Princess Agents Drama Series Episode 41-60

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Episode 41

Chu Qiao finally woke up and found Yuwen Yue leisurely sitting on the side watching her, Chu Qiao know that his situation is difficult, do not want to hurt him, but the words are to let him nosy. Yuwen Yue is so obedient, she wanted him to stay far away, he was partial; she hated owes others, he let her owe her an adult please, life is still unclear. Kill too much, Yuwen Yue busy against them, spare no shortage of skills, Yan Xun took the opportunity to take Chu Qiao. Yuwen Yue far to see is Yan Xun, there is no chase to go, but choose to find the Prince of Prince Xiao policy. Xiao Shi would like to take Yuwen Yue hand to get rid of Xiao Yu and her subordinates, he pretended to come up with a note that killer information. Yuwen Yue glance at a glance to see the purpose, but the removal of the big spear is also his idea, homeopathy and fills. Yuwen Yue by Xiao policy to find the address to find Xiaoyu’s right-hand man Taozi Shuye, Taozi Shuye is a good spy, has been silent, until Yuwen Yue used her to take the soul of the law, Taozi Shuye will be the beam Spy man in Chang’an’s cloth to say unreservedly. Subsequently, Yuwen Yue to Thunder the potential to remove the beam in the Chang’an spies, shops, etc., a comprehensive elimination, one does not stay. At the same time, Xiao Yu also get the message, so that people can be removed from time to time to withdraw, to keep some of some. Is the night, the moon is like water, cold moonlight spilled the earth. Yan Xun looked unconscious Chu Joe, distressed endless. Xiao policy suddenly visited, and brought Yan Xun has been want to be outside the city of troops and arms map. Xiaoyu before intends to cooperate with Yan Xun, but now she can not guarantee, Xiao policy took the opportunity to win Yan Xun, not only for him to provide much needed in the city outside the troops and arms map, even from Chang’an to Yanbei all the way He is well aware of the distribution, which is Xiao policy cooperation chips. Yan Xun trial situation, chose Xiao policy, but he also warned Xiao policy, no next time. Yan Xun said the ambiguity can be Xiao policy is understood, Yan Xun is warned him not to take Chu Qiao adventure. Go back on the road, Xiao policy of personal guards by reminders of Yu Wen Yue has been from the Taozi Shuye Ye Yan know some of the layout, will not be detrimental to Yan Xun. Xiao policy face silent, he is not Yan Xun his Lao Tzu, no need to worry about him, Yan Xun even Changan are out, even if the return of the North Yan also fight others, if so, you can Chu Qiao. Day gradually getting bright, Yan Xun in Chu Qiao bed guarding the night Chu Qiao coughing woke up, Yan Xun relieved, he told Chu Qiao Xiao policy came, but also brought the garrison map, Chu Qiao has a really so feel, she knew Xiao policy is not simple. Chu Qiao some regret, Yan Xun has been out of the city yesterday, and did not take the opportunity to escape a pity. Yan Xun did not feel pity, Yuwen Yue has been staring at them, to leave easy to talk about. Chu Qiao turn to mention the beautiful army, regardless of whether they really, beautiful army that year for Zhao Dongting Yan North opened the door is an indisputable fact, Yan Xun need to consider. It is a cool night, an unknown bamboo forest, a small hut hidden in them. Yuwen Yue sitting in the hospital, like waiting for others. Not long, Yan Xun marching through the moonlight, sat down opposite Yuwen Yue. Yuwen Yue took out an altar of jade wine, and now Yuwen Yue took out an altar, he just want to explain, some things are not absolute, want to persuade Yan Xun hand. Yu Wen Yue know Yan Xun did not intend to marry, he read a few official names, are to help Yan Xun people, in their layout, Yan Xun a difference is likely to flood Chang’an, when the Chang’an five hundred thousand The surname will only be innocent. Yan Xun indifferent to this year, when he died in the court under the cavalry of the people of Hebei how their innocent. See his attitude firm, Yuwen Yue asked him to arrange these Chu Qiao know, Yan Xun did not answer, the answer is self-evident. Yu Wen Yue master Yan Xun in the military in the power, cut off the way out of Yan Xun, Zhong Yu would like to use beauty army, she did not say the export, Yan Xun to interrupt her, Zhong Yu can think of Yan Xun also how can not think , He just can not forgive the beauty of the year’s actions. Yan Xun repeatedly declined, the emperor danger of narrowing his eyes, asked Yan Xun recently met Yuwen Yue, Yan Xun insisted no one, but instead let the emperor suspicious heavier. Chu Qiao good physical fitness, wound recovery very fast. Zhong Yu told her beauty army general He Xiao accused of possession of ordnance, has been won. This group of bow and arrow is the day Yuwen reward to the beautiful army, He Xiao accidentally lost the warrant, but the Treasury who said to see the warrant, bow and arrow has been led away, the problem is the beauty of the army did not see these bows and arrows. Training field, the sun baked the earth, people heartless to give birth to an anxious and uneasy, as the presence of the beautiful soldiers like the same mood. He Xiao Wuhua tied kneeling on the ground, when Xiu Lijun coach Xue Zhilun stood aside, pointing out that He Xiao private ordnance thing, He Xiao lost the case of the lost orders, but refused to admit the case of private possession of military weapons. Xue Zhixing see him stubborn, ordered execution, beauty army soldiers how to bear to see He Xiao was so beheaded, they have protested pleading. Chu Qiao arrived at this time.

Episode 42

He Xiao private agony, Chu Qiao suggested that someone may be imposted. But Xue Liang did not buy it, ordnance lost some people have to bear the consequences. Chu Qiao see Xuezhi cold insisted on execution, had to kneel with He Xiao, claiming that the hand is Yuwen Yue personally handed over to her, she is losing the hand of the people. Xuezhi cold and not stupid, naturally do not believe her words, his majesty was provocative, impulsive even intend to work together with Chu Qiao punishment. Chu Qiao dare to succeed, naturally has long been a good idea. She is the big beam Xiao policy prince’s savior, Xiao policy has also been for her to the emperor please power, but now the emperor’s intention has not yet come down. Xue Zhilan heard this, though not reconciled, but also had to temporarily hand. In fact, the hands of the hand in the hands of Xue, he took the bows and arrows want to profit, and would like to take the opportunity to get rid of He Xiao, but now calm down, Xue Zhu cold feeling that someone was in his next set. But do not intend to let this Chu Qiao and He Xiao, let them kneel day to say. Scorching sun, Chu Qiao this injury in the body, kneeling for a long time, she more and more unable to support, and finally fainted to the ground. Yu Wen Yue had received a note from a stranger, told Chu Qiao situation, in the Chu Qiao fainted at the same time, Yuwen Yue finally arrived. He gently picked up the weak Chu Qiao, into his big account. Chu Qiao in a coma, look nervous and sleep well, grabbed her ready to leave the Yuwen Yue. See Chu Qiao tightly holding his arms and hold, Yuwen Yue homeopathic sitting on the bedside. At the same time, has been closely concerned about the dynamic Zhao Dongting this situation will be told to the emperor, the emperor remembered that he proposed to Yuwen Yue escort Yan Xun back to Yanbei, Yan Xun all the words, now want to come, Yan Xun is quietly Maintenance Yuwen Yue, he seems very afraid of Yuwen Yue left Xiaoqi camp, is not because of that, Yuwen Yue no military power can not help him. Chu Qiao wake up in the morning, the brain is not completely sober, to feel the side of some strange, she let go of the hand holding the arm, homeopathic look up, that she sleep next to the sweet and beautiful son is not Yuwen Yue Well Chu Qiao screamed with a horror, who told her how it was going on. Yuwen Yue was awakened by her, frowned and sat up, then, on the 7th came to report the news, the emperor of the Yuwen Yue guess was Wei Gui know, specially ordered to Yuwen Yue reminder. Yuwen Yue face instantly ugly, he thought it was Chu Qiao and Yan Xun collusion, and their own stupid in the count. Yuwen Yue words of unclear, Chu Qiao suddenly cold down, Chu Qiao unknown so, do not know what he made nerve. On the other side, Chu Qiao night did not return, Yan Xun worry endless, regardless of Zhong Yu block want to go to her. Chu Qiao at this time came in to see her safe and sound, Yan Xun hanging a heart was put down. Chu Qiao made beautiful army, her days in the army, and truly feel the beauty of the Yanbei’s heartfelt and want to return to Yan North’s desire, she hoped that Yan Xun can give them a chance. Chu Qiao are so to say, Yan Xun promised to see the evening beauty generals Yan North generals. Before that, Yan Xun warned Zhong Yu not allowed to use Chu Qiao do anything, do not think he did not know, is Zhong Yu stole He Xiao’s hand to the Xue Jie cold, then let Chu Qiao to save Xiao Xiao become beautiful The military benefactor, while informing Yu Wen Yue Chu Qiao difficult, and Yuwen Yue once saved Chu Qiao, is bound to cause the emperor’s suspicion, this stone and more bird’s plan is good, just bitter Joe Joe, and this is Yan Xun most Would like to see it. To the agreed time, Yan Xun met with the beautiful army assistant Shu He and about Wei Wei Qi, Wu Dan Yu. Yan Xun painful beauty army did not fight with the Yan North side, but put on the enemy’s shirt, standing in the enemy team. But since then they have difficulties, and there is repentance, Yan Xun immediately forgive them, to allow them to return to Yanbei with him. Walking on the way back to the camp, He Xiao three people feel that things are too smooth some, Yan Xun was broken at home, but also experienced Jiujing Taiwan tragedy, which is monstrous hatred, is it so easy to forgive. Chu Qiao heard their words on the Yan Xun’s distrust, He Xiao do not refute, he wants to lead the beautiful army brothers return to Yanbei will be responsible for them, Yan Xun’s attitude is essential. Chu Qiao told them Yan Xun will not be back, she will not let the beauty army suffer. With the guarantee, He Xiao rest assured. Lan Shuyi’s son was Yuwen pregnant with the palace, since that day was Lan Shuyi refused, Yuwen Huai has been bitterly in the heart. He was Lan Shuyi get into the palace, and now she would like to fall face do not recognize people, no door, her most care about the son of the palace is to give her the color to see. Lan Shuyi is most concerned about is the son, she hastened to send people to please Yuwen pregnant palace. Yu Wenhuai was going to see her, but halfway met the emperor summoned, directly to see the emperor. The emperor called Yu Wenhuai and Zhao Dongting came together, gave them a secret purpose, and told them to open the day in the wedding. Yuwen Huai re-use, he also do not have to wait for Lan Shuyi said something for him, and came out from the hall, directly back to the Hongshan hospital. Lan Shuyi get the news, anxious, and even intend to go abroad to see Yu Wenhuai, but she is only Shuyi, there is a Zhao Jieyu eyeing, she just a little wrong will be caught. In the personal maid of the repeated block, Lan Shuyi had to give up the idea of ​​the palace, wait and see. Xiao policy to go, Chu Qiao to see her, Xiao policy to see her look happy. Chu Qiao take a few days before the assault that things are not assured Xiao Dao guards ability, she took out a list, so Xiao policy from the choice of escort him to leave people. The list of people from twelve to eighty years old, but all Chu Qiao boast heroic magic, it is really difficult for her. Xiao strategy is like a fox as a wise man, he knew Chu Joe wanted him to choose who, Yuan Che. Yuan Chuan troops to fight everything is fine, there is him in Chang’an, Yan Xun fled only harder. At the same time, Yuan Che in Xiaoqi camp, the analysis of Yuwen Yue was suddenly transferred to the palace of the reasons for the job, I am afraid that someone else’s Road.

