Chu Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Lost Novels Chapter 091-100

hBased on the original novel 11 agents princess 

by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua

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CHAPTER 091  Your family gathers


Early the next morning, Chu Qiao decided to temporarily leave. The marriage of Great Summer and Bian Tang gradually subsided the domestic turmoil. In recent days, he will move back from Yundu to Zhen Huang in the near future. Once Xia summer’s footsteps stabilized, the following will certainly attack Yanbei in order to maintain the dignity of the empire. For the first time in 300 years, the Great Xia Dynasty suffered such a heavy blow. For the first time that it would have been conceivable for the tiger to leap like a frog over how enormous the anger would be to Yanbei. Prior to this, she had to go back to Yanbei and work side by side with Yan Xun.

But she can’t leave her sister alone. This point is the necessary principle for Chu Qiao to do things for others. She can be arrogant in treating the enemy. In order to achieve certain goals, she can use appropriate means, but for her loved ones and friends, she retains an absolute sincerity and maintenance. Even if she had no connection with the Jing family in nature, the snow that was cherished at the beginning, the care of the juice Xiang, and the small body of Jing Yueer made her irresistible sense of responsibility.

A qualified national agent may not have superb technical skills, no strong military skills, no strong physical fitness, no rich combat experience, but absolutely no sense of responsibility. She must have his own organization, comrades, and superiors. And even the country maintains high loyalty and has a clear and clear cognitive ability for the responsibility on its shoulders. Only in this way can she maintain a high belief and a tough psychological quality in a difficult and dangerous working environment, and it will be full of fighting. This is also the reason why M-country special agents who have strong high-tech assembly and huge wealth supply have repeatedly planted Israel’s Mossad. The problem is that the latter is a religious country, and their elites all have high national loyalty and religious beliefs. Such conditions make it difficult for them to shake and even defect in front of money.

And Chu Qiao, is such a person. Although she does not have religious beliefs, she has a firm life creed. No matter what to do, there is a clear bottom line, and this is the main reason why she rushed back to Zhenhuang to rescue the southwestern town government.

According to Chu Qiao’s knowledge, Zhan Ziyu will stay in Pengcheng City for two days and then continue to Tangjing. These two days are a golden opportunity for her to find ways to rescuing her Jing brothers and sisters.

One morning, when the day was still not bright, someone knocked on the door in a low voice. Chu Qiao sat up and put on the coat and opened the hatch. At the entrance of Jingshen Station, there is a slight crampedness. She is followed by a woman of a young age. She is also in her early 20s. She has a beautiful eyebrow, although she is not beautiful, but her body is excellent, her bumps are high, she is tall, even wearing it’s  beautifully, its hard to hide the aura of slaves.

“Jing Yue’er, bother you to rest, a little earlier.”

Jing Zhi Su rushed to pick up the hand, and some embarrassed smiles, Chu Qiao shook her head politely and said: “Come on, I have long woken up.”

“Zi Zhen went out with Miss Wu last night, and hasn’t come back yet. When she comes back, I will bring her to see you.”

Liang Shaoqing stood aside, and some curiously looked at the Jing Zhi Su, and they saw them coming over. They quickly wrote a very angry book: “The two girls are good, Xia Liang Shaoqing, the word…”

“Less wordy, go out and give us the wind.”

Chu Qiao said coldly, Liang Shaoqing stunned, just want to oppose, see Chu Qiao’s eyebrows vertical, suddenly no fire, don’t twist out of the door, whispered: “There are a lot of people who know.”

When the door was closed, Chu Qiao suddenly smiled and said: “Two sisters please sit.”

“Jing Yue’er, this is your four Uncle Jinlian back at your home, when you were little I went to hold you, do you still remember?”

Chu Qiao can only smile and laugh out, how can she remember, not to say that she is simply a counterfeit goods by the corpse, even if it is really Jing Yue’er, I am afraid I will not remember such a small time.

Three people sat there, and for a time they didn’t know what to say, and the atmosphere was awkward. That Jinlian seems to be very introverted, but from time to time, quietly look at Chu Qiao with his eyes, and dare not come forward to talk, it seems very courageous. Chu Qiao looked at him carefully, seeing his thin body, under the collar between the neck, there seems to be a whip marks that marks he was beaten, although he tried to cover up with a shirt, but still a small part of the exposed.

It seems that they are not here to do well. Chu Qiao silently remember in mind, to take them more thought of walking.

Jin Lian looked around and suddenly opened his mouth and smiled softly. The voice was small, with a few minutes, said: “Yue’er, you are so good, there are beds, there are windows, quilts. Not too wet.”

Jing Zhi Su also laughed and said: “Although the age of young children is small, but have the ability. I went back to Jinlian and said that the young man who acquainted Chen Shuang’s gang is our sister. She still refuses to believe it, oh, don’t say her. Even I can’t believe it now, it feels like dreaming, month, you have learned the hard work, right?”

“Well,” Chu Qiao nodded and said: “Learn a few tricks to defend yourself.”

Jin Lian boldly said: “You do not know, when Chen Shuang was closed that day, we are all happy and dead.”

“No wonder Yue’er once lived in the upper cabin, there is a skill.”

Chu Qiao saw their happy appearance, and the heart also raised a few warmth, she asked gently: “Sissy sister, what do you do now? Where do you live?”

“We are doing cleaning cleaning activities, living in the next cabin, last month or 20 people Datong (means Chase) shop, but a few days ago has been changed to 12-room, or took care of the Caisin (means Bokchoy or Pak Choi).There are five madiservants and Miss Wu’s body is very pampered.”

“Yeah!” Jin Lian said excitedly: “She is just like you, and she lives in the cabin. Together with the other three superiors, Miss Wu is kind, and the five ladies are very close. On her behalf, we also suffer a lot of bullying.”

“Is it?” Seeing the joy of the two of them, Chu Qiao also echoed with a heartfelt voice: “That is amazing.”

Jing Zhi Su said: “Miss Wu also gave a set of clothes made of silk to Jin Lian. I haven’t touched such a slippery material for many years. Miss Wu likes him very much. If she is not happy, she will marry him for a good marriage. As long as she can marry a superior hand or a cook, she will be blessed in her life.”

Chu Qiao’s gentle smile, but suddenly a little bit of sadness in her heart, she looked at the wounds of Jingsu and Jinlian, slowly sighed, turned back and took the last remaining wound medicine from the medicine box. Said: “Don’t talk about other people, I will give you some medicine.”

Jing Zi Su suddenly surprised a moment, some embarrassing want to cover up, but her wounds are in the neck and face, simply can not conceal. Her awkward smile: “The wrong thing the day before yesterday, was the palm of the hand penalty, tired Jin Lian also blocked me a few times, nothing, it is better.”

There are such things everywhere, the aristocracy oppression of civilians, civilians bully slaves, but also from top to bottom between slaves and slaves, Chu Qiao also did not say anything, giving the medicine for them said: “”Two sisters, you want this When is the slave a lifetime? Have you ever thought about leaving?”

Jing Zhi Su surprised a moment, blankly asked: “Leaving?” A purple sable, asked awkwardly: “When are you leaving? We don’t have a status book, there is no money, and there are no relatives who can go to work. If you don’t go out, will you be arrested again? If you change another person’s family, it’s not necessarily better than Zhan household. In fact, Zhan’s treatment of slaves is already very good. Except for Miss Zhan Zikui, her temper is a little bad, and the rest are very good. The younger son is a easygoing.”

Speaking of this, Jing Zhi Su suddenly surprised a moment, fierce turned and asked: “Yue’er, are not you ready to flee?”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, quickly shook her head.

“This is fine,” Jing Zhi Su touched Chu Qiaotou’s head and said: “Although you have the ability, but do not impulsive act, you could have sold to Yu Zi Master the youngest son,  you can’t save yourself from being caught in the future.” Live. This world is not alive with us. Now our sisters are hard to reunite, don’t take risks. I just hope that we can work together carefully and carefully to the master, not to make a big mistake. ”

“Yes, I heard that in Bian Tang that there are wages for slaves. If Zhan moved back to Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties in the future, we might have to pay for it, which is much better than in the Daxia (Great Summer Empire).”

At this moment, a sudden noise came from outside the door, Chu Qiao frowned, went forward, just opened the door, a sharp voice rushed into the ear.

The woman did not care about the entrance of Chu Qiao, the probe looked inward, and saw Jing Zhi Su and Jin Lian at first glance, and suddenly said: “The little hoof of shameless face! Sure enough, this man is coming, seeing that I am not jealous of you. skin!”

Jin Lian suddenly looked like a earthy color. He stood up and stood up like a Jing Zhi Su who is pale. He stood up and said, “Small Xiao Yun, we, we just came and sat down.”

“Two little sly sluts, dare to speak, give me, get out!”

Liang Shaoqing at this time stuck a head from behind, frowned and said: “This girl, how can you export the wounded?”

Xiao Yun went back and looked at Liang Shaoqing with a glance, but there was no rebuttal on his mouth. However, when Jin Lian passed her side, she reached out and twisted Jin Lian’s arm and screamed: “Go fast. Do you want me to recite you?”

Jin Lian screamed and was pulled by the Jing Zhi Su and quickly nodded and Xiao Yun apologized, and Jin Lian was tearful, and he couldn’t say a word with his arms timid.

Xiao Yun snorted and glanced over the faces of Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing, a look at what you can do.

Chu Qiao’s double eyebrows slowly wrinkled, and the footsteps unconsciously stepped forward. At this time, Jing Zhi Su suddenly came forward, blocking her, and apologizing to Xiao Yun, while reaching out to secretly hold it down Chu Qiao’s hand.

Until the few people left Jing Jing Su, Chu Qiao did not say a word, she sat on the couch, head down, chest ups and downs, tightly frowned.

Liang Shaoqing saw her feeling bad, did not dare come forward to disturb.

After a long while, the outside was completely bright, and there were more and more people on the deck. Liang Shaoqing finally whispered: “Little Joe, are we going today?”

“Go,” Chu Qiao whispered. As she stood up, she walked out of the cabin and said, “You should eat something first, and I will go to the lesser master.”

When she passed the deck, she saw Jin Lian. He was on the ground, holding a rag, rubbing the deck at the stern, and seeing Chu Qiao far away. The happy eyes lit up and quickly turned back. After a while, I saw Jing Zhi Su trotting from behind, happy to wave to Chu Joe, not happy at all.

hu Qiao stood in the same place, waving at them and watching them happy, suddenly felt very heavy.

She took a deep breath and no longer thought about it, she went up to the cabin. When she climbed the stairs, she saw a small boat parked under the big ship. The light canoe was simple, but it was very delicate, so that there was a fine and elegant atmosphere.

It seems that there are outsiders boarding the ship, and Chu Qiao did not care. Perhaps the next two people on the big ship came to report things and went straight up.

Seeing the jealousy around Zhan Ziyu, Chu Qiao respectfully explained the intention. After a while, the cockroach came out from the inner cabin and looked at Chu Qiao strangely and said: “You come with me.”

Chu Qiao went all the way to the inner cabin and stood at the door of a room. Xiao Yan said: “The master will meet you, you will have to wait.”

Chu Qiao nodded, quietly waiting.

After a while, there was a rang in the cabin. It seemed that someone came to the door. Then there was a clear voice coming out. There was a male voice out of Zhan Ziyu’s voice, which sounds very familiar.

When Chu Qiao tried to think about who was coming, the hatch door had been opened, and Chu Qiao looked up carefully and looked at it, but he took the time to scalp and almost escaped!

The man is covered in dark green robes, brocade suits, eyes like a star, a strong eagle hook nose, it seems a bit gloomy, even if it is a smile, it also makes people think that this man is full of heart. He looked at him casually. There were only Chu Qiao and the little scorpion outside the cabin. Like a mountain Chu Qiao had quickly converged all her expressions and bowed her head, but she was still hit by the other side.

Suddenly surprised man, his brow wrinkled tightly, his eyes burning Chu Qiao looked, and then reach out and provoke her chin, eyes like a sharp eagle, tightly staring at her.

“Little prince?” Zhan Ziyu slightly surprised a moment, softly cried.

Chu Joe raised his head like a life, avoiding the man’s hand, and then respectfully worshipped: “The slaves please the master.”

“Slave?” The man looked up and down to Chu Qiao, then suddenly smiled: “A good Peugeot slave!”

Zhan Ziyu said: “The little prince laughed, after her sister came back I must tell him the original words, tired little prince took a trip and was really uncomfortable.”

“Zhan Ziyu was kind. When you say that I have not had time to send you back to Bian Tang, this time I meet on the river, it is also fate.”

“In the next mediated grass-roots people, how can we be annoyed by the young little prince who sent me or else  kill me.”

“Haha,” the man haha ​​laughed: “Master Zhan Ziyu has always been an elegant figure.”

Little Prince eyes were slightly picked, and Chu Qiao, who was looking at the side of the eye, said: “Little slave, what is your name?”

Chu Qiao nodded, quiet voice said: “The slave named Little Joe.”

“Little Joe, little Joe,” the little prince laughed: “It’s a good name.”

After all, striding and leaving.

Everyone suddenly surrounded the two sides and sent him to the door with respect and respect. When he was completely quiet all around, Chu Qiao slowly raised his head and his head was cold and sweaty, and he took a long breath.

She knew that all her plans had to be stopped right away, and she had to leave immediately, no matter what the reason, no matter who needed her help, she had to go immediately.

Because the person who went out before is her old acquaintance, Little Prince – Zhao Song.

When everyone came back, everyone was strange. Just present was not only Zhan Ziyu, but also Uncle Gu’s grace, Miss Zhan Zifang, and Sixth Miss Zhan Zikai, but at this time with the return of second Miss Zhan Zikui even more like a sunflower.

Zhan Zifang first asked: “You know little Prince?”

Chu Qiao frowned, only bite the bullet said: “do not know.”

“Then why did he look at you differently?”

“This, slave do not know.”

“Isn’t it?” Zhan Zikui frowned and looked at Chu Qiao. She thought for a long while and said: “Isn’t the rumor outside is true?”

Zhan Zifang surprised a moment: “What the hearsay?”

Little princes is a good man!

Chu Qiao heard the words, suddenly his throat swallowed, only to listen to Gu Gong’en side of the interface said: “If this is the case, we must change the strategy, and the five sisters to entertain him, maybe not enough.”

When this statement came out, everyone’s eyes were on her body, and Chu Qiao only felt cold and cold.

“Well, I am coming, come with the lesser master, and the lesser promised me. After the boat is docked, I will let me go.”

“No!” Zhan Zikui said first: “Why let you go?”

Zhan Ziyu frowned: “Second sister, this matter is my decision.”

“This time and for a while,” said Zhan Zikui: “Little Princes actually rushed up. It was not appropriate for us to say hello when we left. This time we return to Beijing, we urgently need a backing to rely on the mountain, and finally have such an opportunity. How can we not catch it?”

“But a few joke, why do you take it seriously?”

“Even if we are jokingly said that we have done enough to show our attention to him.” Zhan Zifang said, then turned to look at Chu Qiao and said: “You, go back and pack up, prepare for it, go ashore, follow me go visit Little King prince. “

Chu Qiao slowly frowned, his eyes slightly pick, slantingly looked at a few people in front of him, endured the anger of the morning and arched an arch. What are you doing, and give yourself to these big men?

Just then, suddenly heard a burst of rapid footsteps outside the door, before that maidservant out of breath run out, a push the door, panting and said: “less master, Miss, Second Miss, Uncle, Miss Six, that … that Little King Prince, he is back!

“What?” Everyone glimpsed together, Gu Gongen asked, “What is he doing again?”

“He brought a lot of bags and a lot of servants, saying yes, saying he was staying on our boat and going to Beijing with us!”

Hey! The tea cup in Zhan Zifang’s hand suddenly fell on the ground, and everyone looked at each other with surprises. They looked at each other for a long while and finally turned their eyes to Chu Qiao’s face!

Chu Qiao’s time only felt dizzy, she knew that the escape plan was completely blown up.


CHAPTER 092  Take the lead


Have to say, Chu Qiao’s Little Prince impression has been poor, from the first meeting at the school, the evil man with her inexplicable hatred, the next few meet, both are also in a  tug of war. The powerful prince does not seem to deal with swaddling, even with it, he has been squinting at Chu Qiao, repeatedly confronting each other, and his beard is quite entangled.

At the time of the Daxia Emperor’s birthday feast, he did not have a palace, and avoided the turmoil. For the relationship between King Little Prince and the court, Chu Qiao was always looking at the flowers in the fog, so for this little prince, she never figured out the details. 

For example, now she can’t understand why this man came to Zhan in a hot head, and knew that she was not revealed, but there is one that can be sure that this man is absolutely uneasy about her.

Moved all of his things out and set them up in the same way. When finished all of this, the sky was already dark and the ship was already docked. Chu Qiao’s heart troubles can be imagined, but she still barely looked back, looking at Jing Hao’s sullen face, and resisted the temper and asked: “Little prince, is there anything else?”

“Yes,” Little Prince slanted and smiled, his face was evil, and his head was erected with a white jade crown. It looked very neat and handsome: “You will pack everything up and put it back.”

Chu Qiao did not move, and even laughed and laughed too much. She stood in the same place and threw down the things in her hand. The woman frowned at him coldly and said: “What do you want to say?”

The King’s Little Prince took the nose and proudly said: “Is there a slave who talks to the master?”

“Is there a master who you are not so tempered?”

“Hey,” King’s Little Prince stood up, and as he walked forward, he smiled and shook his head: “Little Joe, you should be glad that you met the master. I don’t care about, if you changed becuase of the bad people you can’t stand here like  Zhao Che or Zhuge Yue that you have to pack things at this moment.”

Chu Qiao raised his eyebrows: “Why not reveal me?”

“Why should I expose you?”

“I heard that the outside bounty has risen to hardware, and then killing me as a traitor, isn’t it a great achievement?”

“No interest,” The King’s Little Prince shook his head and smiled. “I am wondering. How did a slave who was swallowed from the rubbish in the early days become a baby?”

He looked up and down to Chu Qiao and smiled. “You are really good at wearing men’s clothes. Little girl, I haven’t seen you for a few months. You not only hit the Zhao family, but also let the king feel the heart.”

King’s Little Prince suddenly stepped forward one by one took Chu Qiao’s waist and his eyes went down: “I appreciate your legs.”

Chu Qiao frowned and leaned back slightly, said screamed: “Let go!”

King’s Little Prince was full of evil smiles. According to the hand on Chu Qiao’s waist, he tapped his head slightly and shook his head and said, “No.”

“You’re welcome without letting go.”

“What do you want?” King’s Little Prince smiled: “Imagine beating like Li Ce.

King’s Little Prince a pair beautiful sword eyes slightly narrowed, with a child’s play luster, gently picked his brows and laughed: “Do you think that comparing me with the kind of stallion is a big insult to me? ”

Chu Qiao snorted and kicked his leg. King’s little Prince had already expected that the shot would be like electricity. Chu Qiao’s right hand grabbed the thigh kicked by Chu Qiao and forced it to the waist side, slamming hard, then a pair of eyes shows an inntoxicated look: “It feels so good.”

“Hey!” Chu Qiao suddenly became furious. This man usually plays pigs and eats tigers. He often provokes a wave of enthusiasm. He did not expect himself to be a good hand. He used to be a small man.

Before the hand was thrown, a small handcuffed the hand knife and slammed it. He didn’t want the scene, but suddenly the whole person rushed up. Chu Qiao was too close to him. He couldn’t push him away for a while, and he was pushed to him. The pressure of death is below. The King’s little prince probes up, open mouth to kiss Chu Qiao’s ear beads, Chu Qiao suddenly went to the left side, King’s little prince fluttered empty, but the face did not change the strong sniff, said: ” So sweet.”

“Looking for death!” Chu Qiao snorted, kicking his leg to his then reached out and blocked, horrified and shouted: “Little Joe, do you want to ruin my happiness for the rest of my life?”

“I want you to die!”

The King Little Prince sees the move, I don’t know if Chu Qiao’s recent injuries are often physically weak, or whether he is familiar with such entanglement and stalking, he has not eaten anything.

“As the saying goes, the poisonous woman’s heart, I have a deep understanding today.”

When the two of you came to me to fight, the door was suddenly pushed away without warning. The two were shocked and looked up from the messy quilt. They looked up saw someone. She saw the Zhan’s young ladies Zhan Zikai and Liang Shaoqing’s two big eyes went on narrower eyes, and they looked at the scene in the room so doubtful.

King Little Prince, after all, is a long-time person, and he doesn’t know much about the origin of the little girl who is always standing behind Zhan Ziyu. At one time, he was annoyed and slowly frowned: “Who told you to come in?

“You? You?” Zhan Ziyu’s tender white fingers twitched at the two men, and the eyes were red when they arrived, suddenly shouting: “How can you do this?”

Liang Shaoqing is also filled with indignation, daring and pointing at the scene, shouting: “You are a beast!”

When this was just an exit, Chu Qiao suddenly was shocked, and it was only when Zhao Song’s face changed, and the gloomy cold voice said: “Great courage!”

King’s little Prince (Zhao Song) is different from Li Ce. He can’t just make jokes. At this moment, his life will master his hand. When there is no way to escape completely, Chu Qiao doesn’t even dare to put down his hands to prevent him from being annoyed. At this moment, the nerd beams suddenly sings out such a sentence, isn’t that looking for death?

“She is Miss Zhan, she is my friend, you can’t hurt them!”

King’s Little Prince slowly turned his head and looked at Chu Qiao coldly. The evil charm smiled: “Give me a reason, why I should not hurt them?”

Sure enough, Chu Qiao suddenly in a language plug, because even herself, at this moment is like the lamb to be slaughtered by others.

Chu Qiao took a deep breath: “Because they are my friends,”

The girl’s eyes were firm and she looked at King’s Little Prince calmly. She said slowly: “Unless you kill me now, even if you hand me over to the Daxia Zhao’s royal family, as long as I am not dead, I will definitely come back to take revenge. I said it was done.”

King’s Little Prince seriously looked at Chu Qiao, after a long while, suddenly laughed: “Joe, I’m really more and more reluctant you.”

At this time, Zhan Ziyu suddenly grabbed his mouth and turned and ran out. Chu Qiao frowned and wanted to go out. He heard the sound of Little prince voice faintly said: “You don’t want to run away, my people have already taken care of this ship closely. Even if you can go, you must not take your scholars and friends, and Master Zhan Ziyu is good to you, you should not be tired of him.”

Chu Qiao stood in the same place, walked sideways about to go out. She look at the eyes of the enchanting charm, the man sitting in the bed wearing a very sly smile.

“As long as you stay honestly with me, follow me to Tang Jing to join the excitement, I guarantee you safe and sound.”

Chu Qiu did not say anything, turned and walked out of the door.

At this moment, she suddenly knew what Zhao Song had intended.

The independence of Yanbei is a heavy blow to the Great Xia Empire, but it is a blessing to all the feudal monarchs who have been facing the danger of being cut down. King Little princes great influence, so many years has been the crux of the Zhao royal family, and now with Yanbei in front they can breathe, sit on the tiger waiting to see the opportunity. Chu Cho, is an important figure between the two parties. She has her hand. It can not only clamp the swallows when Yanbei gains momentum, but also invites rewards when the big summer gains momentum. Why not do it.

But why should he take him to Tang Jing? Don’t you be afraid of being buried by someone else? At this time, the good way to handle it is not to secretly send her back to Zhao Song’s bed chamber?

At this time, Chu Qiao has come to the deck, looked around, but did not see Zhan Ziyu’s figure.

However, the people who came and passed by, but they all cast strange eyes on her, and she saw her, and hurriedly bowed her head, for fear of being seen by her.

Chu Qiao had no choice but to smile. It seems that he is the news of Zhao Song’s male pet, and it has been widely spread and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

“Little Joe!”

A cry suddenly came from behind, and Liang Shaoqing came up with a strange look. He whispered, “How is he doing to you?”

