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Episode 1

A loud noise, Chu Qiao sink into the lake, lost memory, picked up by the slave owner, the story started. Chu Qiao and a group of “wrong” slaves were escorted to Changan, when the curly asked her name, she trance, told the curly-headed her called Jing Six. At the same time, Chang’an City, Yuwen family Yuwen Huai three-room house is called Changan Wujun organized a soul-stirring feast hunters, all curious, but only Yuwen Yue did not arrive. At this time Yuwen Yue Castle is cleanly uniformed female killer. Human hunting began, wolves rushed out, Chu Qiao struggling to fight, in the imminent being the wolves attack the occasion of the crisis, swallowed wolf saved. Chu Qiao and wolves died, Yuwen Yue arrived, looking at the fierce hunting ground, while Chu Qiao’s struggling to fight also aroused his concern.

Episode 2
Chu Qiao awakened from nightmares. Xiang juice, small eight came to take good care of the injured Chu Qiao. Song aunt deliberately making things difficult, Chu Qiao clever scare Song aunt. Juice Xiang urged everyone to take care of each other, never separated. Yan 洵 birthday banquet, faction Wei Jin Merry. The Princess Wei Yuan Chun was held in the middle of the moon by the stars, but she was alone in her heart. At the banquet, Xiang was mistaken for chess and was at a dangerous situation. Chu Qiao saw the opportunity to save his juice. Chu Qiao, who was overweight, was rescued again by Yan Xuan. She never admit defeat momentum Yan Yu and Yuwen Yue accident, but angered Yuwen Huai, was hanging in the tree to punish.

Episode 3
Ju Xiang Xiang Chu Chu in order to protect, willing to go to the clubhouse served three Grandpa Yuwen Xi, was long-term use of Wushi scattered Yuwen Xi murder. Yuwen Xi came to Castle Peak Hospital to visit Yuwen Yue, and to give Yuwen Yue paternity, Yuwen Yue will be calculated on the basis of the public to choose paternity and niece. Chu Qiao in order to become a strong protect the two sisters, decided to become Yuwen Yu paternity and sleeping girl, all the way through the election. Yuwen Yue Chu Chu and pretending to be the same, privately taught Chu Qiu Wu Gong.

Episode fourth
Chu Choo fragmented memory, a white woman has been training Chu Chu. Yu Wen Yue found Chu Qi practicing fortunate immigration, it seems that as early as the foundation, the bodyguard began to secretly investigate Chu Qiu month. Yuwen Yue, on the one hand, strictly urged Chu Qiao to practice his skill, and on the other hand, in order to test Chu Qiao, she rewarded the silver bells with jealousy and exclusion from other female slaves. Yuwen Yue began to train Chu Qiao’s observation and told Chu Qiao see is not necessarily true. Aristocrats in the game Huju, see the smoke burning, that Rouran offenders, all went into the capital ready to defend the land. The border soon came news, Rouran has been repulsed by the father of swallow. Yuwen Yue was summoned to the emperor, told the emperor can restore within three months Yuwen chief spy system “spy paper a thousand eyes,” but the first task was turned out to be the father of assassination.

Episode 5
Chu Choo fragmented memory, a white woman has been training Chu Chu. Yu Wen Yue found Chu Qi practicing fortunate immigration, it seems that as early as the foundation, the bodyguard began to secretly investigate Chu Qiu month. Yuwen Yue, on the one hand, strictly urged Chu Qiao to practice his skill, and on the other hand, in order to test Chu Qiao, she rewarded the silver bells with jealousy and exclusion from other female slaves. Yuwen Yue began to train Chu Qiao’s observation and told Chu Qiao see is not necessarily true. Aristocrats in the game Huju, see the smoke burning, that Rouran offenders, all went into the capital ready to defend the land. The border soon came news, Rouran has been repulsed by the father of swallow. Yuwen Yue was summoned to the emperor, told the emperor can restore within three months Yuwen chief spy system “spy paper a thousand eyes,” but the first task was turned out to be the father of assassination.

Episode 6
Yuwen Yue eye disease has been cured, grandpa Yuwen burning also woke up. The original Yuwen burning is suspended animation, Yuwen Yue with the life-saving medicine saved Grandpa a life. At this time Chu Qiao was Yuwen Huai arrested guilty of slavery, Yu Wen Yue rescued, but Yu Wenzhuo suspected grandchildren on the slave moving so not allowed, Yuwen secretly informed Yan Fang shot saved. Chu Qiao in the retreat with the help of the whole body and back, but also took the opportunity to get rid of killing the pity, framed their own candles. Yuwen Yue began to investigate the martial arts before the age of ten practiced hegemony little girl, Wei Chai told him most likely is the daughter of Heluo, but she was rumored to be the main cause of the man was besieged and jumped into the Yellow River died, the body also found. Yuwen Yue Chu Chu asked her something before the age of ten, confirm Chu Qiao amnesia. Yu Wenhuai Yuwen Yue shooting range archery, and Yue Yue Yue informed his upcoming tea party, and invited Princess Yuan Chun to participate.

Episode seventh
The crowd gathered in the tea party, Princess Yuan Chun recognized Chu Qiao is the “Wildcat cat” who lost her grandmother, repeatedly jealous. Yuwen Huai to please the princess, in front of the crowd talked about Chu was tortured to kill the sister Ju Xiang, Chu Chiao lost his cup, but was pardoned by the prince Yuansong. Yu Wen Yue Chu Chu went to see the lantern festival, Chu Qiao while Yuwen Yue guess riddles suddenly leave, originally Chu Qiu already planned to take two sisters to escape. Go and confluence of two sister on the road, Chu Qiao Nan spy who met the secret. Hidden heart and Chu Chun before the amnesia to play against, but now Chu Qiu’s martial arts and the far cry from that year, only thought they had their own eyes gone.

Episode 8
Yuwen Yue asked Chu Qiao left the lantern after the incident, that Chu Qiao met Yan Xuan, witnessed Wei Shu slaught slaves, but she and Yan Qiao are powerless. Yuwen Yue reminds Chu Qiao handling the body of the aunt Song who was killed before (in fact, Yuwen Yue has helped Chu Joe handle it). Wei concubine suddenly visit, told the Yuwen Yue Najue brokers to go emperor Bingfu pattern. Yuwen Yue met the emperor, the emperor suspected Yanbian father and son behind the scenes, Yuwen Yue as a friend excused, the emperor displeased. Yuwen burning died and figured out an old thing sixteen years ago, concluded that Yuwen Xi was the “spy paper eye” of the traitor. Yanshan came to Castle Peak, Yuwen Yue to buy Chu Qiao, Yuwen Yue does not allow, and advise Yan 洵 left as soon as possible.

