Chua Qiao Chuan Biography English Translation Chapter 001-010

Based on the original novel

11 agents princess by Xiaoxiang Donger

Arranged and translated by Angel Chua 

CHAPTER 01 Military Court

Edited by Angel Chua 01 June 2019

On May 12, 2009 at two o’clock in the morning, outside the heart of wilderness is the capital city’s location.

Seven black cars drove at speed on the outskirts of the country. Two cars in front, two in the back, and two on the sides, guarding a black Mercedes. The military’s powerful engine produces a smooth sound. The body is made entirely of high-performance aluminum alloy. The spiral-shaped bullet-proof pattern is visible on the windshield. There is no license plate and no special military logo. It is doubtful. How did such a team come out of the gate of the strict city.

An hour later, the team drove into a khaki-colored building on the outskirts of the city. Four soldiers in camouflage uniforms came forward and signaled that the car was parked for inspection. A front door opened and worn. The young man in the black suit got out of the car and handed a crimson sign. The soldier checked for a long while and said, “I need to ask the superior.”

The man’s brow was picking up, his tone was urgent, and he was slightly angry with his voice. He said, “There is a signature of the commander of Hua, and who do you need to ask?”

The soldier continued to say with a blank expression: “The major, the superior has just issued an order, except for the long-term personal arrival, other people entering the military forbidden land will need the joint signature of the Chinese commander and the chief of the staff of Zhang, otherwise they will not be released.”


“Li Yang.”

A low voice suddenly sounded behind the car, the driver pressed the button of the black Mercedes window and it slowly opened revealing a slightly tired old face, the soldiers looked surprised, suddenly stood upright, and honored a salute to the commander and said: “Aye Sir!”

The Chinese commander nodded a little: “Can we go in now?”

The soldier was slightly hesitant and said: “The chief’s report, the chief of staff of Zhang, ordered that the military prohibited area should not drive but walk.”

The Chinese commander brows gently wrinkled, pats his leg and says, “I need to walk too?”

The more ugly the soldier’s face was, the eyes turned round through the wounded leg of the driver of the window, and then the low sounding voice said: “I am sorry for the Chinese Commander, due to the superior instructions, no one can drive, please walk!” ”

Li Yang changed his face and suddenly became angry. The Commander gently waved his hand and turned his head to say to Li Yang: “Li Yang, you go in, take my piece, you must make 005 intact. Brought out, the Military Intelligence Bureau can no longer afford the loss like 003, they are the wealth of the country.”

Li Yang suddenly moved, facing the tired and white old man, revered and carried out a military ceremony, firmly said: “Long reassurance, will resolutely complete the task!”

However, at this moment, a huge burst of blasting came from the glare, and a dark mushroom cloud on the glare of the fire suddenly rose in the darkness. Li Yang’s eyes were round and the forehead was blue, and he turned to the military restricted area without saying a word!

This night, the people of the capital were still sleeping quietly, but in the fourth military prison outside the city, there was a huge blast that was enough to shock the world. In the darkness, all countries’ eyes are all secretly cohesive, waiting for the dawn in a few hours.


Four hours ago.

In the trial hall of the Fourth Military Prison, there were seven senior officers in military uniforms, and the stars were shining on the Epaulets (hash marks, military service bars), indicating that these people were all Admiral. On the trial bench, there are five military judges, each from the major military regions and not affiliated with a military system. Below are more than 20 national first-class special forces armed with the Colt d733 556mm assault rifle.

The atmosphere in the entire courtroom was solemn, and everyone’s eyes were condensed on the dock. The presiding judge in the military uniform cleared his throat and said: “Name.”

“Chu Qiao.”

A quiet, calm voice with a low response, although the tone is a bit hoarse, you can judge the gender of this person.

Sure enough, I saw a lower body wearing light green military pants, a white shirt on the upper body, and the cuffs were rolled up. The delicate woman with half of the white arm was sitting on the dock, her face was calm, her eyes were pure, and she could not see a little nervousness.

The presiding judge continues the boring process: “Gender.”


“Date of birth.”

“October 8, 1982.”


“Antu County, Jilin Province.”

“From the military resume.”

“In 1999, she was admitted to the Central Military School. In 2001, she was transferred to the Fifth Intelligence Division of the Central Military Command. In the second half of 2001, she entered the seventh unit of the Eagle Group for training. On August 27, 2003, she officially joined the Fifth Intelligence Service. Into the second group, engaged in intelligence analysis and deployment work. In December 2003, she was transferred to the Xinjiang Intelligence Bureau and cooperated with the Military Intelligence Department 9 to implement the raid plan. In June 2004, she left the country and lurked. In 2007, she returned to the country to enter 11 command posts. As a deputy commander until now.”

“What did you do during your tenure?”

“From 2007 to April 2009, 11 of the implementation size of the affairs of 97, by my hand a total of 29, of which are eleven 5-star mission, nine 4-star mission, five 3-star mission, four 2-star mission, and 1-star mission. ”

“Please report the 2-star missions you have performed.”

“In August 2007, MI7 provided intelligence, MI 9 came forward, I and MI9 Colonel Lee jointly planned ‘sea salt plan’, successfully obtained three hundred tons of uranium ore. In 2007 November, 11 and outside 6 cooperation in the implementation of the trap strategy, captured the so-called Mika two mouse treason generals, destroyed the F country’s nuclear reactor of the country. In April 2008, the plan was to rebel against the country’s abilities and recapture the central bank’s vulnerability code. In 2008 of June, with the help of X, with 11 plans, the ability to help 9 agents 003-based Simo action forming the result of the successful production of HK47 drawings.

The presiding judge took off their eyeglasses and, while comparing the pieces, said with a deep voice: “Please tell us in detail about the relationship between you and Agent 003 of the military.”

The woman heard the words slightly raised her eyebrows. The face that had not changed for a long time was slightly cold. Towards the seven jury officers who were swept one by one, and finally, the judge intervened and said: “In 2001, on the seventh army training period, I and Agent 003, 11th staff officer Dr. Huang Minrui shared a dormitory together. In March 2004, Agent 003 to the Xinjiang Information Division to implement the East Turkistan terrorist extermination plan. We cooperated for two months. In 2008, together with Agent 003 cooperated in the implementation of Simo action. ”

The presiding judge coldly said: “What is your relationship? Is it a comrade-in-arms, a colleague, or a general nod?”

The woman was calm and raised her eyebrows for a long time. She said, “We are friends.”

The jury suddenly sounded a slight sigh, and the woman’s eyebrows looked toward the two of them, and the sharp eyes saw the smiles that had not yet been scattered around the corner.

“That is, you are in close contact with Agent 003, is it a close friend, who has nothing to say?”

A female judge in her forty-year-old looks, wearing a dark green uniform, sank.

The woman turned her head and the look of the female judge looked like a sigh of relief. After the resounding statements, said: “Judge, I and Agent 003 are high-quality soldiers who have been specially trained by the state. We understand what can be said and what cannot be said. It can’t be spoken, so I don’t want to talk about these four words for your interrogation. I think it is a disregard for our professional qualities and a big disrespect for the martyrs who have sacrificed for the national interest.”

The female judge looked white and tightened her lips. No more words, the atmosphere was awkward.

The presiding judge continued: “Chu Qiao, now, please state your M1N1 action involvement, a simple statement, and defense.

Then here, finally the judge asked the key and that key, two more than 50 years of jurors heard a little touch before the court marshal body, and the court marshal body looked very focused. Chu Qiao bowed her head, a bit delayed for a long time to get up on her neck, word by word Chu Qiao said: “I asked to see my superior, or accept the Supreme People’s Court subordinate military court trial, before that, I will not do the M1N1 action any statement. ”

The presiding judge saw some wrinkles in her eyes, and there was slight anger in her voice. He slowly said: “Are you questioning the authority of the military court jointly organized by the five military regions and formed by high legal experts?”

“I am not.” Chu Qiao nodded and repeated: “I just asked to see my superiors, in the absence of the Chinese commander who signed the decrypted file. Please, it is a matter of national security, I cannot disclose the M1N1 action information and content.

The presiding judge frowned and continued: “So, please order the blasting of the General Affairs Building, causing more than 20 national hostages to be killed and make your own defense and elaboration.”

“They are not hostages.”

Chu Qiao looked up and said: “I ordered because the order is absolutely in line with the military’s various regulations, not in vain to kill a person, as long as I see my superiors and the commander signed the file, I will carry out the military duty and be in the court-martial if ever it will happen. I promise to make the most complete statement, but before that, I will not accept any trial.

After the trial entered the deadlock, and  Chu Qiao was brought down, all the judges and generals fled out of the hall, the strict monitoring device photographed all their images, but looking at the corner of the military generals’ bench, there is a flashing red light of the small device, is quietly running.

Time is already running out.

Chu Qiao sat on the iron bed, head down and still. The cell has four sides and is covered with tempered glass, you can completely see the outside and inside of the situation, but the people inside cannot see the slightest outside movement and without any privacy at all. And here, the degree of rigidity of the glass, even if you take the German M7KB large caliber submachine gun continuously shooting for a year, can only open a small mouth. If she wants to break the glass to escape, one may need the help of an atomic bomb.

Even if you cannot hear, but as the country’s most confidential intelligence officer of the senior commander, she clearly knows what is in the outside facilities layout. Hands touch the pulse, silently calculating the time, she knew that it is time to eat and it will be necessary.

Sure enough, a slamming sound, a corner door was opened under the glass, a tray was placed on one hand and slowly put in.

Chu Qiao just sat still on the bed, although she did not move this time a small stone suddenly fly out, accurate and silent, hit the wristwatch on the buckle, just listen to blast sound, then she saw the wristwatch fell among the guard.

The soldier outside the door was shocked. He reached out and touched his arm twice, but he could not reach it. Chu Qiao heard the sound, seemingly turned her head inadvertently, frowning in doubt, she knew that in addition to this, there was still a person standing outside, and they are closely monitoring her.

According to common sense, the prisoner can’t get close to the prison during the meal, but at this moment, Chu Qiao reached out and plotted against himself. The soldiers outside the door looked clearly and stretched out their hands. When they still couldn’t reach it, they reached out and fisted twice and agreed.

Chu Qiao jumped into the iron bed, picked up the wristwatch on the ground, handed it to one of the soldier’s hand, facing the outside of the tempered glass she smiled gently. After her meal, she was back to her bed.

Outside, soon, pipe down.

Everything is so natural, no trace of shame.

Chu Qiao on her bed felt she needed to do bladder break so she went to the bathroom next to the door opened.

Government is fairly humane, their bathroom settings are fairly private, all the following opaque glass was made of fiber plastic. Chu Qiao sat on the bench, the head slightly lower as she knew someone outside looking at her, and her time on the toilet, never more than twenty minutes.

Someone else cannot see the bathroom, she gently let out of her hands, just touched the fingers of the soldier’s fingertips, there is a transparent film, above, the other side was accidentally her fingerprints. Chu Qiao know that time is not much, she should act.


CHAPTER 002  Rain to the mountains

Edited by Angel Chua 01 June 2019

At midnight, Chu Qiao shut the bathroom door, she went to the wash basin and washed her hands.

The prisoners are dead and not the slightest sound was heard, this time is one of the most tiring part of the day. Even if there are rigorous training of special forces for alertness and physical strength, it will be slightly lower than usual. Chu Qiao looked calm, washed her face, picked up the towel on the shelf and carefully dry. The sound of the rushing toilet makes her hear pulse beats as it counts the silence of time.

Ten, nine, eight, … five, four …

Time to….Chu Qiao calmly turned to the bed toward the edge.

Hushed but muffled suddenly sounded and huge water went gushing out and subtle fire from the pipe under the impact of water let it out. Chu Qiao’s body was not far from near and it hits her whole body. The next thing she knows, she was lying on the floor.

Outside the prison, the guards are suddenly surprised. Chu Qiao saw the prisoners within the prison breakout and prisoners were hit by the explosion, she cannot count whose alive and who is dead. Suddenly she panicked, her hands and feet shaking as the two prison guards quickly press the switch password, a hand-held submachine gun on a hand-held device rushed into it. However, the brief pipeline blasting destroyed the transmission of information, within five seconds, the direction of the total station can only hear the unknown signal of rustling.

When the two prison guards went to the bathroom to see the reasons for the blasting, the original fainting woman suddenly opened her eyes, as her body rises like a civet cat ready to run, suddenly she went forward to the door of the guard. Two prison guards were shocked, however, before they could shout loud, the gate of the door boomed and was shut off tightly.

Chu Qiao did not see the rage inside of the two prison guards as she walked closer to the monitoring room. It is past the hour before the video is quickly sent to the small DV, do a short, cut and delete, dragging a chair to climb out, she saw the prisoners in the prison, she took the camera outside and put the DV screen in reverse, facing the camera she opened the video playback image, and then back to the monitoring room, she cut off the radio signal transmission.

Time was just at the right moment as five seconds was just over, simple blasting device began after the blasting self-repaired itself, water pipe leaks are quickly bonded. Closed in the prison, the two prison guards were at roar inside and are not allowed to penetrate this sealed cage. The monitor returned to normal, the total station video showing an hour before the image, the woman was sitting in bed quietly, two guards in the back and forth patrol. Everything is so peaceful and quiet.

Chu Qiao with her foxy eyes, looked around if there are security prison guards.

Back to the control room, Chu Qiao found and opened a reserved box and replaced her wet clothes, she put forth the prison guards clothing, wearing a hat then picked up the arsenal of the HK pistol, fitted with silencers on her waist, turned and went out.

Two prison guards opened the gate without scruples and are reckless as Chu Qiao passed by unnoticed.

The fourth prison adjacent to the capital city is the location of secluded secret detention and are going to be the national senior military court hearing of the repeated offenders. This is the importance of self-evidence. Each of the dormitories has its own defense and tightness have been linked to the latest state of the art technology of security, independent type of detention, weapons equipped with high-end specifications, strong monitoring, personnel deployment are designed to be perfect. Each seat has three national special military guards, divided into two gates, like what was depicted with Chu Qiao’s prison were more likely to be a dormitory. So long as there a password is obtained, you can open but outside the prison, gates are locked and it is fingerprint activated through a scanner and fingerprint reader.

Three of the prison guards is following a rotation system but now there are already two people in the prison, Chu Qiao took the prepared fingerprint film in advance, facing the scanner docked up, and soon a sound was heard: “click”. Chu Qiao wearing a standard uniform, in the eyes of the two national soldiers Chu Qiao is still the glaring officer and she sneaked openly out of the prison gate.

After going out there is a long corridor as she was in the underground prison from the fourth floor, in order to complete the goal, there is still a long way to go. Watch the video for one hour and she must seize the time.

Four are detained, all waiting for military court rulings of the national senior officers and secret agents, three is a major offense, the fourth floor is where the officer’s office is located and the second floor is the prison lobby that accepts foreign guests where most of the staff meetings happen. Chu Qiao’s purpose is to get to the prison lobby and to escape unnoticed. She remembers all her innovation escape training and she begins to walk.

Took her about two minutes, she left the prisoners as she approached the end of the corridor. In the end, is 40 armed heavy machine guns, heavily armed senior fighters. In the fourth prison, there are no air conditioning pipes, there is no empty sewer, in addition to this long corridor, one can only dig a concrete hole to escape. If a prisoner attempts to escape from time to time, the probability is almost zero.

The soldier guards saw Chu Qiao’s face and suddenly she became tense. The soldiers raised a black hole as they muzzles and shout: “Stop! What is your password?!”

Chu Qiao’s head is steady and without blinking, walk towards them, her back quite straight, holding a thick file, while walking in the side coldly said: “I was in the military law department of the Colonel of Liu Fanghao, in order to file the order of 12658 stationed in the fourth. I would like to send a letter to him and I will have an important document to convey to him.

The soldier surprised a moment, was puzzled same time frowned and said: “Report to Executive Colonel Tan Zongming, he does not work tonight, his line is a private secret line, please show your password credentials.

Chu Qiao responded: “Military law in the fourth prison never had the need to produce documents, I received the fourth prison warden’s invitation to come and assist in handling the case, three days ago by the school of Colonel Liu Fanghao personally sent to the trial house, you do not know?” Chu Qiao frowned and looked up and down to the soldiers. She coldly said: “Which army are you, they are not familiar with your military code, your number, the troops told me.”