Chu Qiao pushed him impatiently and said, “Don’t bother me.”

Chu Qiao is upset, and there is no other meaning in this statement. However, I heard that Liang Shaoqing’s ears were completely changed. I saw that the nerd suddenly felt like the grief of being robbed of money. He was full of touches, his eyes lit up and picked up a stick, and he turned to the room of Jingjing. Going, walking and saying: “I am going to fight with him!”

“You are crazy!” Chu Qiao grabbed him and frowned: “You have a problem with your head!”

Liang Shaoqing eyes flushed, it seems like to see it cry out: “He bullied you!”

“He did not bully you!” Just finished speaking,  Chu Qiao realized that he had a language problem. She took the stick in the man’s hand and said, “How do you fight with others? What do you want to fight with others?” You can’t even beat me, but how do you play with so many people? You are Peopl’s princes!”

“What about the Prince Yan Xun? He should be reasonable! The emperor fights the law and common people with sin, not to mention he is a district prince!”

Chu Qiao shook her head, thinking that she could not communicate with this man, and she would like to ask him which Emperor he had seen from the past to now had been severed his head. He felt that it was not constructive to discuss such problems with the bookworm. Shaking his head and stick the stick back to his hand, weakly waved: “You go hard with him, kill one less one.”

Finish, turned around and went to his own cabin. Who knows just turned a corner to see the little girl named Xiao Yun slapped in the face of Jin Lian, inlian carrying a bucket of water, slamming on the ground, all the water sprinkled on his body, and he was embarrassed.

Chu Qiao smashed the fire all day, and the seven-year-old smoke that had already been angry was no longer able to endure. At the moment, he grabbed Xiao Yun’s collar and hit three slaps and slammed her. Chu Qiao’s eyes of Venus and Xiao Yun’s nose and face swelling.

“If you dare bully him once more, I’ll kill you!”

One foot kicked Xiao Yun down to the ground, Chu Qiao pulled up Jin Lian, turned and walked to his cabin, and then stayed behind for a while.

Back to the room, Chu Qiao full of anger, wash a face towel to Jin Lian face. Jing Zi Su not around, Jin Lian seems to be afraid of this woman disguised as an extraordinary man of martial arts for a long time did not meet and was rumored to be in relationship with King’s Little Prince Zhao Song. He carefully looked at her, but one word did not dare to spit.

After a long sigh of anger, Chu Qiao gradually subsided. Her temper is very bad today, and her mood is very bad. She has not been like this for many years. Perhaps it is because of the calm life in recent days, there are not so many worries and intrigues, let her relax her vigilance against this lonely Sui and Bian Tang nobles, never considered any resistance if she wants to leave. So suddenly, under the disappointment, it will be so annoying.

Now the situation is very bad, bad to her some helpless. She raised her eyes and looked at the opposite of Jin Lian. An evil mind suddenly came out. Perhaps she should ignore this and slip away and immediately return to Yanbei. The idea was like a mad poisonous snake, screaming in her heart, seducing her, and sweating her palms. Now on the shore, the sky was immediately dark, and she did not believe she could not escape the King’s little Prince guards under her full familiarity with her abilities. However, she remembered again resorted to the harsh tactics of Little Prince Zhoa Song. If she really escaped, Zhan Ziyu may not be an obstacle, but Liang Shaoqing is absolutely unavoidable. At this thought, she took a deep breath and pressed the idea down.

Even if you want to go, she must find opportunities to leave with Liang Shaoqing.

At this moment, someone suddenly knocked on the door, Chu Qiao slammed, opened the door, but suddenly saw the terrible smile of Miss Zhan Zifang.

Zhan Zifang stood in front of her with a smile, holding a big tray in her hand, and said with a smile: “Liang Xiao brother, I have already seen that you are a talent, and Qing Shu died for so long. A housekeeper, I have discussed with them, and everyone agrees that this position is not for you.”

After all, pull down the red cloth on the tray, and a heavy key and account book suddenly appeared.

Chu Qiao stunned, looking back and glanced at Jin Lian, then turned his head to point to his nose and asked: “I?”

“Yes,” said Zhan Zifang with a crowd of people, far behind even Gu Gong-en and others: “In addition to you, who else can do? You do not refuse.”

Catch the tray to Chu Qiao’s hand, Zhan Zifang laughed: “In this way, I was relieved.”

There are strange things every year, this year seems to be particularly large.

Zhan Zifang brilliant smile, a moment, the lights shone behind her, actually a bit divine light.

In the distance, suddenly there was a sound of a sound, and Zhan Zifang turned back and smiled: “It is the five sisters who came back, Liang Guan family we went to pick up Miss Wu.”

Chu Qiao picked up the tray and was about to quit. She only heard a series of rushing shouts shouting from afar: “Lesser master! Big things are not good!”


CHAPTER 093  Horse Mud


On the Tai’an Road in the rainy weather, a horse riding a thick golden Royal carriage is running wildly on the main road. The western bloody horses of Xibei desert kicked the snow on both sides from time to time. The small vendors on the street were rushing to go back four times.

Some unsuspecting people whispered to the vendors who walked on the streets for a long time, and saw the bald little traders who planned to buy and sell fireworks for the past year, carefully looking at the carriage that could only see a snow-white horseshoe whispered: “Grand Duke Zhao Ming defeated. There is a saying that the trees are falling apart. You look at the prestige of their home. Now… Hey, have you not seen the patrols on the streets these days? In the chaos of the party, Yanbei had a great trouble in the north. The main son of the holy palace reminded the world (Yan Xun) that no one was diligent, and was forced to move to the capital. Now he is back. Do they still have a good life?

The passerby sighed and asked: “Is it going to fight? Is Zhen Huang sending troops to attack Yanbei?”

“God knows!” The hawker (secret traders from Yanbei) sobs, patting his face and slowly says: “But in my opinion, Yanbei is not too provocative.

“It’s going to die!” A screaming bang suddenly sounded, and a woman with a heavy makeup sneaked up and screamed: “I said this in front of my house, how much is my head long? Carefully the old lady puts you all one by one. Send it to Fu Yin!”

The two men looked at each other with care, took away the goods they were carrying, and quickly left, waiting for the distance, not forgetting to look back, squinting at the gorgeous woman, dismissive spitting: “Smelly bitch!” Then he went away.

A woman in the red dress next to her face was angry and she was going to catch up, but she didn’t want to be pulled by the woman. A little maid sigh for a moment, hate the channel: “Hong Yi, it is so cheap for them, I went back to the roots and they all came over, interrupting the two dog legs that kill thousands of knives!”

“Forget it!” Hong Yi sister raised her hand and rubbed her temples. Face was covered with strong rouge, which seemed a little kitsch. However, under a closer look, there are a few bright colors that are difficult to hide. If you don’t need such a thick powder to cover up, you will be gorgeous: “Zhan Zifang will start. Let’s see, Zhao Ming’s father is kind to me. I didn’t save Mr. Jing’s blood in the past. This time, even if I’m going to fight for it, I must save the children of Grand Duke.”

The two put on the cloak, and the little cockroach hit a bamboo umbrella. The master and the servant gradually disappeared into the heavy rain of the sky, and only a series of footsteps were gradually buried in the snow.

This winter is especially cold. On this day, the frost fell into the city and there was even a huge hail. The old man in the city said that there was some embarrassment under the rain this year. At this time, peach blossoms were opened.

The Hong Yi sister in the crowd stood in a large cloak with a bamboo umbrella on her head and a cold smile. At this time, I heard the scholars who had a few words on the other side shook their heads and said: “Grand Duke Zhao Ming’s family, died!” Who knows that the voice has just fallen, and the crowd has emerged as a big man like a wolf. The nerd was set up, and the mouth screamed and went out.

Crowd for a time of quietly, red sister turned a glance that a few people’s boots step on the ground imprint, above South City soldier horse priest clearly printed. At this time, Zhan Zifang standing in the high platform was in his fifties. The court squatted slowly, and the head of the moon was swayed in the court. It was swaying. Although the palace was a low-ranking slave robes, but in the eyes of ordinary people, there is no such thing as a nobleman. 

After all, it is a person walking in the court. In this small town within the border town, the official of the government of Fu Yin does not dare to offend her. The low-browed man said: “The young lady of Zhao Ming’s grandmother has always been out of  door, two, do not steo forward and also for people like you to recognize them one by one. Please check this people!”

I don’t know if I want to laugh or how to do it. In short, I’ve been hoarse and said: “It’s just that when the big public broke into the palace, the old slaves had served. Who could have thought that Huaiyinhe Lian’s arrogant woman, today’s singularity has fallen to this point? It’s really thirty years of Hedong’s (means refers to a shrewish wife or a henpecked husband) thirty years of Hexi (means land west of the Yellow river and Shaanxi, Qinghai and Gansu provinces),so people don’t sigh or do it!”

The official sneered, and he should be busy. He reached out and waved at the soldiers in the distance. He saw a long team coming slowly. There were more than a dozen people. Everyone was unkempt and ragged. There are heavy chains on the hands and feet. Under the guards of dozens of soldiers with long knives, they walked slowly and weakly.

Suddenly, a long wind suddenly rises, and the chilly wind is like a madman’s long street whizzing past, cold screaming, people tremble. At the front of the team, a woman with a thin shirt was blown by the cold wind, her feet slipped, her body slammed, and she fell to the ground.

“Miss!” Tightly jumped out with a little girl behind her, and lifted the girl up, the voice almost brought a vibrato, and said in a hurry: “Miss, how are you?”

It is also the rags worn by the prisoners. This girl does not seem to have a delicate taste. I saw her pale face with a blank face and shook her head gently. The obedient soldier screamed and stood up, holding the hand of little madiservants, and slowly walked toward the high platform, and then the soldier behind him jerked and slammed there.

The stormy sky seems more and more violent, high above the platform, densely kneeling hundreds of Grand Duke Zhao Ming’s house female dependents. This time Zhao Ming Grand Duke, Huaiyin Helen’s nine tribes were extinct, men whip their head then beheaded, while the remaining soldiers fill the frontier. The woman who is more than ten is given a day, and the following is sold as a slave, so there is this farce.

In this connection, since the first wave of post-war crisis brought by the independence of Yanbei finally arrived, the Great Summer is preparing for the relocation of the capital and the accountability for the war, with no efforts at the hands of the two brothers, Zhao Che and Zhao Yang The unfolding. The first cannon fodder was brutally killed, is already losing strength but still occupy a place Elders Shrine’s – Zhao Ming Grand Duke.

On the icy ground of Helian Ling, the next-door maid’s tea pushed her arm around and tried to put her robes on her knees. He Lian Ling’s beggars, there is no word, no motion.

The tears in the stream have all been exhausted in these few days. Even the heroic Zhao Ming proclaimed thirty-seven branches of a grandchild, more than 4,870 people. Between the short days of the third massacre, they were massacred and their blood flowed into a river. That morning, when she watched her mother and her three sisters, and her sister-in-law, aunt, other aunt’s aunt, maida, When she was hanged from the hall where she was separated by a prison room, she felt her whole heart was already dead.

Until now, as long as she closes her eyes, she seems to be able to see it. The gloomy hall is full of white miserable whiteness. Mother and sister are like a piece of wood, hanging in rows and rows. The constant winds of the patio are mixed with the cold hail and fly in, and they fall on the pale face of their blue and purple. But gradually piled up, there is no melting point.

When the prison officer came to collect the corpse, one person had a run-down mat, and the grass was rolled up and dragged out. When I passed by myself, the long heads swept over the dirty dust all over the floor, and raised a large smog, so that she coughed up with a big mouth, and the blood of the mouth was like a spring, and she The tears that had already been numb were sprinkled together in the cell of the mouse, laying a foundation for the tragic memories of her life.

The prosperity and favor of the old days and the wealthy people of the busy state were thus deeply buried in the soil, leaving the soil in the wild fields to dissipate in a time of turmoil, becoming yet another victim of changes in the empire’s rights.

Outside the crowd, a green carriage quietly parked in a hundred years under the banyan tree, the branches flourish, the rain did not even poured the slightest, the carriage curtain was opened, the window is only a thin gauze , Inside blurred silhouette, outside the carriage but only one of the wards guarding. But do not know why, but those who rush to shelter from the passersby, but no one came here.

“Lesser master, are you going to see?”

The curtains were picked up, and a well-marked face was revealed. The man’s narrow and long Danfeng  (means red Phoenix) eyes were slightly raised, and the woman who looked coldly on the high platform looked at it for a long time.

“These are the bloodstains of Huaiyin Helianshi.”

Slowly heard the voice of low, like cold water in the ice, although the interrogative sentence, but without any doubt the tone.

A royal hand is still very young, some dark-skinned face, quickly replied: “Yes, the front is the daughter of Zhao Ming Grand Duke. There are many people who are loyal to Huaiyin Helianshi Clan. If the daughter of Zhao Ming Grandchild is in your hand, it will benefit us harmless, anyway, by chance, simply bought it.

The man looked at him for a long while, and suddenly let go of his hand. The curtain slammed and was released. He simply said: “A’Jing, hurry.”

The royal hand did not say anything, opened the whip, and urged the carriage to move forward.

When they left, the pedestrians who had been watching around for a long time suddenly dispersed most of them. There were pick-ups, pick-ups, juggling troupes, scholars with Tsing Yi, and even the northwestern Interracial high beauty. These people, surrounded by the carriages of the stars, unconsciously separated all the pedestrians and carriages around them.

“Opening the market!”

A shout suddenly sounded, and the sale of the back high platform had begun. The man in the carriage slowly frowned, and his mind recalled the little yellow spring in front of JuWei Square.

Summer? Humph……

The man snorted and leaned on the cushion to keep his eyes closed.

Achu, if I don’t expect it, you should take the Sui and Tang Dynasties from the south to the south, and I will come to welcome you.

The wind in Yanbei is blowing from behind, the grass on the grassland is green…


CHAPTER 094  The Huai Song and Bian Tang Dynasties


At night, the West White City is obviously going to be a bit more lively, bustling, people coming and going, full of merchant hawkers. (hawkers means secret traders from Yanbei)

Swallows (Yan Xun’s carriage) shuttle in the bustling crowd, filled with lights flashing everywhere are all kinds of rare objects, many are imported from Huai Song, Bian Tang and other places, where the border has been close to the city, commerce and prosperity rules each people’s lives they became richer.

“Lord,” A’Jing voice said: “We need to add some dry food, the horses also need to be replaced, Xi Rui has already prepared. We have to wait here for a while. We are going to stay first.”

“No,” Yan Xun said. “Let the me stay in the road overnight.”

“Yes.” Ah Jing did not refute. In fact, he was only a small proposal. Since leaving Yanbei, Yan Xun has been galloping all the way, rarely resting. He has been with Yan Xun for so many years and naturally knows its deep meaning. Although on the surface, it is a case of spying on the Sui (this is also known as Huai Song) and Tang Dynasties, it will meet with the person to meet and form an agreement. In fact, what the Lord thinks, he understands.

I hope the girl is safe and sound!

A’Jing merely once again in meditation.

After walking for a long time, he still can’t get out of the craft decoration market. According to the horse market in the east, it is too far away. Xi Rui should wait for a while, and A’Jing will drive the carriage slowly. Yan Xun leisurely observe, he is like a real visitor.

At this moment, a sudden scream of tears broke out from the west side of the market. The carriage was not shocked and there was no response. A man with a scholarship on the side leaned forward without a trace. Come, and then said to A Jing: “Go and see.”

“Yue Lao Da, you do not go around in circles, I want this woman, you either open a price, let’s negotiate to discuss the matter, if you talk to the nonsense, I can grab people directly.”

A man in a white robe, holding a fan in hand, whispered softly under the care of several daughters. , it must be everyone’s children, but a face is quite annoying, full of wretched and shameless look, though to say such a thing, but a pair of eyes are staring at the one sitting tightly on the ground, the woman with the scars, greedy is her glory.

Surrounded by their surnames, there are lively people. Everyone laughs and screams. It is obvious that there are so many things here. Everyone is already numb, and  don’t think there is anything wrong with this.

The woman was black and long, pale, and sat down on the ground, her hands and feet tied up, quietly motionless. However, although she lowered her head, everyone can still see the woman’s beauty from her smooth skin and the perfect chin of the arc. The wide robes are very unfitted on the wet body, which makes her look exquisite and bumpy. The outer arm is covered with a whip mark, which is obviously a lot of whiplash abuse.

Yue Lao Da hand held a blank sheet of paper, and the white man waved in front of him. He said with great pride: “Crown Prince, you can be optimistic. Is this woman an ordinary person? A biological daughter of the Imperial Elder’s Shrine, it is our top arrogant woman in the Big Summer. When changing, don’t say that you want to buy her back to earn a privately, that is, if you want to take a look, someone will be ready to dig your eyes at any time, if not the young lady. Now that it’s down, how can we have our brothers? With this status, this position, in this way, wants you two gold, is it expensive?”

In this remark, everyone was suddenly shocked, wagon Yan Xun frowned gently, opened a curtain, said in a fine voice: “A’Jing, go and see.”

After he finished, he jumped out of the carriage and walked toward the center of the crowd.

The guards who were hidden in the crowds rushed into the crowd and opened a way for him.

At this time, the woman suddenly raised her head, looked stubbornly looked at Yue Lao Da, word for word said: “It will be retribution!

At this time, everyone saw the whole picture on time and suddenly exclaimed. I saw the woman’s face is very beautiful, apricot eyebrow eyebrows, red lips and snow skin, slender neck is like a swan-like grace, breast augmentation, waist, body, even if it is so embarrassing, still can not cover her gorgeous, a pair of eyes like autumn water. Although it is cold and hateful, it does not have a hidden style.

The Crown Prince heard her for the first time, only to find that the woman spoke in a sweet voice, like a silver bells, did not pay attention to what she said, looked at her, her eyes almost did not pop up, suddenly A bite of cruelty said: “not expensive, buy it!”

Yue Lao Da was very happy to hear the words and said with a smile: “Then we will deal, let us pay the money in one hand, and deliver it in one hand, how?”

Crown Prince happily have to take a silver ticket, suddenly a moving eye, hey smile, reach out and touch the chin, said: Yue Lao Da, I have to spend so much money, you said, I have to check the goods before you rest assured!”

When the onlookers heard it, they were stunned, and the old man was stunned. Then he punched Wang Gongzi’s (means Crown Prince) chest with a fist and smiled and said: “You thief, if you think so, I will check it here, I It doesn’t stop you.”

Everyone knows what it is, and who doesn’t know what it is, they are screaming loudly, as if they are afraid that Wang Gongzi will not check the goods here. At that time, the woman finally showed the color of horror, tears in her eyes, but she resisted and refused to flow out, biting her lower lip, breathing quickly, and wishing to smother her head and move again.

A trafficker who was watching the slave next to him saw a whip and drank it and said, “Be honest!”

When the Crown prince met her, he pushed away the man who had flipped her and said, “I’ll buy both while I go. Do you still fight here? Did you look at me?” With Yue Lao Da said:  “How to get here, let’s find an inn, check the goods there, if you don’t feel worried, look around.”

Yue Lao Da smiled and said: “When you eat Laozi, Laozi is guilty? Forget it, seeing the son and me are also old friendships for a long time. Just go to the Goyan Inn in front, let’s go.”

Wang Gongzi (means Crown prince) smiled and told him to take a few words from the side. He stepped forward and walked toward the woman. While walking, he smiled and said: “Little beauty, don’t be afraid, this son will hurt you.”

As gray as the woman’s eyes, but stubborn screaming said: “You kill me, I will not go with you.”

Although she said tough, but the voice is crisp, the Crown prince is grinning and laughed twice: “Do not be afraid! How can someone willing to kill you, you are the son of the big Summer to buy back Ying, I feel bad you still come in no hurry! As it never came from me, but  you do not have the final say!

“A group of beasts! I am a Huaiyin warrior, will not let you go!”

Ha ha! Huaiyin? Huaiyin was destroyed by the emperor. Do you know what the crime is? If you betray the empire, you can’t save you from the enemy. If you don’t come, it’s not good. Even if the Yanbei lion comes, Laozi (means father) can He smashed like an ant!”

“Boom!” Suddenly, everyone saw a blue figure suddenly flashed, a white, arrogant Wang Gongzi 霎 (means a drizzle) time is like a kite-like flying clouds fluttering out, straight out of seven or eight meters away, only a bang heavy fell to the ground.

“Lord,” the scholar looked coldly at Wang Gongzi (crown Prince), and then turned back and respectfully. After seeing the crowd, a man wearing a dark green robes slowly came out and walked slowly. Cold, can’t see a little bit of anger.

He glanced at the crowd and glanced at Wang Gongzi (crown Prince), who was struggling from the ground, and pointed at the wolf-sitting woman on the floor and said, “Take her away.”

Yue Lao Da looked at the ground, Wang Gongzi (crown Prince) who could not climb for a long time, said with trepidation: “Who are you? Want to grab it? Big courage, not afraid of reporting to me?”

Everyone listened to Yue Lao Da’s mutter for a long time, and even made such a sentence, could not help but burst into laughter. It’s not a day or two to know that the old boss of the West Baicheng recruits and sells slaves. It has always been the master of bullying and fearing evil. Whenever he encounters a soft persimmon, he is smashed and pinched to death. When he meets a powerful person, he reports to the police. Let the official come forward, and now he is scared into this way, apparently seeing the clue.

Yan Xun faintly turned back, slightly frowning, said in a low tone: ” Storekeeper, this girl is the daughter of Huaiyin Helianshi, such a status, you dare to move, is not too courageous.” 

Yue Lao Da shouted with courage: “What about Helian? Huaiyin has already lost. Anyone can go up and step on it. Don’t say she, even if it is the king of Yanbei, it was not a man.” Bullying, in the 30 years of Hedong, these people are not even as good as dogs when they lose their family business. I am a legitimate business, why not?”

Yan Xun did not speak, he just slowly narrowed his eyes, faintly looked at the man, his eyes were full of light, with a unique light.

Yue Lao Da was a little bit like a feather, but he said calmly: “The road is going to heaven, and each side goes. Brothers, we don’t make water in the well water, so make a friend, I will not pursue this matter for you. How do you see it?” kind?”

Yan Xun squinted at him, his mouth was pulled, and suddenly he felt a little funny.

“What is his grandmother’s stupid thing? Give it to me and kill him a bastard!” Wang Gongzi, who was slammed into Venus, finally climbed up from the ground and yelled at the crowd. Cried.

Yan Xun did not seem to hear him, went straight up and went to the woman.

Yue Lao Da gritted his teeth, swiftly waved his hand, and his own men also stepped forward, and they would open their arms and sleeves. However, at this time, some ordinary people around the onlookers suddenly rushed forward to fight with these people, and they fought one with them. They knocked over the land of Wang Gongzi and Yue Lao Da, and suddenly, everywhere. The big man who is horizontal and screaming screams and whispers.

Yan Xun stood in front of the woman, looked down at her, saw her clothes broken, and turned back to A’Jing said: “Get some clothes.”

A’Jing surprised a moment, quickly took off his robes, Yan Xun took over, handed condolences to the woman, said: “Put it on.”

The lady of Helian’s family suddenly stopped. She tilted her head incredulously, her fingers trembled, and she seemed to be unable to hold the clothes. The turmoil that has been raging in the past few days, the wandering and wandering of nowhere, the shameful insults that have been resold by one person to another, the hardships and bumps that have never been endured, have already made this woman physically and mentally exhausted. She has been holding back, not crying, no effort to maintain the dignity of Helian’s family, but at this time, her eyes suddenly red, she clenched her mouth, took the dress, and quickly lowered her head. A drop of tears slammed on the back of the beater.

The look of Wang Gongzi’s face changed greatly. I didn’t expect that the escorts who had played all the invincible hands in the West couldn’t break into the army. Wang Gongzi’s frightened roots trembled and shivered and said: “You wait, there are some people who do not run after kindness.” After that, I should run away first, and there will be no trace after a few steps.

