Princess Agents Drama Series Episode 21-40

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Episode 01-20

Episode 21

Chu Qiao step by step pressing, Yu Wenxi panic called a large number of guards. Chu Qiao moves simple, but it is fatal, Yu Wenxi gradually found a huge Paradise Court did not even his hiding place. With the last guards down, Yu Wenxi’s fear reached its peak, Chu Qiao no one fatal, but a punch for her brother sister and Yu Wenxi residual innocent woman to recover justice, and finally cut off The head of the Yuwen seats. Pilgrimage Court of a maidservant trembling hugged in the side, witnessed the whole, Chu Qiao told her that it is a star of the Castle Peak, Yuwen Yue sent her to kill the old man. Zhu Shun with people arrived, Chu Qiao has gone, he heard everything from the mouth of the maidservants, shocked, rushed to report Yuwen Huai. At the same time, the world government. Yan Xun assembled all the guards, intends to return to Yanbei tonight. Suddenly heard the men to report, Yu Wen Xi was assassinated by Chu Qiao, Yan Xun brow wrinkled, worried endless, so that the first person with a bow to go, save their own Chu Qiao since they will come together with them. On the other side, Yu Wenhuai ahead of the end of the battle, with Dingbei Hou head back to the city. He was proud of the time, Zhu Shun came to report Yu Wenxi Chu Qiao assassination of the news. Yuwen Huabai not Yu Wenxi early death, hear him killed only surprised to be killed by a cheap servant, really useless. Yu Wenhuai back to Paradise Club, then Chu Qiao has been into the secret. She will Yuwen seats on the ground, the layout of the lead connection head and organs. She knew that such a small design is not inverted Yu Wenhuai, just want to slow down his footsteps only. Chu Qiao in accordance with the agreement with the left treasure warehouse to the top of the rooftop rooftop. In the night, the left treasure hooded wings like the wind from the wind, like a Peng birds generally sent her to save the weapons. Chu Qiao just put on a cloak, Yuwen Yue to the. Yuwen Yue in the Xiao Yu’s poison, in the city outside the treatment of detoxification, returned to the Castle Peak to hear Yu Wenxi was killed, Chu Qiao and two sister disappeared news, he almost instantly understand everything. Yuwen Yue looked at a black, holding the sword pointing to their own Chu Qiao, eyes full of deep disappointment. Chu Qiao generous to admit that he did everything, she killed Yu Wenxi not only for brother sister revenge, but also for the Castle Peak to remove a big rival, from this perspective, Yuwen Yue should thank her. Yuwen Yue looked at the strange Chu Qiao, do not understand why his star will become like this. Chu Qiao heart resentment, so that he can not call his star child, she is not a star child. Yuwen burning is still alive, down to death, Yu Wen Yue training Star child to become dead, all this thing today to do a break. Yuwen Yue some shock, more fear, he did not know where to know Chu Qiao from these, but this is not the whole truth, Yuwen Yue anxiously want to explain, Chu Qiao did not want to hear, bent on killing him to Sorry brother revenge. Chu Qiao now martial arts are Yuwen Yue teach, of course, not his opponent, fighting between the fall off the rooftop. Yuwen Yue clutching her hand tightly, Chu Qiao decided to throw the sword. Midweek, her hands to open the cloak, this cloak of the mysterious place is that the animal wings can be the same as the wind, but Chu Qiao cloak did not put on, landed to low, suddenly fell down. Yan Xun rides out from the night, like a knight caught the fall of Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao worried about the two sisters, hurried and Yan Xun went to the West Gate. Yuwen Yue see her safe to leave, heart sad and reluctant to pull. He returned to the Castle Peak, learned that Yan Xun now the situation, then Yuwen burning to, Yuwen burning know Yuwen Yue and Yan Xun’s brother’s feelings, specifically remind him loyalty is difficult to both, to help Yan Xun is harmful The whole Aoyama courtyard. Xicheng door, is the Hai, Chu Qiao not come yet. Small eight know blame, small seven but worried that she is not out of anything. Small seven really worried, could not help but to find Chu Qiao, small eight bend but she, also followed to go. Chu Qiao and Yan Xun arrived when they are no longer in situ. Zhong Yu came with people, told Yan Xun situation is not right, the city outside the major camps have troops and horses to mobilize. Between the words, Zhao Xi Feng and Wei Shu Ye surrounded by troops and horses. The other side of the people, seeing Zhao westerly will order to kill, Chu Qiao eyes quickly, a shot through the palm of the hand Zhao westerly, while the sword of Wei Shu Xiu, Wei Shu Ye did not dare to act rashly, only put them out of the city. Yan Xun a pedestrian out of the city, put Wei Shu tour. Chu Qiao want to split up with this Yan Xun, Yan Xun but do not want to let her go, the two laughing and joking mouth, a moment after the easy, Yan Xun know the situation difficult, do not want to hurt her, no longer strong stay. Chu Qiao before leaving to tell him to find two sisters may go to Yanbei to find him.

Episode 22

Chu Qiao found the backyard of the Castle Peak, and finally see wearing a small red eight back to her standing, Chu Qiao delighted to come forward, the red woman turned to shoot an arrow, Chu Joe instantly fell to the ground. Red people proud smile, claiming to change the pots of life, Yuwen Yue solemnly let him here and others, he thought it was a powerful figure, did not think he was a trick to put down. Pots easily walked up to go, Chu Qiao suddenly sat up, with lightning speed stunned him. See the pot on the body of the spy paper days eye signal bombs, Chu Qiao heart of a meter. Yuwen Yue see the air blooming signal, come to the horse. The red man carrying him standing, lying on the floor of the black woman life and death is unknown, Yuwen Yue thought Chu Joe died, full of pain in the past to see. Said late at that time, Chu Qiao wearing a red turned, hand with a dagger against Yuwen Yue’s neck. Two tit for tat, Yuwen Yue bet on her do not have the heart to kill himself, he stepped forward, neck bloodstains now. Chu Qiao subconsciously staggered dagger, Yuwen Yue find the opportunity to fight against the dagger. Yu Wen Yue let go Chu Qiao, turned out a few steps, wiped a blood on his neck. Said the sound: won. Moon around Wai, Chu Qiao should be too busy. Yan Xun then like a hero as a single-handedly to save her, Chu Joe did not hesitate to reach out to his hand. Yuwen Yue heart to put them a horse, no longer chase They returned to Yan Xun troops stationed in the place, did not expect Yuwen Huai has been in the dark latent for a long time. It is a hard battle, numerous casualties. Yuwen Yue looked at the height, seeing Yu Wenhuai chu chu chiao, triumphantly provoke Yan Xun. Chu Qiao while Yuwen pregnant with no attention, the hands of the ring exposed edge, from his chest across. Yan Xun look at the opportunity to come forward, the two tacit understanding, Yuwenhuai lay the pool. See Chu Qiao and Yan Xun will escape the birthday, a snow and ice from the sky, the middle of Yan Xun shoulders, the two were instantly with Yuwen Huai came to the officers and men surrounded by layers. Distant high above the cliff, Yu Wen Yue angry turned, war moo behind him in the ice and snow arrow crossbow, ice and snow arrows has been Yuwen Yue unique weapons, even if he did not hands, I am afraid Yan Xun and Chu Qiao Will think that the people behind him is right Yu Wenhuai high back to the city, sitting on the horse, majestic, Yan Xun and Chu Qiao sitting in the cage was brought back. Chang’an people unknown so to see the official Ye caught the rebels, only clapped applause. Small seven to see Chu Qiao was arrested, anxious to come forward, small eight hard to pull her away. At this time the emperor in his bedroom, facing a box crying cry, the box is the North Hou Yan Shi world skull. Yan Shi Cheng grew up with the emperor grew up, also had to save him many times, but no matter how good the friendship but also the king’s suspicion and fear. Yan Shicheng said with the emperor died with the emperor, the emperor holding his head, eyes are morbid pride and madness, that is left in the imperial tomb for him. Also proud of another person. Paradise Court covered with white Ling, Yu Wenhuai a white, hypocritical position Yuwen Xi Shouxiao, this dead old man only because he is a bastard on his contempt, scolded him as a waste. Well now, Yu Wenxi death so miserable, Hongshan courtyard is completely his Yuwen pregnant. Yuwen Yue looked at the courtyard of the rockery, mind all Chu Qiao, she had many times to kill him the opportunity, but did not start. And he failed to live up to her a sincere, put her in danger. Small seven small eight to see the North Hou rebellion notice, full of shock, can not help but worry about their situation up, suddenly someone from the back of the small eight look, she turned around and looked shocked.

Episode 23

People are Yan Xun’s children’s sleep, he will be small seven small eight to a safe place, asked them not to run around this time, and he himself is going to save the world. Xiao Yu’s attendants have been secretly concerned about the dynamic Yanbei people, he mastered the whereabouts of Zhong Yu. At this time Zhong Yu has been out of town, she saw the Eastern bogey. Only Zhong Yu and others to save the world, is tantamount to moths to the fire, the East bogey to persuade her to think twice. Zhong Yu eyes slightly squint, watching the East bogey back from the back, thoughtfully. Yu Wenhuai to the Tianlao, bent to kill Chu Joe, but the day is not where he can do whatever they want. Yu Wen Huai not willing to leave then, before leaving do not forget the threat of Tianzao Luo adults to see the situation. Luo adults who bowed, turned to meet Yuwen Yue. Luo adults who upright, will not let Yuwen messy, but if Yuwen get the instrument, he is not good plus block. This thing Yuwen Yue heart with a few, dragging adults to Yan Xiong more care. Among the jail, the candle is bright. Outside the sunshine does not come in the sun, wet and cold. Chu Qiao woke up on the hay, and she cut a thick hole with a thick hole in the boots. Yan Xun in her next door to the room, hear Chu Qiao called him, Yan Xun slowly climb from the corner. Until now, Yan Xun also has a good fantasy, he believes that his father will not be rebellious, when the truth, they can go out. Chu Qiao looked Yan Xun seriously look, although his words are not optimistic about the view, or choose to laugh and believe that he. Yan Xun has been promised to give Chu Qiao better life, even in such a difficult day of the jail, Yan Xun also do everything to make her comfortable some, Tianlun cold, Yan Xun their frail, he also worried about Chu Joe will be cold, hard to hold her hand for her Kazakh gas heating. Chu Qiao was Yan Xun warm heart move moved to tell his own real name called Chu Qiao. Yan Xun grinned, and she consulted later called her A Chu it Zhao Xifeng has been on Chu Qiao cut his two fingers of things in his heart, he put this account in the Yan Xun body, then hear the news, volunteered to catch Yanhong raw silk, Yan Xun home, he One will not let go. A carriage gallop in the ten slope not far away, Yan Hong raw silk clutching his stomach, his face is obvious concern. The wind lifted the carriage of the curtains, Zhao West wind effortlessly to solve the escort Yan Hong raw silk guards, Yan Hong raw silk fell off the carriage, struggling to crawl forward to find a ray of vitality. To appreciate enough of her embarrassed, Zhao Xifeng a shot, and finally stood up Yanhong raw slag down and down. Zhao Xi Feng ordered people cut Yan red raw silk head, corpses thrown to feed the wolf. While he was proud of the time, a sharp arrow from the air, direct his mount. Yu Wen Yue with people rushing to come, Zhao westerly provocation provocation, that is the most do not know Yuwen Yue this kind of pious people, dare to put the cold arrow behind the Yan Xun, do not pretend to be in front of his brother. Yuwen Yue disdain with the unrelated people to explain, hand-worn sword almost equal to Zhao West wind throat, Zhao Xifeng recognized counseling mercy. Just when Yu Wen Yue to start, the palace of the Governor Wang came to Xuan Yu Wen Yue palace. Zhao Xifeng know that he was saved, the eyes of the proud wild no cover, Yuwen Yue see this, a sword pierced his thighs. The emperor hastily Yuwen Yue palace, let him do tomorrow’s deputy director of the official, prison Zhan Yan North thieves, Yuwen Yue if there is any place for favoritism, the emperor let the Castle Hill from no longer exist. Yuwen Yue led by retreat, at the same time, the emperor around the eunuch to report, Ding Hou lady Bai Sheng kneeling outside the temple Tianjiao, Yan Xun count the day, the father should come, when things are clear, they will be able to go out. At that time he will be able to take Chu Qiao and her two sisters back to Yanbei.

