Princess Agents Drama Series Episode 01-20

recaps in raw translations 

Episode 1 (diversity to TV version)

Struggling on the van, a girl is sleeping. Dreams are bloody, trance, she only remember someone call her Chu Joe, and some people call her Jing Xiao six. She did not know where to come from, and where to go, before the vast expanse. There was a low weep in the van, and Chu Qiao recovered from the dream. Surrounded by a strange, there is a self-proclaimed curly hair little girl heard Chu Qiao stomach cuckoo called, they will be hidden in the Wotou half points to her. Chu Qiao told curly hair, called Jing Xiao six, curly hair will call her little six sister. The slaves were brought to the paddock.
Western Wei Imperial City, Yan North descendants Yan Xun, the Western Wei Dynasty thirteen prince Yu Wang Yuan Song, Wei’s gate long room Dizi Wei Shu Ye, Zhao gate valve second son Zhao westerly and Yuwen gate valve three house Shu Sun Yuwen horse out of the city to a paddock. The slaves were driven out of the tent, standing in the center of the paddock, armed with soldiers and soldiers surrounded them. Girls who wear clothes, are written on the name of several teenagers.

Seeing this situation, standing on the high platform of the young people do not understand the intention of Yuwen Huai. Yu Wenhuai proud smile, told several other teenagers, this is not an ordinary hunting. The prey not only wolves, and these fresh girl slaves, we can shoot animals, you can shoot others slaves, a stick of incense, to see who left the most slaves, even if the win.

Yu Wang think this game is too cruel, that opposition. And Zhao westerly feel very interesting, encourage everyone excited up. A few people can not hold, words will be intense. See Zhao West wind clamored to ask the wolf, Yu Wang will push and so on Yuwen Yue came again. Yuwen Huai Yin Yin smile, only Road Yuwen fear is in the spring night moment.

While the other side, Yuwen home Aoyama courtyard. A white Yuwen gate long room Si Sun Yuwen Yue, just pushed the door into the room, I saw the bed lying on a beauty. But he just faintly glanced at the bed of beauty, then went to the desk and sat down. Beauty seeing, take the initiative to induce. Yuwen Yue but quietly, will be counted on the meter, attracted beauty initiative to assassinate, only caught in one fell swoop her. To solve the assassin, Yuwen Yue this commanded people to prepare the horse, ran to the paddock.
Just when Yuwen Yue rushed to the yard on the road, the paddock is a wail screaming scene. On both sides of the fence gate was opened, more than twenty ferocious evil wolf rushed into the paddock, Zhang big blood pool mouth, roar to the girls rushed to go. Chu Qiao observed about the surrounding terrain, shouting called girls to escape the open paddock, hiding to the hills of plants. A panic, the high platform of the arrows have been shot to the girls over, without a moment of effort, there have been several people down. Chu Qiao pull the curly hair, frequently escaped the high platform shot arrows and hungry wolf’s hunt, causing the attention of young people.

Panic, a hungry wolf in front of the block to the road, Chu Qiao let the curly hair first hide, to go to the other end of the wolf. Yan Xun Shizi seeing this, throwing arrows shot killed the wolf, rescued Chu Joe. Just escaped Chu Qiao was again and again by a two hungry wolf surrounded. Was forced into the desperate of her, in order to survive, picked up the arrows on the ground, mercilessly inserted into the throat of hungry wolf. Distant dunes, the riding of the Yuwen Yue, watching the paddock in the stubborn girl, could not help but praise her heart, born soldiers.

The yard of the girls less and less, Yuwen Huai looked under the tenacious Chu Qiao, can not help but play big. He flew, launched a man into the paddock to kill the rest of the slaves. After several other juveniles are followed, Yan Xun world all the way to shoot only kill the wolf, not slaughter of slaves.

Gradually, the yard slaves in the less and less, hungry wolves are less and less. Only one team of troops, in the wilderness rush, toward the girls to escape the direction of chasing, there are still female slaves in the fall. Chu Qiao pull the curly hair, struggling to run on the dunes, and sometimes did not dare to slow down, she knew, in order to survive, you can not stop.

The distance came the end of the ringing sound, all the people have to stop. Yuwen Huai heart unwilling, he pulled the bow toward the female slave shot in the past, ran in the back of the curly hair fell to the ground. Chu Qiao turned around, tightly clinging to the curly hair, seems to be weathered in general, motionless. Heart unwilling Yuwen Huai, do not want to write the body “Yue” Chu Qiao live, regardless of the previous agreement, still toward Chu Qiao shot an arrow. Side of the Yan Xun met, arrows shot Yuwenhuai arrows, but still slightly worse a few cents, only shot a few feet of arrows feathers. The last moment, Yuwen Yue quietly with the bolt stopped the arrow, saved Chu Qiao life.
And sad Chu Qiao, naturally did not notice how she was in several juvenile debate survived. She at the moment my heart only hate, so that Yan Xun Shi asked her name, she is only cold answer, until one day I do not have to look up at you, I will naturally tell you.

Lucky survived Chu Qiao, but due to provoke Yu Wenhuai unhappy, they were steward Zhu Shun Guan Yuwen home of the Chai room. Lying on the ground Chu Qiao heart extremely hate, she hated the troubled world, those aristocrats than the wolf still terrible, life is also lower than the grass mustard. In the dark Chai room, whole body is injured Chu Qiao secretly swear, sooner or later one day, their own will make these people blood debt compensation.

A man holding the food box came in, one to Chu Qiao in front of his face distressed to call Chu Xiao Xiao six, said he was the fifth brother. Chu Qiao did not know him, slightly some resistance to his close. Men from the box out of a bowl of rice, rice stood a Chu Qiao favorite pork, Chu Qiao tears took over, that eat their own life to eat the best things.
Yan Xun came to Yuwen Yue, asked him to help solve the main business for his birthday. Looking cold Yuwen Yue, a few words, it will solve the problem of Yan Xun.
Chai room, Chu Qiao still coma. Sleeping, she seems to think of their own fight with a man, accidentally fell into the water, in the rapids of the river, whole body chill. Some people put the stove in her hands, Chu Qiao will wake up, the original sisters are taking care of her.

Episode 2

Chu Qiao injury has not healed, it was Song sent aunt to work. Sister juice Xiang for Chu Qiao pleading, but was a song Song aunt. Zhuzhou Zhu Zhu came to notice, had two days of young master Yuwen Yue in the government for the Yan Xun world birthday dinner, who would dare out of a little mistake, they will kill her, everyone should only be the only. Chu Qiao Song Song was arranged to move flowers, Zhu Shun was called live juice Xiang, said he was not embarrassing Chu Joe, let Xiang Xiang repay him. Seeing he will be on the juice Xiang hands and feet, Chu Qiao suddenly came to ask the location of Xianglan flowers juice, Xiang Xiang successfully escaped Zhu Shun entanglement. Yu Wenhuai told Zhu Shun to Yu Wen Yue’s poison, Chu Qiao all this in the eyes, but quietly watching. Ju Xiang was arranged to Yuwen Yue pouring wine, Yuwen Yue aware of the wrong, refused to drink. Yuwen Huaihua laughs to follow the ancients, the owner does not drink, to kill the beauty. Yuwen Yue know that there are fraud, still refused to drink. Ju Xiang holding a glass, hard to ask. Chu Qiao do not want to see her sister in vain to do their infighting victims, waiting for an opportunity to knock over the glass, the attention of all attracted to their own body. Chu Qiao will ask you son to let go of their sister, said he was willing to punish for her sister. Yu Wenhuai seeing, we must let people kill Chu Joe. Yan Xun said that both his own birthday, they do not want to see the fight to kill, for Chu Qiao pleading. Yuwen Huai said Yuwen government rules can not be bad, refused to light Rao. Yan Xun suggested to play a game, so that God decided to Joe Joe’s life and death. He took out his waist waist, waist side of the dragon, one side of the seal word, it threw it on the ground, so that Chu Qiao to guess which side up, if guessed right, they avoid her death. Chu Qiao understand Yan Xun’s hint, guess the dragon up, lucky escape a death, but it is safe to escape. Chu Qiao was down in the tree is the evening, Yuwen Yue came with her over, but satirical her. With the help of the sisters escaped from the government outside the Chu Qiao, inadvertently heard Zhu Shun and Kam candle dialogue, that was dangerous, and returned to the Yuwen House. But do not want to, just returned to Yuwen House, Yu Wen Yue will see the hand will be killed, kicked into the fire. Chu Qiao would like to rush into the fire to save out, but was Yuwen Yue kicked the stones hit the calf threw himself to the ground, was guards hold. Heartbroken Chu Qiao accused Yuwen Yue indiscriminate killing innocent, his brother is not a secret. Yuwen Yue Road, their own indiscriminate killing and how. Injured Chu Qiao returned to the Chai room, told the news of the dies die of the dies. Sad little eight blame Chu Qiao is a nemesis, killed his family, juice Xiang not let small eight that Chu Qiao, the sisters for the matter quarreled. Thick sad mixed with full of frustration, saddled with every Jing family sisters heart.

