Chu Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Chapter 041-050

Based on the original novel

11 agents princess by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua 

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Chapter 041  Nine weeping blood

Under the dark skies is the rolling thunder,  the north wind whistling and produced groaning sounds of a crazy beast, layers of dark clouds that seems like adding pressure on the ground, like Feishazoudan (means like a hurricane roll) that blinds the eyes. The current patriach of Meng’s family is in-charge of the empire army and horse army to mobilize the blood of the soldiers continued to be silent and said: “Yan Shizi, please you are hereby given the chance to testify.

The wind in the sky suddenly bursted greeting the field with a black banner flag, hunting like fire, like a golden dragon ferocious claws who likes to break through the flag soaring out. The youngster clenched its teeth, eyes  were red, face turned into green and white purple, fists clenched, as if there is a heavenly fire spread in his chest. Yan Xun looked like an old worn horse and his stature like the rise of leopard, he suddenly went on sparring with imperial soldiers, grabbed a sword, and ts blade became dark red, like a potential mad tiger in front of the large crowd, toward the Jiuyou(singular platform) platform from the soldiers outrage Yan Xun was cut away.

Bursts of screaming were out in the air and the yellow curtain of the revolution have rushed to come, so dense like a boiling water of the hot spring. Chu Qiao standing behind Yan Xun, the child frowned her eyes quickly turned like a fire an eight-year-old child suddenly kicked a soldier’s legs and she leaped in the sky, grabbed the banner of the flag then cut it. The crowd heard a loud sound, countless face was covered by the black dragon flag instantly the soldiers went to remove the flag that covered the people and several soldiers.

“catch him!” Wei Shu sent the color of green, when the flag banner was removed they were the first to get up, pointing towards Yan Xun he shouted: “a wolf ambition and a Yanbei dog, you cannot let him run!

Soldiers who resembles to have golden wings was on the square at this moment rushed to come to the front, Chu Qiao pulled her rage of the youngster, she frowned, suddenly Yan Xun threw a sword fight, crackling crisp sounds were heard on Jiujing platform next to the brazier (a metal receptacle for holding live coals or other fuel) fell and its charcoal scattered all over the floor where the oil spread on the ground where the snow is being burning up.

“Go!” Chu Qiao shouted then pulled Yan Xun she wants him to run towards Zhu Wu Street to escape, who knows the youngster on his rapid strength would be able to escape but he rejected the child’s pull and headed toward the heavily guarded Jiuyou platform and Yan Xun gave them high-flying kicks.

“Yan Xun!” the long winds rewind, the child’s head helmet suddenly fell, the wind turned and full of black smoke dance together, the little face turned pale like a paper, frowned like a drunkard old man Chu Qiao said: “You are crazy!”

All of a sudden, Xueguang (means snow in the rays of light) radiance, where corpses are around, Yan Shi Zi youngster enduring the scene over the power of its emperor and the people showed himself brave as a wolf, uninhibited, never has been this angry hands before, even Zhuge Huai these aristocratic youngster had a hard time to understand its depth. But at this moment, watching the youngster vigorous, leopard-like rapid figure, its brutal bloodthirsty eyes, enduring those moments in the battlefield fighting and drinking its cold blood slashing the bodies of the Western soldiers. They cannot help but tremble in fear while the dead heaps pile up.

It is a kind of strength, not martial arts, not wisdom, out to pull the mountain that came  in animal like force mixed with a kind of deep-seated hatred, firm belief, that people block him and Yan Xun looked like a crazy Buddha that kills and persistent!

The winds showed a strength of a thousand whistles that broke the ancient trees like a grass, on its whining sound, like mournful ghost cry, the youngter black hair in front of his head, bloodstained, his big Qiu fell, tired wrists showing blue veins, eyes like the desperate beast, blood on his blades, step by step he went to the Jiuyou (singular platform) high platform, both sides of the soldiers did not hesitate on their careful half bowed waist. They do not know how they are, thousands of empire elite, facing the eyes of the crazy boy but no one dared to move when the footsteps of the youngster ocming near the platform where everyone feels the fear filled in the air causing the sky above to rot and the eagle hovering above and sees the insatiable feast below.

A puff like sound of light ring is heard from the youngster’s feet on his last step to reach above the platform, it took so long like his previous nine steps towards the top all is quiet.

At this time, the voice of the Meng General cold and low slowly sounded: “Yan Shi Zi are you going to testify to the people?

Yan Xun slowly raised his head, a drop of blood along the outline of his chin slowly shed, I do not know someone else or his own, youngster’s voice is hoarse, like hell: “You let go!”

“Bounce!” Loud bang suddenly flashed, Huang (this time not a place but means pornographic) winter played and its rolling was silenced, snow everywhere, the wind raging and the dance was stopped, the youngster slowly raised his bloodthirsty swords, far pointing to the Mongolian Meng General, Yan Xun coldly spit one word: “roll!”

All the clanging sounds gradually became indistinct, the salvo skill of a ghost-like empire in general, increased and the entrainment became a mighty force at the middle of his chest. Suddenly, Yan Xun like a broken line of kite, its blood instantly sprayed over the sky, his whole body rotated before it fell from the top of the high stone steps where the brazier earlier rolled on the ground!

“Yan Xun!” Chu Qiao shouted loudly, his hair was splashed in blood, she brandished a cold dagger to forward. The soldiers then reacted to surrounded the children. Chu Qiao, after all, her small force is weak, tall and short, how can she  withstand so many people in siege, her arm and thigh on injuries, body is soft like cotton, more than a dozen sharp sword blades above her neck, she can only watch Yan Xun and cannot do anything.

“Yan Xun!” the child is in sorrow soon his eyes turned to blood red, his hands were anti-gripping behind and struggling.

Time is so fast but so quiet as well, as the hunting winds is like a reminder of the innocent people, in the vast five square on the rampage. The generals, veterans, officials, generals, soldiers, and those who are onlookers in the rim are ordinary people, all hold their breath, looked up at the blood of the clothes in the clothes stained youngster. It took so long but as if its only a moment, the crown prince was seen lying on the ground, his fingers gently move severely grasping in the snow, he clenched his palms to gather its force to climb up, his eyes was such as stubborn lone wolf, little by little he staggered to climb up, his stature slightly move fast and on display leaning on the sword, step by step once again he walked towards the high platform.

“Jiuyou platform is really heavy,” Yan Shi Zi if you do not explain the meaning of it, even if I am the prison to officially cut you, I cannot step down before to the division of the empire to ask you again, Yan Shi Zi, are you going to testify the people?

Over the rapidly waving flag, the crown prince is lonely silent, his eyes resembles the ice, stubbornly wiped his fierce mouth, coldly said: “Get out!”

Bang!  a sound was heard, a blow of thunder silenced Yan Xun’s body coming from the skies, once again he was rolled down to the audience!

“Yan Xun!” The child finally unrestrained, madly snapped and roared: “You fool, do you want to die? You come back here! You let me help!”

All the sounds of heaven and earth seems to have been away from him, ears roar and cannot hear the slightest sound, red eyes, a face full of dust and stone, scratched wounds, bloody hands like it was soaked in the blood pool. But out of the chest as if flimsy stone severely hammered and hit. Like a throwback as if someone is calling him and he has been heard, and his mind is full of Yan North’s voice, he seems to hear his father cheerful laugh, heard the big brother endless nagging, listening to his third brother and sister whipped each other and catch the whip, hear the young man is still far from the long tone, and the father of those men, those who play from the small head of the bull riding uncle’s hoofs.

But they gradually go far and see clearly that the world is dark, countless chilled voice clamoring in his mind, they whispered, over and over again urging: “Yan Xun, get up, stand up, like a man of Yanbei, stand up.

Heaven and earth are dull, there is no other way, all the people instantly staring their eyes on the platform, they looked at the bloody boy, looking at the old heavenly nobles, once again from the pool of blood the boy got up, stepped two steps, three step, blood printed on the black stone, reflecting to the snow was actually so dazzling.

Jagged soldiers gradually frowned, he looked at the staggering youngster to get up as if he want to say anything but do not know how to express, but at the last moment the soldiers still kick him to step down.

The crowd, suddenly a small voice slowly crying sound, the voice gradually expanded, suppressed crying large reverberated among the poor people. These low-profile, low-lying untouchables, looking at the noble empire square, the heart of the sadness finally can no longer bear at the back. That, after all, Yan Xun is just a child.

Aristocratic lips tightly, a pair of cold eyes also slightly moved.

A cold wind blowing, the youngsters body is like a mass of mud, he has not stand up, the empire of the first Marshal Meng Tian, ​​martial arts superb, mighty mountains, once one in the desert plateland alone killed more than 200 people out of the army, he was not a fist of death. However, no one knows that what kind of force is still supporting him, let him only rely on the blood of the fingers, little by little to nine quietly climb.

Yan Xun was kicked for the last time, the generals brow locked, and finally confrontation on both sides of the guards said: “He no longer tests, he won, executed!

“We are afraid of the rules, Sheng Jin Gong issued an order to him to autopsy, how can you let this go offhand?”

Meng Tian frowned, turned his head, looking to the Wei gate of the leaders of the teenager, pointing Yan Xun, slowly said: “Do you think he will look like he will comply with the holy order?

Who wanted to let him comply with the holy order that Sheng Jin Gong intended for them, but in order to find a reasonable sense to kill him like bundled to the package in Jiuyou platform. On top of this dark this chaos is their goal to vanquish, this is the crime committed by the empire and the elder’s council to Yanbei town of  the West King, the town of Wang Wang on slaughter, but in reality they came from one blood. Yan Xun’s presence was in the Royal Park who stayed for many years, he rarely goes to his hometown and go outside the body. It cannot be implicated that even Yan Xun is from the land of Yanbei and hereditarily owns it, Yan Shi City is not, Yan Xun is following this reason and it should be. But how can the empire take this dangerous son of the wolf go against the west? So the set up of this Council is, if Yan Xun would not respect the imperial life it means it is a contempt to Sheng Jin Gong. For the minister’s infidelity to Yan Xun, if the General obediently obeys he becomes weak and incompetent, inhumane and must forget all filial loyalty to Yan family. In any case, he is already killed even when he is not dead. Because of this Empire’s move and in order to give the world (code name of Yan Xun in military terms) to the people, to the local feudal lords an account and to keep their mouth shut. Manchu (manchus who founded the Qing dynasty in ancient China) civilization, who does not know?

But this is the reason and it cannot come out in the broad daylight as the reason will discourage, Wei Shu swaying teeth, bitterly look to Yan Xun, cold voice said: “Meng Tian General do so, do not be afraid of the holy and the elders strange reactions.”

“Blame me not, this is not your effort to bear, do not work to worry about this.”

Meng Tian turned and looked at the eyes were severely suppressed in the following children, silent sigh, and then they turned him and will be executed.

But at this time, an old voice suddenly sounded, Huang Qizheng a prison officer, slowly approached, half-squinting slowly said: “Mongolian generals, before this Muhe adults had told, If things are going to change, take this to the general.”

Meng Tian took the instrument, only looked at one, looking at the big change, the general standing on the stage, for a long time, finally turned his head, looked heavily to Yan Xun, slowly said: “Yan Shi Zi, please do not be stubborn, yes and no,  just nod, they are your father and his son, only you are most qualified to identify.

Yan Xun’s body was pressed on the ground, the whole person can no longer see that the former in the heroic valiant Yan North descendants, like hell out of the evil ghosts, filled with bloodthirsty hatred and murderous.

Meng Tian looked at the youngster’s stubborn eyes, and finally helpless sigh, coldly said: “Since Yan Shi Zi anti-purpose is not respect, do not blame the official of impartiality, and come, he dragged on!”


Long wind rewinds, dark clouds on its somersault, a crisp sound sounded, all turned around and looked, crisp hoofs suddenly came from the direction of the purple door, white ferrets, horses, word by word slowly said: “I come to testify!”


Chapter 042  Is scattered


The blood of the youngster suddenly turned around, looking to the tall horse and a beautiful woman on top, the north wind over the earth, sky snow suddenly fell and fluttering sprinkled like white cotton floe. A woman in white snow arrived like a flowing water, he sleeves on the flying on the clouds, her full black hair was put away in the back, like the texture of the great Huai Song ink in satin color, although it is nearly forty years, and her white lotus-like makeup is so young, gentle eyes, she is like the snow-capped mountains of the top of the spring, even her eyes of the filaments of the crow’s feet also appears gentle and quiet.

The woman turned to dismount, she went gently towards Yan Xun’s side and both sides of the platform guards as if stunned, no one came forward to block. The woman picked up Yan Xun ‘s head and with her white dress gently wiped the youngster’s blood – stained face, light like a ripple of a warm smile and said: “Xuner child”

Yan Xun’s tears instantly fell, before his face is a mighty force stern and stiff but the brow of the youngster arched handsomely when he cried, he clutched the woman’s sleeve and he loudly asked: “mother, why? What happened?”

“Xuner child,” the woman gently wiped his blood clots on his eyes, softly asked: “Do you believe your father?