When soldiers heard this, the military level is clear, this person is extraordinary who opened the conversation about military law and  Tan Zhong Li one of the prison wardens are familiar and suddenly gave birth to a trace of a sense of awe. Coldly replied: “Report to the Executive, my number is 0475, belonging to the Southern Eighth Army 309 Army 571 brigade task force, not under the regular army of the preparation, we were assigned here just two years ago, so I do not know You are personally sent by Colonel Lui Fanghao.

Chu Qiao heard and her cold brow gently stretches, nodded her head and said: “You are the eighth army of the South? Tell me, are Liu and the deputy governor okay? You brought him in the bar, this time to Beijing, should you leave at the same time?

Xiaobing heard a moment of awe as the underground law enforcement department really have a different response: “Report Executive, Liu Jun Long all well, our group is transferred to the fourth prison, not with the army back to the south.

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded and said: “I also came from the eighth army origin, once in the Eighth Army intelligence inspection service. I say we are still comrades and I am here to see your commander, on behalf of Colonel Liu Fanghao. There are things in the group that you go to the transmission station to fax the document and to duplicate, you have to inform Zhang’s Chief of Staff and to the Commander of the Secretary, six o’clock in the morning that he will visit the military law school and Colonel Liu Fanghao will be waiting.

Then, turned and walked toward the front.

Soldiers stunned in place, holding a lot of top notes above the soft copy files.

Chinese commander … … Zhang’s Chief of staff … …

Out of the fourth floor’s dormitory, the back of her clothes is wet, she leaned against the wall, slowly panting, and then lifted her wristwatch, read the following clock ticks, ten minutes have passed, time left her so soon, she took a deep breath, with her stand straight body, relaxed, she continued to move forward.

Fingerprint decoder, infrared scanner, retina docking frequency, after layers of search and monitoring, she finally came to the second floor of the outer room. She looked at the room where the military law school was, Chu Qiao’s mouth gently picked up something that would save the rest of her life.

“Very good” she nudged herself, injustice has debt, she finally found the password and fingerprint to unlock.


CHAPTER 003  To die for the country

Edited by Angel Chua 01 June 2019

Everything turned out easy since Chu Qiao cracked the password lock and the fingerprint reader, she gently turn the door handle, sideways and went inside. Although it is late at night, the corridor was brightly lit, there are still a lot of people walking back and forth. Chu Qiao walked freely, heading to the corridor of the foreign guests, fast pacing to the fourth prison office, she suddenly bumped into staff and she nodded from the greeting of the staff. Although the staff did not know her, her looks are calm, dressed in uniforms, even the guards look past on her and did not recognize, who would have thought she’s a prisoner?

Five minutes later, Chu Qiao left the office. The staff lounge of the military officers went to greet her eyes and she smelled the air drifting with the taste of wine. Chu Qiao knows she was not at the wrong place.

On the side of the bedroom, seen with a movement, Chu Qiao took a rapid response, and told herself “I’ve got company”. A smart buddy with tattoo’s in his body was close to the door, her slender palm quickly touches the HK pistol attached to her waist.

A man wearing a short black suit was very alert. He seems to be aware of the movement in the corridor, but his reaction is stupid to find out towards the direction of Chu Qiao who looked at him. To meet him, she took out a black hole in the muzzle with the silencer intact and in place, the bullet quickly rushed out of the muzzle directed in his heart and it exploded a big bloody hole. The man’s pupil suddenly widened as Chu Qiao left his body and covered his mouth until his pulse stopped beating, she let go and walked fast.

Chu Qiao finally looks at the room before she leaves and there are people more courageous she thought, in this less than 100 of the two into the room, are sixteen years of age, in addition to the one who died before, the rest are all falling into sleep. There are insiders, forged legal status, equipped with high-level weapons with some of their companions. These people may dream one person will be bold enough to break into their bedroom and the moment of death have been standing in front of them without any sneaky consciousness.

Against the enemy, Chu Qiao have always been lacking compassion, although she has been engaged behind the work planning, this does not mean that she did not shoot the courage. With the stable mouth of the large diameter of her HK pistol, Chu Qiao’s eyes slightly squint, showing a trace of cold-blooded color, muzzle aimed at the bed of a middle-aged man, puff sound muffled, sleeping man’s body suddenly startled, forehead blood hole open, white red splashing.

The woman did not do too much to stay, she quickly walked forward, covering in her ears, ten seconds later she ran the outside of the room then finds no one was alive.

When she opened the inside door, she saw five men lying on bed and still sleeping. Not the slightest hesitation, killing in a lot of time, than to eat and take a bath should be more simple. Five guns shots suddenly sounded, the sound was boring, with blood gurgling gushing sound, the air was full of disgusting bloody gas.

From the innermost man’s bag she finds a small DV, Chu Qiao was standing between the corpse of the seven men then she opened and watched the switch go up.

After confirming right, Chu Qiao put away the DV in a large pocket, and then from the deceased bag to find the super C4 blasting expert installed in the room, she opened the boot device and the black box on the red cursor began to flash up quickly.

Chu Qiao finally looked at the room of the dead, confirmed that there were some, opened the door and went out. However, at this time, a Hanmang (means poised, accurate and fast) suddenly pulled her neck and strangled her over!

Chu Qiao’s stature fell then quickly turned over and landed to the ground, she rolled it back and watch it escape its bullet attack, Hanmang’s bucket flash, shooting without stopping. Chu Qiao kicked in the door and she banged the door to seal off tightly. Chu Qiao half kneeling on the ground as she listens to the opposite, her breathing is low, she knew that she has been exposed.

Chu Qiao’s muscle stretched very tight, breathing slowly while his enemy’s eyes tightly staring at the opposite door. She is not Agent 003, not super action Agent 009, she studied blasting, planning, how to use the favorable environment, clever intelligence, and limited staff to maximize the benefit of the biggest gains of the kill inside the military academy. At this moment, in the face of those less than three meters away from her risk, she clearly understood, hard touch is irrational.

Her eyes, slowly aiming at the name of the poor man in the sleep of death.

Bang!!! bang!!! the door was kicked open, Chu Qiao standing in front looked proudly hidden in the room outside of the two men.

They obviously did not expect her to come out of her own and suddenly looked surprised in a moment.

Two sounds of crackling were heard, Chu Qiao look contemptuous at the hand of the dagger, her HK thump on the ground, hind foot micro-side, hands forward and formed a Tai chi’s hands then facing the opposite two men, cold and a hum of cry she gently stroked. Meaning is it obvious:  Together on!

Two men can play a series of 160 rounds of bullets from powerful assault rifleman suddenly in rage, the gun was brushed and he throws it away. Poised in a Japanese boxing posture, vicious eyes, stature suddenly leaps to the lightning speed towards a match with Chu Qiao.

In that small room, blowing a trace of the stench of cold wind shaking, dark lights, huge murderous sky, with the two men’s stature quickly toward Chu Qiao, she was forced to act into a man-to-man fight. Just look at the two people that tangled its muscles and shot so cruelly. You can foresee the fate of this woman who knows the skies.

However, at this time, the deep-sounding woman suddenly smiled, her mouth coldly pulled up, turned into a trace of a while but cold smile, as if the trick is a general, a Japanese made M609 small caliber pistol suddenly appeared on her hand. M609, a close killer weapon of a king, not through the hole, always a direct headshot!

And the next thing was hearing the gunshot sound, 0.05 seconds of the spike so that the two even it screams seems heard, close to the shooting, burst out of their heads, bloody brains splashed. Thus, spraying directly to Chu Qiao’s body.

Disgusting kick landed to the open man, Chu Qiao quickly opened the bathroom door, as expected two more people showed up but the action is still very smooth than originally estimated to save twenty minutes of time, enough to make her perfectly wrap up the job.

Fifteen minutes later, a woman in a military black suit coming out of the military law room restroom walked in the second floor of the outer corridor, facing forward, the fourth prison staff wore that kind smile and then three minutes later, she calmly opened the door of the second floor. Chu Qiao finally got out.

The night wind was cool and softly blowing on Chu Qiao’s face as she walks in the fourth prison of the ground floor down to the hall and was surrounded by busy people welcoming the arrival of the country’s elite soldiers, she raised her wrist, watch according to the time, she has ten seconds remaining.

Chu Qiao looked the same and continued to go out while walking from the side, she grabbed yesterday’s newspaper. While walking and reading, Chu Qiao’s attitude always counts her steps.

10,9,8 …

“May 11, China has a case of infection with the M1N1 virus with patients diagnosed in Beijing. At present, the diagnosis of infection in China infected the forty-seven (47) persons. The ports and some flights have been announced to be suspended. Tourism suffered a serious impact, the trading stock fell heavy, Beijing and Shanghai’s market in a gloomy stance… … ”

7,6,5 …

“Xinhua statistics: the current statistics, Moses Song confirmed that the number of people that have been diagnosed and infected with M1N1 virus is 689 people, suspected number of infected patients is 1,227. The death toll arises to sixty-eight people. The number of deaths is still uncontrollable among the people who contracted the infection through a selenium teeth test and confirmed the number of three hundred and fifty people while a number of suspected at 561 people and the death toll of ninety-seven.

4 …

“M” country ugly association reported: the M countries experts informed suspected with  M1N1 virus is spread out by the Z country, because the Z earthquake destroyed the balance of atmosphere causing the breeding ground of the virus, Z government for natural disaster was not able to quickly and effectively face the alarming situation and resulting in the rapid spread of infectious diseases. M government intends to refuse to accept foreigners from Z countries trade in the short term, the expulsion of  M government to domestic Z government people that prohibits Z people arriving in the country. The House of Representatives is currently in a tensed discussion, I believe that soon there will be a proper way on how to deal with the current pandemic.


Still inside the prison perimeters, suddenly the whole earth violently shook up, a huge blasting sound impact drums, red sirens sharp and long, smoke billowing, fire collapsed the buildings, the whole fourth prison in this explosion that created violent trembling.

As ashes and smoke fans along, all of the fourth prison staff was activated to red alert status, they were trained to pick up the weapons both quick and well-organized toward the explosion site where it occurred. Chu Qiao covered with dust, with a panic look in her eyes, pulled a man wearing a uniform arm, shouted: “Comrades! What happened?”

The man looked at her and was still messy from the military law department, knowing that she was not from the fourth prisoner so he lifted her up and said, “You are in the military service department, and you will come with me and I will take you out.”

Busy with the escort, other departments and colleagues of the national soldiers do not know, at this time, in their own hands, it is the initiator of this explosion, not only that, there are more than a dozen “military law” comrades were killed in Chu Qiao’s hands.

As chaos harvests the crowd, they rushed out of the hall and was about to continue to run forward, not looking at the path when two men suddenly appeared into the hall and hit them both.

“Ah! Sorry, It is Colonel Lee!” The man holds on to each other, sorry she said.

“What happened inside?” Li Yang locked his brow, eyes glancing to his side, just to see Chu Qiao staring eyes, Chu Qiao, immediately opened his mouth: “Chu … …”

“You came to me, there was a big blast, we have the words to go out and talk about it.”

Chu Qiao quickly interrupted the words of Li Yang, the soldiers heard: “I don’t know what just happened and I did not send this two, I do not know what is the situation, I want to go back and see.”

Li Yang nodded his head and saw the soldier go away but grabbed Chu Qiao, coldly said: “How is it? Why did the Military court want to try you? How did you escape?

“M1N1 virus is not a natural disaster, but the man-made M, R, Eagle, F, and so on more than a dozen high-level western regions are involved, and even some people inside China is also interested in getting involved in the last captured X forces. The hostages are simply not hostages, but virus experts who are hidden at military research institutes, who want to spread the virus around the world, fight against the hostile country’s economy, and at the last minute by a listed company will produce M1N1 virus antibiotics, and profiteering. My agents got their evidence of the crime in it.

She coldly said: “take out the DV and see it for yourself Li Yang, the last agent poet of Tokyo is to kill the senior leadership of X forces, and finally to bring back something that our internal informants life’s in exchange for evidence, but unfortunately the agent poet died in the streets of Tokyo, it did not amount to nothing. The M1N1 virus was behind the main cause of reselling of human organs that secretly developed fatal epidemic virus X. They sent people into this country, under the cover of high – level treason leaders, disguised as military law colleagues, into the fourth prison who stole the evidence, and now I have been removed.

Li Yang stunned at what he said then said: “You mean they killed the poet and that was it?”

Chu Qiao nodded and was certain when she said: “I received the order to give up 003 agents that were hidden in the country’s high-level enemy agents. He also ordered me in the fourth prison to take the country’s criminal evidence who tried to cover up their heinous crimes. ”

Li Yang is still immersed in a huge shock, eyebrows locked, eyes got darker that betrays him with anger, coldly said: “M artillery shells experts today at Beijing for visit and study. The Beijing staff was focused on money and I have been part of it more on meeting the task and did not think of them …… ”

“What did you say?” Chu Qiao said it like a scream.

Li Yang surprised a moment, asked: “What?

“Did you say that the M artillery experts arrived at Beijing?”

Li Yang nodded and said, “Yes ah, last night it arrived.”

Chu Qiao looks at him and more than interested to find out more and said: “with no navigator locator?”

“Are you looking for that?”

Chu Qiao suddenly became furious and snapped: “You did not bring with you?

“How can I bring this kind of thing here?” Seeing Chu Qiao’s face anxious, Li Yang quickly said: “Here come with me, I know where to find it.”

Then the next thing, the two people ride on their military service rugged Jeep vehicle, very quickly in the courtyard of people where they were coming and going, it took two minutes, after Chu Qiao saw the navigator locator and it is flashing a red dot, she only felt whole but her mind went blank.

“How is this going on? You have not installed the navigator locator on the second floor of the guest room? How will you monitor the courtroom on the fourth floor?

Chu Qiao stood up quickly to find a weapon in the warehouse where she can take advantage of it when she gets outside. She coldly said: “M countries simply do not trust R Countries X forces, they are afraid that R country cannot succeed, the matter exposed and went out, so in the trial room to install the navigation locator, as long as there is time, the shells will be fired, when the whole fourth prison will be razed to the ground, including evidence, including me.

“What do I do now? Immediately go to inform the bombs experts, inform the special forces to send and make reinforcements to control the M country.”

“It is too late,” said Chu Qiao in a deep formal voice, and coldly said: “Immediately prepare me a helicopter to disperse the crowd, you have the most important thing to do now and this is to hand this evidence to the hands of the Chinese Commander. The life of the eleven of the 14, the death of the whole world and the death of the life of the M1N1 virus, all in your hands now. You must not have any slightest mistake.”

Li Yang looked surprised a moment while on the distant smoke the crowd went restless, he looked at the woman’s firm eyes and thin face, suddenly he felt a burst of sorrow and grief at heart, for a long time before the firm and in coldness said: “ What you must do Chu Qiao, what you want to take care of this.”

“You too.”

Meanwhile, the woman did not return to the warehouse as she remembers before the hardships she went through out of the four-story expedition she quickly ran to.

Ten minutes later, a helicopter took off from the helipad square of the fourth prison and quickly moved away from the fourth prison at an extremely fast pace and swept away towards the desolate suburbs.

Sitting on the sedan beside is the Chinese Commander inside the car, Li Yang holding arms with its navigator locator, watching the little red dot from the four-story courtroom move little by little, came to the helipad square, and then quickly fly over to the outskirts of Beijing. Suddenly, a huge violent explosion smoke is seen rising to the sky, the navigator locator device red dot instantly disappeared and turned into a black skeleton pattern.

Li Yang sitting in the car did not look back, but on his part, he never show people’s tears but in the dark…he slowly let it out.

On the night of Beijing, everything became quiet.



CHAPTER 004  Royal Hunting

Edited by Angel Chua 01 June 2019

The birthplace of the Great Summer Dynasty reaches the Hengshui River on the east coast of Hong Chuan. Their ancestors began to live by the grass and choose nomadic living, therefore people practiced in martial arts and trained strong soldiers. Their season turns from summer to bitter cold. The condition of their living environment limits the development of these summer people. Thousands of years, summer people in the east of the Red River had difficulties in the land to survive until the real Huang (means Yellow黄) of the world was established by a strong regime.

In the history of this strong regime, almost every word is made of blood and tears. The nature of the nomadic people makes their relationship with the land feels indifferent which to some extent also makes them raise some issues compared to the South Bian Tang, Oriental Huai Song is more inclusive and have a large pasture. For hundreds of years, the Summer people continue to immigrate to the west, and as aliens, they mixed with their culture and struggle to survive to their increasingly vast territory. Now for more than three thousand years history of Bian Tang and the most prosperous business Huai Song, became the mainland’s first military power.

