Chu Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Lost Novels Chapter 071-080

Based on the original novel 11 agents princes 

by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua

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CHAPTER 071  Hard to kill

The moment before dawn, the darkness enveloped the earth. The sparkling lake reflected a subtle light, cold and pale. The footsteps on both sides of the straits sounded like stunned souls and finally caught up. Chu Qiao wounded with bloody shoulders, her lips were blue and white, repeated fighting and wounded fled, her physical strength has reach a limitless overdraft, but when the enemy’s smell spread in the nose, she immediately stood up with great Will power. Come, her eyes narrowed and sharp like an agile leopard, waiting for the crises to come.

With a slight footsteps, on the ground-breaking grass, there was no sound, this team a total of more than 20 people, plus four vicious dogs, the leader is an experienced jungle field chaser. m Perhaps he had seen his former companions tragically dead. Seeing them, let them know that the people they are trying to assassinate are not lambs to be slaughtered. Instead, they are careful. No one of the 20 people on the line made them hear a voice, and even the hound knew everything held its breath, slowly moving forward.

Moonlight sadness, like a chill out of the darkness,  Chu Qiao is calm and expressionless, as a super commander of the National Security Agency, to maintain calm at the moment of the crisis is a necessary code of conduct and iron rule. 005 It’s no coincidence that I’ve been able to maintain a superb record in years of difficult missions. Maybe her solo combat capability is not as good as that of the nine Super Agents at work, but her calm, alert and quick response, as well as firm and strong confidence can definitely be the leader in the military to ensure that she will always be invincible in the battle.

The crowd slowly approached, and suddenly the hounds rushed to the left and the roar began.

The black assassins suddenly rejoiced and one of them said bluntly: “Quick! The claws are over there!”

More than 20 people quickly pass in front of Chu Qiao, the girl clenched her hands holding a dagger, exhaled long breath like hanging the enemy’s tail to slowly catch up. People are preoccupied staring at the hounds in front of the road, dogs bark noises in the jungle sounded, people ignore other voices, did not know the life-threatening star is behind their back.

Holding the dagger, chasing after the enemy behind, and holding the enemy’s mouth to death, swiftly descending, squeaking into the enemy’s neck aorta, rotating, horizontal pull, the blood immediately soundless splash, that As the man struggled twice and then exasperated, Chu Qiao confirmed that there was no room for counterattack on the accurate point of the human body.

The crowd is still fast forward, no one noticed the rear, she quickly replaced the deceased’s clothing, her head and face wrapped, Chu Qiao like a black assassin, in such a dark light, no one would know.

Chu Qiao mingled among the crowd, taking advantage of the hound barking the same tactics to send two assassins to the west, then the hound stopped, and barked the tree, assassin leaders looked back, carefully said : “Paw in the tree, light the torch!”

When the bright torch suddenly lit up, the crowd pulled out their crossbows and ready to go and quietly waited for their time. The leader shouted in a cold voice and loudly said : “You can’t escape the people above.”

Suddenly the cold wind blew, crisp green branches, red clothes suddenly flew by, a burst of intensive arrow was shot and like rain went down to the ground, dense and swirling like many locusts. However, after a while, there was no half-silent screams sounded. Apparently it sid not succeed.

A sudden burst of sound suddenly sounded in the branches, red clothes flashed, vaguely visible one in the forest. All the people take a great break, but also another round of arrows came. After a long while, still nothing.

Chief brow frowned, silent for a long while, suddenly said: “See the trees!”

Everyone heard a moment surprised,immediately took out a sword and started cutting trees.

Chu Qiao disguised like their black dress, no one was found. She also joined the torrent of the army of cutting trees.

Surrounded by ancient towering trees, huge and stout, and it is difficult to cut down a tree. Most especially  they don’t have handy weapon. Busy for a long time, some eyes open to succeed as the tree staggered to fall, suddenly just listen to pop, the people quickly looked up. They only had time to see a red shadow flashed over the dark sky. A dark red shadow disappeared on another tree.

Everyone suddenly dumbfounded, is this the legendary stance?

The terrain of the Hong Chuon Plateau is extremely high, the climate is cold, tall and stout trees thick and hardy, but not as dense as the tropical rainforest. Everyone stupidly looked up, looking at such a huge gap, could not help but to let their scalp go on tingling.

What you are looking, who is this kind of a strong one?

“How many of you out there, go up and see!”

Squadron suddenly gave a commdanding voice told Lu, and the people who had been named by him were noisy, but due to the order, they had to start cautiously climbing trees. All retreated, and did not dare to fight.

This tree is very tall, more than twenty meters in full, above the branches and leaves are lush. As soon as the eight Assassins went up, they were immediately empty and the head leader swept away, suddenly frowning, and said quietly: “How many, is it few people?”

The people looked at each other, looked at each other, and the leader reacted quickly. He took out his knives and sank low: “There are enemies!”

However, he has not yet been found the direction of the enemy, a burst of breathtaking crossbow suddenly sounded, everyone lost their souls, how they could resist the short-range arrows, only a hasty round of five deadly!

The torch fell to the ground and it just rained. The jungle was cloudy and wet suddenly extinguished. In the fourth round, it was plunged into darkness.

All dressed in the same, how can you tell? At the moment, a shadow suddenly flashed to his side, came short stature, a black suit, whispered: “Paw over there!”

The leader for a moment, looked up, but at the moment he knew he was fooled. Killer’s assassination opportunity is always so short moment, although he insight into everything, it was too late. Cold dagger suddenly inserted his throat, so he cannot even scream or issue a cry.


In the darkness on the other side, someone stupidly tried, but in response to him, it was just a bloodthirsty arrow, and the throat was blocked and the blood spattered.

Chu Qiao physique like a ghost, screams in front of each other. She fluttered upwards, and used the same swift approach to pierce the razor into the chest of the remaining two assassins. It was just a tea time, a skillful assassin. In the case of her high-efficiency operation, she has made all accounts. One does not stay!

Just then, the top eight assassins have climbed the top of the tree, seems to be aware of the following situation. The Assassins experienced no sound, but quietly climbed down without a break.

Chu Qiao came to the tree that had just been sawn most of the time, looked for good horns, and suddenly swung the war knife on the floor and severely cut it down.

Listen to the buzzing only constantly ringing  above, the people suddenly realized what she wants to do, one by one their soul scattered and should be fast. However, at this moment, the sudden rupture of the tree toward the giant tree fell in their direction rapidly. Thunder potential, a roar, the tree violently shaking, the above people suddenly roared from the height of more than 20 meters. Pop! A heavy sound heard, fell to the ground, no one can stand up intact.

Chu Qiao will give them time to ease their breath, an intensive-arrow rained away, after a moment, there will be no more jobs to do.

The big tree is still shaking, dead exactly the same quietly. A red shadow floating from above fluttering down, the girl pulled the black face towel. Raised her handand  look like the red shadow.

Just listen to a burst of twitter sound, tied under the red robes, was actually a young yellow bird. Birds are tied up with heavy clothes, flying is not high, only gliding between the trees, even the sound is covered by clothes.

The young girl’s light fingers licked the bird’s tender yellow feathers, and a black coat could not conceal the strong bloody breath. He held out his hand to let go and the bird cheered and fluttered.

In the darkness, the figure of the girl is like a ghost, instantly disappears into a rich night.

“Li Ce!”

Girl’s voice crisp, echoed in the pool side.

“Jojo, I’m still here.”

When the man got up and shook his arm happily and watched Chu Qiao quickly leaping to his side and looked at her with two eyes behind her and said: “Have you been killed?

Truman came to the side of the pool without saying anything. He picked up a handful of water with his hand and drank it.

“Jojo, amazing!”

Li Ce crouched happily beside Chu Qiao frowning at him on her tattered clothes, readily put his robe to her, said: “Put it on”.

“Oh.” The woman was dressed and his face was excited. He was not half-conscious of his prey.

“Jojo, let’s go find them now?”

Chu Qiao frowned, Li Ce surprised a moment, suddenly a little embarrassed, explained: “I think we can kill them all, so that we can make it easier to escape.”

Girl put up a finger, slowly shaking, quietly said: “The first this is me, not us. Second, the enemy has thousands of people, do you think I can kill a few? If you are still like this, I just saw the mouse shouted just now, then I was killed by you sooner or later. Do not blame me without informing you in advance, there is no retreat, I am willing to surrender to you for a new career.

Li Ce frowned, a sad look, pulling Chu Qiao’s clothes: “Jojo, do not be so unforgiving Well.”

Girl suddenly muffled loudly, scared Li Ce hastily retraced, saw the place where he was just pulled out, and the blood of large stocks oozes out, apparently added to the injury.

Chu Qiao frown look at, saw the left rib cage as much as an arrow injury, the wound is not large, but rapid bleeding, pain unbearable, such a wound she just did not even discovered.

“Jojo, you’re hurt again,” Li Ce cursed, worried and said: “What?

Chu Qiao hand on the wound, close your eyes against the tree, quietly  said: “Help me bandage.”


“Help me bandage!”

Girl’s voice suddenly sharp up, Lee policy nodded, clumsy torn off a shirt, set off the girl’s clothes, exposing her, was bloody delicate skin.

An arrow, deeply inserted in the left flank, swelling on both sides are bloody red, Li Ce seize the broken arrows, frowned and said: “Jojo, if it hurts, then called out or you can bit me “

Chu Qiao eyes closed, took a deep breath, and in silence.

Li Ce’s face rare showing a minute solemn, hold arrow, suddenly frowned, one pulled out!

Suddenly blood spatter, Li Ce cupping tightly with a strip of cloth wounds, Chu QIao in pain muffled, the whole person to move forward. Li  Ce opened another arm and the girl leaned tightly in his arms.

“Qiao Qiao? Qiao Qiao?” Li Ce’s voice suddenly some panic, he cannot see the girl’s face but can only feel his hand in slimy blood, this lets his heart twitch tightly, “Jojo? How are you?”

“I still can’t die.”

The low, husky voice rang slowly, and the girl took a deep breath. The chin rested on Li Ce’s shoulder and took a heavy breath.

Li Ce relieved quickly to stop bleeding for her bandage. Night darkness, a cold, the girl’s body cold, Li Ce suddenly realized that she could no longer withstand a fight.

However, at this critical moment, the rapid pace of footsteps suddenly sounded in the distance, the two suddenly like a nervous rabbit, sitting straight, eyebrows locked, eyes sharp.

“What do I have to do?” Chu Qiao brows wrinkled together, they have no combat effectiveness, where the smell of blood is so heavy, so only a dead end.  The only way out is to take Li Ce and use his own outfit to exchange for a chaotic situation so that he can safely escape.

Her eyes slowly toward the man sitting beside her, she saw a man locked his brow, expression is rare solemn and serious.

She is not a savior, and she needs to be within her power. When she is brave enough to threaten his life, wise men know immediately how to choose.

Moreover, the death of Li Ce will bring enormous benefits to Yan Xun. She should know what to do and must know what to do and should do as well. She has a heavier burden on her shoulders. Others are waiting for her. Her life is still precious, and she is not allowed to give up easily.

Heavy finger touch the dagger tied to the calf, ready to go.

“Qiao Qiao!” Li Ce suddenly turned around, looked solemn, quietly said: “I go to lead the people, you take the opportunity to run away, you must be careful!”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, stared.

Li Ce took off his coat, put it in Chu Qiao’s body, and took out a metal tube from his waist and handed it to her hand and said: “I do not know martial arts but this is the only self-defence weapon my father, the emperor gave me. So long as you pull the lead wire, there are fifty flying needles shot out with violent poisons on them. They can kill three times in a row, and you can be careful about them. For times like this, it can save you a life.

Chu Qiao’s holding the metal cylinder with a frown and a puzzled look at Li Ce seemed to want to see through this man.

“Oh, did you suddenly find yourself falling in love with me?”

Li Ce suddenly smile, revealing a white teeth, patted Chu Qiao’s shoulder with a smile: “Never mind, so go back to Zhen Huang, you still have a chance.”

“Li Ce!” Chu Qiao suddenly pulled the who turned his back to leave, softly said: “This thing you gave, I do not need.”

“I don’t need it either. Actually, I don’t really use it. I listened to them so scary. I was afraid that if I accidentally touched myself, wouldn’t it be okay? You try me first. Go back and do more.”

Chu Qiao frown, nibbled her lip, finally let go of her palm, quietly said: “Be careful.”

Li Ce smiled: “You too Qiao Qiao, I’ll have to find you to learn Kung Fu after I go back.”

Chu Qiao nodded, the man stood up, staggering away the thorns on the ground, toward his noisy footsteps away.

“Hey! You bring a knife!”

Lee Cecilia did not turn back, just free to wave his hand, the cold moonlight under the map, I saw a man actually holding a piece of rugged stone in the hand, above the blood stained, his clothes junk, footsteps, where there is a trace Prince Edward’s style, like an abject beggar in general.

Chu Qiao looked at his back, holding the dagger’s hand gradually let go.


CHAPTER 072  Iron tenderness

Chill wind swept through the dense jungle, like a beast deep breathing, before dawn began to rain, torrential rain, water splashes. Chu Qiao knees halfway in the grass,  looked like waking wolves, through the thick forest her sharp eyes looking forward.

A group of more than 100 men their team carefully leaned over.  Everyone was covered in black and masked, long knife on their scabbards. Four giant hounds walked in front, leading the crowd towards the front. The place where the girl hides is slowly approaching.

At this time, it was no longer appropriate to think about why he was so careful or exposed, she had converged on all the ideas, quietly lurking, waiting for the crisis to come.

The hounds suddenly raged, and the crowd suddenly stopped, then rushed toward the direction of Chu Qiao collectively and neatly!

“Bang!” sharp sounded immediately, Chu Qiao took out her broken Moon sharp pointed sword shines in the air, reflecting her pale but tough face.

“Shang!” A brief low sobs sounded, and the black man immediately came forward. The cold blade cut through the thick night, and he hurried in.

“Oh!” In the clear Jianmang, the two heads flew in the sky at the same time. The girl’s posture was vigorousand without dragging, like the lightning-sharp goshawk in a lightning bolt. She could hardly see that she was seriously wounded. The crowd’s shocking eyes, Chu Qiao shook her head and slowly pointed her knife. At that time, the two headless bodies still maintained a forward posture across two steps, and Chu Qiao ran over and swept through the muddy water. , dyed the girl’s boots.

Stepping, pulling the knife, slashing, gaining momentum, there is no bluffing cry, no extra burdens, neat and timid, one is fatal!

With a loud bang, the flash of lightning casts a pale, yet tough face on the girl. No one is desperate. In the raid, swear to death, the assassins who had no heads and no belts were never afraid, but at this moment, facing the girl in the face of the cold eyes and brave and bold moves, they were afraid.

Undeciding and hesitant only for a moment, the next moment, the leader of the black assassins rushed with a knife with a hundred people assassin stabbed clashed and their eyes like an iron.

Rolling stuffy thunder bang! heavy rain pouring down, blood in the mud, hundreds of waving sword assassin surge, the thin girl was surrounded. There was no cry, no fight, everything was overshadowed by stuffy thunderstorms, but there was chaos in the cold rain. Lightning bolt up and blood spatter, broken limbs and blood clots on the trunk, shows over her years experience, let the besieged siege the girl swim on it, although the situation is still completely reduced to the downside, but still no trace of weak submission.

Assassin’s heart pounding, blood in silent boiling, swords never got out of their sheaths, the footspets pace is moving gently. In the face of this round of strangling it has just ended, everyone is extremely cold and bloody. They formed a circle and slowly retreated. Backward, the two-eyed eagle looked at the crowd and held the attacking stance. The girl, standing under the gesture of the head collar, hurried her hands toward the lower back.

There, the sparkling silver was actually a row of javelin throwers that were half a meter long.

“Kill!” The chieftain whispered and blew a gun at Chu Qiao.

Suddenly, hundreds of people shot at the same time, countless shots fired from all directions. Chu Qiao, half-empty left a silver light!

The cold wind is bleak and the rain is pouring down. Even if this woman really has a long three-armed arm, it is impossible for him to escape her life with such a kill!

However, just at this moment, a sound of “Bang!” was heard. A sharp burst of silver and white arrows came, followed by the dark long cable fell from the sky, like a snake wrapped around the girl’s waist. In the midst of an empty space, the girl jumped up and rose up straight!

Black Assassin were shocked, responsive and on rapid rise of archery, saw midsummer, a meteor-like figure across the hands of the sword is like silhouetted streaked like a meteor. The long sword of the hand shook the sky and brilliance, blocking the rain of arrows then hooks it in his hand. Like his eyes was long, thrown one after another, with his body in the forest, it became a shuttle and ran quickly!

Rolling lightning and thunder as the same time, the assassins looked up as countless hooks came in, and another group of black masked men flitted and descended from heaven.

“Master goes first!”

The man in black used a knife to cut off the neck of the other troops in their horse and snapped at them. Several black men stepped forward to protect Chu Qiao and the man’s body just in front of him. The snowflake-like blade quickly flew, and dozens of horseshoe on earth fluttered in the mud, mud splashes.

“Go!” he man’s voice was low, and it was difficult to distinguish mood fury. He hugged the girl’s waist, jumped on a horse, whip away.

“Stop them!”

The enemy screamed and the assassins suddenly shook up. The man snorted and smashed a sword to pick up an assassin’s throat. The blood splattered out of time and sprayed on the eyes of another assassin. The man in a little panic, did not react, it has been cut arrows in his chest.

“Bang” a loud noise, men suddenly reined in the bridle,the horses ran into the sky, its legs kicked forcefully into the assassin’s chest. Suddenly, the assassin chest slashed and blood sprayed. The body went straight to three meters away far, fiercely hit two outer four assassins.

The assassin’s head leader lost sight of the enemy, and pulled out the barrel of his waist and suddenly burst into the air. A light blue fireworks fired over the field.

“Hurry up!” the man said quietly, a young horse rushed away!

