Cold contempt: “Is your slave?”

“Novice?” Chu Qiao looked at him obliquely: “You sell to the slave market like this, it is estimated that even one gold is worthless.”

Zhuge Yue slanted at her and whined: “You are worth?”

“It is worth more than you.”

Both are on a daily compulsory program – bickering. Only a sudden footsteps came from outside, just in time for their tents. When the two were together, Zhuge Yue immediately stood up and pulled out a dagger in his hand.

Just about to go out, suddenly heard only a bang, two little figure suddenly rushed in, nearly a tent to curtain down!

Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue suddenly froze, they looked at each other, then still Chu Qiao first opened, softly asked: “Little guy, what are you going to do?”

The little Xinger had a dark face and red eyes. He was still holding a child younger than her. When she heard Chu Qiao’s voice, the little girl suddenly licked her lips, teardrops fell, and she fell more and more. .

Zhuge Yue looked ugly, impatiently watching the children rolled over the two coal piles, in a deep voice said: “Whoever lets you in, go out.”


The child who looked like only four or five years old suddenly raised his head, his face was dark, his eyes were big and round, and he was black and white. He looked at the water with Zhuge Yue , his lips trembling, and his voice was like a beast. Chubby little hands crawled on the floor, and they came to Zhuge Yue.

Zhuge Yue  battled the enemy and struck a plan. He had feared for so many years. But at this moment, he suddenly felt a bit panicked and said, “You, you stand, don’t come, I’ll command you, go out right away.” !”

“Wow!” The cry of the weeping and weeping quake suddenly sounded, and the child, a vicious dog, ate and hugged Zhuge Yue’s thigh, tears and noses all falling on Zhuge Yue’s clothes and cried: ” 爹爹” (means, Daddy, Daddy!)

At the time, Zhuge’s handsome face seemed to be congested and flaming.  His look could almost be expressed in words of panic for a time. He and the equally stunned Chu Qiao looked at each other. Zhuge hurried quickly said: “Who is You? Let go! Or I’ll mar (disfigure or act in violence) you!”

“Oh!” Little did not point Zhuge Yue’s thighs were high. People were small, but their strength was very big. They used his hands and feet to hold him in desperation. The whole man hung up on his lap, cried and cried: “Oh, hey. ” 

Such a small child is estimated to be able to die with a kick. Zhuge Yue beats and does not dare to fight. He pushes and can’t push it. After turning around, he is very wronged and said to Chu Qiao: “I am not really jealous of him.”

He didn’t know why he had to explain with Chu Qiao. He just looked at Chu Qiao’s slightly surprised and somewhat gloated eyes, he became more and more angry.

Chu Qiao laughed and laughed, but he also felt that this was a bit embarrassing. He couldn’t ask anything from the little one. She turned to look at the little Xinger and asked: “Xinger, who is he? What’s going on here?”

The little Xinger have yet to reply, and the crybaby child suddenly turns around, as if only then discovered that there is a Chu Qiao in the room who saw this woman with a smile and an embarrassment. She looks very sweet and gentle.

The child’s mouth is awkward, and it’s aggrieved. He is reaching out to Chu Qiao, and he is screaming: “Mother…”


The whole world is in chaos.


CHAPTER 106 The storm is coming


“You are Ouyang’s child?”

In the small tent, four people were sitting together and they were sitting in desperation. Zhuge Yue looked at the precious silk on the child’s body and said it in silence.

The child seemed to be terrified. It was like a panicked bunny, chubby, sitting on the ground and even shaking a little. He withdrew his head and drew his eyes and secretly looked at Zhuge Yue, and then stretched out a small hand. To go to pull Zhuge Yue’s sleeves, poorly whispered, “Hey…”

“I’m not you!”

With a bang, the child’s hand was knocked down. The child had a mouthful as if crying again, but he did not dare to cry.

Chu Qiao frowned, turned to look at the other child, said seriously: “Xinger, you brought him?”

The little Xinger seemed young at a young age, but the big eyes were very clever. She heard a secret look at Chu Qiao and then lowered her head and said nothing.

“If you do not say it, I will drive you both out now.”

The little Xinger quickly raised their heads and screamed at the big eyes: “Then if I were to say something, could you just drive me out alone?”

As soon as the words came out, Chu Qiao immediately paused and her brows loosed. Then she asked, “Little Xinger, you don’t know if you will have trouble with him?”

“I… I know.” The little girl covered her mouth, her little brow furrowed tightly, very helpless and said, “I can’t bring him back to his own tent. I’ll tell the forest steward.”

“So you brought him to me?”

The little girl’s dejected head: “Yea.”

“Do you know each other?”

“We are good friends!” The little Xinger leans on his head. A little face of a ghost-finger is very serious. He has a small chest and swears that he is righteous and said: “We are playing together all the way!”

The child next to “爹爹…” (means Daddy, Daddy) tried to pull the sleeves of Zhuge Yue, and grievously said: “Mo is so hungry.”

After being glanced at by Zhuge Yue, the child turned to the little Xinger who looked for help. It was just that the eyes were mostly hungry, uncomfortable and bullied, and there was a slightest understanding of the two words.

“Wait a minute!” The little Xinger patted the child’s shoulders, and their eyes were very clear.

Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao were suddenly shocked. The little girl of the slave family just wanted to save people by taking such a big risk just because he was playing with people on the road. The word “friend” was spoken out of her mouth. She was so firm and firm that she was respected by the two adults opposite her  were awe-inspiring and could not say a rebuttal.

This kind of righteousness, the world of adults, may have long since become extinct.

Chu Qiao’s face softened and asked quietly, “Where did you find him? Where are you hiding this day?”

Seeing Chu Qiao’s complexion, the small Xinger has also been magnified a lot. It is proud to say: “I’ve been so many soldiers last night. I was scared and hid in the back of the meadow. Then I saw an uncle. Uncle I knew, it was Uncle Mo’s family, and there was a big bird on my back. I had seen him before. I saw him full of blood, wandering in the meadow, and holding Moe in his arms, he was no longer angry. Still holding me up, I didn’t let go. I was scared to cry and dare to cry. My face was white and I took him out. When the soldiers went away, I took him home.”

“Home?” Chu Qiao picks her brow.

“Well, but my mother would not allow us to enter the house. When they saw Moe, they would panic and report it. I knew that if the soldiers knew it, then Moe would be killed like his uncle, so I pulled him and he ran away and he was hiding in the backyard all day long.”

Mo’er sat on the floor, his head bowed, his mouth pouted, his listlessness as if he knew no other three people were talking about him. The child was too tired. He had been hiding in Tibet for so long. He was hungry and thirsty before. The blind man was still very fierce. He was not interested in listening to these people and he was stumbled. It’s time to fall asleep.

“Then why did you bring him to us?”

“I…I…” The little star frowned and drew half a day of courage before whispering: “My sister is very kind, this … this uncle is still fierce and very fierce…”

“Uncle?” Zhuge Yue suddenly blinked, slap in the little star’s head: “Little guy, do not scream!”

Chu Qiao took a look at Zhuge, she naturally knows why. When those people rushed into the camp last night, they had a dispute with Zhuge Yue, and even wanted Zhuge to kneel down. But who is Zhuge, who can be so arrogant? The guards rushed to fight. Fortunately, Liu’s stewardship is astute. He knows that they are just ordinary people who are accompanying or are introduced by the darts. Their origins are unknown, but they are extravagant. The matter here has nothing to do with them. Liu Xi is also unwilling to cause trouble. No further investigation.

Last night, several family members such as Wang, Jia, and Ouyang lost their lives. Only this young man was lucky enough to escape. When I think about it, it’s up to the Ouyang family’s servants to protect him from desperation and escape. However, he has died on the road even after he has not left the camp. He was discovered by the little girl and hidden. Liu Xi’s people thought that this child had been rescued and chased him out. He did not expect that he would be hiding from the outside world. The parents of the little Xinger knew that the child was rescued by his daughter and did not dare to report it.

Chu Qiao sighed and said: “Little Xinger, do you know that you are very dangerous to do this?”

“I know,” the little girl’s face was very depressing. With her mind still wondering why her wealthy friend had fallen overnight, she scratched her head and said: “But what can we do? ”

Yeah, what can I do? Do you want her to sell her friends?