Episode 3

Aoyama courtyard solemn, Yuwen Yue a filial piety, quiet in the face revealed a little faint sadness. Yuwen Yue has just ordered the closure of the coffin, was the yard broke into an uninvited guest block. Come is three rooms Yuwen Huai, he regardless of guards blocking, arrogant arrogance, threatened to personally open coffin autopsy. Yuwen Yue blocking all unsuccessful, the two will move in the hall to move. Is difficult to understand between the Yu-wen throwing out of the sword so that the hospital stood in front of a eunuch risk insurance to avoid, and then sharp voice sounded “escort! Royal lady in this, who dare to create times?” Was the courtyard of the Yuwen Yue hastily left the hands of the weapons, to the Princess lady asked. Yuwen Huai mind is Yuwen Yue invited to the rescue, but also helpless, had to stop the hand. A graceful lady empress will be easy to ask Yuwen Huai, why in the Aoyama courtyard trouble? Yu Wenhuai the wicked first complain, only Road is Yuwen Yue insisted on the coffin, but also forced their own hands. Yuwen Yue will return to the Royal, grandfather is the body of the Western domain strange poison and death, he is afraid of this drug and then wounding, they first burned debris and then sealed the coffin. Chai room, wake up Chu Qiaoyu unhappy, even the juice of her sister sent the soup is not willing to drink. Juice Xiang know that she is due to fear of self-blame will comfort her, born all the troubled people are involuntarily, told her not to blame themselves. Chu Qiao’s eyes are revealing perseverance, she told the juice Xiang, he is not let the child died in vain, he will live a good job. Having said that, the end of the drug soup drained. The maidservants are working in the yard, see a guards carrying a body to go out. Maidservants have talked about, this is sent to the Paradise Court maidservant Jin Lan, because not by the old man fancy, they were tortured to death. Song aunt came to pick the maidservants sent to the Paradise Club, Chu Qiao Song Song was named to the Paradise Court. Ju Xiang in order to save his sister, then asked Song aunt, by their own replacement Chu Qiao went to the Paradise Court. Paradise Court, together with the juice Xiang was sent to the girls, no one alive out, juice Xiang is no exception. Chu Qiao with a small seven small eight hiding in the dark, personally watched juice Xiang was installed in a broken car sent out, sad extremely three, but did not dare cry out the sound, can only watch his sister’s The body was thrown away. Afterwards, Chu Qiao quietly buried the corpse of Xiang Xiang. Sister three holding the paper money, in the pits and juice Xiang’s grave burned, but was subject to a penalty Song aunt hit a positive. Song aunt want to take them to Yuwen Huai Gong Gong, then with the three brothers Joe Qiao played a dispute. A few people torn, Song aunt fell from the bridge, was Chu Qiao pull live, but finally because too heavy and fell water. Small seven small eight afraid, Chu Qiao comfort them, if there is a day out of the window, they will be committed, called the sisters do not worry. But they who did not see, there is a shadow hidden in the dark, already this will happen in the middle of the night, all look in the eyes. Yuwen Yue is still a pair of faint look, only that people are too smart not necessarily a good thing. Yan Xun ignored Yuwen Yue’s cold, only talk to him Yu Yuwen’s infighting, said he did not like these, he just want to do the grass on the free eagle. Asked Yuwen Yue want to become what time, Yuwen Yue is only slightly pondered. Yan Xun but ignored Yuwen Yue, he remembered Chu Qiao, Yu Yu Yue from the table with a bottle of medicine, go to find Chu Qiao. But happened to hit a guards to bring Chu Qiao to punishment, Yan Xun easily for her solution around the Wai. But Chu Qiao indifferent look let Yan Xun very puzzled, Chu Qiao told Yan Xun, his brother and sister new funeral, he is also precarious, naturally happy not up.

Episode 4

Yuwen Yue picked the news of the maidservant maidservants quickly pass open, listening to the small seven small eight of the argument, Chu Qiao heart initiation of the survival of the new buds. She suddenly realized that he only left Yu Wenhuo minions, in order to protect the lives of their sisters in order to revenge for brothers and sisters. He is like a corner of the weak grass, only with the strength of the strong, in order to fight against the stone! Chu Qiao determined to participate in the selection, she regardless of others strange eyes, bravely walked into the Castle Peak. Unfortunately, she was just a servant with an iron bell, and was not eligible for the election. But Chu Qiao know that he has no escape route, she must participate in this selection. She remained indomitable, stubborn kneeling in the yard refused to rise. Yuwen Yue heard, only that she is self-restrained, then by her kneel, and ignore her. Outside the sun, Chu Qiao baked under the scorching sun, but still insisted. Time a minute passed, the outside is already on the middle of the day, Chu Qiao also kneel in the yard, Yuwen Yue silent in the dark looked at the stubborn Chu Qiao, the surface thoughtfully. Guards want to persuade Joe Joe back, surprised to see Chu Qiao no retreat, we should take her away. Yuwen Yue came out to stop the guards, he looked at kneeling on the ground Chu Qiao, asked her why to come to the selection. Chu Qiao eyes looked at him firmly, said he wanted to live. Yuwen Yue did not believe the intention of Chu Qiao, he continued to ask Chu Qiao, his own hand to kill her brother, she came to ask her to do her to do paternity maidservants, dignity where. Chu Joe face expressionless, eyes are still firm, as slaves, life can not hold, where there is dignity. Yuwen Yue looked at Chu Qiao, asked her if she knew that the maidservant maidservant was going to serve between the bed of the owner. Chu Qiao tightly hold his hand, humble kowtow, please son left slaves. Yuwen Yue seems to be thinking for a while, then ordered the guards, allowed to participate in the selection of Chu Qiao. Selection began, many of the maids together, they will inevitably give birth to right and wrong. Chu Qiao this is because the son of extra grace to be elected, naturally attracted other people dissatisfied with it. Silver bells big maidservants candle, could not understand Chu Joe secretly flying son of the parrot, would like to secretly make bad broken Chu Joe’s clothes, do not want to, but was Chu Qiao backhand took away clothes, made lost the attitude. Yuwen Yue all this look in the eyes, see Chu Qiao skill agility, it touches a martial arts seedling. The first is Po Qi, Chu Qiao did not understand, then very bleak to lose a bureau. The second game is cooking tea, is still not Chu Qiao’s strengths, but she knew he could not lose again. Chu Qiao carefully observed the maids around the people how to cook tea, suddenly on the heart. She ran to the well to fight the fresh well water up, and easily picked a leaf, according to other maids of the way, kind of learning, but also cooked out a cup of chilly tea. Chu Qiao won the second game. The third game, the silent Sanskrit Buddhist scriptures, a column of incense time to remember, and then a pen incense time silence. Chu Qiao Although it will not hold the pen, but will not write, but she is by virtue of Superman’s memory, the Buddhist scriptures written in silence. But Chu Qiao but because there is no signature, but Yuwen Yue asked. Chu Qiao said, the rules did not require the signature, they just follow the rules to do, there is no wrong. Yu Wen Yue as long as Chu Qiao can be in the scriptures on their own name, this Council even if she won. This is harder than Chu Joe, she took the bell from his hair, dipped in ink, firmly printed up. Yuwen Yue no longer speak, but he was in the back after the mouth brought back a touch of micro-can not see the smile. After the election of Chu Qiao was brought to see Yuwen Yue, Yuwen Yue again asked her why to do their own paternity maidservants. Chu Qiao kneel down, he is to live. Yuwen Yue do not believe that Joe will forget to personally kill her brother’s hatred, and Chu Joe has said he has promised her sister, to take care of two sisters.

Episode 5

Chu Qiao woke up, suddenly feel some strange around, that is not far from lying is not cold face paralysis Yuwen Yue Well, screaming without thinking on the blurted out. Yuwen Yue calmly sat up, coldly ridiculed her fuss, this paternity is not exactly what she wants to do it Chu Qiao Lie shot against, Yuwen Yue to take this opportunity to teach her martial arts, between the two can not help but have physical contact, Yuwen Yue picked up her waist, rotating a few laps. Yuwen Yue for the first time to attend the paternity, in the Aoyama courtyard is extremely sensational. Early morning candle rush to send soup. Hear the outside of the movement, Yuwen Yue and Qiao intimate cuddle, gentle pet drowning to personally feed her porridge, Kam Lai out, Yuwen Yue immediately opened the Chu Qiao, as if just gentle water is not the same as him, Let her finish her tarnished bed. Chu Qiao glanced at the bed of red, cheeky, obviously he deliberately get on. Chu Qiao paternity or low identity after the bell, than the candle so silver bells big maidservants or a lot worse. Candle on the Chu Qiao jealous endless, small seven, small eight can not listen to, and speak for Chu Qiao hold injustice. Jin Qi Qi and move hands, Chu Joe readily on her. Clear water riverside, willow Yiyi, Chu Qiao sitting on the bridge side, struggling to wash clothes. Yan Xun horses came to the river to find her, chanting Yu Wen Yue for Chu Qiao take the name – star child, just with Yuwen Yue Yue word phase, Yan Xun face ridicule, laughing Yuwen Yue hypocritical. Chu Qiao too lazy to care about him, put the pot to go. Yan Xun by Buyiburao, shameless like to put his love horse to her holding. Chu Qiao’s temper is very Yan Xun mind, he deliberately went to Yuwen Yue to discuss her to go, or rely on the Aoyama Hill do not go. The slaves lived in the small courtyard, Chu Qiao’s special treatment was led by the candle part of the female slave jealousy, with her two sisters small seven, eight were also excluded, everywhere was embarrassed. Chu Qiao for his sister succeeded, provoked candle face anger, and her hands, even at the dark arrows hurt, nick of time, Yuwen Yue shot in time, only to avoid Chu Qiao was injured. Kam candle wicked first complain, hypocritically said to be in the maintenance of the rules of the Castle Peak. Yuwen Yue long body Yuli, his face calm and no waves can not see the joy and anger, just say that you should go back to punish Chu Qiao. They left, the candle followers to the high gas, small seven, small eight ridicule more intensified, as if Yuwen Yue attitude has illustrated everything. And with Yuwen Yue away from the Chu Qiao, do not want to be punished in vain, she told Yuwen Yue situation at that time, that he just could not understand the weak were bullied. Yuwen Yue looking solemn, told her strong king, as the weak is not qualified to discuss justice. Chu Qiao heart unwilling, asked him to point what is strong. Rockery water gurgling, through the water meandering stones, Yuwen Yue Chou Qiao into the Chamber of Secrets. Yuwen Yue let her throw stones, candle fire shaking, chaos Qi Qi, Chu Qiao moment to cope, but gradually getting faster and faster, dodge more and more timely. The next three hours, Chu Qiao and Arrow, stone as partners. She was constantly hit, but the eyes are more and more tough, to revenge, we must endure people can not bear.