Episode 24

The sun slowly moved on the transit, Wei Shu swim with the Yan Xun travel to Jiu Tai Taiwan waiting for hair drop. Yan Xun through Chu Qiao cell before, Chu Qiao grabbed his legs, Yan Xun let her obediently stay here, promised to come back to pick her up. Chu Qiao know he is afraid of their own, she insisted on going with Yan Xun. Two hands of the hands of the hands of tightly together, together to the unknown life and death Jiujing Taiwan. Yan Xun step by step down the pillow, he heard Ming bell thirty-six ring, this is the royal family when the death of the ritual. Yan Xun heart with a guess, the look seems to be hidden. Chu Qiao firm with him, can not escape it to face. Jiujing platform has been prepared properly, the door when the family and the affected children have been in place. Yuwen Yue as deputy director of the official, even if he did not want to, or to implement the emperor directive. Supervise the official Yuwen Huai station standing on the high platform read the imperial edict: Dingbei Hou rebellious, read Yan Xun from the small long in the capital, did not involve the matter, let him identify people committed, from the hair. Soldiers carrying a box filled with head of the head, Yuwen Huai took the holy order came, told Yan Xun in addition to him and his mother, all others in this. Yan Xun eyes fiercely, refused to disguise, desperately broke away from the guards of the block, his hands were tied, he will use the head of the holy order hit the ground. Yuwen Huai is such a moment, so that he can declare Yan Xun anti-purpose is not respect, equal to the offense against the crime. Xiu Xun with the old people playing together, Zhao Xifeng sitting on the high platform to see the play, Wei Shu Ye Yan Xun is anxious for the urgency, shouting let him pick up the decree, Xie Lonong. Wei Shu Ye know this is very cruel to Yan Xun, but only in this way, to save him a life At noon, Yu Wenhuai began to sing. Yuwen pregnant with Yan Shi City skull, laughing and let Yan Xun look. Yan Xun’s anger and hatred at this time to reach the limit, his eyes are hatred, eyes with the destruction of heaven and earth to hate. Yan Xun break away from the guards of the shackles, desperately tight encirclement, guards continue to come, Yan Xun only one person, hatred submerged reason, his bare hands, only brute force to fight, and soon was hit whole body injury, The Chu Qiao was suppressed in the side, see Yan Xun injured, already burst into tears, distressed endless. Yanbei beautiful, to the summer are full of green grass, Yan Xun smiled and recalled with his father and brother and sister in the day of the horse, the memories are so beautiful. In the winter, they will be moved to the northwest of the mountain plateau back to the mountains, there are many hot springs on the top of the hill, Yan Xun mother bad body, most of the year there are living in the spa next to the palace, the father will always be around, loving very The Yanbei land without Changan Zhu door wine stink road has frozen to death, where people are kind and happy. If Chu Qiao Ken with him back, summer Yan Xun will take her to the beautiful mountain riding, winter to the spa palace, the mother get along well, Yan Xun believe she will love Chu Qiao’s. Yan Xun described the future is too good, Chu Qiao could not help touching tears, her heart. Chu Qiao tears promised, Yan Xun stretched out his hand with her tight grip. Wei Shu Ye this is kind-hearted, contrary to the mind to catch Yan Xun has made him guilty, now see Yan Xun was innocent crown on the thief’s name, he was angry, asked why uncle Wei Guang. Wei Guang know that he sympathized with Yan Xun, disgusted the door of the dispute. But the world is like this, they enjoy the door of the elite and fame and fortune, it is necessary to pay the corresponding price. The law of the jungle, if not conform to the overall situation, today will be their bad luck Wei family. Wei Shu Ye red eyes, he refused to believe that such a cruel fact.

Episode 25

See his father’s head, Yan Xun has been hatred of hatred of his eyes, his full of eye is only a belief that revenge. Even if the iron gun stabbed into the chest, was the sword to scratch the arm, as long as there is a breath, Yan Xun constantly to the father and brother and sister head of the box forward. See Yan Xun will be close to those boxes, a large number of soldiers coming from all directions, Yuwen Yue raised his hand to indicate their stop. But the side of the Yuwen pregnant with no intention of soft meaning, a punch will Yan Xun lay high, Yan Xun’s body like a dilapidated duckweed toward the big tripod toward the tripod. Chu Qiao see this, desperately grabbed her soldiers, at the last minute, flying hit Yan Xun, to avoid him directly hit the hard copper tripod. Jiuyou of the land, Yan Xun does not take the purpose, do not bow down. Around the archers are ready, Yu Wenhuai order, struggling to get up the Yan Xun was shot, slumped to the ground. Yan Xun only one belief, that is, toward the family on the high platform forward, he again and again to climb, again and again by the arrows. As long as there is a trace of effort, even climb to climb over, leading to the high platform on the road, soldiers and blood around the body. Yuwen Yue could not bear to look down, he quietly blocked the ready to Yan Xun fatal blow to the archers, ordered to skip the autopsy directly. Yuwen Huai Qi let him wishful, holding the holy order firmly opposed. While the two sides stalemate, a firm and sonorous female shouted: “I came to test.” Ding Bei Hou wife a white, strong expression in the Jiujing audience, this stage is her husband and children, no one More qualified than her autopsy. Bai Sheng can appear here, naturally allowed by the emperor, even if Yu Wenhuai want to kill Yan Xun, at the moment can only obediently stop. White Sheng eyes flushed, step by step to the high platform above. Yan Xun a hard heart to see the moment the mother fell apart, said the man had tears do not flick, but it was not sad place. Yan Xun crying and asking mother why this is why. Bai Sheng told him that this world is like this, like wolves eat rabbits, rabbits eat grass like the law of the jungle, there is no reason to speak. Appease the body covered with hurt son, white Sheng turned to those boxes. She opened the first box, it was her husband, Yanbei Dingbei Hou, northwest soldiers and horses marshal, to see that the scars on his forehead, that is, he was put aside Qi Wang rebellion, rushed into the palace to save the car left, At that time, Yan Shi Cheng alone rushed into the palace, carrying the prince’s prince broke through the three thousand soldiers and siege of the palace, was covered with injuries, six months before going to bed, that year Yan Shi City was seventeen years old. Watching Yan Shicheng head of all the scars, white Sheng sentence, articulated the origin of the scars, Yan Shicheng life meritorious outstanding, the body of each scar is his home to protect the country’s mark, then The emperor had a high profile announced the great Wei and Yanbei total survival. The presence of most of the words for the white Sheng moved, many soldiers are shed tears of repentance. Over the years, the emperor’s vow to leave the wind, leaving is only Yu Wenhuai the sword mercilessly cut off the city’s head. At the same time, the palace of the emperor seems to feel like, standing up slightly shaking the body, kill Yan Shi City, he is not without guilt and remorse, but these compared with the towering imperial power, as if insignificant. Wei Gui in the distance looking at all the high-profile, face of regret and sympathy, Yan Shi City, she is not do not want to help, but helpless only. Jiujing above, white even if the heart and then pain, or to continue the autopsy. She opened the box one by one, to confirm the identity of her sons were brave and skilled, battle against the enemy, never retreated. Such a good man, young but innocent death under conspiracy. The daughter of Yan Hong raw silk with seven months of pregnancy and courage to save the mother, was Zhao Xifeng a shot to death. Bai Sheng tears with the dead, looked up around the public, the soldiers down the head without a word, the clan gate who sit tight on the high platform, or moving capacity, or chewing ridicule. With Yuwen Yue soon as executed, filled with Yanbei good children’s head of the box was all thrown into the incineration of the tripod. Yan Xun eyes full of despair, got up to incineration tripod Bai Sheng a stopped his son, told him Yan’s men bleeding and sweating without tears. Get Yuwen Yue do not hurt Yan Xun after the response, Bai Sheng a push his son, turned a crashed into the incineration tripod Yan Xun was pushed down under the high platform, he looked desperately looking at his mother decided to hit the incineration tripod, badly beaten, fell to the ground.

Episode 26

Momentary, Jiujing platform, the situation discoloration, thunder from the beginning. Yan Xun struggling to climb to the mother, white Sheng weakly stroking his son’s face, so he must live, even if the linger, can not give up, Yanbei people and Yan’s souls are waiting for him. Bai Sheng thought her favorite is the beam of the landscape, because there is warm as spring, but now she knew that she was wrong, dying, the eyes are flashing Yanbei beautiful scenery. After a moment, the holy order finally arrived, pardon Yan Xun death. Hear the news, Chun child excitedly fainted. But Yan Xun did not seem to hear the same, immersed in the sad despair, God seems to be sensed his sadness, pouring rain poured down, thunder rolling, steady high above the corner of the column suddenly crashed and knocked The raging fire burning incineration tripod Declared eunuchs back to the palace, will see and hear the Ming emperor. The emperor is full of guilt trembling, almost fell. Yu Wen Yue know the emperor, although temporarily forgiven Yan Xun, but Yan Xun still have the worries of life, Yan’s tragedy he can not stop, but Yan Xun’s life he must be sure to protect. Jiujing Taiwan, Yan Xun and Chu Qiao re-sent to the prison. The emperor of Yan Xun attitude is unknown, but the door of his eyeing, Wei Wei Wei Yao want to be in the prison on the Yan Xun hands, Wei Shu Ye heartfelt, helpless was ban home, he had to trust people to Yuwen Yue messenger, hope too late The Wei valve is not going to solitary combat, Wei Shu You dial Yu Wenhuai and Zhao Xifeng Yan Xun launched an attack together. But Yuwen Huai is not like Zhao Xifeng generally no mind, Yan Xun is the emperor to protect the people, rush shot, will only pick up the stone hit his feet, but if the Yan Xun safe out, the situation worse, but they killed The enemies of his family. Yu Wenhuai thought a moment, decided to help Xiaoyu help. Almost at the same time, Yuwen Yue was informed of the dynamics of the parties, he told the month seven must protect the governor of the Tianlao Luo adults adults, as long as Luo adults are not threatened, Yan Xun’s life will be more Layer protection. But it is not enough, Yu Wen Yue command month seven horse. The night falls, the darkness shrouds the earth, and it is concealed in the infinite night. The main gate valve, but Xiao Yu is not afraid of things big, going to Tianlang is not easy, do not need to play Luo adults family’s idea, directly kill him is not it more convenient. Moonlight through the small window into the cell, Yan Xun injured too heavy, was locked in after has been unconscious. Suddenly there is a jailer over, claiming to be Luo’s men, and Luo adults have been Dingbei Hou’s men, this time concerned about Yan Xun also reasonable, that person will be a night porridge handed Chu Qiao, said yes Followed by hot water and wounds. Chu Qiao eyes of the discovery of people’s clothes at the Department of some blood, she looked at the hands of the porridge, wrist doubled, the porridge fell to the ground. After a while, the rats in the cellroom steal the hot porridge and soon died on the ground. Just the jailer is Xiao Yu’s shadow of the people, after killing Luo adults, broke into the attack. See Chu Qiao not fooled, he exposed the original face, holding a bow crossbow came to start directly. He is such a style of action, Chu Qiao judge he is not the door of the people, that is, rivers and lakes people. Chu Qiao brought the situation, had only intended to test, did not expect the other really interested, it seems that the situation is really a good thing, everyone wants to. Chu Qiao quietly close to the door of the door, eyes quickly thieves a throat, shadow people staring eyes, as if they could not believe that they died so. On the roof, Xiao Yu secretly watched all this after the end of quietly left. Outside of all the cells of the two I do not know. Yan Xun unconscious, Chu Joe leaning against his bed, looking at the prison, she knew Yan Xun not wake up, but do not want to wake up Chu Qiao never give up, as long as owed her, she will come back. Yan Xun also the same, he was burdened with heavy hatred and too many people’s expectations, these do not allow him to slump, Yan Xun full of scratches grasp the tightly under the straw, he finally broke his eyes, with hatred and Firmly swear, bloody big Wei, the revitalization of Yan North. This night, the parties are ready to make trouble. Zhong Yu developed a detailed plan, intended to rescue Yan Xun descendants tonight. No matter how much sacrifice, she also want to keep Hou Ye in the last blood of the world.