Episode 43

Yuan is ready to enter the palace to learn about Yuwen Yue was transferred to the palace of the reasons, he has not come out of the big account to receive tomorrow to escort Xiao strategy back to the will of the will. Yuan Shuai understand that he went, that is, the best time to leave Yan Xun, he deliberately to please the East avoid trying to stop Yan Xun back to Yanbei. The East bogey face to face the good, but how can he keep the promise of the people, he desperate Yan Xun back to Yanbei it, the only way, Wei will completely chaos up, Wei Huang will re-use Yuan Che, to When he will be able to boge in the yuan in the East under the grand show. At this time, the East bogey of the Wudao cliff, Wudao cliff has been looking forward to a peaceful and prosperous, but how can Yan Xun is the master, climb out from hell will only be devils, Wudi Road, fear is to be disappointed The Yuan Shu from the East to avoid the election directly after the Wei House, he did not worry about the East bogey, specifically to please Wei Shu Ye stare Yan Xun, do not let him out of Chang’an City, if the situation is urgent, is to kill Yan Xun also At the expense of At the same time, Yingge Court, Chu Qiao and Yan Xun, Chung Yu is checking the wedding day out of the city route, they are limited, only clever choice on the route. Wedding day, Yan Xun will start from the Yingge Court, all the way along the Shuncheng Street, after Chang’an House, mulberry leaf pool directly to the temple, after the completion of ancestors, after Suzaku Street back to the palace. The emperor can not blatantly kill Yan Xun, the most likely place to be remote and desolate temple. At that time, the beauty army will be controlled in advance Xue Jie cold. On the eve of the wedding, about 100 people will be ambushed in the vicinity of the temple waiting for Yan Xun. On the day of marriage, arrangements for four hundred people control Dongchengmen, collusion they out of the city. Chang’an City, many of their garrison, their plans are very risky, but the different responsibilities of the army, thin analysis, only Wu Linwei, Bing Wei and Xiaoqi camp most likely to send troops, Xiao Qi camp in the Yuan Che and Yuwen Yue are not, Lack of suffering, and now they just let Wu Linwei and Bing Weiwei the central institutions can be paralyzed. Zhong Yu said that when the fire will ignite, they can run away in disarray. Chu Qiao this time to know there is a fire this step, specifically remind them not to hurt the people. After the city, they use the paved bridge in advance to escape. Blink of an eye to Xiao Zhen to leave the day, Chu Qiao by about to go for him off. Chu Qiao know Xiao policy is not mediocre generation, she would like to know Shaoxing will not take advantage of Wei and Yanbei war and partial to which side. Xiao policy commitment will not intervene, after these days to get along, Xiao policy is really appreciate Chu Joe, invited her to have time to get together. Chu Qiao smiled and asked him to be free to go to Yanbei riding Happy. Blink of an eye to the first three days of marriage, Yan Xun and Chu Qiao drank three years ago to drink the wine, to the time of the war. This war is very dangerous, Yan Xun intend to let Chu Qiao first out of the city. On the day of marriage, Lan Shuyi took the opportunity to go out to find Yuwen pregnant with his son, for his son, she did not hesitate to sell Chu Qiao, she is the Luo River daughter – the news of the successor told Yuwen Huai. Yuwen Yue got cheap also selling well, laughing why Qiao Qiao not out of the palace, not afraid of Yan Xun dropped her no matter what you do. Chu Qiao too lazy Yuwen Yue. Yan Xun also a dress, but his face was frosty, set off to the temple ancestors. Palace in the hall above the emperor announced Yan Xun is the new Yan North King, also hypocritically hope that we all forget the Hou Hou Hou’s rebellion, do not embarrass Yan Xun, he is both want to kill Yan Xun want to win Good reputation ah Yan Xun after the departure, Zhong Yu announced the beginning of action, they ambush in Chang’an everywhere to make every effort to complete the task. To the temple on the road after Jiujing Taiwan, Yan Xun think of three years ago, they have a blood splash Jiujia Taiwan things, the hearts of hatred monstrous sky. At this time, Zhao Dongting with a team of troops came from, claiming Yan Xunying opera house possession of a large number of weapons, intended to counterattack. He Xiao led the handsome army Yanbei public soldiers came to the Savior, beauty army all the war Italy passionate, less than a moment will be won Zhao Dongting. Yan Xun walked a heavy step down the carriage, sword cut Zhaodong Ting, for the year died in his hands Yanbei public soldiers revenge. At this time the streets have been all over the body of the soldiers, blood flow into the river. Waiting for a full three years, Yan Xun today finally able to a shame before the snow, shouting my Yan Xun anti-words, swear to death out of Chang’an.

Episode 44

Yuwen Yue has long been clear Yan Xun really face, he knew Yan Xun has changed, become unfathomable, terrible incomparable, Chu Qiao will be disappointed. Chu Qiao now do not realize the change of Yan Xun, she stubbornly think that Yan Xun or that house Yan Yan Yan Yan, not indiscriminate killing innocent. Chu Qiao bent to go, Yuwen Yue no longer stop her. Chu Qiaoqi horse walking in Chang’an Avenue, she saw the people countless casualties, young children lose their parents, helpless cry, as well as evil people, took the opportunity to kill the innocent people. Chu Qiao killed one after another took the opportunity to chaos of evil people, heartache endless. Chang’an City completely chaos, even the palace was also Yan Xun people sneaked into, creating a fire to disturb the order. Yan Xun rebellion of the news finally came, the emperor ordered to kill Yan Xun, reward million two. Yan Xun troops came to meet Chu Qiao, Yuan Song with people then arrived, looking at her sister embarrassed to ask Yan Xun, to now she even thought that Yan Xun just do not want to marry her rebellious. Yuan Song told Chun children Yan Xun is to revenge, Yuan Song mouthful of morality and morality of the emperor said Yan Xun generous treatment, that Yan Xun rebellion is ungrateful. His words in Yan Xun heard is a joke, Wei imperial kill his family, he and the big Wei potential. Yuan Song see Yan Xun conscientious conspiracy, Chu Qiao and his side by side fighting, he pull the sword and cut their knees cut off, then see you is the enemy. Then, Chu Qiao first out of the city and Zhong Yu confluence, she managed to cross the pontoon bridge, so simple bridge, Chu Qiao worried that people can not afford the beautiful army so many people bridge, but Zhong Yu said it was Yan Xun’s decision, should not problem. Yan Xun led the beautiful army to Shangwu Tang, Shangwu Tang is a place to cultivate the official Wei, Tu Shangwu Tang, Wei will be at least ten years will not be able to lead troops to fight the generals. Yan Xun’s idea Yuwen Yue has long been insight, so he waited early in the Shangwu Tang, Yan Xun know three years ago when he was in jail, Yuwen Yue had his day and night guardian, in order to also guard this feeling, Yan Xun gave up The massacre of the Church. Xiao Zhanying soldiers and horses immediately to the Yan Xun life beauty left behind the block, he brought people out of the city, line to the east gate, Zhong Yu left people waiting here, and before the beauty of the siege gate has long been full To die. Yan Xun ordered the city, immediately after the closure of the city gate, and still in the city of the beautiful army will fight courageously, in order to Yanbei died in Chang’an City. He Xiao led a small number of successful success of the victory of the slow infantry the pace of the camp, when they desperately tight encirclement, rushed to the East when the door, but found that brothers have been killed, the only way out the East Gate has also been sealed The Yuwen Yue sitting in the hall, suddenly found Chu Qiao was gone. He took the opportunity to run out, and sure enough in the remote palace wall caught to escape the Chu Qiao. To now they know Yan Xun and did not forgive the beautiful army, before showing the joy of just want to use them only. Beauty soldiers are full of desperate mind, it now appears that they not only did not get forgiven, can not return home, they are abandoned by Yanbei team.

Episode 45

Faced with such a desperate, He Xiao heart desolate, but still muster the courage, three years ago because of their fault, Yan North battlefield defeat, Dingbei Houmen was killed, though not all their fault, but less Yan family Of today’s beautiful army to take orders back to them. Since then, they are no longer coward, but not a traitor, can be worthy of the return of the heart of the mountain, the whole army shouted back to the beautiful mountain, war high. While the other side, Yan Xun after the bridge, immediately shot rocket burning pontoon. Chu Qiao looked at the words of the letter Yan Xun, shocked, Yan Xun heart hate, she did not blame him, but she promised to bring the beautiful army back to Yanbei, it will not be dishonest. Chu Qiao Li turned to stand, the fire has burned for a moment, the end of the pontoon has been damaged, Chu Qiao drove back to the number of steps, suddenly force, and love horse leap past. Beauty army casualties, has been running out, He Xiao has been seriously injured, fell to the ground, they have hold the mortal faith. At this moment, the closed city gate was suddenly opened, sunset in a horse rushed into the horse, as if the heroes of the same life to save them in the fire and water. Chu Qiao immediately picked up the flag on the ground side of the flag, a horse in front of the heavy injury in front of the beautiful army, holding high Yanbei flag, loudly told the beauty of the soldiers, Yan North did not give up, she came to They go home Chu Qiao intended to let the beauty army first withdrawal, but the beauty of the soldiers who vow to live and die with her. This time to come to block the beauty of the military is Yuwen Huai, Yu Wenhuai and Chu Qiao hatred of the sea, today relied on many people, flew up and Chu Qiao go it alone, Yuwenhuai good skill, but not Battle, often walk in the edge of life and death of Chu Qiao’s opponent, fighting after a few rounds, Chu Qiao vigorously turned swords, sword scratch Yuwen Huai’s neck. Wei Jun coach is dead, beautiful army in Chu Qiao under the leadership of the safe city out. Chu Qiao did not immediately rush with Yan Xun confluence, but led the beauty army again and again to stop the city chase Wei Jun. After another victory, Chu Qiao ordered the retreat, they can not be carried away by the victory of the front, I believe that soon after Wei will focus on their troops to deal with them, the delay for a long time, I believe Yan Xun has reached a safe place, It’s time to retreat. Beauty army soldiers at this time a loss of mind, Yan Xun has abandoned them, they no longer homeless. Chu Qiao denied their speculation, she can not let the beauty army experienced a brutal war, but found themselves swear alright loyal people even abandoned them, which is unfair to the beauty army. She claimed that they are sent to save their Yan Xun sent, the fact that she did. Chu Qiao’s actions made the beauty army admiration, they decided to swear after the death of Joe Joe. Yan Xun poisoning coma, before the coma to send Zhong Yu sent Yuan Song brothers and sisters back to Chang’an. Zhong Yu worry Yan Xun injury, only to send ten people to send them back, but did not personally select candidates. Escort Yuan Song brothers and sisters back to Chang’an ten people all with the big Wei has a sea of ​​blood hatred, they yang fool, actually in the halfway halo Yuan Song, raped his sister. Chu Qiao and beauty army just march to a jungle, sent Wei Wei Wu Yu Yu went to explore the way. He Xiao know Chu Qiao said he was sent to save the words of Yan Xun sent only to comfort them, he worried that this time back to Yan Xun still tolerate them. His fear is not unreasonable, but the beauty army has been shrinking, before they are in the eyes of Yan Xun traitor, but after these days big and small battle, they have successfully washed away the traitor’s stigma, and became A brave and powerful army. Imagine such an army, Yan Xun how can kill heart again. Chu Qiao to He Xiao guarantee that since they are brought back, they will certainly protect them. He Xiao is not unfounded people, Chu Qiao words to persuade him, but he would like to allegiance is not Yan Xun, but in front of this regardless of danger, alone to save their heroine hero. Other beauty army soldiers and He Xiao’s idea is the same, but Chu Qiao strongly disagree, Yan North can only have a master Yan Xun. Beauty Army surface Yan Yan Xun mainly, but in their hearts the real spiritual leader is Chu Qiao. Suddenly there are soldiers to report, that is, Wu Dan Yu and a group of unidentified people beat up. Chu Qiao and others quickly rushed to the location of the incident, but found that the other is Yan Xun hands of the soldiers. The soldier claimed that they were carrying out the task, he said hesitantly, so that Chu Qiao doubt. Yan Xun has retreated, they only ten people sneaky return to Chang’an, which is unreasonable. Qiao Qiao’s strong compelling, the talent that the truth, they are sent to Song Song brothers and sisters back to Chang’an, he looked at a not far from the cave, worried. Chu Qiao into the dark cave, the front of the scene shocking. Two Yanbei soldiers are wearing clothes, clothes broken, face like a deadly lying on the ground, beside the scalp blood flow, unconscious yuan song. Chu Qiao indignation, immediately beheaded the two soldiers. She helped Yuansong sister sat up, but a bite in her hand, desperate to keep tears. See Yuan Song’s broken arm, Chu Qiao heartache endless. Escort Yuan Song brothers and sisters of the ten soldiers that they did not do wrong, do not repent, Chu Qiao ordered to cut the ten soldiers, let Hexiao first with the beautiful army to go with Yan Xun confluence, she should personally escort Yuan Song brothers and sisters back Chang’an.

