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I am Yuwen Parrot. What do I do for a living? I tweet all day and bully my master’s maidservants. My recent favorite is Xinger. I love her but also bully her and she likes me too lol. I watch my master all day and alert him if there are intruders. He keeps me alive so I need to do my job very well right? I miss Xinger as I have no one to bully anymore and no one dares to bully me back. Can you tell me if there is season two?  🤣 🤣 🤣
Go to sleep yuwen parrot

Zhao Xi Feng

I am Zhao Xi Feng, born to Zhao family one of the rich royal lords in Wei state not much is known about me but one thing I am proud of is, I became his real enemy when Prince Yan Xun and his family betrayed our Emperor. I am straight forward and ruthless if we are talking about treason, I am either black or white. I have a big big issue with treason as I hate it the most. Kill me or I kill you, its no choice. I don’t see any kindness nor mercy to any sin of treason and in Wei state law it must be punished until its 4th generation. I killed Yan Xun’s pregnant sister and cut Yan Xun little finger and enjoyed doing it because they committed high treason in our land. And what keeps me laughing is I don’t understand why Yan Xun chose to be decapitated for a slave rather than to preserve his skills for the sword. Can he still fight after I decapitated his finger?

Lin Xi

I am Lin Xi, a secret spy agent of Liang State and they call me the fan boy. I am the advance party of Princess Xiao Yu and I also wrap it to finish the mission. My favorite task is the demolition job. If you’d ask me, did I ever once failed in any of my mission and almost killed? Not at all, I am the invisible spy agent as my princess call me except for once when I was tasked to ambush the heir to the wind and cloud decree and the leader of all underworld spies. It wasn’t easy fighting her she is incredible and I saw her face to face and it was almost the last thing I saw when she strike me just once. I am a witness when she killed one of he Yuwens elite spy. I will never forget her and the only sign she is the one is the tattoo at her back. One thing about me, I am loyal to my princess xiao yu and being a fan boy spy agent I am also fun to be with and likes to use my fan all the time. FYI, my fan is not like your electric fans at home. You don’t need power of electric. All you need is the sky shadow sleeves martial arts as it is not ordinary one, it is killer machine weapon made of steel and alloy so it is light to carry. so now, Can you try to bully and make fun of me?😎


I am Meng Feng, an ex-afterlife camper after my Master Yuwen Yue pardoned me. I have nowehere to go and my master is kind enough to accept me ang gave me a job. I met him first when I went on a mission to assassinate Chu Qiao but I failed to do it because of him. I was the one who dipped the needle with poison Dengxian pill and throw it to Chu Qiao. When I went back to my afterlife supervisor I almost died. He didn’t want me to give the pill I am drugged because I failed the mission. I explained it wasn’t in the instruction to kill instantly but it will eventually, slowly due to the needle thrown at Chu Qiao. Then the second time, Master Yuwen Yue went to the afterlife camp when I was performing my Nirvana. He came to obtain the antidote of the Dengxian pill to cure Chu Qiao. Then another group of spy entered the camp as well, we are aware that it is the high ranking spies from Liang state and we fought. Master Yuwen Yue killed the afterlife camp supervisor and was kind enough to free us all by looking for the antidote of our drug addiction. It cured us all. As a sign of gratitude we offered our service to him but he did not accept at first. We followed him and from thereon he earned our respect and loyalty. Long time ago, when I still a kid I went to the fields. I gathered some rice straws and put up a scare crow. I was so happy at that time for the first time I have something to tell my father. But when I arrive at home, it was a blood bath. All of families, relatives and neighbors are killed. I was the only one left alive. What do I do for living before Green hills courtyard?I am the top one of my class of afterlife camp, every 3 years we go and refresh our training in the afterlife camp and we call this Nirvana. Only top three was allowed to get out of the camp alive. Its either you kill for a siapao or you die for it lol. But when my Master Yuwen Yue accepted me in the Green hills courtyard I changed my ways. I met high ranking officials of Wei state through him and I became the lady bodyguard of the royal highness 13th prince of Wei state Yuan Song. The prince was downcast as he was decapitated but I inspired him thru the story of scarecrow and we bonded well. I have secret crush and he is no ordinary man. Can you guess who is he? 🤗