Episode 27

Zhong Yu has been arranged for three-way troops, save Yan Xun after the Suzaku Street, the only goods Pavilion confluence, then the three-way, from the east and west three directions out of the city. After the city, set fire to the city gate, to escape time. On the middle of the sky, cold pressing. Zhong Yu people rushed to Tianzao and found Zhao Xifeng came with a team of people, she temporarily change the plan, intends to immediately hands. At the same time, Xiao Yu arrived, the so-called enemy road narrow but also so, Zhong Yu and Xiaoyu people first hit up, Zhao Xi Feng smooth into the jail. See Yan Xun lying on the haystack, scarred abjection at this point, Zhao Xifeng simply clapped applauded. He Zhao Xi Feng what treasures did not eat, that is, did not suffer losses, Chu Qiao injured his two fingers, Zhao West wind has been kept in mind. Yan Xun is now the bereavement of the dog, everyone shouting, Zhao Xi Feng is not afraid to tell him that the emperor in fact long Yuwen Yue spy day eyes staring at Yanbei, always ready to hands. The loss of Yuwen Yue and Yan Xun fraternity brother, but even such an important thing did not tell him. Yan Xun escape the last that arrow, not Yuwen shot, he also to invite the power, the matter spread throughout the Chang’an City. Zhao Xifeng best ridiculed Yan Xun, he would like to deal with Chu Qiao, Chu Qiao Kung Fu excellent, he brought that a few myself is not her opponent, but Yan Xun too weak, Zhao westerly stepped on him Ground threat Chu Qiao, Chu Qiao can only be captured. Zhao Xifeng triumphantly cut off Chu Qiao’s fingers revenge, Yan Xun would rather cut off his fingers do not want to see Chu Qiao injured. Yan Yan looked at the knife at his fingers, Chu Qiao panic, she felt that they are not worthy of Yan Xun so. Yan Xun has its own judgment, he identified Chu Joe, for her broken area finger is nothing. Hand down, the little finger was cut down, fingers together, Yan Xun simply endured nothing to say nothing. Rao is Chu Qiao and then strong, this time could not help but tears, she felt this family broken, for her to cut off the fingers of the man. Tianzhang outside, Zhong Yu’s rushed to tell her hussar camping people coming, they are thin, Zhong Yu had to give up the rescue. Xiao Yu see Zhong Yu go, she also withdrew. At the same time, Zhao Xifeng get someone to rob the prison news, with people first to leave. Yuwen Yue rushed to the jail, the guards of the people to report to him what happened here. Yu Wen Yue into the time, Chu Qiao is Yan Yan beam hair. In the face of the old good brother, Yan Xun can not believe he will betray their own, one by one to verify the news from Zhao Xifeng heard. Yan Xun asked him to escape the day of shooting their own is not snow and ice arrows, Yuwen Yue know that the answer is to let Yan Xun misunderstanding archery is him, but he still did not hesitate to say that he can not reveal the people behind him Of the grandfather, in the eyes of outsiders have died Yuwen burning. Yan Xun distressed at the turn of the decade, the emperor had long wanted to Yan North hands, Yuwen Yue did not even talked about his speech. Chu Qiao asked Yuwen Yue whether to steal the North Hou wrote to Yan Xun’s letter, Yuwen Yue surprised how she would know this matter, but did not explain him to do so is to help Yan Xun conceal the intention to escape. Day gradually brightened, Yuwen Yue leave the jail. The emperor had long ago the two sides of the sky to fight the news, the intention to send Yuan Song Qing Qing Dingbei party, but the son of softly, the emperor at this time thought of seven son Yuan Che, he is the most suitable for people to do this The Luo adults were killed, the emperor did not immediately send someone to take prison. Every night, there are always waves of people trying to enter the Tianlao, Yuwen Yue to keep not far away, to kill one. Tianjiao, Yan Xun physical weakness, Chu Qiao asked the head there is no food. Prison head is very polite to her, Yuwen Yue had ordered, can not deduct Yan Xun and Chu Qiao’s diet. Yan Xun get hot porridge, the first thought is Chu Qiao, a bowl of porridge, two people drink Yan Xun wanted to take Chu Qiao to Yanbei had a good day, did not expect but she accompanied her to suffer. Chu Qiao know Yan Xun self-blame, but he is good enough for himself, Chu Joe will not blame him. Yan Xun is the time of the world, she did not look at him high, and now he abjection, Chu Qiao did not despise his meaning, she and Yan Xun as a friend, for him this person rather than identity background. In order to comfort Yan Xun, Chu Qiao think of the future back to Yanbei scene, she can open a martial arts, you can go to the beautiful mountain riding … … listening to Chu Qiao a beautiful Imagination, Yan Xun mouth smile, Silence, the first can not say can not go out, even if he went out of his blood sea hatred, I am afraid it is difficult in a short time to A Chu a stable home. Yuwen Yue love pet bird flew in, standing on the prison door, toe high to blame Chu Qiao is a fool, but also reluctantly called star child of the name, then turned away. Yuwen Yue and love birds standing in the distance firmly guarded the jail, far from the look, the sky has been dead outside the dead. The emperor knew that someone could protect Yan Xun in the dark, but did not know who it was. Dingbei Hou is dead, need to send early to take over Yanbei, Chang’an clan emperor did not want to use, fear of a set of North Hou Yan Shi City, threatening his imperial power. By the king of the king recommended by the emperor, the emperor intended to send farmer origin of Li Xian, Jiang Wei and Yang Yang town guard Yan North. At the same time, Yuwen Yue is also speculation that will be sent to guard the Yan North staff, after layers of screening, elected three is recommended to the emperor to the emperor of the three. Yanbei situation is volatile, urgent need to send guarding. The emperor finally removed the Dingbei Hou, will not send clan children to Yanbei, and Wang supervise the recommendation of the cold children at this time they have standing between the major gate of the team, causing the emperor was very angry.

Episode 28

Yuwen Yue countless, and finally in the heavy thorns for Yan Xun opened up a way out. Emperor sent Yuan Song guarding the jianjun, has already stated the attitude. Yuwen Huai get the news, anger, the hope that the door can kill Yan Xun, he received the fisherman’s benefit, but Yuwen Yue since this for the Yan Xun thought, do not blame him Yuwen pregnant with carelessness. Yuwen Yue is not very heavy star child, then start from her good. Yu Wenhuai long ready to freeze from the days of Chu Qiao’s hand, is directed at Yuwen Yue to go. Yuan Song took office tomorrow, taking advantage of the days of the temporary absence of the Lord, Yu Wenhuo Chu Qiao forced out of the jail, to his criminal slave. Prison head to see the situation is wrong, secretly go to report Yuwen Yue. Once again came to the criminal slaves, Yu Wenhuai or so high sitting on top of the high platform, Chu Qiao still embarrassed kneeling on the ground. Yuwen Yue arrived at the time, see is such a scene. Chu Qiao killed Yu Wenxi is an indisputable fact, Yuwen Huai court commander was present, Yuwen Yue even want to save Chu Joe, can not act clearly. Yu Wenhuai is such a result, watching Yuwen Yue sad, he was inexplicable happy. Yuwen pregnant with Qiao Qiao’s neck to enjoy Yuwen Yue’s expression, trying to see from his face painful look. Yu Wen Yue face expressionless, a needle in the Chu Qiao key acupuncture points, Chu Qiao suddenly vomit blood, fell to the ground, heard Yuwen Yue cold voice that can not control the woman, not as good as death, Chu Qiao died before Looking at his eyes sad and despair. Chu Qiao, after all, is the Castle of the people, Yuwen Yue to return to her corpse should be, the emperor suddenly summoned, Yuwen Yue helpless into the palace, before leaving the command of the month of the Qiao Qiao body back, so he went back to deal with. Yuwen Yue kneeling in the hall, the delay did not see the emperor asked questions. Time one minute in the past, Yuwen Yue face paralysis face gradually with anxious color, he stabbed in the Chu Qiao Guan Yuan, so she resembles death, but if the rescue is not timely, Chu Qiao will because the body of blood flow is not Smooth and die The emperor called Yu Wen Yue came because someone reported that he secretly robbed the jail, this unwarranted thing Yuwen soon explained. The emperor said he believed, inadvertently put his spy people to the power of the eye to Yuwen Huai, sent him to the edge of life and experience. Yuwen Yue such people have their own code of conduct, not easy to control, although the emperor did not doubt him, but never thought of reuse. Yuwen Yue hurried back to the Castle Peak, but learned that the grandfather of the abdomen mound mao has been thrown into the chaos burial Chu Qiao. Time only half an hour, Yuwen Yue anxious, fast horse rushed to the funeral burial Kong. Xiao Yu shot on the way to stop the block, Yu Wen Yue shot severely, sword sealed the throat to kill the heart. And so he broke through the rush to the funeral burial of the time, that just sent the prisoners wearing clothes have been burned. Yuwen Yue life immediately fire, he was found in a pile of ashes had given Chu Qiao’s ring. Yu Wen Yue think Chu Qiao get the ring when Qiao Xiaoqian look, sad endless. He wished to drink, Yuwen thought that he was seized because of the spy paper eye was so, sometimes a little proud. Yuwen Yue with Yuwen Huai Fei spit paper days the core of the site where the spy paper floor, Yuwen Huai read here, in addition to a pile of waste paper nothing, he wants to be hidden directory, killing the Cheats, soldiers of the poison And the treasure of silver. Yu Wenhuai on the real spy paper eye does not understand. Yu Wen Yue readily come up with dense paper, which says many royal and clan invisible secret. With Yu Wen Yue’s dictation, Yuwen Huai bad mood to the extreme, he never imagined his hard-working to come to the spy is a reminder, so many secrets, only the dead can keep the secret. Yuwen Yue Yu Yuhuai to see the self-destruction device, where he had countless times to start the device, and now well, he was released, the problem thrown to Yuwen pregnant. Yuwen Yue has seen Yu Wenhuai true spy on the fear of fear, he casually stimulate Yu Wenhuai, told him Yu Wenxi in the end is his grandfather or father, the answer is also in this spy building. Yu Wenhui heard, emotionally, a dirty table on the dense paper, a punch in the self-destruction device. Organs start, surrounded by bronze like fire. Yu Wen Yue tone easily thank brother for him to remove him for many years imprisoned cage. Yu Wenhuai then realized that Yuwen Yue is deliberately stimulating him to destroy the spy building, he staggered in the spy paper floor before the bombing out of escape, awkward extremely. The emperor received Yuwen fire burning spy paper floor of the news, not too much shock, it seems Yuwen Huai is really scared, and he was so, unbearable big use. The emperor ordered the release of Yan Xun, he was imprisoned in the Yingge Court. The emperor knows to stay Yan Xun, he will become his henchmen big trouble; but if not so, the other gate will be carved Yan North, so it seems that the emperor is more inclined to Yan Xun, after all, he is now a loner Thinner. Yan Xun finally stepped out of Tianjian door, he was a Pathetic, his face thin, eyes have no chic pleasure, only a heavy one. Zhong Yu has long been waiting outside for a long time, with her face towel woman is Chu Qiao, she did not die, did not take the opportunity to leave, but choose to go back to Yan Xun in the sober side. Three people went to Yingge Court, where the conditions are simple, and Yan Xun’s life can not be the same day, but more breathless is the level of monitoring outside the court, according to Chu Qiao observation, the whistle has eighty People, anxious probably more.

