Princess Agents Drama Series Episode 61-67

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Episode 61

Chen boss went to a quiet bamboo, where misty, unusually quiet. Meng Feng has long been waiting for a long time here, see Chen boss came, Meng Feng took the representative of Yuwen Yue identity of the day card token, and Yuwen Yue’s hand show to him, and then they agreed tomorrow morning in the city of Hongchuan see. The next morning, Meng Feng for a farm woman’s dress, with a few disguised dressed brothers to wait at the gate of the city. Meng Feng impatient, Chen boss not to try to enter the city, the defenders of the city to see them without approval, immediately vigilant, suspected gang is a spy. Meng Feng clenched his fist, claiming that the approval is not on her. At this time, Chen boss hurriedly came from the city, took out yesterday’s fine fine to the soldiers to see that. With the approval, Meng Feng a pedestrian smoothly into the city. They first entered the city, they met Chu Qiao and He Xiao, Chu Qiao see them shipped a few things, ask what is the car. Meng Feng has long been prepared for this situation, took out the car to see them rice. Chu Qiao see no exception, put them over. Meng Feng in the boss at the boss to get Yan Xun big camp map, intended to night attack Yan Xun big business, the goal is his granary. Chen boss that is wrong, this plan is too reckless, need a long plan, at this time, Chen boss received a letter, that at night there will be the boss of the South to send food, food sent to the warehouse overnight, when Into and out are people, simply inconvenient to act. Meng Feng with people to investigate the situation, just to see Zhan Ziyu’s carriage came, they can not rely on too close, only sporadic to hear some Zhanzi Yu and A fine dialogue. Zhan Ziyu this time personally to send food, A fine thanks for thousands of miles to send the grain of grace, for him to prepare the Inn rest. Meng Feng back, Chen boss told her Zhan Ziyu is the southern boss to help the gang, he helped Yan Xun, even more powerful ah, Chen boss intended to kill Zhan Ziyu, without leaving trouble. But Meng Feng strongly opposed, she intuition Zhan Ziyu is not a simple character. At night, Cheng Yuan in the station banquet Zhan Ziyu, said Yan Xun to Blue City tour, can not immediately see him. Zhan Ziyu do not care, he seems to have no intention to mention Yan Xun back to aid Hongchuan things, Cheng Tao sighed, snappily told him that this is because a woman. Zhanzi Yu clear, it seems Chu Qiao really here, his purpose to reach, do not want to stay, the next morning to leave. Meng Feng wrote a note to Chen boss immediately sent to Yuwen Yue, they act cautiously, the paper fell several times before the hand finally reached a beggar hands, but they do not know, he has long been Chu Qiao eyeing The. Beggars just get the paper was caught by Chu Qiao, she followed the melon caught Yuwen Yue in Hongchuan City, the person in charge of the boss Chen boss and other spy people, regardless of how to whip cocaine torture, Chen boss is closed answer. But Chu Qiao intercepted their paper, already know that they will act tonight, she mimic the writing of Meng Feng wrote a note to Yuwen Yue, said tonight action, Hai Shi return, so that the son of not read. But it is this one article Yuwen Yue to find things to have fraud, so that the day immediately notice Meng Feng retreat. Meng Feng people have to the granary outside, suddenly saw the air echoed the signal, Meng Feng ordered the immediate withdrawal. But it was too late, Chu Qiao has been waiting for a long time in the gates, see them over, He Xiao people with arrows, Meng Feng suddenly counterattack, unexpectedly to He Xiao release a few arrows, took the opportunity to jump with the companion gates. Meng Feng Although the arrow was shot, but not serious. This time thanks to the Yuwen Yue know Chu Joe’s plan, or Meng Feng back not come back is not necessarily it, seven months of curiosity Yuwen Yue in the end is how to do it. Yu Wen Yue remembered before he taught Chu Joe’s writing situation, Chu Qiao wrote a unique little habits, even her own do not know, but has long been Yuwen Yue noted that this is a small habit of Yuwen Yue only found that note is She wrote it. Hongchuan city prison, the boss of a pedestrian was quietly let go, the prisoners of their chains are not damaged a little damage, apparently opened with a key. Cheng Yuan force to force the guard, so that they unified mouth, that is a masked woman will let people go. Chen boss several people came out immediately after the Yuwen Yue transferred to a safe place, according to Chen boss said, let them go is a black masked man. Yan Xun residence of the hall, Yan Xun sitting in the high listening to Zhong Yu report, Wei Di seriously ill, Wei Wei all things are in the hands of the seven princes Yuan Quan. No matter who is holding the government, Yan Xun will not give up the plan to attack the big Wei, from these days of emergency grain will be able to see his determination. Zhong Yu Yuan Yuan said that the action is always stable, has always been to the overall situation as the most important, he is not the threat of Yan North also temporarily unknown, implied meaning is asked Yan Xun is not able to delay sending troops. Cheng Yuan bent on provoking war, good revenge, then listen to Chung Yu so that the heart of the natural unhappy, yin and yang strange to ask how to understand the Yuan Yu Yuan Yu it, is it a very personal friendship. Cheng Yuan this dirty water poured no head, Zhong Yu easily refuted back. Cheng kui and Yen Xun mentioned Chen boss and others were rescued, chain chain shackles are no damage, a look that is insiders, Cheng Yuan claimed that the jailer is reported to be a woman, the spear directed at Chu Joe. Zhong Yu do not believe that Chu Qiao will make such a thing, speak for her rebuttal. Yan Xun so that they do not control the matter, he personally deal with. River trestle, Chu Qiao quietly sitting here in a daze. Yan Xun came directly to the local question is not her to do, regardless of what Chu Qi said he will believe. Chu Qiao sneer, told him not their own, but in the heart can not help but disappointed Yan Xun, if you really believe her, why should this ask it? Yan Xun insisted to start the war, Chu Qiao repeatedly persuaded, Yanbei people have no longer experience the devastation of the war. Chang’an Palace, Zhao Jieyu inexplicable to die, leaving a young age is still a small element of the yuan.