Episode 6

In the kitchen, the slaves live while chatting. Chu Qiao’s identity is not the past, these women slaves before the arrogant bullying her, at the moment how much fear. Chu Qiao naturally understand their psychological, straight to the point, bluntly that they will not be difficult with them, and convenient, and has been convenient. Candle came to provoke, ridiculed Joe was born low. It is not the style of Chu Qiao, who wins and loses, and who will meet in the future. Light through the window sprinkled into the warm room, Yuwen Yue sitting before the case, the pacific elegance, face if the crown jade, quietly watching the book. Yan Xun a purple shirt, the hair of the high beam, the same Feng Shen handsome, come to invite Yuwen Yue Zhao Xi Feng and others to participate in the banquet, threatened if he would not, will regret a spring. Yuwen Yue promised to go, Yan Xun pride, proposed to bring Chu Qiao together, let her see the world more common. Yuwen Yue turned and asked: why? Yan Xun proposed with sweat BMW and Yuwen Yue exchange Chu Joe. Yuwen Yue or always face paralysis face, told him not to change, with his unfamiliar. Yan Xun then do not listen to this, chasing Yuwen Yue let him tell the truth. Or that quiet and elegant yard, Chu Qiao standing back and forth swing swing, shenfa light, rapid progress. Subsequently, Yu Wen Yue suddenly shot, in the Chu Qiao holding the vase when the test her skill, one to one, wet clothes. Chu Qiao hastened to come forward for him to wipe, white silk Juan rub in the plain Jin Yi, the air seems to stop the flow, the atmosphere for some time some unspeakable. Yuwen Yue suddenly got up and uttered. Chu Qiao Kungfu progress quickly, of course, Yuwen Yue from time to time the punishment was puzzled and dissatisfied. Yuwen Yue own a set of rhetoric, as his paternity maidservants, throwing piling, is to let her end of the water to cook tea is at one go, reduce jitter; penalty long jump, is to make her skill sensitive, beautiful posture; In order to train her hand fast eye, it seems, not so stupid, so as not to be thinking about. The last word that sour, do not know if he has no feeling. Chu Qiao know he is for their own good, generous to Yuwen Yue poison tongue explained, really grateful. The weather is getting late, Chu Qiao back to his room, see the candle holding the obscene mind carved like this thing, want to framed her. Chu Qiao her strong stop, Liu Mei slightly, advised her to framed the best move first brains, so under the means, it is not enough to see. Said Chu Qiao played Kam candle has not yet taken away things directly thrown out of the room, a small box of things scattered one place, a pair of leather gloves mixed in it, just to see a positive Chu Qiao, she suspected that candle is Pro Unfortunately, the night of that mysterious masked woman. Moon is hanging, a feather arrow into the chamber. On the seventh day has been identified Chu Joe is three years ago to the Jing family, foreign declared that the illegitimate daughter. At the same time, the daughter of the Luo River disappeared. Chu Qiao martial arts progress faster, so that the seven had to associate these two things together, Yuwen Yue quietly listened, no instructions. Yuwen Yue took out a few paintings, the picture is very mysterious, is to see a scene, but the reverse is another meaning. He told Chu Joe talked about vertical and horizontal between the story of the resentment, three contestants, the winner can do the disciples of the disciples, vertical martial arts than a lot higher, moving between the murder, the master down the mountain. At the end of Yuwen Yue from a Kam box out of a sword spectrum, is the middle of the story used by the seventy-two strokes of Pik Yue sword. Chu Qiao from the story to feel a trace of desolate, this intuition is right. The end of the story, cross the door, the whole body is dead in his own room, Chu Qiao originally thought it was horizontal to kill the vertical, but eventually found in the contest has been secretly with silver needles hurt the key parts, Let people think that the murderer is horizontal This story tells Chu Joe, seeing is not necessarily true, she remembered the fear of death, thoughtfully.

Episode 7

Dong pound, Chu Qiao found a small seven even dare in Yuwen Yue under the skin, in the corner hole. Yuwen Yue have cold disease, the annual sting close the matter there are many people know that small seven do not know where to listen to the rumors, actually want to chisel a hole frozen him Ye Hao. Yuwen Yue observation is amazing, not a casual generation, Chu Qiao warning small seven do not engage in small tricks. On the West days, seemingly silent, but in fact undercurrent surging. To the camp of the killer to use the spy’s distress signal successfully cheated Yu Wen Yue’s right-hand man on seven months. Many killers quietly sneak into the Castle Peak, a killing on this start. Not the only one, the night, the green grass covered with meandering forward of the snake. Chu Qiao end of the snow dog dog standing in the hospital, waiting for the retreat of Yuwen Yue out, snow jade dog and even cold things, no internal strength of the people, not a moment will be cold into the body. Sure enough, Chu Qiao’s body more and more cold, lip pale, standing instability suddenly heard the son of love pet parrot eager call. Chu Qiao flew into the house, full house snake, shocking, and Yuwen Yue has been bitten. Snow jade dog crashed, Chu Qiao eyes straight, struggling to get Yuwen Yue sword, high lift from the play. Yu Wen Yue weak leaning against the pillars, the pupil can not help but enlarge. All of a sudden, from his nearest snake was Chu Qiao sword cut off. On the seventh day of consciousness, rushed to return, but fortunately he came back in time, the solution of this crisis. Yuwen Yue, although poisoning, but his deep internal strength, as long as with the treatment, there will be no problem. It is Chu Qiao, was cold and hurt the internal organs, need to suppress the internal forces of the cold. At the same time, the doctor found Chu Qiao body possession of amazing internal force, but I do not know why was tied to live, do not play out. Yuwen Yue looked at the unconscious Chu Joe, told her on the seventh day brought her into the Chamber of Secrets. Yuwen Yue want to save her a life, but to his current situation, we must use snow chill dog chill. Beans sweat from Chu Qiao steady flow down, she was unconscious in childhood, think of a woman who claims to be her mother, taught her ice tactics, but this door effort requires deep internal support to Chu Joe now the situation Can not make power. This chaotic night, destined not calm, the small seven has been for the sake of his brother died of hate Yuwen Yue, those people look at the chilling snake is her put in, Yuwen Yue bitten, seven control all the suspects. Small seven one person doing things one person, small eight has proposed to let her things are pushed to Chu Qiao, because she is not their pro sister. After dawn, Yu Wen Yue let Chu Qiao and Kam candle in court confrontation. Snake, small seven admitted to their own put. Chu Qiao looked at the small seven eyes, so she did not admit that did not do things. Recently, the candle in the Yuwen Yue room put a special flavor, will attract the insects of the fire vine vine angle, think of the snake, its sinister intentions obvious, at the same time, Chu Qiao pick out the candle privately received bribes, let her argue Can be argued. And for the snow jade dog origin, candle sticks to keep Chu Qiao in order to harm the son of specially put, she said she did not know what is snow jade dog, and then say this thing will harm the son, before and after the contradictory, in Chu Qiao Of the step by step, the candle had to be sent out of Zhu Shun, which is equivalent to indirectly recognized Yu Wenhuai behind the scenes. This truth is true, Yuwen Yue ordered Chu Qiao on behalf of the penalty candle, Chu Qiao stood still in place, that should not be punished to her hands. Yuwen Yue slightly on the candle discipline, this matter even passed. Month seven do not understand why not take this opportunity to get rid of candles. Connaught enough for suffering, Yuwen Yue keep her, just want to see how Chu will deal with her.

Episode 8

A group of women slavishly broke into Chu Chow room, an excuse to send off insecticide, the Chu Qiao’s room turned over and over again. Small eight out of Chu Qiao pressure, Kam candle domineering, raised his hand gave a small eight one slap in the face. Chu Qiao timely appeared in the door, a pot of water to the candle poured into the shed chicken. Round playing mouth skin, ten candle is not a Chu Qiao opponents, the confrontation, candle finished defeat. Chrysanthemum doubts last night obviously placed in the Chu Qiao bed under the snake insects jar how not met, but not tight, as long as these things are still in the hands of Chu Qiao, she will certainly find a chance to deal with out. At the moment, Chu Qiao room, Jingjia three sisters looked at the altar of snake worms, puzzled how to deal with this thing. Chu Qiao know this altar thing is hot potato, but fortunately she found the candle secretly last night to their own room to put things, or today will suffer, this jar, she had to think of a perfect policy. Candle has been closely concerned about the three sisters Jingjia every move, today finally gave her wait. She saw a small seven holding a jar panic to go out and immediately sent to inform Zhu Shun and the seventh day, so that they witnessed the scene of the goods, when to see how Chu explained. The small jar of the jar just blocking the eye, the real jar was Chu Qiao took away, Kam candle found fooled, without thinking chasing chu Qiao away, and finally in the Chu Qiao will throw the jar to the cliff before the moment stopped her , Zhu Shun came with the body behind the vaguely visible, candle as if to see victory in her beckons. Chu Qiao eyes quickly put the jar into the hands of Kam, flying jumped cliff. Zhu Shun and seven months after the rush to the time, just to see the candle holding jars, panic-like look. The brocade explained in three ways that Chu Qiao framed her and had jumped off the cliff. This rhetoric, obviously no credibility. On the seventh day in this, Zhu Shun had to deal with candles, her off the crime camp. Chu Qiao has long been ready to rope, she hung on the cliff on the whole ride. Looking around, found the vine leaves nest on the hill as much as a cave, Chu Qiao action jumped into the clever, did not think here are cave, that sit inside the handsome young man is not reading Yan Xun Xizi Well. Just now Yan Xun listen to a positive, advised Chu Qiao do not want to be exposed on the security points. Chu Qiao eyes doubled, too lazy to take care of him. Shortly after they left, Yuwen Yue sent people to seal the cave. The rumors of the outside world have wiped out. The original poisoning that day he was just hanging a line, Yuwen Yue in time to give him the rest of his life Dan to life insurance. Yuwen burning death of the illusion is nothing but Yuwen Yue invading the enemy will be the plan. Today, my grandfather woke up, Yuwen Yue years of iceberg face finally exposed a smile, hurried to the Chamber of Secrets to see him. Mention Chu Qiao, Yu Wen Yue in her mind to spend too much, although he strongly argued that in order to cultivate excellent spies, but the old man still aware of the grandson of Chu Qiao is not the general. Renaissance spy paper day eye responsibility, feelings of things will only become a stumbling block Yuwen Yue. This time Chu Qiao Yuwen harbor, Yuwen Yue wanted to send someone to save, the old man determined not to let, but do not want to lose a good spy, and hurt the heart of grandchildren, and finally had to do this As is the test of Chu Qiao. Dark room cells, dark and humid, the walls are shaking water shadow. Chu Qiao kneeling on the ground, Yuwen Huai high sitting on the high platform, toe high gas. Chu Qiao neither overbearing nor overbearing, Yuwen evil charm smile, so Zhu Shun and others to entertain her well. Chu Qiao skillful, these people simply not close to her body. Chu Qiao successfully sued Zhu Shun, the two sides temporarily stop, Yu Wenhuai out of Yuwen Yue Qiao Qiao out of the Castle Court of the hand, but also kindly told her that the small eight has done her full confession, this is betrayed by their loved ones Do not feel bad. Chu Qiao naturally recognize the order is Yuwen Yue’s private chapter, but her mind instantly flashed Yuwen Yue words: sometimes you see, but others want you to see, seeing is not necessarily true. Turn to think, Chu Joe proposed to see the candle alone. She knew Yuwen pregnant in eavesdropping, falsehood, true and false half said something. She was in her mouth, candle long Yuwen Yue dark love affair, do a series of things for her, but also because of jealousy. She said she had no intention in the Chamber of Secrets heard the candle and Yuwen Yue dialogue, Kam candle personally told Yuwen Yue Yu Yuhuai himself sent to harm him, but his heart secretly, could not bear hands. Kam candle strongly argued that Chu Qiao step by step pressing, if not because of candle, Yuwen Yue how to carefully cultivate their own people out of the Castle Peak. The candle was anxious to leave himself, and the hand was forged. Is really a fool, Yuwen Huaiqi extremely, ordered people to sell brocade brothels. Chu Qiao’s divorce success, not only learned that Yuwen Yue did not expel themselves from the fact that the Castle Peak, but also the successful removal of the scourge of the scourge. Afterwards, Chu Qiao and true false for Yuwen Huai provided some Yuwen Yue information.

