Novel bites from Chu Qiao Chuan Biography

Chapter 1

Military Court

“In August 2007, MI7 provided intelligence, MI 9 came forward, I and MI9 Colonel Lee jointly planned ‘sea salt plan’, successfully obtained three hundred tons of uranium ore. In 2007 November, 11 and outside 6 cooperation in the implementation of the trap strategy, captured the so-called Mika two mouse treason generals, destroyed the F country’s nuclear reactor. In 2008 April, plans to control the E country’s ability to recapture the central bank’s loopholes. In 2008 of June, with the help of X, with 11 plans, the ability to help 9 agents 003-based Simo action forming the result of successful production of HK47 drawings.

“The judge, I and agent 003 are subject to national training of highly qualified soldiers, we understand what can be said, what we cannot say, so, for your questioning words without words to talk about, I think it is the quality of our professional disregard that has been heroic for the national interests of the martyrs sacrificed the greatest disrespect.”

Chapter 2

Rain to the mountains

Time was just at the right moment as five seconds was just over, simple blasting device began after the blasting self-repaired itself, water pipe leaks are quickly bonded. Closed in the prison, the two prison guards were at roar inside and are not allowed to penetrate this sealed cage. The monitor returned to normal, the total station video showing an hour before the image, the woman was sitting in bed quietly, two guards in the back and forth patrol. Everything is so peaceful and quiet.


Chu Qiao responded: “Military law in the fourth prison never had the need to produce documents, I received the fourth prison warden’s invitation to come and assist in handling the case, three days ago by the school of Colonel Lu Fanghao personally sent to the trial house, you do not know?” Chu Qiao frowned and looked up and down to the soldiers. She coldly said: “Which army are you, they are not familiar with your military code, your number, the troops told me.”


Fingerprint decoder, infrared scanner, retina docking frequency, after layers of search and monitoring, she finally came to the second floor of the outer room. She looked at the room where the military law school was, Chu Qiao’s mouth gently picked up something that would save the rest of her life.


Chapter 3

To die for the country

Against the enemy, Chu Qiao have always been lacking of compassion, although she has been engaged behind the work planning, this does not mean that she did not shoot the courage. With the stable mouth of the large diameter of her HK pistol, Chu Qiao’s eyes slightly squint, showing a trace of cold-blooded color, muzzle aimed at the bed of a middle-aged man, puff sound muffled, sleeping man’s body suddenly startled , forehead blood hole open, white red splashing.


Disgusting kick landed to the open man, Chu Qiao quickly opened the bathroom door, as expected two more people showed up but the action is still very smooth than originally estimated to save twenty minutes of time, enough to make her perfect wrap up job.


Chu Qiao stood up quickly to find a weapon in the warehouse where she can take advantage of it when she gets outside. She coldly said: “M countries simply do not trust R Countries X forces, they are afraid that R country cannot succeed, the matter exposed and went out, so in the trial room to install the navigation locator, as long as there is time, the shells will be fired, when the whole fourth prison will be razed to the ground, including evidence, including me.


Sitting on the sedan  beside is the commander inside the car, Li Yang holding arms with its navigator locator, watching the little red dot from the four-story courtroom move little by little, came to the helipad square, and then quickly fly over to the outskirts of Beijing. Suddenly, a huge violent explosion came from the sky, positioning device on the red dot instantly disappear and was turned into a black skeleton pattern.


Li Yang sitting in the car did not look back, but on his part he never show people’s tears but in the dark he slowly let it out.

Chapter 4

Royal hunting

Time through the track of history was cut. The gate of time and space met, the two should not have met nor touch their soul, not even should be placed on the same platform.


Yan Xun put down the longbow, turned his head and said: “Zhao ancestors know how to take the arrow and Yan Xun did not dare to pretend like what Zhao‘s descendants did today.

Chapter 05

Contains blood fluttering teeth

Shu Ye Son saw her eyes that the child may have bowed a bit, he turned back to Zhu Shun and said with a smile: “This little slave is my friend, you can not bully her.


“Little girl, I am waiting for you to tell me the day of your name, before that you have to protect yourself.”


Night funeral, jungle flying, this turbid ugly dynasty, has been rotten from the inside.


The old is destined to be destroyed and the new order in ashes is renewed through rebirth.

Chapter 06

Blood balance

The boy shook his head: “My young master is very kind to me and we ate a lot like braised carp, sweet and sour pork ribs, vinegar slippery ridge, white board duck, I just cannot tell all of it but there is a lot of food in the table, I even vomited but you, you have nothing to eat”

Chu Qiao nodded, her voice is blocked and choked overwhelm with such kindness: “Brother, this is delicious I must say I have eaten the best meal in my life.

“Fool,” the boy stretched out his hand and touched her head. Looked slightly with a trace of desolate, said: “Did you not know that life is short?” We do not know what is in the future but  when we were young you eat a lot of delicacies and now you cannot remember in the past, Now all I can say is you can be rest assured that the one day in the future, your fifth brother will let you eat warm dishes and will give you all the good things in this world like you are to eat not only this pork but also ginseng, Abalone, bird ‘s nest, shark’ s fin, everything. By that time, no one wants to bully us again, do you believe in your little brother?”

“Sister, do not be afraid.” And Yang Mei took off his coat and put it on to her shoulder with his tender voice but a firm word he said: “Fifth brother will protect you, I am here with you ,do not be afraid.”

This is a world of people who want to eat, want to live, but you only want to be the first to eat and like a greedy beast you swallow everything and do not want other people to live.

Chapter 007

Is going to stay

Chu Qiao had that wicked smile as she loathes Song Aunt in her heart because of the cruel actions she did to the children and she remembers the insult and curse of cheap nest embryo Aunt Song told them. She pointed to Ju Xiang’s chest and said: “Do you think I can kill her? Well, do not think about it, she did bad things, even if no one killed her God will be looking for someone who will.  Let’s get some rest?


This slap, she will remember.

Chapter 008

Blood splash door

Fate in a lot of time will give people a choice of opportunities, one step difference, often will change a lot of things.


Chu Qiao inhaled and looked calm, tightly bite her crimson lips, filled with fright and was not able to swallow. She dropped her knees on the ground, her eyes straight looking at the brick floor and was able to hide the child’s panic tone and said: “the children is in the backyard doing the chores, please fourth young master forgive me, I have no knowledge you would passby, this is my first time to see the fouth young master, but  at the back of her mind Chu Qiao also thought she saw the real gods today.


“So,” Zhuge Yue said, “Then you change the name followed by me and from now on call her star child.


Yan Shi Zi added: “In the end is your discipline really important or my family is more important? Zhu Shu, I see you are faint head and courageous but you were swallowed by the sun and the moon.


Chu Qiao in a squat body posture took the porcelain bottle tightly in her hand, a small body stretched very tight her eyes looked toward the Zhuge household mansion she looked slowly but firmly said: “seven year old child, eight years old sister told you that today you will not die, no matter what hapens.

Chapter 009

Jingjia daughter

The girl wiped the tears and cried again and said, “Yes, Yang Mei is sent to the foreign old house of Zhuge household.


Chu Qiao’s heart feels like pieced by countless blades, tightly holding arms of these crazy children and her tears finally let go.


So unfortunate, Chu Qiao did not have any of her previous life. When past time travel opened its door and she entered its fate, she has no money, no power, no position, no background, no black belter martial arts skill, no sophisticated weapons as she is just trapped in the small body of this tough child, the ghosts of  her future cannot defend her despite her advanced knowledge beyond thousands of years. At this time, what she can do is to squat in the flowers carefully hidden, she is not even allowed to feel the last touch of her bold courage as it rots on her soul.


The cold moon, the huge Zhuge household, two weak low slaves squatting in the back garden of the flowers, like two cringing puppies, tightly leaning together, heart churning, but is enough to destroy the world of evil.


Chen Sheng less than seven years old and her innocence debuted to violence, at an early age she lost her childhood life. She quietly knelt beside Chu Qiao, toward the direction of the Jile Pavilion Lake bowed their heads three times and one day vowed to destroy this place.