I am Yue Qi, head and leader of bodyguards of my master Yuwen Yue. He mentored and trained me to become all around spy agent, bodyguard and servant of Yuwen Household as I grew up here. I am the caretaker of the Green Hills Courtyard and the master’s messenger for the eyes of God. I know very well everything except for what my master keeps confidential. I know my master well. He is too picky when it comes to girls as he likes them to pass his tests before they win him over. Chu Qiao though he likes her my master did not exempt her. I know my master is in love with Chu Qiao but my master is not that showy as his grandfather might think too much. So my master controls his emotions and careful not to let it show untimely. I handle almost all of his affairs including the trivial, dangerous, and impossible ones. I live and die for my master and I owe him my life. Can you handle his operations like the way
I do?  😎


I am Zhong Yu but they call me Ms. Yu, close aide, lady bodyguard of the prince yan xun, messenger, and fighter of Yanbei. I am loyal to Prince Yan Xun before and after the annihilation of his family. I use Chiyu Jian a type of martial arts who knows how to use ancients spells of weather and constellations. I don’t use force, I use air and feathers to fight. When I was shopping at Zao Baocung botique I encountered an enemy spy she has good wuxia arts but the other one with her is even stronger using skyshadow sleeves martial arts and I know they are high ranking spies from Liang state. It was not a good day for shopping so I disappeared in a blink of an eye. I know Chu Qiao and we fought together in getting prince yan xun out of Wei. We have good friendship and I escorted Chu Qiao to meet Mr. Wu in Yanbei where she came to reconcile her past. Mr. Wu is my shifu, he taught me well in my martial arts. I swear to live and die for Yanbei and serve my prince yan xun. Can I use a lovespell and help me tell the prince about my feelings for him?  💜
She is so adorable 😍


I am Chu Qiao, but my old master call me Xinger. Sometimes the princes call me A’chu or Qiaoqiao. I lost my memory from my last battle. They say, I am the heir to the wind and cloud decree and I am the leader of the all underworld spies but I am destinied to arrive at Yuwen Yue household and become a slave. My master is cold as ice but a great wall in times of disaster. Before I lost my mother, she left me to Jing my foster family. I don’t know who my father was. I share the same dream with prince Yan Xun and so I joined his army and became his general. But my heart won’t rest at Yanbei because I left my heart at Green Hills courtyard. Can you bring me back to my old master and become his silver bell again? 💘
Did rework, someone asked me again🙄💜💚❤️💙



I am Yuwen Yue, master of the eyes of God who controls the destiny of the land and Green Hills Courtyard. I am an adopted Yuwen son and lost my mother long time ago. I am an animal lover and I take care of the Yuwen parrot. They say I am as cold as ice but melted when I first saw Xinger who became my iron bell, my bedchamber saviour, my silver bell, my agent spy, my comrade in battle, my fighter before I left this world. I promise I will be back and be with my Xinger. Can you take care of my Xinger while I am away?💕
3rd rewerk last na to!i-add ko daw ang yuwen parrot niya 🙄🤓


I am Yuwen Huai, the only legitimate grandson of the third branch of Yuwen Household. Cruel and ruthless, I am a handsome dork, the master of Red Hills Courtyard and they call my place like a prison or my bed the dungeon chamber. I am so evil and I know it. My father is the son of Yuwen Xi who is my grandfather but my mother is a lowly concubine. I love my grandfather but my grandfather is ruthless and the owner of fearsome Jile Pavillion. My hobbies includes hunting maids with wolves and brag to my hunting mates. I am the mortal enemy of my cousin Yuwen Yue and I love to challenge him. I came to know Xinger when she choosed the garment from Yuwen Huai and I am supposed to be his first master as she bears my inscription at her back. Xinger is the only maid who survived in the hunting field. But I lost the game so I gave up my slave to my cousin Yuwen Yue and I am furious. I want my slave back and use her to become my fighter or force her to become my concubine. I love smirking as sarcasm is my language because I am used to my grandfathers insults all day. Who is my secret crush? Chuner! But she hates me! Everybody hates me but who cares I hate them too crap. Can you just like me just for once? 🙄