Yan Xun choked but nodded: “I believe.”

“Then do not ask why,” the woman holding the child, her eyes went to quietly view the nobles who cut the Yan line one by one passing, she softly said: “This world, not everything can be clear and with reason, like Tiger eat wolves, wolves eat rabbits, rabbits to eat grass and it does no reason to speak.”

“Yan!” Yan Xun suddenly turned to look at the clothes of those noble aristocratic clothes, word of the cold sound, said: “Are they? Is they off Yan North?”

The youngster’s eyes as sharp as ice and snow, an instant piercing flying snow fog at that moment all the members of the elite empire at the same time felt a hard chill, they looked at the face of the beautiful woman like blue, I saw her light smiled and wiped the tears of her child ‘s eyes: “Xuner child, do not cry, in Yan’s men would rather bleed than cry.”

“General Meng Tian, I have come to postmortem the platform above, my husband, my son, my daughter, my family, I believe in this world, there is no one more than I, who is more qualified to do this “matter.”

Meng Tian locked its brow and his eyes have black undercurrent in the turbulence of the rolling ghost dance and music. Looking at the woman’s flower, the empire of the most blood of the soldiers suddenly could not speak, those ups and downs of the past like a tide speeding in the general’s mind. Like a throwback, the general remembered that early spring, he and the world (Yan Shi Zi) is in the city, and now even his name cannot address the man together, in Bian Tang’s clear water lake, the general met a vulgar woman. At that time, they are still so young, the girl propped the ship, wearing a lake green clothes, rolled up trousers, revealing a length of white jade legs, laughing directed at the three look silly boy loudly “Hey, are you three big men, going on the boat?”

After the resplendent thirty years of many bloodbath, so many killed by  the sword, so many cunning conspiracy, the three of them were still together, from the thick black fog side by side to trail blaze they have come. At that time, they may not know that three decades later arrived today and face this situation, if they have recognized what happened in the past then they should be through thick and thin today. To die is to sacrifice the blessing of today. Did you purposedly done this things in the past just to let them raise the sword for the next day and cut off each other’s head today?

Meng Tian slowly sigh, and his head low, said: “You should have not come.”

“He said, it will not limit my freedom to come to emperor, as long as I stay in the city and do not come to my son, there will be no one to block. Mongolian General, this is the oracle, you cannot violate. It stays the same, whether you are willing or not, you have done it.”

The woman came in on their mention, her skirt on angle, step by step walked towards the high platform, the action is so light, but she fell on the ground carrying her heavy footsteps.

“Mother!” Yan Xun urgently called her, the young prince suddenly stood up to rush forward, but is not able to step out and he again fell to the ground and in pain as he was outbalanced.

Chu Qiao met his eyes, suddenly out of the soldiers guard and are no longer surrounded by it, she took steps to go forward and hold the body of Yan Xun. She was so nervous and asked: “how are you?”

Snow and the wind came, the north wind howling an eagle quivers, all over the blood, over and over the dilapidated flag and collapsed brazier, tens of millions of eyes staring at the step by step to go to Jiujia (plural means many) platform to slash the woman’s back. On the rainy threshing floor her dress rolled up, dancing to fly, like a wandering wind of the white birds. 

The woman opened the first golden box, the man’s eyebrows were bloodstained, dark red, but it does not seem so hideous terrible, his eyes closed, as if asleep in general, high nose, lips tight sip, it seems that there is nothing to say. The woman looked at her husband, her fingers stroking his face, as if there is still a stalwart body, she did not cry, but leaning her head in the box, she gentlely smiled, softly said: “This is my husband, Yanbei of the hereditary feudal lords, son of the emperor from twenty-fourth generation descendants, the empire northwest of the soldiers and horses marshal, Sheng Jin Gong Cheng Guang ancestral temple of the fifth hundred and seventy-six tablets, Yanbei town of West Wang, Yan World city. ”

Snowflakes fall on the woman’s eyebrows and sideburns but did not melt, her face went pale but her sound is still so gentle, eyes like water, seeing Yan’s head as if he will open his eyes at any time she smiled. Her hand across his face, in his ears, there is a small scar, it seems for many years.

“Here the scars, when the reign of the Cang Lan Wang, in the quiet doors of Golden Palace was stabbed with a sword .When the emperor was plotted to be killed, his whole body is weak in one of the city in Mongolia from the East, two was killed who went into the rescue, Yan Shicheng was the first to find the prince who was now the emperor. He was carrying an unconscious emperor, a prince alone, out of the three thousand soldiers who was besiege along with the Sheng Jin Gong, who fought more than thirty blades. Yan Shicheng was just seventeen years old and after the fight he was bed ridden for six months.

“Here is the white horse off  left to war ,” Jin Jiang Wang was sentenced at this time, an enemy of the state, its crime is treason. The woman’s hand brush the chin that had a clear red mark, went on to say: “for four hundred forty-seven years were only thrown into vain, the empire in Yao Shui worship the ancestors temple, all the elders of the nobility there have spot together with all royal relatives. On its white cold mark, three hundred thousand Rong army surrounded Yao Shui. Yan Si City led his troops from Yanbei, seven days and seven nights without unloading from the saddle, endless day and night they take the lead to liberate Yao Shui. Your emperor was on that place, in the white Shui with his white horse he vowed that the empire and Yan’s first generation of the monarch will never give up, and you who are all here, most of them are present when it happened.

The audience in the empire suddenly showed restlessness, those who were part of the past was lifted up, exposed to broad daylight, their dim eyes as if they went to see many years ago in that mournful afternoon looking back to the sunset, in bloody red, Yan North flag of the lion is roaring and barking, the enemy dissmissed to kill the people and did not stay. At that time, they were all still young, but also excitedly crowded up to shoot the young man’s shoulder in their laughing and drinking spirits.

Generals, you are the prime of life, strategizing to kill and execute the decision, you simply said you do not know their sword nor the wound, you said this person is not Yan Shicheng. On April 16th that day at noon, while on fire General Meng Tian you personally cut down.

Meng Tian suddenly became dumb and speechless, like a green cold iron, he stared and not able to say any word to respond.

“I am sure that this person is my husband from the town of Yanbei West Yan Wang City, there is no false about him.” Having said that, a loud noise was heard as the golden box  lid was closed. The woman at once buckled then turned to the next box and walk towards it.

“This is my son, Yanbei hereditary sub-king, pay respect to the fallen emperor twenty-fifth generation of Sun, the empire northwest town on their uniforms, Sheng Jin Gong Cheng Guang ancestral temple five hundred seventy-seven tablets, Yanbei town west Wang Yan city the eldest son of Yan Ting. He was twenty-one years old but he started to join army when he was thirteen-year-old, starting from the lower pawn after eight years he was promoted twenty-four times, overthrown the enemy sixty-seven times, Sheng Jin Gong and the Elders of the Shrine joined forces and won seven times, eighteen officials were saved when Yan Shi  led the troops guarding the empire of northern Xinjiang and never missed. On April 14th, his head and face was difficult to distinguish, he was found lying on the foam of his blood and trampled to a poor house.”

“This is my son, Yan North hereditary sub-king, pay respect to the fallen emperor twenty-fifth generation of Sun, the empire northwest town of the deputy, Sheng Jin Gong Cheng Guang ancestral temple five hundred and seventy-eighth tablet, Yanbei town west Wang Yan Shi was 16 years old and joined the army when he was thirteen years old. He followed his father’s southern flag, and enlisted himself to the northern barbarian three times and went against the enemy, swearing his allegience to the country and never retreated. He had forty wounds stabs and endured for the people of Yanbei he stayed in April 16th. He was part of the expedition army and was hit with stone machine, spine was hit, his legs were broken and cut off to die, lying in his own blood.

“This is my daughter.” The voice of a woman suddenly become choked, inside the golden box was a cut head so blue and white, swollen, seems she was soaked in water, the eyes and its nose are purple on the snow was drown to death, “Yan North hereditary Wang, pay respect to the fallen twentieth generation of the emperor Sheng Jin Gong Cheng Guang ancestral temple of the fifth hundred and seventy-nine tablets, Yanbei town of Wang Yan Shi City in the elders Yan Hong raw silk. On April 16th, she was riding to rescue her abducted mother. After Wei Shuihong Lake, was the expeditionary army 4th field army of Mu He Xitian troops intercepted, laid on her and killed then finally thrown to the dead lake.”

The snow falling from the sky suddenly become heavier, the voice of the woman became more mournful, extremely pale, one more word and as if a blood bursts out of the wind, the wind is hissing, snow flying, numerous eagle poisoned on air and flutter their wings flying in the darkness of the sky.

“These are the soldiers of Yanbei, they committed betrayal to the country, they sworn an allegiance who is in chaos and was still subjected to Meng Tian generals, was given no mercy, execute it!”

Huge bronze tripod was carried on Jiuyou high platform, strong raging, Meng Tian eyebrows locked, and finally coldly said: “execution!”

Twenty golden box was suddenly thrown into the bronze giant tripod, Yan Xun suddenly between the eyes of the fire, the throat burst out of a trace of beast-like screams, we must stand up and rushed forward. Banned by the guards who came forward, stopped in front of Yan Xun, Chu Qiao tightly holding Yan Xun’s body, stubborn children finally could not bear, tears fluttering down. The youngster was like a child in her arms, sound mournful, kneeling on the ground, stretched out filled with blue veins fist, look bitter hit the gold and silver plaza on the stone, the blood dripping but still not know, hissing roar the most terrible sound.

The woman looked back, looking at the burning bronze tripod, in her bitter tears, but she reached out, gently touch the hot tripod, looking sad, and then come back, gently looked at the table next to his son then against Meng Tian slowly said: “Meng brother, tell him, do not forget what Yan said.”

Meng Tian whole body startled, this last sentence is like calling her big brother in time to pull him back thirty years ago, how mournful words and he was frozen not able to move not even slightest but it is such a simple call. The man’s hands reached out to the subject  uncontrolled and trembling. He wanted to come forward and like a nightmare of the low call: “white Sheng … …”

But at this time, the woman dressed in white suddenly turned, the action is like a quick meteor, and hit her head on the bronze giant tripod!

“White Sheng!” “Mother!” “Oh!”

Huge screams sounded at the same time, golden wings square, millions of people at the same time hissing, I saw the woman forehead blood like a spring, her hands holding the giant tripod, soft and down.

“Fast! call the doctor!” Meng Tian holding the woman’s body, no tough expression finally on panic in front of the guards who cried out below.

“Mother!” Yan Xun struggling to climb the Jiujing platform in front of hundreds of people, a flutter in the woman’s body when his son cold, Yan Xun fiercely pushed the general and cried out loud.

Heaven and earth was in fury, vegetation and sadness, the sky stuffy thunder rolling, the ground north wind crying, sky full of snow down, the woman slowly opened his eyes, watching the child’s face, gentle smile, but only cited more blood sprayed out.

“Mother!” Yan Xun eyes burst into tears, the nerves in his eyes are full of blood, desperately shouting: “Why? Why? Father is gone, brother is gone, all the relatives are gone, even you also would want to turn from Yan Xun away? Mother! Why? ”

Woman tears slowly falling down, she is struggling to raise her hand, hold her own child, “Xuner child… … promised me to live your life in full is you won’t be dead. Live do not forget, you still have a lot of things you did not do.”


Woman’s eyes suddenly become lax, she was lying on the dark orange stone on a white flower, like in full bloom. A vegetarian like bluegrass, white almost transparent, she gently smile, the sound is low cannot smell, mosquito-like said: “I always thought my favorite is Bian Tang’s Castle Peak Hill, where there is no winter, no snow for years no time for it, no autumn and nor winter, but now, I know I was wrong, my favorite in everything was Yanbei, and now I want to go back to find them.

Suddenly, she seemed to see the blue sky above the clouds, saw the distant Yanbei grassland, the bright eyes of the man riding in the horse, far toward her run, the sound penetrated the sun, in the green grass it echoed, the distant mountains should be in full swing  along with his voice shouting: “A Sheng … …”

“A stockpile, I want the best things between heaven and earth to give you all, you say, what is your favorite?” The man sitting right away, laughing loudly.”

Fool, heaven and earth and in between are the best things I already have is our home, our children, and our Yan North.

Her wrist were weak and this is not part of the plan. The mournful north wind suddenly swept the blade like clouds looking so real over the sky, the eagle flying windward on its wings and black feathers, like hurricane blown away under the sky roaring is the snow.

“Mother!” the youngster holding the woman’s body, eyes like blood, and instantly fell into the endless long night!

Eight-year-old child in his side, her fists clenched, a small face pale, no blood. Cold wind continues a mournful hissing, blowing away the hair of the child in front, she suddenly looked up, eyes sharp toward the north of the Sheng Jin Palace there she locked her eyes in the solemn towering, fake dignified atmosphere, full of arrogance and oppression.

That day, there is a sharp thorn suddenly abruptly strangled into the child’s heart, she clenched her fist, among the people’s mouth, a long time without a word. However, there is a seed, in her mind, deep-rooted grew up, experienced years of carving, through stormy irrigation, its as if, one day, the president will grow into branches of the towering trees!