When Yue Laoda saw Wang Gongzi ran, the whole person collapsed. Before the change of hard air, he suddenly slammed down in front of Yan Xun and cried loudly: “Please ask the heroes to see me on my 80’s.” The old mother, under the 18-year-old woman, give me a way to live!”

Yan Xun stunned and looked at the crying earth-shattering man. If he didn’t know, he would think that he would be sold as a slave. Listening to his familiar speech, he only felt a bit disgusted at a time. He said slowly and quietly: “Do you want money? How much do you buy for that bastard?”

Yue Lao Da was overjoyed when he was on the scene. He didn’t expect this person to be a heroic style. He didn’t eat hard when I was soft. When he cried, he said that his life was forced. There was no way to go to heaven, no place to go to the land, for his parents, his wife and children, he took the risk and embarked on this path full of thorns. Most of the brothers who work together now die in turmoil. Countless old and weak women wait for him to take care of their upbringing. They say that they are the public servants of the elderly who care for the elderly. After that, it seems that the woman’s selling price is two gold beads. Of course, he dare not accept the heroes so much money, but for the brothers’ parents to live a prosperous life, in order for their children to get a good education in the school, they will count as it didn’t matter if the shameless scum of the whole world didn’t matter, so he decided to make a discount and only collected from Yan Xun one hundred ninety-nine gold of beads.

When all the onlookers couldn’t listen to it, Yan Xun finally interrupted the long story of this guy who sounded like a lost youth talk, and spoke a word that made Yue Lao’s pain unwilling to live.

“What are you doing nonsense? I have no money anymore.”

The expression of Yue Lao Da instantly condensed, and the whole person looked like a chicken, almost back with a sigh of relief, his eyes constantly aiming at the woman, and he said that if you have no money, you will let me down.

Yan Xun looked at his greedy look and smiled coldly and said, “But I have gold. You can’t see enough.”

Saying, looking at the side of a strange woman with a blue-eyed tall figure, the woman smiled sweetly, her eyes looked like honey, and she looked at the people around her, and then took it out from behind the carriage. A baggage, slammed all the things inside.

A hill-like gold suddenly rushing fell down, the Yue Lao Da and the presence of all the faces of the people in an instant turned into a dull expression. Everyone stared blankly at the golden gold that filled the earth, the whole market. A quiet place.

Yan Xun smiled and said: “It seems to be enough, then I will leave.”

Yue Lao Da has lost the ability to speak, so much money, enough to buy a West Baicheng, even just to buy a little slave girl? Seeing the subordinates Yan Xun really picked up the other side of the woman walked to the long street, only to react to their own not in a dream.

When Yan Xun walked away, the crowds of the onlookers reacted, but they just rushed to the glittering gold.  Afraid that it will fall behind, and Yan Xun went far away, can still hear the screams of Yue’s Lao Da screaming: “This is mine, let me go!”

A touch of sneer slowly climbed Yan Xun’s mouth, a group of greedy guys, in the face of tragic disaster turned a blind eye, then, should let him give them a lesson.

The Miss Helian’s lady was covered in injuries and was supported by A’Jing. Then she sat in the carriage with Yan Xun and looked up and said, “Thank you for the help of the Wang Gongzhi, the little woman has no idea.”

Yan Xun did not speak, he leaned there, seems to be thinking about something, the woman did not speak to see him, did not dare to speak, had sat on the sidelines.

“How did Zhao Ming Dagong (means Grand Duke) die?”

The low voice suddenly sounded, and Miss Helen sneaked and asked in a pleasant surprise: “Do you know my father? Are you a friend of my father?”

“No,” Yan Xun shook his head. “I am just curious.”

The light on Miss Helen’s face suddenly receded. She bit her lower lip and meditated for a moment. She said: “My father was betrayed by his subordinates. When the city was not broken, his head was cutt off. The second uncle took the token of Huaiyin. I was turned to the fourteenth emperor’s son and surrendered to the city.”

“Fourteenth?” Yan Xun’s eyes slightly converged, muttering: “Zhao Yang?”

Trying to think back to this person, he doesn’t even have any impression. It seems that Tian is not dead. If Zhao Che is not in the town, he will stabilize the hearts of the people. If there is no Zhao Yang to send troops to the four kings to conquer the king of the empire, this turmoil alone can completely end the Zhao Dynasty. After all, this turmoil is not just a turmoil in the Imperial Capital. It is like a fire, detonating the hatred and anger of Yanbei for eight years, detonating a revolution that the big peers have planned for decades. The people of the Daxia (Great Summer) Dynasty, who had been under the pressure of high pressure for more than three years, were so angry. The detonation of the great summer dynasty over three hundred years under the high pressure ruled folk anger, but also detonated the whole of the earth in full thousands of years of slavery evil!

“My name is Helian Ling, the son saved me, and afterwards I am the son of a son.” The delicate voice of the woman said slowly, but Yan Xun did not react at all and was still immersed in her thoughts and did not reply .

Helian Ling slightly sigh, I do not know why, my heart suddenly turned sour, then suddenly a burst of heart piercing outside the scream, as if there are many people in unison murderous general, the sound stinging, Extremely tragic.

Helian Ling surprised a moment, put aside the curtain wanted to look to the outside.

Who knows Yan Xun but reached out to put her head down, with her hand over her eyes, coldly said: “Do not look.”

Helian Ling stunned, her body suddenly became stiff, her cheeks slowly rose two blushes, and she did not move, and Yan Xun, who was safe, covered his eyes and did not resist. Just the constant Yan Xun’s big hands, squinted, long eyelashes constantly brushing the swallow’s palm, there is a slight itching.

“These people dream of wanting money, I give them, but I am afraid they do not have the blessing of this enjoyment.”

Swallow’s (other codename of Yan Xun) voice low, pull out a trace of sneer in the mouth.

There are too many people in this world who are guilty of speculation, and they should be killed and replaced.

In seven hundred seven five,  it was destined to be an age that was chaotic and deeply remembered by future generations. At least the city guard Wang Shouzhi of Xicheng, a major town in the southeast of Daxia, thinks so. I heard that Wang Chengshou, who had suffered a big loss in his son’s market, rushed to the scene with a large number of martial arts soldiers. However, the scene he saw was enough to awaken his nightmare from countless nights.

On top of a pile of golden gold, it was filled with ruined bodies that were completely corroded. These bodies were completely out of shape, and they could not see the original appearance. Some people’s eyes were already born by themselves. Pulling out, it can be seen how painful they suffered during their lifetime, and in front of them, those bloods that have been stretched and stretched have gathered into a few big words of blood red thorns: those who are mourners, the punishment of heaven!

When everyone stood in front of the big characters, they felt that their cool back was slowly rising. Wang Shouzhi’s son was constantly shaking his legs. Suddenly he jumped up and a small blue hole appeared on his tiny blood hole. The locust was visible at the speed of the naked eye. The growth and reproduction, no more than a quarter of an hour, has been all over his body, in the blink of an eye, the city guardian who had just swayed and triumphantly turned from a big living person to a white bone without a little life, and when the latter eye was swallowed by the mites, he was still desperately screaming.

All the people on the scene were deeply shocked by this scene, and Wang Shouzhi did not even order people to save his own son. Da Xia and the Northwestern inhabitants are separated by dogs and murderers. They have not been in contact with the aliens in the past three years. These areas near the southeast are such cruel means that no one knows the cold northwestern continent. These things are not comparable to humans in front of them.

So after knowing the whole story, all the merchants who had slaves in Xicheng City escaped overnight without even remembering to bring those slaves, and the code of King’s City released the slaves along with him that night. And the incense to heaven, praying for God’s forgiveness, he has 18 sons, one does not matter to die.  This kind of self-consolation, this thing can’t be done, no one dares to trace, and the pile of magnified streets No one in the gold above dares to move the points, and is gradually covered by the yellow sand. Until one day, a few three or four-year-old children ran there, and found a pile of golden beads from the yellow sand. The children were happy to use these gold beads to play the slingshot, and they were unconsciously taken by Fengya (means wind in the Gold cliff) County. The gold beads that people regard as the beasts are clean.

The people of later generations only know that the long history of the land of Simon is the first great flag of Yanbei to abolish slavery and equal everyone. It has opened up a great empire for the surnames of future generations. However, I don’t know that before this, Xibai City in the southeast of Daxia had abolished slavery. The city’s city record was recorded as follows: Zhiren Lixian, Yinghui Cheng, Wang Shouzhi, sad and sorrowful, sympathetic to the lower slaves, far-sighted, thinking of caution, take risks, abolish slavery, be a model of the times, a great man of history, an empire…

However, these are all words. The white celestial calendar, August 17th, 1975, sits on the southeast, and the history of the Tang Dynasty, the ancient capital of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, which lasted for thousands of years, finally reached this stormy night and announced to the whole world. At the beginning of the month, the Crown Prince Li Ce was married, and he married Zhao Xia, the great summer princess, and the world was celebrated.

When I heard the news, Yan Xun was on the road, and A Jingjing opened the carriage curtain and said: “The Lord, the woman is still behind.”

Under heavy torrential rain, the sky was dark, desolate.

Yan Xun slightly frowned, his face slightly white, he frowned and slowly opened his eyes, said: “Is everything for her?”

“Forged identity documents, more than one gold and silver ticket, and dry food luggage, but she stubbornly refused to stay in the city, has been followed.”

“There is no way.” Yan Xun said slowly. The hurry in the past few days made him look very bad. He leaned in the carriage and put down the curtain.

A’Jing went back and saw the heavy rain. The lady, who was a step by step, fell almost a few times, and could not help but sigh slowly.

“A Jing,” Yan Xun suddenly cried: “Take a coat to her and tell her not to follow us.”

A fine glimpse, and quickly promised, told the next person on the side.

After a while, the heavy rain gradually became smaller, and the sky was dark. Just after the afternoon, it was already dark.

There was a tea pot in front, and everyone went down to rest. A’Jing was puzzled by his heart. From time to time, he looked at Yan Xun with his eyes puzzled. Yan Xun quietly drank tea and suddenly said: “What do you want to say?”

A’Jing,, scratching his head, sneered and said: “Lord, I am curious, you don’t usually care about things, how about this Miss Helen?”

The following meanings are self-evident, but Yan Xun did not refute. In this silence, A’Jing can not help but secretly say that he is really a mouthful, the young master is also a man, and the high weight, just as a young man, the girl has not been around for so long, it is strange to see more of the other women, why should they say it.

“A’Jing, do you believe in spirits?”

Yan Xun suddenly asked, A’Jing surprised a moment, silly open mouth, asked: “ah?

Yan Xun said from his own self: “I used to believe it, but now I believe that karma and retribution.”

He put down the teacup and suddenly smiled. He looked up and looked at the southeast direction, taking a deep breath.

“Achu wanders outside alone. If he encounters such a thing, I hope someone can help her.”

Yan Xun looked far away, with no tiredness, like thick sea water.

Clouds scattered around the sky, sunny, Sui and Bian Tang, is not far away. 


CHAPTER 095  This is so bad


When YanXun looked up and down the countryside in the Great Summer side city, the entire Zhan government was in chaos. Just now someone came to report, and the fifth lady of Zhan’s family went out to meet them docked at Pengcheng City. Recaptured, it was intercepted by the wife to dock in Pengcheng, and was shut down. The reason for this is naturally unknown.

When Zhan Ziyu heard the news, he was in the cabin, and Zhan Zikui took care of it for a long time before he said it was complete. A man in a white cotton gown stopped his hand and slowly and slowly frowned.

“Zi Yu, even if the five sisters are not good at all, you have to think about it. Mrs. Tian is a famous wife, in case…”

“Okay, I know.” Zhan Ziyu closed his eyes and raised his head slightly. He took a deep breath and said: “The second sister will go out first.”



The door was closed, Zhan Ziyu deeply sighed, then slowly leaning on the back of the chair.

In the afternoon, the atmosphere on the boat was very different. When the huge boat was just docked, Jingyu had already taken the boat off, and it was no longer on board. After an hour, Zhan Ziyu accompanied the two men to get off the boat, sit on the carriage that has been waiting for a while, and go away.

Until night, the lights lit, the people have gathered in the deck to eat, the carriage was far back. Zhan Ziyu be the first person to be lifted off the car, then, is a dress of Zhan Ziming, but the hair a little messy, his face still with a slightly thicker face towel. Under the automatic withdrawal of people, however, with a slight blowing of the night breeze, Chu Qiao still saw her face cheeks inflamed under the towel.

Zhan Ziming returned as a perosn and did not bring back a servant, so when Jing Zhi Su came after dinner, Chu Qiao already know what happened to her.

After all, the cabin is very small, Jing Zhi Su and Liang Shaoqing sitting on the couch, he was swearing and his eyes were straight. Chu Qiao poured a cup of tea and handed it to her. She was not aware of it for a while.

“Purple Zhi Su sister?”

Chu Qiao whispered, Jing Zi Su, and quickly took the cup, holding his hand, took a shallow drink.

Chu Qiao sighed and said: “Sister Zi Su, do you have anything?”

“Ah? I, I,” Jing Zisu said, “I have nothing.”

The cabin suddenly fell cold, and the two did not know what to say. At this time, Liang Shaoqing suddenly knocked on the door and carried a basin of hot water and said: “Little Joe, the water you want.”

“Well,” Chu Qiao nodded and went up to pick it up.

Liang Shaoqing was very polite and greeted Jing Zhi Su, and went out.

Chu Qiao sat on the bed, put the basin on the ground, then untied the leggings and took off his shoes who knows Jing Zhi Su met, squat down,  took off another shoe of Chu Qiao.

“Sissy sister!” Chu Qiao was surprised and asked: “What are you doing?”

“I? I will wash your feet for you.”

Chu Qiao suddenly angry, she brow pick, angrily: “Who let you do these?”

Jing Zhi Su surprised a moment, it seems a bit scared, she shyly recalled the hands, squatting on the ground, his hands full of wet, still dripping water, some looking at her blankly, actually could not move.

Jing Zhi Su quickly sat back on the bed, and the careful appearance made Chu Qiao sore, she frowned and said: “Say, what is the matter?”

Jing Zisu bit his lower lip slightly, thought for a long time, or shook his head: “Nothing, I, nothing.”

After that, she stood up, but her feet were soft and almost fell down. Chu Qiao quickly helped her. Through the clothes, I only feel that the woman is skinny and thin.

Jing Zhi Su walked to the door and opened the door. The wind on the river was very big. It immediately blew her head with some yellow. She is still very young, she is less than twenty-five years old, but her eyes have fine wrinkles, her skin is not clean, and her paleness is amazing.

“Yue’er, you sleep well, its a windy night, remember to cover yourself with the quilt.”

Jing Zi Su said a word, then turned and left. Chu Qiao sent her away, only to see her thin clothes, thin body, like a gust of wind can blow her away.

A trace of sadness suddenly rose from the bottom of my heart. She stood at the door for a long time and finally took a deep breath and made this irrational decision.

She naturally knows why Jing Zhi Su will come. Zhan Ziming one person back to the house, but did not bring back a servant, apparently around the next person was detained in the city Shoufu, so think about it, Zhan Ziming was Zhan Ziyu brought back, then not to leave those who follow Minions around her to bear the city’s wife anger?

Zhan family will not come back for several small slave maidservants once again, so that name is not even cut the woman to take the metal, will also be hit and a half dead, and these sisters of Jing will be separated in this regard, after the other how, the situation, whether there will be opportunities to meet each other, have become an unknown.

Zhan’s family will not back for several small slave maidservants once again. So, the woman named Jing Zhi Su will be killed if she is not dead, and the sisters of Jing’s family will be separated again. How’s the situation, whether there will be opportunities to meet, has become an unknown.

Jing Zhi Su is no way, among the people she knew, was only the sister who just reunited to her seems to be so little skill, not only won the favor of the chief Zhan family, but also with have relationship with the King Jing Wang (Zhao Song).

Chu Qiao originally did not intend to manage this matter. She has a clear understanding of her own abilities. Moreover, she is now entangled in the scene, and she is not guilty of self-consideration. However, contrary to Chu Qiao’s surprise, Jing Zhi Su did not propose it. She sat uneasy and repeatedly wanted to open her mouth, but after all, she could not speak. After that, she did not mention a word.

Perhaps, she also understands, understands what kind of power the other party is, understands how hard it is for the strong, and understands that even if it is said, it is futile, and understand that perhaps this newly reunited sister will lead the disaster.

Chu Qiao frowned, tied the leggings on the bed, and then put a sharp cut into the boots, opened the door and went out.

Chu Qiao may be such a person, she can be rational, can be savvy, can put all the powerful relations on the table theory, but can not stand others to her. It is this kind of personality that allows her to follow Yan Xun’s life and death for eight years, and it is this kind of character that makes her Jing Zhi Su’s expression of uneasiness and softness soften.

Moon is covered by dark clouds, darkness between heaven and earth, Chu Qiao fell off the stand, looking back to the two, already sleepy heard a dark whistle, then turned and ran away.

After an hour, Chu Qiao has entered the Tiancheng Shou’s house without knowing it. If it weren’t for the occasional guards and fierce dogs, this seemingly heavily guarded ancient manor, Chu Qiao’s eyes were like a huge playground without defense.

The muddy slid down from a tree, and the woman was quietly behind the garden.

The building of Chengshoufu is connected, and it is quite a style of military camp. I heard that Tiancheng Shou is a famous military commander. It seems that it is not a waste. Chu Qiao’s physique depends on a rockery, the auricles fretting, only to hear the footsteps approaching in the distance, seems to be coming towards herself.

The grass in front is dense, and the woods on the right are lush. It seems to be a good choice to avoid. However, Chu Qiao firmly judges many hidden whistle hidden there. As long as he steps forward wrongly, he will be swayed by the arrows and has no luck. Obviously, this road does not work.

Looking at the southeast direction of the seat, Chu Qiao’s eyes slightly picked up, his brow wrinkled, and he came out with a sudden force. He ran to the colony of the long cloister on the right side, and he would hit the pillar. Chu Qiao ascends her foot and slams her foot on the pillar. The body rises with the inertia and rises in three steps. When he steps out of the three steps, he gradually loses his strength. He stretches his hands and grabs the tile top and the boom. The legs were pinched on the pillars and quickly slammed. When the corner lights turned, the woman’s body quickly jumped, and suddenly it was like a gecko tightly on the tiles of the cloister!

“this way.”

Suddenly a sharp voice sounded with flattery and caution in the voice, slave full of energy, then, messy footsteps sounded, listening to the sound about twenty people, Chu Qiao brows locked, quiet dormant, motionless.

“The smell of the public is beautiful, the martial arts is outstanding, the wisdom and the courage are both complete, and it is the dragon of the people. It is better to see it today than to see it. The words of rumors are not enough to be one of the best in the world.”

The man suddenly laughed and seemed to be very happy with his words. However, the son who was praised by him was silent. The garden only echoed the exaggerated laughter of the man.

Laugh for a while, see really no response, the man with a dry laugh twice, stopped, then suddenly seemed to think of the same thing, insignificant smile said:  “When you are here, you are coming, you are coming, the official has just come from Yinyang City bought a female slave, looks unparalleled, charming and charming, has been groomed and dressed up, hey, just wait for the son to enjoy.”

The footsteps of the original walking suddenly broke down, just to the bottom of Chu Qiao, the woman suddenly tightened her muscles, holding the cockroaches in her hand, holding her breath, and frowning tightly.

A deep voice slowly came in, the owner of the sound seemed to have a cold, a little dumb sound, and a thick nasal sound, but without spoiling his awesome momentum.

“Xianyang City?”

“Yes,” the man said with a smile: “hey, this son also know that your control of slavery in the summer more comfortable, the price well, Oh, but also much cheaper than Bian Tang. By the way, I’ll take it, son, do you want?

The son was silent for a long while, and finally said in a deep voice: “Go and see.”

The official suddenly rejoiced and smiled and left with everyone.

Chu Qiao slowly breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that the government of Tiancheng Shou has come to visit the guests tonight. It is no wonder that the guards are not strict. It seems that it is the time to come. I just don’t know what kind of guests can be treated like a city guard, and it still comes from the big summer.

No longer think about it, she slowly got up and walked in the opposite direction. The crucial thing tonight is to find the jail of the city government, find the jade that is being held, and then rescue her.

Chu Qiao is like a civet cat in the darkness, light in pace and light in action. But as she was about to walk through this corridor, her feet suddenly slipped. Her frowned brows, her delicate squat stability, her finger touch, stepped on the moss.

Such a distance, no one will hear, Chu Qiao accelerated heart, is so conceived, suddenly heard only a cold language came: “Who are these people?”

The voice of the coming person is low, and it has already come to the cloister in the blink of an eye. It is the son who is ignorant!

Chu Qiao hold the dagger, take a deep breath, brow frowned, silent.

The son saw her not talking, sneered, jumped up, two steps on the column, the backhand single-arm hooked the corner, even with one arm, jumped to the roof!

The dark clouds cover the moon, dark become darker. It can only see the man’s posture is slender, his body is tall and straight, his clothes are flying, the wind is blowing, and there is a faint sharp edge.

Chu Qiao’s eyes twitched and his anger rushed from his heart. Knowing that she would only let the other’s reinforcements arrive, the moment was not awkward, the volley leaped, her arms slammed, and she slammed her knife. The other party did not talk nonsense, suddenly shot, fiercely held Chu Qiao’s arm, suddenly dragged, the other hand quickly hit Chu Qiao’s neck, fast! Super fast! Almost to the peak!

However, Chu Qiao’s movements are not slow, the body leans back, avoiding the opponent’s offensive, a rear arch, and neat, the moment of turning over the palm of the hand like a muddy slip into the other’s arms, and at this time, a palm The wind also hit his shoulders. Almost at the same time, just listening to the “嘶” (means husky voice), Chu Qiao shoulders a burning pain, she slammed her feet and kicked her feet to the other side, but slammed, on the leg kicked by the other side, the two legs The leg bones are hard and hard, the legs are numb, and the knees are back, and the eyes look cold and look at each other.

Chu Qiao hand holding a smooth silk fabric, do not look at it, one thrown at the foot.

When the other side hit her shoulder, she also punched each other’s chest and kicked each other again. No one was a little cheaper.

The footsteps underneath gradually approached. Obviously, those guards have swiftly turned around. Chu Qiao’s depressed heart sneaked a sigh of relief. I did not expect this city shoufu to encounter such a master. If you let them get together, don’t you want to marry here tonight.

The phoenix eye is stunned, just standing still, and I don’t want to think about it at all. Her movements are extremely hot, fierce and fierce, and a fatal move!

However, the other is not a good class, sneer, suddenly thrown in the hands of a thing, was actually a folding fan.

Chu Qiao’s offensive suddenly eased, and it was too late to call out a despicable one. When he saw the other side rushing forward, his hands were twisted, and he actually held Chu Qiao’s hands and wrists, and his body suddenly came up.

Chu Qiao’s eyes were cold, and the figure was instantly twisted in a strange way. The left leg turned up from behind, leaping over his head and kicking the other side of his head. The man snorted and filled his mouth with heavy alcohol. All of a sudden, Chu Qiao’s nose between the cheeks.

However, the man was not forced to retreat by this foot, a step, a clasped Chu Qiao’s waist, the top of the roof is covered with moss, the two even turned down on the eaves at the same time, suddenly rolled down together!

This cloister said that the height is not high, saying that the low is not low, and there are more than three meters. If it falls like this, it will not hurt or hurt.

The two had a tacit understanding and loosened one hand and climbed the top of the tile. At this moment, the man’s leg suddenly kicked over and suppressed Chu’s beautiful legs. Chu Qiao was about to fight back, but he saw a man turning over. It was pressed up, followed by inertia, and the elbows slammed into her chest!