Episode 9

Yu Wenhuai look ridiculously watching Chu Qiao, Chu Qiao’s mind to see him in the eyes, keep there must be troublesome. Chu Qiao concealed cooperation things, but Yuwen Huai face exposed intentions, take the sword toward the Chu Qiao split in the past. Nick of time, Yan Xun arrived in time, under the block of this move. Yan Xun identity distinguished, he spoke dignitaries, Yuwen Huai had to compromise. Chu Qiao and small eight surprisingly out of Chu Qiao Xiong Xun love to ignore. But Yan Xun before leaving or took out a bottle of good medicine to her. Zhu Shun then came out from the dark, remind Chu Qiao do not forget the promise of the son of the son. Chu Joe cheeky, she can never promise anything about Yuwen Huai. Chu Qiao returned to the Castle Court, the month immediately to Yuwen Yue notice, Yan Xun Shi has been in accordance with his plan to rescue the stars. Rich night, full of silence. A black man quietly into the place where the candle was held. See a black dress Chu Qiao, candle hatred there, while igniting the hope of a trace of survival, she begged Chu Qiao save. Chu Qiao mention off his brother’s tragic death, Kam candle told her even if they do not shot, Yu Yu Yu Yuhuai also can not live long. Chu Qiao gave a candle a parcel, some clothes and broken silver, I hope she is sober. Candle and Chu separated, check the parcel of things, scoffed. She secretly to find Yu Wenhuai, Chu Qiao secretly let her say something, hope Yuwen Huai can open one side. Yuwen Huai face gloomy, from the package with a candle bag found a clearance essay, this thing I am afraid that only Yuwen Yue can get. Yu Wenhuai did not hesitate to kill the candle, dropped a paper amnesty slaves, want to blame the matter to Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao came out from the dark, she gave the candle chance, and now the result is a candle to blame themselves. Chu Qiao picked up the instruments on the ground, thoughtfully. Yu Wenhuai sent Yu Wen Yue Chu Qiao killed candle thing. Night has been deep, Yu Wen Yue personally to Chu Qiao room verification. He opened the door, Chu Qiao sleepy waking up, wrapped himself very tight. Yuwen Yue secretly doubt, let her immediately come to wait. Chu Qiao some tweaking, but Yuwen Yue insisted that she had to pull the quilt. Quilt under the girls did not inch inch, Yuwen Yue immediately turned around, let her clean up and then wait. Chu Qiao told the news of two sister candles dead. People are not hurt tiger heart, tiger is harmful, the candle is the fate of her fate deserved. That Yuwen Yue it? Heard the question of small eight, Chu Qiao moment speechless. Small eight smart turn the topic, she was Yuwen Huai take the time to hear him want to use Song’s aunt’s death to deal with them. Chu Qiao thought for a moment, with the idea, let my sister be assured. Yu Wen Yue decided to Chu Qiao training into a good spy, but had some doubts about her origin, the doctor had said Chu Qiao body has a deep internal force, he asked the month seven carefully verified all martial arts martial art, Internal strength of the girl. Seven months have been checked, but nothing ever. But there are two secret he did not have the right to verify, that is, the palace of twelve people stale file and the business card. According to Yuwen burning and Yu Wen Yue’s agreement, Chu Qiao safe back, even through the test. Yu Wenshuo should let Yu Wen Yue training Chu Joe, let her become his most sharp personal person. Yuwen Yue left, the old man and henchao war moo talking about their poisoning thing, this poison is very special, and many years ago poisoning the matter of the same thing, this is the poison of the people, is Yuwenjia three rooms, three Beam, although not exposed, but let the emperor on the Yuwen family suspicion, abandoned the spy day. Yuwen burning want to secretly executed three rooms, but do not want to use their own Yuewei, which is his consent Yuwen Yue continued training Qiao Qiao reasons. It is important to hide from Yuwen Yue. The weather is clear, cloudless, exquisite kiosks, Chu Qiao sitting in the table before the case, concentrate on the practice of the word, she practiced for a long enough time, Yuwen Yue mercy let her rest for a while, Chu Qiao not Move, insist to write enough three hundred words to rest. She does not listen, Yuwen Yue shot pen, Chu Qiao clever escape, one to one, do not let each other. Chu Qiao suddenly come to a pen, in the Yuwen Yue forehead on a point of ink, has always been a little over the cold face of the son of her more and more presumptuous, the sound is cold, but no trace of punishment. Subsequently, Chu Qiao eyes leucorrhea, some hesitant to guess what the front of the aroma, Yuwen Yue sitting next to a little pointing. And so Chu Qiao realized that the key, put her one more practice. Garden, flowers. A little man dressed in costumes suddenly stood up from a white flower, laughing Chu Qiao is not in the blind fortune-telling, Chu Qiao do not want to him, the little son did not want to let her so, made to Chu Qiao Eyes can see him. Chu Qiao smell his incense smell, thinking just can test the training results. This naughty little son is the big Wei thirteen Prince Yuan Song, he is here to participate in Yuwen Huai held the party, did not expect to encounter in the garden so a little fun little girl. Chu Qiao follow the fragrance, no matter how Yuan Song can hide him. Yuanson curious to know her name. Chu Qiao eyes cunning a turn, to the interest, told him his name is sub-virtual, living in the Ukrainian hospital, is the son of Dou Daishen pinch clay man’s maidservants. Yuan Song listen carefully, carefully remember to come to her. Yuan Song left, Chu Qiaojing standing on the lake. Not far from the pine trees, Yan Xun Jin Yihua clothes, leaning on the tall branches, chic and comfortable. Think of Chu Qiao just self-reported identity when the nonsense, could not help but laugh, readily picked a pine nuts to throw her. Chu Qiao only feel the forehead a pain, looked up, Yan Xun in the tree proud smile. Subsequently, Yuan Song to Castle Peak homes. Yuwen Yue a white shirt, sword eyebrow star head, his eye disease has been cured, but in order to play with the emperor, do not intend to tell anyone. Yuan Song to find someone, Yuwen Yue has not yet opened, Yan Xun laughing, laughing explanation of the matter is nothing, Yuan Song know cheated, angry. Yan Xun has been on the Chu Qiao things too heart, Yuwen Yue reminded him to see the situation.

Episode 10

Yu Wenyue Wei Gui examination of the body of the woman, the princes live up to expectations, surpassed the royal secret, really gave her a man – Luo River of the woman, the new master, but a long time ago Falling the Yellow River. Indoor incense curl up, silence endless. Small eight kneeling on the ground fear. Yuwen Yue to find her understanding of Chu Qiao’s life experience. Small eight no concealment, the situation of Chu Qiao told one hundred and ten. Chu Qiao is not their mother compatriots sister, she is out of his father’s room, was taken home, few words, eccentric. Father had a figurative for her, she is the days of chaos Lone Star, will bring disaster to the surrounding people. She stayed at home for more than a year without exception, not long before the village was massacred. Later, Jing family sisters were sold to Yuwen home, Chu Qiao to the sisters who are unfortunately killed, which makes the small eight convinced that Chu Qiao is the day of the monster of the stars. And this point, in Yuwen Yue seems, just born with the soldiers have. Yuwen Huai out of a box of incense, is his grandfather’s blood mixed with the Western medicine from the development of herbs, so far the old man’s Paradise is also burning juice Xiang Xiang’s fragrance. Ju Xiang is Chu Qiao’s sister, Yan Xun advised Yuwen not too much too much. Yu Wenhuai not only do not convergence, but more unscrupulous, so Chu Qiao heard, this blood incense there is no sister’s smell. Chu Qiao really heard the smell, she said blankly that he did not like the son of the unique taste. Then retreated to Yuwen Yue side, his face is extremely ugly, claiming that his physical discomfort to leave. Three days later, the small eight in the kitchen to work, to hear her maidservants in the gossip Yuwen Huai is about to dig the lake at the end of things, my heart panic, ran back to find Chu Qiao discuss countermeasures. Chu Qiao has long packed up the burden, the mother to send her wood beads received good. Small eight came, Chu Qiao let her and small seven evening to the government, in the gates of the tea house waiting for her. If she had not had a child, they would leave first. Chu Qiao Yu Yu Yue room in the hurry to copy what, and finally covered Yuwen Yue chapter. Suddenly heard the voice of the seven months, Yuwen Yue and the moon then came in, Chu Qiao had already holding a feather duster in the sweep, and seven days with a new dress, which is Yuwen Yue specifically prepared for Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao changed clothes, a white fluttering out, temperament cold. Small seven, small eight in the gates, anxiously waiting, brought Chu Qiao life experience. Chu Qiao is not their own sisters, wooden beads is the key to her true identity, small eight worry about Joe know the truth, no longer protect them. Originally wooden beads in the hands of sister juice Xiang, they do not know is that Chu Qiao has long been to get wooden beads. The sky gradually dark down, Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao one riding a horse slow in the lively streets above. Passing a lantern stall, Yuwen Yue even dismount, for Chu Qiao bought a lovely rabbit-shaped lanterns. Obviously is kind, but also embarrassed to admit, that is looking at lanterns and Chu Qiao like to buy. Then, deservedly stretched out his sleeves to let her hold, a solemnly said that she was lost. Darker night, Chu Qiao has been waiting for an opportunity to escape, with Yu Wen Yue before a horse is also ready to escape. She secretly observe the surrounding situation, guess the riddles where a lot of people gathered, Chu Qiao pull Yuwen Yue, said he wanted to guess the riddle. They are all white, dyed, standing in the crowd particularly dazzling. The side of the little brother with sugar gourd to strike up Chu Qiao, Yuwen Yue proudly shot a sugar gourd off. Subsequently, the two entered the topic, began to guess the riddles. The riddle is: as soon as possible. Yuwen Yue looked at the riddles, meaning that said, some things, as late as early to say, said late to lose the opportunity. Chu Qiao looked at him deeply, reported the answer, is a Xu word. Chu Qiao won the color of the head, wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to take the color of a go back. But did not expect Yuwen Yue will personally get for her. Looked at the tall figure away, Chu Joe turned to pull the horse to leave.