Episode 9
Yu Wenhuai look ridiculed look Chuchu, Chu Qiao’s skill and skill, he looked in the eyes, leaving there must be troublesome. Chu Qiao obscure the cooperation of the matter, but Yuwen Huai exposed harsh face, take the sword toward Chu Qiao split past. Critical moment, Yan 洵 arrived in time, block this move to kill. Yan 尊 identity noble, he spoke dignitaries, Yuwen Huai had to compromise. Chu Qiao and little eight out of danger, Chu Qiao Yan Yan love to ignore. However, before Yan Zan left or took out a bottle of good wound medicine donated to her. Zhu Shun then came out from the darkness to remind Chu Qiao do not forget the commitment to the Queen. Chuqiao cynically exposed, she never promised Yuwen Huai what. After Chouchiao returned to Castle Peak College, he immediately informed Yuwen Yue on the seventh of the month that the swallowed boy had rescued the star as he asked. Dark night, all silence. A black man silently entered the place where the golden candle was held. See a chu chiu dressed in black, hats of candles there, but also ignite a trace of hope for survival, she begged Chu Qiu rescued. Chouchiao Linxiong Lin brother’s tragic death, the candle told her that even if they do not shot, but unfortunately by Yuwen Huai remember not long live. Chu Qiao gave a package of candles, is some clothes and broken silver, I hope she is good. After the candle and Chu were separated, they looked at the contents of the package and scoffed at it. She secretly went to Yuwen Huai, Chu Qiao secretly put her things out, I hope Yuwen Huai can open one side. Yuwen Huai gloomy face, from the candles wrapped in a package found in a customs clearance Wen Wen, I am afraid this thing can only get Yuwen Yue. Yuwen Huai did not hesitate to kill the candles, dropped a paper Amnesty instrument, would like to blame this matter to Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao came out from the dark, she gave the chance of a golden candle, the present result is nothing but blame the candle itself. Chouchou picked up the instruments on the ground, thoughtfully. Yuwen Huai sent a notice to Yuwen Chu Chu kill the candle. Deep night, Yuwen Yue personally Chu Chu to verify the room. He opened the door, Chu Qiao sleepy eyes woke up, wrapped himself very tight. Yuwen Yue secretly suspicious, let her wait immediately. Chu Qiao some tweaks, but Yuwen Yue insisted that she had to pull the quilt. Under the quilt girl is not with a inch thread, Yuwen Yue immediately turned around and let her pick up properly go wait. Chouchho told the two sisters candles are dead news. People do not hurt the heart, tiger harmful, the end of the golden candle her deserved. That Yuwen Yue it? When I heard a small eight questions, Chu Qiao momentless speechless. Small eight smart to the topic, when she was arrested by Yuwen Huai, I heard him want to use the death of aunt Song to deal with them. Chu Qiao pondered a moment, with the idea, let my sister rest assured. Yuwen Yue Chu Chu training decided to become a good spy, but the origin of her doubts, the doctor said Chu Qiao body has a deep internal force, he ordered the month seven carefully verify all martial arts martial arts, ten years ago became overbearing Inner strength of the girls. Month 7 already checked, but found nothing. However, there are two secret files he has no right to verify, that is, the palace of the twelve master files and exiles. According to Yuwen burning and Yuwen Yue agreement, Chu Qiao Ping back, even if passed the test. Yuwen burning allow Yuwen Yue training Chu Qiao, let her be his most shameful close personal. Yuwen Yue left, the old man and his fate talk about his poisoning thing, this poison is very special, and years ago poisoning Lianglomi Mi exactly the same, behind the poison who is Yuwen three rooms, three bedrooms private Girders, though not exposed, but let the emperor suspicion of the text house, abandoned the spy paper eyes. Yuwen burning want to secretly executed three rooms, but do not want to use their own moon guard, which is why he agreed with Yuwen Yu Chu Qiao training reasons. Matters of importance, to hide with Yuwen Yue. The weather is sunny, cloudless, exquisite little kiosk, Chu Qiao sitting in front of the table case, concentrate on practicing the word, she practice long enough, Yuwen great compassion for her rest for a while, Chu Qiu not Moved, insisted to write enough three hundred words to rest. She is not obedient, Yuwen shot shot, Chu Qiao dexterity, come and go, do not let each other. Chu Qiao Suddenly a stroke of God, Yuwen Yue forehead dot next dot, Kneading has never been clean sigh her denounced more and more presumptuous, the voice is cold, but without a trace of punishment. Subsequently, Chucho blindfolded, some hesitation speculation in front of what the aroma, Yuwen Yue sat a little pointing. When Chu Qiao realized that the key, put her one more practice. Garden, flowers. A Chinese dressed in a fairy son suddenly stood up from a white flower, laughing Chu Qiao is not blindfolded, Chu Qiu do not want to care for him, the little son did not want to let her so let Chuji Can not find him blindfolded Chuchu smell the smell of his body, thinking just to test the training results. This mischievous little son is the great Wei 13 prince Yuan Song, he is today to attend the party held by Yuwen Huai, did not expect to encounter in the garden of such a funny little girl. Chucho follow the fragrance, no matter how Yuan Yuan can find him hiding. Yuan Song curious to know her name. Chu Qiao eyes cunning turn, to the interest, told his own name is virtual, live in Ukraine there is aunt, Dou Dou Nun hand pinch clay maid maidservants. Yuan Song listened carefully, carefully remember to find her. Yuan Song left, Chu Qiao Jing stood by the lake. Not far from the pine, Yan 洵 silk clothing, leaning against the tall branches, chilly cozy. Think of Chu Qiu just now when the identity of nonsense, could not help but laugh, readily pick off a pine nut to her throw. Chu Qiao only felt a pain on his forehead, looked up and Yan Yan proudly smiled in the tree. Subsequently, Yuan Song go to Castle Peak court. Yuwen Yue a white shirt, eyebrow eyebrows, his eye disease has been cured, but in order to play with the emperor, does not intend to tell anyone. Yuan Song to find someone, Yuwen Yue has not yet opened Yan Yan endless laughter, explain the illusion of nothing, Yuan Song know cheated, annoyed. Yan Qiao Chu Chou has been too concerned about things, Yuwen Yue reminded him to see the situation.

Episode 10
Yuwen Yue Princess Wei asked to check the body with a deep inner strength of the woman, the princess live up to expectations, rumored through the Royal Messenger, really found one for her – Luohe’s daughter, the new situation of the Lord, but a long time ago has been heavy Fall Yellow River. Indoor incense curl up, endless silence. Small eight kneeling on the ground panic. Yuwen Yue find her understanding of Chu Qiao’s life experience. Small eight without concealment, the situation of Chu Qiao fifteen to tell. Chu Qiao is not the sisters of their fellow mother, she is out of his father’s outer room, was taken home, speechless, withdrawn. Her father once calculated her fortune, she is the day lonely star, will bring disaster to the surrounding people. She stayed away from home for more than a year, and it was not long before the village was massacred. Later Jing sisters were trafficked to Yuwenjia, Chu Qiao come, the sisters are unfortunate death, which makes even more convinced that the small eight Chuqiao is the life of a lone star’s life. This, in the view of Yuwen Yue, happened to be born warriors have. Yuwen Huai out of a box of incense, is the blood of his grandfather mixed with Western medicine developed, so far, the Grandpa’s Paradise Pavilion also burning Xianxiang blood. Xiang juice is Chu Qiao’s sister, Yan Yu advised Yuwen Huai not too much. Yuwenhuai not only does not converge, but more unscrupulous, so that Chu Qiao Wen Wen, there is no smell of blood in the sister. Chu Qiao really smell the news, she said blankly, she did not have such a unique taste of pregnant son. Then retreated to Yuwen Yue side, his face extremely ugly, claiming to be unwell to leave. Three days later, a small eight working in the kitchen, heard her niece in the gossip Yuwen Huai is about to dig the end of the lake, my heart endless panic, ran back to find Chuqiao to discuss countermeasures. Chu Qiao already pack up the burden, her mother sent her wooden beads closed. Small eight over, Chu Qiao let her and Xiao Qi tonight out of the house, at the city gate at the teahouse waiting for her. If she fails to pass her son, they will leave first. Chu Qiao in Yuwen Yue room suddenly copied what, finally covered Yuwen Yue chapter. Suddenly heard the sound of the moon on the 7th, Yuwen Yue and March 7 then came in, Chu Qiao was holding a feather duster at this time cleaning, the end of a month with a new dress, this is Yuwen Yue specifically prepared for Chu Qiao. Chuqiao changed clothes, a white fluttering out, temperament cool. Small seven, such as small eight at the city gate, anxiously waiting, brought Chuci life experience. Chouchu is not their biological sisters, Muzhu is the key to her real identity, the small eight worry Chu Qiao know the truth, no longer protect them. Wood beads had been in the hands of the sister juice Xiang, they do not know is that Chu Qiu already got wood beads. The sky gradually dark, Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao riding a horse slow down in the busy market. Passing a lantern stalls, Yuwen Yue actually dismount, bought a lovely rabbit shaped lantern for Chu Qiao. Obviously is kind, but still embarrassed to admit that it is looking like lanterns and Chouchiao just bought. Then, as it should be, put her own sleeve to hold her, solemnly afraid she lost. Night darker, Chu Qiao has been waiting for an opportunity to escape, with Yuwen Yue before a horse is also prepared to escape. She secretly observed the situation around the guess where riddles gathered a lot of people, Chu Chora live Yuwen Yue, said he wanted to guess riddles. Both are a white, fiber-free, stand out of the crowd especially dazzling. Side of the little brother with a candy gourd Chu Qiao, Yuwen Yue proudly shot a candy gourd. Subsequently, the two entered the question, began to guess riddles. Riddles are: late to say earlier. Yuwen Yue looked at the riddle, meaning intended to say that some things, said earlier said earlier, said late to lose the opportunity. Chu Qiao looked at him deeply, reported the answer is a Xu word. Chu Qiao won a colored head, this would like to take advantage of the opportunity to take the chance to go back. But did not expect Yuwen Yue will personally get it for her. Looked at the big figure walking away, Chu Qiao turned around holding the horse away.