In the snow is the death knell, the towering Sheng Jin Gong Cheng Guang Temple, there is a black figure slowly turned around, along the long corridor, step by step into the heart of the big summer, the lights swaying immediately behind him, the shadow was pulled very long.


Chapter 043 One day


Mourning day, four hundred sixty-six years of April 19th, is an unforgettable day, Yanbei Town, a king enduring in the Royal Park is Yan Xun Shi stark inner core, at the the door are Yan’s souls of his family slain by the sword. They will never come to rest after death, in front of the Golden Palace, in Jiujing platform following the pain of  punishment of Shen Jin Gong. This is the place of ashes to fly for the first time , for nine days straight.

In this regard, the North China’s Yanbei lion flag began a long silence, in an attempt to carve up Yanbei land of the aristocracy of the aristocrats competing in the palm of his hand when the northwest grassy field held a grand celebration. The Jade Rong of 11 tribes gathered together by their sweat king Na Yan Ming personally presided over the celebration of Yanbei lions family descendants over their decline, to celebrate the city of Yan Cheng and not die, to celebrate the emperor of the great emperor unselfish for their enemies, the family opened up a fertile northern deep soil, the great enemy Rong Tian Fukuzawa of their sturdy nation, they firmly believe that no one can resist the grassland man’s blade.

At this moment, dry dilapidated door in a remote narrow room where the cold wind is crying, roof full of snow, no warmth, only a dilapidated bed, black and dirty, exudes a taste of stench.

Outside the door are soldiers that guards a fragrant flesh far into the house, the youngster complexion, forehead is hot, his lips is dry but glowing white teeth, a pair of eyebrows tightly wrinkles  the big drops of cold sweat from the sideburn slide, his hair has been soaked.

Bang! a sound constantly echoed in the house, the eight-year-old child struggling to move the chair, and then hit heavily on the ground, she look around, and saw a chair in the pile of scattered firewood. She inhaled and wiped the sweat then lit a pile of torches in the ground, suddenly firewood is crackling and the room became warm. She carefully boiled a bowl of water in the firewood, as the child climbed the cold pit, lifted the boy ‘s head, whispered: “Yan Xun, wake up, drink water.

The youngster heard the sound but no reaction. The child frowned, picked up a rough bowl of chopsticks from the table and she straightly knock on the youngster’s teeth and filled his mouth with water.

“Keke” a cough sound suddenly sounded, Yan Xun’s chest violently in shock, Yan Xun loudly coughed, with his dry mouth fed with water, he spit it out all. Chu Qiao look carefully at the water and saw a slight blood in the middle. Her mood feels so boring, she tighten her mouth, pumping her nose then went to get out of bed to continue  boiling the water.

“Yan Xun?” Nightfall came, the room got colder and  people cannot  withstand, the child’s large Qiu and quilts are all covered in the youngsters body, he only wore a thin coat, small animals generally shrink in Yan Xun ‘s side, carrying a white bowl, softly said: “I put the rice water into porridge, you get up and drink a little.

The youngster did not speak, seems to have been asleep, under the moonlight, his face pale as paper, but the pair of closed eyes, there are signs of eye rotation, Chu Qiao knows he did not sleep, he has been awake nut he just do not want to open his eyes.

Chu Qiao slowly sighed, she put down his rice bowl, holding her knees, leaning against the wall she sat down, with the snow falling outside the door through the windows and doors shows the moonlight under the pale tree hanging, the child’s voice is very low, slow she said: “Yan Xun, I am a slave, I am powerless, no relatives I have no more reason to live, my family have been killed. Some of them were beheaded, and some were allocated, and some were killed alive. Some of them were cut off, their arm thrown into the lake to feed the fish and some young people were raped, their body was carried into the carriage like a broken garbage, the world should be fair, even slaves, even if I do not understand why people are born with thirty-six (means a relative of the emperor to be executed) and so on, why the wolf is destined to eat rabbits and rabbits cannot resist? But now I understand, because the rabbit is Yan Xun. I am very small, but I have some patience is the time, Zhuge family those who owed the debt of my family, but also to the people, cannot run. I have to live and watch them pay for what they do or even in death, I will not rest in peace. ”

The youngster’s eyelashes gently trembling, lips sucking up and the snow outside the window, the cold wind blowing down the window issued a whirring sound.

The child’s voice became more low in tone: “Yan Xun, you remember your mother died before you said it? She said to let you live well, even if you die, but also live well, because you have a lot of things and you did not know what is it? Is biting the arrows one of hardships waiting for opportunity, to kill them all using your loved ones hand sword for revenge! Your body, there are too many people to expect, there are too many people’s blood, there are too many eyes in the sky watching you and you have the heart to let them down? Do you have the heart to let them die in peace? Are you willing to die on this broken bed board? Can you can endure those who killed your parents and just can die tonight and have a good night life?

The child’s voice suddenly become hoarse, as if there is a knife across the ice set off  a small ice blast, she is almost done with one word and said: “Yan Xun, you have to live even if its like a dog, but live only being hopeful, live only like someone with the ability to complete everything, live as if your wish has not been completed, live only in order to get back one day whatever belongs to you in this world, you cannot expect others to do this for you, you can only expect yourself. ”

Heavily breathing suddenly sounded, the child got up, put up the bowl, to the youngster who opened his eyes before her face, a pair of bright eyes and full of strength, as if like burning fire.

“Yan Xun, live, kill them!”

A fine light suddenly shot from the eyes of the youngster, with bloodthirsty hatred and destruction of heaven and earth unwillingly nodded his head, like a nightmare she whispered repeatedly: “live, kill them!”

Outside the cold wind whistling, two young children standing in a cold broken house, tightly holding their fists.


Many years later, when the grown-up Yan Xun once again recalled the original night, still there is lingering fear. He did not know that if he had not let his heart soft or let the eyes of the stubborn unruly little slave, if he did do it not because of a moment of curiosity and the child often give it a shot to help him, if he was not parting that night without whim bid the child his farewell, today, everything will not mirror the water like all might have disappeared? The life who is like feathers to the aristocratic youngster will not be at home on the occasion of the great disaster and was just knocked down by the disaster itself? It won’t be only full of sadness but loneliness and depressed at the end?

However, the world (code name of Yan Shi Zi), after all, not so much, if so, that night, two of the children in the ice and snow secretly sworn to each other.

Live, even like a dog, but live well!

The long night was past, before dawn, Sheng Jin Palace sent messenger. For whatever reason, is the spoils of uneven, or its lips and teeth. In short, the other forces in the empire under the common pressure, there is no fault that true Yanbei descendant, Yan Xun will take over the king of the town of Yan Wang Wang, but at that the time was pressed to his twenty years after the crown of the ceremony. Before his adulthood, the land of Yanbei by the Golden Palace and Shen Jin Palace governor around the rotation in charge. Yan Xun Shi Zi is to stay with the emperor’s royal family and was given royal care, until he grew up.

Before that, there are eight years, and another eight years in total.

On 21st of April, Yan Xun moved out from the inner royal house then moved into the big summer dynasty alerted the most solemn Sheng Jin Palace in the morning, the wind whistling, snow swirling, Yan Xun wearing a Yanbei sable big Qiu, Standing on the magnificent Zijin Square, looking at the front not far from Jiujia and Zijinmen, behind them, is the empire of the northwest. There, once his home, his growing land, with his beloved ones. Now, they have been away from him, but he firmly believes that they must stand on the high sky above, quietly with his eyes watching him, waiting for his iron feet to step into Yanbei, step into the stillness and to trample He Tong Shan tie!

That day, the empire’s expeditionary army was exhausted for four months, still Shenmin (means deep multitude) chaos, although he is handling of a mess, but decisively found the culprit of the riots in Yanbei town to forget or neglect their door of slaughter. The big summer dynasty barbed their army once again with the means of thunder to maintain the dignity of the empire. However, many years later, when the historian once again opened up the picture of history, but had to sigh, it is from this moment, the big summer dynasty for when they the days of death was buried to scourge, there are raging fire of death in the swamp being reborn. It is raging to abandon everything, to burn all the decisive and cruel, the eradication of the blade is the means of the survival of the youngster’s heart severely under the bloodstains, blood raging to its long loyalty to the state, will eventually bury this decadent dynasty.

“I thought that such a life will never end, like the Yanbei plateau year-round cruising wind, Longji mountain enduring snow, but I was wrong, my eyes were covered with gold yoke, and I cannot see the song and dance after the rise of the hidden swallowed the ambition of the world, the killing of millions of people, strange and terrifying trickery, and now I will go into the cage of gold, with my father, my mother, my sisters’ s blood, but I want to swear on the sky of Yanbei, I am now gone, I will one day come back.”

The youngster turned away, took the eight-year-old child’s hand, went straight into the palace. The door slammed slowly and was shut down, all the light are swallowed in which the wind whistling from, but its tall walls blocked at the door, only the eagle eyes can be seen from the high altitude and clearly sees the two figure, such as the sun under the sun, the palace of the grand palace, their figure is so young, but it is so tall and straight.

One day, they will be side by side to blaze a trail, from the door of this Zijin Zhu paint, head out!

God firmly believe that there is such a day!


Chapter 044 White foes 

“Gentleman, you are now planning as follows.” At the humble camp, a woman in Tsing Yi (means greenish bluish dress) slightly raised her thin chin, slender fingers pointing to the book on a detailed topographic map, she was surrounded with the soldiers facing them, she coldly said: “Action time for three ugly moments- first summer with the first team in the Chaohu and Chishui (both lake found near Shen Jin Palace) between the red nest bridge to ambush, within the perimeter is the river-bend then take side positions be careful there are five people into the bridge to destroy the river grass boat you must cut off the river hook. And then to attack Xia Zhun, we must remove Xiaoqi camp on their bridge defensive base. There is no taboo, just a war situation to expand, remember we are only looking just within a stick of incense to resolve the fighting, do you have questions?

“No questions!” Xia Zhi, Xi Rui and soldiers on side positions all three of them nodded, we should deliver and produce results.

The woman’s finger along the west line of the map, turned her head, “Ah with the second squad, ambush in and lock the village then run into the trail will be Xia Zhan’s action to prevent Xiao Zhan camp in this summer. When they attack the troops to reinforce the red task, is also to cut off the traffic line between the abandoned camp and the north collateral when the north is moving, trying to hold the army for an hour.

The Arab soldiers heavily nodded their heads and said: “Lady, do not worry about it.”

The woman nodded, fingers on top of the map, drawing a circle, she emphasized the point of a moment and coldy said: “Your task is to try to sneak into the North prison underground camp, rescue trapped people in the northwest corner where you will find the prisoners of Mr. Mu and Zhu Master. On the south of Tian Yuan Tower,  are twenty-eight brothers, some of them may not be able to walk, you need to be rescue them before dawn and run to the southwest fifteen miles outside of Pengding village, and then look for the followers with a carriage adn settle down, we can only take risks before the darkness fall.

The tents in silence as all the people listeneng attentively to the woman’s words, the woman looking calm, continued to say: “The North prison is before the three hundred Zhang (means ancient stone ornament) and this is like a jungle. But about a hundred feet of the distance were perimeter cut into flat. There is no shelter, only eight corners of camp, some people were monitoring all day, hence you need to crawl forward.

The woman turned around, she took out another map, said: “You see, this is a detailed map of the North prison, which is the military warehouse, its  grass, its arsenal, it is the soldiers rest camp . Here is our main goal: Tianyuan Tower and the northwest of the water jersey. I need you in two hours to remember that the melon is thoroughly cooked, therefore you cannot afford to have the slightest mistake. Both sides to cooperate with the completion of the task, thus Chengyang to take the third team and the fourth team begins to attack, and the Arab-Israeli team with a crossbow group along the trench line, bypass the north camp with the bolt to get rid of the probe on the floor, you must wait for sometime, Chengyang to divert the main team to open the door, a team of people to the west, pretending to attack the military warehouse, while the food grass to attract patrol soldiers to come and create chaos. The team to release rockets to the soldiers to rest camp, not for the murder, only to the manufacture a momentum, blocking the people who will ran out of the time.I should not, once the rest of the North prison soldiers all ran out, if the action has failed You must be precise in any way, and play it by ear. Small Jiong will meet you outside, put the horses running in the jungle, in order to confuse the enemy. “

Small Kyung stood aside, he is still a child, but he is sixteen years old, but his body is composed of the dark muscles, arms on the scar, that shows he has been long experience of  battles of excellent soldiers, xiaoxiong (like firefox) smiling nod, facing Chengyang laughed: “Chengyang brother, I do not like the last throwback, come out and help me to forget but also as an enemy to take the arrow to shoot me.

Everyone heard a smile from a little dilute solemn atmosphere, Chengyang stretched out his hand to push the child, smiled and said: “You are quite able to hold a grudge.”

The woman coughed like a cry, everyone suddenly turned to face, look serious no longer laughing.