Numerous horseshoe chase behind, Chu Qiao was tightly clutched in the arms of men, cold wind blew from both sides, sky wild fly, but not much hit her body. There are countless torches on the hillsides of the jungle, and she does not know exactly how many enemies surround them, and we cannot tell which of them are the Imperial Assassins.

“Little Lord!”

Suddenly, a short, sounded in front of short voices. Black-smeared men brushed past them. Their eyes crossed and respectfully nodded. Then they took out their weapons. They were chilly, the swords were like rainbows, and they did not hesitate to greet them behind. With bloodthirsty wolf.

“Lord, in front!”

“Lord, the west has eighty enemies!”

“Lord, somebody in the south wing!”

“Lord, somebody in the northwest!”

“Lord, some people collusion in the East!”

All the way to smash, and the cover of the team, the men and women are brave, the man is not redressed, the single-handedly steers, the other hand holds the young girl in her arms, gradually throwing noisy sounds behind him.

The dense forest suddenly disappeared, and the swaying grassland appeared before him. Chu Qiao’s chest was light and her hands were bloody. He raised her head and said quietly, “Your arm was injured.”

The man was still covering his face, dressed in black, and riding on the ink looking like a god in his warhorse, he lowered his head and slowly rolled his eyes slowly narrowed and said, “Where is Li Ce?”

Chu Qiao honestly replied: “Escaped.”

“You go first.” The man immediately jumped off the horse and said to the guard on his side: “Send the girl back to the city.”

“Yan Xun!”

Chu Qiao hurriedly laid off, legs a soft, almost fell to the ground. Men hand blink quickly turned around, one hold her, worriedly said: “What are you doing?

“I should be the one asking you, right?!” Chu Qiao eyebrows locked: “What are you going to do?”

Yan Xun brows went tight, on his cold voice said: “I am going to kill him.”

“Are you crazy? Green camp and Xiao Jing camp are in it, it is too late, the time has passed.”

Yan Xun shook his head coldly: “You do not have to worry, I have their own way, you go back to the city with them first.”

“No!” Chu Qiao tightly grasp the swallow’s (Yan Xun) arm, firmly said: “Although Li Ce’s death will bring huge benefits, but there will be endless trouble. I am someone involved in which, you first will be the object of suspicion, especially if you are still so blatant to get out of the city. This bad Xia Huang will use him as a scapegoat bound back to Bian Tang had died. Now get rid of Li Ce does not help the overall situation, you have no reason to do so. I cannot get you go back and risk!”

“He almost killed you, this is the big reason.”

Yan Xun’s eyes firm, low voice, hand out and hugged Chu Qiao shoulder tightly, then let go, calmly said: “This man is too dangerous, I cannot convince myself to let him stay in this world, especially to a place close to you, even if it is not a day. A’Chu, go back and wait for me. “

Chu Qiao stood still, watching the swallow’s figure with the fastest warhorse quickly hidden in the darkness, she feel like boiling hot water, heavy guilt and remorse like ants covered her heart and lungs.

She had never made such a mistake, and she clearly had the opportunity not to let it happen. Even after that, she should have the opportunity to reverse everything and move her things in the right direction. However, she did not do and this is the crisis. The crisis is at stake. Yan Yan will be pulled into the water. Her mistakes is a regret she owns.


The guards suddenly panicked and saw Chu Qiaoli climbed onto the horse and rushed toward the disappearance of the Yankee. The guards surprised and hurriedly followed up and shouted, “What did the girl want to do? The Little Lord told her to bring you back to the city.”

“Go back and take the prince of Bian Tang.” The woman said coldly, then he jumped and whip: “Drive!”

Under the dark sky, a horse riding standing on the path along the cliff, the black and white ink of the men on horseback kept the popular masked appearance tonight, and behind them were countless black knives.

Crisp horseshoe mixed with noisy rain far came screaming, snapped them over and their knees in the mud, coldly said: “Fourth young master, we follow the clues to find no trace of the target, but the woman around the target handed her hand and suffered heavy casualties.

The man’s pair of swords and eyes immediately raised his face and his face was cold and he said quietly, “What about the woman?”

The scout below suddenly nervous, stumbled and said: “We obviously are going to succeed, but do not know where to suddenly jump out of a group of black skilled people, and rescued the woman.

“Man in black?”

“Yes, it wasn’t not Xiaoqingshan neither the green camp, it wasn’t the city defense force nor is it an army and Bian Tang troops.”

The man’s eyebrows were tight and he kept silent for a long time. After a long time, coldly asked: “Is the woman injured?”

The soldier answered carefully and said, “This, the subordinate is not very clear, but she killed us more than a dozen people with one person, and there are more than a dozen brothers wounded, presumably she is not much better, even if us, can’t survive without without giving a shot. “

Men silent for long, suddenly whip the pumping horse, towards the front, sounds of hoofs heard going away.

After a while, bored thunder, heavy rains, heavy rain, wilderness, iron riding,  such as the sea, swords and mountains, magnificent.

All the soldiers shrouded in black clothes, and they had two matches, no signs on the costumes, no family titles, and no two men planned to go forward and introduce themselves.

The narrow road suddenly meets, so that both sides of the horse are slightly little stunned, almost exactly the same clothing dress, almost exactly the same cold-blooded temperament, but only to see the way lined up and the silent expression, we know the opposite of the Malay poor people are enemy friends.

Cold wind slowly blew between them, the time is infinitely slow and have an infinite speed. Somewhere, no one dared to be the first to pick a knife and no one dared to make a statement, they are just holding on to the silence, within a hundred paces. Pouring heavy rain spilled among them.

“Bang!” sounded so crisp heard a sudden crash. They do not know if its a weapon sound. It seems to be contagious, followed closely by the fire of light and stone, numerous blade uniformly brushed out of the sheaths, ice cold bow instantly aligned with each other’s horses, the horses scorned, the vocals were lighter, and after a short period of confusion, they were arrogant and warring. Explosive!


A sudden stir from the stables, the girls came to the horse and saw both sides of the cold array suddenly surprised, then quickly went to the side.

“Who is the other person?”

Chu Qiao came to Yan Xun side, quietly asked.

Yan Xun frowned: “You are doing a big loss today, how fast that you just forget all I said? 

“Only I can find him,” Chu Qiao said quietly. “If you want to get rid of him, you shouldn’t drive me away.”

The man’s eyes slowly picked up, slightly leaning head: “If you are an accident, what is the use of killing him?”

Chu Qiao in heartache, pull Yan Xun’s sleeve, whispered: “Yan Xun…”

“A’Chu, I am feeling very bad now, do not talk to me, I do not want to get angry at you.”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, saw Yan Xun hit the horse and went straight, on his straight back, but she looks silly and couldn’t say anything. The opposite darkness still conceals a large number of troops, like the bats in the dark night, this stormy night stopped their way.

Of course, the opposite person also saw Chu Qiao’s appearance when he returned to the team. The leading man, with a frowning eyebrow, was staring at the opposite darkness. Suddenly the wind blew, the rain slops and floats, hitting the body extremely cold. The man’s brow furrowed and suddenly put up a hand and gently waved.

Suddenly all the knives into the sheath, arrows drooping, nd the opposite side felt that the other side was no longer fighting, and he also put down a crossbow and sword. 

The two teams suddenly met with a team that was about to draw swords. The team immediately did not speak. Instead, they rushed forward. Seeing the other party has no objection, it only goes in the direction of its own.

At the moment of rubbing shoulders to shoulders, the two men and women looked at each other, but they could only see the sharp eyes under a pair of black cloths.

“Master,” said the guard, screaming, “The woman was the woman who had been with the target before.”


The guards looked at him with a bit of anxious look. “We have a dozen brothers who fold her hands.”

“Is an Assassin still afraid of death?” The man’s eyes were cold and he lifted his eyes. “Who doesn’t even know who the target is, and who is useless to useless hands. I can’t help but wonder if you can live.”

When the guards gave a glimpse, they couldn’t speak. Suddenly I saw a silver signal flashing over the jungle. The man’s brow was wrinkled and he went to the jungle.

Yan Xun did not return along the same route to the jungle, but toward the side door of true Zhen Huang, Chu Qiao followed in doubt she asked: “Are we not going?

Yan Xun brow frowned, coldly said: “You didn’t see the team just now? If they couldn’t even get their hands, we would be very difficult.”

“Yan Xun?”

“Do not say it, go back to the house.”

Brigade troops came from the true west, a green carriage has been waiting there. Yan Xun and Chu Qiao with a few kiss quickly dismounted, into the car, toward the gate slowly away.

All the way there is a secret response, mysteriously entering the city quietly from the west side of the door, the carriage of a brothel in the city of Zhenhuang, the carriage turned and went to the inner city.

It was already early in the morning when she returned to another hospital. The sky was white and the heavy rain of the night had finally stopped and it is dawn. Because Prince Bian Tang was robbed, the entire palace was dead, only in such a silence, how many people can really sleep, it is unpredictable.

Quietly from the West Pacific Park into the other hospital, the carriage stopped, Yan Xun did not look behind the woman should first get off, iron blue face, while walking she tore and opened her clothes collar, irritated to push open the maidservants hand over the heated towel.

Under the ignorance of people, all of them are all showing what owner’s temper is very hot, everyone is terrified and dropped their knees on the floor, the atmosphere is hot. You do not dare to come out.

Yan Xun indeed had a reason to be angry, he has always been careful and conscientious. Now this Chu Qiao wen with Prince of Bian Tang, the insecure fox out of town, and she did not send anybody to inform him before she even made a decision? Why did she not escape and waited for such a long time? With her skill and jungle combat experience why would she let herself get hurt and let people force to act in desperation? He could not imagine how he would have been if he was late. How could she get away with the dense array of guns?

In many words of a grieved heart, Yan Xun was very angry. He sat in the hall looking like blue iron and tight lips. He waited for the man who made a big mistake to come in and explain himself everything what happened last night and bear what he deserves. That is Anger.

The fire he brewed for a long time, absolutely he cannot be so unforgiving.

Yan Xie secretly said that almost all the lines to be said were muted. However, he waited for a long time and he did not see that the person who made the mistake, walked in.

What happened?

Yan Xun brow wrinkled tighter, couldn’t she even plan to explain it to herself and return to the house alone?

After waiting for a full two teas, Yan Xun could no longer sit still. Teng’s stood up and stepped out of the hall. All the people were still on the ground and none of them dared to speak up. He quickly went to Chu Qiao’s room and pushed to open the door,suddenly blurted out: “You give me out!”

There was no reply. Yan Xun frowned and looked empty.

He carefully walked to the bath room and gently knocked on the door, still no one answered.

Yan Shi Zi was really angry and had so many things. Chu Qiao didn’t even take the initiative to explain it to him. Did she not know how worried He was when she was caught in the assassination jungle? Doesn’t she feel that her own actions have seriously affected the overall situation? Didn’t she feel that she and BianTang Prince were too close to her?

Corridor, study, flower hall, warm pavilion, courtyard…

Go around in a circle, still cannot find the girl’s figure. Swallow’s (Yan Xun’s) face became more ugly. Did she not even say hello to fight back at Shangyi Square?

“The World … .. the world … …” A small voice suddenly sounded in my ears, Yan Xun turned his head and saw Chu Qiao’s personal maidservant Lu Liucarefully stood in front of Yan Xun, carefully said: “Are you looking for Chu girl?

Yan Xun raised his brows: “Where is she?”

Lu Liu raised his finger up and pointed it at the carriage in the yard.

Yan Xun surprised a moment, frowning and walked to the front of the carriage. He slammed the curtain and immediately froze the spot.

His face gradually became aroused by anger, it seems a bit funny, but also somewhat helpless, but also a little distressed, and finally sighed, all the complaints and anger, all of suddenly gone.

This day and night, Chu Qiao really tired, too much life and death to make her consume painstakingly, was seriously injured in blood loss, if you can barely hold forward, but after seeing him, her spirit loosen. The carriage had fallen asleep and it had not yet entered the city. At this moment, wearing a night-suit to grab, the girl looks paler, bloody shoulders, covered with wet hair, a show scattered on his shoulders, looked very embarrassed. However, her brow was stretched and she seemed to have finally returned home and no longer feared the weather outside.

Swallow’s (Yan Xun) full of anger thrown into the water, can no longer find a way to vent. His frown, his distressed hand, raised his hand to hold the girl up, her body light like a kitten, converging all the sharp minions, and quietly obediently lying in his arms, no longer seeing her the fierce woman shot that commandment.

Feel the warmth of the body, and all the snorts are familiar with the taste of her peace of mind. The deeper Chu Qiao sleeps, the stubborn does not want to wake up. She moved lightly and surprised Yan, but she did not wake up. She just found a comfortable posture in his arms and continued to sleep.

The man’s expression was a little depressing and he murmured, “If you mess with such a big thing, do you want to get it over this way?”

The woman in her arms did not move, and she automatically filtered out those words that were unfavorable to her. Yan Xun embraced her for a long time, suddenly sighed helplessly, and she walked toward her room.

He told the maidservants to prepare hot water for her bath, and also called the doctor. The busy sleeping people still did not show any signs of waking up. Yan Xun stood on the sweet bed of a woman sleeping, watching her shoulder’s amazing wound, on his distressed wrinkles, he frowned, his fingernails gently sliding over her cheek, helplessly sigh: “wait for you to wake up and then we forget it, if I can still feel that time.”

To put it mildly, Yan Xun pulled the quilt blanket softly, toucched the bangs in front of her forehead and turned to walk out of the door.

The room just quiet, sleeping girl suddenly opened his eyes, looked around carefully, and then took a long sigh of relief.

Nobody could be thrown naked in the tub and fall asleep. She woke up when she took himself out of the carriage. Yan Xun just kept his eyes open.

Although the wound on the shoulder was already on the medication, she still suffered from a slight pain. She slowly sat up and felt hungry. She went out to bed and went to the table. She looked around but saw no piece of cake. Chu Qiao frowned and lifted the teapot. Instead of using a quilt, he took a sip on the spout.

The entrance is cold and bitter and hard to drink, apparently a few days old tea.

However, at this moment, a sudden burst of footsteps came, Chu Qiao surprised, quickly climbed to bed, and close her eyes to look like she was still asleep.

The door was opened, while the smell of food on the boat came in, Yan Xun carrying the tray, steaming above a few stir-fried rice and a bowl of rice soup, the man’s eyes with a few lines suddenly realized he saw Chu Qiao slightly messy quilt, quietly put the tray on the table, then walked out.

“When are you willing to wake up, go to study room to find me.”

Man’s voice slowly passed in, Chu Qiao depressing opened her eyes, helpless sighed.

Blessing is not a curse, but a curse. She got up and took a deep sleep after eating a big meal.

Explanation? Talk it later

Now she just wants to sleep.

Longer dreams also awake, and when one day passes and one night passes and the sun rises again, she knows she can’t escape.

As soon as the door of the study was opened slowly and slowly, Chu was thinking to look inside, and Liu Liu behind him suddenly shouted, “Girl, you’re looking for the world (Yan Xun) ? The world(Yan Xun) is inside!”

Black clouds pressure on top, unfamiliar, Chu Qiao fate to open the door.

The study room is empty, quiet one, Chu Qiao frowned and looked around. She saw the empty bottom of the screen, a pair of white cloth indoor soft boots exposed, she knew, Yan Xun is in the next screen.

“Eh, cough,” deliberately cleared her throat, and the people inside did not respond. He said nothing. Chu Qiao looked ugly, it seems this time, Yan Xun is really angry. He himself had had several times before he did not listen to her, but he came to hide for a while and he would disappear. This time the problem seemed a bit big. She gently bit her lower lip and slowly said: I know I did something wrong this time. I apologize to you.”

Yan Xun still did not speak, and Chu Qiao was helpless and continued: “I should not follow Li Ce’s departure from the city. I knew he would have problems. I ignored the danger of potential and I did not recognize the situation. I just wanted to approach him and understand the Prince of Bian Tang’s internal affairs, to explore the views of the Bian Tang dynasty stand on slavery. Datong always wanted to open a branch in the capital of the Tang Dynasty. I wanted to explore the feasibility of this. In addition to also want to know the Bian Tang royal attitude toward Yan North, if we were to leave the Great Summer. If Bian Tang would be pleased to see a little support behind us, it would be very helpful for us to support the self-control of Yunlou (Cloud City).”

Yan Xun still did not speak, and Chu Qiao gently frowned pouting mouth, continued: “I know that I should not rescue him after the attack. I should immediately kill him by pushing the boat. I have several opportunities to start. Nothing was done, I simply missed a golden opportunity for Yan Beixing. Even if you’re tired of going out of town to save me and use Datong and Yanbei’s killer nets, I know I’m in trouble this time.”

Yan Xun is still silent, Chu Qiao heart some sad, she frowned and said: “Yan Xun, I have apologized to you, and you still refused to forgive me?


Xiaolu Luliu the small maid suddenly opened the door and shouted: “The son of the world told you to eat it.”

“Ah?” Chu Qiao said, her  expression was a bit misleading: “Is he in the dining room?”

“Yes,” said the little maid, and scared. “The son of the world just went out and I did not notice it.”

Chu Qiao’s face became very ugly, and she strode to the screen. Now it was just a pair of boots. The young girl took up the boots on the floor and threw an angry one on the ground. He said to the fury: “how things can be misplaced? What else can you use?”

After turning around she walked out of from Yan Xun’s study hall.

Little maidservants had some grievances. He picked up the boots on the ground and said in a grinning voice, “It has always been this.”

In the dining room, Swallow (Yan Xun) was sitting at the table and eating. See Chu Qiao’s anger and walked in. He slowly raised his head and gently brushed his eyebrows. Then he said, “Wake up?”

Chu Qiao looked at him, did not speak, went to the dinner table and began to eat, clanging the bowls and chopsticks.

Yan Xun slightly frowned: she made a mistake and she dared to go so far?

At this time, it happened that A’Jing entered the dining room and looked at Chu Qiao with a strange expression, and then whispered a few words to Yan Xun. Yan Xun heard and saw that strange expression, but did not say anything and continue to eat.