Episode 11
Yuwen Yue took the color head, carefully through the crowd from across, but found Chu Qiao is gone, her horse was taken away. On the other hand, in the moment and Chuchu’s body was mistaken, he realized that Chu Qiao’s eyes were very much like a year ago. At that time, he chased after the winner and severely wounded the serpent escorting her and successfully scratched her clothes and found her stinging on the back of the red flower pattern. However, Heart is not an adversary, but it is impressed by her eyes. At this point, Chu Qiu has gone missing, Xiao Yu let the implicit pursuit to confirm her identity. Chouchou only think behind a cool, hidden sword has been scratched her back. But Chu Qiao’s back white and white net, in addition to blood stained by the sword, nothing else. Coupled with the sudden emergence of swaddling, her intentions quickly evacuated. Xiao Yu to set off a reign of terror, already ambush a large number of killers in the city assassination Yan 洵, and soon after, the Wei Palace will also be heard Yanbei map missing news. Chu Qiao and swallow all the way gallop, soon to the unoccupied land of the countryside. Waiting for a long time in this killer out of the nest, Zhao Zhao recalcitrant. Chu Qiao and Yan Xuan while avoiding the killer, fast horse forward. Thick night, mist filled. They accidentally fall into the trap of hunters, trap walls smooth, unable to climb. Yan 洵 did not hesitate to squat down, so that Chu Qiao stepped on his shoulders to climb, and then come to save myself. Chu Qiao went up, walked a short distance forward, and suddenly stopped. The two sisters are still waiting for her, but Yanyan trust her a plus, where the remote, endless night cold, if she does not save, swill no doubt. See the sky from the time agreed with the sisters there is an hour, Chu Qiu decided to go back and save Yan Zan. Distant horseshoe sound sounded Chu Chu volts to listen carefully and found a large number of horses. Two people hidden in the dark, found a large number of migrants ragged through here, the mouth also said to go to Yanbei for life. It was almost a moment later that Wei Shu, a young master of Weifang Valve, surrounded these people in groups. Regardless of the sickness and sickness, all were brutally killed. For a time, the screams came one after another. Wei Shu-wu laughed and said that they deserved it. Chu Qiao want to shot to save people, was swallowed by a swaddling, with both of them identity, at the moment strong only leads to the upper body. Chu Qiao understand one of the powerful relationship, at this time, she remembered two younger sister, hurried rush to meet with them. So Chu Qiao rushed to the agreed location, there has been no one, the second store told her that they were taken by a few noble children by the remote walls. At the same time, a small seven, a small eight were surrounded by a few children, children, small eight was scratched his face. Chu Qiao come over, the little eight are clutching his face desperately to cry, so Chu Qiu drive away those people, a small eight proposed to go back to Yuwen Fu, Yu Wen Yue hands have good wounds, you can cure her face, or Her life is ruined Chu Chiao thought Wei tonight grasped the fugitives, and their instruments of forgiveness were forged again. For the sake of insurance, it was better to go back to Yuwen House. Three returned to the Fuchu, found that people have begun to dig the lake overnight to find the body. Secretly back to the Castle Peak, Nuwa told Chu Qiao, the door is not locked is waiting for her back, Yuwen Yue has not slept. On the moon, Chu Qiao mood complex, she stood in the pavilion between the high bridge overlooking the night thinking, Yuwen Yue at this time also came to the yard. Chu Qiao Ben stood on the edge, accidentally straight fell, Yuwen Yue ran quickly to catch her. Chu Qiao silently followed Yuwen Yue into the house, Yuwen Yue entered the house and picked up a book Seriously look, Chu Joe stood aside from time to time to take a look at the hourglass. For a while, Yuwen Yue suddenly asked her if she did not want to lie to him an excuse. Chu Qiao said he did not dare to lie, but his speech was mixed. Yuwen Yue noticed that she had been watching the hourglass and asked her to order the incense. Chu Qiao do, Yuwen Yue voice asked her why she did not add poison mouse cream. Chu Qiao calmly answered. Yuwen Yue step by step her plan to poison Yuwen Huai, poison rat paste plus hot wine, Ruochu think so that you can kill Yuwen Huai, then she is too naive, Yuwen Jia is the ancestor of spy, knowledge Drug discrimination is their basic skills. Yuwen Yue insight amazing, only from the fragmented to speculate the overall situation. Chu Qiao wisely admitted to him the entire plan. She knew that the real killer of killing Lin Xi Yuwenhuai, and the killer poisoning the old lady is Yuwenhuai, from this point of view, their enemies are the same. She knelt in front of Yuwen Yue, sincerely thank him for training himself to teach himself, Yuwen Yue Song aunt raised the death of Chu Qiao know concealment, crying for Yuwen Yue help. Seeing her red eyes, burst into tears, Yuwen Yue picked up a plain handkerchief for her tears, did not say much, just let her go back and rest. Chuchu came out, his face has been grievances just pathetic, leaving only a look of indifference.

Episode 12
July seven reported to report the case of Chu Shun accused Chu Qiao killed aunt, Yuwen Yue did not lift head, let him deal with directly. Sipa easily threw his hand next month to let him threw seven, seven months before leaving, Yuwen Yue has changed his mind, let him wash clean sent back. Day has been bright, the lake gathered a lot of home Dingxian female. Lake three fish were removed from the body, the body decay endless, issued a stench. Among them, a male corpse, wearing a handbag embroidered with a thank-you money, this is the day of Yuwen poisoning diagnosis and treatment of Dr. Xie. Although the remaining two are female corpse, but are the niece of iron bells, apparently not aunt aunt. Gate valve home, dead woman does not matter, but Xie doctor is a family of persons, Chu Qiao made is it right? Please 仵 as a post-mortem examination. Yu Wenhuai chuchong cold voice staring at said: Yuwen tune out of niece, neck quite hard. Zhu Shunli immediately dug up to Chu Chu neck. Moon seven step forward to block him, want to move people, how have evidence. Chu Shun early to buy through the cook, then called the kitchen cook, regardless of indiscriminate innocence Chu Qiao. Chef’s words flawed too much, the moon is too lazy to take care of Joe Chu Joe Hill directly back to the hospital. Yuwen Huai busy for so long, in addition to let everyone saw a joke, nothing. Three-room grandfather despair of him extremely, wantonly ridiculed, saying that this generation of three-bedroom will be destroyed in Yuwenhuai bashful girl who bastard body. Yuwen Huai heard eyes harsh, secretly determined, one day sooner or later will make the old man look good. Small eight looking at the mirror face scar, secretly anxious. Yuwen Yue Chu Chiao is very distracted, thinking that if Chu Qiu can fly on the branches, they can follow dip. Apparently she had been wiped out by the destruction of her face and forgot how her sisters died. Her words were opposed by the seventh and hurriedly excused. They inadvertently said Chu Qiao’s life experience. Chu Qiao good for them, small seven could not bear to lie to her, then told Chu Qiaomu Zhu is the key to her identity. Chu Qiao heard unraveling Mu Zhu, come out the note inside, but the above empty word. Chucho took the note repeatedly study, the little girl took a box over to her, that is the son gave. Chu Joe opened the mahogany box, surprised to find that there is a good bracelet. She immediately passed to Yuwen Yue serving tea, but left her tea to go without saying. This has been waiting to hear thank you words Yuwen could not help but remind her to know the good news. Chu Qiao intentionally misinterpreted his meaning, saying that he would like to thank the month seven. Yuwen Yue angry, will give her the gift for her transfer to the month seven. After Choucho went out, Yu Wenyue stood up from time to time to look outside to see Chucho back, he immediately turned around, pretending to be careless look. Chu Qiao pointing to the ring on his hand, cleverly smiling thanks son, this is her size, can not wear on the seventh month, to give him a waste. The emperor does not trust the spy paper eyes, if not as soon as possible to eliminate the girlfriend inserted in the Dawei spy, rejuvenation of the King thing is difficult to achieve, Yuwen burning want to use Chu Qiao. Yuwen Yue think absolutely necessary, Chu Qiao now ability is not enough. However, Yu Wenzuo used what he most wanted to know as an exchange condition, so long as Chu Qiao could kill that person, he told Yu Wen Yue why his mother was crazy. Around the organs of the stone chamber, Chu Qiao was two heavy chains tied his hands, trapped in the middle of the stone chamber. There is an hourglass behind her, the hourglass is finished, it will touch all the organs here. Time and time in the past, Chu Jiao did not get rid of traces of. End of the sand leak, the instantaneous number of arrows Qi Fa, saw the arrow shot to himself, Chu Qiao body energy was inspired an instant, Zheng’s sound, the chain breaks. But the authorities have triggered, Chu Qiao struggling to dodge, or inevitably hurt. Yuwen Yue back to the study, Yan Xuan over to throw him a bag of money, that is to buy Chu Qiao, Yuwen Yue certainly do not sell. Yan Qiao keenly aware of Yuwen Yue training Chu Qiao’s motivation, he moved to the situation of reason, Chu Qiao and his similarities, is not suitable here. Yuwen Yue asked him, Yanbian now tense situation, Chu Qiao followed him, can not be implicated. At the moment, Chu Qiao is practicing arrows in the hospital non-stop moment, suddenly saw a full body gallop camel slowly, it is the swallows Aizhe Yan blast. Yuan Song then came, he borrowed the blast to the Yan 洵, but unfortunately Blast temperament, did not let him ride. See the blast ate the grass quietly, Ren Chuqiao feel it gentle along the neck like hair, Yuan Song very envious, strongly invited Chu Qiao riding take him to go for a ride.