“A force of the crossbow group to get rid of the whistle and the tower upstairs when the action began, Chengyang belt main team to quickly push the big business, every five feet set up an archer, cover large forces and then forward. The task is to rescue, do not bother to go to any other place. The Arab people who get rid of the target after it will cover you. You go to the northwest dungeon, rescue Zhu Fuzi and Mr. Mu, and then to the Tian Yuan tower, where the guard will be our own people, when you rush to come forward, the other guards should have been eliminated. After saving the target characters, quickly run in the southwest of the trenches to retreat, the Arabian people would attack the enemy right wing, A city with people to attack the rear, for cover. After the omission of any person, the issue of green signal, when the end of the fighting, Yin moment came to the designated location, Xiao long (Yan Shi Zi new military codename) will arrange for you to evacuate safely.

Woman eyes bright as snow, she raised her face, eyes in the crowd one by one across, and coldly said: “Some people do not understand?”

No one answered but the woman nodded her head: “Well ready, be prepared with your weapons and equipment, recite the marching map, I will give you half an hour after it I will ask what is in the action program one by one, if there are no problems after an hour, we will depart to execute our mission.

“Yes,” the men agreed, and the circle of men stood up and the little tent was suddenly crowded.

A woman with a shirt in Tsing Yi (bluish green dress), her body shape somewhat thin, looking pale, a pair of narrow eyes slightly reveals a little nakedness, the woman stretched out his right hand, hold into a fist, arrived at his heart, coldly said: “Datong (Mr. Wu’s militray codename in Yanbei) will not die.”

“Will not die.”

Uniform voices sounded in unison, the woman nodded her head, everyone like a fish out of the net and went out of the tent.

The tent suddenly became quiet, outside the wind is very big, today, and under a good snow. Ruixue (means lucky snowfall) Zhaofeng (means to catch the wind) year, perhaps this coming year, the people of the day will be better than that.

The woman drank her tea, a grayish – short and brown-haired boy suddenly entered the tent, facing the woman said: “Lady, Mr. Wu came.”

The woman raised her brow, holding the tea lamp could not help but gently display a joyful sound and said: “let him in.”

Refreshing wind suddenly from the outside came, the man took off his hat, dressed in his green cloth gown, his face upright fine and handsome, twenty-seven years old, his eyes have tiny slight wrinkles, but overall it add more charm on his entire appearance. The man put down the things his hands was holding and gently smile: “A’Yu.”

Woman naturally took misleading from the line of her robe, her faint smile: “When did you arrive, you did not come back to Yanbei yet?

“Something temporary from the emperor trip, I must immediately return.”

Sitting on a small bench, he took off his icy boots and gently put it down. The feather girl raised her eyebrows, said: “is it cold outside?”

“What can I do?” Wu Lu Shiye looked up: “Sheng Jin Gong celebrated their anniversary and prepared banquet for three countries, their record is too tight, and now uneasy, so I had to be careful.

“Be careful to drive abroad that took for years, you’re right.”

“Yes,” Wu Lu Shiye frowned: “West China letter says that two of the emperor’s ideas have been picked, but is it really?”

“Dire eyes and ears fills,” A’Yu on her faint smile, poured a cup of tea and gave it to Wu Lu then she went in front of his body and said: “Recently, the Imperial City records is too tight, over a year, the entire atmosphere are tense up. I deliberately leak out of two abandoned positions, so that he stands meritorious in a little service, there is no actual content, the information is true and false at the same time and difficult to identify. Good thing, we have no casualties “

“I guess the eighth prince is into this is the case.” Wu Lu brother smiled: “Wei valve this time lost the errand, Wei Shu You from the south have a  bleak end, the Royal Park Yin depreciated in vain to give Mu He’s, it seems the old courtyard but this will be bloody.

“Wei Guang is shrewd and cunning, I see this thing in all likelihood, he is interested in arranging.

Wu Lu Shiye raised his eyebrow and coldly said: “what do you say?

Feather girl sighed: “Lu Shiye, it has been seven years and then less than six months, is the master of the crown ceremony. However, if you think about, Sheng Jin Gong who the elders are full of veterans, together with the northwestern Batuja family, will allow the main security back to Yanbei to inherit the throne? These years, they often make fraud, all kinds of conspiracy, endless traps, all do not want to be left in less state, if not, there are other fighters in that outlook, afraid of causing too much commotion but presumably already under destruction. This time is the last stroke, more will  be coming, coupled with the Great summer king birthday, the three countries will gather and make them strong. The three emperors are bound to have some reign of terror, the imperial capital of Yin is one true thing, afterwards will be under suspicion. Wei Guang is really cunning, how can we not see the situation here. Wei valve was taken down once, presumably the reason for me to make up my mind.”

Wu Lu thorougly must heard the words,  he nodded, then coldly said: “Or you think of it as a whole, it seems Mu He fateful death will no longer able to hold up the household of their children and grandchildren. No wonder on my way I heard Zhuge Mu Qing that they sent Zhuge Huai was sent to southeast to organize and Huai Song contact matters, the original plan is to avoid disaster.”

“You did not stay in the Beijing for a long time, you do not understand the relationship between them .This time in addition to the life and death of Mu He and swear to fight and Yan men confronting the Batuja family, the other five families have taken the strategy of avoidance, Lingnan Mu is talking directly in Beijing, Mu Gonggong recalled Lingnan, in order to avoid this one with deep waters. If we pick this battle, this is not a very good fight.”

Wu Lu Shiye heavily nodded his head and sighed: “For this day, Yan North eight thousand soldiers have been waiting for seven years, in any case, we have to keep the main subject safe to leave, Yan Wang is of full Yan men, when they sacrifice for the Datong, we cannot give up his only blood. “

A’Yu reached the shoulders of handsome Wu Lu Shiye: “soldiers to block, water to cover the soil, do not worry too much.  No matter how the world (Yan Xun) does, she will not risk his life” and A’Yu fascinated at his bothersome reaction.

Hearing this, Wu Lu Shiye could not help but smile, nodded and said: “Truly, you always think that child is good.”

“Well,” the feather girl nodded his head: “at her little age, thinking so cautious is really rare.I had to let her believe me, it took a lot of effort, over the years, if not her primary side to maintain, its a must for a child and I should be the one to be careful.

“I have to take care of me to be relieved, and I will stay here and meet the emperor soon, and collect another year’s spring tax will be seized. I have to go back to Yanbei town and cannot let the court and the Batuja family fishing too much even if there is no formal take over yet. Yan North is also the territory of Yan men, if we cannot make Yanbei like previous year who is so filthy rich, at least not a bit lesser this year to leave a mess.

The feather girl smiled and said, “Do not worry, I will take care and do my best.”

“Lady, it’s time!”

Suddenly came outside the call, Wu Lu was pressed when he heard the call, he stood up: “I came to you to make a change, and soon to go to Yanbei guarding the government to the last quarter of the winter after tax has been sent to the capital, I want to see how much less they paid.

Feather girl nodded, we must go out to send you. Wu Lu about to go outside left a book case: “look, outside the wind is howling, your body is not good and you are wearing less, do not come outside with me, I am good to go.”

Having said that, he put on his hat, turned and went out.

A’Yu standing in place, watching the wind shaking its curtains, slightly some daze. After a while, she came back with her action sat in front of the book case, she picked up the thin sketch, and look it up.

“A feather,” the voice of the low suddenly sounded, the curtain was lift and there is Wu Lu Shiye and then he came in to probe.

The feather girl eyebrows were beautiful puzzled when she looked at him, Wu Lu Shiye was meditating for a long while then he coldly said: “The weather is getting cold, you pay more attention to your body, everything does not go hand in hand, in everything be cautious, take care. “

Then, Wu Lu Shiye turned and went out, outside the wind whistling, but still can hear his footsteps gradually away.

For a long time, a hissing sound heard, the feather girl looked at the curtain of the tent and gently said: “Likewise”

Time flies, and flies like a blink of an eye and seven years came to pass.


Chapter 045 Trance

Thousand of years ago, the Great Summer royal family originated from the nomadic family. With its citizens following a nomadic life and living by the grass, their activities includes riding a horse in the plains on top of Red Chuan all day. Until the emergence of imperialism Peiluo Huang (King) rule, under his leadership, only to make this sturdy nation into the vision of the eastern orthodox clan. A Xing (star) culture opened its business for the development of farming that took them a hundred years of accumulation before the former alien regime has receded the dust in the air. Once a vast snow of its vast land, but in the hands of summer people have a little bit of their own taste and heritage and compared to the weak Bian Tang and flashy Huai Song, Great Summer shows a generation of power of sobriety in its environment.

At the same time, the great summer dynasty lying in the blood of the grassland, this feelings are not weak, although they have a weak feeling of land, but they also have the right to become domineering. The great powers of the great is like a giant whale swallowed all the fishes who emerged at the sea of  their culture, but also revealed that all rivers fully mixed with various ethnic groups for thousands of years of continuous integration that brought about their broad attitude. The precedence of their culture is splendid and becomes a peculiar view of their continent.

Shen Jin Gong occupies a very wide area, the integration of the various characteristics of the land of Ximeng on earth, both Jiangnan misty rain, bridges, the northwest a more dignified environment on soaring  heavily. Outside the city is solid, red wall gold tile, black ink stone platform, deep trenches, fierce soldiers, strict guards, in the midway, the Baiguan (means hundred imperial small officials who tells anecdotes and trivial matters like gossips to the kings and emperors in ancient time ) said that the land is full of tension on the Mahogany hall, Kinmen building, Summer Huasheng Palace, thousands of soaring majestic palaces on air. Then inside the city is the living houses of the princesses and princes,  landscape vegetation, pavilions, everywhere in the King’s palace is orderly and exquisite, leading to the its cliffs, on its peak were spa gardens, from the ground through the city are decorated green waters, flourishing flowers, green bamboos, lake mountain shed its light and in the south are small ponds, therefore, this is the Great summer dynasty after its Golden Palace City. 

The Great summer dynasty found a fortune in their grassland home from its nomadic nature, making their relative respect for the status of women. Compared to Bian Tang and Huai Song, they are different. For thousands of years there has never been any shortage of women who joins the official harem, there are some women in the curtains of power. For men and women of the defense were also relatively many. In addition to its city, in addition to the emperor’s concubine, daughters, there are many guards stationed, not only sealed the palace of the king but also the princes who mostly lived here.

At this moment, after the city of Yingge are other homes within the quiet sea of bamboos, sitting in a black robe is the young son.

A young male about twenty years old, his face is handsome, eyes like stars, high nose, eyebrows like a sword, his hair draped behind, with a black ribbon loose line, black robe elegant, embroidered of Zijin (the gifted) unicorn, dark flower clouds at the edges of its hems, Huai (heart) Song (pine) Su (raw silk) Jin (gold) on the lining, its foot pedal made of soft leather deer boots, boots engraved with Albatron pattern, quietly sitting in the small stone pillow before the table. Burning culy incense, case of Guqin (zither: a musical instrument consisting of a flat wooden sound box with numerous strings stretched across it, placed horizontally and played with the fingers and a plectrum) clank, a few volumes of books scattered on the side of a green jade jar next to a glass of jade cups, jade cups on both sides of Shuanglong (double dragons) that spit beads, a look that should be cherished.

At this time, although it is winter, around the cliffs of the mountain fires and warms the hot springs, full of life that created such a quiet and warm place, a burst of breeze blowing, fresh breeze and the scent of wearing bamboo becomes more laid back scenery.

Young hands like white jade, slender fingers, he slowly put the glass then held it to his lips, but did not drink, eyes like stars, fainting and slightly squinting and did not hear, the faint sound said: “Come out. “

“Annoying,” delicate girl spoke behind the bamboo forest flashed a very charming girl: “Every time you find that little meaning, you did not!”

A girl, an eighteen year old wearing a lotus gold fabric of duvet (quilt), wearing a white butterfly sprinkled yarn dress, a light blue belt on her waist is hanging green lily Lan (indigo or blue color) Pei (girdle ornament), a temple on a high string of clouds together, an ear tassel, Ji (namely) heart jade fell in her eyebrows, Ding (tinkling) Lan (indigo or blue color) earrings, agate necklace, although noble, but did not reveal the slightest tacky feeling. When the girl walked, while off the snow outside its fur cloak, while walking on her crisp tone she said: “The father is still the most eccentric to you, I just came from the liming (enrichment of land) house, where it is cold as like death, you see, the snow it has not been landed. “

The young man turned his head, looked calm, his mouth had a faint smile, said: “is love a holy thing.”

“Well,” said the girl, “why do you not love me, because I am my father’s daughter?


“Call my princess!” throw the big sphere to the side of the servant, the girl ran to the front of the young man, cried out loud.

The young man with a helpless smile, said: “Chun, child.”

“Do not think that this will be able to muddle through,” Chun child sitting on the opposite side of the stone bench, drums cheek on the air whispered: “Why, why not let go? Let me leave all the guests to extremely catch up here. “

The man said without a smile, “I am sorry, some things are meant to become temporary.”