The child quietly nodded, bowed her head in the ground one more time and a word of sound Chen Sheng said: “Ju Xiang sister, you always ask God to bless the Buddha, but I do not know if God may have been blind this night, you take my brother and sister we will walk and leave now and wait and see for me and Yue’r (moon) sister to avenge you all one day.


Chu Qiao closed her eyes,  her ears pick up the sound waves but on slightest fluctuations there was no distractions heard. She slightly opened her narrowed eyes, brow gently wrinkled and turned to her sister slowly said: “sisters and brother will promise you, we will come back and will take you away. Right now we have something to do, and after everything is done, we will leave here.

Chapter 010

Has just began

“Fourth young master is napping, just hand over the fresh bale peach to me.”


Soon the physician arrived and came forward to the audience and said: “Who is the star girl?


You have always been playing others, and now so go to the patio, hold the board to fight each other, let’s see who die first and whoever lives will not be punished.”


Everyone in the case of amnesty, suddenly Qi (means breath) will soon go out. Before every slaves has to leave their breaths, a little bold voice suddenly said: “Young Master, slaves do not go out of the castle peak and I saw that a few pots of fire rattan vine was installed in the Castle Peak.


Zhuge Yue indifferent without a word, some servants and slaves are dismissed when Zhuge Yue suddenly said: “You, after me, in the waiting room.”


Everyone surprised a moment, they do not know who among them was called and then he said as Zhuge Yue throws an impatient frown, pointing to Chu Qiao said: “Yes, you star child.”


All eyes and eyes suddenly gathered together, Chu Qiao down on her head respectfully said: “slaves obeys.”


Out of the Xuan hall, the Zhuge Yue servants put the blood of the candle on the carriage, a weak woman was hit no more than thirty plus on board, and will be thrown into the kind of place in the military, where their life will be in chaos. Zhue Yue does not usually do what Zhue Huai Jile Pavilion household does but thrives on punishing people to life sentence and see them perish.


Jin Jiao did not put in the pot, with a pair of eyes tightly looking at Chu Qiao she added: “just think this little child whole body is braved by the evil, it is scary” Chu Qiao slowly came forward, tiptoed as she knows Jin Chen is lying, on the jealous ear slowly said: “As the saying goes, good and evil in the end will be exposed, and retaliation will not come today because time has not yet arrived, correct?


On the same day, because of young master Zhuge Yue’s injury, Zhuge House was staged to melodrama for rewards or punishment. Jin Chen who always bully the children and other maidservants was now under the corpses, and two gatekeepers who were on fight with sticks beat each other and one died while the other one is in injury, and on its second day due to his condition was not able to treat, he expired. Zhuge  Yue household older housekeepers were also beaten no more than 30 whips on the board because the pots in the Castle peak was not thoroughly checked and caused snake bites to the young master. They stayed in their rooms and still groaning while resting.

Chapter 011

Yan Xun Shi Zi

“I have seen countless shrews, you are the shrewdest from all of them. It is hard to imagine, you are still under the age of ten.” Yan Xun said.


The man seems to be surprised a moment, carefully looked at the child glances, then to his delight he laughed: “I said who are you really and do you mind if I ask the same question to you?”


I saw a little girl training to fly, he said. His face features high nose, eyes dark as ink, under the gentle but concealed a few dots like a sharp blade, impressively is the guest of today’s feast – Yanbei land in Beijing for the prestige of the Yan Shi Zi Yan Xun.


Yan Xun chuckles: “I should be the one asking you, right?”


Yan Xun heard this, suddenly stood up, to ask Pao wen (means shillyshally, trifle or mess around) and then a humilis (bird species of China called lesser fish eagle) fly above them then he look up and cried: “What is it birds of happy valley?”


Yan Xun smiled and let go of her arm, turned his head to the Chu Qiao and he smiled so handsomely then said: “Tell me this, you owe me a big favor, right?


While Chu Qiao seems sarcastic towards his funny playmate, she took a good look around to hook her hands and she got out. She determines the security then turned to leave. Hearing the voice of Yan Xun, saying: “come back you lucky girl”  Chu Qiao went back looking calmly but cold said: “I do not want to owe you a favor, will be back when you pay attention to your horse and she chuckles on her way!”

Chapter 012

The law of survival

She looked calmly and walked step by step with her voice said flatly: “whip is used to catch the horse, is not used to hit people.


“Star child,” Zhuge Yue paused for long said in a disappointing but soft voice: “explain yourself.”


Zhuge Yue on half  open eyes looked up then he closed his eyes, sat on the couch, slowly said: “In this case if a servant is at fault, you know my rules, take her to the place to receive the punishment.”


“Star child, do you hate the household that killed your loved ones?” Zhuge Yue confronted her but his voice was a trace of unexplained sadness.


Chu Qiao on her head down and well-behaved back: “Master, star child does not have rights to answer your questions as I am a slave in your household. Because of fourth young master, star child can sleep in the warm kang bed, eat hot dishes, can wear warm clothes, star child was still small when loved ones departed this world, my heart cannot fit so many things yet so I cannot fathom or remember its weight. Star child just wanted to serve the young master and live well.


Zhuge Yue did Qingqi (means girls beautiful eyes like an autumn waters) on Chu Qiao and said: “Jin Jiao can have much courage, even if she has, she cannot think of such a plan. Zhu Shun is the old man in the government and does all kinds of wrong like suffer a fight, face to make life difficult, he wants to give it to yourself but I do not accept. There is some limit he should have not done, he should not pour dirty water into my Aoyama(Castle peak) courtyard, and make a false impression of the how fool my servants are to wash away his own. Do not forget what I just told you today.

Chapter 013

With a play

Then Jin Jiao could not help but to tremble and sob. Chu Qiao sigh, put back the parcel, and coldy said: “Do not cry, did you think I came here tonight just to tell you’re old and have to die? You do not die, since you already know how it hurts you today. This way, I will let you go, put this dress on, I’ll send you out immediately.


In a flashback, a familiar sound was heard and like a sound in the skies chanting: “Kill the pig!! Kill the pig!! Widespread screams scattered in the skies until the voices became gradually in mute, Zhu Shun holding his broken wrist, playing on the spot to roll. Chu Qiao had quick thought and said: “too easy, sorry not today!”  and toward the west she retreated to the flowers like a flash of light she disappeared.


Zhuge Yue baffled a moment but cannot control himself to chuckle up a bit and said: “As the saying goes, the dog will jump the wall, did not expect Jin Jiao outlook was quite savage.”


Zhuge Yue satisfied with the answers, nodded his head and said to the servant: “tell the palm of the house, if the woman is nonsense, it is useless to have trial and should directly throw into the lake to feed the fish and shrimps. Star child how many more fingers point out to you? The master said in his mind.


Chu Qiao acknowledged and smells pear rain (means fragrance in the air) said: “Thank you sisters.”


The night almost three to dawn, and harsh coldness blowing steadily outside and a reverie of the past comes to remind Chu Qiao of the present because today almost a year past since the slaughter of Jingjia children. And this evening has not even settled its blood price, not even paid in half full.

Chapter 014

Has nothing to do with it

“A fake name, a foreign courtyard under the master who loves fumes, favored Duo men, under small maidservants playing clay figurines, let us see you if you are able to decode it.


“Do not worry about your worry, you are vicious child, or should I worry about the weather, I see the dark clouds gathered in the sky, in a winter season it is impossible to have a  thunder and people can be scared sometimes but you, when did you got one.”


“You do not have a good thing,” said Chu Qiao, who was small and stood by the tree, and said, “you do not have a bad thing either but the friendly guilty conscience is following the mind of the princes all day long and so I wait for the day to beat it and free its guilt.”


“You do not have a good thing,” said Chu Qiao, who was small and stood by the tree, and said, “you do not have a bad thing either but the friendly guilty conscience is following the mind of the princes all day long and so I wait for the day to beat it and free its guilt.”


“You are so bold,” Yan xun said the words harsly but with chuckle tone, the young prince sitting in the tree and facing and following the child said: “I purposely shot that day but with futile arrows, good to put you away, in order to save you , Even your young master out of the blue danced to joy, but the little child under the favored skies is not grateful but the opposite of evil, what is the reason?