Episode 13
Yuan Song to Castle Peak to find Chu Qiao, the two go out, Unexpectedly Yuwen Huai sent to seize the single Chu Qiao, you want to detect the mysterious spy paper Skynet. Chu Qiao once again to cheat Yu Wenhuai, with him to play a play. I heard that Star was arrested to the Paradise Pavilion, Yuwen Yue, Yuan Yan and Yuan Song rushed to rescue. Back on the way, Chu Qiao was beaten camp killer. Fortunately, Yuwen early arrangements, uniform killer, she was saved. Leggings spy who appeared in Hong Shan hospital, to blackmail Yuwen Zhai building paper map, and to hold a banquet, scheduled to Changan son all attend. Yuwen Xi agreed only.

Episode 14
Jun Princess satirical in the elegant set of five Jun, the hearts of miss Yan Yan did not attend. On the feast dance Kyrgyzstan peach leaf inverted beings, and her girlfriend teacher visiting the piano has caused Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao’s attention. During the banquet, alias famous piano spy Xiao Yu quietly left, Chu Qiao all the way into the track, was detected, the two fought. Yuwen Yue arrived, Xiao Yu escaped, but Chu Chu has been in the chamber of confinement. Only Aoyama spy were eligible to enter the chamber, Yuwen Yue Chuqiao two roads, either die or become a spy.

Episode 15
Yuwen Huai Huai fortune-telling to find, Xiao Yu cleverly confused the heart of Yuwen Huai. Yuwen Yue worry in the heart, worried about the spy who quietly immigrants purpose. Yuwen burning for Yuwen Yue Chu Qiu unpleasant, determined to get rid of Chu Qiao. Yuan Chun because Yan Yan ignored, sulking alone, Yuan Song persuade Yan to coax Yuan Chun, Yan 洵 bluntly only Yuan Chun as a sister. Yuwen Yue deployed to capture the beam spy who, while Xiao Yu is determined that Yuwen Yue is the key figure in the spy-day eyes, and aware of Chu Qiao is his weakness.

Episode 16
Wei imperial heart to know the emperor wants to remove the Yan City, to protect the Yan comprehensive family, took the opportunity to advise the emperor, so Bai Sheng back to Yan North. Yan 送 for the mother Bai Sheng off. At the same time, Moonlight can not listen Xiao Yu, Yuwen burning so Yuwen Yue Chu Chu to perform the task of tapping Xiao Yu. Yuwen Yue had agreed, and confessed on the seventh month in the protection of Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao use of special weapons, successfully approached Xiao Yu et al., Eavesdropping. The Xiao Yu has just received information, Yan feather Yanbian began to act, and Xiao Yu planned to block, deliberately so that Joe Chu heard the news, cited Chu Joe hooked, waiting to get rid of Yuwen Yue.

Episode 17
Mouse hole arctic, soon Yuwen cold onset, unconscious, Chu Qiao worried. Xiao Yu want to support Yuwen Huo succeed, Yuwen Xi to hand over Yuwenfu three rooms to Yuwenhuai. Yuwen Huai agreed to cooperate with Xiao Yu, took over three rooms Yuwen. Cavity inside the hole, Chu Qiao guard aside care, and let left treasure warehouse Yuwen Yue treatment. Zuo Baocang noticed Chu Qiu body wood beads, speculated that her life is unusual, you want to test clumsy but fruitless.

Episode 18
Chu Qiao returned to Castle Peak alone to consider, confirmed his real name is Chu Qiao. Yu-Yan Yan Yan met, urged him to return to Yanbei as soon as possible. Yan Qiao agreed to leave, but to take Chu Qiao together. Yan Yan wrote a letter to his father safe, but because Peach Yeh, oriental bogey arrangements, letters were dropped forged. Chu Qiao secretly slipped into the training room, would like to stole weapons Yuwen Xi assassination, happened to Yuwen Yue into the chamber. Chouchiao saw Yuwen Yue in the copy of the letter, speculated that the matter and Yan 洵 related.

Episode 19
Yuwen Yue Yuwen burning plan to speed up the pace to find and annihilate the spy who in case Chu accidental. Xiao Yu a pedestrian has been hiding in the suburbs of the ancient tombs, and Yuwen Hu plot framed Yan City. At this time Yuwen Yue Moonlight also led to find the tomb, the two sides fierce fight, secretly arrived Xiao Yu. Zuo Bao Chu learned that Chu Qiao is going to assassinate the unruly Yuwen Xi, extremely supportive, will be a hidden weapon to give Chu Qiao. Yan Qiu find Chuqiao to take her back to Yanbei, Chu Qiao agreed. Yuan Chun Hing rushed to find swaddling, but he declined. Yuan Chun sad leave. Yuwen Huai fraudulent swallows Yan Wei, so that Emperor Wei raged, angrily ordered the eradication of swill family.

Episode 20
Among the imperial court, a campaign to eradicate the Swallow family is quietly underway. Wei Yuanyuan yuan Yuan Chun brother and sister ban foot, so that they are not implicated. Yan Feng sent to sleep Chu Chu sent northbound message. However, Chu Qiao mind but there is another plan, she let her sister followed Yanshi first escaped, and their own to Temple Park assassination Yuwen Xi revenge. Yuan Chun worried Yan Yan will be in danger, trying to find out the news. Yuan Chun learned that Yan 洵 is in trouble, anxious, disguise want to mix palace to disclose, but was blocked, bitterly without result. Chu Chor mixed into the Paradise Court, the action decisive, quickly cut Yuwen Xi, rescued many slaves, and splashed water Yuwen Yue body who threatened that he was sent son Yue.

Episode twenty-first
Chu Chor mixed into the Paradise Court, the action decisive, quickly cut Yuwen Xi, rescued many slaves, and splashed water Yuwen Yue body who threatened that he was sent son Yue. The other side of the swallows have been assembled troops, ready to return, but did not realize the murderous have come. When Yan Jie learned Chu Qiao dangerous, he went to rescue without hesitation. Paradise Pavilion, Yuwen Huai rushed to see Yuwen Xi is the body, angry, vowing to Chu Chiao. Chu Qiao took the left Baojang sent weapons, about to flee the occasion, Yuwen Yue arrived blocked. The two fierce battle at the top of the House of Legends. Chu Chiao angrily Yuwen Yue training, she actually just used her as a chess piece, and sacrificed the life of sacrifice to cover up the truth of Yuwen burning holiday. She should take revenge for the pity. Two fight in the fight, Chu Qiao loss of balance, flying down from the roof, Yuwen Yue rescue, but fortunately Yan Yan came across alone, to catch Chu Qiao, the two go.

Episode twenty-second
Yan Qiao and Chu Qiao and the people of Yanbian convergence, Yan North brave morale, but unfortunately they quickly fall into the hands of Yuwen Huai. Chu Qiao and Yan Xun hit Yuwen Huai. Two people saw that we must successfully escape, suddenly a dark arrow will Yan Yan Xun injury, both captured. Chu Qiao Yan Yan to check the wound at the time, actually found Yuji Yu ice arrows. The original war was 宇 by the burning of life orders, stealing ice arrows shot Yan Xun. However, Chu Qiao thus misunderstood Yuwen Yue. Yuan Chun learned from Yuan Song mouth was killed in northern Hebei, panic staggered, in order to save the swaddling eldest brother, she ran to find the father emperor pleading for Yan, no result. Within the imperial palace, the Great Wei Emperor confronts the head of the Beiju Hou Yan City, tells the heart of intestines, the emperor recalls the two were born and die of friendship, defended Beihou Gong captain, his own set Ding Beihou is helpless move, said It is full of tears.

Episode 23
In prison, Chu Qiao digs a hole in the wall, and Yan Yan, who has no idea of ​​the truth, thinks his father would explain it to the Emperor and save them soon. Yan Qiao sent warm to Chu Qiao, Chu Qiao moved, for the first time told Yan Qiao own real name Chu Qiao. The emperor Yuwen Yue is loyal test, ordered Yuwen Yue to monitor cut Yan family, if Yuwenyue favor the slightest favor Yan Yan, the Castle Peak homes will cease to exist. Yuwen Yue had agreed. In Tiananou, Yan Qiao portrayed his hometown Yanbei beautiful memories of childhood and family happy time. Chu Qiao heart yearning. Yan Qiao asked Chu Qiao and a piece of his back to Yanbei, Chu Qiao promised, Yan Xun hi and weep. In the palace, Mrs. Yan Bai Sheng rescued her son Yan Xuan, kneeling down the main hall, but the emperor refused to see it.

Episode 24
On the stage of Jiuyou, Wei Royal allowed Yu Yuan Chun to wake up from the vacuum world, recognize the brutality and helplessness as a royal, and took them to the watchtower to witness the entire process of execution. Yuan Chun looked shocking sight, crying mother unfeeling. Face dancer in nine quiet stage claws, bronze Ding on the strong red boil as purgatory. Vice supervisor chopped official Yu Wenyue came out. Chu Qiao and Yan Jian see Yuwen Yue deputy supervisor chopped officer, unbelievably stunned.