Did rework..This fella is truly a handsome dork 😜




I am Bai Scheng wife to the the Lord of Yanbei ang General of Wei Yan Schicheng, a sister to the Emperor of Wei state and a mother to Prince Yan Xun. I live a quiet life in the grasslands of Xiuxiu Mountains at Yanbei but it has not be quite lately so I came down to visit my son at Changan. He is quite well and after a day the emperor ordered me back home. On my way I met my son I call him Yan Shi Zi or Xaner. I told him to bring the girl he was writing me about to Yanbei and let us prepare feast for the day. He said yes so I was happy because for the first time my son found someone he really likes me to meet. However, lately things happened so fast, the next thing I know, I was in the palace on ashes and my knees begging for the emperor and then casting my eulogy to my entire family except for my dear prince Yan Xun who was in prison. When it was time to go, I said to my son, Men in Yan household would rather bleed than cry. I was buying time for my son while waiting for the emperor’s imperial decree. My prince will be spared in exchange for my life. Mom does it all to preserve our bloodline for the lineage of Yan, I must go. Can you stay loyal to Prince Yan Xun and help him recuperate?


I am Yan Xun, prince and future king of Yanbei. I am a music lover and I love to play Yanbei’s flute. I love A’chu everything has to go except for her. I met her first at the hunting field. Eversince then, my heart did not stop looking for her. My bestfriend is Yuwen Yue we have known for each other since we were kids. My father is Yan Schicheng Lord of Yanbei and a great general of Wei State next to the Wei Emperor. My mother is the Emperor’s sister and I have brothers and a sister. I stayed most of my childhood days at Changan which is a Wei state controlled by the Emperor. I am humble, fun, easy-go lucky prince and likes to hang around at Yuwen Yue’s household. I was admired by the princess Chunner but I don’t think and feel the same for her. I am fatherless, motherless, brotherless, sisterless and now heartless. Can you blame me for it? 😡
3rd rework. Abuse na ito 🤣🤣🤣


Princess Xiao Yu

I am Xiao Yu, princess of Liang. My father is the king of Liang. I am half sister to the crown prince xiao ce who is next heir to the throne. I am the leader of Liang state spies and eversince I am young I devoted myself to it. I knew Chu Qiao so well as her mother’s trusted servant became my servant and joined our spy group. I knew how powerful Chu Qiao before she lost her memory and she is an heir to the wind and cloud decree. Her master Yuwen Yue is my penpal as I intercepted his letters he wrote to his friend and he is not aware. After a while, I am already hooked to his letters and I have fallen in love with them that I revealed everything about myself deeply when I wrote him back. I read them every night and my heart is happy and felt loved. When I travel, I carry all his writings with me along with a bird token Yuwen Yue sent. At first, I am not sure who is this person Yuwen Yue until I decided to meet him and exposed myself as a spy and princess who made an effort and came to see him in the misty forest. I tricked him and sprinkled poison all over the place to protect myself and he became weak. It is also an opportunity to kill him but I failed. I was hurt after I found out that he cannot disown this slave girl and will move heaven and earth to get her. I think I may have fallen in love when I met him. He is like a bestfriend to me and that night we ended it. The next time we see each other we will be can it be? Can you help me go back to where we used to be?  💔