Episode 29

All the way back to the Yingge Court, Chu Qiao found numerous alarm whistle has been the whole Yingge small courtyard surrounded like a barrel as tight. Zhong Yu analysis, Yan North is no land of the land, the door valve eyeing, Yan Xun in, they can only wait and see; if Yan Xun is not, they will be grouped up and attack, carved Yan North. Yan Xun now extremely difficult situation, three years of imprisonment difficult to survive. Yan Xun face expressionless listening to the analysis of Chu Qiao and Zhong Yu, eyes more and more deep, the public who will not start the first hands, dare to come to kill him. Night falls, Chu Qiao and Yan Xun sitting in the corridor chat. Yan Xun is very concerned about how Chu Qiaoyu escape from Yuwen. Chu Qiao Mouguang gradually deep, she completely misunderstood the Yuwen Yue, she thought Yuwen Yue is to be afraid to be involved in the first start to kill her, then, she was sent to the grave hillock, fortunately was Zhong Yu rescued. The huge Yinggeyuan only Yan Xun, Chu Qiao and Zhong Yu three. Chu Qiao and Yan Xun sleep with a house, only a bed, they do not want the other side to sleep on the ground, Chu Qiao proposed rotation vigil, so maybe they can sleep more practical. The middle of the night Chu Qiao vigil, she gradually leaned on the screen asleep, but vigilance is still high, Yan Xun just a close, Chu Joe on the sharp shot, opened his eyes to see that he was relaxed. Yan Xun heartache Qiao, her pick up on a bed, sitting in the original position of the ancient chu Chou vigil. Yan Xun more and more silence, and Chu Qiao understand his pressure, she said to Yan Xun, we survived. Needless to say, they all know, as long as there will be hope alive. Yuwen Yue also always pay attention to the Yinggeyuan, Yuwen pregnant hands to kill Yan Xun, his people on the road was Yuwen Yue cut off. They dare assassinate, Yuwen Yue dare to cut Hu, anyway, are not see the people of the activities, eating a loss is Yaba Kui, no one dared to poke to the surface up. The next morning, Zhong Yu found that the water of the Yingge Court has been poisoned. They are in the Ming, the enemy in the dark, thousands of thousands of thousands of ways, very hard to prevent, Zhong Yu proposed after eating and drinking things have to try the mouse, two days after the mouse unharmed, they can eat. Chu Qiao frown, now hot weather, food simply can not keep two days. Zhong Yu face dignified, she has no way to eat rancid than to eat better than good. A few days ago with the Zhongyu robbery with the four sisters decided to leave the protection of the world, hoping that one day, the world can lead them to revenge. Zhong Yu was moved by four sisters, since they want to stay, she will be responsible for them, from now on, life and death. And another dark tide of the night to a group of black people quietly to, Yan Xun three shot sharp, trick fatal.

Episode 30

Yan Xun coma night finally wake up to see Chu Qiao face sad and guilty, but for him, to her character and skill, why do so embarrassed, his face a red and red. Yan Xun drink hard-won medicine, heart touched. Yingge Court at this time full of warmth, and the other side of the Castle Peak, the atmosphere is extremely dull. Yuwen Yue has always thought that Chu Qiao died, guilty and sad, he has been faceless expression full of unspeakable sadness. Into the Chu Qiao had lived in the room, my mind is Chu Qiao’s figure, he went to the hospital practicing sword, practicing hand was handed over to Chu Qiao’s moves, broken sword hanging him personally to Chu Qiao Put on the silver bells, bells can be broken broken, people did not completely gone, Chu Qiao’s death has become Yuwen Yue heart of a wound, the thought will be pain. The weather gradually cooler, Yingge Court put two days of food is no longer so difficult to swallow. But Yan Xun know can not go on like this, they three limited energy, thousands of thieves, and finally a sparse The reason why the emperor will leave Yan Xun is not want to sign the door valve Yan North, if he knew that all the valves do everything possible to get rid of Yan Xun, will find ways to protect him. The question now is how to let the emperor know Yan Xun’s situation. Yu Wenhuai want to kill Yan Xun, but he can not personally hands, after all, Yan Xun is the emperor would like to protect the people. Wei Shu swim as Wei Wei Dizi has been not reused, Yuwen to stimulate him to use, that is to kill Yan Xun is the emperor share the worry, this way, afraid of his father Wei Guang can not see his advantages? Wei Shu Yu Yu Yuhuai listen to the words, can not wait to prepare the man to kill Yan Xun. Yu Wenhuai this move with the knife to kill the very wonderful Wei Shu tour that night to build a group of troops blatantly assassinated Yan Xun, he thought that many people will be able to succeed, it is too small to see Yan Xun. Less than a moment, Wei Shu travel to people who have been Yan Xun three completely resolved, Wei Shu swallow forced to battle, on his three-legged cats effort Yan Xun’s opponent, a few strokes down, Wei Shu tour has fallen to the ground. At this time, Yingge Court guard suddenly came in, Chu Qiao, Zhong Yu see the potential to hide in the house, Yan Xun was taken away. Yan Xun this do not know how, the emperor capricious, and highly vulnerable to people instigated, the situation is extremely detrimental to Yan Xun. On the other side, that Wei Shuxu missed, Yu Wenhuai sent Zhu Si six people secretly will be the captive corpses away from the buried, Chu Qiao quietly appear in the alley, blocking Yuwenhuai people. Zhu four six know after losing, but also do not wait for him to further action, it was sudden silver acupuncture, fell to the ground. Black people are dead, to protect the Yingge Court guards who came late. On the ground of the corpse turned a blind eye, let the Yan Xun three open arms. The night has not finished, do not know there is no second wave. Fortunately, last night is a Christmas Eve, black man last night is sent to Xiaoyu, there is a slip of the net fish fled back, according to his description, Yan Xun one of the maidservants shot fiercely, but it is Yuwen home effort. Xiao Yu Chu suspected of Joe did not die, this time finally confirmed her identity. Yuwen Huai and Xiao Yu secretly gas, the next morning, he and Wei Shu travel to the Yingge Court. Wei Shu tour arrogant domineering, life will Yan Xun house things turned a mess, scattered to a place. He is to bully Yan Xun, abjection of the Phoenix as chicken, Yan Xun is not before that majestic world, and he would like to bully what will do. Yu Wenhuai this is mainly directed at Chu Qiao to, although Yan Xun has been said Chu Qiao is only one of his maidservants, was scratched last night, should not see people. But Yuwen Huai what people, this reason also want to fool him, is simply nonsense. He directly to the Chu Qiao from the house dragged out, no pity still on the ground, see Chu Qiao face wrapped gauze, Yuwen pregnant must let her open to see. Yuan Song sister left, Yan Xun exposed the pain of color, Zhong Yu found him in the three foot turtle poison, Chu Qiao’s identity can not be exposed, or Yu Yuhuai took a big article, Yan Xun’s situation will be more difficult The This kind of poison can only be poisoned, now need to blindly herbs – toad, but this medicine will not have the general pharmacy. Zhong Yu with silver needle for Yan Xun delay the disease, Chu Qiao go out to find medicine. Night deep dew, Chu Qiao finally found a pharmacy drug, the boss is the sky asking price, Chu Qiao no time with his long-winded, direct knife to force him to pay the drug. Chu Qiao anxious, go back accidentally was found, they added to her fist, forced her out of the reasons. Chu Qiao silently beaten, silent, she knew he could not fight back, otherwise things big, Yan Xun will be implicated. Yan Xun’s trouble is very big, the emperor interrogated the night. Yan Xun and Wei Shu tour of the word, Wei Shu Yan Yan Xun want to escape, he was loyal to his duty was wounded. Yuwen Huai in the side of the time to help the cavity, he took out the test of the Yingge Court guard, to prove that Wei Shu said is true. Yan Xun appropriate weakness, Wei Gui for his words. But Yuwen Wububu Bu, vowing to Yan Xun into desperate, Yuwen dare to have nothing to fear, rely on the Zhu four six has been the first corpse clean. Assassin is Wei Shu tour often brought around the slave, many people have seen. Yuwenhuaihuohuohuo, hard to say that these people are the late set of Bei Hou early placed in the elite of the eyeliner. Ren Yuwen Huai how witty, but also can not fill him a pig teammates pit. Wei Shu You often eat five food scattered, in the confrontation of tension, addiction attack. Yan Xun for their rebuttal, provoke Wei Shu tour anger endless, the mouth can not speak out the truth will be out. Wei Shu You’s sin can not run. Wei Gui know Wei Shu travel has been soft ears, easily vulnerable to instigation, she explained to the emperor, meaning meaning. At this point, Yuwen kneeling on the ground, flustered.

Episode 31

Yan Xun safe return to Yingge small courtyard, Chu Qiao and Zhong Yu uneasy heart finally put down, Zhong Yu heard the emperor Wei Shu tour of the punishment, can not help but frown, it is too hasty it In fact, the emperor’s behavior can also be understood, punished heavy, after the door did not dare to Yan Xun hands, the emperor would like to use Yan Xun control Yan North, a precarious Yan Xun, than a safe Yan Xun let him rest assured. Back to the room, Yan Xun found Chu Qiao injured, and he was subject to multiple injuries are indifferent, but that can not see Chu Qiao the slightest damage, Chu Qiao tightly clinging to him, do not know how many killers in the dark Lurking, they finally survived, must be patient. Yuwen Yue to see the red temple of the three ladies, to inquire about the mother died the truth. Yu Wenhuai not, the guards did not dare to put Yuwen Yue into the two sides confrontation moment, Yue Wei and Hongshan guards guitar into a ball, Yuwen Yue into the Hongshan hospital. Secret room organs heavy, Yuwen Yue with many years of spy people experience, all the way into the room with scare. Yuwen Yue hand has a dress, his mother when going to Paradise through, when everyone said it was the most inferior waitress wearing peony skirt, but two months ago, Yuwen Yue in the Paradise Club Get this skirt, only to find this is actually a lady wearing a peony dress. Peony and peony are similar, this skirt is deliberately smashed, and his mother because of this skirt was framed with Yu Wenxi incest adultery. Three ladies legs paralyzed, has been imprisoned in this dark room. She was the Southern Wu Yi Lane Xie’s daughter, is Yu Wen Yue mother’s uncle and aunt. That night, Yuwen Yue mother came to see her, the two happy to drink some wine, Yuwen Yue mother alcoholic drunk, had to stay in Hongshan homes. Three ladies know Yu Wenxi’s virtue, specifically to the niece put on her dress, together into the Chamber of Secrets. But she never imagined, or bad Yu Wenxi murderous, this came in a full sixteen years, isolated, only two dumb servants wait. And Yu Wenxi did not kill her reason, because she mastered the evidence of Yu Wenxi pass the beam. Yuwen Huai back to the Red Hill Institute, found the yard of their own people died one, Yuwen Yue leisurely standing above the steps. Yu Wenhuai eyes fiercely, Yuwen Yue dare to provoke him, he will Qingshan Yuan blood flow into the river. Yuwen Yue Yu Yuhui threatened to turn a blind eye, told him to take away his wife three too, if he is not afraid of three rooms see the secret of the leak, even though to come. Yuwen Huai is not afraid of family scandal exposure, but Yuwen Yue at the same time to master the evidence of his private beam, it is equivalent to pinch his lifeblood, Yu Wenhuai had to serve soft. Yuwen Yue is the effect of this effect, the emperor sent him to the scorching sun, yellow sand rolling side of the defense, and Yu Wenhuai have to do all the cheap, in Changan Shu Shu to enjoy the blessing, which never suffer Yuwen Yue heart is not Comfortable. He gave Yu Wenhuai three days, go to the emperor to play royal mausoleum, or send him to and Yu Wenxi companion. Yuwen Yue Although the mouth said so proud, in fact, I thought just do not want Yu Wenhuai stay in Changan find Yan Xun trouble. Yuwen Huai is not easy to mix the water, and now again Yuwen Yue made bruised, which makes him very uncomfortable, but was holding the lifeline he had no way. At the same time, Wei Guiyu Yu Wenjia three-bedroom wife to emigrate to the news of the Castle Peak, knowing smile, finally understand the reason Yu Yuhuai to keep the imperial tomb. After Wei Shu tour to kill Yan Xun, the emperor finally on the Yingge Court safety attention, for a group of as a guard, while allowing people in addition to Yan Xun free access to Yingge Court. Yuan Song care guard led to Yan Xun before the sword, said to be the original owner. Guarding the command to go, Zhong Yu happy smile, it seems that Yuwen Yue Yu Yuwen Yu Yuhuai is about to leave Changan is true, Yuwen home temporarily will not be launched. Less Yuwen Huai this far from the heart of the big trouble, but in the land of tigers, they still can not relax vigilance. Yan North generals of the son of General Meng He came to Yingge Court, his father has been killed in the battlefield of Yan North, before the death of A fine to go to Yan Xun. A fine for people honest and honest, Yan Xun let him stay to do their own guard. Hazy moonlight, Chu Qiao and Yan Xun together lay a altar of wine, three years will soon be in the past, they need to do some preparation in advance, hope that time can be happy to drink today’s wine drunk. Time rushed over, blink of an eye to Yuwen Yue left Chang’an days, he prepared for the Chow Chow cemetery. Standing in front of Chu Qiao, Yuwen Yue mind flashed with her bit by bit, Chu Qiao’s voice has been deeply in his mind, the residual rainbow sword on her tomb, Yuwen Yue turned away. Left before the month told the Yan Xun. The East bogey abandoned Ding Hou Hou, and hope to pin to the big Wei seven princes Xiang Wang Yuan body. And Yuwen Yue trip to the destination is Yuan Tai’s big business. Yuan Che guarding the border for many years, the prince of Chang’an clan impression is dude, no real talent. Yuwen Yue fast whip, and finally arrived at Yuan Che Dai camp. Yuan Che also do not sell off, bluntly will not own their troops to Yuwen Yue, but he does not exclude Yuwen Yue set up their own forces. Yuan Che will throw his token to him, let him take to recruit troops and horses, can not recruit people to see Yuwen Yue’s ability. Chu Qiao worship brother sister, did not expect in their cemetery next to see Yuwen Yue for their own tombstone. Standing in front of the tombstone, Chu Qiao remember Yuwen Yue training her, love her picture, but also forget his hard to kill her facts. Yuwen Yue star child is dead, now alive is Chu Qiao. Before leaving, she took away the residual rainbow sword on the tomb.