Episode 62

Lan Shuyi palace, she asked the emperor let her personally cook the reason for the yuan Yang. Emperor of the body as one day a day, Lan Shuyi no child, Yuan Yang mother just died, he wanted Lan Shu Yi Yuan Yang’s mother. Who expected, Yuan Yang came, do not eat Lan Shuyi things, crying hide in the arms of the emperor, said he did not want to do a small rabbit. The emperor to appease the mood of the yuan, gently asked him who wants to take care. Yu Wen Yue in the Mei Lin received a letter from the letter, the letter mentioned the emperor’s body increasingly weak, no time, but the love of power, and always beware of his hand, the power of the son, the emperor recently on the small prince yuan The sun more attention, great to the throne passed to his posture, aware of the emperor’s motive, clinging to the yuan and arms, why the obvious heart. Yuwen Yue Yu Yuan know the situation, write pen reply, so that he may wish to volunteer to Yan Xun warfare, private troops stationed in Chang’an outside the city. He was suspicious because of suspicion, jealousy to kill the North Hou, temporarily forgiven Yan Xun is only to show their own morality and morality; he cold-blooded ruthless, watched to accompany him for many years Wei Guifei drink poisonous wine and not stop; But he was also wanted to pass the throne to a ignorant child, is simply the same, but he was not the same Ridiculous The emperor was seriously ill, then listen to the deep complaint, gas heart, a blood spit it out. Took out a bottle of poison, in the emperor’s eyes fell into the soup. The emperor to see her intentions, flustered to ask for mercy, trying to use his royal for a life. To force the emperor to drink the last moments of poison, Yuan Che suddenly appeared to stop all this. Yuan Shu Although the hearts of the emperor more than dissatisfied, but the monarch and his son, the son of the shackles so that he had to protect the emperor. See the plan is not, burst into tears. Then she was imprisoned by the emperor in the temple, waiting for the hair. The emperor will handle the affairs of the yuan to deal with, he is waiting for the day in the palace, do not say a word, it seems that he was shocking deep. Yuan Chou wrote all this to inform Yuwen Yue, thanks for his good policy. Mei Lin, Yuan Song walk to a farmhouse, see this brother and sister happy play hide and seek, his face unconsciously exposed smile. He told Meng Feng himself a child often do this play, but unfortunately, those happy days have gone. Meng Feng see that he is homesick, with the straw at hand to tie the scarecrow. Yuan Song to see her ingenuity, thinking of their village people must like her. Meng Feng told him that the village people are dead, she was in the field barbed straw talent escaped, so she returned home, parents brother has tragic death.