“So you took him to come to us, and also taught him to call us your mother-in-law, so that you can gain sympathy?”

The little girl’s head is getting lower and lower, and she also seems to know that what she does is not too brilliance. Chu Qiao breathed a sigh of relief and reached out to take the small Xinger into her arms. She sighed and said: “It’s a good boy.”

At this time, I heard only a bang and the child’s head slapped. He slept like this. The entire person fell into Zhuge Yue’s arms and his head rested on his legs. His mouth was still flowing out of his mouth. With a tummy in the stomach, there was a slight snoring and a deep sleep.

“Get up! Who told you to sleep here? Get you…”

The child was very unyielding and opened his eyes, and he saw the face of Zhuge Yue’s sneaking fire. His crooked eyes rubbed his eyes. He whispered grievances: “Starved to death….”

At this moment, a loud sound of footsteps rang outside, and the two children suddenly seemed as if they were frightened. The whole man was stunned. The little Xinger was like an old hen. He hugged Mo that trembled and shook, and he looked at it in a circle. There was really no place to hide. Finally he ran to the back of Chu Qiao and looked at her clothes. Just squat down.

Even if they were just carrying their own clothes, Chu Qiao could still feel their panic and fear. It was like many years ago when she was carrying a severed seven, the child shivered and asked her: Is the small seven dead?”

At that time, she said to her, she said no, she promised her that she would never do anything again. But when the words were not finished, the child was thrown into the icy lake and could no longer be seen.

Footsteps passed through the tent but did not stop but walked straight inwards. Obviously not coming to them.

“Sister, I’m going back.”

The little Xinger said happily: “I’m afraid I will talk in a mess, I want to go back and see.”

Chu Qiao looked at little Xinger, and looked down at the Ouyang family, who was glaring at her. She suddenly made a decision and then bowed down to the child and said, “If you want to eat, go to beg him.”

The child glimpsed, and then looked at Zhuge with some fear. Seeing Zhuge’s poor eyes, his face was scared. He timidly stepped forward and stepped forward. He screamed and cried on the ground. He couldn’t understand what he said. He could only hear the sound of a whisper and a resounding tent. The child stupidly squinted, his voice gradually clear, and cried as he cried: “I beg you, beg you…”

Even a four-year-old child probably knows what kind of situation he is facing.

The family is broken and chased, even if he is still so small, I am afraid that his future is not good.

At the beginning of the period, Zhuge Yue could still frown and ignore it, but gradually, his expression was loosened. He was almost rude to pull the child from the ground, and then looked at him with anger.

The child was terrified by him and yelled, “Hey…”

“No more yelling!” Zhuge Yue yelled at the anger. Who knows that when he had just finished, he saw that the child was crying again. Zhuge Yue sighed and said helplessly, “Don’t call this, just… Let you stay.”

The little Xinger were clever, and they were overjoyed. They quickly said: “Mo’er, call uncle, call uncle, you can stay here!”

“Uncle, uncle…”

The child did not seem to know what the concept of his uncle was. He took care of it and saw Zhuge Yue’s face slightly relieved. Suddenly screaming and rushing forward, he hugged Zhuge Yue’s neck and cried: “Uncle, adults… kill… father-in-law… set fire… kill Mo’ers… blood… ……dead……”

Only such a name, he took Zhuge Yue as a relative and cried to complain about him. In that voice, you couldn’t hear any insignificant hatred. Maybe he still didn’t understand what it was called hatred. He was simply scared, sad, and disliked, hated, these moments that seem to be very indifferent. In the years to come, change, root, bud, and grow into a leafy tree. And the top is filled with seeds of revenge.

It is like the current Yan Xun nowadays.

The enemy he now remembers is only some adults. He does not know his identity, background, status, even his surname or name. He only knows that the person who killed his parents is not a child but a group of adults. Now, these adults are killing themselves and not allowing him to eat, sleep, and go home. They have to remove the roots and they must do their best to kill them.

This time, Zhuge Yue did not push the child. The child’s little body shuddered and trembled. He held his ear in his neck like a loved one. (Aww.. Zhuge Yue…so sweet wrapped in indifference and rough spots, his heart cannot stand little kids in desperate help)

The little Xinger blinked and then said, “Sister, I am leaving, I will come again tomorrow.”

When the child just left, Chu Qiao suddenly grabbed her and turned back to take a small dagger and handed it to her. She said very seriously, “Xinger, be careful, if something happens, come find her big sister.”

he child suddenly burst into a big smile, she waved with Mo’er, and then carefully looked at Zhuge Yue, and then went out.

The wind outside was very cold, and the little figure of the child leaped out. Chu Qiao stood up and stopped at the door. She only saw that the child had gone a long way but still did not forget to look back and beckon at her. In the darkness, she couldn’t see her face. She only felt like she was talking to herself. But the wind was so big. She couldn’t hear what the child was saying. She could only look up and watch the dark t,he vastness of the sky, the changing stars, and the arrangement of the lines there are the fate of everyone.

Everything was like a reincarnation. She looked at the child who was gone and seemed to see herself.

As the years passed, something fell from the bottom of my heart, and the wind in the wilderness blew. She suddenly felt cold.

“Do you feel familiar?”

A faint voice sounded behind him. Chu Qiao looked back and saw that the child was still nestling in Zhuge Yue’s arms. His little shoulders trembled and he still seemed to cry. Zhuge Yue looked at her and her eyes were so sharp. The years traced back quickly in their eyes. Everything seemed to return to the starting point. At that time, they were young, but it seemed that they had to bear more things. . . (So touched with these lines, Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao reminiscing their childhood memories silently staring their eyes to each other, can you imagine how must have these two felt at the moment?)

Chu Qiao gently smiled: “It’s really a strong good boy.”

“Well,” Zhuge nodded and said, “I have seen stronger than her.”

The sound of “calling”, the wind rose flatly up, and the dim yellow soil was rolled up. It was so quiet in the wilderness that there were no flying birds in the sky. There was only a dark cloud floating from afar.

“Uncle, I’m hungry.”

The child cried tired, and the dark little face was painted white by the tears. It was funny. He spoke politely to break the calm here, bit his fingers, and protest with his loved ones whom he had just recognized.

“Moe starved to death.”

Well, for the time being, let go of the feelings and pasts of those who hurt Chu Qiao. Zhuge Yue looked at the little boy who hadn’t got his legs high. He frowned and said: “Hungry. What do you want to eat?”

“Yes…” The child frowned and tried hard, then asked: “Is there an abalone?”

With a black head, Zhuge Yue frowned: “No!”

This is not? The child continued to ask: “Is there a golden roast pigeon?”

Zhuge Yue’s face was a bit unsightly, and ina deep  said: “No.”

“Have shark fins steamed?”


“There is no such thing,” the child frowned and unhappy, looked suspiciously at the relatives whom he had just recognized, and some depressed doubts about each other’s financial ability: “That, there should always be gold roast suckling pigs, uncles.” , Mo’er is not vegetarian…”

Zhuge Yue’s face was dark, and the child would also wink. So he immediately sighed and reluctantly said, “That… then… it’s OK to eat some braised meat, just… just venison, I don’t I like to eat braised pork, and beef is barely.”


Zhuge Yue suddenly burst into tears and said: “Little boy! You are playing with me!”

“Oh…” The child said that he cried and cried, crying and grievances said: “Well, pork is OK, uncle, you are poor!”

This may be the first in the world, the first to say that he is poor in the face of Zhuge Yue. (Can’t imagine Zhuge Yue’s face here ha..ha..ha.. and Chu Qiao watching him with the childish fight)

Chu Qiao looked at them and suddenly felt like she was up. She put down the curtain and smiled and walked in. She said, “You haven’t eaten one day. Have some porridge first.”

The young child’s commissioner curled up and lifted the bowl and then stretched out the small tongue and gently rubbed it, as if the porridge was poisonous. (The child indeed belongs to the aristocratic clan through this act)

But he took a sip and suddenly gave a glimpse, then he took a bowl and ate it.

“Sister, this porridge is delicious!” The child smiled and was very happy.

Chu Qiao sighed, what was good, this porridge was cooked by Zhuge Yue, how could it be good to drink, but he was hungry only. (Oh Zhuge Yue cooks food his instant family? I am smiling on this lines)

“Hey! Kid, don’t call her sister.”