Episode 11

Yuwen Yue took the color, carefully from the crowded crowd through, but found Chu Joe is gone, her horse also took away. On the other side, hidden with Chu Qiao wrong body and instantly, aware of the eyes of Chu Qiao like a year ago the situation so that the Lord. At that time, he chased the wind to make the Lord, seriously wounded escort her snake woman, and successfully cut her clothes and found her back stabbed with red blooming pattern, but then the Lord’s ice tactics have been reached the ultimate, hidden Heart is not an opponent, but her eyes are very impressed. At this point, Chu Qiao has gone disappeared, Xiaoyu let her heart to chase her identity. Chu Qiao only feel behind a cool, hidden sword has been pierced her back. But Chu Qiao’s back in vain, in addition to the blood of the sword was hurt, no other things. Coupled with the sudden emergence of Yan Xun, hidden quickly evacuated. Xiaoyu this time to set off a reign of terror, has been in the city outside the ambush of a large number of killers to kill Yan Xun, and soon after, the great imperial palace will be spread Yanbei cloth map lost news. Chu Qiao and Yan Xun all the way horse gallop, and soon to the outskirts of no one land. In this waiting for a long time the killers are pouring out, strokes Henla. Chu Qiao and Yan Xun while avoiding the killer, while the horse forward. Thick night, mist filled. Two people accidentally fall into the hunter lay the trap, the trap wall smooth, can not climb. Yan Xun did not hesitate to squat down, let Chu Joe stepped on his shoulder to climb up, and then come to save their own. Chu Qiao up, quickly walked forward for some distance, and suddenly stopped. The two sisters are still waiting for her, but Yan Xun on her trust there, here remote, cold night endless, if she does not save, Yan Xun will die. Look at the distance and the sisters agreed time there is an hour, Chu Qiao decided to go back to save Yan Xun. Distant horseshoe sound faint sounded, Chu Qiao volt to a careful, found many horses. They were hidden in the dark and found a large number of flowers ragged through here, the mouth also said to go to Yanbei to discuss life. Almost a moment later, Wei valve master Wei Shu tour will be surrounded by these people, regardless of the old and sick and sick, all the brutal murder, for a time, screams again and again, Wei Shu tour but laughing more than that they are worthy of deserved. Chu Qiao want to rescue people, was Yan Xun a pull to the identity of the two of them, at the moment forced his head will only attack the upper body. Chu Qiao understand the powerful relationship, this time, she remembered the two sisters, rushed to meet with them. And so Chu Qiao arrived at the agreed location, there has been no one, shop two told her that they were brought to the aristocratic children of several remote walls. At the same time, small seven, small eight was surrounded by a few dude, small eight was scratched his face. Chu Qiao came when the small eight is clutching his face crying desperately, so Chu Qiao away those people, small eight proposed to return to Yuwen House, Yuwen Yue hands have good wound, you can rule her face, otherwise She was ruined in this life. Chu Qiao think tonight Wei valve big catch slaves, their forgiveness of the instrument is forged, insurance, or back to Yuwen government is better. Three people returned to the government, found that people have begun to dig the lake night to find the body. Secretly returned to the Castle Peak, the maidservant told Chu Joe, the door is not waiting for her to come back, Yuwen Yue has been no sleep. On the middle of the day, Chu Qiao complicated mood, she stood in the pavilion between the Takahashi side looking at the night thought, Yuwen Yue also came to the yard at this time. Chu Qiao this standing on the edge, accidentally straight down, Yuwen Yue quickly ran over to catch her. Chu Qiao silently followed Yuwen Yue into the house, Yuwen Yue into the house after picking up a book carefully look, Chu Qiao stood aside from time to time to see the hourglass. Little, Yuwen Yue suddenly asked her if she had a good idea of ​​cheating on his excuse. Chu Qiao said not dare to lie, but the words are true and false mixed. Yuwen Yue noted that she has been watching the hourglass, asked her to incense on the point. Chu Qiao according to do, Yuwen Yue sound coldly asked why she did not add poison rat paste. Chu Qiao calmly answered. Yuwen Yue step by step to her poison Yu Yuhuai plan to say, poison rat cream with hot wine, Ru Chuqiao that can kill Yuwen Huai, then she was too naive, Yuwen home is the founder of the spy Poisoning is their basic skills. Yuwen Yue insight is amazing, only from the fragmented things can speculate the overall situation. Chu Qiao cleverly admitted to him the whole plan. She knows the killing of the real killer is Yuwen Huai, and poisoned the old master of the murderer is Yuwen Huai, from this point of view, their enemies are consistent. She kneeled in front of Yuwen Yue, sincerely grateful to train himself, teach themselves, Yuwen Yue Song Song brought the death of Chu, Chu Qiao know hiding, crying Yuwen Yue help. See her red eyes, tears like, Yuwen Yue picked up the side of the plain handkerchief for her tears, did not say, just let her go back to rest. Chu Qiao came out, his face has not just the wronged, only a look of cold.

Episode 12

Month seven came to report Zhu Shun accused Chu Qiao killed Song aunt things, Yuwen Yue head does not lift, let him deal directly. Easily handed the hand of the silk Pa thrown to the moon on seven months to throw him, seven months before the door, Yuwen Yue changed his mind, let him wash back. Days have been bright, the lake gathered a lot of family maidservants. Lake in a total of three corpses, body rotten endless, issued a stench. Which has a male corpse, carry a embroidered with a clever purse, which is Yuwen Yue poisoning the day for his diagnosis and treatment of the doctor. Leaving the two is a corpse, but are the bells of the maidservant, apparently not Song aunt. Door of the door, dead maidservant does not matter, but Xie is the Nobility of the doctor, Chu Qiao is not should be invited to Wu as autopsy. Yu Wenhuai staring at Chu Qiao cold voice said: Yuwen Yue tune out of the maidservant, neck quite hard. Zhu Shun immediately dog ​​legs to cut Chu Qiao neck. Seven months before the block to block him, to move the people of the Castle Peak, how should there be evidence of it Zhu Shun had bought a cook, this time the cook called, indiscriminate injustice Chu Qiao. Cooker’s words flaws too much, on the lazy to talk directly to Chu Qiao back to the Castle Peak homes. Yuwenhuai busy for so long, in addition to let everyone read the joke, nothing ever. Three-bedroom old man on his extremely disappointed, wantonly ridicule, that is the three-bedroom generation will be destroyed in Yuwen Huai this maidservant’s bastard who. Yuwen Huaiwen eyes hard, secretly determined, sooner or later will let the old man look good. Small eight looked at the face of the scar in the mirror, secretly anxious. Yu Wen Yue on Chu Qiao very heart, small eight thought if Chu Qiao can fly on the branches, they can follow the light. She apparently has been destroyed by the destruction of the mind, forget the sisters in the end is how the dead. Her words by the small seven against, small eight anxious to argue, accidentally Chu Qiao’s life experience out. Chu Qiao on their very good, small seven can not bear to lie to her, they told Chu Qiao Mu Zhu is the key to prove her identity. Chu Qiao heard the wooden beads, come up with the inside of the note, but the above empty words. Chu Qiao took the note repeatedly study, the little maid took a box over to her, that is given to the son. Chu Qiao open mahogany box, surprised to find inside is a good jade bracelet. She immediately past Yuwen Yue tea, but put the tea to go, there is no expression. This has been waiting to listen to the words of Yuwen Yue can not help but remind her to know TU report. Chu Qiao deliberately distorted his meaning, said to be to thank the seven months. Yuwen Yue angrily, will give her a gift to her transfer to the month seven. Chu Qiao went out, Yuwen Yue stood up from time to time to see the door to see Chu Qiao back, he immediately turned to pretend to pretend to look like. Chu Qiao pointed to the hands of the ring, Qiao Xiaoqian to thank the son, this is her size, seven can not wear on the day, he wasted. The emperor of the spy card days of the eye does not trust, if not as soon as possible to clear the big beam placed in the big Wei’s spies, Renaissance spy paper day thing is difficult to achieve, Yuwen want to use Chu Qiao. Yuwen Yue that must not, Chu Qiao now the ability is not enough. But Yuwen burning with his most want to know things in exchange for the conditions, as long as Chu Qiao can kill that person, told Yu Wen Yue his mother crazy reasons. Across the organs of the stone room, Chu Qiao was two heavy chains tied his hands, trapped in the middle of the stone chamber. Behind her there is an hourglass, the hourglass is finished, it will touch all the organs here. Time bit by bit in the past, Chu Qiao did not break the traces of the slightest. Sand leak finished, instant arrows Qi hair, looking at the arrow to shoot their own arrows, Chu Qiao body energy was instantly excited, Zheng of a ring, broken chain. But the authorities have triggered, Chu Qiao struggling to dodge, or can not help but hurt. Yuwen Yue back to study, Yan Xun came to throw him a bag of money, said to buy Chu Qiao, Yuwen Yue, of course not to sell. Yan Xun keen aware of Yu Wen Yue training Qiao Qiao’s motives, he moved to the truth of reason, Chu Qiao and his metaphysical similar, not suitable for here. Yuwen Yue asked him, Yanbei now tense situation, Chu Qiao followed him, will not be implicated. At the moment, Chu Qiao is in the hospital kept engraving arrows, suddenly saw a quintana shiny horses from the slow, it is Yan Xun’s love horse wind. Yuan Song then came, he borrowed from the wind Yan Xun, but helpless temper nature of pride, do not let him ride. See the wind quietly eating grass, Ren Chu Qiao touched its neck along the hair of the gentle look, Yuan Song is extremely envious, strongly invited Chu Qiao riding to take him to ride.