Episode 63

Yuan Song heavy sighed, did not expect the story of Meng Feng so miserable. And Feng Feng said that, is to let Yuan Song with her as stick to it, only to let go of the past, to meet the future. Between the words, the scarecrow tied, Yuan Song for it to insert two red dates for the eyes, since then, he is the Mei Lin of the Scarecrow, as one guarding the Mei Lin. Yuwen Yue has been sent to Meng Feng and other secretly observe the beauty army, although the mask can not see what the son of desire, but still due diligence with people in the dark observation. Cheng Yuan with a large number of soldiers to the beauty army resident, a look that is coming from the poor, and sure enough, he brought Yan Xun order, to send beautiful army to guard the beautiful mountain. News to the sudden, He Xiao asked Chu Qiao do not know the matter. Cheng kui face sneer again and again, so that He Xiao see clearly, this is Yan Xun’s hand, Chu Qiao, but his Royal Highness, she knew do not know what relationship. Cheng kui smiled and told He Xiao, and so beautiful army to the beautiful mountain will be incorporated into the local garrison, cut the designation, it seems that is not enough cool, he let his hands Jiang Teng immediately went to the beauty army flag, claiming Beauty army is the most humiliating this flag. Although the flag is only a flag, but it is the beauty of the Army’s soul, He Xiao, of course, will not let the Yuan to move their flag. He Xiao Cheng Yuan army side of the flag, no dispute, Cheng Yuan angrily, sword general flag cut in half. Deceptive too much, He Xiao and Xiu Lijun soldiers could no longer bear, and Cheng Yuan people beat up. At this point, Yan Xun is met with Zhong Yu, Yan Xun to disturb the military sentinel won the Mr. Wu, Zhong Yu get the message, come to plead. Yan Xun in order to prepare for the war, has been around the grain, but the blue city this year, floods, those food is the people’s life-saving food, Wudao cliff house heart thick, could not bear the people suffering to stop the food. Zhong Yu mentioned Wudi cliff and old Houye Yan Shi City is the old pay, and these years have been dedicated to Yanbei, spared no effort, Zhong Yu mentioned that these are to let Yan Xun read the old situation, put Wudao cliff. Yan Xun heard this, so Zhong Yu with Wu Road cliff left Yanbei, do not come back. Suddenly the Yuan came into the report, Cheng Yuan kept saying that the beauty army rebellion, he went to the order, the beauty army not only from, but also has been to Chu Qiao respect, even with them playing up. Yan Xun this dissatisfaction with the beautiful army, if not Chu Qiao, he will not leave them so far, when the beautiful army blatantly against his orders, which makes Yan Xun very dissatisfied. School field above the world by the drizzle, Yan Xun sitting on top of the high, will be with the line of elephant races of the beautiful army soldiers all won, He Xiao for the sake of just to explain, but Yan Xun bent to set their sins , The truth is what really is not important. Chu Qiaoben in the room to cultivate, suddenly Du Pingan took a note over, that is a man sent to the people. Chu Qiao open to see, is Yuwen Yue inform her beauty army difficult, let her go to rescue. Chu Qiao hurriedly rushed to the beautiful army see her come, as if to see hope. Who knows Chu