Yan Xun jumped off and covered with snow with a messy look , he saw the little girl standing on the white snow, she became even beautiful that he thought he saw the real snow white and he is the prince only fell down from the skies. He patted himself and genuinely had that handsome smile to her only to see her making faces and yes that middle finger. A demonstration of the general gesture, proud smile, then she turned far away.

Chapter 015

Golden wind of Yulu

Zhuge Yue frowned and before he can say a thing, Chu Qiao suddenly stepped forward and said: “Star Child can ride her own.”


He took the lantern in his hand, Zhuge Yue has always been a little indifferent in his face showing a trace of a rare smile. He handed over the lantern in front of Chu Qiao and said: “for you”


Chu Qiao slightly blushed a moment, subconsciously reach out like she was forced to receive in grace, so as not to make more scene she accepted but feels like awkward looking at his master’s face maybe insincere or indifferent that even a thank you are forgotten. Zhuge Yue looking calm, turned to fight the horse to move forward, as if nothing happened at that moment but to the attendants of the some strange eyes who sees Chu Qiao who is carefully passing, they secretly formed meaning of some kind of  speculations.


Chapter 016

On the Yuan snow night

“Yan … … Hello, how are you?” Yan Xun from the snow hole turn up his head because the child Chu Qiao is covered with snow and was on top of him, he sees a white hand and he pulled Chu Qiao like a carrot trying to dig her way out. When she got out, Yan Xun shook her head and shouted, “You did not die?”


If she turned away in this piece of remote wilderness, tonight, Yan Xun will die. If so then, she is already even with him? She’s thinking of the first day he met him, the hunting field on the cross-flow of blood, sharp arrows, young body, Chu Qiao’s heart is pumping quickly than usual. Although that day, those who killed the arrows mostly from Zhao’s two brothers, although Yan Shi Zi’s arrows are mostly targeted the wolf’s body, although afterwards he was Zhuge family brothers who laugh at the children’s dedication, though he is not that trustworthy but on his handsome smiles, she let herself overlook for a while.


Yan Xun chuckled and ​​smiles then he walk a few steps in front of her, he chuckled again and put his hands on his waist, said: “Come on, as you did not do cruelty to me today, name your prize and get it from me.”


As white as snow frost reflection, white shining one for the first time in Yan Xun’s  life he felt his action was somewhat awkward. He feels like they are twisted and restless at the same time. Chu Qiao out of white tender little hand, facing his neck snapped a bit she said: “honestly, I want to fall. “


Yan Xun frown: “You are a child, how come you speak  so old-fashioned?”


The child on his back twitching her mouth she said: “How about you, you are big but why do you act so hard?”


The voice of the child is a little bit bleak, the voice turns cold, indifferent, said: “You do not hold a grudge, it is because you have not been pointed to the arrow.”


The snow wind is humming and blowing, Yan Xun suddenly felt cold, he would like to talk about it more and want to refute but he just kep it to himself that he conveyed to those who have been believed in many years about the slavery system of high and low levels, at the moment in front of the child seems to be some outdated. Some things, we all say is right, we naturally think it is right, even if sometimes your heart, in fact, is what we should really think it is. Cold moonlight shines on the snow, the two children figure is a bit thin as the young prince became a sturdy like the oak tree walking while gently carrying the little Chu Qiao and between this life and death, Yan Xun his savior for the third time.

Chapter 017

Parted ways

“Do you want to die?” The bright youngster clung to her tightly, and closer to her ear Yan Xun whispered: “They are the army of the Wei Imperial family, so do not act rashly.”


Did the gods have been bitter in hatred and has to end it this way, the ground of Shura(means faith) have to backslide with this corruption of flesh.


“Who is the authority, who gives you the right and allows you to do so?” Why do you pass the chaos to these people?


Hidden behind in the snow are the two children who witnessed the whole bloodbath surprised to see the identity of the noble powerful Wei major general against the vast land suddenly kneel, toward the direction of those dead and his gesture of  heavy kowtow, and then turned and rode his horse away from the burial place.


Chu Qiao thoughts was cold and became aloof, the child’s figure is so young, but Yan Xun looked far behind, he felt that in due time this child is able to hold justice for the decadent fate of heaven and earth. Bright heavy snow , such as cotton, snow bed reveals two opposite footprints as they gradually went away straight towards the heart of the great empire.

Chapter 018

Wei’s door valve

“You are the first summer of the seven major gates of the Wei household and will be the next heir. The blood of the Wei ancestors of this empire is running in your veins you are noble and you do not need a group of low-lying outlanders whom you have promised their life is also the right time to lose it. For the emperor’s devotion, you are not going to do any errors, no need to feel the guilt and there is no need to go here at this time to ask your uncle.”


“Because I was as naive as you, like your father you might die in the door of the rebellion.” Wei Guang opened his eyes, his old eyes looking up and down is fiercely flashing, he slowly turned his head and said: Come, firmly watching Shu Ye, word per word, the old man said: “the king is always a winner, the law of the jungle, welcome to this world.” Ye children in so many years, you never understood?


“Uncle,” once more he called out, Shu Ye look serious then he said: “The empire needs the people for the western reclamation, their family went together with all of their young people because they believed that I have gone to the west, why did the elders not take care of their families while I am away? Then they should all go back with me to the emperor, because you have promised me that they will be at the foot of the red river for them to build permanent room they give up their home, to give up the nature of being nomads, because I personally promise them!


Shu Ye looking annoyed and eager to pick up a small piece from Wei Guang table before the small incense, and spoke sharply: “You said the empire had no money to support them, but what is this? This is Huai Song’s fragrance, only one group arrived and paid them two hundred gold, enough to feed for the slaughtered families life to survive for ten years!


“You are still intact standing here, because your surname is Wei. I know you sympathize with those outlanders and now excluding us your family and yourself but even if you hate this identity, do not forget you are a descendant of Wei, you are the child of Wei Guang’s brother and therefore my nephew, everything you have enjoyed from the day you were born until today is provided at your the door. You get what you wanted to eat, have all the basic necessities, acquired your status,. And this is all due to your the family deserve your gratitude. Because of this, you should never change. You are not the man who is not qualified to hate or to curse it.


In his capacity is still powerless, not to mention the small oneself. She just realized that to the individual’s ability to confront the entire dynasty it is undoubtedly hard to accomplish. What can she can do now is just be careful to live well, looking for opportunities to address hatred, and with a small eight is the only thing left as her family. As for the other things, her ability is too small and therefore cannot expect to change anything yet.


Zhu Shun in his flattery laughed: “For like an old lady is the heart of the slave, is like her servant, if the old man is to play this slave,  there is no way to obtain an opportunity of allegiance to this slave.”


The old man smiled, on the left and right side of his attendants he said: “This little girl won, return to the government.”

Chapter 019

Who is young?

“Mr. Zhuge Zhuo no need to say,” Yan Xun immediately interrupted the old man, then said: “to Mr. Zhuo Zhuge as far I know your identity, it is not worthy of you to plead for a slave. I will inform Zhuge Yue fourth young master to account, servants!, sieze this child and take it away.”


The horses stopped at Chishui Lake and the dignified young prince looking so handsome with his white fur robe smiled and came back slightly poke Chu Qiao’s little shoulder, then said: “little girl, you owe me a favor.”


Yan Xun refused to accept the grumble of the child he murmured and whispered: “Say soft words or you die?”


Yan Xun refused to accept the grumble of the child he murmured and with a flirty voice he whispered: “Say soft words or you die?”


Yan Xun don’t want to let go, still clutching her tightly and cried: “What is wrong with you? It is rare in this world to get a good heart to save you, but you are so cold with your words, Zhuge Yue that yin and yang guy what good do you get out of it and so worthy of you that would you like to come back to them? ”


Yan Xun eyes flushed and filled with life, watching Chu Qiao farther and farther until she is little in figure, suddenly childishly shouted: “inexplicable, you deserve to be bullied, I won’t go near to save you again or I do not belong to the Yan clan!”


“Ah?” Feng Shuijiao still feeling sleepy, silly stare eyes, said: “what in the world, did you just said earlier not to help her or your surname is not Yan and you just do it once more?


Yan Xun recalled what he said to Chu Qiao and went annoyed as Feng Shuijiao teased him, he slightly kicked his legs and cried: “are you bullying or teasing me, try to say it again.”


