11 AGENTS’ PRINCESS Tagalog Version Editors

About Editor Nixie Santos

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I am a fan of wuxia and xianxia novels, which I usually read from different english translation site. I’m also a Zhao Li Ying, Wallace Huo, Yang Yang, Yang Mi, and William Chen fan. I watched every Zhao Li Ying drama and when PA was announced I was so excited to watch it and even recommends it to my friends. The ending left me hanging so I decided to look for the book translation. Good thing I saw Sue Lee’s Blog and came upon the FB group. And the rest is history….

About Editor Eilatan Orama

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About Editor Angel Chua

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About Editor Xinyue

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There is one time i saw one of my friends wall posting about princess agents she said we must to watch it since then i got it interested since im a full time mom i never recall when was the last time watching series or movies, so i tried

Since then i watched the ep 1 i never stop watching with sleepless nights just to finish it watching the whole story behind it… honestly speaking i fell inlove again when xinger and yuwen together at the greenhills courtyard… i felt the love inside yuwen yue’s for xinger you see it in his eyes maybe he is not that showy of his feelings but deep inside he loves xinger that much..

The last episode makes me truely inlove and heart broken excited to know what will happen next to them and how xinger unleash her power to save yuwen yue. Since i dont have access how to being updated about this PA I searched on pages where i can find some answers about what would be the next ep about PA and so i joined PA group..

Until now dibpa din ako maka get over… PA makes me happy and smile again

About Editor Lanie Reyes

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name:melanie reyes age:27 current job:ofw in uae since2015 status :married i found out PA mula nung time na naghahanap ako nang movie na mapaglilibangan since palaging homesick nilalaan ko ang oras ko s pkikipag usap sa pamilya na naiwan sa pinas at ang panonood nang movie.. while scrolling down i saw a link with a picture of PA and i read the summary of the movie then it catched my attention.. i choose the chapter 008 kc ang title nya prang nkakaintriga..puno nang aksyon na feeling ko machachallenge ako na isalin ito s salitang filipino.

About Editor Raven Villanueva

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I’m a KDrama addict. I was browsing my newsfeed to look for a drama to watch when I read comments about Princess Agents. I got curious so I searched for an episode but I didn’t watch it right away cause I’m not into chinese drama. Then, a lot of people are talking about it so I googled it and after reading the summary, I finally watched episode one and finished it in a week. Then, I got heartbroken, the ending is so disappointing so I searched again and that’s when I got to join the group. I was really happy when I heard that Princess Agents was base on a book, I love reading and I was looking forward to reading it but the one posted in wattpad was not complete. I was really disappointed until I saw Miss Angel’s post. I always wanted to try writing so I volunteered. For my love of Princess Agents, I will do the best I can to edit and give justice to the chapter assigned to me. Happy reading.

About Editor Xinyue

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