After the food was eaten, it was withdrawn and fresh tea was sent to the people. Yan Xun drank tea and slowly said: “Prince Li Ce is fine. He was found by the squadron of the camp, and he returned to the palace one step ahead of you and me.”

Chu Qiao silent, bow down seriously drink tea.

“He reported your courage to rescue the Bian Tang’s future emperor, the Great Summer emperor greatly appreciated you, brought a lot of reward, but also allows you to continue to recuperate, temporarily, you will not return to Shangyi Square office.”

“The assassin has not been found yet. The chaos in the real city is a mess. Even the princess Huai Song has been delayed into the city.”

Speaking here, Yan Xun slowly drank his tea, suddenly smile, mild tone, said: “A’Jing said the people saw you whispered in my study hall for a long time, what are you talking about?

“What do I say when I already said something, why should I tell you?”

Yan Xun surprised a moment, this was not the first time he heard Chu Qiao said in such a tone, gently smiled and said: “A’Chu, you are like a kid, this is not like you ah.”

“What should I do?” Chu Qiao got up and said in a cold tone. “Carefully and cautiously for the whole day? People make mistakes. I’m a human, too. I’ve already told you about it

Yan Xun couldn’t help but smile: “A’Chu, I  didn’t say anything about you. Besides, you didn’t apologize to me.”

Chu Qiao hugged her chest, quite a bit unreasonable appearance, said: “Then I said it is not. OK? Yan Shi Zi, I know I was wrong, troubled you, I’m patted to my butt to leave, but after this, there will be no such time again.”

“Stay!” Yan Xun suddenly cried coldly, rushed before the body, standing in front of her and said quietly: “What the hell are you doing, A’Chu, you have never been like this, and you shouldn’t be like this!”

Chu Qiao’s heart hurts, and her heart-pressing emotions suddenly appear on this day. Her eyes are slightly red, but she still barely raises her head: “It’s because I never did something wrong, I never dragged over your hind legs, only once, can not you forgive me? “

Yan Xun suddenly paused, Chu Qiao nodded her head, a small red eyes cheeks.

“I don’t know how to talk to you every day and night. I also hate myself. Why is it so arrogant? Why do I feel so hesitant to do something? I’m almost breaking something. I almost killed you. I missed a great deal. The time was wrong, I was wrong. Yan Xun, I know I was wrong, I should help you, but I’m helper now, I think I will regret it and hit the wall, I don’t know how to face you, how to face A’Jing, how could I make such a mistake?”

“A’Chu, do not say it!”

“A lot of people died, and some people must have doubted you. You have hidden so much for so many years, but this is almost a loss. I…”

“Achu!” Yan Xun suddenly hugged Chu Qiao, dignified, frowning, chin resting on the woman’s head, divinely said: “I am not good, I should go to see you earlier, should not let you become this cranky. “

Chu Qiao leaning on the arms of Yan Xun, feeling constantly warm from his shoulders, his eyes swollen, and even a little bit to tears.

“A’Chu, I did not blame you, I am not afraid of danger, not afraid of doubt, I say you are not afraid of all that I said. I was angry, but I am just angry of putting yourself in danger, why do you have to get yourself into such a predicament. I must say before you do anything,  discuss to me first and do not oneself into a tiger flight. A’Chu, you and I live together for many years, how can I complain about you? I just want myself enough to protect you and do not let get you bullied, but when I saw you hurt, I cannot stand in front of you for the first time. “

“I did not want to tease you or feel angry with you. I did not sleep well all day, I was just scared, what would happen to you if I was late? If those people really killed you, what’s going to happen? I could not figure out the result, and I know that once it happened, I could not control my emotions and I could not imagine what I would do under those circumstances. A’Chu, you really scared me, I saw you really want to kill when pointing at those guns.”

Chu Qiao on her tight mouth, reach out and hug the man’s waist, the sound of some boredom: “I’m sorry, I led you to become so furious.”

Yan Xun sighed: “I understand that you are just guilty, blame me, I did not tell you in time, no one was killed last night, only a few people were injured. We retreated in a timely manner, no one knew, I was out City, you do not have to worry. “

Chu Qiao left the embrace of the swallows, suddenly a bit embarrassed, has not been such a lot of years, just a moment of emotional out of control really somewhat baffling. Yan Xun have the right to say, from being ambushed, she has been regretful guilty. She was afraid to roll in Yan Xun and was afraid that he would come out of town to find her. He was afraid that his colleagues would be exposed. As a result, what she feared was her loss of control. May be due to her failure to face her own failure. In such an environment, failure can only lead to suicide. She can commit suicide without being able to pull others to die.

“Yan Xun, I will be careful later.”

Yan Xun helpless smile, and embraced her shoulder: “You do not go there, honestly stay by my side, wait for me to take you to leave.”

Chu Qiao looked up and looked Yan Xun’s eyes, all of a sudden some trance. Before the night of the fight, so she felt extremely tired, at this moment to put down the mind, heavy fatigue hit her heart, however, cannot rest and feeling tired then. After all, they have not left here, the heavily guarded Imperial City everywhere. It’s a cold arrow and a bomb. When it cannot be said, it will pierce the human heart and she can no longer allow herself to make such a low-level mistake.

“Well, we shake hands and eat well.”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment: “Is not it just finished?”

“I am finished, you can eat a few mouthfuls.”

Chu Qiao body hurt, appetite is not good, shaking her head and said: “I cannot eat.”

“You can’t eat too much so you have to eat.” Yan Xun told the next man to take another meal and sit down to see Chu Qiao for dinner.

Chu Qiao looked uncomfortable to him, frowning and asked: “You have nothing to do yet?”

Yan Xun laughed: “Today, people in the whole city are very busy. Only I am the most idle. In the morning, when Princess Huai Song came into the city, civil and military officials went to pick them up.”

“Princess Huai Song Chang Na Lan Hongye?” Chu Qiao murmured: “have you seen her?”

Yan Xun nodded: “For many years, there was a time.”

“I heard she was very powerful.” Chu Qiao whispered and said no more.

Swallow (Yan Xun) caught a piece of meat in her bowl, said: “Eat more, you are too thin.”

Woman smiled, feel a lot of ease, but also eat a few mouthfuls of rice.

Just finished eating, suddenly came a noise outside, Chu Qiao frowned, I heard A sharp rush came in and said: “Son of the world, the emperor purport to declare you go to the front hall to attend the feast.

Yan Xun brows raised: “The reception Wind banquet?”

A’Jing nodded and said: “yes.”

Yan Xun stood up and said: “A’Chu, you have a good rest, I’ll be back later.”

“No, the emperor asked the girl to go with her.”

“I?” Chu Qiao surprised a moment, did not think the emperor actually volunteered to call her. To know how big the hierarchy in the Great Summer regime, the last time or not very aggressive Li Ce, she will never have the opportunity to step into the front hall for the rest of her life.

“Should it be because you saved Li Ce Tang’s prince, A’Chu, can you or still feel hurt?”

Chu Qiao stood up and nodded. “I have to go anyway, so I’ll go back and change my clothes.”

After a fragrant incense, Chu Qiao and Yan Xun on the carriage, slowly toward the front hall away.

The day before yesterday a heavy rain, the decoration of the Holy Galleria was transformed to a new look, new shoots buds, a greener pasture, Chu Qiao wore her Imperial dress, the moon on a white background with pale blue crescent, neither gorgeous nor shabby, completely in line with her a female officer’s identity.

Yan Xun sitting beside her, sees her look a little uncomfortable, gently smile, hold her hand and slowly said: “I am here, do not be afraid.”

Chu Qiao smile, trying to speak, the carriage suddenly like a flash wen away, she fell on the Swallow’s (Yan Xun) arms.

Yan Xun surprised, quickly raised her, nervously asked: “Have you run into a wound?

Chu Qiao shook her head, Yan Xun looked up, worriedly said: “how is it?

A’Jing voice came from outside the carriage: “The Son of Heaven, the driver of Princess Huai Song.”

Yan Xun surprised a moment: “A’Jing, give way.”

Bursting sound of horseshoe slowly, Huai-Song national strength is not strong, but the country is affluent, has always been the target of Daxia. The relationship between Daxia and Bian Tang is also strong. It only depends on the carriage and horse team of Princess Huai-Song. The number will be known.

After a while, the carriage drove up and Yan Xun’s carriage was on the side of the road to make way for her. Who knows that the carriage of Princess Huai-Song suddenly stopped and one of the envoys said: “We asked the princess, “Is it possible to drive on the opposite side, but the Yan North World?

A’Jing is going to answer the question. Yan Xun opened the curtain and said to the envoy: “It is this King who has not been able to meet the princess before. It is a place of disrespect, and she also hopes that the princess will forgive her.”

“Yan Shi Zi child need not be more ceremony,” a gentle voice sounded slowly, across the carriage slowly lifted the curtain, the woman in front of the crown blocked her face with a veil, one cannot see clearly face.But if you just listen to the sound gentle water, and rumors in the sharp and decisive princess style is not the same.

“A year later, as long as ten years, the world is still the style, Na Lan Hongye deeply pleased.”

“Another dozen contained, Her Royal Highness Princess still remember the king, really flattered the other king.”

Nalan Hongye smiled lightly and said, “As long as you have seen the golden face of the world(Yan Xun), it will be very difficult for you to forget it. Why would the world(Yan Xun) be so arrogant?

Yan Yan respectfully returned: “The princess has won.”

Nalan Hong leaves nodded, put down the curtain. The attendant stepped forward and said, “We princess asked Yan’s driver to drive away.”

Yan Xun shook his head and said: “They are both guests and princesses. How can Yan Xun dare to go ahead.”

For a while, the attendant stepped forward again and said: “Our princess said thank you Yan Shizi, have the opportunity to thank one another.”

After a long while, the carriage slowly left.

Chu Qiao said: “The Huai-Song Princess has a lot of politeness.”

Yan Xun shook his head: “The families of Zhunji are all from the Song Dynasty, and Huai-Song has always been a state of ceremonies. It is extremely ethical.”

Chu Qiao disapproved: “I think she is looking at you differently.”

Yan Xun smiled, did not answer, just let the carriage to move forward, and in front of the carriage to maintain a certain distance.

At this moment, suddenly there came a cry from behind him. Chu Qiao and Yan Shi Zi frowned and just listened to the sharp shouting from behind. Obviously, they heard a hoarse and broken voice: “The carriage in front of you, wait a minute!”

A’Jing probe came in, looking gloomy, slowly said: “Your Highness, A’Chu, Prince Li Ce is at the back.”

Chu Qiao brow suddenly tight, Yan Xun is also on his ugly face, Chu Qiao  was just about to make a sound, when Yan Xun hold down her shoulder, calmly said: “You are here to wait for me, I will go down to meet him.”

CHAPTER 073 Queen’s Death

Chu Qiao waited for a while, but Yan Xun did not come back, unavoidably anxious. For a while, A’Jing lifted the carriage curtain, said Yan Xun ride on the carriage of Prince Li Ce and asked Chu Qiao not to wait for him. He would go first.

The spring of the Red Plateau always come late. At this time, Bian Tang and Huai Song have long been the flowers of the warm sun and the warm summer, while the land of the big summer is still chilly. Sometimes a trace of cold wind blows from afar.

The Jade carriage and horses cannot moved on to Yuhua gate. Chu Qiao got off the car and walked in front of the house with the man from the palace who came to lead the way, into the front corridor.He turned all the way to the front hall.

Perhaps time is still early, The golden palace sanctuary is quiet. There are white birds flying in the sky, cool breeze blowing on the clothes, sleeves fluttering like a butterfly. 

“White father!”

Suddenly a small eunuch came running from the direction of the camphor hall, and said to her old man, who was leading the way, said, “The princesses, the ladies and gentlemen”

“What?” said the white male grandfather. He was shocked. His hands were suddenly falling on the floor and stuttered. “What happened?”

“The person in the Shuyi Bureau said that the Zaoni cake they had eaten in the Western house made them suddenly sick, and now the House of the people have entered the palace.”

“How could this happen?” The husband kept his eyebrows locked.

Turning around and just about to speak, Chu Qiao said: “The father-in-law has something to do with it. I know the way to the front hall.”

“I would like to thank Chu Fangyi.” The husband performed a ceremony and said to the eunuch: “Go away.”

Chu Qiao is the fourth female official, official Miriam Yeung, coupled with the palace for many years, is familiar with these empresses.To be precise, the emperor of Daxia was not lustful, and the women in the palace had always been not particularly favored by anyone. She vaguely remembered the Shu-Yi Bureau’s Qin Shu-yi, the name of the call, no significant leakage of water, Shuyi Bureau’s 80 song and dance has always been the most has always been a quiet and harmonious, often come to their Shangyi Square to take book.Unexpectedly, people who are outside of everything can escape the curse of death.

No longer think much about it, through the Camphor Temple, is the Eight Canal Qunming Lake, the willows on both banks have been pumped, crisp and green, breeze slowly, and the rippling blue lake. Chu Qiao standing on the eight canal gallery bridge, dress as the wind, floating to fly, inevitably give birth to a few inches of open heart.

After passing Rung Wah Court, you will walk forward to the Former Hall of Forment. She is on the sidewalk. She is quiet and has few pedestrians. She walks down a row of lacquer-painted golden porches, distant mountains and clear water, willow flowers, and women’s white Shirts and ink, it is very elegant.

However, at this moment, a shrill screams suddenly came, suddenly disrupted the pace of advancing girls.

Chu Qiao stopped, looked up and saw a white carved Eagle fell from the sky, Bang! cry fell to the ground, the chest and abdomen was a profit through the piercing of arrow, bloody.

However, the door of the room was just a light, a strong force suddenly hit, palms with wind, sharp like a knife.

However, the door just a light room, an instant hit vigorously, palm with the wind, sharp knife.

The strength of the other side is extremely great. Chu Qiao was not made under the control of man. She responded so quickly that she couldn’t see who the other person was. She turned back and picked up her wrist. A snake snaked her throat, but in the moment she got it, a slender but cold hand gripped her white neck tightly.

Shots such as electricity are evenly matched.

Doors and windows are closed, without a trace of light, the room was dark, one cannot see each other’s facial features. The faces of the two men were hidden in darkness, with sharp eyes flashing faint light, like two wild beasts in narrow streets.

Even if it is restrained, there is no smashing hand. Almost at the same time, the two sides opened a finger with a tacit understanding. Seeing that the other side also had the same move, they continued to let go. Finally, they stood against each other, but they still couldn’t hide the tension in the air.

“Ye cloud sister, why are you so.”

The gentle voice suddenly sounded in the courtyard. The woman was dressed in a blue and colorful phoenix dress. The purple gold was carved in the crown. The water sleeves were like clouds. The waist was shining. If you faced the peach and plum blossoms, you could see the eyes of the Yuelan Lake. Slowly came forward.

“You and I have a sister. How can your sister be patient with seeing you make a big mistake?” People lifted up a Nanmu lounge chair. Shu Royal Concubine sleeves, and slowly sat down with a smile and took it from the white eagle. After solving the letter, he took a close look and said: “The private transmission of the harem woman and the outsider is a big sin. The sister is in charge of the palace for many years. Do you not know why? Why did you make such a mistake?”

In the former emperor’s distinguished women’s station courtyard, dressed in a deep purple purple color Jinhua clothes, her neck was straight, and behind him were two maids, still undaunted by the magnificence of her royal face, but her face was clear and slightly pale. Mu He Yun did not look at Shu Concubine, and said to the two people behind him: “We will go.”


Mu He Yun reminding us of scenes, he will continue to move forward. Several of the attendants immediately came forward and stopped him in front of the Mu He Yun, divinely said: “Queen please stay, the empress have something to say.”

“Snap!” The cry of a ring rang at once, and Muhe Yun’s face slaps on the face of the waiter. When the Big Summer Queen of the Phoenix picks up, coldly shouted: “What is your identity? Also dare to block the palace this way?”

When the waiter gave a glimpse, a moment of surprise, suddenly knelt on the ground. Mu He Yun under the accumulative power of many years, actually scared these people under arrest.

Shu Concubines eyes were cold and she said lightly: “Jiangshan easy to change, the nature is difficult to change, my sister Feng Wei is not reduced, and her style remains the same. It is gratifying.”

Muhe Yun’s face was cold and on her cold voice said: “You and I never knew each other, and there was no friendship. In the past, this palace has never been afraid of you, and I am not planning to look down on you. The woman in this palace is prosperous but it is normal for the decline to flourish. Since everyone is an enemy or a friend, you don’t have to be sweet with your sister.

Shu concubine smiled and said: “Cloud sister’s sex is like a burning fire and her mouth is straightforward. My sister really likes you more and more.”

“Don’t dare to, there is something in this palace, not to accompany you to chat.”

Finish saying it, turn around and want to leave.

“Slow!” Shu expensive princess face is looking cold, slowly stood up, holding a letter in her hand, divinely said: “My sister is not going to explain?

“Do you want to add the crime, who suffers from no words?” Mu He Yun coldy soon, slowly said: “If you like it, you can take it to the emperor. The emperor’s a saint, he will have a wise decision.”

“However, I want to hear my sister’s explanation.”

Mu He Yun slowly turned around, (Fengsuanruyue means) Phoenix eyes like snow, cold eyes watching Shu Concubine, Heaven’s family’s graceful air blowing. She smiled arrogantly, puffed lips, a faint smile: “If I were you, I would never do this today.”

Shu concubine did not expect her to suddenly say this, and at one glance, suddenly surprised a moment, Mu He Yun continued: “The woman in the palace saw the world, and the second saw the emperor’s favor, but she looked at what he had left. And I entered the palace the same year, together with the young Shu start, you are not inferior to me in all aspects, When I was a queen ten years ago, you are still a noble girl. Why can you think about it?

Shu Concubine face was cold, no longer have trace of a smile, Mu He Yun said: “Because you are stupid, you will only have trivial tricks. They are short-sighted, domineering, a villain delightful face. After all, It’s hard to make a big one. Fortunately, you’re just casting a good family and a good brother.”