Yan Xun humming in his voice for a while and saw the subordinates are looking at him, suddenly shouted: “how the in world that love and hate is in the air? You, how do you like the music playing!


Everyone quickly turned around and looked at each other and did not dare to stare at Yan Xun’s eyes. After all, he was only 13 years old, occasionally may do immature things that ends up to nothing.

Chapter 020

Learning to Ride the horse

Her heart suddenly filled with a burst of sadness and emptiness, perhaps, in between the moment of sleepiness and consciousness she felt that everything is just a big dream, as long as she wakes up, all things never happened. Those who fall, the corpses, bloodbath, and those sad tears … …


Chu Qiao nodded: “we should go to Zhuge Yue room”  but the hustle of children quickly pulled her and said: “When the young master came back earlier, his face is not nice, the people do not know what made him so angry. ” Its late, maybe tomorrow we will know it, as the young master did not tell you to come back to the Xuan hall, you go to rest, I will let him know you are sleeping now.


The next morning, she went to see Zhuge Yue but the fourth young master is not in the room. Chu Qiao lost a red horse, she knows she will have to give him an account. She is trying to ask people and suddenly she saw Zhuge Yue wearing a black and gold robe, holding a sword, his posture neat, followed by his guards into the courtyard. Chu Qiao never saw her master this way before. Zhu Cheng bent over his arm with a cloak and walk briskly following his master’s back.


Chu Qiao heart is surprisingly beating fast and soon went speechless, she is actually concerned of the illegal channels to come or must have been listening to them, but Zhuge Yue snapped and said: “You will go down with Zhu Cheng to find a competent horse back riding homes and teach you to ride a horse.


Zhuge Yue puzzled looked up, frowning to Zhu Cheng then said: “Star child is just eight years old, who is that star girl here?”

Chapter 021


Zhu Cheng was a bit flustered. Quickly Song Lian stepped forward to speak as he nodded and said: “Star girl to ride in a real horse, it is a small matter. “Pssst! You riders, bring her a real horse, there are few good ones I know, remember a “big” horse.


“Oh this is the favorite pony of the seventh Miss, how can you let star child ride on it?This is not right.”


Song Lian suddenly a wide grin on his teeth, laughed: What the girl said: “Seventh Miss although she is the general’s daughter her status between the fourth young master is not comparable. But in your case, star child girl status is like between heaven and earth without your fourth young put you as VIP, still if you compare your status with seventh Miss, they are more noble. ”


“Is that so?” The child smiled and said, “I don’t know I have such a high regard from the fourth young master, but earlier did you forgot what you did was to fool me and told the people I am done today.”


The child suddenly startled, she shouted: “Song Lian! What have you done?


“Come on, get rid of the stars!” Zhu Cheng commanded on the star child code name.


At this time, a rider with brown-yellow to grey-red horse fell from the sky, instantly. A not so familiar white handsome face, eyes such in tension looked chinky,  a trace of a very shiny lips, a dark purple embroidered with a flowery robe, rushed, to catch up the pony horse like a lightning bolt. He took out a sword and flagrantly pointed it in between the eyes of pony. When pony was attention was caught, it is stopped almost a sudden, then a Yang (means masculine) figure Kaida (means came in to brawl) and looked Li (means powerfully) shaking his head in crazy rejection!


Meanwhile, from a snowy cold distance was Zhuge Yue pulling out the pony’s sleeve arrows  then thrown a cold look to the Song Lian, a servant on his side he ordered: “drag him down, send it to the palm of the hand to seventh Zhu. (which is Zhu Qi)


The crown prince was so full of fury but still lacking some seriousness he said: “If this is the kind of slave in Yan, his hands were already been axed by now” Yan Xun sweetly smiled and said: “The fourth young master is exceedingly patient and to his palm where he buries and sharpens the axes before chopping it off” said Yan Xun to frighten and add more injury to Song Lian and to teach everyone a lesson not to repeat the incident. He also told the fourth young master: I assume fourth young master will be more compassionate but said it a voice that is sarcastically the opposite meaning.


Zhuge Yue Qingheng (means in a neutral tone) affirms in a soft loud voice he said: “Where can you find Yan Shi Zi skill, and maybe true, I am too compassionate now that it is really awkward to roll heads here.”


Yan Xun waved, smiled and said: “Hey look at me I am just intruder here, in comparison with fourth young master who knows how to give orders to his marshals given he is still young.


“Yan Shizi, thank you for your assistance when you sent lost horse back to the government, but after such things is the servants duty, why should the trouble of this world be on the crown prince. If not too busy I want to send an invite to the prince for a meal.” Yue is not too pressing.


Yan Xun smiled as if he didn’t bother at Yue’s advance call invitation, turned to leave, but before leaving with Chu Qiao on his side, he whispered: “cruel little girl, you let Yue chop a head today.” and left with his king horse Blast, marching.


Chu Qiao startled a moment, looked up, surprised to see Yan Xun nothing like the way before, posture tall and straight, on his good graces looks like a real king and not anymore like a hippie, rascal prince of Yan. She’s wondering where is that bully face of him came from?


“Star child,” in low voice behind her  back saw Zhuge Yue looking ugly, eyes like a knife over her body, slowly said: “Come back with me.”


Eight-year-old child was pulled down behind Zhuge Yue, being absent minded at the moment, she began to quickly compile her tragic bullying past years, she missed Zhuge Yue eyes on her but catch a glimpse of it and it felt like her esteem went up but she doesn’t know why she feels this way. She thought what is this all about?

Chapter 022

Slightly suspicious

Chu Qiao stunned, saw Zhuge Yue eyes sharp, like a snake, suddenly bowed her head and said: “Master, to be honest star child memory may not forget because the incident was not a long time ago, it just happened recently.”


“You do not have to deny. The first time I saw you, I knew that you were definitely an unusual child, and there was a lot of things in your eyes that I could see.”


Zhuge Yue saw the eyes of the child, see her little, face pink, small fist tightly twitching and withholding as if he also wanted to share her grief but maintained his hard look and composure. Jing Yuer looks like a grievous little beast, very poor, the young master could not help but sigh as this moment of illegal channels may hear out the young master of their own experience and is more than intrigues now, it is really a cup that casts a shadow for knowing the truth of this child.


This has been regarded as a disguised apology, and Zhuge Yue’s is the young master who is not known for being polite, but the child is still stubborn standing on the same place, gazing on his disguised eyes that cannot hide its woe, her eyes refuses to drop a tear.

Chapter 023

To heal the wounds

“Well, do not cry,” he said in a few words. The youngster frowned and said: “No one is perfect including you, so everybody have their own mistakes, isn’t it?


“Here take this,” said Zhuge Yue, putting the celadon small bottle in her hand and said, “Go back and apply these.”


“A balm to heal your wounds.”


The child tilted her head and a gazed at him looking like a crossword puzzle, Zhuge Yue got its looks and was annoyed, he frowned then shouted: “would you listen first to understand?”


Thinking of Chu Qiao’s face dried tears earlier, Zhu Cheng likes to realize that.. and slightly amazed at the moment, he quickly snapped himself and said: “slaves obey orders.”


Zhuge Yue slowly touched and stroking the corner of the portrait, for a very long time and no one can hear when he softly said: “I would like to believe again.”

Chapter 024 

The world and the stars

“Little small eighth sister, listen to me, you are almost out of the city just go east to the Tang Dynasty border, you will have to remember this and pass by of three of the cities, so I am looking at three days you wait for me. If  at some point I won’t be able to leave at once, take it as a sign to go on your own and be at peace. Be reassured that this is the only rule and policy I got and you can hold me for it that once I get out, my first step is to find and catch up with you.”


After she plainly slips away to Zhu Qi’s guard, Chu Qiao casually finds an excuse to leave the Castle Peak courtyard, toward the front and her former courtyard she briskly walked as she was afraid to be found. She went through the most secret paths then pass by Merlin and looks like a shadow suddenly ran out. Star child was startled, she frowned and saw a youngster again and his eyebrows was in fact very familiar to her.