“What can you do?” The girl just finished crying out, immediately woke up and reckless, quickly and carefully took her eyes glanced at the man’s face and see him no reaction, she hurriedly said: “You are not seeing Wei Shu You I only came back from the south, and I do not know that he will come, you will not be angry with me.

The man looked up, slowly shook his head: “Princess you have a heart, Yan Xun does not.”

“They call me princess.” Chun child frowned, suddenly stood up, pulled Yan Xun’s clothes, angry, said: “Yan Xun, you do not take me in the end as your own people?

Yan Xun bowed his head, frowning at the girl’s white hand, his brow could not help but gently wrinkled, undisguised out of the clothes: “Princess worry no more, respect others point of view or pay attention to them.

“Did you remember how old I was, I was nine years old, when you brought me to a brothel fight?”

“That year you are so naive and reckless government official of the empire.”

“Annoying!” Chun child throw a bucket of water on the ground, exclaimed: “I hate to die with you!”

Speak or I will turn away.

“Princess please stay,” Yan Xun stood up, exclaimed and pass on her hand a lavender silk wrapped in a box.

“What is this?”

“Happy birthday Princess, although because of His Majesty I cannot willingly promise to give you one on this month and the princess received the gift from Yan Xun.

Chun child’s little face suddenly became happy, she smiled and opened the box and she saw a length of white rabbit tail, the girl’s eyes suddenly wide open and shouted: “This is atlas tail! “

Yan Xun nodded his head and said: “A few days ago I heard the rabbit atlas bit your hand, and it was ordered by the West Princess to throw it out and cried for a long time. I ordered the people of the palace to cut off the rabbit , to cut its tail. You keep it as a commemorative souveneir. Its not a valuable thing, you do not take offense right?

Girl eyes suddenly changed some moist, she shook her head, whispered: “gold and silver jewelry I have too much, only this, is the best gift. Xun’er brother, thank you, Chun is very happy.

After it the girl’s face suddenly red up, holding the rabbit tail: “even the big fur also did not care to wear, turned and ran out of the bamboo forest” said Yan Xun.

Yan Xun has been standing in place, his face smile on the girl turned around and gradually disappear.

“Shi Zi, Princess Chun Yu is far away.”

And Shua’s cry, Yan Xun away from the girl, touched its robe but they took it off and thrown on the table then they turned him away, a voice low, left the words: “Take it and burn it.”


Under the people of Shen Jin, give birth to a promise, soon, and then he raised his head to time, Yan Xun’s figure has disappeared.


Chapter 046 The two former child

Afternoon sunshine is looking good, fresh snow, fresh air, Yan Xun sitting in the study hall, turned to see the winter tax instruments detailed instructions they sent him. The wind came into the rice fields three times and she had been a fine gatekeeper to catch its command at the movement of her arm on its door waiting.

The wind blowing softly, the aroma of incense swaying while he was reading the book, suddenly, there is a trace of fresh taste that passed over, not from a court powder, not Yingge or other homes of the blue grass incense, not a bamboo aroma but a unique dirt of yellow sand, a steady sharp blade taste in the air.

Yan Xun frowned, and looked up to see who is coming, his eyes gazed looks like he wanted to  but he feels some funny, his face looking so curious though wants to endure and lips gradually arched up. 

“Enough of those laugh.” A fifteen year old look of a young boyish looks angry on her pale complexion, her eyes like water, wearing a green armor leather who is leaning on the door, his hands cross in the chest, his eyes sparkling with the servant’s delight smile, but looking stubborn said: “It is cold outside.”

“When did you come back?” Yan Xun’s voice is warm like water seems that all the bad mood of his face was gone, in front of the youngster is flashing the warmth of his eyes and gently smiled.

The youngster also laughed, tilted his head and replied: “just now.”

“Why not come in?”

The youngster Du Zhuo Zui did not like to write to inform the Prince of his visit: ” if there is a big thing, some people say are not allowed to let go.”

Yan Xun nodded his head: “Yes? I have said this, then they dare to put it in your the heart so that they can punish, really kill.

“I am not still standing at your door?” the junior’s eyebrows arched: “who dares not to follow the rules Yan our great king.”

Yan Xun’s gang leader just about to speak, when the youngster child behind the food box of the small children finally could not help but said: “I said to Master Chu, do not play or joke now because I told the kitchen to have this meal prepared hot more than ten times and how many times do I have to do this?

“Well,” the youngster who mentioned the food box, walked in towards him, smiling and said: “give that face to the wind.”

The small child wiped his sweat and retreated.

Yan Xun stood up from the book case, came forward to the youngster dressed up with its cloak sitting next to its chair, and then turned his back to sit in front of the table, the youngster opened all the dishes one by one on the table, but Yan Xun eyes closed and like he is intoxicated, he sniffed and said: “good incense, why did I miss this scent?

“Your nose is useless, and I will not come back and ask them to re-heat all of this dishes again.”

The youngster hand over a bowl of rice to Yan Xun, as Yan Xun sitting on its side, about to eat when the youngster said: “for a rainy day this is the best meal.”

Yan Xun slightly changed its look, showing a trace of a rare distress, nodded and looked at the youngster then softly said: “Agree, it is hard to let it stay warm.”

“Fortunately,” the youngster shook its head and said coldly: “because its cold weather”

“Your feet, frozen again?”

“No, the boots you give are really warm and comfortable.”

Yan Xun nodded his head, coldy said: “After such things, you only like to do few things and you still do not always go out to run.”

“I just want to stay in the house and do not go out, but how can I rest be assured.” the youngster inhaled and said: “Well, not long, and then six months, let us no longer make it so hard for ourselves.”

Yan Xun eyes lighten up, outside the wind blowing along the open window, there are distant sea of bamboo, a quiet breath taking view with its aroma into his senses.

“Have you seen Mr. Wu?”

“No,” the youngster shook its head: “I saw Xi Hua, he said Mr. Wu has been to Beijing coordination of winter tax thing, so  do not worry too much.”

Yan Xun nodded, sighed: “This is like, I have not slept a few nights and been dealing with this matter until Mr. Wu came, I will save a lot of effort.

“Is everything still in the palace?”

Yan Xun heard a cold smile, hid the ridicule in his mouth and said: “I do not know if you  heard the news Wei Shu You is back. I also made a face to face conversation on him today.

“I heard,” the youngster nodded and cried a promise: “The emperor was informed of the Nanji mountains landslide and Wei Shu You to be blamed, I heard that he has been removed from the imperial capital of Yin due to another task assigned at him but did not think he came back so fast.

Yan Xun put down the chopsticks, picked up the tea and a light drink slightly mouthful: “You take this trick and do well, and now the palace is everywhere rumors that Wei Guang lately were out of things to say and reason, now they want to get rid of his position on Xia Hua Palace, although there is no position open yet the elders and other veterans are very dissatisfied with Wei Guang. A few days ago they made a draft of the collective card of the Wei family get together. Mu Hexi more of like a wind though, like also a useless device but Mu He Yunting is not and Mu He Rong was not vegetarian so when he came back from the Xiling, the elders would will be more lively. (means the food that they eat will serve meat again as the elders was deprived for quite sometime and they need to eat meat, this is a metaphor not to be taken literally but talks about more politcal terms. Mu He is the Zhao household in the drama)

The youngster looked up, coldly said: “Need to follow up on this matter, we cannot afford to be be careless, do not worry, I will ensure this is handled properly.”

Yan Xun nodded his head: “The things that you do are the things I worry.”

Yan Xun just finished the meal when suddenly laughed, raised his slender fingers, gently rub the boy’s face. The youngster’s face went on white jade, the skin like Huanen crystal slightly cold from the outside, Yan Xun crotch warm, youngster was surprised a moment, his face a bit flushed, uncomfortable and pushed his hand then frowned: “What are you doing?”

“Here take a look,” Yan Xun stretched out his hand, above the pulp of the plant, stained with a shiny white rice, smiled and said: “A’Chu, you are really hungry when you went outside, it seems I have to add more compensation to you.

A’Chu just want to speak, suddenly caught a glimpse of Yan Xun’s fingers, saw the hands of white jade, four fingers slender, but his little finger like his life they took off his flesh  then life came back but its replaced with cold iron cast.

A’Chu’s eyes suddenly become cold up, slowly pulled the mouthfuls of rice, and then looked up and cautioned: “This time if it happens, you may not let Wei Shu You never climb up the mountain anymore.”

After Yan Xun heard he looked at A’Chu ‘s side view, stretched out his hand, gently shot on her shoulder: “A’Chu, do not think so much.

“Yan Xun, I won’t be reckless, I will serve him what he deserves.” A’Chu’s voice suddenly some boring, she lowered her voice, then added: “We have been waiting for so many years, I will not be so impatient “

Afternoon sunshine and its warm, through the window edge sprinkled on the two people, the air, it seems that smell of the taste of spring is on the corner.

Time flies, the old children, has long grown up, outside the bright sun, things change, but some things like an old wine do not and the ambiance became more mellow.

“A’Chu, this time do not go back and you will not go out, take a break for another six monthsand I’ll take you back to Yanbei.”

Chu Qiao looked up, although her age is still considered a youngster her little face has begun to take the appearance of beauty, eyebrows arched but different from the appearance of a lady, a bit more heroic in spirit and its wisdom is like a torch of light. She hung her head and her the forehead sleep in Yan Xun’s chest she gently nodded and whispered: “Well.”

Yan Xun stretched out his arm, surrounded the girl’s shoulder, stroking her back.

“When we go to Yanbei, it should be midsummer, all the grass is green, I will take you to the fire hunting wild horse.”

“Well,” Chu Qiao sound some stuffy: “Just order it and we will go.”

Time run slowly, over Yan Xun’s shoulder still on it, Chu Qiao did not speak for a long time. The man bowed his head and saw the girl’s eyelashes very long, cast a silhouette under the eyelids, under the sun, even more beautiful.


Yan Xun softly called her name and sees Chu Qiao with no response, could not help but whisper to her ears but he found her sleeping sweetly on his shoulder. He stood up and his arm hit her arms and woke up Chu Qiao’s came to be alert however she did not even the slightest struggle and seems to know that she is in a safe place, she went back to quietly asleep. Just about to walk out of the study tent, A’Jing and other servants meets Yan Xun Jianmei (means healthy and beautiful) with their vertical lineups several servants suddenly kneeling on the ground and did not dare to look at Yan Xun while Yan Xun focused on his lovely gang leader wearing a leather armor he slowly carried her toward his  bedroom.

After a while, Yan North Shih came out of the door, A’Jing servant quickly came to him.

“what happened?”

“She had encountered an enemuy on the road, the girl with a pass from the Leyer trail run away, afraid of the world (Yan Shi Zi) may get anxious because for three days there were no saddle break and she went straight riding her horse, which is the result of her early bed for the day.

Yan Xun brow locked, coldly said: ” and that group of people?

“Huang Cheng eighty miles outside the Liang Shan town, we are staring at the son, do you wanna join us?

“Well,” Yan Xun nodded his head, looking calmly walked to the study tent behind him is the servant.

“Then,” A’Jing servant slightly hesitated, thought or may have asked: “Did you know that the girl bought the few who is responsible for the mausoleum stone businessman?

Yan Xun slightly pondered, then said: “Since it is useless, get rid of it.”

“Yes, under the oath of obedience.”

Cold wind from the direction of the cliff mountain slowly blowing, Yan Xun looked up and saw a feather of not so long white birds wandering in the north wind. I do not know what kind of aroma of its body attacted it but did not fear to hover over Yan Xun’s head, fluttering wings, flying up and down, it is curious and a twittering cry distubrd Yan Xuns’s ears.

A’Jing slightly surprised a moment, suddenly pleasantly cried: “it is Cangwu birds, the world(Yan Xun) may be lost in the road of small Cangwu birds, this bird is its human nature, not afraid of life, it is precious, many people domesticated it to play it but today so this small Cangwu was also my first time to see it.

“Is it?” Yan Xun voice like a cry, stretched out his hand, watching the birds hovering in the air, slightly raised his eyebrows.

That bird twittered and cried, it seems very curious, flutter a few times and actually fell on the Yan Xun’s fingers, with a soft yellow mouth, went to peck Yan Xun’s palm. His dark eyes flexible with very affectionate look on the Cangwu bird.

A’Jing being odd, was about to open sigh when suddenly just listen to its brittle crisp sound, Yan Xun brought out the force in his hand suddenly clenched it, the precious bird screamed at that time and a pop sound heard when it fell to the ground.

“So easy to believe in others, if I do not kill you soon, you will die in someone else ‘s hands.” Yan Xun said and A’Jing on his blank reaction.

Men’s black robe flashing, posture tall and straight, disappeared in the pavilion between the pavilions. The wind blew and snowed, and soon the bird’s body was covered.

Although its warm and strong heat, but the season is still winter, the sun slowly went down the mountain and the night is coming.