Episode 46

A school of flowers in the Aoyama courtyard, Yuwen burning that Chu Qiao has fled the news, he earnestly warned Yuwen Yue should not mind wasted in a woman who. Yuwen Yue told his grandfather he understood the truth, has been in the return and Changan Yuan Quan with the deployment of the pursuit of Yan Xun plan. Yu Wenzhao shook his head and sighs, come up with Yuwen Yue father’s hand letter, told him this time the most intelligent approach is to keep the soldiers, loyal to the spouse can win a good reputation, but after the crisis, the emperor must be afraid, the end is another Yanshi City only. These Yuwen Yue know, but he did not want to do such a person, but do not want to let his father mercy. Years ago, Yu Wen Yue mother tragic death, he was his father to Yuwen long room a pulse, since then, Yuwen Yue no longer have any illusions about this father. Yuwen burning to see grandson so painful, eyes hidden tears flashed, things are not what he thought, but the truth can not say. Yuwen Huai is dead, and now Yuwenjia no one can shake the Castle Peak homes, Yuwen burning do not have to hide in the dark days of the room to live. Yu Wen Yue proper arrangements for grandfather, turned away. In the past Yuwen Yue has been obeying the instructions of his grandfather, living is very depressed, and now Yuwen pregnant is dead, Yuwen home right full return to Yuwen long room a pulse, Yuwen Yue also worthy of grandfather, and later he wanted to be loyal to his heart life. Know Chu Qiao safe and sound, Yan Xun ordered the army to open, immediately return to Hongchuan City. For Xiuli Jun, Yan Xun still can not let go, in his heart traitor can never be forgiven, he ordered the return of the beautiful army, their army into the forward camp, it is Yanbei treatment of the death penalty. Chu Qiao all the way to escort Yuan Song brothers and sisters back to Chang’an, overnight a dilapidated thatched cottage, Chu Qiao deliberately kept at the door, it rains, and just walked into the hut and love meteor rest. House Yuan Song unconscious, raving constantly, over and over again a few words are worried about Chu Joe. After dawn, Yuan Song woke up, he is now like this, the most reluctant to see is Chu Qiao, his brother Chu Qiao opposite, is to catch her to go. Chu Qiao knew his intention, did not put his words on the heart, still dedicated to escort them. Chu Qiao pouring rain, have a night to start a high fever, Chu Joe who died to escort them. After a few days after the hurry, and finally to the outside of Chang’an City. Yuan Song and Chu Qiao farewell, this should be his last time with Chu Qiao calmly talk, meet again, when never met it, in his eyes who betrayed Wei is a dead end. Chu Qiao looked at this has been very good for himself, but she did not report the man, even if meet again, she will not be on the Yuan Song hands. Yan Xun had to help her in the desperate situation, when Chu Qiao accompany him to stand Jiujing Taiwan that moment, she and Yuan Song today, the situation has been destined to oppose, she has been alienating Yuan Song, but Yuan Song is clearly not Aware of her intentions. Everyone knows that the emperor will not let Yan Xun, only Yuan Song self-deception, do not want to believe, so when Yan Xun rebellion, he will be so angry. Yuan Song, although the surface of the Yan Xun murder things to heart, but his heart really care to make him very disappointed, Chu Joe did not hesitate to give up and choose to stand beside Yan Xun. Although Yuan Song mouth slain Yan Xun, but Chu Qiao know Yan Xun if not Yuan Song wounded very heavy, is not cut off an arm of Yuan Song; Yan Xun if not hurt to a coma, he will not let that Ten people escort Yuan Song brothers and sisters. Chu Qiao speculative amazing, Yuan Song did not deny, told her Yan Xun was dying. Even so, Chu Joe did not regret to come to escort them, she stood up and galloped away. Soon after, Yuan Chuan people came, Yuan Song sister will be all the tragic experience in the Chucao who, it pointed to the direction of Chu Qiao left, so that the seven brother Yuan must be sure to catch her back. Yuan Song had subconsciously pointed to the opposite direction, but between the brothers and sisters, Yuan Che choose to believe my sister, Yuan Song pointed to the opposite direction of the fingers had to fall. See his son and daughter encountered such a tragedy, Wei Huang furious, ordered the country wanted Yan Xun, Chu Qiao, killing no amnesty. The emperor has been on the two brothers and sisters have to add, by contrast, Lan Shuyi children in his heart almost no weight, the child disappeared for a long time, the emperor is simply a simple comfort Lan Shu Yi few, he did not have any sad. Yuwen Huai has died for a long time, Lan Shuyi children locked him in the box, has long survived. Lan Shuyi see her young son died when the horrors of the time, almost crazy, she blame all this in Chu Qiao who, if not want to help Chu Joe, she will not offend Yuwen Huai. Lan Shuyi most concerned about is her son, and now his son died, support her live only the only belief is revenge.

Episode 47

Yan Xun since the decision to go back to Hongchuan City, sent a secret to the secret to find Chu Qiao. Today, A fine back, he did not find Chu Qiao, but along the way to hear the news, Chu Qiao escort Yuanshou brothers and sisters returned to Chang’an day, Wei Di under the arrest warrant, the national wanted Chu Joe, killing no amnesty. Yan Xun heard this, his eyes fiercely, in vain he also read the old feelings, put the song and sisters brother and sister a way, in vain A Chu all the way to escort, they actually is so benefacted hatred, Yan Xun ordered the world, Chu Qiao if the site Less a hair, he would like to die without burial place. On the other side, Yuwen Yue to leave, and his intention to go all over the country’s big giants spy people swept the net, then the case of the North Hou and Chang’an chaos have a beam of spies figure, keep them endless trouble. Yuwen Yue reason is impeccable, but Yuwen burning is to know that he has a large part of the reason is to find Chu Qiao. Today, Yuwen Yue has no longer conceal their love for Chu Qiao, he Yuwen burning year for a slaves from the legs as an example, hope his grandfather can understand him. And Yuwen burning is experiencing similar things, do not want grandchildren deeper and deeper, he was bent on the consequences of early became a waste, the future is destroyed. Having said that, but back many years ago, Yuwen burning or will do so, this is Yuwen Yue again and again to help Chu Qiao reasons, love is love, not to return. An unknown tree, a mouthful of the scholar who also riding a way here, his hand umbrella shade, one hand holding the book read, really really good ah. Suddenly heard not far from the fighting sound, the scholar in the minds of the minds of the minds of the intention to slip away, but the body of the horse did not give him the opportunity to go straight to the scene of the fighting, which is Wei Bing in the besieged Chu Joe, with this man suddenly appeared in the horse, the original battle of the fierce side of the two sides stopped, dozens of pairs of eyes staring at the scholar looked at the scholar to catch the ducks on the shelves, morally moral to give them reason, Chu Joe faint to see those Wei Bing clenched the hands of the sword, she let the scholar quickly shut up, did not see people have been impatient Well. Wei Bing’s sword straight toward the scholar throw, Chu Qiao eyes quickly beat the knife, flying on the scholar’s horse, gallop away. Scholar’s books, entanglement and customs clearance and other things scattered to a place, to a safe place, the scholar and Chu Joe parted ways to go back to find his things. Chucia was surprised at his bravery, did not life it, if the officers and men to him as her party, he is not dangerous yet? Chu Qiao remind the scholar, there is a sense of justice is good, but still have a brain, she lost something people want to make up the money. Did not expect the scholar that she will be officers and soldiers to kill, certainly not a good man, do not want her money, hard to pull the horse away. Yan Xun soon to the city of Hongchuan, the more close to Yan North, the more feelings, when he was in order to fulfill his father’s loyalty dutyless for the quality of Beijing, for many years, the return has been non-human. Yan Xun to Yanbei tribal leaders issued an invitation to discuss the matter. But the invitations issued three days, and no one came. Yan Xun openly rebellion, the tribal leaders fear Wei emperor anger, are afraid to contact with him. Yan Xun had also expected these father’s old department with his hatred, it seems that he is the people think too good. Today, Huotu large feast banquet, the tribal leaders will be present, Huotu new patriarch Agu Tu is the former patriarch of the brother of Engel, Engelhard and Ding Bei Hou is a brother, in the way to save the North Hou was Agu Tou murder, Agutu bully brother Pa Sao, killing brother and children, is the prairie on the famous bully. Yan Xun intend to go to the Huotu Department will be the bully, before leaving the red city gate hung a symbol of the Yanbei palace plaque, the sword dragon bird gave him to support the general Yuan, to show awards. At this time Agu Tutu is with the tribal leaders of the wine Huanhuan, he not only Dingbei Hou utmost contempt, abetting the leaders of Yan Xun sit on the sidelines, but also ridiculed Yan Xun is the soft bones. Yan Xun is at this time came in, Agu map did not know him, approached the question, Yan Xun silent, directly with a short knife stabbed in the ancient map of the shoulder, to sit down, domineering to tell the frightened tribal leaders He is Yan Xun, is their new king, then a knife cut through the neck of Agutu, killing the chicken warning of the monkey. Hyun Yang City, three of the secret found in the secret place where the secret site, Yuwen Yue rush to rush, and Yin Yang’s spy day old man together, but still a step late. He went to the largest point of view, relying on their own sensitive intuition, caught a geek spy, but also saved a child. Yu Wen Yue learned from the mouth of the spy man called an organization called Yinyang Chamber of Commerce, three years ago, the Chamber of Commerce suddenly appeared, and gradually monopolized the vicinity of the oil and rice flour business, the Chamber of Commerce on the face of a man called Liu Hee’s businessman, but the legend of the real master is the underworld, known as the wind Siye. Yu Wen Yue has been secretly inquire into the whereabouts of Chu Qiao, at the same time, Xiao policy is also looking for Chu Qiao, he asked the big family Zhanjia Zhu Zhiyu help to find Chu Qiao, Zhan Ziyu most concerned about the whereabouts of a man named as a white insects The Chu Qiao Qiao posing as a man’s appearance, a dark blue clothes, specially sticky mustache, will be a rivers and lakes in the identity of the vivid interpretation of the living. Way Yin Yang market, even see an acquaintance. A few days before the encounter was the scholar was awkwardly locked in the cage, any traffickers selling, Chu Qiao read and he had helped himself, kindly bought him out, unexpectedly people scholar fancy, do not want to her, left. Not much time, when Chu Qiao once again through the market, see the scholar was actually locked into the cage to sell, the book grew the lesson, temporarily thrown the so-called integrity, seeking Chu Qiao save him out. Chu Qiao again after the rescue, the scholar’s impression of her hidden. Late at night, the two night a broken temple, scholar self-reported house, told Chu Qiao himself called Liang Shaoqing. This Chu Qiao certainly know that the original encounter in the first time, Liang Shaoqing has been self-reported home.