“I do not know the specific reasons, but our old princes  were sent to Beijing to recruit the world back, presumably there is an emergency, the Elders has approved, tomorrow morning, the world is inviting you and if you grant it, the world will take you to a trip to Yanbei.


Chu Qiao on her poker face nodded and said: “You tell the world that, I cannot easily sneak out of the house, say to the world to choose other maidservants not me to accompany him to his trip to North Yan and I do not have a relationship with the world or any reasons, I am a slave and not of social high status, so farewell of the world is not unnecessary.

Chapter 025

A borrowed knife

Zhuge House, located in the Huang Cheng Tian, backed by Chishan Mountain, on the right Chishui Lake, sitting south, covering a very wide territory with its threefold trilateral government.The deep underground court have layers and layers of protection, outside the high angle hanging house, there are Zhuge guards and agents are in 24 hours non-stop monitoring defense where outside is four towers, all its corners, at the middle a small trench of fire. If a war is to breakout and is exposed, it is simply much like of a small city.


“Yup?” Zhuge Yue is absent minded looking up on Zhuge Huai with his face of a fleeting shame, short and quickly said: “Yan Wangfu in escape trouble, Yan Xun is in danger.”


“Likewise here.” Zhuge Huai nodded and said: “Yan Wangfu is a big tree and it is normal he will be a big move, this is the eyes of the big throttle, the Western fief (means an estate of land, especially one held on condition of feudal service) of the Batuja family coveted Yan for their Northern territories long time ago. The water is dirty, not ten not eight and not even nine times this will cost the crown prince Yan head, not to mention the master of Sheng Jin Gong who has always been believing that outsiders believe they are not really brothers.

Chapter 026

Who is faster than anyone else?

Zhuge Huai looked at ease, smiled and said: “I certainly imagine the same fourth younger brother, you can find a quiet place to hide, but the eldest brother as the eldest son, his father is not, I can only act on behalf of, it is helpless.”


Zhuge Huai suddenly somewhat furious, said: “What can we do about it? Fourth younger brother tell them, I am empty with words but I have my best friend here, a very long sharp sword.”


Zhuge Yue put down the tea light, stood up and said: “Big Brother, lets go for a trip and maybe really in a hurry.”


Zhuge Yue eyes turned cold on suspicion. Today, the matter is a lot of trouble, The young master felt that she may have escape layers of  of dark whistle, if she sneaked she cannot quickly undress therefore might see wearing the clothes that leaves the trace of her escape,  if she she looks like this after she gets up from the quilt blanket, what happens under heaven on earth?


“Star child,” Zhuge Yue steps forward, eyes tightly staring at the child‘s face, coldly said: “give me a cup of tea.”


“I cannot,” Zhuge Yue went to her bed, slender fingers to seize the child who was covered with Jin (means gold) quilt. His dark cold eyes close to the child ‘s big eyes, word by word, said: “I will drink now.”


“Ah!” Exclaimed suddenly sounded, all the people suddenly stunned, Zhuge Yue calls come and go. I saw a small bed, the thin child tightly holding her knees, her face buried in the depths of her arm, her shoulders flick, black hair scattered on the shoulder, was actually barely naked.


Zhuge Yue quickly clutching the quilt and for the first time in a long time Zhuge Yue went on shock and he gazed on her a bit longer in a face like handsome king and ruler becomes red, he suddenly turned around, facing the big eyes of his servants and guards he was madly angry he shouted: “You, all of you get out!”


His guards have already turned around before he said I will drink now for Zhuge Yue is speaking in military terms and they understood what it meant but now they have to withdraw from the room shaking as the fourth young master was never been this mad before they were thinking some heads will roll today.


Zhuge Yue throw his own quilt to the body of Chu Qiao, tone is not like the past but calm and impatient, said: “fast clothes to wear!” and soon Zhuge Yue is bare.


Back to the star child quiet but silently weeping, Zhuge Yue eyebrows locked but do not know who is angry, but he is so mad when he said: “it is a command, are you deaf or something and still doing nothing but lying down?”


Then she quietly stride out of the room, the door was  loudly shut. The child in the room looked up, looking indifferent, eyes quiet, where there is a trace of sadness. She undressed Zhuge Yue’s quilt and dressed her body by getting her soil stained clothes under the mattress, there was no pity thrown on the ground.


Zhuge Yue surely caught enough surveillance, his line of sight is fast approaching her even if the time spent wearing her clothes is not.


The child bowed her head and gently smiled at young master’s lookout face, she does not know why but they are as much as a little dark eyes of a god.

Chapter 27

Ruling fox heart

The child looks the same but the sound is like a sweet music to her ears only that she is not convinced that justice was served. Liran Se courtyard singer girl was secretly confused and have fallen to a wrong intimate relationship and Zhu Shun to receive no more than thirty board hits for such a crime is like winking to amuse oneself. It does not count.


This crossbow is from South Africa, came out from a jungle tribe, the style is exquisite, can be demolished, folded, close, quiet and best of all it will accurately launch to aim the target. Chu Qiao has been preparing for a year to do when the latent mission and earned this weapon by herself. This crossbow has been used and submerged into a rigorous private party against firearms, and eventually killed the target figure. This crossbow is not only easy to carry and strongly lethal, a skilled hunter can rely on this crossbow to kill an adult tiger, showing its amazing killing spree. Coming from the family of cold weapons, this is specifically tailor-fit and the favorite weapon of assassins. Zhu Shun is very lucky, he will be the first to die in this cross-era super weapons under the hands of Chu Qiao.


The crossbow outside the window gradually put down, the child turned and said: “too easy if I will use this cold weapon.” And just like that she abandoned the mission when she a got better idea after what she has seen today.

Chapter 028 

Bamboo horse plum

All of a sudden the door was opened, Zhuge Yue eyebrows locked, looking ugly mad and coldly said: “Say that again?”


Zhu Cheng forehead in cold sweat meeting the dark eyes of his master, looked at the inside of the skeptical Zhuge Huai, licked his lips, slowly said: “Zhu Guanjia housekeeper from the old master’s house one of their child slave escaped and went to Castle Peak, it is hard to say that the star child escaped and she is one of the slaves but they forced our head maidservant to turn her over and they took her away from the Castle Peak.


“Took away who?


For a time, Zhuge Yue’s face were very ugly and look like a mad fox.


“Zhu Qi and Zhuge Huai came forward, but Zhuge Huai patted the shoulders of Zhuge Yue and lightly said: “Fourth young brother, this is your second brother advising you, since it is the old master of the government who took it, consider it lost but I will personally choose and replace your precious maidservant  and make sure that later I will pick only clever small child servants sent to your yard as compensation, to ensure that you will not suffer.


“Zhuge Huai was like doing a monologue to himself. As diplomatic as it seems Zhuge Yue was suddenly was out of this world and his dark, cold, dangerous eyes…could kill at any moment, his eyes staring sharply at Zhu Cheng, the voice of low, his breath chilly like eternal ice and as if Zhuge Yue wanted to freeze the air around and everyone dies at the moment his star child is gone. He asked: “how long she’s been gone?”


The man more than 30 years old in the Red Hills courtyard pretty knows more about his Zhuge younger masters more than anyone else, compared to Zhu Cheng Zhu Shun and others must look old, low voice, looking calm, slowly said: “Master I must say that fourth young master is always cold and calm, seemingly indifferent yet at sometime in the past most thoughtful. But then now, I don’t even seem to know him at all, when this child slave was  taken away it seems that his person became mad, went to his darker side and somewhat irrational.


Zhuge Huai gave him a faint smile, the wind lightly shook his head, turned back to the room and said: “puberty storms, childhood crush, or Oh, puppy love, a little guess, is a good thing!”


Zhuge Huai to his amusement on his younger brother’s bizarre behavior slightly raised his eyebrows and concealed something in there, he smirked on his mouth and ordered Zhu Yong: “I want a background check to this Yue’s star child, everything about her gather it and send it to me, it maybe important to for me and useful after all or else my younger brother won’t be acting like that.”