Joe dismounted toward He Xiao, suddenly forced him a slap in the face, claiming that he just let him keep the beauty of the military designation and the flag, how he is doing things, even with the Highness of the people from the conflict. Chu Qiao looked at the scolding He Xiao work disadvantage, in fact, the beauty of the guilty of the embrace in their own body. Chu Qiao to Yan Xun words, beauty army no intention to offend, no more rebellious heart, they just listen to her order to act only. Cheng Yuan to seize the loopholes in the words of Chu Qiao, took the opportunity to pick things, Chu Qiao in the army did not have any duties, beauty army is heard which sub-order ah Chu Qiao snapped to ask the shark to shut up, eyes straight staring at Yan Xun, to see how he said. Yan Xun let Chu Qiao ask ourselves, the beauty of loyalty is his or her Chu adults, Chu Qiao insisted that the beauty of the Yan North’s heart to learn from heaven and earth. But Yan Xun mind has been decided, no matter what she said to punish the beauty army. A fine see Chu Qiao isolated helpless, beautiful army and not guilty to this, intends to plead, but was pulled down aunt, this case, said more will only cause Yan Xun’s resentment. Beauty and the Yuan in the conflict between the people were sentenced to military law, Chu Qiao eyes see the brothers are not white injustice, anxious, suddenly kneeling on the ground, seeking Yan Xun recovered. Yan Xun not only indifferent, but also governance Hexiao poor management of the crime. Chu Qiao has been unable to return to heaven, she stood up and ride away, before leaving the last looked Yan Xun a glance, the cruel man is no longer her familiar Yan Xun. Chu Qiao go, Cheng Yuan greatly relieved, he framed the beautiful army is most afraid of Chu Qiao for their early, Yan Xun will be soft. Chu Qiao go back, silent in the room. At night, Yan Xun came and stood outside the door to talk to her, he told Chu Qiao himself to do all this is just to give the world to her, although she does not necessarily want, but he just want to give her the best, and He is already lonely, Chu Qiao must not leave him. Yan Xun from beginning to end did not enter the house, Chu Qiao heard this, the hearts of a desolate, she knew and Yan Xun never go back to the past. Yan Xun then went to warn Cheng Yuan, although he was today, the meaning of the Yuan, but does not mean he did not know the truth, Yan Xun know the Yuan in the line for the Chu Qiao, especially to warn him, do not intervene Chu Qiao things. Cheng Yuan bow is said, but before Yan Xun before leaving or could not help but stop him, the military said Yan Xun to Chu Qiao to give up the hand of the country is very good, it is stupid, even to the ground also had to die. Yan Xun heard this stopped, the students have not been born, which also managed the death. Yuwen Yue from Meng Feng where the beauty of things learned all the past, brow wrinkled, he knew Chu Joe must be sad. Meng Feng see the son of such worries, asked him why not Chu Qiao away. Yuwen Yue and why do not want to do so, but he was afraid of Joe do not want to, so that the hearts can not help but some loss, are so sad, why not leave it. Yu Wen Yue received Yuan Chuan letter, that has been advised to persuade the emperor for the sake of the people of the people, to stop the war.