Chu Qiao was shocked. He bent another leg and his eyes were hot. If the man attacked like this, he would be called a man in his life!

Sure enough, the son of the son pulled out Chu’s intentions, and even volleyed the momentum, twisted and changed!

Two suffocating sounds at the same time! The pain suddenly hits!

The man’s elbows licked the shoulders of Qiao Qiao, while Chu Qiao’s legs were also very hot to kick the man’s lap.

Fall! If you are hammered, the hand slams out a few times, and falls down the top of the sloping cloister and falls off the ground.

Chu Qiao’s wolf’s body has not stood still, and a gust of wind suddenly hits. Chu Qiao’s eyebrows are picked, and one foot turns and kicks. The other’s skills are also extraordinary. Even afterwards, they are not willing to scream. With one hand, a neat slap in the hand, grabbed Chu Qiao’s chest!

In an instant, the two men hold at the same time!

Soft, although not very towering, but the elasticity is amazing, the hand feels surprisingly good!

Even if the man has no experience, he knows the sex of the assassin at this time. He was shocked, not only forgot the hidden moves below, but forgot to retract.

“do you wan to court death!”

Chu Qiao snorted and grabbed his hand. She grabbed the man’s belt and kicked it in an explosive whirlwind. She was on the waist side of the man.

The man snorted and slammed back. Chu Qiao is about to make persistent efforts, but listened to the following footsteps already dense, she looked at the man with a cold eye, then turned around with agility, a few ups and downs, jumped off the cloister, squatting after the pursuit of the soldiers have not arrived, a few hidden darkness.

City guards escort drove up the corridor dangling ladder, Tiancheng kept the tremble and swayed forward, rubbing the cold sweat on his forehead, and cautiously went forward and asked: “What is it son?”

Surrounded by soldiers have climbed the corridor, the torch everywhere, handsome man, dark eyes, a deep purple clothes, but the chest was weird lack of a piece of cloth, the whole person looks full of evil charm handsome, lips even more paint-like vermilion


He slowly said, Tiancheng stunned and suddenly shouted: “Ah! There are assassins! Notify the whole government, chase the assassin!”

The huge humming sound rang through the entire city, and the whole city was awakened by this sound. The torch was lit everywhere, and the whole house was instantly bright and white!

“Tiancheng keep…,” the man turned his head and looked at him and said:  “Can you inform your deployment that you must catch it alive, and you don’t need an archery to fire a knife.”

Tiancheng kept a glimpse and immediately replied: “I will listen to the words of the son.”

The night wind blew, picking up the man’s gorgeous clothes, he looked at the direction of Chu Qiao’s disappearance, recalling her movements, and the sound before leaving, frowning quietly.

Chu Qiao on her headaches, and the outside was brightly lit. It was all the soldiers and horses that walked. Even if she had the skills, she couldn’t fly.

Thinking of the evil son, she clenched her teeth.

“Don’t let me meet you again!”

Chu Qiao murmured, holding a diamond-shaped jade, which was dragged down from the waist of the man just fighting time, though did not see his appearance, but only this piece of jade, she sooner or later found his identity. Moreover, as long as you ask who is going to host the city gate tonight, the identity of this person is suddenly clear.

Thinking of the one he grabbed on her own chest, Chu Qiao was angry with his face.

This beam is a knot.

At this moment, a charming voice suddenly came. After Chu Qiao hid the screen of a gorgeous room, it was obvious that the hostess of this room woke up.

The woman was very exposed, and the white flower’s chest was half exposed. She lazily stretched out and leaned toward the screen.

Chu Qiao suddenly scalp numb, had no time to escape, that woman has been with her big eyes on the small eyes of each other.

Woman’s mouth suddenly big, but have not called soon, Chu Qiao suddenly shot, palm cut in her neck. When the woman doubled her eyes, she fell softly on the floor and fainted.

It seems that we should hide here for a night.

Just a woman tied up, heard a while outside the sound of footsteps, Chu Qiao surprised a moment, I heard that Tiancheng obnoxious voice sounded outside:

“The son, this is the room of the slave girl I bought, for a clean official, no one touched, you enjoy it.”


Chu Qiao stunned, watching the outside brightly lit, suddenly silly eyes.


CHAPTER 096  The Spring Shower Room


The door was scented, and there was a good smell of pine in the door. With the cool night wind blowing in, the son obviously changed his dress to a narrow-sleeved Wujin robe. The hem of the shirt was a pair of dark green boots on the surface of the graphic blue dragon, this pattern done extremely fine, with the same color Obscure cover, at first glance blandly implicit introverted, do not even look at it is difficult to find . However, if looked carefully, there is a faint hint of pride highlights.

The indoor lights were dark, and only two lanterns were lit in the north and south corners. The palace lanterns were covered with a pink lampshade, and the whole room was covered under a shadow of a lamp. A woman with a pink brooch wide-breasted skirt squatted on the floor, seeing people coming in, deep squatting, hanging down her head, very pleasing, looking from above, only a swan-like graceful white neck.

Tian Cheng’s face color is still somewhat white, but he still insists on calmness: “Son, you should rest first, and the official will go first.”

Son nodded, in a deep voice said: “Thank you, gentleman Tian Cheng most affectionate.”

Tian Cheng nodded his head and said a few words. Before leaving, he said to the woman on the ground: “Be good to serve the son, do you understand?”

The woman quickly lowered her body, more courteous and careful, the softer, the voice said softly: “Yes.”

Her voice is very nice, gentle, humble and meek, just as if she just woke up, with a slight nasal sound. The son didn’t mean it. Tian Cheng obviously didn’t feel relieved. When he greeted the son, he retired and carefully closed the door.

The footsteps gradually faded away, but I heard that there were 20 guards outside the room, and the guards were carefully guarded, and they were all not ordinary people.

The lights were swaying, the interior was dim, the front of the room was big, outrageous bed, the reason it was so big, it wasn’t a bed, like a floor above the ground, even lying side by side on five to six people presumably will not feel crowded. Covered with scarlet damask, soft pillow, red dragonfly, in front of the big bed is a bunch of bright oriental curtains, curtain gauze after another curtain gauze, the interior of the wind, but don’t know why those screens are windless. Since the dance, it was floating gently and shaking, under the warm lights, the same luxury flowing ambiguous.

The son wearing Wujin (means endless and inexhaustible) robes indifferently lifted his gauze, sitting on a large bed, and looked casually backwards. Looking at the woman who was still at the door, the voice said plainly: “Are you ready or not yet?”

His voice was low,  with a strong nasal sound, seemed to be affected by the cold, breathing slightly heavier.

The woman heard a “mush” like a mosquito and flies, and then slammed on the ground, so she turned her head down and walked to the side of the son, sticking out a pair of plain white hands and lifting one of the young son’s foot. Only the legs, put the little feet down, then gently take off his boots for him, and then continue to take off the other one.

“Bang” sound suddenly came. The young son kicked the woman’s shoulder and did not have much strength, but kicked her hand away. The woman surprised a moment, body suddenly shivering, what is lying on the ground, not afraid, looked up.

Young son sat on the bed, frowning to the woman looked at his gloomy face, seems a bit angry, some disappointment, but faint, but mixed with a trace of inexplicable fortune.

No longer have to look at it, the man slowly looked up and looked at the roof.

This is too whimsical, if she is, how can it be easy to be captured? Even after being arrested under heavy injuries will also escape? Why are you so docile and courteous to serve others, cautiously?

It was the female assassin just now, the cold voice after that, and the sensitive and superb fighting skills…

At this moment, he can almost surely have the identity of that person!

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but feel annoyed, drenched a heavy rain, and actually ruined his own brain? However, in spite of this, he still did not send his follow-up master and the guards of the city government to capture the assassin. This mentality is very mysterious, so that he can not grasp his own mind for a while, do not want to have more trouble, because the two is hesitant to be uncertain, or does it not want her to fall into the hands of others?

He didn’t think much about it. He stood up and strode to the bath after the screen. When he walked, he untied his robe and threw it on the floor. He only wore a cotton-white shirt, and the ink was scattered. The face is white, the lips are red, the eyes are charming, and the whole person has a beautiful scent.

But it is a woman!

The young son thought so, I just wanted to get my own things back.

The lights swayed, the young son had taken off his inner shirt, revealing the body-building arms, bare upper body, went into another room behind the screen, opened the door, suddenly steamed, warmth.

Chu Qiao kept her head down and never looked up at the man. Yes, this woman with a pink veil is Chu Qiao. Just outside the crowd gathered a large number of soldiers in the city, even if she has confidence in herself, she also knows that even if she is holding an AK607 submachine gun, it is impossible to rush out from the crowd surrounded by so many people. Not to mention that even if she rushed out of the room, there is a big city guard house, and the entire docking city’s defense system. There were so many guards with bows and arrows that filled the assassin, and said that the name was just the top of the corridor. Men who fight against each other are definitely not good at dealing with.

In a hurry, she can only make a decision to hide the sleeping beauty woman behind, put on her clothes, and then pass the picture. Sure enough, let her bet on it, Tian Cheng was deceived by her success, and the man in front of her eyes is obviously not interested in her.

Chu Qiao pulled her mouth on the corner, and his heart is full of enthusiasm, this woman who has repeatedly broken his good deeds is not a good woman, and she rushed her out so that she can get dozens of guards from the outside. Surrounded by a big swing.

“come here.”

Music and prantee, when Chu Qiao is secretly happy, suddenly there was a low voice at the door of the bath room: “Give me a back rub.”

Chu Qiao’s expression became very rich in the blink of an eye. She frowned, considering whether she would sneak in and then let her prepare for him. But the words that the man said later made her movements easy.

“Then you can go out.”

More than one thing is less than a thing, Chu Qiao suddenly stood up and took a quick step with humility and obedience of a female slave.

Just a door to open a bath, a burst of warm air immediately blowing, full of white steam, eyes open as blind, breathing has become somewhat difficult. Chu Qiao frowning,  It was so blind and breathing became difficult. Chu Qiao frowned, going in, just listened to the man inside and said: “Take off the shoes.”

Sure enough, a warm feeling came from under the feet, and the shoes were already wet. Chu Qiao quickly took back her feet, took off her shoes, and walked in with bare feet.

This bath room was built to a great extent, and it was even worse than the outside bedroom. But from the outside, it would not have been thought that there was such a large space after a screen. The bathhouse is a large bath that is comparable to the swimming pool. There are four beautiful white stone statues carved on the three walls of the bath. These stone statues are all half-naked, seductive, eye-catching, steaming water. After the twelve stone statues spewed out, they flowed into the bath, then spread out from the side of the bath, flowed down the sink facing the ground, and then flowed out of the tub.

Chu Qiao estimated that if it is artificially boiled, it is difficult to support such consumption. Moreover, the water temperature is extremely high. With the current technology, it may be cold if the water has not flowed in. There will not be so many steams coming out. Come. Obviously, this city guardian is set up to build an underground hot spring. This Tian Cheng is also a person who can enjoy the fun. He sent people to open the ground and open the springs. He spent a lot of money to build such a luxurious artificial hot spring. The pipes that transport the hot springs are all made of copper and iron, and the red is burnt with charcoal fire. When the water comes in first-class, a huge white gas emerges.

Around the bath room, there are a few lanterns in the light or dark, but there is no darkness, and the lights are weak. On the wall of the bathhouse, there are some carves engraved. Chu Qiao looked carefully, but they were all portraits of a seductive woman, and they did not wear clothes in uniform. They only shook a few key parts in various sultry postures. But it seems tempting.

I don’t know if the temperature in the room is too high, or because of other reasons, Chu Qiao’s face is red, and suddenly she drops her eyes and dare not look again.

Above the bath, there is a high platform, the fire is blazing, the one on the top is warm, and there is a whole piece of white bear fur on the warmth. There are some fruit and wine on both sides. Chu Qiao only looks at it. At a glance, you know what it is for. With this fire, even in such a bath room, those furs will not be wet, so it is very convenient for men to do some intense physical and mental health exercises with these charming little girls.

“Are you dead?”

The low voice came slowly, and even with a strong nasal sound, it could not cover the powerful suffocation in the voice.

Chu Qiao turned cold eyes and rubbed his back, watching me not wipe your skin!

Then, she walked in with bare foot.

The closer to the bath, the bigger the steam, the more you can’t see things. By the time she walked to the edge of the bath, she had reached the point where she couldn’t see my fingers.

Chu Qiao grope forward, tentative temptation, water mist everywhere, so she did not know whether to the edge of the bath, suddenly just listen to “pop”. Chu Qiao felt awkward, her feet slipped, and her body suddenly lost balance. She planted it toward the pool. She was able to stand still, step by step, but considering that the pool is a fight master who can’t even take advantage of it, she can only bite her face to the huge pool if she fells and do not dare to do anything.

However, just then, a slender hand suddenly extended to hold the waist Chu Qiao, a force came, two neat push, let Chu Qiao knees soak in half bath.

“I just told you to rub my back, do not engage in so many things.”

The low voice sounded slowly in the misty bath room, and the man’s voice was very cold, with a few undisguised disdain. Obviously, he has already determined that Chu Qiao’s move is a disguised femininity.

Chu Qiao took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in her heart. She touched the pool and looked around for a while, but she couldn’t see where the towel was rubbed. Her forehead sweated slightly, and her brow slowly wrinkled.

A burst of ripples from the water came, Chu Qiao could not see, but still can feel that the man in front has already turned back. The water mist smashed, Chu Qiao could even feel the sharp and impatient eyes of the other party, because she had spoken when the fight ended, in order to prevent the other party from recognizing her from her voice, she deliberately changed the sound of her voice. The sound is soft and soft, and with a few delicate and charming, said: “What about a massage for the son?”

The man in front did not speak, but turned his head and seemed to have agreed with some reluctance.

Chu Qiao picked up his sleeves and extended a pair of plain white hands to massage the young son.

A good agent must be able to interpret a variety of different identities in different environments, especially a female agent. Under the need of work, there will be inevitably some sacrifices. For the massage technique, Chu Qiao has been subjected to professional training in modern times, so useless for so many years, even there is no abandoned. Soon, she was different from the professional methods of this era to win the satisfaction of the man in front of him. At least, through the muscles of the man gradually relaxed, Chu Qiao knew that he had gradually calmed down.

Although I can not see my face, it is undeniable that this man has a good figure. Or, this can not be represented by a “very” word. His muscles are very strong, but not as tame as usual Wu Fu tangled, bbut have perfect lines, smooth and fit, not much, one inch, many people’s elegant atmosphere, men’s masculine beauty. Just look at the upper body, we can see that this man is very tall, wide shoulders, narrow waist, long legs, no more than half of the excess fat, obviously usually exercise regularly, but for this, Chu Qiao is still aching  on her shoulders enough to prove this person has superb martial arts.

Scoop up with hot water and pour it down the man’s shoulder, the water flows slowly along the man’s latissimus dorsi (muscle is one of the largest muscles in the back), falls into the steaming pool. Chu Qiao’s white fingers are a powerful massage on her body. She is different from the average woman. She has strong strength on her wrists, accurate recognition, and a very professional technique. Just listen to the man slowly taking a deep breath, then slightly tilted his head back, so he relied on Chu Qiao’s thigh, it seems to be going to sleep.

Chu Qiao frowning, but helpless, she knew that this man extraordinary skill, even if their best to right, may not necessarily have the opportunity to retreat. And even if he did not take advantage of him to kill him, it is difficult to escape the siege of those guards. What’s more, her task tonight is to rescue the cunning sister. Now I do not even know where the woman is locked up. Pressing the anger of her heart, she held down the man’s shoulder and slowly massaged it. After a while, it was already sweating, and it was even more exhausting than hitting a round of Qihe (means nuclear weapons).

“Pop” sound, a drop of sweet sweat from the forehead, even hit the man’s nose. Young son did not open his eyes, said lightly: “Take off your clothes.”

“Ah?” Chu Qiao suddenly stunned, but suddenly knew that he was out of order, and quickly convinced his emotions: “The son, what do you want to do?”

“You can’t wait for me to do anything to you.” The young man chuckled, with a hint of ridicule and coldness in his voice: “Unfortunately, I don’t have this interest, I just haven’t seen anyone wearing a bath in the bathroom.” Remind yourself, lest you die.”

“Thank you for your kindness, the slaves are not hot.”

Although it is clear that this is a lie, but remember Tian Cheng words, the young son did not say anything, continue to silence no longer speak. After all, it is still a clean official, although a little small, the skin is still tender.

Chu Qiao’s face is very difficult to see, where the water vapor is thick, the eyes are blind, and there is no need to pretend. This man is so deceiving too much, remembering the one that was touched on the top of the cloister, Chu Qiao suddenly sneered at the corner of his mouth, picking his eyebrows, counting his heart, fingers slowly down his shoulders, fingertips feels like butterflies, hissing down. Under Chu Qiao’s plan, with a few traces of  flirtatious taste, a little bit across the man’s shoulders, neck, strong chest muscles, and then painted up and down.

The man smiled softly, but did not say anything, apparently agreed without some reluctance for such hot and steamy tease.

Chu Qiao lowered her voice then said in a flirtatious voice: “The son, this is the former cloud point, which is the point for relieving fatigue.” After all, the five fingers became a fist, and the knuckles suddenly hit his chest.

Unsurprisingly, the man suddenly snorted and his body arched, and there was no laziness.

Chu Qiao pretend to panic, and quickly squatted down, panicked and said: “Is slaves supposed to be slapped?”

The man groaned a few times, hurriedly gasped, and after a long time, he was dumb and said, “There is nothing wrong with you.”

Then sat panting back to the pool, coldly said: “dead girl, start really harsh.”

“Son are you talking about me?”

“Not you.”

Chu Qiao naturally knows who he is talking about, because that place is just the part of the fight that she has punched himself. Just listening to him is a bit strange, just like knowing yourself. Chu Qiao frowned and the man’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“You bought it from Xianyang City a few days ago?”

The man was so excited that he wanted to chat with her.

It seems that the woman in the cabinet was just bought from Xianyang City, but it is quite a fate to herself. Chu Qiao still said in the sweet and greasy voice: “If you return to the city, please do not forget, the slave is in the cabinet.”

“Well,” the man continued, “Where did you get it?”

Xiangyang City, the slave trader Chu Qiao only recognize one, suddenly said: “Mu Cai boss.”

“Black Market?” His remark, the man in the bath suddenly came to the spirits, the whole person came over, coldly asked: “Then you have not seen a girl, oh a boy, yes, a juvenile, about so tall like you, looks very handsome, martial arts is also very good. ” 

Chu Qiao frown said: “Martial arts is good? With Good martial arts arrested to become a  slave?”

“He was hurt, it seems to be very heavy, and there seems to be a companion around.” (In this conversation, Zhuge Yue testing Chu Qiao but already knows that Chu Qiao was the juvenile they were talking about)

Chu Qiao listened more and more shocked, her brows locked, and the temptation asked: “There are many people like this. Does the son know the name of the boy?”

“He is called…” The man glanced, meditating for a long while, and immediately said: “Forget it, he should have used fake names.”

“The slaves don’t know,” Chu Qiao said casually. She secretly chuckled, and then she asked carefully: “Who is this son you are looking for? Right, there is no such thing as a son.” Slave friend, is that the son of the son?”

Man suddenly distorted, turned around and no longer spoke, after the beauty of the stone statue, there is constant steaming water injected, issued a gurgling noise. After a long time, Chu Qiao suddenly heard the son said softly: “I’m scratching her.”

Chu Qiao’s heart suddenly became cold, and the dark road was full of chasing troops from Daxia. They really got it, so they all found them. They preempted Pengcheng and blocked themselves. They also found the booth of the Mu Cai boss. It seems that if they didn’t get into the Zhan Ziyu ship, they might have an accident. At this point, she had to think again about whether she should have escaped from Zhan family, and instead of being caught by the Daxia (Wei) chasing soldiers, it would be better to stay on board for a moment and see what Jing Zhi Su wanted to do.

Just want the gods are thinking, who knows at this moment, Chu Qiao is now pushing the neck for him but he got up so fiercely, Chu Qiao suddenly lost control, only heard a loud noise, even struggling was too late. Chu Qiao was slammed into the pool with a big head down, and then she sank a few times, and her head slammed into the bottom of the pool. If the water is not deep and the buoyancy is large, only this one is enough to make her head break blood.

Chu Qiao was dizzy. At this time, the hand was uploaded with a strong force. When there was light, she was slid up like a garlic soaked into the water.


“Cough and cough!”

The water dragons on both sides suddenly enlarged, huge water sprays, white mist and water vapor rose, and the whole bath room spread. Chu Qiao raised by a man. She relied on his arm and coughed up without any image. The agent who had been smashed on the water was like a normal person. Her face and neck was thick, and her throat was burned by hot carbon. The heat was uncomfortable.

They stood in the middle of the pool, warm water over their waist, white flowers filled with water vapor in the bath room, the two almost invisible.

Young son just felt the arms of the woman’s body trembling violently, as if all of her lungs are coughed up, tall, but very thin, her arms almost no meat, but the feel is very good, the skin is full of elasticity, smooth and moist .

Looking up, I saw the white mist of the woman, the woman’s body was wet, and the body was tight, and the more her body was sleek, the heights and the ups and downs, the two legs were slender, and the body was tight. Round and round and obviously doing bodybuilding, just a touch of a touch, you know that you cannot compare the squats.

She don’t know why, the man’s heart actually gave birth to be soft, he reached out and gently patted Chu Qiao’s back to ease her cough. But she don’t want his hand to just fall. The thin gauze suddenly falls off. The Son’s hand is on the smooth and looking at the soft back of the woman. It looks like a good white jade, the top layer of the skin, hair are smooth and the sons hand feels amazing.

Chu Qiao’s body was so stiff that she forgot all about coughing for a while.

The man’s eyes slipped through a gloom. He grabbed Chu Qiao’s arm in his hand. He slammed his head and suddenly lowered his head. He kissed Chu Qiao’s lips and kissed her deeply!

In an instant, Chu Qiao was stunned, and sullen and angry. She only felt that the strong arm of the man held her tightly into her arms, and the teeth that were too close to the bite were smashed by the tongue of the other side. The fierce wild breath suddenly broke into, and the man held her tightly in one hand, and pressed her back to the back of her head to make her avoid the inevitable and overbearing.

The huge panic made Chu Qiao’s brain blank for a moment, but in a flash, she suddenly reacted, and when she lifted her foot, she kicked the man. However, in the rush, she even forgot that she was now in the water. Not only did she not kick the other party under the resistance, but she also went back to the man.

Man’s charming smiles, eyes evil charm, holding her homeopathy poured into the pool, just listen to “bang” soon, a huge water splashing!

The warm water came from all directions, and when it was poured into the ears of the two, the two men’s long, messy waters danced and covered their sight. The man pressed Chu Qiao’s body, the two men’s water was more than one meter high, and the petals of the water were scattered. When the bottom of the water was about to sink, the man held Chu Qiao’s back then held her waist. A pain kiss on her lips!

The kiss of the young son is skillful and crazy, as if it was released, the wild tongue swam back and forth in her mouth, sucking her sweetness and strength. A hand slowly climbed up from her waist, Chu Qiao frowned, no longer want to hide anything, punching a fist to block. However, all the movements of the water were greatly reduced. The man took out the palm of her hand. After two skilled hands, the son would hold the back of Chu Qiao’s two hands, her legs tightly gripping her legs, and then the other hand. Continue to climb, slip past her soft waist, flat belly, towering chest…


Chu Qiao snorted, the whole person violently resisted, suddenly opened her mouth and bite the man’s lips, the strong bloody taste, time and lips echoed. However, the other party did not retreat, but her resistance instead stirred his desire to fire, reaching out and tearing open the front of her clothes, revealing a large piece of crystal skin.

Chu Qiao’s eyes suddenly screamed, suddenly roaring, feeling that the warm palm of the other hand has touched the smooth skin of her chest, it is anger. A dexterous little fingers broke free from the man’s hand, and then a back elbow hit the man’s chest, then leaped lightly and rushed out of the water.