It has become the center of the economic and political power of the whole continent, high-rise neighborhood, business travel, bustling and splendid national dignitaries, wealthy businessmen, shuttle in the nine main streets, forest and also its city, very lively.

The morning sound of the first long distant throbs tremendously spread through a gigantic bell fixed at their gates and it slowly opened. Sunny and true Huang Cheng, the gatekeeper from Zhuge Household opens a new day and once again run by the Imperial rough order it slowly began.


Suddenly the sound of powerful and neat throbs was heard, the black horse raised its white horseshoe, riding in the city outside the snow and the snow splashes as horse galloping marches and thumps were echoed all over the city leaving more than a dozen followers far behind them.

“Yan Shi Zi! You came in late!”

Zhuge Huai mocked Yan Shi Zi with a long laugh, he drives forward facing the people wearing his smirking smile. Yan Shi Zi face is as fresh like the spring breeze, the voice is warm, a pair of eyes half-squinting, the aura flashing a shrewd light, he wears a purple gold line Chinese Koi clothing with its exclusive designer after the Cangwu, a Wushan silver mink and he looked more and more elegant with a touch of romantic suave. Since he’s thirteen-years-old his super-elegance was beyond the wisdom of age.

Standing beside him are four youngster ages eleven years old and thirteen, everyone dressed in brocade costumes behind their back is Ying Ting (means old-fashioned music) a piece of extraordinary equipment. They heard his voice and they suddenly turn around and look towards the people.

Yan Xun stayed in the house and called someone like he wanted to cry. Suddenly a mysterious snowflake appeared and most of the people of the land stood up with their loud cries. After it, the snow firmly stopped at Yan Xun who is wearing deep purple suits, and on his shoulder was adorned with long fur as white as clouds. His childhood playmate coldly said: “when brother Zhuge Yue receives the news, he will have difficulty getting out of the house as the eighth (8th) princess is inside the Zhuge Yue household.

“The woman seemed to be very beautiful, and was the reason for Yan Shi Zi sleepless night’s a woman called Ya Xing.” A man wearing loose green pajamas came up with a small son, the sound also with a soft voice, eleven and twice of age as of the son, a pair of eyes bent, like a fox in general while smiling told him that.

Yan Xun’s face turned indifferent and said: “If not for the little crown prince jokes of the day before the Japanese banquet, I might have broken the princess glass, and today there is none, Yan Xun speaking in everything but also give thanks to the little crown prince.

The son of another prince smiled and said: “do not worry” then turned away, facing the side of another Cangqing (means blue and green) robe, a boy said: “See it, Mu Yun, I said Yan Shi Zi will not let go, it is necessary for him and I’m definite.”

Mu Yun slightly raised his eyebrows: “This emperor was the root of many people who makes you suffer less? Yan Shi Zi is in a good temper and will not kill your household.

“In the end is still better than what? If all you want is to chat then go back.”

Another young boy wearing black pants came, in his waist hanging a bright yellow bow, and gave away a look that he is the king of all things. Yan Xun seems to be aware of this general at this time, jumped off the horse, respectful salute: “The original seventh, His Royal Highness is also here, Yan Xun eyes are just clumsy.

Zhao Che looked at the eyes of Yan Xun in a glance, called in for greeting straight to Zhuge Huai and said: “I and eighth younger brother just had a dinner and we still have to study and have less leisure time.

Zhuge Huai laughed: “Since Yan Shi Zi came, let‘s start.”

The little crown prince smiled and clapped his hands: “Zhuge Huai why don’t you find that fresh stuff, you come out and show me.

Zhao Jue (8th Prince) said: “I saw a pile of animal cage transported and if Zhuge Huai does not want us to hunt then it will be useless.

Zhuge Huai shook his head and said: “Today, I can spend a lot of thought at how you look at me.” Having said that, he stretched out his hand and gently pointed his hand to the direction of the field in the pale snow, far from where he stands.

The hunting field was surrounded by fences and from afar, you can watch the marching horses entourage of Zhuge Huai into the paddock where horses are held. A total of six wagons and six huge cages were lined up in an open space. Since it is covered with black cloth, you would not be able to see what’s inside.

The little crown prince interested and said: “What is that surprise inside? Zhuge Huai, I guess you are not going to sell something today? And he chuckled to mock Zhuge Huai.

Zhuge Huai smiled and did his smirking smile signature, facing the distant followers waved, and he ordered to remove the black cloth and the little crown prince paused for a moment, as he blankly stared, he was surprised but did not show. He quickly shifted it with a smile.

All saw the huge cage filled with a group of young children, about seven or eight years old girls, each cage had twenty children. Everyone only wore a thick cloth gown with a chest like-skirt prisoners. At their back were inscriptions and were written in oversize words and each cage of words are different and these are the names of the field hunters Mu Yan, little crown prince, Yan Shi Zi, Zhuge Huai, Zhao Che, and Zhao Jue. The group of children was kept in the black cage for a long time and when they got out, they looked like ignorant to see the light even though all were blindfolded eyes, the children panicked and crowded together like a group of a timid rabbit.

Zhuge Huai laughed: “Here are the mechanics of the western district hunting game they taught me. Wait for my signal to call and start. My servants to remove and release the barbarian cage where the wolf-beasts are contained. Those beasts have been hungry for three days and their eyes are like red crimson. We can shoot animals but you can also shoot others in the cage of slaves, a stick of incense is burned, and when incense of stick is on ashes, my servant will shot an arrow and hunting stops. Then, my servants will check what is left. Whoever has the most of the slaves left will be declared the winner of the game.

The little crown prince clapped and smiled when he said: “Sure enough, meaning, fun.”

Zhuge Huai said: “Then begin! Thirty arrows released and shot each child.” After his signal, every hunter turned against each others subordinate, said: “Zhu Jue, open cage!”

The servant executed the order, the cage door was opened and they discharged it in the paddock. The children shivering to stand in place as if there were still in a cage and looks like they are still trapped in their sleep are afraid to move.

Suddenly, wailing and the cry of roar came out as the servants untie the gate that has fences around. More than twenty ferocious evil wolves were released and ran to the paddock. The next scene was a pool bloody mouth wolves roaring to stir their fear of the children and they started to run for their lives.

Monster screams sounded as the children hastily gathered together toward the direction to run away to a safe place. At the same time, the fence outside has sharp arrows and against the impact of the fence was blown away when the whereabouts of those ferocious wolves tore it apart and chase these children on their agony and wail.

Strong bloody gas and the skies are the only witnesses to the mournful screams upon screams in the open field. Arrows pierced all over the children’s thin shoulder blade, chest, and abdomen, blood gurgling out, it’s a pity to see their bodies lying in blooming blossoming bright safflower. Wolves smell fear in the air and became more ferocious and offensive. A whole body of the blue wolf quickly jumped in took the child’s neck and bit. The child did not have any chance to scream and another wolf torn a thigh, her head was bitten half, and white flower of the brains, splashed out, mixed with blood in one, sprinkled on the white land.

Between heaven and earth was chaos lying in the ground, relentless violent screams heard, the pain was everlasting, eyelids heavy like thousands of boulders, Jing Yu’er, Zhuge Huai’s little children body was shot with sharp arrows, mercilessly nailed to the ground, she can’t barely breathe and may not hold on any longer. She seems to have died, but her brow is tightly wrinkled as it holds on to her ebbing life. A fierce wolf slowly closing in towards her, open with fierce eyes the wolf flashed as it watches the child, and the stench of saliva began to flow and next thing, is the most gruesome situation to watch. The child’s soft cheeks were devoured…

Somewhere, there seem to be the eyes of God watching the tragedy of the innocent creatures, as the wolf seals the kiss of death, the child’s eyes suddenly opened, as sharp as a knife, the child thought she is an  adult for a moment, a no half-child that should be timid and weak. Almost sudden and quick, Jing Yu’er stretched out her hand to exchange her fate to the wolf as she grabbed the jaw of the wolf and repeatedly banged then raised the wolve’s head. The next thing surprised the viewer’s at a distance when she bites the wolf’s long tongue and forces the wolf to taste the horrible pangs of death.

The sharp howling was heard at a distance, all turned around and looked to the eyes whose vicious bite belongs to the tongue’s child and the wolf was nearly dead, viewers were both amazed and shocked that they forgot the competition of archery at that moment.

Zhao Che muttered, see this is the first child who has a tongue that can “cut” a wolf just like that! Then ​​grins showing his teeth took his bow then pulls the arrows, whizzed and a sound shot on the wolf’s throat.

Wolf was crying down when it fell to the ground, the paddock on tragedy continues, the rest of the wolf pursued other girls, everywhere are horrid and dreadful tearing the body and ravages the limbs. A child’s heart screams..crying. But this Jing Yu’er, Zhuge Huai’s children though trembling stood up with her incredible eyes wide open but like being petrified at the same time. Here are small body clothes broken, hair scattered, pale, full of blood, cold air whirled blowing, she seems to be a weak little grass.

The whispering sound sends sharp arrows suddenly shot at Jing Yu’er, Zhuge Huai’s children stature flexible jump back and forth, escaped a fatal comeback, but the rest of the children are weak, or that sharp arrows aimed to hurt the calf as blood rushing and flows like a river.

The little crown prince is amused, continue to take the bow and releases the arrow, once again shot.

Zhao Jue cut a sharp pick, cold grunted, stretches the bows and sends arrows, wheezing in the wind it blocked the little crown prince’s arrow.

Behind the wolf, go hand in hand, of that stinky smell and suddenly hit Jing Yu’er. Zhuge Huai children too late to see her injured leg as the wolf toward the direction of Zhao Jue was cut by his arrows and went away.

Is this person saving her? The child continued to realize, if she is right then if she runs closely to Zhao Jue’s direction he would save her twice, her cunning mind of a child quickly chose the most favorable direction for her own sake.

However, just before she stepped two steps forward, sharp arrows rained down and shot her mercilessly, to nail her feet. The child surprised for a moment stopped, and then looked up, frowning, puzzled, to see that the one riding in the red horse wearing the cold black robe is a stripling.

Zhao Che coldly despises and catches his eyes glanced at Jing Yu’er, Zhuge Huai’s child, an arrow shot through another girl running in a vest dress, the child is still five or six years old screams and fell to the ground, behind Yan Shi Zi was bloodstained red that quickly torn by the wolf.

Time was very fast for the hunters but very slow for the child. Jing Yu’er stood in place, looked cold, suddenly, she nipped her mouth then quickly run fast towards her friend. Jing Yu’er injured little legs did not affect her body’s flexibility. Then a wolf chased in the back so fierce but she rushed forward, unforgiving the wolf and finds no escape.

The corner of the paddock stood a pile of sticks that feed the weeds to the horse, the Jing Yu’er child picked up a stick, then hit its heavy head, left open for the wolf’s waist.

Wolf howling cry while staggering to jump to the other side and apparently was seriously injured.

“Come! Come!” The child shouted, squatting the body to pick up two stones, while she is rubbing the two stones a crackling sound was forming, the wolves scattered as the weed in the field soon burned up. Will stick those sticks, said the child holding a torch,. She ran to the field, to disperse the wolves who are attacking the children and she exclaimed: “Come over!

Young children crying toward the side of the Jing Yu’er child and they came to her, they are all injured, there are wolves bites and arrows shot and it hurts. The cruel and scornful hunting event left only less than twenty children in injury, bruises and with no one to help except for the boldness of the child Jing Yu’er, one of the Zhuge Huai children.

Wolf in fear of fire, saw the children in the middle surrounded by fire. Wolves hesitated and dared not to approach though they have been hungry for a long time. The wolves turned around for a while and went back to the bodies they devoured and feasted on their craving for flesh.

Zhuge Huai narrowed his eyes and felt so arrogant and whispered: “useless animals.” Arrow to the wild wolves, go!

And arrows have rained down on the wolves, on their attacked, there were bloody screams. The wolves have fallen to the ground, no one survived.

Seen the destruction by their own eyes, the children were overjoyed regardless of the pain of the body. Even jumped in the air, after the death of the rest, they were loud that cheers them up.

However, their joy was short-lived and their voice was shut off after the wave of arrows from the distance was shot in their small bodies. The prince’s eyes are sharp and do not tolerate the other side of the child. These princes are bloodthirsty for lives and do not want to give it away.

An arrow whistling from the distance shot through a child’s head, her right eye was aimed and penetrated the back of her head. It firmly stopped at the tip of the child. White flower of the brittle bones gradually at her face and the child opened his mouth. Her hands still holding the burning sticks. The children’s cry echoed in her ear, everything was like a nightmare.

There were only a few arrows left from the four hunters but the little crown prince and Mu Yun smiled as they have not spent much of their arrows. They took the bow and arrow and aimed to the girls, the fierce shots flew over.

Zhao Jue cut a sharp and fast pick arrow then frowned. He drives immediately before the hand touches the arrows, but pass over only one, cold as he is, he went over to Mu Yun and managed to ply it down, now two broken arrows, both on the bow, the force of effectiveness in its peak was lost because of him. Feeling proud he said: “When the crown prince is little and Mu Yun’s bow and an arrow is knocked down.”

Zhuge Huai laughing out loud then cried: “Good arrow!”

After the blood bath, the voices faded, all screams had stopped, the north wind swept the white clouds only true skies sweep through the stinky field, bloody taste filled in the air, their pain is gone but the outcome was permanent. The scarlet piece as a token of the hunting event at the paddock, only a child and her senseless life done, she was full of hair, piled up in the middle of the straw, clothes stained, pale, leaning on a wooden stick. All of it is meaningless but for the hunter lords, the game was over and was accomplished.

Zhao Jue said: “seventh brother is so powerful, I have no arrows, and today seems to be seventh brother victory he said in a mocking voice.

The little crown prince raised his brow, looked at their own eyes, and saw the eyes of Mu Yun, and finally turned to look Zhuge Huai.

Zhuge Huai nodded towards the face the little crown princes, smiling said: “I have no arrows.”

“Is there any kindness in time that is not yet known?”

Mu Yun suddenly said, all eyes immediately turned to Yan Xun. Zhao Che coldly looked into Yan Xun, not salty not light and said: “Yan Shi ZI is always surprising to surprise.”

A half stick of incense of the time just passed, all the arrow feathers have been told, only Yan Xun’s arrows were still left untouched, they were white feather arrows.

Yan Xun just sitting on his horse, although only thirteen years old, the back is tall and straight stature, his sword eyebrow and a piece of cloth with a star in his head, nose is high, eyes sharp, and wears a deep purple suit in his body, more and more outright, handsome but cold. He looked indifferent, he slowly drives and still full of arrows in his back, he aimed at the center of the paddock.

Chang Feng blew the whistle, and rolled up the child broken clothes and messy hair, she was still very young, but six or seven years old, look obviously stunted, yellow and thin, just like that, born with long hair, arm, neck, calf all scars, shoulder injury is almost close to the heart. She stood in the middle of a messy hunting field, over and over the body of the broken arm, the body of blood, bloody smell floating around, cruel forces in a desperate cry, tearing the child’s fragile eye.

Flashing bloodthirsty poised arrows slowly hit the child’s throat while the juvenile Yan Xun sitting on the horse, his eyes are sharp, his eyebrows locked, blue veins on his arms collapse, slowly full of the bow.

She has avoided, the idea of ​​chaos from her childlike mind, whistling like the quick counter on a podium, mixed with puzzled and uncertainty lies sudden massacre in front of her, she collapsed and missed the arrow shot at her. And then she slowly raised her head, her eyes cold and full of hatred, disgust. She looked at the cold face of the boy with whom she has nothing to fear anymore.

That day is the first four days of the first four hundred and sixty-six years, the people of the real city have just passed their new year, in the city of Huang outside the royal hunting ground, Jing Yu’er and Yan Xun met for the first time.

Time through the track of history was cut. The gate of time and space met, the two should not have met nor touch their soul, not even should be placed on the same ground.

Yan Xun raised his brow lightly to facilitate, but his fingers slightly partially let go of the arrow only.

Long arrow whistling away, driving the air in the cold wind, issued a whizzing sound, all the line of sight, all the cohesion on it, towards where the child half-standing place, all of them stared.