Chapter 029

Chaos will start


Both powerhouse male of the Wei clan wrinkled their faces together. Wei Guang looking light took a deep breath and said softly: “Everyone is not only guilty but entering Huabi (means painted wall) is a crime. What do you think about the master of the Golden Palace who plotted to get rid of him? Mind you, if a person does not make mistakes for too long, that itself is a wrong thing. The right way is focusing on the balance, Sheng Jin Gong is very bad, weak and complex. Yan Wang Ye is flourishing, strong, and becoming righteous. One is failing and the other one is shining, it is not surprise to know that when envy creeps in it kills all good things that blocks its path.


Wei Shu Yuo frowned and puzzled: “North Yanbei covers a very wide area, the stalwart of the people, although the climate is so bitter cold, but the connection to the Western regions led its booming business. Also the recent North Yanbei election gave a positive effect not only to its old princes but also good influence to their people. Indeed their government was full of talents and won the hearts and love many northern people and not necessarily through fights.


“Keep your life until I come back.”


“Young Prince!” from a far distance Feng Shujiao  rans on his direction, panting to Yan Xun loudly said : “You won’t be nice after this!”


“I listened to Zhuge Household maidservants and heard many rules was broken including the what they call “star child” was forced to leave Castle Peak. All were worried and are in trouble due to what happened.


Yan Xun shook his head: “If we are banned because of this, its not a big deal.”


The stars of the sky flashing, the fate of the remnant is a give away and open. While the youngsters do not know how this night will have greater impact on their lives, the fog covered road and forgot to see clear stars for their track and direction. But somewhere, the gate of fate has been opened, magnificent epic, a new beginning looming from its end.

Chapter 030

Heads off

“You have been living for too long, but tonight its payback time. If heavens do not accept you, I am sure hell is waiting for you!” Shuak! A crisp sound, the dagger came across his collar bones, neatly cut off, the cavity of the blood suddenly gushed out like a dark red purple stench.


“A little slave suddenly screamed, Chu Qiao’s hand quickly covered the child’s mouth, she warned her mouth and said:” when I ask you to scream, you did not, now do not add anymore injuries to a killing spree situation. ”


All the children faces were pale and constantly crying, Chu Qiao sighed and slowly said: “following words is very important, you have to listen carefully, it can save lives you know!?”

Chapter 31

Escape from birthday

The child looked at him calmly, in a crispy voice with a faint smile: “As you can see, I killed this evil enough to forgive the bad old man.”


Zhuge Yue in a desolate face in his eyes like a dark clouds flip: “Those things were in the past, what can it do for you today?”


“Come!” Zhuge Yue divinely said: “I will win them later!”


“Think of all the Zhuge family after but for now, star child first!” Zhuge Yue speaking in military terms his guards came forward but did not do anything yet.


Outside the window, sounded the cold child Li li (means powerful and beautiful) voice: “Zhuge Yue, I am sorry but tonight is not our time yet!”


“Ah!” cried the child, Chu Qiao was trapped and picked up so neat before she takes off, she has been on top of the wall.


“Hey, really this is not cute, if you move, it will rip you.”


The young prince ​​grinned and was not afraid of being found, smiling Coushang (means bring together at the above horizontally) to come and said: “little girl, you do not abide to my contract that is waiting for you to be fulfilled. Now, this little stars owes me a so many favors, how do you want to repay his highness world of Yan?”

Chapter 032

Warsong Songs

“Li Xian,” Mr. Wu, coldly said: “You take first Yan Shiba (a code name of the road map for Yan Shi Zi grid coordinates location) of Wei Zhao road, be sure to pass the message to the Shi Zi government, if things cannot happen the way it is supposed to be. Do not recklessly think of ways to contact the feather girl lurking down waiting for me to come in the city, be sure to watch the master’s the whereabouts of the world (Yan Shi Zi), to ensure that the world is safe and sound.


Yan Xun surprised a moment, saw the child obviously having that funny child’s face, but a hint of her tone and that solemn look, so calm, the crown prince could not help but to call some of the gods, and in his donkey lips did not answer but he said: “star girl, am just curious, I cannot bear to let you be taken away and may need to sharpen the worlds axe and swords today if the world cannot control the chopping of heads later, so you tell me the truth now while we still have time.”


Yan Xun eyes like torch, bright and thrown a piercing look at her, Chu Qiao neatly turned down, did not want to bother because of her small sister and have any inconvenience, she dismounted, looked up and said: “Yan Xun, I should go. You and I are different status, but you have helped me several times, this friendship I will keep in mind, if there is future and a good chance, I say I must repay.”


“Is Wei Shu on tour?” Yan Xun (trying to sway them from the first matter and uttered those words to downplay the encounter) raised his brow, the sound is not consciously a raised tone. Behind him the horse of Chu Qiao where her brows locked, could not help but come into picture so immediately she steps forward. Yan Xun holding the whip’s hand did not leak traces of his star girl, blocking the child’s way forward, she was annoyingly making faces at the back. Wearing a Yan Wei clothing Chu Qiao her heart is blood-warmed, she looked up to Yan Xun tall and straight back, though she is not able to see directly at the youngster’s back as it was blocked by several troops there is a trace of warm feeling slowly stealing the coldness of such late night that somehow became more precious feeling to her.


“Isn’t the worlds duty to honor his familial ties, and seems the world was supposed to be bothered at this moment?”


“Stop saying right from where you are, even if we usually can pass at any time and be out of town for hunting who dare to block the second part of the day, Wei master here in parallel road with Yan Shiba Wei Zhao road would not likely to meet, where is the potential and what happened to picking your battles that results into a bloody one?”


Feng Sheng circular letter, Yan Bei Kang prince (means the stubborn crown prince Yan Shi Zi is now nicknamed as “kang prince” because he won’t leave the road and will sleep there if  needed)  together with his troops who are still vigilant, bad intentions on the air, conspiracy, rebellion, special forces of northern Wei army corps, Wei Shu Ye Major General, Zhuge Huai as the head of the court present, the Kang Prince squatted his body in Zen (meditative rest) at the middle of the battle road.  The Wei generals cannot bear to arrest Yan by the court of custody of Zhuge Huai.


“Hi!” Chu Qiao pull out from her waist her crossbow, came forward, near the right side of Yan Xun: “It seems they are all here to fetch you.”


North wind called and sealed this snowy night and by the sword, blood dripped again from its fight.

Chapter 033

Chapter 033 The blessings and the outright


Several tough Wei soldiers broke their promises into peices, their swords dance into a full moon. The crown prince Yan Xun in the middle of a powerful clashes he harshly shouted: “Seventeen (Yan Shiqi), we meet at the bridge!”


“Are you escaping again?” Yan Xun pulled the child from the crowd to get outside the killing rush. The child with a crossbow in her hands seems thin because of his tight fitting clothes she is deceiving everybody that she does not have any defense, the youngster was troubled for a moment and grabbed her arms to his side to secure her and said:”Do you want to live or die?”


The youngster surprised for a moment, even in the state of exigency, when he heard the child he cannot help himself but to gently flick. He nodded with his eyes on fire seemed a bit cheerless, low voice, in a trace of child’s offended ego: “Nothing to worry, whatever the outcome, whether I live or die, it won’t hurt you.”


“Move! Armor on her!” Yan Xun holding white feather arrows he let go and lushed them away, whizzed double-double to triple shots through a bow upon his crossbow garment on his right hand, his archery skills is undeniably superior and his martial arts, a pro.


The fate flipped just like that. Those who surround Yan men scattered and scuttled. “I am not seeing any defeat today!” Wei Shu, his eyes on tour, looking like a saint and still at ease soon raised his crossbow and on his hand sign, sets free the troops arrows, where those special hand crafted silvery arrows suddenly in time, as if a meteor shower, lushed away.


“Star girl!” Yan Xun eyes were red as he exclaimed then soon his eyes went back to Wei Shu Yuo. Yan Xun’s eyes on fire, like it will burn people alive.


Wei Shu Yuo shouted, and Xiaoqi camp soldiers rushed forward together. The archery warfare were at once set aside and marked the  change of combat to martial arts and sword fight. Yan Xun frigidly gave them a treat in his flying kick. In a cool breeze he landed about three feet in distance, a nearby caddy of swords is waiting to be picked up he rushed and cut two of the enemy and started to count.