Episode 48

Faintly fragmented footsteps came, Chu Qiao eyes looked out to go, less than a moment, there are a large number of officers and men come in, Liang Shaoqing hand without the power of the chicken, so many people rely on Chu Qiao one to meet, see the officers and men To put the arrow, Chu Qiao had no choice but to cut off the residual rainbow sword. The number of others, blocking the effect of minimal, no weapons near the body, to be flying arrows, Chu Qiao moment in an arrow, can only rely on Liang Shaoqing carrying her crazy to escape. To a no place, Chu Qiao keen to find someone hidden in the dark, in order to protect Liang Shaoqing, Chu Qiao performance is very sad to abandon his scholar useless look, drive him away. The darkness of the people out, turned out to be the market traffickers wood owners, he brought people, Chu Qiao injury can not resist, then Liang Shaoqing suddenly held a bamboo basket from afar, intended to save Joe Joe, he also Count the righteousness, could not bear to leave the injured Chu Qiao back again to see Chu Qiao difficult to retreat, but also rushed to desperately. Just the book useless in some angles it seems so, Liang Shaoqing instantly by the wood boss around the two sweat down to the ground. At the same time, Yan Xun with Cheng Yuan and others secretly arrived Yin Yang, Yin Yang Chamber of Commerce is the wind of the triumphant Yan Xun year of the children’s sleep, the Chamber of Commerce on the face of Liu Xi is full of righteous scholar officials, The year is because of the work of the dictatorship of Wei Dili resignation, he met with the Wudao cliff, Yan North full of sympathy, and therefore done Yinyang Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce in addition to Liu Xi are Wudao cliff carefully selected Yan North person. Chamber of Commerce gradually grow, in the face of great interests, some people actually played a greed, had already been suppressed, but Yan Xun defected came, Liu Xi Yan Xun murderous too Sheng, refused to give the Chamber of Commerce to the wind Sleep, some do not give up the people began to stir around. Liu Xi is said to be the account of the House to teach the teacher, let him sent to the dock Pengcheng shop, at the same time, Yuwen Yue also learned that Yin Yang Chamber of Commerce books, when the Wei family home Wei Guang has been with the Yang Shangwu fighting, the incumbent home Wei Shu Ye to Wei Dizi to come to Yinxang to rectify the firm, it seems that the Yin Shang Chamber of Commerce is really a piece of fat ah. From Changan came not only Wei Shu Ye, as well as to the camp of people, Lan Shuyi hate Chu Joe, at the expense of big money to the camp to kill her. Since Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing was traffickers wood owners took away, has been kept in the cage to sell. Liang Shaoqing took out a book, saying that his owner to his custody, he also knew his hand without the power of the chicken, then the book to the Chu Qiao custody. This should be Yan Xun to find the books, and did not expect the opportunity to coincide to the hands of Chu Qiao. Yuwen Yue walk in the Yin Yang market, see the roadside stalls have to sell rabbit lights, and remembered before he had to buy a rabbit lantern lanterns, she was holding a lantern smile very happy look, suddenly heard Selling slaves of the cries, Yuwen Yue turned around to see, as if to see the Chu Qiao was locked in the cage, isolated helpless. To be seen, only to find that these people did not want him to see people. Yuwen Yue read these trafficked slaves lonely, they all bought down. Yu Wen Yue left less than a moment, seriously injured coma Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing was bought. The original housekeeper Zhan Fu has been and wood bosses have business dealings, after he told the wood boss to buy a seriously injured slaves, Chu Qiao was scheduled in advance, so not in the outside of the cage, and therefore missed Yuwen Yue. Soon after, on the seventh day in the market found a cruise sword, from the mouth of the sold hawker know that the red rainbow sword is picked up. Yuwen Yue know Chu Qiao will no reason to lose the residual rainbow sword, since she was in the Yin Yang, it is not just to see their own is not an illusion, Yuwen Yue hurried back to the place where slaves were sold, The wood boss did say that there was a slave in their mouth, but had been bought by Zhan Fu before a stick of incense. Yuwen Yue found today out of the city only two people, are going to dock Pengcheng, he quickly catch up in the past. At the same time, Chu Qiao in the Zhanjia ship woke up, she saw Zhan Yuyu on the boat board, Chu Qiao from Zhan Ziyu’s food and clothing can be guessed that he is rich, but even if the money should be And will not spend a lot of money to buy a seriously wounded slaves, returned to her good medicine to cure it, after all, from Zhanzi Yu insist on the people against the current style of the boat, he is not a compassionate people. Chu Qiao broken all, secretly took a knife in his hand, asked Zhan Ziyu so in the end is subject to whom the instructions. Zhan Ziyu Jing Pei Chu Qiao’s observation, do not want to hide her, told her behind the people is the big beam Xiaozhao Prince, Xiao policy just want to save her, do not want to limit her freedom. Therefore, Chu Qiao and Liang Shaoqing in the dock Pengcheng under the boat. Chu Qiao all the way to be killed, dangerous, she did not want to Liang Shaoqing also into danger, but also unreasonable to drive him away. Liang Shaoqing soon after, Chu Qiao remembered his books on their own here, toward the direction of Liang Shaoqing chase the past. At this point, Liang Shaoqing has been found by officers and men, they caught him is the Yin Shang Chamber of Commerce Liu Xi House on the teaching of Mr.. Liang Shaoqing was taken away, Chu Qiao just arrived. On the other side, Yan Xun hands of the Yuan is not far to see this scene. Chu Qiao know can not head-on, to save Liang Shaoqing have to find another way. Late at night, she night patrol shop Pengcheng city government, actually see Tiancheng keep Yuwen Yue from the government in the lake Pavilion came out, in desperation, Chu Qiao into a room, stunned the room woman, Put on her clothes. Chu Qiao never imagined that this room with a spa is Tiancheng Shou in order to please Yuwen Yue, specifically for the cold who prepared him. Tiancheng Shou early morning that the room prepared a dance Ji, so Yuwen Yue bow down to see the woman in the curtain after the curtain, did not think about it. Chu Qiao see Yuwen Yue and did not want to communicate with her posture, is preparing to quietly leave, when she hit the door when the door, Yuwen Yue lazy voice came, let her go to massage him. Chu Qiao frowned, heart unwilling to go toward Yuwen Yue.

Episode 49

The hot springs pool misty, a few pieces of petals floating on it. Chu Qiao walked step by step, deliberately Yuwen Yue massage moment, so he relaxed vigilance when Chu Qiao quietly hand touched his head, in the layers of ink hair set off, a fine knife suddenly hiding them. Chu Qiao knife down, did not expect to Yuwen Yue a block, and even took the opportunity to fall into the hot spring pool. Chu Qiao touched the water at the same time, kicked water to attack Yuwen Yue face. They instantly hit in the hot spring pool, Chu Qiao do not want to go to war, a Jianbu flew up. Yi Yu Yue is not easy to catch the back of the clothes, Chu Qiao is wearing that dancing clothes, this is the cool harness loaded, so Yuwen Yue vigorously grasp, clothes broken. In desperation Chu Qiao had to pull the side of the curtain wrapped in the body. Yuwen Yue then from the hot spring pool up, the two were all the way to the bed. Xu is to create a romantic atmosphere, bed drape heavy. The two fight room, Yuwen Yue a plate instability, straight to fall in the body of Chu Qiao, cleverly pro on her lips. Chu Qiao moment eyes wide open, angry, shot more Ling Li up. They can not be opened, moving great. Seven months to hear the sound, regardless of rushed to come. Yu Wen Yue eye swiftly with the quilt to cover up Chu Qiao, cold words on the month of seven roll. Month seven blindly circle out, the other on the back of the moon is happy to see it, it seems that the son finally resuscitated, and this woman inside a little skill. On the seventh day in their ridicule in the back, a little doubt just that in the end is not their own son. Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue quietly listening to the dialogue outside the moon, Chu Qiao ridiculed Yu Wen Yue Liang is not under the beam crooked. Yuwen Yue has always been poison tongue, ridicule her can climb the man’s bed, and her beam is really very na na. Want to get clothes to wear, Yuwen Yue open the closet of the moment, will wake up the dance Ji face head fell over, he pushed hard, that poor dancing and drowned in the cupboard. Chu Qiao which will be expected to Yuwen Yue will suddenly open the closet, wake up when the scene, just that scene is happening. Chu Qiao was want to go, came outside the sound of the city to keep. The original is Wei Shu Ye to the field to ask Yuwen Yue to see whether or not to see. Yuwen Yue, of course, will not see Wei Shu Ye, so that Chu Qiao took the opportunity to sneak away, and he was sure Wei Shu Ye this time, is to capture Chu Joe. Chu Qiao now the situation can be described as a crisis. Early in the morning, Chu Qiao with interest to eat breakfast. Yuwen Yue curious to ask her to the city Shoufu reasons, Chu Qiao certainly will not tell him the truth, only that is short of money, to steal point. She does not say Yuwen Yue will not force her, just climb over to let her steal more, Yan North poor, where there will only suffer. Chu Qiao do not care, Yan North is Yan Xun’s home, that is, her home. This statement Yuwen Yue listening to very unreasonable, this go to Yan North, all the way to the crisis, Yuwen Yue let her hurt, do not let him know, especially in his invisible, intangible, can not help Of the place so that he can not stand it. This is Yuwen Yue for the first time so straightforward expression of the feelings of Chu Qiao, Chu Joe moment stunned on the spot. Yuwen Yue is usually a very self-discipline, but this time and a dance Ji in the room until the three pole, I am afraid that dance is not ordinary people. Wei Shu Ye want to go to the room to find out, but there are seven months, in any case do not let him go, Wei Shu Ye had to invite Yuwen Yue then meet the luncheon, deliberately let him take the dance Ji to see. Yu Wen Yue with Chu Qiao went to dinner, personally selected her a pink dress, put on a beautiful dress, a makeup, the daughter of the home gesture filling. Chu Qiao these years, has been running around Yan Xun, in the dress is not black is white, do not pay attention, Yuwen Yue distressed for her. Before leaving, Yu Wen Yue to Chu Qiao wearing a woman here will wear the veil as a block. Chu Qiao silent to look overturned, to wear veil also let her make-up doing, is simply superfluous. Tian Cheng Shou Yu Yu Yue and Wei Shu travel prepared by the luncheon, Wei Shu Ye tried to spy Chu Qiao identity, but there are Yuwen Yue, how he will not succeed. Wei Shu Ye came to this, the surface is to rectify the business, Yin Yang Chamber of Commerce is the economic lifeline of Yan Xun, and Liang Shaoqing hands of the books recorded Yinxian wealthy between the tricky, crucial. Liang Shaoqing has just been handed over to Wei Shu Ye, was a few black masked people to the robbery, Chu Joe is worried about him. Yuwen Yue wanted to go tomorrow and then let Chu Qiao with him, but Chu Qiao can not wait, she must as soon as possible to save Liang Shaoqing. Without the knowledge of Yuwen Yue sneak out, Chu Qiao saved Liang Shaoqing, with him to escape, pursuers quickly chased up, Chu Qiao had to let Liang Shaoqing go first. With people chasing is Yan Xun hands of the new effective hand Yuan, but he and Chu Qiao have not seen, do not know each other’s identity, Chu Qiao escape when the book will be down, she turned to the horse back to take , At the same time, Cheng Yuan is also arrived, narrowly meet, Chu Qiao only get some books, it was Cheng Yuan sword stopped, they are more people, Chu Qiao had to give up books. A blink of an eye to the evening, Chu Qiao anxious to escape, day and night non-stop hurry, to a woods, Yuwen Yue chase up, know the road ahead, Yuwen Yue how can she let alone go. Chu Qiao to escape to steal the horse is Wei Shu Ye’s horse, but fortunately Yuwen Yue found, or how to die do not know. Sure enough, Wei Shu Ye soon chase over. They hide in the dark, see Wei Shu Ye came after coming out. At the same time, to the camp of the killer came, did not expect seemingly gentle Zhanzi Yu was actually the owner of the camp, even if the object is to kill this is Xiao policy to protect the Chu Qiao, Zhan Ziyu did not miss this opportunity to make money , The training of the killer, there is a new person is very good, this assassination when it is his experience it To the camp of the killer to the time, Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue already aware of, did not expect Zhan Ziyu mouth that is very good newcomer was a female killer, she lost to Chu Qiao two, had to escape the escape. See the hidden weapon directed at Yuwen Yue past, Chu Qiao would like to want to block the past, with a poisonous silver needle instantly pierced her arm. On the other side, Yan Xun can not find the whereabouts of Chu Qiao, anxious. Since the Yuan has got the books, Yan Xun intend to quick fix, tonight in the evening court to rehearse about Yin Yang Chamber of Commerce.