The hunting field cries as bloodline was already stretched, white arrows rub the child’s neck and instantly bloodstains gushed out. What’s amazing is the child stature slightly flashed, staggered two steps, but still half-standing in place.

“Haha! Congratulations seventh brother!” Zhao Jue laughed loudly.

Zhao Che thrown a contemptuous looked at Yan Xun and then sneered: “Yan Shi Zi buried all day in the song and dance poetry, fear is already forgotten, Zhao ancestors do not how to take the arrow.”

Yan Xun put down the longbow, turned his head and said: “Zhao ancestors know how to take the arrow and Yan Xun did not dare to pretend like what Zhao‘s descendants did today.

Zhuge Huai laughed: “In this way, today I declare the game is over, and my household has set up a banquet, let’s all go and celebrate the new year today.

Everyone promised to come and leave everything on what happened on that field that day as if everything is just a normal game.

Winds are whistling, wrapped up the fluttering crowd at their large fur cloak in an open snow on the reign of the drumfire, a bit far from his distance, Yan Xun came back to see that the child is still standing in the wilderness, his eyes deeply looking towards her but the frozen starts to hiss, he stared at her for a long time, he became motionless.


ACs Afterthoughts 

The name Yan Shi Zi is another name of Prince Yan Xun. Some of his royal friends call him Yan Shi Zi if the Crown Prince of Yanbei needs to be addressed accordingly. Moreover, the Author often writes the name Yan Xun, it became the household name in the novel. Yan Xun somehow did not intend to shot the arrows aimed at Jing Yu’er, the child from Zhuge Huai children caravan, because this is not his principles he lived by. Yan Xun is also concerned not to harm the little child but did what he have to do to save her by aiming at her. His only intention was to avoid inflicting further damage on her.  In hopes that the other princes in the royal hunting leave her alone.

Personally, I feel that he is sincere and gave special attention to this child Jing Yu’er. Yan Xun has to aim at the same time he has to fail at on his aim, lest he kills the little child Jing Yu’er. Prince Yan  Xun took all the insult that Zhao’s arrows is no longer sharp. But he saved a life today and wished she is still alive. However the princes believe, she is dead.

As if whispering to her ears: “Just make them believe you are dead so you could live and be free.”


CHAPTER 005 Contains blood fluttering teeth

Edited by Angel Chua 01 June 2019

The skies gradually turned darker, the north wind whistling and blowing, calling the cold chill that pierces the bone marrows, winds rolled up and numerous snowflakes starting to fall, the sky was sobbing like a mad monster.

While under the Zhuge Huai household, the people are cleaning the paddock, they will be those young bodies shoveled up, and then throw in the carriage. Not far from the hunting grounds, servants are digging a little pit, a cumulus cloud appeared crackling, burning and issued strong black clouds. The clouds help bury these children, together with those bloodthirsty beasts. These weakling grass passed on the next life like a ball rolled in once, the rich owners played then got tired, now these bodies were thrown away.

Looking back at the cage where Jing Yu’er was put away, she is the only one left from Zhuge Huai children’s unlike the others she is the only one dressed in broken sacks, her head low and is sitting quietly in the cage but was showing little sign of life. She has gone through extreme injuries that even an adult may not survive if it were just like her. The Zhuge servants think she may die. Amazingly, the servants came back to see her many times while finishing up their job but still see the child was alive. Gasping some air, on her little chest that inhale-exhale pattern is a sign that she is still breathing normal and the servants think something is different with her and maybe a strange force will help to support her if she lives, in order to continue her journey to life. The servants were kind enough and they did not throw her into the funeral pit. But when it was time to leave, she was put back to the cage.

The cage that seemed to be overcrowded earlier seemed a bit empty at the moment, and the children were all dead, leaving only one. The driver in the carriage lamented and uttered good luck to the child at the same time but could not help except to quietly look over her and watch her glances.

Even if she cannot say any words the man is still keen to realize that this child, compared with what happened many hours before the hunting began, was still the same, only comfortless.

Meanwhile, the Huang Cheng gates were opened, Zhuge household in its summer countenance has a great influence and high-end status. Defenders of the defenders, a pride where their status and respect are displayed in their waist a type of buckle exclusively handcrafted to Zhuge household, and their servants nodded and watched them enter.

Jing Yu’er, do not have any sense of time of how long she was in the cage and she has been shaking in hunger. She did not lift the slightest sense of consciousness. Sun is shining like a king but the wind is very cold blowing through the cage window. It hit her thin clothes like a knife scratched in general pain.

The carriage turned to Jiuwei main street it is the inner city of Lagerstroemia (means a crape myrtle) Square, which is the founding father of the Queen’s ancestor families named after four hundred years, has been a site and was revered as their Holy Land. Common people need to face the square at the central Lagerstroemia Palace and three steps to worship and knock nine times to show respect.

Zhuge servants finally arrived home but have to get off and precisely facing the palace in kowtow ( 磕头 means an act of deep respect by kneeling and bowing one’s head in the ground) position.

At this time, a horse towards them starts to hiss, a light voice in front of slowly said: “Who is your servant now, is this how you block in the middle of the road?”

Zhu Shun quickly got up and meet Shu Ye Son, as his arrogance dissolved in the air and quickly pulled down then respectfully said: “The original Shu Ye Son, what can I help you with?”

Zhuge servant fleet quickly went out of the way, on their way the tiptoe of the horseshoe’s sounded like they want to show sympathy after the child. Shu Ye Son in the carriage peeks at the cage and heard the child’s painful sobs, then the man stopped for a moment and asked the child why are you crying?

“Have you been bitten by a wolf?”

Zhu Shun quickly replied: Shu Ye Son, this is just a slave, no harm done.”

Shu Ye Son did not care about what Zhu Shun said, just staring at the child, slowly bent over and said: “Can you look up to me?”

Zhun Shun brushed a whip in her side and through the cage the body of the child is fiercely pumping in. Jing Yu’er was startled, she raised her head looking at the whip.

On his side was his head coldly said.“What are you doing?” Shu Ye Son raised his brow.

Zhu Shun felt some fear, quickly explained coldly: “This slave is bold, dare not to tell Zhuge Huai.”

“They call you Zhu Shun right?”

A soft voice suddenly sounded, although weak, but reveals a trace that cannot be ignored so peaceful and calm. The cold Shu Ye Son felt strange then they turn around and look at the beaten the child. Zhu Shun stumbled, he knocks the child and asked, “what do you want to say?

Jing Yu’ers small face was full of blood yet her pair of big black eyes and white appears to be more beautiful when you see her face to face. Although weak she said: “I just heard someone call you Zhu Shun.”

Zhu Shun slowly frowned: “Yes, I am, why?”

“Nothing,” the child shook her head. Shu Ye Son took Zhu Shun dirty hands, gently covered his arm to catch the whip, nodded and said: “Oh, I remember this whip.”

Zhu Shun suddenly went furious because he just wants to speak to the child but Shu Ye Son making him realize he is rude with the whip, he just brushed it off with Jing Yu’er. Shu Ye Son was the first to laugh, his seventeen-year-old look is tall, straight posture, chic and honorable, a white robe embroidered with layers of clouds above looks elegant but does not show significant publicity. He looked up and down to the child, and looked pleased and said: “Child, can you tell me your name?

Jing Yu’er looked at Shu Ye Son’s eyes then shook her head her eyes are solemn but look somewhat bright. Shu Ye Son (this is Wei Shu Ye in the Tv series) then said to Zhu Shun, “listen to her” and seriously said: “So I do not have to come to a cage looking for you and asking you for it.”

Shu Ye Son saw her eyes that the child may have bowed a bit, he turned back to Zhu Shun and said with a smile: “This little slave is my friend, you can not bully her.”

Zhu Shun in his oblique eyes looked at the child, he nodded and promised.

“Little girl, I am waiting for you to tell me the day of your name, before that you have to protect yourself.”

Jing Yu’er nodded, Shu Ye Son showed a gentle smile, back to coldness driving his horse he left the Crape Myrtle Square. Zhu Shun back to his arrogance commanded the crowd to continue to walk along towards Zhuge household.

Zhuge residence occupies a very wide property and from the back door Zhu Shun will hand over Jing Yu’er to the Zhuge’s two inside servants, he told a few words, looked at the cold Jing Yu’er child then turned away.

A loud rumbling knock heard and opened the lock of the door. Jing Yu’er was pushed into the room with her condition and injuries, she crawled in pain and the door has been shut and locked.

It is 4:00 pm, and it is somewhat dark outside, in a corner of the Chai (means tea) room are piles of large bundles of firewood, but a rat crawled and makes that rustling sound. The child did not panic or shout, she just sat in the middle of the storeroom, took off her shoulder sack dress, with her teeth she bit, then forced to tear a piece of sackcloth. She carefully wrapped up her wounds and she wrapped it like she is a pro that has skills on it.

Same time and space moved on, it went back to Chu Qiao’s time, enough to make a qualified agent stabilize, with normal thinking and emotions to face anything, if you have to face the situation like this, it is so incredible. 

Back to the time of jing Yu’er child, it is also for the country to commit suicide, 11 Agents Deputy Commander Chu Qiao’s fate in many cases is incredible, and abyss does not necessarily hide death. But perhaps, it will be another beginning of life.

Chu Qiao raised her hand and she saw the light outside, looking at her little palm, a trace of sadness slowly rose to her heart. But she did not know, in the end, is it for her own sorrow, or for this poor child where she is like having the vision of Jing Yu’er child and in between the realm state of dreaming the ancient times of China she offered her hand to the helpless child.

“No one here, I can’t allow myself to be sad and scared, but I must be sure to keep the time to the shortest.” Chu Qiao as she breathes her last…

But time and space allowed Jing Yuer child to whisper slowly and echoed to the heavens, then tears slowly flowed across her thin little dusty face. She is holding her knee, her head down, her face buried in her arm, silent, but her chest and back are already trembling as she gasps some air, signs she may die at any moment, she went on coma and in a dream state she reached Chu Qiao hands. And then, the strangest thing happened and maybe a divine intervention has orchestrated it.

This is the moment in time where Chu Qiao woke up and came to the first night of the Great Summer dynasty, in the Zhuge Household. She feels cold at first because of weakness and fear, she succumbed into herself and shed tears. She gave herself an hour of time to curse the fate, to cherish the past, to worry about the future, and to adapt to the new life. An hour after the past, she is no longer 11 super commander Chu Qiao, but this is nothing of the young helpless little child slave, in this inhumane, bloodthirsty disorder of the harsh dynasty it is difficult to survive.

Meanwhile, Jing Yuer’s awakened fate pushed her to face life instead of death, and Jing Yuer’s renewed by Chu Qiao’s spirit told herself that she was going to climb out.

Her poor situation does not give her any chance of self-pity and pain, and if she does not cheer up, she may not live this night given her bruises and injuries.

She stretched out her dirty hands, picked up a small stick and wrote a word on the ground.

Zhu Shun, Zhuge Huai, King’s little prince, Mu, Zhao, she was thorough.

While she is writing, she slowly frowned, the outside is still dark, the sound of bamboo and wood came over, there are singing and laughter of dancing prostitutes. She silently recalled for a long time, and she finally wrote the last word: Yan.

Gongchoujiaocuo (means big party hall) Zhuge Hall among Yan Xun’s right eye, suddenly jump a bit. He frowned on his good-looking brow, slowly turned his head, toward the dark night but look deep and thoughts about the child lingered on..then he thought:

Night funeral, jungle flying, this turbid ugly dynasty, has been rotten from the inside.

The old is destined to be destroyed and the new order in ashes is renewed through rebirth.


ACs Afterthoughts

In the original novel, the highlights of the time travel of Chu Qiao was not detailed so I added some highlights into it to enhance the transition of Chu Qiao to Jing Yu’ers time. As if the child was bestowed upon by the heavens by great ability and mission to correct the injustice of her present time, it is only through Chu Qiao’s persona all things shall unfold. There is no literal exchange of place but more of Jing Yu’er realizes that she is Chu Qiao. That night two souls died, Chu Qiao reached out Jing Yu’ers hand on the other side of past life. Chu Qiao followed her steps to accept her change of fate and destiny.

CHAPTER 006  Blood balance

Edited by Angel Chua 01 June 2019

The night is getting darker but the cold wind blows and cuts like a knife.

Even if her whole body wounds cracks in pain, Chu Qiao now (before was Jing Yu’er child)  still forced herself to stand up, around the small chiming circle running occasionally and stopped with both hands rubbing the skin to prevent freezing in the Chai (tea) room.

Ling Xi knocked the door three times and a meager voice was heard, the child stopped and surprised for a moment. She turned her head anticipating who the person knocking outside the door.

Even if the window is high it slowly opens revealing a small head, the boy came in with his bright eyes. He carefully jumped from the window into the Chai room, turned around to see the ground where Chu Qiao was. The boy was flashing himself and greeted Chu Qiao Happy Huacai (means gorgeous, resplendent in color). Then the boy quickly put up his fingers to do a silence gesture.

As they were both silent, they heard the outside marches like there are troops approaching, the boy ran up and outstretched his arms hugging Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao heard the sound and trace of choking but firm comfort: “We are not afraid even if they are coming.”

Ling Xi is very thin, younger at age but an eight to nine-year-old look, wearing soil gray clothes fit the body. His body has not grown and he is only slightly higher than Chu Qiao’s head. There are contours on his face but reveals a trace of inexplicable tenacity. He clutched his arms tightly, constantly patting her back, comforting her over and over again then said: “Do not be afraid, they are just troops who came.”

Without warning, Chu Qiao’s eyes unexpectedly became teary-eyed, it seemed that his body with his spontaneous reaction was a pain for her and comforting at the same time. She was not able to control herself and her eyes started to drop some tears and could not help herself to stop it. The boy’s rough clothes became wet.

The bright moonlight is projected from the tiny open windows and shone on the two children. Between heaven and earth is coldness, only their chests in between gave them little warmth. The boy’s little body is like a tough mountain in this cold night even if it is somewhat afraid and gentle trembling she felt it, but still firmly holding his sister, strong as tightening the frail body in his arms.

“Sister, are you hungry?”

The boy released his hand and stretched out his fingers and carefully wipes the tears on the face of Chu Qiao then the boy pulled out a nice smile and he said with pity in his voice: “What do you like your brother to bring you?”

The boy took out a small cloth, both of them sat neatly open the cloth and sniffed a good smell of food, a drift out kind of food. He looked up and saw Chu Qiao still standing, Ling Xi puzzled and said: “will you sit down?”

Ling Xi brought her a thick porcelain bowl with the edge of the faded blue and white color. The bowl is full of rice and above it are some piled up vegetables and leaves but the smell is so fragrant. The boy handed her a pair of chopsticks and stuffed into the hands of Chu Qiao then urged: “Fast food, come on eat”.

Chu Qiao brushed her eyes and bowed her head to him she used the chopsticks to eat and put a mouthful on her mouth. Her mouth is very salty as they were a taste of tears and her throat is blocked and then she slowly chews her food but sobbing sounds is also heard. This is the first decent meal from the last meal, she ate. Ling Xi looked at her eyes, Chu Qiao had a hard time eating with her mouth, so the boy had to gently open her mouth and seems to teach her how to eat then swallow. When she was able to eat well, the boy is seen happy through his narrow eyes.

As chopsticks fiddle in the bowl at its middle is meat, she picks it out. She knows it was inserted by his brother Ling Xi. This is to preserve the heat of the pork in the middle of the rice bowl.

It looks thumb-like size piece of meat, half fat and lean meat in such a cold dark night actually seemed so delicious and attractive.

A loud gurgling sound was heard coming from the boy, Chu Qiao looked up to the boy and she saw the boy embarrassed who rubbed his stomach. The boy said please don’t mind me he said: “Already  done eating, I am not hungry at all.”

With her chopsticks, she handed the meat over to Ling Xi, Chu Qiao said: “You eat it.”

The boy shook his head: “My young master is very kind to me and we ate a lot like braised carp, sweet and sour pork ribs, vinegar slippery ridge, whiteboard duck, I just cannot tell all of it but there is a lot of food in the table, I even vomited but you, you have nothing to eat.”

Chu Qiao pressed her concern to the boy: “I don’t really eat fat.”