“Bold!” She Concubine said in the Queen’s side suddenly exclaimed loudly.

The female officer behind the cloud of Mu He Yun suddenly said sharply: “You are bold! The Queen and your master talks to you like this. How is it that has she been your slave?”

“Mu He family has fallen. If I were you, I wouldn’t be standing here again. Compared to me, you don’t feel at this moment, is the person in Lan Xuan Temple is more threatening to you than me?”

Muhe Nayun’s mouth grabbed a ridiculous smile: “Do you think that the emperor will still allow the Wei valve into the next Mu He’s? Although Muhe’s fell, this house is a good candidate for checks and balances. You’ve done it all your life cannot do to be queen, regardless of the scenery outside of the Wei valve, you are only a concubine in the Grand Summer Palace. I advise you to learn how to learn etiquette, know how to advance and retreat, visit ceremony. Daxia Queen can only be I am a partner of Muhe Yun, once, now, and in the future. You will give up.”

The wind blew up and rolled up the dark purple clothes of Muhe Yun. Forty-year-old woman face fierce, hair, such as waterfall, looks like a woman in her thirties, stature filled with noble and proud.

Shu Concubinestood in the same place and looked at the back of Mu He Yun’s gloomy eyes, suddenly turned back, after that kneeling on her clothes, the side of her footsteps. She said coldly said to the people beside her: “Pull her down and put it to death.”

“Goddess!” The waiter was shocked kneeling on the ground and shouted: “God’s mother’s life!”

Shu concubine did not look back, quickly disappear in the courtyard. The sparrow on the corridor twitter, the faint lake, reflecting the soft light.

The door was opened, the light came in outside, Chu Qiao slightly narrowed her eyes and looked to the side.

The man is a long-haired man with a dark red suit and a black eagle embroidered on his clothes belt. His eyes are starry stars and his lips are red. He slowly looks over.

The cold wind passed between them with a faint coldness. The man’s eyes were as cold as ever without a trace of affection.

The man seems to have always been like this, cold like a sculpture in general.

Chu Qiao slowly retreated two steps calm, looking at the man in front, as if never know, as if he never knew, the wind in early spring blew up dust many years ago, the cold air shuttle through. Then they simultaneously shifted their gaze to each other and looked to their respective fronts, crossing each other and straight ahead.

From beginning to end, they are from different ways. Even if destiny occasionally arranges teasing of common encounters, they can only be short-lived encounters and pass by, passing like a meteor, like their own orbit disappeared in the vast sea of ​​stars.

Zhuge Yue suddenly remembered that many years ago that night, must be sent to the white elderly standing in the bleak maple, the backless, clothing flying.

“Master, why is it me?”

“Why not,” the old man looked old and his voice full of difficulty, all covered up: “Because there are some things that you do not take, no one has to take it. The child, born as a gatekeeper, you have your own responsibility.”

“Master,” said a gentleman dressed up by a palace servant, and said quietly, “All ready.”

In the dense bamboo forest, the dark red clothes move with the wind, Zhuge Yue eyebrowsare locked, but he does not speak for a long time. The weather was not hot, but the name of the person was sweating on his forehead.

After about half a column of incense, Zhuge Yan finally nodded and said, “Go.”

The cold winds rewind, and in the Golden Palace, the blood is filled.

Just walked to the front hall, and saw only the shadows. There were a lot of asters on the square, and Yan Xun was standing tall and waiting for her.

Chu Qiao took two steps. Yan Xun also saw her. She smiled at her mouth and walked over.

“Jojo!” Li Ce also stood aside, wearing a red dress, directed Chu Qiao stroked his hand.

Chu Qiao’s disgusted expression did not spread yet, and a sharp bell rang through the entire palace. all of them suddenly looked up in horror and looked in the direction of diagonal Xiefangdian.

“There is an assassin! The queen is stunned!”

Eunuch sharp eaves  and voice like a death knell with tears spread throughout the entire former Temple Square. All of a sudden,  everyone of a sudden panic. The guards wearing black military uniforms shuttled between them, and the dense guards flocked to the incident at Fang Temple direction, the crowd of people dismayed and surprised for a long while. I do not know where suddenly burst into tears, then a large crowd of daze, a dark mass, cries echoed over the Golden Temple.

The Empress Mu He Yun, who was born in the past, was a Muhe family of seven Wei Valve gates. She entered the palace at the age of thirteen, climbed to the throne at the age of thirty, held and charge of Phoenix India ten years, the sixth house  of Jie Fu, no defaulter.

When Chu Qiao was noisy, she looked up and looked at Yan Xun, but she saw the same panic in her eyes.

At this moment, that chaotic palace, it is the place she had just walked. If assassination ahead of a moment, she will not be alive standing here!

Death bells ring endless, dull nine rings, all walking, standing soldiers, maids, eunuchs. Or princes minister, civil and military officials, are looking back to the harem, crashing, worshiped the Imperial Palace, even the noisy front hall for a time lost the sound, the clock stopped for a moment, then sounded again, louder and louder .

So, first one person, then two people, ten people, one hundred thousand people, all kneeling down toward the Xie Fang Temple, bent over kowtow.

Chu Qiao opened her mouth, but could not speak. Her mind remembered the name of Mu He’s family and was high on the back seat. She had mastered the fiercest woman who had been in the country for almost a decade. She remembered her decisive silence. Discourse: The Queen of the summer can only be my Mu Yun Na Yun. It was once, now is, and it will be in the future.

Words are still heard, but people are already embarrassed. This seemingly glamorous palace, what hidden horrible blade?

A huge cry howl suddenly penetrate the sky, from the Purple Gate, far passed over.


CHAPTER 074 Independence of North Yan

“The White Calendars  of seven hundred and seventy-three years, the first nineth day in the month of May, after Sui, Baiguan (means officials) cried outside the Purple Gate, the people grieved, it became a national service mourning. On May 16, made in the Tai-Qing Street, in the West Huai Wang Dai filial system, follow the coffin all the way to go, to the Nine Eun Shan Royal Mausoleum.

The history of the cloud on Muhe that the records, only so few pen, it seems prosperous behind the pet, but actually did not seal a post-death title. The reason for death is also to say nothing of a “殁” word, on behalf of the past, prosperous, house of Mu He Yun pulse, the real exit from the stage of history. The Elders Shrine has only six of its seven families, and the missing place due to MuHe’s retreat has suddenly led to more shyness and peeps of the great family, and this peephole is also caused by the death of the MuHe Yun more blatantly up.

MuHe Queen’s funeral day, Chu Qiao stood upstairs of the Bell tower in the southwest corner of the imperial palace, watching the white sky floating around the sky, covering the empty sky. Everything was like a bustling dream. Yan Xun stood on her side, looking indifferently, and couldn’t see any emotions. But when he turned away, Chu Qiao noticed that the railing he had just held printed five fingerprints.

How can we forget that the first iron rider who stepped into the Yanbei plateau was a male soldier who belonged to the pulse of Mu He. How could he forget the cold water riverside? Yan Xun’s humiliation was not willing to hate the hard-to-close eyes.

With the death of one of the power-takers of the Mu He’s dynasty, the last person in power, bloody enemies of Yan Bei and Mu He’s blood were finally settled.

Back to Yingge Academy on the way, Chu Qiao accidentally saw the seventh princes Zhao Che. The young prince wore a light-colored robes, only the belt and cuff is white moon, and now the entire palace now covered in pale look very inconsistent.

Zhao Che looked calm and stood in the tall pavilion at the Yuanshan Mountain. A small rain drizzled through the sky, making it difficult for him to see her facial features. Chu Qiao was holding a green umbrella and looked up with a slight head. The rain drizzled her shoes. She also wore a small skirt angle.

Zhao Che looked up at the sky in the west. Chu Qiao knew that there stood a plateau with rolling hills. According to legend, the ancestors of the great summer gold came out of the mountains. They hurled their horses and opened up this vast land with blood and faith. The chaotic Hongchuan Plateau surrendered under a regime, and when they die, their souls will return to their homeland and sleep in the crimson land.

The underground imperial mausoleum of the Great Summer Dynasty, also locatedunder the hill of Nine Mounds, was handed down from generation to generation. He said that there was a huge temple on the mountain, and the whale-oil lamp flashed in the dark endlessly for thousands of years.

The rain blew on the fly, and on the umbrella of the oil paper, the maiden’s stature was hidden between the flower trees, and only the white skirt turned quietly in mid-air.

In order to restrict Mu He Shi, the seventh prince Zhao Che was born to the daughter of Yuan Huan, the daughter of Princess Wenhua Pavilion Yuanfei empress. As the only lover of the Great Summer Emperor, the Lantern Festival is one special kind of harem.  She followed Yuan Yu from Bian Tang, was born in the southeast water village. Although there was no prominent family background, she won the favor of the emperor for 17 years. However, on the day of the birth of Zhao Che at the age of seventeen, Yuan Fei was in the face of many maidservants to cast himself into the lake.

No one knows the reason for the death of Yuan Fei. The Yuan Fei legend was poisoned by Empress Dowager Mu He and forced the emperor to save himself, but the emperor did not make any response. After Yuan Fei’s death, he went to the court as usual and dealt with the affairs of the state as usual. Completely in conformity with the style of a wise monarch, but since then he has never included any other concubine.

Because of the death of the mother who adopted him, Zhao Che also gradually drifted away from his biological mother, and changed his political opinions. He eventually turned against his biological mother so he was sent to the frontier and no one is willing to lend a helping hand to him.

Precisely because of this, that after the fall of Mu He Yun, his younger brother Xi Hua Wang and sister Princess Chun are greatly impacted, implicated, and he had no effect, as usual, holding the right to power, one side of the military leader.

In many cases, what is on the surface may not be true. Chu Qiao turned away and stopped to look at the distant and desolate figure of the prominent young prince.

This deep palace, everyone has their own sorrow, but also have their own cruelty, her eyes are too vicissitudes (means change, reversals) of life, have long been out of those prosperous gray defeat.

Back to Yingge hospital, Yan Xun is drinking in the pavilion in Merlin, he has always been calm all these years. In addition to the necessary occasions, rarely drink. Chu Qiao stood under the porch, looking at the young man in a white sweater, suddenly felt a burst of sorrow in the chest. She suddenly remembered an afternoon many years ago. The teenager woke up in a nightmare, grabbed her hand, and fragilely asked, “A Chu, when can I be relieved?”

At that time, they were too weak to even have the courage to drink a drink. But now, with such courage, they shoulder a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. They can no longer hold the golden cup at ease.

Sure enough, Yan Xun only drank two cups and stayed. After the cold winter had passed, Merlin gradually waned, the breeze blew, the swaying trees and plum blossoms, the men’s shirts of the Green Shirts fluttering, their eyes closed, their heads lifted, their eyebrows fluttering, and their white plums fell on their faces. The breeze blows, the sleeves are encouraged, and the publicity is like a bird’s wing.

Chu Qiao did not walk past, she just quietly stood in the distance, looking at the side by side for many years.

Some feelings, others can not understand, some hatred, others can not afford, even if they are intimate as they are, she has always been unable to withstand the share of his hatred of hatred.

She can do it, maybe just far away, waiting for it to rain, sending her own umbrella to him.

The empire’s honorable woman was left behind, leaving behind a huge rock that collapsed and looked like a calm lake.

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Shu Concubine of the harem has no logical place to succeed Muhe Yun. After a short time of rejoicing, countless skeptical arrows are suddenly directed at the Wei valve. Big suspect. Officials of the Secretariat of the Clerk Administration, the House of Internal Affairs, and the Temple of the Great Mosque went to the door of Shu Yundian as if they were among the lanterns. On the 7th, the exploration was fruitless, but it did not clear the suspects of Shu Concubine. As a result, some people intentionally condoned that the status of Shu Concubine’s harem had plummeted, and Wei valve plagued the pool of fish, but also by the numerous sets of censor station Oshita vocal opposition The situation is not optimistic.

In the meantime, however, the Xuanyuan Empress of Lan Xuan Dian took advantage of the short-sightedness, is out of thin air and has been serving the throne for three days in a row and was registered as a nobleman on the fourth day. She became the highest concubine in the harem with the exception of Shu Concubine. The funeral ceremony for the Queen of the Queen of the Muslims was like the first person in the harem.

Hin Royal is different from the original Lantern Festival, and it is also different from the family’s declining Muhe Nayun.The nickname Lan Xuan’s favorite woman has a dazzling surname. she was born in the heritage of a century-old clan, with a strong family backing. Her full name is Zhuge Lanxuan.

As the wind changed, Zhuge’s waters went up and all of a sudden become the Wei clan one by one along the same line.

The Daxia emperor’s birth date was destined not to be calm. After the funeral of Empress Mu He Yun, he had only three days until his birthday. On the same day, the emperor would marry his beloved daughter to Yanbei’s son to complete this event. The marriage of the whole country.

All bows and arrows are full of time. In the air, there is a pressing need for swiftness. On May 17th, as the cavalry of the road crashed into the tranquility of the Royal Park, bereaved families of the Batuha family in the northwest came to an end. The youngest brother of Barbarism General Bali,  the younger brother of Lao Batu, broke into tears as soon as he entered the city. A cry of tears from the statue of Mother-in-law in the Square of crape myrtle statue was heard with tears. Immediately afterwards, he was summoned by the Golden Palace. Because of his loyalty and patriotism, the noble emperor decided to meet him personally.

General Bali’s retreat did not arouse the attention of the people. According to the bureaucrats in the imperial capital, there was no particular weight in a veteran elders who had been overpowered. Not to mention the fact that Batuha was crowded out after Muhe’s downfall to the savage family in the northwest, even more indispensable. His Majesty will summon Bali, is nothing more than want to buy people’s mind bale.

At the Royal Palace of the Golden Palace, the emperor’s summoning lasted for an hour. The guards guarded the door and prevented anyone from approaching.

When Bali stepped out of the Golden Palace, it was already late at night, and the long winds on the Long Street reversed. The young General Bali with a skull cover up on his head turned to Heaven and laughed. Pedestrians in the past are looking at this look like a madman secretly Crying and laughing Northwest minister, secretly frowned.

On the evening of the same day, Zhuge Yue and Wei Shuye, the weiwei master who just returned to Beijing, received a letter printed with the northwestern goshawk. Zhuge Muqing looked for a long while and then slowly shook his head and said: “He said he was ill and could not go out “

Zhuge Yue frowned, said: “Father, why?”

Zhuge Muqing divinely said: “Our purpose has been achieved, should not be exaggerated, the family forces are not secure now, Lan Xuan in the palace will take time.”
“If we do that, the emperor will take more weight on us.”

Zhuge Muqing slowly frowned and coldly said: “Yue children, don’t you understand? Does the emperor value us? It does not depend on how much we contribute to our country, but on the strength of Zhuge’s pulse. General Meng has served as a country for many generations, but it is still only a general, and there is nothing in the financial resources of the closures. The family and the imperial powers are divided into powers and cannot be reconciled. This is why the Father has spoken to you many times.”


“There is no need to say this again. From now on, we will wait for three days.

Zhuge Hao’s words were forcibly interrupted by Zhuge Muqing. In fact, he wanted to say that if Bali had not been an idiot stupid things cannot be done. Yan Xun would really escape from the emperor and return to the Yanbei position. What would the emperor do? What will happen to Great Summer? What will happen to the whole world? What kind of disasters and scourges will they make after they let the tiger out of their own interests?

He wants to say that his father is old. His eyes can only see the gains and losses of one family, but he cannot see the general trend of the world. If the country is not there, will Zhuge, a pulse, survives?

If he really did go, then what about her? Will you leave the Royal Park and go far away from Yanbei? Fortunately, although Bali is an idiot, as well as Wei Shu Ye, Wei valve is losing ground, you want to stand still, you have to seize this opportunity.

Zhuge Yue slowly raised his head and murmured: “You don’t want me to be disappointed.” 

On the second day, Wei Sju Ye took 18 samurai warriors into the residence of the old Batu Imperial Capital. The warriors in the northwest waited for a day but they did not see the shadow of Zhuge Yue.

Barre and Wei Shujun who had met for the first time did not show any restraint. Once there was a large-scale southwestern camp. They had an opportunity to work together. Just as soon as he was seated, General Bali suddenly stated his intentions, and the young empire slashed his lips and said: “The Zhuge family gave up this great opportunity to serve the country. It seems that the opportunity to get rich is doomed to fall on you my brother. “Time’s up.”

Wei Shu Ye in his gloomy face, it seems he is not willing to do and General Bali entangled directly into the subject, coldly said: “For the sake of recklessness, I dare to ask the general, are there plans yet?”

General Bali proudly smiled: “Yes.”

“Appreciate further details.”

The whole operation sounds like a small-scale military coup. Three days later, the same day of  the emperor’s birthday, the 7th and 9th Armies of the Xiaoqi Camp, which were stationed in the city, joined the army of the Batuha family in the northwest and disguised themselves as the Northwest Army. And together  with General Bali besieged the team in North Hebei, General Bali will personally present and in command, smashed all resistance, direct arrest those in treason. And then trowel legislation, the treacherous leader will be defeated, and the world will be peaceful.

Wei Shu Ye certainly understands the idea of ​​the Golden Temple. There are few people who can do this, but only the Batuha family in the northwest is most appropriate.

Although it will be carried out with great fanfare, the entire operation will look like a retaliation and murder. No one will suspect anything else in respect in the Northwest Batu Family and Yanbei. The old Batu feared that the Yantai Princess after marrying would inflate her power. She returned to Yanbei and took responsibility for herself. So she dispatched her younger brother to the imperial palace to murder the innocent Yan Shi Zi (Yan Xun). It was clear at a glance.

Afterwards, the emperor would handle the matter impartially, and the northwestern military would be reprimanded and then confiscated General Bali. Then, after a ten-and-a-half-month trial period, he innocently released a good attitude of plea bargaining in the northwest and collected a nominal amount of compensation. I believe no one will be able to provide justice for the Yanbei, which has already been eliminated.