Episode 32

Time is like a white horse, blink of an eye a year has passed. This year, Chu Qiao ran around for the Yan Xun, for their return to Yanbei to prepare. Yan Xun also day and night hard training martial arts, waiting for the moment back to Yanbei. At the same time, Yuwen Yue in the border has also been a year, he has from the gate of your son completely transformed into a defensive border generals. This day, Yuwen Yue a silver shirt, valiant, but his handsome face with dignified, frowned, the enemy suddenly struck, very bad on the yuan. Yuwen Yue led his team only five hundred people courageously kill the enemy, vowing for the yuan out of a line of blood. A war, countless casualties. After the success of the enemy, Yuwen Yue and Yuan Shu standing on top of this platform overlooking the earth. After a year’s time, Yuan Che has been met with Yuwen Yue, he knew Yuwen Yue really real learning, border is not his battlefield, as the heir of the day of the spy, Yuwen Yue should return to Chang’an. Now the big spear spies activities frequently, very negative for the big Wei, Yu Yu Yue is also the time to go back. Yan Xun Li Song sister immediately touched the coat off, so that Ah fine to burn. Once upon a time, that honest and straightforward Yan Xun has become so deep today, face to face a set of back is a set. Yan Xun’s three-year period of imprisonment is about to arrive, had set North Hou’s subordinate Wudao cliff in Yanbei recruiting for the Yan Xun return to prepare, in Changan also made the deployment. Zhong Yu will say to these news Yan Xun listen, this is a matter of life and death, Zhong Yu hope Yan Xun not tell Chu Joe, she is not enough trust Chu Qiao. But Yan Xun obviously do not think so, he is enough trust in Chu Joe, nothing to hide. Chu Qiao mind clever, to create a magic triple crossbow crossbow, specifically according to Yingge small courtyard of the terrain to transform, great power. She has been painstaking research organs weapons, to help Yan Xun a hand. Wei Shu tour for the assassination of Yan Xun was fined off the door for two years, and finally released, he not only do not repent, actually want to find Yan Xun trouble. But now Yan Xun is not more than two years ago, the slaughter of the weak down the world, Wei Shu tour is asking for trouble. Wei Shu tour this grow into some, did not personally come forward, he sent the assassins were Yan Xun and others to kill, this is cheap him. Three months from the expiration of three months, the valve will not let Yan Xun safe back to Yanbei, and its passive beaten, it is better to take the initiative, but this way, Yan Xun they have to deal with Yuwen, Zhao, Wei three major gate valve. Chu Qiao pondering a moment, think of the emperor emperor, guarding the imperial mausoleum is Yuwenhuai, Zhao is responsible for the construction, and the provision of building materials is Wei, if the imperial stump, the three gate who can not get away. Yuwen Huai holding the imperial tomb for nearly three years, with his character, broken will not be dedicated to the night guarding the mausoleum, and this is just to Chu Qiao start the opportunity. Late at night, mist filled, just for action. Chu Qiao and Zhong Yu a neat night clothes, quietly into the imperial tombs. Into the interior, Chu Qiao found that there are ground water seeped in, just can use this big article, imagine, the first emperor was stolen, treasures were sold, the first emperor coffin was infiltrated groundwater wet, the great dutiful son of the emperor will make How crazy it, wait and see it. Plan can not keep up with changes, Chu Qiao and Zhong Yu is planning to take the imperial treasures, suddenly heard footsteps. The two separate action, Chung Yu arson, Chu Qiao open to come, come to martial arts Gao Qiang, Chu Qiao after several times to be able to escape. Chu Qiao and Zhong Yu foot just go, Yu Wen Yue foot from the mausoleum in the chase out, to the Ming only to find the hands of the actually was a remnant of the sword, and he took the time to take clearly broken moon sword, must have just fight When the wrong sword of each other. Yuwen Yue and Xiang Wang Yuan did not return to Changan together with a long time, this night did not expect to see such a pleasant surprise, Yuan Che had been for their own not favored by the father of the father demoted to the border off the faint self-depressed depressed, and now many years of military career, so that his mind is broad, more open-minded thinking, rather than in the Changan intrigues of life, might as well ride the battlefield, To defend the country to the United States happy. The emperor summoned Yuwen Yue and Yuan Che, the time they are less wins, defeated the enemy, the emperor is very happy, especially the closure of the text of the moon for the Xiao camp camp, continue to help Yuan Che, loyalty for the country. Emperor also summoned Yan Xun, three years is coming, the emperor to explore Yan Xun bottom fine. Yan Xun three years to do the leak does not leak, the emperor relaxed wary, gave him a piece of let him in Changan free walking jade, said the reward. Rouran envoy is coming to the DPRK, the emperor intends to do a hunting in the outskirts of the Yuan Yuan recommended, the emperor will be sent to the task of care to Yuwen Yue. Yan Xun stood aside, hear the hunting thing, Mouguang gradually deep. From the hall came out, Yuan Che and Yan Xun greeting a few words, suddenly heard the guards to report, last night Huangling fire, guards Yuwen Huai has been captured by the criminal department. Then the emperor again Yuan Yuan called back, talking about the power of the matter. Corridor only Yuwen Yue and Yan Xun, Yuwen Yue do not have deep meaning greetings Yan Xun recently can be good, Chu Joe can be good. Yan Xun no move to tell him are good.

Episode 33

The emperor was suspicious, this time he specifically called Yuan Ran came to talk about military power and then the disposal of Yan Shi City thing, on the surface that is very easy to master the military power, but the smart Yuan know that the father of this is to warn him , Do not step Yan Shi City of the footsteps. Quiet and elegant hut, Yuwen Yue and Yan Xun sitting at the table to drink tea. Yuwen Yue would like to explain the misunderstanding of the year. But the tragedy has been caused, Yan Xun did not want to listen to any explanation, he got up to go, Yu Wen Yue finally went out before he asked the question that has always wanted to know: Star child did not die, she has been around you right? Although the question is, but the tone is very sure. Yan Xun asked: is to kill her once again? This sentence only poke Yuwen Yue heart of the child, sharply. Back to Yingge Court, Yan Xun carefully to help Chu Qiao handle a trace of scar between the neck, he told Chu Qiao Yuwen Yue already know her dead. This thing Chu Qiao early in the discovery of the wrong sword when it has been guessed, but then how she is now Chu Qiao, Yu Yu Yue is not waiting for the little girl around. The moon is hanging and the night is faint. Yuan Jie from the palace came out, went directly to the Castle Peak. Over the past two years, he and Yuwen Yue fought together, with the students were dead, has been the other as a good friend of life and death. Yuan said the emperor to his praise to Yuwen listen. Yuwen Yue after listening, Jian Mei slightly, ask Yuan do not believe that this is the emperor is the truth. Yuan Shu sneer, but the emperor called him back at the same time, again his death to the three princes called back to check him, the royal family, what really sincere at all. Yuwen Yue this time back, be regarded as fame, but also with the hands of the real power of the yuan to make a good deal, which makes Yuwen burning is very pleased, it seems spy paper day eye revival just around the corner. The East bogey with the yuan together back to Chang’an, he reminded Yuanzhu kill Yan Xun more appropriate, or put the tiger back to the mountain, endless trouble, it touches with the idea of ​​coincidence. Oriental bogey remind him of the embankment Yuwen Yue bad things, Yuan know Yu Wen Yue Yan Xun brother brother deep, just hope he will not live up to his trust. Castle Peak Cuiwei, flowers, suburbs hunting field, Yuan Song commander layout site. Far to see Chu Qiao followed Yan Xun over, Yuan Song moment eyebrows, fast horse in the past. His gods secretly pulling Chu Qiao step by step to speak, went to no one’s place, Yuan Song happy to tell Chu Qiao another three months, the father was willing to go out to open his government, when he can Marry the princess, and then let Chu Qiao to his office. Chu Qiao heard a look of speechless, to your government to do what, when a Jin Yi Yu food slaves do it This can be regarded as hurt the heart of the song, and when he looked at her as a servant to see it Chu Qiao also do not want to say, she was anxious to go, Yuan Song look worried, to remind her to be careful. Chu Qiao went to a jungle, found a rabbit injured, and kindly to help it cure. Suddenly the voice of the overbearing came, the young generation of the Batuja family was in the archery game, the rabbits were their prey. At the moment to see Chu Qiao, Zama changed his mind, shot it is not more interesting, she pointed to let Chu Qiao run, Chu Qiao really obedient in front of the run. Seeing a rock shot at her feet, Chu Qiao know how his legs can not run anybody’s horses, she stopped, that is so play boring, if she was riding a horse, Zama to shoot Not more exciting, more proof of her archery. Zama listened to the front, readily agreed. Chu Qiao riding a horse, the heart of a ruthless, with a dagger directly stabbed in the horse body, horse frantically ran out, Zama know that fooled, and Chu Qiao has run fast soon. At the same time, Yan Xun’s big account, he received Yuan Song gave Chu Qiao’s gift, to send the gift of the servant also specifically to Chu Qiao pro-Kai. After the servant left, Yan Xun approached the gift box, casually open to find a fine texture of the Jin Yi, his heart unhappy, picked up a cup of a crooked, the water left all down on the clothes. Yan Xun told A fine will be intended to give him the princess’s clothes brought, Chu Qiao back, Yan Xun will be sent to her clothes, while the Song sent clothes to her, Chu Qiaozhe touched, even found that Some clothes are wet. Think of Yan Xun just to send their own clothes, Chu Qiao smile, he is jealous of the bar. At this time, Zama find over, Yan Xun and Chu Qiao out. See Yan Xun, Zama look ridicule, ridicule him is the funeral of the dog, she would like to teach Chu Joe, Yan Xun how could let her do so, let alone her, even the emperor, Yan Xun will not let others move Qiao Qiao A hairy. Zama laugh Yan North addition of a kind of situation, then Yan Shi City in order to Bai Sheng offended the emperor so end, and now Yan Xun and Chu Qiao to offend her, it seems Yan is completely hopeless. Yan Xun insisted not to let people in the site, Zama had to close hand, but there are many days of hunting, to Japan long side. Yuan Cheong learned of this matter, curious Chu Joe in the end is what people, let Yan Xun so care. Yuwen Yue know concealment, told him that he was a former slaves. Heard this, Yuan hard thinking, note that Yu Wen Yue’s sword for the change. Tonight will be held a grand banquet, Yan Xun afraid Zama back to finding fault, let Chu Qiao with their own to go, but also specifically let her put on their own clothes. Chu Qiao things have been the uproar, Zhao Xifeng know Chu Qiao did not die, sneer, and Wei Shu travel plans to put her to death. Zhao Xifeng away, Wei Shu Ye remind Wei Shusu not too much, Yan Xun has been allowed to emperor free permission, such as Yingge Court, too for him only cause dissatisfaction with the emperor, Wei Shu Ye reason to say that the heart is also remembered with Yan Xun’s brother Feeling, but Wei Shu tour is never a man to listen to persuade. The moon quietly climbed the night sky, bonfire has been lit. Chu Qiao a ladies, gentle and pleasant standing Yan Xun side. Yuan Song to see Chu Qiao did not wear his clothes to send, his face is not happy, so she quickly put on the piece she sent, she is now this body is not suitable for her. This occasion, Yan Xun will inevitably go to entertainment, Chu Qiao standing in place waiting for him. Yuwen Yue see her straight to go over and asked Chu Qiao do not remember their own, and more hope to hear from her mouth to remember. Chu Qiao made an inexplicable congratulations to him. Yuwen Yue know here is not the place to speak, he let Chu Qiao told Yan Xun, do not have more trouble.