Prince Xiao Ce

I am Xiao Ce, prince of Liang state. I met my love at first sight in the mud when she beat me and throw me out of the horse promise I won’t forget. I named her QiaoQiao as she is really pretty and I think she likes to warm my hands but she threw me again lol. But I don’t feel like punishing her, I felt so happy. I said I met the girl I would marry. My father is King of Liang and my mother is a somewhat like a wicked queen. I have a spy half sister and I think she’s in-love with her mysterious penpal only to find out it came from Yuwen household. My father used his days to teach me lots of smart ways. I am a playboy by heart and never cling to anybody. I live by the conditions I set and I love to follow them. I love to laugh and smile and not too serious of anything. I only talk to pretty girls and have lots of pretty slave servants. When I enter into the palaces, I like to carry that flowery fragant and sprinkles of vanilla salts to impress and do not forget my smell. I only drink tea picked and packed in 3 days. I like luxuries and I think I can give that all to qiaoqiao to marry me. Everyone qiaoqiao loves, I love them too. That Yuwen Yue? I am more handsome and more rich than him. I only like him because he is Qiaoqiao’s old master. That Prince of Yanbei? Yan Xun is such a waste. I will help him get his revenge so he’ll not think of Qiaoqiao anymore and she’ll marry me. All the girls can die after they see me as my handsome face is like heaven except to Qiaoqiao. Tell me, how can Qiaoqiao drop Yuwen Yue and love me? Well, can I warn you not to fall in love with me?😍


Princess Yuan Chun

I am Yuan Chun, princess of Wei. Only those close to me call me Chuner and one of them is the prince of Yanbei. My father is an Emperor and my mother is the Imperial Concubine. I have a brother named Prince Yuan Song that likes that slave girl at Yuwen Household and I hate it. My mother wishes me to marry Yuwen Yue but I only have one prince in my heart. I am supposed to get married to my prince and make my dreams come true but he turned away and launched revolt on that day. Together with the slave girl they ran to Yanbei. I was lost and hopeless, the prince broke my heart. I gave up my title as a princess in search for the prince of yanbei. But I was bruised and laid on and no one came to rescue me that day…Now I am numb and felt like a trash. Can I still go on with my life or should I destroy yanbei?

Did rework, by request 😊

Prince Yuan Song

I am Yuan Song, 13th prince of Wei state. My father is the Emperor of Wei state and my mother the Imperial concubine. I am Chuner’s brother and I love my sister. The first time I met xinger in the hunting field. I did not notice her but as time passed by I learned that I have feelings for her. I remember we have one sweet secret memory. Those happy times is when she was still a servant to Yuwen Yue’s household I invited her to a date and showed her a secret garden of pink cherry blossons. I told her, it is a secret place and now this is a secret between xinger and me. We were happy and at the moment I wish I have the courage to tell her that I like her but I was afraid she would get me wrong. Time flies, I saw how she rose from the ranks and came to Wei. Everyday I find ways to see her, I was happy when my father appointed her to be part of our army where she become a coach archer. That means she is closer to me and I might be able to finally confess and propose to her. She is the first female to join our army and that’s where I have fallen in love with her. She rescued me at the hands of Yanbies armies cruelty where I was decapitated. She’s my dream girl. Can you help me capture her heart?❤️💙💚

I did rework, bitin daw po kasi 🤓



I am Wei Shuye, eldest son of Wei household. My uncle is a minister in the palace and his son Wei Shuyou. I have strong ties with prince yan xun since he is my childhood friend and Chuner the princess of Wei. We grew up together as friends but somehow ended up enemy to each other. I have a long time crush and I hid my feelings from princess Chuner because I know she likes prince Yan Xun. I gave way hoping she would be happy with the prince Yan Xun but it did not. I helped her attack Hong Chuan a city at Yanbei where the Xuili Army is deployed. The General of Xuili army is Chu Qiao and I urged the princess again not to attack but she is determined so I commanded it. After the attack, I saw her wounded as she almost killed Chu Qiao but I think Yuwen Yue was in the field hiding. I commanded to retreat and took the princess back to Changan so she can rest. I rescued Chuner when she was locked by her father in a secluded temple. I fought for her to free her and took her to safe haven to protect her. I was badly wounded and I was happy dying because Chuner held me and listened to me. I told her I have always been in love with her but I just don’t have the courage to tell and let it show. I regret it. She told me I am stupid and I cannot die but my wish for her is to live well. Can you comfort her when I am gone?😔



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  1. Great recap on each characters! you already know who are my favorites. Of course, XingYue!!!
    yes, the parrort, you will be in season 2 with your master and your master’s lady. lol, don’t wory young master Yue, we will protect xinger from yan xun till you come to pick her up in season 2. Please accept my applaus !! thanks

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