Episode 13

Surrounded by green trees, a pink peach wrapped in them, every twilight moment will start under the petals rain, sky petals Xiaoxiao fall, beautiful. Yuan Song with Chu Qiao all the way gallop, just to catch the petals rain. Chu Qiao immersed in the beauty, the side of the Song Song some shy expression of their favorite feelings. Suddenly, Chu Qiao to a tree set off a glance, Zhu Shun hidden in the tree. Subsequently, Chu Qiao excuse to drink water aside Yuan Song, so Zhu Shun has caught her chance. Chu Qiao deliberately arrested, that is, want to face and Yu Wenhuai chat, the province he has been in the dark to make bad. Yu Wenchao Chu Qiao is nothing more than to inquire about the secret of Yuwen Yue, and Chu Qiao now won Yuwen Yue favorite, this is her value in Yuwen Huai, but also her life-saving chips. Yu Wen Yue Chu Qiao was arrested after the incident, angry, ordered the men who can not save her. He was able to live, Yan Xun can sit still, directly rushed to the slave to save people. At that time, Chu Qiao is to get the secret of the spy of paper for the chips and Yuwen talk about cooperation, Yan Xun rushed in, Chu Qiao Yi Yuhuai hold her, to Yan Xun play a play. Chu Qiao was rescued, Yu Wenhuai furious, readily killed a servant around the anger, Chu Qiao has been just to her acting, really when he can not see. At the same time, Yan Xun triumphantly waiting to hear Chu Qiao thanked, did not think she was a clear cold look, do not mention the word, Yan Xun open thank you, Chu Qiao cold face asked him: to kneel The This sentence status status of the gap filling, Yan Xun face embarrassing, dry smile to ease the atmosphere. Yuan Song came, Chu Qiao just to go. Looked at her without hesitation to leave the back, Yuan Song could not help but sigh: Chu Qiao what is good, that is no conscience. Night shrouded the earth, the moon was bleak. Chu Qiao walking back on the road, suddenly appeared a few black masked people block Road, Chu Qiao guess it is Yuwen Huai people. Her kung fu is not weak, moves are enough Henla, Yuwen Yue to send the ring with a very easy, all of a sudden can cut the enemy’s throat, but after all, fists four hands, the enemy’s chains wrapped around her limbs, Chu Qiao moment was volley pulled, could not move. At this point, a Frostbolt pierced, but an instant to solve all the black people. Chu Qiao to see the silver needle in the black people, along the direction of the arrow to look past. Yu Wen Yue tall standing on top of the roof, a black, handsome, the hands still holding a crossbow. After two people go back, Yuwen Yue asked her to be arrested reasons, Chu Qiao will tell the truth, there is no concealment. Yuwen Yue has just witnessed the whole process of Chu Qiao trapped, at the moment, hand to teach her to crack the law. Taught finished, Yuwen Yue suddenly took out the drops of medicine in the eyes of Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao moment felt a tingling eyes, they could not see. Yan North and the court on the surface of safe and secure, private but undercurrent surging constantly. This time, Yan Xun is clearly not suitable for stay in Chang’an. Yan Xun mother Bai Sheng personally came to Chang’an, hoping to safely return his son back. Wei Gui in the palace to accept the death of Mrs. Bei Hou Bai Sheng, the emperor suddenly appeared, looking unhappy, pointed out that Bai Sheng insisted on taking away Yan Xun is to give him a problem. Bai Sheng know this matter is not easy to do, she thought of a compromise approach, with his own son, she stayed, let Yan Xun back to Yanbei. Finally, the emperor ordered to stay Yan Xun and then stay for a month. Know the child Mo Ru mother, white wins Yan Xun left must have his reasons, she tentatively asked his son is not a sweetheart. Yan Xun smile in a little shy, ask the mother if there is so one, you can mind their identity difference. White will naturally not mind. Yan Xun told his mother, he wanted to wait with the beloved people go together. Yan Xun for Chu Qiao a maidservant and stay in this tiger land, Yuwen burning look foolish. In this regard, Yuwen Yue think that people do things in the day in the day. He told Grandpa, the beam has sent the highest level of female spies to Wei, trying to provoke the court and Yan North infighting. Yuwen Yue intends to send Chu Qiao to test. On the Western Paradise, the Paradise Court, Yu Wenxi cursed Yuwenhuai waste, so that he held a banquet, invited clan children to participate, especially Yuwen Yue must be invited. Today, the weather is good, Chu Qiao is still familiar with the aroma of the training, has been a small director.

Episode 14

For the seven days of ridicule, Chu Qiao sharp fight back to her eyes good, waste is his. At this time, Yuwen Yue came over and asked her to blame herself to hurt her eyes, Chu Joe smile to answer not complain, I believe the son will not hurt her. Yu Wen Yue personally for her off the white cloth on the eyes, Chu Qiao surprised to find their eyesight with amazing changes, even the bird’s mouth in a pearl can see the crystal clear. The original Yuwen Yue dropping her medicine on the day is Hua Tuoqiushui, you can let her see ordinary people can not see things, the night she was like the day. Yuwen Yue to her with this magic pot is to let her come in tomorrow’s banquet useful, remember all the people things. Chu Qiao accompanied Yuwen Yue came to the banquet, Yan Xun took the opportunity to tell her to return to the north of Yan, the road far away, of course, asked her what to eat on the road, their own good preparation in advance, said Chu Qiao would like to go with him The Yuwen Yue is still the side, Chu Qiao reaction cold, just let him all the way downwind. Yuwen Yue and Yan Xun into the banquet hall, specifically to stay in the outside of Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao concentrate on every detail in the hall, a masked dance Jiqin caused her attention, visit the court when the exit, the fluttering from Chu Qiao past, Chu Qiao keenly aware of her The smell of the body with their own cold food festival in the street encountered masked woman exactly the same. Get Yuwen Yue eyes indicate, Chu Qiao silently followed behind her to go out. Interview for a black, still masked. Chu Qiao all the way to follow her, even back to the Castle Peak homes. Visit the piano hand map, all the way into the Chamber of Secrets unimpeded, such as into the no one land. Chu Qiao follow the Chamber of Secrets, visit the piano suddenly disappeared, Chu Qiao ran up to find, many of the Chamber of Secrets, surrounded by very quiet. Suddenly, visit the piano as if a black fall from the sky, quietly fell to Chu Qiao head. Chu Qiao aware of the danger, in time to escape, the two confrontation, hit up, all the way to the core of the day of the spy card. Visit the piano martial arts high strength, Chu Qiao eyes will be defeated, the key moment, Yuwen Yue suddenly appeared, saved Chu Qiao, gave the opportunity to escape the chase. Here is the most secret of the day, the most important place Spy paper floor, Chu Qiao since already here, then there are only two options to become Aoyama curse or death. Chu Qiao, of course, the former election, Yuwen Yue gave her residual rainbow sword, I hope she can not disgrace the evil name of the residual rainbow. Yuwen burning know this thing and Yuwen seats can not get away. But even his concern is Yuwen Yue had the opportunity to catch the spy, but for the Chu Qiao gave up. Yuwen burning eyes slightly looked empty, eyes Henla firm, in order to allow grandchildren no longer embarked on his old road, Yuwen burning ordered to immediately kill Chu Qiao.

Episode 15

The next morning, Chu Qiao is practicing sword, Yan Xun came to her, let her go back to Yanbei with their own, to where, Chu Qiao will no longer slaves, you can live a free life. Chu Qiao closed answer, Yan Xun see her hesitation, only when she is assured no less than two sisters, anyway, he is not just to go back, you can give her time to consider. Chu Qiao looked Yan Xun left, turn to Yuwen Yue drug delivery. Black juice Sheng in the light green porcelain bowl, braved the heat, Yuwen Yue small drink, brow micro-Organization, can not think of the usual light of the month of the Yue son is also afraid of drug bitter. Chu Qiao retreated by Yuwen Yue stopped, he looked so blankly that she did not say a word, Chu Qiao guess he wanted to eat candied fruit, or want to travel, or eyes uncomfortable, want her to find the doctor? Yuwen Yue finally opened the mouth, coldly spit out the slaughter of slaves word. Chu Qiao know he is to hear himself and Yan Xun dialogue, immediately that heartfelt, although she is a slaves, but who is not throwing an olive branch she will pick up, Moreover, their own in the Castle Peak Jin Yi Yu food, the son of her is also a fundamental There is no need to escape. Yuwen Yue heard this, the mouth bent a few invisible smile. Chu Qiao now has become a spy of the spy of the spy, Yuwen Yue took her into the spy man floor, and gave her a house token. Today, the world of spies power, in addition to spy people there are secret earth and rivers and lakes who, the latter is a real opponent, the strength can not be underestimated, they make the main reason to make the main Luo River is not deep Test, but he was killed in an accident a year ago, and Luo River of the woman, the situation of the Lord, also missing a year ago. Yuwen Yue secretly observed Chu Qiao expression, did not find wrong. Spy paper days eye was the geek spy people provocation, Yuwen Yue carefully collected the beam placed in Chang’an spy people information, combined with the rivers and lakes to set up a set of dragons and rivers to make them a clean sweep. Gibbon mistress who dare to come, Yuwen Yue let her have no back. The face of Yuwen Yue counterattack, Xiao Yu is a headache, it seems that she was too underestimate the enemy, but it is not no chance to fight back. Xiao Yu remembered with their own edge of the edge of the Chu Qiao, she was keenly aware of Yuwen Yue on Chu Qiao is not the general, which can be used for her, Yuwen home habitual, Yuwen burning year is to a maidservant From the broken legs, ruined a great future, it seems Yuwen Yue to go to his grandfather’s old road. Peach leaves are Xiao Yu’an inserted in Chang’an spy, she has been the identity of the dance Ji show people, Zhao door valve son Zhao like the peach leaves, the day in Yuwen Huai banquet, Xiao Yu to pay attention to the two between them Eyebrows. Xiao Yu asked her not to move the truth on the Zhao West, Peach Blossom denied that she was ambiguous Zhao West wind to see the task, see Xiao Yu seems to believe, peach leaves secretly sent a breath. Spy people, including intelligence gathering, eavesdropping surveillance, sneak into assassination, protection of defense. Intelligence collection, is careful thought; eavesdropping surveillance, is the ears Congmu Ming, and then two points need martial arts high strength. And this is Yuwen Yue most worried about the place, Chu Qiao’s martial arts for the master, or too weak. The emperor was intended to leave this set of Ding Hou Hou and Yan Xun, but Wei Gui said that this will cause Ding Bei Hou’s wary, scrambled snake. His words in reason, the emperor ordered to send Bai Sheng back to the north. Wei Guijian see the emperor to deal with Yan North’s determination, thinking that one can take one, she can only do whatever you can. Thousands of miles to send, the end must be a different. Yan Xun standing in front of the mother’s carriage, could not bear to separate with his mother, he had known the emperor fear Yan North, loyalty to his table useless, only firmly grasp the military power to have shelter. Bai Sheng looked at his son on the current situation of thorough analysis, lamented that he really grew up, and hope that his son can soon return to the beloved girl Yanbei, a reunion.