Episode twenty-fifth
Yuwen Hua domineering, read the edict. Yan Jiu see Jiuyou stage family members of the head, at this moment only realized that their family has been massacred, overwhelmed with anger, head suddenly split, refused to accept the purpose of autopsy. Yuwen Huai take the opportunity to make things difficult Yuwen Yue, Yuwen Yue in order to save Yan Qiao and Chu Qiao’s life, bite the bullet and try to delay time. Yan Xun refused to take the purpose of volt law, get rid of fighting with Yuwenhuai, the result was beaten black and blue. Yuwen Huai ruthless under the pain, Yu Wen see it unbearable, ordered no swaddling autopsy, direct execution. Yuwenhuai to the purpose of the edict, fierce opposition. Under the two stalemate, Bai Sheng suddenly appeared, asked Yan Zan autopsy. Bai Sheng calendar Wei Wei royal family crime, everyone is shocked.

Episode 26th
Bai Sheng one by one for their own family post-mortem. After flying into the giant Ding suicide. Yan Yan hysteria, hatred of the seeds of the heart has begun to germinate. The imperial edict to Yan Yan has been the emperor’s pardon, Yuan Chun relieved fainting However, the heart added a bit of guilt on the swallow. Yan Xun did not die out a few gate valve unexpected, all want to set Yan Xun died. Yan Jiao and Choo Chow lost guardianship was soon assassinated by the beam spy, critical juncture, Chu Qiao see through the enemy’s trick, Ji Zhongsheng successfully kill the shadow killer. Xiao Yu get intelligence, swallow around the niece know the fate of the whereabouts of Xiao Yu determined to rob Chu Qiao. On the other side, Yu Wen Yue found Yuan Chun, discuss the plan to rescue Yan Zan.

Episode 27th
Inspired by Chu Qiao, Yan Xuan awakened morale. Vowed to live back to Yanbei, Chang’an blood washed. Zhaoxu wind rate entered Tianlun to Yan Qiao and Chu Qiao attack, he threatened Yuwen Yue is the initiator of the whole family was slaughtered Yan 者, and to cut off Joe Chu both hands to take revenge. Yan Xun shed life to protect Chu Qiao. Yuwen Yue arrived in Tiananmen, Yan Wen asked Yuwen Yue, Yuwen Yue self-knowledge 100 mouth Mo debate. However, he was carrying a misunderstanding of Chu Qiao and Yan Xuan, still guarding the sky outside, make every effort to protect the safety of the two. Chu Qiao meticulously take care of the injured swallows, swaddle two of them each other each other, looking forward to out of jail, returned to Yanbei after a better life.

Episode 28
Dingbei Hou died, the emperor began looking for the best candidate to govern Yanbian, Yuwen Yue use spy person eye power to stir the day, finally rescued swill. Yuwen Huai understand all this is Yuwen surreptitiously, very light, Chu Qiao will be pushed from trial. Yuwenhuai forced Chuchuo testimony Yuwen Yue was originally instructed her to assassinate Yuwen Xi, Chu Qiao denied. Soon, Yuwen Yue rushed to take Chu Qiao, Yu Wenhuai tortured Chu Qiao threatened Yuwen Yue, in desperation, Yuwen Fei will Chu Chu killed.

Episode 29
In response to the assassination of the outside world, Chu Qiao and Yan Tuan turns night, on the other side, Yuwen Huai assassins sent to kill Yan Zu, Yuwen Yue received the news, decisively ordered to kill the assassins, guarding the safety of Yingge courtyard. Yuwen Huai sent assassination swallows, but Yuwenyue long preparation and deployment, intercept the destruction assassination, secretly protect the safety of swill. Assassin another wave of assassins into the assassination of small homes, but was all Chu exterminate. The original killer was sent by Xiao Yu, in order to test the true identity of Chu Qiao, but the trick used by Chu Qiao is not from rivers and lakes sects, Xiao Yu temporarily dismissed the suspicion of Chu Qiu’s identity.

Episode 30
Chouchou was guard found when returning to the court, in order not to poke Louzi, Chu Qiao endured guards beat. Yan Xun clothes to understand medicine wakes up, grateful for the care of Chu Qiao, more Chu Qiao was beaten distressed. On the other hand, Yuwen Yue thought Chu Qiao was dead, memories and Chu Qiao get along bit by bit, painful, dance sword vent their thoughts. Chu Qiao, Yan Qiao and Yu girl analyze the situation during the meal analysis, decided to find ways to let Wei Di know all the gate valve to kill Yan Xuan, Wei Di in order to avoid Yanbei was divided, will be sent to protect more. Yu Wenhuai intend to borrow money to kill, deliberately provoke Wei Shu tour and Wei Shu Ye, to incite Wei Shu swim to kill Yan Zu. Wei Shu tour with a killer Yingge small courtyard, Chu Qiao and Yan Xuan side by side combat. Chu Qiao and Yan Fang struggling to fight. Swallow 魏 injury Wei Shu swim, both were brought to meet the holy.

Episode 31
Basilica, the swaddling said Wei Shu You stabbed late at night, while Wei Yu Shu and Yu Wenhuai framed Yan Xun attempted to escape, the two sides each stick to the word, Wei Di suspicion. Yuan Chun arrived in time, bring the assassin corpse, people recognize the assassin is Wei Shu travel cronies. Wei Shu You fined closed thought. Yuan Chun to Yan Jiao to send the wounds, Yan Jiao thanks Yuan Chun’s aid, but refused to hurt, Yuan Chun lost endless. Yuwen Yue left before the border, let alone the hearts of doubt, go to Paradise House looking for the three old lady, asked about the truth of the death of his mother. Mrs. San Lao put forth the shameless act of Yu Wenzi in that year as a rival trade country. Yuwen Yue as evidence for this Yuwenhuai three days to please impeach the imperial tombs, Yuwenhuai resentment, but have to do as usual.

Episode 32
Yan Xun send Yuan Chun rabbit tail as a birthday present. Yuan Chun moved endlessly, did not notice the frosty swallows. Yuan Chun gone, Yan 令 immediately made a gift from Yuan Chun burned. Chu Qiao in accordance with the design drawings, layout of the Yingge Courtyard small three agencies to resist assassins assassination, it is a new round of assassination quietly approached. Yan Qiao and Chu Qiao early preparation, annihilated the killer in one fell swoop. Yan Xun deep three-year period will be full, all the door on their own eye-catching valve, in order not to go passive, decided to take the initiative to fight back. Chu Qiao proposed to start from the royal mausoleum, weakening the Wei, Zhao, Yuwen three door family.

Episode 33
Yan Qiu learned that Chu Qiao and Yu Wen Yue fight at the tomb of the matter. While the feather girl took the stolen goods to the market resale, waiting for Wei Di found that the water was soaked in the funeral products. Meet the gentle envoys hunting activities. Rouran Zama Lord provoked Chu Qiao, Yan Qiu Chu Chu. Yan Qiu see Chu Qiu identity hides, let her go to dinner with yourself. Wei Shu tour and Zhao Xifeng Chu Chu did not know the news of death, intends to get rid of Chu Qiu as soon as possible.

Episode 34
Chu Qiao Yuwen Yue met, full of vigilance. Zima proposed to Weidi and Chu Qiao than try to help Xing. Chu Qiaolian surgery in a row two superb, amazing, won Zama. Wei Di ordered Chu Qiao, Zhao West wind took the opportunity to Chu Chu made it difficult to help Yuwen Yu siege.

Episode 35
Guard found the dead wound is the exclusive Wei Shu tourbill screw caused. Yuan Che township search camp Wei Shu search camp, found the military map of Yanbei. Wei Dili Sheng angry, think Wei Shu swim inverse heart. Wei Shu swim was killed. It turned out that all this is Chu Qiao and Yan Zan’s paradox, Zhao Westerly and Wei Shu travel have been eradicated. Wei Guang is determined to avenge Wei Wei Shu, Wei Jia and entrusted to the future of Wei Shu Ye. At the same time, Chu Qiao into the palace when she hit Yuwen Huai, Yu Wenhuai Chu Qia Peijie sword into the palace as an excuse to launch Yuwen Yue appeared rescue. Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao over the move, in exchange for each other’s Saber. Yuwen Yue asked Chu Qiao to do a back slavery, will release slaves to Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao back Castle Peak, the past back to my heart, mixed feelings.

Episode thirty-sixth
Wei Guang suspected theft of the imperial tombs was a plan of Yanli and ordered his men to handle the accounts of corruption and fraud. Wei Guang told Wei Shu Ye, Bai Yiding was swallowed by him, into the ancestral graves, the matter is only Gongbuliu Liu Shen know. In order to preserve the Wei family, you must get rid of Liu Shen. Wei Shu Ye to kill Liu Shen occasion, Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao arrived in time, and Weijia killer fierce battle, with the understanding, kill retreat Wei family. Chouchou accidentally injured in the fight, Yuwen Yue regardless of her refusal, overwhelming her dressing wounds, and said that the tomb of the theft was Chu Qiao. Liu Shen was arrested, Wei Weizhugou except Wei Shu Ye Chao Manchu cut, Chu Qiao and Yan Fang Bei Gui roadblocks and one less.