Episode 64

Yanbei Hongchuan City, Yan Xun in a knife carved to give Chu Qiao’s jade. At the same time, the beautiful army was Yuan to find the enemy on the grounds, sent to the ice lake patrol. Chu Qiao in the army everywhere can not see the beautiful army figure, her heart worry, to find the Yuan of the teenager Jiang Teng. Chu Qiao asked the beauty of the whereabouts of Jiang Teng a look of villain was Chi, Chu Qiao is not a beautiful army generals, and he can not tell. Chu Qiao sneer, pull the sword on the river Teng’s neck, Jiang Teng greedy fear of death, the beauty of the ice went to the ice told the story of Chu Qiao. Cheng Yuan has been misconduct, Chu Qiao afraid of the army was his calculations, rushed to catch up in the past. At the same time, Jiang Teng Chu Qiao to tell things Cheng Yuan, Cheng Yuan early to know that Chu Qiao will go to Jiang Teng, he designed to Chu Qiao and beautiful army lead to ice lake, is to use the United States Lin Guan The group of people caught them all. Plan is good, but Jiang Teng afraid of Yan Xun time to catch up with bad to deal with, Yan Xun on Chu Qiao’s care they are in the eyes. How the consequences, Cheng Yuan has been careless. He only know Chu Qiao as a generals, not suitable for Yan North, as a woman, her mind is not Yan Xun body. As long as Chu Qiao, Yan Xun dominance is difficult to achieve. Cheng Yuan although the means of doing things despicable, but he see things but exceptionally thorough. Chu Qiao arrived at the ice lake, see He Xiao with beautiful army standing in front of her unharmed, can not help but breathe a sigh of relief. Chu Qiao worried that the beauty army will be in vain, and in fact they did encounter an ambush, Yuwen Yue with seven months from Chu Qiao came out. Three people alone, Chu Qiao asked it? See Yuwen Yue silent, on July to take over, not without ridicule to say that he is very good, can eat to sleep, martial arts also sophisticated a lot. Chu Qiao smiled, Yuwen Yue let the month to see Meng Feng, where the beast, traps and more, do not be hurt. Month seven ridicule smile, son of this is arrogant, and Meng Feng himself with a beast is, how could hurt, but he was fun to go away. The vast ice on the surface, leaving only Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao two, Yuwen Yue told Chu Qiao was deliberately cited them over, this should be the consonant of Yuan. Yuwen Yue know that Cheng Yuan has been difficult Chu Qiao, but why do not stop Yan Xun it? Chu Qiao looked glowing air-conditioned lake, told him Yan Xun heart hatred I am afraid that even deeper than the ice lake. Chu Qiao squatting on the lake, she told Yuwen Yue himself just want to leave, and later encountered Yan Xun, listen to his talk Yan North, Chu Qiao feel his heart came over, but now know that she is too self Big. The beauty of the faith is her, she also promised to take them home, but let them in the last charge of numerous dead and wounded, and now it is subject to exclusion, the situation is difficult. Chu Qiao can not help but think, if she had to follow Yan Xun, put the beautiful army to leave, is not it better. Yuwen Yue asked her regret it? Chu Qiao stood up, her life rough, some things to do right, some wrong, but never regretted, she was just some tired. Yu Wen Yue Chu Qiao is very disappointed to see Yan Xun, beautiful army is not the case of her fault, success is not overnight, Cheng Yuan that people will, not he will be someone else. Yan North is not what she thought so simple, not everyone waiting to wait for them to rule, as long as there is a place where there will be disputes, which is not the peak of the people from the conspiracy blood dripping out of the sea, but As long as the choice, we must unswervingly go. Chu Qiao surprised Yuwen Yue will say to her, he does not want her back to Yanbei it. Yuwen Yue heard seriously look at her, rather than to stay with her side, Yuwen Yue want to see Chu Qiao heart to pursue their own dreams. Chu Qiao turned away, tears could not stop to stay, she never owed anyone, but Yu Yu she owe too much. Chu Qiao heart sad, but still decided to return to Hongchuan City, Yan Xun returned to the Yan government. Chung Yu came to quit, they stood on the tower overlooking the distance. Zhong Yu for the day did not feel sorry for the beauty of seeking mercy, but she did not regret, that day Yan Xun kill has been decided, if she pleaded, only counterproductive, but also involved in want to protect people. Speaking of Wudao cliff, Yan Xun if severely punished him, will only cold all the veteran of the heart. Watching the soldiers patrol, Zhong Yu is no longer familiar with those who are familiar with her, some killed, and some left, perhaps now is the time she should leave. Chu Qiao understand the choice of Zhong Yu and helpless, she also understand the choice of Yan Xun, everyone has their own insistence and choice, although she does not agree, but it will not reverse, in this life if the dust of the world , Let her pursue, at the expense of life in addition to freedom and love, only faith, and her faith, has been left on the Yanbei plateau. Chu Qiao decided to leave with Zhong Yu.