Zhuge Yue said with a dark face and a deep voice.


The child gave him a glance and then ignored him and continued to drink porridge.

“Sister, it’s delicious.”

“I told you not to call her sister.”

The child frowned and was annoyed by the man who bothered him to eat. Frowning, he said, “What is it called? Call her mother?”

“What mother?” Zhuge Yue was a little angry, and followed a four-year-old kid who was awkward: “Let’s stop calling, don’t call!”

“What is it called?”

“Say, it’s called Xinger.”


“It is Xinger”

“No,” the child shook his head decisively. He said, “Moe can’t remember the two Xinger’s name. I will be confused.”

“You a brat!”


This child is really smart. They are all skeptical that he is not being played…

When you are away from home, the situation is not good. Many things have to be changed.

For example, in the evening, laying blankets on the ground, Chu Qiao lying on one side, Zhuge Yue lying on the other side, and that small boy, just lying in the middle. Although Zhuge Yue and the two were separated by a large box, it was still a bit embarrassing, and the child smiled very satisfactorily before lying down and then said a spurt of words.

“He said that there is something to do with the mother at night, and it has been a long time for Moh to sleep with them.”

“Cough and cough!”

Zhuge was drinking water and was suddenly taken a sip and coughed loudly.

Chu Qiao also made a big red face and played a lightweight on the child’s head. She said: “So many words, go to bed quickly.”

“Yes!” The child knew she was not angry, and she smiled back to her head and drew a few times into the quilt, closing his eyes cheerfully.

The wind was blowing at night and the tent blew.

Suddenly, a trace of the cold wind blew in from the outside. Chu Qiao did not sleep. There was a small, chased after that. Many things needed to be planned.

Feeling that the blanket on the child was kicked by him, Chu Qiao reached out and wanted to pull a quilt for the child.

But the hand just reached out, but suddenly met a slender finger. Suddenly, as if it were an electric shock, Chu Qiao retracted her hand, her fingertips were cold and her face was red.

Zhuge Yue also seemed to be stunned. He bypassed the trunk to cover the child’s quilt. The air in the tent was a bit weird. No one spoke. He could only hear a slight deep breath, and he rang low in the tent. Occasionally, there was the child’s voice will be heard.

Life is a curious thing.

“Not sleeping yet?”

Zhuge’s voice was a bit low, but very clear, apparently still has not slept.

“Well,” Chu Qiao nodded and said softly: “A little worried.”

The wind is a bit rough again, like a beast. Chu Qiao worried that it might rain tomorrow.

“Let’s sleep.”

Zhuge Yue said slowly, and then turned over and said nothing again. Chu Qiao thought he had already fallen asleep. At this time, his voice rang again. His voice was low, very mellow and gentle, but very firm and heart-warming. :”and me.”

The wind outside was so big, but suddenly it was warm in the narrow tent.

As long as there are tents, then the big wind will not blow in.

In the second half of the night of the evening, a horse quickly ran and rushed directly into the camp, bringing news of Feng Siye (another code name for Feng Mian) in Yinyang.

At that time, Yan Xun was sleeping, but he could not sleep at all. When the expeditionary horse had not entered the camp, he suddenly awakened from his sleep. Cold sweat on his forehead, he even dreamed of the Ouyang family’s child. Along the way, he had seen the chubby kid many times, smiled, and had several curious desires to approach him.

But in the dream, he saw the child looking at him with blood on his face, holding a knife in his hand and looking at him with red eyes.

Then, the child jerked his knife, but he did not get stuck in his body but stabbed his way into the heart of Chuchao sitting beside him. The child’s face was full of blood but was still gloomy. Looking at him, the smile is like a goblin creeping up in hell, and yelling: “I will ruin you and ruin your everything!”

“A Chu!”

Yan Xun sweated and his white gown was wet. His breath was so hurried, he kept thinking of the previous nightmare.

“Eliminating the roots, removing the roots…”

Yan Xun looked like half a nightmare, muttering constantly, and then suddenly, he raised his head and shouted: “Come on!”

“Shaodong family!”

“Immediately find the Ouyang family’s children. At any cost, I will see his dead body before dawn!”

The next person froze a little, but in a flash, the voice replied cold like snow: “Subordinates follow!”

“Shaodong family!”

At this time, another follower ran in and squatted on the ground and said quietly, “The courier of Feng Siye has arrived.”

“Feng Mian?” Yan Xun slowly frowned, in a deep voice said: “It’s time to come.”

After striding out of bed, a batch of robes was picked up. Yan Xun changes his facial gesture, thrown away all the uncoldness, and became the cool and wise King of Yanbei. divinely said, “Go and see. What good news Yinyang has brought us.”

CHAPTER 107 Night Storm

When it was still dark, it suddenly began to rain outside, the clouds were pressing, the wind was screaming, the storm was raging, and the thunder was rolling.

The trees on both sides of the valley shook violently in the heavy rain, and made a buzzing noise. The yellow mud everywhere covered the earth, and there was a whiteness between heaven and earth.

Chu Qiao’s brow wrinkled and suddenly opened her eyes and held a hand to her mouth. She immediately looked up and saw Zhuge Yue’s gloomy, half-stranded face on the floor, holding a long sword in his ears. Outside, what seems to be listening carefully.

In the cover of the heavy rain, there were boring hoofs, large footsteps rustling and gradually approaching this small tent.

“Someone came,” Zhuge Yue said, and then turned and quickly sorted out a small bag and wrapped some gold and food. He said to Chu Qiao: “How are you? Can you go?”

Chu Qiao nodded: “Can.”

Withdrawing the dagger, Zhuge Yue smashed the quilt a few times, and regardless of the child still sleeping, one picked him up on his back and tied it tightly.

The child woke up in a sulky way and reached out his hand and rubbed his eyes, wondering, muttering: “Uncle, what are you going to do?”

“Boy, people who catch you are coming.” Zhuge Yue looked the same, the tone was very calm.

“Ah?” The child suddenly shocked, unconsciously clinging tightly to Zhuge Yue’s neck.

The torrential rain whistled and the hooves outside quickly approached quickly. The child shivered, trembling on Zhuge’s back, forcing himself to hold back his trembling.

“Boy, are you scared?”

The child’s face was scared and white, but he still shouted and said: “Not afraid!”

“Haha!” Zhuge Yue smiled aloud. There was a different kind of conceit and pride in the laughter: “Good boy, you remember, those outside Luo Luo (means bandit) have not let us fear the capital.”

In the darkness, the torches that burned the pine oil were ignited, the wind and rain still did not go out, and some people shouted with thick scorpions: “Hand over the people and spare you a life!”

In the darkness, the man turned his head, his eyes were so bright, his eyebrows flew into the shackles, the beautiful face seemed to be sculpture-like, his lips were very red, as if he was drinking red blood, he looked at Chu Qiao, his eyes were calm. Looking at her quietly, he asked, “Can you?”

As time passed, and the time seemed to move between them, she seemed to see the evening many years ago. When he sat on a high horse, with his head down, he asked her, “Can you?”

All the way up, full of swords, they pull swords opposite each other, tit-for-tat several times, several times almost died in the other’s edge, between life and death to kill, the red blood did not blind their eyes. Thousands of sails are done. They still have no pain in killing the last ones. Hesitations, dizzies, and even unwilling sadness and embarrassment. Countless late nights ask themselves, but they still choose to fight side by side on such a night. . . 

Do not ask the front road, do not ask once, do not ask the political views and positions of the two.

There is only one reason and you cannot die. No matter you or me, you cannot die here.

Chu Qiao took out a short knife and smiled softly: “It will not drag you down.”

Zhuge Yue showed a smile and his smile slipped into her eyes. Chu Qiao was the first time he saw him laughing like this.

“Follow me.”

His expression was very gentle, but the words were very solemn. Chu Qiao nodded and said: “You are careful.”

A few screams suddenly sounded, and Zhuge’s brow wrinkled and suddenly stood up. The child licked his back and saw that he stood up so rashly, for fear of being hit by a short tent, and with both hands stretched, he covered his head.

But only heard a loud bang, the violent wind suddenly blew in, Chu Qiao’s long pause was blown away, the dark butterfly danced in the sky.