Episode 16

Big beam spy people come to this time, obviously not only for the spy man eyes, I am afraid to disturb the big Wei when the Council, provoke internal strife is their ultimate goal. Yu Wen Yue training Qiao Qiao, Yuwen burning to send her to deal with the big spy. Yu Wen Yue Chu Qiao not mature on the grounds of the decline, but Yuwen burning insisted, he had to agree. Yuwen Yue is very clear to Chu Qiao now the ability to perform such a task, very dangerous. He and the moon from the Yuwen burning out there to see Chu Qiao and so on in the secret entrance, to see him out, Chu Qiao smiled and asked when to start training, Yuwen Yue told her to be a real spy Experience actual combat training, and therefore sent her to follow Xiao Yu, eavesdropping intelligence. On the seventh day will be eavesdropping artifact – smell gold and track artifact – bamboo dragonfly to Chu Qiao. Watching Yuwen Yue so solemnly account of the task and prepare weapons, Chu Qiao aware of the risk of this task. Ding Bei Hou sent a good assistant Zhong Yu came to Chang’an, if necessary to help Yan Xun escape, and Yuwen Yue is Yan Xun escape another big help, Xiao Yu get the message, stepped up to deal with Yu Wen Yue footsteps. Chu Qiao living in the inn opposite the quietly release bamboo dragonfly, and Xiao Yu and so on is this time, she and the hidden heart, peach leaves in the house to sing a play and Chu Qiao led to the left treasure warehouse Shen Bing shop. Zuo Baocang is a strange man, Qi Men Dunjia, giants map, magic weapon all fine, Chu Qiao want to go smoothly to the Red Hill, find him right. A burst of cold wind blowing, magic shop in the wind bell shaking, issued a jingle bell sound. Zuo Baocang from the wall of the bronze mirror to see a few masked woman aggressive to come. Peach leaves come in and Zhong Yu move hands, Chu Qiao into just on the Xiao Yu, four people in the small shop to fight up, smashing things countless. This is so hiding in the counter peek at the left treasure warehouse distressed endless. Month seven had been secretly followed Chu Qiao, but this time he was hidden in the outside, self-serving. Xiao Yu sent people to Yuwen Yue came, he arrived at the time, just to save the injured seven months. At the same time, Zao Baocang looked at them playing too open, in order to avoid being implicated, he turned to escape into the Chamber of Secrets. Chu Qiao shengely pursued. Momentary, the battlefield from the store to the Chamber of Secrets, Chu Qiao is not Xiao Yu’s opponent, can persist for so long, just because Xiao Yu Yu Yu Yu Yue. Yuwen Yue one, Xiao Yu optimistic about the opportunity to Chu Qiao hit the inner chamber, peach leaves the opportunity to put down the dragon stone, Yuwen Yue do not want to fly in the past, picked up Joe Joe forward a few meters, trapped inside. Xiao Yu’s plan was successful, she had only five percent of the grasp, after all, Yu Wen Yue distinguished, but also the heir of the heir of the eye, Xiao Yu did not think he can not hesitate to Chu Joe sacrifice. Before leaving the fire to burn the magic shop, and other spy paper days people get the news came, I am afraid Yuwen Yue is gone. At the same time, the Chamber of Secrets, Chu Qiao, Yuwen Yue and Zuo Baocang three big eyes stare small eyes, left treasure warehouse I do not know when into the room, and now they were trapped together here. This is the place where the treasure treasure gold and silver jewelry, broken dragon stone once put down, it is impossible to open, left treasure warehouse before the addiction in the peach’s color, the chamber of the agency told her, now trapped In the inside, can really be really picked up the stone hit his feet. Zuo Baocang has always been serious, he said Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue is a pair of lovers, see them holding the sword to know, residual rain, broken moon is a couple sword. This is the case of Joe do not know, but Yuwen Yue certainly know, mind was left treasure warehouse point break, he some unnatural turned to look to the wall. Fortunately, Zuo Baocang transferred attention, analysis of today to the store several people’s identity. Three people continue to go inside, Chu Qiao no longer under the heart of a bit, Yuwen Yue eye swiftly picked her up, the two eyes relative, sometimes silent. Yuwen Yue reminded her to be careful. Zuo Baocang with Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue into a stone room, where he stored enough to eat six months of food for six months. The moon is the Yuwen home spy paper day heir to the sword, left treasure warehouse believe Yuwen home will send someone to save, so he did not worry to whirring sleep, before going to bed did not forget the spirits of the day Generation, even to a maidservant fell to such a point. Since the get out, Yuwen Yue no longer bother, leaning on the side of the wall to close your eyes. Chu Qiao relax, an inattentive also slept in the past, so she woke up, left treasure warehouse has long been disappeared, and Yuwen Yue eyes closed, how are called awake. On the other side, Yu Wenxi has been on the Yuwen Yue mother’s death to heart, for many years down, has become a demon. Xiaoyu take the threat to him, Yu Wenxi had to obediently let the red mountain house in power. He panic to collapsed to the ground, Yu Wenhuai at this time came in to see Yu Wenxi’s embarrassed look, but also to the shaking bead curtain, thoughtfully.

Episode 17

Yu Wenhuai attack as well as the front, Xiao Yu Kui Ran fixed, she has confidence Yuwen pregnant will not really start. Sure enough, in the text to see people come in time after the hand. Xiao Yu told him Yu Wenxi these years has been used for the beam, but unfortunately the hero is late, not enough for the use. Hearing this, Yuwen Huai know their own opportunity to come, when Xiaoyu then let him take over Yuwen seats, in charge of the Hongshan Institute, Yu Wenhuai almost no hesitation agreed. Peach leaves Ji look a little panic over, according to her report, at the moment there have been a large number of Moonlight came toward the Red Hill Court. Xiao Yu did not put the moon on the eyes, no Yuwen Yue, they are a group of small myself, she is going to bring people out, Yuwen Huilong Li told Li told her Red Hill Road secret. Walking, Xiao Yu suddenly found himself something missing, this thing is very important to her can not be lost, Xiao Yu let peach leaves first, go back to find their own. At the same time, the left treasure warehouse of the Chamber of Secrets, Yuwen Yue cold disease attack, unconscious. Chu Qiao’s mind to kill a flash, and then disappeared away. She had a fire on the side, for Yuwen Yue heating. At this point, the disappearance of the left treasure warehouse holding a altar of wine and some dry food suddenly ran from a distance, very generous to ask Chu Qiao drink to eat. Chu Qiao want to know Yuwen Yue suffering from cold disease reasons, this left treasure warehouse really do not know, but to see the symptoms of Yuwen Yue, most likely to be with the womb, cold disease is extremely difficult to cure, Yuwen Yue deep internal force, at least you can Live twenty or thirty years. Chu Qiao heard this, some surprised, but more is worried, do not know she has not realized. Zuo Baocang approached Yuwen Yue for his probe, suddenly sharp eyes to see Chu Qiao with the body of the wooden beads, his hippie smile immediately received, become serious up. Chu Qiao to inquire about the news to him, but no money to pay the bill, left Baocang pretending to be angry, followed by let her exchange with wooden beads advice. Chu Qiao looked at him so interested in the wooden beads, want to set his words. Zuo Baocang mention Luo River, twelve people and the situation so that these Chu Qiao did not hear, but she suspected that this and his life experience. Zuo Baocang also want to chant from Chu Qiao where to get the whereabouts of the situation, but Chu Qiao really know nothing about them, but she can determine that she must be related to the situation, as long as the left treasure warehouse to help her, and so on After she regains her memory, she will be able to remember the whereabouts of the situation. Heard her say amnesia, Zuo Baocang finally hero with the useless, he rule all kinds of amnesia. Zuo Baocang arouse the memory of the method called Zhu Zu surgery, Chu Qiao drink Zhu Zhu Tang, into a coma, and then he gradually guide to restore memory. To be in a near-known people in front of the loss of consciousness, Chu Qiao some do not worry, she proposed to be the map of the Paradise will be willing to drink Zhu Zhu, Zuo Baocang out of the map, which marked above all the organs of the club Secret passages. Chu Qiao get the map want to repudiate, but want to unlock their own life experience of the mystery, and finally drink the wish of the soup. She remembered her Niangqin, Niangqin from childhood to teach her martial arts, told her if she did not come back after half a month, went to find a man surnamed Jing, waiting for her ice tactic Dacheng, to open the wooden beads. Chu Qiao so to Jingjia, until one day Jingbo Bo took a notice rushed to tell her, her mother to be asked to cut off. Chu Qiao through the heavy barriers, and finally to the dungeon, but found that this is simply a trap, the dungeon woman is not Niangqin. And so she would like to break out, thousands of hardships, blocking the heavy, there is a black man masked martial arts extremely high, palm will Chu Qiao hit seriously injured. Black people told her that the river has long been dead, she has a party forces, but always want to release slaves only, the world peace, can not be used for their own, of course, to kill and then fast. Black people want to fall into the death of Luo River to Chu Qiao, the occasion of the occasion, to protect the Qiao Qiao’s snake suddenly appeared, saved her. Qiang’s sound, Chu Qiao wake up from the coma, see Yuwen Yue sword standing in front of them. Chu Qiao do not want Yuwen Yue aware of their own memories of things, secretly told Zao Baocang himself will come back. Zao Baocang know to continue to close Yuwen Yue and Chu Joe no meaning, had to tell them to export. After the two came out, have not had time to take a good look at the ground situation, it was hidden to lead a group of big spear who surrounded, fighting Chu Qiao was silver acupuncture. See her injured, Yuwen Yue heart anxious, hit her heart to draw back. Although his mouth scolded Joe Joe is useless, but the face of the anxious but very obvious. At this point, a large number of moon came, told them to go to the red hills on the month, Chu Qiao just want to take the opportunity to see the Red Hill, but Yuwen Yue worried about her injury, let her take a break.