Episode 50

They do not want to follow the adventure, actually want to get out, do not think they have so many years to gather so much wealth, thanks to Yanbei in the back of support, Yanbei financial taxes are also their own, in this case , Yan Xun how could let them get out. Sleep with a Yuan and others to the way, Cheng Yuan means Henla, kill one of the most arrogant Xu treasurer to kill the chicken warning of the monkey. Cheng Yuan to get the books of the treasurer and Yanbei between the financial transactions, as long as the public out, big Wei is definitely not let these of them. Can be the treasurer, are also shrewd people, know how to assess the situation, for a time on the Cheng Yuan up, never privately transferred property to escape the heart. Afterwards, the wind and the Yuan stand on the wooden bridge in the depths of the woods. Sleep at this time to see the Cheng Yuan back to the books only half, but now these treasurer was frightened, and should not be two hearts. Cheng Yuan sneer, they even think of two hearts, I am afraid there is no chance, Wei Shu Ye had investigated them, and will not easily stop. Sleep surprised since he knew these, why not remind the treasurer. Cheng kui laugh him naive, if Yan Xun want to protect these people, they will not send him Yuan. Yan Xun once given Cheng Yuan a dragon bird knife, the dragon bird is a legend by evil spirits possessed the knife, and Cheng Yuan is Yan Xun hands of the Dragon Pee knife. Late at night, Cheng Yuan people slaughtered these treasurer family, chicken dogs do not stay. At that time they did not pay attention, Ouyang home a child escaped out. When the discovery, the child has disappeared. On the other side, Yuwen Yue with Chu Qiao mixed into a Escort, they are in the name of husband and wife together with the escort to the giants of the capital Jiankang. When the rest of the time, Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao sat on a boulder eating hard food to dry food. Looking at the usual Jin Yi Yu eat the son of eating a simple pancake, Chu Qiao could not help but ridicule him. Yuwen Yue laugh, he is not three years ago, your son, and three years of border life, so that he has no such a high demand for food, while watching the human life as a mustard, he also understood Chu Qiao has been pursuing Of the equal dream, Yuwen Yue as early as before leaving has advised his grandfather to release all the slaves. Heard him say, Chu Qiao seems to let go of the moment the big boulders, feeling good, Yuwen Yue can understand her, really good. Yuwen Yue has been called Chu Qiao star child, because the first time to see her, her eyes like a star as bright, Chu Qiao heart happy flowers, his mouth still do not let go, has always insisted that he called Chu Qiao. In the evening, the wind sleeps in the morning pavilion feast Yin Yang Chamber of Commerce of the various treasurer. These treasurer of these years pampered at the habit, and know Yan Xun rebellion, Chu Qiao on Chu Qiao it, anyway, Yuwen Yue heart she has been his star child. Suddenly heard a voice, Yuwen Yue in the next car found a little girl, the girl told them to call their own stars. Yuwen Yue heard this, a look of unhappy, who told her to call the name, which is the exclusive star child. The stars see Yuwen Yue hand cake, can not help but swallow a saliva, Yu Yu Yue do not eat, she excitedly called ink out. Ink is Ouyang home to escape the child, he has been very good before the stars, I heard that his family have been killed by bad guys, the stars are also generous to help him. She hiding the ink behind his own carriage, but accidentally discovered by his father, their family is Liu Xi Liu master slaves, father dare not possession of ink children, afraid of their own, tired master. The stars took advantage of their parents to cook, with ink ran out, Liu Xi’s team went in front of the Escort, this time, the two teams together to rest, the stars came out, just met Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue. The stars can no longer bring the ink back, Chu Joe promised to help her take care. Looked at the simple cake, Mexican children can ask to add some meat, he also wanted to eat abalone soup, snow swallow soup, roast pigeon also line. Yuwen Yue told him no words, ink children think this brother really poor. Chu Qiao smiled, Yuwen Yue was said when the poor ah, so 囧. Three people at night to sleep, Mexican children told them that they have not had a long time with the father and dad mother to sleep, they always said something to do, and now he no chance to sleep with them, Mexican innocence asked Chu Qiao and Yuwen Will she not drive him out for something? Yuwen Yue had no interest in listening to children miss their own words, suddenly heard the problem, a wine choking in the throat, child loudly ah. Had to sleep, and suddenly came outside the fighting sound and screams. Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue out to see the scene has been cleared, but they effortlessly found clues, and soon from the loose soil dug the stars of the body. During the day and they are laughing with the children now become a cold body, Chu Qiao heart angrily love, chase up, a shot shot a black man, according to black people revealed that all of these killings are Liu Xi Elders commanded. Liu Xi is Yanbei people, he made such a funny thing, Chu Qiao to clean up the portal, Yuwen Yue accompanied.

Episode 51

Liu Xi’s camp, Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao secretly observed in a moment, Mexican children know these people’s clothes, told Chu Qiao two people is to kill his family. Heard, Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue no longer hesitate, rushed out directly, rushed out before, Yuwen Yue sent a distress signal. The two sides played up, Chu Qiao shouted to let Liu Xi roll out. At this time the camp did not have anything Liu Xi, some only Yan Xun a pedestrian. Yan Xun heard Chu Qiao angry voice, actually did not come out with her recognition, he knew Chu Joe do not like to kill innocent people. Yan Xun more people, Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue rushed to the big account before the time, has been surrounded, the situation worrying. Critical moment, Yan Xun suddenly ordered, let them go. Yuwen Yue heard the words but wrinkled brow, told the man in the next day if he fell into his own hands, he will put him a way out. At the same time, Chu Qiao also looked at the big account thoughtfully. Then the two left with ink. They line of three people in the woods in a cave settled, Yuwen Yue intimate out for Chu Qiao and Mo children to find food. Yu Wen Yue out, Chu Qiao earnestly told Mo children to follow the Yuwen Yue, Mexican family was killed, if he later because of hatred to make any mistakes, Chu Qiao will forgive him, as she will forgive Yan Xun same. As early as the Liu Xi camp, Yan Xun uttered their time to go, Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue has been guessed inside is Yan Xun, but no one did not break. Yuwen Yue back to the cave, to see only one person in Mexico, he knew Chu Qiao left, then found in the woods Chu Qiao left the note, she said she had to find Yan Xun, to prevent him from making mistakes. Month seven and Wei Shu Ye Yuwen Yue found the distress signal, the month to know only in an emergency situation, the son will issue a purple signal. At the same time, Wei Shu Ye received the news, found Yan Xun trail. Month seven want to accompany Wei Shu Ye to catch Yan Xun, but Wei Shu Ye did not want to intervene in his seventh day, just let him go to his son on the line. Wei Shu Ye arrived before Yan Xun had to get the message, he wanted to leave the Chu Qiao, good with her to explain the murder of wealthy business, Yan Xun know Chu Joe certainly guess him. But stay here too dangerous, the wind caused by his left to leave Chu Qiao, let Yan Xun first go. Yan Xun although want to see Chu Joe, but here is indeed dangerous, he has a big hatred not reported, can not take risks. To the camping female killer Meng Feng in the assassination of Chu Qiao failed, embarrassed fled to the base camp. Camp owners wearing black cloth cover, looks completely blocked, sitting in the book case after a leisurely playing piano. Meng Feng kneeling on the ground to the crime, the rules of the camp is the assassination of the immediate failure to suicide, but she was not willing to ask the camp to give yourself a chance. And this task, she is not completely failed, she gave Chu Qiao under the Dengxian pills poison, if no antidote, Chu Qiao also live long, the reason why not see the blood of the throat of the highly toxic, because Mongolia Maple intuition Chu Qiao keep the owner still useful. Camp head has always been ruthless, but to see not only skill in the mask, my mind is still very light on the sake of, leaving her life. To the nirvana entrance to the students have to start, and each exam only three can Nirvana, become a living, others died in the exam, the owner looking forward to Meng Feng in the performance of the exam. At the same time, Chu Qiao did not go directly to Yan Xun, but returned to the stars set up a tomb. She was in the grave to the innocent little girl confession, kill the stars of the family is Yan Xun, Chu Qiao can not revenge for her, the heart is very guilty. Wei Shu Ye did not catch Yan Xun, did not expect the return journey will encounter Chu Qiao, which is really lost in the East corner of the Sang Yu ah. Chu Qiao did not expect to meet Wei Shu Ye, Wei Shu Ye bent on her death, Chu Qiao struggling to highlight the tight encirclement, went to a cliff, did not hesitate to jump down. Chu Qiao is not a panic, did not want to end the life, she prepared in advance, took out the rope hanging on the cliff, intended to slowly landed. But Wei Shu Ye is not so cheat, he saw Chu Qiao did not fall directly, ordered the arrows. At the same time, under the cliff on the road, a carriage gallop from Wei Shu Ye a pedestrian shot arrows, Wei Shu Ye see the situation is not good, a shot to Chu Qiao’s rope, Chu Qiao straight fell down. On the occasion of the nick of time, the top of the carriage suddenly opened, which people will Chouqiao took into the inside. Letter asked the progress of the situation, Wei Shu Ye let the letter, lied that Joe is dead. At the same time, he also intends to return to Chang’an. Yuwen Yue with seven months to recklessly recruited, related to Chu Qiao security, Yuwen Yue no longer avoid arousing, direct management Wei Shu Ye dignitaries. Wei Shu Ye told him Chu Qiao jumped, life and death do not know, while warning Yuwen Yue see their identity, do not and anti-thieves with the flow of pollution. Yuwen Yue with a month to go there to see the cliff, not found in the cliff at the end of the corpse, Yuwen Yue lucky Chu Qiao still alive, immediately sent to check her where to go. Month seven looked at his son on Chu Qiao so heart, could not help but remind the son, Chu Qiao since the choice to leave, it shows that she has chosen Yan Xun, son is a big Wei generals, and Chu Qiao is anti-thief, Worried that the son will be involved. Seven days of worry about things Yuwen how can not think of, but he is not fit Chu Joe, Yan Xun has gone, Chu Qiao alone, but also the face of the great Wei’s pursuers, he does not protect her who protect her The Subsequently, Chu Qiao finally had a message, Yuwen Yue hurried over. Chu Qiao is the Prince Liang Xiao, Chu Qiao weak woke up, haggard endless, she was in the poison, but also days toss, and now finally could not hold it. Seeing her waking up, Xiaoze showed a big smile and asked her what she wanted to eat, and he immediately told people to do it. At this time, men down to report, Yuwen Yue to the. Xiao policy lament Yuwen Yue Come so fast, his letter was sent to not long it Yuwen Yue into the house, see Chu Qiao pale face, could not help but feel bad, a pulse was aware of her poison has been serious to the point of life-threatening. Listen to Yuwen Yue description of the process of Chu Qiao poisoning, Xiao Qi guess those killers who are to the camp, and behind the camp is very likely to be the main city of Yin Yang Cheng Zhu Zhiyu master. See Xiao policy to the camp so understanding, Yuwen Yue know Xiao policy determined to help him get rid of the camp, as long as the benefit of Chu Qiao, this busy Yuwen Yue willing to help.

Episode 52

Yuwen Yue decided to go to go to the camp, before going, specifically to remind Xiao strategy to take care of Joe Joe, while managing his own, do not fight Chu Joe’s idea. Yuwen Yue immediately sent a spyerer’s eyes of the spies to go to the camp address and Zhan Ziyu its people. Spies who caught a person called Xu Liang, is a big killer to the camp. Xu Liang is the youngest son at home, just after he passed the nirvana in the business, the family for no reason the fire, all the families are dead, Xu Liang suspected of the hands of the move, but there has been no evidence. The wise spy man creates a piece of evidence that is enough to make a fake, hoping to pry open the mouth of Xu Liang. Dark secret room, Xiao Yu leisurely lying on the couch, not far from the cage, a woman called the summer insects were kept inside, summer insects is the real killer of Luo River that year, also seen Luo The daughter of the river. Xiao Yu would like to find her daughter through the river to get the situation, so to control the rivers and lakes spy. But the summer insect mouth is very hard, Xiao Yu in her here can not find a trace of useful clues. Summer insects are not afraid of Luo River retaliation, but Xiao Yu do not believe she is not afraid of the camp. Summer insects is to go to the camp of the people, to the camp to rivals rival has always been cruel, summer insects really afraid to return to the camp, had to Xiao Yu opened the mouth. That year, she was ordered to assassinate Luo River, but at the last moment but gave up, because she saw in the eyes of the river of love and warmth, by the probation. Summer insects and Chu Qiao looks somewhat similar to the Los River pass her a little ice tactics force, I hope she can pretend to Chu Qiao, to help Chu Qiao escape the enemy’s killing. To the main camp found the summer insects and Chu Qiao looks similar to the fact that you want to kill the summer insects, Luo River’s death to blame Chu Qiao. Camp master wanted to let the summer insects died in the Luo River people to kill, but did not think she was controlled by Xiao Yu. Summer insects suspected of the main camp to know Luo River, Xiao Yu want to further understand the relationship between the camp owner and Luo River, I am afraid to go to a trip to the camp, these things are in the camp are recorded. The mysterious camp is on the empty mausoleum. At the same time, Yuwen Yue caught a killer of the camp, coercion to let the killer opened his mouth, with people to empty mulberry mountain. At this time of the empty mulberry mountain, to the camp three years of Nirvana exam also began. Nirvana big test is extremely cruel, only a small number of bread hidden in every corner, the killers need to kill themselves to get food to survive. Meng Feng re-take Nirvana exam, because the last experience, it is easy to find the bread, while a few killers around, Mono Feng do not want to compete with them, directly to the bread to them, did not think these people actually Throw the bread. Meng Feng suspect, kill a person carefully observed, she found that these people are not to the camp business people, they have a token, right hand wrist with green silk. Meng Feng realized that someone came in, she reminded himself to stop the competition, consistent with the outside. Meng Feng’s guess is not wrong, these wrist tied with silk thread is Xiao Yu’s people. At the same time, Yuwen Yue also brought people arrived. To the camp in the heavy organs, accidentally will be sudden arrows into a horse honeycomb. The atmosphere for a moment of tension to the extreme, Meng Feng met Yuwen Yue positive.