The child opened his eyes and saw that the large tent had been taken off with hooks. Three people stood in the open wilderness. There were more than 30 horses in front of them and they were surrounded by them. The people on horseback wore brown shorts. The military uniforms are none other than their own.

“Let the child down,” said a man holding a javelin in his hand and staring at the Chu Qiao three people coldly, as if they were already the sacs of others, and said to Zhuge Yu: “Don’t do nothing.” Resistance.”“Do not do it. Unwanted resistance.”

However, it was a cold cold man who responded to him. He only heard the heavy rain and the sound of the sound rang. The man’s skill was also agile, and he suddenly flashed, but his horse was not so good. The horse was frightened, and suddenly the person stood up. The sharp slamming sound slammed into the horse’s neck. The horse screamed and screamed, and when the blood smashed, it spewed out and covered the blood.

The man was thrown down on the horse and fell heavily on the ground, but before he could get up, the frightened horse stepped on his stomach.

In time, the fierce cries are heard throughout the world!

However, his men did not have time to rescue him. The horse whistled and threw down the man.

The sound of broken bones sounded loudly in the heavy rain, and the men who could even imagine the men under the horse were so miserable. However, they did not have time to think about these things because in the short-term change just now, the opposite man instantly appeared like a rising leopard, fiercely rushed forward.

A swordsman suddenly pulled out the scabbard, and suddenly it seemed like a dragonfly.

A flash of lightning suddenly splits the sky, and the rumble of thunder is followed, and the red blood is spilling over the earth.

The knives are cold and the moments come from the Quartet. Zhuge Yue rushes from the sky and the sky is full of enthusiasm, and the disdainful coldness slams, steps forward, violently attack, the momentum is fierce, and the moves are mighty.

Chu Qiao originally had difficulty walking, but he knew that this was a moment of life and death. Originally thought to be a merchant in Xianyang, it is expected that there will be some incense of the big peers, but now Liu Xi rebelled and killed other parents and relatives. Once she reveals her identity, she is afraid of attracting a powerful killing, screaming, and fighting hard. For a time, the posture of the strong man rushed to the crowd, the blood screamed, the woman was in a green lake skirt, her eyes were sharp, and her face was like a frost. It was like a Luosha (means Roses), and it was a hot resort.

A burst of weapons, the Zhuge Yue a sword forced back three guards, but each side was blood-stained, the other side died and two injuries. Zhuge Yue’s chest was cut open by the sword, there is blood flow.

“Uncle!” The child shouted: “You are bleeding!”

Chu Qiao heard a knife and forced back a guard, flying into the air, a sidekick, kicked the middle of a guard’s chest. The man took one step and slapped on the floor.

“How are you?” Chu Qiao braced Zhuge Yue. The other person knew that he was very powerful. Most of the attacks he had just greeted him. At the moment, he saw Zhuge Yue’s chest, arms, and lower legs already having three injuries.

Zhuge Yue vomited a bloody spit and shook his head. His eyes were gloomy and his face was cold. His red lips became more red, and he stuck out his tongue and licked the blood on his lips screamed then said: “Can’t die.”

Suddenly, the sound of weapons broke behind him, and Zhuge Yue turned back to the sword.

At this time, the heavy rains poured into the sky, and the sky was bright and white. At the same time, Chu Qiao turned up, and the petite body passed through the arms of Zhuge Yue. The knife was centered on the other person’s heart, pierced, pulled, and then tried hard!

The trick of death is that in an instant they can even see the other person’s beating heart.

The thunder and thunderstorms, people did not think that these two people are so difficult to come, not many people, at the moment there are already more than a dozen people have been killed and injured, the people suddenly shocked. With a loud shout, only a large number of people are approaching in the distance!

On the outside of the outskirts, there are even a large number of guards standing in the dark like steel, blocking their escape.

“Xinger can’t escape.”

Chu Qiao raised his eyebrows slightly, and her mouth was surprisingly surprised. He smiled quietly and asked, “What should I do? Surrender?”

“Haha!” Zhuge Yue laughed loudly, and walked around waiting for the guards who had rushed forward to give them a fatal blow. They panicked and seemed to have been scared.

“What did you say?”

Then, the two men turned their heads together and looked at the huge camp hidden in the thick darkness.

There is, in the middle of the center of Liu’ Xis center, where they live, which is Liu Xi’s new generation of Liu’s master who planned the massacre!

The thief first smashed the king and their ideas were always unexpectedly consistent!
“Boy,” Zhuge Yue did not care about laughing: “Are you afraid?”

When the child was lying on his back, the initial fear had disappeared. He seemed to remember the bloody turmoil of last night. The parents died in front of their eyes, and all of their friendly and smiling relatives turned into a cold one on weekdays. The body of the body, uncle Uncle Meng carried himself out, but there are so many swords cut into his body, those blood spouting out, like boiling hot oil, the child clenched his teeth, eyes red, he sticks out white’s tender little fingers, pointing to those opposite, have even a hint of deep hatred in their voices.

“Uncle, it’s them!”

The children said with a screech: “They killed them and killed Moe’s sister, they are!”

“Xinyang Liu?” Zhuge screamed coldly and couldn’t enter my eyes.

Explore the hand, take out a small exquisite fireworks, and then open the hook lock, a bright brilliance instantly rushed into the dark night sky, blasting golden fireworks.

The siege man suddenly shocked and thought he was summoning reinforcements.

Zhuge Yue turned to Chu Qiao and said: “Even if we die here today, there will be people who will revenge on us.”

Chu Qiao shook her head and smiled: “We will not die here.”

Zhuge Yue said, laughing, and replied, “Okay, then let’s kill together!”

“Xinger! Capture the horse!”

The two men turned to attack in an instant, and they even smashed into the circle, and the detective took the horse, and the sharply turned over.

At the same time, the two riding horses were long, and Zhuge’s sword was inserted between the necks of one person. Only the other person next to him took the opportunity to attack the children behind him. Zhuge screamed coldly and shouted: “Despicable!” The other hand waved the scabbard and slammed across the other’s head.

The voice of the skull burst suddenly, Zhuge Li shouted, kicked a soldier who followed him, and shouted: “Xinger keep up!”

Immediately after kicking a kick on the horse stocks, the warhorse grew up and looked like a bloodthirsty mad tiger.

The encirclement of these guards, erected with flesh and blood, underneath his sword is fragile as if it were a thin layer of white paper. The wild wind raged with the mad dance, and there was a mysterious yellow space between heaven and earth. It was no place to shake up and shout!

“Protection Camp!”

A rush of screaming sounded suddenly, and someone panicked toward the center camp.

“Protect fewer clubs!”

“His goal is Shao Dong, kill him! Kill his warhorse!”

“Archer! Archer ready!”

There are shouts everywhere, panic shouts everywhere, and I don’t know that they were ambushed by the army. However, they knew that there were only three of their enemies. To be precise, there were only two people.

The blood rushed, and the rain was like a note. Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue were behind him, protecting the children behind him, and waving their weapons. Most of the offensives were blocked by the men in front, and at this moment, she had not been hurt by a trace. This night seems to be different, and by this time there is still no past meaning. The wind blew, groaning, they approached this silent big account little by little, the night wind whistling, blowing the curtain of the big account, she could even see the white fur carpet in the curtain, and in the dark night The smell of golden wings, so extravagant, tempting to sleep.

In the dark, there was a thunder of laughter a god and thunder spread throughout the land.

The heavens and the earth are melting furnaces, and everything is a salary carbon. Every thousand people are suffering from boiling oil, and the flesh and blood are separated, and the father and son are separated. The nobility is the heaven, the surname is the soil, the slave is the grass mustard, and there is no justice.

In the thick dark fog, a belief suddenly appeared as if the lamp suddenly rises in his mind. Chu Qiao gritted her teeth and saw the closer to the big account. Her heart suddenly rose with hot burning.

Overthrow everything, and then someone will hold up one of the blue skies.


Chu Jiao cut a guard’s arm, Chu Qiao forward without fear.

Half-life is falling, but she is always, firm as ever!


A thunder suddenly exploded, and the scalp of the crowd was numb. The hunting torch was lit and the smell of pine oil filled the audience.