Episode 34

Wei Shu and Zhao Xifeng stopped Yan Xun find fault, Yan Xun is not a mess, Wei Shu Xiu mouth less than cheap, but also he was angered, but fortunately Wei Shu Ye stopped, only to avoid trouble. Zama big show horse skills, applause applause sound again and again, the emperor to reward her, Zama proposed to compare with Chu Qiao martial arts. Yan Xun many times to decline, but people slightly words, in Wei Shu travel, and others under the impetus is bound to do. Zama just finished the show, made to rest, so that Chu Qiao first with her men’s warrior than test. Shida tall and mighty, Zama did not want to rest, just want to teach the teachings of Chu Qiao, but did not expect is that Chu Qiao a move on the Shida hit, dare to provoke her, Zama forced to put forward And Chu Qiao than archery, each three arrows fired each other to see each other to see the prospective. Zhao Xifeng proposed Zama with the normal arrow, and Chu Qiao with no head arrows, so that will not hurt the Zama Princess, and Chu Joe a slaves, wounded hurt. Chu Qiao does not matter, no head arrows no head arrows. Chu Qiao and Zama battle arrows side of the party, the air as if this condensation in general, the two shot an arrow, Zama shot partial, Chu Qiao but a shot off her bowstring. Readily two arrows strings, vigilant, Zama see potential also do not try to be brave, directly throw in the towel. Chu Qiao for the big Wei fight light, the emperor to reward her gold million two. Zhao Xifeng at this time suddenly pointed out that Chu Qiao original Qingshanyuan slaves, but with Yan Xun side, should be regarded as escape slaves, according to law – he has not finished, was Yuwen Yue interrupted, Good slavery book, just three years ago to rush, no time to give her. Zhao Xifeng today did not discuss any cheap, but it does not matter, he and Wei Shuyou has been laid under the days of Luo network waiting Yan Xun, tomorrow is his death. At the same time, Chu Qiao and Yan Xun has also been arranged properly, but this group of people alone lack Yuwen Huai, some regret. Royal stupid things, Yuwen Huai find the dead ghost, and he himself even down three, did not qualify to participate in this level of banquet. Tian Guang Dasheng, hunting officially began. Yan Xun Yu Ma ran into a woods, and Zhao Xifeng, who is not the same as expected, their reinforcements not to the front of the woods are not familiar with. But Zhao Xi Feng relied on their own people, even if the reinforcements did not, but also nine to one of the situation, but also afraid of his Yan Xun not a But Wei Shu tour timid, did not dare to follow up. Yan Xun in front of gallop, Zhao Xifeng in hot pursuit in the back, a strong desire to win the heart so that he did not find the road has been quietly cut off, followed by the troops have been confused by Chu Qiao secretly. When he chased Yan Xun, he has only one person. Zhao Xifeng shouting with Yan Xun die, in his sword at the same time, Chu Qiao two arrows together, Zhao West wind crash landing. Zhao Xifeng awkwardly fell to the ground, watching Yan Xun eyes full of angry look, Zhao Xifeng mention Yan Hong raw silk, that died in his hand has been seven months pregnant Yan Xun’s sister, he dared to stimulate this Xun, is to determine his fear Zhao family, not how to own. But he underestimated the power of hatred, Yan Xun sword stabbed Zhao westerly, the emperor to watch his jade is still in the side. After the end of the hunting, only Zhao Xifeng did not come back, and so find his time, is already a cold body with a side of a jade. Emperor Mosa Zhao with jade, listen to Yan Xun how to explain. Wei Shu tour insisted that Yan Xun is the murderer, Yan Xun said it was accidentally lost jade wear, and Wei Shu tour with their own before the quarrel, maybe he was in retaliation for himself and killed Zhao West wind framed framed. Only listen to Yan Xun and Wei Shu tour side of the word, can not determine the murderer, the emperor sent Yuwen Yue inquire about the matter, the matter implicated in a wide range, Yuwen Yue asked Xiang Wang and Yu Wang main investigation, Yuan Song has never dealt with these things To Xiang Xiang Yuan to the main investigation. Yuwen Yue found Zhao Xifeng and his three entourage are dead in the spiral arrow, the spiral arrow arrow is very special, has always been Wei Shu tour of the dedicated arrow. Yuan Shu to find Wei Shu travel questioning, Wei Shu Yu admitted that he used the spiral arrow, but he is also very clever to leave their own space, although the spiral arrow is difficult to forge, but it does not rule out the possibility of imitation. Wei Shu tour hunting day with Zhao westerly out, but only one of his back, and Zhao westerly and died in the spiral arrow, Yuan Chui people to see Wei Shu tour of the residence. Wei Shu tour look magnanimous, he did not believe what can be found, so when Yuanzhu from the box found Yanbei soldiers prepared for the time, Wei Shu tour completely dumbfounded. Then, solemnly above the main hall, Yan Xun, Wei Shu tour kneeling in the bottom, Yan Xun refers to Wei Shu swallow to kill Zhao Xi wind framed himself, and Wei valve repeatedly sent into the Yingge Yuan assassination him, and now coupled with Yuan Che Personally found out the Yanbei soldiers prepared map, Wei valve ambition Zhaoxiao, Wei Shu tour hundred mouth Mo debate.

Episode 35

No matter how Wei Shu tour no matter how excuse, he killed Zhao westerly evidence is conclusive, see the emperor does not intend to grace, Wei light in order to keep the family interests, picked up the ground of the spiral arrow, personally stabbed his son. The emperor ordered Wei Shu tour dead three days to show everyone. Yan Xun walking in the palace on the road, recalling their own design to kill Zhao Xifeng, blame to Wei Shu tour of the whole process, he personally killed Zhao Xi Feng, Chu Qiao then Yanbei soldiers prepared into the camp, Can not find flaws. However, this is only the first step Yanxue revenge. Wei Guang personally killed his son, he was ruthless in front of people, but after people can not be loaded indifferent, a blood spit out. Yan Xun’s hatred, Wei Guang was recorded. See the sun hiding in the clouds will quietly fall, the distance Castle Peak Cuiwei, green grass on the hillside. Chung Yu and Wudao cliff sitting on the grass, looking at the distant weak days. Wudao cliff was Dingbei Hou handsome minister, good at worry, after the death of North Hou, he has been actively in the Yan Xun back to Yanbei to prepare. He reminded Zhong Yu, Wei valve will never let go, crisis moment, even if the sacrifice Suzaku Street, all should also keep Yan Xun’s life. Zhong Yu face firm, without the slightest retreat of the heart, in order to world, these sacrifices are worth it. Wudao cliff hand holding Zhong Yu’s hand, they have always been so mind the same. Yan Xun received the news came from the children’s sleep, Wei valve a large number of merchants to buy Yin Yang, want troops to cut off Yanbian economic lifeline, it seems Wei valve had to be in addition to. At this point, the palace of the Governor Zhao came to call Chu Qiao into the palace. The emperor summoned this intention is unknown, but the blessing is not a curse, is a curse. Chu Qiao follow Zhaozhaozhao palace, waiting for waiting outside the palace summoned. Yu Wenhuai suddenly appeared to see Chu Qiao to hate the root itchy, see Chu Qiao holding a sword, he was carrying his own weapons into the palace of people won Chu Joe. Chu Qiao, of course, will not be caught, but the palace should not see the blood, her body slander dodge in order not to hurt, but this will only come to the end, into a heavy encirclement. Critical moment Yuwen Yue suddenly appeared, he claimed that the hands of Chu Qiao is his broken sword, he dignified Xiaoqi camp deputy command, with the sword into the palace should be, but he Yuwen Huai with three, who prospective private Bring their own weapons into the palace. Yu Wenhuai had just entered the palace, and occasionally encountered Chu Qiao on the embarrassed, and now Yuwen Yue came over to support her, Yu Wenhuai had to give up. Yu Wen Yue with Chu Qiao to a no one of the open land, chant to Chu Qiao his sword back. Chu Qiao has long been Yuwen Yue’s maidservant, she is not ready to Yuwen Yue command tone to speak with her, want a sword, then first her sword back. Yuwen Yue ridiculed her hard enough to speak, the two words do not match hands, fighting in the sword over. Chu Qiao want to release the slaves instruments, Yuwen Yue and how can easily give her, put Chu Qiao to do his day maternity exchange conditions. Can not get the slavery instruments, Chu Qiao will be Yuwen Yue containment, she did not want to be bound, had promised down. The emperor to deal with the northwest task, no time to summon Chu Joe. Back to Yingge Court, Chu Qiao do not say anything, deliberately hanging Yan Xun appetite. Yan Xun is not anxious to accompany her joke. Enough trouble, Chu Qiao told Yan Xun emperor did not have time to see her, but she met Yuwen Yue in the palace, and only do his day maidservants to get back to the slaves. Chu Qiao and Yan Xun have words first, can not cheat each other, so she is very honest to tell the matter Yan Xun. She has decided, Yan Xun even if reluctant, it will not block. The next morning, Chu Qiao early into the Castle Peak homes. After three years, to return to this full of memory, Chu Qiao to see their former room was cleaned clean, she remembered Yu Wen Yue hand to teach her Kung Fu those days, if not later these things, they now It will not trouble so. Month seven told Chu Qiao, she left, Yuwen Yue daily sent to clean her room. Obviously have been looking forward to people, people come to him not good to others. Yuwen Yue should be made out of the Chu Qiao to his side of the tea pouring water, drink tea and said Chu Qiao stupid, so good chance of poisoning, even if not. Yuwen Yue has been called Chu Qiao Xinger, because the star child is his personal maidservant, is completely belong to him. But Chu Qiao has always stressed that he called Chu Qiao, Chu Qiao is a completely independent identity, so she is not attached to who exists, it can stand on the equal status and Yuwen Yue get along. Yu Wen Yue miss the day with her practice sword day, today came back to the backyard and Chu Qiao with the sword, the feeling of the past seems to have come back. Chu Qiao accidentally stepped on the gravel, seeing will slip to, Yuwen Yue flying forward, Chu Qiao subconsciously take the sword to resist, sharp sword tip instantly cross the palm of Yu Yue, at the same time, he used the other arm Live in Chu Qiao. The two together for lunch, at the same time fancy a pork, do not let each other, but bitter piece of meat, and they grabbed to grab, accidentally fell to the ground. Chu Qiao continued to protect the meat that Yuwen Yue eat, Yuwen Yue can not, but to turn to eat next to the green bamboo shoots, Chu Qiao is happy to eat meat. Did not expect to have experienced so many things, they can be so pleasant to sit together to eat. Blink of an eye to the evening, Chu Qiao lay the bed to find Yuwen Yue. Yuwen Yue to her to see thousands of souls scattered, which is the poison of venom spar from the spar from the refining, it is said that a drop can be poisoned thousands of people, this is Yuwen Yue grandfather died in the day of poison, then pity also in the poison, but Fortune Dan only one. Chu Qiao for prostitution, Yuwen Yue but for her feel pity, she should not only live for others. Looked at the back of Chu Qiao left, Yuwen Yue eyes reveal a deep dismay. Chu Qiao before leaving, on the seventh day will be Yuwen Yue hands to acupuncture law to let her suspend death to explain to her, Chu Qiao subconsciously clenched in the hands of the interpretation of the slaves, without hesitation left. Back to Yingge Court, Chu Qiao holding the red rainbow sword lying in bed, think of the original Yuwen Yue kill her scene, a long time difficult to sleep. Huangling water seepage, supervision Wei light to blame. The emperor sent Yuwen Yue thorough investigation of this matter, the emperor of the stolen goods in a thing called Bai Yu Ding, on the feng shui line of the imperial tombs, can keep all directions, Xing Guo Yun, extremely important, must be back. In addition, the emperor reminded Yu Wen Yue to recognize their own position, do not be confused in Yan Xun things.