Episode 53

Yuwen Yue effortlessly on the uniform of the Mongolian Feng, Meng Feng and all the killer camps are campers under the Dengxian pills, and Yuwen Yue trip to the purpose is to get Dengxian pill of the antidote, Meng Feng know even if she This time again in the Nirvana exam to win, the camp will not give her antidote, in order to get the antidote, and Yuwen Yue cooperation is the best way. So Yuwen Yue made her help, Meng Feng quickly agreed. With Meng Feng’s lead, they are easy to avoid the trap, but also take a lot of costly mistakes, straight to the camp secret room away. In fact, the camp has arrived in the empty mulberry mountain, he did not intrude into the matter, but that this will make the exam more interesting. Yuwen Yue and others arrived at the time, the main business chamber came the slightest sound of silk, They entered the door, Meng Feng Ma Ma first challenge the main camp, the camp master, after all, martial arts and high strength, Meng Feng and he is not at a level. Meng Feng was beaten by the battalion commander, but fortunately Yuwen Yue took a number one, she was free from falling. Yuwen Yue then shot, the camp was actually very easy to be killed by him, this time, Xiao Yu and Taozi Shuye also came to the main business chamber, they are posing as a suicide camp to look like, at this time, Xiao Yu see The camp was killed, do not want to conflict with the Yuwen Yue, directly mixed in the killer to listen to Yuwen Yue command together to empty Sangshan secret room central collection. After the business people go out, Yuwen Yue carefully observed by his killed the camp master, suddenly realized that things wrong, the camp is certainly false, or can not be so easily killed. But the top priority is to find the antidote, there are always similarities in the organs, Yuwen Yue with years of experience is easy to find the suspects of Dengxian pills, but the antidote is only one bottle, he also wanted to save a lot of outside Camp killer, the killer is also a person, either forced to be helpless, should no one will take the initiative to embark on this road. Yuwen Yue with smell to identify the three drugs which medications, worse the last blindly, should be a seasoning, but he was no clue. At this time, a moon guard curious to pick up the purple flowers on the side of the smell, and instantly fell to the ground. Yuwen Yue seeing this, carefully observe the purple flowers, found that this is Hu Cihua, highly toxic, but also the fourth herb medicine medicine. On the 7th to intensify the system of drugs to distribute the killer to the camp, at first they have hesitated, only Meng Feng did not hesitate to take the antidote to eat down, she intuition Yuwen Yue will not harm them. Meng Feng to see the drug did not have any discomfort, other talent have picked up antidote to eat down. Xiao Yu and Taozi Shuye mixed in which the situation forced, but also had to pretend to eat, Yuwen Yue is what people, no one would like to juggle in front of him, Xiao Yu’s trick is easy to be Yuwen Yue see through, But he did not immediately expose them. Yuwen Yue announced that the camp is dead, from the camp to dissolve from the camp. Xiao Yu and two other killers left together. Only the Mongolian Feng and a few people still stay in place, they grew up in the camp as a killer training, leaving the camp did not know where to go. Yuwen Yue to help them, Meng Feng wanted to follow him later. Yuwen Yue did not want to receive them, but Meng Feng told him that someone hired them to kill his woman, they are a few killers, can help him kill. Concerned about Chu Qiao, Yuwen Yue promised down. Xiao Yu and Taozi Shuye out from the central chamber, did not leave directly, but continue to find here in the secret, hard work pays off, secretly finally let them get in a surprise, Xiao Yu recalled the way encountered Organs, always feel inexplicable familiar, a child, had a man sent her a small Trojan, the man proficient in Trichosanthes of the surgery, by his manufacture of the horse, you can travel thousands of miles, Xiao Yu suspected him and the camp. At this time, Yuwen Yue looking over, he guessed Xiao Yu is a big land of the people. Xiao Yu is no longer concealed, generous admitted. Yu Wen Yue Changan part of the reason is to clear the big Wei territory of the big spear, at this time, naturally will not let Xiao Yu. Two fight room, Xiao Yu has been brought in the body of the Cangwu birds out, Xiao Yu moment distracted, Yu Wen Yue thorn in the left shoulder, Taozi Shuye the opportunity to release the hidden weapon, took Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu know that one day will be met with Yuwen Yue, but when the day really came when she could not help but sad, her heart Yu Yu Yue is love, torrential rain, Xiao Yu helpless Crying. To the camp business thing is over, Yuwen Yue to the fastest speed back to Jiankang, heart is obsessed with Chu Qiao, when Xiao policy to tell Chu Joe has left, Yuwen Yue mood is very low, Chu Joe once again left He’s out. He was distracted to come out in the yard to see Chu Qiao when the moment as if the feeling of dead wood, Yuwen Yue will be tightly in the arms of Chu Qiao, hanging heart finally put down. Elegant and quiet room, Chu Qiao told Yuwen Yue himself to go, Yu Wen Yue as a general Wei Wei has been to help her the Yanbei rebels, Chu Qiao worried that he would have trouble back to Chang’an. In addition to this Chucia no other words, Yuwen Yue pique, ridicule their own passionate, and he stood up to go. Chu Qiao loudly stopped him, Yuwen Yue’s feelings how can she not feel, but she has her own ideals, Yan Xun need her, she must go to help him. Yuwen Yue heard this, suddenly turned around and kissed her, with personal action to tell her that he also needs her. Chu Qiao moment froze in place, Yuwen Yue can not bear to see her embarrassed, turned away. From day to night, Chu Qiao has been in the room, the hearts of all the emotions pulled, unusually uncomfortable. Xiao policy came to guide her, now placed in front of her two roads, a thorny, a flower, but since she chose and Yan Xun walk thorns of the road, we must unswervingly go on, as Yuwen Yue, sooner or later he will figure out. Yan Xun people have to find over, by Xiao policy some enlighten, Chu Qiao also figured out, decided to go tomorrow and Yan Xun people go. At the same time, Yanbei a grassland, He Xiao found a few beautiful soldiers were gone, here close to Hongchuan City, I am afraid they are homesick, could not help but slip home to see their loved ones. He Xiao with Wu Dan Yu few people together into the city to find people.

Episode 54

Living in a familiar home, did not find the missing soldiers, and He Xiao came with other people can not help but want to go home to see. He Xiao thought that they were thinking, though risky, but also agreed to give them an hour to go home to see. Udan Yu secretly hiding in the house looking at his wife and son, could not help but red eyes. He Xiao to see his father, to see him a lot of age but also because of his things that day was pointing, He Xiao heart can not say the pain. Another soldier Zhang Yu returned home, but his brother told the mother died, his mother was sick, because he was the traitor son, even the drugs can not buy. Zhang Yu guilty of sadness, on the spot suicide. He Xiao arrived at the time, just to see this scene, his heart with Zhang Yu’s body out of the city. Zhang Yu in the beautiful army immersed in the tragedy, when the mood, suddenly came a group of Yanbei soldiers. Led the Executive claimed to be Yan Xun hand Yuan general vice president, was ordered to escort the beautiful army to the north gate guard border. Escort the word so that He Xiao completely aware of Yan Xun and did not forgive the beautiful army, let go back to their only in the application of Chu Qiao. The pair will say that the beautiful army is a traitor, scoff at them. He Xiao could not help but beat the pair will be shot, the lieutenant shouted the beautiful army rebellious words, fled and fled. He Xiao understand that this is Yan Xun want the effect. Now beautiful army can be described as double-sided by the enemy, big Wei will not let them, Yan Xun will not let them have good fruit to eat, for the present, only in the huge Yanbei grassland, cover traces to seek a chance The At this time of the city of Hongchuan, Yan Xun is for the food and the public to discuss the solution to the general plan. Grassland eight seems to have been surrendered to Yan Xun, but in just a few days, Cheng Yuan has intercepted three batches of them sent to Chang’an letter, it seems that these people did not really go along, Yan Xun’s forage, They will not send troops against the big Wei. There is a generals proposed to use the North off the troops and horses, but Zhong Yu feel absolutely can not, the North of the troops and horses once called, customs outside the barbarian tribe will invade, when the suffering will only be the grassland of the innocent people. Ding North Hou Yan Shi City, then the old summer generals at this time proposed to rebuild the military charter, in view of Yan Xun things more, he has the rules to be good, only Yan Xun can be approved. Xia generals did not put Yan Xun on the eyes, he is dependent on the veteran, leaning old and old, head no one. Until the process Yuan made his private philistine Yin Chamber of Commerce materials, summer generals were banned, low arrogance. Yan Xun face expressionless look at everyone in front of the controversy, after returning to the room, he would have been through his father’s armor hanging in the room, the armor of the stains on the blood are reminded of what he is the sea of ​​revenge. Yan Xun in Chang’an, especially to miss Yan North, the memory of Yanbei everything is beautiful. But this time return, but found no one to welcome him, and no one really loyal to him. Yan Xun swear, all this is only temporary, he should avenge, to have absolute rights, at this expense at all costs. Wei Di Feng three princes Qi Qi to discuss the great marshal, Wei Shu Ye to discuss the general Yan, sent troops two hundred thousand, straight to the north of Yan. Yan Xun received the news, immediately ordered the Black Eagle starting, go against the enemy. Before leaving, leave the Yuan secretly told some things. A woods, Yuwen Yue with the moon and Meng Feng in this rest, holding the map to seriously view, he already know the big Wei sent troops and Yan Xun sent troops to resist the matter, both sides have been getting closer, war imminent. But Yuwen Yue has found Yan Xun’s goal is not two hundred thousand Wei Jun, he really want to attack is Chang’an. Yan Xun before hoarding a lot of forage, this trip must be expedition, and Wei Shu Ye and Yuan Che did not understand Yan Xun, in any case can not think he will give up Yanbei, attack Chang’an. But Yan Xun is a vengeful person, as long as the capture of Changan, Yan North do not worth mentioning Changan critical, Yuwen Yue decided to immediately return to Chang’an. Chu Qiao back, Yan Xun did not let her on the battlefield, but let Chu Qiao to Blue City and so he returned to victory. Chu Qiao sitting on the carriage without a word, Cheng Yuan standing on the tall tower, looking at Chu Qiao’s carriage away, Chu Qiao Yan Xun is the soft underbelly, she walked away, do not block Yan Xun Dominate the road Sleep and Zhong Yu ordered to escort Chu Qiao to Blue City, on the way to rest, the wind put his concerns, Chu Qiao, Mr. Wu and Zhong Yu are generals, this time they are not one in Hongchuan City, if Not Cheng Yuan still, sleep must be suspected Yan Xun intend to give up the city of red chu. Although the laughter is just speculation, but Chu Qiao know the wind guess is probably true, she decided to immediately return to Hongchuan City. Chu Qiao return to the city on the way met the beautiful army, He Xiao know she has come back, beautiful army situation is difficult, the army would like to let Chu Qiao and Yan Xun say love, but He Xiao did not want Chu Qiao embarrassed, Yan Xun Bent to set them to death, Chu Qiao said for them, will only hurt her feelings with Yan Xun. Chu Qiao is in He Xiao said these words to see them She knew the situation of the beautiful army, the hearts of their guilt, but this time is the occasion of the crisis of the city of Chuang, Chu Qiao or hope that the beautiful army can guard the red river. Xiuli Jun of course, incumbent, Hongchuan City is their home Yeah, for this, He Xiao also want the military power of the beautiful army to Chu Qiao, led by her to guard their homes. Chang’an city, Wei Di sent seven princes Yuan Quan secret investigation of one thing. Wei Di sent two hundred thousand army crusade Yan Xun, leaving only 150,000 guarding Changan, but suddenly found the soldiers were stolen, 150,000 troops were secretly transferred away, at the moment Changan only weak troops guarded, vulnerable.