Episode 37
On the other hand, Wei Dili appointed Chu Qiao Xiaoqian camp archery coach. Yuwen Yue is Xiaoqi camp business. Chouchiao came to the yuan thorough camp account to report, Yuan Che noted Chu Qiao’s saber is a rainbow, thoughtfully. Yuan thorough pointed out that Chu Qiao loyalist Yan Xun, advised Yuwen Yue do not fall, Yuwen Yue said he is not insisted. Chu Qiao to the Huilei Army camp, in case of excuses Xu Xuezhi excuse vice president He Xiao insurgent military forces, to kill him. Chuqiao block resolve, saved He Xiao. Chu Qiao persuaded Hsiao Hsun-nam to take the weight, stick to the conviction and take good care of how to make up for the mistakes made in the past. Yuan Chun met Yuan Chun, informed her that she chose Wei Wei satisfied husband, ready to give her as soon as possible to do a marriage matter. Yuan Chun Misunderstanding Wei Gui selected people Yan Yan.

Episode 38th
Yuwen Yue advised Chu Qiao try to stay out, Yan Tu map too large, be careful to get burned. Chu Qiao said that no one should be allowed to hurt the swill. Yuen Toru persuaded Yuwen Yue to let down Chu Qiao and told him that Yan is ambitious today, and he will never let the tiger return to the mountain, reminding Yu Wenyue to remember his stance. Merry girlfriend Prince Xiao policy visit, Yuan Chou sent Chu Qiao to meet, Chu Qiao Si was frivolous attitude angered, severely pack Xiao policy. Unexpectedly, Xiao said he would marry Chu Qiao. Xiao policy to seek Wei Chudo Chu Qiao, Wei Dili furious, that Chu Qiao seduce seduce, to kill Chu Qiao, Lan Shuyi for their plea.

Episode 39
Wei Dili ordered Yuan Chun and Xiao policy of marriage, Yuan Chun learned that to go to the beam and pro news, that he is not non-Yan Zan married. Wei Emperor surprised, intends to use Yuan Chun as a bait, change Yan and Yuan Chun marriage, intends to set the world for thinking that he forgave the swallow swallow, and then kill swallow swaddling disguised as an accident. In the palace, Chu Qiao meets Yan Xuan and Yuan Chun, and learns about the news of their wedding ten days later. Chu Qiao heart Pan waves, Yan Xun heart guilty, inadvertently watching Chu Qiao. Wei Shu Ye Chun Yuan Chun heard the news of the wedding, worried, want to stop, was Yuan Chun 婢 woman discouraged. Yan Qiao Chu Xiao camp out of other Chu Qiao, to explain to her marriage, but all this Chu Qiao understand.

Episode 40
Yuan Chun immersed in the joy to be married, do not care Yanling’s indifference, I believe one day be able to really touched him. Yuwen Huai Gong Gong visit Lan Shuyi, Lan Shuyi deliberately left out, want to get rid of his control, Yuwen Huai angry. Chu Qiao escort Xiao policy, outside the city met Xiao Yu sent assassins, Xiao policy hiding force, Chu Qiao tried to kill the injured. Xiao Ce distressed, showing the other side of the deep, take the initiative to start killer. Yuwen Yue and Yan Jie Chu Chu was killed, both rush to rescue Chu Qiao. At this point, the killer is a step by step approach to the injured Cooper Chu Qiao.

Episode 41
Yuwen Yue find Chu Qiao, alone to deal with killer protection Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao speech refused, but Yuwen Yue partial let her owe a lifetime also unclear affection. Yan Xun arrived, Pegasus took Chu Qiao. Yu Wen Yue find Xiao policy, Xiao policy implies behind the culprit is Xiao Yu, the results of Yuwen Yue hair force, like the wind will be lurking in the territory of the Great Wall of Wei who lifted the spire in one fell swoop. Xiao policy to find Yan Xun, to his city outside the map, means that he replaced the secret government of Siu Yat-yen, Yan Xun warned him not to reuse Chu Qiao.

Episode 42
Yuwen Yue through the spies of the masters of oral Yan Yan plan, Yan Yan know the plan to be successful, we must find ways to stop Yuwen Yue. Yu girl worried, determined to find another way out for Yan Zan. Yu girl make dollars, so that the fire Lei He Xiao collapse, Chu Qiao rescued, and He Xiao with knees, Yuwen Yue rushed to the barracks. To see Chu Qiao helpless fainted, regardless of everyone’s vision, overbearing hugged Chu Qiao.

Episode 43
Xiao strategy will return to the beam, Yuan-cheng escort generals were removed, at the same time, Chu Qiao and Yan Qiao, Yu girl is carefully planned wedding day flight plan. Yan Xun concealed the plan of burning Changan, Yu girl almost leaked, Yan Xun cover, to dispel Chu Jo’s concerns. Chu Qiao Xiao policy off, Xiao policy that if the Wei and Yan North war, their two do not help each other, but also hope Chu Qiao can break through destiny come out. Chu Qiao identified Xiao policy is worth a friend. On the wedding day, Yan Xun set out to meet his parents. Yu girl, Yu Jiang, who has been in place for action.

Episode 44
Crowd gathered in the hall, waiting for ceremony, Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue among them, knowing that a storm is about to hit. Weidi intended to show the trust and trust Yan Yan, unexpectedly knew Yan Yuan rebel Yuan Chun came, Guiqiu Wei Di recovered, do not want to marry Yan Xun. Surprised everyone, to dissuade Yuan Chun. Chucho took advantage of chaos to leave, was Yuwen Yue aware of overtaking, trying to stop. The two swords again. Yuwen Yue snap pointed out Yan Xun has changed, followed by him is a dead end. Chouchou unwilling to believe, leave anger. The swallows’ troops and horses attacked in Chang’an City, and the hidden assassins in the imperial palace were waiting in the wings. Yan Xun tricked horse, to take together with Joe Chu. Yuan Chun and Yuan Song came in succession, Yuan Song angrily swallowed Yan ambitious, Yuen Chun cry to ask Yan Xun look back. Yan Qiao Chu Qiaoxian deployment out of the city, he turned to Shang Wu Tang attack. Yuwen Yue expected Yan Xun action, and Yan Xun positive confrontation. Two memories of past brotherhood, mixed feelings. Huo Lei Jun captured the city gate, Yanshan rate army out of the city, leaving the beauty after the break. Beauty army fought bloody battles, the enemy is coming, the beauty of the military was Yan abandoned abandoned.

Episode 45
The beauty of the military injuries, close moment, Chu Qiu came, so beautiful and exciting. Chu Qiao led the fire Brigade army courageously kill the enemy, Chu Qiu hand blade Yuwen Huai, salvage the beauty army by one’s own power, and won the confidence of the beauty army. Chu Qi led the beauty army ambush in the gorge to hunt Wei Jun, repeatedly sweep success. Chu Qiao dismissed the concerns of the Beauty Corps, encouraged all back to Yanbei together to defend their homeland. Yuan Chun Escaped from Changan, in the mountains to find traces of Yan Xun. The Yuan Song is disguised as soldier, holding a dagger step by step to swill.

Episode 46th
On the way, Chu Qiao Yuanxun brothers and sisters encountered by Yan North soldiers insulted. Chouchok indignant, killed soldiers, personally escort Yuan Song and Yuan Chun go home. Yuwen scolded Yuwen Yue Chu Qiu’s insubstitution, and do not want Yuwen Yue excessive involvement in politics, so as not to lead Wei Di suspicion. Yuwen Yue bluntly states the occasion of the crisis, all are for the common people, and hope Yuwen burning no longer interfere in their own actions. Yan 初 injury recovered, still insisted Chu Qiao to meet. Yu girl persuaded him overall situation, led the beauty army back to Hongchuan City. Yan Xun agreed to leave, but always thought that the beauty of the rebels, they are incorporated forward striker battalion, with the border.

Episode 47th
Outside the city of Xiangyang, Chu Qiao was surrounded by all the officers and men. After Liang Shaoqing passed the book by surprise, officers and soldiers were provoked by his anger and tried to escape. Along the way Chu Qiao quite pedantic scholarly helplessness. On the other hand, Yan Xun returned to the Yanbuk Houfu in Hongchuan City, killing the head of the Huo Tu Ministry, indicating that he was the new king of Yanbei and that everyone was afraid to surrender. The Yanbei generals received appreciation Yan Yan. In the meantime, Yuwen Yue left for Xiangyang City to attack the girders arranged in the Dweifang spy net, but in fact to find the whereabouts of Chu Qiao. On the market of Xiangyang, Chu Qiao met Liang Shaoqing who was arrested and sold as a servant. Chu Qiao bought him from Wood boss and Liang Shaoqing thought he was reduced to this. But not long after, Chu Qiao once again found Liang Shaoqing as an escape slave caught in the market, and Liang Shaoqing pleaded for Chu Qiao to help him.