Episode 65

Zhong Yu Chu Qiao know jokes, she can not let Yan Xun’s. Yan Xun also the same, as long as he is willing, he can destroy everything, but only on Chu Joe incompetent. Zhong Yu wish Chu Qiao do not give up Yan Xun, do not let him be such a person Yuan blinded. Chu Qiao smile, made to see Wudao cliff side. Surrounded by Castle Peak bad around the breeze floating, or between the sound of several birds. Chu Qiao to Yan North for so long or the first time to see Wudi cliff. Wudao Ya known as Dingbei Hou hands the first think tank, but in Dingbei Hou was killed, Bai Sheng hit the tripod death, Yan Xun trapped Changan, several times when he died, he was not, Chu Qiao had to doubt his Whether the heart is still Yan North. Wudao cliff has been smiling to listen to Chu Qiao said these words, do not refute, he knew Chu Joe was lost soul disease, see her today is to think for her doubts. Chu Qiao’s memory fragmented, she only remember when the mother often leave, a walk is a few months, leaving her alone martial arts. Once again, the mother had to go, told the vicious, led her into a secret room to the ice joke inside pass to her. Mothers do not return, Chu Qiao in accordance with the mother’s message to the Jing family, Jingjia couple to her excellent, Chu Qiao so in Jing family grew up, Kung Fu more training the better. One day Jing father suddenly took her mother arrested the notice to her, Chu Qiao save the mother eagerly, desperate to break into the cell, but found that was tied to the middle of the cell is not the mother, but a looks and their own is quite similar The woman. Chu Qiao realized that things are fraudulent, and quickly rushed out, when a large number of officers and men over, she had to hide first. And then see that looks like a woman like her dressed as her rushed out, was a group of black people down, that black head of the mouth that is Chu Qiao killing mother. It was with the delay of the woman, Chu Qiao was able to escape. Wudao Ya told Chu Qiao looks like her woman is called the summer insects. And Chu Qiao’s mother is the Luo River, is the leader of the rivers and lakes who, Luo River is the concept of slavery, which is the interests of the aristocratic gate of each country, so they want to get rid of Luo River, then the hands of the big Wei The door of the Yu Wenhao and the big spy spy people hidden heart, but the real kill Luo River should be around her traitor. Luo River know that the good and bad, has been in advance to the situation Chou Qiao, but Chu Qiao do not know it. In fact, the situation is the ice after the culmination of the body of the Bana. Speaking of which, Chu Qiao some doubts, her body and no Bana flower mark. Wudao cliff guess this may be related to her lost soul disease, perhaps in the arctic environment can stimulate her body ice jealousy. Yu Wenhao also want to kill Chu Qiao, her maid snake woman desperate to protect Chu Qiao, snake woman righteousness, feeling Luo River that year of knowledge of the grace, make every effort to hold Yuwen Hao, almost killed, and later escort Chu Qiao Of the other three people without a trace of desperate to hold Yuwen Hao, snake woman to protect Chu left. Who unexpectedly encountered a big spirits who secretly, snake seriously injured down. Chu Qiao under the anger, stunned hidden heart, kill Yuwen Hao, so he accidentally fell into the Yellow River. Snake women later found Wudao cliff, they found in the Yellow River for several days, did not find Chu Qiao, now it seems that she was picked up by the slave traders. Chu Qiao in the case of loss of memory to the Yuwen House, kill the three generations of Yuwen three generations, and then pursue Yan Xun back to the Yanbei, and Luo River is also in the protection of Yanbei, this is somewhere in the fixed number of it The Now Yan North and the original has been very different, has not suitable for Wuda cliff to stay, he invited Chu Qiao go together. Chu Qiao shook his head, she must stay in Yan Xun side, can not see him so hatred blinded his eyes. On the other side, Xiao Yu since the empty mausoleum and Yuwen Yue a different, will depression, alone away. Her personal maid Qingwei finally from the Mei Lin not far to find her. Xiao Yu since Yu Yu Yue is about their own heart to read the brother, it has been difficult to let go. Goblin secret government and spy day is this natural enemies, and she and Yuwen Yue as the leaders of these two institutions, simply can not be together, but Xiao Yu Yuwen Yue love deep roots. Qing Wei natural understanding of the suffering of Xiao Yu, but now coincides with chaos, Xiao Yu as a princess, she must bear the responsibility. Yuwen Yue in the Mei Lin for many days, focusing on training, Yan Xun many days do not move, Yuwen Yue is expected to peace talks, a letter of a letter please Yuan Choi choice. Yuwen Yue’s secret letter in the half-way by Xiao Yu’s intercept, in the beam, must not let the big Wei and Yanbei reconciliation, Xiao Yu and Yuwen Yue correspondence for a long time, imitate his handwriting forged a letter is not difficult The At the same time, Xiao Yu decided to Yu Yu Yue saw, it is time to pierce each other’s identity. Yuwen Yue received a letter from Yu Yi, about him see here tonight. Moonlight rich, dense forest, the mist is long. Yuwen Yue came to the agreed location, but has been found with their own communication Yu brother was actually a big spy man Xiao Yu. They have been unknown before each other identity, regard each other as their own close friends. But since then, before everything will be written off. Yuwen Yue turned to go, but suddenly the body sour, fell to the ground. Xiao Yu has long been here under the drug, she took out a machete, only to kill Yuwen Yue to let her stop and concentrate on the great cause. Xiao Yu face pain, and ultimately throw away the knife, she grew up in a variety of intrigues, the moon is her mind a pure land, she really can not hand. Yuwen Yue actually did not smoke in the smoke, his idea and Xiaoyu consistent, but after today, they can only for their Lord.