Episode 55

Chu Qiao led the beautiful army arrived in Hongchuan City, to see a large number of people outside the city was locked out, the gates closed. At the same time, Chu Qiao received Wei Shuye army coming news. The situation is critical, Chu Joe shouted that they are reinforcements, so that the soldiers keep the city gate to open the city gate. Cheng Yuan get the message, claiming that there is no reinforcements, the city will be Wei Jun spies, people archery to kill. Cheng kui actually know that outside the city is Chu Qiao, but he killed is Chu Qiao, he set the red city people in disregard, Chu Qiao will not let him, he can only start with a strong self-protection. Sleep to find ways to enter the city, told Cheng Cheng outside the city is Chu Qiao, ask him to open the city gate. Cheng Yuan evil smile, his generals with a soldier ambush in the city, there are a large number of soldiers on the walls armed with bows and arrows, vigilant, ready to Chu Qiao and others archery. Sleep consciousness to learn Yuan trick, desperate rushed to the tower, shouting with ambush, let Chu Qiao run. Cheng Kui common general see their sleep plan, a gun stabbed in the wind waist, Chu Qiao watched the wind sleep was stabbed, standing instability fell down the tower, vomit blood and died. Wind sleep tragedy, Chu Qiao sad endless. At the same time, Wei Jun from Hongchuan City has less than forty miles, Cheng Yuan get the message, with his generals Jiang Teng and the garrison in the city escaped from the secret. At this time, Zhong Yu’s men’s four sisters came to support Chu Joe. Four sisters in the two dive into the city, the coercion of a general in the city opened the gate. Chu Qiao led the beautiful army into the city, but not by the people of the city welcome, they always think that the beautiful army is a traitor, do not believe them. Chu Qiao to explain to the people of the beautiful army of things, only to get their understanding. At this point Wei Jun has arrived outside the city gate, flying arrows flying arrows fly to the city of red, this is just a dismal, if tomorrow is not open the city gate, they will siege. Cheng Yuan to escape when taking a lot of weapons and equipment, nothing left to the beautiful army, the beauty of the soldiers had less, and now the warfare battle more difficult. Chu Qiao come up with their own improved weapons map ordered people to rush to make, by her improved weapons lethal. Chu Qiao believe that if they can support seven days, Yan Xun reinforcements will be to. At this time of the Yan Xun is Mei Lin outside, looking into Chang’an, he was bent on capturing the Great Wei capital, has long been the survival of the North Yan. War soon, at night He Xiao patrol, found Zheng Geqi standing on the tower, He Xiao remember tonight is not his duty. Ge Qi mind miss family, it is difficult to sleep, do not know whether the parents at home, his little wife is a boy or a girl, or has been remarried. Ge Qi bear the name of the traitor did not dare to go home to see them, he now only hope that tomorrow will be able to clear the hands of the handsome traitor, he can be a clean home and family reunion. At the same time, Chu Qiao also patrolled the city, went to a street, she found a boy hidden in a pile of grass basket after peeking her, that she was not found. Chu Qiao smiled, let him out, hidden so obvious, when who can not see it The boy is Chu Qiao before leaving Hongchuan City in the street saved the child, when the boy because of the money also want to buy medicine for the sick mother was beaten, Xin Chu Chou Road, let the wind to the money. Chu Qiao see his little age to know the filial piety, asked his name. The boy told her that he was called Du Gouzi and was fifteen years old this year. So delicate face of the child, called such a vulgar name, Chu Joe is not kind of laugh. Duguzi also feel his name is not good, please Chu Qiao renamed him, but must also surname Du. Chu Qiao took a deep breath, it is called safe it, I hope he was always in this chaos in peace. Day gradually brightened, Hongchuan City and Wei Jun a war is inevitable. Chu Qiao ordered the four sisters in the jungle ambush, cut off Wei Jun forage and heavy machinery. Four sisters, although the woman, but the driving force that does not lose the man, they burn Wei army forage, blocking the heavy machinery to reach the battlefield, so Wei Jun had to send part of the troops to support the backcourt. Even in this case, the four sisters are still afraid of the enemy, release poisonous smoke disrupt Wei army formation, took the opportunity to rush into the battlefield, beheaded the enemy. Chu Qiao looked solemnly standing on the tower, an arrow shot in the banner of Wei Jun, the meaning of the war is obvious, Yanbei people iron clank, never no war and drop. The city cast a large number of flint, while the arrows, a time of fire now, smoke everywhere, to this offensive, Chu Qiao a horse first rushed into the enemy, irresistible force, straight Wei Jun commander three princes Qi Qi away. Yuan Qi as if she was frightened by the momentum, stay standing in place, so he came back, Chu Qiao has been close to the front, the sword pierced his throat. Commander is dead, Wei Jun defeated, this battle defeated. After the war, looked up and looked, the war is not destroyed, the body piled mountains, blood flow into the river, Xian Aunt four sisters I do not know when the sacrifice.

Episode 56

He is a blacksmith, this time he is with the city blacksmith to build weapons, this time to see his son, was pleased. Chu Qiao high sitting on the tower, looking at this piece of land, her hands to play Yan Xun sent her wicker, the heart can not help but desolate, Yan Xun will send troops back reinforcements? Chu Qiao himself can not be sure, and they can not hold for seven days, Chu Qiao really do not know. She wiped wicker, tears shed unconsciously. Du Pingan in her not far away to read a word, Chu Qiao heard that is between the lovers of the song, Du Pingan told her that it is his mother-in-law do, his mother’s parents are big musicians, the reason why the family moved Yanbei, because there is no slavery, came here can be divorced from the slave, dignified life. Yes ah, Yanbei this is a paradise, but now fall into such a situation, Chu Qiao at this time a desolate heart. Yan Xun’s big military forces, along the way massacre, grab food, style Henla. Wei Di sitting in the palace, the heart ashes, had known today, regret not the beginning ah Yuwen Yue finally back to Changan and Yuan Che together, Yan Xun’s offensive is too strong, Yuan Yu want Yu Wen Yue with the camp to go home to sister back where the soldiers, so that 150,000 troops back to aid. But it is a lot of master around, even if the use of the camp to the people, Yuwen Yue did not grasp can get back to the character. Yuan cut hard to come up, if not, then kill it. Yuwen Yue has sent Yuan Song to persuade, he always remembered the past feelings, do not want to do things absolutely. In fact, now the most effective way to solve the crisis of Wei is to kill Yan Xun. Yuwen Yue sent to the camp business people to check Yan Xun big account where. Wei Shu Ye Jun, Yuan Qi has been killed, Wei Shu Ye advised it to close it, they are now doing things is dead. At this point, Yuan Song arrived, but also hope to put down obediently, sent troops to aid Changan. He told it Yan Xun has led troops to break the Mei Lin, almost equal to Chang’an. Heard a look of shock, how it did not expect Yan Xun will give up Yan North, put Chu Qiao, it is now more can not withdraw troops, and it wants to occupy Yan North, to kill Chu Qiao, in order to solve the heart of hate. From beginning to end will be all of its unfortunate experience in the Chu Qiao body. Yuan Song and Wei Shu Ye shocked her sister’s ruthless and indifferent, it was in order to report their own revenge and set the great Wei people in disregard, set the big Wei Jiangshan in disregard, Moreover, it is still in the Wei Gong and their father and mother. At the same time, Yan Xun received Chu Qiao did not go to Blue City, but to lead the beautiful army stick to Hongchuan City news. Yan Xun in the rest, hear the news, Teng to stand up, do not want to rush out. A fine will stop him, and now they have been almost equal to Chang’an, victory in front of the situation Moreover, the city has a dense road, even if the city broke, Chu Qiao can also escape from the secret. Yan Xun calm down, he knew that the character of Chu Chucai must not abandon the red city people in disregard, but the end is reluctant to give up near the immediate victory, sent messenger to Zhong Yu, let her business than the Chu Qiao To Blue City, to protect her safety. In the middle of the night, Chu Qiao is in the camp to study broken enemy good policy, Zhong Yu’s Song Qi Feng came to messenger, Chung Yu about her outside the city of jungle see. Hongchuan City no time, Zhong Yu proposed to take Chu Qiao go immediately. Chu Qiao look like Zhong Yu look like she knew Yan Xun’s plan early, but did not stop, let Wei Jun swept Yan North, Cheng Yuan killing people. Hear Chu Qiao voice asked, Zhong Yu clenched his fist, she distressed the people, but unable to stop all this, Yanbei bitter cold, if Yan Xun stick to Yan North, there will be no way out, only surprise, attack Chang’an Can find a line of vitality, the fact that Yan Xun is right, and now, the current situation has been reversed, Yan Xun mastered the initiative, rather than passive beaten, this is not very good Chu Qiao never imagined Yan Xun the beginning of the goal is Chang’an, she thought Yan Xun just want to attack the Mei Lin to contain Wei Jun, but did not think his ambition so big, actually hesitate to Yanbei million people as bait to contain Wei Jun main, no wonder he has been stressed that attacking the United States and Lin Guan, but also no wonder he will not bring their own side, so hard, ruthless, so that Chu Qiao could not help chills, which she knew Yan Xun?

Episode 57

Even if Yan Xun gave up the Yan North, Chu Qiao will not give up, she let Zhong Yu told Yan Xun, she was waiting for him in the city of Hongchuan. Zhong Yu looked at Chu Qiao left figure, eyes with tears, her Zhong Yu incompetent, not for the Yanbei people turn the tide, but she knew that Chu Qiao back is right. Zhong Yu sent to tell Yan Xun, Chu Qiao stick to Yan North, less than five reinforcements, Yanbei will die, no one to be spared, hope Chu Qiao’s security can cause Yan Xun’s attention, sent troops to aid Yanbei. Days just dawn, the beauty army can not find Chu Qiao everywhere, the soldiers have to talk about is not abandoned, He Xiao furious, so that they shut up, he knows Chu Joe will not give up Yanbei. Sure enough, He Xiao led the officers and men boarded the tower when the Chu Qiao a armor, thin body resolutely stood above the tower. Is the night, Wei Jun took advantage of the night to attack Hongchuan City, rocket heavy artillery were toward the dilapidated red city hit, Chu Qiao led his army to resist, swear not from. On the other side, Yan Xun has won the Mei Lin, this situation down, won the big Wei Changan just around the corner, but in this critical time, Yan Xun received the news of Chou Chou line of red, red river city is weak, if No reinforcements, certainly can not support how long. Yan Xun know the situation in Hongchuan City, he fell a plan to celebrate the celebration wine, immediately decided to give up attack Chang’an, led his army back to aid Yanbei. Even if everyone felt at this time to give up is a pity, even if the Yuan to take Yan’s blood of the sea of ​​deep hatred, can not stop Yan Xun back to save Chu Joe’s determination, the city can not win again, no one on nothing. At the same time, Yu Wen Yue Yan Xun to get the news of Chu Qiao withdraw troops, Chu Qiao has been in the city of Hongchuan on the five days and five nights, the situation worrying. Hongchuan City, a large number of Wei Jun array to be, Yuan Song sister a red, it let Wei Shu Ye today must capture the city, it should personally kill Chu Joe. Wei Jun launched a strong attack, Chu Qiao and beautiful army desperate resistance, even if the war to a soldier and a soldier, they never give up. Wei Jun attack into the city, Chu Qiao looked at a Biao-type Han into the city, she clenched the hands of the sword welcome up. The other side of the high horse, Chu Qiao compared with him, the power of disparity, thanks to that Han Han strength, lack of flexibility. Chu Qiao constantly changing the direction of attack, hurt him at the same time, also hit, and instantly spit out a blood. Seeing the sword will fall, Chu Qiao to make the last trace of effort, take the sword arrived up, while pulling out another sword, the end of each other’s life. Chu Qiao unable to fall to the ground, fainted. Yuan Song sister with the army into the city, to see lying on the ground Chu Qiao, carrying the sword went over, the face of the proud color is ferocious and terrible, she has no control of their own expression, too want to kill Chu Qiao Let Yan Xun pain do not want to live. In the sword to fall to the moment, a posture of the masked man suddenly appeared, save Chu Qiao also hurt it, he pity to hold Chu Qiao, eyes full of distressed. At the same time, Yan Xun regardless of day and night march, and finally rush back. Yan Xun army to, Wei Shu Ye forced to withdraw troops, and then also cried out to kill Chu Joe. Wei Jun in Yan Xun cavalry under the attack, the war is not a moment to end. After a lapse of several days, Yan Xun finally saw his heart obsessed with A Chu, he picked up a coma Chu Qiao, sympathy and affection endless. And before the save Chu Qiao’s masked man to ensure that Chu Joe has been safe, quietly left. When he heard Chu Qiao stick to Hongchuan City five days and five nights, it was decided to go to Yanbei immediately, in his eyes nothing more than Chu Qiao’s safety is more important. He saved Chu Joe but did not take her away, because Chu Joe has made a choice, he will not make her embarrassed. After this war, the beautiful army suffered heavy casualties, left Du Wei Geqi heroic sacrifice, He Xiao went to his home condolences, for the first time to see Ge Qi’s little wife, she did not remarried, but also for Ge Qi gave birth to a beautiful and lovely daughter The Ge Qi had long wanted to know the situation at home, but unfortunately bear the rebels of the stigma, has been afraid to see his family, and now stigma finally wash away, but only back to his ashes, his strong little wife holding bone tears He has always believed that her husband is not a rebel.