Episode 48th
Chu Qiao once again rescued Liang Shaoqing, but accidentally fell into the hands of wood. Yanshan came to Xiangyang and met with the humble, on the one hand in order to find the whereabouts of Chu Qiao, on the other hand deal with commercial matters. Chamber members possession of property, intends to flee the beam. The important confidential account of the chamber of commerce was given by Liu Xi Liang Shaoqing. At the same time, Yuwen Yue also received the news about the secret book, but also learned that Wei Shu Ye departure to Yin Yang. Liang Shaoqing to the custody of Chu Qiao. Zhanzi Yu’s housekeeper came to the slave market bought Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing.

Episode 49
Chouchou mixed Tiancheng Shoufu Yamen, and Yuwen Yue met in the Hot Springs Court. Chu Qiao and Yu Wen Yue hot springs in the fight between the dragon and phoenix and passionate couple. Wei Shu Ye came, several times to test Chu Qiao, Yu Wen Yue in front of him strongly cover Chu Qiao. Wei Shu-Yee sent the soldier to leave Liang Shaoqing, but was secretly cut off Cheng Kou. Chu Qiao rushed to save Liang Shaoqing, Cheng Yuan line hot pursuit. Chu Qiao lead the opening Yuan, chasing fight between the books, one took away half of the books.

Episode 50
Yuwen Yue Chu Chu with the injured mixed into escort caravans caravan, caravan with the caravan. Yuwen Yue care carefully Chu Qiao, temporarily controlled the toxicity, should think of another way detoxification. Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao in the camp eat a shochu, mentioned the past, bare their voices, Chu Qiu found Yuwen Yue have a common belief, the two feelings gradually warming, getting along well.

Episode 51
In the evening, Chu Qiao He Yuwen Yue found the stars in tragedy. Yuwen Yue and Chucho catch up killer, that is Liu Xi’s instructions. Chu Qiu determined to kill Liu Xi clear the portal. They found Liu Xi camp, and even kill. Yan Qiu know Chu Chu account, but can not recognize, extremely tangled heart. Yan Xun let them leave. In order to return to achieve the ideals of Yanbei, but also to correct Yan Xun errors, Chu Qiao Yue Yu left or. Yuwen liver intestine inch broken.

Episode 52
Yuwen Yue used to camp to find out where camps. In the beam, Xiao Yu Luo River in order to get the whereabouts of successors, but also disguised to go to empty Mulberry. Expedition to the ongoing three-year Nirvana exam, Xiao Yu kill the trainee camp trainer, separately looking for the living business secret files. Yuwen Yue uniforms in the secret Mengfeng. With the help of Mengfeng, Yuwen Yue and his party successfully escaped from the authorities and reached the secret hall of the battalion. Yuwen Yue see the battalion in the Chamber of Secrets, everyone stepped forward to fight, Yuwen Yue urged the whereabouts of antidote, the camp has poisoned himself. Yuwen Yue to see the main body of the battalion, to see if it is not the true owner. Yuwen Yue noticed in the closet Hu Cihua, accidentally found that anti-drug battlement preparation methods.

Episode 53
Yuwen Yue to see the main body of the battalion, to see if it is not the true owner. Yuwen Yue noticed in the closet Hu Cihua, accidentally found that anti-drug battlement preparation methods. Yuwen Yue camp prepared to understand all the people in the camp, so that they take medicine to leave, should not be unjust, or never light Rao. Meng Feng, cold blue six people are willing to follow Yuwen Yue. Xiao Yu and his men quietly leave, Yuwen Yue observed their every move. Yuwen Yue Xiao Yu went to the Chamber of Secrets, guessing she is a barista. The two sides fierce fight and found that Yuwen Yue turned out to be his penpals for many years. Xiao Yu Yuwen Yue stab wound, all desolate. Chu Qiu service understand medicine, the body improved. Goodbye Chu Qiao, Yuwen Yue can no longer inhibit the inner feelings.

Episode 54
Chu Qiu finally arrived in Hongchuan City, due to war and Yan Qiao happened to miss. Yan Xun tune away the main city of Hongchuan, sent to the Merrill Lynch. He did not hesitate to use the city of Hongchuan bait, transfer tiger from the mountains, want to take advantage of Chang An Bingxu, Chang’an in one fell swoop. Yan Qiao concealed monstrous plans to Chu Qiao, arrange her to go to the blue city. Yuan Chun in order to kill Yan Qiao and Chu Qiao, privately soldier Fu, ordered Wei Shu Ye attack Red River city.

Episode 55th
Chu Qiao sent sneaked into the city, threatening Sun He opened the gates. Chu Qiao led troops into the city, however, people in the city do not trust Chu Qiao and was the rebel beauty corps. Chu Qiao encouraged soldiers and common people to fight against the enemy, suddenly angry, morale high. In face of the unfavorable situation, Chu Qiao calmly plans tactics and is ready to implement beheadings. A large number of Wei army attack Hongchuan City, Chu Qiao rate of beautiful military spy operations, courageously kill the enemy. Beautiful army killed and wounded, still bloody fight, without fear. Fighting both sides, Chu Qiao resolutely adhere to Hongchuan, killing Yuan Qi, temporarily forcing Wei Jun, protecting the people of the whole city. In the face of the sacrificial soldier, Chu Qiao, He Xiao and others sadly difficult.

Episode 56th
Chu Qiao to ensure that the people of Mancheng vowed to guard Hongchuan City, we are actively preparing for. Chu Qiao sitting on top of the tower play moat, could not help but shed tears. On the other hand, Yuwen Yue back to Chang’an, met with Yuan Tse careful deployment, that assassination swallows to stop the catastrophe. Yan Mi stationed in the Merrill Lynch received Chu Qiu recovered the beauty army, guarding the news of the city of Hongchuan, shocked, ordered people to quickly take away Chu Qiao. Yu girl was ordered to take Chu Qiao. Yu girl reportedly reluctantly swallow Yanzhuang to bait straight away Chang’an monstrous plan, Chu Qiu learned the truth, the heart is full of astonishment and despair, so resolutely refused to return with the blue city and Yu Yu, Will, vow to protect the city of Hongcheng Red Mansions, and Red River coexist.

Episode 57th
Chouqiao, who was brought out of Hongchuan, learned that Yanyang actually treated millions of troops and civilians in Yanbei as bait and set up a trap in Hongchuan City, attracting troops from the Wei Dynasty and attacking Dawei with troops Changan, can not help but shock and anger. For so deep means of Ayutthaya Yan Hen, Chu Qiao feel that he did not recognize him some, Zhong Yu but Yan Yan said that there is no problem in the strategy, and become a major event will be lost, Chu Qiao tears accused Zhong Yu some, saying that Yan North is not his hometown, but it is their own life beliefs, they do not want to Yan North, they do not protect themselves to protect, and let her tell Yanyu, their own Do not have to take revenge after death, because he is not dead in the hands of others, but died in his Yan Yan’s hands, turned around and toward the Red River City. Zhong Yu was also touched by these words, the life of people sent a letter to Yan Yong, said Chu Chou sticks Red River, not to death on the 5th.

Episode 58th
After the war, the city of Hongchuan was in a mess and was in full swing. The people were busy restoring their homeland. He also started to organize his father’s blacksmith shop and remembered his father’s exhortations to him that he could not help but grieve. A fine also with a beautiful hairpin to the cemetery of the tomb, looking at the cold tombstone that no temperature of the name, A fine could not help but burst into tears. Chuqiao finally awake after a few days of sleep. This night, Yan Qiao quietly came to see her, but did not dare to enter the door, he knew Chu Qiao must still hate themselves, just to take care of her peace asked about her situation, asked him to prepare the food for her to the end Give it to her. And Chu Qiao do not know how to deal with swaddling, want to go out to see him, thought for a moment and hold back, two people so awkward awkward. The next day, Yan 雕 carved a jade in the big account, said to be brought to Chu Qiao. A sharp eye witnessed the year when the swallow was imprisoned in Yingge Garden, Chu Qiao how to desperately desperate to death protection, but also know Yan Qiao Chu Qiao deep love, they advised him to marry Chu Chu as early as possible. Yan Xun but said that the Great Day of the immortal one day, oneself is a partial bureaucratic chastisers, if married, she will only let her fall into chastity Zeifuzhizhi’s wife, I do not want to do so, just want the best To her, so there is no plan to marry yet.