It seems that the entire operation is a personal grudge and has nothing to do with the country. It is impossible for His Majesty, the Emperor who had already marry his daughter to have any trace of contact.

Wei Shu Ye heart gave birth to a trace of disgust, but still frown coldly said: “Wei valve 300 dead, willing to follow the generals, driven by the generals.”

To deal with a decaying world, where so many troops are needed, General Bali smiled and said: “Well, the Major General will be responsible for the external cleansing and interception of reinforcements.”

Wei Shu Ye gently smile: “I would like to thank the generals for cultivation.” May 18, late at night.

The girl standing in front of the map repeatedly scrutinize the day after tomorrow night action, the last in a deep voice said: “all aspects have been arranged properly. I can’t rest assure that I have to go to the southern temple of Chengnan for help.”

Yan Xun pick the tip of his brow, and she continued to say.

“According to the ceremony, you need to go to the ancestral temple to worship the ancestors, and then return to the palace with the priest to marry the princess. The people who guard you from this section of the road are soldiers drawn from the ceremonial department. Loyalty is not reliable. If someone intercepts you on this road, it will be a disaster.”

Yan Xun looked at the map and said quietly, “The terrain here is open. It is close to the southwest town government. The dragons and fishes are intermingled. Once you have an incident, you need to send out troops. Moreover, the southwest town government makes a lot of connections with us. They may not have this courage.”

Chu Qiao shook his head and slowly said: “The more things we can do, the more likely we are going to go wrong, and we need to be prepared for all the variables. Moreover, as you and I know, the southwestern town government has not been loyal Yanbei has not been loyal to you. We have to prevent it.”

Yan nodded his head, picked up the map, began planning the battle and coping methods that he might encounter.

Chu Qiao also took out the pen and paper and wrote it on the desk.

After a fragrant incense, the two straightened up at the same time, exchange of paper. They only glanced at one another and suddenly smiled.

Burn one’s boats! Backstab to fight!

If Xia Huang (Great Summer Emperor) dares to do what you can, then the entire Emperor Huang Di to give their own deeds! Two days, placid spent, May 20 early in the morning, the whole true city are caught in the grand joy. The red brocade brushed the street from Jiuwei Street to Dongcheng Gate and the big summer emperor went public. Officials, traders, civilians and civilians of the imperial capital blocked the streets and bowed down under the command of the imperial guards. Long live, completely showing a flourishing magnificent picture of prosperity.

In addition to the murder of the prisoners who had committed human murders, Xia Huang’s birthday was greeted with imprisonment. Lagerstroemia Square or the Crape Myrtle Square, was full of guilty convicts. As soon as the horse carriage of Xia Huang was approaching, these people immediately shouted long live, and thanked the emperor  for courteousness.

The military attache and the envoys of the various places fought in front of Zijin and later followed the team parade and enjoyed the pilgrimage of the people.

The parade lasted until the afternoon and a grand banquet was held in the Golden Palace. In the evening, the sky was filled with flowers and silver flowers. The lanterns burned. There were numerous dances on the Kabuki gorgeous dance on the square, vast vocals, spread the entire Imperial City, people cheer loudly , Amazing momentum.

However, in the crape myrtle Plaza came a while after another wave of cheers, on the way to the south ancestral temple, but there are a team of gorgeous clothing men, in accordance with the ceremony, slowly came to join them.

Unlike the jubilation of the inner city, this piece of restricted area in Chengnan Ancestral Temple still immersed in a quiet, distant cheers continue to come. The cheers from the distance continue to spread, but it adds to the silence here.

The moonlight was dim, the red lanterns flickered on both sides of the road, and Yan Yan was in a red kimono. Within the carriage, he closed his eyes and waited for the moment.

“Sugar palm” soon, carriage meal, slowly stopped Yan Xun opened his eyes, his brow wrinkled slightly, the last hesitation behind the heart immediately receded.

“What happened? Why did you stop?”

Brigadier officials came up and asked, Xiao Wu a Military Captain came running quickly, facing the curtain after Yan Xun and outside courtesan said: “His Royal Highness son, the official priest, and the front ancestral temple Guards, they asked us to get off to them for inspection.”

“What is it? This is an ancestor worship ceremony. Ten days ago it was approved. Even the Royal Highness of the Royal Highness Princess dared to intercept. Which team are they from? Don’t you?”

Captain Xiao Wu bitterly said: “The elders, so I told them so, but they insisted to check.”

“Son, look down to the front to see.”

The carriage was silent, and the priest was regarded as Yan Xun gave his tacit consent. Afterwards, the Captain master left. However, what he did not know was that at this moment, the people in the carriage had already gone quietly without knowing it.

The murderous plane has been rippling in the air. It is like a dead corpse.

In front of the convoy, the brutal brawls of the courtesy brigade and the defenders of the ancestral temple were almost fiercely beating.

After a tall house, the warriors used their horses to wrap their hooves through the universal cotton cloth. They quickly came forward and responded to the fast-moving man. A’Jing turned and dismissed the horse and led the horse coldly said: “Your Highness, everything is ready. It’s up.”

Yan Xun nodded silently, turn his back to the horse, then toward the other side of the southwest of Chang Street, the town government horse bolted. There, the field army deployed by the Empire from Yanbei,long-term guarding the capital, with more than 10,000 in number.

Although not their own people, but also directed at this same Yanbei, Yan Xun has decided to put them on a rampart.

Now he is going to seek help.

Stalemate, a sudden sharp long punctured pierce the tranquility of the night, guarding the ancestral temple with a smile into convergence, suddenly shouted: “hands!”

The knife light flashes, startled suddenly!

Sharply shouting, the garrison of the Ancestral Temple pulled out the razor-bearing swords, swept the knife and cut it. Everyone was agile and the action was vigorous. Whatever was the garrison of the ancestral temple, it was clear that one by one was a soldier who had passed through the battlefield. In the meantime, the knife was shining, blood splattered, sharp blades cut into the squeaking sound of skeletons and bones, exclaimed and screaming intensively.

“Kill Yanbei’s rebel!” The sssassins shouted slogans. The wolf jumped over the fragile formation and the frontierofficials formed a weak formation of rush, quickly rushed to the team’s road.
“Assassin! Hostile attack!” The courtesy officials responded only then, he was also a military commander. He tossed his sword out of his waist, struggling to meet the enemy, and shouting:”Protect Your Highness! Array! For help! Anti … “

The voice did not fall, a sharp blade wiped his throat, and a large burst of blood flashed out. The voice of the man was suddenly hoarse, only to see him momentarily, and he fell into a bloody pool.

When the priests in the carriage had no time to get off the train, they were blocked by the assassins and heard only a series of sharp sounds whistling. More than a dozen silver arrowheads pierced the partitions of the carriage from all sides. Put them right.

The narrow carriages have nowhere to hide, and huge screams and cries for the sound of the imperial capital are echoing over the southwest, leaving people with numbness.

However, the brutal executioners did not have the slightest movement. They held up small bows on the ground, steadfastly wound the strings, pulled the bows, fired, and rushed through the rows of arrows, penetrating the partition of the carriage. The innocent imperialist priests were stabbed and broken, and occasionally powerful archers fired arrows through two partitions. Arrows passing through them were full of bloody taste, and red blood was shocking on the arrows. Constantly dropping down.

The guards of the carriage pulled out their knives and fought back to put the arrows on their coffins. However, the speed of the other was too fast. They took their fingers before they could reach their target. However, where does the dark shot come from? What’s more, these are not arbitrarily guarded ceremonial guards. They had to throw the opportunity to fling on the ground, pull out the knife on the waist to fight, shouting and shaking the blood and mud. On the broad path of the eight horses that can be paralleled, the the two soldiers wrapped in one, crying and killing, vowing to fight.

The narrow road meets the brave winner! They have had time to drink and ask the other person’s name and origin. All they can do is to raise the sword and then scold each other’s head!

But there are too many enemies, a few guards in the crowd reminding us of the torrent of straw, blink of an eye was submerged in waves, and even the shadow can not see.

The low-pitched call and thunder echoed like a thundery, echoing the street. For all this background, a wave of cheers followed by the Royal Palace Department. Fireworks and fireworks are constantly proclaiming what a happy day is today. However, it is also this happy lively, this piece of bloodthirsty slaughter cover up, no one knows, no one heard, no one would imagine in such a flourishing wedding, there will be blatant existence This unscrupulous killing.

The Royal palace guards roared to counterattack, too many enemies, like the tide of water coming in from all directions it went crazy! Those stupid faces and bloodthirsty eyes, like a wild beast swallowed the last hope of the human heart.
“Counter! Meet! Empire will give us support!”

However, they do not know. Today’s assassins originated from the empire they thought of. They would not have any support and no reinforcements. They are destined to be an abandoned team and sacrificed for the empire’s strength.

Eyes flushed, the world has been filled with bloodbath, they almost got close to the enemy’s head to put an arrow, shot a bolt in the crossbow machine pounding a dozen pounds of crossbow machine when used with a hammer, severely hit the enemy’s head Had brain cracked, and then cut the mess knife. The whole street caught in the bloody melee. Both sides launched a fierce fighting, screams and wailing sounded crowded.
Yan Qiao where the carriage has been shot into a hornet’s nest, no one will expect him to be alive, fierce fighting duration is not long. After a fragrant incense, belligerents gradually sparse, gradually subsided. Two hundred soldiers guarding the entire army were annihilated, either revolt or surrender, all tragically killed, one does not stay! The blood became a dreadful river, flowing quietly on the street, until it was frozen into a blood clot, a bloody smell.

Just then, the central empire suddenly burst into a grand fireworks, colorful, dazzling, huge cheers surging waves, the more reflected the silence here.
This is definitely a fairly successful murder, but the murderous planners have not been so happy, General Bali was distraught standing in the middle of a pool of blood, his opponent snapped: “What happened?

A subordinate looking panic, a pale, trembling said: “I do not know, I do not know, in the dead bodies, I did not find Yan Shi Zi, not even in the carriage, to my speculation, he may have escaped.


General Bali snapped and said angrily: “Eight hundred people are besieged and the defense of the other three hundred people are well-armed and well-prepared, so are you still trying to tell Yan Shi Zi dares to escape …? What more can I do for you?”

“General, we, we can go to the outside of the general Wei to see, maybe they caught it.”

“Yes,” General Bali nodded, and he hoped to start with a one-millionth of hope. But at this moment, a horrible horseshoe sounded suddenly. The entire earth quaked violently, and General Bali looked up in horror. , I saw a long dark street, densely crowded torch slowly approached, and gradually converged into a shining band of light, horses, killing a rainbow! The incoming one was actually a sturdy cavalry corps!

“It is the Yanbei Army made by the southwestern Prefecture Army!”

General Bali shouted and turned neat: “Run!”

It was too late to escape again, and it was impossible for the two legs to win the four legs of the warhorse. This is no longer a battle. It is definitely a veritable massacre. There is no shortage of masters in the north-western Barre’s subordinates. However, it is not hard to imagine that the Uighurs who hastily assembled in the assassination match up with the understanding of the Legionnaire. . The assassins couldn’t stand the first round of attack and couldn’t be defeated by the bow. The next was a complete rout and a runaway.

“I am General Bali of the Batuha family in the northwest. We have a king’s order!”

The panic-stricken voice suddenly sounded, under the escort under the retreat, hissed to split his lungs shouting his identity.
However, some people believe that officers and men who have just been relocated by the Yanbei son Yan Shi Zi of the southwestern town government are killing each other. Since the fall of the Yan Shicheng, the southwest town government of Zhenfu made the imperial capital inferior, bullied and insulted by the Green Army and Xiaoqi Camp, and even the city defenders dared to give them a blind look.At this moment, it is not easy to catch such an opportunity to make great merits. Who will believe that the assassins have lost their lives?
Dare to set up such a large-scale assassination in the real city, is simply impatient.

The soldiers shouted, waving the hands of the sword, it will be called the loudest head cut down!

Like a swift shower, the cavalrymen rushed close and caught up with the escaping crowd. When the troops arrived, they were headed for an arrow of rain. On the spot, they shot down the running killers and trampled on horseshoeing fiercely, turning them into mud.
Retribution should come so quickly, before the incense before the slaughter who suddenly became assassin slaughter knife to be slaughtered, cannot escape.
Horseshoe sound boom, dark mass of cavalry as flood surging, wherever he goes, all the resistance have been quickly razed. Embraced by the brigade’s troops, a large red Kyrgyz palanquin sits calmly riding on horseback, eyes as a falcon-like battlefield, his lips pounded, with a chin-edge.
“Your Royal Highness!”
He Xiao, the deputy leader of the southwestern town government, immediately said in front of him: “His Royal Highness, the task is successfully fulfilled, and all the assassins have been unrepentant and have not escaped one person.”

Yan Yan nodded and smiled and said: “He Tong Wei has great merit, life-saving grace, swaddling not afraid or forget.”
He Xiao shook his head: “Your Highness said the importance of protecting the security of the imperial capital is the ultimate responsibility, not to mention His Royal Highness and the southwest town government from Yanbei, we cannot stand by.”

Yan Xun smiled and said: “Thank you for your credit, the king will complete the whole report to the emperor. I believe that soon, the deputy leader of the ‘deputy’ word can be removed.”

He Xiao smiled and said: “Thank you for your promotion!”
“Command!” At this time, a small reference will come up, lying in the ear of He Xiao whispered: “Things a bit wrong.”
He Xiao surprised a moment, turned and whispered: “What’s wrong?”

Senate will frown, his eyes panic, coldly said: “Come with me and look.”

He Xiao and Yan Xun called hello, just as Senate will leave, saw that a messy dead body, he suddenly felt a black eyes, as if heaven and earth collapsed in a moment, almost right away fell down.

General Bali is a man who loves publicity. When he first entered the city, almost all surnames in the city witnessed his true content. He Xiao, as a general who maintained the order in the field, could not understand it. He saw the man lying on the chest with a bunch of arrows and lying on his back. He immediately felt that it was dark and almost fainted.

Strong spirits, the young deputy commander is still in the fantasy, maybe just the northwest Batuha family assassination alone, you want to get rid of the Yan North, after all, old Batu and Yan Shicheng grudges, has long been spread all over from north to south, nobody knows.

However, when he saw a large number of horsemen camping, He Xiao knew immediately that the road before him was a dead end.

Although these soldiers all wore clothes from the northwestern Batuha family, perennial garrisons in the southwestern township of the imperial capital made it easy for the soldiers at a glance to recognize the bastards who often came behind their strongholds under Xiao Qiaying’s barracks. Seeing these people, He Xiao is even more stupid and understands that the so-called assassination is nothing more than an imperialist killing.

Then, with their own troops and soldiers to forcefully kill, extinguish the empire’s troops and horses, rescued Yanbei Shizi, what should be the end?

At that moment, He Xiao had only one thought: to take the Yan Shi Zi and make atonement!

“The one who will kill me is are with the great summer emperor.”

In a flash, everyone is on the spot!

Yan Xun immediately took a quick look at the many soldiers who looked down at the field and then moved to He Xiao’s face. He said in a light tone: “He Xiao leads you and involves you. If you do not make it to the town of Southwest Yan North original soldiers, I might not may be able to get rid of this disaster.

A word to remind dreamers! He Xiao staring eyes, watching Yan Xun inexplicable face, suddenly recovered!

Southwest town government, there is no turning back.

If it is another unit that has mistakenly killed the soldiers of General Bali and Xiaoqi camp, then can explain the past with an unknown sentence. However, as the Southwest Township government, itself highly regarded by the Empire, has repeatedly been suspected of hiding Yanbian North Party rebels, it is impossible to escape anyway. The empire will not let go of itself. The elders will not let go of themselves. The sacred palace will not let go of itself and then back only a dead end, the man’s eyes flushed, he looked fiercely in front of a handsome man in red robe, A voice cried out in his crazy head: he all know, he is deliberately lead to their own death!

However, he could not say a word, after a moment, the man’s eyes slowly disappear, replaced by a desperado-general crazy.

Thousands of people gathered in the streets, people who know clearly suddenly understand the antecedents and consequences of the matter, they just think the earth seems to be shaking, a blank fear. The people looked up, looked at He Xiao, looking at swaddling, or looking at the sky, hard thinking for themselves a way of life.
All outlets are blocked, no retreat, back is a dead end, the only way out, maybe it is desperate!

He Xiao suddenly jumped off the horse, facing the soldier behind him raised his hands, snapped loudly: “Brothers! Some words I hold for eight years,and today I must say something! The king rebelled, rushed to save the emperor in the holy sacred palace all the way, who was the white horse off the beach, and rescued the elders of the entire empire officials? Who was fighting the dogs on the Yanbei plateau, so that the North Barbarians could not step into the customs, protecting our parents and wives and children? Is the king of Yanbei, is the old prince of Yan Schicheng! But what did the loyalists get after? Is full of chopped heads, beheaded in public! In the past eight years, the troops of Yanbei have been affected. The humiliation was ignored by the barbarians of the squatting camp and the Green Battalion. We are all forgiving! But now, the empire has no other reason than to use the sole bloodline of the old prince and attempt to remove His Highness by means of scumbags. Yanbei soldiers, we serve?”

“Not satisfied!”

The thunderous call and siren suddenly sounded. Numerous soldiers raised their swords and guns. The myths about the invincible Yancheng City rushed up again in the blood of the soldiers. The oppression they had suffered over the years was like magma. General boiling. They screamed and shouted!!

“Brethren, we are soldiers in Yanbei. Tonight we killed the conspirators of the Empire. We have tied ourselves with His Royal Highness on a rope. If the world (Yan Xun) is gone, we will not end well. You say we can Sit still? “


“We can not die!”

“The emperor is ungrateful! It does not deserve us!”

“Unfortunately, we are against it!”

Do not know who shouted the last sentence, the whole team all of a sudden silence.

Finally, Someone finally shouted out this sentence, followed by it, as if it were a fire, and countless voices shouted in unison: “Like a mess, we are against it!”

“Yanbei Warriors!”