At this moment, the child on the back of Zhuge Yue suddenly gave a loud cry, Chu Qiao looked up and suddenly fell like an ice gorge, the whole body was cold, and his face was pale and his brows were tight and his words could not be vomited. The grip of the knife is getting tighter and tighter.

Calm suddenly collapsed, and at that moment, hate, like a huge wave breaking through the levee, rushing into the sea.


CHAPTER 108 We can see Yan Xun


Rainstorms raging, the wind whistling, the world is fascinated, cold wind blowing through the bones, people back chills, lonely entrenched in the top of the head, those depressed, low, whistling rain as if the wolf’s Warcraft is generally crazy to wash with Everything in the world. The blade reflected the red light, with bloodthirsty bleakness, and a cold face reflected those different faces.

Moer’s voice was muted. The child was mad and desperately beat Zhuge Yue’s back. The family’s child finally tore the child’s innocence. He was like a beast that was forced into a desperate situation. A pair of red eyes, desperate howling.

“Xinger! Xinger!”

The child screamed hard, tears flowed, and the sound was like coyotes deserted by his mother. He held out his hand to face the soft little girl lying on the floor, swelled and swelled, swelled, and swiftly showered with rain. With his face, his eyes, and his body, everything is reddish, and the blood of his confluence grows into a red vortex on the ground. The heavy rain constantly erodes, and the bloody taste reverberates in the air, overflowing in the ups and downs. In the cold wind.

At that moment, Chu Qiao tightly grasped the knife in his hand. The lightning bolts in the sky exploded one after the other, and her face was bright and white. She breathed deeply, but she couldn’t restrain her body’s trembling. Her face was pale, her lips were bloodless, and her eyes were dark and bright. She suddenly remembered the child’s appearance when the child left. She smiled at herself and took care with her. She said, “I’m leaving, I’ll be back tomorrow.”

I’ll come back tomorrow…I’ll come back tomorrow…I’ll come back tomorrow…

A sorrowful grief rushed into the throat, she slowly raised her head, then jumped off the horse, threw the scabbard, raised the top of the sword, clasped her hands, her eyes so cold, coldly staring at the gold Yellow big account.

“Bad man! Bad guy!”

The child was still crying and Zhuge Yue also jumped off the horse. The man was very calm. He patted the child behind him and in a deep voice said:  “The kid, save some strength, tears to the enemy to see, is a coward’s behavior.”

Ouyang Mo stretched out his hand and wiped the tears from his face. It was only in his eyes that he could no longer see the simplicity and innocence of a child.

The body of the little Xinger was randomly thrown in a ditch in front of a large account. There was only a fatal knife wound on his body. He had already been white by the rain. Her eyes were wide, but there was no hatred, only that. There was panic, fear, fear and unbelievable worries. Her body was so small, she hadn’t wore shoes yet, and the pale little feet were outside her little skirt and she had a thin leg.

And she still held a dagger in her hand.

It was the time that Chu Qiao gave her.

Two middle-aged people lying beside her, a man and a woman, must be parents of the Xinger.

The cold wind blew, blowing the green skirt of Chu Qiao’s body, the luxurious skirt was soaked, and her body was tight, she looked up, took a deep breath, and then stepped forward. There is no hesitation or sorrow in the blink of an eye. It is the courage and perseverance of the past, but it destroys everything and destroys all faith and suffocates!

In an instant, the bright light of the knife, the terrible murderous, instantly flooded the audience. Chu Qiao’s whole person leaped in an instant, and a white knife cut through the darkness, slammed down, and killed all the doubtful voices and eyes.


The silence of the rainy night broke with sharp shouts, the wounded soldiers issued wild beastly tragedy, and the young girl tossed the weakness of all the women. At this moment, she was a warrior and a cold-blooded killing machine. Her knife was stuck on the soldier’s chest and under the force of her feet. She leaned forward and the knife edged on to the soldier’s body and sprinted forward.

“Enclose them! Protect the owner!”

Chaos, some people shouted, everyone’s eyes were maddening for a moment, and now they have become a shackle, as long as they are under the knife, it is a great achievement.

But this enthusiasm is just a flash, and in the next second, people are scared to find how funny their thoughts are because just as they hurriedly deployed, the other party has started a mad slaughter!

From beginning to end, they have never thought of running away!

A gorgeous knife cut through the void, and the two soldiers in front of the screaming back at the same time, one of them was even cut off a leg, bloody, screaming. A soldier touched it from the back and wanted to attack. Chu Qiao’s head did not return. He had a knife in his backhand and slammed into the heart of the man. The girl bowed slightly, stood in heavy rain, and stood in shape, then suddenly pulled out. A bloody spurt came out instantly, and all of them spurred her.

She had no wrinkles in her brows, her eyes were as cold as a hawk, and she was frightened when she went. Slowly stand up straight, and then dragging the sword, slowly walk forward.

“Catch her!”

One of the heads of the guards shouted again, Zhuge Yue gave a cold cry, picked up his arm, and only listened to the loud sound of the call, and the scabbard of the broken sword suddenly whistled away, and then jerked in a horrific manner. Pierced the guard’s stomach!

“Uncle, kill them!”

The child had no trace of fear, but he cried with red eyes.

After the cruel slaughter, even a child of childhood lost his original compassion and kindness. He waved his fist and shouted loudly, like a war-torn madman.

“The Shaodong family has orders, who can win the heads of these three people, and rewards taels of gold!”

A servant came out from the big account and told the crowd, but before he finished speaking, Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue rushed forward and jumped into the crowd, smashing time, a lot of people from all directions, countless hands and feet knives shot at them. However, the screams suddenly rose to the sky, almost for a moment, countless snoring resounded through the heavens and the earth, broken limbs spurting around, people are like wheat Falling to the ground, the cruel slaughter makes people’s hands and feet shake. No matter what the temptation of money, the crowd flew around, many people almost fled and fled, a blank area, only Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao stood side by side, looking with contemptuous eyes from the black crowd.

The man was covered in blood and calmly asked, “Are you still alive?”

“Can’t die.”

Chu Qiao looked coldly at the crowd in front of him and said in a screech: “You’re trying to pin down these people. I’ll enter the big account.”

Zhuge Yue smashed his brows and tried to refute them. He saw Chu Qiao’s shadow momentarily radiating like an arrow from a string.

Another round of fierce killing, Zhuge whispered, or a few steps to catch up, sweeping out a short space for her.


In the big Yellow account, Yan Xun frowned on the warmth of the couch, leaving only the original A’jing holding a knife standing aside, listening to the outside movement, screamed said: “Master, let Yan Xun shoot, this two people are very hard.”

Yan Xun gently rubbed his temples with his hands and said coldly, “No, these Liu Xi’s minions are here to stay.”

“However,” A’Jing frowned. “There can’t be no one in Liu Xi’s native country. We can’t do anything in Sui and Bian Tang dynasties.”

Yan Xun waved his hand and said lightly, “Be sure to wait.”


At this time, Chu Qiao had rushed to the front of the big account. Only five Liu Xi’s personal guards remained in front of her. However, she only looked at them coldly and then slowly extended her tongue. The blood on the cheeks, the careless attitude and the arrogance of not keeping everything in sight, completely destroyed the confidence of these people.

Then, once again, she raised the blade and was no exception to it. She was the perfect killing machine in the cold weapons era.

There was a silence in the big account, only to hear the smashing from outside, A’Jing sweated slightly on his forehead and finally couldn’t help but once again asked: “Little Dong…”

Yan Xun frowned and wondered why a trace of grief rose from the bottom of the heart. It seemed that something had been forgotten by him. It seemed that there was a voice that was mad at the bottom of his heart. But he could not hear what the voice was saying. The screaming outside was so loud that he remembered a lot of memories that he did not want to remember. Finally, he waved his hand gently and said, “Go ahead.”

A’Jing called for a tone and was about to speak.

But at this moment, a voice that was cold and snowy sounded suddenly, and it seemed as if an empty sword had broken through it. It broke through this dead night and shot a terrible sharpness between heaven and earth!

“Liu Xi! You get out!!!”

On the day he fled from the real city, under the canopy of the empty sky, Yan Xun said to himself that he would never fear anybody again and he would never fear any more. All the forces that stopped before him, will be ruthlessly torn by him. He will use his knife, his fist, and his strength to declare to the world that the king of Yanbei is back, and that all the sins and humiliations that have been imposed on him will be rewarded ten times and a hundred times.