The boy slightly stunned at the moment, he looked at the eyes of Chu Qiao he shifted to the piece of pork she is offering, he cleared his throat a bit before reaching out to take Chu Qiao’s chopsticks. He carefully bites the fat part of the piece of meat and then he handed back the remaining lean meat to her. Oh there is that smile revealing  his white teeth and said: “Tell me, now you can eat”

Her nose smelled its sourness as the pork was cooked in sweet and sour taste, Chu Qiao quickly bowed her head with tears almost dropping in her eyes but always endured not to fall off.

For a long time, she slowly raised her head and displayed a painful smile to the boy, while chewing the piece of meat, Chu Qiao grinned.

“Is it delicious?” The boy’s eyes are bright like the bright stars of the sky.

Chu Qiao nodded, her voice is blocked and choked overwhelm with such kindness: “Brother, this is delicious I must say I have eaten the best meal in my life.

“Fool,” the boy stretched out his hand and touched her head. Looked slightly with a trace of desolateness, said: “Did you not know that life is short?” We do not know what is in the future but when we were young, you eat a lot of delicacies and now you cannot remember in the past. Now all I can say is you can be rest assured that the future one day, your fifth brother will let you eat warm dishes and will give you all the good things in this world. Like you are to eat not only this pork but also ginseng, abalone, bird‘s nest, shark’s fin, everything. By that time, no one wants to bully us again, do you believe in your little brother?”

Chu Qiao was stunned for quite some time as she is not really sure what this boy was talking about and looks like she knows her well, but then she nodded her head, bowed to the boy who told her about her past and that he claimed to be his fifth brother. She has eaten all the rice, she pulled into her mouth, it tastes bitter but it is so warm and Ling Xi said:

“Sister, do not be afraid.” And Ling Xi took off his coat and put it on to her shoulder with his tender voice but a firm word he said: “The fifth brother will protect you, I am here with you, do not be afraid.”

As the moonlight chills, its light and shadow moving through the gap in the Chai (means tea) room, shakes out the large white that looks like such as frost in the moonlight, the two children tightly leaning on their small bodies but their warmth comforted each other tonight.

Distant lights, feathers, silk and bamboo long play, wine and meat taste melodious overflowing, the ever true Huang Cheng finally came to the culmination of a grand dinner. Brilliant lights, no one remembered that in today’s hunting field, the lucky survivors is s girl, the cold wind whistling, the summer of flames fluttered the flutes and its harmonies flies.

On the second day, the boy woke up and left and on the ground, he left a note for Chu Qiao to read a row of nice small characters: Fifth brother comes again tonight, under the firewood, is the steamed bread.

Chu Qiao clawed the corner of the dead branches and sees a piece of foil and paper wrapped in some of the yellow buns. She held them, looking calm as the eyes were waking up.

So for three days, not minding the day, Ling Xi goes to the Chai room and eat with her every night to accompany her. On the second day, he quietly left. The third day, the Zhuge servant went to the door and crash open it, Zhu Shun throws away a condescending look at the Chai room after three days of finding out that the child was still alive. He wrinkled his brow tighter, finally, the fate of the girl will face a new day.

Chu Qiao took the moment as she stood at the door and finally looked at the old house and then decided to go back and read her notes on the ground.

Zhu Shun, Zhuge, Little Prince, Mu, Jue, Zhao, Yan … …

The child slowly closed her eyes, raised her face, the sun shines on her forehead, turned out a bright aperture, golden light reminding the scenes of a flying phoenix.

Zhu Shun said: “At six, you can come back.”

As she moves forward towards the outside, she sees lots of dilapidated housing, everywhere a large group of children were carefully hiding in the branches after the corridor and glancing secretly at her. Chu Qiao went to a small courtyard as the steward has just left. Suddenly a large group of children swarmed and got a hold of her.

“Xiao Liu, we thought you could not come back.”

“Xiao Liu, woo … ..”

The children screamed and they burst into tears, Chu Qiao was shocked, for a time can only be stunned like a sifu of their group and she endured the small radish head tears and noses of the children.

“Well, do not cry.”

A male voice uttered firmly, all the children go back, he delightly shouted: “Troops!”

The boy came in from the outside holding a cloth bag, he runs two steps and then stumbles crashing it all and sprinkled the bag on the ground. It was actually a pocket of melon seeds. The children suddenly cheered, Ling Xi loses it but Chu Qiao ran up towards him.

“Do not grab, everyone has.” The boy looks like an adult when he said: “The child had just died, she was seriously injured so we do not quarrel her these days at her work,. Also, we have to help her ”

All the children nodded, again and again, a brush with two little pigtail girl raised a white tender face, smiling, said: “Troop, rest assured, we will help Xiao Liu.

The boy said: “Xiao Liu, do you still hurt? How did you get out of bed?

“Fifth brother, it is all right.” The boy smiled and looked up, stretched out his sleeves, Chu Qiao saw the above purple whip marks, some places have opened the flesh, not completely healing well. Another child her name is Xiao Qi said with a smile: “I brought the drug and it is very easy to use, let’s cast this in the painful area, a small amount to spread it on his wound. As yesterday, the horse was blown by the wind in his waist, I have to help him.

“Come on, you come in, I have something to tell you.” A little girl about seven years old suddenly came forward and pulled the boy’s hand.

The boy looked back at the eyes of Chu Qiao and said: “All of you children, who are outside the in the wind, please come.”

Shabby little room, a large Kang (means a heated bed mat for sleeping), neatly placed above and more than 10 sets of bedding were docked in a row. She called the boy said: “Fifth brother, what happened?”

A youngster not more than 10 years old was inside the room who gathered them all as she squats her body she opened a dark Kang hole, took out a small box and told them: “There are five days of Jingjia (means bid) this year and will be off the door for the day. Do you want us to secretly prepare incense and paper money? We are all ready.

He nodded his head: “be careful, do not be stalled.”

“Well, rest assured, no one will come to our side. Did you know, the four young generals were around the day before yesterday so be careful, I also saw a dress who looks like four peaches of the fourth young master and in the room, they killed two companions. The old master is not at home, so is young master is not at the house, there are more and more scruples in the Zhuge Huai household, the old master last month killed more than 20 little slaves, and we were bought together by the Du family and was really worried that one day, will turn to us.

After what she said, someone from the outside suddenly came and gave a sharp exclamation, Listen to a sharp voice she shouted: “Well, you cheap slaves did not dare to steal things if you still value your life!!”

Immediately frowned, the boy should run and go out but Zhi Xiang had pulled him, she whispered: “Come from behind, I cannot let people see you here, the fourth young master will kill you.”

“I…..” and Zhi Xiang was cut out.

“Come on and see this!” coldly said.

It’s such a simple house and there is even a back door, they paused pushing the door to go, then Zhi Xiang grabbed Chu Qiao’s arm and coldly said: “Whatever happens do not come out.” then she rushed out.”

Screams and whips of sound heard, the fat steward woman throwing her arm became ferocious and cried: “Is this not the year of Jingjia (means bid) ladies? How will you cover up your stowaway plan now that I will send your sisters in the flower hall to do bitch things while you are here to steal and become a thief, you are really a cheap nest of an embryo,” she insulted them.

“Aunt Song, we know  we are wrong and we would no longer dare.” Zhi Xiang said and she blocked her in front of other children. Aunt Song whips her face and bloodstains start to flow, she knelt and pulled the woman’s skirt then loudly begged she said: “We would never dare.”

“I do not think you understand and you would never really dare after I whip you all children!”

Aunt Song hit the children with stray whips that marked on the children’s body, she pulled the two braids of the Zhi Xiang who is already injured, a few more whips were brought to her to bear until her eyes were actually dim fainted. The children suddenly cried out loud as the woman plays more power tripping, shouting, and once again raised the whip high to hit them again.

Chu Qiao with no trace of cry, not a violent scream heard, Aunt Song, looked down and saw a little girl lying on her clothes in front of her very thin body, eyes are very cold then a pair of dark hands clung tightly at her own whip. The child looked gloomy and said: “Enough”.

Aunt Song went furious: “dead girl, you did not find death yet?

“Chu Qiao, quickly let go of her hand!” Zhi Xiang kneeling up came to intervene and desperately pulled Chu Qiao‘s clothes and said: “Aunt Song, please do not whip her anymore.”

Chu Qiao did not move but coldly looked at the woman and a cold voice she uttered: “Try to hit them again and you’ll regret this.”

Aunt Song raised her eyebrows and shouted: “I do not fight them, I’ll hit you!” She picked up the whip and raised her hand gathering all her strength and whip Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao slammed the whip and pulled the woman’s belt. The woman was out balanced and her foot was tripped, and her obese huge body fell to the ground!

“Kill the pig!,” said the children, Chu Qiao slowly walked in front of the woman, bent over and said: “I told you! Try and you will regret this!”

Aunt Song got up and cried: “You wait for me!,” and she turned out of the yard.

Zhi Xiang worried about the incident happened so fast, anxious with tears fall into her cheeks: “ladies and children, you messed up and created a disaster, how do I make it up now?”

“You look after them.” Chu Qiao firmly said, turned and followed the woman who went out.

When she went out, she remembered the road that passed through the two corridors and saw that the woman was running on the stone bridge. She was fat, only to run a section of the road to breathe. Chu Qiao squatting in the bushes, looked around in a circle, to determine the security, picked up a stone, half squinting, focusing on the woman’s ankle she circled the stone in the air and slingshot the fat woman’s foot.

Snapped, the stone hit the Aunt Song in the ankle, the woman screamed in pain and at one foot she accidentally slipped and fell to the bridge.

It is almost winter season, so the lake was on the end of a thick layer of ice, she fell even on the ice part of the bridge and not on the lake, but the four-yang fork lying there and she was caught on it and cannot move.

Chu Qiao stood up from the bushes, slowly took the stone bridge, condescending looked at her, shouted: “Hey, should I call people to help you?

The woman who fell in the bridge said, “Good girl, go and help your aunt, ouch, it hurts me.”

Chu Qiao smiled as she bent down, picked up a huge stone then put it over her head. The woman saw it, suddenly shocked and cried: “You, what are you doing?

The woman was blaming her and Chu Qiao gently released her hand, the huge stone banged and hit the ice and the ice broken into pieces. The woman exclaimed, was the whole lake covered with cold ice, it only takes a few bubbles to drown and die…

Chu Qiao stood on the stone bridge, looking calm, and do not see any trace of silliness.

This is a world of people who want to eat, want to live, but you only want to be the first to eat and like a greedy beast you swallow everything and do not want other people to live.

And then not the slightest nostalgia, she turned her back to go. She stepped into the yard and the children came together,  everyone was hurt their tears are whirling. Chu Qiao stretched out her hand clinging to the front just to wake up the small child seven years old. She took a deep breath and whispered: “Do not be afraid, its all right now.”

The Zhuge household lowest slaves are in the yard they live in where the pigs and dogs live. Generally, these little slaves are the lowest of lowest who cannot help but just burst into tears.


CHAPTER 007  Is going to stay


Edited by Angel Chua 01 June 2019

At the time of supper, Jing family children were called out by maid steward, Xiao Qi and Zhi Xiang were wounded but they were all called together. Chu Qiao her waist hurts, she slept in the small room. She was left in the room. After dinner, the Jing family children were tired went back to their room. After dinner, the children are ready to climb to their bed to sleep. Zhi Xiang squatting on the ground to the fire up the Kang hole gathering the firewood. With scars on her face, it became red and swollen. She looked like a vicious snake.

The room is very quiet, you can hear the sound of sleeping children then Chu Qiao borrowed Zhi Xiang clothes and climbed up to the bed, softly said to Zhi Xiang: “If your face is not dealt with, it will scar and become permanent.

While Zhi Xiang was working with the Kang’s hole to keep up the fire as a heater her little face was noticeably becoming thin and her eyes went black and big, she looked up and said: “Chu Qiao, slaves are not allowed to be treated and obtain medication, the last time Xiao Qi secretly used it. Ever since then, we did not use the medicine because we don’t know what are the risks and if they find us out, we will be dead and it will add injury to my face.

When they were talking, the Kang bed of Xiao Qi suddenly came to a burst of ringing. The two turned away to look at it and found Xiao Qi is sleeping who kicked the quilt blanket. Zhi Xiang quickly ran up to cover Xiao Qi and wiped the sweat on her forehead. Zhi Xiang continued to return to the Kang hole to balance the fire.

Chu Qiao looked at Zhi Xiang, her lips moved but did not say anything. This child is only ten years old, however, the shoulder she has to bear is such a heavy burden. Inside this room are children with their oldest sister is ten years old, and the youngest is only five or six years old. This wealthy Zhuge Household have so many five or six years old. What do these children do?

“Zhi Xiang,” Chu Qiao under her Kang bed, sitting next to the Zhi Xiang, softly said: “You have been to the south?”

“Jiangnan?” Zhi Xiang frowned, turned to Chu Qiao and asked: “Jiangnan, where is that place?”

“Do you know Huang Shan, or do you know where the Yangtze is?”

Zhi Xiang shook her head and said: “I know that from Hong Chuan, in the West, is the Red Hills Courtyard, whereunder is the Red River, sister why do you ask this?

Chu Qiao look cold and quietly thinks of it, she shook her head and said: “Nothing, I casually ask and what is the name of the Emperor today, do you know?

“The Emperor is the Emperor, how can we call the name of the emperor, but I know that those wearing black hood princes who are often hanging out or visiting our household is the seventh son of the Emperor, his name is Zhao Che, and the other is the thirteenth son, the youngest crown prince of our dynasty.”

A cold and a mocking face suddenly flashes into her mind, Chu Qiao slightly narrowed her eyes and repeated: “Zhao…” and Zhi Xiang cut her out.

“What happened to you, you came back so strange, are you in the right position to say anything with Aunt Song, how could she let go of the matter today?

Chu Qiao turned around, gave her a faint smile and said: “I have nothing to worry about. That Aunt Song fell into the ice lake and was drowned. I watched her die, so Aunt Song can’t come to us and do not go out to tell anyone.

“Dead?” Zhi Xiang got shocked and shouted at the child.

Chu Qiao put a cover over her mouth, looked around and saw the children of Jing family did not wake up, she coldly said: “I know this matter and I know you know it, so do not say anything more as her heart is poisonous, she died period and do not bother.”

“No, you did not kill her, she fell accidentally into the lake? Aunt Song’s son is the former Court of the Consulate, if we mess with her, we cannot avoid any trouble” Zhi Xiang said.

Chu Qiao had that wicked smile as she loathes Aunt Song in her heart because of the cruel actions she did to the children and she remembers the insult and curse of cheap nest embryo Aunt Song told them. She pointed to Zhi Xiang’s chest and said: “Do you think I can kill her? Well, do not think about it, she did bad things, even if no one killed her, God will be looking for someone who will.  Let’s get some rest?

Zhi Xiang quickly shook her head: “No, I have to fan the fire.”

“I’ll be fine, I’m not hurt, you can be lazy tomorrow, you go.” Chu Qiao said.

Chu Qiao quietly sitting on a small bench, from time to time she is looking to the Kang hole and filling in a piece of wood, firewood crackling burning, Chu Qiao’s face turned red. She looked up, looked at the children of this room, her heart turned sour. Unfortunately, what she can do? She came inexplicable and mysterious to this unknown dynasty, but also trapped in the small child body, her martial arts all lost and also such a low identity, she is still busy taking care of herself and she is already thinking and talking about saving others? What do you do if you only eat a good meal when someone gives you out of the delivery of their kindness, then she thought she must immediately leave.

Chu Qiao slowly close your eyes, she said quietly to herself, a man doing things must be able to do so, and now she is not so back up with burden anymore but by her strength.

Now its almost twilight, Chu Qiao slowly went out of the door.

Rooster cocks and it mark their dawn, the weather is getting clear, Jing family children got up on time, put on the servants’ clothes and began to prepare for the day’s work. Chu Qiao watched them smiling away and some are sad.

Chu Qiao went out just to steal so she can eat, she looked at Xiao Ba still lying in bed unconscious she decided to turn away.

Although the vigorous skill has disappeared, the sober mind is still. Chu Qiao although not as Agent 003 action 009 super agents, but whatever the outcome is also subject to the professional training of national soldiers. In Zhuge household, it covers an area, although some of it is public. But for a short stature less than eight years old but has a strong logical analysis and space sense of people, she is still like an undefeated playground.

Not half an hour, she quietly went out of the military hall, came to see the former Court, the alert is relatively stiff and high, with the knife in the nursing home everywhere. Zhuge household is different from the ordinary family of Han household, just look at Zhuge Huai and other royal brother fraternity. Chu Qiao straightens her back, a small body like a small tree, straighten her clothes, looked up and went.