Afterthoughts: This line where Yan Xun said to Chu Qiao: Mu Hexi more of like a wind though, like also a useless device but Mu He Yunting is not and Mu He Rong was not vegetarian so when he came back from the Xiling, the elders would will be more lively. (means that upon the return of Mu He Rong they will serve meat instead of veggies, elders getting back to being carnivores as the elders was deprived for quite sometime and they need to eat meat, this is a metaphor not to be taken literally but talks about more political terms.)


Chapter 047 Is a friend

The youngster woke up already late at night, in the room stood two braziers, the air is dry, Chu Qiao throat is dry, groping to find water to drink.

Small warm cages on the table as usual a pot of milk produced from the South Blue Temple breeding snow deer one of very precious commodity. Chu Qiao pour a small cup to drink, suddenly it the milk warmed up her dry throat from top to bottom.

The room is very dark and the moon above is very big tonight, shining in the sky, according to the Ying song other homes on white light as she opened the window bright moonlight came in. She sat in her chair, stretched her elbow, tummy on the window, and lifted her lips.

Countless times how many times she looked at this yard and time passed and many times she cannot tell in the end if all of this is a dream, or past memory is just a fantasy like a blink of an eye. It has been eight years she came into this world. Eight years of time, enough to change a lot of things, including a person’s thoughts, beliefs, vision, and struggle to strive for the goal of ideals.

There are two stakes in the yard, standing there for more than seven years, even if this is the night, by the white moonlight or can clearly see the stump on the deep shallow knife marks. It is the years she and Yan Xun, it is the place where they practiced their martial arts. Looking back for the first few years, they dare not practice during the day, only in at night, quietly holding a knife, a man out of the wind, a person quietly practiced Chu Qiao painted those who blend the essence of the martial arts of the world (Yan Xun) out of fine knife. Often one or two of the people through the time will be scared on his blue hair, and then when others leave a long breath of cold.

The side of the West warm room, always prepared with two sets of bedding, that time, they do not have a trustworthy servant. Often, the two children will have a sword to live in a room, one fell asleep when another must be awake, the door of the door bolt always tied with a thin line, even in the hands and feet of the two, as long as it becomes a little alarm, the two will pull out the knife from the bed to jump up.

The antique vase on the shelves of books is always filled with all kinds of emergency first aid for wounds, ready and prepared from time to time. Although they rarely used, but gradually developed such a habit, even the chopsticks are like meant like silverware, and feeding a lot of small rabbits, every time the food must be the tested to the rabbit first to eat, and so on the day served and a half, they do not dare to eat until the rabbit  shows no symptoms of poison. The first few years, they seem to have never eaten a new pot of hot rice.

Whether it is hot or winter, inside the shirt will always be covered with a layer of soft armor. Whether it is to eat or sleep, the body always have a most handy weapon. Time is so slowly, no matter how difficult, they still shoulder and shoulder to grow up. Hope suddenly no longer slim, the future is no longer hopeless, and in her heart slowly breed a trace of warm expectations. Chu Qiao faintly pouted in this so-called sense of belonging, after so many years, so many killings, so many cold arrows of conspiracy, she finally can say she is no longer as an outsider who want to escape and wants to stay out.

In fact, when she entered the imperial city of the moment, their fate has long been tightly linked together.

Think of here, Chu Qiao cannot help looking toward the northwest of the sky, there, Yan Xun countless times with her description of the back to the mountains, the original fire, they have been longing for the Yanbei grassland. In every cold night, in every humiliation of the plight, in every case of full hatred, up in the sky is looking into their bright future.

She took a deep breath, the window closed, the girl came to the book before she spread out a chart then she carefully looked down.

The door was squeaky and slowly opened, the man a cotton white gown, neck collar on a circle of fine camel hair, clothes Leixing Qing Jun, it is very handsome. Chu Qiao looked up to him and smiled, she got up and sat and greeted: “so late and yet still awake?

“Do not you sleep?”

Yan Xun carrying a food box came in, open the lid and said: “You sleep in the middle of the night and did not eat dinner, are you not hungry?

After his voice is just falling, a loud belly drum sound suddenly sounded, Chu Qiao rubbing his stomach throwing an embarrassed smile: “Ok, if you just did not say it then it won’t began to declare rebellion.

“So be it, here eat and see if they are not appetizing.”

“En,” Chu Qiao put down the pen and paper, stood up and took the food box, on her  probe look, suddenly pleasantly cried: “Yes! Pear dumplings wow!

“Well, I know that you love to eat, I am ready with the throwback of the past, has been frozen for several days outside, waiting for you to come back and they are just under the pot.”

“Oh,” the girl ‘s eyes narrowed into a line, smiling and said: “Yan Xun, every time I eat this, I have a feeling of home.

Chu Qiao ate a few dumplings, Yan Xun hand her down a cup of deer milk, quietly watching the girl eating. The window of the moonlight beaming at the  window sprinkled the light of the two people as the corner of the candle crackling became more safe and quiet.

“A Chu,” Chu Qiao almost finished, Yan Xun handed the side of the white handkerchief, it is natural for her rub her mouth of any food leftover, coldly said: “Those who bought you to the stone businessman … …”

“Yan Xun, although you did it, don’t start with me.” she said it before Yan Xun finished, Chu Qiao suddenly said: “This is my thinking and it is not careful, I cannot do this so cruel, but if such person is to stay, it was unwise when we were not able to confront the mass, and it was unwise to leave under such circumstance. I led them back and wanted you to help me with this decision, so you do not have to explain to me.

Yan Xun smiled, eyes suddenly become soft: “Well, I just do not want to hide from you.”

“Yes,” the girl smiled and said: “We agreed, and will not hide anything else, conceal all the misunderstanding and the cause of painful chest, regardless of whether the starting point of goodwill, we cannot make this mistake.

“Oh,” Yan Xun lightly laughed: “Well, then you now take this trip to the South Ji Shan, the original book told me there is no size andso  regardless of size.

“Well,” Chu Qiao smile to Yan Xun in the desk, pointing to the above chart, began to carefully examine meticulously.

The opening of the day is misty, quietly he drink a tea, Chu Qiao draw the last one, pointing to the chart and said: “Here is Meng’s family as long as on this day or Meng Tian generals does not head to this place, we do not have to worry too much. What I am looking  at to worry about is the Shen Jin palace and Wei valve, not to mention to worry about Zhuge Huai to my pulse.

Yan Xun raised his brows, coldly said: “Zhuge Huai is not just from Beijing? Zhuge Muqing in recent years has gradually fade out of the elders circle, the size of the matter to Zhuge Huai is to take care this time, he will surely intervene “

“Chu Qiao shook her head:” The Empire of three hundred years, the Elder’s family was repeatedly easy to master, the original founding fathers, only Zhuge is like a pulse and like this followed by Peiluo the Great From the prairie to kill out of this, that is Zhuge home wrist, they know how to weigh, never put themselves on the cusp, not like Mu He’s so popular. It is like the ancient king who want to recover to the right and start only from the limelight of the most people who start, they are able to keep the family of the empire over the years, despite of continued disputes, Zhuge Muqing seem moderate, but often to avoid the scourge of these, will not rely on luck.

“You see here,” Chu Qiao fingers on the chart: “This is my collection of information over  this past few months, if Zhuge is a pulse on the surface they do not see any action, but the southeast of the forage, river salt, iron ore, often have a small-scale deployment, although the movement is not big, but very often. Zhuge’s interest from the Song water (a place of body of water) transferred to the West cold city levy Tian Mu grain tax, and has not come back in two months. The above was the only interest of Zhuge to blunt this unbearable people. In my opinion, the city is very small, but it is the only way we go back to Yanbei, Yao water, Fusu, Chishui Road, the central hub of the strategic location is extremely important, absolutely these things cannot be left unseen.”

“And you look here, the eighth day of last month, the elders agreed to Zhuge to ran from the military essay, Zhuge Mu Qing did not send his son to Zhuge home southeast camp to look over, but went to the southwest camp for the southwest and northwest neighbors. Southwest Camp where the location of the Batuja family territory, Zhuge family if not and Batuja family would perfomr a dark pass to Song, how can the outskirts of outsiders to their own heart camp? And, and most importantly, you did not you notice that Zhuge Yue would soon be back?

Yan Xun nodded his head, “I have to pay attention to this, you said these a few days ago after the girl you sent to me.

“Oh?” Chu Qiao eyes suddenly light up, “Yu girl” is that how to say her name?

“She said the time is still early, Xia Wang Tai Shou (name of a group of elite) of national elite gathered, the situation is complicated and changeable, we can only respond, see the movements.

Chu Qiao ‘s brow suddenly frowned, she raised his face to see Yan Xun, slowly said: “Yan Xun, so can you? I worry about the accident, we should not be prepared in advance to be fully prepared.

“A Chu, the world ( Yan Xin codename) simply do not have all the best policy. We said to prepare but on these years did we not prepared enough?” Yan Xun looked at the girl’s bright eyes, he reached out, hold Chu Qiao’s shoulder, coldly Said: “A’Chu, you do not believe me?”

Chu Qiao nodded: “I believe.”

“Then you break the already broken,” Yan Xun faint smile: “This matter to me, the trip to the South Ji Shan looking on  your body is too much loss, you are sick and cannot work hard.

“Yan Xun … …”

“I do not want the only person I want to come back to Yanbei die.” Yan Xun suddenly his voice is low: “I have no half family, A’Chu, you are my most important person in my life.

“A’Chu, you cannot remember just entered the holy gold palace that year, I have no serious illness fever treatment but you told me the words?”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, Yan Xun look mild, slowly said to her: “You said let me rest assured that you will always wake up until I wake up. Results are I sleep for four days, you still insist on eyelid care I have the ability to take care of you now, and you will be asleep, and I will be awake until the two of us can close their eyes and sleep together.”

Chu Qiao bowed her head, gently picked up her mouth, long before she looked up with faint smile: “Well, then if I do not go, I stay here with you, waiting for you to take me away.”

Yan Xun nodded his head, eyes bright, smile like the thawed lake in March. A few bored months passed suddenly flew away.

“A’Chu, we can come together, we will be able to get out together, you have to believe me, because in this world, we can only trust each other.”

At that time, Long winter snow, long night Enron, true Huangdi became calm. However, no one knows the potential under the undercurrent of how the surge of fierce edge, those strange unpredictable counter-current quietly dormant in the ground, at any time will be boiling of all covered into the sky. People walking on the shore can only walk carefully, trying not to let the clothes get wet under muddy waters, when a person’s ability is not enough to fight the tide, what he can do is just to get away from the tide.

Off to the door of Chu Qiao, watched the lights inside extinguished, Yan Xun’s eyes suddenly become cold up, he looked up, looking at the direction of Xia Hua Dian (a place in Wei), eyes have a fierce edge. Fingers slightly hard, a dry branches were broken, Yan Xun looked up, close your eyes, suddenly remembered many years ago, a night. That day, only nine-year-old A’Chu in order to give and find him medicine when he is sick  when she has been secretly monitored by Wei Shu You and found her and more than twenty biao-shaped Han Wai(external hired men) furiouslykicked her. A’Chu in order not to deal with his excuse, even she did not escape she did not fight back, her whole body up and down her flesh rolled, blood dripping. When he arrived, the child was almost dying, but also clutching the pack of herbs.

From that day on, he secretly swear, from now on, he will not let him pay attention to the people who left his side, and he attached it to the people on this life, they no longer have a second chance.

The time to come, he has been waiting for too long but still have to wait.

The man opened his eyes, eyes clear one, tomorrow, that is, Zhuge Yue also toward the time, seven years they have not seen his old friend and he does not know if he is okay.

His shoulder wounds have long been healing but some hatred in his heart have rooted. Yan Xun cold smile, turned to the big step away from the dark,  his stature and demeanor his clothes swaying with the wind.


Chapter 048 Heavenly Nobles (raw)

This year, is a lively and very dramatic year, the change of history happened and looking into some major events have occurred this year. From the beginning, it was a bloodbath, now that he is grown up, he will revenge to the nineth king of Great Summer Dynasty and it will be in  chaos, followed by wars one after another. It became a blockbuster bombardment in the big summer dynasty’s mind looking at the ancient Ximeng continent devastated, the parties of the forces you longed, debuted on their flesh and blood and the bones of women and children just to establish their own territory.

At the beginning of the year, the true emperor was caught in the biggest snowstorm ever, and the snow hit the ancient city on the 12th. Cold wind biting snow, lonely ancient plank road, a black armored paladin rode slowly in the snow toward the real city quickly.

“Father!” A fourteen-year-old child came to the horse and shouted, “I see the flag of the fourth brother!”

Men more than 50 years old, temples some white, but it does not seem aging, facial features are covered under the hood, only exposed strong nose and tight sip of the lips, contoured with fortitude, wearing a deep purple long fur, on his sable fox tail collar covered his chin

The man did not speak, but slightly raised his head, eyes penetrated the heavy snow, looked to the faraway distance.

Seven years, he spent countless efforts to hone out the handle of the sword, and finally it is out of its scabbard.