Episode 66

Chang’an city, Yuan Che received a letter of Yu Yuyu Yu Yu Yue, although the writing and words are Yuwen Yue style, but it is not difficult to see is forged, forged people want to come or not conceal him. The East bogey in the Yanbei cloth under a lot of spies, naturally know that the contents of this letter is not true, but he knew Yuan Ju mind in the world, but no one to send troops from the head of the right, this letter just gave him this reason. Heard this, Yuan Shu no longer hesitate to decide to send troops north. Mei Lin, Yuwen Yue this time with the Yanbei army had several small-scale fighting, are less wins, beheaded the other generals. Yan Xun furious counterattack, the Yuwen Yue placed in Yanbei spies who killed. Which has a Zhuangqing, Zhuang Qing is to listen to Yuwen Yue command to go to Yanbei territory, and now Zhuang Qing couple is dead, only two children followed the month of nine fled, Yuwen Yue decided to personally come back to them. The sky under the drizzle, Chu Qiao umbrella walk in the forest, and soon to a mountain temple, she walked into the step, Yuwen Yue and a large number of satellites sitting together to eat hot pot. See Chu Qiao appeared at the door, moonlight phase to go out. Yuwen Yue slowly put the dishes into the hot pot, invited Chu Qiao come together to eat. Chu Qiao sat down across him and asked him what he was doing. Yuwen Yue see her a straightforward to show that the meaning of the heart unhappy, told her anyway is not for her to come. Chu Qiao heard the hearts of a smile, Yuwen Yue repeatedly won the battle, I heard that the family of the United States and her family are indulge in her endless. Yuwen Yue looked up at her, said his eyes are not good, pale and beautiful family Miss can not see, and he can fancy who, the opposite people know very well. Chu Qiao heroously pick up the bottle directly to drink up, Yuwen Yue mention the beauty of the army and her situation, Chu Qiao do not want to show weakness, only that is internal friction, which agencies do not have friction inside, that is, he Yuwen Yue is not always Sailing, not a few ups and downs, only to the status of today. I heard Yuwen Yue rein in the camp, but also for the days of the increase in a great help. Chu Chuo said that although this, but did not appreciate the slightest meaning. Finally met, Yuwen Yue do not want to tit for tat, told her that this is just to do some private affairs. Yu Wen Yue know Yan Xun had to Chu Qiao under the dowry, the tone is quite sour to ask her next meeting is not to call Yan Princess, Chu Qiao do not want to answer, Yuwen Yue also do not want to know the answer, he landed Got up and left. Chu Qiao clenched the hands of the residual rainbow sword, got up and chased out, she and Yuwen Yue is the opposite of the two camps, day battlefield meet must be inevitable, Chu Qiao hope when Yu Yu Yue do not mercy. Yuwen Yue bluntly told her that she could not. Chu Qiao in the heart silently sighed, do not jump does not move, will not be painful. If not frivolous will not be tingling, that Yuwen Yue in Chu Qiao has long been already thorn in the riddled. Watching Yuwen Yue lonely left the figure, Chu Qiao long standing in situ frowned Organization. Yan Xun Yu Yu Yue said in the beautiful mountain Chu Qiao heard the news, angry. Cheng Yuan took the opportunity to provoke, experienced so many things, Chu Qiao is not the original that she, and now Yuan Chai and sent troops Yan North, Cheng Yuan to remind Yan Xun more preparedness. Facing the Yuan of the provocation, Yan Xun disapproval, he knew Chu Joe will not betray themselves. But Cheng Yuan is not just worry about Chu Qiao, Yu Wen Yue threat can not be underestimated. Since Yuwen Yue came to Mei Lin, where the governance of the well-organized, repulsed the Yanbei army of multiple attacks, his presence is a major threat to Yanbei. Yan Xun heard this, ordered the assembly of all Yan Wei, to kill Yuwen Yue. At the same time, Yuan Zhen led his army to the Mei Lin, Yuan Song has long been waiting for a long time. He was kind-hearted, could not bear to fight the war, the two sides have been actively discuss, Yuan Song do not understand why suddenly have to start a war, once fight up, suffer suffer only innocent people. But Yuan Chuan mind has been decided, Yuan Song said nothing is useless. Yuan Song see the potential, around the yuan through the thin body to block in front of hundreds of thousands of troops. The final Yuan Che army in the distance from the Mei Lin fifty miles place camp, Yuan Song understand if Yuwen Yue not come back, Yuan Che army must sweep Yan North land. Now the northern man invaded, big beam eyeing, if the big Wei and Yanbei fight again, the world is completely chaotic. Is the night, the moon is like water. Yuwen Yue with a night raid, passing a tree stopped, perennial living in the edge of life and death of people with instinctive perception of the danger. Yan Xun has long been waiting for a long time here, stabbed together, Yuwen Yue and Yue Wei resistance to some, fled into the woods. Cheng Yuan and Yan Xun soldiers in two ways, he got Yuwen Yue fled into the woods of the news, especially destined to open a hole in a place, while people immediately go to the beautiful mountain fake Yan Xun mouth, that is beautiful army rebellion, to Catch Chu Joe back to Hongchuan City to inquire. Cheng Yuan early in the beautiful army placed in the spies Zhou An, just let him pass the message to Yuwen Yue. But the Cheng Yuan does not care about their own life and death, he only know that Chu Qiao in the day, Yan Xun can not cut the determination of cutting Wei, sooner or later one day will die In the hands of Yuwen Yue. Cheng kang live the greatest desire is to die in the hands of Wei Jun family revenge, for this, at all costs. Zhou Anshun to find Yuwen Yue, he claimed to be beauty army command, and the original command of He Xiao has been killed. He will be the beauty of the army was framed by the enemy, Chu Qiao is about to be brought back to Hongchuan City, the news told Yuwen Yue. Yuwen Yue will not easily believe that Zhou’s side of the word, Zhou An obviously know this, he moved to the situation, that he has said more, contrary to the wishes of Chu Qiao, Chu Qiao is not Yu Yu Yue into danger of.