“Do you want to die?

A tall person suddenly came forward, the half face is exposed and a half was covered. Chu Qiao stopped, raised her head, a little face tender white cute, Qiushui (means girls beautiful eyes like autumn waters) double pupil black and white, sweet voice, softly spoken, said: “The big brother ordered me to come to the old man’s house, the big brother said I have one hour then he should come back.”

The nursing home person frowned, looked up and down a little to Chu Qiao and said: “this is an illegal channel when the old man changes his preferences and begins to prefer little girl and so, you do not grow.” The man was puzzled: “Who let you go? Do you know where is the old man‘s house?”

“I have an address,” the child turned his own small baggage, took out a white paper, white and tender little hand gestures, murmured: “From the house to go out to the third intersection, turn left, in front of the floating restaurant with fragrant discotheque (restaurant) … ”

“Well,” the nursing home person impatiently shouted: “Who told you, nobody took you?”

The child replied honestly: “Aunt Song told me that she had to take me here but she fell from the stone bridge accidentally, her head smashed the ice, I looked at her where she sank, I guess I’m afraid I cannot take it.”

“What?” The nursing home person suddenly shouted, the man was shocked, grabbed Chu Qiao’s shoulder, shouted: “You said, who fell from the stone bridge?

“Aunt Song, the main backstage steward.”

Snapped loudly, he put in his trousers and waved with the child’s face and cursed: “You little bastard, why did you not say it right away? Come with me, we need to save her!”

Chu Qiao was slapped and knocked to the ground, her ears buzzing, watching everyone rushed away in a mess, the child slightly pulled her mouth, with a trace of an indifferent sneer.

This slap, she will remember.

Quickly, she stood up, picked up the burden of her hands, and did not head to the door, instead, she went in another door and saw… Three high gold inlaid gold door, both sides entrenched with a mighty stone lion, Zhu (means wish) paint eye, the strange trace of blowing evil spirits, Zhuge household had three glittering characters engraved on the house above, resplendent, and the concept of bedazzling.

Chu Qiao march with a short step, struggling across the threshold, a foot outside the door, there is a door stand, the shining sun shines on the body and the air is so fresh coming inside the door. From what she saw, life will be another starting point, she reflected all she received was humiliation through the blood and tears, she will always remember. She will slowly find the benefit of the survival to the sweetest revenge, then, quietly waiting to have the power to fight back one day.

The child pursed his lips, took a deep breath, lifted her back foot, she should get out of this rotten cage.

At this time, soon, she heard familiar harsh screams, mournful sounds that pierced the sky.

Chu Qiao’s whole body startled, suddenly she rushed back to go out!


ACs Afterthoughts

Just curious what is a slave Kang beds looks like in ancient China.




CHAPTER 008  Blood splash door

Edited by Angel Chua 01 June 2019

The violent screams came from the courtyard from the right, and the woman is frightened she cried while she is beaten to the board up and down. The flesh and blood is a horrible sight. The whole Zhuge household mansion and after the servant’s eyesight is waiting to see who will enjoy this award.

The crowd gradually gathered, Chu Qiao standing in front of the house, only one step and you cannot escape this cannibal garden, but those screams continue to impact on her eardrum, the child’s brow wrinkled tight and finally recovered a small step, turned quickly toward the right and ran.

Fate in a lot of time will give people a choice of opportunities, one step difference, often will change a lot of things.

Zhuge Yue is wearing a light Green JinYinhua (means honeysuckle herbs and cold) costumes, skirts embroidered with a blossoming green lotus, ink hair loose in the shoulder, his face white like jade, eyes dark as ink, lips have a trace of unusual red. Although only 13-year-old of age, it looks maleficent and indulgent. His side is lying on the red sandalwood, painted soft chairs and an elbow support to hold the back of the head, both sides of the handsome male maids holding a good incense squatting on his side, from time to time for him to pull a Bian (边 means to change) from thousands of miles to pick fresh lychees.

In front of him about twenty steps, wearing servant clothes children have been playing when an accident happened and the child got an open wound looks weak and called in for help. A six-year-old child slapped the injured child, and now that child was constantly doing the kowtow (the act of kneeling and bowing down low for deep respect) for mercy, the forehead is broken skin, blood cross- flow, spread the child’s eyes with clear tears.

The sun gradually rising, the real city is located in the Hong Chuan plateau, although it is the winter, the sun is still fierce. Zhuge Yue looked up, brow Qingqi (means girls beautiful eyes like autumn water), slightly narrowed his eyes, both sides of the maidservants suddenly stopped as he caught them playing umbrella then covered in Zhuge Yue’s head. Zhuge Yue got bored, he sat in a straight body and facing the two sides of the attendants waved his hand leaning on the back of the chair.

Two Kong Wu and powerful Dan (means military marshals) respectfully approached, one after another servant raised the Zhuge Yue soft chair and went to the right side of the door.

Kneeling on the ground in kowtow, a girl meets and calls  Zhuge Yue in panic, she walked a few steps to pull Zhuge Yue clothes, crying said: “Fourth young master, seeking you, if you put it down, he will die!”

Zhuge Yue eyebrows raised and his eyes slightly under the glance to the girl in black dress and look at the stained small hands.

The child just feels irresistibly cold that brushed her head when she saw Zhuge Yue’s pair of white boots, there are five bloodstains fingerprints, looks like a different kind of eye-catching dazzling.

The child was shocked, tongue-tied at the same time and panicked with her sleeves wiping hard  Zhuge Yue boots, crying: “I’m sorry fourth young master, I am Xiao Qi, will immediately clean it for you.”

Bang! bang! Zhuge Yue kick the child to the ground on both sides of the maid suddenly kneel forward and his dirty boots they took off. Zhuge Yue looked disgusted at the child, the voice was low, said lightly: “Cut one of hand down.”

The child suddenly forgot to cry as she was stunned sitting on the ground, like a tiger’s guards quickly rushed forward, waist long knife out of the sheath, saw a bloodline suddenly in the sky like white thin hands, was cut off to the ground!

Harsh screams suddenly broke through the sky, scared out the sky ferocious howling vultures.

Chu Qiao coldly standing at the door, like a statue of the stone cast, rush the pace of life, her eyes wide open, tightly covered her mouth and cannot move from where she stood.

“Fourth young master, this child is angry.”

Zhuge Yue lightly swept the little hand of the small child, stretched out the slender fingers rubbed the temple of the child, said lightly: “throw into the mountain after the lake to feed the fish.”


The servants raised sturdy Zhuge Yue’s soft chair, slowly forward, after all the people hurried and kneel, even the head did not dare to lift.

“Slowly,” they carried his soft chair in front of  Zhuge Yue household mansion then he said softly: slightly turned around, standing in front of the courtyard Zhuge Yue eyes staring at Chu Qiao and Chu Qiao look back at him where their eyes locked for a moment. Tensed and nervous, coldly said: “You, slave of the yard, did you not see me kneel?

Chu Qiao inhaled and looked calm, tightly bite her crimson lips, filled with fright and was not able to swallow. She dropped her knees on the ground, her eyes straight looking at the brick floor and was able to hide the child’s panic tone and said: “the children are in the backyard doing the chores, please fourth young master forgive me, I have no knowledge you would pass by, this is my first time to see the fourth young master, but at the back of her mind Chu Qiao also thought she saw the real gods today.

Zhuge Yue gently smile, see the child of Zhuge Huai cute at age and small, talking between the mouth is not too clever,  Zhuge Yue smiled and said: “a good little girl, how old are you, what is your the name?

“Back to the fourth young master, I am eight years old, I came from the family of Jing.”

“So,” Zhuge Yue said, “Then you change the name followed by me and from now on call her Xing’er (means star) child.”

Chu Qiao suddenly displayed kowtow in the ground, articulately, she said: “Xing’er (Star child)? Xie Xie (means thank you) fourth young master for your grace.”

Zhuge Yue painted a sweet smile as if he innocently flirted for the first time and he is doing it to Chu Qiao, the servants raised his chair, turned the corridor until Chu Qiao could no longer see the fourth young master’s trace.

Lively finish but again, there is a dead body of little slaves, Zhuge Huai household has always surprised the people and no longer have a long time to disperse. A few cleaning servants lifted the child’s little body, with a sack of a bag, dragged on the ground, toward the direction of the backyard away from the Jile pavilion.

The child is still very small, the whole body of flesh and blood have been broken, blood flow through the sacks and sticky in the brick on the ground was pulled pool of bloodstains. Chu Qiao still kneels on the ground but is aware of the ups and downs at her back, her teeth tightly bite her lower lip, eyes straight with her two little fists tightly twitching, she looked at the sack from her eyes who is slowly being towed. Harsh blood spread to the ground, covered with dirty dust. Now, a large tear gushed out from her eyes, she rolled her eyeballs to snap it before it fell on the brick tile.

“Do not be afraid of it, the Fifth brother came.”

And it flashed on Chu Qiao’s mind on what he said: “We have something very delicious to eat tonight, the fourth young master ordered to prepare good food like braised carp, sweet and sour pork ribs, vinegar, skirt, whiteboard duck, a lot of food, every time I eat after some time I vomit.

Ling Xi repeated what he said before as if she knows what is in Chu Qiao’s mind and said: “Do not forget what I told you, rest assured that in the future one day, your fifth brother to let you eat warm dishes and give you all the good things in this world, you will have it. Not only pork, but there are also ginseng, abalone, bird’s nest, shark’s fin,. When that time comes, who would want to bully us? Do you believe in your fifth brother? ”

“I will stay with you, do not be afraid.”

Filled with grief and hatred like the tides of the sea generally surging on, but she knew that she could not cry and cannot show at this time even a little bit of resentment. She wiped his face with her bare hands and she quickly stood up. She saw in the empty patio Xiao Qi next to her broken hand had been unconscious in the past, broken wrist blood like cross-flow but everyone ignored.

Chu Qiao quickly tore her clothes, hold the acupuncture points as if she knew it all. She quickly applied first aid while the child stared blankly and numb at herself and somewhat still in shock.

Chu Qiao wrapped it to stop bleeding. She did everything to console Xiao Qi she told her to bite her other hand while she carried her towards the backyard to reduce her pain.

Just out of the courtyard, a cold voice suddenly sounded: “Stop! Who are you and why would you like her to carry away?”

Chu Qiao looked up and saw it was the person who draws the whip on their cage three days ago. It’s Zhu Shun, she frowned and calmly said: “fourth young master did not say to kill her.”

“Zhu Shun did not say to carry her away!” Zhu Shun’s cold eyes were looking at Chu Qiao, I do not know why the day in the nine Avenue is on the scene that always appears in the dream, the child was playing after the tone of her own name. The picture is, it always let her sit hard, he also felt very ridiculous and would be afraid of such young identity of the low slaves and in the heart, there is always a voice that constantly reminds me of her knowledge of this number of the eyes of people. If you do not get rid of this child as soon as possible, sooner or later will become confused.

“Boasted the speculation of his master’s mind, he simply does not know the meaning of life and death, so he came to these two little children. He concluded: “clouds of the unknown had a small win to me!”

Two Jian Ding (堅定 means firm and resolute) servants came forward to pull Chu Qiao’s arm, Chu Qiao hurried to hide, she pulled close Xiao Qi but unluckily the blood gushed out again when she just stopped with the acupuncture pressure she aided her. If the blood continues to flow, the child might profuse and lose more blood then die.

“Do not dare to come!” The fourth young master is just around, do you still want your life?” Chu Qiao attempted to frighten the servants approaching.

Zhu Shun sneered and said: “Have you not forgotten the feathers? It has been in the arrows. Tomorrow, early morning fourth young master cannot remember you personally or what you said, and do not dare to scare me to teach you both a hard lesson! ”

Chu Qiao raised her brow, carrying Xiao Qi. Suddenly, her eyes are sharp and frowned towards Zhu Shun, like a small leopard she leaped so fast and ran, then left him.

At this time, a voice suddenly burst in Zhu Shun behind. A youngster with a long body of Yuli (means slender and elegant) in his dark green python robe was at the back of the crowd standing in the courtyard before the wall. He is followed by four soldiers led by a 13-year-old but looking uncomfortable said: “Zhu Shun the housekeeper, I think you are talking to the wind? I think you are really free to roam around and talk to yourself like you are chasing somebody?”

Zhu Shun hurriedly went back and like the legs of a dog he generally bent down to the crotch of his waist, nodded and said: “Your Highness, Yan Shi Zi, it is the next person who does not listen to discipline. Yan Shi Zi laughed at him.

Yan Shi Zi added: “In the end, is your discipline really important or my family is more important? Zhu Shun, I see you are faint head and courageous but you were swallowed by the sun and the moon.”

Zhu Shun was shocked, Zhuge Huai’s soldier picks his head and knocks on the ground, he quickly said: “do not dare the small or little ones, it is wrong.”

“Do you know it is the wrong thing?”

Zhu Shun heard the words, suddenly stood up, as fiercely toward the Zhuge Huai’s soldier and ran, Zhuge household always have people who quickly retreat to one side, one of the careful said: “Please This way your Highness, Yan Shi Zi, into the Flower Hall, waiting.

The young boy wearing a golden robe nodded his head, slowly turned around, a pair of eyes dark as ink and was looking at the former court official shifted his eyes to see Chu Qiao with a slight squint. He seems he is determined to come straight forward to Chu Qiao.

Chu Qiao’s eyes were quiet, carefully took two steps backward. Yan Xun saw her back and stood on his body, he is waiting for a long while and when he was about to see her, inside his tailored diagonal clothes, he took out something in out of his pocket and pulled out a white porcelain bottle, engraved with bluegrass pattern, it is very delicate, the young master handed it over to Chu Qiao and she slightly nodded indicating that she would like to accept the offer.

However, Chu Qiao looked up and down when she met Yan Xun for the second time after the day off scene. Once again, she went back to her past, making her sanity somewhat erratic,  she became cautious and actually did not come forward.

Yan Xun surprised a moment, he showed her a faint smile as he bent down the porcelain thin bottle gently on the ground. After it, the Yan prince turned back and walked away from the two sisters heading to the Flower Hall with his followers.

“Uh … ..” a slight groaning sound behind her back, Xiao Qi stumbled to see Chu Qiao’s face, the sound of mosquitoes with unspeakable fear Xiao Qi cried and said: … Xiao Qi … Xiao Qi is going to bleed to death?

Chu Qiao in a squat body posture took the porcelain bottle tightly in her hand, a small body stretched very tight her eyes looked toward the Zhuge household mansion. She looked slowly but firmly said: “seven year old child, seven year old sister told you that today you will not die, no matter what happens.


ACs Afterthoughts

This is the first time Zhuge Yue comes into picture. Looking at the character he is cold and distant. Many layers and levels of little slave servants, before you can reach or approach or it is not possible to come close to him at all. Looking calm but serious, the fourth young master of the Zhuge house values honor and respect. His presence, if not respected, can cut a hand of anyone. According to the novel, Xiao Qi mistakenly came to him without any honor or regard, he later punished it by cutting off her hand. It is clear, in his presence, there is no room for mistakes.

Before the child was decapitated in front of him, he slightly touched the temple of the child, bestowing his mercy and grace not to take the child’s life as it was a mistake. But to give her a lesson permanently. His eyes also may have shown compassion but he has to show he is firm as well. He does not want to show his soft spot. But in this chapter, by not showing his soft spot, Zhuge Yue already made it known in public.

In this chapter, he met Chu Qiao for the first time and it is not customary for the noble Lords or Royals to look for the slaves or even blink an eye on them. With  Jing Yu’ers situation, Zhuge Yue locked his eyes on her and so did Jing Yu’ers eyes to the fourth young master. Zhuge Yue even gave her a name Xing’er or Star child.

Usually in Chinese culture giving a name would mean you are the favorite, close or very dear person. It is a sign of endearment and admiration for the other person.

In this case, even if Zhuge Yue did not say he likes her, he already gave her the name “star child or Xing’er in the Tv series”. Would this be the starting point where Zhuge Yue started to melt his cold heart for Chu Qiao? Maybe?