Long-term suffocation made Chu Qiao red cheeks, she gasped fiercely. After a while, she only heard the sound of “pop”, and the man also poked his head out from the water.

“Come here!” The low, hoarse voice slowly sounded, the man’s voice was cold, and there was a hint of impatientness. He said: “Don’t play tricks with me!”

Well, well, Chu Qiao angered and laughed. She coldly held her mouth and gently lifted her eyes. It was like a hunter who saw the prey, full of decisive death.

Unfortunately, the fog was too big, and the man couldn’t see her expression at all, so when she walked slowly, he thought she was turning her heart and obedient.

However, at this time, I saw that the woman’s body was like a cheetah. The fiercely  leaped and jumped on the ground. Even if it was in the water or it was half a meter high. Then, she saw her arm wave and her right leg whirls. And on!


Compared with just adding a huge splash of water, the man was in a hurry, and Chu Qiao was kicking his chest, and the whole person flew away instantly!

Immediately afterwards, the raging female lion swooped up, and then came up, fell into the water with the man, and then picked up his fist, unscrupulously touching the handsome man’s cheek!

Everything happened only for a moment, and despite the man’s dedication to her, it was too late for such a burst of attack to react. Bang bang bang rang continuously, the man’s face has been hit consecutively to suffer a few punches, if not in the water, these punches completely enough to interrupt his nose!

The man was beaten at a time, but he didn’t have a chance to fight back, and then he quickly made a move that was not in line with his identity. Chu Qiao saw him pushed her, and he climbed up and walked to the pool.

“Want to run?”

Chu Qiao spit the water from her mouth, like an angry leopard, once again jumped up!

At the moment when speed, assault techniques and a powerful anger are the perfect combination, the man has no chance to fight back. Once again, being held by a mighty woman and slamming it, he finally climbed up to the pool and then ran outside the bathhouse.

Chu Qiao did not give him this opportunity, since it has been exposed, we must exterminate, or wait for him to run out, the dead to replace themselves.

Flying over, hugged the man’s waist, and both of them slammed into the ground.

Already on the shore, men adjust in time, they are no longer completely passively beaten. Not retreating, she saw the thick white mist, the two figures violently attacked at the same time, quickly moved a series of fast breaks, hard-to-hard body beats, elbows collided, knees in front, fists and punches, fast speed, power is a must.

Chu Qiao has been exposed at this time, once she successfully escaped, she must have no luck, naturally using desperate play.

And the man, at this moment, will not be naively still regard her as an ordinary female slave. He is all guarded by the gods, and he never recruits, and does not keep it!

No weapons, no assassination, no sneak attack, play are true real kung fu, not the slightest tricks and skills at all, in an instant, this is a life-and-death showdown!

Ping-pong, under the confrontation of dozens of times, the two men’s elbows, knees, legs and feet have been shocked, both hands have been painful to lose the feeling. But they are all supportively dead, no one speaks, and no one tries to shout. Fast breaks shows, can not be distracted, no one can make the attack a little slow!

Both have red eyes, and suddenly, two shadows in the white mist like lightning toward each other, a round of up to the peak of the showdown, the two fingers suddenly go to the other side of the throat!

Death coming! Evenly matched!

The two act surprisingly consistent, fingers claw, pinch each other’s throat, as long as a person a little move, will be unforgivable to cut off each other’s throat.

Then, both of them did not move in a surprisingly tacit agreement, but at the same time slowly raised their other hand, gently waved, gestured, and lethal?

perish together? That is silly!

Then, almost at the same time, they simultaneously released their fingers on the other throat and slowly retreated. Said that this round of truce, after the retreat, and then than before.

At this time just listen to a huge burst of water suddenly sounded at this crucial moment, hot springs once again started a large water injection.

And at this moment, the finger that had retreated once again came up, just want to cut off each other’s neck when they also feel the strength of their own neck.

Coincidentally, they also turned cold at each other turned a blank eye.


The voice is neat and uniform, and is exported almost simultaneously.

However, at this moment, the man suddenly slammed on a wooden bucket by the pool, and the whole body quickly and then slipped, then stood up, regardless of Chu Qiao behind him, turned and rushed away!

This woman is really a super-martial arts fight, and she did not need to fight hard, as long as they walk out of the bath, outside will hear the fight inside, so he will be invincible!

However, Chu Qiao’s response is quick, calculate what is right, she jumped up, stature like ghostly chase!

Consistent vision! Consistent pace! Action consistent! Even choose the escape route are the same!

“Bang” soon, the door of the shower room finally came out with a booming sound! The man tried to get Chu Qiao’s side legs and opened the door with one foot!

Chu Qiao’s scalp is a time of numbness. She knows that this sound will inevitably alarm the outside guard. For three more seconds, the outside person will definitely break into the door. At that time, the bow and arrow will be together and they will not fly!

The only chance is to solve the man within three seconds, then the two climbed the super-luxury big bang, made a sly posture, and passed away!

It’s too late to think about how many loopholes in this plan. Chu Qiao flew before he ran and pulled off his tired veil, leaving only a short cloth jacket and fragrant shorts.

Hard punch, there is no other way, one foot on the wall, Chu Qiao flew by the force of huge inertia, banging on the man’s body, two rolling, a punch is the man’s heart, with him is luxury! This is soft luxury!

At this point, the footsteps outside have been approaching, or pass him to subdue the uniform, or subdued him as a hostage, all outlets point to the same premise. That is, he must be subdued and kidnapped him!

This moment, Chu Qiao even feel crazy.

Skilled wrist flip, in an instant, the two again pay more than twenty times under the wrist swelling, swelling of an elbow, and finally, just at the door sounded the footsteps of the moment, Chu Qiao finally completed this feat.

She successfully kidnapped the other side, once again caught the man’s neck, but the price she paid was that her neck was also shackled by men!

The same situation before and surprisingly, go to the end? perish together!

There was a fierce knock on the door, and the escort shrieked anxiously.

Indoor lights swaying, a hazy, but despite this, still able to see each other’s appearance.

By this time, the man and woman, who have been tossing each other for half a night, finally have the opportunity to look up and see where the other party is.

However, in this view, they are neat open mouth, like a pair of fools, staring eyes, generally motionless!


A huge hit the door suddenly sounded, a roar, the soldiers outside the door crowded into the room, led by the young warrior shouted: “Fourth young master! Fourth young master! What happened?

Then, all of them immediately to the bed in line with the two people, together with a staggering expression of trouble.

Looking at the chaos of the entire room, as if the thief had just patronized the circle of water stains everywhere, carpet messy, quilt half dragged to the ground, clothes are thrown everywhere. And that magnificent bed, a man and a woman in a very ambiguous posture tangled together, staring eyes wide open at each other, and then, neatly to the door seems.

“Who let you come in !!!”

In an instant, it is like a ten-level typhoon sweeping the earth. The seventh Yue and so on only feel that the whole person has been almost smashed out. The man’s eyes ink is erected with a red face and a lion cub that shocks the world. Everyone suddenly looks like earthy, how many timid men even slammed on the ground.

Then, within three seconds, the door was once again carefully closed, the crowd scared like a quail, where there is our master style.

After a long while, the only two remaining people in the room turned their heads and screamed at each other:



Aftethoughts: I went over to re-edit this chapter because the original translation always refer Chu Qiao as “his” and confuse readers a lot when they do not understand what the author’s meant to conceal Chu Qiao’s identity as a disguised slave boy who maintained it this way when Chu Qiao stayed in Xianyang. So to make it all agreeable in terms of english grammar and its usage, I had to change the original “his” to “her” to refer to Chu Qiao and not confuse the readers. – AC

CHAPTER 097  Owe you a fate



The room was a dead silence, the palace lantern corner lit quietly, from time to time burst a crackling sparks. Outside dark, and occasionally summer unique cicadas along the micro-open windows came in, the moonlight, pouring in a corner of window seams, night in Pengcheng is very cool, suitable temperature, everything is serene.

The people who practice martial arts are extremely good at ear exercises, especially in such a quiet environment. A short while, the voice of a man outside deliberately lowered slowly spread in, escorting carefully together, it is shy to say master’s gossip:

Master usually looks very serious, did not expect even like this tone.”

“Who said no, engage in so loudly, throwing clothes everywhere, the scene is fierce!

“That woman has come to work, even able to climb our young master.”

“But that woman is really good figure, that two legs, long and white … …”

“You are fainting! It is the woman of the young master, be careful that the young master has dug your eyes!”

“Ah, Brother Chang said that we must completely forget this matter, let ourselves be blind.”

“I spent many years in the government, you do not look at the young master is now a lot better temper, in the past, that is quite tyrannical figure, who is not afraid of the upper and lower house? But then again, the quality of the little girl is really good, that figure, that looks, but … … how do I feel a little familiar?

“You are familiar with the beauty of the world.”

The thief who was low and low smiled twice, and then there was no sound. It is estimated that it was far away.

The room, the two still maintained the original action, pinched each other’s throat, four legs is tightly wrapped together. Four eyes relative, surging inside with too many complex things.

Suddenly the wind blew out the window and blew in through the tiny open windows. The red gauze on the big bed danced in the wind, and dozens of gauze curtains swayed and passed between them. The soft gauze sweep through their eyes, through the transparent gauze, each other’s appearance has become somewhat hazy.

The passage of time, in the faraway places, with more powerful drums penetrating the dark night, reverberating in the majestic mansions, such as the ripples of small boats sliding across the river in the misty, Firm, that sound so long, like a song, interpretation of Bian Tang unique soft and sensual.

Their eyes, after all, still inch by bit cold down.

From the initial shock, shy, angry, hostile, and gradually into two light calm. Like a huge stone was thrown into the lake, despite the splash before such a large splash, but gradually, the stones still slowly sink, covered with water, a little submerged, and then, leaving only ripples in a circle, echoed, light, but after all, quiet, as if nothing had happened.

They tacitly loosened the fingers on the other’s throat at the same time, one point, and slowly retreated.

Chu Qiao pulled up the silk quilt, hugged her chest, concealed her large and smooth skin, and looked at the opposite man with his eyes fixed. All the emotions were suppressed by her, and the rest was only thick. Alert and careful.

Indeed, this man is Zhuge Yue, the fourth master of the Zhuge family who had just arrived at the Pengcheng by land. In his capacity, a small city in the Huai Song and Bain Tang Dynasties will naturally desperately struggle.

Furious man gradually quiet down, his eyes dark, slanting brows eyebrows, eyes cold, but no obvious hostility, but to restore his usual appearance, lazy reveal a bit cold. Man unscrupulously walked down the big bed, big square to go to the central, picked up the piece before he took off the black gold robes, free to put on the waist belt oblique oblique pull, exposing a large bronze chest .

Then, he unexpectedly with great kindness, picked and picked, and smashed Chu Qiao’s already wet robes, then walked over, holding his clothes in one hand and her robes holding it in front of Chu Qiao in one hand said faintly: “Take it.”

“Take what?” Chu Qiao’s eyebrows raised: “What?”

Zhuge Yue pick light eye-catching, oblique glance at her, it seems to say that she was less confused.

“When Yan Xun followed the big group, the group of people fled back to the old nest and even struggling to get this kind of journey? Forced you to come out to be a thief, stealing?”

“What are you talking about?” Chu Qiao’s eyes were cold and she said: “You should be careful!”

Zhuge Yue faintly glanced at her, disdain, said: “All the meat is ready to be chopped, but also so arrogant.

Chu Qiao sitting in bed, looking cold, but not rebelling. Inadvertently, all the losses are lost. This night’s embarrassment is really a complete failure. The annoyance of her heart can’t be added, and the luck of her own time seems to be surprisingly bad.

However, although she did not want to admit it, but at the moment she first saw Zhuge Yue’s face, her heart really suddenly raised a trace of reluctance. Perhaps falling into his hands is better than falling into the hands of others.

At least, it will not be cut off immediately. She knows that the emperor’s reward is her head, not her.

“Get it.”

Zhuge Yue is tireless and continues to say.


“You’re less confused with me!” The man said, coldly, looking at her said: “Just on the porch, it is you, you stole something from me. Do you like me?”

Chu Qiao suddenly realized, but she said hard: “Whoever is rare, I am just picking it up, I have already thrown it. If you want it, send someone to the lake from the officials dog’s house.”

Zhuge Yue’s brows were gently raised up, his eyes were gloomy, and Chu Qiao looked at him without fear. His eyes were bright and stubborn, calm and firm.

“Puff” is heard, Zhuge Yue on his wet clothes, threw a cold face to Chu Qiao, and then turned around and went to the door. He opened the door, there is the bodyguard trot stepped forward. Zhuge Yue simply ordered two sentences, the sound is less, the content is very simple, nothing more than to go to a lake, to fish jade.

However, everyone listened, but suddenly their face turned green, the lake is not big, driving a boat at most half an hour to draw a circle, but it is four feet deep, such a big place to find a small Jade…

A guard looked up with a bitter face and said, “Young Master, this…”

The sound of “Peng” suddenly came. Before the words of the guards were finished, Zhuge Yue suddenly reached out and slammed the head of the guard. When he hit the guard, he went in a daze and his head went down involuntarily. .

“Who told you to look up!”

The guard suddenly nodded like a crushed garlic, but he did not dare to look up again.

Chu Qiao who was sitting on the bed when she heard some noise, a slight glimpse, because the door happened to face this large and outrageous bed, and at this moment, she had not put on her clothes.

The guards quickly retreated. After a while, a lot of torches were lit up outside, and the voices were screaming. All the guards woken up from the middle of the night, and the  mighty guards at the Tian Cheng, went to the back garden of Bihu.

When Zhuge Yue turned around, Chu Qiao had put the wet clothing on her body, but this dress is made of tulle. All posted at the moment, with no wear, but added a few silk of enchanting temptation.

Zhuge Yue looked at Chu Qiao, and then slowly frowned, Chu Qiao sees his eyes wrong, but also inevitably a little more embarrassing.

Zhuge Yue walked straight to the side of a row of wardrobes, and opened one of them at random. Chu Qiao’s face changed, but she didn’t scream. He only heard the sound of “Peng”, and a woman’s five-flowered tie fell out of the cupboard and fell on the ground. Just fell to the feet of Zhuge Yue. Zhuge Yue’s reaction was quick, but it was obvious that she used the woman as an assassin in the locker, so the four masters of Zhuge’s family flew unscrupulously, and the poor female slave was still inside the wardrobe. Just smashed this, like a ball to fly out, and the body suddenly shrinks into a shrimp, if the mouth wasn’t sealed, can imagine how moisy the sound will be.

Fortunately, Zhuge Yue do not know each other’s origins, there is no ruthless hand, saw lying on the ground clothes were plucked a very seductive woman. Zhuge Yue stunned and suddenly frowned, and looked like a hard-working figure.

The woman had already become a like frightened bird, for no reason being punched with a fist. After waking up, she found herself locked in the cupboard, now finally released. She did not yell at the assassin nor kicked. At this moment, facing the man who was obviously very suffocating, she suddenly turned her eyes and fainted.

“Hey, do not hurt her.”

Zhuge Yue turned his head and saw that Chu Qiao’s face was obviously a few sly, and he suddenly realized. Since the female slave in this room is pretending to be Chu Qiao, then this one on the ground must be the master Tian Cheng’s servant prepared for him.

Think of the connections, Zhuge Yue see no woman on the floor, turned around and took out a piece of clothing from the cupboard, turned back to Chu Qiao’s side, the clothes thrown in the past, gently pull the mouth, light said: “Xinger, your shot is still so cruel ah!

“Do not call me a Xinger!” Chu Qiao did not take off her wet clothes and set it straight on the clean robe, saying in a cold tone.

However, the voice faded, and suddenly heard the sound of anger came, all of a sudden Zhuge Yue like a Tigers general, rushed, a strong body suddenly pushed Chu Qiao tightly. Under the body, legs clamped like a pincer-like two long legs,  one hand rubbed her chin, his face was gloomy, and his voice said happily: “What do they call you? Jing Yue’er? Or what? Chu Qiao?”

Zhuge’s face was gloomy, and there seemed to be a huge tornado storm in his eyes. The force on his hand continued to increase, and his voice was hoarse, he said: “How? You have to rely on Yan Xun, even your own ancestors are not. I recognized it, and even the surnames have changed, so why not directly change it to Yan surname?”

Chu Qiao’s cold and Zhuge Yue’s eyes were opposite, and the cold voice said: “Let me go!”

“Let go of you?” Zhuge Yue sneer: “Where do you want to go? Bian Tang is for you that will be the marriage of the old lover or detour to Yan North? I had not seen how, our little Xinger still smiles to allure all troubles?

“Zhuge Yue, I warned you, let me go!”

“Warning?” Zhuge Yue’s mouth was pulled, and gave her a debonaire smile. The eyes looked like a goshawk, cold, and the voice said: “Xinger, are you the first day to know me? When did Zhuge Yue fear others? caveat?”

Chu Qiao didn’t want to, but the five fingers became claws, and they took it to Zhuge Yue’s neck!

Zhuge’s movements were not slow, and the body leaned back. Chu Qiao’s neck was slipping, and he grabbed Zhuge’s collar. The clothes were loose, and at this moment, they were mostly pulled apart, revealing most of them. A bronzed, strong chest. Zhuge Yue squinted at Chu Qiao’s chin’s finger and slipped past her white neck and exquisite collarbone. The debonaire smiled: “How? Can’t you wait? You are struggling to approach me, don’t mean to represent Yanbei.” Beauty?”

Chu Qiao’s face unchanged, her eyes slowly narrowed, with a few angry look, all of a sudden out of one leg, towards Zhuge Yue’s crotch to kick it! Action is fast, extremely hot!

Zhuge Yue what kind of person, this time a positive confrontation, how will he fall into the lower air. She saw him with both hands and a brace, the whole person volley after an arch, and then fall when Chu Qiao’s moves have been used with the old, Zhuge Yue hands to hold the body, suddenly close to, but also a just and exactly the same posture ambush Chu Qiao’s body, his face to face, nasal smell can be heard.


Chu Qiao screamed, her eyes flashed a trace of anger, her hands twisted, and punched Zhuge Yue’s shoulder.

Zhuge Yue shoulders sink, unaffected unloading force, his body out to the side, Chu Qiao’s body involuntarily followed him hit a turn. Zhuge Yue hugged her waist, suddenly turned inside, the bed is full of damask bedding with the two turned up, a moment will be in between the two body tightly rolled up, like a big dumplings. Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao hold hands, a scissor leg once again caught Chu Qiao’s leg tightly grip.

Chu Qiao struggled, but the two were rolled up by the quilt. The more she moved the quilt, the tighter she was, and after all, Zhuge’s strength was bigger than her. After a while, she was unable to breathe. Gasping and struggling for breath, but she also looked up and wanted to open her mouth to bite him.

Under the fight, Chu Qiao’s clothes have been torn open, revealing a large white skin, Chu Qiao’s face is red, and her eyes are staring at Zhuge Yue, breathing heavily.

“Not convinced?”

Chu Qiao screamed: “Bastard!”

Zhuge Yue hold Chu Qiao’s body, listening to her fierce gasping, rapid heartbeat, constantly sniffing the scent of her body, the complexion suddenly eased, the man smiled and said slowly: “Can’t you fight?”

Chu Qiao tightened her lips. Over the years, she has rarely suffered from losses on her hands. There are still a few scares that she can’t say if she is not convinced. She don’t know why, at this moment she just wants to leave this place right away, and never see this man in front of her.

“let me go!”

“Xinger, do you always say this sentence, don’t you bother?”

Chu Qiao’s hem was wide open, revealing two white legs. Zhuge Yue’s legs were tightly wrapped around her, and the skin was close to each other, and the air suddenly became subtle.

Chu Qiao looked at Zhuge Yue, biting her white teeth and said: “I really want to insert  two knives!”

Zhuge Yue laughed then a ​​smile, eyes evil charm, bright red lips, the other kind of bohemian look, another long laughed: “Better to hit me with two fists!”

“Hey!” Chu Qiao turned her head in anger, never looking at him again. Playing and playing, but cannot escape, he and her body been this close, he may have a little better experience, but how long? She cannot fight a man, cannot catch up with a man, not to mention the large number of guards around him. Chu Qiao’s eyes suddenly red, and she screamed: “Kill me!”

Zhuge Yue smiled and looked at her: “Xinger, you are not playing but you want to cry? This is not like your character.”

Relaxed atmosphere of tension, but the two men’s position was extremely ambiguous, when the bed unconscious woman immediately issued a short voice suddenly, it is clear that we must wake up.

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, but sees change of color in Zhuge Yue’s face, immediately release the hands of Chu Qiao, picked up a quilt and threw it, covered the woman’s face below!

However, at the moment when he let go of his hand, Chu Qiao snorted and slammed his feet. He suddenly got out of the quilt as if he was muddy, and he went run down!

Zhuge Yue suddenly sneered, the smile has not slipped the bottom of his eyes, the man ran out of the side of the quilt, the brocade was extremely thin, and the time was like a snake entangled Chu Qiao’s ankle. Chu Qiao did not check, her heart screamed a bad sound, followed by Zhuge Yue stunned back, Chu Qiao suddenly fell, and Zhuge Yue rolled into a ball.

It’s too late to say it! Just listening to a loud noise, the whole big bed banged, and the bed frame with numerous drapes and bead curtains collapsed. Countless red windings and bright owner fell together, Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue’s were like two people buried deep underneath!

The voice is very loud, and the people outside clearly heard.

The guards who stood, guards only had half of them at this time, and the other half went to the lake, to fish.

A young guard asked carefully to the guard named Yue Zhang: “Yue Zhang , what is the voice inside all about?”

The guardian surnamed Zhang also listened carefully with his ears. He heard a slight nod, and said mysteriously: “I see, 80% is a bed.”

“The bed has collapsed?” The young guard screamed: “My God, so intense!”

Zhuge Yue a bunch of silk tied up all over his body, took a great effort to climb out from inside. However, she had just revealed her face, but she changed her face immediately.

He saw Chu Qiao in front of him, his face was cold his eyes were chilly, and he was holding a bed of beam wood that had just been broken. The end of the wood was sharp and thin. At this moment, he was dying. Above the throat!

“Do not move!”

The girl shouted coldly.

Zhuge Yue had a faint smile, his eyes glanced at Chu Qiao’s chest, and said faintly: “When you are doing this to others, wear your clothes first, or you will not have the momentum.”

“Less nonsense! Let me go now!”

Zhuge smiled and said: “Xinger, you made a mistake, now you hijack me, how can I let you go?”

“Zhuge Yue, don’t think that there is no other way besides asking you. Even if I kill you, I still have the opportunity to break through and escape. I just don’t want to go there. You and I have hatred, but I don’t want this. I will kill you.”

“That’s a pity,” Zhuge Yue said, shrugging his shoulders. “I will not let you go when I am alive.”

Chu Qiao slowly raised his eyes: “You don’t force me!”

“Don’t force me.”

At this moment, there was a sudden footstep outside, and the two of them were at the same time. They only felt that the footsteps were cluttered outside. It was not the guard of Zhuge.

At the moment when Chu Qiao was slightly distracted, Zhuge Yue suddenly fell to the side of his body and wanted to escape the weapon of Chu Qiao’s hand.

However, in an instant, Chu Qiao took a cautious glance at Zhuge Yue’s movements, almost subconscious. She stabbed the wooden thorn in her hand, and the movements were flowing, not dragging, as if she had practiced thousands of times.

Just listening to the sound of “Pop”, a blood-red light spurted out of time, Chu Qiao’s heart was cold, and the pupil instantly expanded. At this time, the voice of Tian Cheng respected outside the door: “The son, you still are you awake?”

Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao sat in the corner of the big bed. Zhuge Yue’s shoulder is inserted with a wooden thorn. The wooden thorn has the thickness of the thumb. The hand of Chu Qiao is completely pierced by Zhuge Yue’s shoulder, and the blood is spurting. The sly flow took half a bed.