Episode 36

The emperor would like to use Yuwen Yue’s hand to beat Wei Guang, spy paper eye eyelids many, Yuwen burning out a piece of spies, you can enable the year in Wei Guang side of the pieces. Wei Guang sent a careful investigation of the imperial fang that fire, when the fire is large, but did not burn to the inside, the underground palace water seepage is serious, it is obviously deliberately whom, Wei Guang suspected behind the people is Yan Xun, he sent People to check the black market that a few pieces of funerary goods source, once caught clues, it is necessary to set Yan Xun to death. Yan Xun clever is far better than his father, Wei Guang sent from the Xianyang first check. Wei Guang out of all the people out of the house, leaving only Wei Shu Ye one. He did a enough to make the whole Wei family extinction, will symbolize the national transport of Bai Yuding on the tomb of Wei Shu Ye grandfather. Wei Shu Ye heard this, surprised, but this is the first thing to kill the family ah. Now this matter in addition to their uncle only two ministers of the Ministry of Staff Liu Shen know, as long as the removal of him, on the seamless. Wei Guang do not know is that this thing has been quietly hidden in the window two people heard. They are Yuwen Yue and Yan Xun people, few, Yuwen Yue and Yan Xun have learned the news, they are clear, to pull down Wei Guang, Liu Shen is a key figure. Liu Shen before Yu Wenhuai things back pot, now ready to escape. Looked at the front of the map, Chu Joe decided to cut in halfway Liu Shen. At the same time, Yuwen Yue also see the same map, Liu Shen, he is bound to get. Wei Shu Ye has also been prepared to kill the murder. Three people have been sent out, Wei Shu Ye’s people as early as one step, Liu Shen’s followers one by one fall, black masked hands holding sword step by step approaching him, Chu Qiao suddenly appeared, strong to join the war situation, she was fighting a number of training Prime black killer, but also guarding Liu Shen, a careless arm was designated a sword. Yuwen Yue finally arrived, he and Chu Qiao strong combination, with tacit understanding, less than a moment will be black killer to solve the clean. Wei Shu Ye hiding aside, when they are melee, he quietly kept up with the intention to flee the Liu Shen. Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue found Liu Shen was gone, hurried to find. In the nick of the occasion he was saved from the Wei Shu Ye sword out, Yuwen Yue do not want to Wei Shu Ye, he let go. Now only Yuwen Yue, Chu Qiao and Liu Shen three, the woods and restore the quiet. Yuwen Yue found Chu Qiao injured, and pulled her arm to her dress for her, Ren Chu Qiao how struggling is useless. Chu Qiao Qi knot, threatened to three, Yuwen Yue do not let go do not blame her bluntly. Yuwen Yue let her count to one hundred, when he should be finished dressing. Liu Shen in the side for Yuwen Yue help, he was stunned with a palm. People both bicker, Liu Shen this big bulb too no eyes met. Yuwen Yue should take away Liu Shen, claim that only he took away is the most reasonable. And Yuwen Yue also know that the imperial stupid thing is Chu Qiao, he did not expose, all for Chu Joe. Chu Qiao seems to hear a big joke, I am afraid he also want to take the opportunity to get rid of Wei Guang it, Yuwen Yue do not want to argue with her, what she said is what, since she wanted to know Wei Guang things, that he can Said to her. Liu Shen was brought to the front, Wei Guang know the trend has gone, Wei Gui kneeling in the hall outside, ask the emperor to grace. Yuwen Yue read and Wei Shu Ye heart is not bad, specifically let him go with the palace with their own evidence Wei Guang, the only way, Wei Jia Bu Bu Yu door copy. Wei Guang confessed to what he had done, was sentenced to decide. Emperor read and Wei Shu Ye reported active, so that he was in charge of Wei. They went out, the emperor picked up the table of hairpin, if thoughtful, it is Wei Guifei in order to let him put Wei a horse and sent. Wei Gui has been blessed Yuwen Yue, but today’s Wei things Yuwen Yue really can not help. Wei Guifei profound meaning, not to blame him, but her a pair of children naive simple, Wei Guiyuan hope Yu Yu Yue more to their care, her words quite some to do before the event, the meaning of the funeral. The emperor’s mind people can not guess, he ordered Chu Qiao do Xiaoqi camp archery coach. Xiao riding camp is now Yuan Chuan main things, Chu Qiao a daughter, in a bunch of all men’s barracks, Yan Xun some worry about her.

Episode 37

Chu Qiao know Yan Xun worry about their own, she smiled and relieved him, is not Xiaoqi camp it? She was in the old wind to the rain, no fear of anything. Yan Xun know her mind, he is now three years ago, Yan Xun, and is definitely not let her grievances. Army camp in the loud cries resounded through the horizon, Chu Qiao neat dark blue tights, hair high beam, it is particularly valiant valiant. Chu Qiao is the emperor of the female leader, Yuan He personally met with her, Chu Qiao in the Yan Xun trouble period of his stubbornly abandoned the loyalty of Yuan Che is very admire. He received a note, after seeing Chu Qiao to the beauty army office. Chu Qiao went out, Yuan Che immediately called Yuwen Yue, just the note is Yuwen Yue wrote, he hoped that Chu Qiao to the beauty of the military office. Xiao Qi camp most of the children are Chang’an aristocratic children, all rebellious, Chu Qiao just a slave from the woman, in order to stay in such a group of people, I am afraid that even more difficult than the day, but the beauty army is different , They come from Yanbei, in the North Hou things did not contribute to the Yan Xun cherish the guilt of the heart, Chu Qiao go there should not be embarrassed. Yu Wen Yue for Chu Qiao intend to be so comprehensive, Yuan Che also noted that Chu Qi’s sword is a remnant sword, and Yuwen Yue’s moon sword is just a pair, he ridicule to ask Yuwen Yue is not really like Chu Qiao The Yu Wen Yue this question is not going to answer, see Yuan He looking for him no matter what, turned out. Chu Qiao all the way to find the past, just to see the beauty of the deputy commander He Xiao was led by Xue Zhileng tied for trouble, the soldiers kneeling on the ground begging, He Xiao Zhengzheng iron bone does not yield, Xue Zhilang to shake the military crime on the ground To execute against him. Seeing that He will be brought down, watching the long time Chu Qiao suddenly sounded, said one sentence: slow. Chu Qiao is only the new archery coach, Xue Zhilun deal with their own soldiers, so she should not nosy. Chu Qiao advised him to the best report Xiaoqi camp coach Yuan Che, he is now not to kill the ordinary vice president, but the generals of the generals, the beautiful army is guarding Changan heavy, is not his Xue cold one of the government Soldiers. Xue Zhiquan chu Qiao choke speechless, not willing to leave with their own people. Beauty army all from Yanbei, because three years ago did not help to save the North Hou back ungrateful stigma. He Xiao lying in bed to recuperate, his hands Ge Qi, Wu Dan Yu discuss is not through the Chu Qiao contact Yan Xun to show heartfelt. They talked and knocked at the door, and she took a good gold sore to He Xiao. Today, thanks to Chu Qiao, He Xiao was able to survive, he was surprised how did Chu Qiao know him. Yan Xun to return to Yanbei, Chu Qiao has long been able to fight to find a helper, the beauty army is in which. But she did not say a few words to He Xiao. Night falls, quiet little woods, He Xiao alone wiping wicker. Chu Qiao came, He Xiao know that she is Yan Xun side of the people, talked about her own private matter, since three years ago, after they inexplicable back to the traitor’s name, he was brother out of the family The wife was killed by his bandits. Chu Qiao heard this, generously said to help him revenge. He Xiao from her see here hope, if Yan Xun willing to believe them, the beauty army will be able to get rid of the traitor’s stigma. In fact, the hands of the traitor of the beautiful army back also have their own responsibility, when they respond slowly, was drilled loopholes, straight attack Yanbei powerhouse. Chu Qiao told him that Yan Xun does not believe that the beautiful army is not a traitor is not important, Yan Xun’s imprisonment period is coming soon, when the beautiful army how to do is the most important. Yan Xun has been ready for Changan, they arranged a large range of Changan fire oil. Out of the road of Chang’an must be very difficult, they are ready, just a suitable time. Yuan Ju long since the long in the Wei Guifei, her as a mother. Wei Gui Yuan Yuan Yuan over, just want to discuss with him a suitable candidate. Yan Xun know Chu Qiao to the beautiful army, decided to see her. At this time, Xiaoqi camp, Yuwen Yue and Yuan cut with the meal, Yuan Chai Chuo Qiao tune yuwen Yue, Yu Wen Yue laughing him a prince actually so gossip. Yuan Che reminded him that Chu Qiao and Yan Xun through thick and bitter, extraordinary friendship. These Yuwen Yue mind are clear, was so clearly said to make him more uncomfortable, but he has done far from looking at the psychological preparation of Chu Qiao happy. Yuwen Yue standing on the tall tower, overlooking, his eyes to stay, Yan Xun and Chu Qiao stood there. Yan Xun look Chu Joe, intimate for her to prepare a hand cream, two people talk smiled and an excellent atmosphere. Subsequently, Chu Qiao in the training field to teach the arrows, and personally demonstrated, she double arrows are all in the middle of the bull’s-eye, the soldiers applauded again and again. At this time, Yuwen Yue came, see the arrow on the target who asked how to shoot the cold. Listen to his tone thought it was shot bad, Chu Qiao whispered to answer their own. Yuwen Yue clear, raised his hand also issued two arrows, the middle bull’s-eye, everyone applauded again and again. Yuwen Yue see the beautiful army bow and arrow old, put forward for them for a number of new arrows, let Chu Qiao followed him to get the warrant. Said so much, just want to be alone with her. To Yuwen Yue room, he sat in motion after the motionless, Chu Qiao do not want to spend time with him, let him quickly write a warrant. Yuwen Yue sat there indifferently, without grinding how he wrote. Chu Qiao can not, had to go forward grinding. Yuwen Yue heart joy, his mouth but ridicule her from the mouth, a few days ago who said he would not serve him later. Chu Qiao heard this, dropped the ink stone quit. Yuwen Yue good to close, to remind her to keep their own, Yan Xun map too big, Wei Guang things he has to help them settle, but only once, I hope they are sober.