Also, Chu Qiao took Xiao Qi and consoled her facing their troubles in the Greenhills courtyard. It was also at that time the Prince Yan Xun also visited Zhuge Yue’s residence and caught Zhu Shun  chasing Chu Qiao. Prince Yan Xun saved both sisters that day. The Yan prince is really kind and consistent towards the little child Jing Yu’er but somehow the grown up Chu Qiao becomes unstable with her sanity if she looks back to her past looking at the Yan Xun who put an end to her life in the royal hunting. A child’s mind will have a hard time to understand. Yan Xun understood Jing Yu’ers behavior towards him and so he acted as if he is not a royal person to be regarded, then acted as if he overlooked everything about Jing Yu’ers rude behavior. Prince Yan Xun offered the porcelain bottle for the child Jing Yu’er carrying at her back. It became the first act of help from the Crown Prince of Yanbei.

CHAPTER 009  Jing Family Daughter

Edited by Angel Chua 01 June 2019

Chu Qiao carrying Xiao Qi back to the backyard, she quickly made the child lie down into their room and cleaned her injury by dressing the wound. She applied the medicine Yan Xun’s gave her. It is very easy to use, not only that is very effective to stop the bleeding but has also little sleep-inducing powder and the poor Xiao Qi fell asleep.

Xiao Ba barely did not get out of her bed and looks sick. Then, she suddenly waked up but no spoken word heard from her. Chu Qiao looked at her coldly as she was busy outside boiling water to take care of Xiao Qi child, like a fool.

It is getting late in the afternoon, Chu Qiao still doing self-care to her injuries and wounds she rubbed the amount of sweat in the wound and pain was stimulated but now it was tolerable, unlike yesterday. This is her method of measuring how far she’s improving on her health condition and if her body is also self-healing. She leaned against the wall, listening to Xiao Qi sleeping with a slight pain in her heart as if someone squeezed it. She then decided to go out, making some ice stone throwing in the thin ice and snow as it is almost winter season. Chu Qiao closed her eyes and her face again echoing her mind and reminisced that Qing Jun (means feeling handsome) face and smile of a pure boy who whispered that they protect their own boys but she witnessed in near the cannibal garden of Zhuge household where that boy was beaten to death and can no longer identify the head and face of the boy.

A line of tears from her closed eyes slowly shed, spreads over her sharp chin and drops in her coarse fabric shoes.

Suddenly a distressed voice was heard through the door. Chu Qiao was surprised to open the door and saw a twelve-year-old girl named Zhang standing in the yard whom she met Chu Qiao with ropes in her hand she walks a few steps towards her. Zhang was crying like a river and she said “The Jingjia children and Zhi Xiang are taken by the people who were sent by Zhu Shun‘s housekeeper at Zhuge Huai’s Jile Pavillion.

Chu Qiao heard it and smirk, then coldly said: “Taken? When did it happen and what is the matter?”

“Just this early morning, I ask Ling Xi to go find them and plead with the fourth young master but he has been with the fourth young master whole day and no news, how do we find him?”

“Is there anything to say?”

The girl wiped the tears and cried again and said, “Yes, Ling Xi  is sent to the foreign old house of Zhuge household.

“What?” Chu Qiao exclaimed the girl’s words like a thunder hit her head. Chu Qiao said: “These days if a child was to listen to that kind of animal-like rumors, a tornado sweeps my mind.” Zhang’s face suddenly turned white, out of her fear to Chu Qiao’s frame of mind.

Xiao Ba the almost seven-year-old child,  standing at the door, suddenly heard silly Xiao Ba came forward, pulling Chu Qiao’s clothes, the sound of a small but like an injured little beast, came over and asked: “Sister, is Zhi  Xiang and Xiao Qi with them? Where are they?”

Chu Qiao did not pay any attention to it, she turned and went away.

“Girl! Girl come back!” Zhang called her but Chu Qiao was determined not to look back, an ominous premonition quickly entrenched her heart, she did not know if it is too late or did not know if there is still a chance to save those children and also find Ling Xi. She can only do her best to quickly move forward and the moment did not dare to stop her.

After the Aoyama (means Castle peak) courtyard are stables, back garden and then in front is leading up to the Court of the five corridors, then, a burst of rapid footsteps was heard and Chu Qiao cautiously stopped to move forward.

“Yue’er (means moon) child?” Little voice sounded behind, Chu Qiao surprised a moment, looked at her back to see who is behind her and she saw Xiao Ba wearing a large blouse, looking pathetic standing behind her and funny as she is, she did not wear any shoes and looks blank then asked Chu Qiao: “where is the Zhi Xiang and her sister (Xiao Qi)?”

Chu Qiao pulls Xiao Ba and turned to squat on the side of the flowers big pots. It is already winter and flowers have long been dying, but fortunately at night, this light sparse, if careful in hiding in, it will be difficult to find.

Footsteps getting closer, there are four people pushing a cart together. A person is pushing and three people hold its side. Chu Qiao got to this road remotely when there were fewer people cleaning around through, she took Xiao Ba squatting in the behind the flower pots and doing the silence gesture, they patiently and quietly waited for these people to leave.

Several people found out Chu Qiao, two people suddenly stopped in front of Xiao Ba obviously very afraid, her body is somewhat trembling, and tightly grasping Chu Qiao’s clothes, she did not dare to move. One of the men said in a loud voice: “brother have a few minutes break, go for a long walk, whatever the outcome, let me smoke.”

The other people laughed then said: “old Liu addicted to smoke.” Then he was laughing and laughing while smoking.

Chu Qiao heart was anxious but she is frowning. As the cold wind has blown, Xiao Ba’s thin clothes are shaking more and more. Suddenly, the north wind blows up big time and brushed over the mats of the cart, straw-like thrown in the air, dead bodies fell to the ground, the yellow grass mat with streaks of dark red color is actually full of dark red blood.

Chu Qiao and Xiao Ba went together to look at the cart, suddenly a bolt of lightning from the sky stroked the ground. Chu Qiao’s hand tightly covered the mouth of a Xiao Ba as she might startle and squeak from lighting’s surprise.

The moon through the clouds are pale moonlight and was projected down to the dead bodies on the ground. Chu Qiao saw a little trolley in layers are stacked full of small bodies of children, like a bunch of no life cabbage radish. Zhi Xiang that thin little body naked was above the bruising one, her eyes wide open, her eyes full of dark blood clots and her lower body was a mess. Zhi Xiang’s hands are still tied with his knees, strange pose, the most humiliating way was, what’s on top of it?

Chu Qiao tightly covered the mouth of Xiao Ba, the other hand tightly holding her, but this child seems crazy she desperately wants to push her out, big drops of hot tears fall down to hit Chu Qiao’s arm, the teeth are not that bitter she bit her down and blood starts to flow. Along Chu Qiao white wrist slowly shed dripping in the dark soil. The moonlight passes through the sparse flowers, trees and to the two children as its light mottled, bleak as frost.

She does not know how long the cart slowly went away and was surrounded by silence. Chu Qiao slowly released her hand and Xiao Ba’s wrist peeled like an orange, a hideous horror of sight. Xiao Ba seems to have been silly and as she is cold in-shock and cannot speak. Chu Qiao raised her hand to shut the child’s face as Xiao Ba’s hoarse voice, started to cry and carefully warned her.

Cold wind desolate, dead wood whirling, an evening quiet night, before the Court House, the sound of bamboo and wood, as if slowly came from another world.

“Kill them …”

Xiao Ba suddenly murmured in her eyes straightly then angrily said: “Go, go, kill them.

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, suddenly stopped her hand.

The child has red eyes and was rummaging around, seems to be looking for something then suddenly grabbed a stone from the flowers and stood up to rush out. Chu Qiao’s quick hand and eyes were the first one to seize the child and she snapped the child in her arms.

“Kill them! Kill them!” The child could not help but to hiss, her little face full of crazy hatred and despair mixed tears in her cheeks and almost collapsed.

Chu Qiao’s heart feels like pierced by countless blades, tightly holding arms of this crazy child and her tears finally let go.

These beasts even if they are dead, ten lives are not enough to wash away their heinous crimes to the innocent mortal souls.

From this moment in time, Chu Qiao never felt so much hate, never felt like the urge to kill, unforgiving hatred for these ruthless and cruel lords. The children were taught of exigent hate towards this evil world, hate their own weakness, being powerless and finally hated themselves that they can only do what they can’t do. Chu Qiao almost collapses to the ground, stormed out of her heart and lungs as if now, if a machine gun is available, she will not hesitate and rush to its former household and will never repent if she counts all of them involve, dead.

So unfortunate, Chu Qiao did not have any of her previous life. When past time travel opened its door and she entered its fate, she has no money, no power, no position, no background, no black belter martial arts skill, no sophisticated weapons as she is just trapped in the small body of this tough child, the ghosts of  her future cannot defend her despite her advanced knowledge beyond thousands of years. At this time, what she can do is to squat in the flowers carefully hidden, she is not even allowed to feel the last touch of her bold courage as it rots on her soul.

Then slowly Chu Qiao turned her chin up to the night sky. She saw the cold moonlight shone on her face above and swear secretly to herself, for once, she will no longer have nothing to do on herself, that even if she is alive today, she is dead this night and therefore they never can kill her so she could defend others. Her old self is past and her future is this Jing Yu’er child with no more preservation left.

The cold moon, the huge Zhuge household, two weak low slaves squatting in the back garden of the flowers, like two cringing puppies, tightly leaning together, heart-churning but is enough to destroy the world of evil.

Back to their room at the backyard, it was already late at night, at the courtyard, she found that the gates were opened. Chu Qiao’s heart back to its normal state let go of the Xiao Ba’s hands, stepped, ran and saw the room was a mess. The Kang bed and the mattress full of blood, the ground revealed adult footprints, but Xiao Qi is of no trace nor its shadow.

“Come out, we are back!”

Before the girl came out from the corner of the firewood, she drilled out, Chu Qiao hastily approached and pulled her, asked: “Xiao Qi where is she?”

The girl cried and said: “Zhu Shun’s steward together with other people broke her hand and said she cannot work later, the Zhu Shun’s steward greeted her and they said to throw Xiao Qi into the JilePpavillion lake and fed to the crocodiles.

Chu Qiao eyes went darker, almost fainted, her heart almost impossible to load between the moment, where is she has no sense of the present time anymore, she clutched the girl’s skirt tightly, a hoarse voice she asked: “How long, how she has been gone?”

“About an hour”

Chu Qiao turned her head to look at the door where Xiao Ba was. The child flushed with her eyes and looked up at her. The eyes of the two welled on tears but no one cried out loud.

“I have to go back,” the girl said, you should be careful too. Then before she left, Chu Qiao told her: “At their dressing room, I heard Zhu Shun housekeeper said he was deliberately against you, did you do anything to offend him?”

The room is in silence, the wide yard looks empty and pale white, where two children quietly standing without a word in the longest night of their life.

Three more knocks were heard but seem all Jingjia family children gone, the two children were already smart to guess Zhu Shun’s move, they decided not to take anything but each other and quietly headed through the Bluestone Forest, then passed by  Zhuge Huai household somewhat near the Pavillion and Blue Lake. Cold winds dazed, bamboo swaying and the pathway became like a maze, found Tinghu (means west) like a dead end but they looked more peaceful in this place. Tonight is like a never-ending run and the two children maybe safe but felt it like no different.

Chu Qiao kneeling on a high slope, on the other side Xiao Ba said: “Kneel down, let’s bow our heads and pay our respect to our departed brother and sisters.”

Xiao Ba less than seven years old and her innocence debuted to violence, at an early age she lost her childhood life. She quietly knelt beside Chu Qiao, toward the direction of the Jile Pavillion and Blue Lake bowed their heads three times and one day vowed to destroy this place.

“Do you hate this place?”

Xiao Ba nodded her head, Chu Qiao voice was calm, then a touch of light in her eyes she continued: “Then do you want to leave?”

The child Xiao Ba said: “I am thinking.”

Chu Qiao closed her eyes,  her ears pick up the sound waves but on slightest fluctuations there was no distractions heard. She slightly opened her narrowed eyes, brow gently wrinkled and turned to her sister slowly said: “sisters and brother will promise you, we will come back and will take you away. Right now we have something to do, and after everything is done, we will leave here.”

The child quietly nodded, bowed her head in the ground one more time and a word of sound Xiao Ba said: “Zhi Xiang sister, you always ask God to bless the Buddha, but I do not know if God may have been blind this night, you take my brother and sister we will walk and leave now. Wait and see for me and Jing Yu’er sister to avenge you all one day.

Cold wind raging, dark night, high fields and forests on the slope, the two little mortals rely on each other tightly held their hands.


ACs Afterthoughts

Jingjia kids really suffered a lot in the hands of Zhuge Huai household. I am not sure if Ling Xi survived after or on his way to his master Zhuge Yue’s household. Ling Xi the brother of Jing Yu’er serves under the fourth young Master Zhuge Yue. In the novel, Ling Xi sneaks in to feed Chu Qiao where the provision came from Zhuge Yue’s household. It was the only string of hope she held on to survive her horrible condition brought by the royal hunting game.

The cunning Zhu Shun’s from the beginning is against Jing Yu’er and maybe found out that Ling Xi helped her. So Zhu Shun may have killed him along but it was never mentioned in the novel. Chu Qiao also started to take care of others when she saw this Xiao Ba but were helpless to help the other kids as they took her before she can even rescue her. I have thought that Zhuge Yue household always have a grip of all things even if they do not directly interact with their daily routines.

Towards the end of the chapter, we can read that the two little children casting their eulogy and vowed to come back and take them away.

In Chinese funeral tradition, living until 80 years of age is considered a celebration of longevity not really to mourn. In this case, the children died untimely and their family were not able to mourn for their loved ones, were not able to hold proper burial rites like offering incense, candlesticks and some fruits, coins, burn paper monies for their safe journey to the afterlife.

As sad it may seem, the two children bowed their heads and pray for their safe departure. At the place where their brother and sisters life ended. Maybe in time, these two can go back to the place where their family died, carry their bones, and leave this unfortunate place. Then to settle and appease their souls, the living have the responsibility to put them at the proper resting place.


CHAPTER 010  Has just began


Edited by Angel Chua 01 June 2019

In December, the West is still in discreet chaos, Chishui (吃水 means opening and red or scarlet) wind, Sirius ( 天狼星 means to bridge between heaven and hell )chill, Daikin (means cold air) pavement.

Within twenty days, the turmoil intensified, tens of thousands of people still involved in the war. Shangxian (means wind) County, a special geographical location, located in the Western fife (means high-pitched transverse flute used commonly in the military and marching musical groups). The Bathuja (means favored) family and Yanbei are between the jurisdiction of the Emperor. The peace of the two sides competes for the chaos of the calamity year through bypassing each other, although, the real Huangdi (means military stars) is under the jurisdiction of Bathuja family and Yan Wang Qi sent elite troops but it is only assumed on paper snow-like documents. The victims of the riots did not repose but rather intensified, emergency paper snow-like letter sent to the Royal Park to request that the Huangdi Ministry troops should be suppressed.

On December 27th, breaking the Huangdi (means military stars) would become Zhaoming (means guidepost or light) Hermitage (means hideaway), Qin Temple wishes to clear as this will be bloody, implied to be decisive as blood dipped to the icy waters as broken Huangdi’s were fierce in their battles.

Seven on and off arguments was discussed within the night and decided to send to Huangtian (means above, mighty, heaven) Department to Shang Shen (side notes: some sources relate Shang with  Shang dynasty ruled in the Yellow River valley in the second millennium BC, succeeding the Xia dynasty and followed by the Zhou dynasty) to alleviate the northwest chaos.

After its release, it was presented to the Golden Palace and the Emperor read the paper-snow like documents, actioned it by stamping its seal re: Prospective.

Suddenly, the Emperor is in chaos as if he was at the major hall of tension, dark like the night, while the blustery aura of the heavy ice is under the rapid outpouring from his outside palace.

From a distance of the Northwest Pavillion, Chu Qiao seems to be busy. Careful to find winter cat snake in the cave. Suddenly her ears heard the sound of the drum, prolonged, graceful and forceful. She slowly stood straight, her eyes half squinting, slowly looked to the Southern Plains where  Sheng Jin Gong was located.

The night is deep and it is not a good idea to leave.

The snow was clear on its second day. Castle Peak Prefecture under its lustrous tile, two snow jade dog in the first light of the day appears. It is crystal clear, bright and light. While last night, under the heavy snow where a foot thick snow was collected it cannot be seen. Now the snow layers have been shoveled where the next person looking after the snow jade dog, her head and eyes seemed not cross-eyed but look as if she is afraid to see more than she is willing to get to trouble in general.