Everything was born for a moment, and the moment the wood pierced Zhuge Yue’s body, Chu Qiao even saw Zhuge Yue’s mouth open, so under the strong pain, he must make a horrible sound. However, at the same time, Tian Cheng stood firmly outside the door!

Tian Cheng was a military officer. When he was young, he followed his father to participate in the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties’ conscription army. He was killed all the way to the mid of Great summer. If you don’t encounter Yan Shi Zhi Lion’s Yancheng City, you may have taken the summer of Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties and become the master of Hong Chuan. The father of Tian Cheng died. The Tian family was paralyzed by the imperial court because of the delay in the warplanes. The status was greatly reduced. Today, they can only guard a small town. His dislike of Yanbei can be imagined.

At this time, as long as Zhuge Yue uttered a strange sound, he would definitely not hesitate to break into the door, and once Chu Qiao fell on his hand, the result would not have to think!

At the time, Chu Qiao’s first thought was to touch his calf. If it was normal, there was a shackle at any time. With her skill, at such a long distance, shooting an injured person is absolutely no problem. Under the knife, Zhuge Yue has absolutely no chance to make a sound.

However, she forgot, she was lost on the cloister not long ago.

At about the same time, Zhuge Yue also noticed Chu Qiao’s subconscious movements. His eyes were slightly glimpsed, and he clearly understood a message: she wanted to kill him!

“Son? Are you sleeping?” Tian Cheng continued to call on him.

At this moment of the millennium, Chu Qiao’s ear clearly heard the calmness of Zhuge Yue’s voice, and asked without any waves: “Is it a big man? Is it important to go late at night?”

Chu Qiao’s heart suddenly turned over the mountain, she jerked her head up and looked at Zhuge Yue’s blood, and suddenly stopped.

“This is the case. The official heard that a very important thing belonging the Son fell into the lake. The guards tossed for half a night and did not find it. The official asked, use the official to dig a ditch to lead the lake out. This makes it easier to find.”

Zhuge Yue took a deep breath and held his hand tightly on the shoulders of the blood, like a spring, and said: “That, thank you Tian Cheng for your kindness.”

Tian Cheng smiled: “It is the honor of the official to be able to share the worry for the son.”

“If there is nothing, the Lord will also go back to rest.”

“The official retired, and the son was sleeping.”

The footsteps gradually left, and the outside returned to calm.

Zhuge Yue sighed with a relief and leaned against the bed, then held a piece of wood outside, clenched his teeth, and slammed it out!


Zhuge Yue’s brow was locked, his face was twisted, and there was a painful suffocation in his throat, but he still suppressed his own volume.

Blood, spurt out of time and big shots!

Chu Qiao stunned, and immediately rushed forward, and he grabbed his sly wound!

The huge pain made Zhuge Yue’s eyes black and almost fainted. Chu Qiao held his shoulder and said in a hurry: “How are you?”

Zhuge Yue’s face was pale and bloodless. After a while, he slowly said: “I can’t die.”

“Don’t move, I will bandage you.”

Chu Qiao stood up and quickly ran into the bath room. After a while, she ran in with a wooden bucket. She jumped into the big bed in a few steps, and began to clean the wounds for Zhuge Yue.

Zhuge Yue’s voice is hoarse: “There are a lot of wood thorns inside, you need to pick them out one by one.”

Chu Qiao stunned, looked up and looked at Zhuge Yue’s pale face, and slowly asked: “Can you stand it?”

Zhuge Yue is not okay: “Don’t you understand?”

Chu Qiao saw a burner inside the house, there was wine on the table, she took the small dagger and after the ignition, was disinfected. She took a handkerchief and sent it to Zhuge Yue’s hand and said, “Bite, so as to bite the tongue when it hurts.”

Zhuge Yue took it, but it didn’t work, but held another hand that was not injured.

Chu Qiao stopped talking and began to concentrate on treating the wound for him.

The wounds pierced with this strip of wood are more serious than those of the stings. The wounds are not big, and the bumps bring out a large piece of flesh and blood. They are mixed with countless roots of wood. If they are not completely removed, they will be in the body to rot.

In the face of such a injury, even Chu Qiao’s hand could not help but tremble.

“Or, still look for the doctor.”

Chu Qiao looked up and looked at Zhuge Yue, his eyes firmly said: “No.”

She knew that when the doctor comes, she would inevitably be exposed, waiting for her, only one way out. However, perhaps she could see the plane escaped during the chaos brought by the doctor, though this possibility was very small.

Zhuge Yue grabbed a dagger, looking gloomy: “You cannot come with me.”

Said, we must go to there with our own flesh and blood.

“I am coming! I am coming!” Chu Qiao panicked, and quickly grabbed then squat, then looked up and gave him a deep look.

Zhuge Yue half-closed eyes, a pair of things do not care about their own appearance, if the face is already pale like thin paper, Chu Qiao almost suspected that the injured person is not him.

Then she took a deep breath and began to treat Zhuge Yue.

Three hours later, the sky already appeared white, Chu Qiao’s body sweat all over the body to find their own clothes originally replaced in the house, there are carry-on medicine, good medicine, with a clean white silk bandaged wounds for him, everything is finally over.

While on the whole process, Zhuge Yue did not say anything, Chu Qiao did not dare to looked up at him. At this time she looked up, but see the man has been lethargic in the past, full of sweat on his forehead, eyebrows locked , the piece of the towel in his palm has sweat, hair is wet, like soaked in water.

After packing everything, Chu Qiao held him to lie, wash the face towel for him to wipe the blood and sweat on his face, then took a piece of dry cotton cloth and wiped his head for a moment.

Far away, the sound of the rooster screaming through the morning fog, the outside is white and bright, and there are people at the door to call. Chu Qiao nervously yelled at the guards and said that Zhuge Yue was still not awake, and that the young guards screamed in a small voice.

Yes, so fierce toss for a night, I am afraid to sleep all day.

Anyway, I have to stay in Pengcheng for two days, so the guards told the news to Tian Cheng, and they are not allowed to disturb the younger master… um… disturb the young master’s rest, as long as the food is delivered regularly.

Back to the bed, Zhuge Yue still slept, Chu Qiao lowered her head, and his face was a little tired. She looked at the man, looking at his stiff eyebrows, charming eyes, red lips, and that always spit cold-spoken mouth, and gradually frowned.

Her brows are as tight as wrinkles, as if they would never let go.

“We are enemies,” Chu Qiao murmured, not knowing whether to let Zhuge Yue listen to her.

“In public, I am a slave of the treason, you are the aristocracy of the empire. In private, you did not pity to kill the Zhi Xiang and killed Xiao Ba and other Jing children harming me and Yan Xun. After eight years of poor pigs and dogs, I also killed your grandfather, your servant, and the ruling Zhuge Xi of Zhuge House. The contradiction between you and me is irreconcilable. It is understandable that you kill me. I kill you in a natural way. We are not affectionate. You don’t have to be merciful. You die, I live, I die, this is, this is, should…”

As she said, these words should have been justified. There are no logical loopholes and no moral imperfections. In the past, Chu Qiao had never been shaken.

But I don’t know why, at this moment, her voice is getting smaller and smaller, gradually becoming like a mosquito, even she can’t hear clearly.

She looked at the man’s face still frowning, and couldn’t help but reach out and gently stroke the wound on his shoulder.

“No matter what, I owe you a life.” Chu Qiao said slowly: “Zhuge Yue, I am sorry.”

The room was dead, the sun rises outside the window, the sun is warm, and the mottled light and shadow are sprinkled through the paper on the window.

Chu Qiao sat half-sitting on the ground, smashing Zhuge Yue’s side, tired and rushing over the sea, she actually went to sleep like this.


CHAPTER 098  Yan Xun robs

Fragrant willow, the flowers are red and green, the grass is fragrant, the spacious long street is full of people, people come and go, merchants shuttle, shops are everywhere, a scene of lively prosperity.

Xianyang City is also a city of Yin Yang.

After many days of rushing, a team of servants finally entered the gate of Xianyang City. The accompanying guards paid the entrance fee, and more than 20 horses guarded a Qingbu (means Imperial troops) carriage and slowly walked into the streets of Xianyang City.

Although Yinyang is a border town, wrapped in a prosperous business and extremely rich. The buildings are magnificent.

The city is divided into the inner city and the outer city, the inner city mainly south of the Chishui Mongolian Palace and east of Chishui Luo Li Gong Palace to the east of Chishui. The two palaces straddle the Chishui tributary and are connected by more than 400 meters of stone bridge connection. Thick and wide, 20 cars and horses can still be parallel. Although the palaces of the Mongolian Palace and the Luo Li Gong Palace are named after the palace, they are not real palaces, but are composed of one mansion.

As everyone knows, Xianyang is rich in the world, and it is no more than a few big cities in the port of Huai Song. This city is not as good as the city of Dawu, which is one-fifth of the city of Zhen Huang, and the free trade of the Daxia and Song Dynasties. The advantage of geography has developed rapidly in less than three decades and has rapidly become the center of commerce and prosperity in the Ximeng continent. The annual tax paid to the Imperial Capital is enough for one-third of the Emperor’s team to spend all of the expenses in one year. It is said that this is the cost. The small city contains almost all the rich people of the entire Ximeng. The wealthy families who have spent a lot of money have purchased land and built luxury houses in the inner city of Xianyang. Looking at it, the magnificent buildings are grandiose, rolling, and full of brilliance at night.

The outer city covers an extremely wide area, more than ten times bigger than the inner city. It is a place where civilians and merchants walk to gather together. Commercial development and transportation are convenient. Various wine shops, banks, pawnshops, shops, fashion shops, pubs and restaurants have everything to offer.  A red-green pavilion on the edge of Chishui is a fragrant scent. Even in the daytime, there is a faint smile of a woman.

The carriage walked all the way and entered the city of Xianyang, and no longer concealed it. After all, this is a world-famous business capital, rich and rich, and more than 20 escorts in the district do not appear to be conspicuous.

However, when the carriage passed the gold and silver pavilion, an exclamation suddenly sounded behind him, and then the hooves of the guards of the city guards quickly came.

The sturdy driver is a dark blue servant’s robes. It looks very ordinary, but the eyes are very spiritual, and occasionally there are sharp and brilliant shots. He looked back and saw other guards catch up soon after whispering. The driver took the head to the front of the car and lowered his voice and said: “The Lord, the woman, she wants to follow us into the inner city and be cut off by the city.”

For a long time, there was a calm voice in the carriage saying: “Walk, she will naturally leave when she can’t get in, don’t bother.”

“Yes,” the coachman promised, and drove to the inner city in a carriage.

This team is the people of Yanbei, and the man in the carriage is naturally the Yanbei Shizi who just took Yanbei.

Yan Xun’s face was a little pale, but his eyes were not lacking in sharp colors. His brows were locked and he seemed to be thinking about difficult decisions.

“Lord, it already arrived.”

Yan Xun was wearing a simple blue robes, his eyes were sloppy, his face was calm, and he walked down the carriage and went to a magnificent house.

The mansion is located within the  Luo Li Gong Palace and consists of 18 courtyards. Although it is no more than a mansion in the city of Zhenhuang, there are fewer people in Xianyang. This house is located in the residence of the senior officials of the Yinyang City Gongqing and the wealthy merchants. With such a large area, it still shows the status of the owner of this house.

Yan Xun  went all the way, there was no one along the way, and A’Jing and other guards quickly dispersed, and the entire government was controlled and strictly guarded.

After a long while, the swaddling swallows were escorted by more than a dozen escorts of A-Jing and came to the court. I saw a man dressed in blue robes with hundreds of men kneeling on the ground, Said: “His Excellency welcomes His Royal Highness, His Royal Highness Chiaki (name of another royal), blessing  Fulu Qianshou (means Thousands of lives).”

The swallows (another code name of Yan Xun and its troops) were frowning along the way suddenly smiled. He stepped forward and took a ride on the shoulder of the other person. He smiled and said: “Rabbit, get up!”

The young man is only about twenty years old, his long eyebrows are clear, the skin is white, the two eyebrows are very thin, and the faintness is a bit feminine. Only the eyes are savvy, and the guy who looks like a fox is a savvy.

“Hey,” the young man smiled and said: “Your Highness, all the hard work, I have prepared a good food and wine, advanced to take a break.”

Yan Xun nodded. When he walked forward, he pulled the young man’s clothes while he was walking. He snorted: “Weaving the embroidered? Stinky boy, it’s a good mix.”

“His Royal Highness,” the young man looked bitter and grimaced and said: “This is already a piece of clothing when I am broke. I am afraid that you will say that I am extravagant. I found out that I am slamming the box and I am wearing it. It feels itchy.”

“Haha,” Yan Xun said with a rare laugh. While laughing, he turned back and said to  A’Jing: “I don’t see it. The so-called face on the nose is tailored for people like him.”

A’Jing screamed, smiled at the young man, punched him on the shoulder and said: “So arrogant, be careful not to copy your master from your home.”

Several people entered the room while laughing and joking. The rich food and drinks were prepared in the main hall. Everyone did not talk about business affairs. They started eating around the table and said something interesting along the way. Yan Xun’s mood today seems to be very good. Even A’Jing’s jail on the road to save Miss Helenshi is not angry.

After the meal, A’Jing retired and went down. Yan Yan and the young people went to the study together. After closing the door, the faces of the two men no longer laughed. The young man squatted on the hem of his clothes, crouching and screaming with excitement: “You, the World (Yan Xun), you are coming.”

Yan Xun’s body lifted him up, and his face had a rare soft color. The soft-eyed eyes of his mouth said quietly: “How long have we not seen the wind?”

Sure enough, this young man was a small bookworm who had been sending letters to Chu Qiao many times with Yan Xun. Outside the city of Zhen Huang, most of Yan’s attendants were killed. The Feng Mian was small, and although he was seriously injured, he escaped a life.

Subsequently, the Yanbei system was removed from the empire, and Yan Xun lost power. After two years, the pigs and dogs were not as good. Until the third year, the party bought the jailer of the guards with heavy money, and rescued the child who had been detained for two years.

If you can’t stay in the emperor, you can go south alone and come to this city. Six years later, with the help of the Great Alliance and the Centralized Yanbei secret traders, he has become the leading underworld gang of Xiangyang City. His forces have spread across a wide range of industries including bikes, horses, water transport and sea salt. Pawnshops, banks more than 80, controlling the Chishui Empire southeast of more than 20 ferry shipyard, created Megatron north and south of the water overlord caverns. Today, in the southeast generation, there may be no one to mention Feng Mian, but Feng Mian is afraid that even three-year-olds won’t be able to present some of his legendary deeds.

After all, compared with the accumulated management of generations of major families, Feng Mian quickly rises to the ranks of the rich and powerful in the city of Xianyang, and controls the wealth of the mountain. This is a legend in itself.

“Yan Shizi, it’s been years, and the minions finally waited for this day.”

The eyes of the wind are red, the water mist is full, and the hand holding Yan Xun is excited, said divinely.

Yeah, a flash of light, you have grown into an adult.” Yan Xun laughed: “The famous wind four masters claim to be slaves, afraid that it is a bit wrong. I heard that even the Little King Prince of the Emperor are a frequent visitor to this house Zhao Song, and the son of Lingwang, owed you the money of the gang last year. You actually burned the spirit king’s fleet publicly. The spirit king lost thousands of brocades and almost couldn’t get through for years.”

Feng Mian grinning laughed, there is a half-pointed gangster, like a shy little girl. Feng Mian embarrassed to say: “What the four masters are, but outsiders call. Zhao Song swore to the descendants of the Zhao family. With the title to press me, I naturally cannot let him look good. Moreover, when the emperor did not have to eat the dark fortune of the spiritual kingdom, the slaves have long seen them and it is not pleasing to the eye.”

Speaking of this, Fengmian suddenly looked a little excited and said: “There is always a slave in front of the wind, and there is no slave in today’s world. The life of the slave is the son of the world. If you dare to put the shelf in front of the world, then the slave still be a human?”

“Okay, get up.” Yan Yan smiled and said: “Just kidding you, why bother?”

If you say it, you will pull up the wind. The two of them sit on the side of the teahouse, and the tea is soaked in the hands and feet, fresh tea filled the entire room.

“Yan Shizi,” the sleepy eyes brightened, smiled and asked: “What about the girl? She is alright? Why didn’t she come? I heard that you had a big fight, and the girl was carrying thousands of people to fight north and south.” The slain of the Daxia’s officers and men was squandered, and the minions were so happy that they couldn’t sleep at night. At that time, they couldn’t wait to bring back to Yanbei, but this time you went to the Sui and Bian Tang and the girl and did not follow?”

Yan Xun looked calm and slowly said: “I lost her, Zhao Che issued a wanted order, the country chased A’Chu, you don’t know?”

“What?” A sleep, said: “But later Yanbei news that the girl has gone back!”

“That news is what I released, it is fake, I just hope that I can slightly ease the chase behind A’Chu. Let them think that A’Chu has returned to Yanbei, and no need to chase it.” Drinking the tea on his mouth, said: “I have informed all the princes before, but I am still afraid that they will not catch up and then secretly squat, so they have to prepare more.”

Feng Mian nodded, frowning said: “So the girl is still fleeing outside, the world is assured, the slaves will send people out to look for. Others dare not say, as long as the girl is still in the Great Summer, whether on land or on water, A person with a slave.”

Yan Xun slowly shook his head: “I guess she may have been out of the Great Summer and entered the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties.”

“Bian Tang?”

“Yes, if I guessed it right, she should be transferred to the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties, and then bypass the Tang Jing, and fold into the southern Xinjiang, and go down the water.”

“So the world has come to Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties?”

Yan Xun nodded: “This is one of the reasons.”

Well, I immediately told me to inform the gangs in the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties to find out, as long as the girl is on the water, there will be news.”

Yan Xun smiled gently: “It is not so simple to find her. If Achu is determined to hide, Daxia’a idiot is estimated to take her. There is no way to help me find it. She is alone. I am always not at ease.”


“There is one more thing,” Yan Xun said with a sigh of relief. He said: “I wrote a letter to you last month, what did you do, how are you doing?”

The mood of Feng Mian changed and thought about standing up and going to the book case. I took out a thick piece of white paper and said, “All this, it has been checked clearly.”

Yan Xun took over, only a glance, and sneered: “They really can’t hold back.”

“Yan Shizi, the big peers will be our allies. I have strongly supported Yanbei for so many years. Do we do this? Will it be criticized?”

Yan Xun sneered, gently shook his wrist, and the white paper on his hand suddenly snorted. He said faintly: “Feng Main, do you think that the big peers will still be Datong of the same year? Now maybe only people like Mr. Wu will living with a beautiful ideal, Datong has already deteriorated. You haven’t understood it for so many years.”

Wind passed by and silence for a long while, said slowly: “The son of the world why do you think there are serious problems within Datong. Featherboar and Miss Yu-led young girl (this is A’Chu) more justice, but also holding the ideal of the world of Datong. And those old Shrine elders, eating and drinking, is really not like appearances, but outsiders have also been kept in the dark, those greenhouses casinos are open to me, other inside things, I am crystal clear about it.

Yan Xun patted Feng Mian’s shoulders, laughed: “silly boy, you are Xiangyang City so busy in the beautiful places to stay for so long, cannot afford it? This world, all politicians are pious hypocrites It may be justice for the people before the big peers, but nowadays, it is already a political bargaining chip for a group of people. No matter how loud the brand is, how good the slogan is, but it is a stupid way of saving power. The older generation, which has accumulated terrible wealth, only wants to select a political representative, behind the support of this representative, and then seek greater bale benefits. “

Yan Xun eyes suddenly a cold, slowly said: “The world Datong, hum, what a beautiful slogan. Regrettably, there are places where there are conflicts, the interests of the place there is a war. And where is Datong? Only the ignorant of the woman will believe. However, I have to say that their slogan is really attractive, especially in the precarious moment of the Great Xia Empire. All the people in the world pin their hopes on Datong. At this time, we cooperate with them. We send troops, they pay for it, and they take it. Needs of heaven on earth.”

Fengmian frowned: “In this case, why did the world have to be slaves to investigate these things?”

“Any organization, there should only be a leader.” Yan Xun turned around and looked at the branches of willow flying outside, fingers unconsciously beat the table, slowly said:  “The big peers will stretch out too long.” Their meeting turned out that Yanbei had inserted a large number of cronies as officials. Now, both the military and the officialdom are all Datong’s ties. If this continues, our position in Yanbei will be very passive.”

“Yanbei is now unstable. I am not in a position to clean and exchange blood. It is better to take advantage of this opportunity and knock on the mountain. The Datong will be a smart person. I think he will understand. Moreover, these people here are all Some stubborn old parties must have been an old man and a headache for these old guys.”

The sleepy face suddenly excited, and the appearance of the wind, the four masters suddenly smiled and said: “Yes! Do his mother! This group of old guys, I have long seen that they are not pleasing to the eye, if they did not see the face of the World (Yan Xun). I have already repaired them.”

Yan Xun stood up, chuckled and said: “Get ready, take a bath and take a rest. In the evenings, you will go with me to the veterans to meet  these big fellow associations.”

Feng Mian smiled and got up, just going out, suddenly turned back and said: “To the world, what are you going to wear tonight? Is wearing normal clothes, or wearing a common dress?

Yan Xun gently frown, said: “Or we wear Datong’s uniform?”

“However, the uniforms are a hierarchy. Although the younger ones respect you, but you are still only a low-ranking member, I am afraid they will be embarrassing you.”

“Difficult?” Yan Xun’s eye was slightly picked, his mouth was pulled up, and he smiled coldly and said: “I am still afraid of others?”

As night fell, Xianyang City suddenly became busy, and the red water fragrance that passed through the city hit people. The merchants on both sides of the strait were standing, the shops were wide open, and the brothels of various brothels were flourishing. At this time, the city of Xianyang completely reflected the view of the luxurious big city and the night.

Feng Mian’s gorgeous carriage through the Golden Pool Street, in front of even seven horses pulling a car, a series of white, very eye-catching.

Seeing Yan Yan smiled at him, and Feng Mian was a little embarrassed and said: “This, the emperor can only pull the cart on horseback.”

Yan Xun smiled and found out the thought of this kid. If he used eight horses, no matter what identity you are, you may be in trouble. However, he still refused to accept his heart, so he used seven horses.

Yan Xun turned back and, sure enough, I saw a white horse without a rein on the back of the carriage, and followed the car very obediently.

The eyes of Yan Xun squinted slightly, and the words were not restrained.

After half an hour, I arrived at the place. When Feng Mian arrived, he jumps off the carriage first, then opens the curtain, and a pair of descendants hold his hand to hold the Yan Xun and wait for him to get off.

As you can see, it was a huge restaurant. Yan Xun looked up and squinted with narrow eyes. He saw a restaurant that was showing the wine cellar in front of the door. There were two red lanterns hanging in front of the door. The facade was light and elegant, but it was solemn. The noble atmosphere, the noisy of the fireworks, and the people coming and going, it is extremely prosperous. On a piece of good Nanmu plaque, two large ink-filled characters were written on the top, named “Early.”

This is a brothel, but it has a so-called elegant name. Yan Yan glimpsed a little, and listened to the wind and sleep on the side and said: “Yan Shi Zi, this is my restaurant, the name was given on the same year when the girl came. 

Yan Xun nodded, although Feng Mian perceived this is a personal thing, but when he first came to see it, he never want any business, so all the decisions and exhibitions were taught by Chu Qiao. This restaurant, I think A’Chu took a lot of effort. .

Thinking this way, Yan Xun unconsciously frowned, and lifted his foot and walked to the store.

The owner of the store was very far-fetched and noticed that he had been waiting for the door, and with a woman with a beautiful appearance, he nodded and smiled.