Episode fifty-ninth
Wei concubine back from the sky to the Royal Palace to find Wendi pleading, just to see the emperor let Wei Wang dynasty poisoned wine to Tianjian gave death Yuan Chun, quickly stopped him, kneeling on the ground hard pleasing, Wei Dili refused to promise . Wei impetuous urgently under the end of a toothache drink up, Wang Dajun want to stop it was too late. Weidi quickly rushed to pick up the vomit blood Wei Royal concubine Wei endured painful pain to ask him to stay Yuan Chun a life, Wei Dili could not bear to refuse to be loved by his own concubine, had promised. Yuan Song Wei after the news of the accident, hurried to Tianlun, told the matter Yuan Chun, she brought back to the palace, to see the last side of Wei’s concubine, Wei Di Yuan Chun saw her after a curse Fans, fainting in the past furious, Wang Daren quickly took him back to the palace, Wei Di woke up, handed down an imperial edict, seized the title of the princess of Yuan Chun, will be moved to the West End house arrest, lifelong may not take the Palace One step, while Yuan Song was labeled as the northern king of Hebei, ordered its troops to set the Yanping North peace, the brothers and sisters looked at their breathless mother, can not help but burst into tears, endless cry.

Episode 60th
Boundless night, left treasure warehouse in the street staggered walked. During this period of time, he has been killing and setting fire all over the city, causing trouble to the government in order to cover Chu Qiao. Today, he himself was seriously wounded, being escaped, stopped by several soldiers, seeing is imminent. At this time, Oriental bogey suddenly appeared in front of him, to solve the loss of those officers and men. He inquired about the whereabouts of Chu Qiao to the left of Bao Cang, Zuo Bao Cang but pretended to pretend he did not understand what he was saying, care about him, kept trying to divert the topic. Oriental bogey not see their own wanted message, knowing that the left treasure Bin Luohe, they deliberately stimulate him, said Luohe simply did not look down on him, and even his existence is not as good as a dog. Zuo Bao Bao anger, mouth want to say the East bogey put down their own cause regardless of here came here, are to jealous … … Oriental bogey did not wait for him to finish, then a knife cut his throat , Take people away.

Episode 61
Mengfeng with Yuwen Yue’s token, found the hidden store in Hongchuan Chen, with his help, then sent in the name of the grain mixed into the city of Hongchuan, intending to burn Yanbian barracks. She asked Chen treasurer for details about the shift of guarding the granaries in the army. She was prepared to take the night to start her work. Chen treasurer felt that this trip was too risky and she wanted to stop it. However, Mengfeng refused to listen to him and insisted on acting. Just at this time, Zhan Ziyu came to Hongchuan grain, Chan shopkeeper inquire about the situation, you want to kill Zhan Ziyu, Mengfeng intuition is dangerous, blocking the Chen dispensers. Zhan Ziyu Cheng Cheng met the city after the Yuan, talk without hesitate to get some information about Chu Qiao, then turned and left. Meng Feng will write the situation here and his plan of action to send the shopkeeper Chen, but they do not know, as early as the first day of Meng Feng into the city saw Chuqiao flaws, although they Since they thought they were secretive, they were still caught by Chu Qiao who sent messengers. Afterwards, Chu Qiao mimicked Meng Feng’s handwriting to write a letter to Yuwen Yue, saying that as usual, let them act according to plan, but Yu Wen Yue saw the word on Chu Ji used to the same word, immediately recognized Out of Chu Qiao’s handwriting, in a timely manner to stop the action on the 7th, let him issue a signal of withdrawal, Mengfeng saw, quickly retreat, and finally fled to the Merrill Lynch off.

Episode 62th
Weidi’s body is not as good day by day, but he is still attached to supreme power will not let go. Although he knew that Yuan Che-hsiung was a rough guide and the most suitable successor to all the princes, he was even more worried that once he was chosen as heir would threaten his power, he intended to set up a youthless and ignorance Yuan Yuan is Prince Edward, he intends to foster Yuan Zhen Lan Shuyi name, so he ordered Wang Daren to Xuan Yuan Zhen to Lan Xuan Gong dinner. Yuan Chun also saw the thought of Wei Di long ago, managed to approach the Yuan Zhen, and achieved his goodwill and trust. The dispute over the power of the Great Wei court has now surfaced. Yuan Zhen Yuan Chun won the “kindness” to remind, to Lanxuan Palace refused to eat Lan Shuyi end of the food, but also slapped his job, crying that they do not become a small rabbit. Weidi can not, only good words comfort, ask him who you want to follow Yuan Chun natural name of Yuan Chun, Wei Di had to temporarily give him Yuan Chun rearing.

Episode 63th
Mengfeng helped Yuan Song help himself with a scarecrow, and took the opportunity to persuade it again. Yuan Song finally came out from depression and decided to defend the land like the Scarecrow and the people there. Cheng Kiln with Yan Xun’s hand encyclical, life He Xiao with the beauty of the military to Mount Beauty Hill, incorporated into the local garrison, cancel the beauty of the military’s id, and make the beauty of the military’s army flag burned on the spot. He Xiao heard a quit, the spot and Cheng Kou turned his face, he rushed out want to prevent Cheng Kill damage the military flag, and his flag each corner of the flag, who refused to give in, Cheng Kaili in order to arouse the anger of the beauty of the army, willful General sword split in half. Wudang Yu et al. Sure enough fooled rushed to the scene and his theory, and finally was caught under the hands of Cheng Yuan brought back Yan big account.

Episode 64th
At the end of yuan Chun end poison liquor want to drink a while and do, Wei Shu Ye rushed in, a knocked over the glass, killed the purpose of the eunuch. Outside guard guard rushed in to prevent, Cai Wei in order to protect Yuan Chun, was stabbed to death on the spot, Wei Shu Ye desperately with the people rescued Yuan Chun Temple of Feeling. When the two men escaped in the mountains, Wei Shu Ye was shot by a cold arrow. He endured the pain and brought Yuan Chun to a safe place, showed her a trace of heart, and asked her to quickly leave the boat on her own boat to leave. Land, and then with endless regret died in her arms. Yuan Chun holding Wei Shu Ye gradually cold body, distraught, sky shouting. At this time, Yuan Che with people arrived, he was sitting on the ground looking at the lonely figure, remembered raising their own Wei Wei Princess, and Yuan Chun and brother and sister friendship between the heart did not bear the pain killer, but only Let people kill two under Wei Shu Ye, himself turned away with people.

Episode 65th
Western Wei Dynasty chaos chaos, a large number of civilians in the war reduced to slavery, destitute. Convicted girl Chu Qiao was sent to the hunting ground for aristocratic entertainment shot, lucky Xiliangshi Yan Yan secretly rescued. Then she was brought into the right door to control Yuwen house, saw his brother died in succession, vowed to take his sister out of prison. Chu Qiao was enlightened aristocrat Yuwen Yue attention, was forced to undergo severe training at the same time, but also with the Yan Xun deep friendship. West Gate war door, swallow a slaughtered, desperate, Chu Qiao and his life and death and help him escape the storm. However, after returning to Xiliang, Yan Xun ambitious expansion at the expense of Manchu people at the cost of separatism. Chu Qiao in despair and Yan Xun parted ways, and strive with “Unification of the world, release slaves Ge” Yu Wen Yue fought side by side, shattered Yan Xun revenge plan, to become pregnant with common people. Right to court Yuwen Tai is also released under the benign adviser of slaves, poisoned hundreds of years of predatory slaves tyranny thaw thaw.

Episode 66th
Although Yuan Song strongly urged, Yuan Chun still can not solve the knot, she did not want my brother worried, pretending to have looked like everything, and lied to be hungry, Yuan Song took her newly received vegetables, personally Kitchen cook for her, but when he came out doing a good meal out, but has long disappeared Yuan Chun’s trace, leaving only on the floor, “brother and sister, the afterlife to continue” two lines, Yuan Song met Can not help but worry. Since starting at the foot of Chang’an, returning to Chih-Chuan Chih-Yuan aid, Yan Xun because of worry too much, you have a headache problems, A fine saw his illness getting heavier, he was looking for a doctor called water to enjoy. The famous doctor was a woman. When she was treating Yandi, she wrapped her head and toe and covered it with a curtain cap, and the whole person seemed ethereal and mysterious. After she was diagnosed as a vestibule by the doctor, she said he did not have any serious illness. He just worked hard and lacked enough sleep to have a set of acupuncture methods and asked him if he was willing to give it a try. Yanyuan was very curious about the hoarse voice of the woman. When she asked her if she was born, the woman said that when she was young, her family had a big fire and smoked her throat. As a result, her voice was hoarse and Yan Yan heard nothing and she agreed. Let her acupuncture for their own.

Episode 67th
Lengyu Jiao Li, two mountain gods eat the Qiang cook, the surface of the tongue under the sword, but in fact reveals a thick warmth. When they were separated, both were sadly depressed. Yanyue Yue Yuwen Yue to see the beauty of Chu Chu, Cheng Kui to Yuan Che-chu army suddenly hit the ground in due course Yan Yan into words. Yan Xun then ordered the deployment of elite Yan Wei, cut Yuwen Yue. Cheng Yuan fraud, send people to Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue scattered false news, want to double-edged sword in one fell swoop removed Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao saw Cheng Yuan deception plan, rushed to save Yuwen Yue on the way encounter swaddling, she reprimanded swaddling her own hometown and the original dream of the original, saying angrily left.



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