Episode 67

Chu Qiao did not believe Yan Xun’s words, she did not blame Yan Xun to kill Yuwen Yue, but his means too despicable, should not use Yuwen Yue to her feelings to set up. In the face of Chu Qiao’s voice asked, Yan Xun only asked her if she had loved her. Chu Qiao also do not know their feelings on the Yan Xun is not love, she only know that they are very distressed Yan Xun, his home as his home, his blood as a hatred of his hatred, dedicated to the newspaper. But Yan Xun it, since back to Yanbei, he step by step to weaken the power of Chu Qiao, overhead Zhong Yu and Mr. Wu, completely reduced to the power of the slave, he is not the original Yan Xun, and this makes Chu Qiao very Sad. At this point, the vast ice lake above, under the goose-like snow, cold bleak. Zhou performance to Chu Qiao feel guilty, on the spot to commit suicide. Month seven and nine are that things have fraud, to persuade the son to think twice Yuwen Yue also know that things are strange, but the relationship between Chu Qiao security, he still did not hesitate to return to the. Xiu Li Shan resident, Chu Qiao received Yan Xun want to take the beauty of the mouth of the encyclical, the letter is the Yuan of the people, Chu Qiao did not believe that she personally led He Xiao and twenty beautiful army to the city to understand the truth. Fast horse to catch a section of the road, Chu Qiao suddenly realized wrong, Yan Xun’s goal should be Yuwen Yue, she decided and He Xiao Bing two-way rushed to the city of Hongchuan. Chu Qiao on the road just encountered Yan Xun, she asked Yuwen Yue whereabouts, Yan Xun told her Yuwen Yue has been shot by their own a shot. Chu Qiao did not believe Yan Xun’s words, she did not blame Yan Xun to kill Yuwen Yue, but his means too despicable, should not use Yuwen Yue to her feelings to set up. In the face of Chu Qiao’s voice asked, Yan Xun only asked her if she had loved her. Chu Qiao also do not know their feelings on the Yan Xun is not love, she only know that they are very distressed Yan Xun, his home as his home, his blood as a hatred of his hatred, dedicated to the newspaper. But Yan Xun it, since back to Yanbei, he step by step to weaken the power of Chu Qiao, overhead Zhong Yu and Mr. Wu, completely reduced to the power of the slave, he is not the original Yan Xun, and this makes Chu Qiao very Sad. At this point, the vast ice lake above, under the goose-like snow, cold bleak. Yuwen Yue has been fighting with the people Yuan for a long time, Cheng Yuan many people, seven months he was stabbed two swords, fell to the ground. Chu Qiao arrived when the horse, just to see this scene, she flew up and round Yuan. Cheng Yuan in the battle of the Chu Qiao hands, no parry of power, was Chu Qiao with his often used to kill the dragon bird knife end of life. Month seven weak lying on the side of the ground, make the last trace of effort to tell Chu Qiao Yuwen Yue in the ice lake, let her go. Yuwen Yue Kung Fu and then high, but also arrived, but the loss of the wheel war, he is a plain gold clothing is full of blood. Surrounded by soldiers around the body, Yu Wen Yue had been Yan Xun before the arrow, and finally will take the army generals to kill, he injured standing unsteady, tall body crashing down on the ice above the ice. Chu Qiao took the bow and arrow desperately speed up the rush, she arrows Master Cheng Yuwen Yue, arrows without hair, the destination of the soldiers are shot. Chu Qiao rushed to Yuwen Yue in front of his hands holding his blood-stained face, crying. Yuwen Yue sound has been extremely weak, so she quickly left. Chu Qiao trembling his forehead, firmly shaking his head, she will never leave him. Yan Xun looked at this scene in the distance, clenched the hands of the original to give Chu Qiao’s jade, the hands of the bleeding also do not know. Chu Qiao has been saying that he changed, in fact, she just did not really understand him. Yan Xun waved, and a number of soldiers rushed up. Chu Qiao tears to Yuwen Yue and so on and so on, she Sassafras dry tears to solve these soldiers. Ice has gone through the war has been weak, Yan Xun ordered the arrows, arrows shot in the fragile ice, the ice a little broken, Yuwen Yue where the ice gradually away from the ice, torn apart. Chu Qiao turned to see this scene, sissy, shouting Yuwen Yue’s name chasing him to jump off the ice lake. Chu Qiao jumped, the shoulder side of the Bana flutter looming. She sank to Yuwen Yue side, clutching him, Yuwen Yue let her must live, Chu Qiao shook his head, forced to kiss his forehead, she wanted them to live together. The two flip in the water a few times, Yuwen Yue palm to push Chu Qiao to the top, and he also because of the reaction of the Shen Shen deeper. Chu Qiao gradually rose, the back of the Bana flowers to drop. Sunset shine in this vast ice lake above, silence boundless.




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