Yan Xun sitting immediately, looking at meagerly looked down upon countless pairs of high hands, his eyes slowly narrowed his voice firmly said: “My uncle had been grievanced for eight years, Yanbei dying, trampling the wicked. The North Warrior’s Guan Rong was also destroyed by the decadent imperial capital! We are all dedicated devotees to the Empire. WWe are all loyal officials to the Empire. We guard the frontier and fight against the northern barbarians to protect the Taiping inland. ut for a long time, the bustling and extravagant were blindfolded. However, for a long time, the eyes of the elders of the empire and the emperor forgot, who died in the frontier. They forgot who had killed the frontier and built the Great Wall of Steel with the blood and bones to protect the country and the country. They forgot who was the top wind and snowed the dogs and attacked them! They Forget that it is the time of the empire’s crisis that saves the nation from the fire again and again!”

“We are!” The soldiers shouted in unison: “It is us Yan North!”

“Yes, it’s us!” The long wind roared and rolled up the swaddling clothes, and the young man pulled off the red robes and exposed the black shirt on the clothes. Embroidered with a magnificent war eagle, it is the flag of Yanbei, Golden Eagle flag! Yan Xun snapped, said: “The Lord is faint, and he does not defend his loyalty! He forgot our meritorious deeds, but did not receive praise; instead, he made a killer! We are guilty and we are not resolute!”

“Resolutely resist! We will not die!”

Numerous husky voices shouted in unison: “We are against it and will not die!”

Yan Xun  pulled out a long sword from his waist and blew his dark shirt. The golden goshawk hunted and fluttered, as if he was flying at any time!

The young man who was trapped for eight years had a lion-like roar: “Fighters! Follow me! Kill the emperor and return to Yanbei. We have no choice but the only mutiny. Today, I have a pulse of independence on Yanbei!” 

“Out of the imperial capital! Back to Yan North!”

Shocking roar pierced the sky, at the same time, a series of huge pyrotechnic burst in the sky over the sky, trees, everywhere bustling smoke!

At this moment, Yingge hospital, a woman in a black shirt, standing in the dark of the night, behind her, followed by a group of people with the same color clothing black. A white longhair flew across the night sky, fell on the girl’s shoulder, opened the letter, the woman’s brow gently wrinkled, and then released.

“Soldiers, test your time!”

Chu Qiao’s sharply turned away, eyes snow, hair like waterfall, in a loud tone divinely said: “Yan North needs you! Datong need you! The World of common people, thousands of people need you. With roten power of the heart of those in power, to pay homage to our living government!”

The whistle sounded, and after a moment there was no one but Chu Qiao.

Liu Dao the young maid ran up, nervously said: “girl, we should go.”

“No,” the young girl shook her head. “We haven’t done anything yet!”


CHAPTER 075 Pre-war clouds


In the first half of 775, it was destined to be an eventful event. It is bound to be a matter of far-off autumn. . The heart-stirring events follow one another in endlessly long-awaited history. Looking back and looking at the uncertainties of the big Xia Dynasty dynasties and the royal family, gather together to form an imperial capital. Their simple minds may still be unable to understand the politicians. Their pure mind may not yet understand the intrigues of politicians. However, the instincts of survival in years of war have alerted them to the discovery that the era of great change may be coming, and the sky is full of whistling clouds.

They looked at the twists and turns of the future, feeling anxious for their own future.

The great summer dynasty inherited three years, before the establishment of the regime can be traced back thousands of years of history. In the meantime, it experienced many disasters such as rebellion, invasion, division, national warfare, state wars, infighting, and mutiny, but the imperial power of the Great Summer still stands strong and up to now. In the eyes of the world, this iron-clad regime is a symbol of solidity. They have a powerful national army, loyal Red Army soldiers, and the arduous land on the mainland of Hongchuan. Their ancestors opened up vast lands with teeth and tears. After millennia of snowstorms, no one can shake its share. No matter whether it is a clan such as Mu He’s or the Bian Tang Dynasty, it claims to be the Orthodox Eastern Royal Family.

However, no one can imagine that it was this late evening of May 20 that the secluded corner of the southwest of the capital of the imperial capital, the roar of the 10,000 officers and soldiers desperately smashed the millennium rule of the Great Summer dynasty.

On that day, Yanbei’s eagle flag fluttered in the wind and lion-like roars shook the entire world.


“your Highness!”

The female officer wore a tedious court dress, with a thin blue totem between his sleeves and a high bow. He looked at the panicking pace and rushed to the main entrance of the inner palace door. He pulled on the girl’s arm and said suddenly: To start, how are you still here? He Daren of the Ministry of Gifts, Song Daren, Lu Daren, and Princess House, are waiting for you. Several commandments are still kneeling on the Lily Hall!

“Aunt Miao,” wearing a red kimono girl panicked caught the woman’s hand: “What can I do? After the hour has passed, he still hasn’t come back. Is there any accidents that happened here?”

The female officer, who was about twenty in her early years, was very old-fashioned. She comforted Zhao Chun’er shoulder and said softly, “People outside of the palace are exasperating at the moment, and it is inevitable that they will be overcrowded for a short while. You do not have to worry about it. “

Zhao Chun’er (or Yan’Er) bit her lower lip, and the worry in her heart could not be erased. She persuaded herself to follow the words of the female officer and not to do more than he thought. Walking behind the female officer, he went to the harem.

In the darkness, the woman’s brows were slowly creased. The royal rituals all had their fixed time. How ordinary people dared to block the imperial drive and there must have been some mishaps that they did not know.

At this time, a riding horse suddenly resounded through the palace door, Zhao Haoer immediately turned and saw a soldier wrestling into the palace door, horseshoe rapid, but was stopped by the guards of the palace gate.

“I have important things to report to the emperor and let me in!”

The guards did not move like a mountain, stopped in front of the soldiers and said in a low voice: “Please show your handcuffs or tokens.”

“What’s the matter?” Zhao Tong’s brow furrowed and turned to walk forward.

“Her Royal Highness?” Just took a look at Zhao Yi’er’s (Chun’Er) dress, and the soldier recognized her identity. Suddenly she came forward with a quick start. Fu Zhao’s ear eagerly said, “His Royal Highness is not good! The North Yan Shi Zi erected an anti-flag in the south of the city and took the troops and horses from the southwestern town to kill it!”


A warm hand-sweep on Princess Chun’er handbook suddenly fell to the ground. The proud young lady of the young woman was pale and blue, her lips were shocked and unable to speak.

“Their people controlled the way to the Elder’s Shrine and the imperial capital. The elders and generals are also all in the palace, and Her Royal Highness. This matter must be reported as soon as possible and must make early decisions! Her Royal Highness Princess?

“Oh, oh, you’re right.” Princess Chun’er recalled, and her neck stiffened and nodded. The color of panic slowly receded and he said calmly: “You come with me.”

The soldier was delighted and wanted to enter behind her.

Gatekeepers guard frowned, boldly came to coldly said: “His Royal Highness, this is not rules.” this is not the rules.”

“What rules?” said the female officer, frowning and scowling: “Is your personal approval from your Royal Highness Princess too? Whose subordinates are you, even so ambitious!”

“Aunt Miao, don’t say it.” Zhao Yi’er (Chun’er) was pale and turned to go to the Fang Gui Hall of the Inner Palace. The big wedding ceremony tonight will happen there. At this time, the officials of the Manchu Empire had already arrived.

Few people followed behind her, fish runs through the palace gate, guarding the door guards eyebrows, and several other guards played a wink, cold and sarcastic, blowing the door, eaves.

After Chunhua Pavilion, Ziwei Gallery, passing Sanxian (means Sage) door, is the Royal Garden. At this time the sky was dark and the wind lights flickered in all directions. he silence was dead. Suddenly, Zhao Chun suddenly stopped and her face was scary. She waved to the soldier and said:”You come over. I have a word to ask you.”

Soldiers rushed forward, bent over, bowed respectfully.

Zhao Chun’er walked forward to the soldier and posted together. The female officer at the back saw a frown and just wanted to speak. Suddenly he only heard the scream of “ah” and came to see it. The soldier suddenly saw it. From then on, one foot squatted toward the princess’s lower abdomen, and the girl fell to the ground with her bones. The gorgeous robes scraped into the gallery, tearing off the big one.

The female officer was shocked and shouted: “There are thorns…”

Voice just came to an abrupt end, I saw the soldiers covered with blood, in situ twitch struggle. Zhao Chun children awkwardly climbed up from the ground, like a clumsy dog ​​climbed up, raised his hand the golden dagger, fiercely on the chest in the soldier to plug!

As soon as the sound came to an abrupt end, I saw that the soldier was covered in blood, and he was twitching in the spot. Zhao Chun’er like a wolverine climbed up from the ground and like a clumsy puppy, raised her hand with her golden dagger and plunging into the soldier’s chest!

Blood splashed, dripped red, the big big stocks with warm bloodshed drift in the air, the girl’s face full of blood, but still continue to wave knife, body piercing the flesh and sound echoed around, listening to it. It is heart-warming Giant cold!

“Princess! Princess!”

The female officer was shocked, climbed up with a cry of tears and hugged Zhao Chun’ers body, pulling her hand tightly and saying continually: “He is dead, he is dead.”

“Cha” sound, dagger suddenly fell to the ground, girls eyes wide open, slumped to sit down, hands and feet almost could not stop trembling.

“I killed people, I killed people …”

“What happened to the princess, but did this man offend you?”

Zhao Miao a tightly hold her hand, eyes flushed, coldly said: “You are now out of the city, to the south to find Yan Shi Zi, tell him not to do this impulsesive decision, do not be stupid. He does not want to, I know, I all understand that I do not force him, I now go to the Father to make it clear.”

“Princess, what are you talking about?”

“Go!” Zhao Chun’er furious, stood up and said: “Immediately to find him, convey my words, I said go to the father emperor, I won’t marry him, I will not force him “


“Auntie Miao, please…”

A large string of tears from the eyes of Zhao Chun’er children fell down, her face pale paper, blue lips, a pair of eyes but covered with bloodshot eyes. The young little princess clenched her lower lip, enduring not crying loudly, there was a large bloodstain on her neck, and her hands clutching the woman’s arm tightly as if she had inserted her nails into each other’s flesh.

After all, the female officer is not old enough to be scared to cry and keep nodding her head and said: “Princess, do not worry, I must find Yan Shi Zi.

“Well,” said Zhao Chun-er, wiping away tears and nodding her head. “Then you go, the imperial body is in disorder and you act with caution.”

“Well, princess rest assured.”

The two briefly explain, turned and broke up, walked in both directions north and south.

Cold wind whistling, rolled up the dust and leaves on the ground, the female officer in a hurry, copied the trails and trot. But just turned a rockery, a white knife suddenly dashed across, the women officer eyes wide open, did not see who came down in a pool of blood.

In the darkness, several men slowly came out, impressively guarding just in front of the city gate.

“Brother, Princess Chun … …”

“It doesn’t matter. She won’t speak out.” The man’s face was firm and she said quietly, “Seal the North Gate, and go to Simon to meet the girl.”



In the middle of the night, the deputy general of Cheng Xiaoying was still asleep. He and the soldiers had just drunk some wine at Nanying. At this moment, he is holding a plump prostitute and sleeping soundly.

“Adults! Adults wake up!”

The orderly serviceman swayed his arm eagerly. Deputy Cheng locked his eyebrows and opened his eyes furiously. He looked at the orderly soldier and said: “You’d better give me a reasonable explanation.”

“Adults Hua Jie southwest of the town government to make the commander of China, look very anxious, saying there is an urgent need to find you.”

“Hua Jie?”

Deputy Cheng quickly got up, coldly said: “Why did he come to me?”

“Do not know, but the commander of China looks panic, it seems a big event.”

“Go and see.” Deputy Cheng wearing his clothes, stride out of the bedroom, the young military prostitute slowly opened her eyes, sharp eyes, like a silver fox.

“General Cheng, you are awake.”

“Let Hua Jie wait for a long time and visit late at night. I don’t know what’s going on?”

Hua Jie is the commander of the southwestern town government. His official rank is equal to that of Zhao Che and Zhao Qi. Level, However, because the southwestern town government has made a long way to go, he had no command to face. While Vice Deputy Cheng is only a deputy, he is inferior in official rank, but not afraid of him. After a short period of time, you will enter the topic.

“General Cheng, it’s a major event it!” Hua Jie leader panicked, and coldly said: “Yan Xun  was back, and with the ten thousand officers and men from the southwest town government to attack the Golden Palace, it is now on Chang Shui Street! ”

“What?” Deputy Cheng is shocked, suddenly stood up and sternly asked.

“Our army He Xiao, as a deputy leader, tied up with the whole army to follow Yan Yan and killed the two divisions of the Cavalry Battalion who had been trained by the General Bali. I just learned from the intelligence report of the military. I have just sent people to the Golden Palace, Yinmen House , North and South military planes, and the Green Army reported, General Cheng, please immediately gather troops and horses, and it will be too late.”

Deputy Cheng in panic, but also thought that his ears out of the question, nodded his head: “I understand the Chinese rule, and your loyalty must be rewarded by the empire.”

“Award?” Hua Jie smiled. “I’m making atonement, I just hope that I won’t be convicted of an oversight.”

Cheng Deputy moved his lips, want to say something, but in the end did not say, with Hua Jie, he also has seen this person bleak future.

“I’ll go first, and I’ll go to the green camp army. General Cheng, you must be quick, time is tight, and we are one step behind. The safety of the Royal Park is on your shoulders.”

Deputy Cheng immediately replied: “will live up to the general expectations.”

At this moment, he abruptly respected the dribbling command of this nickname, “Chinese Nose,” and looked at his figure disappearing. At the door, Deputy Cheng’s return to the room and put on armor, and said to the line-servant: “Go and inform the campers. Accompanied by a large collection of bills, sounded the collection number and put it on standby in the paddock.”

The service officer nodded and said: “Yes!”

As soon as the voice just fell, I saw the eyes of the orderly officer suddenly squint, his eyes were prominent, and his mouth was bleeding. Deputy GeneralCheng’s  in a surprise, but when he sees it, he only sees a razor-sharp arrow penetrating the chest of the orderly soldier. His blood oozes out from the heart and the arrows blink, bloodthirsty spit in his teeth.

“Oh!” the arrow whistled, so that there was no time to do any resistance and avoidance. Deputy Cheng’s stared at the arrow and pierced his heart, causing rapid loss of strength and not even screaming. Immediately afterwards, a large bloody flower exploded on the chest, and the man stunned and his body weighed heavily.

The armyman smiled, and neatly dressed himself, put aside the big curtain curtains, took the book quietly, the moon is big and round, hanging in the air of high. The woman took out a signal flare over her waist and sent it out against the sky. A blue flame exploded high in the air, dazzling, such a happy night, under the sky, without causing any suspicion.

In a humble house in Xicheng, the woman in the white-clad snow stood in the courtyard and looked up at the blue flame of the sky. She looked cold and cold for a long time and said to all the people: “Every price, one hour within it, completely paralyzed Green Camp, Xiaoqi, North and South military aircraft around Camp.

When Xia Zhi and Pui Rui and others waited for a long time, they said, “The girl, everything is peaceful in the palace, the gates of the northeast are under control, and Chu’s plan is successful.”

“Well,” Yumei nodded. “The fireworks project starts now.”

The moon shines like water, and Ching-hui divulges the ground. This evening, the entire true city was immersed in the joy and joy of madness. However, the unaware beast was slowly approaching, silently extending the grim claws among the softest weaknesses of the empire.

The secret agents who had been set up for many years by their peers began a frenzied fight and unwittingly licked the ties of the entire empire. On this evening, the grand peer society that advocates equality and peace and fraternity has always exposed their sharp and terrible teeth. Under the curatorial plan of Chu Qiao and Yu girl, there was no scruples about the bloody murders. The Empire lost numerous elites and suffered heavy losses. It is difficult to estimate the measurement.

The second division of the Mounted Horse participated in Wang Baiyang. He was forcibly poured into arsenic during his sleep and died of highly toxic.

The deputy commander of the Green Battalion led by Jiang Meng and was strangled by his own concubine with a rope.

Green Camp Third Division Fifth Division Ninth Division Senate will, Lu Yang, Xiao Qian, Hu Yan three were drunk assassination attack on the road, was shot and directed to death, with thirty security guards annihilated no one escaped.

Xue Shijie, commander of the North Army Aircraft Division, died in his own latrine for unknown reasons and unknown murderer.

Southern Army aircraft well water poisoning, the night camp completely camp unconscious, paralyzed, No one was aware of the outsider’s movements. until three days after the disturbance of the imperial capital was discovered, they were found, but this time, the soldiers of the Southern Army aircraft have been half of the world,  dead.

One hour later, a team of black horse drove into the west gate of the imperial city. The guards of the gatekeeper did not see a sound like they did not see this group of people.

“Left Qiu, bring your words to your Highness. Everything is going smoothly. Follow the plan.”

“Yes, girl.” Loyal subordinates to leave the Imperial City, Chu Qiao took off a bloody bit of black nightwear, exposing the beautiful fair inside, quickly walked in the flowers hidden in a chair, the bearers lifted chair. Do not send a word, go forward stride forward.

A moment later, the sedan chair stopped in front of the palace of Fang Gui palace, the killing continued in the dark outside, this imperial city is still immersed in an extravagant ocean, separated from afar, there is mild music and laughter far came.

“Girl, it’s coming.”

The servant bowed his head and said slowly.

Chu Qiao next chair, a light blue gown, ironing posts worn on her body. Girls look like water, looking at the clear front, her back quite straight, fearless color, raised her feet toward the hall walked.

“Girl,” a deep voice suddenly sounded behind him. Four bearers knelt together on the ground. The girl stopped and listened to the hoarse voice behind her. The man slowly said in a depressed tone: “The future is unpredictable , The road is difficult, please cherish the girl for the Datong, treasure it for His Highness.

Chu Qiao body gently shook, inexplicable emotions in the chest stirred up, long-awaited and waiting, like a fire burning her mind, ups and downs ups and downs of hardships, let her eyes see more clearly, her spine more upright,  her shoulders more in tenacity, she firmly believes that she must have the ability to go tough. Just as the juvenile vow many years ago in a life and death predicament: “I’m confident, I’m not far away from Yanbei.”