I saw a glamorous woman welcoming the first, about thirty years old, but not old, full body, soft waist, eye-catching spring, twisted soft cross and came forward, Jiaoxiao Dao: “Why is there such a time for the Four Masters today? It is really a matter for the slaves to rejoice that they don’t know which one to take first.”

There is a side of the swallow, Feng Mian is inevitably a little nervous, and quickly said: “Yu Niang, Liu Lao, where are you? Let us go.”

Yu Niang is a veteran of Feng Mian, and at first glance, she knows that today is not to find flowers and ask Liu, and quickly lead the way. Seeing Feng Mian gave respectful eyes behind Yan Xun, he couldn’t help but see, but I still did not say a word, carefully walking ahead.

Within a few moments, several people walked through a promenade and stepped into an exquisite courtyard. The noisy people in the front hall became unspeakable. A variety of bonsai and flowers are planted in the courtyard, and the night wind is blowing, and the fragrance is everywhere, making you feel refreshed.

Walking to a small building in front of a single building, Yu Niang said with a smile: “It is here, the slaves will not be sent, and the four masters will go up.”

Finished, this coquettish woman turns her head, soft hand on the swallow’s arm, flattering said:  “The son is very raw, but at first glance it is not an ordinary generation. There will be time later. We must always take care of the business of Siye. We have to turn around.”

The wind was suddenly shocked and wanted to remedy. However, I saw the faint smile of Yan Xun’s face, and pushed away the woman’s hand without a trace. “It’s good to say.”

Yu Niang retreats as she twists her waist. Fengmian quickly explained: “Shizi…”

“Fengmian, you do not have to be so nervous.” Yan Xun laughed: “Also, do not call me a child for a while.”

“Go,” Yan Xun squatted on the hem of his robes, “Go in.”

The spacious hall is lit up with a round table and filled with wine.

Swaddling eyes a take a look then saw there are 89 seats on the seat, behind each one followed a security guard, see the swallows and Feng Mian came in. The voices of everyone talked for a moment, and they all looked at him, in the eyes or more or less with a bit of hostility and contempt.

Fengmian and Yan Xun took off their cloak and handed it to A’Jing behind him. Then they went to Feng Mian with the crowd and greeted them with Yan Xun.

However, before they sat down, a ten-year-old man’s words and said coldly: “The Feng Mian is too big, not only late, but also brought two guards. It seems that the business of the near gang is booming. We have not put our old man in the eye.”

The smell of gunpowder is extremely strong and unbearable.

Feng Mian’s eyes suddenly slipped through a trace of cold, but they flashed past, and he smiled and wanted to talk. Suddenly listening to Yan Xun said: “This is Yu Chang, the southeast salt transport of Datong at the helm?”

Yu Chang’s arrogant oblique eyes squinted, and he didn’t even answer the answer. He just snorted coldly from his nose.

Yan Xun is not angry, he said, “The next is…”

“No one is interested in your identity!” Yu Chang looked coldly at the clothes of the low-ranking members of Yan Xun then ridiculed: “You know your identity, there is no copy of your voice here, you are accompanied with Feng Mian. Better listen with your ears and close your mouth!”

The appearance of Feng Mian changed, Yu Chang voice stood up, but Yan Xun reached out and stopped him. He glanced at Yu’s elder, and said faintly: “Yu Chang, I think I still need to tell you. My name, because maybe you are not so strange to me, and the impression will be deepened in the future.”

After all, Yan Xun’s fingers suddenly flicked on the table.

It’s too late to say it! Feng Mian saw A’Jing, who stood behind Yan Xun, suddenly jumped forward, hitting a straight punch, and screaming at the wind, and slamming the cheek of Yu’s elder!

Suddenly, everyone can even clearly hear the voice of Yu Chang Nai nose broken, Yu elders, “ah” scream, the body suddenly inverted backward! A spirit of agility how sensitive, quickly came forward, grabbed the elders Yu collar, a few pounding bang hammer smashed down, the elders hit the nose mouth channeling blood.

At this time, a guard behind Yu Chang’s old man rushed forward, slamming out a long knife at the waist, and the wind quickly swung up, not dodging, holding the other’s wrist, a small slap in the hand, suddenly Just listening to a slamming sound, the man screamed and was dragged down by the wind. For many years, the wind and shrine of the food, clothing and food of Jade Clothing jumped up and moved neatly. He shot altogether, and soon as he heard it, he cut down a palm of the man!

In an instant, everyone was stunned. Although the sleep of the wind is young, but the work is very old, the old-age team who will be inserted into the Yinyang City will always pay tribute to them. How can they be so mad today? Is it really because his master Yanbei is gaining momentum and he will not look at his big peers? And what is the sacredness of this young man around him?

Everyone was panicked, confused, and complicated.

Yan Xun slowly stood up, and a white low-ranking member robe seemed to be awkward and strange. I saw him standing up, and then in front of the elder Yu Yu, slowly said: “Do you know that it is very rude to interrupt others?”

Then, he stood up, everyone’s horrified eyes, a foot on the face of Elder Yu!

“shua” soon, blood splashes!

Yu Chang’s old man suddenly passed out, and even the screams did not make a sound, and he did not know whether he was dead or alive.

“Tow it down.”

Swift movement is quiet. This vigorous kick, a few drops of blood splashed on his hand. He sat at the table and took out the white enamel to wipe his hand, and he told him.

A’Jing dragged one person and turned to open the door. Then he slammed the two and threw them out!

Everyone was stunned and couldn’t speak for a long time. You know, here is the second floor, while downstairs, it is a clear lake.

Sure enough, in the blink of an eye, the sound of heavy objects falling into the water sounded loudly, two in tandem.

A’Jing walked back, standing behind Yan Xun, at this time even Feng Mian p stood up, with a  pair of followers.

Yan Xun’s face was full of anger. He smiled and looked up. He smiled softly at the crowd. It was as if he had done something just now. He said calmly: “Sorry, you, the car, the horse, I was a little excited. .”

Quiet, dead and static, on weekdays, the eyes are always staring at the old heads of the sky, the eyes are faint, the head is a little insensitive, stupidly staring at the swallows, as if he is a stranger.

“Now, I don’t know who the guards of all of you are watery?” Yan Xun smiled very peacefully, and the clouds were light and windy. With the gentle calm that has been experienced for many years, such expressions can definitely make others change on weekdays. Such as the spring breeze, but at the moment these people look, but like hell and the wind is so cold.

“Because I feel that if I don’t want to fish them again, Yu Chang will be drowned.”

Man leaning back on the chair,very embarrassed and shook his head: “So sorry, we did not notice came following a pool of water.”

The voice just fell, everyone suddenly reacted, the old men picked up in the same place, and they were busy looking for people to save the people, and the time in the hall was a panic.

After a full day of work, Yan Xun had already drunk two cups of tea, and they had to drink the full stomach water and broke the elder Yu Chang no one rescued. When the people rubbed the cold sweat on their foreheads back to their seats, Yan Yan had already finished eating.

“Feng Siye, I don’t know where your friend is sacred? Since it is also a brother of the meeting, why do you not understand the rules?”

The old man in red said with a voice, this old man surnamed Liu Xiu is the important figure in the large peer association in Xianyang City. It has been rooted in Xianyang for more than 40 years, and his family business is very great. Even Wu’s girl and other people have to look at him. The face is acting, the soldiers are fighting, always need money and food. And this Liu elder is basically the money and grain manager of Datong.

Yan Xun’s tone is calm and his face is unchanged. “You, I just wanted to introduce myself, but I’m too elder, I think I need to introduce myself to you.”

The lights are flashing, the silk bamboo is melodious, and the eyes of Yan Xun are slightly raised. They slowly say: “I am Yan Xun, I have just come from Yanbei. Please give me more advice.”

“King Yan North?”

When elder Lui Lao stood up, he was so strong that he turned over the teapot in front of him, and the tea spilled on his robes. He still had no feelings at all, but his eyes widened and he looked at Yan Xun unbelievably.

“Accurately speaking, although Yanbei is independent, I have not been formally named as your king, but Elder Liu Lao has to call ahead of time and I have no objection.”

“How is it possible?” an old man said with amazement: “How can people from Yanbei come to Xianyang?”

Yan Xun  smiled: “The elders of interest, of course, you don’t want me to come, because you will soon have to transfer your family’s wealth to the Sui and Bain Tang Dynasties. If I come, don’t you dream of being empty?”

This statement is full of surprises!

Everyone looked at Yan Xun in horror, and the face was as earthy, and the atmosphere did not dare to breathe.

The smile on the face of Yan Yan converges a little bit, and slowly said: “The big summer is resurging, and it will soon be moved back to Zhen Huang. Zhao Yang is sending troops everywhere. The military front is fierce. Zhao Che is sitting in Zhen Huang and coordinating the national horses. The battle between Yanbei and Daxia is bound to be a must, but the big peers are no longer optimistic about Yanbei at this time, so you have to retreat to the Sui and Tang Dynasties to save your life?”

“Yan, Yan Shizi,” Liu said, reluctantly said: “This is just a decision above, just in case, it will be arranged. Our big counterparts have been born and died for Yanbei for many years, and have been completely unified with the Yanbei regime. In order to rescue you, this is a countless number of members who have been killed and injured. Today, it is only a strategic plan, and it is also a preservation of strength.”

Yan Xun stared at the crowd coldly and said slowly: “In the past eight years, Datong has co-ordinated Yanbei in my name, planning for me, and setting up Yanbei people’s livelihood. Did not say thank you. For this, Yan Xun don’t dare or forget!”

“But!” Yan Xun’s face suddenly coldened, and his narrow eyes slowly picked up. He said in a deep voice: “In my name, you are justifiably collecting the taxation finance of Yanbei and opening the barrier of Baiyuguan. And the Western trade, a lot of money gathered. And, in the first half of the year, before I returned to Yanbei, you took advantage of the imperial officials’ death stage, and collected ten years of tax revenue in one breath, looting Yanbei’s surname. Now, seeing Yanbei to fight with the court, you are so sloppy, leaving a devastated Yanbei, where is Yanbei going?”

After saying this, Yan Xun suddenly eased a smile and said faintly: “The blue-and-white soldiers of Datong are in front of the bloody sand field. But you are here, the mountains and the sea, do you feel uneasy? I heard that there are some information on the hands of sleep, I don’t know if it is announced. Go out, if the feather girl let you go.”

When everyone heard it, it suddenly became like earth. Today’s big peers will be young people, although the reputation of Wu Dao Ya is high, but if it is on the wrist, it is definitely the first girl. The young woman’s slap in the face, the sizzling, the extreme hatred of the evil forces, is unparalleled. If Yan Xun was to let her know, what would it be like, they really couldn’t imagine it.

“This, Yan Shizi, the old man thinks that this matter should not let Wu Dao Ya and A‘Yu ( Codename of Miss Yu or Zhong Yu) know well.”

“Of course,” Yan Xun said with a smile: “Elder Liu, we are standing on the same stand. The road ahead is still far away. I want to fight one game at a time. The walls of the Big summer must collapse one inch and one inch. We need a strong army, and a harmonious regime is needed outside. So there are some things that should not be said to be too clear. They are full of confidence in Datong. If the illusion is disillusioned, Datong will fall apart and it will not be good for me.”

“That’s it.”

“In this case, you should know what to do.”

Liu’s temptation said: “Then we are waiting for the news of Yanbei’s victory in the city of Xianyang?”

“No,” Yan Xun shook his head. “You can continue to transport property to the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties.”

All surprised a moment, looking at him incredibly.

However, Yan Xun smiled and said: “I just want to go to Sui and Bian Tang and his party. After that, I will take the South Xinjiang back to Yanbei. I will take them back.”

It’s ugly how long is Liu’s face seen ugly. Yan Xun stood up and said faintly: “Okay, rice is also eaten, and the words are also said, I should also quit. Liu Elder, I went to Sui and Tang Dynasties this time, and went as your nephew Liu Xiu. I hope that tomorrow morning, you can be prepared. After all, the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties are married, and you need to express your opinion.

Facing a room, the old man who dreamed of being empty and white, Yan Xun slightly handed his hand: “Farewell!”

Carriage walking in the street, it is late, the street is still a bustling.

Feng Main puzzled and asked:  “Yan Shi Zi, the old guy’s net worth is extraordinary. You take these things to the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties, it is too dangerous. Why not return directly to Yanbei?”

“Do you think it is not dangerous to bring these things directly back to Yanbei?” Yan Xun faintly asked: “Da Xia is now unstable in politics. From then on, all the way back to Yanbei, through multiple provinces and counties, it is difficult to keep mistakes. Once the news leaked, with the wealth of a few wealthy businessmen in Xianyang, do you think that those military sects will not be tempted?”

The man leaned on the carriage and sighed slightly, half-closed his eyes, and said slowly: “I don’t want to let this money fall into the hands of the government, and I don’t want to be filled with these old men. I only have to take the road of Sui and Bian Tang.” The Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties are relatively good, and I am on behalf of the Yinyang rich merchants to vote for the banner of Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties. In order to promote the national economy, the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties will send heavy troops to accompany the escort. In this way, all the way to Tang Jing must be safe. As soon as I arrived at Tang Jing, I had a way to sneak into the southern Xinjiang without knowing it, and then I will go down the river and returned to Yanbei.

“But?” Fengmian still said with no assurance: “Tang Jing must have gathered a lot of powerful people now, and most of them knew you again. Are you going to fool them and become Liu’s Elder nephew named Lui Xi?”

“Do not worry about this, I have my own way.” Yan Xun said: “In order to prevent the news from leaking, after I left, these elders, you have to be optimistic, find a way for them to never say anything. , remove the worries.”

Feng Mian suddenly stunned and there was no reply.

Yan Xun is still a calm expression, slowly said: “Since you have it, I am relieved. In the future, the southeast money and food stewards of the big Datong peers should also be replaced. Feng Mian you are young, but also It’s time to come out and practice.”

Feng Mian quickly said: “The slaves obey!”

Yan Xun seems to be asleep, his voice is a bit more ethereal.

“The greed is not enough to swallow the elephants. These elders are also passionate members of Datong when they are young. If they get more things, they will have greed and want to occupy things that are not their own, but not to measure their own abilities. People can live in the world, but they can have ambition, but they can’t be greedy. Ambition can help you build a great cause. Greed will only make you unable to live, sleep, you are in the upper position, I have to say how to do it. .”

The face of the wind is getting white, and he bows his head respectfully, without saying a word.

The wind blew in the carriage’s curtain, blowing on the man’s face, and there were bright shadows on both sides of the car. The face of Yan Yan was suddenly dim and people could not see clearly.

The wind was so cold that he suddenly remembered the words that Chu Qiao said when she left two years ago: “You are loyal, cautious, intelligent, bold, and sleepy. You are all good, only a little bad, that is, you are too capable.”

He never believed, and never thought about the meaning of it.

But at this moment, looking at his master, he suddenly understood. He cautiously picked up a cloak on the side and put on the body of Yan Xun. He knew that he didn’t sleep, but he still cautiously did not dare to make a little noise.

The carriage slowly moved forward, and there were many people on the street, very crowded. The wind was suddenly a little bit fascinating. He hoped that all of His Highness would be safe and smooth, and that the girl could go back to her Highness soon.

In this world, the only person who will not be scrupulous is the girl.

The summer smoke was drunk, and Yanbei’s soldiers changed the Yinyang’s clothes and horses from the inside out. On the second day, under the escort of Xianyang City’s grain merchant Liu Mingjun, they left Haoyang in a mighty manner. The city, going south from the waterway, went to Tang Jing.


CHAPTER 099  Boudoir Thrush


Late at night, Zhuge Yue was still asleep, Chu Qiao changing his medicine for him, the wound was not inflammatory, and the treatment was very clean. It can be seen that the means of dressing is very old.

It’s already dark outside. She don’t know how long it took. Zhuge Yue’s eyes wide open, hungry, sore, wearing a clean black satin gown, a kind of gown worn indoors. The fabric is soft and smooth to touch were the flower orchids are embroidered with a few dark gold patterns.

Chu Qiao took a  glanced of him, saw him sitting there, sleepy, and with a few sleepless eyes, his eyes did not look at her, but slowly frowning, impatiently muttered: ” tea.”

Chu Qiao took a glass of water and handed it over to Zhuge Yue.

He may really be thirsty. He looked down and drank it while not looking down on her. Immediately the dry lips dranak, it seems that the taste is reversed, and the teacup is thrown out with a bang, turning his head and yelling: “German tea!”

Voice just faded, Zhuge Yue suddenly surprised a moment, watching Chu Qiao reacted for a long time before suddenly realized, and immediately understand his situation, eyes staring, tongue-tied.

“Sleepy confused,” said Chu Qiao indifferently,while jumping out of bed she picked up the broken cup. He casually pointed to the food box on the table and said: “There is something to eat there, take it by yourself.”

Zhuge Yue rarely so rude but always very calm, took a deep breath, felt the pain in his shoulder, and his brow locked, he asked, “Why didn’t you took the opportunity to escape?”

“I thought,” Chu Qiao snorted and turned to look back at him: “Your people have surrounded the house in all directions, staring all night, you say that I should run?”

Zhuge Yue said coldly: “You are straight-forward.”

Chu Qiao slightly shrugged: “With you, there is no need not to be frank.”

Packing up the mess on the ground, Chu Qiao jumped to the bed, sat down on her knees, and looked straight at Zhuge Yue’s calm face said: “Say it, what do you want?”

Zhuge Yue slanted and glanced at her, then got out of bed, no sound, picked up the food box on the table, and wanted to take out the food inside but hurting from shoulder injury, he turned back. Naturally, I am free to say: “Come here, wait for me to eat.”

Chu Qiao’s brow suddenly wrinkled and did not move.

The man is very rogue to sit next to the table: “When I am hungry, my spirit is not good, I don’t want to communicate with others. What do you want to ask, so I will wait until I have eaten enought.”

“Call” soon, Chu Qiao about jumped out from bed, seemingly calm,she opened the food box, but some of the fingers felt the hotness of the soup, she banged a bowl of soup so hard on the table. Who knows only crashed bowl heard, thick porcelain bowl ended into fragmentation, poured out to Zhuge Yue, he exclaimed loudly, what they did you jump up? Like a soup water all sprinkled on his body, he took an exhibition to evade it but noe his chest is covered in soup, hissing out of heat.

Zhuge Yue looking gloomy, looking messy, the eyes seem to be the same fire. Finally, he turned to walk to the bathhouse, saying as he walked: “Come on, give me a bathe!”

A bathe? what? bathe you!

Zhuge Yue wearing a black satin trousers, bare upper body, it is calm standing in the middle, opened his eyes obliquely standing Chu Qiao in front of the door, a touch of light hum: “standing and doing nothing? Come!”

Chu Qiao’s chest rapid ups and downs, she breathed deeply, fist clenched release, release and then clenched, so repeated several times. The woman finally lifted her foot and walked in, and when she walked, she lifted one huge wooden barrels, just filled with a bucket of hot water from the bath. She walked with imposing manner.

Chu Qiao eyes overcast, cold face and the man’s face is cold. At this time, Zhuge Yue’s guts could not help but feel some chills. Quickly step back, even unconsciously made a defensive posture, cautiously asked: “What are you going to do?”

Chu Qiao’s hand lifted the bucket full of water, one hand holding the bottom of the bucket, said casually: “You do not let me brush it to you?

“I’m hurt!” The young man frowned and pointed loudly at his chest.

“Yes,” Chu Qiao nodded: “I saw the wound is stabbed.”

“Then you have to pour it?”

“If I do not make it wet then how would I rub?”

The conversation is being copied: “But I’m hurt.”

“Yes, I saw it, the wound is still stabbed.”

“Well,” Zhuge Yue looks very poor, said: “You go out.”

Chu Qiao holding a bucket, gesturing a bit: “Really not needed?”

The man suddenly fires: “I said, you go out!”

Later, Chu Qiao turned and walked out of the bath room whistling leisurely.

Body is dirty, in addition to blood is sweat, and now more than a pile of sweet soup, Zhuge Yue depressed standing beside the pool, and then rub off his pants.

Hey, be careful for the wound not to get water inside, or you will get infected, the infection will be inflammed which the inflammation will start. If that happens, it will be difficult to see.

“Hey, this is clean clothes, this has just been sent by someone.”

The door to the bathroom was kicked open, Zhuge Yue pop into the pool, violent fierce shouted: “Get out of my house!”

Zhuge Yue seems to have forgotten that the water in this bath room is extremely foggy. Chu Qiao is far away. He can only see a shadow and jump into the water and think about what is going on. The woman’s gloating smile, kindly reminded: “Be careful, don’t drown.”

Then turned and went out of the bath room.

Water entered the wound and became wet, Zhuge Yue got angry pull off the white silk shoulder, he angrily punch a shot on the water!

She didn’t eat anything all day and night. Chu Qiao’s belly was empty, but the table was cleaned up the way she took the food in the food box. Tian Cheng indeed have a good heart to Zhuge Yue, and these dishes are very delicately done and tastes so good. The food box is divided into three layers, a layer of charcoal fire, a layer of water and a layer of food, so the tube is still hot for most of the night.

Chu Qiao took a deep breath and relaxed her heart. She sat down and ate.

When Zhuge Yue took out of the bath room, he saw the scene. His eyes jumped to the woman eating and pressed himself down. He went straight to Chu Qiao, sit down and look down, coldly muttered: “You are so interested.”

Zhuge Yue slanted his eyes and looked at her: “Due to the end, I dare to be so arrogant.”

Chu Qiao smile unchanged: “I don’t know, prisoners have to eat a full meal before they die.”

Before Zhuge Yue explored his body, his eyes were gloomy, and he said slowly and slowly: “You are so sure that I won’t take it on you?”

“I’m not sure,” Chu Qiao said with a smile. “But since you have to be confused, why bother?”

“Xinger…” Zhuge Yue leaned back on the chair and smiled coldly: “It seems that in the past few years, you haven’t learned much from Yan Xun.”

“Take your blessings, I don’t have anything else, but there is a lot of patience.”

The lights flashed, the night was fascinating, the two sat opposite each other, and looked colder across each other, and no one showed weakness.

Chu Qiao smile gradually disappear, relaxed expression a little bit receded, she calmly watched the man in front of its evil charm face, coldly said: “Zhuge Yue, exactly how do you draw the next scene? Come on! “

Fourth Young Master Zhuge faint smile, dished an evil blink of an eye: “Can you guess?

“Bang” muffled sounded suddenly sounded, the two people who were quietly sitting at the same time immediately shot at the same time. During the flash of the light stone, I saw that the two arms quickly intersected, and the sharp cold man and woman swaying in the middle of the air. Into the cold light shines, both sides of the body quickly rose and collide! Tight! Hard and harder their body fought!

The hand with a weapon between the wrists, flew, one inch short, one inch risk, recruiting deadly, inch by inch pointed out on the throat!

The wrists were swiftly flying at the speed of lightning, hitting, sizzling, lightning-fast, the moment when each other’s wrists were controlled by the other party, they quickly changed hands, the moment of sharp weapon its radiance is great. Now pointing on  both throat of the other party!

Time suddenly settles, one second, two seconds, many seconds…

No one slashed the knife, and after a short time, they have replaced each other’s original position, still maintaining the expression, the expression of something, and quietly looking at each other.

Looking at each other, they are full of strong alert and deep hostility towards themselves. So he found a decorative knife in his bath room, and she held the shackles of fruit knife in the room.

Then after begin quiet for somet ime, Zhue Yue said: “Hide this in your body, in cases of emergency!”

“Zhuge Yue, let me go, otherwise…” Chu Qiao’s eyes were low, and he said lowly: “Just kill me.”

Zhuge Yue showed an evil mouth holding it light, said: “Xinger, the world is not only black and white, in some places, is gray, and the choice is not only two.”

“There are only two ways to go between you and me.”