Chapter 034

Snow travels to the people


A short treaty was born in a short span of time were: “Put down your arms, open the gates, do not let me say it twice.” The child’s voice is low, eyes slowly passing in the crowd, her body turned, the top of the crossbows catapult on the bolt also followed. Like a foxy bloodthirsty eyes, slowly sliding over the crowd that held two of Wei’s ruler like pawn.


“Untouchables!” Wei Shu Ye (speaking in military terms means Wei will comply to her terms and is voluntary submitting to her sweet treaty in exchange for Wei Shu Yuo’s life) swore hate on air and said: “We choose our brother, you do not have to be bothered from now on or to provoke the nobles!”


“Off we go!” the child cold, indifferent and in happy mood like nothing happened she said: “Wei  Da Gongzi (means son of nobility), will trouble you for a while to send us a kiss of goodbye”


“There is no news that will be more fun than this.” Zhuge Huai’s heart under the thought of the side his attendants he said: “Inform the fourth young master Yue about what happened, immediately let us all go back home. I have something to discuss with him.”


Chu Qiao turned her head to see the young crown prince clear facial features, took a deep breath, slowly and coldly said: “Yan Xun, you and I are not of the same class, we already took a long road together, maybe this is enough.”


“You and I, who knows, would someday cross our paths again, what the future holds, is  unpredictable, and maybe the world is going to be a Great King someday.” The child not wanting to stay longer, left Yan Xun hanging on air with her low tone of voice as if more adavnced in years, she turned the head of the horse and whip it away.

Chapter 035

Depth of the Tiger


Chu Qiao on a calm voice, slowly said: “The owner of your backpack is small eight, you posed and pretended to be her.”


Zhuge Yue’s memory was still fresh of what happened earlier he remained on a poker face, expressionless staring at the front of Zhu Cheng while reporting the details to his master: “Repoting to Major General Zhuge Yue; Yan Xun fled with his limited military army, together with an ironclad child forced their way out of the city. Wei’s valve were breached by their very leader Wei Shu Ye and Wei Shu Yuo fingers were cut by a child that became humor talk of the town. Not only his fingers were cut, he was also taken away and used as a collateral to pay for Yan’s liberty out of North Wei’s gate.


“You are lucky to come back complete and  alive.” Yue said to Chu Qiao. On her coldness looked at Zhuge Yue and seeing his eyes like poisonous forest cold, Yue once again slowly said: “But I’m not sure how long you can live.”


“Where is my sister!” Chua Qiao asked Zhuge Yue. Buzzling wind blown in between them, Chu Qiao drank its coldness then snapped, said: “Otherwise, all of you, your Zhuge family like your old man will meet in hell!”

Chapter 036

Close to mountain like iron


Zhuge Yue gave her a cold smile, walking on the other side, with a slow voice said: “Will you really kill me?”


“Won!” Zhuge Yue looking indifferent turned around, her sound was very cold and there ain’t no hint of any slightest feelings.


“Hi Little girl!” The warhorse raised its hoof  and kicked, instantly the crowd gazed on the unexpected figure, without warning, the youngster picked up the child and ride on the horse, eyes bright, laughed: “How many times do I have to do this, this time did you think how can you repay me?”


“If I did not come back, what could have happened to you?” Kind words is not enough to  sweep her feet, Yan Xun shoot her a glance: “hold tight!” Then on a fierce a whip they were pumping in the horse, horn hissing, on top of the crowd the horse leaped!


Yan North warrior called when they saw the world their leader of the band riding mightily with the star girl in front of him. Now who can block the plains, Yan Xun holding Chu Qiao, it is futile to go back, far from where they took off, he laughed then said loudly: “Zhuge Yue fourth son! Yan Xun appreciates your courtesy today, need not to worry there is always a next time, Castle Peak does not change, green hills will always flow, see you laters baby!” And just like that Zhuge Yue was teased like a baby, he choosed not to chase them and hold his few men left alive where others are  injured.

Chapter 037

Into the Cage


Dark armor in the night, especially in the hideous mountains, the rapid horseshoe sound like rolling muffled call sign approaching, thousands of snow waves rise, like the shore  of the avalanche, At the foot of the earth are trembling crazy, as if the ancient Xiongshou (assassin) woke up, to break through the surface, the dragon jump out.


Yan Xun looking like a wolf he laughed: “Well, give them an eye-opener.”


Youngster eyes were cold and frowned: “I did not die.”


Zhao Che surprised a moment, mockingly smirked: “You really do not know what life and death means after what happened this time. Who can stop me now that I have Yan Shi Zi.


Yan Xun coldly said: “Zhao Che, if you dare to do it, I promise to make you regret later and make you pay for its blood.”


On both sides are his elite man, he suddenly grabbed the sword, “Shua’s” sound heard before they can come forward together to get the child. Then Yan Xun pulled out his dagger, aimed at his chest like a suicide like act, his eyes was like a blade of snow, full of stubborn rejection.


His weak voice with the unspeakable apology: “Star girl, I am so tired of you.” Yan Xun still put up humor and sad smile despite the circumstances.


“Worry all you want!” Yan Xun suddenly cut the child’s tough voice then clearly said: “Cast your worries away, I am here to protect you.”


“Do not be afraid, I will protect you.”


The night is desolate, heavy clouds were cleared, moonlight over the cold water, Zhuge Yue slowly put down the crossbow and watched more Sheng Jin Gong prisoners. He just stayed there for a long time and did not leave.

Chapter 038


Yan Xun heard a smile, eyes sparkling, like the stars in the sky: “Do not worry, I will not leave you, regardless, if you follow me, I will protect you.”


Suddenly a feeling of warmness rushed over to the body of the eight – year – old child and she gently smiled, bright then nodded her head: “Then you go out to ask me to eat delicious food, I almost starved to death.”


“Chu?” Yan Xun on his wrinkled brows, the action does not consciously stop: “You are not the daughther of former official of the Chu Jing Jingyi Code of the child?


The Prince seems not geeting a response from Chu Qiao’s the he continued: “I do not know why, just want to help you. To be honest, the first time I met you in the hunting field what I felt about is, this child is very fun, obviously so small, but it happens to be so fierce, so relentless in my heart that is where it started, and I, in the capital for so many years lost to Zhao Che that bastard for the first time, if I think about it, it chokes me.


“A’Chu, my family is not like the Northwest emperor where father, son, brothers, sisters husband and wife can all become enemies, everywhere here are cold and their plots are like arrows, everywhere are greedy, full of rotten song and dance and starving people. In the land of Yanbei, there is little war, no displaced people, everyone can eat, slaves can live according to their own wishes. A’Chu, with you and me back to Yanbei, where you can live a better life, I can protect you, no one would dare to bully you, no one can take the arrow pointing to you. I can take you to the fire hunting of wild horses, I can take you back to the mountain to see my mother, she is a very gentle person, you must meet her.”


We go to Yan North, we will escape.

Chapter 039

Come from the Wind


Kacha (means breaking or snapping)” sound crisp sound towards the prison cell is a man wearing a light blue armor, the coat of yellow cloak of its soldiers came in, his party is composed of at least fifty people, they were assigned internal down to the external guard posts of the prison station full of Dangdang (means sound of striking Gong), the warden and jail carefully followed behind them and nooded with care. Chu Qiao sitting in the corner, cold eyes looking at these large company of guard, her heart sank.


“I cannot count on you!” The child was bright and stubborn, and looked up and said, “You said you will not leave me.”


Yan Xun suddenly went back, his eyes looked sharp to the soldier, cold voice said: “When did the law of the empire allowed you to do pity in front of me shouting?”


“Take me with you,” said Chu Qiao‘s head, clutching the boy’s trousers tightly, with stubbornness and repeatedly whispered: “Take me with you.”


The sunrise has long been bright, Yan Xun walked into the front, grab the child’s hand to her. He also instructed, do not tie any rope onto her little body. The Crown prince eyes are sharp and decisive, he looked at her shorter than his head, coldly asked: “afraid or not afraid?


This morning, the Wei people of the city will never forget, when the latter, historian opened a roll of dusty history books, the historian can only hold back their mouth and be in awe, he raised his head and to his long mouth he paused.