The jealous Jin Chen is wearing a thin pitch black shirt, her hair wrapped in a small clip with her pink skirt, she wears in her waist a baby pink sash. Standing on white snow she became more gorgeous and glamorous. This day the girl was in the fourth juvenile service, but now only 13 years old, she got herself a classy meal and usually she is always with the fourth young master’s side. Out of her finesse attitude is some domineering side, her bereft tone, her eyes were always showing disgust in the public. Only wearing a thin shirt tightly holding the snow jade dogs the youngster’s cold voice said: “Attention! the fourth young master said, this jade is alive, its power will be more and more bright and clean. The servant slaves are fortunate enough to be able to pay a visit for the fourth young master and cannot be lazy. If I come back and sees who is not obedient, I will make sure to send them to the Jile Pavillion to feed them to the crocodiles.”

The timid children nodded and forced to obey, Jin Chen had a mocking eye on them, turned to the warm flowers and went to the room.

As the snow falls, colder weather settles, holding a shovel and a kiln that some cannot use, not to mention wearing only a thin shirt standing in the snow these children lips are frozen the entire time.

Chu Qiao carrying a fresh bale of peaches just came from the Blue Mountains, Jin Chen sees and meet her quickly from the flower room walked out and greeted her. Chu Qiao turned to stop, her look is rude and looks at Jin Jiao, she tilted her head and said: What is it? ”

“Fourth young master is napping, just hand over the fresh bale peach to me.”

Chu Qiao smiles and nodded her head, and she handed out the peach to her. Jin Chen sneered and went into the flower room. Chu Qiao does not know yet if she is going to give it to the fourth young master so she sat tight, suddenly she put her ears to the Xuan Hall and she heard a voice of anger, Jin Chen looked on panic and she put down the peach then ran away. From the door, a colorful shadow from the door fly out to her, the shadow brushed her and twisted her face, soft and cold, there is a trace stench of vapor like a creamy smoke.

Jin Jiao bowed and then looks, finds herself in a high spirit of the snake, suddenly the soul of flying outside, exclaimed and sat on the ground.

Chu Qiao ran inside the Xuan Hall and went straight and found Zhuge Yue room, his eyebrows locked and weak, wearing a lake green Jin Yinhua garment with brocade and his waist belt solely created to Zhuge Yue household leaning on the soft couch, on his left wrist was dripping red-black blood apparently were snake bites.

Chu Qiao ran again a few steps and grabbed the left wrist of Zhuge Yue, picked up the knife on the table near him and then cut a fruit. She dripped it against the wound and put down his wrist so the snake’s poison does not reach the veins of  Zhuge Yue’s heart.

Zhuge Yue full of anger wanted to speak but was surprised to see Chu Qiao draw a small cross in his wound, squeeze a few times and to suck up the poison in her mouth, and then she spit on the floor twice and she anxiously said: “Young Master, please do not make the effort, otherwise the poison will spread faster.” The servant slaves already went so fetch the physician.

At the moment, the door has gathered a large number of servants carrying a candle while on panic rushed to come forward and pushed Chu Qiao, the servants kneeling on the ground to seize Zhuge Yue’s hand and cried: “Master, how are you?”

“Get out!” Zhuge Yue frowned. Kicked in the Jin Chen, he exclaimed but his voice is light even in a manner of shout he said: “you are a group of useless waste!”

Thin spider-like arms touched Chu Qiao and suddenly startled as she saw the insects crawling on the ground, like an army attacking the young master more than twenty. It looks scary and terrible.

Chu Qiao quickly got the candle holder stand and quickly lit the candlestick, to drive snakes away, and the worms and when the snakes feared, it scattered and suddenly went out.

Zhuge family physician was outside Aoyama (means Castle Peak) courtyard and quickly came as the crowd was dispersed at, the elite family members who are all trembling at the castle door, left one by one.

Soon the physician arrived and came forward to the audience and said: “Who is the Xing’er?”

Chu Qiao stood up, short stature, face tender, whispering raised his hand and said: “Sir, I am.”

The doctor did not expect such a big child, slightly dizzy, pondered for the meantime while, Chu Qiao coldly said: “You come in, fourth young master said do you have the antidote of the poison’s snake bite, please come to the young master for you to see.”

Before and after more than a hundred people on both sides came to probe the thriller incident. They looked up to Chu Qiao and her face not merely in panic, she knelt first and bowed her head grateful for fourth young master’s bestowed grace, then followed the doctor into the Xuan hall.

Chu Qiao was cold and her hair iron tassel was lower than Zhuge Yue household and to avoid further impression as one of the lowest slaves, in her quick mind she turned, so the physician would not see her iron hair tassel.

Soon for the effort, Chu Qiao came out of the Xuan hall looking sadly and did not have that usual arrogant look. After the doctor left, Jin Chen and two girls holding the candle with a few high officials into the Zhuge Yue room, Zhuge Yue leaning on the back, eyes half closed, he softly said: “Who is that bold someone who came here and cut my wrist?”

Jin Chen glanced at Jin Jiao and bowed their head and said: “Master, she is just a slave….”

“You do not have to say,” Zhuge Yue’s voice is indifferent and explained he said: “You know my rules here, always do not eat and drink with idlers.” No more than own thirty whips for the back of slaves facing the board, and then his soldier servants took a letter from his office and he said: “Approved.”

Jin Chen holding the candle, tears suddenly fall down, kneeling on the ground loudly cried: “Master, you have to spare the slaves this time, slaves would no longer dare.”

Zhuge Yue raised his brow lightly, two Kong Wu and powerful Dan (means business and military marshals) suddenly came forward after some instructions they set their foot to a mission, holding a candle and went out.

“Who are the gatekeeper guards?”

Two knees kneeling on the ground, trembling, could not hold the kowtow said: “I am guilty and ashamed I let my young master risk his own life but this one beside me also made me do it and I let the servants inside without checking.”

Zhuge Yue opened his eyes and with a glimpse of his two eyes questioned and said: “is it the two of you?

“You have always been playing others, and now so go to the patio, hold the board to fight each other, let’s see who die first and whoever lives will not be punished.”

With Zhuge Yue who almost died and got wrist injury, he is upset, frowned and said: “All of you get out of it and do not come near me to watch while I am upset.” Slaves know how is the young master’s rules and if it turns out to rage, it’ll be hard to turn it off. So as Zhuge Yue hunts the criminal, the entire Zhuge Yue household seemed like the dead animal that no one can hide.

Everyone in the case of amnesty, suddenly Qi (means breath) will soon go out. Before every slaves has to leave their breaths, a little bold voice suddenly said: “Young Master, slaves do not go out of the castle peak and I saw that a few pots of fire rattan vine were installed in the Castle Peak.”

Zhuge Yue raises his brow: “What did you say?”

Everyone turned their backs to see this little slave just entering the Aoyama (means castle peak) courtyard standing behind the crowd, small size, tender voice slowly said: “Although it is the winter season, Castle Peak location is special, close to the Hot springs, a lot of warm climate means more mosquito and moths. Rattan vines attract these insects and these vines stores more heat so for the colder season it is easy for snakes to crawl and make the vines a temporary shelter as they have more food to eat like the mosquitoes, then birds eat snakes in return. This is common sense, slaves should have long thought of.

Zhuge Yue wrinkled his eyebrows and had a long pause of thought, turned to them and said: “Who put these pots of fire to send vine angles to creep in the castle peak?”

Jin Jiao face turns white, trembling and said: “Master, this pottery is sent yesterday by Zhu Shun and he said it is from southern specialty, he said that young master may like it and then deliberately the slaves placed it under your household.”

“Zhu Shun?” Zhuge Yue turned out cold, his pair of narrow eyes went colder than his gestures, slowly said: “Are you also aware that the steward is after for more and more prestige, and next time if he bought a dagger from the Western Regions, he let you put in the young master’s bed, with no doubt, you will do it.”

Jin Chen shocked, promptly in a kowtow position and said: “your servants do not dare!”

Zhuge Yue indifferent without a word, some servants and slaves are dismissed when Zhuge Yue suddenly said: “You, after me, in the waiting room.”

Everyone surprised a moment, they do not know who among them was called and then he said as Zhuge Yue throws an impatient frown, pointing to Chu Qiao said: “Yes, you star child.”

All eyes and eyes suddenly gathered together, Chu Qiao down on her head respectfully said: “slaves obeys.”

Out of the Xuan Hall, the Zhuge Yue servants put the blood of the candle on the carriage, a weak woman was hit no more than thirty plus on board and will be thrown into the kind of place in the military, where their life will be in chaos. Zhuge Yue does not usually do what Zhuge Huai Jile Pavillion household does but thrives on punishing people to life sentence and see them perish.

Jin Jiao seeing her at the back is feeling cold, hands and feet are shivering.  At this time, a sweet voice suddenly sounded behind, she turned to see Chu Qiao looked at her smiling, sweet face, said: “Jin Jiao sister, we will work together later, I am young, you have to take care of me!”

I do not know why Jin Chen at moment actually shows panic, she looked at Chu Qiao forced to become calm and said: “We are all slaves, we mutually take care of each other and that it should be.”

“Is that so?” Chu Qiao smiled sarcastically then said: “There were still children here, do you think Jin Jiao did not do it?”

The children nodded and said: “They are almost there inside the room of the master at the same time.”

“I would like to thank you for the first time” Chu Qiao smiled and she continued to walk. Then children felt frozen and then dispersed themselves. But one of them remembered turned and said: “If not for you, sister, the young master must have been killed and because of his kindness you are still alive and all of us slaves, so the children here feel good about you. Jin Chen followed her with a candle she is holding and told Chu Qiao:

Jin Jiao did not put in the pot, with a pair of eyes tightly looking at Chu Qiao she added: “just think this little child whole body is braved by the evil, it is scary” Chu Qiao slowly came forward, tiptoed as she knows Jin Chen is lying, on the jealous ear slowly said: “As the saying goes, good and evil in the end will be exposed, and retaliation will not come today because time has not yet arrived, correct?”

Jin Chen surprised, suddenly stepped back, turned and wanted to leave. Chu Qiao hands with her quick eyes caught her shoulder, the girl was shocked and she almost jumped then shouted: “What are you going to do?”

Chu Qiao in the cold hum and has no longer the slightest smile on her face and then coldly said: “Are you nervous or what? I just want you to go back to pick bale peach.”

“bale peach?”

“You and I are now with the room maidservants, there is no distinction between high and low, I went hard to go to Nanyuan to gather baled peaches, do you not think that I was very safe when I was picking baled peaches?” By saying this, Chu Qiao has just announced she was promoted from the lowest slave to a room maidservant.

The thin one suddenly went on speechless.

Chu Qiao turned and walked toward the flower house while walking, someone from the other side said: “Castle Peak cannot cover as the river east flows, knowledge of the other party is always an advantage. Some words you can only say, some warning you can only do once, after how you acted today, how do you think about yourself?”

This day is not a calm ordinary day, the elders issued a destroyer to Shangxian thief who stole the paper-snow letters. Huangtian (means above, mighty, heaven) Department is tasked to suppress the stage of their rebellion but the seven gatekeepers who are powerful and well off homeowners are robbing the head to fight the Department of Huangtianand his days are numbered as the Commander of this position. Zhuge Household, the majority of Zhuge Muqing (means mothers or ancestors or families) is working in the Imperial Government, almost all of the authority and their affairs are subject to Zhuge Huai who presided over the vast Imperial Court of the above, its Imperial swords and its Imperial University.

Also on this day, Zhuge Household, the fourth son Zhuge Yue was on the news that he was bitten by snakes. Although the treatment was done timely, he still needs time to rest. Zhuge Yue, holds the position as Major General of Huangtian Department, the old and origin of the Zhuge Yue Shrine. Once upon a time, three soldiers from the northwest Sharman became rebellious, with their superb Wuxia martial arts, Zhuge Yue together with Zhuge Huai seized the leader. Other major gate information source is very well informed and can quickly grasp the news. Zhuge Huai went on foot and saw his brother Zhuge Yue was at war with his household. The words of the opposition were followed by the cautious servant that was about to report to the Imperial Palace… In the afternoon, when the imperial physician was about to leave, Zhuge Huai ambushed him so he would not be able to report back to the palace then he said: “You don’t have any idea or no sense of Zhuge family or Huang family days, so you had to be quietly be dispelled.”

With the corpse in the Zhuge Huai’s courtyard, as usual, he has to dispatch and his specialty to clean up this dirty mess. Then some of Zhuge family powerful elites of their blood relatives was at the family’s door, Zhuge Huai’s household is now in the moment of disturbance.

On the same day, because of young master Zhuge Yue’s injury, Zhuge House was staged to melodrama for rewards or punishment. Jin Chen who always bully the children and other maidservants was now under the corpses, and two gatekeepers who were on fight with sticks beat each other and one died while the other one is in injury, and on its second day due to his condition was not able to treat, he expired. Zhuge  Yue’s household older housekeepers have also beaten no more than 30 whips on the board because the pots in the Castle peak was not thoroughly checked and caused snake bites to the young master. They stayed in their rooms and still groaning in pain while resting.

After the northwest mountain next to the warmth of the crocodile Pavillion Lake, once again quietly sank three corpses, let the fish and shrimp eat and no one dared to see.

Dark night, a starry night without light, Chu Qiao took it from her hands the last eight string of paper money from an old canister, then murmured on a whisper sound: “You look at it.”


ACs Afterthoughts

This is Zhuge Yue nature and glad to find more details and inside look of his household. In this chapter, we were able to uncover who he really is, his own rules, the always peaceful kind of master yet it is very hard to turn off his offensiveness once he is being attacked. We also identified their differences with Zhuge Huai which actually was his full-blooded brother in the novel.

Zhuge Yue manages the old Zhuge Yue Huang Shrine. And he is regarded as the master of the inside while Zhuge Huai manages the Imperial courts, swords and their university which is considered the leader and master of the outside of Zhuge household.

Zhuge Huai has vast authority over the land while Zhuge Yue controls and manages the information of the land. Zhuge Huai does not really do melodrama’s in the Redhills courtyard, Unlike Zhuge Yue, he is not at risk of direct attacks but what he does is different from Zhuge Yue.

If Zhuge Yue has a lake at the back of the blue mountain where he feeds the natural fishes and shrimps, Zhuge Huai has this fearsome Jile Pavilion where he hides his crocodile pets and feeds them with human flesh. Zhuge Huai does no punish but selects candidates and there is only one place to kill them and put them away.

As a death penalty law so is how he handles his affairs in his own hands and may bypass his courts which he is the head.

Zhuge Yue, on the other hand, is always at risk of direct attacks and his manner of handling his affairs is through rewards and punishment. He investigates and hunts the criminal. The fourth young master does not stop until he finds them.

Merits are given to those meritorious acts and punishments for those criminal acts and Zhuge Yue does not only punishes the involved but his entire household as we read in this chapter.

Zhuge Yue is not a fan of lethal killing but more on democratic like a life sentence to a shred of proven evidence criminal as he likes to see the person perish. Death is too easy. To Zhuge Yue, it is like grace.

While Zhuge Huai likes the shortcut of everything, he knows courts rules are boring and tiring. With Zhuge Yue its different perspective, he likes the spying, hunting game to capture the villains.

In the case of Jin Chen’s cause of death, it was not revealed. In my own personal opinion, she may have done suicide because she cannot accept Chu Qiao’s promotion. Probably when Chu Qiao said she has to pick baled peaches, it scared her and from thereon, Jin Chen may have been demoted to low slaves status.

Jin Chen did not die by Zhuge Yue’s order and maybe through suicide, she has done to herself when the next day, Zhuge Yue found her dead. For Jin Chen, maybe dying is better than wallowing herself in pity, if she becomes a slave again after her fourth juvenile service with Zhuge Yue household.



*All rights reserved.
Disclaimer: all translations done in this page was created out of the love for Princess Agents original novel to help readers may appreciate or may understand the beauty of novel in English language. The translator does not claim all of the translations are all correct and as accurate as it was from the original but tried best effort to choose the closest translation possible from its original and does not imply the readers to follow it. If there are any instances of  deviation from the original novel is not the translator's liability nor appears to be her/his responsibility. Indeed, readers will have to manage their expectations and are encouraged to read and obtain for the original novel written in Chinese language.

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