Episode 18

Zuo Baocang out from the secret, stretched a lazy waist. Looked up and found that Dingbei Hou hands of the people can not come to him, the East has always been nothing to board the three treasures, the last time he came to Chang’an, soon after the Luo River died. They are friends for many years, but still a lot of complaints about his left treasure. He told the East bogey himself in a little girl who found his hand made wooden beads. Oriental bogey suspected Chu Qiao is the time to assassinate Luo River small killer, left treasure warehouse also have this suspicion, but he would like to further confirm clearly. If it is, to pay her to give the East bogey treatment; if not, then decided to protect her after the use of Bao, after all, she is the daughter of Luo River. Yan Xun in the inn to see Zhong Yu, read his father wrote to his letter, did not expect the court and Yanbei situation has been very urgent, Zhong Yu came to escort him early to leave. Yan Xun want to bring Chu Qiao go, he personally wrote to tell his father. Yan Xun’s letter was intercepted by the secret spy. Mantis catch cicadas in the future, the East side of the people have been secretly observed, this situation will be reported to him, all in the East bogey expected. At the same time, Chu Qiao infudite floor stolen weapons, want to go to the Red Hill, there is a hand in hand weapons. Suddenly heard the voice of the speech, she was a hiding behind the shelves. At this point, Yuwen Yue and Yue Wei came in, Yuwen Yue Yue Yue from the Yan Xun where the stolen home book, the contents of the book if the emperor to see, will certainly cause an uproar, Yuwen Yue for an unusual home book was To the emperor. Chu Qiao only saw him changed the book, do not understand his intentions, but did not see him changed the content. The East bogey back to Yanbei day, he forged the Yan Xun letter, so that the North Hou Yan World City mistaken for his son accident, anxious to help. He worried about his son, had to personally go to Chang’an trip. Oriental bogey this proposed to go with the troops and horses to prepare for the accident. Yan Shicheng write memorial will advance to Beijing to inform the emperor, the province caused his suspicion. Oriental bogey holding Yan Shi City was presented to the emperor’s memorial, eyes slightly squint He is smart and has a pair of skillful, but dissatisfied with a craftsman. He bent on helping a ruler of the world, but Yan Shi City is not the person he wants, memorial by his mercilessly thrown into the fire. He let the men ginger how to pack things, Yanbei they will not come back. Everyone dreamed of night dream, the emperor dream of Yan Shi City to cut his head, he awakened from a dream, a lingering fear, no longer tolerate Yan North, Yuwen Yue and Yu Wenhuai stepped up to find Yan Shicheng Evidence of conspiracy. These days, Yuwen Yue has been training Chu Joe. Yuwen Yue will be their own ice and snow arrows to teach Chu Qiao, ice and snow arrows has been his unique, this time he was willing to teach Chu Qiao, enough to explain his trust and cultivation of Chu Qiao. He personally taught the spies to pass the message to the skills of Chu Qiao. Spy people’s secret letter is usually a special treatment, so as not to leak the message, respectively, with the powder and no powder to show and hide the letter information. Yuwen Yue will be developing powder and no powder to Chu Qiao, the future is always useful when. Chu Qiao back, the developer will be sprinkled in the wooden beads on the note, writing out, Niangqiang let her something to Yanbei to find Mr. Wu, he will shelter her, but also for her doubts, Chu Joe murmured Speaking of Yanbei, thoughtfully.

Episode 19

Chu Qiao accidentally found the moon into the Yuwen Yue room disappeared, she realized that the room must have secret, repeated search, and finally she opened a secret. Walked along the secret, Chu Qiao surprised to find Yuwen burning even live in the world. Yu Wenchao to let Chu Qiao to die, this is almost a task to her life, Yuwen burning that should be, anyway, Yuwen Yue training she is the purpose. Chu Qiao heard these words, tears involuntarily flow down. She silently returned to the room, lying in bed could not help but cry. Yuwen burning is still alive, then she is afraid of his brother’s death is nothing, but they struggle under the victim of the right. Let Chu Qiao difficult to accept is Yuwen Yue training she just to let her die, but she almost believe him, I believe he has been doing for her good. Yuwen Yue is expedited exploration of the trail of the trail, the moon tracking Yuwen Huai found him out of the city. Yu Wen Yue He Qichen, but by virtue of this he would have speculated that the big spear man hiding in the tomb of the facts. At this time, the month suddenly came in to tell Yuwen Yue, Yu Wenchao to let Chu Qiao do dead, against the big spy people. Yuwen Yue heard this, immediately gathered all the moon, immediately went to the tomb outside the city. To make Chu Qiao do not die and do not violate the wishes of his grandfather, only in advance to get rid of the big spear. Yuwen Huai and Xiao Yu in the woods secretly talk. Originally, Yu Wenhuai doubts about their cooperation, Xiao Yu honestly told him that there are indeed better candidates, but those people are not his ambition, so far, Yuwen Huai their cooperation unswervingly. Xiao Yu told him that the task is to provoke the emperor to deal with Ding Hou Hou. At this time, peach leaves suddenly came to tell them Yuwen Yue led a large number of moonback toward the direction of the tomb. Yu Wenhuai’s first reaction is to take a few people together with Xiao Yu. But Xiao Yu own intention, so Yu Wenhuai grasp to see the emperor. After some fighting, Yuwen Yue succeeded to Xiaoyu, peach leaves won, is going to ask questions, hidden suddenly appeared, throwing a smoke bomb at the same time release the hidden weapon. And other smoke dispersed, Xiao Yu three people have disappeared Deliberately proposed to get rid of Yuwen Yue, Xiao Yu said that now is not a good time to get rid of him. Grass fretting, one hand quietly pull the block in front of grass. Almost at the same time, Xiao Yu’s silver needle shot, two moonback fell to the ground. Suddenly blooming in the night sky a signal bomb, Yuwen Yue see, rush to the jungle. Waiting for him is already Xiao Yu out of the bag on the moon, the three out of their not used to hurt him with a needle. Yuwen Yue decided to sit down and heal and detoxify. Chu Qiao sad after, got up to find the left treasure warehouse. She used two cute little mice cited left treasure warehouse out, just this intention is very close to the left treasure warehouse mind. Last time Chu Qiao to map when the map, the left treasure warehouse to realize that she had to deal with Yu Wenxi. Paradise Club organs heavy, dangerous, Zao Baocang asked her how many helper. Chu Qiao out of a finger, left treasure warehouse to know that she was only one person, call her crazy, which is to assassinate, clearly is to die ah. Chu Qiao face deserted, the heart is full of desolate, what fear of death Since the Yuwen Yue know the purpose of training her, Chu Qiao disappointed, life and death is not in the eyes of the event. Zao Baocang was very dissatisfied with her attitude, he cried and did not want her to die. Chu Qiao face finally showing a trace of a smile, for the eyes of people who just recently know a warmth. Zuo Baocang gave her a hairpin into the Hall of Paradise, because other weapons are not brought into it. He also prepared a lot of hand in hand weapons, let her into things, along the secret to the top of the rooftop rooftop, to the time, these weapons will give her where her left treasure. Chu Qiao asked him since they can go, why not go with their own to go. Zuo Baocang bluntly afraid of their own death, do not want her to die is one thing, but to accompany her to die is another matter, he can do this has been benevolent to do. Chu Qiao before leaving, left treasure warehouse and send her a baby near the body. Go back, Chu Qiao more hard to practice martial arts. Yan Xun came to ask her not to go back to their own north, Chu Qiao asked him Yan North really have that he said so beautiful? Yan Xun heard her words deep meaning, smiling, told her Yanbei full of flowers and beautiful grassland beautiful mountain. Get Chu Qiao sure answer, Yan Xun mouth smile did not put down again. Yu Wenhuai night last night into the palace, said to be four Baobo mountain days Furui, Kistler on a long giant, to bring the emperor to see. Line to the moat, the emperor heard a noisy outside, a group of villagers pushed a piece of Yellowstone. Emperor saw the Yellowstone said: Wei Di will die, Yan Lord of the world a few characters. After the palace, the emperor strokes a few gate of the power of the people to discuss the matter. Wei Wei Wei Wei Wei is considered a trick of other people, the other person only his first look, only Yu Wenhuai directed Yan North. His words coincided with the emperor’s mind, in fact, called these ministers to come, not to discuss what, but want them to give a justification of the reasons for the fate of the North Hou.

Episode 20

Yu Yuhuai under the guidance of the strong, several adults have to understand the emperor’s intentions, constantly echo Yuwen Huai, the spearheaded Ding Hou Hou. Only a Song generals almost set Bei Hou, the emperor apart from anything else turned to pull the sword stabbed him. The emperor decreed to seize the rebel Yan Shi City, life Yuwen Huai and Wei Guang arrest Yan Xun, people on the river embankment cut. Wei Guifei get the news, hurriedly ran to the emperor pleading. The emperor was suspicious, Wei Gui bad for Yan Xun more good words, and now Changan’s valves have begun to act, crusade against the big Wei traitor. Wei Guifei face is extremely ugly, she knew the matter has been irreversible. Wei Guang back to the government, the emperor’s secret to the grandchildren Wei Shu Ye see, Wei Shu Ye want to ask for Yan Xun, but the overall situation has been set, Ding Hou Hou a death, and now he can only choose to adapt to the overall situation, or force Yan Xun And the family to give up, always do an unknown dandyism. Wei Shu Ye clenched the secret purpose, made up his mind. Chu Qiao see the Hongshan hospital guards and Yu Wenxi looking for maidservants, she thinks the time is ripe, is planning to go back to the Castle Hill, Yan Xun found the children of sleep and so on waiting for her in and out of the government often go on the road. Sleep for the Yan Xun dial, tonight, Hai Shi, waiting outside the city in the West, see and let go. Chu Qiao before leaving, sleep suddenly asked her will not be on time, Chu Qiao let him tell Yan Xun, if they do not, let him not wait. Subsequently, Chu Qiao back to the room so that the two sister tonight to the West when the city waiting for her, if she does not appear, let them follow Yan Xun walk. Chang’an city moves frequently. Yan Shi City has also been brought to the city outside. He is going to take a break tomorrow and get into the city tomorrow. Night quietly come, quiet trees outside the city, Yu Wenhuai people quietly surrounded by Yan Shi Cheng and others, with a sharp arrows shot, both hands to move. Yan Shi City did not intend to regain, so bring very few people. Less than a moment, the blood will be red at the foot of this piece of land, Yu Wenhuai’s sword also penetrated the Yan Shi City’s chest. The war of life and death of the fortune of the North Hou so died in the Chang’an City, died under the suspicion of the emperor. At the same time, Chu Qiao quietly sneaked into the red hills, mixed in the guards for the Yu Wenxi prepared maidservants, quietly on the pillars left fingerprints, and pretended to have no intention to shake the guards hand, the hands of the red India is printed on his hand. Paradise Club burning fragrance rich blood fragrance, Chu Qiao know that this blood must have the role of confusion, but fortunately she has internal strength care body, can only keep awake. Yu Wenxi step by step approaching the usual music pool, cruel with a scarf over the whole face of a maidservant, and gradually forced to cover her dead. “Rip” the sound, which is hard to pierce the flesh of the sound, Yu Wenxi incredible to go back and see a black woman holding silver hairpin inserted in his waist. Yu Wenxi did not know Chu Joe, this time, she was scared to collapsed in the pool.



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