Indifferent to ideals, indifferent Datong, all because of the initial promise.

“We are back to Yan North?”

“We are back to Yan North!”

Suddenly, the wind blows her publicity skirt, the girl high head, toward the Gui Hall. She made steady steps!


CHAPTER 076 Royal regret marriage


That night, Cang Yun was sobbing blood, and the state was in sympathy. The god of the heavens opened his sleeping eyes and looked down upon the mortal beings in the lower bound. In that old city gate, the north wind of the empire building shook, the roaring people of troubled times came out of their first glory, and the whole land of Ximeng was awakened at this moment, and the time was coming. It will surely destroy everything that destroyed the Old World, and then let the new order be reborn in the ashes.
The nation of heroes is an unfortunate nation, just as the peaceful life is bound to be mediocre and trivial.
May 20th, became a synonym for bloody later generations, this famous night has also successfully fed a group of senior scholars who are now under the poverty line.

Numerous historians have devoted their entire life to study the details of that night. They have digged at the door to study the ancient things and searched classics. They have jumped up and down to hold one after another debate meeting. They wrote their own historical arguments. There are even several major schools that are highly respected by the society. The origin of the so-called Yanmai, Zhuge, and Zhao Che studied in this University here.

However, regardless of the focus of debate, who should bear the primary responsibility for the massacre on May 20 or whether the social system of the Great Summer Empire will inevitably lead to the fall of the empire, or whether the swaddling of black cape that evening? One problem with the cloak or the white gown was the unanimous agreement of all the learned societies. That is, a major collegiate occupying a dominant position in future historical development played an extremely important role in this incident. Under the mentality of the veterans of the Yanma academics, the spearheads of the massacre were led to the Grand Hall of Fame. Historically, they cited evidence before the May 20 (the time was not long and the exact date could not be verified) the western comrades of the counterparts will always lead the wilderness people in the desert to fight the imperialist command of the Imperial Horse Guards, and have just died under the sword of the Empire. This great discovery provided strong theoretical support for the events of May 20, and the Yanbei historians claimed that the great Yanbei Greatness is full of mercy, genius is brilliant, and achievement is outstanding. We cannot do such cruel things. Facts are clear. The incident was led by the Grand National Assembly itself. It was entirely a private grudge between regimes. It was impossible to throw dirty water on the head of the Great Northern Emperor.

Although other factions scoff at what they call “merciful” cloth, they have to admit that the Yanbei Great is indeed a worthy “fine and brilliant, ancient and modern”. As a theoretical discussion among the schools of thought, although all scholars have reserved their own opinions and attitudes, they still do not apprehend the apparent implication of self-deception. As a result, on May 20 it was later described by historians – a great fellow avenge.
Full of rouge jade drunk, drank golden fragrant cups. Step into the Fang Gui Hall of the moment, extravagant aroma blowing, the woman’s waist and waist sleeves and dance blankly, thirty-two gather together. The conversation was happily enjoyed. The dinner had not yet officially begun. The protagonist had not played yet. The emperor parade. One day, at the moment, the apse rested, so the atmosphere in the hall was a bit lighter.

Being forced by her identity, Chu Qiao could not enter the main hall. He could only sit in the second house of the Pian Temple, and across a row of pillars, he saw the crowds in the hall, and there was a bustling excitement. In the summer, the people of the Great Dynasties thrived, their glory on the surface, and their love for heaven.

“This girl,” a delicate voice suddenly sounded around her. Chu Qiao turned her head and saw a young girl with a delicate face sitting next to her. She was dressed in a light-colored pink butterfly and looked serene, delicate, and politely said: “I don’t know who this girl is. My father is Lou He Chang Lu. and how does the girl call it?”

Girl looks gentle, the concept of amiable, Chu Qiao nodded politely, politely replied: “I’m Yan Shizi’s close friend, Chu Qiao.”

“Oh, it was the girl of Chu.” The young lady of Lo’s heard a lingering smile, but the attitude was obviously cold down. Turning around to chat with the precious ladies next to her, she even leaned to the side of the body, fearing that others would mistake her and Chu Qiao for being together.

For a moment, apparently next to the people who heard Chu Chou’s identity from her, all kinds of eyes not salty floating over, disgust, contempt, color miscellaneous meaning of deep meaning.

Chu Qiao sat side by side, smiled at the corners of his mouth, and the coldness and warmth of the world had already seen enough of her already.

A cup of tea was brewed and toasted in a toast, chewing wax, bowing and waiting for the moment.

The ladies on either side do not know that when she saw her holding a wine glass, she thought that she was drinking in public. It was disdainful, and the snoring noise of a gradual size was noisy. Nothing more than what the lower class people do not cultivate, such as, their volume control is very good, can make people hear clearly, but also cannot hear who specifically said.

Chu Qiao did not intend to follow them. They did not pay attention to what they said.

After a long while, the sound in the ear suddenly disappeared. A shadow suddenly covered the water above the tea. The water was so clear that the eyes were as bright as a star. It was like a strong sea wave, and a tidal wave bursting in the dark.

Chu Qiao slowly raised her head and saw a number of seats in the second floor of Zhuge Yue standing in front before a deep purple robe with embroidered dark moon totems on his belt. After the ink was loosely tied with a ribbon of the same color, behind is someone long standing with elegant sleeves.Between the second pavilion and the main hall there is a shallow pool of shallow water, the wind blowing from the pool. There is a scent of scented magnolia and sweeps through the man’s clothes, with a touch of fragrance.

All the daughters of the second chamber were all stunned. For them the emperor are weak clan, the seven gate valve is a living legend as compared with the imperial concubines, many people couldn’t touch them for their entire lives. Although the second court and the main hall are separated by only one pool, they still need to drill in four camps for those who want to attend national festivals. For the small family who buys seats at a high price, it is incomparable. In particular, the other side or the recent splendid Zhuge pulse of the Department son of the reins, how can they not be happier?

Zhuge Yue’s eyes swept across many seats and drifted from Chu Qiao and walked straight over. The young girl’s brow was picking and he was considering whether or not the man would come to this time to make trouble, but he saw Zhuge Yue’s footsteps make a turn and even went to a seat next to her.

The young lady’s excited face was red, and she rose and ran up and knocked over the tea in the mat. She spilled all in her skirt. The girl panicked and gave Zhuge Yue’s position to the side while pulling trying to hide his skirt, a blush, like pig liver, even the hands do not know where to put.

Zhuge Yue did not look at her glance, just sat down, knees, elbows, looking at his front lightly, as if looking at what, but also seemed to see nothing.

“Master Zhuge Yue, you, please drink tea.”

Miss He Luo lady stood beside him with a huge surprise on his face. Everyone’s envious eyes lifted a cup of tea to Zhuge Yue. The man did not speak, readily took it, sniffed it, and then he did not look up and looked at it with a slight touch.

The He Luo’s lady was overjoyed, and suddenly there was a loud discussion. The young fourth young master of the Zhuge Yue esteemed family could accept this little woman’s tea. How great is this honor?

Miss He Luo smiled like a flower, but with a shy little family timid, she took advantage of the skirt angle, slowly sat down, squatting next to Zhuge Yue, both eyes look like a knife, the girl looked blushed. Somehow proud of it, he slowly went forward and said softly, whispering: “Master Zhuge Yue just returned to the capital soon?”

Zhuge Yue did not answer, the girl said in low voice: “Last time the field hunting meeting, we had a fate, but separated very far, did not think the young master still remember me.”

Zhuge Yue did not speak, holding a white jade cup, his eyebrows wrinkled, do not know what to think.

The second court is not like the main hall. The interval between the seats is very small. Although the ladies of the other seats gather together and talk together, they all carelessly answer the questions, obviously all listening to their ears. 

Miss He Luo’s face was a bit embarrassing, chewing on the lower lip, the voice was soft and she said: “Master Zhuge, I’m He Luofei, and my father is the Ministry of Gifts and I am the Little Ho Kongdon Changlu…”

“Do you mind if you sit with someone?”

He Luofei waved in surprise and quickly said, “I don’t mind, Mayfair does not mind.”

“Oh, that’s good,” Zhuge said, nodding, then looked up and looked around, then beckoned to the farther girl who was watching herself and said, “You, come here.”

The woman came to her with a crimson smile and walked with a smile. She asked with a chuckle: “Did you call me?”

“Well,” Zhuge nodded, and asked, “Do you mind sharing a seat with others?”

He Luofei looked stupidly, but he did not understand how it happened. The name of the well-dressed woman was a little too thorough. He looked at He Luofei with a smile and said: “The sons of the Zhuge family have opened a golden mouth. Of course, the young woman will not mind.”

Zhuge Yue said: “so, it is troubling you, take her over.”

Ho Luofei suddenly dumbfounded, puzzled exclaimed: “Master  Zhuge Yue you … …”

“Well!” The coy woman smiled charmingly and pulled Helofi’s arm. “Do you really think that you have lost the pie in the sky? Go.”

He Luofei flushed his face, silver teeth clenched, was pulled by women all the way, tears, eyes and eyes dripping down, almost crying out loud. The daughters who had just talked with her had also giggled and smirked.

Fang Gui Hall is the largest main hall of the Grand Summer Palace, made up of thirty-six court water pavilion, hundreds of carved Gallery Road, twists and turns shuttle with each other, made of cross arched door of Wei.  Glass glazed tiles, cornices brackets, skillful, magnificent. The temple is dedicated to Fanggui Bacchus, which is surrounded by the main hall of Fang Gui. It is surrounded by four large side halls, connected by a clear waterway, with a fragrant blue grass, surrounded by flowers, bamboos and drums, and clear waves.

At this moment, although the momentum of the main hall has been up, most of the civil and military presence at all times, the other temple Pavilion is also crowded, only this second Pavilion, no one does not contend that Zhuge Yue here, I saw the man indifferent drinking its tea. As if did not know that I became the focus of general, black ink, old-fashioned clothing is not assertive, a faint trace of frustration.

At this very moment, someone suddenly trumpeted the main hall: “Crown Prince Bian Tang, His Royal Highness Prince Seven, and His Royal Highness Prince Thirteen arrived!”

The vocals, the entire Fang Gui Hall among the guests are all eager to wait and see, the top three unruly prince Bian Tang prince never came to a day off, the handle did not do a good thing, fully reflects the generation Prodigal deserved demeanor.

Perhaps because of the solemn feast of the day, today’s Li Ce wore a red silk gown with a black-and-white Muran pattern. Although it was still public, it was a little more precipitated. The man’s golden crown, with a smile, and a good spirit, is like him as he is married today. Instead, Zhao Che and Zhao Yan, who stand beside him, are overshadowed.

Zhao Che’s mother had just passed away and his clothing was not gorgeous. He was dressed in brown blouse and ironed on his body. The man’s eyebrows were slightly sloppy and the expression was rather impatient and accompany him. It was obviously not because of voluntariness.

Li Ce laughs out loud and ​​smiles a lot, hand over:  “Belated, please forgive me.”

The drums are filled with music and dancing, and music and dance are held together. The musicians greet guests in concert, jingle bells and melodious music. Li Ce et al. walked in with the guides to the seats they had already arranged for. They had not yet sat down. They heard a cold voice and said: “I heard Prince Cecilia Lee more than a month ahead of time has come true, so today Feast, I do not know why late?

Along the way, all I have seen and heard is the Prince Edward’s(Li Ce’s another codename) affair, I do not know today is not because of having an affair and delayed business?

When the voices just fell, the crowd burst into laughter. Li Ce turned to look and saw a main hall twenty seats seats. A woman dressed in red and put three red feathers elegant face such as Snow, looked at his eyes satirical, impressively is the southern desert nine tribes in the fire cloud patriarch of the South Wilderness tribe.

The crowd of people suddenly looked at each other with a laughter. This was the first time that Li Ling and Li Ce had had an oath. The royal courts in the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties made a lot of noises, and even the Grand Duke of Baiguan who also heard a little. Li Ce destroyed the marriage of Wen Shaosong who was to be married to the Bian Tang dynasty. However, like most of the prince’s romantic affair, she did not disappear in two months. Seeing the tone of this girl today, I would like to decide that the knot is still difficult.
Li Ce looked bright and suddenly grinned and said: “This is the Great Summer Palace, and it’s not Linger’s camphor bed, Li Ce late and late to do the dry?”
Fang Gui’s hall suddenly burst into thunderous laughter. Huoyun clan chiefs with fierce eyes and bright eyes, angry seven Qi smoke, flames Linger is angry, grabbed a red whip on the seat, we must get up.
When Zhao Che took a step forward, he pressed the palm of his hand on the girl’s shoulder. He looked peaceful and lowered his voice and said: “This is the Grand Summer Palace.
The fire reached out and stopped her daughter, then looked at Li Ce with an angry look. He hated endless water, and even if it was separated, it made people feel cool.
Zhao Che got up and returned to his seat. His seat was next to Li Ce. The Sui and Tang princes, who had no way of covering up and making trouble, smiled and patted Zhao Che’s shoulders. Haha said: “It depends on you.”
The sound of music was changed, and it was a jubilant voice. Li Ce quietly approached Zhao Che. He looked around and looked around. He said, “Qiao Qiao? Do you see it?”
Zhao Chee frowned: “Who is Jojo?”

“It’s the one who is under your account as a soldier,” said Li Ce’s dancing gesture: “The one who hit me with a few punches.”

Zhao Che’s brow wrinkled tighter and looked at the live treasure of the Sui and Tang dynasties. He wondered if he had the potential for abuse. He was uncomfortable every day without being punched. Shaking his head and saying: “I didn’t see it. This is a big summer feast. Her identity may not be enough for the above house.”

“Isn’t she come to marry her master?” Li Ce shook his head and sighed: “Poor Joe Joe, Yan Xi to wife, she must hide where she sad tears.”

“Thirteenth Prince, did you see Jojo? It was the pretty little girl who was around Yan Xun and hit me.”

Zhao Song was sent by the emperor to accompany Li Ce on a stomach complaint. At this moment, he was asked if Chu Qiao was not a good face. He reluctantly turned and said coldly, “I don’t know.”

Li Ce asked a few people no one knew. Suddenly, he suddenly stood up and turned around and looked around. In addition to the dancers of the next generation, only the other dancers were standing high, and they attracted everyone’s attention. Numerous pairs of eyes puzzled and looked at them. They did not know what kind of wind this man had. Zhao Che and Zhao Song also looked surprised, fearing that he would do something amazing.

When the entire Fanggui hall was seated, the four side halls outside were full of people. Li Ce looked around and did not see the people he was looking for. When I saw the young Prince Lee’s eyebrows puckered, it was like thinking about something important. Suddenly, Prince Li Ce ran up with Dan Tian and shouted, “Jo Jo!”

The sound was loud and the music was covered. The musicians were shocked. The thriller forgot to continue playing and the music stopped. The whole hall was quiet and the audience could be heard. Everyone was amazed at the sight. Looking at Li Ce, his expression and look is even more weird than seeing a pig sitting on the throne.

“Puchi,” a chuckle came suddenly came. Suddenly, Chu Xiao came out and Chu Xiao turned to see Zhuge Yue’s face, but he could still see the corner of his mouth fighting back. The man looked at her provocatively and seemed happy to see her look ugly.

“JoJo, where are you?”

Prince Bian Tang crazy crazy loud roar, as if the entire hall on his own, did not care about the other people’s eyes.

“Joe …”

“Okay, don’t call me. I’m here.”

The young girl stood up with a cold face, and for many years she was in the hole of a tiger and wolf. The girl who had trained a steel-framed bone had seen a bit of depression and embarrassment. She stood above the side hall of the second chamber, and said in a clear voice.

“Haha, I know you this.” Li Ce smiled and turned to say to other people: “Do you continue, don’t worry about me, musicians? Keep playing!”

Prince Li CE straddled the seats and ran across the hall, irrespective of the hem of the clothes.

At this time, the numerous investors in the second cabinet only looked at the body of Chu Qiao. They were unsure and unpredictable.

“Jo Jo, do you drink alcohol? Let’s drink it!”

Chu Qiao sat back in the seat and his brows were locked. Such eye-catching attention was absolutely unfavorable for the action tonight. Now is the crucial moment where there is still time to deal with him. The young girl’s face was aloof and she said quietly: “If you are a noble woman, you shouldn’t ignore it. Please come back.”

“Qiao Qiao, I am very moved, you always think for me.” Lee said smilingly, his eyes narrowed like a fox, just want to sit next to Chu Qiao, see the girl sitting in the middle without any thought. She gave him the meaning of the place, touched his nose and went to the next seat. He said to the smiling face of Miss Qianjin, who didn’t know who it was, “Is this beauty able to give me a place?”

The girl, however, was thirteen or fourteen years old and did not know who was the daughter of the family. Where she had seen such romantic fights and stood up in vague confusion, she laughed and lauded her thanks for her supportiveness. The people in charge of the palace ceremony system hurriedly sent Li Ce’s superior golden cups and dishes to Baba’s team and rushed together.

Chu Qiao reluctantly sighed, and now this second court partial palace is even more lively than the cinnamon hall, everyone’s attention after the hall came over Li Ce surprised to find that Zhuge Yue actually sit next to the various speculation words suddenly echoed Above the high roof.

“The four young masters of Zhuge, you and I are all visionary people. Come and cheer to the party. Celebrate Yan Shizi finally married.”

Li Ce strategically separated from Chu Qiao, Zhuge Yue outstretched his head to the distant toast, warmly said.

Zhuge Yue faint smile, gently gesturing, even without a word he drank wine.

At this moment, the drums were suddenly heard in front of the house. The crowd raised their heads and saw the golden curtain. The big summer emperor walked slowly out of a golden gown. Chu Qiao followed the crowd and bowed. Between them, he saw Xia Huangfu hair. Even a hoarfrost, thin face, eyes look like ancient wells, and saw Chu Qiao’s face.