Episode 38

Back to Xiaoqi camp, Yuan thoroughly look gossip to inquire, Yuwen Yue a tone to know Yuan Che and Wei Gui is a good collusion. Yu Wen Yue is nothing more than because Chu Qiao, Yuan Tu told him to see the facts as soon as possible, Chu Qiao is really a good girl, but he Yuwen Yue dignified country (official) son, Yuwen valve eldest son how can marry a slave Of the woman, Moreover, Chu Qiao three years with Yan Xun in Yinggeyuan day and night to get along, orphans and the occurrence of the long ago, did not worth Yuwen Yue for her so. Yuwen Yue do not want to listen to him down, turned to go. Yuan Che see him indifferent, had to tell him that he did not intend to let Yan Xun alive to leave Chang’an, Yan Xun with full of hatred, a hostility, if let him leave, Wei will never ever, Chu Qiao will inevitably Be implicated. Yuan Che reminded Yuwen Yue to see their identity. The emperor sent Yuan to meet the Prince Liang Xiao Shao, this is not what beauty. I heard that Xiao Shi who men do not touch things, even his childhood to eat vegetables and fruits are in the palace to open up a fertile soil, young girls planted, and so the number of such things, this is not a fuel-efficient Light ah Soldiers to report, that is, Xiao disease, and intend to return, and Xiao policy has words first, despise Yuan Rugao back from the front line hostility too heavy, do not want to see him. Yuan cut can not, had to send Chu Qiao with people to meet. Chu Qiao with people early in the Xiao policy must pass on the road, Xiao policy maid arrogant domineering, Yang whip wounded a soldier. Waving the whip, Chu Qiao, but the players, she whipped over, directly on the carriage along the maids pulled to the horse, Ma frightened, frantically with a carriage ran up. Chu Qiaoqi horse with the back, suddenly wearing a red robe, head tie two pigtail man horse horse gallop, his face white jade, facial features comparable to the woman, his face with a ruffian smile, this Is the South Liang Prince Xiao policy. When the two horses are similar, Xiao policy a flying, sat down on the horse’s horse back, homeopathic upstairs her waist. Chu Qiao the most resentment of strangers touched her, after playing a few punches, Xiao Xiao threw the horse directly. Just suave romantic suave His Royal Highness fell to the ground, find any, he was pitiful lying on the ground to sue Chu Qiao cruel. Prince was beaten, his maids Buyiburao let Yuan Che must punish Chu Qiao. Go back, Chu Qiao know that broke the disaster, willing to Yuan Yuan with the crime. Did not expect the yuan really boast of her good dry, the military of the people, the most desperate Xiao-ching this bitch chirp trouble fine. Even if Chu Qiao not shot, Yuan Che has also been planned, to fat Xiao Xiao hit a meal. But Xiao policy was playing things, may be small, Yuan Ren told down, no one can leak the wind, and see what action Xiao Xiao it. Subsequently, Yuan Song’s face can not love to find seven gold Yuan Tucao, Xiao policy, but he toss enough to choke. Yuan Che only concerned about the Xiao policy has not been mentioned by Chu Qiao playing things, Yuan Song Xiao Peng pox eye that is known to be playing, really gas ah. A burst of flowers floated, Yuan Song smell the smell of Xiao policy. I saw two maids leaving the flower basket twist the water snake waist sprinkled with petals, Xiao Shi then step on the petal road swaggering came up and asked where Chu Qiao where. Chu Qiao one out, he was very honest touch on the waist of the people, Chu Qiao can not close the hand, and to hit the Xiao policy. Who knows Xiao policy also eat this set, do Chu Qiu do his guards, to protect his safety. Xiao policy to enter the palace of St., Chu Qiao with him by a carriage, by Yuan Che and Yuan Song personally escort. Luxury and comfortable carriage, Xiao Qi with interest to see Chu Qiao, Chu Qiao is frosty, do not want to pay attention to him. But also could not stand the prince himself cooked, know that she called Chu Qiao, the affectionately called her Jojo. See Chu Qiao eyes closed a pair of students do not go into the ground, Xiao policy suddenly said his hand cold, want her to warm, and then his claws gradually toward Chu Qiao’s chest, seeing will succeed, Pig screams from the carriage came, Xiao policy embarrassed fly out of the carriage fell to the ground. But his face thick enough, on the train and then holding the bottle so that Chu Qiao for his drug. And finally to the palace, two rows of beautiful women standing on both sides of the road to meet, Xiao Qiao with Chu Qiao from the past, these vulgar powder is not interested. The two countries have the meaning of marriage, the emperor in order to express friendship, so that Xiao choose their own marriage object. Xiao strategy to push this matter by his father and king to call the shots, but he touched a person hope that the emperor can fulfill, that person is standing beside him Chu Qiao. The emperor has not yet spoken, he recently not the new seal of the Lan Fei sit still, and that Chu Qiao is the emperor eclectic will be elected, should not give it, hope Xiao Xiao understanding. Chu Qiao back to Xiaoqi camp, see Yuwen Yue when not seen, walked directly from his side. She wanted to go Yuwen Yue partial not let, Chu Qiao tone asked him hard to find fault. This breath, Yuwen Yue questioned she actually dare to talk to him so. Chu Qiao think this man must be broken brain, and she almost killed him several times, so the speech is not surprising it This word inexplicable poke Yuwen Yue’s laughter, he did not face the face of the face even exposed a clear smile. To see her so hard now, it seems to climb the wings of Xiao Dao hard. Chu Qiao ridicule he looks good, maybe try Xiao policy can see him. At the same time, Lan Fei kneeling in the private Luo River for the establishment of the soul before the Luo River to her life-saving grace, so she stopped the Xiao policy today, but Chu Qiao do not know her, Lan Fei do not know should not Should go to see her side, she is now pregnant, do anything to be careful. Today, Xiao policy and Xiao Yu are in Chang’an, as the princess and prince, say what should see one side is. Siblings two faces and heart and not, fighting infighting constantly. But they have a common goal, is to promote the big Wei and Yanbei war, who made this matter who can get Liang Huang’s appreciation. Xiao policy really easy to leave the beam, no father of the shackles, he must Xiao Yu good-looking.

Episode 39

Xiao Yu and Xiao policy idea is surprisingly consistent, want to find trouble for each other. Xiao Xiao Xiao Yu can not see ambitious, and Xiao Yu has also wanted to get rid of Xiao policy, let her brother when the Prince. Palace, Lan Shuyi side by side with the emperor asked Chu Qiao’s identity, she wanted to help Chu Joe, you must figure out the situation of Joe. The emperor told her that Chu Qiao is Yan Xun side of the people, but also curious has always been not heard the two foreigners Langer how interested in Chu Qiao. Lan Shuyi smiled and said that do not want to see Chu Qiao such a good girl to marry Xiao Shi that romantic people. Speaking of Xiao policy, the emperor intends to marry him, Xiao policy, although a little romantic, and soon the future is the mother of a country, so it seems more harm than good ah At the same time, Zhao valve home is to the emperor to speak, three years is approaching, must not let Yan Xun returned to Yanbei, or infinite trouble. The emperor of course, do not want to let go Yan Xun, but he has been declared the past three years the world, said Yan Xun emperor mighty, the deadline will put him back to Yanbei, he did not want the world that he is a speech without The monarch of the letter. Zhao valve home to hear the words of the emperor, the heart of a meter, proposed Xu Yan Xun to the benefits so that he had to stay in Chang’an, the first person to stay from the long term, but this is to let Yan Xun must leave the benefits of what is wrong. Three years of the period is about to see, Yan Xun know the emperor will not easily let him go, but what rush to stop him, not yet known. At this point, the palace suddenly come, declared him into the palace of St.. Yan Xun unloaded a preparedness, with a modesty look to see the emperor. Chu Qiao suddenly received Lan Shuyi summoned, some unknown so. Lan Shuyi see Chu Qiao, could not help but think of things that year. At that time, Luo River was killed, she was to cover Chu Joe was a group of soldiers insult. Lan Shuyi mention Luo River, Chu Qiao no reaction. Heard Chu Qiao said he lost his memory, a martial arts is also Yuwen Yue pass, Lan Shuyi instantly relax, she knew Chu Joe said is true, and did not deliberately conceal, she has been read Luo River’s kindness, as long as Chu Joe one day do not know their own life experience, do not endanger her baby, she even desperate will protect Chu Joe Zhou Quan. Lan Shuyi suddenly let Chu Qiao touch the mind, came out from her, just met Yuan Song. Yuan Song told her Lan Shuyi extremely hard, just three years has been the emperor’s most favorite concubine, and she is likely to Yuwen Huai people, Yuwen is not on the genealogy of the illegitimate daughter. Listen to him so that Chu Qiao thoughtfully. Yuan Song Chu Qiao out of the palace, he thought Chu Qiao like Yan Xun, best to comfort her. Chu Qiao Yan Xun’s feelings are not men and women, she has been around him because they are the same person. Yuan Song heard this, happy to win, so he would not have a chance. Chu Qiao curious like in the end is what kind of feeling, Yuan Song told her like a person is to see him will heart rate to speed up, see him and tea will not think, it seems like a sick feeling. Chu Qiao thoughtfully, Yuan Song took her hand to know what she felt about herself. Chu Chora next face, Yuan Song had to give up. Yan Xun back after the night to meet Chu Joe, the wedding thing he wanted to explain with her. Chu Qiao naturally know the secret behind the marriage mystery, the emperor to Yan Xun hands, but at the expense of the happiness of their daughter is too cold and ruthless. This is not surprising in the Yan Xun, the emperor was ruthless. The emperor will Changan arranged like a drum, they want to escape, disguised dress does not work, only the storm to win a ray of life, in this case, to get outside the army stationed in the military is the top priority. Back to the north of the road, will die when life, if you can survive, Yan Xun want Chu Qiao never leave him. Chu Qiao smiled, only that they do not need to say these. Yan Xun suddenly received a flying pigeon biography, said Zhong Yu enemies, about them in the drunk cents floor meet. About them to meet people is Xiao Yu, she asked Yan Xun talk about cooperation.

Episode 40

Xiao Yu had repeatedly stopped Zhong Yu to save Yan Xun, she said to cooperate, Zhong Yu skeptical. This moment he was the beginning of Xiao Yu Yan Yan Xun is to promote the great Wei and Yan North between the civil war, now Yan Xun trapped in Changan can not get out, civil war can not afford to play, how she received the fisherman’s benefit. From this point, Xiao Yu and Yan Xun part of the goal is the same, the prerequisites for cooperation already have, their alliance is logical. The huge training field, at this time only Chu Qiao one in the practice of arrows, out of the city more and more close to the day, she was difficult, archery frequently mistakes. Yuwen Yue came, ridiculed her lost his wife and soldiers, accompanied by Yan Xun three years in vain, and now he has to marry someone else. Chu Qiao now no mood to fight with him when the tongue of the fast, they want to escape Changan, Yuwen Yue can not know, Yuwen home is a great Wei aristocracy, Yuwen Yue and served in the DPRK, so he does not help ok, but he If you stop, Chu Qiao do not know what they will make. Yuwen Yue warned her, do not wish to disrupt Chang’an, Changan chaos, he is bound to shot. Yu Wenhuai had a chance to save Lan Shuyi, the thought of her into the palace when the eyeliner, and now Lan Shuyi gain, even turned his face do not recognize people, Yu Wenhuo eyes fiercely, I do not know what in the premeditated. Serious and orderly barracks, Xiao policy holding a bouquet of brightly blooming bouquet chase in the back of the past, gallant, chatter, annoying trouble. Chu Qiao unbearable, she hated Xiao policy all day wearing a colorful in front of her swinging, hate him all day selling foolish silly fool everyone, hate his fox eyes and mouth honey sword fear the world chaos. Xiao policy also entangled, Chu Qiao a raise his hand and put him lying on the ground. Yuwen Yue just over, Xiao policy maid Buyiburao, so he must punish Chu Joe. Yuwen Yue, of course, will not be difficult Chu Qiao, Xiao policy will not, regardless of his regardless of the ground to get up, hard to say that he fell, and then just like nothing to go around Chu Qiao, tried to invite her to picnic, Outside the soldiers too much, the air they are engaged in the smell of smoked days, if Chu Qiao can go, it would be better. Listen to him out of the city, Chu Qiao think if it can take advantage of the station outside the army stationed in the defense map is also good. They go to Xiao Guan, the woods, Xiao and Chu Qiao each riding a horse walking in the forest path. Chu Qiao proposed to go hunting, Xiao policy look of disgust, I heard that Wei also hunted that the people, when the prey to wantonly killing, is really cruel, he does not like to kill, he only like to create people, if and their own The beloved woman made it better. Xiao Shi from time to time out of a few shocks, Chu Qiao has been surprised. The woods came a trace of change, Chu Qiao force very good, in the arrow before the moment came to the Xiao policy. Momentary, arrows from all directions to shoot over, Xiao policy to bring people are shot, this is Xiaoyu sent his gift. Chu Qiao eyes quickly touch the arrows from all sides shot, but also dragging the drag of the drag oil bottle, a time like a ring. They both flew into the jungle, where the old trees, many vines, suitable for hiding. The number of others too much, Chu Joe was injured, desperate with Xiao strategy with the jump under the deep pool. Yan Xun Chu Chu was the news of the victims, impatient, must go to Xiao Guan save her. Moreover, Prince Liang attack, as long as the kill him, Changan will be chaotic up, just to provide a convenient escape for them. At the same time, jumped deep pool of Xiao policy and Chu Qiao has been ashore. Chu Qiao unconscious, Xiao policy Daoshi unharmed, looking at Chu Qiao coma look like, Xiao policy put away the usual cynical, laughing she how so silly, really do not know to kill him is the most of her and Yan Xun Good choice? Coma for a long time, Chu Qiao finally wake up, Xiao also want to try her, he has reason to analyze the assassination of his murder, Yan Xun’s motive, Chu Qiao heard this, eyes flying, a time of various ideas Flashed his mind, and finally let him shut up. Assassins chase up, after several fights, Chu Qiao will chase those people to destroy, she finally because of the waist injury can not afford. Suddenly, the original has been fell to the ground to kill a black and stood up, Chu Qiao eyes squint, decided to let Xiao kill him. Xiao policy raised the sword, reluctantly and black killer on the recipe, staggered fall, killer sword straight into Xiao policy throat away, nick of time, Chu Qiao in the end or soft-hearted, flying out of a knife to solve the killer. Chu Qiao hurt too much, can no longer move, the killer at least a dozen people, how to do it Xiao policy proposed by him to drive the killer, Chu Qiao really help him, Xiao policy is not vague, before leaving his father and his father for his self-defense weapon to create Chu Qiao, as long as a rotation organ, will be toxic Shoot out. Xiao Qiao left, Chu Qiao wound painful, fell to the ground, a few killers gradually close to her, Chu Qiao struggling to pick up Xiaozhi to the weapons, to solve them, exhausted her last trace of effort. Yu Wenyao early learned that Yan Xun Qiao out of the city when the assembly of all the moon on the rush, he knew that Yan Xun adventure out of the city the only reason is Chu Qiao accident. Shaw has a shortcut, that is, from the cliff down, you can save a lot of time, while the danger is unpredictable. In order to Chu Joe, Yuwen Yue did not hesitate to choose this road. And therefore, when Chu Qiao woke up, Yuwen Yue sat beside her.



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