At this moment, however, he was afraid. He didn’t even wear shoes, he jumped up from the warm couch so fiercely, and then he stepped forward and rushed to the door like a madman who ignored him.

“Shaodong family!”

The guards in the large account were shocked and rushed forward. A’Jing stopped Yan Xun. He did not hear the voice, but simply thought that his master was angry and rushed out to fight with the enemy.

“Master! Don’t be impulsive! That kind of person can’t make you!”

The sound of weapons and the sharp sound of iron collisions, Chu Qiao’s voice once again resounded: “Liu Xi! You get out!”

This time, even A’Jing was in the same place.

The strong winds were encouraged, and a burst of broken voice came at once. The curtain of the big account was cut open by a knife, and a lightning flashed across the sky. It exploded behind the woman’s back, and there was a whiteness between the heavens and the earth. Extremely tall and straight.

She stood in the doorway, her eyebrows were lightly disdained. She proudly held a sword, and the knife pointed straight at Yan, and the cold contempt: “Liu Xi, I did not expect it.”

Yeah, I didn’t expect it to happen.

The candlelight in the large account was blown out by the wind and rain outside. The faint light reflected on the woman’s pale face. At this moment, the language was no longer enough to express the mood of Yan Xun. He stood like a piece of wood, wanted an opening, but do not know what to say, but only frowning, looking deep into her, but a word can not spit.

Chu Qiao looked at him coldly, her tone was not humble, and there was no emotional fluctuation. She just pointed at him with a blade: “Betray Yanbei, betray Datong, kill the same sect, you said, should you die?”

At this time, the Yanweis who had hidden the big accounts were all dispatched. These soldiers who have experienced countless battles are naturally not the ones of Liu Xi’s guards. Everyone is dressed in black, wrapped in the face and hand-held weapon from the side. The two camps rushed out and surrounded Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao. The bow pickers were ready, but when they saw the woman at the station, everyone was surprised and they forgot to shoot.

Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao naturally cannot see this. Liu Xi’s guards have already retired at this time. The camp is silent and quiet.

“Xinger!” Zhuge Yue rushed forward, holding a sword in front of her body, and the other hand stopped in front of her, for fear that she rushed out to run and desperately. It’s just a simple gesture, but the protection doesn’t mean anything.

Chu Qiao looked at Liu Xi in the darkness and said in a screech: “Liu Xi, I’m taking your life on behalf of the big colleagues.”

Chu Qiao pointed coldly at him, and his expression was very calm: “If I can’t kill you today, he will also take revenge for him! The betrayer will be slaughtered and there will be no way out!”

With a bang, a flash of lightning crossed the sky, and the white man in the large account suddenly smiled. He looked up at the pouring rain, the shadows and the canopy of darkness. The smile was filled with mocking and bitterness.

Is this fortunate? She finally stood in front of her and was still completely trusting herself.

However, how should he face the current chaos?

God seems to have never been kind to him!

Chu Qiao suddenly glimpsed, his expression, this look, seems so familiar, but such a killing, her mind is somewhat rigid, some things, she would not think about it will not doubt.

She just frowns at the man in the darkness, and then with a knife, slowly, slowly, step forward.

With a bang, Yan Xun stepped forward.

At this moment, the man suddenly reached out his hand and gently waved to the left and right.

In the instant, everyone was shocked because the gesture was to let them go!

“Shaodong family!”

Liu Xi’s housekeeper panicked and stepped forward and in a deep voice said, “How can…”

The man’s eyes suddenly sharp and icy, and watched the housekeeper coldly. With anger, disgust, and even crazy killings.

Lin Guanjia’s back was cold, and he quickly turned his head to follow his instructions. He said to Chu Qiao: “The Shaodong family promised to let you go.”

Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue were surprised. There was no surprise in their eyes, but they looked at the strange man like a monster.

Lin Guanjiao impatiently shouted: “Cool! Do we still want to send you away?”

“Xinger, let’s go.”

Chu Qiao frowned, still puzzled looking at the dark big account, Zhuge Yue pulled her arm and said quietly: “Follow me!”

Before the attack on the center account was only a tactical reason, since at the moment they actually promised to let themselves go, then no matter what the reason, there is no reason to hesitate.

Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao rode on two horses without any owners. Zhuge Yue looked back at the dark, big bill and said quietly: “Liu Xi, if you fall in my hand, I will give you once.  You have a chance to survive.”

There was no sound in the darkness. When Chu Qiao was about to leave the horse, a sigh suddenly sounded softly, so tired, so helpless, as if the whole body’s strength was spit out of the body.

The man whispered: “Be careful.”

The voice was so small, so slight, but Chu Qiao still heard it. Her body suddenly shocked, and then rushed back.

The black oppressive soldiers were in the middle, and they could not see the figure of the man. The smell of the rain in their ears was full of dripping rain. The sound of thunder rang in a row, echoing back and forth in the open earth.

The cold wind blew her cold, wet hair, with a strong blood scent that was pungent and unpleasant.


Zhuge Yue slammed a cold tone and rushed away.

Chu Qiao’s brows were tightly locked. Finally, he turned his head and followed Zhuge Yue’s body, stepping on the mud and mud all over the place and rushing toward the camp.

The storm is getting bigger and bigger, and there was heavy breathing everywhere. The soldiers looked at each other and watched the enemy grow up. For a time, everyone had a short embarrassment.

“Little Lord!”

A’Jing turned and anxiously shouted, “That is a girl! How can you let the girl follow Zhuge Yue?”

“What else can I do?” Yan Xun turned his head and smiled bitterly. “Don’t take off the mask and tell A’Chu that everything is what I do?”

Clouds were dark, heavy rain continued, and the sun was dark. The long cold night was finally over.


CHAPTER 109 I can’t do it


In a cave, the three people took care of some dry wood, and the heavy rain outside was still there. After the fire, there was a slight warmth in the cave.

The three men took off their coats and fired next to them.

This night’s killing made them all exhausted, and even the child, who was sitting there quietly holding his knees at the moment, said nothing.

Chu Qiao looked very calm, the child leaned against her, and the tiny back was as thin as she seemed to think, and she seemed to think nothing. Just sitting like that, head on the cold stone.

Zhuge Yue seems to be unable to stand such a silent groan and boring. His brows are locked and he finally stands up and says: “The firewood is almost gone. I’ll go out and pick some back.” And then I walked out. .

“Zhuge Yue!”

Chu Qiao suddenly shouted in surprise.

Zhuge Yue said, looking back at her strangely and saying, “What happened?”

“No…nothing,” Chu Qiao looked slightly flustered. She shook her head quickly. “It’s okay.”

Zhuge gently picks a brow, said strangely: “You okay? Not without injury?”

Chu Qiao pulled a weak smile and said: “I’m really fine.”

Zhuge Yue nodded and said: “You are waiting here.” Just want to go, and then turned and said: “Look at the little guy, do not ….. Do not run around.”

“Well,” Chu Qiao nodded and said, “You go.”

Zhuge Yue turned away and went out, but just two steps out, Chu Qiao shouted again: “Wait.”

Zhuge Yue stood and saw Chu Qiao rushed forward a few steps and handed the broken moon sword (Canhong sword) to Zhuge Yue’s hand. Then she looked at the injury she was not too heavy. Then she looked at him brightly and said softly. :”Be careful.”

Zhuge Yue immediately froze, he saw Chu Qiao for a while, then nodded and walked out of the cave blankly.

However, just out of the cave, the man’s mouth suddenly showed a smile, as if he could not hold it any longer, his childishly rubbed his nose, facial lines gradually softened, eyes are so bright.

Zhuge Yue has gone so far. Chu Qiao is still standing. Her look is somewhat strange. She seems tired and seems very sorry.

She sat back next to the fire and touched the child’s head. She whispered: “Do you call me Mo?”

The child nodded but did not speak.

“Are you sad?”

The child still did not speak, Chu Qiao sighed slightly, she gently embraced the child’s young body and whispered: “I know, you are very uncomfortable.”

A teardrop suddenly fell and hit him on the back of his hand. The child sobbed and said intermittently: “Xinger …the Xinger…”

Chu Qiao’s heart was so sad at the moment, and the little girl with a bright smile seemed to have a knife in her heart.