Chu Qiao looked at Zhuge Yue’s eyes and said with a dignified look: “I appreciate your repeated killings to help, but this does not mean that you can sit down and we can get along with each other. Zhuge yue, you are also a great minister, but also a great hero on the right side. Why are you so innocent and so confident and aren’t afraid that I will turn against you?”

Zhuge Yue laughed and said: “Xinger, do you really think that my benevolent people are not willing to go against me?

The man’s face suddenly flushed. He looked at Chu Qiao coldly and said faintly: “I saw you as a person. Yan Xun was a little favored to you at the beginning. You ignored the situation of life and death. I have been with him for eight years. So now, how do you kill a person who has repeatedly killed you? Xinger, I am not rash, but I know you too much!”

The gloomy wind flews back and forth, and the eyes of the two meets and almost burst into a fine spark.

“You are not afraid to look away?”

“The wine meets Dukang (means inventor of wine), the chess rivals, the stars, I believe in you, believe in myself.”

Chu Qiao grinned and licked her dry lips, and slowly said: “What do you want now?”

Zhuge Yue said: “Catch you and take you away.”

“You can’t control me.”

“Xinger, I like challenging things.” Zhuge Yue gently smiled, said: “I can’t control you, I can’t really control you. I knew that for a fact I can not control but I can lock you up, if even if you are the last prisoner that won’t work, then I have the one last way, and now it’s your one last step. “

Chu Qiao looked up, staring at Zhuge Yue’s eyes, divinely said: “Zhuge Yue, what have I done wrong, I still do not understand?”

Zhuge Yue raised his brows and sneered: “wrong? But a few small slaves nothing more, I Zhuge Yue kills, what is wrong!”

“I did not mean this,” Chu Qiao eyebrows creased gently. She looked at Zhuge Yue and finally sighed heavily. “Well, I admit, I do not want to kill you and I do not want to be your enemy. I did hate you at first, but this hatred gradually diminished with the passage of time. In this age and in different positions, in truth, what you did was understandable. Moreover, you are kind to me. After the whole city wanted, you know where I am, but did not expose me, this, I cannot show you some love.

“But you should be very clear that nowadays you are the golden nobility of the Daxia Zhuge valve, but I am the leader of the revolting Yanbei. The battle of Great Xia and Yanbei is imperative. You and I have different positions and different identities. Sooner or later we will meet in battlefield to fight, so, between you and I still do not have too much involved good now I fall into your hands, you have to kill to cut, I have nothing to say, but you should also understand that as long as this fan do not open the door for a while, I have your chances of getting back to you before you burst into the door! Will not fight back, and will obey. I like to explain everything clearly, I don’t like to drag the mud, the water is unclear, Yanbei and Daxia confront It’s not all good for you, I hope that you will think clearly from the family and interests, and you have to kill and give you a quick speech!”

Zhuge Yue heard a slight pick eyebrows, smiling cold, light said: “Xinger, you really make me more and more interested.”

This remark just finished, Chu Qiao’s face suddenly cold up, she said quietly: “Zhuge Yue, I did not kill you before, this does not mean that I was forced to despair will continue to maintain such a mentality. Never before, just because you did not threaten my life, and if you forcibly interfered with me today, I would not mind killing a man who has nothing to do with me!

Zhuge Yue’s cold smile: “Then you can try!

“Bang” a loud noise, the two men got up, his eyes cold, as the dialogue has been broken, they understand each other, many things can not be reconciled, then the outcome is only one!

However, at this moment, a sudden sound of footsteps came from outside the door, Chu Qiao surprised a moment, her brow suddenly crinkled, footsteps fretting, to make a ready to burst out of position, ready to fight again.

“Young Master!” The voice of Yue Qi sounded low outside: “Tian Cheng invited you to the Fang Hall.”

Zhuge Yue brow wrinkled, coldly said: “Now?


“Do not go!”

Chu Qiao’s dagger still at Zhuge Yue’s neck, the girl is very alert when she whispered.

Just a joke, as long as there is a little bargaining chip in this room, how many bargaining chips, once she let him go out, he suddenly plunged into tight encirclement, how can she have such a cold heart.

“If I do not go, it will certainly arouse suspicion and Tian Cheng will come to interfere.”

Chu Qiao unmoved: “Make an excuse to refuse him!”

Zhuge Yue cold smile, looked at the big slave girl’s wardrobe, said: “You have used me and the woman to spoof as an excuse for all day long, now again looking for any excuse?”

“I don’t  care!” Chu Qiao said coldly: “I don’t know whether you will not lead people to see, I only know that you out of this room? I have no advantage at all. Zhuge Yue, I am not a fool! “

Zhuge Yue impatient raised his eyebrows: “Then, come with me.”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, only to listen Zhuge Yue continued: “You and the woman about the same height, Bian Tang women go out with a veil, no one can see your face, Moreover … …” Zhuge Yue’s eyes on Chu Qiao on the small chest glanced: “The women’s uniforms here are wide-sleeved, and no one can see that your body and the family are a few different grades.”

Chu Qiao facial color suddenly changed, look quite angry.

Zhuge Yue also ignored her, a hand pushing her hand, stretched out, casually said: “With your skill with me there is nothing to fear, and quickly dressed to change clothes.

This is the first time after so many years, Chu Qiao has taken such a beautiful lady dress.

Can’t blame her as a woman who failed to dress like a lady, but she really can’t understand these ancient makeup tools, combing her head for a long time, still so messy.

Zhuge Yue is drinking tea, suddenly turned around to see her look in a hurry, suddenly laughed, patted her hand slowly forward, took her hand comb, curl one said: “Is this what you call a woman?

To be precise, no matter how calm and intelligent a woman is, she does not lose sight of her appearance, which is just like the beauty and ugliness of a woman who does not totally ignore her bust.

Chu Qiao suddenly raised her face, with anger said: “Hello shut me up!”

Zhuge Yue screamed coldly, and the comb on his hand suddenly worked hard. Chu Qiao snorted and slammed her head and yelled: “You do it lightly!”

“Noisy again! Noisy, I will knock your hair down!”

“Do you dare?”


“Ah! You bastard, you do it lightly!”

Satin-like ink is drawn across the finger joints. The flowing water generally pours over the arms of Zhuge’s arm. It is raised and held. The back of the circle is fastened with a ribbon. The eyes are swept over the dressing box, and the eye-pointed one takes out a blue-green pearl. Flower, inserted like a nest, only reveals a trembling Guerlain. There are neat tassels on both sides, the front is a fine bangs, the clouds are high-strength, the cinnabar on the forehead, the eyebrow pencil is light, the willow leaves are silky, the rouge is red, the white is snowy, and the small cotton yarn is swept over the soft cheeks. The blush is a little bit on the eyes are like stars, and in a blink of an eye, even if Chu Qiao has met some people, they won’t recognize her easily staring at the mirror.

Zhuge Yue opened the closet and said lazily: “Choose one.”

Chu Qiao did not look, just come up with a white gauze feather. However, it was taken down by Zhuge Yue, and the man said disdainfully: “All day is not white or black,  are we going on a funeral?

Fine Fingers suddenly ran in the many colored slippery clothing, one by one, and finally singled out a lake-green shirt, embroidered with five layers of complicated 鸾 (means mythical bird related to phoenix) map, fluffy skirts, layers of ribbons stacked like smoke stratus. Tall corset hold up her tall figure, jacket with a large 鸾 (means mythical bird related to phoenix) skirt gown, sleeves deep, narrow shoulders, walking Ying Ying (means twinkling stars, glimmering and flickering light), which is like the luxury of water.

Chu Qiao looked at herself in the mirror, slightly froze. She saw the woman in the mirror charming, eyes like stars, bright and colorful with godly sharp of a kind color.

Zhuge Yue came to a moment to see, also somewhat dazed, but in a flash, the man sneaked a slap in the face, faintly said: “Well dressed, this is what you call a woman.”

Chu Qiao cold back derided: “You’re skilled.”

Zhuge Yue slightly surprised a long time, but cold soon did not retort, threw away the hands of the same color gauze-like scarves originally prepared, pick and choose for a long time, and finally come up with a thick scarf almost like a foot socks out. How many  small crown hanging under her the forehead, Chu Qiao’s face all blocked. (hahaha I laughed out so loud here! oh Come one Zhuge Yue!) decorate the face then cover it later!)

Chu Qiao suddenly open eyes as blind, can only see the silhouette of the shadow buildings, unhappy spot said: “What are you doing? This is the windshield with a towel, if you bring this and I won’t be able to see the road. “

Zhuge Yue unscrupulously waved off her hand to be ripped down, coldly said: “Look at me and follow me.”

Chu Qiao’s heart is angry. Since he wants to wear such a thick scarf and also wants to makeup?

She took a cautious step, but almost hit the table.

“Stupid!” Zhuge Yue came up, grabbed her hand, said in anger: “keep up!” (LOL)

Chu Qiao struggled hard: “You let me go!” ( I am literally rolling down in my sofa right now LOL)

Zhuge suddenly turned back and grabbed her chin. Chu Qiao was shocked. He thought he was going to do it with himself. He immediately shot, put the shackles under the sleeves on the neck of Zhuge Yue’s neck. The action was amazing. .

Who knows that Zhuge Yue did not seem to see the cockroach, looked at her coldly, and said in a tone of voice: “If you have so much more, I really don’t mind and you are done.”

Finish, cold let down his hand, took her hand, turned around and went to the mouth.

“Optimistic about the door, without anyone taking the next step!”


“Go, what do you want?” Zhuge Yue impatiently reprimanded, then pulled Chu Qiao and walked out of the door.

On the seventh day of the month, he quickly took people with the back, leaving several soldiers in the guard room shaking their heads and looking at the backs of the crowd. A guard sighed: “The young master really likes this woman, even took it with him.”

“Maybe this time back from Bian Tang, we have a happy event in the house, and even if it is not a wife, Master can also accommodate a concubine and Master took a young concubine of age.”

Night cool, a quiet, so quiet night, ships docked at Pengcheng. Tian Cheng adults are crowded. Just when Zhuge Yue took Chu Qiao to the front hall, there were unexpected uninvited guests who rushed to visit.


CHAPTER 100  The Great Mistakes

Not stepped into the hall, a burst of hearty laughter spread out, Chu Qiao paused, his brow gently wrinkled. Zhuge Yue cautiously turned to look at her, although she could not see the expression under the thick veil, but keenly aware of her hesitation. Zhuge Yue slight pick his eyebrows, looking puzzled at her, but did not continue to move forward.

Just then, hearty laughter from the interior outside, the young man wearing a navy blue robes, first-class brocade embroidery, graceful posture, leisurely walking. While walking he went to the side of two men, perfect smile, he said quickly: “Zhuge Yue Brother, I did not know that you docked here in Pengcheng, you made too embarrassed!

King’s little prince (Zhao Song)  is still like that, always smiling, evil mouth, tall nose, his arm hugged the shoulders of Zhuge Yue, like an old friend in general, very affectionate.

Zhuge Yue looking the same, without trace went slight backwards to retreat. He did not let King’s little prince (Zhao Song) get close, slightly nodded, not far from the faint smiles: “It turned out to be that the small prince arrived.”

King’s little prince rushed to the air, but did not feel embarrassed, said with a smile: “The day has been different, it has been two months, Zhuge Yue brother is still so in style.”

“Isn’t the little prince a heroic look?”

King’s Little Prince laughed then ​​smile, he slowly walked over, turned his eyes on Chu Qiao’s strange dress turned a circle, then reached out and punched Zhuge’s shoulder and whispered: “Good for you Zhuge Yue, the fourth young master said that I didn’t know that you meet me here. It turned out to be in a gentle township. I just couldn’t believe it when Tian Cheng told me what the old boy told me.”

When he punched it down, Chu Qiao suddenly frowned, and the shackles on the arm were tied, and he almost had to shoot on the spot, because the punch he just had just hit the wound on the shoulder of Zhuge Yue.

However, the fourth masters of the Zhuge family who had always come to express his jade crystal eyes, did not have a slight reaction. The eyes slanted and glanced at him. They said that they were not salty and not light: “I know that you can still pull up late at night.”

“I am not curious yet,” King’s little prince (Zhao Song) looked up and down to Chu Qiao, as if the cat was squatting up, wondering: “I would like to see what kind of beautiful person can fascinate you? I must be sure It is the national flavor of heaven.”

After all, reach out and pick the veil on Chu Qiao’s cheek.

“Even if it is an immortal who it has nothing to do with you,” Zhuge Yue decisively hand knocked King Little Prince hand, said with a smile: “Who told you to come one step later?

“Both of you, do not stand in the porch , Tian Cheng prepared snacks, like the two old friends reunion, we should have a drink.”

Tian Cheng stood at the door, with his big belly, and the body is no longer as incisive, become bloated and obese. King’s Little Prince hand put on one of Zhuge Yue’s shoulder then smiled at Tian Cheng: “I said Laotian (means God), you have a beautiful person to keep filial piety and four less, all throwing me behind.”

Tian Cheng apparently very familiar with King ‘s Little Prince (Zhao Song) did not face the tension when Zhuge Yue, said with a smile: “Your King Little Prince also look for a beauty, can you still use me?

Everyone talked and walked all the way to the hall.  Chu Qiao always followed Zhuge’s Yue’s side. Tian Cheng was obviously a little surprised at first sight. He did not expect that the female slave he had arranged would be so fond of Zhuge Yue. Looking at Chu Qiao nodded slightly, it seems to be praise.

There are three seats in the spacious hall, there is no primary or secondary points, but a round table surrounded by a huge roasted whole lamb.

King Littple Prince said with a smile: “The older I was, the older I am more generous. I also thought that Bian tang people would eat almost the same as the Huai Song people. Ninety bowls of 80 dishes were picked up with toothpicks.

“Haha,” Tian Cheng laughed: “The little prince forgot, when I was in the Dalu (means Mainland China) edge, speaking of half of the large summer descent.”

“Come, everyone let’s have a toss,” Tian Cheng  and Zhuge Yue raised their first cup of bamboo green stuffed, and said, “This is the way to eat the gang of the Pinggui wilderness. In order to learn their ingredients, I sent a special gang to join the the Pinggui gang. It took more than two months to learn this hand cooking method.”

King’s little prince (Zhao Song) laughed: “I heard Bian Tang and Huai Song business spend every year on their huge fortune to suppress gangsters. You guys have worked hard to arrange a spy but only to mix in the kitchen as a gang, being king. I know, it’s not necessary to pull out your skin.”

“How can that, in addition to the regular army, gangsters in Ping-wu wilderness, even local officers and men, are afraid to provoke me?

“Hey?”King’s little prince (Zhao Song) slightly raised his eyebrows: “Zhuge Yue brother, why don’t you eat.”

After all, King’s little prince (Zhao Song) took out the silver scorpion on the table, cut a large piece of meat, put it in the bowl of Zhuge Yue, and then cut a piece of meat and sent it to Chu Qiao’s bowl. He smiled and said: “Beauty ,eat.”

Zhuge Yue has an injury on his shoulder and his actions remain unchanged. Chu Qiao quickly reached out and gently tore off a shredded pork and handed it to his mouth. Jing Yue’er sighed and sighed and sighed at the beautiful veneer heart. Zhuge Yue’s eyes were faintly seen from above. Then he bowed his mouth and short, and his lips touched Chu Qiao’s cold fingers.

Chu Qiao’s eyes flashed a little flustered. She frowned slightly, tearing the meat into pieces one by one, but her heart was a little bit troubled.

Seeing King’s little prince (Zhao Song) here, it really made it somewhat unexpected. Zhuge  family and the Great Summer royal family have always been mutual towards each other. When they first met, Chu Qiao saw that Mu Nan’s grandfather, JKing’s little prince (Zhao Song) and Zhuge Huai were very close. However, it was because at that time, Mu He Shi can also fight in a day. Wei valve can also compete for a long time. In contrast, Zhuge Yue act moderate, cruising outside the whirlpool of power, when the treatment of the vassal’s attitude is also very friendly. However, Zhuge family has now boarded the political arena. How can Jing Zhu, slaves ofof the vassal, seemingly close to him? It is certain that the two are in harmony with each other.

However, Chu Qiao did not know if he would use this. From a rational point of view, King’s Little Prince (Zhao Song) did not have the reason to kill her and then quickly, Yanbei gains momentum, for King son’s, it is not a bad thing. The Daxia regime is different from Chu Qiao’s well-known history. In essence, Daxia’s society is very perfect, and productivity is far from the level of slave society. The official law and army are well-equipped, the population is large and there is no slavery at all soil. But there is one point, that is the origin of the Zhao royal family. They came from the grasslands outside the customs, and the people were full of aggressiveness and racial superiority, coupled with the weakness of the people and the weakness of the troops. Today’s big summer is just like the Da Yuan regime in history. It has a bloody, hegemonic, and strict hierarchy, and at the same time, it is deadly instability.

Therefore, whether it is Yanbei, there are King Zhao, Ling Wang, and Xiling Wang. They all have the bloodlines of the Zhao royal family. Whether it is direct or collateral, there is always the illusion of inheriting the throne. What’s more, the current Great Summer power is unstable, and the decline of the royal family is a good opportunity for each family to rise. Therefore, in theory, compared with the large clans attached to the high political power of the Daxia regime, the princes of the vassal lands are not hoping for the rapid demise of Yanbei. On the contrary, when necessary, they will quietly help Yanbei.

Then, at this time if Chu Qiao quietly hinted at King’s little prince (Zhao Song), he already took her away and being on his side should be safer than Zhuge Yue. Moreover, they have already met on the ship of Zhan Ziyu, and a short-term consensus has been reached.

But Chu Qiao did not do that, although she should be intellectually so.

Compared with this full-faced but always incomprehensible King little prince Zhao, Chu Qiao would rather believe in Zhuge Yue with his own grievances. Emotionally, they have repeatedly played against each other, and several times with their lives, but Chu Qiao feels that Zhuge Yue does not seem to harm her.

This is really a ridiculous and dangerous thing, but for the moment, she still decided to trust her instincts. Because of this intuition, she has been saved many times.

“Zhuge Yue brother, I met a person on the road, presumably you will be very interested, it will bring you to see.”

King Litlle Prince clapped his hand and saw someone escorting a man to walk up. The man smashed a bloody body, broke a hand, lacked an ear, was skinny, was dragged on the ground, and kept groaning. It looks very embarrassing.

Chu Qiao met with a sudden startled, if it is not only a broken hand, she almost could not recognize it, this person was originally in Zhuge Yue House, and her hatred of Zhuge family housekeeper, Zhu Shun.

Good life does not last long, scourge live thousands of years, he actually did not die!

Zhu Shun saw Zhuge Yue, an instant face pale like thin paper, bones cannot help trembling, lips white, like the shriveled fish on the beach, eyes wide open, looked at Zhuge Yue in horror. Suddenly even the sound can not be sent out.

Zhuge Yue slightly frowned, eyes hawkish like a sharp eagle, a sudden mouth suddenly, lightly said: “Little prince, this ceremony valuable.”

King’s little prince said with a smile: “Good to say, nothing more than a hand.”

“Yue Qi, take it down.” Zhuge Yue turned around to see no longer glance, said: “find a place to be buried.”

“Yes.” Yue Qi on the way to come forward, grabbed Zhu Shun’s collar.

Men just scared at this moment, while struggling side shouted: “Fourth young master! Forgive this slaves dog life! Forgive this slaves dog life! Let the slaves be your horse … …”

Shout faded away, King’s little prince (Zhao Song) smile, toast said: “I heard that Zhuge brother has been looking for him for a long time. It is no wonder that you can’t find it. This guy joined a group of caravans on Pinggui’s wilderness and mixed up with a manager. If I had a relationship with the caravan, I wouldn’t be able to pick him up.”

Zhuge Yue raised his glass: “Zhuge Yue owe you a favor.”

King’ little prince (Zhao Song) smiled and said: “Then I am really making a big profit. Who is really good? You don’t know that you have a lot of money.”

When the wine arrived at the place, King’s little prince (Zhao Song) suddenly seemed to ask casually: “Laotian (means God), I heard people say that there were assassin today, do you know if it is true or not?”

Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue heard the same words, and looked calm and listened. Just listen to Tian cheng and smiled: “Isn’t it, the security is very poor, and there are many foreigners.”

“Oh? Is there any damage, can the assassin take it?”

“No damage, the assassin’s skill is very good, and the young master Zhuge Yue moved his hand, and he was escaped by him.”

“Oh?” King’s little Prince (Zhao Song) suddenly came to the mood, smiled and said: “Zhuge Yue brother also let him run? That the assassin is really extraordinary!”

King’s little Prince (Zhao Song)  eyes flashed, and he smiled at Zhuge, and Zhuge was not shocked. He gently shook his glass and said: “Indeed, she is very good.”

“Zhuge brother was able to see the assassin’s face? From the martial arts routine can see the origin of the assassin?”

“Under dull movement, did not have the opportunity to see the assassin’s face, can not guess his identity.”

King’s little Prince (Zhao Song)  eyes are like foxes. The tall eagle hook nose looks a bit gloomy. He smiles and nods. “This is a pity.”

Laotian (means God), I am here today, there is something to ask you.”

King’s little Prince (Zhao Song) suddenly turned away, facing Tian Cheng said.

“There is nothing I can do for you, though you said it.”

“This is the case,” King’s little Prince (Zhao Song)  smiled, slowly said: “I this time, along with Zhan’s ship together ……”

“ Needless to say,” Tian Cheng said in his temple. “I know what you want to say. You must look at the beauty of Miss Zhan the fouth princess, so I’m mixing on the boat. Now I want to be a beauty, I want to go back to her. It’s awkward.”

King’s little Prince (Zhao Song)  one clapped his hand and smiled and said: “Laotian (means God), You are really my fried.”

Tian Cheng smiled bitterly: “When your friend can do something, as long as everything goes to the woman and think about it, it is right. Everyone says that Prince Li Ce is the world’s first romantic person. .”

“How? Will you refuse to sell this face?”

“You’re all open, what else does not work, it’s just that I have a hard time here.”

Tian Cheng sighed and sighed. Chu Qiao knew that Tian Cheng had a wife who was famous. He looked at his frowning face and could not help but be a bit funny.

fter a while, the three women were brought up, and everyone looked pale, apparently surprised, but there was no scar.

Chu Qiao also couldn’t recognize which one was mining, but since things were solved, she saved a lot of things. Thinking of this, I couldn’t help but look at King’s little Prince (Zhao Song)  but she  saw King’s little Prince (Zhao Song)  turned to look at her, and deliberately blinked.

Chu Qiu surprised a moment, illegal channels. Do he recognize me? Do not dare to look up now.

At this moment, there was a sudden humming sound from outside, and the original smile of Tian Cheng stood up and listened fiercely, and his face changed dramatically, and there was no peace of mind.

A guard rushed into the inner room and said in a panic: “My Lord! The gangs on the plains of the wilderness have come to the city!”

“What?” Tian Cheng was shocked and hurriedly asked: “How many people have come?”

“Not much, there is only one gang, less than two thousand people.”

Tian Cheng just let go of his heart. He slammed to the wall on the left side and took the sword on the wall. He said, “Go! Go out with me to meet the enemy!”

“My Lord,” the little soldier trembled and whispered: “There seems to be a spy in the city, and the two thousand gangs have already rushed into the city.”

Suddenly, screams suddenly sounded from the outside, the people turned around and saw numerous dark torch canopy torch burning, the entire Pengcheng has been caught in a crazy slaughter.

Tian Cheng face, instantly became pale.

“Master!” Yue Qi ran suddenly frowning,screamed saying: “Someone took more than 200 people to steal Zhu Shun.”

“Pop” sound, a bamboo chopsticks Chu Qiao suddenly broke off, Zhuge Yue bow to her, even across the thick scarf, still can feel the woman that no longer cover up the anger.

He reached out and pressed against her shoulder.

Outside, a brightly lit, this era, killing, it seems always very common.

To war only, no other way. Some hatred, doomed to forget.


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