Episode 58

Hongchuan city has been dilapidated everywhere, He Xiao father also died in this war, he clean up his father’s iron shop, think of his father to keep his guard Yan North’s words, the hearts of pain can not tell, but more firmly guarding the guardian North of faith. A fine to the aunt of the tomb to worship, before the Aster has accepted him, did not think of a goodbye, was actually so. Yan Xun withdrawal of troops, Yuan cut to deal with the post-war matters, told must be buried in the sacrifice of the soldiers, but Yuwen Yue in Yan Xun after the withdrawal of troops disappeared, Yuan Yu believe Yuwen Yue is not a reckless person, he will make the right s Choice. Far to see the city outside a man flew from, it is not seen for many days Yuwen Yue. Yuan Shu face smile. Yu Wen Yue injured back to the Castle Peak, Yuwen burning know that he was to Chu Qiao was injured, grandchildren to deep Yuwen burning look in the eyes, but still could not help but remind him that he and Chu Qiao belong to two Camp, or have to pay attention to identity. Yuan Che then come to visit, Wei Wei now worrying about the situation, Yan Xun eyeing, the beam is not fuel-efficient lights. Yu Wen Yue sigh, the war is inevitable, the injured only innocent people. Chu Qiao coma day after day, and finally wake up, Du Pingan has been in her side to take care of. Yan Xun care about Chu Joe, but did not dare to see her, he knew A Chu in his strange. Yan Xun in a carefully carved piece of jade, intends to carve it to Chu Qiao, like his father ingenuity, a pair of knife with the hand of the wine, carved jade jewelry, he left home early, nothing To. A fine see Yan Xun on Chu Qiao affectionate, he proposed to Qiao Qiao pro. Yan Xun did not want to ah, but he is now just a corner of the chaos of the minister, A Churu married him, is the wife of the governor, this is Yan Xun do not want to see. Zhong Yu to see Chu Qiao, she thank Chu brother to save the Yanbei people, Chu Qiao also thanks to Zhong Yu has a Qixuan spirits, from mediation, let Yan Xun understand her determination to stick to Hongchuan City, finally withdraw troops back to aid The Just experienced a war, Hongchuan city abandoned to go, walking in the dilapidated streets, Chu Qiao see a little boy with a scraper knife. Zhong Yu told her little boy’s family are dead in the war, the little boy hard to practice martial arts is to revenge for his family. When the injustice when the newspaper, the people He Gu ah. Wei Di do not believe Yuwen Yue, let him idle at home, which should be attributed to Wei Shu Ye Yin Yang returned after a visit to him. But Wei Shu Ye is not much better to go. Wei Di do not believe Yuwen Yue, let him idle at home, which should be attributed to Wei Shu Ye Yin Yang returned after a visit to him. But Wei Shu Ye is not much better to go. Yanbei war, he and his sister back to Chang’an, Wei Shu Ye was deprived of part of the right, sister because of the theft of soldiers, was into the prison. Wei Guifei and Yuan Song went to visit, it is not the slightest repentance of the heart.

Episode 59

Wei Di palace, he intends to give her daughter poison wine, when the doctor is ready to send wine in the time, Wei Gui suddenly broke in, she saw the prince Dai poisoning, flustered kneeling on the ground seeking Wei Di Kaien. Guilty of the crime is too big, and because of its wrong death of a prince, which makes Wei Di had to severely punish her. Wei Gui to see the emperor mind has been decided, claiming that he is the mother, the daughter of the mistakes made by her to be punished, without any explanation to drink the cup of poisonous wine. Wei Di shocked, stumbled down from the seat to catch the rickety will fall to the ground Wei Guifei, Wei Guifei hair, vomit blood, she insisted on a breath, remember the past and the emperor for the first time Meet the time, she respect him, love him, said so much, that is, hope the emperor can read the past feelings, extravagance. Yuan Song from the prison to bring it to the front of the Wei Guifei bed, the Royal has gone, crying can not own, the emperor heart fainted in the past, then announced that it is young and ignorant deprived of title, moved to the West, Feng Yuan Song for the northern king of Yan, starting from the troops Yan North, Pingding Yan North rebellion. Sitting in the huge room, the sun came through the window, it looks pale and do not eat or drink. Close the maid to see the end of the platoon, go to find Wei Shu Ye help, Wei Guifei before Sheng Sheng Chong, in the palace of many enemies died, it will inevitably be secretly negative, Yuan Song and about to leave Chang’an, now can only help Wei Shu Ye The Wei Shu Ye is also very worried, but he is now unable to protect themselves, although the emperor did not pursue his battle defeat, but also just put him in prison, let him host Wei Guifei funeral, in this case, Wei Shu Ye even if the heart is also unable to The Wei Wei took Wei Guifei beg for peace, looking at the peace symbol, think of the day in the prison, the mother had it to their own, then how did they do it, faceless to throw, When the Princess Princess is so sad ah. Holding the safe character, watching the mother of the daughter of the palace in the female history of Wen Shan Shan kneeling on the ground to ask her treasures. On the other side, Hongchuan city, Chu Qiao and Cheng Yuan and others in front of Yan Xiong confrontation. Cheng Yuan insisted that he did not shoot off Chu Qiao, his sin is only in advance to defend the city’s duties to the hands of the generals Sun River, went to the United States to help Yan Yan Yan. And Sun River actually claimed that he did not do wrong, he was ordered to defend the city, Chu Qiao led the beautiful army came, asked to enter the city, but the beauty army had a traitor of the criminal record, where did he know that they are really defensive it. Chu Qiao never imagined these people were so shameless, will kill the people, killing the army said so high-sounding, Chu Qiao angry endless, pumping sword opposite, but was Yan Xun stop only. Sun River took the opportunity to sow discord, who do not know the beauty of the military only recognize Joe Joe, ah, if the city is not Chu Qiao, I am afraid Yan North has long been unknown Yan. And his Sun River has been loyal, in the Yan Xun trapped Chang’an three years, has been following Mr. Wu Pingan Yan everywhere rebellion. Sun River know Chu Qiao will not let go, he suddenly knife to commit suicide, before dying to let the Yuan do not forget their vowed, do not forget their parents are how to die. Sun was dead, it was so. Chu Qiao in the barracks, heart bored. Suddenly a soldier holding a dagger want to assassinate her, was quartet kicked kicked to the ground, the soldiers kept accusations Chu Qiao is a vampire, but because she, Yan Xun will not come back, their cavalry will break the Chang’an city gate, The parents of the blood of the sea of ​​hatred will be reported. Chu Qiao now know Yan Xun military soldiers actually so look at her. Yan Xun sitting on the river trestle blowing wicker, figure lonely, melancholy sad. Chu Qiao look far, the hearts of mixed feelings, I do not know what is good Yan Xun do not trust her, attack Changan did not take her around, and she stick to the red chak, resulting in countless soldiers sacrifice, blood stained mountains and rivers, white bones wandering, as a generals, her heart unwilling and resentment; but as with Yan Xun life and death People can get Yan Xun this heavy as the mountain of friendship, Chu Qiao also feel that there is no good unwilling. Even so, she always believed that war can devour everything, but can not devour people’s beliefs and conscience. At the same time, Yuwen Yue bent on martial arts, rapid progress, he will go with Yan Song to Yanbei garrison, Yuwen burning worry Yuwen Yue will be wrong for the Chu Qiao, specifically reminded him not to Yan Xun woman to give up miles Pengcheng The Yuwen Yue to his grandfather Yue to ensure that this trip is not for the children of affection, he left, Yuwen Yue repair a book, so that seven to the seven princes Yuan, and divination, and found that grandchildren go, there will be catastrophe.

Episode 60

Thick night, moonlight cold. Zuo Baocang a black, stumbled in the streets of no one ran, from time to time looked behind, like someone in the chase him, hurriedly fell inadvertently, left treasure warehouse clutching his bleeding wound stood up, a few Name of the officers and men appeared in front of the moment, the critical moment, but fortunately, the East bogey suddenly appeared to solve the officers and men. But the East is obviously more ferocious than the officers and men of the snake beast, the East has been sent to send along the left treasure warehouse, found him here to kill, set fire, poison, trouble, guess he is in the protection of what people should be Luohe The daughter of Chu Qiao it, Chu Qiao surnamed Chu, then that Luohe was married to a surname Chu man. Zao Baocang not see the East bogey mention Luo River, he did not deserve, do not think he did not know, the Eastern bogey is jealous Luo River that year, his words have not finished, it was the East Ji Jianjian throat, it seems the East bogey Face the year Luohe things. Scorching sun, desolate woods, Yuan Song sitting on a simple carriage, Yuwen Yue riding on his side, follow them, but dozens of people. Suddenly, walking in front of the flag of the soldiers quietly fell to the ground, on the 7th before he opened his breath, found no rescue, Yuan Song people to the body of the soldiers carrying the carriage, on his side. Yuwen Yue pedestrians hurry, through the lush foliage, but also through the desolate desert deserted. At night, they are stationed in the woods, Yuan Song looked at the front of the fire, feeling lonely, he is now said to be loner is not for too. Suddenly Meng Feng caught an old man and children over, the two people steal their things. Old people and children have been eating for a long time, but for being forced, they will not eat. Yuan Song heart good, the food will be given to the refugees to eat, Yuwen Yue feeling, they can save these people for a while, but can not give them long-term food and clothing, war, such as refugees will increase. On the other side, Cheng Kui privately to Yan Xun Chu Qiao mentioned things, determined to ensure that they did not move to kill the heart, want to whitewash peace. But Yan Xun is what people, one will see his mind, do not punish him because he still useful, but the timely warning or to have. Cheng Yao heart under the micro-shock, suddenly a soldier to report that the thirteen princes Yuan Song has been stationed in the Mei Lin, and claimed to be Yanbei Wang, but only with a dozen old and weak remnants, is very strange. Then, Cheng Yuan back to the barracks, Mosa Zhao in the hands of the dragon bird knife, told his men will be buried in the Sun River, the other to pick up a few people neat, he will go to kill Yuan Song tonight, Yuan Song and Chu Qiao is to pay, As long as the people around Chu Qiao, he must be removed. That night, the moon is like water, Cheng Yuan people quietly sneaked into the Yuan Song where the general government, see Yuan Song alone sitting in front of the court, the line Yuan hand to let people follow the hands behind, but found no one shot. The original he brought people have been Yuwen Yue people quietly kill, see Yuwen Yue, Cheng Yuan to know the event is not good, turned to escape, Yuwen Yue does not intend to kill him, just shot his two arrows to let him go The After dawn, Chu Qiao and He Xiao walking in the barracks, her brow wrinkled, Cheng Yuan by Yan Xun reuse, the limelight even more than Mr. Wu. When the Wei Jun big break Yan North Red Chuan, North Shuo two cities, Yanbei numerous casualties, when the family died in the war that the soldiers only Cheng Yuan is the first look. But Cheng Yuan this mind is not correct, Chu Joe is very worried. Year did not come before the Yan North, Chu Qiao from Yan Xun mouth to understand the picturesque Yanbei, as long as do not give up, Yan North one day will be released only slavery, happy and rich. Far to see Cheng Yuan limping into the big business, Chu Qiao eyes pointed to his legs on the two arrows are Castle Peak arrows, thoughtfully. Cheng Yuan a little rest, to see Yan Xun, told his own night to find a large general government, found Yuwen Yue even with the Yuan Song together. Yan Xun heard this, watching the high platform overlooking the distant Chu Qiao, frowned Organization. Clear water blue sky, microwave rippling, a large ship driving on the water, the boat board of the two impressively is the East bogey and Zhan Ziyu. The East bogey nothing to board the three treasures, he knew Zhan Ziyu want to make the situation, specifically the whereabouts of the daughter of the Luo River as an exchange, so that Zhan Ziyu upset the situation in Yanbei, good to help his achievements Albert. This is a win-win is a deal, Zhan Ziyu no reason to refuse, everyone wants to make trouble, but how do they know, the situation is actually the ice jar after the culmination of the body Bana. Want to take a foothold in the Mei Lin, seize power is the first step, Yuwen Yue to the original nine stationed in the original Merry off the general Zhao Ji prescription, so he mistakenly thought he had a terminal illness, immediately asked the emperor asked Chang’an cultivation, Wei Di The reply has not come down, greedy fear of death Zhao Ji with his own people panic to leave the way back. Yu Wen Yue took over the garrison of the United States, the top priority is training, with the elite army, have the right to speak. In addition, on the 7th to the Mei Lin at the time of contact with the spy paper days eye inserted in the city of red chi people to prepare for contingencies. At this time, the city of Hongchuan, A fine is sent to the food, grain shop owner Chen boss bitterly asked to leave some time to live, Chen boss although installed so wronged, but A fine that he can in the war period Tuen grain so As much as possible, must have their own way, so not only empty his food, but also to give the order, let him out of the city grain. But Ah Jing no matter how can not think, Chen boss was actually a man of spy paper days, Chen boss took his hand to the order, then went out to the city. Chen boss success with the Mongolian Feng connected to them, they intend to disguise into the red city, this one must be extremely risky, but Meng Feng is not timid, they do is the life of the business is not it Meng Feng Chen boss from where to understand the whereabouts of Yan Xun, since Yan Xun hurry grain, then she put his granary burned, a hundred of the. Meng Feng disguised to dress up, and Chen boss smoothly into the red city, but unexpectedly encountered in the city gate Chu Qiao.



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