“Mo’er, do you hate people?”

The child may not understand the meaning of hating the word, but he suddenly held tightly his fist and said wickedly, “Mo will grow up, he will work like his uncle and then kill the bad guys. .”

Chu Qiao suddenly didn’t know what to say. What could she say and when did she report it? Say that force cannot solve everything? She does not even dare to look at the child’s eyes. Her hands trembled with trembling. Her heart was so deep and deep that she could only gently pat her child’s trembling back and nodded. “You must work hard, even if you can’t kill the enemy, you can protect yourself. .”

“Mo’er will definitely kill them!” The child raised his fist with determination and then turned his head. He looked at her with innocence and asked, “Will you teach me, sister?”

Chu Qiao bitterly smiled and said: “In the future, you have to follow the uncle, listen to him and be a good boy. He will take care of you and teach you the skill.”

The child blinked and asked sharply: “What about that sister?”

Chu Qiao was shocked. She took a deep breath and made it easy to say, “My elder sister has the opportunity to come and see Mo.”

The child was really smart. He immediately surprised and clutched Chu’s sleeve tightly. Then he yelled, “Are you leaving?”

Chu Qiao shook her head and hugged her little body as if talking to him. It was as if she was talking to herself. The tone was so light: “You’re very unfortunate, Mo, but you’re lucky. Your parents when they dies in the hands of others, your enemies are very powerful and you cannot fight at all. You were also going to die, but some people are willing to save you. Although your home is gone, someone will take care of you and protect you from the future. At this point, you are very lucky.”

“But there are some people in the world. He is more miserable than you. His enemies are deeper than you. The enemies are even more powerful. He bears many years of humiliation. No one wants to help him. He can only work hard, be bullied and insulted., so the grudges in his heart are heavier than you.”

Chu Qiao smiled quietly, her hand was above the child’s head, her smile was so kind and even a bit compassionate. She said softly, “So whatever you do in the future, your sister will forgive you because your sister knows you have experienced it. What, why did you know what it was like today? But when you do something wrong, your sister will try to stop you.”

“Sister,” said the child loudly, “I’m not going to do anything wrong. I listen to my sister.”

“Good boy,” Chu Qiao said, clinging to her child and sighing low: “I hope you will remember your words today.”

The fire creaked and the child was a little sleepy. Chu Jo found some hay and let the ink lay down. After a while, there was a slight snoring from the child.

Chu Qiao looked calm and quietly looked at the child’s sleeping face. For a moment, she seemed to have returned to many years ago. After the massacre, the dilapidated leaky room, the young pale face, wrinkled The brows, and the lows they have lowered their voices together:

“Live, even if it’s like a dog.”

It has been so many years.

She picked up a branch and wrote a few words on the ground. It was so heavy that she seemed to have exhausted all her hard work.

Finally, she took a last glance at the cave and finally looked at the little child. Then she took a deep breath and headed out of the cave.

A burst of stirrups sounded. Then the horses rolled and the heavy rain fell.

Zhuge Yue soon came back. He even hit a rabbit. He smiled and walked into the cave. He just needed to speak, but he suddenly stopped.

“Boy! Kid!”

Zhuge Yue hurriedly awakened the child, ink rubbed his eyes, looked at him sleepily, and said: “Uncle.”

Zhuge Yue looked blue and quickly said, “What about Chu Qiao? What about her?”

“Sister?” The child frowned at his brow, pointing to the direction in which Chu Qiao was sitting. He said, “My sister is there, ah? What about sister?”

Zhuge Yue released him a few steps out of the cave, and sure enough the horse had already lost one.

“Uncle! There is a word here!”

Zhuge Yue hurried back and saw only a few lines of delicate characters next to the fire. His pens were very deep, which showed how complicated the mood of the people who wrote them was.

“I’m gone. I don’t have to look for me. I won’t go back to revenge and take good care of Mo’er.”

At the bottom of these words, there is a slightly messy handwriting: “Zhuge Yue, thank you.”

Thank you, thank you.

Does not kill grace, or help along the way, or take care of this child’s friendship?

Zhuge Yan suddenly screamed and kicked the fire that was hard to pick up. Mo’er stunned, cringing on one side, not afraid to come forward.

Zhuge Yue stepped forward and he would run out of the cave.

“Uncle!” The child was afraid he would throw himself and shouted, “Where are you going?”

Yeah, where is he going? Did you chase people? What qualification does he have?

Zhuge Yue suddenly smirked and immediately lost a thing in his hand, stood in an empty cave, looked up, breathing low, whispered taunt: “Zhuge Yue, you idiot!”

It was raining outside. This rain was enough to make another flood on the Chishui River.

Chu Qiao rushed in the cold rain, her mind was blank, everything was in tandem, she secretly embarrassed, she actually would be so stupid, we must see with my own eyes to understand everything.

Her blood was suddenly hot, her eyes bright and her breath was short.

Horseshoe sounds, crazy running in the mountains.

The grey sky was cold and I didn’t know how long she had been in a carriage. She finally saw the low valley.

The strength of the whole body seems to be disengaged instantly. She sat on the back of a horse and looked at the empty valley. The blood was cold in an inch.

Jumped off the horse and walked deep in the muddy water. Sure enough, in that place, I saw the young body of the Xinger again.

After two hours, a new grave was erected and buried beneath three innocent lives.

Chu Qiao stood in front of the grave and slammed the knife aside. Then she ignored the mess on the ground and froze down.

“Little Xinger, I’m sorry.”

Chu Qiao said in a low tone, the voice with a bit of powerless sadness: “Your elder sister can not avenge you.”


One of the heads slammed on the floor, splashing a large amount of muddy water. She just silently groaned, and she seemed to have so many words to say in her chest, but she knew that whatever he said would sound like a wonderful satire. Her hand clings to the grass of the ground and her eyes are tough, but tears are gradually flowing out. She did not know whether she was crying for the child’s death or for other things.

“Sorry, I can not do it!”

Her voice sobbed, then she suddenly stood up, climbed up a few times, and quickly headed toward Tang Jing.

Obviously, it should be afternoon, but the sky is so dark, there is a dark cloud over the sky, people can hardly breathe.

The wind blew through the woods and made a buzzing sound. Everything looked at the backsliding, including the little new tomb.

The stormy weather, the fallen leaves, the wet and cold days, when can it be sunny?

At the same time, the Tangjing City Gate outside the distance has been opened, and a gorgeous carriage has rushed out. The driver who drove the car was only 18 years old. He said to the person inside the car with a bitter face: “His Royal Highness, it will not be fast, and the horse will be mad!”

“Hurry up and hurry up!” The man in the wagon screamed loudly, and then ran out an enchanting face, a large red gown, like a wedding, a pair of Dan Fengyan slightly upward, and quickly said: “This time If you are still caught, you will order your two sisters to enter the palace.”

As soon as he heard the boy, his face looked startled and immediately he came to the spirit. He swung his whip vigorously and slammed it on the horse stocks.

The horse squeaked and quickly flew away.


CHAPTER 110 Li Ce’s escape to marriage


After a torrential rain, the lotus in a pool fell, leaving only the black branches tangled on the water surface. From time to time, the birds were light and swayed. The cold wind on the lake is bleak, and the long wooden bridge is built with ropes and planks. Although it is rough, it is natural and quite poetic.

The breeze slowly blossomed, the flowers blossomed, and the lakeshore was decorated with white flowers. The fish in the lake raised their heads and swept their tails gently, curiously looking at everything on the water. The sky is blue, and the tile is blue and blue. The previous heavy rain has passed. There is not even one cloud at the moment. The sun’s bright eyes are dazzling. Even though it is near dusk, it still shines.

Wooden bridge maze, a kiosk leading to the heart of the lake, above the water pavilion, a young man in a red dress standing alone in the center of the pavilion, his pockets fluttering, wide sleeves slightly open, breeze blowing, blowing his black Long hair and dark red clothes, red roses embroidered with blossoming red roses, like the beautiful flowers in the wind. But see a man jade face picturesque, high nose, slightly tipped eyes, looks stunning, at first glance will almost mistakenly believe that it is a woman, a pair of narrow eyes swept the people outside the booth lightly, and then, light The corners of the mouth, even the appearance, is full of three-point elegance, three-point noble, three-pointed glory, there is a real and unpredictable.