Chapter 040

Eternal Hate

The sky piled up thick black clouds and continues to roll, as if it is pressuring the head of the people, he calmly stood up from the distant open road facing the two children, Yan Xun straigtened his body looking dignified, the most handsome of all the princes opened his large Qiu’s dress in  breast out position. The child’s small body wrapped in them, only to reveal a small head. Chu Qiao turned around to see the crown prince Ying (means hero) Ting’s (means graceful) eyes, his eyes was so clear, Xiu (handsome) stature, like water Yan Xun flowing in her, he bowed his head, facing her he gently smiled, his big fur where her two small hands, tightly shook up.


“Yan Tian general?” Yan Xun slightly raised his eyebrows, looking at the direction of the middle-aged man, said: “I should not be sitting there correct?”


“So, respectful but not enough to pay even if you offer your entire lifetime.”


Time slowed down but he has never seen a prisoner from Zhu Wu street over the past. At this time, the door slammed and the Zijin door opened. The elderly and the powerful home owners of the people, the general army of soldiers and its horses, the interior warrior officers have filed out, and even Zhuge Huai, Wei Shu Ye, who are in the crowd lately came in, with various homeowners on site took their position to sit down.


Poly (means many) Kyushu (literally means nine provinces) iron, it is difficult to cast this hate!

Chapter 041



All of a sudden, Xueguang (means snow in the rays of light) radiance, where corpses are around, Yan Shi Zi youngster enduring the scene over the power of its emperor and the people showed himself brave as a wolf, uninhibited, never has been this angry hands before, even Zhuge Huai these aristocratic youngster had a hard time to understand its depth. But at this moment, watching the youngster vigorous, leopard-like rapid figure, its brutal bloodthirsty eyes, enduring those moments in the battlefield fighting and drinking its cold blood slashing the bodies of the Western soldiers. They cannot help but tremble in fear while the dead heaps pile up.


A puff like sound of light ring is heard from the youngster’s feet on his last step to reach above the platform, it took so long like his previous nine steps towards the top all is quiet.


“Jiuyou platform is really heavy,” Yan Shi Zi if you do not explain the meaning of it, even if I am the prison to officially cut you, I cannot step down before to the division of the empire to ask you again, Yan Shi Zi, are you going to testify the people?


Heaven and earth are dull, there is no other way, all the people instantly staring their eyes on the platform, they looked at the bloody boy, looking at the old heavenly nobles, once again from the pool of blood the boy got up, stepped two steps, three step, blood printed on the black stone, reflecting to the snow was actually so dazzling.


“Blame me not, this is not your effort to bear, do not work to worry about this.”


Long wind rewinds, dark clouds on its somersault, a crisp sound sounded, all turned around and looked, crisp hoofs suddenly came from the direction of the purple door, white ferrets, horses, word by word slowly said: “I come to testify!”

Chapter 42

Is Scattered

“Then do not ask why,” the woman holding the child, her eyes went to quietly view the nobles who cut the Yan line one by one passing, she softly said: “This world, not everything can be clear and with reason, like Tiger eat wolves, wolves eat rabbits, rabbits to eat grass and it does no reason to speak.”


The youngster’s eyes as sharp as ice and snow, an instant piercing flying snow fog at that moment all the members of the elite empire at the same time felt a hard chill, they looked at the face of the beautiful woman like blue, I saw her light smiled and wiped the tears of her child ‘s eyes: “Xuner child, do not cry, in Yan’s men would rather bleed than cry.”


After the resplendent thirty years of many bloodbath, so many killed by  the sword, so many cunning conspiracy, the three of them were still together, from the thick black fog side by side to trail blaze they have come. At that time, they may not know that three decades later arrived today and face this situation, if they have recognized what happened in the past then they should be through thick and thin today. To die is to sacrifice the blessing of today. Did you purposedly done this things in the past just to let them raise the sword for the next day and cut off each other’s head today?


Woman tears slowly falling down, she is struggling to raise her hand, hold her own child, “Xuner child… … promised me to live your life in full is you won’t be dead. Live do not forget, you still have a lot of things you did not do.”

Chapter 043

One day


The child’s voice suddenly become hoarse, as if there is a knife across the ice set off  a small ice blast, she is almost done with one word and said: “Yan Xun, you have to live even if its like a dog, but live only being hopeful, live only like someone with the ability to complete everything, live as if your wish has not been completed, live only in order to get back one day whatever belongs to you in this world, you cannot expect others to do this for you, you can only expect yourself. ”


“I thought that such a life will never end, like the Yanbei plateau year-round cruising wind, Longji mountain enduring snow, but I was wrong, my eyes were covered with gold yoke, and I cannot see the song and dance after the rise of the hidden swallowed the ambition of the world, the killing of millions of people, strange and terrifying trickery, and now I will go into the cage of gold, with my father, my mother, my sisters’ s blood, but I want to swear on the sky of Yanbei, I am now gone, I will one day come back.”

Chapter 044

White Foes

“Gentleman, you are now planning as follows.” At the humble camp, a woman in Tsing Yi (means greenish bluish dress) slightly raised her thin chin, slender fingers pointing to the book on a detailed topographic map, she was surrounded with the soldiers facing them, she coldly said: “Action time for three ugly moments- first summer with the first team in the Chaohu and Chishui (both lake found near Shen Jin Palace) between the red nest bridge to ambush, within the perimeter is the river-bend then take side positions be careful there are five people into the bridge to destroy the river grass boat you must cut off the river hook. And then to attack Xia Zhun, we must remove Xiaoqi camp on their bridge defensive base. There is no taboo, just a war situation to expand, remember we are only looking just within a stick of incense to resolve the fighting, do you have questions?


The tent suddenly became quiet, outside the wind is very big, today, and under a good snow. Ruixue (means lucky snowfall) Zhaofeng (means to catch the wind) year, perhaps this coming year, the people of the day will be better than that.


“Dire eyes and ears fills,” A’Yu on her faint smile, poured a cup of tea and gave it to Wu Lu then she went in front of his body and said: “Recently, the Imperial City records is too tight, over a year, the entire atmosphere are tense up. I deliberately leak out of two abandoned positions, so that he stands meritorious in a little service, there is no actual content, the information is true and false at the same time and difficult to identify. Good thing, we have no casualties”


“Well,” the feather girl nodded his head: “at her little age, thinking so cautious is really rare.I had to let her believe me, it took a lot of effort, over the years, if not her primary side to maintain, its a must for a child and I should be the one to be careful.


Suddenly came outside the call, Wu Lu was pressed when he heard the call, he stood up: “I came to you to make a change, and soon to go to Yanbei guarding the government to the last quarter of the winter after tax has been sent to the capital, I want to see how much less they paid.

Chapter 045


At the same time, the great summer dynasty lying in the blood of the grassland, this feelings are not weak, although they have a weak feeling of land, but they also have the right to become domineering. The great powers of the great is like a giant whale swallowed all the fishes who emerged at the sea of  their culture, but also revealed that all rivers fully mixed with various ethnic groups for thousands of years of continuous integration that brought about their broad attitude. The precedence of their culture is splendid and becomes a peculiar view of their continent.


“Annoying,” delicate girl spoke behind the bamboo forest flashed a very charming girl: “Every time you find that little meaning, you did not!”


Yan Xun nodded his head and said: “A few days ago I heard the rabbit atlas bit your hand, and it was ordered by the West Princess to throw it out and cried for a long time. I ordered the people of the palace to cut off the rabbit , to cut its tail. You keep it as a commemorative souveneir. Its not a valuable thing, you do not take offense right?

Chapter 046

 The two former child

Chu Qiao looked up, although her age is still considered a youngster her little face has begun to take the appearance of beauty, eyebrows arched but different from the appearance of a lady, a bit more heroic in spirit and its wisdom is like a torch of light. She hung her head and her the forehead sleep in Yan Xun’s chest she gently nodded and whispered: “Well.”


“She had encountered an enemuy on the road, the girl with a pass from the Leyer trail run away, afraid of the world (Yan Shi Zi) may get anxious because for three days there were no saddle break and she went straight riding her horse, which is the result of her early bed for the day.


“So easy to believe in others, if I do not kill you soon, you will die in someone else ‘s hands.” Yan Xun said and A’Jing on his blank reaction.


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