Zhuge home and the rest of its house owners gathered together outside the East City quietly waiting, a light cavalry marching but quietly entered the south gate and parked inside the city, this team looks very humble, wearing a common blue cloth big Qiu (sphere) with fur hoods, wounds and guns are wrapped up with cotton cloth at their backs riding their ordinary red horse to kook at yet the city is nothing more than an ordinary city garrison. Looking carefully there is an indescribable cold spirit blowing at the back of people.

The team all the way through Jiuwei street, bypass the lively street from the red lake after the Lagerstroemia Plaza, stopped and only the White Army battalion styaed. Leading the man a with his armor, black big Qiu (Sphere) worn on the body, gently flick, full of snow. He left the team, with several subordinates straight to the door of Tai’an, abd walked effortlessly into the heavily guarded holy palace.

“Your Highness!”

In the snow, the young Zhao Zhengde looked up, the eyebrows full of frosty color, eyebrows like a sword, eyes cold, four years of customs along the territory like a stone, its sharp edge looking more sharp, he frowned slightly, coldly  said: “old eight?”

“Has been guarded by Zong Ren Tang.”

A man whispered, the voice of the low, said: “how are you with the poor?”

Several servants suddenly knelt down, look frightened, clasped in unison: “slave was damn.”

Zhao Zhengde was sitting right away, slowly narrowed his eyes, coldly said: “I know damn, why did you come to see me?

Then he turned around along the to move forward, leaving only few faces such as pale young guards kneeling in the snow.

The snow is getting heavier, the wind is raging and whistling, a crowd wearing a cloak, with a hood spoke.


The blue robe guards suddenly powerfully shouted, walking in front of the silhouette suddenly stopped the pace, his head is cover of snow, its hazy and you can only see a shadow, that person is not tall, very thin, but very clever, at the hear of the sound, for the first time he quickly kneel on the ground, humbly hanging his head.

“Your Highness, it should be the maid of the back hall.”

Zhao Zhengde nodded, although this trip should have not been known by outsiders and should have not been so grand in entering the palace. He showed his face to a few people to keep up and quickly walked forward.

The wind suddenly blowing, scarping the hat on his head, his hair is long and some strands look like string braided into a man’s hair, neck is white and slender. Zhao Zhengde’s boots stepped on his hat, he frowned slightly, and then turned back to see the people kneeling on the ground then slowly said: “looked up.”

A handsome face greeted their eyes, his eyes quiet and very dark, although dressed in casual but is rare and stunning. Zhao Zhengde’s brow gently wrinkled, then slowly stretched out, then lightly laughed: “One person had taken the road of chicken and dogs and then who ascended to heaven, and now even you can also walk freely in the holy gold palace.”

Chu Qiao head down, looking calm, did not bother to answer.

Zhao Zhengde’s eyes lightly passing the girl’s back then a puff sound is heard, the hat kicked back to Chu Qiao’s side, without a word she turned away.

Snow is still blowing, the girl raised her head only to see a faint shadow. But she does not know why she felt so heavy with the pressure blowing from today’s snow. Back to the emperor, how can this person be in front of her still alive?

The situation is real and she unknowingly become more nervous. Although they have six months left before Yan Xun of the the north deploys its plan.

In the evening, the holy gold palace they held a grand dinner, in addition to the triumphant entry was also toward the seventh prince Zhao Che, he traveled more than seven years ago to Wolong Mountain and recruits Zhuge fourth son Zhuge Yue. Now, he is already the military commander of the deputy commander.

Big summer emperor Zhao Zhengde is still habitually not attending a variety of banquets, only the Queen of Mu He the cloud (the Queen’s code name) exposed her face. After all, seventh prince Zhao Che, his own son attended the enjoyable Feast of Gongchoujiaocuo (means a big drinking party) a peaceful monarch and his class but this past three days he did not see eighth prince Zhao Jue because of his guilty of anger he was expelled from the ancestral temple of Zhao and demoted as common people following the trial of the Zong Ren Tang.

“The bloody coup is often like a stone in the water, not necessarily everyone can see its size or shape, only those who dare and take courage go in to explore some, but to determine how deep the water is, no one will live to tell.”

Chu Qiao sees these days Yan Xun is still not eligible yet to attend the summer banquet as Yan Xun is pruning a plant in the pot, head’s down, looking cool and said those words.

Chu Qiao tilted her head with some careful consideration and she handed a scissors she said softly: “Then are you saying, Zhao Zhengde, won’t come back to help the eighth Prince Zhao Jue?

Yan Xun faint smile: “Queen Mu He the cloud gave birth to two sons, Mu He want to compete with the Wei valve Prince a bit, only under the efforts to foster one. Zhao Zhe Shu lived four years away from the Royal Park, who knows his heart is also after the royal family, so that is the story about Zhao’s brotherhood, huh, huh.

A breaking sound soon was heard, crisp and brittle, a bluegrass flower stalk suddenly cut by sharp scissors placed in a blue flower pot, from southern Xinjiang the horse capital and just now put away into the flower room. Chu Qiao met him with distressed light whisper, surprised to see Yan Xun did not hesitate to pick up the weeds and casts it aside, and then picked up a pot of Selaginella grass and continued to trim it.

“Now for Mu He, they are like me, only to continue to trim the Selaginella grass like on of his only choice.” Yan Xun smiled: “Who is the gardener who sent two pots of orchids into the palace today?

Outside the snow filled, Xingyue (the moon and the stars) had no light, Chu Qiao suddenly realized that four years ago, Yan Xun’s two people framed Zhao Che’s plan that completely failed. This offended Wei and the whole elders and it was Mu He who abandoned the prince and that had to got up from the mud, full of hatred and killing, who once again returned to the emperor. Although he did not know exactly who is the real enemy, but their days will be more in need of slim chance and should be cautious.

“Do not worry,” Yan Xun’s hand gently ride on the shoulder of Chu Qiao: “Zhao Che’s abandoned to death is not necessarily a bad thing, you have not hated Zhuge family who killed your brother and sister? Before we leave, we will get a little bit of interest from them.”

Late at night, Zhuge family carriage is running out from the holy Shen Jin palace, Zhuge Mu Qing went directly to the West Bay, where there is a Bian Tang, like a song it recently became very popular. Zhuge Mu Qing although a bit obese, crafty, but also an evil man. Almost sixty men and his son greeted and drove off the Zhuge family guard team.

Just entered the Aoyama courtyard, meet the umbrella who with horn designs to cover Zhuge Yue head of the snow, their voices is very fast they said: “four young master, Chinese doctor just went out, there is no big deal.”

Zhuge Yue face did not change, while he is studying, the bookshelves were moved to one side a black hole was exposed, he took the cloak from the hole and thrown it aside, while wiping his head some flakes of snow.

The woman who is looking pale and thin locked on tight chains, sitting in the middle of the stone room. On the surface of the dishes is a pale paper, she met Zhuge Yue who just came in, gently glance at the eyes of lonely and silent woman.

The boy has grown up, once feminine temperament is also years of experience and became more sharp, he looked coldly in the stone room where the woman’s eyes seem to see through another person’s shadow.

“It is a family!”

Zhuge Yue heart sneered a cry, then he raised his brow, suddenly turned his head, walking on the side creating a sound of two people very subversive: “If you do this thing next time, you will accompany her to die “

Everyone is trembling with fear as the lights turn off, the woman’s thin clothes slowly bite her lips, a drop of tears across the cheek, slowly fell down.

In this evening, the most favorite of the emperor, the eighth princes Zhao Jue in the emperor Zong Ren Tang was secretly executed, things carried out calm, the body was carried out from the Xi’an Gate and instantly disappeared in the endless night. No one knows if he committed a big crime, and no one intends to pursue this matter through the end. Everyone just know that, this is the Yan door where the Jiujia (singular platform) platform, Xia Wang Zhao Zhengde personally ordered to kill the first person, then he must have a reason to die. Like Yan Shi City, died but it did not.

At the back of this matter, who is pushing the propeller, is no longer important.

After seven days, Bian Tang Prince Li Zheng Ce served as a messenger first to visit the Great Summer. At the same time, he will personally travel to the Great summer. While in the Great summer, many princess was taken out for the selection as one as their own and pro-object. This is the Bian Tang prince in the crane after the death of suicide for themselves to fight over the right, as the Tang Wang’s only child, Li Zheng Ce is a royal family. And of all its wonderful work, does not love fame and fortune, only poetry beauty. And what is more to this, perhaps, it has never experienced a competition so he has all the luxury and leisure.

In the Great summer princes secretly confront you to live when I die, the selfless Bian Tang as the first wit of Prince Li, we should be close to the emperor and capture him.

At this time Chu Qiao did not know the name of the world’s Bian Tang genius and her future will be what kind of involvement and fetters. She fell for the last piece so she was laughing in between whether Yan Xun to win the last piece of pastry, slowly said: “I do not know tomorrow’s martial arts, who prey or will shoot the most, but I know that you have to be hungry.”

Yan Xun gently smile, eyes looked out the window, I saw a pear tree standing so proud among the snow but do not have some charm or flavor.

“A’Chu, remember that we buried under that tree, a bottle of magnolia spring?”

“Of course I remember,” Chu Qiao gently smile: “We made an appointment not to go to the north before day before we return, we will drink it.”

Yan Xun gently closed his eyes, sniffed and said: “I seem to smell the taste of the wine, you said I was not a bit too hasty?”

Chu Qiao shook his head: “You are never impatient, you just waited too long.”

Sunset, the vast snow on a flush, yellow north wind starts to blow on the vast land are snowy forest, a year of cold spring.


“Xi’Er,” at the vast snow, a team of people are trembling, Jin Yihua costumes man sitting on the luxury carriage, stretched out a pair of slender hands, eyes smiling face who is facing the plump charming face of the woman said: “your hand is cold.”

Xi’Er gave her a smile, gently opened the overlap, revealing half of the white plump breasts, two bright red nipples reveals a faint white yarn out and exposed, each of them looking magnificent said: “Let the Prince warm Xi’Er. “

The man’s hand stretched out in the overlap, and then gently grasped, Oh heard, cried: “Xi Er, what is this?

Woman urging a cry, suddenly soften down in the arms of  the man, eyes like cat and laugh: “Prince, you have to squeeze.”

“Is it?” Man frowned, fingers caress: “good elegance ah.”

His voice suddenly became hoarse: “this goblin, warmed me.”

Heaven and earth faint, heavenly nobles at the moment in a variety of ways to run their bedtime program.

The next day the Emperor, woke up lively.


Chapter 049 Thirteenth Prince (raw)


After eight years, she finally returned here.

Winter is hanging snow on Pingchuan, Chu Qiao is sitting on the horse, looking at the  flag in the fluttering snow, colorful memories like a gate of the flood is surging and out pouring. 

Eight years ago, in this snowy spot, she first came to Ximeng continent. It was bloody monstrous and disgusting killings swept her overwhelming ragged barefoot, running in the open wilderness nowhere to flee. And today after some time she sat on the horse and walking on its ground, facing the opposite cage with a group of shivering children, her hands on the bow, almost inch off broken.

“A’Chu.” Yan Xun came forward, turned around and looked with his gently wrinkled brow: “how are you?”

“Okay.” Chu Qiao shook her head, “I’m fine.”

A thunder struck loudly, even though the weather is so cold, but the distant man on the high platform is still barely wiped out the war drums, rumbling drums like drilling from the bottom of the ground, into the human spinal cord, the man is full of sweat in his head, on his head wrapped in a red towel, while drums loudly shouting at his side. Mu He family under the people shouted in unison, everyone wearing sea sand blue skin for their senior soft arm, on their waist tied a gold belt, a group of people standing together unable to speak as, the sun was actually under the glare, under the rich and powerful, inevitably an upstart of contemptible.

“Mu He’s worthy of the first family of the Elders temple, like a green sea of sand can give people as a helmet, it will be a high weight, rich and powerful.”

Chu Qiao looked side by side and she saw the flag banner covered with a dark purple fur tent with a handsome face, slender eyes, a son, eighteen years old sititng like a white jade, lips are like bloody red, a South shortage of feathers made of windbreaker on his snow sculpture collar became more graceful.

This Chu Qiao’s old acquaintance had also in this season a piece of this land.

Prince Zhao Song drink tea, smiling and leaned over his body, facing the side of the young child said: “Chung Yan, another prince can be considered a rich side, and do not know whether if there is a multitude of government official dressed in their blue equipment with a guard?”

Zhao Zhong Yan considered prudent, heard and sprinkled his lips with a smile: “The Lingxi border is like a small fan, like there will be such a large handwriting?  Powerful king, you are kinda joking me.”

Haisha (means sand collected from the ocean floor) Qing (greenish black) what is amazing, drive me with a blue off yarn to equip a guard, that is called generosity.

The King of the little princes (Zhao Song) and the young man heard a laugh and the one laughing is the general’s eldest son and like a music to reach out on the shoulders of talking crown prince still ​​laughed: “thirteenth Prince, His Royal Highness, if you really use the blue off yarn equipped with a guard, then even Bian Tang prince also have to bow to you.