“Always let go! Or I’ll die for you!”

A sharp and incomparably noisy voice suddenly sounded, completely destroying the picture of such a mountain stalwart in a flash. Sure enough, I saw a man in red holding a heavy-backed knife and was trying hard to pick it up. In his own neck and gestures, but unfortunately, that little physique is not how this strength, two arms shaking and shaking for a long time did not lift the knife up.

“Well, I said to your Highness, we are not in a mood to control your life and death. Anyway, when the emperor spoke, live to meet people and die to see the dead. If you old people don’t come back with us, we’ll go and report there. .”

The young guardian in a navy blue robe leaned against a pillar outside the pavilion. He suffered a face and said to the man inside.

The man in red whispered and turned to his hate. He said, “Well, you, Lu Yunxi, I’ll always care about you for your money. Today, you dare to go down the stairs and wait for me to return to Beijing and you must catch your sister. ” Waiting for the bed.”

“Hey, Your Highness,” Lu Yunxi said with a dejected voice: “When I was unlucky enough to pick up this task, my older sister had already taken three unspoken sisters to Nian’an Temple, as long as you step forward into the forefoot. Tang Jing, they cut their feet to the back, and the shaved knives were all polished.”

“What?” The man immediately gave a glimpse of the color of anger on his face. He said in anger: “They would rather not even accompany the king’s spring when they would prefer to be a monk.

As soon as the voice just fell, the man turned his head and said to the big man in a brown clothes: “Tie Yuo is the enemy. Do you want to be against the king?”

“His Royal Highness,” the big man slouched on the wooden bridge, his head bowed, almost falling asleep, ambiguously saying: “I have no sisters.”

“I know!” said the man wickedly. “But you have a daughter!”

Tie Yuo sighed again, glaring at a pair of eyes without focal length, helplessly said: “His Royal Highness, my daughter just had a full moon yesterday, you are threatening me too early?”

Having said that, Tie Yuo shook his head helplessly and said depressed: “Even if you don’t drink the full moon, you will catch you this month.”

“Well, one by one wants to rebel!”

The man was mad at the screaming, staring at another young man who looked good and handsome, and said with a calm face: “Sun Ye, do you want to be against me?”

Sun Yu’s sneaked smile is extremely hooked, she said to the man with bright eyes: “His Royal Highness, although I have no sisters, but my mother has married four rooms for me, I am eagerly looking forward to seeing you all. Brought to the palace to serve you, it will be the honor of the minister.”

“His Royal Highness,” a weary voice sounded, and I saw a seventeen-year-old boy whose body was covered with erect muscles. The young man like a strong leopard yawned and said, “You have finished modeling. If we go downhill now, we will have time to go back before the Guanchengmen (name of fate) Gate, we can still have a seat in the evening.

“What jade flower floor!” The man said angrily: “I tell you, my confidence to escape this time is very firm.”

Everyone looked at him helplessly, and the ridicule in his eyes was enough for the Emperor of the Great Summer to run to the tomb of Yan Shicheng with shame. The meaning is very obvious: When did you not resolutely?

But the man still doesn’t have a hint of guilt or embarrassment. He frowned, and the righteously said: “I will not give in to the father’s glory!”

Tie Yuo sighed and posed a gesture of the elders. Good intentions discouraged: “His Royal Highness, the princesses of the people’s great summer all entered the city, and the messengers of various countries have also come one after another. You ran away at this time, if the Emperor will know it, he will be angry and discouraged.”

“That is, if you look at the Buddha’s face without looking at it, you can’t do it if you don’t look at it.”

“Yes, forbearance is calmness.” Take a step back and leave your highness.

“Shut up!” The man shouted, and the appearance of a defender was sorrowful: “I already have a favorite person, I must be idly waiting for her to come.”

The other four people disdain a grin, he has a favorite person? Unless Da Xia volunteers to praise the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties.

Lu Yunxi looked up at the sun and sighed. He said in a deep voice: “His Royal Highness, it is not early, let’s not waste time.”

The man dressed in an exaggerated red robe stepped back cautiously: “What do you want to do? I tell you, I told you to do it. You shouldn’t be too deceitful.”

Tie Yuo was clapping his hands and slaps. He stood up from the ground and walked casually, lazily, and said, “Work and work hard, live and go home and eat early.”

Sun Ye took out a long rope and shook his head helplessly: “It seems it can only be this way.”


“What are you doing? Don’t forget who you took over from you Xiao Luzi. When you lost money at the gambler, I redeemed you. Well, although I admit that it was I who set you up, But I’m not really telling you to cut off your hand!”

“And you, Sun Ye, you forgot your miserable situation when you were swept out of your mother’s house. Even in the brothel, you were on credit. The girls in the city looked down on you. If it weren’t me, you are still in the basement of Yihonglou (name of a place). This… this one, although you were swept out of your mother because I forced you to admit that the child in Qiu Tao was yours, but you also took up the money. A beautiful woman with a lot of water is now filled with your room. It is.”


A burst of miserable calls rang suddenly and broke through the sky. The birds and animals in the 20-mile radius escaped fear. The most honorable Prince Li Ce of Sui and Bian Tang sent a tragic cry on Yuping Mountain. He shouted loudly: “A group of unscrupulous bastards, I have to pay my usual flattery to you, even dragged me into the water at a crucial moment, you wait, sooner or later, one day, I want the women of your family to sleep in the house!”

A few uniforms, five tie-ups, and when the people sighed for a breath, they only heard a horse from the mountain and suddenly walked and walked along the mountain road. Like tourists, the horse walked and looked suddenly. A few of them, and then stopped and looked at it strangely, it seemed to be very curious to them, and the main thing was that on that horse, there was still someone.

The crowd immediately surprised and looked toward the man.

I saw that it was a woman. Although she was a messy woman, she could still see that her dress was very beautiful. She was dressed in a long green skirt. She had a thousand layers of skirts and surrounded by green flowers. She was exquisite and unassuming, her hair was long and black, and her hair was scattered. Behind it, it was a little messy, long leg and thin waist, tall and tall, and at first glance, it was a beautiful figure with a beautiful face.

It’s just that this beautiful woman’s current situation doesn’t seem to be very good, because she’s lying on horseback and seems to have slept.

“Oh? It’s like a lady who is sleeping.”

Although someone was tied tightly, it was still the key to the problem. He immediately looked at the people next to him: “There is a woman’s field, leave me some face, hurry up, and untie the rope.”

Tie Yuo looked at him and raised his eyebrow. “No way.”

At this moment, a gust of wind blew in and the woman’s long hair blew on her lips. Li Ce looked sharply, and after a moment’s glimpse, she immediately opened her mouth and shouted, “Women! Jojo! (this is Chu Qiao’s nickname from Li Ce) Come and save me! I am Li Ce!”

His voice was abrupt. Everyone was shocked, especially the horse. He hadn’t seen anyone on the mountain for a long time. He would be called by him. He thought it was a wolf and he was shocked. The hooves rise and rise up, screaming.

The maiden lying on its back was slamming on the ground innocently and rolled over one by one, still not lying down, and the unfeeling horse had already run away like a devil!


Li Ce surprised and suddenly changed his face, quickly shouted: “What are you doing? Not saving!”

The horse carriage of the Sui and Tang imperial family left the Yuping Mountain, a forest on the hill, and out of several middle-aged men in cyan short-sleeved military uniforms, all dressed in a pair of woodcutters, and one of them said to the other. Go back and tell the princes that the Prince had fled for the sixth time and was crazy about people. He was even more ridiculous than the rumors and was not scared. Everything was done according to the original plan.”


The man promised, and immediately he blew a whistle. Soon afterwards, a whole dark horse quickly rushed, and the man dressed by the widower turned to horse and then quickly fled.

When the wind blows, the trees on both sides of the mountain road are dripping green. After a heavy rain, everything is renewed and fresh weather is sent.

And Chu Qiao, who wanted to go to Tang Jing to look for Yan Shi Zi, was in a coma, and in this way she entered the business heart of this entire continent.

Sometimes, the world is so smart, you will mistakenly think that it is fake.

So when Chu Qiao awoke, she thought she was dreaming, so she waved out with a punch and angered, “How could I dream about him?”


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