The young girl immediately lowered her head, and the heart froze. The great summer emperor who had lived in the upper ranks had an emperor’s instrument, and the faint hint of intimacy was not announced.

Li Ce stood aside, he is the messenger of his country, but also Prince Edward respect, do not have to bow down ceremony. The man not only had his nose and eyes, but when he met, he quietly picked up and whispered in the long chanting of civil and military affairs in Manchuria: “Do not be afraid of him. The old man, like the one in my house, is fitted.”

If you can, Chu Qiao really want to punch him again, but unfortunately this idea can only go through her mind. After the ceremony was completed, everyone returned. Xia Huang said a few opening words and directed the spear at the second court. He said with a chuckle: “How did Prince Li Ce go there? Didn’t he give you a place to arrange?”

“Dare not dare to,” said Li Ce, haggling. “This side is cool and I’m comfortable.”

Xia Huang nodded and said, “Zhuge, then you will accompany Prince Li.”

In a word, Zhuge’s family made a round face, and Zhuge Yue did not go to see the face of Zhuge Muqing in the main hall. Divinely should say, “Follow the instructions.”

“Isn’t the car of Yan Shi Zi (Yan Xun) entering the inner city?”

An official came out and said: “My Majesty has not yet received a report from the gatekeeper.”

Xia Huang brow gently wrinkled, Chu Qiao’s heart suddenly hung up high, only to listen to Xia Huang nodded and said: “Today is my birthday, but also the day of the marriage, Yan Xun had grown up and married to his daughter , the Emperor was relieved. All of you are national bones. Although Yan Xun’s is a pulse of northern Hebei troops where, snow bloody cholera began, the child has always enjoyed it. After today, Yanbei will welcome Yan Xun as king. I hope that all of you will unite in one heart and yourselves, and that you will grow up with great strength.”

“Yes, Yanbei’s son is the only one who is talented. It will be a generation of wise king’s men.”

“Your Majesty is kind and broad-minded. You must not let it be, and Yan Shi Zi-son will be thankful to His Majesty for dedication and serve his death.”

“Princess Chun is beautiful, Yan Shizi like a Fukuzawa (means kind, home-loving, hospitable and friendly. Since you take responsibility well, you are a good organizer of social affairs.)  god, by His Majesty, will inevitably serve the country.”

“If you have a person like Ren (to bear), I will definitely enjoy the great summer prosperity.”

Thousands to wear, wear ass, a series of songs to praise the voice suddenly sounded, people pay tribute, Xia Huang face smile, apparently fully accepted, with great heart.

There is a need to do a full set of dramas. In this way, even if Yan Xun is dead, no one will doubt the head of the royal family. Chu Qiao looked around the hall and did not really see the Batuha family. However, it was strange that even the long princess of Huai Song did not arrive. This made her a bit tricky.

At this time, a Tsing Yi guards cat waist walked into the second court partial hall, came to Chu Qiao behind, volt in her ear whispered a sentence, Chu Qiao nodded, the man stepped down.

Li Ce met and flew over, a look of an old friend whispering: “Jojo, who is that? What did he tell you?”

Chu Qiao frowning at him, want to say anything, but feel that what is nonsense, simply turned around and ignored. Li Ce continued to persevere in the probe, across Chu Qiao Zhuge Yue said: “Zhuge Yue, do you know?”

Zhu Ge Yue faint smile, pulled his mouth, said: “Prince Li Ce did not know, how would you know what’s next?

Li Ce nodded: “You’re right.”

Just then, suddenly heard noisy outside the hall, it seems a woman cried aloud, the temple all turned around and looked out, the summer king picked his brow, coldly asked: “What is the outside?

A bodyguard wore a cold sweat on his forehead, came in and bowed down and replied:  “Rescuing them, yes, it is Princess Chun’er.”

Everyone heard the words suddenly surprised a moment surprised, Chu Qiao has just left the men there to glimpse the clues, I saw Xia Wang frown and said: “Princess Chun’er? What did she do?

“The princess said she must see His Majesty in a hurry.”

“Today is the day of her wedding, what she really wants to do despite her rituals? Take her back and say that Yan Shi Zi is about to enter the city.”

Shu Royal sit beside the emperor, heard the words looks cold, crisp voice said.

“Chun’er was afraid of waiting,” said Xuan Guiqi, smiling softly, looking up at Xia Huang with his eyes on the water and laughing. “Ah, after all, it’s only ten years old. Maybe it’s a little scary and maybe it’s different. It.”

“As a royal princess, what is wrong? What kind of person is she? Come on, take the princess down and take care of the princess’s servant!”

Xuan Guixuan heard tears suddenly, Jiaorou said: “The Queen of Mu He has just been gone, Shu sister treated the Queen’s daughter this way, Shu sister does not feel obedient to the sister?”

“what did you say…..”

“Father! Princess Chun’er has  something to say!”

A shout suddenly sounded outside, the hall was surprised at all people outside the uncertain, everyone looks strange, single-minded turn. Xia Huang pondered a long while, finally divinely said: “Let her come in.”

The long wind blew from the door. Zhao Chun’er was dressed in a gorgeous red robe. Because the sprints were messy, the delicate young girl was pale. Everyone looked into the hall under the gaze of the wind, and the night breeze lifted her robe like a Only the wing of a butterfly that cries blood, has a broken and messy beauty.

“Father Huang!” The young girl stood proudly on the main hall, suddenly fluttered to kneel on the ground, a heavy knock on her head down, said quickly: “Please take back your words, Princess Chun’er do not want to marry!


CHAPTER 077 The day will be over


In the world, it is full of surprises!

At the end of the day, the whole hall was in a state of silence, and the people were silent for a long while to accept the amazing words of the little princess. Then, the huge noises rang up, like a raging wave, and suddenly rolled up the fog of water. Thin figure suddenly submerged!

“Naughty!” Shu Guiyu coldly slammed, Qiaolian was frosty, and the queen of Mu He was dead. All matters relating to Zhao’s marriage were hand-picked by her. At the moment, listening to the little princess openly stated that such a rebellious speech was extremely poetic.

Zhao Hao’s daughter squatted on the ground, looked up, his eyes flushed, his face white, his lips, and another head, still said: “Father, please reclaim your name and your child will not marry.”

Shu Gui’s brow shivered and said coldly: “The Yantai North’s welcoming team has already reached the gates of the city. One month ago, your marriage had already accused the world, but now you are not married in front of the envoys of various countries? Muhe’s sister is this what she is teaching you?”

“The deceased had gone, and Shu sister wouldn’t disturb the dead again.” Zhuge Yue’s eyes were long and narrow. The face was like spring peach. The white collar of the neck slowly raised his face and smiled at Zhao Yuer. “You’re unwilling to give up your father’s emperor.” If you are married, you can often go home and visit the emperor.”

“The Xuanfei empress, Chun’er do not want to marry, if you want you can tell, you are only want to let me marry, and you help me ask my father to take it back.”

Zhao Chun’er daughter squatted on the ground, slowly raised his head, a pair of eyes misty Ying, his expression is rare and firm.

“Come on, take the princess down and dress it well to wait for the Yanbei Limousine.” Xia Huang did not look down at her. In the blazing light, the emperor’s face flickered, and people couldn’t look directly at him. The voice was very dull, as if we had not heard what Zhao Chun’er had just said. The palace gongs outside the door smashed into the hall, and they would go to pull Zhao Chun’ers arm.

“Let me go!” The little princess shouted loudly, a hand open the maiden, knelt on the ground to climb forward, the tear suddenly fell down, she reaches out to erase the tear, boldly looks at her since she was afraid of her father, her voice almost shuddered, but she still kept her chests hard and slowly said: “Father, please take it back to life.

“Chun’er!” Zhao Chen frowned, coldly said: “What are you doing? Don’t make trouble!”

The Manchu warriors looked differently, and in the huge Fanggui hall, only the ambience of the doors outside the house echoed back and forth.

“Seventh brother,” princess eyes flushed, turned around and looked to Zhao Che, she said: “You help Chun’er. Chun’er do not want to marry, help me beg Father.”

“Zhao Che, take your younger sister, Yan’s car will enter the city.”

Zhao Che frowned and froze for a moment. At last he nodded his head and pulled Zhao Yi’er coldly said, “The sons and gentlemen obeyed.”


Zhao Chun’er suddenly shouted, looked up, crystal tears rolling from her eyes, she cried sobbing and said: “Please make the child minister, the Chun’er would rather marry the wilderness, would rather marry to southern Xinjiang, Chun’er would rather go to the frontier and kiss, I beg you, fast order! “

“Oh, don’t make a fuss, go with the seventh brother!”

“Father Huang!” Zhao Chun pushed Zhao Che, stubborn kowtow on the ground, hard kowtow, a resounding loud echo in the hall.

“Father, I beg of you. I will soon order. I beg you. I beg you to order.”

Xia Huang did not see Zhao Chun’er, but looking gloomy Zhao Che coldly said: “Chun’er??”

Zhao Che frowned and finally lowered his head to pull up Zhao Yi’er and walked outside the hall. Zhao Yi’er, who had endured no crying, suddenly burst into tears and cried with a loud cry: “Father! I beg you to order quickly, Father, I am not going to marry, Father, I beg you… ”

Zhao Chun’er blood drops from the forehead on the white yak carpet, this is shocking. The entire Fang Gui Hall, in a dead silence, all of them are careful to see the corner of the eye light sitting on the throne, Xia Huang, no one dared to look up.

“Chun’er this princess, has always been the most filial, the emperor need not be angry, it is a girl thing, maybe she is just reluctant to leave home.”

Xuan Chai remark just came out, Manchu guests suddenly agreed in unison, the atmosphere all of a sudden bustling up, The Cui University Scholar of the Shangshu Bureau shook his head and said: “Princess Ren Xiao, it is rare to cry when getting married. The princess moves the table of righteousness. “

“Your Majesty is kind and loves to protect the princess. The children have to leave home. They will not be able to listen to the emperor’s teachings from time to time. Naturally, they are sad.”

“It is very extreme, it must be like this.”

Taking advantage of the lively scene, no one noticed here, Chu Qiao carefully stood up, and wanted to leave. Who knows who just got up, a hand pulled her sleeve. Zhuge Yue bowed his head is drinking, sees her, looked slowly, and his the mouth still residual red wine. Zhuge Yue’s the lips appear red, and his face with evil charm, the man gently lifted his lips, low voice, and scratchy. Yeh, his tone rises slightly: “What do you do?

Chu Qiao squatting down, his face close to Zhuge Yue’s eyes, his mouth ridiculed: “I am familiar with the fourth young master? You are not too wide to control?”

Zhu Gexuan leaned forward, his nose was almost on top of Chu Qiao, and his warm breath ran straight on the woman’s cheek: “The feast is not over, leaving midway, is very rude.”

“What is it then?” Chu Qiao eyes exposed front, said coldly: “This is the Grand Summer Palace, is not your Aoyama homes, the hands of fourth young masters, always stretch so long?”

Voice faded, the young girl’s hand buckled Zhuge’s wrist under his hand and neatly knocked it over. He pressed his palms on the floor and left his corner.

Zhuge Yue narrow eyes, dark as ink, indifferent smile: “Somebody stepped on rough road, but, I’m still a nosy person.”

Fingers clawed, flipped, and took wrists. Zhuge Yue’s palms were like muddy ones. They suddenly slipped out of Chu Qiao’s hands, and he regained her clothes.

“Is it not? I have not seen it in a few years. The young man is really changing his temperament. I have always thought that you are a cold-blooded and unscrupulous person and will not be moved by foreign objects.”

Two fingers inserted horizontally, sharply swept Zhuge Yu’s elbow, gently, then immediately neat grasping ribs to get points, his arms folded back and hold.

“To win the award, said the cold-blooded feelings of the word, the young master in front of you willing to give up.”

The two men fought sharply and swiftly under the seats, separated by a long tablecloth, and could not be seen by others. A jubilant hall, no one will be cast on the side of the temple side.

“Haha, what are you two talking about, so excited, let me also listen.”

Li Ce suddenly jumped behind the two men and smiled as he leaned over. His voice dropped, two fierce eyes suddenly shot, his eyes were angry, and the two men who had just fought with each other were even bothered and harassed. Anger.

The man always spoke, the two were serious at the moment, and half euphoric, even though he was able to interrupt others with such a clumsy excuse.

Chu Qiao looked cold at Li Ce at a glance, then turned around, Zhuge Yue smiled and said: “Grassroots now going to the toilet, fourth young master also intend to follow me to go?”

Zhuge Yue surprised a moment, did not think she was a girl in the face of a man can even think of a method of urine escape, has always been indifferent Zhuge Yue frowned, snow white cheeks turned to red, a bit of evil charm of gorgeous .

Chu Joe stood up, the mood is very comfortable, even hand out patted Zhuge Yue’s cheek, whispered with a smile: “Do not follow me, pay attention to your identity, but you are from the nobility of the seven door valve, followed by a civilian behind, what kind of  system is this?

The crisp squeak suddenly sounded, and Zhuge Yue looked red and furious. When he was about to speak, he saw that Chu Qiao had swaggered out of the side hall and fell into the thick darkness, but all sorts of strange looks from all directions. Shot over, the ladies and daughters were all stunned in disbelief by tan mouth, horrified at the lofty Zhuge Yue’s Heaven’s favor. Obviously, the previous scene has completely fallen into the eyes of the young ladies who have never looked away.

The fourth young master of the Zhuge family on the heights, unexpectedly, were even tricked by a lowly in public?

“Pop” is heard, Zhuge Yue a heavy glass on the table, his brow locked into a Sichuan word.

“Opportunity is rare!”Bian Tang Prince seeking but not sitting aside, with envious eyes hot looking at him, Zhuge Yue suddenly found that this man is really very annoying.

He turned away in disgust, boredly watching the song and dance in the main hall.

Just out of the temple, outside the wind suddenly blowing, Chu Qiao frowned, looked back and saw Li Ce slipping through the hem of Jin Pao and was making a quiet look with her back. Looking forward, I was a bit embarrassed and rubbed my hands and said: “Out of the darkness, I will accompany you.”

Chu Qiao picked her brows a little and her face was slightly dark. Li Ce quickly took two steps back and one pair of guards was beaten. He said, “I’ll wait for you outside.”

“Where do you want to be?” The girl smiled in her mouth and smiled sweetly, but her tone was approached with a huge murderousness.

Li Ce hairs upright, suddenly waved his hand again and again: “I’m standing here waiting for you.”

Chu Qiao’s face suddenly got up, touched Li Ce’s head, smile: “good, obedient.”

Li Ce felt that she laughed more indifferent than usual to be aggressive.

Chu Qiao is the swaddled hands Yan Xun. She must attend the meeting. Only in this way can we stabilize people’s minds and make people with ulterior motives relax their vigilance. Quickly copy the path to the place of the original plan, the girl secretly said: Thanks to Zhao Yi’er (Chun’er), otherwise I would like to take a lot of effort to leave so unnoticed.

The time was just right, and the girl gave her a loud shout before she gave up, and she heard it in the dark, like a sturdy nightingale.

Shadow hidden in every corner of the Imperial City immediately received the signal of action, countless figure rapid leaps, the dark night has become their best protection. Frosty girl looking, lips gently pull out a touch of sneer:

“Really brilliant, welcome to hell.”

The girl’s physique is like a quick leopard, passing through the dark cloister trail, chilly wind blowing from her ear like a beast hidden in the darkness. Close to the goal, is a humble pass post, located in the Imperial City, northwest Xi’an Gate.

The goal is whistling, lying on the bed tilted his legs, very leisurely.

No longer hesitate, dodge the door.

No longer disguised, Dafa’s walked in. The messenger of the whistle had just noticed that Chu Qiao had a quick shot with his arm twitched. His left hand clutched at the mouth he wanted to exclaim, and his right hand lifted lightly. The cold flashed lightly. Slowly wiped the throat.

Deep stab! Horizontal pull! No fancy tricks.

Murder in many cases, is such a simple thing.

At this time, red marks flashed on the throat of the messenger, bleeding bleeding beads, Chu Qiao released his hand, the target throat sounded “click” sound, suddenly, the bloody red marks cracked, red blood poured out More and more, the pupil of the target gradually spreads, the body falls softly, and the bloody water of the red infiltrates and lays full of beds.

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      Hi Julie thanks you for the comments, yes I need editors. Would you be able to recommend if there are volunteers?


  3. DracoMama March 15, 2018 / 1:57 am

    Hello. I’ve watched the drama and heard about the original story. May I ask how many chapters long this will be ? Thank you for your diligence in translating so that English speaking fans can enjoy reading the story.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Angel Chua March 15, 2018 / 4:11 am

      There 191 chapters plus 27 epilogues in the print version but recently I found other version of the original novel there are 214 chapters and the web version there are 400 chapters including the omitted chapters and bed scenes. I am not sure how this is going to affect my translations but I will stick to the original print version which is 191 chapters with 27 epilogues

      Liked by 3 people

  4. Leann March 29, 2018 / 2:03 pm

    Thank you for translating the novel. It is very well translated. Can you clarify the 2nd last paragraph of this episode though? Lee Cecilia = Le Ci? I would like to help but don’t know what skills are needed as I don’t read or write Chinese.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Angel Chua March 30, 2018 / 1:30 am

      Thank you. Lee Cecilia is military code name used by zhao song and zhao che for Li Ce. In the drama Li ce is renamed as Xiao Ce. Both wei brother made fun of him because of his fancy flashy robes and fancy style whenever this royal goes to his state visits.


  5. Anne May 1, 2018 / 7:02 pm

    Hi! I am so confuse because of the name of the cast! I really dont get their names because it is different in the drama. Can tou help me list the names. Thank you!


    • Angel Chua May 2, 2018 / 3:43 am

      I will open a new blog for this to explain it. A lot of names were changed under the drama series except for Yan Xun versus in the original novel. However the author creates a lot of suspense by putting nicknames or secret military code names for our protagonists and whenever they go to another state, their nicknames change as well. Thank you for bringing it up. 🙂


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