Zhao Song raised his eyebrows, was about to speak when suddenly caught a glimpse of the guard flag at the back of another guard, there is a delicate and thin figure. Zhao Song suddenly jumped up from his chair, turned and ran out, while running on the side he shouted: Come back to your poisition.

“Ha, are you coming!”

Nudge by a heavy figure, the youngster pulled a girl’s hand, his eyes is excited.

Yan Xun stood behind Chu Qiao, his eyes slightly narrowed and twinkling, but nodded faintly: “thirteenth Prince, His Royal Highness.”

“Yan Shi Zi, I did not see you for a while, what did you do?”

Yan Xun smiled and nodded his head: “in the next idle one, all day in the Ying Ju school wandering, and no serious things to do.”

“Hey, you are less humble.” Zhao Song is playing a music in his ears, revealing a white teeth: “a few days before Mr. Fu also took your poems to give us when the are many things to reads, hey, you say, you use the words so uncommon, I looked for it a long time and stared at it and I do not understand, I was punished for two hundred times, small Deyu (German) child is still in the palace for me to write it.

“Oh, thirteenth His Royal Highness has not finished from school?”

“There are three months left,” said Zhao Song and looking for his side to see Chu Qiao, hey, and he smiles: “There are three months and I will be eighteen years old, and I will be opened to the government to marry a Princess.”

“Are you,” said Yan Xun, “congratulations His Royal Highness.”

“Needless to say, when you prepare a gift like this.” Zhao Song said with a smile, then pulled Chu Qiao’s sleeve: “Yan Shi Zi, I can borrow your people for a while right?”

Yan Xun looked at Chu Qiao on his side and sees Chu Qiao no objection, then he lightly nodded his head.

“Haha Yan Shi Zi, thank you! A’Chu, come with me!”

The two people figure suddenly were hidden in the layers of people, Yan Xun on his black long fur, his hair color black and bright eyes like the sea, gradually lost the feeling of coldness or hotness, looking away from afar.

“A’Chu, I want you to see what is this.”

Chu Qiao picked up Zhao Song carefully protected gold box, opened after the discovery was actually a long root of wood, the top of the red powder, it looks like a different kind but looks familiar as well.

“Matches?” Girls slightly frowned: “fire for what?”

“A’Chu, you are really powerful!” Zhao Song speechless, he gave her a thumbs up: “how come you know about it? This is the Buddha Lang Sha Sa (means a granule breaker to be sprinkled) people from the Western sea, tribute to the father of the king, it is my first time to see and so is you, it’s not very magical, just scratch it.”

Chu Qiao lightly nodded her head, next thing she did was she pat Zhao Song ‘s forehead, smiled and said: “Yes, it is amazing, these amazing things you still took it up.”

“A’Chu!” Zhao Song over his head, depressed shouted: “who told you to pat my head when you already dropped a bomb in my head.”

Chu Qiao shrugged, “Okay, no playing with me, then no bombs in your head.”

“A’Chu,” Zhao Song went in front of Chu Qiao, straightly said: “I have been looking for you, how can you follow Yan Xun to field hunting today? Do you know, Zhuge Yue is back, if you let him see you what would he do, isn’t he going to be upset?

Chu Qiao’s heart went warmer, patted Zhao Song ‘s shoulders and said: “Do not worry, I have my own way.

“Hey,” Zhao Song sighed: “Anyway, you always have a way, I have my pure heart on you.”

“No,” said Chu Qiao with a smile: “You let me know that you are worried for me, that is what friend does, I was your situation before.

“Will you pass me again ah?” Zhao Song suddenly came to the mood, smiling over his head: “Then you do not go along with Yan Xun who is going back to Yanbei, and stay with me?”

“No,” Chu Qiao declined: “Do not do anything else, it won’t work.”

Zhao Song sighed at once, shrugged his shoulders, a pair of cute eyes towards her eyes, she knows he will give her such an expression.

Counting the years, they have a full understanding of six or seven years. She had followed Yan Xun after the palace. Everyone looks at her differently when she is Yan Xun’s maidservants guard, no one doubts her identity, or to investigate the age of the child’s origin. Yan Xun side of the insiders have all died, and Zhuge home no one had the opportunity to see her when she is in the palace. Chu Qiao knows everything about Zhuge Yue, but do not know why she tight-lipped, and after a month of the incident, he left the truth dissapointed and traveled to Wolong Mountain, recuperating, and have never come back since then.

These heavenly nobles, though each have seen her in the first hunting ground. But these guys are higher than the top of the guys, how can an unruly little slaves look  for more. And even if her hatred is like the sea at Wei Shu You when she is under Yan Xun side as servant with several revenge as directed by Yan Xun after it there is no more to look forward to.

However, such a calm day, but after her encounter with the prince, she sees Zhao Song has changed. This is only the edge of the two sides of the little prince at a glance to recognize the repeated fun of their own Zhuge House small maidservants, but it is not right to say it, but also royal aristocracy collective insult to the time, secretly help Yan Xun and Chu Qiao through the difficulties.

Seriously speaking, he can be considered the only one in the Royal Park, as a friend.

Unfortunately, Zhao Zhengde is his father, he is the big summer prince, for this point, Yan Xun is probably never going to let go.


Chapter 050 Where is the defeat (raw)



Zhao Song handed the gold box over and said, “This is for you.”

Chu Qiao surprised for a moment: “what is this? Its a precious thing.”

“Lend me your hands.”Zhao Song did not hesitate to say something and then stuffed it into the hands of Chu Qiao: “I save it for you, its of no use, you know me, I will not like if its not brand new, then still have to give it to others, it is better to give you first when you even if you are hesitant. Yan Xun has a cold heart, a cold guy, its a cold day, he also let you run around, I heard you just came back from the north, is it? “

“Well,” Chu Qiao nodded and said: “I went to the North to do some good works, the world (Yan Shi Zi) in Yanbei still has to do some small business.

“I went back to my palace to give you this serpentine jacket to keep you warm, do not forget to wear it, okay?”

“Well,” Chu Qiao smiled: “Thank you.”

“Well, I’ll go back first.”

Chu Qiao surprised for a moment: “You will not participate in the hunting field?

Zhao Song shook his head: “field hunting will be in a few days, today is man hunting, a group of people who loves archery with few slaves, I cannot stay longer so will go now.”

Chu Qiao nodded her head, was about to speak when suddenly heard a voice of a spy loudly cried: “Oh, I feed my little ancestors, the slave do not know the meaning!”

Chu Qiao turned around and saw two sixteen-year-old boy standing in front of Zhao’s tent, shoulder to shoulder, they have very deep contours and almost looks like each other. The eye brows is sharp, wearing a blue gown in the inside and the outside is a large Qiu (sphere) cloak, like a strong little leopard. The other boy is wearing gray big Qiu (sphere), somewhat looks old about a thigh-high, it seems a little short, eyes looks indifferent cold like the snow ice. Behind them only are few scattered little man, wearing blue robe youngsters coldly staring at the second servant of the small eunuchs, angryly said: “This is not the meaning, what does that mean?

The little eunuch was kicked, and one of the arms almost fell and while he is in pain he cried, “What the servant means is that the whole circle should be occupied by its servants to the thirteenth Prince, and they cannot use it.

Youngsters voice is heard, his eyes suddenly went cold, he grabbed the little eunuch neck collar, angry said: “I was assigned to where?”

“You are divided by the west side of the woods.”

“Is it right?” the youngster sneered: “Good place, ah, I did not remember the words, that is next to the bears and horses right?”

“slaves will be careful not to let those beasts in the midnight clamor in the dream of sixty eunuchs.”

“Yu De Lu!” the youngsters eyes stared and immediately shouted: “Hello you have great courage!”

“Shi’er!” Low voice suddenly sounded, the side of the gray Qiuqiu youngsters hand stopped in front of the boy and coldly said: “Do not stir up trouble.”

“Do you have any troubles?” the youngster with so much rage said: “fourteenth brother, I do not understand, why is father’s son people holding the stars in the middle and some people have to be assigned to the corners with the beasts together. We are not a group of dogs slave or dog eyes looking so low!

“You shut up and do not say anything like that,” Shisi turned, facing  Yu De Lu and coldly said: “Lu, little eunuch, you are in trouble, you lead the way, take us to camp to the tent bar.

“Yes.” Yu De Lu even rolling to climb up, in front of the lead.

“and many more!”

Zhao Song suddenly called out, took a few steps to go to Shilui (16th Prince) and meet him, suddenly he stared his eyes and came in a rush but was at the side of Shisi so he pulled him.

Shisan (13th Prince) brother.”

Zhao Song nodded his head, facing De Lu said: “Lu little Eunuch, today is the field hunting and I will not participate, so give this place to Shisi (14th Prince) and Shilui (16th Prince) brothers to occupy it.”

Yu De Lu heard and was a bit surprised at the moment. He carefully looked at Zhao Song then asked: “It will be done tomorrow right? After a trumpet will announce that the thirteenth Prince will not come?”

Zhao Song laughed and said: “tomorrow, say it  tomorrow, even if the goose and neighbors are nothing, you do not forget, when I was a child I can still sleep in the circle of it without nothing.”


Yu De Lu was trying to speak, Shisi (14th Prince) suddenly cut him off: “Thank you Shisan (13th Prince) my beautiful brother, Shilui (16th Prince) is younger at age and is not that sensible enough that this place or the Shisan (13th Prince) brother has to keep it.

Having said that, he took the Shilui prince and turned away.

Yu De Lu surprised a moment, then quickly he catched them on their backs.

Chu Qiao came forward with her brow gently frowned toward the direction of the two and looked away.

“This is the old Shisi (14th Prince) the most awkward name. You may have not seen him, he and Shilui (16th Prince) mothers are rare family who has been put as their father’s darling, they were born low, always assigned in the West side of the palace and should not go to your side.

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded, quietly without a word.

“I go now, you go to Yan Xun but be careful to Zhuge Yue, I met him at the dinner last night and seems he did not like what happened in the past, you beware at this point.

Chu Qiao nodded: “I know.”

Zhao Song with his guards climbed their horses but also did not forget to go back and said: “You do not have to go around, the cold King they have seen you, be careful not to reveal any foot. Wei Shu You also came, you and Yan Xun will be ignited or pressed at the moment.

The girl reluctantly sighed and urged: “I know, off you go, quickly!”

“Someone quickly sent me a word to inform me about it, so do not be silly in front of the government officials.”

Chu Qiao dumbfounded said: “You do not go all the way here just to say this and its getting dark.”

“Well,” Zhao Song turned his horse head, while walking on his side muttering: “You know how to urge me to go, you have no conscience, sooner or later you will know who is the most humane.”

A “driving” sound soon heard and Zhao Song with its crowd roaring away.

Chu Qiao looked at the back of Zhao Song, suddenly felt the sunset was actually so warmth, so she almost did not feel the sharpness of the north wind.

When she came back, just passing the far west of the woods and she saw Shisi (14th prince) Zhao Yang and Shilui (16th prince) Zhao Xiang Zheng and a few servants together with the tent. Chu Qiao secretly just look at them and went back to Yan Xun’s camp.

Just as she was opening the curtain like warm Lanxiang (means bluefly) suddenly came in with the blowing wind and Yan Xun did not rise, seems to be writing something, calmly said: “Is Zhao Song gone?

Chu Qiao looked at Yan Xun, sitting straight on the side of the brazier roasting: “You are smart.”

Yan Xun took a long breath, I am just writing and put in good book on its case, he also put down the pen and said: “He was programmed to grew up like that, go, it is not surprising.”

Listening to Yan Xun she got upset lightly  with word program he used, and she does not know why and suddenly under her heart went cold, she looked up and coldly asked: “He cannot play, then how about you?

Yan Xun frowned: “You asked the past or now?


“A’Chu,” Yan Xun came forward, squatting in the side of Chu Qiao, said: “You know my father was lost in what place?

Chu Qiao looked up, but did not speak. Yan Xun faint smiled but a bitter smile with a faint bloody air.

“He defeated his soft-hearted side, lost in his heavy feelings, he had the opportunity to waste the Great Summer himself  and become the king, within Yan’s pulse  getting back to Zhao’s genealogy, but Yan Xun did not. The opportunity to kill the generals wife Meng Tian came but he did not. He was the last Zhao who deserved to occupy the house, if it was not Meng Tian who cut his head as early as the day into the holy palace, he swear, this life must not be like him of what he is today.

Young Yan Shi Zi stood up, posture tall and straight, handsome face, eyes as dark as the deep sea, walked toward the outside.

His hand on the curtain and coldly opening it: “If you can not accept tonight to stay in the tent, do not come out to see me.”


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Disclaimer: all translations done in this page was created out of the love for Princess Agents original novel to help readers may appreciate or may understand the beauty of novel in English language. The translator does not claim all of the translations are all correct and as accurate as it was from the original but tried best effort to choose the closest translation possible from its original and does not imply the readers to follow it. If there are any instances of  deviation from the original novel is not the translator's liability nor appears to be her/his responsibility. Indeed, readers will have to manage their expectations and are encouraged to read and obtain for the original novel written in Chinese language.

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